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.Mia 6 ,fy M ,x ,7Afw?'Z.?l. 5 fn.. .g '31 1 V 'C 3.-'f,. ' ifkff 4' .lm Q . f, QN N w Q., ,. g'f15I ' ii 'Xa .lf f -., .f JI 1 1 . , :' . ff' Q91 . " if 1 1 , f ,W V NM !,:v, 31.15252 4.,,jvc ,l 1523 . 4 is 'M' g"1 hi' N M .4 v 1 G wil , '-fx W Q Q fi 'li ,S 3? ,. ,- 5--' H4 . i f E . , S Fifi? J. . 4 w Q 'L Y 51 I ' "' 3 ' A.. -A 4 v.fq,,-F.Y-Y4w.V-.. , .,,, ,gr - -,.,, , ,.,.T- ,,..-,. .-.., f. ,E , 1.',nf5ii3lfgif' SW , ' .3 ' fl V.-mia' hfb- I ' - f . . . 'ig-4 A fer 1 , 'VW' , V ,,f,:,A-gimp - .. . ,v?if55Wglf'-1Al:f,J'f 'F 2 A pw fr sf?r:'f"?1g,:,f -: ,, ,,. A I, . I . . - ,A . gr 1 , fav , ' 4 ' if: 15 5,5 Lynn . In 34515525 , ,Sf 'Q ff rf 2 1 ,, 4 '- X 1 , Q -' .L k in K 5 QL 3 :' I aa M , V 41' i xg X TF 9 3, J, W mai X5 1 .i Wy' xx A Alt Q? X 'Q ix nf, QQQFX 84 U 2 Y LQ gk d ' JU- f ,J J ml! wk in umm f M , W V A, Y' .. ,, . 1 X -ilwufw li ,W M V 'fix M Q9 , I., 15- .IK 991 ,Vi x. XX N TIHHE WI4ClKilUI1P Qfgiflyfiefa' H zglz Salma! 4' ,A 4 . 9 ' I ' l o . - Q . W u o O ' . 4 , p Q LITCHFIELD PARK, ARIZON 1951 x N 0 Q 4 ' 0 9 P. O 0 , CONTENTS Foreword ........................ Litchfield High School ...... Dedication ..... Administration ..... . Seniors ........... Juniors . Sophomores Freshmen ....... Class Work ....... Activities .... Athletics . Social .......... Advertising . ....... ......... . ' i .69 gt 9' 34-iiwsftlft' of .. 3 4- 5 7 9-14 15-20 21-24 25-23 29-S2 33-33 39-54 55-68 69-80 31-93 5 . I I K . 4 I I 1 FOREWORD This story is called OUR SCHOOL. It is edited by Kyle Needham and Crystal Armstrong and represents the con- tributions and elforts of the members of the Senior Class, while I, the Litchfield Owl, the emblem and protector of the school, have been chosen to be the narrator. The time of our story is the school year of 1950-51, and the events occur at Litchfield High School. So turn the pages of this book and see the beautiful setting, meet the characters of our story, and watch the plot unfold. This is OUR Scriooi ,... Litchfield High School. It is located in Litchlield Park, Mari- copa County, Arizona, latitude 32 degrees 30 minutes, longitude 112 degrees 24 minutes. L. H. S. is not much different from any other school, but We think We have the prettiest campus, friendliest students, and the best teachers in the state. Over there on the Wall is a plaque that says OUR SCHOOL Was built in 1928 by M1'. P. W. Litchfield. Earliest records there in the ofhce have names like Dobson and Phillips, not so very dihcerent from those of today. Yes, it's a nice school. Nobody very famous ever came out of it-so far as We know, but a lot of fine American citizens got their high school diplomas from OUR SCHOOL. Nr ilgav '- Y A31 A531 a". ifmsj . :ix ,jig f S, Q W 1 nf an - W., .1 R353 W' 5 1, M" -. ' K x ' .K , ' W--- ,.,.....A,...,.....Prf'W-Mm - x -'1 A A Qgmxp.g'W'wf Yvlw wxwizv fm fwy 1,-14' ff L,f.fsn'f1Y 2 -in-M "j9,,Wwhwiw-it , , I . A N Y X . EL-Ng -,, fixing. fr.- x My -1 . awfii- ,Z AX " iI.u.,wf'3f . if nw WS, Wm , -. As-.MV 9,k,y,f:33g5g1 .N V ' 4 -A .fx-v?,4,',5., .ab - MV- Q, h 7 Y Q Wu: ifxk 'Z' is f 'W AV" 25' ." J f N- A' X , ,fy 1 -,.g.,,,,,,NE1f-W,-'7"'WM k X-x f , " f -, Q X , . .xxx V. x ,, gm, Atv Q., , -3 ,f , N N SSW C up ' . .1 'afffskwf X 'L ir x 435533 1 , 5 -Y..+1 . x V V b.,m+. iff? .saw f 14 W' A 2 f V . .1 .1 fi fi r 1 1 mix- .-VK i 4.,fm ,S 'G "km I V WM! .K ,a . . WW-,g . .2. A YH- 57. MM L X. '1 f 7 , EAW? , VR , Q3 1 'S .4 qi. N my an QQ' avifjif sa. ur 991, 1 :JK f vu A w.,. if . ,A bd xx My ,Q 31. Q, Y dey 2 . S G35 'mf 359 E4 S51 4 -' - W 6 'Y , 4 . X, 3 5,39 9-,X ,x kia. R -, J ,, ,,.x,. .PQ f:1pzX"':ffLvx2x ' 4? - , ,J Q, , X4 wg Q f -. 2'- ",, 5,3 wvmwx N 5 . .- N eq- ,,, V9 .gg- ., Ag' " "W I WK ffif 5 f ' Q .. f wi. Lv- f-T - ,J 2'4- 1 ' 'X y ' -. N 'ft--fr' gf ,"'f-7,755 "i""'g:.rf"' .mf - kwi, -'Q 1.r,.,Ssw.s, ,,-,ATS iq" f-40.4 '.v . mn" "HQ 4" fix 'K - j -in - , ' -H 51, S91 -. x W, , 'YM y N ,lf kd 1 Y 1 W W 1 1 W 1 Y Y W 1 p ADMI I 'TRATIC N T his year, as usual, there have been 180 school days, each of which began at nine o'clock in the morning and lasted until four in the afternoon. The ball games and dances took place after regular hours. Each month, the Board of Education has met to plan for the betterment of the schoolg and the superintendent, Mr. Tidwell, has put in many, long hours at his desk and in conferences. The teachers have conducted classes, graded papers, chap- eroned dances, ridden the rooters' bus to ball games, and have given much honest advice-ranging from the choice of a future career to the kind of corsage one's dates would like for the next dance. All members of the administration have tried to make this a good year for the stu- dents at Litchfield High 5 and now it is time to meet the men and women who assume I the responsibilities of work and play at L.H.S. t 'L- s 695 Q J at g I ! 1113 MR. K. B. MCMICKEN MR. G. H. IQEISMANN DR. R. K. l'1Il.'1'ON President Member Clerk The Litchfield School Board ORNAMENTAL ORANGE TREES enhance the beauty of Litchfield Hlh. Here Dr, Hilton and Mr. Tidwell examine a young tree that is just ready to burst into blossom. IVIR. W. E. ANGERNIEYR University of Arizona Bandg Chorusg Sponsor, Freshman Class IVIR. N. R. BORG Arizona State College at Flagstaff Colorado State College, Greeley Commerceg Adviser, Desert Howl IVIR. C. B. Cook Colgate University Arizona State College at Flafystaff Industrial Arts, Driver Training' Adviser, Boys' Alliance MR. GARCIA Arizona State College at Tempe Assistant Coach, Football Coach, Baseball MR. A. L. TIDWELL Miss NELDA RANDALL School Secretary Superintendent, Litchfield Schools Adviser, Student Council Q12 131 V, ,V ...- ,,., ,.,,,,.,,, 1 . , MR. R. E. HAYDEN Miss EMMA HUNDHAUSEN MRS. JUANITA JAMISON Creston, lowzi Junior College University of Missouri - University of Iowa, Kansas Stale '.l'0ZLf'l'M'l'S' College VVashington University, St. Louis Arizona: Slate College, Tempe University of Arizona Study Hall, Library Sponsor, Junior Class MR. TONY KOMADINA, -IR. Arizona State College, Tempe Physical Education, Science Coach Sponsor, Sophomore Class l Miss MARIE VALENZUELA St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix School Nurse Tests students' hearing, sight, and weight. Checks on illness. English Sponsor, Senior Class Literary Adviser, Wickiup U English, Speech Sponsor, Junior Class Miss ALTA MORTENSEN MR. l. D. QUASS University of Arizona Oregon State College Home Economics Adviser, Girls' League, F. H. A. I I MR. KEITH A. WES'1' VVashing'ton State College Utah State College Arizona State College, Tempe Scienceg Math V Sponsor, Radio Club Sponsor, Freshman Class Asst. Coach, Basketball 7 Greenville College, Illinois University of Nehraskit Social Scienceg Biology Visual Aids Sponsor, Sophomore Class ' I s. 8.1 M , C , - , Miss FRANCES BARRA Arizona Stale College, -Tempe University of Micliigran Spanishg Commerce Sponsor, Senior Class Business Adviser, Wickiup They Keep Gur School and Busses Shining Known to the students as Ed, Frank, Johnny, and Mr. Webb are the men Who are respon- sible for maintaining the beauty of the grounds, cleanliness of the buildings, and the efliciency of the busses. Left to right: E. Dobson, F. Bruesch, J. Dobson, M. B. Webb. The Men Who Drive L.H.S. Busses Some members of the faculty add to their regular duties the task of driving busses to and from school. From left to right: Mr. Vl'ebb, Mr. West, Mr. Hayden, Mr. Borg, Mr. Smith, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Bruesch. Let us now go back to September, 1950, when the Seniors were having a class-meeting down there in room 7. Shall We go in for a visit? There is the class motto written on the board: "The courage of the commonplace trains for the courage of the crisis." The class has chosen blue and white for its colors and the red rose for its flower. Here comes President Tandy Andrade, who calls the class to order and requests the reading of the minutes by the secretary, Crystal Armstrong. Miss Hundhausen then an- nounces that the co-editors chosen for the 1951 Wickiup are Kyle Needham and Crystal Armstrongg the business man- ager is Ona Lee Allen with Tandy Andrade as her assistant. Miss Ybarra next explains that the Seniors are to start the sale of magazine subscriptions at once. This is "right down Leone's alley." Leone became a national championship salesman. Next the class select graduation announce- ments and are told that throughout the year representatives from various Arizona colleges will visit them to talk about "next year." Their busy schedule was forecast at the first meeting. Let us now meet the members of the Class of '51. , J A 1 1 I 1 N 1 V 'A-6' , f 1 lr f. 1 xr TANDY N. ANDRADE-Transfer from Hawaii. Class Pres. 45 April Frolics 3, 45 Band 45 Swing Band 3, 45 Christmas Pageant 3, 45 Band Pres. 45 Wickiup Assistant Bus. Mgr. 45 Music Festival 3, 4. 