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? ' ■- ' :(• l I £ J ' HP ' m ♦ ■It ' VfT E DEDICATE A H this book to the Blessed Virgin Mary, in honor of her Assumption. Excerpt from the definition by Pius XII, Nov. 1, 1950: " . . . by the authority of Our Lord Jesus Christ, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and by our own authority, we pronounce, declare, an define that it is a divinely revealed dogma that the Immaculate Mother of God, ever Virgin Mary, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was taken up body and -soul into heavenly glory. " Top; A fhrong of 700,000 persons crowd St. Peter ' s square. Leff BoHom; Pope Pius reads the solemn definition of the Assumption. (In the foreground are some 35 Cardinals Right Bottom: Pius XII says the Pontiflcial Mass to conclud the ceremony of the definition of the Assumption dogma ' Painting by Greco Acme Newspicture AN you remember the first time you walked up the horse- shoe ? That first day began a whole chain of events which comprised the good old college days. How would you like to relive your Freshman days? Well, you can do so by following Ida Chi- rieleison and Sonny Mialeret, two Freshmen. We of the WOLF staff are going to show Ida and Sonny around the campus. They ' ll meet Father President, the Deans and Regents and the Faculty. They ' ll get a panoramic view of a year full of activities. They ' ll meet new friends and recognize old ones within the pages of this 1951 WOLF. But without further ado, let ' s be off . . . won ' t you come along too? -• " •mji AIL ALMA LOYOLA. MATER... ALL HAIL, T -ri ' . , u7l |9 - --. - - r° " S ffl nil - -- - " " « v i-: . V-; 111 ' ' ----1 !-,-,■-, ;■ " -■■;.■■■.-: , - .,-.- » „ ' IFFl 11 Wis fe Dedication of new Library .« • M ' OWER OF STRENGTH, AND A BEACON OF TRUTH! NINE IS THE COURAGE THAT NEVER SHALL FAIL OURAGE IMPARTED TO MEN AND TO YOUTH EARING THY STANDARD OF MAROON AND GOLD, E SHALL BE TRUE TO OUR HERITAGE OLD, OYAL TO GOD, TO OUR COUNTRY, AND THEE... , e OYAL, LOYOLA, WITH THY LOYALTY. s ii«i: : ,.:»j.. DA and Sonny were chosen as two typical Freshmen, for in them one can see the promise of a Jesuit etlucation: scholarship and leadership. Ida is president of the Pep Club and has been instrumental in promoting cheering at the basketball games; she is a member of LSL also. She was active in Frosh Initiation Week. Sonny is an A.B. student and president of his Freshman class; he belongs to SAK and St. Thomas Aquinas Sodality. Ida and Sonny have done quite well when it comes to class marks. Both Freshmen are known throughout the campus for their affability and likeable personalities. We of the WOLF think that Ida and Sonny are indeed exemplary first year students. THE PRESIDENT Ida and Sonny, meet Father Thomas J. Shields, President of the University. It is not often you will see Father Shields for he is a very busy man. Tall, graying, Father Shields is a native of New Orleans. He earned his A.B. at St. Stanislaus College in Macon and his A.M. at Gonzaga University in Spokane. He was ordained a priest in 1931. Father taught at Spring Hill and served as pastor of Holy Name Church from 1935-37. He was also Provincial Superior of the Southern Province of the Jesuit Order from 1937-44, after which he became Presi- dent of Loyola. He has served at this post since 1945. .13 DEAN OF FACULTIES Youthful Father George Bergen, S.J., replacing Father Crandell as Dean of Faculties, stepped into his new posi- tion this year and has very capably wrestled with the numerous prob- lems of curriculum and faculty. Father Bergen, who is also Vice-Pres ' ident of the University, Alumni Ad- visor, and a member of the Board of Directors, has helped to improve Loyola academically and physi- cally. Father was graduated from Spring Hill College with an A.B. de- gree; he earned his M.A. in English from St. Louis University in 1941. He is a Philadelphian by birth and was ordained in 1947. Two years later he came to Loyola. DEAN OF MEN Father Anthony O ' Flynn, S.J., took over as Dean of Men this year in the station previously occupied by Father Guterl. Friendly Father O ' Flynn ' s office is the clearing house for in- numerable student complaints, dates for meetings and other problems which seem insoluble. Father also serves as Athletic Moderator on the campus and is Regional Chaplain of NFCCS. He is a native of Washing- ton, D. C. and received his A.B. from Springhill in 1941, and his M.A. in English from Catholic University in 1943. Father was ordained in 1948. THE ADMINISTRA TION REVEREND THEODORE RAY. S.J. Treasurer of the University The Bursar ' s office staff: MR. J. KNOBLOCH, Bursar, MR. ADRIAN PFISTER, and MRS. LYDIA McAULY. REVEREND JOHN FUSS, S.J. Secretary of the University — Director of University Maintenance. On this page you see a group of people who work behind the scenes at Loyola. By their efficiency the varied jobs of ad- ministration are solved quickly. You may never see these people in person but you should know them for they are very much a part of your Alma Mater. Left to right: BROTHER JAMES MAITLAND, S.J.. Assistant to the Treasurer; BROTHER WALSH ROTH, S.J., Sacristan; MR. STANTON CHASSAIGNAC, Superintendent of Maintenance. FACULTY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES fices. Father Bergen has effected needed changes in several degree programs, has continued and strengthened the system of student advisors, and has rendered invalu- able aid to sundry extracurricular organi- zations. REVEREND GEORGE BERGEN, SJ. Dean of fhe College of Arts and Sciences Father George Bergen is not only Dean of Faculties but also Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Occupying these two very important posts is no easy task but in the year that Father has served he has successfully fulfilled the duties of both of- REVEREND ANTHONY O ' FLYNN, S.J. Regent of the College of Arts and Sciences 18 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY This is the first year that Dr. Frank J. Hough- ton, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., is serving as Dean of the School of Dentistry He was appointed in December of 1950 and assumed office in January, 1951. He replaced Father O ' Leary who has carried the administrative duties of the school since 1948. Dr. Houghton headed the Dental Department of the New Jersey City Medical center for the past 25 years. His activity there in a movement to develop the dental intern program brought k : DR. FRANK HOUGHTON Dean of the School of Dentistry REVEREND WILLIAM O ' LEARY, S.J. Regent of the School of Dentistry the center national recognition. From 1946 through 1949, he was a member of the Council on Dental Education of the Ameri- can Dental Association. Dr. Houghton was graduated from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in Maryland in 1917. From 1940 through 1941 he was president of the New Jersey Dental Society. Welcome, Doc- tor, and may your stay with us be a happy one. 19 SCHOOL OF L AW VERNON X. MILLER Dean of the School of Law Vernon X. Miller received his A.B. from the University of Minnesota m 1923, his L.L.B. in 1925 and his J.S.D. from Yale in 1929. Dean Miller served as professor of law at Marquette University. In 1938 he came to Loyola. He became Dean of the School of Law in 1945. As a member of the State Law Institute, New Orleans Associa- tion of Commerce, and Louisiana State Bar Association, Dean Miller has kept abreast of matters in the world of jurisprudence. Dean Miller also claims membership in the Iron Wedge Society of the University of Minnesota, Phi Bet Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho, Delta Phi, and the Order of the Coif. REVEREND LOUIS TWOMEY, S.J. Regent of fhe School of Law 20 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY John F. McCloskey, the friendly and under- standing Dean of the College of Pharmacy, graduated from Tulane in 1925 with a B.B.A. He received his M.B.A. m 1942. From 1926-32 he was a BA professor at Loyola. Dean McCloskey has been serving in his present capacity since 1933. He is a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association, the Louisiana State Pharmaceutical Associa- tion, the New Orleans Association of Com- merce, Blue Key, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rho Chi, Theta Beta, and Epsilon Kappa Sigma. Always intensely interested in keeping up with the world of pharmacy, Dean McClos- key is the author of several books in that field and is a regular contributor to phar- macy journals. In 1943 he edited the Lou- isiana Pharmacist. The Dean has also been a guiding force in the publication of Loyo- la ' s own excellent Pharmacy Journal. JOHN McCloskey Dean of the College of Pharmacy " - REVEREND EDWARD SHIELDS, S.J. Regent of the College of Pharmacy n. COLLEGE OF MUSIC Ernest Schuyten, a native of Antwerp, Bel- gium, attended the Royal Conservatory of Music, Antwerp and Brussels. He is also a fellow of the National College of the Domin- ion of Canada which honor was accorded him in 1939. Dr. Schuyten ' s list of musical accomplishments is indeed a long one. He played first violin in the Opera Royal, Ant- werp, during 1900. He is the founder and ERNEST SCHUYTEN Dean of the College of Music president of the New Orleans Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art Inc.; and has been Dean of the College of Music since 1932. Dr. Schuyten is a member of the Composers and Authors of America and the National Association of Composers and Conductors Inc. He also has the distinc- titon of having been decorated as Knight of the Crown of Belgium. REVEREND GEORGE FRANCIS, S.J. Regenf of the College of Music 22 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JOHN V. CONNOR Dean of the College of Business Administration John V. Connor celebrated his 25th year at Loyola in 1950 and we heartily congratu- late the " Doc " for his service rendered throughout these years. Dean Connor grad- uated from St. Viator college in 1922 with an A.B. Afterwards he earned his M.A. at Catholic University and gained his Ph.D. in 1926. He has been at Loyola since the latter date. As instructor, assistant profes- sor of economics, Dean Connor strove for better recognition and conditions for busi- ness students. Finally, he was appointed the first head of the College of Business Administration in 1947. Dr. Connor ' s honors include being a member of the American Academy of Political Science ,the Southern Economic Association, Pi Gamma Mu, Del- ta Epsilon Sigma, and Blue Key. He was also instrumental in founding Pi Kappa Ep- silon, professional commerce fraternity. REVEREND JOSEPH BUTT, S.J. Regent of the College of Business Adnninistration 23 EVENING DIVISION jj STEPHEN VASQUEZ Augmenting and perfecting the opportuni- ties for night part-time students, Stephen Vasquez, director of Loyola ' s Evening Divis- ion, has done a very commendable job. The young director, who hails from St. Louis, graduated from Loyola in 1941 with a B.S. in Economics, received his C.P.A. m 1948, and earned his M.B.A. at Tulane in 1949. For his scholarship, Mr. Vasquez was elected to Delta Epsilon Sigma, national Catholic honor fraternity. He also holds membership in Sigma Lambda Epsilon and Upsilon Beta Lambda. Active Mr. Vasquez is also a member of the Louisiana C.P.A. Society, the National Association of Cost Accountants, the N. O. Chapter of C.P.A., and the N. O. Chamber of Commerce. Director of fhe Evening Division The Registrar ' s staff: L. to R. Seated: MISS CARMEL DISCON, Registrar, MISS PAT PICHON. Standing: MRS. WILLIAM JEW- ETTE. MRS. I. J. DEAS, MISS CLAIRE O ' DONNELL, MISS MARY L B2AUGEZ. 24 THE FACULTY... Top row: CHRISTIAN ALLENBURGER, JR., D.D.S.. Instructor in Orthodontics; JOHN G. ARNOLD JR., Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Chairman of the Departments of Biology and Medical Technology; JOHN W. AUER. B.S., Assistant Veterans ' Counsellor; PAUL F. BAILEY, M.S., Professor of Chemistry. Botton row; VICTOR BAKER, Associate Professor of German; REV. JOSEPH BASSICH, S.J., Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy and Education; GUY BERNARD, Mus. M., Professor of History and Piano; HAROLD BLUM, B.M.E., Instructor of Music. Top row: JOHN BOND, D.D.S., Instructor, Dentistry; ALFRED J. BONOMO, A.M., LLD.. Professor of Speech; ALFRED J. BONOMO JR, A.B., LL.B., Lecturer In Business Law; REV. FRANCIS BENEDEHO, S.J., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics; REV. MARTIN BURKE, S.J., Ph.D., S.T.D., Professor of Philosophy, Chairman of the Department; REV. KARL MARING, S.J., Ph.D.. S.T.D., Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Chairman of the Department, Director of the Seismograph Station. Botton row: LUCILLE BOSTICK, A.M., As- sociate Professor of Education: ALLEN BOUDREAUX, B.S., Assistant Professor of Accounting; CYRIL BURCK, D.D.S. , Instructor, Dentistry; REV. JAMES MOLLOY, S.J., A.B., Instructor in Theology; REV. LOUIS SONIAT, S.J., A.M., Professor of Modern Foreign Languages, Chair- man of the Department; REV. JAMES WHELAN, S.J., Ph.D., Professor of Education, Chairman of the Department. 25 T H E F A C u L T Y Top row; REV. PAUL CALLENS, S.J., A.M., Chairman of the Department of Classical Languages; WIL- LIAM CARR, M.B.A., C.P.A.. F.P.C.A., Professor of Accounting; REV. CHARLES CHAPMAN, S.J., Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of History and Political Science; JAMES CONNOR, A.M., J.D., Lec- turer in Business Law. Bot ' o-n row: MOTIE JEAN C UMP, B.S., Instructor in Biology; ELIZABETH JO DALIER, B.S., Instructor in Biology; LUCIEN DELERY, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Medical Technology; ELLA DE LOS REYES, Instructor in Music. Top row; CLARENCE EAST JR., Ph.B., LLB., Instructor in Law; ROBERT EASTMAN, D.D.S., Professor of Operative Dentistry; GERALD EBERLE, Ph.D., Professor of English. Bottom row; HENRY ENGLER JR., M.B.A., Associate Professor of Management; REV. JOSEPH FIGHTER, S.J., Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Sociology; ALFRED FREY JR., D.D.S., Visiting Dental Surgeon. 26 Top row: WINSTON deMONSABERT, M.S., Associate Professor of Chemls hy; EDWARD DERBES JR., D.D.S., Instructor, Dentistry; CARMEL DISCON, Registrar. Bottom lo.v; CHARLES DRISCOLL, A.B., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Law; TIMOTHY DUGGAN, B.S., M.S., Associate Professor of Histology and Physiology; JAMES DYSON, A.M., B.S., Librarian. Top row: FREDERICK FREY JR., B.S., Instructor, Ch ;mistry; MICHAEL FRANCISE, Instructor, Dentistry; BERTNEY FRICK JR.. D.D.S., Assistant Visting Dental Surgeon; LAWRENCE FURNALD JR., Instructor, Dentistry. Bo ' tom row: LOUIS GALLO, Instructor. Dentistry; F. JOSEPH GELPI, D.D.S., Professor of Roentgenology and Diagnosis; NORMAN GUENO. D.D.S., Associate Professor of Partial Denture Pros- thesis; ANDREE HELLER, B.M., Assistant Professor of Spanish and French. 27 T H E F A Top row: MICHAEL HELLER, D.D.S., Instructor In Prosthetic Dentistry; MARK D, HORNE, Ph.D., Profes- sor of English; EDWARD IRELAND, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology; PAUL KAVA- NAGH, D.D.S.. Instructor In Ope.ative Dentistry. Botton row: REV. TERENCE KING, S.J., A.M., As- sociate Professor of English; JOHN KRON, M.D., University Physician; JOSEPH KUEBEL, D.D.S., Instruc- tor, Dentistry: REV. CECIL LANG, S.J., A.M., Associate Professor of Mathematics. C u L T Y Top row: HARRIET MARTIRE. M.S., Assistant Professor of Education; JOHN McAULAY. LL.M., Assistant Professor of Law; JAMES McCOWAN, M.S.. Professor of Pharmacy. Bottor- row: EDMOND MERILH, M.S., Professor of Biology; ELIZABETH MIDDLETON, A.B., B.S., Librarian; HAROLD MILLER, M.A., Lecturer In Management. w 28 Top row: CECILIA LASHLEY, Alumni Secretary; REV. GUY LEMIEUX, S.J., A.M., Associate Professor of Philosophy: EDWARD LEVY JR., D.D.S., In- structor In Prosthetic Dentistry. Bottom row: STEPHEN LUDDY, D.D.S., As- sistant Professor Dental Prosthesis: REV. C. FRANKLYN LYNETTE, S.J., A.B.. Instructor in Philosophy: REV. THOMAS MAHER, S.J., A.M., Associate Pro- fessor of Theology. Top row: WALTER MOORE, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology; JAMES MULDREY, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry; REV. WILLIAM MULHERIN, S.J., A.M.. Professor of Philosophy; STANLEY NOR- COM, D.D.S., Instructor, Dentistry. Bottom row: RALPH OAKES, M.B.A., Professor of Marketing; REV. EUGENE O ' CONNOR, S.J., Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of English; LEO O ' FLAHERTY, A.B., Instructor in Spanish; LAURIE OHLMEYER, Registrar, Dentistry. 29 T H E F A C u L T Y Top row: CHARLtS O ' SHtLL, D.D.S., Instructor in OperaTive Uentistry; ANTONIO PAPALE, LL.B., Profes- sor of Law; DONALD PETERSON, D.D.S., Senior Visiting Dental Surgeon; HAROLD PETERSON, D.D.S., M.S.D., Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. Bottom row: REV. CHARLES QUIRK, S.J., A.M., Professor of English; REV. SAMUEL H. RAY, S.J., S.T.D., Chairman of the Department of Theology, Student Counsel- lor; JANET RILEY, Librarian, Law School; REV. ELMO ROGERO, S.J., A.B., Assistant Professor of Theology. Top row: MARY SIDES. Secretary to Dr. Arnold; PAULETTE SLATER, A.M., Assistant Professor of French; DAVID SMYTHE, B.S., Instructor in History. Bottom row: ISABEL SNYDER, A.M., Associate Professor of Spanish; EDWARD SOCOLA, A.M., Instructor in English; LAWRENCE STROHMEYER, M.S., Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics. 30 Top row: RUDOLPH PEYREGNE, LL.B., Instructor In Law; REV. ALVIN PILIE, S.J., A.B., Instructor In Theology; JAMES QUINN, D.D.S., Insfructor, Dentistry. Botto " row: VIRGINIA RYAN, Registrar, Business Administration: JOHN SCHNEIDAU JR.. M.S., Assistant Professor of Biology; JOHN SHIN- KAI, Ph.D.. Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Top row: CHARLES SUMNER III, D.D.S., Instructor, Dentistry; SIDNEY TIBLIER, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Professor of Pathology; LEV IS TODD, A.M.. Assistant Professor of Mathematics: REV. JOHN TOOMEY, S.J., A.M., Associate Protestor of Philosophy and Theology; JOSEPH TREGLE, A.M., Assistant Professor of History; PETER TULLIER, M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Br ' tom row: RICHARD WALLE, D.D.S., Instructor in Orthodontics; RAYMOND WITTE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History; PAUL YATES, M.S.. Instructor in Chemistry; REV. JAOUES YENNI. S.J.. Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics; FRANCIS YOUNG, A.M., Associate Professor of Spanish; ROBERT ZACHARY, A.M., Instructor in English. 31 CLASSES.. THE First Row: WILLIAM ADAMS D.D.S. HENRY ANTON LL.B. CHARLES ARCENEAUX LL.B. Second Row: ORRIN ARNOLD B.B.A. WALTER ARROYO B.S. EUGENE ASHBY B.S. Third Row; PAUL AUGER B.B.A. BEHY ANN AYERS B.S. IN MED. TECH. REGINALD BADEAUX LL. B. Fourth Row: FRED BALSER B.B.A. WALLIE BARBOT B.B.A. PHILIP BARRANCO ...B.M. Fifth Row: HAMILTON BARRE B.S. IN PHARM. WALTER BARRY B.S. IN PHARM. ANDREW BARTOSH D.D.S. Sixth Row: LOUIS BAUDEAN B.B.A. SHIRLEY BAUMGARTNER B.S. IN MED. TECH. MERRITT BECKER B.S, IN PHARM. Seventh Row: CHARLES BECNEL LL.B. JOHN BENJAMIN - D.D.S. KENNETH BERDON B.S. 34 SENIORS First Row: CLARENCE BERTEAU GWENDOLYN BETPOUEY LEON BOND . B.S. IN PHARM. B.S. -B.S. IN PHARM. Second Row: JOSIE BORRELLO B.S. RODNEY BOUDREAUX B.S. MARILYN BOURGEOIS B.S. IN PHARM. Third Re RICHARD BRADFORD CLIFFORD BREAUD ... BARBARA BRODERICK D.D.S. D.D.S. B.S. IN MED. TECH. KEITH BRUNER Fourth Row: LL.B. CLARA BRYAN B.M. JO ELLEN BURNETT B.S. IN MED. TECH. Fifth Row: FRANCIS CABALLERO REGINALD CAILLOUET MARY CAIRE .B.S. IN PHARM. B.S B.S. Sixth Row; EUGENE CALONGNE MILTON CARLETON HENRY CARRIGEE ...LL.B. ..D.D.S. ...LL.B. Seventh Re ANTHONY CARTER CHARLES CARUSO HUGH CASTEIX B.S. B.M. ...B.S. 35 THE Firs ' t Row: ROLAND CIEUTAT B.S. IN PHARM. RAYMOND COLLINS B.B.A. THOMAS COLLINS LL.B. Second Row; JAMES COMISKEY LL.B. LAWRENCE COMISKEY A.B. JAMES CORCORAN • . B.S. Third Row: JEAN CORREA B.S. IN MED. TECH ANDRE COUSET B.B A JAMES COUGHLIN B.B.A Fourth Re OLIVE COURTNEY FRANK D ' AMICO ALBERTA DANNER B.S. LLB. B.M. MARY DEAS Fifth Row: B.S EVELYN DECUIR .... B.B.A WILLIAM DEES B.S. IN PHARM Sixth Row: FLOYD del CORRAL ... DOLORES deSALIGNAC WILLIAM DEWBERRY ... B.B.A. I.S. IN MED. TECH. B.S. IN PHARM. ERNEST DOCLAR Seventh Row: A.B JOHN DOLAN PATRICIA DUFFY B.B.A B.S. IN PHARM 36 SENIORS First Row: RAYMOND DUGAS B.S. JOSEPH DUGGAN B.B.A. DONALD DUMAS Ph.B. Second Re WALTER DUPLANTIER DAVID DURKES WILLIAM DUVALLE ... D.D.S. B.B.A. LL.B. Third Row: CHESTER EIERMANN B.B.A. LAWRENCE ELIZARDI B.B.A. MICHAEL ELLIS Ph.B. Fourth Row: JOHN ENGLERT B.S. IN PHARM. JACK EVANS D.D.S. RONALD FA! A LL.B. Fif th Row: MELVIN FALGOUT B.B.A. WILLIAM FEAHENY B.B.A. RUBEN FELICIANO D.D.S. Sixth Row: FRANK FENERTY ... .. B.B.A. JOSEPH FERRER B.S. IN PHARM. ANNE FINICLE B.S. Seventh Row: WALTER FLEM I NG B.B.A. CHARLES FLYNN B.B.A. JOSEPH FONTANA B.B.A. 37 THE First Row: JOAN FORSH AG - - - B.S. JOHN FORTENBERRY Ph.B. PETER FORTIER B.S. Second Row: EUGENE FORTIER D.D.S. ARTU RO FOSSAS D.D.S. JOHN FOX ...LL.B. Third Row: MARIE FOX B.S. BEVERLY FRANCIONI B.S. IN MED. TECH. ROBERT FRAY LLB. Fourth Row: JOHN FUCHS B.B.A. SALVATORE GAGLIO B.S. IN PHARM. LAWRENCE GAUTHE B.S. Fifth Row: ALBERT GELPI A.B. ROBLEY GELPI B.B.A. THOMAS GOFF B.B.A. Sixth Row: ANTHONY GONDOLFI . B.M. JACKIE GOULDEN B.S. IN MED, TECH. HENRY GOWLAND B.S. IN PHARM. Seventh Row: LLOYD GRAVOIS B.S. IN PHARM. ANTHONY GRECO D.D.S. BERNARD GRIESHABER D.D.S. 38 SENIORS First Row: DOMINICK GRIESHABER LL.B. ASA GRIFFINS D.D.S. HARDING GUIDRY D.D.S. Second Row: ARDEN HANEMANN B.S. JOHN HARDIN D.D.S. STEPHEN HARUN B.M. Third Row: ADRIAN HAVA D.D.S. DONALD MEALY LL.B. LEON HEIER D.D.S. Fourth Row: ELSIE HINDELANG . B.S. IN PHARM RONALD HINGLE .... B.S. IN PHARM GERALD HOAG A.B HENRY HOPPE Fifth Row: LL.B MARY HOUSAND .. URSULA HUETE B.M B.S. IN MED. TECH ALVIN HUGHES Sixth Row: LL.B JOSEPH HURNDON ALVIN JENSEN LL.B B.S. IN PHARM Seventh Re LOUIS JACOB ODILE JAUBERT A. L. JOHNSON B.B.A. B.S. IN MED. TECH. B.S. IN PHARM. 