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s El Puebla de la Nuestra Senora, La Reina de Los Angeles . . . original name of Los Arngeles The City of Our Lady, The Queen of the Angels . ,L "0-f., .A , M!!! p . s. . v 'X v 't 5.'. ' ' xi'-lg' m .- l, f """'..w A ' .. 5. t ' a., vs nv.5g, ,.,,.,q,+.wuwn Mgr.. ki T I ' . - . - 5 -' ' S ' ' . -g 0' ' D. 5 , .. .' O fl . ' Tx.. ' L b s. L 9 5 1 , i Kb O k ?v"- w wwvfv . - i V u . u . , ' 0 U . J ' - ' - . ' -Q i I 1. U 'Q ' - as '- ' 0 .. ,, . ,. Q O ., 4. ,,,, QfM,g,f i - i leqlj n ll Q ' I . ar I 4. I I .Ill V D... aqua ' ., " -..n Q . V .. x...'r,'- U . ' .-.av QV u I C 9 il ! ' D at ,, ' ' 5 .- N u . uf ' ' 'G' ' Q . .' D u ,..,,..-2 . . - 1 e,,. , , ,.,,wwM-NWN! K 'Va , h . s I -s . ' I I . 1 ' D I f I , 1 bw ff ,M y f JP gy. gg, 3 ' M Q, I -Q , A 35, ,Q ,Q ,Xa T 3 1 ,Q iff' Aa! , , 2 W' V 5 51. mf ,sz a , 4 ri ' +L: fy if I .,. Qi rf! ,.,.,. ' , ff W J N1 ff if W . I K 1 A. W .,A,, 1' fx w ' if f .mx W ' e 9' .Y 'BQXJ 2 x 'X .L I, g5.'Nzn ' R 3 f. 3 if 5 'EIB f 2 Q 3 P 5 1 S 1 x Theme Xi Dedication Six cenTuries ogo chivollry of KnighThood only oTTer ci The Virgin MoTher OT God To preserve. As Time wenT on, however, iTselT become o Thing of The She musT hove TelT This lock of reminded her sons ond Today during This cenTenniol of os ever. Men, born Through ChrisT ideolg love of puriTy, love of To you Our Loidy of Lourdes, is minder of your love for us. Moy IS G x , f ff if L vm - fn? ,E 'Q wr y NA I A , s 4, Z 5 V F W, 1 A ws, egg Lg X 4 9,5 4'A , Q ' 35, , A J' iw ,If LJ W ii" 1395 f Q' fi. '1 ' g ., fi yg ,If f :F K ,. , I A 42' 3 ' 3 ' - . , fx A ff . 'S ' f' 3.9 T 'wi 71 " it s,, .g' fLY,,wl ' 'gn g ,.'- Q 1 v. 1 5,5 . 1 , ,, -gr' I Q 73 w E W . B K nf, 1 , I ,Vu 'l - A f ,Q ll ,. -. , ., ,M ,fy ,x1g,,. 1' , gf,,.- pa 1 1 ' ' . 4 , , " ' ,' , "' - s 4 , ,Q A 4' 1 I 41 4 ., , 6, ,. -A ' ' ,. ' 2 it ' 3, Q fl . D all K I V' fi' ff V' . 2,,,'n lyk I g fi Q: ,Yr . T7-af - 'L ' 'Y f is , I . V J 4'-P 'V r Vg. ,f . , . 'O K '19 Lrg, Q . . , hw + ,Qty .-3. 1 K ,+ as z--r I If Y' 'S . "1- pi Ea' 2? -f' gig any . ff" ' 9' 'Y A , + if f 4 ' ' 1.4191 'f ' ' MQ x , sf' 5.55 JW -1,3 is' 'P' 2igfLLn,h. , f' 9? 3, 'if Q! 5 .4fQiU,.f .I I V ' , ig ,, D 'Q .W ' M '-H. 'A A-' ' ji f , xt if 5 4 A '- s a f 'fd 'Jr ,g!f""'!" 1 2 'I "' ,f Cup' ff X' 1 2 gf U. ' K 'T' -, ,if 41' ,N 5595 w ' ' if 'R M A W r . ., . - U k ' ,fff A' t 'M f '52 V.-1+ W W ' xg. LN , , 1 . 2 4 ' X O' - W ' qi 3,54 " ,. ,Q jf' 1.4 , . A V ,gf ,E W , ,M ' , N J A QRFJ "'A' 3375 .rf " Lf. ln' I A M I LZL, ' ' N 5 v M 4. k , X ' 512, X .x V K K ,W-f. 'X C 5 X X' eg' 9 , I W " 5 F 'H 5 .r b ,N At, MQ. '-'si I X 3 28,7 w, . Nik fx -X of Contents 'UQ Y eq-wx Q A , Q a f ., A ,,. " ,g axu L, "'41iw',, ' -fi' H ,L W' f'-jf W a . - H' W ,Q .-,V X' 4,J'x,5'i,,hg-7"'W ,, M. 4.,,'y,,k .L .E f- I., I , -3,gg.,fw. 7, ff' - .,,. ., K .,.,. . 4, , M,wg,,,,'fgu Ja "' A ,, in ,, 1.5 .,,M..,E Faeultg Page 6 Hehvities Page V XW... I IIPIVIPIBS Page I6 veg Pvities Page 48 Page 108 Q. ss 0 - . 24 Presideni 1 Being devoTed sons of an ever-lov- ing MoTher, you have dedicaTed FATHER PLUSHKELLI SDJ. your book This year To Mary. She apprecioiTes your ThoughTTullness like any moTher, when her sons show Their graTiTude Tor her love ond sacrifices. Each one of you can Tell of Her solliciTous proTecTion and guidance Through These Tour diTTiculT and crucial years. l-low oTTen Mary's inTercessory powers have won for you needed graces To accomplish The impossible, how many Times her words of encouragemenT have seen you Through a crisis. When we come To Thank He T H ' ' ' r or er Timely words of warning and advice, we feel so inadequaTe. BUT Mary undersTands. She asks us To Tocus our grciTiTude on The imiTaTion oT Her virTues, especially ci respecT Tor women moTivaTed by The purify and digniTy of The Mofher of God. rincipal , - w x 5 , N--,,"k-,, n::Q,fw1.fm. t. A 11 Izlf . ...KK Af if' Y- ? Q i i FR. MCFADDEN, S. J. Vice Principal . Q Q, Hdminisiratiun Ii- Fr. Myloff, S.J., Fr. Needles, S.J., Fr. R. Shepherd, S.J., Fr, J. Shepherd, S.J., Fr. Bannon, S.J., Fr. Domachowski, S.J. eliqiun argenr, S.J., Fr. Doyle, S.J., Fr. Giiligan, S.J., Fr. Duggan, S.J., Fr. Richardson, S.J., Fr, Lester, SJ. languages Standing: Mr. German Fr. Playoust, S.J. n, S..J., Mr. Blake, S.J., Mr. Gonzalves, -xx, SJ., Mr. MacDonald, S.J. Sitting: Fr. Pallas, S .J., Mr. Maftlwewson, S.J., Cicero has an uneasy moment, Judge Florian presiding. 1 Latin Project: Trial of Cafiline Cafiline on trial: Lee, Holstien, Rosaio. 9 A, lm 7,,1Z ,il S 5 N S Science Xi iiiaih i Mr. Mugollon, S.J., Mr. P 2 1 .Ii bi, ,.. l f l ol if I Mr. Frampfon, Mr. Bo rneif, resion, Fr. Barry, S.J., Fr. Fifch, S.J., Mr. Herncm dez, SJ., Mr. McCorTl1 y, Mr. Hombocli, SJ., ..q.-qunsusqen-ww 4' Mr. Gollos, S.J. Mr. Valenti, Mr. Breci Ulf, S.J., Mr, Coone S.J y, ,, Mr. Buckenmeyer, S.J. English Fifty years of intercession Fr. G. M of Jesus. eneger, S.J., celebrates his jubilee in the Society Entered July 30, 1908. Congratulations, Father. , ! t E if " New teachers of 1958 Frosh orientation speakers: Fr. Gilligan, Fr. Von der Ahe, Fr. Plushkell, Mr. Barnett, Fr, McFadden. Faculty attends a basketball game. ,y ,rr,e Q i--0 ...L P'-rl "What does the ia fig. rv- M Phu ral I future hold?" Senior Guidance Night 1 S Social Sciences Mr. Rolfs, S.J,, Fr. Cormecxliy, S.J., Mr. Quinlan, Mr. Short S.J. Q Q , . Br, McTigue, SJ., Br, Sessing, SJ. Br. Doyle, S.J., Br. DesJc1rdins, SJ, R' lll.U.l.lI. i 's 1 ...Nz 4' 12 rr . Q R.O.T.C. Staff: Sgt. Schandra, USA, Sgt. Seward, USA, Major Anderson, USA, P.M.S. 81 T., Sgt. Van Hock, USA, Sgt. Gabel, USA. Priests and Scholastics enjoy an intra-mural game Father Brannon, Religion teacher, looks up a refer- as much as the students! ence. Mr. Preston explains the algebraic position of the Mr. Blake, S.J., "Yes, Horgan, this isn'f a good Southern States. picture of you." "H a4....., 'Am' Board Members-Offi ers Mrs. M. Francis lPres.l, Mrs. J. Klausner lV.P.l, Mrs. C. Dunne lV.P.l, Mrs. R. Murrow lV.P.l, Mrs. J. Privett lRe. c Secy.l, Mrs. J. Santley W. Carpenter, Mrs. H. Daniels, Mrs. R. Dedeaux, Mrs. L. Dickenson, Mrs. A. Kelley, Mrs. A. Mrs. F. Niblo Jr., Mrs. Mrs. F. Sennes, Mrs. S. Kocienski, Mrs. D. McGrath, Mrs. B. McNeil, F. Olson, Mrs, F. Overland, Mrs. M. Phelan, Sitter, Mrs. R. Strobel, Mrs. D. Sweeney, Mrs. lCorr. Secy.l, Mrs. K. Sauer lTreas.l, Mrs. W. Riehl lAsst. Treas.l, Mrs. H. Bender, Mrs. A. Brown, Mrs. W. Burger, Mrs. Mrs. E. Dietterle, Mrs. B. Franklin, Mrs. R. Ganey, Mrs. J. Goodwin, Mrs. F, McWhorter, Mrs. T. Madden, Mrs. J. W. Mahoney, Mrs. C. Moyer, Mrs. C. Rasmussen, Mrs. B. Robinson, Mrs. S. Rogers, Mrs. C. Schubert, F. Waters, Mrs. A. Wright. Henry Ulelch Guild Mrs. M. Francis hands Father Plushkell a check for scholarships. The Henry Welch Guild, the Mothers Club ot Loyola, has a twotold purpose: to promote friendship among the mothers and to raise money tor scholarships and maintenance needs ot the school. This year was fill- ed with numerous social activities consisting ot a welcoming tea, a dinner party with the Dad's Club lat the Beverly Hills Hotell a gala Christmas party, and a mid-Lenten retreat. Mrs. M. Murrow l3rd V. Pres.l, Mrs. P. Santley lCorres. Secy.l, Mrs. M. Francis lPres.l, Mrs. R. Sauer lTreas.l, Mrs. M. Riehl lAsst. Treas.l Dads' Club The Dad's Club is an indispensable parT of Loyola. lTs main purpose is To furTher The TaTher-son rela- Tionship. The Dads accomplish This by Taking an ac- Tive parT in various school acTiviTies. Through Their eTTorTs This year, The SporTs' rallies, The Fiesta Drive, and The Dads and Sons Communion breakfasT have all been very successful. Dad's Club officers: Mr. T. Ander son, Treas., Mr, MacRae Kerr, V Pres., Mr. H. Clark, Pres., Mr. J PriveTT, Secy. Dinner-Dance. Top Row: Dr. R. Woods, Rev. R. Plushkell, S.J., Mr H. Clark, Mr. B. Neary, Mr. J, Francis. BoTTom Row: Mrs. R. Woods, Mrs. F, Longo, Mrs. H. Clark, Mrs. B. Neary, Mrs. J. Francis. Dacl's Club see picTures of Fr. Houle's S.J., inTerview concerning life in a Communisf prison. Dads and Sons Communion BreakTasT I5 Religious Hctivities Q .gong-an Qu Sim ,Aggf 18 77? . Q .v i .fv-2sf1sfsf,, f ,if 1 , .M .:-J, . f:,2fW,1gms11:e--A ,. + :fl f f 'iii' H- an ,,., ,Jr - ,A , . f NRE, N. gawk 1,-my ,limmz . . M 5 .2 df ft -- ,,.. ,M x Q- E: ag? V + Top Row:4'J. Hedberg,.J. Kolmel, S. Urricariet, E Elorduy J Cain W Milton K Crouse Second Row L Orr O'Neill, M. Seric, B. Salvaty, J. Privett, C. Shields J Farrell C Johnson P Devot J Coutoure C Lloyd Bottom M. Overland, B. Aranda, Fr. J, Shepherd, S.J A Masta P Olhasso B Alcorace J Wilson W OMalley M Junior Sudaliiu The Sodality is Mary's Elite Corps - her companions. The motive force of the sodalist is a powerful love for Our Lady and through her, for Christ. The love begins and develops in the chapel with fre- quent receptions of the Sacraments and informal talks with Christ and His Mother. From the chapel it naturally overflows and seeks to express itself in actions and example. The original impetus for the canned food drive, the distribution of magazines for bed-ridden patients, the collection of money for for- eign missions, getting students to attend First Friday, taking hospital patients to Sunday Mass - all sprang from the sodalist's love of Mary. The goal of the sodalist is to be a leader for Christ, and who can better help him achieve this goal than His Blessed Mother? She loved Him, provided for Him, dwelt with Him, watched over Him, and suffered with Him. So She is with the sodalist, not only for a span of four years, but throughout his entire life - for the sodalist is con- secrated to Mary. B, Ripple, D. Horgan, J. Grady, M. Row: L. Adams, B. Donlon, L. Weber, Stehly, G. Stronks, Senior Sndalilu Sodality officers: J. Kolmel, J. Grady, C. Johnson. The Sodality at work 3rd Row: T. Orr, L. Tarnay, P. Sharkey, P. Twoomey, J. McGraw, T. Hartnaegle, D. Avery, R. Kadner, S. Wallace, G. Klausner, G. Wooten, J. McGlynn, P. Collins, S. Gibboney, J. Goodwin, J. Bender, H. Hirsh, B. Smith. 2nd Row: P. Boland, J. Fitzgerald, A. Francis, T. Rausch, K. Ishida, G. Gurski, R. Ochoa, T. Reyes, P. Sauer, V. Knudsen, B, Armstrong, R. Hokans, R. Creech, R. Morris, B. Martell. lst Row. J. Walker, F. Gillbride, D. Hill, D. Mercola, B. Lee, G. Rivera, Fr. Fitch, S.J., J. Pagano, L. Gill, T. Voightlander, J. Buyvid, D. Hahling, P. Klute, H. McNally. Sophomore Sodalito The sophomore is a true Sodalist. His year of probation is over. He has been approved and accepted. With his consecration comes the obligation to observe the rules and take part in Sodality activities. If he remains a faithful sodalist, in his Senior year he will be formally consecrated as "SodaIes," a member of Mary's Elite Corps. freshmen Probation Top Row: P. Smith, W. Morris, F. Aldrian, J. Maechling, T. Koetters, J. Benton, J. Gonyea, P. Sawaya, R. Rush, G. Taber, F. Behrle, C, Sullivan, P. Orr, A. Bracci, C. Bryant. Caine, P. Verhalen, S. Privett, L. Smith, Fr, B. Brannon, S.J., J. Lucente, J. Babrick, M. Slack, R. Vega. Becoming a sodalist necessitates a strong devotion to Our Lady, this must, of course, begin in the freshman year. Here it is that the probationer is "tested" for the Sodality. He must first learn and practice the rules perfectly, showing perse- verence of will, before he will be accepted. Top Row: D. Barnes, W. Miller, D. Burke, D. Gubser, G. Robinson, B. Crisell, N. O'Neill, P. Lee. Second Row: B. Fay, R. Flynn, J. Torrelli, S. Thompson, T. Martin, J. Thornton, P. Burton, J. Christianson, M. Smith, M. Johnston, J. Mitchell, Burchell, J. LaFrano, B. Hogan, B. Grady, C. Sharkey. Bottom Row: J. Freeman, R. Olivares, T. Scott, T. O'Connell, B. Lambert, J, Duarte, Fr. Gilligan, S.J., R. Schrum, T. Murphy, J. McGinty, P. Pollock, M. Kirchen, M. Deasy, Y, Melanson. Caiechisis D. Gargarof 2nd Row: Baldwin, M. Gall, Ist Row: R. Santwier, L. Boadt, J. Hogan, D. K. Smolka, R. Cabral, E. Zinkowski, P. Ripple, R. Buyvid, P. Boland, G. Gorski, R. Gresswell, J. Walker, D. Avery, G. Wooten, D. Hahling. Missing. C. Bryant, R. Cabral. After school is out, most students go home or practice some favorite sport. But there is a select group of Loyola men who gener- ously give their free time twice a week to teach children the Catechism. They rarely see the results of their labors, yet results there are, and good ones! i l l . 'Back Row: W. Donovan, M. Miller, E. Elorduy, J. Cain, M. Orr, L. Werner, P. Sharkey, B. Ripple, J. McGlynn, T. Orr, Mr. E. Short, S.J. Front Row: Y. Melanson, P. Ripple, G. Taber, C. Sharkey, P. Orr, C. Bryant, R. Santwier, H. Hirsh, T. Donovan. l The Sanctuary Society sacrifices that "extra hour" of sleep to serve the priests of Loyola High each morning. A profession of fairh Dads and Sons receive communion TogeTher. Loyola Ul Fr Plushkell SJ lPres of Loyola Hrghl Breakfast Seven hundred and fifTy FaThers and Sons crowded inTo The Blessed Sacramenr Church To receive Communion TogeTher-a sTarTling profession of fairh, in a seemingly faiThless world! AfTer Mass and Communion, The faThers and sons breakfasTecl aT The Moulin Rouge, in Hollywood. Mr. H. Clark, Presi- denT of The Dad's Club, gave The inTroducTory Talk, and Fafher PresidenT R. Plushkell, S.,l., congraTulaTeol Those presenT for Their fine show of spiriT and faiTh. A word of appreci- aTion was spoken by A. Camacho, Loyola STudenT Body Presidenf. Through The courTesy of Mr. F. Sennes, own- er of The Moulin Rouge, good, wholesome - and by all means, professional enTerTain- menT was provided, anal enjoyed! God will cerTainly bless all These people for Their fine spiriT of faiTh and cooperarion. Breakfast of The Moulin Rouge, thanks To Mr. Frank Sennes. A 4 ,uv eff? 1' 6" 'ff' , 1 f' ' "He misscz est." ,t Freedom of Worship: God's 'ft gl To Q generous people. 96:1 i H x af E 23 Z GD -l-- .- 1 Z: 1 E cl.: -Z cc: 3 3: 1 15, L .. 1 "'-- wiv -fx w if IH fvw' 'k"kk ' ' K -f -wi -- .MIME-Mwlf121fmffxsilfgfsffassfzsussezr K i ,,,...,, ,g,,:,,,E--,,,.- ,,.. ,,,, .... W,,...,,,. . , , ,. , N. .,,.. 4, f A ff, i if ,,,. 151271: ziifiziisii m A ,,,,. .,,,.. E V' . . - T ., ..., ..... if . 