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LCYAL HIGH SCHOOL iii? if I-:Q 1 X , W A 3 W , 1 r, I' 141 :1 3 , vu 41 A aa nm H rv u nu n I I ln Ill ?,1' 4 . :J fun :nic :sun gum llllll ', I I -19 Hi. . . , A ll! "' . Ill LOYAL, WIS. 55 Q .l Advisor Eldred Judd Editor Narliss Uhrig Asst Editor Bonnie Olsen Jr Editor Sharon Gregory Asst Jr Editor Geraldine Degenhardt Marcella Castner Carol Jensen Donna Bertz James Holt Joan Lavey Carol Stowe Donald Brue Dennis Schefus Rochelle Lautenbach Angie Qhefchik Darlene Wolfe Jean Herdrich Janie Rueth Janet Widmer Darlene Bertz Rosella Braun Marie Noeloner Donna Gregory 1 Dolores Schmidt Arla Lindekugel Joann Langfeldt Marjorie Gotter Robert Dietsche Dorothy Capelle Donald Benedict Gerald Bredlau Nathan Gilbert Connie Matanic QQ Qc Q. 0 G . -- A - Z . - - Dick Ohlrogge IUDEUHUGMIUQBU s...1n 'K 1,5 iQ . xx- -..--Q W? 44' inf f! Q' MOM AND DAD ---- By dedlcatlng thls Loyalite to you, we the Qeniors of 1953 wlsh to express our appreciation for the many thlngs you have SaCFlflC6d to make our years at L H S a lastlng and pleasant memory 2 l Ill llll'lU'WU!llll lgggjqpiwllllll llllllivalll-I llllllllllllll lllllll IIIIIUU llllll! lllllll lllllllillllll lllllllfllllll lllllll llllllfiw BOARD OF EDUCATION Davel, Mr. Berry, Mr Gotter, Mr Prior' W wvw STUDENT COUNCIL 35 9 President Donald Fischer Vice President walter weihmuller Sec Trees LeRoy Merlak 3 Mwin 'M-s axb b WARNER BLRRY Prlncipal J R THOMAS Mathematics 5653 VIRGINIA PRADT Dramatics EPB EARL PERKINS MARION WAIDS Coach Coach 4 V mm Xe-' CARL LANRENZ Agriculture EILEEN HOPKINS Home Economics W ELDHED JUDD SCl6HC6 be l . .4 . 5 HE km' dy I 'fl - .1 Wy, , vi Q Y! ' I U , V K l K . .,,- ui ' ' -.5 M Q af I f -I Ox V30 1 5 , 'u ' E VERN DAHLBY Choir Q 'N Nw MARY FLYTE Grades 7 and 8 E754 GLADYS ROWLEY Grades S and 6 CE' RICHARD TODD Commercial WW S 3 5 Y NS DORIS NULSON Grades 3 and A 5 in JOHN STEEVES English GE 2,3 QWJK MAHLON HAMEL Band MARILYN BOGDONOVICH Prades 1 and 2 C: .1113 A Q N ii:5E51: .N 3 ai E-lp , I id .. grpgszyiky K I Fw Q , Q. X ' LGGG D . we X 1 X'-' fiff W g5 G G - X ,fb f v- gg G G D D , ,- - , 1, , f L . L Q --J' x 4 of ef M I 4 Q F II? -, in bf- 4 1 I ju ' V , -1'-'J " 's-1- A1 ,.'- ' .1, G - ,J 2: ri, N- G zz, E -1-1.-if ' X.-1 AV K I K f 7 Zig: "1"4 215' G Q 4 D ,. 'efv' ? gs K ' 7 y iv, 3 ':?'. w D ,,.,, :I Amiw ileg De yigm e 5 ggi l Q WERE 1 Q13 2 -, X -Q. ey ..,. 4 - 1 Q v ' 5 E. I A v. ' ' 1 B TL FU an 7 ' .J 1 I SIGNS FE Harold Mr R Mrs Foelske Red All Here Myra 6 Another Day J 4 A in A 4 Donnie Darlene Anita Delbert Maggie Qchoolmates Hx Joann Narliss Jean Carol Connie Rosella Marcella Y- 'wi Jean Carol Rosie Angie Dennis Tinyn Jim SEBUUGERS mg, jhfigfffu ', ' ' -' Zi . J. h. V V ff -' .,,.. f li .4 -! k X' Milf, , . 'NE' , . , " f ,- ' ' Mew? A W .A J .4 f Q 7 aah ' . v .J , , Y' "V 'V ' .., if 1. - ' 1 I -w K W 4- 'Q ,- ., - 4 -1. W -s I , 3 N , s . ' 5 I A fn QQ . a f'X V ,, 3,23 Z ' ' 1' 3 4 f'. X J . Q 1 A A ' f - - . , Qggww wng - . V R , f '- 5 A ' ,Q X . .4 . 3 I . ,, wig: 5 1 , , ., V . , 1 ,- "., .. . , Y W. . f s f 5 L ' fveayx ,L N V aj 1 Hai, J if . 5, no ,,,.,,.w , , mv'-, 'Q , :.g mn.: M .-. , ' Q, ' Q Q I I . x gg 2 - . U f . ' fre? I M ' J- gg ' ,yt We K Ev A lr W, . . X Q ' - K. M Q - YQ , nnnn - g at 6 hw XM! . 532 Y W , X 5 1 J ,. Y S N H I ' :J 'iw' in ZWJJM' f M 1 , ' - -:Mug , J QAM J -Q , 3 'X v f Q ,' L W tg , i' .. I ' J J W ' J 4 so ' J, , X g , ,A ua., , , 1, iw K yn , . X ll 1 g 4 vii LQFWV 5 fs 1-fr 5?gHi, FA- 'P XP ,ks, as 'W 9355 WEMW, geese h,, C s Adm aw? eu'11P' it 11" 'E fx "3lP fi!!! M C'--ve 3' 46, 'Ni' Donald Benedict NDOH' A solemn lac with sober phizg who eats his grub and minds his biz. Choir l,2,35 F.F.A. l,2,3,Mg F.F.A. Basketiall 3,M: F.F.A. Sec. M: Annual Staff . Darlene Hertz he a working girl Chorus l,2,3, Choir l,2,3,M, ep Band 2,3,M, Pand l,2,3,M, Annual taff M F H A l,2,3, Donna ert try to keep people from knowinp, but ny sweet disposition keeps showing Carnival queen 1, Pand 1,2,3,M, Pep Band 2 3 M F H A l,2,3, Choir l,2, M, Chorus l,2,3, Annual Staff M Roselle Braun It'e better to be small and shine than to be his and cast a shadow Band 1,2,3,M, Choir l,2,3,M, Chorus 1,2, 3 M F H A l,2,, Library Club 3 M Vice Pres M, Forensics 3, Student Council 2, M, Annual Staff M, Paper Staff M, Home coming Queen Candidate 3, Dramatics Club Gerald Bredlau 'Jer A revular tarzan with a well built frame Vootbnll 2,3,M F F A 3 M spesline 3 F P A Pasketball M student Co1ncl1 M Annual Staff M Choir 2,3,M, Class Treas 3, Forensics Donald Brue nDon Don't nine ne, I just ork here choir 1,2,3, F w A 1 2, , f A Basketball 3 L W F A Sec M, Annual Staff M Dorothy Capella nDotty I work 8 hour , sleep 8 hours, and that leaves 8 hours for love Chorus l,2,3,M, Choir l,2,3,M, Pep B-nd M Annual taff M Dramatic Club M, Band 1 2,3, . Marcella Castner Marcy Enjoy life 'er tis fled--for when you die you're a lonq time dead Band l,2,3,M, Pep Band Mg Choir 2,3,M Cdoru 2 3 M v W A 1 2 3, Library Club M Library Club ec M Paper Staff 35 Annual Staff M Anita Cook 'Nature made her what she should, not