Lowrey High School - Futorian Yearbook (Dearborn, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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ERNEST MCBRIDE, SponsorROGER ADAMS Industrial a boy of silent mood ROBERT ALLEN College determined debator Bowling Club, Fizz-Kem-Klub, Hall Moni- tors, Library Staff, Projection Club, Thes- pians. JACKATTARD General lives and loves life Track, Basketball, Hall Monitors, Lowrey Light Staff MARTHA BASCHAL College good-natured All School Play, Chorus, Hall Monitor Captain, Booster Club MIKE BELSON bowls 'em over Industrial Hall Monitor HOWARD BOLSER College a man of few words Basketball, Baseball, Varsity JAMES BORON College calm, cool, and collected Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Varsity Club, Chorus B ZIL BOUDREAU Industrial the joker is wild Bowling Club, Projection Club MICHAEL BUDNICK College pint-sized star Baskctball-Co-Capt., School Play, Art Service Inc., Booster Club, Futorian Staff, Hall Monitors, Homeroom Rep., Thes- pians, Varsity Club ROBERT CAMERON College "hoo-ha" Band, Co-op Training JAMES CAMPBELL General shy Band, Co-op Training MARIE CANDELA Commercial soft spoken Band, Hall Monitors, Library Staff. Lowrev Light Staff CAMILLO CAPUA General happiest while joking School Play, Art Service Inc., Futorian Staff, Hall Monitors, Lowrey Light Staff, Thespians RONALD CARLTON College politeness without end Fizz-Kem-Klub, Thespians PAT CAROTHERS Commercial happy and carefree Chorus, G.A .A. ADRIENNE CASPER College girl with the ten pins G.A.A. School Play, Booster Club, Bowling Club ARTHUR CHARETTE General an explosive laugh Chorus, Hall Monitors ROBE RT CLAYTON College ambitious Baseball JUDY CLIFT College tall perfection Booster Club, CEiorus, Sophomore and Junior Year Trcas., Futorian Staff, Future Teachers G.A.A Lowrey Light Staff, Ninth Grade Ad- visory Board, Student Council, Thespians MARTHA DAUGHERTY Commercial hot rod queen Chorus, Co-op Training, Hall Monitors CHARLES BOYINCTON College friendly to all Varsity sports, Varsity Club, Hall Monitor BOYCE BRADLEY General artistically ingenious Varsity sports, Track, Art Service Inc., Futorian Staff, Varsity Club. MARY BRaTSIS Commercial she is quiet, but beware Chorus JOYCE BRUSSEAU College good worker Booster Club, Futorian Staff, Future Teach- ers C lub, G.A .A ., Thespians-Treas.JOHN DAY Industrial at a loss for words College DAVID DEERING likes to talk MARY ANN DRENOVAS Commercial pleasant personality All School Play, Booster Club, G.A.A. Li- brary Staff. MARY ALICE DUCKWORTH Commercial industrious All School Play, Booster Club, Futorian Staff, Hall Monitor, Lowrey Light Staff, Thespians ' PAUL DUNATCHIK General the voice Track, Chorus, Hall Monitor PAUL DUNCER College mad physicist Bowling Club, Fizz-Kem-Klub GENE DUPRAS Industrial track enthusiast Track ALICE DYNDA Commercial of the friendly sort Booster Club, Chorus, Future Nurses Club, C.A .A ., Thespians BARBARA EKO College a dancing girl Booster Club, Jinuor Class Secretary, G.A.A Student Council, Thespians. JERRY ELLIS Industrial quiet JOHN FARNELL General friendly SHIRLEY FARQUHAR Commercial can-can cutie Chorus, Booster Club, Homeroom Represen- tative TONY FASZCZEWSKI Industrial terrific tanker Varsity Sports, Varsity Club, Swimming CHARLES FAUSTMAN College Explosive Fizz-Ken-Klub, Hall Monitor, Projection Club BARBARA FLATT Commercial mischievous Chorns, Library Staff ANN FOMIN College fingers in the paint Art Service Inc., Booster Club, Chorus, G. A. A., Student Council, Thespians BOB GAGNON Industrial bookworm Varsity Sports, Track, Lowrey Light Staff PAT GARDNER Commercial "chee-chee" Chorus, G.A.A. ALICE GEHRKE College "strike" School Play, Bowling Club-Sec., Futorian Staff, Future Nurses Club, Thespians PHILLIP GEORGEAU College the professor Basketball, Football, Track, Hall Monitors, Lowrey Light Staff, Varsity Club PATRICIA GLAMB Commercial charming chorister Booster Club, Bowling Club, Chorus, G.A.A Hall Monitor, Ninth Grade Advisory' Board, Thespians BONNIE GOEMAN Commercial stage-struck School Pljiy, Chorus, Thespians-Pres. GERRY GRONCKI General nice-looking Art Service Inc. JOHN HEARN Industrial quite redWALTER HEINLEIN Industrial quiet guy Bowling Club, Projection Club MARY LOU HERSMAN Commercial everybody's friend Booster Club, Chorus, Co-op Training DAVID HOLLAND General nice MIKE HOLMES College mickey house Fizz-Kem-Klub, Hall Monitors GAYLE HURST Commercial quiet G. A. A., Library Staff E'LANI HURT College the promised one Booster Club, Bowling Club, Chorus, Co-op Training, Hall Monitors, Thespians ROBERT IBACH College good worker MARIE ISAACSON College always laughing Booster Club, Sophomore Year Vice-Pres. Future Nurses Club, Future Teachers C lub, G.A A., Student Council Sec. DANIEL JABLONSKI College never a dull moment Co-op Training, Hall Monitor, Projection Club HEATHER JACKSON Commercial friendly JULIE JACKSON College genuine in every way Booster Club Pres., Vice-Pres, Fizz-Kem-Klub Pres., Futorian Staff, G.A .A., Hall Monitor Captain, Student Council, Thespians BILL JACOBS College cherchez le femme Varsity Sports, Basketball, Tennis, Football (reserves), Booster Club, Hall Monitors ROBERT JANECZEK Industrial keep playing Band, Co-op Training CAROL JOHNSON College a hearty smile JOHN JONES College good things come in small packages Fizz-Kem-Klub, Hall Monitor CAROL JOYCE Commercial "love it" Booster Club, Bowling Club, Chorus, Future Nurses Club, Future Teachers Club Sec., G.A .A ., Hall Monitor, Lowrey Light Staff, Thespians PATRICK JUDGE General man with the horn Varsity Sports, Track, Band Pres., Futorian Staff, Hall Monitor, Lowrey Light Staff ARLENE KASPEROWICZ Commercial "sweet" Co-op Training GAIL KAUFFMAN General sparkling smile Booster Club, Bowling Club, Futorian Staff, G.A.A., Hall Monitor LINDA KELLY loads of fun CAROL KEMP lover of sports Booster Club, G.A.A. VIVIAN KITKA tiny and timid KENNETH KOSCIELNIAK the butcher All School Play, Hall Monitors DOROTHY KOWNACKI General quiet and sincere Commercial Commercial Commercial IndustrialJANICE MART Commercial sweet and pleasant Chorus, Hall Monitor MARIE LACHANCE Commercial a flying needle Booster Club, G. A . A. FRED LAMPINEN Industrial the hunter Co-op Training, Library Staff, Projection Club LINDA LARSON Commercial quiet blond Chorus, Library Staff VIRGINIA LAVOY Commercial "ginger" Band, Co-op Training ROBERT LEMANSK1 Industrial "wixie" THOMAS LENTON College happy-go-lucky Football, Basketball, Baseball, School Play, Band, Futorian Staff, Hall Monitor, Home- room Rep., Varsity Club RONALD LETRICK College "general 