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 - Class of 1978

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fgl Ji ff L J, 215 iff ff 5 P VW f ' uf! J Lf f ff! ,ffl 4 3 if 'ff K A f fi! ff Iliff-'riff fffd fix iff N vffxi 2 z Mini! M? ff Lf ffm 9 X fdff f0 L 5 K MEM! 4 ERE K,.f' 1 fm 1 Q Q new was fffz-ff?fwf1fPA A A X Eff 3 ,Y ffi 1- J' gf F" f ,f N 47" , if 653 Qyfifi' vii! 2 , f - ma inf" Abi Za 1 X VQJHQQQGMJ Qin ,EIU 'lj 9 Fr'-Q HJ ! ip rg 'JJ' as ,Cx Vipjfa CV -,IL , MHZ if kqlf , GJ . W ir V: , rl I Ulf Q ' - Fm A KJ V Q f?C'f'Lg .0 - , 045-f' , WD ff 1 ff yi if ifafpi' ' J., I Q 1 , , 1 . , A jfqffp IVE x AQ4jr!,, 2 In 7 M, ,Lf f W Q! A Q f' 4' 4 ft? gf QQ' ' jg , f,nff I El Q! M L., W . 45 A Q A 'A , ' 6, LA I ,fUf.f fi, an 'jf Inky! Mg, ' f f.4.ff f'f , ly, , -f4' X ,Q Iv f ji, j VL , V U , A . bk ' I png? - 'fy Y ., mf W Y'fX? ! 4149 'mg Qi Q'-6 'VN JIM AQ .,,. .- .77-W. V W-W,-,Y-... . VN I J YV -7 A -11 f-1 1', ,L . mm 7 1 pw hw if L K, 1fMWx,w4, 1 1 1 1 D ci lfffjf' W u 1f1 JW n 1 1 xl ' fin V6.1 FM: ,. ' 5 Kvfjb G gi VD Q +- Q I ffiffm ffuufv fi hx -L W Qi be 'NN '5 Q ff, fi f 3 1 1 4: 1 1 Exp Q1 11-1fv"ew1?ye1f:11 fx l .Q E QU qi iz. aw. F' ff, 4? 111 I 1 DJ 1 . E Q 1 , KM ff fm. ff1- -517, 'UN 3 CJ 1 'A Q.. d 1 gi:-A 55' M Q' if J' 1 1,1 new M I 1 Q 4 ffl 1 1 ' -K +A ,1 ,K 1 1' gg 1 Lurrxge 1 zip' ff 1 a 11 SX Q wg 3 1 U19 1 5 wa Q ' 'V 211114 ' H1 1 C3 I Q D 'P , - 353 Q -V -,lj is Q 6? ' ,R ' if E, LQ., 1 K 'T '5 -' -f A - 1 M7 xx 1:1 ' 1 3 0 1 N 10 XIX DQ C4 ff ff ., EQXWS11 113 5 MXN 4 1' 1 1 W 11 1 K, ' 1111.4 1 Q 1 JJ: E R , 1 qs, Q Seem 511111 M 1 1 1 fe 1 jbx Q -I Q 1 ' 1 - 1 1 , 1 11 for 1 jcfruw'-W W W 1 11, www 1 1111, 15 jN11LL1 11w 11.1-N We must Ie1u1m1 tru see 1he1yu1nd1 w? yQqNEb'puren1'. 1 1 . 1 ' A To nofice special way cm fri smiles or recog 1 e 1115 1 I ? spu1rkIe in so1meo1ne1's1 eyes is to Ifruiy see. . 1 f can we Hive 1hvom day to day wi11h1o1u11' reu1Iizi1ng that A fhefe is mere to life 1l'hnn what 1li1es1 on the 1s1ur1Fc:1c1e?1 I TFo1reu1Ily see we must l1u1u1k b1e1ne-u11rh1 the su1rfw:e 11:11 our 1 ' 1f1 1 W D 1 1 4 Ii 1 1 1 i 11 HN 1 1 1 1 8 O 1 1 Y 1 1 1 1 I '. ! Ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H Sl U U S E 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 I if 1 . I - 1 I E 1 "1 i lu 'Sw 0 1978 MINUTEMAN VOLUME 17 LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL WHITTIER, CAUFORNIA .rv .. . V . -Q. -.-ny.-,.. 1 ' . i 'I md' I v ,. o vp an J wr.. ' ,fl " .4 . 1 'H , Q 'L .. o 1 '1 . 1 ' D. ' Fw' .,' 4- 'kv ,W l ff' -V M1--,..: -A..-' W " .-g --M 'I .Qlk .., .I W 9 naugswadff 3'1- ""-ish uf . 1 .. ' . ' I.-,,-o w--- i' ,- , -Q Wd.. . fp , ,,f,nl' , "5 ,m,,,, .4 Hr 5. .av ,,.a -cv' ' wer. w"" --S . i 0. H M.- Lf? M Q in A .4- I "',...A-V' 'D Ps mf f ' J .L-w 'W AV' 1 .JL Q 4 1 4 4.. QB-4, - .-. f sg. -0 ' ' .ff 'J 'M' 0 FQQEP Us an en ulazafhf J A " Q". "" ,rf-uv" . ,,. 'IV' "4si9"','a" -4 .wr 3 r' I f' ,.. 3 34 ,Q 1 1-arf -: I u-... W? 1' 4 rfb' S+' Q' ' ig. : 5-xr?" . ff.- -.. A , . 1. Tb f U "--' ,.....f J 'gf-Q , ' QV Q Q ' 1'f if ' j' 1' 'P ' -A 5445 Y . 101' A frrvff' r ' ,47vl'f- "A ' ' A ' 1 ,J-Q -' +I - - " ' ,ze 'I , . . 9 L H K . . n .T N. . 341.4 W. ?' it Yvkf ,, ' bm ' ',ALN"' ' 'MQ' - .4 'Q . 2 v,,t.K:' 'f ':-.f 35-Q ai .V F Q Q M9 ' 4 wk. "K ff W 1-,Q ,I-VM is :gi 'Q' Y'-my . Eno' mn .. sf -V W" 4' il' . ,KM mximf if 4, I .uf-'ft gg ' , .L '- 'Q n 'H ' K 'M' 1, I -:IP W M .- .f 4,11 4 -9 ' ' 1 9 1 M-wf,., . - . Q- ,4 if 5"- Q -s 1'1" IE by ,Q ,Q- O ' L'7""-5'-4 at Tv' W-. tt 1 ,-'Sr' L -EWWQ A 3 , X , S' ' " . w . V W- J' J- .ff -ff' - ' li H 'W , 'fi ff. 'Q- M' B 9 K 'ff js' 'Wg '1 Qw-' , , ,PS 'f +-M mx w5,.i1:Tvg , 4 . ,itfv -. A shim! ,P , Ty Mk ,l E, Q 1 YI! ?5,.:, TL5,.,b wffvmxu .aj Qi itil. 4. J ' A , .L x .U M, in JW? 5 , ' ,ff 4 M W W' in , H , 4 1 Mlm - .. Y ., . jx ' M tix Y, , 3- ' Qbjiwfi V og, ff fm-ef R Ura WA V ,KA ' -W.: V- W rr Q: M- f -r"T -v .wa 'M X-o Rail ga, r A.. 'Q r', 'a o"v I V. up 'Y- Q L32 nga. H V, I , lb: A .. A ,.,, ,M fy ,N W. I I "typ-R '07 I 5 'Zn I':f'J"7""-TW - -If v Dr uv .QI- ",Y.?I:-,M I nl pw-,f 'if' ov. 1 'H l ' If "f"-wk, 'I-Tir 'T-'1' I . , ' gi' ' .Exim . Q 1? '-. v ' 2- ' "" I , I an - . ' . A . .,1 -5-I-wx. 'fgn-I 'V' I if ..h,. 2' gwidff - S ' I run ,WT Q-PL 1 -wp.. 2 I QWQEC' ' V' ' ,. V-we 1 of 1 ev- , fag 'W' -ff' . , .4 I .. I '1?Cf+-J .L I .fp I-.L ff- Q -DT?" I - 14, "1 1 T71 . , I 'af ' ,f A I5 I Ufw' X 1 6 " du.. M I a ft' L"' ' I . 'U L.. T37 "' I 5 I , U: I W V K 4,7 has Q za' 1 99' I, .. ' I T -'I' I I ENTHUSIASM ACADEMICS ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICES I I I ADVERTIQEMENTS Creating ond seeking to express ou We live life for moments ot Then the times fade Only to be rekindled by our me sq , -fy 5 A feeling I hold, known only To my'hecurt, Moy it be o goal, o Thought, or on emoiion, I conceol if. ' Loter, others mov discover it But for now it is mine alone. ,.. i L i r E ,-fi i 1 ,Qi I' . 1 ,I 1 1 I I W 'Q Vf X1 31' TW fl 4-3 Wiifir " l 4 I l .J l 5 I 1 1 1 1 f 3 Qin! 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 '5 lt, M I A ,vi 1 frplyfih. Fl I Sdecial friends are always near. I we trust in their knowledge and feel secure in their presence I Toi share in each other's lives through the years ls lo always be content. I I . . I I I I l I I I I I I I Times of loughter, times of cheering They oll oppeor in the courseiof o doy Sometimes wanted cmd sometimes totolly unnoticed In the end, oll of them ore cipprecioted eww E N .Q A ,I Homecoming Wishes Come True Did you ever wish you were someone or something else? Our T977 Homecoming As- sembly ollowed us to do exoctly thot for o doyl lt oll took ploce October 7th in the gym, using the theme "l Wish l Were. . Students come to school dressed os who or whot they wished they were, Everything from Lindo Ronstodt to Snow White ond the Seven Dworts become o tomilior sight oround compus. An Assembly, stoged like television's populor "The Gong Show," wos held, complete with o "new" Chuck Burris os host. Mciny of the students in costume imper- sonoted their lovorite stors, Alter these per' lormonces, the oudience voted on their choice tor best oct, ond to the delight of oll hisitcins, Elvis wos declored the winner. Loter, there wos some seriousness odded to oll the fun ond moyhem. The cheerleaders tought us the new cheers, followed by the competition yell which the Seniors won. 4. 4 Q., what "' 1, SR , .. N' lf' HOMECOMING NOMINEES First row: Dorlene Dovis, Jenn Taylor, Dono Levin, Second row: .ldckie Stott, Rondo Priest. Third row: Corol Bond, Beth l-loyes, Toni Weiss, Tommie Fisher, Nancy Veyno. 35 fm F W 5 Mrk' NN , -dll Aff ii! J" ' . Qiww f 5 , , .4 ki, ,,., W Qgwfiiif gt-Vg,"-.-avg Af S 1 'K , 1' gy :iff-affl: f fx Z',2'1iT3i",.?Y-'1'g Q' 'ff "Q' +51-v . ""nipf, M-' v ', ,f"2""""v ,M 5 y 1' "if, ' ' 1 , wihm - 1'f1'!"' v iff? N 'jg 3 .5k,gf,gw W Q 47 ii " Ninn, "3 " N i , gQ7fQ4g,.a V M' M , Lf, - 1 wx, px , w,,'ip5.z,,,: , . ,X 4 - 4 - , H will If , J. s ww "SWE ,gk 1, w D41 ' -H 1 K2 A ' ff s T' 1 - .S ,- fi T 1, sz 'Ao ,gag wk .ik , lp. F A ,f ' ,, , .221 5 V' r 3552- X s Ay fn 79 wr.: ' 1 h"'WLf I , I J .W 'L Q--rf HW 'inf fe ' gn 5: Ag Rlfggfa Fwggw 3 if ,-I ,J Homecoming Nighfs Echo Forever 1 M. ' li . J A S E X 5. 4 H A HOMECOMNG COURT AND ESCORTS1 hm Myrwe, Caro! Bond, Pudv Colo, Tomrmo Fmh Rondo Priest, Mott Bxshop, Beth I-loves, Room Feeney, Dono Levm, Doug Young. Ak, .- , I didrft know it could be so strong Waiting ond wondering oboui you, I didrfi know iT could los? so long Nights ore forever without you. Don 81 Colev Peo Promolers Lifl School Soiril ,l JV Cheerleaders Top row: Robin Lunceford, Cheryl Zoluske, Jackie Kirionoff. C Boffom row: Courtney Moore, Kim Taylor, Sandy Heil. on A x K LTL L H I 5 'I'i,gwl A '.+ K: ea .niavu 'Y ' .f n Q41- al NF' ' P 'Ji 526+-1? ......! fi 2 2 Y Si l. . -mi yzgw. 'f - is xg w w 1 L M 2 1 h ,M , . A E-, . .1 s gg gi 1:1 ' X . -1' u ' 'QU ani! :fn .4 4 ,.... ,, ' "-N2 uv .. J , ' al 1 Wm! JJ! iii,-if "' X ' iv? I 'Z -1 W . efffwifn' ,J W Q 'F X 1 1' fi ' F WU an ,, N40 ' if N W M? S . H: im. J ., .1 , K , t gy X , V WA.. 1' X ' R wr XX ! i P' ar f "4 1 a V 1 'G ' ,. Zlimwwi-Nw up Vu P Y! fx f V . f T f fe 'xx ...ss A5 , Ji .X Q , 1 . 1 , . J 1 1 f " 45, ax. 43f".,., Q qi . 5 Y X: 13 , 9 Y P' L ai n '- X 3, . ' Q , .-1.m,.,w,w 'TU' f s ,. 5 ' my U Amr 1- 'Q nf , F' 'W f , , Um, W J ..- - . -- 3 r 4 ' 1 'f1.:'0,fA '.l.-, ' wLl."l '-fi, fi. .' ' -a rf Y -if --.f .91 Q B , -.., ,....- 'V 'uf N - ' ,. ,V ' 3: , Sk :fail """"" N xx -mf 'mfs -f- , W' ' ' " 35 1, Mx ' J 15553 t 555 , ., ' if .Q f , 1 v li :A 4.4 BANDLEADERS1DvumMoior Vxctor Corwdiow ond Assisiom Drum Moior Trocy Scott. COLOR GUARD LEADEF!S:Cop1c1in Geneva lrelon ond Co-Comoin Dovno Schoenber- ger, .. U ,, A Chorus The T977-T978 Patriot Marching Band, Drill Team, and Color Guard started another busy year with great enthusiasm and high spirits. Working hard to evolve an outstanding and entertaining show, the Patriots began their marching season with long summer re- hearsals. In addition, numerous morning practices were held, Guided by advisors Jorge Garcia and Holly Blaha and led by Drum Maior Victor Candioty, Drill Team Captain Karen Ker- mode, ana Color Guard Captain Geneva lrelan, the QI members of the band, drill team, and color guard contributed much time, hard work, and money toward their cause. Through everyones combined efforts the half-time show, based on the Broadway musical "A Chorus Line," was very well re- ceivecl. The Patriots held many performances, in- cluding a show at the L.A. County Fair and another at Anaheim Stadium, at the reauest of the California Angels. They also per- formed at all of lowell's home and C,l.F. football games and marched in the Whittier and la l-labra Christmas Parades. Raising money for their spring tour to San Francisco, the biggest event of the year, the groups engaged in fund-raising activities, Two were "Band McDonald's Day" and the ne Shines selling of Patriot hats, scarves, and mittens. Several tough field show competitions were on the season's agenda, spiritedly stepping off to the announcement, "Lowell l-ligh School proudly presents 'A Chorus Linel' " the units marched tothe songs of the musical, including the popular "What l Did For Love," The band's new maiorette, Cath- erine Cuccio, reigning "Miss Junior Maiorette of Southern California," did her own routine to "One" at all performances. The Pepette Drill Team gave their own award-winning versions of "Dance Ten, Looks Three" and "I l-lope l Get lt." The Guard added a lot of color and additional entertainment with their routines, which appeared throughout the program. All in all, the l977-T978 season proved to be exciting and rewarding for the Patriots, who marched away with several im- pressive awards and a lot of pride, Awards: Azusa Competition: Band, 3rd, Drill Team, lst, Color Guard, lst. Glendora Competition: Band, 3rd, Drill Team, 3rd, Long Beach Competition: Band, 11th. Savanna Competition: Band, 4th, Drill Team, 2nd, Color Guard, 2nd, At Savanna Competition, the band, drill team, and color guard achieved the highest score they had attained in three years, they qualified for the S.C.S.B.O.A. "Excellent" Medal. Y Y, DRILL TEAM LEADERS: Captain Karen Kermode and Co-Captains Joy Naka- mura and Robin Miller. Qff'3'!?li5'l 1 1, Uvuo- ..+ A 3.11. 'Z' . 'L -i-' . 4. 3 t ,si S J: N: ' MAJORETTE: Catherine Cuccio A' ff ff KL.. ', N.. -L- ,v-X M. x H 'x flfm. 1 W-.YK - .A , 9 A' A ,fl '. wx ' , 4- ,L . ffl f1 4,51 1 V, M. . K , L --. fr Haig' , xg + ' 4 by x W, ...FK 5' 'WM , . i ff, ix W f '71 'U Ng I - " . Q 3 K .2 wi":,J 5 v' f, rg, , .W . lf "'f' T 'ff?'f,, .. :yy . " 1-QL -Q . 1 ' N... ,,u x 4 ' .' , V iq.: L fl .A .,. , Q., 34' 'Y . ,WB VA IV r .1" .4 3N,A,1 4 ,- - , WSJ-' 1 E ,T 1-1 .4 ,. N . U- -v-.,., M'-4 1, V'-. "l,fI'A 7 ll-1'-5 '+L A .1 ,W-fu N h -1.,.., " A 4. 1 Al., X ew, 44 Vgww -5, , ,, W A ,V. ,f A ., sf. ' 4 , '...,, I "' - . H. 'N J! 'QE' 4 1-I ., . if, . ' ,'.. -'-' 1, ' 9591? x X ' f-1 , - .W I :af ji' ,jf Sie .- . T .4-4 4' 's?',,zf1 ' nr ' iff: '-,f ff' ,fa,.', " fiffa 'nf 5 ' if ., 1 , ,,,.-1,-Q.-K , .. X ..,,,A,, ' 1. 'N-. 1 p X ,w 2: f -, -3 - yt: ' . " . .f,,g. - 'f f5g.., . x ' ' 'ww 1 ' ' A., ,A v ,ff pxfnif' '39-' rw ,Q -, f, " f. f ff' fflfg ' ' ,I-:r.i'f' .-,., 2, 3. 'g' A ,J 1' .5 Q L . ' .A .AJQV "as ,. , ,ff ,N g. ,, - , .v-.f,.,S.' .gif .Q 1 fi - F 12, ,QW , M- ...J .,-Q A -:J p 4:5 , , 'v..'Q'4.fi' 'fr' 4" " -dxf" ' -if :' ' " ' .. - I f- 'K fx M 7 S". f riifzbs-2 9- 4 ' f.,-1 K .fplp Mm Q A , VQQAE , Q M7 . .Q kk .Q H fy, 1' L- f ,SA , ' ,3,.,,x , . , . v,,,,, . I ' ,., ug.,-V 'J '. ,. j- .1-'f 14 7 ' ,: 'fWf','T .fri 41 ' +m-u-- M f - ff I' , 3' 3- , . f I N' r .1 . W js F., av.. , In 1, yu, 1 W hw!" In W,- f , .pi ,-.4 4-' 4. 1 PEPETTE DRILL TEAM: Jo Allen, Jean Bass, Velane Biorklund, Kathy Bockelrnan, Laura D'Agostino, Linda Eaton, Jan Ewell, Kay Gensicke, Jackie l-lene dersan, Robyn Hull, Karen Ker- mode, Stacey Markson, Robin Miller, Cathy Mitchell, Joy Naka- mura, Jill Pteiler, Debbie Poetsch, Pam Quick, Cindy Roy, Jackie Stott, Doris Wada, Kim Yulich. MARCHING BAND: Paul Ander- son, Todd Bales, Geeta Berera, Victor Condoity, Tony Cook, Laura Cook, Tammy Dauda, Brenda Davis, Harold Davis, Kelly Davis, Craig Diaz, Ted Dorff, Tam Durning, Jim Edwards, Loretta Ed- wards, Jay Francisco, Greg Gar- dea, Janet Gilbert, Bruce Gor- mley, Jeff Hardy, Mark Henderson, David Jackson, Eric Jackson, Sharon Kenley, Francis Kim, Dennis Long, Jeff Lozon, Da- ren Luker, Steven Luker, Julia McGarry, Sharon McGunigle, Joe Mendoza, Deonne Merryman, Brenda Milburn, Richard Miller, Cary Nakamura, Jerry Naumann, Darren Nuttall, Mary Page, Penny Perdue, Steve Polevoi, Wally Prokopow, Scott Quigle, Dan Rainey, Debra Roemhild, Jan Rosenberger, Ron Santo, Marcos Sardon, Tracy Scott, Mark Shat- tuck, Laura Stoltenberg, Mark Stoltenberg, Frank Tenckhott, Rod Verbeck, Alex Versteeg, Nick Ver- steeg, Carol Yelton, Felicia Yo- chem, Susan Young, David Zot- rea, Peter Zofrea. Patriots Take "Excellent" Medal , S Y 1 . 55.1,-' u x . , -'ff K' .T Z. 'Z .wg . K its X. K N ki,-.i . kjbl Q K K Neva' , L , 1 " ' ' QQ . .f-,4-Qx,.3g'n A M 9 -12 5 uma a. ng COLOR GUARD: Jockuo Al!lerl, Kmrmw Alf drev, Lindo Bwdler, Geneva lrelon, Clmriww Laker, Terry Livwdsov, Duvno Sciuwnlwv'g1cv, Koihv Vonromshorst Rabbit lnvodes Household An invisible white rabbit starred in "Har- vey," Lowell's comical fall play this year. The comedy traces the antics ot Elwood P. Dowd, a wealthy mcin in his forties, and his compan- ion, Harvey, the rabbit. Mr. Dowd's family is very upset and em- barrassed by the tact that the eccentric mil- lionaire may be out ot his mind. So it's de- cided that he be committed to Chumley's Rest, a sanitcirium. Unfortunately, more complications keep springing up. Mr. Dowd's sister, Veta, goes to the sanitarium to arrange for his stay and a terrible mistake takes place. The stall detains her, thinking she is insane. Alter this episode, both the staff and Elwood Dowd's tamily be- gin a frantic search tor him. During all the commotion, Dr. Chumley and Veta actually 3 become convinced that l-larvey does exist. Elwood P. Dowd finally returns home and is reunited with his family, and ot course, Hare vey. The play ran smoothly onstage, with the assistance ot those backstage. The make-up and costume crew did a commendable iob transforming students into characters, and the Technical Theatre crew also helped in Hor- vey's success. The cast in order of appearance included: Suzanne Johnson, Lisa Irwin, Don Gibson, Cara Lamning, Kim Mallc, Sandy Stear, Greg Christy, John Roohan, Stuart Smith, Carolyn Sampron, Ernst l-loeckmann, and Chris lyionte. Mr. Paul Bucalstein was the director, and Joshua Townshend-Zellner was the stu- dent director. "'f'1vnnnu-1 Q 1 Fall Frolic I-Iormonizes SENIOR PRINCESS AND ES- CORT Irightli Lisa Thoxton, Craig HIIcIen. JUNIOR PRIN- CESS AND ESCORT Ifor righflz Julie Lundy, .oe Mehe- IIC, SOPHOMORE PRINCESS AND ESCCRT IriQI11I1 JUIIe Covorrubios, Troy BITI1eII. FRESI-IMAN PRINCESS AND ESCCRT Ifor rigI1TI: Debbie Schwab, Greg I'IuiTT. gli X 14 1 , TwiliQhT Fcmfosy QUEEN AND ESCORT ffm upper Weftli Kris Coch- ron, Doug Young KING AND DATE lfol Yoftl. Cor- wm Bnies, Curole Scheel ! S "im Angels Entertdin Audience "My Three Af1Q6lSl'WC1S stoged in Lovvell's P.A.C. Dec. 8, 9, lO. The plot evolves oround the Ducotel fomily: fother, mother, ond dclughter lllon Johnston, Volerie Reveles, Suzie Worwickl who ore living behind their store in o convict colony, The dciughter, Morie Louise, foints vvhen the moil orrives, discovering thot her boyfriend Pciul lJohn Roohcinl is going to morry someone else, Three convicts vvho vvere repoiring the root Uoseph-Joshuo Townshend-Zellner, Jules- Stucirt Smith, Alfred-Lorry Porkerl enter. Seeing vvhot hos occurred, they revive the girl, vvho ignores oll odvice ond tries to throvv herself into o river. Alfred, however, soves her. Marie l.ouise's fother Felix comes in ond tries to protect his doughter, from the con- victs' clutches, believing they ore trying to horm lnot helpl her. Felix threotens ond oleods vvith them while his vvife tells him to offer thonks, finoilly convincing him of his mis- toke. When the convicts ore invited to Christ- mos dinner, they steol ond cook ci chicken ond steol o tree. Loter, Uncle l-lenri lBill Ko- nturl ond Poul orrive. Henri demonds to go over the books for the store thot Mr, Ducotel is tempororily running for him. Joseph, know- ing the books ore in choos, sends his pet snoke ofter him. They olso try to reunite Poul ond Morie Louise, but when Foul is occiclen- tolly killed by the snoke, o hondsome lieuten- cint lDominic Clemencel comes in to toke his ploce. I i xi. - 1 ROTARY CLUB STUDENTS OF THE MONT!