1 My W ff me 'wif' PI" ' ' 1'- vw gm,-1 ww 3, ,. wear-1, '-:-mir. , 'Y ff-1 ws xy' f 1: N111 f'1' Qc. "How dare you, Sir! Avery To O Brwen "Either-Orr": Mike, POT, Tim, Larry v' Reyes: "ls This cn porch I see before my eye? Reid ond Corey make up M. Woods and Dennis-The Emceeing Menace-Riley Director R. RoIt's CS.J.1 Anguish: Opening night. Asst. Director Horgon instructs ushers. rift' :un 3 QJJSQAW ff, N ,ss N' Q55 vt' M kN,.f, Q H.M.S. Panorama P12 Captain O'Brien and Bob Buttercup "IAM an Englishman" ,Je ! A The crew of the H.M.S. Pinafore The Plau: H.lll.S. The audience started arriving about 7:30 at the Loyola Little Theatre on opening night, Friday, the 3lst of January. The lights faded, a murmur of expectancy ran through the audience as maestro Tony Newman began the introduction for the first act. Then the curtains opened on Loyola's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore". This play concerns love on the high seas, in l-ler lVlaiesty's Navy. lt was apparent from the start that it was going to be a success, for the overall production was under the careful eyes of Mr. James Gallas, SJ. and Mr. Richard Rolfs, S.J. The part of the "ablest seaman of, them all," Ralph Rackstraw, went to Joe Kolmel, who did an excellent iob. Brian Avery kept the audience laugh- ing in his humorous portrayal of the overly important Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty, and Bob Favorito sang and flirted his way through the role of Little Buttercup, the "Portsmouth Bumboat Woman." "l-lardly ever" seasick Captain Terry O'Brien magnificently lorded it over the blue-clad crew who, contrasting with the golden bulwarks ofthe H.M.S. Pinafore, added life and color to the play by their singing and dancing. When the audience left the theatre that night, commenting on the beautiful sets, everyone agreed that the performance they had just witnessed was Hprofessionalf' 29 YOU are an Englishman? Pooh! Backstage men, O'Neill and Gray assist. Director J. Gallas lS,J.1 assigns paris early in the season. Hi "We Take lessons from Max Factor." f """N "Good bye y'aIl": Dickenson M Ps fi Junior Plaus ff' My name is i John Low! GeTfno?fooTouTofl'1ere. ATypiColnighTc1TTheinn? Look! There's fungus among us Uralnrs ll Scholars ravi!! ir- - .g ,mx Sophomore Oroforsz J. Floyd, J. Moechling, M. Wood, D. Gorgoro, J. Dovis, G. MiTchel. Freshmon Orororsr G. Tomas, R. Deolecxux, P. Lee, J, ThornTon, G. Krouse, M. Kirchen. Oro1Toricc1l conTesTs ore mosT imporT- o1nT during The firsT Two yeors of high school, since They help To re- veol cincl develop hidden Tc1lenT. Moiny o boy hos been sTorTed on or high school lond collegel coreer by porTicipoTing in or Freshmon or Soph- omore oroToricol conTesTl The boys picTured on This poge hove done iusT ThoT, They hove disTinguished Them- selves orolToriccrlly or scholoisTiccilly. ln olddiTion To orolToricol odvonToge, There ore olso scholorship opporTun- iTies offered To or number of TorTun- c1Te sTuolenTs-Thdnks To The moThers in The Henry Welch Guild of Loyolo, who hove generously mode This pos- sible. I gg- awww .. 2 'Twill 1- """ """"' fs' . 4 T nw c"" 13 'I " fb' N .I if r 1. 'I Scholorship Winners: STonding: P. Pollock, G. Tomas, B. Russel, R. Grody. Kneeling. M. McEvoy, M. Lock- hord, W. Heilmon. K. N, uv. f2Q5.":t" .st . ,a , . f - " Nw frfww .lv . , 1' ' .,, -35"'!13,. ,.,. M-5, A. .....m... ,... .V . f -. Top Row: T. Rausch, C. Wallace, T. Borden, T. Orr, V. Koromzay, T. Houston, G. Rivera, P. Collins, P. Klute, B. Tucker, R. Kadner, J. McGlynn, B. Fedricks, T. Voightlander, D. Avery, S. Wallace, J. McDonald, R. Huston, C. ki, J. Shinno, R. Hilseth, C. Sorrells, M. Wood, T. Delellis, Anderson, J. O'Neill, P. Verhalen, E. Smith, L. Tusquellas, P. Twoomey, F. Scott, R. Rush, K. Meany, D. Brown, T. Hartnagle, N. Grey, J. McCarthy, J. Cronin, J. Mahoney. 3rd Row: E. Schmall, B. Lee, D. Wilson, L. Shamey, P. Garrison, L. Boadt, S. Privett, P. Sawaya, R. Scibilia, H. Schwarz, R. Cabral, D. Caine, M. Slack, B. Aranda, J. Pagano, L. Gill, H. McNally, V. Buyvid, D. Thompson, K. Ishida. lJ.S.t. For many years at Loyola There has existed a branch ot the Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation. This honorary association, mode- rated the past year by Fr. Sargent, S.J., seeks to recognize those students who have distinguished themselves by acquiring good scholastic records. Mem- bership is gained by obtaining ten grade points according to C.S.F. standards. -illfifmill llig it v C.S.F. l.lFE MEMBERS Top Row: J. Grady, P. McNeill, S. Millich, M. Seric, G. Stronks, S. Whitlock, M. O'Neill, C. Johnson. Bottom Row: M. Overland, B. Hamilton, L. Avallone, Fr. B. Sargent, S.J., R. Walters, D. Riley, R. Lindenauer, A. Masto. Smith, G. Gorski, J. Walker, C. Hovland. 2nd Row: A. Kocienc- Smith, P. Mann, T. Woods, R. Q,- -uw Top Row: T. Orr, C. Tucker, H. McNally, J. Kolmel, D. Avery, R. Wolters, N. Smith, M. O'Connor, J. Hedberg, J. Greenhough. Second Row: C. Lloyd, T. Voightlonder, R. Houston, J. Mahoney, G. Gorski, P. Klute, D. Riley, B. Ripple, C. Wolker, A. Root, F. Gotely. Bottom Row. B. Smith, L. Weber, R. Lee, J. Walker, P. Wilson, Mr. R. Mothewson, S.J., L. Gill, R. Marshall, L. Avollone, W. Grimes. H.F.L Upper Division N.F.L. President: L. Avollone Novice debaters representing Loyola. fi if A HY li 1.4- uxoy, KJ ,. k li 'Q' X L' , 1 J ,1- Award winners at John Marshall High School. Lower Division 7' V3 -.v 1 --,Quang 1 Top Row: M. Ball, P. Lee, T. Woods, P. O'Connor, F. Scott, C. Foss. 2nd Row: J. Thornton, D. Barnes, M. Wood, P. Toomey, L. Boadt, J. Torrelli, T. Borden, J. Gaither, W, Anderson, C. Bryant, B. Fay. Bottom Row: M. Deasy, R. McDonald, P. Pollock, T. O'Connell, Mr. Buckenmeyer, S,J., R. Schrum, A. Castanares, M. Kirchen, R. Cabral. xii? ,, , iN ,T s Sg gi . .. ' fr f'EET1g91', U Carrollfon Sweepsiakes Winners - a Table of Trophies! This year's Narional Forensic League cmd DebaTing Teams have Triumphed over all compeTiTion. Lee Avallone, Joe Kolmel, Mike O'Connor, Dennis Riley, and Randy HousTon repeaTedly found Themselves in The winner's circle. ln quick succession The N.F.L. squad Took The C.F.L. Fall TournamenT, The S.C.D.L. Individual EvenTs, and The sweepsTakes aT The CarrollTon Club. Special menTion is due To J. Kolmel who, aTTer winning TirsT place in The disTricT and ciTy finals, wenT on To Take Third in The STaTe for The American Legion, and To L. Avalone who placed TirsT in The STaTe imprompTu and was elecTed secreTary of Boys' STaTe - The second highesT posiTion. CerTainly These men reTlec:T Their JesuiT educaTion under The paTienT and hard work of Mr. MaThewson, S.J., and Mr. Buckenmeyer, SJ., speech moderaTors. The debaTors also conTinued To Till our ever-growing Trophy cases. IT is becoming increasingly clearer ThaT Loyola has a repuTaTion for producing good speakers and debaTors. This year's impressive wins include second place aT Loyola U. and firsT place in The CaTholic league laT NoTre Damel. Speech Events J. Kolmel - 'lsr in ciTy, lsT in disTricT, and 3rd in sTaTe for American Legion NaTional ConTesT. First place winners of Individual events aT C,F.L. fall open aT Loyola U. ii y. First Row: J. Kolmel, P. Orr, D. Brown, R. Coldren, J, Armstrong, W. Fahey, N. Wollman, R. Coplen, B. Avery. Second Row Ai' A 7 R. Francis, L. Smith, R. Favorito, C. Tarnay, C. Galindo, E. Turner, T. O'Brien. Bottom Row: P. Harper, D. Curran, D. Ackel 4 T. Reyes, W. O'Malley, P. Klute, H. Schwarz. Director: Mr. Rolfs, S.J. Absent: M. Lockard, R. Reese, J. Duckett, P. Lee, K ,f Pianist: Tony Newman Smolka, P. Davis, C. Sullivan, D. Avery. lilee Club One of the busiest organizations on the Loyola campus is the Glee Club. This select group of young men has distin- guished both itself and Loyola many times during the past year. The 1958 season began with the traditional Mass of the Holy Ghost. During the school year the Glee Club sang many beautiful selections tor the various activities of the Henry Welch Guild. Included among these were the annual tea and the Christmas Party. During the remainder of the year the Glee Club toured the hospitals, cheering up those untortunates who could not make it home for Christmas. Other appearances were at the Statler Hotel and the Arch- Diocesan Music Festival. Under the direction of Mr. Rolfs, S..l., the year came to a close with the Spring Concert. SQ 3 iiiiiff. . hr Y san..." Tie-straighteners: D. Coplen, T. O'Brien, J. Kolmel, N. Wollman. Biolnqu Mr. Hombach, S.J. demonstrates the action of a frog's leg. Interested Seniors meet during the week to learn more about living organism. Membership in the Biology club is restricted to Seniors and is on a voluntary basis. lcd Radio Club Future "Hams" trying to figure out what all those wires are doing. Mr. Hernandez, S.J., instructs and prepares boys who are interested in radio, either as a hobby or as a career. Right: Wagner makes con- tact with the moon, T. Simondi playing the part of the moon! Science Clubs With Explorers, Sputniks and Vanguards whirling in the heavens, with new discoveries being made each day, it is small wonder that Americans are interested in Science. Indeed, we are now in the age of Science! At Loyola this scientific interest is represented in a num- ber of extra-curricular activities designed to plant the seeds of scientific endeavor in the boys of Loyola today who will become the men of sciencentomorrow. librarians Just as athletic activities are important for good physical develop- ment, so books are necessary for intellectual progress. The librar- ians therefore, under the guidance of Fr. Needles, S..l., are of tre- mendous importance to the men of Loyola. Below: Librarians Steve and Gedza Tarnay, brothers. Camera Cluh This year saw more student photography represented in the year- book and newspaper than many a previous year. Many thanks to these amateur photographers, under the direction of Mr. Mac- Donald, S.J., who have given their time and talent so willingly. wk -vt Wil ..'- 'P W f'fP"' AL 'T W2-512' "J-VV 'g1lf1y5'?'i3' f 5-it C C 'Q rf Ja. -I if C . ,nan f f f :Jn fn -va- Pep Club The Pep Club puts the spark into Loyola's activities. It you need a poster, a short skit, or a catchy tune, call on the Pep Club. They'll oblige! With Mr. F. Hernandez, S.J., assisting and R. Bruno presiding, Pep Clubbers worked wonders this year. Many thanks to a great group of enthusiasts, Top: Pep Clubbers in off-hour relaxa- tion, middle: making props, Bottom: Pep Club members. ,A..i"-- Q- l The lnualist 1958 Layalist Staff with its TWO moderators. Six times a year the Loyalist rolls oft the press. Packed with- in its covers are all the important news events that take place on campus. Everything from weekly sports events to graduation exercises is covered loy such able reporters as M. Henegar, J. Cain, D. Riley, D. Curran, and S. Whitlock, to mention lout a few! Scott Grevemberg, the editor, has the distinction ot working under two moderators this year, Mr. Blake, S.J,, loutgoingl and Mr. Germann, S.J. lincomingl. The 1958 Loyalist, dis- playing a new format, is now located in its new ottice next to the gym. For the best news coverage, read the Loyalist, Top: Houston and Koromzay, Rewrite men. Bottom: Henegar and Curran, Sports editors. bei Guereno, O'Brlen, ond Hope beg the moderator for ossignments, I Incoming moderotor Mr. Germonn S.J. Retiring moderator Mr. Bloke S.J. l. Newell: "I need help!" Woods: "Try the fellow on your left!" QE Y Recent photos token for the Loyolist staff . . . ll924!l We puT ouT The Annual!" The beginning: plans Through The open door: Woods, Guerena, and 42 Editor Sfronks, amino "forward look," bringing you a new The '58 El Camino has ThaT l i concepT in annual design. This new look Took birTh lasT year as sTaff members, MasTo and Guerena experimenTed wiTh simple design paTTerns. Under The guidance of Mr. Breaulf, S..l., These rudimenTary ideas evolved inTo a plan wiTh The Touch of Tomorrow. The sTaff is especially proud of iTs new office designed exclusive- ly for The use of The annual sTaff To TaciliTaTe The Task of pre- paring The yearbook for The press. Hoping you will enioy and remember This El Camino '58, The annual wiTh The "forward look." El Camino Staff PicTures: an essential. MWBERS mv Photographers Kumamoto and Salazar inspect their handiwork. Artist LeBuff shows beginning sketches to R. Harper. Ipana! Writers and typists Guerena, Coplan, Diaz, and Woods. of 5. figsj . 5 'iff be .11 Mr. Breault, S.J., distracted from pressing duties. ii 4 Editor Stronks to Couture: "Yes, Joe, write, rewrite, write, and write over," 43 Buaideis Boarder Activities? .ff-5 4 V, Morabito, T. Donovan, R. Flynn, R. Santwier, C. Sharkey, J Arrache, A. Bracci, R. Cabral, Y. Melanson. ' "' WW i A Father Barry and Guests Senior-Junior boarders: F. Studer, Fr. Barry, S.J., lPref,l, W. Donovan, W. McDonald, J. Fitzgerald, J. Caine, H. Hirsh, M. Miller, R. Howard, L. Werner, T. Orr, P. Sharkey, R. Phelan, J. McGlynn, M. Stehly, B. Ripple, L. Orr, E. Elourduy. Soph.-Frosh boarders: Back Row: Fr. J. Barry, S.J., M. Orr, C. Sorrels, G. Taber, R. Fidele, C. Bryant, A. Jackson, P. Ripple, P. Orr, D. Toth. Front Row: C. Kavalaris, E. O'Connor, H. Manifold, . .,, LOYOLA! .q " st. f , . . Mx-' 1, X, .Y ' qsljfg ri' . ',v!