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Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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L O Y O LA EAST . . . ompiled and Published by the CLASS OF 195,1 We, the elass qe 1951, Loyola Eollege, BaltimorE, Maryland, dedicale Ihis book to the beloved REV. JOHN J. SEANLAN, Society of Jesus, Professor of Ethics and Senior Religion. REV. THOMAS J. MURRAY, S. J. President, Loyola College Graduation messages date back a very long way. One of the first that I recall was that of Christ to His apostles at the last supper. They were graduating from His school; three years He had taught them and trained them. Now they were about to go forth into the world, an uncertain world, and so the theme of Christ ' s discourse was Encouragement and Love. His words were designed to give them strength and life through the stormy days ahead. These two ideas: Go forth in strength, and courage, have been more or less the theme of all commencement speakers ever since. In Christ ' s Commencement Address, two things stand out. First, the love of His heart pouring itself out in farewell to these men who had been with Him. Rough, unlettered men they were when they came to His school; uncouth, stupid at times, yet surprisingly loyal and very whole-heartedly for Him. The second thought He repeats over and over again. He will not leave them orphans. In His tender love He will give them something better than His mere bodily presence and com- panionship. His Holy Spirit will be given to guide and help them; His grace, a light to the intellect, a strength to the will; making their souls His temple and the abode of the Most Holy Trinity. This remembrance of Cod ' s presence and assistance would strengthen them and give them courage in the face of all the future could hold. I will be with you He had said; and they soon discovered that one with God is a major- • . ity. This supernatural outlook, this outlook of Christ ' s first graduating class is the greatest gift Loyola has given you. May you keep it always. THOMAS J. MURRAY, SJ. President, Loyola College REV. JOSEPH K. DRANE, S. J. Dean, Loyola College TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1951 My brief connection with Loyola College and yourselves does not allow me to address you here with the same personal intimacy which other members of our Faculty have enjoyed with you. None the less, 1 believe that I can say that, during your last year here at Loyola, I have observed among the members of your class tokens of the maturer point of view that comes with the completion of the courses in a Jesuit College. I believe that many of you have demon- strated your appreciation of the responsibilities of a Catholic College Graduate. You recognize the obligation you now have of carrying into your various occupational environments your knowledge of Catholic Culture, Catholic Ideals, and your Catholic Religion. You are aware that the contribution, which our Democracy needs to receive, of Catholic thought and Catho- lic good example must come from yourselves. I am confident you understand these state- ments and the obligations they connote for your- selves. It is my sincerest wish that your com- munity will profit by your living up to them and that you