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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1945 volume:

J' Cibecbcafion - T1-IE 1945 AERIAL IS DEDICATED TO THE BOYS AND GIRLS OF THE CLASS OF '45 WHO ARE NOW SERVING OR WILL BE SERVING IN THE ARMED FORCES OF OUR COUNTRY. 2 N sri.. if x . X . 113' 'ifsihi x E . 1 f M 6 B V 1 .M E 5 4 Q FACULTY J Fiunii B. Biiiuziiilii-3Lii A.B., M.A. Ubcrlin Collcgc UhiuSt:1tc University SlllLlCl1lc,:Ulll1Cil Advisur Vriiicipnl uf Logan High Schuol Lli-.music E. Cxiuz AB., M.A. Uliin Uiiivcrsity Ohio Stntc Univcrsity Supcriiitciidciil of Logan Public Schools BAR'I'Ii LL Ii 1'IAMIL'1'0N B.S. in Education, Ivliaini University, University of Southern California. Instrucf tor in American Literature, Puhlic Speaking. Palyers' Guild Advisor, Speech Cluh Advisor. Ixus M. Lowuiw B.A., Ohio Wesleyziii Uni' versity, M.A., Ohio State University Instructor in World I. .ory, Typewriting. Senior Class Advisor. ALICE FRASCH A.B., Capital University, M.A,, Ohio State University. Instructor in English, Latin. lunior Class Advisor, Latin Club Advisor. LOGAN HIGH SARAH Rock HOLD B.S., Miiinii University, M.S., Ohio State University. Inf structor in Home Economics, Supervisor of School Lunch' room. MUNILZA UCXER B.S., Ohio University, Grad' uatc Student, Ohio Univerf sity. Instructor in Typewrit- ing, Stenography. Junior Class Advisor. Commercial Club Advisor, Tom ARMSTRONKQ Tusculuin College, A,B., University of Tennessee, Inf structor in Physical Educa' tion, Coach of Athletics. SCHOOL FACULTY Ai.1r:i-. Gi-.Nrviiavia Pos'roN B.A., B.S. in Education, M.A., Ohio State University. lnstructor in Biology, Gen- eral Science. Aerial Advisor. MARY E. EYERMAN A.B., Capital University, Graduate Student, Ohio State University. Instructor in Spanish and English. Spanish Cluh Advisor. Girl Reserves Advisor. DAYTON SCHULTHEIS B.S., Ohio University, Grad' uate Student, Ohio State Un- iversity, Instructor in Mathe- lVllNNlli L. Bowiarv visor. HARo1.nSAx'i'oN riculture. F.F.A. Advisor. Bachelor School Music, Oh- erlin College: M.A., Colum' hia University. Music Super' B.S., Ohio State University. Instructor in Vocational Ag' matics, Salesmanship. Aerial Advisor. WALTER M. HAAs B.S., M.A., Ohio University. Social Studies, Preflnduction Course. JOAN GESLING B.S., Duke University, Ohio Northern University, Ohio State University. Girls' Phys' ical Education Instructor. HARLEY ELLINGER B.S., M.A., Capital Univerf sity, Ohio State University. lnstructor in Commercial Arithmetic, Physics, Chemf istry, Preflnduction Course. Hi-Y Advisor. l l JAMES RITTUERS B.S., M,A,, Ohio University. lnstructor in Industrial Arts, Social Sciences, Preflnducf tion Course. Sophomore Class Advisor SENIOR CLASS SONG-I945 TUNE-"waiting" Our school, when we will leave you, We'll have our fond memories so true. Yearning, to be returning, To all the good times we had each day. We must keep on the go, Remembering all we know, And give the world the hest that we know how, So, friends, will you rememher That the best will come back to you some day. We know, there is no other That we could love more than we love you. Thinking, of you we're thinking, That we do hate to he leaving you. We have to leave you now, And find our way somehow, Into this mixedfup world that we now face, But we will have our chins up Because that's just what we learned from our school. -fWords hy Marcia Holzapfel Shirley Hutchison 8 WI YQ-wfygn-:-f'.' r ' 'I ' X ig!-"lf" ' f"'f-'ff 'F 'nhrw X SALUTATORY Parents, faculty members, and friends: It is my very great privilege, on behalf of the class of 1945, to welcome you to our commencement exercises. You, through your help and guidance, have made it possible for us to graduate. We are deeply grateful to you, and we are happy to have you here to witness our graduation. We are graduating in a world which is still unsettled, but because of the sacriiice and effort of many who have graduated before us, our future is bright. Armed with the basic education which we gained here, we shall go forth to uphold the American way of life and to strive for lasting world peace. In closing, may I again express the gratitude of our hearts and again bid you, "Welcome," e -Bob Stallsmith. l-l1 VALEDICTORY In this world everything that marks an end also marks a beginning. The end of one day is the beginning of the next, the end of one task, the beginning of another. So it is with our education. What we have learned at school, valuable as it is, is only a beginning. The end of our school work means merely the commencement of those experiences which will put to the test the principles we have learned. Today means different things to each of us. To some it is the commencement of higher educational workg to others it is the beginning of business life or home cares or service in the Armed Forces. Many of our classmates have already heard the call of duty and are now serving our country. We go forth into a troubled world. Whether the world will be a better place in which to live or not depends on us and on millions of other American youth who are finishing their school days now. It will be a better world if we can achieve our purpose which is to "Ring out the false, ring in the true . . Ring out the thousand wars of old, Ring in the thousand years of peace . . . Ring out the darkness Cf the land, Ring in the Christ that is to be." There are thousands who say it cannot be done. There are thousands who prophesy failure. But we go forth to meet the challenge well equipped by you, our parents and the members of the community who have made possible our education thus far, and by you, the teachers who have guided and directed us these twelve years. To us has been given freely that which great men in the past have obtained only with many sacrifices and much labor, and we are deeply grateful. As we say farewell to our schccl, it is with the hope that in the years to come our names may reflect credit upon this school and community, and when we come to the sunset of life, we may hear the words, "Well done." 9 OF FICE RS Boa SM IT H President "A real friend and a sincere leader." Football 3, Student Council 3. Voc. Ag. 2. lntramural Basket' ball 2.3.4. HifY 4. Emu, BLAM. Vice President 'lm not bashfulq just thoughtful." Hi-Y, Football 4, Basketball Z,3,4 QCaptain5, Band 2.3.4 fVice Pres.5, Latin Club Z. Boa Kmu Secretary "A King among his fellowfrnenf' Hi'Y Club 3,4 fPres. 45, Aerial Stall 3,4 fliditor 45, Student Council 2, Basketball 3,4, Foot' ball Trainer Z, lntramural Bas- ketball 4 QChamp5, Glee Club Z. Fruit: JACUBY Treasurer "An all around athlete, scholar. and good fellow." Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 4, Basketball 2,3,4 fCbamps 35, Football Z,3,4 iCaptain 45, Class Ofhcer 3,4 fTreas.5, All S.E.O. Tackle 3,4, HifY 4. 10 CALVIN POLLOCK President of Student Council "He that hath patience may surf pass anything." Basketball 3,4, Latin Club I, Spanish Club 3,4, Aerial Stall 3,4, HifY 4, Class Ofbccr 3 fPres.5. jiaauiarru Gauiu First Honor Student 'iCount that hour forever loxt that sees no duty done." Spanish Club 3,4 fSec. 45, Girl Reserves 3,4, Library Club 13,4 iVice Pres. 45, Speech Club 4 fSec. 45, Girls' Glee Club Z,3,4, Latin Club 2, Aerial Staff 4. HONOR STUDENTS HHH 5'I'AI.I.SMlI'Il I.Ulll5lf lJlflllw1AN Sccoml Honor Stunlrnt Fourth Honor Student grail mvu arc dead. lm! 'AAU tliu world lovux L1 loivcvf' f.l.l "l' -'H Mu' lu lm Commercial Clulw 3,4, Girl Rc' HIX 4, l,.ntin Clulw 1, Spanish scrvcs 3,-4, Student Council Z, flulv 3,4 lllrcs. -H, Glcc Club Class Ulliccr 3 15091, Holnc I l'rc-lntluulion Claw 4, Scliol' Economics Clulv 4 1Vicc Prcxj, w Tcaun l. Aerial Stull 4, Band. jmx l"onm1AN ji4,AN PRA'i'ui4.i1 'lliirnl Honor Stualcnt Filth Honor Student Slwlqiwimwlmzi.swlw1." "CU all llic glrlx l'1vc c1'L'r xccn K X AA 23.4, Gulp CIW Club tlicrcfw mme so fine as xllcf' ' f,UlIIIlIl'l'L'lill Club 3.4, Play Girls' Glcc Clulw l,3,4, A Cup' llny 1.3, Lzuin Club Z, lnlru- pcllzx Clmoir 2,3,4, Girl Reserves mul ll llaiwkctlmll 2,3,4. 3.4, Aerial Stull 4, G.A.A. 2.3,-4, Spcccli Clulw 3,4 fVicc Prcsj. EMMA Hvmmiit Sixth Honor Student "Alum-x'x xniiling, game, and jolljhu 4fH Club Z,3,-4. GIiR'l'Rl'I5li KNoNi4Li-LR Scvcntli Honor Student "She xx moxt powerful who jlL7'L't'T7lSllC'1'S6'll.N Home Economics Club 4 lPrcs.j, Commercial Clulw 4, 4fH Club 2,3 fScc.'Trcus.j, 4 lljrcsj, Household Science Clulw 3. 11 --Q45-f L4 wa, if K.. . . ,M , 4 , .,.,-,Nr tw g, in IOANNB ALLBBRY "Better to be small and shine." S eech Club 4, Library Club 2, G.A.A. 2,3, Glee Club 2,3. MARJORTR BALL "She's often seen and as often heard." Cheerleader 3,4, Girl Reserves 4, G.A.A. 3,4, In' tramural Deck Tennis 2,3,4, Intramural Volley Ball 2,3,4, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. LUTHER BRIMNBR "There's honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in him." Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 3,4, I'IifY 4, Boys' Octette 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Players' Guild 4, 4-H Club 2,3,4. MARY Io BROWN "A good heart is worth gold." Commercial Club 4, Home Economics Club 4, 4fH Club, Intramural Basketball 2,3, Intramural Volley Ball 2,3, Intramural Deck Tennis 2,3. RAY CARTER "Why should the Devil have all the good times?" Hi'Y Club 4, Intramural Basketball 3,4, Football 2,3,4. MARION Cncll. "His heart is fixed." F.F.A. Club 2,3,4, 4-H Club 1 year. DOROTHY DALTON "Her stature tall-I hate a dumpy woman." Girl Reserves 3,4, Home Economics Club 4, 4-H Club 2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4, Intramural Deck Tennis 2,3,4, Intramural Volley Ball 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3. THBLMA DAUBRNMIRB "A most wonderful girl to know." Intramural Deck Tennis 2,3,4, Intramural Basket' ball 2,3,4, Intramural Volley Ball 2,3,4, Home Eco- nomics Club 4, Commercial Club 4, 4-H Club 3,4, Library Club 4. '1' 5 q M, a. WA, ': Wa, v 'T ' 'z . . , 4. Jon BIGHAM "Men of few words are the best men." F.F.A. Club 2,3,4, 4-H Club l year. Tom BRANDT "There is no fire without some smoke." Hi-Y'fVice Pres.J 4, Aerial Staff, Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Boys' Octette, Speech Club 4. CRYSTAL BROWN "She is truly a worthwhile girl." Intramural Volley Ball 4, Intramural Deck Tennis 4, 4fH Club 2. WANDA JEAN BROWN "1t's a sad heart that never rejoicesf' Girl Reserves 2, Home Economics Club 4, Intraf mural Basketball 2,3,4, Intramural Volley Ball 2,3,4, Intramural Deck Tennis 2,3,4. - ELBANOR Couz "The mind and hand of an artist." ' ' Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 4, Gfrls' Glee Club 2,3,4, A Cappella Choir 4, Library Club 4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Aerial Stalf 4 RUTH CoLLxNs "Not a word spoke she, more than was needed." G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Girl Reserves 3,4, Home Economics Club 4. ILBNE FLooo "Bu.bbling over with enthusiasm." Girl Reserves 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Badminton Club 3,4, Commercial Club 3,4, Play Day 3,4, Aerial Staff 4, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. DONNA FOWLER "Oh Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" Girl Reserves 3,4, Girl's Glee Club 2,3,4, Library Club 3, Home Economics Club 4, 4-H Club 2, Intra- mural Deck Tennis 2,3,4, Intramural Basketball 3,4. I3 T 1 Q.. S A '65 A ,Q -4 A 5 'W - I ' ll Q L- 11, 'Q Q i J- ' CA'rl-mama Fox "Who said, 'Beautiful but dumb'?" Football Queen 4, Girl Reseryes 3,4 fPres.l 4,i G.A.A. 2,3,4, Student Council 3, Aerial Stall 2,3.4, Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 3,4. Winona Fruizlna "Blushing is the color of virtue." G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Badminton Club 2. Band 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4, 4-H Club 2, Volley Ball Champ 4. PATTY Gnanw "A sensible well-bred girl." Band 2,3, A Ca pella Choir 3.4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Speech Club 4, Girls' Glee Club 2,'3,4. Tom Hsxmnn 1 "Why should life all labor be?" S eech Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Glee Club 3,4, A Cappella Choir 3,4, Boys' Octette 4, Operetta 3. Barr:-is I-Izurrsocx 'fShe has common sense in a way that is uncommon." 4-H Club 2,3,4, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. Bourne Hxcxs "An industrious girl who never shirks when duty calls." 4fH Club 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 4, Intramural Basket' balL,2,3,4. ,,. Lowau. HUGHES "A frecklecl-face wonder." Ric!-man HUP? "Too many words avail a man nothing." I l 5 3' is .,.,, Doaormf Gnlcsn . ' "She has a heart with 'room for every joy." weeds Court, G.A.A. .2,3,4. Girl Reserves 34 Q ice Pres. 41, Commercial Club 3,4 fPres. 