-Wa, X J ffiliwt , i E' img E Hmund the Campus Hruund The Campus m -' 2 N I' I ! .Ax gag-, ffm T-A I M 0 I 1 1 gm ah --, g--www , 'E 5' y RW 7, "' K -w 1W- f-,,.. I 4 if A ,I , i , f S fzivixsv A xvfv f H Q 31,1 X. 7... ..g. ?.",..,.2... fn ng .Q A Z V V . M :P'h 1 ' B . cs ea as W 2 A ran rs ... I9 ' 99 fm 5 - 5 1 F ' I 4 13 I 6 , .A 4 A 6 M Vivl V .,,,..2iAxAAA'k 3 ix - V f l I f f ff? AQ , Q i' ',l R - A L'LL V, Xa ',,, A Ti ik , , , ff. -Qi! gn W M " A i2 4 49 Loyolcfs spirif - everywhere. Growwll! Carmel drops, Cubs cheer. . M., Z The "cub" unmasked t l . Hnd tttrire Spirit Gottamotch? Spirit unites the student-body, oft campus as well as on. A spirited school has a better chance of succeeding academically, physically and spiritually. Loyola is such cr school! Students this year can boast ot one of the best Pep clubs Loyola has ever seen. President ot this distinguished organization, R. Bruno, has coaxed, inspired, tanned and inflamed the students to a white- hot pitch. This spirit so evident "on campus," shows its prominence in all school activities. lt tires our debaters, our rallies, and our L games. Sparked by such a spirit, each student can honestly say: "l'm proud ot Loyola - proud that l'm going to such a school!" ozitzwlflllls sw f' gas Loyola's "titty-eightersf' spark- ed by the season's starting gun, won their tirst game against ln- glewood. Tripped up by iniuries and that modern plague, the tlu bug, the Cubs lost the Cath- olic League opener to Serra. But, with strength regained, came back to upset confident Notre Dame. The remaining games of the '58 season were played hard, and, more often than not, victory was only a matter ot a few points. The spirit ot the students, their unseltish support ot the team, the imaginative energy ot the Pep Club, the Band's impressive musical parades . . . all keynoted the underlying generosity that characterized the 1958 season. Loyola must shake hands with and say goodbye to many 'greats' this year, but, fortunately, there are enthusiastic aspirants among the capable Juniors and Sophomores to take their place. lt is hoped that their ideal will loe ettort, not a seltish spirit ot success at all costs. Dedication to the ideals ot the Lady ot Lourdes can be shown on the tootball tield, too, by a strength ot spirit and a good grace in losing. These qualities will evoke admiration trom others and pride in a job well done that will never be tarnished by the short end ot the score. "Veni, Vidi, Vici": Amico to Vigo. L. L. charges Serra. MacDonald recovers Serra charges L. L. Mr. Collonon instructs Cronin. Moyer grimcces. Qpporqerw I-Qyolg Inglewood ... ..... . 7 13 Serra ......, .... 3 7 14 NoTre Dome . . . . . 7 12 MT, Carmel ... ....35 6 Pius x .... .... 1 2 6 Ccmfvvell .... .... 2 1 19 ST.AnThony... ....TQ 6 Cwhedrol ... . . . .14 6 Quarterback Dove Hull Gif .ii l g 1 I , , B. Smivh odds six. Finger-tip control: McDevitt receiving, L, ...,,,,,,,.-w ' , ,.-' fa N . ,,W,,s, ff 9 X f V ' ,J Mud-spcmered Matthews Emercepfs c pass. "Shoo, Fiyr' Smith, airborne against Notre Dame. Loyola saves The "ref," Olson adds To Wood-chopped. Mike McDevitt eyes Sputnik. First and Ten, do it ogain. the Uyords rushing." The spread pays off. i if -.X Y' mum- , .. x. s 11 s .4 ' ,,,,. . - - W 2' ,l or Play-offs: Morxmiller passes, Ostley and Irish rush in. Intra - Hlural if Intramural champs: 4B-Ryan, Ostley, Becwclr Safriono, Lorenz, Henegor, Irish, Bruno. ' '15 " ,gi . - "xy Morxmiller posses os 3C trundles over 3E. . sy Pondella whips out cl pass os O'NeiII charges. 4A vic- Torious. The Coaches J.V. coaches Quinlan and Valenti discuss plays. Cee Coaches Fr. Duggan, S.J., and Mr. Magallon, SJ. X1 4? 1. ff! 'Un E, Varsity coaches Frampton, Preston, and Callanan show how its done. 'lx' lil! 4th Row: C. Burchell, N. Rasmussen, A. Hartkopf, J, Bowler, R. Powers, W. Sullivan, R. Schroeder, D. Noyes. 3rd Row C Valenti lCoachl P. Murrow, G. Heidrich, M. McCloskey, W. Moreton, R. Cabral, D. Ruloly. K, Huber, R. Crisell, T. Matthews, L. Adams R Smxth W Quinlan lCoachl. 2nd Row: S. Privett, W. O'Connor, P. VerHolen, T. Welch, C. Douglass, J. Foley, G. Tapia, E. Moller: A La Frano 1s Row: J. Green, K. Behrle, D. Hess, R. Davies, J. Benton, J. Moechling, P. Mullen, C. Plumley, R. Molony. Absent: O Tansey Inglewood 14 .. Loyola Serra 14 ....... Loyola Notre Dame 6 . . Loyola Carmel 24 ..... Loyola Plus X 25 ...... Cantwell 13 .... St. Anthony 13 Cathedral 20 . . . Loyola Loyola Loyola Loyola 5? Jauvees VerHalen, Molony, Privett, and Davies lead the J.V. Squad Huddle Before Action in a cheer for the "greenies." R. Marshall weaves around right end. Loyola St. Bernards .. .. 0 20 Serra lll ..... . . .13 29 Notre Dame .. .. O 12 Pius X ..... .. 7 27 C Paramount . .V . . .13 20 I St. Anthony . . . . 6 20 Serrallll... ...l2 18 4th row: J. Ebright, D. Mispagle, D. Marks, M. Robinson, P. Medina, J. Walker, W. Swartz, S. Hoffman. 3rd Row. R. Phelan lmgr.l, Fr. Duggan, S.J. lcoachl T. Alexander, R. Mathers, J. Callanan, P. Hirning, L. Pene, T. Longo, C. Crane, E. Reese, G. Hokans, A. Debernarde, J. Rollo, W. Noble, Mr. Magallon, S.J. lcoachl, C. Tarnay lmgr.l 2nd Row: W. Molina, T. Carfagna, J. Davis, T. Martin, S. Chabre, H. Sax, B. Desmond, P. Beal, A. Scott, R. Dadeaux. lst Row. T. Lennon, M. Moser, R, Barbaro, G. Robinson, M. McNeill B. Kruer, R. Marshall, T. Power, P. Hall, W. Scharrenberg, R, Flynn. Absent: J. La Bruchene, G. Tomas. 1 McNeil reverses and drives. 5 2 5 2 5 B WW..WW.w..,,,,,m,,,..w.,..,.f,f,,:W,.,,..f,,,.1,,T..W,,.,,,V ,, My .Q-.wi f' ,M -M, Hmmm. ,,,. WM , ,-- 113 Lvrx, 'fff ' ' 'f'5i+,, vim 4'-wwf. CarpenTer scores, Conkey screens, Burbank waTches. FirsT big TesT of The Loyola hoop- sTers This year was The CompTon TournamenT. Opposing Teams were several inches Taller. Far from being dismayed, however, The Cubs calmly proceeded To , 4 whiTTle Their overgrown oppon- enTs down To size. AfTer several acTion - packed games, Loyola emerged ConsolaTion Champs. Coach Bill BarneTT's inspired five now shifTed inTo high gear To meeT heavy Traffic in The CaTh- olic League. Loyola hopes were high. IT boasfed Three reTurning leTTermen. J. Conkey, T. MaTT- hews, and S. UrricarieT. FirsT vic- Tim of The Loyola onslaughT was Skip-swished! NoTre Dame, crushed by The spiriTed Cubs. Nexf on The C.L. lisT was MounT Carmel, arch-rival of Loyola. Carmel, winner of The CompTon TournamenT, was confidenT. The gym was pack- ed, spiriT high. The sTarTing buzzer signaled The beginning of The greaT- esT game Loyola played This season. Coming from behind in The second guarfer, Loyola Tied Carmel. During The remaining Time The score was Tied again four or five Times. The fans by This Time were nearly hysTeri- cal. WiTh a few seconds lefT To play, Loyola again Tied The score and Then proceeded To sew up The game. Final score: 48--43. Loyola, conso- laTion winners, consoled The discouraged Crusaders, as They limped off The floor. The "reTurning Three" plus Two, Mike CarpenTer and Skip T Crunelle, Then seT abouT winning game afTer game, ending up champs of The firsT round. Loyola was The Team To be feared. 65 Matthews: "I soy there, Steve, I believe its going in!" Moro: "Brunsonl Ccm't you stop him?" HB Two for Tom. aslsethall Game J. V.'s Crucial moment - tie score! Loyolo victorious! N.B. Check that scoreboard! Season Spotlights Atter playing magnificent ball, after coming from behind more than once, after beating the C.L. champs, the Cubs pulled only three games out ot the bag in the second round. Loyola wound up in third place. Although the tinal standings were not as impressive as hoped tor, the season was still a successful one. The team, besides out-playing Mount Carmel, scored three victories over the Saints l?l of St. Anthony, twice at Long Beach. Captain J. Conkey broke the school record with 35 points, and shared "All-Catholic" honors with S. Urricariet. Old "Iron-Glue" Matthews rolls around Serra. 9 thumbs. X? Yeo Conkey shows All Catholic form: Leedom twiddles his l jf X xx 'Q S 'Y X. X1 'll II ' Q. l l li' 1,4 67 C LJ E1 Sli Marshall .. Glendale .. Mira Costa Burbank .. Beverly Hills Torrance . . Notre Dame Mt, Carmel Pius J .... St. Anthony Cantwell .. Serra ..... Cathedral . ihe Record 56-51 Loyola 51-42 Loyola 58-52 Loyola 54565 Loyola 48-47 Loyola 52-39 Loyola CATHOLIC LEAGUE 30-43 Loyola 43-48 Loyola 46-60 Loyola 43-45 Loyola 43-42 Loyola 47-60 Loyola 54-63 Loyola 39 Morningside . Compton Tour 56 Newport Hbr. . 43 Centennial . 49 St. Anthony 49 L.B. Poly 60 Notre Dame 59 Mt. Carmel ........32 PiusX 61 St. Anthony 61 Cantwell Serra 66 Cathedral Skip Crunelle: into the blue for Two. Top Time out for St Anthonys Three time losers to Loyola Right: Burbank lo, "Is it possible?" I OWL J. V. S. P. Kane hooks it, Loyola wins. st ,x Fite scores as Russo stands ready. ng' Sitter sets it, Fife fools foe. YU l W"X"'V MQ' Top: R. Francis lmgr.l, J. Bender, N. Palmer, D. Byrne, J. Thom, J. Cain, C. Wallace, R. Morris, R. Hokans, T. Hall, B. Slattery, T. Madden, F. Villar, R. Kadner lmgr.l Bottom: S. Urricariet, T. Matthews, Mr. Barnett lcoachl, M. Carpenter, J. Conkey, S. Crunelle. ff ' s Lx, pf' Ga. .Q Bees Bock Row: R, McKay, D. Burke, D. McCloskey, R. Mack, M. Jack- son, M. Ewing. Front Row: J. Moutino, J. Peterson, J. Keese, D. Gubser, B. Morris, V. Koromzoy, Mr. Cooney, S.J. Jauvees Standing: Coach Ammond, T. Ratigon imgr.J, S. Santley, J. DuRoss, T. Casey, M. Jackson, G. Perchal, T. Hall, B. Vcindling, M. Heberger imgnl Kneeling: T. Palmer, G. Fife, C. Engle- hard, J. Sitter, D. Doran, P. DiBortheIemo. Bees Bock Row: M. McNeill, M, Morell, G. Robinson, C. Elston, E. Wolsh. Front Row: C. Tarnay lmgr.i, S. Hokans, R, Saint Wenir, J. Arn, J. Trunowski, R. Villor, Mr. Short, S.J. Intramural 6 4 Q 1 2 '- E' va. , f 5 g I 2 . Q N R L f , ,, -, ,K. 4B-Intramural champs: B. Irish, T. Satriano, P. Daley, D. Hall, W. Ryan, T. Lorenz. Frosh-Junior playoff: LaPorte guards. School Champs-Faculty! Score 37-36. Who's com- plaining about fouls? 51, Astonished 4B looks on as Sophs steal a rebound, 1,6 f HSE The whizz of The horsehide, The crock of f'a. ,,. G buf, and The gc1me's on: Lor enz puts one away. as-3 One of Loyola's mosT consisTenTly vicTor- ious acTiviTies is baseball. Year afTer year, The Cub Nine Takes The honor spoT in The CaTholic league. LasT year's squad finished up firsT place winners - losing only one game in The league plays - and Then wenT on To The C.l.F. semi- . finals. This year's Team cerTainly will be no excepTion. BoTh The Tidings and The L.A. Times have picked Loyola for The CJ Top C.L. posiTion. The newspapers, how- OO -' ever, have noT been The only careful ob- servers To spoTlighT Loyola. The Team V 7? iTself feels confidenT ThaT iT can carry on The ever-growing TradiTion, despife The more Than sufficienT rain which has cuT down pracTice and games. SporTing Three refurning All CaTholics: W. Ryan, T. Safriano, and T. Lorenz, a guara'nTee of vicTory is given, FurTher insurance is added by reTurning IeTTermen J. Clesceri, and M. Crowley. Up-and-coming G. lnnsprucker, B. Smih, B. Kruer, and T. Madden compleTe The lisT. Cub fans will noTe one more change in The Loyola Nine. A new coach, Al Frofhman, replaces Fr. Brannon, S.J., who led The Team To a Cafholic League vicTory IasT year. 3 CapTain T. Satriano with managers T. McCambridge and L. Guerencl. .fs-' Power in The stands. The new coach, Al Forrhman. Seniors, O'Connor, Alcorcxce, Crowley, Ryan, Whitlock, Lorenz, Clesceri, Sotriono, Holl with Couch Forthmon. Below: Joe looks it over. N 255 5 Above: All Catholic - Wee Willie - Put's 'em out on first. v , W IAQ- 9 oi o tv 0 AX , gf f fir! Ist Catholic League game: Loyola starts a new string of victories. will Top: Safe on third. Below: Pre-game warm-up. Smith chucks it home Bottom: Safe on first. Above: Father Shepherd, Athletic Director, gives advice to T. Madden. J: .f A g -F: N3 f l ,.., ,,f, 'W W' hh 1 A' . vi.. is . ffi , , i ..., ' X. I . in T , ' i ff . A -,E 0 ' I Top: Pitchers S. Shriffin, M. O'Connor, D. Vigo, S. Whitlock, M.JCrowIey. "Catchers J. Ciesceri, A. God. Bottom: Infielders and Outfielders with Coach A. Forthmun - D. Hcxll, T. Lorenz, B. Kruer, T. Madden, B. Smith, P. Kane, B. Alcorczce, J. Goodwin, T. Soiriono. Demonstrating: G. Insprucker and W. Ryan. p 5.156 ,fbias Wil 1' Top Row: M. Johnsion, J. Bowler, J. LaBouff, K, Huber, D. Marks, B. MacKay, D. Burke. Second Row: J. Ryan, A. Douglass, S. Grollnek, L. Pene, D. Gubser, B. Morris, E. Walsh, C. Kunz. Bottom Row: P. Mullen, D. Spiller, C. Plumley, R. Dedeaux, T. Ordwoy, D. Buckley, T. Delellis, Mr. Magallon, S.J. nun:-un -B.. Sifvw Above: Inter squad game: Vigo and God battle it out. Shriffrin looks on. Below: J.V. "sIuggers" wc.. . L' fa... '5T""vm-Q W !79 J"f'b High over the bor against G background of Eucolypws. Lou Amorillas hits 21 feef! 7 , ffl! Track T This year The Track Team goT off To a sTrong sTarT by cap- Turing 32 medals U6 of Them goldl aT The Sanfa Ana relays. Bob Lee, M. Henegar, and J. PrieTTo lead The dash men wiTh a 10.2 Timing. ConsisTenT poinf gainers in The 440 have been C. Walsh, J. PriveTT and C. Johnson. D. Bryne, W. Lewis, and D. Franco are baTTling iT ouT for disTance records while M. Woods, A. Camacho, and T. Hall hurdle ever onward. BrighT spoT in The field evenTs is The broad iump with L. Amarillas and B. Fredricks. RepresenTing The polevaulTers are G. Marxmiller, M. Shirley, and J. Foley. AlThough heavy rains inTerTered wiTh pracfice, sTill The Cubs have a fine squad and show True Team spiriT. They look forward To The championship in boTh dual meeTs and The CaTholic League. Fine job, Fr. SargenT and Fr. Duggan. fr it 1 y Y. V w y, f 3 E9 C g f - K ' 'fs 3 f?"'ff. .f . -' , Y , -I-J - 1 B ""' -,f.wllm..u,2? T' ' L . ew 4' T .,wi'aT'-'lv .rrr f Q' . ,... . Top: C. Johnson and H. McNally Take l-21 BoTTom: Prietto, Camacho, and Marxmiller score a sweep! Senior members of IasT years star relay Team: B. 81 Varsitu Record Opponent n Pius X HigH'School .. . . . 33 ST. ...... . . .. '35 .HQ 2 '. . . 3 Nofgg Dhqmqi . .. , . 43 36 3. 9 Contweui 3. ,,,. ' Gro Is '. 