will thrive by exercising them. I hope that your connection with Loyola College and with the advancement of Catholic Education will continue. I hope you will in- creasingly become aware that what this little College has tried to do for you, you must try to do for others through this same Catholic In- stitution. The work of Catholic Education is far too serious and far too vast for me not to remind you that you must remain actively interested in it. Sincerely, Dean (REV.) JOSEPH K. DRANE, S. J. FRANCES ALAN MEEHAN In 1949 Al was stricken with polio. He was in his sophomore year at Loyola. His illness forced him to withdraw from school. By virtue of great personal courage and intestinal fortitude, Al has returned to Loyola, though handicapped as he is. We sincerely thank Al Meehan for showing us how to turn defeat into victory. 6 GEORGE W. FITZPATRICK, JR. Vice President EDWARD EARL HOWSER, JR. T reasurer Senior CLii Offi icer6 L JOHN JOSEPH GARLAND President JAMES FRANCIS HUBBARD Secretary di lA (tone . . . FRANK PEARSON AMES B.S. II JOHN FRANCIS CALLAHAN B.S. I OTTO CHRISTIAN BEYER B.S. I 8 i6 ourd • • • ly lctori ¥ THOMAS KENNEY CAREY B.S. II WILLIAM JOSEPH CHARBONEAU B.S. I graduates 1951 JOHN EVERETT CHANEY B.S. I JOSEPH LEASON COLBOURN A.B. EUGENE FRANCIS CONROY A.B. tLo THOMAS WELLS COLE B.S. II • • • HERMAN LOUIS CROWLEY B.S. I are EUGENE PATRICK CORRIGAN, JR. A.B. ROBERT FRANCIS DAVIS Ph.B. ome wear a 12 • • • in the WILLIAM LATHAM DAVIS, JR. Ph.B. JOHN JOSEPH DOYLE Ph.B. ad EDWARD ALOYSIUS DOUGHERTY B.S. I a • • • 13 “J!” on reen an JOHN JOSEPH DYER, III B.S. II MARTIN JEROME FELDMAN B.S. I duateA 1951 CARL LOUIS ECKELS A.B. 14 we Ld • • • JOHN JOSEPH GARLAND SPECIAL L VINCENT NELSON GALLAGHER, JR. B.S. II LAURENCE R. GODEY Ph.B FRANCIS GEORGE HINKLEMAN A.B. 1951 17 HOWARD LEE HOFFMAN B.S. I. Some douLted til ei cou Id. FRANK RUSSEL KIMMEL A.B. graduates 1931 20 WILLIAM STAPLETON KNEAVEL, JR. B.S. II JEROME JOSEPH KOZAK A.B. i a(luate5 1951 21 EDWIN BERNARD LEIMKUHLER Ph. B. ANTHONY ADAM LEWANDOWSKI A.B. DEAN DE WITT LEWIS B.S. I. THOMAS H. LIND B.S. LL GEORGE ARTHUR MAYNES B.S. I JOSEPH FRANCIS McCALL A.B. 0 ' MT ' X V A HERBERT MEINERT Ph. B. 24 DAVID KINSEY METZGER B.S. I FRANCIS P. MILLER B.S. II X aw EDWARD HOHMAN MILLER A.B. WILLIAM JAMES MONAGHAN B.S. I i ou FREDERICK JEROME MUTH A.B. GUY DAVID NOTTINGHAM Ph. B. graduated 1951 JOHN THOMAS OASTER B.S. II WO i ij oar man • • ROBERT LOUIS OWEN Ph. B. ew the eide s . . . 29 graduated 1 51 EDWARD ANDREW SCHNEIDER Ph. B. we tart another jolj . . . ROBERT JAMES SEIFERT B.S. I 30 JOSEPH HENRY SEIPP A.B. FRANK JOSEPH STASS B.S. II teii wLat it • • GEORGE LEO STEVENS Ph. B. 95 GERALD J. ULHORN Ph. B. FRANCIS XAVIER TRAINOR Ph. B. graduates 1951 ROBERT LEE STOUT B.S. I ms ' m- 33 PAUL ROBERT WEISS Ph.B. graduates 1951 34 graduates 1 93 THOMAS VERNON WELSH B.S. II L ere 6 ou r FRANCIS THOMAS ZITO A.B. BUFORD CRAWFORD ZEPHYR B.S. II 35 i Well, here it is, gentlemen; righ t in the back of the section, as far removed from where you wanted it as possible. But it really could not be helped! You see, we were pressed for time, labor, and space. And, of course, the saving grace of other faces, those amongst us of modest nature, those who have little to recall of college life than an honest