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■■■■.-■k._ ak._ m_.nui II II ' F S Richard Salter Storrs Library 693 Longmeadow Street Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 REFERENCE masacksic 1981 f i Longmeadow High School Longmeadow, Massachusetts 1 Volume XXV good morning yesterday, The year was 1957; it was an exciting time for Longmeadow seniors. They would be the first class to graduate from Longmeadow High School. With great anticipation, they had reported to school that fall; the boys with crew cuts brushed to a fine fuzz; the girls with curls which had been sock-set the night before. In their white buck shoes, felt skirts with poo- dle appligues, their strapless prom dresses with yards of tulle, their baggy pants and argyle socks, they looked very different from today ' s image of a high school senior. Yet, in their hearts they carried the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations of today ' s youth. For they were we-the seniors of twenty-five years past; and we are they. Today, they are the parents and teachers of our generation. Togeth- er we form the warp and woof of which the world is made. With them, we use the thread of the past to weave the cloth of the future. you wake up and time has slipped away, The past four years at Longmeadow High School have been years of growth and matura- tion for us. We have achieved success and suf- fered disappointment. We have earned praise and rated reprimand. All of these factors have contributed to the learning process, and all have fostered our preparation for the future. They are stepping stones on the path which we share with those students who have gone before us, as well as those students who are yet to come. and suddenly it ' s hard to find, the memories you ' ve left behind, Here you are in kindergarden, captured in a time when you thought life was nothing but Bristle Blocks, sand box, nap time, and milk and cookies. Suddenly you blink and you ' re in High School. The years have swept by; even Freshman year is a vague blur. College is approaching more rapidly every day as Time sweeps you along the course of your destiny. You have grown up; past thoughts of pogo sticks and snowball fights melt perplexingly into worries about term papers and final exams. As a High School student you should look eagerly ahead towards the future while maintaining a steadfast grip on your past. For as a Lancer you are among a chosen breed; a breed of dedicated and enthusiastic peers gathered together at L.H.S. celebrating the tradition of academic and extra-cirricular excellence established by our forebrothers twenty-five years ago. So celebrate your good fortune and savor your time in Longmeadow, for before you know it, you too will be relying on memories and Masacksic to bring back those fond memories you thought would never end. remember? m M ■ ■ I ■ do you remember? iWFijH iKrr J ' KSHKol A the times of your life! 8 ._ K { V 9 the laughter and the teats, n . C H| ' " .. ' ' r„ ■■ " " ; . f « ' ' ■ JHE • . ■ ■ ' : . ! y i I BBBflfl B HH H js r ■ H remember? 14 I m L - H It V J " B " • i do you remember the times of your seniors sports ' age 78 underclassmen activities faculty Page 140 Masacksic 1981 is dedicated to the first graduates of Longmea- dow High School, the class of 195 7, to the 25 th graduating class, the class of 1981, and to the graduates of 25 years hence, the class of 2006. Although we are separated by vast segments of time, we share a common bond of memories pre- served in our yearbooks. These memories are the hidden treasures of our past and the keys to our fu- ture. They can never be taken away. Remember these years and cherish them forever. Masacksic Editors, Alison Reiner Scott Grasso .v- ' $ _ JBff - t3 A kkmbMJ ; SENIORS Looking back twenty- five years to the Senior Class of 1957 and comparing it to the Class of 1981, one sees many changes. Perhaps the most dramatic change is the class size: only 32 seniors in 1957; 365 in 1981. Along with class size, styles of clothing have changed, too-f rom bobby socks and saddle shoes, to stockings and candies. The boys have switched from neckties to rugby shirts and levi jeans. The people inside the clothing; however, have remained basically the same. The Seniors still spend their final weeks of school anticipating Senior Week, Graduation, and college. beverly zeroogian michael gerstein zina butzky ' Nv " . susan duckman kevin stenstrom greg paige antoinette payne fred skoler richard pryor • John lennon • raiders • eagles • k-car • stagewest • ski sandy andrews krisi kinsley michael pistrich dean goldblatt . » nancy Jennings steven crepeau dan williams rob coburn fm qrand fire • bjorn borg • dynasty • variety ' 81 • raffle ticket • k nancy okun 1] ill ; i JUk I lijfl ■I JK 1 P %- I " - ' ■ . 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Joyce bott jamesina little rick gebo Mk ' .:,-■■ |at • s.t.f .u.s • packie run • damn cold • woosh • buzzed • lowenbrau bill fritz rolarid smith i m f0M ' fletcher wason linda tortorici karen heenan stacey merullo patrice tansey jenny donner £nior skip day • april 15 • where now? • boyfriends • movies • pig- out? : John carey jane rapalus ■ " Y » i kathy quinn deirdre o ' reilly mark keeley rob van esdonk donna golaski steve ravosa rry chapin • florida • robert ' s • teachers • stateline • mickeydee ' s and in time, and in time, we will all be stars. 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V. nancy shrair V 4 V i Jackie kumiega • j laura snyder monique lussier brian yarrows peter heger warfare • hazardous waste • quadrat study • fair isle sweaters • psyche paul liebman stuart williams margie markson loring webber nancy fuller scott grasso lisa cummings mary bergin jlbrd of the flies • h.b.o. • begin - sadat • vacations • seventeen magazine jon snilsberg daryl Schwartz karen katz julianne freedman A A jts k ■ _■ alan feldman •niiK greg lowell alison reiner randy haase ho shot j.r.? • colleges • halloween party • spirit • marijuana • n.d. scott ehrenberg howard tocman mary carnahan chris woods weiner paula welch John mckenna stuart bailey ■ U friends • senioritis • homecoming • parties • phone calls • election ' 80 i , mary walker david thor nancy carnahan torn creed kenny zimmerman a v fredi levitt greg o connor dan phelps ► weekends • sound and sense • hostages • junior-senior semi- formal ever drifting down the stream, lingering in the golden gleam; life, what is rrfc 1 iMiJA but a dream? ' ' . . . from lewis Carroll ' s through the looking-glass michael forsyth julie pierce donna beaton george markoulakis donna haley X i w. russell pahl ralph lewis peter asselin irowdie • editors ' meetings • ordinary people • brooke shields • eye liner m r ' nancy barnard carole tomko duke brown ward mccarthy matt alien bill shapiro renee mccauley steve becker Christopher atkins • b.y.o.b. • don gagnon ' s • i.b.t.c. • special k • wild mike black kevin kelleher gail lamoureaux peter destephano paul cress robert russell i ' i sing the body electric " • phillies-royals • bean team • sex • wicked kathy anderson joan huot bob haskins kathy seay jjm ■ j A ? " W ' % vC rs r 1 1 1 p Christine bonnell barbara mailman ie who • are we seniors ? • 1.1. bean • mixed drinks • girlfriends i - lisa holbrook rob cohen jim carroll karen marcoullier lynn decandio marjorie kiefer • Jeremy blum loan rechtschafer I x-body •road trips • rag! • cable t.v. • bruce Springsteen • pro r» ) michael benoit leslie simons steve pelletier m. lauren mackler dennis mcmanus richard august hilda hough guy leone poetry • e.r.a. • " guys ' n dolls " • fribble glasses • general hospital • a dave deslauriers andrea theocles sharon slade ' ws l k ■ : fik. S 4 doug cowles ■ W betsy regan John grippo valerie feinstein litzgerald state representative • graduation • i.d. 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The seniors continued to display school spirit by winning the float and the spirit links competions over the Homecoming weekend. The main objective of the Senior Class Council was to unite the class through participation in senior events which included a great number of students involved in the class play, the annual Daisy- Weeds Game, the Homecom- ing Dance and the very successful Casino Night. Many hours of hard work and dedication were contributed by the officers: Tom Creed, Kevin Senstrom, Phil Peters, Lisa Crosby and Jane Rapalus, and also by the advisors, Mr. Vito Riccio, Miss Sue Feeney, and Mrs. Carol Rhodes. Certainly the most exciting events took place in the first week of June — the Prom, Senior Banquet, and finally Graduation. It was then that the seniors ' pride was at its peak. ■ ' , !■■ » words of wisdom Mr. £zcci ' o- " We ' ve come a long way, baby. September of 1977 found two middle schools combining to become one class of 1981 . Would we ever make it? Sue Feeney and I didn ' t know how to begin-but with your enthusiasm and our commitment we were off and running. The years passed . . . Class Council meetings-214-215, Open Space and finally 231. Capturing Homecoming week-end- What a coup, Casino Nights, Parents ' Prom- pass the hat, dances, raffles Jr.-Sr. Formals-Policeman ' s badge anyone?, Senior Homecoming knight on horse- back, caps and gowns, " Bye-Bye Birdie " , the Creed years- Mr. President, Banquet, Prom, Hayannis Conference, Stu- dent Government Day in Boston ... all the memories. You pulled it off!!! You did it!!! After four years of working and laughing together, I know your abilities. You ' re great. You have seen the " light " , it ' s up to you to follow it. " Mrs. Rhodes- " Since I became Senior Class Advisor only this year, I have not experienced all the traumatic and ulcer-causing situations that Mr. Vito Riccio has, and before me, Ms. Sue Feeney had. These are the two individuals who are responsible for the successful ground work for- this senior class. I was a newcomer, but the Senior Class; wonderful as a whole and as individuals, seemed to offer me a successful philosophy: Don ' t walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don ' t walk behind me, I may not lead, Just walked beside me, And be my friend .... Camus Thanks for a fun year. ABNEY, DARLENE-90 Wenonah Dr.-Dance Club 2,3.4; National Honor Society 4; Indoor Track 4; Class Council 34; p. 66. ACHATZ, HARRY-55 Chiswick St.-Baseball 1.2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Class Play 4; Basketball 1; p. 23. ALLEN, MATTHEW-Matty, Mel, Marv-89 Lau- rel St. -Class Council 4; Basketball 1,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Leaders Club 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; BHL 1,2,3,4; p. 43. ANDERSON, KATHRYN M.-Kathy-75 Rose land Terrace-Keyettes 2,3; Swim Team 1 ,2; Ski Club 3,4; p. 45. ANDREWS, BRENDA-19 Allen Rd.-p. 62. ANDREWS, SANDRA KATHLEEN -Sandi- 162 Nevins Ave. -Class Council 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. " Y, ' 2,3,4; Girls ' Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; " Sound of Music " 3; Variety Show 2; Senior Class Play 4; Track Manager 3,4; p. 21. ASSELIN, PETER-60 Williston Dr. -p. 42. AUGUST, RICHARD-Auggie-887 Maple Rd.-J.V. Hockey 1,2,3; J.V. Golf 3; Key Club 1; Ski Club 1,2; p. 47. BAILEY, STUART EDWARD-Stu-105 Longfel- low Dr. -Mens ' Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; Outing Club 3; Guid- ance Aide 2,3,4; " Guys Dolls " 4; Class Council 2,4; Homeroom Rep. 4; p. 38. BARNARD, NANCY JOAN- 195 Sheffield Ave.- Art Club 1 ,2; Class Play 4; Drama Club 2; Nursing Internship 4; Class Council 1,4; p. 43. BARZ, KARLA ELIZABETH-33 Wyndward Rd.- Girls ' Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2; Class Council 3,4; Class Play 4; p. 30. BASILE, GREG-19 Chatham Rd.-p. 44. BASKIN, PETER-45 Glenbrook Ln. -Football 1; Key Club 2,3; Class Council 1,2; p. 63. BEARCE, CATHERINE MARY-Cathy-195 Franklin Rd.-Keyettes 1; Cross Country Ski Club 1; French Club 2; Drama Club 2; Yearbook 3,4; Nation- al Honor Society 3,4; Lancer Bookstore 4; Class Play 4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; p. 65. BEATON, DONNA FRANCINE-47 Chiswick St.- Class Council 1 ,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Track 1; Cheerleading 3; Math Team 2,4; Outing Club 2; Art Ciub 1; Class Play 4; p. 42. BEAUCHAMP, PIERRE EUGENE-49 Farming ton Ave. -Lacrosse 1 ,2,3,4; Class Council 4; Class Play 4; Intramurals 3,4; p. 52. BEAUMIER, GLENN ROBERT-Bob-85 Frank- lin Rd. -Junior Achievement 1; Track Team 3,4; p. 24. BECKER, STEVEN H.-Stevie-69 Pleasantview Ave.-Key Club 3; ' Auntie Mame " 3; A.V. T.V. Stu- dio 2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; Jet Jotter 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Producer-Director-Actor School TV. Show; French Club 1,2; p. 43. BENOIT, MICHAEL-Beno-29 Silver Birch Rd- Tennis Team 1,2; Soccer Team 1,2; p. 47. BERGIN, MARY ESTHER-Mare, Rary, El- wood-234 Inverness Ln. -Class Council 2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4 (Board Position 4); National Honor Society 4; Class Play 4; Track 2,3,4 (Captain 3); Na- tional Jr. Honor Society 1; Daisy -Weeds 4; G.B. Club Founder 4; International Lovers Fan Club 4; D.A.S. 2,3,4; p % BLACK, MICHAEL ADAM-Blacky, Black- mann, Blackmike-64 Magnolia Circle-Football 1; Track 1 ,3; Gymnastics 1 ,2,3,4; Leaders 2,3,4; p. 60. BLACK, MICHAEL J.-810 Franksmith Rd.-Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Class Play 4; p. 44. BLANCHARD, JULIA PATIENCE-Jules-9 Llewellyn Place-Girls ' Chorus 1,2; Tennis 1,2; Class Council J, 2, I ' lass Play 4, Field Hoi key 1,2, S,4 (Co captain 4); p. 60 BLUM, JEREMY S.-173 Mernweather Dr.- Wres- tling Team j, p. 4 ,. BONNELL. CHRISTINE-Bonnelli-47 Ellington St. -Swim Team Manager 2,3,4; Gymnastics Manager 2; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 45. BOTT, JOYCE ELIZABETH-Boat-28 Ellington St. -Swimming 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Softball 1; Class Council 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Class Play 4; Gymnastic Manager 2; p. 25. BOUDREAUX, KEVIN PHILIP-Tootie-33 Ell- ington St. -Basketball 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Intra- mural Football 4; p. 23. BOWEN, JOHN MICHAEL JR.-Bowie-38 Fern- leaf Ave. -Swimming 2; A.V. Club 1,2; T.V. Studio 2; p. 64. BRADFORD, SANDRA PAGE-80 Roseland Ter- race-Gymnastics 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Variety Show 4; Track 1; p. 51. BRANDWENE, ROBERT-Brandy-53 Willett Dr.-Track 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1 ,2; Wind Ensemble 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play 4; National Honor Society 4; Variety Show 4; Ski Club 1 ; BHL 1,2,3; p. 53. BRIGGS, KAREN-Foof, F.F., G.T.-508 Pinewood Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Chorus 1 ,2,3; National Honor Society 4; D.A.S. 2,3,4; Executive Council 2,3,4; p. 53. BROOMFIELD, SANDRA JEAN-Broomie Field-451 Frank Smith Rd.-Class Council 2,4; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Art Club 1,3; Drama Club 2,3; Jet Jotter 2; Variety Show 4; p. 32. BROWN, ANDREW LEE JR.-A.B. Jr.- 19 Villa Parkway, Spfld-Dance Club 1 ; Track 1 ,4; A.V. Aide 1 ,2; Class Council 1 ,2,4; Class Play 4; Co-chairper- son Banquet Committee 4; Junior Achievement 1 ,2; p. 49. BROWN, NORMAN-Duke-141 Lincoln Rd.-Foot- ball 1; Hockey 1; p. 43. BRUSH, CHARLES NATHAN-Rough Rider-70 Longmeadow St. -Swimming 1,2; Class Council 1,4; Class Play 4; p. 35. BRYSKIEWICZ, MICHAEL R.-144 Lincoln Rd.- Class Council 4; Class Play 4; Track 2,3,4; p. 50. ' BURGER, CHRISTOPHER G.-Burgs-l 18 Acad- emy Dr.-Key Club 1; Class Council 4; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Leaders 3; p. 52. BURNS, MATTHEW-86 Blokland Dr.-Foo tball 1 ,3; Gymnastics 1 ,2; Track 1 ,2; Drama Play 3; Mens ' Chorus 1 ,3; Concert Chorus 1 ,3; Leaders Club 3,4; p. 33. BURT, HENDRIK-Henry-348 Emerson Rd- Track 3; Leaders Club 4; p. 60. BUSHEY, LAURA JEAN-246 Concord Rd.-p. 67. BUTZKY, ZINA-245 Bel-Air Dr.-Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play 4 (Vocal Director); " Sound of Mu- sic " 3; " Guys Dolls " 4; Drama Club President 2,4; Lyrics 2,3,4; p. 20. BYE, ROBIN MICHELE-Bobbie, Rockirv ' Rob- in-170 Overbrook Rd.-Swim Team 1,2,3; Ski Club 3,4; Class Play Orchestra 1,2,3; " Sound of Music " Class Play 4; Yearbook 4; National Honor Society 3,4 (Chairperson of Tutoring); Young People ' s Sympho- ny 1,2,3,4; Daisy- Weeds 4; D.A.S. 4; Orchestra 1,2,3; p. 61. CALVANESE, DONALD- 138 Cedar Rd. p. 53. CAMERON, SCOTT HAMILTON-232 Captain Rd. -Tennis 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Class Council 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1; p. 61. CAREY, JOHN PATRICK-Ritz-28 Lawrence Dr.-Football 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Basketball 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1 ,2,3,4 (Captain); Class Council 1 ,3,4; Key Club 2; Regional Student Advisory Council 4; Class Play 4; Marshall 3; Daisy-Weeds Coach 4; National Honor Society 4; p. 27. CARNAHAN, MARY-97 Lawrence Dr. p. 38. CARNAHAN, NANCY ANN-97 Lawrence Dr. Bowling Club 1; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 39. CARROLL, JAMES W.-J.C, Jimbo-71 Acade my Dr.-Class Council 3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Track 2; National Honor Society 4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Vari- ety Show 1 ,2,3,4 (Chairman 3,4); Ski Club 3; Director " Fishing and Wildlife " -MEGA Club 3,4; p. 46. CHIUSANO, DEANNA LEE-Bunky-1 17 Oak- wood Dr.-Cheerleadmg 1 ,2,3,4 (Captain 3,4); Jet Jot- ter 4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 4; Class Play Choreographer 4; Bathroom Buddies 3,4; Flamingo Club 3,4; p. 63. CHRISTOPHERSON, ELLEN-976 Frank Smith Rd.-p. 62. CLIMO, JUDITH-64 Edgewood Ave.-p. 45. COBURN, ROBERT SCOTT-Coby-72 Dart- mouth Rd. -Soccer 1; Baseball 1; Track 3; Key Club 2,3,4 (Editor Lancer Key 3); Intramural Volleyball 3; Basketball 3,4; Touch-Football 4; Band 1,2; Funnela- tor Team 3,4; p. 21. COCO, ELIZABETH-Beth-27 Brittany Rd.-Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Class Play 2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; Young People ' s Symphony 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Distnct Band 2; Dis- trict Orchestra 3,4; All-State 3,4; " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys Dolls " 4; p. 31. COHEN, DONNA BETH-Bagel-108 Avondale Rd.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Soccer Stats 3,4; Yearbook 2; Senior Play 4; Flamingo Club 4; Leaders Club 3,4; Broad- way Club 1 ,2,3; p. 54. COHEN, MARC D.-Coho-140 Green Willow Dr.- Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Intramural Vol- leyball (Bean Team) 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Class Play 4; Variety 1 ,2,3,4; p. 54. COHEN, ROBERT I.-26 Sherwood Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Leaders Club 3,4; Intramural Volleyball 1,2,4; Ski Club 1,2; Outing ! Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Class Play 4; Yearbook 1; Intramural Basketball 3; p. 46. CONDON, GREGG WILLIAM- 182 Colony Rd. Soccer 3; Golf 3; Wrestling 4; p. 66. CONDON, JOHN-p. 65 COWLES, DOUGLAS STUART-Doug-19 Rose- | more St. -Varsity Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1; Sailing Club 1; Class Play 4; Cross Country Ski Club 2; Chorus 1,2,; p. 48. CREED, THOMAS ROCKFORD-Creedster-87 Rugby Rd.-Class Council 1 ,2,3,4 (Treasure 1 ,2; Presi- dent 3,4); Key Club 3,4; Variety Show 2,3,4; " I For- gots " 2,3,4; Lyrics 3,4; Class Play 4; Golf 2,3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Student Faculty Advisory Council 1 ,2,3,4; MEGA Club-Director of Human De- velopmental Research 3,4; p. 39. CREPEAU, STEVEN- 98 Converse St.-p. 21. CRESS, PAUL- 17 Crescent Rd.-Cross Country 1; Track 2; Gymnastics 3,4; Intramural Volleyball 4; p. , 44. CROSBY, LISA ELLEN-Cros-64 Coventry Ln. Girls ' Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2,3; Lyrics 4; Class Council 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 4); Class Play 4; National Honor Society 4; Swimming 1 ,2,3,4; Basketball 1 ,2,3; Track 2; Student Advisory Council 4; Student-Facul- ty Advisory Council 4; MEGA Club Secretary of I Internal Affairs 2,3,4; Variety Show 2,3,4; New York Trip 2,3; p. 61 . CRUICKSHANK, DONNA LOUISE-Crook-27 Homecrest St. -Chorus 2,3,4; National Honor Society I 3,4; As Schools Match Wits 4; " Guys Dolls 4; Class Play 4; p. 65. CUMMINGS, LISA ANNE-Cummies-19 Chan- | dler Ave.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Lacrosse 1 ,2,3,4; Yearbook Circulation Editor 2; Jet , Jotter 3,4 (Managing Editor 4); Class Play 4; Variety i Show 4; D.A.S. 2,3,4; G.B. Club 4; Chinese Gour- [ mands 2,3,4; p. 36. CURTIS, KATHLEEN BRIDGET-Kathy-57 Clairmont St. -Ski Club 1 ,2,3,4; Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; ; Keyettes 3,4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 1; Cross Country Ski Club 2; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 58. CZELUSNIAK, JUDITH ELLEN-Slooze, Juice-20 Hillcrest Ave. -Lacrosse 1; Field Hocke) Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 32. DANIO, LESLIE ANN-30 Barbara Ln.-Intramural 73 (ball 1; Advisory Com DAVIDSON. it-Faculty 4; Class ELLEN GWEN-E1, E.G.- 5 Plea- incill 2; Yearbook 2.3,4; Ski " .:l 2 3 ■; Key Ites 3; Class Play 4; Leaders Club 4; p. 52. DAWSON. JAMES W.-The Lizard King-26 Elmwood Ave -Football 1,2,3.4; Basketball 1; Key Club 1 ,2; Class Council 4; Weeds Coach 4; Intramu- ral Football, Basketball, Volleyball 4; Class Play 4; Gulli 12:00; p. 23. DECANDIO, LYNN ANN-Brandy Breath-31 Dunsany Dr. -Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 2,4; Class Council 1 ,2,4; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 46. DEMARCHE, MIKE-Demo- 1 19 Coventry Ln.- Football 1 ,2,4; Lacrosse 1 ,2,3,4; Key Club 1 ,2; Class Council 4; Weeds Coach 4; Gulli 12:00; Frosties 101; Cooler Maintenance 105; p. 52. j DESLAURIERS, DAVID F.-2 Hilltop Rd.-Class Council 1 ,2, 3,4; Cross Country 1 ,2,3,4; Track 1 ,2,3,4; Jet Jotter 4; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 1 ,2,3,4; Cross Country Ski Club 1 ; National Honor Society 4; Variety Show 4; Tutoring 3; Class Play 4; D.A.S. 2,3,4; Basic Skills Committee 3; p. 48. DESROBERTS, GARDNER-37 Lincoln Pk.-p. 32. DESTEPHANO, PETER V.-Steph-148 Green- acre Ave. -Football 1,2,4; Intramural Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Cooler Maintenance 4; Frosties 101; p. 44;- DINEEN.DANIEL VENCENT-Deno- 1 14 Frank- lin Rd.-Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3.4; Hockey ' 1 ,2,3,4; Class Council 1 ,4; Class Play 4; Leaders Club 1; Weeds Coach 4; Gulli 12:00 The Big Top; p. 34. DITMAR, TERRY DEAN-Dit- 240 Meadowlark Ln.-Class Council 1,2,3,4 (Pres. 1); Key Club 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 (Captain 1,4) Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramural Volleyball (Bean Team) 3,4; Class Play 4; Leaders Club 4; Variety Show 1 ,2,3,4; p. 60. DONNER, JENNIFER LESLIE-Boo Boo-37 Syl- van PL-Basketball 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 2; Soccer 4; Softball 1 ,2,3,4; Leaders Club 2,4; Basketball Intra- murals 2; p. 26. DOYLE, TIMOTHY J.- 136 Franklin Rd.-Class Council 1 ; Baseball 1 ,2; Soccer 1 ,2,3; Class Play 4; p. 49. DUCKMAN, SUSAN ELLEN-53 Woodlawn RdB- Class Council 1,2,3,4; Boys ' Track Manager 2,3,4; " Sound of Music " 3; ' Guys Dolls " 4; Class Play 4; p. 20. DUESSEL, PETER-Zeke-135 Academy Dr.-Track 3,4; Class Play 4; Football Public Address Announc- er 3,4; Bowling Club 1 ,2,3; p. 50. DZIKI, ANNMARIE-105 Franklin Rd.-p. 58. EDLER, CHRIS-245 Kenmore Dr.-Rifle Club 1,2; AFS 4; Ski Club 4; Outing Club 4; Class Play 4; p. 31. EDMONDS, MARCUS-229 Wilbraham Rd„ Spfld.-p. 63. EHRENBERG, SCOTT-40 Grassy Gutter Rd; p. 38. ELSINGER, KIM ANN- 79 Cherry Ln.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 2,3,4; Leaders Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Cheerleading 1; Variety Show 1; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 60. FANELLI, SUSAN-69 Greenacre Ave.-p. 22. FAVREAU, SCOTT-232 Maple Rd.-Golf 3; Class Play 4; p. 63. FEINSTEIN, VALERIE-Val-112 Ellington St- Lyrics 3,4; Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play Director 4; Ski Club 2; Drama Club 2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3; " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys Dolls " 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Variety Show 1 ,2; p. 48. FELDMAN, ALAN-Felty, Yasdi, Yalen-94 Wil- kin Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4 (Vice-President 4); Tennis 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 4 (Boys ' Sports Editor); Class Play 4; New York Trip Committee 2,3,4; Ski Club 1; BHL 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 4; Intramural Vol- leyball Intramural Football 4; D.A.S. 3,4; Mens ' Cho- rus 1 ; Concert Chorus 2; p. 37. FERRIS, THERESA K.-Terry-178 Edgewood Ave.-Ski Club 1,2; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 67. FITZPATRICK, JAMES F.-Fitzy-467 Frank Smith Rd.-Ski Club 3,4; p. 58. FLATOW, JENNIFER- 76 Deepwoods Dr. -p. 34. FLECK, JOHN CHARLES-Rebel- 717 Frank Smith Rd.-Class Play 4; p. 49. FOGARTY, BRIAN E.-Foogs-420 Wolfswamp Rd. -Basketball 1,2,3,4; Blowing Out 1,2,3,4; p. 22. FONTAINE, MATTHEW N.