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W W M ' Lffljzffif if 'limwwf i aff W LMiL'?53f ggi Ab"ivff"Z , 'rf do I fHif'f55w:f5f'j f4Mf'J'f 'JM f 2 T' X WQWW SE WQMMVM QA? WWW wig . EX ' AA1 V u i :ax V .'Lfm.L-if U, QC Mx ff Nw? , if ' 5 Ei? f X W1 Q H.. 9 U, vb Cf! Dx? Q Gm .J 5 .A f h H A Y A A 'A -b1 J,,,,.,L-,M..1qfA, --nw .... L, M.. ,L .-.,.!- . .. . ,,,.., If',......wi1if1f M.....:,.,w.,.,.k.-k,,,:N A+-ark., . .. ,. 1 , W . .h., .,,.,.A. A . 1- .,,. ,. .,,,.- MJ. .',, as-., '- 5 in 17' ' 4 WWW ,gy QSNWZ NWMWZSQ M Q. Wa xfjiwfw .HW WW aM,.,Lf4q,.,.vZ4w-f-f '-'4""f'vvxfn4,4,,, . QWQJMLN fx ' ' 1 . f, , - fb MULN ff K M Jygffjfzjfv Vp, D ffqf my JJ ,D Wy pw GJ ff V wwf 2 J 3 nf W IU .! Q ge 6 sw W x W X34 A WM Reef ana! Whde 5 U L 35,3 jffwbwf? ERQQXYJQEQESANF xv Ng KVGLUME811954J U N 5 BARBARA DAVIES Fall Editor We have come to the end of another school year, and the Red and White has recorded in its pages one more chapter in the history of Lowell High School-a chapter which we have entitled "Spirit of '54." This edition of the book is dedicated to the Fall and Spring graduating classes who had the fine spirit typical of Lowell. The mem- bers of these classes made a success of every- thing they attempted. They will long be re- membered by all who knew them. The staff of the Red and Wbite joins me in wishing them "good luck" in the years to come. BARBARA DAviEs DON KRAUSS Spring Editor This year's Red and White is dedicated to the graduating classes of 1954, the "High 'n' Mighty Seniors." The Senior Prom, the picnic, the Block L rally, graduation-all passed so quickly. The graduates' high school days are over, but the memories of their four years at Lowell linger on. There were rallies with the "E-Rah," the Axe, the Hymn, and the Lowell spirit. There were the championship teams, and those that didn't fare so well. There were dances at Lowell and the more formal affairs at clubs and hotels. After the dances down to Ott's or New Joe'sg or any of the many popular San Francisco night spots. Even the studies played their part in filling their four great years at Lowell. We of the Red and While staff hope that this yearbook will be a treasured remembrance of their last year at Lowell. DON KRAUss BOB FRI CK Red and Vlfhite Staff BARBARA DAVIES Fail Edilor DON KRAUSS Spring Editor ANN ADAIR WINNIE BUTCHER JOETTA COLWELL ANN ADAIR LEATRICE ANGEL KAREN BLAIR MAX BODDEN PRICE HALL Administration . Faculty ..... Fall Student Body Officers Fall Class Officers . . Fall Seniors . . . Spring Class Othcers . . Spring Student Body Officers Spring Seniors .... Sports Section . . Scroll . . Shield . Block L . . Big Brothers . EDITORIAL STAFF JOAN RYAN BARBARA CLARK ERNIE LEICHTER Axmriale Edimr Actizfitiex Ediior Spring Sporty Edilor CONNIE MELAVIC jIM EMERSON Senior Editor Full Sporli' Edilor STA FF MEMBERS DIANNE DANDY JOAN HOLCOMB ALYSE JACOBS YEARBOOK ART STAFF DEIDRE BRITTON BILL FERRITER DICK MALDONADO CHARLES MALINS PHOTOGRAPHERS CLAUDE LOWEN ELENA KASHKADAMOFF GERIE SMITH BOB SWENSON DALE REINHART NANCY SAWYER DONEEN SCHUETTE LAURA YOUNG PORTRAITS BY PLYMOUTH LAURENCE WORMSER Table of Contents PICTURES . Page 4 Big Sisters Page 72 . Page 5 The Lowell . . Page 74 . Page 10 The Red and White . Page 76 . Page 12 Varieties . . . Page 78 . Page 16 Term Play ..... . . Page 79 Page 21 California Scholarship Federation Page 80 Page 22 Forensic .... Page 82 . Page 28 junior Red Cross . Page 84 . Page 41 Music Department . Page 85 . Page 66 Clubs .... Page 88 . Page 67 R.O.T.C. ..... Page 90 . Page 68 Girls' Athletic Association Page 97 . Page 71 Office Assistants . . . Page 100 fldministrcltion MISS E. E. PENKIE Prilzfipul, MR. M. PETERSON Demi of Bnyr PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE America is looking, at all times, for citizens with high ideals and intelligent ideas to carry forward the many phases of activity that constitute the American way of life. For nearly a century Lowell High School has sought to con- tribute to the development of just such citizens through its scholastic program and its student activities. Many of Lowell's graduates have contributed, through the years, to the life of the community in ways that have made their Alma Mater justly proud. Now we look to you, graduates of the class of June 1954, to go forth and measure up to the standards and traditions that Lowell has always stood for. We hope that your experiences at Lowell, your relations with your teachers in your classes, and your cooperation with your fellow students in the many activities, have been rich and profitable for you. Best wishes for your success in the years ahead! EDITH E. PENCE Principal MISS G. LORIGAN Dean of Girls MR, H, KARPENSTEIN Head Cn11n,u'lf1r Lowell High School Faculty MR. JAMES LIVINGSTONE: Lowell grad, coaches tennis and golfg I.--I Ilass Sponsorg teaches Spanish and prose tlctrong graduated from the University of California. MISS UNA MCBEAN: teaches mathematics and has a High 11 reg. MR. JOSEPH EHRINIAN: I.owell gradg attended Antioch College, Indiana University, Stanford, and the University ol' Kfalitorniag out- side interest: the Boy Scouts, MISS MAXINE VASILATOS: Sponsors the Biology Cflubg attended U. KI. and the Universities ot' XVashington and Liverpool, interests: hunting and nsliing, archeology ltollectionst, writing, and gardening. MR. XVILLIAM' VUORLEY: teaches English: attended the University ol' Utah and San Francisco State Collegeg interests: reading and music. MRS. THERESA WESTFAI.I.: Mrs. Westfall has been here two years and teaches languages. She went to the University oit' California and is interested in the theater. MISS GLADYS METCIALF: Miss Metcalf teaches languages. She attended Xvhitman College and the University of California. Her interests consist of travel, music, and amateur photography. MR, NORVAL C. FAST: Mr. Fast teathes history and attended the University of Ca-litornia and the University of Santa Clara. His specialty is exploring Northern United States Deserts. MRS., LENORE B. SMITH: Mrs. Smith sponsors- the Ice Skating and Bowling Clubs and teathes P.E. She went to Occidental College. MRS. MAUDE VOLANDRI: Mrs. Volandri teaches mathematics and went to Pomona College. She is an active member ot the Calitornia XVriters club and the English-Speaking Union. MISS GLADYS RESTON: Miss Reston was the sponsor ot' the High ll class. She graduated trom Lowell and attended the University ot Calitornia. MISS DOROTHY FLYNN: Miss Flynn is in eharge ot the G.A.A., Ciirls' Block I., Senior Advisors, and Graduation. She attended the University ot California. Her hobby is gardening. MR. RICHARD J. XVURM: Mr, Wlurm is in charge nt' I.owell's tinanres. He attended the University ot San Francisco and likes to paint in his spare time. MISS IONE MATHISON: Miss Mathison teaches mathematics. She attended the University ot Clalitornia and enloys hand arts Such as knitting, weaving, and lace making. MISS ELSIE SCIHOU: Miss Schou teaches history. She attended Lowell, went to San Francisco State, and the University of California. Her hobbies are traveling, interior decorating, toin and tignrine collecting. PAGE FIVE MR, DONALD TRAVERS: P.E. teacher, coaches track and sponsors Silver Spikes Societyg graduated from the University of California, interests: fishing, stamp collecting. MISS AGNES STRACHAN: Miss Strachan, a Lowell grad, teaches Latin, she attended the University of California and Columbia Uni- versityg her hobby: dogs. MISS BARBARA MENSING: Miss Mensing teaches English, spon- sors the XVriter's Club: graduated from the University of California, her interests: music tsymphonic and jazzj and collecting recipes. MISS ELFREDA KELLOGG: Miss Kellogg graduated from Lowell and the University of Californiag she teaches physiology and her hobbies are gardening and interior decorating. MR. TRYPHON NICHOLS: he attended U.C., the California School of Fine Art, and the California College of Arts and Crafts: his spare time activities are drawing, painting, sculpture, and handball. Lowell High School Faculty MR. RAY MILTON: Mr. Milton teaches history, social goals, and P.E. He attended San Francisco State College and Stanford University. He is the sponsor of the Big Brothers and his hobbies include sports and epicurean delights. MR. ROBERT HYINK: Mr. I-Iyink teaches mathematics and attended Montana State. He has taught at Lowell for 5 years and his hobbies are stamp collecting and photography. MR. XVILLIAM FEILING: Mr. Feiling teaches P.E. and coaches football, 130 lb. basketball, and the swimming teams. He attended Stanford and his hobbies are camping, photography, and music. MISS AURELIA M. OSUNA: Miss Osuna is the head of the foreign language dept. and she graduated from4Stanford University. She likes gardening, reading, traveling, and music. MRS. AGNES O. LENNON: Mrs. Lennon teaches languages. She attended the University of Southern California. As a hobby she keeps up her home. MR. IVAN BARKER: Mr. Barker heads the math department, and he sponsors the Slide Rule Club. He attended Stanford University and likes hiking, gardening, woodworking and photography. MISS- JEAN ANDERSON: Miss .Anderson is one of our helpful librarians. She attended the University of California and lists traveling as her hobby. MRS. AILEEN BURKE: Mrs. Burke taught California History and was PAGE SIX the head of the social studies department. She was also in charge of the audio visual aides. MISS FLORENCE BALENSIEEER: Miss Balensiefer teaches English and has a H-9 registry. MR. WII.LIAM BAKER: Mr. Baker teaches math and has been at Lowell for 6 years. He went to Stanford University. MR. REGINALD KRIEGER: Mr. Krieger sponsors the dance band and heads the instrumental music dept. He attended the University of California and likes fishing, photography, archery, guns and bees. MR. EUGENE LEUBNER: Mr. Leubner teaches German and English. He attended the University of California and likes travel, reading, music and record collecting. MISS MARGUERITE SCHROEDER: Miss Schroeder teaches typing. She has been here onetyearnand likes tennis and motoring. She attended the University of Cali ornia. MR. DAVID JAMISON: Mr. Jamison sponsors the Chemistry Club and attended the University of Denver. He teaches chemistry and likes music and fishing. MR. EARL MINKXVITZ: Mr. Minkwitz teaches history and sponsors the F. Youth Association. He attended Stanford and next to his tamily, his outside interests are athletics and woodworking. Lowell High School Faculty MR. SAMUEL CARPENTER: Mr, Carpenter teaches science and graduated from the University of California. He is interested in natural sciences and sports. MR. BERTRAM BRAUER: Mr. Brauer teaches French and sponsors the Allied Youth Club. He attended San Francisco State and is interested in hiking, skiing, and the amateur theater. MISS FRANCIS DEALTRY: Miss Dealtry is in charge of all social activities at Lowell and teaches chemistry. She attended the University of California and reads as a hobby. MR. GEORGE BASS: Mr. Bass teaches history and went to the University of California. He has been at Lowell for 26 years. Outside ol school, he likes to travel. MR. ROBERT ANINO: Mr. Anino teaches German, Spanish, social goals, and gym. He heads the rally committee and likes music, sports, an trave. MR. GEORGE LORBEER: Mr. Lorbeer teaches history and has gained national recognition for his work with the Lowell Forensic Society. MISS MARGARET CHASE: teaches art and social science, attended the University of California, Stanford, and Columbia, sponsors the Poster Clubg hobbies: ice skating, skiing, and travel. MR. ROBERT BUCKLEY: Teaches journalism and historyg advisor of Red and While and Loucllg attended S. F. State: edits Sfudent and Publisher, the West's leading journalism magazine. MISS LEAH BOEHM: Lowell grad, sponsors Modern Danceg attended the University of California, Mills, Bennington, San Francisco Stateg interests: travel, color photography, music, reading, dancing. MR. MAURICE ENGLANDER: Came to Lowell one year agog teaches English, attended Fresno State College and the University of California. PAGE SEVEN MR. CORNELIUS MCCARTHY: Mr. McCarthy teaches languages, is in charge ot the lockers, and teaches the students to drive after school. He attended the University ot Santa Clara. MRS. HAZEL HAVEN: Mrs. Haven teaches history and has a high senior registry, She attended the University of California. MRS. JANIS I.oFORTI: Mrs. I.oFOrti teaches shorthand and typing. She attended Lowell and then Stanford University. I-Ier outside interest is importing costume jewelry. MISS MARY McBRIDE: Miss McBride teaches mathematics. She attended Lowell and then the University of California. She sponsors the Low ll class and likes driving around California as a hobby. MR. SAMUEL POLLAND: Mr. Pollancl, the head of the English Dept., attended Reed College and Columbia University. He teaches Dramatics and Oral English. He is director of the term plays and Varieties. Lowell High School Faculty MISS CELIA STRAUSS: teaches P.E. and social goals, s onsors GAA swimming, volleyball, and softball, attended New Yorkie Uni- versity and U. C., interests: music. dancing, sewing, knitting, painting, and reading. MR. EDXVARD IORDAN: teaches English: attended the University of California and San Francisco State College, Interests: woodworking, hshing, skiing. and commanding National Guard Anti-Aircraft Battery. MISS ELIZABETH SCOTT: Head Librarian, attended the University of California, sponsors the CSF, interests: photography. reading. MR. BENJAMIN H. NEFF: varsity basketball coach. has the dis- tinction of having won more championships than any othern high school coach in San Francisco, he is a UC graduate and enjoys hshing and hunting. MISS CONSTANCE McFARLAND: vocal music teacher: came to Lowell one year ago, attended Dominican College, Mills College, and the University of California. MR. WALTER DRYSDALE: Poly grad, counselor and P.E. teacher, coaches baseball, soccer and swimming, attended San Francisco State and Stanford, interests: scouting, fishing, camping. MRS. ELENA CATELLI: Teaches English, attended the University of California, sponsors the Red Cross and Pen Pals, interests: music and foreign languages Kconversational groupsj. MASTER SERGEANT JAMES H. ADAMS: Came to Lowell in Fall PAGE EIGHT 1953 after serving with U. S. Army in Korea, teaches ROTC, his hobby is photography. MRS. A. LAURIE BACH: Spanish teacher, graduated from Girls High and the University of California, interests: birds, flowers, music, travel, reading. SERGEANT FIRST CLASS GEORGE K. BRIGHAM: teaches ROTC: sponsors NRA Saber Club and Drill team, graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology, hobby: hunting. MR. JOHN B. XXIORLD: teaches science and attended California and Stanford Universities. Is interested in music, painting, and literature. MRS. ANNE XVALLACH: teaches English and has been at Lowell for 2 years, Attended S. F. State College and U. C. Her hobbies: literature, music, art, and camping, MISS IRENE SINK: sponsors G.A.A. riding and teaches P.E. She attended U.C., Uniyersity of Wfasliington, and S. F. State. Her hobbies are stamps, gardening, orchids, and wood sculpturmg. MISS DOROTHY -KERNER: teaches English and Social Goals. Attended San Francisco State and Stanford. Other interests are Cali- fornia, gardening, swimming, and reading. MR. JOHN LEE: teaches English and attended the,University of San Francisco and Sorbonne University in Paris. His interests are stage plays and being a spectator at sports. Lowell High School Faculty MISS ALICE GRAEBER: Mathematics teacher, sponsors Big Sistersg graduated from Lowell and UCg hobbies: music and designing 'nitting patterns. MR. ANDRE DURY: Mr. Dury teaches science, sponsors the Radio Clubg attended Ohio State University, Cooper Union Polytechnic College, SF State Collegeg his hobbies are gymnastics, swimming, electronics. MRS. ESTHER KALLBERG: Mrs. Kallberg teaches Englishg she graduated from the University of Californiag her hobbies are reading, gardening, and music. MR. JAMES XYIILLIAMS: Mr. Williams taught mathematics and was a substitute during the fall semester. MRS. MINETTE HIGGINS: Mrs. Higgins, a Lowell grad, teaches social science and sponsors the Forensic Society this term. She graduated from the University of California. MR. FRANCIS DRISCOLL: teaches history and civics and has been at Lowell for 4 years. He attended the University of San Francisco and the University of California. His interests are "Little Theater" plays and studying at Pomona College during the summer. MR. R. BEEMOUR: attended S. F. State and teaches science and math. He is interested in photography. MRS. IVA COOPER: teaches English and attended University of Iowa and Stanford. Her interests are gardening, photography, swim- ming, chess and travel. MR. O. H. McCORD: attended the University ot chllll-4JI'IIl.I. and teaches mechanical drawing. He is interested in crafts. PAGE NINE Fall Student Leaders SANFORD HABER PAT ZELLER Preridem' Vire Preridenl BRUCE SHAFER BARBARA DAVIES Edilor Lowell Edilor Red and While GLENN BELL JACKIE SECAIL Head Yell Lender Girlr' Head Yell Leader PAGE TEN HELEN STONE GIL SCIACQUA Serrelary Trmiurer FALL S. B. OFFICERS The student body officers, lead by Sanford Haber, made a successful Fall 1953 term at Lowell. Vice President Pat Zeller, who was Sp. '53 editor of the Reel and While, aided Sanford in the many senior activities. Treasurer Gil Sciacqua, who was Spring head yell leader, did his best to keep the financial situation in hand along with some aid from Secretary Helen Stone. There seemed to be a continual buzz of activity on the first fioor all day long, but there was only one solution to what it might beg certainly, Bruce Shafer, editor of the Lowell, trying to dig up some news for the paper and Barbara Davies, editor of the Rell and While, trying to find a set up for the outcoming yearbook. Last, but not least, are Glenn Bell, head yell leader, and jackie Secail, assistant. Both helped to uphold the fine Lowell spirit. FALL ACTIVITIES COINIMITTEE Bnlzfwi faux' Sanford Haber. Pat Zeller, Katy King. jackie Secail. Secrmd mira' Gordon Clark, Sandy john- ston, Sue Figel. Sharon Lighty, Third wiv: Roger Humbly, Terry Stephens, Paul Matzger. Ilflllllb ww: Ciirrtlon Calloway, Duane Hines, john Vannucci Foil Activity Committees The Salute to the Flag during a court rally. "Successful" described all of the fall term Lowell Dances. The decorations depicted the themes and the bands played music to fit all tastes. The nrst dance of the term was a student body dance held on September 25. The theme, "September in the Rain," was perfectly suited to the atmosphere. The girls' and boys' Block L dance committees got together and produced a dance on October 10, with the theme of "Lads and Lassiesf' A French theme, "Clair de Lune," on October 23, was the motif. The music was furnished by Charlie Stern and his orchestra. "Captured" was the twirp dance theme which was given on November 15. The junior Prom, held on December 11, had a mo- tif in keeping with the holiday spirit, for "December Melodyl' was the theme. Christmas trees gayly deco- rated the Century Club and the music of Walt Tol- leson kept the couples starry-eyed. The last dance of the term and the most significant to the high seniors was "The Loveliest Night of the Yearn or the Senior Ball. The date was January 15, the place was the Italian Room of the St. Francis Hotel and the music was that of Ray Hackett and his orchestra. PAGE ELEVEN f .9 ' x ,. A 51? X .ffl E' E W Q ' g Q Fall High juniors-President, Neil Voorsunger fi? vice president, Carol Karstenseng secretary, ' 'H h Yf, Karen Karstensen, F at 6115 . F' 4 " All ' Fall Low juniors-President, Gordon Callowayg Ky vice president, Yvonne Grossi, secretary, Sandy t J, E, Q Johnston. srl if? ' E Y in ,r - at ' F "lQ-i.. F f Q A., F L' Fall Low SeniorshPresident, Elson St. johng vice president, Joyce Spivockg secretary, Bil Pope. Fall High Seniors-President, jo president, Martha Danielsg Lightyg treasurer, Bruce P PA l e R sec ur GE affeto ' retary, rington TWELV YV. S E 4155 ICC ha IOH Q he x 3' Asu F Allin f E 'Q' N it 5 -fn 'R His .H- .J st 4 .w la '4 ff' QR 5 X U I va -fa X ,. All N Q if 3 , ru F '1 f LA X I is u. 1 2.1 W W-T1 514' iff at A Q , "T" f ' - 5 ,.-Ina.: Q: if ,A A .R ,, ,',. X 'C' 'iff I "ffl 1. In ef p. 1, , in av J X 1 H 4 A, 5 "lo I . S i Sai' , i J m . H I ,ff HIGH 12 ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Foil High Seniors Frwil mzzu' Bruce Purrington, Starr Koester, Sharon Lighty, Martha Daniels, joe Ratletto. 2111! muy' Louie Pelflni, Kay Harper, Eva Field, Tum Urban. 3111 raw: Dick Lane, Rich Munter. The high and mighty senior class held their last class election in September and they chose Joe Raf- fetto, president, Martha Daniels, vice president, Sha- ron Lighty, secretaryg and Bruce Purrington, treasurer. In turn they picked Eva Field, Pete Flood, Kay Di- ane Harper, Starr Koester, Dick Lane, Richard Mun- ter, Louis Pelfini, and Tom Urban to serve on the se- nior activities committee. The first event on the schedule was the H-12 picnic on October 16, at the Marin Town and Country Club in Fairfax. Sun, swimming, and dancing made the day a great success. The Italian Room of the St. Francis was the site for the senior prom on january 15. Ray Hackett provided the music for the evening. Their high school life ended on Wednesclily after- noon, january 27, at Nourse Auditorium. The Shield girls with tears in their eyes as they sing their farewell sung The high seniors "livin' it up" in the court during the Fall at the Fall Block I. Rally. Block L Rally. PAGE THIRTEEN it FALL L-12 ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Front row: C. Harris, W. Eppinger, N. I-Ioltzworth, J. Spivock, C. Warren. 2nd raw: R. Brewster, L. Minney, B. Pope, B. Chisum, D. Hone, F. Baumeister, E. St. John. Fail High Juniors Walt Tollesonls band playing sweet music at the Century Club was the site for the Junior Prom on De- cember 11, 1953. Neil Voorsanger, Carol Karstensen, and Karen Kar- stensen, president, vice president, and secretary, respec- tively, were pleased with the outcome of their prom, "December Melodyf, Pat Aleck, Barbara Clark, Arlene Diller, Jeanne Gokson, Jack Hymans, Donald Krauss, Neil Peterson, Leona Rotenberg, and Sue Whisman helped plan the prom. LOW ll ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Front raw: Gordon Calloway, Sandy Silverman, Sandy Johnston, Bill Warner. 