too bad, not too good.n FHA 2,3,ug Paper Staff LL. Geraldine Depenhardt nSusie If school is liberty, vive we death F H A 1,2 Library Club 3,b Cheerleader 3,u, Band l,2,3 L Annxnl Sta'f L Dram atics Club M Dorothy Dietsche Be silent and safe Band 3 A FHA a Robert Dietsche nB0b A little nonsense now and tnen is relished by the wis st wen One Act Play Cast 3 A Dranatics Club M Annual Staff A F Basketball l,2,h, Volleyball 2 3 h Base ball 3,L, Letterwan Club A Janet Ehlert Looks lile an angel, rcts lile one too, but you can n J r tell what an anyel will oo Forensics 2 3 M F H x 1,2 3,L 7PBi8tiCS Club B Bauer otaf' 3 Donald Fischer nDonn1e A modern romeo is he, galloping along in his pickup FFA 1,2,3,l4, FFA President Lp, Student Council 2,3,h, Student Council President A Football 2,3,h, Basketball 3,h, FFA Basket ball 2, Volleyball 3 A Rose Gempeler UROSIQ There's a wicvec little fl cker in her eye r H A 1,2,3,h Liarary Clxb 1, One lct Play Con 2 A Marjorie Cotter Mi e My heart is li'e a moon, always chan - ing witn a man behind F H A l,3,L, Library Club 1,2, Cnorus l,2,3,h Choir 1 2,3,4, One Act Play Con 2,3,L, Paper Staff l,2,L, Dranatics Club h Annual Staff A Band l,2,3,h, Pep Band l,3,h, Student Coancil A A59 nf -Nb 'UK 452- 'une F 'vii 'VN X QR xX 9 fax va.,,,, Sul' V 14 xr' 'R 'ff-ri Hbonnien Donna Gregory In school she's quietg outside she's a riot. Pep Band 33 F.H.A. l,M3 Library Club 2,35 Band ln2n3nui Choir 1n2p3:u3 Chorus l,2,3,Mg Annual Staff M. ' QE, Nathan Gilbert Now and then in my little brain I think a little thought f my-w AP Gloria Cravunder An innocent face, but you can never tell F H A l,2,M, Pep Club 1,2, Transferred from New Auourn M Luella darurath Qulet llK6 a mouse, out ol course sue uoesn't squeak C orus l P h A M nvelyn Herdricn 'Jean Anyy I don't believe ln love at first HX sight but I do believe in a second look N TI 1 L3 aww 23 M DmaBmm Annual Staff M ff fl '- James Holt J W Too bad I wasn't born rich instead -NNh"' of so darn Vood looking F A l 2,3,M Annual St ff M Choir N..,f 'Q AJQEWQBM Carol Jensen Kay I just told him exactly what I thouvht Forensics l,2,3,M F U A l 2, , F F A Historian 2, F I A Pres 3,M Dranatics Club M, One Act Pla, M, Paper etaff 1,2, , Jr Ed , editor Class Pres 2 Library Club l vtzdent Pounc'l 2,3 Annual 'taff M 1f"""i LeRoy Kauth Tiny wheatles did a lot for me Football 2,3,M, Basketball 3 M F W 3 M F F A Basketball 3, Volleyball 3 Transferred from Granton 3 10 Marlene Kramer The world belon s to the ener etlc but vho wants the world anyway? Band 1,2,3,M F H A 1 2, , Norman Lang Great man, don't know it got brains don't show it Roger Lang Oh well, Naooleon was small too F F A 2 3 M F F A Basketball 3 Joann Langfeldt A dinple here, a dimnle there, and when she smiles they're everywhere F H A l 2 Libra Club Paoer Staff Forensics 3 1-L, Band l,",3,M, Pep Band 3 M, One Act Play Com 3 M Rochelle Lautenbach Cnuck Still water runs deep Band 1,2,3,M, Pep Band 1,2,3,M, Chorus 1 2,3,M, Choir l,2,3,M, Paper Staff 2 ,M Class Sec 2, One Act Play Cast 3 Libra Club Sec Treas 3, Annual Staff M Stu dent Council Pres 3, Dramatics Club M Joan Lavey Joanie The best way to lengthen ones days is to steal a few hours from the night Chorus l,2,3,M, Choir l,2,3,M, Dranatics Club M, Library Club M, Annual Staff M Carol Lieske Being good is an awful lonely job F H A 1 Library Club 3 M Arla Lindekugel A giggle from her would get anybody. Baton Twirling 1 2,3,M- F.H.A. l,2,3,Mg Class Trees. lg Annual Staff Mg Dramatics Club M. 3 - - - . 3 la- I . , , 3 .'. . A . - . 3 ri Lbs . 3,M3 Annual Staff 3 Dramatics Club M3 9 ' L ' I ' n 9 o H ' N . . ' , ' ' 13 I - ' , : rs' . . ' 3 - ll II . 3 , . : I I Catuerine MBUBHIC ntonnie Phe wrong way always seems tue more reasonable Chorus 2 3, , tuoir 2,3 4, P h A l,2 ,4, F h A Hist 3 r H A bong LSHQSP 4 for ensics l,3, Llbrary Club l, Dramatlcs hlub rfe 4, student touncil 4, Paper btaif l,d,3,4, Annual staff 4, one act play 3 f-AF J 5li"W 1lf" "'1Uf Jack kewman I was a Boy Scout until I became old enouph to be a Girl Scout 1 A Basketball l,2,3, Football 2,5, Volleyball ' 2,5,4, Paper Staff 3, Colcr Guard 3 4, One Act Play Comm 4, Dramatics Club 4 Vice Pres 4 'Na its 1? ji! i isizeif 1 fif L W 45.3.-M Marie hoeldner Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead F H A l,2,5,4, Forensics 3 Choir 1,2 4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Dramatics Club 4 Shirley Oestreich There's a little bad in every rirl Chorus l,2,5,4, Choir l,2,5,4, F H 2,5,4 F H A Sec 4, Band l,2,5,4, Ban Sec Treas 4, Pep Band 5,4, Forensics 4 Bonitta Olsen 'Bonnie Silence is golden, but we're off the golden standard now Band 1,2,5,4, Chorus l,3, Choir 1,2n5, Ass Ed of Annual 4, F H A 1,21 PHPOP Staff 4 -r-nv Lubene Pipxorn Gene He'd ratner nug a pigsxin tnnn a girl bootoall 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, baseball l 2,3 4 P b A Z,3,h, Prom ning 3, Home coming ning 4 A 'mt 'WK Roma Ratzburg If gigpling were fattening I'd have hit 200 pounds long ago Chorus 5, Choir 5, F H A 3,4 Darrel Roder nRed' """ When he grins, we grin, and when he and works we wonder. Kyiv Basketball l,2,5,43 Volleyball 2,3,43 ,f Football Mgr. 5. 