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 - Class of 1984

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EL CAIVIINCD '84 VCDLUIVIE 67 LGYCDLA I-IIGI-I SC WWW ww Q QW X ww sxgg A- zum 31 'tk - -. --NJ' E E 'Ysmswfvvf L. sl 4 xr PY S X ,J -., .- ,N .J-.X 'RM' 33?-Q"F 'NWN lv? in ...Q-,- Q is Y TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedicoriorw The Rood Aominisrrorion Acfiviries Freshmen Sports Soohomores ProducTions ond Publioofiorms Juniors Comous Minisiry Groduores El Comino Sroff Few people persohify The Chris- Tioh Woy of Life oT Loyolo os well os Miss Dohho Wohlohd. lh her TehTh yeor of Teoohihg Theology, she re- moihs dediooTed To The Loyolo sTu- dehT ond her love for Gocl. She ex- emplifies The compossioh, wormTh, ond uhdersTohdihg for which The Loyolo commuhiTy sTrives. We proudly dediooTe The 49811 volume of The EI Camino To Miss Dohho Wohlohcl for her cohTihuihg oohTri- puTiohs To Loyolo life. 5 ARA: L 4 . .xv f'.,Q' Q' +1 ' f W Q, :W-uw ' - 1 vw +- 4: 'P .2 ,.,.-19" xi M, ,M ' 1 W ...gh 'WPS ' 1 . , 5 I I I 1 I 5 1 E 2 W 5 L 1 f H 1 Www 1 ' y 1 7 5 5 I - I 4 0 l N THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Roberf FrosT I SHALL BE TELLING THIS WITH A SIGI-I SOIVIEWHERE AGES AND AGES HENCEJ I III, ' I I 1 .J X TWO ROADS DIVEROED IN A WOOD, AND I- wh X V un MY W fir, I v Nqr n' ' 1 .- ef , ' fv- U V Q 0 X -,Jay fvzffjqq , c 0 .. ' ,LJ Q Q an new -J J A - 3 M 5 to -Q.. 1 1 l 1 F... I TOOK THE ONE LESS TRAVELED BY, 1 1 4 AND THAT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE 'WJ ,sq +- vg . , I P ,. i .. Pu SJ f""""N- 5 . 3? Q AND TI-IE ROAD GCDES ON V ADIVIINISTRATICDN AND STUDENT SERVICES V . hi 2 Rev. Patrick J. Cahalan, S.J. President X ii Mr. Edwin J. Hearn Dean of Men Rev. Gordon D. Bennett, S.J. Principal Mr. Frank Kozakowski Assistant Principal for Student Affairs Mr. Stephen Balak Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs Rev. Raymond P. Allender, S.J. Director of Campus Ministry -. Af- is. L 1 . l Mr. Timofhy D. Coughlin Counseling, Christian Service Direclor Miss Maria Josephine Williams Counseling ! ,, . . 3.1.-Q, ,M f 'Ji 4.2 ,Mn , , ' ,f,.! 4 1' D r'."r " 'L.!,,W 5 .M,w.4.m,4,k Mrs. Louise A. Crean Head Librarian s e P X 5 Mr. Thomas V. Gallagher Mr. Geoffrey M. Joy Counseling Counseling Rev. Alfred E. Naucke, S.J. Mr. Jon W. Dawson Counselor for College Admissions Alhlefic Direolor Miss Elizabeth Morse Sisfer Marcello Glossmeyer, S.S.N.D. Assislani Librarian Library Clerk 1-l-1" nam R1 Mrs. Edna Nicholson Regisfrar Mrs. Barbara Whiflei Secrefary To Counseling Deparfmenf P! es -,J Mrs. Mae Louls Pelers Presidenf's Office Miss Deborah McGougan Dean's Secrefary Mrs. Diane Peck Secrefary fo Assisfanf Principal for Academic Affairs Mrs. Rita Sauer Presiaenf's Office Mrs. Nena Roswell Secrefary fo Assisfanf Principal for Sfuaenf Affairs v 35 42 we Ls' " Q. y, 3 Mrs. Dorothy Whelan Presiae-nf's Secrefary X2 U Mrs. Donna Slueck Treasurer's Office XL' Fnhr Rev. Daniel Ryan, S.J. BOOKSTOFG ...nd Fr. Louis Rudolph, S.J. Treasurer Mr. Charles Welch Plani Manager As., .., VRMLWQVVK In Bro. William Sessing, S.J. Mainrenance fn Q mf f XE 4 E"' LX Mr. Paul Turgeon Director of Business and Grounds Mr. Chuck O'Connor Cook f , 1 fi? ff g rj 5: R M, l ix Sw 51 i Mrs. Mary Holleran Mrs. Mary McFarland Swiiohboard Operaior Treasurer's Office X if f me w'1 .gv Q 1 M., ak 'mwfff9"'C" Qkw, 4... 4, 9. ,N , gy, -A N ' .1 V ,N f 1 . "H-, X ' ti . ,xr L' , ,W , , S ,, A-mi L ' 'K., my 1 Q I 3 , ,X ' , . , I ', , A 1. 5 v H , :K 'iv , ,Q ,,f, , X, :WL 7' V f ,,.,v,v ix., I ,E M, I V. Q I f , ,, 'If :ff Quia, ,""G' 1 fx: ,,,:KA1p,,, 1,1 I Q. ,. . 'LAA gy Y ,- W- ..'l 1 4 1 , ,' ff f B ' Wm 'I,,,'W-Ji' itffv' - ' R ' fr 'PX !'-y'L,1,,g',,,. ' 0' ', ' ,V '-vu 'isa' 6 'fq",!'f'r 4 In 'XM gf 7' S 3 .A Lf' 5, f v 9 A NA, , ' . , , , ly, ,G , , Q Q , " 'L 4 Q ' , 8 ,, A , an , M MA Y I- ki J, A ,,. f 'X' V L , ,A ,, ,. , ., f . , rf .' ' " 'w ,, :iw ,IA N -.,,.W .VE -4.2403 F Q, .' IM, 'vu . 1 .,, , ,ff 6:5-.ff f-- , W U -- A. J,.6,. VA, Q, J V - ' ,' s. ei-if, 1 mu, ,uiw nf LM, -B 'F Q .www A .. K ' ,'3,','f' .A' w-' " lf. ,uw gn. ,A , , -f .,,,,1 1 1, 11 . Wgrwrv .xy ik: . ,,fa5,,.V,, , -V M1 1 ...qw I' A .2 a,.T.,ff N, W 14,9 , ,fi ,, , M 4 F! fu A ,, 1 - , ,W 4, , A ',,.a x W Af -f 'pwif .,f' K Lb, ' 'Q " , - wr.-,,,f,A,,v fra Ll, A 5, - .. K , 'fx , H V , ',, '17-ef n PEP CLUB ' i .ns xi E 1 fxivts 'Af' 49 QF! AWK , f ' ei ' T 4 i UP- gl The 4983 eaiiion of The Loyola High Yell Leaaers ana Cheerleaders was aireciea by Fr. Kevin Leiclich, S.J. ana Miss Jo Williams. The sauaa oonsislea of seniors Chris Kruse Qheaa yell leaaery, Carlos ae la Torre, Marlin, De- Tels, John O'Brien, A,J. Peralla, lvlark Paulsen, Josh Ray- mond, ana Dirk Teh Groienhuis, along wilh Ana Garcia, Flavia lezza, Aleoia Huason, Calhy Wong, Jessica Four- Tioa, Laura Hualson, Hillary Malloy, anal Shari Ferguson. .5 li , li allies: as p fi ' V ' ' H41 f , " ' ' . 4 . " Q gli, C, f- V if W3 A , . .ix Tl-IE PRCSPECTIVE BLACK BUSINESSIVIEIWS ASSCCIATICN N Barnett P Barnwell R Bonnette R Brown J Devers B Fuller B Gibson M Joyner S McDaniels G Morse W Pate L Paxton R Perkins K Portertiold D Robinson L Ross R Shaw 8 Shields B Taylor G R. C l-l J T, V G M B D R D G O D G A E Thornton Vasconcellos Washington Washington Clark Jordan Adu Burk hardt Castillo Estwick Evans Evans Felton Fraser Gonzales Harewood Luke Martin Richards S C V S, M T W M C D T H S T D T E G V Robinson Shields Velu Young Barnes Campbell Castillo Caveness Domingue Fuller Humber Jack Jones Lebeauf Leventhal Martin McElroy Moore Moore Seraile Tolliver Venable Bacon Fuller Gooch Hall Harris Kitchen Lockwood McElroy C, Mitchell R. Proctor Rollerson Scott T. Smith Williams The Prospective Black Businessmen's Associ- ation is a group of success-oriented young men. The organization attempts to foster and develop a sense of pride and consciousness of cultural identity and origin. The PBBA creates a learning atmosphere in which the many untold stories of black contribution are divulged. lt also estab- lishes a flame of enlightenment that radiates out to all members. In order to achieve its goal of a new knowledge and understanding, the PBBA hosts a series of guest speakers, films, and lec- tures, Each member is proud of who he is and realizes that he is emerging as a man of the future who will make a difference. . President, Brian Shields i 1' lun anus nun mann 4 IGGY' 9- Yl Mill! ll "- -- im - CSF Senior members included: Albanese, Aldover, Alonso, Alvirez, Azarloza, Baglioni, Beeloo, Bogucki, Brotzen, Burgas, Cabrera, Cardenas, Castano, Charbonnet, Dea, DeFilippo, Denman, Devers, Dick, Dolan, Dubon, Farrell, Gentry, Gerlach, Gonzalez, Guerena, Henry, lchihara, lgnelis, lnglin, Jordan, Juarez, Kim, Kohler, Kumamoto, Lynch, Mata, 3Ng, Niti, Nolan, Olson, O'NeilI, Pascale, Pate, Pedrorias, Peralta, Perdomo, Pola, Punsalan, Poulsen, Rasic, Raymond, Roy, Rubia, Sex, Schliefer, Shields, Silva, Sorepena, Solano, Taylor, Thue, Tysler, Urbeln, Va- lencia, Villena, Vinnedge, Wazzan, Wheels, Wohl- mut, Young, Zaninovich ZWZYZC Z'T5fTscHoiL Calvyrzrurlorv i:g:r:.::':::::.: 22,2 :'f?:':' uwtfrzo g l President Jason Parada Vice PresidentfSecretary Brendan McCracken Social Coordinator Syd Vinnedge Activities Coordinator Ron C-uerena Intramural Coordinator Greg Thornton Senior Class Representatives Chris Kruse, Tom Napier, Brian Shields Junior Class Representatives Brian Mc- Carthy, Tom Tostado, Claude Yacoel Sophomore Class Representatives Phillip Baker, Dan O'NeilI, Bob Spicuzza l Freshman Class Representatives Wal- ter Derebeew, John Winnek, Chris Ris- ang X . x "Q Y SPEECH f i X '1 7-r Top row standing: Joe Mirkovich, Paul Maynard, Bill Lee, Joe Langton. Middle row standing: Terrance Slocum, Mark Dypiangoo, Robert Ng, Keith Kohler, Mr. Steven Armstrong, S.J. Seated: Fr Alfred Naucke, S.J., Matt Wong, Ed Chambers, John Cuellar. Missing: Paul Balson, Dan C-entry, Kevin Wohlmut, Pat Nolan, Mr. David Walker, Mr. John Auther, SJ., Neal Silverman, Norm Barnett, Pat Barnwell 4.1 a ,,s .- 2134 K9 E:-I R ss, -.., . ' - - al. K-v'::-Q.-, . 'i-S' 1.-: . - 3 ' ' fr -r Qs r 'ts' 5 5 ,' .I f . S.-4 . .. A... -. ,-.-? - -Az'-1:-:Vik-:s.fS2--11 5: -. P sw- x -., Qs .. sf. . - - 4-,ru ,, 4, X .. , Q 3 .1 , , Q f-to ' its , 0 .4 1 I x 'Ct . ' ,cf 5 vi N LE F' R , I Z P: " 30 mivxv KXAA. 'XVHP fy. v 'W , J ' ,Ili sg in 175' FUSICDN 111-::111-::2111::111f':21ix'-''13:E:::i::::2Eu:::1ztzzzzi115231:zziizzgziiizzztghggzggtgg ig xi. '55 S sp i 'iii 1533E3351122331fii?3311E:'l312:i211ii:5WEEE:11EEE?Ii352211EE111:152:111Eizzzziiizzziiizmlizzz :,,- iiiiaaaaiiiiaaialiaii522221:89521 '11223211iii12522211is22212255212523::aa22u3aiEuggg 2 1' if-:un-zzewszmz-:nu--r'-1---' w1w11m::-em:mm.u:u.:m.:m:-1111:-in.: 111-::m-:m:--:u::,.:::21fF3wE'1Q:1f--M12-1111:-.1-iz.--111145:-.i-::.w1:.:::::.,,,4 ezmiaaauggmu 'V--lf. - 11, 'Has-ug---g,,1.,1gm 122...iq,, Ag. " 'E " "Egg-'ihiazzziiznz '2g:.-yk:x?.'E'f1E:3233k"f:Y.n11'1.,EEif 'X .:2F71,1:1"' 'Ta ':.l?51::L..- ' 1 :121f:::S51::.113g1:aigzzrizzzngm. Members were: Sieve Baur, Mike Campbell, Joe Cashman, Sieve Ca- sparv, Marc Enriauez, Sieve Gargaro, Bill Jackson, Michael Nagy, Sieve Robinson, Andrew Sison, Paul Sison, Mark Valdez X' ,ww -LM x 3: SYIVIPI-ICDNETTE A ,,5Q1 ' not h X' '-S x IAVJ f is 2 A fs ks? ix cg is if Q X f f 1 Members were: Henry Amado, Richard Briones, Mark Dypiangco, Edwin Nieda, Jung Park, Young Park, Tauras, Malinew Romano, William Salvini 'Y x XT Pi ki Ti I I N ,nw X -l3'::,,J.-rdf, si CI-ICDRUS NI ifgf.,-k..,, ,A Q' L ff IL is 1, i 1"1:'T' 2-1 1: 4 ll' 3 -X . i " LQ ' sl A 3 Q, 'Ill QE .fl Members were: K. Alexander, L. Balilon, P. Barnwell, M. Cabibbo, l. Elizunala, D. Evans, IQ. Evans, B. Fuller, F. Gala, D. Genlry, C. Gonzales, L. Lewis, A. Maoalalaa. P. Maynard, G. Murakami, C. Murray, C. Orlega, J. Paaama, M. Soenz, N. Scnuessler, E. Valverae, J. Villena. G. Zaninovicn, J. Cashman, J. Paraaa. RCDCDTER TCDCDTERS Members were: S. Baur, M. Campbell, J. Cashman, S. Caspary, M. Enriauez, S. Gargaro, VV. Jackson, S. Robinson, A. Sison, P. Sison, M. Valaez, A. Peraomo. P. Briones, P. Demieri, P. Demieri, E. Russell, H. Baker, P. Miollo, C. Rosien, C. Mitchell, S. Kurelioh. all IVIATI-I CLUB . siaa eg QL Q ., Members were: Alex lvlooololod, Leo Alonso, Ken Wheeler, Terry Slocum tl Keilh Kohler, Johh Sohders, Vic Sobrepeho, Neol Silvermoh, Oscor Duooh f " A Roger DeFiIiooo, Andy Kim, Tom Kim, Joe LoBrie, Jung Pork, Slrepheh Fouble CHESS CLUB Members were: Mooololod, Vego, Bololoihg, Li, Pihedo, Murokomi, Aclu, Dimilrov, Bokulioh, Pole, Puhsoloh, Rodvenis, Chung, Vegher, Sorioho, Alonzo, Home, Poge, Quilong, lVloEheohey, Sohchez, Word, Sisoh, Wohlmul, Sorle, Golisky, Morlih, Slo- cum, Porlerfielcl, Kozokowskl. Members were: Your guess is os good os APATI-IY CLUB Due To o lock of Turnoui of club meei- ings ond The obsence of Pnoiogenic So- cieiy pictures Qsorry Kevij, The Aboihy Ciub nos been regrouped . . , who cores onywoy? OUVS. CRCDQUET CLUB Sslllllil BACKGAIVIIVICDN ww MM Members were: B. Arnold, D. Robinson, R. Ng, T. Link, S. Guiimon, G. Sorre, H. Tirodo, T. Robbins, J. Endoro, C. Oriego, K. Adoms, B. Lee, D. Word, P. Moynord, Fr. Linciner, T. Hosiings, A. Torres, J. Wciimrin, S. Young, P. Dimirrov J. Mirkovich, A. Cozion. J. Arnopp, F. Arroyo, C. Horne, Y. Pork, IVI. Denmon T, Kim, E. Punsolon, E. Punsolon. QW SN-X fi X , , .im KARATE CLUB Members were: Leo Alonzo, Thomos Kim, Moro Lecker, G-ilberr Loyolo, Howord Ng, Mdhhew Ng, Roberl Ng, Poi Nolon, Poul Sison, Vicior Sobre- peno, Scori Slumpf, Rdnddll Susuki, Horold Wosh- inglon. N ' ,A 3 W CLUB PRE-MED 152.55 R r A QW 1 ' L. A so 'X A if K ' ' Q!-Il Members were: Leo Alonzo, Rudy Cosdsolo, Orldndo COSTGDO, Doyid Chooon, fM,,swf1'ffW"4"" Dovid Elder, Moro Esprobens, Rofoel Gorcio, Jomey Gohlieb, Brion Heimer, John A Kennessey, Thomos Kim, Willy King, Kurl Mueller, Bill Murrieild, Howord Ng, Molihew Ng, Peler Nyquisl, Julion Recono, Greg Rice, Chris Roslen, Andrew Sison, Wdrren Sumildng, Brod Thue. IVICDIXICDGRAIVI CLUB Members present: G. Punek, K Wheels, G. Cucldy, T. Antonius, S. Kur- etich, Domion lngiin, B. Mundoy, C Horne, P. Bolson, R. Lieu, D. Vosylius, A Lomos, R. Robertson, J. Swenson, G Gomboo, R. Mendez, S. Herlihy, Miss- ing: P. Dolon, S. Dee, K. Roy, J. Cuel- Ior, M. Lecker, V. Adu, N. Silvermcin M. Dypiongco, J. Mirkovicn, D. Kumol moto, J. Winnek, B. Roginson, K Nowicki, D. Chondler, J. Quon, E Homiiton, M. Winter, M. Mogee, T Morble, J. Brody. Moderotors: Mr Tnomos Goebel, Mr. Jonn Gollgher President: Domion Ingiin. fi" X in If s '98 0 Members present: D. Anderson, B Cody. J. Covotoio, R. Contreros, S Dee, J. Devers, D. Dick, M. Fitzpotrick R. Guereno, M. Guzmon, G. Hor- bougn, E. Holly, J. i-lsu, M. Joyner, P Lclgosse, K. Lyncn, R. McKoy, T. No- vorro. B. O'Connor, J. O'Connor, J Porodo, R. Pedroorios, J. Perez, D Piotnik, D. Robinson, K. Tonigowo, B Thue, Mr. Kvosnicko, moderotor. YCDUNG REPUBLICANS SOCIETY FANATIC Pl-IILATELICS I-'anatic""""""2P6 19 S fn X Members were: P. Bourgeix, M. Carmona, R, DeICampo, V. Fritzsohe F Gala E l-lamilton, P. Ignacio, T. Kim, S. Kuehn, S. Lambert, D. Leventhal M Lombardo P ' ' Maynard,P.DeMieri,P. Miotti,J.Mirkovich,K. MuelIer,E. Nieda, K.Nowicki T Pappas 1 R. Pedrorias, B. Ploszaj, G. Sarte, D. Vosylius. L2 PALM SPRINGS CLUB Members were: Bret Baldwin, Mark McMiIan John Sulli van, Chris Shaw, Pat Wood, John Shanahan Quinn JW!! fb O'DonhelI, Matt Rice. Missing: Tony Swan r KNIGI-ITS CDF FRP Haig? Q ff' ' 'NYY Qp 6 153 Q Members were: J. Schlaerth, D. Marks, C. Gasper, Luis Stanford, J. Opdyke, S. Ferrara, S. Kightlinger A. Torres, H. Amado, P. Maynard, Fr. Lindner, J Quan, A. Pottmeyer, J. Vegher, J. Li, M. Rowland K. Krock, G. Jahiel, R. Maynard, M. Knapoer, K Wheeler, K. Price. 32 ', MH!! yn. ' ., e 5 W.. l ...P Members were: T. Kim, T. Felix, G. Froncis, E. Punsolon, T. Roclvenis, P. McAniff, JR. Droper, SJ, E. Punsolon, H. Ng, K. Kohler, D. Henry, T. Gonzolez, C. Monn, J. Molloy, G. Heinen, D, MocDonold, S.J., J. Brink, L. Grollon, S. Bolsorini, P. Collins, M. Dypionco, G-.C-Sorcio. - i . M c GERMAN CLUB LATIN CLUB ffilf '. -'S w . ws 'lx Q C W Members were: Anderson, Boek, Brown, Cogliori, Cormono, Coruso. Gullmon, Hor molo, Lichlenberger, Lockwood, Mossey, McDonold, Mundy, O'Horo, Olovorrio Pon ello, Schloerrh, Shih, Woller, Zimmer, Borello, Briggs, Foster, Frilz, Fuller, Goyer, John Kienzle, Kohler, Momikunion, Moore, Moron, Mueller, Pork, Rice, Rosien, Solozor, Solis Tilson, Urongo, Lynch, Coldwell, Compbell, Coshmon, Dimilrov, Domonroy, Eisen- hommer, Gosper, Goyer, G-melich, G-onzoles, Heimer, Morusiewicz, Porks, Thiel Tysler, Vegh, Vosylius, Weber, Wheeler, Youssef. LIBRARY FILIVI CLUB PERSONAL CCDIVIPUTER CLUB X L + LR , ' 'E P l ,if - sl 1 ,.- - M ' '2'1-1225 .: -- f 1 X l'1f'V'lf'U'1l'1f'1I'!l'Tf"ll'H"U'Xf'1 fil"'H'1f-U'1 r-'ir-ir-1 I'Xf'l F1f'1f'7f'7f1f'1f'! l7l"1f'!,-IL':,l11?x B l Members were: Jeff Briggs, Sieve Ferraro, Rick Mendez, Sean l-lerlihy, Aaron Lemos, Mike Fuller, Darryl Brown, Alfredo Bolello, Paul Maynard REASCNING GAMES Members were: Ken Wheeler, John Ol- son, Darrell Urbien, Tom Buller, Kevin Wohlmul, Douglas Walsh, James Wilson, Michael Denman, Joe Cashman, Mi- chael Campbell, Roberio Robinson, Sieve Kurelich, Russell Lieu, Darius Vosy- lius, Jose Guan, John Cuellen, John Riley, Gerald Sarle, Todd Robins, Sieve Fer- raro, Craig Horn, Henry Amado, Thomas Fosier, Algis Tamosaiiis, Arturo Malinez, Fernando Ayala, Mike Metzger, Richard Soriano, Marc Knapper, Luis Slanford, Felix Chung Members were: Rick Anderson, Mike Balaoing, Marc Caruso, Craig Horne, Frances Liclenberger, Charles Gasper, Ken Wheeler, Pai Nolan, Michael McCarty, J. Boyl, J. Bingham, Mailhevv Winier, Ed Nieda, George Garcia, Mail Fruen, Alan Cuilly i,t'xQi.t.' . s .xx Joel Almeida Andrey Arlstov Brett Arnott Dan Arteaga Michael Balaoing Paul Balson Luis Bautista Pnriirp Beogcs Bill Birney Pierre Bourgeix Darryl Brown Emanuel Butler Dan Calvo Mario Carmona Martin Castillo Wayne Castillo . "n.xJ:,4f X A S' , ' ki .3- 1, V. , ro, N 'x"S!