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L N . B -4,-! PM 5 l , 4 -vlyrh .. 14.1 . V -' ' 4 A". U I. I x ,n0' I' 1, 1 -l4z-ff-4" X f N x ' 1 x -"I 5 . 4 'sq- 'X . - ,f., , f 5 1? -41 - , ,, 1 M N l .NFA I : . was h . . ' -:.,L- ' I Ar f - fi fx: fl .1 ' is x wif 1. .' A a ' QQ " ' ,, A H I' " f 1"' L1 A X . - 1 , Q, ! A ' - i Al 1 3 Lf V 'A . 9 V 1 ' 15 nv '- '-' ' vi fx " , ,- . .L-',.,i! X A -'xml A f' -mygwei am.-!, A 7 , ' m ia f ' iEQr?n3L?2S'?'2Q ' 1 ' ' 5 4 's 'WY' K Qt-X ww! Q K K I ,if f . :sw 23. -Af.: 'v , 7- . fu ,. I 4 'S 'Ei - - 'mv A x Q -VY 4, ' S "5-r. If 15 ' 'ift' QT... .ly 1 ,-z2g??-. 31, Ji" if - m.-F K-fa A!J I. w '- 'A 6 i a 1? E ff 2 + 3 LCYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO, ILLINCIS LOYOLAN '6 7 Nl 7 BOOK ONE THE STUDENT BOOK TWO THE UNIVERSITY "Where are you goin' with nylons and all to see all the bears in the zoo or play ball? "l'm goin' to college and not to the zoo and I won't come back till l'm better 'n you. .frf f--,--- 23 4 10 ?,o,m,... Halls of brick and towers of stone what is in this place? Bearded men who know the truth will meet us face to face Crowds and mobs mill all around faces all the same We will sift them like the wheat and they will know our names Well old man spill it out what's it really all about why should you why should I build on nothings till we die stack our hopes up to the sky love our girlfriends' mothers WHY? "A-priori propositions have, of existential value, - somewhat according to Husseman SOPVIHN UNI -I A, i N., ,,- 4' 4' i Ml i r' lawn mi g -. iii? sais: fill IE' liN'E'mw :PMID e yy. 'Qi Codger codg el' give the word what's this transcendental bird does it think can it love is it really like a dove is it here or up above will it give my soul that shove? 16 "Denis Diderot, on the other hand, died from eating too many stewed cherries l f I i r 5 Y v J v 17 V F hs B ,Q ww- 'NPRM-. 'HM K tru, fm gy., -wx -' V'-M. ,, f..,..., .V .,l",, ,.-4-ull 9' , 1' -- M .MM ,appmy-U .--Q ,H tn- ,-.U 'mf ,wh -..-A ., ,fs-aussi' - Mx r' , 'wi . . . Mgx ' L 1 spx X.. '4 , ev N Halkxf k W - x 1 V 4 , ,I- 1 Y Lf Fuzzy fellow tell the truth since we came here from Duluth we ain't seen we ain't been told where to find the pot of gold all we've heard's been dead and cold tell the truth: have we been sold? "to which Pascal replied that he was very fond of the radical arc though he had not experienced it." '1:,.".....'5'1a, Ah X X 5 s X W J K x W Vili 'ova 5 1 5 is , .M wah, W "TW -. -, MM, ,,,j'?L"l"'fAbI?-1-wt.. -.-...... ,- A A ' wud V lv - -M -.vm .. 6-Q "' "Y X W -..xx H., ' x ,, , .., ,him T.. ,w...:,,,, f"'X 'ff'-W. i ' "J ' ' . W '.a1""""'7 ,1- . M 'bf' .ag , ' Awww' "I f ' x, . QQ - v , P N 5 , N H """".',W"' . , V 3,7 'ZXQWW 4 -A , ,-A1' ,, 32:41. - . , V, Aix ., 71 1 A t V Vi X -"H,,,V,h ,H .Jill 'W ft 7 , wav,-,Mt A. W, . .-WV M-ul 5 , Jaya' " V, .. "M -'nf . B 'br , ..4-U. ' ,ll M 5 .f ' L M to I've got a ten story building ithey haven't completed it yetl and I've got a penthouse on Michigan Street and a dorm named for Father Marquette I've rented a flabby old man in a suit who knows how the world came to be and he comes and explains it for three hours each week to forty-four others and me l have an army of Autumn nights and I have a harem of books My troops are stretched out between Winter and me for as far as a Sophomore looks. Summer School Summer School: more school than Winter take a little thing- RatPsych ftwo hours in classy your agent intellect picks up categories for an hour on the el four hours winding transformer cores typing "My dear sir: Re your previous monads . . . half-hour: home four more hours of fat Italian monk RATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY tGirIs? what's that?l '- .X .ya-'rr f S M ,fag 4923 KA, . i 11 wi 3325 'ft 5 Ms ' E i fi-Ei' "ir, it i 435:123- gq' ,Q it.,- , .qgfnitt 1" tl Q. l J, t. ' I -yum. V N I E Tuma 28 Welcome Week When the mob slows down the faces won't bluurrr she can see my nose and l can see her lhowever it ought to bel For right now it's like the downtown at noon but the beanied heads will settle down soon lparticular eyes to seel There's a man quite big who seems like a rock he would shoot your ma for half of a buck lhe's a sophomore probablyl With a jaw set firm l'll go to the cur I'll transfix the brute I'll say "Morning, Sir!" lWhat do you expect of me?l When the mob slows down she can see my nose and that'll be good as far as it goes W 1 Z l....A.N --- . .. . .,- Y. ..,Y, L,.L1..J' X 30 Al P l H 31 i Greek Gomes , See the running Alpha Delt See the Pi Alph run See the Tau Delt jump and run See the Sigma Delt pant CSee also the watching girlfriendsl Oh Alpha Delt! Oh Pi Alph! Oh Oh Oh!! See the TKE The TKE is not panting The TKE is not sweating See the TKE The TKE is Ieering Oh Delta Sig! Oh Tau Delt! Oh Darn! S3 Founcler's Day To begin the fathers built their college in a neighborhood with the help of a parish fair fthe city noticed- you'll find it in old newspapers- and looked forward to being "the intellectual heart of the West"J these founders and students and later alumni didn't disappoint the city: it's been a reciprocal arrangement encouragement, leadership exchanged gifs! row: David Kennedy, Foster McGaw, Orlando Wilson, Dr MNC Oldberg. Mrs. Querin Dorschel, Very Reverend James F agylre, S.J., Charles Stimming Second row: Dr Paul Dawson Edwin Lederer, Honorable Emmett Morrissey, Dr. 'J. Robert Fitz: Qefald, Lawrence Marcucci, Timothy Connelly, Margaret Kennedy. fglrsrro-w: Nicholas Emanuele, Ludwig Streck, Jeanne Neu, Dean R' VWQII Boyd, Raymond Daly, Edward Samples. Second row: dobert Rutledge, Richard Mortara, Ronald Sklar, Richard Jor- an. James Mirabile. Our first glimpse of the gods and aren't we stunning! imill mill milli it was they who invited us you know because of our vital importance to them lbrrrrrrrr-notice a draft?l yes, l shook hands with one nothing, really .... imill mill shiver millj Whew! tough, this being a god give me something to sign or something Mai "'!.I Homecoming A fire's what we've got and it keeps all the lions and bears and hyenas and adults away when we sit by it screaming and hollering out in the night ii's the civilized way it's our very own fire and it's probably magic S0 keep at a distance as long as you stay because it's our day 1966 Miss Loyola Candidates: Chris Glazar, Kathy Byrne, Mary Jo Kupst, Carol Breslin, Ellen Chamberlain, Sandy Mlinarcik, Betty Bereznak. -5 X --,r.-s,L ,- ffw 41 -Q 3 Jax, I irh bl- A' s Wx..-.A ' . U X .As4.3,..-vi ni, N T 37,45 Vvfcbf 7 Q. ivy f ,A A. , 3, A' - ,1 Q-,Q .V .. ',s L tr ,PAL4-'ik Ck -'ff LNVXV-A 'Nd' nl YJ L1-K - -' y A 'rf' ngbsf, ' -a - :I -, gi f' df, , ' 47. .N w','g. sc..,'N-,- K3.,-3 ,QF1-i.".".v' F .fi 'i'-.-L.,'4Ax-. 4 .- 'g ... A " ' 4-QfE','A W wg- f,4,7..H ' ig' A D. g.X5-3g,1.AQ QM, k Y x " 41' N , x - .H 42 i If A Y 1' , -Q ff 1 Military Ball For three hundred thirty cadets fand their datesj it's not Pow Wow or "V" show that tingles the toes it's "Mil Ball" the military lends a certain elegance and solemnity to social events the presence of Major Generals the Lebanese consul the president of the University all contribute an atmosphere of significance The cadets won't forget it Yi 3 75" 155' wi K. 4 ,A f 2, K 'N e M ,. ff 13,13 4.4 V J V, . Q 7 'W V 1 242 af, i if' ea 1 gi? uif 5, ,f 112, V5 1 E - J, "-2--..' YY ' 'L-w Q Oliver Gaddini and Mary Hoehl, Frank Malito and Mary Scherer, maker and Janis Meade, John Brennan and Barb Kral. Ken Zych and Ann Solari iMilitary Ball queenb, Norman Nuna- 45 R.0.T.C. f I 1 f K ,. ---w vmf' 3' ka- QM' '1 ,ea ,,. ' wg X Variety Show You be Bette Davis I'll be all four Trogs and Lassie Iet's pretend fdid you know the Bolshoi is residing in the Delt house Iet's pretend?l l'm just a chorus hoofer but some day l'll make it big Richard Burton shares my Foetal pig Let's pretend tit shouldn't endl W.C. Fields is any Greek who drinks martinis Iet's pretend l can sing like Lennon and write songs like Leon Trotsky? Iet's pretend? You look like Julie Christie standing in the shade at night land like Agatha out in the lightl but Iet's pretend iyou still my friend?7 5 1---.......,,., Q , You act like Kate Hepburn when she's opening a soup can but pretend! l have all the charm of Frank Sinatra when he's sleeping but pretend! lt happens once a year now to a bunch of you and me Variety Show gives a chance to be to our pretend luntil it endsl 'Nrj Drama Q S.. Y See the girl in the stiff shiny green? she's a royal daughter or a washroom attendant she humms along mornings blithe and silly glances and bounces along you notice the other? a worrier brooding over some discrepancy between herself and something that someone just ran by and yelled out calling it "reality" then there is me actress looking very much like either one of those curious ladies and what am I really like? Really sir! none of your business! , If in 7 54 J, W ' I KIM N. Q' xi ' I A -1.-ww, , K . '. 4 r'-' z If-zz vc 1 leqgi. -iw Q Think! 1 4 'L 5 EF cg? Q rs' ' U, v ' an-L ...,.-.----'11 2 L 'i, ft.: .tad ii I ' W Q1 w THUMPI Intramurals -L- f'M xA ' If 's v f R va., ' ",j,.. .. H , ,..A - .1 JM. 1, L .I -,Q I V11 -f 1 ' ' A sv ' f 4 X Ml"- - . ,,'-. -"v',.K,' . . :PN-p'-g.. ,333-iag""'A-' f.. x 'K F:-"1 A , ""'r1.3fffA5.-Cp x 'f,.i1-J g 4 migfff-.'TX:g:'jg.. ..... . -A-.3-.1 . -1, .g. F ...: w -:'1jy--.-,-'1,'- N, 1. ' " W .-,ivan-sv' 8-1 .... u. .W .,,. ' f - 11 nl ' f ""' 1,-, 'g' :.'-'1" -'gi1.. Y 30 .Ny ""f- Q - --'J - --v : . , ,. mix 2 v, . W , ' .. Jn' . - , ' f x A - 'if-g.,,4Q.,,,Q. ,U .- - -' - 4-.. -.,-.wi sv N .M - 4 -... , . 7 ITV V ""'1p9' ,iA3wz- F--Wifi b ,- ' , ... , 51 .ui "vw 'N ,-J...-'.' 4 ' ' .A V '-QF' :Qu ..r.1'11 ,elf T312 , . Nl ., f , ' rr, , . F uv, 4 A X . ' R' ., . ' "' 2 K 1-.Ll X . E' fi'-'twv wg? if ' g- g,- .- 2.3 'W . H 'FM ,- ' 'Q M-fx . w ":-fwJ'K:,w - , , -yu .r,g.,- gc M ff:-ws-'Z':w",. 3.-1 , K' ,W .-.51 - b ' .-A . wa 1 Mins, -- .1 : -..,- ' A . uf -- .-P 1"J.:L U 'fx-I ' 2--LS'-11 . ' ' ' -W4 K 1 ,Q ' 1: 1 , . ,E N L- ui-5' q Q .Tag ' . :N A ,h I ,. -L, ,Q J, ,, 1 'nu j -X 'A Ar" , ' m . ,, W, . I x in 1.-id V. , IF... ,L s' Q... ,,L,y..'. nl, Z ...Q 31,4- ' AY' Q' . -" "' '4 ' --" A f' . - t . , . .- -i .A W .UQ 1 'S ...un 'lfw ff-V4 'A uw Arlktm W 05,1 'Q R s,,,. 'Sm A .dn " x W' DU Q -9 l ,Q i .jf - X ff 1 T 59 Associated Press Wirephoto .,L-"5,.:M- -L 5 .Q 5 " .ff t Q..k"l'l1:wf miami fl- " ' 'R ,gi-ny:yQ2I,9wg"3'9,. -,af 'W 321,..pLfg5mm TS' ' "J-'ft - - ' .' ' I 4-V. V 'Q v-is , 2...--M, . i-'fi 5-'Z I , ,W- . ,fi fi: -MW W 1, wa K, - - -N229---'-Ta.'11:e-1 - Q .. . A g I r N , ' ' vm, -M1--P-4... gmnfz, - : " 4 1 '- --1 1- ' . m" ' 5' 'fl-at ., .1 - y ,xcyv - ' r 'ug ,bf Q' - wfudff' b ...,4,,,: I, 2.74 ' -- ' X 'Q ' X "" R' ' Y N .' K aiv. I U 6 1 , " ' .. 4.1 ak. Q - ' U-M My--,. -W- 1-- H .-M.. - 7-4 , Q' 31.1"--' x ' " , . ' X 3-.. S ,,.-Q. .1 A , Nu --.Mr--if I ' 'P...--- -""' .- .,., z: -. - , fQ,.,,L.4.vN' 4 , - v'-'E','v'f "' 'YY' -4,ni'q'f .,f ' ,.-', -. D - .44-5. .- .,,-- --Law w'T'?3j1Tf if """T -' 1 .,- V. ,,,V.. ,Q ' V' v., . Lf Y, f" 12. .ll .. .gb W -' .1 4:-f,-,wg-., ., . . Q n-i N -H, N' ., .. V.. ' ' . 'W'-qu -Q VW.,-. ,., fn. 1' -1 ' 4--LL:-. ,.. I ll ' ' " .. -' . I , Q Q14 Q S. ' -1- Q fvm. " 'Q , - A, " 4- 4. nr- . .v . v. ,ri .- ,y as' ' x-Wu., 1 ., x . ' -5 ,, , , ,A , A. ,z '- K. x 1 K, -u w Q 1 ff :NNI 5,51- I ,., . . 'N x 15" ns? ' Wvl vw ,Q .-Q. ,B , 95-3, . 11. Q 3' N J 1 .Q 'mtv'-Lw V,-, 'uf z.':..Y'L vw: " 'a. , :ff Basketball QI. X SKK' . 1I1""' X XX Sf, "Q l Aw :N 1-J i f-X I .r' I 1 'Na-1 5202 4 ,N 65 5 J ,aw V.. Y ff 14 'M' X if N. 1 2- l.'y N J U' V . 1 f WK. ff' 1 Q 'U 490 -W N M k ! Mi 1 I r 69 Water Polo Polo on horseback kills the horses Polo in water drowns the players or seems to, from poolside treading, sprinting, lunging through the thick stuff that gets thicker and heavier with every play body contact of football with the protection of a gymnast sprint power of a 25-yarder with the endurance of a soccer player smooth, heavy muscles of a wrestler with the grace of a ballet dancer leap like a porpoise to bat a small ball the length of an Olympic pool crashing and charging fighting and feigning pass and shoot swim and sprint from goalie to goalie back and again taking the toll of a horse from a waternaut WW 'fs-+A .h N ill fit' 2 '2- f 52-. I .W C C I A J 2 .z Swimming Ten feet of water blue with chlorine a team of eyes red with water six lanes to labor in from start to finish starter's gun cannonades off the tiled wall the swimmers leap to knife the surface the printers splash and churn kick and pull drive as fast as they can not much time to get where they're going the long distance men's lazy style far way to go may as well lope with form and style an easy grace with regular rhythm variation loses time and exhaustion steals that rhyme the water is to float on and gargle see through and get through glide over the top and dive to the bottom work out every day practice the same thing daily try hard be confident don't play games that will tie up your muscles watch what you eat put it on the line and shave a second or two a fraction in the next race 'i QZWKFSQBH Ccaplainl. Seated: Paul Meyer, Greg Gibbs, Herb Moss, Bill Ryan, Flay Hi onfederack Paul Akers. Standing: Jim Radcliffe, Steve Hamilton, Joe Larmon, Harper, Glen Nornura, Al Snyder, Bob Straub, Gene Garner. 73 Finch Track 'X X S mr 'J 10'-Q Run circles for miles every day fast and short, long and slow end always where it started run! lungs ache throat gasps legs of rubber arms of lead salty sweat, hot and wet then on a day stand for hours to wait for the few seconds and their tenths that make it worthwhile Jerry Hahn, Assistant coach and Jerry Wel- land, Coach. 76 ff' if 5' 3 Bellarmine School Of Theology This is a professional school: Bellarmine Scholasticate it prepares men to be priests, and trains them as teachers, missionaires, and administrators Like LoyoIa's other professional schools it serves the Chicago community land Detroit province as welll At first it's a world of its own fin a former luxury motel-live ini but the scholastics come over as candidates for higher degrees to the other branches of their university -t , as 1,3 J . V 'cl' DID' " X' REV. ROBERT MURRAY, S.J., Rector 78 J Ez I ' x Qi I-5 I W IE 2 - .4- REV. JOSEPH DE VAULT, S.J Dean of Theology Denlcll School The school of Dentistry orients its four-year program toward intellectual spiritual social values and professional excellence since 1844 when its predecessors first graduating class began public service the Loyola School of Dentistry has won world and national recognition Y DR. WILLIAM SCHOEN Dean 5 -16 W N I r 83 'X QSM Graduate School '95 DR. RICHARD MATRE, Dean These are the ones for whom learning itself will be a trade this means the end of textbooks the beginning of contact with the raw materials of the arts the most creative aspects of the sciences Graduate school is a grueling thing it means business .rl ' ln. I N'-N.. 87 Home Study 55" t. me MARY LOUISE MCPARTLIN, Director No lectures just the book and you Qshades of Abraham Lincolnl and thousands of words iyoursl sent off in an envelope to a Michigan Avenue office They return corrected and graded to workers, soliders, invalids Loyola comes in a big brown envelope to those who cannot come to it They earn college credit more money they contact a university Institute Ot Industrial Relations 4' Lately everything ieducation government social worki seems to resemble INDUSTRY the work of industrial relations- helping those who manage those who obey to come to terms becomes ever more necessary 'nP"': t ,,.-S ,aa-" ,,.1 ,, DR. JULIUS REZLER, Director and MR. TERRY WILKIN, Assistant Director 89 Low School Common agreement lin form of customs and the opinion of our legislatorsl and something else maybe a respect for a higher will and order than mere KCONSENSUSJI these are law which looks like a machine but is alive and ever-changing DR. JOHN HAYES, Dean wer- S. 90 . ' i 1 l vw I P2561 93 Medical School Here's the School of Medicine a strange place to the rest of us the teachers outnumber the students two to one the medical center 134.5 million dollars worthl dwarfs the other campuses even from a distance it works that way because it's oriented toward one aim the training of physicians it has been training them for half a century 94 DR. WILLIAM RICH Associate Dean for Academic Affairs i. DR. JOHN SHEEHAN, Dean and Vice President for the Medical Center v " '- IL! DR. FREDERICK SELFRIDGE Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 9 Qvuii M ease, ,,, i0i'E9Q'9f9f .4 uid vid 9 2 3. I JU-J Q00 3 W3 ml-.:n JOJ U90 i . . ' 9 , i 1 4 , V I i k . . Q . 1 4 96 '5,r,,?.ut-vs.le.f. W: f .J -'Q sb "Today we are in the midst ol another revolutionary and dramatlc moment in the history ol science--ln an age of mass socialization, mass building programs, mass medical centers, and mass medical research, when it Is crucial that the mass approach must not dis- place tha recognition of the Intrinsic dignity possessed by each individual patient." fStrItch School of Medlolne Bulletln 1964-19663 The Sword Of Loyola The sword of Ignatius Loyola offers to Dieter Dengler for courage dedication service qualities of soldiers of educators between men whose traditions include both n V Qk-Nui Sfrifch Awards Dinner 'xii vm Nursing , . . 0 ,.. V 'AW Y ,, DR. MARY LODGE, Dean The new home of Nursing is Damen Hall in the midst of Philosophy, Bio.g all of the Arts and the Sciences which rehearse the well rounded Physicist Poet, Mechanic, or Nurse A four year curriculum iB.S.N.J is comprised of a hospital training and Public Health with the liberal course of work which the lady already trained takes as a Registered Nurse gn... DR. ROSE McKAY, Department Chairman of-af K, I ,I I I r MF. ,,.,,,. ., I Te-ff .A Vi: . .,, . Ti ' K, 1 ' 'I X f L- X 1 A- -1 I iw 1 ' .Y ini 5' D U is n H 4 I V 3' 'L-f .,o, F-0 ll ., lnvf . g Q .vc x .1 5 1 -3 ,Q 1, I U1 11. 'Z !',A, r U43 4 1 , rl., 4 if 1 .'-'Q Yfiifi l 'if 53 'Ear f Q 1 t Y i xx K XM .Lv .,,,, . uk If If ew vi + ...g L l Rome Center o x Ni ,ri ' 1 I ., W.-'L 4' xQ".'f F371 Evenings Rome has pink and green the smell of pine and pasta and Loyola lnot the odour: students wandering piazzas or indoors just as you or l cramming for tests! eternals campus of the humanities Rome with the roar of more motor-scooters than Rogers Park drowned in even louder fountains is host to the Rome Center where the scope of the student life experince is broadened to match the education 331 .ul o.wr"7'i'T'J if 4 W! -1,Z'f'f'. ,.f- il -25'--'A' ri l 5 ll 1 .4 Iii, Buzzing like locusts You swept across the sea Guzzling champagne like love or ryeg And with ready winds I welcomed you Who devoured Cento coins and mille lire bills Buying birra Peroni and Canadian Club With November's wet winds, I Shattered your shuttered windows bitterly, And you escaped to Europe's sugar shrinesg My winter's indifference was temperate Because I craved your love. Fiebounding with starch-filled mouths, My Colosseo glowed more Like gold than Scotch: In San Pietro to those Kodak creatures, Blurting enthusiasm from love-filled lips, X Searching with "Dove?" and "Che cosa e?", You wondered Where my winds are and what I am. Then you skipped across the sea Chattering like childreng Shouting of the rapture of our love, And the first taste of rum candy. 4 1 1 I 107 If DR. MATTHEW SCHOENBAUM, Dean School Of Social Work tl - if 'il A large Society demands it: Social Work the application science- a knowledge of human behavior- to the physical, mental, emotional problems which a large society involves Social Work is not the subtle art of handing out or withholding the monthly check it is a humanizing science learned by thousands from around the world At LoyoIa's School of Social Work University College sh Education for the Working Man for teachers, married people busy citizens is at University Coilege in the spare hours of the evenings, weekends, men and women earn B.S., A.B. degrees in Business, Liberal arts and Education For Fifty three years The University Coilege has helped complete the education of Chicagoans vi!! l".J MR. JOHN DONOHUE, Acting Dean MR. JOSEPH BARNEY, Assistant to the Dean , wr fl 1 l 4444 4444 Q no-444-ff' fidff 4144 7 4"v"-+"1+"- +4-4 Qflvl' M I-441-If 5444 44.444 2 IV v O 5 g 'H' l' ' Vxaiifu . Q, wi , X .. ' "" ' ' 4'3if"m745wa,l N' ' ' 'Vi ' Q 1 F 1rjf'1,"Y5'R" - 4 . , 3 Q niyff , . , ,...,, I Q A 4 1 s l I .Q Q A A Q 'X' t X Q nf nf A, xl bf ,I .I I f.-rl , , , V ,K x C . a x I ul J ' -J lv: 5' F.. K it S' - l' ' ' ' A 1 . a A MA A Q, ! x -5, ff srl! tl If gf ,. 'N" :J ' Q f n v 4 ."J1-Al-+'lla!.," "tn , 1 I 'f .- ,',' .5 fl fn ,Q QMS vi .C If Ur' U U " 5' 9' Ll' 'L Q' , A n ' v .fl 4 Il as -, rw -U, . QR' A f gy ff 'E '- er' ' H .1 ...J Residences We're on our own our moms are far behind the folks we've got are not the lovin' kind and so we'Il trick them deaf and dumb and blind there'lI be a hot time in the mess hall tonight J board knows all the rules in all the books Proctor's sore cause he hasn't got our looks down the hall there's a prude who thinks we're crooks there'll be a hot time at the dean's place tonight One year here can help you grow like ten One year here is like seven in the pen But We're glad we're here and we'lI tell you once again there'Il be a hot time in the mess hall tonight v .of I? - ,."n..f-.nv A .Q 'ins JK- 113 Campion Holi Where the boys are four hundred strong institutional life fthat's getting along with the guy down the hall who plays drums and a gongi is experience none would give up or prolong does anyone reading this still worship Fong? 114 1 I i i .46 I a 1 ri, in Nl- ,..........- 'm,,,..,-.v-v ,. . M , ..,-My A , 1 idk .. . ,od 46 117 Chamberlain Ho 118 Girls in a group are different from guys fin case you don't know this we're putting you wisel they organize Iuaus brew tea by the tank smile sweetly and curtsey and trot to the bank . . . , 24, 1' ,,ywudvW"" Delaware Hall 120 lt looks as if it would house stately widows bank presidents politicians or maybe Hugh Hefner in the lnot-so-shabby genteell manner to which they are accustomed the Gold Coast has been invaded each year young ladies from Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas lnot to mention Arlington Heightsl move in next door to society la few blocks from the much- avoided poorl and create in this unlikely atmosphere "closeness" Edgewater Beach Ladies, we said are not quite like men at the Edgewater Beach you can see this again their first year together these delicate waifs formed a powder puff game that made living unsafe . . . i o ,4 122 I CD 'Q F351 J- 59334 . i- ' -fi -1-'.-. .x i 'vw D an N 'KI .Y 'W .A 4 Gonzaga Hall .......---., Q. S, Azi- gt Ls .. xt so Gonzaga hall is something unique: a student-run residence which does not have the prestige of a national fraternity behind it by doubling as a retreat house it helps to earn its keep Gonzaga has become something of a symbol: what the undergraduate can do 5 1 'ffm i ' "g?iz"5f"1'f'f"' A 'E.i"."!.'I I K 124 1 FQ T-, -a!"'-f'- , ., ,fx f ' , f A I ,MZQ R A lm f nf, if fa-gf gid v 4 P N511 w ,f- Q I, 1, U I V 1 5 f Hr Sf. Josepl1's Manor Only a couple of blocks from the zoo where old men pat the gregarious Gnu in case he should bite, there's a hospital too at St. Joe's There are nurses and girls from both campuses there they ride on busses and cut their own hair ll can't find my scissorsg do you have a spare- so it goesl Seems like confusion and chaos combined but if you look closely, you'll probably find they're working together fthat's how it's designed heaven knowsl at St. Joe's 1. , M ft .l Ni gas ,ii 3' l nw- V is 2 ,. .'7x t .V M, xl x 'Y Stebler Hall r .-1 Pilots of the purple Bonnevilles dropping in with tie and tails wouIdn't recognize our Stebler ratting hair and shining nails they have seen them in the twilight in a dimly lighted hall they have seen them smiling back they have seen them not-at-all we are certain that we know them as they really are today dignity, a bit self conscious fights a natural spark of play we have seen them study Shakespeare till the shaggy hours of dawn we have seen them sit and gossip on the stairway, by the lawn lf we dipped into the future far as eye of man could see we might find them on committees pursing lips and drinking tea but we don't like that conclusion ffreedom's most of it's not alll so we'll locate our affections next to Locks . . . er, Stebler Hall ""'r-- 4 4 129 :Q Arts Council N Arts Council's best of the Tri-Council three it's artsiest toffers you movies to seel runs symposia you can get into for free and will print things for you at a nominal fee The Arts counciI's great as your council should be and l help to run it so please vote for me A W.f'ff.Hv'f. 1 3 'L 4. fl First row seated: John Ftowan, Joseph Atkinson, John Ryan. Second row seated: Michael Beehner, Helen Von Ebers, Charles Thomason, Elizabeth Bereznak, James Brophy, Jack Stevenson, William Schroeder. Standing.' Joseph Jagiello, Virginia Meares, David Scully, Patricia Manelski, Thomas Dolan, Orlee Nicholson, Chris Glazar, Jerry Black, Les Lentino, Terri Wojcik, John Forsythe. 130 1 H' Terrence Riccio itreasurerj, Kim Denkewalter isecretaryj, Ludwig Streck ipresldentj John Schreiber ivice-presidentl, Karen Johnson, John Nicholas, Edward Walsh, Frank Hoban, Flobert Jacks, Roger Grabowski. With Business School's council there's none to compare It runs mixers and helps get you jobs iwhich is rarel lt invented the booksale which treats students squarely I run it so vote for me that's only fair Business Council 131 Nursing Council To be in the unified Nursing SchooI's shoes the other two councils would eagerly choose its social events all the students can use and the Freshman tea starts all the nurses to fuse in a sisterly bond Cvote for me or l'Il Iosel . Minn ""-- F'-r 1? Xt Seated: Terryann Tortorello, Sharon Truedson, Pat Wysocki, Peggy Lescher, Marcella Jordan, Andy Zullo, Carole DiLallo, Pat Maloney, Carol Poulsom, Terry Janiga. Standing: Fran Harshbarger, Jinni Bach, Karen Johns, Anne Schatternan, Marianne Bette, Victoria Stachowicz, Judy Baron, Sue Layfield, Virginia Majcherek, Pat Kauth, Jeanne Neu, Christine Cwlklinski, Mary Bigongiari, Eileen Harrington, Gerri Stroka. 132 ,A Tri-Council Tri-council's getting something done ff' S Q among the colleges iBusiness, Nursing, Artsl. It does it by trying to rise above ,.....- -. the politics of the individual councils Tri-council prints the student directory runs some events when the individual councils permit it it will do more, mean more it is the chief hope of student government Dave Scully itreasurerl, Bob Jacks iexecutive officerl, Carol Poulsom iexecutive olficerl, Jo Anne Meier fsecretaryl. Mike Beehner iexecutive ollicerl. Seated: Carol Poulsom, Terry Janlga, Ginny Majcherek, Jo Anne Meier, Mike Beehner, Marilyn Triolo, Sunnie Venclovas, Ralph Bawden. Standing: John Ryan, Bob Riley, Dave Scully, Roger Grabowski, Bill Hedrich, Bob Jacks, Jack Nicholas, Bob Sedivy. 133 Remember the evening when nobody came to the concert or do you remember the name of the Pow Wow week chairman and all these dances the chances would favor your having forgotten the bickering quibbling parochial rotten surprisingly adult Activities Board which does all the work on our fun and the hoards of committees that scurry at getting things done for personal reasons they'd rather not air which is how things are now being done everywhere . Q J! Jack Donahue lchairmanl, Ed Muldoon ltreasurerl, Elaine Culen lsecretaryl, Ed Hapaniewski lvice-chairmanl, Max Jarmoc lprogram coordinatorl. Student Activities Board 134 Q- ll, Wi 'www , 'n '- 'ff , kw- si, , V ,,-r" Cc dence Yvonne Amar, Co-Editor-in-Chief Dick Jordan, Co-Editor-in-Chief 136 Cadence is the outlet of expression fyour former girl's poem with you in itl it constitutes the college literary magazine printing verse snort stories literary criticism some of it good some of it expressive it fosters talent and feeling First row: Dick Jordan, Yvonne Amar. Second row: Chris Jordan, Miss Rita CISFKSOD tmoderatorl, Margaret Patterson, Arlene Plocinski, Joan Hurley, Bob Goicoechea. 137 Loyolci News If it's new or if it's unexpected if it's fun, or even if it's true you can circulate it in the union you can let it out Loyola News If some club has done a deed of goodness each committee head must have his due better get it straight and pull no punches treat it like a scoop Loyola News une vendetta, but in moderation fscholarship is all you have to losel College journalism's rather trickey write between the lines Loyola News Criticize and scoff at criticism paint the enemy in crimson hues still, without you this would be a desert wake us up somehow Loyola News Detlev Von Pritschyns, Editor-in-Chief 1 rf' Kb'- Mary O'ConnelI, Managing Editor 'X Kathleen Burke, LT News Editor if 7' 4 Connie Fletcher, LSC News Editor Will Hedrick, Elfriede Wedam, Jim Hurst, typisls. Bill Clohesy, Features Editor uw 351 M .,., ,4 l . I' V- -7 Don Calibraro, Production Editor in viva 1 40 -,.,,w.,...rw wwnm-wwrnm-vi xr' if Bob McGann, Sports Editor Ed Erxleben, Copy Editor S QA X i 1 'Y A ,." I' .g,s. J I '55 5 i w I2 ' ' JD tx -A f + -' 4 of v . , .P K I 3 ' ff' S 'r ' an - ' r 7' -ammuni- f-:M I -. ,-.X ' 'U h E 2 r i Y P I Paul Rundquist, Chris Chatlos, Marge Woods, Joe Sjostrom, typists. 141 Loyolcm gn ? tl 1 if 4' -' I I - I Ed Trischmann, Assistant Editor Dan Barnes, Editor-in-Chief Here's the yearbook in most respects a typical undergrad organization it strives for beauty studies ethics instead rushes to get things done succeeds less that it would like ji its members make friends they learn a little discipline nj secretly think they're special and want to see their pictures in the yearbook fl Q U Paul Biwer, Photographic Editor yt, Tom Geoffroy, Photographer Frank McMahon, Photographer 143 is Frank Cimino, Scheduling Editor 5'-The hu. ,. it .ml ' Jeanne Lammert, Layout Editor Noel Smoron, index and Identification - Edltor t, - I Joe Durlak, Business Manager: Chris Polk f .751 - x SX ri in 1 mi? Donna Eichinger, Production Editor lLpL: .l.-.,-...., ev Mary Carroll i, r , In fcismgrglf. I . Laima lvanauskas, Lucy Borysenko, Ralph Levitt, Bob Rusignuolo, Bonnie Bednarz. Pt7'i,.,. Carol Kusnierz, Tony Yerkes, Mavourneen Cahill Carol Michelini, Tiffany Lynn, Veronica Butler. 