226 1: 7 fa L ,Q . , Q 6 ' S" F si 4 L .. if .4 .fi , Q M Q, . .3 3 i Q . .. - if 11 R. Franco leans into the Tape. I Decotholon M Wunferboftom clears 5' B". F 'full 'ma 915 asa. Catholic llual lllaal Champs Top Row: Mr. Valenti lasst. coachl, J, Newell, M. Seric, B. Ostley. Third Row: Father Sargent, S.J. lhead coachl, C. Johnson, M. Shirley, D. Bryne, J, Privett, Father Duggan, S.J., lcoachl. Second Row: C. Shields, M. Henegar, P, Casey, P. Stafford, M. Stehly. First Row: R. Franco, C. Walsh, M. Overland, B, Lee, T. Reveles. Absent: M. Woods, A. Camacho, W. Lewis, N. Palmer. Senior Squad Bock Row: H. M Jfvlvur 'A cNolly, J. Klousner R White R Fedrick T Holl T R h , . , . , , , . ousc , D. Mogrofh. Third Row L, Amorillos, T. Hortnogle, E. Schmoll, P. Rodmon, P. Heim, P, Russell, D. Moore, T. Orr. Second Row A. Boyletf, J. Greenholgh, M. Roy, L. Luke, L. Bochleoder, V. Knudsen, M. Winterbottom. First Row S. Clork, B. Lee, W. Grimes, J. Prietto, R. Morsholl, J. LoFrono, P. Souer, C, Wolloce. Absent: Gcmboc W. Riccordi. Sophomnres Juniors I X A40 -X I e-f v.,z , X Top Row: J. Kelly, G, Tober, M Kelly V Koromzoy P Burton J Behrle J ON . , . , . , . , . ' eill, P. Verholen, J DuRoss, J, Benton, J. Rogers, G. Prchol, R. Smith, M. Ewing, J. Goither, D. Moe, J. Foley, P. Hirning J. Cronin, J, Lofrono, K. Meony, J. Knox, D. Hess, P. McGonn, J, Gary, L. Combs. Second Row: E Rood, P. Sowoyo, A. Matthews, T. Anderson, B, Armitage, J. Horkins, J. Floyd, H. Sox, M. Gory, M Nyerges, Suntwier. Bottom Row: R. Dominguez, E. Smith, J. Lucente, E. O'Connor, V. Scott, C. Reher M. O'Connor L. M I , o veoux, J. Lowe, M. Lockorcl, W. Sweeney. Top Row: C. Johnson, T. Hartnagel, B. Crevier, L. Werner, Fr Sargent SJ J Newell S Poche Second Row W Lewis R. Franco, J. O'Neill, P. Stafford, Third Row: R. Lee, L. Luke D Sullivan L Combs P Burton E OConnor J Harkms J. Lucente, S. Floyd, L. Malveaux. Missing: G. Insprucker, M. Stehley M Winterbottom M Overland Wincled Pat Stafford: J.V. champ in Catholic League. Cross Cuunlru Still in its infancy, the Loyola Cross Country team is a foe to be reckoned with. J, Newell, M. Over- land, and M. Stehly show strong promise along with G. lnnsprucker and W. Lewis, race winners. Dick Franco lthe rnan with the mostl started the season with a lst place All-Catholic, establish- ing a new school record and tieing the league record. The varsity team placed second behind powerful Cathedral while the J.V.'s led by Pat Stafford, captured lst place trophy. "Speedy" Franco lst all Catholic Cross Coun try lat Centinella Parkl On your mark, ge? seT, go! M. Flynn and friends af Black Swimming In all probabiliTy Loyola's swimming Team will capTure The C.L. Crown. Backed by such sTalwarTs as M. Gless, T. Hope, P. Calligan and M. CarpenTer, The Team has beaTen every compeTiTor so far. Only one record has been broken - and ThaT by The relay Team aT Black Fox, sTarring M. Kerr, M. Flynn, S. MacDonald, and P. Sullivan. BuT The TuTure holds promise ThaT TurTher records will be broken. Fox. Throw Those men a life preserver! M D ld T Ho e P Calli an. Second Row: R. Granger, P. SaporiTo, J Top Row: M. Gless, M. Kerr, J. Ford, M. CarpenTer, S. c ona , . p , . g Wittenberg, T. CarpenTer, R. Powers, B. Franklin, C. Hovland, Mr. Quinlan. Boffom Row: V. Flynn, W. Sullivan, S. Morel, F. Warner, T 86 VoighTlander, M. Flynn, F. Gillbride. l , 1 Loyola stands waiting forthe sound ofthe gun. fn, 1-it iii i J Awaiting the call of action: S. Privett 'U f J U vt .. 'T The action! Standing: J. Zopelis, J. Rouse, P. Smith, W. Crevier, B. Engle, R. Flynn, A. Schulz, H. Fuchs. Sitting: J. Flynn, F. Sullivan, S, Privett, M, Wood, P. Ronay, J. McGinty, Mr. Quinlan. D M' h I T L' utoud D Gcr oro, T. Bryon. Front Row: Mr. Short, S.J. lcoczchl, M. Bock Row: A. Dunne, P. Hogan, . IC e, . no , . g Licxufcucl, L. Gill, T. Carr, J. Shinno, R. Phelan lMngr.l Prociice before the game. . ' f Xk.?. 'giigr' . .Ia if - A Q 'lmtl rl With twelve consecutive Catholic League vic- tories in their back pocket, the Loyola net- men are concentrating all their efforts land horse-shoesl to capture the thirteenth. Under the direction of Mr. Short, S..l., and Captain M. Liataud, the racket set' is preparing for the big match with the longtime rival, Notre Dame. The Cub Nine feel confident that they will emerge triumphant since they sport such fine players as Larry Gil, Don Michael, and Pete Hogan. This year the team has been honored with a top-ranking Sophomore star, Dean Gargaro. To add further security, Freshman Timothy Carr has corralled the number one position on the club. 9 . lt 9 -ri. Q. f . WW-X i 'flz'0Qaa'2 L '-sw' , t :if - Q t ffl ll x lt N hx 'KX M xxx ' R. Ve o. . X 9 Back Row: R. Quigley, P. Peters, W, Vcndling, P. McNeil, M. Slack. Front Row: Mr. Short, S.J. Icoochl, R. Azzolina, R. Hogan, J, Rasmussen, H. Breen, ,iiltllllllll Ll vnulualnnun an T . 'll assumes if nnmnunannflpllf ll lglllllf I lillllllllnuanalu Cl I llllllqr Illllllllnnnllsnun Ill! llllllllu lI'lf'l'....CDUIll'l 30: lcpsilunns-nuanuunnuvnunqpnn ' ' ' " " 77' 1 DU L' 'W cnuudlllii: ' " ' 'jf "T I gnu ..-iififnnnllsununnn A " ' I T7 IHHCHDCDDHDHIIHDUDIIIIII ' f, pupuunppnnnnnunnaunlna nnpninauunnnuulanurn L nasnuuununurnnnz "":E4'S55':'. lllgi Gargc ro swats it! wee. it ualnallnullll' .Ulla llllllllllllllll snannuuclllll fllll Ulllllllllllllll lllllllllllll Illllt llllrllnllllllllg lllllllllll ll' llllllllilllllllll !i'2!!22225:.f:::v----'-" on nouns: HISIIIIIIIX' lllllllll .." Gill watches him. 'gli llllllllllllll """"""' ' ll Illlllllllllllggj I P-0,7 un' ' V of Shinno makes a beautiful return monogram Uluh The purpose of The Monogram Club is To promofe greaTer school spiriT aT Loyola. The members of This organizafion realize ThaT in many ways The wonder- Tul TradiTion and splriT aT our school depend on This club. Ushering aT games, rallies, and FirsT Friday 2' masses are some of The beTTer-known Tuncfions of This sporTsmen's TraTerniTy. Top: Monogram Club officers: S. Urricariet, W. as Ryan, M. Henegar, and J. Priveff. Right M,C. in acfion. Top Row: T. Hope, P. Calligan. Second Row: D. Vigo, R. Smifh, S. MacDonald, L. FreymuTh, T. O'Brien, T. Orr, P. STaTford. Third Row: T. Safriano, B. Delavan, J. Clesceri, J. Conkey, M. Crowley, M, Liqfgud, T, Lorenz, P, Casey, Fourth Row: M, Henegqr, R, Franco, T. Bouchard, D. Byrne, S. Urricarief, M. Woods, M. Overlqnd, A, Cqmqgho, Bottom Row: B. Lee, M. Kerr, L, Longo, F, Olson, J. Moyer, M. Gless, W. Ryan, Fr, McFadden, S.J., J. Priveff TP,-egg ..-ig-nx' Standing: T. Floiran, J. Toomey, S. Privett. Kneeling: R. McNeill, R. Bruno, M. Overland. Absent: M. Winterbottom. Cheer Leaders Cheerleaders attend all maior sports events to impart to lpyola students their own evident school spirit. This is their primary objective. Although they nnust train and practice a good deal, their respected po- sition is its own reward. Winterbottom goes high! Get that ball, you gotta! fb -1 4 AfTer monThs of hord Trciining - close order drill, field mcineuvers, ond Theory closses - Loyoloi High School received The coveTed Honor School Avvord fr Th om e Federol lnspecTion CommiTTee. This is quiTe unusuol in o sch I h oo W ere R.O.T.C, is compulsory. BUT, under The splendid direcTion of Major Anderson, U.S.A., -ond his quolified sToff of A rmy personnel The Cubs hove developed ouTsToind- ing quoliTies of leodership. AnoTher highlighf of The R.OTC This yecir Wols Th d ' . . . e dvvoir given To The OuTsTc1nding CddeT. The honor TlWlS YGOI' WGYWT T0 A- CC1mC1ClWO WlWO, while OT Loyolo, hols consisTenTly disTinguished himself over ci period of four yeors. FirsT assignment: Moss of The Holy Ghost Loyola High: Honor School, 1957. W. Crevier, M, Moss, S. Shriffrin, G. Wooten, B. Ingle, J. Wittenberg, P. McWhirter. Third Row: A. Morciscczs, D. Hessler, J. DuRoss, M. Peters, L. Weber, J. Rouse, A. Boylett, R, Schultz, D. Hill. Second Row: P. Davis, A. Schubert, R. Rolopp, T. McLoughin, L. Adams, J. MacDonald, J. Montugno, R. Quigley, G. Fite, R. LcPorte, L. Tornciy, W. Irish, G. Murxmiller, C. Crosby, D. Komin. First Row: S. Winterbottom, B. Wolters, A. Frazier, A. Comocho, P. Casey, J. Benton, L. Rcxtclitf. s . l' .11 x K? 4 ilf. it ' 'Jia 4 MM, .5-M . ffl T, .4 If . 'E' , 5 L ' V' The smart, well dressed lines of on Honor school. 'sf-,N . The Moior walks briskly forward Q 'S to meet his sergeonts. '-it ' , s '. .. ' li K x K qty . ,K I x 1' ' I . I' - '- ' - Q ..i . fl Bird's eye view of a full dress parade, Codenced Cadets morch owuy from the sinking sun, I - asm--7,1 Back Row: L. Adams, J. Evers, H. Stoner, Sgf. Schandra, USA, L. RaTclifT, P. Baldwin. FirsT Row: L, Weber, M. O'Neill, J. Hauser, P. Casey, R, Schultz. T Rifle Team ln The HearsT NaTional Championship, Loyola's sharpshooTing riTle Team scored an incredible 939 ouT of a possible TOOO poinTs. This earned The Cubs Third place in The naTion - ouT of 2700 enTries. SimulTaneously, The Team is ranked second in The SixTh Army disTricT lseveral WesTern sTaTesl. VViTh such a high raTing Los Angeles l-ligh Schools, and many UniversiTies, will Tire only againsT our Bee Team. FuTure maTches include Annapolis, Phoenix High School DisTricT, and a maTch wiTh The besT local schools aT El MonTe. This degree of excellence is mainly due To The unTiring eTTorTs of Major Anderson and SergeanT Schandra, USA. Their coaching has l4epT Loyola on Top. A 1 I i , - 1 it ... """""' -irl L. Weber displays awards of achievemenT. Back Row: J. Benefiz, A. Rasch, M. O'Heron, Sgf. Gabel, USA, P. MarTinez, R. DuMonT, N. McCarroll. FronT Row: D. Pascua, R. Dominguez, I. Bonyhardy, Ready ' ' ' mm ' ' ' fue! V, Soohoo, B. ZenTil, P. Baldwin. already been mentione I 1 e qe e . . .i t rf 1 7 1.s',f. K - W Ta-Rah-Rah-Boom-Di-Ay! The Band Loyola's athletic teams, clubs, anal others has d. Equally well known is the ROTC band has been considered one of the best military e it is one of the more colorful activities in the high among the opportunities offered Loyola Hirning's wise guidance, it has risen to a fine L ' .AJ M ., . .. K fx. ,T d is expected, in the future, to approach even if ction. Duty on the football field. 'MPV 4' T .iv A, K a. z, B. Franklin, J. Armstrong, F. Wagner, D. Johansen, J. Evers, D. Hahling, J. Lowe, P. Ginardi, P. O'leno : R. Vega, C. H. Rehm, C, Sullivan, D. Sweeney, J. Rallo, A. Dunne, l. Ebright, P. Beale, G. Reher, D R. Creech, D. Moore, R, Ochoa, R. Sarno, J. Maechling, T. Woods, M. Waters, R. O'Connor, P. Hirnig les, M, Smith, Mr. Rolfs, S.J., Mai. G. Hirning. First Row: J. Hogan, T. Liautaud, G. Rosas, L. Robinson o, J. Heslin, T. Simondi, R. Ochoa, G. Tamas, J. Montagna, T. Murphy. EISSBS WC. SEDES x SAPIENTIAE 'S I 'f m,,9A A " N9 s .- f. 'f Avi- .. ' 4'fl"" ' iff -A A Q .. -wa - -AQ U ,S 1-w - s 1 ' 4. . 5 , r M "'r'Q:- - RA 'fl J' ' - :Uh 8 " I F? X- I .54 ., , r.. .fu - :mfavr.uQl"',g-i" ' V sk 'I iv :Q yliia his ,lf ,X 19440 fm, ' 'Z hf' r 'F J 'x 'S -wwf ' Y W I "4 , a as f . lx ': "r J Wx! x J an ' Y, 0 ' up ' N 9 1 . 5 Q ' I Q . '. .gl gh -, . qw- vm . it . ' M A . 1 .V X A . S- 1 P I . 'iz .W 1 4' , ,T 1 u O I 7 , . f 'Y'-A t h' Q ' A x' -I w V 4 ., . , 1 . 1, UO, . 4? u Q fidfh W" . , i 2 :gf .X XS Q It I" ' A Q UN. A 'Qty x X 't 4, 1' ' , U a 1 'm 1 1, xqii ' I ' V' I X Q f It I sw' , I J ' Sl? X 4 ,,. n X X g I 4, Q P Juniors G. Innspruclcer iSgt. at Armsl, J. Bender lVeepl, R. Smith iPres.l, T. Orr iSec.l, T. Madden lTreas.l Snphnmnres grim T. Welch lTreas.l, J. Cronin iSec.l, P. Mullen iSgt. at Arrnsl, S. Privett Weepl, P. Sawaya lPres.l Freshmen G. Tamas lSec:.l, R. Grady iVeePl, M. McNeil iPres.l, D. Gubser lTreas.l, B. Fay lSgt. at Armsl. Top Row: R. McKay, F. Broccato, C. Plumley, D. McCloskey, J. O'l-leron, O. Moe, E. Coffey. Third Row: W. Skully, W. Kline, F. Sullivan, H. Sax, B. Fay, E. Walsh, J. Sidney, R. Dedeaux, D. Barnes, M. McNeil. Second Row: W. Miller, C. Tarnay, M. Nyerges, G. Peluso, R. Eager, J. Jordan, T. Paine, F. Lanalc, G. Arnerich, P. Martinez, Fr. Duggan S.J, Bottom Row: B. Zentil, L. Rayner, L. Lee, J. Malloy, -. Williams, M. Stone, J. Freeman, A. Greco, W. Gudish, T. Tribble. Absent: J. Domit, J. McGurk, M. Robison. P P' 'f fl. .ggi QI' dr . H' 2 TOP ROW D Marks, R. Dumont, K. Graham, M. Jackson, J. Pauly, D. Burke, T. Wakeol, R. Sancleen, G. Robinson. THIRD ROW: J. Murphy, Prisciotta M Gary, P. Scully, D, Gubser, S. Hokans, T. Longo, R. Flynn, R. Keese, J. Torelli. SECOND ROW: D. White, R, Meyette, A. Page, M Hecht R Barbaro, C. Blades, R. Schrum, G. Armitage, D. Lawton. BOTTOM ROW: R. Staiger, D. Sullivan, W. Quinn, J. Erbacher, V. Cintra, R Cassidy M Kirchen, J. Duarte, Mr. Germann, S.J. ABSENT: A. Debernarde, R. Lambert, E. Rauen, O,Tansey. XI B TOW ROW: M. Orr, G. Prchal, J. Thornton, M. Galvin, D. Mitchell, M. Morrell, R. Mack, A. Buckley, B. Denton. THIRD ROW: M. O'Brien B. Russell, R, Villor, C. Sharkey, G. Lambert, B, Beyerle, W. Noble, R. Getz, B. Emerson, F. Groszkruger. SECOND ROW. C. Phillips, T, Weyand J. Ritters, J. Menlchaus, R. Anthony, J. Christiansen, A. McCann, R. Doll, T. Carr, R. Hogan, Fr. Conneally, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: D. Spiller, D Sullivan, D. Hutchinson, A. Scott, W. Swartz, M. Lockard, E. O'Connor, R. Azzolina, R. Graoly, K. Huber. ABSENT: R. Kintz. ,ww 7' fi? " 12? Sit w..f a 'll' W 'l'5 ' l' rainwater M TOW ROW: R. Hunt, A. Rasch, M. Chevalier, M. Kidd, M. Bentley, C. Elfsten, A. Schutz, S. Thompson, W. Spahl. THIRD ROW: J. Hillman B. Nelson, D. Penn, D. Mispagel, T. Power, R. Leedy, T. Alexander, J. Morneau, A. Larrabee. SECOND ROW: M. Yanke, H. Manifold, R AI D Olivarez, T. Donovan, Y. Melanson, A. Andronis, C. Kavalaris, T. Groener, J. Stupy, T. Cartagna, Mr. Buckenrneyer, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: M McEvoy, T. O'ConneII, V. SooHoo, R. MacDonald, B. Desmond, G. Pasco, J. Byrne, E. Rood. ABSENT: T. Bruce, R. Shaffer, P. Sweeney. IZ... fi, E . . , J af- ff rf... xg X45 TOP ROW: J. Trudnowski, G. Kraus, L. Malveaux, P. Donlan, P. Burton, J. Callanan, W. Moreton, J. Olivares. THIRD ROW: J. Strobel, J. Arrache, H. Fuchs, J. Gresswell, R. Fedele, M. Kelly, R. Papsys, E. Reese, J. Arn. SECOND ROW: J. Schneider, E. Meehan, P. Gunn, G. Doran, F. Aldrete, V. Morabito, W. Brown, T. Tepper, R. Mathers, Mr. Homboch, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: A. Wright, A. Murrieta, J. McCormick, D. Lubersnik, ll E D. Langan, J. Sennes, S. Chabre, J. Giba. ABSENT: R. Rockwell. it HP TOP ROW- J Rallo, R. Wright, J. Bowler, V. Fisher, C. Ga la If Lv" Y, ,f 19 : A L Q . . Ei 99' 49 7' . f 4? 