Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute - Tatler Yearbook (Lindsay, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1931

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Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute - Tatler Yearbook (Lindsay, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1931 volume:

94 THE L.C.L TATLER l .KX X , I, S 5 ' . 'Q K Q , -, V ,.-i wvw Mfr' ff! M Q "K tie-in 6 at 1-ee A ,fri w ife' - Z i wfgf i 'Wi ,f my ff R fff siffc XZ! Qf A 9 ut - ' ff f x,,'. I M y- s Pllifhif iii J , X' QQ, -X. ,NV 4 1' IH V r -.,' X -dw, ..,, Q EN- 'A 2245 lt i " ' 'fat isa Ml K ff , ' l AA, A A t rl. f y ' x J ,yl,,.l--li f f Q " A ff ff ja -liullif K K f ll so V X --r uf f 3.1.,- 'nun Xl i ff XW ff ,Z of F it o A U Yo b"' if ,ff W f ll , ugar .... .. eww' brought io Europe by the Arabs USAR cane probably originated in India or eastern tropical Asia where it had S been cultivated from great antiquity. lt was brought Westward and introduced to Egypt, Sicily and later to Spain, probably in the Sth century, by the Arabs who also preserved the arts of medicine, mathematics, astronomy, etc., for us after the downfall of the Roman Empire. Don Enrique, lnfante of Portugal, surnamed the Navigator 11394-1460i introduced the sugar cane in the Madeira Islands. It was taken to the Canary Islands in 1503, thence spread to Brazil and Hayti early in the 16th century and from there to Central America. The purest and Hnest' cane sugar, only, is used in making Neilson's Chocolates. Nuts. the ick of the crops in Spain and other countries, luscious raisins from P Australia. oranges from California, oranges and lemons from SlC1lY and other sunny lands, cherries from Italy, pineapples from Hawaii-everything good is brought to us to choose from. Using the skill of a lifetime, our own experts put all these delightful things into Neilson's Chocolates-which come to you in many delightful assortments from 6Oc. per pound and up. if 4 4 r' 'Q -iii li UXE 56012755 DEL ,225-tfieze O CO HIC S "W X X ll 'I PUEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS TH E L. GL TA TL L, C, I. ORCHESTRA Frederick, L. Flack. C. Staples. C. Powers, Mr. J. ll. C1111 sf IIT B T11 11+ Autographs- "Should auld z1vq11ai11tz111c'e be forgm And 11eve1' b1w1ug11t to Illilld? Then take ll pen and write 11 line For the sake of auld lang SY11Q.H J, F J 16 4- -'lf Avdf .fmjff X X-, , f ,f,n,,- . H ! 1 V 41 VV., f f NWA' ' f "f ff '1, K r ' ' - ,L , MQ' ff , 'K ' V . I- !fL' 'XA' "L 2' E 95 THE L.C.L TATLER A UTOGRAPHS-Con tin ued 4+ xr' . Y 4 4 .I DD , 'f'f 5 1 9' F ff if v"" 'fy' .Thar-ina' - IllIllillIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllillllllll IlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH IilIillllllllNIIVIIHIVIIYIIIIIPIIHIIIIHIHIN OLYMPIA TEA ROOM Tea Room and Restaurant FIRST CLASS FULL COURSE MEALS Afternoon Tea from 3 to 5, and A La Carte Special Dinner from 11 to 2 and 5 to 8 DELICIOUS TOASTED SANDWICHES Pure Wholesome Home-made Candies and Ice Cream TAKE HOME A BOX OF OUR CANDIES OR A BRICK OF ICE CREAM Opposite Post Office Telephone 308 - "We Take Gut The Spotsn - 'PHONE 74 WE CALL AND DELIVER P RKER' CLEANERS DYERS 145 Kent st. W. "Gun Cleaning is Udoriessn IIIIIIIIIIIIHIIlllllllllllllIKIIHIllllllhlllllllllklllllllllIIllHlillllllIlllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllll PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS .V ,ng 0 im 1 H null M ,.- A 7,41 .N ff f I 'K I I Q v yi ' 1' ' sg i I, if f ldzlf J fi 1 2 fffm r fs X, A N f, sf X X f 'll'y1",Wl! Q ,, . x . W! V l -1 'ff ,A r ni' . f "' ,' ' l '4 4 Q! 4' ' fx 1' EW Wwe a " I ' 7 ff 1 V I li N' ll 'u f I fy 1 1, ff , 1 f f l - A s -ri. f, X if I I I X lb, I, n fl Q lu 21 + ' ly .l Q I f, ,K X, "1 xl fl y - ig L, 1' -c-, Z A 'I' ' 1, I ll' fl I I f ? 1 N ' x . ,X r 4 - ,Q I I 7 ' e ,wwf its if my be 1 V , ,grin I X xl Fifi ' . E - . '-2, "":f-ff I, - ' '3 "v.' .MQ 'CFQQQL ll' , , fm t -Fif i r . 7' ,A', , 1, sf, 1 li. KX, nl I I f 191,191 A" ,H . A V , W If - , V -.M 'iv ', 5 3 f - 'fky X W ,473 " .2 lf ' - - . lx '. 7 ff Y Ziff? ' ,fa ,J wfa ' fWfWmyW Y 5-lj 'l N M Ill V ll , Jill' " I -1 Y If -jf -- ia! ffl! I 1, L lk 'E fri' fflfj h ,wwf X 5 J ' HL 1 ' , " - ring. ,, ,Spa Q 5 ,pf 1, ,A 5' fgy, 1 l Wi iblcyg i fry ., ,V xy' ' 1? ffl ? fri fi X X W 11 AA l'?li?W '. '14 1 if lf, i 4 R fmffdla A W , 15, P , Wi- mi, Lf' ' , " ,, J X -.LMI -mgyjg --gm'-32 ' dfiff ml .Qi '3 ., M fn I H i f ,,fac'IfiWffZ - fl, F 15, -,, ,E y 1 - - I I onte umas Dew Cocoa. Beans were useda5M01zey HE value of the cocoa bean was appreciated in Mexico long before the discovery of America. The Spaniard found there a beverage, known in Aztec as "chocolate"-from choco lcocoaj and lath Iwaterj. The Emperor Montezuma was exceedingly fond of it and is said to have consumed many jars or pitchers daily himself and his house- hold 2,000 jars. 4 Cocoa beans in sacks containing a speci- fied number were used as currency for the payment of taxes, purchase of slaves. etc. In fact the Aztecs valued thgcocoa beans even more highly than gold. Chocolate was introduced to Spain which country long tried to hold it from other nations, but of course failed, and by the 17th century its use had spread through Europe. Cocoa beans are grown in West Africa, the West Indies, Ceylon and other coun- tries. ln making Neilson's Iersey Milk Chocolate only the finest cocoa beans are employed and these are blended by Neilson's experts, then roasted, ground and milled by special processes to give that smooth, rich, matchless flavor that makes Neilson's Iersey Milk the best milk chocolate made. l wi", ,.. ,Q . ,f me E ,E 2115 THE BEST MILK CHOCOLATE MADE 5V '- l, " WATCHMAN-WARDER PRINT , " 1. O I '." n Qrl ef J l I X . uv b '41 on 4, 1' 1 1 ,- dl 4,.., .1, Avg-HIJ, ',,+-A. "Q, , , 1. , f .- 9, ,433- ln I , 'i 1 A 9, I ' y ,Ol L, 1 fy, ' X n L ' ' X V 5-.F I. .KF . a f we 5 X w ' If I -n .A N2 -4-N' 11' .W Yr' f. 1, , W r I a ' 1 7' sf,- .Q CN. M' Q A v W, - x . X- I e ':'.-V :gf-',, 1' ' Q5 QI' ,, ' ' A M7 a xl' ' I ,N : r .ff HH, L . I Q! lb, 7, K JW4 T + ,X 's" 1f7 . A I" A: 'mimi 1- 1 . ' . 9 d . I - o I . , ,45., .e ,. .". 154 . 1.1, 3 , A '. ,Lf u. Ill ' 1 -4-N' 11' .W Yr' f. 1, , W r I a ' 1 7' sf,- .Q CN. M' Q A v W, - x . X- I e ':'.-V :gf-',, 1' ' Q5 QI' ,, ' ' A M7 a xl' ' I ,N : r .ff HH, L . I Q! lb, 7, K JW4 T + ,X 's" 1f7 . A I" A: 'mimi 1- 1 . ' . 9 d . I - o I . , ,45., .e ,. .". 154 . 1.1, 3 , A '. ,Lf u. Ill ' 1 .ai.-.1-1....,.... ., iirwl-:.'.F1-1' -. .1 '. ..'Zl.-I .1 - ,,, I- 1,r,..f-1fq.'ff,f,. ',.1.a,1 ...MH 11131.-A.--1M...-.5,.,.,1,..1... . y...n...g... g:.,.,1,:1:. r1.1,,,-,A....1..,,...1'A-X11 1: .11-.-z. ...- .. ,,.. -.,. ,.,.,, H,-..,.,,,,,1,.,.,...,,.-.... .-.1.f1,... ,,,. -..,.-1 --111. ...U-..1 ....-. : ,... -....1.:, .'., -. ..,,.. ...1..,...-g.1...,:... ...,,...,.- ...,. .- .-. .-.1 1.1...-1.- 1 1.1:-.1-1.1.2--. ....1r'. ,- 1,-..,1..-1 .... .., 1 1 .1-.1-.A.1.5a..11.'.. 11, . - 1.l.k...:1.1N:-Al.111.:v.,-...1.'.-L1.g.1.,....-1.1. -.1--.A ' x 1.-1 1 -.-..1-' 'afrffg-11,..,f.11.1:-.1.v.-1.1-,1 m.,.:1.,:wv:1:f,1....1-.1.f,-....:..-,-.-. . .1.1..,.f . f.- 1: 1 1 m..-...a..-...1- .'.a.f..-.11.-:..1:...q 11.'11.'...1g.1- , .-,.1.-..