145 -1-1-+'-V--u Paul Barrett, Copy Editor yds .wr-4 I Rattle rattle down the chute and out will you look at this dump! some palace- teeny-boppers swishlng around old department chairmen waddling what's in this place? none of that stuff we thought fgods, gold, slaves, orangutansl not even me if all those things were never here why is it lonely now? f" D in-4' ' W "La de da de da de da de da" fthe way we used to talki remember that? seemed pretty orderly at the time kids hoarding toys in a corner kids hoarding books for a term paper kids hoarding courses for a degree quite orderly evidence of firmness of purpose idoing what one is toldb N .u 5. A word about our old girlfriend Iboyfriendl: THE CITY OF CHICAGO lRichard J. Daley, Mayorl tore down the building in which she lived and built ADLAI STEVENSON EXPFIESSWAY LOYOLA UNIVERSITY IAd Majorem Dei Gloriaml cut down the tree she sat under and built NOTHING IShe ran off grew a beard and married a saxophone playerl this is unfair 150 151 The South building couldn't live without us The North building didn't stand a chance half the library fell down in despair five apartment buildings tumbled The Med school moved eight miles the juke box broke there's nothing left at all lexcept that big white thing in the South parking lot and the new addition to the library and the 19 story dormitory and the medical school complex and Dumbach Halll We miss this place with nothing in it 152 iw... A L1 H I, ,.....Jj'v , , 1 L W, YN. FL I .,. 1 .,,,,, 1 . .. .. I 1 fi! Mg? 4 HIP 31554 I" q fi' A 3 .,1 This place has taught us to think lif and in so far as we dol it threw us up and out of it so we could see how we'd changed if we don't like all we see in this place it's because Loyola University lname of this placel taught us to think lit also made us potential Doctors of Medicine Dentistry Philosophy lawyers politicians businessmen figpickers which fact while true is less important than other, nameless thingsj we no longer call ourselves pre-meds or pre-dents or English maiors we're out we don't use names besides our own and that's good too L.. f I . Qill fQfLlVm A N ln Case .. -.pm-nv .- anvil wi? M' ! In 5 rxsl A Q 'fl , SQ! 3 32 . . The sixty-seven model girl looks however she may is sharp as she has to be has eyes that see a mouth that opens and closes and heels that reach from the bottom of her shoes all the way to the ground she's irresistible . 'L' 157 fi -,' 4 ' 4 W '. ,-f . 125' fs -t ' -fx ' 'hi' S' 'QS Q X Q' K ,fa ' 1 Ng' L' , J ,, . lg f 'X ' ,J aff- kk. C' h ,. . ff If nobody sees and nobody cares and God doesn't say a word but we still do it in spite of everything or don't do it LOYOLA UNIVERSITY 6525 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, III., 60626 is a wild gigantic smashing ecstatic SUCCESS 158 cm! :ty I ,MM 'If "Where did you come from all shaggy and spare with holes in your stockings and dirt in your hair?' 160 I' .-4 -ii LOYOLA There are some I whose lives are devoted to edUC8U0n they teach finance research manage plan they make education possible make education challenging they do it in the conviction of man's worth for love of him andffrom the vision they have in all of this of God's greatness they do it to strengthen and improve their nation their community we like to think they also work to give us a place in which to grow UP this is their book ER TWO...THE UNIVERSITY LOYOLA UNIVERSITY, CHICAGO 1LL1No1S,..-BOOK NUMB 161 I 1 , i it itil , ' lr' , l 1 J 'f 1 l 4' , ,wi f-my 11. Julia Decal Lewis To everyone associated with Loyola University the name of Mrs. Frank J. Lewis is familiar her charities were innumerable her beneficence and counsel a mainstay of the university the record of her concern bridges the lifetimes of many of us for man's spiritual, intellectual and social well-being we do not have space or words to enumerate all she did we can only say: this woman lived for others 162 l Q . ,yr .. .fshi V. Q gv,:",f: , :.,. ' " Lx' , nlxi ' I. . ,H :-- W" ,AL 1",.' W 1 , ' .fi-pg" I :' ' ,nf .'Q , , 1 ' 3 W' VERY REVEREND JAMES F. MAGUIRE, S.J., President 164 Through the efforts of the Very Reverend James F. Maguire, S.J., Loyola has become one of the finest Catholic universities in the nation. Previous to his arrival at Loyola, he was President of Xavier University in Cincinnati and rector of West Baden College. Appointed as President in 1955, he has broadened the education given at Loyola, especially by establishing the annual international summer trips to various foreign countries and the program of studies in Rome. Among his other innovations to Loyola have been the establishment of the Woman's Board, the Citizens' Board, the Alumni Advisory Council, the Board of Lay Trustees, the Businessman for Loyola, and the University Center at Lewis Towers. ,...,. , , J 4-. REV. ROBERT MR. THOMAS HAWKINS MR. W. DANIEL DR. JOHN SHEEHAN I MULLIGAN, S.J. Vice-President and CONROYD Vice-President for the Vice-President and Dean Business Manager Vice-President for Medical Center of Faculties Development, Public Relations and Alumni Relations 165 g Seated: Rev. Walter Kroli- kowski, S. J., Rev. Robert Mulligan, S. J., Very Rev. James F. Maguire, S. J., Rev. Stewart Dollard, S. J., Rev John Mentag, S. J. Standing: Rev. Joseph De Vault, S. J., Rev. Donald Hayes, S. J., Rev. John Bieri, S. J., Rev. Joseph Small, S. J. Not pictured: Rev. Felix Biestek, S. J. Entrusted with the general welfare of the University, the Board of Jesuit Trustees must have a wide scope: long range planning and policy formation are its main concerns. The Board, under the chairmanship of the Very Rev. James F. Maguire, S.J., is thus the seat of administrative authority-the most important agency of the University. Jesuit Trustees v I - 5 f The Administrative Council, composed of the Vice-Presidents, the Deans of all Colleges, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, the Dean of Admissions, and the Dean of Women, is an invaluable source of infor- mation for the University President. Such matters as accreditation and admission procedures are all under its competent authority. Administrative Council Seated.' Rev. Raymond Baumhart, S. J., Rev. Robert Mulligan, S. J., Rev. Walter Krolikowski, S. J., Miss Mariette LeBlanc, Very Rev. James F. Maguire, S. J., Mr. W. Daniel Conroyd, Miss Gladys Kiniery, Miss Elizabeth McCann, Mr. Harry McCloskey. Standing: Mr. Thomas Hawkins, Mr. Matthew Schoenbaum, Mr. John Hayes, Dr. William Schoen, Mr. James Cox Dr. John Sheehan, Rev. John Malloy, S. J. 't"li1"' -1 - Mr. Cushman B. Dr. James J. Mr. W. Roy Mr. Charles F. Mr. Walter J. Bissell Callahan Carney Clarke, Jr. Cummings frffif em t 2. l f " ' ' -. xl 4 WQA ? , l X .af H -. -I ' .tif 'V 7.14.1 Q 1 q- Mr. Thomas A. Mr. John D. Mr. James A. Mr. Querin P. Mrs. Paul V. Dean deButts Dooley Dorschel Galvin J 7' Q A fl? F Mr. George S. Mr. Matthew J. Mr. Charles M. Mr. Patrick H. Mr. John B. Halas Hickey, Jr. Hines Hoy Huarisa X1 Mr. Owen Mr. Robert E. Mr. Arthur Mr. Charles H. Mr. Charles C. Barton Jones Joyce Keating Kellstadt Kerwin 168 Hon. Walter J. Cummings, Jr. Mr. Frederick M Gillies f, tu . , f' f K " A ' i-'W . l Mr. Samuel lnsull, Jr. . X. . . .R M7 ' gf.' f,A El, Mgvf, X . Mr. Sidney Fl. Korshak Lay Trustees 6.1 if Mr. Louls W. Menk Merrion Mr. Joseph E. Mf- Joseph B. Mr. Annur T. Mr. John L. Lanfefman Leonard McCaffrey Mrs. Conrad E. Mr. John F. Mr. William J. Mr. Vincent D. Niehoff O'Keefe Quinn Sill Specht 6' x Mr. Richard L. Mr. T. M. Mr. Reuben Mr. Jerome W. Mr. Charles S. Terrell Thompson Thorson Van Gorkom Vrtis 169 Mr. Frederick W. Mr. John F Smith, Jr., Chairman gl.: I .L 1 5 J W ,fi I.. . . .l ll ".. .V X fr- .M dj 41 .. U . '. 4. W ...f X .. Mr. Walter F Mullady Mr. Bolton Sullivan Women's Board The Women's Board of Loyola University is a vital organ of communication between the campus and the community. At its quarterly luncheons, the Board learns of the many educational W fi . Q .L b Az ad' ' 7.3 4, -Q.. Y .f fms A 'QT' ' 4 gr. .V t 3. ,, X tr fr I 0. .at H "3 .I l I l . I '. F . opportunities within the University and of Loyola's contributions to the ,,'.gggfg. .iiffa . . . - 1 I 5- -.3359 'f P city and the nation. The school is indeed fortunate to have such a .gf 1.1345 K--' . group of civic, and social leaders represented in its ' "" " L' v Mrs. Walter Stuhr, Jr. Women s Board. Chairman Mrs. Thomas Amberg Mrs. George Fiedler Mrs. Robert C. McNarma. Jr. Mrs. Thomas Stanton Armeur Mrs. Jerome K. Flaherty Mrs. Henry W. Meers Mrs william H. Arnold Mrs. c. Larkin Flanagan Mfs- Joseph T- Nlevef Mrs Charles A Bane Mrs Au ustine A Flick Jr Mrs' Robert J' M'9e'y ' , ' 9 ' ' ' Mrs. John S. Miller Mrs B. Edward Bensinger Mrs. Robert M. Foley Mrs. John A, Morrissey Mrs Robert Lee Berner Mrs. J. Dennis Freund Mrs. Aidan l. Mullett Mrs Arthur E. Biddle Mrs. Charles J. Gallagher Mrs. John T. Moss Mrs John M. Bireley Mrs. Paul V. Galvin Mrs. Paul L. Mullaney Mrs Cushman B. Bissell Mrs. Frederick M. Gillies Mrs. Joseph D. Murphy Mrs John R. Begardus Mrs. Malcolm D. Gilchrist Mrs. Lewis C. Murtaugh Mrs Louis H. G. Bouscaren Mrs. Lynne Walker Goldblatt Mrs. John A. Naghten Mrs Augustine J. Bowe Mrs. Donald M. Graham Mrs. Conrad E. Niehoff Mrs William J. Bowe Mrs. Robert F. Graham Mrs. Leonard J. O'Connor Mrs Harry Boysen Mrs. Joseph E. Guilbault Mrs. John F. O'Keefe Mrs Jerald C. Brauer Mrs. Henry Hafer Mrs John J. O'Shaughnessy Mrs John B. Bremmer, Jr. Mrs. Donald H. Haider Mrs Bernhard Pallasch Mrs James G. Brennan Mrs. Emil D. W. Hauser Mrs William F. Petersen Mrs Britton I. Budd Mrs. Kenneth B. Hawkins Mrs Robert A. Podesta Mrs John R. Burdick Mrs. Harris Haywood Mrs William J. Quinn Mrs James O. Burke Mrs. Matthew J. Hickey, Jr. Mrs Thomas W. Reedy Mrs. Thomas B. Burke Mrs. Chtarles J. Holland Mrs Charles J. Remien Mrs. Thomas J. Byrne, Jr. Dr. Helen Howe Mrs Thomas A. Reynolds Mrs. William Jerome Byrnes Mrs. Patrick H. Hoy Mrs Raymond E. Robertson Mrs. Julien J. Caestecker Mrs. John B. Huarisa Mrs Frank J. Rothing Mrs James J. Callahan Mrs. Neil C. Hurley, Jr. Mrs Charles J. Roubik, Sr. Mrs Charles B. Cannon Mrs. Edward J. Hutchens Mrs Arthur Rubloff Mrs William Roy Carney Mrs. Michael L. lgoe Mrs William J. Schmitt Mrs John D. Casey Mrs. Samuel lnsull, Jr. Mrs Herbert E. Schmitz Mrs John A. Cassin Mrs. Henry Porter lsham, Jr. Mrs Richard W. Sears, ll Mrs. Joseph J. Cavanagh Mrs. Christian E. Jarchow Mrs Thomas W. Sexton Mrs Henry T. Chamberlain Mrs. Owen Barton Jones Mrs William Sexton Mrs Henry L. Charlton Miss Ann Joyce Mrs Edward D. Sheehan Mrs Charles F. Clarke, Jr. Mrs. Joseph T. Joyce Mrs Donald T. Sheridan Mrs John W. Clarke Mrs. Robert E. Joyce Mrs Vincent D. Sill Mrs Fairfax M. Cone Mrs. Frank L. Kartheiser Mrs William J. Slnek- Mrs. Timothy J. Connelly Mrs. Joseph S. Kearney Mrs Walter Byron Smith Mrs John C. Connery Mrs. John A. Kennedy Mrs John M. Smyth, Jr. Mrs Thomas J. Coogan Mrs. Otto Kerner Mrs Frederick W. Specht Mrs Thomas E. Cooke Mrs. Edward M. Kerwin Mrs Carlos A. Spiess Mrs. James C. Corbett Mrs. Weymouth Kirkland Mrs Walter A. Stuhr. Jr. Mrs William A. Cremin Mrs. Sidney R. Korshak Mrs Bolton Sullivan. Mrs Patrick F. Crowley Mrs. John R. Laadt Mrs Harold W. Sullivan Mrs Edward A. Cudahy Dr. Ann Lally MVS J0S9Ph Francis Sullivan Mrs Walter Cummings, Jr. Mrs. Joseph B. Lanterman Mrs. Hampden M. Swift Mrs John F. Cuneo Mrs. William J. Lawlor, Jr, Mrs Edwin R. Talbot . Mrs Richard J. Daley Mrs. Eugene M. Lennon Mrs J. Thomas Tausslg Mrs Thomas A. Dean Mrs. Arthur T. Leonard Mrs T. M. Thompson Mrs James M. Delaney Mrs. James J. Lewis Mrs Reuben Thorson Mrs Louis A. de Smet Mrs. John R. Lewis Mrs William J. Tuohy Mrs Terrance Dillon Mrs. Thomas A. Lewis Mrs Frank J. Turk Mrs. James A. Dooley Mrs. Edward C. Logelin Mrs Jerome W. Van Gorkom Mrs. William G. Dooley Mrs. Lenox R. Lohr Mrs Walter A. Wade Mrs. Querin P. Dorschel Mrs. John L. McCaffey Mrs John.J. Waldron Mrs. Harry L. Drake Mrs. McCarty Mrs Maurice Walk Mrs Lyman M. Drake, Jr. Mrs. Edwin B. McConville Mrs Hempstead Washbourne Mrs. R. Jerome Dunne Mrs. Eugene T. McEnery Mrs Herbert J. Watt Mrs. Paul F. Elward Mrs. Charles L. McEvoy Mrs Harold M. Williams Mrs. John N. Estabrook Mrs. John F. McFeatters Mrs Lynn' A. Williams, Jr. Mrs. John J. Fahey Mrs. John P. McGoorty, Jr. Mrs Austin L. Wyman Mrs. John V. Farwell, lll Mrs. Clarence W. Mclntosh Mrs Eugene R. Zacher 170 Alumni Council In an effort to maintain a fruitful relationship between the University and its graduates, the Alumni Council- created only a few years ago-has already initiated an Alumni Newsletter and a very successful Alumni Day. The continued service of loyal alumni is the beneficial result. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Mr Mr. Mis Mr Mr. Dr. Mr. A. J. Bremner John K. Bruun Raymond H. Conley Timothy J. Connelly Philip H. Cordes Edward W. Dunne s Marion Etten Walter Foody Raymond P. Ganey . ,William M. Gibbons Frank J. Hogan, Jr. James A. Hogan Joseph S. Kearney, John L. Keeley Robert C. Keenan George LeMlre Carl J. Madda Paul O'Flaherty Norton OMeara s Wlnlfred OToole Joseph P. Sancullus Fred Sextro Thomas Stamm John J. Waldron Sr Norbert F. Armour John W. Baird Charles A. Bane O. D. Bast Robert L. Berner Otto L. Bettag, M.D. John M. Bireley Cushman B. Bissell Thomas J. Boodell Andrew R. Bopp Hon. Jacob M. Braude A. J. Bremner C. M. Brennan James G. Brennan James J. Brennan John E. Brennan Ralph D. Brizzolara Clemens H. Bruns Robert E. Burke Thomas B. Burke Leo Burnett C. J. Burny Thomas J. Byrne, Jr. Julian J. Caestecker Richard D. Cagney William E. Cahill James J. Callahan, M.D. Hon. William J. Campbell Andrew R. Carlson W. Roy Carney Wallace E. Carroll Anthony E. Cascino Thomas J. Cavanagh, Jr. H. M. Cavanaugh Norman L. Cavedo Col. Frank W. Chesrow John A. Clark Charles F. Clarke, Jr. John W. Clarke James W. Close John Coleman, Jr. John E. Colnon Charles A. Comiskey Philip Conley Timothy J. Connelly Philip H. Corboy Francis M. Corby Walter R. Costello Louis J. Cross George D. Crowley Patrick F. Crowley Col. Henry Crown Michael Cudahy Martin A. Culhane Hon. Walter J. Cummings, Jr. Henry J. Curran A. J. Cusick Thomas A. Dean John D. DeButts Donald Defrees Charles W. DeGryse William J. Donahoe James L. Donnelly James F. Donovan James A. Dooley ' Richard F. Dooley William G. Dooley Querin P. Dorschel Leo J. Doyle Hon. Raymond P. Drymalski Thomas F. Duffy John J. Dunn, Jr. Edward W. Dunne Hon. Robert Dunne Robert J. Eichner Joseph F. Elward Hon. Robert E. English Raymond Epstein Alexander Eulenberg Joseph P. Evans, M.D. John W. Evers Lawrence S. Fanning Peter V. Fazio Edward Fenner Edward J. Feulner Edward H. Fiedler Hon. George Fiedler George J. Fitzgerald John C. Fitzgerald Joseph J. Fitzgerald Peter Fitzgerald Daniel L. Flaherty John J. Flanagan Frank Flick John J. Foley Ray Foley Clarence E. Fox Zollie S. Frank Stephen J. Frawley Arthur J. Gallagher Charles J. Gallagher Adm. William O. Gallery James L. Garard Lee J. Gary Francis J. Gerty, M.D. Frank J. Gillespie Frederick M. Gillies Joshua B. Glasser Louis Glunz John P. Goedert Maurice Goldblatt Richard Goodman Donald M. Graham Robert F. Graham Thomas A. Grant James T. Griffin Thomas D. Griffin Joseph E. Guildbault Donald H. Haider Charles J. Haines George S. Halas William J. Halligan, Sr. Eugene A. Hamilton, M.D. Philip F. Hampson Emmett Hanley Harry P. Heuer Matthew J. Hickey, Jr. Matthew J. Hickey Ill Charles M. Hines John P. Hoffmann Brigadier Gen. Jeremiah P. Holland Michael Howlett Patrick H. Hoy John B. Huarisa John J. Hurley James T. lgoe, Jr. Samuel lnsull, r. Bruce R. Jagor Albert E. Jenner, Jr. Clarence B. Jennett Edward J. Jennett Howard J. Johnson Owen Barton Jones Murray Joslin Walter J. Joy, Jr. Robert E. Joyce Frank L. Kartheiser John S. Kavanaugh Joseph S. Kearney Arthur Keating Joseph W. Kehoe Peter M. Kelliher Charles H. Kellstadt John J. Kelly Hayes Kennedy John E. Kenney Charles C. Kerwin Edward M. Kerwin John P. Kiley John J. Kinnare Hon. Win G. Knoch Raymond J. Koch Sidney R. Korshak Leonard O. Krez Francis H. Kullman, Jr lrv Kupcinet Hon. Walter J. LaBuy Joseph B. Lanterman Paul E. Lawler, M.D. William J. Lawlor, Jr. Russell J. Leander William A. Lee Morris I. Leibman Arthur T. Leonard Thomas A. Lewis Robert J. Ley Stuart List Park Livingston Edward C. Logelin Major Lenox R. Lohr Bernard W. Lynch Richard V. Lynch William J. Lynch Jack Mabley John Madden John Madigan Walter J. Madigan David B. Maher, M.D. John J. Maher George S. Martin James R. Martin Howard G. Mayer John L. McCaffrey Arthur J. McConville Edwin B. McConville Hon. John V. McCormick Morgan F. McDonnell Charles F. McErlean Wllllam L. McFetrldge Wllllam J. McGah John P. McGoorty, Jr. John B. McGuire John F. McGuire Ivan A. McKenna H. V. McNamara Robert C. McNamara, Jr. Don McNeill John E. McNulty Charles L. Mee Henry W. Meers Edward A, Menke Joseph E. Merrion John T. Moran Harold Moser Michael F. Mulcahy Edward F. Mulhern Walter F. Mullady Paul L. Mullaney Thomas R. Muroy Charles F. Murphy Joseph D. Murphy Leo T. Murphy Morgan Murphy John A. Naghten CYrus H. Neuses T. Clifford Noonan Frank Nugent Robert O'Boyle Riley o'erlen Harold P. O'Connell HGVVY J. O'Halre James L. O'Keefe John F. O'Keefe Wllllam P. O'Keefe Wllllam F. O'Meara Flobert A. O'Rellly John E. O'Shaughnessy Michael F. Peckels Howard V. Phalin James M. Plgott Paul M. Plunkett Robert A. Podesta Howard l. Potter Harry W. Puccettl James R. Quinn Wllllam J, Quinn Frank c. aathje Ben Regan Joseph J. Regan Henry Regnery James P. Relchmann Robert W. Reneker Thomas A. Renynolds John H. Riley G. Gale Roberson Burke B. Roche Leonard D. Ronln Arthur Rubloff Anthony J. Rudls Morris B. Sachs, Jr. George F. Salrerno Joseph P. Savage John W. Scallan John Schmidt Dr. Wllllam M. School, Jr. Gilbert H. Scribner, Jr. Barnabas F. Sears Thomas W. Sexton Martin F. Shanahan Edward D. Sheehan J. Glenn Shehee Joseph D. Shelly, Dr. Donald T. Sheridan Leo J. Sheridan R. Sargent Shriver, Jr. Vincent D. Slll Jackson W. Smart John F. Smlth, Jr. John M. Smyth, Jr. Frederick W. Specht Gerald C. Specht A. L. Starshak Bolton Sulllvan John P. Sullivan James E. Thompson T. M. Thompson Reuben Thorson William B. Traynor Frank H. Urlell Jerome W. Van Gorkom Arkell M. Vaughn, M.D. Charles S. Vrtls John J. Waldron Donald J. Walsh J. Harris Ward Tony Weitzel Frank M. Whlston Elmer J. Whltty Albert J. Wllklns James C. Worthy Eugene R. Zacher W. McNeil Kennedy Chairman To be better able to acquaint Chicago with the achievements of Citizen's Board the University, the Citizens' Board- its members all prominent Chicagoans-meets four times a year to gain the knowledge of Loyola which is a means to that end. Both Loyola and Chicago benefit from its worthwhile efforts. Businessmen Henry W. Angsten, Jr. Gen. William H. Arnold James F. Ashenden, Jr, Alexander H. Bacci Samuel W. Bailey George M. Baker Frank J. Balasa Willlam M. Barr James L. Barry Charles R. Beauregard Edward J. Bennan John A. Bernauer Hon. Arthur J. Bidwill Chester F. Blel John M. Bireley Cushman B. Bissell George T. Bogert Thomas J. Boodell F. Virgil Boyd Leonard T. Braband A. J. Bremner James G. Brennan James J. Brice Thomas B. Burke William P. Burke C. J. Burny Robert E. Burny John D. Byrnes William E. Cahill Joseph E. Calderon Frank C. Callahan James J. Callahan, M.D. Kent Campbell Thomas E. Carey Raymond N. Carlen A. R. Carlson For Loyolq University W. Roy Carney Thomas J. Cavanagh Norman L. Cavedo John H. Chamberlain H. Grant Clark, Jr. James W. Close John F. Coaker, Jr. Robert M. Cole John E. Colnon Stuart Colnon Charles A. Comiskey Harry H. Comstock Timothy J. Connelly W. Daniel Conroyd Frank W. Considine Thomas J. Considine, Francis M. Corby Joseph N. Cordell Philip H. Cordes S. Charles Corte Harry Creighton William A. Cremin Phllip R. Crippen, Jr. Louis J. Cross Donald J. Crowder Patrick F. Crowley Michael Cudahy James J. Cullen Walter J. Cummings Jr Jr. Hon. Walter J. Cummings, Jr. A. J. Cusick Thomas A. Dean James E. Degnan Charles W. DeGryse Philip A. Delaney William P. Devine A. J. DeWoIf Angelo Dicello Joseph C. Dlffendal Terrence J. Dillon Willlam T. Divane James L. Donnelly James A. Dooley Richard F. Dooley William G. Dooley Guerin P. Dorschel J. D. Dougherty Leo J. Doyle Timothy J. Doyle Willlam J. Brennan George E. Driscoll Hon. Raymond P. Drymalski Thomas F. Duffy Edward W. Dunne James A. Egan R. J. Eichner Alexander Eulenberg John C. Evans, Sr. David B. Fallon Edwln J. Feulner E-dward H. Fielder Morgan M. Flnley George J. Fitzgerald Joseph J. Fitzgerals John J. Flanagan John J. Foley John O. Foy Andrew D. Frain Michael B. Frain Maurice B. Frank Stephen J. Frawley J. B. Gable Arthur J. Gallagher, Jr. Charles J. Gallagher Frank A. Gallagher Admiral William O. Gallery James H. Galllgan Alfred E. Gallo Thomas J. Galvin Willlam J. Garvy John J. Gearen J. Jay Gerber Frederick M. Gillies Edward P. Glesson Louls Glunz John R. Goldrick Thomas A. Gonser Hubert Gotzes Bernard C. Grafft Vincent J. Graham James F. Griffin, ,Jr. J. E. Grogen George S. Halas Louis Glunz George Halas, Jr. William J. Halllgan, R. Emmett Hanley Eugene L. Hannon, J. lra Harris Harry W. Haser Wayne E. Healy James R. Heller Thomas J. Hermes Matthew J. Hickey, Preston A. Higgins Willlam J. Hillmert Charles M. Hines Gen. Henry H. Hoeffer A. H. Hokanson Matthew D. Hoy Patrick H. Hoy John B. Huarisa Eugene Humphrey John J. Hurley James T. Igoe, Jr. BMLU began in 1955 when a 42-member team secured S111,000 and the total results have climbed steadily in the intervening decade until' last year when approximately 300 Businessmen for Loyola University secured gifts totaling S477,120. During the decade of BMLU effort, nearly 84,000,000 has been obtained for the Great Teaching Program. Samuel Insull, Jr. Bruce R. Jagor Howard J. Johnson W. E. Johnson Owen Barton Jones Gerald F. Jordan Robert E. Joyce Thomas J. Kane Robert S. Kay Joseph S. Kearney Arthur Keating Joseph W. Kehoe Charles H. Kellstadt RaYmond L. Kelley F'oYd M. Kenlay W- McNeil Kennedy John E. Kenney Edmund J. Kenny Charles C. Kerwln Edward M. Kerwln John J. Klnnare WeYmouth s. Kirkland Lawrence E. Klinger Paul R. Kllngsporn, Jr. Frank P. Knoll Mllton A. Kolar Sidney' R. Korshak Leonard O. Krez Alexander X. Kuhn George A. Lane Joseph B. Lanterman Robert B. Latousek John N. Latter Elmer F. Layden Elmer F. Layden, Jr. William R. Leahy Morris I. Leibman Nathaniel P. Leighton Arthur T. Leonard Robert P. Leroy John R. Lewis Thomas A. Lewis Robert J. Ley C. Ross Littig Warren A. Logelin Robert D. Luxom Hon. William J. Lynch William C. MacDonald John G. Mack, Jr. David S. Mackie Eugene S. Mahany Neil J. Maloney Samuel R. Marotta James R. Martin Robert W. Martinez Howard G. Mayer John L. McCaffrey Arthur J. McConville Edwin B. McConville Bernard McDevitt Clement J. McDonald Henry J. McDonald Frank J. McGarr John E. McGovern, Jr. Patrlck J. McGuan John B. McGuire H. V. McNamara Charles L. Mee Henry W. Meers Edward A. Menke Joseph E. Merrion William A. Moloney Edward J. Morrissey Patrick J. Mullady Henry Meers Chairman Walter F. Mullady Walter F. Mullady, Jr. Richard E. Murphy, Jr. Aidan I. Mullett John A. Naghten T. Clifford Noonan Robert O'Boyle Patrick W. O'Brlen A. J. O'Callahan William T. O'Donnell Frank E. O'Dowd Paul B. O'Flaherty John F. O'Keefe William P. O'Keefe William F. O'Meara Joseph T. O'Rourke John E. O'Shaughnessy Thomas W. O'Shaughnessy Carl E. Overton Bernhard Pallasch Robert F. Perkaus James M. Pigott Donald A. Potter Howard I. Potter James R. Quinn William J. Quinn James W. Reedy Thomas J. Feedy, Jr. Ben Regan Henry Regnery William H. Roberts Burke B. Roche Burke B. Roche Joseph W. Rose Edwin A. Rowland Anthony J. Rudls Cornelius M. Ryan Joseph Lanterman Vice-chairman l-Qs Phlllp J. Ryan Joseph M. Savage John Schmidt Martin F. Shenahan Edward T. Sheridan Vincent D. Sill A. C. Smith John F. Smith, Jr. John M. Smyth, Jr. Gerard C. Specht Frederic W. Specht Harry T. Spellman Clarence L. Steber Bolton Sullivan John P. Sullivan John H. Swan Edwin M. Taber Henry N. Theisen James E. Thompson T. M. Thompson Reuben Thorson Harry J. Trainor, Sr. Doran Unschuld Frank H. Uriell Jerome W. van Gorkom Charles S. Vrtis John J. Waldron John R. Walsh, Jr. D. G. Wetterauer Frank M. Whiston Jerome Whiston Robert Wleczorowskl Albert J. Wllkins Robert L. Wlll Gart A. Winkler Eugene R. Zacher Michael E. Zacher i l l Cushman B. Bissell, Chairman John J. Waldron, Vice-Chairman Estate Planning The Estate Planning Committee, an association of outstanding attorneys, trust officers and accountants, offers a variety of plans designed to benefit the University including gifts, trusts, scholarships, buildings, professor- ships, research projects, and cultural activities, all aimed at the goal of increasing the quality of education at Loyola. --95 X Alexander Eulenberg Clair W. Furlong John P. Goedert pl Y A - --,f"- -i.,.M-W Morris l. Liebman Frank D. Mayer John P. McGoorty 176 as al. Charles H. Kellstadt Chairman James E. Coston Joseph E. Merrion Fred B. Snite l Q'---"'. ' X!" Medicol Onthe threshold of a 50 year dream -fulfillment of plans for the new Loyola Medical Center-the University is indebted to volunteer Center members of the Citizens' Council who have assisted with long . range planning for this enterprise. Cou DCII Robert W. Galvin Charles C. Kerwin Harold Lachman John Ft. Lewis CT if e Mrs. C. E. Niehoft Michael Notaro Leo H. Schoenholen J0hI"I F- Smith. JI' y Q.. . . , I . ' N . ., 1-. . . fan? ,'- Frederick W. Specht W. Clement Stone 177 ,,. . i L 2 , ,. ti A .Nz ,I . a 1 i College can be Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parker Mr. and. Mrs. Vllilliam Buhl a very large part of life General Chairmen Vice-Chairmen 'sity Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Ellworlh Finnell Raymond Bilodeau Treasurer Secretary Pclrents Associates: Students Associates for parents as well as students Parent Associates of Loyola help find the money which pays the teachers help bring the students they teach Student Associates of Loyola tell prospective students what it's like why Loyola is for them both groups work through personal contact to expand and improve an integrated family .ls-ily Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Arendt Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Baran Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Canning Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kennedy S7217 Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonaugh MV- and Mrs. Gerald Pierce .1 ' LTI Mr. and Mrs. Cari Dichelman Dr. and Mrs. Aurel Goglin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hayes Qi fs lg I if 4' Y Mr. and Mrs. John Kusnierz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leuer Mr. and Mrs. Maurice McCarthy 1 ' sm 5 3 Mr. and Mrs. John Niekrasz Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O'BrIen Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pallasch "N vn- " Q Q I, fr, X, , ' 1 v .f i Mr. and Mrs. Louls Sebo Mr. and Mrs. John Unger Mr. and Mrs. Maxfield Weisbrod 179 Deon Of Admissions Office in i u f MR. THOMAS DYBA REXgeirciI-i95IRAdiirIDlssiiiJfi1sS'J' Assistant Dean of Admissions 180 Student Counselors REV. GEORGE VON KAEN-Et.. S.J. Director of Spiritual Activities Q ' LN-J. . , jg A - REV. ANSELM ROMB, O.F.M. CONV. Student Counselor REV. CHARLES KOZANECKI, O.F.M. CONV Student Counselor lg REV. JOHN DILLON, S.J. Student Counselor Dean Ot Students Cttice The Students' deans: they represent potential what students can do at the university through their government for student's rights expansion of services through organizations in social cultural charity work the life the student lives: his residence fun ambitions awful discipline advice good, cautious or all centers in the offices of the Students' deans both MR. HARRY lVlcCLOSKEY, Dean of Students MARIETTE LE BLANC, Dean of Women 182 Q r tk as MR. RICHARD MADAY, Director of Housing MR. JOHN TOSTO, Director of Student Activities IRENE KREUSER Assistant to the Dean of Women st ff-f JOAN STEINBRECHER Assistant Dean of Women 183 Q . MR. MICHAEL HAWKINS Director of Male Personnel Administrative Staff 'YQ -W i t, ' Zggfpggt -ggi. ,fb wb' v 'Th . n 1 "' J 'QW L- A , J An' TQ ' MR. JAMES MCCUE MR. WILLIAM MOLONEY MR. JAMES SASSEN Assistant to the Director of Development, Alumni Relations Director of Development Stritch School of Medicine MR. THOMAS SANDERS MR. ALVO ALBINI MR. CLAYTON BERRIGEN Director of Development Director of Public Relations Director of Development, Dental School 184 Camellia Award Camellia the prize of community improvement is the community itself beheld and understood its recognition the Camellia Award an honor to the woman whose efforts are most significant Mrs. Mary Lasker Block Administrative 1 . ,I ,1 gf-. v' Deans Socrates could walk up and down teach young men great things and get away from his wife at the same time today it can't be done Someone has to put a roof over Socrates make sure he knows what he's talking about find a place for all the young men keep them away from the young women- see that Plato and Socrates aren't in the same place at the same time pay Socrates see what the young men have learned pass the word along it's a hard job made no easier by the thought of Socrates MR. DION WILHELMI, Assistant Dean REV. WALTER KROLIKOWSKI, S.J., Dean msgs:-1-W .11,,,, ' REV. Hue:-I RODMAN, SJ, MR. GEORGE LUTER Associate Dean Asslsfanf Deaf' 5 , ,, , 27573 15' :I 'fr g.pwi'i?f1':.p9-4 .E 5 .,.':,,-3,-K., .. ,A.i.J.,' "A,7!L.1 ri! 