39 THE First Row: BETTY JOHNSON B.S. OLLIE JONES - D.D.S. JOHN KEENAN B.B.A. Second Row: MARY KEENAN B.M. HERBERT KELLY B.S. EDWARD KIBBE Ph.B. Third Row: STEPHEN KING D.D.S. WARREN KIRSCH B.S. JOSEPH KLUCHIN LL.B. Fourth Row: DANIEL KNOWLES B.B.A. JOHN KOCH B.S. CHRISTOPHER KONTOS B.M. Fifth Row: PAUL LaMARCA D.D.S. VERONICA LANDRY B.M. WILLIAM LANIUS A.B. Sixth Row: ROBERT LARUE B.S. CARL LAVIE B.S. JOHN LEITHMAN B.S. Seventh Row: JOSEPH LEVY B.S. GUY LEWIS D.D.S. MARIE LILLO B.M. 40 SENIORS First Row; DONALD LINDQUIST LL.B. SANTO LoCOCO B.S. EDWIN McAULIFFE B.B.A Second Row: HARRY McFARLAND D.D.S. CLOYCE McGEE B.S. IN MED. TECH. JOSEPH MACALUSO B.M. Third Row: OTHO MaGEE B.S. IN PHARM. BEVERLY MAKOFSKY B.S. IN MED. TECH. JAMES MANNING LL.B. Fourth Row: FRANK MANNING ALFRED MANSOUR ANTHONY MARKEZICH ..B.M. .LLB. ...B.S. JUNE MARQUER GEORGE MARZLOFF ABELARDO MASSA -. Fifth Row: B.S. IN MED. TECH B.S ..A.B JOHN MAY Sixth Row: B.B.A LUCILLE MEEK B.M ANNA MILLER B.S JOSEPH MILLER Seventh Row: Ph.B PATRICK MITCHELL LL.B GEORGE MOISANT B.S ■41 THE First Row: AUDREY MOISE B.S. N. GAYLE MONGET D.D.S. JOSEPH MONJURE B.B.A. Second Row; MICHAEL MONTAGNINO B.S. IN PHARM. ANNIE MONTE B.S. IN PHARM. CATHERINE MONTELEPRE B.S. IN MED. TECH. Third Row: ROY MONTREUIL D.D.S. VINCENT MOR I CI B. B.A. HANES MORRIS B.S. Fourth Row: BLANCHE MOULEDOUX B.S. CHARLES MYLER B.B.A BERNICE NICOSIA B.S. IN MED. TECH. Fifth Row: GRACE NISSEN B.S. IN PHARM. JOYCE NUNEZ B.S. MARY ODDERSTOL B.S. Sixth Row: BETTY OSWANDEL B.S. IN PHARM. WAYNE PEER D.D.S. SALVADOR PEPERONE B.S. Seventh Row: JOHN PEPPER B.S. IN PHARM. ARTHUR PETERSOHN D.D.S. LEHMAN PITTMAN D.D.S. 42 SENIORS First Row: RUBYE POIRRIER . B.S. WILLIAM PORTER B.M. ROY PRICE LL.B. Second Row: LOUIS RAGAS B.S. IN PHARM. RENE RANDOM LL.B. EDWARD RAPIER . B.B.A. Third Re IRWIN RAPPOLD JANET READ CORWIN REED --B.S. B.S. LL.B. Fourth Re FLOYD REED MEARL REINE JOHN REINECKE ...LL.B. B.S. .B.B.A. Fifth Row: RICHARD REINECKE CASIMIR RICKOLL JOHN ROBICHAUX B.S. B.B.A. B.B.A. Sixth Row: ARMAND RODEHORST FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ LENA MAE ROGERS B.S. .B.B.A. -B.M. Seventh Row: JAMES ROOS ROLLINS ROSENZWEIG ROSEMARY ROTOLO B.M. D.D.S. ...B.M 43 7 " T THE First Row: VINCENT RUSSO B.B.A. JAM ES SALANDE . .B.S. FRANK SANDERS D.D.S. Second Row: AURORA SANGUILY B.S. IN MED. TECH. WALDO SANTIAGO B.B.A. JOHN SARTIN D.D.S. Third Row: AARON SAUCIER B.S. IN PHARM. VAL SCHAFF - LLB. LUTHER SCHILLING D.D.S. Fourth Row: PATRICK SCHOTT A.B. WILLIAM SCHROEDER B.B.A. JACK SCHRUM ..B.B.A. Fifth Row: ARM AND SCULLY B.S. MARIE SEGHERS B.S. ROBERT SHEARMAN LL.B. Sixth Row: FRANCIS SHUBERT ..... B.S. IN PHARM ' . HOYT SMART , D.D.S. MIRIAM SMITH B.S. Seventh Row: WILLIAM SOMMERS B.S. IN PHARM. JOSEPH SPEDALE B.S. WALICE SPILLERS D.D.S. 44 SENIORS First Re WILLIAM STANDARD JAMES STECKEL ANNETTE STEHLING B.S. IN PHARM. B.S. B.S. IN MED. TECH Second Re GEORGE STEIB THOMAS STONE MELVIN SULLIVAN B.S. IN PHARM. B.B.A. Third Rc MARIANNE THINES JOHN THOMAS RICHARD TOLEDANO B.B.A. B.B.A. B.B.A. Fourth Row: BERNARD TONER B.B.A JOSEPH TOTARO - B.S WILSON TOUPS B.B.A. Fifth Row: OLTER TRAHAN HERBERT TRENCHARD JOHN TROPEA Ph.B. B.S. I.S. IN PHARM. Sixth Row: ROLAND TUJAGUE PETER TUSA JACQUES VANDEVOORDE ..B.S. -B.S. ..A.B. Seventh Row: LAWRENCE VALENTINO CARROLL VAN GEFFEN JOSEPH VERNACI ...B.M. ...LLB. -B.B.A. 45 THE SENIORS First Row: ANTHONY VESICH . LL.B. ANDREW VIGIER Ph.B. GEORGE VILA LL.B. Second Row: EDWARD WALLACE LL.B. ANTHONY WAMBSGANS LL.B. FRANK WATKINS D.D.S. JOHN CARRIGY B.B.A. Third Row: HARRY WEATHERSBY B.S. IN PHARM. JOHN WEEKS B.B.A. AUSTIN WELSH B.S. ALEXANDER JOHNSTON B.B.A. Fourth Row: DONALD WHITE WILLIE WHITE TIMOTHY WHITNEY LYNETTE SCHARFENSTEIN B.S B.S. IN PHARM. D.D.S. B.S. IN PHARM. IN MED. TECH. Fifth Row: MICHAEL WICKER B.B.A. LEON WILKEN B.S. IN PHARM. JEAN WILLIAMS B.S. IN MED. TECH. ALLEN TASSIN B.S. IN PHARM. Sixth Row: BARBARA WIMBERLY B.S. IN MED. TECH. KATHLEEN WOODS B.S. IN MED. TECH. WILLIAM WOODS D.D.S. MALCOLM VINOT B.B.A. Seventh Row: JOHN WORREL B.B.A. JOHN YURATICH LL.B. BETTY ZIMMERMANN B.S. 46 The J u N I O R CLASS Potential Loyolans at Carol Sing. First Column: SLAKE ARATA BUS. ADM. JORGE ARGUELLO HENRY A5HER A S NICK AUTHEMENT „..„...ASS Second Column: GLORIA AZAR MUSIC JAMES AZCO M LAW DONALD BAGERT A4S VERTILEE BAILLIE .. .„ A«S Third Column: JOHN BARADELL BUS. ADM. SAMUEL BARBARA BUS ADM MARCELLE BARKER BUS. ADM. JOHN BARRON PHARM. Fourth Column; JOYCE BATTISTELLA AiS BARBARA BERNARDI „ ASS DENALD BESLIN LAW WILLIAM BODEBENDER A S 48 Vt:,X i JEAN BORDELON JANE BOSIO ELAINE BOURG LUCILLE BOURLET VICTOR BRADBURY NORMAN 6REAUX JULIAN BRIGNAC MAURICE BROWN JOHN BROWNE PHYLLIS BURG JOAN BURKE ELBERT BYRNES First Column: - DENT A S ASS T MUSIC Second Column: Y PHARM PHARM BUS ADM i DENT, Third Column: ASS ASS ASS LAW Fourth Column: JAMES CALE JOHN CARTER „ „ „ THOMAS CA$EY. PAUL CA55ISA Fifth Column: JAMES CHIPLEY HERMACHIRINO GORDON CHOUTEAU ABNER CLARK Sixth Column: HEWITT COCO ANTHONY COLLETTI JACQUELINE COLLIGAN GLORIA COMISKEY ---WJrX- ASS ASS ASS LAW DENT MU5 ASS DENT PHARM BUS ADM PHARM BUS. ADM, ■ ... ' i:tr:JA Seventh Column: RUSSELL CON LEY ASS HARRY CONNICK BUS. ADM. GEORGE CONNOLLY BUS. ADM. INEZ CONZELMANN „ .. A S 49 The N I O R CLASS " Look, there goes a Senior. " First Column: EVELYN COUVILLON A S EDMUND CRANE „ . „,A S ALINE CROVETTO .. A S HELEN CRUMP BUS ADM Second Column: EDWARD DAIGLE PHARM FRANK D ' AQUIN BUS ADM VICTOR DAUPHIN BUS. ADM, KENNETH DAVIDSON A S Third Column: HERBERT DAVILA A S JOHN D E A S - - .A S MARGOT de Id HOUSSAYE A S RICHARD DESLATTES - A S Fourth Column: LOUIS De SONIER LAW FRANK DEUTSCHMANN LAW MARGARET DEUTSCHMANN A S WILLIAM de VILLASANA ,. - A S 50 ' I First Column: DONALD DIXON DENT JOHN DOMINGUES ,... „ PHARM CHARLES DOWNS .,„ :.. PHARM LAURENCE Du PONT DENT Second Column: WADE DUPUIS BUS. ADM. FRANK FERNANDEZ A S JOHN FICHTEL . PHARM. THOMAS FLAHERTY A S Third Column: HERMAN FRANK BUS, ADM, ROBERT FREY A S JOSEPH FUSELIER BUS. ADM. WALTER GARVEY BUS. ADM. 1 ■ (, Fourth Column: FRANCIS GAUPP BUS ADM SAMUEL GORE DENT ANTHONY GRAFFAGNINO LAW KENNETH GRAHAM DENT Fifth Column: ARMAND GUTIERREZ „ .LAW JOAN HARRISON „ . A S GORDON HARTMAN BUS. ADM. JOHN HATTIER LAW Sixth Column: DAVID HECKER PHARM GERTRUDE HEBERT PHARM JOHN HEBERT PHARM. RALPH HEBERT ., BUS. ADM. Seventh Column: NIELS HERTZ . LAW HOMER HOMRIG BUS. ADM JAMES HOUSAND MUSIC JACK H U DSO N DENT. 51 The Ju N I O R CLASS " You gotta put some Zinser into It. ' First Column; DONALD HUG BUS ADM YVONNE HUHN AiS JACK JACKMAN . ASS HENRY JACOBS MUSIC Second Column: LEYTON JENKINS BUS ADM. CHARLES JONES DENT, WALTER JONES DENT EMMETT JOHNSON A S Third Column; EDWARD KAMMERER - ASS BETTY JANE KEATING - ASS DAVID KEIFFER „ ASS DOUGLAS J. KELLER ASS Fourth Column: GEORGE KELLY . ASS FRANK KEPPEL . . BUS, ADM. BEN KIKUCHI BUS, ADM, JOAN KISSINGER ASS 52 A « ! First Column: JOHN KLUCHIN THOMAS KLOOR JOHN KRUEBBE , RICHARD KUNTZ Second Column: LOUIS La COUR JOSEPH La HAYE HAROLD LAMY JOSEPH LANDRIEU Third Column: MAURICE LANDRIEU HAROLD LANGFORD „ .. JOYCE LAPIAN A ROY LARAN. , „ - LAW BUS, ADM PHARM LAW BUS ADM LAW LAW BUS ADM. BUS ADM BUS ADM ASS ASS Fourth Column: ALPHONSE Le BOEUF JOSEPH Le DEW MAURICE LEGRAND GARY Le GROS Fitth Column: WINTON LEMOINE JOSEPH LOCANTRO MAURICE LONERGAN VERNON LONG Sixth Column: JOHN LONGO ELLIS LUPIN TONY MAJORIA JOHN MALLETTE BUS ADM MUSIC BUS ADM. BUS ADM LAW DENT LAW A S BUS ADM PHARM PHARM A S Seventh Column: KENNETH MANUEL A«S MYRTLE MARCOTTE MUSIC ANDREW MARTINI BUS. ADM. LEE McHUGHES LAW 53 The N I O R CLASS ' My boy, you iust aren ' t going to nnjke it this semester « ■■ ' It ' ' W % - 7 First Column: PATRICIA McNAMARA ASS EUGENE McTIERNAN BUS ADM LEE MEHRHOFF PHARM, PHILIP MEUNIER .. „ „ LAW Second Column: PIMA MEUNIER ASS CLAUDETTE MIHOJEVICH , . ASS ALEXANDER MILLER ASS WANDA RAY MITCHELL ASS Third Column: EDNA MAE MONIE ASS DAVID MORRISON PHARM LAURENCE NEEB MUSIC THOMAS NIELSEN ..,. ASS Fourth Column: MARY MORRIS PHARM, JACKIE O ' DAY ASS WILLIAM O ' NEIL - - PHARM, ALTON PARKER A S 54 D First Column: FRANK PATTISON ., DENT. VERA FERRET ASS GEORGE PETTIT A S WILBUR PHILLIPS MUSIC Second Column: ANTHONY PITTARI DENT CHARLES POCHE BUS. ADM. WILFRED PRADOS ..A S KARL PRAETORIUS BUS. ADM. Thiid Column: ALFRED PREJEAN . DENT OSCAR QUINTERO A S ALONZO RABB „.., BUS ADM MELVIN RAMOS LAW Seventh Column: FLO MARY SCHEIE NEWELL SCHINDLER MARY JANE SCHIRO . RUDOLPH SCHOEMANN Fourth Column: HENRY REINBERG ASS LUKE REINE PHARM. JOANN RICHARDS .. . A S MAURICE RILEY „ BUS ADM. Fifth Column: ANGEL RIVERA LAW MIGUEL RIVERA BUS ADM JULES ROBERT . BUS ADM ALBERT ROBERTS LAW Sixth Column: JAMES RYAN A S LUCAS SANSOVICH A S KENT SATTERLEE BUS. ADM ANTHONY SCALCO . A S ASS MUSIC .... MUSIC LAW 65 First Column: JACOB 5CIAMBRA LAW A S ASS ASS Third Column: RICHARD STARNS FRANK STEWART EVELYN TAGLIARINI PHARM. ASS ASS Fifth ELLIS TOUP5 Column: PHARM. CARMEN SEIFERTH CLARENCE TRUXILLO BUS. ADM. DONALD SEKINGER MADELINE TUMINELLO ASS WALTER SHUSTER PETER TALLUTO BUS. ADM ASS ANITA VAZZANA ASS HENRY SIKES DENT ASS ANTHONY TAMBURELLO RICHARD WAGUESPACK BUS. ADM. Second Column: EARL SIMONEAUX Fourth Column: ANTHONY TAMBURO EDWARD TANNER THOMAS TIERNEY LAW PHARM ASS Sixth JOAN WATERSON Column: ASS ALLAN SMUCK BUS. ADM BUS. ADM PHARM, ASS WILLIAM WATKINS DENT. JOHN SPEYRER GEORGE WAX LAW SAMUEL STAGG JOSEPH TOCA PHARM. BURRELL WEBER BUS. ADM. SH 1 R LEY STA M PS ALLEN TOMLIN Seventh Column: DOMINICK WHITE DENT. PHARM. JOAN WEGMANN ASS RICHARD WILLIAMS ASS ROBERT WILLIAMS „ CREIGHTON WILSON ASS DENT. JAMES WRIGHT PHARM 56 The Spirit of ' 54. First Column: ALEJANDRO ACEVEDO , A S LUIS ACEVEDO A 5 ANDREW ADAMS. JR DENT. ISABEL AEDO PHARM Second Column: GEORGE ALEXANDER FRANCES ALFORD DENT. A S OCTAVIO ALLENDE A S PERCY APGAR Third Column: STERLING ARBONEAUX DENT. PHARM MERVIN ARDOIN RONALD AUCOIN DENT. A S WILLIAM BABINGTON PHARM. Fourth Column: MARTIN BAKER DENT. BENJAMIN BAUGH PATRICK BELLAU DENT. A S DONALD BELLOW BUS ADM, The H O M O R E CLASS 58 First Column: Fourth Column: JEANNE BELOU PHARM. A S MUSIC HOWARD BOLTON PHARM. MARION CALUDA .. ANNAMAY BONNER A S IRWIN CAMBRE .. - A S CHARLES BORUM DENT, A S Second Column: Fifth Column: JOHNIES BOURGEOIS PHARM A S DOUGLAS CAMPBELL . ... DENT, KATHERINE BRADY -- FRANK CANATELLA ,. ASS ARISTILE BREAUX .... PHARM. MARY CANNON MUSIC JOHN BROOKS „ MUSIC A J CAPRITTO Third Column: Sixth Column: JAMES BROTHERS . . PHARM. DENT. BUS. ADM. EUGENE CASO ASS VINCENT BRUNO CHARLES CASSO A S FRANK BURG, JR HAROLD CHAUVIN A S ROBERT BUSH A S Seventh Column: JOSEPH COMEAUX BUS. ADM. CORNELIA CONNOR .- BUS. ADM. JUNE CONRAVEY PHARM. ERNIE CONZELMANN - A S 59 " Lucky Dog, huh. Henry? " The H O M O R ' E CLASS First Column: ADRIAN CORDES BUS. ADM. TED CRAFT , A S CLYDE CRIGHTON A S JOSEPH CUSH D ENT. . Second Column; RICHARD DEAS A S JERRY DEMAREST A S CHARLES DERBES PHARM . LAWRENCE DERBES ,. BUS, ADM, Third Column: ARTHUR DIXON A S JULIE DONAHUE A S JAMES DORMER BUS. ADM. EDWARD DOYLE A S Fourth Column: RAYMOND DRAGON BUS, ADM. HAZEL DRISCOLL „ PHARM. ROSE DUFRENE „ „ „ A S CHARLES DUGAS A S 60 First Column; AUDREY Du QUESNAY . A SIS Seventh Column: Fourth Column; RAFAEL FRANCO ASS EMILIO ECHEVARRIA ..,. ASS WILLIAM F REMIN PHARM PAUL EMENES MUSIC DENT. PATRICK GANDOLFI ASS RICHARD ENGLERTH JOSEPH GARCIA Fifth Column: RAY GAROFALO GEORGE GATTAS . ASS Second Column: LOUIS ESCOBEDO - - MUSIC GERARD EUGENE .. -.,. PHARM ASS HARRY FABIAN PHARM. FELIX GAUDIN ASS JOHN r-ARRELL BUS ADM, RAY GIUFFRIA PHARM Third Column: CLARENCE FAVRET BUS. ADM. Sixth Column: ENRIQUE GOMEZ . CLARENCE GONZALES PHARM LOIS FORET ASS BUS. ADM ROBERT FORTENBERRY ASS ROYAL GRAHAM DENT ALICE FOX - ASS ELENA GUEVARA MUSIC NILES GUICHET MAURICE GUILL FREDERIC GUTKS CARROLL HAAG DENT ERMAN ASS ECHT ASS BUS ADM ittM 61 Mass of the Holy Ghost, a Loyola tradition. First Column: GERALD HALKER DENT. WILLIAM HALL BUS ADM, PHILIP HALLONQUIST DENT. SHIRLEY HARRISON Second Column; DAN HEALY - A S A S JEAN HECKER A S ANN HILBERT A S JOHN HISSONG Third Column: JACK HOLAHAN PHARM. A S FRANK HOYLE ALBERT HUDDLESTON DENT. , A S FRANCIS HUETE Fourth Column: JOHN HULTBERG „ - DENT. . AiS JANE HYMAN GENE HYMEL ASS BUS ADM ROLAND HYMEL „ BUS. ADM. The p H O M O R E CLASS 62 First Column: WILLIAM IRWIN A S Fourth Column: PETER LANG LILA LINHARES A S PAUL ISBAN .A S A S JOHN JANUS - DENT. PATRICIA LINN , - A S DARRELL JOBE DENT, - „A S ROBERT LYTTLE BUS. ADM. Second Column: ROCH JOFFRE Fifth Column: WILLIAM MclLREE MUSIC GABRIEL JOSE JUREIDINI BUS. ADM, HAROLD MAGEE DENT ANNAMARY KELLY A S CHARLES MART BUS ADM HENRY KRONLAGE A S EDMOND MELANCON PHARM Third Column: ALCES LAICHE BUS, ADM Sixth Column: JOAN MENARD A S ANTHONY LALA - A S SIDNEY MENARD A S JOHN LAMBERT BUS ADM ALCEE MERIC MUSIC PHARM, HARRY MERWIN . . A S Sevenlh Column: MANUEL MESSINA ,,., MAE MILLER A S OLLO MOLLERE DENT BEVERLY MOLONY .. „ BUS ADM. 63 Johnnie " Hopalong " Schwab at the " Frosh Hop. " , i.J;.i jiji ' ijj Fi, ELIZABETH MOORE ' st Col umn: BUS ADM CHARLES MORRIS , , BUS ADM WILLIAM MOURET ,,. DENT CHARLES MURRET DENT Second LLOYD MYLIE C. Diumn: A S DAVID NASTASI DUS ADM JACK NEWITT A S BRUCE NUNEZ PHARM Th: KING NUNGESSER rd Col umn: DENT NYLDA ORTIZ-TULLA A S CHARLES PALAZZOLO A S JOHN PARK A S Fourth VINCENT PEREZ Co tjumn: BUS ADM LORRAINE PEYREGNE MUSIC ANN POUPART A S LYNN POURCIAU PHARM. The p H O M O R E CLASS 64 First Column: RICHARD POURCIAU DENT, Fourth Column: MARGARET ROUSSEL A S FRANK PROTICH A S ANTOINETTE RUSSO A S JOSEPHINE PROVENZA „ PHARM, ASS JULES SANCHO ASS MARION QUENQUI GILBERT SATTERLEE A S Second Column: CARLO RAGUSA BUS, ADM, Fifth Column: ELISE SCHAAF A S JOSEPH R AG U SA BUS. ADM, DONALD SCHANG DENT JACK RAN DOLPH - DENT, LOUISE SCHINDLER A S JULES RICHARD MUSIC ROY SCHUTZMANN A S Third Column: WILLIAM RIETH BUS. ADM, Sixth Column: LORRAINE SHANE JOSEPH SILVE5TRI MUSIC ANGELO RODI „. PHARM. A S DENT CLARE RODRIGUEZ CARL SIMON ERNEST STAPLES PHARM PAUL ROUILLARD BUS. ADM. BUS ADM Seventh Column ODETTE 5TICH A S BLANID SULLIVAN CAROL TAORMINA „ A S MUSIC DURWOOD THEVENOTE PHARM. 65 i " Shut fhe door, R chard . . . feel a draft. " BILLY TIPTON F rst Column: BUS. ADM. ASS MILTON TOPPINO Second Column: PAUL IRINCHARD ASS Fourth Column: ROSALIA VIZZI A S RHEA UHLICH ASS MUSIC WILLIAM WALSH ASS MARCIANA URRESTI LEO WARD - .... „.... ASS CARLOS UTEDA BUS. ADM. JAMES WEYMAN „. DENT. Third Column: EDWARD UZEE ASS Fifth Column: RUPERT WILLIAMS DENT. ANGIE VACANTI ASS CLARENCE WISDOM BUS ADM. HUMBERTO VALLADARES ASS JACQUELINE WOODS ASS CATHERINE VEZICH ASS WILLIAM WOOD - DENT. The S CLASS . «:- i Hsis " -- ..ia.4 i 66 Loyola fetes sports personalities at " Meet the Pacit " parly. THE F R E S H M A N CLASS Abe AUDREY ADAMS First Row; A S THOMAS AZAR Second Row: BUS. ADM. HAROLD ALBURY BUS. ADM, MUS. RALPH BARNETT .... A»S WARREN ALFORD EUGENE BARRIOS LAW First Row: ROBERT BLESER DENT. Second JOY BROUSSARD R. ow: BUS. ADM. LOIS BOACKLE A S AUDREY BROWN ....A S JOHN BOLAND ... A»S JAMES BUATT .. DENT. THOMAS BORDELON A S MYRNA BULLER ASS THOMAS BONFIELD ...A S HAROLYN BUNDY PHARM. LUKE BOUDREAUX .. A S HENRY BURGH BUS. ADM. JOHN BLOUNT A S ROBERT BURKE DENT. Abe First Row; GLADYS ALEMAN . A 5 ANDREW ARATA ASS CORNELIUS ARMSHAW BUS. ADM. MICHAEL ARTIM PHARM. ANTHONY ASCANI . . ASS ROLAND ASWAD „ BUS. ADM. GARLAND AYCOCK DENT. Second Row: JOHN BASONE DENT HAROLD BEEBE „ DENT HENRY BENNETT . BUS ADM DONALD BERNARD „., MUSIC JOHN BERNEY DENT JOSEPH BERRIGAN ,. A S GEORGE BLANKENSHIP PHARM. First Row: WILLIAM BRAMAN PHARM KENNETH BRIGGS ASS HENRY BRISBOIS BUS, ADM, Second Row; DONALD CAMPOS BUS. ADM ALLAN CARR DENT JACQUELINE CARRIERS A S Having a bang of a time. " 1 refuse to answer that question on the grounds that It may tend to Incriminate me, Senator. " Second Re CLARENCE CORLEY GEORGE COUMES GEORGE CUMMINS DENT. LAW Secor RONALD DUNCAN d Row: A 5 LLOYD ECCLES PHARW. CATHRYN ELLER A S HENRIETTA ELLER A S ANN ESCAUSSE A S CAROLE FABACHER A S LEROY FALGOUT BUS, ADM. V I •« ■ ? ■ Abe First Row: ROBERT CHANEY BUS ADM IDA CHIRIELEISON A S RICHARD CHRISTIAN PHARM. SIEGFRIED CHRISTENSEN LAW JAMES CLAUSE LAW FRANCES COLEMAN „ ASS ANNA COP PON EX MUSIC Second Row: ROV DAIGLE DENT. ALBERT DANIEL BUS ADM, BETTY DANIGOLE A S MARY D ' ANTONI A S BARBARA DAWSON A S WILLIAM DEARMAN PHARM. JANE DEAS A S First Row: JOHN DROUILHET PHARM DAVID DUGAS PHARM. OSCAR DUGAS . A S Second Row; CHARLES FAVARO NORA FREDERICO GERALD FEDOROFF PHARM BUS. ADM. A S Thespians satirize amateur theatricals in " The Torchbearers. ' ■ " SP- l MmM BAE ' ; it for Santa Claus. THE F R E S H M A N CLASS Abo First Row: VINCENT FERTITTA CARROLL FISCHER FLORENCE FISCHER BUS. ADM. MUSIC ..- .....A S First Row: RUSSELL GRANDICH DENT. FLORA GRAU A S RONALD GREGORY BUS. ADM. GEORGE GROETSCH A S RUSSELL GUERIN A S RALPH GUERRA PHARM. VAL GUILLOT PHARM Beic Second Row: EMILE GAUCHET THOMAS GAVIN KENNETH GELPI -A S ...A S . BUS. ADM. Second Row: AIMEE HANEMANN BUS. ADM. PATRICK HARDIE LAW DONALD HARTSON A S JOSEPH HEBERT BUS. ADM. RICHARD HEBERT „ PHARM. WOODLEY HEBERT . PHARM. RICHARD HEMPSTID PHARM. i j Ik Abe First Row: NORRIS FITZ MORRIS .. - - ,...A S MARY FOSTER ASS WILFRED FONTENOT DENT. ERNEST GARCIA A S MARCEL GARSAUD BUS ADM, CAROLE GARVEY ASS JAMES GARVEY „... BUS. ADM, Second Row; JEANNE GERNON PERRY GIROD - A S PHARM DIANA GISCLAIR A S ELWOOD GONZALES A S JO ANN GRAFFAGNINO , , A S JOEL GRAFFAGNINO ASS CARLETON GRAHAM PHARM. First Row: VINCENT GULOTTA - - .„A S ANN GUST A S PAUL HAMMONS ,, DENT. Second Row; LOUIS HERZOG A -; ROBERT HESSE , DENT. JANICE HOGAN A S " Shall we dine at Rod ' s? " tt ' Honest, Judge, it was all her fault. ' THE F R E S H M A N CLASS Above: LEWIS NORTON First Row; DENT. RAY KOHOWTEK Second Row; A S LARRY MOUSEY A S BETTY LABARRE DOMINICK LAGO ASS ROBERT HULL DENT. PHARM. Beic First Row: JAMES LAVILLE A S CLARENCE LeBLANC PHARM, CALVIN LEFORT BUS. ADM. IGNATIUS LEMOINE . A S BARBARA LEON A S HENRY LESCALE PHARM. GERALD LEVY PHARM. Second Row: ELINOR McCLOSKEY PHARM. BERNARD McGlNTY BUS. ADM. WINTHROP McGRAW DENT. KERMIT McRAE BUS. ADM. LARRY MABILE A S FRANK MADRA20 PHARM. TOXIE MAGEE PHARM. « - - 1 ft V A Abo First Row; GARY HYMEL A4S EVELYN IZUMI ASS JOHN JEWELL „ „ PHARM, EU3ENE KAUFMAN PHARM GEORGE KERNS . -. BUS ADM. LOUIS KIEFER A S WILLIAM K I V ETT - - - - LAW Second Row: RAYMOND LAMY BUS. ADM. AUGUST LaNASA BUS ADM. JACKIE LaNASA A S JIMMY LaNASA .....A S DONALD LANDRY DENT, ADRIAN LAPEYRONNIE -... PHARM. DIANE LAURENT PHARM be ' low: First Row: Second Row: JEAN LOUVIERE ... A4S MILLIE MAKOFSKY A S THOMAS LYNCH PHARM. PHARM. CLAUDE MARQUER PHARM. LELAND McClelland CONSTANT MAROUER . . PHARM. ' Twas Ihe nlghf before Keesler. ' Santa ' s ll+tle helpers. THE F R E S H M A N CLASS DONALD MARTIN First Row: -LAW ANTHONY MAURIN ASS VALENTINE MAYER BUS. ADM. Abe Seconc Row: BEVERLY MILLER ASS WILLMAN MILLIET PHARM. EVANGELINE MOLENO A 5 First Row: CHRISTINE NIELSEN - ASS Second Row: GENE PALMISANO - .. FRANCES PAPANIA „ A S MARILYN NUCCIO A S A S ASS SYLVIA NUNE7. CLARENCE PARENT ASS MADELINE OCCHIPINTI PHARM. MARIA PARRINO PHARM. MIKE O ' KEEFE ASS RENE PASTOREK LAW JOHN OLIVIER LAW DOLORES PATRON PHILIP PAYNE - -....A S YVETTE ORTIZ-TULLA - PHARM DENT. 5: k Abe First Row: JUSTELL MELANCON „ DENT. PAUL MELANCON A45 HOWARD MENDEL50N BUS. ADM. ALBERT MERCIER LAW HILDA MERRITT ASS PATRICIA MEYNIER AtS GERARD MIALARET . . A»S Second Row: JUNE MORDICA PEDRO MORELL „ FRANK MORRIS „ THOMAS MOSGROVE .. MILTON MOZER CHARLES NAPOLI JOHN NIEL PHARM. A S ASS PHARM. PHARM. PHARM DENT. Belo First Row: JEANNETTE OUSTALET A S JOHN PEYTAVIN ROGER PHILLIPS Seconc Row: - S CLINTON PALMER LAW PHARM MOTT PALMER MUSIC VAN PHILLIPS ... . DENT. Now you know what the " THING " is. Coach Tom Haggerty addresses sportswriters. THE F R E S H M A N CLASS Abe First Row: ANDREW PICOU . PHARM RENE PIGEON ASS MARTIN PILIE , . BUS. ADM. First Rcw: JANICE RIERA - A S REGINALD ROD LAW DONALD RODIGUE2 A S JOSEPH ROJAS ASS LUIS ROSADO - PHARM. JESSIE ROUSSEL A S LARRY ROY , A S Second Row: PROVIDENCE RAG USA A S CLARENCE RARESHIDE ASS VICTOR RATHER - DENT. Second Row: JANICE ST MARD A S ROBERTO SANCHEZ ... DENT. CARL SANSONE PHARM. MILAGROS SANTIAGO .,. „ .-. A S CHARLES SAPORITO . A S VERNA SATTERLEE A S JERROLD SCAGLIONE BUS. ADM. ; .i? Abe First Row; JOSEPHINE PISCIOTTA ,- - A«S CARL POCHE .., PHARM LILA POLENO , - - ASS JOY PRIMA BUS. ADM THURMAN PULLEN DENT. VERITY RABB ASS GEORGE RAFFALOVICH MUSIC Second Row: RALPH REDMAN BUS ADM RICHARD REDMANN . LAW WILLIAM REDMANN LAW BILL REEDER ASS JOHN RHODES . BUS ADM GEORGE RICHARD . ASS JOSEPH RICKER ASS First Row: LOUISE RUBIN PAUL RUTLEDGE JANET ST GERMAIN ASS BUS ADM, ASS slow: Second Re BETTY ANN SCHEIB RAYMOND SCHIELE ASS ASS SAUL SCHNEIDER PHARM Board mee ' Ing. i-Sva , -a " ii l v, k. THE F R E S H M A N CLASS Above: First Row: PHILIP SCIORTINO ERLEEN SCHUBERT.. DONALD SEGHERS LAW ASS BUS. ADM. Second Row: CAROLYN SMITH MUSIC JEAN SMITH ASS CARROLL SONNIER ... ...