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.1 1 -Q 34, S M -Q -'Q .J x ii ,- 4 . , ,, J , ' - I' -, Y, .V ,, - ,vrlvgi EY -F X V :V A H2 , V n ML- J I Y I V X v . ' . L - ' ' 1-L 'ng .A v2:,,,, - . ' - .-nyfgf-f ' f' ' - 5 . ' 'fa X 4 5: ' A "fl-ff - X,.,, , -n. .-.,--.,, - .- ... f f - ' - W- ,fi H". , , , :fs , J., Q-v 'Y, Af?',.'f5-r, ,1?ffg A-' ,I- ' ,fl ' '-- Cf-iw? A -7Ae 1 ogan 'OI" ,pf 3 . hw W l9o Z0 I ef X., A .J -'SSX 2-Ji'-Q sm mxmxwS df: 2 SB .3 e L S' 1 xg 0 S ,vw 6 9 S -5 Y 1 ' A-,...., 1, - f' '11 L, K X , A ' v - lim, -N 5 ffffffff J af wx ff? XS-if .5-ff fifyqm if X' 'i NN v ' A 1' 5 ,ff M QW 3 X ' NSE., Q x wg "'- xXx ' , W fi . i?T . 'Sf 'P 4 7 X Afii ii 3 M 9 L .ms 'ZLL' " hs V' - f f X I S N , gfi Sf! l I 5 2 J Q X 4-I Q 5-, f ' 2 fl!! ll ? X 5 ff H X f , Af ' f g X Q 5 r 2 , 1 , K Xfj R r X 11--111' 'Q N1 H A ' We . n-,F -,,,,..- -1. 41 l.-' 77.7 t K RHYTHMIC FLOW OF MELODY IS IN ALL YOUTH ON WINGS OF SONG, LIFE AT LOGAN HIGH SCHOOL, LOGAN, OHIO, IS PRESENTED BY THE STAFF OF we 1 7.f4e1fia SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS BY ROBERT WARNER EDITOR TOM BROWN BUSINESS MANAGER JACK ROBINETTE ADVERTISING MANAGER X EiMi1gf.w, .11i,iJ1am H'L UHSMH Joh 'Ph 5 O' 5' LTOO 1' I1 ON C ff 3 3 3 F J l flffswi u E iH 1J1JJifPs4f9f SE i To thee lUi'1i5hjl"c1'tC"f,u1"NE3ir+:5 PM udlj WC Sifvj .L .1 9 pHIF1EFQFt?EFt?1fJ? Q 3-H53 mi aw4 r wg?- + ur- 056 i -Cr high UA PvP Hjh J JJ15EEFuffff1l , , A 4? PM M45 23+ 4 f + o OUO O 3 Ur' Iovj-BV rjiilu love LU b 3 56 Fl Frr?U1E,5'J1 fggfgwlf r '1L'L 5' I 5 5 F JH? e I9 A9 Haxl Lo-jeu 1-1,31-.gflwol To Keanu-.Nj xjou YU' 0 4 .L J .Ld ASQ-F LfFTf!kl'fTTff, 1 I-if ,444 smQJ1Psf141d ju 10,43 man :jeu me, Bnudjfow Wf WM hue UN J- p 1 p MFEQF-F aPEFFl EH F 7' b Q E.-. b b b ' l 12 y j'5Tf if Q.-L 3 IJIJ-dl M :T helix U5 ovoom-waJOfw kwa VaTd-- Lael 12 Flfswsfil ? i- Qfl ,c i 4 I A JI gl 4 Q1 ig when we Rave Xeib Uwold school-on Joke MH 9135 gif LMC 'Fil Q eibeckcafion - XX., '9 'oh Os'x"g.-T N. f D? . 1 , . Wtdis it ya -1 c f f ' -.ff FRED B. BU RCHFIELD The school year of I946-47 brought changes into the lives of the faculty and pupils, but these alterations did not remove the thoughts of friendship and the feeling of respect for one who had aimed. worked, and built a better educational program for Logan High School. To you the yearbook staff wishes to dedicate this Aerial in ap- preciation for the guidance, cooperation, and spirit of good will which you left in the school. DAYTON SCHULTHEIS The services of the Logan teachers are always appreciated far more than actions ever indicate. While classroom activities go on, worthy impressions are made and remain in the lives of those who have been instructed and in the lives of fellow instruc- tors. However, a time does come to express the teeling one has. So to you the statf dedicates the Aerial as an acknowledgment of your whole-hearted effort in instructing the pupils in a friendly and efficient manner. MRS. RAYMOND E. KEAIRNS IALICE G. POSTONI The hours of study required, the patience needed, and the time spent in the teaching profession have been dutifully and capably performed by you. While you were with us, your obligations were many and the fulfillment of these was always met. Your services were completed without much expression of thanlcfulness by those served, but the pupils and teachers of Logan High School do have a depth of appreciation for your work. To you the statf dedicates the I947 Aerial as an expression of gratitude for your services to the school. N OTE5 .fdafminiafrafive Oda em Principal ot Logan High School HOWARD E. KIRK B.S. in Education, Ohio University M.A., Ohio State University Instructor in American Literature and Salesmanship Student Council Adviser Superintendent ot Logan Schools GEORGE E. CARR A.B., M.A. Ohio University Ohio State University X TOM ARMSTRONG Tusculum College, A.B., Uni- versity ot Tennessee. Instructor in Physical Education. Coach ot Athletics. HARLEY ELLINGER B.S., Capital University: M.A., Ohio State University. Instruc- tor in Physics, Chemistry, and Geography. I-Ii-Y Adviser. ALICE FRASCI-I A.B.. Capital University: M.A., Ohio State University. Instruc- tor in Latin and English. Junior Class and Latin Club Adviser. BARTELLE HAMILTON B.S. in Education, Miami Uni- versity: University ot Southern Calitornia. Instructor in Amer- ican Literature, Speech, and Geography. Players' Guild and Speech Club Adviser. 6lClfl,kg II MINNIE L. BOWEN Bachelor School ot Music Oberlin College: M.A., Columi bia University. Music Super- visor. MARY E. EYERMAN A.B. Capital University, Grad- uate Student ot Ohio State University. Attended Univer- sity ot Wisconsin Library School. Instructor in Spanish and English. Y-Teen and Span- ish Club Adviser. WALTER HAAS B.S., M.A., Ohio University. Instructor in American History and Sociology. JAMES R. HORWELL B.S. in Education. Graduate Student, Ohio University. In- strumental Instructor and Band Director. ELEANOR E. LEE Stephens Junior College, B.S.. M.A.. University ot Missouri. Instructor in Girls' Physical Education. HOWARD W. NIOWELS 5.5. in Agriculture, Ohio State University. Instructor in Agri- culture and Farm Shop. Ad- viser ot F.F.A. Club, SARAH ROCKI-IOLD B.S.. Miami University, M.A., Ohio State University. Instruc- tor in Home Economics and Supervisor ot School Lunch- room. Home Economics Club Adviser. Cl,Clflkg IRIS M. LOWRY B.A., Ohio Wesleyan Univer- sity: M.A., Ohio State Univer- sity. Instructor in World I-Iistory and Typewriting. Sen- ior Class Adviser. MERL PRIMMER B.S.. Ohio University: Graduate Student, Ohio State Univer- sity. Instructor in Biology and Business Arithmetic. ALICE SCI-IULER B.S. in Education. Ohio Uni- versity. Instructor in Mathe- matics and Bookkeeping. Jun- ior Class Adviser. 'I2 MAX O. MCKITRICK B.S., Wittenberg College, Graduate Student. Ohio State University. Instructor in Type- writing and Stenography. Com- mercial Club and "Aerial" Adviser. JAMES RITTGERS B.S.. MMA., Ohio University. Instructor in Industrial Arts and Social Sciences. Sopho- more Class Adviser. OPAL WYLIE A.B., Otterbein College: Ohio University. Art Supervisor. NOTES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACK ROBINETTE JOHN McBROOM TOM BROWN GEORGE HANEY President Vice President Secretary Treasurer enior Cfarid .Lhdory We. the class of '47, look back to the past twelve years as a period in our lives that has passed quickly. ln September, l935. we were launched on our educational career. We sailed through these early years of our lives with a minimum of effort and a maximum of good times. At last. it seemed, we were growing up. Our entrance into Junior High proved this. We soon became accustomed to this new environment. and time sped on. In I944. we had acquired a new name. We were freshmen! Students from rural and parochial schools were added to our classmates this year. We responded gallantly to our patriotic dutylby purchasing war stamps through student salesmen and by helping to put over a scrap drive. At a class meeting we chose the following students to represent us: Jack Robinette, President: Eugenia Weinrich. Vice President: Tom Brown, Secretary: and Tom Matheny. Treasurer. The eagerly awaited time finally arrived, and we took up our residence in Senior High as sophomores. Our representatives this year were: Jack Robinette, President: Marilyn Jacoby. Vice President: Nancy Young. Secretary: and Ned Myers, Treasurer. Our junior year was indeed important for the task of entertaining the seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom was before us. We worked hard to raise money for this expen- diture. Our representatives this year were: Jack Robinette, President: John McBroom. Vice President: Marilyn Jacoby, Secretary: and Tom Brown. Treasurer. We were now entering our last year of school. We selected the following officers: Jack Robinette, President: John McBroom, Vice President: Tom Brown, Secretary: and George Haney, Treasurer. 14 ROBERT WARNER First Honor Student Salutatorian LOlS EILEEN INBODEN First HonorStudcnt Class Poet RICHARD HOLL Fifth Honor Student Author ot Class Will EUGENIA WEINRICH Seventh Honor Student 0I'l0I" .S?MJQlflfff 'I5 ANNA IRENE LOTT First Honor Studrnt Valvdictorian BETTY PALMER Fourth Honor Studcnt Class Historian JODY OGG Sixth Honor Student Author ot Class Prophecy MARCIA EBERST Eighth Honor Student CLYDE ALLBERRY. JR. "To man destined to happiness need not be in a hurry." F.F.A. l.2.3.4: 4-H Club l.2. 3.4. OSCAR BARTHOLOMEW.JR. "Hurried men lack wisdom." A Cappella Choir 4: Band I. 2.4: Basketball I: Football 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Oper- etta 4: Grandview High School. Columbus, Ohio 3. MARY PAYE BEERY "Great persons are able to do great kindnessesf' Girls Glee Club l,2.3.4: Home Ec. 4? Operetta 4: Social Et- ticiency I: Y-Teen 3.4: 4-H Club I.2.3.4. BETTY BEOUGH ER "To open a book brings profit." Home Economics Club 4. HAROLD F. BLACKSTON "Let every man look before he leaps." Boys Glee Club 2.3.43 Operet- ta 4: Social Etticiency l. JOHN ROBERT ANTHONY "What man is not guilty of one errorand halta mistake?" Football Manager 3.4: Intra- mural Basketball 3,4: Library Club 3.4: Players Guild 4: Safety Valve 4: Spanish Club 3.4 lTreas. 3l. BONNIE RUTH BEERY 'IDO your duty. leave the rest to heaven." Commercial Club 3,47 Girls Glee Club l: Library Club l: Social Efficiency I: 4-H Club l.2.3.4. DAVID H. BELL "Handsome, brain. and wit?- all this he can. he's also quite a ladies man." A Cappella Choir 4: Basketball 2,3.4: Boys Cilee Club 2.4: Football I.2.3.4: lCapt. 4I7 Hi-Y 3.4: Operetta 4: Safety Valve 4: All S.E.O. 4: All Ohio 4. LEONA RUTH BLACKSTONE "She that has patience may compass anything." Commercial Club 4: Intramural Basketball 2: Library 2.3.4: 4-H Club I. ANNA CHARLOTTE BLAKE "Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay tor it." Cafeteria 2.3.4: Home Ec. 2: Library Club 4: Safety Valve 4: Y'Teen 3.4: 4-H Club 4. RICHARD G. BOWERS "l agree with no manls opin- ions: l have some ot my ownf A Cappella Choir 2: Band 3.4: Football I.2.3.4: HIVY 4: ln- tramural Basketball 2.3.4: Players Guild 2.3.4: Safety Valve 4: 4-I Act Plays 3. MILLIE BUSKIRK "A thing ot beauty is a joy toreverf' A Cappella Choir 4: Girls Glee Club l.2.3: Library Club 4: Operetta 4: Players Guild 2.3.4: Social Etticiency l. MAX L. CARPENTER 'Ditticulties are things that show what men are." am. :ste 23.41. 4-H Club i.2.3,4. RALPH HAROLD CLARK "Words are but the shadows otactionsf' F.P.A. l.2.3.4: Library l: 4-H Club I.2.3.4. .IOSEPHINE CONRAD 'lA well-known friend is a treasure." A Cappella Choir 4: Commer- cial Club 4: Girls Glee Club l.2.32 Library Club l.2.3.4 IV. Pres. 4l: Operetta 4: Y-Teens 3.4: Cateteria 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3: Intramural Basketball 2. THOMAS HARRY BROWN "Romeo livesagainll' A Cappella Choir 2.3.43 Aerial Statt 3.4: Class Otticer l,3.4: Hi-Y 2.3.4 lPri:s. 4I: Players Guild 2.3.4 lPres. 3.4l: Safety Valve 4 llrcas, 4l: Student Council l.3.4 llrcas. 3lZ 4-I Act Plays 3. FRIEDA CAMPBELL "Your hearts desires bi? with you." G.A.A, 2.3: Girls Glue Club l.2.3.4: lntrarnural Basketball 3: Operctta 4: Social Efficien- cy It Y-Tron 3.4. ALICE E. CASTO "A smile on her lips: a happy heart." Commercial Club 3.4: G.A,A. 2.3: Girls Glec Club l,2.3.4I Intramural Basketball 2: Li- brary Club l.3.4: Opurctta 4: Y-Teen 3.4: Social Etticicncy l. JIM COLE "An honest rnan's word is as good as his bond." A Cappella Choir 3.4: Boys Glee Club 2.3: Football 3.47 Hi-Y 3.4 lScc. 4l: Intramural Basketball 2.3.41 Opcretta 43 Safety Valve 4. PAUL E. CONRAD 'Nothing succeeds like success." Basketball 2.3: Football l.2. 3.4: Hi-Y 4: Intramural Bas- ketball 4. JEAN DAUBENMIRE "Many small become greatll' Commercial Club 3,41 Girls Glee Club 3,41 Intramural Bas- ketball 2i Operetta 41 4-I-I Club I. MALCOLM M. DOLLMATSCI-I "Things are not always what they seem." A Cappella Choir 41 Acrial Statl 41 Band 2,3,41 EEA. I,2,31 I-li-Y 3,41 Operetta 4: Players Guild 4. RAYMOND DU FEORD "lt is better to learn late than never." 4-H Club I. GEORGE I-IANEY "Better know nothing than halt- know many things." Basketball 2,3,4: Class Otticer 41 Football 3,41 Football Man- ager 21 l-li-Y 3,4 lTreas. 4l1 Satety Valve 4. MARGARET ANN I-IANNER "I am always merry when I hearsweet musicfl Band 3.4: G.A.A. 21 Girls Glee Club l,2,3,41 Library Club I1 Social Efficiency I1 Yfleen 3. BETTY LOU DAWSON "When troubles are few, dreams are few." Commercial Club 41 G.A.A. 2,31 Girls Glee Club l,2,3,4: Library Club I,21 Operetta 41 Social Efficiency I1 Y-Teen 3. FLOYD F. DONALDSON, JR. "No ood man ever rew rich 8 Il all at once. Library Club 41 Social Effi- ciency I. JEAN ELOISE I-IADDOX "Knowledge is power." Commercial Club 4: Girls Glee Club 2.3.41 Home Ec Club 41 Intramural Basketball 31 Li- brary Club 21 Social Efficiency I1 Y-Teen 3,4-. NORMA JEAN I-IANNA "Sincerity is shown by her heart." Aerial Statt 41 Commercial Club 3,41 Household Science Club 31 Library Club l,2,3.4Z Players Guild 2.3.41 Y-Teen 3,41 4-H Club l,2,3,41 G.A.A. 2,31 Social Etliciency I. VIVIAN LOUISE HARBLE "Those who are happy do not observe how time goes by." A Cappella Choir 3,43 Com- mercial Club 3,41 Girls Glee Club 2,31 Intramural Basket- ball 21 Operetta 4: Y-Teen 3.4. I' MARCIA EBERST "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired." Commercial Club 3.4 lV. Pres. 4l: G.A.A. 2,37 Girls Glee Club lj Players Guild 2: Social Eliticicncy I: Y-Teen 3.4. BETTY ENGLE ill-lcr gentle mind does gentle deeds." 4-H Club I.2,3.4. JOHN F. FOX "ll you wish to know the mind ola man listen to his wo.cls." Aerial Staff 47 Safety Valve 45 Social Etticicncy l. FRANCES K. FREEMAN "One does not lcnow-cannot know-the best that is in one." Commercial Club 3,41 G.A.A. 2.33 Girls Glee Club l,2,3.4: Library Club I,3,4: Players Guild 47 Social Etticiency Ig Y-Teen 3.4. MARY ANN GEIGER "How glorious it is--and also how painful-to be an exception." GAA. 2.3: Latin Club 2: Library Club l.2, Players Guild 2,3.4: Social Efficiency lf Spanish Club 3,43 Y-Teen 3,4 lilreas. 