Lowrey High School - Futorian Yearbook (Dearborn, MI)

 - Class of 1959

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LCUfcEY UICH EAWOM,AIC«l«A l vlU 'lE 1959 From The Class of 1959 | Tomorrow our fun, frolic, and hard work at Lowrey High will only be a memory; yet we will always cherish these fondest memories we helped to create. Remember those immortal parties, the open homes where nobody knew the host or hostess, the pajama parties where no- body slept. . . the mad rush decorating for dances, the wonderful times we had at them. . . the Varsity initiation, the wild cheering at the games. . . the hush that fell over us at White Christmas and on Armistice Day, . . the homework we didn't do, last-minute cramming for exams, our teachers who taught us more than we realized. . . the talks in the hall, the scramble for class when the bell rang. . . our clubs, our friendships. . . the birthday parties in the cafeteria. . . the crazy signs we painted. . . a welcome invitation to the Activities Banquet. . . the writing of our senior pictures, getting measured for caps and gowns. . . the Honors Assembly where awards were given to our classmates. . . our wonderful Senior Prom. . . and finally gradua- tion. Commencement will leave us with a diploma in our hand and for most a tear in our eye. We smile at our memories from Lowrey High and wish the future seniors that happiness too.Senior Class Officers HENRY ODORICO, President JERRY JEZOWSKI, Vice-PresidentMARGO ANT WORTH BILL ASHBEY JEAN BALLARD JOIN BALLARD DOROTHY BECK MARTHA BETRUS MARVIN BLAYLOCK PENELOPE BOLLMAN ELAINE BOWMAN VERN BOYINGTON JOYCE BRADLEY JANET BRODIE ROBERT BRUSSEAU KAREN BURKEKAREN CALE WILLIAM CANTRELL GLYNN CARNAHAN JOHN CARTER CLAUDETTE CAUBET JOAN DAY JAMES DELUCA ETHELDA PERSAM ROXYANN DIBBLESTANLEY DOMOLEWICZ PETER DRENOVAS RICHARD DIFALCO SALVATORE DIPRIMA DON EVANS ROCCO FERRI RONALD FILIPS LUCY FOMENKO PAUL FORD t RONALD GARDNER DENNIS GARLAND RUTH GARTMAN JOYCE GERMANEUGENE GOEBEL MARGO GRAN GOOD JERRY GREEN JOAN GREENE JAMES GREENLAV DOROTHY GRIGG SHARON GRONAU AUDREY GROUND SANDRA HAMILTON RICHARD HARLAND KENNETH HARRIS JUDITH HARTMAN JOHN HILL GERALD HOCHBAUM DAVID HOCKNEY EDWARD HOLDA SHARON HOLZ1NGER JUDITH HORVATH SHERREL HOWARD RICHARD HUNTDELORES JESSEE KEITH KAYE GAEL KEITH MARY KEOHANE MARGARET KENNEDY DOROTHY KRABACH ROBERT KRASON HERBERT KRATZ MARGARET KRZAK ROBERT KUBIC ELAINE KULESZA LANA KUSHNIR DAVID LA KISH PAULINE LEWANDOWSKIPATRICIA MIELBECK ELIZABETH MIKUTA PATRICIA MILLER MURIEL MOCK BARBARA LONGON JOHN LUSTIC PATRICK MCEVILLY LYNNE MCGRATH JUDITH MCLEAN THOMAS MCMONAGLE MARIE MICHALSKI «% PAT LIPINSKI KAREN LIVINGSTON SANDRA MCCLOSKEY BEVERLY MACDONALD PATRICIA MAES FRANCES MAGRETA BETTY MAYEWSKI RITA MAKI GEORGE MANOOSHIAN Si NANCY MARKHAM EUGENE MARQUARDT BARBARA MATHEWSGENE MONSON MYRNA MONSON GLORIA MYERS JOAN MYERS ROBERT NAUMOFF ENRICO ODORICO MARJORIE OLSEN BETSY OLSON DARLENE PASTELAK BARBARA PAVUCH GEORGE PA2DERNIK ROBERT PERFETTI MARY PERKINS EUGENE PERRY RONALD PETERS JOANN PETTI BARBARA PEZEK MARTHA PHELPS % BEVERLY PIIRAIALENORA PORTERFIELD -41 MARVIN POWER lAROL SHIPLEY NORMA SHIPPY JAMES SHOEMAKER JANET SIRKLE • EMERY PRICE THOMAS PRIOR JERRY RAMEY JEROME RATKOS V . PATRICIA RAYMOND BENEDETTA REINA JOAN RHOADES JUDY RICE TERRELL ROCHA DENNIS ROSS THOMAS RUMPLE ROGER RUNDENZA KATHLEEN SABOTCHICK PATRICIA SAHARA PENELOPE SAHARA MARIAN SCHIMANTOWSKI NANCY SCHWENK STELLA PULTORAKMERVIN SLOTNICK ARLEEN SMALL CATHIE SMITH FAITH SNYDER PATRICIA SOLIARS ROBERT STADNDC ELLEN STAEHELI ROBBIE STAGGS CORNELL STAMORAN VIRGINIA STEVENS JOHN SZCZEPANIAK PAMELA TALLION DONNA TENAGLIA ARTHUR THOMAS JOHN THORN LAWRENCE TELFORD THOMAS TTMKO GARY TROJANOWSKI RICHARD UHOUSERONALD VALLI SALLYANN VANOOSTEN CAROL VENABLE DIANA WARREN DAVID WASIL ROBERT WASLOWSKI KATHLEEN WALSH RICHARD WALSH NANCY WATERMAN CHRISTINE WEGLOWSKI SANDRA WILSON PATRICIA WININGER MARGARET WISLINSKI THOMAS YANDRIC FRANK ZAMBOROWSKI GAIL WELLMAN CAROL WHITCHER STANLEY WHITE NOT PICTURED JEROME CHOPE ROBERT COMMIRE HERMAN DOMINE DE ETTE DOMPIER EDITH DURHAM SHARON ERICKSON ROSINA HA GY JAMES WHITFIELD VIRGINIA WIGINTON JUDITH ZICK ROBERT MILLER DORIS ROCK CHRISTINE ROMAN THEODORE STEWARD BEN TASICH RICHARD THOMAS MARYANN WESCOTT EUGENE ZAK ADKINS, GLENNA-Band 1,2,3,4; Ma- jorette 2,3,4; Fut, Nurses 3,4 AKINS, DORIS—-Band 2,3,4 ALLEN, DORIS—Chorus 1 ALLEN, KATHRYN—Booster Club 1,4; Fut. Nurses 4; Library Staff 4 ALTHOUSE, GLENN—Baseball 2,3,4; Track 1; Reserve basketball 2,3 ANTWORTH, MARGO-Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Chorus 4; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 3,4; GAA 2,3; Home- room Rep. 3; Light Staff 2; Student Council 2; LYH 2,3 ASHBEY, WILLIAM—Homeroom Rep. 2; Fr. Advisory Board; Track 2 BALLARD, JEAN—Chorus 2,3; Library Staff 2; Thespians 3,4 BALLARD, JOHN BECK, DOROTHY-Booster Club 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Thespians 4 RF DWELL RFTTY BEDWELL PEGGY-Library Staff 1 BENNETT, JOANNE—Booster Club 2,3; Merit Sec,, 4; Fizz-Kem-Club 4 Sec; Cheerleader 3,4 Co-Capt.; Student Council 3,4 Pres.; LYH 3,4 BERACY, CONSTANCE-Band 1,2,3,4; Booster Club 2; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 1,2; Student Council 4; Bowling Club 2,4 BERENT, MICHAEL—Thespians 3,4; Football 4; Varsity Club 4 BETRUS, MARTHA-Booster Club 2; Chorus 2,3,4; Fall Play 3,4; Home- room Rep. 4; Library Staff 1; Spring Play 3; Thespians 2,3,4 BLAYLOCK, MARVIN—Football 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4 BOLLMAN, PENELOPE-Band 1,2,3,4; Booster Club 1; Chorus 4; Fall Play 3; Futorian Staff 4; Fut, Nurses 1; Thespians 1,2,3,4 BOWMAN, ELAINE—Chorus 4; Light Staff 3 Editor, 4 Editor BOYINGTON, WILLIAM—Band 1; Cho- rus 2; Football 4 BRADLEY, JOYCE-Fut. Teachers 4; Secretarial Club 4 BRODEE, JANET BRUSSEAU, ROBERT—Bowling Club 1, 2,4; Projection Staff 3 BURKE, KAREN-Chorus 2,3,4; Thes- pians 2,3,4 CALE, KAREN-Booster Club 2,3; Cho- rus 2,3 CANTRELL, WILLIAM—Art Service Inc. 