0 MIKE POLLEY-Class Vice-Pres. 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Christmas Pageant 3, 45 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Treas. 35 Vice- Pres. 45 Co-Captain Football 45 B. A. Rep. 15 Hon. Mention All-State Football 45 Apr. Frolics 1, 2, 3, 45 Desert Howl 45 Class Assembly 1, 2. CRYSTAL ARMSTRONG-Co-Editor of Wickiup 45 Class Sec. 2, 3, 45 G. L. Treas. 2, 35 Declamation Contest 1, 2, 45 Christmas Pageant 3, 45 S.C.A.G.L. Convention 25 April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus Activities 1, 2, 45 Class Assembly 1, 2. 0 JAMES R. ACKMAN-Band 1, 25 Track 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Basketball 1, 25 Christmas Pageant 3, 45 Class Vice-Pres. 15 Class Pres. 2, 35 Student Body Pres. 45 B. A. Rep. 25 Vice- Pres. 35 Vice-Pres. "L" Club 35 Treas. 45 Boys' State Gov. 35 April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Winter Fantasy Attendant 3 5 Arizona Relays 3. ONA LEE ALLEN-Declamation Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 G. L. Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Pres. Student Council 45 Girls' State 35 D.A.R. Rep. 45 Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Wickiup Bus. Mgr. 45 S.C.A.G.L. Convention 3. I 4: L. WALLACE ANDERSON-Transfer from Jordan High, Long Beach, Calif.5 Football 45 Baseball 35 Christmas Pageant 45 Annual Staff 45 April Frolics 3, 45 Radio Club 4. TONY ARAGON-Transfer from Tolleson High5 Football 45 Christmas Pageant 45 Chorus 45 April Frolics 45 Music Night 45 Boys' Alliance 4. 0 PAT BROOKS-Football 2, 35 April Frolics 1, 2, 35 Class Bus. Mgr. 35 Student Body Bus. Mgr. 45 "L" Club 45 Class Assembly 1, 25 Wickiup Staff 45 Boys' Alliance 1, 2, 3, 4. 171 PHILLIP E. BROWNLIE-Football 2, 3, 49 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, Track 3, B.A. Pres. 4, Rep. 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, "L" Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Sec. 35 Student Council 4g April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Co-Captain Football 45 Hon. Mention All-State Football 45 An- nual Staff 4, Arizona Relays 3, State Student Coun- cil Convention 4, District Track Meet 2, 33 Honor Roll 3. 0 JERRY S. COVER-Transfer from Gross- mont High, Calif., Football 49 "L" Club 4g Tennis 45 B. A. Council 4, Wickiup Staff 4, West Central Tennis Champ 4. WALTER CRAIG COX - Radio Club 43 April Frolics 1, 2, 45 Wickiup Staff 43 Boys' Alliance 1, 2, 4. 0 JEAN CUNNINGHAM-April Frolics 1, 2, 33 Tennis 1, Girls' League Assembly 15 Class Assembly 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Music Night 1, 2, 3, Chirstmas Pageant 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4. HELEN DELGADILLO-G.L. Treas. 45 F.H.A. 4, G.L. Rep. 35 Music Night 1, 25 Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 45 Wickiup Staff 4, Class Assembly 1, 2. O BETTY LEE DUDLEY- Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheer leader 2, 3, 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 23 Class Assembly 1, 23 Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 43 Trio 1, Octette 3, 4, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 43 Sport Night 3. KATHRYN DUNCAN - Chorus 1, 2, 45 Music Festival 1, 2, 4, Class Assembly 1, 25 April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Night 1, 2, 4, Girls' League Repre- sentative 4, Future Homemakers 3, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Wickiup Staif 4. 0 RONALD E. GAILLARD-"L" Club 45 Football 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Alliance Representative 35 April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 43 Wickiup Staff 45 Desert Howl 4g Class Assembly 1, 2. Q18 195 FRED HARWOOD-Radio Club 4, Track 3, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Alliance 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 3, 4. 0 MARY LOUISE LAGUNA-Girls' League Representative 4, Future Homemakers 4, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Wickiup Staff 4, Girls' League Assembly 1. DUANE LYNN fnot picturedb - Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, Tennis Club 1, Boys' Alliance 1, 2, 3, Winter Fantasy Attendant 3. DELIA LOPEZ-Chorus 1, 2, 3, Band 1, F.H.A. 4, Music Night 1, 2, 3, Chirstmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, Girls' League Assembly 1, 2, Wickiup Staf 4. 0 TERRY MACK-Transfer from West Phoenix High, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 1, Football 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Honor Holl 1, 2, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, Wickiup Staff 3, Chorus 1, Class Assembly 1, 2. MARILYN McMILLAN - Transfer from Phoenix Union, Declamation Contest 3, 4, G. L. Vice-Pres. 4, Band 4, Student Body Sec. 4, Editor, Desert Howl 4, April Frolics 3, 4, A.I.P.A. Convention 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 3, 4, Honor Roll 3, 4, Wickiup Staff 4. 0 HENRY NEEDHAM-Football 1, 2, Band 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, Baseball 1, 3, Class Pres. 1, April Frolics 1, 3, 4, B. A. Treas. 2, A.I.P.A. Convention 4, Wickiup Staff 4, Class Assembly 1, Desert Howl 4. KYLE NEEDHAM-Football 2, 3, 4, "L" Club 3, 4, B. A. Rep. 2, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Chorus 2, 3, Band 2, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-Pres. 3, Student Body Vice-Pres. 4, Boys' State 3, Co-Editor of Wickiup 4, Baseball 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, A.I.P.A. Convention 4, Student Council Convention 4. 0 GLORIA A. RIVERA-G.L. Sec. 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, District Vice-Pres. 4, Treas. 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G.L. Rep. 2, 3, Assembly 1, Band 1, 2, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly 2, Wickiup Staff 4. DICK SCOTT-Class Vice-Pres. 2, Chorus 3, April Frolics 1, 2, 4, Desert Howl 4, Christmas Pageant 3, Music Night 3, Wickiup Staff 4. I LEONE SHEPPARD-Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, G.L. Sec. 2, F.H.A. Pres. 4, Class Assembly 1, 2, Christ- mas Pageant 3, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Winter Fantasy At- tendant 3, Queen 4, Senior Candidate for Salad Bowl Princess 4, Desert Howl 4, Sport Night 3, Music Night 1, 2, 3, 4, DORA SINGLETON-Transfer from Buckeye High, Desert Howl 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Girls' League 4, Honor Roll 4. O JOANN SNYDAL-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Assembly 1, 2, F.H.A. 4, Music Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, Wickiup Staff 4 PHIL TOMLINSON-Football 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Manager 1, 2, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4, B.A. Sec. 4, State Convention 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staif 4, Class As- sembly 1, 2. 0 PHILLIP TRIPP-Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Winter Fantasy Attendant 2, King 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing Band 3, Octette 4, Class Assembly 1, 2. BOBBY S. TRUJILLO-Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Christmas Pageant 1, 2, 3, 4, April Frolics 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Alliance 1, 2, 3, 4, Wickiup Staff 4. 0 GERALD WAYNE WHALEY-Transfer from Wallowa High, Oregon, Football 4, Christmas Pageant 4, Declamation Contest 4, Wickiup Staff 4, April Frolics 4, Track 4. CAROL RICHARDS Knot picturedj-Transfer sec- ond semester, Clermont High School, Clermont, Florida. 1201 J I This time it is a beautiful October morning as we pause in front of Room 5. It looks as if the juniors are about to meet. Bill Sweeney is talking over the business on hand with Mrs. Jamison and Hr. Hayden. Listen: "We'll have to get someone to sell cokes and candy at the game." "Are we going to have an after-game dance?" "The jewelry salesman will be here so that we can select the class rings." ' "Gee! I hope he has some good ones again this year." Business manager, Eleanor Brinker, is putting socks and lip- stick into bags to give to the class to sell. They are going to have a contest in March and sell air cushions with the tickets. "After we work so hard to raise the mone for the rom and Y P banquet, what are we going to have on the menu? What will be the theme? Who will be master of ceremonies?" "When the prom is over, all welll have to do is usher at baccalaureate and decorate for commencement." It looks as if this class will have a busy year, too5 and since the Juniors are now coming in for their meeting, let's take time out to get acquainted with them all. . 