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w ► ' f . . •i,r -T ' 4 78 9 e ' ;=.p ' i- V, ' SCRObh 78 9825 U oodley Hyenue bosHngeles Baptist RighSchooI SepulA;eda Calif. 91343 it ' s been such a long time II -, « i action speaks louder than words 33 » competition is tough 57 Lfji lots of different looks 95 one step closer 113 lean back and listen 1 35 2 OPENING SECTION " what is a friend? " i will fell you. If is a person wifh whom you dare fo be yourself. - Frank Crane OPENING SECTION 3 as ! stand on fhe fhreshold between two worlds fhe clouds move away I behold fhe brillianf spring sun my mind rushes like fhe flooded aprll rivers overflowing wifh f hough fs of joy i rise fo fake my place in fhe desfiny of mankind 4 OPENING SECTION sing my song fo the wide open spaces, I sing my heart out fo the Infinite sea, I sing my vision to the sky mountains, i sing my song to the free. The Who OPENINGSECTION 5 since If has been my lof fo find af every parting of the road fhe helping hand of comrade kind fo help me wifh my heavy load and since I have no gold fo give and love alone musf make amends my humble prayer Is while I live God make me worfhy of my friends V 6 OPENING SECTION i how blessed Is everyone who fears fhe Lord, who walks in hi is ways. Psalm 128:1 OPENING SECTION 7 one star differefh from another sfar, in glory. I Cor. 15:41 8 OPENING SECTION Pi: T Nv - mm you are a child of fhe universe, no less fhan fhe frees and fhe sfars, you have a righf fo be here and fo sing your song whafever if may be. anon OPENING SECTION 9 ■the love In your hearf wasn 7 put fhere fo sfay, love Isn ' f love, fil you give if away. 10 OPENING SECTION ir - ,T r-r IS IT ' S BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME SENIOR DIVISION 1 1 kiss foday goodbye . . . . . . the sweetness and the sorrow. Wish me luck, the same to you. But I can ' t regret what we did for love. Look my eyes are dry, the gift was ours to borrow. It ' s as if we always knew, and I won ' t regret what we did for love. Gone, love is never gone, as we travel on, love is what we ' ll remember. Kiss today goodbye, and point me toward tomorrow. Once again I can ' t regret what we did for love. A CHORUS LINE Many seasons have come and gone since the class of ' 78 made its debut. Some of the original cast members have been replaced by new faces. After many years of auditioning, 96 dedicated actors have been chosen for the final performance. The company can look back on fond memories from their opening back in ' 72, to the final curtain. Ti X !!! " ' Jm • ' T 1 •■i V Remember . . . . . . chicken fights at lunch. . . . Dave Martinson ' s essay on squirrel hunting in Missouri. . . . Gwendolyn and Margo alias Candy Buckberg and Lisa Mahlstedt. . . . Tony Payne and Doug Robert ' s magic show. . . . Debbie Hand and her accordian. . . . Scott Burns, Kurt Nelson, Mark Drischoll, Steve Arteaga, and Pat Harrison as cheerleaders. . . . tape recording Miss Freeman. . . . when Debbie Hand was the tallest person in the class. . . .The Red Pony . . . Mr. Redmon telling the girls to sit like ladies. . . . Kevin Wenig the jokester. . . . Miss Freeman ' s chalk marks. . . . when Shannon Meece painted her finger- nai ls with flourescent poster paint in 7th grade art. 1 . Janet Schellenberg, Cathy Stoneham, Karen Malousis, and Shannon Meece go BANANAS. ( ' 73) 2. Diligently at work on the Freshmen float are Paul O ' Bryan and Robyn Moffatt. { ' 74) 3. Debbie Hand makes her debut. ( ' 72) 4. Our 9th grade mock queen. Miss Ron Sisler. ( ' 74) 5. The 8th grade cheers on. ( ' 73) 12 SENIOR MEMORIES . . . when Mark Drischoll handcuffed Kim Miller to the closet, and the police had to come to unlock her. . " KILLER " in Mr. Micaletti ' s class. . Tom Slagle as a computer. . " COW " alias Lisa Bella . what Mendal Ide asked Mr. Kabosa? . Mr. Micaletti ' s JUNIOR BIRD MEN. . when Phil Girodi jumped off of the tower and broke his leg. . " RussGaya " . " Drano " . " Zeb " . Amy Joyce, Robyn Moffatt and the retardo phone. . eating in the bathrooms on rainy days. . when French I had a prison break and Mrs. MacKeller gave the whole class 8 ' s on their report cards. . Adolf Bessette and CAMP TYPEALONG. . Mrs. Stong, " Don ' t tell me, I read the book. " .food fights at lunch. . Ron Sisler as mock queen. . our first float, Alice in Wonderland ' s Cheshire Cat. . When Paul O ' Bryan and Mitch Davis went from table to table explaining L.A.R.B. to the customers at Farrell ' s. . when we put on the eighth grade banquet. . Stumpy, alias Miss Black. . the circus. . when we acted out ROMEO AND JULIET in 9th grade. SENIOR MEMORIES 13 . . . Kurt Nelson had straight hair . Don Katona used to flirt with Mrs. Trantafello in Life Science . . DeeDee Meyer used to flirt with Damon Damato In General Business . Becky Butler and Laura Hernan- dez wore matching clothes and afros . . . " Kong " . . . Mitchell Mouse and Minnie Marl . . . Dolly Madison alias Kyle Mattner . . . Going on lion hunt . . . Commercials in Miss Barber ' s Bible class . . . Dave Smith shot and scored at j the wrong basket .4 . . Becky Butler and Jim Cicchese got locked in the furnace room . . . Mr. Ralston vowed he would never marry. . . . Amy Joyce pushed Tom McAllister down the stairs on his crutches . . Andrea Lewis parked on the curb . . Lisa Jones brought air freshener to seventh period Spanish 2 on Fri- days . . " Skiing! " (BlakeT., Amy J., Scott , B., and Becky B.) J . . . Jeff and Dor . . . 1. Steve Hooper: Reflecting ... ' 77 2. Lisa Gosden and Sharon Hagman put the finishing touches on our Junior class float. — ' 77 3. Is that really Jodi Johnson and Kyle Mattner? — 76 4. Schman! — ' 78 5. Remember Senior tee- shirts — ' 78 6. Lisa Mahlstedt bears a snarly Senior scowl. — ' 78 14 SENIOR MEMORIES HOPPER SHOP EQUIPMENT SALES 714 — 827-8380 8260 Cerntos . . . Debbie Hand came to school with a roller In her hair . . . The Senior girls canned two underclassmen for walking on the Senior Patio . " The Almost Women ' s Club " . Senior tee-shirts . Mr. Mangnall ' s " learning experi- ence " . Silly Sally jokes at Sr. Breakfast . Being Seniors and enjoying life . Senior Breakfast at LuLu ' s? . When we never won the float . Senior Dress-up days . Leslie Tollefson teaching Mr. Smidderks to Greek dance . The four Musketeers and Our French Maid . Mandy Fredrick frizzed her hair for Spirit Day (along with others!) . Earl the Squirrel? . Reigning over the Senior Patio . Frisbee finesse at lunch . 6th period " Comedy Hour " . " Britt " and Kurt — philosophers? . Jenny and Sande kidnapping Mr. Loy and taking him to Senior Break- fast . . .CAMPERS!!! . . . " Buuuuwoooop!!! . . . " Mom " SENIOR MEMORIES 15 Senior Class Officers From Top to Bottom: Sponsors — Mrs. Buckley, Mr. Mangnall, Mr. Loy. Vice President — Blake Thomas; Comm. of Social Activities — Debbie Dunham; Historian — Lisa Gosden; Chaplain — Mark Sherrill; Treasurer — Sande Carter; Secretary — Sue Hatch; President — Steve Hooper. 16 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS I.TIMOTHY KEVIN ALLEESON — ' Fuzz, " ■T. K, • Prov. 18:2 Yearbook Staff (12). Out to Lunch Band, Senior Breakfast. 2. KAREN LYNETTE ANDERSON — -Kar, " ' Smaren ■ Rom. 8:28 Choir (9), Spiritual Life Cooim. (11, 1 2), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comnn. (11), Senior Breakfast. 3. MARK RICHARD ANDERSON — " M. A. " , •Splitpea, " Psalms 100:1 5 Football (9), Track (11, 12), Drama (12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Stage Crew (10-12), Baseball Stats (10), Senior Breakfast. 4. PAUL RICHARD ARNOLD — ' Q Tip, ■ Amos 3:1 Sen lor Breakfast. 5. LORI JEAN AUSTIN — " Laustin, " " Pinhead, " I Cor. 13 C.S.F. (12), Choir (12), Gymnastics (9), Drama (10 ■ 12), Senior Breakfast. 6. PIERRE WALTER BAIN — " Frenchie, " " Flying French- man, " Rev. 1:3 Track (12), Spiritual Life Comm. (12), Senior Breakfast. D. W. ALLEESON T.V. 1324 Cole Ave. 4692690 SENIOR PORTRAITS 17 1. BRITTON BARNES BANOWSKY — " Kitten, " " Gru- bler, " John 1 1 :35 Football (9 ' 12), Basketball (9 - 12), Baseball (10 ■ 12), Class V. P. (9), Golf (10). 2. PATRICIA ANN BLAKE — " Patti, " Phil. 1:9-1 1 Choir(12), Drama (10), Senior Breakfast. 3. STEVEN CHARLES BLEIER — " Rocky, " " Flash, " " Steve-Stunning " Basketball (10 - 12), Baseball (12), Student Assembly (10 - 12), C.S.F. (10, 12), Yearbook Staff (12), Dress Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 4. CANDACE JEAN BUCKBERG — " Candy, " " Buckyberger, " Heb. 12:1-2 C.S.F. (10-11), G.S.C. (10-12), Yearbook Staff (12), Drama (10), Spiritual Life Comm. (10-12), Writer ' s Club (9), Senior Breakfast. 5. DAVID SCOTT BURNS — " Bolo, " " Grubs, " " Scotty " Football (9-12), Track (9-12), Baseball (9), Student Assembly (9- 12), Class Pres. (9), Band (12), Senior Breakfast. 6. REBECCA LYNN BUTLER — " Becky, " " Big B, " II Tim. 4:12 Yearbook Editor (12), Student Assembly (9-12), Yearbook Staff (11, 12), Gymnastics (9), Drama (10), Cheer- leader (9- 1 2), Baseball Stat Girl (9), Senior Breakfast. y G. A. BUTLER CONSULTING — Pattern Recognition, Data 18 SENIOR PORTRAITS 1 . SANDRA ELAINE CARTER — " Sande, " " Mom, " II Cor. 12:9 10 Student Assembly ( 1 1 , 1 2), C.S. F. ( 1 0- 1 2), Class Treasurer ( 1 2), G.S.C. ( 1 0), Yeartxjok Staff (12), Gymnastics (9, 10, 12), Drama (10), Spiritual Life Comm. (11, 12), PomPon (9, 10), Cheerleader (11, 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 2. JAMES VITO CICCHESE — " Jim, " " Jim Bob, " l Cor 13:1 8 Student Assembly (1 1), Class Treasurer (10), C.S.F. (9, 10), Yearbook Staff (1 1, 12), Drama (10), Spiritual Life Comm. (1 1, 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (1 1), Senior Breakfast. 3. WILLI HARALD COELER — " Dr. Ray, " Galatians 2:20 Baseball (10), Senior Breakfast. " Mindy, " " Min, " Rom. 4. MELINDA JEAN CROWELL 8:28 Class Sec. (10), Class V. P. ( 1 1 ), Gymnastics (9, 12), Drama (10), Cheerleader (9, 10), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (1 1), Senior Break- fast. 5. JEFFREY COLEN DAVIDSON — " Heff, " " Heffrey, " Luke 1 5:23 Football (9- 1 2), Track (9, 1 0), Golf (9), Senior Breakfast. 6. MITCHELL CLARK DAVIS — " Mitch, " " Larb, " Psalms 23:1 Football (9- 12), Choir (10), Baseball (10-12), Senior Breakfast. Analysis, Stock Selection, Economic Forecasting 475 Selby Atherton, 94025 SENIOR PORTRAITS 19 1 . DANA LAURIE DENNIS — " D. D., " Prov. 3:5, 6 Choir (1 1 ), Drama (1 1). 2. JENNIFER ANNE DRUMMOND — ' Jenny, " John 3:16 Drama(12). 3. DEBBY DUNHAM — ■Dod Head, " " Dubby Denham, " Rev. 3:20 Girls ' Volleyball (9-12), Girls ' Basketball (9, 1 1), Girls ' Softball (9, 10), Student Assembly (10, 1 1), Class Social Chrmn ( 1 2), Chronicle Staff ( 1 1 ), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 4. MELODY ANNE EELLS — " Meiio, " Phil 2:1-4 Girls ' Volleyball (9), Student Assembly (10, 1 1), Class Sec. (11), C.S.F. (11, 12), Spiritual Life Comm. (11, 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (1 1), Senior Breakfast. 5. KATHERINE FINNER — " Kath. " Matt. 28:20 C.S.F. (10), Spiritual Life Comm. (11), Flags (12). 6. KAREN ANN FLANIGAN — " Flan, " " Kar " Student Assembly (11, 12), Drama (11, 12), Pom-Pon (11), Cheerleader (12) Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Baseball Water Girl (1 1), Senior Breakfast. 20 SENIOR PORTRAITS 1. MANDY ANN FREDRICK — Man, 18:27 Girls ' Softball (1 1), Choir (12), Senior Breakfast. •Spam, " Luke 2. BROOKS GARNER FRIEND — Prov. 10;14 Stage Crew ( 1 0), Senior Breakfast. 3. DENICE JOAN GERLACH — • Bonn. 8:28 Football Water Girl (9, 1 0), Senior Breakfast Niecy-Poo. " ■Dino, ' 4. LISA ANN GOSDEN — -Hippity-Hoppitv,- •Smiley,- Phil. 4:4-7 Girls " Volleyball (10-12), Girls ' Basketball (10), Girls ' Track (10), Class Hist. (12), Chronicle Editor (12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 5. " Free Enterprise, " Ecc. 12:8 C.S.F. (10 12). 6. DEBORAH DIANNE HAND — Zeb, " Rom. 8:28 Girls ' Softball (9), Class Social Chrmn. (11), G.S.C. (12), Gymnastics (9), Drama (9, 12), Spiritual Life Comm (12), Cheerleader (10 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (1 1), Football Stat Girl (9), Accreditation Comm. (11), Dress Comm. (1 1), Senior Breakfast. SENIOR PORTRAITS 21 1 . ANDRINA G. HANSON — " Drano, " James 1:6 Girls ' Volleyball (9-12), Girls ' Basketball (9-11), Girls ' Softball (9- 10), Drama (1 1), Senior Breakfast. 2. GARY FREDRIK HANSON — " Hand, • " D. R, " l John 9:78 Football (11, 12), Student Assembly (11), Band (12), Senior Breakfast. 3. SUSAN ELAINE HATCH — ' Sue " Track (12), Student Assembly (10), Class Sec. (12), Choir (12), Drama (11), Spiritual Life Comm. (11, 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (1 1), Senior Breakfast. 4. STEPHEN RODRICK HOOPER — Psalms 37:1-5 Football (10), Basketball (9, 11), Class Pres. (12), Yearbook Staff (11, 12), Ski Club (9, 10), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (1 1), Senior Breakfast. 5. WILLIAM ALLEN HORNING III — " Bill " Basketball (9-12), Ski Club(9, 10), Golf (9). 6. LOWELL GEORGE HOUGHTON — " BigLuv " Band(10-12),StageCrew(12), Senior Breakfast. BLAKE JEWELERS 1 7708 Chatsworth 363 1083 22 SENIOR PORTRAITS 1 . MENDAL KEITH IDE — " Joe, " Prov. 15:28 Golf (9, 1 1 ), Ski Club (9), Basketball Team Manager (9), Senior Breakfast. 2. JEFFERY WAYNE JOHNSONN — -Heffery. • -Scratch- Basketball (n, 12), Baseball (11, 12), C.S.F. (10-12), Senior Breakfast. 3. LISA YVONNE JONES — -Jonesie,- Rom. 8:38 39 Girls ' Track (10-12), Girls ' Basketball (10, 11), Girls ' Softball (10), Student Assembly (12), Choir (12), Senior Breakfast. 4. AMY MARIE JOYCE — -Amos, " " A. J., " Prov. 3:5, 6 Girls ' Volleyball (9-12), Girls ' Basketball (10-12), Girls ' Softball (9-12), Comm. of Public Relations (11), A.S.B. V. Pres. (12), Stu dent Assembly (9-12), Class Pres. (10), C.S.F. (9-12), Chronicle Staff (12), Choir (1 1, 12), Drama (10, 12), Spiritual Life Comm. (9), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 5. KENT WILCOX KEATING — " Bent. " " Benji " Basketball (101 2), Yearbook Staff ( 1 2), Senior Breakfast. 6. LINDA SUE KLEIN — " Klein, " Gal. 2:20 Girls ' Track (11), Student Assembly (11), C.S.F. (10-12), Choir (12), Senior Breakfast. J. W. Keating, Ex. Mgr. GAL. WATER RES. ASSOC. 