-9 S- 'sam Dan Chandler Mark Childs Felix Chung Romula Co Shawn Cohen Michael Corty Paul Collins Kevin Cooper Barton Coucier Eric Cox John Cuellar Dean Dal Ponte Scott Cavid John Degeorge Mitch Del Compo Robert Del Campo Bob Dennis Walter Derebeew Fred Dicks August Dougherty David Elder lraldo Elizunda Gene Elliot Paul Estuar Ken Francisco Jahn Freeman Steve Fymat Mark Garcia Rafael Garcia Ruben Garcia William Garcia Juan Gooch Eric Gawey Bill Haltan Arian Helmer Brian Henderson Brandt Hooker Damian Inglln Bill Jackson Shaun Jones Antonio Jordon Andrew Katayama Linaus Keating Steve Keating Steve Keller John Kennedy John Kepp Mark Kitchen liEllI.llliY PM.EllIlITllI.llIiY SIIBIETY ,T Q' X15 Z . rum is 1 whxg Max ' x X X dk V iii -at 1 ,x ,Q -1 ,GL ,M 1, ,A S I N E E5ho"uii.iiS0xx4gE E FOUNDED T966 Marc Knapper Edward Lemus David Leventhol Robert Linder Robert Lindh Chris Link Thomas Link Mike Lombardo Robert Loomis Chris Lorne Robert Mackay Mike Magee John Malburg Michael Maloney liad Mamikian Mario Martinez David Matter Dave McNicholas Robert McNitt Eric Moreau Gregory Morse Mike Mulvihill Joseph Mundy Frank Nickels Kerry Nowicky Bob O'Connor Dan O'Melveny John Olson Aldrin Orve Raymond Pineda Mike Pinto Stephan Pipen ":r?"'f- - .. '--"B: -A-wr5:r,,.....':""W'Yv Tony Porrota Jose Quan Paul Renner Chris Robles Jesse Rodriguez Miguel Sanchez Tony Sanchez Gerald Sarte James Sax Bill Schlelfer Mathew Shendon John Schrillo Jim Seley Paul Susan Luois Skertich Mike Solis Mike Soreghan Andre Stefasky Scott Stumpf John Sutoon Algis Tamosaitis Art Tavera Henry Tirado Bractly Tuthill Raul Vega Stephan Vegh Paul Vera Darius Vosylius David Winter Kyle Wahlmut Mathew Wang The Geology-Paleontology Society of Loyola High School, for eighteen years a rock solid institution on campus, is under the direction of Brother Ftobert McDermott. Our functions include the following: to conduct intense scientific work in the Earth Science laboratory every Friday after school to mount major expeditions into the vast expanses of Southern California and the entire Southwest to introduce our members to new developments and exciting opportunities in the growing field of geology and engineering-related areas to have fun while we study and enjoy this glorious and spectacular Earth that God has given man. I . O ' 'Fa u ' L ,LCA AQ 1,12 2,5151 ' 'f .- f 5 , H Q .., , A ' 'Wu , Y N I ff- -wigs vw .-r ulsf v ,Y...!..W ,,,.........----- his Mr. Stephen Grady 1' ,. me rr x,', I Typewriling, Physical Educalion Lyle Adams Oladapo Adenika John Adriano Joey Akalsuka Richard Alonzo Richard Anderson Edward Anlonini Genaro Arnao Brelf Arnoff Rodelic Asludlllo Fernando Ayala Anlhony Bacon Adam Badgell John Bagdasarian Bayardo Abaunza Armando Abeyla Flor Abo Kennelh Adams 1 ,. 3 Q4- ..- W aff - . .. P-' if . ,W 'fig 1 ' ' T , !,,.m,,jV ,J 3 2 . 5 1 lv LNB 'Ni I - ' 51" .,.1,.. ' 1 -' iiiiiimifisri Eiriif-sgmaiii an Qifwg, if ifxfip 0332. L2 ,1hSL?.1J me fs wfw wif ff Q N ii v 'i ' il r' AX .D 410' X-LQKW 2 "N f UWM pri? :j'I':A 'A Ll i iglrlr-SJ. f- xi K A P ,f ff: i ,ffqfiffii rfrr FQ iL,,,'y.,," 4 J - J ful--1 ' James Bingham Howard Bland Jeffrey Boek Juan Bohorauez Guy Bojarsky Cory Bowman James Bradford John Brady Richard Brady Christopher Brinsley Reuben Briones 7 .Sis 45" , :P -RW air. Q., Q ii , K "Si, ' Andrew Banales Luis Bauiisia Jonaihan Berger Phillip Biagas A J I Q- -XA' Q -, ' in 'A yi ' L. 'f -A L1 ' e.. 4 x ,ex 5 - is . ix w X ' E I ' Mr. John Kvasnicko Culiural Geography Q.-r C' Mr. Daniel Escalera Slephen Carnpilelli Mark Carbonell Devrin Carlson-Smith Mariano Carmona Charles Carler Michael Carly Marc Caruso Mario Casillas Joseph Cerrell Christian Chovahce Felix Chung Bradford Clark Dylan Clark Rornulo Co Q5 it + . Algebra 4, 2l?, Economics If hi li N, . ,,,.. E. W ' fm i ' i Q2 I 7 mga E Ov Ji if A AA 3 Mfr we Eric Brosio Palrick Brown Rhell Brown Eugene Cagliari X A M if fi, 2 'If N4 an 5 In A ,r il 1 -rr ' are A jig vm ,sk " ll 2 A " .fri , f i at v 0 QNRVSNM 'Wt.7x X 7 ,B X ? 6 D e - Q - Q 2 w f . 5, 1' Q. A Q N - -2 if James Dahl Stephen Dallabetta Dean Dalponte Scott Davie Randolph Coleman David Coletta Patrick Conn Bertrand Cooper Daniel Cordoba David Cordoba John Cornyn Julio Costanzo Jorge Couce Barton Courcier Va? ' r Mathew Crehan :ff " ew, Kevin Criner J wma- ,, gt r 'V X ti """",,,siV 4 ' ,A af-5-. , , ii ar ' Q he WC, Edwin Cruz 1? PGTGF DOCilCll'li ' - lr. .4 Q R .ifiil Mr. Gabriel Soumakian Biology, Typevvriting, Total Fitness, Physical Education Steve Debever Mitchell Delcampo Peter Demieri Walter Derebeevv Armand Diaz Edward Diaz Frederick Dicks W iv' e. ,Z A , ,R 4 41' we Richard Dion Edward Doneny James Doherty Timothy Dooling Rev. Joseph Fice, S.J. N Q f if iir 'fllif E ' 31- W iici i ' t ir, mfg' ' 1 if Q, ji 5 he Q S? 1 Q 5- f H . V ' K 't . 3 'M- h ,. ,, ' . ggi 'G ,H Scripture L-f it 7 in-1' X ' sax K . V1 ui Q . it X, A X r e dd E t E. Kennetn Drellisak Sean Duggan Kevin Easton Eric Ebranim James Eck ES Marco Fernandes Viclor Fernandes John Ferranle Damon Fisher Ronald Forresl David Frakr Kennelh Francisco Vincenr Frilzsche Richard Fruin Renal Fuller John Galisky David Galvin Edward Garcia Francisco Garcia 'W Q f " '-iii? .lv-7 -' . - Q X 4 i Vg, . A yr a 'W "-'W-'-' , F kk 'yi , Ns is I, 5 if -- - ""':W, , S X For V F- is A H . 3 X is g. .5 ,, , M' 5? - x U . 'B x i . W ' KX , . ik if X I l I Richard Egan Edward Essa Michael Evans Jose FQICOFI No Photo W 4 gay S Z" L 1 1 zy' in , 1 X - i"" Available v 1. W 1 I? xx ff ' 12 Y fa . i,. ev as-, -HPSR 5 M jfj .W wiv, ' 3 2 ,. ik., Er ' 'V ' 4, P s si,,' , , -E E , 1'-215. we . ., . , .,..,, K 5, A -yr W ,A V A W A ,LA. I I . ' i l 'QF -5 sive ' -9'--1. wil f Y -.13?3,iBw 2.Eii1 William Garcia James Gmelich John Gonzalez Juan Gooch James Goillieb Rodolfo Gralion Lenyn Green 1-Y- s. pvx W we - m E u an AE .W :-' Q . , Aaron Greene Douglas Guerena Sean Gury Felipe Gulierrez Stephan Guilman Arluro Guzman Gregory Hall i ,tu gi 22 ' m ig Lf? 1 v. ,F M., m I ,V A " - .' -, J '- ,A M, Qi' I il Mrs. Leelo Wood V ..---- '. .k. vuvu in English 'l, American Drama i Mr. Scott Harrington, S.J. Algebra 4, 2 -Jlfffl N f , ll H ' h. k..k s. V 95512, S. , . 4 ' . K fi? . ,... wr" 53 ' 'li is . 4 o ne 46 i 4 13 . , iii ' Za ,g H . x ' 3' 3 Q1 S it ' " 1 Eric Hornllton Robert Hormolo Julion Horris Kenneth Hoyoshl Williom Hoyclen Brion Henderson John Hennessey Roul Hernondez Anthony Holly Christopher Hope Michoel Horn Richord Horne lvlork Houllhon Doniel Howe John Husion Peter Ignocio Gregory Johiel Alexonder Jeffrey Chrisiopner Jones Shoun Jones Rondoll Korns 1 Pi Siephen Keller John Kepp Michoel Kienzle Seon Kighilinger Tnomos Kim Wiiliom King Mork Kiichen Moro Knopper John Kozin Kevin Krock Scoii Kuehn Erich Kuhn John Labella Gusiavo Larnanna Sreven Lamberi Christian Lass Jeffrey Lee ,Q i 55 x ,K R A 1 1 Q. si ff .. William Lenihan James Lesage Jeffrey Li Francis Lichienberger Daniel Liechiy Chrisiopher Link Thomas Link Paul Lockwood Joshua Loef Michael Lombardo G' mv ' fc .ii A L E J L , C, i iii: X x Mr. Terry Coldwell WUI' RU! hlurviw laguna -anus 'DUN English 1, Hon. English 2 ' ' , rg W inf A . , ,Z LM f , 7 . , J L- X 4! L-, K, I W: Aw O E ffg 4 , '11 , 3 4 , i 1 f f fri, Q' y , iQ r i.,w Christopher Lorne Brendan Lynch Scott Mackie Gerald Macleilan Peter Maaarnba Michael Maloney Michael Manansala James Mantalos Kevin Martin Arturo Martinez Paul Martinez 'Hug Connor McDonald Mallhew McDonald Terry McElroy Timolhy MCG-lnify Duncan Mclnlosh Scoll McMillan Joel Mendoza Michael Metzger Barron Miller Corey Mitchell Michael Mahacsl Luis Moreno ff?- A- ,fm 'N 43 ls- R Q11 1 ug 'K-1 A 'Jn 1 iw Kurl Mueller Michael Mulvihill Joseph Mundy James Murphy , em K7 - A No Photo Available David Najar Mark Nernec David Ng Andrew Nickerson Ted Nordblorn Augusto Noriega Palrick O'Brien Ryan O'Hara Timothy O'Hara David O'Keefe Michael O'MeIveny Conor O'NeilI i,. . E y -ff 'I ...A an 4 ,L , in .. ,i DA..-375 Mr. Thomas Vllaszck Q25 M Cultural Geography, General Psychology rrr. ,g f r- .. 'Q SL Y X. ,gf sp. i D if fry. sf F if if 1... A 4 -O- 1, vgifefakzyff ' yyry .K Q r Daren O'NeiIl Andreas Olavarria Jorge Olivos John-Carl Olsen James Opdyke Roberi Orazca Pairick Orr Aiarin Orue Panagioiis Panagioiau Patrick Paneiia Michael Pernecky Christopher Peirovic Pierre Pineda Stephen Pinza William Pippin David Piesh Brian Ploszaj ,fx T'-Q - , s ,T 5'i9':'7. X X-X K Lf! Tony Porraia Adam Poiimeyer Kevin Price Roberi Prociar Mark Rasic Mildn Rdikovicn Julidn Recdnd Rydn Reid Edwdrd Rendon Romrnel Rescober Mdiinew Rice Cnrisiopner Rising Todd Robinson Ricndrd Rocdbddo Joseph Roddrie Hector Rodriguez Jesse Rodriguez Ddrren Rollerson Igndcio Romdn Alfredo Rosddo ii YR - .1 ,., A ff Q ii JA v x Q ...,, ,,,L gii- Ky ., as :VK ,, 22, 1 if it l .i s Wi ki K' ,,,, R El Wi: .fs' kiii Ysiy 4 X X X .ig . .. 1 X Q Dr. Wolfgang Baur Ldiin 1, G-ermdn 4, 2, 3 is Luis Rosodo Jonnes Rougndn Jdson Sdcketi ividrk Sdlz Enrique Sdndbrid Jonn Schlderin X i - A fir - Mr. Edward Profumo -i K 4 1 Luis Sfonford Poul Srumpe Timoihy Sullivon Worren Sumilong John Suiion Richord Tomor Aigis Tomosoiiis Bryon Tow Pool Teno Anthony Teron 'YM' Aigebro 4, 2 ks- Jon Scott Keiih Sevigny Jerry Shih Alfred Sison Ted Sloriery Anthony Smith Richord Soriono Poul ST-Geme w is. Q'- 'Swan Ji" Rev. Bernard Brannon, S.J. A Sanliago Vance John Vegher Van-Joseph Veloso Paul Vera Christopher Viola Adam Walker Jeremy Williams John Winnek David Winter Mallhew Winler Jonalhan Wiser Kyle Wohlmul Nicholas Yeung Frank Yu Henrik Zimmer W .ir-fm J if 52- , 4: .. 6 L2 W Scripture , ,J ., "Qi J se Mi Q 91' yu, fi 'N' if 1 " A 'K X X W .4 Marco Torres Gordon Tulhill Sean Tynan-Connolly Melifon Valenzuela x Q ibm, mfs 5 ,an 7 f if ff? if ,Ax ,v 8, -fe :QW X NX wif' X,,,,....,..-.---w-..-- 1 S - N '- TWT fix- x A, ...------'H if 3' if-M ,sd S2 Q ff J: .-,- f v SPQRTS '- .K1-nn. .,, ,.....-.-...W ew., ' 'mv-Q,-1+ " ......p-V.. """"m......-u-W"W"wu r f 'W' :iw Q2-A ' " rr ' aww' NU, of Mfg 9 N , 2 Q p Loyola Opponent Morer Dei . . ST. John Bosco . . . Crespi . . Norre DGITIG . . Servire CIF Ployoffs Muir gory ..,.... Leogue Record: 3-2 Overoll Record: 43-Q .....,...-.......... ,.... I ""' ' . rs. ' . 3 3 we y rises c vm -' 'T -f ul' '1-n -f' .A Q .M , s ,... . -- i , H I- "L f 1? mil- WF . K o f M A ,b A ,, ...,... . MM. K. Y ..,- 1 --f, . -f ' - Y 'G , ,,WN.N,W? .,.., kr 1 J -M-n- ""' ,...-.,-'I-"' "1-ll-3-fvf , ,, . A a T .. ....--ew "'- - wa. n i- .. sg h ..,.-'?'lilf".L'sZ.i.....' .. A ' I-1 1 Q: .-U U ...uf-4 ,V .. f M .gr-an 4 J . . ' Q. K' . , W: T , X -,M ...,- W, , iv W 4 ' . m...L ' T' . " . ' f T' ,234 Q s ' -.. .' .rf :nf r ssrs . A 1 ns -' T 'fill " 7 , T ff' ' - ' is s- was X Y 3437 .- , Q Wg.. 1 S I , 95153 V Ns-J-.xi fswggss ii, L. - was , . n ,gi qi- K ---' 1-JK. , . 1 i ., ,, ...sa X K- X -A . - ' -7 , . . ' ' .. N. - N- 1'-1-:."sx 3 The Loyola Cubs varsiTy waTer-polo Team finished The season wiTh a sTrong 43-6 record. There were many impressive vicTories and alThough placing Third in league, The championship was noT decided unTil The final regular game of The season. The cubs also gained a CIF bid for The Third sTraighT year. Placing Third in league, maTched The cubs wiTh a firsT place Team from anoTher league. This Team was John Muir High School of Pasadena. Loyola Took Muir To overTime, buT losT in a close ending by one goal. There were many ouTsTanding aThleTes and perfor- mances on This year's squad. Tomas Navarro, Chris Kruse, and RoberT Bogucki were all named To The All- League second Team. While Dirk Ten-GroTenhis, Mark Childs, and Josh Raymond were VarsiTy sTandouTs also, The resT of The Team conTripuTed To This year's success, and There is much poTenTiaI for nexT year's squad. A544 mimw Varsity Water-Polo: QFronTj RoberT Loomis, Tomcis Navarro, Roberr Graner. Qback rowj Ed Holly, Dirk Ten-GroTenhuis, Malek-Paul Wazzan, Chris Kruse. Eric Valverde, Mark Childs, Josh Raymond, MarTin DeTels, RoberT Bogucki, Claude Yacoel, Wally Conn, Joe Labrie, Coach Terry Rice, 57 ii 4 ' Q. MM Loyola 4 ....... '14 ..... 6 ..... '13 ..... 4 ..... S8 QQ.,-r Af 'X X. s., W .X f "JA5 ' ,, . no W , wif? 'L A-A A for JUNIOR 7 . 'M ferr, ,fwfr V M , w.W,, , ,iw - I -ry W i .,,siNl5.r f".gff1w, I W Q-'ii I ., ,L f,, A -kupfzwm H QW, A f or '11 ....S'r. John Bosco.. ....MaTer Dei .. . . . .Crespi . . . . .Nofre Dame . . . . .Servite League Record: 3-2 Overall Record: 8-8 .V X Opponent Ig ,bg QOJUW Junior Varsiiy Water Polo: Qfronij Mark Rasic, Kurt Moeller. Cback rowj Dave O'Keefe, Tim O'DonneII, Duncan Mclniosn, Andrew Suiion, Neal Greaney, Nick Wooler, Mike Fiizpairick, Ed Prado, MaTT Holscher, Mike Braun, Sean Deiels, Chris Regan. Noi Pictured: Mr. Toby Raymond. -f' ary: W M. W ,ww s..--.,. rc - ,, pf- . L v , , ir- ' N d"'W V Yihhvv. 4. ge i: 9 x hi VARSITY FCQTBALL Varsity Football: Qlst Rowj M. Martinez, P. Evangelatos, D. Jacob, D. Evans, L. Bota V Guerena J Malloy P Tyler J Costanzo M Joyner. f2nd Rowj L. Paxton,D. Townsend,B. Fuller,B. Thue,R.Lindh,JParada,C. Hicks J Brands C Shields T Gonzalez C West 3rd Row B. Lee, G. Luke, R. Geagan, K. Alexander, C. Smith, R. Contreras, A. Tysler, T. Lawton J Fitzpatrick R Evans P Villalobos rlth Row G. Fraser, V, Velu,Coach Dawson,Coach Soumakian, Head Coach Grady,Coach Hearn Coach Flores R Brown B Gibson M Guzman. C5th Rowy G. Heinen, R. Eisenhammer, G. Peterson, P. Collins, R. Pedrorias, T Tostado T Glascott H Fowlkes R Loomis G Thornton. Qoth Rowy J. Carlstroem, G. Milford, J. DeGeorge, B. McCracken, J. Devers F Barnes J Burschinger M Klink S Bolliger G Gershon, J. Perez. It was a season to remember! The Loyola High School football team, under head coach Steve Grady, had an excellent season this year. The Cubs were ranked 'lst in the CIF, lst in the state of California, and 8th in the nation at one time during the season. The Cubs 23-O opener against St. Paul was an indication of great things to come. The following week the Cubs traveled to Palisades High to play Santa Monica. Even though the game was not a great team effort, the Cubs came out victorious, thanks to the swift running of quarterback Brendan McCracken. After decisively defeating Pius X and Redlands, the Cubs were ready for Del Rey League action. Beginning with our arch-rival, the St. Francis Golden Knights, the Cubs showed why they were number one in the CIF. The standouts in that game were Tim "Speedy" Gonzalez and Byron Gibson offensively, and Greg "Thunder" Thornton and John Costanzo defensively. During the next four week period the mighty Cubs showed that they were deserving of the league crown, which they soundly cap- tured and took with them into the CIF Playoffs. The Cubs played Compton in the first round, and thanks to the aggressive performance of the offensive line, and the powerful running of Richard I'Slick" Brown, the Cubs came out winners. But in the second round of the playoffs, the Cubs ran out of gas. A total of six turnouvers, a tough Fountain Valley team, and a AA-yard field goal with five seconds remaining put the Cubs out of the race for the CIF Championship and a prestigious national championship. This season will always bring back memories to me. Even though we fell short of our CIF championship, I was pleased to be associated with this great bunch of characterfathletes. Good luck to the classes of '85 and '86 next year: it will be their turn to leave their 'Imark" on the Loyola football program. Finally, I would like to congratulate my fellow seniors on a great season, and wish them luck in college. Thanks for the memories, and God Bless. Harold Fowlkes 'BA 365 QAII-l eaguol Loyola Opponent 23 O ....ST.PauI . 