2nd row: Joe Lasky, Jerry Goldman, Bob Parker. PAGE FOURTEEN Fciii Low Seniors The L-12 class elected three outstanding Lowellites to guide them through their Fall '54 term: Elson St. John, president, Joyce Spivock, vice president, and Bill Pope, secretary. Twelve other students were placed on the L-12 ac- tivities committee: Patti Berelson, Roy Brewster, Bill Chisum, Fred Baumeister, Wendy Eppinger, Carol Harris, Dan Hone, Nancy Holtzworth, Larry Husband, Martha Kahn, Lloyd Minney, and Christine Warren were the lucky kids. HIGH 11 ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Frou! row: Sue Wfhisman, Leona Rotenburg, Barbara Clark, Pat Aleck. Rnd row: Donald Krauss. Fall Low Juniors The Fall '53 L-11 class held its first elections in September and elected Gordon Calloway, president, Yvonne Grossi, vice president, and Sandy Johnston, secretary. Those students in turn selected ten other Lowellires to serve on their committee. Ken Adams, Victor Bogo, Larry Dashiell, Jerry Goldman, Joe Lasky, Merrily Long, Bob Parker, Sandy Silverman, Paula Skene, and Bill Werner were the lucky students. "December Melody" was the theme of the Prom that those students helped plan for December 1 1 along with the H-ll class. The Century Club was the location and Walt Tolleson provided the music of the evening. Rallies Qffer C1 Variety of Talent Life at Lowell would not be complete without its spirited rallies. Under Mr. Anino's leadership, the rallies are planned by the student body officers and the rally com- mittee. During the past term, Lowell's rallies have been highlighted by a return of Sammy Davis, Jr. at Christ- mas time, Scottie Doggett, the banjo player from Stanfordg and the two visitors from Poly pantomiming "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life." Other 'ifamous talents at Lowell" were "The Three Candidates," Joan Carr and her little White Coat pan- tomime, and the three Hollingsworth sisters. We also enjoyed the singing of Peggy Stearns and Dorothy Jones and the pantomime by Marian Wil- liams. PAGE FIFTEEN CHARLIE CURLEY: Room Rep., president of the Scroll, class treasurer, L-11 Dance Committee, CSF, picnic and carnival committees. Charlie majored in science, math and language. He will attend Davis. COLMAN DANIEL: Colman majored in history while at Lowell. He participated in football. He will attend C..C..S.F. MARTHA DANIELS: Shield, H-I2 vice president, Big Sisters, CSF, H-11 Dance Committee. Martha majored in French, English, and science, She will go to Radcliffe Co lege. JOHN ANSON: john majored in math and Latin while at Lowell. After graduation he plans to get a Ph.D, and go into the teaching profession. DAVE BAAR: Dave was Business Manager of the Red and Wlyrre. He majored in history and math and plans to go to CCSF, then become a professional jazz pianist. TULIE MILLARD BARNUM: President of the boys' Block I., junior Class president, Big Brothers, Scroll, Silver Spikes, basketball, track, baseball. Tulie plans to attend Stanford. ROY BEI: Roy majored in science and math. He was a Red Cross representative and a member of the CSF. He plans to go to C.C.S.F. and then to U.C. DIETER BERGER: Scroll, vice president of the Saber Club. and CSF. Majored in English, math, and Spanish. Dieter plans to go to Cal after graduation. BOB BRADLEY: Bob majored in science -and history while at Lowell. He was a Room Representative. He plans to continue his education at C.C.S.F. ERNEST CABRERA: Ernest majored in math, science, and history. He plans to attend C.C.S.F. to study engi- neering. VERA CHIRIKOFFZ Vera majored in French while at Lowell. She also worked in the gym office and participated in G.A.A. Ice Skating, She will attend C.C.S.F. after graduation. GORDEN CLARK: Majored in science and math. Gordon was a Room Rep. and was on the Dance Committee. He will go to Cal and take the Pre-Medical course. ROGER CLARK: Carnival Committee, Red Cross Rep- track, basketball, baseball, Rog majored in science and plans to go to San Francisco State. RON CLARK: Ron was on the Dance Committee and track, and baseball teams. He majored in English and plans to go to San Francisco State. MALCOLM COLE: Malcolm majored in music, science and language while at Lowell. He was a member of the CSF, band, and orchestra. He plans to study music at the University of California. Class of January, 7954 i M JOHN EGAN: John majored in English. He was a Room Rep.. a member of the Block L, and participated in track and basketball. He will attend C.C.S.F. then Cal. VASSII.Y DUBENKO: Vassily came to Lowell after attend- ing high school in China for 3 years. He majored in Industrial Arts and plans to attend C.C.S.F. after gradua- tion. IIIM EMERSON: jim majored in history, English and anguage. He was sport editor of the Red and Whiie, a class treasurer and participated in football and track. He will attend San Francisco State. JOAN CLAIRE ERBENTRAUT: Majored in English, science and languages. Library staff, CSF, Lowe!! staff, Varieties and Big Sisters, joan plans to go to Cal after graduation. EVA FIELD: Majored in German, math, English and science. Secretary of the L-12 class, Carnival Committee, Shield, Block L, and G.A.A. bowling. Eva will go to Cal. PETE FLOOD: Majored in English, science, language and math. Pete was a Room Rep., treasurer, L-ll secretary, on the Block L, Scroll and Big Brothers. He participated in football and swimming, and will attend Stanford. JOSEPH FREASE: Wfhile at Lowell Joseph majored in music and science. He was the Dance Band leader, and also participated in football. He will attend college after graduation. DAVID FREEMAN: Dave majored in English and history. He participated in the -Varieties. After graduation he plans to become a professional singer. GEORGE FRENKEL: George majored in English while at Lowell. His after-graduation plans are to attend C.C.S.F. PAGE SIXTEEN i' 4-or Rates' 'FR ii PHIL GEBHARD: Majored in band, English and mechani- cal drawing. He was a member of the Dance Band and participated in the cross-country and football teams. Phil will go to C.C.S.F. CONNIE GLAFKIDES: Najored in history while at Lowell. Con participated in basketball and track. He plans to go to San Francisco State after graduation. DAVE GLASSEI.: Majored in history. English. math and science. Dave was a Room Rep., Treasurer and Red Cross Rep. He was in the Block I., basketball, track. and tennis teams. He will attend Cal. MIKE GILBERT: Majored in history and English. Mike was a Reg treasurer, and Red Cross Rep. I-Ie participated in track and will go to San jose State after graduation. ALLIE GREEN: Majored in science, math, Spanish and English. Wars a Room Rep.. and alternate yell leader. Allie was on the Shield. Big Sisters, G.A.A., Carnival Committee and L-12 Activities Committee. She will attend college. SANFORD HABER: President ot the student body. Scroll, Big Brothers and Block L. majored in science and math. Sanford participated in football and track. He will attend .a . ROGER HAMBLY: Majored in English and science. Was on the School Dance Committee and Carnival Committee. Roger participated in track and cross countryg he will attend San jose State. MILLIE HARMON: Majored in Spanish, English and science. Shield. Big Sisters, G.A.A., Carnival Committee. H-3 Dance Committee. H-3 secretary. Block L secretary, and Reg Treasurer. Millie will attend Nursing School. KAY DIANE HARPER: Kay majored in English. history, music and German. She was a Room Rep.. Room Treas- urer. Red Cross Rep.. was in the Senior Activities Com- mittee, Carnival Committee, Big Sisters and G.A.A. She will attend Cal. KAREL JORDAK: Room Rep., Block L Dance Com- mittee, L-12 Dance Committee, CSF, and orchestra. Karel majored in science and math and participated on the tennis team. He will attend Cal. STANLEY KAN. JR.: Stan majored in math while at Lowell and was active in Forensics and the Chess Club. His after graduation plans are to work, then attend college. FRANK KENNEY: Frank majored in shops, taken at Washingtiin. He plans to join the Armed Forces after graduation and then go on to college to study engineering, it QQ If , 'Q K ....: .-:- I Sis.. 5? F. 5 Class of January, 79 TT:- 13 Qc a ,gg ,L , - ge-:MMM -me 7 as- I .. Sa .,.. L I il f me -.A A F vip 'T 3 il, sy. 54 ANN KIIL: Block I. President. Big Sisters, Hfll Dance Committee, Varieties, and G.A.A. Ann majored in history. Atter graduation she plans to go into business work. STARR KOESTER: C.S.F,. Big Sisters. Senior Activities Committee, Student Body Dante committee and H-12 Room Rep. Starr majored in French and English. She will enter Stanford in the Fall. ABE KRIGER: Abe majored in math and history while at Lowell, He was a Reg Treasurer, and participated on the tennis team. He plans to attend Cal after graduation. SAM KUHN: Red Cross Rep.. Class Treasurer. Block I., Dance Committee. football. basketball and track. Sam majored in history and will go to thc University ol' Xlilashington after graduation. DICK LANE: Dick majored in English and math. He was on the Senior Actixities Committee. After graduation Dick plans to attend the University ot California. MOIRA LEE: Moira majored in science and music. She was a member of the Big Sisters and Ci.A.A. Modern Dancing. After graduation she plans to attend Dental Nurses Training College. SHARON LIGHTY: Sharon majored in English and history. She was a Reg Treasurer, I-I-IZ secretary, on the Block L, Big Sisters, Varieties. CSF, and L-ll Dame Committee. She will attend the University of Oregon. DOUGLAS j. McDONNELL: Douglas majored in French while at Lowell. He was an ROTC Executive Otiacer. After graduation Douglas plans to return to England. IRENE MENSHIKOV: Irene majored in art while at Lowell. She was on the Big Sisters and a member of the Poster Club. She participated in G.A.A. bowling. Her after graduation plans are to work. then go to college. ELAINE PATRICIA MUELLER: Ela'ne came to Lowell from Seattle. XVhile here she majored in English. was a Red Cross Rep.. and a member of the Big Sisters. Alter graduation she plans to attend C.C.S.F. RICHARD MUNTER: Richard majored in science, math and Spanish. He was on the I-I-ll Dance Committee, H-ll Activities Committee. and participated in track and basketball. Richard will attend Cal. FRAN NAPOLIN: Majored in English, language and science. Vice President oi' the Shield, Ci.A.A. bowling manager. on the C.S.F., Big Sisters, Block L Dance Com- mittee. Fran will attend Cal. PAGE SEVENTEEN DAGMAR fDelJ NEICK: Del majored in science, English and language. She was the assistant chairman of the Big Sisters, assistant riding manager, on the Red and While staff, Shield, and Block L. She will attend Cal. JACKIE NORWITT: Majored in English. Room Rep., Room Treasurer., Red Cross Rep., L-12 Dance Committee, Varieties, Carnival Committees and G.A.A. jackie will go to San Francisco State. TERUKO OMURA: Teruko came to Lowell from japan. After graduation he plans to work. MARINA OSHURKOFF: Marina majored in history while at Lowell. -She was a Red Cross Rep., and a Reg Treasurer. She participated in G.A.A. modern dance. Marina will attend C.C.S.F. TANIA OTZOUP: Tania majored in Spanish while at Lowell. She ht-longed to the Usher Reserve and G.A.A. Eogksgancing. Her after-graduation plans are to attend PHYLLIS PALLADINO: Phyllis majored in English, science and history. She participated in G.A.A. swimming. After graduation Phyllis plans to attend Nursing School. LOUIS PELFINI: Louis majored in science, German and math.AHe was a Room Rep, Secretary of the Student Council, on the Senior Activities Committee, Block L, Big Brothers, Scroll and participated in basketball. He wi l attend Cal. HOWARD PLATT: Majored in math, English and science while at Lowell. Howard plans to attend college after graduation. BOB POTTER: Bob majored in science while at Lowell. He was a member of the Sax Qluartet and the Dance Band. He participated on the Trac Team. After graduae tion Bob plans to attend C.C.S.F. BRUCE PURRINGTON: Majored in science, math, French and English. L-11 class President, H-12 class treasurer. Belonged to the Slide Rule Club, Scroll, Block L, Big Brothers and was active in baseball. Bruce will attend .a . EDWARD QUAN: Edward majored in history while he was at Lowell. After graduation he plans to attend C.C.S.F, JOE-RAFFETTO: Majored in language, science and English. He was the H-12 class president, and a Room Rep, belonged to the Scroll, Big Brothers, Block L and School Dance Committee, joe will attend Cal. Class of January, 7954 JERRIE ROSEN: jerrie majored in English while at Lowell. She was on the Rally Committee, and The Lowell staff. She will go to San ,lose State after graduation. DAVE' ROSENBERG: Dave majored in English while at Lowell. He was a Red Cross Rep, on the Block L, and participated in football. After graduation he plans to attend C.C.S.F. REIKO SEKINO: Reiko came to Lowell from Japan. .She majored in math while here, and participated in swimming. Reiko will attend C.C.S.F. after graduation. SCOTT SHERMAN: Majored in English and history. L-12 President, Sec.-Treasurer of the Scroll, Student Body Dance Committee, Big Brothers, Block L, Library Staff, Junior Statesman. Scott will attend Cal. HELEN ESTHER STONE: Majored in English, history, science and language. Student Body Secretary, Student Body Dance Committee, Shield, CSF, Block L, Big Sisters, and G.A.A. Helen will attend Cal or Stanford. SACHIKO SUGIYAMA: Sachi majored in English. Was a Red Cross Rep, and on the Bi Sisters and participated in G.A.A. swimming. After graduation she plans to attend C.C.S.F. LIBBY SUTTON: Majored in math and language. Pres. of the Big Sisters, Shield, Block L, G.A.A., CSF, L-4 Dance Committee and Student Body Dance Committee. Libby will attend Cal. CARLA TASSI: Majored in science, French, and English. Secretary of the Shield, L-12 vice president, Bloc L, G.A.A., Big Sisters, and Student Body Dance Committee. Carla will attend Stanford. CAROL SUE THOMPSON: Majored in music and history while at Lowell. Carol was on the Usher's Reserve and participated in the G.A.A. After graduation her plans are to attend C.C.S.F. TOM URBAN: Majored in science, language and math. He was a Room Rep, and a Red Cross Rep, participated in tennis and was on the Block I.. After graduation he will attend Cal. KATHY WAHLGREN: Majored in language. I.-11 vice president, secretary of Big Sisters, Shield, L-ll Dance Committee, and G.A.A. bowling. Kathy will attend Cal. BOB WECK: Majored in science and French. Room Rep, life member of the CSF, Rally Committee, Senior Activities Committee. Bob participated in baseball. He plans to attend Cal. PAGE EIGHTE EN GIS ,Gr :W . .. .t.,.,,. 3' f E ,,,. . .A , W .'., f 5, .... JOAN VUELLS: Maiored in Spanish and history. Usher's Reserve, Big Sisters, and G.A.A. bowling. Joan plans to attend San Francisco State College after graduation. NANCY WEST: Majorecl in French and math. H-11 vice president, Shield president, Block L, Big Sisters, CSF, GAA. After graduation Nancy will attend Cal. KANE YEE: Kane came to Lowell from China. While here he majored in math, and was a member of the Chinese Student Club, and CSF. After graduation he plans to attend Cal. PING YEE: Mziiored in mechanical drawing and math., editor of C.S.C., member of Block L and Slide Rule Club. He participated in swimming and will attend C.C.S.F. after graduation. TATJANA ZALESSOW: Majnrcd in art, English and German. A Red Cross Rep, and a Big Sister. Tatiana came to Lowell from Germany and will attend C.C.S.F. after graduation. PAT ZELLER: Majored in English, science and language. Student Body Vice President, editor of the Red and While, Shield, Block L, Big Sisters, CSF, and G.A.A, She will attend Stanford. fu r Class of January, i954 CHRISTINE CAROLINE BERING VERA N. CHIRIKOFF MARTHA CHRISTIN DANIELS JOAN CLAIRE ERBENTRAUT EVA LAURIE FIELD ALISON WINIFRED GREEN MILDRED DREW HARMON KAY DIANE HARPER ANN ELIZABETH KIIL STARR KOESTER MOIRA ANN LEE SHARON ADELE LIGHTY IRENE GOTHE MENSHIKOV ELAINE PATRICIA MUELLER FRANCES NATALIE NAPOLIN DAGMAR CHRISTINE NEICK JACQUELINE DAVUN NORWITT TERUKO OMURA MARINA D. OSHURKOFF TANIA OTZOUP PHYLLIS JEAN PALLADINO JERALDINE MORICE ROSEN REIKO SEKINO HELEN ESTHER STONE SACHIKO SUGIYAMA ELIZABETH STEWART SUTTON CARLA MAY TASSI CAROL SUE THOMPSON ELLA KATHRYN WAHLGREN JOAN ARLENE XVELLS NANCY ETTA WEST TATJANA ZALESSOW PATRICIA LEE ZELLER JOHN SELLER ANSON DAVID JOSEF BAAR TULIE MILLARD D. BARNUM GEORGE BECK DIETER BERGER ROY BEI ROBERT BRADLEY ERNEST CABRERA - GORDEN L. CLARK ROGER W, CLARK RONALD B. CLARK MALCOLM STANLEY COLE CHARLES H. CURLEY COLMAN DANIEL VASSILY I. DUBENKO JOHN F. EGAN JAMES DILLON EMERSON PETER HIDALGO FLOOD JOSEPH RICHARD FREASE DAVID VUALTER FREEMAN GEORGE PHILLIP FRENKEL PHILLIP FRED GEBHARD MICHAEL H. GILBERT CONSTANTINE JAMES GLAFKIDES DAVID H. GLASSEL SANFORD HABER ROGER ARTHUR HAMBLY WESLEY ANTHONY HOBBS KAREL JORDAK STANLEY S. KAN FRANK R. KENNEY ABRAHAM KRIGER SAMUEL A. KUHN RICHARD XVILLIAM LANE HERBERT LEWIS LENCHNER BENNETT JESSE MANN DOUGLAS J. MCDONNELL RICHARD H, MINETTI RICHARD CARL MUNTER LOUIS E, PELFINI HOWARD BERK PLATT ROBERT EDXWARD POTTER BRUCE D. PURRINGTON EDWARD ROBERT QUAN JOSEPH ARLAND RAFFETTO DONALD GEORGE RODGERS DAVID F. ROSENBERG ROBERT SCOTT SHERMAN RAYMOND W. TOM DOLPH THOMAS URBAN ROBERT W, WECK KANE SHEE-GONG YEE PING JING YEE PAGE NINETEEN Indians Get Together Everywhere we .W 15 ' I +-' U i SK' ' -f . ,V -S teffi ' 4' .2 'Y Spring High Seniors Cleft panell--Secretary, Carol Montgomeryg president, Pere Reiderg treasurer, Fred Baumeisterg vice president, Nancy Olson. Spring Low Seniors fright panelj-President, Hall Wocmg vice president, Carol Crislerg secre- tary, John Vttnnucci. Spring Class Qfficers Spring High juniors fright panelj-President, joe Laskyg vice president, Ann Beemang secre- tary, Merrily Long. Spring Low Juniors fleft pnnelj-President Al Clarkg vice president, Carol Melmong secre- tary, jim Nolan. "'Q:"e. . , .V,I,p is ,dl 1 if iff' Q S. 4 I' .Z. -ss, 1 5. . .2 Iv' Q tis 4 f , I PAGE TWENTY-ONE Spring Student Leaders DAVE I-LEILBRON BARBARA BATMALE DALE POLISSAR BILL POPE President Vice Prefide nl LARRY COHN DON KRAUSS Edilor Lowell Editor Red and While VIC HEBERT ARLENE WAITE Ilmu' Yell Lender Girls' Head Yell Leader PAGE TWENTY-TWO .S'ecreim'y 7'rv.fzJ1zre1t The student body officers elected for Spring '54 semester were active in all phases of school life. President Dave Heilbron won his block "L" by being on the swimming team and also playing in the school band. Vice President Barbara Batmale, who gave her full support to all activities, was a Big Sister and on the Shield. Treasurer Bill Pope, who kept the money situa- tion in hand, was on the track team and a Big Brother. Dale Pollisar, secretary of the school, led the school band and was a Big Brother. Larry Cohn, editor of the Lowell, found that being editor was not as easy as expected but found time to be active as a member of the track team. Editor of the Red and While, D072 Kmmr, was kept busy trying to figure out a new set up for the year- book. Don also plays a good game on the golf team. Head Yell Leader Vic Hebert received full sup- port from everyone when leading the yells. Vic was on the swimming team and played in the band. Girls' Yell Leader Arlene Waite did a fme job on the yells. Arlene was on the Block "L" and a member of the Lowell staff. F i Spring Activity Committees The dance committees of the past year had a busy time planning the wonderful dances. The semi-annual Twirp Dance and Block L Dance was held in the girls' gym. Both proved to be big suc- cesses. The Senior Exclusive, March 12, was held at City SPRING STUDENT BODY RALLY COMMITTEE Franz raw: Kyra Opperman, Vic Herbert, Barbara Batmale, Dave Heilbron, H. Glenn Bell, Jr., Ken Bley. 2nd 1'01lf'.' Parker Maddux, Pat Ogneff, Vicki Green, Rosemary Vargo, Carole Morrison, Tom Levison. 3rd ww: Pete Bluett, Dale Polissar, Gil Sciacqua, Paul Gooriian. .....,,.v... . . College Lounge. The junior Prom held at the Gold Room of the Palace Hotel was considered great by everyone attending. The last dance, the Senior Prom, was held on June 11 at the Empire Room of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. STUDENT BODY DANCE COMMITTEE Fv'or1!l'au'.' D. Reinhart, 1. Harper, B. Batmale, D. Heil- bron, P. Covey, J. Belton, A. Beeman. 2211! row: M. Axt, D. Kaplan, 1. Sampson, N. Scheeline, L. Malfanti, L. Rotenburg, A. Schwartz. 31-d row: A. Greenblat, W. Bat- male, T. Tsuyuki, B. Ward, M. Bodden, G. Erb, K. Archibald. ' I PAGE TVUENTY-TI IRIZIZ Spring High Seniors SPRING H-12 ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Froirl razu: D. Sisich, C. Montgomery, P. Reider, N. Olsen, F. Baumeister, 2771! raw: I. Hall, A. Vargo, C. Berger, A. Modlin, P. Ogneif, B. Balthrope. 