12 x :V X not ' 3 Q 3 2 . 5 i 4 X . Q L 1 55 f? oelwu A V5 asf C 4? . A I W 4 ,fefhf, Q XY' ,3 31 3 lf 'Wea,,w ,, mn. , N f 'f - ,, ,,,- -S 551523111 L Q ' EQQQSE 1 ' ...ra ' ff, 4 ' M 1 n A. fa ' 5. ,-,,,"'," "-. 3 .h - ,,, - ' Els-Q5 f ov, ,, nh M W l: xxx . 3 11" X br N , i' 4 ' N , m 5: i35, , . if N A fvx tk aj, W? , ,Fi A r 5, ,vwh Vi ., mils, ':4f',E:,i., l V 546, , 'l'f asain lgrf f'Mf' f Q E.Z:g.':c of 5, .f i, are .af 4 2361 - - 4 I, . . V , , 1 . ' . . ' - 0 . 4 v - .. . , - , ' ' I - 4 f . M M ' . V o 1 I , , .4: n ' . A ' . .' ' ' ' v . . no 1 C ' Z a , . . . - . . . 0 Q . e . ' , . . , ' 4 u . O 0 . ' . D . . 4, . . . . . , , . -. I . - - , . , A 4 0 D I ' n ' . o . ' . I - I - ' -.. . A - ' o . vp V 3 bb Z4 . 'A V, : , ' . ' so v : .J o I o I Q- . Jayne Rueth nJanie' I'm like a star, I shine at night. F.H.A. 1,25 Library Club 3,45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 23 Pep Band 2,3,43 Band 1,2 5,4 Dennis Schefxs Denny He's a wise nan fron the top of his head up Forensics 3, Annual St ff M, One Act Play h, Dranatics Club L, Paoer Staff M Harold Schmidt nHarry Oh what is so rare9 Carnival King 2, Student Council 3 Volley Ball 3 M F F A 3 L Dolores Schmidt She was nearly killed once, by a train of thoughts passing through her head. Baton Twirling 1,2,3 h F H A 1,2,3,q Annual Staff M, Dramatics Club A Delbert Schuette HDSI He must have a sixth sense, tnere' no sian of the other five Football 3 h asket all 3 h Baseball 3 P lreas F A Basketball F 1 2,3 A Pron Court 3 Verlyn Schwantes Classes should be ten minutes long, five to cone and five to no C A 2 Angeline Shefohik Ang e She's willinv to be convinced, but find one that can do lt Class Sec 1, Chorus l,2, Choir l,2, F H A 1,2,5,4 F H A Treas 4, Annual Staff 4 Carol Stowe A chool day has its delights but it cwn't romoare :ith school ni hts Librarv Club 3,L Library Club Pres M vorer LC 3 Annxal Star' Womeconlnp xeen M V 'fm X -4 "!Z""' 15" 419 -0 Ax X 'Nw,-., 17? gun 'Q' we-x vuuq,g hal fu. Al! X ,sm ,ff is ,I ar ,,,f Rh 'Du NHL Y' Gilbert Straus I'1l arvue tnou n tne point be small, you can't let those teacners say it all Parliss Uhriv Blushinv is the color of virtue Band 1 2,3,Q v 1 , F h A v Pres 3, Peoer Staff 3,h, Annual Staff M Jr Editor 3 Annual Editor h Clase Sec A Jean Vorel Youtn is tue sea on for enjoyment and '1 me in the no t o it F H A l 2,3 M Band l 2 3 A Paper otaff , Prom dlecn 3, Dranatics Club A lornan Jaldbalser Nopq Einstein was r at too I I Dale Wehruan He's done sone 11 hty nice things in his oaze Jeanette Wehrman So pepoy, so younp, she'1l not live long, sinrle FIIA 12,Lu,Bmm L2,Lu,cnmus1 Choir l, Carnival Queen 2, Dramatics Club A Magdalena Westhoff nMagg e cane, I sev, I'm still looking F H A 1 2, Janet Widmer My time is taken by dances at Colby Bind 1,2,3,M F H A 1,2,3,h, Dramatic Club M, Paper staff u, Annual staff u Darlene Wolfe Class Pres. lg Student Council lg F.H.A. 1, Library Club 2,3,hg Chorus 2,3,hg Choir 2,3,hg Annual Staff hg One Act Play Com 3,hg Dramatics Club M. Tis hard to be in love and be wise. CLASS WILL Io the class of 1953 of the city of I-vnl in clark County nm the state or wisconsin do hereby set forth this lest will and testament: our principal, his help in guiding others through high school as he has guided us the Juniors the ability to get better grades and to obtain the intelligence of the Seniors the Sopholores the ability to get along in life and to be as successful as we are the Freshman we leave the greenness we wore off during the last year of high school education and our pull with the faculty Tb the classes as a whole, our sense of humor, our good behavior, and our athletic ability Donald Benedict wills his intelligence to the Fre hman class Donna Bartz leaves her bookkeeping to Bev lolters Jane Schellinger falls heir to Darlene Bertz's person ality Roselle Braun leeves her high grades to her sister Corrine John Bredleau inher its Gerald's popularity with the girls Donald Brue wills his chemistry abilities to future chemistry classes Janet Seefeldt falls heir to Dorothy Capelle's blond tresses Marcella Castner leaves her homework to Bill Trindal Marie Johannsen inherits Anita Cook's shorthand abilities Geraldine Degenhardt wills her cheerleading talents to future cheerleaders Robert Dietsche leaves his actlng abilities to the actors f L P S Dorothy Dietsche leaves her basketball skill to all girls lnterested in intramural basket ball Janet Ehlert leaves her ambition of studying after school to Jerry Fam ond Waldhauser falls heir to Donald Fischer's physique The Juniors inherit Rose Gempeler's humor Marjorie Gotter leaves her ability to be late to her brother John Donna Greg ory wills her diamond to Sharon Nathan Gilbert leaves his ability to be sean and not heard to anyone that needs it Everyone falls heir to Gloria Gravunder's friendliness luella Hardrath leaves her quietness to Dick Shefchik Jean Perdrich bequeaths Guy to Nan Jean Hales Carol Jensen leaves Gordie to Joan Schellinger To Jerry Kronberger goes leroy Kauth's