endeavor at scholarship. Your edi- tors are not among the least of these. Finding ourselves totally lacking in personality, we wish to conceal ourselves amid the glory of those students renowned for achievements outside the dull routine of education by osmosis (Thank you, Fr. Walsh!). FRANK PEARSON AMES, BS II; 908 East Joppa Rd., Towson, Maryland. Intramural Basketball and Football; Sodality. JOSEPH EDWARD AYD, BS I; 2825 Windsor Ave., Baltimore 16, Maryland. OTTO CHRISTIAN BEYER, BS I; 443 Yale Ave., Baltimore 29, Maryland. JOSEPH ALFRED BOULAY, BS I; 3306 N. Hilton St., Baltimore, Mary- land. Varsity Soccer, Greyhound staff. Evergreen Quarterly, Mendel Club, Chemistry Club, Sodality. HARRY STONE BROOKS, BS I ' l; 920 W. Lake Ave., Baltimore 10, Maryland. Lacrosse. JOHN FRANCIS CALLAHAN, BS I; 1300 Crofton Rd., Baltimore 12, Maryland. Cross Country Team - Manager, Mendel Club, Orchestra, Sodality. THOMAS KENNY CAREY, BS II; 2005 Elsinor Ave., Baltimore 16, Mary- land. FREDERICK T. CAROZZA, AB; 5217 York Rd., Baltimore 12, Maryland. Sodality, Lacrosse, Mendel Club, Intramural Football, Block L Club. JOHN EVERETT CHANEY, BS I; 604 Nicoll Ave., Baltimore 12, Mary- land. Chemistry Club, Greyhound — Circulation Manager, Dramatics Society, Rifle Club, Junior Sodality. 8 WILLIAM JOSEPH CHARBONEAU, BS I; 3300 Forest Park Ave., Balti- more, Maryland. Baseball Team - Manager, Intramural Basketball and Football. JAMES B. CHEATHAM, BS I; 117 W. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore, land. Dramatic Club, Evergreen Quarterly - Copy Editor, Mendel THOMAS FRANCIS COADY, AB; 4706 Roland Ave., Baltimore 23, land. Mary- Club. Mary- JOSEPH LEASON COLBOURN, AB; 1433 William St., Baltimore 30, Mary- land. THOMAS WELLS COLE, BS I; 2300 Monticello Rd., Baltimore 16, Mary- land. Junior Sodality, Accounting Club, Social Science Club, Zeta Eta Theta - Treasurer ' 50. EUGENE F. CONROY, AB; 3026 Barclay St., Baltimore 18, Maryland. EUGENE P. CORRIGAN, JR., AB; 3764 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville 15, Florida. Student Council - Secretary; The Greyhound - Editor; NFCCS- Senior Delegate, Regional Secretary; Cosmopolitan Club - President: Mask and Rapier Society; Junior Sodality; Intramural Basketball; Evergreen Quarterly - contributor; Chapel Fund Drive-student committee; Junior Prom Committee. JAMES CARTER CREMEN, BS I; 5018 Denmore Ave., Baltimore 15, Maryland. EDWARD ALOYSIUS DAUGHERTY, BS I; 3041 Abell Ave., Baltimore 1 8, Maryland. ROBERT FRANCIS DAVIS, Ph. B.; 745 McCabe Ave., Baltimore 12, Maryland. WILLIAM LATHAM DAVIS, JR., Ph. B.; 2108 Camille Ave., Richmond 28, Virginia. JOHN JOSEPH DOYLE, Ph B; 2685 University Ave., Bronx 63, New York. Basketball Team - Varsity Squad; Intramural Basketball, Bas.eball Team; Cosmopolitan Club. JOHN JOSEPH DYER III, BS II; 909 Belgian Ave., Baltimore 18, Mary- land. Senior Sodality, Accounting Club, Social Science Club, International Relations Club, Zeta Eta Theta - Secretary ' 50, Intramural Football, Tennis. JOSEPH JAMES FERRARO, Ph. B; 923 E. Montpelier St., Baltimore 18, Maryland. GEORGE WHEELER FITZ PATRICK, JR., Ph B; 427 Wingate Rd., Balti- more 10, Maryland; Debating Society, Greyhound - Alumni Girculation Manager; Sodality - Secretary; Senior Class-Vice President; Murphy