'lectric" Art Service Inc., Hall Monitor JOHN LEWANDOWSKI College for the glory of the school Art Service Inc., Futorian Staff, Hall Moni- tor HUGH LEWIS College a great guy Football Co-Capt., Swimming Co-Capt., Baseball, Booster Club, Junior and Senior Year Pres., Futorian Staff, Varsity Club Vice-Pres. GARY LITTLE College music minded Band, Varsity Sports, Baseball JOE LIZON College all-city-cut-up Varsity Sports, Football, Varsity Club MARLYNE LOGAN Commercial little "sunshine" Hall Monitor JOHN MASON General good-looking PRISCILLA MASONIS College lively little one Booster Club Secretary, Chorus, Fizz-Kem- Klub, Futorian Staff, G.A.A., Senior High Cheerleader Captain, Thespians DON MASSEY College clown on the courts Varsity Sports, Basketball, Tennis, Track, Bowling Club, Hall Monitor, Homeroom Representative, Junior High Band, Junior High Orchestra, Varsity Club MICHAEL MCGLINCH College well-groomed Swimming AGNES MCKINNEY General enjoys life Booster Club, Chorus, G. A. A., Thespians FRANCIS MCMICHEAL Commercial "butch" Band, Co-op Training, G.A.A., Hall Monitor DOREEN MI DORA Commercial small, but "oh my!" Futorian Staff, Hall Monitor SUSAN MILLER General open-minded Co-op Training, Library Staff Walter mitchell College casual fellow Chorus, Co-op Training, Projection BETTY MOORE Commercial never a harsh word Chorus, Co-op Training, G. A. A. JOEL MORABITO General easy to knowROBERT MORASKY College outstanding in all things Football, Basketball, Track, Hall Monitor, Vice-President Junior Year, Futorian Staff, Homeroom Representative, Varsity Club CAROL MULKERRIN College soft-spoken Booster Club, Bowling Club, C. A. A., Future Teachers Club, Student Council, Thespians (Historian) CAROL MUNROE General a genuine friend Booster Club, Bowling Club, Chorus, Fizz- Kem-Klub, Future Nurses Club, G. A. A., Hall Monitors, Thespians BARBARA NIEDBALSKI Commercial self-containing DOLORES NOESKI Commercial silence is golden SHARON NORRIS College lightening fingers All School Play, Band Vice-President, Band Majorette, Booster Club, G.A.A., Futorian Staff, Homeroom Representative, Student Council MARY ANN NOVICKA Commercial nice to know JIM O'BRIEN College quiet MARILYN OLDFIELD Commercial carefree Hall Monitor RUDY PAVELKA College All School Play, Fizz-Kem-Klub, Hall Moni- tor, Thespians Vice-President LILLIAN POLIANCHICK Commercial College a ready smile Booster Club, Fia-Kem-Klub, G.A.A., Homeroom Representative, Thespians KEN POLOS KEY College sleeping beauty Varsity Sports, Basketball, Baseball, Hall DAVID A. PETERSON College never at a loss for words Chorus, Co-op Training, Projection Club HARRY P1AGENTINI General hot-rod enthusiast Monitor, Varsity Club JANICE RICHARDS General fun to be with LORETTA MARIE ROBB Commercial a song in her heart Chorus, G.A.A., Hall Monitor, Thespians DONNA RONAN College Commercial perfectly poised All School Play, Booster Club, Chorus, Co- op Training, Future Nurses Club, Thespians TIM ROPEK College good-natured Varsity Sports, Baseball JOAN SACHS Commercial petite Co-op Training MICKEY SAMPSON Industrial keep saving Hall Monitor Captain DENNIS JON SARTOR Industrial nice looking Hall Monitor JOSEPH SCAPELLITI College casanova, 1958 Track, All School Play, Hall Monitor, Thespians, Varsity Club RICHARD SCIBIOR College a quiet guy Bowling Club, Projection KATHERINE SEBOK Commercial loves to laugh Booster Club, Chorus, Futorian Staff, Future Teachers Club, Hall MonitorGLORIA STR1LECKY Commercial penny for her thoughts Chorus, Co-op Training FRANK SUKOV1CH College dramatic tennis man Football, Tennis, Hall Monitor, Varsity Club NANCY SWIDER College lives the life she loves DONNA JO SHELDON Commercial casey's strawberry blond Booster Club, Co-op Training, Future Nurses Club, Hall Monitor, Library Staff SANDRA SHOEMAKER College lovely to look at All School Play, Booster Club, G.A.A., Homecoming Queen, Homeroom Representa- tive, Student Council Secretary G Pres. DIANE SHORT Commercial loves a fan club Band, Co-op Training, Hall Monitor, Lowrey Light Staff CAROL SMITH Commercial friendly Hall Monitor NANCY SNOW Commercial easy on the eyes Booster Club, Bowling Club, G.A.A.,Student Council Homecoming Court MARLENE SO BEK General pleasant Band, Chorus EILEEN SOUTAR Commercial likeable Hall Monitor ROSEMARY SPAUNBURG Commercial witty Bowling Club, Chorus, Co-op Training, G. A .A ..Library Staff SANDRA SQUIER Commercial sedate Hall Monitor, Library Staff PATRICIA STAWINSKI Commercial she's quiet, but beware Chorus, Co-op Training ROSS STEAD College a nice guy to know Track, All School Play, Chorus, Thespians JANICE STORY College witty and wise Co-op Training Booster Club, Bowling Club, Chorus, G.A.A., Hall Monitor, Junior High Cheerleader, Thespians, Futorian Staff BARBARA TATRO Commercial two-ring circus Art Service Inc., Co-op Training RICHARD TEMELKO Industrial root-beer kid Football, Swimming, Tennis, Hall Monitor, Booster Club, Varsity Club SHERRILL THOMPSON Commercial pleasing personality Art Service Inc., Co-op Training, Homeroom Representative RONALD TRAVIS College mechanical genius Fizz-Kem-Klub, Thespians NOREEN TRUITT Commercial punchy Booster Club, Sophomore Year Secretary, Co-op Training, Hall Monitor. Library Staff HELENE MARIE TURE Commercial good-natured Hall Monitor RONALD TYSZKIEWICZ General enjoys a joke Track, All School Play, Hall Monitor, Pro- jection Club, Thespians RON UPTON General good dancer All School Play, Band, Chorus, Thespians LARRY URBANSKI General great to be around Varsity Sports, Baseball, Football Varsity ClubSYBIL WOZNIAK College a hearty laugh Co-op Training, Hall Monitor, Library Staff BILL WYDICK Industrial never too late to learn DONNA VAUGHN Commercial nice to know Chorus, Hall Monitor, Library Staff CLAUDIA WARNOCK Commercial pleasant Co-op Training, Hall Monitor, Library Staff LEONARD WASCZENSKI College gridiron hero Varsity Sports, Football, Track, Baseball, Band, Senior Class Vice-President, Hall Monitor, Varsity Club LINDA WELSH College a friendly hello All School Play, Senior Class Secretary, Hall Monitor. Thespian's Secretary DIANE WENDRICK Commercial laughable GERALD WENGLE College one big joke Varsity Sports, Baseball, Hall Monitor PEGGY WHEELER Commercial pert peg Booster Club, Co-op Training, G.A.A., Hall Monitor, Homeroom Representative, Lowrey Light Staff, Student Council, Thes- pians ROBERT WHITE College where's there's smoke, there's fire Varsity sports, Football, Swimming, Track, Booster Club, Sophomore Year President, Homeroom Representative, Student Council, Varsity Club President HERMAN WEISE Industrial a nice guy to know