4l. DORIS EDWARDS "Without music life would be a mistake." 4-H Club 2.3,4 lV. Pres. 3l. BOB FOX "To learn to be industrious takes three ycarsi to learn to be lazy talces only three days." lntramural Basketball 41 Stage Crew 4. MARY ELVI RA FRANTZ "The past is as clear as a mirror, the future as darlc as lacquer." lntramural Baslcetball 2: Li- brary Club 3,4: Y-Teen 4i 4-H Club I. MONA FUNK "A cheerful heart and a smiling face puts sunshine in thc darlcest place," Girls Glee Club l,2: Home- coming Oueen's Court 4: Players Guild 23,43 Social Etliciency li 4-H Club l,2.3.4. JUDY GLASS "With happiness comes intel- ligence to the heart." G.A.A. 2.3: Latin Club 21 Players Guild 2,3.4: Safety Valve 43 Social Etliciency It Spanish Club 4: Y-Teen 3,4 lV. Pres. 4lq 4Al Act Plays 3. HOMER I-IARTSOCK "I-le is truly wise who gains wisdom from'another's mishap." F.F.A. 3.4: Intramural Basket- ball 3.4. PAUL HILES "No one knows what he can do until he tries," Intramural Basketball 4: Li- brary Club 4: Safety Valve 43 Stage Crew 4. JERRY I-IUTCHISON "Let your practice keep step with your knowledge." Basketball Manager 3.4: Boys Glee Club 3.4: I'Ii-Y 3.4: Intraa mural Basketball 3.4: Library Club 3: Safety Valve 4: Social Etticiency I. DAVID V. INBODEN "When the cause is lust. the small conquers the great." F,F.A. l.2.4 llleporter I, Sec, 2l: Football 2: Intramural Basketball 3.4: Social Etlicien- cy I. MARILYN JACOBY "She's all my fancy painted her: she's lovely. she's divine." A Cappella Choir 3.4: Aerial Staff l.2,3.4: Class Otticer 2.3: Homecoming Queen 4: Players Guild 2.3.4 lSec. 3.4l: Safety Valve 4: Student Coun- cil I.2.4. BOB I-IEINE "A handful of common sense is worth a bushel ot learning." Football l.2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 2.3.4: Social Effi- ciency I. RICHARD I-IOLL "I-Iis great mind possesses a kingdom." Aerial Staff 4: Football 2.3.4: I-Ii-Y 3.4: Intramural Basket- ball 2.3.4: Latin Club 2: Safety Valve 4: Student Council IV. Pres. 4l: Buckeye Boys State 3. JIM INBODEN "Men not walls make a city." LOIS EILEEN INBODEN "Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere." A Cappella Choir 4: Girls Glee Club I.2.3: Library Club I,2I Operetta 4: Spanish Club 3.4 IV. Pres. 4l: Y-Teen 3.4 lPres. 4l: 4-H Club l.2,3.4 IV. Pres. 4l. DORIS KLINE "It matters not how long you live, but how well." Girls Glee Club I.4: Library Club I: Operetta 4: Social EtIiciency"I: 4-l-I Club 4: Nel- sonville High School 2.3. JOE KRIEG "lt is a rough road that leads to the heights ot greatness." Basketball 2.4: Intramural Bas- ketball 3: Latin Club 2: Safety Valve 4: Social Efticiency I. JAMES LEROY LEH MAN "Do not turn back when you are just at the goal." A Cappella Choir 3.4: Boys Glee Club 2.3: Intramural Bas- ketball 2.3.4: Operetta 4: Social Efficiency I. ANNA IRENE LOTT "The roots of education are bitter. but the truit is sweet." Commercial Club 3.4: Aerial Staff 4: Y-Teen 3: 4-H Club l.2.3,4. JOHN MQBROOM "You can tell the character ot every man when you see how he receives praise." Basketball I.2.3.4 lCapt. 4l: Boys Glee Club 2.3.4: Class Officer 3.4: Football 4: I-Ii-Y 3.4 IV. Pres. 4l: Safety Valve 4 IV. Pres. 4l. LENORA MILLER "Fair words never hurt the tongue." ' Girls Glee Club 3: Intramural Basketball 2: Library Club 2.3: Safety Valve 4. TOM KRIEG "To know the truth is easy: but ah. how difficult to follow it!" Basketball 3: Stage Crew 4: Intramural Basketball 2.4: Satety Valve 4: Social Effi- ciency I. GEORGE LOHR "Too much education hinders the mind." Basketball 2.3.47 Football I.2. 4: Hi-Y 4: Safety Valve 4: All- Ohio Football 4. FRANKLIN MAZE "We desire nothing so much as what we ought not to have," Band l.2.3: Football 3.4: ln- tramural Basketball 3.4: Latin Club 2: Players Guild 4: Safe- ty Valve 4: Social Etliciency l. NORMA JEAN McMILLIN "When love and duty clash: let duty goto smash." A Cappella Choir 4: Band 4: Girls Cilee Club I.2.3: Home- coming Queen's Court 4: Home Ec. Club 4 lPres. 4l: Operetta 4: Y-Teen 3.4. MARTHA MILLER "As rare as a day in June." Girls Glee Club l.2.3,4: Home Ec. Club 4: Intramural Bas- ketball 2: Operetta 4: Social Etficiency I. MARY ANNE MORIARTY "Though she be but little. she is mighty." Commercial Club 4: G.A.A. 2.3: Girls Glee Club I.2.4: Li- brary Club l.2,3.4: Players Guild 2.3.4: Social Etticiency I: Y-Teen 3.4. NED K. MYERS "I-lis only tault is that hc has no tault." Aerial Statt 4: Basketball 3.4: Basketball Manager 2: Class Otlicer 2: Hi-Y 4 lChaplin 4l: Operetta 4: Student Council 4 lPres. 4l. HAROLD NII-I-ISER. JR. "They're only truly great who are truly good." F.F.A. I.2,3.4 lPres. 2. V. Pres. 3,4l: Intramural Basketball 2. 3.4: 4-I-I Club l.2.3.4: Parlia- mentary Procedure 2.3.4. JACK NORTI-I "lt is quality rather than quantity that matters." I:.F.A. l:2.3.4 lPres. 3. District Pres. 4I: Public Speaking 2.3. 4l: Library Club I: 4-I-I Club I.2.3.4. JODY OGG "No gems. no gold she needs to wear: she shines intrinsically fair." A Cappella Choir 2.3,4: Aerial Statf 4: Cheerleaders 3.4: Homecoming Queen's Court 4: Players Guild 2.3.4: Span- ish Club 3.4: Y-Teen 3.4: 4-I Act Plays 3. BEEMAN MOWERY "I-Ie whose virtues exceed his talents is the superior man." A Cappella Choir 2.3: Boys Glee Club 2.3: Class Otticer 2.3: Football 2.3.4: I-Ii-Y 2.3.4: Satety Valve 4: Student Coun- eil 2.3. LEWIS EDWARD NEFF "Consider the past and you will know the tuturef' A Cappella Choir 3.4: Boys Glee Club 3: F.F.A. 4: Operet- ta 4: Satety Valve 4. LESTER NII-IISER "Let the world slide by." F.F.A. I.2.3.4 IV. Pres. 2. Re- porter 3.4l: Football I.2.3.4: Intramural Basketball 2.3.4: 4-I-I Club I.2.3.4 IV. Pres. I. 2.3.4. FRANCIS O'DONNELL "To know is nothing at all: to imagine is everything." A Cappella Choir 4: Football I.2.3.4: Intramural Basketball 4: Operetta 4: Players Guild 2.3.4: Satety Valve 4: Social Etticiency I: 4-I Act Plays 3. BETTY PALMER "Her single kind word keeps one warm for three winters." ' Commercial Club 3.4: 4-H Club I.2.3.4. ANNE PHILLIPS "A rose is sweeter in bud than in tull bloom." A Cappella Choir 3.4: Aerial Statt 3.4: Commercial Club 3, 4 lPres. 4l: Girls Glee Club I.2,3: Homecoming Queens Court 4: Players Guild 2.3.4. REGINA PROCTOR "It's good to be merry and wise." A Cappella Choir 2,3.4: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Library Club I.2: Operetta 4. JAN IE ROBERTS "The grateful heart will always tind a way to be ot service." A Cappella Choir 3.4: Com- mercial Club 43 G.A.A. 2.3: Girls Glee Club I.2.3.4: Oper- etta 4: Social Etliciency I: Y-Teen 3.4. ADALINE RUBLE "Good health and good sense are two ot lite's greatest blessings." Cheerleader 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3: Library Club I.2.3,4 lPres. I.4. Treas. 3l: Players Guild 2.3.4 lTreas. 4l: Spanish Club 3.4: Y'Teen 3.4. ARDELLA MAE SHEETS "lndustry is tortune's right hand." Aerial Stott 4: Commercial l Club 4: Intramural Baslcetball 2: 4-H Club I. MARGEE PHILLIPS "Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter ot introduction." Drum Maiorette 2.3.4: G.A.A 2.33 Girls Glee Club l.2.4 Home Ee. Club 4. CHARLES O. RINGHISER "He Irnows what is what." FFA. I,2. JACK CURTIS ROBINETTE 'Little lriends may prove great lriendsfl Aerial Staff 3.4: Class Otlieer l.2.3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Intramural Basketball 4: Players Guild 43 Buckeye Boys State 3. HELEN LUCILLE SCI-IRADER "Manner, not gold, is womans best adornmentf' G.A.A. 2: Intramural Baslcet- ball 2: Social Etliciency I: Y- Teen 3.4. STANLEY SOLIDAY "The world cannot live at the level ot its great men." Baslsetball 3: Boys Glee Club 2.4: Football 3.4: Intramural Basketball 2.4: Latin Club 2: Operetta 4: Safety Valve 4. DOLORES SOUDERS "Patience is the best remedy lor every trouble." Satety Valve 4. BOB TSCHUDY "Sleep is a priceless treasurer? the more one has ot it the better it is." Satety Valve 4: Social Etli- ciency I. JANIE von LOI-IR "Words are the voice ot the heart." Library Club 4: Players Guild 4: Satety Valve 4 lSec. 4lI Spanish Club 3: Y-Teen 3.4 lSec. 4l. ROBERT WARNER "One ot Natures masterpieces." A Cappella Chair 2.3.41 Aerial Statt 3.4: Basketball 2.3.4: Boys Glee Club 2.3.43 I-Ii-Y 3.4: Social Etticiency I: Stu- dent Council I.2.3. RICHARD L. WEIS "Whatever you do. do wisely and think ot the consequences." Basketball Manager I.2.3: Football 2.3: I-li-Y 4: Intra- mural Basketball 2.3.47 Social Efficiency I, WILMA JEAN STANDIFORD most wonderful person to know." Commercial Club 4: G.A.A. 2: Clils Glee Club 3.4: Intramural Basletball 2: Library Club 2. 3.4: Operetta 4: 4-I-I Club 3. OCEAN TUCKER "Working slowly produces time goods." Girls Glee Club 2.3.4: Intra- mural Basketball 2: Library Club I: Operetta 4: 4-H Club I,2.3.4. I JOE S. WALBURN "Philosophy is the microscope of thought." A Cappella Choir 2.3.43 Boys Glee Club 2.3: Operetta 4: Players Guild 2.3.4: Safety Valve 4: Spanish Club 4: 4-I Act Plays 3. EUGENIA WEINRICI-I "Blushing is the color of virtue." A Cappella Choir 2.3.4: G.A. A. 2.3: Latin Club 2 lPres. 2lI Operetta 4: Spanish Club 3,4 lSec. 4I: Student Council 3 lSec. 3l: Y-Teen 3.4. DON WELLS "Great actions speak great minds." I A Cappella Choir 2.3.4-: Boys Cilee Club 2.3: Football 3.4: E Intramural Basketball 4: Safety ' Valve 4. DOTTIE WINDSOR MLOVQ is blind." A Cappella Choir 3.47 Com- mercial Club 4: Girls Glee Club l.2.3: Home Ec. Club 4: Operetta 43 Y-Teen 3: 4-H Club l.2.3.4. Cfdifif 0el'l'l Lite is a river that bears us away. Relentless and ceaselessly day after day. its waters go down to eternity And roclc us to sleep in the arms of the sea. The River ot Lite is sublime and strange- Restless. unsettled. change upon change. Pleasure and danger, pride and remorse Mingle in terrible, beautiful force. Here in the stream of our high-school days We have learned of the mighty river's ways. But now the River itself we must face. Launch out where impetuous waters race. Then out to its rapids. and tear not the deep- We shall not be afraid of the current's strong sweep. Our paddles are lceen with the knowledge ot truth. Strong are our hearts with the might ot our youth. We turn to the shore for a last goodbye, Salute to the Past with our paddles high- We pause on the crest of a wave. and then The River shall sweep us around the bend. 25 NAN BEVERLY YOUNG "We are never so happy nor so unhappy as we imagine." A Cappella Choir 2.3.41 Aerial Stat? Class 2.3.4 Teen 47 Cheerleader 2.3.4q Otficer 2: Players Guild Spanish Club 3.4: Y- 3,4: 4-I Act Plays 3. CZ... IM WE, the graduating class ot nineteen hundred and foray seven, ot Logan Senior High School, County ot Hocking. and State ot Ohio. being o sound mind and memory and having the legal authority to bestow these last few gifts, do hereby make this our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. FIRST: To our parents we wish to extend our gratitude tor their many years ot unseltish devotion. SECOND: To the faculty we wish to extend our deepest appreciation for their patience and understanding guidance during our high school years. THIRD: To next year's seniors we leave the privilege of occupying the best seats in assembly. FOURTH: To the student body we leave all the experiences we have gained from our personal mistakes and we hope that each and every student will profit by them. FIFTH: As a last request we desire to make the following personal requests: I. The three tirst honor students leave their ability to make straight "A's" to Lawrence Schaad. 2. Betty Palmer bequeaths her dependability to Dale Mowery. 3. Bob Anthony leaves his angelic decorum to Keith Summers. 4. Nancy Young and Mary Ann Moriarty leave their ability to get places at the last minute to anyone who can get away with it. 5. Dave Bell leaves the football captaincy to Jack Glick. 6. Norma McMilIin and Ned Myers leave their high school romance to Bernice Redd and Ned Fickel. 7. Bob Warner leaves the responsibility ot editing the "Aerial" to Betty Lou Risch. 8. Helen Schrader bequeaths her pretty smile to Martha Sue Cruise. 9. Anne Phillips leaves her artistic ability to Amy Lou Harden. IO. Marilyn Jacoby leaves her "quietness7" to .Ioan Heckert. I I. Harold and Lester Nihiser leave their ability to judge livestock to Ken Ackers and Leroy Mowery. llt is hoped they will make proper use ot it.I I2. Franklin Maze bequeaths his title "The Man with More Knees and Elbows than Anyone Else" to Bob Clark. I3. Mary Ann Geiger leaves her position as bus driver for the West End gang to anyone with a car big enough to hold them. I4. The senior cheerleaders leave their "pep" at games to Barbara Stallsmith. Bernice Redd, Shirley Brandon. and Roberta Schmitter. I5. Tom "Bird" Krieg leaves the ability to act like a dial telephone to Dale "Buzzie" Mason. lb. Dave Inboden bequeaths his cheery smile to Ed Butler. I7. Norma Jean Hanna leaves her "giggIe" to .Iudy Walsh. I8. Since there is no one in the junior class that has red hair, Betty Engle be- queaths hers to Kathleen Bell. 26 gfadzi W I9. The chemistry classes leave Mr. Ellinger's words ot caution to next years classes. lWe wish we had listened nowll 20. Oscar Bartholomew leaves that sleepy expression in study hall to Willard Dieble. 2l. Mona Funk leaves her excess height to Keith Dawley. 22. Richard Bowers and Tom Brown leave their bent and battered test tube to any junior who can break it. 23. The seniors ot the football squad leave to next year's team the desire to beat Pomeroy. 24. George Haney leaves his shyness and tear ot girls to Bill Goodlive. 25. Jack Fox leaves his typing ability to all boys in the Typing classes next year. 26. The seniors of the band wish to leave the gum-plastered chairs to the remain- ing band members. 27. Stanle Soliday desires to leave his ability to play "boogie-woogie" to Donna Belle Rheinscheild. 28. Paul Conrad leaves the distinction of being the only married senior to Leonard Pritts. lHoping he will make use of it.l 29. George Lohr leaves that cultured laugh ot his to John Latterty. 