245 E. Olive " Use Water Wisely " SENIOR PORTRAITS 23 1. KENNETH GEORGE KLEINFELTER II — ■Kiiney. " ■Ken. ' ball (9- 1 2), Baseball (9 1 2), Stage Crew (10 1 2), Senior Breakfast. Psalms 129:1 8 Football (9, 10), Basket- 2. PAULA LOUISE KOPPENHAVER — G S.C. (12), Gymnastics (9, 10), Pom-Pon (9, Breakfast. ■Kopi, " " P.K., ' Prov. 3:4-6 10), Basketball Stat Girl (12), Baseball Water Girl (10), Senior 3. ANDREA LEE LEWIS — ■Ang, " Squirt, " Psalms 3 Girls ' Volleyball (11), Class Social Chrmn. (9), G.S.C. (10), Choir (10, 11), Drama (10, 11), Spiritual Life Comm. (11,12), Cheerleader (9, 1 0), Football Stat Girl ( 1 2), Baseball Water Girl (9), Senior Breakfast. 4. ANDREA MARIA MADRID — " Angie, " " Andy " G.S.C. (12), Gymnastics (9, 10), Drama (12), Senior Breakfast. 5. LISA ANNE MAHLSTEDT — -Beak, " -Cookie, " I Cor. 13:4 7 Yearbook Staff (11, 12), Choir (10), Gymnastics (9), Drama (9), Senior Breakfast. 6. KAREN LYNN MALOUSIS — -Malou li, " " Kar, • Phil. 4:13 Girls ' Volleyball (11, 12), Girls ' Softball (1 1, 1 2), Student Assem- bly (9, 10, 12), Class Sec. Treas. (9), G.S.C. (10), Chronicle Staff (12), Choir (10, 11), Drama (10-12), Cheerleader (9, 10), Senior Breakfast. In Memory of MAHLSTEDT ' S MARKET SENIOR PORTRAITS 24 1 . PAUL WAYNE MARRIOTT — ■Hotel. " I John 4:7, 8 Basketball (9, 10, 12), Baseball (912), Comm. of Athletics and Awards (11), Student Assembly (10, 11), C.S.F. (11, 12), Drama (10), Spiritual Life Comm. (9), Dress Comm. (11), Senior Break- fast. 2. DAVID EARL MARTINSON Band (9, 10, 12). " Marty, " " Chipper " 3. KYLE LINDSEY MATTNER — " Ky " Football (10, 11), Basketball (9, 10, 12), Baseball (9-12), Track (10), X-Country (9), A.S.B. Pres. (12), Student Assembly (9, 11, 12), Class V. P. (10), Class Pres. (1 1), Yearbook Staff (12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Accreditation Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 4. THOMAS EDWARD McALLISTER — ior Breakfast. ■Tree, " " Mc Cal Pal " Student Assembly (11), Drama (12), Sen 5. STEVEN JAY McBEE — ' Jay, ' Col. 3:12 15 C.S.F. (10-12), Senior Breakfast . 6. KRISTEN CHAPMAN McCRAY — ■Kris, " John 3:16 Student Assembly (10), Choir (12), Drama (1 1, 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. SENIOR PORTRAITS 25 1. LUCINDA DAWN McLELLAN — ' Simba, " •Cindy, " i Cor. 13:4-8 Pom-Pon (10), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 2. SHANNON LEE MEECE — " Shan, " Rom. 8:28 Girls ' Volleyball (10, 11), Student Assembly (9), Class Social Chrmn. (10), G.S.C (10), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (1 1), Basketball Stat Girl (9), Football Water Girl (11,12), Senior Breakfast. 3. DIANA DEE MEYER — " DeeDee, " " Big D, " I Cor. 13:4 7 Girls ' Softball (10), Drama(IO), Senior Breakfast. 4. ROBIN ELIZABETH MOFFATT — " Bobbyn, " -Rob, " l Cor. 13:13 Student Assembly (10), Gymnastics (9), Drama (9, 12), Spiritual Life Comm. (11, 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 5. KURT EDWARD NELSON — " Kurtie, " " Nels " Football (10-12), Basketball (9), Track (10, 12), X-Coun- try (9), Ski Club (9), Senior Breakfast. 6. DARLA RAE OAK — " Shortstop, " Prov. 17:9 Student Assembly (1 1), G.S.C. (9-12), Choir (12), Band (9, 10), Pom-Pon (10), Cheerleader (11), Football Water Girl (12), Senior Breakfast. SENIOR PORTRAITS 26 1 . PAUL ANDREW O ' BRYAN — " O. B, " " Obi wan kenobi ' Student Assembly (9. 10), Band(12), Senior Breakfast. Football (9- 1 2), Track (1 0-12), Baseball (11), 2. WENDY LOUISE PAULS — " Buck Girl, " " Wendle, " " Wendalynn, " Phil: 1;20 21, Choir (1 1, 12), Band (9, 10, 12), Spiritual Life Comm. (11. 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Basketball Stat Girl (12), Senior Break fast. 3. FRED ANTHONY PAYNE — " Tony, " " Pony, " " Ynotenyap, " Isaiah 6:10 Football (9 12), Track (1 1), Band (1 1), Dranna (10, 12), Senior Breakfast. 4. GUSTAVO RAYA — " Chewy, " " RusGaya, " Rom. 8:31 Football (10-1 2), Track (9, 1 0), X-Country (9), Student Assembly (9, 10), Accreditation Comm. (1 1). Senior Breakfast. 5. KATHLEEN SUSAN REED Pom-Pon (11), Senior Breakfast. " Kathy, " Drama (12), 6. JANET LYNNE REHART — Gymnastics (9 11), Drama (12). CROWN MANUFACTURING 8638 Darby Ave. 886-3172 SENIOR PORTRAITS 27 1 . JENNIFER LYNN REINKE — -Rinkie, " Phil. 2:1 8 Comm. of Finance (12), Student Assembly (1 1, 12). C.S.F. (9-12), Yearbook Staff ( 1 2), Pom-Pon(IO), G.A.A. Stat Girl (1 0- 1 2), Senior Breakfast. 2. ROBERT WILLIAM REYNOLDS — " Rob, " -Maniac, " John 3: 16. Football (9 1 1 ). Baseball (9, 11, 12), Track (10, 1 2), Drama (1 1), Senior Breakfast. 3. DOUGLAS GEORGE ROBERTS — " Doug, " Phil. 4. Track (9), XCountr (9), C.S.F. (10 12), Senior Breakfast. 4. SUSAN ANNE ROGERS — " Sue- Girls ' Volleyball (11), Girls ' Softball (10), Student Assembly (11), Drama (10), Senior Breakfast. 5. CINDY SALDANA — " Cind, " l Cor. 2:9. G.A.A. (12), Spiritual Life Comm. (11), Flags (1 2). 6. JANET KAYE SCHELLENBURG — " Schmanet, • ■Schell, ■ Psalms 23 Baseball Stat Girl (11), Baseball Water Girl (11, 12), Football Water Girl (12), Senior Breakfast. 28 SENIOR PORTRAITS THE MARBLE FACTORY 7857 Burnet 892-5765 1. KAREN LYNN SCHRADER — " Schrade. " " Kong, " I Cor. 13:4-7 Girls ' Volleyball (10-12), Girls ' Basketball (10-12), Girls ' Softball (10-12), Choir (11), Drama (10, 11), Flags (11), Senior Break- fast. 2. JULIE COLLEEN SCOTT — " Jules, " Phil. 4: 13 Girls ' Softball (12), Choir (12), Drama (1 1), Pom-Pon (11), Senior Breakfast. 3. PETER JOHN SHAMPAY — " Pete, ' -PoJo " Football (9, 10, 1 2), Baseball (9, 12), Student Assembly (12), Ski Club (9), Senior Breakfast. 4. LAURA JEAN SHEARIN — " " Jeannie, " I Thess. 5:16-18. G.S.C. (10), Choir (11), Spiritual Life Comm. (12), Pom-Pon (9, 10), Senior Breakfast. 5. MARK LEE SHERRILL — " Marcas, " " P. K., " I John 1:9 Football (10-12), Basketball (9), Track (9-12), Class Chap. (12), Drama (11), Spiritual Life Comm. (11, 12), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Stage Crew (12), Senior Breakfast. 6. RONALD LEE SISLER — " Chisler, " " Prince of Wales, " I Tim. 2:5, 6 Football (9-11), Basketball (9, 11, 12), Baseball (9-12), Student Assembly (12), Drama (11), Spiritual Life Comm. (9), Stage Crew ( 1 0), Dress Comm. ( 1 0), Senior Breakfast. BEARD ' S WEDDING CAKE AND BAKER ' S SUPPLIES 15421 RayenSt. 892-3825 SENIOR PROTRAITS 29 1 . THOMAS DOWNS SLAGLE — " Slum Tagle, " Psalms 117:1-2 Yearbook Staff (11), Stage Crew (9- 1 1 ). 2. ALAN RICHARD SMITH — " Ape, " Prov. 13:12 Chronicle Staff (1 1,12), Golf (11), Senior Breakfast. 3. DAVE ALAN SMITH — -Dave, " " Bernle, " I John 1:9 Basketball (10-12), Baseball (10), X-Country (11, 12), Student Assembly (10), C.S.F. (10), Senior Breakfast. 4. DOREEN CAROL SMITH — " Dor, " I Cor. 13 Class Tres. (11), Pom-Pon(IO), Jr. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Football Stat Girl (11,12), Senior Breakfast. 5. MICHAEL JAMES SMITH — " Mike, " Yearbook Staff (11, 12), Basketball (10), Basketball Team Man- ager(ll). _ . , 6. MARC! ANNE STANG — " Big Mac, " " Dimples, " I Cor. 13:4-8. Senior Breakfast. 30 SENIOR PORTRAITS 1 . RANDY LEE STATTON — " Stratton, " Prov. 3:1-6. Golf (12), Senior Breakfast. 2. LANCE KEVIN STEVENS — " Lancers, " " Lance-Romance. " Prov. 9:17. Football (11), Track (10-1 2). 3. FARAH GEOVANNA ELIZABETH STIPKOVICH — " Farah-Out, " Girls ' Track (10), Girls ' Volleyball ( 1 0), Ski Club (9), J r. Sr. Banquet Comm. (11), Senior Breakfast. 4. CATHERINE STONEHAM — " Cathy, " Rom. 8:28. G.S.C. (10), Senior Breakfast. 5. DENNIS LEE STOVER — -Stove- Track (9-12), X-Country (9-12), Yearbook Staff (10, 12), Senior Breakfast. 6. BLAKE CHARLES THOMAS — " Flake, " Luke 2:8-14 Football (10-12), Track (10-12), Class V.P. (12), Chronicle Staff (11, 12), Senior Breakfast. THE KLAVIER MUSIC STUDIO 10200 Mason 886-8479 Delma Schlabach SENIOR PORTRAITS 31 1 . LESLIE BETH KTOLLEFSON — ' Les, " l John 1 :9. Girls ' Track (10, 1 1 ), Girls ' Volleyball (1 1). 2. DAVID SCOTT WALKER — " Big Boy, ■ Psalms 117. Football (1 1, 12), Senior Breakfast. 3. DAVID BISHOPP V ATSON II — " Dave, " Psalms 12 Football (11,12), Basketball (9, 1 0), Baseball ( 1 0), Student Assembly (1 0), Ski Club (9), Senior Breakfast. 4. JOHN GREGORY WHITE — " Greg- Football (11,12), Basketball (9), X-Country (9), Ski Club (9), Sen- ior Breakfast. 5. KENNETH RAY WILLIAMS — " Ken, " " Special K.- John 8:32 Basketball (11, 12), C.S.F. (1 1, 12), Choir(1 1, 12), Senior Break- fast. 6. ROY LEWIS WILLIAMS — " Cowboy, " Prov 18:24 Stage Crew (9, 10, 1 2), Senior Breakfast. 32 SENIOR PORTRAITS ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS ' vx. - i C V UNKi ' t.. V. Tr . 7?v ACTIVITY DIVISION 33 kyle communlcafes My years at L.A.B. have been a ful- filling experience. I have played base- ball, basketball, and football, and par- ticipated in student government. The climax of it all was being elected Stu- dent Body President. School Spirit, campus unity, and improved student- faculty-administrative communica- tions were goals the student council and I set to achieve this year. Throughout the year noticable improvements have been made in these areas. A successful accredita- tion has boosted our moral and our school spirit, creating a relaxed atmosphere on campus. With the help of Mr. Lewis as my advisor, and stu- dent assembly, the council has been able to put together a successful and enjoyable year. The office of Presi- dent has enabled me to do things for a school that has helped me in spiritual growth; as well as given me many great memories. 1. Ye or Pres 2. Talking with friends about campus issues. 3. Mr. Lewis, Council Advisor. I fe 34 PRESIDENTS PAGE e W™; " 9 oU,,„, M W4 1 H 1 - 9 V H L H ■k " r T " t ' mi r 4 ■ " 1 1 iSsbNI BuN R i . i 0 Although this year ' s Student Coun- cil was an inexperienced group with only one returning member, the year got off to a good start under the lead- ership of Kyle Mattner, President. The council worked amazingly well together after just a few meetings with everybody contributing Ideas and dis- cussing school concerns. Kyle Mattner presided at the meetings with Mr. Don Lewis at his side. With the help of his trusty gavel he kept the council in line and on the subject. Because of this determination, many new topics were discussed. As his right hand was Vice Presi- dent Amy Joyce, who presided at stu- dent assembly meetings, attended to their elections, and the A.S.B. elec- tions, provided many creative ideas pertaining to the events of the year. Secretary Wendy Herman took extensive r.otes on the happenings in the council meetings, and contributed greatly to the council ' s needs. Jill Johnson ran the job of Social Activities with great enthusiasm. The activities of the year were filled with fun and excitement and many new ideas were presented for Homecoming Week. Jill also had an added responsibility in the formation of the intramural volleyball program. Bob Burns was this year ' s Commis- sioner of Public Relations. His job was to publicize all of the school ' s activi- ties; whether it be on posters, bulletin boards, or in local newspapers. Once the activities got rolling, so did Bob, doing a superb job the whole year. The commissioner of Athletics was Tom De Vries. His responsibility concerned the budgeting for all athletic events, appearances at the various Athletic Banquets, and working on the Intra- mural volleyball program. Jenny Reinke was in charge of keeping the financial records for the Student Body and handling the busi- ness of the Student Store. With her perserverance and ability with num- bers, the financial year went well. Finally for the Historical category, the y Yearbook Editor, Becky Butler com- bined her many talents and sugges- tions to oversee the 1977 Scroir78. 1. The Vice President speaks. 2. W. Herman, P. Burns, J. Reinke, B. Butler, J. Johnson, A. Joyce, K. Mattner, P. Burns, T. Leighton, D. Lewis. Not pictured: T. De Vries. 3. Jenny gives her view. 4. An enthusiastic bunch. STUDENT COUNCIL 35 1. Amy Joyce, Vice President, explains to Assembly members the workings of L.A. Bap- tist-style democracy. 2. " Make sure it ' s all down correctly, Sande. " 3. Second semester secre- tary, Katie Walker. 4. Second semester Assem- bly memebers. 5. First semester members. 6. Karen and Jan enrapt in the discussion. voice of fhe classes Student Assembly allows students to sample democracy at work — a bit of oligrachy and bureaucracy as well — and to function as a subsidiary of Student Council. Class representatives are chosen each semester by class voting. Newly elected representatives meet with their advisor and the Student Council. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Don Lewis was advisor, but later. Principal Gary Smidderks assumed the posi- tion. Prior to Student Assembly meet- ings, representatives gather various suggestions and problems from among their classmates; these consti- tute the agenda for the meetings, which are led by Student Council Vice President, Amy Joyce. The sugges- tions are heard and problems are dis- cussed. Student Council then follows up by further discussing possibilities at their next meeting. Student Assembly exists for the voice of the masses at L.A.B. to be heard. 36 STUDENT ASSEMBLY cerebral s.f rivers f.are L.A. Baptist ' s branch of the Califor- nia Scholarship Federation (C.S.F., a state recognized organization for out- standing academic acheivers) flour- ished once again on campus. The group, sponsored by Mrs. MacKellar, functions as an aid to the student body by providing tutorial services throughout the year. C. S.F. members volunteer their academic abilities on a semester basis to help their peers through courses they have previously taken. The ' big events ' for members to participate in are a fall conference where students may attend various academic seminars, and t he spring trip to the " Wonderful World of Dis- ney, " California style. 1. Second semester C.S.F. members. 2. Presi- dent, Doug Roberts, hitting those books. 3. Sponsor, Mrs. MacKellar. 4. Student tutoring in action. 