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Football 3,4 CARNAHAN, GLYNN CARTER, JOHN—Spring Play 4; Thes- pians 4; Varsity Club 3,4; Football 3,4 CAUBET, CLAUDETTE-Booster Club 1, 2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 4; Light Staff 4; Thespians 4 CESARZ, EDWARD CHICKERING, LAURENE-Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 1,2; GAA 3; Student Council 4; Thes- pians 3; LYH 3,4; Class-Officer 3 Sec 4 Sec CHELCOFF, VIOLET—Booster Club 1,2, 3,4; Futorian Staff 4; Homecoming Court 4; Homeroom Rep. 3,4; Low- rey Light Staff 3; Thespians 3,4 CHOPE, JEROME CHUPA, JUDITH—Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Fut. Nurses 2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4 COLE, BYRON-Band 1; Bowling Club 12 3 COOK, SANDRA—Booster Club 3; Fut, Nurses 4; Thespians 4 COSTAS, XENIA—Booster Club 3,4; Spring Play 4; Thespians 4 CRAWFORD, CAROLE CRISCENTI, JOSEPH CUNDIFF, MARILYN-Band 1,2,3; Boo- ster Club 2,3; Fut. Nurses 2,3 CZINKI, ALEXANDER—Homeroom Rep. 4; Thespians 2,3,4 Pres.; Swimming 2 DARWISH, FREDERICK DAVIDGE, JOAN-Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Fut. Nurses 1,2 Tres., 3 Vice-Pres. 4 Pres.; Thespians 2,3; LYH 3 DAVIS, DAVID DAY, JOAN-Chorus 4 DE LUCA, JAMES—Spring Play 4; Thes- pians 4; Baseball 4 DERSAM, ETHELDA—Booster Club 2 DIBBLE, ROXYANN-Spring Play 3,4; Thespians 3,4 DICESORE, RICHARD—Football 1; Baseball 2; Track 1; Basketball 2 DI FALOO, RICHARD—Varsity Club 4; Football 3,4; Swimming 2,3,4; Track DI PRIMA, SALVATORE—Futorian Staff 4; Student Council 3; LYH 2; Var- sity Club 3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Foot- ball 3; Basketball 2,3,4 DOMINE, HERMAN DOMOLEWICZ, STANLEY-Student Coun- cil 2,3 Vice-Pres.; LYH 2; Varsity Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4 DRENOVAS, PETER-Varsity Club 3,4; Football 3,4; Swimming 2,3,4 THOMAS—Projection Staff DUPRAS, LEE-Track 2,3.4 DUVALL, CHARLES-Art Service Inc. 4; Swimming 2 DYNDA, ROSALIE—Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 1,2; Fut. Nurses 2,3 Sec- Treas., 4; Homeroom Rep. 2; Thes- pians 3,4 ENOS, ROBERT-Varsity Club 3,4; Foot- ball 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4 EVANS, DON FERRI, ROCCO FILIPS, RONALD FOMENKO, LUCY-Booster Club 1,2; GAA 2,3,4; Spring Play 3, Thespians 2,3,4; LYH 3,4; Class Officer-4 Tres. FORD, PAUL—Homeroom Rep. 3; Track 3.4 FORFINSKI, EDWARD-Fr. Advisory Board; Varsity Club 4; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 3,4 FREDERICK, JUDITH-Booster Club 2, 4;; GAA 2; Homeroom Rep. 3, Thes- pians 4; Secretarial Club 4 Pres.; Bowling Club 4 FRY, JAMES-Band 1,2,3 GALLAGHER, PATRICIA—Booster Club 4; Chorus 2; Fut. Nurses 2; Fut. Tea- chers 4GANSEN, JAMES GARDNER, RONALD GARLAND, DENNIS-Bowling Club 2 GARTMAN, RUTH-Booster Club 4; Chorus 2; Fall Play 3; GAA 3,4; Homeroom Rep. 4; Thespians 3,4 Historian; LYH 3 GERMAN, JOYCE-Band 2; Booster Club 4; Chorus 3,4; GAA 2; Thespians 4; LYH 4 GOEBEL, EUGENE-Varsity Club 4; Foot- ball 4 GRANGWOOD, MARGO-Fut. Nurses 4; Thespians 3 GREEN, JERRY-Bowling Club 4 GREENE, JOAN—Art Service Inc. 1,4; GAA 3 GREENLAW, JAMES-Football Mgr. 1,2, 3,4; Track Mgr. 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4 GRIGG, DOROTHY GRONAU, SHARON-Band 1,2 GROUND, AUDREY-Band 1,2,3,4 Pres; Majorette 2,3,4 Head Majorette; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Fut. Nurses 1,2 Pres., 3 Pres.; GAA 2; Light Staff 4; Student Council 2,3,4 Sec.; Thespians 2,3; Bowling Club 1,2 HAGY, ROSINA-Thespians 3 HAMILTON, SANDRA-Booster Club 4; Chorus 4; Thespians 4 HARLAND, RICHARD-Varsity Club 3,4 Vice-Pres.; Football 3,4; Track 2,3,4 HARRIS, KENNETH—Homeroom Rep. 2; LYH 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Swimming 3,4 Capt.; Track 2,3, 4; Varsity Club 3,4 Sec.-Ires. HARTMAN, JUDITH-Fut. Nurses 3; Fut. Teachers 4 Sec.) Light Staff 2,3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; Bowline Club 4 HILL, JOHN HOCHBAUM, GERALD—Chorus 4; Track 2,3; Projection Staff 1,2; Bowling Club 1,2,3,4 HOCKNEY, DAVID—Football 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4 HOLDA, EDWARD—Student Council 2 HOLZINGER, SHARON—Booster Club 4; Secretarial Club 4 HORVATH, JUDITH-Band 1,2,3,4; Boo- ster Club 3,4; GAA 2; Thespians 3, 4; LYH 4; Bowling Club 4; Major- ette 2,3,4 HOWARD, SHERREL-Booster Club 1,2, 3; Chorus 1; Fizz-Kem Club 3,4 2nd Semester Pres.; Homeroom Rep 2,3; Fr. Advisory Board; Thespians 2,3,4; Bowling Club 1,2,3,4; GAA 2,3; LYH 2 Sec., 3 Sec. HUNT, RICHARD-Bowling Club 1,2,3, 4; projection Staff 3,4 IRBY, JERIE—Booster Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Spring Play 4; Thespians 2,3,4 ISABELL, EMIL IE—Booster Club 2,3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Thespians 4; LYH 3; Secretarial Club 4 I WAN SKI, JULIAN JABLONSKI, VERONICA—GAA 2 JEDNACZ, RONALD—Home Rep. 4; Projection Club 2; Track 1 JENNINGS, WILLIAM—Chorus 2,3,4; Football 4; Varsity Club 4 JEZOWSKI, GERALD-Fizz-Kem Klub 3, 4 Co-Pres.; Baseball 4; Class Officer- 3 Vice-Pres., 4 Vice-Pres. 4 JOHNSON, JEREMY JONES, DONNA KALAT, DELORES-Chorus 4 KAYE, KEITH-Varsity Club 3,4; Foot- ball 2,3,4 Co-Capt.; Baseball 2,3,4 KEITH, GAIL—GAA 1; Library Staff 2.3.4 KENNEDY, MARGARET KEOHANE, MARY-Thespians 4 KING, CHARLES-Art Service Inc. 3,4 KISELICA, PAUL KONYE, HELENE-Booster Club 1,4; Chorus 2; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nur- ses 4; GAA 1,4; Homeroom Rep. 4; Thespians 3,4 KOSK1, PATRICIA-Booster Club 3; GAA 2,3; Library Staff 1; Thespians 3 KOWECK, DIANE-Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 1,2; GAA 3,4; Lowrey Light Staff 3,4; Thespians 1,2,3,4 KRABACH, DOROTHY—Booster Club 3; Fut. Nurses 4; GAA 3; Thespians 3,4 KRASON, ROBERT-Band 1,2,3,4 KRATZ, HERBERT-Fall Play 3; Thes- pians 3 KRZAK, MARGARET-Booster Club 1,2 3,4; Chorus 2,4; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; Secre- tarial Club 4 Tres. KUBIC. ROBERT -Baseball 4 KULESZA, ELAINE—Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 2,3; Bowling Club 4; Secretarial Club 4 KUSHNIR, LANA-Booster Club 3,4; Chorus 2; Fall Play 3,4; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 1,3; Spring Play 4; Student Council 1; Thespians 2,3 Tres., 4 LA KISH, DAVID-Fizz-Kem Klub 3,4 LEWANDOWSKI, PAULINE LIIMATTA, YVONNE-Booster Club 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 3; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 2,3; Library Staff 2; Secretarial Club 4; Bowling Club 4 LIPINSKI, PATRICIA—Booster Club 1, 2.3.4 Sec.; Chorus 1; Bowling Club 1; Fall Play 3; Children's Play 3; Fizz- Kem-Klub 3 Pres.