3rd wir: S. Keilholtz, B. Honig, P. Janssen, P. Braverman. ' i I I E I The Spring Senior Activities Committee made a successful term for the graduating classes. Leaders of the committee were Presi- dent Pete Reider, Vice President Nancy Olsen, Secretary Carol Montgomery, Treasurer Fred Baumeister. The following events took place: the Se- nior Exclusive Dance held March 12, at City College, the H-12 Picnic held May 5, which consisted of swimming and dancing at Fair- fax, Senior Day, which took place in school on june 11, the Senior Prom held at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel on the evening of June 11, and finally the long awaited, june 18, graduation. Other members of the committee were Bonnie Balthrope, Carol Berger, Phil Brave- erman, Isabelle Hall, Bill Honig, Pete Jans- sen, Scott Keilholtz, Adriane Modlin, Pat Og- nelf, Darrell Sevilla, Dick Sisich, and Ann Vargo. X Spring Low Seniors "just a year to go," was the cry of the low seniors as the spring term began. The class picked Hall Woo as their president, Carol Cristler, vice president, john Vannucci, secre- tary. The officers with the help of their commit- tee composed of Alan Axelrod, Barbara Clark, Arlene Epp, Paul Goorjian, Steve Krieger, Martha Lendaris, Carol Moss, and Ronald Pe- tersen worked hard to make their activities the best. Together with the high seniors they made plans for the Senior Exclusive. On March 12 the "Seniors in Paradise" danced to the mu- sic of Virgil Gonzales at the City College Lounge. The low seniors along with the low and high juniors held their picnic at Glen Park on june 4. PAGE TXVENTY-FOUR SPRING L-12 ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Fi-wit raw: B, Clark, C. Moss, J. Vannucci, H. Woo, C. Crisler, A. Epp. 2nd rouz' A. Axelrod, S. Krieger, M. Lendaris, P. Goorjian, R, Petersen. Spring High Juniors SPRING JUNIIORS Elections came first on the H-11 list of activities. When the results were posted it was revealed the fol- lowing officers were elected: president, joe Laskyg vice president, Ann Beemang secretary, Merrily Long. Chosen to plan the picnic and prom were Laurie Young, Carol Hicks, Elyce Edelman, Martha Dettner, George Ivelich, Ravenald Williams, Tim Ryan, Dolly Wong, Doug Roberts, and Toshiko Okubo. The high juniors were seen playing games, eating, and dancing on May 4, the day of their picnic. It was held with the low seniors and low juniors at Glen Park. The long-awaited Prom was held on May 8 at the Gold Room of the Palace Hotel. To the annals of Lowell history another successful junior Prom was added. H-11 ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Front row: Laurie Young, Ann Beeman, joe Lasky, Merrily Long, Carol Hicks. 2nd row: Ravenald Wfilliams, Martha Dettncr, Dolly Wong, Elyce, Edelman. iid 1-our: Doug Roberts, Toshikn Okubo, George Ivelich, Tim Ryan. Spring Low Juniors L-11 ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE From four: R. Bachman, C. Melmon, A. Clark, J. Nolan. 2714! row: B. Lindsley, D. De Mun, P, Sevier, G. Jacobs. SPRING L-11 CLASS The dreams of many Lowellites came true as the spring semester began when they became upperclass- men. The term started as the low junior class held their hrst elections. When the votes were tallied the results were Al Clark, president, Carol Melmon, vice presi- dent, and jim Nolan, secretary. On May 4 the low junior picnic was held with the high juniors and low seniors at Glen Park. The after- noon was spent playing games, eating, and dancing. Their junior Prom was held on May 8 at the Gold Room of the Palace Hotel. There isn't anyone who will forget that wonderful evening. The success of the dance was due to the careful planning done by the offi- cers and their committee composed of B. Lindsley, P. Sevier, G. Jacobs, D. De Mun, and R. Bachman. PAGE TVUENTY-FIVE Loweii Students Take Part in Many Activities PAGE TWENTY-SIX Sun and Fun at Fairfax May 5 was the day many Lowellites had been wait- ing for all term, the senior picnic held at Fairfax. The weatherman must have known it was the senior picnic because he presented the seniors with a beauti- fully clear and warm day. The seniors arrived at Fairfax at about 1:30 p.m. and immediately changed to their swimming suits. They swam, played basketball, ping pong, and volley- ball until about 6:00. After eating dinner, some went dancing by the light of the moon, some played ping pong, and still others relaxed on the benches thinking of the many happy hours they had spent at Lowell. They sang school songs and gave cheers to the teachers on the buses coming home. PAGE 'l'WENTY-SEVE N CAROL AARDAL: Majored in history and science. l Worked on the library staff and participated in G.A.A. tennis. Plans to go to San jose State College. PAUL ADACHI: Majored in English, science, language, math. Was reg. treasurer, on the Silver Spikes, and the Block L. Holds All City Record for the 220. ANN ADAIR: Chairman of Big Sisters, member of Shield and L, G.A.A., Allied Youth, R8cW Staff, and Varieties. Majored in science and English, Plans to go to U.C, to become a primary teacher. AUDREY ALLISON: Came to I.owell from Michigan where she was veep of the frosh class, soph class rep., secretary of student body and cheerleader. Plans to attend U. of Colorado. SEYMOUR ALTERMAN: Member of Block L, Senior Dance Committee, Lowell, and on basketball and base- ball teams. Majored in English, history, science. CAROL ANGER: Majored in science, math, English, and German. Red Cross Rep., asst. manager of ice-skating, on Big Sisters, Block L, G.A.A. Plans to go to Stanford to study medicine. ELEANOR AOKI: Member of Shield and L, Big Sisters, Block L, G.A.A. volleyball, softball and bowling, and manager of basketball. Majored in French and science. KENNETH ARCHIBALD: Vice president of Big Brothers, Block L, Reg. treasurer, Red Cross Rep., S. B. Dance comm. Majored in math and plans to go to Oregon State to study engineering. KEN ARNDT: Ken majored in science and French. Mem- ber of CSF, Big Brothers, Scroll, Block L, tennis team, reg. rep., dance band, Slide Rule Club. BONNIE BALTHORPE: Member of Sen. Activities Comm., in two term plays, varieties, office and library staff, was Red Cross Rep. and Room Hostess. BEVERLY BARDO: G.A.A., Carnival Comm., Lowell Staff, Reg. and Red Cross Rep, Majored in English and history and plans to go to U. C. BARBARA BATMALE: Student Body Vice Pres., Shield and L, Big Sisters. G.A.A,, H-3 sec., Reg. Rep. and treasurer, Majored in French, science, and history. Class of June, i954 FRED BAUMEISTER: Member of Scroll and L, Big Brothers, and L-12 dance comm. Reg, treasurer and H-11 class treasurer. Pres. of Allied Youth and Red Cross vice chairman. Plans to go to U.C. H. GLENN BELL JR.: Head yell leader and pres. of Scroll and L. Member of Big Brothers, Block L, Exec. Board, Rally Comm., and Varieties. Also .n track, golf and football, Plans pre-med training at U.C. NICHOLAS BELONOGOFF: Came to Lowell after two and a half years at St. ,loseph's School. He majored in math, science, and French. Plans to attend U.C. PATTY BERELSON: Member of Shield and L, Big Sisters, Block L, L-12 Activities Comm., and G,A.A. bowling. She was reg. treas, and majored in English, science, language. Plans to attend U,C. CAROL BERGER: Was Reg. Rep. and treasurer. Member of Senior Activities Comm., Rally Comm., and the Lowell staff. Majored in English and plans to attend Colorado U. MICHAEL BERGER: Member of Big Brothers and Lowell staff. Majored in English and science. Plans to go to U.S.C. after graduation. KAREN BLAIR: Member of Shield and I., and Big Sisters. Was Reg. Rep., Red Cross Rep., Block L sec., Allied Youth treasurer, Modern Dance manager, and in Varieties. PETER BLUETT: Member of Poster Club, Dance Comm., Rally Comm., Term Play, Varieties. Was Room Rep., Red Cross Rep., Publicity Chairman for Varieties, MAX BODDEN: On Dance Committee, Block L, in basketball, swimming and baseball. Majored in art and will attend Calif. College of Arts and Crafts to become a commercfal artists. ROGER BOHNE: Scroll and L, Big Brothers, Dance Comm., and Student Council, Onngolf, tennis, baseball, and basketball teams, French, English, and history major. YOSHINORI BOKURA: Scroll, president of Sabre Club, Big Brothers, Slide Rule Club, and CSF, On Rifle team and Reg. treas. To attend U,C. PHIL BRAVERMAN: Reg Rep, Reg treas., Big Brothers, Block L, Senior Activities Comm, Student Council, Lowell staff. On swimming and tennis teams. PAGE TXVENTY-EIGHT BARBARA BRAZIER: Red Cross Rep., Reg treas.,4Student Body Dance Comm., G,A,A. bowling and swimming. Majored in English, French and history and will go to the U. of Washington, HENRY BRIGHAM: Came from Wilkins High has a senior. Majored in. mathematics, English, and history. Plans to attend Davis. DEIDRE BRITTON: She CQIITIC to Lowell from -Palo Alto High as a senior. Member of Big Sisters. Majored in math and plans to attend college. ROY BREXVSTER: Poster Club, 1.412 Activities Comm.. Red Cross Rep, Library staff, football and tennis teams. XVill go to Stanford or U.C. to study medicine. CHARLES BROWN: Majored in- history and- was Reg treasurer. Plans- to start a hunting and fishing lodge. Came from British Columbia, Canada. FRED BRUCH: Was room host, Majored in science, Ger- man, and mathematics. Plans -to go to Wesleyan Uni- versity and then to Kale Medical School. BOB BULLARD: Came to Lowell from Riordan as a sophomore. Majored in history andlindustrial arts. Plans to go to City College after graduation. DICK BULLOCK: Went to Dermott for the ninth and tenth grades and then came to Lowell. Was a member of the Block L, Silver Spikes, track team, and cross country team. DAVE BURTON: Dave was a 31,Q year graduate. He majored in languages and was a member of Block L, L- 11 Act, Comm. . track and cross country teams. MARGARET BURTON: Came from San Mateo High as a senior. In Allied Youth, Radio Club, Music Club, Reg. Rep and Red Cross Rep. Majored in commercial business and plans to go to college. WINNIE BUTCHER: Rn! and IWIQIM staff, Varieties, G.A.A. volleyball, bowling. swimming, and folk dancing. Majored in language and science and will attend City College. CLAUDIA CAESAR: Member ot' Big Sisters, Varieties, Term Pla-y, Forensic, and worked in Miss Harrison's otlice. Majored in science and math. Plans to go to U. C. Class of June, 7954 ELAINE CAMPBELL: Attended high schools in Missouri 1 and Bremerton, Wlaslaington. Majored in music and was in G.A.A. modern dancing. Going to City College. CLEVE CARTER: Participated in soccer. Majored in history Aand art. Plans to go to work and "wait for my dratt number to come up." ROGER CARVER: Played varsity baseball. Majored in science and plans to attend City College and then the University of California. RICHARD CELLARIUS: Slide Rule Club, CSF, and Science Fair. Member ot' the track and cross country teams. Majored in science, math, and languages. Plans to go to college. ROBERT CHIN: CSF, Slide Rule Club, Chinese Student Club, and National Rifle Association. Vice pres., pres., and treas. of Chinese Student Club. Majored in Science and math and will attend U.C. SAN-DY CHIN: Came- from Diocesan Boys School in his- junior year. AParticipated in soccer and majored in business and radio operation. Will go to college. TANIA CHIRIKOFF: C.A.A, ice skating and volleyball. Majored in French and plans to go to City College after graduation. WILLIAM CHISUM: L-4 Activities Comm., worked at bank counter and for Mr. Peterson. Was Reg Rep and On Public Utilities Commission for Youth in Ciov't Day. Going to S. F. State for teaching credential. LORELEII .l.-CLUFFQ Library stall. G.A.A. swimming. Majored in history, science, and English. Plans to go into Physical Therapy alter graduation. STEVE COHEN: Rally Comm., Carnival Comm., and varsity football team. Majored in French and plans to go to City College and U.C. JOANNE CONLON: Participated in G.A.A. swimming. She majored in English, art, and French. Plans to enter San jose State in the fall. VINCENT COOKE: Came from Oregon as a senior. Majored in math and history and plans to enter Davis to take up ranching, . PAGE TWENTY-NINE RHODA CRAVENS: Participated in the Varieties, Block L, Big Sisters, and GAA modern dance. Majored in history and plans to work after graduation. 3 ARTHUR CZYZz Slide Rule Club and ROTC. Majored ' in math and plans to attend City College after graduation. JIM DALRYINIPLE: Reg Rep, Biv Brothers, Scroll and L. Orch., Dance band, CSF, varsity football team. Majored in En lish md music Plans to continue music at Cit g .' 1 I '. . j ' A ' y College, RICHARD DANAQ He majored in Spanish and history. He worked in the library. Attended high schools in Texas before coming to Lowell and plans to attend City College. DIANNE DANDY: Block L, Big Sisters, G.A.A. modern dance and swimming. Red mid Wbife stall, Varieties and Allied Youth. Majored in English and history, and will attend City College. BARBARA DAVIES: Reg Treas., Red Cross Rep, Lowell page editor, tall editor of Red and Wbzfe, Block L, Big Sisters, Shield and I., life member of CSF. ARLENE DAVIS: Big Sisters, Lowell stall, Block L social comm., G.A.A. swimming and ice skating. Majored in science, Spanish, English, and history. Plans to attend U.C. JAY DAVIS: Vilas in the term play, the Varieties, and a member of Allied Youth. Majored in English and Latin. Plans to attend City College, XVILFRED DAVIS: Wllile at Lowell Wfilfred majored in science. He was a member of the Block L and participated in track and cross country. ALAN DEAR: Came to Lowell as a high junior from Galileo. Member of the Chess Club and Chinese Student Club. Majored in science and "beaded for the southlandu after graduation. EDXVARD DOHERTY: Ed came to Lowell -from Riordan. He majored in science and math and participated in foot- ball. Plans to attend C.C.S.F. and then the Air Force. RICHARD EARL: On the varsity track team. Majored in Spanish and plans to attend City College and major in business. Class of June, 7954 """ BEVERLY ECKHARDT: Shield and I., Big Sisters, Block I., Allied Youth, G.A.A, tennis and manager of riding and Red Cross Rep. Plans to study medicine at U.C. ANNA INESE EGLITE: Co-orclinator of Big Sisters, Co- chairman ol' Usher's Reserve. Library stall, Block L, in G.A.A. liwlk dancing, swimming. and manager ol modern dance. XVill attend U.C. to study medicine. PAT ELDREDGE: Came to Lowell as a junior from Salt Lake Cit '. Utah. Majorecl in business and participated in G.A.A. volleyball. Plans to go to the University of Utah. KAREN ELLESON: Came from Stockton High as a junior. Big Sisters, library stall. CSE, and G.A.A. bowlini. Majored in English, history and math. Going to S. F. State to become an English teacher. WENDY EPPINGER: Shield and L, Big Sisters, Block I., I.-12 Activities and Carnival Comm., and was G.A.A. tennis manager. Majored in English and language. Plans to go to Pomona College. CHARLES A. ERHARD: Was Reg Rep and majored in mathematics, language, and history. Plans to go to City College and then to U.C. EZE JOSEPH: Came to Lowell from London, England. Majored in history, math, and science. XVas Reg Treas., in String Ensemble, and Adv. Orch. Plans to attend the University of California. SAM FEDELI, Jr.: Intramural softball, J.V. football and 150 basketball teams. Majored in math and science and is going to City and then to U.C. BILL EERRITER: Hill majored in art and was on the J. V. football team. He'll go to C.C.S.F. and then to Cali- fornia. JOHN PHILIP FIDLER: Chess Club, CSF, and the Slide Rule Club. Majored in math and languages and plans to attend Cal. EARL I:ll.l.INLiER: Came from Hiedelberg High in Indi- ana as a junior. Majored in science and history. Plans to go to college after graduation. MARGUERITE FINMAN: Was Reg Rep and a member of Student Council, Big Sisters, and G.A.A. volleyball and ice skating. Wlill go to C.O.P. PAGE Tl IIRTY EMILE FORTENBERRY: Majored in mechanical drawing and English. After graduation plans to enter City College. BETTY FLETCHER: Majored in English, was reg. rep., member of Big Sisters, G.A.A. and Miss I-Iarrison's staff. Participlated in howling and volleyball, and plans to be a teac er. JANET FRANK: Shield and L, Big Sisters, Block L, Varieties, G.A.A. bowling manager, and Red Cross Rep. Majored in English, history, and science. ROBERT FRICK: Big Brothers, Block L, Silver Spikes, Slide Rule Club, track and soccer teams. Was a hall guard and an otficial Rm' and White and Lowe!! photographer. MARY LOUISE FRIZZELL: Shield and L, Block L. Varieties, and G.A.A. tennis. Asst. Social Chairman of Big Sisters and Reg Rep. Majored in French and English. VIRGINIA GARNOT: Member of G.A.A. riding and swimming. Majored in history and math and plans to go to Davis to become a veterinarian. DONNA GILBERT: Majored in French and history. Was in G.A.A. modern dancing. Came to Lowell from Wash- ington as a senior and plans to attend City College. EVA GOLIGER: Attended high school in France. Partici- pared in G.A.A. swimming and plans to attend San Fran- cisco State College after graduation. DOROTHY GORDON: Came to Lowell as a senior from New Zealand. Was in Big Sisters, Varieties, term play, G.A.A. ice skating and swimming. Majored in English and Latin and will attend U.C. SUZANNE GORDON: Block L dance committee, Lowell staff, G.A.A. bowling. Majored in Spanish and English and plans to attend U.S.C. MAURINE GRANT: Reg treas, Red Cross Rep, Big Sisters, carnival comm., attendance office, and G.A.A. Maiored in English and plans to go to Cal to become a primary school teacher. ARLEIGH GREENBLAT: Reg Rep, Red Cross Rep, S. B. Dance Comm., Silver Spikes, and L3-H3 Activities Comm., and 120 track, Majored in history and English and will attend C.C.S.F. and Cal. Class of June, 7954 PEETER GRUNER: Majored in mathematics, English, and music. Participated in the band, orchestra, and German Club. Plans to go to San Francisco State College. DIXIE LEE HALFORD: Came from St. Vincent's as a iunior. Was a member of the choir and G.A.A, volley- ball. Majored in music and plans to go to work after graduation. ISABELLE HALL: Came from Washington High as a junior. Wfas on I-I-12 Activities Comm., majored in science, Latin, and math. Plans to major in science at Cal. PRICE HALL: Block L, Slide Rule Club. Silver Spikes, track, and cross country. Red and Wfhfle photographer, Reg Rep and treas. Majored in math and language. DOUGLAS HAMILL: Maiored in history and language and participated in track. Attended Drews before coming to Lowell and plans to enter San Mateo junior College. JEAN HARPER: Wfas on the Block L. Big Sisters, Stu- dent Body Dance Committee, Carnival Committee, Reg Treas,, Reg Rep., Red Cross Rep., Varieties. CAROL HARRIS: Shield and L. Big Sisters, L-3, and L-4 Dance Comm., Allied Youth, Block L. G.A.A. bowling, Lowell Rep to Girls State, and Reg Treas. FRAN HARRIS: Allied Youth, Varieties, choir, main othce statf and Reg Treas. In G.A.A. howling and modern dance. Came to Lowell from Sacramento in junior year. Will attend City College. CECI HARTMAN: Ceci majored in Spanish, history. and English. She was on the Shield, Big Sisters and Block l.. Plans to attend the University of Colorado. VICTOR HEBERT: Scroll and L, Student Council, Exec. Board, L-3 dance comm., rally and carnival comm. I30's basketball and swimming, Assist. and head yell leader. Reg Rep and Reg Treas. Plans to study law. DAVE HEILBRON: Scroll and L, Big Brothers, Block L, CSF, swimming, and basketball teams, rally and dance comm. Student Body President and assist. Yell Leader. Plans to attend Cal to study law. MARY HENDERSON: Block L. Big Sisters, Allied Youth, G.A.A. bowling, and library staff. Maiored in French and English. .,..,,, ,, , PAGE THIRTY-ONE VIRGINIA HERNDON: Band and G.A.A. riding, swim- ming, ice skating, volleyball, and modern dance. Majored in science, music, Latin, and math. Plans to attend Coolidge College. BARBARA HILL: Shield and L, Block L, G.A.A, folk dancing, volleyball, basketball, tennis, Assist. Social Chairman of Big Sisters, Reg Rep and Treas. Maiored in English, math, and will attend college, RICHARD HINKLE: Reg Rep and member of Allied Youth. Participated in track. Maiored in English and plans to join Marines and then attend City College. SYLVIA GAY HOLLINGSWORTH: L-3 vice president, Pres. of Jr. Red Cross, Shield veep, G.A.A. President in fall of 1953, and manager of swimming. Reg Rep, Block L, Big Sisters, Allied Youth, band majorette, NANCY HOLTZWORTH: Veep of Allied Youth, Assist. Chairman of Big Sisters, Reg Rep, Shield and L, Varieties, G.A.A., L-4 Activities Comm., and CSF. DAN HONE: Pres. of CSF, manager ot' P. A. crew, Reg Rep, Scroll and L, Big Brothers, Block L dance comm. and swimming team. Plans to study nuclear physics at Cal. BILL HONIG: Reg. Rep, Big Brothers, carnival comm., H-4 Activities Comm., Block L, captain of golf team, and on Cross Country team. Maiored in science and history. JUDITH HUDSON: Participated in G.A.A. swimming and ice skating. Maiored in English and science. Plans to become a nurse after graduation. LARRY HUSBAND: Block L, Big Brothers, L-4 Activities Commt, football and baseball. Maiored in English, math and history and plans to attend San Jose State. JACK HYMANS: S. F. Youth Association delegate, Treas. of C,S.F., sec. of Forensics, in German, Chem. and Biology Clubs, won 12th place in Hearst contest, on H-3 Activities Comm. Plans to go to Europe for a year. KUNIMARO ISHIDA: Maiored in math, science, and art. Member of the Poster Club and the track team. Plans to attend City College of San Francisco. KIYONE ISHII: Red Cross Rep, Big Sisters, Block I., GHLA. swimming and volleyball. Plans to go on to co egc. Class of June, 7954 3 DIANE JACOBS: CSF, Block L, Big Sisters, and Lowell ' staff, G.A.A. bowling, tennis and riding. Maiored in ' English and Latin. Will attend Pomona College to study English. SHIRLEY JACOBSON: Red Cross Rep, CSF, Adv. Orch., G.A.A. ice skating and riding. Maiored in music and plans to attend San Francisco State College. LENORE JAMES: Block L, CSF, Adv. Orch., and G.A.A. bowling, tennis and modern dance. Plans to attend junior college and then go to the Conservatory of Music in France. JAN JANOFSKY: Maiored inlhistory while at Lowell. Was on the track team and plans to attend San Francisco State College. PETER JANSSEN: H-3 class pres., Reg Rep., Scroll, Big Brothers, Block L, S. B. dance comm. On baseball and football teams. Maiored in science, English, and math. KEN JOHNSTON: Maiored in English and mathematics and plans to attend City College or State College after graduation. ROBERT JONES: Red Cross Rep, on Lawell staff, carnival committee, and baseball team. Maiored in English, history, and art and plans to attend City College LYNNDA JONES: Came to Lowell from Jack Yates Sr. Hi School as a high senior. Maj-ored in English and science and plans to become a pediatric doctor. MARTIE KAHN: Reg Rep, Lowell staff, L-12 Activities Comm. In G.A.A. bowling, ice skating, and tennis. Maiored in English and science and plans to attend San Jose State. WALTER H. KUPAU: Came to Lowell from Honolulu, Hawaii in his senior year. Maiored in math and plans to attend City College of San Francisco to continue study- ing math. PEGGY KAPLAN: Came from L. A. where she was a member of the Service Society and Big Sisters. Reg Rep and member ot G.A.A. at Lowell. Maiored in math and Spanish. Will attend Cal. ELENA KASHKADAMUFF: Block L, Big Siste1's, G.A.A. tennis and riding and Red and lVlJite staff. Maiored in English and science and plans to attend Cal. PAGE TH IRTY-TWO LARRY KAY: Came from San Rafael High as tl iunior. Majored in English, and math and plans to go to Stantord. SCOTT KEILHOLTZ: Life member of C.S.F., H-'I Activi- ties Comm., on library statt, Reg Rep and Treas. M-ajored in English, language, history, and math and going to Stanford. JUDITH KINO: Came trom XVashington High as a iunior. Block I. pres., Big Sisters. Ci.A.A. bowling. HYS carnival comm., and Exec. Board. Maiored in French and plans a nursing career. ERIC KNOX: Attended Saint ,loseph's College and Army High School before coming to Lowell, Majored in mathe- matics and French and after graduation he plans to attend college. WALITA KOENIG: G.A.A. pres. manager ol' riding, rea porter for Allied Youth, on Shield and L. Big Sisters. Block L, S. B. dance comm., L-5 dance comm., and Varieties. Plans to attend Davis. PAT KOOYER: Maiored in music and was Reg Treas. and a member of the Block I.. Plans to be a general clerk at Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. CAROLE KOTHE: G.A.A. tennis and swimming, Red Cross Rep, Block L, Varieties, H-3 dance comm., Big Sisters, and lmrcefl staff. Maiored in English, science, and French. XVill attend S. F. State. LESLIE KRATZ: G.A.A. volleyball, assistant manager of softball. in Big Sisters, Block I., Shield, Varieties, and 1.014141 stalt. Maiored in history and English ARLENE KROUZIAN: Came to Lowell from the Convent ot the Sacred Heart. Member ot XVriter's Club and G.A.A. Majored in French and science. Plans to attend Stanford. YVONNE LABOURE: Reg Treas., H-3 vice president, assist. modern dance manager, G.A.A., Block I., Shield, Big Sisters, S. B. dance comm., and Varieties. 