5. First semester C.S.F. members. Heather ' s Hair Studio 10648 Sepulveda, Mission Hills 3653531 C.S.F. ' 37 reach out and touch The purpose of the Spiritual Life Committee is to set an example for the student body, to assist in special pro- jects such as the Christmas and Easter projects, and most importantly to represent Christ on campus. This year the Spiritual Life Committee had wide student participation. There was a new sub-committee this year: The Executive Committee, composed of Mark Sherrill ' , Melody Eells, and Julie Mears, assisted Pam Burns, and Miss Black throughout the year. The committee also began organiz- ing a Big Brother-Big Sister program in which Senior High students befriend Junior High students. Through this discipleship program the committee hopes to unite the lower and upperclassmen this year and in the future. The hope of the committee during the ' 77- ' 78 school year was to create a commitment to Christ in stu- dents which will become stronger each year. 1. Top Row: K. Walker, P. Bain, B. Blake, W. Herman, M. Sherrill, J. Cicchese, S. Bragg, K. Heath, L. McAllister, D. Ratzlaff, B. Friend, D. Miiaskanian, H. Eberhard, F. Feliz, T. DeVries, C. Guderjahn, M. Eells, V. Baker, L. Graden, L. Sutherland. Middle Row: Miss Black, F. Baugh, L. Herring, W. Gatineau, C. Stoneham, J. Linton, P. Gilger, T. Avara, S. Davis, K. Anderson, J. Miller, J. Johnson, J. Harmeling, R. Burns, J. Bongard, P. Burns. Bottom Row: J. Mears, E. Williams, T. Baugh, J. Achilles, S. Jones, L. Ben- nett, L. Shearin, C. Buckberg, S. Carter, P. Rohrbacher. 2. Chairman Pam Burns and Miss Black. 3. The new Executive Committee. 4. Pam delivers Monday morning devotions. 38 SPIRITUAL LIFE come I Holy Spirit This year ' s chapel programs were designed to present Chris- tian principles which the stu- dents could apply in their own lives. Ron Walters spoke during Spiritual Emphasis Week, pres- enting his topic, " YOU, " to the student body. Ron Beams and Jan Lutz spoke, along with alumni Scott Freeman and Jay St. Clair. Students also enjoyed Chris- tian films and student faculty chapels. The Choir presented musical chapels several times. Mr. Herman, this year ' s Chapel Coordinator, tried to cre- ate more worshipful chapels which focused on personal appli- cation. 1 . Scott Freeman sings for student body. 2-5. The different faces of Ron Walters. 6. Jan Lutz makes a point. 7. Chioir performs Tfianksgiving Cfiapel. J V L- l CHAPELS 39 . scroll wars Putting a yearbook together takes a dedicated staff that is willing to experi- ence a lot of pressure, long hours, team work and frustration to achieve the satisfaction of a quality yearbook. Each staff member specialized in the area of photography, writing or art. Mr. Loy, our advisor this year, was particular about what went in and showed great concern for uniformity. Steve Hooper, photography editor, was in charge of the photography staff, and did an excellent job. Jim Cicchese served as assistant editor and shared much of the respon- sibility. In closing, I want to thank my staff for being cooperative. Each and every one of you has a special meaning to me. Scroll ' 78 could not have been done without your combined efforts and hard work. Respectfully, Becky Butler Editor-ln-Chief 1. 0- ijd ?,» Scroll 78 Staff. 2. Staff members fiard at work. 3. Editors: Steve Hooper, Becky Butler, j Jim Cicchese, 4. Scroll ' 78 faculty advisor: Mr- Scott Loy, 6,KentKeat ing works on a new lay- out. i M 40 SCROLL STAFF I hot off the presses Despite being short Jianded again this year, the Chroniclestaff strove to maintain quality news coverage and to promote school spirit. Mr. Rogers helped immensely by donating the back practice room of Room 221 to the staff, since Room 1 30 was too busy. The Chronicle editor was Lisa Gos- den and assistant editor was Amy Joyce. Karen Malousis covered chap- els, assemblies, and general report- ing. Paul ShampayTeported on Jayvee sports while Frank Feliz covered Frosh games and wrote special features. Dave Barnes contributed with graph- ics and photography. Special thanks to those not enrolled in the class — Alan Smith, Varsity Sports Reporter, Randy Statton and Ron Sisler, photog- raphers. The faculty advisor was Mrs. Buck- ley who inspired the staff to unimagin- able feats, such as working till 10 p.m. for one week straight. 1. Cronicle staff: Back Row: Left to Right: Paul Shampay, Lisa Gosden, Allen Smith, Dave Barns, Randy Statton. Front Row: Left to Right: Frank Feliz, Karen N lalousis, Amy Joyce, Ron Sisler. 2. Amy Joyce types a hot story. 3. Are those the Funnies Frank Feliz? 4. Lisa Gosden reviews the Senior Sketches. 5. All right Mrs. Buckley, lets get it done now! CHRONICLE 41 sound of music As Mr. Rodgers returned to direct the choir for the second year at L.A.B., he brought back with him some new ideas and changes. Hopefully these new goals would enable him to pro- vide the enlarged choir, consisting of mostly freshmen and sophomores with a greater repertoire. Some of their most memorable per- formances were; the Thanksgiving and Christmas chapels, the Fine Arts ' Spring Festival, and the favorite, the musical, " The Apostle. " The goal that the Music Department set as their first priority, was to share the Lord and His teachings througfh a musical media. This proved to be a rewarding and worthwhile achievement by one of our most successful music groups at L.A.B. 3i ' r ; firiac:. -ijiea r- ' Choir: Top Row: D. Duncan, J. Botts, J. Biggar, S. Hatch, S. Moomaw, K. Williams, D. Minaska- nian, K. McCray, J. Brooks, D. Turner, T. Hall. Middle Row: L. Bedrosian, W. Gatineau, M. Cox, L. Jensen, T. Avard, L. Jones, P. Blake, H. Edmondson, D. Oak, M. Fredrick, A. Joyce, J. Scott, W. Pauls, Mr. Rodgers, Front Row: K. Li, E. Anderson, D. Hosokawa, R. Webb, S. Searles, M. Green, C. Cutler, K. Miller, J. Cunningham, D. Van Roy. ■« J 1. Take it away Mr. Rodgers! 2. Sing along with the choir. 3. " A one and a two and a . . . 4. Ten- ors and altos harmonize. 5. Two are better than one. 42 CHOIR beauHful The band and choir have grown sig- nificantly here on campus in both their size and regular contributions to campus activities. The Band consisted of twenty-three members who were mostly freshmen and sophomores. This high ratio of lower classmen encourages Mr. Rodgers as he looks forward to several experienced band members returning in the future years. noise The band this year has added cam- pus support by playing at the football and basketball games and in addition they have enhanced many campus activities and assemblies, notably — the Thanksgiving and Christmas chapels, the Fine Arts ' Spring Festival, and also In the musical, " The Apos- tle. ' ' Throughout the year the band and Mr. Rodgers expressed their desire to glorify God through the dis- play of their fine talents. 1. Come blow your horn! 2. " . . . Let ' s see, was that a B flat or A sharp? " 3. Look our Ringo Star, here I come! 4. Don ' t lose your lip on me! 5. Lowell, come up for air! Band: Top Row: D. Settles, R. Salibury, G. Baker, D. Rozar. Middle Row: Mr. Rodgers, D. Staples, J, Thomas, D. Martinson, J. Blanton, L. Houghton, J. Achilles. Bottom Row: J. Cunning- ham, S. Burns, W. Pauls, B. Simmonds, J. ' Wern, J. Pike, L. Blanton. BAND 43 - ■: , serving is love . . The Girls ' Service Club enjoyed an active year under the leadership of Mrs. Budd and Miss Barber. They per- severed in sisterly love with their main projects of delivering birthday cards and cakes to patients in the V.A. hos- pital, ushering at school functions, and decorating for«Sports Banquets. The girls also made box lunches for teachers and filled Christmas stock- ings for the Red Cross. Their main goal this year was to develop an attitude of service fash- ioned after the example set by Jesus in John 13:14,15 which reads, " If I then, I Your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, ye also ought to wash one another ' s feet. For example ! have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you. " King James Version. 1. Shirley Jones brings up an idea as Marnee Hall listens. 2. Melody Eells conducts a meeting. 3. Officers: Mrs. Budd, Melody Eells, Candy Buckberg, Miss Barber, Wren Gatineau, and Wendy Herman. 4. Cristal Guderjahn, Wren Gatmeau, Lynn Herring, and Jeannie Pavey work on Christmas stockings for the Red Cross. 44 GIRLS ' SERVICE CLUB World Witness Evangelism Inc. 1 00 Thousand Oaks (805) 495-0010 dress commlffee With an equal ratio of students to teachers, the Dress Committee spent many lunch periods ' reaching decisions on the problems of student ' s dress, the committee ' s aim was to maintain and represent L.A.B. ' s standards of neatness, modesty, and appropriateness. While in its sixth year of existence, the Dress Committee successfully gave students an active voice in school policy. stage crew The Stage Crew, under the direction of Mr. McCollum, were responsible for arranging the bleachers and setting up equipment in the gym for chapels and various multi-media presenta- tions. Mark Anderson and Ken Klein- felter usually shared all audio work, and Roy Williams was in charge of lighting effects. However, these responsibilities were shared by the entire crew throughout the year as they learned the numerous technical responsibilities that go on behind the scenes of a stage production. 1. Dress Committee: Top Row: Mr. Magnall, Mrs. Makela, Miss Barber, Mr. Ley. Bottom Row: Jan Miller, Jim Botts, Karen Holcomb, and Tom Devries. 3. Stage Crew: Mark Sherrill, Jeff Schneider, Mark Anderson, Mr. McCollum, Ken Kleinfelter, Roy Williams, Dave Watson, and Keith Ammerman. 2. Mr. Loy and Mrs. Makela confer with student. 4. Roy Williams works the lights. DRESS COMMITTEE STAGE CREW 45 ' m ' ' i m mp iV ' V . ' f yff shining sfars The Drama Department works year- round developing stage presence, characterization, and interpretation under the direction of Mrs. Malousis and Mr. Ralston. The students per- formed several productions in the seclusion of their own classrooms, notably, satires on commercials and game shows, improvisations, and pan- tomime. As the year progressed the young Thespians performed various plays using both original scripts and those previously produced by the theatrical world. The highlight of the theatrical year was performing in the Spring Fine Arts Festival. Perhaps some lucky students of Drama 1 and 2 in future years will be able to look back on their days in Drama Class and think of the high school preparation that helped lead to their big break. 1. Drama I — 1978. 2. Cristal Guderjahn intently studies a scene. 3. Mrs. Malousis makes a dramatic " point. " 4. Drama II — 1978. 5. Tony Payne does a jig. 6. Kristan, Conny, and Amy ham it up. 46 DRAMA life wifh father This year the Drama Department presented " Life With Father. " The play centered around the Day Family and their plight to baptize the family Patriarch, Mr. Day. Written By: Howard Lindsey and Rus- sell Crouse. Adapted from the book written by Clarence Day. Cast of Characters: Tony Payne, Karen Malousis, Keith Ammerman, Jim Harmeling, Bob Leyton, Mark Stang, Lori Austin, Robin Moffatt, Katie Walker, Amy Joyce, Jan Mears, Andrea Lewis, Julie Heffner, Jim Cic- chese, Jon Harms, Mark Gordon. Directors: Mrs. Dee Malousis, Mr. Bruce Ralston. Alumni Assistant: Becky Sullivan. Production Manager: Kristan McCray. Stage Managers: Julie Heffner, Julie Mears. 1. The distinguished cast. 2. Father discusses the meal with cook Margaret and maid Annie. 3. " My name is Whitney Day . . . " 4. " Clarence, this is Mary Skinner. " 5. Smile pretty Jim Har- meling. SPRING PLAY 47 1 . Docile Roy Williams. 2. Cindy Noblitt keeping warm. 3. Sue Hatch and Dave Smith wheeling off. 4. Football players amused by the activities. 5. Andrea Madrid enjoying breakfast. 48 SPIRIT DAY fun and games Once again Spirit Day began the school year helping students get over the " end of summer blues. " The student body competed in an assortment of events including the wheelbarrow race, the obstacle course, the innertube game, and socco. The Senior Class won the spirit competition with the sophomores a close second. Juniors came in third with the freshman following. Spirit Day helped new students get involved with their school and also served to develope a greater sense of unity among the rest of the student body. 1 . Dawn Turner tooting it. 2. The Yolk ' s on you, Shirley Jones. 3. Sandy Terrilizzi taking it all in, 4. LAB crowd hamming it up. 5. The last tango. SPIRIT DAY 49 if ' s d small world Once again as Homecoming has approached, the L.A.B. Student Body participated in the traditional Home- coming week activities. Throughout the week various contests that were planned included; Halloween dress-up day, powder-puff football, pie throw- ing, eating, and skateboard racing. The pie throwing contest was decided by the class who collected the most money in three days time. The eating contest consisted of Ragu spaghetti sauce, Limburger cheese, sauerkraut, hot chili peppers, and chow mein. Each class had a bag containing each of these, and the team that finished first won, This year ' s theme for the float build- ing contest was " It ' s a small world . . . " . The seniors built a dragon rep- resentating China, the juniors, win- ning first place, made a windmill from Holland, the sophomores constructed a gondola from Italy, winning third place, the freshmen built a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. This year the junior high won second place with their crown of jewels from England. 50 HOMECOMING 1. The Juniors ' prize winning float. 2. Tom Thompson puts on finishing touches. 3. Eat Jim eat! 4. Bruce Horn tips his flute to the team. 5. Brenda Mainwal spots an openin g. 6. Jr. High crowned with second place. 7. Mock cheer- leader alias Lance Stevens. 8. Pierre, hang on for those curves. 9. John Harms plops Mr. Kear- ney with a pie. 10. Freshman receiver snags down the pass. HOMECOMING 51 On November 5, Homecoming Day, we were greeted with a downpour of rain. It was the first time in the school ' s his- tory that it rained for this annual event. Despite the rain, there was a large turnout of students, faculty, and alumni. The sun came out at half-time during the varsity football game and the umbrellas were put away. The Homecoming Court was then formally introduced to the crowd. They were: Debbie Hand, escorted by Kyle Mattner, Becky Butler, escorted by Steve Hooper, Amy Joyce, escorted by Ron Sis- ler, Sande Carter, escorted by Paul Marriott, and Shannon Meece, escorted by Steve Bleier. Sharon Sumida, last year ' s Queen, was then introduced. The crowd grew quiet as the announcement was made . . . Sharon promptly placed the crown on our new Queen, Miss Becky Butler! Despite the Knight ' s fight for a winning game, the Ontario Christian Knights proved to be victorious. The tired Baptist team was defeated, but were well aware and proud that they had done their utmost for their school. 