4233 Blu. SWEENEY President J A M ES STEWART Vice-President MARTELLE SHEARS S ecre tary ELEANOR BRINKEI Business Manager PAT ACKMAN PAUL ARAGON MARY ARVIZU JOY BELLUZZI KATHERINE BROWN NANCY BROWN If uf K xx . X5 I , I JOHNNY COUCH O RITA CRAB I is JOYCE C 1GO'M' X xfff I 1 L y - i Xl I f A 5,1 A PHYLLIS DAv1Es 1, MELVIN EDWARDS JOYCE FORBES VN-... sd"5J-147' fmw ' f-vs 137' MARTHA FULKS WVILLIE HALL RUTH HANCOCK DICK HEss KAY JACKSON GENE JEFFERIES JO ANNE MYERS BOBBY PADILLA GLENDA SCHWARTZKOPF EDITH SCOTT DALE SHEARS MARGOT MARY LULU SNIFI-'xN JUNE TAYLOR ARCI-IIE RONALD TURNBOW BILL ZEIGLER SMITH TUCKER Q24 SGPI-IOMCRES Now let's take a walk down the hall to Room 4 and visit with the Sophomores who are planning their year's work with help of Mr. Quass and Mr. Komadina. "Forward ever, backward never" has just been chosen for a motto, the white carnation for the class flower, and chart- reuse and fuschia for the colors. The next business on hand is the initiation of the Freshmen. Everyone offers suggestions and delights in selecting his "slave" for the day. Then plans must be made for decorating the Study Hall for Christmas with a tree and other festive ornaments. Discussion next changes to plans for April Frolics. Captains Helen Baker and Richard Esquivel try to place everybody in an event in which he will win. Then arrangements for an all-school party in the spring must be made, and a reminder given that the final duty of the class is to make the punch for the school picnic in Tempe. Before we leave, however, let's take a look at A the familiar faces in the Sophomore Class. 4273 GINGER O'N EAL President BOBBY MCMILLAN Vice-President PATSY HENRY Secretary LARRY WATT Treasurer LEROY ANDREWS HELEN BAKER LAVENIA BARKS Bos BETTERTON Bon BRUNKEN SUE ANN BURNS ENEDINA CAMPA JOSIE CERINO CARL CLARINO MARJORIE COOPER RICHARD ESQUIVEL CARMEN GARCIA BELEN GAUCIN EARL GROSS LOUISTINE HURLEY JOHNNY JAMISON HELEN LEDMAN DOKEY LUDLOW BARBARA MASSONGILL JAMES PHELAN BOBBIE RAYNER HOWARD SHELBY BOB SHEPPARD EUGENE SHROYER SUE SINGLETON CURTIS STELLEY ALMA SNELLING KENNETH fSKIPQ TAYLOR RICHARD URBAN Q28 FRE Our large number of Freshmen came early in September. They were new in OUR Scnoor. and were a little shy at firsti but after their official welcome by the Sophomores, they fell into the "hang of things". Let's go back to one particular day in September - a day like no other in their four years at high school, but one they will always remember. It's nine o'clock and the school buses have just arrived with their students, and the freshmen really cause a sensation. The girls have original hair-do's with a two-inch starched strip down the center and pin curls around the sides. They are in harmony with costumes of Levis worn wrong side out and gunny sack blouses. All this is set off with onion neck- laces and blue and gold ribbons on toes of each bare foot. The boys look "simply divine" in their dashing skirts and off-the-shoulder blouses. Onion necklaces, starched hair, and tennis shoes with no laces complete their attire. Everyone is carrying a frying pan and a bucket, and all seem to be attached to Sophomores. It's a lot of fun. After this day of excitement, the Freshies settle down to the less interesting dress and accustom themselves to the daily routine of school life under the supervision of Mr. Angermeyr and Mr. West. Later preparations are made for their big party - the conclusion to April Frolics. LADDIE CooR President PUG Woon Vice-President BARBARA SCHWARTZKOPF Secretary DOROTHY GAEFCKE Treasurer TONY ARvIzU BETTY Lou BAGSHAW BILLY BARNETT JACKSON BARNETT STARR BECK ALIENE BELLUZZI JERRY BRUNKEN VENITA BRUMMELL GLENN CALKINS ROEERTA CALLAN J AMES CARDEN KEITH DUNCAN RACHEL FLoREs AI. GALINDO BI-:A HARDEMAN SUE HESS DOROTHY HODGES LARRY HORTON MANUEL JIIIIENEZ DAVID JOHNS fi? !x'f RUSSEL KILLIP BOBBY LUDLOW BARBARA MCCORQUODAIE GRACE MCMILLEN LAVONNA MANNING MARY MORALES .TERRY MYERS GEORGE NOLAN JACK PALMER FLO ANN PATTERSON ROGER PEARSON JACK PIERCE EARLE RAYNER PEGGY REYNOLDS MARILYN SCHMIDT NORMA SCOTT ELEANOR SHACKELFORD BELEN SIOTO EVELYN SWINSON CAROLYN TYREE EDGAR VIGES CLYDE WEBB TOMMY WERTNEB BILL WILLIAMS C323 CLASS QRK The ring of the bell, the hurry of students to various class rooms and to the study hall, then silence as each teacher takes the roll for tht hour. In OUR SCHOOL there are six class periods each day, which means that all L.H.S. students attended at least 3800 classes this year or spent 190,000 minutes engaged in class work. Walking from building to building and through the cor- ridors, we hear strains of "Hall of Fame" as the band prac- tices, the buzz of machinery from the shop, and from doors and windows such questions and answers as: "X--Y-l-2Z:15", 'fl think I should like to give a dramatic reading in the contest this year." "Will you please help me find a good biography of this author?" "There will be bas- ketball practice at four o'clock this afternoon." "What is the Bill of Rights?" "That is a delicious cake we baked." "I can take dictation in shorthand and type sixty Words a minute." "Do you know a synonym for indus- trious?" "Please explain the difference in the speed of light and that of sound." "The paper will be out tomorrow." "I have just finished my biology notebook." Yes, there is much of the real business of going to school-honest-to-goodness class work- at Litchfield High. Maybe, if you are real quiet, you may visit some of the classes and see for yourself. i 55 Students Are At Work Bells ring and students file in and out of classes many times each day. They are busy learning to Work with both their minds and their hands. Since We Wanted you to see them at Work, We asked the photographer to take some pictures of various class room scenes. The ensuing pages suggest the variety and scope of the Work at OUR SCHOOL. sad AMERICAN HISTORY stu- dents learn history of the past, and do not forget that history is being made today. jf is :iii if MECHANICAL DRAWING students learn that blueprints aren't made with blue paper and white ink. SHOP I boys prepare ma- terials before constructing pipe-racks, bookends, and stools. D DRIVER TRAINING stu- dents learn to distinguish l:e- tween the accelerator and brake and when to apply each. AMERICAN LITERATURE class reads selections which express the ideals of a grow- ing nation. VIS UAL AIDS students learn the necessary steps in using a movie projector. THE CAFETERIA provides an inexpensive and whole- some meal for students. Up- perclassmen head the rush. Q36 371 THE OFFICE takes care of those students who are late to class by issuing tardy slips. HOMEMAKING III girls study child care befofe start- ing their annual play school project. TYPING II students learn to excel in typing speed and accuracy, as well as correct form. ENGLISH I Freshies pre- pare to become ketter stu- dents by learning to write well. THE PHYSICS class is en- gaged in an experiment ex- plaining the mechanical advantage of pulleys. STUDY HALL provides a. place for study and a wide selection of library books. BOOKKEEPING students are pictured adding account- ing records to their practice books. SPANISH I alumnos learn the customs and culture of Spanish people as well as their language. Q38 ACTIVITIE The students are proud ofthe activities that Litchfield High offers. In addition to regular "book learning," everybody has a chance to engage in one or more other activities. All have opportunities to plan parties, decorate for dances, attend meetings, and take trips. For student government, there's the Student Council where their own representatives help make rules governing student activities and assist in planning assemblies. This organiza- tion has been in operation ever since there has been a high school at Litchfield. A An organization for girls is the Girls' League which was first introduced twelve years ago. A similar organization for boys, the Boys' Alliance, was started in 1948. For the athletes, there's the "L" Club, for the electrically inclined, there's the radio club, and for home- makers, there's F.H.A. For musicians there's the Band, for singers, Chorus, and if you can talk well, you may get in the Declamation Contest. For those who have a little printer's ink in their blood, thereis the Desert Howl and the Wickiup to publish. There is something at L.H.S. to cover just about every interest. Do E 3 41, Standing: Bill Sweeney, Pat Brooks. Ona Lee Allen, Tandy Andrade, Laddie Coor, Kyle Need- ham. Seated: Marilyn McMillan, James Ackman. Ginger O'Neal, Phil Brownlie, Mr. Tidwell. Council Conducts Student Business President James Ackman brought the first 1950-51 Student Council meeting to order. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Throughout the year minutes have been read, corrected, added to, and approved. These have recorded discussions of a Way to increase school spirit, a float in the Salad Bowl Parade, a dance to start a record collection for the school, a program for Patrons' Day, exchange assemblies, and many other important matters concerning the student body. After James left in March for the Service, Kyle successfully carried on his work as president. The Council considers their year a very successful one, as they believe they have car- ried on the student business in the Way that the students wished. When the bang of the gavel brings to close their last meeting, they will leave a little re- luctantly, but with the assurance that a new council, that is just as good or better than they Were, will come in and take over the job of student affairs. This year the Council was composed of: James Ackman ......................,..................... President Phil Brownlie .......... ....... B oys' Alliance President Kyle Needham ......... ......... V ice-President Tandy Andrade .................... Senior Class President Marilyn McMillan .............,........................ Secretary Bill Sweeney ........................ Junior Class President Pat Brooks ...,........,.........,,............ Business Manager Ginger O'Neal .......,..,... Sophomore Class President Ona Lee Allen ....... ......... G irls' League President Laddie Coor .................... Freshman Class President Mr. Tidwell ...................,.........,...................... Adviser ik .' gli' .. Si1w1,fI'i91g.' Allen, Duncan, Laguna, Singleton, Delifadillo, Mc- Millan. Scrzfcfl: Mortensen, Brinker, Cooper, Schwartzkopf, Belluzzi, Reynolds. Council Heads Activities The Girls' League is a service organization Which helps the girls With the many problems that con-- front them. One of its important purposes is to create friendship among the girls. Most of the Work of the organi- zation rests With the Girls, League Council, which represents all of the girls in school. The thirteen members of this year's Council Were: Ona Lee Allen, Presidentg Marilyn Mc- Millan, Vice President, Eleanor Brinker, Sccretaryg Helen Delgadillo, Treasurerg Marjorie Cooper, Historian, Katluyn Duncan, Mary Louise Laguna, Senior Reps.g Glenda Schwartzkopf, Martha Fulks, Junior Reps., Louistine Hurley, Sue Singleton, Sophomore Reps.g Aliene Belluzzi, Peggy Reynolds, Freshman Reps.g Miss Mortensen, Adviser. During the year the girls attend- ed conventions and sponsored one formal dance, the VVinter Fantasy. All L.H.S. Girls Belong To The Girls, League 93252-Q. ir ,W 1-""""' ai i... 5- 321. 5' 35512 :5-Ffa: ' illisffifrjf eve Boys' Alliance Provides Interests Foi All Boys Council Progresses VVith Phil Brownlie in charge, Boys' Alliance has progressed in the creation of better spirit among the boys and the development of their interests in the various sports. In addition to seeing many edu- cational movies throughout the year, Boys, Alliance sponsored intramural basketball games, and the "VVild Harvest Ball," which was one of the outstanding dances of the year. This year some of the ofiicers attended the first C.B.O. state con- vention Where it was decided that Litchfield would be hosts to the second annual convention. Officers for this year Were: Phil Brownlie, Presidentg Kyle Needham, Vice-President, Phil Tomlinson, Secre- taryg Larry VVatt, Treasurer, Henry Needham, Jerry Cover, Senior Reps., Bill Zeigler, Gene Jefferies, Junior Reps.g Richard Esquivel, VValter Reynolds, Sophomore Reps., Pug Wood, Jerry Brun- ken, Freshman Reps., Mr. Coor, Adviser. Standing: Callan, G. Schwartzkopf, Rayner, Scott, Barks, Han- cock, Craigo, Sheppard, Mortensen. Kneeling: Shears, Gaefcke B. Schwartzkopf, Belluzzi, Swinson, Patterson, Manning, Brum: mell, Snydal. S-eated: Brinker, Reynolds, Laguna, Schmidt, Lopez, Delgadillo, Rivera. F. H.A. Active 'With the red rose as their symbol for purity and beauty and becoming good home mak- ers as their goal, the twenty- five members of the Litchfield High Homemakers of Amer- ica had a busy year. Their eX- hibit at the State Fair with the theme of "The World in Peace and the World in Pieces" won fourth place. Later the girls were hostesses at the Casa De lVlanana District Convention. At this meeting, which one hundred and twenty girls and fifteen advisers attended Gloria Rivera the district vice- resident resided. Officers for the n 1 P P year were Leone Sheppard, president, Aliene Belluzzi, vice-president, lVlartelle Shears, sec- retary, and Gloria Rivera, treasurer. Miss Alta Mortensen was the adviser. Goal Achieved Standing: Gaillard, Cover, Polley, Wood, Webb, Stelley, Sweeney, Stewart, Zeigler, Brownlie, Mr. Komadina. Kneeling: Johns, Brooks, Hall, Tomlinson, Esquivel, H. Needham, Reynolds, A long awaited goal was K' Needham' achieved by the "LU Club i when, through its eiiorts, the expensive score board and clock were swung into place in the gym. The Club sponsored V. football games and Sport Night to raise money for this project. VVith money from dues, the club purchased pins for its members, and for its annual outing chose a picnic at En- canto Park. Officers for 1950-51 were: Phil Brownlie, president, Mike Polley, vice-presidentg Henry Needham, secretary, James Ackman, treas- urer, and Mr. Komadina, sponsor. C 44 Radio Club Replacing worn-out tubes, connecting wires that had somehow become disconnected, and getting the thrill of hear- ing over a long useless radio an announcer say, wfhis is Sta- tion K.T.A.R., Phoenix, Ari- zonaf' were some of the exper- iences of the newly organized Radio Club at L.H.S. Wlith Mr. VVest as the spon- sor, the club has made con- siderable progress. Collecting tools, raising money to buy equipment, and salvaging old radios, have been some of the difficulties that have been over- come. Originally the club consist- Bob Brunken, Tommy Wertner, Walter Cox, Terry Myers, gd 0f5CVQ111T1Q111be1'5g Wally, Anderson, Bob Brunken, Wal- ter Cox, lVlelvin Edwards, Fred Harwood, Jim Phelan, and Bill Zeigler. Since then Terry Myers, Roger Pearson, and Tommy Wertner have been added to the membership. In the above picture are some of the radiolstudents at work. In the foreground is the expensive tube tester which was purchased by the c ub. Roger Pearson, Fred Harwood, and Mr. West. Ollicers include: Bill Zeigler, president 3 Roger Pearson, vice-president, Bob Brunken, sec- retary, Walter Cox, publicity agent, and Mr. West, sponsor. V . Brick Row: Richard Esquivel, Bob Sheppard, Bill Sweeney, Geolge Nolan, David Johns Pug Wood, Paul Aragon. S Front Row: Edgar Viges, Al Galindo, Dick Hess, Willie Hall, Manuel Jimenez. To Beauty Of Pageant "On trusting children fast asleep, On faithful shepherds by their sheep, On men too Wise their wealth to keep, Shine softly, softly, Christmas star." As the voices of the Verse Choir pronounced the benediction at the annual Christmas Pageant, a feeling of peace and contentment settled over those present. The Verse Choir was trained by Mrs. Jamison. 6453 Standing, left to riglzft: Mrs. Jamison, Bill Zeigler, Eleanor Brinker, Tandy Andrade, Dick Hess, Walter Cox, June Taylor, Gerald Whaley. Seated: Ona Lee Allen, Marilyn McMillan, Joyce Craigo, Crystal Armstrong. Declamation Contest A Success It Was 8:00 p.m. on February 19. The audience was seated. Anxious participants awaited their turns to speak. James Ackman, master of ceremonies, gave a short Wel- come speech, and the program began. As the evening progressed, declamations were given and musical interludes were played. The tension rose as all wondered Whom the judges Would select for the Winners. Participants Were: oratorical division -Tandy Andrade, Ona Allen, Crystal Arm- strong, VValter Cox, Dick Hess, Gerald Whaley, and Bill Zeigler, dramatic division- Eleanor Brinker, humorous division-Joyce Craigo, Marilyii lVlclVlillan, and June Taylor. VVinners Were: Tandy, Ona, Crystal, Eleanor, Marilyii, June, and Joyce-first, second and third places, respectively. Mrs. Jamison coached the students in the contest, which was open to all of the students in OUR SCHOOL. In the picture, all eyes are turned to Gerald Who represented Litchfield in the district Constitution Oration Contest which was held at Tempe. C46 751 Desert Howls Wins First Place "Is that story finished yet?" "VVe had better fold some more paper." "Say, there's a mistake in this ad." These are just a few of the familiar phrases heard during the first- hour journalism class which edits the Desert Howl, a bimonthly publication. The day is Friday, the day that the paper must be published. Inky hands, untyped stories, and correction fluid only add to the confusion of the staff. Finally the sixth period arrives, and all the papers are printed and distributed to their owners. The journalism staff, composed of editor, 1V1arilyn 1Vlc1V1il1an, assistant editor, Dora Singleton, sports editor, Henry Needham, business manager, Dick Scott, mimeograph operators, Phill Tripp and Mike Polley, reporters, Leone Sheppard and Ronald Gail- lard, and adviser, Mr. Norman Borg, are doing their best to keep in step with the 194-9-50 journalism staff who were awarded All-American rating by the National Scholastic Press Association and First Place by Quill and Scroll for the second semester. The 1950-51 Desert Howl has been awarded First Place by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The results of the other two organizations have not as yet been received. Left to right: Phill Tripp, Dick Scott, Henry Needham, Dora Singleton, Leone Sheppard, Ronald Gaillard, Mike Polley, and Marilyn McMillan. 