1 MARILYN LAMB: XVas in the advanced choir, majored in English while at Lowell and plans to attend College of the Pacihc to study music. IUDI LANDAU: W'as a member of the Big Sisters and the G.A.A. She maiored in history and English and plans to attend San Francisco State College. Class of June, 7954 JIM LAYTON: Reg Treas., Reg Rep, Block L, Big Brothers, varsity football and swimming. Maiored in science, history, and English and plans to attend Stanford. ERNIE LEICHTER: XVas sports editor of the Red-and While. Reg Treas., and participated in soccer. He maiored in English and plans to attend Cal. PAUL LEW: Before coming to Lowell he attended Riordan High School for two years. He majored in language, English history, science, and mathematics. JAMES LEXVISQ Maiored in science and history while at Lowell. Partcipated in track and plans to attend City College of San Francisco. SERENE LOW: Reg Rep, Red Cross Rep, Sec. of Shield, life member of CSF and in Chinese Student Club, Big Sisters, and G.A.A. swimming and folk dancing. ANNE LOWRY: Came to Lowell from Panama as a senior. Lowell statt. Reg Treas., and Red Cross Rep. Maiored in math and English and plans to attend Agnes Scott College in Georgia. MARY LUM: Wliile at Lowell she maiored in mathe- matics. She was a member of the Big Sisters and plans to go to college after graduation. GXVEN LUNDERVILLE: She was a member of G,A.A. modern dancing and swimming. Majored in English, history and foreign languages. Plans to attend City College. GEORGE MCCHESNEY: Reg Rep. Reg Treas, Band, CSF, Student Council, Clarinet Quartette, Varieties, Newcomers Reception, and track. Plans to attend U,C. DIANE McCLELLAND: G.A.A. bowling, Big Sisters, H-5 Dance Comm., Allied Youth, and the I.uu'ul! stali. Maiored in English and history and plans to attend San Francisco State College. JUDY McDONALD: Reg Treas., Red Cross Rep., Student Council. G.A.A. bowling and tennis, Rn! tam! W'hiIe stati, and Carnival Comm. Maiored in science and English and will attend San jose State. ETTA McI.EMORE: Attended Las Vegas High before coming to Lowell. Participated in G.A.A. softball. Majored in science and English and plans to attend City College of San Francisco. PAGE TIIIR'I'Y-TIIREIZ RICHARD A. MALDONADO: Majored in art and was president of the Poster Club. Played varsity football. Plans to attend San Jose State or Parson's School of Design. SAM MARCOVITCH: Wliile at Lowell Sam was in the Biology Club. Majored in science, English, and mathe- matics, and will attend City College after graduation. JAMES J. MARSHALL: Attended Polytechnic for 2 years where he majored in history and machine and auto shops. Plans to join the Marine Corps in the fall. JANE MATZGERQ Big Sisters. Shield, Block I.. Allied Youth. and G.A.A. bowling and manager ol tennis. Majored in science and will go to college. JOAN MATZGER: Shield, Big Sisters, Block I.. Ci.A.A, tennis and bowling, Allied Youth, and associate editor of the Lowell. Majored in English, science, and language and will go to college, JOHN MCCARTNEY: Adv. Orch., String Quartet, Varieties, track, cross country, and Reg Treas. Majored in science, language, and music and plans to attend Cal to become a doctor. MARCIA MECKLENBURG: Reg. Rep., Reg. Treas., Red Cross Rep., Block L, Varieties, Big Sister, G.A.A. bowling, L-5 Dance Comm., and library staff. Majored in English and science and will attend State. MARGUERVLE MEREDITHZ G.A.A. volleyball, softball, and Clerk of Awards, Block L Dance Comm.. Big Sisters, Varieties. Lawell stalf, Orch, and Band, Plans to attend S.F. State College, LESZEK MILLER: Helmajored in mathematics while at Lowell. After graduation he plans to attend college, LLOYD MINNEY: Varsity baseball and soccer. Bi Brothers, Block L, Scroll, Sen. Act. Comm., Iarzvell staff? and V. P. of Block I., Wfill attend San Jose State and then try out for pro-baseball. ADRIANE MODLIN: G.A.A., Big Sisters, Student Body Dance Comm. and H-4 Act, Comm. lylajored in Spanish, science, and English and plans to attend U,C. MICHAEL MONTEITH: Wliile at Lowell he majored in history. He plans to attend City College ot San Francisco and then go to Santa Barbara to major in business. awe ,f Class of June, 7954 PAGE THIRTY-FOUR CAROLYN W. MONTGOMERY: H-4 Sec., Soc. Chair. ot' Big Sisters, Student Judge, Shield and L, Block,L. Varieties, Allied Youth. H-5 Act. Comm., Forensics, and G,A.A. XVill attend Stanford or U.C.I..A. FRANK MORGAN: XVhile at Lowell Frank majored in English and history, Alter graduation he plans to attend San Francisco State College. POURAN MOZAFFARI: Pouran majored in English. After graduation she plans to attend San Francisco State. BARBARA MUGG: 'G.A.A. sec. and manager, Block L. Big Sisters, Gym Oihce, softball and basketball. Majored in English and history and plans to attend S, F. State. IRENE MUGGACH: Red Cross Rep, Block L, Dance Comm., Carnival Comm., G.A.A. volleyball, Big Sisters, and Varieties. Majored in history, Spanish, and English and plans to work in a commercial art studio. YOSH MUMEHARA: Xvhile at Lowell he participated in basketball and was a member of the Block L. Majored in science and plans to attend college after graduation. EDWARD MURNEY: ln band, Orch., ROTC. Chess Club. Slide Rule Club, and track. Majorecl in mathematics and science. Plans to go to City College and then to Cal. NORMAN A. NAGEL: Wliile at Lowell he participated in basketball. He majored in history, mathematics, and music, After graduation he plans to attend San Francisco State College. IOHN NEVIN: He majored in German while at Lowell. He was on the baseball team and plans to attend City College after graduation. THOMAS BOYD NIBLEY: Came to ,Lowell from S. I. as a junior, Was Reg Treas. and participated in swimming. Majored in English, sciente, and history. BARBARA O'CONNOR: Big Sisters. Block L, Varieties, I.au'ull staff, business manager of Red and Whife. ln G.A.A. volleyball. Plans to attend S. F. State to become a teacher. PAT OGNEFF: Reg. Rep. and Treas., Red Cross Rep, Rally Comm.. H-4 Attivities Comm.. Block L. Big Sisters. and G.A.A. bowling, Majored in Spanish, English, and history. Plans to attend S. F. State. NANCY OLSEN: Sec. Student Council, Veep or ri-4 Class, Reg Reg. and Treas., manager of G.A.A. tennis, Big Sisters, S ield, and adv. orch. Majored in music, English, Spanish, and science. KYRA OPPERMANN: Pres. of Shield,Xres, of Jr. Red Cross, L5 Sec., Big Sisters, Block L, G A bowling and volleyball, and S. B. Rally Comm. TERI ORTNER: Alt. Yell Leader, Reg Rep., Block L, l.ff11'ill staff, library stafi, Big Sisters, Allied Youth. Carnival comm., and G,A.A. bowling. ,IOE O'SHEA: Before coming to Lowell- as a senior he attended Ignatius. He majored in history and plans to attend City College. ANTONIO PACQSOLINGAN: Xlifhile at Lowell he majored in mathematits. After graduation he plans to attend City College. He came to Lowell as a senior from thc Philippines. -IOANNE PATTERSON: Block L, Varieties, library staff, Big Sisters, assist, manager of G.A.A, volleyball, Carnival comm. Plans to go to college for a business course. ADEA PAUSCH: Came to Lowell as a senior from St. joseph's in Berkeley. Maiored in history and art while at Lowell. Plans to become a professional hallerina after graduation. DOUGLAS PELK: Doug majored in English and math. He was Reg Rep., sports editor of the Lowell, played J. V. football, and plans to attend Menlo College. TOM PETRIG: Wfhile at Lowell he majored in math and science. He was Reg Treas. and played j. V. football. After graduation he plans to attend Cogswell College. DOROTHY PFLIEGERI Maiored in English and history. Xlifas in Varieties, GAA howling and volleyball, and on the Block L. Plans to attend City College. BUD PHILLIPS: Attended Poly for two years before coming to Lowell. Played varsity baseball. Plans tn attend Menlo junior College. MARILYN PHILLIPS: Reg Rep and Reg Treas., Block L, CSF, Adv. Choir, Carnival comm., GAA bowling, and g'm otiice. Maiorecl in English, history, and sciente and plans to attend S. F. State. Class of June, 7954 DALE POLISSAR: Band leader, Student Body Sec., Big Brothers, Scroll, Block L, swimming team, music ed. of lmzwell, Writer's Club, CSF life member. XVILLIAM XV. POPE: Stroll, life member of CSE, Big Brothers, Block L, football, track, L4 sec., and Student Body Treas. Majored in math, languages, and science. l,YLE RADER: Participated in softball and was Red Cross Representative, Majored in history and plans to start a cattle ranch after graduation, DICK RAMSEY: Life member of the CSF and in -advanced hand. Maiored in science, -language, and music. Plans to go to Davis to study agriculture. JOHN RECTOR: john, majored in Spanish and partici- pated in swimming. After graduation he plans to go to Davis to study animal husbandry. NANCY RAUB: Assist, manager of Modern Dance, G.A.A. ice-skating, Big Sisters, and Block L. Majored in science, French, and English and plans to study medicine at Brigham Young University, ANN RAVARA: Sec. of CSF, Big Sisters, and G.A.A. swimming. Majored in language. and math and plans to attend the University of Ca ifornia. THEODORE REICH: Track, basketball, and Block L. Mainred in English and German and plans to attend the University of Vienna. PETE REIDER: H-4 pres., pres. of Silver Spikes, Reg Rep and Treas., H-5 Att. comm., H-12 Carnival comm.. S. B. Dance comm., track. and cross country. To Stanford or Harvard, DALE REINHART: Big Sisters, Student Body Dante comm., and Reg Rep. Maiored in art and language and plans to go to college. EARL LOUIS RESCH: Earl maioicd in English and history. He was on the lalzeell staff and a Red Cross Rep. After graduation he plans to go to college, VIUDY RICHARDS: Judy maiored in history and English. She was in the Varieties and the G.A.A. After gradua- tion she plans to work for the Metropolitan Life Insur- ance Co. PAGE THIRTY-FIVE GARY RIFKIND: Came to Lowell from Wfashington as a high senior. Majored in math and plans to attend the University of California, SUE RII.EY: Big Sisters, G.A.A. swimming, bowling, and ice-skating, and business manager ot the Loivefl, Majored in history and English. Plans to attend City College. BETH ROBERTS: Reg, treas., Red Cross rep.. Carnival comm., Block L Dance comm., G.A.A, tennis and ice! skating, Big Sisters, and Varieties. Plans to at.end City College and Stanford. ESTELLE ROCKSTROH: Wlhile at Lowell she majored in science. After graduation she plans to go to City College to study political science. DONALD GEORGE RODGERS: Came from Lalayette, Calitornia. XVas in the ROTC and majored in science. history, and industrial arts. After graduation he will work tor the F. G. 22 E. BARBARA ROSE: Wlrile at Lowell she was a member of the Block L. She nmajored in French and English and plans to enter the University of California. BOB RUBIA:-He was a member of the Poster Club and majored in science while at Lowell. He plans to attend City College after graduation. FRANCES RUSSELL: Came to Lowell from St. Rose. Majored in history and plans to attend San Francisco State College alter graduation. AILEEN RYAN: Reg treasurer, Block I., Varieties. and G.A.A. swimming. Majored in English and plans to attend San Francisco State, JOAN. RYAN: Associate ed. of Rm' 111111 llnbilv. Student Council, Red Cross rep, Big Sisters, Block L, H-3 Act. comm., Varieties, and GAA swimming, bowling, and ice- skating. Going to S. F. State. SACHIKO SEKINO: Came to Lowell from Japan as a Junior. Wits in the choir and G.A.A. Majored in history and plans to attend S. F. State. PAUL SANDERS: Paul majored in science while at Lowell, Atter graduation he plans to go to City College to become an engineer. Class of June, 7954 ARNOLD SANDROCK: Arnold was a member of the Usher Reserve. He majored in English and plans to attend San Francisco State College. BOB SCHIPPER: Majored in history and art and played football. Plans to enter Naval Submarine School and then attend art school. DOREEN SCHUETTE: Doreen majored in art and partici- pated in G.A.A. swimming. After graduation she plans to attend the California College of Arts and Crafts. TOM SCHXVABACHER: ROTC battalion commander, CSF president, Executive Board, Scroll, and Big Brothers. Majored in English and math and plans to go to college. GIL SCIACOIUA: Head yell leader, student body treas., pres. of Stu ent Council, reg rep, Scroll, Big Brothers, Rally comm., and football. Majored in music and will attend City and then U. C. LENORE SCOTT: Majored in science and participated in G.A.A. bowling, Came to Lowell as a senior from the Dominican Convent and plans to study to be a laboratory technician at U. C. JACKIE SECAIL: Head girls' yell leader, reg and Red Cross rep, co-chairman of Red Cross, Big Sisters, Block L, Shield, S. B. Dance comm., and G.A.A. bowling. KARL SENDER: Karl majored in German and history. After graduation he plans to attend City College to study hotel management. DARRELL SEVILLA: Reg rep. H-4 Act. comm., Stage Crew, Biology Club, l.oz4'cll staff, track and football. Majored in English, science, and languages and plans to attend Stanford. BRUCE W. SHAFER: Editor of the Lowell, reg, rep, H-3 Act. comm., Block L, Scroll, Student Council, Student Court, Exec. Board, Term Play, Varieties, and basketball. To attend Cal. BERT SHAPIRO: Reg rep and treas., I.-3 pres. sec-treas, ol, Scroll, Big Brothers, CSF, basketball, and track. Majored in science and math and plans to attend U.C.L.A, EDDIE SHIOZAKI: Member of Block L and band. Participated in track. Majored in history and plans to ,W ,VY attend City College. PAGE THIRTY-SIX i ROBERTA GRACE SINGER: Big Sisters, GAA Modern Dance and Riding, Block L Dante comm., CSF, and Varieties. Maiored in history and English. RICHARD SISICH: Reg rep, H--I Act. comm., Carnival Comm., CSF, adv. choir. Majored in English and plans to study radio and TV broadcasting at S.F. State or C.C.S.F. EIJWARD SMITH: lklaiored in science. French, Latin and math. Belonged to the XY'riter's Club, Music Club, Slide Rule Club, Pres. of the Biology Club. GERALDINE SMITH: Red and While staff, Block L Dance comm., GAA bowling, ice-skating, and swimming. Majored in art, English, and history and plans to attend Parson's Fashion Design College. SHERMAN SODERLUND: He was a member of the band and played football. He majored in history, music, and giiglyl and plans to attend City College and Felds TV c oo . ALLAN SOMMER: Pres. of Block I., pres. of Big Brothers, reg rep, Exec. Board, S. B. Dance comm., and basketball, swimming, and track. CLIFF SOWARD: Came from Oakland as a H-4. Majored in English and history. Vice pres, ol' High Y and member of Key Club in Virginia. KAY SPERCJW: Block VI. and G.A,A. swimming, tennis, modern dance, and softball. Came to Lowell from St. Vrncent's as a senior. lylajored in English. ALINE SPIVOCK: G.A.A. tennis, Block L, library staff, CSF lite member, Big Sisters, and Red Cross rep. Majored in math, science, and language, and will go to college. ALMA SPIVDCK: Maiored- in English and French, and was secretary of the Big Sisters and Reg. Rep. Member of l.azz'eIl staff and plans to attend Cal. ,IOYCE SPIVOCK: Shield, Big Sisters, Block L, G.A.A. bowling, softball, riding. and volleyball. Maiored in English and plans to major in chem at U. C. NANCY SUE SPURGEON1 Block I. ,Adv. Choir, G.A.A. bowling, softball, riding, and volleyball. Maiored in English and will attend City College to become an airline stewardess. Class of June, 7954 SALLY SQUIRES: Pres. of Forensic Sotiety. reg treas., Big Sisters, and CI.A.A. modern-dance, Plan-s to attend San Francisco State to study radio and public speaking. SANDRA STEICQERNVALD: Maioretl in English and participated in Ci.A,A. swimming. Plans to go to City College and then to Cal. CECELE STEVER: Came to Lowell from Star of the Sea as a senior. Maioiecl in history and English and partici pated in icekskatmg and swimming. ELSON ST. JOHN: L-4 nres., reg rep, Scroll, reg treas- Big Brothers, Student Council, Student Body Dance comm., track, and basketball. Plans to attend CCSF and then Cal. AL STURGEON: Came to Lowell from Indiana as a iunior. Maiored in diesel mechanics at john' O'K.onnell'and planf to get more tra ning in this field after graduation. JOE SUMSKI: Reg rep, Youth in Government rep., Allied Youth, and track. Maiored in history and French and plans to attend Claremont Men's College or Cal. ALICE SUNG: Came to Lowell from Poly as a junior. Participated in Ci.A.A. swimming and the Chinese Student Club, Majored in music and business and will attend City College. GAYLE SUSNOXV: Reg treas., Carnival comm., Block I. Dante comm., Big Sisters, lsorcnsics, Ci.A.A, tennis man- ager, and counseling office. Maiored in science and English and plans to attend U.C. BEATE SUSSKIND: CSF, counseling ofhte, and G.A,A. swimming and tennis. Majored in Spanish and history and plans to go to college. IXIAUREEN SW'ANSON:- Shield, Block I., Big Sisters, library staff, Ci.A.A. bowling, and Red Cross rep. Mirrored in French and English and plans to become a kindergarten teacher. BURTON SXVEENEY: Member of the ROTC Saber Club. Lovrell National Rifle Association, and the Rifle Team. Maiored in sciente and plans to attend U.C. BOB SXVENSUN: Choir, Red um! While stafl, Rally Comm., and reg rep. Maiored in English and history and plans to attend Cornell University. PAGE 'I'l IIRTY-SEVEN X l CHARLES THEISS: Member of the Drum and Bugle Corps and Adv, orchestra. Majored in music and English and plans to join the Navy and then go into commercial printing, BORIS TOPORKOFF: Came to Lowell from St. Xavier's College in China. Majoretl in French, history, math, and English, and is planning a military career. DICK TORIGGINO: Was a member of the ROTC Saber Club and Rifle Team, Majored in science and language and plans to attend City College. RONALD TSUGITA: Reg treas., Block L, basketball and track. Majored in math, Latin, and sciente. Xlflill atrend the University of California, MARGARET URBAN: Wfhile at Lowell Margaret majored in English and French. She will attend business college after graduation. ,IENNIE VANDAMENT: lennfe Climb to Lowell from Santa Ana, Calif. as a high senior. She majored in history and plans to go to work or to college after graduation. ANN VARGO: Block L, H-4 Activities comm., and G,A,A. bowling. Majored in science and English and plans to attend San jose State College. ROSALIND VASSILEV: Came to Lowell as a senior from Monterey High School. Member of German Club, Poster Club, and G.A.A. modern dance. Majored in English and languages. DON VERDU: Reg. treas., Big Brothers, Block L, and track. Majored in science and math and plans to attend the University of California to study medicine. CARLOS VILLA: Red Cross rep, Poster Club, library staff, and football, Majored in history and plans to attend City College and then San Francisco State. SUMIKO WADA: Block L, Big Sisters, G.A.A, swim- ming, volleyball, basketball, and howling, Majored in Eng ish and French, and plans to attend a business college. ARLENE VUAITE: Head yell leader. reg rep, Big Sisters, G.A.A. howling and volleyball, S. B. Dance comm., Block L. Lowell staff, Varieties, library staff, and Allied Youth. City College next. Class of June, 795-4 JOAN WARNER: Participated in G.A.A. swirnrning I while at Lowell, Majored in math, English, and history, and plans to attend U.C. at Davis. . CHRISTINE XVARREN: Shield, Block I., Big Sisters, I.-4 act. COITIIH., Varieties, G.A.A. volleyball I'DLIl'lilgCI. Wfill attend U.C. TAKASHI WATANABE: Member of Block L. Big Brothers, basketball, and track. Majored in science, language, and math, Will attend Golden Gate College. JAMES WEBSTER: flames was a member of the Slide Rule Club, Biology C ub, and Saber Club. He majored in math and plans to attend college after graduation. CATHERINE ELIZABETH WEHREN: Attended Chester gr.