-J-Bar-268 Con- cord Rd. -Soccer 1; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Football 2,4; Key Club 1,2; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Gulli 12:00; p. 61. FORSYTH, MICHAEL DAVID-Mike-129 Lawn- wood Ave. -Wrestling 1; Ski Club 2,3; Intramural Volleyball 2; p. 42. FRANZ, TRACY LYNNE-111 Warren Terrace- Daisy-Weeds 4; National Honor Society 4; Class Play 4; Concert Band 1 ,2; Wind Ensemble 4; p. 49. FREEDMAN, ERIC H.-Josey Wales-84 Magno- lia Circle-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Leaders Club 3,4; Soccer 1; Ski Team 2,3,4; p. 60. FREEDMAN, JULIANNE-Huliarma-203 Prim- rose Dr. -Keyettes 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Ski Team 2,4; Track 3,4; Class Play 4; Ski Club 1; G.B. Club 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Variety Show 4; D.A.S; 2,3,4; Chinese Gourmonds 2,3,4; p. 37. FRIEDMAN, MARGO JILL- 19 Cobblestone Rd.- Leaders Club 4; Health Club 4; p. 64. FRIEDMAN ,SUE ILLANA-Bubbles-19 Cobblestone Rd.-Track 3,4; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Bathroom Buddies 4; p. 33. FRITZ, WILLIAM ERNEST-Fritzy-63 Brook- wood Dr.-Baseball 1; Football 1; Intramural Volley- ball 2,3; Intramural Football 4; Class Council 4; p. 26. FULLER, NANCY JEAN-Nance, Nafu-217 Hopkins PL -Class Council 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 3); Keyettes 2,3,4 (Boardmember 2,3; Pres. 4); Student- Faculty Advisory Council 3,4; French Club 1 ,2; Cho- rus 1,2,3; Lyrics 4; Variety Show 1,2,4; " Sound of Music " Publicity Chairperson 3; National Honor So- ciety 4; Track Stats. 3; D.A.S. Club 3,4; G.B. Club 4; I Cantori 4; p. 36. GAGNON, DONALD JOSEPH-Don-873 Con verse St. -Cross Country 3; Track 1; Swimming 4 (Captain); Leaders 3,4; Class Council 4; Outing Club 3; Band 1; p. 33. GEBO, RICHARD WESLEY-47 Shady Knoll Dr- Wrestling 1; Intramural Bowling 1; p. 25. GENTES, CHRISTOPHER L.-Fred, Elwood, Gents, Gentay-21 Eastland Rd.-Jazz Ensemble 1 ,2,3,4; Concert Band 1 ,2; Wind Ensemble 3,4; SCP Orchestra 2,3; Bowling 2, Drama Club 2,3,4; SCP 4; Mens ' Chorus 4; Variety Show 3,4; Jet Jotter 4; T.V. Producer 2,3,4; A Change of Pace 2,3,4; Dixieland Band 3,4; Sax Quartet 3; Save ' the Whale Club Presi- dent 3; MEGA Director of Physical and Psychologi- cal Experimentation 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Pez Club President 4; p. 64. GENTILE, LORI ANN- 136 Westmoreland Ave.- Ski Club 1; p. 66. GERSTEIN, MICHAEL A.-Whale-130 Viscount Rd.-Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Ski Club 1 ,4; Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Variety Show 4; p. 20. GIANELLY, CATHERINE LEE-Cathy-38 Con- cord Rd.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Cross Country Ski Club 1 ,2; Girls ' Chorus 1 ; Concert Cho- rus 2; Yearbook Activities Editor 4; Variety Show 1 ,2; Class Play 4; Tutor 2,3; Daisy- Weeds 4; New York Trip 3,4; D.A.S. 3,4; p. 65. GILMAN, MARGARET SANDERSON-Sandy, Peg, Bandy, Shorts-78 Williams St.-Daisy-Weeds 4; Class Play 4; Quinniehits Group Intellectual 4; p. 23. GLADSTONE, MYRA BETH-My, Myrna, Byrna-38 Field Rd. -Junior Achievement 1,2; Art Club 2; Keyettes 2,3; Yearbook 3; Ski Club 4; Class Play 4; p. 32. GOLASKI, DONNA MARIE-Lenny, D-89 Wimbleton Dr.-Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3; Class Council 1,2,4; Girls ' Chorus 1; Leaders Club 3,4; Art Club 1; La- crosse 4; Quinniehits Club Vice-President 3,4; p. 27. GOLDBLATT, DEAN ERIC- 101 Englewood Rd.- Track 1; Class Council 1; Yearbook 4; Student Af- fairs Club 1,4; p. 21. GOMBERG, ALAN ROBERT-A1-61 Wilkin Dr. Bowling Club 1,2; Tennis 1; p. 62. GOMEZ, LOUIS-Lou-350 Converse St.-Swim Team 2,4; p. 45. GOMEZ, BOBBY-Mez- 69 Jamestown Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Hockey 1 ,2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Baseball 1 ,2,4; p. 30. GOODMAN, JOEL-Goodie-219 Birch Rd.-Soccer 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Leaders Club 3; Ski Club 4; Class Play 4; Jet Jotter 2; p. 25. GRASSO, SCOTT THOMAS-Crawf, Drac, Amour-76 Academy Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 2,3,4 (Faculty Editor 3; Editor-in-Chief 4); Drama Club 2,3,4; Elementary Tutor 2,3; Key Club 2; Climate Study 1; Tennis Manager 3,4; Class Play 4; D.A.S. 3,4; p. 36. GREENSPAN, ALYSSA ELLEN-Lys- 29 Pinewood Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4 (Board Member 2,4); Class Play 4 (Head of props); Daisy-Weeds 4; Concert Chorus 3; Yearbook 2,3,4 (Underclassman Editor 3; Senior Editor 4); Leaders Club 3; J.V. Lacrosse 1; Spanish Club 3; p. 51. GRIFFIN, KATHLEEN MAURA-Kathy, Griff, Finny, Fin-Face- 141 Ellington St.-Swim Team 1 ,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Ail-Star Swimmer 1 ,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 1,2,3; Keyette 1,2; Waterpolo Club 2; Boys ' Swim Team Manager 2,3; Girls ' Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; All-State Chorus 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Student Advisory Coun- cil; Yearbook Ads Editor 4; National Honor Society 4; " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys Dolls " 4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; p. 50. GRINSPOON, JEFFREY-Grinny-23 Edward Circle-Class Council 1,2,3,4; BHL 1,2,3; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; Bean Team 3,4; Intramural Volleyball 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Class Play 4; New York 1,2,3,4; p. 58. GRIPPO, JOHN-46 Longmeadow St. -p. 48. GUILIANO, JANET-281 Deepwoods Dr.-Class Play 4; p. 67. GULLI, DOMINICK-Gulls, Bone Man- 120 Nevins Ave. -Football 1,2,3,4; Class Council 3,4; Class Play 4; Leaders Club 4; Key Club 2,3; Baseball 1,3,4; Intramural Basketball 3,4; p. 52. GUSTAFSON, CRAIG STEPHEN-Gus-105 Nevins Ave.-Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; Leaders Club 3,4; Intra- mural Sports (Callistos) 3,4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Daisy- Weeds Cheer- leader 4; Tug-Team Space Invaders 4; Yearbook 4; p. 66. GUTTER, DEBORAH CAROLE:-Debbie-36 Fal- mouth Rd.-Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Keyettes 3; Class Council 2,3,4; Girls ' Chorus 1; Dance Club 2; Variety Show 1,2; p. 30. HAASE, RANDALL ERIC-Randy, Boss-349 Merriweather Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3; Class Play 4; Soccer 1 ,2,3,4; Track 2; Jet Jotter 3,4; Leaders Club 3,4; p. 37. HAFER, CYNTHIA ELLEN-Cindy,. 5-71 Knoll wood Circle-Jet Jotter 2,3,4; Class Council 1 ,4; Class Play 4; National Honor Society 3,4; " Auntie Mame " 3; Swimming 3,4; French Club 1,2,3; " You Can ' t Take It With You " 2; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Outlet 74 1,3; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; p. 25. HALEY, DONNA CAMILLE-36 King Philip Dr.- Softball Manager 1,2,3; Art Club 1; Class Council 4; Yearbook 3,4; Bowling Club 2; Intramural Basketball 1; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 42. HANNIGAN, GREGORY- 1 19 Nevins Ave.-p. 64. HANO, EDWARD I.- 171 Colony Rd.-Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Class Coun- cil 4; Class Play 4; Intramural Sports (Callistos) 2,4; Yprirfoook 4 id 58 HANSON, RICHARD SCOTT-Hands, J.T.-147 Hillcrest Ave.-Class Council 1,2,3,4 (V.P. 1); Key Club 1,2,3,4 (Lt. Gov. 3, Pres. 4); Soccer 1,2,3,4 (Capt. 4); Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Bean Team 3,4; Jet Jotter 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; SA.C. 1,4; Class Play 4; " I Forgots " 2,3,4; Leaders 3,4; Lyrics 3,4; " I Cantori " 4; Intra- murals 3,4; p. 52. HASKINS, ROBERT-Bob-179 Birch Rd.-p. 45. HEENAN, KAREN JOAN-Heensie Fleensie-95 Ellington St. -Chorus 1; Class Council 4; Ski Club 3; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Quinny Hits 3,4; p. 26. HEGER, PETER K. JR.-Lap-180 Laurel St.-Soc- cer 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Class Council 4; Ski Club 3; Class Play 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Leaders 2,3; Daisy- Weeds Cheerleaders 4; Key Club 1 ,2; Variety Show 4; p. 35. HENRICH, JIM-60 Silverbirch Rd.-Class Play 4; p. 58. HENSHAW, DANIEL JOHN-Hensh- 759 Wil- liams St.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Football 1 .2.3,4; Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Key Club 1 ,2,3,4 (V.P. 4); p. 30. HERMANN, THOMAS-319 Bliss Rd.-Class Coun- cil 2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; p. 55. HIGGINBOTHAM, LEE- 305 Maple Rd.-p. 30. HIRSCH, LOUIS MICHAEL-Louigee- 189 Rugby Rd.-Class Council 4; Key Club 2,3,4; Water Polo 1 ,2,3; Swimming 1 ,2,3,4 (Capt. 4); Variety 3,4; Class Play 4; p. 59. HIRSCHAUT, AMY-86 Duxbury Lane-Chorus 1,2; Quinny Hits 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Class Play 4; Ski Club 2,3; Phi-Delta 2,3,4; p. 48. HOCHSTADT, KARYN MINDY-68 Lynnwood Dr.-Soccer 1,2,3,4; Jet Jotter 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Track 1; p. 30. HOLBROOK, LISA- 144 Riverview Ave.-Class- Council 3,4; Hockey Stat.s 2,3; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 46. HOLMAN, RICHARD-Dicky- 75 Brookwood Dr.- Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Class Council 3,4; Class Play 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Leaders 3,4; Daisy-Weeds Cheerleaders 4; Key Club 3,4; Band 1,2; Variety Show 4; Golf 4; p. 55. HOROWITZ, STEVEN-52 Bel-Air Dr.-Track Man- ager 2,3,4; Class Play 4; p. 64. HOUGH, HILDA-Ho-119 Prynnwood Rd.-Class Council 2,3,4; Drama Club 2; Track Manager 2,3,4; Class Play 4; N.H.S. 3,4; Variety Show 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; DAS 2,3,4; p. 47. HUOT, JOAN MARIE-Joany Balony-23 Chest nut Rd. -Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 45. HURWTTZ, MARK DANIEL- Vitz-20 Elizabeth Circle-Class Council 4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; SA.C 4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 (Capt. 4); Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Capt. 4); Baseball 1 ,3,4; Tennis 2; Class Play 4; p. 59. HUTCHINS, CHRISTOPHER BANNON- Hutch-278 Mernweather Dr. -Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Hockey 1 ,2,3,4 (Capt. 4); Golf 1,2,3,4 (Capt. 4); Soccer 3; Intramurals 1 ,2.3,4; Leaders 2,3; Bean Team 3,4; p. 59. JENKINS, KAT HLEEN MARGARET-Jenks- 118 King Philip Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; S.A.. 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 (Capt. 4); Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Student Rep. School Con.; Class 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Keyettes 2; Band 1,2; Variety Show 1,2; p. 51. JENNINGS, NANCY HELEN-NJ, Mom-49 Hanover Lane-Thespians 1 ,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Class Council 4; Class Play 4; " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys and Dolls " 4; p. 21. JOHNSON, EUGENE CARL-477 Maple Rd.- Football 1 ,2,3,4; Baseball 1 ; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Intramur- als 3,4; p. 22. JONES, JONATHON MARK- Jonesy- 191 Nev- ins Ave.-Key Club 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Leaders 3,4; Intramurals 4; Variety Show 4; Class Play 4; Tag-Team Space-Invaders 4; p. 54. KAGAN, ANDREW-Andy-9 Caravelle Dr.-Ski Club 1,4; Yearbook 1,2,3; Key Club 2,3,4; Tennis Club 4; p. 49. KAGAN, STEVEN-Steve-98 Ely Rd.-Track 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; p. 66. KAJDAN, THEODORE M.-Ted-91 Birchwood Ave.-Track 2,4; p. 55. KATZ, KAREN-Katzie, GB-164 Pinewood Dr.- Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4 (Board 3,4); N.HS. 4; Tennis 2; Ski Club 1; Basketball Stats 3; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; D.A.S. 3,4; French Club 1,2; Variety Show 4; p. 37. KATZ, ROBERT-Bob-407 Bliss Rd.-Men ' s ' Chorus 1,3,4; A.F.S. 4; " Sound of Music " 3; Class Play 4; p. 59. KEELEY, MARK J.-Keels-33 Brittany Rd. -Foot- ball 1 ,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1 ,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Class Coun- cil 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1,2; Ski Club 4; Intramurals 2; p. 27. KELLEHER, KEVIN-256 Captain Rd.-p. 44. KIEFER, MARJORIE-Fender-82 Barrington Rd.- " Sound of Music " (Stage Crew) 3; " Guys and Dolls " 4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; p. 46. KILLEEN, CAROLINE-Killer- 168 Concord Rd.- Swim Team Manager 1; Lacrosse 1; Class Council 1,2,4; Keyettes 2,3,4 (Board 2,3); Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 22. KING, KATHLEEN-Kathy-57 Fairfield Terr.- Class Council 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3; Wind Ensemble 4; Class Play 4; " Guys and Dolls " Orches- tra 4; Variety Show 1; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 60. KINSLEY, KRISTINA MARIE-Krisi, Knise-48 York Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4 (Trea- surer 4); Class Play 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 2,4; Field Hockey 2,3,4 (Captain 3); Basketball 1; United Nations Co-ordinator 4; French Club 1,2; Variety Show 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Intramurals 1; D.A.S-ob- server; p. 21. KIPPERMAN, BRUCE-Kips-81 Ellington St.- Basketball 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 2; Football 1; Class Council 4; A.B.C. Basketball Game 2,3; p. 33. KLEIN, LAUREN BETH-LBK-41 Oak Rd.-Class Council 1 ,2 ' ,3,4; Class Play 4; Keyettes 1 ,2,3,4 (Board 3,4); Lacrosse 1,3; Baseball Stats 2; Yearbook 2,4 (Seniors Editor 4); Cheerleading 1 ; Daisy- Weeds 4; N.H.S. 4; p. 51. KRAINSON, LARRY- 153 Brookwood Dr.-p. 59. KUMIEGA, JACQUELINE- Jackie-7 11 Laurel St.-Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Field Hockey 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 35. LAMOUREUX, GAIL-p 44. LANDIS, THEODORE CHARLES Jr.-Teddy- 121 Dover Rd. -Football 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; In- tramurals 3,4; p. 23. LANTZAKIS, MARK-222 Kenmore Dr.-p. 31. LAWSON, LAURA- 87 Birchwood Ave.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3; Variety Show 1,2; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Joint Committee 1; Cross-Country Ski Club 1; p. 59. LEMOINE, CHERYL-317 Frank Smith Rd.-p. 23. LENIHAN, NANCY-78 Lawnwood Ave.-p. 31. LEONE, GUY PETER-31 Meadowlark Dr.-Track 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1; Swimming 1; J .A. 1; Class Play 4; Class Council 1,2; p. 47. LEVEILLEE, BRET J. II-Peach-75 Colton PI. Football 1 ,2,4; Lacrosse 1 ,2,3,4; Class Council 4; In- tramurals 4; p. 22. LEVITT, FREDI-RUTH-Fredi-54 Glenbrook Lane-Softball 1,2,3,4; Class Council 3,4; Field Hock- ey Manager 4; Basketball Manager 4; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; N.H.S. 4; Quinny Hits 4; p. 39. LEVY, SANDRA-9 Caravelle Dr.-N.H.S. 4; Basket- ball 4; Class Play 4; Concert Chorus 4; Tennis 4; Variety Show 4; p. 32. LEWIS, RALPH III-Gus- 38 Franklin Rd.-Cr. Country 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2,3; Track 1; Golf 2,3,4; Class Council 3,4; p. 42. LIEBMAN, PAUL FREDRICK-Liebs-42 Heather Rd.-Key Club 1,2,3,4 (Secretary 3, Exec. Sec. 4); Class Council 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; B.H.L. 1,2,3; Baseball 1; Intramurals 4,3; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; p. 36. LITTLE, JAMESINA-Jamie-108 Fenwick St.- Basketball 2; p. 25. LOUGHMAN, ROBERT EDWARD-Bob-168 Edgewood Ave.-A.V. Club 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3; Jazz Ensemble 3; p. 24. LOWE, WILLIAM S.-Bilbo-931 Longmeadow St.- Diving 2; Gymnastics 3; p. 55. LOWELL, GREGORY ROY-Greg-61 Prynne Ridge Rd.-Swimming 1 ,2,3,4; Water Polo Club 1 ,2,3; Class Council 2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4 (Pres. 4); Math Team 2,3,4; Jet Jotter 4; p. 37. LUKAS, RAYMOND-Lukes-106 Longview Dr.- Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1; p. 22. LUSSIER, MONIQUE CONSTANCE-Maniac- 17 Sherwood Dr.-Basketball 1,2,3 (Captain 4); La- crosse 3,4; Field Hockey 4; Track 1; Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Outing Club 3,4; Daisy- Woods 4; Water Polo 2; Intramurals 1; Quinny Hits; p. 35. LYON, JONATHON-J.B.-69 Colony Rd.-Class Council 1,2,3,4 (Pres. 2); Key Club 1,2,3,4 (V.P. 3); SA.C. 3,4 (Chairman 4); Soccer 1 ,3,4; Class Play 4; Jet Jotter 2,3,4; Bean Team Co-Pilot 2,3,4; p. 55. MACKLER, LAUREN JOAN-40 Woodside Dr- Concert Band 1; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Class Council 4; Class Play 4; " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys and Dolls " 4; Chamber Music 4; Art Club 1; Sailing Club 2; N.H.S. 4; p. 47. MAILMAN, BARBARA C-Barb-71 Edgewood Ave.-Ski Club 1 ,2; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 45. MANEY, LOUISE QUIRK-Lou-Chorus l, p . 49. MANN, JENNIFER KATHERINE-Jen, Jenis, Ref ., Yellow P-67 E. Greenwich Rd.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2,3; N.H.S. 4; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Field Hockey Manager 2,3,4; Evaluation Committee 4; Leaders 3; Yearbook Faculty Editor 4; p. 50. MANNIX, RUTH ELLEN-Tooth-26 Emerson Rd. -Gymnastics 3,4; Class Council 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Class Play 4; Outing Club 4; p. 52. MOUCHANTAT, RICHARD ALAN-Rick, Mouch-72 Brookside Dr.-Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; Class Play 4; Ski Team 2,3,4; N.H.S. 4; Lacrosse 1,2; Football 1; Track 3; Cross Country 4; p. 50. MURPHY, CARA- 111 Duxbury Lane-Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3; Lacrosse 1; Cheerlead- ing 3,4; Class Play 4; p. 58. MURPHY, DARA MARIE -Murph -625 Laurel St. -Gymnastics 1; Cheerleading 2,3; Field H. 1 ,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1 ,3,4; Class Council 1 ,2,4; Keyettes 2,4; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Usher 3; Junior Fan- Board 4; p. 23. MURPHY, PATRICIA- 1223 longmeadow St.- Class Council 3,4; N.H.S. 4; J. A 1 ,2; Class Play 4; p. 24. MURRAY. THOMAS-Miran, Norton, Banan- aman-933 Maple Rd.-Tmek . ' -1; Football Class Play 4; Class council 3. -I Key Club 4; 1 NICHOLSON, CHRISTOPHER J.-741 1 St, Track 1.2,3; C.O.A : - : .-, eei 1; Class O 1; Key Club 1,2; p. 34. NOEL, KENNETH J.-Hollywood-4706 11 Clevelmul Ave N W 1 ant. 1, Mv, 75 ketball 3; Leaders 3,4; Indoor Track 4; Intramurals 4; p. 50. O ' CONNOR, GREGORY-Oakie-69 Chesire Dr.- Class Couik-i1 :3 4: Ski Club 3; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 3; Lacrosse 2; p. 39. ODENTZ, HOWARD-50 Merriweather Dr.-Men ' s Chorus 1,2; Lyrics 3,4; District Chorus 3,4; All-State Chorus 3,4; Yearbook 2,3; " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys and Dolls " 4; Class Play 4; p. 32. OKUN, NANCY ROSE-Rose- 154 Maqnolia Cr.- Yearbook 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Soc- cer 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 2; Track 3,4; Class Council 1,2,4; p. 22. O ' REILLY, DEIDRE-32 Wendover Rd.-p. 27 OTTANI, JEFFREY-26 Edgewood Ave.; p. 54. PAHL, RUSSELL-Beaker-77 Fair Hill Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Water Polo 1; Volleyball 2,3; Touch Football 4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 2,3,4; p. 42. PAIGE, GAILA RENA-Beama, Bam 1-3 Bon- nyview St., Spfld. -Girls Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 3,4; Class Council 1,2,4; Dance Club 1,2; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; J.A. 1,2; Metro 1,2,3,4; Metro President 4; Cheerleading 3,4; Varsity Boys ' Basketball Manager 4; p. 62. PAIGE, GREGORY GOODCHILD-154 West- moreland Ave. -Outing Club 1,2,3; J.V. Swim Team 2; T.V. Studio 4; Computer Room 2,3; J.A. 1; p. 20. PARK, PAMELA ELLEN- 110 York Dr.-Class Council 4; Class Play 4; Keyettes 2; Library Aid 4; Daisy-weeds 4; Quinny Hits-Chauffer; p. 33. PAYNE, ANTOINETTE DENEEN-Antwar-1 17 Greenmeadow Dr.- " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys and Dolls " 4; Class Play 4; Class Council 2,4; Dance Club 2; Concert Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; p. 20. PEAVEY, DEBORAH L.-Debbie, Peave-1 18 Lin- coln Park-Girls ' Chorus 1 ; Concert Chorus 2; Track 2; Class Play 4; A.F.S. 2,3,4; Yearbook 3; Latin Club 1 ,2; p. 24. PELLETIER, STEVEN THOMAS- 41 Wool- worth St.-T.V. Control 1,2,3,4; Of Mice and Men 1; p. 47. MARCOULLIER, KAREN MARIE-587 Laurel St.-I.A. 1; Art Club 1 ,2; Drama Club 1 ,2; Class Coun- cil 4; Class Play 4; N.H.S. 4; p. 46. MARKOULAKIS, GEORGE-415 Franksmith Rd.- Ski Club 3; Art Club 1; p. 42. MARKSON, MARJORIE ELLEN-Margie, Shotz, P. Lips- 29 Colony Rd.-Jet Jotter 2,3,4 (Editor in Chief 4); Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 3,4 (V.P. 4); Ski Club 1,2; Track Manager 2,3; Elementary Tutor 2,3,4; Class Play 4; D.A.S. 2,3,4 (Exec. Council); p. 36. MARSHALL, BRYAN J.-550 Pinewood Dr.-Sail- ing 1,2; N.H.S. 4; Cross Country 2,3; p. 62. MARTSEN, ERIC WALTER- 164 Bel-Air Dr.- Hockey 1,2,3,4; Key Club 2,3,4; Class Council 3,4; Jet Jotter 3,4; Football 1; Leaders 3,4; N.H.S. 4; Class Play 4; p. 51. MATSON, ROBIN SUSANNE-Robbo-86 Far mington Ave. -Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; A.F.S. 4; p. 61. MCCARTHY, WARD PATRICK-Toker-1015 Williams St.-Jet Jotter 1 ,2,3,4 (Photo Editor 4); Drama Club 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Class Council 1 ,2; Soccer 1 ; " Auntie Mame " 3; " Harvey " 4; Young Republicans 1,2; N.H.S. 4; p. 43. McCAULEY, MATTHEW JAMES-Mac-a-do- 970 Maple Rd.-p. 63. McCAULEY, RENEE M.-Ta-ta-bingos-970 Maple Rd.-p. 43. McGOUGH, CHRISTINE ANN-Chris, McGoof-123 Albemarle Rd.-Class Council 3; A.F.S. 3,4; Concert Band 1,2; Wind Ensemble 3,4; " Sound of Music " 3; " Guys and Dolls " 4; Class Play 3,4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Chorus i ,2,3; p. 25. McKENNA, JOHN THOMAS-Coach-135 Bliss Rd.-p. 38. Mclaughlin, mary genevieve-956 Ma pie Rd.-Class Council 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Softball 1 ,2,3; Jet Jotter 4; Ski Club 3,4; p. 52. McMANUS, DENNIS PATRICK-291 Bliss Rd.- Ski Club 2,3,4; p. 47. MERULLO, STACEY-Space-101 Riverview Ave. -Ski Club 1; Swim Team 1,2,3,4 (Captain 4); Boy ' s Swim Team Manager 2; Boy ' s Diving Team Coach 3; Class Play 4; p. 26. MICUCCI, MICHELE DOMINIQUE-Shel-B- 204 Wolf Swamp Rd. -Lacrosse 1; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 4; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Usher 3; p. 22. MIDURA, ANGELA GRAYCE-Jala-153 Edgewood Ave. -Class Play 4; Future Nurses Club 4; p. 33. MILLER, PETER ANDREW-Miler- 1 50 Blueber- ry Hill Rd.-Football 1 ,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1 ,2,3,4; p. 60. MOLITORIS, CHERYL-38 Hanover Lane-Class Play 4; p. 62. PETERS, PHILIP DOMINIC-Phil-791 Frank Smith Rd.-Key Club 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; V.P. 4; Soccer 1,2; Hockey 1,2; Baseball 2; Variety Show 1,2,3,4; Class Play 3,4; Bean Team 3,4; N.H.S. 4; SFAC 4; p. 54. PETERSON, JOANNE-Hanna-1016 Frank Smith Rd.-Class Council 4; p. PHELPS, DANIEL R. JR.- ' Lil Devil- 62 Circle Rd.-Jesters 1,2,3,4; Track 5; p. 39. PICARD, LESLIE J.- 121 Captain Rd-Swim Team 1,2,3,4 (Diving Captain); Cheerleading 2,3; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; N.H.S. 4; Class Play 4; Leaders 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Flamingo Club 3,4; p. 59. PICARD, PAUL-18 South Park Ave.-p. 63. PIERCE, JULIE LYNN-Jules-173 Longmeadow St.-Chorus 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Dance Club 3; p. 42. PISTRICH, MICHAEL J.- .70 Shady Side Dr.- Yearbook 1,2,3; Jet Jotter 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; Class Council 1,2; Outing Club 2,3; Wrestling 1,2; Soccer 1; p. 21. PLOTKIN, ELIZABETH PEARL-Lizard-173 Morningside Dr. -J.V. Cheerleading 1; Varsity Cheerleading 2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3; Track 1; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 3,4; Yearbook 2; Jet Jotter 4; Leaders 3,4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Flamingo Club 3,4; Bathroom Buddies 3,4; p. 55. PORRO, MARIBETH-9 Falmouth Rd.-p. 66. POTTER, MATTHEW B.-Matt-16 Merriweather Dr.-Key Club 2,3,4; N.H.S. 4; Yearbook 2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1; Intramural Volleyball Basketball 4; Library Aide 2,3,4; Class Play 4; p. 32. POZZUTO, ANNA-36 Maplewood St.-p. 30. PREBOR, ROBERT SQUIRE-Ruffy-121 South Park Ave.; p. 54. OUINN, KATHLEEN M.-Kathy, Quinny-37 Wimbleton Dr. -Track 1,2; Class Council 1,4; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Quinney Hits Club p. 27. RANSOM, CINDY MARIE-51 Village Dr.-Class Council 1,2; Yearbook 3; Intramural Basketball 1; Math Team 2; " You Can ' t Take It With You " 2; p. 24. RAPALUS, JANE DONAHUE-Rap. Oreo-980 Longmeadow St.-Jet Jotter 2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Regional Advisory Council 3; N.H.S. 4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; S.F.A.C. 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Football 4; Class Play 4; J.E.S. Club 1,2,3,4; Quinny Hits Club 3,4; p. 27. RAPPAPORT, JODI-40 Lynnwood Dr.-p 63. RATKOWSKI, PATRICK WILLIAM-Rat-61 Longfellow Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Student Advisory Council 4; Soccer 1 ,2,3,4; Co- Capt. 4; Basketball 1 ,2; Lyrics 3,4; Jazz Ensemble 3,4; Drama Club 2,3; Key Club 4; Senior Class Play Orchestra 2,3; Class Play 4; Outlet 1,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; " Sound of Music " ; " Guys and Dolls " ; Mega Club 3,4 (Special Investigator of Internal Op- erations); p. 51. RAVOSA, STEVEN JOSEPH-Steve, Spoof- 134 Farmington Ave.