-Sec., 4 Fice-Pres.; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 3,4; Student Council 3; Thespians 3,4; LYH 2,3,4 Vice-Pres.-Sec. LIVINGSTON, KAREN LONGON, BARBARA—Booster Club 3,4; Futorian Staff 4; Homeroom Rep. 4 LUSTIC, JOHN MAC DONALD, BEVERLY MAES, PATRICIA—GAA 2,3; Library Staff 1 MAGRETA, FRANCES-Choras 2; Fut. Nurses 3 MAYEWSKI, BETTY MAKI, RITA—Booster Club 4; Thespians 4 MANOOSH1AN, GEORGE—Homeroom Rep. 2 MARKHAM, NANCY—Chorus 2,3,4; Fut. Nurses 1; GAA 2,3,4 MARQUARDT, EUGENE MATHEWS, BARBARA—Chorus 2,3,4; GAA 3 „ „ MC CLOSKEY, SANDRA-Library Staff 1 2 MC EVILLY, PATRICK—Football 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4 MC GRATH, LYNNE-Band 1; Booster Club 1,2,3; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 2, 3,4; LYH 3MC LEAN, JUDITH-Booster Club 1,2,3; Chorus 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; Homeroom Rep. 2,3,4; Student Council 2,4; LYH 3,4 MC MONAGLE, THOMAS—Art Service 2 MICHALSKI, MARIE-Thespians 3,4 Vice-Pres.; Art Service Inc. 4 MIELBECK, PATRICIA—Booster Club 2, 3; GAA 1,2,3 MIKUTA, ELIZABETH—Chorus 3,4; Thespians 3,4 MILLER, PATRICIA—Booster Club 4; GAA 2; Thespians 3,4; LYH 4 MILLER, ROBERT MOCK, MURIEL—Band 1,2,3 Sec., 4; Majorette 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 4 MONSON, GENE— Fizz-Kem Club 4; Track 2 MONSON, MYRNA-Band 1,2,3,4; Boo- ster Club 2,3,4; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 1,2; Thespians 3; Bowling Club 2,4 MUSCARA, RICHARD MYERS, GLORIA—Chorus 1 MYERS, JOAN—Art Service Inc. 4; Booster Club 4; Chorus 1 MUSCARA, RICHARD NAUMOFF, ROBERT-Band 2,3,4 NEAL, DIANNE—Art Services Inc. 4; Booster Club 2,3; Fizz-Kem 4; Fut- orian Staff 4; GAA 2,3; Homeroom Rep. 2; Light Staff 3; LYH 3 NELSON, VIRGINIA—Booster Club 2,3 Tres., 4 Tres.; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 3,4; Homeroom Rep. 3; LYH 3; Polar Bear 3 NIGOSIAN, GREGORY—Fall Play 4; Spring Play 4; Light Staff 3,4; Thes- pians 3,4 NIXON, JUDITH-Booster Club 1,2,3 Vice-Pres., 4; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 3; Homeroom Rep. 2; Fr. Advisory Board-Sec.; Cheerleader 3,4; Stu- dent Council 3,4; Thespians 2; LYH 2,3; Class Officer-2 Sec. ODORICO, ENRICO—LYH 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4 Co-capt.; Baseball 2,3,4; Tennis 1; Varsity Club 3,4 Pres.; Class Officer-3 Pres., 4 Pres. OLSEN, MARJORIE—Booster Club 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 1,2,4; Futorian Staff 4; Thespians 2,3; LYH 4 OLSON, BETSY—Art Services Inc. 4; Booster Club 3; Fut. Nurses 4; GAA 3,4; Thespians 4 PASTELAK, DARLENE—Homeroom Rep. 3 PAVLICH, BARBARA—Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 2,3,4; Booster Club 2 PAZDERNIK, GEORGE PERFETTI, ROBERT PERKINS, MARY—Booster Club 2; Fut. Teachers 4; Secretarial Club 4 PERRY, EUGENE —Chorus 2; Basketball 2,3; Student Council 2; Class Of- ficer-2 Pres. PETERS, RONALD PETTI, JO ANN—Thespians 4; Booster Club 4; Light Staff 2,3 Managing Ed., 4 Managing Ed. PEZAKj BARBARA-Booster Club 3,4; Chorus 1; GAA 2,3,4; Secretarial Club 4 PHELPS, MARTHA-Band 3,4; GAA 3; Thespians 3,4 PIIRALA, BEVERLY—Booster Club 1,4; GAA 2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 3; Stu- dent Council 4; Bowling Club 4; Sec- retarial Club 4 Sec. PORTERFIELD, LENORA-Booster Club 1; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 2,3, 4; GAA 2,3; Library Staff 1,2; Light Staff 4 POWER, MARVIN PRICE, EMERY JR.-Football 3,4; Var- sity Club 3,4 PRIOR, THOMAS PULTORAK, STELLA-Booster Club 3; Fall Play 4; Spring Play 4; Fut. Nur- ses 3,4; Thespians 4 RAMEY, JERRY-Fizz-Kem Club 4; LYH 3 RATKOS, JEROME RAYMOND, PATRICIA—Band 1,2 Tres., 3,4 Vice-Pres.; Booster Club 1,2,3 4 Pres.; Fizz-Kem Club 3; GAA 3; Homecoming Court-2,3; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Student Council 3 Tres.; Class Officer-2 Tres. RE IN A, BENEDETTA-Chorus 3,4; Lib- rary Staff 2,3 RHOADES, JOAN-Art Service Inc. 4; Booster Club 2,3,4; Futorian Staff 4; GAA 2; Homeroom Rep. 2; Light Staff 3; LYH 3,4; Class Officer-3 Tres. RICE, JUDY—Chorus 3,4; Fut. Nurses 3, 4; GAA 4; Library Staff 3; Light Staff 3 Page Ed., 4 Page Ed.; Thes- pians 4 ROCHA, TERRELL-Chorus 1,2 ROSS, DENNIS RUMPLE, THOMAS—Projection Staff 4 RUNDENZA, ROGER-Band 2,3,4; Home- room Rep 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Football 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4 SABOTCHICK, KATHLEEN SAHARA, PATRICIA-Art Service Inc. 2,3,4; Booster Club 2; GAA 2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 3,4; Cheerleader 3, 4; Student Council 2; Thespians 2,4; LYH 2 Pres., 3 Pres., 4 SAHARA, PENELOPE—Art Service Inc. 2.3 Co-chairman, 4; Booster Club 1, 2,3; Fut. Nurses 2; Homeroom Rep. 4; Fr. Advisory Board; Thespians 2, 3; LYH 3 Vice-Pres., 4; Class Offi- cer-2 Vice-Pres. SCHIMANTOWSKI, MARIAN—Booster Club 2; Fut. Nurses 2,3 Sec-Tres., 4; GAA 3; Library Staff 1,2 SCHWENK, NANCY—Booster Club 1,2, 3,4; Fut. Nurses 2,3 Sec., 4 Vice- Pres.; Thespians 2 SHIPLEY, CAROL-Chorus 1,2,3,4 SHIPPY, NORMA-Band 1,2; Library Staff 2 SHOEMAKER, JAMES—Art Service Inc. 3; Varsity Club 4; Basketball 2,3,4 SIRKLE, JANET—Booster Club 4; Chorus 4; GAA 2 SLOTNICK, MERVIN—Varsity Club 3,4; Football 3,4; Basketball 4; Track 3,4 SMALL, ARLEEN—Booster Club 2; Fut. Nurses 2,3,4; Spring Play 4; Thespians 3.4 SMITH, CATHIE—Chorus 1,2,4; Fut. Nurses 4; Fut. Teachers 1,2,3,4 Pres. SNYDER, FAITH—Chorus 2,3,4; Fut. Nurses 3,4; Library Staff 2,3 SOLLARS, PATRICIA-Fut. Teachers 4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Library Staff 1 STADNIK, ROBERT STAEHELI, ELLEN-Band 4; Booster Club 1; Chorus 3,4; Student Council 3,4; LYH 2 Tres., 3 