52 HOMECOMING Danick Studio 17710Chatswor1hSt. Let no one look down on your youfhfulness, buf rafherin speech, conduct love, faith and purify, show yourself an example of f hose who believe. ITimofhy4:l2 . i - I. Shannon Meece and Steve Bleier seek shelter under their umbrella. 2. Former queen Sharon Sumida shares Becky ' s joy. 3. The Homecoming Court joins the cheerlead- ers in singing the Alma Mater. 4. Kyle Matt- ner enjoys Debbie Hand ' s company. 5. Glow- ing with radiance and excitement is our Homecoming Queen, Becky Butler. 6. Enjoy- ing the festivities are Sande Carter, Becky Butler, and Steve Hooper. 7. Ron Sisler, Amy Joyce, and Paul Marriott enjoy the game. Granada Hills 360-1938 Danick Studio HOMECOMING 53 X .v, rf -, 1. Mrs. Betty Arthur Brown, director of Christ- mas Project. 2. " Food anyone? " 3, Don ' t waste paper! 4. Fit it to size. 5. Give me a C-H-R-l-S-T- M-A-S. Alright! 6. " Awe come you guys. " 7. Anxiously awaiting Santa ' s Arrival. 8. " I ' m dreaming of a white Christmas . . . " 9. " What do you want Santa to bring you this year? 10. Guess what Santa has brought you. 54 CHRISTMAS PROJECT fhe joy of giving Giving has become a tradition at L.A. Baptist. This year, as in the past, the Spirit- ual Life Committee, sponsored by Miss Black, chose to continue their tradition of joining with World Opportunities and Mrs. Betty Arthur Brown to provide a Christmas party for inner city children. The Christmas Project is one way in which students are able to show their love for Christ. It also reminds one of the great ministry Christians have to a needy world. In the weeks proceeding Christmas stu- dents donated a variety of presents for dis- tribution among the children. Friday afternoon, they boarded buses for Culver City to deliver their presents. Greeted by shy smiles but a warm welcome. Baptist students became big brothers and sisters for the day. The climax of the after- noon was the dramatic entry of not one, but two Santa Clauses (one of whom was none other than our own Pierre Bain). The chil- dren then lined up nervously anticipating their gifts from Santa Claus. Seeing the expressions on their faces as they opened their presents completed the day. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation . . . Matt. 28:19 CHRISTMAS PROJECT 55 chess mates Everyday at lunch in room 224 approximately fifteen senior high stu- dents gather together to eat lunch, lis- ten to the radio, and occasionally dis- cuss the strategy of Chess. The purpose of the two year old club according to Mr. Mangnall is to learn and enjoy competition and to behave with dignity in the face of defeat. 1 . Cory Eells contemplates a move. 2. The Cal- cutive Chess Club. 3. Ranger Rick leads the flock. in fhe Hmelighi Assemblies were presented throughout the year to build school spirit, encourage students to become involved, and promote yearbook sales. The cheerleaders presented their usual array of creative pep rallies including a trip to the Wizard of Spirit, their version of the 1 2 days of basket- ball practice, and an almost live pres- entation of the Gong show. Again this year, the students viewed the other side of the Scroll ' 78 staff as they enacted an imaginary scene from the future. The annual yearbook skit culminated with information on the purchase of a yearbook. The assemblies were not only informative, but entertaining and pro- vided a welcome break for students. 4. Look at them hambones, Tom Thompson. 5. Tough competition in Almost Anthing Goes assembly. 6. Screaming ' Seniors! 7. " Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble. " 8. " Dr. Paul Bennett to emergency. " 56 CHESS CLUB ASSEMBLIES COMPETITION IS TOUGH SPORTS DIVISION 57 a season of safisf action The 1 977 season Varsity football team looked very promising with the return of twelve veteran members. The Knights started strong with an inspiring scrimmage against Harvard. Although they had lost two close games to Chaminade and Fillmore, their spirits remained high and they rebounded by defeating a tough Whit- tier team, 15-12. The following week proved to be the most exciting game of the year. After overcoming a 20 point deficit in the first half, the Knights rallied back to take a lead in the second half only to lose to a fired- up Brethren squad who beat the Knights in the last five seconds, 30- 28. With the season half over, the Knights had high hopes in making it to the playoffs. A loss to Bell-Jeff and many injuries hampered the team throughout the rest of league play. Despite the injuries and disappoint- ments, the Knights had great team unity and the desire to win. This showed in the enthusiasm of the crowd and the students in their sup- port of another fulfilling football sea- son. 1 . Carter pitches just in time. 2. Coaches Gomez and Ott send in a play. 3. The Knights get set for a play. 4. An attempted tackle on Malone. 58 VARSITY FOOTBALL Team Picture: Top Row: Coach Ott, R. Watson, T. Payne, K Heath, T. Carter, T. Kuehn, B. Banowsky, J. Davidson, K. Nel son, S. Walker, S. Watson, Coach Gomez. Middle Row: A Lewis, T. Leighton, D. Watson, C. Gireth, B. Banowsky, S Moran, B. Thomas, G. White, P. Shampay, P. Sherrill, M. Gir eth. Bottom Row: S. Meece, T. Malone, M. Sherrill, G. Hanson, P. O ' Bryan, M. Davis, S. Burns, G. Raya, J. Schellenburg. 1 . Watson reaches for the grab. 2. Coach Gomez talks about halftime strategy. 3. The watergirls, Janet and Shannon. 4. Banowsky attempts a sack. ' r • --- -5 =: - iCU ' - SHI |iMi=uii . jLig ' For Motorcycles PJ LUBRICANTS 660 S. Spring St. 986 3413 VARSITY FOOTBALL 59 1 . Fumble! 2. Scott Burns: three year veteran. 3. Banow- sky attempts the field goal. 4. Defense makes dust of Whit- tier 5. Raya runs around right end Chaminade 12-14 Fillmore 14-23 Whittier 15-13 Brethren 28-30 Western 20- Lutheran 0- 7 Belleff .14-20 Ontario Christian 0-44 0-14 Valley Christian 60 VARSITY FOOTBALL junior varsity builds for future The Jay Vee team had high hopes for an eventful season after an impressive summer workout. How- ever, lack of experience seemed to prevent the Knights from total suc- cess. The season ' s first two games proved to be very exciting though the Knights lost by a close margin. Hard work and effort finally paid off when LAB played Western Christian to achieve their first victory. The Jay Vee ' s gained knowledge and strong determination and will undoubtedly be an asset for future Varsity Competition. 1 Coach Morgan sends in a play. 3. Coach Bris- coe shouts encouragement. 4. Mike Buchanan makes the first down. 5. Mike Beard and Bruce Modglin pursue the quarterback. «0 H 30 63 " 5 ' .,Js . ■ V. - ' ' . I-, Team Picture: Top Row: Coach Marcus, J. Schuler, T. DeVrles, R. Amstutz, D. Mann, M. Buchanan, T. Wey- enberg, S. Owens, T. Anderson, Coach Morgan. 3rd Row: J. Mears, J. Buon Cristlani, S. Chun, C. Hodge, S. Kurman, D. Rozar, V. Golson, K. King, D. Reed, D. Turner. 2nd Row: Coach Briscoe, B. Travis, G. Ide, J. Gaddle, P. Browning, C. Heskett, B. Modglin, M. Goens, J. Beard, J. Pike, T. Leighton. Bottom Row: P. Sherrlll, M. Beard, J. Scott, J. Mears, T. MacKerron, D. Barrett, T. MacKerron, T. Leighton, K. Horn, R. Wat- son. JACK BRISCOE INSURANCE AGENT 984-2278 J.V. FOOTBALL 61 Chaminade Scrimmage Fillmore 0-30 Whittier 0- 6 Brethren 6-8 Western .26-14 ijMthren , .36-12 iipotario 1. David Rozar sprints to the outside. 2. The Knights line sets to fire out. 3. Reed tal es down Brethren running back for loss. 4. Mike Beard makes the reception. 5. Knights ' trio sack quarterback. 62 J.V. FOOTBALL MALONY ' S NORTH HILLS STATIONERS Granada Hills 781-2450 swingers A small group of Baptist High stu- dents who enjoy golf adopted Mr. Smidderks as their sponsor and coach for the 1 978 golf team. Under the guidance of L.A.B. ' s principal, each player sought to improve his own indi- vidual game when it was not raining in " sunny California. " The returning golfers this year were Jim Botts, Mike Uhlman, and Brian Smith. These vet- erans, along with the new players, sought to improve their own personal game and combine their skills for a successful Baptist team season. Knoliwood and Hansen Dam were two of the courses used for L.A.B. meets. Baptist faced such tough competitors as Flintridge, Alemany, and St. Gene- vieve. Although golf is an individual sport, the players strove to develop a sense of unity and a competitive spirit in each player throughout the season. 1. Keep you head down Jim Botts. 2. Concen- trating on the green is Eric Nelson. 3. Eric Nel- son, Bruce Smith, Jim Bolts, Mike Uhlman, Randy Statton. 4. Practice makes perfect. 5. Todd Sands putts to win. GOLF 63 The 1 977 Cross-Country team was almost non-existant this year even with returning veterans such as; Ralph Salisbury, Dennis Stover, Dave Smith, and Donna Barrington. The small turnout proved to be an insuffi- cient number for League Competition, until the recruiting talents of Coach Bruce Ralston attracted Jim Harmel- ing, Chris Mynatt, John Harms, and Greg Adklns to make the 1 977 season possible. This elite group was privlliged to be the first Cross-Country team in L.A. Baptist history to run the extended 2.6 mile course. Although differing in length, the favored chore was still the scaling of Mount Woodley. ■- " ' ■ ' «Sr .«.2;v if keeps you running :... ■ cy, : .idi. i r ; I I 1. A true champion, Greg Adkins. 2. The free flying style of Harmeling. 3. Chris Mynatt shows the strain of Cross Country. 4. Cross Country Team: Chris Mynatt, Jon Harms, Dave Smith, Ralph Salisbury, Donna Barrington, Dennis Sto- ver, Jim Harmeling, Greg Adkins. 5. Ralph Sal- isbury and Dennis Stover scale Mt. Woodley. 64 CROSS COUNTRY y ' 1. Coach Ralston and Cherie Shultz confer before a race. 2. The Knights are off and run- ning. 3. Dave Smith after a race. 4. Dashing for the finish line is Jon Harms. 5. Give it up Donna Barrington, the building won ' t go over. RAPID RENTS, INC. 8923 Sepulveda 894 9158 CROSSCOUNTRY 65 Jlfx pti 1 . Ken Williams wins the jump bad. 2. Paul Mar- riott prepares for the upcoming game. 3. Team. 4. Dave Smith looks for the basket. Facing Page: 1 . Steve Bleier drives hard to the bucket. 2. Knights fight for the rebound. 3. Knights ' bench looks on. Top Row: Jim Harmeling, Kyle Mattner, Jeff Johnson, Ron Sisler, Ken Williams, Coach Ral- ston, Greg Adkins, Dave Smith, Ken Kleinfelter, Kent Keating, Coach Hubbard. Bottom Row: Steve Bleier, Paul Marriott. 66 VARSITY BASKETBALL Compliments of Gene Gablehouse, Pres of Cresent Mold Engineering varsity — a year fo remember Baptist Knights ' basketball squad had a competitive season. With three returning varsity lettermen in, Greg Adkins, Steve Bleier, and Jeff John- son, Coach Ralston blended Paul Mar- riott, Dave Smith, Ken Williams, and Kyle Mattner into an exciting team. The other members of the Baptist varsity were Kent Keating, Ken Kleln- felter, Jim Harmeling, and Ron Sisler, who all gave their best when given the chance. Co-captains Steve Bleier and Paul Marriott led the scoring for the Knights. Paul Marriott averaged 1 1 points per game and was selected first team All League. Steve Bleier, who led the Baptist team in free-throw per- centage, was selected to the All Tour- nament Team in the Fillmore Holiday Tournament, as well as being a sec- ond team All Olympic League selec- tion. Center, Greg Adkins, had an out- standing year and along with Jim Har- meling made the Knights a league favorite for next season. Adkins, who pulled down 11 rebounds per game, showed his scoring abilities with a 28 point performance in a Baptist victory over Western. Greg was a first team All League choice. The seniors all had a big year, each contributing to key team victories throughout the season. Compliments of Gene Gablehoue, Pres. of Crescent Mold Engineering VARSITY BASKETBALL 67 Fillmore . . . Chaminade Pomcma . . . llllllljpsy.;,,;, iiill iiiiliii- 61-43 54-50 65-82 56-P5 Belt-Jeff , Ontario . . Valley , , Srelijren mill .65-51 .53-59 , 4-4-5.4 .60- 7 m-Si 1. Greg Adl ins scores over Western defender. 2. Coach Ralston views Intense game. 3. Kyle Mattner call for the ball. 4. Steve Bleier scores two more. 68 VARSITY BASKETBALL Compliments of Gene Gablehouse, Pres. of Cresent Mold Engineering lumpin i.v. s The Junior Varsity team began the season with only five returning play- ers. The veterans compensated for the lack of quickness and provided stronger rebounding. Tom Carter and Tim Kuenn were the team ' s top rebounders. Bart Moran proved to be an excellent all- round player at the other forward posi- tion. Starting guards Kim Herrington and Doug Malousis were true sharp- shooters and were efficient in moving the ball down the court. Reserves Dave Phillips, Jon Harms and Scott Ardavanis all performed well when called upon. The emphasis of the J.V. team was working together to form one smooth running unit instead of trying to pro- duce one or two outstanding stars. Concluding the season with a 14-8 record verified the competative spirit of the Junior Varsity team and prom- ises a bright future for this group of athletes. 1. Tom Carter wins the jumpball. 2. Kuenn and Harms fight for rebound. 3. Scott Ardavanis drives past Western player. 4. Doug Malousis goes for the lay-up. Top Row: C. Gonther, B. Moran, J. Allen, T. Car ter. Coach Neville, S. Ratzlaff, Coach Jennings, T. Kuenn, J. Harms, C. Eells, T. Fisher, M Osborne. Bottom Row: D. Malousis, S. Arda vanis, D. Phillips, K. Herrington, L. Mattner, M Gorden. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 69 Alemany 51-45 Highland Hill 70-50 Fillmore 46-47 Chaminade 75-45 St. Francis 64-83 Ontario 46-39 Montclair 57-60 Whittier 77-48 Brethren 41-47 Western 69-45 Lutheran 61-68 Bell-Jeff 64-58 Ontario 62-58 Valley 64-54 Brethren 43-40 Western 72-57 Bell-Jeff 58-57 Lutheran 64-80 Ontario 55-59 Valley 70-47 Whittier 70-54 1. Kim Herrington brings the ball upcourt. 2. Bart Moran drives down tine court for th.e bucket. 3. Dave Phillips shoots tor two. 4. Coaches Neville and Jennings discuss time out strategy. 