bigness Jane Kramer falls heir to her sister varlene's Greenwood boys Norman lang will just leave Roger Lang is just going to leave with his brother Norman James Holt wills his ability to sleep during modern problems to future students in that class Joann Langfeldt leaves her 'cute' dimple to no one, she likes it too well herself Rochelle Lautenbech's music talents go to all future musicians of our school To Janis Seefeldt goes Joan Lavey's hair cut Janet Fischer falls heir to Carol Lieske's sober ness Arla Lindekugel leaves her laugh to anyone who wants it Future soloists inherit Conn e Matanic'e voice Jack Newman wills his convertible to anyone that can keep it running The boy members of the choir fall heir to Marie Noeldner's tenor voice Shirley Oestre1ch wills her other boyfriends to Carolyn, and she'll take Bill Bonnie Olsen leaves her walk to Marie Schmidt Eugene Pipkorn wills his athletic abllity to Richard Langfeldt falls heir to Darrel Hoder's curly hair so he won't have to use curlers anymo e Jane Rueth leaves her horn to Darlene Pagelsdorf as she never uses it anyway To Jr Pipko n goes Dennis Schefus's vim, vigor, and vitality Harold Schmidt leave hls skill for getting'his Dad's car to anyone that is havdng trouble Dolores Schmidt wills Andy to no one, she will keep lim Eldred Schuette falls heir to h1 brother Delbert's ebilitv of not being able to sit still in class Verlyn Schwantes is leaving all those Marsh field girls to Ronnie Domine and James Clouse Angie Shefchik will just take her night life along with her Carol Stowe wills her n1ght's at Colby to anyone that can use them as well as she did larliss Uhrig leaves her skill at getting the DAR award to the future winners Tom Wepfer inherits Jean Vogel's skill in English Norman Waldhauser is leaving his books to his brother The Greenwood girls are getting Jeanette Wehrman's UChuckie' Henry Aumman is receiving Dale Wehrman's freckles Virgxnia Gardner will be getting Magdalena Westhoff'a height Janet Widmer leaves the Spencer boys to Arlene Darlene Wolfe wills her ability of catching and keeping hlm to Dorothy Schmldt Gilbert Strauss is leaving his speaking talents to future speakers of loyal Fish School X,c4Wff-M To . Tb To . Tb . . ' u o . .. . . . Ray Sterr to add to his own. Dale Nolfe inherits Roma Ratzburg's studious habits. Alan 2 J C Q? . .A J I , 3 Q. PS f V Es'-4' K Qs A' ' f-N sf,-,,-7 511547, X-at if .,g,o- 6'm,,x:a s X01 TL "off 0 'Q 2 F' N . , . . Y x ' YQ 5-. 41 x'..12,v E 61, Z In f-1 "1 ff ff-2 K 'WV -V Z Q : G -1 A , 4' ggi' .xx L15 N ix-'xl-x-N-f, ' ' fl if - K5 lj 5 X flrml xlx JU ICDRS Mr Dahlby, D Schroeder, W Gravunder, J Stumpner, J Wal ter, J Schellinger, D Smith, J Noeldner, Mr Steeves Miss Honklns, A Widmer, C Oestreich, L Neeb, C Wolske, Rollins, R Redig, J Gilbert, M Johannsen R Kruger, J Clouse, R Miles fer, B Trindal, J Schmidt Front row Middle row Back row , R Cook, W Weihmuller, T Web nun, Front row. Mr. Dahlbv, S. Denk, A. Hills, R. Ohlrogpe, R. Starr, R. Oe streich, A. Hannan, Mr. Steeves. Middle row. Miss Hookins, R. Devenhardt, B. Ellison, S. Mandal, B. Holt, J. Haunt, S. Gregory, M. Loos, N. Hales, G. Fensome. Back row. R. Domine, R. Braun, W. Holnbach, L. Lavandowska, R. Greene, M. Molle, S. Bauer. The highlight of our Junior year was the Prom which was held April 17. We all worked hard to make it a huge success. Next year we hope to be back as proud and dignified seniors. 17 Q J rw H " .gr " ff N kg. 4' 1 Q-2 'QI , . . ' A iwzf fx s . fd, b. V A , , I ,, gs 'il , '- ' t V ' ,YAZY-' Y .V , K . , arg K A P A ,uhm X tl x """!"!i -k" . LSI, , 1 x I Q, , J a L gl 1 f 1 - 5 2 I . , J J 5 ' E 1 g f il, ' g 1 . : ' . .Q . . . . . . . . S. : . . J 0 m . 0 . . . - X f . I I A N fx E, Qi E -2, QQ rl, I S. ix , -, - H , V' . h Y y ." , X XQLL'xx1. . ' sa ,, L- I ' , X IL R x -, V- 4 .2 K ras '- , f 5 'U f' Q I bw I v 1' ! K 1' V'-'I " I I Y fo ,fe xl '9' 'iff 4-ddeslg SOPHOMORES Top Row L Lawrenz, D Barker, E Gempeler, T Zettler, J Lyon, Baslow, L, Merlak, J Bredlau second Row M Kelty, G Boehning, M Anderegg, F Elmhorst, M Matanio, J Hinkelman, K. Davel, D Brazier Bottom Row B Brooke, D Bauman, M Haze, D Darton, J Braun, J. Fincher, J. Kobieke, G. Benedict, D Green. Advisors: Mrs. Pradt, Mr. Perkins. 1'Wl"'W"' 'bsfwf' Top Row: E. Bentzler, R. Tichy, J. ieaver, R. Shefchik, R. Miller, J. Mrotek, J. Weyhmiller, L. Phillips, G. Stumpner, J. Castner. Second Row: S. O'Black, M. Mueller, B. Nysted, J. Newman, T. O'Leary, N. Olson, J. Dankemeyer E. Cammers H. Auma nn. Bottom Row: G. Rueth, D. Wittlinger, M. Schmidt, M. Qladek, M. Spang l er, J. Qchellinger, L. Schmidtke, J. Stirmel, J. welsh. Advisors: Mr. Perkins, Mrs. Pradt The class of 1955 has played an important part in all school act ivitlea. we are sure that this class will go on to improve throughout the rest of their school years. we hope they will continue thelr good work and that when they graduate it can be said they were a credit to our school. 