„ PHARM. Third Row: RODNEY STURCKEN... DONALD STYRON ... RONALD STYRON .. MUSIC A S A S First Row: GLADIOLA TIN A S WILLIAM TOLER -. - DENT. GLORIA TRELLES - - A S HORACE TREPAGNIER, JR A S HENRY TROCHESSET . . ASS ANN TRUAX ASS LEON TUJAGUE, JR „ PHARM ANNE WEINGART CHARLIE WELSH GLENN WHITEMAN GEORGE WILKINSON GAYLE WILLE AUSTIN WINGERTER JOSEPH WIRTH Below; Second Re DWIGHT TYNES „ .. EDWARD VEILLON JOHN VIGER EDWARD VINET PAULETTE VISION DIANNE VUILLEMOT WILLIAM WAGUESPACK III Third Row: -...- - A S - A»S BUS. ADM. - BUS. ADM. .. - A S A»S - A S DENT. BUS. ADM. PHARM A S A S A S LAW First Row: STEPHEN SELBY DENT. FRANK SEMMES PHARM, CHARLES SENTELL „ DENT. MARILYN SHAMBRA BUS ADM, JOHN SHEEHAN , PHARM, ROBERT SHINN PHARM, EDWARD SKINNER „ PHARM, First Row: VINCENT TUMMINELLO A S VINCENT TUSA ASS Above; Second Row: JAMES STAFFORD DENT. ROBERT STEARNS A S DUDLEY STELLY PHARM EWELL STEVENS DENT HUEY STEVENS DENT KENNETH STIEGLER BUS ADM KENNETH STULA PHARM, below: Second Row: THOMAS WALLBILLICH JOYCE WEIL , Third Row; MURRAY SUFFRIN ANN SULLIVAN JEAN SUTTON MARILYN TASSIN ROBERT TAYLOR BETH TETLOW EUGENE THIBODEAUX Third R BUS ADM, ASS ALBERT WITTEKOPP JOAN WOLFE PHARM MUSIC ASS „. MUSIC ASS ASS PHARM ow: PHARM A S The Forward Club looks forward. itJ £ e. Cj-- r 82 FEATURES 83 o y z t Each pup has his day but the week of initiation in September wasn ' t the Freshman ' s. The first experience of many of the class of ' 54 will undoubtedly remain vivid for quite a long while. The " dogs " had to comply with any reasonable request of upperclassmen. Many of the requests were barely reasonable. Some of the stunts pulled off by the older students included carrying loads of books, running errands, singing the " Alma Mater " and the " Fight Song " and ringing a school bell around the campus. The climax came at the Kangaroo Kourt at which time there were more pies thrown than in a Keystone comedy. Retribution for the Frosh came a few weeks later when the tables were turned and the upperclassmen were the victims. Beth Te+low is on the receiving end ot Phil Meunier ' s pie. Roland Mestayer is holding Beth. 84 m» ,. 85 tf ljj Aacqiieline L arriere CAMPUS QUEEN 86 amnud In the latter part of November, fourteen of Loyola ' s loveliest coeds competed in a close vote to decide the 1951 Campus Queen and her court. Miss Jacqueline Carriere drew the highest number of popu- lar votes while Miss Inez Con- zelmann was second in the election. Although only 30 per cent of the student body cast their votes, the election was significant for it marked a separation from the antiquated method of a-penny-a-vote. IIm J nez Conze niann THE HOMECOMING COURT Mr. John Oulliber, Alumni chairman of the Homecoming activities, an- nounced in early November, 1950, the selection of Miss Margot de la Hous- saye, Arts and Sciences senior, as Queen of the Homecommg. Miss de la Houssaye presided over the ball held at the Jung Hotel and the Homecoming basketball game. l WUfol Jc fa M oiiSdatte ! • QUEEN OF THE HOMECOMING r jUhJr 90 he J c omecomin 9 T A L E N T 13 was a lucky birthday for Blue Key ' s Annual Talent Nite held this year on De- cember 8, 1950. A capacity crowd filled the Municipal Auditorium to be entertained by the four-hour program. Quality and quantity combined to make a talent-filled night of music and comedy. Wise-cracking MC Henry Asher introduced the enter- tainers and did an admirable job by keep- ing the audience laughing between acts. Quite an innovation this year was the fac- ulty skit which parodied life in the BA school offices. The actors in the skit were all faculty members and their skit drew plaudits from all. NITE " Ci+ronella " Makofsky tries on the " Glass Slipper. " The victorious Med-Techs 92 The crowd at the 1 3+h Annual Talent Nite. Left: Humberto Valladares, second place guitarist. Center: Marclana Urresti, first place pianist. Right: Myrtle Marcot+e and Mary Jane Schlro. pianists and R O T C LT, COLONEL CHARLES POST Commandant of the Battalion Seated: L. to R.: Master Sgt. Leon Morin, Major Wil- liam Yamber, Master Sgt. John Herricks. Standing: Sgt. 1st Class Wade Williamson, Sgt. 1st Class Mar- tin Tynsdale, Sgt. George Edwards, Master Sgt. Wil- liam Atkinson. In the fourth year at Loyola the Reserve Officers Training Corps has gained quite a name for itself. This is the second year that compulsory participation in Loyola ' s battalion of Military Police has been in effect for many of the University ' s freshmen. Under this plan freshmen of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Business Adminis- tration must schedule two years of military training. This is the basic course. The ad- vanced course consists of more specialized training for those v ith proper basic qualifi- cation. For students who have completed the specified requirements and have done excellent work in military science appoint- ments and commissions to the regular army may be given upon graduation. This year Lt. Colonel Post assumed the responsibili- ties of Commandant of the battalion with Major Yamber second in command. Most of last year ' s army staff is still at Loyola. Tuesday is ROTC day at Loyola, for the reservists have a dress parade and retreat ceremonies every week. Students of military CADET OFFICERS: Seated: Supply Officer Mal- colm Vinot, Lt. Col. Wade Dupuis, Public Relations Officer Jack May. Standing: Executive Officer Jofin Yuratich, Adjutant Val Schaff. 0 - L 94 science learn numerous skills oi the modern soldier ranging from basic first aid, map-reading, and care of the M-1 rifle, to riot dis- p e r s a 1 and traffic problems. Highlight of the reserve officer ' s course is the annual summer camp which is obligatory for ad- vanced students. An innovation m the ROTC this year was the formation of an honorary organization to equal campus fraternities. This organ- ization is called the Provost Corps and is one of the very few chapters in the United States. It is honorary in that prospective ' " . » . . . i .- . I ■. - miv J! ' frt„, w I L. to r.. Bottom Row: Armand Gutierrez. A. J. Vesich. John Hattier. Joseph Macaluso, Albert Gelpi, Frank Stewart, William Lanius, Jack May Second Row; Roy Price, John Thomas. Wade Dupuis, T. U. Collins, John Yuratich, Malcolm Vinot. Joseph Vernaci, Robley Gelpi. Third Row: Thomas Whaley. Fred MacDuffee. Maurice Lonergan, Joseph Levy, Jerry Johnston, Val Schaff, Rodney Boudreaux, Tony Carter. Richard Redmann, Wallie Barbot. Col. Post explains a problem In Military tactics to an eager group of acJvanced stucJents. members must be reserve offi- cers who have maintained a " B " average in military science and at least a " C " average in all other subjects. The Corps was formed with a social purpose also. Members are admitted to the Corps by application and election and with such admis- sion procedure the prestige of the group is assured. Members were extremely influential in promoting the ROTC dance dur- ing the Yule season in 1950. The reservists planned an Induction Dance to climax their activities for ' 51. U. % ■ ' iJfc-a Company leaders report at Tuesday afternoon retreat ceremonies. COMPANY " A " Left to Right: Guidon bearers: Cpl. Maurice Guillerman, Sgt. Edgar Cohen. Gene Palmisano, Dominick Laqo, Cpl. Joe Garcia, 1st Lt. John Hattier, Capt. R 2nd Lt. Richard Redmann, Henry Wirth, Joseph Rojas, Charlie Welsh, Paul Ru Landrieu, Thomas Azar, Jerrold Scaqtione, Frank Morris, James LaNasa, Fran Arnaud Pilie, William Drago. Joseph DeSalvo, Vincent Gulotta, Cpl, Henry K Chaney, Cpl. Pascal Caloqero, Cpl. Jack Holahan, Herby Brisbois, Luke Bou Cpl. Ronald Aucoin, Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Lala. Fourth Row: Frank Varela, S Ray Rocker. Don Payne, Roland Mestayer, Kenneth Gelpi, Pete Vosbein, Cpl. E Albert Daniel. Fifth Row: Color bearer, Felix Gaudin, Sgt. Charles Flynn, S. P McGinty, Roch Joffre, Thomas Casey, Donald Bernard, Robert Shinn, J, Rhode Sixth Row: Master Sgt. Maurice Riley, Henry Hart man, Master Sqt. Frederick Mehrhoff, Color Bearer Kermit McRae. »t%mSaZu " ' ' » tf " ' ■«« ' »»» raw 88 First Row: William Martin, Sgt. Anthony Tamburo. Ted Blount, Marcel Garsaud, obley Gelpi, Capt. John Thomas, 1st Lt. Albert Gelpi, 1st Lt. Joseph Levy. tiedqe, Val Meyer, Cpl. Alfred Viener, Sgt. David Seibert. Second Row: M. E. k Madrazo, Sgt. J. G refer, Cpl. Harold Chauvin Jr., Sgt. Thomas Kloor, ronlaqe, William Renaud. Third Row: Calvin Lefort, Ronald Styron, Robert dreaux, Horace Trepaqnier, Vincent Fertitta Jr., Robert Conrad, Thomas Hill, gt- 1st Class Durwood Thevenote, Sgt. William Bodenbender, Walter Guillot, rnie Conielmann, Sgt. Wilfred Prados, Cpl. Richard Deas, Cpl. Jack Newitt. utnam. Cpl. Andy McGinty, Lars Steib, Larry Mabile, Harold Albury, Barney s, George Groetsch, Thomas Goodman, Cpl. Marc Sancho, Cpl. Ray Praslfka, MacDuffee, 1st Sgt. John Willard, Sgt. James Corcoran, Sgt. 1st Class Lee ;ji»B»»Wia IBW »ia»a»»HWWMMMBI MBI gfjA ' hmmm mnmmmmtmmm muiSf nmim- ' " 4% f iT|-;-f; :tV .|!;t:j ;r|,|,|,:| .|g- t a . :r If ' f ' ] -Bb I P |« ■■■■■■WW J » ■■■ ' M i SsJB Mil I ' -l i-v-i ' i-ijk ' jjr i COMPANY " B , FirJ Row Sqt. lit Class Reginald Rod, Master Sgt, T. L. Whaley, Sqt. 1st Class Clarence J. Vesicti. 1st Lt Willidm Lanius, Capt. Anthony Carter, Capt. T. U. Collins. 1st Lt M. A, -■ ■ Thibodeaux. Second Row: Sgt, J. R. Ryan. COMPANY " C " Left to Right; Guidon Bearers: Cpl. Peter Lang, Cpl. Charles Duqas. Firct Row: 1st Sgt, Emilio Echevarria, Lawton Laienby, Howard Mendelson, Cpl, Charles Comeaux. Lt, Rodney Boudreaux, 1st Lt. Armand Gutierrez, Capt. Roy Price, Capt. A, G, Johnston, 1st Lt, Joseph Vernaci, Master Sgt, Wallle Barbot, Sqt. 1st Class Dwight Thevenote, Sgt Allen Steele. Socond Row Cpl, John Park, Master Sqt. Rene Pastorek, Ralph Guerra Jr., Joseph Gullotte, Dudley Stelly, Ronnie Duncan, Rene Pigeon, Cpl, Charles Morris. Willie Dearman Jr., Ronald Gregory, Thomas Bonfield. John Discon, George Blankenship, Cornelius Armshaw. Sgt. Albert Huddleston, Charles Kronlage, Paul Ruth. Third Row: Donald Seqhers, Auqust LaNasa, Adrian Lapeyronnie, Henry Neyrey, Pedro Morell. A. J. Capritto, Staff Sgt. Jack Warren. Sgt. Kent Satterlee. Cpl. Milton Toppino, Thomas Gavin, Auctin Wingerter, Ignatius Lemoine. Ernest Garcia. Gerald Fedoroff, Donald Styron. Fourth Row: Daniel Kllleen, Cpl. Leo Ward, William Reeder. Mott Palmer. Charles Thomson. Joseph Patton. Edward Vinet, Carrol Sonnier, D. W. Barnett. Sgt. Anthony Graffagnini, Master Sgt. Joseph Macaluso, Sgt. 1st Class Ted Craft .Cpl. Charles Caso. Louis Herzo. Flitt] Row: John Lindner, Lawrence Derbes, Manuel Gonzalez, Larry Roy, Nelson Hetlwig, Sgt. Felix Cannilla, Cpl. Robert Bush, Cpl, James Hemstreet, Kenneth Brlqgs. Joseph- Ricker, Stanley Dale, Charles Saporltto. A. E. Maurin, Sqt. Kenneth Davidson. Sixth Row Gary Hymel, William Watson, Ronnie Reynoir. Sqt. Lee Mason. | Edward Veillon, Vincent Tuminello. Constant Marquer, Cpl, Roy Schutzmann, Roland Aswad, Jacob Cohen. ummmmmmmimmm t a {{ ■■■■■■■■■| E» ■ " " ! " " ,,,TV ' " V , •■ " ■ v ' - ' ' ' ' ■ ' , ll-- ■ ' ' " . tO " ' ,„M-V ' ' " •■ 1 v» " . - r Carter " y • ■ v x ' Or %. «?i-S ;;;i r ' O , ' .% ' ts s$ y : n ' ■ iv- ' ' - , ' , - ' ■r. h % , V ' ' ' „ ' ' ,!. ' ■■■■ • i " ' ' - SWi iP Miu .jaJST- ■■ ' - ■ j,;wj.«i ia. g sA .TKf »nf ; fjg ' .a f.-Vrt -,.ni;j I. jg-f: ' T. J v .a. ' st.-i g -v«iiM(!aM.x FRATERNITIES 102 pil8|» ' -,Mr «i -rv ' " ii- ...i . ' p «- -• ■ !:- aWt ORG AXIZ ATIOXS . . . 103 REV. ANTHONY O ' FLYNN. SJ. Moderator PATRICK SCHOTT Presiding Secretary PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICER . . . GWENDOLYN BETPOUEY . Recording Secretary Pan-Hellenic is made up of all Loyola ' s Greek-letter organizations . . . the council is a clearing house for activities of these fraternities and sororities ... it aims at a well-coordmated year of functions for its members . . . Fr. O ' Flynn is faculty moderator and Pat Schott and Gwendolyn Betpouey are presiding and recording secretaries re- spectively. 104 iVlEMBEPS . . . First Row: Gwen Be+pouey, Lambda Sigma Lambda; Douglas Campbell, Delta Sigma Delta; A. J. Capritto, Upsllon Beta Lambda; James D. Chipley, Xi Psi Phi. Second Row: Lawrence Elizardi, Alpha PI Omlcron; Gerald hloag, Alpha Sigma Nu; Emme+t Johnson, Beta Epsllon Upstlon; Joe Miller, Beggars. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Laurence Neeb, Phi Beta; Jack Reinecke, Sigma Lambda Epsilon; Wil- liam Sommers, Rho Chi; Mel Sullivan, Epsilon Kappa Sigma. Second Row: Bernard Toner, PI Kappa Epsilon; Milton Topplno Jr., Sigma A ' pha Kappa; Carroll Van Geffen, Delta Theta Phi; Domlnlck V hite. Alpha Delta Gamma. Missing : Mary Dorman, Kappa Epsllon Nu; Paul Flood, Psi Omega; Louise Merritt, Theta Beta. 105 Blue Key ' s handsome gentlemen at Talent Night. Josie gets a contribution from the Styrons at Blue Key ' s Heart Drive Campaign. BLUE KEY MEMBERS . . . Donald Beslin, John Fuchs, Harold Lamy Jr., James Manning. 106 OFFICERS . . . THOMAS DALY Vice-President HAROLD LAMY Recording Secretary NEWELL SCHINDLER Corresponding Secretary THOMAS NEILSEN - Alumni Secretary Blue Key ' s motto, " Serving, I live, " guides its select membership . . . Members are chosen from the University because of their high moral character, conspicuous leadership ability, out- standing service to the University and scholastic proficiency . . . Dr. John Arnold Jr. is faculty moderator of Loyola ' s chapter of this national honor fraternity. PATRICK SCHOTT President EMBERS . . . Charles E. Myler Jr., Thomas Neilsen. Newell Schindler, Pat Toner. Missing: Henry Asher, Keith Bruner, Thomas Dal 107 APO tafces care of book tales ai Fr. Keller ' s Forun Larry Neeb plasters " Chuck " Myler at APO ' s Pie-Smashing meet. Smashing meet. ALPHA PI OMICRON JAMES MANNING President OFFICERS . . . NEWELL SCHINDLER LAWRENCE ELIZARDI JACK SCHRUM . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Unselfish service to the University inspires one of Loyola ' s most altruistic frats, Alpha Pi Omi- cron . . . membership is open to all students of Loyola . . . APO is always on the spot when there ' s a job to be done . . . work ranges from ushering at Forums and helping at registration time to publishing the much-praised Student Directory. 108 MEMBERS . . . Firsf Row: Alejandro Acevedo, Joseph Berrlgan, Victor Bradbury, Thomas Casey, Herbert Davila. Second Row: Ernest Doclar, Larry Elrzardi, Michae! Ellis, John Fuchs. Basil Gaupp. Third Row: Gordon Hartman, David hUssong, Jerry Hoag, Emmett Johnson, Thomas Kloor. MEMBERS .... First Row: John Kruebbe, Louis LaCour, John Lambert, Kenneth Manuel, Lee Mehrhoff, Sidney Menard. Second Row; Vincent Morlcl, Charles Myler, Luke Relne, Jack Relnecke, Kent Satterlee, Pat Schott. Third Row: Jack Schrum, Newell Schlnd- ler, Dick Toledano, Henry Trochesset, Ed Uzee, Ed Vlnet. 109 LSL pledges pose for family picture at initiation. LAMBDA SIGMA OFFICERS ... JOYCE N U N EZ Vice-President ROSE DUFRENE Corresponding Secretary GLADYS ALEMAN Recording Secretary PAT McNAMARA - Treasurer Loyola ' s young ladies render service to the Univer- sity through the activities of Lambda Sigma Lambda . . . captained by most active coed of 1950 and LSL award winner Gwendolyn Betpouey . . . LSL ' ers help the University in many ways such as . . . assist- ing the Alumni Offi ce, helping at the Forums, regis- tration, and mailing chores for various offices . . . LSL stands for Loyal Service to Loyola. LAMBDA GWENDOLYN BETPOUEY, President 110 MEMBERS: First Row: GLADYS ALEMAN FRANCES ALFORD BETTY AYERS SALLY BARKER JOYCE BATTISTELLA SHIRLEY BAUMGARTNER Second Row: ANNA MAE BONNER JANE BOSIO ELAINE 80URG KATHERINE BRADY AUDREY BROWN MYRNA BULLER Third Row: JOAN BURKE LORRAINE CAMEL JACKIE CARRIERE IDA CHIRIELEISON GLORIA COMISKEY CLYDE CRIGHTON Fourth Row: MARY D ' ANTONI MARGARET DEUTSCHMANN JULIE DONAHUE ROSE DUFRENE CATHERINE ELLER HENRIETTA ELLER Fifth Row: LOIS FORET JOAN FORSHAG MEME FOX WINKIE FOX JEANNE GERNON JO ANN GRAFFAGNINO Sixth Row: JEAN GRAU ANN GUST JANICE HOGAN JANE HYMAN ODILE JAUBERT BETTY JOHNSON Seventh Row: ANNAMARY KELLY BETTY LABARRE JACKIE LaNASA JOYCE LAPIANA PATRICIA McNAMARA PATRICIA MEYNIER Eighth R ow : WANDA MITCHELL EDNA MONIE BLANCHE MOULEDOUX CHRISTINE NEILSEN JOYCE NUNEZ JACKIE O ' DAY Ninth Row: VERA PERRET ANN POUPART PROVIDENCE RAGUSA VERNA SATTERLEE LEES SCHAAF CARMEN SEIFFERTH Tenth Row: JEAN SMITH BLANID SULLIVAN EVELYN TAGLIARINI MARILYN TASSIN MADELINE TUMINELLO JOAN WATERSON Eleventh Row: JOAN WEGMANN JACKIE WOODS KATHLEEN WOODS ALPHA SIGMA NU GERALD HOAG President OFFICERS FRANK SANDERS . Vice-President JACK REINECKE Secretary JOSEPH FONTANA .. Treasurer Alpha Sigma Nu is a Jesuit Scholastic fra- ternity . . . which honors undergraduates ... its members are drawn from the schools and colleges of the University who best exemplify the spirit of a Jesuit education. MEMBERS . . , EirsT Row: Reginald Badeaux, Henry Carigee, Joseph Fontana. Albert Gelpi, John R. May, John L. Pepper. Second Row: A. Frank Petersohn, Jack Reinecke, Frank Sanders, Patrick Schott, Edward A. Wallace, Anthony Wambsbans, Leon O. Wilken Jr. Misblng: James Chambers, Frank Schmidt. 112 DELTA EPSILON SIGMA OFFICERS . . . MARY WALLE Vice-President STEPHEN VASQUEZ Secretary-Treasurer The Pi Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma, national, scholastic, honorory fraternity was formed at Loyola in 1940 . . . quali- fications are that members are seniors of the College of Arts and Sciences who have maintained a " B " average and have distinguished themselves by their high characters and exem- plary traits of personality. MARGARET FINLEY President MEMBERS . . . First Row: Dr. John Ar- nold Jr., Shirley Baumgar+ner, Rev. Charles C. Chapman, S.J., Dolores de Sdlignac. Second Row: Albert Gelpi, Arden Haneman, Gerald Hoag, Odile Jaubert. TMrd Row; Warren KIrsch, Rev. Charles J. Quirk, S.J., Richard Reinecke, Patrick Schott. Fourth Row: Annette Stehling. Mlssina: Norma Carter, Louis Caientre. Rev. A. William Crandall, S.J.. Mrs. D. Dominquei, Betty Earle, Walter Flanagan, Frederick Prey, Michael Fung, Werner Hagan, Edmund HHerbert, Sr. M. Clarea Hotie, S.S.N.D., Emile Magendie, Elaine Terranova, Juliette Tureaud, Anna Van Kuren, Stephen W. Vasquez, Rev. James F. Whelan, S.J. N I 113 « -p MEMBERS . . . First Row: Lucille Bostick, Mary Esther Caire Arden Hanemann. Missing: Sr. Mary Victor Allain, R.S.M., Lorraine Amato, Joan Boudousquie, Rhea Brennan, Mrs. Jacqueline Calongne. Very Rev, A. W. Crandell, SJ., Mary Ann Dodt, Mrs. Marie Shea Duckworth, Marie Earle, Maria Giacobbe. Gerald E, Guid- roz. Woodward E. Guidry, Dorothy Hatrel, Marie Hayes, Mary D. Howat, Ruth McShane, Helen Pinero, Mrs. Dorothy B. Roy, Claus Sadlier, Ronald Sadlier, Marian Sarrat, Sylvia Shambra, Mary L. Suhor, Ralph Swanson, V llfred Theard, Mary Alice Toso, Rev. James F. Whe ' an, S.J., Mrs. B. H. V yble. KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS . . . SYLVIA SHAMBRA Vice-President RUTH McSH AN E Secretary MARY LOU SUHOR Treasurer MARIA GIACOBBE Historian- Re porter EMILE MAGENDIE President Kappa Delta Pi, national, honorary society in education is only two years old on Loyola ' s campus . . . the Zeta Rho Chapter was installed in October, 1949 ... its purpose is " to promote a closer bond among students of educa- tion " and " to foster high standards of preparation for teaching. " 114 A V MEMBERS . . . First Row: Marilyn Bourgeois, Joyce Colligan, Patricia Duffy, Gertrude Hebert, Elsi e Hindelang, Annie Laurie Monte, Grace Nissen. Missing: Mary Nell Dorman, Dolores Lightel, Jeanne Rateau. KAPPA EPSILON NU OFFICERS . . . PATRICIA DUFFY Vice-President GRACE NISSEN Recording Secretary ANNIE LAURIE MONTE Corresponding Secretary MARILYN BOURGEOIS ..Treasurer JEANNE RATEAU -- Historian Kappa Epsilon Nu is a national, honorary phar- maceutical sorority . . . which was chartered at Loyola in 1942 . . . KEN unites the v omen stu- dents of pharmacy by bonds of loyalty, friend- ship, and professional consciousness. BETTY SUE OSWANDEL President 115 PHI M l BETA OFFICERS . . . MARY JANE SCHIRO Secretary MYRTLE MARCOTTE Treasurer MARY MARGARET KEENAN President Phi Beta is a national, professional, and honorary fraternity . . . the aim of this organization is to promote the best there is in music and drama for the appreciation of its members . . . Phi Beta ' s colors are violet and gold ... its flower, the rose. MEMBERS . . . Lucille Bourlet, Herma Chirino. Alberta Danner, Myrtle Marcotte, Laurence Neeb, Mary Jane Schiro. ■iiSatxt «.v.i.. -.,. :„« ■ a, . .. 116 RHO CHI % Vi OFFICERS . . . LEON WILKEN Vice-President ROLAND E. CIEUTAT Secty. -Treasurer FRANCIS CABALLERO Historian WILLIAM SOMMERS President Rho Chi is an honorary, scholastic, pharmaceutical and professional fraternity . . . inter- ested in promoting capable pharmactists . . . and making its members more professional, ethical, and useful to the world in which they live . . . this fraternity annually presents the Rho Chi award to an outstanding first year pharmacy student. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Victor Bradbury, Francis Caballero, Roland Cieutat, Vi ' illiam Dewberry, John Hebert. Dr. Howard J. Ireland. Second Rov ; James R. McCowan, John Pepper, Dr. John Shinkal, Samuel J. Stagg Jr., Timothy Whitney, Leon Wlllcen. fvlnbin-i; Charles Kerr, Dean John McCloskey, Jeanne Rateau. 117 MEMBERS . . . First Row: Nicic Authemenf, Shirley Baumgartner, Jane Boslo, Louise Broderlcic, Phyllis Burg, Evelyn Couvillon, Dolores de Salignac, Joan Harrison. Second Row: Ursula Armstrong Huete, Od He Jaubert, Emmett Johnson. Betty Jane Keating, Patricia Linn, Beverly Malcofslty, Claudette Mlhojevlch, Clare Rodriguez. Third Row: Margaret Roussel, Lynette Scharfenstein, Flo Mary Schleb, Geraldlne Schlndler. Shirley Stamps, Annette Stehllng, Jean Ann Williams, Barbara Wimberly. BETA EPSILON UPSILON OFFICERS . . . LOUISE MERRITT President SHIRLEY BAUMGARTNER Vice-President CLAUDETTE MIHOJEVICH Secretary JANE BOSIO Treasurer Beta Epsilon Upsilon was founded in 1939 ... it is an honorary, scholastic, medical and professional fraternity . . . members must maintain a " B " average in Medical Technology . . . BEU sponsored a Freshman Welcome party this year at which Med- Tech students were informed of the stan- dards necessary for membership in Beta Epsilon Upsilon . . . movies and lectures were included in the activities of this organization. 118 THETA BETA OFFICERS . . . LOU ISE M ERRITT Vice-President GENNY NEGROTTO Secretary EMMETT JOHNSON Treasurer Theta Beta was founded on May 6, 1936 . . . the objects and purposes are to promote and foster interest in biological research, to develop the science and ethics of biology in all branches correlated with scholastic philosophy and based on Christian principles . . . Theta Beta ' s flower is the Tails- man rose . . . the colors are maroon and gold. NICK AUTHEMENT President MEMBERS . . . Firit Row: Aleiandro Acevcdo, Ronald Aucoin, Joyce Batfistella, Shirley Baumgartner, Louise Broderick, Phylis Burg, Jean Correa. Second Row: Evelyn Couviilon, Edmond Crane, Dolores De Salignac, Charles Dugas, Beverly Francioni, Robert Forten- berry, Joan Harrison, Third Row: Ann Hilbert, Ursula Armstrong Huete, Odile Jaubert, Roch Jolire, Emmett Jotinson, Herbert Kelly. John Kocli. Fourth Row: Santo Lo Coco, Beverly Makofsky, Claudette Mihoievich, Catherine Mont ' elepre, John Park, Ann Poupart, lrv in Rappold. Fifth Row: A. J. Rodehorst, Clare Rodriguez, Luke Sansovich, Anthony Scaico, Marie Elise Schaaf, Flo Mary Scliieb, Geraldine Schindler. S ■ : Rcw: A, J, Scully, Donald Sekinger, Rhea Uhlich, Edward Uiee, Rosalia Viiii, Jean Ann Williams, Missing: Hilda Drehr, Frederick Eberhardt, Rev, E, Gartner, S.S.J., James Gelespie, Lila Linhares, John Manning, Herbert Mauterer, Louise Merritt, Gennv Negrotto, Emilie Putman, Irene Short. Laras Steib, Alfred Viener. 119 SIGMA LAMBDA EPSILON - " OFFICERS . . . DICK TOLEDANO Vice-President JOHN MAY Secretary WILLIAM SCHROEDER Treasurer Sigma Lambda Epsilon, honorary accounting society organized in 1942 . . . primary purpose is to honor those students who have kept a " B " average in accounting ... it attempts to assist Business Administration students in accounting problems ... it also aims to teach professional ethics . . . two social events are held each year to foster good fellowship among the members. EDWARD RAPIER President MEMBERS . . , First Row: Julian Brignac, Raymond Collins, Frank D ' Aquin, Victor Dauphin. Wa ' ter Fleming, Joe Fontana. Second Louis LaCour, Joseph Landrieu, Maurice Landrleu, Harold Langfor d. Eugene McTiernan, John May. Third Row: Vincent Morici, Praetorlus, Jack Relnecke, Vincent Russo, William Schroeder, Jack Schrum. Fourth Row: Peter Talluto, Dick Toledano, Bernard Toner, ence Truxlllo, John Weeks. Row: Karl Clar- MmT fi I, 120 DELTA SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS . . . LUTHER SCHILLING Grand Master FREDERICK MAINS Worthy Master LAWRENCE FURNALD Scribe ANTHONY PITTARI . Treasurer Delta Sigma Delta was established on the campus at Loyola on June 3, 1917 . . . the object of DSD is to keep high the standards of den- tistry by inculcating in the minds of dental students and practitioners a spirit of fraternal cooperation toward scientific, ethical, and pro- fessional progress. MEMBERS . , . First Row: Melvin Ardoin, Andrew Bartosh, Robert Blesser, Maurice Brown, James Buatt. Robert Burke, Douglas Campbell, Milton Carleton, Allan Carr. Second Row: James Cassidy, Abner Clark, Clarence Corley. Joseph Cush, Wilfred Fontenot, Samuel Gore, Kenneth Graham, Paul Hammons. Robert Hesse. Tiiird Row; Lewis Horton, Jack Hudson, John Janus, Charles Jones, Walter Jones, Guy Lewis, Joseph Locantro, William Mouret, John Niel. Fourth Row; Philip Payne, Van Phillips, Anthony Pittari, Alfred Prejean, Thurman Pullen, Victor Rather, Rollins Roseniweig, Roberto Sanchez- Woodworth. Fifth Row; Stephen Seiby, Charles Sentell, Henry Sikes, Allen Tomlin, Frank Watkins, William Watkins, Willie White, Rupert Williams. Mlssino; John Sartin, Jack Stagg, Thomas Atkins, Thomas Baggett, Chester Budz, Julian Burvant, Lawrence Furnald. Harold Hawkins, Frank Heard, James Hinton, John Lamey, Charles Lee, Thomas Little, Frederick Mains, Alfonso Meitin, Ernest Petitjean. Ray Tarver, Rivers Wall, Jerome Hebert, Robert Blesser, William Dicks, George Dug ' , Charles Molbert, Thomas 0 " F!annagan, James Peltier. 121 dtp ' s officers review the year ' s record. L. to R: J ohn Yura+ich, Reggie Badeaux, Val Schaff, Tony Veslch. A family portrait of Delta Theta ' s banquet. DELTA THETA PHI OFFICERS ... ELROY COPPEJANS Vice-Dean JAMES COMISKEY . Master of the Ritual L. HILL BONIN .. Bailiff ROBERT THOMAS . Tribune ANTHONY VESICH Clerk of the Exchequer JOHN YURATICH Clerk of the Rolls REGINALD BADEAUX Dean Delta Theta Phi ' s chapter of the Farrar Senate was founded at the Loyola school of Law on July 2, 1926 . . . the fraternity is a legal, national, and profes- sional organization . . . Delta Theta Phi ' s activities are pointed toward stressing scholastic proficiency and fraternal association. 122 1 MEMBERS . . . First Row: Donald Beslin, Elbert Byrnes, Eugene Calogne, James Comisltey. Second Row: Ronald Fala, John Fox, A. J. Graffagnino, Dominic Grieshaber, J. Hattler. First Row: John Kluchln, Joseph Kluchln, Richard Kunfi, Donald LIndq ulst, Maurice Lonergan, Alfred Mansour. Second Rov : Roy Price, Val Schaff, Jalce Sclambra, Carroll Van Geffen, Anthony Vesich. John Yu ratlch. Missinq: Peter Bertucci, Keith Bruner, Francis Carrlar, EIroy Coppejans, John Cosner, Hartman Daniels, Thomas Gaudry, Rand H awthorne, John Hodgson, John Jackson, Harry Keenan, Thomas Lennox, Edgar Monjure, William Nussbaum, Joseph Prenger, Philip St. Rom ain, John Salisbury, Herman Schroeder, Richard SImoneaux, Robert Thomas, Milton Walther. Daniel WIeman. 123 " Well, make up your mind. Who ' s going to dance first? " PI KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS . . . CHARLES MYLER President HENRY HARTMAN Vice-President FRANK FENERTY ..- Secretary JACK SCHRUM Treasurer Pi Kappa Epsilon had its inception as the Commerce Club in October, 1935 ... its was reorganized as a professional commerce fraternity in January, 1940 ... it is organized to foster the study of commerce and finance ... to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment by research and practices . . . the fraternity ' s colors are old gold, maroon, and copper ... its motto is " Progress, Achievement, Success. " 124 MEMBERS . First Row: Blake Arata, Orrin Arnold, Paul Auger. Donald Bellow, Ray Breaux, Julian Brignac. Second Row: F. Burg, Harry Connlck. Frank D ' Auquin, Victor Dauphin, Floyd del Corral, John Dolan, Third Row: James Dormer, Joseph Duggan, Wade Dupuis, Dave Durkes, Chester Elermann, Larry Ellzardl. Fourth Row: Melvin Falgout, John Farrell, William Feaheny, Frank Fener+y, Walter Fleming, Charles Flynn. Fifth Row: Joseph Fontana, John Fuchs, Walter Garvey, Basil Gaupp, C. J. Haag. W. L. Hall. Si«th Row: Gordon Hartman, Louis Jacobs, Jerry Johnson, John Keenan, Frank Keppel, Thomas Kloor. Seventh Row: Louis LaCour, Alces Laiche, Harold Langford. Al LeBoeuf, Maurice Legrand, Gary LeGros. Eighth Row: Robert Lyttle, John May, Edward McAuliffe, Joseph Monjure, Vincent Morici, Karl Praetorius. Ninth Row: Edward Rapier, Jack Reinecke. Juan Vance Robichaux, Fernando Rodriguez, Vincent Russo, Kent Sa+terlee. Tenth Row: William Schroeder, Jack Schrum, Al Smuck. Melvin Sullivan, Peter Talluto, John D. Thomas. Eleventh Row: Richard Toledano, Bernard Toner, Wilson Toups, Clarence Truxillo, Malcolm Vinot, Joseph Vernacl. Twelfth Row: John Weeks, Michael Wicker, John Worrel. Missing: William Barnett, J. Kelly. William Glennon, Andrew McGInty. John Reed, Dall Thomas. J. Richard Neyrey, Harry Theard. Psi Omega ' s " Mou+h-mlners " at their annual banquet. PSI OMEGA .i WAYNE A. PEER Grand Master OFFICERS . . . GEORGE ALEXANDER Junior Master DONALD DIXON Treasurer GERALD HALKER Secretary The Delta Omega chapter of Psi Omega, national, professional, dental fraternity, was organized m March 5, 1921 ... the fraternity aims to maintain the standards of the profession, to encourage scientific investigation and literary culture ... in September, 1950, a picnic v as held at the lakefront ... in Octo- ber, a dance was held aboard the steamer Presi- dent ... A Christmas party and annual rush party were also conducted. 126 MEMBERS . . . First Rov : Andrew Adams, William Andrew, George Alexander, Percy Apgar, Second Row: Martin Baker, John Basone, Benjamin Baugh, John Berney, C. Borum. Third Row : CflHord Breaud, Vincent Bruno, Roy Dalgle. Donald Dixon. Richard Engierth. Fourth Row: Jack Evans, Eugene Fortier, Russell Granduch, Bernard Grieshaber, Asa Gritflng. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Harding Guidry, Gerald Halker, Adrian Hava. Philip Hollonquist, Frank Hoyle, Robert Hull, OIlie Jones. Second Row: Stephen King, Harold Magee, Harry McFarland, Olio Mollere, Roy Montreuil, Frank Sanders, Donald Schang. Third Rov. : Hoyt Smart, James Stafford, Ewell Stevens, Huey Stevens, James Weyman, Creighton Wilson, William Wood. Mlssinq: Charles Beck, N. Bouhwell, Jasper Calcote, E. Ecuyer, P. Flood. Frieman Heck, H. G. Holstead. William Jarrell, J. Little, W. M. Nicaud, D. Quinn, C. Ratiburg, P. Russel ' . 127 XIps see the lafest In dental equipment. XI PSI PHI 4 LOUIS GALLO Presidenf m OFFICERS . . . JEAN M. BORDELON Secretary LAWRENCE E. DuPONT Treasurer Xi Psi Phi, national dental fraternity was founded at the University of Mich- igan in 1889 . . . the Alpha Chi chapter was organized on the Loyola campus on October 26, 1929 . . . the fraternity declares that brotherhood established through the years is based on a simple understanding which honors three principles — knowledge, morality, friendship. MEMBERS . . . First Row; Jean Bordelon, Richard Bradford, James Chlpley, Walter Duplantler, Lawrence DuPont, Ruben Feliciano, Arturo Fossas. Anthony Greco. Second Row: Niles Guichet, L. Floyd hieier, William Huete, Paul LaMarca, King Nungesser, William Petersohn, Richard Pourciau, Joseph Silvestrl. Missing: Samuel Cetalu, Ralph Dauterive. James DiLeo. John Douglas, Earl Ewen. James McCurdy, Howard McWhorter, Herman O ' Connor, Frank Piazza, John Pittman, Albert Wilson. 128 EPSILON KAPPA SIGMA k 1 ' OFFICERS MICHAEL ELLIS - Vice-President KENNETH MANUCL . Secretary VINCENT MORICI Treasurer V-. MELVIN SULLIVAN Pres ident Epsilon Kappa Sigma, the Knights of EKS became inactive . . . back on the Columbus fraternity on the campus, dates campus in February of 1947 . . . charity, back to 1923 ... it was founded to further unity, and brotherly love are fostered in Columbianism, Catholicism, Americanism, this organization, and Fraternalism . . . during the war years MCMBERS; Michael Ellis, Kenneth Manuel, Vincent MoricI, Juan V. Robichaux, Austin Welsh. Mi sirv;: Gilbert Luna, Samuel Miano, Charles Trahan. rr :f- 129 " PI ay gypsy- -dan ce gypsy. To ADG ' s victors belong the spoils. ALPHA DELTA GAMMA DOMINiCK JOSEPH WHITE President OFFICERS . . . WILLIAM J. SCHROEDER Treasurer CHARLES S. PALAZZOLO Secretary FRANCIS BASIL GAUPP Corresponding Secretary THOMAS A. CASEY Business Manager JOHN P. CARRIGY , Sergeant-at-Arms ROLAND A. TUJAGUE Chaplain The history of the Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Gamma dates back as far as the frater- nity itself . . . for it was originally Delta Phi Sigma . . . colors are red and white . . . high- lights of the year were: Seafood party, Scav- enger Hunt, a Rush Party, Semi-Formal and Formal Dances. 130 MEMBERS First Row: HAROLD ALBURY PATRICK BELLAU WALTER CAMPBELL Second Row: THOMAS CASEY EDWARD DEWEY BERNARD DILIBERTO Third Row: VINCENT FERTITA RALPH FRANCO DONALD GARVEY Fourth Row: FRANCIS BASIL GAUPP DAVID HISSONG FRANK LORENTINO Fi th Row: KENNETH MANUEL CHARLES PALAZZOLO CHARLES POCHE Sixth Row: ALONZO RABB WILLIAM RIETH JUAN V. ROBICHAUX Seventh Row: WILLIAM SCHROEDER ANDREW VIGIER THOMAS WALLBILLICH Missing; ROLAND ASWAD PASCAL CALOGERO STANLEY DALE JAMES DAVIS JOHN P. DOLAN ARMAND GUTIERREZ ALBERT HUDDLESTON CHARLES KRONLAGE DONALD MARTIN MARCEL MEUNIER PHILIP MEUNIER ROY MEUNIER M. ANAUD PILIE Check those Pepsodent smiles on the pledgllngs. Capt. Joe Miller ' s shlpwreclced Beggars at Mardi Gras. BEGGARS JOSEPH MILLER President OFFICERS . . . JOHN D. THOMAS Vice-Presidenf JERRY HOAG Secretary PATRICK SCHOTT Treasurer SIDNEY MENARD Sergeant-at-Arms Beggars ' purpose is to promote friendship among students and to assist Loyola University ... it was founded on December 20, 1923 ... its colors are blue and gold and its flower is the carnation . . . activities included a Rush party, a Stag at J. Ney- rey ' s, a Lawn party at Pat Schott ' s and a Formal at the Boulevard Room . . . also held were a New Year ' s Eve party and a summer formal. 132 MEMBERS . . . First Row: ANDREW ARATA RONALD AUCOIN EUGENE CALONGNE JAMES COMISKEY Second Row: ERNEST CONZELMANN EDDIE CRANE JERRY DISCON RONALD FAIA Third Row: WALTER GUILLOT DAN HEALEY GERALD HOAG GARY HYMEL Fourth Row: DAN KILLEEN HAROLD LEVEQUE LEE MASON SIDNEY MENARD Fifth Row: HARRY MERWIN CLARENCE PARENT RENE PASTOREK RENE PIGEON Si»th Row: KENT SAHERLEE RAY SCHIELE JOHN D. THOMAS WILLIAM WALSH Missing: BLAKE ARATA KENNETH BERDON HAROLD BOSWORTH WILLIAM BARNETT ABELARDO MASSA LEE MEHRHOFF PATRICK SCHOTT PHIL JOHNSON 133 m A worthy contribution to Loyola — from SAK. Shady business from the unnbrella boys. SIGMA ALPHA KAPPA OFFICERS . . . ARM AND SCULLY Vice-President MICKEY TOPPINO Secretary JOHN LAMBERT Treasurer mi :JsS ' W-L PRADOS Sergeant-at-Arms RICHARD REDMANN Historian A.J. RODEHORST Chaplain THOMAS KLOOR President Sigma Alpha Kappa was founded on December 10, 1923 as a social, academic fraternity . . . this year SAK gave the university six carved limestone letters spelling LOYOLA which were placed on the front lawn . . . several of the frat ' s many activities were: a pledge party at City Park Casino, a picnic at Johnny Lambert ' s in LaCombe, and a winter and summer formal. 134 MEMBERS . . . First Row: JOHN BARADELL GENE BARRIOS JOSEPH BERRIGAN LUKE BOUDREAUX Second Row: RODNEY BOUDREAUX HENRY BURGH ALBERT DANIEL MARCEL GARSAUD Third Row: JOSEPH GREFER LOUIS HERZOG JACK HOLAHAN ROLAND HYMEL Fourth Row: DAVID KEIFFER LOUIS LaCOUR JOHN LAMBERT JAMES LaNASA Fifth Row: KEN LEITHMAN JAME MANNING ED McAULIFFE ROLAND MESTAYER Sixth Row: SONNY MIALERET WILL PRADOS RALPH REDMANN RICHARD REDMANN Seventh Row; WILLIAM REDMANN RAY ROCKER VAL SCHAFF MICKEY TRUXILLO GEORGE WAX Missing: IGNATIUS BARRECA JIM CORCORAN JERRY FEDEROFF CHARLES FLYNN RICHARD GARVEY MIKE O ' KEEFE A. J. RODEHORST ARMAND SCULLY ANTHONY TAMBURO RICHARD TOLEDANO MICKEY TOPPINO 135 Generous UBL ' ers provide a happy Christmas for grateful orphans. UPSILON BETA LAMBDA OFFICERS . . . JOSEPH CORPORA Recording Secretary DONALD BA ERT Corresponding Secretary MALCOLM VINOT Treasurer A. J. CAPRITTO President Upsilon Beta Lambda, social, academic frater- nity was founded in 1925 ... to put into practice the motto: " The fraternity for the University, and not the University for the fraternity " . . . UBL ' s colors are old gold and peacock blue . . . its flower is the white carnation . . . among the noteworthy activities of the year was the an- nual Christmas party, first held in 1949. 136 ton JepVi«- Mar i " . E- " A Row. Ma« Lease " ' -(, ora, R V M EMBER5 Third Ro«- " " • ' fi ' ;. " " , J- ' -- " • " " ' " ■ " ■ " ' 137 B A E " Oh, just what I wanted ... " MEMBERS Left to Rlqht: Vertllee Baillle, Sally Barker, Jean Bernardi, Gloria Comiskey, Ann Finicle, Meme Fox. i;! 138 OFFICERS . . . HELEN CRUMP Vice-President WANDA RAY MITCHELL Secretary FLO O ' CONNOR Treasurer U£l- JOAN WESMANN President The fact that this organization is made up of upperclassmen from Business Administration and Education departments gave it the name BAE . . . the club was founded in November, 1950 ... its colors are dark and light blue ... its flower is the Forget-Me-Not . . . functions for this year included a Christmas Hen party, a Bridge party, a Rush party and Initiation, Formal and an Easter Egg Hunt. MEMBERS . . . Left to Riqhf: Pat McNamara, Wanda Ray Ml+che ' I, Audrey Moise, Blanche Mouledoux, Mearl Relne. Joan Waferson. MIs inq: Florence O ' Connor. - m Jb A 139 ACADEMY OF JACK REINECKE President OFFICERS . . . ALBERT GELPI Secretary JACK SCHRUM Treasurer The purpose of the Fine Arts club is to foster a love of art in all forms among students of Loyola . . . meetings included lectures on modern architecture, the opera by Dr. Louis Hasselmans of the Loyola Music school, on neo-classicism by Dr. Eberle, and a Christmas meeting and social . . . Item critic Ewing Poteet also spoke on " The Function of the Critic. " AGRAMONTE ARMAND SCULLY President OFFICERS . . . ARMAND RODEHORST Vice-President JOHN CARTER - .Secretary A. C. MILLER Treasurer ANTHONY CARTER Historian Future doctors benefit in this society ... its purpose is to prepare its members for the study of medicine, to study the history of medicine and to instill the highest ideals of ethics and exemplary conduct in its members ... it was named after Aristides Agra- monte, an eminent Cuban physician. 140 FINE ARTS... MEMBERS . . . Fii P : .-. : Julie Donahue, Albert Gelpi, Jejn Grau, Jerry Hoag, William Lanius, Jack May, Audrey Moise. Second Row: Edna Mae Monie, Richard Relneclte, Jack Schrum, Carmen Seiferth, Marianne Thines, Joan Waferson. Missing: Carolyn Cleveland. PRE-MED SOCIETY... MEMBERS . . . First Row: Roland Aucoin, E. Authement, J. Cale, Anhhony Carter, John Carter, Ed Crane, C. Dugas, S. Lococo, Sidney Menard, A. Miller. Second Row; A. Parker, George Pettit, A. Rodehorst, A. Scaico, Don Seklnger, J. Spedale, Anthony Tamburello. Ed Uiee, Richard Williams. Missino: Fred Burkart, T. Daly, F. Dassing, E. Dewey, K. Gremllllon. A. Jacques, L. Locasclo. John Manning, H. Mauterer, R. Montalbano. P. Nacarl. « — ' W ,5.—. w j 1 f c 141 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION... Left to Right: William E. Blake, Jr., 1st Vice-President, President Brown, and P. A. Bienvenu, Treasurer. OFFICERS . . . WILLIAM E. BLAKE 1st Vice-President MRS. BERYL R. KELLEHER Alumnae President; 2nd Vice-President J. LeBON Secretary CECILIA LASHLEY Executive Secretary P. A. BIENVENU Treasurer The Alumni Association endeavors to foster a spirit of union, cooperation and fellowship between its members and the University ... in this way, it hopes to provide a zealous group of grad- uates to promote the welfare, the growth, and the interest of Loyola Uni- versity ... it also strives to develop closer association and cooperation be- tween the sons and daughters of Loyola whether they be graduates or undergraduates. JAMES EVERETT BROWN President of the Alumni Association Margot de la Houssaye, Alumni Homecoming Queen and Felix Puig, Class of ' 85. 