4j, Glee Club 2,3, Play Day 2,3, Latin Club 2. . , , Nomvui Gumsou ,seg "Faithful ever is friendshiplr smilef' 3 Commercial Club 4, Girl Reserves 3,4, 'Student-5' Council 4 fSec.l, Home Economics Club 4, Aerial Smf 4, 4-H Club 2,s,4. a V - Gsoacn HANNnn "just calle me 'Zeke'." ' Band 2,3,4. Fmzn Hmuus "Worry and I have never met." - .le .gl Intramural Basketball 3.4, Speech Club 4. QQ Sun Hou. How sweet and fair she seems to be Players' Guild 2.3.4. Girl Reserves 3.4, G.A.A 2.3,4 fTreas. 4l, Latin Club 2, Glee Club, OnefAct Play 3, Play Day 2,3 Msncm Honzsprm. Life is largely what we ma e it Latin Club 2, A Cappella Choir 4, Girls' Glee' Club 2,3,4, Speech Club 4. Vollev Ball Champs 4 Intramural Games 2,3,4, Library Club 2 S1-xuu.nY HUTCHISON Why waste precious hours with leisure? Girls' Glee Club 2.3.4 A Cavnella Choir 2 3 4 Girl Reserves 3.4 .G.A.A. 2 3 4 Home Economics Club 2,4, Players' Guild 2,3,4, Speech Club 4 Hanes Iwnonen Life is short and so am l 'hs W is ll o il u . . . n . . I . ll I n u If C v s u o , s 1 . I .. N ll u s ll ' C . . A ,PG x ' 3 lf-51. U . , .. . .l i ...s I . . Q-V: -.10 . -rw- fig-iii, . .yy - N V . . M al.-.nw .. 1. :Qu-:H W f-- . . - ,F-fiiigdlf. -N. J-f wa l 'A , - 4 in . . 5-f.g1f'u'-,,ff.-areas -,, ,V ,ff ,,-,K 9 .,...,,,.,-,., ,.,. ... N y a. MWA + 142' ...si 4 'z' 11 ' Vaszfiivsr-1':.k:'?P 16 49' .. . !lEZT"3'7T""'f'ifT"'?""i?" Tx" TI7"Y"'7'5'T?f- 'V ,a . me W . 1. , . Bon Joi-rNsoN "Master of wit and wisdom." Speech Club 4. GERTRUDE IONES "A lady makes no noise." Girl Reserves 4, Home Economics Club 4, 4'H Club 2,3,4 fPres.j, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4, Intra' mural Deck Tennis 2,3,4, Intramural Volley Ball 2,3,4. JOAN JURGENSMIER " 'Tis good to be merry and wise." Girls' Glee Club 2,3, A Cappella Choir 2,3, Bad' minton Club 2, Girl Reserves 3,4 fTreas. 4l, G.A.A. 2,3,4 lVice Pres. 4j, Latin Club 2, Play Day 3. BETTY Lou KARSHNER "Why gentlemen prefer blondes." G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 3, Household Science Club 3, Badminton Club 2, Girls' Glee Club, Speech Club 4, Play Day 2,3. NED KRIEG "Passessor ofa scientific mind." Band 2,3,4, Boys' Glee Club 4. A Cappella Choir 4, Spanish Club 3,4, Interclass Basketball 2,3, Play- ers' Guild 4, Speech Club 4. MARY JANE LANNING "What a voice, what a personality, what a girl!" Girls' Glee Club 2.3,4, A Cappella 2,3,4. Plavers' Guild 2.3.4. Girl Reserves 3,4, Student Council 3, Speech Club 4, Octette 2,3,4. EMMA IRAN LEMoN "What were life, if love were gone?" G.A.A. 2,3.4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2.3,4, A Cappella Choir 2,4, Commercial Club 4, Operetta 3, Play Day 2,3. CAROLYN M1m'r1N "Sweet is the word for you." Queen's Court 4, Spanish Club 4, Student Council 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4 fSec. 4J, A Cappella Choir, Girl Reserves 4, Players' Guild 2,3,4. .71 fr-r ve 2 ,gf Qi-J...Hgv. A1 gpg Bon JUDY "A tall, dark, romantic sort of fellow." Student Council 2, Latin Club 2 lOihcerl, Spanish Club 4, HifY 4. DICK JUDY "One of nature's masterpieces" Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 4, HifY 4, Intramural Basketball 3,4 QChamp 3,4,. JUANITA KORNMILLER "There's a little devil in her eyes." Girls' Glee Club 2,3, Latin Club 2. AGNES KRANNI11 "Although there's trouble everywhere, she never seems to have a care." Girl Reserves 3,4, Commercial Club 4, Household Science Club 3, Band 3, 4-H Club 2,3. WILBUR LANNING "I am wonderfully and fearfully made." Band 2,3.4, Spanish Club 3,4, Boys' Glee Club 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Players' Guild, Speech Club 4. BEA LASH "To Bea or not to Bea!" G.A.A. 2.3,4, Girl Reserves 3,4. Play Day 2,3, Speech Club 4, One'Act Play 4, Players' Guild 4, Library Club 2,4. . MEM. MCCUNE "A son ofthe native soil." F.F.A. 2,3,4, 4fH Club 2,3,4. GLENN MowExY "Why smile when I say women delight me not?" Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Players' Guild 4, gov' Glee Club 3, Prerlnduction 4, Operetta 3, i- 4. mn' 'lim EQ? IB MARY Mownxv "Her temper has nothing to do with her red hair." Queen's Court, Student Council iVice Pres. 41, Aerial Stall 4, G.A.A. 2,3 KPres. 41 QRecorder of Pointsj, Girl Reserves 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4. LOVBNA NBWLAND "A friend to friends, how kind to all." Intramural Deck Tennis 2,3,4, Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,4. Intramural Volley Ball 2,3,4, Home Eco' nomics Club 4, Commercial Club 4, 4-H Club 2,3. NANCY PoND "With valleys of eternal babble." Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, A Cappella Choir 2,3.4, Octette 4, Girl Reserves 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Spanish Club 4, Speech Club 4. Dorm: PHILLIPS "Always jolly, never sad." Commercial Club 4, Girl Reserves 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, 4'H Club 2,3, lntra' mural Basketball 2,3,4, Play Day 3,4, CAROL Romwnrrn "Another flood of wordsg a very torrent!" G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Pla Day 3, Speech Club 4, Band 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, A Cappella 4. Tom Roaunrs "Of all my rnother's children, 1 love myself the best!" A Cappella-Choir 3,4, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. Players Guild 4, S eech Club 4 fPres.J, Hi-Y Club 4, Aerial Staff 4, 8nefAct Play 4. BETTY S1-inunn "There's little of the melancholy element in her." Girls' Glee Club 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Play Day 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 3, Library Club 2,3, Speech Club fSec., Treas., Pres.j 4, Badminton Club 2. Ronznr SHOWALTBR "The world needs great minds, I am here." Boys' Glee Club 3,4, Aerial Staff 4. - 1 .44 ,. gf,-1 . Y MAXINE NUTTER "My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me." Band 2,3, Girl Reserves 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,-4, Players' Guild 2,3,4, Three OnefAct Plays 2, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, RAY Piziucms "Every jack must have his jill." Hi-Y 4, Football 2, Basketball 2, Spanish Club 3,4, Latin Club 2. RUTH Risci-i "By work, one knows the workmanf' Speech Club 4, Spanish Club 3,4, Players' Guild 4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Library Club 2,3,4, 4-H Club 2,3,4 fPres. 4j, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4 iChampsl. ' DOROTHY Rona "A good brain is known by its fruits." Girl Reserves 3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, Commercial Club 4, Home Economics Club 4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3, 4-H Club 2,3. PEGGY SANDBRSON "True sincerity needs no witness." Latin Club 2, Girl Reserves 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3,-4, Band 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Badminton Club 2, Commercial Club 4. ELMER SANNER "Only let me sleep." Football 3, Intramural Basketball 3, Speech Club 4 fPres., Vice Pres., Seal. GENE Sicuza "A hard worker and a dependable sort of lad." 4fH Club 2,3,4, F.F.A. 2. MAXINB SINNOTT "To be merry best becomes you." Band 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4, Girl Reserves 4, Household Science Club 3, G.A.A. 3. I9 'ie 'A G Amt M5 DAISY Sum-r "A flower that grows not in every garden." Girls' Glee Club 3, Speech Club 4, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4, Library Club 2,3,4 fPres. 41, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4. ALICE SNIDER "Contentmen: is better than riches." , G.A.A. 2,3, Girl Reserves 3,4, Commercial Club 4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3. JANET STRUBLE "She has a rare virtue-dependability." Queen's Court 4, Players' Guild 2,3,4 QVice Pres. 3,' Pres. 42, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Aerial gala 4, Student Council 1 lVice 'Pres.j, Spanish u 3,4. - ARLENE SUMMERS "As merry as the month of May." Girl Reserves 3,4, Aerial Stall 4, Library Club 2,3, 4fH Club 2, Intramural Volley Ball 4, Intramural Deck Tennis 3. SHIRLEY TAYLOR "A strong body eridureth much." G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, A Cappella Choir 3,4, Play Day 2,3, Spanish Club 4. DOROTHY 'l'lP1'oN ' "Her smile a volume doth contain." Commercial Club 4, Library Club 2, Badminton Club 2,3, Latin Club 2, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. CLARENCE WALRER "The bold, bad man." Latin Club 2, Spanish Club 4, 4-H Club 2,3,4. I0'ANN WALKER "What will not women dare." Library Club 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3, Girl Reserves 4, Players' Guild 4, S eech Club 4, 4'H Club 1,2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,3,4 lChamps 31. Bon STARR "Gore's gift to the ladies." DOROTHY STEELE , "Her heart is as true as her name." . Girl Reserves 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3, Speech Club 4, Home Economics Club 4, Glee Club 2,3, Intramural Deck Tennis 2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,3. JANET SWEAZY "Smile and the world smiles with you." Band 2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, A Caspella Choir 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Players' Guil 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Latin Club 2. .-W. WILMA Swicx - "The best of things come in small packages." Commercial Club 3,4 1Sec., Treas. -0, Home Eco' nomics Club 4, Art 2. Lois UNGBR "And when once the young heart of a maiden is stolen, the maiden herself will steal after it soon." G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girl Reserves 3,4, Play Day 2,3, ifseech Club 4, Players' Guild 4, One-Act Play 4, ome Economics Cub 3,4. DONALD VoLLMER "It is good to live and learn." 4fH Work. PATTY WALs1-I "Life is but a comedy: I have a leading part." Queen's Court 4, Girl Reserves 3,4 lSec. 4j, Com- mercial Club 3, Girls' Glee Club' 3, Speech Club 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Play Day 2,3. LUCILLE WARNER "Good temper is like a sunny day." G.A.A. 4, Commercial Club 4 fVice' Pres.J, Girl Reserves 4, Speech Club 4 fTreas.j, Drum Major- ette 4. ' - BOB WELLS 'Alt seems all a dream." Band 2,3,4, Intramural Basketball 2 JACK WOLFli ,3, Art 2. LOUISE WRICQHT "l never d7gu6,1lm always Wright." 4-H Club 3,4 fPres, 4j, Home Economics Club 4. AUDREY YOUNG "A merry heart maketh a merry countenance." 'Something between a hindrance and a help." Girls' "A" Glee Club 2,3,4, A Cappella Choir 4, Boys' Glee Club 3,4, A Cappella Choir 3,4, Boys' Octette 3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Basketball 4, Latin Club Z, Brass Sextette State l. Girl Reserves 3,4, Operetta 3, Library Club 2,3,4 fTreas. 4j, Spanish Club 3,4, Intramural Games 2,3,4. Boys In Service JAMES ADCOCK DONALD LIOHTEOOT DONALD MOWERY RICHARD SLOAN 22 K K ?, AS We, the class of nineteen hundred and fortyeiive, of the city of Logan, county of Hocking, and state of Ohio, being of full age and possession of a sound mind and memory, and having due legal authority to bestow these last few gifts upon our friends and classmates, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. FIRST: To the faculty we all wish to say, "Thanks," for the help they have given us so willingly through all the years of our school life. SECOND: To the juniors we give the best assembly seats, and also the honor of being "top" students at Logan Senior High School next year. THIRD: To the sophomores we leave the privilege OJ of entertaining next year's seniors. FOURTH: To the freshman class we wish to give a glad welcome into senior high school. May their experiences be as happy as ours have been, and may they gain from our mistakes. FIFTH: We do especially desire, that in these parting moments, the following personal requests be granted: ' 6 ' 5.15 i .gn f i L 1 B? A ,, ffwffw 'isf-1211m+:w.1uea4- - , ,W V ,. J :ffl A 1 C L S W I L L ' S if X ' ,M 5 1. Jeanette Green leaves her "A" grades to Barbara Huls. 2. Kate Fox leaves her personality to Judy Buntz. 3. Carolyn Martin and Ned Krieg leave their high school romance to Buddy Magle and Joanne Ohlinger. 4. Tom Roberts passes on his appreciated U71 wit to "Woody" Achauer. fA1though, he needs no more.J 5. Joan Jurgensmier bequeaths all her excess height to Merton Van Curen. QWhat do you think?J 6. Bob Schmitter requests that Bob Stallsmith leave him at least part of his brain. fMr. Schmitter is very tired of trying to get along on his own.j 7. Ray "Frankie" Carter leaves the care of the Haydenville girls and all his junior and sophomore girl friends to Jack McQuade. 8 Dorothy "Got Your Bookkeeping?" Geiger leaves her ability in that subject to any one in next year's class who appreciates such an ability. 9. Carol Robinett gives her "giddy" complex to Janice Barker, and hopes she will accept it. 10. Janet Sweazy bequeaths her habit of arriving at the last minute and all her tardy slips to Lloyd Thomas. fHe really does all right on his own.J ll. Pat Walsh leaves her never-ending chatter to Eleanor Francis, and hopes it breaks her of the habit. 