28 ..,. .... S ama Monica . . . A,A... . . 441 28 ..,. .... P ius X ,.., 411 L12 ,.., ,... R ealanas .... 411 24 ..,. .... S T. Francis .,.. 46 35 .AA. .... N aTre Dame , ...A 7 341 ,4.. ..,. A Iemany . . ,.... 441 211 ..,. .... S T. John Bosco . . , . . .7 24 ..,. Crespi ....o CIF PLAYOFFS 22... ..CampTan .... 24 .4.. . , Faumaun Valley .... , .... 211 Record 10-1 DEL REY LEAGUE CHAMPS 114 I' df ON 95 9' 5' vi S L - x 'W ' fs- it f 2' Q 'I f xx -Z. ' 91,5 1 S 1 .mf x M, M ,V ,f x xx x, ,J Fil- . A X' K ' 'fl Mx -X Q .2 'Y r' X X' ,. 3, , X f-'Z 'ff , , 'S 5 .55 6 u 1 sf? L53 " 3 I. - ?, .- ., ,wr 'F' SWK , ,,:7.z, ' ' 5iw,,,.. id.-' Piggy? "' '??7'5, y,.,!"?f L" '51-emsxzwwl, g, -'f5' -M- s, Emma Q .. fw--sqgew Q V .- RFQ :ik "M9'iZi ' A ' 'BW' " fp-.kv Q . V , g ew, L. , . x inf- fl- Mu' - A "A ' K K NL? ,' N a b 'SY by . . . NWT ' . ' rg f s.,.avQ"npgE'm , ' . ' ? L 5 'A' :I .. .. W Nw y .4Q' ' 0 93 1 'qrgw if 'MD' W Q -. 5 if .ff A S-. J n . If Q - ,f A 6 l 'vw 5 ' ' A -.ah .zz I - I ' l - if 47 u ,gT,+ 3-1 I nn: 1, I , n -fl X, , wr 5 , . wr Q, o ,,W' ,. tx 'Q Q1 4 Sophomore Football: C 4st Rowj Joe Uranga, Phil Baker, Perry Germain, Thaddeus Juarez, Anthony Humber, Bernard Brown, Peter McNalley, Robert Cuilty, Robert Chavez. 12nd Rowj Mike Seley, Robert Spicuzza, Nick Gentry, Joe Brink, Paul Baur, Cameron Losey, Matt Reyes, Park Jung. f3rd Rowj John Estrada, David Flores, David Levanthal, Sean Kneafsey, Coach Dan Escalera, Coach John Kvasnicka, Coach Tony Pacho, Eddie McElroy, Justin Gmelich, Steve Gonzales, Matt Telleria. Qrlth Rowj Jaime Casteneda, Todd Murray, Tyrone Campbell, Jim Neely, Robert Calvert, Mike Solis. Pat McCarty, Mario Romano, Steve Carroll, Pat Hughes, Mark Estwick, John Campisi. Q5th Rowj Travis Foss, Tom Kelly, Pat Doua, Ron Higgins, Tim Byrne, Toad Martin, Ray Murakami, Austin Kurtz, Matt Pascale, Tim Stout, Bill Huntoon. foth Rowp Robert Flynn, Andy Rogers, Pierre Bourgiex, Nathan Hunter, Joe Dooling, Ruben Garcia, Dan O'Neill, Marcus Barnes, Mike Griswold, Pat Muldoon. Not pictured: Coach Jeff Kearin, Steve Balsarini, Bobby Martinez, Greg Moore, Managers Frank Hafner and Grayland Moore. my ,pm ,. A., SOPI-IOIVIORE Loyola Opponent 47 ,.... ...Santa Monica ..... 24... ...PiusX ,.,..,.. .. -441 24... ...Redlands.... ....0 20... ...St.Francis.... ...45 24... ...NotreDame.... ...47 7... ...Alemany ..... .. ...40 7... ...St.JohnBosco... ....6 O... .... Crespi ........ ....O Record 6-4-4 DEL REY LEAGUE CHAMPS . ins., - ' """ l Freshman Football: Qtst Rowp Pat O'Brien, Guy Bojarsky. Randy Karns. Jon Scott, Mike Pernecky, Julian Recana, Juan Gooch, 12nd Rowj Scott Eck, Julio Costanzo, Jim G-melich, Ryan Reid, James Roughan, Tim Sullivan, Kevin Martin, Steve Lambert f3rd Rowp Matthew Crehan, Panagiotis Panagiotou, Doug Guerena, Tim Dooling, Chris Hope, Brian Henderson, Tim McGinity, Chris Chovance. Dan Howe. Qdth Rowy Tony Porrata, David Cordova, Ed Rendon, Mark Garcia, Chris Link, John Winnek, Josh Loef, Dan Liechty, Dan Cordova, Warren Sumilang. 15th Rowj John Kepp, Devrin Carlson-Smith, Chris Petrovic, Milan Ratkovich, Brad Clark, Anthony Holly, David Coletta, Damon Fisher, John Brady. Qoth Rowj Enrique Sanabria, Paul Stumpe, Chris Jones, Hector Rodriguez, Chris Rising, Andrew Nickerson, David Matter, David Winter, Steve Keller, Joey Cerrell. Not pictured: Shaun Jones, Marco Torres, Ted Slattery, Eric Ebrahim, Christian Lass, Sean Doheny, Mike Horn axtn s x Q S. V , r D r fx ' I P .3 FRESI-IIVIAN x . Xt- Loyola Opponent 24 ,... Westlake .,..,.. .16 26... ...PiusX ...O 7... ...Edison ...lA td... ...West Covina . ...O 26... ...NotreDame . ...O , 3... ...Alemany . ....2 """ O... ...St.JohnBosco... ...AO 6... ...Crespi . ...7 Record 5-3 , . . v. H -r, A -.- ' - . s- ."' . X. ,-A -wr ,. ,s.-"zy,f 'W r- -rs . -M -r . 1 tr ., I Q, t QM, R. V... t , I , ir, .kg X- S -. N N ,E ,t""' A vs., -- fy.--mfr .M N .. .. ,B A -,.,.....,... Qs-ur' X FW... 5' .5 Cl 1 9' I N-'X I V ,, , . ., V .tv 'ru ,Agfa 'A 7 .fr mv, 'Q,V, i,.f rw, . ' ' A ',f,'f'W't .- - f' J .giiiwx J,,, ,gf.'m 4 V . 4 f 7, V . xi' .fs : W., ' ' .. fi ' " rr . .2 1- W, ,, an ,,. L . . y . mv A .ny W 1, N +,.,W,.5s , ...wgs 15:-'K .IA .-.4 'aw . 5 fa . V 'cw ' . ,,,","',1:,,,r+ev,.-' A ' ' A ww- It ' . . , M xv , A if 'L .753 Cross Country Qlst Rowj Kevrn Dee Scott Mcrnrllan Peter Dolan Todd Robrnson John Grubs, Terrance Slocum, Dan Gentry Rrck Anderson Armand Draz f2nd Rowj Brlan Shrelds Larry Lamos Wayne Nutt: Mltchell Sloan Chrrs Nelson, Gary Puhek, Jack Henry, John Cuellar Howard Bland 3rd Rowj Mr Gallagher Dave Pola Chancy Pratt Bryan Vert Terry Antonrus Chris Moffat, Mike McCracken, Joe Nutt: Dave Henry Eddie harnbers Orlando Castano Matt Romano Mac Chandler Mark Nemec John O'Brien, Alex Jeffrey, Mr. Castellanos M x- M .. Jil J lr r Q , N M W5 J , ' ,, 1 4 y if .sig ,J , - Mag E MX? r , , ,, A f 0 -fr ,L 'n ,, QA, K .. .VA V4., Y, , rw ,. ,wif , Y' fl, ,, lg ,V L- . . Aggrljg r fry, N V. ju 'vqw M? 35' 4 .991 x , -,.- , I o, 'R Y I , ' 'S "Z, I'3A"QT'2fQ,,, ,A lr .9 is I W ig, . in. W X 9 WW- my sf m sw .gy , me 555. fa- df, . i, A 5 '55 A. gif x .A 5'5" '.,J Q .wifalkrf ' -f. 1-r'?'i.7' ffrfffiw 13.5-w:"7 I " H Q ,qi ,QM A 13 sa C ffV'.,z"j ,',,u' fm! . . I Lg ,, 7 ,2?1"+ fc? Y,-',gLf,4 an Q11 X , g,5t:f.,,:r' 'nib' - , fi .. ' VARSITY League Record 6-0 Del Rey Champs JUNIOR VARSITY League Record 6-0 Del Rey Champs FROSHfSOPH League Record . .. 5-4 League Runnerup 55. ,ae SX. ,,.x L OX ff -s XX P -N. ,. Q. iv s,,Q V 5 L X L, f L. ' -fe X -wi so . QW vsp. . L ssxNf:.-A, . Q A 1 . . Ni With rebuilding behind them, Loyola's Cross Country team captured the Dei Rey League Title and emerged as a defi- nite future contender for the CIF Championship. The Varsity squad went undefeated under the leadership of Joe Nitti, Del Rey League Varsity Champion. The rest of the squad members consisted of Chris Nelson, Mitch Sloan, Gary Puhek, Wayne Nitti, Jack Henry, and David Henry. The junior Varsity squad, also League Champion and undefeated, was lead by Brian Shields, Terence Antonius, Dan Gentry, Dave Pola, and Ed Chambers. The Frosh-soph squad headed by Bryan Vert, Todd Robinson, Chancy Pratt, Marc Nemec, John Grubs, and Kevin Dee finished league respectably as run- ners-up. Coaches Jack Gallagher and Ed Castellanos have established a winning tradition which will continue for years to come. ii VARSITY SOCCER AfTer a purely dismal season IasT year, The soccer Team is beginning To come back, In facT, This year They missed The play- offs by only Two poinTs coming in a close fourTh place in league. Under new head coach BurTon Young, The Cubs applied a new sysTem of play which was auiTe successful considering The limiTed Time They had To pracTice iT. The Team was led by FirsT Team All Del Rey League SelecT Sean Dee who, along wiTh lViaTT Thiel, conTrolIed The cenTer of The field. John Sullivan and Second Team SelecT Dennis Wedding handled mosT of The scoring wiTh TwenTy goals beTween Them. Second Team SelecT Derek Kurzenknabe, Mike Campbell, Jan Farrell, Mark McMillan, and Honorable lVlenTion SelecT Tony Swan all worked well conTrolling The defensive side of The game. lVlarTin CasTiIlo and Honorable lVlenTion SelecT Tom Gmelich also played major parTs wiTh G-melich coIlecTing a Qrecordy ToTal of Ten yellow cards. As always, The Team would like To Thank Fr. Conn, buT also Pefer Dolan, Chris Shaw, BreT Baldwin, Mr. O'NeiIl, S.J., and Mr. Buschelman for being such die-hard fans. 49 Q. ings , T, 3 A Zfws 1 i T sql . mi 9 , ' v fs fig T V: K L MMV 7"""A1ls - ww ., J y.,.. yxovik K. K . , ' B.. 'A ,'avf5, jTM1- y ,, .. 3bxs3'Ze'ilH - ' - ' "Ni Z. ' " . gf , K, F52-r iffff, MQ if, if 'f T gil-,mbvlvmm luv T ' ' W'9l'2.'1lV,,' ,FZ W hx bk. , ,L T if ws- wo-sr'....-'.,1- 'T "vw-if vi' ',., , ,. lx 68 w i ,-'-'fu I, .L ip-Mex-,'4' 5: Q' K L, I Q .,.?,.,., -K we f A' 5 " N i sq? jk ' fvkx Qi 7 xy 7' ,yw Varsity Soccer: Qfronlj Jim Seley, Marlin Caslillo, Dennis Wedding Trey Haslings Tom Gmelich Mlke Campbell Sean Dee Qbackj Alex Fvmal, Jan Farrell, John Sullivan, Mail Thiel Robert Boguckl Tony Swan Derek Kurzenknabe Greg Heinen Lorcan Barnes. Cmissingj Mark McMillan, Chris Gonzales, Marlin Mora Coaches Burlon Young and Francis Conn S J Qsee loelowj VARSITY SCORES OPP. Alumni Souih Pasadena Si. Bernard Sanla Monica Culver Cily Serviie La Mirada Nolre Dame Crespi Bosco Tech Alemany Sl, John Bosco VARSITY SCORES OPP. Sl. Francis 4 Noire Dame 3 Crespi O Bosco Tech 2 Alemany 2 Sl. John Bosco 3 Sr. Francis 2 League Record 3-41-5 Overall Record 5-7-6 f 1 JUNIGR VARSITY League Record 5-5-2 0VeI'Gll Record 7-8-3 VTE: ii s?"z?"i 'W 'Z' W . WM , ,. .M ,, Y 'Q-nn. N 1 Y' 6 -fc ff- A ,.,,. Air W , - 'W Gia an if Junior Vorsiiy Soccer: Qbockj Alex Fymol, Wdyne Cosiillo, Chris Weber, Deverin Corlson-Smith, Alon Sozio. Brion Henderson, Joe Sironks, Judd Bogusi, Moll Bogusi. Cfroni rowy Hecior Villogro, Chris Violo, Bill Hoyden, Dorren Kleirnon, Brendon Lynch, Jim Gmelich, Mike Moloney, Quinn O'Donnell, lvlichoel lVlcCorTy, eil Silvermon. Choi oiciuredp Greg Moore, Gus Noriego, Jomes Roughon, Sieve Towle, 'Q FRESHIVIEN Freshmen Baskeiball: Mah' McDonald, Shaun Jones, Tony Bacon, Richard Tamor, Flor Abo, Jimmy Bradford, Sfephen Pinza, qbackg John Adriano, Andrew Banales, Patrick Orr, Oiadapo Adenuka, Steve Keller, Boyardo Abaunza, James Murphy, Mic ael Garcia, Coach Portman, Cnoi shownj Ryan O'i-iara League Record 7-5 Overall Record 'IA-9 N...! Ay,,,il,,N,,3' fy J N SOP!-ICDIVICDRE ii? Kiln 'X W1 I. , Q11 Vg 4, ,. T N League Record W, H , I 'A G A' in 2-12 ' ' 1-J' Overall Record ,,- -Q---......... ,f'f,,,,,,,,, W, W W W , , - fw- """ 5-46 Sophomore Baskeiballz Brion Kumomoro, Mort Tellerio, Tim Sweeney, Tom Kim, Reno! Fuller, Donny Howe, Domon Fisher fbockj Tim Siouh, John Ferronfe, Todd iviiccio, Tom Workmcin, Don Smiih, Soniiogo Vonoe, Hector Rodriguez, Chris Peirovic, Cooch Nicholson, Qnoi showny Todd Moriun, Mike Griswold JUNICDR VARSITY gk I, is I 5-f i Y , 1 f -wwf: A - ff , --r r -0 -1 -W A-..,,n My Y X. Xin,-',,,W,-,..1w-' ,,w..,v W .13 A 1.21 M, ' rf Junior Varsity Baskeiballz Andy Fe-nady, Bob Ragland, Lou Skerfich, Frank Contreras, Vince Bakulicn, Joel Almeida, Qbackj Tom McDonald, Tony Howe, Garry Gershon, Owen Gonzales, Marcus Barnes, Mark Caveness, Eric Tolliver, Coach Arnold fnof showny Mike Boken League Record 7-6 Overall Record r 4 'l- 4 41 A I' VARSITY BASKETBALL The Loyola Basketball team, coached by Bill Thomason entered the 4983-811 basketball season with high expectations. The team returned three starters from the previous season: Gilbert Sainz, Sean Murphy, and Rhoennel Sotelo. The Cubs got off to a good start by soundly defeating arch rival Daniel Murphy, and the next week performed well in the Thousand Oaks Tournament, and the Jesuit Tournament in Sacramento. As the Cubs entered Del Rey league play, they were faced with a tough schedule. Three of the five teams in the league were ranked in the ClF top ten poll. Although the Cubs defeated the highly ranked Crespi team, with guard Mike Guzman scoring twenty points, it was too little and too late. The Cubs ended their league record with three wins, and nine losses. Though the team record was a disappointment, the fun and the comradery displayed by the team exemplified the LoyolaBasketball program. Good luck to next years team! Us N, ,0- ,,..-sqf - . Varsity Basketball: Dan Mulville, Ross Shaw, Phil Peneyra, Gil Soinz, Mike Chan, Mike Guzman Cbackp Mike Boehle Mark Tilson, Lou Albanese, Norman Barnett, Sean Murphy, Rhonnel Sotelo, Carl Reichenberger Mark McDonald Coach Thomason. Qnot shownj Gordon Fraser JY? ' Sm, 135.533 , :ggi N VARSITY SCORES OPP Daniel Murphy Ocean View Los Alarniios La Quinia ST. Ignaiius Christian Bros. Sacred Heart Buena Thousand Oaks Ei Camino Noire Dame Crepsi Bosco Tech. Aiemany ST. John Bosco ST. Francis Noire Dame Crespi Bosco Tech. Alernany ST. John Bosco ST. Francis League Record 3-O Overall Record '1O- 'I2 Ken Wheeler with a S50 shot SWIMMING AND DIVING -L , W, W' Cv "' an -zffi NMR 'x 1 ,p may W f I M 1 . ,Wr. QU r - 214. , . .J , i ,. J' "" ' ,.,.r,.iZ13???f37'i: ' 1'-W fr Q, .gur-mn . 4 s... f J f' -L1 if nf . , ,w -:mu , A w , M mgk, ' L 3 4 rn ,Q f , A, is ,, 'ssfrwffff ' Q . W 1-if L . , L '51 ,QM A J -f'fwf'4's- , , ,, H 1 Ji ,fi SwimmingTeam: John Cardenas, Mike Ryan, Josh Raymond, Tomas Navaro, Dirk Ten roienhuis, Syd Vinnedge, George Harbaugh, Ari Garcia, Marlin Deiels, Mark Childs, Rob Graner, Jim Cavaiaio, Henry Buckingham, Richard Loomis, John Hsu, Mike Fiizpalrick, Merrick Waller, Bill Lenihan, Duncan Mcln- Tosh, Mali Holscher, Ed Prado, Mike Braun, Andrew Sufion, Chris Regan, Die- Trich Jahn, Taurus Radvenus, Ed Deiels, Neil Greaney, Joe Rasic, Kurt Mueller, Mark Rasic, Doug Guerena, Chris Link, David O'Keefe, Liam Callahan, Genera Arnoa, Coach Coughlin, Coach Dobal R L i :AS raw aw Q.-,,:'1,4i,5.?1vf,r 'L v. is " 1 , . ,, yn : ' r' .65 " '95, ,,'-. ,ff 'iii-, -wif ,H-'-,J Au-1, I L Q I 7 , ' . , i 1 RX 4 .msg -1 l ' Mi Aff J , 1. 4 ' s 1 U 4 Dlvlng Team: Joe Wood, Mike Mulvihill, Brendon Lynch, Crdig Horne, STeve Debever, Seon Tyndn- Connolly, Donny Dick, Juon Perez, Codch Horne 1 M T, i. M- ,N 1'e i pw' MAA.: f wwf -ff:-'Y , , JZ' ff T-1 vi' This yeors swim Teom is sTocked wiTh TolenT from The freshmen To senior cldsses. IT promises To be d very producTive yeor. Under The supervision of codches Tim Coughlin ond Cdrlos Dobol, The vorsiTy looks unbeoToble. Seniors John Cdrdenos, Mike Ryon, Tomds Ndvdro, Syd Vinnedge, ond Josh Rdymond ledd The powerful vdrsi- Ty. Rounding up The Tedm ore power-houses Jim CdvdToio, Mork Childs ond Michdel FiTzpdTrick. 19811 sow The birTh of The Loyolo Diving Teom. AfTer mdny yeors of sTruggling for orgdnizohon ond recogniTion, The Tedm mdndged To pull TogeTher. The Tedm wds led by L1-yeor vdrsiTy leTTermdn Donny Dick who wds Del Rey Ledgue Chompion ond pldced 3rd in CIF SA in 4983. 'tr VARSITY BASEBALL The 49811 version of The VorsiTy Bosebdll Teonn posseses The poTenTiol ond skill To do very well in The Del Rey Leogue This seoson, possibly copTur- ing The leogue crown from drchrivol NoTre Dome, who won iT losT seoson. A combindTion of disci- plined hiTTers ond r'nenTolly prepored fielders hcis given The Cubs The confidence ond power ThoT They need To do The job. Codch SCOTT HorringTon, S.J., fields o well- rounded boil club This yeor. The ouTfielders QPoblo "SkeeTer" ViTor, PoT "ScoT" Sullivdn, ond Ron GUGTSHOD combine wiTh The infielders QDonTe "Sugordoddy" Robinson, Dove "Dun'ipy" PloT- nick, Mike "G-illigon" Boehle, ond Morco HFGDOT- ic" Soenzy To become defense ThoT promises To be The sTopper of mony o well-powered offense. Add To ThoT The power of The VorsiTy boTs ond Loyolo's Cubs moy prove To be The Teorn To beoT in The Del Rey Leogue This yeor. ' T li I? . J.'2!?.vf- 3, VorsiTy Baseball: fBock rowj Cooch Nicholson, Pdblo ViTor, Mike Boehle, DonTe Robinson, POT Sullivon Don MoTusiewicz, Mike Guzrnon, Dove PloTnik, John FiTzpoTrick, Torn Peck, Cooch ScoTT l-lorringTon. CFronT rowj John Hefner, Richord Holguin, Ron Guereno, Louis SkerTich, Vince Hernondez, Ruben RodorTe, Morco Soenz iii W 1 .V A ,1 I K? V, V.A. K, 'tw we ra, ""K'? : ' , 7, ,.N.m"b"Q?V3?arg W: SWa:f'w2- f?w?'k- Q, N . M, ! i 24 4,412 M. ny H ,,,,,,,f,.. ,. . , f,E"'fM .va 'f' , 4 if I ' f f? ' LA LQ74 ,,. W H gpg?- MW., ,,, ff .1. ' '7 -N .. .,,V..,v. ......, WML, .,,,,,..... if swim . g W . . Swv' ' " , -.Q vie ...... A, I ,- 1" aka -ua 'lui JUNIOR VARSITY J.V. Baseball: Qfroni rovvy Roberl Chavez, Sean Jones, Ryan Reid, John Morales, Kevin Mullen, Tim O'DonnelI, Mari Reyes, Joe Langion. Qback rowy Gus Lamana, Coach Joy, Toad Miccio, David Flores, John Winnex, Roberl Hensley, Mark Cavenesse, Tim Byrne, Chris Pelrovich, Juslin Gmelich, Coach Yarnell. 