-,.1 1,110 1,141.1-1,1.1A-..--.-..1..,1A1..,,g:- - . 1. , 11.1,.1...1 ..... .1.q..:,..s 1-......-. 1.1.-... ..-. -,,1.... ..x,....1., .-....-,,... 1 ...,.. ....,1.,q.....v.. ..,...1,1.,1,..,..-1..,...1.-11..-..,1,.,1.1..11-31, ,-1...-.13 1. .13 V I I 4.- f .,.-.:::.: . 4-Lu... -,-F . .,,,..1..ff.,. ...H 1- 1,1.1 ..f.:. :..,,1, .- -...1..,...,.,.,,1.1 ..1....L,.,.. ......xy,,..-.1,..,.!,1.m...1.1-,-1.- fy-...g11. ,.-y..1. .1-1.21 1 1,1 cf...-.xcU.-:..':v.4..,.,,..f,1. .-.1g,.11..1-.1 g+1,.- ...--1,1-.1 ,.q.1,..1-.....-1--.1.7.1,.,..,.1 1l. 1 1 1,.1a np.-1.5..',.f1,...,.-.1..p,,..,f ,.1,. .tp,:,f.:.1.. 1.-,.. .., ..,.,....-1:-.,1. , 1.:.1. .,:.. -.-1 1....1-....1,..:..:.-.1g.:.1 . ., 1-...-1.-15 ..-.,,1,. 1. ,4..,:.:...c:4:n,.. ,..,,.-1y..,.,:,--he-...1 .,.f,1,,- ,-1..g,,.y.,. -,M-,. 1 , ., ...-...v ,.. .fp .... ,-.--. -,-..-,..1.....-.1, ..,. .. ,....,A.. - , .ay-,:.y..11.1.1'.. 1 1 ,,.,.,...,-.,,-,rr-.1 .,.,i:.w.-.1,1.:.g.:.a..-'1.- 1. . 1 1,1 .1 41 . ..f..:'.,,1 1.1 .1:.11.:....MJJ1..-1111511- 1.-71,....5 .....'-:- 1111 11- .11 ' 'r-. :.:.. fs -1...11....--... mv... . . ,..-1. ,.1.-.E-..'--......:..H-...L...:,pi'?g.J,, 1.11.11-..:....,'I.Li.-.1-.1.,.:'.r4'f-.'.f,.,..q-5. .1 1, ,J 1 1,1,...:f.1. ua.,.,..p....1f.1.:1,--A-.1.... .ffm 1 1. ..1.11:. 1111.1-.1 1 -1.1-1 5-01, ..1- 1 1 , F,4,.,l,.A, ,,?,,,.2,-ml h,v, W.. -- 1... 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W, E.. 5.-.-yu..-p,..,,:-, W... ,..,i, .,Z.,?. ,I .,. - .-. -. -.L J277' .?.Fff.E"'1f'F"-JLEQ7.'iZ.'- 5 - fl'-1-.XE -i'xV.2fi'1iL1'?.'.::. Q'-1"-r"' 1 1 -.1-...M-.--J.'.3-4..E..-.-:-...-.-.f.11- ,1..-.:.,.-.1-.V -. .. ' 1...-:..,1...1:g,- 1.5.45-.. 11- 1..,. . . .. - .. , .,:,131:.A-1 .me ' . 5-.g.:,.55...:1.:. .-::.?..1..5,.-.31-1 I 1-11,3515 If, :ML-I1... - 'fi' fi 1.552 - 'f!.i3:Ifff"-'T1.Efl'5''Z-' .".f'5ff51'.ffi1J "i::E,?1i-' - '- ':,..q',,': ..-.1 ..,,.:1-1..u....-:1.v., .1. :ge:..-4: - .- A. : :,:, .:-ML 2,5 MH., .1 ,. ,, -1 : .J,, .. .J - . j.?21gfi3QiL'f.- 3. 1 fQ--f'f'f"'.E1c51751217-Qa.1g"'.5f-1, ' , ,.l.1,- , . 1 .L.,.,,5 .: I. ., ,,..L., L, .. , H , 1-'rv :Y :-: 2-.' " :',f1:'- N. 'rr , 5" :' '31 - Q. '-' . . 1 :1:':J:--'Jf'7,.:-1.'f'.13":.1.1.a::.gL-er.-1-b .1f1:.f.aLf's H ' f --: , :lm , . 1. 11:11. rr-J..-af. .wwf-.1.' 1.. .1 . ..-, . - 1. ,..:.--1.v.'.'.-. .f-,- . .v..-.4 f!y.?1'2'.!.'.i.' 1.-Af' 1.' J. -. ...u-.f.'..f..-: 1.1-,:.f -.x1:..-::- 1.1 1, - 1- . .. . . '31 i.:j5-Q . .3. ,,..,-,',. ,um.':!-"','.I."1lx1,, 41' .'L'I1 I '11-'N ....,,,.g.,-f,....:. ....-..,f,.11,-E,gi1.:,--..- .-- 1. . 1 -. . .- ,.,- .- 1 1 .:--:'. :2.'.:::.v. Q-.:.,'J.1.'1.".,.L: '.-, 11, war. . '.,r.11.-.z- 1- -. ,. ..-.f.f.:.,..,..-..1,..- - ...A-. ,- 1. - ',".'.' .'l1'r'.'.'. 121-,' :. .-fl.. ......-.'.1.v.,--JI' 3 g -I' .:5'.!'x ..2 '.: ,-...::,::.:.1' .,, .:-,'vj5..w. :.':. -..-5.15.-. .3-u-.-.5 11.1,-,fgg ... ..,f, 4 1-,v . I V l ifkflff if-1ff5'Q'Q-flff.-,35-':-7-v.f?!Qif'-Q1 'e'i1f-'gflf-'.",'f '.?.Q5112'!'-- . '.? , ' :.F'.'1.i..Z1iI " -,FE.'f.'f-.!if.' 1511.'gF.f,1fI.f'f 75' ' 5-1-5-. -'f "':'- 1,' k -. -5--L-1 - , .-.,. ,f .-,.' ' f. ...1.-:..'1'1 -1 -- -, . ., ,. M, . .111 - ,-,. .- .. mr.: '- x. 11. ,-,P -.:.':...'.'.'.. '..-.-11 :,.. '- -. .---1.1 .-1n:.1 - 1 "1 1.. 1. ,-?.-,.,J..:,1-...J.-,,.-,..-.1 ,1, .1 -. - 2 . .. -. .-:.11-,-r.-.,- ." - - .. . 41-:. xv 711. 1 -I .'.1x'1' 2. -'n., .f.1-,.. 1.1-.'-1 . .1-'.-152'-1 K..-1.11 :-511 . 1 ' I - -1-,' '.' 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I- Til.. . :l4lf',. 1-liiuv'-'1 "'I-1,'- " V VL. -' " ' ,: 'rr1:.1.f.'-Kia'--. -nr.: -' " 'E 'sf ' ,.L,q. .:j.t,.,5-..1,2.'1 pm. . - , 1 r -., .IK .'.3:,55i.':c.'-'J' ,5f1f1.2'.:5, ,g A I .11-'1 '. ":"'f'. :.:.1. -..a1..1,., 1, , . ., ....- ,. - h:g.,1, . ' - - .:1- :.:.,-.'.1.p. .--..':,,. . - ., . ,, V- . .,:.'1g:g..1.-.-'- 1, , , . .. , . U ' f.'1'1' -'V' '- ,, .' -, ....-.,... .4...,q,.,f..a.,1,g.- . - 1, - . A., FJ 1 .rf L 1-g,-f..-,.-. : x- -,'1 . 13"-'-G"' .. VW' ':-1..'.' .. -1 - . I -1 sr 'Z -1 ' ' V 1-5,31-4.5 . -112.51 .. . 3 : '. gag ' 1 1 -, .. j.g.:.:'.j1,:, 4:22 J'1.1'.,"1-'Z.. 14.5" . ," -3 ef: ' ' .., -.:.1, , 2,:. 1-tw? xx '.-.5 ' 1 S1113--.1 --QQ,-1'.. . L... L.. . ., -g - ,1 W ..:', -. 11, - ..-.,..,f,, .:g,-1.... - ' :,.'.- ,,,.' .. ,1 ,,.4f, -g ...mi 3. - 5 71.1.51 w., ? -.',- .fee .. --:-- f:-fi 1-1 All -g -. ,1--.1 "1'-.-.I2:,?, Z., I-'I'JQL"Q1'1.f'Z..W1 1 'f .I "1 .L 14 - . . .,., , 51.1-13... 3 1 L. , -1'- . W ,. .,,:.lM,.. ,..'. .. . , .t :M E, l 1' 1 .... 1. F .... - .N t 1. . 1..':-24 1- ,7's"C..::I: a:13:'1-1.1 1-1,.'--Z.'-3: .:.:.. 2 1 1 Lk!-.Y ' f1"?1 "'1:fS.-E17 K' 1. 1 1' 1. i . .1 .. 1 :e?.1'21 1, 1 J' . :J 1 '-'- ,img:...:..A.,,A1..5,,7f:11'l,,:..1,4,!.A-1-A ....,1 , N., r.. .- .,.-, ,,. . W. . . ,: A,,. ,.,. . .- .L M. I ,.,V , , W 1 . ..,. ., ...M 7.1. Tj.. 1.14 , l... ,EU .-, ,,. ,4., .6 I , . , ,mn E E ,, .,1,.:,.. ., .. , . - , ,,., .V K.. .,..L,.. . .,. ,4,. ,. . ,. . TH... :,:..,?,. - .,.,. .H .41 . A: i . N 14.-K. ., . .. ,,,, , I ,. 1 :wt ,,...,, ,h A ,. .-. .,..,., ,. . V ...... .,-......,,,... ..,,... if.. 5, ,- , 1111.1..'-Y'2311111-.!,..ef:,3:f,,: 1.:'1':,' " 1' .1Z1.,ff., jx... ,:?,.z....g,.. ,ii 52,7 V -..'.'.:. 4 .E ,'.,..: .- v .: 1. . , 2!IjI'1:1.:' 2 'I-i'lf': :A if -'wu"- 14. '11 1. .. '-11-1, -'f1- '--,.11'1:-g.-: .::"'.'- 1 ' ' '. ' 75.1.13 :, , .::."A..L.,:.:g::Sf1..'C:1!'.-'.'5.-" " ",!1"..' 1.1 ' 1. 3,--,..,.., ..1.,.1,1.,.1.v, .13 3. 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U. . ., 23.115 -'E "3 1' 'L' ,x -I-1' .1 .-5 " 1- ' ,.-1:9 ..,..,g' 1 :.3 ry ,, ,., -..',.,g--.. , :j Q. 1 -pa-K--1.-g1..-zf, .1 1 -gp .-,1.-.- . 1--1.3. - - - ' - 1-, - ' .. ,-1-..-A ,.t.,,L.g: ,:.,..,..,.,.,.5,.,.. ..-V E., ..:,...-D5 V K, ...Y ..,..,-3, . ., 11.--.' -.-..1..p:1.-.. .'.:.-1:-1.:-- .. ' qi, , 5 1 -21. Ai.-si....3.3g.z..-.-,.4g..:.L, ', L g.-',:. 5..5z1.L1,-I . A , -.-1--- .. .-1.111-nv ..- .- -- .1-11, 1 1 .-1-1 1, . , 1- -. 1-1.11-2-1-.1.---. -- 5,-,...1 .. ..,-..--.- .-. 1:1 1 - -. .-. .-q-.-.,. ,--11... .g- ..'.-- .. 3 1, 1- I-.,-. . ,. --111. ,- ..- ,,,.,- -- .u., 1 ,..-.. .... . ,,.,,,. . . ,, is ,, .... 1 ..,-., F ,r ,, . .. I- 4-:..1,.,,-xl, . .. .47 :.4l.,.-.-, Q., ,.I, . , - , X-, .-, ., 5.1, ,. 4' V .-1 . .-... ,-,.,-, , ,.,..., -.--.-- . ..-1.. ...M .1 - -- .,.,,.. , ., ,, -A ,. 1 .. . .., -,. - .111-.-...,1..-.-.11g..-J,.1.- .-1., .,,,.....,.-.11 1,1-.-r.,-11111.-L-.! . 3.-1.1 f-.-- , 5 ., 1. .1 ,-. ,-,'--Hg'-5-.1:' g-1-1-.. -- . , ., 1-1..,-.-.,: , 1,-. 1 T: -. N. -51, ,H -'- 1 : -.. -1 11- 11- ---11. 1- - 1 -A .. . Mu, .1..-U ,., .W .,.,.,-, ..,.,.,. . .1-, ,,, ...Q .1 ,. ..- -. 1-- 2. ,- -1-.11 .1-,-1.-.. .1111 '1--:.-1 --- . .1 1 1 --1.- - 1 ' .1' -7 -1 ' 1-1415-1 r- : ,.-. . - ,, -., ,-... :1.:. ,..- xi!-il, .. . ., ... ..- f""' 1".'--1"-1-4:1-1, .-H.: .-1-1. . .. 1 1 1 .,-- ,. ,. .11.. 1. 1.5 -- vi-jg--5 1,1-1.11-1-. f-.... , 1,1 .--- . .., .,..1. . . . 1 1. . -. .-1 1.1.- ,.-1,.1-1,-. ,,, 1:15 glyph- ..1,,.4.,,., ,. M. ,... -1x ,.-. .. . . 1- 11 ,.,..-.... . -.I .,., . - ,.... . U, , . ,,, L., ,., .,.... ,.,, , . .W-.,,. ., ,L ,., , .- .---.--..-, 3...-..-.-. .,,.-,.-...,-, ,- ,.., .1...-.71 11. 1. 1. ,. - .1-11. 11,-...U ,1,. .,....,.,,..N,...... .... -lm., . ,,. , :'..1.1..-- ny--v....-.g-.-..-,-11,- .4...,1. V- 11-1 - - -.--.. 1 .--. ,-- --.- .....-. 1 . 1-1.11.--H .1.1,. 