CATHERINE WILSON Commercial fun to be with All School Play, Band, Future Nurses Club SALLY WITTENBURC Special Education a friendly hello DICK WOODWARD College prince of wit and wisdom Fizz-Kem-Klub, Futorian Staff Varsity Sports, Hall Monitor RBARA ZIELINSKI General friendly Art Service Inc., Booster Club, Bowling Club, Futorian Staff, G.A.A., Hall Monitor, Thespians SUSAN ZIROLL Commercial College beautiful brown eyes Booster Club, Bowling C lub, G.A.A., Hall Monitor BEVERLY ZOLLER College flirtatious Booster Club, Bowling Club, Chorus, Co-op Training, G. A . A., Swimming Club President, Hall Monitor IARRY KLASSA Industrial friendly fellow Projection Club JIM DIFALCO General talkative Hall Monitor NOT PICTURIO JOHN BOZYNSKI LEROY DEICHERT RAY GABBERT PATRICK GLEGOLA PATRICIA KLASK DUANE KRUCHEK '- 7 IA ROBERT McCANS BARBARA PAWLITZ JOHN GRECH CLYDE HIRT DICK LEWIS TOM MARTIN DAVID J. PETERSON KENNETH ROBERTSJunior Class Officers Laurene Chickering- -Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Kaufman, counselor Henry Ordrico - -President These people are looking forward to their terms of office, and hope to improve the part- icipation in the Junior Class activities. When asked what he had to say about the outcome of the election Henry said, "I'm very honored to be chosen President of the Junior Class. I only hope I can do as good a job as the preceeding President did.u n i o R S UA WILLIAM SCOTT Elaine Bowman, Edith Durham, Peter Drenovas, Mr. W. Scott, Stanley S. White, Violet Chilcoff, Judy Rice. 10A1 C 11B1 WAYNE ROE ROW 1- Pat Maher, Bill Ashbey, Michael Berent, Marvin Blaylock, Glenn Althouse, Jim Whitfield. ROW 3- Joanne Bennett, Joyce Bradley, Doris Allen, Glenna Adkins, Connie Beracy, Penny Bollman, Darlene Pastelak. ROW 3- Ron Macie, Martha Betrus, Jean Ballard, Margo Antworth, Doris Akins, Pat Mascot, Mike Fenwick, George Me Elroy, Wayne Roe. ROW 4- Gayle Holland, Robert Brusseau, Tom Drumm, Jerry Green, William Boyington Gary Grundy, Allen Matthews, A1 Czinki. 11B2 DONALD KEIFFER ROW 1- James Cheng, Edward Cesarz, Herman Domine, Charles Duvall, Bob Enos, John Carter, Bryon Cole, Lee Dupras. ROW 2- Karen Cale, Joan Davidge, Rose Dynda, Joan Day, Dorothy Beck, Elaine Chupa, Karen Burke, Ethelda Dersam. ROW 3- Claudette Caubet, Laurene Chick- ering, Marilyn Cundiff, Judy Coombs, Sandra Cook, Rozyann Dibble, Judy Conwas, Richard Dicesore, Mr. Donald Keiffer. ROW 4- Richard Difalco, Tony Domolewicz, Sam Di Prima, Fred Darwish, David Davis, Glynn Carnahan, Bill Cantrell, Paul Ford. HB3 RUTH ELLIOTT ROW 1- Don Evans, Rocco Ferri, Jim Gansen, Eugene Goebel, Ron Filip. ROW 2- Sandra Hamilton, Joan Greene, Pat Gallagher, Marg Grangood, Audrey Ground, Ruth Cartman. ROW 3- Lucy Fomenko, Joyce German, Sharon Gronau, Judith Frederick, Judy Hartman, Ruth Elliott. ROW 4- Ken Harris, Jim DeLuca, Richard Harland, James Fry, Ed Forfinski, Jim Greenlaw. HB4 LENORE TANIS ROW 1- Bill Jennings, Ron Jednacz, Edward Holda, Gerald Hochbaum, Richard Hunt, Herb Kratz. ROW 2- Judy Horvath, Gail Keith, Margaret Kennedy, Emily Isabell, Pat Koski, Jerri Irby. ROW 3- Veronica Jablonski, Margaret Krzak, Diane Koweck, Elaine Kulesza, Helene Konye, Dorothy Krabach, Lana Kushnir, Sherrel Howard. ROW 4- Jerry Jezowski, Robert Kubic, Paul Kiselica, Jeremy Johnson, Robert Krason, Harold Johnson.11B5 AUSTIN BUTKE ROW 1- Yvonne Liimatta, Judie McLean, June Meilstrup, Sandra Me Closkey, Barbara Mathews, Frances Magreta. ROW 2- Barbara Longton, Pat Maes, Nancy Marklam, Lynne Me Grath, Patti Lipinski, Betty Mikuta, Austin Butke. ROW 3- John Lustig, George Manooshian, Pat Me Evilly, Eugene Marquardt, Tom McMonagle, David Lakish. 11B6 HARRY FRENTNER ROW 1- Gene Monson, Robert Perfetti, Henry Odorico. ROW 2- Marie Michal ski, Patricia Miller, Myma Monson, Barbara Perak, Muriel Mock, Margie Olsen. ROW 3- Judy Nixon, Dianne Neal, Virginia Nelson, Barbara Pavlieh Mary Perkins, Joann Petti, Betsy Olson, Mr. Frentner. ROW 4- Roland Nord- strom, Richard Muscara, Gregory Nigosian, Robert Naumoff, Eugene Perry, Ron Peters. 11B7 EARL HOWSER ROW 1- Lenora Porterfield, Marian Schimantowski, Pat Raymond, Phyllis Schroeder, Arleen Small, Darlene Pomeroy. ROW 2- Dusty Rhoades, Bev Piirala, Nancy Schwenk, Pat Sahara, Stella Pultorak, Earl Howser. ROW 3- Jerome Ratkos, Tom Prior, Jerry Ramey, Jerry Ross, Marvin Power. 11B8 JANE SLAGER ROW 1- Cornell S tamo ran, Thomas Thom, Alan Strohmaier, David Studdard, Jim Shoemaker. ROW 2- Joyce Smart, Faith Snyder, Kathy Stevens, Donna Teneglia, Robbie Staggs, Sandy Streur. ROW 3- Pat Sollars, Pamela Tallion, Cathie Smith, Penny Sahara, Ellen Staeheli, Mrs. Slager. ROW 4- Jim Strong, Merv Slotnick, Art Thomas, Jerry Stovall.HENRY BETZINC 11B9 ROW 1- Christine Wiglowski, Virginia Wig- inton, Marge Wislinski, Nancy Waterman, Sandy Wilson, Sally VanOosten, Judy Zick, Carol Venerable. ROW 2- Gail Wellman, Carol Whitcher, Diane Warren, Tom Yanduc, Frank Zamborowski, Ron Valli. ROW 3- Robert Waslowski, Dave Wasil, Thomas Timko, Larry Tilford, Dick Walsh. 10B1 MATTHEW GODFREY ROW 1- Larry Alexander, Howard Ballard, Paul Binert, Marvin Beleau, John Blackwell, Gary Berrington. ROW 2- Joan Aro, Sharon Bertram, Barbara Atkinson, Frances Berent, Sandy Beier, Carolyn Ashbey, ROW 3- Bob Bennet, Janice Bainter, Judy Bell, Mary Banks, Carl Boboige, Mr. Godfrey. ROW 4- Larry Anderson, Jerry Anglin, Bill Barabash, Bob Antworth, Bob Berry, Mark Ambroziak 10B 3 JOYCE STEPHENS ROW 1- Jerry Eckman, Ken Dempkowski, Philip Dersam, Bill Day, Donald Estes, Wil- liam Brennau. ROW 2- Irene Frata, Kathryn Cowell, Mary Davidge, Joyce Denske, Carole Couchman, Sonja Czerak. ROW 3- Bonnie Fenrich, Claudia Cullinon, Muriel Dahlberg, Mary Currie, Irene De Luca, Bonnie Farquhar. ROW 4- Mike Friedrich, Joe DeBona, Suzanne Egli, Bev Dolot, Connie Cogal, Leonard Deman, Paris Cresent 10B 2 DOROTHY MONTAGUE ROW 1- Ron Coffman, Brendan Boudreau, James Briggs, Dennis Bryans, Donald Carrier ROW 2- Yvonne Christianson, Bev Brown, Sharon Carr, Clorinda Cerrentani, Theresa Canon, Sandra Christianson, Judy Chapman, ROW 3- Jim Brown, Irene Caubet, Pat Budnick, Francis Bouton, Gail Brzczinski, Betty Clark, Frank Cipponeri. ROW 4- Harold Burgess, Glenn Bookout, Doyle Carnahan, Ferde Bolser, Tim Cale, Leonard Brown.NORMA WARD 10B 4 ROW 1- Chuck Gardner, Kenny Gyumek, Jim Hearn, Tom Hayes, Ron Henderson. ROW 2- Lila Gribben, Rosemarie Goden, Nancy Gullet, Ann Marie Gratton, Margaret Hoare, Mary Henrion. ROW 3- Kay Gardner, Rita Haase, Kathie Greenlaw, Camille Gawrych, Joyce Green, Diana Gonella, Karon Goble, Norma Ward. ROW 4- Rebecca Hensley, Janet Hilditch, Jim Hieronymus, Tom Hill, Mary Grandell, Lauca Haapaniemi. 