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1-f' l Student Publication Los Angeles Pocitic College ond High School cr, ,,, ,I lo S N - al--f l ' V C- Y LQ 3555352 - ' Ag- :gg tfifggjnq ,, 4 X :X log: 'E'-'Qi . Z , f X I Q .grj " 4 ff f ,f ffff t'ltdu:"f X ' 4 ' 5 ff i'?I9f'7'k! 4 f If Z 42 f f 1358 k - ef- -J 19 -- I f" '71 A"'bs. O -di 1 "4-D 1 M .V Q A ?,iZ..',,a. uv'-H-ng' J P F . qi-., ll ,J uf" P. . Q1 if Ki '4us... -I I -N gill 'yank X , .i "J ,Q Q If Neclr un CID -Bw: U 'Via' C JD' scenic ,sf ,,, 4. " Vw- "' , . LJ beauty f . x I If sb fx P- IP 41151 Gymnasium Science Hall Demaroy Hall C-Q 1 Q i Z 4 Cur familiar X X Q s i 3. campus 4 . x r .'-. f Qin 1 I ,jf X ff sg , XX! ij, 'N 1' X3 xy!! c I A' I Q I - if A . -5 1 1 I n n I fd.. i 1 I X . g ' gg" A L 'I K' ! f an , , ' had f- APM ' f 1-1:6 ff ' V ,N 5 X 3 l 3 l Mr, 4 FQ 'w - , my '31 Panther Den Adminisfraiion Building A TIME TO BUILD ...ourschooL b e K ourlie 'XX YN rex X e d' -3 XNQXOU X Kb E A' U Q Administrotion Closses Crgonizotions Activities Sports Droltsmen 10 Workers 2 Toos 4 Blueprints 6 Foundotlon 82 Builders 92 ... o S .. M.. I 2 N 0 2 Religious Lite nA iation A vigorous Christian contractor, a workman of skill and devotion, received a vision from God. Translated into reality this vision called him from his business to the L.A.P.C. cam- pus, where he has spearheaded a physical transformation. He has given himself without reservation to his noble task. To CARROLL MUDGE, who like "BezaIeel and every wise hearted man, in whose heart the Lord had put wisdom, even every one whose heart stirred him up to come unto the work to do it," lExodus 36:2l we gratefully dedicate this 1959 Yucca. Vx As we know him Our campus ns home lo Wesley Edna and Eleanor In her qurel effncrenf manner Mrs Mudge has mode Cox Hall home for her famuly and lhe college women We Dedlcote 11. 5 3 .J- .a fx 5' J s 7 4 1' gp ROBERT J, COX iam-G ' S--.-,.. ff .n elif 1 Lge .1 'z i 4 N52 '53, I eifflilikl N l.'J1 WK. ' ,. Q. f DRAFTSMEN f ISTRATION H Our Board ol Trustees kb' Henry J Smldderks HenryJ Smldderks Charrman Los Angeles Callfornua W Edwards Bolce Vlce Chanrman Pasadena California Owen R Zurcher Secretary Huntmgton Park Caluforma EverettAllen Denaur Calltornua Wesley Bnddulph Phoenux Arizona Bergen Brrdsall l.os Angeles California E A Cutler Long Beach Callforma Francis Folaron Downey Callformo Reinhold Krantz Redlands Callfornua Harry Lewls Stockton Callfornua Lawrence Lungren Los Angeles Calufornla J J McCandless Downey Callfornua Cecll Morrnston Modesto Callforma BurtonL Murray Redlands Caluforma CharlesE Ruth Bell Callforma Davld Paul Smith Turlock Calrfornla Stanley Teel Los Angeles California .--'M' I l' v-:rvaw IS 'N-. November I1 1958 Annual Meeting Morrnston Cutler Ruth Lmgren Dlcker son Murray Cox Bolce Teel Blddulph Wrllloms Smnh Luvmgston Zurcher Construction Progress to November 1958 Ground Breaking: Henry Smidderks, Chairman of the Board, Vance Beaird, Contractor, Roland Foreman, Architect, Robert Cox, President, Henry Weber, Community leader- John Hol- land, City Councilman. "When we mean to build, We first survey the plot, then draw the model, And when we see the figure of the house, Then must we rate the cost of the erection." Wm. Shakespeare The Members of the Board of Trustees of los Angeles Pacific Col- lege realize the truth of Shakespeare's quotation and are happy in the fulfillment of their plans in the construction of the Science Hall. Not only to the trustees, but to the members of the faculty and to the students this building "which is fitted accurately to its end will turn out to be beautiful." Realized Fulfillment of Their Plans ,N,...f 2 3 Dodi Cox Roberi J Cox Presldent Russell J AY1def50n Herber1K Bnddulph Ralph L Dickerson Dedn Reglsfrar Business Manager a LJ 4""" Charles G Williams Vice Presldenl Aclmmlstrcnhon Harry O Harper Arleta Rnchordson Fcculfy Represenluhve Llbrcnon Wulluam D Reonck Hugh School Pnnclpal Aubry E Beolrd Hugh school Vuce Pnnclpal QI LM is R 'iq Ll 'hav QQ, fir' Roberl Franklin A.B., M.A, Social Sciences v CW 1 ve l 1 1 F? v. X av 6 lx' pq 'L- ' s ' 42:1 V ...W l E9 , JH F ' . M ' ' 'lil l s D vid O. Dickerson, A.B,, M.A. English to Russell Anderson A.B., M.A. Social Sciences Esbon R. Marsh, A.B., M,A., Ph.D Social Sciences Arlela Richardson, A.B. Social Sciences V ' ' limi' .AAA l , V QULLAW Mildred Magruder, A.B,, M,A., Ph D English, French Edna Goodhew, A.B., M.A. English Faculty 5 William Rea English, 5Pee4h, Bible rick, A.B., M.A, Cochrane's lirlle angel Miss Beaird 7 Lynn and Susan louthan K nz he 1. x 5 Colleen Lynch, A.B. Physical Education, Bible Robert Sanders, A.B., M.S. Science Ed Davis, A.B. Science Forest W. Davis, A.B., M.S. Science Grayson Capp, A.B. Science William Gencarella, A.B., B.D. Science Harry Harper, A.B., M.S. Spanish -Al Mildred Harper, A.B. Foreign Students Bonnie Hensleigh, A.B. Physical Education Gordon Cochrane, A.B., M. A Director of Athletics 'if-51: L... K "'w:.." Gerald Harer, A.B. Rachel Milam, A.B., A Physical Education Education -J ,,,-A 5 , I Donald Robertson Mary Frances Reed Caryl Cochrane B.Th., A.B., B.D., Ph.D. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B. Philosophy, Psychology, Speech Adult Literacy, Psychology English, Social Sciences ,, ,- " 1' - eww ix A 4' ' virginia King, a.s., A.B., M.M. A i i i Fine Arls i, 3 2 Hilda siiiweis, A.B., M.s. " ,V , Music ' V-9 Sheldon louthan, A.B. A, A 1 Music, Malhemalics Morgan Harris, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Economics 1 , ,g ., -,,,' , .- 1 .no i Oda Dalion, A.B., M.A. Business Carlyle Livingston, A.B. Business Seth Cary, B.Mus., M.M. Music Gerald Mikels, A.B., B.D. Religion Walier Nelson, A.B., M.A. Religion Martha Rearick Secretary to the President Betty Hart Secretary to the Registrar Elvira Harer and Mary Emma Puffer Business Office Wm i. Dora Dickerson Panther Den Myrtle Johnson and Clara Cooks Richard and Josephine Couture Maintenance J. C. Barham Maintenance G -.... fi' Hilda Blowers of College Women ordon Cochrane n of College Men Aubry Beaircl of High School Boys Colleen Lynch of High School Girls 4' 4' I.: Stoll ,xx PERSONNEL STAFF: Mariorie Hart H. S. Girls' Preceptress Rev- W. C. Reynolds Eva Mudge Public Relations College Girls' Preceptress Rev. El,,,,, gigs, Sheldon Louthan Pastor H.S. Boys' Proctor +1 ""f1x " X my xX Ax Nh' Workers i 1 if 4 A ,,' i -Q Working on a phase ofthe construction ...Every student influencing his friends, adding variety fo campus life, pre- paring himself for afull life... ,,...-n-f' gh.. -4 if SS L 'X 21 -,vw 8545 'vi f""0 1 'TIT' Edward Bennett Th.B. In Religion Louise Bennett A.B. in Education zgg, 5. 'ur-'vt P+ 'rm- . X' I X CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: Le0ra Samuelson, Secretary-Treasurerg Elaine Wood- ruff, Student Council Representative. STANDING: Olin Sherman President: Bob Garvin, Vice-President. David Blankenship Th.B. in Religion James DeSpain A.B. in Religion Sharon Former A.B. in Humanities Robert Garvin A.B. in Humanities Moriorie Hardy A. B. in Education 1 Robert Marquis A. B. in Social Sciences Frankie Marshall A.B. in Education Dale McEachron A.B. in Social Sciences College Se n A B in Education " Krabi Q- N. I gg 3 if Q-3 eg ff? T1 i Merry Pollen ' sl, 5 Floyd Richard A?-1" Joseph Pa Sylvia Brown Roy Canlrell Lonnie Currier Frank Hardy Carol Hon Q . Vivienne Lunsford ,JJ 'B ' 1, 1 ,L , J I ,M ffl wi 0 yi: 1 rker Greg Parkin CAMERA SHY: Dwight Hill College Juniors I 1 3 R - vm : --i '- Z A 3 1. ' ' - 4 its 'P 1 1' Q ' i'L V 7. to 3' .U ,n?,,a 5, CLASS OFFICERS Frank Hardy, Chaplaing Carol Hart, Vice-Presidentg Torn Whalen, Fresidentg Skip Brown, Secretary-Treasurer: Dwight Hill, Student Council Representative. Howard Sanders Barbara Tu rn bough Sam Turnbough Tom Whalen Vivian Robertson Richard Romine K- Li rosa 4 1,5495 5. 'T'-' 15 n C H L Eilene Wilson Joyce Wren 5, Herman Zellmer 1 CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: Bill McKinney, Vice-President, Avis Young, Secretary, Georgia Wyrick, Treasurer, Bud Vogel, Presidenl. STANDING: Leo Mullican, Sergeanl al Arms, Bob Rochelle, Student Council Represenfaliveg Jim Fink, Chaplain. Lyn Levens Don Lewis Bill McKinney Leo Mullican Millon Ealon Nancy Evans Jim Fink College Stan Brown Paul Cameron Soplwomores KN Fuad Aqleh S :,S?,f:,,- , f-,ff.,.., Q, 2 Carolyn Sanders Kennelh Schall Beulah Schrimsher Lolloy Teichmeier Jim Trebilcox Bud Vogel Celeslo Wiles y. y , . F., . l f lg , . .. r. 1 1 ', 1, 1 , va f my a ,Yr 9. -ki L Lv 5 2 5. 332 'fivi .Qi 'ff' , -I 'akin' S' A R 3 Georgia Wyrick - Avis Young 4 b.,x ml hi' Tom Bownes 'gtk . 1 ,L ,I , x. , I vm "" 'M MarnJaiCl1a CAMERA SHY: Fred Bake l ,W Q Q ! Jo Cooper Richard Kearney V 11 m X' .V ' -'Suri 'E :Q wo.. Gi Ann Harrison Linda Hensloigh Paul J. Highsmilh Delores Nelson Aaron Peralta Bob Rochelle Pauline Sanchez Issa Aqleh Lois Atkinson Henry Burger Wayne Borlon Kennefh Corbaugh College Freshmen Llv Anne Hverven V if "- 4 ir k rf rg 'Y -..A--ll T ns :,' J uxly P X1 I I 'tar I!-5 X I nu ., '- I' ' Q ',r t . Q., Bob Josleyn Kenneth Lee Nate loncosky Sylvia Lunsford Merci Manning Patsy Millard Stan Morgan Edna Mudge Toni Myers ,. fi? Qu N 1 .. Dennis Newton Lb If Ted Noller EJ . Gay Overstreet 'Y' qv' 0.- if 4 .. l f"N 40-'W Q Y 4...-' -3: - Sharon Robertson JUdY Penwvll Lorraine Porter KY' uv' its 1 Marlene Romine lna Rae Puryear leon Schlotterbeck Elizabeth llay Q- I if Marcia Seyler Jim Sheffer Kathy Suzuki ii ga to CAMERA SHY: Dean Tompkins Elizabeth Tompkins Rexanna Wilson Cecil Worthington Jack Ashton Paul Harrison Kyung Lee John Prater Marshall Shepherd Riley Stepp David Tollelier Roger Walls 29 40. -- "5 -3 fi, "H-Y Sq Judie Cochrane James Bryan Mario Castoneda in Carolyn Beaird Shirley Berkompos Judy Biddulph High School Don Coften John Counts Seniors .'fi 5 vu P 4 ...Q I V 4 ,Q A I ,5,, 5 ,Ti CLASS OFFICERS Don Cohen, President Jo Macy, Vice-President Georgene Sanchez, Secreiaryp Judie Cochrane, Treasurer: Roberia Fiese, Social Chairman. 