1.141,-1.--4-1-.,i..-,...-s 1- .-.,- '- 1-11.-. 1, .,. .. 1 ww- - 1 .1 ..., -.1,, , ,.. V..-.--.... -... .-,. Q., 1 . .1 . ....- .1 -. .. -, . ., . --1-.141-L.--... .,..1.. --.--1-.--19,1 --.1-1.-.-1,.-.., .1 1..-.1-.1 - - 11:5 I ----5-.-,..--. .--.. ,,,,,,.,.,..,... -.,, . ,.- .,.. -- .1 -.,.. - - K. ..4.,. ,.,, ,.,. ... . -1. 1. .-. .-..-. .-... ,-. -. .-1 .,-.-- ,. -. 11.--. ...,-.., . -.. .--.. .. -..- -11-.M - . 1 1 1 ,1.,-....z1.4.., ,-1...-..1.-.1-- -. . .,.1,-..1.., -.,,-- . . ,.. . X -1 5-5. 1-...ul .15 THE L.C.I. TATLER lllllll llllllll wlulnlnlululnlull Illlllllllllllll lll I lul ll lllll l Dr. C. W. Lyons l DENTIST 6 William Street, N. Over fil'Pgtll',Y.S Ili-ug' Store LINDSAY f e ONTARIO lllllllllllllrlHlllllllulllllllllllll llllll'IllIllIllllllllllllllltllllllllllll I ll ' lIIIIIIllllllllIlllIlllIIllllll!El llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll ll' l 5 PERCY I-IOUZER The "llUlllt'u of Smart Young Mens Flothes Next to Neill's Shoe Store Attention Students Students and their parents are requested to patronize the firms whose advertisements appear in this book. Few people realize the fact that if it were not for the hearty co-operation of our advertisers the publication of "The Tatlei-" would be a financial impossibility. So show your appreciation, by patron- izing our advertisers. Another thing, do not forget to mention the fact that you saw their advertisement in "The Tatle-r" be- cause this will show them that ad- vertising in our year-book really pays. I llllllllllllllll Il IlllIllllIlllllIllll1lllIllE lllllllllllllllll lllll llll ll I llllllllllllllillllllllllll ll ll Il I lll I U Illl lll I llli I ll I H ll ll ll! CLAXTON'S STORE WELCOMES THE4 STUDENT ggpga . -t,...,.....,,-- -M ,,, VVe pay particular attention to the Wants of young men and young women. Let us eater to your needs. ,T M FSM FS? to it it PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE L. C.I, TATLE1? Tl-lE EXAMlNA'lElOON' A DOMINION LIFE Do you know that the most im- and GENERAL INSURANCE WESLEY MASON Prones 282 and 1046 portant part of a pair of Glasses is the Eye Examination before the Glasses are made? True, you can get a t-heap pail' of Glasses, but they are not worth the c-use whit-li con- tains them. if the examination is not thorough and the P1'est'1'iption exactly right. DR. M. B. ANNIS Regisltretl Optometrist No. 22 Dr. sUTTo I DENTIST lipin. E74 I Fu: K, 4 Kft PLAY! Take an active interest in your st-hool sports:-Baseball, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey. Basketball. Do your best. Wilson equipment will help you to win. SEND FOR NEXY Sl'MlNlEli SPORTS l'ATALOGl'l-fl The Harold A. Wilson FUBIPANY l.lMl'l'Ell 299 Yonge St., Toronto IIIIIllI'llIlI'IllI Iltl Ill IlllI'Il'I'.llIIIIII ll IIIIIIIIIIIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I .lakins Sc Everson Tonsorial Artists zz-lmlalsl-:las-zz XVilliams' Cigar Store I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I' Ill llI'lIllIl Illllll ll I'I llllllllllll lIl.I''llfllllllllllllllllrllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IT William St. N. Phone 256 I I I I I I I'IllllllllIl'IllllIlllllllllllllll Ill I I I Illl XY. liANGIl0N'S MEAT MARKET No. 5 Kent Street, where the best in Fresh and Cured Meats Come from. ,Phone 705 Illll I I I'Ill I I l'I'l'll!'I I I I'I I I Illlllll I l'I I l'l'I I llllllllllillllllll 51' IlI1'I'lVll Illl I I 'Phone 1060 BATTS SHOE HOSPITAL I3 XYilliznn Street S. - Lindsay Modern Shoe Repairing Can only be done satisfactorily with the aid of the latest type of shoe mat-hinery. XVe have one of the best Mau-liine Equipped Repair Shops in Canada. XYe Repair Rubber Footwear and Athletic' Goods Scissors and Skates Shzlrpelled PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE L.C.I. TA TLER IMI mr IlmlI:lInIlvIllIlI I I ll I In I I I I I Ill I I wal Q There is no 1 Substitute for Hkrrk- E E and no Aollicvrlnvllt Grvatvr g than XVOI-k R1-ll Done. Success in monies from EI'k'l'lllStillglQ' Tryin' E B0 sllrvt-ssflll. D U O O N ' S The Rexall Store I I I , ,,.,,,ll,m,lvlIllIllI IvI,lIllIllIllI.lwIlI I I Ill I I I I,IIlIIIlIIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII - McLaughlin, Fulton, Stinson and Anderson Barristvrs, Solicitors, Notaries IllllllllllillllllllIlllllllllllllll Ill I I I IllIllIllllllvllvlllllmllllllllll Illlfllllwl I I I I I I I Colnplinwnts of The BIG 20 CAFE Cigars, Chocolates, Tobacco MEALS AT ALL H0l'RS Q Special Dining Room for Banquets E I ll,Illlllllllllllllllllllwlllllllllllllllllrlllllvl' llllvll ll ll I l ll' I A llll I I IllllllllllllllllrlllIllIllIllIllI"IllIlllllllllllll-lllllllvl I I I For l'p-to-Date Styles in FURNITURE at Lowest Prices, go to TANGNEY LTD. FURNITURE STORE Satisfaction Guaranteed Q NVQ Df-liver E Jack and Joe Tangucy 2 KEX-L.C.I. Boysl I 2 Opposite Hotel Benson. Lindsay 2 IIllllllllIIIIlllllIllIlIlllIllIllIlIllllllIllIlllllllllllIllIlllllllllrllllllllllllll 0 E ' 2- ' L ., E , Illlllllllllllill I I I Ill I I IllllllllIlllllllllwlllllvlllll,llI WILBOR AE I H E S I. o P SSI P4430 District CZ' X Roprvsvntativc 0 ' O . ij, 5 Canada Life t A sl A or ssurance Co. J A Lindsay - Ontario Uffirvz 2 'fklllpld' Building: Phones: Office 371, H1-s. 680 Compfimen ts Of FEE MOTORS "HOME OF THE FORDU Csvurteous Attendance Snappy Service 'PHONE 285 l'0Ml'LIBIEN'l'S OF GREGORYS Drug Store 'Phone 33 Kent Street Lindsay E IlIHIlrlllllllrllllllllllllllllll I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 8 THE L.C.I. TATLEI? Q9uven'n llluiuvrziig KINGSTON. ONTARIO I , ff ' I 5 - NINETIETH SESSION Faculties .his-Vouises in Aits and ClllH1llHl'l't' leading to the degrees of B.A., MA.. ll. Com. ' N4'Il'lll'l'-TfIUlll'SE:'S leading to the degrees of B. Sc.. and M. Sc. in Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, Physics, and in Mining, Chemical, Civil, Meclianiual and Elem-triral Engineering. 'I Mrelim-im-A,t'ou1'ses leading to the clegiees of BLD.. CM., and to the Diploma uf Puhlit- Health. .xIIVilllIil,20S As at IIIIIVGISIIY vity. Kingston is an ideal place for study: the Cost ' of living is relatively low: splendid laboratories and well equipped hos- pitals are available for pravtival tezufliing in science and medic-ineg a resi- fleiu-e for women, a union for men and an enlarged gymnasium have re- 4-ently he-en builtg a new hall for geology and rnineralogy is near com- pletion. For a Caleiiclal' of the fam-ulty in whix-li you are interested, write to 5. the Registrar. I I I I l'l I I I I I I l.:l'l'l'l I l'l'l I l'l'l I I I .1 uri: I I Il.I.lI I.lI:iI:lIvI:vI,InI,IuIiIwIlInIlI I I I I The Hoizse of Comforr l,41ug' lbistaim- 'Phone e GNU 3 ill l'3Wl'.V 1500111 6 "Barbara" ,..................... .... S 37.50 ' Y XVII are distl-ibutoI's in Lindsay All liomns Illllllllllgl Water E for "l5ulvvai" fin-' 'l'i1111-ivivw-S rm Q lzurticular people, , - N I 1- " '1 hs . nun ni XXIIII Int S Q on the lwst-Ulhllmuun - Beautiful styles for llll'll and Q women, from ' NIEALS AND SERVICE Z 324.75 UP UNEXCELLED HYATT 81 WELLMAN , 2 The House of Quality .lvwellery 5 Optometrist to the C. N. Ry. : 2 LINDSAY I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ill Dil I I'l"ll'l'lll'l'llllll ualIMIIIHIIIIQIMIHI'Inu l'I ItItInstIuunullnhnunnlir I I I I PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Y 1Yh4'n sm-ievtillg your H'2ltl'Il insist THE L.C.L TATLER Advertisements .... Index .............................. Writezs' Club tphotol .... Title Page ..............,...... Dedication ...,... In Memoriam ..,. The Faculty Our School ...... Foreword ..... Valedictory ..... In Memoriam ....... Editorial Section Literary Department One Never Knows ........ Two Ten Dollar Bills .... Jerry Holly .................. A Memorial ..... Book Reviews Poetry To Rupert Brooke ..... A Plea to Spring ..... The Brook ......... To My Pen ..... The Mirage ..... Autumn ...................... To Virgil ...................... The Lady of the Falls .... Literary Society Executive tphotol ..... Literary Meetings ..... Society Notes .......... Music . .. Dra matics Imaginary Invalid, Cast 17 44 INDEX .. 1 Scholarships, Awards -' 9 Head G11-1 lphotol 10 Head Boy lphotol 11 Harstone Award 12 VV1iters' Club Prizes 13 14 The Alumni 15 16 Graduating Class .... IS 19 Athletics Girls' Athletic Notes ..... 22 Executive tphotol 25 Basketball Team tphotol 27 33 Boys' Athletics ........ " 34 Executive tphotob ....... . Rugby Teams lphotol .. on Track Team tphotol ...... " Basketball Team . ........ " Winners Curling Trophy 0: .. 37 , q7 Central Executive 33 Photo of Executive 38 Activities ....................... 33 Field Day Champions .... French Department ..... H 39 The Exchange ........ 39 Annie Laurie .... 41 Form Notes ..., ............... Hilarity ............................... L. C. I. Students, 1930-31 .. L. C. I. Orchestra ............ Autographs ............. 45 Sunhonnet Sue, Cast ................ 46 Merchant of Venice, Cast . .,..... 47 E L. C.I TA TL N- -4 ..f w .- w UI -u .-1 'vw f T -.A T5 ,- .i .6 C -A-J E 5- --I 4 -f r 'v C 4.4 .-1 .- Vv r-1 v-H v--4 Z TZ .CI L Cu Z -5 S - : 3 e f A Nl 'U 7-1 nd 'C U3 -A -1 E H .,.a U: A E 2 Q r 5 .- - M SI ': .- 54 ff E 72 5-I 'C C 'J 4: .:: E ffl ..... 1:7 5 F 5 M v- hi :Q CD C rd U E D .J .4 E3 5 '-3 ,.. m H .-. 41 J 6-V cu G 5 ru CD 2 THE L. C.I. TA TLER I he I either Official Organ of the Lindsay Collegiate Institute VOL. 18 EASTER. 1931 XO 1930 - WRITERS' CLUB - 1931 EDITORIAL STAFF Editol'-in-Cllief ----4--- Eclith Blavkwood Associate Editors XVUO1,ll'ONV Ifliwulfoiwl, Alive Hall Staff Advisor - --'- - Mr. Halle Department Editors Lite1'n1-y-Alive 1It'L2lllg'llllll llilal-ity-Melbzl Bennett i XVallac'e M1-Alpine Morris Tlllll'SfOl1 :KIT-NOl'lll2lll Maidens Glmliultes-Yi4'. M4-Galley iAllllllll2lP-B1'Pl11lil Rich l'IX1'll2ll1g.f9iIlPlPll Fulton Girls' Atliletie-Jeali Scott Boys' Athletic'-Jol1n Sc-ott Business Stai - - - - Olive XVQlllllil11 . SCCI'Qi211'j'-T1'83Slll'6l' - - - Business Managers - George Beall, James Meehan Aflvertising' Solicitors - - Alberta Hoeelgsoii, Javk Tillcock . THE L. C.L TATLER 5 5 w Q' i 5 t l t t 5 E S I 5 I . 5 E ' l ' E Q' 5 5. E t "' 5 Q t: 2 l I Q7 E t 1 I k 36" E 5 E 51 E Q E Q' E I This Edition of "The Tatlern ' .1 is respectfully dedicated Q to the memory of the late E t l Alba Jean Collison IQ a recent L. C. I graduate E E and Ei E Editor of "The Tafzew' 1928-29 E l 2 51 a W ,m-v,0,,-gpg' THE L.C.I. TATLER E'-9 l 0 l 1 t A M l l l l Q l 3 QQ Q Q 5 it In Memorz'am HIC penple uf this f'UllllIllllllf'Y. hnth Xllllllg' Qlllil nhl, were tlevpllv gl-ievetl tn lie-ar of the sail pnssing.: of -Ivan Vullismi in il Toronto Iluspitnl :lt 1'lll'lSflll2lS time. Nut twenty years nf age. -Ivan was in sevninl year nt the Tm-onto lvlllV9l'Slfj'. il lPl'HllllSlllQ' stmlent in St. IIihla's Vollvge. ll2iVlllg' gi-mllmtell with lmnnnrs fi-mn the Linelsuy t'ulleg,g'iate Institute in lllll0ll'Ull twenty-iiine. Hers was il plvnsiiig' pei-sminlity that won her fi-ivnfls wlwrewi- she went: at svlmul, wlwre she was ai favorite, PllfllllSlilSfl1' in spurt. 1-misvieiitimis in her studies, faithful to hm- wm-li in the Writers' Clnh, first as SH'l'Pf2ll'.Y-Tl't'iiSlll'Pl'. then as IC4litm' uf 01141 of the nmst Sll1'l'6'SSflll Tzitlvrs in the sm-l1fml's liistnn-lv: at her c-llilrvln, il l'l"2'lll2ll' zlttt-inlniit ut divine serviafe :intl ' il willing' wm-her in its Slllltlilj' Svlimvl, its 4-hnii' anal its flower llllSSl0ll1 at hmne. wliere her sum-mfwiing' pai-viits and lhl'4i'fl1t-'I' 4-hei-ish the ilwimn-y of :1 loving llilllgljllltq' and sister. The hVl'lfFl'S' Vluh feels that there is snnw- thing of smnhi-e tlfalgwly in the falvt that only lust your l it hzul the pleasure uf l't'Vlt1XYlllQ.Q' -lvun's high svliuul mfuwei' in llillllllg' her Ilezul Girl. nnfl that this, the next issue, must wt-4:1-al llel'pzlssil1,L1'. Un helnllf uf the svlnml , the Tatlei- extends to her SUl'l'UXX'lllQ.Q' 1D2ll'0llfS limi-tfvlt 11:1 syinputliy. E In small proportions we just beauties see And in short measures life may perfect be. 'a' 'W' rwmmrmmrwf mmimwwmlnimmrfwhj THE' L. QL TA TLER THE L. C.I. TA TLER 'UU THE FACULTY XVI LLIAM MAQMILLAN. ILA., I'1'i11cipa11 I X IfI1'IiCU1lll0II, I5.A..LL.Il. - - BIQIIIICIIIHIIVS Hhs 'Nllxs Nllws 41 1 I . M. 1. 01'Ii6I'j', MA. B. G. gX4I2lIllS, BA. . LIIURIS. ILA. Ii. L. Hzlrllllff. HA. - I I J. IIAIQ, ILA. - - - Ifhlglislm, Ilistolgv - - FI'6Ill'Il, Sp.111isI: - - - Idtblllllll-'l't'IilI Spevialisf - - 1I0iI8l'IlS, Iinglisla Englisll, Pllysim-all Cllltlln- - - - Mutlnelxmtic-'4 ws -1. Stewart, IIA. - - XIINS WINS I -X NIN4 Hlss WINS S. NV. Iheesv. MA. - II. I'Iil1'IiP. ILA. - IC. Gel-1'isI1, I'a1fte1-sun, HSA. - II. IVEIIIWIIIIIIP, ILA. - D. -I. Mulialy, ILA. - C. Lee, I3.A. Ileleu Arksey - Vuuke, HA. G. A R. I Mi. XV. I. . IV. I J. II - - Ii11g'Iisl1,IIist01gv ' - - - Ifluglisll ILA. - - - Classics - - Scriellcv - - JIIIIIUI' S4-iellf-af - Iillglisll, Latin, IH-III - - - - Cu111111e1'ciz1Is, Il1'iII SQL'1'CfiI1'y to the I,I'IlIL'I1IiII - ----- Scieucs: The Board of Education Lindsay B. L. McLean, CI1ai1'111z111 A. Ii. Gregory, XYICE-CIl2lI1'llI2lII A J. M. Knowlsou, Secretary vv THE L. QL TATLER Qi,,J,1,,L,AMgAA4AAQQL4:ALAwA,AA4,q,AL,y,,.iQ.,1AA1Mg.yAM,kML4.k 1 ' 5 1 1 f A f 1 1 f f, 3 3 155 Q Ei Q Q. Q. 5. Q. 1 ,1 1 5 S af, Q E1 F11 ES F71 L.. -evvvvvvy PURE WORD 11112 Li1111s11y f'1'11l11g'i11111 111s1i111111 1111s 1-1111111911 111111111111' 111il11s1'111111 i11 its 11is1111'y. Dr. T. A. li1I'1i1'1lllll1'11. 111111 g'lli1111'11 its 1111s1i11i11s 1111- 11111 1111s1 1w11111y-1w11 y11111-s. 1111111s 1111 1111vi1111111 1'111'1'11'11 i11 11111 19111-11- ing' 111-11f11ssi1111 111 11111 I'1-11vi111'11. IV1ll1'il1g' 11is 1'11g'i11111 11111 s1-1111111 111111-1111s1111 11-11111 1111 11111111111111111 111 1111-1111 111111111-6111 111111 iif1y 111 1111111-11xi111111111y tive 111111111-1111 s1111111111s. 111111 1'l'1lIll il 14121111 11f 111111-' 111 111111 11f 1111111111 111111111111-s. T1l1'O1lQ11- 11111 his 111-i111-i11111s11i11 11111 111-111111111i1- 111111i1111111111s of 11111 S1111111111S l'alll1iP11 1111511 ill 11111 1-'11l11'2l111lllil1 1'11111'11111s of 11111111-111. Y1111. 111111 1'1il'1ll 11111 I1l'f'Sf'llt s1111111111 1l1l41'V, 111-11 11x- 11111-1e11 111 11111112111 11111 11es1 11'1111i1i1111s 111 11111 1111s1, 111111 111 11111i11111i11 ll high s1111111111111 111 1111111111111-y i11 y11111' W111-ii. Ytill 11111s1 g1'11s11 11111 111111111'11111i1i11s 111111 11111 j'01ll'S. si111'11 ytllll' f111111-11 111111111111s ffl El 1111-1111 11x111111 1111 11111 11111-isi1111s 111211114 111111: .x1l1l11S1 111111-lv s1111111111 1111s s1111111 s11111-i111 111111111 111' 1111111111111 XY1l11'1l, if 1111V11111111111. will 11111111111 11i111 111 11x1-111 i11 il 11111'1i1'111111- 111111. 