-Track 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Cross-County Ski Club 1; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; p. 27. RAVNSKOV, PERNILLE-P-Ella- 62 Dunsany Dr.-Class Play 4; p. 67. RECHTSCHAFER, JOAN LYNN-Joanie-44 Greenwich Road-Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Girls ' Cho- rus 1 ; Class Council 1 ,3,4; Nurses Aid 3,4; Class Play 4; Health Careers Club 4 (Co-President) p. 46. REGAN, MARY ELIZABETH-Betsy-43 Fernleaf Ave.-Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Track 1 ,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; Concert Chorus 2,3; Quinny Hits Club 3,4 (Taster); p. 48. REHBEIN, TRACY LYNNE-Bean, Beaner-47 Arcadia St. -Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Class Council 1,2,3; Class Play 4; Water Polo 2; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 34. REICH, JOSEPH BRUCE- Joe, Joey-715 Wil- liams St. -Key Club 2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; Class Play 4; p. 32. REINER, ALISON-Allie-267 Ardsley Rd. Class Play 4; New York Trip 2,4; Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4 (Finance Editor 3, Edi- tor-in-chief 4); Variety Show 1,2; N.H.S. 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 37. REMPEL, HANS-Shoerhard-87 Belleclaire Ave.-Key Clubs 1,2,3,4; Soccer 3,4; Class Play 4; Callistos 2,3,4; B.H.L. 2,3,4; p. 34. RICHFIELD, KAREN ELLEN-86 Woodside Dr- Gymnastics 2,3,4; J.A. 1; Outing Club 4; Art Club 1; Class Council 4; Class Play 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; p. 34. RICO, TIMOTHY-Tim, Reek-53 Edgewood Ave.-Ski Club 1,2,3; J.A. 1,2,3,4; Class 4; p. 62. RINALDI, CHRISTINE ELLEN-Chris-175 Meadowlark Dr.-Ski Club 2,3,4; Class Council 1,2; Class Play 4; p. 49. ROBERTS, MARK ALAN-Roberts Kid- 134 Williams St.; p. 31. ROBERTSON, DIANE LYNNE-Dee Dee-717 Laurel St.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Quinny Hits 3,4; p. 34. ROGERS, KENNETH S.-1446 Longmeadow St.- Hockey 1 ,2; Class Play 4; p. 65. RONALDSON, STUART ANDREWS- 184 Nev- ins Ave.-Baseball 1,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4; p. 34. ROOKE, ANN MARIE-Annabelle-143 Farming- ton Ave. -Varsity Cheerleading 3; J.V. Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Leaders 4; Concert Chorus 1,2,3,4; Variety Show 3; " Sound of Music " 3; Outlet 4; Daisy- Weeds 4; Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Class Play 4; Flamingo Club 3,4; Bathroom Buddies 3,4; p. 55. ROSENBAUM, LAWRENCE CHARLES- Larry-153 Englewood Rd.-Class Council 1,4; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Concert Band 1; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Leader 3,4; " Guys and Dolls " (orchestra) 4; N.H.S. 3,4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 3,4; p. 24. ROTH, JOHN-J.R., Coop-255 Green Hill Rd.- Football 1; p. 25. ROTH, REBECCA-Becca-71 Woodsley Rd.-Jet Jotter 2,3,4 (Editorial Editor); Cheerleading 2,3 (Co- Captam), 4 (Captain); Class Council 1,2,4; NHS 3,4; Concert Band 1 ,2; Lacrosse 1 ; Baseball Stats 2; Class Play 4; p. 50. RUBIN, PAUL-346 Pinewood Dr.-X Country Ski Club 1; J.A. 1; Spanish Club 1; Volleyball 2; Outing Club 2,4; Class Play 4; Soccer 3,4; Key Club 4; p. 62. RUBINSTEIN, SUSAN EVE-Sue, Phrog-140 Bel Air Dr. -Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; District Band and Orchestra 2,3,4; Class Play Orchestra 1,2,4; " Sound of Music " Orchestra 3; " Guys and Dolls " Orchestra 4; Intramural Basketball 1; Variety Show 3,4; p. 64. RUSSELL, ROBERT DAVID-Ramone-108 Bel 76 Air dr.-Baseball 4; p. 44. SABIN, SHARON JUNE-58 Maple Rd.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Class Play 4; Yearbook 4; Daisy Weeds 4; Sommie 4; p. 33. SACENTI, PETER JOHN- 121 Bliss Rd.-Football 1 ,2; Hockey 1 ,2; Lacrosse 1 ; Intramurals 4; p. 65. SANTOS, DAVID-Tos-797 Longmeadow St.-X Country Ski Club 1; Outing Club 2; Track 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Wind Ensemble 4; Class Play 4; " Guys and Dolls ' 4; p. 64. SCHWARTZ, DARYL J.-Schwartzy-41 Willett Dr.-Key Club 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Class Council 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2; Track 1; NHS 4; BHL 1,2,3; Intramural Football 4; Class Play 4; p. 37. SEAY, KATHY LYNN-Swaq, Seizure-72 Wool- worth St. -Chorus 1 ; Skiing 2,3; Variety Show 4; p. 45. SECONDO, SALVATORE JOSEPH FRANCESCO-The Boss-76 Meadow Rd.-Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Lacrosse 1; Italian Club 1; Ger- man Club 1; Leisure Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1- Ski Club 1,2; p. 33. SELIN, JODI ANN-Jo, Max-182 Coventry Ln.- AFS 1,2,3; Literary Magazine 2,3; Humanities 3; Football Manager 4; Class Play 4; p. 64. SELUG, SUSAN-Sue, Dicklin-92 Pleasantview Ave. -Swimming 1; Concert Chorus 2; p. 61. SHAPIRO, WILLIAM ALAN-Bill, Shaps-128 Converse St. -Class Council 2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Key Club 2,3,4; Volleyball 1 ,2,3; Jet lotter 3,4; p. 43. SHRAIR, NANCY-Bear-61 Williston Dr.-Class Council 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2; La- crosse 1 ,2; Yearbook 1 ,2,3,4; Editor Copy 4; Class Play 4; p. 35. SIMONS, LESLIE-98 Brooks Dr.-Health Club 4; Leaders Club 4; Class Play 4; p. 47. SIRKIN, JAMIE BETH-Sirk-50 Eunice Dr.-Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Chorus 2,3 Lyrics 4; Sr. District Chorus 4; Drama Club 1 ,2,3,4 Class Play 4; Variety Show 3,4; " Sound of Music " 3 " Guys And Dolls " 4; Hockey Stats 2,3,4; Keyettes 4 p. 53. SISITSKY, RICHARD A.-Bird-51 Berkely Dr.- Key Club 1,2,3.4; Class Council 3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2; N.H.S. 4; Class Play 4; Intramurals 3,4; Variety Show 2,3,4; Bean Team 3,4; p. 35. SKOLER, FREDERICK W.-Skoals, Red, Fred- 93 White Oaks Dr.-Drama Club 2,3,4; Class Council 1.2,3,4; Band 1,2; Wind Ensemble 3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Leaders 3; Jet Jotter 3,4; Jazz Ensemble 4; Variety Show 1 ,2,3,4; Chairman School Musicals 3,4; Lyrics 4; N.H.S. 4; Mega 3,4; p. 20. SLADE, SHARON ROSE-Dofsky-108 Redfern Dr. -Chorus 1; Intramurals 1; Class Council 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3; Concert Chorus 2,3,4; Lyrics 4; Sr. District Choir 4; All-State Choir 4; " Sound of Music ' 3; Guys and Dolls " 4; N.H.S. 4; Class Play 4; p 48. SMITH, ANNE MARIE-Annie-45 Pinewood Dr.- Class Council 1,2,3,4; Class Play 4, Daisy Weeds 4; •botball Stat.s 4, Hockey Stats 2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2.3,4; A.F.S. 1,2; Yearbook (Ads Editor) 4; p. 66 SMITH, ROLAND McKINLEY-Rolly-1 1 E. Greenwich Rd. -Track 3; J.A. (Pres.)4; Cross Country ; Math Team 3,4; P. FY. 3,4; p. 26. SNILSBERG, JON-GUNNAR-30 Chatham Rd.- Wind Ensemble 4; Lyrics Accompanist 4; Intramur- als 4; Guys and Dolls " 4; Class Play 4; Variety Show 4; p. 37. SNYDER, LAURA-Snne-105 Dunsany Dr.-Jet Jot- 3,4 (Sports Editor 4); Class Council 1,2,3,4; Con- Band 1; Wind Ensemble 2,3; Class Play 4; NHS. 3,4; p. 35. SODANO, MARY JOAN-Soddie-1 17 Longmea- dow St p. 25. SOLOMON, JEFFREY DAVID-Solly-160 Vis Coun il i 2,3,4; So. cei I, Key Club 1,4; Outing Club 2,3; ! i ' Ilass Play 1,2,3,4 ( on ductor 4); Orchestra 1 ,2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 3,4; Vari- ety Show 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Mega Club 3,4; N.H.S. 4; p. 51. SOPHINOS, ELIZABETH-Lizard-20 Regent Circle-Ski Club 4; Art Club 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; p. 60. SPITZ, LAURA ANNE-73 Farmington Ave.-Swim Team 1 ,2; Class Council 1 ,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3,4; Jet Jotter (Circulation Mgr.) 3,4; N.H.S. 3,4; S.F.A.C. 4; Class Play 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Variety Show 2,3,4; p. 54. 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WILLIAMS, DANIEL H.-Cuban-19 Berkshire Lane-Wrestling 1 ; Drama Club 1 ,2,3; Concert Band 1 ; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; Soccer 3; Intramurals 3,4; Jazz Ensemble 3,4; Lyrics Band 4, " Guys and Dolls " 4; Ski Club 2; Men ' s Chorus 4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4; p. 21. WILLIAMS. STUART DOUGLAS-Tangariro- P.O Box 40-Orange-N.S.W.-Australia-2800-Outing Club 4; A.F.S. 4; N.H.S. 4; Variety Show 4; Class Play 4; Class Council 4; Soccer 4; Ski Club 4; p. 36. WOJCIK, BARBARA LYNN-Woj, Hipcheck- 74 Cambridge Cir. -Gymnastics 1; Outing Club 2,3,4; A.F.S. 2,3,4 (Sec. 3; Pres. 4); Class Play 4; p. 31. WOODS, CHRISTOPHER J.-Woodsy-l Greenacre Ave. -p. 38. WOODS, ELIZABETH ALICE-Puddin ' -19 Greenacre Ave. -Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; Class Play 4; Daisy-Weeds 4; Library Aid 1,2,3,4; Class Council 2,3,4; p. 63? Vj YARROWS, BRIAN KEITH-Goob, Goober-234 Deepwoods Dr. -Leaders 2,3; p. 35. YESU, DAN-Yeahzoo- 1 1 3 Chiswick St. -Basket ball 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3.4; p. 23. ZEROOGIAN .BEVERLY-38 Cobblestone Rd Girl ' s Chorus 1; Lyrics 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; 3S ance Aid 3; A.F.S. 4; J.A. 2; Drama Club 3,4; " Soun ol Music " 3; " Guys and Dolls " 4; Class Play 4; Dis- til, t Chorus 3,4; All-State Chorus 3,4; " Auntie Mama " 3; " Harvey " 4; ' lass (Anuuil -1 Pin. - Bui ers 3; lnd. « u [rack 4; | ■ 20. ZIMMERMAN, KENNETH EDWARD-Zane. Zim-29(ak Rd Wm ' louncil 1,2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3; Leaders 3; Jazz Ensembli I ' ■ tl I Show 3,4; Baseball 1; Ski Club 2,3,4; Men ' s Ch 2; Key Club 3,4; Pep Band 3,4; ( last Play ( i tra) 4; p. 31 i J 77 High school sports do not change very often, or do they? Coaches change. Uniforms change. But the sports themselves, have they really changed in 25 years? In 1957 the boys played baseball, golf, basketball, hockey, soccer, and football. The girls went out for field hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, arch- ery, and drill team. In 1981, not only have there been several sports added to the list, but the girls ' sports are becoming more masculine. Girls are now playing Lacrosse, and soccer. Also, high school girls now get involved with track, at least 60 of them at L.H.S. this spring. Swimming and skiing have also been added to both male and female playing lists. However, because of Proposi- tion two and a half, several of these sports may be cut next year. V ; ' football Beating East Longmeadow ' s football team, which had the home team advan- tage, is no small feat. Our football team made it look that way however, on Homecoming day, and the game re- sulted in a stunning victory for Long- meadow. Another of our big victories was the Northampton game, when LHS ' s team pulled through and won in the last second. These results are to be expected from a team of such superb players. Greg Radner with a 4.8 yard rushing average became an All League kicker, and Ted Landis with a 4.6 yard rushing average and a total of 412 yards became an All League punt- er. Eugene Johnson was voted Most Valuable Player, rushing for a total of 430 yards, and receiving 13 passes. Wright, a steady receiver, and Carey another great receiver was voted The Unsung Hero. Also contributing to the strong 5-5 record were the key line- men: Mark Keeley and Chris Burger, and juniors Chris Klinker, Matt Shoen, and Vin Daboul. The team had a great year and is looking forward to another, next year, with the remaining players. Michael Dimarche attempts to block the pass. Ted Landis unleashes the ball. 80 Joe Glascow takes the hand-off from quarterback Ted Landis. Eugene Johnson follows lead block. fl| f m HJ I Freshman Football Team: L to R, Row 1, Coaches Jack Quinn and Lou Petrofufu, Row 2, John Sheehan, Danny Bowen, Ned Matson, Adam Zeroogian, Jeff Alsberg, Casey Hanifan, Row 3, Brendan Bruno, Jeff Goldberg, Matt Naughton, Larry Hochberg, Dave Pieterse, Scott Rubin, Row 4, Tony Santiago, Tim McNair, John Sadak, Joe Sadak, Rich Hickling, Row 5, Eric Brunette, Dan Siegel, Brad Andrews, Mike Mallatoris, Mark Barba, Matt Henshaw, Row 6, Jim Walker, Rusty Duncan, Will Masi, Jim Fricione, Niel August. ■ Dan Henshaw roles right. 81 Matt Fontaine breaks away Row 1 (left to right) Captains D. Yesu, D. Dineen, T. Landis, J. Carey. Row 2-D. Henshaw, E. Johnson, B. Leveillee-, C. Burger, M. Keeley, P. Miller, M. Dimarche, J. Glascow, V. Daboul, M. Shoen, E. Sokol. Row 3-T. Dineen, T. Wright, J. Stone, J. Devine, J. Hartley, M. Fontaine, P. Cwieka, S. Copland, M. Black, J. Krumsiek, M. Santiago. Row 4-F. Sherman, M. Farrell, R. Joseph, T. Nyman T. Forsyth, J. Dolce, M. Meder, C. Klinker, B. Scott. Row 5- P. Dawson, C. Smith, K. O ' Brien, M. Satler, C. Coniff, S. Hobbs, A. Rubin, S. Danalis, D. Smith. Row 6-J. Bisikirski, R. Weiller, R. Quinn, J. Lang, G. Radner, R. Villeneuve, D. Connell, W. Fletcher, Row 7-N. Friedman, G. Stephens, I. Glascow, D. Singer, J. Jones, D. Oswald, P. Destephano, J. Micucci Row 8- M. Deary Jr., Coaches M. Deary, J. Burr, D. Williams, D. Kane, S. Summer, J. Selin, and A. Smith. Missing-D. Gulli, B. Zinnen Coach Deary converses with guaterback Ted Landis. 82 Row ) (left to nght) P. LaPierre, J. Goodman, M. Cohen, S. Hanson, T. Ditmar, P. Ratkowski, M, Hurwitz, J. Ebeling, J. Lyon, D. Paulides. Row 2 • Manager D. Cohen, Mike McCarthy, R. Haase, P. Rubin, I. Shannon, S, Williams, R. Little, I, Grippo, R. E Hano, J. Ratkowski, M, Cimini, J, Vinick, M. Vimck, B, Gomez, L. Rosenbaum, A ' lark, R Van Ezdunk, Coach Ron Mbrissette. soccer Although the 1980 soccer season was not as successful as we would have wished there were some redeeming highlights. Returning mentor Ron Morissette along with Michael McMarthy led the well skilled and adaptable team. Because the positions were so variable, many players ended up playing both offen- sive and defensive positions. Team captains Pat Ratkowski, Scott Hanson, Terry Ditmar, aided by the points of top scorer sophomore Davis Paulides, helped the team in many tight situations. With excellent showings by goalies John Ratkowski and Jim Shannon, the season ended on a high note with a victori- ous game over South Hadley 83 This year the varsity team was joined by three American Field Service (A.F.S.) mem- bers. Rob Van Ezdunc from Holland, Stuart Williams of Australia, and Per Nathanaelson of Sweden. Each added an extra dimension to the team allowing the players to learn about soccer and how it is played in each of these countries. Rob adjusted quickly to the American style of soccer by scoring in three of his first five games and adding an assist in the sixth. All agree the hardest thing to adjust to in soccer at L.H.S. was the large amount of running in practice. Says Stuart about all the running, " Back in Australia, a practice was shooting at the goal once a week for an hour and then going home. " Since all three were seniors, the 1980 season was thei r first and last year playing soccer at LHS. But ask any player on the team and they ' ll tell you it was a pleasure having Rob, Stuart, and Per on the team, though only for one season. All the team members seemed to benefit from the experience by developing new friendships while learning about the lifestyles of three other countries of the world. 84 Scott Hanson gives it his all. Row 1: R. Sylvestry, T. Dow, R. Tenkins, R. Siegel, J. Wilks, I. Shamash, G. Shapiro, M. Tyson, E.T. Cummings, T. Sarnoff, D. Hano, M. Belli, Row 2: B. Frest, J. Hoyt, J. Conner, A. Roth, R. Schwartz, S. Coco, S. Keeney, D. Siegel, A. Shankel, J. Paige, Sturbrook, B. Swan, T. Fanner, D. Reiner, D. Haggerty, T. Walbridge, J. O ' Donnell Junior Varsity Soccer Team Row 1: A. Sivek, S. Goerke, D. Fraser, R. Leavitt, D. Spink, G. Bazos, S. Griffin, G. LaBate, J. McGuinness, A. Hirsch, J. Hanson, D. Frank, A. Skoler, S. Flemming, J, Grenon, S. Murphy, M. LeBlur, S. Kazin, B. Schiffman, M. Coco, Row 2: C. Flemming, R. Cwieka, S. O ' Brien, B. Zippin, G. Peruzzi, G. Heger, R. Kaplinsky, D. Evans, M. Keitlen, S. Gold, D. Croteau, LP. LaPierre, R. Mentor. Robert van Exdunc follows his shot 85 field hockey The Girl ' s Field Hockey Team, coached by Cathy Mclnnis, fought admirably against their unusually tough competition this sea- son. Although their record of four wins, three losses and six ties is not as impressive as anticipated, these numbers do not reflect the dedication and sportsmanship of the players. Throughout the fall, the team could be seen sprinting around the field, sticks in hand, eagerly anticipating their next competition. The team fought well against their strong rivals this season. Coach Mclnnis said that, " Of all the seeded teams we played, we tied three and only lost one. " Part of this success is greatly because of the hard work of Deirdre O ' Reilly, nominated most valuable player, and Donna Golaski. In anticipating the loss of eight seniors next year, Coach Mclnnis feels uncertain about the 1981 sea- son. However, the return of Bronwyn O ' Reil- ly and Soozi Becher next year along with Sarah Roth will boost the team ' s chances. Krista Conley shows great concentration during a game. Qk Varsity Field Hockey Team 86 Gaelen Harrington demonstrates great agility. Donna Golaski pads up. Dierdre O ' Reilly charges down the field. Junior Varsity Field Hockey Team: Row 1, Left to right; L. Kusiak, P. Venti, L. Kaplinsky, S. Gutter, J. Cardoropoli, B. Hayes, M. Lawson, L. Fenlason, S. Kumiega. Row 2; C. Miller, R. Cameron, K. O ' Connor, B. Perkins, S. Kusiak, B. Belcher, H. Carroll, B. Cain, J. Peterson. Varsity Field Hockey team: Row 1 left to right; P. Leagus, K. Kinsley, S. Becher, M. Devine, L. Doherty, K. Conley, M. Lussier, S. Roth, J, Kumiega, D. Golaski, Coach Cathy Mclnnis. Row 2: B. O ' Reilly, T. Murphy, S. Cohen, D. Murphy, J. Blanchard, D. O ' Reilly, L. Allen, G. Harrington, K. Elsinger. 87 the thrill of victory , -» 5 ; fc. . . the agony of defeat cheer- leading Cheerleading was especially popular at L.H.S. this year with more girls trying out than ever before. As usual, the activity in- volved two separate seasons: football and basketball. The 1980 season saw a progres- sive interest in cheering for basketball, prob- ably because the routines were new and dif- ferent, lending themselves to indoor perfor- mance. The tryouts for football cheerleading took place in March. Practices started in August, about two weeks before school began. The sguad consisted of six returning seniors and five sophomores. Unusually, there were no juniors on the sguad. The captains were Sharon Spitzer and Becca Roth. The basket- ball season had fourteen girls participating and the captains were Becca Roth and Dean- na Chiusano. Practices took place after school between 2:45 and 4:45. The new coaches, Miss Bailey for football, and Miss Broderick for basket- ball, were considerable assets to both sguads. The girls, who added many new mounts to their routines, entered into compe- tition this year for the first time. Thus, the cheerleaders ' spirit and enthusiasm helped make the 1980 Football and Basketball sea- sons more of a success. 90 fit " I ' • i ' : . " ' » ?4ft fc: Seniors on the .Varsity squad gather for a picture. ■ : Varsity Cheerleading Squad Allison Blair cheers the way to victory. Junior Varsity Squad; Row 1: C. O ' Connor. Row 2: P. Parker, A. Katz. Row 3: C. Lepow, D. Derose, M. Gelinas, S. Cohn. Row 4: A. Spitzer. Varsity Squad; Row 1: 1. to r.: D. Chiusano, L. PLotkin, M. Dolce, A. Wrona, S. Spitzer, B. Roth, A. Blair, C. Hoffer, A. Theocles, L. Weiner. Cara Murphy, flying high. 91 girl ' s soccer Although the girls ' soccer season was not as successful as the previous season, the girls gained many new skills and strategies. Coached by Mr. Al Jangl, the team worked hard throughout the fall. " The competition was even tougher than I thought, " stated Coach Jangl, " As the caliber of our team grew, so did the caliber of our competition. " Despite the varsity record of 5 wins and 10 losses, the team was flanked by many out- standing players. The star of the team proved to be Kathy Jenkins who made All Western Mass this year. Sophomore Naomi Schupack with five goals and one assist along with Nan- cy Okun with three goals and two assists also were valuable players to the team. Next year the team will enter its fifth season with many strong underclassmen returning to compete. Varsity Soccer Team : ' ,, 92 I.+ Junior Varsity Soccer Team w ioA- Ml W iff :.■:-■: ' ' ' . ' ' : " ' , % v ' ■■:■ Jenny Donner sets up for a kick Kathy Jenkins lunges for the ball Nancy Okun leaps towards the ball J.V. Team, row 1: L. Howard, K. Davit, J. Wernick, L. Rome, K. Demarche, K. Lantz. row 2: J. Wass, L. Falk, L. Hyman, L. Crezell, K, Hurley. Kneeling: B. Czelusinak, M. Hyman. Missing L. Plotkin. Varsity team, row 1: Coach Al Jangl, H. Shortlidge, K. Flanagan, O. Marr, N. Schupack, A. Dowd, S. North, K. Calero, Assistant Coach Ann Simons, row 2: B. Petrucci, B. Ditomassi, L. Laakso, K. Josephson, W. Hochberg, P. Sachsse, D. Carlson, A. Falk. Seated: J. Donner, tn-Captains; K. Jenkins, N. Okun and K. Hochstadt. Wendy Hochberg concentrates on the ball 93 cross country The Cross Country team proved to be the most successful team of the 1980 fall sports season. Although this season was unusually long, the team faced each of its fourteen competitions with power and enthusiasm. As a result of this dedication, the team finished the season with a record of 10 wins and 2 losses. This outstanding record placed Long- meadow in third out of twelve places in the Valley Wheel League. The teams ' make up was guite different from that of past years in that the competition was not dominated by any one runner as was the situation with Stuart and Andy Sears, but by a combination of teamwork and persever- ence by many of the varsity runners. It was this teamwork that won many meets in which only one or two places decided the outcome. This season the top runners were Pau! Welch, Mike McLaughlin, and Mike Jones. The Horowitz brothers, Mike and Howard, along with David Deslauriers and Joe Flana- gan also contributed greatly to the team ' s success. As a result of the number of varsity runners returning next season, Mr. Winseck, the long time coach of the team, feels opti- mistic: " We definitely have something to look forward to. " It now seems that the sport of Cross Country and its success at Long- meadow is here to stay. w- n mi Lancers lead the way. Varsity Cross Country team members 94 Mike Horowitz strides towards the finish line Varsity Cross Country team members: Row 1 (Left to Right) S. Maloney, J. Howard, M. McLaughlin, M. Jones, P. Welch, M. Horowitz, J. Carroll, M. Morray. Row 2: S. Hafey, M. Naughton, M. Lulcier, I. Bretton, G. Catugna, M. Condon, J. Bardon, M. Stone, T. Trelease. Row 3: M. Welch, J, Flanagan, H. Horowitz, C. Fijol, I. Fitzgerald, S. Klein, J. Franson. Junior Paul Welch strides towards victory. 95 girl ' s swim team One of the top teams in school proved itself again this year as the Girl ' s Swim Team finished near the top in State competition coached by Mark Michelson and Mindy Cram (known as " Mark and Mindy " ), the girls won the League title with a record of 1 2- 1 and placed second in both Western Massa- chusetts and the State championships. The captains this year were seniors: Stacy Mer- ullo, Kathy Griffin, Leslie Picard, Tracy Reh- nien, Joyce Bott, and Lisa Crosby. Barbie Brennen broke the school record in the 100 meter backstroke as well as the 100 freestyle. This season Karen Fraser broke records in 200 and 500 freestyle. These two, along with Kathy Griffin and Lisa Crosby, set a new school record in the 200 medley relay. Joyce Bott, Mindy Pincus, Barbie Brennen and Karen Fraser also combined to set a new 400 free relay record. It will be impossible for the 1980 team to forget; Ira ' s playboy centerfold, shave down parties, " Greased Lightening, " our favorite " Martian, " our fans " Whale and Snoopy, " " Caps, Mark not hats! " Diver ' s cheer at Western Mass., wet t-shirts, inward lVfc ' s, Hind- Wells and Arenas. " The banquet race, " and never forget Maura, " you ' re such a loser! " r m m m m + m mm .. m - ; m m " m mf m » m J£ mJ m • %► ♦ . " a " ■«■ «k tm, - « Ma «• " » " " Karen Fraser looks up from the depths of the pool 96 A breaststroker looks towards the finish Girls ' Swim Team An important part of swim team; the timer and its faithk romnanion. JmJmM HdhtM-Jg - - Breastroker, Kathy Griffin, looks towards the finish. Barbie Brennan relaxes during practise. Girls ' Swim team; Row 1; S. Merullo, L. Picard, T. Rehbeln, I. Bott, K. Griffin, L. Crosby, K. Fraser. Row 2; M. Pincus, F. Gibeau, H. Dolan, I. Wilkinson, S. Fogarty, L. Peters, B. Brennan, M. Gulli. Row 3; D. Campagna, S. Feinberg, L. Hafer, M. Magnom, M. Shannon, G. O ' Reilly, S. Connors, C. Sedwick. Row 4; A. David- son, E. Gafter, B. Faureau, L. Slater, M. Skelley, B. Leonovich, A. Davidson. Row 5; S. Hastie, L. Kelly, K. Fitzgibbons, J. Barkett, ]. Fonner. Maura Skelley and Kate Fitzgibbons cheer on from the sidelines. 