10B 5 MILTON POWERS ROW 1- James Killius, Eddie Hurt, Richard Jurmo, Stuart Iverson, Mike Johnson, Leslie Ibach, Bill Hosier. ROW 2- Barbara Karas, Phyllis Kalinski, Carolyn Jarvis, Gail Kalis, Winifred Johnson, Carole Kidd, Shirlie Hood. ROW 3- Bob Horejsi, Gerald Karc- zewski, Sally Jacobs, Mary Kenny, Louis Isabell, Broadus Keith, Mr. Powers. ROW 4- Kenneth Holtan, Stuart Jennings, Joe Hribal, Jack Ingram, James Hopwood, Michael Jacobs, Jim Homey. 10B 6 ATHOL GAMBLE ROW 1- Aldo Longe, Mike Kirchner, Richard Larpenter, James Long, Peter Kre- back. ROW 2- Nancy Kuchta, Patricia Krason, Carol Kotowski, Nadine Koller, Sandra Krai, Kay Knickerbocker. ROW 3- John Lewis, Paula Koliath, Claudine Lendo, Mary Lju Kouba, Julie Lemanek, Allen Legel. ROW 4- Kenny Klassa, Laurence Krupa, Terry Lajavic. 10 B 7 GENEVIEVE COY ROW 1- Jim McDonald, Craig Mishler, Giacomo Mele, Bob Martin, Denneth Meyers, Dave Mills. ROW 2- Marilyn Meath, Juan- ita McNaughton, Marlene Magda, Lorraine Mears, Barbara McIntosh, Barbara McDonald, Carol Mathews. ROW 3- Bob Horejsi, Gerald Karczewski.10B 8 JULIA LAMA RCA ROW 1- Fred Nesbitt, Frank Morrey, Terry O'Brien, Eddie Navoy, Waleed Orow, James Molnar. ROW 2- Nora Ohsowski, Judy Moore, Vivian Norush, Ann Orow, Coreen Monson, Alice Olsen. ROW 3- Janice Murray, Margo Muir, Faye Monroe, Betty Nielsen, Ann Niedzwiecki, Julia LaMarca. ROW 4- Fred Mushinski, Eddie O'Droski, Jerry Munroe, Mike Oklat. 10B 9 ROBERT HATCHER ROW 1- Dennis Popo, Terry Pressman, Mauri Rose, Pat Rendergast. ROW 2- Doris Rose, Joan Peter, Janis Rooney, Mina Prior, Marie Reina, Marion Rouse. ROW 3- Diana Prentiss, Veronica Plantas, Darlenen Parker, Pat Peppier, Sharon Ropek, Ruth Rousakis, Wanda Rhoades, Mr. Hatcher. ROW 4- Stanley Potocki, Terrll Royer, Phil Roussey, James Patterson, Ron Portugal. 10B 10 RUBY ORMISTON ROW 1- Leonard Stobar, Alan Silverston, Eddie Stricklin, Gary Stead, Mike Soma, Gerald Slusarczyk. ROW 2- Delaine Searcy, Marcia Seroebel, Paulette Steensen, Lorrie Schei, Lorraine Smyka, Estelle Soranno, Janet Sukovich. ROW 3- Gennie Stell, Carol Rudnianin, Joan Stachelek, Nancy Samuels, Maureen Smyth, Barbara Slater, Sharon Rutherford, Mrs. Ormiston. ROW 4- Joe Ruttman, Richard Stauder, Wayne Simpson, Ron Stinebaugh, Wally Sauenkoff, Russ Spletzer, Bill Strong. 10B 11 SYDNEY DOTSON ROW 1- Casmir Tyszkiewicz, Micheal Teno, Richard Wendecker, Doug Thomas, Phil Thack. ROW 2-Sally Woloszyn, Anna Taylor, Sandra West, Virginia Waters, Janice Williams, Elaine Temelko. ROW 3- Jeannie Walker, Janice Wensorski, Sharleen Urbanski, Diane Zak, Sharon Tath, Nancy Ujczak, Sydney Dotson. ROW 4- Shirley Vlach, Joe Zyskowski, Bruce Vandraiss, Bob Yeoger, Margaret Wallace.AMANDA KOEHLER 9A 1 ROW 1- Joe Chiado, Don Auch, Frank Cam- ere 11a, Jerry Chandler, Ron Bukowski. ROW 2- Carole Lea Caldwell, Bonnie Ambrose, Cecilia Bialkowski, Janet Barristone, Sharon Blck, Murel Carson. ROW 3- Jacqueline Addison, Nancy Carl, Holly Collier, Sue Boby, Donna Apolito, Mima Colaluca, Mrs. Koehler. ROW 4-Maurice Burlo, Anthony Cairo, Dennis Alorie, Joe Aragone. 9A 2 JESSE YOUNG ROW 1- Gerald Czapski, Dan Jones, Earl Fliger, James Hmilowicz, Frank DelVero. ROW 2- Angela Guzzo, Susan Dossey, Norma James, Bemadine Gnida, Dorothy Erzthaler, Sheila Hyde. ROW 3- Ed Henrikowski, Tom 'Gawell, Joan Kozack, Beverly Emerick, Larry Kalosis, John Gillikin. ROW 4- Jim Davis, Harold Korte, Gary Haverty, Don Exelby, Tom Hanna. 9A 3 WILLIAM RICE ROW 1- Jack MacDonald, Ed Semczuk, Joe Palka, Ron Slater, Jim Skevington. ROW 2- Joyce Sparks, Maxine Tomcheson, Connie Malinowski, Janice Sisco, Alice Polony, Carol Puste. ROW 3- Connie Lilac, Ilene Sikora, Betty Seward, Joanna Senkevich, Sharon Ventro. ROW 4- David Michalik, Tom Martin, John Maceri, Elaine Malacos, Ann Orth, Sam Yoveff, Edward Tremba. 9B 1 EMMA JEAN HOST ROW 1- Raymond Bainter, Cyril Boudreau, Leslie Braun, Dorrell Brinn, Charles Bard, Larry Baron. ROW 2- Elaine Blanzy, Geraldine Baron, Barbara Alley, Alice Allen, Anna Aragona, Sandra Buckholz. ROW 3- Phiop Berger, Louis Banciu, James Artz, Charles Bell, Bob Brooks, Dick Bayliss, Miss E. Host. ZT c ) CD9B 2 MARY VOLANTE o fto A » A a i ll: K ROW 1- John Buttigieg, Jimmie Conway, Gary Caldwell, Roy Dlugosz, John Coffell, Ron Cox. ROW 2- Irene Carriveau, Leona Cornish, Carol Cowan, Barbara Drumm, Jo DiVincent, Jacqueline Candela. ROW 3- Barbara Bumstead, Lonnie Chaklosh, Loretta Comai, Cindy Drouillard, Linda Christensen, Penny Clark, Mary Volante. ROW 4- Stephen Ebert, George Busch, Stanley Doyle, Edward Condon, John Dujsik. 9B 3 NANCY CASTLE ROW 1- Reg Gagnon, Bob Friend, Jim Fowler, Jack Elliott, Joe Fiedor. ROW 2- Frances Emrich, Josephine Franchi, Laney Elm, Irene Graham, Pat Fondren, Joa Fawley. ROW 3- George Goodrich, Peter Fuoco, Ellen Emgberg, Mary Germany, Dave Geiss, Ralph Ertell, Nancy Castle 9B 4 RALPH BACH ROW 1- Jerry Hearn, Edward Hlavac, Jay Gubruim, Bill Hubbard, Ron Jameson. ROW 2- Sally Haase, Karen Hederson, Fay Holland, Sharon Haddon, Lucille Harrower, Gwen Hoffert. ROW 3- Deone Gronau, Margie Hull, Janet James, Eliza- beth Hazenfratz, Kathleen Humphries, Julia Jackson, Fran Henich, Marion Johnson. ROW 4- Dennis Hannak, Harry Hillard, Fred Janvrin, Paul Hawkins, Jerry Hribar, Ronald Hayward, Dennis Jackson. 9B 5 JOSEPH MCKAE ROW 1- Tom Kapanoske, Paul Kowalik, Norman KerT, David Lambert, Haik Kara- petian, Michael King. ROW 2- Gayle Kielbiowski, Diane Kasperowicz, Hermine Krikorian, Marge Koehler, Carole Lancaster, Grace Kopczyk. ROW 3- Kathy Kulesza, Margaret Kuhn, Diane Lebedff, Joseph Juszizyk, Bob Kurveia, Joseph McKae. ROW 4- Tom Jolly, Danny Kuzdzal, Louis Levin, Denis Lebedeff.9B 6 RICHARD LITTRELL ROW 1- Donald Mieszczur, Richard Lewis, Henry Miller, Jim Marusak, Jim Marietti, Roy McGruther. ROW 2- Diane Maes, Nancy Miller, Antoinette Miletd, Joyce Moore, Sharon McLaughlin, Barbara Long. ROW 3- Judy McNeilley, Mary Ellen May, Antoinette Merlind, Betty Longmate. ROW 4- William Lowe, Francis Lopick, George McGrath, Sergei Masyra. 9B 7 ANN WEAVER ROW 1- Dave Pavelka, Philip Nome, Ronald Palenshus, Donald Palenshus, John Nori. ROW 2- Martha Perry, Susan Morgan. Judith Owen, Renee' Oliverio, Dorothy Norris, Sandra Novack. ROW 3- Barbara Nowak, Mary Pawlich, Theresa Polkowski, Geraldine Nagy, Karalee Pemberton, Linda Oliver, Nancy Mrowca. ROW 4- Barbara Noicki, Jane Mysiewicz, Kaye Penoyer, John Pazzanese, Gerald Nagy, Joan Myers, Suzanne Perkins. 