Cold Medal; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. JOSEPH EDWARD FREDERICKS, BS II; 4913 Belair Rd., Baltimore 6, Maryland. Varsity Swimming Team, Dramatic Society, Social Science Club - Treasurer ' 49, President ' 50; Student Council; Chairman of Freshman Hazing and Pup Cap Committee - ' 48; Intramural Golf Champion ' 49; Intramural Football and Basketball; Zeta Eta Theta Fraternity. ROBERT FRANCIS FREEZE, AB; 3239 Abell Ave., Baltimore 18, Mary- land. The Greyhound, Sodality, International Relations Club, Student Coun- cil, Prom Committee, NSA, NFCCS, Block L Club - Vice President; Athletic Association - Vice President; Lacrosse Team; Intramural Sports; Intercol- legiate badminton. VINCENT ELSON GALLAGHER, JR., B.S. II; 1440 Baltimore Pike, Rt. No. 3, Media, Pennsylvania. Block L, Cosmopolitan Club, Varsity, Basket- ball, Co-Captain Basketball Team Senior Year, Lacrosse, Track. JOHN JOSEPH GARLAND, B.S. I; 1407 William St., Baltimore 30, Mary- land. Chemistry Club (Vice President Senior Year), Math Club, Greyhound, Sodality, Class President Senior Year, Student Council. DONALD MICHAEL CILLOTTI, B.S. II; 2029 Cwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore 7 Maryland. Block L Club, Sodality, Veterans Club, Lacrosse, Intramural Athletics Boosters Club. LAURENCE R. GODEY, Ph. B.; 3746 Beech Ave., Baltimore 11, Maryland. Glee Club (Vice President Senior Year) Mask and Rapier Dramatic Soci- ety, Sodality, Junior and Senior Prom Committees, Mendel Club, Swimming Team. JOHN ROBERT GODWIN, B.S. I; 747 Anneslie Rd., Baltimore 12, Mary- Maryland. Social Science Club, Robert Bellarmine Debating Society, ARTHUR LINDLEY HARRYMAN, B.S. II; 2901 Allendale Rd., Balti- more 16, Maryland. Intramural Basketboll and Football. FRANCIS GEORGE HINKLEMAN, B.S. II; 4219 Old Frederick Rd., Balti- more 29, Maryland. Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball, Intramural Football. HOWARD LEO HOFFMAN, B.S. I; 2808 Echodale Ave., Baltimore 14, Maryland. EDWARD EARL HOWSER, JR., B.S. II; 1200 Circle Dr., Arbutus 27, Maryland. Senior Class Treasurer, Junior Prom Committee, Intramural Football and Basketball. JAMES FRANCIS HUBBARD, A.B.; 1709 Levering Ave., Elkridge 27, Mary- land. Sodality — Vision Staff (1-2) S.S.C.A. Representatived -3) Corre- sponding Secretary (2) Vice Prefect (4); Glee Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Secretary of Senior Class, Junior Prom Committee. FRANCIS RUSSELL KIMMEL, A.B.; 3549 Newland Rd., Baltimore 18, Maryland. Sodality, Lacrosse, Basketball Team - B Squad, Block L Club, Treasurer Block L Club. WILLIAM LEANDER JOHNSON, B.S. II; 2816 Pelham Ave., Baltimore 13, Maryland. Varsity Basketball, Freshman Basketball Coach, Block L Club, Boosters Club. BROTHER CAMILLUS KELLY, CFX; B.S. I; Mt, St. Joseph ' s College, Baltimore, Maryland. JOHN JOSEPH KELLY, JR., B.S. I; 17: Maryland. WILLIAM EUGENE KLARNER, B.S. II; 1514 Pentridge Rd., Baltimore, Maryland. Social Science Club, Robert Ballarmine Debating Society, Swimming Team - Captain, Mason Dixon Champion, Record Holder 200 yard Breast Stroke, Winner South Atlantic Championship. WILLIAM STAPLETON KNEAVEL, JR., B.S. II; 10 Middleton Ct., Balti- more 12, Maryland. Sodality, Jr. Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee. JEROME JOSEPH KOZAK, A.B.; 2400 E. Llewelyn Ave., Baltimore 13, Maryland. EDWIN BERARD LEIMKUHLER, PhN. B.; AS; 803 Belgian Ave., Balti- more 18, Maryland. President Sophomore and Junior Classes, Member Student Council, junior Sodality. ROLAND DOMINGO LACSON, Ph. B.; 4513 Schenley Rd., Baltimore 10, Maryland. ANTHONY ADAM LEWANDOWSKI, A.B.; 309 E. Orchard Ave., Baltimore 25, Maryland. Mendel Club - Sergeant at Arms, Philosophy Seminar, De- bating Society. DEAN DEWITT LEWIS, B.S. I; 5404 Burlington Way, Baltimore 12, Mary- land. Mendel Club, Sodality. THOMAS HENRY LIND, B.S. II; 248 Rodgers Forge Rd., Baltimore, Maryland. Block L Club, Baseball Team, Soccer, Veterans Club, Basket- ball - B Squad, Boosters Club, Intramural Champion. GEORGE ARTHUR MAYNES, B.S. I; 5110 Whiteford Ave., Baltimore 12, Maryland. Chemistry Club, Sodality, Intramural Athletics. JOSEPH FRANCIS McCALL, A.B.; 716 Crantley St., Baltimore 29, Mary- land. Glee Club - Tenor Soloist. PHILIP ANDREW McCORMICK, B.S. 1; 423 E. Lake Ave., Baltimore 12, Maryland. Chemistry Club, Swimming Team - Co-Captain; Sodality, Chess Club, Block L Club. THOMAS DAVID McDERMOTT, B.S. II; 4204 Massachusetts Ave., Balti- more 29, Maryland. Lacrosse Team, Tennis Team - Captain, Basketball Team - B Squad, Glee Club - Secretary. HERBERT HENRY MEINERT, Ph. B.; 4638 York Rd., Baltimore 12, Maryland. Basketball Team - Co-Captain; Block L Club; Junior Sodality, Math Club, Yearbook - Business Manager, DAVID KINSEY METZGER, B.S. I; Ashton, Maryland. Sodality, Track Team, Mendel Club - Vice President, Chemistry Club, Intramural Sports, Prom Committee. FRANCIS P. MILLER, B.S. II; 6401 Frederick Ave., Catonsville 28, Mary- land. Junior Sodality, Rifle Club, Social Science Club, Intramural Sports. EDWARD HOHMAN MILLER, A.B.; 308 Rossiter Ave., Baltimore 12, Maryland. Intramural Athletics, Sodality, NSA, Lacrosse, Swimming Team - Co-Captain, Block L Club - President, Athletic Club - President, Student Council - Treasurer. WILLIAM JAMES MONAGHAM, B.S. I; 2835 Rayner Ave., Baltimore 16, Maryland. Tennis Team - B Squad, Varsity Tennis Team Manager, Basketball - Manager, Chemistry Club, Mendel Club. FREDERICK JEROME MUTH, A.B.; 1726 Hilyarr Rd., Baltimore 14, Maryland. Senior Sodality, Soccer, Junior and Senior Prom Committee. GUY DAVID NOTTINGHAM, Ph. B., 3200 Ellerslie Ave., Baltimore 18, Maryland. Mask and Rapier Society. JOHN THOMAS OASTER, B.S. II; 2230 Crest Rd., Baltimore 9, Mary- land. Junior Class - Vice President, Junior Prom Committee, Sodality - Vice Prefect, Social Science Club, I.R.C., Greyhound, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Block L Club. ROBERT LOUIS OWEN, Ph. B.; 926 Litchfield Rd., Baltimore, 12, Mary- land. Veterans Club, Married Men ' s Club, Band, Editor of Evergreen Annual, Student Council. JOSEPH VALENTINE PASKA, Ph. B.; 1731 E. 35th St., Baltimore 18, Maryland. Junior Sodality, Glee Club, Greyhound, Dramatic Society, Pi- nochle Club. LOUIS DOUGLAS PFEIFFER, Ph. B.; 5102 Walther Blvd., Baltimore 14, Maryland. Math Club - President, Math Librarian. JOHN EDWARD SCHANBERCER, A.B., 3503 Berwyn Ave., Baltimore 7, Maryland. Sodality, Greyhound, Block L Club, Sophomore Class - Vice President, Junior Class - Secretary; Mendel Club - Secretary, Basketball - B Squad, Tennis - B