9-5 fn, 1 Alvaro Dader Roberta Fiese Harry Fisher R av-. 'N Nr 'S' L "--, Shirleen Ford Judy French Don Glover Terry Hailmarian TN Carolyn Haleen fv- ,z Violei Hanes Gary Hemmerling Congratulations Judy Hensleigh Sharon Jessen Siephanie Lazicki T f""P CAMERA SHY Margaret Hardy Richard Levens Sharron Scholl Galen Teel Carolyn Warren 5 S... Mary Lorumer Jo Macy The memory of Norio Richard Moriyama, who was killed in a motorcycle accident on March 6, 1959, recalls unselfish friendship, a love of music, artistic creativity, and a search for peace in God. Dennis lenich Georgene Sanchez -. -l Owen Cooper on: Hazen 'PNN S 1 J, . ,""'xl Z ' 's ,Q ,. .Af . fan- '.. fl., TQ Paul Jones Melicen!Kran1 Roger Lingren CAMERA 'Q Q 'V I SHY: Richard Caldera Donald Deputy Dexter Herald jf 'I gf, Sffif " High School Juniors sa 421 ,4-Q CLASS OFFICERS Marilyn Royer, Vice-Presidenig Jane! Cummings, Presidenlg Judy Nicholas, Treasurerg Toni Hazen, Secretary. -ski-F 1 i hx - wxn, hi, Belly Perez Richard Reed X 5 af? - Q i' 5 ' l ,Q , ,, 5' nl Q Marilyn Royer Beverly Schall Dorothy Shannon John Sharpe John Walker Lynda Walls Richard Wood Bob YOUHB Lg 1 l 5 CLASS OFFICERS Donna Boice, Library Represenlalivep Bob Wright, Social Chairmang Paul Lingren, Treasurerg Marcia Lazicki, Secreiaryy Don Bielss, Vice-Presidenlg Deanna Beaird, President. 'So Q1- Loal Ames Deanna Beaird Don Bielss Sylvia Blowers Donna Boice High School Tim Coulure Janet Durham David Hardy Lynn Holcombe James Hopp Valerie Kanfield Marcia Lazicki Paul Leiner Sophomores Cindy Lelson Joyce Lsvens Paul Lingren 'V if - ff.-fax, Dale Larimer Linda McKaughan Carolee Posh CAMERA SHY: Philip Bogosian Alice Hernandez .maui if Barbara Roberison Nancy Smidderks Reber! Wright ' 1 U nf, ew Gary Enselu Treasurer Barbara Cox Social Chairman Charles Genlis, Vice Pres: denl Charles Perez President Prrscllla Bogoslan Secretary. Ronald Dolman Gilbert Eigenhuis Charles Genfis Mary Hernandez Charles Montano Ismael Ramirez LEFT TO RIGHT: Roy Kee, Special, Lynn Wessell, Sophomore, Alvin Hironaka, Freshman. Special Students FIRST SEMESTER: Sally Ann Baird Esther Barham Clara Biddulph H. K. Biddulph Dora Dickerson Ella Franklin Robert Franklin Mildred Harper John Hill Grace Kvivnen Lily Livingstone Arleta Richardson Mrs. Thulane Gerry Whitcher SECOND SEMESTER: Robert Bailey Dora Dickerson Maria Goni Roy Kee Ruth Minkler Donald Murphy Arleta Richardson Enearnacion Sanchez A new steel sign on the corner of Monterey Road and Avenue Turnbough spearheaded this student project. Young, Dawn Wilson. Additions COLLEGE NOT PICTURED: Ken Hardy, Frosh .lim Hong, Frosh Young Kim, Frosh Sarkis Markarian, Frosh Donald Robertson, Frosh Bradna Watson, Frosh Keith Wolfe, Frosh FACULTY NOT PICTURED: Harry Abrahamson, Th.B., A.B., B Audio Visual Dan Daniels, B.S. Mathematics Theodore Wen, A.B., M.S. Science HIGH SCHOOL NOT PICTURED. Mary Cary Jim Chao George Reyes 60. Sam . . . College men's President Williams SEATED: Pat Rohrer, Carol Skoog Diane Hend ckson STANDING Wanda 'illillidlfl hz. ,E ,M A Q ,V g u ,f ,,,,...-up Typing, Mrs. Dalton Developing a useful skill Physical Educaiion, Mr. Cochrane Maioring in fun flu English, Dr. Magruder Crealing and appreciating lileralure -.5 im, . fa 2 u W , 4. 1 l- x l- ' -fzwsgw V LP 'xi ,W f ,wi V HW' 5:1431 2 J, PF ff' F M , A we are .gh in M 'Sew YH wg., .. ,. ,. 7 4 Biology, Mr. Capp Learning about organic life Classes in Action Chcmislry, Mr. Won Analyzing the properfies of Melhylisopropylcarbinol Nl, 'KJ The tools of construction . , . Learning to share and create, stimulating leadership, promoting a better school. 42 'Y .. 1 'I DRG bf .4. TOCDLS , jd iwff' Jgfiitvifu 'V S V4 :ZYX YY.p,,xQ Q' if 1 ' an IZATICDNS X -M Student itil Gary Smldderks College Student Body Presrdent A balanced budget, o school protector, a printed newspaper, a bulldlng fund these were a few of the tasks our student leaders undertook to make this Year a successful one We say thank you to all who gave theur tame for school actlvutues SEATED M Seyler J Cooper G Smldderks S Farmer C Sanders STANDING E Woodruff E Wllson O Sherman C Worthmgton B Rochelle J Trebllcox T Whalen D Hull S Turnbough K Lee Mr Harper Adviser "pvnm M3 -- ., Government Galen Teel Hugh Srhool S 1? fa ludent Body Presndent SEATED P Graham C Warren R Fuese J Cochrane J Hensleugh J Biddulph G Teel J Macy STANDING B Cox Mr Dickerson Adviser J Sharpe C Massey J Newell D Blowers by yi Mr Louthun Proctor Mr Capp Assistant Proctor Alvaro Dader Mr Copp John Walker Don Deputy Harry Fusher Don Bnelss Larry McKaughon John Counts Mono Custaneda Mr louthan 46 High School Dorms Bagley Hall ' .,...b l H333 -3 Q . ' X 7 ' 5. , , 1 . ff, I f 3 . , 3 . , ' . S I I , ! . I l I -5. 7 . I f 5 X 'M 'N I l V. J i , ' I V V 1. ' ' , E, , , Vx' J 5 . I ' I I I . I . I I I I I ' ' Mrs. Hart Preceptress etzzi' L-0 Vincent Hall This was our home Dorm life contributed t ual growth as we prayed together. DORM OFFICERS: Charlene Miles, Vice- Presidentp Jo Ford, Chaplain. ov SEATED: Charlene Miles, Judy French, Shirleen Ford, Diane Hendrickson. Melirent Kranz. STANDING: Jo Macy, Linda McKaughan, Lynda Walls, Carol Skoog, Lynn Holcombe, Wanda Young, Carolee Post. for cz year. o our spirit- Iived and Macy, President, Shirleen Elizabeth Rae, Ann Harrison, Ina Rae Puryear, and Joanne Whilcher lived in Vincent Hall, but we still claimed them as part of our dorm. Cox Hall Sylvia Lunsford, Elaine Woodruff, Sharon Farmer, Rexanna Wilson, Judie Penwell, Eilene Wilson, Beulah Schrimsher, Marlene Romine, and Lois Alkinson. E1 v A '5'sf lN.- ""' Q K. 48 Y fi .iff College Eva Mudge, Preceplress Emma Puffer, Preceptress -.-1, ., ,Y 'X Prize-winning room I X. in Dorms That roommate who seemed almost un bearable at tnmes cleannng schedules every week breakfast at 7 OO a m , loads of washing and no woman we dld have our problems, but thus was dorm lvfe and our expernences here added splce to col lege Iufe Bob and Jeanne Garvin made their home un Wllllams Manor along wnth the college men Bob served as dorm proctor for the year Wllllams Manor SEATED Marn Cha P J Hlghsmlth Dave Cook Stan Brown Howard Sanders Alvln Hlronana STAND ING Ken Lee lssa Aqleh Cecil Worthington Lynn Wessell Dennis Newton Don Lewis Milton Eaton Duck Romlne Jam Trebllcox Stan Morgan Nate Loncosky Leon Schlotterbeck Roy Kee fiff Www :sie 1 3 6 Y 1, lg K: 1 , : . . ' . '-- , -E, ' ' ., K . -ziggy: Q' -- S . . 5 1 ' - l . 1 1 1 1 I l - ' 5 1 1 1 1 I 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 - . ' ft Q ' W W L ' , . Y 'Q .g U, ,A A . -- I . is . 1 ' - . 5 Y Q' . A . - r 1 . 'C , ' 5 4 .- . 2 I Q sg, , . N 3, V' fl , i ' 11 ' ' ' " ' 1213-' .x " S1 ,. 5 ' , 4,22 V, B ,Q l ' , . s ' ' . SQ fr - r ce., , +1 H- 1 1f f v ,ee 1 1 . 5 A L . K, . .x 1 I M g.. 15 4' - if 1 1: V' r J K . 5' ef 1 .-. +V ., as gg 'G' er - , A , , ,.. A VS-f '. ': u' Q nb . ., vi ggi janv , ' r K Q ,V x L up :BQ ' . Q ,f W L' 0 ' Q - , fi ' K h R IFA? , Vh 5 4 ,g . . '-355 If" A iii, f ' , 'Lx W' V - 5'5" ' f A -' OFFICERS: B. McKinney, B. Marquis, B. Graham, J, Harper, B. Vogel Committees for risers, programs, publi- city, bus clean-up, entertainment, robes, and music-each choir member had his own responsibility on our choir trips. ROBARIANS: P, J, Highsmith, I, Pur- year, J. Trebilcox, E. Mudge. RISER COMMITTEE: J. Harper, W, Barton, D. Cook, . Marquis. 'W Strung Ensemble Ellzc bellwcln Singers LEFT TO RIGHT Lonnle Curner Plano Gerry Wlnkher Vlolln Mr Sefh Cary Instructor Joanne Whlkher Cello SEATED Dave Cook Rex anna Wllson Bud Vogel Marcia Seyler John Har per Delores Nelson P J Hlghsmlfh STANDING .Ilm Trebllcox Bob Marquis Lonnle Curner Bull Mc Kinney Befty Danlel Lyn Levens Bermce Graham Mr Loulhan Dlreclor ,K , 1 ' 2 v ..,.,,. 3 r I 1 , p . I I I - O O O I , : , - , . I I ,. I . , , . . I 1 V . I I 1 I . , . J 5,5 a -3 if Wi' lf Q Q ,I1 X if , C i 4 gal me A af' " Carolyn Warren Edllor Mr Rearlck Adviser Student Publlcohons Hugh School Hllllop ln lournollsm class we learned how lo wrlfe complete news stories feczfure orh cles and personals We have reason fo be proud of our weekly publlcohon r sPE'EN'SJ SITTING Carolyn Beaurd Carolyn Warren Mr Reurlck STANDING Roberia Flese Carolyn Huleen Char lene Mules Mellcenf Krunz Shnrleen Ford Don Glover Only a past newspaper edl Mahon Eaton Publnsher f 0 WL Y l Dr Magruder Advlser Mama Seyler Ednor SEATED Mama Seyler Dr Magruder P J Hnghsmlth lorrame Porhr Jo Cooper STAND ING Multon Eaton John Harper Lyn Levens Tom Bownes Bob Marquus Jun Trebllcox S5 J 1 College Hllltop tor can appreciate the efforts whach go unto provldmg stu dents and faculty with a week ly paper Every Thursday meant one thang to Marcla track down artucles proofread lay out type stenclls mnmeograph orgamze for next week s vnclous clrcle 55 Yucccl staff .N Miss Goodhew, Adviser Eilene Wilson, Editor Judy Hensleigh, Assistant Editor Sam Turnbough, Business Manager , JT -f 3 l ' I fi l X .. Y l l , .. o xv. - Q 1 SEATED: Miss Goodhew, Ad- viser, Violet Hanes, Edna Mudge, Judy Hensleigh, Jo Macy, and Eilene Wilson. STANDING: Olin Sherman, Jim Trebilcox, Bob Marquis, Carolyn Sanders. Clubs Lettermen HIGH SCHOOL: Dick Blowers, Richard Levens, John Newell. .aux HIGH SCHOOL: SEATED: Nancy Smidderks Judy Hensleigh Georgene Sanchez Jo Macy, Barbara Marsh. STANDING: Janet Cummings Pat Graham Mrs, Hensleigh, Adviser Cindy Letson Carolyn Warren These are our athletes. Every member ofthe letter clubs earned a letter in one or more competitive sports. COLLEGE: Bob Garvin, Gary Smidderks, Tom Bownes, Bill McKinney, Don Lewis, Dick Ro- mine, P, J, Highsmith, Tom Whalen, Lyn Levens. 