12. Calvin "Till" Pollock willingly turns over his Aerial books to Jimmy Graham. fPoor Jimmylj 13. Margee Ball and Lois Unger leave their fine cheerleading, and their pep to Judy Buntz, Mona Mowery, Leah Lyke, Nancy Young, and Adaline Ru le. 14. Lucille Warner leaves her place at the head of the band to some lucky girl with plenty of pep and strutting ability. 15. Bob King turns over the Aerial and HifY to Bob Armstrong. 16. Mary Mowery bequeaths her red hair to Mary Engle. 17. Jean Ann Prather gives her nice disposition to Mary Jean Francis. fEven though she doesn't need it.j 23 . , j , j .4,..fg.E.3,,.,.. , X. ,W A, 1... ure.-f. ,'a..v.,Y1.u.ivaN' ' i..i.'s-ftaraa--,wi 'r Jax-. bt ' i- , rg- ' Pg . l . v ' 1 , A 'J , fi 4 ' , ' -V -, x ' if .vi 1. .., .2 .5- ., V M.- 1 m ,. . , . ' . f. ,' , ' ' Y A if 1 ' 1- 1f'.."' 47, 'A -we 1 get f . fi , ,, A, . f1v':,..r. "1 -f' ' W ji 45" 'bf4L,'f3h5 1 ' 1 'ig r-1, g 4,4-4 if ,1:' 'Any ffl, f',,r,-f ,fag ..r-jig? sy A ," '5 if gh.--V ,gg ,.ff,.i3M:ygg35f,j-,- 3 . . , ... .,,,.,..t.,?y..,..,, Y , . lv ai' his and Li ,. A 7 18. Eleanor Cole requests that Joanne Loomis receive her artistic ability. 19. Fred Jacoby leaves the captaincy of the football team to "Buddy" Magle and Beeman Mowery with wishes for the best of luck. 20. Mary Jane Lanning leaves her voice to MaryLou Coakley. 21. Jack Wolfe and Wilbur Lanning jointly leave their musical ability to Jimmy Rees. 22. Nancy Pond requests that her basketball spirit go to Mary Jo Adcock, and Nancy also requests that she make good use of it. 23. Home room 23 wishes to leave to Miss Lowry's next year's home room the privilege of annoying her to no end. We hope she didn't mind too much. 24. Last, we, the entire senior class, give our best wishes to the school for lots of good luck. In witness thereof, we, the graduating class of 1945, do hereunto, affix our hand and seal in the presence of the undersigned witnesses, at Logan, Ohio, this thirtieth day of April, nineteen hundred and fortyffive. A WITNESSES: Monica Ucker Iris Lowry -i111 "MEMORIES" Once more a golden year has rolled round And we, on a last long voyage are bound. For time has flown on, submerging our golden dreams, Hiding them forever, underneath the streams Of years, of days, of hours. Come let's explore The darkening past, the years that've gone before. And think of the day when first we lingered here. Gone, yet not forgotten, we know not where, Are those dear old days. But memory'll linger still Of this dear old high school, high upon this hill. Now to the class of '46, who are the next to go, The class of 1945 would like to have you know We wish you every happiness, few sorrows to make you sad. May you never forget your dear old school and all your life be glad. And as time rolls on, you dream of life and love, May you always be guided by the Unseen Hand above. Our years and our life pass and in the end alone Each dream, each hope, and unremembered stone Lie buried in time flowing onward, onward still, As unknowing we confront the final hill. '45-Emma Jean Hummel. 24 . e, s , Q EW Eng, N5 .Ez E931 15352 -D sul-Hu 5 EE' ua E35 O HQ? U7 U UI Q' : 1 F- s I- S I-'S 7 t'4g'E -I 252g O. 51:22 Qnd-I2 5:, V7 3.5Ij 2,515 IZ 4 QSO '23 'P- a QUQ. Ll.l Qossgi 3221 G.' SNQ 09,5 Blog- E 'j. E E53 334 E15 Lia 25,35 0 2 sei sg? P"a "5 gineer Cn rical U .2 I-l :ua C E u 4 beat C311 . ."We E 1 BD 'B I ?i -D '5 -G H 'il ns ul I .S .M 2 an 1 N nu have three children and .To get married admiral!" . A an nt to being BC . . "I'll con .. here . YW 30 vals u I-I N 3 d - E' . u nl U E V2 B 'o c: N I-1 LQ E o I-1 . To manage Elberfelds wonders of nature. . . . The . . - - - a 5 .a .: -o s: .U C Ln H5 FH u U G Q L.. U -E u 5 r-I . .To marry Dwane . . . .Being with Louise. 'E H . . E 5 3 E' o 15 'E is I1 b-722 'U as H SSSME 35005 80035 QFPQ. :ES .2582 Q25-E 25:95 'rv Zflllflflu.. QIIIS ,,.,,.... g:3:Q vn,23..g 5-up ' 523.3 swv3 u'0'-4-5 5'2w5 mihim :.d.d .53-g -safe. 5 E .2 v-ual!-:CSU-l Id' .3: 52:22 35-4- Sara! QMQG5 ,.,eueer:'5 "'U.0r: E5-',,Cn iS'E2 Ml!-I A 1 N, . OD s: 3 :- ir 'Un- ..,,,, SE 5o 5391 fa. 0. 5 EZ on on Us A5- Ev N 22 Q". Eu: :D :Q -.2 .U -a 55 .Eg 51 0? E: lui 01 lf!-' 41. Ee MQ TS 'u ETS :Cl 52 4:3 '55 MQ 25 J ned Bl' In ...Toget . . . . 8 DE . . Blonde curls. is E Ta' -I: I" 3 E s: B :a N Q IB E U .c. H Secretary . v hiz W gee ."Well, fi 'c BD U E ll N .C l'I 'U O 0 E . . . od ne Flo Ile 4 . 4: 8 3 LE 'D u-4 U N 0 'H .: S25 3 sa E239 Q u Q O 3-33002: Om 000 mo6Hz5 'LZ .oo-', ..E.:. 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N I-1 by .2 .2 .c: rn x lb 5 1:3 SE 'U ga H .EEZ no 'QE-' ug: 3? .Cd :ez EP V55 -E D,-Q 25 z-.- :ai ,U ,aa -'5 'E 32 jo Gul ,5- 1: .51 2-3 se Qu QI: -6 5- Q-'Z .E'.9. P241 5. on lic .95 F30 2: 33 5.2 O D-l 72 -o In 0 ra U 2 W 0 '5' N EQ c: 0 as G o E' 'Z' LE -2 23" Q- .5 .,, FQ : em-13.2315 -E-853 oo.:G E-'I-'OD 3: 2'-5. U :. 5. H. ..Q:, Swv. 2552 .2-cis? -0195 -.u--:eu 2.25: .25-Ov l!"2f.U-1 IPI .m. W 5,3I. QU.. wif.. oc-an ugugi '5..:'D-so 535: Eyes N... .Egg-.-'F saong .Q-E13 o'il-:G OQ06 2913 Sgr: c: -- 0:53 QCD'-.D-e 252. Iai- 5 1.5 5337, "U 00:3 vga, safe Q0-2.Q. , .3 , 1 +L - ,,, 5 gf 3 -.1 W ' "3 x-'f'- ' Q v y P' x 'mi-I sh'-2 J' . S . L4 U .C U as 0 Gul 1: E n.2 UD: Hn u 11-5 ii Zi.. nf: 'an .... 3:5 .L.".' UG' Q-2 hi-i UN Ui 'I-f: t. gb. C. 3, U. Q. he un. .... Dua '::,: 35 -QED vii ln o." :nj:z':'. -.ci 1 03 -3: Q: si gs '.Q 50 -IM . u In v Q. Sa :E o 'E T40 C8 .23 35 .239 QU Ho 9-P 11.2 .SY .oo l-'I' .ri .u -nf. I-an -Q .eu .3 .Q .o ai .Q 0.055 ID 2.9.- .225 'nu 5.2 :QI-' TESL 2'-1 -:C Uv EDS .al-1 Q3 9. 33 ,gi -g . PD' ci' Bo 33 .ai ,Sn '15 ..- .- K..-4. -4, . . 5 il . -. th . To go Sou n . . . . 0 . Q 0 . a . . . Spanish. . with Eleanor UD .E u Q 5 u 'D D 'Z uh c 3 D-' Q G 0 'il :- 0 Isl 'o :a 4 x-...L J. ..- MLA. + ..21.2'f.L.W..?..:l'2.-1g..:g Z. ...cz-. 'Fa ,, . . 4 N uu.F'd. md , 1 Y C' ' 8 153.1 M. .r 1 ar 1 w ,- +- f T. , ai. 35 ' W ' e xxx. . - 35 if 112 W: ha- . :P Q'- . if -. Q . .Af 'Q' , 9 f V .- . kt. .- . P, -.., . A . .-. 45 1 9 . . . L,-1 f if k. 4-. .- . ' .Ii . ' ' . F1321 "-' ,. aj . .N ii 1.."' 3- -- if., 411. ' gs : fl" . an 1 - Y .A1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Breeman Mowery Roy Magle Bob Armstrong Dallas Heft President Vice President Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Let us look back over the pages of our book of life to our first six years of school. Remember how enjoyable they were? We were at the height of our enjoyment when we were in the sixth grade, for then we were the notables of grade school. Next came our muchfdesired promotion into junior high school. How shocked we were to discover that we, the pride of the grade schools, were considered mere "babies" by the two upperclasses. Our bewilderment was increased by the new sub' jects, many teachers, and the much harder curriculum. Hard work filled the school hours, and almost before we knew it, we found that we had reached that seemingly unattainable goal-we were freshmen. A new chapter in our life was begun that year. Besides having our class enlarged by the enrollment of rural and parochial students, we were permitted to elect class officers. They were as follows: president, Philip Pond, vice president, Paul Prittsg secretary, Danny Robinetteg treasurer, Mary Jo Adcock. This year we were invited to the football and basketball dances. We closed our freshman year with the annual freshman dance. Both joy and sorrow were mingled when we found that the time had come to turn over a new leaf by entering senior high school. Soon we became engrossed in study and social events and became more self' confident. This year we were invited to the JuniorfSenior Prom. Our sophomore officers were as follows: president, Beeman Moweryg vice president, Woody Achuearg secretary, Robert Armstrong, treasurer, Roy Magle. At last we were juniors. This year our officers are: president, Beeman Moweryg vice president, Roy Magleg secretary, Dallas Heftg treasurer, Bob Armstrong. We have earned money during the school year by a turkeyfraffle at Thanksgiving and by selling refreshments at the tournaments. 28 JV 5 We again attended the football and basketball dances and closed our junior year by entertaining the seniors at the annual juniorfSenior Prom. The pages before us are clean and unmarred as we, the class of '46, look forward to them. We hope our senior year will be as happy as the past. We know our last chapter of learning will help us meet the challenge of our future life more fully pref pared. SCPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Qgsk K ack Robinett Marilyn Jacoby Nancy Young Ned Myers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY lt hardly seems possible that ten years of our school life have passed so rapidly. The beginning of school life was very interestingg it was something entirely diff ferent. Uur first six years were filled with fun, excitement, and happiness. Our lessons were not difficult to master. We were then ready to venture into junior high school. No one was accustomed to the rules and regulations that each one was expected to observe. We found it was not all play. As we gradually worked our way upward from year to year, our studies became more diflicultg more interesting and more practical. Most of us were enthu- siastic as we undertook new tasks. We soon adjusted ourselves to the new routine of constantly changing classes. For the first time we were given the opportunity to elect representatives for the Student Council. In the eighth grade a medal was given to the student with the most excellent achievement in history. Lois Inboden received this award. 29 Si As we acquired the name of freshmen we began our journey through our four years in high school. In this year we got experience with the advanced subjects such as Latin and algebra. We quickly made new friends with those students who entered junior high for the first time. We held our Hrst class meeting in that year and elected the following officers to represent us through the term: president, Jack Robinetteg vice president, Eugenia Weinrich, secretary, Tom Brown, treasurer, Tom Matheny. A citizenship award was given to the ninth grade boy and girl who best exemf plified the principles of good citizenship. The qualities considered in making these awards were leadership, dependability, cooperation, patriotism, moral and personal cleanliness. The students selected by the class as being most eligible to receive these awards were Eugenia Weinrich and Bob Warner. We had another new thrill when we became sophomores. We all enjoyed more assemblies than we previously had. New subjects, such as plane geometry and biology, entered our curriculum. During this year we elected the following oflicers: president, jack Robinetteg vice president, Marilyn Jacoby, secretary, Nancy Youngg treasurer, Ned Myers. We were ovejoyed at attending the football and basketball dances. We were all aware of the fact that our sophomore year was drawing to a close much too quickly. We climaxed the year by attending the final dance with the juniors and seniors. The juniors and seniors have set excellent examples before us. We sincerely hope we can do equally as well in our next two years. 30 1 ' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS . N jack Warner jim McLain Bernice Redd Jim Donaghue President Vice President Secretary Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY We were first introduced to school in 1936. At first we were not certain we would like it, but soon we learned to tolerate the bitter and enjoy the sweet. It seemed that just as we became oldest in grade school, we found ourselves young' est in junior High. We went without mishap through seventh and eighth grades and now finally are freshmen. This year our class officers are: president, Jack Warner, vice president, James Richard McLaing secretary, Bernice Redd, and treasurer, Jim Donaghue. We attended the football, basketball and freshman dances. We have studied, played, and, in our spare time, worked for Uncle Sam during this war year. We have enjoyed being freshmen and, although we are anxious to be in Senior High, we will be sorry to leave junior High and its happy associations. -Shirley Brandon Freshman Reporter. 31 YUJ C-'BM I cy B 5 .B U M. EZLUJ Z' M. Bro wn 'Rx ia, 00.9.1 as . rmer, I5 J. 25 rtlh es. divx, rrnzft, L. JA cons, Maw HA rzfman I s nzzflzr, N. K"M illugJ.kAnooQ E vin-M ,dwnnw M lfn wx, Skinny, 6. Johns-on, M f!.:nvlmgAkuAZ:,0.!!fft r W7 Con 105.9 L L c,K. M A, r ' u . ,wfflvo-r ti,A. Lzeelfjqffnwj L'iq1Uff,'? M Ls' kngJ.MeQwaaL Rlfornls, 5.7310 wr gy, R LM-kzy,L,LinJsz3 123 1 s fb,-7' , QQ 1 . ' iv A H lf. AL.R' Iv' Lknd FSA AJ? h,J.Rh d 725' la . ' Rsffl 1225 nfcxwdg, Jgfhw 1552.4 wif, i'bh1.'5g?f5ff'5ff?fZ'! Mliolllgy, HPond,B..S'ohn-wfflgg J. Rrls, H.Rickz 5, b.PAr,,y N Am...