97 Ui04UUUUUAiU»iviaMA U4jUii4j ' . " $■ ' ■ rf t p swimming The 1981 Boys ' Swim Team splashed through another successful season. Eleven wins and only two losses, both of which were to arch-rival Cathedral, easily put the Lancers into second place in the division. Thanks go to coach Mark Michelson ' s intense train- ing program and the team ' s innate abil- ity. Tri-captains Don Gagnon, Louis Hirsch, and Greg Lowell proved them- selves able leaders, collecting several points between them towards the West- ern Mass. score; second again only to Cathedral. The team had great depth as shown by the size and achievements of the Western Mass. sguadron. Juniors Tad Sudnick and John Oliveri garnished points in the backstroke, gliding to sec- ond and fourth places, respectively. Sophomore Tom Ferrin speared fourth place in diving; fellow diver Bob Sweeney, a novice, took eleventh. Highlighting the competition was the winning medley relay team of Todd Hartigan, Tad Sudnick, Louis Gomez, and anchorman Chuck Lines, and the awesome breaststroke trio of John Grif- fin, Todd Hartigan, and Louis Gomez, who swept first, second, and third places. Other point contributors in- cluded juniors Chuck Lines, Mike Jones, and Jeff Hirsch. Despite the loss of several good sen- iors, the team should be extremely powerful next year, especially since both Tom Ferrin and Bob Sweeney will return to dive. Although Cathedral got the upper fin this season, those Pan- thers had better watch their paws next year! Lancer takes a peek at the camera. wmumi Lonqmeadow swimmer caught with his eyes closed. Varsity Swim Team 98 M m ' Coach Michelson watches intently. Gagnon comes up for air. Lou Hirsch and Don Gagnon check over the times. Swim Team, left Hirsh, John Griffin, Greg Lowell, Lou Hirsh, John Oliveri, Todd Hartigan, Tim McGorre, Jim McCann, Chuck Lines, Roland Wu, John Shammash, John Geanagopoulos, Mike Jones, Tad Sudnick, Doug O ' Connor, Pete Sudnick, Howard Tocman, Bill Masi, Bob Sweeney, Tom Ferrin, Eric Howell. The team waits anxiously foi the end oi Ihe ra i 99 N4 ' hockey • Watch out Western Mass! The Black and White gang is looking for another Championship and a trip to Boston Garden. The Lancer hockey team iced another excellent season with a Fay Di- vision winning record of 13-2. This year the LHS icemen showed more spirit and determination than ever. Coach Ray Suzor ' s tough pre-season condi- tioning and daily sprints and drills whipped the team into top physical and mental shape. Superbly lead by tri-captains Dan Dineen, Chris Hutchins, and Karl Steltzer, the players knew from the start exactly what they wanted — to win, and win they did. Fletcher Wason, Karl Steltzer, Steve Verducci, and goalie Dan Dineen provided a formidable de- fense, while the line of David Thor, Greg Fisk, and Mark Puppolo pooled their talents to form a razor sharp of- fense. Greg Fisk led the Fay Division with a season point total of 42, followed closely by David Thor with 41 points for second place. Both skaters surpassed a 100 point career total. Although the seniors will be greatly missed, the depth of this awe inspiring team next year should provide a season that will be equally as exciting. Lancer caught in the middle. Bob Gomez covered by defender. 100 Varsity Hockey Team, row i, Tim Dineen, Chris Hutchins, John Sauve, Dan Dineen, Jim Bologa, Carl Stelzer, Bobby Gomez, row 2, Anne Smith, Mosey Quinn, Steve Verducci, Mike Farrell, Greg Fisk, Dave McNair, Eric Marteen, Rich McGlothlin, Stuart Ronaldson, Brian Martsen, Dave Thor, Al Ienacco, Jim Stone, Fletcher Wason, Coach Ray Suzor, Coach Ayers 101 skiing Old Man Winter was a little more obliging this year in the way of snow, giving the Lancer skiers a chance to show their salt. Coached by Michael McCarthy, the close-knit clan pushed hard all season; several team members participated in lodge races on the weekends to hone their skills. Both the guys ' and girls ' team, expertly lead by senior Chris Burger and junior Polly Lucier, finished second overall in the league. In the limelight this season stood Chris Burger, who was eighth overall in the league, backed strongly by sen- ior Eric Freedman in ninth and junior Tripp Lantz in tenth. The girls ' spotlight focused on Polly, who placed third overall in the girls ' league, while soph- omores Naomi Shupack and Missy Freedman placed seventh and tenth. However, the rest of the team did not wither in the shadows, junior Keith Hall was a strong contender in every race and pulled in several points for the team, as did promising sophomore Ann Dowd. Should there be a team next year, the Lancers will be as strong as ever. 102 Lancer loses his balance £ Holding an edge Rick Mouchantat rides smoothly lulianne Freedman finishes up ' " •• . Varsity Ski Team 103 basketball Winter is never dull at LHS, not with the boys ' basketball games to keep the student body cheering at all times. In fact, the team is so competetive, hard- working, and dynamic that they keep the spectators on the edges of their seats throughout each game. Coached by Mr. Ron Morissette, the team has had an excellent season, winning over sixty-five percent of their games. With stars Marc Hurwitz and Kevin Bou- dreaux as captains, they couldn ' t go wrong. Marc, an ace-shooter, is the leading scorer in Western Massachu- setts. The seniors on the team, Marc Hurwitz, Kevin Boudreaux, Bruce Kip- perman, John Carey, Brian Fogarty, Russel l Pahl and Jeff Vinick, worked like a well-tuned engine in every game. The seniors will be greatly missed, but with such underclassmen as Chip Sny- der and Matt Daniels, next year should be egually exciting. Matt Daniels waits while Brian Fogarty cuts to the hoop. 104 Freshmen Basketball Team Kevin Boudreaux reaches over Falcon opponent. Mark Hurwitz lays it up for two. Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Matt waits patiently. Freshmen Basketball Team, row 1, Dave Gordon, Jim Rodolakis, Jim Walker, E.J. Cummings, Seth Pot- ter, John Sheehan, Matt Naughton, row 2, Steve Boyer, Tony Stacey, David Kinsley, John O ' Donnell, Bill Golaski, Tom Walbridge, Tom Coburn, Coach Charles Mannheim. Junior Varsity Basketball Team, row 1, George Ba- zos, Paul Philbin, Ike Glascow, Andy Rubin, Scott Boudreaux, Steddy Dowd, John Ratkowski, Tom McHann, Chris Smith, Tim McGlothlin, Dave Smith, Mike Cisowski, Pat Dawson Varsity Basketball Team row 1 , Chip Snyder, Mark Hurwitz, Kevin Boudreaux, John Carey, Steve Hobbs, row 2, Greg Radner, Jeff Vinick, Russell Pahl, Mike Crosby, Brian Fogarty, Bruce Kipper man, Coach Morissette. 105 girls ' basketball MMmmbm . -- . Cheryl Bryskiewicz goes for a shot over opposing Falcon ' s head. J Lisa Ferrero leaps up to grab the ball. Varsity team: standing: Coach Carol Moore, D. O ' Reilly, L. Doherty, C. Bryskiewicz, L. Ferrero, C. Davitt, D. Marr, K. Flanagan, B. O ' Reilly, K. Jenkins, Assistant Coach. Kneeling: Co-Captains M. Lussier, and J. Donner. Junior Varsity team: Coach, S. Levy, M. Lawson, B. Hayes, B. Sutton, L. Hyman, K. Ahrons, J. Radding, J. Peterson, L. Fenelson, A. Chi. Kneeling: Co-Captains, M. Naton, and P. Siegel. 106 fcft Monique Lussier outhustles Falcon opponent Coach Carol Moore, accompanied by assistant coaches, intently watches a play. A " Go for it, Donner! " The Girls ' Basketball Team finished the year with a fantastic plus: their ex- traordinary new coach, Miss Carol Moore. Working diligently to get the girls in shape, Miss Moore gave the team not only pep but also endurance. Although the final record of 3 wins and 13 losses is not as impressive as that of other years, the girls gained a great sense of sportsmanship. Co-Captain, Monigue Lussier felt, " There were few- er personal fights and rivalries between the team members. We all played real- ly hard and did the best we could. " With great potential as demonstrated by such players as freshmen Kerry Flanagan and Cathy Davitt, the outlook for next year is promising. Many play- ers feel that with a little more work and the same coach, the team will easily surpass their present record. 107 tr I, 1 I girls ' gyranastics The best in the west! One of the most exciting teams to watch in LHS is the power- ful girls ' gymnastics team coached by Jackie DeSalvo and Michele Basque. This team shows great potential and expertise in every aspect. Captains Sandy Bradford and Carole Tomko work great with other team members, and the whole team exuberates a great sense of warmth, sportsmanship and sharing. The girls work together daily, and their efforts are rewarded in their competitions. Connie Lea- vitt, the Freshman wonder, Carol Tomko, and Sandy Bradford have all greatly contri- buted to the team and are the best all around gymnasts. The entire team set a high record in the school dual meet, scoring 1 15.2. Karen Richfield, Sandy Muller, Dana Campagna, and Sheree Feinberg show talent in floor. In vaulting the team has Amy Terrel, and Ruth Mannix. Holly Carrol and Marci Leopold are both excellent on beam, and Sharon Sabin is terrific on bars. jfe Sandy Bradford hams it up for the camera. m f ' 1 a 1 w s % timer .. i ' Girls ' Gymnastics team. 108 , Carol Tomko concentrates on her routine Connie Leavitt displays great agility on the floor. Girls ' Gymnastics Team: Row 1; Coach Michelle Basque, A. Terrill H Row 2, B. Wheeler, S. Muller, K. Richfield, S. Sabin C Leavitt S Feinberg. Row 3; M. Leopold, H. Wason, D. Campagna. Karen Richfield demonBtrates good balance on the bea 109 , " HW A triumphant finish to a sterling performance. gymnastics If you are wondering which team has broken the most records this year, it is the Boys ' Gymnastic team coached by Mr. Kober and Mr. Williams. Davis Paulides, an all-around gymnast, set a school record in vaulting and broke the all-around record. Davis is also the highest scorer in the high- bar, rings and parallel bars for this year. Captain Michael Black has also contributed to the team ' s success on the rings and paral- lel bars. The four seniors and high scorers were Mike Black, Kevin Stenstrom, Larry Ro- senbaum, Rich Holman, Gardener DesRo- berts and Doug Cowles. Other high scorers were Squire Prebor and Paul Cress. 110 Hang in there Gardner. •t;« Boys ' Gymnastics Team Observed by Coach Williams, Paul Cress holds a difficult position. LaPierre in the air! Boys ' Gymnastic Team: Coach Kober, R. Hollman, L. Rosenbaum, K. Strenstrom, I. P. LaPierre, J. Franson, W. Sligh, and Coach Williams. Jjptain, Mike Black displays championship form. 1 11 rifle wrestling " Hit it with your best shot " could often be heard ringing through the Center School Annex this year. The " bullet- proof " Rifle team was coached by Ray Villeneuve to a 5-6 record. Captains Dan Engleman and " son-of-a-gun " Ronnie Vil- leneuve were the most precise shooters on the team. Mr. Villeneuve expressed his dissappointment that the School Commit- tee chose to discontinue the Rifle team next year. " It ' s not fair to the kids " stated Coach Villeneuve. Unfortunately, there were no seniors on this team, and next year ' s team could have been a successful one. For the L.H.S. wrestlers, 1981 was a muscle building season. The team was young: Craig Condon was the only Sen- ior, and many wrestlers were only in their first or second year . . A great deal of time was spent on learning various wrestling technigues. Novice coach John Quinn comments: " We have a team of good cali- ber, but they had to learn the basics. There has been alot of individual im- provement. " If there is a team next year, promising returners include star juniors Matt Shoen and Steven Danalis in the ]87- and ]47-and-under weight categories re- spectively. Says Coach Quinn, " Wrestling takes alot of dedication; anyone who sticks it out (to the end of the season) is a winner, in my opinion. " Matt Shoen in control. 112 Varsity Wrestling Team Coach Ray Villeneuve checks up on his team. Todd Stafford lines up his sight. Steve Carroll sets up his target. Varsity Rifle Team: L to R, row 1, Ion Dunaisky, Steve Carroll, Ronnie Villeneuve, John Kessler, Row 2, Robert Dabbs, Chris Curto, Todd Stafford, and Coach Ray Villeneuve. 113 UNDERCLASSMEN The biggest difference between underclassmen in 1957 and in 1981? In 1981 we have to call them " Underclasspeople! " The Underclassmen at L.H.S. encompass three years of student life: from the young freshman to the capable juniors. And sandwiched inbetween are the sophomore, more seasoned than the freshmen; yet younger than the juniors. Quite a lot of maturation takes place in these three years; by junior year college looms near on the horizon and expectations of Senior year skyrocket. Of course, the dream of every underclassman is to be a senior, the leaders of L.H.S. In the meantime, the under- classmen will have to be content in knowing that they are the majority of the students at L.H.S., soon to be the leaders of the school. kr ,Jf m 1 T HHHV MM t Mm K juniors 1982 Junior year is an important time for students because they are recognized as upperclassmen and given more responsibilities. The class of ' 82 has handled this challenge well by demonstrat- ing maturity and leadership. This year began on a positive note for the juniors, with more class involvement, spirit, and enthusiasm at class council meet- ings. Led by class advisors Mr. David Slate and Mr. David Title, President Hyung Lim, Vice-President Amy Terrell, Secretary Joanne Marcelina and Treasurer Paula Sachsse, the Class Coun- cil worked well together and sponsored many successful activi- ties such as a car wash and a raffle. The junior class should prove to be a superior Senior class in 1982. 1 . Junior Class Council 2. President Hyung Lim 3. Vice President Amy Terrell 4. Advisor Mr. David Slate 5. Secretary Joanne Marcelina 6. Treasurer Paula Sachsse 7. Advisor Mr. David Title Lome Adamz Andna Aivalis Liz Allyn Iimmy Andrews Lynn Bader Sheryl Bailey Lisa Bayne Soozie Becher Craig Berman Heidi Beyer Mary Biscaldi Lisa Bishop Debbie Black lenny BUss Jim Boioga Barbie Brennan Cathy Brigqs Bronwyn Bruno Cheryl Bryskiewicz Hilary Budington Dean Burger Audrey Burke Kns Byrne Sandi Camargo Robin Cameron Keith Campbell Kathy Cardinal Debbie Carlson Beth Ann Caron Steve Carroll Caryl Casden George Catuogno Leslie Chabol Lisa Chapdelaine Beth Chase Tammy Cheskin Eileen Chi Martha Chilson Mike Cimini Shawna Cisowski 5 Sanaa 3 116 $ 9 . S $ 8 I m Sfe 1 • L£J 1 mfcl % Scott Clark Lisa Cogan Marci Cohen Sue Cohen Krista Conley Aimee Creelman Danny Croteau Valerie Curto Paul Cutle r Peter Cwieka Vinnie Daboul Ellen Daly Stephen Danahs Phil DeAngelis Thomas Decker Kathy Demarche Diane DePersis Dayna DeRose Leslie DesRoberts Jim Devine Lee Ann Diamond Andrew Dickenson Beth Ditomassi Kathy Ditzler John Ebeling Celeste Edmonds Beth Ehrenberg Roy Emery Dan Engeiman Amy Falk Debbie Farrell James Farreli Maggie Farrell Beth Fauteux Sue Fein berg Lisa Ferrero Chris Fijol Tracy Finkel Greg Fisk Leslie Fisk ]ohn Fitzgerald Dan Fodiman Sue Ellen Fogarty Anna Ford Rosa Ford Karen Forsyth Mike Franks! David Friedman Jay Friedman Pam Fnedmann Inn Gentoch Harry Ge ... 1 yiin ( i,ll. II. - ■ ■ I | ■ I ■ 117 John Griilin Melissa Gulli Keith Hal! Mm Sue Hamilakis n Lynn Hano " 7 Gaelen Harrington . " Todd Hartigan losh Hartley Lory Holbrook Lynn Hooper Mike Horowit2 Scott Hotalmg John Howard Lisa Howard Eric Howell Betsy Hoy I Paula Hughes Chad Hunter David Hurley Margie Hurley Mira Hyman Al lennaco Rosie Jarrett Candy Jennings Kristen Johnson Jefi Jones John J Karen Josephson Bob KapUnsky Lisa Katsounakis Amy Kazin Scot! Keeley Malt Keitlen Frank Kent Mark Kent Gary King Steve Klautky Chris Klinker Ted Klotsas Maria Kohler Matt Krach Linda Kraft Daryl Kreiling Allyson Krol Jimmy Krumsiek Beth Kusiak Tom L ' Esperance Lynn Laakso Greg LaBate A Ben Haskin Robert Hegarty ■ Greg Heger Jl fc Connie Heye W Jm Darlene Hill K left Hirsch Hb Allison Hoar •• fi3S}» Wendy Hoehberg W M Iffla 2 i jfi . 4 1 » 118 9. t ■ a at 2 m- ' I t ; % $ $ Steve Lally Mark Lamarre Muir LaMontagne Tom Landon Tripp Lantz Pierre LaPierre Robby Leavitl Tricia Leonovich Cindy Lepow Marie Levesque Sharon Levine Hyung Lim Ben Lincoln Chuck Lines Tracy Little Anne Loizzo Polly Lucier Allison Lund Dan Lundy Marc Lussier Ray Lyons Richard Mackler Paul Mahon Sean Maloney Charlie Maney Paul Mann Joanne Marcelma Brion Martsen Amy McCann Mike McLaughlin Michele McLean Ann McTaggart Mark Meador Ray Mentor Chns Merullo Alissa Meyers Melissa Michalek Dawn Moomjian David Mooradd Cindy Morse Kelly Moynihan Sandy Muller Sue Murphy Robert NaroH Michaela Naton Mike Naughton Andy Neal Crls Nebel Rebecca Novitt Doug O ' Connor Sue O ' Donnell Greg O ' Neil Bronwyn O ' Reilly Kalhy O ' Toole Kevin O ' Toole John OUven Sh.n.n Oiwi.slni, i tmnit ! Roland Ouellette 119 H: k Kmu-I pouhs Parker Palti Parker Uski Pet rs Beth Petrucci Carol Pieehota Kristin Poppo Aaron PorcheH) Mark Puppolo Andy Queen Mosie Qumn Louie Rabmowitz Greg Radner Jennifer Reece Lisa Rivkin Lyssa Rome Usa Roncalli Fred Rowe Mark Rubin Dina Sachs Claudia Sachsse Paula Sachsse Heidi SaU Manuel Santiago John Sauve Beih Schwartz Bill Scott Tern Secondo Jim Shannon Rhonda Shapiro Jenny Sheehan Jon Shrair Patti Siciliano Pam Siegel Anna Simpson Alan Sivek Maria Smith Patrick Smith Chip Snyder Erie Sokol Jenny Stebbins Karl Stelzer Paul Stevens Sharon Stockwell Karen Strempel Sam Stoler Jimmy Stone Judy Stone Dwight Sturtevant Tad Sudnick Sean Sullivan Stephanie Sumner David Tate Bruce Taylor Ruth Teree Amy Terrell Jed Tick Greg Tougas lflA?l i 120 % 3 fc % L V AA Lorin Troderman Phi! Trudeau Mark Veitenheiner Ron Villeneuve Betsy Waldo Karen Watnick Debbie Weiner Paul Welch Cris Wen2 Beth Wheeler Allison White Julie Wilkinson Robin Winters Alicia Woods Peggy Woods Tim Wright Tncia Yacovon Lisa Young Kevin Zeller Kim Zinnack Bob Zinnen Brian Zippin Sue Barnshaw Andy Clark Jenny Cohen Holly Dolan Sandi Shapiro Judy Walker Jiliian Wernick Valerie WUochka Steve Verducci Nadine Canter Mai Condon Debbie Haramut 121 ■H sophomore 1983 The Sophomore class, led by: advisors Miss Cathy Mclnnis and Mr. William Kirkpatrick and class officers Jonna Gaberman, Maureen O ' Donnell, Jo- Anne Cardaropoli, and Carol Courtney, has made great progress since last year. They took second place in the float and spirit links and have had many successful money making events which included numerous bake sales, a car wash, and a few other spirit raising events. Our second annual auction takes place in April and an Italian dinner in March. Through these events and the spirit and participation of the class of 1983, they hope to continue to have an enjoyable and profitable year. Mike Achatz Peter Amatruda Rusty Andrews Nicky Angellas Nancy Antal Maria Anzalotii Mark Aronson Allison Bailey Renee Balirii Tina Banson Sue Barnard Mike Basile Mollie Baskin Steve Bassell George Bazos Gretchen Bechle Paul Benoit Gary Bernardo Sue Bewsee jack Bisikirski Debbie Blackman Allison Blair Laura Blassberg Amy Blumenthai Steve Bonasom Scott Boudreaux John Brattin Shawn Bromley Tracy Bruggeman Alan Burkle Robert Burns Lilian Butzky Robin Calvane se Jo Anne Cardaropoli Maura Carey Lisa Casden Mary Cavailo Vanessa Chapman Alice Chi ..v.:7j2- IB A ! f ' lr 1. Sophomore Class Council 2. President Jonna Gaberman 3. Vice President Maureen O ' Donnell 4. Advisor Miss Cathy Mclnnis 5. Sec- retary Jo-Anne Cardaropoli. 6. Advisor Mr. William Kirkpatrick 124 1 F ! !? V % fll 9|9 9 A v o I ' nv 1. 1 Fraser Karen Fraser Miiay Friedman U. il I m dman I i i iabermon Fred Chi Soo Hyan Choi Clair Christopherson Mike Cisowski Scott Clark Richie Cohen Robert Cohen Sue Cohn Lynn-Ann Collins Paul Collontoni Carolyn Conboy Dan Connell Tim Connelly Chris Connilf Mary Connors Scott Copland Carol Courtney Kim Craven Mike Crosby Beth Cummings Ann Mane Cunningham Robert Cwieka Beth Czelusmak Bruce Damon Matt Daniels Robert Danio Linda Davidson Christine Davitt Steve Demerjian Tim Dennis Tim Dineen Lisa Doherty Joe Dolce Mary Dolce Rebecca Dosick Melissa Doyle John Duessel Ion Dunaisky Kristen Dyer Karen Edler Lou Emma Peler Englehart Sandy Ertelt Richie Evans Donna Fanelli Mike Farrell Debbie Fei Paul Felicl Lauren Fenlason Ton. Ferrin Pete, figgia lim Fitegarald loa Flanagan i hrii ! I m in W«b i-u Ker Mary I t ion ( i ml 125 Kim Gebeau Michelle Gelinas Nancy Gentes Tnsha Gianelly Ted Gilman Seth Gladstone Ike Glasgow Scott Goerke Patti Gold Steve Gold Jill Goldblatt lira Gooshaw Larry Graffam Lori Grant Evan Greenberg Jeff Greene Jim Grenon Karen Gnffin Steve Griffin Lisa Guardione Martha Guild Sheryl Gutter Lynda Hafer Robert Haiey John Harney David Hatch Victor Higginbotham Adam Hirsh Scott Hobbs Chris Hoffer Howard Horowitz Janine Howell Neal Hoyer Russ Hubley Kathy Hurley Leonard izsak Tom Jagadowski Blair Johnson Eileen Johnson Kate Johnson Jayne Jorgensen Richard Joseph Lynne Kaplinsky Elise Katz Harry Kavrakis Jackie Kelly Donald Kelly Jeff Kent Jeff Kipperman Steve Klein Sarah Knight Liz Kusiak Eileen Lakritz David Lamarre David Lapides Pam Leagus John Lebl 126 ( 1 1 ft ft Lisa Leone Brenda Leveillee Peter Levitt Karen Lewis Dina Lheureux Lucinda Lincoln Krislen Lombardi Laurie Lopez Jody Lutsky Bill Lyons Kim Mac Martin Maureen Magnan Maura Malone Paul Marcelina Dianne Marr Alisann Marshall Mike Mauri Jim McCann Tom McCann Valerie McCauley Mike McGough John McGuinness Dan McLaughlin Richard McLaughlin Dave McManus David McNair Lisa Mentor Steve Merzigian Marie Meserve Laura Mezzetti Joel Mlcucci Cynthia Miller John Miller Francis Moran John Mooradd Barbie Murphy Sean Murphy Tracee Murphy Cheryl Nereau Mark Newman Sue North Pirena Norton Theo Nyman Cathy O ' Brien Erin O ' Brien Kevin O ' Brien Steve O ' Brien John O ' Connell Chris O ' Connor Maureen O ' Deimell Genevieve O ' Reilly Melinda Oakes Susie Orenstein Hilary Osgood Todd Ollani Karen Pahl Chris Paige ilmer Jim Pani« Beth Parker Nathan Parnt h [uttfl Feet Wanda I Perez i SI 127 128 Paul Phiibin Mmdy Pmcus Michele Quinn Robo Quinn ' ,. fori Ratkowskl led Reynolds Karen Rich Cherilyn Richard Joe Rico Lisa Roberts Lissa Robmovitz jerry Robitaille Greg Rogers Robin Rogers Michele Romell Sarah Roth Andy Rubin Robert Rubin Lauren Russ Todd Salford Stuart Sands Bev Santaniello Ted Santos Myles Sartler Helen Savich Tom Schaaf Brett Schiffman Naomi Schupack Sue Secondo Carrie Sedwick Glenn Semel Ed Sergei Donna Serrenho Mary Shannon Cathy Sheehan Isabel Shepard Mike Sherman Heather Shortlidge Lon Sibilia Jim Siciliano Robert SimonoH Andy Skoler William Sligh Chris Smith David Smith Dan Snyder Mike Sophinos Jane Spencer Doug Spink Alison Spitzer Roderick Squier Greg Stebbins Alana Steinberg Greg Stephens Elizabeth Sutton Bob Sweeney Kim Sweet Jeanerte Szlajen Leonard Tacman Chris Tapp Glenn Tenero Carol Thor Josie Toirac Greg Traub Steve Steinberg I -i .x . sfc at mm £ M ft mm KM $ 1 ft {% ft s ♦ V Q j £m . LB i ■ ■xl 5aSi f V i , ya] |fe£v J! wk K| " m ti £ -■ gr S. afc. - l E yuAJpB Ih t feffir Fj y . Ly, . i - wl B J r K -Q|. 4 vBi L Tim Trelease Paula Ventl Peter Venti Mike Vimck Rick Weiler Susan Wenz Alan Widlan Sonya Williams Tracy Williams Robin Wilks Karen Winchester Anqel Wrona Clilt ' Wun Joel Wun Steve Zicolella Robert Zitomer Greg Burt Jo-Anne Cardoropoli Ann Dowd Todd Forsylhe Kurt Leduc Robert bttle Davis Paulides 129 freshman 1984 For the Freshmen Class Council, the first year at Longmeadow High School was a successful one. Aware of their responsibilities for the future, they made a good start in rapidly increasing their treasury. Under the leadership of President Timmy Dow, Vice- President Kathy Collaro, Secretary Jenn Wass, and Treasurer Becca Asseo, in addition to their advisors Mrs. Jane Murphy and Mr. Richard Redeker, the class council achieved many of the goals they set out to accomplish. While raising money, the Fresh- men Class enjoyed many of their activities, showing spirit and having fun. 1 . Freshmen Class Council 2. President Timmy Dow 3. Vice-President Kathy Collaro 4. Advisor Mrs. Jane Mur- phy 5. Secretary Jenn Wass 6. Treasurer Becca Asseo 7. Advisor Mr. Richard Redeker Irma Acevido Kathy Ahrens Jeff Alsberg Brad Andrews Ryan Andrews Andrea Anzaiotii Becca Asseo Neil August Melanie Bach Bill Bagshaw Marton Barison Mark Barba Jim Barden Janme Barker! David Bassett Travis Bear Beth Belcher Michael Belli Jennifer Bechle Charlie Bergin Bruce Bergman Lisa Bettigole Fredda Birenbaum Kris Bologa Laura Bond Danny Bowen Maria Briones Bryna Brownsiein Eric Brunette Brendon Bruno Ralph Budington Joanna Buoniiglio Pam Burchette G. John Burkin Lisa Butterfield Betsy Cain Dana Campagna Holly Carroll Beth Castagna a % ? % i 132 9 a ft a % ft W ■■ » 1 JM [_W ( Michael Chamberland David Cichocki Thomas Cobum Stephen Coco Gina Colella Kalhy Collaro Karen Collins Cornne Concotilli John Connor t Maureen Connor Dehise Coulure Kalherine Cruz EJ. Cummings Sarah Curtis Chris Curto Chris Daboul Mary Jo Daly Beth Dannay Joe Dasco Anne Davidson Cathy Davitt George Decandio Vinnie DeGeorge Andy Demirjian John Diamond David Diem Mark Dinoia Rene Donahue Debbie Douglas Timmy Dow Mark Dropkin Kim Eppes Laurie Falk Joanne Fanelli Beth Favreau Sheree Feinberg Bill Feist Richard Feist Robert Felici John Fijol Joe Fitzgerald Kate Fitzgibbons Kerry Flanagan Tom Flayhan Jenny Fonner Joey Franson Kim French Jim Fricchione Inez Friedman Cindy Fnedmann Haydn Frost Calh Fusaro Ellen Gafter John Geanacopoulos lackie Glantz Ray Glasgow Barbara Glinski Carolyn Godin John Godleski Bill Golaski Andy Goldberg Jell Goldberg David Gordon Daniel Gotlib Ellsa Grail Want Wayne Greek] Vim tint Guwrtin Brian Haley Dana Hammett Dawn Hanacik Casey Hanilan Doug Hano David Hare Mike Harney Karen Haskin Shelley Haslie Buzzy Hayes Michael Healy Dan Hebert Steve Hegarty Matt Henshaw Belh Herman Daniel Herzig Richard Htckling Carolyn Hirschhom Larry Hochberg Art Holbrook John Holmes Richard Hooper Jonathan Hoyt Geoffrey Hyatl Aren Jebejian Monica Jones Ike Jorgenson Mike Jorgenson Sclrenne Jorrey Wendy Kane Steve Keeney Lisa Kelly Debbie Kenler Eric Kern John Kessler David Killeen Wendy Kimball Richard King Lauren Kittredge Rachel Kittredge Claudia Klinger Helen Knights Betty Koszorowski Sarah Kusiak Kim Laakso Marc Lajoie Kate Lantz J.P. LaPierre Debbie Lauterwasser Mark Leary Connie Leavitt Bethany Leonovich Marcie Leopold Jodi Lieber Barbara Linkin Joe Losella Tim Lucier Lisa Lundy Robert Magnacca Mike Molitoris Maria Maney Michelle Mann Lisa Marshall Janet Moser William Masi Ned Matson Elizabeth Maurer Brian McGlaughlin 42 , mm %% % M ? , «i9flaa f (S Wl v ■ ft 9 ' Hi V J £ 134 John McGralh Tim MeGuire Eileen McManus Tim McNair Lynne McNamara Scot Meara Jackie Micucci Monte MiUer John Minardi Bryan Mitchell Andrea Molinan Sandy Monks Darren Morse Peter Murphy Room Murphy Matt Naughton Cathy Nebel Mane iJelsson John Nyman Eric O ' Brien Larry O ' Brien Kalhy O ' Connor John O ' Donnell Nancy Oguendo John O ' Reilly Debbie Ormsby Alicia Ouellette John Padwater John Paige Beth Paley Larry Paquetle Tracy Pearson Beth Perkins Robin Perlman d Pieterse Bill Plono Seth Potter Wendy Rabinowitz Jenny Radding Renu Ramaswamy Jim Ransom Rick Ravosa Paul Reber Julie Reboulet lelf Rehbem David Reiner Steve Resnic Liz Reynolds Jenny Ribble Cathy Rigby Sue Rioux Laurie Ristino Frank Rizzo Julie Ann Roberts Jirn RodoWus 135 Tony Santiago rodd Sarnoli Natalie Saw Maureen S anion Andy henkel Stacey Sohmutz Gary Schwartz Pam Schwarla! Butty Scott Haig Setian lohn Sharamash Glen Shapiro Mark Shea lohn Sheehan Beth Sherburne Heather Shorthdge David Siegal Robert Siegal Paul Sitvestn Carolyn Simpson Hillary Sisitsky Maura Skelley Leslie Slater Tiara Solberg Marlene Sommer Tony Stacey Maureen Stachowicz David btelterud k zd Chris Sterba Jacklyn Stockhammer Paul Stolar lenny Stone Larry Stone Mark Stone 9 lohn Strattos Darin Suhs Sherry Suitmilter Margaret Sutton Bill Swan Chris Tazzini lohn Teehan Arthur Theocles Stephanie Watnick Ed Watson Mark Weatherhead Leslie Weinberg Lisa Weiner Erik Weisman Mark Welch Casey Wer.z Craig Werman Kim Whinnem Jeff Wilks Normand Willett Ummy Winchester John Withers Rowland Wu Melissa Tick Paul Titus Carolyn Tori! Matthew Tyson Mike Tzakis x Tom Walbndge Jim Walker Richard Waltein Scott Ward Jennifer Wass .n r lost a . 