57 MW" , L13 International Relations Representatives from Ethiopia, Jor- dan, Spain, China, South Korea, Mex- ico and the United States composed the International Relations Club which met regularly to increase their under- standing of current foreign affairs through films, exchange of ideas, and special speakers. Dean Anderson sponsored this club and often opened his home for the meetings. b FIRST ROW: Leo Mullican, Faud Aqleh, Terry Hailmariam, Alvaro Dader. SECOND ROW: Mario Castuneda, lssa Aqleh, Linda McKaughan, Bob Marquis, John Walker. Rally Committee The Rally Committee set out to rebuild the school spirit of the college. It is this group of enthusiastic LAPC'ers we have to thank for rallies and half- time entertainment. 58 FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Tompkins, Lonnie Currier, Jo Cooper. SECOND ROW: Bob Garvin, Jim Trebilcox, Ted Noller, P. J. Highsmith. W t ' ,A ,Z g g, 55 5 , 'ft if W . zo t, " ' M71 1 "3 Ministerial Association The Ministerial Association is a close fellowship of Christian students look- ing forward to service as ministers. Their primary proiect this year has ' been to assist in the Emergency Cam- L pciign Fund and to promote the or- , ganization of Prayer Cells on the cam- pus. FIRST ROW: Bob Garvin, Bud Vogel, Dennis Newton, Ken Lee, Alvin Hironaka, Dr. Robertson, Don Robertson, Prof. Mikels, Adviser. SECOND ROW: Dick Kearney, Henry Barger, Frank Hardy, Sam Turnbough, Dave Blankenship, Dave Dawson, Jim Trebilcox, Jim DeSpain. THIRD ROW: Connie Carmack, Olin Sherman, Howard Sanders, Ted Noller, Milton Eaton, Leroy Teichmeier. Debate As a part of the revived forensics program on our campus, the Debate Club was organ- ized with President Cox as debate coach. These debaters are to be commended for their active participation in intercollegiate tournaments including the Fresno State Tour- nament, the U SC Pentathalon, and tourneys at Stockton and Linfield, Oregon. The club officers were Ken Lee President, Dave Daw- son, Vice President, and Jo Cooper, Secre- tary treasurer Dave Dawson Ken Lee Jo Cooper, Don Robertson Samaritans "And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant" Matthew 20.27 Every Christian school needs a Christian service club. The Samaritans were the answer this year, under the direction of Ken Lee, President, and our own pastor. Members found oppor- tunity for service in hospitals, rest homes, church, and student chapel and vesper programs. SEATED: Ken Lee, President, and Pastor Riggs. FIRST ROW: Betty Daniel, Lynda Walls, Shirloen Ford, Linda McKaughan, Carolyn Haleen, Sharron Schall, Jo Cooper, Edith Henningsen. SECOND ROW: John Walker, Dennis Newton, Larry McKaughan, Roberta Fiese, Sharon Marsh, Melicent Kranz. H lllllihd... 1l-t- ll ut f 411 ,nw-"'l"j fw,,,, 1 x 4,,..f ..--ns-..a.m., JP' .,4ilU'0 Mifu- -an w,,, , Wf A ' nu., F J 3 PS5 Ji"""'f ' ,KL ' -'-A xii' ug," , 4, HJ 5 Y' in lying, 9 .3 if Q Q K' f:Q-,': if 'rw li. Q TIES ff' I Well . . . Il's early. Q Life on the ' ,V u Classes, loo. We pause to worship. Al lunch we ioke, folk over lhe hislory lest, and gripe abou? lhe food. lNol lhal we should, but il's iusl something lo do.l w L - Amar? penmg Days Many thrngs happened an those flrst days of school For the returnrng students It was a tume for catchmg up on all the latest and planmng for another semes ter s work Freshmen vsere welcomed wrth get acquainted parties the faculty student reception and the frosh lnltlatlon Frosh lnltlatlon The Sophomores entertained the Frosh In Demaray Hall, cllmaxmg the muhahon achvmes Student councnl members spent two days at Balboa planning for the new year and relaxlng on the beach Student Council Retreat Reglstrohon Convocotlon wa Just one step m the process But you must have the Dean s slgnature I A Our President and our pastor - all ready for the Processionol. Sharon Former and Judy Biddulph, flag bearers. Haleen, Teel, Hardy, Counts, Macy, Biddulph, Levens, Fiese, Newell, Beaird, Hensleigh, Renich, Ford, Senior Class Play Larry McKaughan, Mr. Reorick, Karl Von Krog, and Bill Hart work out the stage setting for the pro- duction. uGreat Expectations' Georgene Sanchez and Sharon Scholl select o topper for Mr. Joggers. Directed by William Rearick and Aubry Be CAST Pip Richard Leven Mrs. Joe Gargery Jo Macy Joe Gargery John Counts Provis John Newell Sergeant of the Guard Dennis Renich Miss Havisham Carolyn Beal Estella Judy Biddulp Sarah Pocket Judy Hensleig Biddy Margaret Har Mr, Jaggers Galen Teel Herbert Pocket Harry Fisher Skiffens Shirleen Ford Molly Roberta Fiese Clara Barley Carolyn Halei Bentley Drummle Don Cotten Charles Dickens "Pip! Pip, you have called me and I am here." Rfk The High School Choir enieriain with their first appearance of the year. if ff I 41- Donnie Turnbough and Brenda Harer- Ho rves Welcome J" z .x A crown and scepier for the Queen -' : ,1 Five princesses awaii . . . ,,-,.a' Q7 I The Panthers hand the alumni team an 87-34 loss. College and high school were host to over one thousand alumni, friends, and parents for the annual Harvest Homecom- ing. The evening's activities included open house, chicken dinner, the alumni game, and the coronation ceremony. Church con- tributions to the school totaled over 51600. In honor of Queen Ann and her court. l--- 4 Her Moiesty Queen Ann Senror Class Escort Olm Sherman and Prmcess LeOra Samuelson Hugh School Escorf Galen Teel and Prmcess Georgene Sanchez Freshman Class Escorr Roger Walls and Prmress Luv Anne Hverven 7 ' l Junior Class: Escorl Dwighl H-ill and Princess Eilene Wilson - I , X I Lyceum Entertmmng with buts from Mac beth Romeo and Jullet and The Taming of the Shrew the Mews brought Shckespeores plays to hte for us The dramatic action of Shakespeare s creations Curtain call Our thanks for a wonderful performance I 1 . . , . ? , ff s This was our entry in the Christmas parade. Combining the Bill of Rights theme with the toyland theme of the parade, we used the slogan, "Don't Toy with Your Freedoms." This side represented fortunate children who have toys for Christmas. . KU- 1' In contrast, this side represented the needy. Bill ol Rights Week We worked together for over a month to renew the sense of appreciation for our Bill of Rights, Through the unity of participation by all the students, our own needs and appreciation for these rights were strengthened, as we carried out the week through chapel programs, essay writing, entrance of a float in a community parade, and presentations of speeches to civic groups, stressing our Freedoms. A 550 scholarship was awarded to Jo Cooper, chairman of the program, who presented the amount to President Cox for use in the building fund. The committee deserves our congratulations for placing among the top four colleges in the Southern California contest. The committee recaptured the events of the week in story and picture. rode. , . T tis-r-LQ-4,,i '-.ll ul .,' W x , C Ken Carbaugh, Jo Cooper, Tom Wholen,r and Ken Lee admire the trophy won in Highland Park's pa . . . Seraped, sombreroed servants panns paso P if AS 'h r... ' 5 . . . Suludo de Senor Harper Christmas Banquets A colorful pmafa Padre Leven Ql- snowy street scene, miniature lampposts . . . College students enioyegl a glimpse-of old Mexico us they celebrated "Feliz Novidad" in De- maroy Hall. For the high school students, the Ebell Club was the . perfect setting for a "CaroIer's Christmas." A cozy interlude for the carolers 75 6 Deidra Riggs Piano Wayne Barton Organ Micl-Winter Music Recital Each semester the music students ot Miss King, Mrs. Blowers, and Mr. Cary combine their efforts in the presenta- tion ofa music recital. The first semes- ter recital was no exception to the rule, as the student body and friends of the college enioyed an evening of beautiful music presented by our tal- ented students. Linda McKaughan Piano and Organ Instrumental Ensemble: Miss King, Gerry Whircher, Elaine Woodruff, Joanne Whitcher NOT PICTURED: Delores Nelson, Organ A Judy Biddulph, Piano Shirleen Ford, Voice I Lonnie Currilr Voice We break the ground N and bury the garbage Senior Skips College Sleeping bags mlce, water on the roof welner roasts wlthout welners, wrong dlrectuons swam mlng snow The Seniors relaxed at Mount Palomar before the fmal stretch The whole gang Three mousekateers' 78 Flying saucers o er the lake viii .., . . . to Qhe Class of '60 we bequeath Before we leff 'HU' 0 ' .x ' LA Thaf's an Angel?? skiing . . .? .1 S- A Y s .tm . . and the snow did fly High School The Class of 1959 spent two fun-filled days at Sky Meadows in the Son Bernardino Mountains. N4 79 Jw W? Sk Remember 'r ese 1 'K' Sandy wemers on skip day A A 5 Hawanan Iuau af Roberfson's "x :CQ Volley ball at Corona del Mor good times? A LE-I .7, W.. 'X is .ix ,,,,,,....---' ? ii ---fi Beard g HERMON F M i High scho Is o day f"'S A oaob Pizza of Lombardi' sf I O3 brr r 'rx ff rx Www em f f' CP 1 Buff up r r: ?w4VT'Ii'fJVY,f'T1,V7 ,.!v5p"Ffw . vw Jify Vlfiw, F 'YUM rv: G06 f1f'd H12 XOVE mr r L1 r, Cy uvryfvf gm' w ' C,'1"'f'iflfT We wnmvnwwn-aw WA it iff' ya X 'Q .i fl A' 1 45 V I 6 5155 yu 'fiwtizghlg x, asf- " 14.13 . Q .L in i ,Ei E g -z 4 js! fx 1 A Morning warship in our beouilful sanduary. s Pastor Riggs X f , f - , 2 F X ,X , ,,v, if . r , f ' Z. vn.v,i1wZ'. vs ' - 1?'L"".fz?"1"'7f l ' ' ' f f 4 l:l 5 Ill 1,1 i'I I 44' ....-.. ,A , , . .V .,... ,,, ,,..... ..,..,,,.,,Mf:.,...... ,., mj.-f -wr M"'.J , ""7d MV g ' an .T-f e, ,. A V ml: , ii' ....l..