Vice-Pres. Tres., 4 Vice-Pres. STAGGS, ROBBIE—GAA 4 STAMORAN, CORNELL STEVENS, VIRGINIA—Band 1,2,3,4; Fu- torian Staff 4 STEWART, THEODORE STOVALL, GERALD-Band 2,3,4 STREUR, SANDRA-Booster Club 1,2,3, 4; Fut. Nurses 1; Homecoming Court 4 Queen; Homeroom Rep. 2,3; Thes- pians 2,3 STROHMAIER, ALAN—Baseball 2 STRONG, JAMES— Art Service Inc. 3,4; ' Baseball 3,4; Football 3,4 STUDDARD, DAVID SWIMS, TRAVIS SZCZEPANIAK, JOHN-Baseball 2,3,4 TALLION, PAMELA—Chorus 2; Fut. Nur- ses 2,3.4; GAA 4; Thespians 4 TENAGLIA, DONNA THOMAS, ARTHUR—Student Council 2; Varsity Club 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4 Capt. THOMAS, RICHARD THORN, JOHN-Band 4; Chorus 2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 3 TELFORD, LAWRENCE-BasebaU 3,4 TIMKO, THOMAS—Varsity Club 4; Football 4 TROJANOWSKI, GARY-Band 1,2; Track 2 UHOUSE, RICHARD VALLI, RONALD VAN OOSTEN, SALLYANN-Art Service Inc. 3; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Fizz- Kem-Klub 3; Futorian Staif 4; Cheer- leader 2,3 Co-Capt., 4 Capt.; Stu- dent Council 4; LYH 2,3 VENABLE, CAROL-Booster Club 4; Chorus 4; Thespians 4 WALSH, KATHLEEN WALSH, RICHARD—Basketball 4 WARREN, DIANA-Chorus 3,4; Fut. Nurses 4; Thespians 3,4 WASIL, DAVID—Varsity Club 4; Foot- ball 3,4; Baseball 3; Track 4; Bas- ketball 3 WASLOWSKI, ROBERT WATERMAN, NANCY-Booster Club 2, 3; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 2,3, 4; GAA 2,3; LYH 2 WEGLOWSKI, CHRISTINE—Chorus 4 WELLMAN, GAIL—Booster Club 3, Cho- rus 3; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 3; GAA 3; Thespians 3,4 WESTCOTT, MARY WHITCHER, CAROL—GAA 2,3; Library Staff 1 WHITE, STANLEY—Art Service Inc. 4; Band 3,4 Sec.; Bowling Club 3,4 Sec. WHITFIELD, JAMES—Art Service Inc. 4; Band 1,2; Fall Play 3; Thespians 3 WICINTON, VIRGINIA-Booster Club 3,4 WILSON, SANDRA—Art Service Inc. 4; Booster Club 3; Fall Play 3; Spring Play 3; Thespians 2,3; LYH 2 WININGER, PATRICIA—Chorus 1,4; Library Staff 1, Thespians 3,4 WISLINSKI, MARGARET-Booster Club 1,2,4; GAA 2,3 Pres., 4 YANDRIC, THOMAS ZAK, EUGENE ZAMBOROWSKI, FRANK ZICK, JUDITH-Band 1,2,3,4 2nd Vice- Pres.; Majorette 2,3,4 Head Major- ette; Booster Club 2,3,4; Futorian Staff 4; Fut. Nurses 3; GAA 2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 2,3,4; Light Staff 2; LYH 3Juniors CLASS 0 F ROW 1 VICE PRESIDENT—CAROLYN JARVIS SECRETARY-NANCY SAMUELS ROW 2 PRESIDENT—DOUGLAS THOMAS MR. LAWRENCE KOSTER COUNSELOR TREASURER-CONRAD McROBERTS Sophomores CLASS 0 F '61 ROW X TREASURER—DIANE KASPEROWICZ SECRETARY-CHERYL RATLIFF ROW 2 VICE PRESIDENT—JOHN BAGDON MR. ERNEST McBRIDE COUNSELOR PRESIDENT-JAMES CUMMINGS11A WAYNE ROE ROW 1- Anne Wallace, Laurie Haapaniemi, Shirley Satoh, Mary Dixon, Dean McAlister, Mike Fenwick, George McElroy, Anthony Oliverio, Tom Florence. ROW 2- Ronald Macie, Gayle Holland. 11B 1 MATTHEW GODFREY ROW 1- Larry Alexander, Mark Ambroziak, Carl Bobaige, Bob Bennett, Howard Ballard, John Blackwell, Bill Barabash. ROW 2- Bob Berry, Larry Andersor Mary Banks, Janice Bainter, Rosemary Alcose, Joan Aro, Gary Berrington. ROW 3- Carol Barge, Judy Bell, Carolyn Ashbey, Frances Berent, Marla Barney, Barbara Atkinson, Sharon Bertram. 11B 2 WILLIAM RICE ROW 1- Irene Caubet, Linda Boss, Yvonne Christianson, Gail Brzczinski, Frances Bouton, Bev Brown, Carolyn Burke. ROW 2- James Briggs, Dennis Bryans, Judy Chapman, Pat Budnick, Theresa Charron, Sandra Christianson, Clorinda Cerretani, Brendan Boudreau. ROW 3- Frank Cipponeri, Donald Carrier, Doyle Garnahan, Leonard Brown, David Churches, Ferde Bolser, Ronnie Coffman, Jerry, Burke. 11B 3 JOYCE STEPHENS ROW 1- Bonnie Fenrich, Irene Frata, Kathryn Cowell, Joyce Denske, Lois Debney, Mary Davidge, Bev Do lot, Bonnie Farquhar, Carole Couchman. ROW 2- Irene De Luca, Gail Freed, Mary Currie, Suzanne Egli, Sonja Czerak, Muriel Dalbert, Connie Cogal, Claudia Cullinan. ROW 3- Deana Coleman, Bill Day, Jerry Eckman, Joe DeBono, Ken Dempkowski, Mike Friedrich, Dennis Dodson, Leonard Deman, Don Estes, Paris Crescent, Suzanne Daly.11B 4 NORMA WARD ROW 1- Kay Gardner, Nancy Gullet, Lila Gribben, Mary Henrion, Kathie Greenlaw, Margaret Hoare, Janet Hilditch. ROW 2- Rita Haase, Joyce Green, Betty Gunter, Camille Gawrych, Diane Homa, Mary Evelyn Grandell, Diane Godlewski. ROW 3- Ron Henderson, Chuck Gardner, Joe Harb, Gerald Gurevich, Eugene Giera, Ross German. 11B 5 MILTON POWERS ROW 1- Eddie Hurt, Robert Hopper, Jim Killius, Mike Johnson, Richard Jurmo, Stuart Iverson, Keith Broadus. Row 2- Shirlie Hood, Barbara Karas, Winifred Johnson, Phyllis Kalinski, Gail Kalis, Mary Jean Kennedy, Carolyn Jarvis, Sally Jacobs. ROW 3- Leslie Ibach, Joe Hribal, Louis Isabell, Mike Jacobs, Bob Jorejsi, James Hopwood, Bill Hosier, Jim Horney, Gerald Karczewski. 11B 6 ATHOL GAMBLE ROW 1- Geri Kusibab, Claudine Lendo, Dianne Krayer, Anne Kuchar, Terry LaJavic, Peter Krabach, Larry Krupa, Tom LeBlanc, John Lundberg, Mary Lou Kouba, Julie Lemanek, Nadine Koller, Sandra Krol. ROW 2- Barbara Kowalski, Carol Lewandowski, Paula Kollath, Joanne Krupilski, Pat Krason, Nancy Kuchta, Carol Kotowski, Earlene Knight, Kay Knickerbocker. ROW 3- Richard Larpenter, Mike Kirchner, Aldo Longo, Jim Long, Kenny Klassa, A1 Legel, John Lewis, Gil Livingston. 11B 7 GENEVIEVE COY ROW 1- Giacomo Mele, Eddie Lynch, Dave Marquardt, David Mills, Bill McShane, Jeff Medley, Craig Mishler. ROW 2- Barbara McIntosh, Carol Mathews, Gloria Meier, Judy Miller, Juanita McNaughton, Lorraine Mears, Marlene Magda, Marilyn Meath, Judy Bailey. ROW 3- Conrad McRoberts, Bob Mackie, Irene Lux, Geraldine Milosch, Jean Milhan, Becky McMonagle, Gibb McElmurry, Bob Martin.11B 8 JULIA LA MARCA ROW 1- Frank Morray, Eddie Navoy, Loren Phillips, Jerry Munroe, James Molnar, Angelo Panetta, Waleed Orow. ROW 2- Vivian Norush, Janice Novinski, Dorothy Markarian, Coreen Monson, Nora Ohsowski, Gwen Novak, Margo Muir, Betty Nielson. ROW 3- Terry O’Brien, Terry Nelson, Eddie O’droski, Faye Monroe, Jean Niemisto. 