2 1 MM I 1 Sue Wyler Adam Zeger Adam Zeroogian Lisa Zundell Susan Zuzgo Janine Barkett Sue Barnard Jennifer Beckiey Curtis Dobkm Laurie Femstem Scoti Fleming Todd Fonner Evan Greenberg Chns Higgtns Laura Hyman David Kinsley Lisa Kuerzel Melody Lagassie Melinda Lawson Gary Lavengood Steve Lendry Jody Orenstein Brenda Parker Lisa Quinn Lisa Robinowitz Alex Rolh Danny Rowe Alice Walker 137 m IWBJK «_ - -i k ACTIVITIES What a difference a quarter century makes! In 1957 we had no Jet Jotter, but we did have a thriving Newspaper Club. Also, another popular organization was the Traffic Squad. This group has disappeared from the halls of LHS together with bobby sox and neckties. Twenty-five years ago, the Masac ksic staff , headed by Penny King and Mary Brouwer, struggled to produce the first LHS yearbook. While the Drama Club of ' 57 presented " Our Town, " a Glee Club entertained in the auditorium and the LHS Marching Band paraded at Half times. I i 142 Staff(L-R): Sharon Sabin, Sharon Spitzer, Cathy Bearce, Jenny Stebbins, Rhonda Shapiro, Wendy Hochberg, Mary Dolce, Liz Kusiak, Lynne Laakso, Ellen Christopherson, Maribetb Poro. Missing: Robin Bye, Paula Venti, Donna Haley, David Deslauriers, Jonna Gaberman Allison White, Lisa Ferrero Art editor, Alissa Meyers Business manager, Ellen Davidson Sports editors, Nadine Canter and Alan Feldman Doubtless through the fall and winter the Masacksic staff experienced some doubts " Will we meet the deadlines? " , " Will we complete the yearbook? " , Prev- alent and thought-provoking guestions. However, the unity on Masacksic more than compensated for any anxiety. The result, a more personal yearbook rather than a collection of mechanically complet- ed pages. In any inter-dependent. organi- zation such as Masacksic, warm and effi- cient relationships are essential. Co-edi- tors-in-chief " Alison Reiner and Scott Grasso proffered much aid to staff mem- bers indeed, even deliverance in times of need. Bringing guidance and " refresh- ment " to diligently working editors and staff, Masacksic advisor, Mel Grant played an integral role in the production of the yearbook. The ultimate effect: justi- fication for the time spent, a great source of enjoyment, and a keeper of fond memories; Masacksic 1981! Faculty editor, Jen Mann Ads editors, Kathy Griitin, Nancy Okun, Anne Smith 143 homecomi ng H Z3 The Lancers were victorious this year even though snow was on the ground and the " Homecoming Game " against E.L. was away. The festivities at home made it all worth- while. The weekend began with the annual Spirit Links competition. The four classes united separately to buy links. The class collecting the most links won half of the collected mon- ey. This year the Seniors posted the winning total, and the Juniors took second place. The Seniors spon- sored the Homecoming Dance at which both students and alumni get pysched for the remainder of the Homecoming weekend. On Satur- day, the Homecoming Parade, run v t 144 by seniors J.B. Lyon and Sue Duck- man, included all the class floats, all the administrators and advisors, with the cheerleaders and band leding the way. The senior ' " Lancers " float won the competition, as it illustrated best the theme of " 25 years of Lancer Spirit. " The sophomores fol- lowed in second place and all the floats were great. The weekend was then climaxed by a 10-8 stupendous victory in the football game, Long- meadow over East Longmeadow. The Longmeadow football team played a grueling game in the mud and snow and made the entire weekend a success. 1. Cheers to the sophomore float. 2. Administra- tors participate in parade. 3. Preparation for the bonfire. 4. Class of ' 82 tries to take the cake. 5. Kathy Jenkins, a great baton twirler. 6. Crowds look on at the Pep Rally. 7. The Senior Class victorious float. 8. Karl Stelzer watches the game. 9. Cathy Briggs enjoys the parade. 10. Seniors pose for prosperity. 11. Anne Dowd gets psyched. guys and dolls The Longmeadow High School Music De- partment ' s performance of " Guys and Dolls, " directed by Mr. Michael Mucci, was met with overwhelming approval by the Longmeadow community and its students. Graduating summa cum laude from the Crane School of Music, Mr. Mucci was director of the school ' s Jazz ensem- ble before taking a position at L.H.S. After di- recting " The Sound of Music " last year, Mr. Mucci was able to direct " Guys and Dolls " with great enthusiasm and " know how. " " Guys and Dolls " dealt with the fast life of Chicago during the 1920 ' s. Mr. Mucci felt that the one guality of the play which set it apart from the other musi- cals at L.H.S. was its inspiring dance. After re- hearsing for more than ten weeks, the perform- ers were well versed in their steps and lines. The exciting scenes along with the up-beat cho- reography made the musical entirely entertain- ing. Many of the leading performers were well experienced from acting in last year ' s perfor- mance of " The Sound of Music. " 146 Seniors Zina Butzky, Peter Asselin, and Valerie Feinstien led the cast with Jed Tick, Robert Rubin, Raymond Lyons, and Howard Odentz also have major parts in the performance. Besides the few who were mentioned, almost forty other actors and actresses contributed to the play. Over 1400 people attended the show on the nights of November 6,7, and 8. This large number represents the great suc- cess of " Guys and Dolls " and also the esteemed reputation of the Longmeadow High School music department. 1. Danny Williams pleads for help. 2. " Add just a pinch of pepper Val, and ... " 3. " Mr. Simanski selling moonshine? " 4. It ' s really cute, but how do you use it? 5. " Someone ' s stealing another library book! " 6. Kathy King deep in musical meditation. 7. " Can we have a ride - to Canada? " 8. Salvation Army tries to help. 9. Daryl and Kitty: " You REALLY think you are going to get away with that DON ' T you, Mr. Mucci. " 147 a better chance Longmeadow is one of those fortunate schools to participate in the ABC program. ABC brings together students from all over the country so that they will have A Better Chance in a stimulating academic environ- ment. ABC students play an integral part in all activities at Longmeadow High School. For example, Hyung Lim is currently president of the junior class. In another instance, Ken- ny Noel proved to be the backbone of the 1981 Track and Field team. Besides having many members participate in Class Council, many ABC students are actively involved in Dance Club and Math Team. They bring their varied interests and experiences to LHS and enrich us with their knowledge and indi- viduality. 1. Roland Smith, the math team wiz. 2. Pam Burchette and Alyce Walker show their enthusiasm about ABC. 3. ABC students; L to R. Hyung Lim, Roland Smith, Pam Burchette, Darlene Abney, Wanda Perey. 4. ABCer ' s Roland Smith and Hyung Lim. 148 as schools match wits We ' ve got " Wits! " This year the " As School Math Wits " team led by Elizabeth Coco, Robert Cohen, Neal Hoyer, and Don- na Cruickshank carried the Lancer banner into the surrounding area. Alternatives were David Lapides and Evan Greenberg. In each match, participants answers short recall guestions on categories such as history, lit- erature, geography, sports, general knowl- edge, words, music and Art. Longmeadow faced Agawam this year and lost a relatively close match on television. Next year the team hopes to do even better with sophomores Hoyer and Cohen returning. Advisor Mrs. Sandra Toepfer commented, ' This year ' s team was an enthusiastic, highly-motivated group who put a great deal of effort into preparing for the match. " 1. Elizabeth Ponders profoundly. 2. Top row. L. to R. Robert Cohen, Donna Cruickshank, Mrs. Sandy Toepfer, Elizabeth Coco, Neal Hoyer. Bottom row. L. to R. Evan Greenberg, David Lapides. 3. Donna Exhibits spelling proficiency. 4. Evan studies for the upcoming match. 149 «w keyettes L.H.S. ' s Keyette Club, a non-profit service orga- nization sponsored by the Kiwanian Men ' s Club of Springfield has been involved in several projects this year, internationally, nationally, as well as local- ly. Supervised this year by " rookie " Patti Miller, the keyettes had two international and one district offi- cer. Beth Ditomassi, vice-president of the L.H.S. club, was chosen as the international vice-president. Kristin Poppo held the position of International Par- liamentarian and Sue Feinberg was picked as dis- trict Vice-President. These girls were among those honored at the International Convention this year at the Marriot Hotel in Springfield, Ma. Other club officers were: President Nancy Fuller, Treasurer Krisi Kinsley, and Secretary Karen Josephson. The International project this year raised money for the Ronald McDonald fund to support hospital- ized children ' s parents. One Bake Sale alone for this cause netted over 125 dollars. Other ways of raising money included holding tag sales and dances. Keyette district project included decorating the wards of Shriner ' s Hospital for crippled children before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays plus throwing a Christmas party for the kids in the Trauma Center of the Baystate West Hospital Pediatrics Ward. As in past years, the club was involved in the Big Sister Program. In this program, girls from the area help new or problem students to adjust to the community. This year, as in the past, the keyettes helped to make the less fortunate feel wanted and cared for. 150 Other services which the Keyettes provided in- clude ushering for Stage West plays and Back-to- School nights, waitressing dinners, and babysitting during the holiday seasons. The club also helped with bikeathons, walkathons, the Cerebral Palsy Telethon, road races, March of Dimes, Bloodmo- bile, Salvation Army bell ringing, Easter Seals, and student orientation. Keyette members also sat in on SFAC meetings. The Longmeadow High School Keyette Club is a worthwhile club for LHS. 1. Keyettes, Row 2: K. Hurley, L. Howard, L. Chabot, R. Ca- meron, K. Poppo, N. Canter, K. Josephson, N. Fuller, B. Dito- massi. Row 2: P. Vend, W. Hochberg, J. Howell, S. Cohn, A. Cunningham, A. Chi, M. Cavallo. Row 3: L. Plotkin, A. Dowd, S. Feinberg, V. Kari, A. Spitzer, C. Sedwick, B. Cummings. Row 4: K. Curtis, M. Markson, L. Webber, A. Woods, J. Freed- man, K. Katz, K. Watnick, E. Chi, T. Banson, K. Sweet, P. Leagus. 2. Beth Ditomassi and Nadine Canter add enthusiasm to the Keyette activities. 3. Mary Bergin concentrates at the bloodmobile. 4. Lisa Doherty exhibits goods at tag sale. 5. Julianne Freedman prepares to give blood. 6. Another helper, Loring Webber. 7. Kristin Poppo shows Keyette spirit. 151 key club The LHS Key Club, sponsored by Kiwanas of Springfield, is a non-profit service organi- zation dedicated to aiding the community and its many charity organizations. The Key Club International Convention held in San Diego, California decided the 1980-81 theme was " Dare to Influence. " This school year has been dedicated to improving peer relations and relieving peer pressure by initiating talks between teen- agers. This was accomplished through a compilation of crucial phone numbers such as Suicide Prevention, Hotline and Runaways. Members of the board- President, Scott Hanson; Vice-President, Dan Henshaw and Alan Feldman; Treasurer, Andy Clark; Sec- retary, Peter Englehart; Kiwanas Relations Officers, Norm Adams; and Interrelation Secretary, lay Venti- meet on Sundays at advisor James Climo ' s house to discuss and refine proposed projects to be presented be- fore the general Key Club assembly Monday nights. The Club has approximately 90 to 95 enthusiastically energetic members this year. Finding ten hours was not difficult as the club always has more then one project at a time. This year ' s District Project was to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House for parents whose children are in any of the Major Boston Hospitals. Other fundraisers in- cluded car washes, concession stands, Toys for Tots, bike-a-thons, walk-a-thons, tele-a- thons, road races, a canned goods drive for the Cummings Memorial Mission House, and the Variety Show. 152 Services the Key Club provided again this year include helping the Bloodmobile, visit- ing the Shriners ' Hospital, ushering, recy- cling, decorating the main bulletin board, raking yards for the over-Sixties Club, snow- shoveling for the Council on the Aging, giv- ing office aid, helping METCO students and officiating at intramural games. Their great- est contribution, however, was helping yet another Key Club to get its start. 1. Scott Hanson, the enthusiastic president. 2. Members think over upcoming projects. 3. Steve Bonasoni enjoys the club. 4. letf Hanson ponders over Key Club busi- ness. 5. Fred Skoler picks up the Key Club Agenda. 6. Key Club Chaos! 7. Key Club officers: Top Row, L. to R. Danny Henshaw, Scott Hanson, Alan Feldman, Bottom Row, L. to R. Peter Englehart, Andy Clark. 7. Andy Clark, the excited treasurer. 8. Bobby Gomez, M.C. at the pep rally. 10. Mark Lamarre helps out at the Blood- mobile. collaborative The Collaborative program at L.H.S. is set up to help students benefit by gaining early experience in certain fields they might choose after graduation. Supervised by Mr. Jebejian, fifteen members take their reguired majors in the morning and a career education course. In the afternoon the students go to the schools where they are apprenticing. The students study automobiles, electron- ics, and technical activities. The purpose of the Cooperative Program is to allow students both to study and work. These students receive credits for a diploma from their academic work as well as from their job participation . They must take at least three academic courses in the morning and work in their jobs in the afternoon. The job position is totally the responsibility of the student, but the Career Department provides aid in placement. The Cooperative Program, under Mrs. Jebejian, reguires that the individual works for at least fifteen hours per week with pay. 1. Mrs. Jebejian runs the Co-operative class. 2. Jodi Rappaport looks on in class. 3. Jeff Plaus, a collaborative student. 4. Co-operative and Collaborative students enjoy their activities. 154 metco W For those who are wondering where the excitement the new clubs have come from this year, they should look towards METCO stu- dents. The seventeen METCO stu- dents, with Gaila Paige as president are asserting a positive influence in Longmeadow High School. Partici- pating in all activities from basket- ball and modeling to class council and Key Club, these students can be seen almost anywhere. Raffles and talent shows are just a few of the future METCO club ' s plans. With the METCO integrity and their lead- ership, these seventeen students are sure to be a success. 1. Marcus Edmonds avoids the camera. 2. METCO students enjoy a " long leisurely " lunch. 3. Tracy Little, Gaila Paige and Candy Jennings pose (or the camera. 4. Candy Jen- nings is staring your way. 155 fffl With a growing enthusiasm for jazz and disco spreading throughout the student body, the Dance Club, in its third year at Longmeadow High School is really boo- gying. Under the leadership of Ms. Ann Bailey, an excellent dancer herself, stu- dents who participate in the club have an interest in dancing and wish to learn new dances from each other. The group is headed by president, Darlene Abney, and vice-president, Isabelle Shepard. Other members include Pam Burchette, Wanda Perey, Maureen Stackowicz and Alyce Walker. 1. Isabelle Shepard takes time out from vigorous dancing. 2. Dance Club members kick up their heels. 3. Alyce Walker smiles for the camera. 4. Darlene Abney relaxes before practice. 156 drama club E The Drama Club is progressing stron- ger then ever. With approximately thirty members, the group is putting on two per- formances this year. The first is a three act play called " Harvey. " The second is planned to be a children ' s play. The group is also involved in competition for one act plays in the Massachusetts Drama Guild. Co-presidents Nancy Jennings feels, " We are starting with much material this year and should do extremely well. " Co- President Zina Butsky, along with sec- retary Kim Sweet and treasurer Maura Malone organized the group for all events. Dan Lundy, Greg O ' Neil, and Ward MacCarthy. practice their lines. 2. Greg O ' Neil " hams it up. " 3. Posing lor the camera: Ward MacCarthy, Jackie Bisi- kirski, and Steve Becker. 4. Drama Club members -elax before an audition. 5, L. to R. Kim Sweet, Andrea Molinari, Chris Gentes, Maura Malone, Dan Lundy, Lilly Butzky, and Ward MacCarthy. 6. 2hums forever. tfc ' Siifi 157 ■ math team Most schools have a few good math students, but Longmeadow High School has its own " Mathe- letes. " These extremely talented mathematicians can be found five times a year competing with other students and challenging their minds in math meets against area schools. Donna Beaton, Roland Smith, and Greg Lowell are the experienced seniors who have contributed immensely to the team. These dedicated students work hard to conguer mathemat- ical challenges. With their super advisor, Mr. Daniels, and a lot of logic and skill, they were winners. 1 . Mr. Daniels, a super advisor. 2. Math team members work at their problems. 3. Gary King instructs others. 4. Donna Bea- ton watches an explanation. 5. L. to R. Donna Beaton, Greg Lowell, Roland Ouellette, Alan Burkle, Richard Gotlib, Gary King, Mr. Daniels, Roland Smith. 158 debate club Should the federal government initi- ate 39 and enforce safety guarantees on consumer goods? Our Debate Club advised by Mr. Bergeron, will tackle this topic with strength and eloquence and be victorious. Debate Club consists of two groups of four students, one a supporting team, the other an oppos- ing team. These debators, talented in advocacy and logic, have a busy schedule of meets this year, concluding with a banquet of the Pioneer Valley Debate League. To teach them the tricks of the trade and get them psyched for a successful season, the students attended a tournament debate between national finalists at U MASS. 1. Mr. Bergeron organizes Debate Club materi- als. 2. Debate Club exhibits its activities at Par- ent ' s Night. 3. Top row: Paul Reber, Geoff Hyatt, David Hatch. Seated: Rosie Jarrett, Bob Cohen. Missing: Mike Freed, Greg Traub. 159 The Outing Club is the only group in the school which combines athletics with adven- ture. With Mr. Ron Hirsch as the advisor, the group participates in such excursions as canoe- ing, camping and cross-country skiing. The group has such appeal that people who are not necessarily athletic can participate in the vigor- ous exercise and find great enjoyment. With approximately 30 students involved a feeling of unity and excitement spreads throughout the crowd as they climb down cliffs or cook marsha- mallows over the campfire. Co-presidents, Deb- bie Carlson and Allison Hoar, vice-president, Beth Petrucci, secretary, Jim Shannon, and treasurer Pierre LaPierre organized and led the trip. 1. Debbie Carlson and Beth Petrucci enjoy an atheletic outing. 2 Outing Club members: Row 1, Gary Bernado Alicia Ouellette, Stuart Williams, Bruce Damon, Neil Hoyer Eric O ' Brien, Randy Haase, James McCann, Cathy Cardi nal, Sheri Kumiega, Mr. Ron Hirsch, Row 2, David Lapides Liz Reynolds, Buzzy Hayes, Karen Richfield, Ruth Mannix Monique Lussier, Dianne Marr, Tracee Murphy, Beth Sut ton. Row 3, Ted Santos, Pierre LaPierre, Debbie Carlson Allison Hoar, Beth Petrucci, Barbara Wojcik. 3. Cathy Car- dinal aids in an Outing Club excursion. 4. Allison Hoar and Debbie Carlson post signs in the Meadows. 5. Outing Club Officers L. to R. Ted Santos, Pierre LaPierre, Vice-presi- dent, Debbie Carlson and Allison Hoar, Co-presidents, Bar- bara Wojcik, and Beth Petrucci, treasurer. 160 outlet Are you looking for an " outlet? " The LHS Outlet was organized so that students could have an outlet for their creativity. Advised by Ms. Linda McShane and led by editor-in chief Beth Petrucci, gives students a chance to devel- op their creative talents which might not be fully perfected. Taken from classes or other school activities, the creative effort encom- passes writings, drawings, and photographs. This publication gives students a chance to work together to create their own magazine. Outlet is a great experience and wonderful op- portunity to have work published and enjoyed by other people. 1. Ms. Linda McShane, an enthusiastic advisor. 2. Outlet staft shows their creativity on the cafeteria bulletin board. 3. Beth Petrucci, Outlet Editor-in-chief. 161 band As Mr. Burkle says, " Success breeds Suc- cess " . Thus we have reason to believe that the band may have a clever motive be- hind all their great style and fantastic flair. Using this theory the band plays at the middle schools yearly to generate eighth graders ' interest. There are about 95 Stu- dents in band, a graded course emphasiz- ing effort, progress and participation. The wind ensemble and orchestra practice after school, a practice that has well re- warded their efforts. Band has participat- ed in District and All State competitions and have been invited to play in the All Eastern competition. 162 Instrumentalists: Jenny Bliss, Mindy Pincus, Lauren Mackler, Christine McGough, Chris Gentes, Beth Coco, Karen Rich, Michael McGough, Fred Skoler Steven Demerjian, Michael Gerstein, Lawrence Ro senbaum, Dan Lundy, Daryl Schwartz, Reid Wag ner, Kim MacMartin, George Catuogno, Sam Stoler Neil Hoyer, Jon Snilsberg, Dan Phelps, Web Fletch er, Eric Howell, Bruce Paulson, Greg Labate, Ken Zimmerman, Kathy King, Tracy Franz, Allison Bailey, Sue Rubinstein, Dan Williams, David Dieni, Tad Sud- nick, John Howard, Robert Brandwene, Phil DeAn- gelis, Greg Kozlowski, Guy Leone, David Santos Doug O ' Connor, Caryl Casden, Sarah Curtis, Ste phen Coco, Janine Howell, Sue Milesky, Beth Sher burne, Anna Simpson, Mellisa Tick, Hillary Sisitsky Beth Dannay, Maureen Magnan, Melinda Oakes Todd Stafford, Kris Byrne, Mary Eickhoff, Patti Gold Holly Carroll, Pam Schwartz, Robert Simonoff, Bryna Brownstein, Evan Greenberg, Peter Salvage, Rich ard Hickling, Kathleen Ahrens, John Kessler, Larry Hochberg, Rick Ravosa, Paul Titus, Steve Resnic, Mike Cisowski, Steve Lally, Rob Burns, Jon Sham- mash, Nate Parrish, Laurie Fenalson, Lisa Lundy, Alex Roth, Joe Casella, Bill Bailey, David Cichocki, John Brattin, Alan Burkle, Travid Bear, Joe Franson, Roland Ouellette, Alice Chi, Tom Flayhan, Steve Klein, Peter Leavitt, Seth Potter, Robert Rubin, Rod Sguier, Jim Walker, Fred Skoler, Scott Keeley, Pat Ratkowski, Jeff Solomon, Peter Venti. 