- . ' l .fy 1 The College Church The relationship between the College and the Church is a close and harmonious one, enriching to both. Los Angeles Pacific College and High School provide an education, social life, and preparation for living-all of the things most institutions of learning can provide. But the one thing that makes L.A.P.C. unique is the role in which the Hermon Church plays an active part. We, the College Church, provide an important part of the religious life of the school. We are happy that we can work closely with the faculty and student bodies to provide worship services, Sunday school, and special evangelistic series for the enrichment of the students' spiritual lives. We provide opportunities for students to put their Christianity to work in a practical way by teaching in children's classes and services. And l, as your College pastor, find it a privilege to counsel and guide students in any way possible. l thank God daily for the opportunity of working with young people whose lives show such promise. The College Class meels for drscussrons under Mr Jam Morgan The Hugh School Deporlment meets IH the Fellowshrp Center for opening devohons H' V anim Sunday 'l 'l :HH l f Marilyn Royer and the Beaird Cousin's Trio featured al FMY Area Sing. Q The Fireside Singers, led by Bill McKinney, frequenlly provide spozial music for lhe college age group al their Sunday eve- ning devolional and fellowship hour. Fireside Fellowship FMY Prior la lhe Sunday evening worship service, FMY meels with pro grams planned for lhe high school age group. Breokfasl al Swil1er's Comp Always a favorite on the chapel schedule. In our new location. Each evening devotions were held before dinner. 88 Chapels were times of inspiration for all Dr J C McPheeters President of Asbury Semmary spent a week with us durmg the sprung semester SpII"lfUClI Emphasis The World VISION Quartet sang and preached thelr way mto our hearts bass Ronald Crecelws second ten or Norval Hadley first tenor and Harold Ankeny baritone I O I Left to right are Richard Caddz Q37 KU f- JUNIOR TRIO: Sharon Marsh, Marilyn Royer, Janet Cummings. Trios and Quartet High School Nv- Your SENIOR TRIO: Carolyn Warren, Jo Macy, and Judy Biddulph. Carolyn Haleen, Pianist. MIXED QUARTET: John Newell, Sharon Marsh, Jane! Cummings, Dick Blowers. College N 'V- Qf' '-.,-f LADIES' TRIO: Beulah Schrimsher, Eilono Wilson, Avis Young. EVANGELAIRES: Sharon Farmer, Ardyn Currier, and Lonnie Currier iraveled throughout Ihe California and Arizona Conference during summer vacation. , , Wm 4 -x 3 Q, , Y: ' ,-' .. mv o Q b 4' QV Y ' 1 ' h I :V wtf ' ' Q 537+ .v,'4'0 h 3 an 'L' - Wind V, if lx., -IAQ. Bulldnng one block 010 fume Crecmng school spurnt developmg healthy bodles promofmq good sporfsmonshup -Z' in ' Y 1 is Dick llowors c.M.n High School :,:':'.,i:,:t:' FOOHDGII Dexter Herald Richard Leven: Roger lingren Dale Lorimor Captain Waino Benedic! John Newell John Sharpe Galen Teel Coach Gerald Harer For the first year, LAPHS played tackle football with other small private schools in the Prep League. Though the team was quite inexperienced, the prospects for an- other year are anticipated, as football claims its place in our athletic program. Last minute instructions from Coach Harer if Blowers carries the ball for LAPHS. J c- , 1, mfs, l Home games at Avenue 43 Park. . 2, 43" Am W, iii?" g' QE iid w VI. -Y ' , l ljfhlfv 493' " -1,55 fd A A ?m4"i? I , ,fdy-'fi gg s U 'I X 3 3, l, ig 4 Pasadena Naz.. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific SEASON 'S SCORES Life. . . . Alumni . . . Upland .... Pepperdine. . Boys' Christian Westmont . . Azusa .... Cal Baptist . . LA Trade Tech Life ...... Boys' Christian Central College LA Trade Tech Pasadena Naz. . Upland .... Azusa .... Boys' Christian Naval Train. Ctr. I.L.W.U. . . . Chapman . . Pepperdine . . Grand Canyon Loyola U. . . ...69 . . . 53 Luke A.F.B. Grand Canyon . 94 . . . 79 Cal Baptist ...96 ...76 Jack Ashton Connie Carmack Paul Harrison . . . 52 l.u.w.u ..... 99 'H' """i""'Y . . . 66 Chapman . . . 5l Li-JO-'-'Ya-9-.f QQ UQ ' J i cgzx-,C Gary Smidderks Dean Tompkins Tom Whalen Cecil Worhington 97 ow, GLM wg' we if AULQ 9 if if 7 ,L I QA LQ lol.: Rochfy Not pictured: Marshall Shepherd um Shm, s., gi 'T' -si Rochelle receives LTA, Pacific All-Tourney Trophy from Dr. Robertson. The Panthers opened their season with a bang, but their record was hurt by a mid-season nine game losing streak. Prob- ably the two most outstanding games of the season were played against Grand Canyon and Chapman College. W' ,, 1. , Q Whalen scores on jumper over Grand Canyon's T. C. Dean Shepherd, Pacific's tall frosh center fr M I iii j, i Q7 I 4485 'l,,, l. thu. y A , N, , V. ' I 1 , in on rebound against the Alumni. TX IV' y if Rochelle scores two against strong Grand Canyon Antelopes. Jay Vees Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific Pacific SCORES Life ...... Boys' Christian . Azusa Frosh . Bob's Big Boys . Cal Baptist . . Glendale. . . City Employees. Central Colleg Chiros .... 6 City Employees. Azusa .... Boys' Christian Bob's Big Boys Chiros .... Chromwell-Kelt City Employees Research Prod. Walker Mfg. . Bob's Big Boys Y FIRST ROW: Dave Blankenship, P. J. Highsmith, Dave Cook, Richard Romine. SECOND ROW: Lyn Levens John Harper, Tom Bownes, Ted Noller, Ken Schall, Roger Walls, Tom Whalen. Tom Whalen, JV Coach. 35 43 36 30 53 68 46 34 37 38 45 48 27 52 52 43 52 I9 44 99 John Newell-Captain Dick Blowers, Galen Teel Dick Levens, Don Cotten Don Deputy, John Counts Tim Couture, Larry McKaughan Varsity SCORES LA Pacific . . . 2l Upland . . . . LA Pacific . . . 33 Pasadena . . . LA Pacific . . . 26 LaSalle. . . . . LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific LA Pacific IOO . . . 39 Boys' Christian. . . . 39 Brethren . . . . . . . 27 Pasadena Naz.. . . . 25 Chadwick . . . . . . 67 -Brown Military. ...36 Upland..... . . . 29 Spanish Amer.. . . . 38 Flintridge. . . . ...3O Culter..... . . . 51 Boys' Christian. . . . 23 Valley Christian ...25 Avalon..... . . . 43 Black Foxe. . . . . . 36 Brethren . . . . . . . 40 Pasadena Naz.. High School Basketball Newell sinks free throw. 'M-W, , mx-Q .S Vp Q 'ill-e,,,l-h pmlll L 3 ff ..1nm. 71' Q .G . k " fs .J 7 N, S9 f-.1 Q1 ' W 3 if ff Panthers Fight as X' vff "H 2 xvky f. COLLEGE YELL LEADERS: Ted Noller, Lonnie Currier, Elizobeih Tompkins, and P. J, Highsmith. HIGH SCHOOL SONG LEADERS: Violet Hanes, Shirleen Ford, Gecrgene Sanchez, and Marilyn Royer. ex 4 i U ,L -guss- fr', K fe. . oy Q.: Win or lose our vivacious yell leaders and song leaders spurred our teams on with cheering and singing until the end. Spirit-wise LAPHS and LAPC always score high. HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY YELL LEADERS Jo Macy and Janet Cummings s HIGH SCHOOL "B" YELL LEADERS: Lynda Walls, Sharon Marsh, and Pat Graham. 4 'Q sux' ROW ONE: Jane! Cummings, Diana Ramirez, Georgene Sanchez, Joyce Levens. ROW TWO: Nancy Smidderks, Carolyn Warren, Pa! Graham, Mrs. Hansleigh, Judy Hensleigh, Cindy Lelson, Barbara Marsh. f Under the fine coaching of Mrs. Bonnie Hensleigh, the Pacific High Pcinfhereffes experienced another suc- cessful season. Judy Hensleigh and Georgene Sanchez were fhe co-cop- Tains forthe year. Mrs. Hensleigh, Coach LA Paclflc LA Pacrfnc LA Paclflc LA PGCIfIC LA Paclflc LA Paclflc LA Paclflc 4 4 6 5 5 2 31 SCORES Brethren 27 Valley 23 Culter I9 Brethren 20 Culter 42 Valley 25 Valley 40 Hugh School Girls Basketball E!!! Q! titanic EMU 'Van .Jdidj .in lO5 l yry ' A slight mishap. Always to be a lettergirl. A lf' v 7"V ll .V A Y W ,tw at i ' ' . -," Ni l if, l -F' , V 2 x 115. cy 3 , I 3 " ' .J - 1 Y A12 1' ' ' 9 ..... is ' ' O ..... . - W 7 l.r... 4 ' ' 3 ..... ' ' ' ' 7 ...... 5 5 - ' ' 4 ...... I p n v r. 0 , , High School Girls' Volleyball FIRST ROW: Sharron Schall, Marilyn Royer, Mary Hernandez, Miss Lynch, Georgene Sanchez, Priscilla Bogosian, Nancy Smidderks. SECOND ROW: Lynn Holcombe, Barbara Robertson, Diana Ramirez, Shirley Berkompas, Roberta Fiese, Pat Graham, Judy Hensleigh, J 6 o Macy. College Girls' Basketball Another first on our campus for 1958-59 - our college girls played girls' teams from San Bernardino Junior Col- lege, Pasadena Nazarene, and Biola. Perhaps these girls have kindled a spark for more girls' intercollegiate athletics. Every noon was practice time. FIRST ROW: Ina Rae Puryear, Marcia Seyler, Bernice Graham, Betty Daniel, Pauline Sanchez. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Lunsford, Lorraine Porter, Linda Hensleigh, Avis Young, Jo Cooper, Edna Mudge. Marlene Romine. 4 1 amp A, Jiffy ,I iiiiiltltfiiiv' lub-Q "' Q I ADVERTISERS: Change, If 0 ., Ill'- Pictoricll Advertising Student Sncps Flu .Q ' M, F5 " . it f 'Mt -sk Oxf' .xx , - .--1--. ' -1? ' IA: f 'Q V n - , L I ,flw . X 'f o into 'our yearbook, especi sedion. We feel that the willyhelp' to fulfill your business, as well as' help most modern in its field. one of you for your tion in this new , ing pages go ur campus this year, we have 'ally in ur O gharac- f over qi . .1 . : ":f, 'D i Www .Q L, 'F s an N! V ww ..- MILK FARMS I Lf' X lm ,ULD N ly ERN EY ,f "Qu Mr W E Jeffreys local dustrlbutor for Rockvlew Mllk Farms of Downey Cclluforma says Thus rs the best route that I ve ever had He goes on to say The people of Hermon lust know good dairy products when they taste them Of course he gwes all the credit to the fnne Guernsey cows belongung to Mr .loe McCandless owner of the Rockvlew Farms Jeff says We have some ofthe best cows rn the country and one of Joe s best IS backed up wrth rrbbons won by the rest of our frne herd Jeff can be reached by drallng An 1 6584 or To l 0965 QOO Lffwwfif ,J 'Lys -Q-A 1-..L.. ..",f5 Il:..v S - ugly' Your tire and accessory needs for both cars and bikes can be met by Walt Knudson of KNUDSON'S AUTO SUPPLY, 5800 N. Figueroa. Sharron, Shirley, and Carolee agree that his cycling equipment is "tops." lt's Pizza from THE SORRENTO PIZZERIA, located at 5607 North Figueroa. "Mighty good," exclaims Dean to Sylvia. Lonnie's not talkin', just eatin'. Don says, "lf you call Clinton 5-1734 before you leave home, your orders will be filled promptly." i i Bill Ganson is showing Lois and Ken an automatic type- writer from THE TYPING AND MIMEO SHOP, 5922 North Figueroa. if S Mr. Gale Talley of the HIGHLAND PERSONNEL AGENCY, 6126 North Figueroa, is counseling with College seniors, Sharon Farmer and Olin Sherman. Permanent placement of college graduates is his specialty. William L. Mallum, Public Accountant, friend of LAPC, and Carlyle Livingston, Professor of Business in the Commerce De- partment of our college, are showing Gary, Barbara, and Cindy how to file their income tax forms. lO9 el -:li -249 K S Innocent Junior Girls Almost like being in love. Toboggan Champ Senior Adviser Senior Play Cas! Senior Skip Dreamy . . . Juk- .sz if , 'Vi - 121724, -in gi'-. Y-, - ...,-v f, ' f .