'Q' 44' WI :rs -Irv F i lindo, L. Sinclair, L. Adams, A. Burns. THIRD ROW: T. Ratigan, L. Pene, L. Uranga, J. Ra land J. O'Neill, l. Hornbecker, K. Brown, J. Gordon, P. Crisell. SECOND ROW: D. Vasquez, T. McGowan, E. Werts, J. Maraz, T. Cano, 9 I M. Deasy, J. Duckett, 1. Bonyhardy. BOTTOM ROW: J. Settles, D. Smith, J. McGinty, P. Pollock, J. LaBrucherie, W. Gonzalez, M. Heberger, A. Barrena, Mr. Magallon, S,J. ABSENT: J, Lagano, P. Lee. I Ii .t 'Ru' QQ TOP ROW: J. Kelly, R. O'Connor, J. Minisci, T. Daley, A. LaFrano, J. Armstrong, D. Petric. THIRD ROW: J. Green, G. Campol P, Beal, C. Burchell, S. Yorba, C. Parrish, M. Johnston, J. Elbright. SECOND ROW: G. Tamas, R. Genarcli, M. Johnston, T. I I mi, F, Ramirez Lowe, B. Hale F Pl t, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: C. Reher, D. Hessler, J. O'Brien, T, Murphy, W. Hellman, A A. Lasis, T. Martin, M. Smith, T. Phelan, r. ayous Castanares, D. Pascua, J. Flynn. ABSENT: R. Rominguez, N. McCarroll, P. Marin, J. Mitchell. fi' H ft 4' Cv 4. , ,sa .., Ag ,, K Vw, 'BQ' is :Ft 91' at 'Ex as S ll!!! 'il Q' it -use 3. if i 3 . 2' P' . faq. as ,Q ,Q TOP ROW: F. Darrow, F. Rolapp, P. Murrow, T. Madden, J. McCann, T. Welsh, D. Buckley, P. Slavick, R. Perez. THIRD ROW: T. Bbbott, P.! 2 ,H McGann, G. Yeager, T. Lennon, T. Orclway, R. Langan, J. Merget, J. Foley, J. Knox. SECOND ROW: J. Malcolm, J. Toomey, S. Wilson, M.l Devine, E. Wick, M. Champommier, R. Gibson, J. Floyd, R. Espinosa, Mr. Short, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: A. Smith, A. Daviau, J. Nashua, JJ Harkins, R. Leonard, M. DeMonte, P. Monaco, K. Owens, A. Loera. ABSENT: F. Brumfield, S. Grollnek. T l l l 'af' , i 'll-'P "P , iii "iv , nm- wit Hu. E4 i A ,, ff ... 19-10 49 3? 'sr CNA 456 of Q' .ig T 3 I, i TOP: ROW. P, Covallaro, V. Stevens, R. Schroeder, P. O'Leno, R. Molony, J. Soiret, P. Burke, G. Tapia, J. Monzio. THIRD ROW: G. Mitsch, R. Lopez, C. Crosby, G. Mitchell, P. DeBever, G. Laughlin, E. Molieri, D. Sweeney, P. Davis. SECOND ROW: P. Wing, L, Sprague, F, Suarez, 2 B J. Peterson, P. Medina, P. Meade, W. Mueller, L. Combs, C. Rehm, J. Rogers, Mr. MacDonald, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: V. Keating, J. LaBouft, D. Santwier, F. Melton, A. Ashkar, J. Nolan, R. Vega, A. Matthews, N. Nishikubo, K. Tarney. ABSENTQ John Keller, Steve Dilullo. lO2 TOP ROW: A. Bracci, D. Noyes, D. Gargaro, J. Sfutz, W. Vandling, J. Santley, J. Cronin F Behrle R Powers F Alolr THIRD ROW C Sullivan, G. Taber, B, O'Connor, J. Brock, N, Rassmussen, R. Smith, R. Freeman, D Hess T Foherty SECOND ROW T Anderson P Hall T. Havey, E. Zinkowski, C. Kunz, D. Barnett, C. Bryant, T. Gary, K. Kneeling, Mr. M Gonzalves SJ BOTTOM ROW H Breen M OConnor R. Smith, G. Payne, R. Ritchie, J. Dolan, T. Borden, G. Kovats. ABSENT: W. Morris 'F' ,, 5 Q 4 . L,-apr r :uv M Y 1 -are ' " Q. WD -, TOP ROW D Snider, M. Ewing, T. Tami, A. Hartkopf, H. Daniels, T. Woods, T. Huston, A. DeLellis, D Sweeney THIRD ROW E Turner J ONeiI R Tusquellas, F. Wagner, D. Conway, K. Meany, F. Scott, J. Stuart, P. Ganey, P. Verhalen, P Rush SECOND ROW R Coldren A Douglass P Twomey, F. Scott, H. Schwarz, V. Koromzay, W. Anderson, J. Leaver, T. Beach, P. Sawaya BOTTOM ROW W Wood L Boadt R Scibilla L Shamey, D. Caine, P. Garrison, S. Privett, E. Smith, R. Cabral, Fr. Lester, S.J. ABSENT: L. Smith .9 QQ to -na- gf. E ll a is lg .sa- TOP ROW: P. Orr, A. Gad, W. O'Connor, J. Mautino, J. DuRoss, P. Peters, J. Benton, J. Wittenberg. THIRD ROW: K. Fiore, J. Babick, P Baldwin, T. Tomlin, J. Bechman, M, Mispagel, L. LeSage, J. Benitez, R. Cramer, D. Toth. SECOND ROW: R. Cameron, J. Davis, S. Dilworth P. Ronay, N. Newberry, D. Ono, J. Ryan, F. Roide, W. Sullivan, M. Kastner, Mr. J. Frampton. BOTTOM ROW: H. Villard, A. Gately, S. Hoffman W. Molina, K. Smolka, C. Crane, D. Corsini, R. Ross, L. Guerena. ABSENT: G. Heidrich, J. Higgins, P. Smith. 'TW Uv TOP ROW: T, Ward, S, LaBash, A. Jackson, T. Liautaucl, P. Kane, J. Maechling, C. Englehard, R. Kronauge, J. Gonyea, R. Russo, C. Sorrells. THIRD ROW: R. Sarno, J. Lucente, D. Rubly, M. McGee, G. Balclwin, D. Nichols, D. Sullivan, R. Richey, P. Hirning, D. Johansen. SECOND ROW: W. Welzenbach, M. Dumas, M. Ball, C. Sullivan, W. Barry, R. Davies, P. Mullen, P. Ripple, B. Kruer, R. Hillseth, Fr. P. Pallas, S.J. BOTTOM 2 F ROW: M. Mosher, R. Robinson, W. Scharrenburg, J. Hogan, T. Callahan, H. Hernandez, J. Capitain, G. Rowles. IU C9 if ij-J Y '35 UIIPS - 11' Y., '90 '1 J l TOR ROW R. White, W. Heinen, M. Landon, T. Carpenter, D. Pondella, F, Studer, A, Schubert. THIRD ROW: L. Amato A Hall M McDevitt T Comeau J. Quaglino, M. Lewis, M, Curry, P. DiBartolomeo, L. Lulce. SECOND ROW: R. Restaino, R. Quigley E Olsen D Hill J Rouse 3 Serge A, Smith, E. DeGoes. BOTTOM ROW: J. Pontorero, M. Sturges, J. Langley, S. Hayden, S, Tarnay, L, Ardon L Sorlc Mr J Preston ABSENT R Marshall. TOP ROW, R. Creech, G. Santa Cruz, M. Moss, M, Waters, D. Michel, D. Carroll, R. Hiernlhoch D Moore TH RD Melenclez, T. Simondi, T. Evers, A. Loscialpo, W. Slattery, Rosas, R. Ochoa, L. Robinson. SECOND ROW A Dunne D D. Hahling, M, Winterbottom, S. Schumacher, R, Otalea, R. Irish, Mr. Mathevvson, S.J. BOTTOM ROW R Mosier J T, Labouff, J. Lantranco, D. Komin, T. Scucleri, J. Montagna. ABSENT1 B. Franklin, A. Loscialpo M Waco 1 'N i 4 Q Q J 1 9 PB 'aiu F. 1 5' 16' 9? :fs 71' to 1 T ML nl' W. McDonald, P. Moss. THIRD ROW: L. Tarney, J. Fitzgerald TOP ROW: D. Vigo, R. Gresswell, T. Casey, A. Antol, D. Dietz, . c aug in, B. Engle, P. Rodman, A. Marasca, M. Ray, J. aPine, H. Stoner, J. Cappel, G, Jennison SECOND ROW: D. Ackel, K. Naruko, R. Heim, A Francis M d R' F. Brannon, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: J. Sitter, T O Brien 3 U S. Rnaods, T. Madden, G. Marxmiller, W. Donnelly, E. Bradley, B. Carter, A. an e ic, r R. Vega, M. Zieglar, T. Lynch, R. Cozzini, J. O'Connor, J. Heilman, R. Hessler ABSENT: D. Mercola, TOP ROW: M. Rosato, R. Doran, W. Fahey, K. Sullivan, J. Bonino, C. Root, R. Laporte, P. Boland. THIRD ROW: D. Deutch, W. Crevier, W. Kelly, ' ' L W D. D rron, R. Riehl, L. Amarillas, F. Gately, J. Greenhalgh, B. Keelan. SECOND ROW: G. Innsprucker, R. Rolapp, S. Gibboney, . erner, upe N. Silverman, P. McEvoy, M. Flynn, R. Holstein, Mr. N. Cooney, S.J. BOTTOM ROW: S. Shiffrin, L. Haenel, S. McLaughlin, T. Florian, G. Fite, W. Grimes, A. Reyes, B. Lee, S. Clark. ABSENT: P. Devine. one Nl ' ' 3U ,I f .. e ,T .-.V . is -JQN .Q ll CO: 4 ' 9'f Off' YE? ng if A '51, L -. ,1- .. as 5 an-' 91' ggi, 'QF s Q' or 'HY' TOP ROW W Ricciardi F Giambrone L Velasco R Fedrick, R. Morris, G. Wooten, J. MacDonald, R, Klausner, S. Mitchell THIRD ROW D ' N ll Nalmsley R Hokans N Gray D Justice T Palmer, V. Knuclsen, R, Phelan, S. Berrien, M. Toomey, C. Hovland. SECOND ROW H Mc a y ' d P. C ll' s J. Bender. BOTTOM ROW: J, McCarthy J Prietfo Lew R Dietterle R Ganger A Garnboa V Buyvid, W. Ross, V. Desmon, o in, Rivera F Greco F Gilbride J Havert R Schultz, J. Brigham, L. Bachleder, Mr. Hernandez, S.J. fa: 4 nu. N , il., , if . 1. Ri If: '-- fl fr: 2' f"i J.. .-v N. ,. Gl C R an B Brolco P Sharkey R Bosse T Hartnagel THIRD ROW TOP ROW D Avery J Holmstrorn, S. Wallace, J. McGraa, J. Mc ynn, . y , . p, . R K d J Sh no D Thom son, T. Orr, R. Smith, J, Mahoney, T. Voigrlander, R. Huston, T. Rausch SECOND ROW P Saporito G a ner in p Gorslci A Newman K Ishida P. Klute, C, Tucker, J, Walker, E. Schmahl, U. Strutynski, J. Rasmussen BOTTOM ROW Fr B Sargent SJ C Wallace A Kocienski J Zins, D. Wilson, J. Schneider, J. Pagano, R. Armstrong, J. Goodwin, L Gill P Sauer J Zopelis Af f 'A Q M-.aw i, ' b w -'wi-vi Z ' ,. . .11-, , A " 1 ' . -3, 3 M Q1 - ,h , L . X 1 Q 4 fb' ,I 1. 'P Hu .Q is X K N A . . H + -: 1g,Q , ,Q sf-fx aw ' ,. , V , , , . LA k " ,f y V i i ,wi I fx" 'V 'ff K A Jiik V6 ' W k , - 1, . n A A jtj- V Q A 5 I I if "ff A Ken WitfemonifSgf,. at Arrrisl, Jchh Priyeff lveepj, Mike Carpenter Ylsecj, Tom Bouchard lpresf, , 4 f L' , Willic1m1Ryon ifreosj N Y Q ' N 1, fl - - W 14 H3-if g 4 Senior Class of i958 Impromptu iazz session: owunnerful, awunnerful Camera-shy seniors. The graduating senior of 1958 faces a real-life paradox. He is needed, yeT, sTrangely enough, noT wanTed! The call Tor him To assume a posiTion of leadership is impera- Tive, yeT The world does noT waiT Tor him wiTh open arms. On The conTrary, he seems challenged on all TronTs. Fierce compeTiTion To enTer America's colleges leaves many by The wayside. STrengTh of characTer, needed To combaT Today's evils, does noT always remain un- scaThed in The sTruggle - all of These Things could give cause for despair were iT noT 'For The realizaTion ThaT There is a cure ready aT hand, a cure capable of sTrengThening and invigoraTing our weakened, moral fibre. Loyola's confidence is in her graduaTing seniors, ThaT They, Through ChrisT and His Blessed MoTher, will efTecT This badly needed cure: The dedicaTion of Their lives, in whaTever They do, To The TulfillmenT of ChrisTian ideals. This dedicaTion, lived, musT of necessiTy lead To sTrengTh of characTer, and men of characTer are needed To guide The world in iTs onward rush inTo The fuTure. ATerrible, aTerrible. By These signs . . 53 ,wiqwr ei izw B4 3 .A f ef f i,I',3,wf ' f, af ' " L 1 - -.- jx. , 1. g . ,g.,,,-5: f' iiwiwyri M' Q ., 1 ' J dh k an 1 in 1 f ,, i x . , A, WTI? K xwfrefff ,view 63: f. q - Jeff 1333 f .. MQ , V14 '43 I . I ' XE 4 4 sf' WWPA ff? Q., . , K 5 1' P 1. a' . r it new L H ' . ws ' f f ,EQ QLQYWM H, , i. 9 Paul Abram Larry Adams YQ Ben Aranda ' it :luv f,,,l A Lee Avallone Brian Avery Andrew Becwar -f Egan 2 ..-af, - 21, , I. 1 fxix -.izjsq gf-V K ,',5'.,j-.3,' 'Elf -.t-x35W.:i,,,i 4 J 52 xv" 3, 35' A a 1. Q ,f . A 3, f x hikfffx . ef , Z' ,v.i,.,1.,f'- f., fm-4-en ph- be , , my v.'3aM.'f.f22f'f:::fa.i ,wif ff' ff " '55 Bernard Alcorace Charles Amico ,, 4. f 7 K ,. , K .. . ,ri , ' ' 6 A . , N Q 433 , 1 J , , 'M x . i 1 , N- , I, Vi B., 9 X - 0 a , f 4 'ir B " y A 'A ii S In 1 lr, A ef ,-RQ5M rrrar fax: .1 Z 41,5 r Ei , 1aQH:eWrWm.3?W2f: - , ---' ' 5 ' ' maggie. ,wk diggs, ,SV I7 V - 5 K, K ' A f- ,V af- Q4 , A , fe N.: '- MQ, , s --'s X-Wd' " ami- ' Visiting , :g il ' 4 "ei A i. X ,,i. . s X - swif- wgZJiWi QQHWQM Jess Benton Tom Bouchard Ai, fvfrh' ,ug 5' R Dove Brown Ron Bruno Tony Bryon Philip Buckley iours 3:00-5:00 P6 'L'.,1.r...g ra -1157 Terry Buerher Og 'W Willicirn Burger K J ., E -B X7 y, T . , mg. ,aw . mfijigiii - ?5'glg' r . Y 5 A n."fZ ', ' x f ' 1 -gy--.fg?.'g.x f :, W.. 4,a..w.'L -5 X,-Q: 3- 1 5.73: t 31 545141.12 :K . l-3152, E-, df- Tom Builer Donn Byrne Jim Coin Pc1TCciIligon if ,f if I Andy Camacho Mike Carpenter A Loyola rally: "And I'm a party doII." fa' N 'pk Paf Casey Jean Charnpommier Duane Chebul z I Fred Coleman Jirn Conkey Joe Clesceri Richard Coplan 3 az 'fx-Q Joe Couru re a Aol ag 'fly James Craig Damian Curran Leonard Crunnelle Ken Crouse Mike Crowley Pere Daley Paul Daniele j K ,Q l G 1' i . , Q if? I .f , L 1 4 3 . - U , , K 3- l A we ,r . ff,: W, 5 "' , 9 . il ' . f , H' fi. 'M' l V L i ll W 1 x rrfi ' iilil ' X 3 Q 'L Fix' if ' PM r But really The school rules expressly forbid" N --Zffif ',iu,4sL. .'.. 1' QA j'f,.,Q gx 94,4 1, William Delavan PQUI Devof P . 1" , H- . x Q le 4 li Mike Dioz Robert Dickenson Ber1' Donlon Bill Donovon Mike Dowling William Downing Hifi' K? f Gig if il John Droce Eugenio Eloroluy A John Emrick John Farrell Roloerr Fcivoriro Richcird Flynn 4 l J if 4 F Vince Flynn ol Ron Folk John Ford Roberf Francis Richard Franco ...-139' xxx 'fi r Dennis Frawley James Franks J Alberi' Frazier Richard Frazier Louis Freymuih James Gideon Mike Gless Joe Grady 1908 Cross country A A .... 5 , ii N.,-,,.D r nf ' 1 V, ' 1 if V'2,i:zQg'e"ff I H -f 2 K 'igliigfiegie Q A if e Robert Hankins ak' .ai . i K L, WT, Q.- Wiilard Green Sco'r'r Grevernberg Javier Guerena ,Q , e.,r o h .-'. K, 2. 7 Y - I , ' r V, 4, ,df ou t s , . cm .,,, ,-,if K - Dave Hail William Hamilton ,.- I H N . v:S.X.r 1 Richard Harper John Hauser John Hedberg W., N V 1-I xx Pefe Hegener Harold Helbock Mike Henegor John Heslin ""S-B Pefe Hogon Don Horgon Anfhony Hope me , ,L . Pot Howorol Robert Howorol Mike Inglis Francis Iroqui 1: . Mrs, ' -Q A J ' -wif if 'J 'V' .al our , ' "ff mf? . ff 'i"'?'f4"kf William Irish Alberf lscl N CE Q i k ' i f to Q J , I ' 1 I X, in h 'A V k.v:: Thomas Keese Mac Kerr Boyd Johnson Cclge Johnson "MiIIich, you gave me the wrong answer." Y A svxtlfm. lj? 44lYil'iiM.gff'.7:?" I W , ,,,, , , an J' E. M z fi ,,,,-aff? Qi V15 . 2 i 11. , gs gr' 5S,a ,r,r,zg 1 , . . iz?-ff'-wi 'r gi-: 'gif-K fyxiffi' :fs 'fi r - .? 53'1115,1', 451-ff,-if swsaaizfgslrr . rr my Richard Kolb Joe Kolrnel Bruce Kuhn Alon Kumcimoro vis, ff' fri: 'C' 'T mv Q2 q , ,ga n glzI'Rs-Jigs fs 5336175 - ag, ig R Mig . Leonard Kurtz Julio Laguna William Lane Larry Lauman MQW xx I' .1 ix' Robert Lee Dan Lehman "Vc:t's dis about Sputnick?" . L- it - WA ' yu, gy ' f ' . I 'Wm , H L rf' I L VF 5591 f 'W Y ,, - ' , r K' V WL . ' V L. a 'af f' .V V in Vkyyyyk- 'Ns-.. y - X 5 Q X Mike LeSage Walter Lewis Mike Liautaud Tom Lieb Ji Q f l sf I isr . T Q " L ...SIU s In , f Q N is Clorence Lloyd Lcirry Longo Terry Lorenz l ' ,J Richord Lindenouer gl , At Richard Lowe Bill Luke Please hurry, I hove on imporfonr engogemenf, X Q llfgl ii ll - use ,ef'k'fy J L il2 John Lyons Richord Mogory Ambrose Mosro Tom Mcirrhews Q50 0 . H Qffrsfqum , 1 -f A 4E study period? Brion MCG-ivern Pot McNeil Tony Mulch Robert McNeill Peter McWhorter John Miller :KET --HQ, ,nQ QUT W7 Ali? John Millett Steve Millich Wayne Milton John Moyer N Eorl Myers Brion Neory John Newell Dennis Niblo ff " fs' i 4' an . ' it A I .ai , . K . ,l ,A Asqwxifftul ' "Vi ' iv?-.?'V55!4-3 ' X if ' .- V 1 , .1-E' l- fi v 5: f la if M f . Y ,f ' ,':f2j21i' Lim as , . . X 1 5' l 2 IW? 'k"""'fl- P' ff' W. 1-P-F :f f 9-T Roy Ochoo .. X i 51 l all m 3'l ff ,....-yr, E A ar' ,gl ' .fiii ff"f5'qsvefl 4 , "I 21, ,-'ffii' , ."Iijli'fi1? 'L if l1" lvl. -'ejriffff Mike OConnor John Olhosso Fred Olson William O'Moilley it-pg? M-af N. . 4 ,. yi, " P35153 LEP ,,, 4 4. ,UI 1 if " f P Michael O'Neill MLW .va 4 5 Y, 6' 4 if an - irrra g. le' ' 5 : . . A W i VVVL fffgfl if , 1 1. ' 5 3. ig X , Til?" fr -Phshee' ew. M.. .12 V, M g,.biS',!,v,,,3,.q5L ,. ,. M My ,, EN ry, . ,, A :fp Rage gf s nail , J " 'Ss . 1. 'f 4 frissiw figfmzff. K 'X William Ordway Bruce Osfly Mark Overland '15-'fj'j? Q ul Rm 'lg vkik A2 - - .ye P. 'Ja X f ' -'E' ,Y-Vfflli Alfred Perez Merv Phelan Larry Orr Robert Osferman ' 'fi-: I Nick Palmer Sieve Page ,. .02 E in r , 5 ,ww A , fe .Q i,'flff,si ii B l s r 3 Stephen Poche Dave Pondella X 1, f 1 ll John Priveii Ron Rcimirez Robert Reid Tom Reveles Zi' X.