Squad, Intramurals. JOHN NORMAL SCHMITT, JR., B.S. II; 3010 Presbury St., Baltimore 16 Maryland. WILLIAM THOMAS SCHMITZ JR., B.S. I; 3108 Howard Park Ave., Bal- timore, Maryland. Math Club. EDWARD ANDREW SCHNEIDER, Ph. B.; 3625 Edmondson Ave., Balti- more 29, Maryland. ROBERT JAMES SEIFFERT, B.S. I; 305 Tuscany Rd., Baltimore, Mary- land. Sodality, Math Club, JOSEPH H. SEIPP, A.B.; 3500 Echodale Ave., Baltimore, Maryland. Men- del Club, Chemistry Club. DONALD LEO SMITH, B.S. 1; 3522 Forest Hill Rd., Baltimore, Maryland. Chemistry Club, Greyhound - Circulation Staff. ALEXANDER SPOCK, B.S. I; 5007 Frederick Ave., Baltimore, Maryland. Home Address; 826 Pine St., Kulpmont, Pennsylvania. Student Coun- cil, Mendel Club - President, Chemistry Club, Philosophy Meyer Cold Medal. FRANK JOSEPH STASS, B.S. II; 122 S. Wolfe St., Baltimore 31, Mary- land. Sodality, Intramural Basketball. GEORGE LEO STEVENS, Ph. B.; 7810 Ardmore Ave., Baltimore 14, Mary- land. ROBERT LEE STOUT, Ph. B.; U. S. Naval Proving Grounds, Dahlgren, Virginia. History Academy, Chemistry Club, Mendel Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Philosophy Seminar. FRANCIS XAVIAR TRAINOR, Ph. B., A.S.N.; 1302 Thomas St., Arling- ton, Virginia. Debating Society, Greyhound, Evergreen Quarterly, Sodality, Student Council - President, Intramural Football and Softball. GERALD J. UHLHORN, Ph. B.; 1448 W. Fayette St., Baltimore 23, Mary- land. Greyhound - Circulation Manager, Mask and Rapier Dramatic Soci- ety - President, Evergreen Quarterly - Circulation Manager. SYLVESTER LEO VAETH, A.B.; 214 Church Lane, Baltimore 8, Maryland. Sodality, Mendel Club, Chemistry Club, Varsity Baseball. PAUL THOMAS WAGNER, B.S. I; 3112 Normount Ave., Baltimore 16, Maryland. Chemistry Club, Secretary Chemistry Club. THOMAS VERNON WELSH, B.S. II, 3502 Sequoia Ave., Baltimore 15, Maryland. Intramural Football and Baseball. PAUL ROBERT WEISS, Ph. B.; 5225 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Maryland. JOHN PARKER WINTERSON, B.S. II; 2914 Harford Rd., Baltimore 18, Maryland. Basketball Team, Freshman Basketball Coach. BUFORD CRAWFORD ZEPHIR, B.S. II; 52 E. Randall St., Baltimore, Maryland. Basketball Team, Freshman Basketball Coach. FRANCIS THOMAS ZITO, A.B.; 505 Regester Ave., Baltimore 12, Mary- land. Sodality, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Greyhound. - • I I f ' « ‘ ' wrr v ' C’y • ?TTiT?rr|!r Many ore the pearls of wisdom that have bounced around this holl; never hit us hough ' ’ ' ’“ S ALDERMAN BARTOLOMEO ALEXANDER BATEMAN ARENA BATTAGLIA BALLARD BUMCARTNER BAMBERGER BEAVEN BLAIR BOLLINGER BRADLEY CALABRESE CREAMER CLECKNER DIEGO COLBURN DITTO CONNOLLY EICHELMAN COOK FAIRBANKS FARABAUCH FARRELL FARRELL FITZPATRICK GEHRINC CORELICK FICK FINNEGAN CIBLIN CRAHN GREEN GROSS HARMON HEALY MARX HOCKWORTH HOOPER JANISH JUDGE PANUSKA KIMMERLEIN KRESSLEIN LAFFERTY LEM LEONARD MC CUIRE MANGER MC COMAS MC EVOY MEARS MENTON MURN MUSACCHIO NORRIS O ' NEILL KELLEY PARSONS PARSONS PETERS POTTHAST PALLO REICHARDT RAEDER PUGH PULA ROHR ROSE RUTLER SCHNEIDER SERIO THOMAS SISSION SNEERINGER SOUTHERINCTON SPARTANA SPELLACY SEAL VERDERAIME WAGNER WILHELMSEN “BOH IS BOHEMIAN— You get real Bohemian flavor at its brilliant best in Boh” — National Bohemian. Oh boy, what a beer! PREMIUM IS