-. .,,.-,751 9 Second YGUV ffplng student 82 words Cindy Sue Letson, first year typing student. 57 C' minute W'lh 4 e"0'5 words a minute with 2 errors. PING IS A MUST FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENT Marcia seems undecided but willing to be convinced, as Mr. Cortland of CORTLAND'S MEN'S SHOP, 5719 No. Figueroa shows one of this year s most popular suits. Johnny says, "l know it's the best, l work here." Lonnie looks QGY, Oqd GUY l00l'45 PUPPY- Perhaps the reason is that they know the HIGH- LAND PARK DRUG CO., 5639 No. Figueroa has six registered pharmacists waiting to fill their prescriptions when they feel ill. I 1 'Km ' 1 N TW "'lN..1 K if - ". . . '51 i ' A Stan Morgan explains to fellow student, Howard Sanders, the operation ot this big seventy-five ton press as it goes through its paces punching out parts used in making some of the finest safety equipment ever devised for marine, automotive, or aircraft use. Louis F. Cummings, president of the CUMMINGS AND SANDERS MANUFACTUR- ING CORPORATION of 2900 Denby Ave., Los Angeles 39, says, "Stan must have really convinced Howard, for he now works part time for the firm." , I., ., K' 44 A . V K L4 lg 'xxx' R ,HF 3, gtsilm .11 Ngir i-' fa' t"'JiiNi1'g. . . ,W . , f NX xx X Y 'qt i After looking through the windows at MURRAY'S HOTEL AND RESTAURANT SUPPLY COMPANY, 298 East "I" Street, Colton, President Cox and the women's trio were convinced that it's Murray's equipment, fixtures, and supplies for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clubs, schools, and other private and public institutions. , -'Y 4 3 Cecil, does the MODERN STUDIO OF PHOTOGRA- PHY, at 5625 No. Figueroa, always get three shad- ows from two people? Who is that third person? 5 fj- QQ 1 ,iv Presrdenr shares story hour Frank s pride Mrss Hugh School Freshman No 239780 Nl, 11" Ar rt ago n OI Man Rrver e same Luz ig December 19 1958 All school work day? Hugh School Junior 1 I1 look a miracle' Carolyn and Judy admire the fine selection of Hall mark Cards available at GlLCHRlST'S STATIONERY 5632 No. Figueroa Street. Sharron, Carolee, and Shirley are fascinated by the variety of clocks on display at THE HOUSE OF TIME, 5922 No. Figueroa. "We also have a complete line of iewelry, and we specialize in repairing the finest watches," states Bill Weir, owner. :ni - Lag Won't you take a ride with me in my merry Oldsmo- bile? LeOra, Judy, Sylvia, Henry, and Dean are enioy- ing the thoughts of a l959 convertible. HALLS' MOTOR CO., 5100 No. Figueroa Street. Milli This foursome of Pacific College and High School students agree that GARVANZA HARDWARE, 6324 York Blvd., can satisfy all your hardware needs. According to Pacific College students, Ted, Beulah, Carol, and Howard, the HIGHLAND PARK CAMERA SHOP, 5716 No. Figueroa is the place to purchase your camera and supplies. Mr. Larry Toplin states that he offers the finest in film processing. ll5 'x QU 'I Aves!! flu- rr Fresh fruits and vegetables make a good snack between classes. Just ask Diane, Deidra, Carolee, Shirleen, Jo, or Alvin, for they know YOUNG'S MAR- KET, 5810 Monterey Road, always carries the best. 1119" "That looks like a new tire," says Bob, "Why not? lt was re- treaded at PALMER TIRE SHOP, 6128-30 No. Figueroa," answers Salty. +4 ' 116 Carolee and Shirley check Shorron's score keeping during an eve- ning of bowling at the HIGHLAND PARK RECREATION CENTER, 5621 V7 No. Figueroa Street. lt looks as though it will be pork Hawaiian luau style for Dennie and Alvin tonight! lt's ED'S MEATS, located at Young's Market for best in quality meats. Refreshments, lunch, or dinner are most enioyable at FOSSELMAN'S ICE CREAM AND COFFEE SHOP, 5624 No, Figueroa Street. Mr. Seymour of SEYMOUR'S JEWELERS, 5537 No. Figuee roa, is showing a selection of gifts, ideal for graduation. Hint, hint, Mom and Dad. S 8- H GREEN STAMPS. lXlil Nzff' 'I ll: 4 '- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Judie Penwell and Bob Rochelle hi hl recommend 9 Y IVERS, No. Figueroa at Avenue 58, for all high class women's and men's clothing, Jim Smith, former Pacific College Student, employed at FRANKLIN FLOWER SHOP, which has been located at 5533 No. Figueroa St. since l926, is helping Jo and P.J. choose a potted plant. ffl! 5? Q UTTER-MCKINLEY-CRESSE MORTUARY 5860 No. Figueroa St. Cl. 5-0166 Q 1 -I i . - Q ,nv ,Q P , . , A 14 4. In t ff ,F ,- xg . " A 4 Q f. A I Bob Watson goes over the nec- essary steps taken in running real estate through escrow. WATSON'S ESCROW SERVICE, 5504 No. Fig- ueroa Street. The 1959 Rambler-admired by Dave, Connie, Bob, Jim, and Charlene. ART FROST RAMBLER, 5944 No. Figueroa Street. 1. 1 3, ,Q , 11,1 l Sharron, Shirley, and Carolee get a look at the inside of a print shop. SETH'S PRINTING at 59IO No. Figueroa is noted for its quality printing of stationery, invi- tations, announcements and programs. Everyone's favorite pastime - LAPCers are no exception. They greatly enjoy visit- ing PLATT'S NEW HOUSE OF MUSIC, 5634 No. Figueroa Street. L.. THE L.A.P.C. BOOK STORE is the favorite meeting place "Filler up" at LYON'S SERVICE at the corner of Wheel for the students on their way to and from classes. Mr. and ing Way and Monterey Road. Herk is usually on duty and Mrs. Dave Franklin extend a hearty welcome to one and all. will be glad to see you. 41: inese food Open for lunch ol' H Open Dolly 11:30 to IU Sunday l2:30 Io 10 Closed Monday Coming to luqum-hates Air Conditioned Music lt must be good, even the help eat it. .lust ask Olin or Bob. Mr. Fletcher has rea- son to be proud of his two establishments, 5039 York Blvd., and Monterey Road at 59. When he is thru with the suit, it looks like a new one. A one stop trading center: CHECKER'S MARKET. Buy your groceries, fruits, and vegetables from Johng then visit CLYDE'S MEAT COUNTER without moving your car. "I,-or""' l l'-7:12 9 i . .4 . x . I , I 1 - W, lk W A ' ag A ! w 5 uh ' "Q ,, 4 . 1- 'YA gf ...Ml 1 if f f" H1 A ,. ,, .ay-0 Jafk Groth of ANGEl:US Cusvko- 'N LET, 5001 No. Figueroa,.wisl1gs tgdx- tend his best wishes foufhe. Qfudenf -V .X K s v '.xMl.-'gf N sf' xv HV X 0-wus... JV . S-. v lenders of LAPC and LAPHS. , 'I x Q 'A l 4 Q A , J , 4-A -, , g wx' ' m f 1.31.1 .,a,w- 3' V f 1, " .V 3 . 54 l tmp-at . ..'i.1,w K ' . . ' '5' - "X J" Af-e . . . H . 'r -1- f. " . ' " 1-4 " ' ' Royalty? Jusl gemng ocquaunted fans Walking lhe lme W, Freshmen CUfIeS K.-, A smile for everyone Papa knows best The day ihe rams come Really burned the keys? 4:5 Wk: N 3 Arizona beuuiy 'sn W - .ia -f I -. 4' 0 - .. - gi, ll , x JZ fi s ff General contractor, L. Lingren of SPEEDWAY ,, "1" ' CONSTRUCTION, 6l39 Monterey Road and 5415 York Blvd., gives technical advice to students con cerning operating of shop equipment. LURTER HERTERS ' 1 O -z if ,f I in 0 ,,,,,,.,.4,., ,.., . ' , ye ' ,. .fda so -Q-.1--Q ' W A, 'tm-,.,,, P"'f,ijE, ii'f...,.z4,:f',,j,Fgfm....,q, . , . - ' ,. ?, ,',sf1.Lf' . -V .A f ,,.,- .N A "'f+...re.- .L ,, ., lf?-"'n:f1.Q4.u ,M ' V U 1 7:7 M J' - - ' "' 1-v -. if . 'l g mn'-1 -:1-"ag ,- . -9:4 I . 1 ,,g,g1h,Sc-7,- h ' - 2- , Al? ' . Walter Litten explains to a group of Pacific College and High School students the particulars involved in his business. The WALTER LITTEN PLUMBING SHOP, 6095 York Blvd. ' 'l ,.f -T f ' Y 5100 1" . " x A f'- ..,,, -. ff ,,i - FQ fr , ' P7 Q' A N A' ' X is Y 'A' ii i' K . i H if a,k' Ya 1 Q '- :G - . gf ' ,.. Q .I - f i l I . .QL i mei! I I O4 -.'- - r . 'AL f 0:-: if -.4 fl 5 -,,..... V "' ,... ,.--,- f-. " "' f , ' Q--T Q- -i uh!-t U1-3 ,f L H QI r f pig ri Y r i "J - - . a- . .. . - L .. - J.. ,- ..- - r' . rl r -Y .l Y ' r y f Q f ,pf P' A' , . 1 FY P f . , 1 'E ' - 5 'I Y r -YT - P +5 L ' 1 . 4 td r Y , - T 5 fy " ' A '- ' , - :wx Y' W- fi: Q- . 2 .-::? i ":. ' P Y A Ar 0 5 x ll su t ' i., Y 'f is . mf I it ' . .L V , 1 -E53 e 2' -. 3. 'v THE FABULOUS BABYLON CLEANERS OF FINE RUGS AND UPHOLSTERY, 545 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, are the proud owners ot one of the largest cleaning machines known, a machine which will handle a rug l9l,'1 feet wide by any length. Telephone Hollywood 95883. Lynn was looking even sadder before Mr. Russ Ryckman showed him the roller equipped with enough handle that one can paint from the ceiling to the floor without bending his back. RUSS' S AND L PAINT STORE,22O West "B" Street, Ontario, is loaded with many such labor saving devices. ,,,,..4a LJ ' in Qs 119 , .,.... " Les Mk 1l Iv ,W ' i O Mr. and Mrs. Ritter, of HIGHLAND BAKERY, are happy to sell to college students their "goodies," eclairs, cream puffs, cookies, cakes, or anything for any occasion. CARTERS SERVICE Don Booth of BOOTH'S AUTO BODY WORKS, 45l4 N. Figueroa, assures students that he can smooth out those ugly dents so fully that the young driver will almost forget his care- less driving. as-QI Mr. Blowers' family and John Sharpe believe in patronizing local business concerns, so they fill their gas tanks at CARTER'S SERVICE, 5825 Monterey Road. x . as vs. . . Tho you may not appear twice in a picture as did Bob and Sam, you will receive prompt and courteous service from Lou, Dave, or Sam at HIGHLAND BARBER SHOP, 5627 N. Figueroa. Thefline up of students and teachers prove this fact. What Faculty and St d t fLAPC h b I d .th ,O essoris hi ' - 9 u en s o ave een ease wi p ding behind Davei the high class laundry work done by the? HOM FOO 124 CHINESE LAUNDRY, 5926 N. Figueroa. I l ,.,jW,,,,,,Q7ff2 'N' RA' 9C0'TT.GARAoe ., A - - PU. infs u ' .qv ' i ' X Since most college students are on a limited budget, they like to get the most for their money. Both Olie and Dub agree that RAY SCOTT'S SERVICE, 600l Monterey Road, offers the best in values. like is 1 .x .nl' After touring the plant at the HIGHLAND PARK NEWS HER- ALD, 5722 N. Figueroa, Sharron, Shirley, Loal, and Carolee grab "a hot one" right off the press. Ray Scott, shown in the foreground, states "that he now employs one of L.A.'s finest AUTOMATIC TRANS- MISSION SPECIALISTS, Conrad, who is shown working on a "Merc," while Dub is watching. ,.. The GARVANZA PHARMACY is always a friendly place to buy drugs, cosmetics, or school supplies. Was that Don's last "buck"? p Mr. .lim Ryan of the MODERN STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 5625 N. Figueroa, is the man responsible for most of our yearbook pictuies. He specializes in all types of commercial photography, baby pictures, and wedding scenes. Speaking of weddings, do you suppose Judy or Carolyn have secret ideas? 