-. NVCIX x 1 H.3ton 3, 61 Wltdl, J. Uc kng R.5m'dl9 J. 51.614115 K. Sinnot, RTi em i warthmw 77'mbtrlA!u3 E..5'timg4 A. fnulbrt I.Strubl6,H.6AllmiUi A Tlggmggl . All3,R,5mi lr, l'l.V4nCvr4'n,klVAh5il'kll,Q5'C vn1f,MNA1l'Cl H. Blum, MBIUM, C1Allbzr' ,fx t' A 'J .-wif fm HAM: .1 7 .nw ' sl f-mddox if W2-'2'imm, 51955 Jfiartscfck, f?Hi!e:s, J!-futc Etry ne, rt IAC An A Erwin MJ,HAnA MHA uf 7r'Anc1Q-,. VH:l7f'72.7'E , , HollgE!'ffcAfs,MA.G:.1ear 455 ' ,V E , 3 , O WMJOHES, MJACoby, 11Lol'.t, MJACKSOI14 L.Il7 boa'E rv, 0. fnbddfn J LEAC JMC Adi-',l'1. KE N He M1'fllh, l.El70h, UL. K rg, D- Inb Kris 5 , 8.P I c APA ll. 1-1.1-1 Hn- H.M bl MA, 5 ,as J. CZJL7. Fgu biz, i:ZEf't53 Aibroc '6t::'4g.f7?ab12e?ZZE,J Hari!! H. lhistr-, L..Nfhfser', ?MAyE3,Nl"IyErs,'? O'.0orm5l M Ni F-F H.5Cf2 0' 5.5 th M51 F dD.w d 0:7 K W hl A.5'lo:2Ss,Eg. Wolx-Z .5'.'5'olicA'g, 2'TfUFAX15Y-923,306 M3g'nr1'c?h J- kffllburnt, 5. Warnfq R.Tuchey, 0. WE ls, A.S5AnHOI7 FRESHMEN 36 MISS HOLMES fRoom 321 fFourth Rowj Donald Bowers, Lee Hiles, Evelyn Pleak, Wayne Greene, Kathleen Bell, jack Glick, Delmar Wilson, Charlotte Bownes. fThird Row, Miss-Holmes, Bill Goodlive, Martha Allison, joe Ella Adcock, Ioan Thomas, Lawrence Shaad, Joanne Spackey, Dora Locke. QSecond Row, Loretta Shaw, Grace Shonk, Bill Coackley, Bernice Redd, Ralph Hernsworth, Bonnie Brooks, jack Thomas. fPirst Rowl Lou Ann Campbell, Jean Ann Marsh, Kenneth Mohler, Cherry Brown, Leroy Phelps, Norma Starcher, Dick Leonard, Mary Bock. MISS WEBB fRo0m 331 N QThird Rowj Lowell Blum, Larry Crothers, jack Warner, Leland Bateman, Eddie Bodkins, Ray Freeman, Donald Ansel, George Tucker. 1Second Rowj Miss Webb, Leota Pittman, Phyllis West, Rachael Yates, Opal Stump, Audrey Lehman, Marilyn Brimner, Coramay Williams, Roberta Mohler. lFirst Row, Patsy Proctor, Wanda Keels, Martha Sue Cruise, Mary Jean Beougher, Linda Laiferty, Jeanine Spence, Julia Kuhn, Wilma Frazier, Betty May, Leland Conners. ' Miss GESLING qnoom soy fThird Rowl Lillian Ringhiser, Mona Procter, Jim McLain, Jim Donahue, Bob Clark, John Laierty, Rosemary Summers. . fsecond Row, Shirley Brandon, Mary Ellen Pittman, Stanley Nutter, Ned Fickel, Betty Rose, Judy Walsh, Lawrence Smith, Mary Lou Glick. fFirst Rowj Miss Gesling, Keith Summers, jo Sue Shorr, Patty Stuart, Margaret Riddle, Mary Richards, Deloris Norris, Betty Smith. 37 ,1, fi Erasfesf. ill MR. ARMSTRONG fRoom 34D fThird Rowj Marjorie Hartsock, Esther K'Miller, Amy Lou Harden, Dale Mowery, Walter Wcstenharger, james Moore, Cecil Dye, Leroy Mace, Daniel Dotson. QSecond Rowj Mr. Armstrong, Tom Rose, Carlcne Hood, Virgil Kuhn, Kenneth Ackers, Martha Ann Larimer, Ralph Walker, Tom Robb, Bob Helber. fFirst Rowj Barbara Stallsmith, Io Ann Heckert, Donna Belle Rhcinschcld, James Krantz, Mary Kornmiller, Eugene Mowery, Betty Lou Risch, Martha Lehman, Dotte Hupp. A - l in .1 2 : 1 . MISS ARMSTRONG CRoom 311 V.- fThird Rowj Eugene Pratt, Leroy Mowery, Rudy Riggs, Doris Derr, Charles Peppers, Leonard Pritts, junior Freeman, Gidion Sharb, Miss Armstrong. fSecond Rowj Willard Dible, Wavealine Griffith, Emma Hankison, Charles Nixon, Letha Lou Miller, Ruth Dolan, Thelma Hoke, june Woods, Vivian Witterkincl. QFirst Rowj Wilma Brown, Dale Mason, Raymond Valmer, Bonnie Nixon, Devane Mundy, Leona Flood, jean Frazier, Grace Corkney, George Meadows. 38 CLUBS ,x QJ N 40 1' . . .- ., I., . - ,fr .V ar, ,V .I 4 AERIAL STAFF J fFirst Rowl Miss Poston, Aerial Advisor, Bob King, Editor, Glenn Mowery, Advertising Man- ager: Dayton Schultheis, Aerial Advisor. i Second Rowl Eleanor Cole, Art Editorg Judy Buntz, Junior Reporterg Arlene Summers, Typist: Ilene Flood, Typistg Marilyn Jacoby, Sophomore Reporter: Mary Mowery, Girls Athletics Reporter. iThird Rowj Shirley Brandon, Freshman Reporter: Janet Struble, Society Editor, Jeanette Green, Literary Editorg Jean Ann Prather, Literary Editorg Louise Lehman, Typistg Catherine Fox, Senior Reporter. iFourth Rowj Tom Roberts, Feature Editor, Jim Graham, Assistant Business Manager, Harold Heinlein, Assistant Advertising Managerg Fred Jacoby, Boys' Athletics Reporterg Bob Armstrong, Assistant Editor, Bob Showalter, Photographer. . HI-Y CLUB , Diclr Judy Fred J acoby' Earl Blake Bob Judy Bob Stallsmith Harold Heinlein Bob Smith Bob Armstrong Lester Echart , Luther Brimner Glen Mowery Tom Roberts Woody Achauer Seated: Beeman Mowery, Bob King, Harold Haas 'The HifY Club has as its purpose to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The activities of the club were printing programs for football games, cleaning the stadium, distributing baskets at Thanksgiving, and other worthwhile projects. The oicers were Bob King, president, Tom Brandt, vice presidentg Beeman Mowery, secretary, Harold Haas, treasurerg Roy Magle, chaplain. 41 4 L10 I I v""'Nf-4 o ig, 4 U Q BN 'im 'N -8 Q ...n w ,J K , '4 1 ' .. - 4 3 ,,,,.r.. f 4 I wg, K N V - in ' , ,J .J 1 ,WS 4 sa :',. ". - ff. - ,gf """'r". if 11 'QA If f"" an ' s. :- new " nun -4 " 1 . A, ..V..w,,ZV,. . CAFETERIA WORKERS fFirst Rowj joan Myers, June Goss, Louise Wright, Miss Rockhold, Leota Ringhiscr, Mary Engle, Mary K'miller, Lcatha Poling. fsecond Rowj Thelma Daubcnmire, Mary jane Campbell, Louis Green, Bob Clark, Betty Cooper, J. Miller, Josephine Conrad. LIBRARY CLUB fFirst Rowj j. Green, Vice Presidentg J. Glass, Secretary, Mrs. Blasius, Advisorg Daisy Smith, President: A. Young, Treasurer. fSecond Rowj L. Ringhiser, H. Mohler, T. Kienzle, B. Huls, Mason, A. Ruble, O. Wahl. lThird Rowj P. Holcomb, E. Cole, N. Hanna, M. A. Moriarity, V. Becker, M. Brown, T. Conradi fFourth Rowj S. Norris, H. Blum, M. A. Geiger, B. Lash, L. Blackstone, L. Miller, R. Proctor. fFifth Rowj B. Mills, M. Bateman, I. Struble, G. johnson, M. J. Campbell, T. Daubenmire, P. Timberlake. At the beginning of the school year in 1942, an urgent appeal was madc to the students of Logan High School. In this appeal, Mr. Burchfleld asked for volunteers to work in our library, therefore enabling the school to keep the library open. All that was required of these students was a "B" average and a willingness to work and learn. These requirements still stand today. This year, under the guidance of Mrs. Blasius and the oilicers-Daisy Smith, president, Jeanette Green, vice president, Judy Glass, secretary, and Audrey Young, treasurer, the group continued its work in the library. The club presented an assembly which featured Miss Evalan Fischer, the county librarian. Another item of interest was the sponsoring of a poetry contest. Today's members, numbering thirtyfsix, are extremely grateful to Mrs. Blasius for her aid, without which, they could not have accomplished what they have. 43 X 5 f-nwvu W., ' 3.- 44 I ,r X 4" SR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL The Logan Senior High Student Council has again this year strived to maintain the purpose of creating good citizenship, scholarship, character, and to promote all worthy school activities among the student body. Among the activities undertaken by the Student Council were the sponsoring of the football and basketball dances. At these dances the football queen, "pin-up boy," and the "pin-up girl" were presented to the faculty and students. The council has accomplished much by the fine cooperation of the students and faculty. The council attempts to aid the students as a means of promoting good will among them. 'fs ll. 1 M? 'F t 'Q ,- Q lg, + M1 tg,- A 95 'fs We sincerely hope that next year's Student Council will be as successful as the ones I ' T -'A of the past. OFFICERS President ...... ............. .... C a lvin Pollock Vice President .... .......... . .. Mary Mowery Secretary ...................... . . . . . . Norma Gleason Treasurer Beeman Mowery Seated: Beeman Mowery, Secretaryg Mr. Burchfield, Advisor: Mary Mowery, Vice President. Standing: Danny Robinette, Bob Warner, Woody Achauer, Mary Jean Francis, Marilyn Jacoby, Carolyn Martin, Virginia Brown. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Jo Sue Shorr, Dale Mowery, H. E. Kirk, Advisor, Bill Goodlive, Dale Mason. Standing: Nancy White, Marilyn Garverick, Betty Wright, Carol Clapp, Katherine Green, Jack Smith, Bob Fisk, Lou Campbell, Linda Lafferty. 45 xt ag, .pq Y fu S ll 03 I 1 fl. 1 va xp: N' it ig IFF F43 135 M1 if sl Y, :V it-I .JK ,K Li fav --1 ' L ' at if E Q F TS wig A ,J -,fl .:. ' r W1 ' Biff.- 'L QA 4 tp. ' n J. 3 an 22 Seagw 'Y' '?' 'GQ .R KN 'il . we-' -' ..,,,,g. me ' ' 0: 'f'f1""'-Q22- -:yi if , ' A A A QFirst Rowj Betty Bowers, Janet Struble, Miss Hamilton, Allen Adams, Barbara Huls. F? fSecond Rowj Adaline Ruble, Nancy Pond, Carolyn Martin, Joanne Walker, Eleanor Francis, 4 1.3 el fThird Rowj Helen Walsmith, Shirley Blum, Tom Roberts, Glenn Mowery, Wilbur Lanning, ji im J, Nancy Young, Mary Ann Moriarity. r .. e' lFourth Rowj Jo-Anne Rhoades, Mildred Buslcirk, Sally Laiferty, Mary Ann Geiger, Jody Ogg, V Marcia Bberst. .iff -K f I .-. iw PLAYERS' GUILD Do you like the glitter and hustle of an opening night? Does greasefpaint cast a H magic spell over you? Do you enjoy being part of a team, and working with that team Q to entertain others and to educate yourself? Then Players' Guild, composed of fifty students who meet on the first and third Q, Thursdays of each month to study stage technique, will interest you. ,jf 'TE The members are chosen from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes on the if., ,Q basis of competitive voice and action tests. Miss Bartelle Hamilton is the sponsor, and -S ,1 this year's oicers are Janet Struble, president, Allen Adams, vice president, Barbara ' Huls, secretary, and Betty Bowers, treasurer. 5 :Wg , 'Z ,Lia . A, QFirst Rowj Shirley Hutchison, Janet Sweazy, Mary Jane Lanning, Lois Unger, Bea Lash, Marie Stone, Margaret Hanner. ' fSecond Rowj Maxine Nutter, Judy Glass, Marilyn Jacoby, Norma Jean Hanna, Janice Mason, Virginia Brown, Mona Punk. l'l'hird Rowj Luther Brimner, Harold Heinlein, Richard Bowers, Joe Walburn, Ned Krieg, Francis ' ig O'Donnel, Sue Holl. T ,. 'P fi? , ,L ,V., M4 A vii' , A-,gf . f. 5 . 2' 'V ' 4.2! is ' A .Q Q, , - .,'9' 47 ,lik .ni ..,'. ' ' . ' f. 'af v , Q , ' . . -.., wg...-, ,. fn..-. M p in .r ,a,rL,Mgm4a-Q. asfrL.i.:,.52iwuz5fs me s 1zir1.:aT3i.41f, Judy Buntz, Anne Phillips. ' , N, r "4 -.. V Y . .ig W I 48 K. 'V . 'anal l f f i w,.'1g., . v NFS. Ag.. f ff.-: J. 5. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club, under the supervision of Miss Rockhold, is composed 1' of girls enrolled in all Home Economics II clasess. Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month. The purpose of the club is the promotion of interests in the home, and the de' X 'l velopment of leadership, personality, and social poise. With funds that have been raised, the club has recently iinished a project of l redecorating the first aid room and has added new equipment and supplies. An assembly program featuring twentieth century costumes was given for the . pleasure of the student body. ' fFirst Row, M. Lehman, News Reporter: G. Daubenmire, Treasurerg G. Konkler, President: T. Schafer, Secretary, L. Lehman, Vice President. lSecond Rowj S. Hutchinson, D. Fowler, L. Unger, M. I. Lanning, R. Collins, W. Swiclr, Miss Rackham. Q KThird Rowj J. Rhoades, W. Brown, D. Steele, K. Meadows, M. I. Brown, L. Wright. . ji 1 Fourth Rowj F. Schoor, D. Dalton, G. jones, D. Robb, T. Daubenmire, L. Newland. Absent: C. Blake, N. Gleason, 1. Kanode. ' . ,ii PRE INDUCTION CLASS fFirst Rowj I. Wolf, L. Hughes, B. Showalter, D. Vollmer, R. Hupp. lSecond Rowj Mr. Rittgers, B. Smith, G. Johnson, F. Harris, Mr. Haas. Urhffa Rowj B. Wells, w. Lanning, B. staismafh, G. MOWCYY, E. Blake. fig . 'E 'fi 1 49 1?-ig S .wee ,i .gi fa fc T i""'--Iv, Wgngwqs Q-If-ffwfrvfsf ww-f f A-1. .sa .r ,..