1473 First Row: Mr. Angermeyr, Taylor, E. Rayner, Gross, G. McMillen, Manning, Ludow, B. Crab- tree. Second Row : Dudley, Cooper, Clarino, Nolan, Sikora, Hall, Coor. Third Row: R. Crabtree, Hurley, Needham, Shears, Andrade, B. Rayner, Hilton, Johns. Fourth Row: Ackman, Brinker, Pierce, Gaefcke, Myers, Waltman, Marsh. Fifth Row: Forbes, Barks, B. McMillan, Killip, Shackelford, Craigo, M. McMillan, Mack, Turnbow. Band Entertains Far And Near The Litchfield High School Band in their brand new blue and gold uniforms looked sharp at the football games this year, and their marching and playing added greatly to the enthusiasm and the color of the games. The band received applause and compliments at all public appearances which they made. These included playing and marching in the Salad Bowl Parade, the Rodeo Parade, at the State Fair, and at the University of Arizona for the homecoming game, and at Litchfield High Patrons' Day. Also the band made an excellent showing on Music Night. This year the band, which is under the direction of Mr. Angermeyr, was composed of forty-two members, including seven majorettes. Additional instruments obtained this year are a new tenor saxaphone, a bass drum, and a field snare drum. Furthermore, there has been a large amount of concert music pur- chased. Some of the band members have also formed a Swing Band that has made several public appearances. One was at the Freshman Party and another at the Student Council Record Dance. Q48 X R 44- . 'Ns 9 o A Mr nw, 43? nik S f. 4' 4. 52:4 'Y f' fi' .twirl 5 v 1 'Q H, fa 2 'L' f 5 :f1W"' W Q horus Pleases Audiences The Christmas Pageant, Music Night, and the Glendale Festival, were all projects this year of the seventy voice chorus, under the direction of Mr. Wfilliam Angermeyr. Tandy Andrade, Jerry Brunken, Joyce Craigo, Betty Lee Dudley, Louistine Ilurley, Glenda Schwartzkopf, Phill Tripp, and Larry Watt composed an octette which always added to the performance with a change toward popular music. A girls' trio was also made up of members of that group. "Dear Land of Homev and "My Own America" were two of the songs popular among the entire group, and smiles shone every time "Shortin' Bread" was sung. Top Row, left to right: D. Shears, McCorqu0dale, D. Ludlow, W. Reynolds, P. Ludlow, B. Barnett, Andrews, J. Barnett, Palmer, Calkins, Killip. Second Row: Vetter, Massongill, Pierce, Jamison, Andrade, B. McMillan, Tripp, Forbes, Patterson, Brummell. Third Row : Taylor, Snelling, Myers, Brinker, L. Sheppard, McMillen, Callan, Burns, Cooper. F01l?'f1l-R01U.' Gaefcke, B. Schwartzkopf, A. Belluzzi, S. Singleton, D. Singleton, Shackelford, Lopez, Laguna. Fifth Row: Allen, Fulks, Sniffin, Hurley, Dudley, Snydal, G. Schwartzkopf, N. Brown, Hess, E. Scott, Crabtree. Bottom Row: Bagshaw, Manning, Hancock, Rostermundt, Watt, J. Brunken, K. Brown, Barks, Rayner, T. Myers, W ertner. 511 Litchfield Students Portray Nativity Music, speech, and beautiful scenes were combined in the annual Christmas Pageant which was presented to capacity audiences on the evenings of December 19 and 20. The pageant was produced through the united efforts of the faculties of both the Litchfield Elementary School and Litchheld High School and depicted the Nativity scenes with their particular application to the World of today. I Marilyn McMillan, James Ackman, Bobby Trujillo, Earnest Garcia, and James Stewart - portray, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. "And they came with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the Babe lying in a manger." The Street Scene with Joy Belluzzi, Gene Jefferies, Car- men Garcia, Tony Aragon, Bobby Trujillo, Mary Arvizu, Wally Anderson, and James Stewart. "And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child." Ronald Gaillard, Bill Zeigler, Curtis Stelly, Mike Polley, Eugene Shroyer, and Ronald Turnbow-as King Herod, his soldiers, and the Wisemen. f'Then Herod called the wise men, inquired of them diligently what time the star appeared." Q52 Crystal Armstrong and Katheryn Duncan light the candles, and Henry Needham reads the Prologue: "Whatever else be lost among the years, let as keep Christmas still a shining thing." Readers Kyle Needham and Phil Tomlinson, in black choir robes, read the Christmas story to the accompaniment of soft background music. t'Come near, ye nations, to hear, and lzarlcen, ye people,' let earth hear and all that is therein." Ginger O'Neal, Kay Jackson, and Marilyn McMillan por- tray the angels and Mary in the Meditation Scene. "Smile, my precious one, poor though thou be, Wisemen and shepherds are searching for thee." Phyllis Davies, Ginger O'Neal, Peggy Reynolds, Norma Scott, Pat Ackman, Marilyn Schmidt, Patsy Henry, and Kay Jackson por- tray angels. "And suddenly . . . there was with the angel a multitude of the heaven- ly hosts praising God." C033 Standing: Fred Harwood, Miss Ybarra, Mike Polley, Walter Cox, Phill Tripp, Helen Delgadillo, Pat Brooks, Ronald Gaillard, Mary Louise Laguna, Jerry Cover, Odelia Lopez, Phil Brownlie, Gloria Rivera, Dick Scott, Miss Hundhausen. Kneeling: Crystal Armstrong, Gerald Whaley, Dora Single- ton, Tandy Andrade, Leone Sheppard, Tony Aragon, Joanne Snydal, Phil Tomlinson, Kathryn Duncan, Kyle Needham, Marilyn McMillan, Henry Needham, Ona Allen, Terry Mack, Betty Lee Dudley. Seniors Publish Yearbook The memories and records of the school year are compiled, edited, and financed by the members of the Senior Class. In accomplishing this, many duties are involved, so that all have an opportunity to participate. This year the financial work was supervised by Miss Ybarra with Ona Allen as business manager, Tandy Andrade, assistant business manager, James Ackman, Phil Brownlie, Ronald Gaillard, Henry Needham, and Dick Scott, advertising agents, Kathryn Duncan, Mary Louise Laguna, Leone Sheppard, and Jo Ann Snydal, VVickiup salesmen, Gerald Whaley, manager, coke dispenser, and all members of the class assisting in the various business ventures in Which the class engaged. The editing of the book Was in charge of Kyle Needham and Crystal Armstrong. Henry Needham and Phil Tomlinson Wrote the sports reviews While Wally Anderson, Tandy Andrade, Leone Sheppard, Terry Mack, Ona Allen, Marliyn McMillan, and Jerry Cover helped with other Writing. Phil Tomlinson was the art editor, and he and Wally Anderson designed the cover. Students who assisted with typing included Tandy Andrade, Carol Richards, Leone Sheppard, Dora Singleton and Gloria Rivera. Terry Mack aided the editors in reading proof. Miss Hundhausen Was the adviser. Q54 ATHLETICS The1'e are many athletes at OUR SCHOOL. For these students there are football, basketball, track, and tennis. The Owls have opponents for these sports all over the Valley. Some of them are Tolleson, Buckeye, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Carver. The teams have a lot of fun when they get together, and-win or lose-the feathered flock always feels that the contest has been worthwhile. In the fall about thirty boys run several million miles and throw thousands of passes getting ready for the football games. Next comes all the running-hundreds of miles--back and forth across the gym floor and the shooting at baskets- about 40,000 times-until the teams are pretty good when the first game starts. Then three sports come at once. You can see stu- dents throwing balls, swinging bats for home runs, racquets to win love games, or running around the track. A little bit after spring gets here, April Frolics rolls around. Each class devotes all its energy, saved up during the winter, in an effort to come out on top. After a hectic day of track, field, and team events, everyone is tired and ready to go home, but the losers look foreward to winning "next year." If sv is I A Q ' 1 2... , 7 - Mn M5 cfvkzj yt j ,zfwff iffagff La! fff fi MJ fx, ' f J Z4 4QWffJ 73 Mm ,L -lzzfnf Top row, left to right: Phill Tripp, Bob Sheppard, David Johns, George Nolan, Kyle Needham, Bill Zeigler, Ronald Gaillard, Mike Polley, Phil Brownlie, Jerry Cover, Curtis Stelly, Second Rowq Eugene Shroyer, Pug Wood, Clyde Webb, James Rostermundt, Bob Betterton, Larry Watt, Phil Tomlinson, Richard Esquivel, James Ackman, Tony Aragon. Bottom Row: Coach Komadina, Gerald Whaley, Robert Abair, Laddie Coor, Manuel Jimenez, Jackson Barnett, Jimmy Phelan, Edgar Viges, Willie Hall, Wally Anderson, Paul Aragon, Billy Barnett, Coach Garcia. Owls End Season With 2-6 Record Football, the first sport of the year was a great success, not in the won and lost column-2-6 -but in sportsmanship. Superior stated that the Owls were the best sports they had met on the field all year. Buckeye downed the Owl crew 51-18 in the opening game of the season with Phil Tomlinson scoring the Owl's first touchdown of the year. The following week the Litch- field squad lost to Peoria 19-0. Tolleson downed a fighting team, 39-6, as Pug Wood tallied the Hrst touchdown on the home Held, but for the next two games it was the Owls 19-O over St. Johns and a close 27-19 decision over the Phoenix Indians. As the game was being broadcasted over KRIZ, Santa Cruz Qliloyj put the Owls back in the lost column 24-0, with Scottsdale over the rugged Litchfield eleven the following week, 40-6. Superior outscored. the Owls 39-13 to close the season. It was the final game of the season for the Litchfield Owls - the last at L.H.S. for Mike Polley, Phil Brownlie, Phil Tomlinson, Kyle Needham, Jerry Cover, Ronald Gaillard, James Ackman, Tony Aragon, and Wally Anderson. , After the final game of the season the team selected Mike SCORES OF '50 SEASON Polley and Phil Brownlie as Co-Captains for the 1950 season. Owls OPP- . Q Buckeye ....... ........ 