11B 9 JEFFERSON HATCHER ROW 1- Dave Reuter, Dennis Pope, Terry Royer, Richard Racke, Ronald Portugal, Terry Pressman. ROW 2- Janis Rooney, Wanda Rhodes, Joyce Roberts, Mina Prior, Sharon Ropek, Veronica Plantas, Ruth Ann Rousakis, Pat Perpler. ROW 3- Tom Postek, Patrick Prendergast, Marion Rouse, Nancy Rosin, Diane Pink, James Patterson, Phil Roussey. 11B 10 RUBY ORMISTON ROW 1- Richard Stuader, Wayne Simpson, Leonard Stobar, Ed Stricklin, Gary Stead, Gerald Slusarczyk, Mike Sorna. ROW 2- Marcia Stroebel, Carol Stadnik, Judy Smith, Lorraine Smyka, Maureen Smyth, Sharon Rutherford, Lorrie Schei, Nancy Samuels, Carole Rudnianin, Joan Stachelek. ROW 3- Alan Silverston, Larry Schmid, Barbara Slater, Estelle Soranno, Janet Sukovich, Joe Ruttman, Russ Spletzer. 11B 11 SYDNEY DOTSON ROW 1- Richard Wendecker, Doug Thomson, Michael Teno, Phil Thack, Doug Thomas, Joe Zyskowski, Cass Tyszkiewicz. ROW 2- Jeanne Walker, Diane Zak, Sandra West, Sharleen Urbanski, Kathleen Teno, Janice Williams, Elaine Temelko, Anna Taylor, Nancy Ujczak, Rose Wilhite. ROW 3- Ginny Waters, Margaret Wallace, Sharon Tath, Janice Wensorski, Bruce Vandraiss, Dennis Wilson, Jerry Weber.10A JESSE YOUNG ROW 1- Jim Skevington, Martha Fleck, Donna Apolito, Connie Lilac, Elaine Malacos, Nancy Carl, Frank Camerella, Eddie Semczuk. ROW 2- Leonard Krauter, Maurice Brulo, Ed Henrikowski, John Gillikin, Joe Sobka. Larrv Kolsis. 10B 1 EILEEN FOGLE ROW 1- Jacqueline Adams, Pam Asher, Diane Anucinski, Alice Allen, Mary Beadle, Roberta Abell, Rose Ales. ROW 2- Carl Beier, Barbara Alley, Margaret Bearden, Phyllis Anstedt, Sylvia Barge, Jim Blackwell, William Beebe, Tom Bihun. ROW 3- Ray Bainter, Leo Avigne, Carl Ashbey John Bagdon, Phil Berger, Keith Balckett, Brian Andras, Sydney Althouse, Roger Bajorek, Dick Bayliss, Daniel Baschal. 10B 2 EERO KERANEN ROW 1- Dawn Burkitt, Elaine Blanzy, Jackie Candela, Elaine Bowers, Linda Cornelius, Sandra Buckholz, Dolores Cesarz. ROW 2- Cyril Boudreau, Mary Ann Cichon, Linda Christensen, Loretta Comai, Linda Chelsea, Frances Colasanti, Janet Brewer. Dennis Curavo. ROW 3- Jim Costigan, Jim Cummings, Leslie Braun, Jim Boyer, Mike Chippa, Richard Blaylock, Bill Conger, Dorrell Brinn, Mike Clancy, Bob Brooks, Larry Blazik. 10B 3 MERVTN MC NAMARA ROW 1- Barbara Dominic, Sherry Duvall, Karen Dwyer, Janet De Luca, Karen Dytyniak, Ellen Engberg, Judy Estes, Barbara Davison. ROW 2- Tom Falls, Bob Donaldson, Phil Dunatchik, Linda Ellsworth, Carol Dixon, Beth Eskey, Harold Edwards, Ken Deichert. ROW 3- Roger Easley, Victor Debono, Ronald Elliott, Kenneth Cymbalski, Ralph Ertell, Wayne Eko, Bob Domolewicz.10B 4 CLARENCE GRAY ROW 1- Margaret Grubbs, Sally Haase, Kay Geuder, Maxine Fryzel, Evelyn Fleck, Judy Gabbert, Vickie Georgiadis, Judith Grebeck, Sandra Grivna. ROW 2- Elaine Groncki, Deone Gronau, Cecile Faszczewski, Irene Fike, Diane Gedman, Sally Hanson, Gloria Gauss, Irene Graham, Jim Fowler. ROW 3- Terry Fattal, Terry Fortier, Don Gurney, Ray Gavin, Ernest Godek Carl Garko, Lawrence Ferrara, Gary Froelich, Galen Huren, Louis Ferris, Tony Ferewcz, Pete Fuoco. 10B 5 KAY HOFFENBACHER ROW 1- Karen Henderson, Christine Hynett, Sally Holzinger, Diane Kasperowicz, Margie Hull, Fay Holland, Sue Hannon, Marion Johnson, Lucille Harrower. ROW 2- Marj Hagy, Carol Helm, Marlene Johnson, Julia Jackson, Bonnie Halverston, Barbara Handley, Phyliss Heath, Margaret Keohane, Dennis Hawwak. ROW 3- Jim Johnson, Norman Kerr, Bill Hubbard, Charles Hall, Leon Holmes, Dennis Jackson, Eugene Kangas, John Jacobs, Harry Hillard, Gary Jean, Paul Haulkins. 10B 6 EMOGENE HOST ROW 1- Frank Lakish, Lorraine Jaskiela, Pat Kollath, Carol Larsen, Margaret Kuhn, John Lemanek, Jim Lemke. ROW 2- Jim Leid, Robert Lewondowski, Jim Kielczewski, Len Lewondowski Roy Larner. 10B 7 NANCY LITTRELL ROW 1- Diane Maes, Sandra North, Anna Marie McGuire, Doreen Miruk, Glenda Myatt, Carol Mercer, Jeanne Nazarko, Deanna Matheson, Sharon Muir. ROW 2-Mike Nelson, Mike Neal, Cliff Molnar, Jim McCanney, Priscilla Mackenzie, Joan Mroz, Rose Minoff, Henry Milberg, Jerry Miller. ROW 3- Les McDonald, Dick Nestell, John Nelson Jim Micunek, George McGrath, Bill Nelson, Allen Martin, Don Midora, Chuck Nichols.Felicia Zawaski. ROW 3- Jerry Wydick, Robert Watson, Vince Zager, Bob Wasil, Jim Van Winkle, Don Whittaker, Joe Yaksich, Jim 10B 8 RICHARD LITTRELL ROW 1- Dorothy Pazdernik, Frances Ostrowski, Rosemarie Pezak, Elaine Panaretos, Carol Ann Onyskin, Judie Owen, Sandra Novack, Karalee Pemberton, Mary Pavlich. ROW 2- Dennis Pietrowski, Judith Powell, Angeline Phillips , Pat Partain, Virginia Perry, Pat Oleszkowicz, Martha Perry, Rosalee Pernak, Sherry Pultorak. ROW 3- Robert Price, Dave Pavelka, Ted Piirala, Darlene Pate, Kaye Penoyer, Shirley Ann Paluha, Geraldine Peck, Jerry Philippart, Roger Premo. 10B 9 ANN AH WEAVER ROW 1- Joneva Rowan, Joann Schroeder, Laurel Sera, Sharron Ryan, Barbara Ralph, Gloria Radford, Carol Riley, Doris Rogers, Judy Scibior. ROW 2- Eleanor Schultz, Sharon Sastomoinen, Cheryl Ratliff, Joyce Sienkiewicz, Eileen Smetek, Carole Radloff, Diana Ross, Mike Sleva, Nick Sittas. ROW 3- Donald Rosowski, Steve Renn, Tom Slater, Bill Seneski, Robert Sarkisian, Bob Rainko, Richard Rynkowski, Bill Sebok. 10B 10 SALLY DALTON ROW 1- Julie Soutar, Judy Steslicki Betsy Stander, Janet Solms, Nancy Thomas, Carol Snow, Karen Smith, Carole Solomon, Pearl Smith. ROW 2- Don Stewart, Pat Taylor, Pat Szczepaniak, Marilyn Sweet, Gail Strand, Sharon Stobar, Sandy Tabaczka, Barbara Smith, David Szalay. ROW 3- Terry Szklarski, Ken Stobb, Jim Stevens, Walter Stec, Thomas Smolins, Frank Soranno, Kenneth Smigielski, James Teasdale, Tom Stedman, Al Strilecky, Larry Stawiarski, Edward Stoll, James Tait, Mike Stawinski. Joel Soaunburg. 