18 Y ut-YVN an 'Nm FRESHME Ton Row T etutte, G Brenner, iirner, J Cool, C oesly, Wansen, T teiner, Schlantes, D Ja ooi, J Lies e, Ioelcner, J C'Ur1er, Son utzler, J Joxnson, R l87OX8u Second Row A Rogstad, M Rottjer, J Seefeldt, D Pa elsdorf, volf, J Schecklman, D wolf, E Rahm, J Seefeldt, J Neeb, P Ploman S Spran er, B Jolter, D schmidt Bottom Row Mr Jaits, V Gunia, C Flsinger, V Ferdrich, D Haupt I pangler, K Davidson, D B rtz, Iolle, 3 Xiller, Ir Lawrenz N Ebert, F Gosse, D Molle, nh itx 'A Wifi W, ...ro in Top Roi J Hammonu, C Dletsche, T Yalser, L sselnan, D Becker, D Hoescr, Udillios, T Denk, C Beaver, A Lanrfeldt, Scnuette, J r1SH6P econd Row J fandel, J Newman, R ip orn, olf, L culafke, Bottom Row I alts, J Cnristenson, J Getter, C Braun, C Waselow, J Smith, V Gardner, B Haslow, Mr Lanrenz Assent K Roehl, V Jenrman N Scheel, J eyhmiller, C Kelty, G Rozst , I lls, D Tlmrler, k Wenninber, Sturtz, Imonberfer H Lan J Kramer, e Demuth, R GOEhPlHg, QR xx 4 Under our capable advisors, Mr. Waits and Mr. Lawrenz, the past a has been a successful one. we are lookin to the ye eager anticipatlon. Class officers are as follows year with John Goenrini, Treasurer, nOPPlH6 Braun. 5 P fotter, V109 Pres dent, Janet ChP1StSHSOD, Secretarv, rs aheed resident, Rutsanne J dxf . QJ ' x go ' Q A g Q if ' R V I .1 x ,, A 'N-., J J 2 ,wg vw J Cs- . N. L 35 D 2 , a , lc. if I A a 'C oqvf v 5 LI A. , Q3 L, 1' , ,i ' , li 11. . 1 D . U. 'm . 1 . - - 1 SOP. : g Q I c .Nl C E' f . ff q 4 . 1. I , 3 9 .' o 'Q 0 . 2 , 'wk , - . 1 0 . o A 3 , 5 . . e . u. . - L. Q 'Q I f a a Ex ,,f X ' L 'R 'A ' xx -N x , - e xr. - Q, ' F5 A- -0 . K f 1 in? V A "5 ' y' NQ-.X ' 1, X-A wk ,,3, X x . Q Y ! ' ' fef 'lNW, . ,fx 1. 'bk 1 .Jn , D' K ' 7 I L ,W , . 'f , , 7 f, sv 2 . -- J 1 ' J sg f . , r 5 1 M x F54 D 2 . . Ir ., U, ,lg ' h f- ' ,- 'ff -A Q" 4 Y . f. Q -"L ,W ,,,, ., ' ', ' ian X ' X ' r ' A v ,y, -I Q N , 'I ,Q 1 , ,,. R A - A !? 1' ni? wr . 1 X 1 Egria 45 - T X 438i aQ v gs tg'lI' e. :ygg one 5? L !'Wl V I Q . 1 Yo . 'A 1 . . 12 . Q . Q. .1 , . . . ,, E. ' u W- - 1 S ': . L. . . J . . 3 ad . X . ? k D. ri '. '.. '. M ' C. I. J . S ' J. ' 5 . 2 U-J' . 5. - 3 . ' . . . . . 1 . . l . I 1 I ' I -' 2 . '. T . , V .. Q M ' . 1 ' O l V 0 cs - ' 1 A ' - K 1 e .kr W O I . 19 Rack Row J I t d , , uchternand, R Dusso, A Smith, 2 Irahn, L ittlin er Second Row C lor R , , aver R Hottjer, 1 nea on Third now Schweiger Absent Top Row: J ott1er F frus w r Pkson C Jomnston D Prickson, Rottjer, T Johannsen hotter :ot er Second How Ars Rowloy, ee D Fohr n 5 Cnristman O Io er Grambsch, Bieper, H I , H U volters Sottom Row K Kempeler Y Nysted Seri k , on re man, K. Newman, M Uusso, C woeldner reene Absent: ,,.,.,.....----A-M - 3 and 4 GR DES Too Row A L6VlS, C Myre, C Granosch, K Enzevolo, J Preller, B lehr mann, P Nittlinger, X Wravert, C H1115 Middle Row Mrs Nelson, K Rossow, A Dusso, V Hammer, K Ebert, L John ston, G Millard Bottom Row R Rauke, T Gotter, V C8t1lH, K Nvsted, Bauman, Y Noeld ner, J Jheaton, R Srlth Absent E Erickson I and 2 GRADE Top Row S Eloomfielu, I illaro, J e rnann da 1011, 'e wolters, U Paulson, oe dner, P ill Second How 'rs WOIdOHOJiCh, oeel n, arnerber , 11 1 erry 3 ottger, 1 Co lins, L ei r Xottom Row Lnristnan, D rav rt, auwwnn, lzlen, TJIOPW L Lawrenz, L Uovlng, A vneaton, ee, rr l xu s er Absent L otter, S Trlncal, in er, PlCV , rlck on 21 if Zi X ilzinil 1 - I 11u h I' 57 ANNUAL STAFF vw PAPER STAFF 1.4-2 Since before time of town cryers, every community has felt its need for a news distributing medium Cave dwellers carved symbols in rock slabs to publicize dinosaur raids, American redskins released, in smoke language, advertisements for Happy Hunting Ground Real Estate and, in 1955 UL h Su 'ers printed the Loyalette Using mimeograph facilities, the commercial classes did mechani cal work on the publication Reporters Crepresentatives of every classl brought a vital freshness to the sheet introducing such fea tures as cover pluvs for articles, cleverly titled columns and side stapled issues It is an American right that we, her youth, may en1oy while in sc ool Freedom of the Press UITOR CAROL TqNSEN JUNIOR ADVISORS MR TODD AND MRS PRAUT VUTTOR NAN J AN HALr2 -.BU N 9 x A O,.gszSL I X dn,, 24 'CN- A M. 551' LIBRARY CLUB Phe Library Llub, under tne able guld8HC8 of mr. bteeves has completed anotner successful year in add1tlOD to the work, the blub has enjoyed a few social gatnerlngs ine faculty at tended a Tea and panel dlscussion about new books, wnlcn was presented by tne Llub The UfflCSPS of tne Club are as follows Bresldent, carol Stowe, Vlce fP8SlQ6Ht, dosella Draun, becretary, marcella basune and freasurer, James Nenymlller 04-Q I' S i QT W EE S- 'NEQ 3 75 Q . nf qx , I Q ,W lm A I k'k' J' 'N wo, ng M I 3 5 . n pf, 11 y f ' 1 ' w 1 O , v , . , K, . ,, , - ' 1 1 fx F . ' U ' 1 , , 1 . ' . ' ' ' ' ' " . ef . - f , - 1, f . ' -. -f 1 1 " :.' , ' . XX 1775 5 H fs ' , " s , -' N 33 .R i ji 3 oil g 3 3 -F , if fi' X55 . Jr K f 1 I ACT PLAY A more outstanding play was presented by dramatlcally inclined LHS students, in 1953, than at any time belore ln our school's history Each crew of 'Three's a Crowd , fllghting, scenery, costum ing, make up and stage management? strove to achieve a reallstic effect in its fleld The influence of student dlrector, and prompter and the dlrection of Mrs Pradt were indispensable in molding the prodactlon Dennls Schefus, Sharon Uenk, Leslle Phllllps, Bob Dletsche and Carol Jensen fcastj rehearsed long hours at gruellng ur trlumphs included an H N ra lng at Greenwood Kleaguej, UAH at stevens Point cdlStPlCt, and HBH at hau Claire Cstateb 76 'Q f,-4' . M . 