9B 8 ANTHONY SANDE ROW 1- Michael Shady, Stanley Sidelko, Bob Rainko, John Rudniak, Richard Shenkus. ROW 2- Joneva Rowan, Cora Ridall, Laurel Sera, Eleanor Schultz, Susan Post, Veanette Simari. ROW 3- Pat Roza, Sally Rucinski, Sandy Sineni, Gloria Radford, Cheryl Ratliff, Lynne Reed. ROW 4- Delphine Puzzuoli, Ann Simari, Bob Robar, John Rooks, Donna Raphael. 9B9 RICHARD ANDREWS ROW 1- Robert Watson, Dennis Vigna, Mike Sleva, Nick Sittas, David Szalay, Tim Stuart. ROW 2- Eileen Withere 11,Madeline Sobota, Theresa Zagata, Judy Steskicki, Julie Soutar, Nancy Winn. ROW 3- Linda Zuchetto, Shirley Zieman, Pearl Strilcky, Mary Sueta, Betsy Zeigler ROW 4- Ronald Wiacek, Ronald Steinert, John Vincenti, Don Whit- taker, Bob Wasil.Mr. Merwin Lewis, Principal, Mr, Kreger, Ken Tippery, Mr. D'Annunzio. An assembly in honor of Ken Tippery, 53, was held on January 14. Ken was present- ed a ring by Mr. Kreger, representative of a local Coca-Cola bottling company, in recog- nition of his selection in 1957 to the first All-American collegiate baseball team. Mr. Lewis gave a brief outline of Ken’s achievements at Lowrey High. Ken maintain- ed a B average all through high school and. in his class of 190 students, he was in the top 5%. Ken also entered into many school activ- ities. He was on the Lowrey Light, a mem- ber of the Booster Club, and on the Student Council. After graduation, Ken attended the Uni- versity of Michigan on a Regency scholar ship. While at U. of M., he was signed to a professional baseball contract by the Balti- more Orioles. His discoverer, Mr. D'Annunzio, a pro- fessional baseball scout, asls spolce at the assembly. He stated that a scout looks for more than baesball ability in a player. A player's attitude is of the utmost importance and he must have the desire to be a "team" player. He continued by stating that the "con- ceited, swell-headed" athlete will not get very far on the team. Speakers at the assembly were in general agreement that a good family environment was an Important factor In the development of Ken’s desire to be a team player and to put forth the extra bit which is sometimes the difference between success and failure. The assembly closed with the band playing the University of Michigan song and the Low- rey High School song. Athol Gamble, Ken Tippery, Julia LaMarca.LIBRARY STAFF MARGARET MACKENZIE ROW 1- Cyril Boudreau, Bob Friend, Ray- mond Bainter. ROW 2- Darline Knight, Jackie Candela, Darlene Pastelak, Darlene Parker, Faith Snyder, Lorraine Mears, Judy Moore. ROW 3- Juanita McNaughton, Lorraine Smyka, Bonnie West, Heather Jackson, Kathryn Cowell, Norma Howard, Miss Mac- Kenzie. ROW 4- Sharon Tath, Elaine Malacos Janet Battistone, Deone Gronau, Geraldine Milosch, Kaye Penover, Marlene Sobeck. PROJECTION CLUB DORA BUSSE ROW 1- Jerry Hochbaum, Richard Hunt, Rocco Ferri, Charles Faustman, Ronald Tyszkiewicz, Tom Drumm. ROW 2- Bazil Boudreau, Walt Heinlein, Hermine Domine, Harold Johnson, Daniel Jablonski, Jerome Wiater, Ed Cesarz, Mrs. Busse. LOW RE Y LIGHT TED LOWREY STAFF ROW 1- Dianne Neal, Judy Hartman, Judy Rice. Violet Chilcoff. Dustv Rhoades. ROW 2- Gregory Nigosian, Elaine Bowman, Ted Lowrey, Cynthia Webber.FUTURE NURSES ELIZABETH EDWARDS ROW 1- Lenora Porterfield, Marian Schi- mantowski, Joyce Moore, Nancy Miowca, Jeanette Simari, Vivian Norush. ROW 2- Glenna Adkins, Alice Olsen, Arleen Small, Fran Magreta, Faith Snyder, June Meilstrup, Rose Dynda. ROW 3- Alice Dynda, Gail bellman, Margaret Hoare, Joan Davidge, Audrey Ground, Marilyn Cundiff, Mary Germany, Elizabeth Edwards. ROW 4- Nancy Schwenk, Barbara Pavlich, Stella Pultorak, Elaine Chupa, Judy Rice, Pamela Tallion. FIZZ CHEM CLUB MILTON POWERS DONALD KEIFFER ROW 1- Robert Allen, Pat Lipinski, Priscilla Masonis, Sally VanOosten, Julie Jackson, Carol Munroe, Lillian Polianchick, Ron Travis ROW 2- Milton Powers, John Jones, Paul Dunger, Mike Holmes, Dick Woodward, Robert Cameron, Ronald Carlton, Donald Keiffer. FUTURE TEACHERS DORTHE BALASKAS CLUB ROW 1- Nancy Kuhta, Kay Gardner, Irene Graham, Janet Sukovich. ROW 2- Claudia Cullinan, Mary Grandcll, Ellen Engberg.RICHARD JONES ART SERVICES INCORPORATED ROW 1- Paula Kollath, Ann Fomin, Camillo Capua, Penelope Sahara, Sally VanOosten, Pat Sahara. ROW 2- Boyce Bradley, Jerry Groncki, Doug Thomas, Chuck King, Jim Shoemaker. THESPIANS RICHARD ZIMMERMAN ROW 1- Frank Morrey, Tery O'Brien, Mark Ambroziak, Glenn Bookout, Leonard Stobar, Camillo Capua, Mike Berent, Ron Tyszkie- wicz, A1 Czinki, Joe Zyskowski. ROW 2- Alice Gehrke, Marilyn Meath, Sally Wolo- szyn, Joyce Brusseau, Bonnie Goeman, Karen Burke, Myma Monson, Penny Bowman, Lucy Fomenko, Sandy Wilson. ROW 3- Mary Alice Duckworth, Jerri Irby, Jean Ballard, Martha Betrus, Julie Meath, Sandy Bier, Judy Conway, Marie Michelski, Margie Olson, Nancy Kuchta, Diane Pentriss, Carol Kotowski, Anna Taylor. ROW 4- Ruth Bartman, Bar- bara Atkinson, Kathie Greenlaw, Rose Dunda, Barbara Eko, Ann Fomin, Barbara Zielinski, Pat Glamb, Carole Joyce, Donna Ronan, Pat Lip inski, Lana Kushnir, Dorothy Krabact, Marge Kryzak, Connie Cagal, Mr. Richard Zimmerman. LOWREY YOUTH DOROTHY MONTAGUE HOSTLERS CLUB ROW 1- Sherrel Howard, Judy Nixon, Pat Sahara, Ellen Staeheli. ROW 2- Virginia Nelson, Marcia Stroebel, Phyllis Kolinski, Bonnie Farquar, Faye Monroe, Pat Peppier, Mary Davidge, Bonnie Fenrich, Lynn Mc- Grath. ROW 3- Laurene Chickering, Audrey Ground, Judy Zick, Sally VanOosten, Jerry Ramey, Paulette Steensen, Patti Lipinski, June Meilstrup, Judie McLean.BOWLING CLUB WAYNE ROE MARY VOLANTE ROW 1- Frank Morrey, Philip Dersam, Don- ald Carrier, Eddie Navoy, Jim Brown, James Molnar, Ed Henrikowski. ROW 2- Alice Gehrke, Judy Coombs, Gail Kuaffman, Nancy Swider, Barbara Zielinski, Lila Gribben, Mary Henrion, Winifred Johnson, Doris Akins, Faye Monroe. ROW 3- Mary Volante, Carol Mulkerrin, Adrienne Casper, Sandra Christian- son, Ruth Ann Rousakis, Janice Bainter, Kay Knickerbocker, Susan Ziroll, Carol Caldwell, Wayne Roe. ROW 4- Bryon Cole, Jerry Hochbaum, Robert Kubic, Richard Hunt, Mike Oklat, Bob Horejsi, Stanley White, Peter Krebach. C.A.A. SUZANNE REID ROW 1- Sandra Buckholz, Sally Haase, Diane Kasperowiz, Judy Steslicki, Barbara Pezak, Marian Schimantowoski, Lenora Porterfield, Joan Aro, Gloria Radford, Eleanor Schultz, Nancy Waterman, Sharon Walker, Kathie Greenlawn, Barbara Alley. ROW 2- Margaret Hoare, Bev Piirala, Marilyn Meath, Yvonne Christianson, Kay Gardner, Bev Do lot, Muriel Mock, Janice Murray, Judy Owen, Lorris Schei, Janet Sukovich, Marge Wislinski, Dorothey Krabach. ROW 3- Judy Hartman, Bemadine Gnida, Yvonne Liimatte, Faye Monroe, Bev Brown, Diane Zak, Carol Kotowski, Irene DeLuca, Carolyn Ashbey, Suzanna Egli, Lynne