-11Don Gib5on,Cvr1di Zemon GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVE lrightlz Chris Ffores. VALEDICTORIANS Tcenter rightlg John Woodling, Victor Condloty. Q NU t T Q. S9 .,-K vxk ms., 2' ,viz -if x Q' mil L BANK OF AMERICA WlNNERS1Dorr Glbsor1,LiberoN Arts, Victor Condroty, Fine Arts, Mark KldvveH,VOCc1- tionol Arts. Not Pictured: Eilen Raine, Science ond Moth. DAR AWARD WINNER: CVDdI Zemcm X . X. ,L N .,,-f,-Q5 - i Acfive Sfudenfs Are Honored OCTOBER lbdowj: Cathy Clstemino MARCH lrightlz Victor Condioty JANUARY lobovek Chris FIOVGS NOVEMBER lrughtl: Liso Thoxton , Il V ... A '-'A' 4... ,W- Li-L - ...Q vperf. ""' .I- SEPTEMBER Itopl: Juckue Stott DECEMBER lobovel: Teresa Tenckhoff FEBRUARY Kleftlz Carlo Harrison Unioue "Illusions" ond Experiences This veor's donce concert consisted ot o voriety of colorful performonces, Seventeen girls ond three boys portroyed their skills in the progrorn, "illusions in Doncef' A voriety ot numbers were donced to ot the concert, including bollet, iozz, ond mod- ern. All porticiponts were members ot the od- vonced donce clcisses. Also performing wos Poul Bucolstein, the students' instructor ond the progrom's director. On closing night, three protessionol donce instructors were present to iudge the students on their tolent ond their obility to perform be- tore on oudience. Jcickie Stott vvon the com- petition ond wos presented with o 5200.00 scholarship. The production ron tor two consecutive weekends, February l7, l8, 24, ond 25. The modern donce concert vvos o unique ond ex- citing experience for both the odvonced donce closs ond those in oittendonce. 2- ,,.l., 51 Q J wQ .sw Q 'Q 3 Ill-'-lm w, K. Wg, .. A slr! wr Q -Q Y w,+, E95 E EA S355 Qc Nw. e .iQ?. v q,, . Q fNM?R55X .,, ,X ,. - X-Wwvs-Ny. 5 ,1 ,iii Sc. . . Q .. Girls lvlove Girls Leogue begon their hectic yeor prior to the beginning of school. The Big ond Little Sister Ted, held September 9, welcomed in the freshmen girls ond introduced them to the Pep Squods ond Drill Teom, Lucky winners olso received door prizes ot the end of the get-together. October come, ond with it, the condy opple sole. Although they encountered prob- lems with rotting opples, they were oble to boost enthusiosm with their Sporit Pop sole. The colorful suckers were sold in the first week of November during Spirit Week. Almost 3,000 cornotions were sold during the onnuol cornotion sole for Volentines Dov. This gove everyone on chonce to exchonge sentiments. Highlighting the yeor for the Girls Leogue Boord wos their yeorly donce with the theme, "Could it be Mogicf' The Diomond Bor Country Club wos the site for the well ottended donce on Morch 4. The girls completed their terms in June by selecting the i978-79 officers. Trial Summoned to PAC "Trial By Jury," the comedy operetta sung by LoweIl's New Generation and Concert Choir, was presented on March lo and i7 in the P.A.C. Directed by Choral Director Pay Vaughn and his assistant Larry Parker, this musical teatured the talents of Stuart Smith as the Judge, Lisa Irwin as Angelina, Richard Schachter as Edwin, the Defendant, Gary Mitchell as Angelina's lawyer, and Fred Va- lenzano as the Usher. About 20 other chorus members made up the Bridesmaids, Gentle- men ol the Jury, Barristers, Attorneys, and the Public. "Trial By Jury" begins when Edwin, tiring ot his girlfriend Angelina, falls in love with another girl, and Angelina takes him to court for breach of promise, The comedy, written by William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, was very well received . ., L, SM? if , xx , A ,,,,i,,E ' mf Mig Enthusiosm Dominotes Convention Our second onnuol ASB, Convention be- gon with the choice ot Chris Flores os the Convention Choirperson. Once ogoin stu- dents gothered in hopes ot getting their to- vorite condidotes elected. The condidotes, compoign mcinogers ond Stote Choirmen oll worked feverishly until l2:OO p.m. the night betore to hove the gym tronstormed into o convention holl betore morning. Some interesting speokers were present to express their views on student government between the voting tor ASB. ot- tices ond the new cheerleoiders, They in- cluded Robin Young, the former moyor of Lo l-lobro ond currently councilwomon, our new Prinicpol, Mr, Triggs, ond Scott lvlessinger, previous ASB. President. Eoch stote devised o gimmick to use ot the convention. Texos contained cowboys, Okto- homds tollowers come from the l800's ero, ond t-lowoii looked reody tor o luou. Amidst confetti ond bolloons, the hoppy new winners were onnounced, ond con- grotuloted by their supporters. Lowell's sec- ond onnuol convention ron smoothly ond with much enthusiosm. i X' , AN , , wk'-3 T lr Var 5 My I . wi' . :.-11 ll xi,- ,f A ,XY ,S x 5 'mfg W, IA. 'Q ml, ,W 9. ,L I " mx F H Q e . X Confetti Covers All I - . ESX ' 15,3 :Nw N 4 Vx! AW A Q, fp rl1ESS PRES PRESS I 'if- ,- ' :::::::::: Quran i E PRESS 55 E il O A C A D E w 1 WWE Ik W? Triggs Chorts Gools for Lowell Tom Triggs become the third principol in Lowell l-ligh School's seventeen veor historv. With o voried boclcground of school experi- ence, Mr, Triggs served the Fullerton Union l-ligh School District os o mothemotics teocher, Coordinotor for Student Activities, ond Assistont Principol for Student Services. l-lis most recent position before coming to Lowell wos os ossistont principol ot Sonoro l-ligh School. As one of his first concerns, lvlr. Triggs set out to become more fomilior with the stu- dents, the porents, ond the compus itself, Bv mid-veor. severcil protects were underwov with successful results. One of these wos,o series ol neighborhood group meetings, At these sessions porents were able to commu- nicote with the principol, odministrotors, ond counselors on on individuol bosis. Working closelv with the PTSA, Mr. Triggs supported the publicotion of o PTSA Newsletter to in- form porents ond the community obout Low- ell's progrom. Students were impressed to see Mr. Triggs on compus eorlv in the nrorning, between closses, breok, lunch, ond ofter school. l-le olso was o big booster of Lowell's mony oc' tivities, he ottended girls' ond bovs' sporting events, PAC performonces ond sociol hop- penings. In lote November os o port of his ongoing ottempt to estoblish better communi- cotion between odministrotion ond students, Mr. Triggs met with stoff members of the Campus Crier in o mini-press conference to onswer questions on o wide ronge of topics. .fr 4 ii55ii5pi"J r ge t ,, v -an 13. I, 'M 'i :ff if ,- 1- M " 1 . ' ,ZIV - 'w x M ' W! Ifzfjsz, ' ' - Giga, Q . ' 311 fx ,534 if 15645: Q GMM Er 732 ,, W if , , , S S ! , S fa 'L 4 V mW,, , T l W e SSS 'Z F ASSISTANT PWNCIPALS Qclockvvfselg Duane Cfwzbe, Robert Sdwoner, Fred Longs. Assisiorii Principals Accomplisii Duties 0' k . ' 2 . ,Y , i Counselors Provide Worfhwhile Guidonco COUNSELORS fclockwisejf Bobbi Nesheim, Susan Courmev, Curtvs Bfoir, Bill Molick, .. f Sk foo o L L71 ,aff ' spas . A" '-,, 'wi . WG ,ax -.f 'f .i A 11 3 si' ' .Q jk" . :EX .xiii Q , 5 .f':7"f - ' K .. X R Administrclprs Apply Final Tcruclw DlS'l'PlCT ADMlNlSTRATORS Seated: Walter l heg- ler,Superrntertdent, Standing, Robert L. French, Assistant Su, perintendent, liducotionol Services, John Mochisuc, Assistant Superintendent,Per5onr1lServices,M. l-lprvev Grintslwovv, As, sistont Superintendent, Business Services. xx' BOARD OF TRUSTEES Seoted, Mrs. Jones lBorbrn Al Sulli- von, Member, J. Franklin Sullivcm, President, Mrs. N A Hoon Dil Begoviclt, Member, Standing, G. E. Tnplett, Eldon Yoing, Student Member, Robert Hoflnirzn, Clerk Llndu BoiNev PhyNIis Benlock Holly Blmho Morgorei Bowser Robert Bowser Evelvh Brignull Richard Brislowrw Pau! Bucolstem Vwicm Busse Desmond Buzzell Lindo Church Morlorie Claus BiH CoNe Roger Curmmghom 3, Q li, ' 4' 1 'E X W wx ,IA 'W r ,,r ,r rr e r IhsTrucTors Ihferpref Ideas 35 2 f:'??M VVxllwom Cushmg Bob Dovm Heian Decker Ron DQQOHU Doug DeVore Com! Dooiey Margaret Dovle Putman Duffvo HGroWd FOIMJ "1 'YNY' is ffaaad! ,,,..,,........ 2 if 'Q , 4 'I' x. -. 3 ' f 1.9: 5 9 fi""xiNW 3' N-6' 1 ' L M x. Kuftv Honouew Ben Hnrnson LeRoy Hoflenhock Bon Jocohsen Gorden Johnson Bill Jovonovic Clay Krng Peter Krruonoff John Koehler Ted Kopocku Fred Lentz Syrle Loudermon Monin LUCZGI Don Mofsh Rrchord Mortun Guidance Encourages Sindy Cynthia Martini Perry MC Broom Maxine Milton Deanna Morrison Jack Orme Bob Palmer ,4 7 1 'Ewa 1? I if 6 FB Bw fag :gy ,M ffm , ,w,,gm2:?,..,:ffmf,,,, 'Nv- uv , if f, , we , -,gg N, 'N' .W 5 4, , -l .Vial ,..- J' 51f..a-Q-, 'QA4' ""' WHS- HH Q' v QNX iffy ' UK Margaret Patttsan Gary Peebles Jim Petty Sharon Pittman Robert Rau Glenn Really Dulce Re molds Zabert Roennnelsg Adelrne Rullo Bette Schwartzntan Ruchard Qtnger Betty Staley Robert Stuart John Stumo Jomes Sutton Greg Thomas Ralph Trigsted Don Turley Carol Von Osdel Charlotte Verdery Grocie Villogomez Carol Villoni Sondra Virden Sobino Vose . o -Q. . .. 1 r.k'X... W ef R fu -N. 5 . A fb fb- ?wW's RTZ1'--. -. -A 1, ,f 6, . v..--5 , ,. A ,. A, 6gmWWmMM.M 3 . W ,... NM Faculty Lisfens Don Wn1dleugh Jo VVoIdmcm B4Il Weech George West Celestme Wrlks Sondra Wulsovm Roy Young John Yurkovuch Specialized Slall Sets up The Siege ff.-f 4, l i if CAFETERIA WORKERS liop lefll: Margaret Pepper, Lavon Adams. NIGHT CREW lboftom leftl: Patricia McQuerry, Steven Wacker, Nick Chavez, Marvin Davis. il 'll ll ll, i lPUN!7'i7vf is 4 ff . "J E fi ,. 'JP' ll A34 i .E W A K, . , .44 f I , DAY CREW llop righll: Ginny Oke, Paul Thurman, Julio Sciascia. BUS DRlVERSlabovel1 Joseph Brown, Gary Wallis. f'KY' 5 5 is 25529 N .gig D K if 1 SECl?ETARlAL STAFF llefll Front Row: Donna Horp, Alice Campbell, Betty Troyts, Myrna Moybury, Nancy Wlwute. Bock Row: Evelyn Ostergren, Marge Grady, Carol Ntcltolls, Diane McAllister. 1 M' PRODUCTION CREWlobovel1Jefl Soto, Dino Hughes, Clay Show, AIDS lleftlz Dorothy Zezulo, Nancy Clorlc, Carol Henderson, Ruth Stene, Margaret Jones, Vilmo Christensen. 5 1 PRESIDENT: Chris Po WQVS 3' QM-N, .x .43 g -W 44 " .--- K ix. . f h h b s il 1 A , -1, M, ,,1'-L. m iw-Spf 5515165 1, Y SENIORS STAN D QUT SENIOR OFFICERS ileft To righ1J:Trec1surer Deon Schulz, SFRC Teresa Tenckhoff, Vice-Presiden1Allc1n Wright, Secretory Vicki Phelps. Q -w-..,..,,,.,,,-K M 'Sow , my . 5 sf- 33 1 if fl' ,Q 5 1. v, Q NR "Y, -x J- ,Q ' f VIN la if 1 4 N gin? :X xx! ' 'sk . i' , ...A Q Q Persahalilies Ch Parade 3 .,l1 W , ..-g - J smgsi.sf?il5SSQ., ,. ., .. ,Wa ..,.. r r l' SENIOR PERSONALITIES lcloclcwlselr Most Spirited? Richard Schechter, Chrls Flores, Most Athletic, John Doak, Carol Harvey. Best Personality, Dean Schulz, Ronda Prnest. Class Clown, Joe Peluso, Dana l-leichman. W o b x F Q if Tl, ,Mfg p X . QW , . -A-3 4' fr?" ,, fl 'ihw 5 A M. .,-x 'fa' If Ji .v .ww ,,,U,, A .4.:.u.. Pl 9 - ' H gin! Jr 'K ' ' , bt A ' . , El v A Qff . fi ' ' Ki nv "i- ' 'v X fin, 'af .V- 5 ,, . ,f-7 A QA - W1 , W 4 .,,j, ,, 1 ,Q - -,-r-, J , ,- ,Jay vnu . W-ff.. dwg" MJ in fy' V Q-ia "X 1."f. . H J ,,,' - , zffw ' VA, -.M ,q , if fr, '.'-'12 gy 1 M . . v .1 .,,A.'.- - , . .Mun , ,N Y 3. ,ff,4,,x ,,,.L ,JVM -. ,,, . , 1.5, ,r,L.,f,n, ""' 1' "'f"" 11? fn" A 5-Qs, .u 5: yi, -, i r , 4, M, 1 K re Ji 9. 3. ,H-.J -. ' .-vf., ."' '. A.. ax I. .,. ,nasw Ei -'rw .J 1' ' ' ' .fl ,1.1,! -,'.--, - ., Q l t . - " ' -: lk ' ' ' U ' .,.'v-,x , ,My . . uv' . ..--.. ,- 'lf' W, 1jj:.'.f:,- -N. . .W .q. , 1- -, -N . zf"fNi,,a ju ,:, MQ 1 7-31.7-5.3--. A, away fpif, 1Xf',f.'V' V'-.--fi ,,. a 4 ,if ., ' 2?!.r w ' W--.A--'f-f-A, . + - - :-4 V .--f 1, M '-w,...L- ' 4 -- .K ,. .1 'x .. - ' . . f ' '-- 4 - ' Q,-I . a ,, ,. . , V , - 1 . N ,, .I . f if ,W - , Q ,rv .. e, '4 '. -' f ' K' ' ' ' X, 5 ff- "ff 1' ' A 'Q "if ' .qwiuj . ,-,f1s5'.'w!' r - . , - ' 'im " . K1 W- ',. . - . -. . . Luv -wr' 1" N172 " '-4 .JH rt-wif. 1:4 . H - - -' '1v f,,f,i" 4 :"iH 'Ji 'fig -.f JI.-1-"-4-'.'N'.W?.1' . '-: -Qf.1...'i1," . . a., ,Wy .mv-.L,,r. . 4.1 N 4, ,LA .,, M- 11 .X up 'J f,... Azlffxrla-,6sl,..m - F., I, - fr R .3 -5-516-,,'-I4gI.,.f v r ,P V. 1 '4 . .. , ,k ... A4 Ag .- ,Sf 5, qw nwrgq . f' ' -' ' , ', ,,.-hw nr- , ru., ., ' ff' ,-f . .. If .-,' ,'+4-rmi' W 'fx' , . I .I fi, ,.. .'::,,.. 4 ' ' Tv ,, ,Lf ,ff .',.,- 2 ' 1:3 .' , ' Mig, fn e':1v.,-,,".A',."4f 2, 11111 mffi, .Qigfw 4, 'I 3 ' "jg ,H ':f. 1-Nj.-'., jx A ' 4,3-inf' 3,1-'F 1' f ' -"J '. "W Lg ,f ,iff-E' ' Us ' L , L ',.-M14 , , , - -4. . ' , ' ' Q . ' 1 , . -. 1, I 1 . . I ' ..1j,,',r'Aq J. . 1 -- ' r, .A , , 'mf .I V ,J,. 4 ,i.,.,M 4 V' ' w.,w.yik Aff-4 ." , .. a ,. N Jar Y v . J 1. .51 QU-' 1 .93 A 3' -.- 3 ,,v.: vw- ' 'Q if uf '. Y. U E f'-. I 5 Q Lvvm Aboyrcm Bryon Allen Jo Allen Bob Alluson Mark Amodof Dowd Anoerson Pom Angel Marv Angellev Comme Anson Kcny Arcby Rene6 Armemduriz Leslle Arn A o B 1 f W ' , E Sm , i vz Shifley Arroyo Cathy Ariukovich Tom Askev Armen Asloniun Jiilene Bodsgord Corwin Boies Cyndy Bulkcom Donno Bulkcom Coihy Borilone Andrew Burr Beth Borringer Mory Arm Bortolone Sieve Beoudetie Koren Bedlev David Benedict Mxchoel Bennett Lyle BiCUer Morwe Birch KEIN Burd Kim Bird Vemne Byorklund Kofmeen Bockswmon Lesfxe Bono ww Nxilmx k Hiixilz. , L,1-'f W Caro! Bond Lezlie Booth Sieve Borg Vol Boyer , A 1 1 I. Trl -g et' fb 1-'Lnfa s Aw Mm Brudy VM-v Bvamw Rulwvv Bunk Aww Bveiwm U1mr1Bvnvv1 Cmwg Bvusuu lemme Brwvtum Kwon BIOYLQIYIIHKY lvsu Bmvvn Rohm? Brown Ron Brown Chevy! Bvuciu Chevy! Budner Kun BUNMOH Luso Burden Donald Cnffvov fl S. K A . , .,,. .. kk ., 3 X Q19 .. ... -E, X - . . 5 .... .,, 5 W if xA .R X P - gg IM-V f S- ' . .. .. g.. . 'X A' ,Q . 2 - K --.. . x .EN K-Q. ., v iw ,iw X. . L . ggyfgzgi 5 M- 'xn- x gi' Q fr 'R Q xx f A. -4 A . - 1 Lmdo Clark Sandy Ckwrk Lcuru Clemcwrs Crowg Coates Krwstmo Cochran Becky Ccmpton Sveye Conlev Keli ConnoHy Tony Cook CMH Cooper Kelly Cox Ben Crespm Lon Crinl Lando Critser Lorrie Croft 'f , 5 a Sk Wu f my J ?IiH,4?54' lC1nwe5 Dxdwo John Dock Troy Ouffun FM. Cvndee Duron Mike Durnvng Luanne Eorlev Loretto Edwards Laurie Egan Cindy Elllolt Kew Elm Lone!! Erickson Debbie Evons Randall Everett Kevin Fairiess Ed Fang Scott Farley Rabin Feeney Linda Feldmann Katherine Fieids Tommie Fisher Janelle Fiske Chris Flores Robert Flournoy Holiy Foote Craig Failiott Theresa Ford Peggy Garneros Mike Garcia Caroiine Gardner Pamela Genty Micheile Geosano Derek Germain G g ff 'Y 'AV if if W ff, ' 'Q ff RS .A 9 I ,My as Q4 Q .'. gr 'wg i ik W .N iw ,IJ if-f , xgi. K .. F x K W S if .f Q? L.. n in ,if X3 3 2 gbgahwi .3515 Q. 5 ss Maxis S3-A M1 5 ? QRS, Q 1 , 2 eff- 512, 258 L .kvx .. -F ,fu ff if X...-ff rfifg N X Q' Ja , Dione lwohn Foul JoromiHo .Iomes Jobe Suzonne Johnson Koren Johnstone Donna Kulceviclw Cindy Kolkovvski Pom Kay Art Keegan Lindo Ken Bennet? KeINer Koren Keller Koren Kermode Mark Kidvvell Froncis Kim Deb Kinghon Monique Kirionoff Scot? Kissick Barry Kivi Non Koenlgsiieb . -if I , E 1 1 . ,A Ak , I , YL my gk-.i 3,.s.'.,.3.1li-g,' K .4 4 f Q X Qmsfafhnblhs ,,,- , V . -V P N . I: 'f . 3 .7 iz" - . , .1 , f ",,Ci1S:.:1y- " 2 itf""'f" 1 ., .tiv.E-- l 15-9445x145 . 3 If. .. , . 4 .ww ,' .f N 5 9,1"T-'Q 331' J Q Qnqff . ' ' '1-at -3 -' 3 5 f.:,':h 1: . , Q' I Y. a if Vi- if ..af:fsr X X f ' .s. n .sfifih r ' 3 3 iff ' , "yy I fliiidilifg-2 .- X W' 6 AT. ,M-15. 1 1 X- K .7 - ,, V v 9 .H . '-rl .-'.-.14 'a f '-1 f'::':a-' H - ' f -.332-'1 '2 'N W w LL A ' , 3. - 'mtg , 9 :J 'HM FW "' i4'laf.r1"X mg. t R Q f Y. .ax Q -1 ' .3 1211 ' L' i iZ.E2Hf.l!?:es Gi .. . .4 , . , f . . img nf fr'-,f ' " 've .. , 'mn'-Q' V.-N59 -Wxifii-Ng We 1. W Q. 1-, 1. U., 1. .":-. - f Q N A ., 2 eg3,.s.f,'igs, if fsuwdfg .If 451: -. 4 4 1- ., yxsayz. tgfrf. Q. Y- ?'nv'w,5'a.h1v f . mg.. x 5' Sigfyf 1 . - . ' ss.. 1,,Q..n.e41f2e:2'1zi JF wif Q.,,f.-.gf 4 5 .2---. :Aww fSjf,ifdf'f 4 .rg Q n Q. ,wi I ,Q Q. , , :Mr 53 1 351. :. . 2 . ' . - , Y 5-Mi fm: 1. - E ' 1 9522 A T' 4' Www' ' . rmlfn STYQE . vifmw af if X .V ia 'f .1 2 -- ., -e K if mf, 5 -V V. L . , .12: - - . 