70 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL fabulous frosh Freshman basketball is a unique experience for both the team and the coach. After a two year ' s leave of absence, Mr. Joe Gomez returned to coach the team to a winning season. With sharp shooters like Pat Fields and Dave Schuler the job was made easier. Talented rebounders like Chris Monroe and Doug Reed helped to fire- up the team in a clutch. Free throwers like Jon Scott and Mike Ellensohn assisted the team throughout the year. With lots of hard work and deter- mination the team produced a 1 4-4 record for the year. The experience of the Freshman team should enhance future basket- ball teams, maybe even to champion- ships! Filimore 51-26 Chaminade 38-40 Excelsion 55-42 Brethren 64-39 Whmier . . . .44-46 ■Pri thren 3 2 " ' IlitilrSi: :■:: --■ Ontario 54-32 2 Valley 49-29 9 Brethren , , 44-36 6 Western . ,48-40 Beif-Jeft ,46-59 ' 1. Flying high. 2. Peter Gerlach ques- tions the referee ' s call. 3. Frosh leader and coach Mr. Gomez. 4. Set for the rebound. 5. Team. Top Row: L. Lewis, J. Pitt, C. Heskett, M.Johnson, D. Reed, R. Roy, Coach Gomez, P. Fields, B. Bur- roughs. Bottom Row: G. Baker, B. Fields, K. Aram, D. Barrett, M. Ellensohn, T. MacKerron, P. Gerlach. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 71 Pater Noster Lutheran St. Genevieve Ontario Christian Montclair Prep Valley Christian Alumni Brethren Chaminade Western Christian Alemany Bell-Jeff Whittier Christian Lutheran Brethren Ontario Christian Western Christian Valley Christian n|» Bell ' Jeff V ' hitiier ' " h ' l ' , ' ' ' r BL ■.V--::;:.-::;:V;:;:;::;:-:H:::;f;;;;::.S ' ■. ' -J . i ll 1. The traditional pregame meeting. 2. Sisler applies the tag. 3. Kreiger stretches for the out. 4. Marriott winds up for a fastball. 5. Karen Flanigan, two year watergirl. 6. Erisman gobbles up a grounder. 7. Coaches Lewis and Neville study the situation. 8. Mattner sets up for the play. r -f vc f .j 6 72 VARSITY BASEBALL knighf ' s baseball , . . a big hif Spirits were high as the Varsity Baseball team started the 1 978 sea- son. They practiced with great con- centration in hopes of reaching the play-offs which they had narrowly missed last year. The Knights had the potential of a championship contender; strong pitching and defense to go along with a sound hitting attack. With seven returning players, the season looked very promising. The leadership of coaches Don Lewis and Maury Neville sparked a sportsman-like attitude and the desire to work hard in trying to make it a great season in every way. The starting positions were as fol- lows: 1 st base, Conrad Kreiger; 2nd base. Ken Kleinfelter; 3rd base, Ron Sisler; Shortstop, Kyle Mattner; left field, Mitch Davis; center field. Rick Ousman; right field, Britton Banow- sky; catcher, Tom DeVries; and Paul Marriott, Rick Ousman, and Mitch David doing the pitching. With all of this talent being dis- played, the Varsity showed that it was capable of being a winning team. 9. Team picture. Back Row: Coach Neville, Tom DeVrles, Conrad Kreiger, Britton Banowsky, Rick Ousman, Jeff Jofinson, Paul Marriott, Coach Lewis. Front Row: Bruce Modgin, Ken Kleinfelter, Dave Phillips, Kyle Mattner, Doug Malousis, Larry Erisman, Mitch Davis, Karen Flanigan, Coach Days. (Not pictured: Kathy Pierce.) VARSITY BASEBALL 73 ;: ' " H. i 1. Kleinfelter waits for some action. 2. Davis anticipates the pitch. 3. Johnson awaits a strike. 4. Mattner swings for a single. 5. Knights dis- play sliding talent. 6. Frustration or support? 7. Ousman completes the pitch. 74 VARSITY BASEBALL Feb. 21 - - Pater Noster Feb. 24 - - St. Genevieve Feb. 28 - - Montclair March 3 - - Fillmore March 7 - - Chaminade March 9 - - Faith Baptist March 10 — Alemany March 14 — Whittier March 17 — Brethren March 28 — Western March 31 — Bell-Jeff April 4 — Lutheran April 7 — Ontario April 11 - - Vallev Apnt 14 - - Btethi pn April 18 - - vv.-;t. rp Atni : 1 — - Ftlimore - . ' 1 J ' l - - Lutheran fU v champs sfrik e again The ' 77- ' 78 Junior Varsity baseball team was under the supervision of Coach Phil Jennings and Skip Ger- lach. The J.V. ' s infield was led by the strong pitching of Rob Wright, while Tim Kuenn controlled first base and Ken Sneed protected third. Bases were not easily stolen against the strong arm of catcher Jon Gerlach and was nearly impossible to gain more than single base on a hit with outfield- ers like Ernie Negrete and Mark Goens. The " Vets " helped to break In the " Rookies " to round out a fine baseball team. Anticipating a success- ful season, Phil Jennings commented, " I believe that this year ' s team will be as strong as last year ' s championship team. " 1, Todd MacKerron hits a high fly ball. 2. The look of anticipation. 3. Players kick back to watch the action. 4. Pete Gerlach looks on. 5. Team picture. Top Row: B. Mirchandani, R. Wright, J. Allen, P. Fields, G. Adkins, M. Buchanan, T. Kuenn, J. Weyenberg, J. Gerlach. Middle: B. Travis, J. Gaddie, T. Beal, K. Sneed, S. Ardavanis, E. Negrete, M. Goens, J. Scott, c! Ganther. Bottom Row: P. Jennings, G. Johans- son, M. Romero, G. Farajian, K. Herrington, P. Gerlach, A. Blakely, A. Lewis, S. Gerlach, JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL 75 1. Bases loaded and Mike Buchanon ' s up. 2. Pat Fields holding them on base. 3. The intense- ness of the game drives Jon Scott to bubble gum. 4. Ken Sneed is ready to knock it out of the ball park. 5. Tim Kuenn, your friendly giant. 6. " Give ' em your fast ball Pat! " 7. Todd Beal warms up. 76 JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL (3 season fo remember The beginning of the 1 978 Varsity Track season can be summed up In one word: rain. When the sun finally broke through, after hiding behind rain clouds for two consecutive weeks, the athletes were able to run their first track meet. Their first meet was against Whittier Christian High School. Senior, Dennis Stover, placed first in both hurdle events, high jump, and long jump while fellow senior Blake Thomas captured both sprints and the triple jump. The combination of hard work, dis- ciplined conditioning, with the coach- ing expertise of coaches Joe Gomez and Jim Rowe resulted in a winning team despite its small size. 1. Mark Sherrill goes all out. 2. Paul O ' Bryan puts the shot. 3. Varsity Track Team: Top Row: Coach J. Rowe, B. Thomas, T. Carter, D. Stover, J. Harms, K. Nelson, Coach J. Gomez. Bottom Row: T. Leighton, C. Maynett, R. Salisbury, T. Malone, L. Stevens, M. Sherrill, C. Hodge, T. Leighton. VARSITY TRACK 77 78 VARSITY TRACK 1. Dennis Stover flies over the hurdles. 2. Scott Burns strains for distance. 3. " Runners to your marks. . . " 4. Superstar Kurt Nelson stretches out with other 440 relay runners. VARSITY TRACK 79 see how fhey run This year ' s Soph-Frosh track team has been the most promising team the school has seen. The fact that it was predominantly comprised of new com- ers was a drawback, but it also had a positive influence. It drew the mem- bers closer together and was a driving force that made them strive to reach their goals. Under the capable direction of Coach Joe Gomez and his assistant Mr. Jim Rowe, the team was guided through a successful and fulfilling season. Both coaches were pleased with the results of the season and are looking forward to coaching an experi- enced and well-seasoned team next year. 1. In perfect hurdle form, Dan Barrett. 2. Chris Monroe, after a long race. 3. A few more strides to the tape. 4. Jason Gruber easily clears the bar. Team Picture: Top Row: Coach Rowe, D. Rozar, T. Fisher, B. Amstutz, J. Weyenb erg, D. Mann, S. Owen, M. Dorais, Coach Gomez. Middle Row: K. Aram, J. Bridges, G. Turner, C. Monroe, D. Reed, D. Riedinger, T. Chavez, K. King, T. Leighton. Bottom Row: T. Leighton, J. Vogel, G. Baker, D. Staples, G. Hamilton, D. Barrett, J. Gruber, T. MacKerron, E. Anerson. 80 SOPH-FROSH TRACK K V IT m flags wave on Due to the added membership of girls, this year ' s Flag Squad has greatly improved in the areas of enthusiasm and spirit. Sue Kramer, who filled the position of leader, instructed the girls in their various routines. The squad performed at both football and basketball games to songs such as " Boogie Nights, " " Wild Fire, " " Shining Star, " and " It ' s a Small World. " They also joined the cheerleaders in performing the Alma Mater. Under the capable direction of Miss Rose Miramontes and Mrs. Mary Makela, the girls have grown closer together through practice, coordination, and prayer. 1. Advisor, Mrs. Mary Makela — 1978. 2. The 1977-78 Rag Squad. 3. With spirited smiles on their faces, the Flag Squad performs a routine. 4. Flag Squad advisor. Miss Rose Miramontes — 1977. I Walter A. Finner Painting Contractor 363-6076 FUG GIRLS 81 i 1 . " Drano performs a dink. " 2. Vicki Ninfo spikes through the block. 3. Karen sets forward for the next L.A.B. point. 4. Practice makes per- fect. 5. Coaches discuss game strategy. 6. Debby-Doo dinks. 7. Waiting for the verdict! 8. Ready or not here it comes! 9. Amy awaits the serve. 82 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL JackSonntag Insurance Agency gefsef for action This year ' s L.A. Baptist girls ' varsity volleyball team consisted of four sen- iors, two juniors and one sophomore. The girls had a very successful sea- son, not orily in the game itself, but with the friendships and the spirit that was aroused. Their season record was 16-1. The coaches. Miss Noblitt and Miss Newcomb, chose to be a free lance team, and it proved to be a wise decision. The volleyball team was notified that they were accepted into the C.I.F. playoffs. They led a winning team and spirit into the semi-finals, there ended the season girls ' had a very challeng- ing game in semi-finals against Bishop Diego. Although they lost the game, the girls proved themselves vic- tors growing closer to God and each other through teamwork. Mere statis- tics of 19-2 can ' t tell the story of the good times, many struggles and deeper friendships of this outstanding volleyball team. % ' •i- j_— -il -SLCv .i. ,V,3 Top Row: Miss Noblitt, K. Walker, K. Schrader, L. Ellensohn, D. Dunham, Miss Newcomb. Bottom Row: A. Hanson, L. Bal- duff, A. Joyce, V. Ninfo. 4605 LANKERSHIEM, SUITE 718 984-2235 or 877-3141 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 83 j.v. ' s hopes furn fo cerfainfy The Junior Varsity volleyball team of 1977 has shown a tremendous improvement in their ability. As a team they learned to encourage each other in Christian witness, sportsman- ship, and fellowship. The coaching tal- ents of Miss Noblitt and Miss New- comb have led the girls to a most pro- ductive and valuable year. 1 . Dig it Liz! 3. K. Pierce awaits the serve. 4. The coaches contemplate. 1 2. Top Row: Miss Newcomb, J. Mears, L. Gosden, L. Sutherland, S. Purdie, L. Loversky, Miss Noblitt. Bottom Row: J. Johnson, L. Rothlisburger, S. MacArthur, K. Pierce. (Not Pictured: K. Thomas, W. Herman, K. Malousis, S. Kramer.) 84 J. V. VOLLEYBALL SWENSEN ' S ICE CREAM SHOPPE 15421 Parthenia 892 9466 1. " Concentration. " 2. Carefully guarded, Debby shoots. 3. " Go bananas. " 4. Hang on Suzie! 5. Team: Top Row: Miss Newcomb, D. Dunham, L. Martin, K. Schnader, S. Purdie, L. Ellensohn, Miss Noblitt. Bottom Row: K. Stopp, A. Joyce, K. Martinson, (Not Pictured: A. Han- son). y. M rnnn m B " 1 i i PI K ' f M- s%X : } i i M H Nh£ r m2 u ILj shoot for fwo Free lancing has proved to be very successful for the girls ' Varsity Bas- ketball team. The freedom to play any team has also provided better compe- tition. With four returning seniors and one junior the starting team was strong in all positions. Karen Schrader led the team in rebounds. Raising the enthusiasm of the team was Amy Joyce ' s job. Debby Dunham ' s witty remarks kept the team rolling on the floor. Andrina Hanson was an impor- tant part of the team as she was able to fill in numerous areas. Linda Ellen- sohn, the returning junior, led the team in scoring. Miss Noblitt and Miss Newcomb provided expert coaching. With their skills the team performed many diffi- cult strategies in an expert way. The goal of C.I.F. playoffs was not achieved, but through their wins and losses, the team grew closer to God and developed stronger friendships. GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL 85 1. Kathy Martinson and Linda Martin contem- fflate the games ' outcome. 2. Linfia Ellensohn stretches for the tip. 3. " Very funny Linda. " 4. Another two points for Baptist. 5. The " gun- ner. " 6. Coaches give the team some halftime advice. 7. " Jump — jump — a little higher! " p ■ ■j B $ B ? HH ' i H H ifJkW «. . . r s J PfilU. Mf lj p vjy =-M A fc " 3.M . 86 GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL the unrelenting The Girls ' Junior Varsity Basketball team showed great improvement this year; not only in skill but also in char- acter. They proved to be one of the best J.V. teams Baptist has ever pro- duced. Some of the teams ' outstanding players were Denise Stover, leading the team in scoring, and Sheryl Phil- lips displaying her great defensive and rebounding abilities. Along with their adept play, the team also showed con- siderable growth in character as they carried out their responsibilities. As a result of personal growth, the girls ' friendships were greatly strengthened during the course of a very admirable season. 1. Almost there! 2. Give me the ball. 3. Please go in! 4. Don ' t get me wet. 5. I ' m coming through. 6. Team: Top Row: Miss Noblitt, L. Smith, D. Stover, S. Bragg, S. Phillips, D. Ratz- laff, Miss Newcomb. Bottom Row: K. Griffis, D. Ham, J. Mears, L. Rothlesburger. GIRLS ' J.V. BASKETBALL 87 1. Linda Ellensohn blindly makes the stretch. 2, " Tie goes to the runner. " 3. Discussing strat egy. 4. Karen Stopp fields a grounder. 88 SOFTBALL pitch, hif, and run Girls ' Softball tryouts began its sea- son with much enthusiasm and many participants. The tryouts for the 1 978 Softball season proved most profitable in producing a well-rounded team. Veterans, Amy Joyce, Linda Ellen- sohn, Vicki Ninfo, and Kathy Martin- son complemented the new players with their experience from previous years. The girls ' team free-lanced this sea- son and faced tough opponents. Occa- sionally they competed against teams with a higher rating than they. Baptist demonstrated its ability with skill and spirit guiding them to a successful season. Their main goal was to be vic- torious and at the same time be an example of good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field. Under the instruction of Coaches Newcomb and Noblitt, the team worked together to fulfill these goals. 