10B 11 LLOYD SPICELAND ROW 1- Onalee Wiggins, Judith Warren, Ardis Wanika, Suzanne Williams, Illona Upton, Joy Thompson, Nancy Wisniewski, Darlene White her, Denise Toma, Nancy Winn. ROW 2- Dianna Whitford, Edwina Woszczak, Gwen Turner, Kay Wilmath, Carol Vickers, Linda Zuchetto, Jane White, Lorraine Warezak,Booster Club BOOSTER CLUB ROBERT FEDORUK ROW 1: Lenton, Horvath, Monson, Denski, Lilac, Bouton, Rutherford, Zak, Carl, Saranno, Perry. ROW 2: Cflickering, Chilcoff, McNaughton, Krzak, Hoare, Ropek, Miller, Circle, Kasperowicz, Veneable, Isobell, Wininger. ROW 3: Pezak, Schmentowski, Porterfield, Nixon, Wislinski, Petti, Munson, Gawarych, Holzinger, Wigington, Wallace, Van Oosten, Tino, Powell. ROW 4: Novak, Magda, Frata, Plantas, Owens, Kulesza, Christianson, Kuba, Antworth, Swenk, Dynda, Davidge, Beck, Hamilton. ROW 1: Boss, Brizinski, Kulesza, Gartman, Maki, Ingberg, Kapzak, Pezak, Eskey, Schmidt, Licht, Lendo. ROW 2: German, Strislicki, Taylor, Miller, Urbanski, Nelson, Raymond, Lipinski, Strobel, Li i matta, Pirala, Fredricks, Sera, Swartz. ROW 3: Pultorik, Schmidt, Hull, Ratliff, Steslicki, Kuhn, Jarvis, Slater, Strand, Matherson, Barge. ROW 4: Olsen, McLean, Longon, Neal, Rhoades, Chilcoff, Sahara, Zick, Asher, Nazarko, Wzazacski, Fleck, Malacos, Ross, North, Beadle, Slomes. ROW 5: Cichon, Muir, Kushnir, Chupa, Konye, Ground, Christenson, Costas, Caubet, Streur, Allen, Kowek, Burke, Bucholz, Mr. Fedoruk. ROW 1: Schei, Brown, Dolot, DeLuca, Egli, Kollath, Williams, Davige, Greenlaw, Fenrich, Barge, Samuels. ROW 2: LaChance, Fasczewski, Holsinger, Christianson, Gribben, Temelko, Berent, Caubet, Fike, Sastamoinen, Waniko, Upton, Helm. ROW 3: Sweet, Hanson, Pluka, Turner, Kollath, Kusabab, Carr, Jacobs, Gardner, Cale, Ellsworth, Chelsea, Streur, Cornelius, Mr. Fedoruk.Bowling Club CHARLES WEST WAYNE ROE ROW 1: Connie Beracy, Muma Monson, Judy Horvath, Judy Coombs, Corrine, Monson, Pat Gallagher, Winifred Johnson, Lila Gribben, Sandra Christianson, Yvonne Liimatta, Judy Frederick, Joneva Rowan. ROW 2: Juanita McNaughton, Sandra Buckholz, Ellen Engberg, Jane White, Bev Piirala, Elaine Kulesza, Barbara Davison, Michaeline Kuchar, Ann Kuchar, Pat Peppier. ROW 3: Phyllis Anstedt, Gloria Radford, Margie Hull, Ruth Ann Rousakis, Judy Hartman, Kathy Kulesza, Judie Owen, Rose Ales, Doris Akins, Sally Haase, Phil Roussey. Jim Molnar, Ralph Eitell, David Churcnes. ROW 4: Dick Lewis, Mike Friederick, Terry Royer, Mike Oklat, Stan White, Dan Base ha 1, Frank Morray, Ed Henrikowski, Bob Brousseau, Eddie Navoy, Dick Hunt. G. A. A. DONNA MC GILL ROW 1; E. Schultz, B. Alley, S. Christianson, L. Gribben. J. Grebeck, G. Turner, L Chelsea, M. bweett, K, Smith, E. Kulesza. ROW 2: J. Horvath, M. Phelps, M. Wislinski, S. Haase, J. White, G. Novak, M. Magda, I. Frata, P. Kollath, S. Egli, C. Kotowski, Y. Liimatta, B. Piirala, D. Pasternik. ROW 3: J. Powell, L. Fomenko, R. Gartman, V. Plantas, J. Williams, N. Samuels, J. Zick, J. Owen, G. Bizezinski, D. Beck, J. Hilditch, B. McMonagle, S. Ropek. ROW 4: N. Ohsowski, Y. Christiansen, D. Kasperowicz, A. Allen, B. Davison, M. Hull, M. Hoare, M. Currie, C. Ratliff, K. Kulesza, J. Strislicki, L. Sera, L Christianson, M. Kouba. ROW 5: J. Stachelek, N. Markham, J. Wensorski, P. SoUars, B. Olson, E. Chupa, D. Koweck, M. Kizak, L. Kushnir, C. Radloff, D. Matheson, J. Nazarski, D. Ross, M. Kuhn. G. A. A. DONNA MC GILL ROW 1: B. Pezak, R. Pezak, L. Warezak, C. Jarvis, C. Ashbey, S. Jacobs, R. Haase, C. Cullunan, C. Lendo, D. Zak, L. Schei, B. Brown. ROW 2: P. Peppier, R. Rousakis, W. Johnson, C. Couchman, N. Wisniewski, S. Barge, F. Monroe, G. Peck, C. Mercer, P. Asher, D. Burkett, K. Knickerbocker, , P. Szczepaniak. ROW 3: D. Neal, V. Chilcoff, C. Gawiych, J. Sukovich, J. Aro, N. Thomas, K. Swyer, A. Wanika, S. Sastasmainen, D. LaChance, D. Whitford, K. Gardner, J. Rice, P. Tallion. ROW 4: C. Caubet, X. Costas, P. Lipinski, S. Streur, F. Zarwaski, C. Helm, E. Smentk, P. Kollath, E. Groncki, H. Konye.Hosteling Club ROBERT HATCHER Row 1: Lucy Fomenko, Judy Nixon, Sherrel Howard, Judie McLean, Ellen Staeheli—Vice Pres and Trea., Pat Sahara— Pres, Pat Lipinski—Secty, Barb Longon. Row 2: Laurene Chickering, Diane Neal, Joyce German, Pat Miller, Sue Egli, Joan Bennett, Marcia Stroebel, Judy Horvath. Row 3: Connie Lilac, Dusty Rhoades, Sally VanOosten, Vi Chilcoff, DeEtte Dompier, Penny Sahara, Audrey Ground, Jo Shultz, Margie Olsen. Art Inc. RICHARD JONES ROW 1 Dusty Rhoades, Dianne Neal, Ginny Waters, Penny Sahara, Pat Sahara, Paula Kollath, Betsy Olson, Sharleen Urbanski. ROW 2 Len Stobar, Stan White, Doug Thomas, Chuck King, Chuck Duvall. Library Staff MARGARET MC KENZIE ROW 1—Shirley Gatoh, Gail Keith, Francis Bouton, Bemie Rancheri, Delores Miller, Doris Rogers, Margie Frudzinski, Anita Valentino, Jackie Adams, Rose Najarian. ROW 2—Pauline Wist, Joan Kostin, Clorinda Cerretani, Earlene Knight, Carol Mathews, Sue Wilkas, Barbara Wilk, Carol McRae, Rosemary Alcoser, Fran Ziganti, Janice Wenorski. ROW 3—Dianne Konopski, Judith Nadorozny, Arlene Brown, Nancy Winn, Bev Brown, Anne Wallace, Sandy Novak, Lorretta Comai, Jan Novinski, Norma Howard. Projection DORA BUSSE Row 1: Cornell Stomouan, Frances Lopick, Ed Cesarz, Robert Perfetti, Jug Holland. Row 2: Robert Brusseau. Terry Grundy, Terry Burke, Joe Hash, Tom Rumple. Row 3: JeiTy Weber, Mike Fenwick, Richard Hunt, Dora Busse.Future Nurses ELIZABETH EDWARDS ROW 1: Margo Grangood, Helene Konye, Kathryn Allen, Rose Dynda, Joan Davidge, Nancy Schwenk, Faith Snyder, Betsy Olson. ROW 2: Dorothy Krabach, Valerie Lenton, Lenora Porterfield, Arleen Small, Margaret Hoare, Margo Antworth, Diane Gedman, Judy Rice, Glcnna Adkins. ROW 3: Sandy Cook, Virginia Norush, Pamela Tallion, Judy Chapman, Lana Kushnir, Stella Pultorak, Cathie Smith, Diana Warren. Fizz Chem DONALD KEIFFER MILTON POWERS ROW 1 Jerry Jezowski-lst Pres, Patty Lipinski—Council, Joan Bennet—Secty, S Sherrel Howard—2nd Pres, Eddie Navoy— Council. ROW 2 Bob Horejsi, Mike Jacobs, Dianne Neal, Janet Sukovich, Bob Berry, Dave Lakish, Stuart Iverson. ROW 3 Frank Morrey, Jim Hieronymus, Gene Monson, Dave Churches, and Gibb McElmerry. Staff TED LOWRY ROW 1 Judy Rice, Elaine Bowman—editor, JoAnn Petti—asst, editor, Judy Hartman. ROW 2 Lenora Porterfield, Diane Koweck, Clorinda Cerretani, Earlene Knight, Greg Nigosian, Ruth Ann Rousakis, Jody Kupilski, Carole Rudnianin, Marla Barney. Student Council CECIL ARNOLD ROW 1— Judie McLean, Sally Haase, Laurel Sera, Veronica Plantas—Treasurer, Joan Bennett—President, Audrey