142 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION . . . JOHN PEPPER Presideni ' OFFICERS . . . VICTOR J. BRADBURY Vice-Presidenf HARRY WEATHERSBY Recording Secretary JOHN C. TROPEA Corresponding Secretary LLOYD A. GRAVOiS Treasurer MEMBERS . . . ARTIM, MICHAEL BARCA, LOUIS BLANKENSHIP, GEORGE H. BRAMAN, WILLIAM C. CHRISTIAN, RICHARD W, COCCHIARA, CHARLES J. CORPORA, JOSEPH A. CUMMINS, GEORGE S. DEARMAN, WILLIE A,, JR. DE LAUNAY, LOUIS A. DRAGO, WILLIAM J, DROUILHET. JOHN C, JR. DUGAS, DAVID R., JR. FAVARO, HYPOLITE C GIROD, PERRY W,, JR. GOUDEAU, RAY J. GRAHAM, CARLETON A. GUERRA, RALPH P., JR. GUILLOT, VAL R. HEBERT, RICHARD J. HEBERT, WOODLEY P. HEMPSTID, RICHARD W, HERNANDEZ, NAPOLEON HOPKINS, JAMES T. HOWELL, LOREN R. JEWELL. JOHN M KAUFMAN, EUGENE KELLY, ROBERT P LAGO, DOMINICK M. LANDRY, JAMES L. LAPEYRONNIE, ADRIAN F, LE BAS, CECIL R. LE BLANC, CLARENCE J, LESCALE, HENRY E , JR. LEVY, GERALD H LYNCH, THOMAS J, MADRAZO, FRANK J. MAGEE, TOXIE B MARpUER, CLAUDE J. marquer, constant g. McClelland, leland l. milliet, willman w., jr. mosgrove, thomas h. mozer, milton napoli, charles j. patton, joseph g. phillips, roger p. picou, andrew b. poche, carl j, rawls, giles h,, jr. RICHARDSON, FRANK C. ROSADO, LUIS RUFFALO, CARL L. RYDER, LEALON M SANSONE, CARL D. SEMMES, FRANK M. SCHNEIDER. SAUL H. SHEEHAN. JOHN M. SHINN, ROBERT R. SHUTACK, GEORGE R SKINNER. EDWARD K. SONNIER, CARROL L. STELLY, DUDLEY J. STULA, KENNETH L, SUFFRIN, MURRAY L. THIBODEAUX, EUGENE J TUJAGUE, LEON E , JR. VIGER, JOHN W. WARREN, JACK P. WITTEKOPP, ALBERT J. YANCEY, EDWIN D LAURENT, DIANE M MAYFIELD, MARY L McCLOSKEY, ELINOR M. MORDICA, JUNE M, OCCHIPINTI, MADELINE C, ORTIZ, YVETTE (TULLAI PARRINO, MARIA G. ARBONEAUX, STERILING F. ASHON, SAMUEL BABINGTON, WILLIAM F, BLANCHARD, JAMES R, BOLTON, HOWARD B, BOURGEOIS, JOHNIES B BREAUX, ARISTILE J. BREEN, MORRIS D BROTHERS, JAMES J CARTER, CHARLES E DERBES, CHARLES W. EUGENE, GERARD L FABIAN, HARRY F FREMIN, WILLIAM J GIUFFRIA, RAY C. GOMEZ. ENRIQUE HAMBACHER. JOSEPH S. HENDRICK, FRANCIS I. HISSONG, JOHN D LANDRY, MYLTON J. LEASE, MATHEW R. LEMOINE, PETER H. LEVEY, JULIAN L. McELVEEN, GLYNIS G. MEHRHOFF, LEE G. MELANCON, EDMOND, JR. MESSINA, MANUEL J NUNEZ, BRUCE N POURCIAU, LYNN J, PREJEAN, CURTIS A RODI, ANGELO G. SIMON, CARL M. SPEAR, ROBERT L V THEVENOTE, DURV OOD J. THEVENOTE, DWIGHT M TOCA, JOSEPH O , JR WILLIAMSON, FRANK P. AEDO, ISABEL B. BELOU, JEANNE M. CONRAVEY, JUNE R, DRISCOLL, HAZEL A. PROVENZA, JOSEPHINE ADAMS, ARTHUR E BARRON, JOHN W BRADBURY, VICTOR J. BREAUX, NORMAN COCO, HEWITT J. DAIGLE, EDWARD J. DOMINGUES, JOHN L , JR DOWNS, CHARLES G. FICHTEL, JOHN W , JR. FIGUEROA, MANUEL HEBERT, JOHN L. HECKER, DAVID I. KERR, CHARLES A. KRUEBBE. JOHN W , JR. LANDRY, ERNEST I. LE BLANC, HENRY J , JR. LUPIN. ELLIS RALPH MAJORIA, ANTHONY S. MORRISON, DAVID L O ' NEIL, WILLIAM F POCHE, GLYNN J, REINE. LUKE W. STAGG, SAMUEL J.. JR. STARNS, KARL L. STARNS, RICHARD N TANNER, EDWARD C TOUPS, ELLIS J. WATSKY, MARTIN S. WHITE, DOMINICK J, WRIGHT, JAMES L., JR. WYBLE, GORDON E, COLLIGAN, JACQUELINE J. HEBERT, GERTRUDE I NORRIS, MARY A. RATEAU, JEANNE B. ARMAND, SELCER R. BARRE, HAMILTON O. BARRY, WALTER A., JR. BECKER, MERRITT C, JR. BERTEAU, CLARENCE J. CABALLERO, FRANCIS D. CIEUTAT, ROLAND E. COMBEL, THERON D. DEES, WILLIAM E, DEWBERRY, WILLIAM C. ENGLERT, JOHN J. FERRER, JOSEPH A. GAGLIO, SALVATORE G. GOWLAND. HENRY E., JR. GRAVOIS, LLOYD A. HINGLE. RONALD J. JENSEN, ALVIN C. JOHNSON, A L., JR JOSEPH, JAMES A. KEMP, JAMES A. MAGEE, OTHO H. MONTAGNINO, MICHAEL A, POHLMANN, HAMILTON h, RA6ALAIS, EVANS T. RAGAS, LOUIS ROY, LYNN A SAUCIER, AARON N SHUBERT, FRANCIS J SOMMERS, WILLIAM J. STANDARD, WILLIAM C , JR. STONE. THOMAS. JR TASSIN, ALLEN E. TROPEA, JOHN C. WEATHERSBY, HARRY WHITE, DONAID R. WHITNEY, TIMOTHY J. WILKEN, LEON O , JR WRIGHT. JOSEPH D BOND, LEON D, WHITE, JIMMIE P., JR. PEPPER, JOHN L. BOURGEOIS, MARILYN R. DORMAN, MARY N DUFFY, PATRICIA E, HINDELANG, ELSIE M. LIGHTEL, DOLORES N. MONTE. ANNIE L. NISSEN, GRACE A. OSWANDEL, BETTY S. 143 CHEMISTRY MEMBERS . . . First Row: Eugene Ashby, T. P. Bonfield, Luke Boudr . ijx, R. E. Duncan. T. A. Gavin, E. Gonzales, Warren Kirsch. Second Row: Ray Kohouteit, Roy Laran. R. Larue, R. Stearns, Roland Tujague, L. Ward, R. Williams. Misslnq: R. C. Legendre. J. W. Ryall. C. VICTOR VIGNES MEMBERS . . . Firsf Row: William Adams, James Chipley Jr., Eugene Fortier, Adrian Hava. Second Row: Anthony Pit+ari, Lehman Pit+man, Franit Sanders Jr.. hloyt Smarf, Missing: Chester Budz, James Bush, Ernest Petitjean. o di % 144 CLUB... OFFICERS . . . W. B. KIRSCH Vice-President R. E, WILLIAMS Secretary J. W. RYALL Treasurer The official name of the Chemistry Club is the Loyola Chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society . . . the object of this chapter is to afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry in Loyola University to become better acquainted and to secure intel- lectual stimulation that arises from professional association. i .L WALTER ARROYO President ODONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS . . . LEHMAN PITTMAN „ Vice-President ANTHONY PITTARI .. Secretary EUGENE FORTIER Treasurer ERNEST PETITJEAN Historian This society was organized in 1932 ... it is named after Dr. Vignes, founder and first dean of the school of Dentistry ... its purpose is to stimulate zeal for the advancement of dentistry and to propagate professional ideals and ethics . . . the organization is an honor society and members are nominated according to scholastic achievement, character, and professional prac- tice ability. WILLIE R. WHITE President 145 DEUTSCHER VEREIN... OFFICERS ... JAMES STECKEL Vice-President FREDERICK BURKHART Secretary GEORGE PETTIT Treasurer FRANK BIRTEL President Deutscher Verein as it exists today was revived by Mr. Victor Baker after the war in 1946 . . . for the purpose of an increase of fervor and interest in German culture which should be derived from an energetic study of this modern foreign language . . . an illustrated lecture on Austria and its people was delivered by Mr. Baker, mod- erator ... a talk on Johann Strauss was prepared by George Pettit and given by James Steckel . . . highlight of the year was the bierabend at the Jax Stein Room given in true German fashion and unforgettable German atmosphere. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Thomas Bonfield, Lulce Boudreaux, Elwood Gonzales, Anne Weingart. Missing: James Steclce Frederick Burkhart. L-.1. % - 146 EL-EDS... OFFICERS . . . WILLIAM VILLASANA Vice-President JOANN RICHARDS Secretary VERA PERRET Treasurer Founded m September, 1948 . . . the members of this club are future elementary grade-teachers . . . El-Eds is affiliated with the Federal Teachers ' Assoc- iation and the Louisiana Teachers ' Association . . . activities in 1950-51 were: the Freshman party, movies of Louisiana, a Christmas party for orphans, and the annual banquet. ELAINE BOURG President MEMBERS . . . First Row; Vertllee Baillle. Gwen Betpouey, Jean BernardI, Anna Mae Bonner, Lorraine Camel, Jackie Carriere, Clyde Crighton, Aline Crovetto, Jane Deas. Second Row: Pat Deas, Audrey DuQuesnay, Florence Fischer, Mary Ann Foster, Carole Garvey, Jeanne Gernon, Ann Gust. Jane Hyman. Betty Johnson, Anna M. Kelly. Third Row: Betty Labarre, Jackie LaNasa, Joyce Laplana, Pat Merritt, Pat Meynler, Anna Laura Miller, Evangeline Molero, Joyce Nunez, Jackie O ' Day, Vera Perret. Fourth Row: Providence Ragusa, Mearl Relne, Joann Richards, Louise Rubin, Antoinette Russo, Frank Stewart, Madeline Tuminello, Joyce Well. Missing: William Vlllasana, Marianne LaNasa. 147 GAMARD PRE- ERNEST CONZELMANN President OFFICERS . . . HENRY REINBERS Vice-President W. P. WALSH Secretary P. H. LANS Treasurer Dr. Edward A. Gamard, Sr., Pre-Dental Society was founded in 1946 ... its purpose is the fur- thering of the professional attitude for the study of dentistry . . . lectures on primary dental sub- jects, two banquets, and presentation of an annual Dental Circus are sponsored by Gam- ard during the year. THE " L " WILLIAM WAGUESPACK III President OFFICERS . . . JACK FOX .Vice-President KEN LEITHMAN .. Secretary KEN CRUMLEY Treasurer CARL LAVIE... Sergeant-at-Arms The " L " Club, an exclusive organization for varsity lettermen, was founded in 1938 with Danny Lyons as first proxy . . . this honorary organization strives toward the unification of athletes and promotion of athletics at Loyola in accord with high moral and scholastic standards. 148 DENT SOCIETY... MEK4BERS . . . Fi st Row: A. Ascanl, S. Doucet, S. Gattas, D. A. Keller. A. J. Lala, P. H. Lang, J. LaNasa. Second Row: J. A. Laville, P. Melancon, P. A. Morell, F. Morris, C. B. Parent, J. Pari, R. Pigeon. Thi ' d P: w: H. Reinberg, G. H. Richard, M. Sancho, R. H. Schiele, H. E. Trepagnicr, W. P. Walsh. Missing: R. H. Charbonnet, E. Cohen, H. A. Der- cofe, L. Doughenbough, M. A. Gonialei, L. D. Mobile, W. A. Renard, R. Rocker, C. Thompson, A, Viener. CLUB... MEMBERS . . . First Rev. Blaltc Arata, Sam Darbara, Wallie Barbo I, Ray B,-eaux, Huey Casteix, Haro ' d C ' lauvin, Charles Flynn, Jack Fox. Second Row: Joseph Fuselier, Maurice Guillcrman, Don Hug. Roland Hyme ' , Maurice Landrieu, Maurice R ley, George Vila. Missmq: Jack Achley, Mel Bodle, Monroe Caballero, C. J. Comeaui, Ken C umley, Reggie Garcia, Louis Haulh, Billy Glennon, Elmer Grundmeyer, Francis Kenedy, Carl Lavie, Eddie Prim, Pete Tusa, Don Wehel. 119 V »? - McMBEPb . . . First Row: Gladys Aleman, Elaine Bourg, Thomas Casey, Russell Conley, Margot de la Houssaye. Albert Gelpl. Second Row: Jean Grau. Emmett Johnson, Pat Linn, Pat McNa mara, Joan Menard, Hanes Morris. Third Row: Rene Pastorek Ann Poupart, Jack Reinecke, Richard Reinecke, Joann Richards, John Speyrer. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS.. OFFICERS . . . MARGOT DE LA HOUSSAYE Vice-President RICHARD REINECKE . Secretary ALBERT GELPI Treasurer JACQUES VANDEVOORDE President Le Cercle Francais was reorganized in March, 1949, by students of French who were interested in fos- tering better relations between the students of France, Canada and the United States . . . the aim of the Cercle is that of uniting for mutual assistance and social entertainment those students specializ- ing in French . . . the colors are blue, white and red . . . the flower is the Fleur-de-Lys. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Audrey Adams, Nick Authement, Betty Ann Ayers, Joyce BaTtistella, Shirley Baumqartner, Lois Boackle, Jane Bosio, Louise Broderlck. Mryna Buller, Second Row Phyllis Burg, Jo Ellen Burnett, Frances Coleman, Inez Conielmann. Jean Correa, Evelyn Couvillon, Betty Danigole, Mary D ' Antoni, Barbara Dawson. Th.rd Rc . ' : Margot de la Houssaye, Dolores de Salignac, Ann Escousse, Carole Fabaclier, Winkie Fox, Beverly FrancionI, Dianra Gisclair, Jo Ann Grafagnini, Yvonne Huhn. Fourtr Row: Evelyn liuma, Odile Jaubert, Betty Jane Keating, Joan Kissinger, Barbara Leon, Lila Linhares. Pat Linn, Beverly Mako sky, June Marquer. r rm Row: Catherine Montelepre, Claude tte Mihojevich, Christine Neilsen. Bernice Nicosia, Nylda Ortiz- Tulla, Jeanne Oustalet, Dolores Patron, Lila Potena, Ann Poupart. S ' -tH Row: Marion Quenqui, Janice Riera, Claire Rodriguez, Margaret Roussel, Janet St. Germain, Milaqros Santiago. Marie Schaaf, Lynette Scharf ensteln, Betty Ann Scheib. S " er,tn Rov.-: Flo Mary Scheib, Geraldine Schindler, Jean Smith, Shirley Stamps, Annette Stehling, Odile Sitch, Donald Styron, Ronald Styron, Beth Tetlov . Eio ' t " : Rev. Gladiola Tin. Ann Truax, Helen Trelles, Rhea Ulich, Angi Vacant!, Rosalea Vizzi, Dianne Vulllemont, Ann Weinqart, Jean Ann Williams, Joan Wolfe. M:. n:i Solita Castrillo. Doris Martin, Genny Neqrotto, Lulu Peters. Emilie Putnam, Irene Short. MED-TECH CLUB OFFICERS . . . JOAN HARRISON President JOYCE BATTISTELLA ,. Vice-President PAT LINN Treasurer JANE BOSIO Secretary O • • L j JORGE ARGUELLO President PAN-AMERICAN CLUB... OFFICERS . . . JOSE GARCIA Vice-President KATHY BRADY Secretary BOB LYTTLE Treasurer The motto of the Pan-American Club is " Liberty through Culture " . . . the organization is composed of both American and Spanish-American students . . . the Pan-Am Club actively participates in all of the city ' s Inter- American events ... in April, 1951, the club sponsored Pan-Amercan day ceremonies on the campus . . . highlight of the year was the donation of the stone statue of Ignatius Loyola. MEMBERS . Fir-it Row: Alejandro Acevedo. Luis Acevedo, Frances Alford, Pat Bellau. Kathy Brady, Eugene Caso, Gloria Comiskey, Harry Connick. Second Row: Richard Deas, Rose Dufrene, Emilio Echevarria. Leroy Fa I gout. Florence Fischer, Basil Gaupp, Ed Kammerer, Louis LaCour. Thiro Row: Vernon Long, Jean Louvlere, Bob Lyttle, Abelardo Massa, Dolores i atron, Vincent Perez, Vera Perret, Oscar Quintero, Fourth Row Joann Richards, Miguel Rivera. Fernando Rodriguez, Milagros Santiago, Beth Tetlow, Helen Trelles, Marcrana Urresti, John Weeks. Mi Ina: Michael Donlon, Jose Garcia, Gabriel JureldinI, Lulu Peters. .0 152 PEGASUS POETRY CLUB.. OFFICERS . . . FREDERICK BURKART President EMMETT JOHNSON Vice-President BARBARA NIX Secretary-Treasurer Pegasus devotes itself to the better appreciation of poetry of all types . . . regular symposiums are held concerning poetry . . . a Christmas cocktail party was given at the home of Miss Nix . . . the traditional banquet at Corinne Dunbar ' s climaxed the school year. MEMBERS Octavio Allende Herbert Davila Jean Srau, William Irwin, Emmett Johnson, Vernon Long. Missina: Tee Barlow, Frank Canatella, Kenneth Crumlsy, Barbara Nix, Irwin Schultz. 153 PEP CLUB.. y- IDA CHIRIELEISON President OFFICERS . . . VERNA SATTERLEE Vice-President KATHY BRADY .. Secretary-Treasurer The Pep Club was reorganized on October 26, 1950 . . . The main objective of the Pep Club is to foster spirit by developing interest and active student participation . . . at each of the home games. The club led the cheering and added color with their white gloves . . . w ' lAlw- ' MEMBERS . . . First Column: Frances Alford, Elaine Bourg, Mary Ann Foster, Carole Garvey, Ann Gust, Jan Louviere. Pat McNamara, Janice St. Mard, Beth Tetiow. Second Column: Sally Barker, Ka+hy Brady, Menne Fox, Jo Ann Graffagnino, Janice Hogan, Millie Makofslty. Pat Merritt, Betty Ann Scheib, Helen Trelles. Third Column: Gwen Betpouey. Jane Dsas, Winltie Fox, Jean Grau, Betty Johnson, Elinor McCloskey, Joy::e Nunez, Verna Satterlee, Joan Waterson. Misstnq: Charmaine Cazentre. V PHILOSOPHY CLUB... MRS. L N. QUINN President OFFICERS . . . HARRY LEVEQUE, JR. ..Vice-President The Philosophy Club was organized by its present Moderator, the Rev. Martin P. Burke, S.J. ... It was founded in order that those interested in the reasoning and investigation of physical and metaphysical facts could do so under the guidance of a gualified philosopher ... Its function there- fore is the practical application of the prin- ciples learned in the study of Philosophy . . . The Club sponsors formal and informal discussions on topics chosen by the mem- bership. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Alex Acevedo, Luis Acevido, Octavio Allende, Eugene Ashby. Second Row: John Barron. Joseph Berriqan, William Bode- bender, Kathy Brady. Third Row: Robert Bush, Russell Conley, Helen Crump, Herbert Davilla. Fourth Row: Evelyn Decuir, tviarqot de la Hous- saye. Julie Donahue. Edward Doyle. Fifth Row: Raymond Duqas. Jerry Federoff, Frank Fernandez, Jerry Hoag. Sixth Row: Edward Kammerer. Gary LeGros. Winton Lemolne, Tony Mallette. Seventh Row: Eugene Mc- Tiernan, Harry Merwin, Hane s Morris, Charles Myler. Eighth Row: Clarence Parent, Vera Perret, Rene Pigeon, Rubye Polrrler. Ninth Row: Clarence Rareshide, William Redmann, Kent Satterlee, John Speyrer. Tenth Row: Anthony Tamburello, Tom Tierney, K. E. Trepaqnier, Jacques Vandevoorde, Joan Wegmann. Mi: na: Samuel Ashon, Lonnle Rabb, Anthony Dorla, H. Drehr, Billy Glennon, Walter Guillot, Jack Holahan. Harry Leveque. John Manning, Doris Martinez, Andy Papania, N. Rodriguez. ' i..;.; ' 155 MICHELSON PETER FORTIER President OFFICERS . . . FERDINAND BAUER Vice-President SALVADOR PEPERONE Secretary HERBERT TRENCHARD Treasurer During the year this society presented a series of movies and talks by members on various subjects of interest to students of physics . . . among the activities was a trip to the WWL radio transmitter and several other places of interest ... a Christmas party with the Chemis- try Club and a series of sporting events were also conducted. PROPELLER PAUL AUGER President OFFICERS , . . HARRY CONNICK Vice-President JOSEPH VERNACI .. ,.. ... Secretary JOHN KEEN AN Treasurer The purpose of the Propeller Club is to acquaint members with matters concerning maritime, domestic, and foreign commerce ... to foster group discussion by active members and ex- perts in certain fields . . . several trips to ships, shipyards and naval bases were conducted . . . it works in conjunction with the Propeller Club of the Port of New Orleans. 156 PHYSICS CLUB... MEMBERS . . . First Row: William Bodebender, Rodney Boudreaux, John Deas, Richard Deslattes. Raymond Dugas, David KelHer, Roy Laran. Second Row: Joseph Levy, Anthony Markezich, Salvador Peperone, Richard Reinecke, hierbert Trenchard. Roberf Williams. Missing: Ferdinand Bauer. James Kail. CLUB... MEMBERS . . . First Row: Orrin Arnold, Sally Barker, Louis Baudean, Raymond Breaux, Gloria Comiskey, Harry Connick, Andre Couget, Floyd del Corral. Jack Dolan, Dave Durkes, Second Row: Melvin Falqout, Walter Fleming, Charles Flynn, Joe Fuseller, Robley Gelpl. Thomas Goff, Gordon Har+man, Homer Homrig. Don Hug. Leyton Jenkins. Thi-d Row- John Keenan, Louis LaCour. Robert Lyttle, Abelardo Massa, Edwin McAuliffe. Joe Monjure, Vincent Perei. Miguel Rivera, Fernando Rodriguei, Waldo Santiago. Fou-rlh Row Allan Smjck, Marianne Thines, Jack Thomas, Joseph VernacI, Mike Wicker. Missing: Pat Duggan, William Feeney, Pat Knowles. Martin Koch, Donald Wetiel. a " - 157 RICHARD DESLATTES President RADIO OFFICERS . . . JOSEPH A. LEVY ..Secretary-Treasurer The Loyola Amateur Radio Club was founded six years ago . . . the station, W5LJY, concen- trates its activities on amateur communication ... a party with the Physics club was held tion was added this year to the radio shack ... a beer party with the Physics club was held in the spring. ST. THOMAS MORE FLOYD REED President OFFICERS . . . LAZARD LEVY Vice-President ARMAND GUTIERREZ Secretary WILLIAM DUVALLE Treasurer HAROLD LAMY Parliamentarian The end of the St. Thomas More Law Club is, in the true professional spirit of service, to stimu- late interest in the study of law . . . afford an opportunity for special research into real prob- lems of law . . . and weave a close bond of friendship among the students . . . the club also assigns cases to the first year students ' Moot Competition and awards keys to the two winners. 158 CLUB... 1 MEMBERS . . . First Row: WilUrd Barron, Wil iam Bodebender, William Dewberry, Peter Fortier, Ann Hilbert, David Hissong. Jack Holahan. Second Row: David Kelffer, Joseph Levy, Anthony Markezich, William Mouret, Richard Reinecke, Roy Schultzman, John Speyrer, Henry Trochesset. Missing: Samuel Ashon, Leonard Turnage, Jack Warren. LAW CLUB... MEMBERS . . . First Row: Henry Carrigee. Paul Cassissa, William Du alle, Robert Frey, Armand Gutierrez, Alvin Hughes, Joseph LaHaye. Harold Lamy, W. J. Lemoine. Second Rov : Lee McHughes, Philip Meunier, Patrick Mitchell, Rene Randon, Corwin Reed, Angel Rivera, Edward Wallace, George Wax. Missing: Edward Koch, Lazard Levy, John Sherrill, Edward Weber. o 159 MEMBERS . . , First Rov : Orrin Arnold, Jack Carrigy, Gloria Comiskey, Victor Dauptiln, Evelyn Decuir, Chester Eiermann, Lawrence Eli- zardi, Walter Garvey, John Keenan. Second Pew. Harold Langford, Al LeBoeuf, Gary LeGros, Eugene McTiernan, Vincent Morici, Edward Rapier, Jack Reinecke, Nick Robichaux, Vincent Russo. Third Row: William Schroeder, Jack Schrum, Allan Smuck, Melvin Sullivan, Pete- Talluto, Marianne Thines. John Thomas, Richard Toledano, Joseph Vernacl. Fifth Row: Burrel Weber, John Weeks. JACK MAY Pre:ident S. A. M.... OFFICERS . . . JOHN REINECKE Vice-President VINCENT MORICI Secretary JOHN WEEKS .Treasurer EVELYN DECUIR Historian The Loyola student chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management received its charter from the national organization in April, 1950 . . . this society increases interest in man- agement principles and policies among students. 160 THESPIANS... OFFICERS . . . EVELYN TAGLIARINI Vice-President JEAN CORREA . Secretary THOMAS CASEY Treasurer BLANID SULLIVAN Historian The Thespians was founded before 1926 . . . Mr. Leo Zinser, prominent actor in the city, was appointed 1951 director of this theatrical group . . . this year a new constitution was drawn up . . . two one-act plays were presented . . . the very successful " The Torchbearers " was put on the boards in January. HENRY REINBERG President MEMBERS . . . First Row; Harold Albury, Patrick Bellau, Kathy Brady, Joan Burke, Jack Carrigy, Thomas Casey, Ida Chirleleison, George Connolly. Second Row: Anna Copponex, Jean Correa. Tod Donahue. Mary Ann Foster. Aimee Haneman, Jerry Hoag, Emmett Johnson, George Kelly. Third Row; Winton Lennoine, Millie Makofsky, Kenneth Manuel. Philip Meunier, Anna Laura Miller, Frank Morris, Charles Poche, Alonio Rabb. Fifth Row; Joseph Ricker, Gilbert Satterlee, Kent Satterlee, Blanid Sullivan, Eve!yn Tagliarini, Carroll Van Geffen. Missing: Carolyn Cleveland, Marie Lillo, Lynn McCullough, Sally McNaniara. " AM im. UNIVERSITY The Loyola University Band is one of the most active organiza- tions on the campus . . . under the supervision of the untiring director, Mr. Whitlock, the band firmly believes that " practice makes perfect " . . . outstanding in the year were: the campus concerts, playing for Award and Graduation nights, the Talent Nite music, the Saturday airings of the " Campus Capers. " MEMBERS . . . Fir ' t Row: Henry Asher, Phil Barranco. William Bodebender, Marion Caluda, Mary Cannon, Anna Copponex, Alberta Danner, Kenneth Davidson. Second Row: Paul Emenes. Louis Escobedo, Anthony Gondolfi, David Hissonq, James Hcusand, Chris Kontos. Joseph Macaluso, Frank Mannlno. Third Row: Alcee Merle, Laurence Neeb, Christine Neil sen. Mott Palmer, Wilbur Phillips. Mary Jane Schiro, Lorraine Shane, George Steib. Fourth Row; Frank Stewart, Donald Styron, Ronald Styron, Henry Trochesset, Roland Tuiague. Missing: Peter Breithoff, Fred Crane, Ken Crumley, Herbert Holeman, Jack King, Dolores Lightel. William Martin, Paul Martinez, Lena Mae Rogers, James Roos. William Sea rl a to. Gerald St. Amond, Donald Suhor, Pat Sullivan, Lawrence Valentino. Lois Weinkardt, Fred Westmoreland. MR. JOHN WHITLOCK Director UNIVERSITY This organization in the College of Music is a class group which sings for special occasions ... at times other students are invited to participate provided the students meet the re- quirements for choral participation. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Warren Alford. June Azar, Phil Barranco, Warren Bernard, Lucille Bourlet. John Brooks, Clara Bryan, Mary Cannon. Second Row: Bessie Caruso, Charles Caruso. Herma Chirino, Alberta Danner, Carrol Fischer, Elena Guevara, Stephen Harun, Mary Housand, Third Row: Mary Keenan. Veronica Landry, Joseph LeDew, William Mcllree, Myrtle Marcotte, Lorraine Peyregne. George Raffalovlch. Jules Richard. Fourth Row: Rosemary Rotolo, Newell Schindler. Lorraine Shane, Carolyn Smith, Rodney Sturken, Pat Sullivan, Carol Taormlna. Marilyn Tassin. Marciana Urresti. Missing: Claude Boudreaux, Paul Fischer. Eugene Lindner, Lucille Meek. Marlon Owen, Virgin Mae Ravain, Mary Scanlan, Marie Lillo, Sister M. P. Moreno, SSE. MISS EUPHEMIE BLANC Director 162 BAND... CHORUS... 163 THOMAS CASEY President YDEMOCS... OFFICERS . . . ANITA VAZZANA Vice-President JOAN BURKE Recording Secretary ROSEMARY ROTOLO Corresponding Secretary JERRY HOAG Treasurer FRANK D ' AQUIN Sergeant-at-Arms Ydemocs, the campus humor society, was or- ganized in 1947 ... to help stimulate interest in theatrical talent . . . Ydemoc (spell it back- wards) presented a program of comedy skits in fall for the entertainment of Freshmen . . . the Talent Nite skit " Courtroom Scene " was hilarious ... it really showed what Ydemocs attempts to do at Loyola. MEMBERS , . . Firsi Row: Harold Albury. Henry Asher, June Aiar. Phil Barranco, Kathy Brady, John Browne. Joan Burke, Marlon Caluda, Jack Carrigy. Second Row; Charles Caruso, Larry Comiskey, Frank D ' AquIn. Meme Fox, Jerry Hoag, A! Huddleston, Emmett Johnson, Mary Margarel- Keenan, George Kelly. Thiid Row: WInton Lemoine, Millie Makofsky, Kenneth Manuel, Abelardo Massa, Bubby Maurin, Anna Laura Miller, Lorraine Peyregne, Charles Poche, Henry Reinberg. Fourth Row: Joseph Ricker, Rosennary Rotolo, Walter Shuster, Evelyn Tagllarini, Carol Taormina, Henry Trochesset, Vince Tusa. Anita Vaziana. Mlising: Marie Lillo. Norman Treigle, Harry Theard. 164 ■■ - v SODALITIES The Sodalities at Loyola play an important role in the life of stu- dents the prime purpose is the individual sanctification of the members other activi- ties include sponsoring of benefit dances, toy drive for children, special Lenten services, recita- tion of the rosary, weekly mass, and regular reception of Holy Communion. LITTLE FLOWER MEMBERS . . . First Row: Gwen Betpouey, Anna May Bonner, Kafhy Brady, Joan Burke, Lorraine Camel, Gloria Comiskey, Clyde Crighton, Tod Donahue. Second Row: Joyce Lapiana, Pat McNamara, Joan Menard, Blanche Mouledoux, Prefect, Edna hAae Monle. Joyce Nunez, Jackie O ' Day, Providence Ragusa, OUR LADY OF MEMBERS . . . First " Row; Betty Ann Ayers, Joyce Baftlstella. Shirley Baum partner, Jane Bosio, Inez Conzelmann, Evelyn Couvlllon, Second Row: Ula Llnhares, Pat Linn, Claudet+e Mihojevich, Prefect, Ann Poupart, Clare Rodriguez, Margaret Rou ssel. 166 SODALITY... MEMBERS . , First Row: Rose Dufrene, Florence Fisher, Lois Foret. Meme Fox, Jean Hecker, Jane Hyman, Bet+y Johnson, Anna Mary Kelly. Second Rcw: Verna Sa+terlee, Carmen Seiferth, Blanid Sullivan, Marilyn Tassin, Madeline Tuminello, Catherine Vizich Joan Waterson. FATIMA SODALITY... MEMBERS . . . First Row : Alice Fox, Joan Harrison, Yvonne Huhn, Bet+y Jane Keating. Second Row: Flo Mary Schelb, Geraldlne Schlnd!er, Angie Vacant!, Kathleen Woods. ■ s d X M .:. 167 ST. ALOYSIUS ST. APPOLONIA 168 SODALITY... MEMBERS . . . First Row: Louis Baudean, Joseph Comeaux, Lawrence ElliardI, Walter Fleming, John Fuchs, Walter Garvey. Second Row: Albert Gelpi. Gene Hymel, Louis Jacob, Prefect, John Keenan, Jack May, VInce Morlcl. Third Row: Charles Myler. Jack Reineclte, Kent Satterlec, Jack Schrum, Richard Toledano, Pat Toner. SODALITY... MEMBERS . . , First Row; J. M. Bordelon, James Cassidy, J. C. Cush, Niles Gulchet, A. R. Havd, Bob Hesse. Second Row: Lewis Norton, Jofin Janus, Donald Landry, J. S. Locantro, Justell Me ' ancon, O. J. Mollere. Third Row: Charles Myler, Jack Reinecke, Kent Saterlee, Jack Schrum, Richard Toler, William Watkins, Prefect, W. T. Wood. 169 ST. CECILIA Mii m: k ST. IVES •t -. if MEMBERS . . , Thomas Collins, Ronald Faia, Prefect, Ri.;hard Kuntz, Harold Lamy, Lee McHughes, Phil Meunier. 170 SODALITY... MEMBERS . - . Phil Barranco, Marion Caluda, Joseph Macaluso. Matt Palmer, Newell Schindler, Prefect. SODALITY... MEMBERS . . . Patrick Mitchell, Rene Pastorek, Rene Randon. Richard Redtiann, William Redmann, Carroll Van Geffen. 171 ST. JOHN BERCHMANS ■■. " .■..■:: .W«W.. MEMBERS . . . First Row: Isabel Aedo, Sterling Arboneaux, Jeanne Belou, Victor Bradbury, Aristlle Breaux, Norman Breaux, Prefect, James Brothers, Hewitt Coco, Joyce Colligan. Second Row: Elinor McClosltey. Annie Laurie Monte. June Mordica, Grace Nissen, Mary Norris, Yvette Ortii-Tulla, Maria Parrino, Carl Poche, Lynn Pourciau. ST. STANISLAUS MEMBERS . . . Alejandro Acevedo, Prefect, Luke Boudreaux, Patrictt BeLau, Franlt D ' AquIn, Frederic Gutltnechf, Albert Huddlesfon, Gary Hymel. 172 SODALITY... MEMBERS . . . First Row : Edward Dalgle, John Domlngues, Hazel Driscoll, Gerard Eugene, Lloyd Gravois, Gertrude Hebert, David Hecker, Ronald Hingle, John Kruebbe. Second Row: Josephine Provenza, Luke Reine. Francis Shubert, Samuel Stagg. Ellis J. Toups, Dominlcit White. SODALITY... w I MEMBERS Maurice Legrand, A. E. Maurtn, Michael O ' Keefe. Gene Pa ' misano. H. E. Trepagnier, VIncenf Tumminello, Richard Waguespaclc. 173 ST. THOMAS AQUINAS s ♦ N ■v 1 I IT T SANCTUARY MbMBbRS . . . Alejandro Acevedo, Thomas Azar. Pat Boland, John Dolan. Ronald Gregory, Ed Kammerer, John Keenan, Louis LaCour. 174 SODALITY... MEMBERS . . . First Row; Henry Asher, Ted Blount. Jim Cale, Eugene Caso, Eddie Crane, Ed Doyle, Emlllo Echevar- ria, Mike Ellis, Prefect, Joe Garcia. Dan Healy. Second Row: Jerry Hoag, Emme+t Johnson, Ed Kammerer. Larry Mablle, Tony Malletfe, Ken Manuel. Gerard Mlalaret, Pedro Morell, Frank Morris. Tom Nielsen. Third Row: Michael O ' Keefe, John Park, Jerrold Scaglione, Pat Schott, Don Sekinger, Henry Trochesset. Edward Vinet, Austin Welsh, Charles Welsh, Richard Williams. SOCIETY... MEMBERS . . . Barney McGlnty, Rene Randon, Reginald Rod, Larry Roy, Jack Schrum, Carroll Van Geffen, Edward Vinet, Waguespack. 175 w wi « nVtJll v; - ' - ACTIVITIES 176 AWARDS 177 ERNEST DOCLAR Executive Editor JOYCE NUNEZ Co-editor, Class Section JOAN WATERSON Co-editor, Class Section FATHER JOHN ATOOMEY. S.J. Moderator 178 LOUIS LaCOUR Business Manager BETTY JOHNSON Managing Editor DICK TOLEDANO Art Editor GWEN BETPOUEY Associate Editor JULIE DONAHUE Activities Editor AL HUDDLESTON Sports Editor i GLORIA COMISKEY Orqaniidtions and Fraternities Editor JACK NEWITT Circulation Manager The 1951 WOLF is presented in the sincere hope that in the future years, you, looking back, will re- capture the memory and the spirit of this year at Loyola — the laughs, the worries, the atmosphere of the campus and the people on it. They are all here whenever you care to recall them. The staff has worked all year to give you this record of campus life. Our labor will be well spent and generously rewarded if it brings you in the future the enjoyment that comes from the remembrance of old friends and happy times. 179 - RUSS CRESSON Photographer THE 1951 WOLF.. SALLY BARKER Assistant Business Manager THE BUSINESS STAFF KENT SATTERLEE Advertising Manager JOE LANDRIEU Salesman JOHN FUCHS Salesman THE EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: John Browne, Winkle Fox, Rick Gutknecht, Jackie LaNasa, Joan Menard, Harry Merwln. Second Row: Pat Meynler, Hanes Morris, Ann Poupart, Marie Elise Schaaf, Blanid Sullivan. Jacques Vandevoorde 180 THE STUDENT RETREAT. . . The annual student retreat is intended to further the spiritual development of the students. This year, in order to obtain a better withdrawal from the c ares of student life, all students were obliged to make week-end retreats. During this time of meditation and prayer the student came closer to God and was able to reflect on his past life and make plans for the future. A limited number of the men went to Manresa, and the co-eds travelled to La- fayette for closed retreats. The front gate of the Manresa Retreat House. Father Lang confers with week-end retreatants 181 Cmtest I « Knot Court n,,...., ine Uv " % v .. r freshmen noj " ' ' % »» By Capturing i 5 v o ,g ' Planned Fo ieeking Revenge Ut POPPING Sprng Ed.t° k« fir Sp MICKEY Editor CARROLL THE LOYOLA MAROON... GARY HYMEL Desk Editor AUDREY MOISE SocIetY Editor PAT McNAMARA National Advertising Manage 182 ■ c HANK SOULIE, Managing Editor ( Fall Semester) BLANCHE MOULEDOUX, Managing Editor (Spring Semester] Mention a Wednesday night date to a Maroon staffer and chances are you ' ll draw a dagger-stare or blood. The reason is simple: no one — well, hardly anyone — does anything but write and sweat on " dummy-night " , the night on which the Maroon is put together. And this year, the Maroon ' s 38th in recording Loyola history, Wednesday nights apparently were fruitful ones, as any faithful reader will attest. Under the amiable guidance of Carroll Trosclair in the Fall Semester and Mickey Toppino in the Spr ' ng, the Maroon staff turned out a top-notch newspaper all around, news-wise, sports-wise, editorial-wise. Here, then, is a vote of confidence in our Ail-Ameri- can Maroon — may its crusading banners be held high in the coming years. 0 C c To if ' ■ " " ■■ .Z? i BUDDY ELIZARDI Local Advertising Manager HENRY BURCH Circulation Manager 183 THE MAROON... First Row: Gladys Alemcin, Pat Bellau, Ka+hy Brady, Bob Chaney, Ida Chirielelson, Connie Connor, Tod Donahue. Second Row: Joan Forshag, Jean Grau, Rick GuHnecht. Aimee Han mann, Millie Makofsky, Jock May, Sunny Mialaret. Third Row: Evangeline Molero, Willie Prado3, Ralph Redmann, Jack Reinecke. Newell Schindler, Sam Stagg, Blanid Sullivan, Bob Taylor. .x- ' ' Artist ' s conception — Maroon staffer at work. 184 ?? WHO ' S WHO ?? m AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES First Row: Henry Asher, Nick Authement, Victor Bradbury, Henry Carrlgee, Thomas Casey, Richard Dstlatles. Michael Eliis. Second Row: Joan Forshag, Joan Harrison, Adrian Hava, Odile Jaubert, James Manning, Roy Montreuil, Blanche Mouledoux. First Row: Charles Myler. John Pepper, Lehman Pittman, John Reinecke, Rose Mary Rotolo, John Schrum, Frank Sanders. Second Row: William Sommers, Annette Stehling, John Thomas, Bernard Toner, Edward Wallace, Leon Wilken, Kathleen Woods. 185 Left: RENE RANDOM, President of tfie Student Council. Above: Presidents of the Colleges. JACK THOMAS, Business Administra- tion: JERRY HOAG, Arts and Scienc es: Vj C BRADBURY Phar- macy: RENE RANDON, Law; LEHMAN PITTMAN, Dentistry ' : JOSEPH MACALUSO, Music. ...THE Left to Right: seated, SWEN BETPOUEY, ANNETTE STEHLING, GENE HYMEL, NEWELL SCHINDLER, RENE RANDON, VIC BRADBURY, SALLY BARKER, THOMAS NIELSEN, BETTY JOHN- SON, LORRAINE PEYREGNE. Second Row: RENE PASTOREK, LEE MEH RHOFF, LOUIS LaCOUR, JOHN LAMBERT, JOSEPH MACALUSO, JACK THOMAS, CARROLL VAN GEFFEN, HOW- ARD BOLTON, ED TANNER, ALBERT HUDDLESTON, DONALD BESLIN, LEHMAN PITTMAN, ANDRE VILLERE, FRED MAINS. Tfiird Row: JERRY HOAG, BILL WALSH, FATHER O ' FLYNN. The Student Council revised the system of S. C. citation awards, held the first Campus Queen election by popular vote, revised the point system, and opened student-wide suggestion boxes. The Council, led by Rene Randon, super- vised the regular Student Council activities which included Hausmann Trophy events. Sophomore Cotillion, Gym-Jams, publishing the " L " book, and the Freshman Hop. This assembly promoted the Kangaroo Kourt, Junior-Senior ball, Community Chest dance, and elections for the 1952 Student Council members. The Freshmen end of the Siudent Councli-sponsored Tug-O ' -War. STUDENT COUNCIL... Students vote for the first popularly elected Campus Queen. 187 Father Anthony O ' Flynn confers with Harold Lamy, President of the Southeast Region of the NFCCS. NF C C S The Southeast Region of the National Fed- eration of Catholic College Students was formed in 1948. Loyola University is the largest school in the region. Other member schools are Dominican, Ursuline, Xavier, and Sacred Heart College of Grand Coteau. The NFCCS has for its purpose the inte- grating of work among schools in various sections of the country, and through this means it is hoped that better understand- ssv " ri m Commission Chairmen: sealed, Michael Ellis and Jorge Arguello; standing. Ted Craft and Tom TIerney. 188 ing and good-will will result among all Catholic College students. The organization of the NFCCS is brought about and sustained by the work of Com- missions. In the Southeast Region we find three active commissions: the Inter-Ameri- can, the Mariology, and the Interracial. Loyola is active in the Inter-American and the Interracial Commissions, and had the chair of the latter this year. The Interracial Commission has achieved national recog- nition, and its paper, " The Christian Con- science " is highly regarded. Ed Kammerer and Austin Welsh, campus delegates, de- serve praise for the work they have done. It IS worth noting that the NFCCS is the only national student-run organization of its kind with which Loyola is affiliated. Most Reverend Louis A. Caillouet. D.D., presents awards to Ruth Burke of Mount Carmel and Norris Fitzmorris ot Loyola, on Interracial Day. MOiA Cloe Huth and Michael Ellis, staff of " the Challenge. " a periodical of the NFCCS. 189 The LOYOLA UNIYERS For nine years Father John Toomey has succeeded in bringing to Forum audiences noted and eloguent men and women speakers. A glance at the 1950-51 program reveals such prominent persons as Thomas Murphy, Police Commissioner of New York City and the man who convicted Alger Hiss; and Father James Keller, world - famous Maryknoll REV. JOHN A. TOOMEY, S.J. Forum Director Yo.V CUV P° ' - 190 ITY FORUM... priest and founder of " The Christophers. " Spot- hghting the season was the then Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen, (now Bishop Sheen) renowned author, lec- turer, and educator. The other Forum speakers were: Gene Lockhart, Hollywood and Broadway celebrity, and Father Hubert Schiffer, S.J., who is a survivor of the atom-bombing of Hiroshima. RT. REV. MSGR. FULTON J. SHEEN A view of some of the people (3500-4000) at Monsignor Slieen ' s lecture. 191 LOYOLA FORUM REV. HUBERT SCHIFFER, S.J. GENE LOCKHART REV. JAMES KELLER, M.M. A student takes advantage of the question period ai Father Keller ' s lecture. M M ■{ffLffii y - IBW. D. WHITE DEBATING SOCIETY With a greatly increased membership this year, the Edward Douglas White Debating Society continued its excellent work of previous years. The society held two non-decision debates with L. S. U. and one debate with Princeton on the topic, " Resolved: that the non-Communist nations unite to form a new international organization. " Princeton won the decision by a vote of two to one. For the first time in its history the society had an all-girl debating team which included Gladys Aleman, Caro- line Cleveland, Ida Chirieleison, and Sally McNamara. This group held two non-decision debates with L. S. U. The varsity debaters, Norris Fitzmorris, Rene Pastorek, and Bill Redmann, toured three Eastern states in April and returned to Loyola with two wins, four defeats, and four non-decision counts. The victories were over Amer- ican U. in Washington and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Debates were held also with Catholic U., Fordham, Columbia, Georgetown and Temple. RENE PASTOREK President Members: First Row: Gladys Aieman, Joseph Berrigan, Lois Boacltle, Tom Casey, Ida Chirieleison, Adrian Cordes, Norris Fitimorris. Second Row: Jerry Hoag, Harold Lamy, Milce O ' Keefe, Jeanette Oustalet, Gene Palmisano. George Raffolovlch, Clarence Rareshlde. Third Row: Richard Rednnann, Bill Redmann, Reginald Rod, Paul Rutledge, Verna Satterlee, Jerrald Scagllone, Pat Schott, and Tom Tierney. Mi.lra: John Reed, Sally McNamara. Caroline Cleveland Caroline Cleveland, Sam Dalton, Ignatius Barreca, Jerry Blount, Richard Garvey, and Victor Cleutat. lb pt LAW COUNCIL The Law School Council consists of two members from each of the three three classes. Election is held in the second semester of the first year and the officers selected hold office for the remainder of their time in the Law School. The Council prepares the examina- tion schedules and meets with the faculty for discussion of possible cur- riculum changes. Occasionally, soc- ial activities are planned by the Council. The organization has been in operation for about ten years per- forming these functions. MEMBERS . . . Left Column: ELBERT BYRNES HENRY CARRIGEE GEORGE COUMES Right Column: ROY PRICE WILLIAM REDMANN EDWARD WALLACE 194 Biggest SIlow in Town WWL, Loyola ' s 50,000 watt clear-channel radio station, is in its twenty-eighth year of successful broadcasting activity. The orig- inal station in Marquette Hall Physics Workroom has grown to a four studio sta- tion in the Roosevelt Hotel. i . ■ WWL records Loyola Library dedication. An affiliate of the Columbia Broadcasting System, WWL, with Howard Summerville as General Manager, tries to bring the best in radio entertainment to its vast listening audience (the largest in the city, say the Hooper Reports) through planned program- ming and an excellent local coverage of news, sports and special events. Ed Hoerner briefs Mr. Whitlocic, Father Thomas Shields and Henry Asher at " Campus Capers " . Loyola ' s " Campus Capers " group. 195 PHARMACY JOURNAL STAFF . . . First Row: Edward Tanner. Editor, John Hebsrt, Ellis Lupin, Joseph Wright, Victor Bradbury, June Conravey, William O ' Neil, Sam Stagg. Second Row: hlenry Weathersby, Martin Artim, Lloyd Gravois, Milton Mozer, Mary Norris, Saul Schneider, Francis Shubert. The Pharmacy Journal publishes Alumni news and information of interest to pharma- cists and future pharmacists. The Journal, established in 1936, is published semi-annually by the students and faculty of the College of Pharmacy. Ed Tanner, Editor, is assisted by John L. Hebert, Associate Editor. LAW REVIEW The Loyola Law Review was inaugurated during the scholastic year 1940-41 to provide an incentive and an outlet for creative writing in law for students and faculty in the School of Law. The Review is published at the end of every academic year. The mem- bership of the Student Editorial Board is drawn from upperclassmen of better than average scholastic standing. STAFF . . . First Row: Henry Carrigee, President, Studeni- Ediiorial Board, Edward Wallace, Joseph hlurndon, Reginald Badeaux, Charles Becnel, Donald Beslin, Elbe.-t Byrnes. Second Pov : Paul Casslssa, Armand Gutier- rez, FHarold Lamy, James Manning, Melvin Ramos, Albert Roberts, Anthony Wambsgans. 196 THE RHO CHI AWARD The annual Rho Chi Freshman Award was presented to the outstanding member of last year ' s freshman class at the yearly banquet held at La Louisiane. Dr. Ireland, faculty advisor of Alpha Delta chapter of Rho Chi, presented the award to Howard B. Bolton, sophomore in the College of Pharmacy. Boolton, a member of the Student Council and the American Pharmaceutical Association, received the award for scholarship, leader- ship, character, and service rendered to the College and the University. Above: HOWARD BOLTON. DR. IRELAND. Left: HOWARD BOLTON. 197 The CHARLES BAILEY AWAR D . . . The Charles Bailey award is presented annually to the student possessing the qualities of scholastic ability, school spirit, leadership and loyalty. The trophy is awarded after careful consideration by a special committee appointed to weigh each recommended student ' s qualifications. Victor, amiable and smiling pharmacy student, was chosen for his faithful service in various student organizations and outstanding scholarship. Dur- ing his school career, Vic, who is married and is a father, claimed membership in the American Pharmaceutical Association, Student Council, St. John Berchmans Sodality, Alpha Pi Omicron service frat and the Pharmacy Journal. In 1951 he served as a capable president of the Pharmacy College. For his prowess as a leader and service to the University, Vic was elected to Blue Key national honor fraternity and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Vic Bradbury receives the Charles Bailey trophy from Father Shields. 198 The L S L AWA RD . . . The recipient of the LSL award for 1951 is Blanche Mouledoux, capable, efficient, per- sonable student and best-dressed coed of 1950. The award is presented by Lambda Sigma Lambda service sorority to the coed student with the following qualifications: school spirit, leadership, initiative and industry, and personality. Blanche, an education graduate in the College of Arts and Sciences, has a campus-wide reputation for her enterprise as News Editor and Managing Editor of the Loyola Maroon, University weekly. As prefect of the Little Flower Sodality, she has exemplified the Loyolan Cath- olic spirit. Blanche has also been a member of Lambda Sigma Lambda for four years. She has served on the edi- torial staff of the WOLF and as Student Council representative. Recognition of her abilities, popularity, and fidelity came this year when Blanche was chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Father Shields presents the LSL trophy to Blanche Mouledoux , ' A 199 y-ie fes 200 SPORTS ■ 201 THE WOLF PACK STAFF REV. ANTHONY C. O ' FLYNN, S.J. Moderator ol Athletics MR. JACK ORSLEY Director of Athletics MR. THOMAS HASGERTY Head Coach, Basketball EDWIN P. FRICKE Publicity Director of Athletics The fact that Loyola has attached three Gulf States Conference Crowns to its already impressive record is testimony enough of the ability of our athletic staff. In spite of the fact that Father O ' - Flynn and Coach Haggerty were new in their jobs at Loyola, their performances have been creditable and indicative of future success. Congratulations must be given also to Edwin P. Fricke, Publicity Director of athletics and live wire of the newly created Public Relations Department. 