1 . Kathy Martinson — power in them arms! 2. Karen Schrader takes a dive. 3. Suzie Purdie up to bat. 4. Miss Noblitt shows how it ' s done. 5. Softball draws the crowds. GIRLS ' SOFTBALL 89 cafch me if you can . . . Coached by Mrs. Worley and assisted by Joe Gomez, the girls ' track team competed with the boys ' track schedule this year, free-lancing rather than working in a league. Although neither coach knew what to expect from the participants, their support and advice helped to improve the runners ' abilities. Often times Joe Gomez could be heard shouting words of encouragement, " We ' ll make a star of you yet. " Blessed with a natural tal- ent for sprinting, Karen Thomas was seen running faster than a speeding bullet but her ability for leaping tall buildings was redirected towards clearing the hurdles. A team ' s strenuous conditioning is always a necessary element in a win- ning season, but the athletes ' good humor was a sustaining support that made the practices rewarding. Aside from working to improve each individual ' s running ability, the girls strove to develop team unity and a competitive spirit as they proved their love for running. 90 GIRLS ' TRACK J ijlAfr. A. ' J £4 1 u :5 ■ Wmk Aw ' ' 411 11 t N», r B - ; He ' ' ■ K TST El 1 - 1. Long distance runaround. 2. Karen demon- strates the " Thomas " style. 3. Coach Gomez and the gang. 4. See Shari Stretch, stretch Shari stretch! (say that 10 times fast.) 5. Up, up and over. 6. Jan Mears using mind power. 7. Top Row: Donna Barrington, Jan Mears, Denise Sto- ver, Hannah Edmonson. Bottom Row: Shan MacArthur, Liz Loversky. 8. With the grace of a deer, Hannah sails over the hurdles. 9 " Get it " " Gotit, " " GOOOO. " GIRLS ' TRACK 91 cheerleaders puf some snap and flash info fheir acf The new sponsor. Miss Miramontes, helped give a new outlook to cheer- leading which included some fresh ideas. . . after all, who had ever had a pickle sale on our campus to raise money? The cheerleaders for this year included returning veterans as well as four new faces. The varsity squad was comprised of Becky. B.ulLer, for her ' ■ fourth time around; Debbie Hand, third year, two-year vets Sande Carter, Shelley Moomaw, Kathy Pierce; and for her first year, Karen Flanigan. JayVees came on strong despite the fact that the only returnee was Pam Beard. She was joined by first year rookies Lisa Foell, Karen Holcomb, Gretta Johansson, and Kathy Martin- son. The squads grew together through- out the year both in cheerleading experience and spiritual growth. Although next year ' s squads will be loosing four seniors, those who will carry on will be left with many great memories. 1 . Up, up, and away? 2. Trying to find the Wiz- ard of Spirit girls? 3. Lisa Foel and Sande Carter on top of things. 4. Varsity fellowship at Fill- more. 5. " Hi " to you, too! 6. Beautiful JayVees! 92 CHEERLEADERS f fhe year gone by the streak of spirit in D.B. . . . Toto, Wizard of Spirit and the Wicked Witch of Whittier. . . . " What are we gonna do for the team this week? " . . . " Here they come, get the run-thru! " . . . car to car choreography and the chocolate hunchback. . . . cheering in the rain. . . . Ha-ha, Ha-ha-ha, Ha-ha-ha- ha . . . " On the first day of practise. Coach Ralston said tome . . . " . . . decorating the locker room and various lawns at midnight. . . . cheering at Volleyball play- offs. 1 . Smile Zebbie! 2. Cute Gretta, real cute. 3. " Not funny " 4. Rain won ' t stop her! 5. That ' s all it takes. TED ' S JANITORIAL SERVICE P.O. Box 480161 LA. 935-6483 CHEERLEADERS 93 drill team parades on The Drill Team began their season in P.E. clothes, yet the lack of uniforms did not reflect their fine ability. The year proved successful as the girls constantly entertained crowds. The 1 977-78 company, led by Miss Haw and captain Joni Klein, dazzled crowds at the half times of both football and basketball games by displaying various types of routines. Some popular songs on their bill of fare included " Dancing Man " , " Rocky " , " Long Train Run- ning " , and " Boogie Nights. " In order to keep the ranks organized and up with the latest routines, instruction and help was provided by Tina Leighton, co-captain; Pam Burns, Kari Kuenn, Adrienne Lewis, and Sheila Moran who filled the posi- tions of leaders. 1 . Top row: S. Bragg, C. Guderiahn, L. Lewis, D. Turner, C. Thompson, A. Lewis, S. Moran, J. Klein, K. Kuenn, P. Burns. Bottom row: B. Smith, J. Allen, J. Swan- son, S, LaCombe, W. Gatineau, T, Brock, S. Searles, J. Heffner, L. Knight, T. Leighton, L. Malousis. 2. " C ' mon girls, get It right! " 3, Pam Burns shows how to do It. 4. Daydreaming during practice again Kan? 5. Lisa Malousis keeps the beat. 6. Miss Haw directs as Bonnie W. observes. 94 DRILL TEAM UNUSUAL GIFTS AND CARDS 1709 Polk San Fransisco (415)776-9570 LOTS OF DIFFERENT LOOKS .. - - .N SENIOR HIGH DIVISION 95 one step closer 96 JUNIOR GALLERY Janet Achilles Gregg Adkins Keith Ammer- man Bobbette Babb Valerie Baker J- II Crawford le Vries lomke Draney tberhard LEE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 9016 Sepulveda Blvd. 894-3510 JUNIOR I.D.S 97 Linda Ellensohn Larry Erisman Lang Fahler Frank Feliz Kathy Fife John Kearns Dave Keck Norm Kra Suzy Kramer Conrad Kreiger 98 JUNIOR I.D S DERWOOD RUPARD TRUST 9919Sepulveda Blvd Mission Hills Tim Kuenn Terry Leighton Liz Loversky Todd MacK- Dave Phillips Kathy Pierce Carlos Pinho Sue Purdie Steve Ratzlaff ULTA ULTRA-CHIC HAIR BOUTIQUE 16157 Nordhoff St. 894-3366 JUNIOR I.D.S 99 Kelly Reeves Kim Reeves Cindee Romero Debbie Roskilly Jesse Saldana 100 JUNIOR I. D. ' S easin ' on down fhe road — sophomores 1 . Chris Mynatt — Running Strong! 2. Presi- dent Katie Walker confers with assistants B.C. and John Beard. 3. Tina Leighton, What a way to get her mouth closed. 4. The " gang " pre- pares for the big game. 5. " Did you hear what Joey said!?! " 6. Lisa, Kathy and Gretta — gonna teach us how to boomerang? 7. Sopho- more class officers are always hard at work. HHSBuf v l K NiI 1 . ■ ■ 1 SOPHOMORE GALLERY 101 102 SOPHOMORE I. D. ' S ALL-CRAFT SHADE AND BLIND CO. 8209 Sepulveda 994-7452 SOPHOMORE I. D ' s 103 104 SOPHOMORE I. D. ' S DON ' S MACHINES 9002 Sepulveda Blvd. 8920773 Mike Osborne Kathy Patterson Jeanie Pavey Jim Pike jina Regalia L ' fc . " 3 Regalia ' Julie Reinke Dan Riedinger Dave Roberts Randy Robinson- Jo Anne Rogers Pam Rohrbacher Kelli Rookard Dave Rozar Debbie Rust Ralph Salisbury Mark Shear Brenda Smith Bruce Smith Kerri Smith Frederi Southerland Sheri Stanton Todd Stevens Denise Stover Louise Sutherland Helene Swanson Karen Thomas Cindy Thompson Tom Thompson Tammy Tobeck Dawn Turner Booker Realty 6015 Woodman Ave. Van Nuys SOPHOMORE I. D. ' s 105 Katie Walker Debbie Warwick Wendy Wendlant Kari White Karyn Ulrich Diane Vanderhorst Dale Varner John Vogel Bonnie Walkerhorst 106 SOPHOMORE I. D. ' s American Truck Top 8960 Sepuiveda Rd. 894-935 1 FRESHMAN GALLERY 1 07 Jim Achilles Crista Adamson Julie Allen Davon Anderson Eric Anderson Tim Burns Robert Burroughs Debby Burt Tony Chavez Chris Conde 108 FRESHMAN I. D.s Cathy Cutler Mike Domke Kelly Downworth Sheridan Downworth Lisa Dreher Jill Hunt Dana Johnson Linda Johnson Mark Johnson Martin Johnson BALAQUE ' S BAKERY 4348 Woodman Ave. 784-4054 FRESHMAN I.D. ' S 109 Eric Keck Kathy Kiely Kevin King Scoti LaChance Shelley LaCombe Sheryl Phillip Paul Pitt Tony Pittario Craig Randolph Dan Rapp no FRESHMAN I. D. ' s : ' . " ' iAA V.V. Diane Ratzlaff Doug Reed Kerry Reeves Leslie Reynolds Melody Richardson Greg Romero Mike Romero Kathy Roth Lorna Rothlisberger Richard Roy iJ-ti .l- Jv Todd Sand Tammy Schellenberg David Schuler Jon Scott Shelly Searles David Settles Sharon Slagter Laura Smith Vivian Smith Mark Stang K r K 1 Ifk A mw It w K Daniel Staples Ray Sterner Laura Suttles Joanne Swanson Scott Swink RenneTasker John Thomas Bob Travis Greg Turner Cindy Unger FRESHMAN I. D. ' s 111 Darrell Van Roy Joyce Walker Pam Webb Renette Webb Jim Wern 112 FRESHMAN I. D. ' s H Y HH ' -L. .-... !. V 1 1 ONE STEP CLOSER JR. HIGH DIVISION 113 I 1. The Council hard at work. 2. President Wash- ington with another important decision. 3. " Let me make this perfectly clear. " 4. Miss Black suggests effective ways of raising spirit to the Jr. High Council. 5. Marci Carlson, council ' s hard working secretary. :; .. ' ! jr. high council The 1 977-78 school year has been a busy one for Jr. High Council here at L.A.B. Through the fine leadership of Rocky Washington and the capable assistance of advisor Miss Denise Black, they have done a great job. The council has planned some very interestng events for the Jr. High throughout the year. Some of the activities included involvement in Homecoming, Spirit Day and major sports events. The council continued the tradition of the Christmas Talent Show, the Christams visit to a convel- escent home, and a day at Canyon Meadows. The dedicated council members were Marci Carlson, Joe Koh, Paul Sherrill, Paul Kaak, Robert Wilcox, and Michael Mannax. These people have done a great job and will be an example to future councils. 114 JR. HIGH COUNCIL fell it like if is As in past years, several Junior High students participated in the annual Baptist Day School Speech Contest. Students auditioned on Feb. 8 and six students were selected to represent Los Angeles Baptist High School in the speech contest at Monte- bello Baptist Day School. Each partici- pant was allowed to choose their own material for one of three different cat- egories: Oratory, Dramatic, and Bible Reading. Stefani Leto and Nancy McKelson participated in the Oratory division, Nonie Velez, and Tracy Lee, Dramataic readings, and Rocky Wash- ington and Christine Suh, Bible Read- ing. This year ' s coaches and judges were Miss Black, Mr. Hild, Mr. Rich- ards, and Mrs. Malousis. The students were awarded ratings of Superior, Excellent, or Good. Participating in the speech contest provided the students with invaluable experience in speaking before large audiences. Aside from improving their own personal speaking ability, the contest greatly increased self-confi- - dence for all participants. 1. Christine Suh delivers her Bible reading. 2. Speech contestants: Back Row: Nancy McNelson, Rocky Washington, Stefani Leto. Front Row: Christine Suh and Nonie Velez. 3. Miss Black helps Rocky Washington with his speech. SPEECH CONTEST 1 15 spirif we ' re on our way The first Friday in the school year was Spirit Day. Miss Black started the events with the traditional softball game, where the eighth grade proved to be the victors. Afterwards, both grades participated in games of skill such as, the wheelbarrow race, chariot race, the pajama relay, and the most popular event the eating contest. After the dust settled and the competition was finished. Miss Black awarded the eighth grade bonus points for their outstanding spirit. The final scores were announced with the eighth grade winning by accumulating the highest total points ever — 245, while the seventh grade score totaled 130. " _ — ■ 1. Rich Dempsey firing it from 3rd to 1st. 2. And the race is off. 3. Eighth graders wait anxiously for Spirit Day to begin. 4. Lemons don ' t agree with Nina Buchanan ' s tastebuds. 116 JUNIOR HIGH SPIRIT DAY JUNIOR HIGH SPIRIT DAY 1 1 7 if ' s a small world The Junior High, often refered to as " short people, " appreciated the Homecom- ing theme " It ' s a Small world " because, in the words of Miss Black, " we could relate to it. " While overcoming the fact that they were underclassmen, the Junior High proved to be stiff competition for the rest of the school with their float " The Crown Jew- els of England. " The float was built at Corin Horch ' s house by the eighth graders while the seventh graders built the queen ' s plat- form. Despite the rain on Homecoming day the crown retained it ' s regal beauty to win second place. Another popular event for the lower divi- sion was the Halloween Dress up day. This activity was won by Ted Laymen with his characterization of Mickey Mouse. Ted won a free trip to Magic Mountain during the Spring quarter. The Junior High has become increasingly more involved each year during Homecom- ing week, thus helping to create a feeling of unity within the entire student body. 1 .Karen Wagmen Keeps a stiff upper lip. 2. Steve Jones takes his stand. 3. Want some bird seed Matt McArther? 4. Mystery turkey. 5. Trick or treat any one? 6. Is this the Gong Show auditions? - i .1 « ' 118 JR. HIGHHOMECOMIN jr. elves The Junior High kicked off the ' 77 Christmas celebrations with a chicken luncheon and a Variety Show. The Junior High also visited the Panorama Terrace West Convalescent Hospital caroling through the halls spreading Christmas joy to the patients there. The students benefited from the visit by experiencing the enjoyment of giving. Patients who often feel neglected were given gifts purchased by the stu- dents. It was a common sight to see tears of joy in the eyes of the elderly as they received gifts and affection. When the students were leaving one overwhelmed man said, " You are the ones that make Christmas special. " The fantastic response of the Junior Highers made it a very worthwhile time of giving. 1. Christmas ioy for all. 2. Dan Decker talking with a patient. 3. Sharon Bigger spreads her message in a song. 4. A word from the wise. 5. Even the elderly PARTY! 6. Rene Sisler shares with a friend. 7. Elf, Paul Keck, enjoys entertainment. JR. HIGH CHRISTMAS 119 close encounfers Every fall it seems LA. Baptist becomes fanatical about getting in shape for football. This year was no different since the practices were intense and physically demanding. The football coach Gary Miller said this year ' s team was strong, fast and spoke of high hopes at the beginning of the season. The first game of the season against St. Paul proved to be the only non win game. The Junior High foot- ball team had their best year ever in Baptist history with a record of 7 wins, no losses, and 1 tie. Going into the playoffs L.A.B. met and defeated their old nemisis Van Nuys Baptist only to meet St. P aul again for the championship. It was an exciting game and could have gone either way, unfortunately the victory went to St. Paul in sudden death over- time. Outstanding players for the year were Greg Goens, Paul Sper, and Bill Markham. These players came through with key plays in many games. Many 8th grade players will be going on to J.V. football next year. Coach Miller said this was the best team he had ever coached. 120 JR. HIGH FOOTBALL 1. Baptist protects the passer. 2. Coach Gary Miller. 