'rs .1':"f5.5 ,-. ,, , MR- HARRY BLANTON Assistant Dean 187 REV FRANCIS GROLLIG, S.J. Department Chairman Anthropology studies human society in it's least self conscious form it glues together old pots marks out the ebb and flow of cultures views modern complexity from the vantage of primitive simplicity and trys to map out a development it's a serious business with romantic overtones ' J Biology .auulll"""'-' Biology is full of hints: it points toward half of medicine it suggests an ordered cosmos it's terribly mundane land deadly for foetal pigsl but Biology fthe matter of Iifel still fascinates and bewilders REV. WALTER PETERS, S.J. Department Chairman Chemistry DR. RAYMOND MARIELLA, Department Chairman 190 The Chemist's the classic scientist liking things for what they are He looks at gallons of cobalt says: "Cobalt is blue, you know" and then you do so do the Physicist and the Biologist M Classics Classics is quite literally a world it has its own language, history, theology, science, geography, literature . . lt has its own dignity and sense of order too and the study of the classics for so the layman imaginesl can help us catch a needed glimpse of the heroic REV. THEODORE TRACY, S.J., Department Chairman 191 Education DR. JOHN WOZNIAK, Department Chairman 192 Perhaps it's a matter tat bottomi of eliciting response teachers love, tease, threaten, apply technique, love, plead, discard lesson-plans and love lt the word "education" has a dull thud to it think of it as the science of getting across to the apathetic, discouraged and ordinary Education is nothing short of momentous Sometimes English looks pretty pedantic lfrom rules of spelling and rules of grammar to the five basic uses to spondee: the etymology of "What? Hol"J English can seem pedantic because communication is a very subtle matter. In trying to capture it completely, one can slip into pedantry and lose everything. But, as the chief joy of life most think it's worth the risk , English DR. JOHN GERRIETTS, Department Chairman History .,, so sm DR. PAUL LIETZ, Department Chairman Whenever you take something for granted you're dealing with History iDemocracy is good for you History is bunk and so forthj History is the study of attitudes and habits and where they come from -Oh yes: and the date of the Norman Conquest 1149271 Q Math's more human than it looks: it's reason's wild imagination flt's also Bach's and Physics' tool and Yearbook paginationi but don't think of it as a device. Math is as real as the mind which makes the rules. Moth MR. JOHN CONNELLY, Department Chairman 195 ipsum,- Military Science LT. COL. DONALD GLUCK, Department Chairman Men are constantly fighting one another from their offices their typewriters their foxholes soldiers are men honest enough to admit what they must do Military Science prepares them to teach others one of mans sorriest necessities Modern Language teaches more than another way of saying "I am an American Student" lwhich hardly anyone says these daysl Each language has its own logic its own spirit each offers a different way lof thinking about being an American Studentl Modern Language l DR. LOUIS SOLANO, Department Chairman 197 Natural Science ,asm-f," 'A ,y ,4M:.,., ,. , A Y, 5 . f .-wi if 1:4 51 7 :ILM W'1'1TCv:,yf, Q, f I if .ni-r1.5 ww ff f.i.:ff'f'Qf'. DR. LLOYD ARNOLD Department Chairman Philosophy is implicit: one does not worship or love see, touch or smell one does not think without it to study Philosophy is only to stop to reflect on the assumptions Q .f 5 Philosophy DR. FRANCIS CATANIA, Department Chairman 199 Physics MR. MARK MINKLER, Acting Chairman Physics takes an overview: wants to know how corn oil flows the specific gravity of alligators so it can guess universal laws tit is very religiousj good luck to these men and their escalator There are those who think of government as a rationally constructed machine ipour in politicians turn the crank it goesl These people may have given Political Science its name Those who study politics know the rules of a government are alive Political Science l i l REV. JOSEPH SMALL, S.J., Department Chairman 201 Psychology DR. RONALD WALKER, Department Chairman Psychology finds reasons for the strangest things and does some of them it flashes curious words in front of undergraduates it slices up the brains of rats it sits in dark rooms watching little points of light and every other humanistic discipline is much the richer for it Human interaction on a large scale: Customs, mores, patterns are raw materials of Sociology Sociology collects them, it adds them and analyzes them and touches on the fears and hopes of the many the pressures they place on the few Sociology DR. PAUL MUNDY, Department Chairman 203 Speech 'Y Q, DR. DONALD STINSON, Department Chairman in Y., WiM4'4tv7"' ' "W" """+ Speech is the art with the "feeling tone" it stirs emotion in debate brings life iand thoughtj alive in drama gives full meaning to the written word Speech is the discipline where deceit is hardest God reveals Theology explores and God reveals The processes are fused Theology- no more static than the universe Q Theology's an active Queen of Knowledge Theology REV. FRANCIS FILAS, S.J., Department Chairman 205 Director Ott 3-4 Honors Program For those to whom learning will be life and profession and for those who move farther and faster The Honors Program is a real necessity it gives an added depth to courses provides a congenial peer group and never lets life become too easy REV. CARL BURLAGE, S.J. CU X X 5 - 'X' ' ,fx Seated: Pat Merwick, Marge Woods, Bill Iburg, Denny McShane, Veronica Butler, Fred Stumbaugh, Friar Victor Abegg, O.F.M. Standing: Nick Emanuele, Jack Sobieski, Chris Polk, Joe Durlak, Dan Barnes, Kathy Corrigan, Jim Strom, Paul Rink, Mike Kunich. 206 Library Keeping a library requires more than a dust rag and a knowledge of decimals, constant, careful planning of expansion, acquisition, building and a seemingly limitless talent for finding things make the librarian a known and respected figure to all who take their education seriously NIR. JAMES COX Director Business Administration xi QT,-:gait DR. VIRGIL BOYD, Dean Business Administration's tools are inevitable accounting, binding law forceful economics their intent is to make co-operation more than another tool to tie it to the voluntary Christian ethic Accounting makes the most gigantic things quite manageable it translates them into common terms with it you can liquidate your surplus . . . lany number of mysterious thingsi from the beginning of modern times lthe beginning of large-scale tradei Accounting had been an essential tool of civilization .fQw" Accounting - u-.M z K 3""4h-.. W"-.... g DR. ROBERT MEIER, Department Chairman 209 Business Low DR. JOHN ZVETINA, Department Chairman Business Law defines the common meaning of those understandings- contracts, securities- which form the basis of trust the element which makes all commerce possible Wealth fthe idea of wealthl moves crops digs holes keeps lalmostj everybody moving. Wealth- this energy-in-convenient form is the subject of Economics-Finance Hardly a sedentary study. Economics Finance DR. THEODOSI MOGILNITSKY, Department Chairman 211 in-an--.l .M . . .,. """F' Mc rketing The science of Marketing Cwhen to dig the turnips and take them to townb has developed into an art itie a blue bow around the turnips put them in a plastic sackb it seeks out tastes and forms them MR. DONALD MEYER, Chairman u DR. RAYMOND MAYER, Chairman X V Mcincagemenl J. J. Astor trapping foxes happened to be a genius Today if the man who owns the fox doesn't happen to be a genius or, more likely, if 426,889 men own the fox they can hire a manager who co-ordinates fox-feeder fox-breeder fox-wrapper fox-skinner fox-seller and fox the manager brings skill without ownership Howard Hughes you're obsolete Greeks Spartans eat Milesian generals for snacks and Athenians use Thebans as rugs but if any Barbarians laugh at the Greeks they'll flatten the miserable thugs lThey are proud of their temples whose doors never close, and their wine like the dusky Aegean that flows never ending around them, as everyone knows who's not been therel Pallas Athena with eyes flashing gray they honor with sacrifice due she mingles amongst them in various forms lmaybe ASA, Kappa, Phi Muj off, , , ,M Fun? Listen: if it was athletic pushing and shoving on a muddy field or dark and smokey in the gym or in some basement if it was bright-lit tlouncing and flashing a Greek probably did it Yeah! those jokers with the jewelry on their shirts lblouses, etc.l Work? Oh yeah: keeping orphans amused they've done that Helping run our student government ll said they worked-not that they were geniusesl collecting clothes for the poor lyou name it: organization, charity . . .J a Greek did it Really! The ones that sit around their own tables in the union lhouses, street cornersl The mugs who send their pledges to ask you for a dried prune They do all kinds ot things besides giving each other an identity Greeks Yeah! how about that First row: Bob Brennan, Bob McGann, Mike Tario, John Kavadas. Second row: John Sawi- cki, Steve Emiley, Len Rutkowski, Joe Malee, Tom Neglia, Al Kleszynski, Dan Callahan, Domi- nic Calibraro, Joe Macaluso. Third row: Nick Xanders, Flay Hixon, Tom Wiscarz. Alpha Della Gamma Seated: John Fegan lpresldentl, Rev. John Dulln lmoderatorj, Bill Grohar ltreasureri. Standing: Kenne Wadas isergeant-at-armsi, Floss Fasano istewardl, Don Calibraro Kparliamentarianl, Bill McDonnell lrush chairmanl, Bob Abhaller lhis- torianj, Jim Carey lathletic directorj, Bob Cer- mak lsecretaryl, Brian McKillup lexecutive secretaryl. Flrst row: Detlev Von Pritschyns, Frank Madda, Paul Petit, Bob Trudeau, Jerry Urbancik. Second row: Phil Nash, Bill O'Brien, Bill White, Greg Furda, Bill Hirschauer, Sieve Titra, Jack Meyers. Third row: John Mlrro, Mike Brand, Chuck Duffy, Bob Oehlberg, Don Yuzeilis. 216 Alpha Kappa Psi David Kalina, William Dolatowski, John Nicholas, Dan Patt, Stan Bart- niczak, Paul Blakely, Floger Grabowski, Jim Kosinski, Joe Shrader, Joe Del Campo, Bob Rogan, Jim Prebis, Jerry Kulpa, Tony Valvo, Marty Webb. . 1... Donald Mansell lmaster of ritualsl, John Pionke lassistant treasureql, John Schreiber ltreasureri, James Vahey lsecretaryl. Jim Durkln lpresidenti. 217 Alpha Phi Omega Firsl row: Frank Kudia lrecording secrelaryl. Robert Liskza lpresidentl, Charles Chianelli lsecond vice-pres- identl, Ted Lorenc ltreasurerl, Burton Krain fcorres- ponding secretaryj. Second row: Richard Kerscher lhistorianl, Raymond Graves lfirst vice-presidenll, Leslie Gombus isergeant-at-armsl, Robert Gibula lalumni secretaryl. 10.40 J Seated: John Keane, James Dowdle, Joe Burger, Luke Lundmark, Joseph Spielman, George Warneck. Standing: Mr. Michael Haw- kins, Roger Young, Charles Kuszynski, Mitchell Ciesla, Vincent Hilden, John Domke, Richard Wegrzyn, Robert Czerniak, Carl Glatz. 218 Delia Sigma Phi Kneeling: Fred Restarski, Don Pochopien, Randy Kemmer, Mike Flesor, Chuck Janowsky, Stan Zawila. Standing: Frank Schmidt, Mike McCann, AI Piskorski, Hugh Carr, Tim Hicklin, Jim Weimar, Ken Kinney, Tony DeMonie, John Minarcik. 'F 51 Phil DePauw isecretarw. Fred Schudel ipresi- denti, Jerry Zajaczek isergeanl-at-armsj, Mike Kretch itreasureri. ,- ,V l aw .-Z!-, Q' .tx po. 39 Seated: Frank Flamljak isenior vice-presldentl, Michael Buschbacher ipresidentl, Edward Walsh isecretaryl, James Hynes ijunior vice-presidentl, Terrence Walsh itreasurerj. Standing: Robert Marrella, Bernard Bradley, John Stanilz, Renato Bacci, Peter Quinn, Thomas Flepel, Vincent Flangel, William Nadey, Earl Nichols, Donald Colby, Joseph Vasile, John Lipinski, Dwight Mitchell, Thomas Jacobs. 220 Seated: Daniel Sluwa Lawrence Caltaglrone Denis Wong, Gerald May Standing Gerard Ozark Eugene Guetzow, Paul Muzereus Brian McCarthy Thomas Kessel, Richard Adamczyk Sal Danza k y V' Pi Alpha Lambda Phil May ipresidenii, Mel Thillens fvice-presidenii, Joe Egan ipiedge mastery, Mike Wiese isecretaryi. - 4 ,..,k , .Q .X a-9 Cid! Seated: Phil May, Jerry Crimmins, Rick Ulbrich, Jerry Frake, Stan Seagren. Standing: Mel Thillens, Mike Wiese, John Fieuter, John Garritz, Joe Egan, Bill De Nicolo, Tom Cassidy. 221 K? fin. Phi Kappa Theio Seated: Jim Salvator lhistorianj, Joe Hollenkamp isec- retaryi, Joe Chodorowski lathletic directory, Jerry Lattyak lpledge mastery. Standing: Mike Pisano itreas- urer and sergeant of armsl, Dick Byrd ivice-presidenti, Mike Mokelke lpresidentj, John Stopka lvice-presidenti, James Horn il.F.C. delegalel. First row: Gerald Peterson, Dan Stolarczyk, Chuck Barsano, P John Granado, Tom Stempien, Glenn Davis. Second row: James Horn, Jack Sullivan, Hilary Neybert, Bernard Doyle, Neil Sullivan, Marty Geraghty. Kneeling: Wayne Sochacki, Lou Pisano, Len Dlgate, Mike Meehan. Standing: Glenn Hansen, Fiich Pawela, Bill Wirth, Fiay Kalfas, Kevin Redmond, Don Plula, Floy Perell. .Q cl Sigma Delia Phi Seated: Joe Thomas lvice-presidenil, Jim Brophy tpresidentl. Standing: Wayne Prepura isecretaryl. Jim Blascovich ttreasurerl, John Powers ihouse stewardi, Tim Zeien lsecretaryj. Kneeling: Bob Kirst, Al Juocys, Tony Grella, Jack Brophy, Paul Meinardus. Standing: Bill Slover, Mike Beehner, Carl Munson, Ed Abromaitis, Darrell Wilk, George La Brot. Flrst row: Jerry Plsano, Jerry Brennan, Ralph Bawden, Phil Kaufmann, Bob Rusignuolo, Frank Cimino, Vince Slagel. Second row: Jim Magee, Bob Floss, Bob Di Girolano, Al Lubanowski, Tom Dolan, Bill Broderick, Greg Thomma. Third row: Lare Schlee, Kei Narimaisu, Mike Gerberi, Bill Kamai. Sigma Pi ,ga 'Qu-rw if Seated: Ron Reter ipresidentl, Mike Garcia ivlce- presidentl. Standing.' William Todd ipledgemasteri, Terence Banich isecretaryi. Paul Ingevaldson itreasurerl, Frank Slocumb ialumni secretaryl. Flrst row: Joseph Ptasinski, John Fitzgerald, Paul Ingevaldson, Daniel Kendzierski. Second row: Tony Mazzulla, Bill Todd, Tom Krueger, Charles Saletta, Paul Vakselis. Thlrd row: Hon Reter, Mike Garcia, Larry Stockey, John Wolosewick, Terry Banich, Frank Slocumb, Bob Potempa. 224 , ,lv ,.. NX I 0 Tau Della Phi First row: Peter Morganti, Tony Vanella, Bob Stanuch. Second row: Drew Starsiak, Flick Multack, John Caciop- po, Rich Lang. Third row: Bob Lang, Eric Arroyo, Phil Radtke, Brian Kissane. Fourth row: Ian Natkin, Gary Schlesinger, Paul O'Neill. Fiflh row: Jeff Carlson, Jim Wall, Vic Janulailis, Tom De Zur, Joe Dooley, Bob Dominiec. First row: Eric Arroyo leditor-historianl, Tony Vanella fpresidentj, Jim Wall lstewardl. Second row: John Cacioppo fsecretaryl, Jeff Carlson Cpledge mastery, Ed Walsh lgrand scribej, Flick Multack lsecretaryl. Bob Dominiec ltreasurerl. 225 Tau Kappa Epsilon Seated: Patrick Klunder lalumni historianl, Bill Leahy thistorianl, Mike Gajewski, Al Fiore, Louie DeRose, Barry Humphrey. Standing.' James Seymour, John Madden, Anthony Hayne, Robert Gajewski lchaplainl, Michael Frost, Steve Graham icorresponding secretaryil Michael Close, Daniel Barrett, Michael Timmons, Tad MacCartie, Richard Buscaglia, Frank Taendler. Seated: Richard Garvey tpresidenll, Thomas McCormick, Richard Yule lsergeant-at-armsl, Leonard Buczkowski. Standing: Anthony DeOrio, Thomas Zimmerman, Vince Jolivette lpledge trainerj, Mark Niekrasz tsecretarYJ. David Scully, Robert Scigalski tvice-presidentl, Richard Randick, Paul Lietz ttreasurerl, Thomas Zmugg. First row: Harley Andrzejewski, Dave Casaman, Jim Finne- gan. Second row: Hank Kreutzjans, Frank Peters, Mike Roach, Bob Sawicki, Bob Madsen, Len Buczkowski. Third row: Pat Smucher, Don Murray, Pete Hernandez, Ed Mat- thews. Fourth row: Mike Gajewski, Bill Leahy, Jeff Zoller. 226 Alpha Sigma Alpha Ginger Meares lpresidentj, Noreen Mysyk lvice-presidentl, Joan Sorich lrecording secre- taryl. Kathy Coniglio ltreasurerl, Katie Bau- mann lchaplainl, Jo Carol Blumenthal lhis- torianl, Susan Lowell lrush chairmanj, Carol Kubistal lsong chairmanl, Noreen Mueller tpledge trainerl. Flrst row: Mary Grant, Carol Gregory, Clarene Pontlcelli, Cathy Gerken, Maryann lantorno, Diane Mostek, Chris Hosek, Noreen Mueller. Second row: Bev Kopala, Gretchen Reach, Susan Lowell, Cheryl Wlese, Carol Kubistal, Katie Baumann, Pat Marshall, Barb Allen, Bunny Lyons, Flosaleen Kelly. Third row: Ginger Meares, Janet Wege, Pam Wolski, Noreen MYSyk, Jo Carol Blumenthal, Grace Nasca, Gail Grodoski, Gigi Tylutki, Kathy Coniglio, Kathy Zol, Joan Sorich. 227 Alpha Tau Della Seated: Ellen Dennis lsecretaryl, Mary Kay Thegze lpresidentj, Jean McDonald Cvice- presidentl. Standing: Mary Anne McCauslin Ctreasurerl, Betty Obert lpledge mistressl, Laura Van Leuven lsocial chairmanl, Mary Natale larchivistl. uv-4 gf First row: Joanne Meier, Ginny Majcherek, Ellen Dennis, Mary Kay Thegze, Sue Sullivan. Second row: Barbara Kral, Ellen Norbey, Mary Anne McCausIin, Betty Obert, Dawn Petrole, Mary Sheehan. Third row: Chris Motzny, Laura Van Leuven, Eileen Wayne, Jean McDonald, Mary Natale, Judy Klees. 228 Noelle Dreher ipledge mistressj, Paula Valaitis ipresidenti, Mary Jo Budill ihistorianl, Chrisann Schiro lPanhellenic delegatei, Ida Velez isecretaryl, Mary Jo Kupst Crush chairmani, Marie Morissette ivice- presidenti. Mary Ann Bukowski, Elaine Gorczyca, Rita Lynn, Joyce Pieszchala, Helga Noeller, Rita Goetz, Sharon Clark, Mary Korenjak, Diane Klein, Linda Kobel, Dee Patterson, Kathleen Burke, Joan Frey, Diana Dresen. Kris Skowronek, Maria Ginex, Kathy Cieplak, Bonnie Shea, Dolores Lang- er, Mary Gillmore, Sharon Cooper, Lynda Thompson, Lynn Dieter, Debbie Spears, Elaine Budzisz, Arlene Plocinski, Joann Pucilo, Liz Engert, Jeannine Huckienbroich. 229 Kappa Bela Gamma Seated: Sheila Corboy lsecretaryt, Mary Kay Motto ipresidentt, Kathy McGinley tvice-presidentj. Standing: Mary Beth McClay imembership directory Margaret Lewike Ctr , y easurerj, Terry Wojcik iPanhellenic dele- gatej, Joanne Sutkowski ljunior Panhellenic delegatej. X1 0YV't 56 it ' ' Phi Mu . Vg K? fi? i MQ r 35 Joanne Sutkowski, Pat Merwick, Micky McClay, Terry Wojcik, Margaret Lewikey Sheila Corboy, Pat Lubke Pat Krzyzaniak Joan Z hl , , ae er, Ann Muldoon, Mary Kay Motto, Mary Dryden, Kathy McGinley, Micky Flaabe, Mary Margaret Stilwagen. 230 -Q51 annul! gf! Flrst row.' Toni Blaney lvice-presidentj, Judy Medick lpresldenti, Rosemarie Guadagnuolo lpledge mistressi. Second row: Kathy Haravon ftreasureri, Pamela Phillips lcorresponding secretaryi. Third row: Mary Graham fhistorlani, Kathy Smialek lrecording secretaryi, Melody Stala lmarshalli. Theta Phi Alpha K X1 .-......., 'M' -f 14 l Q, , v v - First row: Margaret Harhen, Betty Bereznak, Jane Smith, Judy Reese, Mary Ann Bubness, Dee DeCarlo. Second row.' Connie Pietrucha, Jeanne Wall, Janice Jachinski, Margaret Schneider, Betty Giunta, Mary Lynn O'Nelll. Third row: Mary Eastman, Marilyn Hatzell, Louise Pope, Patricia Manelski, Mary Jane Young. Fourth row.' Elaine Burke, Mary Allen, Lynda Wait, Flenee Struck, Margaret Skidmore, Beverley Mace-Junas. Fifth row: Ellen Chamberlain, Puddy D'Esposito, Ginny Kelly, Andrea Pacer, Tommie Wurst, Mary Nielsen, Penny Steiner. Protessionol Fraternities There's twice as much reason for joining these Greeks fthe first cause is fun and the second's the futurel They've one common goal and their files mean a lot f"since you're a brother I'll lend you a suture"i Of course all fraternities form lifelong bonds but these can give mutual recommendations to patients afflicted with Bactrian crud and clients who covet immense corporations So if you're among those who know what they want lto stake out a place in a pleasant professioni you may want to join the professional Greeks llord saves us from medicare or a recessionj 232 Alpha Omega Flrsl row seated: Nell Wilner, Don Salem. Second row: Sanford Block, Michael Rubenstein, Barry Pinsky, Steve Karden, Bob Lubar, Arnie Morof. Third row: Larry Feldman, Jan Rosen, Mike Kirshenbaum, Allen Brody, Larry Slayer, Al Schneider, Dan Durslag, Al Novich, Dan Rudin, Bruce Sanders. 233 Della Sigma Della l f T -'J' fl ' - , l H' 'fl ""'llllilll' 4 9 9,991 gal? ,nn L, ..,, H. in . N Asif: .4 1 W, 'gf-M.M,.i' , 'fps' Y .yft - V-wx X , - ., ff., -1 ED . l L- 'iff' ff 1 N 1 x s, ' - -.ff 'XX S ' .Q--4 nfl le... f N: ,' . 4 .fl -J i -' ' ., BC mi f,, A!! 0 Flrst row: Doug Pierre, John Anderson, John Strelff, Rich Johnson. Second row: Joe Ladone, Jim Koning, Dick Matthews, Dick Lubman, Tom Gilman, Stan Franson. Third row: John O'Malley, Edward LeMire, Ray Lang, Ed Samples, Roger Moon, Jack Lynch, Steve Sue, Dave Musich. Fourth row: Charlie Schanzel, Dick Saunders, Lane Harberlson, Ron Cook, Tom Haverstock, Tony Aurelio, Ted Brasky, Walker Armstrong, Rich Stephens. Fifth row: Bill Devlin, Arnie Morof, Matt Gryzlo, Glen Hansen, John Webb, Claude Gadbois, Dan Bruzzini, Jim Coglianese, Bob Herring. Sixth row: Ken Peterson, Phil Johnson, Ernest Maggioncalda, Dan Fuertges, Bob Rokos, John Francis. 234 i. l... Phi Beta Pi Seated: Lars VanPutten, Leonel Urdaneta ihouse managerb, Robert Malachowski isecre- taryb. Kneeling: Roger Traxel, Tim Betchel, Fred Kassis, Stephen Hempelman, Ed Drum, John Leyland. Standing: Dennis Mychak, Mike Ranahan, John Hagan itreasurerj, John Boyle, Micky Shuetz, John Fromkes, Larry Cogan, Mark Lucianna, Joseph Zanga. 235 Phi Chi First row seated: Tom Galvin. Second row seated: John Parker, Bill Scott, Tom Layden John Ladineo. Third row: Armand Simone, Ed Grabowski, Jim Hasselt, Richard Pope Bob Krance, John McFadden, George Volpetti, Bob Olko, Tom Murphy. 236 Psi Chi Dr. Frank Kobler, Ftich Izzett, Fr. John Cade, Everett Jacobson, Jim Young, Shula Luber, Paul Hettich, Hugh Creedon, Richard McGIynn, Peter Kaufmann. 'z H Z- --... ng i i 'fb 1 Charles Sterns Psi Omega ,r.,. 1 xlib? 3 'Nd Rich Ochwat H Xi Psi Phi Rich Campbell, Rich Muneretto r gif!! N First row: Dave Wilson, Bob Wilkey, Vince Rossi, Bob Gallianl. Second row: Dave Berni, John Worlel, Bob Witek, Pat Catullo, Ron Baron, Archie Estey. Third row: Jerry Heiman, R. J. Sullivan, Jim McCall, Mike Truppa, Ron Veselsky, Gregory Klezik, John Schulien, Marsh Oleck, Rich Campbell. Fourth row: Carl Gangitano, Bob Hodur, Mall Camp- bell, Flon Magneson, Tom Nale, Frank Foehr, Ed Walsh. Fifth row Rich Caraba, Nick Cubin, Phil Cannizzaro, Charlie Schanzel, Bob Malorney, Freddie Orendach. Sixth row: Terry Prevender, Dick Sullivan, Bill Tener, Lance Kruise, Bob Mueller. Seventh row: Ron Isbell, Ron Hartzer, Bob Hoffman, Dave Binolti. Eighth row: Roy Appelgren. 239 240 I , r I 5 . P F L I P F P 1 I 241 I They dare to be different look at themselves lnot at what everyone else doesl and step out to lead a few plod through books hours on end most create in lab and class student government organizations We can't help noticing them so we say so ' ' m thang medals on em, give the slips of paper, what-have-youl Having little heros is an age old urge these are ours keys, Honoraries Alpha Sigma Nu Jssulr HONORARY fx s f" . --af . lI E 'REP "2-',!gT.-S. ., .1 ' ' "UE: Q . 1'-Zeff 'i"Si53' - 6.55 ,JL gf' I- -' :I- Ag, . -Eifiii'-35,1'f'g1-1? ji 1' 5.153 555- QPF' :A:,:'g.-: lEi'ffi'2'Q 35151 'eiE'E-' .F :1 xlsgt, 151 452- ,313 ji' j,.,.y 'VUI11 :if V5 -ri .L '.: 'lr .1 J N311-.-fi me -, " ' 4-1 1' 1.1 ...,,. ,. - ,. ,,: 44,f,..,t..l.5, 1,1-. gf ' xl '-5::'.s- -ig? - I' .,'.,L. "f 'f-.-firm -- -'-an ,.ar':1.a- " --fgtwx. 2391? ' wi -' .--15:51 ' illli i l Walter Durkin Friar Victor Abegg, Philip Bakes Terence Banich Ernest Beutel James Bogan O.F.M., Conv. Richard Jordan Eric Motley Edward Joyce Daniel Kamykowski Robert Kania David Kelly James Pawlikowski William Ranieri Richard Rappaport LeRoy Regner John Boyer William Kipnis Peter Saldanha Thomas Breier George Kiskunas John Schreiber glial? Zjjjjan Stanley Km" Robert Shearin Mark Caster JO.S?ph Ladone Gregory Sikora Anthony DeOrio mglianiclazzaevgl Ronald Slflarl John Dunn, s.J. Paul Maier John Somesk' Nicholas Emanuele Nicholas Etten Robert Fletcher John Gaynor Martin Geraghty Alfred Gross John Hynek William lburg Bruce Spengler John McGinley Dennis McShane R. Eugene Mellican Charles Meschler Philip Moore Raymond Morrissy Richard Mortara Joseph Moschiano 243 Kenneth Steffan Ludwig Streck William Theis Leon Till William Toolson James Weiss Terrence Wilkin Thomas Zimmerman QQ l I I f ,Oo 5 if 'Q cog 562 Q Q QQQ Donald Adamitis Michael Arnow Peter Cangelosi Leonard Di lorio James Durkin Brother Paschal Erick, C.F.A. Eugene Furman John Gaynor Frank Hahn James Horvath Robert Jacks Myra Swick 244 Belo Alpha Psi ACCOUNTING HONORARY Beta Gamma Sigma .,- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HONORARY Thomas Breier Leonard Dilorio Brother Paschal Erick, John Gaynor Roger Grabowski Frank Hahn James Horvath Robert Jacks Jerome Jezuit John Kostolansky Lynn Kowalski David Leach Raymond Ligocki Dean March Joseph Moschiano Karl Steigerwald Ludwig Streck Myra Swick John Tabor Christine Tischler James Vertenten Norene Wade Daniel Wallingford Michael Whaley Robert Zana Bernadette Zawilinski 245 C.F.A I I mil I 'fill at r' . we .,.,f, . ,:. l gk all Robert Abene Sheldon Altschul Daniel Barnes Michael Beehner Frank Benak Gerald Black John Block Michael Buschbacher Warren Busscher William Caldwell Francis Cimino William Clohesy David Cochran James Coglianese James Collins Robert Cronin Anthony DeOrio William Devlin John Donahue James Durkin Gerald Eidenmuller Nicholas Emanuele Nicholas Etten Patrick Falvey Alphonse Fiore Robert Fletcher Patrick Foley Gregory Furda Richard Garvey Robert Goehl Roger Grabowski James Guido Edward Hapaniewski John Hofherr William Hogan Edmund Hunt Robert Jacks Mindaugas Janulaitis Max Jarmoc Richard Jordan Richard Kennedy Frank Kimmel Joseph Ladone Ernest Magg-ioncalda John Martin William McDonnell Thomas Minogue James Mlrabile Michael Mokelke 246 Blue Key MEN'S HONORAFIY Richard Mortara Edward M-uldoon Zenon Myszkowski Jerome Pisano Vincent Rangel Richard Rappaport Paul Rink Robert Saigh Edward Samples Richard Saunders John Schreiber William Schroeder David Scully John Sheahin John Sobieski Jon Stevenson Ludwig Streck William Theis Charles Thomason William Toolson Detlev Von Pritschyns Denis Walsh Edward Walsh Joseph Wolf Circumference WOMEN S HONORARY Yvonne Amar Elizabeth Bereznak Mary Bigongiari Diane Brown Maryann Bubness Mary Carroll Judith Cholewa Marcia Chwierut Kathleen Cieplak Patricia Connery Sheila Corboy Catherine Gerkin Christine Glazar Gail Grodoski Bonita Harding Eileen Harrington Nan Johnson Barbara Juskevich Mary Kelly Flosaleen Kelly Susan Kempfer Kathleen Kennedy Linda Kobel Cynthia Krol Mary Jo Kupst Jeanne Lammert Dolores Langer Anne-Maureen Maloney Mary Marmoll Patricia Merwick Noreen Mysyk Jeanne Neu Elizabeth Obert Mary O'Connell Joan O'Mara Andrea Pacer Geraldine Paterkiewicz Constance Pietrucha Arlene Plocinski Christine Polk Carol Poulsom Chrisann Schiro Noel Smoron Kathy Smialek Melody Stala Stephennie Stopak Myra Swick Joan Sykstus Mary Thegze Paula Valaitis Bernadette Zawilinski ' 6 KQV- L W5 6 -db' alll. Q lim . " 4 It I I YT-AX : 2 I ., ',:f.- ' x 1 r -..j.p.1 tr I lqllvll' ill f Z CP? Della Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha Jerry Black Ruby DeGryse Elaine Koprowski Anne-Maureen Maloney Noel Smoron John Sobieski Donald Stinson Bill Theis James Weiss 248 SPEECH HONORARY l fa. gg Phi Sigma Tau PHILOSOPHY HONORARY Friar Victor Gerald DeVries Richard Jordan William Nosek Ronald Tavar Abegg, O. F. M. Barbara Stephen Jubyna Mary O'Connell William Theis Yvonne Amar DiLeonardo Daniel Kamykowski Andrea Pacer Bruce Trumpis Carol Annes Victoria Dolezal James Karpus Margaret Patterson Erwin Uecker Dame' Barnes Joseph Durlak Carolyn Klos Kathleen Peca Paula Valaitis ,Jack Beaulieu . . . J h B tt Nicholas Emanuele Donald Kopec Christine Polk Edward Volk o n enne Paul Emmett Michael Kunich Nance Raasch Jeanne Wauck Paul Bessette Ernest Beutel Nina Fitch Barbara Kusenko Ann Marie Ratkovic Daniel Welnman James Began Robert Foster Richard Lang Paul Rink Rose Marie Frank Bolin Richard Gambia William Leavy Patricia Rittle Zabmskr Michael Bfeen Martin Geraghty Diane Lennon Alice Shadell Veromca Buuer James Gilsinan William Lipari Joanne Sheahan Mary Cano!! Mary Grover Thomas Livorsi Christine Kathleen Cleplak GI G k F d LI Sk k William Clohesy enn ryon a ernan o osa owrone Patricia Connery Michael Harrigan Anthony Macievic Wayne Sliwa George Cook James Heller Daniel Maday Leon Smith Peter Copek Carol Hendren Paul Maier John Sobieski Sheila C0fb0Y John Herkel Dennis McShane Samuel Sorich D0n:"n'Ck i Susan Higgins Patricia Merwick Bruce Spengler DAmbroS'o John Hynek Garfield Munroe Michael Stefanclc Kathleen Dee W. I, Ib . h . S d St James Desjohn ll iam urg Ric ard Nels an ra em Robert Del Greco Matthew lgnoffo Daniel Stolarczyk Martin DeNyS June Jarolim James Strom Anthony DeOrio Dianne Sulceskl 249 Yvonne Amar Frank Benak Daniel Barnes Kathy Burke Warren Busscher Dominick Calibraro Mary Carroll Christine Chatlos William Clohesy Peter Copek Donna Eichinger Nicholas Emanuele Edward Erxleben Connie Fletcher Robert Fletcher Robert Goicoechea Edmund Hunt Frank Joebgen Richard Jordan Jeanne Lammert A. Frederick Lobo Franklin McMahon Dennis McShane Mary O'Connell Margaret Patterson Robert Saigh Joseph Sjostrom William Theis Edward Trischmann Detlev Von Pritschyns 250 Pi Delta Epsilon JUURNALISM HONORARY . l I Pi Delta Phi Il- FRENCH HONORARY Yvonne Amar Janet Battiste Kathleen Burns Stephanie De Caluwe Mary Heidenrick Barbara Juskevich Rosemary Lanzarotta Kathleen Lazarski Robert Meehan Anna Marie Merwick Mary O'ConnelI Jane O'Connor Gabriella Passerini Arlene Plocinski Karen Popek Sharon Radloff Tamara Santos Mary Jane Swanson Joseph Whitaker Mark Wolff 251 y CQ I I l SJW JN 0 Scobbcird 81 Blade xl A 0, W- sf are Active Members Richard Adamczyk Ralph Bawden James Borowski Robert Golden Paul Govekar Walter Gutowski Timothy Hicklin Daniel Hopfner Matthew lgnoffo Clarence lzydorski Ronald Klimas James Magee Anthony Mellens William Moore Bruce Mueller lan Natkin Kenneth Olejnik Richard Polheber Ronald Rokosz David Rolewick Thomas Roti Frank Slocumb Frank Speh Willard Stovall Ronald Zielinski Gerald Zopp MILITARY SCIENCE HONOHAHY Associate Members Lieutenant Colonel Donald Gluck Major William Vergot -R Sigma Theta Tau NURSING HONORARY Jeannette Adolphson Angela Ambrosia Anderson Nadia Andrushka Essie Anglum Marie Arreguin Gayle Aubrey Shirley Boettger Ida Boikan Darlene Bracegirdle Rena Brands Rose Desch Barbara Rivan Doll Alice McHugh Durkin Mary Ann Dzik Sharon Chwierut Firlit Juliana Fish Mary Ann Hardy Foley Jacqueline Fortier Mary Kovac Galo Frances Geddo Sister Kane Fl.H.S.J. Sister Ann Kateri S.S.C.M. Muriel Kaufman Margaret Keeler Virginia Keller Imogene King Gladys Kiniery Bernice Kleinfall Mary Ann Krol Norma Kubash Sister M. Laura .L .ulllll Illini, Ill Ill I lil Ill ' Jacqueline Specht Meservey Mary Ann Michor Doris Mills Kathleen Zelaska Motto Marianne Muno Patricia Jahnke Nelson Jeanne Neu Sister Mary Nicholas P.H.J.C. Diane Peininger hand Mary Ruth Sloan Marilyn Smith Leona Smolinski Noel Smoron Mary Anita Wilhelm Soyka Dollie Ann Sparmacher Marcia Stachyra Colette Stack Jean Stavros Virginia Stift Mary Bussert Ruth Ann Brinkman Martha Goodrich C.S.F. Dorothy Petrowski Szwed Lucille Broadwell Helen Grace Catherine Leahy Judy Rogers Nancy Mysyk Diane Brown Christopher Janice LeBlanc Powers Tamul Bernice Carroll Hannan Myra Levine Joan Pruchniak Catherine Loftus Barbara LOSinSki Mary Ann Harvey Mary Lodge Celeste Flenier Thayer Coleman Doloras Harwas Greta Malhoit Patricia Rice Mary Kay Thegze Mary Cook Barbara Hayes Caroline Edna Floache Kathleen Hawkins iViari0n C0rC0ral'l Marianne Henry Manderfeld Madeline Floessler Triantafillows A- Barbara C0Yna Monica Hoffler Edna Mae Mayer Anne Floney Diane Wachowski Marv Jane Sklfief Janet Holcomb Mary McCann Anne Schatteman Ann Weiss Cuiiinan Sonja Holton Avis Neeman Oliver Schneider Susan Kolle Bernadette Marjorie McDonald Barbara Becker Westlake Davidson Kaepplinger Margaret McDonald Schwegel Suzanne Whitehead Viola Debord McGrath Barbara Shipman Suzanne Witt Ma"Y Danaan Rose McKay Sarah Zeena 253 Clubs There's a club here for people who like to dig sherds monkey with words learn about Kurds and their families you can find something exciting to do even if you play the kazoo or love Goldwater those who like drama and people who ski folks who sing glees or bend their knees riding horses can change the world or forget it a while in magnificent style 2 F 5 1 VAL DD I"lO .l.Ll Bug Q C 0' i 12 First row: Paul Marnell fsecretaryl, Ari Formell ltreasurerj, John Gaynor lvice-presidentl, Frank Hahn lpresidentl. Second row: Philip Bianco, John Halusek, Nicholas Jannite, David Bredemann, James Horvath. Third row: Peter Cangelosi, non-member, Gerald Tuzzolino, Dr. Robert Meier. Fourth row: Brother Erick Paschal, Myra Swick, Leonard Dilorio, Dennis Cooley, Mike Chmura, non-member, Robert Jacks. Am ericcin Chemical Socieiy Joseph Wrobel ltreasureri, Kristine Lineck isecretaryi, Frank Guzlec ivice-presidentj, John Crinion ipresidentj, Denise Madi- gan iprogram chairmani. Seated: Pat Brunkard, Louise Williams, Geraldine Tylutki, Terry Mackin. Standing: Joseph Nash, Patrick Gallagher, Flon Przybyla, Mitch Smas, Bob Matusik, J. Anthony Anzelmo, Frank Schmidt, David Long, John Krasniewski, Tom Chorba, Dr. Frank Cassaretto. 