- - . " ' - M 1' BW: F"m!1,f1?s'ES:rrt BETTER SPEECH CLUBS This year the two speech classes organized clubs for the purpose of putting into actual practice some of the things learned as a part of their class work. The morning class organized the Logan Senior High Oratorical Society for the advancement of better speech and for practice in parliamentary procedure. The club year was divided into three terms in order for as many as possible to have practice in holding ofhce. The club programs made use of various phases of speech work. The officers for the three terms were as follows: I II III President, Ruth Risch Elmer Sanner Betty Sheeler Vice President Elmer Sanner Tom Hammer Ruth Risch Sec.fTreas. Betty Sheeler Tom Brandt Elmer Sanner The afternoon speech club, The Loquacious Ones, was organized to promote and maintain interest and skill in public speaking. Business was transacted according to the rules of parliamentary procedure, a subiect studied early in the year, and programs consisted of some phase of speech work and correspondence with servicemen. In February members of the club presented the oneeact play "Suppressed De- sires" at the Nelsonville High School as an exchange assembly program. The play was later given as an assembly here. A onefact play "In White" was presented by the club for an assembly program in April. The officers elected were president, Tom Roberts, vice president, Fred Jacoby, secretary, Jeannette Green, and trasurer, Lucille Warner. fFirst Rowj Carol Robinette, Lucille Warner, Daisy Smith, Carolyn Martin, Joan Allberry, Betty Sheeler, Pat Walsh, Miss Hamilton, Advisor. lSecond Rowb Shirley Hutchison, Marcia Holzapfel, Nancy Pond, JofAnn Walker, Patty Green, Dorothy Steele, Mary Jane Lanning. fThird Row! Sally Laiferty, Jeanette Green, Jean Ann Prather, Betty Lou Karshner, Lois Unger, Bea Lash, Janet Sweazy. fFourth Rowj George Hanner, Ned Krieg. Fred Harris, Luther Brimner, Bob Johnston, Fred Jacoby, Tom Roberts, Micheal Howdyshell. CCMMERCIAL CLUB The purpose of the Logan High Commercial Club is to promote interest in com- mercial subjects and prepare its members for elliciency in the business world. The club is composed of seniors of the commercial department and those juniors who have a "B" average at the end of the first semester. The meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The club advisors are Miss Iris Lowry and Miss Monica Ucker. The ofhcers are Dorothy Geiger, presidentg Lucille Warner, vice president, and Wilma Swick, secretary-treasurer. QFirst Rowl Miss Lowery, Advisor: Dorothy Geiger, President: Lucille Warner, Vice President: Wilma Swick, Secretary'Treasurer: Miss Ucker, Advisor. fSecond Rowj Agnes Krannitz, Emma Jean Lemon, Mary Jean Francis, Ilene Flood, Betty Bowers, Daisy Smith, Dorothy Tipton, Dottie Phillips. QThird Rowj Louise Wright, Juanita Hammond, Winona Frazier, Alice Snider, Mary Jo Brown, Shirley Blum, Arlene Summers, Mary Mowery. fF0urth Rowj Louise Lehman, Dorothy Robb, Lovena Newland, Thelma Daubenmire, Gertriide Konkler, Martha Sheets, Judy Buntz, Pattie Heft. si sf" X 1 ,fi xmy J s, ,, . E l n-.T 52 f,Y l -5,1-,PgFpgv'y.urfwrjx'l':sz 1Q4l"5v've .mg vgma-wwf was 'Vfqgif -aww in 'vw spur", -'xr' .rf"r4qwynivnwvvwysg I A , , F . A V v , , ,. . - ,, K, 1 gli. , .T SPANISH CLUB ll o u I La Terfulla The Spanish club was organized for the purpose of promoting more interest in and knowledge of the language, life, and literature of the Spanish-speaking countries. All members of the secondfyear Spanish class automatically become members of the club, and members of the first-year class who have a "B" average for the first semester are eligible for membership. Those elected to serve as oflicers this year are the following: president, Bob Stall' smithg vice president, Jean Ann Prather, secretary, Jeanette Green, treasurer, Fred Jacoby. QFirst Rowj Fred Jacoby, Treasurerg Jeanette Green, Secretary, Miss Eyerman, Advisor, Bob Stallsmith, President: Jean Ann Prather, Vice President. fSecond Rowj Janet Struble, Barbara Huls, Audrey Young, Eleanor Cole, Nancy Pond, Carolyn Martin, Kate Fox, Shirley Taylor. fThird Rowl Wilbur Lanning, Ned Krieg, Bob Judy, Dick Judy, Luther Brimner, Clarence Walker, Leroy Beougher. LATIN CLUB The names chosen by the 1944-45 Latin club was Amici Latiinae lFriends of Latinj, and the motto chosen was Latina Reducit QLatin Returnsj. The club was established for the purpose of creating a keener interest in foreign language and of bringing the pupils to a better appreciation of Latin and a closer un- derstanding of other civilizations. This is necessary for a clear understanding of our own civilization. One of the highlights of the Latin Club was a combined meeting of the freshman and sophomore Latin classes. This meeting was held in celebration of Ohio Latin Week, March 11'17. Officers this year were Gee Gee Weinrich, president, Nancy Young, vice presi- dent, Ned Myers, secretaryftreasurerg and Adaline Ruble, news reporter. lFirst Rowl Adaline Ruble, Ned Myers, Miss Frasch, Advisor, Gee Gee Weinrich, Nancy Young. lSecond Rowj Franklin Maze, Bob Warner, Dick Holl, Stanley Soliday, Jody Ogg, Jean Leach, Judy Glass, Mary Ann Geiger. 53 1 I I I 54 fFirst Rowj Catherine Fox, President: Dorothy Geiger, Vice President, Miss Eyerman, Advisor, joan jurgensmire, Treasurer, Pat Walsh, Secretary. fSecond Rowj Carol Robinette, Emma jean Lemon, Donna Fowler, Agnes Krannitz, Shirley Hutchison, Janet Sweazy, Patty Green, Sue Holl. 1Third Rowj Lucille Warner, Ilene Flood, Nancy Pond, Carolyn Martin, Mary Jane Lanning, Eleanor Cole, Gertrude jones, Dorothy Robb. fFourth Rowj janet Struble, Jeanette Green, Dorothy Steele, Wanda Brown, Louise Lehman, Jean Ann Prather, Margee Ball, Dorothy Dalton. r THE L. H. S. GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves, which is a high school branch of the Y. W. C. A., has as its purpose to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school high morals, high scholf astic standing, and the standard of Christian character. The symbol of the Girl Reserves is a triangle within a circle. The triangle repre- sents the individual club member, the circle, the world in which she lives. The Girl Reserves contributed to the needy at Christmas time. They also had a tea for the mothers and friends of the members of the club when the new members were formally taken into the circle. Pencils with the basketball schedule on them were sold to raise money for the club. Membership includes juniors and seniors. fFirst Rowj JoAnn Ohlinger, Mona Mowery, Eleanor Francis, Leah Lyke, Patti Heft, Patty Timberlake, jackie Beal, Mary jo Adcock. lSecond Row, Catherine Kessler, Judy Buntz, Martha Sheets, Mary jane Campbell, Francis Tipton, Shirley Blum, Margaret Brown, Mary Lou Coakley. fThird Rowj Martha Loomis, Helen Walsmith, Bertie Hite, Retha McDonald, Mary Mowery, Bea Lash, Lois Unger, Arlene Summers, Maxene Nutter. fFirst Rowj Mary Lou Hartman, Elaine Dolan, Barbara Huls, Maxine Lehman, Mary jean Francis, Theresa Shafer, Ruth Collins, Winona Freasure. fSecond Rowj Marie Stone, Ioan St. Clair, Delores Fuller, Amy Jo Littlejohn, Eloise Stimmel, Audrey Young, Dottie Phillips. fThird Row, Ruth Ann Norris, Ianice Barker, Sally Lafferty, Florence Schorr, Irene Struble, Jo Ann Walker, Irene Carr, Ioan Ucker. 55 F xx -. 'va E r, SOCIAL EFFICIENCY fFourth Rowj Donald Bowers, Dan Dotson, Martha Allison, Jim Donahue, Amy Lou Harden, Bob Clark, Rudy Riggs, Judy Walsh, Dale Mowery. fThird Rowj Jim McLain, Martha Larimer, Bonnie Brooks, Jack Warner, Wayne Greene, Wilma Frazier, Dora Jo Locke, Marilyn Brimner, Marjorie Hartsock, Joan Thomas, Miss llolmcs, Sponsor. QSecond Rowj Ned Fickel, Kenneth Ackers, Leona Flood, Emma Hankison, Loretta Shaw, Julia Kuhn, Leroy Mowery, Betty Lou Risch, Dottie Hupp, Stanley Nutter. fFirst Rowj Bernice Redd, Keith Summers, Joanne Heckart, Imogene Frazier, Dale Mason, Lou Ann Campbell, Dick Lconard, Barbara Stallsmith, Willard Dieble, Norma Starcher. fFourth Rowl Miss Holmes, Advisor, Martha Lehman, June Woods, Vivian Whittekind, Letha Lou Miller, Rosemary Summers, Junior Freeman, Joe Ella Adcock, Ray Freeman. fThird Row, Lee Hiles, Donna Belle Rheinscheld, Lawrence Shaad, Roberta Mohler, Charlotte Bownes, Joann Spacky, John Lailerty, Ruth Dolan, Patty Stewart, Margaret Riddle. QSecond Rowj Shirley Brandon, Jack Thomas, Grace Shonk, Bill Goodlive, Cora May Williams, Kathleen Bell, Jo Sue Schorr, Lowell Blum, Linda Lnilerty. fFirst Row! Leonard Pritts, Martha Sue Cruise, Wilma Brown, Mary Kornmiller, LeRoy Phelps, Jeanine Spence, Dolores Norris, James Krannitz, Betty Smith, Mary Lou Gleck. JUNIOR G. A. A. The Junior Girls' Athletic Association was organized by the girls' physical education instructor, Miss Joan Gesling. The purpose of this club is to establish ath' Ietics in order to secure good physical health. There is a membership of forty in the club. The goal for which each girl strives is the numeral for which she must have earned three hundred points. Points are earned by bowling, bicycling, swimming, and other such activities. This year the members enjoyed a Christmas party at junior high school. On an- other occasion they all hiked to a neghboring hill. The officers elected for this year are as follows: president, Jo Sue Schoorg vice president, Roberta Mohler, secretary, Donna Rheinscheldg treasurer, Betty Lou Risch. fFifth Rowj Sally Ford, Shirley Larimer, Mary Margaret Myers, Martha Keck, Barbara Mauk, Betty Rose, Joe Ella Adcock, Dora Jo Lock, Joan Thomas. fFourth Rowj Mary Ann Beougher, Doris Blosser, Marilyn Brimner, Joan Spackey, Kathleen Bell, Kate Davis, Marjorie Wells, Carol Summers. fThird Rowl Imogene Frazier, Delores Norris, Emma Hankison, Earline Hood, Mary Jo Gordon Donna Struble, Miriam ws, Nancy Perkins, Louise Ellis. fSecond Rowj Jeanine Spence, Bernice Redd, Barbara Stallsmith, Shirley Brandon, Donna Dalton, Carol Dyer, Mary Richards, Betty Smith, Anita Columber, Mary Conkle. fFirst Rowj Betty Lou Risch, Jo Sue Shorr, Coramay Williams, Roberta Mohler, Donna Belle Rheinscheld. 57 .J af' ,gf-ci' , f -. , , ,X ,L . W . ,. Q , . F. F.,A. fFirst Row, Harold Nihiser, Clyde Allbery, Hal Brown, Max Carpenter, David Inboden, Mr. Saxton. Q Second Row, Delmer Wilson, George Meadows, Ralph Walker, Jack North, Virgil Kuhn, Ralph Clark. . fThird Rowj Harles Inboden, Marion Cecil, Junior Henderson, Gideon Sharb, Robert Helber. P. Hemsworth. lFourth Rowj- jack Glick, Malcolm Dollmatsch, Merl McCune, Harlan Walker, Jay Brown. 'Vt LOGAN HIGH BAND fFirst Rowj Margee Phillips, Lucille Warner, Shirley Blum, Donna Belle Rheinscheld, Leland Williams, Marilyn Green, Roberta Mohler, Carol Robinette, Peggy Sanderson, Kent Holmes, Myrl Blum, Wilma Brown, Rose Sinnott. Q lSecond Row, Maxine Sinnott, Marilyn Garverick, Janice Barker, Bob Wells, Marie Stone, janet Sweazy, Winona Frazier, jack Thomas, Marcia Taylor, Clarabelle Remple. QThird Rowl james Gilbert, Shirley Larimer, Martha Sheets, Ned Krieg, jack Wolfe, Wilbur Lanning, Jim Rees, George Hanner, Patti Timberlake, Mary Io Adcock, Ruth Ann Norris. Ulourth Rowj Bernice Redd, Dick Holl, Earl Blake, Malcolm Dollmatsch, Paul Hunsaker, Harold " Haas, Lee Hiles, Jacqueline Beall, Betty Risch. ' 59 J lain was s.iws.r?fi'l " w 4, Jn in .wi W, 4'-Q. if 2 -up-1 w f f -M.. 'F 'i A v 1 f ,Mx , nf 9 -:J...., ai , 2 , , B Q , 1-Q ,T sv-Q, .wi ' 4 Mvgxmf ig - Q 7 if 2 3.21 sian' f iiflis s 5 4 1 .ilu ga 4 ,, EQ x ,MH +I k . 5 at Q ww NK.:-4:9 , -AL 71 ,fi 52755 ,g.U5'r5 5 ."'l g I P, A CAPPELLA CHOIR fFirst Row, Emogene Lemon, Eugenia Weinrich, Judy Buntz, Leah Lyke, Mona Mowery, Mary Lou Coaltley. . 1 Second Rowj Miss Bowen, Betty Bowers, Sally Lalferty, Betty Wolfe, Janice Mason. fThird Rowl Don Wells, Dallas Heft, Philip Pond, Harold Heinlein, Harold Haas, Glen Hemsworth. lFirst Rowj Marie Stone, Carol Robinette, Joan St. Clair, Retha McDonald, Jacqueline Beall, Frances Tipton. - lSecond Row, Ruth Ann Norris, Janice Barker, Jody Ogg- Nancy Young, Joann Rhoades, Helen Stewart. QThird Rowl Jack Wolfe, Wilbur Lanning, Woody Achauer, Jim Rees, Richard Bowers, Joe Walburn, Luther Brimner. . QFirst Rowl Helen Blum, Regina Proctor, Carolyn Martin, Nancy Pond, Marcia Hozalphel, Shirley Hutchison. Qsecond Rowj Janet Sweazy, Shirley Taylor, Audrey Young, Jean Ann Prather, Patty Green, Mary Jane Lanning, Eleanor Cole. fThird Rowj Bob Wamer, Beeman Mowery, Ned Meyers, Merton VanCuren, Robert Emrick, Ned Krieg, Tom Roberts. A ' f jx! if ,A U it 3 .dan is if GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-FA Group fFirst Rowl Vivian Harble, Helen Blum, Marie Stone, Regina Proctor, Marilyn Jacoby, Ann Phillips, Betty Wolfe. 1Second Rowj Jacqueline Beall, Ruth Ann Norris, Janice Barker, Janice Mason, Eugenia Weinrich, Dottie Windsor, Faye Beery, Violet Becker. A QThird Rowj Joan Rhoades, Sally Laiferty, Jody Ogg, Nancy Young, Jane Ann Roberts, Norma McMillan, Lois Imboden. 1First Rowj Carolyn Martin, Bmogene Lemon, Mona Mowery, Carol Robinette, Marcia Hozalphel, Shirley Hutchison, Janet Sweazy, Mary Jean Francis. 1 Second Rowj Nancy Pond, Mary Lou Coakley, Leah Lyke, Judy Buntz, Audrey Young, Eleanor Cole, Mary Jane Lanning, Joan St. Clair. fThird Row, Dorothy Scott, Shirley Taylor, Patti Timberlake, Bertie Hite, Jean Ann Prather, Retha McDonald, Betty Bowers, Miss Bowen. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-B Group 1 First Rowj Mary Lou Hartman, Harriet Mohler, Theresa Kienzle, Mona Funk, Virginia Brown, Margee Phillips, Ilene Flood. QSec0nd Rowl Martha Miller, Margaret Hanner, Ocean Tucker, Ora Holcomb, Donna Fowler, Jean Haddox, Betty Dawson, Miss Bowen. - 1Third Rowj Frieda Campbell, Alice Casto, Juanita Hammond, Delores Fuller, Mary Mowery, Joan Ohlinger, Margaret Brown. fFourth Rowj Mildred Buskirk, Jeanette Green, Marjorie Bateman, Frances Freeman, Josephine Conrad, Eileen Reed, Helen Walsmith. 