3 in-3 N Huw .v..g,h,.,h X '- .Wh-ff . z 1 S 1 I is . , , 5 Z" . W I f'h?'f'f , L ' gf.. .4 if .W 'YM . A Yi k I f ww: , -,..A , . 4 --4, ,mv I f A 1 13- ... o,- - X HY ' ? . A.- + , , A . 1 M Q an 5 ' . ..- . A MI. , , M ..- lx x. b.. , N ' -v ,J -- A A I-.- ' - ':. - U 'Q' Q . rwmgw 405. 'ft X .A .Q ..A. . xx N N' -. X xx Sf' S X N mf -Q. 6 , fs.. . .Nm . FX .wr 2 N W f .Q Mark Ledbetier Laurel Lee Mwke Levon Donn Levin Rochel1e Levy Tonya LewisfShow Carolyn Lim Corby Lindenou Terry Lindsay Sandro Lockers Matthew Lodermeier Debra Long Kellu Loyofo Melinda Ludiker Dowd Luke Koron McCovvn Sue McDonough Tim McSl1one lorry Mehelic Yvonne Mendozci Kim Mensink Scott Messtnger Cindy Middough Judy Miller Keith Miller Evo Mineou Mickey Mislnler Gory Mitchell Leslie Molero Leonard Mongelli Potti Montgomery .lelf Moore Scott Moore ln ,aw Drone Morgan Ken Morgan Craig Morse Miriam Munoz Wade Nelson Scott Nielsen Lrndo Normando Darren NUMGH Stacy O'Brian Janet Okon Ingrid Olson Maria Ontiveros Carlyn OrTiz Sole Ossandon Carol Palacios Theresa Palmer Susan Parker Brian Pawlak Joseph Peiuso Craig Petersen Kevin Peterson Sandra Peterson Dan Pflughoft Vicki Pheips Dana Pilkerron Nxt ii Donielie Pievin Gow Plount Debbie Poetsch Sher Poilock Lori Porter Gcirv Posiel Chris Powers Rondo Priest lone! Prince Anim Pyune Pom Quick Ellen Raine Jeff Ramsey Mike Rordon Poul Recd Pcaul Re-Qolr Volerie Reveles Loretto Rey Mork Rrttenbough Boyd Roberts Morgu Roberis Cindy Rodriguez Jeff Ronn Glenn Ross Kv4e Ross Dario Russell Koren Russeil Sharon Russo Lindo Solozor i aff? W Y ,-.NN ,V HR X ' is K c f.. WN? NX NR cg N , -Nl V A....... A ., . 4 x.f,.c - ,. ,- f b My ff Fromcus Sohsbury Cathy Sampson Gnlberi Scmtunu John Sorcmcsk Angehn Sordone Richard Schechter Candi Schilling Kwk Schnelder David Schoemoker Dowd Schrod John Schreiber Jeff Schreihurt Mickey Schuh Deon Schulz Mike Schvveich Mcrrk Scrocco Frank Scifres Drone Scrimger Roiph Searcy Robe-r1 Seymour Lynda Sezon Donny Sharp Gov Show Jovno Showcroft Greg Sheppard sims. , 1, R. . .,i,Lku ...Q-l"" Wi v- 9 y. . b Q-ZHQ25-'51, -rt , , N -.151 1:..., fm - 'Z " ., . ..1-I f V A, 1 5 f -ft' 'wfii fissfigwlt K 7 , ...fy ,. ft -NMS- f A k 1 g-tvwkff-1?'lisfciQ ,, laid 1- .. Ewgwwkf , I Jmt Shvyue Ronald Stddowuv Nancy Stmko TOITUG SHUTUOTYS Mtke Suns Beth Smtem Shown Sister Sheri Stxel Dove Skortmenm Kam Smith Knrk Smith Stuart Smith Crorg Sonncnberg Kathy Southord -- my X X N .lwaw -A. ' 11. K N Q- A 4 M5 an if 'S ,S 4 5 Xi x Q I . Q N J-NX X xr X5 rx , Lx: KAN , M he ,i w - X . :H - ' . ...R K ,V Q. .V +1 Siu ' x . . X L Q L X ' X SY fm 'W 1 X 5 ' ww . if F 'Y .ww - ii -, is QL :J . W .x1Nmif' 1 A bf fe iw? ogg' S X 5-:nw gi 2 L 1 l . ,Q Q A M, Q U 'N f-fv X rx? Y' A , Sty' X A. X. . b -.5 1 Chrns Vrouik Lon Wagner Cathy Walcber Jeff Walker Momca WaNker STeve WaNker Shirley Wang Helen Waslev Linda Waugh Debra Weathers Daniel Webb Jim Webb Tom Weiss Mike Welch Jell Wenblcid Carolyn Wenlz Gave White Teresa Wliite Joonne Whittle Eric Wrble Susan VVilcox Stephen Willen Holly Winslow Tom Wiiek Pom Wolcon Sharon Woodlill John Woodling Anon wfigm Micnoel Wright Bob Wright Doug Young Cyndi Zemon Lorrv Zimmerman PRESVDENT1John Robe-ns, JUNIOR OFFICERS: Vice-President Nancy Clerk, SFRC Cathy ANor, Treasurer Adrienne Perri, SFRC Amy Gelezunos, Secreiorv Marv Scorer Juniors Umife Korn Addy Deon Aguilar Ross Alger Catharine Allor Jackie Allleri Rene Alverez Jeff Anderson Paul Anderson Guy Anglin Kelly Appel Jlm Archer Karen Ardrey Kym Arrlnglon Carmen Avilez Runda Awad Kenneth Ayers Tammy Baker Leann Banco Neil Barembaum Genia Barger John Boril Lisa Barrett Jean Bass John Balt Jim Baxler Jeanne Boyslnger Jay Beals Cathy Beau "r " J safe me f 5, 1- ,.. ., J s .f 14 A lf Jw'-- Q, - lf vis 'W 51:11 lll f if -vi E i 55,5 fl' Q li' , fe-4 ,J 1 it 'K uv' I A fel, N, 4 ' WMA-gigjg V . . , ,M , R v xx ' ,..rf-wwf-MMM L ,,..f-- ,...,,,..M e gl, J. A l 2. '..' 1 LF snr 'Z V gy., S. x xx, ,l- mm. - "fa . . 2 ' 6 ' .X-.. X Y .X W, 3,- .4 John Bell Stefanie Bellron Sieve Bennett Don Benskin lil '65-F h ... Slveilo Berg Susan Biddle Louro Bishop Moyo Blockrnun Julie Blockstone Jockie Bloncolo Phyllis Bluck Dowd Bobo Debbie Boehringer Ross Bonnie Allen Bowen Kolhy Bovvmon an W hr' Al .Iv rf? qw ai A . 15-if B if I x 'F ' if D Lf, if F .1 J , . 4 .A Ns Morci Boyles A! Bronclhofer Becky Brovo Bryon Broxlon Morgeroret Buignom Jo Dell Britton Steve Brock Slephonie Brogon Polly Browne Moll Bryden Teri Budsell Sherry Bullock Allison Burdifk Deonno Burns Borbro Buss Jarnes Codreau Dov Cain Brenda Calien Larry Cameron Denise Cainpbeil Bret Coravy Ron Carson Loom Carter Kerry Cosey Adriana Ciwesso Sharon Chow Nancy Ciark Cindy C019 Richard Coioinbo Laura Cook Brad Cooke Brian Cooper Theresa Cooper Susan Couch Darren Cox Siacey Croft Cindy Crofoot Valerie Crozier irmci Dori Harold Davis Jusiirie Dovis Machciel Davison Be'sey Deartii Marry Derow Sieve Doane Kenny Dodd Paulo Doiberg Keith Domenico Heidi Douoias Mark Durnain fr in i if P M' f w Y Jr 3 W I --rr f X w y - f" " ' .X QE - 2 C . ' uf kk', V lift ! Q3 fgzw , 3 f R ig W ok K iwf g a : A f Q " mir! X s' A v . fl N N ak F 5 7 'W ,. C K y . i ' 'Q ' ' I I is ' . 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Mylcael Ellrs Mark Ellison Sandy E'lusor1 lam Ernrfk Ken Emslre lrsa Erdody Gary Evans Sleve Evans Jan Ewell Bonme Farr lanrcg Farmer Eugene Frelds Kathy Fundlelon Dlane Flle Scott Fitzpalngk Bernie Flayell Tom Forgerle Javrer Galmdo Nubra Gallo Sandy Garcla lackre Gardner lance Gerger Amy Gelezunas Kay Gensrcke Sharon Geasana lanel Grlberl Plwyllw Glrkman Sandie Goedluan Matt Godwm Jlm Goldlaacll Tanya Gonzalez Andy Graham Bnan Graven Jell Gray Sheri Gray Vrclae Greenlev Lane Gregorv lvlarl-4 Grimes Teresa Grzyvva lun Gullrng Gloria Gulnerrez Renee Haas Mlmr Haddad Sleve Hall Slevo Hamer Susan Hammer Bill Hansen Dave Hansen Lori Harding James Harris laura Harris Jett Hasegawa Randy Hawley Joey Haviland Grant Heathrnan Gary Heil Debbie l-lenke Yvonne Hernandez Keith Herndon Sue Herrick Robert Higgs Karen Hoeckmann Kristin Hogan John Hollister Debbie Houston Janice Hucko .lucly Hucko Gary Hudecek Down Hughes Brent Huitt Robyn Hull John Hummel Dove Husley Sandy Iannone Dale lmamura Cindy Jackson Jeff Janssen Todd Jensen Jonna Jerome Pamela Johnson Ran Johnston Natasha Jones in 'e U 's i t KX A S Q if Q 1 , Q sg' i 1 , sg ,t - . xi' J ww X -- 'Ql+g.5 .Q .aa A f' it fi' so i iiddi u fi y A i - V3-5 is ii - f J A SA f if is is F A . 2 is ou r . xx ig X s ' J J us', Lim we 4. Sl i i Q , F- :P-rg ' A Q t is A J 'iii ie: . u iii y J' " i X3 1' ilifl T 5 Ni " ' S it J ,K , ie 6, Q Q ,gwy - N ' , it N J , : Q f-.: , "' 1 t :iv 1 X , J K 4. L :Z , Q ltl' I ' K 3 K 3 ' J if '-X 9 '- i. Q "1' i t 'if' I J H " 'i "' ii" ,. ii ' Dfwwd Kohon Kcmthv Kun Kwmbeufy KUUMHQ Sue Kcwws Ahsorv KUNCHCQ Shown Kervlvv Dcmud Kon? Muhsscx Kumho!! BGVYV KM Debbv Kwttfc Dove Koch Kathy Koevbev Chiu Kuchnlegkw Covlo KUUMCH Gnff Lucy MNH LGHO Ron LUV Churlvn Leker Sfeve Lovmclfz Steve Levcw Mucha!! Lew Dove Luwws Num Levvws Demse Lovvos Ellen Lmder Wovvve Lrston Dowd Long Dove Lopez VVwlMQm LOIINOD Muke Louglweu Cymhfo Lovokwce Lyvwe lOwdQv Greg Loyo Jeff Lozon Bettina Labs Bryan Luker Robert Luna Julie Lundy Martin Lung Mike Lyons Kevin Maccihilig Eric Mahnke Kimberly Mcilk Mario Marquez Stacey Morkson Lori McBride Julia McGarry Richard McCoid Gary McCord Brent Martin Denise McFarland Patrick McKenna Anne Mclauglnlin Paul McRoberts Joseph Melnelic Marty Melendrez Carolyn Merchok ,E . N? f telf 6. ' vi . ferr x- ,Q N' we , ,f .,-Q39 , 3 ,-E if-'XV' -P+ if .fs " " ,J 3 ' lf Se ars of 3 U 5' 5 x WN W gn KAN S . fgfsii 1.5-:ha 1 J 1 , J.: rg A it Brenda Milburn Robin Miller Rod Miller Mary Mineau Dorene Minnlx Jeff Mitchell Steve Mock Randy Moore Arrnan Morales Cindy Mortersen Darren Morris Laurie Morrison Eric Moses Teresa Moss Mary Muleacly Cameron Mummery Joy Nakarnura Jell Naumann Barbara Navarro Teresa Neilson Roy Newman Karen Nixon Pam Northey Cheryl Novak Dianne Nuttall Janet Oestereich Jim Oke Jon O'Leary Mike Olson Dennis Ortega It , 'Q ' H sq M Eg 3 ka E C y 4 X. . K g Y' t is ,QM tk I ij' if 1 ' or A - QS A' tt 3? K if if Q new .,.. ,J 'B .lu nz "q,,.. V Ts ' A-F - 1 I TM. A tif-?l,p -'run C L sssis so -Egg M1 wiwfk: Q N if r+'!5:l-HSV' we 5 'is Kih ii , .J we s Q Ma ,.,-2, N. . ..., r w,4. 1 - .L r Q. t 4' 1 ' "' - rv "ies ,.-t ts -- - f f...-ra 'te 'NV .ann s. L , Q w 'K Y' dis Us- ,. ,Q A , 1: wx- Q if Q wr .A - W -sys X-an NVE ,,.. I I Q x A , E . ,Y 'Ag' IAA . RTS MMO Only Gmy Clulvpy EMC Oxfwwmet Jun RC1Wnnnmn Greg Purley KPN' Pulkvv POW Puynu Low- Pwnu Cvmg Pmlu' Don Perm' Adncnno Povn Mwkff Pony Lwso Petersen M1 Pfcnflv l,0n Pholpe DOUQVHS Pwnc Yvmnns' PIOLJM Sivvv Pmifwow Gkann Pcuiunw Owelip Prontw K-wen QUQNNQ ,Mun Qnon Rohm? Rcvnnpy Jonurhun Recd Rohm Rowadosf .,,y,,f., .T w, ,.. -Q,-fgw y Ji Q A V , 4 'X ,F if "'q n z i Ma,- X ik ,. 4 it p .1 ' ' ' f . Rodney Rome Korne Rhode John Roberts Hu Knn Rodnque? Cm! Rogers Shan Rohrbndw Jon Rosenbez gm Dowd Rosemncn Cindy Roy Dsbbwe Russo Mink Ryan Eneen Sanchez Janet Santana Jorge Santana Jay Santy Marcas Sardon Mary Sauter Carole Scheel Marla Schlndelmann Steve Schiller Dayna Shoenberger Paul Schosser Rodney Schultz Steve Sciacca Darryl Scott Tracy Scott Donna Seda Terexie Shackelford Rick Sharpski Scott Shields Ran Shriver Kyle Siegrneyer Susan Simmons Ray Skistimas Darrel Smith Donna Smith Cary Smithson Jill Solsloy Rob Spaur Theresa Spradlin Carrie Staats Denise Statlard Bob Stalling Cindy Stansbarger Alicia Starks Debie Starr Janet Stecldom Greg Stelts Diana Stevens Mark Stevens Marcia Stevenson Mike Stewart Lawrence Strickland Kris Stoutsenlaerger Gene Strout Marie Sullins Fay Suriada Sheri Suzda Mark Swartz Ron Swartzbaugh Claire Takaki Ellen Taslitz Ann Taylor i fb n F ,vgq 'Ng - . fi, D 5 .Q,W?1:,f': 'C WLT :M ,aw , . y 1 . Ml .4 "6 1 is D '73 if ,, ' fn A if I n ll m n 5 F ' Q 6 X Q DD n Q ""' f , " 9' ' ' I " ' - . . . - iv .',. F5155 I X TLC' . , an Q J 5-Vs . X D. ,.. x Z w 2 6' ' D T P ' .. Humana QS- 4 K f c '52 f - A I 1' gk ,D Q ' 142 3 , 6 1 , .,. 1 ' 5 , 'iffzslsz g V -V - . 3 t. :QQ xX 3 4. , ' - fx 8 K .... . - V, . W .. I .5 ,..f L n n f. ....-.. ' ' X - xy. 35 J. A .557-.' Lm.......,. is n if D X 'si 1 n N. ' "if --H J - X 80 S - vit ' , XMK 'E' f 6 5 k,1i4gf3::g:,g.-Qijf We sri' ' f ,'s x.,f" Y"f'133,-gg .,.W Zffjiffflw V, f Q Q 8 if I New! Thonvos Caro! Thompson .Inn Tornchek livshuu Townihend-Z6 Kevun Tvoy Kkw TUNOLM Mrkc TUHWQI' Junnc VUN0nzneWu Jeff Von ASDUYDH Vunce Vunnnco Kmhy Von RCnn5horST Jeff Von Voorhus Rod Verbeck Dons Wcmdc Jvnwge VVUHQ Ln-du VVUN John VVUNMCI4 SMMGV VVC1ng Turnnmy Wcmrvwerv Sue Weamveu Paul Webstcv Dorcv Wcgnur Beveriy Wefgiwt Lwso Wexss Swan VVINLJDWQ Jeff VVPMIQ? Kevwn Wnwte Sundv VVwlc'ux Make VVrlkersOn Keufh VVHMCNNS Ken VVwNl1nnS Mnchelie VVu1Mun1s Dorm VVnNSon Dowd VVwIson Mark VVl15on BM Wwrwder Todd Woodlovwd Barbara Vxfrogg Lance Yokoyomo Devon Young Suson Young KHT1YU,ICh Muke ZGSTOLJWI Pete Zofveo Scxilv Zvonut . . 11 ,mv . md -J, , y,.m. ye ' ., , ' am 72 W' ..' PRESIDENT Lwvwdu Dwmef' ibm 191,10- 4 R 5, 3' w 1 ..f V' aww! 'ifi ll . J. if . f Sopttomores Exhibit Interest t P 13 -. , 'K S,-in Val' -.--any 1-Rf .' - -."" ... 'Vu-Y .4 SQPHOMORE OFFICERS Left to Right, Secretory Loru Sutton, S,F.R,C. Qebecco Retntwordt,Trec1sUt'et'Lmdo Poynter, Vtce Ptestdeut Atttwttl- Ltttdwtmt pictured S.F,R.C Potrtce Podhcxvrty, wmv -.. v ..,,.. 'I I .,f:L3, i Nm Ken Addonizio -'fr - Andy Aguirre N. Karen Alclag , Lynn Adams .fi H 'ly l ifffl l swf Sieve Alkema Jackie Allen Sandra Alvarado '-' - Q 1. F Bill: ,v i Melinda Alvarez Roberto Angolti Roni! Appleman Bren? Arranga Ruby Arrieta George Arroyo Phyllis Arroyo Randy Aranay Suzanne Atlas Mal Alon Bill Babisholl Kim Balsley John Barlolone Arfyril Baxter Dennis Beaudette Clint Bedley Bill Beidler Christine Bell Sherry Bell Daniel Bergen Jerry Beverage Linda Bidler Doug Bies Tammi Bishop Troy Biihell .lohn Blackstone Jeff Blair Donald Bloch .lohn Blowers Rick Bluck Denise Boehringer l.ynn Borg Scot? Bolsford Jean Brady Alex Braicovich Chris Brock Junene Brown Larry Bucci Karen Buchan Brad Bullion Chris Burden Adrian Burdick Randy Burnes Nancy Burnelie . i .- r'.- , 'A . -I -Q Asc. -.rf 1-.5 ii: .. Q Y. 1 .......-. 5 Q -L if 5. .s ,L H ., .,,- 1 i i A if r fir.. C.,-' .1 f li N 1 l 'Ut ,D 4' , 3 i -rhb 4 - 1 V W, ,Si ,qw , ,gigs ., H8 W ,--'W' , .,VL N MN WK lug 5-,X 4' .. x,. Y ai i fy' ire.. l is fm Q 1 as Ndfjd qk Q X M' rrtx K. C ll h i tif f, . -5- 3 A' ll R, 4 - Y ga J l A , fs' i A K , " lil: .. , , iw i ' -' J 1 f.. ,,,,x..!fIQl,,.,,, ,iii als I P' s ,. 1 Kotherine Colo Bert Cote Shori Couch Julie Covorrubios Potty Cromer Kirstine Crowley l-lolli Crompton Kirk Crompton Art Cruz Kelly Dovis Sheryl De Blosio Morcee De lornett lvlelisso Delopp Alon Derovv Lindo Dimelf Stephen Bush Dlone Byers Jerry Colley Sharon Coldwell Doug Coles Chenl Campbell Sue Campbell Potty Compos Teri Cordinole Emily Corl George Cosey Rob Coshion Dovid Costellonos Louro Chovez Paul Chewning Greg Christy Don Churchill Poulo Clorkson Dominic Clemence Seon Clemence Hovd Dcdsow H910 DCMIH Gizvv Dmkv Mwdwwe Dqwx Low Duc: Kfwefw Dupowf Down Ddsboe' Em Ecisov Mme Edwards KOUSFYW Egwevv TEN" Ekwim SQZCWHC EMQ! Seve EMS Bert Ewdev Lof' Ews'-Sv Lf1vvyEvuCkSOfW Evo EMG Pm Esznwozu Lwsm BCH? Tum Evcws Rusk Faust DOUG FOVNEV NWS Fears Kurt Fddmqrm Svocy F'f:VQUSOVT Ygfmcvo Fevmondez Lowa Fessflwdew Mcmuwwe Fuew Robert Fxgiwefbefg Pcmv Heres Sow Hoves Hehe-w Foo A-f Fvev CCW F"wEdvv'K1'w DGUWS PUNCH '14 . xx X . x .N X . .. .. iw :F 1 1 fs? '51, 4 if 3 B' aexiqff I .H Q' :iz f MFL- .4 vn- xs g B A bg: A A K , MK up Q W s ,-.: Lf, 1,, ? Alxx ww i 1 X., ,Q on ,f ,,..f,,4LL. I Q ,J '. ' M C'v,xwGL1M'X inW".1'vx'Gnl!1g' K Cm: Ln" Ky: C3.:'nu:w Dvnlw Gmun Gwg Gmdmx Kvwn Gurxu Roixv GQWQ CMH Gwyn: Rudd GNTnu:n Bmw GQ-wh,-nnw!. DMV Gmfbw GVCQ Ginnxnj. Cnm Gn!v5Dw Ncn! Gnns Juno? GM? Dennws Gmvmm Cndv Gruhmn Sumn Gwur Bvmn Grdhn GKUV GYO5S GCVV GvnSQnnvn Srogwv Gmswnov Sue Gvovnvnun Kar Gneffvoy Vwkw Guldfgv June!! Guvrwo John GLN Tom Hcuggmd De Ann Hmm JUN HCIHLILMI Juno Hcnnm Jwn Hun1r'mf,k Dmnv Hunsafn Lvunno Hwwsn Sinn Hunswn Jeff Hwdy Paw Huvkzns Ccvhm ?-Mnvmmn Kmbn Hufswui Snuwn Hclnmwuy Lee Hccnhnmn Duvfen Hewdunun Sundu He-fl Kevwn Henron Mn 'NJC1 Hendcrygn Env Hocfkrnonn Ernst Hocfknmunn Jun Hcnvv Sheila Henvyson Bvod Hevncmder Bob Hersuvn Mnke Hess Sncmnnu Hwgga Ross Hugudn June Hnlsfenu Mow Hunws Annick Hollister Julie Holoubek Bob Hoppe Suson Horok Donno Horner Donelle Horile Mork Houston Leslie Howell Denise Hubler Dlno Hughes Greg Hunt Dovid Jockson Brod Jocobsen Liso Jonies Greg Jelluni Dirk Jensen Greg Jimenez Dove Johnson Mark Johnson Tove Johnson Mike Jollev f? I" 'rar szk., ,J- N, x Q ly l Y ' M " ,X J H J 1 i n K xi Nix QS i J if , 5. i 4' ,... J l ln Qxix'lP's l F 1,32 1 N,.p. ,, nf 1? ,QNX N -Q ef J' MW ,F mmf - lf i i Suson Kone Kellie Kovis Jonice Keene Chris Keller Shirlev Kennedy Shelli Kimball Louren King Michoel Kinsler Shellie Kiper Jockie Kirionofl Down Klooo Joonno Klein Terry Koh Pony Konmr Eric Koopong Kevin Kornegoy Poul Koslobi Liso Kovocevich Awe l 2, GP E Q sooji ' 3 sl J 1 N W s 'L E . me l Ls' 4,,,1.,i,, .M-fffwi' i is 44' 1? ,.. ,P v Q r . pi na 5 S A :- ri Q up-w gi Li , A- L V 3 XJ 4 1 A Y. 'r-...vvi L if if , ,- - Q A 2 I' Qrfif' ' if Marry Kudier Greg Kurrlrch Greg Lacy Mark Larrccra Errc Larson Debbre Lascarr Scott Lawson Dave Lerper Cheryl Lernak David LengyeL Jeff Leonard Keith Levvrs-Shaw Diane Lrerr Annette Lrndenau Mark Lorenz Sherry Lovelace Lon Lovvder Robin Lunceford Sfeve Mahan Kevrn Marsh Davrd Malfory Barry M0rkS Jennifer Marsden JOhn Marshburn RaNae Marten Laura Mav Jon MCAlr5Ver Charles MCCarroiL Terr McCauley Roller? fv1CCOnnQII Teresa Mcfffhanno Sharon MCGunrgle Dawn Mdirniey Guy MCLQGI1 Lynda Merkner Deonne Merrynran Duane Merfan Errk Messrnger Annerve Mesraz Kun MrlLer Renee Mrlls Marcy Mlshler Cathy Mirche-LL Enc Mitchel! Sonya Modghn rl Monique Moiiei Jomie Molz John Monoghon Juhe Monk Corby Montgomery Jim Monigoinery Courtney Moore Doug Moore Thoinos Moore Joe Moron Henery Moreno Bonnie Morgon John Morgon Jeff Morris Soily Morris Robert Muro Crysroi Myers Poi Napier Debbie Nevvkirk Kevin Nieisen Bev Norrhy Erin Ofonneii Chollise O'DeII Jeff Osborn Koryn Overmyer Mike Pocheco Steve Poge Brion Pogeenkooo Poul Poromo Owen Porhom John Paul Mork Peduiio Woyne Perkins Torn Perrin Chris Peterson Kim Peterson Suson Peterson E Q m mfr rn Q? , fxx ' 3 ... N Ss 5... 'T mv f' ' y 3 fi? .,-f-"""'2 1 C 'f' --1,-. g . Q 3 s ,. ' .X Af -all ui- Shu. img . wi' egg.. S. . ,A yygy Qs is E- if , ,sf-I M .Q 351521, 4 n ww 1 si JK .,,f. W 4 + f.