111111 1l1Pl'11'1lj' wiu success. 1111111-11, 11111 s1111111111s S1l11l1111 1111111 wi111i11 11111111s111v11s f111- 11111 1111w111-s ll1'1'1'SSill'y f111- 11111 111111i1111111111 111 s111-1-ess. 11 is s11i11 111111 il Sfilfllt' 1111s 11111111111 in il 111111-k 111 1111111119 111111 111.11 11111 S1'1l1111'1!1' 111115' 1i1111s i1. S11 i11 11111 lllllst 111111111111 s1111111111 111115' 119 1-11111-111111111 11111 gift 11f 1L1'14lli1lS, 111' s1111111 g.l'l'1'il1 111111111 111111 l1l'1l1lt'l' 11'11i11i11g' will 1111111111 111 11111 x1'1:1'111. This s111f11111 1114 1111111111 i111-11111iv11 f111' 1111 s1111111111s 111 11l'VP1111'b 11111i1- gifts s11 111111 111115' Illilj' 111111111 11111 11111s1 111 11111i1' 1'111111bi1i1i11s. NV. M111-MILLAN, 1'1'i111'i11111. iv-.fvvrvvvwfy-YV 1-fxqvvvxfvsqvxq -fvvv -rv vw v-7 v-vv-VV-W THE L. C.L TA TLER 17 Vafea'z'ctor'y , . 1 , . . , . , Mr. 1 1l21ll'1l12l1l. Me11111e1's 111 the 511111, 51111191118 111 t11e Ll .I. Five 'VP211'N 1l2lYf' 1111sse11 sinee tl1e gl-11111111ti11g' 1-111ss 11f 151110 tirst 111111 111 tl1is 111111 f111- t11e 11111111111 ft1l1'lS111lilS "At 11411119.11 II11w 1111T61'k'1l1' were 11111- Nffllflllli-'ll1S th11t night f1-11111 what they 1111' t11-nig11t! It is easy f111- y1111 XV1ltl 21111 11911-' f111- the t11-st flllll' t11 11lll19l'S1illl41 w1111t t111111g'l1ts we enter- t11i11e11 111911. 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BIA1'11ICE BLACK In Memorz'am I1 is wi111 s111-1-1111' 111211 "'1'1111 '1'1111111-" 1-111-111-11s 11111 1l2lSS1l1g of 1w11 111 11111' s11 11111111s 111 1111' 1111s1 ,V11111-. '1111 11111i1- f11111i1i11s 111111 11-i111111s W11 11x1111111 11111 S.Y1lll12111l'V 111 11111 S111111'1l1S 111111 11111 111111-11111's 111 the s1,-110111. JULIA HONEY GERTRUDE HAIGHT THE L. GL TA TLEI? 19 111t1o11r'11a11l IT IS WRITTEN :X1111f1l01' T11t1111-. ytblll' Y1J111' 11111114 f111' 1931. is 111111111 t11 1111 seut t11 tho 111-vss. As we g'111111'e 11v111' the p11,Lr11s 111-1111111-1111 f111- t11is issuv we NY1l1ll1P1' just 1111w 11111' 1111111-ts wi11 1111 1'1-1-1-iv1111 hy the s1-1111111. The '1'11t1111' is 111-i111111'i1.v i11t111111011 t11 1'l41'l11'11 tho 111'tiViti11s 11f 11111 y1J111' s11 t1111t it 1llil.V 1111 il 111111111111t11 f111- th11 g'1'11111111t1's. il t1'1111s111-11 f1,11' us 1111 111 thv j'P211'S Ill 111111111, 111111 1111 i11t111'1-sting 1I1i1g'i1Z11lkJ just 1111w. 1111 1111111111 this XPZI1' 11t il 11111111 11ig:Ll'111' 111111 111ett1-1' 111 1111 its 1111111111- 1111-11ts. 1111141611 11 1itt111 hy 11x111111s11, we 1-1111111 1111t. 1112111 11s 1111111111-11t11 21 1l1ilg.1'21Z1ll9 11s wo 111111141 111111- 111if't1. y11t we think X1'1lilf 1'111111gg1,-s ww 1111114 i11t1'1111111'1111 111'e 1111 1111111-11ve111e11t 1111 lD1'k'V11l1lS issues. The 111-w 0111111-, the 11iH'1'1'1J11t 111'1'1111g.g'1f1111111t Gif 11111 f1'1111t 1IZlg'PS. 11111 1'11't'll1'11 l111g,g'11s, th11 1,111-1-111-Av 111111111-t1111111t, 111111 the 111111iti1111111 pages 11f 111111111111- 11111, we 1'1111si1l1-1-. 1111- 11tt1-111'ti1111s uf t11is issue. May w11 s11g'g'11st th11t y1111 111J1'11sf1 thv 11111111 f1'11111 1'11ve1- 11,1 1?0Vc1', that you l1l'Q11i11't' il 1'1-iti1'is111 211111 111-11s1s11t it wit11 y11111- s11g,:g1Jsti1i111 f111' 1111111-1111 - 1111111t t11 thv s111-1'11e11i11g 1V1'11P1'S' f11111l? 111 this way 21 1112tt01- T11t1e1' XV0l'11lQV 111 11111' s1'h11111 1f1111 111+ 111-11111101111 XVQ take this 111111111-t1111ity 11f f11Zi1l1i11lg' 11111' 1111v1-11tis1J1's wh1i1s11 51111111- will 11111k11s this issue 111'1ssi1111Q. NVQ e1x111'11ss f1lil111iS t11 1111 11111' 11-1111t1'i1g111t111-s. es11111-i1111y Mr. M111'Mi111111 w1111 ki11111y w1-11te The F111-ew111-11, 211111 11111- 1,-1'iti1-. M1-. 111110, who QJQRIVP i11v11111111111J 11ssist11111'1e 111 1'1111111i1i11g the 111111k. Fi111111.v we ill? 111111111te11 101116 111e11111e1's uf the NV1-ite-1-s' 1Y'1111111SP1f, t11 the tP111'11111-s, to Mr. IPPXPII 111111 11is st1111. tllll' 111-i11t111's, 111111 t11 the entire stu11e11t 110111' for th11i1' Q11-011e1'11tif111 111111 s111111111't. M To Glll' suc1'ess01's we wish every success 111 1ll'11i1llU' E"11'1l s111-159111111111 issue of The T11t11e1- 111111-11 worthy of 11111' sch11111. 1 R., 1 F5 THE EDITORS. 20 THE L, C, I. TA TLER WEDNESDAY MORNING ASSEMBLY This UV11111' 11111 1.11111-11111' S111-i111y, 1111111114 1111 11111 s11gg'11s1i1111 111 2111 1511111111111 111 111s1 ,V11111-'s T11111111. i1111'111111111111 i11111 tlll' Sl'1l11111 11111 c11s111111 111 111111111151 2111 11ss11111111,1' 111' 1111 11114 s1111111111s ill 11111 S1,'1l11ll1 111111i11'11'i11111 62l1'1l NV1111111-s1111,1' lll11l'Il1llQ'. 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T1l11Nl' 1111111111111-1111111111s, Q,1'1V1'll 1lS11il11'V 115' the l'1-11si1 1111111 1 1' 11111 I11t111'il1'.v S1:11i111y, 111111 g'1'9Il11lV 111 11111 11111-'1'tlS1 11111111 s111'i111y 1-1111- 1'l'1'll1'l1 211111 Q,'1'11.l11'V 1-1.1111'i1111111 111 i1s g'1'11XY111. A1111111111- 2l41Y21l11ilg.fP is 11111 1-h1111g11 11111111 11111 l'11Sf11lll2l1',V 1I11i1'111l1gJ,' 1111111111123 11x111'1-is11. '111111 l'1l1111ll11ll11j' Sillgillgl 111l11Hl' t1lH4111'U1'11111l 111111. fi11l111i92ll111 11111 f11P01'1l111, 11111 111-1111si1111111 1111111-ws. 11111 I,.1'.I. 111-1111111-11s1 1111 11111 Sl'l'9lJ11 l1li11il'S 11111 ll1'11l'1'11111'l' 1111s111i1-S 1111111 i111111111s1i11g.1' 111111 11111111'111i11i11g. HIPS i1111111111, 11111 NY11111111s1111y BI1l1'l111lg' ,XSSPH1111-V 1111s 11111111 s111-1-11ss1111 11115111111 1111111-i11111i1111. 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This 1Il1'1'11llQl'. s111111s111'1111 115' 11111 Sig11111 1'hi NY111111111's -111111-11111is1i11 F1-111611-11i1y. 11111 l11111111'111',v .111111'11111is1i1- F1'2l1l'l'1111'V 211111 11111 111'112ll'f1lll1'1l1 111 1'11iv111'si1y 1':X11'1lS11111, 1lf1'111'11S 2111 i11sig111 i11111 s1'h11111s1i1- 'ifP111'1l2lliS1l1. 11x1-1161s 1111- 1h11si11s111 211111 i11s11i1'11s 11111 I131IitU1'S 111 111111111- 1'1Jf41l'1 i11 1h11i1- 1'11s11e1-1iVe s11h11111s, I1 is 11114 1-11S111111 111 1lilVt' 1111111111ss11s g'iv1111 hy 111'11111i11eu1 11i1y 111911, i111111'11s1i11g1' 111l11s 1111 11111g'11zi1111-111-i111i11g, 11111 s111i11i1i11g' 111 1111ve1'1isi11g, 111111 111111111 lllil1f1'l'S 11111'111i11i11gg' 111 11111' XVl1l'1i. This ,Vk'ilI' 2111 11s111111i111l,v i111111'11s1i11g 111-11g'1-11111111e1, 11111111611 by Mr. VQPI11111 IQIIUXVIQJS 111: 11111 M1111 111111 1111111111-11, f'9ilfll1't-'11 2111 1111d11e1ss hy Ch11111es G. D. R1111111-1s, 11s w1111 11s 1111111-11s1i11g 1111ks 11111111 A11111'11w Axllilll, E11i1111' 01 "V111-si1y," G1'11gg'1111y f11il1'1i1' 111 11111 T111-111110 Star, Fl'illl1i SlN?l'1'j', of M1-1.111111's, l'1'11111ss111- 114111111118 111111 1111. II2ll'11y. THE L. GL TA TLER 21 lVe l't"Q,l'0f vei-,V lllllfll illilt Olll' svlmul llilS nut lwtlll l'ttlll"t'Sk1l1fPll Ili this 1-1111ve11ti1111 f1:1' swine ,ve111-s. Olll' illlllillvllf lll1lll:fPl'k'lll'9 l'0Slllfl'4l 111 our not heiiig' iiutitietl ef tl1is 'VP2ll'.S 1'1111ve11tin11 whivh was hehl t'2ll'ly i11 fIl'fOl1Pl'. 