257 Business Administration Coed Club Flrst row seated: Joan Jakob, Teresa Wojcik, Sylvia Alvlno. Second row seated: Marge Longeway, Norene Wade, Marilyn Hatzell fpresidentj, Dee DeCarIo itreasurerj. Standing: Marianne Pfaff, Bernadette Zawilinski, Diana Dziedzina, Tiffany Lynn, Chris Tischer, Sue Heilman, Rita Lynn, Mary Pullam, Barbara Jerome. 258 , R rf' Z l 1 -i , . Seated: Johanne Pachankis isecond vice- presidenti, Cecily Dickinson icorresponding secretaryi. Standing: Ken Moore ipresidentj, Linda Kobel ivice-presidentj. Cha rclin Anthropological Society First row seated: Sandra Lazarz, Virginia Zanello, Virginia Sobanski. Second row seated: Brother Charles Bolser, C.S.V., Albert Fiipperger, Patricia Tipton. Third row seated.' Michael Heffernan, Johanne Pachankis, Ken Moore, Rev. Francis Grollig, S.J., Frank Harrold. 259 Coed Club ,a' 5? WJ if V 1 First row seated: Fran Farrell, Jeanne Wall, Leila Rishtya, Kathy Poloway. Second row seated: Gerrie Paterkiewicz, ipresidentj, Connie Pietrucha ivice-presidentj, Chris Polk isecretaryl, Nancy Dobrocki, Mary D'Andrea, Kathy Catalano, Eileen Klocko. Third row: Judy Staes, Maria Vuocolo, Joanne Seminetta, Pat Connery, Jeannine Hucklenbroich, Judy Buscemi, CinDee Antas, Adrienne Brizich. 260 l - Concerl Choir presidentj, Camille Wanat lsecretaryl. Theresa Drew llibrarianj, Martin DeNys ivice- Q I 1' In 5"" 04 First row: Catherine Jackson, Beverly Beed, Diane Vandagrift, Patricia Napolitano. Second row: Gail Fontana, Leon Griffin, Theodore Smith, Alan Sedivy. Third row: Agnes Canning, Ftenette Coachman, LaVerne Jones, Paula Marie Brown, Barbara Williams. Standing: Harris Mosley, Frank Piaskowy, Clyde Reid, Alexa Galias, Ann Flynn, Sue Walker. 261 1 42' K f , x i iq, "fi, XC Z' U Curtain Guild i mm TP ca 3 Barbara Kozlowski isecretaryj, Fiomaulda Deksnys Chis- torianl, Jean Moran fmoderatorj, Cheryl Casper fpresi- dantb, Robert Theis idirectorl. Q4 04' -O-Q My,-nw, First row: Marianne Gorski, Linda Gerbac, Mary Hoobchaak. Second row: Bernie Whitley, Marty Gapshis, Al Keeney. Third row: Keith Urban, Suzi Pink, Bill Beadle. Fourth row: Bob Hartlgan, Dan Wynn, Lee Faust. Fifth row.' Dave Moran, Rich Forst, Kevin Killacky. 262 Debate Club ,- 'sv YT Flrst row: Pat McElroy, Anne-Maureen Maloney, Sandra Wollnik. Second row: Ruby de Gryse, Ellen Rinaldo, Elaine Koprowski. Third row: Tom Sommers, Linda Wawzenski, David Montgomery, Mike Nigro. Fourth row: Jerry Black, Dave McMahon, John Sobieski, Bill Theis, John Nicholas. Fifth row: Michael Crotty, Jerry Kaup, Bill Haley, Paul Flundquist, Bill Cummins. 263 Seated: Linda Wawzenski lsecretaryl. Elaine Koprowski lmoderatori. Standing: Bill Theis lpresidentl, Jerry Black lvice-presidentl, John Sobieski larchivistl, Paul Rundquist ltreasurerj. i 'K Econ- Finonce Club 95- First row: Joan Jakob, Noreen Wade, Bernadette Zawilinski, Richard Souyoul isecretary-treasurerl, Philip May ipresldentl, Bob Lenahan ivice-presidenty. Second row: Ludewig Streck, AI Leksander, John Stanitz, Paul Blakely, Jim Petullo, Frank Fiachwalski, Lee Regner, Pat Urbut, Jack Kogut, Jerome Jezuit, Thomas Griffin, AI Nastali. 264 ' t Seated: Dr. D. Herbert Abel, Claudette Ivanlc. Standing: Leon Smith, Anthony Maclevic. 265 Epsilon Pi Rho German Club i K 2 i Q 2 e 3 2 f 4 2 - i 2 V J w ,-w if ...yf Af .fn ,,Z' Seated: Jim Bohan ltreasurerj, Annamarie Forner fvice-presidentj. Standing: Dick Kudia fcorresponding secretaryh Russell Gunderson Kpresidenty, Mr. Joseph Wandel fmoderatorj. 266 l . Historical Society QQ First row: Chuck Thomason ipresidentl, Flay Krupa. Second row: Sue Kempfer ivice-president, LSCJ, Pat Connery fsecretary, LTJ, Nance Flaasch isecretary, LTD, Andrea Pacer fvice-prsident, LTJ, Mariann Hildebrand. Third row: Bernard Doyle, Daniel Pantera, Michael Kunich, James Weiss, Elfriede Wedam. Fourth row: Eric Motley ieditor, newsletterl, Judith Buscemi, John Leonarczyk. Fifth row: William Leavy, Peggy Carroll. 267 Ifalicm Club Seated: Maria Vuocolo, Joset Mentesana, Jeannine Hucklenbroich, Gerrie Paterkiewicz. Standing: Jerry Buttitta, Loris Tisocco, Leonard Slotkowski, Sandra Lazarz, Roger Grabowski, Vince Pascale, Carlo Di Carlo. 268 . , i- Knighls Ol Columbus , Ss-F on ,- Firs! row: Fidel Facio, Peter Cangelosi, Robert Golden. Second row: Jan Ramirez, Laurence Kunkel lgrand knighti, Fidel Facio ltrusteel, Laurence Kunkel, Kenneth Olejnik. Third row: Richard Mondlak, Vincent De Luga, Kenneth Olejnik fdeputy grand knightl, Richard Robert Widlic, Lorin Volberding. Mondlak lguafdl, Jan Ramirez ltrusteel. 269 Gold Torch Jac-I be SDE' 4! 0? J- ,onl- First row: Major William Vergol lmoderatorl, Dick Sohm lpresidenll, Mike O'Byrne lsecrelaryl, Dick Adamczyk ltreasurerl, John Woods. Second row: Jim Sharpe, Clifton Lewis, Dan Volz, George Marinier, Terry Gainer. Third row: Richard Heiss, Al Piskorski, Tony Pulls, John Notloli, John Werbowecky, Byron Clark. Fourth row: Kim Denkewalter, Mark Steffens, Tom Posey, Enrico Clausi, Michael Brown. 270 . Loyola Men 1 r YJ-V, Q nn. Marketing Club Seated: Chris Tischier tsecretary. Standing: Max Jarmoc tpresident, Vince Rangel tvice-presidentj, Tom Breier ttreasureri. i First row: Bob Musiala, Bernadette Zawilinski, Diana Dziedzina, Norene Wade, Joan Sykstus, Tiffany Lynn, Kenneth Panek, Dean March. Second row: Jim Coari, Tom Mindak, Don Green, John Jakob, Alan Leksander, Tom Henningsen, Dan White, Richard Adamczyk, Richard Ertman, Robert Franke. 272 ... .,....,.. ,. - .....: ,l... First row seated: Ed Trischmann, Bob Sharkey, Sal Gallicchio. Second row seated: Terry Brown, Donetta Brzoza, Paula Valaitis, Lucy Borysenko, Sheila Corboy, Thomas Livorsi, Mary Kay Motto, Vincent Hilden. Standing: Rich Kerbs, Helga Noeller, Dee Patterson, Mary Margaret Stilwagen, Nancy Froehlich, Ann Muldoon, Brother David Plesh, C.S.V., Mary Dryden, Bob Setka. Math Club Seated: Mary Kay Motto ipresidentj, Dr. Ter- rence Brown Cmoderatorj. Standing: Tom Livorsi ivice resident, Sheila Corboy isecre- -P J tary-treasureri. 273 J ,a----f1 Modern Language Club Seated: Yvonne Amar ipresidenti, Joan Sykstus isecretarYi, Janet Battiste fsecretaryi, Arlene Plocinski itreasurerj. Standing: Jeannine Hucklenbroich, Sylvia Alvino, Martha LeFebre, Cecile Dooley, Dolores Ruzicka, Janet Mini, Peter Cangelosi, Robert Meehan ivice-presidentj. 274 .J l Physics Club Seated: Joe Maciejewski, Raymond Rossi, William Procarlone, Warren Busscher. Standing: Norman Derby, William Clohesy John Baier, Darrell Wilk, Frank Bolin, Ray Rasane, Paul Fransl Ioli. 'Noi Paul Fransloll ltreasurerl, Norman Derby lsecrelaryl, Warren Busscher lvice-presidentl, R a y m o n d Rossi lpresidentl. Psychology Club 1 Pat Connery fsecond secretaryy, Joe Durlak ftreasurerl, Gerrie Paterkiewicz ffirst secretaryj, Dan Barnes fvice-presidentj, Chris Polk fpresidenty. 276 in The Rangers 4 'i l A ll J 4 -v J l D D do D First row: Jim Magee, Michael Byrne, Jack Brophy, Joseph Kiefer, Ralph Bawden, Frank Speh. Second row: George Loba, Phillip Tracy, Herbert Spohr, David Fiupright, Raymond Wilson. Third row: Charles Barry, Barney Dwyer, Michael Brown, David Held, Mark Podobinski, Kenneth Zych. 277 Readers Circle 4-X Ski Club Diana Dziedzina lvice-presidentl, James Alessio fpresidentl, Barb Pleva lsecretaryl, Jeff Winklebleck ltreasureri. Q' K ' . i . L.. .4-L Seated: Peggy Kelly, Marie Morrissette, Mary Hoobchaak, Johanne Pachankis, Roberta Teeling, Janet Wege, Chris Tischler, Aggie Canning, Cheryl Piccinini, Marcia Chwierut, Julie Seely, Tiffany Lynn. Standing: Mike Fedjniak, Frank Cimino, Ken Panek, John Fitzgerald, Larry Manning, Adam Grzywna, Tim Kolton, Ron Metelka, Kevin Collins, Richard Heiss, Larry Stayton, Ed Behen, Teresa Wojcik. 279 Sf. Apollonic: Guild 7 - 72 J -1 ff - x filfSf row: Stanley Matusik Cpresidentq Second row: Edward LeMire, Arnold Morof, Joseph Mor- russey, Raymond lrang. Third row: Matthew Campbell, Philip Cannizzaro, John Streiff, Thomas Gullman. Douglas Pnerre. Fourth row: Joseph Ladone, Daniel Bruzzini ltreasurerl, Matthew Gryzlo, Jan Rozen. Vmcent Rossi tsecretaryj. 280 1- Sociefy for The Advancement of Management Leonard Dilorlo lsecretafyl. Joe Mo- schiano ltreasurerl, Karl Zwolfer lvice-presidentl, Dave Leach lpresi- dentl. E - A A - L A 1 l First row: Dean March, Dennis Kendzior, Peter Cangelosi, Daniel Feltman, Rita Mae Lynn, Marilyn Hatzell, Diana Dziedzina, Edward Walsh, Robert Musiala, Edwin Guziel. Second row: Leroy Regner, Duane Pecci. Pacl Loh, Paul Ingevaldson, Donald Woytek, Robert Malecki. 281 Sfucleni' American Dental Associofion w Mira-H, X First row: Joseph Morrissey, Joseph Ladone, Arnold Morof fpresidenty, Edward LeMire. Second row: Sanford Block, Thomas Gillman, John Streiff, John Anderson, Charles Schanzel, Raymond Lang, Matthew Gryzlo. 282 Joseph Valaitis fvice-presidentl, Bob Subers ftreasurerl, Paul Chicatelli lpresidentj, Lee Hubrich fsecretaryj Sfuclenf American Medical Associclfion 283 Sfudenl' National Educalion Associalion Seated: Karen Cecll, Jeannie Hucklenbrolch, Barbara Moloney, Ginny Candioto. Standing: Mary Frances Dougherty, Kathleen Gallery, Marie Morrissette, Mary Corcoran, Chuck Thomason, Eric Motley. 1 X. 'L' Standing: Dr. Melvin Heller. Seated: Flay Krupa ipresldentl, Elaine Bates isecretaryi, Marcia Chwierut ltreasurerl, Ginny Kelly imembership chairmanj, Joan Sykstus lsocial chair- manj, Kathy Smialek lactivities chairmanl. 284 First row: John Sullivan, Bob Hellgeth, Dan Welnman, Pat Luby, Ralph Calistro, Rev. Robert Fox, S.J. Second row: Ray Domagalski, Mike Kunich, Jim Hurst, Irene Baker, Mickey lmascotj, Ray Rasane, Judy Gunderson, Pat Henaghan, Terry Krogstle. Third row: Judy Krivis, Tita Navarro, Ruth Liszka, Jo Tortorello, Carol Smith, Marcie Ruholl, Carol Francona, Rosemary Saems, Bob Abene, Toni Zvanut, Liz Kunke, Agnes Luby. ..f" , Seated: Judy Krivls lpresldentj, Ralph Callstro lvlce- presidentl, Carol Francona lsecretaryl. Standing: Liz Kunke lsocial chairmanj, Bob Abene lfounderl, Marcie Ruholl lactivities chairmanl, Pat Henaghan lcorres- ponding secretaryl, Dan Weinman ltreasurerl. 285 United Independents Of Loyola Wosmonn Biological Society illiEESEAPF sg' C' tif. Q 1 :QI U ii Seated: Marjorie Woods, Diane Lewis, Bernadette Szajna, Patricia Sebastian. Standing: Robert Strug, Jim Kraiss, Chuck Barsano, Mr. John Hudson, Luis Suarez, Bob Zadylak. 286 lo S Seated: Rosemary Saems, Judy Baron, Major John Rhinedollar, Tita Navarro, Mary Ellen Metzler. Standing: Karen Johnson, Carol Michelini Pat Slomka, Diane Dahm fcaptainj, Gail Johnson, Barbara Ostrom. W 'fl I lo omcms Rl e C u 287 I , W ' I Flrst row: Marcy McCarthy, Connie Pascucci, Peggy O'Brien fsecretaryj, Roger Kenny lpresidentj, John Nicholas fvice-presidentj. Second row: John Ryan, Paul Rundquist, Douglas Stephens, Bill Schroeder, Dave McMahon, Mlke Nigro. ' 'las . 405 Je fda I Mike Draper fpresidentj, Pat Ronan, Donna Parrllli, John Ronan. 288 Young Democrats United World Feclercllisfs Young Republicans Conservofive Club Jim Brophy Cpresidentb, Ken Klamut fsecretaryj, Carol Breslin, Joe Kieier lvice-presidentl, John Grivetti, Bob Edgeworth Qvice- presidentl, Liz Ford Qsecretaryl, Ken Kouba ltreasurerl. Jim Brophy Qtreasurerl, Carol Breslin fnewsleiter editorj, Jack Brophy fvice-presidentj, Joe Kiefer Cpresidentl. HERE ITOUFS Ovidim-,Mm il-M -""' , ., ,, mv.-V, a IC- VICTOR P. ABEGG O.F.M. CONV. CAROL A. ANNES ROBERT M. ABENE X. CHERYL E. ARMSTRONG College Of Arfs And Sciences 1967 Graduates JUDITH M. ADENT PAUL T. AKERS YVONNE A. AMAR '-17" ff 5. if ARLENE A. BACHMANN WAYNE A. BALANCH DANIEL F. BARNES PATRICIA A. BARTH KAREN D. BENIGNO 'fwfr' GEORGE J. BIRD . .6 , 3 I., VINCENT E. BARBARA F. JACK G. BEAULIEU BATTAGLIA BAUKERT iv' .V .9--' if ,E Ig 5 fi U1 I 'IJ HAROLD BERGAN ERNEST W. BEUTEL BARBARA A. BIGA NANCY S. BISKUP GERALDYNE M. THERESE M. BLAKE BLAKE 292 Q-. av. MICHAEL L. BEEHNER JAMES F. BINSFELD ANTONIA L. BLANEY 72 CONSTANCE L. DENNIS J. BOHLMAN FRANK P. BOLIN CHARLES G. BOLSER, BLAZEWICZ C,S,v, KATHLEEN J. RUTH E. BRAUN MICHAEL E. BREEN JOHN J. BOWERS BREITENBACH Gro du cafes Arts and Sciences 293 V. 2 ' ' , Q , . f. LUCY BORYSENKO JUDITH M. BRONARS N DONETTA M. BRZOZA WARREN J. BUSSCHER LAURENCE W. CAPRIOTTI 1 LEONARD E. BUCZKOWSKI AVERONICA L. BUTLER MARY A. CARROLL KATHERINE L. BYRNE PAUL A. CHAVIN 294 JAMES M. BURKE JOHN J. BURKE fv- PHILIP L. CAMPAGNA LILA M. CANNING 3??W?' H5531 Q MARCIA L. CHWIERUT KATHLEEN T. CIEPLAK Graduclfes Arts and Sciences 3 Q RODERICK C. MARY E. COLLINS CHERYL K. CONNER PATRICIA K. CIOMBOR CONNERY . '27 GEORGE H. COOK PETER J. COPEK SHEILA M. CORBOY GERALD M. CRIMMINS JOHN C. CRINION MARY J. DEENIHAN 295 CATHLEEN L. COULAS JAMES P. DE JOHN KATHLEEN M. CONNIFF A- G fl? 'SM X4 '1 x QQXN X 1 X ALKIVIATHIS P COULOLIAS ROBERT D. DEL GRECO .. r- S. '55 MARTIN J. DE NYS ANTHONY J. DE ORIO 4 K NORMAN F. DERBY SIMON K. VICTORIA H. DENNIS T. DOLIGALA DIVIUKAUSKAS DOLEZAL Groduclfes Arts and Sciences LUDMYLA DOROSH E NKO 296 CECILY R. DICKINSON BARBARA M. DI LEONARDO QI-' PATRICIA M. DALE A. DOOLEY DONOVAN JOHN R. DOVE JAMES P. DURKIN I JOSEPH A. DURLAK ROBERT J. DONNA J. EICHINGER EDGEWORTH I if 1 .L Q A 1' PAUL J. EMMETT MARTHA A. ERNST MARY A. FALKEIS JUDITH T. FERRARO NINA M. FITCH ROBERT G. FOSTER 297 ' Main. NICHOLAS V. EMANUELE JOHN J. FEGAN DARIUS S. PAUL M. FRANSIOLI FRANCESCATTI QUENTIN A. FREEBURG RICHARD J. GAMBLA ALFRED J. GENSLER NANCY T. FROEHLICH z JOSEPH E. GARDNER MARTIN P. GERAGHTY :- I I ' - 'i- am CEZAR M. FROELICH MARY L. FUTTERER ARN R. GABEL fl? RICHARD J. GARVEY PAUL F. GAST NANETTE M. GENDRON JAMES F. GILSINAN MARIA C. GINEX BETTYANN A. GIUNTA 298 I -h .g I 5--af BRUCE A. GOBER AUREL E. GOGLIN SHARON K. GOGOLA ROBERT B, ROBERT J. GOLDEN GOICOECHEA 'hh 9'-.5 N-r PAUL W. GORMAN JOSEPH M. GRADY MARY K. GRAHAM ROBERT R. GRAHAM UM ... . . M I ai WILLIAM P. GROHAR GEORGE M. GROTE THOMAS E. FREDERICK J. ROBERT S. HAJDUK GUADAGNO HAFNER, C.S.V. Graduates Arts and Sciences 299 ,. Lea .. ufhwx TERRY A. HALLBERG "..'? .JOHN C. HART if N1 iff' WILLIAM K. HEDRICK SALLY B. HALVERSON CHARLES R. HARTMAN T- ROBERT J. HELLGETH BERNADETTE M. TERRENCE P. MICHAEL J. HANLON HANLON HARRIGAN ,WN 95. ,,. 1 s--fy 34 ' ROBERT J. HARTMAN ANTHONY E. HAYNE EILEEN M. HEALY JOHN W. HERKEL SHARON L. HESOTIAN JOHN D. HOFHERR 300 Grcclucafes Arts and Sciences . ful R I II KATHRYN M. HOGAN EDMUND B. HUNT MICHAEL A. HUGUENARD, C.S.V JOSEPH F. CHRISTINE M. HOSEK JUDITH A. HOWALD HOLLENKAMP I MICHAEL H. JOHN J. HYNEK WILLIAM J. IBUFIG MATTHEW F. IGNOFFO JACOBSON 301 Graduates Arts and Sciences III JUNE E. JAROLIM LAWRENCE W. JENKINS JOANNE M. JOYCE STEPHEN R. JUBYNA ALLEN F. JAMESON FRANCIS H. JOEBGEN JURATE A. JUOZEVICIUS 302 I w . J 41? MONICA A. JANCZAK MINDAUGAS V. JANULAITIS I JAMES O. JOHNSON RICHARD M. JORDAN ALLAN N. KACZALA MARY LOU KALGERT It DANIEL L. KENNETH E. KANIA KAMYKOWSKI 4. Y 1' "RA, 'u 5- X, . . ,. I ' ., . y . , ,VY ,5'.v,- in-.F x""'.. ' . ..,1,. KATHLEEN A. RAYMOND A. KAZLAS KAVANAGH MARY V. KELLY SUSAN J. KEMPFER ,l 10? JAMES T. KARPUS BARBARA J. KEENAN HELEN C. KENNEDY 303 fw DIANNE E. KAVANAGH , if 71? CHARLES H. KEFER, JR. RICHARD T. KENNEDY 5? RICHARD J. KERBS KENNETH D. KLOBA 'fu-'N JOHN J. KNIPPEFI THOMAS C. KNUTH vue: 'Ql- DONALD A. KOPEC KATHLEEN A. KORANDA "' gf! MICHAEL J. KLOCKER RONALD E. KLIMAS LINDA M. KOBEL RONALD A. KOEHLER RAYMOND R. KRUPA JAMES J. KUBIK 304 'Jil I. Q ,W 9, . CAROLYN B. KLOS A GEORGE R. KOKASKA fv- CAROL A. KUBISTAL Graduates Arts and Sciences 9:24 --'V' FRANK S. KUDIA HUGH W. KUEHLTHAU MICHAEL J. KUNICH MARY JO KUPST ARNIETA M. KURTZ 'Ev MICHAEL J. KUSH KAREN A. KUZMIAK MICHAEL L. LACKAFF JAMES L. LAMB JEANNE E. LAMMERT .IR ,f ROBERT J. LANDRY RICHARD J. LANG DOLORES J. LANGER ROSEMARY A. CATHERINE R. LASKA LA PORTA 305 ul 1 MARTHA J. LE FEBRE BETTE G. LEIBOWITZ RICHARD A. LENART E. PAUL S. LIETZ I" V "' -:' PAULA M. LINGO THOMAS J. LIVORSI ANDREW F. LOBO KATHLEEN R. ROBERT G. LUND LUCKRITZ if 4...-f THADDEUS R. ANTHONY V. RICHARD E. MACIULIS DENISE M. MADIGAN MICHAEL E. MAES MAC CARTIE MACIEVIC 306 PAUL T. MAIER ANNE-MAUREEN I If MARIA L. MANOLIS MALONEY DEAN L. MARTINELLI DOROTHY J. JAMES M. MATAYA MARTINKOVIC MICHAEL J. MCCLURE Graduates Arts and Sciences . f 2' 'ws- tw, 1 MAUREEN L. THOMAS M. MCCORMACK MCCORMICK 307 . 2 Y STELLA MANTALOS DEIDRE D. MAY DENNIS J. MCSHANE Q fs.: N DENNIS M. MANZKE PW.. . ,. .fan MARY BETH MCCLAY VIRGINIA A. MEARES I ' Wr..'.4 I JUDITH A. MEDICK MARIE T. MORRISSETTE PATRICIA A. MERWICK Ii MARY CATHERINE MOTTO BERNARD J. MICHNA I. THOMAS A. MOUHELIS I If .L SUSAN M. MILLER DEAN R. MILOS JANE F. MUELLER EDWARD J. MULDOON ANN M. MULKERIN GARFIELD A. JANE E. MYERS NOREEN F. MYSYK JUDITH A. NAPIER MUNROE 308 if KEI NARIMATSU GRACE J. NASCA JOSEPH C. NASH PHILIP G. NASH Al? s. 79'- MAFIK J. NIEKRASZ JUDITH A. NOE HELGA NOELLEFI WILLIAM G. NOSEK DIANE I. O'BRIEN RODEFIICK P. Graduates Arts and Sciences O'BRlEN JAMES V. O'CONNOR JANE R. O'CONNOR . 5 JAMES F. TIMOTHY J. O'KEEFE O'HALLORAN Grclcluafes Arts and Sciences THOMAS A. O'CONNOR PAMELA B. O'CONNOR JOAN M. O'MARA OLYMPIA M. ONESTO ANDREA S. PACER SUSAN M. PARENT 310 MICHAEL P. O'GRADY 1:-1 RAYMOND J. ORGLER GABRIELLA PASSERINI 2 GERALDINE E. MARGARET F. KATHLEEN A. PECA PATERKIEWICZ PATTERSON EDWARD R. PETRICIG BERNARD E. PAMELA A. PHILLIPS PETTINGER ff x f . , hi A :Q , ag.. L Esz JOYCE M. ARLENE V. PIESZCHALA PLOCINSKI ,..- fx 1 E9 f I1 LI, 'WI , .1 I X A an I.. CHRISTINE M. POLK 311 A , ROBERT F. PERRIN JAMES M. PIALA KATHLEEN R. POLOWAY Q91 CLARENE J. LOUISE M. POPE PONTICELLI WILLIAM L. BARBARA A. PROCARIONE PRZYWARA iii. ,issue I .'.o4.1'e no awp -,-' x V ' In naw, ,L , ,'wv1tl'W4'9 . -lu ,- "Vi, xl 'tgxvQ1q4'i'x 1 ln' ly 'D f-H . In-fr' -. safif' a' wi UDV ,ngghi su 4 RICHARD M. ANN-MARIE M. RANDICK RATKOVIC LARRY K. POWE JAMES J. POWERS JOHN J. POWERS ,Mi 2' LOUIS V. PUPILLO MICHAEL W. RADA CHERILYN F. RADOUS JUDITH A. REESE STUART J. REILLY ALLAN G. REISBERG 312 Graduates Arts and Sciences FRANK D. REZAC KAY E ROBISON Pr..-e.I . - ' ww' - me 51, - , N. , , . 4. ,-, , Q F ' Hu., -' -1. .2 ,J PAUL W. RINK MAUREEN L. PATRICIA M. RITTLE MARIO S. RIZZO RIORDAN iv' "'-37? STEVEN G. RODMAN . . , Um, LOUIS E. ROVAI RAYMOND P. ROSSI THOMAS D. ROTI WELDON J. JOSEPH L. ROY WILLIAM F. RULLE PAULA A. RUSSO ANITA L. RUTILI ROUGEAU .. 313 A I 41 5. x F DOLORES A. JOHN J. RYAN RUZICKA JAMES R. SALITORE DONNA M. SANTELL HN JANE T. SCHLACKS JANET A. SCHLECHTER JANET S. SAVIER CHRISANN SCHIRO WILLIAM R. DANIEL R. SCHUH MICHAEL A. SCHROEDER SEAGROVES 314 RICHARD E. SARGENT GARY L. SCHLESINGER 123 WENDELL A. SEBASTIAN K r R.: "1'.?' JULIANNE M. SEELY ROBERT J. SHARKEY MICHAEL J. SHEEDY DEAN C. SAVOY CHRISTINE A. MARILEE A. SKUBLE SHIRLEY A. SLABY WAYNE M. SLIWA SKOWRONEK KATHY M. SMIALEK LAUREEN M. SMITH LEON D. SMITH LESLIE P. SMOLOCH Graduates Arts and Sciences 315 Q 42' .ki FRANCIS C. SINCERE MITCHELL J. SMAS JOHN L. SOBIESKI RICHARD W. SOHM ROBERT E. SOLTYKOWSKI fi JOAN F. SORICH 'C' NICHOLAS M. SPINA ROBERT L. STADLER WILLIAM T. STALL 5, TO,O A, I ,T A fs 5:2 f"f 'N .wavy vi 2'-BN HARRIET E. SPEARS BRUCE L. SPENGLER NADINE STANTON ROBERT T. STARKS CLARET M. STATION MICHAEL F. SANDRA J. STEIN STEFANCIC 316 MARY MARGARET DANIEL A. STILWAGEN STOLARCZYK Graduates AI'tS aNd Sciences wi, ,- 9. I 3 1' TI' N STEPHANNIE A. DOLORES A. JAMES J. STROM JOHN L. SULLIVAN PATRICK J. SWEENEY STOPAK STREZEWSKI 5? JOAN T. SYKSTUS THOMAS V. STEFAN B. JENNIFER F. TALSO LAURA L. TARANTINO SZYMCZYK SZYMONIUK QPF? JUSTIN J. TEDROWE WILLIAM H. THEIS CHARLES W. SANDRA V. THON JAMES F. THORNTON THOMASON, JR. 317 MICHAEL J. TIMMONS ANNE T. TUNNEY Graduclfes Arts and Sciences 1 10 Q27 EDWARD W. TRISCHMANN, JR CECELIA A. MARY L. TORNABENE SYLVIA L. TRINEI TOMASZKIEWICZ .gs MICHAEL A. UNGARI GERALD W. PATRICK J. URBUT URBANCIK ANITA UTINANS Q, XM' yen? lin. i.. I PAULA J. VALAITIS THERESA B. VALAITIS IDA M. VELEZ 318 I SAULENE M. VENCLOVAS 'F' KENNETH J. WADAS DANIEL J. WEINMAN LORIN E. EDWARD L. VOLK VOLBERDING KATHLEEN R. VITTORE if 'EE' JUANITA A. WALZ CHRISTINE A. JEANNE F. WAUCK WARDEN 'Q JAMES M. WEISS RICHARD J. WELTIN EDWARD Z. WESOLOWSKI 319 Graducfes Arts and Sclences DAVID C. WILLIAMS GEORGE J. WITTEMAN JANE M. WHITE LOUISE C. WILLIAMS MARY C. WINSLOW MARGARET M. WITTENBRINK 320 JOHN J. WOLOSEWICK RICHARD J. WIET me-' ' WILLIAM J. WIRTH PAMELA J. WOLSKI KENNETH E. WOZNIAK .gun-rn . sv YE' RONALD J. ZIELINSKI RONALD R. SCHREIBER MARY J. YOUNG GERALD M. ZOPP, JR 925' f .x 'Y A Q. IU ' 11 94" USA, -cg -, 5 tis?- tb ,. , ,qs-,,,, M-S ,,,'-EB hs- wf, - -:Egg 'QM 'fa --Q Q n. an .X h L52 .. 3 ScI1ooI OI Business Adminisfrclfion I967 GrcucIuca'res MICHAEL S. PETER A. NORMAN J. CATELLI CHARLES A. DONALD C. BUSCHBACHER CANGELOSI CHIANELLI CHODKOWSKI "3" law LEONARD J. DIIORIO GILBERT F. DRAUS DIANA P. RICHARD P. ERTMAN ARTHUR A. FORMELL DZIEDZINA Graduates Business P ga FREDRICK P. FRITZ JOHN M. GAYNOR JAMES H. GERKE KONRAD GERSTENBRAND rpg' 49 MLN f,,Y X 'Bmw' WALTER J. GUTOWSKI PAUL L. ANTHONY M. GRASSI GOVEKAR, JR. EDWIN F. GUZIEL f 43" V-'Y LAWRENCE J. THOMAS F. HAYDEN THOMAS R. MICHAEL E. HALUSEK HENNINGSEN HERMES 324 JEROME D. GIRSCH FRANK A. HAHN 1 3,1 3 if JAMES J. HORVATH T217 PAUL M. NICHOLAS W. WAYNE J. JAMES H. DENNIS W. INGEVALDSON JANNITE JORGENSEN JUCHCINSKI KENDZIOR IC' "' tv..-'J' ROBERT T. KIRST DENNIS W. LAKOMY EDWARD C. ALAN F. LEKSANDER ROBERT E. LISZKA LAUDUSKIE TT' in-1 DENNIS C. PAUL P. LOH PAUL J. MARNELL ROBERT P. JAMES A. MARTINEC LOCKWOOD MARRELLA 325 'E' J GERALD F. MAY PHILIP R. MAY JAMES F. MC CAFFREY THOMAS J. MC GOWAN R - , 1 1. 3 JOHN T. MORAN DAVID T. MORIARTY JOSEPH A. GERARD J. OZARK MOSCHIANO THOMAS D. PANDELL DENNIS A. PARKER ROBERT L. DUANE R. PECCI PASQUESI 326 i- ALBERTO I. PEREZ RICHARD T. PHELAN FRANK J. FRANK A. RAMLJAK RACHWALSKI Gro ducfes Business WILLIAM C. POWERS Wu., . . VINCENT E. RANGEL RICHARD F. SMITH RICHARD T. SOUYOUL JOHN P. STANITZ 327 PAUL L. PRICE ERIC I. PYTLIK ne' , TIMOTHY W. REGAN JOSEPH T. SHEEHAN Grcaclucufes Business rrrmw'-' ' W, . JC' LUDWIG A. STRECK MYRA A. SWICK CHRISTINE TISCHLER 5 6 NORENE A. WADE EDWARD F. WALSH LOUISE C. WISNIESKI TERESA H. WOJCIK BERNADETTE A. KARL M. ZWOLFER ZAWILINSKI 328 School Of Nursing 1967 Graduates X X if T Q X . X ,Q- A-"" Miki- .H if h,,,Mv , -V -Et, 7 i Ff h A It O ag 'A 5 Q 0 , A I fl lx' I CAITHERINE L. VIRGINIA L. BACH BEVERLY D. BEED MARY J. JUDY M. BOEDEKER ACCORSI BIGONGIARI o Q . i , X I I Q f ff' En' I . J , . , BARBARA E. BOHN SUSAN K. BRADLEY DIANE C. BROWN MARYANN M. MARY JO BUDILL BUBNESS i 1 ' V A .QI IIQ' , ,I , I ig I SUZANNE C. BULLAT MAVOURNEEN EDRIS J. CLARKE SHIRLEYAN M. CHRISTINE CAHILL COOPMANS CWIKLINSKI Graduates Nursing 330 I 'L' I ' I I 4 ' A I 5 MAFIYANN ELIZABETH J. LAUFIIE A. DONLON SISTER MARY DIANA M- DRESEN DEMILLIANO DOHERTY SHEILA-ml-i0gXI0HUE, G ' 5: , 1 .1 I ' ,X II ' , , I 2' I I' 0 ff A , . . GAIL M. DRING SISTER M. DONIA L. GEYER JOAN M. GILLERAN SISTER M. GREGORY GABRIELLE, O.S.F. wifi . 5 Y 2, I GAIL P. GRODOSKI VALERIE J. HACKERT EILEEN A. ANNA K. HEIN JOYCE K. HOLOHAN HARRINGTON - - -' Graduates I Nursing I I J 5 KATHERINE J. JUDITH L. KLEES MARILYN J. KELLER KOLANOWSKI E Qi: BEVERLY J. KOPALA GAIL M. KOPPA CAROL A. KUSNIERZ MARY M. LAWNIK ALETA G. LEVANDOSKI f I I I' 9' Eu. , I ' I V ' sn' 'N-,X A I I 5' I , if I sv A Lt I I 'N JY '1 , A . 1 g- I I . . fi SISTER M. ELLEN SISTER MARY CAROL A. MACKEY PATRICIA A. CAROLE J. MANELLI LOUISE LOUISE, L.C.M. MALONEY 332 I L , .-2F?Q?ig.15'W "kiN-' ., v :i"fIPvlffL A . I ' I L 53 141 . ' I 2 I .K bf . fm. 0 SISTER NI. MARGUERITE, O.S.F. SANDRA MC GARY GERTRUDE S. NEUHAUS 1 Q X 11. . 9' . ,, IWW" , I' V Q A 3 I I '. mg. I A LINDA L. MASON KATHLEEN A. SALLIE A. MC ANALLY MC CAFFREE ANNE E. MC GLONE SISTER MIRIAM JEANNE P. NEU CECILIA x X. I f L I . V 4 ELIZABETH A. NANCY J. PASQUALE OBERT ki: MN. JEAN H. NOVAK 333 H- - ri' P Xu' I SHARON A. SISTER M. PHILIP CHRISTINE A. CAROL A. POULSOM ROSEMARY E PENDLETON PLANUTIS PRITCHARD I in I I' u DANA L. ROEHM ANNE M. BARBARA B. SCHATTEMAN SCHWEGEL I , AXI I H-.L . .I L4 ' JO ANNE SIMON PATRICIA L. SMITH NOEL C. SMORON 334 CAROLYNN L. SCHWIND sv We MARY A. SCOPACASA i- N sa N 'Q SUZANNE M. SOBIN SUZANNE M. BARBARA J. ROBERTA C. MARY K. THEGZE SULLIVAN SWANSON TEELING A4..A l'M4 . I 1 .A vw ? X 6 A .1 Y , , ' Q , 15, f ii' 1 ' I ...ii ' V1 7 DIANE M. BARBARA ANN JANET F. WEGE MADELINE S. ANTHONY J. YERKES VANDAGRIFT WAYNE WOJCIK Gro duafes Nursing Q ,. University College 1967 Graduates GEORGE A. ROBERT G. BARBER ALEXANDER ROSEANNE BURKE JOHN L. DAMKO CAROL ERICSON 337 ANTHONY GARGIULO ALEXANDRA GEKAS PATRICK L. wtf", REV. BERNADINE P. JOSEPH W, LANG LAGHEZZA ' 4 GUBBINS HELEN M. HOFFMAN JERRY L. JANOWICK vs. V' .11 ' 'G A .a ANNETTE L. LANGER ALEXANDRA MC NAIR 338 JAMES A. HANSON -5 ' i ANNA M. JONES 2 JAMES M. MITCHELL JR. EARL C. OLSEN RUTH PERHACK CAROL PETER JOHN R. PONINSKI EILEEN RICE -i ELWOOD RILEY JAY R. SABATH ANDREA E. SAFFOLD JIM SALTORE DONALD R. SIDMAN DAVID F, SCULLY Groducfes University College ANTHONY S. WENCKUS I' as 1' CONRAD J. STOZEK J. STUART W. TOWERS , N A ,L " A.. V . GERALD J. WHITE WALTER A. THEODORE J. WINCHELL WORKUN Gro ducafes University College 340 .. gg Graduate School I967 Graduates I MICHAEL C. BERTHOLD JOHN R. BROWN LAZZEROW BROWN SIMON H. FANG IMELDA W. JOHN F. KULA GALLAGHER WILLIAM R. NEWTON DONNA A. PELTZER EDWARD A. SURENDRA B. QUATTROCKI SAHGAL 341 5 ., k W l I f X I ".dl!'X.E, xx B, 1 , ' 'I ' f ' L an' 1 ' 53 Q CIS. I ...4 .46 vp L1 2.5! K, '. -,xx L71 ' - . 'if '4 , ,,. 'L 0 1- -, J 79" 1rL.f-:hp ' V 4.1 'L' 'Q---1 b , , '4 1' -1 , 13. f- Q.. . 1. L 1131426 -,, f,,' ' Tifxfajli-",'.' LP' , u ,. .'U-- .1 ,1 bt wx ' 'Nj mix:-x U I .Avi y 4 Sfrifch School Of Medicine 1967 Graduates ALBERT ADAMS DENNIS A. BAKER RONALD BERARDI 'R ' , ' ' L hw 2 4 1" Q JAMES R. BERG KENNETH BISTRICKY ROBERT BOCKEL JAMES BOUTROUS GERALD BRESNAHAN 343 .,,,,, ,,., ,.,, . .. " Y , .Mg . HX LL' 53 PETER A. BRUSCA RICHARD M. JOHN BURGIN PHILLIP L. PATRICIA A. BUCHTA CACIOPPO CALVELLO .49 Q8 E' EUGENE J. CARLISLE PAUL D. CHICATELLI WILLIAM H. EGAN JOHN ESPINOSA DAVID G. GARDNER fi 1 RICHARD GREEN PATRICK C. GRIFFIN WILLIAM E. HANNON HENRY HOI-I-ANDER ALEJSAERIIIRA M. 344 If 4 A . ' J --9 'C' AL JENKINS JEFFREY JOHNSON THOMAS E. JOHNSON Gro ducafes Medlcine lk THEODORE M. ROBERT J. KANIA MARSHALL M. KANELLAKES KAPLAN IQ JOHN P. KIRCHNER ROBERT J. KWOK JOHN F. LEE 345 L JAMES W. LEWIS ROBERT H. LUND THOMAS J. MARR EDWARD J. MCGINN JOHN M. MEDVED BONNIE MILLER THOMAS MINOQUE RAYMOND T. THOMAS MURPHY JOHN H. NEIS MORRISSY ' . l f 1 fi T -4 -I , 71 STEVEN PINSKY THEODORE E. STEVEN R. POTSIC JAMES A. RAETTIG RAYMOND D. PLUCINSKI SANTUCCI 346 ROBERT SAWICKI JON TOUSSAINT JOSEPH F. SCAVETTA A ROBERT P. TUFO Graduates MSGICIUB ANGELO C. SORCE CHRISTIAN STEHR S. GLADYS DONALD E. VALOOKAREN WEDGBURY 347 l'K WAYNE K. ADAMSON 'K' N ' v SHELDON ALTSCHUL g Q J ,15 'Lv ROY O. APPELGREN EDWARD D. ROBERT A. BENNY BARRELIER School Ot Dentistry 1967 Graduates . ww,- GEOFFREY M. BILD DAVID A. BINOTTI JOHN D. BLOCK PAUL P. BOCK 349 f tm ,V 1 W rv: Grclcluclfes Dentistry ig JAMES D. BROWN RICHARD F. RICHARD J. JOSEPH B. CALLAHAN CAMPBELL CAPPIELLO Ns 'ff' RONALD W. CARROLL ROBERT R. CARTER TIMOTHY T. JOHN W. CLANCY CHATTON DEAN D. COLE RONALD A. COOK BERNARD W. CROSS WILLIAM J. DEVLIN 350 RICHARD W. ECONOMOU YZF' JOHN R. FROH TQ PATRICK J. FALVEY RONALD J. FERNBACH pm15,1"v v'.' ' V ejyawfy- ffr, Qing V 'NCT' DANIEL B. FUERTGES THOMAS S. GOLEC I RONALD C. HARTZER GERALD R. HEIMAN JACK L. HILDE 351 MARK L. FINN HERBERT I. FRIEDMAN THOMAS A. LANE A. HAGEDORN HARBERTSON , ROBERT J. HODUR ROBERT L. HOFFMANN 3-' RONALD L. ISBELL ROBERT D. JAMES DONALD P. JOHNSON F A I-V gan' LANCE W. KRUSE EUGENE T. JOSEPH A. LADONE KWIECIEN 1"""P du., GEO. E. LEMIRE PHILIP J. LEVOY DENNIS A. LIND DONALD T. KAWANE Ji 112'-V RAYMOND L. LANG JOHN F. KLEIN CLARENCE J. LARKIN RUDOLFO LUDENA RONALD E. MAGNUSON 352 I C-'S' -" fr' JOHN D. MARTIN STANLEY J. MATUSIK JAMES J. MC CLUGAGE DENNIS J. MIKUTIS ARNOLD S. MOROF JOSEPH S. MORRISSEY 25 we?" was-.. 5 JOHN P. O'MALLEY RICHARD S. OCHWAT FREDERICK J. ORENDACH 353 Graduates Dentistry ! ' ,. IVA' in ' ' V T1 l x- , f . . 