- v , ef, fiif ffflfi-.i l.,.,ssf l liazi 2' , ti X "' .git 1 is if .. lo ""f"'-Q R. 1? X.. 'M X i 'Y ,.,, , -:Q , - ' ' 2 Y 14: H' x 4- 'Q Y ' l Xl ,al t M 1 f MY-lttiiti A re J IA. . if . if Q'-f R ll ff ravi f 4 ,4 yi if-q. 1 N., l .DKK 4: -is. s 4 K V, 0 l s Q l Perry Petrzilko Kun Piccolo Louise Pickett Potrice Roclhoyny Dole Rotertield Cindy Powell Dolores Powell Lindo Poynter Sondro Rioskoytch Jeff Priest Wolly Prokooow Tom Quottroccln Orlonclo Qulroz Don Rotney JC. Roiney Sherolyn Roth Rebecca Reinhardt Torn Rey Mnke Reynolds Noncy Richordson John Ringo Lorroine Rtos Doug Robbins Lyreo Robinson Louro Rodrlguez Debbie Roenthtld John Rogers Sltonnon Rogers Croig Ronton Brod Ronstedt John Roohon Ted Rose Donno Ross Kevin Rowlond Steve Rude Steve Russell Rick Soitto Dowd Solent Corolyn Soinoron Liso Sondohl John Sorno Jonine Soxton Pot Sconlon Debbie Scholobo Mory Schmitt Tony Schvvob Tommy Schwerdt llco Scltymlk Doytd Sestint Berniefvezon Jerry Shatter Mark Shattuck Rtchard Shawcrolt Ted Shtba Pete Shorts Joe Shryne ROV Stntnt Syndt Sitkovvskt Walt Skau Andy Soto Susan Southard Usa Sowell lynn Spaur Debbr Speck Doug Soerlrng Torn Springer Sandra Stacey left Stafford Sandra Stear Julie Stetgler Mark Stoltenberg Jim, .8 ,iraq Tq l x l i Y , 1?'T,?X,wi 1 M X .. 5 A .br L... q , ff-'af 1. ., ' 1 .f r, il'AY:f L ,S ri ,JW fr: 2 M AI Stone Julie Stoutsenberger Rhonda Strickland T' I if W, Q 4, it U1 -. fa ., ith. K K Q , rin I I I I-I g 'Y , r gli : A g - 1, " x :,rV 5 ,Q Jackle Stuart Marty Styliano Sherrl Sullrnoll Gary Suplee Mona Sutterfield Lon Sutton Alex Tanasescu Ktrnberly Taylor Blll Thompson David Thompson Brian Toornbs Heidi Toten Joe Tribby John Triviso Tavvna Trueman M nr T ,J PY r 5 Fi ll -v f 1 ., f 'T :gala A lr ff .A 4 li 4' If Fw ,eta T 'ok 'K , E , l 1 X H l X w. . J. x f T. QQ -f ul, N Nh -:'f'1S,,,,' r S ' War, .... , .. . S Q -I-I -ef 4 . 2 X v 'fr N K xxx 5. QE' mr Ip! A """ Q 911 ' X L. . ff N I Iv ,., HJ Qs 4. y bl in , ,.,,, I E r Q 31' Y 1 . K. K A ' P I an T' " -' . ' AL ' R fgxgixvx E wary, ' , J , 1 O A X - xfgigi. up, x. .L K ,L 4 1 ff-xx' 1 ,ggi E! N X xv Q f ' 5 1 x Q Q: In b 'gt up gk Q4 'in 4, , f v 55? av' 'rf' "' fs, f , x Q L' 'Q x Q 1 1 'I 'gc ,. If lv VVtfndy Turvnuvl Cano! Tuvner Riwfvnv Tunnel john UWM? Jun Vulenzue-N11 Mark VCIMONON Swan Vunnncjnu Dun VnS4umJ Julwc Vcwglmn lohn Vuughn Harold Vuuglwt Mutt Vdne Bruce Verbeck Nwcokmos Vevswreg Pele Vncmg SCOTT VVUNQV Swan VVHHQV Dowd Wcllllck Burnt VVGQher JEEH VVoYluns Glenn VVGI5On Donncm Wocmtimers Bob Webb Ron Vvcbb Roy Wesshmd Bryon VVHHS Enc VVhnf0ld CnnS VVNLDWC Mark VVwWkQrson Bnun VVlH1C1lnS Crmg VVuls0n Mark Wnlsovw Rsger VV4lson Tommy Wrvwlnerg Natalie Wolf John VVnght Ken VVVNMQ Mutsulu Yovnogudn COION Yvhon Cheryl Zufwkc Sue Zennun Kathy Znnmevnmcun Keren Zlsko R U K px PRESIDENT: Jenna Roberts. I f ,a,!r, 'Ley A , V ' 'Q , M 'K FRESHMAN OFFICERS Kneeling: SFRC Lynda Hogler, Treasurer PoT1i Turner, SFRC Louro Bilrer, Stcmdmg: Secreknrv Lori Wahl, Vice President Dovid Foster. 9 'Q 7 1'k, . ut -Q , :Fu 'iv 81's JUST Begun Kevin Askey Armando Audelo Michelle Auer Denise Babishoff Todd Bales Diana Barba Janelle Beals Lori Becker Todd Behlings Eric Behring Lisa Belt Bob Bennett Charles Abramson Jerry Adams Maureen Adams Charlyne Agnew Tom Agrelius Mike Akin Ingrid Akins Juli Alger Diana Altman Andy Amezauita Dave Anglin Zachary Appleman Steve Arbaugh Larry Arroyo Wk - X Q43 61 B aare S is 4. .1 N .i is My M ff., Geeto Berera Shanna Bergenthal Tim Bertola Debbie Bertsch Mike Beverly Laura Biller Coryn Bishop Ted Biorkauist Richelle Blodh Jeff Bloch Alan Bluck Doug Bonnie Scott Boots Robin Bowman prfy ,S lg :nm :alms wma 31.5 'W ' Vf. , . .ii mms ,f Q x N X is ij? f vw" .x A x W ,5 l A A 5qvx:fJlriiz':fl!i H .4il,53,55!n,, . .V 'fili Ill "-I 1: :- :"" - i ' W3 i 'FEES ' K :,N. 1, . lqss , , . .J 5 . I sv x - ' 79, uf"- 5' F vw if :gxg ,...... ,f .eg lg., A' . ff Melanie Bayer ix K: sf Mary BIGCGZOH Roy Brady .muif:ff" ' k ,,,,,.. Lisa Brigarili Tom Brockmillei Becky Brunelle Ai . l viimil Peter Bryden Danny Bushey Eddie Baller Kim Buur Kelly Callaghan Phil Callen Alexis Campos Erin Capps Stacy Carr Karen Carse leiinifer Castellanos Bill Castro Chris Catalano Denise Chades Michael Chase Mary Chavez Ray Chavez Shari Christy Linda Chumchal Mark Clay Leila Clements Terri Coelha Phil Cohen Jim Cole Alan Conlon Steve Cooke Kendall Cosby David Covorrubias Stacey Cox Kathy Crelia Larry Cron Janice Crasser Catherine Cuccio Danriielle Curtis Cynthia Dansie Tarnmy Dauda Brenda Davis Ron Delatorre Heidi DePriest Mike Due-shane Mike Devvey Craig Diaz Debbie Dickson Chris Doanne Lisa Dodd Mia Dodson Linda Donner Ted Dorll David Douglas John Drake Chris Duran Tom Durning Steve Echevarria Terri Egan Brent Egnevv Debbie Ekberg Russell Elliott Lori Ely Ken Ebpens Melinda Esqueda Jett Evans Mark Evans l .. J HE x t ,if Q, iiic Y' 2 I 'HT' . J i , X y,t, is A g x' i , '- .' Els ., ik J 'li ,al 5 'J 1' if W-no M N W t 5 :Q i itikiiqkii A J at cfii Rhonda Everett Doug Ewell Scott Farr Roser Farrell Dave Fast lisa Favero Andrea Fenaroli Danny Fiske Greg Flavell Cyndi Flory Chris Forgette John Forte Jay Francisco Dan Frear Marilee Freyille Autumn Frornan Gary Funk Donna Gain Arlene Gallo Christy Garcia Ray Garcia John Gardner Vanessa Gershenovitz Jett Gott fe ,dt - f i lr 6 9 fi .,, , . ?'.. 515: Jw' Q 'I - :EF L H . m.c,v.-awwwe i 1 .. igggiig, x -1 1 7 'J Fw A Fx Mm C A L ii, it 1 'QP I is f I il 1 '. ' " z. i 5 gui W ig, X I ,-r . x- -G 25 1. r 1 jf 5, -V . L' 4 W 5 .4 is ww , wa, . . 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Jacque Luker Della Luna Lizzy Luna Carto Luzzi Michele Lyon Kathy Macanrlng Maryrose Macrett Knrn March Pant Marlnack Marriane Marks Marguerite Ma raugz Dan Marshburn Dan Maltln Cathy Martinez laura Mamnaz Mana Martrcf' Kelley Maycack Donna McCleary Nancy McDutfee Colleen McKenna Terry Mclain Melinda Medley Marty Meisser Karen Meister Joe Mendoza Richard Miller Michelle Mineau Robert Minor Mike Mallet Steve Montoya Teena Moore Richard Morales Allison Moran Colin Morgan larry Mariarlly Tim Morris Sheri Mortensen David Moss Mike Munoz Al Muro Diane Muro Cary Nakamura Robin Naughton Jerry Naumann James Nauarra Danny Nelson Laurie Nelson Leesa Nelson Dana Nicholson Kent Nicholson Gale Norris Kelly Norris Faye Novak Kristy Oakley Julee Oh Matt O'leary Tommy Ontiveros James Ornelas an ,A it ' T -r W: fi' 'f V I' - e .ya 'NN ' v R, 1,5 A i fl T 'ia , ul g 4. ,,, ' ss T V 5 - "T" f 5 T i ' -i I I ,gg ,,,. Q ggiffn A , . 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Rodrtqueg Marie Rolfe Curtts Roman Nancy Ramstcdt Patty Rowtey DeAnna Satas Ray Satas Bnan Sampson Deanna Sanchei L12 Sanchez Eddy Santana Leon Sargent Candy Sarno Shern Scaraetta Ron SChaLer Larry Schultz TOnt SCLNJLIZ Debbte Schwab Tobt Scott Dernck Seda Danuce Segara Mrchelte Shotts Rhonda Shrtvet Jennifer Stmm Scott Stmmons Cynthta Shtka Don Smtth Deborah Smith Gary Smith HiLLary Smtth Margte Srnlth ChrtsAnn Sonnenberg Kathy Spelman Tom Spetmon Btlt Sprague June Stacey Doug Stonfietd Greg Staotes Sharon Stegman Carla Stevens Luz Stevenson lenntfer Stmecipher Laura Stoltenberg Shana Story Bob Strate David Stump Leah Sullivan Samuel Sun Mark Suzpa Sandra Swanberg Bob Swanson Geoff Swartz Don Swartzbaugh Sandy Talley MichaeL Tastitz B2"""lf X tsgsm, ' - - fl: 5: , af Q S it ww Ssta , W ssn -ix. tr ,W is r Q1 Gi, . 03' ti' -fx 4. L fs-5 - - 'BP K fa- 1 ts, . tr -f - ,, " - w- ,A1-v S ' .S S '35 5322? E555 v,, - ,..v, --". .. K t " ra:-1 5 an : , X-W K Q , 553 . ,-g ,k:. 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Frank Tenckhall Mary Texeira Bryan Tltibodeaux Stacey Totem Scott Trout Janet Tumulty Patti Turner Candy Ugino Stacey Upsliaw DeAnna Ustan Joe Van Aspoieit Nancy Van Wuyckliuysii Ricky Vasuuez Joe Vassia Alexandra Versteeg Lori VVal1l Richard Walker Brian Wtird Cindy Warnei' Gary VVaryviCk 'x ., M . gg , . ,n W' Z' 'K ,:"?'Q I 1: w 'F m:15?i5' gm., Q, W - 15 M ' " W x, 5 , 7' , . X X if X , X . Q , .L f 1 N , W? , ,W ' Qi Mt v ,,, 'N 3, fn. 1 M x 4 Q' .3 . .W 0 Ep i . Y 4' ' ' lx w 'ff r vp, ' u f V-,J , Ng x 'M , , WV, U N, V! t, 1.1 'v,..Qwg .Ai gin: xm gw T MMV ff "4f wsSf , WMI4+11 , 41 , :,, f.f1 ' Est 'z ww-, , ww, ww a M J' 1' ' A IG! 1, 4 , F 355 3 X, sf Q A ' QW 1 X S VP x P-sg , gs ' M Xu K ,' 7 x ,xjgwx ' i Rfk 9 X 5: xmv. '2i' 1f 'K Q Ak ,. j N P- Q Q W - ' wg 4 wi H' iff . .v I M4 , ,. ' . S Q -M 1,53 .. . -,V ' E ' ., ' 24 A ' " . g -' w "' 1 ' V kr? 4 Juli " ' wr My '.f 2 X ' ' A ,il 1 I "wi: , iff A 'L y -my ' "" '4E-eFiQ', f3f .i,:N.W 4 M. M NQAEME , F ck , LQ. iii M in f 1 M JQMQK J' ,Mg 76? lyk 5' 'iiif' flfiwb 15 ' Wf' 1Q f 1f f ? . . , " ,cw any wh. gg 'wa in ,ng J' .24 Q 11' -' X, , g eh K 1 . , MN 22. ' ' . W 5 Y' Q ,Q , qu, WS' 'Q , ak ,. N5 mx "' , w M, is . ASB Proves Productive Using the knowledge ond experience goined lost veor os Vice President, Scott Messinger heoded one of our most produc- tive ASB Cobinets, Under the guidonce of their feorless leoder, George West, monv tosks were ciccomplished bv the Cobinet members, Vice President John l-lollister, together vvith Student Congress, undertook the chore of re- writing the Lowell Constitution. Setting up the budget ond rncinoging the school's funds were Cvndi Zemons responsi- bilities os Trecisurer. Liso l-logler, Sociol Choirperson, ond Liso Thoixton, Activities Choirperson, combined their efforts in creot- ing well-received donces ond interesting os- semblies. Liso Thoxton vvos cilso responsible for bringing bock the troditionol Donkev Bos- ketbcill Gome which hod been obsent for monv veors. Cothv Allor, vvho took over os Publicitv Choirperson vvhen liso Brovvn left the post in November, vvos effective in getting out oll the necessorv informotion to the students. And so the teochers would not be left in the dork SFRC Choirperson Croig Moclvlillon kept them notified. With o lot of goined experience, the retir- ing Cobinet gove vvov to the nevv members elected ot the ASB Convention ot the semes- ter. 55 If ADVISOR: George West Q!i5fi.w:,: iles . . fs RPF' .L X i f M J L Q , xi Q 1,'-' . K 'QQK K W X . my Q ini ' Q flax xx -Wibiamz -Rik FRENCH CLUB lrightl Front POW: Jackie Kirianoll,'Lori Ensley, Hillary Smith, Me- linda Alvarez, Jelf Stafford, Runcla Avvad, Mika Kaskelo, Pam Wolcott. Second Rovvz Advisor Peter Kirianoll, Michael Tas- litz, Lori Ely, Lorraine Rios, David Stump, Denise Stafford, Tobi Scott, Jackie Stuart, Julie l-lolaubek, Kimberly Kauling. Back Row: Michelle Williams, John Guy, Maya Blackman, Barry Kivi, Ken Addonizio, Da- vid Leioer, Allisan Burdick, Cara Larn- ming, Glenn Poulain, STUDENT CONGRESS lbelowl Front Row: Betsey Dearth, Chris Flares, Tracy Scott, Jim Edwards, Leslie Arn. Second Row: Shelly Parritt, Ann Guzman, Cheryl Hackett, lvlartie Quan, Gina Gutierrez, Denise Babisholl. Back Pow: Janice Wade, Chris Povvers, Cathy Cisternino, John Hollister, Scott Messinger. V se 2 Q i I 1215 5 K s 5 S vw-.' '-ef Y' . J Q ' . -"f-- Vx Ax.,4.4:If' in-if J J , , J' fl I f av rl ' io ,J ' if , f--- - J .,.2 9-9 gm' "Q DMV ,rn unsung J ' 'J . kr r I 4 wggif 'T A WEMDLO' 5 ww' Y 2 ? f ,lr r .5 M ,Y rfiyfi' . Iwnagri-J k or x , 5 , y r , I fig -,..: , f ' D l . GREAT BOOKS CLUB lolwovvlf Krvlly Apr Del, QorrrlADplerlrOrr,ZC1ClrC1ry Applorrurrr, Korerr Ardrev, Jolrrr Bosssvrr, Nvrl Borvrrr- bowr1,Dcbro Boelrrrrrgor, Allrsurr Brrrrlrrrk, Jomes Codreou, Pool Clwowrrrrrg, loom Cook, Srocv Crolr, Cvrrrlrro Drrmres, Sherry Dorrsre, Jorrot Drpretro, Troy Dul- lirr, Mork Edvvords, Greg Goodvvrrr, Bou- rrie Grolmrrr, Teresa Grzyvvo, Korlrurrrrm' Guellrov, Steven Hull, Morcrv l-luwkrrw, Ted l-lirrshovv, Down I-lrrglros, Jvll Jurr' ssen, Slwellre Kiper, Nino lvwm, Dnvrcl Luko, Bob Mollory, Julru MrGorry, Por MCK6-rrr1o,COrlJy Morrlgorrrvry, Jnrll Norr- rrrorrn, Cheryl Novak, Royrrrorrcl Olymfrnr, Doug Prerue, Dorm Plovrrr, Koran Quolls, Slrororr Roll, Jolf Rorrrr, Dovrnl l2osurrIlml, Koran Rusfell, Corolrrm Sflmrrrr, Doyrm Sclroerrberger, Alex Srjlrrrlr, Scorr Srrklvs, Debbie Srrrrllr, Kollwy Snyder, Garry Suplee, Joslwo lowrrslrorrrl-Zvllrwr, Werwdy Turrrrorw, lorry Ulrrn, Fred Volvrr- Zorro, Brel Vorrlleel, Susorr VVorwrck, Su- sorr Weaver, lorry Zrmrrrrerrrrurr, AMATEUR l?ADlO CLUB lrrglrrl- Rrflrurcl Miller, Jim pOllT1lI1lOVI,BVlCH7SCIYYIDSOYLARJ' vrsor Riclword Srrrger, Doug Ewell, BAND BOOSTER CLUB lrightl Front Row: Jorge Garcia, Eliza- beth Stott, Sheila Jackson, Shelby Roeinhild. Second Row: Jeannette Rainey, Shirley Gilbert, Pat Hen- derson, Debbie Roernhild, Joyce McGdrry. Third Row: Marsha Ver- beck, Norma Lulcer, Olin Santo, Cathy Page, David Page. Fourth Row. Penny Perdue, Bryan Laker, Hello Versteeg, Marcia Ouigle, Jim Qulgle, Lillian Miller. Back Row: Lois Durning, Ann Eaton, Frank Tenckholl, Ann Tenclrholl, Doris Stoltenberg, Mary Page, Diane Diaz. ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB lrightl Front Row: Mr. Angotti, Mr. 8. Mrs. Arronoga, Mr. 81 Mrs, Askey, Mr. Behring, Mrs. Berg, Mr. 81 Mrs. Cruz, Mrs. Dillenbeck, Mrs. Dook, Mr. Sr Mrs. Durhom, Mr. 81 Mrs. Edson, Mr. 81 Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Geiger, Mr. 81 Mrs. Heathnian, Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Mallory, Mr. McCoid, Mr, Moreno, Mr, Peo- oorcl, Coach Rou, Mr. 81 Mrs. Sa- roncik, Mrs. Sciacca, Mr. Sr Mrs. Scilres, Mrs. Shryne, Mr. 81 Mrs. Smith, Mr. Wilson. M. ,wfk 9 h ,Ei . ,A - Eff 1 .W -.1 v . 1 G vy' 1 7. Ava 1 F K gs Q Wg 1 ...N , ws 'QQ im ibskfxiii 1' 4 N X-..,,4 is K :Xxx ei ' er A " gf U 91 N 4 Q :Wav X Ni g. S . X . .QQ X A fin rx uin- lv 1 Q fig ,R W1 I: ff sgwg f gw x f 3 K , fn s . 3.1 G f 9 4 K GFI ,dk F fi I , l1 Q.. l X N 2 T N.,. , M, .. .,... ? Q ,.,g,,i-..,.,,a,3 W .. , .,.. .M V ,.,,...E ., ,, X....l..,,, -vm M ...A Wd 1... ' i 1 L? 3 'N E uwswikwiw .E Xi 2' was QL W3 gf- 1- 1 Si wise- N 4-frff . fi N J' N ? wk 3 sf X " K S. x 2 A 'K 'H Q QR . M ,Cf ,Q . lk Q9 QW wi ' QA is ww -K Q Emi sh X S Lowell Goes To Horvorol WweVamny Debameleam olScon Moon? and EHen Rarne were one olthree Chinaut feonw nttne ennre smne ol Ccnnonna,cnul eleven acrossthe nanon yyno vyere askeclto tlte ore-stigloos Harvard Round Robin Debate Tournament, The tour-lament was lteld at Cambridge, Massaclwsetts, February lo-ls? MmK1OmNewsandR0yNewmanlow- eHs' other very successlol Vrwsny Drinate Team,aBo wentlkey debamd atnwtooen toumamentheklahertneround:obntuow TEST. AHthernentberscMthe SQOOQM ancldehrnv teams worked ltard toward one goal: to neo' resan Change Counw nwthe Nahona Soeedwand DebawelournamentneklntChv cago NFL ltoo rrglwtl Front Row Carl Rogers, Donald E, Gabe son, Ray Salas Back Row Volerue Reyeles, Stacy Law- son, Rrqlw Tlwrman, Nell Borembaurn, Reba Retnltarclt, Marlo Scltrndelntann, Ltndo Ken, Jan Ewell. DEBATE loboyel Front Row- ltnda Keln, Ray Salas, Reba Retnltordt,StaCyLowsor1,SCott Hunter, Carl Rogers, Ron Sclwuler, Stott Lawson, Nell Borernbourn. Bock Row: Ron Stddowoy, Mrke Orttz, Donald E. Gubson, Randy Hughes, Rtch Tlwrrnon,JetfVVlwtte,Jin1 Baxter, Rrck Hare ns. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: Idockwisel Corby Awukovwdw-semor, Crvwdv Stowsbcmrger-lumen Jefwo Pobevrs-freshman, CCHNU Homson- soslfvomore. PRESIDENT1Vickw Plwehns ..,. N -.- , ,W 2 SSSSS gp S z SS Q Baara Launches Farhme Makers OFFNCERS: labovel Treasurer-Susan Parker, Vwce President-Patty Horesp SeCrefaryYPaula Hubbard Ilclrl Dull Team Repfesenratwe-Velane Byorlaand, Publxcity Chairperson-Teresa Tev1ckhoff,A5slsIav1r Palwlncnv Chaupur, san-Tern Ekman. PEP BAND ldovvnje Pau Anderson, Geera Berera, Victor Candrorv, Tammy Dauda, Keliv Davis, Jav Francisco, Ja- ne1Giiberr, Dtlvid JCCk5on, Sharon Keniev, Francis Kirn, Daren Luker, Julia McGarrv, Carv Nakamura, Darren Nurraii, Marv Page, Pennv Perdue, Steve Poievoi, Waliv Prokooovv, Scott Quigie, Dan Rainey, Debbie Roeinniid, Mark Shattuck, Mark Sroitenberg, Jackie Stott, Frank Tencknaff, Pod Verbeck, Alex Versreeg, Nick Versreeg, Carai Yeiron, Susan Young, David Zafrea. CONCERT BAND lleftl- Paul Anderson, Todd Bales, Geeta Bere-ra, Vrctor Condioty, Tony Cook, Laura Cook, Tarnrny Dauda, Brenda Davls, Harold Dayrs, Kelly Dayus, Crarg Droz, Ted Dortf, Torn Durnrng, Jarnes Edwards, lo- retta Edwards, Joy Francrsco, Greg Gardea, Janet Gtl- laert, Bruce Gormley, Jell Hardy, Mark Henderson, Da- yrd Jackson, Eno Jackson, Sharon Kenley, Francrs Kun, Dennrs Long, Jeff Lozon, Daren Luker, Steven Luker, Julia McCarty, Sharon MCGurnlgle, Joe Mendoza, Deonne Merryrnan, Brenda Mrlburn, Riclrard Mrller, Cary Naka- mura, .Ierrald Naurnann, Darren Nuttall, Mary Page, Steve Page, Penny Perdue, Steve Poleyon, Walter Prokoe Davy, Mark Papler, Scott Qurgle, Danlel Rarney, Debra Poernnild, lan Posenberger, Ronald Santo, Marcos Sar- don, Tracy Scott, Mark Shattuck, Laura Stoltenberg, Mark Stoltenberg, Frank Tencklwoll, Rod Verbeck, Alex Versteeg, Nrck Versteeg, Carol Yelton, Felrcia Yoclwenl, Susan Young, Dayld Zolrea, Peter Zolrea, . A r x l- ' P' X it nt X. News-N Bands Lifl Spirit if ,.1. 