83 E551 TENNIS UnexpecTedly, lasT year's Loyola High Tennis Team losT The Del Rey League TiTle ThaT had been Their's for almosT forTy years. Now under new coach Mr. Jim Padden and wiTh much of The same VarsiTy Team as lasT year, The Team will work as a whole To regain The crown of The Del Rey League. ReTurning leTTermen for This year's squad in- clude Seniors Rob lvlcKay, lvlaTT Gerlach, and BrenT BorcherT along wiTh Juniors Doug Anderson, Jon Freeman, PeTer Lagasse, and Jamie Slocum. Freshmen Frank Yu and Tony SmiTh have also earned posiTions on The VarsiTy Squad. J.V. sTan- douTs Eric RoTTman, Rich Dion, Louis Moreno, and James Murphy will also help Cub Tennis To be very sTrong. WiTh Their overwhelming pride and deTer- minaTion The Del Rey League Crown and possibly C.l.F. TiTle are wiThin reach. A T l ln, 04' Iennis: Rob MacKay, Jamie Slocum, Brent Borchert, Matt G-erlach, Peter Lagasse, Jon Freeman, Frank Yu, Peter McAniff, James Gottlieb, Stephan Guttman, Richie Egan, Kevin Dee, Randy Coleman, Rich Dion, Luis Moreno, John Cornyn, Mike O'Mel- veny, Eric Rottman, James Murphy, Tony Smith ,, Wm., ., r Ml GULF This year's golf Team once again was a power in The compeTiTive Del Rey league, l?eTurning leTTer- men Mark Poulsen and Jim O'Con- nor along wiTh Ken Tonigawa and Bop O'Connor served as The nu- cleus of The Team. Their consisTenT low rounds along wiTh Coach Bill Sanchez's leadership once again led The Cubs To vicTory on The links. The golf Team's presTigious record remained sTrong, and aT The same Time The Cubs look even sTronger for nexT year. v - T I fl HN Golf: Qpackj STeve CanTlay, Ken Tanigawa, Bob O'Connor, Brian Arnold, Rob Deville, Coach Sanchez, ffronTQ Rex Murphy, PaT Lizza, Mark Poulsen, JonaThon Cornelio, Jeff VVhiTTeT, Armen Cazian Qmissingj Jim O'Connor Varsity Volleyball: Qfront rowj Coach Roger Yano, John McMiIlian, Terry Holber- ton, Mike Javalera, Mike Huntsman, Chris Kruse. Qback rowj Richard Hiney, Dave Rottman, Jamie Cleary, C. T. Kelley, Tom Parr, Oscar Olmedo. Missing: Mike Lauter- man, Ramos Jarasunos. The Varsity Volleyball team sets out in 49841 in defense of its CIF 3A championship title, which was won - against arch-rival South Pasadena in 4983. The outlook for the season is a good one, despite the loss of most of the team to college, including All-CIF senior Bob Parr. This year's seniors Dave Rottman, Mike Lauterman, and Ja- mie Cleary present the team with a possi- ble All-League potential, along with ex- perience and skill. Coach Roger Yano brings his knowledge into his second year: sophomore Tom Parr, up from Junior Varsi- ty, promises even more success. With luck and an injury-free season, the varsity V- Ballers should have no trouble in recaptur- ing the league crown and proceeding to regain its CIF crown, VARSITY VCDLLEYBALL .wig L' hx-L yep' 1 abd.. ' 11 L,,A Y, ,,.. -, JUNICDR VARSITY . Avwa. J.V. Volleyball: Wayne Ariola, Parker Blackman, Mike Boken, Mike Boken, Mac Chandler, Dylan Clark, Mike Griswold, Greg Maffei, Kevin Martin, Rick McLaughlin, Scott McMillan, Todd Murray, Ryan O'Hara, John Shanaban, Chri Smith. R' N '- 51 e gi ,,,,V V -N.,.,NNWNM . U Wk .A "W TRACK AND FIELD 'Qi Varsity Track: G. Gershon, K. Alexander, C. Moffat, D. Evans, R. Evans, S. Robinson, B. Shields, R. Brown, M.Sudo, T. Sanchez, B. McCracken, M. Tilson, H. Fowlkes, G. Thronton, R. Suzuki, M. Hall, J. Birthistle, R. DelCampo, J. Devers, P. Miotto, B. Whitney, W. Castillo, T. Antonius, D. Gentry, T. Gonzalez, B. Estwick, J. Nitti, G. Puhek, S. Pippen, B. Fuller, K. Haight, M. Keller, W. Schleiffer, A. Byrne, J. Parada, R. Pena, E. Russell, R. Murakami, R. Ragland, J. Balesh, M. Castillo, G. Gmelich, D. Wedding, K. Wohlmut, K. Cooper, T. Slocum, H. DeLaTorre, l. Elizundia, S. Boccato, A. Fenedy, R. Cuilty, J. Brands, J. Cuellar, D. Domantay, J. Seley, J. Malloy, J. Blumenthal. Coaches: Ed Castellanos, Fernie Hernandez, Victor Sisnett, Al Sanford, Glenn Harvey, Victor Harewood, Jon Dawson. The defending Del Rey League Champions promise to match their undefeated dual meet record of last year. The Bob Smith Track and Field Complex will be graced with several returning individual league champions. The sprinters are led by lOOf200m champion Bert Fuller and Richard Brown, the middle distances by league leader Brian Shields, and the long distances by Joe Nitti. The hurdle squad is paced by 'ii0f300m hurdle champ Brendan McCracken, and the field events have a powerful squad with such greats as Greg Thornton, Mark Tilson, Martin Keller, and Kelton Alex- ander. Other major contributors this year will be sprinter Steve Robinson and distance runners Wayne Nitti, Chris Nel- son, and Gary Puhek. The 4984 Cubs have set lofty goals, the culmination in the CIF 2A Championships and a strong State Meet showing. With the talent at their disposal, these goals become less unrealistic every day. M .!.......1 MkwQ +mwfwMw w Rim si-.1 Y ' Q r 'fx LUY oLA Q - vLnv: IIII if Q fl I 5 i Yhk .. 7 if A.,-. ,...,.N.N ......,--,, fl., xj:."gf.jr.45,.f:.:::rr:,:':':::' K' A A , kfiL5ag,.."fm+f,w-4-f' f....i . ' J- "' 1 '-' Frosh-Soph: N. Hunter, J. Scott, J. Alrneidd, T. Robinson, M. Estwick, M. Cdsillds, M. DelCdmpo, G. HCIII, C, Rising, S. Cdrroll, T. Mdrtin, C. Rosier, D. Levdnthdl, J. Fdnrny, J. Mundy, P. Vero. T. VonDerAhe, M. Rorndno, C. Prdtt, C. Nelson, W. Nitti, M. McCracken, L. Lernos, C. Yusi, M. Romdno, B. Brown, S. Knedfsey, N. Gentry, A. Dougherty, T. Foster, L. Grdtton, M. Lew, M. Metzger, G. Sdrte, A. Bonfiglio, P. McNdIIy, G. Ferndndez, J. Underwood, T, Workmdn, S. Siridni. D. O'NeiI, A. Jeffery, S. Pinzd, J. Rodriguez, P. Doud, P, Lockwood, P, Tend, B. Vert, J. Hennessey, l. Mornilunidn, P. Peneyro, J. Reiley, S. Ldrnbert, T. Felix, J. Cdmpisi, M. Nemec, J. Sloon, E. McElroy, M. Sdncnez, C. Arnott, J. Brink, J. Grubs, D. Hovorkd, E. Kozin, C. Wdyne, B. Arnott, L. Bdutistd, H. Blond, A. Didz, J. G-dlisky, J. Kozin, E. Kuhn. C. Link, S. Mdckie, D. Ng, J. Opdyke. R. Orozco, F. Gdrcid, P. Orr, B. Ploszoj, J. Shih. B. Tuthill. - -5 - tk p 'H 1 3, ,,,,,1' Y ,....... av 1,1 . 4 . , i . A 'X vga .. .M .W ww-nonuassw V SN-W' 1 'wwf Johnnie Alejo Anlonio Alfonso Joel Almeidci Henry Amodo V' lllfff, EW ,FQ , If ,,'l' I I ,r2.1'g""f Mr. William Thomason English 2 -Q. s-r-' 1? I-?"5 aL qi.. ? 11 'Q-4 X wk X A -1 -wrig- f r 5 , 1: 1- J r X Wg Q. A " M1 eil ' A afilff . , , K' 4 .Y 1 V kr ' , 'abil ' ' L -3 73,1 . l n. i ' ir. , r .V . Qu-ar 3, ,L ' xiii? ,af . 3' ' X . 2' .P n SQ A ry Christopher Ariolo Brion Arnold Croig Arnoll Enrique Azorlozo Thornos Bogwell Phillip Boker Steven Bolsorini Morcus Bornes Poul Bour Edword Beeloo Louis Beery s xg Michoel Boken Anthony Bonfiglio Alfredo Boiello Pierre Bourgeix Michael Broun Jeffrey Briggs Joseph Brink Richord Briones Joy Broderick John Brosio Bernord Brown Darryl Brown Aperel Buenavisfa Donald Byrne Jose Cacnio Sean Callahan Liam Callanan ' M, , - iax, -v f tho-f - , f' W'-f"'-w- Rev. Eugene Colosimo, S.J. QP v .K X -11? Roper? Calvert Tyrone Campbeli John Carnpisi Joseph Carranoeja Stephen Carroll Kevin Cashen Jaime Casreneaa Wayne Castillo Mark Caveness Stephen Charbonnet Robert Chovez Christopher Cheleden Jomes Corner Peter Corbeii Joseph Cotti Thomos Crehon iva- Joseph Crowley ' John Csiszor Robert Cuilty Gregory Doniels if F its ... if K 1 M 1 . ' Ml Y lift 5, iq. - 6 ,.,,.x V 'iff 'Lx' 3 f A . Q xx My f Q K' j au- xn- Jus 4 if K ' 'Z 2? 0.4 5, Qs- N Q ef' ff' -C+ SP5 r . ti W, Kevin Dee A .-4-5 'SX 5. ur A ,X SCN . Vincent Delorco Poul Dernieri Edword Detels Robert Develle 'SO Richord Diroll Christopher Dorningoe Joseph Dooling Jornes Doud August Dougherty Rev Francis Conn, S.J Paul Esiuar Mark Eslwick Joseph Fahmy Teoaoro Felix Gil Fernandez Siephen Ferraro Michael Filzpairick Michael Fleicher David Flores Roberl Flynn Travis Foss Thomas Fosler Sieve Frilz Daniel Fuller . ,Q 5 'Y Q.. r ene if M . I W ,. Fffkxf.. ' 15 if r " ' 'N G n " l 'G' 'fl H Q. ,V If L.. K 3 W- wr A 1: :P W' . .,,,LA . , , 'X ' W I if E William Halfon Q., George Hawley if Ruben Garcia Bryan Gayer Nicholas Gentry Perry Germain Matthew Girardi Justin Gmelich Gregory Golden Steven Gonzalez Luca Gratton Neil Greaney Michael Griswold Jon Grubs David Gullen Frank Hafner .,,V Jack Henry ff' Robert Hensley fi' 'Xt ' 55.4- 3 , V Q , . w fxj':g Wleffd mln ,y,,, ,.'ff,rQq A 'Zi 2, an ' Q31 x TNQ Mr. Roger Yano Algebra 2, Geometry Ronald Higgins Maiinew Holscher Craig Horne Daniel Hovorka John Hsu Pairick Hughes Anthony Humber Nainan Hunier in 5-s lk Q.. N' f ,N ,g W x ,X if i E Mr. Terrence Rice Wesiern Civilizaiion, U.S. Hisiory ,nw , William Hunioon Hayden Jack ,..,,.. Mark Jackson Dieiricn Jann ' ' ii up--qpx Mr. Michael Grego in L. ,JK-CQ fi English 2, Americdn Novel, Chorus Seon Kneofsey Kevin Kohler Edmund Kozln Bryon Kumomolo Wins' 'nv Q l""? Less i ' 'Q- H .ef I in K , X 'Eno- my Steven Jones Thoddeus Juorez Dond Kogeyomo Sleven Korlin Thomos Kelley John Kennedy Michoel Kim Dorren Kleimon William Lee Lawrence LGFTWOS Daniel Lenihan David LevenThaI Michael Lew Joe Leyva John Lighffoof John Lipson Patrick Lizza Thomas Lombardi Roberf Losey Colin Lynch Si Huw F pin. Aushn Kunz Adam Langsbard 'Q- Joseph LangTon Anthony Lebeauf L, , Q . , A, ix., N-fr bf. QA hw. rx ,- if ".1.....s' ' L W rl g L LJ. , ,-.Lk Mi, ,, . wi' 5 QF? "nz:-' l -bf- ,..k llrx Michael McCracken Thomas McDonald Edward McElroy Sean McEneaney IQ.:- 'ISDH' q?""9' Michael Magee John Malburg liad Marnikunian Rafael Manriauez Robert Mansour Timothy Marble Robert Mariani David Marks Todd Martin Todd Martin Robert Martinez Patrick McCarty dvi if? Michael McGovern Richard McLaughlin Peter McNally Timothy Meade Joseph Miccio Charles Mirkovich Joseph Monternarano Joseph Montes Graylan Moore Gregory Moore Vincent Moore John Morales Christopher Moran Eric Moreau Frank Morrow Sarosh Motivala William Muldoon Kevin Mullen Robert Munakash Ray Murakami Richard Murphy if 'lil 1 -791172, A A' ia, ,. gi '4-rf-v ,Q lil 1 Sn.. -Culp 51- 53 f' Z is Ai AN , nib .P l ir' x Huw, .g ain my ' 'Us- 1:7 i 4 x X QR N....,,-3 N mfg: 13" . John Gallagher Health, Typewriting Mr. James Padden Western Civilization, California History Todd Murray William Murrieta James Neely Christian Nelson Wayne Nitti Chadd Nyerges Peter Nyquist Ramon Ocampo Quinn O'Donnell Timothy O'DonneIl Yuji Ogasa Gregory Olavarria Daniel O'NeiI Maximilian Paetzold John Page Rolando Pardillo Jung Pork Thomas Parr Matthew Pascale Steven Payne Raymond Pineda Timothy Plymole Eduardo Prodo Chohcy Prott Eric Puhsoloh Tourus Rodvehis Joseph Rosic Dohiel Reeves Christopher RGQGD 5 We 5- . N Z3 Q K'-K 'bn' Lotih 2, AP Lotih A Matthew Reyes Gregory Rice Todd Robbins Ahdrew Rogers Thomos Rogihsoh Morio Romoho Matthew Romoho Christopher Rosieh Eric Rottrhoh Michoei Rowlohd Raul Rufiho Slahley Ruiz Xavier Salazar William Salvihi Miguel Sahchez Gerald Sarle Eric Schneider Tracy Scoil Michael Seley Johh Sellers 'Sf 'eu' iq-1 Q61 Q X ? MH '64 it Rev. Lawrence Murphy, S.J. Biology, Chemistry 5 far ,,-N 2 Q 1 L if , ., 7 - Qi.. QW "-...IV if inf , f W' ,qw 3 'Wq,.f,.w Blaise Seraile Johh Shahahah lviailhew Shari Sleyeh Siriahhi 4 -w I ' ' fr iaf' Nh Louis Skeriich John Sloon Don Smifh Michoei Solis Alon Sozio Robert Spicuzzo Rev Raymond Allender S J Mdrtnew Tellerio Brennon Thompson Colin Thompson Mork Tilson Eric: Tolliver STepnen Towle John Aufher, S.J. Mr. Thomas Portman Western Civilizotion, Culturol Geogrophy it A 'R Una .Q-N... X, 9, fc, ' 7 Lrsmiifz . -j i' 'e,r51,1-,fu Wili- . Christopher Woyne Christopher Weber Christopher Wellrnon Jeffrey Whittet Doniel Wilson Michoel Wilson lviothew Wong Potrick Wood Nicholos Wooler Thomos Workmon Potrick Young John Yunker Christopher Yusi Roul Zunigo A 'wr Nix Lia ph. ' Hector Villogro Timothy Von Der Ahe Merrick Wolter Doniel Word M., 151' 7.22 , 25' I L W X' C if if r V fe YQMK g V It r 4' Photo Not Available se xr M 5 050 X 'S' QQOQOWK Board Q9 9095 SGGKS To Hem W d mi X s Yx XX x x 'Wx X ff WWW Loyola CDCDIU EH! ,x .1 ,,f-s Ia GUY' 'N nw viii' Q X X ow! " new W ..,.4Qt:. ifif.. .Q Q80 Q ' St .' 5 ttzttssi s s "101:11s009 4 'HuoovaoOf,4 lssupso00O? Gig, QQQO, , GOO, 0 - rss" 4 1 s wso0of"': 00052, Oo 04019 5 O I 0 4 , . . oo., s,4 V 3 nm L .,k- F QXSKMS . '- 4 . 'uttrfxikc' 4 if if 3 x V swf? Wgmg, Cxkiiwubi For zovou HANNUN THEATER nf LUYULA mm SCH u...,.,,,,,, PM rms Aunlfillusi ucmngg N' 'O gym UL ICAT gag, an - NNNMMN FQ 381 1 ,, ...,... ,..,.,, ....x . . """ vw 1 H A.. g gk. 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Peralla Iveile Rivas David Sainl-Jacques Bruce Seidel Marie Shemdin Paul Tyler Syd Vinnedge Pablo Vilar Jeff Whirfel Paula Whillel PLA Hannon Theater of Loyola High School Y IU association with The Loyola Players Direclors: C.l-l. Dobol Mark Milner LUYLA f, - f HI JUYSW Q Q Q N, NNN 1 ,7 at FQ I PB ' E2 5 Q "Q if-Q.'3.j,6-4 '4 ,, 81,0 "Q FWEFQ I - ami M ,sgziei ff PRCDDUCTICDN STAFF O l i l i l me l l 4 Qi, l l 0 , GD x il K Q l -rv R Q l l l lt Q l Noi Pictured: Juslin Yorke, Greg Allain, Jean-Pierre Durand, Chris Moran, Brian Whilney, Jack Mansour, Jorge Marlin, Eddy Prado, Brendan Lynch, Brendan McCarty, George Endara, Tim Byrne, Ar- mand Cazian, Joe Waimrin, Pal McCarly, Jim Sax, Thomas Kim, Guy Burkhardl, Joe Golli, Joan Sianek, John Brosio, Micheal Conely. Four Plays Crew Top row: Kevin l-laighl, Barnaby Crahan, Mick Mandelbaum, Mike Garcia, Tom Filzpalrick, Greg Francis. Bollom row: Andy Byrne, David Koh, Scoil Schumacher, Mark Anderson, Bill Gaines. West Side Crew Top row: Mr. Wazak, Mark Anderson, Mr, Garfield, Barnaby Crehan, Sean Bolliger, Bill Gaines, Kevin Lynch. Middle row: Scoh' Schumacher, Tom Filzpalrick, Mick Mandelbaum, Kevin Haighi, Don O'MeIveny, Jim Brands, Bob Roginson, Greg Francis. Bollom row: Dave Koh, Mike Garcia, Bolo Cody, Neil Silverman, Paul Salvaly. HANNUN THEATER uf LUYULA HIGH SBHUUI. iavliiia 'Fin fins Director C.H. 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':: fr-, M., 7 z--M,-vQ. n - 1 .L , v- 'J' W1 '.,- A "f"P'x45Q 3-,.f3if'f'Ii4 ,l5fV".73A', IW fZ5l':,l""'.g Qf77'if1T11'g WL. the ifngali,-at Volume 57 Special Yearbook lssue June 4984 INGLIN SALUTES CQLLEAGUES by Damian Inglin, Associate Editor Tony "Hey d---" Burgos, Editor- in-Chief, most holy lord, contributed to the paper by completing an Edito- rial page on time, a feat uncommon in Loyola journalism. Using his graphic art abilities, Tony graced the pages with "Hey Dude.. .It's time for Cub Sports," a cartoon series we all had to learn to love. Seldom seen, Tony is credited with being the low- est-keyed Loyalist Editor-in-Chief in recent history. Nelson "The Man" Maldonado, Assistant Editor, sparkled every issue with his outstanding drawings and cartoons. One masterpiece of partic- ular note was his "Home for the Hol- idazet' spread, for it exposed the outstanding shortcomings of prom- inent Loyola educators. Mike "Rat-shed" Rasic, News Editor, follows in the illustrious foot- steps of John Hubanks. His greatest strength lies in writing descriptive 40' The dedicated editorial staff for the 4983-84 school year includes, from left to right: Christopher Charbonnet, Production Manager: Bernardo Silva, Feature Editor: Michael Rasic, News Editor: Nelson Maldonado, Assistant Editor: Peter Dolan, Business Manager: Paul Balson, Copy Editor: Barnaby Crahan, Circulation Manager: Kevin Lynch, Sports Editor: Damian Inglin, Associate Editor. Missing: Anthony Burgos, Editor-in-Chief: Mr. Michael Bergez, Moderator. And then there is Barnaby Crahan, Charbonnet, ho's He?' liw Chris as C .Q .. an d cs E an Z 27a 6 cv Z 44 .C .QP o 'O' 32 Q E Q '4- co U 2 o .E 'O' V7 U o U7 .C -C .C +- v- O 2 CD .Q E CD 2 .Q O co O 2 O an 5 3 C 529 mu. 1 Q O 3 U LLJ wi an 3 D 0 :- X Q .C U7 4 cf o U7 C '53 O Q d 5 O Q. .'-2 O or Q QD ai E 'aa I EE ...E- GJ E.: EE -59, .D 4-I 'cg' O.- .Un ad 33 af 5.93 xv, s: N6 5-1 L,-to .