63 . , i . . ,l11.,'1 Q .. 'J K-o-355.5-5 i'iiir I:"""",.3f4a33rw...1 .e BOYS' GLEE CLUB 1First Rowj jim Rees, Ned Krieg, Wilbiir Lanriing, Harold Haus, Luther Brimner, Paul Hunsuker, Tom Hummer. fSecond Rowj jim Shaw, Robert Emrick, Louis Green, Bob Showalter, joe Wzilbiirn, Glen Hemsworth. Lester Eckhart. fThird Rowl Richard Auker, Beeman Mowery, Bob Schmitter, Bob Parry, Leonard Kinnison, -luck Wolfe, Bob Jewell. fFirst Rowj Tom Brown, Earl Hicks, jim Cole, Stanley Soliday, Harold Blackstone, Woody Achauer, Albert Shannon. fSecond Rowj jean Ann Prather, Bob Warner, Dallas Heft, David Bell, Phil Pond, jim Lehman flhird Rowj Harold Heinlein, Dick Holl, john McBroom, Ned Myers, Merton Vanfluren, Don Wells, Miss Bowen. 64 SPDRTS 1 J 66 M. nw, . . . . "fi ""","" Yvfff aw M 85 Q Q., -mm . t if 4 4 + -I . 'Q if j. , f3'L, sv f xg! . A N ai , ' clark 'LQ f,.,4,5i , . 1 L4 ,,, , 1 , 5l1,ee'Bm- ,A3,32 gwQ,t!, ., ur . , K , ,K Q X. Q - . x ,' K N 4 IV. 4 , l.7'fm7 V Q X mmf ""f 'F7fLQ M J ' 1 'f"iw.w xr A ' W'-.4 V' WSL- i L Jw L H I . I, , fgkzag Kd. 5 , I gnkrwf j' ff , xg , Q! ...4 , 'l , 'lg kg? .3-Z w .wif TSI' 2 sr L ,V . I ft. N:.' ' gp Q A I ' ' ' ix ' 53: ,qw A , ' 'A' as 'h Q 9 , Q V .x Wilson Carfax-' ri m4x'SmKy N, ' ' 'Q Q 1-Y " 4, ' 'cus un...-gg.. ' " '- Q-riwgf, f wg.. ffwl- TURN Qs- 131 A 1,4 wg .- KR 3 , " My E ' U 'F Xxkf ax f v t Y ,' - ' 41-,MQ f .4 iw 1 - .. K ' ' LX, swf We--, .w h k'A1. X , Q tg.. V R, -pi I 1. ,mf . ' ' M ff I A in K,.' 'K' , ' . Vx ,- ' ,J , A .4 ' I 3. I V263 ' J K in Y NQ,,, ,img awp as . l ,fml .V w v N 'bv Z Y 'A ' x ' X - , if 4 Q ' 1 Vf Q41 3 AR .V . . W' M 'T' x. X -Y fl. A Q M K t ' - . - - 5 a Heft , Blake . G. Nowery Ya 3 e '44 FOOTBALL TEAM EARL BLAKE, End-Although this was Earl's first year on the squad, he played very well. He was on the receiving end of many passes and this made him a threat to the opposition all of the time. He played halfback on defense and could really cover his man. Since Earl is a senior, he will be missed very much next year. RAY CARTER, Guard-Ray was a speedy, scrappy guard who caused his oppof nents much worry during a game. He was hard to mousetrap because of his strength and ability to diagnose plays. Ray is a twofyear letterman at left guard and his shoes will be hard to fill next year. JOHN CLARK, Guard-Johnny played with as much spirit and enthusiasm as any other player on the team this year, although light and new to the game, he played a good brand of football. Only a junior this year, Johnny will be back next year to capably fill the guard position vacated by Carter's graduation. PAUL CONRAD, End-Paul was under the handicap of living up to his brothf er's reputation, but he did this in fine style by playing "heads up" football all season. Paul excelled in his fine defensive play at end and was awarded a position as end on the AllfSoutheastern second team. If Uncle Sam doesn't interfere, Paul will be one of Coach Armstrong's mainstays next year. DALLAS HEFT, Halfback-Dallas was hurt during the middle of the season, but came right back righting. His specialty was a reverse play from which he consist' ently gained yardage. He had fine cooperation and team spirit and was a good blocker. Dallas is only a junior and will be back next year for another season of football on the hilltop. FRED JACOBY, Tackle fCaptainj-Fred's specialty was in the kick off and ex' tra point tries, but he was equally good on the offensive and defensive. He was selected as a tackle on the All-Southeastern first team for the second straight year which shows his worth to the team. Since Fred is a senior this year and will graduate, he will leave a big gap at his tackle position to be filled next year. ROY MAGLE, Halfback fCofCaptain Electl-"Bud" was the leading scorer on the team and he specialized in ripping enemy lines and slicing around ends. Being shifted from end, where he was outstanding last year, "Bud" developed very fast and was one of the outstanding players in the league. He was selected as fullback on the AllfSoutheastern second team, and with another year to go should blossom into a real star. BEEMAN MOWERY, Fullback fCofCaptain Electl-Beeman was shifted from guard to fullback this year and was one of the best line plungers in the league. He backed up the line and was one of the surest and hardest hitting tacklers we had and, when on offense, his blocking was vicious. Since the end of the football season, Beeman has been accepted for the Armed Services, and Logan will lose one of its most capable players. He will be very hard to replace next year. 68 My 2 eww GLENN MOWERY, Quarterback-Much of the success of the team can be accredited to Glenn for his good job of calling signals. He was the blocking back and he cleared the way for the ball carriers. Coach Armstrong will have a difficult task when he tries to find a player to ill the vacancy left by Glenn's graduation. BOB SCHMITTER, Guard-Bob played offensive right guard and backed up the line on defense. His main specialty is defense, but he also opens holes in opposing lines and can tackle as swiftly and surely as any backerfupper. Bob was selected as guard on the AllfSoutheastern second team for the second straight year which speaks for his ability as a player. He will be welcomed back very much next year by Coach Armstrong. BOB SHEELER, Center-A little fellow as football players go these days- weighing only one hundred and twelve pounds and standing fiveffour-Sheeler gave all he had and proved to be one of our best players. "Red" was selected as center on the AllfSoutheastern second team and, since he is only a junior, he will be back for another year of the pigskin sport at L. H. S. BILL STEWART, Tackle-This hardfcharging tackle was constantly in the opposing backfield making life miserable for his opponents. He piled up interference and was fast enough to race down field to cover punts. Since the football season has ended, Bill has moved to Lancaster and his departure will leave a big gap in the for- ward wall to fill. ALBERT WILSON, Tackle-"Abe" was a big and tough tackle. Although he was not in the starting line-up all the time, he saw plenty of service and made a good showing when he was in there. He was quite capable of playing either tackle and this made him all the more valuable to the team. After the close of the football season, Albert left for the Navy. He will be greatly missed on the team next year. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE DATE TEAM THEY Sept. 15 ..... . Boys' Industrial School 0 Sept. 22 ..... .... C haunceyfDover ....... . 14 Sept. 29 ..... .... P omeroy"' ........ 6 Oct. 6 .... At Gallipolis' . . 6 Oct. 13 .... At Wellston' . . . 0 Oct. 20 .... Middleport"' .... 0 At Jackson' .. 12 Nov. 3. . . .... Nelsonville' . . . . 6 Nov. 10 ..... .... A t Athens' .... 18 Nov. 17 ..... .... L ancaster .... 21 TOTAL .... ...... . . . 126 83 'Denotes League Games. LEAGUE STANDING 1. ATHENS 3. POMEROY 5. GALLIPOLIS 7. WELLSTON 2. LOGAN 4. JACKSON 6. MIDDLEPORT 8. NELSONVILLE 69 FOOTBALL REVIEW In the opening game of the 1944 season, the Chieftains scored a hardfearned 12fO victory over a promising Boys' Industrial School. Logan played a good defensive, and made two short scoring thrusts for their margin of victory. In the second game, a big ChaunceyfDover eleven proved to be too tough, and the Chieftains bowed to them by the score of 14f7. Chauncey countered on a three- yard pass and on a sixtyfeightfyard run. Logan scored on a iifteenfyard pass to Magle. I.ogan's passing game looked good, but Chauncey had too much speed for the Chief' tains. In the first league game, the Chieftains scored a thrilling 9-6 victory over a rugged Pomeroy team. Logan scored on a fifty-ninefyard drive after taking the kickfoff at the beginning of the second half, and got two more points when Pomeroy's punter, trying to punt from behind his own goal line, stepped out of the end zone for an automatic safety. Pomeroy scored on a freak fumble for its only score of the game. After making the long trip to Gallipolis, the Chieftains came home with a 14-6 victory over the Blue Devils. The Blue Devils drew first blood, scoring on a thirty' fourfyard pass. Logan came right back to score on a liftyfyard drive, and was ahead 7f6 at halfftime. The Chieftains completely outplayed Gallipolis in the second half and went on to win 14f6. Logan scored a hardfearned 7fO victory over the Wellston Golden-Rockets in a driving rain. The game, which was played at Wellston, was played in an ocean of mud and water. The Chieftains dominated play in the first half, and were within the Rocket's ten-yard line three times but were unableto score. It took a blocked punt by Beeman Mowery in the last three minutes of the game to bring a Logan victory. It was I..ogan's third straight league win. Logan kept its winning streak intact by defeating Middleporc on the home field 26f0 for the fourth straight league win. The game was played in a cold drizzling rain before a small crowd. The victory was decisive as Logan piled up a 19f0 lead at the half, and then coasted the rest of the way for the win. The jackson Ironmen came from behind to score a 12f7 win over the Chieftains vo minute of play. In a hard fought game at Jackson the Ironmen blocked a login punt and scored the winning touchdown with only 'fifteen seconds left in the game. jackson scored first, but the Chieftains came right back to score on a pass and go ahead 7f6, only to see their lead melt away. A Logan scored its fifth league victory at the expense of the Nelsonville Greyhounds, 25-6. The Greyhounds proved to be plenty scrappy the first half and led 6-0 at the half. This lead did not last long, however, as the Chieftains came storming back to win. The Athens Bulldogs capitalized on the breaks, and by doing this, came out ahead of a fighting Chieftain eleven, 18f6. Athens scored twice early in the game, and then held on as the Chieftains came Eghting back to score a touchdown and cut the score to 12f6. But Athens' speed told the tale as the Bulldogs annexed their second straight S. B. O. league championship with Logan inishing in second place for the second straight year. A In the last game of the season, a much heavier Lancaster team outdistanced the Logan Chieftains to win 2143. Lancaster did not win without a struggle, however, as the Chieftains fought back gamely against their heavier opponents. A. 71 . ' , A ,.',, 14. gr. 1 '51, as ai.: ,LaL2l'z.,i.ai.1L, 41,143-ig.. he 1- mm ' Judy Schultheis BASKETBALL REVIEW Logan's 194445 basketball team may be termed a "blow hotfblow cold" team. In the first round in the league, Logan won four games and lost three, in the second round, our team won five out of seven games and took second place in the league with a record of 9f5. Wheii the season began, we had only three lcttermen returning from the previous year. Two other lcttermen had entered the Armed Forces and one had moved from Logan. Had the Chieftains been able to play better ball at the beginning of the season, the picture would have been much brighter. In the tournament, the same jinx that has stopped Logan so many times came up again, and, consequently, we lost to Lancaster, who won the district crown from Marietta. Next season looks bright with five lcttermen returning and some good material from this year's reserve team to back them up. We seniors want to wish the 194946 basketball team a lot of good luck. 73 BASKETBALL TEAM EARL BLAKE, Forward, fCaptainJgEarl was captain of the basketball team this year. He was a good rebound man, taking many rebounds off the offensive and defensive bankboards. Earl's specialty was a onefhand push shot around the foul lane. Blake is a senior this year and his forward spot will be left vacant by his graduation. JOHN MCBROOM, Forward-Johnny was only a sophomore this year, but he proved to be one of Logan's best shotmakers. He was a good set shot and equally as good on a onefhand push shot. john was not so aggressive but, with the valuable experience he gained this year, his future should be very bright for his following two years on the hilltop cage floor. BUD MAGLE, Center-Bud was our leading pointfmaker and a member of the AllfS. E. O. second team. His most effective shot was a twofhand jump shot from which he scored consistently. Bud was a tough man on rebounds too. Since he is only a junior, he will be back next year for another round of competition. CALVIN POLLOCK, Center-This was Calvin's first year on the varsity team, but he showed up well on both defensive and aggressive playing. He was best at getting rebounds off the