4 K1 . in sg M . 2 X MQ:-A x .g k,.15f J. N,f.,,,W .X w K 3 ' fff 4 Eg i ?qQ kr ,.4-'ff .x Rx? XL.v if i , f f R eyrX xaf gs . . " ' , Q x 3 ,J ' 4 .,Xx. . N wk , A K X 5 F, , .... 1 fy Q -QQ 1 ffifig x 5 A S K - -R 'ix Ji Q K, 5 E Q 5 iifig egk 5 Xxxg X g ?f,i .,W,, ,,, .fr '3 if Q.. is f ,2 X , f f W XXX f + f f S .L as X 3:51 4 W fQ 'LL 1 Vfxw aff -rfe. :rx ,ta F' if + X f N tiwwwgjml K KM.: iq? M. ., Q SQ ,ff,,.i , A V- Q, is x v K x giLqg:Eg'Q1l1A "', m mx X 3 1 F ge, fffge, 3 ry?- if xx .M Q. -fy-K mwgtiw.. , jg L gy yr .pf U A 11--if ,W f3ifa if M X'f . ? f, Q Q53i Jf35 in 1 if T b 0 Nw may 'ex pf--. E., fam, Q 'B Z Q' iff mmww A m I Y . Swv , A . V2 W- Sn E -Y' .Q ff s. if f S ,X A S, gp W ss. k 1 A ,:fQES5?iiffsvg3'g1 l R3 2 -mx. Q ss X -ff' 44' Alferrwowive Schoo 2 Try IT, YOU'lI ' Luke as ww: ,fe-4 A W? yds QAQQWNMW .er XY .W it 1 X, ww , ' , ,,..4 5 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL ADVISORS UQHI Frou! Row Decvwo Movrlsovw, Gow poelios Buck Row Fwd Lewfl, Moy, give' DOWQ, Raw DQCJOHC1, Bev Cush- 1-wg Aim Search, Learn I 4 Ldff. x Q QI , iff 'V ,iff 'vlh 'E ff 1 f' gk? J 1 S n f' . .N if V ' . rg 'inf ' ":fTjEfff:1f ' .4 'HX 41 K2-i-15: VJ: ,. Q Qf. f fu ev f V 5 V,., rs . Pj f i . . Y 'F'5SF"" Q - ". .1 v.. '. V- 1 ff-ff'-.4 xi -1 1 X. . 3 , 'LI - : Vi ' :xi A VN Q pf ,F 1'1': ,:: . "rl, ' 51 ' . ' 5' , -Qi! 11' '-.fF5fg- VJ, Q . ff . H '.. . 5:'?f .C:i.,131-- .:'g- fhicf 1 'f "f. p. l'.', bdf . v f ',. . V ,.-. A ' A' ' Hy." ,111 . , f '!!1'f5g3ff 2i32222? -- J .ig "1 -- - -:":ii" saliva? ':lff"' LA. Q, .. V 2,3355-f . im-I -Q3 VL L X A 1' ..-.w, ff?r:::x1f ' is i me "W,-.,,"?i': .,.. IMP ' 1l".p.,p: . A .,,"3L-.., .,,,.f'g1?f-93f.'f:g?figgz:-1? if ,:,,,,.,,,, . A-nw, 1:v.ff" ..f':jj,..-jj, , -4 W .4 4' 3355- , , , 1':1I1f1'1Q'52si1,l.f.L:sii'm- . Q. A-I. Vw A Rf ff , . 'H ,,..,..-""" '-"' --an , . f . -'-N --....-, . K , A ,QM ix F. "s x ', r-OV' i Q Q YY i SCIENCE CLUB Hem Fvom Row Lwso Fricke, ENQH Rume, Shpvvy Dcmsxe, Mmm Sdwmcldmcuvw, Trmcee Wowss, Bork Row Vwfrov Ccmdiotv, Rwdv Tmmon, Noll BO- vOrvbC1um FORENGN HCHANGE lbelovv vmdd?el Solcdod Osscmdnn, O1wleg1beNowMMuko Koskem, Fm- Wand. g,"r'x r www' Bw 'edt N-Q'-QQ 1 .w""X Q fwfr 'R ,ks-'59 ffl? 4? 3' 5 0. f ' z mi Bi-LY 1 ,X vi' .V ,K x. xg f Jv .yi 9 x V-zu, E' fa vu In 4 4 -Q, , W J W 'f ' " M3 .J fe' v M '-,A .syn-x ii? ,R W Y: ffggffwgi ' X Fx 3 1 if E ,I AE .f 1 RAS, 5' 3 3 is 1 3 'K :Q few 5 AiAW i ig E 3 :X , V ,, 1 4-. 1 ,r L 1146 wi MN 'Q , w rw I iw K. .. -.c. -. 1-as f X f ay . .ft 5 3 S 5 ,M . X X ss! ORCHESIS Iaboyel Fran! Row Darcy Wegrwer, Bon- r-re Graham, Be-Th Barrrnger, Joiauehne Srorr, Kun Mensrnk, Advrsor Pau! Bucalsrern Second Row- Joshua Tovvnshe-nd-Zellner, Hrhary Snnth, Lysa Brown, Debby Knrrlre, Tara Hynes, Beth Hayes, Nancy Vonya, Susan Parker, Paula Hubbard, Tammy VVarner, Lando Sarazar, Usa Irvyrn, Thrrd Row. Kerry Amber, Irnia Dart, Robrn Rersaorf, Darene Mrnnrx, ANY hsan Burdrck, Sandy Stear, Kun Mark, Jan Rose- nberger, Maria Onhyeros. Back Row Adrrana Chessa, Debbre Boehrrnger, Lon Sutton, Donna Seda, bnda Poynter, Greg Chrrsry, Mehssa Delano, Donna Ross, Sherry Loverace, Lrsa Kornrnskr Q96 .- W T" "' 'xv ff . Q 'K M 1 Ny sy ,V 'fy M V ,Ny J yy by ' X N K Q E - 1 -L b Q X. q . 3 Q , bv xy .y we my ,,,,m"Q. .-fa 'A R X I ' f 1 is QQ' mf Tl-lESPlANS lrightl: Robin Bowman, Sha- ron Caldwell, laura Dee Carter, Greg Christy, Dominic Cle- nience, David Cov- arrubias, lrma Dart, Mike Deushane, Kim- berley Garrison, Don Gibson, Nathan Har- ris, Jefl Hawkins, Er- nst l-laeckrnann, Les- lie l-lowell, Lisa lrwin, Paul Jaramillo, Su- zanne Johnson, Ron Johnston, Robert Kin- sler, Bill Kontur, Cara larnming, Kim Malk, Mark Martinez, Marty Meisser, Chris Monte, leesa Nelson, Kent Nicholson, Erin O'COnnell, Mathew Oleary, larry Parker, Robin Reisdorf, Doug Robbins, Jenna Rob- erts, Lyrea Robinson, John Roohan, Carolyn Samoron, Richard Schachter, Debbie Schalaba, Jeff Schrei- hart, Scott Simmons, Beth Siniem, Stuart Smith, Deborah Speck, Carrie Staats, Alicia Starks, Shana Stump, Mark Swartz, Joshua Townshend-Zellner, Marie Vanasperen, Ken Wallace, Suzie Warwick. TECHNICAL THEATRE lrightl Front Raw: Bob Webb, Paul Harkins, Charles McCarroll, Danny Bushey, Greg Jiminez, Mark Swartz, John Russell, Robert McConnell, Jim Gold- bach, Sherri Cucci. Second Row: Paul Bu- calstein, Dave Koch, Bill l-lansen, Geatt Swach, Lauren King, Kenny Curtis, Dan Somerville, Crystal Myers, Mike Ortiz, Mike Grossi, Floyd Dodson. Back Row: Jeff Schreihart, Mike Fears, James Farrock, Mario Martinez, John Melson, Darrell Smith, Darrell Hart, Mike Akin, Paul Evange- linos, Christine Mclflhannon, i gpnil ks V X"""'Q , vs , I as 'dvi' C18 1' 2. ,s Q 6 Q., aa 1' Q 41-1 . 32 4. 1' MAKE-UP 8- COSTUME Iobovob Front Row Cheryl Novak, Karen Dupont, Num Lawns, Burk Row Pflftlfmrwul,JL1m'll0'Bm'uVs, Chvm Kuruluu, fuyv No' vok, Cwwdu Zvrmw Peo Boosters Lift Morale PEP CLUB labovel Prant Raw: Gayle Grimes, Manlee Freville, Kelly Norris, Chris Hull, Karyn Overmyer, Diane Mura, Sheri Mortensen, Cari Watson, Terri Egan, Beth Peterson, Michelle Shotts, Donna Gain, Shana Story, DeAnna Salas Second Row: Chris Lake, June Stacey, Mary Texeira, Candy Llgina, Beth Siniern, Laura Baller, Patricia Hope, Cynthia Slitka, lay Osaka, Shari Christy, Kart Hanson. Back Pow: Jenna Roberts, Diana Altman, Dayna Herod, Andrea Fenaroli, Allison Moran, Carla Stevens, Evelyn Henn, Barbara Wilson, Margie Srnith, President Adrienne Perri, Laura Martinez, Diana Barba, Becky Brunelle, Arlene Gallo. fi' , lx 5 3 ,ffMX Tl T 0 a x WPCHAIRMAN LM-H1 KMM Smvlml R PEP BOARD Uwhml- Mmm Rww Au m1lu'Uv Mmwvv, Slvvrw bmw, Kvflw Yuvlvunl Punk Run Km: HuHwvv, Slv Mrwnv PwYY'urv kzm Ruud Yummy il-W1-yy UNH .af ...fx ADVNSOR: Jock Orme nl" Ui 4"'a V4 Q. EDFTOR-PN--CHIEF: Klrk Foote. -sq. Informant: Ca With the goal of producing an impressive newspaper, the Campus Crier began to set their wheels in motion, during a one-week summer workshop. Joining together both ex- perienced and new writers, the staff accom- plished their duties to achieve a successful newspaper throughout the vear. Under the leadership of the Editor-in-Chief Kirk Foate, endless hours were endured, and teamwork became essential as the deadlines drew near, Reporting and uncovering stories, coniuring up headlines, developing neces- sarv photographs, and traveling to and from the printer's office became common concerns for evervone. Finallv, with all modifications skillfullv car- ried out bv the printer, the finished issues were delivered bv early-rising staff members. Eager readers awaited their personal copies. Everv vear, the staff discovers new ideas and techniaues to improve their paper. Dif- mpus Crier ferent lav-out forms, page editors, and a car- toonist were a few changes, A Mini-Press Conference was arranged to discuss con- troversies and topics involving Lowell. Held in late November, staff members and inter- ested students were invited to auestion the principal, Mr. Tom Triggs. The discussions and results were then added to the opinion page. Gther events also outlined the busv l977- l978 vear, and many appeared in the news- paper. Features included the Donkev Basket- ball game and Homecoming. Special edi- tions spotlighted the ASB Convention, and in June, the Senior Commencement edition. During the year, some members of the staff attended the Oktoberfest in Torrance, local countv write-offs, and also the State Conven- tion in San Diego. These were designed to be mainly learning situations, but a few man- aged to have fun. l No' K t .........gg,. CAMPUS CRIER labovel Front Row: Lucille Bucci, Cindi Schilling, Robert Kinsler, Pat Crorrer Patrice Podhavnv, Stacy Ferguson, Second Row: Matt Veltre, Allan Bowen Jon Ewell, Michael Kinsler, Randv Everett, Monte Cicino, Doug Ewell. Back Row Keith Williams, Mortv Kudler, Barry Kivi, Steve Polevoi, Robert Flournov Marianne Fielv, Kirk Foote, John Ringo. Minuteman Aims nw For Griginality W, My Beginning their work early in the summer, the i977-78 Minuteman converged on Room l, l-lere during a summer workshop, the people new to the "yearbook world" were introduced to all the basics and the various techniques that are incorporated into the production of a yearbook. Another maior task accomplished during the summer was the acauiring ol 153,000 worth of ads, one of the largest amounts ever raised. Kicking off their booksales, the Minuteman used thelslogan ol "l-lave You Got Yours? l Got Mine". Posters broadcasting this adver- tising slogan papered the walls ol the school, and the stall members wore T-shirts with the identical phrase. To help rneet all the deadlines, many work parties were held alter school. Janet Okon, Editor-ln-Chief, added her knowledge and experience to the stall in making the l977478 Minuteman a memorable yearbook. ADVISOR labovel lack Orme lfDlTOl?-IN-CHIEF lrightl Janet Okon i 3 is msg! Sgi N W 'WS ,qv f 3 dn NR ix? f ww M QW E .L .,X.,,AX..X ., ,X SW is rg? f x x Q1 ,H kgg 'f 9 L - 5 ff 1 . kiwi j if' L . f' ' A QQ A ffcLQ 2+ W S . R 3? ,X,fg,i,M-.5 'il' , ., S Q -0 . K Q .f,, Ji uw-H Nhyqgnf , e 'C MINUIEMAN STAN Iulww? lmi1fvW v lx U MW, Mmm' Cunwm, lwM1 Qxlwwwvw P HV Q 1 Lawru D'AQ1UST1HO Lrmin fm PPWYM GlrRvm1v1,Murk Uwvvuw, fx HUM, Mm! Ywunpv -hmmm Mxrvww mum- Kw"mmH, Brvmu: MMM C3xs41m5uH CurYR.u1ms Siwvvvx mVSWWM,MWM1HWUMM Knvvm Zwxku BUSINESS MANALH R Mmm UXYQUT HHIVOR Um-. Vwmk ASSISIANI EDITOR hmmm I mv Fx 1 ' H rw 111 H K l MAR im .1 'V NN r iw ! Ox w ' K L71 V M Wm VVUJN, Kmrh VVwH1um-Y Vfww VV " Hum nvwdv N A T . ' -QV 'I five X ' f . M . 2 . 41 was . ef . ' fx H :- n 1, A v .Q , . wx,- 1, xv' ff i ' '.".u. . -Q-.N I gm- :S ZW N j "Wu M, mg We H, gif? .f Varsity Sneaks lnta CIF Tying for second place in the Freeway League with two other teams, the Lowell High Varsity Football sauad had an excellent showing this year, Experience seemed to be the Pats' key to success, As Coach Rau put it, "We had great seniors which made a tre- mendous turnaround in the program." The Pats began the year with a lei pre- league record. The game against Sonora was a loss for the Patriots, but they came back to defeat cross-town rival, La Habra, by a score of T5-TO. Surprising nearly everyone at their league opener, Lowell defeated Troy, one ofthe top seeded teams, by a score of QBAQT. Holding the Warriors scoreless for three auarters, the Pats proved that they were prepared to play, Troy was able to pick up three auick touch- downs against Lowell's secondary in the fourth quarter, but it wasn't enough as the Patriots held on to a seven point lead, On October 7, the Patriots were matched against Western. The Varsity emerged victo- rious with a T9-7 Homecoming win, Two wins and two losses took place prior to the Anaheim game, Coming in with a 4-2 league record, it was necessary for the Pats to obtain a victory against Anaheim in order to have a shot at CIF, With a minute and a half left in the final auarter, Lowell recovered an Anaheim fumble, On the third play with only 34 seconds left, auarterback John Doak threw a short pass to Corwin Bates. Bales carried the ball 35 yards for a touchdown giving Lowell the i3-7 win. Going to the CIF playoffs as a wild card team, the Patriots went up against unde- feated Pacifica. Lowell was optimistic going into the game, however, it was to no avail as Pacifica held them scoreless. Those named to the All-League teams at the completion of the season were Robin Feeney, Jeff Ramsey, John Sarancik, and Pat McKenna. The "Most Inspirational Player" was Mike Henry while Robin Feeney was voted as the "Most Valuable Player." VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Row: Roger Wilson, Jeff Ramsey, Kevin Macahilig, Kyle Ross, Lance Geiger, Robin Feeney, John Doak, Rick McCoid, Mark Stevens. Second Row: Dan Dennison, Bob Mallory, Chris Powers, Gary Plount, Pat Mclienna, Jim Baxter, Jim Oke, Neil Thomas, Henry Laban, Eric Wible. Third Row' Frank Scifres, Doug Young, Ronnie Ceballos, Dave Hanson, Tom Askey, Jim Roe, John Sarancik, Ken Hughes, Grant Heathman. Fourth Row- Dan Cain, Tom Witek, Mike Henry, Dave Benedict, Mark Durham, Fred Valerie Zona, Corwin Bales, Joe Mehelic, Steve Luzzi, Dave Peppard, Larry Moimim Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD 6-4 6' Sonoro l5" Lo l-lobro 28 Trov lf? Weslerrw lil Sunny Hills 7 Sovonno Mognolio Bueno Pork Anoneum Lowell Pocxllco Non Leogue Gomes CIF Game I ef' u i I John Dook llop cenlerl lodes laorlc lor llw lwondoll ln U Surpruslng gomo iTQC'II!1Sl lvoy Lowe-ll's defense lnglwtl penetrate VV0slorn's ollensive line. Doug Young lolbovol molcos on inmol lockle ogomst frossblown rlvul, Ln Hobro Pc:1TrioTs ATTQIV1 Goal w 4: 'N if-"J x ii. , ,ff ' J ! -,,,k Sf ' 5 an i Q Y 4 ,1Y- A K 1 V.. s., ' u 13- 'X ,Mk 'Wqmyy 6 .r ' wfflflk S as-7 5 9 W! F? ., A Qi? 'Q sh Ki. Soohomores Come Close Narrowly missing a league championship was the only dim point of the sophomore football season, With a creditable 5-2-2 over- all and a 5-l-l season record, coach Sutton's tearn's dominance was evident. The sophs gave up only 30 points during the regular season and their offense more than doubled that of their opponents. The critical game of the season was the first league game against Troy, which was to be the only loss in league play. Winning the remaining league games was no consolation for the league crown, though. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Front Row: Curt Geiger, John Guy, Dan Vasquez, George Arroyo, Troy Bithell, John Sarno, Bernie Sezon, Dove Lenguel. Second Row: John Hamer, Dirk Jensen, John Barfolone, Kevin Kornegy, Lee Heathman, John Triviso. Third Row: John Trimble, Andy Aguirre, Ron Griffen, Fourth Row: Boberfo Angotte, Dan Mallory, John Blowers, Matt Lew, Erir- Messinger. Back Rowi Henry Moreno, Eric Edson, Ranky Atanay, Mike Brady, Brent Arranago, Jeff Priest, Pat Scanlon, Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD 5 2 2 Sonora La l-l abra Troy Western Savanna Sunny Hills Buena Park Anaheim Non league Game Oi 6? 6 9 Lowell B Magnolia 6 2 . 7 7 . :rosh Capture League Crown W i l N J t' nv ,. LP, iw fllze "Outright and unchallenged champions," bragged coach Trigsted about llis freshman football team, and rightly so. The Patriot freshman football team com- piled an impressive 6-l-l overall, and a 5-O-l league record, good enough to out-distance their nearest competitor by QV: games. Leading the offensive unit were quarter- back Greg LeVan, and halfback Tim Bertola. LeVan ran for five touchdowns and passed for five. Bertola ran for IO touchdowns onthe season to lead the Pat attack. On defense Larry Cron led the team in ine terceptions and tackles. Coach Trigsted her' alded Cron as being a league standout, be- cause of his fine efforts. Assisting Trigsted with the Freshman team were Greg Thomas, Gary Pugh, and Marty Carrillo. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Front Row: James Williams, Andy Amezauita, Victor Deleon, Gary Lemack, Greg Le- Van, Chris Williams, Tim Bertola, Steve Ramirez. Second Row: Richard Morales, James Nelson, Larry Cron, Daniel Price, David Sturnp. Ken Eppens, Mike Moller. Third Row. Steve Cooke, David Douglas, Doug Bonnie, Gary Smith, Jerry Adams, Coach Thohas. Fourth Row: Coach Tri- gsted, John Drake, Mike Wolfe, Robert Swanson, Mark Clay, Roger Farrel, Drew Rodsovic, Fifth Row: Chris Doane, Mark Ramsey, Charles Abramson, Scott Sim- mons, Darren Kempkis, Scott Ledbetter. Back Row: Mike Chase, Phil Cohen, Dave Larmore, Derek Sedo, Jeff Goff, Gary Smith, Kevin Askey. SEASON RECORD if 6-l-l Lowell O' Sonora Lowell T4' La Habra Lowell O Sunny Hills Lowell l5 Troy l Lowell T4 Buena Pork I ' Lowell' 25 Sunny Hills Lowell I8 Troy Lowell 22 Buena Park 'Non-league Game VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY: Dove RosenTl'1c:T, John Hoiisier, Mike Hermon, Harold Dovis, Bob Sevmour, Alex Tenesqu, Scott Mess- inger, Jerry Shofter. T1 54 F Y 'P' Varsity Changes Their Course Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell This year the Varsity Cross Country team finished with a record of 2-7, The two wins were against Western lf?