PILSENER — Prefer Pilsener? Then you’ll be pals with National Premium. It’s mellow. . .dehcate. It’s the true Pilsener! HATIONAL BOHEMIAN •t OA a Beer’’ NATIONAL PREMIUM T e P ner }h( t C ofce P The National Brewing Company Baltimore 24, Maryland ORDER YOUR FAVORITE— TODAY! HOWARD and CROSS STREETS Addison Clarke Brothers IRON and STEEL Geo. W. Fitzpatrick BALTIMORE, MARY LAN D Telephone: PLaza 4964 Francis C, Dorsey Incorporated PLUMBING • HEATING ELECTRICAL • SHEET METAL The Arundel Brooks Concrete Corp. 24-Hour Service 4520 SCHENLEY ROAD Pre-Mixed Concrete Certified Quality from Ride Grated Materials YELLOW and BELLE ISLE CABS exclusively Office and Plant: 921 SOUTH WOLFE STREET MOTOR SERVICE, INC. 11 East 21st Street BALTIMORE 31, MARYLAND WOLFE 8200 Cadillac Repairs THE ARUNDEL CORPORATION BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND Dredging - Construction Studebaker Eskridge-Knell Motors, Inc. 3903 Liberty Heights Avenue Baltimare 7, Maryland MOhawk 8600-01 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Engineering and Distributors of Sand - Gravel - Stone and Commercial Slag Interested in Education? THE GRADUATE DIVISION of LOYOLA COLLEGE offers THE MASTER ' S DEGREE IN EDUCATION FOR MEN and WOMEN Harry E. Hart Michael L. Clank MEYER HART CLARK and TRANSFER CO. THALHEIMER MOTOR TRUCK SERVICE PRINTERS 1625 Ridgely Street Baltimore 30, Md. 10-12 North Howard Street Baltimore 1, Maryland Local and Long Phone Distance Lexington Hauling 1757 ALL SAINTS CHURCH 4408 Liberty Heights Avenue REVEREND JOSEPH A. ELLS Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND FIGHT Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 51 from THE BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO. CANCER POTTHAST BROTHERS, INC. 924 N. Charles Street The EDDIE LEONARD SPORTING GOODS CO. 169 Conduit Street Annapolis, Maryland OFFICIAL ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS to LOYOLA COLLEGE WEISS MOTOR COMPANY Ford Sales and Service 31 WEST MT. ROYAL AVE. MARTIN J. BARRY, JR. LINCOLN and MERCURY Sales and Service 1700 North Charles Street JAMES J. LACY, JR. Insurance Any Kind Automobile Fire Life Associated with Riggs - Warfield - Roloson 129 E. Redwood Street Baltimore 2, Md. LExington 4535 Residence Phone: BEImont 6207 OTOOLE-GENERAL TIRE CO. 10 E. Mt. Royal Avenue PLaza 8000 Compliments of A FRIEND THE MAY CO. Compliments W. P. WITTELSBERGER Adding Machine Sales and Service 25 W. North Ave. SArotogo 2134 of Compliments of A FRIEND THE KIEFER Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 51 ARMIGER CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION FOUNDATION SHELLHASE ' S RESTAURANT The Finest in Seafood 412 N. Howard St. Baltimore, Md. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND ST. AGNES HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING For information write the Director The Big Home Furnishing Store Where You Feel at Home FOUR BESCHE BROS. 1 6 Floors to choose from Television and Electric Refrigerators 1041-43-45-47 Light Street Baltimore Contractors INCORPORATED BUILDERS AND ENGINEERS Broadway 2800 Best Wishes LOYOLA COLLEGE GRADUATE DIVISION Rev. Arthur A. North, S. J. Dean M. J. BOLLINGER J. EDW. BOLLINGER Bollinger Brothers SHAG ROOFING — SHEET METAL WORK SLATE, TILE