125 ,- -"""" W- ,Alf- ,,,.- kggof 'X Ve-1lv'4 'QL ,QQ 6 in fn The age Innocence Q Xone Cover gurl an Y 'lov U new -Q-.x Anyone I Ar SONY xoru usa? gm H5 Q lon vs. 9 way io Seattle xo?" 200' Seventeen Jus: PI umb exhquued You are our sunshine l f, f-f' rf' ' - 1:--1 ,t ' N- ,V M'-.IN f.-5 K V ,. zfhf' ri ii. V- 4 -.:"W ' C' ..-v 'N - - , f. ' '-2 K , ' ' , ., 1 , Q Y - . yr, A - A .. V ,Ll 1 ,.-Q' .-gm' " . ' ' ' .i '-,, , , - 5 A . s 4 , ff- ' +,.Qf,:g,-g , ' s ,W 4 Nw . ,I ,- K 1 au- ' 43 4' v yy, , ,mi , , ,M A 1 ' , . 1. 4'l '- of ' . ,Wg fy. ,P V .. -1' -'WS' 1 1 wuwo , K . W M N1 1 ., QQ, ff' , My-1, Q xi W wwf, nzyk 1 .- . ----' I -1 , 4 as 5' -3 is CHURCH ALHAMBRA FRIENDS COMMUNITY CHURCH 1209 South Seventh Street Alhambra Calrfornua Reverend George Jenknns Pastor BELL FRIENDS CHURCH 4080 Gage Avenue Bell Calnfornua Reverend Kenneth Prckermg Pastor BRENTWOOD FREE METHODIST CHURCH AND THE LIGHT AND LIFE DAY SCHOOL 11502 San Vicente Boulevard Los Angeles 49 Calrfornua ReverendW G Edwards Pastor CHEVY CHASE BAPTIST CHURCH Garfreld at Chevy Chase Glendale Calnforma Dr James Martm Pastor EAGLE ROCK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Addlson Drlve at Eagle Rock Blvd Los Angeles 41 Callfornla Reverend ThomasJ Megahey M Ph DD Pastor FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 417 South Tamarmd Compton Calltornua Dr JohnV Speermg Pastor FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COSTA MESA Santa Ana at Magnolla Costa Mesa Calrfovnla Dr P G Neumann Pastor FIRST FREE METHODIST CHURCH 322 N Pacufnc GLENDALE Reverend Gerald Smsth Pastor FIRST FREE METHODIST CHURCH 606 East Sixth Street Los Angeles Callforma Reverend John Letson Pastor FIRST FREE METHODIST CHURCH ONTARIO Euclud at Park Ontarlo Callfornla Reverend Wesley Keller Pastor FIRST FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF SAN JOSE 425 East St John Street San Jose Calnfornla ReverendA R Rumppe Pastor FIRST FREE METHODIST CHURCH AND THE LIGHT AND LIFE DAY SCHOOL OF SANTA ANA 701 North Bristol Santa Ana Callfornua ReverendT J Ellls Pastor FREE METHODIST CHURCH 914 Arnzona Avenue LOS ANGELES DIRECTORY Oakdale Calotornua Reverend John Brshop Pastor FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF PRESCOTT 146 North Mt Vernon Avenue Prescott Arazona Reverend James Gallogly Pastor FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF TUCSON 2568 Menor Stravenue Tucson Arnzona Reverend Davvd M Garmger Pastor FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF TURLOCK 310 Mitchell Avenue Turlock Callforma Reverend Davnd P Smath Pastor GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 1500 North Avenue 53 Los Angeles 42 Callfornla Reverend Kenneth W Wilson and Reverend John K Trrtenback Pastors HANFORD FREE METHODIST CHURCH 209 East Ivy Street Hanford Callforma Reverend E H Hadsell Pastor HERMON FREE METHODIST CHURCH The L A Paclfuc College Church Monterey Road at Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Calufornla Reverend Elmer D Riggs Pastor HIGHLAND PARK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH North Flgueroa Street at Avenue 53 Los Angeles 42 Callforma Reverend Raymondl Brahams D D and Reverend John T Blckford B D Pastors HILLCREST FREE METHODIST CHURCH 321 Robrnson Street San Diego Calnfornla Reverend John Rlggs Pastor PASADENA FREE METHODIST CHURCH 306 North Farr Oaks Avenue Pasadena Callfornta Reverend Ben Smlth Pastor PIONEER BAPTIST CHURCH 11829 Pioneer Blvd lNorth of Santa Ana Freewayl Norwalk Caluforma Reverend RayS Overstreet Pastor SAN BERNARDINO FREE METHODIST CHURCH 30th and Waterman San Bernarduno Caloforma Reverend Donald Allgor Pastor SAN FERNANDO FREE METHODIST CHURCH 14019 Sayre Street San Fernando Calrforma some Momca Cullfomlo Reverend Leon D Summers Pastor Reverend Ernest Mornson Pastor FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF CHINO Centraland B Streets Chino Callfornla ReverendC D Wood Pastor FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF HUNTINGTON PARK Florence at Passalc Huntrngton Park Caluforma Laymen s vonce of the Oruental Mlsslonary Socnety Reverend Owen Zurcher Pastor CHALLENGING MEN WITH THE UNFINISHED TASK FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF OAKDALE Wrnte 840 Hobart Boulevard 122 West G Street Los Angeles 29 Caluforma I , I , . I I I , I . , I . , I . . ' I I I I , , I . . I I 1 I 1 ' I . . . , OF - Glendale, California ' . - , - -. I . OF I I I . I . . I . , OF I I . . I . I I I . . . . I I I . . , . . . , , , , , , ll IV : Q o , 128 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Attorneys Optometrlsts HART, Edward P., DALE, Dr. R. T., CL. 5-9276 5939 Monterey Rd. CL. 6-2188 5620 North Figueroa CL. 5-8991 WATSON, Claude A., DANCY, Dr. James H., 5939 Monterey Rd., Cl. 6-2188 5566 V2 North Figueroa Cl.. 6-3431 LAGES, or. Adolphus 6055 York Blvd. CL. 5-1368 lropractors h GEORGE, Dr. Donald A., D.C., P Y5'C'0n5 85 Surgeons 5133 North Figueroa Cl.. 6-3778 HARTWELL, Dr. Dorothy M., D.C., MED'CA" DOCTORS 106 North Avenue 58 . 5-3951 W-SPAR' Df- Ffdflk 1--M-D HousER, Dr. w. A., D.C., 5676 York Blvd. CL. 5-1575 111 North Avenue 56 . 5-6923 GASPARI Df- M'fChe"r M-D-I MACKENTOSH, Dr. Alice, o.C., 5576 York B'Yd- Cl- 5-1575 219 North Avenue 56 . 5-4257 LITTLE Dr paul F. M D. W'EBEf Df- E"'eS',M-I D-C-I 5676 York Blvd. CL. 5-1575 592' Monte V'S"' CL- 5-5088 LITTLE Dr.wilborr E., M.D. D . 5676 York Blvd. CL. 5-1575 entlsts h , , Como, D.. 1... L., rm.. P YSICICIHS 81 Surgeons 4861 Eagle Rock Blvd. CL. 5-4244 FRANK, Dr, Wm. s., D.D.s., OSTEOPATHIC 112 North Avenue 58 Cl.. 6-4303 KOHL, Dr. Roy D., WATKlNSr Dr- ROHO E-r D-D-5-r 5224 North Figueroa CL. 5-4201 5414 North Figueroa Patrons GARBE'S JEWELRY SAM'S BARBER SHOP . 6-2076 Getting ready to eat. Jack's lost. Can you find where he belongs? A fine way to spend your lunch hour... Q. B 1 S see you next year at fireside . . . K-eg ., -1 fm v' AY' W-1 41,..Lma, fr I FACULTY Anderson R J 530 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Ashcraft E P 560 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Bearrd Aubry 520 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Biddulph H K 729 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Blowers Hllda 520111 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Capp Grayson 5737 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Cary Seth 4822 Lemona Ave Sherman Oaks Cochrane Caryl 5736 Elbey Ave Los Angeles 42 Cochrane Gordon 5736 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Cox Robert J 563 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Dalton Oda L 5733 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Davls Forest 5500 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Dlckerson Davld 5738112 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Dickerson Ralph 5738 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Franklin RobertJ 532111 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Goodhew Edna F 86 Vlrgmla Ave Pasadena Harer Gerald 5740 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Harper Harry 5517 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 Harrus Morgan 4530 Russell Ave Los Angeles 27 Henslelgh Bonnre 6123 Toltec Way Los Angeles 42 Kung Vurgmua 5736914 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Ltvmgston Carlyle 440 Redfleld Ave Los Angeles 42 Louthan Sheldon 5737 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Lynch Colleen 5740111 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Lunsford Rowan 5738 314 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Magruder Mlldred 318 N Hobart Pl Los Angeles 28 Mlkels Gerald 5805 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Rearlck Wrllnam 5734 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Reed Dr Mary Frances 508 So Gramercy Pl Los Angele Rlchardson Arleta 5726 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Robertson Dr Donald R 1243 Brunswick So Pasadena Sanders RobertR 528 So Ave 60 Los Angeles Sumner Ethel 5726 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Wllllams Charles 534 Kendall Ave Los Angeles 42 STAFF Barham J C 5740314 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Couture Rlchard 625 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Harer Elvlra 5736111 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Hart Dorothea 5848 Hermon Ave Los Angeles 42 Hart Betty 620 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Hart Mrs Marlorle 625 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Johnson Myrtle 5734111 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Mudge Carroll 5741 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Mudge Mrs Eva 5741 Lomltas Dr los Angeles 42 Puffer Mary Emma 5734 314 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Rearlck Martha P 5734 314 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Reynolds W C 5614 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 West Clara 532 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 