McGrath, Sherrel Howard, Pat Maes, Pat Krason. ROW 4- Kerstin Olsson, Claudia Cullinan, Nancy Ujczak, Sally Jacobs, Sharon Ropek, Dorothy Beck, Diane Koweck, Connie Cogal, Margaret Krzak, Diana Prentiss, Pat Sollars, Ruth Ann Rousaki: Pat Peppier, Sandra Christianson, Carole Couchman, Barbara Kowalski, Jerri Irby, Margie Hull, Doris Reid, Nora Ohsowski. ROW 5- Gail Wellman, Betty Longmate, Janet James, Mary Sueta, Gwen Hoffert, Jo DiVincent, Joan Stachelek, Kathryn Cowell, Helen McMonagle, Rita Haasa, Kathy Kulesza Cheryl Ratliff, Carol Whitchar, Mary Gran- dell, Nancy Samuels, Marlene Magda, Veronica Plantas, Laurel Sard. VARSITY CLUB TOM MULDOWNEY ROW 1- Frank Sukovich, Jack Attard, Joe Scapelitti, Richard Temelko, Mike Budnick, Jim Boron. ROW 2- Boyce Bradley, Bob Enos, Roger Rundenza, Lenny Wascenski, Richard Harland, Bob Morasky. ROW 3- Skip Lewis, Tony Domolewicz, Kenneth Harris, Pat McEvilly, Howard Bolser, ROW 4- Don Massey, Bill Jacobs, Sam DiPrima, Bob White, Art Thomas, Ken Poloskey.HALL MONITORS EARL VAN NORDEN ROW 1- John Hones, Rudy Pavelka, Robert Allen, Joe Scapellite, Jim Gansen, Richard Hunt, Jerry Jezowski, Bill Jacobs, Ed Holda, James Shoe- maker. ROW 2- Julie Jackson, Carol Munroe, Judy Nixon, Nancy Swider, Gale Kauffman, Linda Welsh, Nancy Snow, June Meilstrup, Gail Wellman, Connie Beracy, Carol Whitcher, Martlia Baschal, E'Lane Hurt, Mary Alice Duckworth, Sherrel Howard. ROW 3- Heather Jackson, Doreen Midora, Carole Mears, Loretta Robb, Barbara Zielinski, Helen Ture, Claudia Wormock, Kathleen Walsk, Glenna Adkins, Yvonne Liimatha, Laurene Checkering, Pat Raymond, Jenny Ruth Nelson, Dianne Neal, Dusty Rhoades, Joan Bennett, Donna Waughn, Eileen Soutar, Diane Wenduck. ROW 4- Ken Kosulniak, Don Massey, Ken Poloskey, Daniel Jablowski, Mike Budnick, Camillo Capua, Jack Attard, Ron Tyszkeiwicz, Paul Dunatchik, Ron Letrick, Robert Perfette, Bill Wychill. STUDENT COUNCIL CHARLES CADY ROW 1- Nancy Snow, Barbara Eko, Sandra Shoemaker, Sharon Walker, Claudine Lendo, Nancy Gullet. ROW 2- Jeannie Walker, Paulette Steensen, Pat Lipinski, Joan Bennet, Audrey Ground, Pat Raymond. ROW 3- Carolyne Jarvis, Veronica Plantas, Judy Nixon, Ellen Staeheli, Judy Bell, Bob White, Charles Cady. ROW 4- Judy Clift, Bryan Fargo, Tony Domolewicz, Sam DiPrima, Frances Bouton, Sherrel Howard.SENIOR HIGH TOM MULDOWNEY CHEERLEADERS ROW 1- Sally VanOosten, Pat Raymond, Priscilla Masonis, Judy Nixon. ROW 2- Pat Sahara, Joan Bennet, Tom Muldowney, Paulette Steensen, Jeanne Walker. SENIOR HIGH ANOTHEY RUSSO MAJORETTES Sharon Norris, Judy Horvath, Muriel Mock, Audrey Ground, Judy Zick Glenna Adkins.JUNIOR HIGH RAND BETH JOHNSON ROW 1- Bob Wilk, Bob Vitti, Dick Dunbar, Tommy Miller, Evelyn Brettschneider, Sera Martin, Tom Russell, Dave Reed, David Lee, Roy Levin, Mary Bruckner, John Ger- many. ROW 2- Pat Fondren, Norman Lil- jegren, Jasper Ficara, Sally Kovach, Dan Boase, Richard Labate, Bailey Ragsdale, Dennis Bolton, Leon Sheffer, Charles Duj- sik. ROW 3- Anthony Cairo, Mrs. Johnson, Kathleen Meyers, Earle Henry, Anette Dyke, Judy Waytes, Mary Exelby, Rodger Busch, Don Exelby, Susan Morgan. ROW 4- Mickey Dimoff, Richard Donnelly, Louis Levin, George Busch, Louis Banciu, Ed Tremba, Robert Ligaj, Don Auch, John Cambell, Robert Boatman. JUNIOR HIGH JOYCE STEPHENS CHEERLEADERS ROW 1- Diane Kasperowicz, Norman James, Sue Boby. ROW 2- Judy Steslicki, Margie Hull, Sandy Sineni, Hermine Krikorian.NINTH GRADE ALICE MOORE ADVISORY BOARD ROW I- Judy Steslicki, Diane Kasper- owicz, Ron Milam, Ronnie Hendrixson, Elaine Schorling, Barbara Alley. ROW 2- Marvin Camp, Connie Malinowski, Sue Boby, Shelis Hyde, Carol Pelino. ROW 3- Jay Gubeium, Gary Caldwell, Richard Shenkus, James Slowin, Gerald Nagy, George McGrath. JUNIOR HIGH BETH JOHNSON ORCHESTRA ROW 1- Diane Bianca, Anna Cairo, Diane Aranosian, Sandra Kobzan, Evelyn Brett- schneider, David Lee, Barbara Boase, Frank Antonelli, David Rials, Susan Zolna. ROW 2- Jack Elliott, Richard Bolton, Lloyd Rials, Roger Busch, Leon Sheffer. ROW 3- Don Exelry, Anthony Cairo, Bob Wilk, Jacqeline Addison, Mary Bruckher, Barbara Wilk, Judy Waytes, Annette Dyke, Pat Fondren, Janet Weir, Mary Exelby, Mrs. Johnson, Kathy Williams. ROW 4- Dan Boase, Richard Donelly, Louis Banciu, George Busch, Louis Levin, Ed Tremba, Robert Ligaj, Don Auch Mickey Dimoff, Norman Lil Jegen. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS CECIL COEDY ROW 1- Maxine Tomcerson, Cora Rid- all, Jo DiVincent, Hermine Krikorian, Renee Oliverio, Carole Caldwell, Gwen Hoffert, Sharon Haddon, Judy Gawne, Ilene SiDora. ROW 2- Sally Ann Rucinski, Theresa Polkowski, Connie Lilac, Judy Owen, Janet James, Mary Ellen May, Joanna Sinkevich, Jac- queline Addison, Connie Malinowski, Alice Polony, Cecil Coedy. ROW 3- Harold Korte, Maurice Burlo, Haik Karapetian, Roy McGruther, Jack Elliott, Danny Kuzdzal, Ed Tremba, Tom Hanna.homecoming 1957 Lowrey's Homecoming Dance was the most gala affair of the season. This favorite event was held on Friday, Oct. 11 in the Lowrey ballroom from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. Music was provided by George Malakos and the decora- tions were regal and appropriate. The evening was highlighted by the crown- ing of our Queen. Sandy Shoemaker. Skip Lewis presented her septer while Lenny Was- czenski placed the crown on her head. Sandy's court consisted of Nancy Snow, her senior attendent, Pat Raymond and Sharon Walker who were the 11th grade representa- tives and Paulette Steens on who served as the Sophomore attendant.LOWREY PAYS HOMAGE TO WAR HEROES The Veterans'Day Program presented Nov- ember 11, at 9:00 a.m., was very success- ful . It was held In honor of former Lowrey students who died in the service of their country. A list of these brave soldiers is mounted on a plaque near the main entrance on the first floor. Sandy Shoemaker, president of the Student Council, officiated at the ceremony, with the band playing appropriate music. A call to the colors was played during the flag rais- ingceremony. Selections in which the chor- us participated included ETERNAL FATHER; MIGHTY LAND; WONDROUS LAND; AMER- ICA, and the NATIONAL ANTHEM. Reserve Marines of the Fifteenth Infantry of Dearborn were present to honor our Lowrey heroes. Taps and a gun salute ended the ceremony, part of which was rebroadcast over WKMH radio. Special guest speaker was Mr. Openlander j Superintendent of Schools in Dearborn. His speech was devoted to the history of Veter- ans Day. Our principal, Mr. LewisDramatics Circus Day, a three act play for children was presented on January 17 and 18. The main theme