-1 sid oo ,.::C.' QC .Gm QE 'Un- eu +-'12 G3 as of as 32 3 ,ao V3 SLE WE 3 - 51: 32 5 me Clean' Balson, Copy 1. l'. Paul "M s section hi d IC mple CO ays W he al QOWPAN S Staff VicTor Adu Leonei BoIiTon John Brosio Poui CorIsTroem ric Gowey GOTY Murokdrni Cdr Meyer John Podomo Rod Peno Sergio PorTiIio, Devin Sorno, Ber- nordo Silvd, Guy Zoninovich Mrs. Lou Ann Berordi .1l.. , Mbdefdfel' S Windowpones is The onnuol IiTerory rnogozine of Loyolo High School. Com- posed of on, poeTry, prose ond phoTog- rophy The pupIiooTion is enTireIy or- rdnged ond produced by members of The Loyolo sTudenT body. T WXUTTTW F-TRCDGP . Q '. 4 IYMPQJ if Qfffli Lfaff FA? 07-yn, 4 Af" H'514'f12'0 ' Q -if .mfr , iii blhi b Q, Rx Cf, h e f 2 Jr ff'-X fi" If K ffaw5ll7 C J in 4331 . I Ill. 1 I Al- 1'T'f.'s T fflvlffyf 7'f1K5'f Af HM Iffwa mfwrrry f77"55B"7"5f conmgyuc F-Troop is d group of foculTy dnd sTudenTs who produce The ThemdTic liTurgies ThdT ore scoTTered ThroughouT The school yedr. All sTudenTs dTTendlng The mosses become porT of F-Troop ond iTs ydlues. The group is coordinoTed by Fr. Allender, S.J., wiTh dssisTonce from Mr. AuTher, S.J., ond Mr. PorTdmn. STudenTs ocTlve in The group included Colin Lynch, Juon Perez, Roger DeFilippo, Kenney Gould, Cdrlos Arogon, Seon Bolliger, Andy Fenody, Vic Adu, Gory Ivlurdkdmi, Chorlle lvlurkovich, ond PdT Orr. X ie mg Fawwwy mfsmyf If M ,JU MZLJ ML HQUMQIII To you gy junk .A Mfyl 5 yr FIUINDLY Nclgllbwufpop be - Jfwf 'lease ---- - - .Q : U ' ' I 1 1 .. '.' . I . Q ' - 515011. H7' 75 044. By T M fjwy . 'Q EIJUOQMUO J-Hmff BSTUQL ' ' 4 ' trap 7 10 lr Ly 5 ffl? --an T' lll 511011 y nl! THE W ffff VHl4ffr.rlA 7 I CHAPEL INTER HANG! 51' In iTs 'I2Th year, InTerchange has furTher conTribuTea To The schooI's operaTionaI cosTs. This ainnerfaucfrion combines The parenTs, facuITy, and sTudenTs in an ef- forT To make The InTerchange a yearly success, Fr. Cabalan, S.J., Fr. MacDonald, S.J., and Fr. Ryan, S.J., are The c:oarainaTors of The InTerchange. Wx 251111, ,, ,A--Ms: .:,-f:'L---' f ,- 'XSTQFE'fi'l?'iffQ?f1'l?LG15?-'54 'I , 5.9 rr xi '19 f Terence Antonius Corlos Arogon Noel Arogon Woyne Ariolo George Bocnmonn Jonn Boker ViCTOr Adu G ChrisTopner Aguilor Quik f Q .-,fr f G, Gregory Alloin AnTnony Amorillos iff 'Ov I 1 ii, AA Doug Anderson A' Mork Anderson l -f' 6 I " A xx ' .. ' V It ,g-uanw"" mi il Rev. Kevin Leidich, S.J. Theology 2, Foifn of Cornolics Vincent Bakulich Michael Balaoing James Balesh Paul Balson Jose Barcelona Lorcan Barnes J - iz' t 1 I -m r, .7 1 7 Q , 5 'Lf :Q , W g L up- .. N it V z , f. Q 5 fs - :fy -seg Q s 53,2 5:53 f J' ' :G Q Q :X R if G cc A rw. , : . .r . rsh :si X WW, .rr I as K W X , ,:-,::: Q s Rl 'HS SRF if 412 . in .lv Mrs. Liliane Goczal Photo Not Available ,pq ji an X X I is 'sl ta., French 12,3 Thomas Berrero Joseph Birrhisfle James Blumenrhal Sergio Boccaro Thomas Bolger Sean Bolliger Henry Buckingham Guy Burkhardi Joseph Burschinger Emanuel Buller Andrew Byrne Robert Cady Dylan Caldwell John Calverjr Daniel Calvo Michael Campbell Stephen Canllay yr-- s J 5 is mi Q.. -L:-XY-3.22 :-.fr-9 -. X. X if "-.. L rrrzy, L . .53 . -.- X Qi' 5 . 4. is B QW? s. i' ..::,..i.f2Q1.gsW -.fszf...1 .: in., - ' . A ,,.21 . .Q KW SSX X Mil . WS Y, we N NN . . Q X ,Q X N xx N: - Q . . T' Q " 52 25 Q.-afif k t' ,pq Sw Y N :R x in ' yi F' ,.,, ,X M 4 N SXSW' W Mm' x N is g W ,. Q X l E K NX N NX f s si . 9 ,. WJ: LA..k. .. ' wi:-:Ji-1 -my-. .. ,. ess.: Q . . - mi ss- - se - gy x -E L - -X k I: .. ' sm iii: 'lf' W ii f l -:ft iii? rrr y PS1 E.. .A . . if ' i 5 X X AB is 3, . Lazarus Bold pp s 4 James Brands Michael Bravo ss David Brown Q. www gm gmzsmerwlf - lb .,,:,, P ' Mr. Roberi Buschelman mmm Chemistry 1- . w.. .1-v 4. 'O' ' m i. 21. . x . . ' -in s N' N . Q NS is S .A . ix. g H X 2: .W - ilu... Y-wi ' . i .... ' ' wer' - " "W " m i ..,.E:f:1:-Y.. y me 2 ' r ' P ' X v f X In N v-T.r 415 1.-M ty .,,. Q , Q 'S R i P i1?4T'1e "' . 1 WEN Qi Waller Conn Raymond Consing Franklin Conlreras Kevin Cooper -ev 1' 'Q' Hr Photo Not Available vo-s-3 ?i-y John Carlslroem Rodolfo Casasola Joseph Cashman Guillermo Casianeda Marlin Casllllo James Cavalaio Ronald Ceballos David Chacon Grant Chaffin Edward Chambers Michael Chan Mac Chandler Mark Childs Paul Collins ,,,-as Eric Cox Bornoby Crohon John Cueltor STephen DeGuire Robert DeICornpo Poul DeLeon Andrew Desirnone Robert Dimifrov K X . Denney Dornonfoy n X Q' W -X1 . ps- : f 5es"'f X Y 1 ,md Q 5,-rr .f 4 1 Viv of I of X., X ws .xx x 5 wg g 3 - mmsff Dr. Anionlo Morlllo Spanish 3, AP Sponisn A 0 ,, X885 5 Q2 ' ' f X Robert ElSeV1hOfTlGf David Elder Steven Emanuel Marc Esprabens Brian Eslvvick Donald Evans Ronald Evans Slrefan Fauble Dean Eellon Muslc l Music Appreclalion, American Music 4 ,fag fin' be n' 1 yu w NIM!! Gregory Fronois Gordon Froser John Freemon Lesnon Frierson Tnomos Frifzsone Alex Fyrnof Williom Goines Juon Gomboo George Goroio Micnoel Gorcio my QQ f X 1 Rofoel Gorcio Bruce Gordeo Tnomos Gorreit Cnorles Gosper Mionoel Goyoront Jonn Goyer Qoyrnond Geogon if! if 1.1 - Z 'Qa- .... ' ff Q f x 1 X X X is 5:5 'W'-v A ww Q 'sq ..- I V , 4 514 .4-5 the T' Rev. Jerrold Lindner, S.J. English 3, Advonoed Composihon Q. Wi it it W .li l -. mf' fsl K s , X . P? . Garrison Gershon Thomas Glascott Thomas Grnelich Chris Gonzales Owen Gonzales Mr. Peter Wright English 3 he 1 Photo Not Available Kenney Gould Eric Gowey , Ve 1 MIP -. 'N Frank Grace Robert Graner Patrick Greer Javier Gutierrez Kevin Haight Mark Hall Dale Harewood Trey Hastings John Hefner Brian Heimer Gregory Heinen Richard Hiney Terry Holberlon Richard Holguin Brandi Hooker Anlhony Howe John Hughes ,, 3 ww i L va-Q, in vu.. at 2' K 1 B, l Lz m- .n. .Lf-V 4: f Q "' W 'E 1? we v V ws 'H' W "'Y""' N ik K -ornv .r M 3 A ml '- my ,. 'f'1'Ii3l ' if " M h A M 6 1 x Qt 1' 6, Mr. Bruce Nichols X ga , QW J g ri f si Biology, Chemislry Michael Huntsman Derrick Jacob David Jankosky Rornas Jarasunas Michael Jayelera Marlin Jimenez David Johns . S. X.i. . ,L ., ., 1 n ' K ,, f 5 -. 3' 5 t"" sn. Q , .. 3' . , 'X . Qt Qs. f .1 m5,,. . Nq,. ' L Q, .M F 1 X535 ., t gb . . ' 'X fa .A if f Eric Katigloak Sean Kelley Paul Kepp Andy Kim Mark Kimura Robert King -S. Q1g"'g.., M Stephen Klima S 3353 -4.4 'IE 1?-5. ,E -Q, ' I .i., QA 'vs Robert Kline Matthew Klink David Kon Steven Kuretich Derek Kurzenknabe Joseph Labrie Robert Lacsamana iii: STS' .. .. x.... x i N X x X X .xx F X E gf 1 SSM S Q xx M, XA ...Xi f 53:5- WSG .XL mi yr.. k 4 ibifii ' . 5 : X Xi X Mit, tw- U S History, AP Diplomatic History S Q Q aft S 'W S-2 fy - Mr. Thomas Goepel X it -x,,. my I I ' it X ' A v ,- " H 1- ca tai . f A K i 'lf at 9 G A St A Peter Lagasse Matthew Laos Anthony Lawton Mark Lecker Edward Lemus Ricardo Lemus Russell Lieu Richard Loomis Gilbert Loyola Claudio Ludovisi aww 'O' -...A N-of Q? fi its if z 'iv Y Rev. David MacDonald, S.J. A , L '- fi 1. 1 ,Q-,X ' 'f , is Latin 1,3 win: 'ff' if--' ff 'I ' 6? f 3 1 'fffqtbf f f i fx r . e ' V la , 1,4 XL .gf A er .L fl is, ? ' Gerald Luke Paul Lynam Alexander Macalalad Roger Mackey - John Maffei Brandt Manchee Michael Mandelbaurn in .4 3, i ' X ir. . tg. if Nei - if at r l psi .'., 1 i Hr 3 g , X Qs X. il Christian Mann Jack Mansour Andrew Martin Jorge Martin Jose Martinez Daniel Matusiewicz Paul Maynard Peter Mc:Aniff Brian McCarthy Sean McGinn ,is -has 2 .l .i ' .Qi 'O' r gg A Y , -I lf-gif' Nz? .f f. Q.-' ' .2 - i - N . , ,hw ' 13. ' 43.80, V X T' 8315. 1 6. Q U W 14 21 S... "NNW ,dy ins l if d"' 1 in 'Q N-its Qw l it Tracy McLaughlin John McMillan Alexander Meade David Melendez Karl Meyer Matthew Michaels Gerald Milford Philip Miotto Joseph Mirkovich Christopher Moffat 'ks John Neuhoff Kevin Newell Edwin Nieda Jon Nishikubo Kerry Nowicki Danny O'Melveny Luis O'Campo Robert O'Connor James Orland 6 .FN ,idx T3 sqm JN. Q -ah' it tl il I L. i ,Inj in X 1 l ggi, V xiii' ,.. . i pi 3 ON Tig M. sei :ig L : fam W . X A K 1 ee,, dw M , .lk 3 ' x we ,ilk Y '15 K Q no 'iiii 'X riiieiri S ik I5 X Q N 1, .wr ii 32151 T . X H-an i Nor 'Qfx two! fl... WR' M 'Q ug! Q in-f f K X xt up ' N ' A H NN Martin Mora Daniel Mulville William Munday Gary Murakami Matthew Murphy Andrew Nangano Rodolfo Navarro Q 534. ..,. l S L i i, ? Mr. Steven Armstrong, S.J. English 3, French 2, Rhetoric and Comp ,. ga, if 'gl . , ,.KL.. uv- - R., Q' 'N y .. h ., :md k-if-I M rui r,r, ilu. , M Sip, A sur -2?z:r- . .af l -.+ - . S l , Gig: 1:2 X .5 - ' Q x . : ik. .-f. , ' ,, i . i M fy 1 l "fl . QQ N tw is 1' 5 'M " . Ri U .,., Q A, , V M. i , ,ri, , R - -if-Zi xx mhg X 1 14... Suv' L 1 my i Q., Mr. Edward Castellanos Honors Sponish 'l, Sponish 3 JOSG Quon Anthony Poppos Donny Porks Thomos Peck Rolondo Pe-no Phillip Peneyro Sie-phon Pippen Dovio Plolnik G-ory Poousko G-ory Puhek Noel Quilong Roberl Roglond Polrick Regolodo Williom Reilly Phillip Renlerio Eric Richoros Rod Rigole Jonn Riley Mike Roberts Roberl Robinson Steven Robinson Ruben Roddrie Rodney Rodriguez Roberl Roginson Dovid Romero Eddie Russell Dovid Sdbourin Poul Sdlvdly Jornes Solz Anlnony Sonohez Jon Dawson Morco Sevillo Christopher Shields Neo! Silvermon Andrew Sison hm p ,P . N - q ,Eg 21 , is . S- 35 N is -..k X ii. K, .. I , :iii . , F Sponish 4 2 3 Jomie Slocum Terronce Slocum Poul Smeoley Christopher Smith Michoel Suclo Benjomin Sullivon John Sullivon Poul Surrelie Ronooll Suzuki Ken Tonigowo Richord Tow Moiihew Thiel Douglos Thomos Michoel Thomos iff fs' I 'Qi' , A , mf? rig 11 K af s, is rs. 7' G' flaw ""' fbi , Q """"' . X A .i Eric Wise Joseph Wood Cloude Yocoei Stephen Young Ashrof Youssef Bryon Zoyoio Photo Not Available Low 111 'l QS.-f Henry Tirodo Thornos Tostodo Dougios Townsend iviotthew Tysler Michoel Von Dyke Rout Vego Stephen Vegh Vijoy Veiu Poul Viilolobos Dorius Vosyiius Christopher Wdgner Oliver Weber Dennis Wedding Brion Whitney Scott Wiemon Mr. Thomas O'NeiII, S.J. F7 U.S. History, American Government CAMPUS MINISTRY Q S .. 59 2 , 5 -3 SIN ...NWN Wg X ww RETREATS The Cornpus IVIinisTry ond Fr. Aliender pro- vide juniors ond seniors wiTh on opporTuniTy To experience Three-doy reTreoTs during The yeor. By geTTing owoy from iT oil, sTuc:TenTs con geT in Touch wiTh Themselves ond relox in o spiriTuoI oTrnosphere. X si Q N za?--fxg-.N uk- . . Fig, " "Q ffx-mm' K -fr-iz,ig.,. 'X ' ,: W ' 1, Mu., Q .- wa .K .yr as - J, A f"S"w-A W. fix X.,- 's 'bi 4' 5 X: , .Q . -, . ss A ,Jw-:w ' Trfn. QM .wa Will .1- .3-nq SENIGR PROJECT In iTs fourTh yeor The Senior ProjecT ogoin succeeded in giving The senior cldss o chonce To geT ouT inTo Their communiTy ond help The poor, The sick, ond The children of Los Angeles. For Three weeks in Jonuory The seniors did doily service, ond The period ended wiTh o moss ond slide show. The projecT wos coordinoTed by lvlr. Tim Coughlin. is Saiiilipgrgfglmg LI X www Wfeifihif- 5 i sf Q . 1 Ei i 3 3 ,.. A-"5 vax J X 2 .il-' CHRISTIAN ACTICDN MOVEMENT CAM, LoyoId's ChrisTidn AoTion MovemenT, presenTed LoyoIo's Third CAMBOREE dnd The very successful Toy Drive, dlong wiTh weekly TuToring dnd visiTdTions To oonvdlescenT hospiTdIs. All money dnd Time wenT Toword helping vorious needy founddTions dround The Los Angeles ored. CAM wos coordindTed by Tim Coughlin dnd SCOTT i-idrringTon, S.J. Nel- son Moidonodo led The boord, which consisTed of ErnesTo Aldover, Poul CdrisTroem, Allon CuiITy, Mike Denmon, Mike Rosie, Kevin Roy, Bernie Siivo, PoT Suliivon, dnd Mdrk Vdldez. N-I ,I -PRESENTS- Loyola High School! NDIQEE 148 RICE- CALLACHER C .L .C embers were: Michael Thomas, ark Childs, Jim Seley, Mr. Gallagher, iclor Adu, David Romero, Joe Burs- hinger, Mr. Rice, John Cuellar, and ary Murakami iff! IW- X x EJ its Pl-IRED C.L.C. Members were: Mr. J. Aulher, S.J. Mr. M. Grego, Joe Slronkes, Sean Callahan, Darren Kleiman, Rolando Pardillo, Eric Moreau, Ramon Ocampo, Gerald Sarle, Sarosh Molivala, Dana Kagyama, Raul Rufino, and Viclor Sulil LINDNER SCP!-I C.L.C. Back: Tim Meade 2nd row: Joe Carranceja, Steven Payne, Tim Marble 3rd row: Gerry Cacnio, Bill Birney, Mike Magee, Mike Rowland lllh row: Richard Briones, Fr. Lindner, Mark Verrengia Missing: Joe Brink, Greg Rice, Tom Lombardi, Peler Nyquisl, Steve Ferraro, Todd Robbins, Alan Sozio, Brian Ar- nold, Sleve Carroll, Jay Broderick, Henry Amado, Mike McGovern, and Thomas Crehan ii in-W ALLENDER SCP!-I C.L.C. Front row: David Flores, Jaime Casteneda, Back row: Ray Mura- kami, Christopher Cheleden, Fr. Allender, Charles Ivlirkovich, Pierre Bourgeix, George Hawley I3UD'S C.L.C. Front to back: Pat Lizza, Bob Spi- cuzza, Tim O'Donnell. Bob Hensley. Tom Parr, and Fr. Gatto ALLENDER JUNIOR C.L.C. Members were: Wayne Ariola, Fr. Allender, Paul Kepp, Jorge Martin, David Johns, Joseph lvlirkovich, Sean Kel- ly. Andrew Desimone. Brandt Hooker, Sean Weinman, Richard Hiney, Thomas Bertero, Andrew Nangano. Matthew Murphy, Javier Gutierrez, John lviaffei. James Cavataio, Richard Taw, Stephen Cantlay, and Robert 0'Connor LINDNER- RIVISTRCNG C.L.C. Members werez Fr. Lindner, S.J., Mr. Armsirong, S.J., Augie Torres, Tony Poscoie, Pdui Corlsiroem, Gory iohi- hdro, Devin Sdrno, John Arnopp, John Corlsiroem, Doug Townshend, Dove Thornsberry, Mike Denmen, Dovid Henry, Joe Cdshmon, Jdmes Wilson, Kevin Wohlmui, Fronlc Morrow, Jung Pork, Sieve Uniock, Poul Moynord, Bernord Silvo, Dovid Polo. lf., FRCSI-I C.L.C. Sidndingz D. Corlson-Smiih, D. Col- lerio, D. Guerend, C. Violo, J. Win- nek, T. Sloiiery, S. Doheny, Fr. Ben- neii, S.J., Siiilngt Mr, Bdldk, M. O'Mel- veny, M. Rosic, J. Roughon, M. Md- loney, J. Cereli, J. Gmeiich. 'FFS x V. l""' Members were: Poul Collins, Bornoby Crdhon, Poui Soivoiy, Moll Tysler, Meil Siivermon, Bob Roginson, Chris Mdnn, Mike Goybroni, Joe Wood, Jomie Bo- Iesh, Trey Hdsiings, Peler McAniff, Rudy Cososolo, Greg Frdnois, Jim Bluemihol, Sieve Young, Roberi Dimilrov, Fr. Fice, S.J. HARRINGTON- PORTIVIAN C.L.C. Members were: Paul Smedley, David EI- der, Brian Hermer, Noel Quilang, Mark Kimura, Roberl Ragland, Chris Gonzalen, Mall Michels, Joey Akalslika, Rolando Pena, Rodolfo Navarro, Ray C-eagan, Jose Sanchez, Jon Nishikubo, Paul Villalo- bos, Ruben Rodarle, Danny Malusieniez, Frank Conlreras, Phillip Peneyra, Tony Howe, Tom Peck ,f LEIDICI-I C.L.C. Members were: Raul Zaniga, John Kennedy, Joe Monles, Tom Kelley, Fr. Leidich, S.J., William Salvini, Mike Kim, John Alejo, Roberl Mansour, Mario Romano, Eric Rollman, Rob- erl Marlinez, Tauras Radvenis, Sieve Charbonnel, Tom Badwell, John Page, Phil Baker, Liam Cal- lanan, CMissingQ Mr. Padden, Travis Foss, Tim VonderAhe, John Hsu, Neil Greany, Roberl Calverl, Sean Kneafsy ,fx X BERCEZ C'NElLL C.L.C. Members were: Francis Gala, Ri- cardo Azarloza, Victor Sobre- pena, Harold Washington, Sean Allen, Mr. O'Neill, Mr. Bergez, Har- old Fowlkes, Juan Perez, Chris Wesl, Jeff Alvirez, Ramiero Cor- onel, Roy Mala, Erneslo Aldover, Jonathan Cornelia, Howard Ng, Malhew Ng, Thomas Kim i -Xe: 1, fs' 1. 8' W 'K"""""N' 9 v f JA Vg 5 Q K K .Q ,J if il f, Tm.. is in--ll Q -..--........ GRADUATES lr, ,SK X .W -f Q y x 3 Af- x if-. f li,g' ,if TN 'H ,. . ' X af ,,,.,...-gh g x Rpm- " .3 M' . -vi' J? ,Pr ,fi if .af f 4.-.ov M wk., , ,. M1 , Q A Hung, New I au.. .. ,ai , KE, QQQUKN 'fig .Q wtf !.yT,.2" Q , - -4. A K ew , . 'A' V, K - ,333 'Km ,'.fq,fgv 4' , ww . v-+ - A ,. V Q . 'f-m is fx wg. f wx" W A-af X . f' , ',..fa..wK It gl. v R K .. C . 3 , 4 - , wuwf-1141, . .smqffi N' +4 A .wi-'sv fa ' ' , ux'fXffffi', 'K' fl. 1 V ff "Q, K .K ,.K..KKKAKw KKK K ,..KKKKjK5EKikKQ151..,,'v A-.., Kim., .Ks -gi .W K K KV R K N 3. gffi Nf"iN"?4mfff3:' W' iffiw. "LS f fi if i"'Qx'f'-N'-i'f"++"5-xg 'M " 'iw .A v xg... f x .ww x 1-ew .L . -x v. NA... ww A-vw 1 ': . i ' .4 P - Q . ,A 1 f"',!- :X -gig ,fy " A fm, pf ,,K"'y f 'f Vx' yi W, ., .?I'."'ff.1 .. . Xp .- .+V "2 'Aw ,f. Q- -1' --, 4 . K K X, P QKXQNKK. : K jg K.K W. .-W f K.. ii, ,AK . .. KK if "H'YiK:,p' H , -.J ,-0+ gf q. . . . ' v swag. 5 ,mv K-jf., . . ....,h-.Afiw- K ,,,K, ,, A 5:4 u 4a pw, K, K xv xxyffw.. K K- fg.iKVg5?,.f J. ,Xt N in, ax- ' 3- 'KKK - KA , ' .r 4 Q 4 K - iv' ' Zf.:' Y, ,K 'i V5 VF ' 1 wg fx' uf, ifv 12.1 g 'wav Q V . ' ', , 'X S ' K .43 . V .f .J f .K .K L. . 