Ground- Secretary, Paula Kollath—Vice President, Judy Steslicki, Yvonne Christianson, Judie Owen. ROW 2—Judy Nixon, Nora Ohsowski, Margie Hull, Connie Beracy, Ellen Staeheli, Kay Gardner, Sherrel Howard, Bev Piirala, Lome Schei, ROW 3—Laurene Chickering, Sally VanOosten, Nancy Carl, Barbara Alley, Tom Florence, Wayne Eko, George McGrath, Carol Barge, Sharlene Urbanski, Linda Christensen, Kathy Kulesza.RICHARD ZIMMERMAN ROW 1: Marie Michalski, Claudine Lendo, Irene De Luca, Bev Brown, Carol Kotowski, Joan Aro, Sherrel Howard, Margie Olsen, Pam Asher, Mary Beadle, Bev Dolot, Diane Zak, Sandra West. Marty Phelps. ROW 2: Carole Radloff, Cecile Faszczewski, Margaret Hoare, Kay Gardner, Jerrie Irby, Marge Krzak, Diane Koweck, Pauline Lewandowski, Carol Lewandowski, Jo Ann Petti, Sandra Buckholz, Frances Berent, Nancy Kuchta. ROW 3: Karen Burke, Betty Mikuta, Rose Dynda, Judy Rice, Pam Tallion, Helen Konye, Sandy Cook, Diane Coleman, Karen Krabach, Arleen Small, Jo Schultz, Diana Warren, Judy Hartman, Sharleen Urbanski. ROW 4: Roxy Ann Dibble, Sharon Stobar, Ginger Streur, Joe Zyskowski, Mark Ambroziak, Phil Thack, Jim Brown, Frank Morrey, Shirley Paluha, Maxine Fryzel, Kathie Greenlaw. Thes pian s RICHARD ZIMMERMAN ROW 1: J. Frederick, J. German, P. Miller, M. Betrus, L. Kushnir, A. Czinki, R. Gartman, L. Fomenko, R. Maki, J. Horvath, S. Hause, D. Burkitt, A. Wanika. ROW 2: S. Streur, P. Lip inski, S. Pultorak, D. Beck, S. Pultorak, S. Grivna, J. Steslicki, J. Nazarko, D. Matheson, D. Pazdemik, J. Denske, A. Taylor, D. Ross. ROW 3: S. Hamilton, C. Venable, E. Isabell, E. Malacos, J. Owen, M. Perry, S. Christianson, L. Gribben, G. Wellman, S. Carr, G. Kusibab, M. Stroebel, B. Slater, E. Soranno. ROW 4: C. Caubet, X. Costas, B. Olson, G. Nigosian, M. Johnson, J. Burke, L. Stobar, F. Morrey, J. Brown, J. Cummings, J. Stachelek, D. Godlewski, I. Fike. Varsity Club TOM MULDOWNEY Row 1—Howard Boucha, Kenny Klassa, Eddie Hurt, Larry Pochowski, John Lundberg, Allen Silverston, Terry Nelson, Pete Drenovas, Dave Hockney. ROW 2—Stuart Iverson, Bob Berry, Richard Di Falco, Paul Ford, Roger Rundenza, Pat McEvilly, Sam DiPrima, Keith Kay, Henry Odorico, Merv Slotnick. ROW 3—Bob Mackie, Ferde Bolser, Emery Price. Fred Mushinski, Tom Postek, Tony Demolowicz, Bob Enos, Craig Mishler. ROW 4—Tom Timko, Bob Prais, Tom Hayes, Marv Blaylock, Dick Harland, Bill Cantrell, Ken Harris, Art Thomas, Conrad McRoberts, Eugene Gobel. JR w r' v“’r“ - v—fw ww t.; Band tyjy M UI £ R a n; TO BAND-EERO KERENAN ROW 1: G. Atkins, M, Mock, J. Zick, A. Ground, Head Majorette; J. Horvath, J. Hilditch, K,Gardner. ROW 2: S. Haose, S. Betrara, A. Niedzwinski, J. Denski, C. Beracy, M. Monson, N. Carl, C. Monson, E. Blanzy, O. Wiggins, J. Aro, Y. Christianson, J. Green, C, Stevens. ROW 3: D, Akins, M. Phelps, M. Pavlich, J. Murray, J. Chapman, C. Ashbey, J. Sukovich, C. Gawrych, G. Kalis, B. Nielson, P. Krason, N. Holier, B. Seneski. ROW 4: G. Mele, J. Zyskowski, B. Naumoff, B. Krason, D. Baschel, F. Morrey, E. Henrikowski, A. Longo, L. Ibach, L. Phillips, A. Allen, G. Freid, R. Windecker, D. Carnahan, Mr. Kerenan. ROW 5: M. Oklat, J. Harb, K. Bayliss, T. Falls, J. Janeczek, S. White, J. S to valle, A. Strilecky, C. Tyskiewicz, M. Jacobs, T. Lajovic, M. Ambroziak, R. Henderson, D. Marquardt, E. Semczuk, E. Hurt, T. Calc. Chorus CHORUS-CECIL J. COEDY ROW 1: J. Irby, J. McNamara, D. Maes, D. Gronau, J, McLean, M. Olsen, J. Candela, J. Lavate, E. Schorling, S. Sastamoinen, K. Burke, J. Gabbert, F. Calasanti, J. Shroeder, S. Carr. ROW 2: P. Anstedt, J. Novinski, B. MacDonald, J. Rosentrater, F. Berent, J. Bell, B. Karas, S. Panane, G. Fred, C. Couchman, J. Bailey, R. Alcoser, P. Szczepanik, Joe Sobka. ROW 3: K. Smith, D. Warren, J. Rice, G. Strand, P. Smith, F. Holland, K. Wilmoth, M.Mae, T. Rocha, J. Stoker, J. German, D. Ross, E. Malacos, D. Annuncinski, D. Parker, C. Vickers, P. Partain, J. Weir, Mr. Cody. ROW 4: J. Campbell, T. Thom, T. Pressman, B. Hopper, J. Jones, D. Bschel, D. Lee, R. Donnelly, J. Brothers, L. Smoka, M. Dimoff, D. Krause, D. Groncki. ROW 5: J. Soutar, C. Weglowski, F. Snyder, P. MacKenzie, V. Lenton, S. Satoh, C. Shipley, N. Reina. ROW 6: M. Betrus, P.Wininger, D. Kalat, C. Larsen, S. Kidd, S. Ryan, M. Krzak, B. Mikuta, N. Markham, M. Rouse. ROW 7: J. Estes, J. Green, M. Antworth, J. McNaughton, B. Mathews, C. Venable, J. Milham, M. Banks, Mr. Cody.DRAMACLASSROOM SNAPS PHYSICS TYPING ENGLISH BOYS’ HOMEMAKING SWIMMINGIN MEMORY OF THOSE THE DEBT Far the youth they gave and the blood they gave, For the strength that was our stay, For every marked or nameless grave On the steel-tom Flanders way- We who are whole of body and soul, We have a debt to pay. When we have justly given back again To the maimed body and bewildered brain, New strength and light that will take one's part In the world's work at field or desk or mart, When the old joy of loving we restore, We shall have paid a little of our share. When we have given to earth's stricken lands The service of our minds and hearts and hands When we have made the blackened orchards bright, And brought the homeless ones to warmth and light, When we have made the desolate forget, We shall have paid a little of our debt. For the youth they gave and the blood they gave We must render back our due; For every marked or nameless grave We must pay with a service true; Till the scales stand straight with an even weight And the world is a world made new. THEODOSIA GARRISON BOdoni G ’oss Country v' W o?iclie t u Homecoming 1958 Queen Court Lowrey s Homecoming queen, Sandy Struer was radiant as she reigned over our 1958 homecoming. Our ballroom was decorated beautifully and was a lovely setting for Sandy and her four very pretty attendants. The senior class was well represented by Violet Chilcoff, the junior class by Caroline Jarvis and Lcrie Schei, and the sophomore class by Ginger Stxeur. The different gowns worn by the girls made the homecoming celebration an event to be remembered.Varsity Cheerleaders Pat Raymond, Diane Kasperowicz, Lome Schei, Judy Nixon, Pat Sahara, Joan Bennet, Sally VanOosten and Laurel Sera. Majorettes Sally VanOosten Captain Audrey Ground-Captain, Judy Zick-Co-Captain, Judy Horvath, Muriel Mock, Janet Hilditeh, Kay Gardner, Glenna Adkins.fOOtBAll . • •• C -. » v — — — • • 7k. • —-— — SEASON’S RECORD Sept. 19 (H) LHS 27 Saint Alphonsus o Sept. 26 (A) LHS 38 Riverview 27 : ; Oct. 3 (H) LHS 13 Willow Run Oct. 10 (A) LHS 13 Romulus o • vt5| Oct. 17 (A) LHS 7 Garden City 12 '‘.'Mi Oct. 24 (H) LHS 0 Ecorse o - .: 1' w Oct. 31 (A) LHS 6 River Rouge 30 ’ ’ Nov. 7 (A) LHS 13 Ink. Roosevelt o • t i % . 