11114l whivh 2l1'l'1.l'1llllQ.L' tu p1'ess l'b'IlUl'fS w11s Slll'l'QSSflll, witl1 l'6lll'l,' se11t11tives present fl'Ulll l1l'ill'flt'2lllj' every 1-ity 111111 t11w11 i11 tl1e l'1'41vi114'e. If the l'Pllll'IlS ut Tl1e Tilfllll' IIIOPT 41111' il1lllt'llD2lllOl1 tl1is ye111' The T11tle1- tilll he lfllllt-'HPIli'P4l llll'l'P tl1is f11ll. iiiallf THE SCHOOL'S TATLER A eopy of eveigv 'l'11tle1- lllllllllilllfll i11 tl1e s1'i14111l si111-e its i111111g111'11ti1111 eighteen j'Pill'S ugh, w1.11hl 111111141 1111 iliterestiiig set 1111 the shelves uf the selimrl lil11-.11'jv. lint these l:m,ks 111'e 111:t 111'11il11hle 1111w: it wmihl he elit- tivult tu ti111l il copy of the emlitifm of twu j'P1ll'S 113112 Yet ilffltl' 9il4'll puh- lie11tic111 is issueil. lllilll-V 1-upies ill'tJ left i11 the st-limxl lllll'ill',V, 111111 e1'e11 Zlfffl' tl1e HXl'll2lll22,'H h11s IDPQ-111 111.1ile4l, six 111- seven 1-e11111i11. It the lihi-111'i1111 wc:11l1l take 4:11e pf these 1111rl s11it11l1ly lllEll'li it. the l1l'UlIPl'f'Y of the st-litml, it voultl he lIl2ll'Wl llllilll the shelf 11114l 11s e111'h s111'c-ee4li11g' yllill' hi-4111gl1t illlliflltl' th its sitle s11u11 il Villllilljlt' 11111l i11te1-esti11g t'4llll't'll11ll wmihl have 2ll'l'llllllll2lfP1l. There is 21 etrpy of l11st ye111-'s luml: 2lV2lll2llllV, this will he 11111,-tl1e1-. Let this 1-ollevti1111 he ll1"g'llll this y4"ill' 11114l i11 t'11t111-e 'VP2ll'S the NV11it1'1-s' Vlnh will lumw what it lllllSl Slll'l12lSS tn llilVP the hest 'Vl'lll' lmuk i11 s1'l1m1l histt11'y. li, .l. II. THE ALUMNI SOCIETY I'll.l'Sl1lllt1 lllllillONVll l'lilS4ill the st111le11ts h11Ve 114.t 114lnpte1l the Slllillltlltl suggestiuu of 11111- I1111141111-eil te111:l1e1's, llr. Ki1'km1111ell 11111l Mr. Blilvhllllilll, of 111-g1111izi11g 1111 Al1111111i S411-iety i11 tl1e L. C. I. Tl1is e:litt11-i11l is i11spi1-ell hy tl1e tl1f111gl1t th11t were The T11tle1- to utter El few SllQ'gPSi'lllllS, some 116-ti4111 llllgllf he l'iilif'1l tu 111'g.:1111ize il sm-iety i11 the 11e111- fllllll'P. IYhv not 1-11ll 21 s1e1-i11l 111eeti11U' after tl1e l':ilSfl-'l' l1uli1l11vs lim' tl1e ' . 1 rx 1 1 . 1 p111'pt:se at 1l1Sl'llSSl1lg' illlll lll'ilNVlllg' up 11 1-n11st1t11t1u11 tm- Slll'll il society, :lull elevt 1111 exe-1-11ti1'e fm- tl1e fulluwiiig' ye111'? This exet-11tiVe might he elmseii fl'0lll this YPHIJS g'1'114l1111ti11g 4-l11ss3 hut it might hewell to ll2lV9 the fl1Ll'l'S'S 1f1111li110' Se1'1'et111-V one who will he hei-e IIHXT VP2ll'. This wuulfl s P' . D . lTQl'lllll' the 11:.1-11espo111le111'e to he se11t to the t'nlleg111te. Many svliools have 11 Slll"f'9SSflll Ixlllllllll Stwiety 11114l 11s most of 0111- g'l'.Iflllill'PS l6",lVP Li111ls115' fm' the hig centres, there is 11ll the lllOl'0 1'ez1so11 why such il suviety wouhl he 11pp1'eei11te4l here. Tl1e11 get husy 11fte1' the l1f1li1l11ysl IYe1'e this step to he taken. I feel sure it will never he 1-egrettetl. IV. BRADFORD 22 THE L. Cl TATLE1? Literary ONE NEVER KNOWS A Comedy In One Act First Prize in Original Play Competition tlly Miltlrefl O'Lea11-,vl THE CAST .Iames Smith, an Englishman with a decided English accent who arouses mysterious and uncomfortable feelings in the boarding house occupants. His one dark blue suit is worn throughout the whole play. On his head is a plug a. boat and has been seasick ever hat. Mrs. O'Gratly, a good natnred Irish- woinan with a slight Irish accent. She wears a bright-looking house dress and large apron throughout the three scenes. Mrs. Pennyfeather, extremely cultur- ed, wears a monocle. She has been on since. Her clothes are exceedingly stylish. Mr. Pennyfeather. a Loarder whose wife is and seems likely to remain the head of his household. He is dressed in a grey tweed business suit. Miss Clorinda Potts, an old maid who believes that every breath she draws is going to be her last. Her clothes are dark, long and unbeconiing. Miss Marilyn Ross, a stenographer who chews gum all the time and talks slang. Her dress is extremely brief, lrilliant and not unbeconiing. Hawkins, a census taker who has been an English valet. He arrives in a critical moment and explains the mys- tery. He is dressed rather floppishly and carries a cane. Bridget and Michael, Mrs. O'Grady's children. They are very mischievous. They wear play-clothes that show the ettect of wind and rain. Asylum Guard, who is dressed in a blue uniform. One Never Knows Scene:-In a boarding house. Scene 1:-In the kitchen of house. One small bench. Mrs. O'Grady, Mr. Smith. Scene 2:-In the dining room. Table set for tive. Mrs. O'Grady, Mr. Penny- teather, Miss Marilyn Ross. Miss Clor- inda Potts, Bridget and Michael. Mr. James Smith. Scene 1 Scene 1:-Opens with Mrs. O'Grady at a small bench paring potatoes. Her sleeves are rolled up above her elbows. She is singing "Come back to Erin." Scene 1 Mis, O'Grady:-"Come 'back to Erin: Mti':ouriieen, Mavourneen, oh! Shure'n I got me thumb that time tTears up a, pie:e ot white cloth. Ties it around lxer finger.l That comes of givin' yer business to a stranger to the town. Faith'n the skin on thim spuds is an inch thick and look at thim blotches. Though these do be cheap they're not xv-Qrtli u cent more than I give for thim. tRap at door? Och! 'Dhere goes that clern dhure agin anti one in sich a mess, I wonder who it can be. Come In. Walk right in. fNo responsel. Come in, I say. I can't come to the dhure now. Say what ails ye out there? Be ye deaf? tShe goes to the door and opens it up quicklyl. Now what do ye want? tGentleman enters with a suitf case. Mrs. O'Grady stands with arms akimho and looks at the suittsasel. Nah! I don't wan: any of yer cook-books, magazines, baby soothers, ten thousand ways to get rich, shoe-laces. or .lny of that rubbish ye peddlers have to bone off on a phure womin trying to hold her own in the wur1d." Mr. Smith:-"Pahdon, the intrusion, Madam. but can this be the abode of Mrs. Patrick O'Grady? The lady who keeps roomers? My name is Smith, James Smith." Mis. O'Grady:-tSeeing him now as a prospect! "Sure'n tha.t'll be me. Can I do anything fer ye? Sure I keep boarders. Leastaways, when I can git thim." Mr. Smith:-"Yes, yes. The police- man infohnied me that you would lbe glad to have anyone stop for a while." Mrs. O'Grady:-"Well, Mister- er-" tSuggestivelyJ. THE L.C.L TATLER 23 Mr. Smith:-"Smith is my name. I said James Smith." Mrs. O'Grady:-"Thank ye, I didn't quite catch it the first time, Well Mishter Smith, maybe ye heercl too, that I be rather hard up. Me husband's out of work and I got three kids that all agoing to school. Yes, and a hand- somer bunch I never dit see, it I do say it myself, as I shouldn't. And the clothin' and the feedin' of thim and fer one pair of hands gestiiculating is shure no cinch!" Mr. Smith:-"Yes, I realize times are not easy. But for the terms?" Mrs. O'Grady:-"Well, seeing as me husband is out of work and because of thim kids of mine, the best I can do for ye is to lex it at seven." Mr. Sllllllll-"TI13.t'S splendid. I'll pay you in advance right now," t'I'akes bills from his pocketl. Mrs. O'G1'HdYI+"Tll21llk ye, sir. If ye'll follow me, I'll show you to your loom." Curtain. ' Scene 2 This scene