COLLEGE STUDENTS Aqleh Faud Dehesheh St Bethlehem Jordan Aqleh lssa Dehesheh St Bethlehem Jordan Ashton Jack 1435 Claur St Ontano Atkinson Lols 152 E Hnghland Ave Redlands Banley Robert 1916 Capehart Duarte Bake Fred 4554 Hubbard St Los Angeles Barger Henry Rt 3 Box 461 Bluefneld W Vlrglnla Barton Wayne 5735114 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Bennett Loulse 5735 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Blankenshtp David 795 42nd St San Bernardmo Bownes Thomas 5733114 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Brown Stanley Box 604 Barstow Cameron Paul 7846 Arvrlla Ave Sun Valley Cantrell Roy 614 N Atlantlc Blvd Monterey Park Carbaugh Kenneth 6915 Arbutus Ave Huntlngton Park Carmack Conme 5733314 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Cha Marn 625 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Cook Davld 304 Roosevelt Buckeye Anzona Cooper Jo 563 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Currier Lorna 6127114 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 Danlel Ellzabeth 2506 El Monte Arcadia Dawson Davld 509 Monterey Rd Los Angeles DeSpa1n James 419 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 4 Dunham Donald 3350 Washrngton Raverslde Eaton Mllton Rt 1 Box 450 Denalr Elkms Robert 228813 Oak Napa Evans Nancy 1206 Dodds Clrcle Los Angeles 63 Farmer Sharon 29676 Mllton Ave Madlsan Heights Mrchrgan 130 DIRECTORY Funk James 2370 Farr Park Los Angeles Gage Mitchell 3927 Hawley Ave Los Angeles 32 Garvln Bud 6123 Annan Way Los Angeles 42 Garvtn Robert 5747 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Gam Marla 3238 Terzllla St Los Angeles Graham Bernnce 1160 Manley Dr San Gabnel Hammontree John 532111 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Hardy Frank 5735314 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Hardy Ken 548 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Hardy Marlorle 5735 314 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Harper John 5517 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 Harnson Ann 1915 Nuodara Glendale Harnson PauI1941 Fletcher So Pasadena Hart Carol 14809 Myola Warren Mlchlgan Hengstler Arthur 15913 E Cadwell La Puente Hennmgsen Eduth 3644 Mllltary Los Angeles Henslelgh Lmda 6123 Toltec Way Los Angeles 42 Hlghsmlth Paul 1411 Arguello Redwood Cnty Hull Dwlght 416 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Hlronaka Alvln 1272 01 Han St Honolulu Hawan Hong Jlm 3421 So Catalma St Los Angeles Hunt James 326 Wnlshnre Barstow Hverven Luv Ann 1621 Mant Bakersfield Joselyn Bob 11703 E Arkansas Artesna Kearney Rnchard 812 So Washington Whlttler Kee Roy PO Box 212 Ploneertown Klm Young 3421 S Catalma St Los Angeles Kuvmen Grace 719 No Ave 51 Los Angeles Lee Kenneth 350 No 4th St San Jose Lee Kyung 800 W Washlngton Los Angeles Levens Lyn 743 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Lewls Don Rt 3 Box 759 Escondldo Loncosky Nathan 548 S Granlte Prescott Anzona Lunsford Sylvla 573835 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Lunsford Vlvlenne 5738314 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 McEachron Dale 540 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 McK1nney Bull 12802 Pune Garden Grove Manmng Mem 15218 Rock Glen Glendale Markar1an Sarkus 4156 Rosewood Los Angeles Marshall Frankle 60912th St Modesto Mlllard Path 4537112 Eagle Rock Los Angeles Morgan Stanley Qumn So Dakota Mudge Edna 5741 Lomutas Dr Los Angeles 42 Mulllcan Leo 516 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Murphy Don 74 Vlrgmla Ave Pasadena Myers Tom 1477 Grand Ave Grover Cnty Nelson Delores 557 Redfleld Ave Los Angeles 4 Newton Kurk 3070 State St San Bernardmo Noller Ted 1754 Phllllps Way Los Angeles Overstreet Gay 7805 Bayslnger Downey Parker Joseph 1300 E 91st St Los Angeles Parkln Greg 1814 Jacranda Fullerton Patten Merry 134 E Ave 37 Los Angeles 31 Penwell .ludlth 3071 Arrowhead Ave San Bernardmo Peralta Aaron 1701 Furst Santa Ana Porter Lorralne 1020 E Washington Escondldo Prater John 527 State St Glendale Puryear lna Rae 235 W Santa Anna Fresno Ray Ellzabeth 856 Monterey Rd S Pasadena Rnchard Floyd 413 Kendall Ave Los Angeles 42 Rlggs Davud 510 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Rlggs Pearce 3053 Greyllng Dr San Dlego Robertson Donald 1243 Brunswlck So Pasadena Robertson V1v1an 1243 Brunswrck So Pasadena Robertson Sharon 1756111 Gates Manhattan Beach Rochelle Bob 241 N Manan La l-labra Romme Marlene 1019 Elma St Ontano Romme Rlchard 1019 Elma St Ontarlo Samuelson Le0ra 2909 Brown Alton llllnots Sanchez Paulune 3757 St Andrews Pl Los Angeles Sanders Carolyn 6821 So 6th Phoenlx Anzona Sanders Howard 6821 So 6th Phoemx Anzona Schall Kenneth 633 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Schlotterbeck Leon 248 Whipple Prescott Anzona Schrlmsher Beulah 1418 No 17th Ave Phoemx Anzona Sheffer James 1303 Gates Pl So Pasadena Sherman Olm 516 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Shepherd Marshall 1803 Bushnell So Pasadena Smldderks Gary 5735111 Lormtas Dr Los Angeles 42 I . .I ' I D 1 1 1 I ' 'I . I I . I 'I I I I ' ' I 7 I I I L 1 - -1 - 1 1 L 1 1 . -1 I . I ' ' I .I . I 7 'I I I ' 'I I I I 'I 1 1 -1 1 1 - - 1 I I 'I I I I 'I 1 1 -1 1 1 -1 I 'I 'I I 7 l I 'I I 'I 7 'I I I 'I - I I 'I I I I 7 I . I 7 I -I 7 , I I ' . I I 'I I I I I . l I 'I ' ' I I I ' I ' .I . . . Y' . I . I .. I I I 'I , I 7 I I I I 'I . ' I I I . I I 'I 7 I 7 I D I 7 I . I I 7 I 7 I - 'I I I l . I 'I I 7 I ' 7 'I 7 I I . 'I I I . 7 I I I I 'I I . ' I ' I 7 7 I 'I I I ' I 7 'I I . I ' I I I ' 'I V I ' ' I 7 I I 1, 7 , , . . 1, I I QI . , , 1 1 I 1 1 , . ., s 5 , , . ., I I . -1 , , . . y I - -1 l 1 - 1 1 - - 1 1 -1 - - 1 42 ' 1 1 - 1 1 ' I . I I -1 1 1 - 1 1 7 7 'I I 7 I 'I I . l I 'I 1 1 - - 1 1 1 -1 ., ' , ' , ' , 7 7 'I - I 'I I 7 7 'I 7 I . I I Harper, Mildred, 5517 Monterey Rd., Los Angeles 42 Marquis, Robert, 7218 Amherst Dr., San Diego 1 1 -1 , Q , ., ' ' ' ' I A 1 .1 1 7 ' 7 'I I I 7 I ' V ' 'I 1 1 . '1 1 1 ., ' , , ' . . , I ' I -I , , I 7 . ., - 7 V 'I I .I 'I 7 1 -1 ., , , ' ., 2 7 ' '7 'I I 7 I 'I I ' ' ' ' I 1 1 l 7 1 I I I I 1 1 - -1 I I 'I I ' I I I 1 1 -1 1 1 1 - - 1 I I I 'I 7 I - I 'I 7 I I 7 I ' 7 'V I I . I I I I V I ' I ' . I 7 1 1 -1 1 1 -1 I I ' I I . I ' 7 . . I I ' I 1 1 ' -1 1 ' 1 .1 0. V 7 I I 'I 7 I I 'I 7 I I I - 'I I 7 I - I l I I I I 'I 7 I I . 'I ' I I I I I h 7 I ' I I 7 'I I I . I 7 I ' I I ' 7 'I I I I I I 'I - I I ' . I 1 . 1 I 'r . 1 1 11 l I I 'I , I 7 I 'I I I l I I I 7 I I I I ' ' I I 'I I 7 I ' 'I I I 'I I I ' I . V - . I . I I . I I ' I 7 I 7 I . I 'I I I ' ' I I I 7 I 7 I 7 I I ' 'I . I . . I I - y 1 I 1 , 1, . I I 1 I 7 1 1 . , 7 7 7 I I I I ' I I 7 'I 7 I - I I I . 'I Stepp Rrley 3645 Greenhlll Pasadena Suzukl Kathy 1632 W 182nd Gardena Terchmeler Leroy 5738V7 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Tompktns Dean 1319 Gates Pl So Pasadena Tompklns Elrzabeth 1319 Gates Pl So Pasadena Tottelrer Davld 816 Terrace 49 Los Angeles Trebllcox James 213 Fourth Ave Redwood Cnty Turnbough Sam 524 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Vogel Bud 12511 Ocean Breeze Garden Grove Walls Roger 2624 Esplanade Seattle Washrngton Watson Bradna B05 So Hudson Pasadena Wessell Lynn 303 E Francrs Ontario Whalen Tom 1129 Park Glendale Whltcher Joanne 5733Vg Lomltas Dr Los Angeles Wales Celeste 433 N Washington Glendora Wrlson Ellene 4743 Walnut Chmo Wrlson Rexanna 4049 Elrzabeth Compton Wolfe Kelth 5120 Stratford Los Angeles Woodruff Elalne 236 E Grange Modesto Worthmgton Cecal 306 Palm Monrovra Wren Joyce 1623 S Van Ness Los Angeles Wyrlck Georgna 6015 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 Young Avls 707E Washington Escondido Zellmer Herman 6125 Toltec Way Los Angeles 42 SPECIAL STUDENTS Barrd Sally Ann 416 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Barham Esther 57403A Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Bennett Edward 5735 Ebey Ave Los Angeles 42 Biddulph Clara 729 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Biddulph H K 729 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Dickerson Dora 5738 Ebey Ave Los Angeles Franklrn Ella 532V1 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Franklin Robert 532Vg So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Harper Mrldred 5517 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 Llvmgston Lrly 440 Redfield Ave Los Angeles 42 Rlchardson Arleta 5736 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Rrggs Yvonne 510 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Sanchez Enearnaclon 538 Kendall Ave Las Angeles Turnbough Barbara 524 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Ames Arthur 4093 San Rafael Ave Los Angeles 65 Ames Loal 4093 San Rafael Ave Los Angeles 65 Bealrd Carolyn 520 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Bealrd Deanna 520 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Beneduct Wame 1731 New England Los Angeles Berkompas Shirley 5617 No Golden West Ave Temple Cnty Brddulph Judy 524 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Blelss Don 810 S Washmgton Ave Whlttler Blowers Duck 520172 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Blowers Sylvia 520V1 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Bogosran Phlllp 237 Valley Dr Glendale Bogoslan Prlscllla 237 Valley Dr Glendale Bolce Donna 199 San Mrguel Pasadena Burr Terry 600 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Caldera Duck 26010 Baselrne San Bernardino Castaneda Marlo Anderson Clayton SA de CV PO Torreon Coahurla Mexlco Chao James 3500 London St Los Angeles 26 Chao John 3500 London St Los Angeles 26 Chesbro Chester 1018 Adelame So Pasadena Cochrane Judre 459 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Cooper Owen 1563 E Florence Ave Los Angeles Cotten Don 3230 Barhlte St Pasadena Counts John 2630 Truman Albuquerque New Mexrco Couture Timothy 