- X I " 5 -an ,iii ff? . H 1Rl 1 Qlfg 503' iii I . 45 ,. :V Mori Rohf Jim Ross ,Q Louis Rcitcliff Frcink Rou 'F' fi 1 i W 'iw i ff fw 1' 'W Y ii i Dennis Riiey Berf Ripple ii dmv Willicim Rycm Carlos Soilcxzor ,.,....y 5, . Q il X, 3' D 4' Ben Salvaty John Sanders Thomas Safriano Ken Schlieper -iii: Q miw sf A 3 -.ka ff f ,4 - N LA l l"9"i 'f' 1111, 5 ,fx .-ii . I ' ,I 'f-,, n A .9..f:ff' as .,,x b, ., .,.. Mr. McCarthy tells a joke. Q, 3 ,vgiyfgffi ' " H ' if '3Q'i33i?S1J' N173 ,ij if ,V 3 , Bob Schufz Michael Seric 6f'W i -un, gf, 'J' auf 'Mr ,-fa S ' oo' fxv. : : ff w . M is Larry Severson Clarence Shields Mike Shirley Norman Srnifh ' A' 43 ,,, fl 91 1 li sr --1 5 l f' if glial 'Niger exch, 1 .nzllwf-lg .. V K xl t f fs A 1 .mi -- w .N . l ,W 5' mx Q , S M 5,5 Msg W, wi 4 im f , gf A 3 wig W ,A ? 5 'll .. Q Pat Stafford Og 1 John Strathrnere , 02 3 V 'W' 5-.Lf 7 Mark Stehly xr - t ela if Glenn Stronks 'CE' 15 Thomas Stevens M 4 A Jim Stewart X 'John Thorn Alfred Thome ' 4 , "sw ,, -cs,-X Steve Urricariet Fernando Villar Charles Walsh Bob Walters 1? 1, F' 3 Q uk 'X Q 'CT' Lynn Weber Edward Wendt Steve Whitlock Paul Wicker X Charles Williams :wo-'9 ' ff l 1 , "V' V, l Q .1 Q , K 2 123:53 f Ed Wollman 'Y fyggwuwwugy .- 5 J 1-fx 'f"'T? .bidi ,Wm 'UN a Sid Williams 1, X + :A t an V, :fu gi, John Wilson KSN WilT6-rncln f ,fr 1- f mg -'K " ' , G 'E 'LLL i 1 I ' , E ai -.,, i i ,Q iff HMM an lzadfx A - , , Vi s 3- 1f'??nf'F7 , in E flfifu 'gliiizkf "ff ' , sf if 1 W f 2 , 'fs A., . f. , - N W N aizi s 'Wifi V .. W ,Z Mike Woods Ed Wrighf In Memoriam: Tom Mafrhew I 1 A c , A. Jo yi: 9 o I . in O NWI 1 - 0 9 A y 4 . , If 'www . 'Qs em , ' W ' ,sv..cv,. .GSL-,W S - 4 -L ADAMS, LARRY: St. Bridget's: Classical: Sodalist Adams en- visions a nation wide return to the Conferedated States of America - via the use of in- struments designed to propel pellets of steel. BRYAN, JOHN: Our Mother of Good Counsel: Classical: A racquet man I3,4l while at Loy- ola, J.B. plans politics: ward heeler for sure! BEUTHER, TERRY: St. Bernadette's: Classical: Frosh class officer, Beuther the Back-Stroker's head is enveloped in the clouds of chemistry. Claims to have dis- covered a new formula for water-proof cee-ment! CHEBUL, DUANE: St. Michael's: Classical: Two year singer, Che- bul will pattern his life on Blackstone the lawyer - pro- vided it doesn't interfere with his first love, fishing. CROWLEY, MIKE: Holy Spirit: Clas- sical: Sodalist and 3 year pitch- er, M. Crowley, while walking one evening - in the bright sunlight -- saw the sign of the time: not "Go Pogo," not "ie vais Pogo," but "Go USF." DANIELE, PAUL: St. Francis of As- sisi: Classical: And Witteman said to Orr, "we need a cabin boy, Larry. Daniele's our boy." So trackman Daniele said to Buttercup-c.f. Favorito! DELAVAN, WILLIAM: St. Timothy's: Delavan Classical: Trackman plans a career in the Air Force. full-back Prediction: the first to reach the moon in a cement -cee-ment, that is-satellite. DRACE, JOHN: St. Dominic's: Clas- sical: Three year sodalist and Frosh class V.P. John, while breakfasting in the cafeteria, re- ceived a message from the "Snap, Crackle, and Pop" of Rice Krispies: G.E.-Go Elec- tronics. FAVORITO, ROBERT: St. Eugene's: Classical: Glee clubbed for four: catechised for one, debated for two, and Buttercupped for one. Future: medicine man. FLYNN, RICHARD: St. Gregory's: Classical: Hearst historian, Flynn levels his sights on the F.B.l. Prediction: will transplant Earl Stanley Gardner into Bop talk for the Daily Worker. Ah! Those cunning F.B.I. men. FLYNN, VINCE: Mother of Good Counsel: Classical: Swimmer and member of Pep Club, Vince leered at Loyola football root- ers from under the lion's head. Future with Clyde Beatty. GIDEON, JAMES: St. Mary Mag- dalen: Classical: Pep Club mem- ber Gideon is interested - strange to say - in making money. ls in the market for a press. Plans to finance his edu- cation in business administra- tion. KERR, MAC: Good Shepherd: Clas- sical: Future movie-maker Mac swam, monogramed, glee-club- bed and oratoried during his sojourn at Loyola. KUHN, BRUCE: Blessed Sacrament: Classical: B.K. ino relation to Bulganin or Khrushchevl, while sounding the L.A. river in prep- aration for a race, became in- terested in marine life. His de- sire: Marine Biologist, of course. LAGUNA, JULIO: Our Lady of Lor- etto: Classical: Laguna, sports enthusiast and future engineer, will construct bleachers along the L.A. river for the race of the century: Witteman and Orr vs. Sanders, LAUMAN, LARRY: St. Mark: Classi- cal: Crystal gazing reveals an interesting future for footballer Lauman: time keeper for-yes, that boat-rowing episode. LEWIS, WALTER: St. Mark: Classi- cal: Walt Lewis, alias Walt the trackster, plans to be the first person to run around the world in eighty days - north to south. LLOYD, CLARENCE: Good Shepard: Classical: Swimmer and Cate- chist, platter - piddling Lloyd plans pertinent programs per- taining to business at the U. LONGO, LARRY: Cathedral Chapel: Classical: Varsity Longo, class officer and track man, is noth- ing but active. The Ouiii board points to law! IH Senior Biographies MCNEILL, ROBERT: St. Columbian: Classical: Baseball manager Mc- Neill will put down the law tomes, don his white sweater, and lead the cheering section for the race of the century. MCWHORTER, PETER: St. Brendans: Classical: A hunter and a fisher, Pedro navigates and gravitates toward Annapolis. MILLER, JOHN: sf. Mary by the Sea: Classical: Now, John, you spent three years as a boarder, two years in the pep club, and two years on the track team- and you want to be an archi- tect? MYERS, CARL: Classical: Annapo- lis-minded Myers will row Wit- teman and Orr up to Santa Clara in a concrete boat via the L.A. river-land ho! O'BRlEN, TERRY: Christ the King: Classical: Two year sodalist and monogramer, terrible "Tank the Tackler," after "refing" the race of the century, plans on a sports career. OLSON, FRED: Classical: Proud Austin Healy owner, Olson's hard to stop on the field. Main ambition: to stare at the glare reflected from an executive's desk. ORR, LARRY: Sacred Heart: Lan- caster, Classical: Spirit dynamo and footballer, Larry will aid Witteman in research connected with the league bearing qual- ities of Santa Claren ivy! - What's this! OSTERMAN, ROBERT: Good Shep- ard: Classical: Sodalist Oster- man has recurrent dreams of designing - while at Loyola U.-yes, of designing the first "All-Mud" motel: I did say "all mud"! PEREZ, ALFRED: St. Cecilia: Clas- sical: Trackman Perez will dab- ble with the scapel, perform- ing frontal lobotomies on over- excited sloths-in Australia. PONDELLA, DAVE: St. Peter's: Classical: Former polevaulting Sgt-at-Arms, Pondella, while at Loyola U. will engineer a spec- ial concrete boat for Orr and company. RATCLIFF, LOUIS: St. Francis Cab- rini: Classical: L.R., Loyola's male Annie Oakley, plans to replace W.J.B. as the world's greatest orator at the plaza. REVELES, TOM: St. Cyril's: Classi- cal: Reveles ran the first year. Reveles ran the second year. the third year. the fourth year. Reveles ran Reveles ran Future: politician. SANDERS, JOHN: Good Shepard: Classical: Sanders, pep clubber and distance man. Future plans: to swim, underwater, to Ford- ham, after racing a certain con- crete boat to you know where. STEWART, JIM: St. Bridgid's: Clas- sical: Gentleman Jim, after three years bucket-guarding and board watching, secretly seeks presidency of Adams' confed- eracy. VILLAR, FERNANDO: St. Paul: Classical: Nano known for kneading nimble nonsense for Pep Club. Received acclaim for excellent basketmaking. May take up ranching. WALSH, CHARLES: St. Gerard: Classical: Midget among giants on football field says, "The bigger they are the harder they fall." Chuck wants to be a flyboy. WENDT, EDWARD: St. Bernard's: Classical: Two year debater with a yen for sports, Wendt wants to service sailors nerv- ous in the service - a psy- chologist, no less! WILLIAMS, CHARLES: St. Paul the Apostle: Classical: Would-be writer Williams yearns for a life dedicated to the pen. His material, politics and sports. Hi-low Hearst, here I come. WITTEMAN, KEN: St. Therese: Classical: Having a knack for getting kicked, Witteman has been hard lucked out of two football seasons. Still likes it. Dream: watching the ivy grow at Santa Clara. O 10. L .',. nd Q -v" ...Q 'gg Q2 ll I e lx ll ifmcffgr - - S iii I g X' . . T 1 gl 8' K ll: i X' Ph u L 1 AVERY, BRIAN: St. Brendan's: Classical: Sir Joseph Avery, act- ing admiral of H.M.S., dances, acts, speaks "right well." His future as seen through the eyes and ears of the world: ring- master of S.C.C. BECWAR, ANDREW: Holy Redeem- er: Classical: Andy, after drop- ping his transmission for the "umpti-umpt" time, has de- cided to become a peanut vendor lS.C.C.I to pay his way through engineering school. BOUCHARD, TOM: Visitation: Classical: Sherlock Bouchard, four year sodalist, three times class president, after quarter- backing his way through the Hi, plans a career with Scot- land Yard. BRUNO, RONALD: St. Ambrose: Classical: Student body veep, Bruno pepped the pep club: likes golf and hopes to work on molars. Future, 1980: Sharp- ening elephant tusks for S.C.C. BUCKLEY, PHILIP: Transfiguration: Classical: Desiring knowledge of nuclear and nebular physics, P.B. will be the first human "Explorer" to cut his own or- bit around the center pole of the S.C.C.-shot from a cross- bow. BUTLER, TOM: St. Philips: Classi- cal: Butler: "Yes, I want col- lege." Butler: "Yes, I like lib- eral arts." Butler: "Hmmm, Santa Clara for me.' Predic- tion: peg pounder, S.C.C. BYRNE, DONN: Cathedral Chapel: Classical: Miler and high iump- er, Speedy Byrne holds school cross country record. Plans, af- ter basketball season, fastest legal beagle afoot. CALLIGAN, PAT: Blessed Sacra- ment: Classical: "Man on the street" Calligan holds a record or two in the H2O, likes sports, P.C. is torn between becoming engineer and pop corn vendor. Prediction: popping corn for engineers conventions. CAMACHO, ANDY: Our Lady of Lourdes: Classical: Student body president A. Camacho played up-V:-.1 football and so liked R.O. that he aspires to West Point. Fu- ture: Captain of 1975 R.O.T.C. staff at Loyola. Staff: Sgt. Woll- man. CLESCERI, JOE: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal: Classical: Big Joe, star center and ball receiver plans a career as phar- macist. Prediction: Reverenced and feared alchemist living in a cave high in the Himalayas. COLEMAN, FRED: St. Clements: Classical: Coleman will collab- orate with Henegar on a spec- ially trained seal act for the S.C.C. Coleman: "Bark, Hen- egar!" COPLEN, RICHARD: St. Bernadet- tes: Classical: Sodalist and glee clubber, Coplen in spare time wrote for El Camino and taught catechism. Future: veiled in the mist of time. DALEY, PETE: St. Timothy's: Clas- sical: Dentist Daley wants to help Bruno in the S.C.C. How? "Left tusk, Daley: right, Bruno." Baseballer and basketballer, Daley will undoubtedly drill well. DOWLING, MIKE: St. Joan of Arc: Classical: Diligent Dowling agrees to the finer things in life. La Artiste! Future: Paris 1990, a well clad gentleman, beret on head, canvases under arm, strolls down the street. Who? Your guess is as good as ours. FRAZIER, ALBERT: St. Malachy's: Classical: After being ground as a student, Varsity football manager, Al plans to do a little grinding himself. Prediction: PFC in army stationed at Loy- ola P.M.S.8:T., R.l.P. HALL, DAVE: Transfiguration: Clas- sical: Baseball and footballer Hall will drill his way to the top. Future: Dentist. Advice: "Brush these well and don't swallow them!" HENEGAR, MIKE: Holy Family: Classical: 1958's sports editor for Loyalist and big wheel of the monogram club, ran for four years on a circular track: 4B Senior Biographies his main ambition, of course, to run on a straight track chas- ing sick horses. HESLIN, JOHN: St. Elizabeth's: Classical: Pep clubber and Bar keeper Ur. playl, John IP. Sousa! Heslin has a scholarship to wind his way through Loyola U. Future: omm-pah-pah man for the S.C.C. HOWARD, ROBERT: Our Lady of Solitude: Classical: El rusticus Howard hunted boar in Africa for S.C.C. Plans a future in agriculture: "Oh give me a home where the boar roam." IRISH, WILLIAM: St. MichaeI's: Classical: Big Bill, disciple of Chas. Atlas, was prominent in J.V. basketball. Has an offer from S.C.C.- to hold aloft for the cheering spectators a live elephant. KOLB, RICHARD: Holy Trinity: Classical: A musical mechanic meaning to mine molars, Rich will study dentistry. 1980: Open your mouth and say Ahhh! wish ahhh was in the land of cotton. LORENZ, TERRY: St. Anastasia: Classical: Varsity baseballer 8: member of M.C. and S.C.C. shot past Orr and Witteman with his newly acquired buggy -up the river bed, that is. LIEB, TOM: St. John Evangelist: Classical: After engineering at Loyola U., halfback Tom will design the only roadster that will take every corner on two wheels. His solution: a two wheeled hot rod. LUKE, BILL: St. Bede's: Classical: Recently in Africa catching wild boar, varsity guard Bill slipped and fell in his own trap. How- ard and other big game hunt- ers, not realizing what had happened, proceeded to cage their catch. Bill is now on dis- play at the S.C.C. LYONS, JOHN: St, Agnes: Classi- cal: swimmer Lyons plans a rosy future amongst dusty law tomes. Future: move over, Hoov- er, here comes your successor. NIBLO, DENNIS: St. Francis of Assis: Classical: Club pepper and ring fan, Dennis the men- ace Niblo, after checking the Delphian oracle got wise and opened up a fortune telling booth at the S.C.C. OCHOA, RAY: Sacred Heart: Clas- sical: "Satchmo the II" Ray: "I want to be a trumpeteer" Ochoa has only two loves: sports and R.O.T.C. Favorite saying, "Give me my rifle and pack, Sarge!" OSTLY, BRUCE: St. Ignatius: Clas- sical: Ostly plans to whirl around the world with a shot clenched in his teeth. Future: To study shot put. Plans: vague -only to become a billionaire. PHELAN, MERV: St. Therese: Clas- sical: Merv Phelan Ph.D., M.D., Ba., S.C.C., A.T.P.X., SPCA, D.D.S., B.O., GOO, D.L.U.C.K., Old, Boy. POCHE, STEPHEN: St. Kevin's: Classical: Varsity sharpshooter Poche is practicing for latest match-to shoot Lorenz out of cannon directly into Santa Clara. Future: hunting Loyola students with aid of captain Camacho of West Point. RAU, FRANK: St. Gregory's: Clas- sical: Cecil B. De Rau while on location at Loyola found time to compete in the H.H.H. IHearst History Heartbreakerl. Future: Co-manager for S.C.C. REID, ROBERT: St. Gregory's: Clas- sical: Cee basketball captain and make up artist, R.R. is now engaged in changing "faciem rerum" at the S.C.C. Future: sorry, crystal ball is fogging. ROSS, JIM: Sodalist Good Shep- herd: Classical: 2 yr. Ross will rock 8: roll his rocking ways through rolling Santa Clara hills as medic. Future: Doctor of Hippos at the S.C.C. RYAN, WILLIAM: Transfiguration: Classical: Wee Willy, or iust plain Bill, is not so plain at all: class officer, all-Catholic Ist. sacker, sodalist, J.V. bas- ketball - more of those plain men! SATRIANO, THOMAS: Mother of Good Counsel: Classical: All CIF third baseman, fireman of the 32 precinct: Tom at pres- ent is completely engrossed in his private enterprise: owner of the S.C.C.