202 Kneeling: Ralph BarneH, Reggie Garcia, George Vila, Money Cabal lero, Huey Castelx, Charlie Marf. Bob Conrad, John hlultberg. Standing: Andy McGInity (Mgr.), Carl La vie. Bob Hanberg, Gus Reynoir. Tom Ketchum, Felix Gaudin, Art Geil, Coach hiaggerty. SEASON SCORES Loyola 64; Keesler Field 33 Loyola 7 1 ; Loyola Alumni 38 Loyola 50; Keesler Field 37 Loyola 58; PensacoU PF 43 Loyola 76; Pensacola PF 41 Loyola 58; Southwestern 72 Loyola 49; III. Wesleyan 41 Loyola 61; Araknsas State 48 Loyola 59; Memphis State 57 Loyola 52; Louisiana College 54 Loyola 62; Centenary College 63 Loyola 58; Louisiana Tech 56 Loyola 68; Northwestern La. 58 Loyola 54; Spring Hill 55 Loyola 53; Northwestern La. 56 Loyola 69; Southwestern La. 55 Loyola 60; Tennessee U. 64 Loyola 63; Memphis State 87 Loyola 65; Southwestern 66 Loyola 88; La. College 48 Loyola 75; Florida State 65 Loyola 56; Louisiana Tech 58 Loyola 67; Centenary College 64 Loyola 62; Miss. Southern 70 Loyola 62; Southeastern 54 Loyola 49; Miss. Southern 53 Loyola 63; Spring Hill .65 Coach Haggerty ' s first year effected no great change in Loyola ' s basketball rating in the Gulf Conference. However, the long boys in the short pants made it apparent to even the casual observer that a " New Deal " is in the making. Though they didn ' t have the " games won " record of a champion, they were abundantly supplied with that material from which champions are made — plucky aggressiveness, team spirit, and a will to win. Although their season ' s record is 15 won and 12 lost, they lost eight of those games by less than five points. All things considered, if Loyola ' s season has not been a winning one, it has been successful; an inexperienced team has been groomed for better things to come. 203 FELIX SAUDIN (c) ji.- ' " iP¥ MEL BODLE (f) BOB CONRAD (g) « ' W N MONROE CABALLERO (g) Above: GUS REYNOIR (c Left: CARL LAVIE (f) I I upper Left: Carl in the sfretch. Lower Left: Good try Gus. Upper Right: Two points for Ketchun Lower Right: Watch him CarL 209 Gus taps for +wo. New air of confidence (new oxygen tank). T " " CHEERLEADERS Credit for the tremendous display of spectator enthusiasm throughout the entire basketball season is due largely to the activity of our cheerleaders. Left to Right: Charles Welch, Buddy Elliardi, Bubby Maurin, Vince Fertitta and Charles Palajzolo. Kneeling: Tom Goodman, Pete Vosbein. Ernie Smith, Don Rodriguez, Don Payne. Middle Row: Larry Roy, George Groefsch, Kermit McRae, Ronnie Reynoir, Tom Azar. Top Row: Barney McGInty (Mgr.), George Billman, Coach McCaffer+y, Pat Boland, and Jake Cohen. LOYOLA FROSH Replacing what used to be Loyola Wolf Pups, our Frosh team turned in a commendable performance. Slow starters, McCafferty ' s boys soon gathered a momentum which carried them into the finals of the Southern Amateur Athletic Union tournament. Mc- Cafferty may well be proud and Haggerty hopeful over this year ' s frosh team. Best performances were turned in by Ernie Smith, Pete Vosbein, and Ron- nie Reynoir. 211 BASEBALL AT LOYOLA PLAY BALL . . Loyola s Gulf States Conference baseball champions are poised for the coming campaign. «WmA »-iA»- " " ' ■ Runnersup last year, the boys with the heavy hickory sticks pounded their way through the best of competition to the G. S. C. championship crown. Jack Orsley ' s spirited crew performed with a determination and will to win that is characteristic of all Loyola nines. Money Caballero was the team ' s top man at the plate while Moon Lan- drieu was best among the pitchers. No account of the season could be considered complete without mention of the all-around team play of fresh- man performer, Huey Bridges. His pitching, fielding, and power at the plate were contributing factors in Loyola ' s initial capturing of the G. S. C. crown. 212 Jack Orsley, mentor of Loyola ' s first G.S.C. champions. NON-LEAGUE GAMES LOYOLA 4— Keesler Field 3 LOYOLA 8— III. Southern 9 LOYOLA 6— III. Southern 2 LOYOLA 4— Bradley U 8 LOYOLA 0— Keesler Field 2 LOYOLA 6— Wheaton College . 9 LOYOLA 7— III. Wesleyan 3 LOYOLA 13— Shell Oilers 3 LOYOLA 7— Shell Oilers 2 LEAGUE GAMES LOYOLA 3— Miss. Southern 2 LOYOLA A — Miss. Southern 3 LOYOLA 5— Spring Hill 2 LOYOLA 4— Spring Hill 4 LOYOLA 2— Southeastern LOYOLA 8— Southeastern I LOYOLA 5— Miss. Southern 2 LOYOLA I — Miss. Southern 2 LOYOLA 2— Spring Hill 6 LOYOLA 9— Spring Hill 8 LOYOLA I I— Southeastern 2 LOYOLA 5— Southeastern 6 G.S.C. PLAYOFF LOYOLA 5— Southwestern 8 LOYOLA 10— Southwestern 9 LOYOLA 3— Southwestern 2 Won 15— Lost 8— Tied I Infield: Kneellnq: Huey Casteix, Bill Glennon, Ray Breaux. Standing; Charlie Flynn, George Vila and Charlie Mart. Outfield: Left to Right: Huey Bridges, Joe Landreiu, Ray Lamy, Money Cabal- lero and Carl Poche. 21B J»ir £L ' ii dMr ik PITCHERS . . . Kneeling: Moon Landrleu, Don Deshotels. Standing: Sam Bar- bara, Mllie Donlon, Don Goodman, Jessie Roussel. THE CHAMPS . . . Bottom Row: Ray Breaux, Bill Glennon, Money Caballero, Charles Mart. Carl Poche, George Vila, Ray Lamy. Middle Row: Huey Bridges, Mike Donlon, Charles Flynn, Moon Landrieu, Huey Castiex. Don Goodman, Jessie Roussel. Top Row: Coach Orsley, Joe Landrieu, Maurice Guillerman (Mgr.}, Don Deshotels, Kermit McRae. Sam Barbara. Pete Tusa. Top: Kibitzing from the dugout. Bottom: Smile, smile and be h appy We Won ! ! 215 LOYOLA ' S TRACKSTERS THE CHAMPIONS . . . Bottom Row: Joe Fuselier, Blake Arata, Hal Chauvin, Larry Derbes, Ken Lelthman. Tom Gavin. Maurice Riley, Bob Chaney. Middle Row; Dave Nastasi, Louis Hauth, Wally Nicaud, Ray Grenier, Elmer Grundmeyer, Bill Waguespack, Frank Varela, Newell Schindler. Tow Row: Barney McGinty (mgr.), Bubby Maurin, George Groetsch, Roland Hymel, Ray Rocker, Curtis Prejean, Edwin Prinz, Wally Barbot, and Coach McCafferty. (. ■, .S«t- -«a« ■Imer Grundmeyer, 100 yd. champ. Hal Chauvin, mile run. Rdy Rocker, shot and discus champ. Ken Leithman, member of channpion r team, and team captain. G.S.C. MEET Loyola 109 pts. La. Tech 50 1 3 pts. Southeastern 49 pts. S.L.I 37 5 6 pts. Others 53 1 6 pts. S.A.A.U. MEET Loyola 93 pts. Terrebonne ,.. I 5 pts. Bengal Club 15 pts. Others 10 pts. Triangular Meet with Southeastern and Southwestern Louisiana Colleges Loyola 99 1 3 pts. Southwestern 48 1 3 pts. Southeastern .36 1 3 pts. DISTANCE MEN . . . Bottom Rov : Joe Fuse Her, Hal Chauvin, Maurice Riley, Blalce Arata. Middle Row: John Wyconsky, Bob Chaney, Newell Schindler, Tom Gavin. Top Rov : Andy McGInty (mgr.), C. J. Comeaux, Bill Waguespack, Roger Arnold and track coach McCafferty. OJJ vjiV ■ ' Edwin Prim, champion High-jumper. Javelin team ... I to r.: Dave Nastasi, Ray Rocker, Louis Hauth. Champion 440 yd. relay team ... I. to r.: Ken Leithman, Elmer Grundmeyer, W. Barbot, Ray Grenier. .,v ■»!. l GULF STATES MEET .v sWj Culmination of the record of the Loyola thinclods for 1951 was the winning of the champion- ship crown of the Gulf States Conference track meet held in City Park stadium on May 12. Loyola garnered first places in the Discus— Rocker; the 100 Yard Dash — Grundmeyer; 440 Yard Relay; 880 Yard Relay; 220 Yard Dash— Grundmeyer; Pole Vault— Roland Hymel; Broad Jump — Varela; Shot Put — Rock- er; and a three-way tie for the High Jump — Prinz. Other places were: 120 yard High Hurdles, second — Waguespock; Mile Run, second — Chauvin; 440 Yard Dash, second — Riley; 220 Yard Low Hurdles, second — Waguespack; Javelin, second — Hauth; 880 Yard Run, second — Fuselier; Mile Relay, third. Al- together, the tracksters amassed 109 points. Top: Derbes takes the baton from Grenier in the 440 relay. Right Center: Varela first over the fourth low hurdle. Left Center: " Whli " Grundmeyer about to break the tape in the relay. Bottom: Tracksters carry " Big Jim " McCafferty with the GSC trophy after their victory. 219 LOYOLA RACKETS to.S.C. CHAMPS .1 tr. , : Mel Bodle, Bob Hanberg, Ken Crumley, Cookie Garcia, Gene Ashby, and Reggie Garcia. REV. JAMES J. MOLLOY, S.J. Tennis Coach Ken Crumley, G.S.C. singles and doubles champ. Mel Bodle, member of doubles championship tear Senator Estes Kefauver has nothing on these racketeers, they are the G. S. C. cham- pions. With victories over every Conference team, and losses only to such tennis strongholds as the University of Miami and the University of Virginia, Loyo- la garnered the G. S. C. laurel wreath for the third time this year. Some results of conference play in which Loyola triumphed are: Northwestern Louisiana C o 1 - lege, 9-0; Mississippi Southern, 8-1; Southwestern, 9-0; Spring Hill, 7-0. — -,f.— f,-|.™t-4 4— f — jl-i. -4. -f- r: - itA T I! 1 LOYOLA ARCHERS REV. WILLIAM A. MULHERIN. S.J. Archery Coach Although this year marked the initial appearance ot archery at Loyola, the bowmen finished an impres- sive 5th in national competition, with Roland Hyme] taking second place in individual honors. This out- standing record promises much future success for Father Mulherin and his boys with the bows. ROLAND hlYMEL. team captain, and second place win- ner in national competition. ARCHERY TEAM . . . Rev. William A. Mulherin, S.J., coach (standing). Kneeling ... I. to r.: Clarence Truxlllo, Henry Birch, Ray Rocker, Gary LeGros and Roland Hymel. S5!l?»SiJii,.»J«!Sli « i.ti. " lji. ,.ii..t x " it i-«a - HONORS FOR CARL l:. CARL LAVIE Above: Mr. Robert Ainsworfh, state senator, presents a scroll from Mayor Morrison declaring February 26 as " Carl Lavie Day " . For three years Carl Lavie has been an outstanding performer and consistent high-scorer. Stamina, sportsmanship, and skill on the court are qualities which have been outstanding in Loyola ' s " Mr. Basketball. " City-wide recognition for Carl was made on February 26 which Mayor Morrison declared " Carl Lavie Day " in New Orleans. Carl, a Varsity for- ward, played in twenty-seven games; his total points amounted to 351. Climax of his cage career at Loyola was his election to a berth on the All-Gulf States Conference team. 222 LOYOLA ' S Keen competition and wholesome recreation are shared by all of Loyola ' s intramural bowlers. Meeting Sunday every week, the keglers eagerly tabu- lated strikes, spares, and other points in the race for high - point makers. O ' Shaughnessy ' s Alleys was the scene of the bowlers ' successes and disap- pointments. Results of the season ' s downed pins were given at the annual dance for the bowlers at Jim ' s Plaza in May. The " All-Stars, " outstanding team, also won a city championship. George Kelly, league member, placed high in city competition. THOMAS DALY Secretary of the Loyola Bowling League and Top Bowler. 224 KEGLERS... Left panel: John Fuchs, President of the League; Middle panel: Tonn Casey, Vice- President of the League; Right panel: THE ALL-STARS . . , from left: Henry Alciatore, Tom Daly, Harold O ' DonneN. Missing: Cy Brocato, Joe Fontana, Don Breaux. GIRLS CHAMPIONS. APhA Team. Left to right: Jackie O ' Day, Pat Duffy, Dolores Lightell, Grace Nissen, Jeanne Belou. 225 INTRAMURALS... SIGMA ALPHA KAPPA, Champions in Inframural Touch Football . . . From left, tneeling: Jim Corcoran, Ignatius Barreca, Roland Mestayer, Joe Grefer, Will Prados, Louis LaCour. Standing: Bill Redmann, Rodney Boudreaux, Edwin McAuliffe, Clarence Truxillo, John Lambert, Ray Giutfrra, Tom Kloor. ALPHA DELTA GAMMA, Champions of the Intramural Basketball competition . . . From left, l-neeling: Charles Poche, Pascal Calogero, Ralph Franco. Standinq: Buddy Broussard, Al Hud- dleston, Basil Gaupp, Tom Wallbillich, Charlie Kronlage. Saul Schneider, Pharmacy freshman, winner of the 1951 intramural ping-pong championship. Schnei- der, city champion of 1949, won three out of fou.- games. -226 a40 » 7 ADG Meets GDJ Today y AO Games % v y . l ' c ?A 7 v ' •- . A " Racqueteers Meet Two GSC Teams ommo e r„. tey |?oce Loyola Teams ater H.C.A.A. Competition Racqueteers In Big Time X- -1 ' At y... , 05 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS... Without the aid of many people this year ' s WOLF would not have been possible. We of the 1951 WOLF extend our deepest gratitude to ... . ... all the Deans and Regents, Registrars and Secretaries of all of Loyola ' s Schools and Colleges. . . . Father Toomey, our moderator, for his helpful and constructive criticism. . . . APO and LSL for all the aid rendered, especially in distributing the books. , . . Mr. Dymond and Mr. Joe Famiglio and all the staff at American Pr inting Company. . . . Mr. Wrenn and Mr. Charles Steinbaugh and all the staff of H. L. Peace Engraving Company. . . . Mr. J. Tipery and Mrs. Phyl Palermo and all their staff at Tipery ' s Studios, . . . Russ Cresson for his excellent photography and valuable suggestions. . . .the Advertisers for helping to make this book possible. . . .Kathy Brady for the use of her home in taking the pictures of the Homecoming and Campus Courts. . . . Gene Hymel for his witty outlines. ... All those who, unintentionally, have been omitted from this list of names and to whom we owe an expression of our thanks. 229 OCR ADVERTISERS At Godchaux ' s . . . you pay no more . . . you get the best in... fashion... quality ... service FINE APPAREL FOR CHILDREN MEN ...WOMEN ... S odcXxouxV STUDENT INDEX Page Acevedo, A. 58 Acevedo. L „ 58 Adams. A. A ™ 68 Adams, A. J., Jr 58 Adams. W. C „ 34 Aedo. I. B. 58 Alburv. G. H „ 68 Aleman. G. 69 Alexander, G. G „ 58 AHord. F. L . 58 Alford. W. H „ 68 Allcnde. O. E 58 Anton. H. C .. 34 Apgar. P. F. . 58 Arata. A. A 69 Arata, B. G ,,. 48 Arboneaux. S. T. . 58 Arceneaux. C. A. 34 Arconi. A. N 69 Ardoin. M. P 58 Arguello. J. A 48 Armshaw. C. A 69 Arnold. O, L. , 34 Arroyo. W. D 34 Artem, M, 69 Ashby. E. C. 34 Asher. H. W.. Jr 48 Aswad. R. C 69 Aucoin, R. G „ ... 58 Auger. P. M, ,. 34 Authement. N. J, „ 48 Aycock. G, P. 69 Aycrs. B- A. „ 34 Aiar. G. J. , 48 Aiar, T. J, ... 68 Alcona, J, C 48 — B— Badeaux. R, 7. 34 Bagert. D. J .,, 48 Baillie. V. L. 48 Baker. M. H. 58 Balser. F, J. 34 Baradell. J, J. 48 Barbara. S. A. 48 Barbot. W. G. 34 Barker. M. M. 48 Barnett, R. L. 68 Barranco, P. 34 Barre, H. O. 34 Barrios. E. J. 68 Barron. J. W 48 Barry. W, A. . 34 Bartosh. A. J . 34 il Battlstella, J. M. At 34 Baugh. B. C. . . .58 .34 Becker M. C. 34 .34 Beebe H. L. il Bellau P. L ..--58 Bellow D. J. ... 58 Belou J. M --.59 .34 Bennett H J. if Berdon J. K. -34 Bernard. D. J Bernard!. B. J Berney J R .49 - .48 -49 .49 - 35 Beslin D. A. .48 Betpouey, G. M . .35 49 Bleser R B .48 .48 .48 Bodebender. W. A. ... Boland J. P. - .48 48 Bolton H B .59 -.35 Bonfield. T. P. Bonner. A. M. - .48 - 59 Bordelon. J. M. - 49 Bordelon. P. T 48 Borello. J. E - - 35 Borum. C. S - 59 Bosio. J. C. . - .49 Boudreaux. L — ..-48 Boudreaux. R. A -. — 35 Bourg. E. M. -49 Bourgeois. J. B. 59 Bourgeois. M R. 35 Bourlet. L- M -49 Bradbury. V. J „ -49 Bradford. R- E 35 Brady. K. - 59 Braman, W. C 49 Brcaud. C. J- - —-..35 Breaux. A. J 59 Breaux. N. H .49 Briggs, K- A 49 Brignac. J. J - -49 Brisbois. H. P 49 Broderick. B. L. . - - 35 Brooks. J. D —59 Brottiers. J. J. - 59 Broussard. J- C. - 48 TO THE CLASS OF 1951 THANK YOU! Bernard Grunning is proud to have been chosen to furnish your class rings. We are also proud to hav e furnished the following Pins Keys: Medical Technology Club A P O Fraternity Delta Sigma Delta L S L Sorority Pegasus Poetry Society Loyola Wolf Loyola Maroon Sigma Lambda Epsllon Student Council Ydemoc Xi Psi Phi PI Kappa Epsilon Veteran ' s Association Student Council Award Key Rho Chi BERNARD GRUNNING 146 BARONNE STREET Next To Jesuit Church 2S2 Time Means Opportunity " Do not squander TIME, for that is the stuff life is made of " Those who learn early the value of using their time to good advantage are on the right road to be- come successful . . . And, when it comes to making plans for the future, Youthful Industry will find that the long-time experience of the Whitney is a very helpful ally. • WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS ESTABLISHED 1883 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THERE IS A WHITNEY NATIONAL BANK IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD 233 CARIBBEAN CRUISES Sailings from New Orleans ® Havana • Panama • Guatemala DEPENDABLE FREIGHT SERVICE Cuba — Colombia — Costa Rica Guatemala — El Salvador — Honduras Jamaica — Panama and Canal Zone British Honduras West Coast Ports of Central and South America Our traffic office will gladly assist you in solving your shipping problems $200 up Plus tax Full information on request ' «S UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 321 St. Charles St. New Orleans 4, La. Magnolia 2351 234 For A Complete Line of . . PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT As Well As . . EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING VISIT EASTMAN KODAK STORES, ENC. 928 Canal Street NEW ORLEANS, LA. RA. 8621-22 Name Christian, R. W. Bryan, Buatt, Buller, Bundy, Burch, Burg, Burg, Burke, Burke, Buornett Bush, R, Byrnes. E. H P. T J. R, INDEX (Continued) Name Paae Brown, A. A, 68 S ! " ' l ' ' = " ' ' =„ " ■ n ' Brown, M. A. 49 Cieutat. P. E. . Browne, J. T. 47 S " " i ' ' , ' ' ■ R ' Bruner, K. J. 35 lark. A. O. Bruno, V. P. 59 ° ° ' - ; ' ■ - - c, w. 35 9:° f " :? " ' . ' •, - - M, J. ,. ... ...68 £° l an J J. H. W 68 C° ! " =■ ?■ J ' , J 68 Collins. T. O., Jr. [ ' " " tf Comeaux, J. S. . I ' ro Comiskey, G. A. 9 Comiskey, J. A, E. ' ' :::;;:;::::::::::;:::;:z:i:68 comiskey, l a „. J g 25 Conqravey, J, R. J r Conley, R. R, Ao Connick. H. F. Connoly, G. C. Jr. - Connor. C. M. . Conielmann, E. M. Caballero F. O. 35 Conzelmann, I. A. Caillouet, R. J. „ J IUlJl l35 Copponex, A, P. Caire, t , E. 35 Corcoran J C. Cale. J. O. 49 Cordes, A. B. Calogero. P. F. 59 Corley. C. R. Calongne. E. T 35 Correa, J. E .. . Caluda, M. J 59 S° " f!- ' ■,: Cambre, I. J. 59 Coughlin, J, M. Camel, L, M. , 59 Coumes, G. R, Campbell D O. 59 Courtney, O, J, Campos D J, 69 Couvillon, E. R. Canatella. T. R 59 S ' " ' ' ,: V, Crane. E. H. Crighton, C. A. Crovetto, A. J. Crump. E. H Cummins. G. S. -- Cush, J. W Rags 71 M. A. M N. J. , H. Cannon, Capritto Carleton Carr. A. Carriere, Carrigee Carrigy, J Carter, A, Carter, J. Caruso, B Caruso, C Casey, 1 Caso, E. A, Cassidy, J. L. Cassisa, P. V, Caso, C C Castei«, H M, Centanni, R. J. Chaney, R. W. Chauteau, G P, J F. . C. , A, A. Chauvin, H. Chauvin, J. Chipley. J Chtrieleison Chirino, H G. E D , Jr I. M 59 59 35 69 ,69 35 46 35 49 ..70 .35 . .49 .59 70 .. 49 ,59 35 ,70 .7I ..49 .59 ...59 ...49 7I ...49 Daigle. E. J. .. Daigle. R. J. D ' Amico. F. J. Daniel. A. M. Danigole, B. L. D ' Antoni. M. R. D ' Aquin, F. J. Dauphin, V, E Davidson, K. G. Davila, H, G Dawson, B. A, Dearman, W. A, Deas, J. Deas, J. E. Deas, M. P. Deas. R A. 34 7I . 49 49 71 49 49 36 34 49 36 „34 59 -49 -49 -49 -.59 59 49 7I 36 60 70 36 .36 36 70 36 50 60 50 60 50 50 -70 60 S0 7I 36 -71 7I 7I .50 50 . 50 50 7I 7I 50 7I 36 -60 DENTAL, MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL TEXTBOOKS ALL PUBLISHERS For Sale By J. A. MAJORS CO. 1301 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS I, LOUISIANA 235 LOYOLA UNIVERSITY FORUM 1950-1951 PROfiRAM: DAMERON-PIERSON CO., LTD. " Everything for your Office " Printing — Lithographing — Social Engraving Commercial Stationery Office Furniture — Files and Filing Supplies A. B. Dick Mimeographs and A. B. Dick Supplies RAymond 1204 400 Camp St. New Orleans, La. JACOB SCHOEN SON INSURANCE CO. FUNERAL SERVICE INSURANCE BY 8369 Office Funeral Directors JACOB SCHOEN SON 2 Funeral Homes 527 Elysian Fields Avenue 3827 Canal Stret FR. 2153 GA. 2111 INDEX (Continued) Name Page Decuir, E. N „... 34 Dees, W. E. 36 Del Corral, F. E. .„ 36 de la Houssaye, M. L 50 Demarest, J. A „ 60 Derbes, C. W 60 Derbes. L. J. , 60 de Salignac, D. J 36 Deshotels, D. B. 70 Deslattes, R. D ... 50 De Sonier, L. G. Jr. .„ 50 Des Roches, R. J „ „ 70 Deutschmann. F. T, ,.„ „ 50 Deutschmann. M. E. 50 de Villasana, W. C - 50 Dewberry, W. C 36 Dicks, W. J. ,. . 70 Di Maqqio. J. J 70 Dixon, A. J , 60 Di on, D. S 51 Doclar, E, P 36 Dolan, J. J 36 Domingues. J. L. 51 Donahue, J, H 60 Dome, G. F 70 Dormer, J. J 60 Doucet, G. J 70 Downs. C. G 51 Doyle, E. M „ 60 Drago, W. J 70 Dragon, R. P. . , ,, 60 Driscoll. H. A 60 Drouilhet. J. C. „ 71 Dutfy, P, E 36 Dufrene, R. M „ 60 Dugas, C, J 60 Dugas. D. R 71 Dugas, O. J. 71 Dugas, R. L. „ 37 Duggan, J. H., Ill . ... 