30. Bonnie Berry leaves her secretarial ability to Lou Ann Campbell. 3I. Margee Phillips leaves her "strut" as drum majorette to Wilma Brown. 32. Clyde Allberry and Max Carpenter leave their poultry judging ability to Jack Warner and Lee Hiles. lNot the same kind ot chickens.l 33. Josephine Conrad leaves her athletic ability to Dottie Hupp. 34. Betty Lou Dawson leaves her absentmindness to Tom Robb. lDo you think he needs it?l 35. Beeman Mowery leaves his curly hair to Andy Mowery. 36. Jerry Hutchison leaves his white bow tie to Jack Thomas. 37. Jack North leaves his speaking ability to anyone who will work tor it. 38. Vivian l-larble leaves her ability to run the Y-Teen concession at the basketball games to Joann Spackey. 39. Ralph Clark will leave his share ot the farm to anyone who will trade him a hay-bailer for it. TAII interested see Ralph at oncel. 40. John McBoom leaves his ambition to ring the tire gong to any junior who has the nerve to do it. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. we the class ot I947, hereunto set our hands and seal to this, our last will and testament in the presence ot the undersigned witnesses at Logan, Ohio, this fifteenth day ot March, nineteen hundred and forty-seven. WITNESSES: Bartelle Hamilton lris Lowry Max O. McKitrick 27 'UaL6bCi0l'y .AJJPQJ5 We have come a long way since we started to school in the tirst grade. This is the time we have been looking forward to all of these years. We are indeed happy now that the time for our graduation is here. A challenging world awaits us. We are ready and eager to use our talents to help, in some small way, to solve the crucial prob- lems that face us. Some of us will go on to school tor further training. Others will take jobs im- mediately after graduation from high school. Whatever we do, we shall feel that we have been well prepared. For this, we are grateful to our teachers, parents, and the time citizens of Logan. Our teachers have been kind and patient. They have been good friends. Our parents have made many sacritices to make possible our education. The citizens of Logan have provided us with our public school facilities. As we look back, we think ot the pleasant times we have had during our school lite. We are rather sad because we cannot turn back time and relive the past. But. this is as it should be. As a representative ot the class of I947, I bid "Farewell" to our teachers. class- mates. and school. We must leave you, but we shall not forget you. Lite calls us on, and we cannot tarry for "to improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art ot lite." 8 Safufafory .!4J6ll'256 1 As spokesman for the class ot nineteen hundred and forty-seven, I welcome you to our commencement program. We are grateful to you for making it possible for us to have the privilege of grad- uating and we are happy to have you as our guests. We know that we are going forth into a world confronted with the gravest political and economic problems that have ever faced a nation. We also realize that we are too young and too inexperienced to otlier any constructive solution to these problems, but without the educational background that our schools have provided we would be unable to grasp the tenseness of the situation. We as members of the class of nineteen forty-seven hope to be able to do our part in carrying out the plans of world peace and international unitication that our present leaders are striving to establish. We realize that as we gain in education and experience it will be our solemn duty to strive for international peace and harmony. The key-note of all understanding is knowledge. The basic foundation of the acquisition of knowledge is education and it is to you our parents, teachers, and com- munity that we are indebted for this 'fundamental background. We are conscious that education and experience will take time and that tonight we can do no more than look toward the future with high resolutions to do our parts. To this. our commencement, we bid you welcome. 29 UTIES PERS Amb tion Conversational Topic by st nguished M Alias Name IS W n C Clyde Allberry ..... . . Shorty. . ...His curly hair, .. .. . . F.F.A. ... .,...... ....... . .Poultry inspector Bob Anthony ....... ..Tony. . . . His loud clothes.. ...His many trips to the office .. ...To marry "Torchy" Oscar Bartholomew... ...Bart .... . . .His walk ...... .. . .Silence ........ ......... . . ...Go to Oklahoma Bonnie Beery ...... ...Bonnie. .. . . .Her cute manner .... . . "Gotta write Ray a note" . ...... .. .......... To be a secretary Mary Faye Beery. .. . . Faye. .. . .Her perfect hair-do, .. .,Chemistry ....... , ......... ........ .............. T o attend beauty school Dave Bell ,...,... ...Doc .. ...Flying Low!! .... .. . ...His out-ot-to n gi l ...Co owner with Pete Heine of Logan's burlesque theatre Betty Beougher .. ...Peggy,. ...Her height ...... ."Let's study" ..... ................................. . .. . . .. . , .Nurse Harold Blackston. .. .. .Buck.. . , His old flivver ..... ...His gang ,... . .. ...To own a new Buick Leona Blackstone, .. ...Trease.. . ..Her typing speed... ...To change color ..... .....,. ................. . . . .To stay on the farm Charlotte Blake. ., .. ,Ar1n. .. ...Her thoughtfulness ..,. ., Her bookkeeping .. .........,..... ......... ....... . . . . . . . , . . .Nurse Richard Bowers... ...Lard.. . . International Harvester .. .."Let's go to Columbus". To turn left at Broad and High during Christmas rush Tom Brown ...... . Duke. , .. .His Ford ............. .. .Trucks. .. ...... .... . ..... . .. ...... ...... T o own a fleet of semi's Mildred Buskirk .... .. Millie... .. Her long hair ........ .... . ."Got any gum? ... ........ ., .To fly a plane Frieda Campbell... ...Fritz .... ...Being with Al and Margie.. ...Boys ...... ......... .... . . . . . . .Typist Max Carpenter. .. . . .Snazzy .. . . .His wavy hair ..... ..... . .Vocational Agriculture . . .... .... W atch repairman Alice Casto .... . . ,Al ...... . . Her fast dictation. .. ."Who has their bookkeeping?" . .. .Medical stenographer Ralph Clark... , ...Clarkie. .. . . .His shortness ....... ...The farm .......... .... . . . ..... . .To be a farmer Jim Cole .......... ...Jim .... . . His Model A .... ...... . . .Fishing ......... . .To replace his father Josephine Conrad.. ...Josie. . ...A stonewall BB guard... ...The cafeteria .... .. .To be a beautician Paul Conrad ..... , . . Paul. . . ...His halfback position.. ..,The little woman .. ..To be All-American Jean Daubenmire .... .. Jeannie.. .. ,Her pleasantsmile. .. ...Shorty ..... .... . . . . ... . . .To go to Conneaut Betty Lou Dawson ..... . . B. Lou. . . . .Her quaint hair-do.. .. .Her latest crush .. . ,. .. .... ..... . .. . . . . . . .To be happy Malcolm Dollmatsch. . . ...Malc. . . . , .His loud sweaters.. .."Don't you like my car?" . . . .Own the oldest jalopy in Logan Floyd Donaldson ..... .. .F. D.. . . ..His physique ..... .."Isn't it four o'clock yet?" ............. To be a millionaire Ray Dutford ..... .. .Duff. .. . .Studying?? ....... .."How much more school?" . .. .To get out of school Marcia Eberst. .. .. .Marsh.. . . . Hersweet manner. . .."Janice is herel!" ... . . . . .. .To be a teacher Doris Edwards... .. Jeannie.. ...Her quietness .,.... . . .Anything and everything .. . . . . . .Stenographer Betty Engle .... . . Betty. .. .. .Her pretty red hair.. . . . .Marion School .......... . . .To be a waitress Bob Fox ..... .. Red. .. . . .Red hair .............. . ..To get out of school . .... . . ,To graduate Jack Fox .... . . .Jacl:. .. . . .Scientific photography. . . .. .Blosser's Restaurant . . . . . .. . . . .To make a million Mary Frantz ..... .. . Mary. .. . . .Her many billfold photos... . .Her boy-friend .................... . .To travel to Hawaii Frances Freeman. . . .. . Frances. . . . .Hersober jokes ........ . "Why can't I get out of school?" . . .. .To go to Columbus Mona Funk ...... . . .Moonie.. .. .Her excess height... .."Where's Millie?" .............. . .. ..... .. . . .To go to China Mary Ann Geiger. . . . .Nannie. . . .. .That Chrysler ...... ...Her young brother, Jeff . . .... To own a Chrysler convertible Judy Glass ...... . . Judd. . . . .Her pleasant smil . . ...Clothes .... .......... ............ . .... . . To be a nurse Jean Haddox. . . . . .Jeanne. . . . . . Her quietness ...... .. .Life in general ........ . . .Private secretary to the President George Haney ...... . . .Josh .... . . .Being with Jo-Anne ...... .."l'm too good looking" . ....................... Mortician Norma Jean Hanna... ...N.J. H... .. .Her glistening brown eyes... ...Open the door, Richard .. ..To replace Ruthie in the office Margaret Hanner. .. . . .Margee. . . . . .Being with "Fritz" ...,.... ...Her brother's car ...,.. ............. . .. . . . . . . .Typist Vivian Harble. . .. . . .Wig .... . . . .Her dependability ..... .. ."Brownie' ...... . . . .... .. . . . .. .To marry a rich man Homer Hartsock. .. .. . Junior.. ...Being with Jean ........ . ...West Logan . . .................... ....... .... .... . . ' ... . . . . .Farmer Bob Heine ....... ... Pete. . ...His quiet l?l heel-plates.. ...Jody ...... . . . . .Co-owner with Doc Bell of Logan's burlesque theatre Paul Hiles. .. ...Recl.. ...Being with Odie ...... .. ...School .. .... ........ ...... , .... . . .. . . . . . .To get even 30 Dick Holl ....... ..Zombie.. ...His bald spot... ...His many exploits ....... ............... ....... . . .To be a millionaire Jerry Hutchison. . . .Jerry .... . .His bow ties. .. ."Let's go to the lake '. . . Moonlight boat-ride on Buckeye Lake the year round David lnboden. . ...Shorty. .. ...His blond hair... .. His brother ..,... .. .. . .... .... ..... ..... ' . . .. .. ......To grow tall Jim lnboden. .. .. .lmmie. . ...His tallness .... . . . . . .His work ...... ....... . . .Make his second million Lois lnboden ..,. .. Lois ..... ...Herquiet manner. .. .."This requires technique" .... .. To find and give the best Marilyn Jacoby... ..Queenie. . . ...Her clever actions .... ..."Why am l so changeable?" . . . .To be a pretty co-ed Doris Kline .... . . . Doris .... . . .Her dark complexion .. .. .Nelsonvrlle ............ . .. .. . . . . .To make good Joe Krieg.. . . Hair... ...His notebook ....... ...His pet-peeve. Miss H . . . .... .To write larger Tom Krieg... ...Birdie .... .. His wittiness ........ .. ...Front row at Roxies .. . .. .To go to Oklahoma Jim Lehman.. ..Squez2er. . . ...His class recitations .......... ...Winter sports ..... . . . ... ...To help the world George Lohr. .. .. .Greek .... .. His good looks and long hair... ...Eastern Kentucky .......... ........... . . . , . . . .Coach Irene Lott ..,.. ., ,Renie .... .,.Herstraight A's .... ....... . ."Gotta write that Valedictory" . .. .To be a private secretary Franklin Maze .... ...Shorty ..... ...Hrs clever speeches. .. ...Grave digging ... .... ..... . ,.... .To go to Alaska John McBroom ...... . .. Flubhead. .. . .His basketball ability. .. ..."Oh, these Lancaster women!" . .B.T.O. of pinball machines Norma Jean McMillan.. ...Mickey .... . ,Hersweet smile ...... .. .Haydenville ........,...... ..... T o play in H. J. Band Lenora Miller ..,, .,,, , ,,Norclie. .. . .Her white boots.. .."ls this vacation?" .. ........ .To be an artist Martha Miller, ,,,,,,, .,.Martha. .. .. .Her timidity ...... .. Delores .. ..... ...To be a dress designer Mary Anne Moriarty... ...Bobby.. , , ,Cracking gum ...... .... . . .Johnny Mercer . ....... .Beachcomber Beeman Mowery ..... .. Harry ..... .. His distinguished dimple. . . .. Sports ........ ........ . . .Dentist Ned Myers ....... ...Meatba l.. ...Being with Mickey ....... ...Mick . .... To own "Jurgies" Lewis Neff ..... ...Lewie .... ...His runnable vehicle.. . ...People ......... . ....... . .To be a bus driver Harold Nihiser. . .. .Sammie. . . ...His nice manners. . . . . . His place in cafeteria line .. .. ...To make a success Lester Nihiser. .. .. .Les ..... .. Being with Delma. . .... T he farm .............. ............ T 0 be a farmer Jack North ...... . . . Jackson.. ...His sweaters. ..., .."Got your Gov't?" .... . . .. .To succeed H. W. Nowels Francis O'Donnell. .. .. Odie .. ...His car ....... .. . .Anything and everything . . ...... ..Sport's reporter Jody Ogg.. .... .. .Tubby.. ...Always being late... .. .Her worries of the day . ... . . .To get somewhere on time Betty Pdlmef- - . -. -Bur Pee... . . .HerA's .... ......... . . ."Why do you call me that?" . .... . . . ... . . .. Secretary AMC Phill PS. . .. -. Pug .... ...Herfreckles ............. . . Her dog, Lucky . . ........ ...To be an old maid MGYSCC PlIilliPS. . .. Marge .. ...Jack's yellow convertible... . .Jack .......... ...... . .Well . . . ll Regina Proctor. . . . . .Jean. .. ...Her sisters ..... ...... . .Josie .... ..... ........ . T o go to Florida Charles Ringhiser. . . .. .Gump.. ...Being with Eileen. . ...His slow speech . ...To stay out of the Army 10056 ROEJCFTS. --- - . Janie. .. ...Her hot jokes. . . ...Her two nieces . ... .... . . . . . . . .. .To go to California -l0Cli R0blflClIfC- -- -- -Curtis. . . ...His height ....... .."What-president again!" ...Never to be elected again Afldlifle Rllhle- -- .- -Addie. . ...Hot dance steps ..... . "Are you going to State?" . ..... .... . . .To be a lawyer Helen Schrader... . . Helen ..... ...Her neat appearance.. . "Have you seen Mary?" . ...Home Economist Afdelld Sheefi. . ...Bunny ....... ..Hertyping speed. . . ...The farm ...... ..... . ..To be a secretary SfdnlCY 5OliCl6Y. -- .. - Spellbound. . . ...His hot boogie... ...Piano playing . .. . .Concert pianist D0l0Y2S SOUdCfS .-..- --.-- D oddie ..... . . .Her agreeableness. . ...Edl ........, ...... D ress designer Wilma Jean Standiford ..... Wimp. , . ..Donna Hughes .... . ."My man!" ...... . .. .To be a housewife Bob Tschudy.. ....... .. .Shine. .. ...His short speeches .... ...Speech assignments . . . . . . . ., ... . . .. . . . . , . . .Pilot Ocean Tucker... ...Dena ..... ...Arguments on the bus. .. ...School lunches . .. ........ . . ..... ..... . . . . . . . .Lab Technician Janie von Lohr. .. ...Little Doc.. .. .W'sconsin. . . . ....... .."Want me to hypnotize you?" . . . .To keep her New Year's resolution Joe Welburn.. .. .. Jose ..... ...Hisfluent Spanish. . . . . .His best chocolate milkshake . . ....... .To go to Mexico and rest Bob Warner ........ .. .Coon. ,. .. .His executive ability .... . . .His women ...... ........ ........ . T o be Governor Eugenia Weinrich. . . .. Gege. .. ...Her beautiful alto voice. . . ..Her pet-peeve-men ....... .. .To eat and grow thin Richard Weis ...... . . .Woozy. ,. .. Being teased ........... .."Where's that new Chevie?" .. .To get that "Chevie" Don Wells ...... ...Windy. .. ...His independence .... . .."How l hate women!! ... ...Aeronautical Engineer Dottie Windsor. ,. ,,. Dot, ... , , , Her many boy-friencls. . . .. .Morill ........ ...... ........ . . .. . . . . . . .To be a blond Nancy Young. .. ...Bevy. .. . . Bobbie! ..,... ...... . .Latest song hit . . ...To find a man that makes her happy cf... iz.. .., One night I had a dream. lt was a very different dream, too: something like a glimpse into the tuture. The amazing part of it was the characters: for-would you believe it-they were all my classmates from the Senior Class of 'f7 as real as life and as much fun as always. It was a wonderful dream and so realistic that when I awoke, I wondered if it could possibly have been a prophecy ofthe future holding all our hopes and ambitions. But before I go any further, maybe I should tell you about it and let you judge for yourself. It started out in a large, impressive courtroom. Max Carpenter, the judge, was frantically waving his gavel at the defendant, Dave Bell, the big oil king, who was being tried for bigamy. Since the outstanding criminal lawyer, Adaline Ruble, was pleading his case, Dave looked pretty smug and was winking gayly at the jury which was composed of his six private secretaries Betty Beougher, Ardella Sheets, Jean Daub- enmire, Leona Blackstone, Doris Edwards, and Mary Frantz. Norma Jean Hanna told me that Jim lnboden and Frank Maze were representing the five wives . . . The next thing l knew I was seated at a large dinner table, around which seemed to be meeting The Professional Women's Club. Gege Weinrich was receiving a medal for her notable work as head of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Seated on my right was Lois lnboden, whom the emcee was announcing as the outstanding woman in the literary tield of today. As the meeting progressed, I learned that Nancy Young was now designing clothes tor the stars in Hollywood, and Milly Buskirk was creating hats that women all over the country loved. Helen Schrader, Ocean Tucker, and Wilma Standiford were being honored for their recent book entitled "What's Wrong With Men." Frieda Campbell, Margaret Hanner, and Alice Casto were there as the Club's trained nurses. Just at that minute the meeting was broken up by Jim Cole, the owner of the hotel in which we were meeting, who announced that the weekly debate be- tween Janie von Lohr and Dick Holl on the question of "Which Came First, the Egg or the Chicken?" was about to begin. Whereupon, everybody grabbed her medals and ran helter-Skelter over to the city hall . . . By the time I reached the auditorium, the debate was over. Janie had won, and Dick was still lying on the floor exhausted and receiving medical care from the doctor, Lewis Neff. Then Beeman Mowery. our senator, announced that we had with us three 32 Kidd!! M'0l9A2Cg outstanding missionaries from China. George Lohr, Tom Krieg, and Bob Anthony, who were going to talk to us on the bad effects of alcohol, tobacco, and gambling . . . I was walking down a busy street. On a poster near by I saw a picture of Oscar Bartholomew who was posing for toothpaste ads. A large sign loomed up in front of me advertising the dairy farm of Clyde Allbery, Floyd Donaldson. and Bob Fox: and to the left of it was another advertisement proclaiming the worth of the farm implements sold by the Nihiser Boys. Harold and Lester. Just then l came to a small neon sign with the words, The Flubhead Tribune, Editor, John McBroom. Naturally l had to go see old John who was in his office with the newspaper artist, Anne Phillips, looking over a booklet called "What's This of the Class of '47?" We found out some very interesting things. Jack Fox and Don Wells were arguing over Einstein's theory which they had rewritten. lrene Lott was owner of a very smart dress shop: her high-pressure salesladies were Regina Proctor, Delores Souders, Lenora Miller, and Vivian l-larble. Stanley Soliday, Jack Robinette. and Jim Lehman were test pilots for one of the large airplane lines. Bonnie Beery. Faye Beery, and Martha Miller had just started a new line of cosmetics called the Beery Beauty Creams. Josie Conrad and her brother. Paul, were operating a movie theatre in Detroit. To my surprise, Richard Bowers was now the owner of the largest Ford Agency in Ohio. Mary Anne Geiger and Marcia Eberst were running an agency to illustrate to beginners the principles of parking an automobile. Pete Heine had missed Guam so much that he had gone back to live there and had become the first mayor of Guam. On that one l gave up and turned to leave. and just then realized that l wasn't in the newspaper office at all, but . . . ln front of a large stage instead. Just then Marilyn Jacoby, Margee Phillips, and Betty Lou Dawson came dancing on the stage carrying purple umbrellas. By that time I realized l was watching a Broadway musical comedy, since Jerry Hutchison. the direc- tor, was pleading with the comedian. Joe Walburn, to come on the stage and crack his joke. The backers of the show were two multimillionaires, George Haney. a morti- cian, and Odie O'Donnell. a banker. Next, Tom Brown. the star, came on tap dancing while juggling several milk bottles. He was followed by a barbershop quartette com- posed of Harold Blackston. Jack North, David lnboden, and Ralph Clark singing "Mar- 33 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS DALE MOWERY JACK WARNER SHIRLEY BRANDON LAWRENCE SCI-IAAD President Vice President Secretary Treasurer unior C6155 .Mdfory Strange as it may seem three ot the best years ot our Iite have slipped by and now are just memories. The tirst year we were Freshmen. That year we undertook greater responsibilities and completed them successtuIIy. These accomplishments aided greatly in making us more grown up. Then came our Sophomore year with the thriII of entering Senior I-Iigh, but we did not appreciate being the lowest class after being the highest in Junior High. Aside from that tact. we were nearing our long sought-atter goaI. Now up to the present day. as Juniors we have been faced with many problems throughout the year. One was working to give the Seniors their weII-deserved rewards. Another matter ot concern was the seiection ot the cIass rings and pins. As we Iook forward to one more year in school, we hope that we shall meet as much success as we have in the past. 35 k fi me 22,44 fin Q5 is 4, W 42 W2 4,f,:gi:1, :V QM af: ,. SSW xiii? B ' ig:f,y,,: vb x I Y -, . . .,t.-, Q .- 1, Ay., ..,'1i,1g: , vi --3-sffefegfw-rf-f-.'rEri'1a..g,,'+: A. ' .,,.,,.,.kW'i's.--r yn, p -- ..r. ---3 12 - 45'-Qlggvrrzaq,-A if .. JUNIOR CLASS Row I-K. Acker, J. Adcock. M. Allison. L. Bateman, K. Bell, L. Blum, D. Bowers, S. Brandon. J Brantley, M. Brimner. Row 2-B. Broolcs, C. Brown, W. Brown, E. Butler, L. A. Campbell, B. Clarlr. B. Coalcley. M. S Cruise. D. Dawley. D. Den. Row 3-W. Dieble, R. Dolan, J. Donahue, D. Dotson. L. Edwards, N. Fickel. J. Fish. L. Flood. I Frazier. R. Freeman. Row 4-D. Gabriel. B..Goodlive, J. Gliclc, M. L. Glick, W. Greene, W. Griffith. E. Hankison, A. L Harden, M. Hartsoclr. J. Heclcert. Row 5-R. Hemswortlm, J. Henderson. B. Helber, L. Hiles, D. Hupp, J. Huston, J. Howdysliell, W. Keels. J. Kuhn, E. K'Miller. ' . Row 6-M. K'Miller, J. Krannitz. V. Kulwn, L. Lafterty. J. Latferty, M. Larimer, A. Lehman, M Lehman, D. Leonard, M. Lloyd. Row 7-D. J. Locke. L. Mace, J. A. Marsh. D. Mason, G. Mathias. J. McLain, G. Meadows, L Miller, K. Molwler, R. Molwler. - Row 8-E. Mowery. L. Mowery. C. Nixon, L. Phelps, L. Pittman, M. E. Pittman, L. Pritts. M1 Proctor P. Proctor. B. Redd. Row 9-D. B. Rheinsclneld, L. Ringlmiser, M. M. Richards, M. Riddle. B. L. Risclr. T. Robb. L Sclwaad, T. Schorr. G. Sharb. L. Shaw. Row IO--G. Slwonlc, J. S. Slnorr, B. Smitln, J. Spaclrey, J. Spence, B. Stallsrnith, N. Starclwer, O. Stump, K. Summers, R. Summers. Row Il-J. Thomas, J. A. Thomas, G. Tuclcer, R. Vollmer, R. Walker, J. Walsh. J. Warner, C Williams, D. Wilson. C. Woodard, J. Woods. 37 Im HHemu1'ia1n1 DUANE EDWARD MUNDY WILMA LORAINE FRAZIER The students and taculty members ot Logan Senior High School were greatly saddened during this school year by the deaths ot two members of the Class ot I948. Duane Edward Mundy and Wilma Loraine Frazier. Fond memories ot these two stu- dents will long be cherished. tor both are remembered by schoolmates and teachers alike with real attection. Duane Edward Mundy was born May 23, l93O, and died on December I3, I946, following a prolonged illness. Duane's persistence in attending school when he was no longer physically able to do so and his strong determination to work to the last were outstanding among his characteristics, and they shall serve as fine examples for his many friends to tollow. Wilma Loraine Frazier was born February I4, l93O, and died as a result ot in- juries received in a tragic automobile accident which occurred near Ely, Nevada, .lan- uary 7, I947. All who were acquainted with Wilma knew her warm friendly manner and her cheerful disposition. Because of these qualities. which endeared her to many, the memory of Wilma will always be a happy one-an inspiration to others to be friendly, cheerful. and happy in order to make the lives ot associates more pleasant. 38 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS EDDIE WALLACE BETTY WRIGHT ROBERTA SCHMITTER PAT LACKEY President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 3,9 0I'l'l0l"e 6465 .M.'5f0l"y Let us recaII some ot our experiences since starting to schooI. Wasn't it tun when we were in grade schooI? When we tinaIIy reached the sixth grade, we were at the height ot our enjoyment because we, at Iast, were the oIdest in the buiIding. As we entered Junior I-Iigh School, we met many new friends. Remember our enjoyment and bewiIderment as we changed classes for the first severaI times? Studies were becoming more complicatedbut also more interesting. Can you recaII the pride we "Freshmen" teIt? Our first cIass otticers were, presi- dent, Eddie WaIIaceg vice president, Leo WaIIace: secretary, PhyIIis Shorr: and trea- surer, Patricia Lackey. We attended social activities such as sociaI efficiency classes, the FootbaII Dance and the Basketball Dance: how long we waited to take part in these! Remember how pIeasant it was when entering Senior High School to be with the Juniors and Seniors? For our second time we attended the FootbaII and BasketbaII dancesg what an honor it was to attend the Junior-Senior Prom! 39 4' sf W L L Ig. 'f Z ,. f . V V1 ., as'-aw rw ww me QW giik aw f . ' mfg ' J L gy- - sipna.. . , ,. H A , Ja M., Q13 Q ' 15 5 A gl -1 flies .Q kj , t1g9a,ii2,sl5fnL... ..:..,-. ,Eur -.. - .' 1 , , lf- " - 'P' ww! ' ' V. 'Q SOPHOMORE CLASS Row I-D. Angle. J. Auclcer. B. Aurand, M. L. Bachus, L. Bails, F. Berry, E. Bell, B. Beougher. M. A. Beougher. J. Beougher. Row 2-H. Blaclcston, D. Blosser, S. Blosser. B. Bowles, J. Brantly. J. Brown. M. Campbell, C. Carter. M. Christman. H. Chriswell. Row 3-H. Chriswell, A. Columber, M. Conlcle, J. Connors, G. Culberston, V. Davis. M. C. Dolan. B. Dowler. M. Dye, M. Ellinger. Row 4-H. Epstein, D. Farley. B. Fislc. S. Ford, B. Fox, K. Fox, J. Gabriel, M. Garvericlc, J. Geiger. T. Geiger. Row 5-L. Griffith, P. Glass, E. Goss. M. J. Graham. M. Green, R. Guess. D. Hanlcison. l. Hanner N. Harsh. J. Hansley. Row 6-K. Hartman, P. Heine, H. Hiles. K. Holmes, D. Hughes, B. lnboden, W. Jewell, C. Judy. C. Judy. J. Kornmiller. Row T'-D. Kl'r1e. D. Kimbel, P. Killbarger, M. A. Kern, M. A. Keclc. P. Lackey, S. Larimer. L. Lash. R. Leasure. J. Lefller. Row 8-C. Lindsey. P. Martin, D. Martin, R. Mason, A. Mason, H. McKinley. B. Meadows. M. M. Meyers. B. Mock, J. Moore. Row 9-N. Moshier, D. Myers, J. Myers, J. Nixon, S. Norris, E. Nutter. S. Nutter. C. Oblinger. C. Park, N. Perkins. Row I0-G. Phillips, W. Proctor, L. Richards, C. B. Rempel. W. Rienschield, B. Ringhiser, J. Ruff P. Rose, B. Rutter, J. Sater. Row ll-B. Saxton, C. Schorr, R. Schmitter. D. Shaw, M. Sheppard. R. Shonlc. M. Shonk, P. Shorr ' J. A, Shriner, B. Sigler. r 41 Sophomore Class lCon1'inuecll Row I-R. Sinnot, J. Snifl, R. Smith, V. Smith, R. Soliday, J. Souders, D. Spaclcey, J. Stivison, D Struble, R. Summers. Row 2-L. Swain, P. Swartz, M. Taylor, P. Tucker, H. Uclcer, M, Uclcer, G. Van Atta, J. Voris, E Wallace, L. Wallace. v Row 3-M. Wallace, D. Wallccr, N. Warthman, M. Wells, K. West, R. Woods, B. Wright, B Wright, M. Yates. 42 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS JACK SMITH GEORGE OURS MARY JO GORDON BOB SIMMS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer jredkman Cfaaa .Mafory Nine years ago. we, a group of very young explorers, ventured into a strange land. Here we pursued little red hens and gingerbread boys under the guidance of a patient first grade teacher. Upward from grade to grade we have climbed, until we have finally reached the Freshman Class. Never has Junior High witnessed such enthusiasms as we have shown for athletics, dancing, and club meetings. not forgetting our conquest of nouns and verbs and the pursuit of the elusive HX." With the help of our newly-found parochial friends and those who "come in on the bus," we elected class officers to work with Miss Holmes, our class sponsor. Two new features were presented us this year-a new honor roll board and a new principal, Mr. Hanlqison. Under his guidance we have thus far safely navigated the charted course for this year and are looking forward expectantly to the years in Senior High School. 