-Sr. High for her junior and L-12 years. Member of and, orchestra, and forensics. Majored in science and music. Plans to attend U.C. ROBERT LYNN WHITE: Before coming to Lowell he attended George Xvashington Carver High School. He majored in industrial arts and plans to attend City College, MARY LEI XVHITE: Vlfhile at Lowell she-served as Red Cross rep. She majored in history and after graduation she plans to go to work, HARVEY L. WHITLEY: Reg rep., CSF, Slide Rlue Club, and Big Brothers. Majored in math and science and plans to attend Oklahoma A. 81 M. DON XVILKES1 Pres. of Big Brothers, reg rep, Allied Youth, Block I., dance comm., and varsity football. Majored in history and plans to attend City College and then Cal. MARIAN XVILLIAMS: Member of Big Sisters, Red Cross rep, and Block L. Majored in history and plans to go to college to study criminology. BILL WINSTON: While at Lowell he participated in tennis and majored in science, language, and math. He plans to attend the University of California to study physics. DIANA WITT: Came to Lowell from Piedmont High as a junior. Majored in French and plans to attend San Francisco State College and continue studying ballet. PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT JOAN WOLFENDEN: Big Sisters, Block L. Lowell staff, attendance ottice, and G.A.A. tennis. Majored in English and plans to attend San jose State College. FRANCES WOLIN: She was a member of the Block-L and on the Lowell statf. She plans to attend the University of Oregon, JOHNNIE XVOOD: Block L. band, and G,A.A. swim- ming. Majored in English and music and will attend San Francisco State College. LAURENCE K, WORMSER: Reg rep and photographer for the Red and While and Lowell. Majored in German, math, and science and plans to attend Stanford. JOYCE WORSWICK: Was in the Varieties and a mem- ber of the G.A.A. Majored in English and art and plans to attend State College to continue studying art. BOB YAMABE: Big Brothers, Block I.. Silver Spikes, Knights of the Gridiron, football, basketball, and track. Majored in English and plans to attend City College. GERALD YOUNG: Slide Rule Club, Chinese Students Club, Chemistry Club, and Chess Club. Math and science major. Will attend U.C. to study electrical engineering. HELEN YU. Member of Chinese Student Club. G.A.A. swimming. Majored in mathematics, and plans to attend S. F. City College. and then S. F. State. NATALIA ZALESSOW: Member of the German Club and the Slide Rule Club. G.A.A. ice skating. Maiored in math and languages. Plans to attend City College. KALERIA ZERCHIKOFF: Member ot' G.A.A. swimming and Modern Dance, Majored in mathematics and plans to attend San Mateo junior College. ROBERT ZXVIEG: Big Brothers, football, and track. Block L dance committee. Majored in science. Plans to attend Menlo College and then go to Stanford. Class o June, i954 l PAGE THIRTY-NINE GIRLS CAROL AARDAL ANN ADAIR AUDREY ANN ALLISON CAROL ANN ANGER ELEANOR EMIKO AOKI BONITA CLEONE BALTHROPE BEVERLY LYNN BARDO BARBARA BATMALE PATRICIA LOU BERELSON CAROL LOU BERGER KAREN OLGA BLAIR BARBARA BRAZIER DEIDRE MARIE BRITTON MARGARET LOUISE BURTON WINIFRED LEE BUTCHER CLAUDIA DALE CAESAR EDITH ELAINE CAMPBELL TANIA CHERIKOFF LORELEI JEWEL CLUEE JOANNE CONLON RHODA MAE CRAVENS DIANNE BRITTON DANDY BARBARA JANE DAVIES ARLENE DAVIS BEVERLY ANN ECKHARDT ANNA INESE EGLITE Q PATRICIA LOUISE ELDREDGE JEAN KAREN ELLESON, WENDY CLAIRE EPPINGER MARGUERITE LILIENTHAL FINMAN ELIZABETH JEAN FLETCHER JANET LOUISE FRANK MARY LOUISE ERIZZELL VIRGINIA LEE GARNOT DONNA GILBERT EVA GOLIGER DOROTHY EVE GORDON SUZANNE GORDON MAURINE SANDRA GRANT DIXIE LEE HALEORD ISABELLE HALL JEAN MARIE HARPER CAROL LYNN HARRIS FRANCIS JEAN HARRIS CECILE ROSE HARTMAN MARY ISABELL HENDERSON B RB SYILVIA GAY HOLLINGSWORTH NANCY FLORENCE HOLTZWORTH JUDITH ANN HUDSON KIYOME ISHII DIANE S. JACOBS SHIRLEY DIANE JACOBSON LENORE JAMES LYNNDA JONES MARTHA VIRGINIA KAHN PEGGY BARBARA KAPLAN ELENA KASHKADAMOEF JUDITH KINO WALETA LEE KOENIG PATRICIA ELAINE KOOYER CAROLE DIANE KOTHE LESLIE JEAN KRATZ ARLENE ALICE KROUZIAN YVONNE MILDRED LABOURE MARILYN GRACE LAMB JUDITH LANDAU CLAIRE SERENE LOW ANNE KING LOWRY MARY LUM GWENDOLYN COLLEEN LUNDERVILLE JANE ELLEN MATZGER JOAN MATZGER DIANE MAE MCCLELLAND JUDITH MCDONALD ETTTA DELL MCLEMORE MARCIA MARIE MECKLENBURG ALBINA MARGUERITE MEREDITH ADRIANE L. MODLIN CAROLYN WINNIE MONTGOMERY POURAN MOZAFFARI BARBARA RUTH MUGG IRENE MARY MUGGACH BARBARA ANN O'CONNOR PATRICIA KAY OGNEFF NANCY ANN OLSEN KYRA OPPERMANN MARILYN DIANE ORTNER JO-ANNE PATTERSON KATHLEEN ADEA PAUSCH DOROTHY ANN PFLIEGER MARY ANN PHILLIPS ANN RAVARA PAGE FORTY O Class Of June, 7954 NANCY LYNN RAUB DALE ARLENE REINHART JUDITH HUNT RICHARDS SUE RILEY ELIZABETH ANN ROBERTS ESTELI.E ROCKSTROH BARBARA DIANE ROSE FRANCES ANN RUSSELL AILEEN MARIE RYAN JOAN RYAN DOREEN LEE SCHUETTE CLARA LENORE SCOTT JACQUELINE GRACE SECAIL SACHIKO SEKINO ROBERTA GRACE SINGER GERALDINE MAE SMITH KATHERINE JAMES SPEROW ALINE SPIVOCK ALMA SOIVOCK JOYCE MARILYN SPIVOCK NANCY SUE SPURGEON SALLY MARGARET SQUIRES SANDRA ANN STEIGERWALD CECELE MARIAN STEVER ALICE SUNG GAYLE SANDRA SUSNOW BEATE SUSSKIND MAUREEN ADAIR SWANSON MARGARET MARY URBAN JENNIE RAE VANDAMENT ANN LOUISE VARGO ROSALIND VASSILEV SUMIKO WADA ARLENE SHEILA WAITE CHRISTINE CAROLE WARREN JOAN LOUISE WARNER CATHERINE ELIZABETH WEHREN BARBARA JEAN WELSH MARY LEI WHITE MARIAN MAJORIE WILLIAMS DIANA KYNNERSLEY WITT JOAN LESLIE WOLFENDEN FRANCES JANE WOLIN JOHNNIE LORRAINE WOOD JOYCE CAROLYN WORSWICK HELEN YU NATALIA ZALESSOW KALERIA ZERCHIKOFF BOYS PAUL M. ADACHI SEYMOUR ALTERMAN KENNETH ARCHIBALD KENNETH ALFRED ARNDT FREDERICK WILLIAM BAUMEISTER HARRY GLENN BELL JR. NICHOLAS BELONOGOFF MICHAEL BERGER PETER C. BLUETT MAX JENNETT BODDEN ROGER LYNN BOHNE YOSHINORI ERNEST BOKURA PHILIP HERBERT BRAVERMAN GEORGE LE ROY BREWSTER HENRY HANNA BRIGHAM III CHARLES BROWN FREDERICK VAN BRUCH ROBERT BULLARD RICHARD FRANCIS BULLOCK DAVID HOYLE BURTON JAMES LEWIS CALHOUN CLEVE W. CARTER ROGER GEORGE CARVER RICHARD ANDREW CELLARIUS ROBERT YUEN TSUN CHIN SANDY SEE CHING CHINN WILLIAM ROBERT CHISUM STEPHEN IRVING COHEN VINCENT LEE COOKE RICHARD KENNETH COURTWAY GEORGE ALEXANDER CUTHBERTSON ARTHUR CZYZ JAMES MILTON DALRYMPLE RICHARD SHERMAN DANA JAMES CLAYTON DAVIS WILFRED DAWES DAVIS ALAN EVERETT DEAR EDWARD J. DOHERTY RICHARD EARL DONAVAN RICHARD EARL CHARLES A. ERHARD SAMUEL EDWARD FEDELI, JR. WILLIAM E. FERRITER, JR. JOHN P. FIDLER EARL ARTHUR FILLINGER EMILE E. FORTENBERRY ROBERT MARTIN FRICK EDDIE HOY GONG ARLEIGH CHARLES GREENBLAT PEETER GRUNER PRICE JAY HALL DOUGLAS MARTIN HAMILI. VICTOR ALOYISIUS HEBERT DAVID MICHAEL HEILBRON GEORGE E. HENRY, JR. RICHARD HINKLE DANIEL WARREN HONE LOUIS WILLIAM HONIG LAWRENCE HUSBAND JACK LOUIS HYMANS KUNIMARO ISHIDA JAN M. JANOFSKY PETER ANTON JANSSEN KENNETH WARREN JOHNSTON ROBERT EDWARD JONES EZEKIAL JOSEPH WALTER KUPAU LAURENCE DONALD KAY SCOTT RICHARD KEILHOLTZ ERIC GEORGE KNOX JAMES A. LAYTON ERNEST CHARLES LEICHTER PAUL LEW RICHARD ANTHONY MALDONADO SAMUEL MARCOVITCH JAMES J. MARSHALL JOHN JAMES MCCARTNEY GEORGE MCCHESNEY LLOYD EDWARD MINNEY MICHAEL DUER MONTEITH FRANK PHILLIP MORGAN LESZEK MILLER YOSHITO MUMEHARA THOMAS EDWARD MURNEY NORMAN ARTHUR NAGEL JOHN DAVID NEVIN THOMAS BOYD NIBLEY JOSEPH M. O'SHEA ANTONIO PAGSOLINGAN DOUGLAS GOWAN PECK THOMAS C. PETRIG EBEN F. PHILLIPS DALE F. POLISSAR WILLIAM WADE POPE LYLE RADER RICHARD HAROLD RAMSEY JOHN MOTT RECTOR II THEODORE JOSEPH REICH ARTHUR ELLIOTT REIDER EARL LOUIS RESCH GARY LAWRENCE RIFKIND DONALD GEORGE RODGERS ROBERT F. RUBIA GEORGE ELSON ST. LOHN PAUL DEWITT SAND RS F, ARNOLD SANDROCK ROBERT EDWARD SCHIPPER THOMAS KURT SCHWABACHER GILBERT RENATO' SCIACQUA KARL SENDER DARRELL SEVILLA WILLIAM BRUCE SHAFER BERTRAND JAY SHAPIRO EDDIE SEIGO SHIOZAKI RICHARD CHARLES SISICH EDWARD LAIDLAW SMITH SHERMAN ALLEN SODERLUND ALLAN ELWOOD SOMMER CLIFFORD WALLACE SOWARD ALVIN DAYLEN STURGEON BARNETT JOSEPH SUMSKI BURTON L. SWEENEY GOLDEN ROBERT SWENSON CHARLES ARTHUR THEISS RONALD TSUGITA BORIS I. TOPORKOFF RICHARD L. TORIGGINO DONALD EDWARD VERDU CARLOS PEDRO GOROSPE VILLA II TAKASHI WATANABE JAMES ASHLEY WEBSTER ROBERT LYNN WHITE HARVEY L, WHITLEY DONALD E. WILKES WILLIAM WINSTON LAURENCE KLAUBER WORMSER ROBERT R. YAMABE GERALD HIN HING YOUNG ROBERT MARTIN ZWEIG YQYTKVQ Sports Table of Contents Football . . Cross Country Soccer . . . Basketball Baseball . Tennis . . Smdnuning . Track . . Golf . . . Sports Ciamlids Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 42 48 49 50 55 57 58 60 63 6Hi FOOTBALL Fran! row: Bob Lom, QBQ Ken Bley, IvIgr.g Accie Mitchell, HB5 George Vlalms, Cg Dun Wfilkes, LB. 22141 fzmu' Jerry Green, Eg Sam Kuhn, FBQ Jim Layton, G5 Bill Pope, Eg Bob Scott, Eg Hall Bzlllurrl, G. Srd 1'IllL'.' Steve Cohen, ff. 41h 171141 Marshall Kreutcr, QBg Bob Yamabe, HB3 Mike Gospe, Mguxg Eric Macintosh, HBg Roger Ryman, FBg Pete Flood, G. 5111 1-ow: Paul Goorjian, HB. Varsity Football F OO TBA L L Front row: Gordon liallcxwny, TQ Bob Zwieg, Eg Roland Pemcca, Eg Sanford Huber, HB. 2114! 1'ou'.' Pete Janssen, Eg XY'alt Keuuglx, Eg Paul Blum, Mgr.g Phil Sevier, Hg jerry Goldman, HB, ,inf mz1': Stein Xwcissenberger, T5 Tom Ynsukochi, Hlig Dave R-vsenberg, Cf Fred Addison, Tg Larry Husband, QBQ Chuck Pritchard. CQ. Varsity Football PAGE FORTY 'THREE FOOTBALL Franz row: Vlahos, Yamabe, Wilkes and Yasukochi surround a Poly ball carrier. 2. Keough being tackled by two Poly Add' t l b l l l l 2114! I Football la cr rclaxin at a Foot all Ban uet iven at the men as ison s ants y IC p ess y. 1'0u'.' . p y' s A g n q g Foxe Shop. 2. Sealed al the bunqnel: leg! to riglals Milt Cerv, jim Spirou, Coach Minkwitz, Coach Feiling and Coach Anino. ard row: 1. The band para ing at the Pageant. 2. Coach Feiling hands Don Wilkes the Most Valuable Player Trophy. 3. Wilkes and Yamabe make a vicious tackle as Calloway looks on. Football Team I-las Rough Season AAA PAGEANT-LOWELL, 0-BALBOA, 6 Coach Bill Feiling fielded a green but highly spirited club for the third Annual Prep Football Pageant. The Indians drew the number of a strong Balboa team and dropped a hard-fought 6-0 game. Even though the Pageant games last only one quar- ter, they .afford the various coaches an opportunity to judge the talents of the boys on their team. Coach Feiling, after the Pageant, made several changes that placed players in positions better suited to them. Soph- omore Keough showed well against the Buccaneers. LOWELL O--GALILEO 8 Galileo beat the Big Red in the first game of the season thanks to a Lion defense that stiffened at cru- cial times. Just when it appeared that the Cards were on their way, a pass would be intercepted or the pi gskin would squirt from the arms of the ball carrier. PAGE FORTY-FOUR The Lions scored on a long pass and when Q.B. Hus- band was dropped in the end zone trying to pass. Thanks to the stinginess of Ballard and Green on defense, Galileo had to resort to a frantic passing at- tack to score. LOWELL 6-POLYTECHNIC 25 The Cards were matched against the champs, Poly, in the next game and it was evident early in the game that the Parrots were a superior eleven. This, how- ever, didnlt stop the Indians from fighting hard. The fine all-around play of Kuhn, Wilkes, and Ad- dison kept the score from mounting any higher. The Indians scored in the final seconds on a pass from Kreuter to Captain Jerry Green. The Big Red narrowly missed scoring in the second quarter when Keough caught an apparent T.D. pass out of bounds. LOWELL 14-SAINT IGNATIUS 14 Playing their best game of the season, the Indians held playoff contender S.I. to a tie. Heads up defensive play gave the Indians both touchdowns. Don Wilkes recovered a bad pass from center in the S.I. end zone for the first score. The next break came as an S.I. back droped a pitch-out and a 128-pound streak of greased lightning by the name of Larry Husband scooped it up and romped 50 yards for a six-pointer. Bill Pope turned in some great end play in this game. LOWELL 6-BALBOA 41 Having hopes for a good season from the fine show- ing against S.I., the Indians bit off considerably more than they could chew in the form of Bal's playoff- bound Buccaneers. The Indians scored on a brilliant 38-yard pass from Lom to "Watt" Husband. Even though completely outclassed, the team never quit. Sonny Haber, tackle Calloway, and Lom, a soph Q.B. up from the j.V.'s played well, but you can't stop an avalanche with a picket fence. LOWELL 7fMISSION 30 Clawed, pawed, and mauled by the Mission Bear, the Cards came out of their fifth league encounter still winless. Mission, after a poor start in league play, sud- denly rose up to bat down an Indian team that was eager for its first win. The Indian defense couldn't stop a brilliant Mis- sion ground game. Resorting to desperation passes, the Cards gambled and lost with the Bears taking advan- tage of the breaks and cashing them in for scores. A pass from Lom to Keough brought Lowell's lone score. LOWELL 7-SACRED HEART 7 Dominating the first half, but letting down a great deal in the last half, Lowell was tied by last place Sa- cred Heart. It was quite ironic, for this game was sup- posed to be the lone win this season for either side. Early in the game Lowell marched 80 yards climaxed by a 15-yard pass from Kreuter to Keough for a T.D.! The team threatened several other times but couldn't push it over. Wilkes and Yamabe contributed some excellent play throughout the game. LOWELL 0--LINCOLN 20 In a game that was marked by miscues and a brief flurry of aroused tempers, the Cards dropped the tilt to a good Lincoln club. The loss of Don Wilkes early in the game hurt the team considerably. The Mustangs roared around what would have been his position for two of their tallies. The passing of Lom and Kreuter to Keough and Green threatened constantly, but couldnft click at eru- cial times. The Indians' Yamabe and Daniel played Well. LOWELL 0-WASHINGTON 13 Probably the best thing about the Washington game in the minds of most Lowell rooters, was that it was the last of the season. This was a season when everything happened, most- ly bad, to Lowell. The final game with Washington is a fine example of what happened all season long. The Big Red pushed the Eagles all over the Held, but two intercepted passes gave Washington their points. Pete Flood and Roger Ryman played the best game of their careers, but as in other cases it wasn't enough. FOOTBALL I. Haber carries the ball for yardage as Husband puts on a key block. 2. Yasukuclii. Vlalios and IYEIIIIAIIIC gang tackle a Poly man while Coleman Daniels looks on. PAGE FORTY-FIVE '55 :li l JAY VEE FOOTBALL From raw: john Kindsfather, Ted Simmons, Doug Roberts, Louis Levin, Al Clark, Bob Moore, Guy Erb. 2nd row: Duane Hines, Phil Dare, jim Lattimore, john Boucaret, john Vanucci, Bob O'Neal, Dan Rankin, Ed Morrison. 3rd ww: Mr. Milton, Mike Mattson, Ben Augustin, George Peterson, Bob Baker, Ed Hobbs, Ted Evans, jack Hanson. - JCIYVGE Football The j.V.'s had one of their best seasons in several years. They linished the season in a tie for second place with a 5-3 record. Led by pass-snagging end Hines and smashing full- back Hanson, the Papooses rolled over Galileo, 6-Og S.I., 7-6, S.H., 25-Og Lincoln, 26-7, and Washington, 13-12. Their losses were to Poly, Balboa, and Mission. Some of the other outstanding boys in the club were Clark, Dare, Morrison, Vannucci, Peterson, Moore, Roberts and Simmons. Hines led the scoring with 51 points-with the rest of the scoring divided between Hanssen, Vannucci, Clark, Morrison, Sim- mons, and Dare, These guys, although given little attention, work just as hard as their "big brothers" on the varsity. They came through as a great gang who will contribute much to next year's varsity. PAGE FORTY-SIX i Coach Milt gives a pep-talk to the J.V, foot' hall team during half-time of :L muddy game at Washington Field. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Fran! row: Ned Ward, Frank Gama, Alan Belkin, Tom Nyhan, Bill McCauley, Paul Disterheft, Vern Sackett, Everett Stehn. 2nd row: Arthur Burnett, Steve Matelli, Dan Callaghan, jerry Baba, Phil D'Angelo, james Escue, jim Rigney, Roger Ruzek. 3rd row: Don Sullivan, Ken Cooke, Don Douglas, Lynn Mac Meekin, John Kill, jim Horowitz, Ken Kelly, Richard Anderson, Mr. Earl Minkwitz Fresh-Soph Griclciers Beat Poly Ring out the banners, scream with happiness, carry these brave bearers of the Lowell banners on your shoulders. Why? Who are they? They are the little guys who nobody cared about because they are too young to play JV or varsity. They are the members of the Frosh-Soph football team, and they did something that no Lowell football team had done in four years- THEY BEAT POLY! Not only did they break the drought, they did it so as not to leave doubts in any- one's mind, the lil' Injuns won 15-0. It must be admitted that in the early part of the sea- son the "Goofs" did not fare so well. They lost games to Balboa, Saint Ignatius, and Lincoln. The little Reds were led in the line by center Nynan and by end Kiil. In the backheld it was Ward, Gama, and DeAngelo. These are the guys who will someday be the Lowell varsity. With some support they may beat Poly again. LOWELL'S COACHES Football: Bill "Curly" Feiling, head coach of foot- ball and swimming, graduated from Poly and Stan- ford. He played end at Stanford, and began coaching at Willows. Ray Milton attended San Francisco and Stanford after graduating from Lowell. He played fullback in college, and is head coach of the j.V.'s and line coach for the varsity. Earl Minkwitz, coach of the Frosh-Soph, is also a Stanford grad. Basketball: Ben Neff coaches the varsity basketball team. He has been coaching for 28 years, 25 of them at Lowell, and is rated one of the top coaches in North- ern California. Mr. Feiling coaches the 130's, while Mr. Anino coaches the 11O's and 120's. Track and Cross Country: Don Travers, a graduate of the University of California, coaches both these teams. Baseball and Soccer: Walt Drysdale coaches both the baseball and soccer teams. Tennis and Golf: Mr. Livingstone, a Cal grad, coaches tennis and golf. PAGE FORTY-SEVEN CROSS COUNTRY Front raw: B. Davis, F. Ludwig, A. Greenblat, R, Frick, J. McCartney, H. Strauch, R. Cellarius, C. Spangler, D. Travers, fCoachJ. 2nd row: W. Ehlert, H. Landecker, A. Shalar, P. Bluett, P. Hall, S. Gould, S. Franzella, K. Pushman. 3rd row: T. Okubo, D. Silliman, D. Bullock, D. Burton, S. Krieger, P. Reider, B. Honig, B. Voor- sanger, R. Simpson, B. Underwood, T. Zuber. I-iarriers Dual Meet Champs HARRIERSAAAA CHAMPS Paced by Dick Bullock, Pete Reider, and Bill Davis, the cross country team won the AAA Dual Meet Cham- pionship. The team, however, lost out in the All-City Meet by a narrow margin to Poly's record-breaking Parrots. Bullock, the lanky Tennessean, broke a school rec- ord practically every time he ran, but it was his bad fortune to run up against the finest cross country man ever to perform in this area, Poly's Mel Dowdell. This year's team ended the season with one of the best records the harriers have brought home in many a year. The Red and White runners were all victorious in regular season dual meets, losing only to Hayward, Northern California's finest. This team deserves credit as not only an exception- ally good one, but as a true representative of Lowell sportsmanship and participation in athletics. Wilford Davis, Pete Reider, Price Hall, and Stuart Gould. PAGE FORTY-EIGHT l From raw: Tom Roth, Fred Becker, Tom Stern, Steve Breyer, Bob Castle, Allier Zelaya. 2nd row: Eddy Zelaya, Stephen Wiel, Michael Wong, jimmy Nanjo, Walter Lenkeff. 3rd ww: Bob Ellison, Ernie Leichter, Skip Brock, jose Panize, john Hare, Martin Hansen. Soccer Teczm Winless SOCCER Although meeting with very little success, the soccer team did a great deal better than was expected with the inexperienced material available. The booters broke the scoring drought that began last year, when they didn't make a single goal. They scored on all except three of their opponents, keeping most of the games in doubt until the final minutes. Led by Sandy Chin, Jose Panizo, Bob Elleson, Tom Stearns, and goalie Lloyd Minney, the Injun kickers had so many teams in hot water at such regular inter- vals that it seemed impossible that the Red wouldn't win a single game, but alas and alack, this was their unfortunate position when the season ended. In the SI. game, for instance, goals were being missed by distances that could be measured in "hairs," not inches. S.I. just barely squeeked in with a 2-1 win. This, more or less, is a perfect example of the whole season, to come so close but always being just far enough away to lose. Some outstanding foreign players on the team were the Zelaya brothers, who played inside left and inside right, and Wal'ter Lenkoff, who was brilliant at right wing. Tom Stern was elected captain and played cen- ter forward. PAGE FORTY-NINE 112 POUND BASKETBALL Front row: Harvey Brody, jim Caranica, Stuart Reed, Magnus Nagase, Paul Matzger, Robert Murase, 2nd row: Fred Neuman, Keiji Toba, Ronald Low, Tsuneo Inouye, Bruce Colm. 3rd fair: Mr. Anino, Doug Tanner, Richard Turnbcll, Larry Westclalul. l7O's Wi'n Three, Lose Five It must be admitted that the 1O's had a below-par season. This, however, does not take away one iota of the hustle and flght that the Red and Wlmite put out all season. Under the guidance of Coach Anino the 10,5 beat Galileo, Poly, and Mission. They dropped the rest, but not before they had scared the daylights out of a number of people. The first string was made up of Jim Caranica, Bucky Reed, Paul Matzger, Bob Murase, and Magnus Nagase. Lightweight Basketball Teams l2O's Take Third The 20's led by Nick Caranica and Yosh Mumehara, with Bob Randall, Ralph Daniels, and Jeff Thomson rounding out the first string, Hnished well in a tough league. The lil' Injuns lost only to Poly, S.H., and S.l.'s champs. Victories were over Washington, Lincoln, Mission, Balboa, and Galileo. The little cagers went through a hair-raising schedule, every game in doubt until the final minutes. Honors went to Nick Caranica, who was selected on the All-City team. He couldn't have won these honors, however, without line team play and the good coach- 120 POUND BASKETBALL ron! raw: Y, Mumehara, M. Bauer. N. Urano, R, Daniels, J. - - , , - - l Thomson, N. Caranicn, 2nd faux' R, Adachi, J. Benton, M. Dittes, T. ing that Mr. Anino gaxe to all the lightweight cagcrs. Earle, T. Mathiosv 31.0, ww: D. Krauss, D' Thomas, B' Rowe. PAGE FIFTY L. , 130 POUND BASKETBALL The Lowell 130 lb. basketball team had a very poor seasonal record. But in their case the record doesn't tell the whole story. Three of their losses were in games that could have gone either way. Poly's playoff bound Parrots beat the Indians, 66- 45, despite Ferroggiaro's fine 17 point performance. They were on the short end of their game with Balboa, 38-28. In the most exciting game of the year the 30's beat Galileo in an overtime struggle, 45-40. Paced by Libert's 21 points, which included a 15 foot jump shot that tied the game at 39-39 with just seconds to go, the team made a tremendous comeback to Win their first game of the season. Ferroggiaro hit 14 as St. Ignatius took the measure of the Cards 33-30. Sacred Heart bowed to the 3O's, 38-33 in the Indians' best team effort. Mission beat the Cards 43-33. Libert hit 15 as Lincoln eked out the Indians 36-34. Washington's championship bound 130's were scared, but recovered in time to beat the Indians 32-28 in a real thriller. The 130's 2-6 record was not up to par with the teams of the last two years, but they had Libert and Ferroggiaro, who were two of the highest scorers in the league. Rounding out the first string were Tsuyuki, Taylor, and Tornberg. They were ably coached by Mr. Feiling. 