6 fx Q Q N A ,'- gg. :Q fa K .1-K 5 ,4 K , KKK. , K ' . TQKQ4 K , ,, KK K Ng 35 gi iKK ., f1.."1jiQ?KK'1 .Hssfggkij Xsgsgf E, .5 , ,KQV K I ,QK ' iii' A xi , .ws 411 K' M N .K - S- -5X .. 651- ,. K , , .2 .g Mr K - Q ,1 1 , ,w 'K -1 , . y ,N k K F A .WQS 1-f X . A ! Vx Il TF .ff V Kas, 'ik 133 R- wwf-Q. W 'Q . ' ' -'ff' SYS K. K KSN- ,ASK Q KK wlsmg. Ki ,KKeKKmKKi4KKw?? 3 ,K,iK.QK K KE, , - KK ,. :Kg 1KKKLK:x NM, kv .9- K KAAKK f.-K ,K L. ?an5 f -KK .K MPR. .K .- ,gh X. ,KXKN .V Q, ,,Kf,,K,L . x4 v . K K . - 1 :KK K KW :w.,:KKg KK. ,lv-1.5 .K Tlx Q. ' .K KK Kg, KK, KK, K . X S X ' -f ., -j '. . y - Q .S K 5-in -.Q . W. .2 M- A If ' 'X J' 5 Q X X-.w5'1kimix 'K bi W if .Ag if S K 51 if' Q-2. K Q W x ' . . Q f x X' 'P 54N X. , ,www f . . HKS-5.1 Y sfvgfj . K .A BN: ..-Mig is 5 K ggmw. .A , .M ff N. ' A ff X 5 -A 1 . Q A ' ' ' ' z , x- Q .g x 'S I X A Q2 K . R. LENS. -0 . Ni 1 f W g . .f X. .U 1 . Q Q... .iw W 3 4 MT. K, . X f 35 ,lg H K X. . x wf K' .' LQS , "V fe ' Q Wir' 6 , A +"fs'NQ f.-"'1i"+ " w b, 1 1 .' +1 - . f' .M wk ff - Q 1. 1 ' ' lf "5 K . V' 1 K Lf 'X 'I A 'ff K -" '. W f .. K . F , . ,K . . A. M A . , . KK l K K , . ,. . SK K, , K 'QQ ' s 1 -Mm ' K , ' .Q .., H X A n . W 1 Ay.. 4 f H. X . 3 , . mwqqg- -4+ James Siephen Adams Look down To The sTars, up To The EarTh3 We all use faces, buT seldom The TruTh- To see Through The clouds To a differenT World. IT was greaT. Thanx To all my family and friends. DRDC . . . FREVR, 3, TXBBI, AOY, JIMA. I is Kelton Joseph Alexander CharacTer is higher Than lnTelIecT. Emerson Thanks Mom 81 Dad and CourTney Sean F. Allen If iT weren'T for The IasT minuTe, a IoT of Things would never geT done. T.P.O. Thanx Iviom 84 Dad 81 All Louis R. Albanese . . . and we can be heroes, jusT for one day . . . David Bowie - Ernesfo F. Aldover EducaTions has really one basic fac- Tor a sine qua non- One musT wanT iT ........ Unknown Thanks Mom and Pop Mr. Gary Gailleld Physics, Honors Physics Leopoldo John Alonso You TaughT me educaTion, And my profiT on'T is I know how To Think, To Think: perchance To dream. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Sis. Love Always. Jeff Alvirez A dream is noThing unless you're sTrong enough To fighT for iT. Bruce SpringsTeen Thanks Mom and Dad. John Joseph Arnopp True happiness consisTs noT in The mulTiTude of friends, buT in The worTh and choice. 4 is Freddy A. Arroyo S. Quiero dar gracias a mis padres por Todo lo que me han dado. Thanx To everyone who has helped, especially Ben Jonson S.T. " " ' 'QUT K' .B .uk-f P' f . H4 'ZH' ' " is "1 ' , Q... ' T ,Q my N. :T f - if 'W' 3 Q ,"' . , f Miig A x Q 2 xx ff, X X . T X. A "' ' T , if " T i y gy 'f .. T M Y . 'Si 'K x Q . ,,. Ll Q .T B g 1 AGA r ' 1 '. i BreT L. Baldwin A revoluTionary is merely a climber wiTh a bomb in his pockeT. Orwell God, please Take care of Bill. PSC + HP + MB 1- OBP i T l T Leonel Vicenie Taluban Ballfon Amen one! Fr. D. Ryan Thanks lvlom and Dad Mahal KiTa Ricardo Eduardo Azarloza I've been reaching deep inside me For Things I've never known lT's been Tough, rough goin', BuT I haven'T gone alone. Muchismas gracias a mi querida fami- lia ya mis amigos. ,Y Dlno Joseph Bagllonl No one can Tell wheTher or noT The coming generaTion will be a race of gianfs. Adolf HiTIer, 49413 Thanks Mom, Dad, Loyola Frank C. Barnes Behold, I have Tried you like mefal in a furnace. God P.S. Say someThing inTeIligenT! Norman Barnett lt's a small world, but I wouldn't like to paint it L.A. John Frederick Beelop You have to have a party when you're in a state like this Psychedlic Furs Patrick William Barnwell To achieve all that is possible we must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more. Karen Ravn Michael Christopher Berger Faith in yourself will make despair dis- appear. Frank Tyger Thanx everyone Rev. Reynold Gatto, S.J. Christian Yoga, Meeting G-od, Faith of Catholics, Scripture Steven Anthony Baur Though we may be parted, There is still a chance that we may see, There will be an answer, Let It Be The Beatles What would chairs look like if our legs bent the other way'?'? HOGBA-I Douglas James Bletcher Sow a thought, reap an act: Sow an act, reap a habit: Sow a habit, reap a character: Sow a character, reap a destiny. R"r'1uv- Michael Wayne Boehle Always set your Goals and go after them. My clad Thanks Mom 84 Dad I love you Skaw, Scot, Spade,Spike See Ya! Champion Roberi J. Bogucki I jusT wdnT To geT ouT of here. Roberi Boldt In The compground folding choirs, feed DoriTos To The Beors Honey, quick The Poloroid. Thonks Mom ond Dod John James Broderick No Mos! No Mos! -Roberfo Duron Wos iT over when The Germons bombed Peorl Horbor? Germons? Forgef iT. He's rolling. Thonks Mom 84 Dod 84 my friends. Roll A. Bonneffe GreoT Things ore done by big men, greof Things ore done by smoll men: however, neiTher is greoTer Thon The oTher! Anonymous Thonx Mom, Dod ond Dris! P.B.B.A, Paul Chorles Broizen Brenf John Borcherf Geffing cciughT inside of lviisToes is no picnic!! Mark Brow The only sone people in This world ore The crozy people who reolize ThoT This world is Too Crozy To be some in. P.S. i'm crozy Richard David Brown Why don'T we broThers all join as one: for if we open our eyes Together we Then can see where we're all from. Rich Anthony E. Burgos l go To encounter for The millionth Time The reality of experience and To forge in The smithy of my soul The un- creaTed conscience of my race. Stephen Dedalus l love you all-Don'T ever change. Marco Daniel Cabibbo Italians are just speaking a bunch of corrupted Latin. -D. Draper, SJ. Hey l-lyperacTive, leT's Trade. , .Oh she's being borrowed right now, OK Then l'll waiT. LeT's rage hell on socieiy, iT's our Turn now! Narc F7 Juan Carlos Cabrera l'm changing my dream JusT as The sun goes down, In The eyes of a stranger. Duran Duran Thanks Mom, Dad, Frank, 84 Rigo for making it all possible. Jack Landon Butler A.E.: l'm with my A best friends. B.S.: Party Animals since soph. yr. l've known This guy for 6 yrs. CTCJ Hasta. . .:JH,AS.IVlIVi, DFT, TD,TP,PS,Bl-l. Thanks Fr. Bennett, Mom and Dad for your faith in me. 'K-...V Thomas Joseph Butler ,,,,..-nv-'II-'- Paul Anlhony Carlsfroem Well, you know The ducks ThoT swim oround in The logoon? Do you hop- pen To know where They go in The winTerTime, by ony ohdnce? Holden Cdulfleld Sleven John Caspary III If I wcis G-od, l'd hdve every Ten min- ules of roin followed by one minule of soop. 1 minuTe of sodp. Then every- ones cor would be cledn. Hoobo Hdbbol! The LNV'S Ron Corey . Christopher John Campbell IT is The sTudying ThdT you do dfler your school ddys ThoT redlly counTs. OTherwise, you know only ThoT which everyone else knows. Henry L. DoherTy 'S..-7 John Cardenas By The Power of G-reyskull. -He-mon Poseurs beoTing up on poseurs ThoTs one Thing buT bunkers beoTing on punkers Thol lusl wosn'T mednT To be. Eugene TD. O. WC, hw. Orlando J. Caslano The school is gredT, The educoTion su- perb. The memories 84 friends will losT forever. LeT Loyola TrodiTion corry on. SEE YA! Thonks Dod, "I need some mon- ey. I.L.Y.S.D. 8k Fcmily Too!! vi 5. f' . 1- ,A . Armen Edward Cazian Troin up ci child in The wdy he should go: ond when he is old he will noT deporT Therefrom. AESOP xf i S Michael James Chan Those who strive for perfection are those who learn from their mistakes 84 receive criticism well. I appreciate all the help that l had received these past four years. Thanx to Mom and Dad for everything Chanman's on his way. John Joseph Pettibone Clark Until the philosophy which holds one race superior then another, inferior, is finally and permanently discredited. Now everywhere is war! Thanks family and friends ,.,..-sf"""' Christopher John Charbonnet If a task has once begun. never leave until it's done. Be the labor large or small, do it well or not at all. NRC. James Cleary Show me a hero and l'll prove he is a bum. Geoffrey Michael Chavez Keep your friends close and your en- emies even closer-you are a dead man. Michael Corleon The Godfather Thanx all Roberto Contreras We're getting older as time goes by. A little older with every day We were the children of yesterday. Gracias Siempre: Madre, Padre. GodFadr CC, AC, SC, MARCO, BOO- BOO, JUAN 84 RAT Jonathan Cornelio An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin George Aaron Cuddy The Dude be talkin weird from jump street. Benny Anders Thanks Loyola, lvlom and Dad. and Loomis' Prom Date! Rainerio Dalusung Coronel The woman tempted me- and tempts me stilll Lord God, I pray you that she ever will! Edmund Vance Cooke Thanks. Bottom's Up Bye-Why-Sai. Allan C. Cuilty And though it's just a memory Some mem'ries last forever. . Rush T.Y., Mom 84 Dad, Bud, Dan 8m Derrick P.S. Ordain a friend this weekend The Porcelain Priest PPS. The Pumpkin Mobile Lives! John Francis Vito Anthony Costanzo , A .and so where the Silver Surfer soars, there he must soar alone, Marvel Comics 40-23-83 "Sheik" Thanks Cyrano, Your friend Christian Tom Dawson This is where it all begins, right here, on the outside looking in. . .The ques- tion is. . Are you on the outside look- ing ln'?, A .or. . .Are you on the inside looking out? Thank-you lvlom and Dad ,L .wmau-,ol Sean Power Dee lt used to make me so fed up, People always asking me,What will you be when you grow up? Gonna need se- curity. But . . . Huey Lewis LIRWF Thanks KKPDKLAJIVIFOSIVI Roger Edward De Flllppo Thus must your powers be addressed for only through sense-perception do they get what they then make fit for the intelligence. Dante: THE PARADISO 2 -, M.- .......MA-.M-u.Ww4-.U-uv.-4..4.l, I .W V Rev. Angus Cooper, O.F.M. John P. De George New encounters spark a true fruition Guiding lines we touch them Our bodies balance out the waves As we accelerate our days YES 'ti Computer Science Carlos de la Torre Am I actually doing well, or ls it an illusion? Did l really Know you or was it just a dream? Have we shared those memories, or Were they just created, by a child who Who's life was jaded in the past. Hector De Ia Torre Gracias a mis padres y su apollo pude terminar A anos de estudio rl- gido. Bye Loyola I owe you a lot gk ll' ., -N Martin Paul Michael Peter Detels VII When everything seems to fail in life- Rejoicel. , . lt's only a Wiggley World anyway. Philosophy ala Tigger L5 Peter Dolan You can get more with a kind work and a gun than you can with a kind word. Hey Orwell check the date! Veni, Vidi, Vici LIRWF, FLAATR . ... L, v 1 . N 4 -Vxxxvu-My " i.w.,,s..,.f 1 James Henry Devers IV Love-a strong, emotion essential to JHD Thanks Mom, Dad, Rachel, Sue, Lolo, CG, BB Oll mankind. if 'Q T .al Mlchael Joseph Denman My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. Charles Kettering P.S. Thanks Mom, Dad, John and friends. All in all, it's been fun Danlel Wayne Dlck Just jump up, touch your toes, and look back for the water. . . . .SMACK!!! Michael Barber, S.J. Thanks Mom 84 Dad, Dan Allan 8a John, Bud, Mike 81 Pat. Rev. Thomas Delaney Scripture, Church History Scott Bradley Dormer I finally see the dawn arrivin' I see beyond the road I'm drivin' far away and left behind . . . Thanx lvlom, Dad, Dee, Reu, Joe Biff, Moach and Jorge-I'll never forget. Remember ........ DRDC FOREVER!! ,rx .lin Eldon Stuart Edson The elder he grows, he is a stair lower from God: and, like his first father, much worse in his breeches. John Earle Jorge Ignacio Endara A mon can't change the road he has coveredg it's the path up ahead that counts. Michael J. Drago Bustin' loose Breaking the chain You never know what the future will bring 38 Special Thanks Mom 84 Dad Rav Anthony Edward Elchler Thanks Mom 84 Dad and Loyola for Q great years. See ya DT, BB, JB, BS, GH, and GE. Oscar Danllo Dubon Ignorance, like a disease, has no preference over its victims. Only experience can counteract its effect. But in the meantime, not even knowledge will save one's character from being consumed. ,pw-as for Iraldo Ellzaundla I wana tank everone who kontribut- ed two my edukashunl I lurned a hole lott. "Gracias a mi familia por su apoyo" II il 'Qu' Marc Rodolfo Enrlquez JusT Take a pebble and casT iT oT The sea: Then waTch The rivers ThaT unfold inTo me: my face fills so genTly inTo your eyes: disTurblng The waTers of our lives -ECP HOOBA-GOT 'WS ...L Paul Andrew Evangelafos WhaT The mind can conceive And The hearT can believe The person can achieve Mark Edward Essa Missed iT by "ThaT" much. AgenT 86-Maxwell SmarT lf money is The rooT of all evil, we beTTer change our economy! DHM Save a fly, sTep on a frog, QLHQ Thanks lvlom and Dad 'N....., nl Berne Evans Many a man would reach a greaT heighT if he had more depTh. There's always one more mosquiTo. Science wiThouT religion is lame, Religion wiThouT science is blind. EinsTein Jan Francis Farrell NoThing escapesus - Lord Humungus . Brian Tlmolhy Evans Ever since I was a kid I remember having dreams of grandeur, I was gonna be someone. I goT whaf I wanT. Rick Springfield Living in Oz Harold A. Fowlkos I The hard Times you've lived TNOUQVI are The good Times you will gain So long, Thanks class of "8A" Bortram B. Fuller And knows that yesterday is but to day's memory and Tomorrow is to day's dream. Kahlil Gibran Thanks Aunt 84 Uncle Francis John Galeon Gala All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Will Rogers -Poe Thanks everybody Michael Morgan Fuller Everyone is ignorant, Just in different subjects. Stephen Thomas Gargaro Arthur Dlaz Garcla Michael Anthony Garcla I - -I We have too much time and so little lf Noah had been truly wise, he would ggnfgwgggygwigg BLEE3:'1eC?oJri3 to do. Wait, strike that, reverse it. have swatted those two flies. mos, requested was 'me' me Ni ht Thank you: Mom 84 Dad, family, lnever lose sight of the fact that just Visitors of The yfou Come Bock gc- friends belng is fun. - - Loyola and Ms. Pup Thanks Mom onoi you too Dad. 33852-FjSeLTS'Ones Joseph Patrick Garry l Danlel Gentry Greg Geracl All men are my superiors so that I may Shake well before using- learn from them Pepto-Bismol E.M.B.O.L. A Matt Gerlach Going to hell in ci bucket, Bobe, 'least l'm enjoying the ride. -Grateful Dead lT's oll PHANTINO A Grlffln C. Gmellch You con pciy me now or poy me loter John Kvosnicko Hey, mon, responsibility is d heovy re- sponsibility. Cheech lf' ' 4- if Ronald Stephen Guerena Moke The most of every doy, Don'T let hard times stand in your woy. Whom! W A an '4 ,J if T ,V T " .Q Byron Michael Glbson Red is for the blood Thcf flows like the river Green is for The lond-AFRICA Yellow, for The gold Shaun Glbson Almost ony mon knows how to eorn money but not one in o million Then they stole' D knows how to spend it Thanx to on One God, one oim, one destiny!! KWUW 'ff' ff 5s-. bu - :- si Timothy Mark Gonzalez The yeors Teoch much what The doys never know. Mlchael Anthony Gonzales lf you feel, Thot you con'T go on, And your wheels, sinking low. Just believe, 84 you con't go wrong: ln The light you will find The role. Led Zep Emerson We're outto here! Thonx Mom, Dod, friends, 8a seniors of Thonx Mom ond Dod '83 -...il ff' I al IK5 f "i'l." Vincent R. Guerena The best stimulus for running ahead is to have something we must run from. Eric Hoffer lt's been fun. Thanks Mom and Dad. Mark Davld Guzman I may be good now but all I want to do is get better -Randy Rhodes O.K. That's done. NOW WHAT'?! -Richard Pryor Thanx Mom, Dad Juan, Rick. Robert, Marco, Fred, and especially Marisol George M. Harbaugh ll Did we leave our way behind us Such a long long way behind us Who knows when, now who knows where Where the light of day will find us Look for the day -Queen gy Mom Dad Sis Scott Jack Sabbo ez Joseph Alfred Gulna Time ripens all things. No man is born wise. Cervantes Michael Guzman Although time has slipped right thru our fingers, l see my future 