-Satriano's Cir- cular Circus. SCHLIEPER, KEN: St. John's Hyde Park: Classical: A regular ham at the radio, science enthusiast Schlieper is destined for the high wire, under the big top. STAFFORD, PAT: St. Cyril's: Clas- sical: Trackman Stafford after overcoming all obstacles in his staggering climb to the bar, tripped on a copy of the Con- stitution. THOM, JOHN: St. Augustine: Clas- sical: Horsehide enthusiast, "dunker" Thom plans to write for a living. Future: Starvation Alley with Merv Phelan, S.P.C.A. WOLLMAN, NED: St. Matthias: Classical: Sharpshooter, sodalist, V. trackman, Ned has broken all his fingers - M-I thumbs. Crystal gazing: Into the air, iunior birdmanl WOODS, MIKE: St, Bernadette's: Classical: 3 year pigskinner Wood's vigor on gridiron stems from mystery vitamins B, iron, calcium, phosphorus. All of which are found in Wheaties. Future: "Calling Doctor Kildare, Doctor Kildare, please." 129 S--1 gt P -'F o 11 if l I xl 'F , y I Q 5 3' tw . , ' if ' ' x , f , i xx, , j i: L' 1 ,J .. , 5. ,. f i it T 1 M IX N! 1 ,J kd X 4, M1 5,5111 A Y, '21 9 S In Q I f- x- - .-gr ft K , 0 S: - ' ' I if L I' A ARANDA, BEN: St. Alphonsus: Classical: 1980 will see Cate- Bridge on the River Kwai, hopes naturally enough to take en- chist and HH contestant, Ben, the head of a bipartisan party for foreign aid to distressed plants. BENTON, JESS: St. Timothy: Clas- sical: Jess B., a four year So- dolist and Catechist, has his eyes fixed on the bar, the Ie- gal one. 1980: Renowned for his uncanny ability to misinter- pret the weather, he becomes a prophet. BROWN, DAVE: St. Gregory's: Classical: Glee Club and swim- mer D. Brown is executivelly slanted. 1980: Dave has stum- bled on the Veep's feet and fallen into the Prexy's chair. BURGER, BILL: Cathedral Chapel: Classical: Burger, upon grad- uating from engineering at Loy- ola U., will undertake to re- build the Bridge on the River Kwai. CASEY, PAT: St. Bernadette: Clas- sical: Pat put-shotter Casey has his sights leveled on nuclear physics. 1980: P.C. is now shooting out the eyes of po- tatoes in the U.S.A.--K.P., Oh Casey. CRAIG, JIM: St. Francis of As- sisi: Classical: Sodalist-librarian Craig, after spending years moving dusty tomes lat Loy- olal,.wilI be the only executive librarian who was awarded a degree for having a degree. DICKENSON, BOB: St. Paul the Apostle: Classical: Bouncing Bob, bubbling Pep Club mem- ber, after U-engineering, be- came a nature lover, and is now watering the flowers on the River Kwai. DONOVAN, BILL: St. Joan or Arc, Blythe, Calif.: Classical: Bill the boarder hopes to complete the longest filibuster of all time. 1980: B.D., for the last 169.- 1416 2f19 hours, has blocked O'Malley's bill for the abolish- ment of Ju-Ju Bees in the class- room. DOWNING, BILL: St. Gregory the Great: Classical: Honorable Wil- Iiam Downing, Lord High En- gineer, Chief Constructor of the gineering. ELORDWAY, EUGENIO: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexicali, Mex- ico: Classical: Boarder, Sodalist, and Sanctuary Society member, Eugene plans to destroy Bur- ger's Bridge upon completion after taking special courses at the University of Mexico. EMERICK, JOHN: Cathedral Chapel: Classical: John, a 3- year band member, is now busy composing such immortal hits as "Where's the Party," "It's Where the Two Parallel Lines Meet," "How Do You Know?" and "Took Engineering at the U." FREYMUTH, LOUIS: St. Paul the Apostle: Classical: Louie, Var- sity footballer and Loyalist writer, hopes to complete a ser- ies of "assignments" by '79 for Mr. Mathewson. 1980: He is now Sergeant-at-Arms for the Senate. Nice going, Lou! GREEN, WILLARD: Corpus Christi: Classical: Jim Green, teen-age rage, after beating Juan Fangio with his Porsche, will pro- duce sport car iackets Ilabeled Porschel for car fans - once he has telecommunicated, that rs. HANKINS, ROBERT: St. John the Evangelist: Classical: Bob, an orator 8: Loyalist rewriter, will engineer at Loyola U. 1980 will see Bob replacing the corner- stone of the Bridge on the River Kwai. HARPER, RICHARD: St. Timothy: Classical: D. Harper, Glee Club- ber 8: El Camino writer - to say nothing of Dramatics, after singing his way through Gon- zaga, was given a iob sing- ing Gillette and Winston com- mercials. HEGENER, PETE: Corpus Christi: Classical: After graduating from Loyola U. pre-med, and Walter Reed Med., after 8 years spec- ialized surgery, I6 years tech- nical disorders in performing frontal Iobotomies, Pete was as- signed to the R. Lee hospital. Position-attendant. 413 Senior Biographies HELLBOCK, HAROLD: St. Martin of Tours: Classical: NFL Debater, HH desires to be a doctor. 1980: Dr. Harold will probably be a big wheel at the R. Lee hospital beneath the Bridge on the River Kwai. HOWARD, PAT: Visitation: Clas- sical: Trackman Howard is in- clined toward electronics. Be- yond the mists of the present, 1980 will see Pat stringing up telephone wires along the River Kwai. JOHNSON, BOYD: Precious Blood: Classical: Boyd, varsity track and Biologist member, hopes to take pre-med at Undecided College. 1980: Boyd is now at- tending wounded game at Mac- Arthur Park. LEE, ROBERT: Cathedral Chapel: Classical: Robert lE.l Lee, great track man 8: Monogram mem- ber, has visions like Roht's lalso of 4Cl. After caring for all the beat feet in L.A., he will have a hospital dedicated to him. Ist patient-Bob Lee. LEHMAN, DAN: Mother of Good Counsel: Classical: 1980 will see Dan, Mr. RoIf's former scribe, studying in a specialized field of medicine - how to make gall stones shine. Try some shoe polish, old chap. LIATUAD, MIKE: Our Lady of Lo- retto: Classical: Captain M. Liataud of tennis fame has made a claim for fame, M.D.'s his name. LOWE, RICHARD: St. Stephen's: Classical: D. Lowe, prospective "mach" buster, plans a career as a USAF. Hopes to be the first one to fly nonstop from New York to Paris-backwards and upside down. MATTHEWS, TOM: St. Bernadette: Classical: Tom All-Catholic Mat- thews, the complete athlete and student body scribe to boot, will look for his future among compasses, tripods, and tri- angles - engineering, that is. 1980: Tom is helping Burger mix the mud for the River Kwai Bridge. MILLET, JOHN: St. Thomas: Clas- sical: John, ROTC and officer club member will take a Liber- al Arts course at L.U. The crystal ball reveals that Millet will be a big man in 1980. How can he help it with the education he's received? MILTON, WAYNE: St. Jerome: Classical: 1980 will view 4 year Sodalist and Catechist Mil- ton the only male Senator in Congress. Currently he is pro- posing an amendment against woman suffrage. OLHASSO, JOHN: St. Theresa: Classical: Sodalist 8: Club-pep- per J.O. desires Architectural Engineering. 1980: Pete has iust been awarded a contract for designing the new six sided pentagon. O'MALLEY, WILLIAM: St. Ferdi- nand: Classical: Glee Clubber and part time Biologist "Whip- orwiII" Will, after getting teach- ing credentials via the U., turned politician and is now fighting for the abolishment of Ju-Ju Bees in the classroom. PALMER, NICK: St. Paul the Apos- tle: Classical: BB Bouncer and high iumper, Nick plans to be only man to go over Niagara Falls in a paper mache barrel. 1980: writer of speeches for the honorable Ben Aranda. RIPPLE, BERT: Sacred Heart: Palm Desert: Classical: Bert the Board- er Ripple, EI Camino Photog- rapher and future Secretary of Agriculture has hatched out a special plan for producing atomic fuel by growing ionic seeds. ROHT, MART: Classical Diploma: H20 enthusiast M. Roht con- iures up visions of white uni- forms, sterilized masks, rubber gloves, scalpel please, calling Doctor Roht. Future: Yes. SMITH, NORMAN: Saint Paul: Classical: Norman nurses non- sensical notions about building bridges. 1980: He wants to get out of the Erector league and get into the big time. STEVENS, THOMAS: St. Stevens: Classical: Trackman Tom, USF candidate, after patenting a new device for catching rodents and naming it after himself, is trying to get himself out of his own trap. STRATHMERE, JOMN: St. Ambrose: Classical: Varsity footballer 8: Pep Clubber. J.S. plans to mar- ket high grade cement foot- balls after a few years of Loy- ola U. Business Administration. Future: two broken feet. THOME, ALFRED: Immaculate Con- ception: Classical: Coin collect- or Thome is naturally interested in money lhis basement is fill- ed with lead slugsl. 1980: We see Al defending Elordway lwho also has a basement full of slugsl. URRICARIET, STEVE: St. Augustine: W Classical: All-Catholic hoopster 8: 4 year Sodalist, Steve U. engineered at the U. 1980: He has received an appointment to construct a new super freeway through the Pyrenees, his home- land. Pastime: Basking in Bas- queland. ICKER, PAUL: St. Anastasia: Classical: Paul "I wanna be an engineer" Wicker will by 1980 undertake an enormous pro- iect in the architectural realm -repainting the bridge across the River Kwai. WILLIAMS, SYD: St. Sebastian: W Classical: Syd "I balled the foot 8: shot the put" Williams aspires to medicine. 1980: He has iust designed a glass bot- tomed operating table for the R. Lee Hospital. RIGHT, ED: Holy Spirit: Honor- ary Classical: Lover of the deep, deeper, deepest, help me, I'm going under - E.W. read his future in the stars: Pharmacy. 1980: concocting an aspirin faster than Bufferin. 'S le. le i 411 Senior Biographies GUERENA, JAVIER: St. Paul: Hon- orary Classical: G. Javier, EI Camino contributor and pep clubber, will complete his ed- ucation via U-medicine. Here, in 1970 we see J.G. shooting the faculty with anti-chalk shots .' HAUSERA, JOHN: sf. Francis of Keira 'R 1 3'- i J - CAIN, JIM: St. Boniface: Honor- ary Classical: Jim, a boarder, Sodalist, basketballer, Sanctuary Society member, trackman, CSF and EI Camino worker, has completely worn himself out here at Loyola. Future: Jim C. will sleep. CHAMPOMMIER, JEAN: Transfigu- ration: Honorary Classical: Jean C., a science club member, will study at the U. - a Liberal Arts course, no less. Hi lo, Loy- ola U. CARPENTER, MIKE: St. Paul the Apostle: Classical: Mike, a bas- ket star and swimmer, has a yearnin' for higher Iearnin'. He desires to write. 1970: M.C. is driving his 1908 Stanley Steam- er to Loyola each day to teach the incorrigible Frosh elemen- tary writing. CONKEY, JIM: St. Paul's: Classi- cal: Class officer and AII-Cath- olic basketball star, Jim wants to be in Dentistry. Parting the veil of the future we see Dr. "Yank" Conkey donating his education to Loyola. CROUSE, KEN: St. Francis de Sales: Classical: K. Crouse, Loyalist writer and Sodalist, has visions of test tubes, C2OH, H2O, and other strange mixtures -- a bio- chemist at the U. Future: bio- chemistry at the U! CRUNELLE, LEONARD: St. Paul the Apostle: Classical: Skip, student body Sgt.-at-Arms and V. bas- ketball guard, hopes to take engineering at Notre Dame. Future: After shooting a few marbles in the 1976 Olympics, he will return to help Mr. Bar- nett coach. CURRAN, DAMIAN: St. Clements: Honorary Classical: Damian C., 4 year voice artist and Loyalist writer, will study architecture. 1970: He and Donlon will re- design the Loyola-Hi flag pole, painting it red, white, and blue with stars on the top. DEVOT, PAUL: St. Anastasia: Clas- sical: Paul, Sodalist 8: Hearst History winner, after his ex- pansive law experience at the U., will become international authority on spangles, baubles, and tripodic caIaports??? DIAZ, MIKE: Our Mother of Good Counsel: Classical: Sodalist and El Camino worker. M. Diaz wants to study ivories - How to carve 'em, clean 'em, drill 'em, and yank 'em. 1970: "Dr. Conkey, please remove your vin Zhi. foot from the patient's mouth. I can't see." DONLON, BERT: American Martyrs: Honorary Classical: B. Donlon, C.S.F. member and Sodalist, after a lengthy course at the U. lengineeringl, will find him- self balancing the bucket for Curran. FOLK, RON: Christ the King: Clas- sical: Water lubber R.F. plans a business career. 1970: A me- dium built man enters the of- fice at Loyola High. Beneath his arm is a brief case, in his hand a raffle ticket. Who? R.F. FORD, JOHN: Cathedral Chapel: Classical: Ford, Sodalist and varsity swimmer, will take pre- med. Beyond the mists of the present - "Dr. Conkey, will you please remove your foot from the patient's mouth. I can't fit the chisel in." FRANCIS, ROBERT: St: Bernadette: Honorary Classical: Bob, V. bas- ketball manager and Loyalist writer, hopes to become a law- yer, 197O: He is now owner of a large laundry service, cater- ing to Loyola Hi. His only cus- tomer is Mr. Barnett. FRANKS, JAMES: Holy Redeemer: Classical: Jim, a science club member, will take Physics in college. Future: J.F. hopes to design a formula for growing Yul Brynner sideburns on billiard balls. FRAZIER, RICHARD: St. Gregory: Honorary Classical: Rich Frazier, a science club member, plans to travel on a rolling rocky road. 1970: Geology professor R.F. is resurfacing the asphalt tennis courts at Loyola with rare rocks. FRAWLEY, DENNIS: St. Joan of Arc: Classical: Dennis the de- bater-orator will take up en- gineering his way off the top of that flag pole. "DonIon, will you get your foot out of the paint bucket." GLESS, MIKE: Cathedral Chapel: Classical Diploma: Water-won- der M.G., member of M.C. and captain of the S.T., will use his L.U. law knowledge to help the unfortunates of room 117. GREVEMBERG, SCOTT: St. John, Hyde Park: Classical: Lord High Editor of Loyalist newspaper, Scott plans to meddle with metal. 