163 wm chorus Students this year have not found it nec- essary to sneak their tape players or radios into school. We have our own music! Cho- rus participation has been growing stead- ily; throughout the school boys and girls can be heard singing in the hallways, practicing for an upcoming concert, or just enjoying the sound of their well-de- veloped voices. Taking chorus in school involves vocal exercises, reading music, and performing in public. Led by Mr. Mi- chael Mucci, the 72 girls in chorus are already famous for their performance at the All-State Concert at U Mass; and the boys, led by Mr. Peter Thompson, have been selected to compete in a barbershop guartet contest with professionals and oth- er students. According to the observers and the participants, LHS certainly meets with success in all of its music fields. 164 1 . Mr. Peter Thompson proudly acknowledges his cho- rus. 2. John Bisikirski and Bev Zeroogian sing out strong. 3. Mr. Michael Mucci addresses the audience. 4. Girls Chorus; M. Briones, G. Colella, M. Connor, M. Daly, L. Feinstein, I. Flanagan, C. Godin, S. Hastie, K. Haskin, B. Herman, D. Kenler, L. Kittredge, C. Klinger, B. Leono- vich, J. Lieber, A. Molinan, L. Petrucci, J. Ribble, T. Solberg, M. Sommer, J. Stockhammer, M. Sutton, S. Zuzgo 5. Mens chorus; S. Bailey, G. Catugno, M. Drop- kin, T. Fonner, T. Gilman, J. Hanson, R. Katz, S. Keeley, I. Lang, D. Lapides, R. Little, D. Lundy, R. Mentor, C. Merullo, R. Price, S. Resnick, J. Rico, G. Tugus, R. Zinnen, D. Lamarre, B. Florio, D. O ' Conner, C. Gentes, D. Williams, B. Shannon 6. Concert Chorus; L. Allyn, S. Andrews, N. Angellas, M. Bowen, B. Caron, L. Casden, M. Cavallo, V. Chapman, S. Cisowski, A. Cogan, S. Cohn, L. Collins, D. Cruickshank, B. Cummings, A. Cunningham, E. Daley, K. Ditzler, S. Duckman, A. Dziki, K. Edler, D. Fei, L. Ferrero, K. Gebou, K. Griffin, D. Gutter, C. Hafer, L. Hafer, C. Heye, A. Hoar, H. Hough, J. Howell, B. Hoyt, N. Jennings, M. Keifer, A. Krol, P. Leagus, S. Levy, K. Lewis, D. L ' Heureaux, K. MacMar- tin, M. Malone, S. Milesky, D. Moomjian, C. Morse, C. Nereau, J. Orenstein, K. OToole, G. Paige, B. Parker, K. Parker, A. Payne, J. Peterson, J. Pierce, E. Plotkin, P. Ravnskov, J. Rechtschafer, J. Ribble, C. Richard, A. Rooke, S. Slade, K. Spaulding, J. Spaulding, K. Sten- strom, S. Sumner, E. Sutton, K. Sweet, M. Walbridge, E. Waldo, A. White, H. Buddington, S. Bailey, S. Wenz 7. Tom Creed sings solo. 8. Lyrics; P. Asselin, J. Bisikirski, L. Butzky, T. Creed, L. Crosby, L. Diamond, K. Dyer, V. Feinstein, N. Fuller, J. Griffin, S. Hanson, T. Hartigan, B. Johnson, D. Kreiling, R. Lyons, H. Odentz, P. Rat- kowski, K. Rich, M. Romell, J. Sirkin, F. Skoler, S. Slade, K. Stenstrom, K. Suhs, J. Tick, J. Vend, N. Watkins, P. Yacovone, B. Zeroogian, L. Cogan 9. The powerful duo of Tricia Yacovone and Jay Venti. ]65 ' ski club 166 Organized and advised by Mr. Mel Grant, Ski Club has become one of the most popular activities at LHS, and cer- tainly one of the most fun. The buses leave school every Tuesday crammed with 100 spirited students and many excited chap- erones. The skiers range from snow-plow novices to airborne " hotdoggers, " some taking lessons and others just " doing their thing. " Mrs. Jane Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Al Iangl(Mrs. Natalie Jangl is said to be the more conservative of the two), Mr. Robert Potvin, and Mr. Ray McKenna are all chaperones for this club. They all agree with Mr. Mel Grant that the 1981 Ski Club was the best ever: courteous, cooperative, and lots of fun. Unfortunately, this courte- sy has no effect on the weather: the club may end up water-skiing on their Brodie Mountain trip! This, of course, will also be done in good fun: Happy splashing Ski- Daryl Kneling, shows her form. 2. Ski Team mem bers, Ready to go! 3. Steven Basell enjoys the skiing 4. Mel Grant, an enthusiastic skier ' 5. Members of the ski club are K. Anderson, M. Banson, T. Banson I. Barden, A. Blumenthal, J. Burkin, L. Butsky, S Connors, D. Depersis, L. Diamond, K. Edler, S. Wr liam, M. Flatow, F. Gibeau, M. Gladstone, D. Fraser J. Goodman, J. Kent, L. Lincoln, B. Lincoln, M. Ma lone, T. Murphy, T. Santiage, H. Savich, C. Sedwick J. Sirkin, L. Sophinos, J. Strattos, L. Van Wagneer, M Shannon, K. Zimmerman, ]. Wernick, S. Welles, L Weinberg, ]. Stone, A. Skoler, F. Skoler, J. Shannon T. Sarnoff, S. Ravosa, B. Rosenantz, K. Poppo, K Parker, B. Parker, C. Oriel, P. Leagus, S. Lendry, G Markoulakis, K. Sweet, N. Canter, K. Athas, J. Als berg, M. Barba, S. Bassell, J. Beckle, S. Bewsee, S Bonasoni, ]. Bounfigiliv, R. Bye, T. Cheskin, P. Lus sier, D. Cichocki, K. Curtis, R. Cweika, A. Decidson E. Davidson, C. Davitt, L. Decandio, S. DeGeorge D. Deslauners, T. Flayban, C. Edler, B. Favreu, J Fishman, I. Fitzpatrick, C. Fleming, C. Fleming, M. Gerstein, I. Grenon, L. Goraffam, I. Geonacopou los, A. Hirsch, A. Kagan, M. Keeley, L. Kelly, S Kumiega, M. McLaughlin, D. McManus, E McManus, R. Novett, I. Raffing, C. Rinaldi, J. Sadak M. Skelly, D. Kreiling, ]. Dadak, S. Summer, J. Co indoor track club What makes LHSers run? The Indoor Track Club had over thirty members partici- pating this winter. Much to coach David Wil- liam ' s surprise, no girls competed, although anyone was welcome to practice and or com- pete with the group. With the help of Al Jangl and Gary Braes, Coach Williams em- phasized individual workouts to supplement the weekly meetings. In Western Mass com- petition, held at UMASS on January 31, Paul Welch placed third in the 1000-yard run, while Ken Noel took third in the 300-yard dash. Paul ' s time of 2:31.5 qualified him for state competition at Harvard University on February 28. The mile relay team of John Ratkowski, Mike Jones, Paul Welch, and Ken Noel secured fifth place in Western Mass, losing fourth to Northampton by only one second. 1. Kenny Noel, a tremendous runner. 2. Row 1: M. McLaughlin, P. Welch, ]. Ratkowski, Row 2: ]. Fitzger- ald, M. Horowitz, 1. Flanagan. Row 3: K. Paskins. 3. Mike Horowitz, a track enthusiast. 167 national honor society Catch the golden tassles of the National Honor Society, an organization comprised of outstanding students. These students are admitted on the basis of scholarship, service and character. New members are initiated in the fall of each year at an induction ceremony attended by new members, their families, and old members. The club is advised by Mrs. Nancy Dudley and Mrs. Eve Dolgin, who enthusiastically supervise NHS activities. The major activity that the one hundred and twenty members are involved in is tutoring students. The members also help in the book- store by working during lunches and afterschool. The club holds an annual Ping Pong Tournament, a pop- ular event for the student body, in order to raise money for scholarships. The officers are President, Greg Lowell; Vice-President, Margie Markson; Trea- surer, Hans Rempel; Secretary, Val Feinstein; Social Secretary, Becca Roth; and tutoring chairpersons, Robin Bye, Cathy Bearce, and Jackie Kumeiga. The highlight of the year occurs when two of the club members are chosen by the rest of the club to be given scholarships from the club treasuury. 168 1. Pam Friedmann tutors Maura Malone for NHS. 2. John Carey is inaugurated by President Greg Low- ■ ell, and Principal Angelo Teixeira. 3. Honorary NHS students: Stuart Williams, Jon Snilsberg, Sandra Levy, and Peri Nathanaelson. 4. NHS officers: Secre- tary, Val Feinstein; President, Greg Lowell; Vice- President, Margie Markson; Tutoring Chairperson Robin Bye; Treasurer, Hans Rempel; Social Secre tary, Becca Roth. 5. Junior NHS Members: Row 1: J Stone, K. Goldstein, A. Falk, K. Ditzler, A. Goldberg G. King. Row 2: M. Lamarre, M. Naughton, D. Cro teau, G. Labate, C. Morse, K. Watnik, G. Radner, L Adamz, C. Heye, B. Kaplinsky, B. Haskin, C Sachsse, T. Sudnick, P. Friedmann, S. O ' Donnell row 3: R. Ouellette, B. O ' Reilly, A. Lund, G. Har rington. 6. Senoir NHS members: Row 1: G. Lowell A. Reiner, J. Freedman, M. Markson, Row 2. L. Pi card, C. Tomko, L. Klein, K. Griffin, N. Okun, Row 3 F. Skoler, H. Rempel, B. Wojcik, T. Franz, J. Blan- chard, K. Katz, R. Bye, K. Bnggs, D. Abney, B. Roth L. Snyder, Row 4: A. Kagan, N. Fuller, S. Slade, L Danio, C. Ransom, M. Bergin, H. Hough, C. Hafer L. Webber, P. Murphy, P. Peters, E. Hano, T. Ditmar R. Mouchantot, K. Suhs, Row 5. M. Potter, J. Carey R. Wagner, M. Gerstein, J. Solomon, L. Crosby, M Keeley, B. Marshall, L. Rosenbaum, E. Martsen, P Ratkowski, Row 6: T. Creed, C. Gentes, K. Sten strom, V. Feinstein, L. Mackler, Z. Butsky, D. Cruick- shank, J. Grinspoon, J. Kumiega, F. Leavitt, J. Rapa- lus. 7. Carol Tomko, an enthusiastic NHS member! 169 sw Organized by Mr. David Williams, ap- proximately thirty-five students are involved in Leader ' s Club this year. The club is open to juniors and seniors who wish to aid a soph- omore or freshmen gym class rather than taking one of the regular junior-senior elec- tives offered. A leader is expected to aid the teacher in the running of the class: spotting, demonstrating, officiating, and controlling activities. Leader ' s Club, which began in 1955, is the oldest club at LHS. Coach Robert D ' Agostino attributes the club ' s success to the excellent caliber and performance the participants have shown over the years. 1 . Mr. Dave Williams, The Leaders ' advisor and organi- zes. 2. Vinnie Daboul explains volleyball tactics to Mary Dolce. 3. Heather Wason and Beth Wheeler lead gym- nastics. 170 Managing the Longmeadow High School Library is an extremely difficult job. However, thanks to the help of seven library aids, the task, including the work- load, is made easier. The many duties in- clude; preparing books for circulation, checking books in and out, checking in mail, covering the front desk, and keep- ing the magazines in chronological order- a task which can take more than an hour at a time. The seven members of the group are Elizabeth Woods, Alanna Stein- berg, Eileen Johnson, Larry Krainson, Pam Parks, Matt Flatow, and Don Gag- non. Mrs. Pratt feels that these students have " done a tremendous service in par- ticular this year. " Revealing an extremely cooperative attitude while handling a tre- mendous workload, the Library aids, serve as a great help to the library staff and the students of Longmeadow High. . Other aides that are extremely helpful to L.H.S. are the A.V. aides and Television Aides. Without the supreme effort of these aides, the teachers demands for audiovi- sual materials would not be met. At the same time these students are learning in- valuable information about using the ma- terials, working with schedules and relat- ing with people. The aides are a great help to L.H.S. 1 . A.V. and television aides, a qreat help to LHS. 2. Greg Paige, helps with audiovisual aides. 3. Library Aides show their stuff! 4. Larry Krainson rest! during his busy schedule. 5. A diligent library aide. 171 american field service American Field Service, advised by Mrs. Brenda Finn Pierce, offers unbelievably ex- citing experiences during high school. For those who yearn to travel, they may spend time abroad in fascinating countries, and for those who want to remain close to home, participation in all the AFS activities is always open and short trips are available. This year Tricia Yacavone, Brooke Kirk, Sue Stepan, and Jean Franson are abroad in foreign countries and Jon Snelsberg and Stuart Wil- liams are being hosted here. AFS also spon- sors an International Weekend sponsoring 17 foreign students. President Tricia Yaco- vone, vice-president Sandi Shapiro, treasur- er Connie Heye, and secretary Barbara Woj- cik meet with AFS members every week to plan new activities. With active participation by all members, this club is fast moving and exciting. Nht 172 . . ■ 1. Jon Snilsberg, an AFS exchange student, learns LHS practices. 2. Karen Edler and Ellen Daley display the newest foreign fad? 3. Mary Cavallo and Michele Romell enjoy an AFS meeting. 4. Barbara Wojcik and Connie Heye talk about future AFS activities. 5. Maura Malone, Beth Sutton, and Karen Haskin relax after an AFS activity. 6. Greg Miller and Stuart Williams, AFS students from Australia. 7. George Catugno talks with foreign students after a meeting. 8. Mar- tha Guild smiles for the camera. 173 mm " All the news that Fitz prints. " Everyone would agree that this epigram certainly de- scribes our own outstanding newspaper, The Jet Jotter. After winning the first place prize for journalism last year, the paper strove to maintain this reputation, featuring many arti- cles on current events such as Proposition 2 1 2 and draft registration. The Jet Jotter also gives ample room for students opinions in sections like ' The Student Voice " and " Let- ters to the Editor " . This year, The Je t Jotter added a new member to its staff. Mr. Dan Lynch, a history teacher at LHS helped Mr. John Fitzgerald who has been guiding the school newspaper for the last two years. Sen- ior editor, Margie Markson, along with the many other editors, writers, artists, and pho- tographers, contributed her talents and hard work to put out a guality newspaper. We are fortunate to have this fine addition to our school life. 174 1. Mr. John Fitzgerald, a great advisor. 2. The insan- ity of Jet Jotter staff portrayed by Dan Engelman. 3. Margie Markson, the enthusiastic editor. 4. Ann McTaggart and Bob Kaplinsky check out articles in the new Jet Jotter. 5. Lisa Cummings, a picture of newspaper excitement. 6. Jet Jotter editors L. to R.: Laura Snyder, Margie Markson, Cindy Hafer, Becca Roth, Lisa Cummings, Ward McCarthy and Amy Falk. 7. Jet Jotter staff: Loring Webber, Ward McCar- thy, Jane Rapalus, Laura Spitz, Steve Becker, Dave Deslauriers, Sue Duckman, Scott Hanson, Karyn Hochstadt, Eric Marsten, Deidre O ' Reilly, Michael Pistrich, Deanna Chiusano, Jenny Flatow, Mary McLaughlin, Liz Plotkin, Paula Welch, Barbara Brennan, Audrey Burke, Caryl Casden, Pam Fried- mann, Ann Goldberg, Ben Haskin, Robert Ka- plinsky, Steve Lally, Mark Lamarre, Sharon Levine, Ann Loizzo, Joanne Marcelina, Ann McTaggert, Eric Sokol, Karen ' Connell, Allison White, Cindy Morse, Dan Lundy, Beth Ditomassi, Tina Banson, Robert Cohen, Anne Dowd, Laurie Fenalson, Sheryl Gutter, Lynne Kaplinsky, David Lamarre, Pam Leagus, Sarah Roth, Helen Savich, Naomi Schupack, Kath- leen Sheehan, Jane Spencer, Kim Sweet, David Hatch, David Pieterse, Chris Sterba, Randy Haase, George Markoulakis, Fred Skoler, Soozi Becher, Sue Murphy, David Hatch, Maura Malone, Dan Sny- der, J.B. Lyon, Sue Barnshaw, Dan Engleman, Bill Shapiro, Peter Leavitt, Mike McGough. 8. Becca Roth contemplates editorials. 175 junior achievement You have probably heard about under- achieves and over-achievers, but are you aware of our own Junior Achievers? Led by Mr. Gary O ' Sullivan Junior Achieve- ment provides an outstanding opportunity for students with an interest in business to further their talents. Mr. O ' Sullivan feels " It gives ' Hands On ' training and pro- vides experience in the areas of selling, advertising, financing, and promoting one ' s business. " Provided for students to work together and communicate with one another. Roland Smith, a student of LHS, is now Vice-President of his company, which is involved throughout Western Mass. It is a community organization with the interest and guidence provided by local, successful, businessmen. 1. Mr. Gary O ' Sullivan, the Junior Achievement ad- visor. 2. Jeremy Blum and Randy Gesing take a break from Junior Achievement activities. 3. Roland Smith, the Junior Achievement president 176 dungeons and dragons VAi - , S3 W Did you know that we have our own dun- geons and dragons right here at LHS? " Dun- geons and Dragons " is a fantasy game in which each participant plays the role of a medieval character. Although this unique club plays the game on a table, the game can be expanded to include a college campus. The group (ten to fifteen players) meets twice a week in room 231 with advisor Mr. Ray McKenna and will occasionally gather at a member ' s house on the weekend. President David Lapides welcomes any interested stu- dents to come and watch a game. 1 . David Lapides, Club President. 2. Doug Hano, David Lapides and Roland Ouellette, enthusiastic club mem- bers. 3. Doug Hano displays the concentration of a great player. 4. Mr. Ray McKenna, the club ' s interested advi- sor. 177 1 1 mt I FACULTY What happens to a high school faculty in a quarter century? 1. They grow older. 2. They grow bigger. 3. They grow better. Of the original 27 teachers who launched the first graduating class in 1957, only sev- en stalwart souls remain. Today, we have over 100 faculty members at the high school, teaching a wide variety of subject matter. On almost any day a student can participate in classes on nuclear physics, comput- er science, or Asian civilization. Our English faculty alone offers over ten different courses just for seniors, from a study of the Bible as literature, to a concentrat- ed program in writing. The L.H.S. faculty may have changed considerably in the past twenty-five years, but one factor has not changed at all: dedication. IV ft In Memory Of gertrude c. blakeborough 1917 — 1980 a blythe spirit LHS: 1959 — 1980 180 special people 25 years at LHS A warm and beautiful individual, Miss Baird has that special talent for recogniz- ing students by remembering their par- ents. Since the first student crossed the threshold of Longmeadow High School, she has been there to offer her love and support and has enjoyed every minute of it. Some days, she may wake up and say she is not going to school, but our Miss Baird would not miss a day, knowing that her library contributes tremendously to the students ' education. She has had great co-workers in the past twenty-five years, so L.H.S. has been both her social and business life. During the past twenty-five years, Miss Baird has been a class advisor, and the coach of drill team and cheerleading. With all these other activities, Miss Baird remains the best librarian around. From the first day L.H.S. opened, (the library had only a dictionary and a bible) to today, (the library now shares a beautiful new wing of the school) Miss Baird has worked closely with students. She re- grets that she no longer knows each stu- dent by name, but she enthusiastically affirms that L.H.S. students are the very best, the most creative, and certainly the most intelligent; that is what keeps a co- hesive comradeship in this school. 1 . Willie Ross — 1 to r, Jane Bensinger, Dale Elmer, Arlene Talcove, Donna Demers, Jeanette Costa 2. Resource — 1 to r, front row, Carol Hooper, Ann Moore, Margaret Nye. back row, Cheryl Luongo, Louise Martsen, Phyllis Dieni, Natalie Dorm, Maria Katorski, Kay Dietsche. 3. Peter Bergeron 4. Marjorie Baird 181 administration . . . guidance 1 . Angelo Teixeira 2. William Green 3. School Com mittee (1 to r, top row) Robert Leanord, Ruth Hafer Janet Wagner, Curtis Guild, (bottom row) Stanley Kusiak, Richard Brooslin, Beverly Deweese 4. Super intendent Robert McKanna, 5. Francis Simanski 6 Dan Kane 7. Barbara McGilvray 8. Pat Hogan 9 Hazel Patten 10. Natalie Jangl 11. James Climo 182 25 years at LHS A iamiliar figure around the corridor of Longmeadow High School, Mr. James Climo, the jovial Guidance Coordinator, is currently enjoying his twenty -fifth year of active service at L.H.S. Mr. Climo has witnessed many changes and shifting trends during his long tenure. The Guidance Depart- ment has been forced to deal with the problems caused by an increasing school population during the 60 ' s and is currently facing having to deal with the problems of a declining school en- rollment. Another change is the in- crease in the percentage of college bound students. This situation has ad- ded enormously to the guantities of pa- perwork to be processed by Mr. Climo and the other guidance counselors. Mr. Climo ' s dedicated service is not confined to his role in the school ad- ministration. As faculty advisor of the Key Club, he is forced to give a large portion of his free time to attend various club meetings and functions. His guid- ing influence led the club to many J awards in 1980, and he is enthusiastic • that Key Club ' s success will continue. Although a recent illness has forced a cutback in some activities, Mr. Climo can still be seen in his office working busily to insure that students make the right choices about classes, college, etc. The faculty and student body sin- cerely hope Mr. Climo ' s dedicated ser- vice to the school will continue for many years to come. 183 service business 1. Secretaries — 1 to r, front row: Harriet Graham, Jean Fraser, Louise Chambers, Dorothy Bonsall, Margaret Derby. Back row: Jane Webber, Evelyn Nakos, Irene Beachman, Poppy Pratt, Marjorie Web- ster, Regina Blair, Dorothy Perreault, Joan Hurwitz, Marietta Berry, Carolyn Grasso 2. Custodians — 1 to r, front row: B. Miller, G. Fletcher J. Staples, J. Sow- ers, R. Gauthier, back row: R. Prenthis, F. Kida, R. Izzo, D. Lamountain, C. Lucy, R. Remillard 3. Cafete- ria Staff — 1 to r, front row: D. Hopkins, R. Dzwileski, J. Bailey, C. Settembre, A. Calabreses, R. Craver, H. Justin, back row: C. Warreham J. Glinski, I. Simon, T. DiPippo, E. Bocchino, A. Turgeon, B. Welch, C. Mezzetti 4. Joan Lowe, Nurse 5. Merrill Oltchick 6. Aurora Jebejian. 7. Gary O ' Sullivan 8. Raymond Fil 9. Sandra Toepfer 10. Raymond Kuselias 11. Frank Gironda 12. Al Jangl 13. Ann Bailey 184 185 ti english $H00 JSiH it-. W s. is r i j fc M iff !Wf • «r 1. Judy Pincus 2. Russell Cobbs 3. Happy Gray 4. Mel Grant 5. Eve Dolgin 6. Brenda Finn-Pierce 7. William Kirkpatrick 8. Roger Leblanc 9. Jane Mur- phy 10. Sue Broderick 11. Kathy Bennett 12. William Ferris 13. Nancy Eaton 14. Linda McShane 15. Bebe Schnitzer 16. Ann-Marie Lynch 17. Al Lopes 186 25 years at LHS " There is a time in almost every per- son ' s life when he experiences the thrill of creating something. " These are the words of Mr. Al Lopes, head of the Eng- lish Department, who has been teaching at L.H.S. since 1955. He, along with eighteen other teachers and three hun- dred students, was the creator of the school. Mr. Lopes remembers that for the first ten years of the school ' s exis- tence, students felt a certain loyalty for the school. This spirit came from their participation in creating it. It seems that this sense of loyalty has decreased. Al- though Mr. Lopes thinks the decline is unfortunate, he realizes that this special sense could only stem from the thrill of creation. Mr. Lopes feels that spirit could be instilled once more if students would take an active interest in the school. Pri- marily, they should recognize the school ' s growth. In 1955, there were only nineteen teachers; now there are about one-hundred. The number of stu- dents has increased from 300 to 1500. More important than the growth is the expansion of academics. The English Department, which once consisted of only two instructors teaching one course for each class, now has twenty teachers. They offer a variety of courses to all classes. The spirit and devotion of L.H.S. ' s first students is remembered by Mr. Lopes, and he hopes that some of it will carry through today. Perhaps students today can recognize the ever-present need for improvement. 