7 X : W I :ffflsfg as 1' :W . v xiii- tr? I X 99 4 'I ? 1 la f' 3 l . B . . , I K rl - - F X . A. 0 1 5 Q . . . L . .. . night practices. O ' a A t' L1 . ' X I f iff? . - , ff -fyas gg!! ooooooo 6 2 fy 'gk Rx kk , Nb? ,1 'M . Y, A ,fa 954, S' ' f '73 6 if DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatics Club is under the direction of Mrs Robert Pradt The main purpose of this organization is to promote interest in speech work and dramatics Their idea is t gleam enjoyment from dramatics as is shown by their motto, Ars Gratis Artis, which means Art For Arts Sake The chief pro1ect of the Club was the One Act Play, 'Threefs A Crowd ' The members of the Dramatics Club participated in the play and were on stage committees They also took part in forensics We members elected the following officers President Bill Trindal -- Vice President Dick Ohlrogge Secretary Treasurer Sharon Gre r 6- r'f?. , 309' L -AA A - - ,.. 4 FHA The Future Homemakers of America is our school's largest club Appearing unwieldly, the group is smoothly efficient, organizing such annual affairs as the ChP1Stm8S Tea, Mother and Daughter Banquet fenhanced by lavish prom decorei, formal, freshman initiation and F H A parties Interscholastlc dem onstration contests and rallies are an occasional treat for members When we dream reminiscently of these club days, from our homes in an age of moon travel and colored T V , may we be grateful for the ideals and home building fundamentals taught in F H A 78 FFA The Loyal F F A Chapter, under the direction of Nr Law renz had a very succe sful year Encouravement of more fath er and son oartnerships and dairy herd imorovement were some of our ob1ecfives, sponsoring a basketball team and a quartet and winning three first places at the county judging contest were hlnhliphts of the year The officers are President D Fischer Secretary D Benedict Vice-President. N Weihmuller Sentinel: J Stumpner Treasurer: D. Schuette Reporter: M. Molle ' ..:::.-- I L X Xx " 'Ps -ew W , . ,.. .1 "' ' fe ,am 29 fi . fx , , 7 ,. -I ,I 15? hxf t 5- fC . 3 1 W' 'TC' X f r -- , I ,' 'M ' " ', ' f P W ' ' V1 Qyvtf 9 c CHORUS Under the directlon of Vern Dahlby, the L H S Choir and Chorus successfully completed all its major goals wlth hon ors Although our cholr lSD't the largest we have had, we think it is the best Compet ing in class A we came out on top The number we engoyed s nging most was, Great Day, our contest number During the year the chorus had the opportunlty of singlng over the radio The highlight of the year was our concert tours engoyed by both members and listeners CHCIR 1' " . " eaaaeag Sl-'N 0,9 8 AND Q -0' P Color Guards Drum Majors Bass Horn Coronets Flute Clarinets Mellonhones Saxophones Trombones Baritones VC' Wg NW Neuman, D Ohlrogge, D Sterr, L Phillios Schmldt, D Gregory A Lindekugel Denk, D Benz ' Nysted, R Braun, S Oestreich, D Darton, J Vogel, S Rollins, J Wehrman, M Matanic, L Lawrenz, T Weofer, L Merlak M Rottjer A Hannan M Uhrig, M Kramer, M Gotter, J Herdrich, D Canelle D Smith J Rueth, S Degenhardt, M Castner J Neeb, D Haupt B Ellison, J Widmer, L Neeb, V Herd rich M Haas, D Bertz J Langfeldt Fond lS a favorite school hlfhlloht for winy, and we must admlt lt is very lmnortent Most freouently heard ls the Pep Band whlrn lS present at every home game to ald the cheerle1ders an their flvht for so rit Under the dlrection of Mr. Hamel, the Loyal band has develoned lnto a unlt feared 1U comoetltion and vreatly enyoyed by lts audlences. 31 I tw EJ xv, ji ' if 5 V Q 4 5 4 : J. . . . A . . : D. ' . . . : S. . . Drums: J.-Getter, R. Lautenbach,-T. Bertz, J. Mrotek. : J. . . . . . : . , . . - . . . . . . A , . : . . , . . . . - IV . . T, . R ru -, J . . 4. 0 ' J X, , ' Q . .,, M 1 o Q J n U a I V PV De A F3 tx In 10 QYA 4 Ll IOR BAN Back Row K.Henninger, K Woeldner, R Kruger, B Trindal, T Zettler, D Sterr, E Rahm, W Holnbach, G Hinkelman, R Domine, E Fenner Second Row D Schmidt, C Elsinger, D Ploman, K Davidson, M Sladek, M bpang ler, E Gosse, J Seefeldt, N Ebert, J Neuman Third Row N Stayton, J Smith, J Weyhmiller, D Dietsche, B Miller, A Rog atad, R Rottjer, C Sturtz, M Wheaton, M G Hamel director, G Fensome G Boehning, J Gilbert, M Mueller, M Kelty Bottom Row M Noeldner, J Clouse, S O'Black J Christensen, B Wolters, C Noeldner, M Anderegg, R Goehring, C Grambsch, P Wheaton, R Myre Back Ro lSUf0Db8uh, J Mrotek, J Langfeldt, T Wepfer, D Bertz, Haas, D er 4 Left Froni utter, J Herdrich, D Capelle, J Oestreich Right Front D Darton, B Ellison, M Castner, Reuth QYA 4 fl 4? 