43 ini- i1 , wfnwf-w-NMH1 . 1 1 1 I ' PRES:-:MAN CLASS Row I-M. Abell, G. Aclrer, B. Allberry, C. Anderson, R. Anderson, K. Bail. B. Baker, G. Becker D. Beougher, R. Bigham. Row 2-I. Blosser. C. Boals, E. Bowers, L. Bownes, R. Brewer, B. Brown, M. Brown, B. Burgess, K Buttrick. Row 3-K. Chapmen, M. Conkle, C. Conrad, C. Clapp, G. Crane, D. Dalton, P. Dalton, L. Dauben- mire, D. Derr. M. Dixon. Row 4-J. Donaldson, W. Dupler, K. Davis, C. Dyer, M. Edware, L. Ellis, L. Ellis, G. Erwin, C Frasure, J. Frazee. Row 5-F. Frazier, E. Funk. J. Gano, C. Girger, M. J. Gordon, N. Goss, S. Goss, B. Grow, A. Green K. Green. Row 6-D. Grible. B. Hanlcison, B. Harble, M. Harwood, T. Heinlein, E. Helber, K. Henderson, L Herron, R. Hinerman, J. Howdyshell. Row 7-B. Huston, M. Jolwnston, M, Johnston, B. Keynes, D. Kilbarger, L. Kinnison, M. Kline, B Kornmiller, D. Kornmiller, C. Krannitz. Row 8-P. Kuhn. E. Lanning, H. Lemon, l. Mays, D. Martin, G. Mathias. J. Mathias, D. Maulc, C McMillen. Row 9-M. Mercer, D. Merriman, C. Miller, L. Moclr, L. Mock, D. Mundy, J. Myers, C. Nelson J. Nilwiser, F. Nixon. Row I0-J. Norris, F. Nutter, G. Ours, P. Pennell, R. Peppers, E. Phillips, D. Poling, C. Polsley. B Raliferty, N. Redick. Row II-R. Rempel, B. Richards, V. Riddle. P. Ringhiser, B. Rose, B. Roley, J. Saving, B. Schaad J. Scott, T. Shanley. 45 rv- Freshman Class lContinuecll Row I-R. Schein, B. Simms, C. Swift, R. Slciver. B. Smith, J. Smith, M. Souders, B. Steele, R Stephenson, C. Summers. Row 2-G. Surber, A. Tolliver, D. Tuclcer. D. Tucker, H. Watson, R. Wahl, P. Weed. R. Weiland C. Weis, M. Wells. Row 3-J. West, M. White, L. Williams, H. Wilson. N. Woodard. J. Yates, O. Yates. 46 NOTES Al' 49 Av- 4. A-lp? i l SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL This year, as always in the past, the Senior l-ligh Student Council has again lived up to its original purpose ot creating and maintaining high standards ot good citizen- ship, scholarship, and character and has promoted all worthy activities among the student body. This year the student governing body has been very active with regular meetings once a week. They have promoted the election ot the football queen, the annual tootball and basketball dances as well as intormal dances atter scheduled basketball games. They also handled the concession at the district tournaments. Under the very capable supervision ot Mr. Kirk and the cooperation ot the student body the council has been very successtul. The otticers ot the present year are: Ned Myers, President: Dick l-loll, Vice President: Phyllis Shorr, Secretary: Bob Fisk, Treasurer. Row l--K. Bell, M. Jacoby, B, Fisk, P. Shorr, D. t-loll, N. Myers, J, Donahue. Row 2--Mr. Kirk, T. Brown, K. Summ-Qrs, B. Goodlivc, R. Soliday, R. Woods. 48 JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council consists ot tive ninth graders, tour eighth graders, tour seventh graders with all students, teachers, and the principal participating. The purposes are to unity under one central control all student organizations, to aid in administering the internal attairs ot the school, to promote the general activities ot the school, to foster sentiments ot law and order, and to develop a growing appref ciation ot membership in a democracy. The Student Council, this year. has promoted the corridor patrol system, the lunch hour monitor system, the honor roll bulletin, a magazine drive, assembly programs, in- tramural baslcetball games, school parties, the purchase ot new tlags and motion pic- ture machines. Row I-.lack Smith, James Donaldson, Mary E. Greathouse, Treasurer: Donald Maulc, Prcsidcnt: Wardwell Myers, Vice President: Shirley Buntz, Sccrctary. Row 2-Marilyn Saxton, Marjorie Krieg, Marilyn Srnoot, Betty Frasure, Alice J. Grcathousc, William Grove, Orval Yates, Miss Larimer, adviser. 49 AERIAL STAFF Editor ....,.. Assistant Editor . Business Manager .,.. . Assistant Business Manager .. Advertising Manager .,...,, Assistant Advertising Manager Feature Editor ..,,.., . .. Boys' Sports Editor . Girls' Sports Editor . . Activities Editor .. Music Editor ... Alumni Editor .. Photographer ...., . Senior Class Reporter . Junior Class Reporter ..... Sophomore Class Reporter .. Erestirnan Class Reporter . . Typists ,,..... ,,,..,...... Art Worlc by .... ...Nancy Eaculty Adviser . . . . .Bolo Warner ...Betty Lou Riscti Tom Brown .....Dale Mowery . Jaclc Robinette . . ..... Ned Eiclcel . . . . .Marilyn Jacoby . . . .Ned Myers . . . . .Anne Phillips . . , . . .Nancy Young . . . .Malcolm Dollmatsclw ..Diclc l-loll .....Jaclc Fox ......Jody Ogg ..... Joan Spaclxey . . . .Roberta Sclwmitter ...............................MaryJoGordon . . . .Norma Jean Hanna, Irene Lott, and Ardella Streets Young, Pat Heine, Anne Phillips, Nora Warthman, and Millie Busltirlc, Under Supervision ot Miss Opal Wylie ... ................ .... M ax O. Mclfitriclc 50 PLAYERS' GUILD Row I-Judy Glass, Janie Von Lohr, Bob Anthony, Torn Brown, Richard Bowers, Marilyn Jacoby, Adaline Ruble, Mary Ann Geiger, Jody Ogg. Row 2+Gaylc Mathias, Mildred Buslcirk, Dixie Spaclccy, Tcrusa Geiger, Marilyn Cuavcriclc, Norma Jcan Hanna, Mona Funlr, Bud Geiger, Buzzie Mason. Row 3+Frances Freeman, Janice Satcr, Nan Young, Mary Ann Moriarty, Anne Phillips, Jayne Shrincr, Phyllis Shorr, Howard Epstein. Row 4-Marjorie Campbell, Nancy Perlcins, Jaclr Robinctt-3, Jerry Connor, Francis O'Donncll. Row 5-Jim Donahue, Malcolm Dollmatsch, Don Bowers, Frank Maze, Joe Walburn, Miss Hamilton. The Players' Guild is an organized group ot torty members, consisting ot sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors selected by try-outs on the basis ot voice and action tests. These high school students are interested in dramatics, and in attaining more knowledge about the arts ot the stage, The following otticers were elected this year: Tom Brown, President, Richard Bowers, Vice President: Marilyn Jacoby, Secretary, Adaline Ruble, Treasurer. Club meetings are held the second and tourth Thursday evenings ot each month. On Friday evening, November 22, I946, the Players' Guild attended the Hartman Theatre to see "Up in Central Park," an hilarious musical comedy. The success ot the club is not only due to the otticers and the various committees, but to Miss l-lamilton, our adviser. 5l LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club is composed ot 85 members, lt holds semi-monthly meetings. Our adviser is Mrs. Mary Blausius. She is in charge ot both senior and junior high Library Clubs. For Library Club work, a I 4 credit is allotted each year. This year's major event was a skating party that was held on March l8, at the Grotto Skating Rink. Our chaperon was Miss Schuler. Otticers ot this club tor i946-I947 are: Adaline Ruble, president, Josephine Con- rad, vice president: Ruth Dolan, treasurer and Mary Ann Moriarity is the secretary. The Library Club has purchased ditterent books tor the Library. Pins and medals were available tor the members. Row I--Leroy Phelps, Bob Anthony, Paul Hiles, Floyd Donaldson, Torn Robb. Row 2-Norma Harsh, Helen Blackston, Evelyn Nutter, Adalinr: Ruble, Josephine Conrad, Mary Anne Moriarity, Ruth Dolan, Donna Rhcinscheld, Betty Smith, Lenora Swaim, Esther Goss. Row 3--Lillian Ringhiser, Loretta Shaw, Leona Flood, Mary Richards, Jean Frazier, Anita Columbcr, J. A. Heckert, M. Sue Cruise, Jean Ann Marsh, Mary Lou Glick, Jean Huston, Margaret Riddle, Mary Lloyd, Mary Ucker. Row 4-Juanita Voris, Charlene Woodard, Wilma Brown, Charlotte Blake, Emogene Hanncr, Jeanne Kornmrller, Doris Blosscr, Dorothy Martin, Alice Casto, Wilma Standitord, Dottie Hupp, Audrey Lehman, Mary Ann Beougher, Mary Bachus, Wanda Keels. Row 5--Millie Buskirk, Mary Dolan, Kathryn Fox, Sue Blosser, Marcella Shepherd, Norma Jean Hanna, Joan Thomas, Rosemary Summers, Martha Lehman, Joan Spackey, Linda Latterty, Kathleen Bell, Joe Ella Adcock, Lctha Lau Miller, Theresa Schorr, Ruth Guess. Row 6--Judy Walsh, Dora Locke, Leona Blackstone, Betty lnboden, Ruth Summers, Frances Erec- man, Mary Frantz, Mariorie Hartsock, Sally Ford, Lois Edwards, Leota Pittman, Mary E. Pittman, Wilma Jewell, 52 THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club was organized in Logan l-ligh School in l92I. It aims to turther interests in the home and present day problems ot home living as well as to develop leadership, poise, and executive ability among the members. The club, under the supervision ot Miss Roclchold, is composed ot members ot the junior and senior students in advanced Home Economics classes. Meetings are held the second Thursday ot each month in the Home Economics department or in homes ot members ot the club. Programs are planned and carried out by members ot the organization, sometimes assisted by out ot school local talent. The students chosen tor otticers are: Norma Jean McMillan, President: Betty Smith, Vice President: Margee Phillips, Secretary: Faye Beery, Treasurer, and Martha Sue Cruise, News Reporter. Row l-Norma McMillin, Bctty Smith, Margcc Phillips, Fayc Buffy, Martha Suv Cruisv. Row 2gBctty Bcoughcr, Delores Norris. Martha Millcr, Julia Kuhn, Row 3-Jcaninc Spcncc, Joc Ella Adcoclc, Lillian Ringhiscr, Jean Haddox, Miss Roclchold. Row 4-Thcrcsa Schorr, Mona Proctor, Marjorie Hartsoclc, Dottie Windsor, Kathlccn Bt-Il, 53 omahufi, M. DolJmaiscJ1, J. Wfurmxir, D, Mfvwry, D. HQJJ, R. Bowers, D. BQJJ, G. Lofwr, B. Wrwght, L, HRJQS, J. Hutclwx B. Mowcry E, WGJJHCK' B. Warner B. Fisk D, Wxgis P. Ccbrvrad W. G rfwl m J. McLain N. Fickx-J D. Gabm-I I.. Mr X,-. fly J. Robirwcttg K. Summvs K. Ackcrs D. Mason J. cfm. N. MWS T. eww. H. Ewmgm, J. McBroom, G, Haney 5-4 HI-Y The Hi-Y Club is a National Organization composed ot sophomore, junior, and senior boys with the purpose to create. maintain, and extend throughout the school and community a higher standard ot Christian character. The members of this organization are no better than any ot the other high school boys. but they are in the Hi-Y to see that the above purpose is carried out. The Hi-Y boys also have the slogan: "Clean speech, clean living, clean athletics, and clean scholarship in the school." This year, as in previous years, the club carried out several of its annual projects. Une ot these projects was the distribution ot baskets ot food to the needy at Thanks- giving. To obtain this tood, baskets were placed in each ot the tive school buildings with a Hi-Y member in charge of each building. These members were: Bob Warner, Dick Holi. Dave Bell, Ned Myers, and Dale Mowery. Another ot our projects was collecting money tor the Red Cross during their cam- paign this year. Twelve members ot the Hi-Y and twelve Y-Teen girls participated in this collection. The boys participating were: Tom Brown, Dick Holl, George Haney, Bob Warner. Dave Bell. Jerry Hutchison, John McBroom, Jim Cole, Dale Mowery, Bee- man Mowery, Richard Bowers, and Lee Hiles. The other project which we undertook this year was the furnishing ot programs and the selling of refreshments at football games. This years Hi-Y Club officers are: Tom Brown, President: John McBroom, Vice President: Jim Cole. Secretary: George Haney, Treasurer: Ned Myers, Chaplain: Mr. Harley Ellinger, Club Adviser. 55 Row Row Row Row Krieg. SAFETY VALVE The Satety Valve was organized in order that the speech students might better their skill in public speaking, overcome their tear ot audiences, become a better listen- ing audience, and use parliamentary procedure. Regular meetings are held every other Friday. Franklin Maze is credited with the composition ot the unusual name ot the club. l-lis theory is that a speech club is a device tor letting ott steamy hence, the name Satety Valve. The organization has undertaken several projects this year. The members, in order to gain experiences, assumed the responsibility ot conducting assemblies and making school announcements. The otticers are: Beeman Mowery, President: John McBroom, Vice Presidentg Janie von Lohr, Secretary: Tom Brown, Treasurer: and Dick l-loll, parliamentarian. Miss l-lamilton is the taeulty adviser. Q Jody Ogg, Beernan Mowery, John MeBroom, Janie von Lol-ir, Tom Brown, Miss Hamilton. It -Lenora Miller, Judy Glass, Delores Souders, Charlotte Blake, Nancy Young, Marilyn Jacoby, Bob Anthony, -George Haney, Jack Fox, Bob Tschudy, Torn Krieg, Dick Holl, Francis O'Donnell, Richard Bowers, Jim Cole. -Joe Walburn, Paul Hiles, Jerry Hutchison, Ned Myers. Stanley Soliday, Frank Maze, Dan Wells, David Bell, George Lohr 56 COMMERCIAL CLUB The purpose ot the Commercial Club is to promote interest and broaden knowl- edge along the commercial lines ot business. Membership in the club is open to all senior students in the Commercial Course and all junior students enrolled in the same course that have a "B" average or better tor the tirst semester. Otticers ot the club tor this year are: Anne Phillips, president: Marcia Eberst, vice president: Betty Palmer, secretary-treasurer: Mr. McKitriclc, faculty adviser. Regular business meetings are held each month. This year's senior members selected a pin that will be considered the otticial pin ot the club tor the years that tollow. A project consisting ot rnalcing programs and selling them at the tournaments was carried out to tinance the certificates and awards that we earned during the year. Row I-Ann-: Phillips, Marcia Ebcrst, Bctty Palmer, Max O. Mcliitrictc. Row 2-Lorctta Shaw, Dottie Hupp, Lou Ann Campbell, Barbara Stallsmith, Bcrnicc Redd, Jcan Haddox, Jean Daubcnmirc, Wilw Standitord, Mary J. Boch, Mary M. Richards. Row 3-Bctty Lou Dawson, Gaylc Mathias, Mary Anne Moriarty, Joan Thomas, Opal Stump, Lcota Pittman, Lutha Lou Mille Dottie Windsor, Lcona Blackstone, Norma Jcan Hanna, lrenr: Lott. Row 4-Mary E, Pittman, Frances Freeman, Ardella Slnccts, Bonnie Bccry, Vivian l-larblc, Alice Casto, Doris Dvrr, Dora Locli Norma McMillin, Janie Roberts, Marilyn Jacoby, Josephine Conrad. l LATIN