-44 and Magnolia T9-43. Changes were made this season for the varsity team. Instead ol running their usual two mile course as in past years, they iogged a longer and more tiring three mile course. ln upcoming years all meets will consist of not iust the Vorsity team, but .lunior Varsity and Frosh-Soph team running this course and the 2 mile course will be eliminated. The lock ot Seniors this year did create some difficulties for the new coach, Randy Gray, and the team. Fortunately, more expe- rienced runners are promised for future sea- sons. The Vczrsity's high placers in enthusiasm and ability were given to Bob Seymor, Most Inspirational, and Mike Herman, Most Valu- able Player. SEASON RECORD 2-7 42 Sonora t5 42 LHHS i9 33 Troy 22 l9 Western 44 Sunny Hills Savana Magnolia Buena Park 4l Anaheim 33 ' 22 35 21 i9 ' 43 50 I5 ' 20 VARSITY creoss courirrevi coach Grey, Kathy cis- tneno, John Hollister, Ron Brown, Scott H-essenger, Mike Bennet, Mike Herman, Jerry Shatter, Bob Seymour, Har- old Davis, Dave Rosenthal, JV. ConTinues Winning STreol4 Bv receiving The idenTicol score os IosT veor's Teorn, The Junior VorsiTv conTinued Their winning sTreok, Three defeoTs rnorred The Junior VorsiTv Cross CounTrv seoson. One loss To Sonoro 3O-25, one To Bueno Pork 50- l5, ond onoTher To Lo Hobro l7-4, giving The Junior VcirsiTv runners o 6-3 record overoll. The mosT conTroversiol meeT wos ogoinsT Bueno Pork. Becouse The PoTrioTs used ineli- gible runners, The score wos chongecl ond Bueno Pork wos oworded The vicTorv, olTer- noTing The previous score from Lowell 25- Bueno Pork 33 To Lowell 50-Bueno Pork l5. AT The Col High lnviToTionol, The Teorn Took 3rd ond wos owoirded ci well-deserved medol Tor Their high olocernenT. ln December oT The Cross CounTry Aworcls BonqueT, The Teom's new cooch, Rondv Grov, oresenTecl lvlilce BenneT wiTh The MosT Volu- oble Plover Aword. J.V. CROSS COUNTRY: Mork Belokof, Gorv Gross, Ron Brown, Mike Bennet, Jomes Witford, Comron Mumrv, Allon Bowen. S . L. Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD 6-3 30 Sonora l7 Ll-ll-lS l5 Troy l5 Weslern Sunny l-lills Sovono Mognollo Bueno Pork Anoheum Ll. Frosh-Soph Winds Up With Only Qne Loss The Frosh-Soph Cross-Country team wound up with only one loss against Buena Park resulting in a season record ot 8-l. Being pitted against Buena Park re- sulted in the team's most exciting meet. Losing by only a few points did cause great disappointment to all the Frosh- Soph team members. One great win occurred at the Cal High Invitational. The high-spirited tracks- ters captured the tirst place medals. Eric Behring was honored as Most Valu- able Player for his high accumulation of points and helpfulness to the team. .- E' an .iw . 49, . Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD Sonora Ll-lHS Troy Western Sunny l-l ills Savana Magnolia Buena Park Anaheim 2 8- l l 5 50 22 35V 24 35 l 5 50, l 5 ' 50 26 33 l 5 ' 50 3l 24 l 5 ' 50 FROSH-SOPH CROSS COUNTRY: Front Row: John Gardener, Doug Stanfield, Tom Onteveros, Tim Morris, Richard Miller, Stan Quinn, Eric Behring. Back Row: Scott Wally, Randy Burns, Pete Shotz, Kelly Davis, Doug Sperling, John Vaughn, Gary Drake, John Wally. Fig? ff- ff ' . '. . ' " . 1 - 5 - Q .. 5 .iff A 1 L' 5-cf I.- Water Polo Gets New Look At the beginning ofthe Water Polo season, returning players were informed that they were to be under the direction of a new coach. Tim Murphy, formerly ot Anaheim High School, was o key factor in assisting the Varsity team with a 7-7 record. lt was a posi- tive improvement over last year's l-lO record, excellent teamwork also helped. Others also made contributions to the sea- son's outcome. High scorers such as John Woodling, who also made All-League, had 63 goals, Rod Miller-39, Greg Parker-36, and Jett Mitchell-Qi were all instrumental to the Water Polo's break-even results. Next year the team will be moved to the Orange League, which is a more competitive league. Varsity Front Row: John Rob- 1 erts, John Wallick, Ross Bon- - - nieg Rod Miller, David Wilson, Jeff Mitchell, Steve Mahan Back Row: Ralph Searcy Chris Vroliik, John Woodling- Jett Neuman, Greg Parker. V ' i I -issizfz' s . LV J Li 5 .. K s.., K fr it r'r- : - K rs Q Q E I ' - L: 1 N 2 i 7 s ss. .. . s. I s. . " - 'K '--"' r '--k xt kk.. I X 'i.. N 5 J it Q. Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD Suerro Kottello Troy Western Kennedy l2 Lo l-lobro 6 Sunny Hills 7 Wilson 8 Sonoro 8 lvlognolio 7 Bphs l4 Anolmeim J.V.'s Coach Tim Murphy led the J.V. Squad to 5 wins and 4 losses. Their nine games were of special interest for three ended in sudden death overtimes. The J.V.'s were victorious in one of those sudden deaths. ln past years when the Lowell team played against Sunny Hills, they have lost. This year, however, was a different story, for the JV. squad defeated Sunny Hills with a score of 4-l. As the H2O polo season progressed, the J.V.'s improved their overall playing ability with the excellent coaching of Tim Murphy. In moved to the Orange League Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell U Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD l 7 lO l 6 5 5 9 ll Troy Western Kennedy La Habra Sunny Hills Wilson Sonora Magnolia Buena Park Anaheim the upcoming season the J.V. Squad will be 4-5 l l8 7 4 l7 JN. Squad: Front Row: John Wall- ick, Eric Overstreet, Pete Zofrea, Carl Rogers. Back Row: John Roberts, Lyle Bidler, Steve Mahan. Not Pictured: John Hummel. Improve to 5-4 Record gi-in An lmproying Team With a 4-5 season the Frosh-Soph Water Polo team improved their overall playing ability, thanks to the assistance of Coach Tim Murphy. The Frosh-Soph Polo team posed a prob- lem tor many ot the opposing teams because they concentrated their work on several plays. ln practice, shooting drills also made a great contribution to the outcome of the games. lmprovement was a key factor in being a thorn in the opposing team's side. ln the upcoming season the team will be moved to the Orange League. The teams in this league will be tougher competition. Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD O 2 Frosh-Soph Team, Front Row: Ken Wyllie,' Dave Zofrea, Vic- tor Wright, Derek Reinbolt. Back Row: Greg Jellum, Dave Wallick, Brad Jacobsen, Jerry Nauman, .lohn Utke, Bill Babi- Troy shaft. Not Pictured: Brian Western Toombs. Kennedy La l-labra Wilson Sonora Magnolia Buena Park 4-5 2l 5 4 lO 4 8 9 Lowell 4 Sunny Hills l 5 ' 4 ll 3 ll ' 4 l3 I " if f e gr.. .ffeffw wif Varsity Wrestlers: Row i: Mickey Mishler, ca-captain, Mark Stevens, Steve Bi- ppus, Marty Melendrez, Greg Glwirorizi, Danny Biodh, Coach Carrillo. Row 21 Coach Thomas, Roberio Angotti, Larry Mehilic, co-captain, Mike Edwards, Tom Witek, John Guy, Neil Thomas. .., i W V, A. ,Aw i F' 'Un 'uv Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Vorsitv Folls Flot The Vorsitv Wrestlers wound up with o O-8 seoson. The Motmen's closest meet wos ogoinst Fullerton l-ligh School, with o score of 33-35, fincilizing with o 2 point loss. The Motch wos down to the Qncl to the lost wrese tlers. The Potriots lost, According to Cooch Greg Thomos, the moin problem thot reolly hurt Lowell's Vorsitv in this motch ond through the veor wos not olwovs hoving o full teom. This mode the Pots forfeit l2 to l8 points per motch, The Vorsitv Wrestlers Most Voluoble Plover Aword wos given to Lorrv Mehelic, co-coptoin ond 2nd ploce wrestler in the leogue, ond his fellow co-coptoin, Mike Mis- hler. The Motmon oworded Most Improved wos John Guy. The Most spirited ond enthusi- ostic ployer, Mork Stevens, received Most ln- spirotionol Aword. SEASON RECORD 8 l7 Lokewood Western Sovonci Mognolio Bueno Pork Fullerton Troy O-8 62 29 40 ' l8 37 Lowell O Sunny l-lills 63 28 ' 45 l7 44 33 35 40 SEASON RECORD Lowell lO Lowell l8 Lowell O Lowell 12 Lokewoocl Western Sunny l'lnllS Bueno Pork JV Wrestlers: Row li John Gardner, Morly Kudler Joe Tribloy, Kevin Thomas, Lee Heolhmon. Row 21 Dove Lor more, Steve Kolnick, Ricky Vosquez, Bill Thompson Ken DeBlosio, Armen Aslonion. Frosn-Soph Wrestlers: Row l: Scott Fcirr, Mike Chose, Gow Beliinger. Row 21 Torn Moore, Ken Eppens, Doug Bies, Morlc Ropier, Missing: Bill Roscone. 'X Pot lvloitmen Just Survive Defeoting Westerrt 112-O ond Fullerton 39.6, the Lowell l-ligh Schools Frosh-Sooh Wres- tlers compiled o record ol 2-2. The teoin consisted of l2, but ntonv wres- tlers were in the some weight cotegorv, For exornple, there were obout 8 wrestlers in both the l2O pound ond l27 pound weight closs. At the some time, Lowell hod no mot. rrien ot the l38 weight closs. The Most Voluoble Plover lor the '77'-'78' veor wos Gorv Billinger, Bv the end ol the veor, Steve Bippus moved uo to Vorsitv ston- lected Most Improved Plover Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD 9 Lctkewood 42 Western 6 Sunny Hills 33 Fullerton dord, for this occornolishinent, he wos se- Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell 54 72 65 64 66 65 50 50 67 45? If 69 6l SEASON RECORD Sono a Saddleback La Quinta Los Amigos Edison Esperanza Sierra California Magnolia Sunny Hills Buena Park Troy Anaheim Savanna Western Magnolia Sunny Hills Buena Park Troy Anaheim Savana Western ' Non-league Garne Overtime John Doak labovel drives in for two points against Troy, Dave Sydow labove rightl goes for a nigh arclwerlagainst the Western Pio- neers. Gary Heil lriglitl tips the ball in for two. Pats Falter Atter Fast Start Making an outstanding entrance into their league season, the Patriot Varsity Cagers ar- rived ready to face the opposition. Capturing a second place standing in the La Quinta Tournament and the championship crown from the Lowell Tournament, they ended their pre-league record with six wins and two losses. With a successful pre-league behind them, the Pats entered the race with hopes of re- taining last year's Freeway League title. l-lowever, the cagers were soon disap- pointed when they lost in back-to-back com- petitions to Sunny Hills and Buena Park. Fortunately, coming off their two losses the Patriots, coached by Barry Gottula, regained their momentum, The cagers defeated five teams in succession which placed them in good contention for a high league standing, Unfortunately the opposing teams in the fol- l l lowing two games were once again Buena Park and Sunny Hills. Both schools were able to pull off wins. Though unable to capture first place in league, the Pats could still secure a CIF berth with wins over Anaheim, Savanna, and West- ern. ln a tense overtime game, however, the Varsity came up short to Anaheim, making a CIF berth possible only with a Troy loss, The Troy Warrior loss did not materialize, and the cagers had to be content with a fourth place league standing. Allowing an average of 511 points per game to their opponents, captain Mark Led- better and MVP Gary Heil, led the team to capturing first in league and fifth in the county for defense. Gary was named as Most Inspirational and Matt Adams received Most Improved. Mark Ledbetter and Gary l-leil also made the All League team. basket. VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Dave Sy- dow, Mike Welch, Ross Alger, Ron Lay, Dean Schulz, Tom Forgette. Back Pow: Gary Heil, Mark Ledbetter, John Doak, Mot Adams, Steve Doane, Tim Tribby, Dave Schrad, Mark Ledbetter labove leftl goes for the tip off in league play against Troy. Tray fell to Lowell in both league games with scores ol 72-59 and 67-53, In the game against West- ern, Mark Ledbetter labovel flies high for ci Basketball Penfecls Defense Gary Heil lriqhtl completes a lay up against the Western defense. lim Hancock lfar rightl takes to the air and sinks it for a basket. an . . M... 'M L , me Mat Adams labove leftl catches the Buena Park defense off-guard and makes a last break. Dean Schulz labovel shoots from the top ofthe key. Steve Bennett lrightl gives his all for two. Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell lowell Lowe I Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD Sonora Edison Bonita Orange Edison Sonora Brea Anaheim lvlognolia Buena Park Troy Anal elm Savanna Western Magnolia Sunny Hills Buena Park Troy Anaheim Sovcnna lV's Play lo The Wire Weslern Non league 6- l 6 40' 65 60" ' 79 ' 50' A 44 54' 40 50' ' 77 4 45" A, 64 67' 59 35 ' 4l 50 ' 39 Lowell 53 Sunny l-lills 56 49 52 - 37 79 l 45 1 ' 57 43 42 113 58 58 ' 59 ' 44 l 46 ' 52 55 44 69 37 ' 39 55 1 52 32 51 J.V. BASKETBALL Front Row: Jim Hancock, left Blair, John Bartolone, David Leiper, lay Santy, Lance Yokoyama. Bock Row: Craig Perez, Marty Shade, Steve Bennett, David Kahan, Ron Carson, Mike Stewart. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Front Row: Scott Lawson, Wayne Perkins, Brad Hernandez, Mike Reynolds, Bernie Sezon, Greg Coolcson, Greg Lacy. Back Row: Kent Gilles, Gary Cross, Pat Napier, Brent Arronaga, Tom Quattrocche, Ron Runberg. Sophs Falter Through Year After getting off to a very slow start in pre' season winning only one of their six games, the Sophomore team never seemed to be able to organize their efforts in a non-losing aspect. Coach Ron Runberg said, "Much improve- ment was shown throughout the year." l-le was pleased with his teams good attitude to- ward the game. Team captain Andy Atanay was elected most valuable team member, while Pat Na- pier was Chosen as the Most Inspirational Player. 5 """H1 SEASON RECORD 6-l5 Lowell 43 Sonora 56 . Lowell 32 Anaheim 56 A X Lowell 54 Covina 66 Lowell 46 Bishop Amat 44 Lowell 40 Trov oo iiii 5' fi ' ii'ti ' S i" ' Lowell os Brea 62 ssss Lowell 46 Magnolia 50 Lowell 4l Edison 92 Lowell 44 Sunny l-lills 63 Lowell 54 Buena Park 68 Lowell 39 TVOV 75 Lowell 35 Anaheim 68 QM.. v..,.is L.. A S Lowell 70 Savanna 54 we Lowell 6l Western 59 Q 'lm' Lowell 60 Magnolia 46 , 'fr' Lowell 46 Sunny Hills 54 t"'t t ii . Lowell 50 Buena Park 49 A K Lowell 4l Troy 69 Y , L ,L S Lg, ' Lowell 37 Anaheim 98 , fx 9 as Lowell 35 Savanna 46 71 2 Fifi 'lileeelf' fllif fli lsi Lowell Western 47 S 5 if L' lllll 'f l - ll Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell QEASON RECORD Sonoro Whittier Christion Edison Norwolk Bred Dono l-lills Mognolio Bueno Pork Troy Anoheirn Sovonnci Western Mognolio Sunny l-lills Bueno Pork Troy Anoheim Sovonno Western i2-8 48 56 50 ' ' i ' A 47 54 A 60 59 43 58 61 60 A 6l t ' l Lowell 39 Sunny Hills 54 4l 60 47 36 l A l l f l l f A t 45 ' 60 48 54 48 53 f . ' l f l l f Frosh Post i2-8 Seoson "Illnesses were our moior opponent this yeor, ll it weren't for the flu, we might hove stood o chonce ol winning leoguef' Cooch DeCrono mode it cleor thot the teom poten- tiol wos never utilized this seoson. Even with the high obsentee rote the teom monoged to copture fourth ploce with o I2-8 record over- oll. Throughout the seoson the freshmen souod showed Constont inprovement. The illnesses of front line ployers enobled the reserves to goin the necessory experience vitol for o deeply tolented teom next yeor. l FRESHMEN BASKETBALL Front Row: Robert Mi- nor, Greg Flovell, Tim Bertolo, Terry McLoin, Alon Bluclc, Don Nelson, Mike Perkins. Bock Row: Alez Rcidosenec, Chris Forgette, Chorles Abramson, Bob Strote, Rob l-lorrymon, Greg LeVon, Jett Whyte, Ron DeCronci. PaTrioT Swimmers GeT WeT SEASONS RECORD 2-4 Lowell 53 Brea 95 Lowell 49 Troy i 21 Lowell 98 La Habra 52 Lowell ON' Los AlamiTos O Lowell 94 WesTern 46 Lowell 58 Sunny Hills 86 Lowell 50 Karella l i2 H' Unknown Score LEFT TO RIGHT: Ross Bori- nie, .lelf Mitchell, Sreve Mahan, John Wallick, Jeff Naumann, Dave Wilson, Tom Emick, John Roberls, Carl Rogers, Dave Luka, Ralph Searcy. VViTh a record of 2-4, aT press Time, The VarsiTy swimmers finally ended a year ol droughT in swimming. AT The season's sTarT, lecl many To believe ThaT iT was going To be an arid season Tor The VarsiTy Squad, In Their lirsT meeT They lost To Brea. l-lowever, as The season conTinued The swimmers bobbed To The surface by conquering La l-labra, Seniors, Ralph Searcy, Rick Harris, and David Luka, all made fanTasTic conTribuTions To The Teams morale, and To The fine ellorTs buT ouT by The Team, lor They pushed The Team To The limiT, ending wiTh a 2-4 season. Coach Ben Harrison did his usual excellenT com- manding ol The Team. s' Sm lTTv?:'4S5fsu ., .s:,. 9 if X "T-IA ff. sf L. RW " W Fx w W! UUHHW If MW' vu X'-. W 'Wwillli .xt Q , . f X. - WAX wa... . ,-. '.Y.IE'k'If f S5 Q S W 4 Q2 Li fi 5 :PNK Mg 145111 ? Wfiii fl R ax 2w1m1zv:'vxfw-wfwgfw-A2f'f,m:-xwgifzirwrwm A N ,fQ,.1.A4. vggww f ,i'121"i?gaigg,a ,xl . Q A 5?K!fQf-lily Ag-1: wgf-sfafzk . Jw. ., ff .... .fu W if ,fu LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Wy!- lie, Bull Bobishoff, Greg Lowson, Greg Jelhmw, Jerry Noumonn, Brxcm Toombs, Brad Jacobsen, Dove Wollick, Dove Zof- rec. X551 im vi sv K ,,.,..,f,x ..A xi J .Q 12 1 .ij .,.L A H Q N N T' L .G -- - A ,G - G Q . Q . . 4 ? , G -:ff - fm .-.- -as K f M N G A A: 'Yi kk-kL swf' JK. N '2 Y , ' MAG -Q55-.X ,, Ng.. ff- If 1. ,H Tennis Boiilos Foes is VARSITY TENNIS From Row: Erik Hoeckmonn, Fronic Kim, Mitchell Lew, Kevin Mocohlliq, Scott Lawson. Bock Row: Victor Condiory, Evon Trout, Roboiv W Fiournov, Jeff Davis, Poul Webster, Coach Singer. i .lV's Rock-IT . .J ...,p..,,..,Np ,,k,,..,, 1 -F un. f.