1970 sees Herr Grevem- berg replacing the bricks at 1901 Venice Blvd. Assisi: Classical: Having a knack for getting knicked 132 surface wounds so farl, sharp- shooting J. Hauser has bravely volunteered to offer his college education as a moving target for 1970 R.O.T.C. rifle team. HEDBERG, JOHN: Church of the Good Shepherd: Classical: John, NFL orator 8: Sodalist, plans to take a money course in Santa Clara. Upon graduation he plans to make money. After making money he plans to give it away. Why make it? HOGAN, PETE: St. Paul the Apos- tle: Honorary Classical: Pete, a Sodalist, glee clubber, and "racqueteer," in 1970 is stand- ing outside the Vice-principaI's office. "Father, can I give that memory now INGLIS, MIKE: St. Andrew's: Clas- sical Diploma: Mike, an R.O.T.C. cadet, after getting a B.A. at L.U., is seen standing outside the Vice - Principal's Office 119701. "Father, can I give my memory, now?" KURTZ, LEONARD: St. Augustine'S: Classical Diploma: Hard work- ing L.K., a music lover and fu- ture engineer, is seen in 1970 standing outside the Vice-Prin- cipal's office. "Father, can I give my memory, now?" LANE, WILLIAM: Our Mother of Good Counsel: Classical Diplo- ma: Bill, pep club, NFL, and Loyalist member, after taking up law at Georgetown, in '70 is seen in the Vice Principal's office - giving his memory! LESAGE, MIKE: Sacred Heart: Clas- sical Diploma: Mike, Orator and R.O.T.C. officer, will dabble with the gavel - he'lI be a lawyer, that is. 1970 finds him defending Hogan, Inglis, Kurtz, and Lane. Outcome-15 extra lines. NEARY, BRIAN: Transfiguration: Classical Diploma: Dramatic track man and Loyalist writer, would-be lawyer Neary will return to L.A., amidst a carpet of flowers, to take up where Blackstone left off. NEWELL, JOHN: St. Peter's: Clas- sical Diploma: John, a mono- gram member and varsity track man, will try his hand at writ- ing. Future: Loyola Hi track coach, 1970. "OK, you guys, run! St. Thomas has a tough team." O'CONNOR, MIKE: Good Shep- herd: Classical Diploma: N.F.L. secretary, Mike O'Connor plans to continue his varsity baseball pitching at Georgetown. Fu- ture: Due to a fogged crystal ball we are unable to deter- mine his future. ORDWAY, WILLIAM: St. Eugene: Classical Diploma: Rifle team ace shooter and member of of- ?.. ficer's club, Bill will employ his experience and knowhow ob- tained on the L.H. rifle range to carefully point, aim, and fire the gun signalling the start of the '76 Olympics. PAGE, STEVEN: St. Brigid: Classical Diploma: Steve, a great lover of Carnation ice cream, plans to take accounting at L.U. Fu- ture: five years in the clink for misplacing S200,000,000 from the High School locker fee ac- count. Was it worth it, Steve? RAMIREZ, RON: Holy Tranny, clos- sical Diploma: R.R., great car enthusiast, will attend the U. in his "dual quads mounted in a Fordillac" lBullock's Toy Dept.l Future: patrolling 15th street in his "dual quads mounted in a FordiIIac" lBul- lock's Toy Dept.l SCHUTZ, BOB: St. Paul the Apos- tle: Honorary Classical Diploma: Bob's ambition, after graduat- ing from L.H., was to make money. After graduating from college, his ambition was still to make money. After graduat- ing from med school, Bob de- cided to quit the profession and make money. Future: making money. "Hello, Levenworth." SEVERSON, LARRY: Transfiguration: Classical Diploma: Star-gazer Severson, interested in astro- nautical engineering l?l, hopes to fly with the birdmen. Future: 1st man to fly non-stop around the world in a hand powered helicopter. SHIELDS, CLARENCE: St. Thomas: Honorary Classical Diploma: So- dalist, C.S.F. member, and trackster, Shields envisions a career devoted to pulse taking and knee knocking. Future: "Dr. Conkey, will you please take your foot out of the patient's mouth. I can't remove his ton- sils this way." STEHLY, MARK: St. Boniface: Hon- orary Classical Diploma: So- dalist and cross country man, M. Stehly says he likes to swim. Prediction: lst man to swim underwater non-stop from Reno to Atwater, WALTERS ROBERT: St. Joan of Arc: Classical Diploma: R. Walters, debater, orator, C.S.F., N.F.L. member, interested in political science, was reported to have said, ten minutes before he passed away, "Dr. Conkey, will you pease get your foot from my mouth. I can't ugh! . . . oh! dear! - help!" WEBER, LYNN: Mother of Good Counsel: Honorary Classical Di- ploma: Lynn, Sodalist, debater, and varsity crackshot, will take engineering. Future: after train- ing Loyola High cadets how to fire - collecting shot shells by the sea shore. WILSON, JOHN: Transfiguration: Classical Diploma: John, a So- dalist and rifle team member, will enter the field of dentistry. Beyond the present we see Wilson cleaning and sweeping up after Doctors Conkey, Diaz, Shields, lWalter-R.l.P.l, and Ford. . ei. 5,5 4E Senior Biographies years now. Hopes to become an FBI-O.U. Future: l.O.U. an J f FBI . THD? . iittlllli " L r l. 'E J :lj . A in - I A. -: 1 t :23faIei: .s .i Il jgggj I ABRAM, PAUL: Holy Trinity: Hon- orary Classical: Paul, a candi- date for Navy Engineering, one of the foremost scientists of 1975, has just launched his vest pocket rocket, propelled by alcohol and orange juice. ALCORACE, BERNARD: St. Aug- ustine: Honorary Classical: So- dalist, Varsity baseball player, B. Alcorace plans a career in -yes, there certainly are a lot of them-dentistry! Future: molar scrubber. AMICO, CHARLES: Transfiguration: Classical: Chas., Student Body Treasurer and Varsity football player plans, yep, dentistry. He is currently engaged in fisticuffs with Abram because Paul will not allow him to drink the rocket propellant. AVALLONE, LEE: Holy Family: Hon- orary Classical: Lee, biologist, state impromptu winner, and debate champ, will pre-med at U.S.F. 1975: A bright light gleams above a white walled room. "Nurse, scapel please. Nurse, stomach pump. I can't understand how this rocket pro- pellant got in here!" COUTURE, JOE: Corpus Christi: Honorary Classical: Joseph, a Sodalist, and C.S.F. life mem- ber, has contributed to the Loyalist and El Camino. He will major in engineering at L.U., after which he will write a book titled "Solecisms, Barbarisms, and lmproprities ot the Rock and Roll Generation." Preface to be written by Mr. Barnett. FARRELL, JOHN: Immaculate Con- ception: Honorary Classical: A future lawyer, John F. was a Sodalist and worked on Loyal- ist. His hobby: rolling in doe. Did you say dough? No! Doe. FRANCO, RICHARD: St. John the Evangelist: Honorary Classical: Great track man and C.S.F. member, Dick Franco, when asked to comment on world problems said: "Hurdle 'em. I say run a mile a day, a day, a day." GRADY, JOE: Visitation: Honorary Classical: National Merit Schol- arship winner lG.M. tooll So- dalist and pep club member, is interested in test tubes, bunsen burners, spatulas, and beakers Future: glass cutter. HAMILTON, WILLIAM: Our Mother of Good Counsel: Honorary Classical: B.H., Hearst History man and El Camino worker, plans particularly pertinent pol- icies to be pursued as soon as possible. He wants to go to college. Future: Potential. HOPE, ANTHONY: St. Charles Bor- romeo: Honorary Classical: Tony, a Varsity swimmer, Na- tional Merit finalist, and Loyal- ist writer, will take up electron- ics at Georgetown. 1975: Hope happily hopes to have a hope- ful future-He hopes. HORGAN, DAN: Holy Spirit: Hon- orary Classical: Dan Horgan, Loyola's stage manager, mem- ber of the science club, Sodal- ist, and N.F.L. member is vio- lently arguing about the moral aspects of using elevator shoes on the high jump. He certain- ly cuts an interesting figure in his turtle-neck sweater, sandals, and goatee. IRAGUI, FRANK: St. Francis: Clas- sical: Pep-Clubber and EI Ca- mino man, F. Iragui was quoted as saying - and this only after an extensive course in electronic engineering - there there ain't no such place as "Ou-foo!" isA, ALBERT: Classical: Ai, c.s.F. and Loyalist member, calculates he will become an administrator of business. There's a future in that, boy. JOHNSON, CAGE: St. Paul: Hon- orary Classical: Track hurdling C. Johnson, 4 year Sodalist, plans to-Yes, "stick out your tongue, please." Future: Author- ity on lungs 'n tongues and tons of things. KEESE, THOMAS: Holy Angel: Clas- sical: Golf minded Keese has just purchased a mail order course on "Do-It-Yourself En- gineering" No. 325-672-816- 327. Prediction: Whirled away to land of Ou-foo--slide rule and all. KOLMEL, JOE: St. Agatha: Honor- ary Classical: Honey-tongued J. Kolmel, N.F.L., dramatics, and debate minded, has been cor- responding with J. Edgar for KIJMAMOTO, ALAN: Our Lady Ot Loretto: Classical. A. Kumamoto, camera fan and EI Camino pho- tographer lcf. Pg 43l, after throwing 4 heavies to the wind, said he was mildly interested in "Judo." Prediction: He will open an outdoor restaurant lAlan's Restl for ex-judo fans and broken down students of 4E. LINDENAUER, RICHARD: Mother of Good Counsel: Honorary Clas- sical: R. L., Drama and band man, hopes to sail the sea in the "H.M.S. Alan's Rest." Al- ready has his oar in for the naval academy. He wants to be an engineer. MAGARY, RICHARD: St. Philip: Honorary Classical: Light spec- ialist R.M. hopes to it at S.F. 1976: A distinguished look- ing man with slide rule and compass approaches the En- gineering Bldg. He pauses, thinks deeply, holds up his slide rule and calculates. Who is it? Lindenauer, of course. MASTO, AMBROSE: St. Paul: Hon- orary Classical: On his ivory tower in Ou-foo land, "Ambi" reflects his stay at Loyola. EI Camino and Loyalist worker, Frosh elocution winner, C.S.F. life member,'Sodalist and cle- bater are a few of his accom- plishments. He seeks the Medi- cal Profession. MCGIVERN, BRIAN: St. John the Evangelist: Classical: Fad-mind- ed MCG-ivern, wishes, along with Masta, to become a doc- tor. 1975: A tall, red-haired gentleman, carrying a black case and wearing a coan-skin- ned coat helps A.M. off his ivory tower. Who? B.M. of course! McNElL, PAT: St. Paul the Apostle: Honorary Classical: Patrick, a tennis player, boasts a life membership in the C.S.F. and a hot Chevy? He claims to be the only person who dropped his "trans" 4 times in one year. MILCH, TONY: Immaculate Heart of Mary: Classical: Tony, ace photographer and pep club member plans a future in medi- cal administration. Future: After numerous experiments in chem. lab, he finally discovers where the light switch is. MILLICH, STEVE: St. Catherine: Honorary Classical: S.M., C.S.F. and Hearst contestant, will com- plete a pre-med course. Then, with his vast experience, will become sanitary inspector at Alan's Rest. Hi lo, Alan. MOYER, JOHN: Mother of Good Counsel: Honorary Classical: Head manager of varsity foot- ball and baseball. Monogram Club member John plans to set up his own hot dog factory to supply Alan with medically test- ed weenies. O'NElLL, MICHAEL: Christ the King: Honorary Classical: Mike, brain 1-2-3-4, lwins gold medals for itl, Varsity sharpshooter, 4 yr. Sodalist, and C.S.F. life mem- ber will engineer at Santa Clara. After studying calculus, electronics, molecular and nu- clear physics and ceramics, he lost his memory. Too bad, Mike. OVERLAND, MARK: Cathedral Chapel: Honorary Classical: So- dalist Overland, who gives cheer throughout the year, ran throughout the year. He will, after becoming a doctor, apply for a life membership at Alan's Rest. He will sit behind O'NeiII. PRIVETT, JOHN: Cathedral Chapel: Classical: John, Varsity football and track 3 years, achieved the All-Catholic trackman award in his Junior year. Quite a busy man around campus, John has spread his talents to the dra- matic stage, the Loyalist and Monogram Club President. LEY, DENNIS: Immaculate Heart of Mary: Honorary Classical: Dennis, 2nd funniest in the state, Riley has been extremely active in Oratory, debate, dra- matics, and C.S.F. Future: After a distinguished career in poli- tics lSenator 1978-19841, he will become co-owner of Alan's Rest, where only the best jest, enjoying zest, in Alan's Rest. SALVATY, BEN: St. Therese: Hon- orary Classical: C.S.F. life mem- bed and Sodalist. Ben plans to follow his father's footsteps and take law at N.D. '75 sees him discussing important criminal cases at Alan's Rest. SALAZAR, CARLOS: Sacred Heart: Classical: One of our casualties was Carlos Salazar, Camera club, El Camino, and science club member, who suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns when a flashbulb went otf prematurely as he was photographing dis- tinguished "personaIities" at Alan's Rest, where only the best come to jest, enjoying rest at Alan's Rest. SERIC, MICHAEL: Divine Saviour: Honorary Classical: Sodalist, Life member, and put the shot- ter, Mike S. will expand the diminutive size of Alan's Rest jformerly a telephone boothl to the size of the U.S. pavillion at the Brussels World's Fair. SHIRLEY, MIKE: St. Martin of Tours: Classical: Mike, a Vars. track star, sees his future in space. He jumped so high in the Loyola-Mt. Carmel meet that he catapulted himself into orbit. Hi lo, Vanguard "Man, is it cold up here." STRONKS, GLENN: St. Augustine: Honorary Classical: EI Camino Editor G. Stranks, C.S.F. Life Member and Sodalist caught batting practice for two years, made trenchant remarks for four years, and will engineer for six years. WHITLOCK, STEVE: St. Francis Xavier: Honorary Classical: Var- sity chucker Steve is a Life Member in C.S.F. 8: writes the "Spectator" for Loyalist. As a farewell to the great class of 1958, he wishes all a Happy International Geophysical Year. 6?IZOfhEI' CVe6llli0lZ . . PUBLISHERS OFUYEAR soorcs Fon THE DISCRIMINAYING ag UMM .jflonrovia Gaflkrrzla

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