130 BASKETBALL Left lo right: M Axt, T. XVatanabe, C. Eklof, D. Tornberg Left to riglyl: P. Libert, L. Taylor, G. Ferroggiaro, T. Tsuyuki 730 Basketball 130 POUND BASKETBALL Fmul rout D. Tornberg. T. Tsuyuki, R. Cftljina. B. Kwan. 2111! w1z'.' F, Watanabe, V. Hebert. I.. Taylor. C. Eklof, S. Dimrvnd. 3rd faux' M. Axt, K. Harring- ton, A. Stranzl, C. Ferroggiaro, J. Debenham, P. Libert. PAGE FIFTY-ONE BASKETBALL Top 1-aw: I. Axt looks for a man to pass to in the Balboa game. 2. Taylor tries to fake a man out of position as Axt looks on. 3. Fcrmggiaro leaps high for a rebound as Liebert and Tsuyuki wait expcctanlly. Borfom row: 1. Axt nutleaps an opponent for a rebound as Yamabc and Liebert wait for pass ntl. 2. Ferroggiarn dribbles by a Balboa man .rs Axt comes to his assistance. 3. Tsuyuki rlribbles expertly as Axt watches in thc background. 7303, Varsity in Action BASKE'IlBAI.L Top row: 1. Lou Pelfini gets set to tank one. 2. Grider tries for a tip in as Heath prepares tn rebound. 3. Gricler gets ready to begin a hook shot, Boflom mu J I. Clarence tosses an unnlcrhand throw. 2, Mock passes to Cl team mate in the Lincoln game. 3. Gritler prepares to pass off to Mock who breaks for the basket. PAGE FIFTY-TVIO Varsity Makes Playoffsg Bows to Poly LOWELL 38-POLY 49 Inexperience was the difference in this game in which the Parrots beat the Indian five, 49-38. Actually the game was much closer than the 11-point margin would indicate. With four minutes remaining, the In- dians were 4 points behind, and Poly went into a stall. Lowell in their desperation to get the ball had too many fouls called against them. The Redmen led Poly at the half, 21-20. Al Mock garnered 10 points for the Indians. He was followed in scoring by Lou Pelhni and Tom Meschery with 8 points each. LOWELL 544BALBOA 50 Lowell started rolling in their second game by scor- ing a convincing victory over Balboa, 54-30. The Buc- caneers were never in the contest after the first quar- ter. The game was more like a football tilt with 50 fouls being called. "Goose" Grider began to hit his sensational scoring pace by dunking in I7 points. Mock played a good floor game and made 14 points. Mel Prescott, a high fresh- man, showed great promise by hitting 6 points in the fourth quarter. LOWE.LL 5 5wGALILEO 41 Grider, Lowell's All-City basketballer, potted 24 points to lead his mates to an impressive 55-41 win over Galileo. Grider hit 11 of 18 held goal attempts. I-Ie made practically every kind of shot in the book. Also he did a good job on the rebounds, collecting 20. Al Mock played his usual steady game, pushing in 14 points. Lou Pelfini made the play of the game when he lofted a high pass from about half court intended for Grider. But he overthrew his target and to the amazement of everyone, the ball swished through the net. VARSITY BASKETBALL Fran! rouu' D. Nyhan, XV. Keough, A Tendell. M. Mattson. 2nd roux' 'I Fonda, I.. Dashiell, G. Ivelich, A Mock. 3rd row: F. Goldman, Mgr., C. Grider, T. Meschcry, K. Balling, M Prescott, PAGE FIFTY-THREE CLARENCE GRIDER TOM MESCHERY MEL PRESCOTT KEN BALLING AL MOCK LARRY DASI-IIELL Cenlw' Fo1'wu1'd I'0l'LL'KII'Af 1' oru'u1'd Gillrlfd' Guard LOWELL 32-ST. IGNATIUS 42 Harried by a full court press, Lowell lost its second game in four starts to S. I., 42-32. The Wildcats rat- tled off an early 17-5 lead in the opening quarter be- fore the Indians could get their attack rolling. For the next three quarters Lowell had slightly the better of it but they couldn't overcome the Wildcats' big lead. Grider was the big gun as far as scoring goes. For the second straight game he netted 24 points, which gave him the AAA scoring leadership. LOWELL 59-ASACRED HEART 24 Grider scored 24 points for the third consecutive game as Lowell easily defeated Sacred Heart, 59-24. The Neifmen pulled away after the Hrst quarter which ended 13-12. They dominated the game so completely that in the fourth quarter Lowell outscored the Irish, I7-1. Lou Pelfini played his last game for Lowell. Lou was a great team player who always put the team first. Mel Prescott had another hot game, hitting 4 out of 4 shots in the fourth quarter. LOWELL 50-MISSION 45 The Redmen sank a magnificent 61? of their shots to beat Mission, 50-45. Thus Coach Neff gained an- other victory in his personal feud with Lloyd Leith. Lowell had to play almost perfect basketball to beat an experienced Mission team. The Indians held the lead all the way and maintained a 5-point advantage after each quarter. Tom Meschery hit 6 of 7 shots to register 14 points. Grider, although guarded by two Bears, garnered 14 points too. Balling and Mock sank 10 each. LOWELL 59-LINCOLN 47 Lowell clinched a playoff berth by knocking off a tough Lincoln five, 59-47. This was the Indians' third consecutive victory. The Mustangs gave Lowell a hard fight for three quarters, then a layup by Al Mock and PAGE FIFTY-FOUR two hook shots by "Goose" Grider gave Lowell a 10- point advantage. Grider amassed his highest point total of the sea- son by posting 27 points. This put him just 9 points short of Ken Flower's scoring record. It also clinched the city scoring championship. Aubrey Tendell, start- ing his first game, played a tremendous floor game. XWASHINGTON 32-LOWELL 30 Clarence Grider broke the AAA scoring record in a thrill-packed game which was decided in a sudden death overtime. The Eagles emerged victorious, 32-30, when Randy Garnett sank the winning bucket. A few seconds before, Grider missed two free throws which would have given the game to Lowell. Grider had scored 18 points already to post a season's total of 154. Washington used strategy in stalling the last five min- utes although behind by two points. Then with a few seconds left to play Bob Arteberry made a 20-footer which tied the score. In the first overtime Washington employed the same strategy by stalling for three more minutes but this time they missed a shot as the over- time ended. PLAYOFF GAME Lowell ended their basketball season on a very sad note by losing to Poly, 55-45. It seemed that Poly could do no wrong in the first half after which they led, 32- 10. To add to their miseries, Grider fouled out with seven minutes remaining in the game after he had scored 20 points. The Indians actually did pull up to within five points of the Parrots with five minutes re- maining, thanks to yeoman work by Mel Prescott and Al Mock. But then Poly's experience and those rugged Jones boys QReggie and Mauricej went to work and iced the game for Poly. Reggie scored 15 points while Maurice was connecting for 13. Clarence Grider topped the All-City team in all the papers, while Al Mock made the consensus second team. Bun PHILLIPS PPTP JANSSFN MARSH Kummfn LLOYD MINNEY BOB MINNITY KEN ARKQHIBALIJ Miki-i Bmuzi-R tIl.ARFNr3l2 Gamma Ollffnfldefr' Pilrhw' Srd Bair lil lime .S'burlilf11r Unifirldw' Untfielder Plfclm' Baseball Team Vtfins Une, Loses Seven Although Lowell seemed to be fielding a stronger and more experienced baseball team this season, it failed to live up to expectations. Despite the fact that all of last year's squad returned except one man, and a number of new prospects showed good potential, the same club which last season won two games was only successful in registering a single league victory in 1954, against Galileo, 3-2. However, it must be said in favor of the team that it suffered an unusual number of injuries. Every member of the squad missed at least one game during the long schedule, and therefore the ball club was unable to get rolling as a playing unit, something which is essential for success in baseball, The Indians began the year with a sound hurling corps, but the loss of Roger Bohne to the track team and subsequent injuries to both Pete Janssen and Clarence Grider reduced its effectiveness to a minimum. This year's team was another in a series of weak hitting ball clubs at Lowell, and although the batting potential was there, it simply didn't assert itself enough to win any games. Outstanding players this season were Lloyd Minney, jerry Shobar, Marsh Kreuter, Ken Archibald and jerry Diamond. 2' BASEBALL - From row: P. Janssen, K. Archibald, G. Russo, A. Mitchell, R, Bohne, B. Phillips, B. Minney, M. Berger. M. Kreuter, L. Minney. 2nd row: R. Elleson, G. Blakemore, R. Ruzek, D. Baumann, T. Mathios, J. Meador, N, Urano, B. Lyttle, J. Nanjo, C. Levin, B. Gould. 3rd rnuw R. Ryman, j. Shohar, j. Luce, S, Wiel, T, Stern, M. Rucka. PAGE FIFTY-FIVE Baseball Team in Action PAGE FIFTY-SIX BASEBALL Fran! row: Sliolwar gets one of his two hits in the Balboa game as Coach Drysdale looks on. 2. Kreutcr be n hunt. 2nd razzu' "Lefty" Janssen working on a no-hitter in the second inning of the Balboa game. 2. Gene Russo running out ll hit. 3. Lloyd Ninney swinging his mighty bat. 3rd mum' Drysdale plans strategy. 2. Ruger Ryman nts out taking a small lend off first base. TENNIS Front ww: I. Andrei Lubarsky, fourth man nn the singles ladder, prepares a torehand return. 2. Ken Arndt 12nd iluublesl swings viciously with his fore- hand. 2nd wan' Steve Abel Cith singlesl demonstrates a backhand. 2. Roger Herst flsr doublesl shows how to serve. 3. ,lim Watson find singlesl strokes a back- hand. Sm' row: Pete Gray Grd singlesl is the captain of this year's tennis team. 2. john Isaacs lfwtli singlesl waits in- tently for a forehand. 3, Fred Winstidn llst doublesj prepares to serve. I.arry Draper f2nd doublesj about to slam a linrehand back to an opponent. Team Has Good Season 111 Man Srngleaf The tennis team, weaker than in previous years, but still rated one of the top teams in the AAA, was faced with the tough task of keeping up Lowell's String of seven straight championships. Despite being hard hit by graduation and forced to use inexperienced players, the team trounced Lincoln, 6-1, and St. Ignatius, 7-0, in early league matches. The practice season was not nearly as successful as usual. The team lost its most important clashes to the Cal Frosh and City College. Bill Winston, jim Watson, Andrei Lubarsky, Steve Abel, and john Isaacs played the singles matches, while the doubles teams were Fred Winston and Roger I-Ierst, and Ken Arndt and Larry Draper. PAG E FIFTY-SEVEN Top raw: Neil Voorsanger, jim Layton, Dave Heilbron. 2nd row: Al Sommer, Dan Hone. Lightweight Swimmers Promising 120 POUND SXVIMMERS Fran! row: Ricky Colsky, Cliffort Sunsot, Pete Urrea, jim Nyhan. 2nd row: Robert Pisani, Ed Shaskan, Richard Guggenhime, Julius Kahn. 3rd row: Josh Eppinger, Ed Logwood, Robert Rowe, Stephen Hone. PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT The 1954 edition of the Lowell High swimming team may not be as good as last year's championship team, but they are a well rounded group of men who have no individual stars but Worked together under Coach Bill Feiling and placed 'high in the final stand- ings in the All-City meet. Some of the boys who gave their best were Al Sommer in the 100-yd. breast stroke and Dan Hone in the 200-yd. free style. A newcomer, Tom Nibley, in the 50-yd. free style, and second year vet- eran, Dave Heilbron in the 100-yd. free style rounded out the swimming department. In the diving end of the team were Paul Goorjian and jim Layton. It was mainly Laytonls come through performance that enabled the team to bring home the championship trophy last year. . . 7 i VARSITY SXVIMMERS From wir: ,lim Layton, Dan Hone, A1 Som- mer, Dave Heilbron, Guy Rasmussen, Tom Nibley. 2nd row: john Minderman, Paul Goof- iian, Neil Voorsanger, Don D'Angina. Varsity and 7305 Do Well All these boys are graduating this term but Mr. Feiling has no worries as this ye-ar's '30's, who will be next year's varsity, are proving themselves Capable more and more every meet. Peter Klein in the 50-yd. free style and Julius Kahn in the 50-yard backstroke are among the outstanding men on the '30,s. Backing them up is Ed McKenna in the 100-yd. breast stroke. Last, but not least, there are the 120's. Ricky Colksy and Rich Guggenheim in the 50-yd, free style and 50- yd. backstroke were dennitely leaders in their division, while junior Bob Randall in the 50-yd. breast stroke was among the top three in his event. 130 POUND SXVIMMERS Front row: Paul Blum, Ken Bley, Sanford Polse, Dan Poynter. 21141 row: Pierre Cantou. PAGE FIFTY-NINE Y ' ' I i . . -.:.:..:.. , 4 - BOB YAMABE DICK BULLOCK JOHN VANNUCCI BOB ZWIEG XVILFORD DAVIS BOB FRICK Broad jump Hurdler, Sprinlr High jump Pole Van!! Mile Pole Vault ST. IGNATIUS Lowell's track teams opened their 1954 campaign by defeating St. Ignatius, 70-43, in the varsity meet, 85-0, in the 150's, and a 46-22 victory for the 120's. Bullock won the high hurdles in at good time of 1.5:3, the Hrst time he ran the event this year. How- ever ,the 13O's stole the show by sweeping every event. POLY Vannucci and Cohn running 1-2 in the high hurdles, Yamabe's come-through performance in the broad jump, and Bullock's 51:8 in the 440, the fastest time in the city to date, highlighted the Cards' 62M-SOVQ victory over Poly. Gould and Zweig came through with wins in the low hurdles and pole vault, respec- tively. The 150's won, 75-22, but the 12035 lost, 50-18. GALILEO Victories by Bohne in the discus, Bell in the shot, Yamahe in the broad jump, and Bullock's 19:7 low hurdles, the second fastest time in San Francisco prep history, led the Indians to a 90-23 win over Galileo. The varsity relay team posted the AAA season's swiftest clocking. The 130's won, 88-7, and the 120's, 45-21. LINCOLN Lowell's undefeated track team coasted to a spark- ling 97-16 victory over Lincoln. Bullock was outstanding with a double victory, a 19:6 low hurdles and in the very next event a 23.2 furlong victory. The 130's won 72W-ZZVZ, and the 120,s won, 37-31. VARSITY TRACK Row 1: R. Bohne, S. Shalit, F. Ludwig, V. Spangler, j. McCartney, L. Cohn, R. Frick, R. Cellarius, M. Gospe, mgr. Ro1l'2: T. Ryan, G. McChesney, D. Bullock, K. Kahn, B. Zweig, S. Gould, D, Hines, S, Weissengerger, B. Davis P. Hall. Rnuf 3: B. Lucy, T. Tsuyuk, V. Hanson, G. Calloway, S, Kreiger, P. Adachi, B. Yamabe, F. Addison T. Zuber, P. Reider. Ron' 4: j. Lattimore, R. Simpson, R. Xvilliams, E. Mumey, G. Bell, B. Underwood, J. Van nucci, T. Lewis. PAGE SIXTY Pima REIDER PRICE HALL PAUL Aofxcni am., 440 sp,-mfr MISSION The Lowell varsity downed Mission, 93-21, and as usual Bullock paved the way. He bettered his previous best by one tenth of a second in running a 19:5 low hurdles. Bohne had a line 125 ft. 5 in. throw in the discus. This was his best to date. Lowell's 13O's were again victorious, beating the Bears, 62-32. The 120's were trounced, 45-23. BALBOA Pete Reider broke the school record for the mile with a fine time of 4:38 to pace the Indians to a 74W- 38yZ victory over Balboa. "Old Reliable" Bullock came through with a dou- x Q t X as AM? , ,J .b1q y si g lv in A STUART CLOULD RAVENALD XYXILLIAMS ROGER BOHNE .J-JO Spy-juli Slwljmf, Dinar ble victory, winning the high hurdles and the 220. The 130's and 120's emerged victorious by scores of 64-31 and 45-23, respectively. WASHINGTON Lowell bowed to Washiiugton, 69-44, as the Eagles won their fourth straight AAA dual meet champion- ship. Going into this, the last dual meet of the season, both were undefeated. The Eagles' depth coupled with some outstanding come through performances was the difference. Bul- lock's 19:3 low hurdles victory over Redus was the highlight of an otherwise dismal day. The 130's lost the meet and the championship, 71M-23V3. Cliff Marshall won the 70-yard high hur- dles inthe fine time of 916. The 12O's bowed, 53-15. 150 POUND TRACK Rua' I: li. Loin, M, Fisher, A. Sommer. I. Oliulm, P. Pallas, T. Reich, H. Strach, P. Maddux, S. Shalit. inanagei. Ron' 2: B. Shoaf, A. Shalar. T. Miranda, A. Kahn. B, XVerner, J. Txukomoto. A. Inouye, J. Lasky, T. Stephens. Rau' 3: T. Wataniibe. T. Yasudochi, B. Loshuertos, B. Pope, L. Levin, H, XY"on, J. Benninger, A. Clark, E. Shiozaki. Raw D. Burton, D, Silliman, Marshall, Cf. Marshall, L. Marshall, R, Sponaugle, S. Franzella, D. Verdu. Ci. Abitsch, B, Vargo. PAGE SIXTY-ONE TRACK From w111': Zwieg, Vannucci and Bullock doing the 120 yard high hurdles against St. Ignatius, 2. Sillimnn leads in the 880 as john Tsukamota follows close behind. 3. Frick doing 11 feet in thc pole vault. Zmz' raw: I. Yamabe in an all out effort in the broad jump. 2. Tause. Kaplan and Low linish almost even in thc 220. 3. V100 and Franzellza lend the held in the 220. 4. Vannucci soars through the air in the St. lgnntius meet. l2Q's Complete Successful Trczcff Season 120 POUND TRACK Fran! mum' B. Oddmmc, S. Raul, T. Carter, A. Greenblatt, K. Ishida, D, Ham, S. Shalit. 2nd raw: A. Werchick, R. Zuckerman, D. Kaplan, D. Tanner, O. Sckinrv, D. Kodnmn, A. Katsuynma. 3rd wu'.' 1. Tausc, H. Lzmclccker, XV. Ehlert,'T. Lcvison, H. Kornfcld, R. Hudson, R, Murnsc. PAGE SIXTY-TWO Golfers Hove Winning Yeor Top roar: Dick Rose, Steve Abel, Glenn Bell. Botlom v-auf: Roger Bohne. Don Krauss, Bill Honig. The 1954 golf team was the best balanced team Lowell has had in years. From first man Roger Bohne to sixth man Steve Abel hardly six strokes separated the team. Filling out the first team were Dick Rose, Captain Bill Honig, Don Krauss, and Glenn Bell. Top substi- tutes were Skip Brock, Larry Barnblatt, Larry Kay, Luther O'Brien, and Mike Friedman. Riordan High School beat Lowell in a practice match held at San Francisco Country Club. Then the boys went down to the Farm to meet Bud Finger's highly- touted Stanford freshman team. They gave the freshmen quite a scare before suc- cumbing 15-12. This ended the practice season, and the team went into the league play with an unimpres- sive O-2 score. The team defeated Balboa in its first league en- counter, 7V2-IM. Mission bowed, 5-4, in a real close match. St. Ignatius had lost to Washington, and was ready for Lowell. The best the Wildcats could do, though, was to get ZVZ points, and therefore bowed 65-25. Don Krauss was medalist with 76, while beating S.I.'s fourth man, 5 and 4. Next the undefeated Indians ran into the undefeated Washington Eagles, and something had to give. Un- fortunately it was the Indians who bowed, 6K2-ZVZ. Glenn Bell was low man for Lowell with 74. Despite -the graduation of four of the first six, Coach Livingstone has high hopes for next season, since the subs have done so well. PAGE SIXTY-THREE s. Top row: Collins clears 'J' G", Vannucci clears S' 10", Lum, lnouye, and Yusukuchi score against S. I. 2nd 1'o1l'.' Davis leads Lattinmi'c, Mcffhcsncy, Simpson, and Zuhcr in the 8805 Gould and Hall take 1-2 in thc .1-10. Track and Basketball Stars in Action BASKETBALL Fran! raw: I. Liebert rebounds in Balboa game, 2. Meschcry leaps for Lx rehrmml. 3. Mock Casts all with a iump shut against Poly. Zmi raw: 1. Mock passes tn a team mats in the Balboa game. J. Tcnclell hooks in a basket against Puly. 3. The band plays nn, li. Balling prepares lor a shot against Missiun, PAGE SIXTY-FOUR Seniors Enjoy Tfzemsefves 5, 31 Rx I U X , K .4 7 V Scroll cznci L C. CURLEY S. SHERMAN G. BELL B. SHAPIRO Full Prefidenl Fall Ser1'e1a1'y-Tfmr1n'er Spring Pmridenl Sfiring Svrrelrrry-Treaxurer SCROLL Raw 1: K. Ardnt, T, Barnum, F. Baumeister, D. Berger. Row 2: R. Bohne, Y. Bokura. J. Dalrymple, P. Flood. Rnu' 3t S. Haber. V. Hebert, D, Heilbron, D. Hone. Rau' 4: P. Janssen, L. Minney, L. Pelfmi, R. Peracca. Rau' 5: D, Polissar, B. Pope, B. Purrington, -I. Ratfeto. Row 6: E. St. John, T. Schwnbacher, G. Sciacqua, B. Shafer. Row 7.' A. Sommer. PAGE SIXTY-SIX The smiling faces that you see on this page are those of the Scroll and L boys, carefully selected Lowell students who are willing and able to donate their services to their alma mater. The members of this honor and service society stand forileadership! service, and high scholarship. The Scroll and L men may be seen before and after a rally, decorating the windows overlooking the court with flags. During the rally they do their best to main- tain the type of conduct that keeps the standards of Lowell rallies so high. Heading the Scroll in their important jobs in the fall term were President Charles Curly, and Secretary- Treasurer Scott Sherman. Under these fall officers the Scroll worked with the Shield and L to put on a really great Newcomers Reception and the Freshmen Picnic. The spring term was quite a success too. Under their chosen officers, Glenn Bell, president, and Bert Shapiro, secretary-treasurer, they helped uphold the fine tradition that the Scroll has been known for since May, 1905. The Scroll boys brought the N ewcomer's Reception to a lively finale when they did their version of the Spring Dance. Everyone enjoyed seeing them dance in their gay crepe paper costumes. The Scroll proved themselves willing to tackle a job when they joined with the Shield to present the May Carnival. The job of decorating the court with streamers and other brightly colored attire was done by the Scroll. There are other services which the wearers of the red and white caps perform. They are a great help to the P.T.A. and do a fine job keeping order at the athletic events. W . i N. WEST F. NAPOLIN C. TASSI K. OPPERMANN S. HOLLINGSWORTH LOW Fall PreJia'c111 Fall lf'my7 Fall Sut'fe1.zry Spring Premium! Spring Veep Sfvriflg Sewcrizry Shield and L It's a proud Lowell girl who has the honor of wearing a red and white hat, signifying that she is a member ofwthe Shgld andiL. This hat stands for many things: service, good grades, participation in school activities, and a willingness to serve others. Leading the Shield and L, in the Fall 1953 term, were, president, Nancy West, vice pres- ident, Frances Napoling and secretary, Carla Tassi, The girls all worked together and helped sponsor the Newcomers Reception and the L-9 and H-9 picnic at Glen Park. Both events were huge successes. This past term the Shield worked hard un- der their oflicers, who were: president, Kyra Oppermanng vice president, Sylvia Hollings- worthg and secretary, Serene Low. The girls started the term off with a bang! The Newcomers Reception was a huge suc- cess and one of the best acts was the fashion show featuring the Shield girls in costumes which dated from the "flapper" to the "girl of tomorrow." Next came the L-9 and H-9 picnic for which the Shield helped plan a terrific after- noon of softball, volleyball, and football. The evening was highlighted by entertainment and dancing. Then came the highlight of the spring term Y In May the Shield, along with the Scroll combined their efforts to present the Car- nival. The court was full of gaiety and many brightly-colored booths. Everyone was in true carnival spirit and the day was a huge success, SHIELD Tap row: A. Adair, E. Aoki, B. Batmale, K. Blair, P. Berrelson. 