3. Mark Tucker and Brian Ammerman rush. 4. The offensive line fires out. 5. Kurt Funk ready to pass. 6. Junior High contemplate about the game. 7. Coach Miller sends in a play. 8. Greg Goens runs for fun. 9. Baptist blockers hold the line. 1 0. Baptist team gets the play. 1 1 . Baptist kicks off. JR. HIGH FOOTBALL 121 nebulous neffers This year ' s Jr. High Basketball team showed the potential to reach the play- offs under the leadership of Coach Miller. The team played as a unit, dis- playing their quickness, agility, and shooting talent. The starters this year were Matt MacArther and Paul Sper at guards, Todd Brooks and Jon Oatey at for- wards, and Logan Blades at center. They, as well as all members of the team, learned that good ability, and the desire to be challenged make up a quality basketball team. Coach Miller concluded by saying that the season was a good learning experience for future competition, and that it was a fun and exciting time for all involved. 1. Tough pass? 2. Todd Brooks shoots for two. 3. Matt MacArther dribbles around defender. 4. Baptist plays tough. 5. Coach Miller gives advice. 6. Logan Blades puts up a shot. 122 JR. HIGH BASKETBALL 1. Andy Gallaudet warms up. 2. Mike McGee stops a hot grounder. 3. Joe Koh hits a home run. 4. Coach Miller and Todd Brooks. 5. Joe Koh makes the play. miller s moi The 1 978 Junior High Baseball team was coached by Gary Miller who stated that this year ' s team had many strong points. They incorporated excellent pitching with good hitting while practicing hard and playing to win. The whole team showed marked improvement throughout the season as they gained experience and devel- oped their skills. Baptists was in a very competitive league this year. St. Paul provided them with very tough competition, along with Van Nuys Baptist, who gave them some long and grueling games. Outstanding players for the ' 78 sea- son were Greg Goens and Pual Sper. The entire team learned that good atti- tudes, personal ability, teamwork, and a desire to win makes a quality squad of athletes. Junior High baseball also concentrated on refining the funda- mentals of the game and developing the players further for future Senior High competition. .l!« ..L- ' 4t ' ' JR. HIGH BASEBALL 123 fhe flip side The Gymnastics Club has many pur- poses within its active organization. It was designed to improve personal prowess and also to produce benefit shows such as this year ' s Christmas project which was held in West Los Angeles. The club met three mornings a week at 7:00 a.m. under the supervi- sion of Mrs. Ida Mae Crowell. During the early morning sessions students improved their dexterity and worked on new skills. The gymnasts mastered the beam, uneven parallel bars and long horse; these were the main pieces of gymnastic equipment they used when not practicing floor excer- cises. Gymnastics is a serious sport, demanding athletes in top physica condition. Baptist girls met the chal- lenge as they learned to move quickly and gracefully while studying ballet and special free excercise move- ments. These drills benefitted the gymnasts greatly in building strength and creating smooth routines. Mrs. Crowell summarized the year by say- ing, " The girls in gymnastics this year have been both willing and enthusias- tic. We enjoyed being mascots for football and are looking forward to more activities next year. " 1. A new breed of spider. 2. Point those toes Sande Carter. 3. Alex Johnson gets ready for a flip. 4. Mrs. Crowell balancing Biff Baugh for a handstand. Team: Top: D. Dusheck, T. Helmers, M. Hall, C. Guderjahn, D. Duncan, S. Bickford, S. Carter. Bottom: Mrs. Crowell, D. Kennedy, A. Johnson, R. Anderson, K. Peterson, L. Herring, C. Cutler, L. Hamilton. C. and D. Music Company 8744 Sepulveda 124 GYMNASTICS 8fh graders anxiously awaif senior high 1. Junior High council members discuss new business. 2. Junior Highers show their spirit! 3. Kurt Funk has gone to the turkies. 4. Paul Sherrill takes notes in Jr. High student council meeting. ' jRhE X 8th GRADE GALLERY 125 Brian Ammerman Robin Anderson Garrett Arnold Lisa Arnold Gia Ayer Rick Dempsey Cindy DuBois Holly Elbert Adrienne English 126 8th GRADE I, D. ' s Kelli Mathews Mike Mc Gee Mike Miller Dawn Moses Judy Motoyasu Karen Forletta John Friend Shirley Frost Kurtis Funk John Gallaudet IN MEMORY OF DANA KUNTZ PARENTS and GRANDFATHER DR. and MRS. CHAS. V. KUNTZ, DERWOOD RUPARD SthGRADEI.D. ' S 127 Steve Nalian - " :-■ Kim Neubauer Mary Jo Newman Peter Ohague Dave Owen Nanette Spradley Dan Stieff Christine Suh Trina Trongone Mark Tucker ?k 4 y«v 128 8THGRADEI.D. ' S CO-OP TIRE CO. 18233 Parthenia 886-4100 Nonita Velez Jalyn Vico Mark Von Der Au Carme Vossler Jean Walkenhorst JeffWilkins Mike Wood a rd Laura Wright Rocky Washing- ton Rick Watson Kim Watt Karen Wauga- man Misha Wight TELEC TELEVISION 14250 Ventura Blvd. 789-6124 SthGRADEI.D. ' S 129 only the beginning 1. 7th grade enjoys Spirit Day Competition. 2. Tticse rebellious 7th graders! 3. Christine O ' Bryan, a born cheerleader. 4. " Hey you guys, wait for me! " 5. Rene Sisler observes the antics of her fellow classmates. 6. " Look, He ' s taking our picture. " 130 7th GRADE GALLERY Tracy Autio Doug Baker Baxter Banowsky Bill Baugh Dan Benson Jeff Esterday Jim Elwood Greg Fields Christine Friez Susan Frost DEVONSHIRE PHARMACY 15336 Devonshire 892-1138 7thGRADEI.D. ' S 131 Lisa George Jenny Gerlach Ken Gordon Robert Haas Karen Hack Tracy Leighton Donna Lewis Gary Linton Drew Madrid Mike Mann 132 7th GRADE I. D. ' s Mike Manna Bill McAdams Nancy McKelson Laura Myers Kurt Myles Erik Sorensen Jill Southerland Jeff Spivey Sandy Sunberg Jenny Tice DON PITT AUTO BODY 7819Sepulveda 994- 1051 THGRADEI.D. ' S 133 Joe Trebes Bruce Turner Sandy Unger Janel Vermeulen Tania Vender Au 134 7th GRADE I. D. ' S CROWN AIR CONDITIONING 8643 Darby 886-3152 LEAN BACK AND LISTEN r- .J TEACHER DIVISION 135 wrlfe on! The English Department, newly headed by Mrs. Mary Makela, has main- tained the traditional survey courses this year, but changed the honors program. Honors English, taught by Mrs. Shirley La Barre, met one day a week during reg- ular English class time and was open to juniors and seniors who had at least a B average in their regular English class. Mrs. La Barre challenged students weekly to examine different philosophies of truth, beauty, goodness, and commit- ment. The freshman and sophomores stud- ied a general overview of literature with Mrs. Ida Mae Crowell and Miss Mary Scharf, respectively. The juniors studied American Literature with Mr. Kurt Hild, and the seniors studied English Litera- ture with Mrs. Michal Ann Buckley. The main goal for the English Depart- ment continues to be preparing students for college. The department stresses continuity in its program, and consis- tantly high college-prep standards. 1. Miss Rose Miramontes — Eng., Spanish, P.E. Cal State L.A., B.A. 2. Mrs. Jerri Lotze — Eng, Jour, Study Skills, Cal State Bakersfield, B.A. 3. Mrs. Shirley La Barre — Eng. U.C.L.A., B.A. 4. Mrs. Ida Mae Crowell — Eng., Bible, P.E., C.S.U.N. 5. Mrs. Michal Ann Buckley — Eng., Speech, Journ. S.D. State, U.C.LA., B.A. 6. Miss Mary Scharf — Eng. Westmont, B.A. 7. Mr. Kurt Hild — Eng., Commun. Kearney State College, University of Nebraska — Lincoln, Great Commission School of Theology. 0 i t J FACULTY 136 relferafing the romantics The Foreign Language department continued to grow this year, with more students enrolled in their third and touth year classess than ever before. Mrs. MacKellar, a U.C.L.A. Phi Beta Kappa, was the head of the depart- ment and also taught all four levels of French and second level Spanish. Mr. Herman, Miss, Barber, and Miss Miramontes, all Spanish teach- ers, completed this very distingiushed Language Department. The Department put more emphasis on the cultures, including poetry and literature, rather than just studying the language itself. This insight brought great interest to the students and enabled them to have an, broader view of both Spain and France. 1. Angagli MacKellar — For. Lang., U.C.L.A., A.B. 2. Barry Herman — For. Lang., Rel. Winnepeg Bible College, C.S.U.N., B.A., B.Th., M.A. 3. Rose Miramontes — For. Lang., Eng , P E C.S.A.,C.S.L.A., B.A. 4. Mary Barber — For. Lang., Rel. S.D.S.U., I.U., B.A.,M.A. FOREIGN LANGUAGE 137 add fhem all fogefher Mr. Timothy Liu was in charge of the Math Department this past year which offered a variety of classes. Besides sev- enth and eighth grade math. Algebra I and II, and Geometry, there was Pre- Algebra for those needing an extra boost; Calculus for those students wishing to further their education, and High School Math designed for the students who need to fill the requirements and review the basics for practical daily use. The stated objective of the Math Department was to enhance students knowledge of the reasoning process and basic princi- ples of logic. 1. Mr. Bill Rodgers — Music, Math, C.S.U.N., U.C.LA., B.A. 2. Mr. Larry McCollum — Math, Bible, Stage Crew. Mid. Tenn. St. Uni., B.S. 3. Mr. Gary Miller — Sci., Math, Bible, P.E. West- mont, B.A. 4. Mr. Joe Gomez — Math, P.E. C.S.U.N., B.A. 5. Mr. Tim Liu — Sci.,Math. Lingman Uni., B.S. 6. Miss Sue Newcomb — Math. Pierce, C. S.U.N. 7. Miss Pam Haw — Math, Bin Bible, Biola, B.S. 138 FACULTY p.e. — building for fhe future This years P.E. Department was headed by Dr. Ivan Mears. The boys ' P.E. classes, which were taught by Mr. Neville, Mr. Gomez, Mr. Miller and Dr. Mears, began a new program which covered a wide variety of activities. Miss Cindy Noblitt has been the backbone of the girls ' P.E. Depart- ment since Mrs. Stong retired. Miss Noblitt, Mrs. Crowell and Miss Mira- montes taught girls ' P.E. classes. Class spirit has been encouraged by competition between P.E.classess. Both Boys ' and Girls ' P.E. classes participated in sports such as volley- ball, flag football, track, basketball, gymnastics, and softball. Under Dr. Mears ' direction, the P.E. Department proved quite profitable in our daily lives as well as in school. 1. Dr. Ivan Mears — P.E., Ed. Guid., Bible, U.C.LA., PH.D. 2. Miss Rose Miramontes — P.E., Span., Eng., Cal.St, L.A.,B.A. 3. Mr. Maurice Neville — P.E., Sci,, Soc. Sci. C.S.U.N., B.A. 4.Mr. Joe Gomez — P.E,, Math. C, S.U.N., B.A, 5. Mr. Gary Miller — P.E,, Sci., Math, Bible. Westmont, B.A. 6. Miss Cindy Noblitt — P.E,, Sci,, Bible. C.S,U.N„B.S, 7.Mrs, Ida Mae Crowell — P.E,, Eng., Bible. C-S.U.N. Rita Curtis Swim School Mid-Valley Aquatics 8220 Sepulveda 786-7602 FACULTY 139 probing fhe future Los Angeles Baptist High School takes pride of its outstanding Science department. The departnnent chair- man, Mr. Don Lewis, combines cre- ative thinking and plain hard work in the fields of chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Mr. Lewis adds interest and student involvement in all these classes as shown by taking his environmental science students on a hike through the rugged terrain of Tick Canyon and on the Van Tuna boats to study marine life. Mr. Timothy Liu is another fine teacher in the Science department. His Physiology class is an exacting example of his teaching skills. This course is both interesting and demanding. The highlight of Physiol- ogy occurs when Mr. Liu takes the class to the L.A. Chiropractic College where they observe a cadaver. The basic preparatory Life Science courses are taught to the Sophomores by Miss Cindy Noblitt and Mrs. Caro- lyn Reeves. The lower division science classes are designed to give the junior high students a sound foundation of basic science knowledge upon which they can build in senior high. This founda- tion as is ably provided by Mr. Gary Miller and Mr. Maury Neville. 1. Mr. Gary Miller — Sci., Math., Westmont, B.A. 3. Mr. Don Lewis — Sci., Math. Azusa, B.A. 2. Mr. Timothy Liu — Sci., Math. Lingman, Uni- versity, B.S. 4. Miss Cindy Noblitt — Sci., P.E., Bible, C.S.U.N., B.S. 5. Mrs. Carolyn Reeves — Sci., Home Ec, Bible C.S.U.N., B.S. 6. Mr. Maury Neville — Sci., Social Studies, P.E. C.S.U.N., B.S. 140 FACULTY social science: the now field Today ' s society demands a com- plete knowledge of history, social studies, psychology, government, consumer education, and political sci- ence. L.A. Baptist students are fortu- nate to have classes in all of these areas which comprise the Social Sci- ence Department. This department has an excellent staff consisting of: Miss Denise Black, Mrs. Bernice Budd, Mrs. Dee Malousis, Mr. Rick Mangnall, and Mr. Bruce Ralston. The science department has done such an excellent job that there is an increase in the number of students in their classes. Some of the innovations found in these classes consist of guest speakers, mock political conventions, and self-evaluation. These outstand- ing teachers and their teaching skills made the Social Science Department one of the brightest areas in L.A.B. curriculum. 1. Mrs. Bernice Budd — Soc. Sci., Psych., U.S. History. ' Cascade, Azusa, B.A., M.A. 2. Mrs. Delrene Malousis — Soc. Sci., Dr. Ed., Drama,. C.S.U.N., B.A. 3. Mr. Rick Mangnall — Soc. Sci., Rel. Fuller, C.S.U.N., B.A. 4. Miss Denise Black — Soc. Sci., Rel., Activi- ties Coordinator. C.S.U.N., B.A. 5. Mr. Bruce Ralston — Soc. Sci., Rel., Drama. Blola, B.A. Leon ' s Transmission Service Inc 7528 Reseda Blvd 345-8101 FACULTY 141 growing in Chrisf The Religion department at L.A. Bap- tist is the largest composed of fifteen teachers. Because it is an important area of study here on campus, all students take Bible as a required course. They begin their study in the Old Testament in seventh grade and continue through the Sciptures with each progressing year. As seniors they revisit the Old Testament in a brief overview. In the spring, High School students are given the opportunity to choose an elective which they feel will aid them in their Spiritual growth. As head of the department, Mr. Rich- ards is proud of its progress at school. The department ' s goal is for the students to have a deeper understanding of the Bible and to grow in the Holy Spirit. 1 . Mr. Loren Kearney and Mr. Barry Herman. 2. Mr. Martin Richards. 3. Miss Pam Haw, Mr. Scott Loy, Mrs. Ida Mae Cro well. Miss Denise Black and Mrs. Bernice Budd, 4. Mr. Larry McCollum, Mr. Rick Mangnall, Mr. Bruce Ralston, Mrs Carolyn Reeves and Miss Cindy Noblitt, Not Pictured; Mr. Bill Rodgers and Dr. Ivan Mears. 