-in-Q. , I.: . . A , ,SL Mt, ,TQ Q I' Q T Q wx . nw YMN-MM'--I --S--wwfQW:s:Nq..sf, . - -- .s.XYft' J.V. TENNIS Front Row: Foul Kostobi, Nic STATISTICIAN GIRLS Front to Back- Lisa Versterg, Mark Belikoff, Marty Kudler, Evans, Lon Duca IobsentI, Tawna Truel Mark Parker. Bock Row: Gary McCord, rnan, Barbara Gorcler, Karen Haecke George Casey, Jeff Stafford, Robert rnann. Muro, John Marshburn. E FROSH-SOPH TENNIS Front Row: Rav Salas, Joe Mendoza, Scott Hunter, Rob Cashnon, Marty MeIendrez, Danny De- Leon, Bryon Iuker. Back Row: Daren Lu- Icer, Steve Page, Chris WrbIe, Mucnoel Toslltz, Scott Trout, Jo'nn Utke, MrcItocI KInsIer, 'Isnt Evans, Storms Slow Trock l Vorsity Track Front Row: Mike LeVan, Scott Kissick, John Hollister, Bob Seymour, Ron Brown, Mike Bennett, Scott Messinger. Second Row: Jim Baxter, Henry Labar1,AlIon Wright, Alon Quon, Allan Bowen, Tom Witek, Tom Askey, Alex Tanasescu. Third Row: David Kohon, Harold Davis, Mike Zostoupil, Eric Nicholson, Jon Reed, Neil Thomas. Back Row: Mike Herman, Bob Mallory, Cameron Mummery, Dove Rosenthal. Varsity Jumpers: Jim Baxter, Scott Kissick Dovtd Kohcm. Vcrsitv Long Jumpers: Henry Lobon, Deon Schulz, Alon Quon, Jim Baxter, Eric Nichol- son, David Kohon. W" 'Mil Milf- 'MEM www www X: ' , is-gg. . my U B 1 :ml MRIBT' ? E 5 msgid' w X X, EQ ,EWU ? 7 N. PATHIBTS 11.5, i M217 X551 KWEL4 SWE mil' T Q ,mi 33791873 my A NH, Q, ming: 'Q R cgi? my RW PAW .gr W V V , my .A :W WIHL! 6, My M ig: , ' ? ' EQ W uw 4 4 QW .mil L . Q .. .l,, .t V. 3 5 kv A . ., , nl if 3 I Msg ,L l , 5 "li f 4.k. A .ii K ' -Q NN fi wwf .mymik L Zii s NW Q as . ' W T K3 if Varsity Hurdiers, Front Row: Jon Reed, John Foul. Bock Row: Alion Bowen, Nei! Thomos. Varsity Shot Putters: Torn Askev, Henry Lobon, Tom Witek. Runners Dash Varsity Mile Relay:AloriQuot1, Harold Davis, Allan Wright. Missing: Bob Mallory. Varsity 440 Relay. Allan Bowen, Henry laban, Mike LeVan, Dean Schul Frosh-Sopli Track: Joe Vassia, Kevin Kornegay, John Paul, Paul Paramo, John Guy, Steve Echevarria, Tim Bertola. Second Row: Derrick Sedo, Steve Rude, Mike Brody, Brad Bullion, Erik Messinger, David Stump, Dan Price. Third Row: Jeff Osborne, Kevin Nielsen, John Wright, Kelly Davis, Al Stone, Art Cruz, Greg LeVan. Fourth Row: Rich Miller, Randy Burnes, Doug Sperling, Tim Moiris, Charles Abramson, Torn Ontiveros, John Blowers, Fifth Rovvi Pete Virag, Scott Walley, Jerry Shatter, Eric Behring, Barry Marks, Gary Gross, Chris Keller. Sixth Row: Harold Vaught, Joe Sanchez, Pete Sholts, Stuart Walley, Gary Drake, Rick Gorder, Mike Edwards. 1 4 5 Trigsfed To kes Command VARSITY BASEBALL Front Row: Eric Wible, Richard Greene, Scott Helton, Steve Conley, Brion Spence, David Anderson, Kirk Smith. Bock Row: Couch Rotph Trigsted, Steve Luzzi, Mork Sciocco, Lorry Mehelic, lim Oke, John Soroncik, Steve Sciocco, Lonce Geiger, Nick Sestini, Couch Bishop. 41. A Roim Deloys Seoson 5 Siori LV. BASEBALL Front Row: Rick McCoid, Tom For- geire, Greg Lovo, John Bott, Mike Hess, Grorii Heothmon, Curt Geiger. Bock Row: Ron Loy, Steve Bennet, Dovid BoBo, Mork Durham, Puul McRoberts, Kirk Foote, Roger Wilson, Couch Mike Smith. FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL Front Row: Jeff Priest, Dwoine Kidd, Kevin Askev, Scott Schopper, Phil Cohen, Terry Mcloln, Ted Biorkqurst. Middle Row: Ken Epoens, Kurt Feldmon, Chris Doane, Bernie Sezon, John Sorno, Andy Amezqulto, Ston Quinn. Bock Row: Couch Askev, Don Smith, John Bortotone, Brent Wosher, Rob Horryrnon, Mork Houston, Bob Strote, Coach Luczctl. Cabinet Coordinates Athletics Girls ot the l977-78 GAA Board assumed many responsibilities this year. They kept up previous activities along with establishing a new tradition-GAA sweaters. With the rising number ol girls participating in sports, it be- came necessary tor them to host two award banquets. The board undertook the challenge ot sponsoring the yearly Sadie Hawkins Dance and a fund-raising event. The cabinet con- sisted ol Cathy Lindenau, President, Patty Cramer, Vice President, Lynda Sezon, Secre- taryflreasurer, and Carol Harvey, Activities Chairperson. The tour girls with their advisor, Mrs. Jo Waldman, worked energetically to make this a productive year. fi s .. c ciie gk Q vics PreEsiDENt relieve rightl: Patty Cramer. ff Activities cHAiiePEi2soN NH lrightlf Carol Harvey. 'T . .1 ADVISOR lbelowlr Mrs. Jo VVUidmcm PRESDENT lboTTom leftlg Cathy Limdenou. SECRETARYXTREASURER Lbottom rightj Lynda Sczon .QS- ,vihk as Klum Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Ex lo Magnolia 43 i5 Buena Park 50 i5 Anaheim 50 " Low Score Wins SEASON RECORD Troy Western Sunny Hills Savanna Ann.. ' K Ei?- CROSS COUNTRY: Cathy Cisternino-Manager, Cheryl Hackett, Sherri Bray, Syndi Sitkowski, Susan Young, Brenda Milburn, Julie McGarry, Mary Schmittg Linda Dimeff, Coach Randy Gray. l Girls' Cross Country Forges Ahead Coached by Randy Gray, former Lowell student and trackster, the Girls Cross Coun- try team forged ahead into a season which culminated in a 5-2 record. This effort re- sulted in a second place standing in League. ln addition to the normal League meets, two events which helped fill the girls' agenda were invitationals at Mt. Sac and Cal High. The team was sparked by freshman Sherri Bray, whose tremendous performance en- abled her to acquire the Most Valuable Player award. Her accomplishments included breaking the 2-mile home course record. Un- fortunately, Sherri broke her foot iust prior to League Finals. lt was believed by many of her teammates and Coach Gray that Sherri's participation at the Finals might have altered the team's fourth place finish. Brenda Milburn was also influential to the squad and there- fore, was voted Most Inspirational. On the team's overall effort, Coach Gray commented, "For only having eight girls they did a really fantastic iob, and each girl ran to her top performance during each race." P'-4, ,- . ,,.V 3, -Q- 2' 6- Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell SEASON RECORD 8-11-l 4 Sunny Hills l5 Mognolio ll Bueno Pork 6 Troy T3 Western T4 Anoheim Sovonno Sunny Hills lylognolio Bueno Pork Troy Western Anaheim Sovctnno ,U ef, 2' VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Donelle Hottie, Yvonne Armendoriz, Juno Dovis, Tracy Weiss, Mory Ann Bortolone, Suzonne Elliott. Bock Row: Kathryn Gilmore, Jockie Benovidez, Tommi Bishop, Mario Schindelmonn, Lindo Keh, Leonn Banco, Poulo Dolberg. Tennis Trails Close to Top -My ...- , X E 5 JV TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Karen Hoeckmann, Lisa Evans, Julee Oh, Sonya Modglin, Sue Soerati. Back Row: Tawna Trueman, Caryn Bishop, Maya Blackmun, Lori Duca, Karen Kornegay, Kerry Casey. An exceptional season was had by both Varsity and J.V. tennis teams. Coach Sandra Wilson aided the Varsity in attaining the third place standing of 8-4-l, Three doubles and three singles were cho- sen to go to League Finals. The doubles teams consisted of Kathy Gilmore and Leann Banco, Mary Ann Bartolone and Tracy Weiss, Linda Keh and Jana Davis. The par- ticipating singles players were Paula Dol- berg, Maria Schindelmann and Jackie Ben- avidez. Paula Dolberg's season record ot 34-2 and her second place captured at finals earned her the right to go to CIF. The J.V. tennis team lost to only one and defeated T2 others in their league. Varsity volleyball consisting of five under SEASON RECORD classmen and four returning seniors had a creditable season with an 8-6 record. The young squad placed fourth in League and did well in the Savanna tournament finishing fifth out of sixteen teams Two players were chosen as Patriots of the Month" for volleyball, Cathy Lindenau and Carol Harvey. Cathy's skill also led her to be chosen to play on the All-Freeway League Second Team. The Junior Varsity girls had an impressive year, ending with a lO-4 record. This was suf- ficient to place them third in League. The B team had a short season as they played only five games. These five games, however, pro- duced a second place standing at the end of Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Sunny Hills Magnolia Buena Park Troy Western Anaheim Savanna Sunny Hills Magnolia Buena Park Troy Western Anaheim Savanna Volleyball Spikes for Victory the season, VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front Row: Lisa Dodd, Julie Vaughan, Joan Harvey, Melissa Jones. Back Row Marianne Fiely Carol Harvey Cathy Lindenau, Cyndy Balkcom, Sheri Sixel. t l l ww 'I-wwuxuupqpu Q-W Ullldlhbhrulq v L ,. K W , .,.L.,..M MW, -1-qqwnw, .. M ,,,,,,..-J-" V... - B VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front Row: Julie Covorrubios,Susc1n Horok,Pol1v Cromer, Bock Row: Devon Young, Lindo Donner, Lindo Chumclwol. ,ffl L 1134. Q . MJ 1 , , Q K L lu. ,L I x ' U -7' . 15 I 55 .J fl n v .- Fw: 'mmm gf. fslmg , - A C L' , Wai,-5 'v K w Nw JK JV VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front Rowi June? Henry, Debbie Zoluske, Debble Gurcio, Erin Capps, Kelly Holl. Buck Row: Slocy Curr, Debbie Houston, Sherri SUllmOll,.l9f1I7llCfSlmm Kellie Kovis. di lx, Hockey Sweeps League Championship Despite the swarnpy fields and wintry weather, both hockey teams were able to place high in their divisions. The Varsity team compiled a record of 7-0- 3, clinching the tirst place position. For the second consecutive year they made their way to CIF undefeated. Lowell was matched up against Claremont in their tirst CIF play- otf game, The game ended in a tied O-O score, but because ot the tact that Lowell ob- tained more penetration time, they emerged victorious. This was the farthest Lowell had ever gone in CIF. ln the second CIF game Lowell was laced with Charter Oak. The team lost 62 eliminating them from turther D OV Also commendable tor their hard work and determination was the JV Hockey Team The girls did exceptionally well earn ing a second place record of 8 l l Coach Sotdra Virden noted l was pleased with the wav the JV s played On'y four out of the seventeen girls had ever played hockey be tore and we got second place The teams worked well together with their winning combination ol skill and enthusiasm g SEASON RECORD Sunny Hills Western Anaheim Sunny Hills Magnaolia Western Buena Park Anaheim Magnolia Buena Park 7-O-3 l O O O Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell . . , , l ' l ! C ' O 6 ' , l 3 , , ' ' l 2 1 4 I . , , O 2 . A ' A 3 3 V l . , , I VARSITY HOCKEY-Front Row: Joyna Shawcrolt, Michelle Geosano, Lynda Sezon, Laura May, Chris Flores, Back Row: Carol Harvey, Mary Ann Bartolone, Tracy Weiss, Carole Scheel, Renee Armendariz, Sheri Sixel, Julia McGarry, Brenda Milburn. ww R , . L92- X .WA ' '? ' ' gf, vw Xi P h S K X, ,, 41 'Q ' I HW 'Q ' si! ., x so .y JJ ' L' 4 ga. .,.,::,l"""x iQt1w4 in K ., A xgs. .fly F5 . W' .- ,,"' 1 ff .- k 2 J. 'f :L gf i L? A4.. g K l .A-EQ K X9 PM ,K f. ,,.'ff . BX k s x 4 Q JL . I 4ii:,.:i5i,,a-zz -N M, W ' '-if 222 8 M.: n fx'-Q4 vfm' ar: Q. W3 5f 'N 5 5-p.,,6h 2'.Z1?2,f'?'5! xl MJXJY . i 9 5. .1 1' if? H' i W1 '- ,, :gg : Q Q 1 if ,. A ' is:-1 E K jjlwisx. The '77-'78 Varsity Basketball Team lin lshed with a passable season of 8-6 auali tying them lor third place. Getting att to a sauad made a comeback with five con secutive wins. High scorer for the Varsity was Carol Harvey, who helped the team tremen dously. The J.V. Basketball Team, coached by John Koehler, showed great potential by receiving second place with a record at IO-4. Janet Henry and Melissa Jones highlighted the team with their skill and enthusiasm. All the girls who were members ol the bas- ketball teams had to have a lot of dedication and eagerness. They displayed this by going to 6:30 a.m. practices tor conditioning and working on their skills. Coach VValdman re- marked, "This year's team has shown a great Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell Lowell . SEASON RECORD Sunny Hills Magnolia Buena Park Anaheim Savanna Western Troy Sunny Hills Magnolia Buena Park Anaheim Savanna Western Troy Basketball Raids Court deal of improvement and l'm impressed." l JV BASKETBALI TEAM Left to Right: Deanna Sanchez, Debbie Koch, Janet DePietro, Marv Schmitt, Melinda Medley, Coach Koehler Kelly Hall, Suzanne Elliot, Jayna Shavvcroft, Melissa Jones, Danelle Nottle, Janet Henry, 1'-W 'nn-",..qpdll guns!! I M n S Q, M 5' G5 as V i i 'Y u QW :HN Y sun' i --1 E! ' X F ix -- ' W Kgs: Sa f 5-anis? S!! ill . 5 2 i f ' x ww... bw . NX 10 , -- N.. as Mm Tracksters Put Best Foot Forward The track team maintained a skillful run- ning season in spite of the rain that delayed a tew ot the meets, Helping support the short distant runners were Senior Karen Johnstone and Junior Lori Harding who ran three events. Krista Larson, one of only two seniors on the team, led the tield eventers with her abil- iry to shot put and high iump. The long distant runners had to have both endurance and speed to run anywhere from a short 440 yard race to along 2-mile race. All three groups were strong to form a tough team, and they almost always placed near the top. .Aw TRACK TEAM From Row: Laura Fes- senden, Karen Johnstone, Robin Nau- ghton, Kathy Spelman, Patti Turner, Jenna Roberts, Lori Harding, Syndi Sitkovvski. Second Row: Sherri Bray, Laura Rodriguez, Jackie Gardner, Teri Cardinale, Cindy Graham, Kim Arrington, Justine Davis, Robin Lunce- ford. Back Row: lka Schyrnik, Susan Young, Brenda Milburn, Shauhna Higgs, Krista Larson, Brenda Davrs, Shana Story, Korri Addv. Gymnosts Demonstroite Flexibility Gymnostics ot Lowell wos in lull swing os the girls completed their second seoson ot porticipoting in Leogue competition. The skills which the girls hod occumuloted through hours ot doily proctice were put to use os they performed lively routines which exhib- ited both yersotility ond suppleness. The teorn consisted ot eighteen girls who were coocheol by Holly Blohci. Their obilities ronged from the strength necessory tor the voult, to the grocetulness possessed by the girls in the floor exercise. 'im ini s s Q 5 .g W,.k.,t.,. X.- XkrW.fw .,.. AW xL.w 'R aw-,ey New ...Mw.....,m.X GYMNASTIC TEAM Front ROW: Drone Mun, Annu' betta Moore, Second Row Marv Hmmm, Tommy Layton, Susue Koerber, Rodmel Htsev, Suscm Hornmer. Third ROW: Pam Northev, Hetsrn Ford, Allison Moron, Debbre Duckson, Bock Row. Lon McBride, Kothy Koefber, Stacey Totem, June Hlrnes, Rondo Pnest, Karen Buchan, Courtney Moore. Badminton Rallies VVith birdies soaring and rackets vvooshing llTVOUQh the air, the badminton team began its seasonal flight, They practiced early in the morning before SChOOl to develop various skills. Coach Greene aided in instructing the girls in serv, l'iQ, VOlleving and other necessary tech. niaues. Coach Greene said, "lt vvas a building year because l only had tour returning play- ers, PHTRIE my .,g.,.wv"""'fTawTwwMM VARSITYILV, BADMINTON TEAMS Front Row: Leslie Praskavich, Cheryl Novak, Charlyn Leker, Michelle Shotts, Julee Oh, Beth Siniem, Hillary Smith, Jill Bad- sgard, Linda Bidler, Liz Stevenson, Karyn Overrnyer, Patty Flores, Carole Scheel, Lynda Sezon, Chris Scull, Sharon Chovv, Cathy Lindenau, Back Row: Karen Ko- rnegay, Connie Scull, Terry Lindsay, Doris Wada, Teresa Grzywa, Ellen Linder, Carol Palacios, Sherry Dansie, Marcia Stevenson, Annette Linde-nau. k i L - 1 1-wax: W -M, Y' M +-Qiwkiflwlxwaseiwsun M! . F, N' ii. . .mm wwmwvwwwwxwww I I iis ..,. N,y X DIVERS Left To Right: Saliy Morris, Ann Taylor, Sue Her- rick. .IV SWIM TEAM Froni Row: Joanna Kiein, Pat Cramer, De- nise Hubier. Second Row: Su- san Horak, Lynne Lowder, De- nise Boenringer, Lori Lowder. VARSITY SWIM TEAM Kappa- site page-I Kim Menslck, Maria Scnindelrnann, Gale Norris, Marci Hawkins, Janice Cros- ser, Kim Buur, Lori Wahl, Laurie Pickett, Caiia Versteeg, Laura Cook. ITII QONNKNC: 117 I 2FT Ll :gg . K Ill Mrk -Vg k,,Q..,,. "'j-jjkmzfi' Nd'I"'f A ,w,Q.f-Pwr? X. ,X 'P' kssss I. KLL. I ., i.:, 'H A mm- Q 1 -ez-HS E5 1' , I 1' XT 4 1 mf ...Q . .sw-,..q M. -.. I fm. W . . I if 1 M , ' . T " s 'en' I .73 rw , i 'i5i'rs':4fw1'?' fslffff ' 9 '- lah IN 1 Y 'cumu- AEA IQ' --4 1 1 rr LJV, .W V 'J' ji" A Swimmers Ma ke Waves LowelI's T978 spring Swimming ana Diving Team were united in their efforts to place themselves high among the League com- petitors. Eariy morning workouts, supervised by Coach Jo Vilalalman, charged up the swimmers tor their upcoming season, Ai- though there weren't many returning swim- mers, an abundance of new talent was present. Experience was a key factor in the strength ofthe team's three returning diyerseSue Her- rick, Saily Morris, and Ann Taylor, the two time League champion. Their precision and adeptness brought them respect as being among the best in League competition. Softball Slides to Base Softball began the season early with tryouts lasting three weeks. Their first game against Sonora ended with a tie from Lowell with a score ot lO-lO. For the tirst month many girls were still practicing for basketball, which made it tough to get the softball teams formed in their groups. The J.V. and Varsity teams, coached by Sandra Wilson, were strong at all positions and aggressive during all games and prac- tices. VARSITYUV. SOFTBALL TEAM Front Row: Annette Mes- taz, Danelle Hottle, .lan Henry, Janet Santana, Jayna Shawcroft, Evelyn l-lenn, Debbie Koch, Marv Sauter. Back Row: Deanna Sanchez, Melinda Medley, Mary Ann Bartolone, Kim Golpin, Tammy Winberg, Julia McGarry, Lisa Petersen, Carol Harvey, Suzanne Elliott, Renee Mills, lanet DiPietro, Not Shown: Donna Balkcom, Marianne Fiely, Gloria Gutierrez, Kelly l-lall, Julie Vaughan. I l N1 3 .nuns-Q LE 94g 1 -aww- I' i 354 5 gi X K :W 4. . . V: :-- W. ..,. ,Q k ,I .