AND METAL ROOFS Repairing a Specialty HOPKINS 7310 2810 Hampden Ave. Baltimore, Md. Phone: PLAZA 2510 Compliments of D. CALLAHAN SONS SEAFOOD the Lexington Market — Hollins Market Baltimore Life Baltimore, Maryland — Insurance Co, Compliments of LEXINGTON C. MARKLAND KELLY 7900 President KELLY BUICK SALES CORP. Charles Saratoga Streets CHARLES STREET Baltimore, Md. AT MT. ROYAL AVENUE -PATRONS- Mr. Mrs. David R. Abbott Mr. Mrs. C. Carl Alderman G. Alexander Mr. Mrs. Herschel H. Allen Dr. Mrs. Charles Bagley, Jr. Mr. Mrs. E. Clinton Bamberger Mr. Mrs. Louis Bardelman Mr. Mrs. Oliver C. Barnard Mrs. William Bauernschmidt J. Erie Baumgartner Mr. Mrs. Bernard J. Baumiller Mr. Mrs. J. M. Boland Dr. Mrs. Henry F. Bongardt R. Emmet and Adalbert F. Bradley Vincent Brocato ( ' 52) Mrs. Leila J. Cain Mr. Mrs. Leo A. Codd Mrs. William L. Conney, Sr. Mrs. John S. Connor Mayor Mrs. Thomas D ' Alesandro, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Edward A. Daugherty Garland C. Dodson Dr. Mrs. Brice M. Dorsey Mr. Mrs. John W. Farrell Mr. Mrs. Frank A. Feild Albert Feldstein Mr. Mrs. Geo. W. Fitzpatrick Mrs. John Flack Mr. Mrs. Pierce J. Flanigan, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Richard A. Froehlinger Mr. Mrs. Felix V. Goldsborough Mr. Mrs. Michael T. Greene Mr. Mrs. Elmer A. Hand Henry B. Haske Lewis H. Haupt J. K. Healy Mr. L. Manuel Handler Mrs. Phillip Henisler Mr. Mrs. F. W. Hochwarth Mr. Mrs. J. Indelicato Dr. Conrad L. Inman Mr. Mrs. Henry P. Irr John W. Kane Mr. Mrs. Edward M. Kelly Mr. Mrs. Edward H. Kihn Dr. Mrs. Salem W. Kourey Mr. Oliver B. J. Krastell Mr. Mrs. Charles H. Kressleim Mr. Mrs. John E. Lafferty, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Edward H. Lauttman Mr. Mrs. Vincent J. Leahy Charles B. Leonard Mr. Mrs. Anthony J. Liszewski Mr. J. Dougherty Mahon Mr. Mrs. Wm. F. Manger Mr. Mrs. Chas. L. Marburg Mr Mrs. Andrew C. Marx Mr. Mrs. Thomas V. Maskell Mrs. J. Goddard Mathingly John W. Matthews Mrs. Julia Mehling Max Marker Mr. Mrs. Thomas J. Mooney, Jr. Mrs. John L. Moring Mr. Edward J. Morris Theo. T. Niznik, Sr. Mr. Mrs. John Nolan Dr. Mrs. John A. O ' Connor Mr. Mrs. Richard J. Otenasek Mr. Mrs. Thomas W. Pangborn Mr. Mrs. Robert F. Rachuba W. F. Roirigh Mr. Mrs. G. Edward Reahl Mr. Mrs. Louis A. Reinhardt Mr. Mrs. Joseph F. Restivo Mr. Mrs. Lawrence A. Rodowsky Rev. Mrs. S. E. Rose Mr. Mrs. E. A. Rutzler Mr. Mrs. John Sachs Albert Santom M. Joseph Scheurich Mr. Mrs. Wm. F. Schluderberg Mr. Mrs. Louis A. Schneider Mr. Mrs. Martin Schneider Mr. Mrs. William T. Schwartz Mr. Mrs. John B Seal Mr. Mrs. John R. Shea Mr. Mrs. Joseph F. Strohecker Mr. Mrs. A. M. Sullivan THE HERBERT SHOP Mr. Mrs. Wade P. Thomas Mrs. M. Von Mayer Paul T. Wagner, Sr. M. WEISS, JEWELER Mr. Mrs. Lingard I. Whiteford, Sr. Mr. Mrs. John A. Wirtz Mrs. E. Wolter CONTRACT BUILDERS INDUSTRIAL AND HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES ALBERT GUNTHER, INC. HARDWARE Telephone; VErnon 7437-7438-7439 36 W. BIDDLE STREET BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND uto

Suggestions in the Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Loyola University Maryland - Evergreen / Green and Gray Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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