142 FACULTY [ 1 k I. t perfecting ihe fine falenfs The Fine Arts Department at L.A. Baptist, though limited in variety, pro- vides an adequate selection of courses consisting of Drama, Art, Pro- duction Design, Music, and Photogra- phy. Drama I and Drama II stress stage presence, characterization and indi- viduality. Under the direction of Mr. Bruce Ralston and Mrs. Dee Malousis the young Thespians work diligently in class preparing for a career in acting. In the fields of art and Production Design, Mr. Scott Loy was the paceset- ter. His instruction enabled the art classes to produce various objects Including ceramic works, pen and ink drawings, and water color paintings. The students experiment in color and learn how to express themselves in art. With Mr. Loy ' s supervision the Pro- duction Design class again produced the school ' s annual publication, SCROLL. Throughout the year the stu- dents learned how to combine pic- tures with copy to acheive a profes- sional layout. The Music part is directed by Mr. Bill Rodgers. For the Junior High there is a required course in which they learn basic music theory, and music history. In High School there is both choir and band. These are two elective courses which perform in chapel, at churches, and during athletic activi- ties. For the aspiring photographer there is Photography, a course taught by Mr. Bill Days. The classes not only learn how to interpret a feeling in pic- tures but also the practical side of photography — developing and proc- essing in the lab. 1. Mr. Bill Days — Photography. Pierce, U.C.LA. 2. Mr. Bruce Ralston — Drama, Soc. Sci., Bible. Biola, B.A. 3. Mr. Scott Loy — Art Prod. Des., Bible. Whit- worth, Art Center Col. of Des., B.A. 4. Mr. Bill Rodgers — Choir, Band, Music, Math. U.C.LA., B.A. 5. Mrs. Dee Malousis — Drama, Soc, Sci., Dr. Ed.,C.S.U.N., B.A. FINE ARTS PATRONS CLUB 9825 Woodley Sepulveda 894-5742 FACULTY 143 problems, problems, problems. . The counselors at L.A.B. serve in their own special ways to aid each student with their individ- ual problems. They improve communica- tions between home, student, school and faculty. The staff advises students with particular problems and provides direction as to their vocational and avoca- tional future. The counseling office is also responsible for maintaining aca- demic records and preparation of transcripts for graduating stu- dents. 1 . Mr. Don Lewis, Director of Extracurri- cular Activity. 2. Mr. Loren Kearney, Director of Pupil Services Activity. 3. Dr. Ivan Mears, College Counselor. 4. Mrs. Bernice Budd, Attendance Coun- selor. 5. Mr. Barry Herman, Counselor. 6. Mrs. Mary Makela, Administrative Assistant; Director of Curriculum and Instruction. 144 COUNSELORS behind the scenes The staff and crew behind the scenes at L.A.B. labor to keep the school in proper order. The garden- ers, maintenance men and custodians keep the campus looking attractive as well as functioning properly. Their numerous tasks include the mundane and not so mundane such as disinfect- ing Mr. Liu ' s room after the dissection of dead cats and live frogs. The librarians, Mrs. Secome, serves to keep the library open and offers research assistance to the Student Body. Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Arnold are constantly on the move in the attend- ance office keeping the records in order and playing nurse when an emergency occurs. The business administration of the school is handled by Mr. Tom Bruner and the ever-faithful secretaries, Mrs. Marlin and Mrs. Gottschalk. 1. Secretaries: Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Jordan. 2. Business Manager: Mr. Tom Bruner. 3. Secre- tary: Mrs. Marlin. 4. Librarian: Mrs. Secombe. 5. Custodian: Jim Porter; Gardeners: John Horn- ing, Frank Brown; and Head Gardener, Gilbert Williams. 1 O ' Mara Plumbing 16805 Sierra Highway 367-1847 STAFF CREW 145 getting If fogefher The Parent Teacher Fellowship once again proved successful in obtaining needed money for L.A. Baptist High School. The Hot Lunch Program was con- tinued with the help of Chairman Paula Waugaman, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Call, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Raya, and other helpful parents. Last year ' s Hot Lunch menu was enlarged to include ice cream and spaghetti. A membership drive and a fruitcake sale were also held to raise money. Stu- dents were given materials to sell Manor Texas Fruitcake to friends, parents, and relatives. The sale was extremely suc- cessful as it enabled students and their families to participate in school financial affairs. Bi-monthly meetings were held to inform parents on current school news and build relationships between parents and teachers. A Fund Drive was held on three separate nights early in the year to raise extra money for the school. With Dr. Mark Harmeling serving his second year as president, the Parent Teacher Fellowship hopes to serve L.A. Baptist financially as well as spiritually. 1 . Bruce Modglin chats with friendly ticket seller. 2. Ladies sell a new item: ice cream! 3. Helpful parent sells punch. 4. " And here ' s your change . . . " 1 1 MB HP i H B SB.! ' kft r H II t P 146 PTF fine arfs The Fine Arts Club was composed of a small group of teachers and parents with a common goal, to provide addi- tional equipment for the Fine Arts Departments. The Club, led by President William Buckberg, supported the Christmas Boutique, held a rummage sale, and purchased the majority of items requested by teachers in the Fine Arts Departments. 1. Mrs. Hansen wraps bakery items. 2. An inter- ested patron checks the price. 3. Parents eagerly look over booths of Christmas gifts. ' ' ' " = ' }n3 x SLOPPY JOE boosters The purpose of the Boosters ' Club is to purchase extra athletic equip- ment for the present sports programs and to support both present and future sports programs. With the help of Club President Mr. Adkins, new equipment was purchased for the boys ' and girls ' sports programs. The Boosters ' treasury was enriched with membership fees and contributions from sports-minded friends and parents. Sales from the Booster trailer also helped provide extra money for theClub. The Booster Club hopes to continue to lend both moral support and finan- cial help to boys ' and girls ' future sports programs. 1 . Students buy snacks from Booster trailer. 2. Booster patron takes requests for food items. 3. Hot food IS served up at Booster trailer by Mrs. Burns. FINE ARTS AND BOOSTER CLUBS 147 a word from above The days pass like a fast moving stream as months quickly become years and students enter and leave the school. At first glance the days and years seem separated from one another by the Important events that occur. We tend to remember a particu- lar period as the year of the fire, or the year of the C.I.F. championship or the year of accreditation. Yet, in time, often these special occasions or achievements become less significant and the more personal experiences become more meaningful. To goto the semi-finals in volleyball was a great achievement filled with excite- ment and drama. However, before long the high emotion of those games will doubtless become somewhat over- shadowed by the fellowship of the bus trips, the inspiration of the devotional times and the intimate moments of sharingamong teammates. Scroll ' 78 will call to mind many events of the past year. However, the pictures and text represent only the visible part of this year ' s learning and growth. In the midst of the big events I trust you have learned something of how to live more wisely, love more fully, and serve more freely. Above all my prayer is that you have come to know God more completely, share His love more openly, and seek His will more ear- nestly. Seek the Lord and live . . . Amos 5:6a 148 PRlNCIPAL ' S progress and growth There are signs of progress on every hand at Los Angeles Baptist High School. Since the school was started in 1 962 by the Los Angeles Baptist City Mission Society, there has been steady growth. This past year we have been through the regular accreditation examination and are approved with strong commendation for another five years. For the first time we conclude a year without the necessity of deficit fund- ing by the City Society. This is a goal that was acheived ahead of schedule, and is an indication of careful busi- ness management, realistic budget planning and faithful support of par- ents and friends. Demand for enrollment is enor- mous. It is presently impossible to accomodate those asking for admis- sion into Los Angeles Baptist High School. To accomodate more students will require more space and a larger faculty. The dilemma of costs and the need for special funds is very real. The first annual funds appeal though very modest in scope has pro- duced good results. This effort shows us that there are sufficient friends and patrons of the school to provide capi- tal funds for another two hundred stu- dents and the added facilities that such an increase would require. The Board of Directors and adminis- tration of the Los Angeles Baptist Mis- sion Society are strongly committed to this program of quality education, as evidenced by the funds and leadership already provided. We are convinced there are many others with similar commitment and concern who will make possible the needed expansion and growth so that many more young people will have the opportunity to receive a quality educa- tion in an atmosphere of Christian love and faith. Arnold S. Boal 1 . Dr. Arnold S. Boal, Executive Director Los Angeles Baptist City Mission Society. 2. Dr. C. Rowan Lunsford, Superintendent Department of Baptist Day School. CITY MISSION SOCIETY 149 To the Class of 78: Learn from art: Refuse to conform to the standards of this world. Emily wrote: " Much madness is divinest sense To a discerning eye Much sense the starkest madness " Though the world call it madness, Jesus Christ is the Divine Sense which puts to folly the wis- dom of this world. HE is the culmination of artistic yearning; The crystallization of man ' s mythic sense into fact. Know Him. rjjHJn- I love you, A Crystal (Downer) Downing " Art is the lie which tells the truth about life. " — Pablo Picasso Dear Lathy Kathy — You ' re a very special someone. Always stay yourself. _ ;; We love you, ' Mom and Dad Dear Mom and Dad, You are great. Thanks for putting me through s " s., t VMark To Julie S., why? of wu iay 1 J Love to especially Tony . . . and Debby, Drina, Kellie, Laura, Pe Pierre, Mark Cathy, Sande, and Jay. Good Bless you! Love, Lisa Ann All my love to the cheerleaders, my staff, council, my radical friends and especially to Scott, seashell, mom and pappers. Bee Dear Farah, You have fulfilled all our expectations these past years. Your father and mother are well pleased. Greg, Thank you for all the happiness you ' ve given me. you just the way you are. " Love, Lisa Ann To Karen Johnson: .,»______ We all love you and are proud of youTTWay the Lord ' s blessing always be with you. ' " ' " ' Wii if Ua Love, Mother and Dad Kraig, Kent Kirt Best wishes to my son Roy, and his friends, for happiness and a rewarding future. Billie N. Williams ' » To: Ron, Ken, Jules, Spam, Big B, B.T. Malou II, Cin, Sue, Linda, Kyle. Thanks for good years and special times. Love Always, Ames Mom, Dad, Aaron and my Buddy Les agapo me olo te cartha mou pandote. . _. Farah love you. Alex, se love Amazon, P.B., C.B., " My hubby " . Bill H., " Hoop " , " Rinky " , " Squirrel, " Mark A. Faraj., D. Barr., K. Walk., and Eric: I love you each with all my heart. StevieBeak Da Dear Farah, You ' re the best sister a guy could have, good luck at college. Aaron We reached our goal . . .Womanhood! Ang, Bee, Shan, Dor, Andrea M., Malou, Flan, Schman, Laustion, Linda, Cin, DeeDee, Kopi, Sue H. Rinke, Farah, Leslie, Kreed, Simba, Kristen, Mandy, Jules, Ames, Sande, Bobbin, Sue R. Mindy, Stoney, C Daria . ?, braCes petRates diving Crista! - ' s- : drillTeam James tAlor Debby — A big thank you for being you. We love you so very much. f ' Love, | Mom, Danielle, Brandon, L.A.B. Jr. Booster Cindy and Sue, Thank you for the friendships we have. I will always treas- ure those special moments. (DooDoo). Love always, Debby I .11 1 •rjffi??:; 150 SPECIAL MESSAGES philanfhropizing patrons All Craft Shade BK Allison T.V. ' i American T uc|J|ppl Mark An rson , f M M C. Arnoll , Balaqis ' s Baker Bear J%edd incite Bakiers ' Supply M M If chard Bedrosian J. Blake Blake Jewelers M M Heter D. Blakely M M!|lart BiQjerr , M M W. Bishop Book J R«Jty Jack KscMinsur M IMI. B. ckbui ' Roben Burns ODS Francrfs W. Bush G. A. lutler Consulting Sall utfer C Busic Co. ater Resources ries C. Carter M M James J. Cicchese Crown Air Conditioning CrownManufacturing CroM koom Hairstyling Rita c8rtis Swim School Co-OpTlreCo. MiodyCrowelt . Violet ( mato OWtSjKmujpard Trust De pSVePI] He ddya omke M|.Vic Doll i m er ice Dunham me Arts Patrog ' s Club Mrs. Walter Fi Flowers for Yo lores K. Friei M M Robert Gatineau M M John Gerlach Stanley W. Gerlach Gleam Carpet Cleaners Jack L. Gosden Dr. and Mrs. Ronal ME.H.Half ather ' s Hair Studi Mrs. Janet P. Hatch aifford Heffner - T M M Herrlng l ' M M Richard Hilnts ' Hopper Shop Equipment Sal William A. Horninj ' Mrs. ii nfta Johnson M M W. E. Johnson Jr. Johnnie B.Jones E.A.j5fefe M Vei ' noi Klavier MustS K. G. Kleinfeiter Ken Knight M M Paul Koppenhaver M M Lester Kunst Charles V. Kuntz Shirley LaBarre Lee Automotive Leon ' s Transmission In memory of M, Matoney ' s jy M Wilfred G. Marriott Carol Martin M Mj artinson Hell M ner l ME arti lej| B||n IVk |uwtb l tz D«HPRcAil8ms Cinc McLellap s. Virginia Meyer M Bruce L. Nelson Harold E.Nelson Jr. M MJ.O ' Bryan Dwala J. Oak O ' Mara Plumbing Murray.E. Palmer ' Don Pitt Auto Body Jeff Corporation id Rents Inc. .Sanara Reinke ;©tf s House°of Vacumns SeVjIoQ Machines M M !nt: an lou iv|ngiV I ttaaer jrrnjnsur; befl St; ton soi grman Smith M M failert A. Stang State Farrnjnsurance Co. Mrs. Robefl Statton Dr. Noel sl| ch M M Charles Swansc Swenson ' s Ice I Ted ' s JanitorialJ TelecT.V. Jean and Paul ' Mrs. SoRJa Turne Ultra Chic Hair iklque Unusual Gifts Bls Mrs, Barbara 1 ms ngelism Inc. iCaam iaiB WARS ' PATRON ' S PAGE 151 , T " Enter by the narrow gafe; for the gate is wide, and the way is broad fhaf leads fo desfrucfion, and many are those who enter by it. For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it. — Matt. 7:13-14 152 CLOSING THOUGHT ■v :: i .. fi

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