of this drama was that of a boy who runs away to join the circus. The whole mood of this presentation was completely different from anything ever att- empted by the Thespians before. It was very colorful with bright costumes and sets; a fast moving plot especially for children. Thespians active in this play were: Ruth Gariman, Frank Morrey, Sally Wololzym, Rudy Pavelka, Joe Zyskowski, Sandy Wil- son, Camilo Capua, Pat Lipinski, Mike Barent, Sandy Shoemaker, Nancy Kuchta, RonTsycowitz, Mark Ambroziak, and Peter Krabach. A DOUBLE BARRELLED DETECTIVE STORY NANCY PALMER MRS. STILLMAN AMANDA SINK ARCHY STILLMAN ROSEMARY HILLYER PAT RILEY JACOB FUILER MRS. HOGAN "INJUN" HATTIE FLINT BUCKNER FETLOCK JONES SADIE SMITH SAMMY HILLYER OLIVE SANDWICH SHERIOCK HOLMES Penny Bollman Pat Lipinski Sally Woloszyn Rudy Pavelka Bonnie Goeman Herb Kratz Leonard Stobar Linda Welsh Lucy Fomenko Mike Berent Joe Scapalitti Lana Kushnir Ross Stead Sandy Wilson Jim WhitfieldLOWREY HIGH BAND ANTHONY RUSSO Clarinets- Joan Aro, Connie Beracy, Sharon Bertram, Judy Chapman, Yvonne Christianson, Marilyn Cundiff, Camille Gawrych, Kay Gardner, Janet Hilditch, Patricia Krason, Robert Krason, Terry Lajavic, Coreen Monson, Myma Monson, Ann Marie Niedziewcki, Nora Ohsowski, Janet Sukovich, Catherine Wilson, Joe Zyskowski. Flutes- Carolyn Ashbey, Penny Bollman, Muriel Mock, Pat Raymond, Marlene Sobeck, Kathryn Stevens. Saxo- phones- James Briggs, Dianne Gonella, Edward Henrikowski, Robert Janeczek, Ray Metz. Alto Homs- Gail Kalis, Betty Niel- sen, Stanley White. Baritone Horn- Eddie Hurt, Thomas Martin. Basses- Jim Homey, Lawrence Krupa, Helen McMonagle, Richard Wendecker. Trombones-Mark Ambroziak, Robert Cameron, James Fry, Clyde Hirt, Bob Horejsi, Frank Morrey. Drums- Doyle Carnahan, Rosemarie Godin, Thomas Lenton, Conrad McRoberts, Gia- como Mele, Sharon Norris, Bill Parton, Doris Akins. Comets- Tim Cale, Ron Hen- derson, Leslie Ibach, Michael Jacobs, Pat Judge, Gary Little, Dave Marquardt, Robert Naumoff, Eddie Navoy, Jerry Stovall, Casmir Tyskiewicz. SENIOR HIGH CECIL COEDY CHORUS ROW 1- Shirley McCans, Irene Lux, Phyllis Kalinski, Mina Prior, Lila Gribbe, Karen Burke, Mary Henrion, Rita Haase, Marion Rouse, Barbara Flatt, Irene Frata, Sharron Carr, Bonnie Fenrich. ROW 2- Martha Baschal, Judy Rice, Jen-i Irby, Jean Ballard, Jean Milhan, Margo Muir, Dorothy Kownacki, Carol Venable, Emily Isabell, Pat Miller, Barbara Mathew, Carole Couchman, Vivian Norush, Sandy Beier, Janice Mart. ROW 3- Sandra West, Pat Mascot, Heather Jackson, Martha Daugherty, Sharon Erickson, Lorretta Robb, Pat Glamb, Ann Fomin, Phyllis Schroeder, Gail Freed, Kathie Greenlaw, Mary Kennedy, Betty Mikuta, Elaine Bowman, Cecil Coedy. ROW 4- Shirley Farquhar, Mary Lou Hersman, Alice Dynda, Paul Dunatchik, Bill Jennings, Thomas Thom, William Brennan, Robert Hopper, Martha Betrus, Sandra Hamilton, Beverly MacDonald.BOOSTER CLUB BOB FEDOR UK BOOSTER CLUB ROBERT FEDOR UK ROW 1- Sandy Streur, Judie McLean, Mary Perkins, Julie Lemanek, Sandy Beier, Audrey Ground, Sharon Norris, Judy Zick, Marilyn Meath, Margaret Hoare, Nancy Swide, Yvonne Christ- ianson. ROW 2- Elani Hurt, Sandy Shoemaker, Sherrel Howard, Barbara Zielinski, Carol Mulkerrin, Nancy Waterman, Sandy Wilson, Coreen Monson, Myra Monson, Marion Rouse, Barb Longon, Dianne Neal, Sharleen Urbanski, Paula Kollath. ROW 3- Carol Munroe, Ann Fomin, Lillian Polianchick, Mary Alice Duckworth, Gail Kauffman, Susan Ziroll, Nancy Snow, Gloria Radford, Marilyn Cun- diff, Stella Pultorak, Elaine Kulesza, Lynne McGrath, Margie Olsen, Carol Venable, Veronica Plantas, Robert Fedoruk. ROW 4- Jack Attard, Joe Scapelliti, Carole Joyce, Camillo Capua, Don Massey, Bill Jacobs, Mike Budnick, Penny Bollman, Doris Rose, Connie Beracy, Janice Murray, Ann Gratton, Gwen Novak, Frances Bouton. ROW 1- Pat Sahara, Jeannie Walker, Paulette Steenson, Priscilla Masonis, Julie Jackson, Virginia Nelson, Judy Nixon, Joan Bennett, Sally VanOosten, Pat Raymond, ROW 2- Diane Zak, Kay Gardner, Dorothy Krabach, Syndra Cook, Betty Clark, Patti Lipinski, Margaret Kuhn, Judy Clift, Donna Ronnan, Barbara Eko, Lucy Fomenko, Estelli Soranno, Bev Brown, Bev Dolot. ROW 3- Claudine Lendo, Penny Sahara, Margo Antworth, Joan Davidge, Rose Dynda, Connie Cogal, Margaret Krzak, Diane Koweck, Nancy Schwenk, Gloria Meier, Dorothey Beck, Barbara Atkinson, Janice Williams, Mary Ann Drenovas, Marie LaChance, Marcia Stroebel, Robert Fedoruk, ROW 4- Betsy Olson, Claudett Caubet, Biolet Chilcoff, Laurene Chickering, Dusty Rhoades, Yvonne Liimatta, Marie Reina, Judy Miller, Carol Mathews, Mary Davidge, Camille Garish, Barbara Pezak, Carolyne Jarvis.THE SPORT TROPHY AWARD The award trophy was donated to the Twin Valley League by the Lowrey High School Booster Club to be presented to the school displaying the best sportmanship during league contests. The conduct and attitude of the team is the most important factor in awarding the trophy, but the sportsmanship of the students attending these activi- ties is also taken into consideration. The presentation of the trophy was not revealed until the spring of 1957. In June, 1958 the trophy will be presented to the school displaying the best sportsmanship during the 1957-1958 seasons.POOtBAU 1957 STARTING ELEVEN 1st. ROW Bob Morasky, Jim Boron, Skip Lewis, Marv Blaylock, Len Wascenski. 2nd. ROW Merv Slotnik, Fred Mushinski, Frank Sukovitch, Phil Georgeau, Richard Temelko, Ken Harris, Joe Lizon. 1957 FOOTBALL SCORES Lowrey Lowrey Lowrey Lowrey 19 Riverview 26 Lowrey 14 Willow Run 6 45 Romulus 7 Lowrey 26 Garden City 0 6 E corse 6 Lowrey 13 River Rouge 13 0 Melvindale 20 Lowrey 26 Roosevelt 0 VARSITY FOOTBALL 1st. ROW Coach Muldowney, Bob Prais, Joe Lizon, Ken Harris, Richard Harlend, Emery Price, Merv Slotnick, Bob Morasky, Larry Krupa, Frank Sukovich, Tom Lenton, Bob White, Coach Gretzner. 2nd. ROW Lenny Wascenski, Keith Kaye, Skip Lewis, Henry Odorico, Art Thomas, Bill Cantrell, Ferde Bolser, Richard Temelko, Fred Mushinshi, Pete Drenovas, Phil Georgeau. 3rd. ROW Ray Gabert, Bob Enos, Dave WasU, Conrad McRoberts, Marv Blayblock, John Carter, Charles Boyington, Jim Boran, Pat McKeivllly, Larry Urbans ky.INTERNAL LINE MEN 1st. ROW Coach Muldowney, Peter Drenovas, Frank Sukovich, Emery Price, Bill Cantrell, Fred Mushinshi, Ken Harris, Larry Krupa, Coach Gretzner. 2nd. ROW Bob Enos, Ray Cabert, Henry Odorico, Charles Boyington, Richard Temelko, Phil Ceorgeau, Larry Urbanski, Richard Harland. BACKS AND ENDS 1st. ROW Coach Muldowney, Lenny Wascenski, Bob Prais, Joe Lizon, Dave Wasil, Mervin Slotnik, Bob Morasky, Skip Lewis, Tom Lenton, Coach Gretzner. 