84 have a pretty good grip. This song is over. . . it's all behind me. P. Towshend P.S. Thanx Mom 84 Dad CAIoty Kevln Francis Harrington Some day soon the best will come. Rich rewards for all you've done! Heineken Thanks Dad, Mom, and friends P.S. There's no life east of PCI-l Gone! M Miss Sylvia Rousseve English 1. AP English -4, Shakespeare i l , 1 Mr. Allen Marlin HODOYS Algebra 2, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus Davld Joseph Henry A collection of my trifling achieve- ments would be incomplete which contained no account of this very singular business. -Sherlock Holmes Vlncent Anthony Hernandez I believe that our Heavenly Father in- vented man because he was disap- pointed in the monkey Mark Twain John Hoyt Holloway Never put off till tomorrow what you can put off all together. He who never sticks out his neck nev- er wins by a nose. ws. JV' Sean Tlmolhy Herllhy In War: Resolution. ln Defeat: Defiance, ln Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill. Winston Churchill flee' X Christopher Edward Hlcks SOMETIMES the means we use to hide a thing serve only to advertise it. Eric Hoffer "C'mon Frank!" Thanks Mom, N 84 T Edward Davld John Holly l've never had much cause for worry And l've not got a lot to say- You'll never find me in a hurry, Because I live my life day by day- Madness ,sv 3 l yr 0- -Mix it 9 . sw., Gerald Maurlce Hughes The memories of a man ln his old age Are The deeds of a man In his prime Roger WalTers 1 ii QS I vim Damlan Samuel Schuler Inglln There's a sucker born every minuTe. P.T. Barnum Ahh . . . CapiTalism! THANKSMDSSIRFLAATRRITOOTPWT- FismGlD P.S. LIRWF 51 Gary Tadashl Ichlhara Framing Like a box explaining now explaining Then like a bubble on a sheeT in flames Then To as dense as weT coTTon swabs for a Time Then dabble in formula To explain. . . Mike WaTT I if -r'f ily' , . , ply' , ' 5, f 3553 V gi 93 R W sf" f is if 'Q fix' Q ' BIII JCICKSOI1 I'm for sTanding up, I'm for Breakin free I don'T wanT faTe handed clown To me I'm for movin' on, Try anoTher Town Time ain'T changin' noThin', Take a look around. T.P. Tanx-aT Parls P. lgnells One of The greaTesT Labor-saving in- venTlons of Today is Tomorrow. VincenT T. Foss Thanks Mom and Dad!! 4 mQ K, ry ,I f - V , fi , 3 T firm 5 fav! ' in M f" ififfif ,A James M. Jacobsen OThers once ThoughT of us as ExTer- nals, ViTal Organs, AbsenTees, and Goners. BuT in The world according To LHS Teachers, we are all Terminal cases. John Irving ,n--his Carlos Langton Javelera l couldn't help it, I can resist every- thing except temptation. Oscar Wilde My patience ls now at an end. Adolph Hitler D -4-Ak fo., Marlln R. Juarez Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. H. Mann Gracias a mi familia, amlgos, y a Dios Anlonlo Dlon Jordan There is no limit to the joy that can fill a man's heart when he opens his eyes to the beauty of the world around him. -ADJ Thanx God, Mom, Cheryl, PBBA and 57 if sy 4 f V, T ,. Ja X . , 7' atv, ,SY V ' l'.-rvfim WR-2 9522? ' 1 1' ' L A :.- . ,ff ,H 1. ' rm . 'fi Mlchael Steven Joyner Of that bright tomorrow which is yet destined to soften the harshness of the Teutonic today, W.E.B. DuBois SBTM A your love and friendship 7 4 'x..,.1Y Martln E. Keller Life can only be understood back- ward, but it must be lived forward. Niels Bohr 5' Charles Thomas Kelly III Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children. -C-3.B. Shaw Thanks Mom, Dad and all my friends Nlall E. Kelly Your confidence, your TrusT in your- self, if is a very, very lmporTanT facTor. Roger DeCosTer Y""'9' Peler Joseph Kolla iT's nof geTTing drunk ThaT's so bad, iT's waking up To all The horrors of so- briefy. SPO MO IN '84 EMBO HAIRBA-RE JOHNIE-RU Did you ever have one of Those days? f-'Q Q'--sf .ef il Q Mlchael D. Lauferman The good die young - because They see iT's no use living if you've gof To be good J.B. P.S. Thanks To everyone who helped me Through The pasT 4 years Q17 Thomas Chong Rul Klm And perhaps, one day, This will be remembered wifh joy. Vergil 'Q"'i' 'WV Chrlsfopher S. Kruse If you're ever feeling Tired or run- down Try jaywalking! - I forgoT Thanx all, esp. Mom 84 Pop - and The NERDSl! vm, Kellh Adam Kohler This is my quesf, To follow ThaT sTar, No maTTer how hopeless, no maTTer how far: To fighT for The righT wiThouT ques- Tion or pause, To be willing To march inTo hell for a heavenly cause! -Joe Darion RBABC 41 Davld A. Kumamolo Remember: 'The mighTy oak sTarTed ouT as a nuT.' John Edward Price Special Thanks To: MOM, DAD, BRY- AN, KRIS and all Those who didn'T MISS DOIIIIG wdnldhd ScripTure, FaiTh of Cafholics, ChrisToIogy, FourTh Gospel Fred Chrlstopher Ledesma Some men see Things as They are and ask why? I dream Things ThaT never were and say, why noT. GB. Shaw Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you! Robert Lawrence Llndh Early man walked away as modern man Took conTrol, Their minds weren'T quiTe The same, To conquer was his goal. -Bad Religion. P.S. Bill-Bo, Russ, Trip-ouT, Paulman, Dave-Hoofmobile. Thanx guys. Love ya Brandi ini "5sr.:r Aaron Jon Lemos As we step inTo The real world, make sure you have your shoes on The right fooT. -A. Lemos '84 Robert Duncan Loomis The secreT sels in The middle and knows The seekers dance in a circle and suppose -ANON Robert James MacKay Jr. Our doubTs are TraiTors And make us lose The good we ofT mighT win By fearing To aTTempT. Or, you can'T fall on The floor un- less you sleep on The bed. CTOSNED ,K f7N1s ..... ,. : ,, 1 g S 2 1 Q , hi t "" ' T fri T T '- Q , 'T ,Q T ps Kevin Patrlck Lynch M: Wyomln'-ThaT's The place To be. NoThln' buT pralries and mounTains. All ya need is a bedroll and a good horse. C: Don'T forgeT your TooTh- brush: you're sTill in your caviTy-prone years. Breaking Away ig.- 1 w .wx Nelson C. Maldonado Mummy, Daddy, come and look aT me now l'm a big man in a greaT big Town Years ago who would believe iT's True Goes To show whaT a liTTle faiTh can do ranking Heads Th-Th-ThaT's all folks! ' wx, A , QL' Q -fy - 5 ,, gy , ' 'gifgi .Q ' I 4,11 N- . K AI John Jusfln Malloy Ask noT whoT your counTry con do for you - osk whoT you con do for your counTry John FiTzgerold Kennedy Thonx Mom ond Dod William Malpezzi School is ci gome To be ployed. Like oll gomes There hos To be some- Thing beTTer you con do wiTh your Time. I ,Sr f' I 'Nr H ""'lllnll. Mario R. Martinez I om Tomorrow The dreorns of Todoy. I om The FuTure I'II find o woy. E.C. Thonksiz Mom ond Dod M, J,, and C. I love youolli yi Michael F. Marllnez Do you ever geT The feeiing ThoT There's someThing going on ThoT you don'T know obouT'? Good luck on your own DeNeuviIIeTTe Roy Ivan Maia Isn'T This fun Isn'T This whc1T Iife's oII obouT Isn'T This o cireom come True Isn'T This o nighTmore Too -Oingo Boingo Thonks Mom, Dod, KWSADAJRJ- i?OEGKfSAM 5?:s'sQs5,Q W fn Y V' Tim Mazzola Brendan Cormac McCarty The less you Try The easier iT is. Numguam ParaTus Go wiTh The Flow, Bro. Sean Mcbanlels You mighT have The cash buT can you cash in your face U can run buT can U hide!! WaTch dem dig Their graves cause Jesus don'T save The guys in The Tower of Babel!! BT MUGSTKNIK! COME RALLY! B BONE B PERK Bl8cl + BO Mark McDonald All I can do is go ouT and play my game. WhaT's gonna go up is gonna go up. Andrew Toney Brendan McCracken l would raTher men should ask why no sTaTue has been erecTed in my honor, Than why one was Marcus Porcius CaTo yi Kq-Q., ,WJ Mark McMillan lmmoraliTy: The moraliTy of Those who are having a beTTer Time. H.L. Mencken P.S.C. + M.B. + H.P. : O.B.P.! Thanks a loT Glendale P.D.! If : David Hurley McNlchoIas A Truly greaT man is noT measured by whaT he does buT how 84 why he does iT Cesar H. Mejia III To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infiniTy in The palm of your hand And eTerniTy in an hour. William Blake David Richard Mireles IT's so simple, you never finish learning it! The lucky geT luckier and The losers geT losT. Enjoy The real Thing, whaT- ever maTTers. People ILYS Robert James Morrow l don'T know, l'll never know in The silence you don'T know, you musT go on, I can'T go on, l'll go on. -Samuel BeckeTT They may TorTure buT shall noT subdue me. -AIberT Camus Enrique Fransisco Mendez Eric Jason Moe The good Thing in life are worTh waiTing for. I Y' Y M. Gregory Morse, Jr. I feel like a sailboat AdrifT on The sea: lT's a brand new day: so when You gonna phone me? -David Bowie Injustice anywhere is a ThreaT To jus- Tice everywhere, -lVl.L.K.-PBBA is iT! Bye Guys!! Thx Mom, Dad, Pere, Liz!! Ms. Nancy Kay Turner Arr Hisfory, PainTing, Ceramics Sean Brockwell Murphy Dream lofTy dreams, and as you dream so shall you become. Your vi- sion is The promise of whaT you shall one day be: your ideal is The proph- ecy of whar you shall aT lasT unveil. Wanderers Forever. Christopher A. Murray SubTracT from The greaT man all ThaT he owes To opportunity, all ThaT he owes To chance, and all That he gained by The wisdom of his friends and The folly of his enemies. -CC. Thanx Mom and Dad Tomas Mlguel Navarro Practice makes better Not perfecTI I may not be perfect, but I sure am a perfectionist. Tanx Robert Ng When a man has To Travel an un- known road, The Trip is made easier when The man canalways depend upon someone for guidance and support. Thank you family and friends for ThaT guidance and support. Michael Nagy The key To success is sincerity: Once you can fake ThaT, you've Got iT made. Thanks Mom, Dad, Sis, lT's been greaT! P.S. IT would be so dandy To goto The Bambi. She's yours for 25, Pat! Howard Ng Drink by all means, buT do noT make drunken scenes: have women by all means, buT do noT IeT IT bIoT ouT your conscience: geT mad about some- thing, but do not go beyond reason. Chang Chao Thomas Patrick Napier Welcome to The camp I guess you know why we're here, My name is Tommy, and I became Aware This year ...,...,.. -The Who lT's 49841-where's Big BroTher'? Probably aT The beach. 'f U, Matthew J. Ng The mosT wasTed day of all is one In which we have not laughed. Confucius An idea ia a cerebral iTch, SI, Hayakawa I 2.1 P 'gl X John Terence 0'Brien May The road rise To meeT you. May The wind be always aT your back. May The sun shine warm upon your Face The rains fall sofT upon your Fields and unTil we meeT again may God hold you in The palm of his hand. Oscar Olmedo lf you never risk The chance of losing, you'll never know if you could have won. Joseph Thomas NiTTi Never Think how far you have To go, Think only To sTay on pace. STeve PrefonTain James Pafrick O'Connor He alone is a man who can resisT The genius of The age, The Tone of fash- ion, wiTh vigorous simpIiciTy and mod- esT courage. LavaTer Michael Thomas Ololsson You only live Twice: Once when you are born, And once when you look deaTh in The Face. Bassho CJapanese poeTj Drink Bye-why-sal When you say Bye you said iT all 1 Patrick M. Nolan He who Takes words from anoTher's mouTh has no words of his own. PaTrick M. Nolan Sean Patrick O'NelII All greoT men are dying. . . And l'm feeling ill. JFD TYFL: ABCGFDHIJKLMNOPQR- STUVWXYZ LIRWF! Ms. Nora McGraTh ArT HisTory, PainTing, Ceramics John Arthur Olson Ph-ngiue mglw' nafh Cthulhu R'Iych Wgah'nagI Fhtagn. HPL Prepare to enter the Total Perspec- tive Vortex. Gargravarr CPD Kelth Stephen Olson Carlos Ortega Jr. Aim for the top. There is plenty of room there. There are so few at the top it is almost lonely there. Samuel lnsoll Thanks Mom, Dad, Eva, and Albert for everything. 1.1 Q-.. Mr. Michael Bergez l. Ethics, Theology 2 Q 'li .T Ly Kevln Owens John Padama If you wake up and don't want to srnile- if it takes just a little while , open your eyes and look at the day: you'II see things in a different way. McVie Thanks Mom and Dad R.B.A.B.C. 1 Mr. John Adams Algebra 2, Fundamental Accounting, Computer Programming Jason Patrick Parada Although our four years have come to an end, we shall never forget our closest of Friends. -JP. '841 Thank you family, friends, and AB. for all your support, I'm out of here! PS. T, , Let's blow this taco stand .. Q- William Raymond Pate Nothing in life is unachievable. P- Pride B- Brotherhood B- Businesslike A- Achievement Thanks Mom, Dad, and family Young H. Park Knowledge once gained casts a faint light beyond its own immediate boundaries. There is no discover so limited as not to illuminate something beyond itself, J. Tyndall Thanks mom and dad. R.B.A.B.C. Lawrence Edward Paxton . . . So this how it ends. Thanx Mom, Dad, Lori, and Lynn PS. Life is too short so, hey LET'S PAR- TY IT UP!!! 'vs--. N, M4-f' Cesar Padilla 2 Ma, Pa, Ni, BB, MP, SD, SDVA, Bough Bros Slammer, Bloodbro, Mol, Kev, DT, MP2, Etc Ijust wanna say I met u its who u know. -X Just Relax. -Jimmy Padden The memories are there to prove how real how rare. -M. Davis AHHA -Koz 1 .. J Tony Parnell Pascale If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau ""'C'1.,'73 Ricardo Jose Pedrorias La patria es sagrada, y los aue la aman sin interes ni cansancio Ie de- ben toda la verdad. Jose Marti Thanks Mom, Dad, Tere, Luly, Pablo, Juan, Mark, Fred, Slug, and Marco. Looks like we made it. Manilow Rodrigo Jose T. Pena To do anyThlng worThwhile we musT noT sTand back shivering and Thinking of The cold and danger buT jump in and scramble Through as well as we can. Cardinal Cushing SalamaT po sa inyong lahafl Juan Alberto Perez When life is hard jusT look inTo The pasi, see whaT gof you info iT, and look inTo The fuTure To geT yourself ouT of iT. -EXPERIENCE GOATT RP, MG, RC, FL LU YA MOM, POP A.J. Peralta When your elders forgeT To say Their prayers, Take Them by Their legs and Throw Them down The sTairs. When you Think your Toys have gone oe- serk- iT's an illusion. Siouxsie Sioux Romero Chrisiopher Perkins The LosT Commandmenfz No man shall rule G-od's land Woe de Woe de Woe- IT's The Arma- geddon! You'd beTTer Tell your sTory fasT And if you lie iT will come To pass. Praise and Thanks. lk s L., A 'N Aldo Raimundo Perdomo lf a million people do a sTupid Thing, iT's STILL a sTupid Thing! Dr. Morillo George Stephen Peterson 'Q-nf' """' Lg Joseph Andrew PeTro EaTe makes our reIaTives5 Choice makes our friends. Delille Thank you Mom, Dad and Bros. B.B.S.B.K.D.J.H,l?.B.C.l-l.L.S. and especially J.C. Friends :lever Arthur Christopher Pizzinat InsaniTy is caused by giving in To reali- TY "WhaT conTempTible scoundrel sTole The cork from my lunch'?" W.C. Fields CE.lVl.B.O.Q Dave Polo "NOT Till The fire is dying in The graTe, Look we for any kinship wiTh The sTars." lvlerediTh Apply To infested area. Desenex Kelly Portertield H , Sergio Portillo And whaT is a weed? A planT whose lT's The end of The sTory. viriues have noT been discovered. and like all good sTories, Ralph Waldo Emerson They all lived happily ever afTer.? Mark Steven Poulsen IT is noT The vicTory ThaT makes The joy of noble hearTs, buT The combaT. lvIonTaIemberT Block or be blocked. Blox Thank you Mom and Dad B, H, LH, MB, DTG, TD, PARTIERS!! Edwin Punsalan I have buT one lamp by which my feeT are guided and ThaT is The lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of The fuTure buT by The pasT. P, Henry "lP""'4' Michael Anthon Rasic I was gratified To be able To answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn'T know. Mark Twain Dante Wayne Robinson "lf we could somehow understand When we reminisce on how Things were Then, and Talk about The pasts 'when' and lhow' that The good old days are nothing more Than a Compi- lation of The 'NOW'." Moss Humphrey asm'-r 'lf' Joshua Joseph Raymond I mean how do you know what you're going to do Till you do it? Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye Lawrence Ross To achieve everyThing possible, you must strive for The impossible. Luv Ya! Mom, Dad, 84 Puky. Long live The P.B.B.A.! Carlton Joseph Reichenberger Confront your deepest fear, AfTer That, Tear has no power. You are free. James Douglass Morrison Thank you mom, dad, and friends David Glen Rottman The only ambition a napkin has is To get off a diner's lap and play on The floor. Unknown -.,""" T-,.