5 Zmd fs 1 4 . in k 'T - 'wr-.,. , tk, i U' X W3 lllglglj ff Nrsg I L 3 gf: S7 Pvw-feat , lv Sprinv's intangible appeal was cap tured 1U 'Moonlight ani Roses, by the class of 1953, at their Junlor Prom CApril 25, 19521 Riboons of pale green and yellow, like frostlng, brought t the gym an air of fantasy Rooes f yellow, delightfully rose trimmed, made festlve the punch booth and spectator's sectlon, while soft tlnted color was spotlishted on the orchestra fHowie Sturtz and His Swing Kingsl Gur King and Queen, Eugene Pipkorn and Jean Vogel, were crowned in the moonlight drenched arbor Their court, Jeanette wehrman, Marlene Kramer, Shirley Oestreich, Delbert Schuette, Donald FlSCh6P, and Darrel Roder were in attendance What of our Prom is left9 NA bent dance cardn you say, and satln tied rown roses Yes, those and a lovely memory. M 1 QI1f1JW' Queen Carol and King Eugene Yea Te Qmn HOMECOMING 1952 The Night October 10 lnumb toes, bitten nose! The Rival WITHEE Town windows gay with 'Smash 'em' slogans, peppy skits and a blazing bonfire successfully promoted spirit We won! 19 6 The Dance We d1dn't need atmosphere, but we had it Dim overhead lighting, cornstalk and pumpkin centerpiece, even royalty fCaro1 Stowe and Eugene Pipkornl and dreamy music by Vernon Kas er gomecoming was among the season's brightest social affairs Court Couple 'F' YIOT QJJFY 1991, IYQJLI 15 A I n ' ' x r P s n i sim? . Q H K -, R . I 3 ' g 5 T iw I Q t . , l t Q 5 X . Q N ' 1 Q I 4 X k W I X 2 t A ' f X p, T, y k , Mon ' 7 'T Hi' H: iliffw m3 , La' na Moor H tnowf 1 Q 3 'cor Diwum naw ,a-,, H-ua wwgw ek boo! N L ,ZA Dread sv tal S W 932 TyQQlW.kl14 Www lie ' -I""W No? Pad I .l.vOV YKHC T F6 Prtt t Q 2 b Tqwof, PPGAV lor a Qwmm 'roiesqor www AP -mm f-we "vii ' B otlt mai 'S P P A191 tue, cxte vlu xy Y' Kxxxh Q K S K Q LL SX H XX p-Z 'K KW NN QW' , .I - 2 5 . N . . - :- " g,-A 4. f Wx vw mmm XM i-5 5 r 17' 4' if Q! - CGI' 00 What are the spirits of enthusiasm? Cheer leaders!! Color bounces onto the floor, a flash of maroon and grey Itvs Susie, Janis, and Ruth anne leading our cheers into s compelling force They symbolize LOYAL in schools of the conference ob SAM Y H F8 mn: X 'S 'W 'WX' 33655 maui E e?55m 5 Li. 4 4 FGGTBALL TEAM QI First Row Mgr D Schroeder, J Stumpner, G Stumpner A Lengfeldt, K Devel, D Timmler, J Newman, J Schmidt, Mgr A Smith Second Row Coach E rkins, C Beaver, C Rogstad, K Hen ninger, R Braun, L Lewrenz, D Hoeser, L Es selman A Hills, D Hills, R Pipkorn, Coach M Waits Third Row E Cammers, J Bredlau, D Fischer, R Miller Phillips, F Elmhorst, D Becker, E Schuette Denk. Back Row: D. Starr, E. Pipkorn, L. Keuth, M. Molle, M. Mat anic, G. Bredlau, D. Schuette. Our squad played many good and hard fouvht footbqll names thus past season. Althouch we lost some close contests the most thrilling was our 19-6 Homecoming victory over Withee. September September October October October October Maryheart- 6 Spencer- 6 3 Auburndale- 7 lO Withee- 6 17 Greenwood- 15 24 Abbotsford 19 12 26 39 Loyal Loyal Loyal- Loyal-19 Loyal- Loyal- SPCDRTS HIGHLIGHTS The great heroes Tense moments agxzwverw-f-AIM ' 4 an A 'F' ua' Q Q Vfffw' W JP 85e:3V'V wceff'1 f Wg Coach shows us how Hold that line Lots of action l IL., Jaltlncf fox the game Giving Orders The master minds. ' I' - F8Sb bfeak- Getting the tip. Talking it over. m Q Ez 'x Q -'T io. -'H .H 4 2 ' , ' x A X ' 3 ' 5' ,v K I . 1 7 , I I I Z 'b 3' , ' ". ' T A ' f -kr. A K I ,. Leo " Y Q ' I 'L i we K A X ' 6 A-5, - X, E - 0 o ' z J' .. g - ,L , W ., . 'Q'-' LA ,, , ,N 'fm ff x Q """'4' uar'1f, fr' 'Q' 'V rw' 'ix .q 7 ef H , . S 4 , 4' . Ki .1 - - rf . 5. "QM fr, - V A ,,.. 5 A "4" ' ' 1 f. LUN--' " ,, ' Hu I .K Y- , by I Q me-v"II3"H A 5- :Ly Q pf' ,Q - W -gf-:.1.-A ., vi-,X "f , J, H, ..w.."" i , , -' gf". X 1 ,... f, . 4: v 3' QV o,. W ,.f v,-he 'ff I "' 5 ,ln P , 'ft ' ,- ' Mb, nies: ' . , ,5 h as r,.1'Nt-gs, al: Q I.. -v..g,., K 'tw I A .bg c ' -'j""",k. . Q K - 0 , .- , , o 0 x tif wif' -.... I fs. T a 5' 0? , , t 1 r 8 , ,K ,M . . 1 . m 3 A 0 g , , 'E' fd F ,mmf Nr , iv K L- UN ' "' " SPORTS SNAPS v lull!!! 5 . 45, , , My 4,3 W.-, dy F L Q' Q 'Wk fl' H' M W w,. ' 1 an fag I wh M ,, 'sm ' N +11 Y, W. V . . ww 1' fig, 1 7' aff- Q. f,,,'RLn, -xrmw .W w Q: E . 41 fit' 'Wu m,,: w:WSm.' Z wi SQUAD Standing Mr waits, D Schuette, L Kauth, D Sterr, A Hills, Mgr Schroeder Kneeling D Fischer, D Roder, E Pipkorn, M Molle, Mgr Smith The 1952 1953 season was one of the most successful for the Maroons Coaches, Mr waits and Mr Perkins, did a very fine job in handling the reins this past year Darrel Roder developed in to an excellent center, scoring 296 points Gene Pipkorn and walter weihmuller filled up the forward gap with great agility as did Dick Sterr and Delbert Schuette in the guard positions A strong bench played a very important role in the pennant race The guess pertsu picked the Maroons to battle for the bot tom berth at the beginning of the season, but in the last game, the Maroons were battling for the play off position with Spencer The Maroons won the right to face Abbotsford in the finals They lost this one to Abbotsford by a close score of MB M2 In the district tournament at Greenwood the Maroons beat Granton and then lost two in a row to Greenwood and withee The Maroon's over all