4 ✓ • • . . • ;. , • ' «. i jtr STARTING ELEVEN Back row (left to right): John Lewis, Marv Blaylock, Art Thomas, Rich Harland, Pat McEvilly, Kieth Kaye. Front row: Dave Hockney, Fred Mushinski, Henry Odorico, Pete Drenovas, Bill Cantrell, Lany Polokowski, Ken Harris, Merv Slotnick. COACHES AND CO-CAPTA INS-Front: Kieth Kaye and Art Thomas, co—captains; Standing: Mr. Gretzner, Assistant Coach; Mr. Muldowney, Head CoachSENIORS Front row: J. Greenlaw, M. C. Laylock, P. Mckevilly, H. Odorico, B. Cantrell, K. Kaye, A. Thomas, R. Harland, P. Drenovas, E. Price, B. Enos. 2nd row: Mr. Gretzner, T. Timko, D. Hockney- M. Slotnick, M. Berent, T. Domolewicz, C. DiFalco, K. Harris, R. Rundenza, E. Goebel, B. Jennings. J. Carter, D. Wasil, B. Boyington, Mr. Muldowney. Back row (left to right): Coach Muldowney, Fred Mushinski, John Price, Tom Timko, Ferde Bolser, Tom Postek, Bob Hosier, Richard Larpenter, Conrad McRoberts, John Lewis, Bob Wasil, B. Stevens, Bill Boyington, Eugene Goebel, Coach Gretzner. Middle row: Jim Greenlaw (Mgr.), Bob Praise, Dave Hockney, Merve Slotnick, Mike Berent, Tony Demolowicz, Richard DiFalco, Roger Rendenza, Bob Mackie, Bill Jennings, John Carter, Dave Wasil, Emery Price, Bob Enos. Front row: Mascott, L. Polokowski, Marv Blaylock, Pat McEvilly, Henry Odorico, Bill Cantrell, Kieth Kaye, Art Thomas, Richard Harland, Pete Drenovas, Ken Harris, Wayne Pizarka. Reseuves Back row: Coach Currie, Wayne Eko, Dick Nestell, Ed Stricklin, Mike Nelson, Ken Klassa, Bob Domolewicz, Dick Bayliss, Bob Rainko, Eddie O’Droski, Leonard Brown, Tom La Blanc, Middle row: Jim Lesko, Ron Henderson, BUI Conqur, Bob Sarkesian, Gene Kangas, Phil Berger, Mike Claney, Dennie Bryant, George McGrath. Front row James McCanney, Terry Fortier, Maurice Burle, Leon Johnson, Bob Antworth, Allen Ligel, Phil Dunatchick. Roy Lamer Dorrell BTinn, Nick Sittes. 9QB Art Thomas, eludes a Rouge player as he goes for a TD. HOMECOMING MUD BOWL Action during our 30-6 loss to River Rouge.Swimming 1st row: R. Koryvial, J. McCanney, R. Brooks, T. Piirala, D. Lambert, R. Racke, L. Isbell, Molnar, W. Barabash. 2nd row: R. Larpenter, C. McRoberts, P. Prentergrast, G. Livingston, R. DiFalco, P. Drenovas, K. Harris, R. Berry, T. Hayse, B. Benett, L. Florence, Coach Mr. Sande.Basketbal Varsity Basketball Squad row 1—J. Shoemaker, R. Walsh, A. Silverston, D. Thomas, H. Odorico. row 2—F. Mushinski, T. Nelson, B. Vandrais, E. Forfinski, M. Slotnick, Coach Mr. R. Fedortdc. Co-Captains Ed Forfinski and Henry OdoricoReserves Reserve Basketball Squad row 1—E. Odroski, T. Lesko, G. McGrath, P. Burger, B. Domolowicz. row 2—L. Shmidt, B. Fortier, D. Premo, J. Van Winkle, M. King, Coach Mr. Wm. Rice.Ba se ball Varsity BASEBALL 1st row; T. Ropeck, B. Clayton, H. Bolser, F. Bolser, E. Fcrfinski, Mr. Rice (coach). 2nd. row! L. Urbanski, H. Odarico, J. Boron, S. Lewis, A. Thomas. Seniors BASEBALL 1st. row: Mr. Rice (coach), A. Thomas, D. Wasil, E. Fcrfinski, Mr. Fedoruk (coach). 2nd. row: G. Althouse, L, Tilfcrd, J. Jezowski, J. Ross, H. Odorico. Reserves1st. row; S. DiPrima, T. Domolewicz, A. Silverston, S. Iverson, J. Lindburgh, Mr. Muldowney (coach). 2nd. rowi L. Molnar, J. McGlingh, G. Mele, T. Gawne, L. Alexander, M. Sorna. V 1st rowi S. DiPrima, T. Gawne, R. Temelko, F. Sukovich, B. Jacobs, D. Massey, A. Silverston, Mr. Muldowney (coach). 2nd. row. U Molnar, }. Me Clinch, S. Iverson, L. Alexander, M. Soma.Track TRACK 1st. rows M. Slotnick, K. Harris, M. Jacobs, B. White, P. Gerogeau, B. Morasky. 2nd. rows C. Brown, T. Hayes. P. Pentergrast, B. Macshane, C. McRoberts, R. Henderson, T. Lenton, 3rd rows K. Kalasa, A. Legel, C. DeFalco, R, Rundenza, G. DuPras, P. McEvelly, L. DuPras. SENIOR TRACK , , „ „ . R. Defalco, R. Rundenza, M. Slotnick, K. Hams, P. McEvilly, L. Dupras.FUTORIAN STAFF 1959 Margo Antworth Connie Beracy Penelope Bollman Laurene Chickering Violet Chicoff Sam DiPrima Helene Konye Diane Koweck Margaret Krzak Elaine Kulesza Lana Kushnir Yvonne Liimatta Pat Lipinski Barbara Longon Lynne McGrath Myma Monson Dianne Neal Virginia Nelson Judy Nixon Margie Olsen Barbara Pavlich Beverly Piirala Lenora Porterfield Joan Rhoades Kathy Stevens Sally Van Oosten Nancy Waterman Gail W e liman Judy Zick Sponsor: Miss Julia M. LaMarca We Express Our Sincere Appreciation To EDWARDS BROTHERS............for the printing of our annual for all our photography ARELLA STUDIOSCECIL ARNOLD RALPH BACH DOROTHY BARRETT THOMAS BEAMAN HENRY BETZ INC DORA BUSSE CECIL COEDY GENEVIEVE COY ROBERT CURRIE SALLY DALTON CORNELIUS DE STIGTER SYDNEY DOTSON ELIZABETH EDWARDS RUTH ELLIOTT DOROTHY FAILOR ROBERT FEDOR UK EILEEN FOGLE HARRY FRENTNER ATHOL GAMBLE MATTHEW GODFREY CLARENCE GRAY SIEGMUND CRETZNER ALFREDA GRODZICKI GLEN HANNAH JEFFERSON HATCHER KAY HOFFENBACHER EMOGENE HOST EARL HOWSER RICHARD JONES DOROTHY KAUFMAN DONALD KEIFFER EERO KERANEN AMANDA KOEHLER LAWRENCE KOSTER JULIA LA MARCARICHARD LITTRELL THEODORE LOWRY MARGARET MACKENZIE KAY MARENELLI ERNEST MCBRIDE JOSEPH MCKAE MERVIN MCNAMARA PEARL MONANARO THOMAS MULDOWNEY CHARLES NEWTON RUBY ORMISTON RONALD OSWALT MILTON POWERS WILLIAM RICE EUGENE RIGOTTI WAYNE ROE WILLIAM SCOTT JANE SLAGER LLOYD SPICELAND JOYCE STEPHENS DORIS VALENTINE EARL VANORDEN NORMA WARD ANNAH WEAVER ELAINE WEST ELEANOR WRIGHT RICHARD ZIMMERMAN MARY ZUDICK NANCY LITTRELL EDWARDS BROTHERS. INC. Asa Aibot. Michigan THOMAS BURKE RONALD HIPKISS F. A. KAMISKE DONNA MCGILL NOT PICTURED ANTHONY SANDE LENORE TANIS MARY VOLANTE■m Wmm

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