2nd w1u'.' M. Daniels, B. Davies, B. Eckhardt, NV. Eppinger, E. Field, 3rd mrzu' J. Frank, M. Frizzel, A. Green, M, Harmon, Cf. Harris. 411: ww: C. Hartman, B, Hill, N. Hultzworth, W. Koenig, L. Kratz. 5lb rouf: Y. Laboure, j. Matzger, J, Matzger, C. Montgomery, D. Neick. 6th 1'f1u': N. Olsen, J. Secail, J. Spivock, H. Stone, I.. Sutton. 7lb row: M. Swanson, K, VUahlgreen, C. Warren, P. Zeller. PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN l I P BOYS' BLOCK L F1-fmt row: Dave Glassel, Dave Rosenberg. Tulle Barnum, Sanford Haber, Scott Sherman. 2nd raw: Ping Yee, Tom Urban, Louie Pelfini, Karel jordak. TULIE BARNUNT AL SOM M ER Ifffll Pleridezlt Sffrillg Piusizlcrzl Boys' Block L The Boys' Block L is one of the Hnest organizations that Lowell offers. A boy must participate in il sport for at least two years, unless he was on a championship team, before he is eligible to receive his block. Con- sequently the boys on the Block L are deserving of the honor. The fall Block L had a fine set of officers: president, Tulie Barnum, vice president, Roger Bohneg clerk of awards, john Debenhamg and sergeant-at-arms, Dan Hone. This group along with the Girls, Block L presented their semi-annual dance in October to the theme of 'iLads and Lassiesf' In the spring four new and well qualified boys were elected to guide the Block L. The boys were, president, Allen Sommer, vice president, Lloyd Minneyg clerk of awards, john Debenhamg and sergeant-at-arms, Raven- ald Williains. Another Block L dance was held jointly with the girls on April 9 to top oft the term's activities. BOYS' BLOCK I. SPRING lfwnl mir: J. Layton. D. Hone. D. Heilhmn, K. Arndt. A. Sommer. L. Minney. D. XY'ilkes. G, Bell. Jud willy' I". Reitlel, R. Frick, P. Hall. R. Tsugita. Y. Mumehara, B. Yamabe. E. Shiozakl. Srd roam' D. Verdu. P. Bruvermnn. D. Burton, K. Archibald, D. Bullock, P. Adachi. T. Tsuyuki, T. Nvatanahe, S. Alterman. -Hb wzu: R. Bohne, B. Shafer, T. Reich, P. Janssen, B. Honig, B. Davis, B. Zwieg. PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT Girls' Block L The Girls' Block L is a very active organization around the school. This year was a very enjoyable one for all the girls. Under the leadership of fall president Ann Kiil and fall secretary Mildred Harmon an active program was presented. October was the month in which the Girls' Block L and Boysj Block L joined forceswand planned their traditional Block L Dance. The theme of the dance was "Lads and Lassiesf' At the semi-annual banquet held this year at New Delmonico's on january 21 Judy Kino and Karen Blair were announced president and secretary, respectively, for the spring term. Under the guidance of the new officers another term of wonderful activities was held. Another Block L dance was given on April 9 in the girls gym. The girls were helpfully guided by Miss Flynn, their advisor. FALL H-IZ GIRLS' BLOKK L Iyflfflf mia: Carla Tassi, Mildred. Harmon, Ann Kiil, Fran Napolin. Sharon Lighty. lm! mira' Del Nelck, Libby Sutton, Pat Zeller, Nancy Wlest, Helen Stone. 3rd 10101 Kathy Xvahlgren, Allie Green, Eva Field. ANN KIIL JUDY KINO Fall Prerident Spring Preridenl SPRING H-12 GIRLS' BLOCK L Fran! raw: j. Ryan, L, Kratz, B. O'Connor, j. Spivock, CQ. Hartman, J. Frank, j. Matzger, J. Kino, A. Vargo, A Secail, W. Eppinger, G, Susnow, R. Singer. G XVarren. 2r1a'mu': A. Eglite, N. Raub. A. Spisock. li. Kashkadainn V J. Wmwltienden, A. Davis, Cf, Anger, P. Berelson, F. W'oIin, D. Ptlieger, A. W'aite, P, Ognetf. Y. Laboure, I, Mug- gacli. M. Meredith. K, Sperovuird V'ffIl'.' C. Kothe, S. Riley, P, Kooyer, B, Hill, I.. james. B. Davies, M, Henderson, K, Opperman, C. Harris, H. Swanson, C, Montgomery. W.Koenig, G. Smith, D. Dandy, S.Gordon, B. Eckhardt. 4111 ww: M, Frizzell, B. Rose, M, Phillips, T, Ortner, j. Patterson, B, Roberts. j. Harper, j, lN1atzg.ger, S. Hollings- worth, K. Ishu, D. Jacobs, E, Aoki, M. W'illi.nns, R. fravens, M. Mecklenherg, B. Nugg, PAGE SIXTY-NINI. l ,tJ,1.w-. ,W - , V , Newcomers Welcomed in Style At the beginning of each term, the Lowell Indians display all their talent in the biggest and most terrific show for all the newcomers, the "Newcomers Reception." After opening the show with the tradi- tional welcome song, the show got under way with skits, songs and dances. The finale was a dance by some of the loveliest dancers in P -XGE SEVENTY L..l.+, the school. These dancers, the "Lowell Love- lies," were none other than the hairy-legged Scroll members, dressed in their best frilly dresses. For the remainder of the reception, every- one adjourned to the boys' gym, for an hour of dancing accompanied by the Lowell Dance Band. swan Big Brothers At the beginning of each term the Big Under the direction of Mr. Milton, the Brothers visit the new boys in their registries and show them around the Reservation. During the term, some of the successful functions were the Big Brother-Little Brother party, the intramural basketball and football leagues. The Big Brothers also assisted at the Newcomers Reception. faculty advisor, the Big Brothers' fall offi- cers were Al Sommer, president, Bob Ya- mabe, vice president, and Livio Mitzi-Falconi, secretary. The spring ofhcers were Don Wilkes, pres- ident, and Ken Archibald, vice president. BIG BROTHERS Front row: P. Reider, 1. Layton, B. Frick, K. Arndt, D. Heilbron, D, Wilkes A Sommer, L. Minney, T. Schwabacher, 2111! wuz' B. Shapiro, B. Pope, Y. Bokura From row: Louie Pelfini, Sanford Ha- F. Baumeister, D. Hone, B. Yamabe, B. Zwieg, G. Sciacqua, M. Berger. ,Grd raw ber, 2nd row: Tulie Barnum, Scott H. Whitley, D. Verdu, K. Archibald, T. Watanabe, j. Dalrymple. 411: row R Sherman. Bohne, P. Braverman, P. Janssen, B. Honig, G. Bell, E. St. john. ,ge PAGE SEVENTY ONE Al. SOMMER DON WII Klfb 1141! Prtiridenl Spring P1'rr1dw1t LIBBY SUTTON ANN ADAIR Fall Cbrzirrmm Sjirizzg Clmirmrnz Big Sisters i i FALL BIG SISTERS Ifmnf roun' Sharon Lighty, Helen Stone, Kathy Walllgren, Libby Sutton, Del Neick, Sachiku Sugiyama, Pat Zeller, Zn!! haw: joan Erbentraut, Elaine Mueller, Martha Daniels, Ann Kiil, Tania Zalessow, Irene Menshikoff, Moira Lee. 3111 row: Starr Koester, Fran Napolin, Carla Tassi, Millie Harmon, Allie Green, Eva Field, Kay Harper, Nancy Vfest, A friendly personality, good scholarship, and good citizenship are the main qualifications for the Big Sisters at Lowell. These upperclass girls make it their business to help every new girl at Lowell to feel as much at home as possible. Every new girl is assigned a big sister when she comes to Lowell. The big sister meets her on the first day of school, shows her around and acquaints her with other girls at Lowell. Some of the Big Sisters' successful functions during the term were the Little Sister party, the luncheon, and the ushering at the Newcomers Reception. just recently the Big Sisters have started the morning study session in the girls' cafeteria before school. The study hall is supervised by the Big Sisters who volunteer their ser- vices. The fall officers, under the sponsorship of Miss Graeber, were Libbie Sutton, chairman, Del Neick, assistant chairman, Kathy Wahlgren, secretary, Anna BIG SISTERS Front row: K. Oppermann, C. Hartman, C. Anger, R. Singer, B. Pollitt, B. Figone, B. Hill, Miss Graeber, A. Adair, N. Holtzworth, M. Uhlmann, C, Warren, L, Kratz, C. Kothe, M. Williams, R. Cravens, B. O'Connur, 2nd row: B. Batmale, j. Matzger, K. Elleson, I. Patterson, T. Ortner, D. Dandy, D. McClelland, IB. Roberts, J. Harper, A. Eglite, Y. Laboure, J. Landau, A. Waite, P. Ogneff, M. Mecklenburg, M. Finman, I. Muggach, M. Meredith, S. Squires, E. Vogel, R. Andre, 31-d 1'ow:C. Moss, J. Sampson, A, Modlin, S. Low, D. Jacobs, J. Wolfen- den, E. Kashkadamoii, B. Mugg, E. Aoki, B. Eckhardt, C. Montgomery, K. Blair, I. Frank, S. Hollingsworth, M, Frizzell, C. Harris, M. Henderson, J, Kino, P. Aleck, D. Somoza. 4119 row: I. Wliite, B. Xlifilliams, A. Epp, A. Mitchell, A. Spivock, W. Eppinger, J. Matzger, P. Berelson, W. Koenig, M. Swanson, J. Secail, B. Fletcher, G. Susnow, D. Reinhart, B. Davies, N. Sawyer, C. Crisler, P. Skene. PAGE SEVENTY-TWO Big Sisters Host Groot Potty Eglite, co-ordinatorg Carolyn Montgomery, social chair- Nancy Holtzworth, assistant chairmang Alma Spivock, mfml and MUY L0uiSC Fflzzclla fwsisfuflf Sosifll Chalf' secretaryg Murgit Uhlmann, co-ordinatorg Christine man' Wztrren, social chairmung and Barbara Hill, assistant The Spring ofncers were Ann Adair, chairmang SUCl2llCl12J.lI'IT1Z1ll. PAGE SIZVENTY-THREE . 3 . QNWL LOWELL Q g I'DANfIKt0'x Dl.nLtl'Nlc.r1 xtwftl. Y-t'.xxxP.xr' - Pubiiuna by uw Amman sr-mmm - nr lpnll 1-rlgn School E Z U00 H118 IDBI, Sul Ffllltlluv. Clllfornll Q 2 1 2 ' EDITOR . . BRUCE SHAFER 5 " Associate Editor . Tom Schwabacher E lg Sports Editor Bill Honig E yi Page Editors I Don Krauss Joan Matzger, Larry Cohn E Feature Editor Joan Erbentraut 3 Z Artist Pete Bluett E ' Photographer . . Laurence Worsmer E Business Manager . . Barbara O'Connor 5' Aavh-or . , .. .. xr. u. J. nm-any , 3 lu-:Pon'rl:Rx 1 is ammo, 1. nmuim-n, c. merger. A. mms, L nm, , E J. nnmm.. s r-.-,fam J. mia.-min. ii xml. A. 1.0-fry, , M. Mena: vi, P mm-if, 1. mmm,-, si om-er. n Peek. I S Rlley, D Rullcnllurg, Alma Splwrk, S Slgiyama, E 1. wwlm-aan. IIHIIIIWIIIIII IIHllllllllllllllHIIIHMAH lllllllllllllllll 1 ir IIIIIHllllllllllilllllllllllilllllllllllllllillllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l I ULOWEU' STAFF Lowell - Ii!! fo iiglalf L. Cohn, B, Shafer, B. Honig, D. Krauss, T. Schwabacher f The Lowell Keeps Students The fall Lowell had an outstanding term reporting the football games, rallies, and other school activities. Editor Bruce Shafer and his staff of re- porters encouraged student body activities and accurately recorded the term's events. Tom Schwabacher was associate editor and Barbara O'Connor worked hard and kept the fmancial end of the paper straight as business manager. Feature Editor loan Erbentraut, Sports Editor Bill Honig, and the page editors, Don Krauss, loan Matzger, and Larry Cohn, re- ceived excellent cooperation from the report- ers, students, and teachers. Lawrence Worinser did the photography and Pete Bluett did the art work. "LOWEI.L" STAFF Fi-wif rnui: J. Mutzger, B. O'Cionrior, S. Gordon, M. Mere- dith, A, Lowry, D. Peck. Sm1t'd: M. Ortner, L. Minney. PAGI' SYVENTY-FOUR 2nd raw: M. Kahn, B. Bardo, A. Davis, J. Hulcoinb, C, Berger, S. Riley, j. Wtmlfenden. E l ' 93.112, ...'.E53X.l.E'elf..Q 1'llmislu-ll 'hy nu- Assn--lm:-ll Slllll. lvl, or uv-,wil lllell saw-l wmv ll-ly--4 suffer sill- l-'riuilim-ll. vulllnlfllla EDITOR . . . ..,. ..., . . .. Assomate sam- ,... .. spm ww .... . ..,., ,. 0 r Page Editors ,..,. ......,. . . sum. Cullen, Anas! . .. . . ........, ....., . Phowzrnphers ......,,..,. Business Manger ....,., .. llsluzy O0H'N Joan Mmgflr . Douglas Pt-fl: .. ,,.......,,,,,,, Mal-ll,-rl Allen Elyce Edelman ratmemlw, ,....,,.. l.,.,,.. , , l,,l., -- .. . .......ll 'rel-ry su-plum . lnurence Wamlner and sue Riley Adam.. .,.,.,. .... ..... . ...,., ...W . .ur.R.l Enemy llI0l'l'lll s. alumna, s. name, 1. mmvy, m nm.-M, c naw, PHIA C.HinfLHlMd1'l.nUl.LHudbll'ldD . mmm, , . , , lambs. lx Ianni, L K.-ulu, J. uyml, n mscnlmm, P. qmon. C, Kam D. sung L wan. Well lnformecl About School Affairs Spring Editor Larry Cohn, with the assist- ance of Associate Editor joan Matzger, has worked hard and with great success in the printing of the West's oldest high school newspaper, The Lowell. Teepee Tales, Tolezzz Pole, Ilecllkifil' iilefilllld Ilfe Re.rerl'flfim1. the Swifzl Clllelzclilr. and Hlgll Noier, were a few of the articles that appeared in nearly every issue of the paper. Keeping the money situation in hand was Business Manager Sue Riley. Sports Editor Doug Peck, Feature Editor Anne Lowry, and page editors, Marilyn Allen, Susan Cohen, and Elyce Edelman saw that the reporters "covered" their stories and nlet the "deadline" LOXVELI. STAFF Frofll faux' A, Lowry, D. Peck, S. Riley, J. NILXZQCF, L, f.UllIl, S, clbllbfl. Edellllllll, M. Allen, Mr. Buckley. Jml mill: lf. Kotlle. I.. Krlltz, D. Mclllellalld, P. Ogllefl. A. Wlllite. D. Jacobs, E. Benner. I.. Heiskanen. ff. BCYQZCI. 3111 mlln' B. Flilk, D. Pollssar. nl. Lllytoll. P. Br.lx'el'llllln. D. Sevilla, P. Blllett, T. Stephens, ff. Eklot. PAGE SEVFN'lY I-IVF swung and FALL RED AND WHITE STAFF MEMBERS Barbara Davies, Elena Kzlshkaclamoll, Connie Melavic .Ioan Ryan. Red and Vlfhite Staff One of the busiest groups on the reservation have been the fall and spring editors of the yearbook and the yearbook staffs. On the staff headed by fall editor, Barbara Da- vies, were jim Emerson, sports edit- or, -Ioan Ryan, senior editor, David Baar, business manager, and activi- ties editor, Connie Melavic. In the spring term Don Krauss became editor and finished up the work which Barbara had started, His helpers on the spring staff were: sports editor, Ernie Leichterg senior editor, Connie Melavicg business manager, Barbara O,Connorg activi- ties editor, Barbara Clark, and associ- ate editor, joan Ryan. There was a contest held among the staff for the sale of year books and the winner was joan Holcomb who sold over 160 journals. PAGE SIEVENTY-SIX RED AND WHITE Profil ww: B. Erick, J, Ryan, D, Krauss, B. O'Connor, A. Adair. 2,111 roufg Hol- comb, D. Dandy, A. Jacobs, E. Leicht er, B. Clark. 3rd row: L. Wormser, G. Smith, 1. ilolwell, C. Melavic, R. J. Buckley. A Good Time Was Had By All Christmas Varieties Tremendous Success The Christmas Varieties of 1953 were another huge success thanks to the expert direction of Mr. Polland in the dramatics skits and Mr. Anino in the musical numbers. In all, the show had 26 acts in which about 150 Lowell students participated. The three performances were all sell-outs. Some of PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT the outstanding skits were, "Little Birds in Their Nestsf' starring Bonnie Balthrope and Peter Bluett, and two very amusing sketches, "The Great White Salef' starring Dorothy Gordon, Peter Bluett, and Bruce Shafer, and l'Atmospherics," alternating players each night. Dear Ruth ls Term Play For the annual term play Mr. Polland and his dramatic group presented a comedy, "Dear Ruthf' on May 21, 24, and 26. The play concerned an ambitious young girl, Miriam Wilkins, who wrote letters to a soldier, sent her older sister's picture with one of the letters and signed her sister's name to the letters. Ruth, the older sister, not knowing of Miriam's work, was engaged to Albert Kummer. As the play progressed the soldier, Lt. Seawright, visited Ruth and then the fun began. The characters included Ruth Wilkins, played by Bonnie Balthrope, Miriam Wilkins, portrayed by Pat Jacoby and Cheri Dill, Mrs. Edith Wilkins was played by Dorothy Gordon, the father, judge Harry Wilkins was played by Charles Theiss, Lt. William Seawright was played by Peter Bluett, Carter Smith took the part of Albert Kummer, Martha Seawright was played by joyce Otken and Nancy Holtzworth, and the part of the sergeant was played by Bruce Shafer and King Harrington, and the maid, Dora, was played by Catherine Wehren and Myra Marks. PAGE SEVENTY-NINE BOYS' CSF Fall CSF Fran! faux' D. Hone, D. Pollisar, J. Anson. 2nd mir: M. Leland, j. Mitchell, J. Hymans, G. Callaway, j. Goldman, B. Week, B. Shapiro. R. Bachman, D. Krauss, S. Pollack, D. Rosen. 3111 row: G. Beck, J, Nolan, W. XVerner, R. Low, D, Berger, W, Shopes, K. Harrington, L. O'Shea, R. Cellarius, D. Gee. 415 mum' B. Pope, P. Matzger, A. Lubarskey, D. Clappucci, S. Wiel, S. Breyer, K. Yee, M. Gospc, G. Merkle, D. Heilbrnn, K. Takahashi, L, Cohn. 5119 1'0W,' Debenham, G. Bell, CI. Curley, C. Ralston, M. Cole, N, Peterson, M. Goldman, G. Nazarntl, H. Whitley, T. Schwabacher. The California Scholarship Federation is a Lowell Society composed of students of superior scholastic ability. During the fall, under the leadership of their Mark Leland fvice presidentj, Jacqueline Miller fsecretaryj, and jack Hymans Qtreasurerj. During the spring the annual picnic was a success under the sponsor, Miss Scott, the CSF had a picnic and went leadership of president Dan Hone, vice president on an excursion to Stanford. Serene Low, secretary Ann Ravara, and treasurer Julie Fall officers were Tom Schwabacher Qpresidentj, Klein. GIRLS' CSF From? row: M. Long, S. Lighty, M. Daniels, H. Stone, F. Napolin, E. Field, L. Sutton, P. Zeller, N. West, j. Miller, L. Goldeen, A. Lynch, D. Dowling, J. Robbins. 2111! ww: S. Borshell, M. Uhlrnann, S. Cohn, J. Burton, C. Watson, A. Witt, S. Brochard, J. Klein, H. Woo, V. Gokson. G. Ebert, j. Jacobs, D. Jacobs, B. Stendell, j. Davies. 3rd row: C. May, A. Schwartz, L. Schenk. J. Holcomb, 1. Matzger, M. Phillips, C. Malling, A. Chashin, M. Fuerst, J. Wfhite, N. Martin, j. Duizend, B. Davies. PAGE EIGHTY Spring BOYS' CSF From ruzlx' R. Cellarius, D. Ramsey, N. Petersen, l.. Cohn, P. Raider, R. Peracea, T. Schwabacher, D. Hone, D. Heilhron, A. Sommer. S. Krieger. D. Krauss. Zmf 1-ozlx' J, Nolan. K, Adams. S. Weis- senberger, H.nScl1wartz. V. Brochard. D. iCappucei,YJ. Wfeingrger, H. Strauch, J. Hvmans, M, Leland, S. Breyer, I.. O'Shea, H. Wliitley, J. Fidler. S. Gould. Kiwi mum' S. Keilhollz, E, Eisen- stadt, M. Gornnkle, R. Miailovich, B. Johnson, D. Polissar, J. Benninger, K. Harrington, K. Bley, Y. Bokura, B. Pope, B. Shapiro. E. Smith, l'. Maddux. B. Goldman. -Hb muy' S. Jacobs, J. Bettman. M. Gospe, D, Rosen, P. Belmont, A. Schwartz. S. Shalit, R. Chin. S. Yee, P. Dare, G. Nazarotli, G. Merkle. V The spring picnic, held with the library staff, was To qualify for the CSF, 21 student must have ten a sellout. All agreed it was the best CSF alfair ever points. Three A's and one B final generally insure held. The success of it was a credit to Dan Hone and membership. Life membership is attained after four his hard-working committees. terms on the CSF, including a senior term. KE! F9 GIRLS' CSF liwzlf mn .' M, Long, D. Dowling. A. Spivock. K. Elleson, D, Jacobs, C. Mag. J. Holcnmh, I.. James, A. Wley- rauch, A. Eglite. I.. Schenk. M. Uhlmann, M. Hotlman, F. llurd. 2211! wir: A. Schwarty, A. XY'itt, E. Silxerman, S. Dickey, J. Hartman, D. Samuels. J. Klein, S. Borshell, J, Hanson, J. Mentlelson, M. May, l, Lichtenstein. H. von Holt, LQ. Lee. A, Ravara. im' row: P. Unck. D. Richardson, R, Cohan. li. Broberg, S. Johnston, J. Xlifliite, J. Miller. J. Riggs. J. Davies. J. Robbins, J. Burton, J. Jacobs, S. Low, I.. l.au, H. Wloo. wh wuz' C. Malling, M. Fuerst. A. Scott, J. Rosen, S. Cohen, D. Keegan, J. Rich. N. Holtzworth, K, Gibson, A. Diehl, E, Sexton, B. Davies, P. Tsukamoto, J. Petersen. PAGF FIGHTY-ONE 1 FORENSICS Frm!! 1'uu'.' G. Davis, S. flherniss, K. Bley, S. Hone, J. Mitchell, D. Blight, j. Hymans, S. Squires, D. Beccaria, j. Colwell. Znd mira' A. Xverchick, Ci, Grant, S. Breyer, B. Goldman. S. Borshell. S. Felilak, P. XVade. Sid faux' J. I-Im-mvitz. R, Genes, J. Klein, j. Teuris, XV. Kaufman, M. Leland, 1, Klein, K. Weliren. 41h ww: M. Rucks, T. Eisenstadt, M. Axelrad, S. Jacobs. Forensic Society Qutstonding As always, Lowell's Forensic Society had its share of awards during the past year. Although the society lost the leadership of Mr. Lorbeer in the spring term, Mrs. Higgins, assisted by Mr. Anderson, has undertaken the supervision ofthe group. During the fall term Stuart Pollak was elected pres- ident, Marc Leland vice president, Steve Breyer the sec- retary, and Ken Bley the treasurer. In the tournaments of the fall term Marc Leland placed Hrst in extemporaneous speaking at the Oak- land tournament where jack Hymans took second and third place awards in extemporaneous speaking and radio speaking, respectively. At the Stanford University tournament jack Hy- PAGE E161-1TY-'rwo i mans and Frank Krasne took a second in debate. At the Merced conference Sally Squires took third in im- p-romptu. Stuart Pollak took first in extemporaneous speaking at Ripon. For the spring term Sally Squires was the societyls president while Frank Krasne become the vice presi- dent, jack Hymans the secretary, and Deanna Blight the treasurer. At the Tracy tournament Cathy Wehrerl and Sue Borshell got in the finals. Stuart Pollak won for his American Legion Post in the Legion contest as did Sally Squires for the Lions Club At the National Forensic League District Tourna- ment at U.S.F. Stuart Pollak and Jack Hymans won second place in debate which qualified them for the State finals. The University of California held a model United Nations, at which Stuart Pollak took first place for a member of the Security Council, Steve Breyer won first place for a member of the Political and Security Com- mittee, and Bill Goldman received second place for the Trusteeship Council. At the College ofthe Pacific, Lowell was represented by five delegates, Marc Leland, Steve Breyer, Mike Axelrod, Bill Goldman, and Rosalie Genes. The de- bating team, Marc Leland and Steve Breyer, won three out of the five rounds, and Rosalie Genes, entering girls' radio for the first time, won third place. At the oratorical contest sponsored by the Optimists Club, Ken Bley won setond place. At the Santa Clara meet, of the nine attending, the debaters, Marc Leland and Steve Breyer reached the semi-finals, and Steve Breyer and Stuart Pollak reached the finals in :xtemporaneous speaking. Steve took fourth place in the division and Stuart took third. This year, Step-hen Hone will be Lowell's National Forensic League representative. Speakers Win Many Honors Fran! rfmfx F. Krasne, S. Breyer, S. Pollakg M. Leland, J. Hymans. 