4l2mrw kI I , I-, IX5i??W1f1' Ia' I I , f 5 I THOMAS F. ROBERT M. MENDEZ MC MAHON ROBERT C. MUELLER 33'-1 If, 'If ff ZR "" or r If ' 1 , Y ' A X. AB if' THOMAS W. NALE l KENNETH H. EDMOND P. PISARSKI PETERSON RONALD A. POWELL JOHN R RIGGS ROBERT C ROLOS EDWARD C. SAMPLES FW! ' I 'SM .1 . E. E? 1 , I KX '-fx . - HY ff' GLENN S. RICHARD C. SHUKES JAMES W. SISLO ERNEST L. SKOWRON EDWARD R. STABELL SCHWEITZER WHY' SAM J. STASSI CHARLES R. JOHN F. SULLIVAN WILLIAM E. TOOLSON DAVID C. VALENTINE STEARNS Tw 1:17 EDWARD F. WALSH JOHN F. WEBB NEIL S. WILNER JOHN R. RICHARD W. WITTENBROOK ZAWADZKI ' 355 1 , E, 51 .QAAAA RAYMOND F, LUCIEN R. BATTIATO AGRELLA School Of Low I967 Graduates WWI EDMUND P. BOLAND FRANK M. WILLIAM I. BONIFACIC CALDWELL :A 71 fm Qs ,pr PETER M. CALLAHAN RICHARD J. COCHRAN COLEMAN M. WARREN R. FULLER EDWARD J. HALLE CONNOLLY 357 EMERY J. HOMOR JOEL KLEIN GERALD E. RONALD A. MICHAEL J. KUBASIAK LEBOWITZ MADIGAN Q-04 WALTER J. MONCO ZENON F. ' THOMAS J. NOVAK JOSEPH P. JOHN C. MYSZKOWSKI OHALLORAN PENDERGAST Graduates Law JAMES W. RITT RAYMOND J. JAMES H. WILLIAMS SANDERS 358 Graduate Directory ABEGG, O.F.M. CONV., VICTOR P. Chicago, Illinois Chemistry American Chemical Society 15 Honors Coun- cil 3,45 Loyola News 2,3,45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. ABENE, ROBERT MICHAEL Chicago, llllnols Psychology Anthropology Club 35 Blue Key 3,45 Loyola News 1,45 Psychology Club 45 SAB 4, Inde- pendent Rep. 45 United Independents of Loy- ola 2,3,4, Founder 2, President 2,35 Wasmann 1.2. ADAMSON, WAYNE K. American Fork, Utah Dentistry Dental School Choir 1,25 Student Council Representative 2,3,4. AKERS, PAUL T. Chicago, Illinois Biology Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3,45 Monogram 1,2,3,4, President 3,45 Swimming Team 1,2,3,45 Was- mann 1,25 Water Polo Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 3,4. AMAR, YVONNE ADELE Chicago, llllnols English Cadence 1,2,3,4, Managing Editor 3, Ed. 45 Clrcumference 3,45 Epsilon Phi Rho 1,2,35 Modern Language Club 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3, President 45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Pi Delta Epsi- lon 3,4, Treasurer 45 Pi Delta Phi 3,4, Vice- President 3,4. ANNES, CAROL ANNE Chicago, llllnols Psychology Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Psychology Club 4. APPELGREN, ROY OSCAR LEONARD Hickory Hills, lllinols Dentistry Apollonla Guild 1,2,3,45 Class Treas. 3,45 Out- door and Sportsman Club 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Student Council 45 Xi Psi Phi 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Pres. 4. BACH, VIRGINIA L. Elmwood Park, lllinols Nursing Nursing Council 45 Registered Nurse Div. 3,4, Treasurer 4. BAILEY, PETER Chicago, Illinois Medicine BALANCH, WAYNE A. Chicago, illinois History Historical Society 2. BALTRUM, ROBERT J. Bellwood, Ill. Marketing Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4, Chancellor 2,3,4. BARNES, DANIEL F. Chicago, llllnols Psychology Honors Council 3,4, Vice-Pres. 3,45 Loyolan 3,4, Scheduling Ed. 3, Ed.-in-chief 45 Phi Sig- ma Tau 3,45 Psychology Club 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Blue Key 45 Pl Delta Epsilon 4. BARTH, PATRICIA A. Chicago, llllnols f English Coed Club 1,25 Historical Society 3,45 SNEA 45 SAL 2. BATTAGLIA, VINCENT E. Chicago, llllnols History CALM 3,45 Historical Society 45 Italian Club 3,45 Knights of Columbus 2,3,4. BATTIATO, LUCIEN R. Chicago, Illinois Law BAUKERT, BARBARA F. Brookfield, Illinois Psychology Coed Rifle Team 25 Historical Society 15 SAL 35 Theta Phi Alpha 2,3,45 UAB 2. BAZIOTES, NICKOLAS G. Chicago, Illinois Admin. 81 Supvr. BEAULIEU, JOHN G. Glenview, llllnols Biology CALM 35 Knights of Columbus 2,3,4, Treas. 2,3,45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. 360 BEEHNER, MICHAEL L. Libertyville, Illinois Biology Arts Council 3,4, Treasurer 3, Communique Ed-in-Chief 3. Pres. 45 Blue Key 3,4, Alum. Secy 45 Loyola News 2,3,45 Sigma Delta Phi 2,3,4, Secy 45 SAL 15 Tri-Council 4, Exec. Officer 45 Y.D.'s 1. BENIGNO, KAREN D. Chicago, llllnols Coed Club 1,25 Equestrian Society 2. Education BERG, JAMES R. Grand Rapids, Michigan Medicine Phi Chl 1,2,3,4, Editor 2. BERGAN, HAROLD Chicago, Illinois Political Science Loyola News 35 YD's 2,3,4. BERTHOLD, MICHAEL C. Munster, Indiana Psychology BEUTEL, ERNEST W. Chicago, lllinols Biology Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. BIGA, BARBARA A. Niles, lllinols Education Historical Society 1,25 Lodorlans 1,25 SNEA 3,4. BIGONGIARI, MARY JULIA Chicago, Illinois Nursing Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2,3,4, Chaplain 25 Clr- cumference 3,4, Treasurer 45 Freshman Nurs- ing Class Pres.5 Nursing Council 1,2,3,4, Sec- retary 1, Treasurer 2, Union Board Rep. 35 Senior Nursing Class Secretary5 Soph. Nurs- ing Class Pres.5 Variety Show Director 3. BIRD, GEORGE JOSEPH Chicago, Illlnols History Track Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 4. BIRD, RICHARD MICHAEL Chicago, llllnols Political Science Historical Society 1,25 Phi Kappa Theta 1,2,3,4, Historian 1, Pledgemaster 2,3, Vice-Pres. 45 Political Science Club 2. BISKUP, NANCY STEPHANIE Chicago, Illlnols Biology Kappa Beta Gamma 2,3,43 Pow-Wow Com- mittee 3, Chairman 33 Stebler Hall Judiciary Board 33 Wasmann 1. BLANEY, ANTONIA LOUISE Skokie, Illlnols Education Coed Club 1,2,3Q Foreign Students Associa- tion 23 Loyolan 13 S.A.L. 3,43 SNEA 43 Student Senate 43 Theta Phl Alpha 1,2,3,4. Pledge- mistress 3, Vice-Pres. 4. BLOCK, JOHN DAVID Clnclnnatl, Ohio Dentistry Blue Key 3,41 Outdoorsmans 8t Adventurers Club 33 Psl Omega 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Vlce- Pres. 33 S.A.D.A. 1,2,3,43 Skl Club 4. BOGAN, JAMES JOSEPH La Grange, Illinois English Honors Council 3,43 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. BOHLMAN, DENNIS JOHN Chlcago, Illlnols History Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,33 Historical Society 4. BOHN, BARBARA ELIZABETH Chlcago, Illlnols Nursing Nursing Councll 4. BORYSENKO, LUCY Chlcago, Illlnols Mathematics Loyolan 43 Math Club 4. BRAUN, RUTH ELLEN Hillside, Illlnols Psychology Lodorians 13 Psychology Club 3,4. BREDEMANN, DAVID LEE Chlcago, Illinois Accounting Accounting Club 3,43 Loyola Men 2. BREITENBACH, JOHN JOSEPH Chlcago, Illlnols Polltlcal Science Gold Torch 1,2,3, Treasurer 33 Rangers 2,3, Squad Leader 2. BRONARS, JUDITH MARIAN Harwood Heights Education Coed Club 43 Equestrian Club 33 Hlstorlcal Society 33 SNEA 3,4. BROWN, DIANE CATHERINE Chicago, Illinois Nursing Nursing Council 43 Sigma Theta Tau 3,43 SNAI 1,2,3,43 Variety Show 2: YR's 3,4. BROWN, JOHN RALSTON Evanston, Illlnols Education Foreign Students Association 1. BROWN, LAZZEROW JR. Chlcago, Illlnols Adm.-Supvr. BRZOZA, DONETTA MARLENE Chlcago, Illlnols Mathematics Math Club 4. BUBNESS, MARYANN MARGARET Worth, Illlnols Nursing CALM 23 Chamberlain Hall Judiciary Council 23 Circumference 3,42 Panhellenlc Council 3,43 St. Joseph Manor Judiciary Council 33 SNAI 1,2,3,43 Theta Phl Alpha 2,3,4, Panhel- lenlc Delegate 3,4. BUCHTA, RICHARD MICHAEL Binghamton, New York Medicine BUDILL, MARY JO Chlcago, Illinois Nursing Kappa Beta Gamma 2,3,4Q Loyolan 43 Variety Show 1,21 YD's 1,2,4Q Wasmann 1. BUHL, RICHARD EDWARD Chicago, Illinois Speech Curtain Guild 1,2,3,43 Gold Torch 1,23 His- torical Society 43 Knights of Colombus 1,23 UIL 23 YR's 1,2,3,4. BURKE, JOHN JEROME Chlcago, Illinois History BUSCHBACHER, MICHAEL STEVEN Chlcago, lllinols Finance Blue Key 3,43 Business Council 1,23 Secretary- Treasurer 13 Delta Sigma Pi 1,2,3,4, Pres. 13 Economics-Finance Society 3,43 IFC 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3. BUSSCHER, WARREN JOHN Wllmette, Illinois Physics Blue Key 3,43 Honors Council Senator 33 Loyolan 3,4, Captions Ed. 33 Loyola News 2,3,4, Managing Ed. 33 Loyola Men 23 Physics Club 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3,43 Phi Sigma Tau 2,3,43 Pl Delta Epsilon 3.4, Pres. 4. 361 BUTLER, VERONICA LEAH Peoria, Illinois Biology Honors Council 3,43 Loyola Women 33 Loyo- lan 43 Phi Sigma Tau 3,43 Wasmann 3. BYRNE, KATHERINE LEE Chlcago, Illlnols English Curtain Guild 2,3,43 Historical Society 1,2,3,43 YCS 1. BYRNE, MICHAEL A. Chlcago, Illinois Law CACIOPPO, PHILLIP LEON Chicago, Illlnols Medicine SAMA 1,2,3,4. CAHILL, MAVOURNEEN Skokie, Illinois Nursing Loyolan 4. CALVELLO, PATRICIA ANN Chlcago, Illlnols Medlclne SAMA 43 St. Luke's Committee 13 Jr. Branch WAMA, President 1. CANGELOSI, PETER ANTHONY Chlcago, Illlnols Accounting Accounting Club 43 American Chemical Society 13 Knights of Columbus 3,42 Modern Language Club 43 SAM 4. CAPRIOTTI, LAURENCE WAYNE Chicago Heights, Illlnols History Gonzaga Hall Assistant Manager 23 Italian Club 43 Historical Society 1. CARROLL, MARY A. Chicago, Illlnols English Chamberlain Hall Vice-President 23 Circum- ference 3,43 Curtaln Guild 43 Historical Society 43 Loyola News 1,2,3, Copy Editor 23 Loyolan 2,3,4, co-editor 33 Phi Sigma Tau 3,42 Pi Delta Epsilon 3.4. CATELLI, NORMAN JOSEPH North Riverside, Illinois Accounting CHAIKOVSKY, LARYSA OKSANA Chlcago, Illlnols Biology CHAVIN, PAUL ANTHONY Chlcago, Illlnols Blology Tau Delta Phi 1,2,3,4. d CHIANELLI, CHARLES ANTHONY Chicago, Illinois Accounting Accounting Club 3,43 Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-Pres 4, Pledgemaster 4: Bus. Ad. Council 1: Secretary-Treasurer 1. CHICATELLI, PAUL DOUGLAS Conneaut, Ohio Medicine SAMA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4. CHODKOWSKI, DONALD C. Norrldge, Illinois Management SAM 4. CHONIS, CHRISTINE SOPHIA Chicago, llllnols Urban Studies CHWIERUT, MARCIA LYNN Chicago, llllnols Educatlon Circumference 4: Coed Club 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 4: SAL 2,3: SNEA 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. CIEPLAK, KATHLEEN THERESE Chicago, llllnols Blology Circumference 4: Kappa Beta Gamma 3,4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4: Variety Show 4, Secretary 4. CIOMBOR, RODERICK CHARLES Chicago, Illinois Political Science CONLON, DENNIS M. Chicago, llllnols Marketing Marketing Club 4. CONNER, CHERYL K. Elmhurst, Illinois Italian Club 4: Lodorlans 1: Variety Show 1: YD's 1. Political Sclene CONNERY, PATRICIA KAY Chicago, Illinois Psychology Circumlerence 4: Coed Club 4: Equestrian Society 2: Historical Society 1,3,4, Rec. Sec. 3,4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4, Secretary 4: Psychol- ogy Club 3,4, Rec. Secretary 4. CONNIFF, KATHLEEN MARY Oak Park, lllinols Education Coed Club 1,2: SNEA 4. CONNOLLY, PATRICIA CATHERINE Chicago, lllinols Nursing Circumference 4: Nursing Council 2,3,4: Spanish Club 4. COOK, GEORGE H. Chicago, llllnols English Phi Sigma Tau 4. COPEK, PETER JOSEPH Downers Grove, llllnbls English Honors Council 3,45 Loyola News 2,3,4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4, Treasurer 4: Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4. CORBOY, SHEILA MARIE Chicago, llllnois Mathematics Circumference 4: Coed Club 2,3,4: Historical Society 1: Math Club 2,3,4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4: Phi Mu 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. COULOLIAS, ALKIVIATHIS PHILIP Elmhurst, lllinols Biology Interfraternity Council 1, Treasurer 1: Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4. CRIMMINS, GERALD M. Chicago, Illinois Psychology Curtain Guild 2: PI Alpha Lambda 2,3,4, Pledgemaster 3: Variety Show 3. CRINION, JOHN C. Chicago, llllnols Chemistry American Chemical Society 1,2,3,4. President 4. 362 DANZA, SALVATORE MICHAEL Chicago, Illinois Marketing Dalia Sigma PI 3,4: Marketing Club 4: SAL 3, . DEL GRECO, ROBERT DAVID Chicago, Illlnols English History Club 1,2,3,4: Phl Sigma Tau 3,4. DE MILLIANO, MARYANN Brookfield, lllinols Nursing DE ORIO, ANTHONY JOSEPH Elmwood Park, Illinois Biology Blue Key 3,4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2. DEVLIN, WILLIAM JOHN Northbrook, llllnols Dentistry Delta sigma Delta 1,2,3,4: SADA 1,2,3,4: Apollonia Guild 1,2,3,4. DICKINSON, CECILY R. Evanston, lllinols Anthropology Chardln Society 3,4, Corresponding Sec. 4. DI IORIO, LEONARD JOSEPH Chicago, llllnols Accounting Accounting Club 4: SAM 3,4, Recording Sec- retary 3, Corresponding Secretary 4: Was- mann 1. DOHERTY, ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE Chicago, llllnols Nursing SNAI 1,2. DOLEZAL, VICTORIA HELEN Berwyn, Illlnols English Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,3: Equestrian Soc. 1: Hls- torical Society 1: Loyola News 2: Phl Sigma Tau, 3,4: SNEA 4, Publicity Chairman 4. DOLIGALA, DENNIS THOMAS Chicago, Illinois History Speakeasy Association 1,2. DONAHUE, JOHN FRANCIS Chicago, llllnols Polltlcal Science Arts Council 1, 2, President 1, Vice-President 2: Orient. Committee 3, Chairman 3: SAB 4, Chair. 4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4: UAB 2. Arts Council Representative 2: University Week- end Committee Vice-Chairman 3. DZIEDZINA, DIANA PATRICIA DONLON, LAURIE ANNE Crystal Lake, Illinois Nurslng DONOVAN, PATRICIA MARY Chicago, llllnols Sociology CALM 25 Human Relations Club 3,45 Variety Show 1. DOROSHENKO, LUDMYLA Chicago, llllnols Spanish DRAKE, BONNIE Lyons, lllinols Medlclne DRAUS, GILBERT FRANK Chicago, Illlnols Accounting DRING, GAIL MARY Oak Park, llllnols Nursing Variety Show 1. DURLAK, JOSEPH ALLEN Chicago, llllnois Psychology Honors Council 3,45 Loyolan 4, Business Man- ager 45 Phi Sigma Tau 3, 45 Psychology Club 4, Treasurer 4. Park Ridge, Illinois Marketing Business Administration Coed Club 1,2,3,45 Business Administration Student Coun. Sec- retary 35 Econ-Finance Society 45 Marketing Club 3,45 Ski Club 3,4, Vlce-President 3,45 SAM 45 YR's 3,4. EDGEWORTH, ROBERT JOSEPH Chicago, Illinois Classical Languages Epsilon Pi Rho 2,35 YR's 3, Executive Board 3. EGAN, WILLIAM HUTTON River Forest, llllnols Medlclne EICHINGER, DONNA JEAN Decatur, Illinois Biology CALM 1,35 Loyola Women 1,2,35 Loyolan 4, Production Editor 45 Wasmann 2,3. SISTER M. ELLEN LOUISE. C.S.C. Chicago, Illinois Nursing Welfare Committee 4. EMMETT, PAUL JAMES Morton Grove, Illinois Mathematics Honors Council 35 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. ERNST, MARTHA ANN Chicago, Illinois Drama Curtain Guild 3,45 Equestrian Club 25 Radio and TV Club 3,4, Vice-Pres. 3,45 Reader's Circle 3. ERTMAN, RICHARD PAUL Bellwood, Illinois Marketing Marketing Club 3,4. FEGAN, JOHN J. Chicago, Illinois Biology Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Social Chair. 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Swimming Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 15 Water Polo Team 1,2,3,4. FERRARO, JUDITH THERESE Oak Park, Illlnols English Coed Club 1,25 Historical Society 45 SAL 2. FITCH, NINA MARIE Plymouth, Ohio Biology Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Stebler Hall Pres. 25 Variety Show 1,2,35 Wasmann 1,2. FITZPATRICK, COLLEEN ANN Chicago, lllinols Education FORMELL, ARTHUR ALAN Chicago, lllinois Accounting Accounting Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 SAM 4. FOSTER, ROBERT GERALD Elgin, Illinois Political Science Historical Society 15 Honors Council 45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. FREEBURG, QUENTIN ALFRED Chicago, Illinois Biology FRITZ, FREDERICK PAUL Chicago, lllinols Business Admlnistraion Marketing Club 45 SAM 4. 363 FROEHLICH, NANCY THERESE Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Math Club 2,3,45 SAL 45 UIL 3,4. FUERTGES, DANIEL BERNARD Bradford, Illinois Dentistry St. Apollonia Guild 2,3,45 Delta Sigma Delta 1,2,3,4, Historian 3, Vice-Pres. 4. FUTTERER, MARY LOU Chicago, lllinols Psychology GABEL, ARN RICHARD Chicago, Illinois History Historical Society 3,45 Y.D.'s 3. GAMBLA, RICHARD JOSEPH Oak Lawn, Illinois Latin Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Epsilon Pi Rho 3,4. GARDNER. JOSEPH EUGENE Chicago, Illinois Sociology Phi Kappa Theta 1,2,3,4, Secretary 15 Human Relations Club 4. GARVEY, RICHARD J. Chicago, Illinois Philosophy Blue Key 3,45 Junior Class President: Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Historian 3, President 45 Loyola News 1,2,35 SAB 45 Tri-Council 35 SAL 2,3,4. GAYNOR, JOHN MICHAEL Chicago, llllnols Accounting Accounting Club 3,4, Vice President 45 Beta Alpha Psi 45 Beta Gamma Sigma 4. GENDRON, NANETTE MARIE Chicago, llllnols History CALM 1. GERACE, JAMES EDWARD, Candor, New York Medicine Phi Chl 45 SAMA 4. GERAGHTY, MARTIN PATRICK Chicago, Illinois Political Science Loyola News 1,2, L.T. News Editor 25 Loy- olan 35 Phi Kappa Theta 3,45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Historical Society 15 Y.D.'s 35 Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,3. Graduate Directory GERKE, JAMES H. Park Ridge, llllnols Marketing Marketing Club 3,45 Knights of Columbus 3,4. GERSTENBRAND, KONRAD Evanston, llllnols Marketing Marketing Club 45 SAM 4. GILLERAN, JOAN MARIE Chicago, Illlnols Nursing GILSINAN, JAMES FRANCIS Oak Park, Illinois Sociology Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Human Relations Club 3,4, Vice President 4. GIUNTA, BETTYANN ANGELA Chicago, illinois Sociology Theta Phi Alpha 2,3,4, Coed Club 1,2,35 Hu- man Relations Club 2,3,45 YD's 2,3,4. GOGOLA, SHARON KATHRYN Bellwood, Illinois Sociology Human Relations Club 1,2,35 YD's 1. GOICOECHEA, ROBERT BRIAN Chicago, llllnols English Cadence 2,3,45 Pl Delta Epsllon 3,4. GOGLIN, AUREL EUGENE Chicago, llllnols Biology Historical Society 15 Wasmann 1. GOLDEN, ROBERT JOHN Chicago, Illinois Sociology Drill Team 1,2,3,45 Sociology Club 2,35 Knights of Columbus 3,45 Scabbard and Blade 3,4, President 4. GORMAN, PAUL WILLIAM Chicago, llllnols Psychology GRAHAM, MARY KATHERINE Chicago, llllnols English Curtain Guild 15 Psychology Club 25 Theta Phi Alpha 2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 3, His- torian 45 SAL 3. GRAHAM, ROBERT RAYMOND River Forest, Illinois Political Science Human Relations Club 2, Treasurer 25 Arts Council 4, Senator 4. GRIFFIN, PATRICK C. Grand Rapids, Michigan Medicine Phi Chi 1,2,3,45 SAMA 1,2,3,4. GRODOSKI, GAIL PATRICIA Chicago, Illinois Nursing Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 2, Vice President 35 Circumference 3,45 Panhellenic 3, Chairman-Rush Workshop 35 Pow-Wow 2,3, "Miss Loyola" 3. GROHAR, WILLIAM PATRICK Joliet, Illinois Psychology Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3,45 Swimming Team 1,2,3,4, Manager 1,2,3,45 Water Polo Club 1,2,3,4, Manager 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. GROTE, GEORGE MICHAEL Chicago, Illinois Psychology Italian Club 35 Loyola Men 15 Variety Show 2. GROVER, MARY RUTH Alma, Michigan Biology Loyola News 25 Loyola Women 1,2,35 Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Wasmann 2,3, GUADAGNO, THOMAS EDWARD Chicago, Illinois Political Science Modern Language Club 15 Monogram Club 1,2,3,45 Political Science Club 45 Track Team 1,2,35 YD's 1,4. 364 GUZIEL, EDWIN FRANCIS Chicago, Illinois Personnel Management SAM 4. HAFNER, C.S.V. FREDERICK JOHN Chicago, Illinois Spanish HAGEDORN, THOMAS ANTHONY Chicago, llllnols Dentistry Dental Cholr 1, 25 St. Appolonla Guild 1,2,3,4. HAHN, FRANK ALEXANDER Blue Island, Illinois Accounting Accounting Club 2,3,4, President 45 Beta Alpha Psi 3,4. Treasurer 45 S.A.M. 1. HAJDUK, ROBERT STEVEN Chicago, llllnols Psychology Psychology Club 3,45 U.I.L. 3. HALLE, EDWARD JOSEPH Park Ridge, llllnols Law Phi Alpha Delta 45 Student Bar Association 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4. HALUSEK, LAWRENCE JOHN Chicago, llllnois Accounting Accounting Club 1. HALVERSON, SALLY BERTHA Chicago, llllnols Political Science HARBERTSON, LANE A. Roy, Utah Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta 1,2,3,4. HARRIGAN, MICHAEL JOSEPH Evergreen Park, llllnols History Historical Soc. 3,45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. HARRINGTON, EILEEN ANN Chicago, llllnols Nursing Circumference 3,45 Nursing Council 3,45 Sen- ior Class President 45 St. Joseph's Manor Council 2, Secretary 2. HART, JOHN CLIFTON Chicago, illinois History Historical Soclety 3,4. HARTZER, RONALD C. Chlcago, Illlnols St. Appolonia Guild 1,23 XI Psi Phi 1,2,3,4. Dentistry HAYDEN, THOMAS F. Morton Grove, Illinois Accounting Accounting Club 2,3,43 Econ-Finance Society 23 Loyolan 23 Historical Society 13 Ski Club 3. HEALY, EILEEN MARIE Chlcago, Illinois Education HEDRICK, WILLIAM KENNETH Chlcago, Illlnols History Arts Councll 43 Historical Society 1,2,3,43 Loyola News 43 Trl-Councll 4. HELLGETH, ROBERT JOSEPH Chlcago, Illlnols Psychology Historical Society 13 UIL 4. HENNINGSEN. THOMAS REX Chlcago, Illlnols Marketlng Concert Chorus 13 Marketing Club 43 YD's 4. HERKEL, JOHN WAYNE Chlcago, Illlnols Blology Phl Sigma Tau 3,4. HESOTIAN, SHARON LYNN Chlcago, Illlnols Education Coed Club 33 Equestrian Society 33 SNEA 3,4. HOFHERR, JOHN DOUGLAS Chlcago, Illlnols Engllsh Arts Councll 43 Loyola Men 23 Rome Center Yearbook 33 SAB 4. HOLOHAN, JOYCE KATHRYN Morton Grove, Illinois Nurslng 'General Nursing Council 33 Nursing Councll HORVATH, JAMES JOHN Chlcago, Illinois Accounting Accounting Club 3,43 Beta Alpha Psi 3,4. HOSEK, CHRISTINE MARIE Downers Grove, Illinois Sociology Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 33 Coed Club 13 Human Relations Club 2,42 YD's 1,2,3,4. HUGUENARD, MICHAEL ALAN Chicago, Illinois Theology HUNT, EDMUND B. Broadview, Illinois History Historical Society 43 Loyolan 43 Loyola News 2,3,4, Sports Ed. 2,31 Pl Delta Epsilon 43 Track Team 1,2,3. HYNEK, JOHN JEROME Cicero, Illinois English Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. IBURG, WILLIAM JOHN Chlcago, Illinois Chemistry American Chemical Society 1,2,3,4g Honors Council 3,41 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. IGNOFFO, MATTHEW FREDERICK Chlcago, Illinois English Gold Torch 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-Pres. 43 Phi Sigma Tau 3,43 Rangers 33 Scabbard and Blade 3,4. ILKIW, ALEXANDRA MARIA Chicago, Illinois Medlclne SAMA 1,2,3,4, WAMA 1,2,3,4. INGEVALDSON, PAUL MARTIN Berkeley, llllnois Management SAM 43 Sigma Pi 2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Wasmann 1,2. IVANIC, CLAUDETTE ANN Niles, Illlnols Latin CALM 23 Coed Club 13 Epsilon PI Rho 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 33 Modern Language Club 3,4. JACOBSON, MICHAEL HAROLD Chlcago, Illlnols Psychology Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4, President 2,32 Amer- ican Chemical Society 13 Loyolan 23 Loyola News 23 Psychology Club 1.2.33 Variety Show 2,33 Wasmann 1,2,3. 365 JANNITE, NICHOLAS WAYNE Chicago, Illinois Accounting Accounting Club 4. JANULAITIS, MINDAUGAS VICTOR Chicago, Illinois Blology SAL 3,4. General Chairman 3,43 SAB 3,43 Tau Delta Phi 1,2,3,4, Secretary 33 UAB 33 Variety Show 1,2,3,4I Wasmann 1. JAROLIM, JUNE ELLEN Hollywood, Illinois Historical Society 2,3,43 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. Hlstory JEROME, MARCELLE M. Chlcago, Illlnols Nurslng General Nursing Councll 2,3,4. JOEBGEN, FRANCIS HENRY Sumner, Iowa Psychology American Chemical Society 13 Knights of Columbus 2,3,43 Loyola Hall Senate 1.2, Treasurer 23 Loyola News 1,2,4, Photo. Ed. 2,43 Loyolan 23 Psychology Club 43 Rome Center Yearbook 3, Photo Editor 3. JONES, ANNA MAE Robbins, Illlnols Education JORDAK, WILLIAM LOUIS Chicago, Illlnols Sociology JORDAN, RICHARD M. Glenvlew, Illlnols Psychology Alpha Sigma Nu 3,42 Cadence 3.4, Managing Editor 3, Editor 43 Epsilon Pl Rho 2,32 Hon- grs Council 33 Phi Sigma Tau 3,43 Psychology lub 3,4. JOYCE, JO ANNE MARIE Chicago, lllinols Education SNEA 4. JUBYNA, STEPHEN ROY Chlcago, Illlnols French Phi Sigma Tau 3. JUOZEVICIUS, JURATE ALEKSANDRA Chicago, Illlnols Sociology Human Relations Club 4. KAMINSKI, MITCHELL VALENTINE JR. Chicago, Illinois Medlclne KANIA, KENNETH EDWARD Chlcago, lllinols Sociology Arts Councll 4, Senator 4: CALM 3,4: Human Relations Club 3. KAPLAN, MARSHALL MAYER Chicago, llllnols Medlclne Junior Class Secretary: Phi Delta Epsilon 3,4: Senior Class Treasurer: Student Council 3,4. KARPUS, JAMES THOMAS Elmhurst, lllinols Biology Phi Sigma Tau 3,4: Wasmann 1,3. KAVANAGH, KATHLEEN ANN Riverdale, llllnols History Co-ed Club 1: Historical Society 2: Young Democrats 1. KAWANE, DONALD TAKEJI Eleele, Kaual, Hawall Dentistry KELLER, KATHERINE JOYCE Chicago, lllinols Nursing General Nursing Councll 2. KEMPFER, SUSAN J. Downers Grove, lllinols History Circumference 4: Historical Society 1,4, Vice President 4: Italian Club 4: Ski Club 2. KENDZIOFI, DENNIS WILLIAM Addlson, lllinols Management SAM 1. KENNEDY, ANNE MARGARET Midland, Texas Psychology CALM 1,2: Stebler Hall Social Chairman 2: Student Council, Rome Center 3: UAB 2: Women's Inter-Hall Council 2. KENNEDY, HELEN CONSTANCE La Grange, lllinols Sociology Historical Society 2: Sociology Club 4. KERBS, RICHARD JOHN Chicago, lllinols Mathematics Math Club 4: Young Democrats 1. KINNEY, KENNETH RAPHAEL Deerfield, lllinols Philosophy Delta Sigma Phi 2,3,4, Treasurer 3: Phl- losophy Club 4. KIRST, ROBERT THOMAS Niles, lllinols Accounting Accounting Club 2.4: Sigma Delta Phi 3,4. KLEES. JUDITH LOUISE Chicago, lllinols Nursing Alpha Tau Delta 3,4: CALM 1. KLEM, JAMES G. Cincinnati, Ohio English Loyola News 1: Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Historian 2. KLIMAS, RONALD EUGENE Summit, Illinois Psychology Gold Torch 2,3,4: Phi Kappa Theta 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 3: Psychology Club 3: Scabbard and Blade 3,4. KLOBA, KENNETH DOUGLAS Cicero, lllinols Sociology Historical Society 4: Human Relations Club 3: Lithuanian Club 4: Spanish Club 4. KLOCKER, MICHAEL JOSEPH Skokie, Illinois Hlstory Historical Society 1,4. 366 KLOS, CAROLYN B. Chicago, lllinols English Co-ed Club 1: Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,3,4: Flne Arts Club 3,4: Loyolan 2: Phl Sigma Tau 3,4: SIEA 4. KNIPPER, JOHN JAMES Chicago, llllnols Biology KNUTH, THOMAS CHARLES Westchester, Illinois English Historical Society 1: YD's 1: SNEA 4: SIEA 4. KOBEL, LINDA MARIA Chicago, lllinols Anthropology Chardin Anthropological Society 3,4, Vice President 4: Circumference 4: Kappa Beta Gamma 3,4: Wasmann 1. KOPALA, BEVERLY J.- Chlcago, lllinols Nursing Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,4. KOPPA, GAIL MAUREEN Chicago, lllinols Nursing KRUPA, RAYMOND ROMAN Chicago, lllinols History Historical Society 1,2,3,4: SNEA 3,4, Presl- dent 4: YD's 1,2. KUBIK, JAMES JOHN Niles, llllnois English Glee Club 1, Vice President 1. KUBISTAL, CAROL ANN Chicago, lllinols Education Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,4: Coed Club 1,2: Lodorians 1,2: SAL 1,4: Variety Show 1,2,3,4: SNEA 4. KUDIA, FRANK STEPHEN Chicago, lllinols Polltlcal Science Alpha Phl Omega 3,4, Recording Secretary 4. KUDULIS, JOHN JOSEPH Berwyn, lllinols Latin Epsilon Pi Flh0 1,2.3.4: Historical Society 4: SNEA 4. . KUEHLTHAU, HUGH WILLIAM Maywood, Illinois Biology KUNICH, MICHAEL JOSEPH Chicago, llllnols History Historical Society 3,4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4: SAL 4: UIL 4. KUPST, MARY JO Chicago, llllnols Psychology Clrcumference 4: Kappa Beta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Rush Chairman 4: Variety Show Producer 4: Loyolan awards committee 3: Panhellenic Assn., 3,4, President 3: SAL 1,2,3,4. KURTZ, ARNIETA MARIE Downers Grove, llllnois Education Coed Club 3: SNEA 3. KUSH, MICHAEL JOEL Chicago, llllnols Biology Tau Delta Phi 1,2,3,4, Editor-Historian 3: Wasmann 1. KUZMIAK, KAREN ANN Chicago, llllnols Sociology Human Relations Club 3,4. KUSNIERZ, CAROL ANN Chicago, llllnols Nursing Glee Club 2: Loyolan 4: Nursing Council, 1:1Secretary Nursing Class 1: UIL 2: Variety S ow 2. KWOK, ROBERT JOHN Kowloon, Hong Kong Medicine Phi Beta Pl 1,2,3,4. LACKAFF, MICHAEL LOUIS Downers Grove, llllnols Sociology Historical Society 4: Wasmann 1: YR's 4. LADONE, JOSEPH ANTHONY Hillside, llllnois Blue Key 3,4: Delta Sigma Delta 1,2,3,4: St. Appolonla Guild 1,2,3,4. Dentistry LAGHEZZA, REV. BERNADINE P. Winona, Minnesota Guidance 8. Counseling LAMMERT, JEANNE E. Chicago, illinois Biology CALM 2.3: Clrcumference 4: Loyola News 2,3, News Editor 2, Associate Editor 3: Loy- olan 3,4, Layout Ed. 4: Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4: Wasmann 1,2. LANDRY, ROBERT JOSEPH Chicago, llllnois Political Science LANG, RICHARD JOHN Chicago, Illinois IFC 2,3: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4: SAL 4: Tau Delta Phi 1,2,3,4. English LANGER, DOLORES J. Chicago, llllnols Circumference 3,4: Coed Club 1: Historical Society 1,2: Kappa Beta Gamma 1,2,3,4: Pan- Hellenic Council 2: SAL 2,4: Union Activities Board 2: YD's 1,2,4. Political Science LaPORTA, ROSEMARY ANNE Chicago, Illinois Speech Curtain Guild 1,4: Historical Society 1: Readers Circle 1. LASKA, CATHERINE ROBERTA Chicago, llllnols Education Historical Society 3,4: SIEA 3,4. LAUDUSKIE, EDWARD CHARLES Springfield, lllinols Accounting Historical Society 3,4: SIEA 3,4. Accounting Club 2,3,4, LAWNIK, MARY MAGDELENE Chicago, llllnols Nursing LeFEBRE, MARTHA JO Indianapolis, Indiana French Delaware Hall, Soc. Chairman 3, V.Pres 4: Modern Language Club 1,3,4: WIHC 3,4. LEKSANDER, ALAN FRANCIS Morton Grove, Illinois Finance Econ.-Finance Club 3: Equestrian Club 2: Finance Club 4: Historical Society 1: YR's 3. 367 LEVANDOSKI, ALETA GAYLE Chicago, Illinois Nursing LEVOY, PHILIP JAMES Chicago, Illinois Dentistry Xi Psi Phi 2,3,4, V. Pres. 4. LINGO, PAULA MOLETTE Chicago, Illinois Sociology Coed Club 1,2,3,4. LISZKA, ROBERT EDWARD Chicago, Illinois Marketing Alpha Phi Omega, 3,4, Treas. 3: Chem. Club 1,2: Drama Club 1: Marketing Club 2. LIVORSI, THOMAS JAMES Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Math Club 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. LOBO, ANDREW FREDERICK Gary, indiana Psychology German Club 4: Loyola News 1,2,3,4: Loyo- lan 3,4, Sports Ed. 3: Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4. LOCKWOOD, DENNIS CHARLES Chicago, Illinois Personnel SAM 1,2,3,4. LOH, PAUL PATRICK Chicago, llllnols Economics Foreign Students Assoc. 2,3: SAM 4. LUCKRITZ, KATHLEEN RUTH Chicago, llllnols Sociology SAMA 1,2,3,4. LUKAS, RONALD LARRY Chicago, llllnols Sociology Human Relations Club 3. LUND, ROBERT H. Chicago, lllinols Medicine MAC CARTIE, THADDEUS ROBERT Des Plaines, llllnols English SAL 2,3,4, Executive Board 4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4, Social Chairman 3, Pledge Chairman 3. Grclcluote Directory MACIEVIC, ANTHONY VINCENT Chicago, Illinois Hlstory Debate Society 1,22 Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,3, President 33 Loyola News 23 Phi Sigma Tau 3,43 Pi Delta Phl 3. MACIULIS, RICHARD EUGENE Chicago, Illinois English Cadence 43 Chess Club 3,43 Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,33 Outdoor Club 23 YR's 4. MACKEY, CAROL ANN Chicago, Illinois Nursing MAES, MICHAEL EDWARD Downers Grove, Illlnois Psychology Psychology Club 3,4. MAGNUSON, RONALD E. Great Falls, Montana Dentistry Dental School News 33 Science Club 13 Xi Psl Phl 4. MAIER, PAUL THOMAS Chicago, Illinols Blology Dorm Council 13 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. MALONEY, ANNE MAUREEN Evanston, Illlnols Polltlcal Sclence Clrcumference 43 Coed Club 1,2,3,4, Secre- tary 2, Treasurer 33 Debate Club 2,3,4, Secre- tary 33 Delta Sigma Rho 3,41 Political Science Club 1,21 YD's 1,2,3. MALONEY, PATRICIA ANN South Holland, Illlnois Nurslng Nursing Council 3,4, Secretary 4. MANOLIS, MARIA L. Chicago, Illlnols Engllsh Historical Society 13 Y.C.S. 1. MANTALOS, STELLA Lincolnwood, Illinois Educatlon SNEA 4. MARCH, DEAN EMANUEL Oak Lawn, Illinois Marketing Marketing Club 3,43 SAM 4. MARNELL, PAUL JOSEPH Northbrook, lllinols Accountlng Accounting Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 43 ROTC Rifle Team 1. MARR, THOMAS JOHN Chicago, lllinols Medlclne Blue Key 33 Freshman Class Treasurer 13 SAMA'1,2,3,4Q Sophomore Class Vice-Pres.: Student Council Secretary 3. MARTINKOVIC, DOROTHY JOSEPHINE Berwyn, Illinois Engllsh Epsilon Pi Ftho 1,2,3,43 SNEA Historian 4. MASON, LINDA L. Westchester, Illinois Nursing Loyolan 2. MATAYA, JAMES MICHAEL Chicago, Illinois History Historical Society 3,43 Human Relations Club 23 Young Democrats 3. MATUSIK, STANLEY JOSEPH Chicago, Illinois Dentistry St. Apollonia Guild 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3, President 43 Student Council 4. MAY, DEIDRE DIANE Chicago, Illinois English Psychology Club 23 SNEA 4. 