187 •■an: 25 years at LHS What has been the most significant change in our language department over the last 25 years? According to Mrs. Nancy Dudley, our dedicated Lat- in and French teacher of 25 years, the foreign language department has grown dramatically since 1957. Where two languages were previously offered, there are now four. Instead of only four teachers, we now have thirteen. Mrs. Dudley feels another significant change that has taken place during her career at LHS is the relaxing of the dress code in 1971. Suddenly the boys did not have to wear ties, and the girls were allowed to expose their knees. Mrs. Dudley has seen student attitudes go from relatively passive to decidedly outspoken, and recently back to a more conservative guality. Mrs. Dudley finds that her teaching competes with the excitement and con- stant change taking place every day. Television, in particular, seems to be a threat, taking the place of classroom learning and requiring teachers to " work more on a variety of activities to keep students interested. " Other than demanding greater di- versity and perhaps seeking more di- rection with the specifics of their work, students have changed very little ac- cording to Mrs. Dudley. " There are just as many selfless kids today as there were back then. " However, Mrs. Dud- ley believes that today ' s students are more aware of the needs of others, and have shown this by forming groups such as the Key Club and the Keyettes. For almost 25 years, Mrs. Dudley has been providing direction and sincere interest for her students. Currently, she is one of two advisors for the National Honor Society. We thank Mrs. Dudley for her dedication, and we sincerely hope that she will remain a part of LHS for many years to come. 189 social studies 1. Peter Santos 2. John Fitzgerald 3. Michael Gelinas 4. Lolene Blake 5. David Title 6. Joseph Winseck 7. Ray McKenna 8. Peter Vangsness 9. Robert Delano 10. Daniel Lynch 11. Stanley Ursprung 190 25 years at LHS Mr. Pratt — Mr. Lopes — Miss Baird- — Coach D ' Agastino — Mr. Ursprung. What do these teachers who taught the class of 1957, the first class to graduate 25 years ago. For Mr. Stanley Ursprung of the his- tory department, the call came in 1957. Initially, he was attracted to L.H.S. by the opportunity to return to New Eng- land; but it was the atmosphere of the school that has kept him with L.H.S. for 25 years. " When I came to Longmeadow, I found a combination of students with a desire to learn, supportive parents, and an institution with high standards, " commented Mr. Ursprung. Mr. Ursprung coached football from 1956 to 1972. He also guided men ' s track for 24 years, leading expertise in his own speciality, the weight division. In summing up his years at the high school, Mr. Ursprung said that beside visible changes, students have changed in their attitude toward school. " In 1955, a good education was important. The desire to learn was high; but between the mid-60 ' s and 70 ' s, I saw a decrease in that desire. Student interest moves in a cycle, and I ' m glad to say it is now on an upswing. " 191 mathematics 1. William Ahern 2. Alan Gorfin 3. Carlene S phens 4. Mary Ann Sedran 5. Laura Pestridge David Daniels 7. William Gatchell 8. Kenn Woods 9. George Griffin 10. Thomas Nesb ' tt David Stockwell 12. Nicholas Gulli 13. Acton ley OMr OtlQ ard bor, c 192 1 this faculty has personality . . . vtiss Broderick — " I really liked teachi- ng junior English . . . until I realized hat all you seniors expected me to rite glowing recommendations for ou the following fall. Is that ven- ■eance for all those essays I assigned? " " . Kirkpatrick — " The water, al- jugh of all things the most yielding, is i all things the most mighty ' — I ' ll let 01; ponder that. " est o Mr. Morissett e — " Oh, sorry Ron. ou get the coveted Penuche Fudge ward for no compassion towards your oor, college bound(?) seniors. " Mr. Merritt — " Man has problems and responsibilities to meet which will tax the limits of human creativity and knowledge. I trust he will accept these challenges with concern and sincerity, remembering it is indeed the time of man. " To ALL Senior Teachers — " Yes, we do need certain grades to get into college. " " Hey, Mr. Suzor — Where ' s your ten gal- lon hat? " Dr. Eaton — " I ' m p-p-p-paralized ... N.J.E. Copyright Mrs. Pestridge— " A dillar a dollar a ten o ' clock scholar. You used to come at noon; what makes you come so soon? " Mr. Whittaker — " Ah oui, ah bon, ah blah, blah, blah! " Mr. Simanski — " If you can ' t do the time, don ' t do the crime. " Mr. Potvin - " Parce que je suis juste. . . . Voila! " To Mr. Ferrier — " Oh please, can ' t we try your eye wash and chemical shower just once? " Mr. Lopes - " You can ' t quote what I say in class . . . I ' ll get fired. (Last night before I corrected your papers I took to drink.) " 193 science £A )| - - _i.iw.iu . ' . : V$ Jfce jlJ T ai MiV r 1- k f 11 ritem o 1 B ■ » i j ,..;:(;:- ■ ' !« ' ' C 6 j 4a 1. Ron Morissette 2. Charles Mannheim 3. Lynn Sarno 4. Wilfred Blanchard 5. Morrison Ferrier 6. Jeffrey Goodwin 7. Ray Suzor 8. Ronald Hirsch 9. Richard Rediker 10. David Slate 11. Ronald Merrittlgy 12. Patricia Miller 13. John Hooper 14. Edward Pratt id, ' pg She fc: It a Ms i Li inge inr ■S IK Hie Jfet 194 TOE r • o iik B B v 7 m 5 ■ ! ■ : ■ ■ - " H Il4 J 25 years at LHS " My .teaching has not changed at all over the years, only the materials have changed. " So says Mr. Edward Pratt, chairman of the science department at l.S. Throughout the last twenty-five years, Longmeadow has witnessed inu- merable changes, but what has not changed is the dedication and guidance i the head of the science department. Beginning in 1956, the department, Staffed by just Mr. Pratt and one other teacher, offered only general science, bi- and some physics and chemistry. oday, there are a number of courses of- sred, including psychology and anthro- pology. Although course offerings have multi- plied over the past twenty-five years, Mr. Pratt sees the primary change in student attitudes. " During the Fifties, the students prim and proper " but as the late Sixties and early Seventies approached, they became more relaxed. " Now the kids look better, and are more serious. " He believes life was simpler in the fifties when students were more conservative and aca- demically oriented. Mr. Pratt remembers when the school had less than 400 stu- dents. " People were more conscious of the school. The teachers knew the kids. " Although today, L.H.S. may be less per- sonal, the students have much more free- dom. " The major turning point, he feels, came when the dress code was abol- ished in 1971. Mr. Pratt, however, be- lieves that the recent resource program is a well justified step toward student free- dom. " If the student wants to do well, he can; you can ' t make him study. " Mr. Pratt feels that this program greatly encourages student responsiblity. " Longmeadow may not be guite the ' beacon ' it used to be, " but if the fine teaching of Mr. Pratt, and others like him is any indication of the years to come, Longmeadow High School has a great fu- ture ahead. fine arts . . . physical education 1. Rudolf Katz 2. Wilfred Burkle 3. Edith Broderick 4. Barbara Laub 5. Peter Thomsen 6. Michael Mucci 7. Judy Gregory 8. David Williams 9. Mark Michelson 10. Cathy Mclnnis 11. Norman Harris 12 Michael Deary 13. Robert D ' Agostino. 196 25 years at LHS Some schools have concrete founda- tions, but L.H.S. was built with a foun- dation far more solid than concrete: we call it " Coach D ' Ag. " Mr. Robert D ' A- gostino has built twenty-five years of tradition into the athletic and educa- tional programs of this school, affecting the lives of both teachers and students. As director of physical education, as well as football and baseball coach, " Coach D ' Ag " has found fulfillment in working with students. According to DAg, " Kids today have not changed. " Similarly, students say that DAg hasn ' t either; he continues to generate love, respect, and good feelings throughout the school. 197 The Editors of Masacksic would like to ex- tend their thanks to those whose thought ■ and time have made this book. Their count- less hours of unwavering devotion have re- sulted in a truly superior publication of the twenty-fifth anniversary edition. Special thanks to the following: Mr. Grant, our advisor (and marriage counselor) Our editors and staff on Masacksic Steven ' s Photography Mr. Don Lendry, our Yearbook representative Mr. Lopes, for the use of his telephone and typewriter Mr. Phil, for the use of his typewriters Student Photographers J.B. Lyon and Ray Mentor Mrs. Reed, for afternoon snacks The Bagel Fairy, for frequent afterschool munchies Gert and RHonda, for trips to and from Steven ' s and for chauffering staff members home. Where ' s my other editor? I feel like I live here . . . How Was Thanksgiving? He ' d do anything for you . . . Catholic monk ' s Bible studies . . . Just put Jim Crow - . . . Jen, pick your nose! Celebrate good times, come on! Whose eating the grease pen- cils? Do you mind if I scream? Whose gonna ' have the Yearbook party? Girls, what did you write on Doctor Eaton ' s board? Put it somewhere warm . . . Lyss, crop right or crop out . . . What does Yellow P stand for? Scott, how was your dentist appointment? ■ You guys, the deadline was only four days ago . . . Trouble in Paradise . . . unrestrained lust . . . Our type is Stymie not Avant Garde! Last deadline!!! 198 The 1981 Masacksic Staff: Co-Editors-in-Chief: Alison Reiner and Scott Grasso Senior Editors: Alyssa Greenspan and Lauren Klein Sports Editors: Nadine Canter and Alan Feldman Activities Editors: Cathy Gianelly and Kristin Poppo Faculty Editor: Jennifer Mann Underclassmen Editors: Pam Friedmann and Anne Loizzo Copy Editor: Nancy Shrair Art Editor: Alissa Meyers Business Manager: Ellen Davidson Treasurer: Betsy Waldo Sales Editors: Sharon Levine, Michaela Naton, and Jody Lutsky Ads Editors: Anne Smith, Nancy Okun, and Kathy Griffin Photographers: Sharon Sabin, Donna Haley, Sharon Spitzer, Robin Bye, Rhonda Shapiro, Wendy Hoch- berg, Allison White, Mary Dolce Staff: Cathy Bearce, Ellen Christopherson, David Deslauriers, Maribeth Porro, Jennifer Stebbins, Lisa Ferrero, Jonna Gaberman, Lynn Laakso, Liz Kusiak, Paula Venti n m SPRING Spring at LHS was greeted with special enthusiasm; it meant the graduation of the 25th class. As the seniors prepared for their Senior Week and Graduation, the entire school was caught up in the excitement generated by this special class. For the Juniors it meant the end of U.S. History and Junior English as they anxiously anticipated their senior year. The Sophomores were look- ing forward to finally becoming upperclassmen, along with anxiety con- cerning their rigorous Junior year. Finally, the Freshmen were getting " psyched " to have someone below them at LHS. lacrosse They " did it! " The tradition of excel- lence in lacrosse at LHS, reflected in a remarkable season of play, climaxed in typical fashion as Longmeadow cap- tured its fourth straight state champion- ship in a frenzied come-from-behind victory over Lincoln-Sudbury. After seven rigorous and satisfying seasons as head coach, David Stockwell, the man responsible for Longmeadow ' s as- touding accomplishments, has retired, " in a blaze of glory. " Possibly the " best team ever, " in Stockwell ' s opinion, the Lancers compiled an unbeatable re- cord of 20-0 during their march to the state tourney, an almost annual event in the Longmeadow lacrosse arena. Tri-captains John Carey, Dan Dineen and Eugene Johnson did a fine job in channeling the energies of the team against such difficult adversaries like Wilton, Kingswood, and Hotchkiss. Carey, a superb attackmen, was unfor- tunately injured at the commencement of the season; however, Dineen was un- equaled as goalie and Johnson was a mainstay of the team ' s defense. The of- fensive capability was unsurpassed, led by senior Pierre Beauchamp with 89 points and junior Greg Fisk with 87 tallies. Senior Kevin Boudreaux (70 points) who combined with Beau- champ to form the so-called " French Connection " was a great asset as well as junior Jeff Jones with 72 points. The middies, guided by senior Matt Foun- taine with 42 points and fellow seniors Peter Miller and Brett Leveille, suple- mented the attackmen. Defensively, seniors Ted Landis, Eugene Johnson, and Mike Demarche guarded the LHS goal cage while Dineen was inpenetra- ble in his goal tending capacity. As for the 1982 season, Stockwell is turning over the reins to coach Dan Kane who, although the graduates will be greatly missed, has a returning team of equal potential. The 1981 lacrosse team, will not soon be forgotten for they were determined to " do-it " and that they did in a truly AWESOME fashion. 1 . Matt Fontaine looks for someone to pass to. 2. David Thor takes a trip. 3. Dan Dineen races for a goal. 4. Jeff Jones looks for an opening. 5. Varsity Lacrosse L to R; row 1. J. Joseph, K. Campbell, D. Dineen, E. Johnson, J. Carey, P. Beauchamp, K. Boudreaux, T. Landon, B. Scott, P. Miller, row 2: T. Lantz, M. Condon, J. McGuinness, M. Keely, B. Leveillee, M. DeMarche, J. Ebeling, S. Cope- land, row 3: T. Dineen, C. Snyder, M. Fontaine, P. Dawson, T. Nyman, Coach Kane, row 4: Coach Stockwell, K. Hall, G. Fisk, J. Jones, R. McLaughlin, C. Klinker, D. Thor, T. Landis. 6. John Carey goes in for the attack. 7. Greg Fisk attempts a pass. 8. J. V. Lacrosse L to R: row 1 . M. Crosby, C. Smith, R. Joseph, M. Sherman, D. McNair, M. Meder, R. Quinn, D. Smith, G. Steb- bins, row 2. B. Bagshaw, M. Henshaw, P. Cwieka, J. Krumsiek, B. Swan, B. McLaughlin, S. Cope- land, row 3. N. Matson, J. Nyman, M. Farrell, J. Rehbein, J. Conner, J. Miller, P. Figgie, row 4. B. Golaski, K. O ' Brien, J. Geanacopoulos, R. Wyler, J. Shammash, Coach Boudreaux. 9. Kevin Bou- dreaux dodges his way to a goal. How can one determine the success of a team ' s season? The cliche, " It ' s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, " seems to sum up the 1981 softball season. Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams never lacked spirit, perse verence, or determination. Paula Ingalls, the Varsity coach, says that she admired the way everyone stuck together through wins, losses, and sicknesses. Players such as Sue North at shortstop, Cathy Davitt, catch- er, Heidi Beyer on third base, and Soozi Becher as pitcher, proved to be great assets to the team. Freshman Car- rie Flanagan, voted most improved player, was outstanding in defense. Mrs. Ingalls predicts that the team ' s success in 1982 depends on their con- sistency as a team and strong, depend- able pitching. Mrs. Ingalls, who will not be coaching next year, would like to thank the softball team for making her experience at L.H.S. a memorable and very rewarding one. 1 . Dianne Marr swings the bat with full force. 2. Buzzy Hayes throws a fast pitch, obviously a strike. 3. Jenny Donner shows her strength at throwing the ball to make an out. 4. Sue North demonstrates her skill at stopping ground balls. 5. Junior Varsity Girls Softball Team Back row: Coach R. Hirsch, K. Adler, B. Kane, C. Tazzini, J. Cardaropoli, M. Anziloti, J. Ribble, S. Bewsee, A. Terrell, Coach D. Title Front row: K. Aherns, A. Chi, H. Shortelidge, A. Davidson, A. Anzilotti, A. Kazin, G. Demone, B. O ' Reilly 6. Varsity Girls Softball Team Back row: D. Marr, J. Donner, S. Rubenstein, A. Krol, K. Davitt, Coach Ingalls Front row: S. Cohen, F. Levitt, K. Flanagan, B. Hayes, S. North, L. Hyman, M. Naton. Hr-rPl What does a record reflect? The 1981 girls ' lacrosse team, although pos- sessing an overall record of four wins, seven losses and one tie, hardly reflects the growing skill, talent and camarade- rie which characterized the team, only in its third year of varsity status. Ably led by second year coach Cathy Mclnnis, seniors Monigue Lus- sier and Anne Smith captained their team into action. Monigue Lussier, vot- ed Most Valuable Player, was a key on attack with consistent assistance of of- fensive senior standouts Dara Murphy, Carole Tomko, and Leslie Picard. De- fensively, seniors Deidre O ' Reilly and Donna Golaski, both novices to la- crosse this season, performed spectac- ularly as well as sophomore sensation Anne Dowd, While the graduates will be sorely missed, juniors Michele McLean, Wendy Hochberg, and Polly Lucier with the added help of strong sophomore contingent and upcoming freshmen, will return to lead their team to victory against their mighty prep school opponents. Coach Mclnnis will be greatly missed next year due to Proposition 2V2, but on the horizon for 1982, an even more promising season looms. 1 . Captain Monique Lussier looks for an opening while skillfully cradling her stick. 2. Senior Lax- women commend each other after a winning score. 3. Wendy Hochberg adroitly maneuvers the lacrosse ball while Dierdre O ' Reilly cheers her on. 4. Carole Tomko dexterously avoids all opponents. 5. Girl ' s Lacrosse Team Back row: K. O ' Conner, A. Blair, J, Rapulus, D. O ' Reilly, Mid- dle row: Coach M. Bask, M. Lawson, K. Pahl, P. Lussier, M. Mclean, D. Murphy, M. Freedrnan, C. Tomko, K. Lantz. Front row: D. Glascow, A. Dowd, L. Gardionni, M. Lussier, A. Smith, L. Cummings, M. O ' Donnell track Who are the unsung heroes at LHS? The boys ' track team who exemplified an enduring dedication to a sport which is often unjustly overlooked at LHS. Coach Joseph Winseck directed his forces to a remarkable season. The overall record of nine wins and two losses in Valley Wheel competition, as well as placing third in the Western Massachusetts showdown, losing first place by only 1 and three-guarters points in a hotly contested race, clearly demonstrates an extremely capable team. Leading the team into competition was dynamo Ken Noel whose consis- tent triumphs in his four events of long jump, triple jump, 120-yard high hur- dles, and 330-yard low hurdles, eventu- ally garnered for him two first place finishes at Western Mass, as well as a new LHS 120-yard high hurdle record. Yet Ken was not the only superb per- former on a team which used its depth to advantage. In the sprints, seniors Robert Brandwene, Andy Brown, and Tom Murray were top performers, and the 880-yard race was dominated by junior Paul Welch, capturing both a new record and the Western Mass. championship. Senior Mike Brys- kiewicz led the field event contingent, with top performances in javelin, hand- ily aided by junior Joe Glasgow. In the distance events, the team looked to two junior competitors, Mike Jones in the mile and Mike McLaughlin in the two mile, to stride out triumphantly. The team also possessed a remarkable mile relay team of Robert Brandwene, Paul Welch, Mike Jones, and junior Mike Naughton, a group which illustrated a dedication to win throughout the sea- son. Next year, Coach Winseck shall re- turn having lost many fine individuals to graduation, yet the remaining super- stars shall continue to pace the boys ' track team to more championship com- petition. 1. Mike Jones shows his endurance. 2. Bob Ka- plinsky goes for the win. 3. Mike Horowitz gives it his all. 4. Brendon Bruno displays his winning form. 5. Rob Brandwene strives for first place. 6. Tom Murray runs fast and hard. 7. Mike Brys- kiewicz exhibits a look of determination. 8. Paul Liebman in action. 9. Ken Noel goes for a record. 10. Varsity Track L to R: row 1: S. O ' Brien, W. Fletcher, M. Barba, T. Dow, C. Berman, J. Grenon, S. Sands, J. Glasgow, H. Horowitz, H. Kavrakis, D. Suhs, D. Connell, row 2: J. Greene, R. Hubley, R. Brandwene, J. Flanagan, J. Barden, C. Sterba, J. Fitzgerald, B. Bruno, K. Noel, A. Brown, T. Murray, L. Rosenbaum, C. Wenz, J. O ' Rourke, Coach Winseck, row 3: Managers; K. Craven, G. O ' Reilly, and H. Hough, P. Liebman, P. Duessell, M. McLaughlin, M. Briskiewicz, M. Horowitz, M. Jones, J. Wilson, M. Naughton, P. Welch, R. Kaplinsky, S. Gladstone. 1 1 . Larry Ro- senbaum displays his perfect form. w , " 2 T? » yj+ ■ m track Although the various springtime ac- tivities, particularly lacrosse games, pe- riodically diverted the attention of the girls ' track and field team, dedication prevailed as the girls attained a re- spectable record of four wins and three losses. Coached by Al " it ' s good pain! " Jangl, the girls diligently worked to re- build a team which lost many invalu- able athletes to last year ' s graduation. However, with perse rverance and a lot of heart, the team did indeed meet and match its opposition. The long-distance squad strode out to accomplishment under the rigorous practices of assistant Cindy Fox. Pla- gued by the unfortunate loss of star miler, Captain Nancy Okun, to injury, the remaining members were led by outstanding juniors Kris Fijol and Gae- len Harrington in the two-mile and sophomore Martha Guild in the mile. The 880-yard run was dominated by Captain Julianne Freedman while the 440-yard dash placed Beth Sutton in a class all her own. This sensational soph- omore set a new L.H.S. record as she captured the Valley Wheel champion- ship. Senior Beverly Zeroogian, accom- panied by junior Lynn Laakso, leapt to new heights with evident dexterity in the hurdles, and once again Beth Sut- ton outshone all others with her feats at the long-jump pit. Junior Krista Conley sprinted consistently in the 100-yard dash and freshman Andrea Wilson showed tremendous capability as she paced her 220-yard runs. Not to be forgotten are the awesome perfor- mances of senior Joyce Bott as she pro- pelled her javelin to a new L.H.S. re- cord, and junior Beth Ehrenberg who hurled the shot put to even greater lengths. 1 . Sprinters start off with full force. 2. Amy Falk shows great determination in her running. 3. Gaelen Harrington runs in strong strides. 4. Kris Fijol accepts a good baton hand-off from Alicia Woods. 5. Team member after a long and tiring work-out. 6. Girls Track Team Back row: B. Pe- trucci, A. Ouellette, L. Lundy, J. Glantz, A. Woods, P. Schwartz, A. Wilson, A. Marshall, I. Shephard, C. Curtis, K. Laakso, R. Murphy, B. Castagna, J. Szlajen. Middle row: C. Torff, E. Gafter, S. Ruby, R. Ramaswany, S. Watnick, M. Mann, L. Ristino, M. Jones, J. Moser, K. Fijol, R. Donahue, J. Finelli, K. O ' Connor, L. Rome, C. Courtney. Front row: N. Savich, B. Asseo, J. Wass, B. Sutton, B. Zeroogian, L. Tortorici, J. Bott, S. Friedman, N. Okun, J. Freedman, M. Guild, L. Katsonakis, K. MacMartin, Coaches C. Fox and A. Jangl. 7. Coaches record the times. 8. Captain Nancy Okun gives it her all. 9. Beth Petrucci runs, followed by Julianne Freedman. 10. Martha Guild pushes toward victory. 11. Alicia Woods strives for first place. 12. Beth Sutton runs with victory in sight. 13. Andrea Wilson passes the baton skillfully to Krista Conley. ! -+- baseball For the third consecutive year, the Lancer varsity baseball squad slammed its way to the Western Mass. tourna- ment, eventually placing a highly com- mendable second-place in their B-divi- sion. Third-year coach Michael Deary, with the valuable assistance of Ray Vil- leneuve, drove his forces to a super seasonal record of 14 wins and 6 losses. Offensively, senior standouts Harry Achatz, Stuart Ronaldson, and Dan Henshaw hurled lightning bolts in clinch performances. Contributions from the batting box from senior, Mark Hurwitz and junior Aaron Porchelli, provided for a wealth of batting capabi- lity. In the defensive arena, senior catcher Dan Yesu proved to be invalu- able assisted by fellow seniors Terry Ditmar and Matt Allen, voted Most Valuable Player. The JV team, under the guidance of coach Gary O ' Sullivan, was highly suc- cessful, finishing the season with an ex- cellent record of 16 wins and 3 losses. Much of their success stems from pitch- ing aces, junior Frank Kent and de- pendable sophomore Michael Achatz, each with a 6-1 record, as well as the talented trio of Josh Hartley, John Fitz- gerald, and Bob Barquette at bat. An alliance of these promising players combined with the returning varsity veterans renders the future of baseball at LHS highly secure. 1. Dan Yesu sprints for first base. 2. Aaron Por- chelli hits a winner. 3. Harry Achatz strikes ' em out. 4. Coach Deary gives advice to team players. 5. Varsity Baseball L to R: row 1: J. Goodman, M. Potter, H. Achatz, D. Yesu, C. Gustafson, D. Cro- teau, S. Hanson, row 2: M. Hurwitz, D. Henshaw, S. Ronaldson, M. Allen, A. Porchelli, J. Rat- kowski, row 3: R. Pahl, F. Kent, R. Villeneuve, E. Hano, T. Ditmar, J. Strattos, row 4: J. Vinick, Coach Deary, Coach Villeneuve. 6. Russell Pahl runs for home plate. 7. Freshmen Baseball L to R: row 1: B. Andrews, D. Bowen, J. O ' Reilly, EJ. Cummings, J. O ' Donnell, row 2: C. Schwartz, J. Alsberg, D. Siegal, J. Sheehan, L. Hochberg, Coach LeBlanc, row 3: R. Glasgow, M. Belli, C. Bergin, R. Siegal, J. Kessler, row 4: J. Walker, T. Coburn, M. Tyson, J. Hoyt, t. Walbridge, 8. Stuart Ronaldson gets set for the catch. 9. J.V. Baseball L to R: row 1: Statisticians S. Murphy, P. Fried- mann, B. Barguette, M. Achatz, J. Hanson, R. Evans, M. Vinick, G. Bazos, T. Ferrin, row 2: Coach O ' Sullivan, D. McLaughlin, A. Rubin, T. Wright, J. Hartley, F. Kent, M. Sattler, G. Radner, S. Hobbs, P. Philbin. 10. John Fitzgerald waits for the pitch. Tennis and Longmeadow go togeth- er like apple pie and ice cream. The LHS boys ' and girls ' tennis teams con- tinued their tradition by playing flaw- lessly, finishing the season with an ex- cellent record. The boys ' varsity team won 12 matches and lost only 2, while the girls ' team had 1 1 wins and only 3 losses. These records were espe- cially gratifying because the teams had been placed in a new league and chal- lenged with stronger competition. Yet, the girls ' team remains one of the top in the area while the boys won the West- ern Mass. team championship. Headed by coaches Bill Kirkpatrick and Carlene Stephens, each team ex- emplified an enthusiastic devotion to excellence and a continuous desire to improve. Although the sguads ' success was determined by precision team- work, standout individuals Debbie Kenler, Krisi Kinsley, Dawn Haniseck, Matt Daniels, Reid Wagner and Steve Griffin volleyed the opponents into submission. Sophomores Naomi Schu- pack and Lisa Doherty rallied to cap- ture the Western Mass. individual dou- bles title overpowering the top-seeded duet. Returning varsity veterans Andy Clark, Steddy Dowd, and Dan Frank as well as dependable racketeers Linda Davidson, Debbie Kenler, Eileen Chi, and Karen Goldstein, solidly comple- mented by a hard-working JV team, provides for a solid foundation for next year. 1. Reed Wagner is pleased with his backhand shot. 2. Eileen Chi attentatively watches the ball. 3. Matt Daniels uses a powerful swing for his serve. 4. Andy Clark stretches back far for a strong serve. 5. Girls ' Tennis Team, Back row: Coach C. Stephens, M. Farrell, D. Kenler, K. Gianelli, K. Kinsley, L. Falk, R. Kittredge, M. Eikoff Front row: K. Goldstein, L. Davidson, N. Schupack, L. Doherty, D. Hanacik, E. Chi. 6. Boy ' s Junior Varsity Tennis Team, Back row: Coach M. McCarthy, T. Gilman, J. Tick, C. Schwartz Front row: R. Cwieka, D. Lamarre, A. Bazil. 