37 Dumas, D. N. 37 Duncan, R. E. 70 Duplantier, W. A.. Jr. 37 Dupont. L. E, 51 Dupuis, W. N. 51 DuQuesnay, A. M. 61 Durkes. D. W. 37 Duvalle, W. C. 37 — E— Eccles, L. 70 Echevarria, E. D 61 Eimann, C. W „ 37 Eliiardi. L. P 37 Eller, C. C 70 Eller, H. L 70 Name Ellis, M. B Emenes. P. E. . Enqlert, J. J. Englerth, R. A. Escobedo, L. Escousse, A. M. Eugene, G. L. Evans. J, B. Fabacher, C. M. Faia, R. L. Falqout. L. J. Falqout, M. M. Fabian. H. F. Farrell, J. E Favaro, H. C. Favret. C. F. Feaheny, W. M. Federico, N. I. Fedoroff. G. P. Feliciano, R. Fenerty, F. B. Fernandei, F. M. Ferrer, J. A. Fertitta, V., Jr. FIchtel. J. W., Jr. Finicle, A. M. Fischer, C. I. Fischer, F. B. Fitimorrrs, N. V. Flaherty, T. E. Jr. Frank, H. L Fray, R. H. Fremin, W. J. Frey. R. A. Fuchs. J. C. Jr Fuselier, J, C. Page 37 il 37 il - 41 70 it 37 70 .37 70 37 ...41 41 .71 .41 ...37 .,71 ...71 37 37 .51 37 .72 .51 ...37 ...72 .72 .73 ...SI 37 Fleming, W. B Flynn, C. L Fontana. J Fontenot, W. J Foret, L. A. Forshaq, J. M .„ Fortenberry, J. W „ Fortenberry. R. C Fortier. A. P. ,.„ ..„.. Fortier. E. J., Jr Fossas, A. V Foster, M. A Fox, A. A Fox, J. F ,. Fox, M. O Francione, B. Franco, R. H 41 ...,38 ...41 -..51 236 A NEW ORLEANS INSTITUTION LAFAYETTE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY 2123 Magazine Street RA. 9870 RA. 9879 THERE ' S ALWAYS AN OCCASION FOR GREETING CARDS . . . and We have ' em for All Occasions! THE CITY ' S LARGEST SELECTION M A KIkllC JOHN J. McCANN CCANN S Cass 38 220 Baronne CAnal 9851 DAVIDSON DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated DENTAL SUPPLIES DENTAL LABORATORY Maison Blanche Building Medical Arts BIdg. SHREVEPORT, LA. Lamar Building JACKSON, MISS. Waldon Building LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 527 Main Street BATON ROUGE, LA. Imhh 237 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1951 GRADUATING CLASS AND THE STUDENTS OF LOYOLA SOUTHERN ■e iie t, Q ynUiC( ii t4 Wttc- 844 Baronne St. NEW ORLEANS 12. LA. MAgnolla 5525 Factory Agents RUUD AUTOMATIC WATER HEATERS WARD AUTOMATIC FLOOR FURNACES MUELLER CLIMATROL HEATING EQUIPMENT Auderer Dental Company Incorporated Where Quality and Service is Yours Let us serve you with all your school needs Serving the dental profession since 1919 RA. 9281-2 1330 Tulane Avenue NEW ORLEANS, LA. ST. ALOYSIUS HIGH SCHOOL Conduct ed by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart More Than a Century of Catholic Education in the South Fall Term Begins September 7 4 Year General Academic Courses ■ Seventh and Eighth Grade Applicants Accepted School Fhone FR. MOO Faculty Residence— PR. 7690 238 PAILET AND PENEDO, INC. A Fine Name in Jewelry MANUFACTURING JEWELERS SPECIAL ORDER WORK See Our Selection Of JEWELRY — GIFTS WEDDING ENGAGEMENT RINGS 152 BARONNE STREET RA 0957 Pere Marquette BIdg. New Orleans, La. ' A Savings Institution Since 1893 " SECURITY BUILDING LOAN ASS ' N. Real Estate Loans — Insured Savings JOS. J. MIRANNE, President ADAM JUNKER. Secty.-Treas. 344 BARONNE STREET PERRY BUCKLEY COMPANY STATIONERS— PRINTERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS Quick, Dependable Service Since 1905 Telephone Ra. 8761, 8762, 8763 729 Poydras St. New Orleans, La. INDEX iContinus dl -G— Page 38 il 73 Gaupp, F- J. Gauthe, L. P. Gavin, T. A. Gelpi, A. J., Gelpi, K. J. Gelpi. R. J. Gernon, J. M. Girod, P. W.. Gisclair. D. M Giuffria. R. C. Goff, T. J., J Gomez, E. Gondoifi, A. E Gonzales. C. P Gonzales, E. J Gore. S. D,. J B. 51 38 72 38 72 38 . 73 73 Goulden. J. W, Gowland. H. E., Jr. Graffagnino. A. J. Graffagnino. J. P. Graffagnino. J. P. . Graham, C. A. Grafiam. K. A. .. Graham. R. D. 38 38 51 73 73 73 51 61 72 Groetsch. G. B. Guerin. R. B. Guerra, P. P.. Jr. Guevara, E. S. Guichet, N. F. Guidry, H. J Guillerman. M. A Guillot. V. R Gullota, V. P. Gust. A. B. Gutierrez. A A Gutknecht. F. J. — H— Haaq. C. J. 72 - 72 Name Gaglio. S. G. Gandolfi. P. H. Garcia, E. L. Jr. . ' „!ri Jr. in r . 72 Garcia J. 61 61 73 73 73 73 41 38 41 38 41 73 51 . 73 Grau J. 72 73 Garvey, C. E. 38 Greco A. V. 38 41 Garvey, W. F, Gattas, G- A, Gauctiet E. A. 51 61 72 72 Grieshaber. B. J. ... , Grieshaber. D. C. Griffinq, A R 38 39 39 Gaudin, F. A. 61 41 L ■S; ' v ii BRAZIL URUGUAY ARGENTINA WEST AFRICA For sailing information consult our offices Transporting 2-way trado for 3 continents NEW DRLEAN= Offices in NEW YORK • CHICAGO ST. LOUIS 239 { onaratulationA to tne Ljraduatina L iass Of 51 PERRIllIAT-RICKEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1045 Choctaw Road BATON ROUGE, LA. 1530 S. Rendon Street NEW ORLEANS 15, LA. Pioneer Building LAKE CHARLES, 1a. -isii SS «« " « 240 FOR OYER 109 YEARS HOLMES HAS SERYED THE PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS • Writing Parlor • Rest Rooms • Appointment Pad USE HOLMES ' MANY SERVICES: • Information Desk • Beauty Salon • Travel Bureau • Parcel Check Desk • Restaurant • Cafeteria • Gift-Wrapping Section Ask in Holmes Restaurant for a Complimentary Copy of a Booklet Giving the Story of the Famous Vieux Carre of New Orleans THERE ' S SO PLACE LIKE Wamm NEW ORLEANS ' QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL TAUGHT BY BROTHERS OF HOLY CROSS Over One Hundred Years In New Orleans INDEX (Continued) Name Halker, G, E. Hall, W. L., Jr. Hallonquist. P. S, Hammons, P. E. Haneman, A. M. Hanemann, A. M, Hardie. P. C. Hardin, J. E. . Harrison, J. M. Harrison, S. Harfman, H. G. .. Hartson, D. W. Harum. S. C Hatticr, J. B Hava, A. R Healy, D. G ,.-., D. J G. I. - J. W R, N „. R. J W. P „. J. C D. I F. W. Healy Hebert, Hebert Hebert, Hebert Hebert, Hccker, Hecker, Heier, L Hempsted R Herbert, J. L. Henoq, L. L. Herti, N. J., Jr. Hesse. R. A Hilbert. A. E. ... Hindclanq, E. H Hingle. R. J. ... Hissonq, J. D. Hoaq, G. B. . Hoqan, J. M Holahan. J. Homrig, H. F. Hoppe, H. B.. Jr Horton, L. H Housand, J. G. Housand, M. B. Housey, L. J Hoyle, F. W Huddleston. A. Hudson. J. A. Huete, F. W. Huete, U. A Hug. D. J Hughes. A. E Huhn. Y. M Hull, R. H „. . Hultberq. J. C Hurdon, J. H. Hyman, J. G. ... Hymel, G. G. Page k1 .. 62 ... 62 .. 73 .. 72 ... 39 .. 72 . 3? ... 51 ... 62 ... 51 ... 72 ... 3? 51 39 62 39 51 ... 72 .. 51 .. 72 ... 72 62 51 .... 39 ... 72 51 ... 73 .... 51 .... 73 ...62 39 39 .... 62 39 ... 73 62 ... 51 39 74 51 39 74 ... 62 62 51 ... 62 39 52 .. 39 . 52 ... 74 .. 62 39 - 62 . 75 Hymel, G. J. 62 Hymel, R. J., Jr .62 -1- Irwin, W. W .. ... 63 Isban P. T. 63 Ilumi, S E. — J — Jackman. J. D .75 .. 52 Jacob. L. F.. Jr .3? Jacobs. H. S 52 63 Jaubert O. M 39 Jenkins, L. A 52 Jensen, A. C -.39 Jewell, J. M. . 75 Jobe, D. 1 63 Joffre, R. R. 63 Jotinson, A. L., Jr 3? Jotlnson B. A .40 Jotinson, E. J. . 52 Jotlnston. A. G. . .46 Jones, C. A., Jr. 52 Jones, O. O ...40 Jones W H 52 , .63 — K— Kammerer. E. J 52 Kaufman, E. 75 57 Keenan, J. B 40 Keenen. M. M. 40 Keiffer, D. G .... - 52 Keller. D. A .52 Kelly. A. E .. 63 Kelly, G. F., Jr. 52 Kelly, H. B., Jr .40 Keppel, F. W. 52 Kerns. G. M .75 Kibbe, E. L. .. 40 Kiefer. L. M., Jr. 75 Kikuchi B. T. -.52 King, S. C. 40 Kirsch, W. B. 40 Kissinger, J. M. 52 Kivett, W. T. .. .. .. 75 Kluchin, J. R. 53 Kluchin, J. S.. Jr. 40 Kloor T H S3 Knowlps, D E, 40 Koch, J, .1 , Jr, 40 Kohoutek. R. L. . 74 Kontos, C. 1 40 Krnnl. gp H .1 63 Kruebbe ' J. W. Jr. 53 Kunti. R. A. 53 241 FRANKLIN PRINTING COMPANY Incorporated JOS. B. DAVID, JR. MARSHALL J. DAVID PRINTING— LITHOGRAPHING OFFICE SUPPLIES CA 9654 63 I Poydras Street II INDEX (Continued) Name Labarre, B. A. . LaCour, L. C. . Laqo, D. M. La Have J. A. Laiche, A. J., J Lala, A. J. La Marca, P. J. Lambert. J. D,. Lamy, H. J. Lamy, R. G. . La Nasd, A. J. La Nasa, J. R. . La Nasa, J. E. Landrieu, J. G. Landrieu, M. E. Landry, D. J. . Landry, M. J. Landry, V. M Lang, P. H. Lanqford, H. T. Lanlus, W. T,. I Lapeyronnie, A. Lapiana. J. V. Laran, R. J. Larue, R. dA. . Laurent, D. M. . Lavie, C. J. Lavllle, J. A. . Le Blanc, C. J. Le Boeuf, A. J. Le Dew, J. R Lefort, C. J. , . Leqrand, M. J. Le Gros, G. F. Leithman, J. K. Lemoine. I. B. Lemoine, W. J., Leon, B. A. Lescale. H. E. Levy, J. A, Levy, G. A. Lewis, G. C. J Lillo. M, LIndquist, D. A. Lintiares, L. M. Linn, P. A. Locantro, J. S. Lo Coco. 5. J, Lonerqan. M. A Long, V. M. Longo. J. Jr. Page 74 53 74 53 63 63 40 63 53 75 75 75 75 53 53 75 63 40 63 53 40 75 53 53 40 75 40 74 74 53 53 74 53 53 40 74 53 74 74 40 74 40 40 41 63 63 53 41 53 53 53 Quality and Service Sell CLOVERLAND PASTEURIZED MILK of Superior Flavor and CLOVERLAND SUPREME ICE CREAM " Deliciously Different " CLOVERLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Division NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. Phone GAlvez 4133 New Orleans, La. Louviere, J. M 75 S3 Lyncli T. J .... 75 Lyttle R. G. Jr. a — M— McAulifle, t. L .41 McClelland. L. L , 75 McCloskey, E. M 74 McFarland. H. G. . 41 McGee. C. L 41 McGinty, B. T 74 McGrau. W. D 74 McHughes. L. M 53 Mcllrec, W. P il McNamara, P. T 54 McRac, K. 74 McTiernan, E. R. . „. 54 Mabite, L. D 74 Macaluso. J. N 41 Madrazo, F. J 74 Magee, H. G ..... (3 Ma gee, O. H 41 Magee, T. B. 74 Maloria, T. 53 Makofsky, B. C ... 41 Makofsky, M. W . 75 Mallette. J, A .... 53 Manning, J. O 41 4, Mansour, A. A. 41 Manuel. K. W. 53 Marcotte. M. T 53 Markezicli, A. R. ... .„ 41 Marquer, C. G 75 Marquer, C. J „.,.. 75 Marquer, J. E. 41 Mart, C, J. (3 Martin, D. S 76 Martini, A. J. . . 53 Marilolf, G. E 41 Massa, A. J 41 Maurln. A. E. 74 May. J. R. .41 Mayer, V. L. 74 Meek, L. C. 41 Melirhoff, L. G, 54 Melancon, E, N. 63 Melancon, J. T. 77 Melancon, P. M. ... . 77 Menard, M. J. 63 Menard, S. J,, Jr . 63 Mercler, A. L. 77 Merle, A. L. .63 Merritt H. M. 77 Mendelson, H, P 77 COMPLIMENTS OF MIKE PERSIA CHEVROLET CO., INC. 300 Block N. Rampart St. New Orleans I 6, Louisiana ALWAYS OPEN SHIPPED ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES Galvez 8119 Audubon 5243 J. KAMBUR CO.JNC Shippers Dealers in High Grade Oysters Shrimp And Sea Foods of All Kinds 129 N, Broad Ave. New Orleans 19, La. For the BEST in Employment A-1 EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Lillian Lee Deslattes, Mgr. 1002 American Bank BIdg. Canal 4241 242 HAUSMANN Incorporafed New Orleans ' Leading Jewelers 730 Canal St. MAKERS OF THE LOYOLA RINGS COMPLIMENTS OF SIMMONS PRESS PRINTERS OF THE MAROON and STUDENT DIRECTORY O ' SHAUGHNESSY BOWLING POOL TABLES RESTAURANT SERVICE STATION Phone for RESERVATIONS, TEMPLE 5577 Home of Loyola Bowling League AIRLINE HIGHWAY AT 17th CANAL FOR YOUR DANCES OUR ORCHIDS AND FLOWERS " FRESH AS THE MORNING DEW " GROWN IN NEW ORLEANS BY Ic LSu GENTILLY TERRACE NURSERY 3333 Gentilly Boulevard New Orleans 17, La. liggestSkowinTown 243 Founded 1847 Over A Century Of Service To The Youth Of New Orleans JESUIT HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE PREPARATORY CLASSICAL — SCIENTIFIC — ACADEMIC COURSES 4533 S. CARROLLTON AVENUE Phone GAlvez 4107 COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. 244 " Jo the KJraduateS We cordially Invite you to become a member of LOYOLA UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION JAMES EVERETT BROWN President WILLIAM E. BLAKE, JR First Vice-President MRS. ROBERT C. KELLEHER Second Vice-President DR. LAWRENCE J. LE BON Secretary P. A. Bl EN VEN U E Treasurer t i CECILIA M. LASHLEY Executive Secretary 245 WHERE FRIENDS MEET TO EAT . . . LOYOLA CAFETERIA Serving • BREAKFAST • LUNCH • SUPPER TRULY ECONOMICAL INSURED SAVINGS CENTRAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 134 CARONDELET STREET Congratulations to the young men and women who have chosen Pharmacy for their life ' s work. In our opinion it ranks among the first of pro- fessions. Whether you are students or graduate Pharmacists, we at all times want to cooperate and encourage you in your work. McKESSON ROBBINS Incorporated NEW ORLEANS DIVISION 246 HOLY NAME OF JESUS PAROCHIAL SCHOOL GRAMMAR AND HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENTS Conducted by the SISTERS OF MERCY COMPLIMENTS OF PHILARISTAI OF LOYOLA UNIVERSITY MRS. CHARLES P. WIRTH, JR. MRS. BENJAMIN H. READ MRS. LOUIS SCHADOWSKY President Vice-President Recording Secretary MRS. LOUIS A. NEWITT . .Corresponding Secretary MRS. WILLIAM J. KELLER Treasurer MRS. VINCENT LAGATUTTA Registrar Merwin, Messina, Meunier Meunier Meynier J. J., J. L. Ill INDEX (Continued; Name H. J. M P. P , P. . Mialiaret, G. J. . Mihoievich, C. F Wilier. A. C. Miller, A. L Miller, B. J. Miller, J. M. Miller, M, Milliet. W. W. Mitchell. P. A. . Mitchell, W. R. . MoisanT, G. A. Moise, A. M. Moleno, E Mollere. O. J. .. Molony. B. A. Monqet, N. G. Monle, E. M. Monjure, J. A. Montagnino, M. Monte, A. L. Montelepre, C Montreuil, l . E Moore, E. A. Mordica, J. Morell, P. A Morici, V. Morris, C. Morris, F. Morris, H Morrison, D. L. Mosgrove, T. H. . Mouledoui, B. C. Mouret. W. J., Jr Moier, M. Murret, C. W. Myler. C. E., Jr. Mylle, L, J M. R J. L. J. — N- Napoli, C. Nastasi, D. Neeb L. NewitI, J. Nicosia. B. Niel, J Nielsen, Nielsen, Nissen, Norris, Nuccio, Nunei B. S. A. C. T T. W. G. A. M. A. M. T. B. N. Page 43 63 54 54 77 77 b4 54 4! 76 41 ki . 76 41 54 ..4I 42 76 63 . 63 42 54 42 .... 42 42 42 . 42 . 64 ...- 77 .......77 . 42 .64 .. .77 ....„...42 54 77 42 . 64 .... ...77 .. ..64 42 6 J ...77 .. 64 ...54 . 64 ...42 ...77 .,76 ...54 ...42 ...54 ...76 .64 Nunei, J. L. .42 Nunei, S. A. 76 Nungesser, K. F, Jr 64 — O— Occhiplnti, M. C ..76 O ' Day, J. C. 51 Odderstill, M B 42 O ' Keefe, M H 76 Olivier, J. L 76 Ortiz-Tulla, N 64 Orti:-Tulla, Y. 76 Oswandel, B S 42 Oustalet, J. A, PaiazoPa, C. S. 77 64 Palmer, C. W. 77 Palmer, M. F. 77 Palmisano, G. S. 6 Papania, F. C. 76 Parent, C. B. . 76 Park, J. H., Jr 64 Parker, A. M, 54 Parrino, M. G. 76 Pastorek, R. A. 6 Patron, D. 6 Pattison, F. L 55 Payne. P. A. 76 Peer W. A 42 Peperone, S. J, „ . 42 Pepper, J. L,. Jr 42 Perei. V. J., Ill . 44 Perret, V. L, . 55 Petersohn. A. W .- .. .42 Pettit G. A. . 55 Peyreqne, L. E. .64 Peytavin, J. L. .... .77 Phillips, R. P. 77 Phillips W. F 55 Phillips, V. A. ...77 Picou, A. B. ...73 Pigeon, R. J .....78 Pilie, M. A „. 78 Pisciotta, J. C . .-. .79 Pittari, A. L 55 PIttman, L. G. -.42 Poche, C. E . 55 Poche, C. J .79 Poirrier, R. A. 43 Polena, L. -....79 Porter, W. 0., Jr ....43 Poupart. A. N, .. .64 Pourciau, L. J 64 .65 Prados, W. O . „.. 55 Praetori ' js, K. N 55 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND INSURED SHARES OFFERING FULL PAID AND INSTALLMENT SHARES Put your idle money to work in an investment that is guaranteed up to $10,000 by an agency of the government O. HUBERT QUINIUS, President F. AUG. WEILBAECHER, Sec. When you need funds quickly for building, re- modeling or bLiyina u e our olan. GLOBE HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION 217 BARONNE ST, 247 COMPLIMENTS OF THE JESUIT FATHERS IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CHURCH NEW ORLEANS COMPLETE LINE OF TROPHIES, DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, LUGGAGE AT GERBER BROTHERS 762 SO. RAMPART MAgnolia 3697 COLUMBIA HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION Ravmond 0743 330 Carondelet St. New Orleans Thrift Protected By Insurance COMPLIMENTS OF MOSSY MOTORS Your Friendly Oldsmobile Dealer " A Nice Place to Do Business " SALES — SERVICE 420 N. Rampart St. CA. 2431 COMPLIMENTS GUY L. DEANO, INC. REALTORS— AUCTIONEERS 347 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS, LA. Phone: RAymond 0727 ' Over 40 years of successful realty managennent " INDEX (Continued) Name Page Prejean, A. L. 55 Price, R. L. 43 Prinna. J. R. 79 Protich. F. A. Jr i1 Provenza, J- 65 Pullen, T. C. 77 - ?- Quenqui, M. V 65 (Pulntero, OP.. — R— Rabb, A. A. 55 55 Rabb, V. A. 79 Raffouich. G. 79 Ragas. L. J -SS 78 Raguso C. 65 Raguso, J. 65 Ramoi, M. N 55 Randolph, J, D. 65 Randon, R. L. 43 Rapier, E. S. 43 Rapooid, 1. M. 43 Rareshide, C. 78 Rallier, V. M 78 Road. J. M. ,. 43 Redmann. R. C 79 Redmann, R. P. 79 Redman.T W. V. 79 Reed. C B .. 43 Reed, F. J . 43 Reed r, B 79 Reinberg, H. 55 Reine, L. W 55 Reine. M. A. 43 Rernecke. J. A 43 Reinecke, R. 3 43 Rhodes, J. E 79 Richard, G. H 7 " Richdrd, J. F 65 Richards, J 55 Ricker, J. A. 79 Ricl(Oll, C A. 43 Riera. J. M 73 Rieth, W. J. 65 Riley, M. E 55 Rivera, A. L , 55 Rivera, M. A .55 Robert. J. C. 55 Roberts, A. R. . . . 55 Robichaux, J. V. 43 Rod, R. 78 Rodehorst, A. J.. Jr. 43 Rodi, A. G. 65 Rodriguez, C. V 45 Rodriguez, D. R ... 78 Rodriguez, F. J 43 Rogers, L. M 43 Rojas, J. A, 73 Roos, J. M 43 Rosado, L. 78 Rosenzweig, R. B. . . .43 Rotolo, R. 43 Rouillard, P. L. .45 Roussel, J. J 78 Roussel M. C „ 45 Roy, L, 78 Rubin, L. T. 79 Russo, A. K. 45 Russo. V. J., Jr 44 Rutledge, P, P 7» Ryan, J, R, ,, 55 — S— St, Germaine, J. M 79 St. Mard, j. M „„ 78 Salande, J. J. 44 Sanchez. W. R. 78 Sanchoz. J. M. 45 Sanders, F. D., Jr 44 Sanguity, A. .44 Sansone. C. D. . .78 Sansovich. L. C. . . 55 Santiago, M ..78 Santiago. W. ... ..44 Saporitto. C. J. . . . 78 Sartin, J. M . 44 Satterlec, S. C. 45 Satterlee. K., Jr. 55 Satterlee. V. M. 78 Saucier, A. N 44 Scaglione, J. C. .. 78 Scaico, A. N 55 Schaaf, M. E 45 SchafI, Val H 44 Schang, D. E 45 Scharfenstein, L. J „46 Scheib, B. A ., 79 Scheib. F, M 55 Schiele, R. J 79 Schilling, L. O. .44 Schindler, L. G . „ 45 Schindler, N. H : .55 Schiro, M. J. „5S Schneider. S. H „..79 Schoemann. R. R „55 Schott, P. M. .44 Schiambra, J. H. , 54 Schroeder, W. J. Jr. .,. ...44 Schrum, J. H. 44 Schubert, E. M 80 Schutzmann, R. L , " 65 248 INDEX (Continued) Name Page Sciortino. P. J. ... „...eO Scully, A. J. 44 Seghers. D. J. . . . 80 Seghers, M T. . . . 44 Seiferth, C N. . .54 Sckinger, D J . . 56 Selby, S. M .. 81 Semmes, f M. 81 Sentell, C. H. 81 Shambra. M. J. 81 Shane, L. A .65 Shearman, R F 44 Sheehan, J M .. . . 81 Shinn, R. R . 81 Shubert, F, J .44 Shuster, W C. 5t Sikes, H. E 54 Silvestri, J. G., Jr. 45 Simon, CM. 45 Simoneaux, E. W 54 Sliinner, E. K 81 Smart, H. G „ 44 Smith, C. O 80 Smith, J. C. „ 80 Smith, M 44 Smuck, E. A. 54 Sommers, W, J. „ 44 Sonnier, C. H „ 80 Spedale, J. A 44 Speyrer, J. A 54 Spillers. W. W 44 Stafford, J. B 81 Stagq, S. J., Jr 54 Stamps, S. M 54 Standard. W. C. 45 Staples. E. L. .„ 46 Starns, R. N. 54 Stearns. R. I 81 Steckel. J. E 45 Stehling. A. M 45 Stelly, D. J „,„ 81 Stevens, E. L 81 Stevens, H. M. 81 Stewart, T. G. Jr. 54 Stich. O. P. . 65 Stieb, G. F. 43 Stiegler, K. R 8 Stone, T. J 45 Stula, K. L. 81 Sturken, R. A 83 Styron, D. H 60 Styron, R. A „ 80 Suffren, M. L 81 Sullivan. A. M 81 Sullivan, B. M 45 Sullivan. M. N „ 45 Sutton. J. M. 81 — T— Tagliarinni, E. K. .-- 56 Talluto, P. J 54 Tamburello, A. F. 54 Tamburo. A. M. 56 Tanner. E. G. 56 Taormina. C. M. .., 65 Tassin, A. E 44 Tassin. M. A ..., 81 Taylor. R. H 81 Tetlow. B. 81 Thevenotc, D J 45 Thibodeaux, E J 81 Thines, M. 45 Thomas. J. D 45 Tierney, T. J 54 Tin, G. G. 80 Tipton, B. R 44 Toca, J. D-, Jr 56 Toledano. R. J 45 Toler, W. F. 80 Tomlln. A. J 56 Toner. B. P. 45 Toppino. M. A.. Jr. 66 Totaro. J. 45 Toups, E. J 54 Toups, W. O - 45 Trahan, O, J 45 Trelles, G. H 80 Trenchard. H. A 45 Trepagnier, H, E 80 Trinchard, P. E 46 Trochesset, H. J. 80 Tropea, J. C. 4d Truax, A. J. 80 Truiillo, C. J 54 Tuiague, L. E. 80 Tujaque, R- A- 45 ALL INFORMAL PHOTOS IN THIS BOOK TAKEN BY III ss CIIESSON Complete Lines TEETH DENTAL GOLDS DENTAL SUPPLIES DENTAL EQUIPMENT DENTAL SUPPLIES INC. Serving You Since 1922 227 Dauphine RA 6231 MANRESA HOUSE CONVENT, LOUISIANA REV. J. W. HYNES, SJ. American Bank Building NEW ORLEANS RAymond 7171 of course, it ' s MB ' s Store-for-Men witli a ail time . . . aaiciunc . . . . . . ami Anoi ' ii-tinic annarvl for smart young men who know the importance of wearing quality clothing . . . and appreciate the budget-wary prices! First Floor Maison Blanche 249 ' : S For Better Photography 125 Camp Street New Orleans liaiili L ' J on ciciiihi, KJi ' CiauateSj ana S tiiaenis ol oLoijola ulniuersitu, j-or tlic nrivelecic ol Servina iioii aiirino the past itear, ana j-or the manii liannu lyusineSS relations tiiis Service liaS occasioned, we n to ex ten a our arate iil annrecicition. WIS trust we mail Serve uou acjain 11 uou aai JJjunticate nliotogranlis are available at all times. 250 PRINTING AND BINDING OF THE BY 1951 WOLF 1 AMERICAN PRINTING NEW ORLEANS, LA. COMPANY i INDEX (Continued) Page 56 81 45 81 80 66 Veillon E A 80 Name 45 Tumminello, M. M. Tumminello, V, V. Tusa, P, C. . Tusa, V. P Vesich. A. J,, Jr 46 46 Viger, J, W. Vila, G. T - Vinet V J 80 46 80 — U— Uhlich R F 66 Vinot, M. E -..., Vision. P - Vizii, R. L. Vuillemot, D. A, 46 80 66 80 Urresti M. R. — W— Utedd C A, 66 Uiee, E. P. 66 Watlcins, W M. ,. 56 Wilson. C, R,, Jr „ 56 Wax G L - 56 Wimberly, B. L- 46 Weathersby, H 46 Wingertet, G. R — -80 Weber, B. U. .. 56 Wirth. J. H- 80 Weelis ' J. M. 46 Wisdom, C 64 Wegmann, J, M. - 56 WHteliopp, A. J. 81 Weil J. R. 81 Wolfe, J Waquespack, R. S. 56 Whitney. T, J - 46 Waquespacli, W. J. 80 Wiclier, M. P 46 Weingart A. M 80 Woods, J T 46 Welsh A. T. - - 46 Woods, K, M, 46 Welsh ' C. E - 80 Woods, W. L - „ - - 44 Weyman J. B. - 66 Wood. W. T. 64 White b J . 56 Worrel, J. E. - 46 White ' D. R. 46 Wright, J, L., Jr 56 White, W. R.. Jr 46 Whiteman, G. D. - 80 Y— Yuratich, J. P. Wallace E. A 46 Wilken. L. O.. Jr - 46 Vacanti A. M . 66 Wallbillich. T J 81 Wilkinson, G. M - 80 Valladares, H. 46 Walsh. W. P. „ „ 66 Wille. G. R. - 80 —2 Valentino L. J. 45 Wambsgans. A. W - . 46 Williams, J A - 46 Vandevoorde J P. 45 Ward L. W. 66 Williams, R D 56 Zimmerman, B. A, Van Geffen ' c. D. 45 Waterson, J. A. 56 Williams, R E. 56 Vaziana, A. M. 56 Watkins. F. T. 46 Williams, R, P 66 c ENGRAVING FOR THE 1951 WOLF H. L DT PEACE ENGRAVING COMPANY NEW ORLEANS, LA. 251 THE ADVERTISERS in this Book render a great service to you in making it possible for you to get a better book at the same minimum cost. Express your appreciation by patronizing them. They have been true friends of Loyola and deserve your con- sideration. THE WOLF STAFF SO ENDS THE TALE OF THE WOLF 252

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