368 MAY, GERALD F. Chicago, Illlnols Marketing Delta Sigma Pl 1,2,3,4, Social Chairman 3,43 Marketing Club 4. MC ANALLY, KATHLEEN ANN Chicago, Illlnols Nursing Variety Show 2. MC CAFFREE, SALLIE ANN Chappaqua, New York Nursing CALM 1,23 Theta Phi Alpha 2,3,43 Chamber- lain Hall Judiciary Board 23 SAL 33 SNAI 3,4. MC CLAY, MARY BETH Des Plaines, Illinois Biology Phi Mu 2,3,4, Membership Director 3,43 Was- mann 3,43 YR's 3,4. MC CORMACK, MAUREEN LEE Chicago, lllinols English Anthropolgy Club 33 Coed Club 1,22 Curtain Guild 43 Panhellenic Council 3,43 Phi Mu 2,3,4, Vice-President 3,43 SAL 23 YD's 1,2,3. MC CORMICK, THOMAS MICHAEL Forest Park, Illinois Psychology Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,43 Wasmann 1. MC GARY, SANDRA South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Nursing MC GOWAN, THOMAS JAMES Chicago, Illlnols Marketing Kappa Beta Gamma 2,3,4, MC SHANE, DENNIS JAMES Westchester, llllnols Blology Alpha Sigma Nu 3,43 College Bowl Panel Member 33 Honors Council President 3,43 Loyola News 2,3,4Q Loyolan 3, Prod. Editor 33 Phl Sigma Tau 3,43 PI Delta Epsilon 3,4. MEARES, VIRGINIA ANN Chicago, Illlnols Engllsh Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2,3,4, President 2,3,43 Arts Council 43 50th Coed Anniversary Ball Chairman 23 Panhellenic Council 2,3,4, UAB Rep. 3, Panhellenic-IFC Joint Committee 3,43 UAB 3, Constitution Revision Committee 3, Ad Hoc Committee for Student Rights Charter 33 Senior Class first Vice-President 43 Tri- Councll Student Directory Chairman 4. .... -, av.-.. .. ..., .- MEDICK, JUDITH ANN Chicago, llllnols Sociology Coed Club 1,2, Intramural Chairman 23 Equestrian Club 13 Human Relations Club 33 Panhellenic Council 43 Theta Phi Alpha 234, Recording Secretary 3, President 43 's 1. MERWICK, PATRICIA ANNE Chicago, Illinois Blology Circumference 3,4, President 43 Chamberlain Hall Judiciary Board 33 Honors Council 3, 43 Loyola Women 1,2,33 Phi Mu 2,3,4, Pledge Director 3,43 Phi Sigma Tau 3,43 SAL 3,43 Wasmann 2,3,4, MICHNA, BERNARD JEROME North Chicago, llllnols Politlcal Science Gonzaga Hall 1,2,3, Manager 2. MILLER, SUSAN MARIE Chicago, Illinois Psychology Coed Club 1,3,43 Historical Society 13 Psy- az-hology Club 3,43 Skl Club 33 Women's Rifle eam 1. MILOS, DEAN ROYAL Chicago, Illlnols Biology German Club 43 Historical Society 13 Loyola Men 33 Ski Club 3,4. SISTER MIRIAM CECILIA, C.S.C. Chicago, llllnols Nursing Junior Class Treasurer3 Nursing Oouncll 3. MITCHELL, DENNIS LESTER Toledo, Ohio Psychology Dorm Council 1,2,3, Secretary 13 Psychology Club 1. MITCHELL, SAMUEL CHILDERS West Frankfort, Illinois Law MONCO, WALTER J. Chicago, llllnols Law MOROF, ARNOLD SOLLIE Chicago, llllnols Dentistry Alpha Omega 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Dental School Newspaper 1,2,3,43 St. Apollonla Guild 2,3,43 SADA 1,2,3,4, President 43 Student Council 4. MORRISSETTE, MARIE THERESE Chicago, Illinois Education Coed Club 1,43 Kappa Beta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 43 Ski Club 1,42 SNEA 4. MORRISSEY, JOSEPH SCOTT Chicago, lllinols Dentistry Dental School News Editor 43 Psi Omega 1,2,3,43 St. Apcllonia Guild 1,2,3,43 SADA 1,2,3,4, Chairman 43 Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-President. MOTTO, MARY CATHERINE Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Coed Club 1,2,3,4Q Math Club 2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 3, Pres. 43 Pan-hellenic Council 43 Phi Mu 1,2,3,4, Pledge Mistress 2, Secretary 3, President 43 SAL 2,3,4. MUELLER, JANE FRANCES Chicago, Illinois English Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,4, Social Chair. MULKERIN, ANNE AMRIE Chicago, Illinois Psychology Psychology Club 2. MUNROE. GARFIELD AUGUSTUS Westmoreland, Jamaica Biology Phl Sigma Tau 3,4. MYERS, JANE ELIZABETH Racine, Wisconsin Sociology Historical Society 43 Italian Club 4. MYSYK, NOREEN FRANCES Hebron, Illinois Biology Alpha Sigma Alpha 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 43 Clr- cumference 3,4, Secretary 43 Lodorians 13Pan- hellenic Association 4, Treas. 43 SAL Repre- sentative 33 Variety Show Committee 33 Was- mann 1. MYSZKOWSKI, ZENON FRANCIS Chicago, Illinois Law Blue Key 2,31 Delta Theta Phi 2,3, Pres. 2,33 Student Bar Association 1,2,3, 369 NALE, THOMAS WALTER Berwyn, Illinois Dentistry Ski Club 3,43 Xi Psi Phi 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4. NAPIER, JUDITH ANN Chicago, Illinois Psychology Coed Club 13 Psychology Club 2,3. NARIMATSU, KEI Chicago, Illinois Biology Sigma Delta Phi 2,3,4, Treasurer 33 Was- mann 1. NASCA, GRACE JOANNE Chicago, Illinois Education Alpha Sigma Alpha 3,4, Equestrian Society 13 SIEA 4. NASH, JOSEPH CONRAD Chicago, Illinois Chemistry American Chemical Society 1,2,3,4. NASH, PHILIP GEORGE Chicago, lllinols Sociology Alpha Delta Gamma 3,4, Executive Sec. 3, House Manager 43 Dorm Council 1. NEU, JEANNE PATRICIA Berkeley, Illinois Nursing CALM 1,22 UAB 23 NSG Council 2,3,4, Class Secretary 2, Class Vice-Pres. 43 Sigma Theta Tau 3,41 SNAI 2,3,43 St. Joseph's Manor 3, President 33 Circumlerence 3,4, Vice-Pres. 43 WIHC 2,3. NEUHAUS, GERTRUDE S. Chicago, Illinois Nursing NIEKRASZ, MARK J. Chicago, illinois Biology Fine Arts Club 1,23 Loyola Men 13 SAL 2,31 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4, Secretary 4. NOELLER, HELGA Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Kappa Beta Gamma 2,3,43 Math Club 3,4. NOSEK, WILLIAM GEORGE Chicago, Illinois Political Science Epsilon Pi Rho 1,25 Historical Society 1,3,45 Modem Language Club 25 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. NOVAK, JEAN HELEN El Salvador, Chile Nursing Chamberlain Hall, Judiciary Board 25 C.S.N.C. 15 SNAI 1,2,4, Class Rep. 25 Wasmann 1. NOVAK, THOMAS J. Chicago, llllnols Law Delta Theta Phi 1,2,3, Secretary 2,3. NOWICKAS, GARY ANTHONY Cicero, illinois Finance Econ.-Finance Society 3,4. OAKES, SUSAN M. Wilmette, illinois Sociology Coed Club 1,25 Curtain Guild 1,25 Human Relations Club 1,2,35 Variety Show 1,2. OCHWAT, RICHARD STANLEY Chicago, Illinois Dentistry Psi Omega 1,2,3,4, Ed. 45 Student Clinicians ADA 1,2,3,4. O'CONNOR, PAMELA BETH Orland Park, illinois Education O'HALLORAN, JOSEPH PATRICK Cary, Illinois Law American Chem. Society 1,2,3,4. O'MALLEY, JOHN PATRICK New Buffalo, Michigan Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta 1,2,3,4, Pledge Chrmn. 2, Scribe 3, Gr. Master 45 Student Council 4. O'MARA, JOAN MARY Chicago, illinois Mathematics Circumference 4. O'NElLL, PAUL EDWARD Chicago, illinois Psychology CALM 35 Tau Delta Phi 2,3,4, Alumni Scribe 3. ONESTO, OLYMPIA MARIE Chicago, lllinols French Modern Language Club 45 SNEA 4. ORENDACH, FREDERICK J. Chicago, Illinois Dentistry Choir 1,2,35 Histology Club 1,25 St. Appo- lonia Guild 1,2,3,4. PACER, ANDREA SUSAN Chicago, Illinois History Circumference 45 Coed Club 1,25 Historical Society 1,3,4, Vice-President 45 Loyola News 25 Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Theta Phi Alpha 2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 35 YD's 1. PAPANDREA, JAMES JOHN Chicago, Illinois Dentistry Dental Clinic tADAl 25 Delta Sigma Delta 2,35 Sophomore Class Vice-President. PASQUALE, NANCY JOAN Elmwood Park, Illinois Nursing PASQUESI, ROBERT L. Highwood, illinois Accounting Accounting Club 2,3,45 Gold Torch 1,2,3,4. PATTERSON, MARGARET FRANCES Wheaton, Illinois English Cadence 2,3,45 Epsilon Pi Rho 1,25 Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4. 370 PECA, KATHLEEN AICE Chicago, Illinois English Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Riding Club 35 SNEA 4, Publications Committee 45 YR's 3,4. PECCI, DUANE RICHARD Chicago, llllnols Management SAM 4. PELTZER, DONNA Chicago, Illinois Education PENDLETON, SHARON ANN Chicago, Illinois Nursing Loyolan 25 SAL 1,2. PETRICIG, EDWARD RONALD Oak Lawn, llllnols History Rangers 2. PETTINGER, BERNARD EDWARD Wilmette, Illinois History Gold Torch 3,45 Historical Society 1,3. PHELAN, RICHARD THOMAS Chicago, lllinols Finance Econ-Finance Society 45 Marketing Club 3. PHILLIPS, PAMELA ANNE Chicago, Illinois Education Coed Club 1,25 Theta Phi Alpha 1,2,3,4, Cor- responding Secretary 4. PIALA, JAMES MATTHEW Chicago, llllnols Biology Alpha Delta Gamma 2,3,45 Gold Torch 1,2, 3,45 Wasmann 1. PICCIONE, JOHN JOSEPH Chicago, llllnols Law Student Bar Association 1,3,45 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4, PIESZCHALA, JOYCE MARIE Chicago, Illinois English Coed Club 15 Kappa Beta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 35 SAL 2,35 SNEA 4. PLOCINSKI, ARLENE VICTORIA Chicago, Illlnois English, French Cadence 3.45 Clrcumference 45 Kappa Beta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 35 Modern Language Club 3.4, Treasurer 45 Pj Delta Phi 45 SAL 1,2,3,45 YD's 2. POLK, CHRISTINE MARIE Chicago, Illinois Psychology Coed Club 1.3.4, Secretary 15 Historical So- ciety 1.45 Honors Council 45 Phi Sigma Tau 45 Psychology Club 2.3.4, Secretary 3. Presl- dent 45 YD's 1. POLOVY, ROBERT STANLEY Chicago, Illinois Dentistry Freshman Class Treasurer5 IFC 45 Psi Omega 1,2,3,4, Grand Master 45 School Choir 15 SADA 1,2,3,45 Student Councll 4. PONTICELLI, CLARENE JOY Chicago, llllnols Education Alpha Sigma Alpha 2.3.45 Coed Club 1,25 SNEA 3,4. POPE, LOUISE MICHAELENE Chicago, llllnols English Coed Club 35 Theta Phl Alpha 2.3.4. POTSIC, STEVEN RICHARD Cicero, llllnols Medicine SAMA 1,2,3,4! Student Councll 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 2.3, Vice-President 4. POULSOM, CAROL ANN Chicago, lllinols Nursing Circumference 3.45 Historical Society 15 Nurs- ing Council 2.3.4, President 45 SAL 1,2,3,4, Nursing Representative 25 SNAI 2.3.45 Sopho- more Class Treasurer5 Tri-Council 3.4. Execu- tive Officer 4. POWE. LARRY KENNETH Mobile, Alabama Biology POWELL, RONALD ANTHONY Chicago, Illinois Dentistry Freshman Class President5 Delta Sigma Delta 1,2,3,45 Dental News 1.2.45 Dental School Choir 15 St. Apollonla Guild 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 1. POWERS, JAMES JOSEPH Chicago, Illinois Psychology POWERS. WILLIAM CLARK Chicago, Illinois Personnel PRIMEAU, RICHARD GERARD Chicago, Illinois Law Beta Alpha Psl 1,2,3,4, PYTLIK, ERIC IRVIN Chicago, Illinois Marketing QUATTROCKI, EDWARD A. Chicago, Illinois English QUEVILLON, ROBERT DEWALL Kalamazoo. Michigan Medicine Phi Chi 1,2,3,4. RACHWALSKI, FRANK JOSEPH, JR. Chicago, lllinols Economics RAETTIG, JAMES ARTHUR Burlington, Wisconsin Medicine Phi Chi 45 SAMA 4. RAMLJAK, FRANK ANTHONY Chicago, Illinois Finance Delta Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Senior Vice-Pres.5 Economic-Finance Club 45 S.A.L. 3.4. RANDICK, RICHARD MATTHEW Chicago, Illinois Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,45 Wasmann 1. RATKOVIC, ANN-MARIE MICHAELEEN Chicago, Illinois English Coed Club 3,45 Phi Sigma Tau 3.45 S.N.E.A. 4. REESE, JUDITH ANN Skokle, Illinois Education Arts Council 3, Secretary 35 Coed Club 15 Foreign Students 35 Loyolan 15 Theta Phi Alpha 1,2,3,45 Variety Show 1.2. REISBERG, ALLAN G. Chicago, Illinois History Loyola Historical Society. REZAC, FRANK DAVID Peoria, Illinois Psychology Gonzaga Hall 2.3.4. Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Loyola Men 3,45 Wasmann 1. 371 RINK, PAUL WILLIAM Chicago, Illinois History College Bowl Alternate 35 Historical Society 45 Honors Council 3.45 Loyola News 3.45 Phi Sigma Tau 4. Vice-Pres. 1. RITTLE, PATRICIA MARGUERITE Mt. Prospect, Illinois Biology Concert Choir 35 Loyolan 3. Business Mana- ger 35 Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Wasmann 1. RIZZO, MARIO SANTO Chicago, Illinois History Curtain Guild 15 Historical Society 3,4. FIOBISON, KAY ELAINE Chicago, Illinois Education Equestrian Society 35 S.N.E.A. 4. ROSSI, RAYMOND PAUL Chicago, Illinois Physics Physics Club 2.3.4. Treasurer 3, Pres. 4. ROTI, THOMAS DAVID Chicago, Illinois Political Science Gold Torch 2.3.45 Rangers 2,35 Scabbard 8t Blade 3,4, Treasurer 4. ROUGEAU, WELDON J. Lake Charles, Louisianna Sociology ROY. JOSEPH LECOUR Kankakee, Illinois Polltlcal Science Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Pledge Master 3,45 Chardin Anthropologic Society 45 Epsilon Pi Rho 45 Historical Society 15 Ski Club 1.3.4. RUDIS, VANDY DAWN Maywood, Illinois Theta Phi Alpha 2.3.4. Social Chairman 3,4. Psychology RUSSO, PAULA ANN Melrose Park, Illinois History Historical Society 3.45 S.I.E.A. 4. Graduate Directory RUTILI, ANITA L. Elmwood Park, Illinois Sociology Coed Club 13 Human Relations Club 43 Ital- ian Club 3. RUZICKA, DOLORES ANNE Chicago, Illinois English Cadence 1,2,3,43 Foreign Students 13 Loyolan 13 Modern Language Club 1. SAFFOLD, ANDREA EUGENIA Chicago, Illinois Education Reader's Circle 1. SAHGAL, SURENDRA BAHADUR Chicago, lllinois industrial Relations International Club 3. SAMPLES, EDWARD C. Los Angeles, California Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta 1,2,3,4: Freshman Class President: Student Council 3,4, Secretary 3, President 4. SANDSTROM, NILS FREDERICK Chicago, Illinois Dentistry SANTELL, DONNA MARIE Chicago, Illinois Psychology Coed Club 13 Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,3,43 Psy- chology Club 3,4. SARGENT, RICHARD ELLIOTT Chicago, lllinols Political Science SAVIER, JANET SUE Chicago, lllinols Sociology Human Relations Club 4. SAVOY, DEAN CHRIS Chicago, Illinois Sociology Historical Society 1. SCAVETTA, JOSEPH F. Forest Park, Illinois Medicine Phi Chi 1,2,3,4. SCHATTEMAN, ANNE MARIE Chicago, Illinois Nursing Sigma Theta Tau 3,43 SAL 3,4, President of RN Division 4. SCHIRO, CHRISANN Chicago, Illinois Biology Circumference 43 Kappa Beta Gamma 1,2,3,4I Panhellenic Council 43 Reader's Circle 13 SAL 33 Wasmann 3,4, YR's 1,2. SCHLACKS, JANE THERESE Berwyn, Illinois History Historical Society 4. SCHLECHTER, JANET ADRIENNE Chicago, Illinois Biology SCHLESINGER, GARY LEE Evanston, Illinois Sociology Historical Society 13 Human Relations Club 33 Loyola News 13 Tau Delta Phi 1,2,3,43 YD's 2. SCHREIBER, RON RAY Pecatonica, llllnols Biology Delta Sigma Phi 2,3,4, Vice-President 43 SAL 4. 372 SCHROEDER, WILLIAM ROBERT Chicago, Illinois Political Science Arts Council 43 Human Relations Club 3, Vice-President 33 Senior Class Pres.3 YD's 1.2.4. SCHUH, DANIEL ROBERT Chicago, Illinois Psychology American Chemical Society 1. SCHWEGEL, BARBARA BECKER Chicago, Illinois Nursing Alpha Tau Delta 2,3,4Q SAL 3. SCHWEITZER, GLENN STEVEN Elmhurst, lllinois Dentistry Glee Club 1,2Q Psi Omega 1,2,3,43 St. Apol- Ionia Guild 1,2,3,4. SCHWIND, CAROLYNN LOUISE Morton Grove, Illinois Nursing Cheerleading 13 Kappa Beta Gamma 2,3,4, Historian 3, Treasurer 43 Variety Show 1,2, 3,4. SCULLY, DAVID F., JR. Des Plaines, llllnois Psychology Arts Council 4, Vice-President Senior Class 43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4, Vice-President 33 Tri-Council 4, Treasurer 4. SEAGROVES, MICHAEL ANTHONY Glenview, Illinois History Knights of Columbus 2,3,4, Recording Sec- retary 2. SEELY, JULIANNE MARY Glen Ellyn, lllinols Education Coed Club 43 SNEA 4. SHARKEY, ROBERT JOSEPH Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Bowling 23 Cross Country 13 Math Club 3,43 SAL 1,2. SIMONS, KENNETH MCCORMICK Chicago, llllnols Medlclne SINCERE, FRANCIS CHARLES Chicago, Illinois Philosophy De Chardin Society 2,32 Gonzaga Hall Treas- urer 13 Loyola Men 1,22 YR's 1,2,3,4. SISLO, JAMES WILLIAM Superior, Wisconsin Dentistry Psi Omega 1,2,3,4, Senator 2,3,4. SLABY, SHIRLEY ANN Chicago, Illinois Psychology Historical Society 23 Psychology Club 2,42 Riding Club 2. SLIWA, WAYNE ANTHONY Chicago, lllinols Psychology Phi Sigma Tau 3,41 Psychology Club 3,4. SMAS, MITCHELL JAMES Chicago, illinois Chemistry American Chemical Society 1,2,3,4. SMITH, LEON DELAND Chicago, Illinois Latin Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,3,4, Quaestor 13 Honors Council 3,43 Phi Kappa Theta 1,2,3,4, IFC Delegate 13 Phl Sigma Tau 3,4. SMITH, RICHARD FRANK Chicago, Illinois Management Historical Society 13 SAL 23 Sigma Delta Phi 43 Wasmann 13 YD's 2. SMORON, NOEL CAROL Chicago, Illinois Nursing Circumference 3,41 Curtain Guild 1,23 Debate Club 1,2,3,4, Archivist 33 Delta Sigma Rho 43 Lodorians 1,23 Loyola News 23 Loyolan 4, Index 8. identifications Editor 43 Sigma Theta Tau 3,41 UIL 2,33 Variety Show 1,2. SOBIESKI, JOHN LEONARD Chicago, Illinois Political Science Debate Society 3,43 Delta Sigma Rho 3,41 Honors Council 3,43 Phl Sigma Tau 3,4. SOHM, RICHARD WILLIAM Chicago, Illinois Political Science Gold Torch 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Pres. 43 Rangers 2,3,4, SOLTYKOWSKI, ROBERT EUGENE Chicago, illinois History Historical Society 1,2,33 Psychology Club 13 YD's 33 YR's 2. SORICH, JOAN FRANCES Chicago, Illinois Spanish Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,4, Secretary 43 Coed Club 2,31 Modern Language Club 1,23 SNEA 43 D's 3. SOUYOUL, RICHARD THOMAS Chicago, Illinois Economics-Finance Economics Finance Society 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 43 Gold Torch 1,2,3,4. SPENGLER, BRUCE LAWRENCE Chicago, Illinois History Alpha Sigma Nu 3,41 College Bowl Panel 33 Epsilon Phi Rho 1,23 Historical Society 1,3,43 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. SPINA, NICHOLAS MICHAEL Melrose Park, Illinois Sociology Historical Society 23 Human Relations Club 43 Knights of Columbus 1,2,3,4. STADLER, ROBERTA LOUISE Chicago, Illinois Coed Club 1,23 Epsilon Pi Rho 13 Historical Society 13 Loyola News 2. English STALL, WILLIAM THOMAS Chicago, Illinois Biology STANTON, NADINE Chicago, Illinois Education SNEA 4. STARKS, ROBERT TERRY Chicago, Illinois Political Sience Historical Society 3,43 Human Relations Club 2,3,43 YD's 2,3,4, 373 STATION, CLARET MARY Chicago, Illinois English STEARNS, CHARLES RADFORD Chicago, Illinois Dentistry Psi Omega 1,2,3,4, Pledgemaster 3. STEFANCIC, MICHAEL FLORIAN Chicago, illinois Biology Dorm Council 13 Phi Sigma Tau 3,43 SAL 1,2,3,43 Variety Show 1,32 Wasmann 1. STEIN, SANDRA JOAN Chicago, Illinois Education Phi Sigma Tau 3,43 SNEA 4. STILWAGEN, MARY MARGARET Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Coed Club 3,42 Math Club 3,43 Phi Mu 3,4, Standards Chairman 43 SAL 4. STRECK, LUDWIG AUGUSTINE Cicero, lllinols Finance Alpha Kappa Psi 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Treasurer 33 Alpha Sigma Nu 3,41 Beta Gam- ma Sigma 3,4, President 3,41 Blue Key 3,4, Treasurer 3,43 Business Council 2,3,4, Presi- dent 43 Econ-Finance Society 3,43 Senior Class President3 Junior Class Vice-President3 UAB 3. STROM, JAMES JOHN Chicago, Illinois Philosophy Honors Council 3,42 Loyola News 2,3,4Q Phl Sigma Tau 3,4, President 4. SULLIVAN, EDWARD J. Chicago, Illinois Sociology Human Relations Club 1. SULLIVAN, SUZANNE MARIE Chicago, Illinois Nursing Alpha Tau Delta 3,4, Rush Chairman 43 Nurs- ing Class Vlce-President 1,23 SAB 43 Variety Show Treasurer 23 YD's 2. SWANSON, BARBARA JANE Chicago, Illinois Nursing Stebler Hall Judiciary Board 1. SWEENEY, PATRICK JOHN Bloomington, Illinois Biology Historical Society 15 Wasmann 1. SWICK, MYRA AGNES Park Ridge, Illinois Accounting Accounting Club 2,3,45 Beta Alpha Psi 3,45 Secretary 45 Beta Gamma Sigma 3,45 Business Coed Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Circumfer- ence 4. SYKSTUS, JOAN THERESA Chicago, Illinois Sociology Circumference 45 Human Relations Club 4, Recording Secretary 45 Marketing Club 4, Board Secretary 45 Modern Lang. Club 4, Treasurer 45 SNEA 4. SZYMCZYK, THOMAS VINCENT Chicago, Illinois Political Science SZYMONIUK, STEFAN B. Niles, llllnols English TALSO, JENNIFER FRANCES Chicago, Illinois Blology SAB 45 Stebler Hall Vice-President5 Variety Show 35 Women's Interhall Council 2. TEDROWE, JUSTIN JOSEPH Midlothian, Illinois Political Science Student Senate 4. THEGZE, MARY KATHRYN Hammond, Indiana Nursing Alpha Tau Delta 2,3,4, President 45 Cham- berlain Hall Executive Board 1,2, Secretary 1, Treasurer 25 Circumference 3,45 Junior Class President 35 Nursing Council Vice- President 35 Variety Show 2,3,45 Women's Interhall Council 1,2, Treasurer 25 Panhel- lenic Council 45 Sigma Theta Tau 3,4. THEIS, WILLIAM H. Morton Grove, Illinois Engllsh Alpha Sigma Nu 3,45 Blue Key 3,45 Debate Society 1,2,3,4, President 3,45 Delta Sigma Rho 3,45 Epsilon Pi Rho 1,2,45 Loyola News 2,3,45 Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4. THOMASON, CHARLES WILLIAM, JR. Chicago, Illinois Hlstory Arts Council 2.4, Vice-President5 Historical Society 1,3,4, President 15 SNEA 4. THORNTON, JAMES FRANCIS Chicago, Illinois Mathematics TIMMONS, MICHAEL JOSEPH Evergreen Park, Illinois Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,45 SAL 3,45 YR's 3,45 Wasmann 1,2,3,4. TISCHLER, CHRISTINE Chicago, llllnols Marketing Beta Gamma Sigma 3,45 Business Coed Club 1,2,3,45 Marketing Club 2,3,4, Sec. 45 Ski Club 3,4. TOMASZKIEWICZ, CECILIA ANN Cicero, Illinois Political Science President of Delaware Hall 45 Epsilon Pi Rho Treasurer 15 Women's Interhall Coun- cil 4. 374 TORNABENE, MARY LOUISE Aurora, llllnols Psychology Psychology Club 4. TRINEI, SYLVIA LOUISE Chicago, Illinois Psychology TRISCHMANN, EDWARD WALTER, JR. Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Loyolan 1,2,3,4, Layout Editor 1, Co-Editor- in-Chiet 2, Assistant Editor 3,45 Math Club 2,3,45 Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4. TUFO, ROBERT PETER Chicago, Illinois Medicine Class Treasurer 3. TUNNEY, ANNE THERESE Chicago, Illinols Education Coed Club 25 SNEA 3,45 YD's 3. UECKER, ERWIN ALBERT Chicago, llllnols Philosophy Historical Socviety 35 Phi Sigma Tau 4. UNGARI, MICHAEL ALBERT Chicago, lllinols Political Science Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Variety Show 3. URBANCIK. GERALD WALTER North Riverside, lllinols Psychology Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3,4, Rec. Sec. 1, Exec. Sec. 25 Epsilon Pi Rho 1,25 Psych lub 4. UTINANS, ANITA Chicago, Illlnols Sociology VALAITIS, PAULA JEAN Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Circumference 45 Coed Club 3,45 Kappa Beta Gamma 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Pres. 45 Loyola News 45 Math Club 3,45 Panhellenic Council 45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 YD's 1. VALAITIS, THERESA BIRUTE Chicago, Illinois Education CALM 35 Coed Club 3,45 SNEA 4. VELEZ, IDA MERCEDES Chicago, Illinois Sociology Human Relations Club 3,45 Kappa Beta Gam- ma 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Sec. 45 SAL 2,3,4, Assistant Chairman 3. VITTOFIE, KATHLEEN R. Chicago, Illinois Education SNEA 3. VOLBERDING, LORIN ELROY Chicago, lllinois Biology Knights of Columbus 2,3,4. VOLK, EDWARD L. Hanna, Indiana Engllsh Historical Society 15 German Club 45 Phi Sigma Tau 3,4. VON PRITSCHYNS, DETLEV HEINZ Chicago, Illinois Political Science Alpha Delta Gamma 1,2,3,45 Arts Council 2, Sophomore Class President5 Blue Key 3,45 Loyola News 1,2,3,4, Editor-in-Chief 4, LSC News Editor 3, Business Manager 35 SAB 2,3. WADE, WILLIAM MICHAEL Chicago, lllinois English WALSH, EDWARD FRANCIS Chicago, Illinois Personnel Management Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4, Secy. 45 SAL 3,45 SAM 3,45 Tri Council 4. WALZ, JUANITA ANNE Elmhurst, Illinois English WARDEN, CHRISTINE ANNETTE Chicago, llllnols Sociology Coed Club 15 Curtain Guild 35 History Club 15 Horsebackriding Club 25 Human Relations 2,4. WEBB, JOHN F., JR. Worth, Illinois Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta 1,2,3,4, Tyler 35 Dental School Chorus 1,2. WEGE, JANET FRANCES Chicago, lllinois Nursing Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,45 Judiciary Board 45 Ski Club 1,2,4. WEINMAN, DANIEL JOSEPH Niles, Illinois Political Science Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 UIL 3,4, Treas. 4. WELTIN, RICHARD JOSEPH Chicago, Illinois Psychology SAL 1,2,35 Variety Show 3. WHITE, GERALD JOSEPH Chicago, Illinois Personnel Management University College Club 3. WIET, RICHARD JAMES Niles, Illinois Biology WaSl'TlaI1I'1 1,2. WILLIAMS, LOUISE CHRISTINE Chicago, Illinois Chemistry American Chemical Society 2,3,4. WILNER, NEIL STUART Chicago, illinois Dentistry Alpha Omega 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 IFC 45 Kronfeld-Sicher Research Organ. 25 SADA 1,2,3,45 St. Apollonia Guild 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 4. WINKLEBLECK, JEFFREY C. Chicago, Illinols Mathematics Math Club 2,3,45 Ski Club 1,2,3,4,5, Treas. 3,4,55 Water Polo Team 2,3,4. WISNIESKI, LOUISE CATHERINE Elmwood Park, lllinois Personnel Management Business Administration Coed Club 1,2,3,4, Treas. 2,35 Coed Club 25 Economics-Finance Society 2,3,4, Secy.-Treas. 3,45 Marketing Club 2,3,4, Secy. 35 SAM 3. WITTEMAN, GEORGE JOHN Chicago, Illinois Biology Arts Council 45 Class Senate 45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Track Team 1,2,3,4. WITTENBRINK, MARGARET MARY Chicago, illinois Psychology 375 WOJCIK, MADELINE SOPHIE Norridge, Illinois Nursing WOJCIK, TERESA HELEN Chicago, Illinois Accounting Business Coed Club 1,2,3,45 Business Council 2,3,45 Coed Club 1,2,3,4, Secy. 2,35 Panhel- lenic Council 3,4, Secy. 35 Phi Mu 2,3,4, Pan- hellenic Delegate 3,45 SAL 2,3,45 Ski Club 3,45 Variety Show 2,3. WOZNIAK, KENNETH EDWARD Chicago, Illinois Biology SAL 1,2,3,4, Exec. Board 3,45 Tau Delta Phi 1,2,3,45 Pledge Board 3,45 Variety Show 1.2, 3,45 Wasmann 1. YERKES, ANTHONY JOSEPH Chicago, Illinois Nursing Loyolan 45 SAL 25 UIL 2,3,45 White Cap Staff 4. YOUNG, MARY JANE Evergreen Park, Illinois Education SAL 35 SNEA 3,45 Theta Phi Alpha 1,2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 3. ZAWILINSKI, BERNADETTE A. Chicago, llllnois Flnance Beta Gamma Sigma 3,4, Vice-President 45 Business Coed Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 35 Circumference 45 Econ-Finance Society 3,45 Marketing Club 3,4, ZAWISLAK, EMILY MARY Chicago, Illinois Spanish Modern Language Club 1. ZIELINSKI, RONALD JOHN Chicago, Illinois English Scabbard and Blade Society 3,4, Sec. 4. ZOPP, GERALD MARTIN Niles, llllnols Polltlcal Science Drill Team 1,25 Gold Torch 1,2,3,45 ROTC Rangers 2,3,4, Commander 45 Scabbard and Blade 3.4. ZWOLFER, KARL MICHAEL Chicago, Illinois Management SAM 3,4, Vice-President 4. Abegg, Frlar Vlctor, O.F.M. 206, 243, 249, 291, 360 Abel, Dr. D. Herbert 265 Abene, Bob 246, 285, 291, 360 Abhalter, Bob 216 Abromaitis, Ed 223 Accorsi, Catherlne 330 Adamczyk, Rlchard 220, 252, 270, 272 Adamltis, Donald 244 Adams, Albert 343 Adamson, Wayne 348, 360 Adent, Judlth 291 Adolphson, Jeanette 253 Agrella, Raymond 357 Akers, Paul 73, 291, 360 Alblnl, Alvo 184 Alesslo, James 279 Alexander, George 337 Allen, Barb 227 Allen, Mary 231 Altschul, Sheldon 246, 348 Alvlno, Sylvla 258, 274 Amar, Yvonne 136. 137, 247, 248, 249, 250, 274. 291, 360 Amberg, Mrs, Thomas 170 Anderson, Angela 253 Anderson, John 234, 282 Anderson, Randoll 174 Andrushka, Nadia 253 Andrzelewskl, Harley 226 Anglum, Essle 253 Angsten, Henry 174 Annes, Carol 249, 291, 360 Antas, Clndee 260 Anzelmo, Anthony 257 Appelgren, Roy 239, 349, 360 Armour, Mrs. Thomas 170 Armstrong, Cheryl 291 Armstrong, Walker 234 Arnold, Dr. Lloyd 198 Arnold, Gen. Willlam 174 Arnold, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Arnow, Mlchael 244 Arreguln, Marle 253 Arroyo, Erlc 225 Ashenden, James 174 Atklnson, Joseph 130 Aubrey, Gayle 253 Aurello, Tony 234 Baccl, Alexander 174 Baccl, Renato 220 Bach, Jlnnl 132, 330, 360 Bachmann, Arlene 291 Baler, John 275 Balley, Peter 360 Bailey, Samuel 174 Baker, Dennls 343 Baker, George 174 Baker, Irene 285 Bakes, Phlllp 243 Balanch, Wayne 291, 360 Balasa, Frank 174 Baltrum, Robert 322, 360 Bane, Mrs. Charles 170 Banlch, Terence 224, 243 Barber, Robert 337 Barnes, Dan 142, 206, 246, 249, 250, 276, 291, 360, 388 Baron, Judy 132, 287 Baron, Ron 239 Barr, Wllllam 174 Barreller, Edward 349 Barrett, Danlel 226 Barrett, Paul 145, 388 Barry, Charles 277 Barry, James 174 Barry, Mlchael 322 Barsano, Chuck 222, 286 Barth, Patrlcla 292, 360 Bartnlczak, Stan 217 Bates, Elalne 284 Battaglle, Vlncent 292, 360 Battlato, Luclen 357, 360.. Battlste, Janet 251, 274 Baukert, Barbara 292, 360 Baumann. Katle 227 Baumhart, Rev. Raymond 167 Bawden, Ralph 133, 223, 252, 277 Bazlotes, Nlcholas 360 Beadle, Blll 262 Beaulieu, Jack 249, 292, 360 Beauregard, Charles 174 Bednarz, Bonnle 145, 388 Beed, Beverly 261, 330 Beehner, Mlchael 130, 133, 223, 246, 292, 360 Behen, Ed 279 Benak, Frank 246, 249, 250 Benlgno, Karen 292, 360 Bennan, Edward 174 Bennett, John 249 Benny, Robert 349 Benslnger, Mrs. Edward 170 Berardl, Ronald 343 Bereznak, Betty 40, 130, 231, 247 Berg, James 343, 360 Bergen, Harold 292, 360 Bernauer, John 174 Berner, Mrs. Robert 170 Bernl, Dave 239 Berrlgen, Mr. Clayton 184 Berthold, Mlchael 341, 380 Bessette, Paul 249 Betchel, Tlm 235 Bette, Marlanne 132 Beutel, Ernest 243, 249, 292, 360 Blanco, Phlllp 256 Blddle, Mrs. Arthur 170 Bidwlll, Hon. Arthur 174 Blel, Chester 174 Blerl, Rev. John 166 Blestek, Rev. Fellx 166 Blga, Barbara 293, 360 Blgonglarl, Mary 132, 247, 330, 360 Bllak, Joseph 322 ' Blld, Geollrey 349 Blnottl, Davld 239, 349 Binslield, James 292 Blrd, George 293, 360 Blrd, Rlchard 360 Blreley, Mrs. John 170 Blskup, Nancy 292, 361 Blssell, Mr. Cushman 168, 174, 176 Bissell, Mrs. Cushman 170 Bistrlcky, Kenneth 343 Blveley, John 174 Blwer, Paul 143, 388 Black, Jerry 130, 246, 246, 263 Blake, Geraldyne 292 Blake, Therese 292 Blakely, Paul 217, 264 Blaney, Tonl 231, 292, 361 Blanton, Mr. Harry 187 Blascovich, Jlm 223 Blazewlcz, Constance 293 Block, John 246, 349, 361 Block, Sanford 233, 282 Blumenthal, Jo Carol 227 Bock, Paul 349 Bockel, Robert 343 Boedeker, Judy 330 Boettger, Shlrley 253 Bogan, James 243, 249, 361 Bogardus, Mrs. John 170 Bogert, George 174 Bohan, Jlm 266 Bohlman, Dennls 293, 361 Bohn, Barbara 330, 361 Bolkan, Ida 253 Boland, Edmund. 