7. Boy ' s Varsity Tennis Team Back row: Coach W. Kirkpatrick, M. Daniels, A. Clark, P.J. Shine, B. Zinnen, D. Kinsley Front row: S. Dowd, S. Griffin, A. Feldman, S. Cameron, R. Cohen, D. Frank. 8. Rob Cohen concentrates on getting the ball over the net. 9. Steve Griffin steadily keeps his eye on the ball. 10. Steddy Dowd uplifts the ball to keep it in play. 1 1 . Kathy Gianelli stands ready and waiting for a serve to come her way. 12. Naomi Schupack in position after a powerful backhand. 13. Dawn Hanacik concentrates on her double-backhand. 14. Alan Feldman flies to return the ball. J l FORE! Look out for the Longmea- dow High School Golf Team! Mr. Mannheim saw his players through a tough season in 1981, and emerged to a respectable third place in the league. The win-loss record 9-5, although not as impressive as previous seasons, was commendable. Some individual team members have outstanding credentials, including Chris Hutchins, who placed second in Western Mass. and went on to the State Championship. Other su- perstars on the squad include Tom Creed, Ralph Lewis, Rich August, Rob- bie Leavitt, and Mike Cisowski. Long- meadow Country Club, our home course, is one of the most challenging on the high school circuit and undoubt- edly will prove to spawn future Long- meadow High School stars for future seasons. 1 . Ralph Lewis eyes his shot. 2. Richard August is determined to get the putt. 3. Varsity Golf L to R; R. August, T. Creed, M. Cisowski, Coach Mann- heim, R. Lewis, C. Hutchins, I. Robitaille, R. Lea- vitt. 4. Chris Hutchins shows his professional-like style. variety show 9 81 Part of being a senior is the responsi- bility of producing the Variety Show. This year Variety ' 81 was a huge suc- cess. Chairmen lim Carroll and Fred Skoler produced the most profitable show thus far. In addition to chairing the show Fred Skoler was also the em- cee along with Chris Gentes. Jim Car- roll said of Mr. Climo ' s help and sup- port, " Mr. Climo was the man behind the scenes. " Jim also commented that the show was well organized, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie among those participating and organizing Va- riety ' 81. The theme " Enjoy Yourself " added fun and excitement for the audience. Music ranged from a " Dixie Land Band " to a grand finale by the " Faculty Band. " 1 . Acompanied by Scott Keeley on guitar, Daryl Kreiling and Lisa Cogan sing " Danny ' s Song. " 2. Stuart " Jake the Peg " Williams puts his best feet forward. 3. Danny Croteau plays " You Really Got Me " on the electric guitar with the group " Pheonix. " 4. Performing with Jeff Solomon, Pat Ratkowski sings. 5. Jay Venti croons the audience the sad love song, " Born Again. " 6. 01 ' Steve Becker sings the famous song with some of his farm friends. 7. Celeste Edmunds lea| i: gra ly across stage in her act " Too Tight " with Gaila Paige. Celebrate with the 25th graduating class! They excelled throughout the spring in academics, sports and activi- ties. The spring started for most seniors with college acceptances and rejec- tions. The seniors awaited their college decisions with the same anticipation and anxiety as the seniors of 1957 did and that the seniors of 2006 will. Once the seniors were secure with their school for the coming fall they began to enjoy themselves. Many were involved with spring sports and the majority of these teams attained impressive re- cords. The senior members of these teams should be commended for their unending dedication to their teams while they were involved in senior ac- tivities. The Senior Class Play " Bye Bye Birdie " was their first major activity. This brought the class together and started a special comaradiree among the seniors. Over 200 seniors were in- volved and many new friendships were formed. Spring was highlighted with, senior skip day, beach trips and many parties. The climax was finally reached during senior week. During this time, seniors celebrated their accomplish- ments with the prom, banquet, awards assembly and graduation. For three magical evenings in late March, the class of 1981 held its audiences spellbound with their production of " Bye-Bye Birdie. " Directed by veteran dramatists Kevin Stenstrom and Val Femstein, the play relayed the saga of Conrad Birdie, a rock idol being drafted into the armed forces who stages a final promotional stunt. The play itself was successful not only momentarily, but in the unity it inspired among the 200 seniors who participated. Leads Jay Venti as Conrad and Ann Rooke as the fortunate girl chosen to receive his final kiss, turned in fine performances with equally intriguing roles portrayed by Jamie Sir- kin, Ward McCarthy, and Fred Skoler. However, Anne Smith stole the show with her portrayal of crochety Mrs. Peterson. In retrospect, it can cer- tainly be said that the senior play, was truly an unforgetable event in the realm of senior activi- ties. 1 . Anne Smith gives motherly advice to Jaime Sirkin. 2. Jamie Sirkin discusses the wide future that lies ahead. 3. Poor Ward McCarthy tries to revive Anne Rooke. 4. Fred Skoler tries to cheer up the broken hearted Kathy Griffin. 5. Conrad (Jay Venti) is overcome by a fan. 6. Kenny Zim- merman questions Fred Skoler about Conrad ' s future. 7. Liz Plotkin sings a tune over the phone. 8. Anne Rooke sings about Conrad. 9. Conrad Birdie (Jay Venti) swoons the crowd. 10. Conrad s Admirer ' s tune up for the big welcoming. 1 1 . In a somber moment, Kurt Suhs catches up on the daily news. 12. " My boy doesn ' t love me " pro- claims Anne Smith as Fred Skoler looks on. 13. The girls declare their love for Conrad. 14. A jealous Ward McCarthy looks on as the girls dream about Conrad. 15. High kicking with Fred Skoler, Alissa Greenspan and Karen Griffin for- get about Conrad ' s sad departure. 16. The screaming crowd welcomes Conrad. 17. Jamie Skirkin gives a piece of her mind to Fred. senior play The following people were recognized as this year ' s award assembly: Smith Book Award-Karen Watnick; Dartmouth Book Award-Gregory Radner; Brown Book Award-Daniel Croteau; Yale Book Award-Lorraine Adamz; Holy Cross Book Award-Mark Lamarre; Bay Path Jr. College Book Award-Linda Kraft; Government Award- Andrew Clark, R obert Kaplinsky; Rensselaer Medal- Karen Watnick; Bausch and Lomb Sci- ence Award-Donna Beaton; English Awards- lames Carroll, Elizabeth Coco, Scott Hanson, Ka- ren Katz, Majorie Markson, Rebecca Roth, Lor- ing Webber; Math Award-Matthew Daniels, Scott Hanson, Karen Katz, Gregory Lowell, Dan- iel Lundy, Philip Peters, Donna Beaton, Richard Gotlib; History Book Award-Robin Bye; Silver Social Service Award- Nancy Fuller; Choral Award-Zina Butsky; Sousa Award-Daniel Lundy; Music Award-Patrick Ratkowski; Orchestra Award-Jeffry Soloman; Music Service Award- Jon-Gunner Snilsberg; Latin Award Steven Ka- gan; Spanish Book Award-Julianne Freedman; Chilton French Award-Marjone Markson; French Award-Neal Hoyer; German Award- Kana Barz; Drafting Award-Peter Blum, Business Education Award -Mark Keeley; Home Econom ics Award-Christine O ' Connor; Child Develop ment Award-Susan Hamilakis; Internship Award Matthew Potter, Jodi Selin; Boston Globe Scho lastic Art Award-Anne Davidson, Seth Marshall Amy McCann, Rebecca Asseo, Timothy Tre lease; National Art Award-Sandra Bradford Wendy Hochberg, Loring Webber; Ceramics Martha Chilson; Printmaking-Sandra Broomfield Tene Beck Award-Barbara Wojcik, Sandra Brad- ford, Matthew Potter; Coaches Award-John Carey; Beatrice Herrschaft Award-Daniel Din- een; Scholar Athlete Award-Jen Donner; Girl Athlete Award-Monigue Lussier; Jet Jotter Award-Marjone Markson, Lisa Cummings; John X. Lynch Award-Amy Falk; Jet Jotter Special Ser- vice Award-Cindy Hafer, Ward McCarthy, Jane Rapalus, Rebecca Roth, Laura Spitz, Loring Webber; Massachusetts Publishers Association Award-Eric Sokol; Masacksic Award-Alison Reimer; Certificates of Appreciation-Alan Feld- man, Cathy Gianelly, Scott Grasso, Alyssa Greenspan, Kathleen Griffin. Lauren Klein, Jen- nifer Mann, Nancy Okun, Nancy Shrair, Anne Smith; Yearbook Efficiency Award-Scott Grasso and Alison Reiner; Outlet Book Award-Beth Pe- trucci; National Honor Society-Cathy Bearce, Gregory Lowell, Valerie Feinstein; Longmeadow Police Benevolent Association-Mark Roberts; Longmeadow Education Association-Lisa Cros- by, Patrick Ratkowski; DAR Award-Nancy Fuller; Springfield Civitan Award-Thomas Creed; Jew- ish War Veterans Award-Karen Katz; LHS Alum- ni Award-Lisa Crosby; Principal ' s Service Award-Julia Blanchard; Edward Finklehoffe Scholarship-Terry Ditmar; Lions Club Award-Eli- zabeth Woods, Hans Rempel; National Merit Scholarship Award-R. Scott Hanson. 1. Awards assembly 1981. 2. Donna Beaton ac- cepts her award from a proud Mr. Teixeira. 3. Beth Coco gives a sigh of disbelief. 4. Gaila Paige ends her song and dance routine. 5. Steve Kagan accepts his award. 6. Monigue Lussier and Donna Golaski happily pose for the camera. 7. Phil Peters converses enjoys the assembly. 8. Jim Dawson is just " stuck " on Brian Fogarty. 9. Senior girls anxiously await the next awards. 10. Karen Katz, content with her award. 11. Jon Snilsberg belts out a tune. awards assembly v " You can ' t always get what you want, " the prom song of 1981, illustrat- ed to perfection the gloomy weather on the evening of June 2. Despite the ab- sence of Mother Nature ' s blessing, those who gathered at the Rodeway Inn in Chicopee eagerly anticipated their senior prom. Amidst the funky tunes of the Cardiac Kids, the aura of colorful gowns and crisp tuxedos es- tablished an elegant atmosphere in the tradition of LHS ' s first prom of 1957. A highlight of the evening, in addition to dancing or relaxing on the pleasant pa- tio, was a reception line where couples could greet their teachers and adminis- trators of the past four years. As the lights softened on the twenty-fifth prom, memories were instilled which shall hopefully transcend the next twenty-five years. 1 . Mr. Green wishes Dan Henshaw good luck in the future. 2. A slow dance for Sue Fanelli and Jon Snilsberg. 3. Jay Venti and Jen Mann get down. 4. A couple enjoys a slow dance. 5. Deb- bie Peavey entertains her date. 6. Jeff Soloman and Lisa Cummings take a minute out from danc- ing. 7. The cute couple, Scott Hanson and Stacy Merullo enter the prom. 8. Mr. Hirsh dances up a storm. 9. Liz Woods and her date look out on the crowd. 10. Lauren Klein, Lisa Crosby, and Pat Ratkowski have a good time. 1 1 . Chris Nicholson shows Brian Yarrows and Beth Schwartz his new shoes. 12. Kevin Stenstrom shows his stuff. 13. Tracy Franz boogies to the music. 14. Kathy Grif- fin and Scott Grasso take time out for a guiet chat. 15. Alison Reiner enjoys a guiet dance. senior pram Sttr ' %| ' f 1 1 w " 1 Ini 1 m The final social event for the seniors to be together before Graduation was the banquet. This year the seniors gath- ered together at the Sheraton West. I t was emceed by Fred Skoler and Steve Becker who brightened the evening with their comical personalitites. The highlight was the slide show, which was tastefully put together by Sharon Spitzer, Sharon Sabin, Jim Dawson and Jay Venti. Class awards were given out and are as follows: Best Looking: Eu- gene Johnson, Cheryl Lemoine. Cu- test: Peter Miller, Michelle Miccuci. Best Hair: Brian Yarrows, Jen Mann. Best Eyes: Dominick Gulli, Nancy Shrair. Best Smile: Charlie Brush, Ni- cole Watkins. Best Legs: Kevin Bou- dreaux, Kitty Stenstrom. Best Body: Mike A. Black, Kim Eslinger. Best Per- sonality: Stuart Williams, Deirdre O ' Reilly. Friendliest: Mark Keeley, Anne Smith. Best Laugh: David Des- lauriers, Lisa Cummings. Class class: Tom Creed, Nancy Okun. Class Ath- lete: John Carey, Jenny Donner. Class Jock: Dan Dineen, Kathy Jenkins. Class Couple: Peter Heger, Kathy Quinn. Class Buddies: Doug Cowles and Da- vid Deslauriers, Ann Rooke and Liz Plotkin. Class Clown: Eddie Hano, Deirdre O ' Reilly. Class Feminist- Chauvinist: Mark Hurwitz, Jenny Fla- tow. Most Sarcastic: Marc Cohen, Lau- ra Snyder. Playboy Playgirl: Pierre Beauchamp, Jamie Sirkin. Class Flirt: Bobby Gomez, Jamie Sirkin. Class Browner: J.B. Lyon, Cindy Hafer. Class Straight: David Thor, Krisi Kinsley. Done Most For LHS: Tom Creed, Nan- cy Fuller. Done LHS For Most: Jay Venti, Ann Rooke. Rowdiest: Jim Daw- son, Deirdre O ' Reilly. Class Musician: Jeff Soloman, Sue Rubinstein. Class Artist: Rich Sisitsky, Lorine Weber. Ac- tor Actress: Fred Skoler, Val Feinstein. Class Optimist: Kevin Stenstrom, Cara Murphy. Class Intellect: Larry Rosen- baum, Donna Beaton. Class Cynic: Matt Allen, Laura Snyder, Class Prep: Reid Wagner, Lisa Cummings. Best Dressed: Andy Brown, Nancy Okun. Class Munch-Out Artist: Russ Pahl and Phil Peters, Leslie Picard. Class Space Cadet: Chris Gentes, Kim Eslinger. Class Car: Mike Demarche, Cindy Ransom. Class Party Giver: Don Gag- non, Laura Spitz. Class Walk: Mark Keeley, Nancy Shrair. Most Gullible: Jim Carroll, Robin Matson. Most School Spirit: Kevin Stenstrom, Kitty Sten- strom. Most Likely To Succeed: Scott Hanson, Donna Beaton. Most Versitile: Scott Hanson, Lisa Crosby. Class Wit: Phil Peters, Antoinette Payne. Write Ins. Class Devil: Chris Hutchins, Jane Rapalus. Class Firefighter: Rick Gebo. 1. lay Venti comments on his " Done LHS For Most " award. 2. Darleen Abney, Andy Brown, and Kenny Noel look through their new year- books. 3. Dr. McKanna wishes the class of 1981 the best of luck. 4. Monique Lussier and Kathy Quinn smile for the camera after an appetizing meal. 5. Greg Fisk sneeks a look at Becca Roth ' s yearbook. 6. Fred Skoler makes the class practice their graduation routine. 7. Brian Yarrows combs his " class hair. " 8. Lisa Cummings gets coaxed into sounding her class laugh. " 9. Lori Van- Wagner and Cathy Anderson pour through the yearbook. 10. Kim Elsinger shows off her " best body. " 11. Eddie Hano, Class Clown, proves he deserves his award. senior banquet On a glorious spring afternoon, the class oi 1981 finally reached the climax of their public school careers, as the dream of graduation mani- fested itself into reality. Of special interest this year was a large contingent of LHS Faculty and student leaders, who marched into the ceremony to the applause of both parents and students. Several speakers, highlighted by the challenging address of Dr. Harvey B. Scribner, of the Univer- sity of Massachusetts faculty, reminded the graduates of their past joys and directed their attention to dreams for the future. As the presen- graduation tation of diplomas concluded, the twenty-fifth graduating class of LH S closed an unforgettable chapter in their lives; yet they eagerly anticipated the realization of their countless future goals. 1. A long-awaited diploma is handed to Lynn Strassberger. 2. Andy Brown glows after receiv- ing his diploma. 3. President Tom Creed ad- dresses his fellow peers for the final time. 4. Sen- iors listen attentively to guest speaker Dr. Harvey Scribner. 5. Memories flood Deirdre O ' Reilly as the final moment approaches. 6. Sandy Bradford sadly marches into the commencement area. 7 Tracy Rehbein happily receives her diploma. 8, Steve Becker strolls to his seat. 9. Anne Smith thanks Mr. Brooslin after receiving her diploma. 10. Joan Rachtschafer awaits her turn. 11. Mr Teixeira listens to the National Anthem. 12. The faculty, led by the class advisors Carol Rhodes Vito Riccio, and Sue Feeney, pass by the audi ence. 13. Marshal, Jim Devine, leads the gradu ates onto the football field. V Hey you, class of ' 82! Get things of the past. Now, college its activities will be your new psyched! You ' re finally seniors!!! and plans for your future are center of attention as your class You have completed a tough ju- your immediate concerns. That unites to form a strong interde- nior year and it is time to move demanding junior year is behind pendent whole, up. Term papers, history lee- you now, and an exciting senior tures, and PSAT ' S are all looms ahead. The future and all and now ' the 26th graduating class Super Patrons Mr. Mrs. Charles Cohen John Ann Carey let the • m good roll! times Gerald A. Asselin Judith C. Bradford Leon Butzky Lew Alice Coco Dr. Mrs. H.M. Curtis Patrons Nicholas A. Gulli Robert A. Hutchins Mrs. Donald Killeen Arthur J. McManus m We would like to thank the following people for their hard work on the 1981 supplement: Soozi Becher Nancy Gentes Andy Queen Allison Blair Wendy Hochberg Claudia Sachsse Amy Blumenthal Liz Kusiak Rhonda Shapiro Nadine Canter Lynn Laakso Jenny Stebbins Sue Cohen Anne Loizzo Sean Sullivan Krista Conley Sean Maloney Paula Venti Aimee Creelman Alissa Meyers Betsy Waldo Donna Fanelli Michaela Naton Debbie Weiner Lisa Ferrero Hilary Osgood Pam Friedmann Kristin Poppo Special thanks to Mel Grant, our advisor, Don Lendry, our yearbook representative, Steven ' s Photography, and Mr. Lopes for use of his phone and typewriter. .1 • I super patrons Mr. and Mrs. David W. I Bearce |V[r. and Mrs. Stephen N. Black |Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bott I Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Burger Lew and Alice Coco I Mr. and Mrs. N. Herbert Cohen I Eleanor Cress I Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Feinstein Sandra E. Flatow Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Fuller Or. and Mrs. Edward L. Gerstein J atrons r. and Mrs. Elliot Allen and Mrs. William H. iderson and Mrs. William T. mnell and Mrs. O ' Neil P. Boudreaux Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Brush Howard W. Burns D.D.S. and Mrs. Albert P. Bushey and Mrs. David L. •hristopherson and Mrs. Richard J. 3obum and Mrs. Leonard H. 2ohen lr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dzelusni ak and Mrs. Richard )eslauries and Mrs. Gary L. )uckman R. Cruickshanh Ronald M. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Gianelly Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grasso Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Greenspan Bernadette B. Gutter Dr. and Mrs. Jesse G. Hafer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hano Elizabeth T. Herman Dr. and Mrs. Garry Hough, III Mr. and Mrs. F. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. William J. Keeley Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kiefer Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald I, Klein er The Irving Feldman Family Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Gentile Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Francis J Guiliano Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Haskins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Horowitz Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Hurwitz Donna R. Matson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. McManus Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Merullo Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Murphy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Nicholson Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Pahl Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Park Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Kumiega fesassflki Jane W. Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Marc P. Lussier Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rehbein Mrs. Linda Reiner David and Mickey Shrair Mr. and Mrs. Peter F.Sudnick Mr. and Mrs. Guy Tortorici Mr. and Mrs. James E. Vinick lr. and Mrs. Frank Yesu umn Robert Donald B. Stanley Rooke Gertrude Mr. and Mrs Robertson Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ronaldson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rubinstein Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sabin Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sisitsky The Martin E. Skoler Family Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Sodano Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Stenstrom Mr. and Mres. Gerhard W. Suhs Mr. and Mrs. Ted Theocles Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Webber Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zeroogian 199 1 1 wm i 200 " For The Longmeadow Preppy Look " CROCKETTS LTD. 217 N. Main St., E. Longmeadow " We ' re The Best " KIMMELL ' S BAKERY 800 Williams St., Longmeadow h+ " For Books And Things " GILBERT ' S BOOK AND STATIONARY STORE 716 Bliss Rd., Longmeadow •WWCIK .1 " We ' ve Got It All " RYAN DRUG 720 Bliss Rd., Longmeadow a 201 m 202 KT -m 5PALDIJV(J ® L Congratulations To The Class Of 1981 41 203 •s£ i 1 : it • L n y 71 j y j yte j ) Jytc % ; lljtL ' o 0122: 01227 yj i " I ' ll Drink To That " THE BOTTLE SHOP 909 Shaker Rd. ; Longmeadow Congratulations To The Class Of 1981 A. SPITZER ASSOCIATES 3 Thompson Rd., East Windsor, Conn. jfc " Have Yourself A Helpful Hobby " THE FAMILY HOBBY SHOP 48 Shaker Rd., East Longmeadow 204 fc " Insure With The Best " A. STEDMAN DOWD, C.L.U. 39 State St., Springfield 205 206 ' Dare To Influence " KEY CLUB ( We Can Be Casually Cornered " CASUAL CORNER 107 Phoenix Ave. Enfield, CT. L " Picture Perfect " STEVEN ' S PHOTOGRAPHY 33 Prospect Street, E. Longmeadow 4a 207 w -J uuf fieac fiUQ % " Raise A Racket At ... " MEADOWS RACKET CLUB 170 D wight Street, Longmeadow 208 Congratulations To The Class Of 1981 COOLEY, SHAIR, ALPERT, AND LABOVITZ P.C. 95 State Street Springfield, MA. L " For All Home Improvement KELLY-FRADET LUMBERMART East Longmeadow % " For All Your Formal And Bridal Attire " STACY ' S BRIDALS AND FORMALS 611 North Main Street E. Longmeadow 209 B fa ' We Get Down To Business At BAYSTATE WEST MANAGEMENT 1500 Main Street, Springfield 4j 210 " For Everything From Flowers To Animals " LONGMEADOW FLOWERS 708 Bliss Rd. Longmeadow ' Got The Munchies? " MCDONALDS 95 Elm Plaza, Enfield " We Have Everything Under The Sun " POLEP CANDY TOBACCO CO. IN. 705 Meadow St., Chicopee, MA. Tine Jewelry Since 1882 " STOWELL ' S JEWELERS Holyoke Mall 211 wn m " Offering You The Very Best Real Estate Service " VERA BURGER REALTOR 118 Academy Dr. Longmeadow ' Keep in Stich With . IN STICHES East Longmeadow f WJMMjm T9 ¥ - I w ik ' Formal Attire For All Occasions " COLLEGE FORMALS 57 Enfield St., Enfield, CT. 4a 212 213 " Be The Sunshine Of Our Lives " SUNSHINE CRAFTSMEN Holyoke Mall, Holyoke, MA. h " Let Us Compute For You! " DAYAL COMPUTER CORP. 380 Union Street, W. Spfld, MA. " We Got A Girl For You " KELLY GIRLS SERVICES 95 State Street, Spfd. " Compliments Of A Friend " HAL-MAR 49 Garfield Street, Holyoke, Mass -ij 214 " Let Robert ' s Girls Re-Do You! " ROBERTS GIRLS INC. 607 Dickinson St., Springfield " The Best In Glass " CHASE GLASS CO. 123 Hancock Street, Spfld. Mass. " Lancers Look Better In Buicks! " HOUSER BUICK-OPEL 683 Columbus Ave., Springfield 215 -.« I ■ Ifc " For Paper Products And Cleaning Supplies " EDWARD L. CANTER, INC. 27 W. William St., Springfield " Get Set With Offset " GENERAL OFFSET PRINTING COMPANY 15 Chestnut St., Spfld. 216 " We Sell Them, You Buy Them " STEARNS YERRALL 153 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow " 9 " For That Classic Look " A.O. WHITE Baystate West Shops, Spfld. " Look Better Than Okay ARKAY SHOPS Baystate West, Spfld. " We Like What We See " BLISS PHARMACY 798 William St. Longmeadow 4i 217 rr " Bomb Down To Baum For Repairs " BAUM AUTO 643 Prospect Street, Chicoppee, MA. m " Ready to Play " MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY 1500 Main Street, Springfield " Business Is Our Specialty " WALLACE AND WALLACE 95 State Street, Springfield u r vwm " For The Best Mann In The Business " MASS. MUTUAL LIFE JOHN E. MANN AGENCY 39 State St., Spfld, Mass 4i 218 219 1 [ W " For Good Food And Friends " THE DELI Shaker Road, E. Longmeadow W. J. KEELEY President m KEELEY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS, INC. 268 Park Street West Springfield, Ma. 01089 (413) 732-2191 KEELEY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS, INC. 268 Park Street W. Springfield, MA. 01089 S " The Good Food People " ARMATA ' S 901 Shaker Rd., Longmeadow " We ' re Looking Out For You " JACK ' S COLONIAL MOBIL 773 Maple Rd., Longmeadow 42 220 " Pizza At Its Finest " PIZZA SHOPPE E. Longmeadow 134 Shaker Road " Hair We Go! " CHIPPY ' S HAIR SHED 706 Williams St., Longmeadow o Freedom Federal Savings fc- " For The Homey Touch ... " ROY ' S HOME DECORATING CENTER 626 N. Main St., E. Longmeadow FREEDOM FEDERAL SAVINGS 1243 Main St., Springfield 560 Sumner Ave., Springfield 1941 Wilbraham Rd., Springfield 4a 221 1 ■ i I P Need A Car? JERRY ROME CHEVROLET DATSUN 1000 Main Street, Holyoke ijfch m The Blue Chip Company CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. 173 State Street, Springfield " We Set The Trend For Realty " TREND REALTY 811 Williams Street, Long. We ' re One Peach Of A Store " LIL PEACH 795 Williams Street, Longmeadow 4j 222 k» " We ' ll Fix Your Dents " OLIVER ' S AUTO BODY 1060 Bay Street, Springfield, Mass. 223 " Blooming With Flowers " MASCARO FLOWERS 801 Williams St., Longmeadow t " Now Questions About It " WESTERN MASS. INTERVIEWING 108 Avondale Road, Longmeadow n " Find It All At LONGMEADOW PHARMACY Longmeadow St., Longmeadow " The New You At ... " HAIR WORLD BY LOUIS Longmeadow 4 224 " BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBI BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB! BBBBmBHBBBBBBBBBBBI

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