1 8 51 Under the guidance of Head Coach Tony Komadina and 5631112 -----' ----- 0 19 his able assistant, Coach Garcia, the team has had a successful SS.15g?1?1S"::::::ii-mmiiizjlg 32 season. In his first year in the trade of a coach, Mr. Komadina Phoenix Indians ............ 27 19 has started off well. He has taught the boys sportsmanship at gscglizdgfgz-fluffylj: 2 ig lfS lJCSf- Superior ........................ 13 39 f57J JAMES ACKMAN Center PAUL ARAGON Guawl Tom' ARAGON Tackle PHIL BROYVNLIE End RONALD GAILLARD C enter RICHARD ESQUIVEL Half back DAVID JOHNS Tackle KYLE NI-:EDHAM H alf hack M IKE POLLEY Fullbaclc Next year's football team Will he minus eleven men who will graduate this May. Among these seniors are Mike Polley and Phil Brownlie, co-captains of this yearls eleven. Phil Tom- linson, Kyle Needham, Phill Tripp, james Ackman, Ronald Gaillard, Gerald VVhaley, Tony Aragon, jerry Cover, and VVally Anderson complete the list of graduates. Polley, a four-year letterman who was the sparkplug of the team, was also a triple threat to the opposing eleven. His passing Was extremely elTective with Brownlie or Tripp on the receiving end. ham hits Samanieago hard during the Eloy game. Wood tallies first touchdown on 0w1's home field. Q58 Esquivel is downed after gaining Owl yardage. Needham is stopped by Tolleson tacklers. Needham and Tomlinson, hoth working from the left half spot, alternated to provide much of the Owl yardage gained on the ground. Ackman, always rough and ready, shared the center spot with Gaillard who played his tirst season with the Owls. Aragon and VVhaley, a trans- fer from Oregon, filled the tackle and guard positions on the strong side of the unbalanced line. Cover and Anderson, V. regulars, saw action O11 the varsity squad from end and guard positions, respectively. Bos SHEPPARD End CURTIS STRLLEY Fullbaclc PHILL TRIPP End PHIL TOMLINSON Halfbuck LARRY W ATT Hulfbaclc CLYDE XVEBB Tackle GERALD WIIALEY Guard PUG Wooo Quarterlaacla BILL ZEIGLER Guufrrl 595 block. Tolleson tacklers trap Needham after Polley attempts a Owlets End Successful Year With 2-l Record Gaining experience in V. games, Richard Esquivel step- ped into the limelight With his spectacular running. Other players to Watch next year are Curtis Stelley, Nlanuel Jimi- nez, and VValter Reynolds. J. V. SCORES Owlets Opp. Peoria ..................,....... 20 6 Buckeye ....,,,..,.............. 12 13 Phoenix Indians .......... 33 21 Top raw, left to right: Billy Barnett, Edgar Viges, Paul Aragon, James Rostermundt, Jimmy Phelan, Curtis Stelly. Sccoml frow: Coach Garcia, Manuel Jimenez, Eugene Shroyer, Jackson Barnett, Jerry Cover, Richard Esquivel, Coach Komadina. Bottom row: George Nolan, Laddie Coor, Bob Betterton, XVillie Hall, NVally Anderson, Robert Abair. f+ftg1gi.ff'+:?5 , fr' r fhsi r' Q60 Two points tipped in by Brownlie in Wickenburg game. Brownlie shoots a setup while Turnbow waits for rebound. Owl Cagers Complete Full Schedule VVhile losing 14 games and winning only two, the young Owls picked up much needed experience on the liasektball court. Only thre: of the varsity squad were Seniors with one Junior, two Sophomores, and four Freshmen completing the roster of ten players. The exper- ience these boys found on the court will help the team in future years. Coach Komadina helped the players with the offensive and defensive plays, and very often intrasquad games were played to determine the starters for the next game. While Mike Polley, Phil Tomlinson, and Phil Brownlie will be graduating, Ronald Turnbow, VValter Reynolds, Richard Esquivel, Pug SEASON'S RECORD Owls Opp. Parker ..............,..,....,.., 30 48 Phoenix Indians ,....... 42 55 Scottsdale ...,......,......... 34 45 Buckeye .,..........,.....,..,.. 28 48 Bagdad .........,... ...,.... 2 6 20 Wickenburg ..... ..,..,.. 3 0 53 Carver .........., ........ 2 0 31 Tolleson ..,... ........ 2 4 28 Peoria ........... ........ 2 4 35 Scottsdale ..... ........ 3 3 72 Tolleson ......... ......., 2 9 40 Wickenburg ..... ........ 3 4 47 Ajo ..........,........., .,...... 4 9 61 Peoria ........ ........ 3 2 42 Buckeye ......... ........ 5 0 66 Gila Bend ...... ........ 5 3 27 611 VVood, and David Johns will return for next year's team. Phil Brownlic was elected captain of the 1950-51 Owl quint. He also held the team's top scoring with a 8.9 point average. Richard Esquivel was next in line with the scoring averages. The team's best showing of the season was holding the Carver lVlonarchs to a 31-20 win. The worst showing was in losing to the Scottsdale Beavers 72-33. ln the District Tournament, the Owls lost two consecutive games to be eliminated from the finals. Ajo turned the trick in the first game and Tolleson was the easy victor in the second game. PHIL BROWNLIE Center RICHARD ESQUIVEL Q3 Fofrwafrrl DAVID JOHNS Center MIKE POLLEY Guard XVALTER REYNOLDS Guard Q PHIL TOMLINSON 9:5 , If Guafrfl - J -if RONALD TURNBOW f , F orwrwrl 7 7 PUG WOOD 1 F0frwm'd 1. Three seniors bid farewell to the Owl lineup. Mike Polley, Phil Brownlie, and Phil Tomlinson, all two-year lettermen in basketball, will receive diplomas this spring. Phil Brownlie, who was captain of the team, worked from the post position and used a very effec- tive hook shot. Brownlie also used his 6'3" frame to control a good percentage of the re- bounds. lWike Polley and Phil Tomlinson, both guards, usually started and set up the plays. Though Polley and Tomlinson were not constant scorers, they could always be depended upon in their excellent defensive game. Brownlie also holds three letter stripes in football, one in baseball, and one in track. Polley is the Veteran of the three, holding four letters in football and four in baseball. Tomlinson holds four in baseball and two in football. Turnbow controls backboards in hard fought Stewart helps in fight for ball as J. V. team dumps Tolleson game. Wickenburg. Strmding: Killip, score keeperg Ludlow, Jimenez, Coor, Calkins, Galindo, Horton, Arvizu, B. Bar- nett, Wertner, Myers, Coach West. Kneeling: J. Barnett, managerg McMillan, Webb, Sheppard, Williams, Johns, Tripp, Stelley, Stewart, Palmer, Watt. ough J-V Team Builds For Future THE SEASON'S RECORD Junior Varsity Owls Opp. Parker ,..,............,,,l.,.... 18 48 Phoenix Indians ........., 18 35 Scottsdale .......... ...,.,. 2 4 39 Buckeye ........... ....... 2 9 33 Wickenburg ...... .....,. 3 7 35 Carver .....,....... .....,. 2 4 50 Tolleson ....,., .,..... 2 0 29 Peoria ........, ..,.... 2 7 57 Scottsdale ....... ....... 2 '7 36 Tolleson ,..,....... ....... 3 3 46 Wickenburg ........ ....,.. 3 8 34 A50 ....,...,.,........ ,...... 4 6 51 Peoria .,....... ....... 4 1 48 Buckeye ....... ....... 4 0 46 Gila Bend ....... ..,.... 4 8 19 Buckeye .,..... ..,.... 3 4 39 C635 Brownlie tips to Reynolds in an attempt to set up a much needed basket for the Owls. -pq-v-wg f--1-ry., . Standing: Coach Garcia, Al Galindo, Paul Aragon, Richard Esquivel, David Johns, Bill Sweeney, Gene Jefferies, Mike Polley, Phil Tomlinson, Clyde Webb, Pug Wood, Larry Horton, Manuel Jimenez. Kneeling : Laddie Coor, Earle Rayner, Eugene Shroyer, Gerald Whaley, Howard Shelby, Billy Barnett, Bobbie Ludlow, Keith Duncan, Jackson Barnett, Jerry Brunken, Manager Henry Needham. SCORES OF '51 SEASON Owls. Opp. Peoria ...... ........,.......... 0 11 St. Johns ......,... . ........ 4 8 Gila Bend ........ ......... 1 9 13 Gila Bend ........ ...... 7 2 Ajo ..,............. ...... 7 18 Buckeye ........ ...... 0 11 St. Johns ...... .i.... 4 6 Tolleson ............ ...... 3 5 Scottsdale ........ ......... 2 15 Parker .......... ......... 1 4 2 Gilbert .......................... 1 4 Carver .......................... 