357 Bolln, Frank 249, 275, 293 Bolser, Brother Charles, C.S.V. 259, 293 Bonilacic, Frank 357 Boodell, Thomas 174 Borowskl, James 252 Bogygenko, Lucy 145, 273, 293, 361 8 Bouscaren, Mrs. Louls 170 Boutrous, James 343 Bowe, Mrs. Augustlne 170 Bowe, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Bowers, Kathleen 293 Boyd, Vlrgll 35, 174, 208 Boyer, John 243 Boyle, John 235 Boysen, Mrs. Harry 170 Braband, Leonard 174 Braceglrdle, Darlene 253 Bradley, Bernard 220 Bradle Brand, y, Susan 330 Mlke 216 Brands, Rena 253 Brasky, Ted 234 Brauer, Mrs. Jerald 170 Braun, Ruth 293, 361 Bredemann, Davld 256, 322, 361 Breen, Mlchael, 249, 293 Breler, Thomas 243, 245, 272 Breltenbach, John 293, 361 Bremn Bremn er, Mr. A. 171,174 er, Mrs. John 170 Brennan, Bob 216 Brennan, James 174 Brennan, Jerry 223 Brennan, John 45 Breslln, Carol 40, 289 Bresnahan, Gerald 343 Brlce, James 174 Brlnkman, Ruth Ann 253 Brlzlch, Adrlenne 260 Broadwell, Lucllle 253 Broderlck, Blll 223 Brody, Allen 233 Bronars, Judlth 293, 361 Brophy, Jack 223, 277, 289 Brophy, James 130, 223, 289 Brown, Dlane 247, 253, 330, 361 Brown, James 350 Brown, John 341, 361 Brown, Lazzerow 341, 361 Brown, Mlchael 270, 277 Brown, Paula 261 Brown, Dr. Terrence 273 Brown, Terry 273 Brunkard, Pat 257 Brusca, Peter 344 Bruun, Mr. John 171 Bruzzlnl, Danlel 234, 280 Brzoza, Donetta 273, 294, 361 Bubness, Mary Ann 231, 247, 330, 361 Buchta, Rlchard 344, 361 Buczkowskl, Len 226, 294 Budd, Mrs. Britton 170 Budlll, Mary Jo. 229, 330, 361, 388 Budzlsz, Elalne 229 Buhl, Rlchard 361 Bukowskl, Mary Ann 229 Bullat, Suzanne 330 Burdlck, Mrs. John 170 Burger, Joe 218 Burgln, John 344 Burke, Burke, Burke Elaine 231 James 294 Mrs. James 170 Burke, John 294, 361 Burke, Kathleen 139, 229, 250 Burke, Roseanne 337 Burke, Thomas 174 Burke, Mrs. Thomas 170 Burke, Wllllam 174 Burlage, Rev. Carl, S.J. 206 Burns, Kathleen 251 Burny, C. J. 174 Burny, Robert 174 Buscaglla, Rlchard 226 Busceml, Judlth 260, 267 Buschbacher, Mlchael 220, 246, 322, 361 Busscher, Warren 246, 250, 275, 294. 361 Butler, Veronlca 145, 206, 249, 294, 361 Buttltta, Jerry 268 Byrd, Dlck 222 Byrne, 376 Kathleen 40, 294, 361 Byrne, Mlchael 277, 361 Byrne, Mrs. Thomas 170 Byrnes, John 174 Byrnes, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Cabln, Nlck 239 Cacloppo, John 225 Cacloppo, Phlllp 344, 361 Cade, Fr. John 237 Caestaoker, Mrs. Jullen 170 Cahlll, Mavourneen 145, 330, 361, 388 Cahlll,Wllllam 174 Calderon, Joseph 174 Caldwell, Wllllam 246, 357 Callbraaro, Domlnlc 140, 216, 250 Callstro, Ralph 285 Callahan, Dan 216 Callahan, Frank 174 Callahan, Dr. James 168, 174 Callahan, Mrs. James 168 Callahan, Peter 357 Callahan, Rlchard 350 Caltaglrone, Lawrence 220 Calvello, Patrlcla 344, 361 Campagna, Phlllp 294 Campbell, Kent 174 Campbell, Matthew 239, 280 Campbell, Rlchard 239, 350 Candloto, Glnny 284 Cangelosl, Peter 244, 256, 269, 274, 281, 323, 361 Cannlng, Agnes 261, 279 Cannlng, Mr. 8 Mrs. Eugene 179 Cannlng, Llla 294 Cannlzzaro, Phll 239, 280 Cannon, Mrs. Charles 170 Capplello, Joseph 350 Caprlottl, Laurence 294, 361 Caraba, Rlch 239 Carey, Jlm 216 Carey, Thomas 174 Carlen, Raymond 174 Carllsle, Eugene 344 Carlson, A. R. 174 Carlson, Jett 225 Carney, Wllllam 243 Carney, Mr. Wllllam 168, 174 Carney, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Carr, Hugh 219 Carroll, Bernlce 253 Carroll, Mary 145, 247, 249, 250, 294, 361. 388 Carroll, Peggy 267 Carroll, Ronald 350 Carter, Robert 350 Casaman, Dave 226 Casey, Mrs. John 170 Casper, Cheryl 262 Cassaretto, Dr. Frank 257 Cassldy, Tom 221 Cassln, Mrs. John 170 Caster, Mark 243 Catalano, Kathy 260 Catanla, Dr. Francls 199 Catelll, Norman 323, 361 Catullo, Pat 239 Cavanagh, Mrs. Joseph 170 Cavanagh, Thomas 174 Cavedo, Norman 174 Cecll, Karen 284 Cecllla, Slster Mlrlam 333, 369 Cermak, Bob 216 Chalkousky, Larysa 361 Chalton, Mrs. Henry 170 Chamberlain, Ellen 40, 231 Chamberlaln, Mrs. Henry 170 Chamberlain, John 174 Champagne, Maurlce 388 Chatlos, Chrlstlne 141, 250 Chatton, Tlmothy 350 Chavln, Paul 294, 361 Chlanelll, Charles 218, 323, 362 Chlcatelll, Paul 283, 344, 362 Chmura, Mlke 256 Chodkowskl, Donald 323 Chodorowskl, Joe 222 Cholewa, Judlth 247 Chonls, Chrlstlne 362 Chorba, Tom 257 Chwlerut, Marcla 247, 279, 284, 294. 362 Cleplak, Kathy 229, 247, 249, 294, 362 Clesla, Mltchell 218 Clmlno, Francls 144, 223, 246, 279, 388 Clombor, Roderlck 295, 362 Clancy, John 350 Clark, Byron 270 Clark, H. Grant 174 Clark, Sharon 229 Clarke, Mr. Charles 168, 174 Clarke, Mrs. Charles 170 Clarke, Edrls 330 Clarke, Mrs. John 170 Clarkson, Mlss Rlte 137 Clausl, Enrlco 270 Clohesy, Wllllam 140, 246.249, 250, 275 Close, James 174 Close, Mlchael 226 Coachman, Renette 261 Coaker, John 174 Coarl, Jlm 272 Cochran, Davld 246 Cochran, Rlchard 357 Cogan, Larry 235 Cogllanese, James 234, 246 Colby, Donald 220 Cole, Dean 350 Cole, Robert 174 Coleman, Barbara 253 Colllns, James 246 Colllns, Kevln 279 Colllns, Mary 295 Colnon, John 174 Comlskey, Charles 174 Comstock, Harry 174 Cone, Mrs. Falrfax 170 Coniglio, Kathy 227 Conley, Dr. Raymond 171 Conlon, Dennls 362 Connelly, Mr. John 195 Connelly, Tlmothy 35, 174 Connelly, Mr. Tlmothy 171 Connelly, Mrs. Tlmothy 170 Conner, Cheryl 295, 362 Connery, Mrs. John 170 Connery, Pat 247, 249, 260, 267, 276, 295. 362 Conlll, Kathleen 295, 362 Conolly, Coleman 357 Connolly, Patrlcla 362 Conroyd, Mr. W. Danlel 165. 167, 174 Consldine, Frank 174 Conaldlne, Thomas 174 Coogan, Mrs. Thomas 170 Cook, George 249, 295, 362 Cook, Mary 253 Cook, Ronald 234, 350 Cooke. Mrs. Thomas 170 Cooley, Dennls 256 Cooper, Sharon 228 Coopmans, Shlrley 330 Copek, Peter 249, 250, 295, 362 Corbett, Mrs. James 170 Corboy, Shella 230, 247, 249, 273, 295. 362 Corby, Francls 174 Corcoran, Marlon 253 Corcoran, Mary 284 Cordell, Joseph 174 Cordes, Mr. Phlllp 171, 174 Corrigan, Kathy 206 Corte, S. Charles 174 Coston, James 177 Coulas, Cathleen 295 Coulollas, Alklvlathls 295, 362 Cox, James 167, 207 Coyle, A. Barbara 253 Creedon, Hugh 237 Crelghton, Harry 174 Cremln, Wllllam 174 Cremln, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Crlmmlns, Jerry 221, 295, 362 Crinlon, John 257. 295, 362 Crlppen, Phlllp 174 Cronin, Robert 246 Cross, Bernard 350 Cross, Louls 174 Crotty, Mlchael 263 Crowder, Donald 174 Crowley, Patrick 174 Crowley, Mrs. Patrlck 170 Cudahy, Mrs. Edward 170 Cudahy, Mlchael 174 Culen, Elaine 134 Cullen, Bernard 388 Cullen, James 174 Culllnan, Mary Jane 253 Cummings, Hon. Walter 168, 174 Cummings, Mr. Walter 166, 174 Cummings, Mrs. Walter 170 Cummlns, Blll 263 Cuneo, Mrs. John 170 Cuslck, A. J. 174 Cwlkllnskl, Chrlstlne 132, 330 Czernlak, Robert 218 Dahm, Dlane 287 Daley, Mrs. Richard 170 Daly, Ramond 35 D'Ambroslo, Domlnlck 249 Damko, John 337 D'Andrea, Mary 260 Danza, Sal 220, 362 Davldson, Bernadette 253 Davis, Glenn 222 Dawson, Dr. Paul 35 Dean, Mr. Thomas 168, 174 Dean, Mrs. Thomas 170 Debord, Vlola 253 deBults, Mr. John 168 DeCaluwe, Stephanie 251 DeCarlo, Dee 231, 258 Dee, Kathleen 249 Deenlhan, Mary 295 Degnan, James 174 DeGryse, Charles 174 DeGryse, Ruby 249, 295 DeJohn, James 249, 295 Deksnys, Romaulda 262 Delaney, Mrs. James 170 Delaney, Phlllp 174 Del Campo, Joe 217 Del Greco, Robert 249. 295, 362 De Luga, Vincent 269 Demllllano, Maryann 331, 362 DeMonte, Tony 219 Deneen, Mary 253 Dengler, Dleter 98 De Nlcolo, Blll 221 Denkewalter, Klm 131, 270 Dennls, Ellen 228 Denys, Martln 249, 261, 296 DeOrl0, Anthony 226, 243, 246. 249 296. 362 DePauw, Phll 219 Derby, Norman 275, 296 DeRose, Loule 226 DeRosla, Sue 388 Desch, Rose 253 deSmet, Mrs. Louls 170 D'Esposlto, Puddy 231 DeVault, Rev. Joseph 166 Devlne, Wllllam 174 Devlln, Wllllam 234, 246, 350, 362 De Vrles, Gerald 249 DeWoll, A. J. 174 DeZur, Tom 225 DiCarlo, Carlo 268 Dlcello, Angelo 174 Dlchelman, Mr. 8 Mrs. Carl 179 Dicklnson, Ceclly 258, 296, 362 Dleter, Lynn 229 Dlttendal, Joseph 174 Dlgate, Len 222 Dl Glrolano, Bob 223 Dllorlo, Leonard 244, 245, 256, 281, 323, 362 DI Lallo, Carole 132 Di Leonardo, Barbara 249, 296 Dillon, Rev. John 181 Dlllon, Terrence 174 Dillon, Mrs. Terrance 170 Dlvane, Wllllam 174 Dmukauskas, Slmon 296 Dobrocki, Nancy 260 Doherty, Elizabeth 331, 362 Dolan, Thomas 130, 223 Dolatowskl, Wllllam 217 Dolezal, Victoria 249, 296, 362 Dollgala, Dennls 296, 362 Doll, Barbara 253 Dollard, Rev. Stewart 166 Domlniec, Bob 225 Domke, John 218 Domagalskl, Ray 285 Donahue, Jack 134, 246, 362 Donlon, Laurle 331, 363 Donnelly, James 174 Donovan, Patrlcla 296, 362 Dooley, Ceclle 274 Dooley, Dale 296 Dooley, Mr. James 168, 174 Dooley, Joe 225 Dooley, Wllllam 174 Dooley, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Doroshenko, Ludmyla 296, 363 Dorschel, Mr. Querln 168, 174 Dorschel, Mrs. Querln 35, 170 Dougherty, J. D. 174 Dougherty, Mary 284 Dove, John 296 Dowdle, James 218 Doyle, Bernard 222, 267 Doyle, Leo 174 Doyle, Timothy 174 Drake, Bonnle 363 Drake, Mrs. Harry 170 Drake, Draus Mrs. Lyman 170 Gilbert 323. 363 Dreher, Noelle 229 Drennan, Wllllam 174 Dresen, Diana 229, 331 Drew, Theresa 261 Dring, Gall 331, 363 Drlscoll, George 174 Drum, Ed 235 Dryden, Mary 230, 273 Drymalski, Hon. Raymond 174 Dully, Chuck 216 Dufly, Thomas 174 Dulln, Rev. John 216, 243 Dunne, Mr. Edward 170, 174 Dunne, Mrs. R. Jerome 170 Durkln, Allce 253 Durkln, Jim 217, 244, 246, 296 Durkln, Walter 243 Durlak, Joe 144, 206, 249, 276, 296, 363. 388 Durslag, Dan 233 Dwyer, Barney 277 Dyba, Mr. Thomas 180 Dzledzlna. Dlana 258, 272, 279, 281, 323, 363 Dzlk, MaryAnn 253 Eastman, Mary 231 Economou, Richard 351 Edgeworth, Bob 289, 297, 363 Egan, James 174 Egan, Joe 221 Egan, Wllllam 344, 363 Elchinger, Donna 144, 250, 297, 363, 388 Elchner, R. J. 174 Eldenmuller, Gerald 246 Elwald, Mrs. Paul 170 Emanuele, Nlck 35, 206, 243, 246, 249. 250, 297 Emiley, Steve 216 Emmett, Paul 249, 297, 363 Engert, Llz 229 Erlck, Brother Pascal, C.F.A. 244 245, 256 Ericson, Carol 337 Ernst, Martha 297, 363 Ertman, Richard 272, 323, 363 Erxleben, Edward 141, 250 Espinosa, John 344 Estabrook, Mrs. John 170 Estey, Archle 239 Etten, Miss Marlon 171 Etten, Nicholas 243, 246 Eulenberg, Alexander 174, 176 Evans, John, Sr. 174 Faclo, Fldel 269 Fahey, Mrs. John 170 Falkels, Mary 297 Fallon, David 174 Falvey, Patrlck 246, 351 Fang, Slmon 341 Farrell, Fran 260 Farwell, Mrs. John 170 Fasano, Ross 216 Faust, Lee 262 Fedlnlak, Mlke 279 Fegan, John 73, 216, 297, 363 Feldman, Larry 233 Feltman, Danlel 281 Fernbach, Ronald 351 Ferraro, Judith 297, 363 Feulner, Edwln 174 Fiedler, Edward 174 Fledler, Mrs. George 170 Fllas, Rev. Francls 205 Flnley, Morgan 174 Flnn, Mark 351 Flnnegan, Jlm 226 Flore, Al 226, 246 Flrllt, Sharon 253 Fish, Juliana 253 Fitch, Nina 249, 297, 363 Fitzgerald, George 174 Fltzgerald, Dr. J. Robert 35 Fltzgerald, John 224, 279 Fltzgerald, Joseph 174 Fltzpatrlck, Colleen 363 Flaherty, Mrs. Jerome 170 Flanagan, Mrs. C. Larkln 170 Flanagan, John 174 Flesor, Mlke 219 Fletcher, Connie 139, 250, 388 Fletcher, Robert 243, 246, 250 Fllck, Mrs. Augustine 170 Flynn, Ann 261 Foehr, Frank 239 Foley, John 174 Foley, Mary Ann 253 Foley, Patrlck 246 Foley, Mrs. Robert 170 Fontana. Gall 261 Foody, Mr. Walter 171 Ford, Llz 289 Formell, Arthur 256, 323, 363 Forner, Annamarle 266 Forst, Rlch 262 Forsythe, John 130 Fortler, Jacqueline 253 Foster, Robert 249. 297, 363 Fox, Rev. Robert 285 Foy, John 174 Fraln, Andrew 174 Fraln, Mlchael 174 Frake, Jerry 221 Francescattl, Darlus 297 Francls, John 234 Francona, Carol 285 Frank, Maurice 174 Franke, Robert 272 Fransloll, Paul 275, 297 Franson. Stan 234 Frawley, Stanley 174 Freeburg, Quentin 298, 363 Freund, Mrs. J. Dennls 170 Frey, Joan 229 Iantorno, Maryann 227 Friedman, Herbert 351 Fritz, Fredrlck 324, 363 Froehllch, Nancy 273, 298, 363 Froellch, Cezar 298 Froh, John 351 Fromkes, John 235 Frost, Michael 226 Fuertges, Danlel 234, 351, 363 Fuller, Warren 357 Furda, Greg 216, 246 Furlong, Clalr 176 Furman, Eugene 244 Futterer, Mary Lou 298, 363 Gabel, Arn 298, 363 Gable, J. B. 174 Gabrielle, Sister M. 331 Gadbols, Claude 234 Gaddinl, Ollver 45 Galner, Terry 270 Galewskl, Mlke 226 Galewski, Robert 226 Galias, Alexa 261 Gallagher, Arthur 174 Gallagher, Charles 174 Gallagher, Mrs. Charles 170 Gallagher, Frank 174 Gallagher, lmelda 341 Gallagher, Patrick 257 Gallery, Kathleen 284 Gallery, Admlral Wllllam 174 Galllanl, Bob 239 Galllcchlo, Sal 273 Galligan, James 174 Gallo, Alfred 174 Galo, Mary 253 Galvin, Mrs. Paul 168, 170 Galvln, Robert 177 Galvin, Thomas 174, 236 Gambia, Richard 249, 298,363 Ganey, Mr. Raymond 171 Gangitano, Carl 239 Gapshis, Marty 262 Garcia, Mike 224 Gardner, Davld 344 Gardner, Joseph 298, 363 Garglulo, Anthony 338 Garner, Gene 73 Glazar, Chrls 40, 130, 247 Glesson, Edward 174 Gluck, LTC Donald 196, 252 Glunz, Louis 174 Gober, Bruce 299 Goederl, John 176 Goehl, Robert 246 Goetz, Rita 229 Goglln, Aurel 179, 299, 364 Goglln, Mrs. Aurel 179 Gogola, Sharon 299, 363 Goicoechea, Robert 137, 250, 299, 364 Goldblatt, Mrs. Lynne 170 Halle, Edward 357, 364 Halllgan, Wllllam 174 Halusek, John 256 Halusek, Lawrence 324, 364 Halverson, Sally 300, 364 Hamilton, Steve 73 Hanley, Hanlon, R. Emmett 174 Bernadette 300 Hanlon, Terrence 300 Hannan, Christopher 253 Hannon, Eugene 174 Hannon, Wllllam 344 Hansen Hanson Glenn 222,234 James 338 Golden, Robert 252, 269, 299, 364 Goldrlck, John 174 Golec, Thomas 351 Gombus, Leslie 218 Gonser, Thomas 174 Goodrich, Martha 253 Gorczycam, Elaine 229 Gorman, Paul 299, 364 Gorskl, Marlanne 262 Gotzes, Hubert 174 Govekar, Paul 252, 324 Grabowskl, Ed, 236 Grabowskl, Roger 131, 133, 217, 245, 246, 268 Grace, Helen 253 Grady, Joseph 299 Grafft, Bernard 174 Graham, Mrs. Donald 170 Graham, Mary 231, 299, 364 Graham, Robert 299, 364 Graham, Mrs. Robert 170 Graham, Steve 226 Graham, Vincent 174 Granado, John 222 Grant, Mary 227 , Grassl, Anthony 324 Graves, Raymond 218 Green, Don 272 Green, Richard 344 Gregory, Carol 227 Gregory, Sister M. 331 Grella, Anthony 223, 299 Griffin, James 174 Griffin Leon 261 Grlffln Patrick 344 364 Garritz, John 221 Garvey, Richard 226, 246, 298, 363 Garvy, Wllllam 174 Gast, Paul 298 Gaynor, John 243, 244, 245, 256, 324, 363, Gearen, John 174 Geddo, Frances 253 Gekas, Alexandra 338 Gendron, Nanette 298, 363 Gensler, Alfred 298 Geoffroy, Tom 143, 388 Gerace, James 363 Geraghty, Martin 222, 243, 249, 298 363 Gerbac, Linda 262 Gerber, Jay 174 Gerberl, Mike 223 Gerke, James 324, 364 Gerken, Cathy 227, 247 Gerrletts, Dr. John 193 Gerstenbrand, Konrad 324, 384 Geyer, Donla 331 Gibbons, Mr, Wllllam 171 Gibbs, Greg 73 Glbula, Robert 218 Gllchrlst, Mrs. Malcolm 170 Gllleran, Joan 331, 364 Glllles, Mr. Frederick 168, ,174 Gillies, Mrs. Frederick 170 Glllman, Thomas 234, 280, 282 Glllmore, Mary 229 Gllslnan, James 249, 298, 364 Glnex, Marla 229, 298 Glrsch, Jerome 324 Glunta, Betty 231, 298, 364 Glatz, Carl 218 r Griffin, Thomas 264 Grivettl, John 289 Grodcski, Gail 227, 247, 331, 364 Grogen, J. E. 174 Grohar, Blll 216, 299,364 Grolllg, Rev. Francis 188, 259 Gross, Alfred 243 Grote, George 299, 364 Grover, Mary 249, 364, 386 Gryonka, Glenn 249 Gryzlo, Matthew 234, 280, 282 Grzywna, Adam 279 Guadagno, Thomas 299, 364 Guadagnuolo, Rosemarie 231 Gubblns, Patrick 338 Guetzow, Eugene 220 Guido, James 246 Gullbault, Mrs. Joseph 170 Gunderson, Judy 285 Gunderson, Russell 266 Gutowskl, Walter 252, 324 Guzlec, Frank 257 Guzlel, Edwln 281, 364 Hackert, Valerie 331 Hafer, Mrs. Henry 170 Hafner, Frederlok, C.S.V. 299, 364 Hagan, John 235 Hagedorn, Thomas 351, 364 Hahn, Frank 244, 245, 256, 324, 364 Hahn, Jerry 76 Halder, Mrs. Donald 170 Halduk, Robert 299, 364 Halas, Mr. George 168,174 Haley, Blll 263 Hallberg, Terry 300 Hapaniewski, Ed 134, 246 Haravon, Kathy 231 Harbertson, Lane 234, 351, 364 Harding, Bonita 247 Harhen, Margaret 231 Harper, Rich 73 Harrigan, Michael 249, 300, 364 Harrington, Eileen 132, 247, 331, 36 Harris, J. Ira, Sr. 174 Harrold, Frank 259 Harshbarger, Fran 132 Hart, John 300, 364 Hartigan, Bob 262 Hartman, Charles 300 Hartman, Robert 300 Hartzer, Ronald 239, 351, 365 Harvey, Mary Ann 253 Harwas, Doloras 253 Haser, Harry 174 Hassett, Jlm 236 Hatzell, Marilyn 231, 258, 281 Hauser, Mrs. Emil 170 Heverstock, Tom 234 Hawklns, Mrs. Kenneth 170 Hawkins, Michael 183, 218 Hawkins, Mr. Thomas 165, 167 Hayden, Thomas 324, 365 Hayes, Barbara 253 Hayes, Rev. Donald 166 Hayes, Dr. John 90, 167 Hayes, Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph 179 Hayne, Anthony 226, 300 Haywood, Mrs. Harris 170 Healy, Elleen 300, 365 Healy, Wayne 174 Hedrick, Blll 133, 140, 300, 365 Heffernan, Michael 259 Heldenrlck, Mary 251 Hellman, Sue 258 Heiman, Gerald 239, 351 Heln, Anna 331 Helss, Richard 270, 279 Held, David 277 Heller, James 174, 249 Heller, Dr. Melvin 284 Hellgeth, Bob 285, 300, 365 Hempelman, Stephen 235 Henaghan, Pat 285 Hendren, Carol 249 Hennlngsen, Tom 272, 324, 365 Henry, Marianne 253 Herkel, John 249, 300, 365 Hermes, Thomas 174 Hernandez, Pete 226 Herring, Bob 234 Hesotlan, Sharon 300, 365 Hettlch, Paul 237 Hickey, Mr. Matthew 168, 174 Hickey, Mrs. Matthew 170 Hlcklln, Timothy 219, 252 Higgins, Preston 174 Hlgglns, Susan 249 Hilde, Jack 351 Hildebrand, Marlann 267 Hllden, Vincent 218, 273 Hlllmert,Wllllam 174 Hines, Mr. Charles 168, 174 Hlrschauer, Blll 216 Hlxon, Ray 73, 216 Hoban, Frank 131 Hodur, Robert 239, 351 Hoeffer, Gen. Henry 174 4 Hoehl, Mary 45 Hoffier, Monica 253 Hoffman, Helen 338 Hoffman, Robert 239, 351 Hofherr, John 246, 300, 365 Hogan, Mr. Frank 171 Hogan, Mr. James 171 Hogan, Kathryn 301 Hogan, Wllllam 246 Hokanson, A. H. 174 Holcomb, Janet 253 Holland, Mrs. Charles 170 Hollander, Henry 344 Hollenkamp, Joe 222 Hollenkamp, Robert 301 Holohan, Joyce 331, 365 Holton, Sonja 253 Homor, Emery 356 Hoobchaak, Mary 262, 279 Hopfner, Danlel 252 Horn, James 222 Horvath, James 244, 245, 268, 324, 365 Hosek, Chrls 227, 301, 365 Howald Judith 301 Howe, Dr. Helen 170 Hoy, Matthew 174 Hoy, Mr. Patrick 168, 174 Hoy, Mrs. Patrick 170 Huarlsa, Mr. John 168, 174 Huarlsa, Mrs. John 170 Hubrlch, Lee 283 Hucklenbrolch, Jeannine 229, 260, 268, 274, 284 Hudson, Mr. John 286 Huguenard, Michael, C.S.V. 301, 365 Humphrey, Barry 226 Humphrey, Eugene 174 Hunt, Edmund 246, 250, 299, 365, 388 Hurley, Joan 137 Hurley, John 174 Hurley, Mrs. Nell 170 Hurst, Jim 140, 285 Hutchens, Mrs. Edward 170 Hynek, John 243, 249, 301, 365 Hynes, James 220 Iburg, Blll 206, 243. 249, 301. 365 lgnoffo, Matthew 249, 252, 301, 365 lgoe, James 174 lgoe, Mrs. Michael 170 llklw, Alexandra 344, 365 lngevaldson, Paul 224, 281, 325, 365 lnsull, Mr. Samuel, Jr. 168, 174 lnsull, Mrs. Samuel, Jr. 170 Isbell, Ronald 239, 352 lsham, Mrs. Henry 170 lvanauskas, Lalma 145, 388 lvanlc, Claudette 265, 365 lzydorskl, Clarence 252 lzzett, Rich 287 Jachlnskl, Janice 231 Jacks, Robert 131, 133, 244, 245, 246, 256 Jackson, Catherine 261 Jacobs, Thomas 220 Jacobson, Everett 237 Jacobson, Michael 301, 365 Jaglello, Joseph 130 Jagor, Bruce 174 Jakob, Joan 258, 264 Jakob, John 272 James, Robert 352 Jameson, Allen 302 Janczak, Monica 302 Janlga, Terry 132, 133 Jannlte, Nicholas 256, 325, 365 Janowlck, Jerry 338 Janowsky, Chuck 219 Janulaltls, Vlc 225, 246, 302, 365 Jarchow, Mrs. Chrlstlan 170 Juoc S Kll'll6 Jarmoc, Jarollm, Jenklns, Jenklns Max 134, 246, 272 June 249, 302, 365 Al 345 Lawrence 302 Je rome ,' Barbara 258 Je ro me Marcella 365 Jezulr, Jerome 245, 264 Joebgen, Frank 250, 302, 365 Johns, Karen 132 Johnson, Donald 352 Johnson, Gall 287 Johnson, Howard 174 Johnson, James 302 Johnson, Jeffrey 345 Johnson, Karen 131, 287 Johnson, Nan 247 Johnson, Phll 234 Johnson, Rlch 234 Johnson, Thomas 345 Johnson, W. E. 174 Jollvette, Vince 226 Jones, Anna 338, 365 Jones, LaVerne 261 Jones, Mr. Owen 168, 174 Jones, Mrs. Owen 170 Jordak, Wllllam 365 Jordan, Chrls 137 Jordan, Gerald 174 Jordan, Marcella 132 Jordan, Rlchard as, 136, 137, 243, 246, 249, 250, 265, 302 Jorgensen, Wayne 325 Joyce, Ann 170 Joyce, Edward 243 Joyce, J oanne 302, 365 Joyce, Robert 168, 174 Joyce, Mrs. Robert 170 Jubyna, Stephen 249, 302, 365 Juchclnskl, James 325 Junas, Beverly Mace 231 Al 22 Kefer, Charles 303 Keho Kelle Kelle Kelle e, Joseph 174 r, Katherlne 366 r, Vlrglnla 253 y, Raymond 174 Kellstadl, Charles 168, 174, 177 Kelly, Davld 243 Kelly, Glnny 231, 284 Kelly, Mary 247, 303 Kelly, Peggy 279 Kell Rosaleen 227 247 Yr . Kemmer, Randy 219 Kemofer, Sue 247, 267, 303, 366 Kendzlerskl, Danlel 224 Kendzlor, Dennls 281, 325, 366 Kenlay, Floyd 174 Kennedy, Anne 366 Kennedy Davld 35 Kennedy, Helen 303, 366 Kennedy, Mrs. John 170 Kennedy, Kathleen 247 Kennedy, Margaret 35 Kennedy, Rlchard 246, 303 Kennedy, Mr. 8 Mrs. Rlchard 179 Kennedy, W. McNell 173, 174 Kennedy, John 174 Kenn Kenn y, Edmund 174 y, Roger 288 Kerbs, Rlch 273, 304, 366 Kerner, Mrs. Otto 170 Kerscher, Rlchard 218 Kerwln, Charles 168, 174, 177 Kerwln, Edward 174 Kerwln, Mrs. Edward 170 Kessel, Thomas 220 Klefe r, Joe 277, 289 Klllacky, Kevln 262 Klmmel, Frank 246 Klng, Imogene 253 ry, Gladys 167, 253 Y . 3 Juozevlclus, Jurate 302, 365 Juskevlch, Barbara 247, 251 Kaczala, Allan 302 Kaeppllnger, Marlorle 253 Kaltas, Ray 222 Kalgert, Mary Lou 302 Kallna, Davld 217 Kamal, Blll 223 Kamlnskl, Mltchell 365 Kamykowskl, Danlel 243, 249, 303 Kane, Thomas 174 Kane, Sl ster R.H.S.J. 253 Kanellakes, Theodore 345 Kanla, Kenneth 303, 366 Kanla, Robert 243, 345 Kaplan, Marshall 345, 366 Karden, Steve 233 Karpus, James 249, 303, 368 Kartheiser, Mrs. Frank 170 Kassls, Fred 235 Katerl, Slster Ann, S.S.C.M. 253 Kaufman, Murlel 253 Kaufmann, Peter 237 Kaufmann, Phll 223 Kaup, Jerry 263 Kauth, Pat 132 Kavadas, John 216 Kavanag Kavanag Kawane, h, Dlanne 303, 366 h, Kathleen 303 Donald 352, 366 Kay, Robert 174 Kazlas, Raymond 303 Keane, John 218 Kearney, Joseph 171, 174 Kearney, Mrs. Joseph 170 Keatlng, Arthur 168, 174 Keeler, Katherlne 332 Keeler, Margaret 253 Keeley, Dr. John 171 Keenan, Barbara 303 Keenan, Robert 171 Kenney, Al 262 Klnnare, John 174 Klnney, Kenneth 219, 366 Klpnls, Wllllam 243 Klrchner, John 345 Klrkland, Weymouth 174 Klrkland, Mrs. Weymouth 170 Klrshenbaum, Mlke 233 Klrst, Robert 223, 325, 366 Klskunas, George 243 Klssane, Brian 225 Klamut, Ken 289 Klees, Judy 228, 332, 366 Kleln, Dlane 229 Kleln, Joel 358 Kleln, John 352 Klelnfall, Bernlce 253 Klem, James 366 Kleszynskl, Al 216 Klezlk, Gregory 239 Kllmas, Ronald 252, 304, 366 Kllnger, Lawrence 174 Kllngsporn, Paul 174 Kloba, Kenneth 304, 366 Klocker, Mlchael 304, 386 Klocko, Eileen 260 Klos, Carolyn 249, 304, 366 Klunder, Patrlck 226 Knlpper, John 304, 366 Knoll, Frank 174 Knuth, Thomas 304, 366 Kobel, Llnda 229, 247, 259, 304, 366 Kobler, Dr. Frank 237 Koehler, Ronald 304 Kogut, Jack 264 Kokaska, George 304 Kolanowskl, Marilyn 332 Kolar, Mllton 174 Kolton, Tlm 279 Konfenderack, Ted 73 Konlng, Jlm 234 Kopala, Beverly 227, 332, 366 Koppa, Gall 332, 366 Koprowakl, Elalne 248, 263 Koranda, Kathleen 304 Korenlak, Mary 229 379 Korshak, Sldney 168, 174 Ko.shak, M.s. sidney 170 Koslnskl, Jlm 217 Kopec, Donald 249, 304 Kostolansky, John 245 Kouba, Ken 289 Kowalskl, Lynn 245 Kozaneckl, Rev. Charles, O.F.M. 181 Kozlowski, Barbara 262 Kraln, Burton 218 Kralss, Jlm 286 Kral, Barbara 45, 228 Krance, Bob 236 Kretch, Mlke 219 Krasnlewskl, John 257 Kreuser, lrene 183 Kreutzlans, Hank 226 Krez, Leonard 174 Krler, Dlane 145, 388 Krlvls, Judy 285 Krogstls, Terry 285 Krol, Cynthla 247 Krol, Mary Ann 253 Krolikowskl, Rev. Walter 166, 167, 186 Kroll, Stanley 243 Krueger, Tom 224 Kruise, Lance 239 Krupa, Ray 267, 284, 304, 366 Kruse, Lance 352 Krzyzanlak, Pat 230 Kubash, Norma 253 Kubaslak, Gerald 358 Kublk, James 304, 366 Kublstal, Carol 227, 304, 366 Kudla, Dick 266 Kudla, Frank 218, 305, 366 Kudulls, John 366 Kuehlthan, Hugh 305, 367 Kuhn, Alexander 174 Kula, John 341 Kulpa, Jerry 217 Kunlch, Mlke 206, 249, 267, 285, 305, 367 Kunke, Liz 285 Kunkel, Laurence 269 Kupst, Mary Jo 40, 229, 247, 305, 367 Kurtz, Arnleta 305, 367 Kusenko, Barbara 249 Kush, Michael 305, 366 Kusnlerz, Carol 145, 332, 367, 388 Kusnlerz, Mr. 8 Mrs. John 179 Kuszynskl, Charles 218 Kuzmlak, Karen 305, 367 Kwleclen, Eugene 352 Kwok, Robert 345, 367 Laadt, Mrs. John 170 LaBrol, George 223 Lachman, Harold 177 Lackaff, Michael 305, 367 Ladlneo, John 236 Ladone, Joseph 234, 243, 246, 280, 282, 352, 367 Laghezza, Rev. Bernadlne 338, 367 Lakomy, Dennls 325 Lally, Dr. Ann 170 Lamb, James 305 Lammert, Jeanne 144, 247, 250, 305, 367, 388 Landry, Robert 305, 367 Lane, George 174 Lang, Bob 225 Lang, Joseph 338 Lang, Raymond 234, 280, 282, 352 Lang, Rlch 225, 249, 305, 367 Langer, Annette 338 Langer, Dolores 229, 247, 305, 367 Lanterman, Joseph 169, 170, 174, 175 Lanzarotta, Rosemary 251 LaPorta, Rosemary 305, 367 Larkln, Clarence 352 Larmon, Joe 73 Laska, Catherlne 305, 367 Latousek, Robert 174. . Latter, John 174 Lattyak, Jerry 222 Lauduskle, Edward 325, 367 Laura, Slster M., C.S.F. 253 Lawlor, Mrs. Wllllam, Jr. 170 Lawnlk, Mary 332, 367 Layden, Elmer 174 Layden, Tom 236 Layfield, Sue 132 Lazarskl, Kathleen 251 Lazarz, Sandra 259, 268 Leach, Davld 245, 281 Leahy, Catherlne 253 Leahy, Wllllam 174, 226 Leavy, Wllllam 243, 249, 267 LeBlanc, Janlce 253 LeBlanc, Mariette 167, 182 Lebowitz, Ronald 358 Lederer, Edwin 35 Lee, John 345 LeFebre, Martha 274, 306, 367 Lelber, Shula 237 Lelbman, Morrls 174 Lelbowltz, Bette 306 Lelghton, Nathanlel 174 Leksander, Alan 264, 272, 325, LeMlre, Edward 234, 280, 282 Lemlre, George 171, 352 Lenahan, Bob 264 Lenart, Rlchard 306 Lennon, Dlane 249 Lennon, Mrs. Eugene 170 Lentlno, Las 130 Leonarczyk, John 267 Leonard, Arthur 169, 170, 174 Leroy, Robert 174 Lescher, Peggy 132 Levandoskl, Aleta 332, 367 Lever, Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul 179 Levine, Myra 253 Levltt, Ralph 145, 388 Levoy, Phlllp 352, 367 Lewlkey, Margaret 230, 306 Lewls, Cllfton 270 Lewls, Dlane 286 Lewls, James 346 Lewls, Mrs. James 170 Lewls, John 174, 177 Lewls, Mrs. John 170 Lewls, Mrs. Julia Deal 162 Lewls, Thomas 174 Lewls, Mrs. Thomas 170 Ley, Robert 174 Leyland, John 235 Llebman, Morrls 176 Lletz, Paul 226, 306 Lletz, Dr. Paul 193 Llgockl, Raymond 245 Llnd, Dennls 352 Llneck, Krlstlne 257 Lingo, Paula 306, 367 Llparl, Wllllam 249 Llplnskl, John 220 Liszka, Robert 218, 325, 367 Llttlg, C. Ross 174 Llvorsl, Thomas 249, 273, 306, Llosa, Fernando 249 Loba, George 277 Lobo, A. Fred 250, 306, 367 Lockwood, Dennls 325, 367 Lodge, Dr. Mary 101, 253 Logelln, Mrs. Edward 170 Logelln, Warren 174 Loh, Paul 281, 325, 367 Lohr, Mrs. Lenox 170 Long, Davld 257 Lcngeway, Marge 258 Lorenc, Ted 218 Loulse, Slster M. Ellen 332, 363 Lowell, Susan 227 Lubanowskl, AI 223 Lubar, Bob 233 Lubke, Pat 230 Lubman, Dlck 234 Luby, Pat 285 Luclanna, Mark 235 Luckrltz, Kathleen 306, 367 Ludena, Rudolfo, 352 Lukas, Ronald 367 Lund, Robert 306, 346, 367 Lundmark, Luke 218 Luter, George 187 Luxom, Robert 174 Lynch, Jack 234 Lynch, Hon. Wllllam 174 Lynn, Rite 229, 258, 281 Lynn, Tllfany 145, 258, 272, 279, 388 Lyons, Bunny 227 Macalusl, Joe 216 Mac Cartle, Tad 226, 306, 367 Mac Donald, Wllllam 174 Maclelewski, Joe 275 Maclevlc, Anthony 249, 265, 306, 368 Maolulls, Rlchard 306, 368 Mack, John 174 Mackey, Carol 332, 368 Mackln, Terry 257 Mackie, Davld 174 Maday, Daniel 249 Madey, Rlchard 183 Madda, Dr. Carl 171 Madda, Frank 216 Madden, John 226, 243 Madigan, Denlse 257, 306 Madigan, Mlchael 358 Madsen, Bob 226 Maes, Mlchael 306, 368 Magee, James 223, 252, 277 Maggloncalda, Ernest 234, 246 Magnuson, Ronald 239, 252, 368 Magulre, Very Reverend James F. 164 166, 167 Mahany, Eugene 174 Maler, Paul 243, 307, 368 Malr, Paul 249 Malcherek, Glnny 132, 133, 228 Malachowskl, Robert 235 Maleckl, Robert 281 Malee, Joe 216 Malholt, Greta 253 Mallto, Frank 45 Malloy, Rev. John 167, 180 Maloney, Anne-Maureen 247, 248, 263 307. 368 Maloney, Nell 174 Maloney, Pat 132, 332, 368 Malorney, Bob 239 Manderleld, Carollne 253 Manelll, Carole 332 Manelskl, Patrlcla 130, 231 Mannlng, Larry 279 Manolls, Marla 307, 368 Mansell, Donald 217 Mantalos, Stella 307, 368 Manzke, Dennls 307 March, Dean 245, 272, 281, 368 Marcuccl, Lawrence 35 Marguerite, Sister M. 333 Marlella, Dr. Raymond 190 Marlnler, George 270 Marmoll, Mary 247 Marnell, Paul 256, 325, 368 Marotte, Samuel 174 Marr, Thomas 346, 368 Marrella, Robert 220, 325 Marshall, Pat 227 Martin, James 174 Martin, John 246, 353 Martlnel, James 325 Martlnelll, Dean 307 Martlnez, Robert 174 Martinkovlc, Dorothy 307, 368 Mason, Llnda 333, 368 Mataya, James 307, 368 Matre, Dr. Rlchard 86 Matthews, Dlck 234 Matthews, Ed 226 Matuslk, Bob 257 Matuslk, Stanley 280. 353, 368 May, Deldre 307, 368 May, Gerald 220, 326, 368 May, Phll 221, 264, 326 Mayer, Edna Mae 253 Mayer, Frank 176 Mayer, Howard 174 Mayer, Dr. Raymond 213 Mazzulla, Tony 224 McAnally, Kathleen 333, 368, 338 McCatfree, Sallie 333, 368 McCaffrey, James 326 McCaffrey, John 169, 170, 174 McCall, Jlm 239 McCann, Miss Elizabeth 167 McCann, Mary 253 McCann, Mlke 219 McCarthy, Brlan 220 McCarthy, Marcy 288 McCarthy, Mr. 8 Mrs. Maurice 179 McCarty, Mrs. James 170 McCauslln, Mary Anne 228 McClay, Mary Beth 230, 307, 368 McCloskey, Harry 167, 182 McClugage, James 353 McClure, Mlchael 307 McConvllle, Arthur 174 McConvllIe, Edwln 174 McConvllIe, Mrs. Edwln 170 McCormack, Maureen 307, 368 McCormick, Thomas 226, 307, 368 McCue, James 184 McDevltt, Bernard 174 McDonald, Avls 253 McDonald, Clement 174 McDonald, Henry 174 McDonald, Jean 228 McDonaugh, Mr. 8 Mrs. Mark 179 McDonnell, Blll 216, 246 McElroy, Pat 263 McEnery, Mrs. Eugene 170 McEvoy, Mrs. Charles 170 McFadden, John 236 McFeatters, Mrs. John 170 McGann, Bob 141, 216 McGarr, Frank 174 McGary, Sandra 333, 368 McGaw, Foster 35 McGlnley, John 243 McGlnley, Kathy 230 McGlnn, Edward 346 McGIone, Beth 333 McGlynn, Rlchard 237 McGoorty, John 176 McGoorty, Mrs. John 170 McGovern, John 174 McGowan, Thomas 326, 368 McGrath, Margaret 253 McGreevy, John 174 McGuan, Patrick 174 McGuire, John 174 Mclntosh, Mrs. Clemence 170 McKay, Dr. Rose 101, 253 McKlllup, Brlan 216 McMahon, Dave 263, 288 McMahon, Frank 143, 250, 388 McMahon, Thomas 353 McNair, Alexandra 338 McNamara, H. V. 174 McNamara, Mrs. Robert 170 McPartlln, Mary Loulse 88 McShane, Denny 206, 243, 249, 250, 307, 368 Meade, Janls 45 Meares, Glnger 130, 227, 307, 368 Medlck, Judy 231, 308, 369 Medved, John 346 Mee, Charles 174 Meehan, Mlke 222 Meehan, Robert 251, 274 Meers, Henry 174, 175 Meers, Mrs. Henry 170 Meler, Joanne 133, 228 Meler, Dr. Robert 256 Melnardus, Paul 223 Melrer, Dr. Robert 209 Mellens, Anthony 252 Melllcan, Fl. Eugene 243 Mendez, Robert 353 Menk, Louls 169 Menke, Edward 174 Mentag, Rev. John 166 Mentesana, Joset 268 Merrlon, Joseph 169, 174, 177 Merwlck, Pat 206, 230, 247, 249, 251, 308, 369 Meschler, Charles 243 Meservey, Jacqueline 253 Mestek, Dlane 227 Mullett, Mrs. Aidan 170, 174 Mulllgan, Rev. Robert 165, 166, 167 Multack, Rick 225 Muno, Marlanne 253 Mundy, Dr. Paul 203 Munroe, Garfield 249, 308, 369 Munson, Carl 223 Murphy, Mrs. Joseph 170 Murphy, Murphy, Murray, Murray, Murtaug Rlchard 174 Thomas 236, 346 Don 226 Fr. Robert 80 h, Mrs. Lewls 170 Metelka, Ron 279 Melzler, Mary Ellen 287 Meyer, Donald 212 Meyer, Mrs. Joseph 170 Meyer, Paul 73 Meyers, Jack 216 Mlchellnl, Carol 145, 287, 388 Mlchna, Bernard 308, 369 Mlchor, Mary Ann 253 Migely, Mrs. Robert 170 Mlkutls, Dennls 353 Mlller, Miller, Mlller, Mllls, Mllos, Bonnle 346 Mrs. John 170 Susan 308, 369 Doris 253 Dean 308, 369 Minarcik, John 219 Mlndak, Tom 272 Mlnl, Janet 274 Mlnkler, Mr. Mark 200 Minogue, Thomas 246, 346 Mlrabl Mirro, le, James 35, 246 John 216 Mltchell, Dennls 369 Mltchell, Dwlght 220 Mltchell, James 338 Mltchell, Samuel 369 Mlinar clk, Sandy 40 Mogllnltsky, Dr. Theodosl 211 Mokelke, Mlchael 222, 246 Moloney, Barbara 284 Moloney, Willlam 174, 184 Monco, Walter 358. 