- N M,,3nn L Q DCD Y is Girls Complete Another Successful Yeor of Sports Lost vectr LoweIl's GAA received the oword for being best ctll oround in sports. This yectr they excelled ogoin to remoin dorninont over the other schools, Combined with the noturol skill ot the girls were the long weeks ot prctcticing to lecirn the rules cind strotegy tor eoch sport. During this time, tectm spirit grew within eoch group. The teoms become close units thot showed respect for eoch other. Q i N ' . A! s it Nw Je? ,W an Eigiikwaw ,qx .V MH XLXWTI 5 2 E xxx. XR HS? . Q x g, i SX , My X Co the e oc ,s D,yise Strotegy Viewing the girls' faults, correcting them to better the teams, and praising the good dual- ities were the jobs assigned to the GAA coaches. Through strategy and enthusiasm they helped the various teams celebrate the wins and suryive the losses. Many long hours were spent developing the skills the girls needed to execute the dit- terent sports. Another type of teaching was involved-thot of good sportsmanship. Al- though coaching was hard work, the instruc- tors were well rewarded ot the end ot each sport. With a special admiration, understand- ing, ond triendship formed between the ath- letes and coaches, the GAA season com- pleted another highly cornpetitiye year. GAA COACHES lclockwisel: John Koehler-Basketball. Sondra Virden-Field Hockey. Holly Blaha-Gymnastics. Sandra Wilson-Tennis, Softball. lo Waldman-Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming. Janet G'eene-Field Hockey, Bad- minton. Betty Staley-Track. Rondy GrayfCross Country. 'S ts. S . Qwgil 1 ,,,- twig. mv- ' -1 - 1 sk- Sli-1 K1 1.:g.eu- .sig AE Sw il- lla 1 x Wa 'Z- .pig 5 v IM! 4 ..,,.. ,,.f-M' - , A D V E R T I a ww A -. :W .ASM X wh , ,X Jw,- f 'A 'Q ACCU - Graphics Inc. 3846 So. Santa Fe Ave los Angeles, 583-IO0I USER MOTORS Independent VOLKSWAGEN I PORSCHE DATSUN I TOYOTA WILLIAM A. ROMER Pfesldenl Repalrs Servlce Eleclmnic Dlagnostic Service CONGRA T ULA T IONS Pans Soblled Tech I Cla ws ACCU GRAPHICS INC , HO-so Blvd., I-QD-Q 3846 SO SANTA FE AVE C1 E LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA 90058 OQI-436l PHONE EIB 583 IOOI I -2- films IVOMPLETE MACHINE SHOP A - Aufo Parts Shery Leland SL Friends I5845M Imperial I-Ivvv. I30 W. La I-labra Blvd. La Mirada 943-7287 La I-Iabra 694-3220 CGNGRATLJLATIGNS SENIGRS 97 Mr 81 Mrs Stanley John Okon Carol Ann Gkon Clas of 65 Stanley Mrchoel Olcon Crass ot 67 John Mark Okon Class of 70 CyntFra Marne De on Class of 72 Janet Frances Okon Class ot 78 House of Fabncs Genes Dress Shop Whlttrer Sunshine Flornst Helen M Streny lasslc Beauty Supply N Boutuaue Mr 81 Mrs Peter Krrlanoft Remember the Mlnutemanl Jacn Orme Super Books and Gifts Congratulatlons Flammg Max From lrby Congratulatuons Cy nd: From lfeuth We made It guys' My love goes wrth you always Marc: Good bye Janet Marc: Teresa Cyndi Pam Robert Chris From LD Jetlrey D Gerber D O Raelon s Cameras 8K Gmtts Les 81 Dons l-lavvkms Mr 81 Mrs Lou Borg Mr 81 Mrs Rlcha d Zrslco Robbue Palomarez 84 Andy Vera Marlo s Dell S , I ' 5 - , I , ...Moniaue, Lyle 81 Monte. ,Q 1 , I - I I 1 X, . . . ' I I Asphalt Tile Vinyl Tile FRICKE 84 CC. lliormerly Friclce 8- l-lurtterl 1911 vvesi O l-labra Blvd. - LQ H0010 Calif. 90631 PLYVVOOD DISCOUNT Linoleum 55l Lambert Road Gene Fllclle 694-Qllll La l-labra, Calif, l2i3j 691.2213 , ' Lumber ' Plywood ' Hardware Corpellng Building Materials L I CONGRATULATIONS l'l0ll BAY vvH1TTxAfoo0 CAR WASH 1 HR CLEANERS 81 SHIRT LAUNDRY lll3l South First A 16010 E. wiiiiiief Blvd. WIIIIIIQT, CA 90603 Venue CLASS OF '78 TIIE Mosm COMPLETE ATHLETIC CLIIII IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BEAUTIFUL MODEIRN FACILITIES - LOCATED IN WHITI'WO0D SHOPPING CENTER l OPEN so Houns PER wfsx RIWWWII mum nu mums In n pm-an nausea: am M010 I E "',':"'I"'f.4':"m"r"'.:,',"I Body V I l num O I VOCIOI I 2.Z'?I2u"'m ,ilk 2:,'-I.::'iE"'.,..,,..,"i-I'1':-4.I?'I'41,,,..'f "..:: ming L tll A :rd to nchantfmbor. Steam loom. 13553015 ATLANTIS """"".I...,.f.::,..".1:""""""""""'i I r onugy. sms ATHLETIC W , O Hmm lm C B mmmmmipllzruimu FOR MEN AND WOMEN 15600 La Forge n Whittier, CA 90603 Q 943-0193 it If 1AII PARTS PARTS Whittier Phone 943-OOIO Il 111101111 FOREIGN AIIOHIIS Athletic Club CIITCI Spcl Jqckggn Bros, jqbro Imports l56O0 La Forge l90l W. La I-labra Blvd. Whittier, CA 90603 943-0193 La I-labra 69I-3203 I1 f"'?l l.L,...IN, S Tit 'fu z vs- 3 f I .....- Burch Ford 2Ol N. l-lorbor Blvd. Lo l-lobro 69l-3225 -Q-ess. ,-SN I 7 .ll Sl Whitfwood Jewelers l57211VQ Whillwood Lone Wlmillier Q43-7209 I X X 2 . Xml f i -' . 3 , S 'Qi 2 M e'ee A X M- I 'rw QA i ' ix if 4 gb 1 S 'Y X Q X N...-S Cycle Works l2OO VV. Whillier Blvd. Lo l-lobro 69l-3273 I Sferi-Kem Inc. ll704 Willoke ST, Soma Fe Springs 699-993l STERI KEM INC. CHEMICALS 81 SOLUTIONS H704 Street Rods M302 E. Whittier Blvd. Whittier 698-2261 yi. I F I - i if ! fi 0 S 9 nm A gt 'va 44-5- 8. K ur., . 4 Stick City 2050 W. Whittier Blvd. Lo l-lobro 694-l 869 DAIRY QUEEN NO. 54 16541 LEFFINGWELL ROAD WHITTIER CALIFORNIA 90603 PHONE 943-1710 JACK SPRINGER MANAGER etp allggo tp tqe 02223 Dalrq Queen Reg. U.S. P t.O1f.A .D, Q. Corp. Q 1972 A . D. Q. Corp. l7l4l 87l 5920 l2l3l 697 4418 Chuck Treister LA HABRA PHOTO SUPPLY 205 W Lo l-lobro Blvd Lo l-lcibro CA 9063i Q I , . Q ' a m m 'Free Fries every Tuesday with a medium or jumbo Burger" Mike Dol1l's Discount Golf Shop Odellls Jewelry l5844 E. lmperiol Hwy. 556 W. Lo Hobro Blvd. Lo Mtfodg 943-5008 Lo Hobw 697-2678 Res, Phowe OWen -1976 WALLACE D. Buraeess t Burgess Realty Co. lVVl1ittier Boulevord At Hczciendol l63O VV. Whittier Blvd. lo Hclbro, Colitornlo 9063l l2l3l 6974763 . ifgflll 9 la .S K6 MAGIC dlflmliwom RECORDS TAPES HEADGEAR A qv X -.qigksxxxx A W 6 992 6' in ,,?"" X Sun 81 Sec: Real Estate 118LaMIrada Mall 300 S- Beoch Blvd. P"o""'m'5m"' LQ l-lobro 714-992-6583 JAVVANVS HAIR DESIGN iii35 5. mi Ave. HL? A1ber1son'S Shopping Cerner 12131 943-9191 9:30-6:00 Conip1e1e Heir Core 2 "Exclusive buf not Expensive" KEEPSAKE PORTRAITS Creative Porfrcifs by Diane 198 Lo Mirodo M011 By Appoinfment Only 213 941-9737 714 522-7572 Senior Porfroits Jlflz. ominial School of Hair Design DIRECTOR DOMINIC CARDINALE 16119 EI. WHITTIER BLVD. UA MILE EAST OF wr-awwoool "SCI-IOOLWOF CHAMPIONS wr-uTTuER, CALIFORNIA C2133 697-6703 7 , 5 9 6 snr- W ! " od G .,Q inf i A .f W -5 J '...Li'f The Hair Gallery 553 W. Whittier Blvd Ld l-ldbrd 694-2702 3 Ye' ff-.ff HOUSE OF Sl-IAO 255 B ol A X Mdsterchdrge 12131 943- 1 650 31 943-5516 LO Mamie CA 90638 ERNEST MAZZONE Broker lvldridger Kilchew Carpets I oo O tdoo Hoo .rliofu ns cu s ' v Morin to . o Coiigcleum Floor Core Rod C15 All Kids ol V nvl Slde 81 M' ror D PACERA REALTY CORPORATION OOFS 1521 W Whittier Blvd Office 12131 694 1828 Ld Hdbro Coll' 90631 Office 17141871 7142 'ii-fi 1 5850 lm pe riol B 81 W Blue Print Service Inc. 1031 W. Whittier Blvd. Ld l-'ldbrd 691-2720 Tl-lE BURGER Q , 95591 STYUNE room 6. BEVERAGE co. A Little Bit Better Thom The Very Best QU W Whittier Blvd 694-2317 15824 E. lmperiol Highway Phone: Lo Mirodo Cczlitornio 943-5114 JOSEPI-VS Lo Hobro California 90631 ' ERNESTRNUBIA GALi.o TUE FR' 1' 00 T06 09 SAT1000 1-o s oo FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP M lj 5 Ll. LCI. 5, SALES REPRESENTATIVE 16538 E Whittier Blvd Whittier Colilormo 90603 ' - H,,w.wH,.,.,.,ERBLvD ' LA HABRA. cA. 90631 J WE DO ALL KINDS OF ALTERATIONS BUS 943 6721 R66 696 6063 ' ' 1213169143336 ELPQt1C1tIIZJ Sgirgiyhy 8r'lUir'l? lift 6. f RU, Dulcg O1"1l',If1'l1l1Skk'a'IL.l'fQ'!2dD 1 Smqria Fountain fi Crcztlc your own Salad Fres It 'Eruil' EI Ronchito Hinshcw's 1351 Beoch Blvd. 8480 Quodwoy Lo l-lobro 943-6020 Whittier 698-0611 MARION C. DERRY QQQEZOIZ Qallb-13 .f VAN CLEAVE'S LAZY REST SHOP - featuring - La-Z-Boy Showcase also fine bedding sofa beds and FLEX-A'BED 1781 W. Whittier Blvd. La l-labra Calif. Manager lNorth of the Blvd. west of Beachl Joan Parsons 12131 691-9111 Watches 81 Clocks Sales 81 Service Wl-llTTlER TIME SHOP 16533 E. Whittier Blvd. Whittier CA 90603 PAUL P. SCHMITT Watch 81 Clockrnaker 12131 697-5515 D 81 J Auto Parts 15662 E. Leffingvvell Rd. Whittier 943-6791 Joan Golden School of Dance Arts 211 S. Euclid St. La l-labra 697-6111 12131 694 3948 12131 694 3949 LADY ASTOR BOUTIOUE 81 BEAUTY SALON 1191 South Beach Boulevard La l-labra, California r..-.. ......... ...- . . -. ............i E RUGS KNITTING YARNS STITCHERY lf i NEEDLEPOINT CREVVEL i 5 BALL 0F mlsw a SUCH l L VERA Pl11El. use-1 w. LA HABRA BLVD, I I 1213: 691.5133 LA HABRA, CA 9 i L...-..- - -..-.. -.... ......- .. .. - - .. -..T Sports and Trails l49l VV. Whittier Blvd. CITIZENS La l-labra 694-QI64 SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION lO5O S. Beach Blvd. X Near Imperial La l-labra California 9063i Telephone l2I3I 694-376i M i Hours: - 8 Audrey Eliot Branch Vice President SH OF WITHOUT GOING .BHOPPTNG OF YOUR MIN OR PART TIIIE YOUR EARNINGS . HELP Auto Parts and llvlachine Shop Servicel 5 A i'Foreign 81 Domestic i25l-E So. Beach , , I ,I Lo I-labra CA 9036i AUIWUY D'S"'bE"0'S Dec? 8' JUl'e G' mofe Just south ot Imperial Hwy. steve F. KOMJATHY Serving you the finest Nutrilite and l-lome and 213-947-2888 7,4-992-1095 Commercial Cleaning Products Photofinishing Commercial Photography Telephone l2l3l 583-09-7l Portraiture Custom B.8.W. Processing Passport Photos Photo Equipment Weddings Repairs and Rentals Old Photos Reproduced HOLIDAY PHOTO AND WAREHOUSE DAVID LLOYD 943-4200 276i Fruitland Avenue 15652 E. Lettingwell Rd., Whittier, CA 90604 Vernon, Colffornio 90058 694-4695 Hacienda Bank 2001 Whittier Blvd. Lo Hobro 694-3636 6111111111 s Hardware ,C11 ffabra PATTERSON CHEVROLET 'q 15737 E IMPERIAL. Hier-awAY 344 WEST L.A HABRA BLVD LA MIRADA CALIFORNIA LA HABRA CALIFORNIA 90631 CHUCK JoHNsoN 2'3 943 7"' DICK JOHNSON 12131697 B118 PECIFIC The Place To Buy A Music System Alan POI 2321 Whittier La Habra, CA 90631 694-3651 If Sf H PHOTOGRAPHY X A .fr'a,m0aA Cofumeawl Wawgmaffdm L , Sffmffw r NATURAL COLOR WEDDINGS ru af wenmucs if Punmmrs '73, f cmumzu ir cummmm J ir azmnuers if scnum Pormums ir coma 1 ous INSTANT PASSPORT PHOTOS COLOR OR BLACK 84 WHITE ALSO ID 84 CITIZEN PHOTOS aszns nmzsmsur AVE urwwn wmmen IS VOUF IIUWIVWUIGVTIOUII DIWOIOQVODITGV XVQA if in ' I . I , 9 hjffalf ' . I 1 - 'TI I A 0 V , I E gag I A bQQZiE I 8 I I I I Julius Photography T T ' " W W I .T i MeIann's Camera Shop 717 E. La I-Iabra Blvd. La I-Iabra 697-4710 Prescriptions, gifts, Revlon, Max Factor, Almav Fine Cosmetics. GOLD CROSS PRESCRIPTIONS 691 -2229 OR 691-2220 2080 W. La I-Iabra Blvd. La I-Iabra Calif. 90631 TELEVISION STEREO APPLIANCE RCA. B. ,C. Ktche dd Sony I-Iitach' Maytag Sylvania .B. . Sharp Ze ith Kenwood Whirlpool TOP BRANDS AT DISCOUNT PRICES SINCE 1950' NO FIX B H For Service Call NO PAY 12131943-7177 Some DOY TELEVISIQN 17141523-2321 CONV-"1 1351-J s. Beach Boulevard TV RGDOIV La Hoofo California 90631 J. Glen Yamashito Craf-T-Macs 2051 W. La I-Iabra Blvd. La I-I a b ra 697-0921 ma A W .X 4.5, .., Steve Fromm Agent FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 16262 East Wh'ttier Blvd. Suit 7 Wh'tt'er, Calitornci 90603 Phone 943-7261 Mutual Fund Auto Fire Life Tuck Commercial 16255 Whittier Blvd Whittier California 90603 SAIVIBO S Restaurants SCWO Dial Ulm H ' SAMBO'S RESTAURANTS . J L I U I Repairing - Welding Master Runner Lawnmowers Sharpened 1361 Beoch Bivd. Bike Rentals SPENCES BIKE SHOP Standard 81 Racing Bikes Accessories - Tricvcles - Hobbies Schwinn Bikes - New 81 Used Bikes Place ta La M' ada Calf Pho e 528-1555 943-2116 THE CUSTOM HOUSE Car 8- Boat Accessories Since 1960 2401 W. Whittier Blvd. West of Beach Blvd. La Habra CA 90631 691-2010 . 691-1609 Y I i 606 W. Chapman Ave. 15816 E. Imperial Hwy. n i ir , i n Hallmark Realty 2371 Whittier Blvd. Whittier 691-0921 I La H alora 947-1073 Key Rexall Drugs 15843 E. Imperial Hwy. La Mirada 9113-3781 5 -gc 1 1 V4 ii E wi if . . - l..i if-1 cc .. -. wi' ' A , 7 1' .. Melfebeke Volkswagen S T250 E. La I-Iabra Blvd. Featuring MANNINO S BEEF' Finest Quality Personal Service Home Freezer Specialist Party Trays Meats Cooked to Order' La I-Iabra, Call. 90631 691.0033 PEPCO DRIP IRRIGATION PRODUCTS I003O So. Greenleaf Avenue Santa Fe Springs Calif. 90670 I2I3I 944'6I7I 541 VV. Whittier Blvd. HENRY EIQKHQFF I I 5 SALES F LEASING kj BOB McLAREN S BMW Inc 850 N. Beach Blvd., La Habra, California 90631 714-522-5333 service 213-691-9709 714-B79-5624 213-691-570' SERVICE 9 3 o LA I-IABRA FURNITURE Custom Interior Decorating Complete Home Furnishing La I-labra Calrl G WAYNE BRAZIL l2l3l 697 37I9 I 92I E. La I-Iabra Blvd., La I-labra 694-I OQI Al's Color T.V. Center I26 VV. l.a I-labra Blvd. La I-lalora 694-I307 K ff rioifxl ll ll' 'ff v , iv lm . il x i I X1 . ,ff will J . -D NQQXRN X.. -v f , wgiswxxl f ,Si,3i' l fz A I 4-lll 1 X- , xl ga l ,f I 1 ss N W, , l if I ff sw were gb P J! Aff!! f l 6 ,MMI X ll ll V.,,fl' 1 A X X do 'NW " in pf, W' i X f" . 4? by ,A , ,Q-1 -: yy Lwq gx ,f- if N , Y f wfr ' l W ,fi f ,Ill I, f 1 I l l Il' s Congratulations to the graduating class of i l l Santa Fe Springs Medical Group Eugene Streny M.D. John Keipp M.D. Stanley Yoshida M.D Nauflis Fitness Center 81 Spa 323 N. Harbor Blvd. La I-Iabra 694-2034 Designers School of Hair Fashion 202 VV. La I-Iabra Blvd. La I-Iabra 694-1981 6 ,Q 568566.65 ,,N,..w'ws'e.. 5 3 1 6 " .6 Q 1 L ' If .Zo fs Q 6 9 ,, N' I Ilan 3 K! w E is v num TELEPHONE t213J 694 3931 VERNA NI. JIIINE5 ASSISTANT VIBE PRESIDENT MANAGER LA HABRA OFFICE QUAKER CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS 4m E. WHWTIER BLVD AND LOAN ASSOCIATION LA HABRA, QALIF 9:35:31 94456328 l7I 41 521 -5662 685-8857 SIGN REPAIR SERVICE INC LIC No C45 226839 ' Bedslde Manor PATRICK MQGEI-IEE 10616 5 N6 walk Blvd II I IO Santo Gerfrudes Sa Ta Fe Spnrgs Conf 90670 Vvhifmer U SRS Radio Dispatched S 81 C Electric Co. M120 Alondro Blvd. Sonte Fe Springs QQI-2557 REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT 1731 W. WHITTIER ELVD. LINCOLN SAVINGS LA HA RA CA 90631 AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 12137 694-2071 JACQUELINE S. LAWTON E . CIRCLE AUTO PARTS, INC. ODIS CLEERE President s TWO LOCATIONS 410 West Lo Hob o BI d Lo Hobro CA 2131694 IQ57 Da d Bo BI d Do o d Bo 7I4f5QQ 0301 """' uwv -K WZ 1,9 wWNmNm,,..f"' 'Xi W ,lf Book Fair Stationers Mr- Bdfrie of I-0fId0l"l Lgne VVIIIITIGV Whittier 947-1221 LO Hcbro 691-3241 ? r 1 k WHERE ALL THE FOXY GIRLS AND FOXY DUDES SHOP! Qs G0 'Bffwsw ,ffm an Good Luck For All Your Endeovors Whofever They Might Be! 'E Thonk You For Your Potronoge, TA E M The FooT AFFAIR 2 ' . S i 3 153 Lo Murodo Moll he V -1 1 - ln The enclosed moll Y 4 gg g Jw 1, six ' ia "'fS"J Q2-1? --' N "6 'Y K z-,Lf 5 . , 1 W g Ml f.. -.wa 5 225 ' . .q if ,. 2 ' mm .ww mr 1 anew as was t 3, Iv an -mx we wa 7. 41.-my wa- gg . . asm- A -lx - -1 aureus my Q-Q we MN. Aww mn- Q, . SL ' , N. M m we--me -Q xmas'-an we H1 mano - - ' ngnwwfn Mm as I., . K Q - 1 u nw .im w x as wmv Q .A -.Q :Xa 1 Vw -.ran av wp MQMQZL. TQ! -1... .W N ws K 5 i' in awww: , I g vmmwiv l W - 7 Q 1 15 - . .lwsmwmw f - x fs- .. E 'W.. "'L f up 2 ' ,ih f f A iv? , 7 1 f , ki j g 5-Qigqg - N A , 1-51.5 li ww . S 2 ' , 5 .. ,A .. .E Q' 'FW - 'F -Ruffin : P15 .1525 K' f -s 3 If , Z X Q Q I X , 'N X E Q if ar 'N I V A -.v gr is I. f , -5,41 . 235 A ' V 171 14 Ri 'S' -ii:Yf1fx.1 + H Q Q X . 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Suggestions in the Lowell High School - Minuteman Yearbook (Whittier, CA) collection:

Lowell High School - Minuteman Yearbook (Whittier, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Lowell High School - Minuteman Yearbook (Whittier, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Lowell High School - Minuteman Yearbook (Whittier, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Lowell High School - Minuteman Yearbook (Whittier, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Lowell High School - Minuteman Yearbook (Whittier, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Lowell High School - Minuteman Yearbook (Whittier, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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