-ff I ,...,- Xyq' Kevin Michael Roy ThaT us caTs, all bunched TogeTher, Are capable of pure immorTaIiTy, yes And ex- Treme wreTchedness, no. The Boy Wonder We have waiTed long for WhaT MusT Be, Tanx LHSMDRSWKMCAPDJSCSAMJ LIRWF OOF S l Vllalier Alfred Rubio We're here To learn and evolve, and The pursuiT of knowledge is whaT alle- viaTes The pain of being human. Gordon lvl. Sumner Thanx lvlom8rDad, KRSJJEJJTJPSJAS- JA8rAl.L LIRWF. . .SAM . .TYFYA Marco Saenz There is noThing more common Than a man of greaT inTelllgence wiThouT Desire. For Tis The mind ThaT makes The Body Rich, Shakespeare P.S. lT's bug Rosy Time! David Ange Saint-Jacques We are all jusT prisoners here, of our own device. Eagles Love The people wiTh whom FaTe brings you TogeTher, BuT do so wiTh all your hearT. Long Live The Ninja. . ,DLATALD Merci Michael Gavin Ryan lT's beTTer To die on your feeT Than live on your knees. lVlidnighT Oil Scott Sabbagh Timing is EveryThingl Whenever l feel like sTudylng I lie down unTil The feeling goes away. Gilbert R. Salnz EinsTein said we only use 2096 of our brain, So why noT burn ouT The oTher 8096? BaThroom Wall Thanks lvlom, Dad, and Friends Devin Christopher Sarno Life is pain I want To be insane. Henry's left arm William James Schlelter Of all The forces That make for a bet- ter world, none is so indispensable. none so powerful as HOPE.-Charles Sawyer Kill or be killed. Killer John Anthony Schrlllo I may have my faults, but being wrong isn'T one of them. Watch out for The SSSSSSS. Daniel J. Saucedo When I sin, I sin real good When I sin, I sin for sure. Misfits Hey, Mike, Chuck- I'm out. Hey-lvIy-ba-jam-ba- jo 4n""""7 James Patterson Sax The successful man's destiny is deter- mined, in large measure, by what he is able To get other people To do. Lee S. Bickmore Win by persuasion, not by force. Bias quisq- I Nlck Anthony Schuessler Why not Think about The Times to come, and not about the Things That you've done: just Think what tomor- row will do. Christine lvIcVie R.B.A.B.C. av, 'QQ vzrl, Bruce Joseph Seidel I am ready to meet my creator, but whether my creator is ready To meet me is another matter. Winston Churchill Thanks Mom and Dad, Jack, Anth- ony, George, John, C.S,J.E.l!l .1-"""4 ,N-'M-M' - fo"f'4 'ff' Matthew John Sheridan In the days of my youth I was told what It means to be a man: now l've reached the age where I try to do all those things the best I can. Led Zeppelin I Thanks Mom and Dad and Family Craig Shewtelt The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it. Emerson Shark attack! Shark attack! Get out and don't look back. Surf Punks Christopher John Shaw Did you ever get the feeling there is something going on that we don't know about? Fenwick PSC+MB+HP:OBP! Dennys, Chesties, the Intentions Ross Everett Shaw I finally got it all together- but I forgot where I put it. Thank you family and friends I love you all! Brian K. Shields Men who are in earnest are not afraid of consequences. . , some- day, somewhere we will abandon our pale masks and robotic ways. Then, we will begin to live life. Marcus GarveyfBKS I Bernardo Sllva Imagine d road, so long looking i:3gi5ehTfiQssmgT PGUI SiS0n baakwaras YOU Carrr See where if Search for knowledge satisfaction Four years or High School' ' ' VGGHY DSQCIVI' - -Gnd YOU Wm 599 The Love, improvement, 81' understanding, Three marrrrts ar Herd Work- ' - End. For your life is only beginning Its OII OV9fr U 'Pere Townshend Take one day at a time KID W we I-.gd engugh, -The Punk For there is only one life to live. I do I , . - - , Vlctor Buenaventura Sobrepefaa 53533313 Vjggkggjogfgo Martin Soriano Never put off until tomorrow, . , what Believe in Who, you do Oh, why did I awoke: you can do the day after. Thanks Believe in on ef This one When shall I sleep again? Mom' DOG' Car' Chr' Gnd ar' 'TW Dreams will come true. friends. I love you all! FJS Thanks Mom 81 Dad Rhonnel Sotelo Richard Dwight Spracher Scott Daniel Stump! It's like an act of murder: I play with I have never let my schooling get in I don't care anymore an intent to accomplish something. the way of my education. You hear I don't care no more D, Ellington Mark Twain What you say Many thanks and good luck to all. We never played by the same E.IVI.B.O. Rules anyway. Phil Collins Change taking places. Yes . my 1 f . f -.1 if fi. Patrick Joseph Sullivan Success is peace of mind which is a direcT resuli of self-saTisfacTion in knowing you did your Desi To pe- come The pesT you are capable of becoming. John Wooden Byron Anthony Taylor If you wanT To leave fooTprinTs in The sands of Time, you beTTer wear work- shoes. iT Takes Two men To make one broTher. Tay Thanks Mom, Dad, 84 The PBBA QQfffiYg'g:f1iSQ: Greg Thornton Hey, Mr. Sharp- These whiTe boys are geTTing oosTreperousl CIinTon STiTch The Wanderers David A. Swan Jr. Two roads diverged in a wood, and l Took The one less Traveled by, and ThaT has made all The difference. I?oberT FrosT Thanks lvl + D, lVl.C.l?., and C.A. PSC + MBC + l-IPIOBP Dirk ten Grotenhuis Our grand business in life is noT To see whaT lies dimly aT a disTance, buT . . . To do whaT lies clearly aT hand. Carlyle Weep or be Vlleebled Vllebo V' ' csis , ,TQY .wi Arthur Mendez Tavera Any Tough can fighT- few can play Any fool can fall- few can lay any STud can reproduce- few can please Anyone can pay- few can lease. P. Townshend Thanks Mom 84 Friends T David Shane Thornsberry To be or noT To be- ThaT is The auesTion, One million monkeys Typing randomly for one million years. Mr. Frank Kozakowski Physics 'Tw -anne.. A. - Bradford Lee Thue The greaT use of life is To use iT for someThing ThaT ouTlasTs iT. William James Choc dixlTj Augie Torres IT was The besT of Times, IT was The worst of Times. Chuck I did iT my way. Ole Blue Eyes Thanks friends for everyThing. OuT wiTh The old In wiTh The new. Wise Man Steven Robert Uniack Three auaners of The conversaTions on The EarTh are complainTs, Don'T complain-Live. T1 II' Y i A M fl L9 ix' f if 'TN I TK 3 J ? Q if 2 P 4 r 'iw A ' 13 l tf N fr, 'UW . .T l ,fy Paul Anthony Tyler I don'T geT no respecT. When I was a baby I was breasTfed by my faTher. lyly moTher said she liked me as a friend. Rodney Dangerfleld l'd like To Thank my family and friends. Darrell Thomas Kim Wo Urbien EYAAAAG-G-GHI-ll-ll! GloucesTer, King Lear AEREITCFOBCPGAGETTTUR- BATHRTCTLS Thanks FREI- see you in Zambia. Andrew Donald Tysler When you win you geT a feeling of exhilaraTion, When you lose you geT a feeling of resoluTion. You resolve never To lose again, Vince Lombardi Thanks Mom and Dad Mark Anthony Valdez The more ThaT Things change, The more They sTay The same. Neil PearT We're gonna ride The rainbow,and you're inviTed. David Lee l?oTh Thanks: Family, Friends, Debbie, Alex, G-eddy, Neil. l-IOOBA-LUNCHTIIVIE Ralph D. Valencia Consider The auk: Becoming exTincT because he forgoT how To fly, and could only walk. Consider man, who may well become exTincT. Because he forgoT how To walk and learned how To fly before he Thinked. Nash Ramon Julian Vasconcellos Free aT losT, free aT lasT, Thank God AlmighTy we're free aT lasT. Dr. lVlorTin LuTher King Jr. Thanks M, D,J,P.B.,R.D.,T.J. lT's been fun. Long live The P.B.B.A. The Chameleon. LaTerll James Villena Think noT of Thy desTinaTion, hence, buT of Thy journey. Tanx lvlom and Dad I is now in collidge! P.S. Win or lose, Raiders all The way! Eric Val Verde When sadness fills my day, iTs Time To Turn away, and Then Tomorrow's dreams become realiTy To me. B.S. Take a wad smegma breaTh Mel from AbaTToir Albert Thomas Vargas Do noT follow The paTh leads raTher, go where Thereis no paTh and leave o Trail. .....1 Q in-31 Syd Vlnnedge A Mr. David W. Arnold Claudius Joseph Washington II The fulure is ThaT Time you'Il wish you'd done whaT you aren' doing now. Thanks Mom, OR., B.R.,H. C., and everyone else. P.S. Long live The P.B.B.A. Pablo Pedro Vifar A man who has never gone To school may sTeal from a freighT car, buf if he has a universiTy educaTion, he may sTeal The whole railroad! TR PS-My sincere Thanks To Loyola, The Guys of '84, Family, and MOM 84 DAD Pre-Calculus, Honors Algebra Harold James Washlnglon Il The power of Thoughf is The magic of The mind. Byron Thanks Mom and Dad for bearing The aggravaTion, and VicTor S. for his help. Joe Kamlle Walmrln To live your life in your own way . . . To reach for The goals you have seT for yourself To be you ThaT you wanT To be - ThaT is success. Thanks everyone. Take iT easy guys! Douglas Cronin Walsh One of The greaTesT feelings in The world is knowing you have The Tech- nology To wipe ouT your whole neigh- borhood. lvlad Bomber Experience The ulTimaTe! M. Paul Wazzan WhaT am I lying here for? . . . We are lying here as Though we had a chance of enjoying The a quieT Time . . . Am I waiTing unTil I become a liTTle older? Xenophon, The Anabil Oui of here!!! John Paul Webster Shower The people you love with love. Show them the way that you feel. James Taylor thanks Mom and Dad Christopher David West L Kenneth Wheeler I studied violin from Ken Schrumm for four years. Didn't learn much, but he said, "Ken, always carry a breeder reactor in your car. lt's small, and if it overloads, you can always throw it out the window." Thomas Wiczynski An unreflecting mind is a poor roof. Buddha, The Dhammapada Thanks Mom, Dad Muff, and Bud M Wllli B I So grab your sticks and let's go surf- r' am erm ing! Surf Punks, Meet Me at the Beach James Loyd Wilson lt's going To be fun To watch and see how long the meek can keep the earth after they inherit it. Frank McKinney Hubbard And never forget, a Smith and Wes- son always beats four aces. Always. Kevln Wohlmut Many Times l've been alongf and Many times 've cried. X Anyway, You'lI never know! the many ways l've Tried. -The Beatles I AM NOT A SOPHOMORE! Yow. I was having fun. -Zippy P. Contract Law Sean T. Wood Books and priests are not life: lt's the changing of the tide . . . That's life -James Michener PSC + MB + HP 2 OBP MF. John BGCKITICI1 is I if I I 1 , Daniel Robert Young WhoT hoppened To our innocence? Did iT go ouT of sTyIe? Along wiTh our noiveTe- No long d chiid. Rush R.B.A.B.C. PhoTogrophy, Design, Drowing '2 ws! ...sf Ss I Alexander YusT I find IT king of funny, I find iT kind of sod, The dredms in which I'm dying Are The besT l've ever hdd. Teors For Feors John Corles Yonez Whof is This To eTerniTy'? Thdnks Iviorn ond Dod! And Roy, Donny, ond Allon Justin Wilson Yorke IT hos been sfronge. E.M.B,O,L. HCJirbC1II Guy Zoninovlch IT wds eorly morning yesTerddy, I wds up before The down. And I redlly hove enjoyed my sTdy: buT I musT be moving on. Superfromp Thanks, everybody, for The greoT four yeors. Plgces we've gone Plgces we're going .D- amfxlq Qs 'ga ti 'L RH' xsnsmg . S , I ,,,,,.4 2krnLvc1gCO mi UW , we X Q5 gyx fig? ' 1 H.,-' 1.., " 3 ..-" SANTA zz E6 xUXETVERE1g '. A 9: '.'.'." L li M Y L 1 Q? V+ ' 'QQQ Qi v' . Q S WY' gg . ! '?"N Q '5 X 22,5 5 ' u- l 2' ,,, 34 , Q5 5 Q 5 GQ it to xxxuwtwlm 'X W X lo N685 xx 'K - 73530 9' S A y -Q O' 59' +29 ISV: ' G' Q If-Q2 '?f,N - m y 1 gf 'gf A , . Xlr QQ , 5' ,Q R Af wc WM A 2' -1, 20. ,, gf Q by Sf k I 34, .Q i '5 ' Qian? Su" QV!! Forget Your Past is .f , 1 I , It 's 1984 Q 1 f - I six - 195 lp I-5 ' ff 'wi--fin.: 4 f Y N x 3 1.'a M-Q.mM X Four years ago, the class of 1984 entered Loyola High School arm-in-arm with a new principal who was ready to take over duties from Father Charles Gagan. Both the class and the principal had some- thing to prove - to Themselves and to others. Fa- ther Gordon Bennett has always been special to the class of 4984. He has accompanied us, his first freshman class, through four years of physical change and campus development, mental growth and spiritual maturity. Therefore, the Class ot 1984 would like to acknowledge and thank Father Ben- nett for his deep understanding, compassion, fel- lowship, and, above all, his leadership. He has been an example of whom we can be proud. e 5. -ultima-Q-. -. EL CAIVIINO 4984 VOLUME 67 LOYOLA HIGH SCHOOL 4904 VENICE BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CA. 90006 Editor In Chief: Sean Dee Associate Editor ln Chief: Kevin Roy Photography Edltor: Dennis Wedding Assistant Photography Editor: Damian lnglin Creative and Thematic Consultant: Pete Dolan Activities Edltors: Walter Rublo Joe Wood Campus Mlnlstry Editor: Vic Sobrepena Art Editor and Crew: Walter Rublo John Yanez John Beeloo Serglo Portlllo Mysterious Mr. O Copy Edltor: Kevin Dee Senior Edltors: Ron Guerena Tim Mazzola Junior Edltors: Brandt Manchee Mac Chandler Sophomore Edltors: Sean O'Neill Francis Gala Freshman Edltors: Chris Cheleden Blaise Diroll Supporting Cast: Roy Mata, Kevin Lynch, Joe Wood, Matt Romano, Dave Sabourin, Eric Gowey, Mike Joyner Writers: Harold Fowlkes, Joe Nitti, Dan Gentry, Kevin Dee, Matt Thiel, Dante Robinson, Danny Dick, Dirk Ten G-rotenhuis Photographers: Neal Silverman, Ashraf Youssef, Joe Wood, Damian lnglin, Pete Dolan, Justin Yorke, Brendan McCarty, Matt Ng, Jim Wil- son, Pat Greer. Tom Wiczynski, Karl Meyer, John Hughes i. On the road to EI Camino 1984 we ran into a few old friends to whom we wish to express our sincere gratitude and thanks. We would like to thank our numerous photographic print- ers who helped us through some rough times: Edwards Pho- tography, who kept us going with their supply of materials and photos: Glendale Camera Center for their endless color slides and prints: and Photoking Lab for coming througn for us in the pinch. Several photographers happened our way: they deserve a large bit of our success. Our very special thanks goes out to Mrs. Gury for her seemingly endless supply of great pic- tures, particularly in the sports section. She saved us more than a few times from the terrors of the deadlines. Mr. Cer- shon and Dr. O'Brien also deserve our thanks for their contri- butions to the sports and play photographs. We additionally thank Mr. Frank Kozakowski for his cooper- ation and understanding, Bro. Robert McDermott for his usu- ally great layout, Mr. Paul Turgeon for his help, Mr. Scott Harrington for his CAM collaboration, Mrs. Whittet and Mrs. Roswell for their continuous pep and cooperation with our work, the entire Loyalist staff with whom we shared photos, ideas, panic scares, and friendships the whole way through. Pete Dolan for his throbbing brain filled with new ideas, Martin Keller for his tactical air-to-ground expertise, and Paul Collins for his concern and support. Above all others, we wish to thank the incredible Mr. Thomas O'Neill. His patience, total dedication, opinions and ideas, and most importantly his endless support for our beliefs have made this book what it is. He loosened the reins enough to let us run with our ideas, yet tightened the noose when we needed a little control. We all had to start from scratch: we were all new at the game. We gave a new definition to the meaning of "coming down to the wire." For his continuing loyalty to El Camino 1984, we wish to thank the Mysterious Mr. O. 'Y " .JEE Q--if rx. 5' KEVIN ROY DENNIS WEDDING Associcfre Phofogrophy EdiTor EdiTor TOIVI CD'NEILL, SJ. SEAN DEE Moderczfror EdiTor w the Road. As you ve seen, byways of Los everyone involved with EI it has achieved what it set out to of history, memories trapped in verbal and pictoral form. Part traditional, part new and creative, this yearbook is something wetgre proud of- we ruyou can be too. it l :r"r""' H Thanks very much to Moms and Dads- V our joys and tribulations wouIdn't quictlepge-the'5:1me. P S Toto I e re in Kansas anymore. P oo and thanks MOM I , . r . .-I -' i' . . is , T ,Q ' W ,V an-. , . Sean Dee, Kevin Roy , El Camino 4984 And the Road goes on . . .

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