369 Mondlak, Rlchard 269 Montgomery, Davld 263 Moon, Roger 234 Moore, Ken 259 Moore, Phlllp 243 Moore, Wllllam 252 Moran, Dave 262 Moran, Jean 262 Moran, John 326 Morgantl, Peter 225 Morlarty, Davld 326 Moaggsette, Marie 229, 279, 284, 308, Marg, Arnold 233, 234, 280, 282, 353, Morrlssey, Edward 174 Muslala, Bob 272, 281 Muslch, Dave 234 Muzereus, Paul 220 Mychak, Dennls 235 Myers, Jane 308, 389 Mysyk, Noreen 227, 247, 308, 369 Myszkowskl, Zenon 246, 358, 369 Nadey, Wllllam 220 Naghten, John 174 Naghten, Mrs. John 170 Nale, Thomas 239, 353, 369 Napler, Judlth 308, 369 Napolltane, Patrlcla 261 Narlmatsu, Kel 223, 309, 369 Nasca, Grace 227, 309, 369 Nash, Joseph 257, 309, 369 Nash, Phll 216, 309, 369 Nastall, Al 264 Natale, Mary 228 Natkln, lan 225,252 Navarro, Tlta 287 Neglla, Tom 216 Nels, John 346 Nels, Rlchard 249 Nelson, Patrlcla 253 Neu, Jeanne 35, 132, 247, 253, 333, 369 Neuhaus, Gertrude 333, 369 Newton, Wllllam 341 Neybert, Hllary 222 Nlggglas, John 131, 133, 217, 263, Nlcholas, Sister Mary, P.H. J.C. 253 Nlchols, Earl 220 Nlcholson, Orlee 130 Nleholl, Mrs. Conrad 169, 170, 177 Nlekrasz, Mr. and Mrs. John 179 Nlekrasz, Mark 226, 309, 369 Nielsen, Mary 231 Nlgro, Mlke 263, 288 Noe, Judlth 309 Noeller, Helga 229, 273, 309, 369 Nomura, Glen 73 Noonan, T. Clifford 174 Norbey, Ellen 228 Nosek, Wllllam 249, 309, 370 Notaro, Mlchael 177 Morrissey, Hon. F. Emmett 35 Morrlssey, Mrs. John 170 Morrlssey, Joseph 280, 282, 353, 369 Morrlssy, Raymond 243, 346 Mortara, Rlchard 35, 243, 246 Moschlano, Joseph 243, 245, 281, 326 Mosley, Harrls 261 Moss, Herb 73 Moss, Mrs. John 170 Motley, Erlc 243, 267, 284 Motto, Kathleen 253 Motto, Mary Kay 230, 273, 308, 369 Motzny, Chris 228 Mouhells, Thomas 308 Mueller, Bruce 252 Mueller, Jane 308, 369 Mueller, Noreen 227 Mueller, Robert 239, 353 Muldoon, Ann 230, 273 Muldoon, Ed 134, 246, 308 Mulkerln, Ann 308, 369 Mullady, Patrick 174 Mullady, Walter 169, 174 Mullaney, Mrs. Paul 170 Nottoll, John 270 Novak, Jean 333, 370 Novak, Thomas 358, 370 Novlch, AI 233 Nowlckas, Gary 370 Nunama ker, Norman 45 Oakes, Susan 370 Obert, Betty 228, 247, 333 0'Boyle Robert 174 o'arlen,' em 216 O'Brlen, Mr. and Mrs. Dennls 179 0'BrIen, Dlane 309 O'Brlen, Petrlck 174 O'Brlen, Peggy 288 O'Brlen, Roderick 309 O'Byrne Mlke 270 o'canaHan, A. J. 114 Ochwat, Rlchard 238, 353, 370 o'connen, Mary 139, 247, 249, 250, 251 O'Connor, James 310 O'Connor, Jane 251, 310 O'Connor, Mrs. Leonard 170 O'Connor, Pamela 310, 370 O'Connor, Thomas 310 O'Donnell, Wllllam 174 O'Dowd, Frank 174 Oehlberg, Bob 216 O'Flaherty, Paul 171, 174 O'Grady, Mlchael 310 O'Halloran, James 310 O'Halloran, Joseph 358, 370 , O'Keete, John 169, 174 O'Keefe, Mrs. John 170 O'Keele, Timothy 310 O'Keele,Wllllam 174 Oldberg, Dr. Eric 35 Oleck, Marsh 239 Olelnlk, Kenneth 252, 269 Olko, Bob 236 Olsen, Earl 339 O'Malley, John 234, 353, 370 O'Mara, Joan 247, 310, 370 O'Meara, Norton 171 O'Meara, Wllllam 174 O'Neill, Mary Lynn 231 O'Nelll, Paul 225, 370 Onesto, Olympia 310, 370 Orendach, Frederick 239, 353, 370 Orgler, Raymond 310 O'Rourke, Joseph 174 - O'Shaughnessy, John 174 O'Shaughnessy, Mrs. John 170 O'Shaughnessy, Thomas 174 Ostrom, Barbara 287 O'T0ole,WInl1red 171 Overton, Carl 174 Ozark, Gerald 220, 326 Pacer, Andrea 231, 247, 249, 267, 310, 370 Pachankls, Johanne 259, 279 Pallasch, Mr. Bernard 174, 179 Pallasch, Mrs. Bernard 170, 179 Pandell, Thomas 326 Panek, Kenneth 272, 279 Pantera, Daniel 267 Papandrea, James 370 Parent, Susan 310 Parker, Dennis 326 Parker, John 236 Pascale, Vlnce 268 Pascuccl, Connle 288 Pasquale, Nancy 333, 370 Pasquesl, Robert 326, 370 Passerlnl, Gabriella 251, 310 Paterklewlcz, Geraldine 247, 260, 268, 276, 311, 388 Patt, Dan 217 Patterson, Dee 229, 273 Patterson, Margaret 137, 249, 250, 311, 370 Pawela, Rlch 222 Pawllkowskl, James 243 Peca, Kathleen 249, 311, 370 Peccl, Duane 281, 326, 370 Pelnlnger, Dlane 253 Peltzer, Donna 341, 370 Pendergast, John 358 Pendleton, Sharon 333, 370 Perell, Roy 222 Perez, Alberto 326 Perhack, Ruth 339 Perkaus, Robert 174 Perrin, Robert 211 Peter, Carol 339 Peters, Frank 226 Peters, Rev. Walter 189 Petersen, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Peterson, Gerald 222 Peterson, Kenneth 234, 353 Petlt, Paul 216 Petrlclg, Edward 311, 370 Petrole, Dawn 228 Petrowskl, Dorothy 253 Pettlnger, Bernard 311, 370 Petullo, Jlm 264 Platt, Marianne 258 Phelan, Richard 327, 370 Philip, Sister M. 334 Phillips, Pamela 231. 311, 370 Plala, James 311, 370 Piaskowy, Frank 261 Plcclninl, Cheryl 279 Plcclone, John 370 Plerce, Mr. 8 Mrs. Gerald 179 Plerre, Douglas 234, 280 Pieszchala, Joyce 229, 311, 370 Pletrucha, Connle 231, 247, 260 Plgott, James 174 Plnk, Suzl 262 Plnsky, Barry 233 Plnsky, Steven 346 Plonke, John 217 Plsano, Jerome 223, 246 Plsano, Lou 222 Plsano, Mlke 222 Plsarskl, Edmond 353 Plskorskl, Al 219, 270 Planutis, Chrlstlne 334 Plesh, Brother Davld, C.S.V. 273 Pleva, Barb 279 Plocinskl, Arlene 137, 229, 247, 251, 274, 311, 371 Pluclnskl, Theodore 346 Pluta, Don 222 Pochoplen, Don 219 Podesta, Mrs. Robert 170 Podoblnskl, Mark 277 Polheber, Richard 252 Polk, Chrls 144, 206, 247, 249, 260, 276, 311, 371, 388 Polovy, Robert 354, 371 Poloway, Kathy 260, 311 Ponlnskl, John 339 Pontlcelll, Clarene 227, 312, 371 Pope, Loulse 231, 312, 371 Pope, Richard 236 Popek, Karen 251 Popyak, Gary 354 Posey, Tom 270 Potempa, Bob 224 Potslc, Steven 346, 371 Potter, Donald 174 Potter, Howard 174 Poulsom, Carol 132, 133, 247, 334, 371 Powe, Larry 312, 371 Powell, Ronald 354, 371 Powers, James 312, 371 Powers, John 223, 312 Powers, Judy 253 Powers, Wllllam 327, 371 Prebls, Jlm 217 Prepura, Wayne 223 Prevender, Terry 239 Prlce, Paul 327 Prlmeau, Rlchard 371 Pritchard, Rosemary 334 Procarlone, Wllllam 275, 312 Pruchnlak, Joan 253 Przybyla, Ron 257 Przywara, Barbara 312 Ptaslnskl, Joseph 224 Pucllo, Joann 229 Pullam, Mary 258 Pulslpher, Davld 354 Puplllo, Louls 312 Putls, Tony 270 Pytllk, Erlo 327, 371 Quattrockl, Edward 341, 371 Quevlllon, Robert 371 Qulnn, James 174 Qulnn, Peter 220 Qulnn, Wllllam 169, 170, 174 Raabe, Mlcky 230 Reach, Gretchen 227 Raasch, Nance 249, 267 Rachwalskl, Frank 264, 327, 371 Rada, Michael 312 Radclit1e,JIm 73 Radley, Kelth 354 Radloll, Sharon 251 Radous, Cherilyn 312 Radtke, Phll 225 Raettlg, James 346, 371 Ramirez, Jan 269 Ramllak, Frank 220, 327, 371 Ranahan, Mlke 235 Randlck, Rlchard 226, 312, 371 Rangel, Vincent 220, 246, 272, 327 Ranlerl, Wllllam 243 Rappaport, Richard 243, 246 Rasane, Ray 275, 285 Ratkovlc, Ann-Marle 249, 312, 371 Redmond, Kevin 222 Ready, James 174 Reedy, Thomas 174 Ready, Mrs. Thomas 170 Reese, Judy 231, 312, 371 Regan, Ben 174 Regan, Timothy 327 Regner, Leroy 243, 264, 281 Regnery, Henry 174 Reid, Clyde 261 Rellly, Stuart 312 Relsbegg, Allan 312, 371 Remlen, Mrs. Charles 170 Renler, Celeste 253 Repel, Thomas 220 Restarskl, Fred 219 Rater, Ron 224 Reuter, John 221 Reynolds, Mrs. Thomas 170 Rezac, Frank 313, 371 Rezler, Dr. Jullus 89 Rhinedollar, Malor John 287 Rlcclo, Terrence 131 Fllce, Elleen 339 Rice, Patrlcia 253 Rich, Dr. William 94 Riggs, John 354 Rlley, Bob 133 Rllay, Elwood 339 Rlnaldo, Ellen 263 Rlnk, Paul 206, 246, 249, 313, 371 Riordan, Maureen 313 Ripperger, Albert 259 Rlshtya, Lella 260 Rltt, James 358 Riltle, Patrlcia 249, 313, 371 Rlzzo, Marlo 313, 371 Roach, Mlke 226 Roache, Edna 253 Roberts, Wllllam 174 Robertson, Mrs. Raymond 170 Robison, Kay 313, 371 Roche, Burke 174 Rodman, Rev. Hugh 187 Rodman, Steven 313 Roehm, Dana 334 Roessler, Madeline 253 Rogan, Bob 217 Rokos, Bob 234 Rokosz, Ronald 252 Rolewlck, Davld 252 Rolos, Robert 354 Romb, Rev. Anselm, O.F.M. 181 Roney, Anne 253 Rose, Joseph 174 Rosen, Jan 233 Ross, Bob 223 Rossi, Raymond 275, 313, 371 Rossl, Vlncent 239, 280 Rothlng, Mrs. Frank 170 Rotl, Thomas 252, 313, 371 Roublk, Mrs. Charles, Sr. 170 Rougeau, Weldon 313, 371 Roval, Louis 313 Rowan, John 130 Rowland, Edwln 174 Roy, Joseph 313, 371 Rozen, Jan 280 Rubesteln, Michael 233 Rubloff, Mrs. Arthur 170 Rudin, Dan 233 Rudls, Anthony 174 Rudls, Vandy 371 Ruholl, Marcle 285 Rulle, Wllllam 313 Rundqulst, Paul 141, 263, 288 Ruprlght, Davld 277 Ruslgnuolo, Bob 145, 223, 388 Russo, Paula 313, 371 Rutill, Anita 313, 372 Rutkowskl, Len 216 Rutledge, Robert 35 Ruzlcka Dolores 314, 372 Ryan, alll 73 Ryan, Cornelius 174 Ryan, John 130, 133, 288, 314 Ryan, Phlllp 174 Sabath, Jay 339 Saems, Rosemary 287 Saftold, Andrea 339, 372 Sahgal, Sorendra 341, 372 Salgh, Robert 246, 250 Salavator, Jlm 222 Saldanha, Peter 243 Salem, Don 233 Saletta, Charles 224 Salltore, James 314 Saltore, Jlm 339 Samples, Edward 35, 234, 246, 372 Sancullus, Joseph 171 Sanders, Bruce 233 Sanders, Raymond 358 Sanders, Thomas 184 Sandstrom, Nlls 354, 372 Santell, Donna 314, 372 Santos, Tamara 251 Santuccl, Raymond 346 Sargent, Rlchard 314, 372 Sassen, James 184 Saunders, Richard 234, 246, 354 Savage, Joseph 174 Savler, Janet 314, 372 Savoy, Dean 315, 372 Sawlckl, Bob 226, 347 Sawlckl, John 216 Scavetta, Joseph 347, 372 Schanzel, Charles 234, 239, 282 Schatteman, Anne 132, 253, 334, 372 Scherer, Mary 44 Schlro, Chrlsann 299. 247, 314, 372 Schlacks, Jane 314, 372 Schlechter, Janet 314, 372 Schlee, Lsre 223 Schleslnger, Gary 225, 314, 312 Schmidt, Frank 219, 257 Schmidt, John 174 Schmltt, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Schmitz, Mrs. Herbert 170 Schneider, Al 233 Schneider, Ollve 253 Schneider, Margaret 231 Schoen, Dr. Wllllam 82, 167 Schoenbaum, Matthew 167 Schoenhoten, Leo 177 Schreiber, John 131, 217, 243, 246 Schreiber, Ronald 321, 372 Schroeder, Wllllam 130, 246, 288, 314 372 Schudel, Fred 219 Schuetz, Mlcky 235 Schuh, Danlel 314, 372 Schullen, John 239 Schwegel, Barbara 253, 334, 372 Schweitzer, Glenn 355, 372 Schwlnd, Carolyn 334, 372 Sclgalskl, Robert 226 Scopacasa, Mary 334 Uecker, Erwln 249, 374 Scott, BIII 238 Scully, Davld 130, 133, 226, 246, 372 Seagren, Stan 221 Seagroves, Michael 314, 372 Sears, Mrs. Richard ll 170 Sebastian, Patricia 286 Sebastian, Rita 314 Sebastian, Wendell 314 Sedivy, Alan 261 Sedivy, Bob 133 Seely, Julianne 279, 315, 372 Seko, Mr. 81 Mrs. Louls 179 Selfrldge, Dr. Frederick 95 Semlnetta, Joanne 260 Setka, Bob 273 Sexton, Mrs. Thomas 170 Sexton, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Sextro, Fred 171 Seymour, James 226 Shadell, Alice 249 Sharkey, Bob 273, 315, 372 Sharpe, Jlm 270 Shea, Bonnie 229 Sheahan, Joanne 249 Sheahln, John 246 Shearln, Robert 243 Sheedy, Michael 315 Sheehan, Edward 174 Sheehan, Mrs. Edward 1 Sheehan, Dr. John 95, 1 167 Sheehan, Joseph 327 Sheehan, Mary 228 Shella, Sister Mary Donohue, H.H.S. 331, 388 Shanahan, Martin 174 Sheridan, Donald 174 Sheridan, Mrs. Donald 170 Shipman, Barbara 253 Shrader, Joe 217 Shukes, Richard 355 Sldman, Donald 339 Slkora, Gregory 243 Slll, Vincent 169, 174 Sill, Mrs. Vincent 170 Simon, Jo Anne 334 Slmone, Armand 236 Simons, Kenneth 372 Sincere, Francis 315, 373 Slnek, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Sislo, James 355, 373 Slostrom, Joseph 141, 250 Skidmore, Margaret 231 Sklar, Ronald 35, 243 Skowron, Ernest 355 Skowronek, Christine 249, 315 Skuble, Marilee 315 Slaby, Shirley 315, 373 Slagel, Vince 223 Slayen, Larry 233 Sliwa, Daniel 220 Sliwa, Wayne 249, 315, 373 Sloan, Mary Ruth 253 Slocumb, Frank 224, 252 Slomka, Pat 287 Slotkowski, Leonard 268 Slover, Blll 223 Small, Rev. Joseph 166, 201 Smas, Mitch 257, 315, 373 Smialek, Kathy 231, 247, 284, 315 Smith, A. C. 174 Smith, Jane 231 Smith, John 169, 174, 177 Smith, Lawreen 315 Smith, Leon 249, 265, 315, 373 Smith, Marilyn 253 Smith, Patrlcla 334 Smlth, Richard 327, 373 Smith, Theodore 261 Smith, Mrs. Walter Byron 170 Smollnskl, Leona 253 Smoloch, Leslie 315 Smoron, Noel 144, 247, 248, 253, 334, 373, 388 Smucher, Pat 226 Smyth, John 174 Smyth, Mrs. John, Jr. 170 Snlte, Fred 177 Snyder, Al 73 Sobanskl, Vlrglnla 259 Sobieski, John 206, 243, 246, 248, 249, 263, 315, 373 Sobln, Suzanne 335 Sochackl, Wayne 222 Sohm, Dick 270, 316, 373 Solano, Dr. Louis 197 Solari, Ann 45 Soltykowskl, Robert 316, 373 Sommers, Tom 263 Sorce, Angelo 347 Sorlch, Joan 227, 316, 373 Sorlch, Samuel 249 Souyoul, Richard 264, 327, 373 Soyka, Mary Anlta 353 Sparmacher, Dollle Ann 253 Spears, Debbie 229 Spears, Harriet 316 Specht, Frederick 169, 174, 177 Specht, Mrs. Frederick 170 Specht, Gerard 174 Speh, Frank 252, 277 Spellman, Harry 174 Spengler, Bruce 243, 249, 316, 373 Splelman, Joseph 218 Spless, Mrs. Carlos 170 Splna, Nicholas 316, 373 Spohr, Herbert 277 Stabell, Edward 355 Stachowlcz, Vlctorla 132 Stachyra, Marcia 253 Stack, Colette 253 Stack, Tom 388 Stadler, Roberta 316, 373 Staes, Judy 260 Stala, Melody 231, 247 Stall, Wllllam 316, 373 Stamm, Dr. Thomas 171 Stanitz, John 220, 264, 327 Stanton, Nadine 316, 373 Stanuch, Bob 225 Starks, Robert 316, 373 Starslak, Drew 225 Stassl, Sam 355 Station, Claret 316, 373 Stavros, Jean 253 Stayton, Larry 279 Stearns, Charles 238, 355, 373 Steber, Clarence 174, 177 Stefanclc, Michael 316, 373 Steffan, Kenneth 243 Stetfens, Mark 270 Slehr, Christian 347 ' Stelgerwald, Karl 245 Stein, Sandra 249, 316, 373 Steinbrecher, Joan 183 Steiner, Penny 231 Stemplen, Tom 222 Stephens, Douglas 288 Stephens, Rich 234 Stevenson, Jack 130, 246 Stlft. Vlrglnla 253 Stllwagen, Mary Margaret 230, 273, 316, 373 Stlmmlng, Charles 35 Stinson, Dr. Donald 204, 248 Stockey, Larry 224 Stolarczyk, Daniel 222, 249, 316 Stone, W. Clement 177 Stopak, Stephennle 247, 317 Stopka, John 222 Stovall, Willard 252 Stozek, Conrad 340 Straub, Bob 73 Streck, Ludwig 35, 131, 243, 245, 246, 264, 328, 373 Strelff, John 234, 280, 282 Strezewskl, Dolores 317 Stroka, Gerrl 132 Strom, Jim 206, 249, 317, 373 Struck, Renee 231 Strug, Robert 286 Stuhr, Mrs. Walter Jr. 170 Stumbaugh, Fred 206 Suarez, Luls 288 Subers, Bob 283 Sue, Steve 234 Sulceski, Dianne 249 Sullivan, Bolton 169, 174 Sullivan, Mrs. Bolton 170 Sullivan, Dlck 239 Sullivan, Edward 373 Sullivan, Mrs. Harold 170 Sugllvan, John 174, 222, 285, 317, 55 Sulllvan, Mrs. John 170 Sullivan, Nell 222 Sullivan, R. J. 239 Sullivan, Sue 228, 335, 373 Sutkowskl, Joanne 230 Swan, John 174 Swanson, Barbara 335, 374 Swanson, Mary Jane 251 Sweeney, Patrick 317, 374 Swick, Myra 244, 245, 247, 256, 328, 374 Swift, Mrs. Hampden 170 Swltala, Chester 340 Sykstus, Joan 247, 374 272, 274, 284, 317, Szalna, Bernadette 286 Szwed, Mary 253 Szymczyk, Thomas 317, 374 Szymonluk, Stefan 317, 374 Taber, Edwln 174 Tabor, John 245 Taendler, Frank 226 Talbot, Mrs. Edwin 170 Talso, Jennifer 317, 374 Tamul, Nancy 253 Tarantino, Laura 317 Tarlo, Mike 216 Taussig, Mrs. J. Thomas 170 Tavares, Ronald 249 Tedrowe, Justln 317, 374 Teeling, Roberta 279, 335 Tener, Blll 239 Terrell, Richard 169 Thayer, Catherine 253 Thegze, Mary Kay 228, 247, 253, 335, 374 Thels, Robert 262 Theis, Wllllam 243, 246, 248, 249, 250, 263, 317, 374 Theisen, Henry 174 Thillens, Mel 221 Thomas, Joe 223 Thomason, Chuck 130, 246, 267, 284, 317, 374 Thomma, Greg 223 Thompson, James 174 Thompson, Llnda 229 Thompson, Mrs. T. M. 169, 170, 174 Thon, Sandra 317 Thornton, James 317, 374 Thorson, Reuben 169, 174 Thorson, Mrs. Reuber 170 Tlll, Leon 243 Timmons, Michael 226, 318, 374 Tipton, Patricia 259 Tlschler, Chris 245, 258, 272, 279, 328, 374 Tisocco, Lorls 268 Titra, Steve 216 Todd. Wllllam 224 Tomaszklewlcz, Cecelia 318, 374 Toolson, Wllllam 243, 246, 355 Tornabene, Mary 318, 374 Tortorello, Terryann 132 Tosto, John 183 Toussalnt, Jon 347 Tracy, Phillip 277 Tralnor, Harry 174 Traxel, Roger 235 Trlantaflllow, Kathleen 253 Trlnel, Sylvia 318, 374 Trlolo, Marilyn 133 Trlschmann, Ed 142, 250, 273, 318, 374. 388 Trudeau, Bob 216 Truedsolv, Sharon 132 Trumpls, Bruce 249 Truppa, Mike 239 Tufo, Robert 347, 374 Tunney, Anne 318, 374 Tuohy, Mrs. Wllllam 170 Turk, Mrs. Frank 170 Tuzzollno, Gerald 256 Tylutkl, Geraldine 257 Tylutkl, Glgl 227 Ulbrlch, Rlck 221 Ungarl, Michael 318, 374 Unger, Mr. and Mrs. John 179 Unschuld, Doran 174 Urban, Keith 262 Urbanclk, Jerry 216, 318, 374 Urbut, Patrick 264, 318 Urdaneta, Leonel 235 Uriell, Frank 174 Utlnans, Anita 318, 374 Vahey, James 217 Vaksells, Paul 224 Valaltls, Joseph 283 Valaltls, Paula 229, 247, 249, 273, 318, 374 Valaltls, Theresa 318, 374 Valentine, Davld 355 Valookaren, S. Gladys 347 Valvo, Tony 217 Vandagrltt, Diane 261, 335 Vanella, Tony 225 Van Gorkom, Jerome 169, 174 Van Gorkum, Mrs. Jerome 170 Van Leuven, Laura 228 VanPutten, Lars 235 Vaslle, Joseph 220 Velez, Ida 229, 318, 375 Venclovas, Saulene 133, 319 Vergot, Major Wllllam 252, 270 Vertenten, James 245 Veselsky, Ron 239 Vittore, Kathleen 319, 375 Volberdlng, Lorln 269, 319, 375 Volk, Edward 249, 319, 375 Volpettl, George 236 Volz, Dan 270 Von Ebers, Helen 130 Von Kaenel, Rev. George 181 Von Prltschyns, Detlev 138, 216, 246, 250. 375 Vrtis, Charles 169, 174 Vuocolo, Marla 260, 268 Wachowskl, Diane 253 Wadas, Ken 216, 319 Wade, Norene 245, 258, 264, 272, 328 Wade, Mrs. Walter 170 Wade, Wllllam 375 Walt, Lynda 231 Waldron, John 171, 174, 176 Waldron, Mrs. John 170 Walk, Mrs. Maurice 170 Walker, Dr. Ronald 202 Walker, Sue 261 Wall, Jeanne 231, 260 Wall, Jlm 225 Wallingford, Danlel 245 Walsh, Dennis 246 Walsh, Edward 131, 220, 225, 239, 246, 281, 328, 355, 375 Walsh, John 174 Walsh, Terrence 220 Walz, Juanita 319, 375 Wanat, Camille 261 Wandel, Joseph 266 Warden, Christine 319, 375 Warneck, George 218 Washburne, Mrs. Hempstead 170 Watt, Mrs. Herbert 170 Wauck, Jeanne 319 Wawzenskl, Llnda 263 Wayne, Barbara Ann 335 Wayne, Eileen 228 Webb, John 234, 355, 375 Webb, Marty 217 Wedam, Ellrlede 140, 267 Wedgbury, Donald 347 Wege, Janet 227, 279, 335, 375 Wegrzyn, Richard 218 Welland, Jerry 76 Welmar,Jlm 219 Welnman, Dan 249, 285, 319, 375 Welsbrod, Mr. and Mrs. Maxlield 179 Welss, Ann 253 Welss, James 243, 248, 267, 319 Weltln, Richard 319, 375 Wenckus, Anthony 340 Werbowecky, John 270 Wesolowskl, Edward 319 Westlake, Susan 253 Wetterauer, D. G. 174 Whaley, Michael 245 Whlston, Frank 174 Whlston, Jerome 174 Whltaker, Joseph 251 Whlte, BIII 216 Whl1e,Dan 272 Whlte, Gerald 340, 375 Whlte, Jane 320 Whitehead, Suzann 253 Whltley, Bernle 262 Widlic, Robert 269 Wieczorowskl, Robert 174 Wiese, Cheryl 227 Wiese, Mlke 221 Wiet, Rlchard 320, 375 Wllhelml, Dlon 186 Wllk, Darrell 223, 275 Wllkey, Bob 239 Wilkins, Albert 174 Wllkln, Terrence 243 Wlll, Robert 174 Wllllams, Barbara 261 Williams, Davld 320 Wllllam, Mrs. Harold 170 Williams, James 350 Wllllams, Loulse 257, 320, 375 Williams, Mrs. Lynn 170 Wllner, Nell 233, 355, 375 Wilson, Dave 239 Wilson, Orlando 35 Wilson, Raymond 277 Wlnchell, Walter 340 Wlnklebleck, Jeffrey 279, 375 Winkler, Gart 174 Wlnslow, Mary 320 Wlrth, Wllllam 222, 320 Wlscarz, Tom 216 Wisnleskl, Louise 328, 375 Wltek, Bob 239 Wltt, Suzanne 253 Witteman, George 320, 375 Wittenbrlnk, Margaret 320, 375 Wittenbrook, John 355 Wolcik, Madellne 335, 375 Wolcik, Terry 130, 230, 258, 279, 328, 375 Wolf, Joseph 246 Wolff, Mark 251 Wollnik, Sandra 263 Wolosewick, John 224, 320 Wolski, Pam 227, 320 Wong, Denls 220 Woods, John 270 Woods, Marge 141, 206, 286 Workun, Theodore 340 Wortel, John 239 Woytek, Donald 281 Wozniak, Dr. John 192 Woznlak, Kenneth 321, 375 Wrobel, Joseph 257 Wurst, Tommie 231 Wyman, Mrs. Austin 170 Wynn, Dan 262 Wysorkl, Pat 132 Xanders, Nlck 216 Yerkes, Anthony 145, 335, 375, 388 Young, Jlm 237 Young, Mary Jane 231, 320, 375 Young, Roger 218 Yule. Rlchard 226 Yuzeltis, Don 216 Zabinski, Rose Marie 249 Zacher, Eugene 174 Zacher, Mrs. Eugene 170 Zacher, Michael 174 Zadylak, Bob 286 Zaehler, Joan 230 Zalaczek, Jerry 219 Zana, Robert 245 Zanello, Virginla 259 Zanga, Joseph 235 Zawadzkl, Richard 355 Zawila, Stan 219 Zawlllnskl, Bernadette 245, 247 264. 272. 328, 375 Zawislak, Emlly 375 Zeena, Sarah 253 Zeien, Tim 223 Zlelinski, Ronald 252, 321, 375 Zimmerman, Thomas 226, 243 Zmugg, Thomas 226 Zol, Kathy 227 Zoller, Jeff 226 Zopp, Gerald 252, 321, 375 Zullo, Andy 132 Zvetina, Dr. John 210 Zwolfer, Karl 281, 328, 375 Zynch, Ken 45, 277 ij Accounting Club .......... Accounting Department .... Administration Council .. . Alpha Delta Gamma Alpha Kappa Psi ..... Alpha Omega ...... Alpha Phi Omega ..... Alpha Sigma Alpha .... Alpha Sigma Nu ..... Alpha Tau Delta ........... Alumnl Council ....... American Chemical Society . Anthropology Department ...... Arts Council .............. Basketball ......,..... Bellarmine .......... Beta Alpha Psi ........ Beta Gamma Slgma ............. Blology Department ............. Blue Key ...,.....,............ Business Administration Coed Club Business Council ............... Business Law Department ....,.. Business Men for Loyola ....... CHOBFICS ...................... Camelia Award ................. Chardin Anthropological Society . Chemistry Department . . Circumference ............ . . . Citizen's Board ...... Classics Department .. Coed Club ......... Concert Cholr ..... Conservative Club ...... Curtain Guild .,.............. Dean of Admissions Office .... Dean of Students .......... Debate Club ............ Delta Sigma Delta .,............... Delta Sigma Phi ............,...... Delta Sigma Pi ......... ........... a Alpha .... Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kapp Dental School ..................... Dormitories .............,........ Campion Hall ....... Chamberlain Hall Deleware Hall ...,... Edgewater Beach .... Gonzaga Hall ..... St. Joseph Manor .... Stebler Hall ...... Drama ................, Econ-Finance Club ..... Econ-Finance Department' I 2 , . Education Department ...... English Department ...... Epsilon Pi Rho ....... Estate Planning .... Founder's Day German Club ....... Gold Torch ................... Graduate Directory .,........... Graduates, 1967 College of Arts and Science ....... Graduate School ........,....,.... School of Business Administration .... School of Dentistry ............... School of Law ................. School of Nursing ......... Strltch School of Medicine . . . University College ......... Graduate School ............ Greek Games ....... Historical Society .... History Department Home Study ....... Honoraries .................. Honors Program ...........,... Institute of Industrial Relations . .. Intramurals ..............,,.... Italian Club ,.............,. , General 256 209 167 216 217 233 218 227 243 228 171 257 188 130 60 78 244 245 189 246 258 131 210 174 136 185 259 190 247 172 191 260 261 289 262 180 182 263 234 219 220 248 82 112 114 118 120 122 124 126 128 52 264 211 192 193 265 176 34 266 270 360 291 341 323 349 ...357 ,..329 .,.343 ...337 86 32 ...267 ...194 88 ...242 ...206 89 58 . . . 268 385 Index Jesuit Board ......... Kappa Beta Gamma Knights of Columbus . . . Law School .......... Lay Trustees ....... Library ...... Loyola Men .... Loyolan .............. Loyola News ............ Management Department Marketing Club ......... Marketing Department Math Club .............. Mathematics Department .. . Medical Center Council . . . Medical School ........... Mid-year Graduation ......... Mllltary Ball .................. Military Science Department .... Modern Language Club ......... Modern Language Department .... Natural Science Department .... Nursing Council ...........,. Nursing, School of ........... Orientation Week ............. Parent Associates of Loyola ..,. Phi Beta Pi ................. Phi Chi ................... Philosophy Department . . . Phi Kappa Theta ....... Phi Mu .............. Phi Sigma Tau ..... Physics Club ......... Physics Department .... Pi Alpha Lambda ..... Pi Delta Epsilon ........... Pi Delta Phi ................. Political Science Department .... Pow-Wow ................... Psi Chl ................... Psi Omega ............ Psychology Club ........ Psychology Department .... Rangers ................ Reader's Circle .....,.. Rome Center ......... ROTC . ............... Scabbard and Blade Sigma Delta Phi ...... Sigma Pi ............ Sigma Theta Tau .......,............... Ski Club .............................. Social Work, School of .................. Society for the Advancement of Management Sociology Department ................... Speech Department ..................... Saint Apollonia Guild .............. Student Activities Board ..,.......... Student American Dental Association .... Student American Medical Association ..... Student Counselors ................... Student National Education Association . . . Summer School .,.......... Swimming ,................ Sword of Loyola .... Tau Delta Phl ,........ Tau Kappa Epsilon ....... Theology Department ....... Theta Phi Alpha ........,... Track ..................... United Independents of Loyola United World Federallsts .... University College ........,. Variety Show . ,............ Wasmann Biological Society . Water Polo ..............., Women's Board ......,.... Women's Rifle Team . . . Young Democrats Young Republicans .... Xl Psi Phl .,......,.. A yearbook seems at first glance to be a fairly simple proposition. The picture of your girlfriend is either more or less inadequate, the description of your favorite activity misses the point by a greater or lesser margin than last year, and the front or back covers either do or do not hold the book to- gether. Aside from a chuckle or a moment of indignation, this may be all the thought you give to the matter. But, don't be fooled. If you've arrived at this point in a moment of ennui, and nothing else is pressing for your attention, you might want to take another look at your investment. First, have a glance at one of the photographs, preferably that of someone you don't know. It will probably reveal some element of composition. Some of the shots may even show a kind of attractiveness. This is the work of our photographers. They've arranged the U.l.L. to look like a unified whole and they've discovered a semblance of design in the Alumni Gym. They did not accomplish this alone. lt was easy enough to corner t'ie gymnasium, but getting the United World Federalists together and finding the chairman of the Phrenology department at his ease were entirely different problems. The scheduling department did this. lt wasn't easy, and a good deal of screaming and hollering went on in all directions, but by and large the schedulers did their job, and you'll observe that most of what should be there is there. There is a sort of impressionistic narration accompanying the book this year. The Copy Editor, who composed it, adamantly insists that it is overwhelmingly, perhaps even gushingly appreciative of the University. He managed to convince the Editor of this, and you might want to spend a cold wet, evening trying to see if he was on the level. While you're at that task, you will notice something else about the copy: most of it is correctly spelled and punctuated. This did not just happen. The Copy Editor being semi-illiterate, the ladies who did the typing had to correct for it. Mixed in with their job were the tasks of several other departments which shared the work of putting things into print. The identifications staff also provide a clue to the contents of the photographs. Try figuring out a page without the headlines and identifications, and you will see that their drudgery provides the logical structure of the entire book. lf you still have nothing to do, you can check to see that all of the copy, captions, pictures, and identifications fit together. Keeping the TKEs off the ASN page was the job of another crew of name- less persons. But it does not stop there. lf you have an eye for such things, you'lI notice that the masses of print and photograph on each page are roughly for smoothlyl balanced off, just like the elements in the pictures. The layout staff did this, with a combined mathematical and artistic tech- nique which is utterly incomprehensible to the rest of us. The whole herd was whipped together by the production staff, and the awful responsibility for your eight dollars was shouldered by the Editor and his assistants. Finally, our faculty advisor exercised the professionalizing influence he has con- tributed to so many previous books. You can't see it, or even sense it, but you can credit it for any trace of smoothness you may find. None of this is unique, of course. The same basic facts are true of Time magazine and your grand- ma's scrapbook. We mention it because the work these people did was particularly hardg done in addi- tion to their regular school work and jobs: and because the great part of the work was done without hope of financial remuneration or public recognition. A lot of the impetus to work on a yearbook is social, and not a little is the result of the obligations of friendship. But we like to dwell on the really determining element: the desire to celebrate our university-not as an institution, but as a temporary way of being and feeling. We hope you joined a little in that celebration, even if you always couldn't tell what the noise and laughter was about. It will make us feel a part of the real thing, which is what we wanted all along. 386 ev. 0' Dan Barnes .. .. Editor-in-Chief Edward Trischmann .. Assistant Editor Paul Barrett ................................ Copy Editor Mary Carroll, Maurice Champagne, Edmund Hunt Paul Biwer ......................... Photographic Editor Tom Geoffroy, Frank McMahon, Tom Stack Noel Smoron ................. Index 8. Identification Editor Mavourneen Cahill, Connie Fletcher, Carol Kusnierz, Kathy McAnally, Sr. Mary Sheila, HHS, Tony Yerkes Joe Du rlak ............................ Business Manager Bonnie Bednarz, Lucy Borysenko, Mary Jo Budill, Laima lvanauskas, Diane Krier, Ralph Levitt, Gerrie Paterkiewicz, Chris Polk Donna Eichinger ................' ....... P roduction Editor Veronica Butler, Sue DeRosia, Mary Ruth Grover, Tiffany Lynn, Carol Michelini Frank Cimino .......................... Scheduling Editor Diane Krier, Bob Rusignuolo Jeanne Lammert Layout Editor Bernard Cullen Advisor 388

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