CLUB The name for the Latin Club ot I'-747 is "Custoclia Latina Vicesima Centuria" or "Keep- ers ot Latin in the Twentieth Century." The motto is "Este in animo ut Hercules erat in cor- pore" or "Be in mind as Hercules was in body." The membership ot the club is composed ot all students taking Latin ll. During the meet- ings, which are held every other Friday, the pupils become more informed about the lan- guage' through contests and games pertaining to Latin, through songs, and by reports and skits. Thus the purpose ot the Club -is to stimu- late interest in the language so that pupils may benetit trom its many values. The otticers are: President, Marilyn Green: Vice President, Ronnie Soliday: Secretary- Treasurer, Louise Lash. The faculty adviser is Miss Frasch. Row I-Marilyn Greene, Ronnie Soliday, Louise Lash, Alice Frasch. Row 2-Mary Margaret Yates, Martha Shonlc, Robert Shonlc, Donna Shaw, Martha Christman. Row 3-Howard Epstein, Dixie Spaclcey, Teresa Geiger. Donna Hughes, Mary Ann Kern. Row 4-Carl Judy, Wilma Rheinscheld, Helen Foltz, Betty Wright, Bud Geiger, Jayne'Shriner. O SPANISH CLUB "La Tertulia" lThe Happy Gatheringl was organized in the tirst semester by the members ot the second year class for the purpose ot creating interest in the Spanish language and to learn about the lite and literature ot the Spanish speaking countries with Miss Eyerman as our adviser. ln the second semester all those in the first year class having a "B" average tor the tirst semester became eligible tor membership. This year we also had two members who are not in either Spanish class, Bob Anthony. who has finished both years of Spanish, and Pat Heine who lived several years in Mexico. During our organization meeting the officers elected were: Joe Walburn, President: Lois ln- boden, Vice President: Gege Weinrich, Secre- tary: Nancy Young, Treasurer. Row I--Joe Walburn, Lois lnboden, Gege Weinrich, Nancy Young. Row 2-Coramay Williams, Linda Latferty. Grace Shonlc, Shirley Brandon, Barbara Stallsmith. Row 3-Jo Sue Shorr, Jo Ann Spaclcey, Kathleen Bell, Adaline Ruble. Judy Glass. Row 4-Marilyn Brimner, Lawrence Shaad. Amy Lou Harden, Mary Ann Geiger. Jody Ogg, Pat Heine, Bob Anthony. Y-TEENS Row I-Bernice Redd, Barbara Stallsmith, Gege Weinrich, Lois lnboden, Judy Glass, Janie von Lohr, M. A. Geiger, Vivian L. Harblc, Anne Phillips, Adaline Ruble, Marilyn Jacoby. Row 2-Judy Walsh, Marilyn Brimner, Betty Smith, Helen Schrader, J. Heelcert. Shirley Brandon, Martha Sue Cruise, Donna Rheinseheld, Mary Lloyd, Charlotte Blaine, Betty Lou Riseh, Jean Fladdox. Row 3-Faye Beary, Jo Sue Shorr, Mary Frantz, Norma Jean Hanna, Dottie Hupp, Grace Shonlc, Coramay Williams, Kathleen Bell, Charlene Woodard, Martha Allison, Gayle Mathias, Jo Spaclxey, Alice Casto, Martha Larimer. Row 4--Martha Lehman, Margaret Riddle, Norma Starcher, Wavcline Grittith, Norma MeMillin, Linda Latterty, Emma l-lankison. Wilma Brown, Mary Anne Moriarty, Nancy Young, Frieda Campbell, Theresa Sehorr, Letha Lou Miller. Row 5fOpal Stump. Rosemary Summers. Ruth Dolan, Frances Freeman, Janie Roberts, Helen Foltz, Jo Ella Adcock, Dora Jo Locke, Marjorie Hartsoclc, Marcia Eberst, Wanda Keels. Josephine Conrad. 60 Y-TEENS The Y-Teens were formerly known as the Girl Reserves. Many factors led to this change of name. Since the organization is a junior branch of the world-wide Y.W. C.A.. members of the National Board felt that the name should include Y or Y.W.C.A. Also they felt it should describe the age group of the girls. The purpose of the club is "To Find and Give the Best." The motto "To Face Life Squarely" is an inspiration to every member. Membership is open to any girl of the two upper classes in the high school who will subscribe to the stated purpose of the organization. Meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesday night of the month. Along with the regular business meet- ing the program committee provides interesting entertainment. For the more serious side the devotional committee conducts devotions at each meeting. The work of the Y-Teens covered a wide field this year. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, baskets were given to those in need. The financial committee sold re- freshments at all of the home basketball games. This committee also sold pencils with the basketball schedule on them to the students. The social committee gave dancing lessons for those girls who were interested. However. the most important effort of the girls was to organize a Y.W.C.A. chapter here in Logan. They met with many difficulties, but they handled the situation well. Several impressive ceremonies have been held throughout the year. A camp fire ceremonial was certainly beautiful in its simplicity. Each girl carried a candle which added to the beauty of the scene. Hymns were sung by the girls whose voices rose clear and melodious in the night. It was something they would remember in the years to come. Another rite which is held annually is the recognition ceremony. The new members are formally initiated. One part which is especially outstanding is the pin- ning of flowers on the Y-Teen symbol. Tea was served to the mothers who were guests of the girls. Last summer the organization sent two of its members to a Y-Teen camp. Lois lnboden and Janie von Lohr were the lucky ones to go. Here they received informa- tion necessary for the efficient and interesting club. Miss Eyerman, the faculty adviser for the club, guided the girls throughout the year. The officers who served the club were Lois lnboden, President: Judy Glass, Vice President: Janie von Lohr, Secretary: and Mary Ann Geiger. Treasurer. 61 TEEN-TIMERS The Social Efficiency Club of the Freshman Class was reorganized this year under the name Teen-Timers. As in the past, the purpose of the organization is to 'acquaint members with the social situations which they will meet during their high school years and create a teel- ing ot confidence and poise to meet these situations gracefully. Ballroom dancing is one ot the activities in which the group became skilled. A The faculty advisers for the group were: Miss Holmes, Miss Lee. and Mr. Allen. Mr. Joe Gabriel was the dancing instructor. There were eighty members ot the class enrolled in the group which met once a week tor twelve weeks. The meetings were devoted to discussions on manners and practice in dancing. As the climax ot the year, the present group entertained last year's members at an informal dance in the junior high gym. At the last meeting the Teen-Timers invited adult friends as guests ot honor. - TOP SECTION Row I-Marion Allen, Mary Jo Gordon, Carol Clapp. Nancy White, George Ours. Eleanor E. Lee, Sally A. Holmes. Row 2-Jack Smith, Gloria Becker, Carroll McMillen, Rhelna Jewell, David Derr, Freda Nixon, Bill Rose, Evelyn Lanning, Neil Goss, Peggy Ringhiser, Kenneth Bail. Row 3--Margee Wells, Rudy Rempel, Betty Schaad. Cecil Weis. Alice Green. Charles Krannitz, Leona Mock, John Saving, Verna Riddle, Jim Myers, Mary Lou Abell. Row 4-Dick Poling, Mary B. Johnston, Jimmie Broglin, Louise Ellis, Raymond Anderson, Thomas Shanley, Janet Lou Norris, Olcey Foltz, Carol Summers, Bob Simms, Jo Ann Nihiser, Donald Mauk. BOTTOM SECTION Row I-Leola Mock, Bill Richards, Bonnie T. Harble, Jim Frazee, Carol Dyer, Wayne Dupler, Norma Woodard, Fred R. Nutter, Marjorie Harwood, Bill Allbery. Row 2-Sam Goss, Rose Weiland, Leland Williams, Laura Bownes, Bob Kornmiller, Jenny Jo Gano, Orval Yates, Norma Jean Redick, Carroll Polsley, Donna Dalton, Jim West. Betty Hankison. Row 3-Harry Watson, Don Gribble, Katy Green, Dick Martin, Ralph Hinerman, James Donaldson. Kathryn Davis, Bob Keynes, Margaret J. Johnston. Pete Kuhn. Mary Dixon, John Yates. 62 A 5 Z K Q jj 7 A J -3 . if ,R L , Q 5 Q N W wx , 1 Q 9 ,R +73 Q, w'5'ff" lv? " ' Q 1 . 'WA A Vh'A i 'V P' Q 4 Q., . , iw Z.: ."'ff ! L ,, , ff ' K QQSJA Q T 4 L 4 "V"' i I ' 1? er S SQ 5 Q I li N , FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Row l--Clyde Allbery, Harold Nihiser, Max Carpenter, Jack North, Jack Glick, Lester Nihiscr, Howard W. Nowels. Row 2-John Brown, Jack Souders, Frank Frazier, Dale Tucker, Kenneth Bail, Keith Henderson, Jack Mathias, Kenneth Buttrick. Gene Mathias, Paul Dalton. Row 3--Paige Martin, Don Ansel, Herbert McKinley, Joe Howdyshell, Gibeon Sharb, Bob Helber, Don Kline, John Engle, David lnbodcn, Orvai Yates. Row 4-Ralph Clark, Lowell Blum, Jim Moore, John Yates, Merle Ellinger, Ralph Walkcr, George Meadows, George Ours, Bob Huston. Row 5--Earl Funk, Harold Wilson, John L. Tubbs, Delrner Wilson, lerry Brantley, Bill Saxton, Russel Mason, Homer Hartsock, Lewis Nctt, Ray Freeman, Billy Beougher. The Future Farmers ot America is a national organization ot tarm boys that reaches trom the State ot Washington to Puerto Rico, and from the State ot Maine to Hawaii. Objectives ot the Chief Logan Chapter are to develop leadership, promote thritt, encourage co-operative ettort, to improve our homes and surroundings, to promote scholarship, and provide recreation. There are tour ditterent degrees in the organization. They are: Green Hand. Future Farmer, State Farmer, and American Farmer. We have titty-two members in our Chapter. Our motto is: "Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, and Living to serve." The otticers are: Clyde Allbery, President: Harold Nihiser, Vice President: Max Carpenter, Secretary: Jack North, Treasurer: Lester Nihiser, Reporter: Jack Glick, Sergeant at Arms: and Mr. Howard Nowels, Adviser. 64 CAFETERIA Row l-Mae Mills, Lennie Henry, Ruth Mathias, Ethel Frazcc, Gertie Harden. Row 2fJosephine Conrad, Audrey Lehman, Mary Bachus, Regina Proctor, Julia Kuhn, Charlott Blake, Joanne Hansley. L Row 3-Lillian Ringhiser, Richard Smith, Lois Grittith, Jaclc Nixon, Jeanne Kornmiller, Eddi Wallace, Betty Inboden. L Logan High School has been participating in a nation wide school lunch program sponsored jointly by the United States Department ot Agriculture and the Ohio State Department ot Education. Financial aid is granted to schools under this program in the hope that by proper diet and eating habits, malnutrition, and delinquency may be reduced. Approximately 400 students ot the Junior and Senior High Schools and Central Grade School are served a well balanced, hot meal daily. Children unable to pay are served tree ot charge. Miss Roclchold ot the Home Economics Department is supervisor ot the program. Ruth Mathias, ot the ottice statt. is assistant cashier while Mrs. Frazee, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Harden are in charge ot the tood preparation. A group ot high school girls and boys donate their time to malce it possible to serve in the allotted period. 65 LOGAN HIGH SCHOOL BAND The Logan High School Band, under the direction of Mr. James Horwell, partici- pated in numerous activities during the I946-47 season. It attended most of the out-of-town football games, took part in the Christmas parade in Columbus, and pre- sented its annual concert in April. . Some of the members played in the Music Festival which was held March 29, at Jaclcson. All of the Band members received new uniforms this year for which they wish to thank the Band Boosters which made them possible. The following seniors received keys: Margee Phillips, Majorette: Oscar Bartholo- mew, Baritone: Richard Bowers, Bass: Margaret Hanner, Trumpet: Norma Jean McMil- lin, Trombone: Malcolm Dollmatsch, Trombone. The following Band members were awarded letters for three years service: Marilyn Garverick, Marilyn Greene, Donna Rheinscheld: Claraloelle Rempel, Shirley Larimer, Nancy Perkins, Kent Holmes, Marcia Taylor, Malcolm Dollmatsch. The following Majorettes were awarded letters: Rosie Sinnott, Wilma Brown, Margee Phillips. ea x . n 5 , ,l. ,z M Q lf? ,V ,352 ' M -YfS"b'! " -Q f' Skkkl Y K Tx 5 axis , - 'xg .:- 5 fs. - gy ,T ,Ss 5 1' f f f 7 - p w, Y MX. 5, ww -1: Q .Q 9 Q1 'Q 3. fn? 7'6- i I .gf EM! Y Q T. E' Q Q- -,:",S Vf 12 '-5.--,fq eq -vi . ,E...:f:3- HQ!-.K--J'-.-g.,.w4 Ak4Sf25, xB,,.lv Qlyxg t 1 , N . 4 V., .5 fn w V lHlFll lAlmq 'Vhllfgl U l I J 4' 1 jf J 1 f I f' V mt - 1 5 . I Y 4. L i E ix XJ: -1 sv, A: W ,gfx-EI Lia 5 I ' 1 It 6 W 7, QlI2Q'2'Q5":15.aT v" sgfQ,JQLN-w,?"3 ggi S SX xlkx R, :mx 6 F, gM,'iw gxfMf9 X Q Qfig .9 Q 49 3,5 -, 4 9 Q I 2 Q. at nn- .... -Q. ' -li Y 1 I J ' 12' b Q 'S 3 Q W Tx ,iw , ff Q 4: A Q in X? X' . ,iw 'E AX 5 Q -Sk AKQI Vip A IHA, Q ,, X 1 S e-sf-J . L, X- ,gg 51 .e YT ' I ' gig, Q . 1 Ei 3 W i I .s if V, by "' . ..-Q "' Row I--Betty Bowles, Shirley Brandon, Donna Bell Rheinschield, Bernice Redd, Martha Sue Cruise, Lou Ann Campbell, Marcia Taylor, Lois lnboden, Ned Ficlrel, Ken Aclrers, Williard Dieble, Torn Brown. Row 2-Jo Sue Shorr, Marilyn Brinnner, Jean Proctor, Wanda Proctor, Marilyn Jacoby, Marilyn Garvericlr, Rosie Sinnott, Dottie Windsor, Bill Goodlive, Leo Wallace. Row 3--Nancy Young, Roberta Mohler, Gege Weinrich, Corarnay Williams, Mona Proctor, Cclia Parlc, Anne Phillips, Roberta Schmitter, Joe Walburn, Francis O'Donnel, Jim McLain, Jim Cole. Row 4-Vivian l-larble, Wilma Brown, Josephine Conrad, Norrna McMillin, Jody Ogg, Mildred Buslsirlr, Phyllis Shorr, Lewis Nell, Jim Lehman, Don Wells, Malcolm Dollmatsch, Ned Myers. 