2nd wuz' J, Horowitz, S, Burshall, D, Beccaria, XV. Kaufman, P. XY'ade, S. Charnes, K. Welmrcn. Bark Mun' G. Davis, D. Blight, J, Mitchell, S, Squires, S. Hone, B. Goldman, Mr. Lorbeer. PAGE IZIGHTY-THREE RED CROSS lfranf rozzx' I. M. Hollingsworth. K. Opperman. S, Hollingsworth and S. Barnard entertaining at Halloween Show. 2. T. Barnum and C. Aizenberg with patients at Niamonides for Halloween Show. I11.ii'rt.' Mr. Nichols and Cf. Kar- stensen. chairman of the J. R, Cf. Art Committee, showing favors and place cards made by Loxxellites. 2114! Ifllll' I. Members of Red Cross Council and sponsor, Mrs. Ciatelli. Scene from Shield skit showing how juniors work with Red Cross to help service men Red C ross Active Ql'QC1Hl'ZC1Ifl'Ol'l The junior Red Cross is one of the most active or- ganizations at Lowell. Whenexfer a holiday occurs the junior Red Cross makes nut and candy cups, mats, and other types of tray decorations for the hospitals. For the U.S.O. dances, the Lowell junior Red Cross has, at various times deco- rated the dance hall. Variety shows have been presented at Maimomides Hospital and Letterman General Hos- pital at frequent intervals. One of the biggest projects of the year is the Christ- PAGE EIGHTY-roua mas gift box drive. This year Lowell students contrib- uted enough gifts to fill 265 boxes, which were sent to the less fortunate children of other countries. Another project that is concerned with the foreign countries is the Friendship Albums. Lowell exchanges albums containing pictures and other interesting items concerning Lowell life with the school children of other countries. The translating of letters from the children of foreign countries is also one of the projects that keeps the junior Red Cross busy the year round. BAND' f T Frrnzl I'0Zl'.' F. Ludwig, D. D'Angina, D. Ham, C. Wfidener, J. Tuhtan, G. Giovannetti, E. McKenna, D. Krug, D. Green, B. Bellezer, R. Wellman, D, Cravens, D. Campbell, H. Zollars, Mr. Krieger. Zml raw: C. Neil, S. Hough, H, Donig, D. Hone, P. Gruner, C. Theiss, P. Davis, A. Swartz, W. Komatsu, A. Burnett, G. McChesney, D. Tanner, A. johnson, A. Swarrsfager. 3141 foie: A. O'Cjonnor, B. Czijina, G. Diignino, E. Saliiis, D, Skinner, j Forde, M. Goldman, C. Andrews, Cf. johnson, D. Heilhron, N. XVoocl, J. Mclfutclieon. Jlli iwrix' R. Ramsey, L Manrique, R. Howes, M. Gornnkle, XV. Komatsu, D. Pnlissar, N. Petersen, A. Darling, B. Batistith, J. Dalrymple, P. Arden, R. Kjheu, P. XlC'illiite. Band Vlfins Fame The Lowell instrumental music department, Linder the direction of Mr. Reginald Krieger, is recognized as one of the best in Northern California. This year Lowell sent more soloists and ensembles to the Nor- thern California Music Festival than any other school. Under the baton of student band leader Dale Po- lissar, the band performed at the following: at the Football Pageant in September, where it won the first place trophy, at all the Lowell rallies and the football and basketball games, at the Cal Band Day, where 2,000 high school band students played for the Cal- San jose State game, for the New Zealand All-Blacks- Cal All-Stars rugby game. The band gave a symphonic band concert for the stu- dent body on june 3, and played at Union Square on April 26 for Public Schools Week. The Lowell orchestra provided the music for the Christmas Varieties in November and played at the fall and spring graduations. On May 11 the orchestra gave a symphonic-pop con- cert for the student body and it played at the Term Play On May 21, 24, and 26. The Lowell music department scored higher than ever before at the annual Northern California Music Festival on State Colleges new campus. All festival participants were judged and rated I, II, or III. QI means superior, II means good, and III means fair.j Lowell won fourteen I's Qmore than any other school in Californiaj, nine II's, and one III. Nine Lowellites were invited to play in the Honor Orchestra next year at the California Western Con- ference at Berkeley. Four Lowellites fNancy and Marilyn Olsen, Lenore James, and Shirley Jacobsj qualified to compete in the preliminaries for the 355,000 Kimber Award contest for pianists, violinists, and cellists. The Lowell High School choir, under the direction of Miss Constance McFarland, has performed at a number of school functions. These include P.T.A. meetings, The Varieties, the Public Schools Week pro- gram, and the Public School Festival. The choir has also become a definite part of every years' graduation program. PAGE EIGHTY-FIVE CfHClIR Front min' E. Clgunpbcll, S, Miers-wn. CQ. Ross, T. Vlnhos. j. Yzxrncll. 1. Hanson. S, Cflmxxte, B. Rubcrts, M. Phi ips I7. Knnycr. Ii, Limlslcry M, Urlwgink Sckinn. +16 sun. CCQhn11 M. Iiucrst, C.. Stcwls, lm! wfzzx' Miss Milfilrlglml. G. Cirzzwimml, D. II.iItm1I, M. I.gunIv. R. Gliusi I., Izilrl. I.. Cluh. C' XVuIxi'cn. Cf. Malling, K. Spcmw. N. Spurgcun. 3141 rally' P, Cloul-mimi. Il. Mui, A. Sung. T. MCDcrmwtt. CZ. Gumbel. L. Ycttcr. S. Matclli. j. K.liiLII'lILll'IS, I. Ott-1, V. M.1nn wir: j. l.ewis. G. Vlixlmy. D. XVilkcs. B. Sxxcns-un. F. Skillman, H. Skillman. Dick Sisipll, II. Th-in II'lClTlI3C3IS nut in pictuxcg ID. Heath, P. Marquis, j. SI1im.l Choir and Qrchestra ADVANCED ORCHESTRA Frmzr mu .' M. Ilimllingswortli, Ci. Aizcnhcrg, S. Tcrstcggc, j. Rich. P. Kfruycr, R, Andre. J, Hwlmmlw. I-5. Hx I.. james, I.. Ciulllccn. G, Iawlm. S. Squires. R. Epuein. M. Zimmerman. B. jnmcs. joseph. 2114! H114 .' I. Timmex S. Jac--Iwirm. S. Hullinesxxortli, C,.,I-ulmnwn, M. Meredith. S. Auz. A. ,I-ulinsun. D. Pulissar. j, Sgxmpsnn. K, ugi yam.1. K. jwlmsnn. Silvcrmln, CQ. Mcliuic. II. Gglspnrc, M. Olson. Sui mu : K. Armlt, H. CQ:liin.l. M. Ciulun D. Skinner. il. ID.xlrymple, M. Cluriinkrl. P. Gruner. A. Schxx.irtz, C.. Tlxcisx, N. Nagel. D. CQYLIYCJIIS. E. Murnr. .7 R. K.1mIcl. ,Nlv wir: H. Skillman. H. MC'Ci:xrtnsy, N. Olwn, I.. Angel. CQ. Icxkins, sl. Purfell. S. Sswrmm, CQ. 1 1, M. Klinemzln. rcn, 5. Bunn Ill PACQII IfICiII'I'Y-SIX DANCE BAND Front i'rfn'.' Robert Caiina, Al O'Connor, jack Forde, lid Salais. Zur! rvui: Armand Sclmartz, Alan johnson, jim Dalrymple, Henry Dunig, inf mum' Doug Skinner, Clark juhnsmi, Dale Polissar. Martin Gnrtinkel. The Lowell dance band, under the direction of Joe Frease and jim Dal- rymple, played for several dances during the fall semester and a combo was formed from the dance band to play for thespring Freshman Recepf f tion. School Band Peps Up Rallies Rally in the quad. This term Lowell rallies have been highlighted with spirited music played by our school band. The band leader, Dale Polissar, also plays the first clarinet. Other outstanding members of the band are Doug Skinner, trombone, Neal Petersen and Dick Ramsey, tubag Warrera Komatsu, baritone horn, and Al O'Connor, trumpet. "Wl1o Put the Devil in Evelyn's Eyes" became the theme song of the Three Candidates, better known as Gil Sciaqua, Glenn Bell, and Dave Heilbron. This trio will be remembered as one of Lowell's best. Something new in trios was introduced when the Hollingsworth Sisters, Sylvia, Mary, and Jeannie, made a hit harmonizing "Butterflies" and other numbers. Rose Marie Grider, Barbara Lindsley, and Janice Yarnell also provided entertainment singing "Ber- muda" and "Side By Side." PAGE FIGHTY SFVFIN POSTER CLUB F1'1111l r11u'.' K. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, K. Lyru, P. Bluett, J. Sumski, R. Klein, N. Leach, M. May. A. Merritt. 2111! 1'11z1'.' D. Underhill, M. Berdeja, B. Garcia, A. Hong, N. Sawyer, C. Lee, P. Reynolds, J, Isaacson, XV. Anglim. 3111 1'o11'.' L. Cieers, S. Wfiel, D. Maldonado, K. Ishida, K. Osake, B. Rubin. S. Dickey. CHINESE STUDENT CLUB F11111l 1'1111'.' D. Wfmng, S, Chow, C. Lee. M. Ong, C. Leong, P. Lee, S. Low, K. Kang, D. Toy, A. Chew, M. Lee. 2111! 1-aux' B. Hiu, R. Lee, M. Lee, S. Hong, I.. Lou, A. Sung, E. Jue, H. Warsl. Std ww: C. Kwong, L. Gokson. H. Fung. R. Leong, M. Wiing, T. Hom, R. J. Buckley. 41h 11111'.' P. Dare, R. Chin, If. Jew, XV. I-long, R, Chen, R. Low, G. Young, Various Clubs Available to Lowellltes What is your interest? Are you an artist, a public speaker, a potential writer, whatever your interest is, Lowell has a club that includes your field. For the science students, Lowell oHers three dif- ferent clubs. The Biology Club, which is sponsored by Miss Vasilatos, includes the study of the natural sci- ences, while the Chemistry Club, sponsored by Mr. Jamison, studies the physical sciences, and the Radio Club, under the direction of Mr. Dury, Works with electronics, MUSIC CLUB F111111 1'0u'.' H. Zollars, T. McGee, C. Herborn, M. Fuerst, H. von Holt, D. Cravens. 211d 111111: A. johnson, C, NVid- ener, R. Andre, S. Stoll, A. Weise. N. Wciod, S, Hough, D. Polissar, I.. O'Shea. 9111 10101 L. Polissar, N. Peter- son, P. Gruner, M. Gorlinkel, A. Schwarz, E, Smith. D. Rosen. L. Yetter, D, Cheu. During track season, the track team members may join the Silver Spikes, which was organized for the purpose of bettering track and field interest at Lowell. The Silver Spikes is sponsored by Mr. Travers and its officers are as follows: President, Pete Reider, treas- urer, Ravenald Williainsg secretary, Price Hall. Mr. Barker is the advisor for both the Slide Rule Club, which is for those students who are interested in learning and applying their knowledge of the slide rule, and the Chess Club. SLIDE RULE 171-11111 1'11z1'.' J. Fidler, R. Chin, N. Zalessow, C. Lee, A. Chasnin, A. Eglite, J. Bettman, N. Stravch. 2714 1'1111'.' T. Stern, P. Hall, I.. Colin, R. Cellarius, I. Barker. H. Wfhitley. Y. Bokura, D. Krauss, 3rd row: K. Arndt, A. Czyz, P. Maddux, K. Adams, G. Young, B. Pisani. PAGE FIGHTY-EIGHT CHEMISTRY CQLUB Fmril win' Ken Bley. jack I-Iymans, Bob Castle, Ken Adams. 2nd miiu' D. E. jamison, Robin Kinkead, Gerald Young. BIOLOGY CLUB liwul i'w14.' J. Michael Gospe, jacques Louis Hymans, Rubin Donald Kins kead, jerry Bettman. 2114 row: Samuel Carpenter, Miss M. Vasilatos, 3rd mzzn' Edwin London, lfred Troupe, Louis Getter, RADIO CLUB From r'ff1z.' Michael Gospe, Stan Perk- ins, Ken Bley. 2nd ww: Bill Goldman Carter Smith. Dan Poynter. Students Pursue Hobbies Through Clubs The German Club under the leadership of Mr. Leub- ner and the club othcers, who are Mechthild Fuerst, president, Dagny Wish, vice president, and Maryann Illge, secretary, opens its membership to those who are interested and have a little knowledge of the Ger- man language. For the art students there is the Poster Club, which Miss Chase ably directs. These students are the ones that draw the posters around the school. If symphony music is one of your likes, the Music GERMAN CLUB limul mzr: N. Zalessow, M. Fuerst, M. Illge, D. XVish. I.. Schenk, j. Green. Zml wuz' N. Durieux, D. Polissar. G. Merkle. P, Gruner, A. Lubarsky. Std fwfr: J. I-Iymans, CQ. I-Ierborii, H. yon Holt, I. Wall. - .rx .rx Club, which is advised by Miss MacFarland, is offered to further your appreciation of it. Without the Stage Crew, Lowell's rallies in the court, or productions in the auditorium, would be fail- ures. For this able crew is the group that adjusts the speakers, switches the lights, pulls the curtains and many other helpful things. The Chinese Students Club, which Mr. Buckley su- pervises, is quite active. They had a dance and have helped the Red Cross group in making Easter favors. CHESS CLUB F7'ffllfl'U1l'.' V. Kapostins. G. Young, I.. Barker, I., O'Shea. I Bettman, Jml wir: A. Dear, D. Rosen, M. Gorlinkel. P, Belmont. PAGF ITIGIITY-NINE ROTC The ROTC has four companies and a total of a little more than 140 cadets. Working as a unit which is essential for an organization such as this, they have won many honors for Lowell. This year they placed second in the 91st Division Drill Competition. Lowell had the best drill team in the Columbus Day Parade and they won a trophy in last Septembers football pageant. The rifle team has also won many honors. Lowell placed first in the Hearst Rifle Match for the city of San Francisco. The high man of this contest was George Lenaihan. Terry Lyttle who has received high score with an amazing consistency was awarded a Block L for his marksmanship, It is an established custom of the ROTC to have competition between the different companies. This year Company "A" was the winner of the company cup. The distinction of being the best platoon is held by HAI' Companyis first platoon. The third squad of the first platoon of "B" company won as the best squad. The first place winners for the individual compe- tition were first year cadet Bill Todd, second year cadet Bryan Lyttle, and third year cadet Mike Orloif. The annual Federal Inspection was held on May msn NINETY ROTC I,li.irles Neil, Robert Parker, Sam Detlerian. james jackson. 9, 1954, The Federal Inspection is the most important event of the spring term for the ROTC. The inspecting officers, Major Pena and Lieutenant Henderson inspected the facilities and observed the drill of the battalion in a formal parade and review. In the afternoon they gave a theory quiz to a repre- sentative group of 10 cadets from each year group. In the theory quiz Lowellls ROTC placed 10 per cent higher than the second place school. The Federal Inspection is a judging of the military achievements, such as the troops in ranks, physical de- velopment, and close order drill of the company, pla- toon, and the squad. This year, as always, Lowell received a very high rating. There are two reasons for the ROTC. One is to teach the principles of leadership, respect for consti- tuted authority, and habits of precision, orderliness, courtesy, hygiene and correctness of posture, and de- portment. The other is to give the student basic military train- ing which will prove to be a definite asset to him when he becomes a member of the armed forces. D. BERGER ljml. Cal. M . OR I.OFF f.lmra1'r1 7307-C Qfficers R. BAUSCHSPIES Lielll. Col. C, KRESS Captain B. CHISUM 111 Lielzl. F. COUGHLIN 2nd l.iv11l. ,Huw ff.. T. SCIHXVABACHER limi. Cul. M. RUSS Cuplfin J. WEBSTIR 1.11 Liml. XV. KIRK QHHOFF 2nd Lzelzl. Y. BOKURA B. JOHNSON C. MALINS Mairfr Alujaf Major R. TORIGGINO B. TOPORKOFF S. DEDERIAN Caffmin 111 Liezzt. IJ! Ijcut. T. LYTTLE j. PIRO B. SWEENY lv! Livzfl. lvl IJFIII. 1.11 Lirlfl. D. MISKEI. D. SHUEY L. XVORMSER 2nd ljunl. Zml Ijvlzt. 22141 Lieul, PAGE NINETY- ONE ROTC COMPANY A FVUIII rozzx' A. Snndrofk. j. Xverlgwu-ul, R. Ramsey, -I, Xlifcbstcr, T. Schwalmclmer, R. 'l'uriggino, B. Sweeny, j Vogel, S. Lee. 2114! raw: I.. Moss, R. Kirk, B. Slluuy. C. Bruvwn, R. Rinhter, Blymlur, F. Lum, R. Mathews. 3rd mu J, Husain, R. Basso, A. Reinhard, K, Kelly, D. Cornell, I., O'Sl1c.1, I., Yetter, D. Gurriutl, D. Clrccn. ROTC ROTC COMPANY B lffrnll row: H. Tuporkoll, C. Mallns, Y. Bokura, M, Orlorl, B. johnson, B. Irwin, E. Rcslx, B. Kirchofl, D. Zmf wuz' M. Cfhristinsen, P. Borlacmrsi. INT. Recd, L. Nunn, D. McGraw, R. Jorgensen. R. Moreno, V. 1. Gibsun, G. Orr-l "-'- . ful' -fffz ' B. Kuppinuuz. Nl. Kemp. A. Czyz, R. Quan. N. Doane, K. 'l'akal1.1ski, G. sun, F. Suulrnf. ,l. 57'vwr.u l Mnnlo S. 'lnlrurniulm 410 mfr: F. Inltus, B. Tmlll. Cf. NL-il. R. Parker, B T. Ckunphcll, ID. lb-Mr.. I' Eicizti ml, D. Surflcct, F. Ziegler. I'lf1IdI'ngffng.'C. Anrlrcxu, PAGE NINETY-TXVO Slxuey Cooke Anrlcr Lyttlc Fi-M11 faux' R. Mieener. -I, Jiuksun, D, Miskcl, F. Cluuglilin. M. Russ, I.. Whrinscr, L. Mckarver, A. Shinn, J. DC- ilcriain. 2111! ffm .' V. Nzilivgiiko. R. Sgmki, B. La Flammc, R. Sollic. R. Huclsrm, R. Stockdale, A. Paul, K. Sticpcr. if-il,-H11: P. Mgxddux, T. Simnwns, B. Fleming, M, F-im, G. i.QI1LlililFl, L. Lnngscth, R. Miller, C- Smith, H. wmficy. l'4wfu1 wiv: M. McKee, J. Andrews. B, C'hi2um. T, Lytrle, C. Krew. S. Dederian, Ciharies Theiis, R. Lxmge. Sud mir: I.. Bcny. T. Mnmqui-, Ci. Fc-Miiwiiii. D. Clark, P. XY'c:ncr. S. Prmue, B. Ri-ss, I.. Ciuggs, B, Thuirn, V. Hut!- m.AIl, 'If Himxcr. ini wus A. I.iil.1ixIgignx'. K. Childs, H. Slmpus, P. King. I.. Epstein, H, Allwn, U. Dguxwii, 15, XVL-isshix PAGE NINIZTY-'l'I IREE Various Activities Unite Students Lowellites Enjoy Dances and Partytime VC1CGl'l.Ol'lS Bring Happy Faces SYLYIA WALITA KOENIG HOILINGSVUORTH Spying P,.UidL,,,, Fix!! Prefirlwzt GAA MANAGERS Fran! rouu' S. Auz, L. Schenk, W, Koenig, S. Hollingsworth, S. Anixter, A. Eglite. Zim' mir: j. Hnlcoinb, C. W'arren, B. Ecklliirdt, C. Montgomery, K. Blair, -I. Frank. iid fairs B. hlugg, A. EPP, E. Aoki, D. Brilliant, j. Tom Girls' Athletic Associcition The Girls' Athletic Association, better known around the reservation as the GAA, was the largest organization in school, and offered the finest variety of sports in the city. Monday after school in the gym, Miss Boehm, Ka- ren Blair and Anna Eglite conduct modern dance. Miss Flynn, Nancy Olsen and Carolyn Watson helped teach tennis at Mt. Lake Courts. And down at the "Y" Miss Strauss, joan Holcomb, and Diana Brilliant take care of the swimming classes. Wednesday managers Janet Frank and Arlene Epp help Mrs, Smith teach bowling. Out at St. Francis Rid- PAGE NINETY-SEVEN Volleyball and Swimming are Popular Li.A.A. Sports, Girls' Athletic Association ing Stable, Wirlitzl Koenig, Bev Eckhardt and Miss Sink show girls how to handle horses. Thursday you have a choice of volleyball in the gym under the supervision of Lenore Schenk, Chris XX!arren, or softball in the yard with Joanna Tom. Both sports are sponsored by Miss Strauss. Returned to the GAA list of sports is ice skating. It was sponsored by Mrs. Haven in the fall and by Mrs. Smith in the spring. The managers were Sandy Anixter and Sonja Auz. Fall GAA otlicers were: President, Sylvia Hollings- worthg secretary, Marguerite Meredithg clerk of awards, Barbara Mugg. Spring officers were: President, Walita Koenigg secretary, Sandy Anixterg and Lenore Schenk was clerk of awards. Many Girls Participate in Bowling. PAGE NINETY-EIGHT Girls' Athletic Association Top lefff Students assist Mr, Karpenstein. Top rigbl: Students working in the library, Bralzfnu left: Mr. Peterson is assisted by some of his office staff, Bolfom 1'igfJI.' Students hard at work in Miss Harrisoifs oitice. Students Enjoy Working in Qffiees Lowell students have always been known for their service and cooperation. This reputation was upheld by those students who worked in the offices. Miss Lorigan's office was always busy and she had a wonderful group of girls to help her get the work done. There was always a lot of work to do in Mr. Peter- son's office and his assistants were always kept busy. Answering the phone or running errands kept Miss Harrison's helpers busy. PAGE ONE HUNDRED There was a big job for Mrs. Kendall, who is in charge of the mimeograph machine but with her as- sistants the job was done well. There was never a dull moment in the attendance office and Mrs. Cahen's assistants all enjoyed their work. Checking books in and out, filing cards and arrang- ing shelves was done by those who helped our libra- rians, Miss Anderson and Miss Scott. Those students who gave their time to work in an office had a wonderful time doing it. The Library Stal? Miss Lorigan and Her Staff Many Students Serve Their School Mrs. Kendall and Her Staff Scroll and L Superviscs at Elections PAGE ONE HUNDRIZD UNF Day in Life o Student and Teacher V f Glenn Bell shows you the typical routine of today's students. Upon arrival in the morning solemn homage is paid to R. Lowell. The daily bulletin is checked for important notices Qrally today . . . following students PAGE ONE HUNDRED 'TWO excused to attend , . . Then the necessary evils of attending classes, which, however, is not allowed to interfere with important research, nutritional pursuits, and healthful exercise. Mr. Robert Anino takes you through a typical day in the life of a teacher. First, a hearty, vitamin-filled breakfast. Then, a leisurely trip to school. Equipment is readied to deal with any minor discipline problem. Research material is carefully studied so that classes will be interesting and informative. Careful prepara- tion pays off as the class listens alertly and atlentively to every word Professor Anino utters. Noontime means time out for a light snack Qsix hot dogs, five hamburgers, a quart of milk, and three slices of banana cream pie, and a cheese enchiladaj. And finally, Mr. A's day ends on an unhappy note when audio-visual director Milton breaks the sad news that the six Marilyn Monroe films ordered by Instruc- tor Anino are not in the educational catalogue! PAGE ONE HUNDRED TTEEREE TUNDRFD FOUR Acknowledgments We would like to use this space to extend our sin- cerest thanks to the many people who helped create this book. Thanks to Mr. Wzltson, our printer from Lexicon Press, who put up with our continually late copy. Thanks to Mr. Bower at Walter Mann Co., for an excellent job of photoengraving. Thanks to Ardes Company's Mr. Hampton for help- ful suggestions for our cover, and to Max Bodden, who designed the cover. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hall at Plymouth Studios, who added their professional touch to the photographs. Thanks to Claude Lowen, Laurence Wormser, Robert Frick, and Price Hall, our school photographers. Thanks to Mr. Wtirm, who worked with our busi- ness managers Dave Baar and Barbara O'Connor to keep the books balanced. Special thanks to Miss Harrison and Mrs. Cahen for the use of their files. Thanks to Mr. Nichols and his art students, who did all the art work in the book. The end sheet was drawn by Dick Maldonado. Thanks to the members of the staff, who deserve most of the credit for the success of the book. Thanks, Mr. Buckley, our advisor, who stepped in in time of need, and who was always available with good suggestions. The year of work that has gone into this book was not in vain if you enjoy this, the 1954 'Red and Wflvile. That was our ultimate goal, to please you, the Students ot Lowell, for this is your book. BARBARA DAVIIES Dots: KRAUSS

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