bankboard. "Till" is a senior this year and will be lost to the team by graduation. Good luck, Till. t PAUL CONRAD, Forwo'rdfPaul was only on the second team this year, but he was in fighting every minute he could. He showed a lot of spirit and was a good ball handler and passer. He was best on the defense as he covered his man well. Paul will be lost to next year's team since he will probably be inducted into the Armed Forces. BOB SGHMITTER, Guard-"Ewal" was full of fight and was a very aggressive player. Bob was a good rebound man, and he was equally good as a defensive player. Bob is another junior on the team this year and, with the experience gained this year, should be a valuable asset to the team next year. FRED JACOBY, GuavdeEred was a boy who could play any position on the team, but he regularly held the guard position. He was a good player on rebounds and a steadying influence to the rest of the team. A two letterman and a senior this year, his shoes will be hard for Coach Armstrong to fill next year. GLENN MOWERY, Guard-Although Glenn did not play all the time, he was a steady replacement for the first team. He was a guard and excelled in his defensive play, although he oould score points as well. Glenn is another senior, and his absence will be keenly felt next year. DAVE BELL, Forward-For a sophomore, "Doc" saw plenty of action this year. He was an aggressive player and was always in there pitching all the way. His best shot was a onefhand shot from the side court. "Doc" will be back next year to try to take over one of the positions left by the three seniors on this year's team. 74 'f BEEMAN MOWERY, Forward--Beeman played forward, but was also one of our better defensive players. A very good team player, he gave all he had when he was in the game. Beeman is a junior this year but will be lost to next year's team because he has been' accepted for the Armed Services. Good luck, Beeman! BOB WARNER, Guard-Bob is another sophomore who gained valuable ex- perience this year. Bob was a good defensive player and could also score his share of points as a guard. He was a hard fighter and an aggressive type of player. With two more years to play, Bob should make an outstanding member of the team. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Logan .............. McArthur ....... ......... 2 5' 32 Logan ..... .... M iddleport 2 3 1 8 Logan ..... . . Nelsonville 28 31 Logan ..... . . Alumni . 26 36 Logan ..... .... J ackson 52 48 fovertime Logan ..... . . Gallipolis 45 27 Logan ..... . . Wellston 47 36 Logan ..... .... M cArthur 34 51 Logan ..... . . Pomeroy 33 45 Logan ..... . . Athens . 30 36 Logan ..... . . Middleport 46 1 9 Logan ..... . . Nelsonville 54 33 Logan ..... . . Jackson . 5 5 41 Logan ..... .... G allipolis 5 4 36 Logan ..... . . Wellston 45 61 Logan ..... .... P omeroy . . . 41 27 Logan ..... .... A thens . . . . . 34 43 CLASS "A" TOURNAMENT AT ATHENS Logan ...... 1 Athens .... O fForfeitJ Logan ...... 28 Lancaster . .42 l' FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS 1. ATHENS 2. LOGAN, POMEROY, WELLSTON ftiedj 3. JACKSON 4. GALLIPOLIS, NELSONVILLE Qtiedj 5. MIDDLEPORT 75 ..' .. . -z..s.:ali::aix,+Q..,:f. .1 '.xs.:!ii..?.J-ISLE UELQLQES W FGOTBALL DANCE AND THE CROWNING OF THE GRIDIRON QUEEN With a background of football supermen in cardboard, and purple and white streamers forming a false ceiling over the dance floor, the annual Football Frolic was held on December 1. The dimmed lights and the music played by Wilbur Warren Lanning's orchestra made many a senior realize that it was the last high school football dance that he would attend. At nine-thirty the dancing stopped. A fanfare of trumpets played while Cather' ine Fox, the queen, entered with her five attendants following. Corsages were then presented to the queen and her attendants, Mary Mowery, Carolyn Martin, Dorothy Geiger, Janet Struble, and Pat Walsh, by Calvin Pollock, president of the Student Council. The rest of the program was very entertaining. Those participating in the prof gram were Jim Rees, Jack Wolfe, Mary Jane Lanning, Tom Roberts, Woody Achauer, and Bob Warner. Fred Jacoby presented next year's football co-captains, Bud Magle and Beeman Mowery, After the program the queen and her attendants had a special dance with the senior football players. Then there was an intermission, after which the dancing was resumed. BASKETBALL DANCE The annual basketball dance, sponsored by the Student Council, was held April 13, 1945, in the Logan Senior High School auditorium in honor of the senior high school squad. The auditorium was attractively decorated with pastel colors forming a false ceiling, and for the background, a cardboard Indian brave, with his bow, was shooting arrows which bore the names of this year's basketball players on them. Acting as mistress of ceremonies, Mary Mowery presented as participants of the program-Janet Sweazy, Janice Barker, Ruth Ann Norris, Woody Achauer, Tommy Hammer, Martha Sue Cruise, and Jim Rees. The special feature of the program was the presentation of Dorothy Dalton as "PinfupfGirl" and Harles Inboden as "Pinfupf Boy." The candidates for these titles were Dorothy Dalton, Betty Lou Karshner, Maxene Nutter, Janet Struble, and Patty Walsh, candidates for the boys were Tommy Hammer, Harles Inboden, Glenn Mowery, Bob King, and Tommy Roberts. 76 Q-P' I 4- 000 4' 'Q O so09'... QUEEN'S COURT l'ollowmg tht- custom ot prcvious ycairs, catch mcmhcr of tht- scnior class voted for one sciiior girl whom hc thought host suitcd for tht' honor of rcigning :ts quccn ovcr Logam High School. Tht' tivu girls who rcccivctl the highest mimhcr of votcs wort' thcn vottml on hy thc cntirt' school hotly. Czithcrinc Fox, Dorothy Ucigcr, Carolyn Martin, lviatry Mowf cry, .lzinct Struhlc, :md Putty Watlsli wcrc sclcctcd. Until thc night of tht' foothstll tlitiicv, Dcccinhcr I, 1944, thc itlcntity of thc quccn rwiiiaiiticd xi mystery. Un that night Cgitliwiiic Fox was introtlucctl :is tht' quccn. Tht- othvr tivc girls l5t't'lllI1x' hcr zittcmlxmts. 77 l V' F211 1, .qs H1 i 78 1 7 'v 4 -Q' Q , M Y ,' f., -a-ef1'., QFirst Rowj Emma Jean Lemon, Mary Lou Hartman, Elaine Dolan, Nancy Pond, Ilene Flood, Letha Lou Poling, Adeline Ruble, Marie Stone, Betty Dawson, Virginia Brown. fSecond Rowj Barbara Huls, Shirley Taylor, Janet Sweazy, Shirley Hutchinson, Lois Jacobs, Lois Unger, Ruth Collins, Winona Frazier, Margee Philips, Shirley Blum. QThird Rowj Alice Casto, Dorothy Robb, Jean Ann Prather, Betty Lou Karshner, Beatrice Lash, Janet Struble, Lucille Warner, Marjorie Ball, Daisy Smith. SENIOR G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association was organized eight years ago by Miss Gertrude Bliss. When Miss Bliss accepted another position, Miss Joan Gesling became the very capable adviser. This organization was founded chiefly for the purpose of creating a better physical standard among the girls, and of aiding the development of leadership in the various activities connected with the athletic department. There are approximately one hundred twenty members. Sixty of these girls have joined this year. The goal for which every girl in this club strives is to receive her letter. The number of points required to obtain this reward is one thousand. Six hundred points are required for the pin and three hundred for the numeral. fFirst Rowj Frieda Campbell, Harriet Mohler. Theresa Keinzle, Jo Ann Rhodes, Maxine Lehman, Mary Jane Campbell, Betty Snyder, Opal Wahl, Margaret Brown. lSecond Rowj Martha Miller, Margaret Hanner, Jean Leach, Juanita Hammond, Zella Mundy, Ann Philips, Nancy Young, Mary Ann Moriarity, Jane Ann Roberts, Judy Glass. fFourth Rowj Marsha Eberst, Norma Jean Hanna, Marilyn Jacoby, Mary Ann Geiger, Jody Ogg, Gee-Gee Weinrich, Josephine Conrad, Francis Freeman, Marjorie Bateman, Selma Norris. fFirst Rowl Judy Buntz, Treasurerg Carolyn Martin, Secretaryg Mary Mowery, President: Miss Gesling, Advisorg Joan Jurgensmier, Vice Presidentg Sue Holl, Assistant Treasurer. 1 Second Rowj Maxene Nutter, Patty Walsh, Arlene Summers, Betty Sheeler, Dottie Philips, Carol Robinette, Catherine Kessler, Mona Mowery, Eleanor Francis. fThird Rowj Dorothy Geiger, Kate Fox, Patty Timberlake, Delores Fuller, Eloise Stimmel, Amy Jo Littlejohn, Helen Stewart, Jackie Beall. 1 Fourth Rowj Retha McDonald, Bertie Hite, Helen Wallsmith, Martha Sheets, Patty Heft, Leah ' Lylre, Joan Ohlinger, Mary Jo Adcock. 79 fs. x P The following girls have received their letters and their pins: Jean Foreman Emma Jean Lemon Mary Mowery Nancy Pond Daisy Smith Shirley Taylor Peggy Sanderson Catherine Fox Ilene Flood Dorothy Geiger Leah Lyke Mona Mowery Janet Struble Jan. t Sweazy Pat Walsh Jean Ann Prather Dottie Phillips Martha Sheets Carolyn Martin DECK TENNIS-- Joan St. Clair Catherine Fox Marilyn Jacoby Dorothy Geiger Marjorie Ball Bertha Hartsock Teresa Kienzle Bonnie Beery Shirley Blum Mona Mowery Ilene Flood Betty Palmer Captains Jean Leach Dottie Phillips Shirley Hutchison Dorothy Dalton Joanne Ohlinger Mary L. Hartman Head ............. . . . Catherine Fox Winner . . . . . . Catherine Fox VOLLEY BALL-Captains Joan Ucker Mary Mowery Martha Sheets June Kanode Mary Jo Adcock Marcia Eberst Amy Jo Littlejohn Leona Blackston Dorothy Geiger Louise Lehman Bonnie Hicks Harriet Mohler Betty Sheeler Eleanor Francis Ilene Flood Florence Schorr Head ............... ..... I lene Flood Winner . . . .... Carolyn Martin BASKETBALL-Captains Josephine Conrad Margie Bateman Letha Poling Kathryn Bailey Joanne Rhodes Catherine Fox Head . . Winner Jean Prather Mary Engle Pat Walsh Ruth Ann Norris Dorothy Geiger Marjorie Ball Bertha Hartsock Helen Stewart Mona Mowery Freida Campbell Gayle Daubenmiere Patty Green Martha Kelch Dottie Phillips Hiking . . . . . Bowling Skating Bicycling Photography .... inhii 80 . . Marjorie Ball Eleanor Francis Pat Timberlake . . . Ann Phillips . . . Marjorie Ball I rw "" P sf' .1 r . 4' J U CHIEFTAIN'S WILL The Gesling Chieftains, on this twentyffirst day of February, nineteen hundred and fortyfive, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby declare this their last will and testament. 1. Carol Robinette leaves hcr late arrival on the gym floor to Mona Mowery. 2. Marjorie Ball, Lois Unger, and Bea Lash leave all their 'extra shorts to all the juniors who never can find theirs. 3. Pat Walsh doesn't know this, but we think that Eleanor Francis should be the receiver of her "corny" jokes. QSome were pretty good, thoughj. 4. Martha Sheets requests Nancy Pond's ability to play basketball. 5. Judy Buntz and Martha Sheets think they should carry on with the Kate Fox-jean Prather never-ending friendship. l 6. "Midge" Buskirk and Mary Lou Hartman will their long fingemails to all the girls in the gym class. fAnd there will be plenty for each girlj. - 7. Eloise Stimmel would like to have Winona Frazier's eyes. QAnd who wouldn'tJ. A x 8. janet Struble leaves her beautifhl brown hair to Zella Mundy. QFrom blonde to brownettej. " 9. Emma Jean Lemon leaves her ability to referee to anyone who thinks she can fill her place. ' 10. "The class without a teacher" leaves its ability to cause an uproar to any class who will promise to work harder at it than we did. ll. Carolyn Martin leaves her ability to lead championship teams to anyone that's as cute as she is. 12. Marcia Holzapfel leaves her volley-ball serve to GeefGee Weinrich. fWill that help, Gee?j 13. Ruth Risch leaves her "stickftofitftiveness" to Delores Williams. 14. Joan Walker leaves her quick moving limbs to Janice Barker. 15. Lucille Warner leaves her winning personality to Mary K'Miller. QBoth swell girlsj. 16. The seniors leave all their favorite memories and good times to the juniors. 81 BABY PICTURES ww N n. e K' 'ww Nxt? V7 as R 6 w'5'?- rr r grfgfrmr uf 5 fi . j,.1g ,-My 5" QM X 5 4.Ji.u . X '. fi eu-- .M-,,,.m K vu? 3- L4 NX, X 41. .A I -lurly 'l'wrnx, lnulfc Lvlrmrur, Durmlry Trptnm, XX'csr Sulruul. Luis Unger. Audrey Yuung. Domthy Plnlllpa, Shrrlcy llmrlglmzxum, CI.ulu-mm' lfux. Luwull Hughes. ,Inner Swcuzy, ,Ivan Arm Prather, Norma Gleason, Mabel Louise W'r1gl-rt, Betty Slwrlcr. Ummm Mac liuwlcr. Eleanor Cole. Emma Hummel, Ilene Flood. 'I I 'mam . Q . 5' '-1g,YK'.Q5ff 1 'Pauli 19" Q Q Betty Jean Kline... .. GRADUATES OF I944 Jo Ann Adcock ....... .... M arried John Rolland Allbery ........... Navy James R. Arnold ............... Navy Ruth N. Aurand ........ Cadet Nurse Nettie Naomi Barker .... Ohio State U. Robert Lee Bateman ............ Navy Martha Jean Beery. .Hansel's Dry Clng. Monobelle Marie Beougher .. Married Charles V. Boch .............. Army Ida Louise Bowers ...... Ohio State U. James Fountain Brehm ...... Miami U. Mary Jane Bright ............ Newark Mary Jo Brown .... C. C. Chute, Office Roseann Brown ........ Ohio State U. Wanda J. Brown .... C. Penny 6? Co. John Franklin Buchanan ........ Army Dennis Dale Bumgardner .,...... Navy Richard Elwyn Buntz .......... Navy Alice Lee Busch ..... Ohio University Jo Robey Case ....... Ohio State U. Grace Roselea Chute ..... Logan, Ohio Edna Marieta Cline.Ration Bd., Logan George Robert Coakley ........ Army Esther Louise Cohagan. . .Cadet Nurse Zita M. Connor ...... Ohio University Harry Eugene Courter ...... Columbus Johnnie Jacob Cox ............ Logan Violet Irene Culbertson.H. G. Godman Mary M. Dalton. .Morris 5 EG? 10 Store Robert Eugene Daubenmier ..... Logan Pauline Marian Davis ....... Columbus Naomi Virginia Dawson ..... Lancaster Juanita Jean Feather ......... Married Clarence William Ford. Samuel Ford .......... ........Army ........Navy Richard Edward Frasure ........ Navy Earl Wesley Freeman. . . ........Navy Betty Jean Friend. . .Logan Clay Prod. Myrtle Ageline Glass .... Cadet Nurse Pauline E. Gruner .......... Columbus James Gordon Harbarger ....... Army Evelyn C. Hardgrove. .Morris 5 E? 10 Don E. Hemsworth .... Ohio University Jo Ann Hildebrandt ........... Logan Pansy Mae Hugli ..... Risch Pharmacy James E. Hummel .............. Navy Freida E. Hutchinson ...... Haydenville Robert Daniel Johnston ......... Navy Joanne Marie Kalklosch ....... Georgia Lewis Donavon Keister. . . Harold E. Keller .... Leota Mae Kienzle .... ..... .. . .Army ........Army Columbus .Dayton Dale Woodrow Derr .. Leo H. Dillon ...... Norma Jean Dolan ....... ......Army ......Army Cadet Nurse Richard M. Dollison ............ Navy Helen I. K'Miller ........ Locker Plant Martha Ann Lee ..... Denver, Colorado Earl Lloyd Lehman ............ Army Louis Lee Lehman .............. Navy Dottie Marie Lemon.Carpenter's Hdwe. Jeannette Louise Leonard .... Elberfeld's Jean Leone Loomis ....... Locker Plant Thelma Irene McCune ...... Elberfe1d's Pauline A. McWilliams. . .McCray Ins. Eugene C. Miller ............. Logan Gerald Junior Miller ........... Logan Miriam Mock. .Army Depot, Columbus Retha Jean Mohler ......... Elberfeld's Forest Rex Dupler. . . ...... Navy Helen Gertrude Ellinger. .Farm Bureau Marjorie Lewis Ellis ........ Columbus Morton Irving Epstein .......... Army Dorothy I. Myers .... ..... D ayton Paul Raymond Neff .... .... A rmy Annie Mae Nutter .... .... Lo gan James F. Oblinger ..... ....Army Martha Jeanne Pierson ...... Lancasterf Betty Irene Poling ...... Clay Products Edan G. Poling. .Columbus Bus. College Miriam june Ralston ........... Logan John Edward Rauch ............ Army Ruby June Rice ......... Port Clinton Betty Lou Richards .... Curtiss Wright John Francis Richards. .Leonard Ftmeral Joseph F. Rohinette .... Helen Ruth Rutter ..... Esther Mae Sanner ..... Walter F. Saving ...... Sue S. Schempp ....... Katharyn Louise Shanley Dale Edward Shultz .... . . . .Navy Elberfeld's Elberfeld's ....Navy ........Logan ......Married ........Navy Ruth Winojean Sloan ...... Elberfeld's Betty Jane Smith. .Blosser's Restaurant Elizabeth Ann Smith ........ Michigan Christina C. Smith ...... Ohio State U. Joseph L. Smith ..... Army Air Corps Ned Richard Smith ............ Army Wilma Jean St. Clair ........ e. .Logan Madge Stimel ......... . . . Married Rosie Fay Summers ............ Illinois Frances C. Thomas .... J. C. Permy Co. Alpha Edwin Turner .......... Army Roseanna Warner ........ Gas Omce Frances Eileen Watts .......... Logan Betty Jane Windle .......... Married Mary Margaret Wright ..... Elherfe1d's V. X. fl. D, ,QI ,. 4 . H., K, H375 sk., 1. Mn af ?,.m.feaf.Z.saff-M ,... 1 . f 5 s"'fgm4m n..-+e+,.y' Y 51-4535- naman'-sun: sp..-1 '11 ' SJW' 90 ,454-,-ffxfi YS Q1 W 'N' SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Class of 1945 presented Ghost Wanted, a threefact mysteryfcomedy, by Guernsey Le Pelley on the evenings of May 10 and 11 to a record-breaking audience of approimately 1400. With three exceptions a different cast appeared each night. This play, directed by Miss Bartelle Hamilton, was well cast and well staged. The living room of the island home of the Stormgays presented a mystic and inf teresting setting. The play was packed with humor and suspense from the beginning to the closing curtain. Everything from a living monster to an F.B.I. agent was brought before an interested audience. Members of the cast were Tom Roberts, Luther Brimf ner, Glenn Mowery, Lavena Newland, Audrey Young, Catherine Fox, Carolyn Mar' tin, Janet Struble, Daisy Smith, Gene Sigler, Janet Sweazy, Shirley Rose Hutchison, Wilbur Lanning, Tommy Hammer, Mary Jane Lanning, Marjorie Ball, Lucille War' ner, Gertrude Konkler, Nancy Pond, Jean Ann Prather, Jack Wolfe, Fred Jacoby, and Harles Inboden. The success of the play was not all due to those on stage, but to Miss Hamilton, those backfstage committees, and an appreciative audience. 92 ...N LLOYD'S RECREATION B O W L I N G S STREET STU TS WELCO James E. Lloyd, Proprietor King Lumber Co. Everyfhing To Build Anyfhing Phone 40l ST OT RET OG O J. C. PENNEY COMPANY DEPARTMENT sToRE A Cash Purchase is a Cash Saving af Penney's 93 Compliments MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR I RUGBY SWEATERS AND SWIM TRUNKS C H I D E S T E R S RESISTOL HATS-HICKOK BELTS METAL AND RADIATOR SHOP CLOTHCRAFT SUITS AND SPORT COATS Stokers-Heating and Veniilaking VENETIAN BLINDS AND AWNINGS S A Logan, Ohio Phone 636 45 N. Sprung Streei COMPLIMENTS OF SIIHMITTER'S BAKERY TO CLASS OF I945 Ask for SchmiHer's Bread, Pies, Cakes, and Cookies A R H U M M E L BUY BONDS FOR VICTORY East Front Street Comphments of GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION M O R R I S LOGANIOHK, 5c, 10c, fo S1 Sfore 94 DAYTON sczl-:um-lens Congmmations GENERAL INSURANCE 3 63 Norih Marliei Sireei Q S S 6 r S RUBLE BLDG. PHONE 9I EAT IN AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT SELECTIVE MENU FOR HONEST VALUES IN FOOTWEAR 'TRY- IIGOOCI Food Is Good Health" T H E ARCADE SHOE STORE 62 E t M . St t Phone 7 Logan, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Heinlein Si Sons Day or Nighf Ambulance Service 204 WEST MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 28 Elberfelcl's nk Everything in Furniture Nafionally Known Makes 'A' ELBERFELD'S IN LOGAN 96 CONGRATULATIONS .... CLASS OF I945 HANSEL BROTHERS Dry Cleaning-Fur Cleaning-Fur Sforage Repairing PHONE 3 3l WEST MAIN STREET Vicfory Begins On The Home From' - BUY MORE BONDS The Uhin Power Company Complimenis of LEE'S DRUG STORE Corner Main and Spring Sfreets Et blushed l886 F. W. WEILAND JEWELER IN LOGAN IT'S MUTUAL Congratulations, Class of '45 ISALY'S FOUNTAIN SERVICE SANDWICHES AND MEALS OUTFITTERS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY AND HOME COATS ACCESSORIES SUITS INFANT'S CLOTHING DRESSES CHILDREN'S WEAR SHOES DOMESWC NEEDS WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL KINDS OF ORDERS Mu+uaI Sfores. Inc. 20 East Main St Logan Ohio IIO East Main Shed: Phone 506 Logan, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l945 ,4ff.J6ah Emo Jo Stutz, Owner PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION 58V2 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 272I OVER KROGER STORE I 9 e CAPITAL, SURPLUS, AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS OVER S250,000.00 TOTAL RESOURCES OVER S3.000.000.00 FARMERS and MERCHANTS BANK Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Atliiliatecl with Banlx Ohio Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF CARPENTER'S HARDWARE EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE ELECTRIC SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS Compliments to the Class of I945 "Say ll With Flowers" G0lvlPF'S GREENHOUSE QUALITY - QUALITY lYKE'S GROCERY STORE We Carry a Complete Line of FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Congratulations, Class I945 L O G A N C O R N STAPLE GROCERIES C R I B Phone 33-"Quick Service" 76 W. Main Street Old Spice Toiletries - Shaeffer's Pens RISCH PHARMACY Whitman's Chocolates Lucien Lelong Colognes Rubenstein Toiletries YOUR HOME TOWN NEWSPAPER IS THE ONLY NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD THAT GIVES A WHOOP ABOUT LOGAN OR HOCKING COUNTY lT's THE LOGAN DAILY NEWS Lanning Motor Co. AT STAGE COACH INN SUPER ONE-STOP - STATION - Sferling Gasoline Quaker Mofor Oil Firesfone and Goodyear Tires 255 East Main St. Telephone 600 FOX EAST MARKET QUALITY MERCHANDISE 298 East Main Street GRANDY'S ACCESSORIES AND PARTS FOR AUTOMOBILES AND BICYCLES West Main Street Congratulations PRITCHARD'S LOGAN GREENHOUSE A. Toerner Flowers For All Occasions CORSAGE SPECIALTY PHONE 72 FOUR YOUR ORDER reefingfn, racluafed CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING YOUR FIRST MILESTONE from Joe S. Case, '08 Maude R. Hack, '07 Winona Stinchfield Case,'95 Suzanne Case, '43 .Iames W. Krieg John E. Krieg, '09 Olga B. HugIi, '22 Jo Robey Case, '44 Mabei Sanderson, '08 -at- 6l52 if Pug SOP? 100 OBLINGER GROCERY WATCH THE FORDS GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION O Compliments of Ugg 81 Beasley CONFECTIONERY LOGAN, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS BLUE SUNOCO MOTOR FUEL Compliments of Lewis Motor Sales WE GET THE BEST RECAP JOBS IN TOWN 297E+M sff Lg Oh To the Class of '45 EICHEL'S BAKERY BI East Main Street Phone 32 THE LOGAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY LUMBER, MILLWORK AND BUILDING PROMPT SERVICE The Logan Bulk Filling Station. Inc. JUNCTION ROUTE 75 LOGAN, OHIO THEO. C. IOHNSON CO. Westinghouse Products ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORK W. 81 H. CHEVROLET SALES YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER Phone 45 Rear I6 E. Main Street LOGAN' OHIO 58 West Second Street Logan, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS l':Or . m .fg145P4 . ,, lf' ' Better Pasteurized Dairy Products 0 'IP ' ' S . . PHONE 52 PHONE so PERMANENT WAVE-COOL WAVE Congratulations to the Class ot '45 WHEN YOU THINK OF TIRES, THINK OF US! Pratt Hawlcinson Tread Service 753 West Hunter Street Phone 284 Logan, Ohio 102 LoeAN Music co, LOGAN, OHIO Electrical Appliances Fluorescent Lights Record Players Sheet Music Instruments Radio Tubes Records RM-li0S 47 PARK VIEW - TELEPHONE 443 EAT W O N N ' S EXTRA RICH Ice CREAM 498 West Hunter Street Logan, Ohio Compliments of The Murat Studios LOGAN, OHIO NELSONVILLE, OHIO LEXINGTON, KY. ATTENTION JUNIOR TOWN! The Smarfly Clad Young Dress Makes SHARFF'S I2 West Main Street "HER CLOTHES HEADQUARTERS" Compliments of WORK BROS. HARDWARE, STOVES, AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES LOGAN, OHIO Congratulations, Class of '45 SUITS-SPORT CLOTHING-FURNISHINGS AT POPULAR PRICES ARROW SHIRTS-MALLORY HATS UNION CLOTHING CO. 103 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '45 THE MELDRIM-ST. CLAIR CO. THE OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE FEED AND IMPLEMENT STORE IN TOWN YUNKER BROTHERS, INC. SPORTING GOODS MANsFIELD,ol-no Best Wishes io the Class of '45 C""'P'I"'enfS of THE GAS WELL SERVICE STATION E R N I E 'I' A X I C 0 O PuRoL Paooucrs - PHlLco RADIOS Drive Safely and Be Sure With Pure PHONE444 DENNY WELTNER ur Friendly Neighbor Cor. Main and Hunte WOODARD FUNERAL SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO EACH I945 GRADUATE WARNER'S Congratulations to the Class of '45 K E Y N E S B R O S . LOGAN Pumrv AND sKi.Hl FLOUR The Logan Clay Products Co. Ma nufa cturers of VITRIFIED CLAY SEWER PIPE WALL COPING - STOVE PIPE FLUE LINING - FIRE BRICKS AND OTHER CLAY PRODUCTS Septic Tanks and Drain Tile for Modernizing Farm Property Factory and Office Logan, Ohio PHONE I84 The Logan Foundry 8: Machine Co. Phone 30-Logan, Ohio PIPE - CORDAGE - WIRELINES Manufacturers and Distributors GREY IRON CASTINGS-BRASS CASTINGS-FORGINGS OIL AND GAS WELL SUPPLIES General Machine Worlr Fishing Tool Rental Service C-BEIGER BROTHERS Iron Firemen Stokers to Heat Your Home 758 Front Street Phone 6283-377l B L U M 8: B L U M . GROCERIES AND MEATS H E l N E P A C K I N G THE INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. Q Indianapolis, Indiana Congratulations and Best Wishes to Each Member of the l945 Cl F Logan High School LEONARD FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE srsrzvrce lasers asf f Lg oh' MINISTER AULD CRAFTERS. INC. 533 North Park Street COLUMBUS, OHIO OUR PATRONS DR. L. W. STARR DR. H. M. BOOCKS A. R. HUMMEL JUDGE EWING WILLIAM T. CLAPP DR. C. F. RAUCH REV. CECIL JONES WOOD BOWEN MARK LOHR, SR. DR. C. F. SHONK BasI'ian Bros. Co. ROCHESTER. N. Y. 'A' Designers and Producers of CLASS JEWELRY NAME CARDS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Member The Educaiional Jewelry Mfrs. Ass'n RALPH W. ARMSTRONG 863 Kenwielr Road CoIumbus, Ohio UA. awkeacl plfeffif PRINTERS .x4fAenA, OLE 107 Q ' ' ,

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