4 7 J. V. SCORES Owls. Opp. Buckeye ........................ 6 7 St. Johns ...................... 4 6 Buckeye ftie, 8 in.J .... 4 4 El Mirage ...,................ 8 5 El Mirage ....... ......... 5 4 Tolleson ........... ......... 0 6 El Mirage ....... ......... 1 0 4 Baseball Season Brings Out Record Number On Feb. 26, practice for the coming baseball season began with throwing exercises to ready the boys' arms for the twelve game schedule they were to face. First game for the team brought Peoria to the home field to start the season on its way on March 9th, Before the final game of the season with Carver, the letter- men on the team held an election which chose Mike Polley and Phil Tomlinson as co-captains of the team. They are the graduating seniors of the team. At the end of the schedule the Owl nine had won 3 while losing nine, but experience was gained on the diamond by the prospects for next year's team. Returning lettermen are Jef- feries, Sweeney, Galindo, Wood, Esquivel, Horton, Webb, Barnett, B. Barnett. Polley slides safely into second after hitting a double to left field in an intra-squad game. Wood relays to Tomlinson in an effort to tag Polley for the out. .J 7 Cover And Burns Lead Netters Only seven members composed the small but successful tennis squad this year. Hav- ing only three matches scheduled, the team came out with a 1-1-1 record. In the first match, Buckeye won 4--1 with Jerry Cover salvaging the only Owl win. Next, Scottsdale visited the Litchfield campus and lost to the Owl netters 4-2. Jerry Cover and Sue Ann Burns won the first place singles and Ruth Hancock took girls' second place singles. Burns and Hancock then teamed to win the girls' doubles match. In a match with the Tolleson girls, Sue defeated Butch Farley to give the team a tie. Two of the Owl netters reached the finals in the West Central District Meet with Jerry Cover copping first place to represent the VVest Central District in the State Meet at Tucson. Sue Ann received second place when she lost to Flossie Turner of Buckeye in the finals. Jerry defeated Franklin Carlson 6-2, 6-3 for the District Championship. Mr. Komadina was coach of this year's netters. Standing: Jerry Cover, Tony Aragon, Archie Tucker, Coach Komadina. Kneeling: Jo Anne Myers, Edith Scott, Sue Ann Burns, Ruth Hancock. 655 Martelle Shears, Louistine Hurley, Betty Lee Dudley, The Owl-Jerry Brunken. Fight Team, Fight' l ':E.....,- '. lVIartelle, Louistine, and Betty Lee are the girls Who led the cheering, while the Owl further increased the spirit of the team with his antics. Trojans Win Intramurals For the lirst time this year the boys of Litchfield participated in an intra- mural basketball tournament. There were five teams competing for the championship and competition was keen. The Trojans came out on top with the Globe Trotters in the second bracket. Members of Pug Wood's winning Trojans were-Standing: Curt Stelley, Pug Wood, Richard Esquivel, Walter Reynolds. Kneeling : Manuel Jimenez, Laddie Coor, Keith Duncan, Billy Barnett. u a.1 4q n 1 q vu a7- Q-f.r 671 Students Active During April Frolics Batter up! . . . A strike or a hit . . . Ball! Low and inside! . . . Photo hnish for the "Phils." . . . Looks as if Betty Lee will Win .... Hurry, Martha, or you Won't make it. Events result in Phil Brownlie and Ona Allen reigning as king and queen. n e 4 vp ii . 9, W , 3 ? ,f Siwfgfk- QV w as? :iw ' vm A ' -A T' al W K S 2 kai 1 5' Y s-I I bfi Mk "" 3 4 N e. :W dai, mg ,. av lm if - 55 Here comes one of our students all dressed up in a suit. It isn't often We get to see everyone looking so nice and that's only when We have a formal dance. The first one to come up each year is the Wild Harvest Ball sponsored by the Boys' Alliance. That's right before Thanks- giving. The boys work hard to get the gym decorated in the fall colors-round up cornstalks and tables, hang crepe paper, and string the lights to give that special effect. Then at eight o'clock the guests arrive to dance until midnight according to their programs. The second is the Girls' League's Winter Fantasy. This year the theme was Kdpidlf Kingdom. The girls did the decorat- ing in red and white. Big red hearts with silhouettes in the white centers highlighted the decorations. The girls chose their dates and filled the programs to make the evening enjoyable. Their Majesties, Phill Tripp and Leone Sheppard reigned supreme over the festivities. The last big dance is the Junior-Senior Prom held at the Wigwam. The Juniors Work all year to honor the Seniors at this banquet and dance. With a Uri theme on April 14 of "An Evening in the Isles" the Seniors may well feel honored. These events are the highlights of the social year5 but besides these there are also class parties, after- game dances, and conventions to make the year more interesting. P iv - 'PC g f at at . J 719 Pictzlrerl, left to right, are: Bill Zeigler, Kay Jackson, Flo Ann Patterson, Keith Duncan, Johnny Garcia, Ona Allen, Phill Tripp, Leone Sheppard, Judy Coor, Sue Singleton, Skip Taylor, Marilyn McMillan, and Kyle Needham. Ona smiles as she crowns Phill Tripp King of the Winter Fantasy and the attendants show their approval. King And Queen Crowned At Wintei' Fantasy ' ss: 'jk qi 3 1 .,, f WITH A THRILL of excitement King Phill and Queen Leone reign over the Winter Fantasy as Cupid smiles down upon them and gives his blessing. Prom And Winter Fantasy Highlight The Year Junior and Senoir girls show oil their pretty formals at the Prom .... The title of Mr. Tidwellfs address was "Aloha Oc." . . . Girls' League officers and Miss Mortensen Wel- come their guests to the VVinter Fantasy .... The king and queen and the crown bearers begin the Coronation Waltz. lt g e YSNU' '42 174 g , li, 755 Hlivening In The Isles," Theme Gt Banquet junior Class officers and sponsors Welcome their guests to their junior-Senior Prom :lt the Vlligwam before they take their places at the hzlnquet tzlhle .... Everyone enjoys the interesting program and delicious menu. -GEMM . i W Girls Pick Cotton To Earn Nloney You look tired. . . . Drop something, Leone? . . . Oh, Louistinel . . . VVhozzz1tE . . . lin- joying the sunshine? . . . A sea of cotton . . . How much did it Weigh? . . . Coming through . . . Happy? . . . Ah! Food at lust! -N---A-,,,,TM1--M-m-f,,,,-.-. . H ,L who . M . . ,X 54 gg ,- :X 1 N 2 fig? ,f ,Awww M'W"'v-h K if Frosh In The Limelight VVhat Color polish? . . . Hm-mFF . . . just We two .... VVcll, We tried hard .... Time out for food .... VVhy so sud? . . . Hungry, Keith? . . . OW! Thz1t's Cold! f7S aww S NYRNN R Qsliw If L 5 H. iw 'Q ,, :-. 'N 1 Q XE' nm Q4 Q ix ? 3 Q K S S- X Q 3' Si., iff 5 x Niggas ev, E 3 . e saga H 1 E' QF Q if aw was P wx TSX if ' Wi? Mm hw I Mf Q X N Nw Y, 'F-W L V ADVERTI Is there anything you would like to buy? If so, consult the Wickiups advertising section. In this you will find places to buy gas and oil for your car and even places to buy a car. If you need some clothes, the ensuing section will tell you Where to get them. You will find the names of places ready to sell you fruit and vegetables, also gas and light for your home. You will learn where to go for an ice cream coneg and if there is any money left, this section will tell you where to place it for safe keeping. There are many other items of interest, too numerous to mention, in this section that was sold to the fine individuals and com- panies by the enterprising and persevering young advertising agents for the Wickiup, who also compiled this section. l IT PAYS go WRT LITCHFII J. G. BCSWELL CGMPANY Q35 Good Luck Seniors Litchfield Pork, Ari GOODYEAR FARMS noonmzm Litchfield Porrk, Arizono: GOODYEAR SERVICE STATIONS GUUDE! iv EAR Tires and Tubes ning - Gredsinq -Gdsoline - Oil - Acc fi id Pork, Arizona Goodye A , ' c o M P L 1 M E N T s Co op Dairy 0 F HOME OF GOLDEN jg E H Q L LY. GUERNSEY MILK UNION OIL mme 4-2697 Disrmsuron Pi-ioENix, AR1zoNA AvoNDALE, ARizoNA Paul Smithson's THEATRE DRIVE IN Next to Avon Theatre- Avondale, Arizona It's here - - The World's Finest I-IAMBURGER Csandwichl Served with everything on a Giant Size Toasted Bun Flowers,- "The Perfect Gift" For Every Occasion GLENDALE FLORAL 6 GIFT SHOP 33 N. 2nd Avenue GLENDALE, ARIZONA Phone 543 I.. D. McDonald Get Shell aasoline tor power supreme, It keeps your car's enaine smooth as a dream 7 And for that "lube" job, aet Shell lubrication, Tops with car owners over the nation. Buckeye, Arizona .flllill IDRDDUCTS Q84 CONGRATULATIONS Haas Baruch Compliments of KEIM PRODUCE CO. O 6 9 con Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Chisum's Tailor I and Dry Cleaners Distributors of IRIS EOODS Avondale, Arizona GOOD LUCK SENIOES Bower Printing Co. GREETINGS TO TI-IE CLASS OE "'5l" 6 9 PRINTING Q L1THoeRAPHiNG jtein RULING MUSIC CUMPANY 142 S. Central Phoenix, Ariz. Q H --'- e ---y , BEST WISHES AND GREETINGS lm. smart M, Southwest ' S Flour an Feed ,4 Q . "'l2wE'm 4 Southwestflourafeedmlnc. 