625 Coleman Ave Los Angeles Cox Barbara 563 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Cummmgs Janet 536 Redfreld Ave Los Angeles 42 Box 154 Dader Alvaro Sonora 99 Col Progreso Acapulco Gr Mexico Deputy Don 2302 Sunset Dr Escondido Dolman Ronald 4614 Carllss St Los Angeles Dunham Janet 1526E Wrndsor Glendale Ergenhuns Gilbert 161 No Mayflower Monrovia Ensekl Gary 244 E Ave 39 Las Angeles Fuese Roberta 2632V4 W Ave 35 Los Angeles Frsher Harry 1929 Montrose St Los Angeles 26 Ford Shrrleen 608 Parkway Dr Wheaton lllmors DIRECTORY French Judy 373 Monterey Rd So Pasadena Gentrs Charles 5040 Monte Vlsta Los Angeles Glover Don Box 430 Yucca Valley Gould Judy 700 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Graham Pat 1160 Manley Dr San Gabnel Hanlmanam Terry Patenor St P O Box 1258 Addrs Ababa Ethuopna Haleen Carolyn 4732 Townsend Ave Los Angeles Hanes Vlolet 585 Frrst St Idaho Falls Idaho Hardy Davud 548 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Hardy Margaret 548 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Hazen Tom 715 E Pune St Altadena Hemmerllng Gary 4022 No Rosemead Temple Cnty Hendrickson Duane 910 E Farrmont Ave Modesto Henslelgh Judy 6123 Toltec Way Los Angeles 42 Herald Dexter 6056 Hayes Ave Los Angeles 42 Hernandez Allce 2501 Zonal Ave Los Angeles Hernandez Mary 2501 Zonal Ave Los Angeles Holcombe Lynn 5632 Raber St los Angeles Hopp James 1845 W 6th St Monrovna Jessen Sharon 150 Mrguel Rd Pasadena Jones Paul 6237 Kauffman Temple Cnty Kenfleld Valerre 22401 Roscoe Canoga Park Kranz Melucent 1131 Santa Fe Barstow Lazuckr Marcia 6035 Roy St Los Angeles Lazlckr Stephanie 6035 Roy St Los Angeles Lerner Paul 13202 El Moro Ave La Morada Letson Cmdy 555 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Levens Joyce 743 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Levens Richard 743 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Lmgren Paul 5639 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 Lmgren Roger 5639 Monterey Rd Los Angeles 42 Lorumor Dale 4257 Collls Ave Los Angeles 42 Lorlmor Mary 4257 Collls Ave Los Angeles 42 MacNalr Jlm 5606 Bushnell Way Los Angeles 42 Macy Jo 44 Marlan Salinas Marsh Barbara 5128 Eagle Rock Blvd Los Angeles 41 Marsh Sharon 116 Wapello Altadena Massey Carole Box 834 lone McKaughan Larry Apartado 201 Vrllahermosa Tabasco Mexrco McKaughan Llnda Apartado 201 Vsllahermosa Tabasco Mexnco Muller James 608 Redfield Ave Los Angeles 42 Montana Charles 919 So Central Glendale Morryama Nono 9504 E American Del Rey lDeceasedl Newell John 5826 Lomltas Dr Los Angeles 42 Nlcholas Judy 44703 Rodrn Ave Lancaster Nrcholson Dave 4275 Corona Dr Los Angeles 32 Perez Betty 527 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Perez Charles 527 Coleman Ave Los Angeles 42 Post Carolee 109 So Sprung St Falls Church Vlrgrma Ramirez Deana 213171 S Dacotah Los Angeles Ramirez Ismael 3108 Whrttrer Blvd Los Angeles Rangel Rachel 3406 E 8th St Los Angeles 23 Reed Richard 2265 Ogden San Bernardmo Remo Al 1314911th St Chlno Renlch Dennus 3205 Pyrrtes Los Angeles Reyes George 510 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Ruggs Deldra 510 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Robertson Barbara 1733 Hanscom So Pasadena Rohrer Pat 1412 Rosemary Lane Stockton Royer Marulyn 6741 So Elman San Drego Sanchez Georgene 3157 So St Andrews Pl Los Angeles Schall Beverly 633 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Schall Sharron 633 So Ave 59 Los Angeles 42 Shannon Dorothy 1650 Hull Dr Los Angeles 41 Sharpe John 546 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Skggg Carole 10210 Madlson Ave South Gate Srnldderks Nancy 400 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Stewart Melvin 514 Wheelmg Way los Angeles 42 Teel Galen 4953 Hellman Ave Los Angeles 42 Testerman Davud 744 So Ave 60 Los Angeles 42 Walker John 2357 No Valwood El Monte Walls Lynda 2624 Esplanade Dr Seattle Washrngton Warren Carolyn 2403 Maple St Longvrew Washington Wrlson Dawn 1450 Poppy Long Beach 5 Wood Richard 571 Ouarl Dr Los Angeles Wright Robert 5419 Bushnell Way Los Angeles 42 Young Robert 432 Wheelmg Way Los Angeles 42 Young Wanda 1231 E 135th St Hawthorne 131 1 I 1 I 1 , I ,I , . ' . ' I ' I I I I I ' ' " 1 1 1 I 1 1 -1 - I , . . , I 1 I 1 11 - V , ., I 1 1 1 I I ' , I ., . . 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 1 11 I , , ., 1 1 - - 1 I I , I ., 1 1 1 1 8 , I , ., 1 1 - 1 , I, . I , 1 1 - 1 I , , . 1 I 1 1 1 I , I , . I ., I ' ' I " 42 I 1 1 1 1 I - I I . I I I II 1 1 1 , I , ., I 1 1 I 1 , , ., 1 I 1 1 , , ., 1 I 1 - 1 , , . ., I 1 1 1 , , I ., ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 I ' ' " I 1 I 1 1 ' ' I ' I I I I 1 1 1 I I, I , ., I II I I -I ' . I I I 'I 1 1 1 , I , ., 1 1 -1 , I , . . , 1 1 - - 1 I , , ., H I ' 'I ' - I I V I ., , 1 ., 42 - , , - ., . ' ' ' ' ' I 1 1 I '1 I ' I ' ' I I I I I , ' ' " 1 1 I 1 I s ' ' I " 1 1 41 s ' ' . " 1 1 1 ' ' " 1 I I I I I I . ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I Wh-uher. Gerry, 5733111 Lomwws Dr-1 I-os Angeles 42 Males, ch111le11e, 10632 :heme sv., Nofwulk I 1 I I 'I 1 1 1 .1 I , I , . I , . ' ' " 1 1 I '1 I ' ' ' ' ' I 1 1 I -1 ' ' ' ' ' I 1 1 11 I I - I I I I I 'I I I 1 ' 'I I 1 I 'I I I I ' ' I I I ' I '1 I I I I I I I ' I 'I I I I I I I - I , I 1 . . , I 1 1 I I -1 I I I I 1 'I I I 1 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I ' I I I I -1 I 1 I - 1 -I I I I 1 - I r . 1 I I I I ' ' I 1 1 - - I I I ' '1 I I I -1 I I I -I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 I - I, 1 V I -1 , ' , . 42 ' . 1 ' , I I -1 I I I I I I I I I v I 11 I 1 -V 1 1 " 1 - 1 , ., I 1 I 1 . . 1 I I -I I I 1 1 1 I I I -I I I -1 I I 1 I - I I I I 11 I I I I I I I r - I I I I 1 1 II I ' - I I I 1 I -I I I I ' - 1 I I 1 1 I I I 'I I 1 I I 1 I ,1 -1 , I I 1 1 . -1 , ,-J . I., ...'!, ' 'fZ,14,- fmwrr, L., .V ivy .,,,..l,,, , A, , '- . 'A '-1 1 , .-X, FXNXYF 4' A X , 'Q' tx in-'P , , , L , , - .h', . fx is . ' 1' X .r, f -' - iii f e L J "Q" .1 ' 1 'L 'jf-, H I , A If f f'?if?'i': ', jl gf ,.v,. V f X ,f s. xx -? ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Confusion, lnc. Jil Helpers Encouraging Dependable Willing Capable Essential Cooperative Pix Conscious Patient Eilene Wilson, Editor Judy Hensleigh, Assistant Editor Sam Turnbough, Business Manager Miss Edna Goodhew, Adviser Carolyn Sanders, Typist Jo Macy, Typist Joanne Whitcher, Typist Rexanna Wilson, Typist Terry Hailmariam, Typist Sylvia Lunsford, Typist Barbara Turnbough, Typist Kathy Smidderks, Typist Edna Mudge, Snaps Editor Violet Hanes, Snaps Editor Bob Garvin, Church Directory Lyn Levens, Professional Listings Jack Ashton, Sports Copy Editor Lyn Levens, Sports Editor Howard Sanders, Advertising Copy Olin Sherman, Cover Designer Sharon Robertson, Art Editor Miss Goodhew, Taxi Driver Olin Sherman, Taxi Driver Sam Turnbough, Taxi Driver Cecil Worthington, Taxi Driver Mrs. Harper of the Public Relations Office Mr. Jim Ryan of Modern Photography, Photography Sam Turnbough, Photography Bill Hart, Photography Mr. Charles Williams, Photography Lynn Wessell, Photography Bob Marquis, Photography Mirro-Graphic Yearbooks Thanks loads to everyone for your friendship and cooperation. lt's been fun. Lfelfyself SUPPLEMENT "April in fhe Alps" Stuffed and satisfied . . . Heiss Apel Siceru, Tossa Salam, Sfeka, Palma, Dolichos, Gravo, Roule, Caseus, Pai vidh Coseus, Quuhwe 'o Milc All College Bo nquet In honor of the Classes of '59 cmd '61 'S Heidi Uhlin enferfains Swiss Bell Ringers . . . all of us .lr ll I lv Q . vg- Scoop it in, Doctor. Prospective college students spent a day on campus with us. Typical classes, yesg but also a special after- noon chapel, a fashion show, CI base- ball game, a get-acquainted lunch, highlighted by the presentation of. . . Thornton Wilder s uOur Town" Y if X 4 . lighting crew Baseball .., A ' ,127 ' V A ' fqwx ,vmfsf T 5 995 ' ' l ,r D- President crowns Queen Judie. 13 6 The festivities were held in the Hermon Avenue Park . 'Lx -1-"9-7 '!"f Www. Moy Festival . .,, . s.-' ' Q.. adv .. , S Lum in . - -. -- .:1"" The Queen and her court: Steven Cochrane, Crownbearery Dale Lorimor, Sylvia Blowers, Sopho- more, Dennis Renich, Shirley Berkompas, Senior, Judie Cochrane, John Newell, Senior, Pat Rnhrer, Dick Blowers, Junior, Christi Cox, Flower girl, Priscilla Bogosian, Terry Burr, Freshman. Wlhe Mikado" ..Direcled by William Rearick and Virginia King The three lirlle maids from school fl" Mercy for Ko-Ko, mercy for PiMi-Sing, mercy even for Pooh-Bah. Don Bielss, Roberta Fiese, John Newell, .loner Cummings, Roger Lingren, Marilyn Royer, Dick Blowers, Shirleen Ford, Dick Caldera. School girls and nobles ,LX uf ', 1-,mv ns. Pork chops and your favorite gal AWG rcls Bonquel ..lndian Summer in Demaroy Hall iw Coach Cochrane present 'em athletic awards. 1 I- 1 xlx Chief Bill Hart l38 Mr. Harper presents pins to the retiring A.S.B. Officers. ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA AWARDS Elunne Woodruff Gary Smud derks Bob Garvm Knot pacturedI Mllton Eaton Knot plcturedI SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Avls Young Vuvlan Robertson Mar ua Seyler John Harper Tom Bownes Knot pvcturedI Eulene Wllson Knot plcturedI FACULTY RECOGNITION Mr Harper, I0 years Mvss Kung, 'I5 years, Mrs Dalton, 5 years ' ff? , Our best wishes Io the graduates TMI F 4 Science Hall Dedicotion Students and friends of the college ioined in the dedica tion of our new science hall on Alumni Day, June 6, 1959 ,Q "xo Now if I cm elected . . . Skits, speeches, posters . . . and Bud. 1,i: -I Student Body Elections Arizona herself. l.lust too good to miss.l , l I f MmRu-cR xPulL Z55fLfffffff4 GLENDALE CALIFORNIA I wf MIRR0-GRA-XPIIIC Z'f ff0f4 4336 SAN FERNANDO ROAD GLENDALE 4 CALIFORNIA WEL,- 16'-1-'4P't 1 v ' . , x X R h , ' , x N X . K X v 1 1 v ., , y Q N ' 1 1 I Q '. g Ax ,

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