68 A CAPELLA CHOIR The school year found a group of boys and girls meeting during school and singing a variety of songs. The first project of this group was the presentation of Handel's "Messiah" which was presented in the high school auditorium the week before Christmas. At this time they invited members of the various church choirs to sing with them. Mrs. Walter Prather and Miss Jean Ann Prather were the accompanists. Soloists were Walter Pra- ther, Ralph Poston. Vivian Poston, and Mrs. J. G. Cole. After the Christmas Holidays the group joined with the boys and girls glee clubs in the presentation of the operetta "Riding Down the Sky." Several students from this group were selected for leading parts. Bernice Redd. Martha Sue Cruise. Nancy Young, Eugenia Weinrich, Ned Myers. Francis O'Donnell. Joe Walburn, Tom Brown. and Jack Thomas. Jean Ann Prather was then accompanist. The lovely scenery for this production was designed and painted by Patty Heine. From this attention was turned to the Music Festival to be held in Jackson and intensive drill was spent on this music, as just two weeks elapsed between the operetta and this festival. The members of this group are planning to help with the commencement exercises. as :N fa- at Q " Q 5. F slqfm :P G vw V 5 VY X - A ' Q vm if ff 'sw 3 'f tr he kk 4 hi, 4,kL wp A , Q Q S E mf 3, N 313, My 5 Mew ii wwf P h. 3 V ,W it in 69- ,5 , V A I ki v 5 2 an M4 mfr is ng 1. wg -,h,, , Q ,.,., M., Q., as V, Q1 f A 7 im -if an A f K in X 3 -ig - an . A. , J, V 3 f Q K I Q 1 il, W fl t K A S fy A Q 1 if M I ,,:I AXE QQ N 4' .35 GIRLS' GLEE CLUBS The school year 'Found ninety girls signed up in Glee Club. They were divided into two groups. one known as the advanced glee club, the other known as the be- ginning group. Rehearsals for both of these groups were held twice a week. After the Christmas vacation work was started on the operetta. For several weeks the girls worked in class, then the last week joined with the boys glee club and the choir in the presentation of "Riding Down the Sky." The last appearance of the group was in May. GIRLS' A GLEE CLUB Row I-Reenee Woods, Catherine Lindsay, Kathryn Fox, Ruth Guess, Norma Harsh, Jeanne Korn- miller, Emogene Hanner, Dottie Hupp, Mary Margaret Yates, Joanne Stivison, Donna Hughes, Jean Huston. Row 2-Clarabelle Rempel, Mary Margaret Myers. Mary Ann Beougher, Lillian Richards, Dixie Spackey, Gayle Mathias, Jayne Shriner, Marilyn Green, Ada Mason, Margie Dye, Mary Ann Kern, Ocean Tucker, Frieda Campbell, Margaret Ann Hanner, Betty Dowler. Row 3-Mary Wallace, Martha Christman, Doris Farley. Mary Jo Graham, Doris Blosser, Shirley Larimer, Pat Lackey, Doris Kline. Sally Ford, Miriam Wells, Patty Swartz, Joanne Hansley. Row 4-Violet Davis, Donna Shaw, Louise Lash. Janie Roberts, Margee Campbell, Wilma Rhein- scheld, Betty Lou Dawson. GIRLS' B GLEE CLUB Row I-Norma Starcher, Nola Warthman, Betty Ringhiser, Linda Latterty, Martha Miller, Mary Richards, Margee Phillips, Anita Columber, Jean Haddox, Margaret Riddle. Row 2-Jean Daubenmire, Catherine West, Jean Letfler, Helen Blackston, Mary Bachus. Jeanine Spence, Alice Casto. Faye Beery, Wilma Standitord. Row 3-Evelyn Nutter, Coletta Judy, Bonnie Fox, Frances Beery, Mary Ann Moriarty, Frances Freeman, Lois Edwards, Opal Stump, Mary Dolan, Jean Marsh. 71 BOYSYGLEE CLUB Forty-tive boys attended the opening rehearsal ot the glee club. After testing voices and assigning them to parts they were ready to go. The tirst appearance ot this group was before the high school students. A tew ot the boys were chosen to sing with the choir tor their Christmas program. Atter the second semester work was started on the Operetta. From this group ot boys three were chosen tor leads in the production "Riding Down the Sky." Row I-Kent Holmes, Keith Summers, Buzzie Mason, Herbert Hiles. Harold Barton, Donald Kimble. Charles L. Nixon. Row 2-.lack Nixon, John Latterty. Gerald Culbertson, Harold Blaekston, Clarence Oblinger, Leon- ard Pritts, Da e C. Walker, Pat Rose. Row 3-Dave Myers, Keith Hartmann, George Tucker, Ed Butler, Ralph l-lemsworth, Jerry Connor Richard Smith, Boyd Wright, Ray Leasure, Leroy Mowery. Row 4-Jerry Hutchison, .lohn McBroom, David Bell, Eddie Wallace, Joe Aukcr, Don Wells, Stanley Soliday, Glen Van Atta, Jim Donahue, Jack Warner, Lee Hilcs, Stanley Norris. 72 NOTES VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Football practice started this tall under the direction ot Head Coach Tom Arm- strong and his helper, Marion Allen. The season did not look any too bright with only tive lettermen back from the previous year, but out ot this group ot young manhood the Coaches produced a team-a good team. The tirst game ot the season we tied a highly favored Lancaster eleven. After losing by one point to an under-rated B.l.S. team, we overpowered the Nelsonville team. Then we hit a losing streak, losing tirst to Athens and then to Pomeroy, which should not have been so. Atter getting out ot the hole, we whipped Gallipolis and then Wellston. The tollowing week we met Middleport, who had had only three touch- downs scored against them all season, and we took them to the cleaners by scoring three touchdowns to their one. Then we rolled up our biggest score ot the season by beating Jackson 27 to O. Row I-Haney, Mowcry, Bartholomew, Wright, Goodlive, Lohr, McLain, Bowers, Bell, Conrad. Glick. Row 2-Anthony, Gabriel, L. Mowery, B. Conrad, Fish, Heine, Warner, Donahue, l-loll. Wallace, Mazc, Mason. Row 3-Wells, Nihizcr, l-tiles, Soliday, O'Donnell, Clark, McBroom, Cole, B. Mowery, Summers. Row 4-l-lamerick, Armstrong. Allcn. 74 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Team VVe Lancaster ........,.. ... 7 Boys'lndustnalSchool.. ... 6 Nekonvme ......., ...2I fhthens ... .. . 6 Pomemy ... .H 6 Gauipohs ... ...I9 VVelkton . .. ...2O Middbpod .. ...ZO Jackson .,, ...27 RESERVE FOOTBALL SQUAD They 7 7 0 3I 7 6 7 7 O Row I-Jim Krannitz, Jerry Connors, Don Mauk, Herb Hilcs, Ronnic Soliday, Jim Fish, Bill Rafclcrty, Lawrence Ellis, Lonnie Bails, Leo Wallace, Ray Anderson, Wayne Hamrick, Coach. Row 2-Bob Simms, Bob Keynes, Jim Gabriel, Pete Kuhn, Richard Skivcr, Jack Smith, Charlcs Krannitz, Bob Burgess. Ned Carter, Dick Poling. Row 3-Dick Smith, John Yates, Pctc Ololingcr, Bob Kornmillcr, Dick Martin, Ned Shaw, Fred Nuttcr. 75 goofgaf olgitefnflefl Name Top Row-llefttoright1- DALE MOWERY ..., BOB EISK ..,....,.. JOHN MQBROOM .... PAUL CONRAD ...,........ ..A., JACK GLICK fCaptain-electj Bottom Row-- GEORGE HANEY .AA.. GEORGE LOI-IR ..A. HAROLD Nli-HSER .... JIM MCLAIN .,... JACK WARNER ..., Position Quarterback . . Euiibacic ...... Left i-ialfloack , Left I-iahrback . Fullback ...... Right Haiibacic .Center ....... Left Halfbacic .... .Left Guard . ,. .Right End ..., 78 Class . . .,..... Junior Sophomore , ..... Senior ... Senior .,. Junior .., Senior ... Senior ... Senior Mr. Junior .... Junior joofgaf olgffefniefl 5' Name Top Row-Ilett to rightl- DAVE BELL ICaptainl .,.,., ... OSCAR BARTHOLOMEW .,., .. DICK I-IOLL, ........... ., .. BOYD WRIGI-IT. .. DON WELLS. , . Bottom Row- JIM DONAHUE. .. BOB I-IEINE. .. . FRANK MAZE ..LL. EDDIE WALLACE. L. RICHARD BOWERS .,,. Position Lett End .. Right End . Right Tackle Right Tackle Lett End ,. Lett Tackle Center .... Right Tackle Right Guard Lett Tackle 77 Class . . . Senior . . . Senior . . . Senior Sophomore . . . Senior . . . Junior I . . Senior . . . Senior Sophomore . . . Senior joofdaf Jgffermen Name Position CIass DON GABRIEL .........., .... L eit Guard .... Junior FRANCIS OIDONNELL ,... .... L eff Tackle . . ... Senior BILL GOODLIVE ...,.... ...Right Guard ... ... Junior geel"LafJel"6 Row I-AdaIine Ruble, Nancy Young, Jody Ogg, Row 2-Barbara Stallsmlth, Bernice Redd. Row 3-Roberta Scirmitter, Shirley Brandon. 78 omecoming ueen ana! Courf Our Homecoming Queen, pretty Marilyn Jacoby, reigned over the Middleport game on November I, I946. The Queen and her court were chosen by the student body in a general election. l-ler attendents were Anne Phillips, Mona Funk, Norma McMillin, and Jody Ogg. The Queen and her court, wearing lovely tormals, rode onto the tield in a gaily decorated convertible. They were then presented with corsages trom the Student Council and triends by the President ot Student Council, Ned Myers. While the band honored Marilyn by forming Q U E E N, Bob Warner sang "A Pretty Girl is Lilce a Melody." Row I-Jody Ogg, Queen Marilyn Jacoby, Norma McMillin. Row 2-Mona Funlc, Anne Phillips. r bbs- 79 Wh? , , my :QA LUGRN 1 Q Z gx 1 OGAN LUERN DEAN LOGAN J qa ,, , "5 'H' E if 3 U fi Q: W 22.62, xkbit WEA! X9 I Q ,AKZ J, I if faezsf jw 5,4,l R rxqsiyQTxus4,y' 9554! Q4 22 as as ef, x gmail. -V , im ., :,5R w Qyf mcg and sg Q ?? BASKETBALL REVIEW With basketball practice starting in mid November, Coach Armstrong had only four Iettermen to build a team around, only one of these being an experienced player, but by the time the first game rolled around there was a well-shaped team. After a few practice games we were ready for Circleville, who took us by a one point margin. Columbus Central, defending Champions of the Columbus City League, then rolled over us. The following week we started our League games by encountering Pomeroy. After a close game, Pomeroy finally wound up on top by a four point lead. Getting out of the rut, we beat Athens in our first home game on the hilltop hardwood court. The rut again claimed a victim in the form of the Logan quintet, at the hands of Middleport, who caught us in a post-New Year hangover. After getting our feet under us again we whipped the Nelsonville Greyhounds, then Jackson, then we over- powered Gallipolis with a lopsided victory. The following week we beat Wellston on our home court. We again tasted the bitterness of defeat, this time at the hands of Pomeroy and then Athens. The Pomeroy game started the second half of our round- robin schedule. At this time we beat the Jackets of Middleport, who were up on top of the League. To follow that up, we first swamped Nelsonville, then, in a close game, Jack- son, then Gallipolis, before we fell. This time it was the Wellston Rockets who took us by four points on their home court. This ended the League play, but we had big hopes for the tournaments, only to fall to Portsmouth by one point. This year we ended in a tie for third place with Middleport, but, despite this. Logan had more players on the AII-Southeastern Ohio choice than any other team. We had our ups and downs but each and every player should be proud to say that he was a member of this squad. Logan's team this year had that determined fight, no matter what the score. This team was outstanding for sportsmanship, ability, and cooperation. Congratulations squad! BASKETBALL RESERVE SCORES Team We They Team We They Circleville ..... ,..... ...... 2 7 22 Wellston . ..... 36 22 Columbus Central ....... .,.. 8 36 Pomeroy ... ..... 30 I5 Pomeroy ..................... 9 7 Athens , .... ...., 2 I 24 Athens ... ......,..,..... .. .30 34 Middleport ... .... .34 I5 Middleport-forfeited to Logan Nelsonville , ..... 32 23 Nelsonville .............,..... I6 25 Jackson .... ..,.. 2 O I3 Jackson ...................... 28 I4 Ciallipolis . .. ..... 26 24 Gallipolis ... ..,... 40 I3 Wellston ..... 37 23 81 KCIISLQMCLZ ofgttefnien Top Row- JCI-IN MQBROOM Forward Senior ICaptalnI GEORGE HANEY Guard Senior JIM MQLAIN Forward Junior Rnunm RAW, NPD MYERS Cr-nter Senior IOE KRIEG Guard Senior GEORGE LOI-IR Center Senior VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Team We They CircIeviIIe ,.,..... .... 3 4 35 Columbus Central .,, .... 36 57 Pomeroy .,r.... ..., 3 8 42 Athens ...... .... 4 8 38 MiddIeport ,. .... 27 53 NeIsonviIIe .. .... 55 45 Jackson . .. .... 49 28 GaIIipoIis . .... 62 33 WeIIston . .... 50 38 Pomeroy , .. .,.. 46 59 Athens .. ... .,..32 37 Middleport . . ,... 58 56 NeIsonviIIe . .... 69 34 Jackson . .. .... 33 30 GaIIipoIis . ................ .... 6 I 40 Wellston , .......,............ .... 4 8 52 TOURNAMENT Portsmouth .. ...... ... ....,. . ... .48 49 82 Top Row- BOB WARNER Guard Senior DAVE BELL Forward Senior BOB FISK Forward Sophomore Bottom Row- NED FICKEL Guard Junior JERRY HUTCHINSON Manager Senior First Second . Third-Tie Fourth .. Fifth . . . Sixth . . . Seventh . Z?a5Lef6.J ollfrwmm LEAGUE STANDING .. Logan- 83 . Pomeroy .. Atiivns Middiupori . Wciiston Wciiston Galiipolis Nclsonvilir- ociaf While attractive decorations centered by a huge football served as the back- ground, the annual Football Dance was held on November l5, I946. The team members were honored guests as the dancing began at 8 o'clock to "juke box" music. At 9:30 a program was presented which included briet talks by the coach, our football captain Dave Bell, and Queen Marilyn Jacoby. A skit was also presented by Bob Anthony, George Lohr, Buzz Mason, and SyliSummers. lntermission followed after which dancing was resumed until twelve. BASKETBALL DANCE The annual dance in honor ot our basketball team was held in the L.H.S. gym on March 2I, 1947. The gym was attractively decorated with Spring as the theme. A program, presented at 9:30, included a brief talk by Johnny McBroom, basketball captain. I Music tor dancing, which lasted from 8:00 'till 12:00, was furnished by l'lorwell's Harmonaires. JUNIOR SENIOR PROM The Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 23 in L.l'l.S. gym. The program, in which the tirst six honor students took part, began at 8:00. The gym was attractively decorated in scarlet and white, the senior class colors. Parents were invited to watch the program and the dancing, which was enjoyed until l:00. DANCES AFTER THE JACKSON AND NELSONVILLE GAMES Following a practice established last year, several informal dances were held in the gym after basketball games. The first of these dances was held after the Jackson game and was sponsored by the Student Council. The second dance, which was held after the Nelsonville game, was sponsored by Horwell's Harmonaires. This orchestra 'Furnished music 'For both dances which were well attended by students and team followers ot the respective schools. 84 omecoming 85 C L A S S O F I 9 4 6 People are always wondering what the members ot last year's class are doing now. It is the desire ot the Aerial Staff in publishing this Alumni Report to inform you ot their whereabouts and doings. Achauer, Woody ...... ,4... W ooster College Adams, Allen ...,,..... Ohio State University Adcock, Mary Jo ...,,.. Ohio State University Allen, Paul ......... Frasure and Brown Dairy Armstrong, Bob ...,...... Logan Bulk Station Auker. Richard..Pratt Aurand, Paul ..,.... Hawkinson Tread Service ... .. .Logan Pottery Bailey. Catherine .,...,........,... Columbus Barker, Janice .... Beall, Jacqueline . Beougher, Leroy . . . . .Ohio University ..............Married S.Army Blum. Shirley .,.. Farm Bureau, Columbus Bowers, Betty .,... Brown, Hal ....,.... . . . .Bliss Business College ........Webb Summit Brown, Margaret .,.. ......,.,.....,.. I saly's Buntz, Judy .....,..,.,,,. Lanning Motor Co. Campbell, Mary Jane..Farmers and Merchants Cardinal, Ruth Ann Carr, Irene .....,. Clark, John ...,..... Coakley, Mary Lou Cooper, Betty ....... Bank .......Ohio University ...........Married S. Army . .,......,...... Logan C. Godman Co. Daubenmier, Gayle ,... . ,,.......,.,.. Logan Dolan, Elaine ...,,............. Pennsylvania Dunkle, Bob ........ Logan Home Furnishings Eckhart, Lester . . Emerick, Bob ... Engle, Mary ..., Fetherolt, Elsie . Fickle, Bruce .. Flood, Irene . . Francis, Eleanor Francis, MaryJean .. Fuller, Delores ...... Graham, James .,.., . .,........... Elberteld 5 .. ...... Elberteld's .....,....Married .,........,...Logan .....Ohio University ................Married ............Mutual Store Farmers and Merchants Bk. ...Paper Factory, Logan ...Ohio State University Greene, Louis .......,.....,.... U. S. Navy Haas, Harold ...... Ohio Wesleyan University Hammond, Juanita .... Logan Foundry Otlice Harble, Violet ........... I-l. C. Godman Co. Hartman, Mary Lou ................ Morris's Hartman, Robert .... .... . .C. 8: O. Railroad Hett, Dallas .................... U. S. Navy Hett, Patti ,..... Farmers and Merchants Bank Heinlein, Harold ................ U. S. Army Hite, Bertie ............ . ..,........ Married Hemsworth, Glen ............ Ohio University Huls, Barbara .... Western College for Women Jacobs, Lois .......... Red Xr White Grocery Jewell, Bob ...................... Columbus Johnson. George .. Kanode, Jo-Anne Kanode, June . . Kelch, Martha .. Kessler, Catherine Kinney, Charles . S. Army ................Married ...................Logan .....Ohio State University .. .. . . . .Ohio Power Co. ......,Miami University K'MilIer, Mary .... .... O Flice Training School Knox, Kenneth ........,.......,.... Dayton Lackey, Ralph ,....... ........ . .U. S. Army Latterty, Sally ....., Lehman, Maxine Athens Messenger, Logan ..........,......,.Married Linsey, Leroy ....... .... K eynes Mill Littlejohn, Amy Lou ................. Logan Lyke, Leah ....... Magle, Roy ....... Mason, Janice .................Married .....Logan Clay Products ................Columbus Mathias, Jerry ....................... Logan Mathias. Ruth ..... McDonald, Retha M eadows, Kathryn . .Logan High School Office .................Married .. .H. C. Godman Co. Mills. Bud ........ ........ F ox's Grocery Mowery, Delmar . Mowery, Mona .... Mundy, Carlene Mundy, Zella ..... Myers, Joann ..... Norris, Ruth Ann... .. .. .Miami University ... .Gas Office, Logan .....................Logan .................Kroger's McCray Insurance Agency ....St. Louis Conservatory of Music Norris, Selma . .. ............. Married North, Jean ..... Court House Ohlinger, Joanne .. ....... Court House Parry, Bob ......... ............... L ogan Platt, Carol Faith Poling, Letha Lou Pond, Phil ..f . . .. Reed. Eileen ... .. .. .Antioch College . . . . . . .Logan Clay Products Polsley, Walter .... 8: O. Railroad S. Navy C. Goodman Co. Rees, Jim ....... .......... U . S. Army Rhoades, Jo-Anne ................. Married Ricketts. Mark ........ ............... L ogan Riddlebarger. Charles...Logan Chakers Theatre Ringhiser, Leota..Olivet College, Kankakee. Ill. Robinette. Danny ................ U. S. Army Rush, Ann ......... Lancaster Business College Sargent, Irvin .................... Michigan Schafer, Teresa ..Farmers and Merchants Bank Schorr, Florence .. Schmitter, Bob .... Scott, Dorothy Shaw, Jim ........ Sheets, Martha .... Smith, Allen .. Snider, Ruth Starr, Charles . St. Clair, Joan . Stimel, Eloise. Stone, Marie Struble, Irene Stump, Gerald .. Taulbee, Alice . Thomas. Lloyd Timberlake. Patti... Tipton, Frances .. Ucker, Joan ...... Van Curen, Merton. Van Sickle, Wayne. Walker, Harlan Walls, Richard Walsmith, Helen. .. Warthman, Garnet Weede, Geraldine .................Morriss . . . . . .Logan Clay Products ................CoIumbus S. Army .. .Capital Business School ................Michigan C. Godman Co. .. . . .. .Logan Pottery .............Court House . . . .Martin's Electric Shop . . . . .Gas Otiice, Columbus ................Morris's . ..... Ohio University .H. C. Godman Co. S. Army ....New Castle. Indiana .... .. .Pritchard's ................Columbus .. . . . .Natco. Haydenville .. . . . . . .Logan Buick 'Sales .....Lehman's Hardware ..................Dayton ...Farm Bureau, Columbus ..................Logan .................Morris's Williams, Delores...Natco Office, Haydenville KING LUMBER CO. Everyfhing To Build Everyfhing PHONE 40I 67 EAST FRONT STREET LOGAN, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS Mu+uaI S+o re I B L 0 S S E R S OUTFITTERS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY EAT IN AIR coNDmoNED coMFoRT -Baby -Son SELECTIVE MENU --Daughter -Faiher Good Food Is Good Health" -Mother Phone 7 Logan, Ohio ALL-WAYS-"THE BEST FOR LESS B7 COMPLIMENTS OF HEINLEIN 81 SONS Day or Nighf Ambulance Service 204 WEST MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 28 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY DeparI'menI' S+ore "A Cash Purchase Is a Cash Saving at Penney's" Complimenis CHIDESTER'S METAL AND RADIATOR SHOP HEATING, VENTILATING, BLOWERS ROOFING, SPOUTING BUILT UP AND BIRD SHINGLES Phone 636 45 North Spring Sheet A. R. HUMMEL EAST FRONT STREET GROCERY AND FILLING STATION Loc-AN, oHlo E38 Compliments of THE LOGAN POTTERY COMPANY LOGAN, ol-no DAYTON SCHULTHEIS GENERAL INSURANCE Work Bro+I1ers HARDWARE, STOVES, PAINTS. AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PI1 9I C g t I t and Best Wishes CONGRATULATIONS TO THE To Each I947 Graduate CLASS OF '47 WA R N E R'S KEYNES BROTHERS COMPLIMENTS OF THE LOGAN DAILY . NEWS NEW COLORINGS FOR SPRING, HAND-PRINTED ON 599692 gpmdad by 3111: Gunnar -3. ' Traditional neat foulard ' d A des1gns Ill special colorings planned for wear wxth baslc Sprmg clothmg shades Thls fine foulard IS hand prmted and Qi 59' R-'ings Golden Shuttle FQ? Weavers of specxal will Q3 rayon yarns ,591 M3 C1155 me? 'Fay QQ S250 mm, esbmg QQ We ef 4, Q5 5' ,,.,, -, ,5,. , Q1 -.3-A ' ' ' gn, .::-v--f:E:f'- ' .' .6 fgfiizriff - ' A:2i1,Z.511E -1- "':13-I. 21.5:.,...,. 5' woven by the famous - ,-. f f as Q I .g'EiffEfQ,i2 Q 'jS,,., :g33?q1jf,f' ""-f" ' 5,3 ., . . We 1,3-Y Zigi: JM: 'W-.P :J fsg, 'Q V, '35, ' J " - xzfrfisisg 2:1231 " - . fs 5 E511 1-' , '1Qs.Qg., . - . wx sit? ..Qi::,- -FQ. E:tf,4.:wE:v.:AA.- I Q, ' 12-1123 ' -b W 'Vis -'gqzkgu :li :f3f'.I'53:f:i2:, F1 335 ., -sg2g5:5:5gs-- 2 V , 3 .- . 1. -'V-ii' ' ,K-f Wil- -'NA ' ,.-:3:g:E:Qx , 3' 11.212, 'Qi '-235' 1 " 59 494' 5'IE5:1af::-. 1 3- fiizqlffx Z5-" ' --5-'i?21. vi ,WW ,Q Wf5?i252i5iEE:?l 'Eff . -' D. We '-'QP ,iffy "" as " ,A -- a . wg 5. mess M ' psf " SX .1-:P--1:51 s X Vt 'NB f W' Q. x 'Qi' 4 A V .. . 'f Ke" 'Qs -1 723' " ,, :Q 'Q ' . ffm: , X ELBERFELD'S WXHCH VRO H' 58 West Second Street Logan, Ohio ESTABLISHED HB6 F. W. Weiland FRASURE 81 BROWN JEWELER fo' BETTER PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS 54 West Main Street Logan, Ohio PHONE 52 COMPLIMENTS, CLASS OF '47 CITY LOAN 66 East Main Street Phone 60l Loans S I 0--S I .000-Individual Finance Loans SI,000-SI0.000 Thru Your Dealer Stoody Feed Service VITALITY FEEDS POULTRY, DAIRY, HOG AND PIG RABBIT-DOG MEAL West Hunter Street Logan, Ohio Congratulations . . . Class of I947 HANSEL BROTHERS Phone 3 3I West Main Street COMPLI MENTS OF JURGIE'S COMPLIMENTS OF Logan Home Furnishing WEST MAIN STREET LOGAN, OHIO GRANDY'S ACCESSORIES AND PARTS FOR AUTOMOBILES AND BICYCLES WEST MAIN STREET The Logan Manufacturing Co. EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER 325 East Front Street Phone 3I CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF YOU-CLASS OF I947 . . . ,444 JOM .Sibwko PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Your School Photographer Since 1937 QUALITY AND SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO Kodak-Commercial-and Portrait Finishing 5BV2 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 272I LOGAN. OHIO 92 OLD SPICE TOILETRIES SHAEFFER'S PENS RISCH DRUG STORE 0 WHITMAN'S CHOCOLATES 9 LUCIEN LELONG COLOGNES 0 RUBENSTEIN TOILETRIES coNGRATuLATloNs CLASS OF '47 LOGAN CORN CRIB Congratulations and Best Wishes to Each Member of the I947 Class of Logan High LEONARD FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE I83 East Second Street Logan, Ohio THE LOGAN CLAY f0mP'imenfS of PRODUCTS CO- ERNIE'S TAXI COMPANY Manufacturers of PHONE 444 VITRIFIED CLAY SEWER PIPE WALL COPING-STOVE PIPE FLUE LINING-FIRE BRICKS CONGRATULATIONS And Other Clay Products SEPTIC TANKS AND DRAIN TILE FOR PRITOI'IARD'S MODERNIZING FARM PROPERTY SANDWICHES AND Factory and Office-Logan, Ohio-Phone I84 93 -ll COMPLIMENTS OF THERE'S A FORD M O R R I S 'N YOUR FUTURE sc, I0c, TO Sl STORE COHSICSLIICRIOIIS, Class of '47 Mao ey SUITS-SPORT CLOTHING-FURNISHINGS AT POPULAR PRICES ARROW SHIRTS-MALLORY HATS UNION CLOTHING C0. Logan, Ohio LOGAN, OHIO Besf Wishes Class of '47 FRIENDLY SOHIO SERVICE-ATLAS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES THE HUIIKING CIIUNTY Ull IIUMPANY Front and Depoi Streeis PHONE 4294 LOGAN. OHIO OHIO POWER COMPANY 94 Compliments PraH's Sandwich House "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT WHERE OLD FRIENDS MEET" Phone I I2 799 West Logan, Ohio Hunter Street GREETINGS, GRADUATES CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING YOUR FIRST MILESTONE FROM GEI Joe S. Case, '08 Winona Case, '95 Suzanne Case, '43 John E. Krieg. '09 '22 Jo Robey Case, '44 Olga B. Hugli, Mabel Sanderson John Lafferty, '48 Charles Edward Arnold COM PLIMENTS OF GER BROTHERS YOUR PLUMBER Joan Loomis, '46 Robert Sigler, '49 Robert Campbell, '39 Cases Drug Store 758 West Front Street-Phone 674 Compliments Class of '47 WHEN YOU THINK OF TIRES, THINK OF US! PRATT HAWKINSON TREAD SERVICE 753 West Hunter Street PHONE 284 LOGAN, OHIO 95 EDNA'S FOOD MARKET FGX EAST MARKET FRESH AND CURED MEATS RESH VEGETABLES .AND GROCERIES QUALITY MERCHANDISE Wes Hun e PI1 I62-II42 t I St t WE DELIVER 298 E t M St t The Logan Bulk Filling SI'a+ion. Inc. BaH'eries, Tires, Groceries LOGAN, OHIO COM PLI M ENTS OF .Szlcmiffelf if Bakery TO THE CLASS OF '47 Ask for SchmiHer's Bread, Pies, Cakes, and Cookies HERFF-.ION ES Company Designers and Manufacfurers of School ancl College Jewelry Graclualion Announcemenls Medals. Cups ancl Trophies INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA JEWELERS AND STATIONERS TO LOGAN HIGH SCHOOL She DZIJWLQJOIPPBJJ PRINTERS Specializing in High School, College and University Fraternity and Educational Publications .x4fAen4, 0450 Oblinger Grocery T49 SOUTH DEPOT STREET GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION LOGAN, Oi-no PHONE izsi ECONOMY MARKET "WHERE QUALITY AND ECONOMY MEET" I50 Zanesville Avenue-Phone 45I I Logan, Ohio KEITH L. SCHULTZ, PFOPTICEOI Theo. C. Johnson Company WESTINGHOUSE PRODUCTS ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORK Phone 45-Rear I6 Easi Main Street-Logan, Ohio COM PLIM ENTS OF ARCADE SHOE STORE 62 East Main Street WOODARD BLUM 81 BLUM The Gas Well Service Station GROCERIES AND MEATS PUROL PRODUCTS-YALE TIRES DRIVE SAEELY AND BE SURE WITH PURE -We Deliver- Cenny Weltner-Your FriencIIy Neighbor 878 W H S Ph f t f CORNER MAIN and HUNTER Z5 ur " 'ed "" 628' Capital, Surplus, and Undivided Profits Over 5250000.03-Total Resources Over S4,000,000.00 FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK LOGAN, OHIO MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM-MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION AFFILIATED WITH BANK OHIO CORPORATION Lanning Motor Company H E I N E STAGE COACH INN P A C K I N G SUPER ONE-STOP STATION C O . Goodyear and Dayton Tires Sterling Gasoline-Quaker Motor Oil 255 EAST MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 600 100 Ea EXTRA RICH ICE CREAM LOGAN'S MOST COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 498 West Hunter Street Logan Ohno CONGRATULATIONS S C H E M P P Beauty Shop Phone 80 PERMANENT WAVE-COOL WAVE LOGAN MUSIC CO. LOGAN, OHIO EIcctrIcoI Appliances-Instrumcnts--Record PIeyers Records-Fluorescent Lights-Radios-Sheet Music Radio Tubes 72 West Main Street Telephone 443 IO yunLer gfoflaem, nc. 4 X Xi 5 15 'iv XL EXQ, O., SPORTING GOODS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '47 The Meldrim-St. Clair Company The Oldest and Most Reliable Feed and Implement Store in Town COMPLIMENTS OF Carpenter's Hardware EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES-SPORTING GOODS STROUPE'S BAKERY WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL KINDS OF ORDERS I I0 East Main Street Logan, Ohio PHONE 506 McGregor Sports Wear Exclusive at Our Store See Our Display of McGregor Swim Shorts and Short Sleeve Shirts to Match Achauer's Men's Shop "EVERYTHING FOR THE WELL-DRESSED MAN" COMPLIMENTS OF v. w. MARTIN G. E. APPLIANCES THE LOGAN FOUNDRY 81 MACHINE CO. Phone 30-Logan, Ohio PIPE-CORDAGE-WIRELINES Manufacturers and Distributors GREY IRON CASTINGS-BRASS CASTINGS-FORGINGS OIL AND GAS WELL SUPPLIES GENERAL MACHINE WORK-FISHING TOOL RENTAL SERVICE 103 LCGAN R011-'N I-'00 LOCK R P ANT 104 . i I we ff . Wi Y 4 4 ., .4 , ' ? ' ., ,' A J-,siv 'diff 'if'-F 1 . 5+ r -4: v ' 9 My - ,xv ,ing k ' , 1 4 vm - -n 1 ' s N I .1f- . V+ fu Y- , . fig I -. -.i-5 -m,f,j: "" -. :ag '. .2419 I Mg 'Y - ' - L,,n,,-3, ,. - 5. Aux 1 1-1 , , V .n..,' R .fk-:v-. U 7' ' 5?-.,,-W1 ' ' r .4 ' 145' 1 - ' vi 1- -Lf. sry . ,r ,K ' 'a' ' 1 f ' . ' Q- , - , ,, -,I -K ww, ' ' A . . , ,, Q A . - 54: . - - ,ZAR L7 vxL:. Ei V Y his 3' 1 '-' - 1 ,W rr F I K 1' It 'ly' ' few- 1, --' "GSK-":.1,,-1,.,r Y , , . L , , 1 4-'wr 0 1 gs .1 .rf J- J. '01 1 51 .S" X . - -13 A PM , .fa A K 5 , . N. Y A A ,X ,:,,vp, w 5 : :VV 6 QL I A It Q-lv ' A ' V V, i' , 'N -i,.:LVfi r 'A K K V' F if - 23 : , '-' ' ' i' r - - -- ' ,. - ,y. m e - , ' . --.F V " , UVM ,L2,: ,5-143 Q14 -

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