'wNA"0" Aj Glendale, Arizona """""" """"' 851 Insurance Agency E. I-I. BRINGI-IURST, Compliments of SABA'S DEPT. STORE Nationally Advertised Merchandise "Shop at Saba's 6: Save" Avondale, Arizona President Hiser motor INSURANCE IS oIIE Service BUSINESS -M DODGE TRUCKS NQTHING ELSE Dodqe and Plymouth Dealers General Petroleum Products 35 West Iefterson Phone 4-1135 Phone Glendale 231 - Phoenix 8-0804 GOOLD'S GROCERY 6 O 0 Avondale, Arizona Compliments ot Cole! Home Furnishings Central at East Lynwood Phoenix, Arizona Congratulations Seniors J. D. HALSTEAD LUMBER CO. ONE Poor OR A MILLION BUILDING MATERIALS Yard 47 West A Avenue Glendale, Arizona Phone Glendale 431 - Phoenix 3-8792 ACME BLUE PRINT 8m PHOTO-CRAFT CO. 517-519 North First St. - Phoenix, Ariz. Phone 3-9504 PI-IOTOSTATS - BLUE PRINTS DRAWING MATERIALS SURVEYING EQUIPMENT I. L. PETTIT I. I. PETTIT Q86 CONTRIBUTED IN TI-IE INTEREST OF SPORTS BY A FRIEND Graduation Announcements Calling Cards Diplomas Iosten's Treasure-Craft Iewelr Caps and Gowns Medals and Trophies Autrey Brothers 2254 Lawrence Street Denver 2, Colorado SAM DeWITT, Representative Y QUICICS MUSIC STORE LEEDY DRUMS Everything for the Band and Orchestra Musicians King and Bach Band Instruments Jack Fowler's Garage GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS PARTS 6 ACCESSORIES Avondale, Arizona 33 East Monroe S ree Phone 3-2947 Phoenilc, lf-Xrizona Phone 872 HAMMOND SOAP 81 CHEMICAL COMPANY MANUFACTURERS DISTRIBUTORS SOAP WAXES CLEANERS SANITARY INSECTICIDES SUPPLIES DISINFECTANTS FLOOR FINISHES Phone 8-5307 or 8-5308 ll5 W. Iackson St. PI-IOENIX, ARIZONA 871 SCHIIEIDEIYS DRUG STDRE Extends its Congratulations To The Graduating Class Ot l 9 5 l Compliments oi lIenri's Jewelers 47 0 9 Glendale, Arizona E.T.W. COULTER Real Estate- Insurance L O A N S 9 0 9 Box 594 Avondale Phone Litchfield Park 837 11 sv 9 vs as es e "":..-Q-l,.,,.'.1. THERE'S NO STORE JUST LIKE P o r t e r s The Wests Most Western Store wk Sports and Casual Clothes -A' Luqqaqe and Leather Goods f Ranch and Western Apparel -k Patio and Gift Wares wk Cameras and Sporting Goods and Porter Saddles Adams at First Street IIIHRSTUII SUPPLV CUIIIPHIW OFFICE, SCHOOL, CHURCH THEATRE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES ATHLETIC GOODS 324 North Central Avenue P. O. Drawer l39O Phone 4-5651 Phoenix, Arizona 1883 Bowman Dru Goodyear Prescriptions FILMS COMPLETE CIGARETTES CAMERAS FOUNTAIN CANDY TOILETRIES SERVICE CIGARS Walter Butler Motors Your Friendly Ford Dealer Since l929 Buckeye, Arizona Compliments Ot Community Hardware Avondale, Arizona Washinqton At Second Street You can be SURE Ludlow Garage 0 Union Oil Service General Repairing Expert Lubrication 0 Accessories If It's Westlnghouse Compliments of Q Westinghouse Electric Supply Company Avondale, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Phone 485 Phone 4-9276 891 Foxworth-McCalla ness 'rr-Asn-4 Company 5 Lumber and Building Material I CGNTBQEEDSVDJQRERETAIL Congratulations Seniors Wholesale and Retail Q Q Building Materials J ljlchfield Phoenlx, Arlzona P. O. Box 6217 Phone 4-8411 0 We Serve- l-lome Made Pies, Cakes, Bread, Bolls and Pastries Q Special Orders Taken H Litchfield Cafe "The Home ot Fine Meals" Bay' Zieske, Proprietor Phone 403 Q90 Soft Water-Hcxlf Hour Service C O L DWAT E R MERCANTILE COMPANY HOME AND RANCH SUPPLIES Best Wishes Seniors Phone 433 Litchfield AVQNDALE, ARIZQNA Del5erge Electric ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 6 9 O 550 W. Wctshinqton Phoenix, Arizona BENDIX LAUNDERETTE I AVONDALE CIRCLE Ted Meek - Oweeff Meeeeef Telephone 894 Litchfield Congratulations 170 flhe QILASS or IIQSII School 81 Sports Supply Company -x-1-- '--- - ---- -u---M- ---- ---H-H-- -'-' - -'-' - '-'- - ---- ---T 326 W. Jeffereee Phoenix, Arizonct +I- -.-. - .--- - ---- - ---- - ..-- - .--- -n-.- --.- - --,- - -.-. -in-.--2 ois oi The Southwest "Serving The Soho C99 Compliments of tl'1e Westside Ranch Supply Co. Lumber - Hardware Plumbing Building Supplies Maytag Appliances Phone 306 Avondale, Arizona A Modern Complete Food Market food fair Located Between Avondale and Goodyear STORE HOURS Congratulations, Seniors ARIZONA DISINFECTANT COMPANY yfflblilulim. Q A.MliE3i.P:EIC:fl: Phoenix' Afizom Compliments Lescher and Mahoney of ARC H ITECTS Arizona Trade ENGINEERS Bmde1'Y 0 0 BINDERS CP Tl-IE '51 VVIKIUP 3llWestMonroe Phoenix 192 J I Best Wishes, SENIORS, and l Thanks from your Morris E. Watson, distributor Torn Huston, Peanut Co. EMMETT CONGRATULATIONS, INSURANCE AGENCY SENIQRS All Kinds of Insurance DR. GEQ. H. MCMILLAN Biggs Litchfield Park, Arizona Good Luck Seniors BEEKSQFOII-'ufgic from ARIZONA .IANITOR SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Line of Ianitor and Sanitation Supplies LUNCI-IES -' DINNERS 26 S. Ave - Phoenix, Arizona FOUNTAIN SERVICE Pho 4-4331 5, 3-0373 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Fnoivi THE WIIGWAMI GOILIF QUUIIIQSIE V. o. ALLEN ,Pao f J Seven Stores To Serve You .... Wherever you are in Central Arizona, you'1l find a Stapley' Store nearby, stocked with practically everything you need for the farm and home. 9 9 Phoenix - Glendale - Mesa Chandler - Buckeye Casa Grande - Coolidge ? fl V- BEST Wisnss Ralph Watkins Chevrolet Company O 0 9 Buckeye, Arizona Arizona Exrerminating Company RELIABLE TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE BY FULLY EXPERIENCED OPERATORS sos N. 2nd si. - Phone 4-3395 Phoenix, Arizona Congratulations S 1E N Il U R S . Washington at First Street CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES BEST WISI-IES frorn ffoffl f C U l V E R f fwlilrzfws Television-Radios Records 4 Q Tape Recorder 51 Sound System Q PHoEN1X 231N'1StAVeEE2NE 4-5676 PhO9T1iX A1'iZ0T1Ci Q94 ix Q. K l lu X YoureonYourWay C X It s a long hard clumb true' But uf you asm hxgh enough any labor Involved In The clnmb upward will pay off ln results many Times over Remember always that Education ns one of our most priceless possessions Chernsh If use IT well lfwlll be of utmost value to you In attammg your pinnacle of success' 14, X 5-4 Al 90 lfgz lIlIllIIIuPW,e' , ' .I . . 5 V! X .5 y r. , f f . .A . la. . E ' 4 Estrella Vzstcz Lodge MY FLQRIST and Swimming Pool 534 W. McDowell at 7th Avenu Phoenix, Arizona RENTALS - PICNICS The lclrqest displcry of Flowers Picnic Grounds and pool available Plants, VUSQS, Und Pll.QTlleI-S l.1'1 Arizona for PC0595 Phone 3-4025 of 4-9173 Highway 80 "And Charge ll!" , , FREE DELIVERY Phone L1-lchfleld Open 7 days cu week - 8:00 A. M. - l0OO P Compliments of HNNLSII BAKERS 951 GOOC1 Luck Congratulations, Seniors to the Class oi l95l Van Hook's Market Avondale, Arizona I from 4 HENRY BROOKS wHoLEsA.LE Dtsrmsuron Standard Oil Products AVONDALE, ARIZONA Compliments oi A ABRAHANPS Stores Conveniently Located Litchfield Park - Goodyear - Buckeye and Buckeye Pharmacy McGrew Printers ot this Annual I Bill East Adams Street Phoenix, Arizona Phone 4-4768 Valley Dry Goods Store Avondale, Arizona We Give S QS H Green Stamps Best Wishes, Seniors Congratulations Prom GARCII-YS MARKET THE ONE STOP STORE Phone Litchfield 863 Avondale, Arizona Q96 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS PARTS --- ACCESSORIES 9 ,, '51 S I G N A I.. A lllchfield Drug GAS -2- OIL -:- LUBRICATION ,I Company AVONDALE PHONE LITCHFIELD 410 Litchfield Park' Ed Seiges - Richard Rhodes AIIZOIICI 9 D 4 Y 1 s 5 S- xA Q1 f f PETERSON, BROOKE. STEINER E, WIST Complete furnishings for School - Church - Diffice - Industry ARIZONA DISTRIBUTORS 'A' Royal Typewriters 'A' Mimeograph Distributors if Victor Adding Machines 'A' Ditto Duplicators 'A' Elliott Addressing Machines 'lr Ediphones 'k American Seating Company "A SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR ARIZONA" 971 fa "Most Likely Tai Establishing and maintaining a friendly, business-like relationship with a good bank is important to young men and women, particularly to those who aspire to become tomorrow's business and professional leaders. These young men and women who establish a banking connection by opening a savings account and adding to Succeed" V to it regularly...who consult the bank about their plans for the future... who win and keep the confidence of their banker...have gained a valuable, life-long ally. The Valley National Bank cordially welcomes the accounts and friendships of all sincere, ambitious young men and women. VA!!.'!1l.EIlC..'?lA,ll".l2!!?lfl'!:..!?fS,!t'l6- , 2 K--.f - Ng X x s 5 Q The 1950 - '51 school year comes to cm end. W R Q98 P 4 . N 1 I n 'x XA 'Q A N 'WJ 1 N fn 0 Q . 0 V g. " v - D Q- M, s.. A .. ,ff ' '-- avi . I I ,af I 5 ., RJ 5, - 9 W 6 It 1 J ff Q h A -1 Nr ' 1.12,-f' M. W' X X 171' h ywn S K ,,-, 1 fl' 1 x V 1' T . .1 . WW ,X J ik

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