record was 8 wins and 12 losses LOyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal Loyal 42 Granton Thorp Withee Colby Neillsville Greenwood Unity Spencer Granton Neillsville Greenwood Colby Thorp Unity Withee ...Spencer M2 v DVA gv Y an v 4 3 vAL VA' A-2 SQUAD Demonstrating a combination of fight and determlnation the MBU squad had a very successful season Many of them will be a fine addition to next years squad Back Row Coach Perkins, D Hills, C Rogstad, D Hoeser, M Matanic, A Langfeldt, R Plpkorn, J Newman, Mgr Schroeder Front Row R Miller, L Lawrenz, E Gempeler, L Merlak, J Lyon, Mgr Smith K F F A SQUAD The F A squad was a scrappy aggressive group Their season record was - Kneeling Stumpner, E Bentiler, D Benedict, E Schuette, Hinkelman, Lang, T Denk, J Beaver standing Mr Lawrenz, J Walters, J Schmidt, R Dietsche, N Olson, D Becker, J Bredleau, L Lavandowska, D Wolfe, C Esselman, Braun, T Stutte, Stumpner, G Dietsche 45 CALENDAR K Sept 2 Sept 8 School opens Familiar faces again Our first lyceum program by Otto Schacht OCTOBER 0 7 O 8 Oct 10 Senior pictures Aren't we cute? Lyceum Bartelle's Birds Oh, boy, we get our report cards lwhat am I so happy for?J NOVEMBER x li z..lrJ.1 I A 1 5 SEPTEMBER 1 ,,,1,L.... 'gx k it N5 y ll' C 'SC TRNL OF --,- ,,- FEBRUARY 4 Fe 11 -",, Fe 17 Feb 23 17 Nov 21 Report cards, already again? -,ks Lyceum Carl Josephs, champ ion archer Nov 27 Thanksgiving Oh, luscious turkey and vacation MARCH March 3 March 17 Choir, Chorus, and Band con cert Fine, wasn't it? F H A Party Dancing an games Lyceum Calaway Hamilton Stevenson Really tops! L H S Forensic elimination F H A Initiation The wearing of the green Forensic Contest at Greenwood DECEMBER J Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Point were they ever goodl State here we come Lyceum Lone Eagle Some of us had tne privilege to the dances Christmas F H A Tea and sty le show Christmas Program Carols and program really good Semester Tests Oh, my ach ing head! Christmas Party I'm sure ever one enjoyed their nuse able gifts! JANUARY Jan 9 Jan 23 Back to the old grind again Only this time 1t's worse I wonder if that delicious odor could be coming from the Chemisty room? 'Ili 'S March 25 March 27 .Av- APRIL April 16 April 17 -A 1' QF 7,A" April MAY 'Q gay S7 '-'Q' MZ? as 44 Loyal 2nd F H A On The Air over Solo, ensemble contest at Eau Claire Owen usic Festival Lyceum Glenn Morris Jr Prom Jane Schellinger John Stump ner King and Queen I wonder how many students could describe the sun rise k Rib H1119 fzif Eau Claire Music Festival Finally! Graduation Gee, school is empty! I won der where the Seniors are? Q E , U A c- x1:ZIZl '1 9227- y H"' 1 Ct. . IJ f , ct. . . Q ' 0 4, b. - c3v!L b. . . . . d ,f ' e - 0 5 fre K K . . . T I: Il Dec. 6 One Act Play at Stevens MaPShfie15' . a . '. bt A ' ' do L . 12 '. . . - s':. f, . 17 . --'-- ' " 4' ,Vg ui - . 18 . ' - ,i - ' ' - . 19 . 2 zo u ' - '7 gp W 'iw Q . " s:2'.L .- QtfH3 Tv"3 amwk-N M W ?""-+--. 'fx 'iv-:EM -vu--.-A wf'-llil IIHSIQ 4 1 LOYA RAY V Y M f f'Lvq gg mu, vw WA IHPATVR lik." 3 DW P PUTPRS PPM Q f"N " , "Ex 'Xl In 'K I I ' D K U JU: -4 --, W' ! V --X ..f' P2'!I"7T,1V,'fVQ QQ: 44'V'?T!'?Uf'?'TYfl f1'rf'-'EQ 0 Q: ff ff' ' VW. . . . ..L' gig., 2 I Q EB lliflh 55111123 NTTT V'5T H t , 14' 1 QY L pf, vi JN"V r'ffM L am ,' v -3 ., 1 , ewy L' AJ f'm Cn. UI .fYHS SWQTY Jaya fl N ,I A A . , J. fi hrrjwr ur 'Q f ,l.. ma .J ', h ' GNT I , i, " ' ff gg. .- .- A 4 l . Q , V -. .. .. .. 17671 'l., I. G. YA. U "wvA3A fjf,Lg'Eq,q mfg. ,.,.--' 'ihlf' pb K F sfuulib arf .Li -, ,, W W ,gn fi.- uw? L,-WK Vim KVVWP L1H"1Lm " MA' a ,tv 31 v5.1 aff! X A1 T11-v YH ' , 1 V h L Q V L. - VW 3 fi .T . . A . 1 ' '. - W , , . , i M,5,gW,A,,,.,.n . JL , gl as all J I I u ! E . Q Nl . El L s -P , ' -" W , Wfm J' 1 L H " ..,.M V .. S x K ' M' W 4 ' f Wkxr ' Wah. I' ,V 'T TW' 1 X T . W E 3 9 'L' 1 TF L N-'AL T !X'lWA1 F!'i1V"M: Vfuf " 7- VL 53 X, 'Y A 41 y ., - , P ' 1 311' -iriizfi-':fr',,. ' ' ' ' A Q14 , .J , A E 2 I :sg V- I , L,,,Y,,Hv RF "fr, . UIQ, .i.,LVf P-LNFZS L :C Q1 Jigzffx H13 5 'Ir . .. -. . A.2,f..,.Lg ,f . H 1. 3 If. C 1. fl, . I , . T Dj, N, '-V1 1 F'-TQ AWTW W?'iV,CE'ilI'H gy f I E 2 I . I . . VA? 541. ,M ' I,,1.f.A,,k.x,.fT.-.v- ,,,,.'1,P:,.?T,:,, Qin, ft., iv.: cn. T :iz.F.43T.tF :AZiJ,.AT5ji f-' 'wwf' X 1- f 'vzfztxit 1 I r ,L :ffm ,- A Wit' - aim-.. 2 M- ., .. ' -. ,7f74QA'1L ,, f ' ' ?V.,.,- W 3115? ,, ,L V Q Qyjww' -' Lg? ,L 3V W., 1 A ,, ,. H ,U ,-1 pai f 'A V1-vf: 1" 'Q pg j BL' LO If 'P CFQW T 1' T' ' LOYAL FAFF, D Tm BRAUN'S RAR AWD WOWLING ZUPANC MOTORS ,QANK 3 TAVpRN PRIOR'S JEWELRY STANDARD OIL COMPANY ROLAND 25 LM R1UVwT lv Avg 2 IINJAT Ct ,1 wprqpw Q THE FOLLOWING HAVE ALSO CONTRIBUTED TO OUR ANNUAL MARSHPIELD CHAMBFR OF COMMERCE WYMAN STUDIO OOHJ KF L UVPP JONES, ?F! D W L YANFIS fAx Q

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Loyal High School - Loyalite Yearbook (Loyal, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Loyal High School - Loyalite Yearbook (Loyal, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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