2nd. ROW Keith Kaye, Conrad McRoberts, John Carter, Marv Blayblock, Art Thomas, Ferde Bolser, Jim Boron, Pat McKeivilly. Most valuable Player- Len WascenskiPhil Georgeau, Richard Harlend, Lenny Wascenski, Richard Temelko. Skip Lewis, Lenny Wascenski, Jim Boron. Bob White, Jim Boron. Phil Georgeau Temelko. Marvin Blaylock, Bob Morasky, Bob Prais, Ken Harris, RichardVarsity Basketball First row: Bill Jacobs, Terry Nelson, Mike Budnick Co-Capt., Don Massey Co-Capt., Jact Attard, Jim Boron. Second row: Coach Robert Fedoruk, Tom Lenton, Howard Bolser, Ed Profinski, Tony Domolowitz, Phil Ceorgeau. Reserves First row: Jim Shoemaker, Ferdy Bolser, Fred Mush- inski, Henry Odorico, Doug Thomas. Second row: Coach William Rice, A1 Silverston, Ed O'Droski, Bruce VanDrais, Glenn Althouse.Bill Jacobs Howard Bolser Don Massey Phil Georgeau Tom Lenton Mike Budnick Jim Boron Jack AttardSr. High Swimming First row: Bryon Fargo, Ken Klassa, Tom Hayes, Craig Mishler, Richard Larpenter, Bob Bennett, Conrad McRoberts, Bob Berry. Second row: Pete Drenovas, Richard Temelko, Bob White, Coach Sande, Tony Fasczewski, Ken Harris, "Corky Di Falco." Jr. High Swimming First row: Roger Busch, Wedlake, Lambert, McCanny, Doyle, Kuryvial. Second row: Levin, Brooks, Palenshus, Coach Bartman, Ron Palenshus.BASEBALL 1st. ROW Dick Farrell, Henry Odorico, Dave Wasil, John Szczepaniak, Jerry Nixon, Tom Timko, Howard Bolser, Tim Ropek, Richard Dicesore, Coach Rice. 2nd. ROW Art Thomas, Ed Forfinski, Bruce Olsen, Jim Boran, Skip Lewis, Bob Enos, Jerry Jezowski. VARSITY TENNIS 1st. ROW Don Massey, Rod Ackling, Marcus Berry, Bradley Iverson, Frank Sukovich, Bill Jacobs, Coach Muldowney. 2nd. ROW Ron Schaefers, Richard Temelko, Norman Nowak, Sam DiPrima, Tony Domolowicz, Leonard Polianchick.VARSITY TRACK 1st. ROW Gene Monson, manager, Barry Vess, Bill Ashbey, Ken Harris, John Dodson, Rich Harland, Sterling Smith, Vince Roggero, Jack Attard, Coach Currie. 2nd. ROW Pat Judge, Fred Van Oosten, Lenny Wasczenski, Glenn Althouse, Bob Morasky, Bob White, George Manoo- shian, 3rd. ROW Ralph Hayes, Joe Scapelletti, Pat McEvilly, Roger Rundenza, Lee Dupras, Gene Dupras, Boyce Bradley, Ted Gomey, Sim Greenlaw, manager.1st. ROW John Price, Ken Klassa, Joe Ruttman, Alan Silverston, Eddie O'Droski, Tony Domolowicz, Sam DiPrima, Bill Hosier, Jerry Jezowski, John Lewis, Coach Currie. 2nd. ROW Larry Palakowski, Joe Orzechowski, Bill Kushnir, Tom Postek, Bob Mackie, Mike Jacobs, Bill Boyington, Bob Antworth, Bob Horney, Mike Johnson. 3rd. ROW Bill Strong, Jim DiFalco, Edw. Stricklin, Richard Larpenter, Roger Rundenza, Eugene Goebel, Jim Hieronymous, Ron Henderson, Nick Sittas, Gary Berrington, Ray Metz. JUNIOR HIGH TRACK 1st. ROW Fred Mushinsk, Larry Krupa, Lester Prieskom, John Price, Gary Haverty. 2nd. ROW John Scarcelli, Conrad McRoberts, Bob Mackie, Vic Vilella, Bob Aranosian, Bill McShane. 3rd. ROW Tom Moran, Bob VanEck, Gordon Walters, Eddie Hurt, Eddie Stricklin, Mike Jacobs, Jim Prochaska. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL 1st. ROW Coach Bach, Tony Cairo, Dennis Alarie, George McGrath, Stan Sidelko, Tom Hanna, Tom Gawel, Don Exelby, Jerry Chandler, Tom Jolly, Bob Wasil. 2nd. ROW Gary Haverty, Tom Palka, Phil Berger, Charles Bard, Harold Korte, Ron Bukowski, Bruce Taylor, John Vincenti, James Prokes, Dan Jones, Duane Cruce. 3rd. ROW James Hadley, Frank DelVero, Eddie Hlavac, Maurice Burlo, Ray Dlugosz, George Busch, Ron Cox, Eddie Condon, Dennis Vigna, manager.Jr. High Varsity First Row: Roy Dlugosz, Malcom Travis, Gary Cald- well, Ed Condon, Harry Hillard, Ed Hlavac, John Rooks. Second row: Mr. McKae (coach), Tom Jolly, Mike King, Stan Sidelko, Phil Burger, John Vin- centi, Dave Geiss. Jr. High Reserve Basketball First row: Jim Vitti, Bruce Beebe, Mickey Dimoff, Roy Levin, Frank Giancola. Second row: Mr. McKae (coach), Bruce Taylor, Oscar Brown, Don Masura.MR. CHARLES CADY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Eleanor Anderson Richard Andrews Cecil Arnold Ralph Bach Dorothy Barrett Thomas Beaman Henry Betzing Dora Busse Austin Butke Nancy Castle Cecil Coedy Genevieve Coy Robert Currie Cornelius De Stigter Sydney Dotson Elizabeth Edwards Bessie Edwards Ruth Elliott Dorothy Failor Robert Fedoruk Mark Forsthoefel Harry Frentner Athol Gamble Matthew Godfrey Clarence Gray Siegmund Gretzner Alfreda Grodzicki Glen Hannah Robert Hatcher Kay Hoffenbacker Emma Jean Host Earl Howser Beth Johnson Richard Jones Dorothy Kaufman Donald Kieffer Amanda Koehler Lawrence Koster Julia La Marca Richard Lattrell Music Art Commercial Science Commercial Drivers Training Social Studies Junior High Math Commercial Music English Health Education Social Studies Homemaking English Nurse Science Attendance Secretar Drivers Training Math Industrial Math Science Industrial Health Education Office Speech English English Art Math Instrumental Music Art Advisor Science Latin Advisor English IndustrialTheodore Lowry Margaret Mackenzie Kay Marenelli Ernest McBride Joseph McKae Mervin McNamara Dorothy Montague Pearl Monanaro Alice Moore Thomas Muldowny Madiline Mage) Charles Newton Ruby Ormiston Ronald Oswalt Suzanne Reid William Rice Wayne Roe Anthony Russo William Scott Jeanne Shea Jane Slager Blanche Smith Leo Spinelle Joyce Stephens Hubert Stiles Doris Valentine Earl VanNorden Norma Ward Ann Weaver Elaine West Eleanor Wright Jesse Young Richard Zimmerman Mary Zudick English Library Record. Secretary Advisor Social Studies Commercial English Office Advisor Health Education Junior High Social Studies Commercial Industrial Health Education English Social Studies Instrumental Musi. Industrial Library Junior High Junior High Health Education Study Hall Health Education Attendance Homemaking Math Junior Secretary Study Hall Music Speech Special Education not pictured Ann Andrus 4 I UM EDWARDS BROTHERS. INC. Am Arbor. Miriugaa Thomas Burke Ronald Hipkiss F. A. Kamiske Helen Martin Anthony Sande Donna Stewart L enare Tanis Mary VolanteAnnual, staff ROW 1- Sharon Norris, Joyce Kitty Sebok, Alice Gehrke, Camillo Capua. ROW 2- Bob Morasky, Boyce Bradley, Skip Lewis, John Lewandowski, Julia LaMarca. Row I—Mary Alice Duckworth, Judy Clift, Nancy Swider, Doreen Midora. Row 2—Gail Kauffman, Barbara Zielinski, Richard Woodward, Micheal Budnick, Tom Lenton, Priscilla Masonis, Julia Jackson, Julia LaMarca Sponsor. We express our appreciation to: Arella Studios............for all our photography. Edwards Brothers..........for the printing of our annual. Art Service Incorporated . Mr. Richard Jones.

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