takes place in the dining room Where the table is set for five people. Four of the boarders and M1's. O'Grady are on the stage with two children peeking around the door be- hind her. Scene 2 Mrs. O?Grady:-"A new gintilman arrived this morning and of all the queer mixtures I ever did lay me eyes on. he's the worst. He calls himself Smith." Marilyn:-"Is he good-looking at all, Mrs. O'Grady?" Mrs. O'Grady:-"Not in the least. New would ye all like to sit in or wait on the gintilman?" Mr. Pennyfeather:A"Perhaps we had better wait for this fellow Smith." Miss Potts:-"Mrs, O'Grady, are you sure that the front door is closed? I feel a slight draught and you know, the doctor especially warned me to keep out of any drauglits as they were dangerous to a constitution as delicate as mine." Mrs. O'Grady leaves the room. Mrs. Pennyfeather: -"Well, you know Miss Potts I have never been really sick with the exception of sea sickness, which I had the time I went over to London and travelled in Eur- ope. The channel was rather tempestu-- ous. Believe me, Miss Potts, you wouldn't last long down there where they have malaria." Miss Potts:-"Well, that doesn't sig- nify anything." Mrs. Pennyfeather:-tSarciasticallyJ "It wouldn't!" Mr. Pennyfeather:-"Well, Jane, you were done up with the flu yourself last winter." Mrs. O'G1'ady re-enters. Mike O'Grady:-tOne of the child- renl "That's telling them." tBridget and Mike snickelxl Mrs. Pennyfeatlier: - tfreezinglyi "George, you need'nt drag up all my little sick spells and in front of those children, too. tChildren snicker again.J Mrs. O'G1'ady:-tTo children! "Get to the kitchen, you ill-mannered cubs. I smell the spudsf' Exit the two children. Enter Mr. Smith. The boarders all rise and Mrs. O'Grady introduces them. Much confusion ensues while the intro- duction is being acknowledged with hand-shaking. The boarders sit flown at the taile and Mrs. O'Grady goes out of the room. While she is gone there is a dead silence. She enters with some dishes which she passes to the bou1'ders., There is now a great deal of talk and laughter while they help themselves. Mrs. O'Grady:-"I've got strawberry shortcake for dessert." tExitl. Miss Clorinda:f"Ancl I break out all over my arms and farce when l eat strawberry shortcake. I can't. I sim- ply mustn't take any chances." Mr. Pennyfeather:f"Well, it's too bad you cannot eat your dessert, Miss Potts, but then that leaves all the more for the rest of us." Mrs. Pennyfeather : H- "George, George! Don't be vulgar!" Mr. Pennyfeather:-"XVell, I believe in calling a spade a spade and when I'm hungry I say so." Mr. Smith:-"I agree with you, sir. I most certainly do." Mrs. Pennyfeather: - "Thank-you, sir." Mr. Siuizh:-"This wonderful display of food reminds me of the banquet that was given me at the House of Com- mons, in their immense banquet hall." Mrs. Pennyfeather1-"Plumpl:! If you've seen the outside of that building I'd be surprised let alone banquetting in it. Indeed!" Mr. Smith:-"Seen the outside of it. Why my deah lady, I resided thcre for some time. While we are discussing travelling I might tell you that I have stopped at Queen's Hall-My mother and sister are staying there now. l have visited Buckingham Palace and had a private audience with the King. Quite a jolly old fellow! Oh yes, I've done some things that might surprise you, in fact I'm sure they would." ,V n1! I .. I rl .-I 24 THE L. C. I. TA TLER Mrs. Pennyfeather:-"The man must be a lunatic. His mentality is no high- er than an animal." Mr. Smithz- tGrinning slightly? "You know Darwin maintains that we all sprang from monkeys?" Marilyn:-"Yeah! and some oi us ciidn't spring far enough." Mr. Smith:-tlaughingl Ha! Ha, Ha, Hu! That's a good one, Miss." tOther boarders stare. They think Mr. Snith slightly offb. Miss Potts:-t'Well. that doesn't sig- nify anything." tRap at the doorl. Enter an asylum guard who removes his hai and says: "Pardon me for in- truding at this hour but one of the lunatiis has escaped from the asylum and we are afraid he might do some harm before being recaptured. So we are warning everyone and asking them to keep a sharp watch for him. Thank you kindly. Good-day." Marilyn:+tXVith a little shriek? "Oi1! An escaped lunatic. Er ........ Ex- cuse me. I don't think I can finish my dessert. tExiLl. Mrs. Pennyfeather:-:Excuse us too, please. George and I have some busi- ness to arrange. Come George!" Miss Potts:-"Oh! It's my heart agin. The doctor warned me and any- way I can't eat strawberries. An escap- ed lunatic! Oh-Oli-Oh tgetting hys- terical, she takes out smelling saltsl Oh!" tExitl. tMrs. O'G1'ady and Smith are left staring at each other. She is evidently very upset, while he appears bev.ilder- ed.l Smith:-t'What is the matter with them, Mrs. O'Grady'? Surely you can't think that the lunaticfthat I am the- Oh. thats ridiculous. Why are you going too?" LA hurried exit by Mrs O'Gradyl. tHe turns his attention back to the table, pushes all their plates towards his and begins to eat them all with great relish. All the time he is laugh- ing heartilyl. Smith:-"Well, i.'s an ill wind that blows no one good." Curtain. Scene 3. Opens with Mrs. O'Grady speaking on the telephone. Scene 3. Mrs. O'Grady 2- "Shure! Shure! You're perfectly right, Mrs. Murphy ...... Thats just like her. They say she's so tight she squeaks. Yes, you're right. They say she spilt a bottle ot Iodine and then she cut her husband's tinger so i. wouldn't be wasted." fL8,l.1gl1SJ. "Ay! That's what. Indeed .............. You don't say? Thats terrible. Oh! Don't believe a word that one tells you .......... Humph. She's got a tongue with a hinge in the middle and she talks on both sides ...... " tRap at the doorl. Mrs. O'Grady:-"Say, sorry, I'll have io ring off, Mrs. Murphy. There be sctneone at the door. I'll call ye back." Hangs up receiver and opens door. Mrs. O'Grady:-"Well, sir, what can I do fer ye?" Gentleman:-"Mrs. O'Grady. I pre- sumef' Mrs. O'Grady:-"Your presuxnin is right, sir." Gentleman:-"I'm Hawkins ,the cen- sus taker." Mrs. O'Grady:4"There Eze no one here with any sense, now, let alone try- ing to take some away." Mr. Hawkins:-"You misunderstand me, Mrs. O'Grady. I'm the man who keeps track of your income, expenses, et:." Mrs. O'tGrady: "I see. Bu: I'n1 a'- warning ye theres more of an outcome in this place than there be any income." Mr. Hawkins:-"Well, to get down to business. You keep boarders do you not?" Mrs. O'Grady nods her head. Mr. Hawkins:-t'And you have three children going to school and a husband earning?" Mrs. O'Grady:-"Shure, I've got a husband but as far as earning any- thing. He's out of work and not bring- ing in a cent." Mr. Hawkins:-"XVell, I'll make a note of it. How many boarders have you a. present, Mrs. O'G1'ady?" Mrs. O'Grady:-"Four and one half." Mr. Hawkins:-tStartledl "Four and one-half?" Mrs. O'Grady:g"Yes, four steddy ones and one that be only half here." Mr. Hawkins:-tlaaughingt "Would you please call your boarders down. Mrs. O'Grady?" Mrs. O'Grady:-"Shure, I'll be pleas- ed to do that fer ye ........ tExitl. Enter Mrs. O'G1'ady and four of the boarders. Mr, Hawkins:-"Is that all, Mrs. O'Grady? I thought you said you had five?" Mrs. O'Grady:-UNO, sir, foul' and a half. The half will be down immed- iately." Enter Mr. Smith. Mr. Hawkins:-"Sir Herbert Jenks! Az last I have found you, sir. I have searched the continent for you. Private detectives are all over London. They THE L. C. I. TATLER 25 were afraid you had been forcefully removed. Sir! Oh, can it really be you, sir'?' Mr. Smith'-KNOW Sir Herbert JQI'-liSi Yes, it is I. This is IHS' valet, Hawkins -Mrs. O'Grady. my landlady, Mr. and Mrs. Peunyfeather and Miss Marilyn Ross, Miss Clorinda Potts. fellow hoard- ers," They shake hands. Sir Herbert:-"But why this pose, Hawkins?" Hawkins:-"Well, you see sir, I met some jolly chaps on board and we had a few games of billiards, and thus when I arrived I found myself broke, cleaned cut. sir. So I turned census taker." Sir H6l'lJ9l'iIf'il see Hawkins. But, anyway you found me, old chap." Miss Ross:-tsiinpering at Hawkinsl "And l1e's actually handsome." Mrs. Pennyfeather:-"And you're not Smith at all but Jenks, Sir Herbert Jenks. I've read some volumes by him. But why the mon de plume?" Sir Herbert:-"VVell, you see, my dear lady. I came to your country to cb ain seclusion and get new ideas for original characters. I have written novels on France, England and Ger- many but not yet have I written one on Canada and Canadians." Miss Potts:-"And yon're really the famous author?" Sir Herbert:-tratlier anologeticallyi "Yes, I'n1 Herbert Jenks, alright, but as for being famous, I hardly dare- er consider myself as such." Mis-s Pot.s:fT'his is too much for me. The dogtor warned me not to get excited. Oh! My heart! Where are my smelling salts? tShe fumbles in It hand- bag and then relapses Iiack into a chair audible sniffing at the saltsl. Miss Ros's:+"But to think that the census Laker twith a charming smile! turns out to be an earl's valet, and the peculiar hoarder a real lord!" Mrs. Pennyfeathem- "Well, you knov., George, I always thought there was something to that 1nan." Miss P0tts:ftrevivingl "Well, that doesn't signify any.hing!" Miss M. Ross:-tTo Hawkinsl "May I shake your hand again?" tThey shaker. THE END +,,. 7, - TVVO TEN DOLLAR BILLS tFirSt Prize Sr. Short Storyj The doctor stretched leisurely in a great 1-hair before the tire. draw- ing' eententedly at his pipe. The evening papers were seattered on tht' floor. The room was still. and the rain heating' on the roof at-eentuated the 4-heerfulness of the rosy study' This quiet relaxation and ease helped to dispel his fatigue. Suddenly the telephone sounded sharply. The dorttr sighed. hesitated a moment. lt rang' again almost impatiently. Ile leaned at-ross the little table and pieked up tl1e receiver. "llello, yes. Yes l'll rome at om-e. l ean't make it in less than a half-hour." he added as he replared the reeeiver. tiutside. the hitter Mareh wind whined through the naked trees. The streets were banked with dirty, slnshy snow, a11d water ran in little streams down the rurb. The doetor shivered. illl'll01l up his eollar and bent his head from the wi11d. Ile must hurry. llis ear shot out from the drive, skidding as it turned on to the main road. Ten miles to go. Ile should make it in twenty minutes, he mused. He left the city behind, taking a side road that led beyond the eanal, to a distriet inhabited ehiefly by foreiggners. It had stopped raining now, hut the dot-tor did not notice, nor did he notice the hleak deserted- ness of the road. Suddenly the red point of a cigarette appeared. It was lllflVl11g' eloser, then it I-ireled and disappeared in a shower of sparks. Instinm-tively the doctor slowed up, as he swerved a massive ligure darted irom the ditch and jllllllletl to the Plllllllllg' hoard. The motor stopped. The stranger eonimanded i11 a snarling voice, "Get outa there." 26 THE L.C.L TATLER' T1111 111'1Vl'1' s1i11 11-11111 11111 s11111 211111 s1111111 1111s11111 111111. 11.111s1 il 11111111111. 1Il'V 1ll211l,u 1111 1111111-1-111111111 111 21 s11111111e11 v11i1-11. "11111 21 11111-1111-. 21 1-111111's 11111111 11111'1'. T111111 w11111 11111 NVill11'11111' 11111-1-lvl" '11111' 1111111-1111 1112111 s1111111-1111. 111s N111i111 1111-s 11111111111 illlg.L1'11.Y. "Y1111'.' '1'h111's 2111 11111 111111, 1111x' 1111111 11111 il 111111111' 1111111. T1l11l1i1'1l1 goin' 111 1111 ,V1111 1111v11 il 11111111 s1111-1 1111- 11111 111111sZ' N411 141-1111.L'1l1, 1111s1111-, I 111111111 1111si1111ss." A11 11g1,1' 112I11i1l1Q' Q1111 11'11s 111111111111 111 1111' 11111-1111"s 1'hes1. 111s 112111118 S121111'11 1111 111 1'11s111111s11 111 11111 1111s1111111-11 1-11111111111111: 11111 11s 111111' 11111 111s 111111 s111111111 11111-v1111s1y 111 11111 S111S1l. 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'111111 11111-1 11111V1111 1111'1'1'1111l1l11111 1l1i1'll1 1'1l11g111.Y with 111s 111111111111.111111111- 11111- 111 W11. 1-.111s111-111111 111s 11111-11111sg 11111 11111111-11 111' 11P11211'11141, 1111 1'i1N1' ll 11111111-1.1 111 11111 111-11s11-11111 1i1g.l'111'11 111111 1111'1111QL11 111s 111-11111 S111'g'1'11 11 s1111s111i1111 111. 111- g1-1 1. 111-11111111111 111 111111111111111111111111-11111s111 1l1N1l211l11.ill1l1 x1'111111111111111-1 :II 111411111'11l111'11, S11l1l111l11.Y 111s11111111111-1111. 111 Z1 S1l211l1I.Y, 4111'1'Y 1111111 1lF111'1l1Z111, il 11111-1-1111' 1'il1'l'11 w111111111 1111111111111 AY1111 il S11111141i11P1'1l11.21N 11111111411 s1111 11111-11 11',1'111g' 111 111111111 1111 11111- 11111111 NY1lilf 111 1111 with 11. A1 11111J1'Vi11S S1114 NY11ll'11 11111' sw11111111. 111111111-s11111' 11y11s. S1111 w11s 111111111i11g 111' 11111 111111, NY1lE'1'6 Rl 1111111 1111y 12111 111111161111 s1111s sh11 1I11121111'41 111111 1-1111x1111 111111 111 1iV11. S1111 s11-11111111 11111 111ws11111. 1'l11'1A' 1l2111' 1!1l1'1i 11-11111 11111 1111111 W111111 1'1i1'U1I1'2l11. 11111D11i1'1llg.L' 111111 111 s111111k 111 1161111111 11111 1111111 1'11'11l wus s1111. '1'h11 w111111111's 11-1111111' gl11z11 sh1111111 11-11111 11111- 1-111111 11111111 1112111 N1211l111111.f 111 11111111111s11111. 1-1'1111'1 1111Y11l111g 1111 11111111. 1.1111-1111-? 1s11'1 111L'1'l' i111.Y11l1l1g?u '1'1111 11111'1lZ1' s11111111 his 111-1111. 11s 11111111111 1111 1'1'2l1'l'11 111 11'11S1 his Y1111-11. '11111' 341111111 1115 1.111b1S11'1IS 1111 11111 V111-1111111111 111111 11111 s111111111111g 111 21 1111111- 111-1:1111 11111 N11t'1l1'1'. T1111 1111111' 1111-111 111 21 1112111 11111111111-1111 111 11111 41lN1l'AYily. 1111 s1111'111111.11111-1-11i1111.111111 with il 11111'111111111s1111111111111 111 11111 111111s11111. T1ll41l 1'1111S1'1I'11S 111. 21111l111111' 11111's1111 111 11111 1-1111111, 1111 11111111111 1111S1211'111'11. T111111j'11:9 111. 1111' 11111 111111' wi1'11 21 1111s11 111 1-111-1111111111111 111111 11111 111111111-'s 1511211 11111 1111- 1l1l1'1' 11111 S1'l'1l11A' 1111111 111 11111 11111111- lllilll. "Is 11 11111 111111. 11111'111l"."' nrlwllll 111111." S111111l'll1.V 111 11111 S1111l111NS 111 1111' 1-1111111. 1111'1'1' w11s il 1111111 sigh. 11-1111 111111111-y 211111 11111111111ss. A 111111111111 1111111 sigh 111211 w11s 111111 11111 1111111-1' 111 Z1 11l1l1'1'Y W11l11, 111 :1 s1'i11 V111111y. 11 was 1111 11V111'. T1111 11111'1111' 1-11Ve1'1111 1119 111111-111 1111111 1111-11 with 11111 s1111111. T1111 11111111111- 1111111-1111 il f1'illl111', 11j'S1Ql'11'211 1-1-,V 211141 111111 1.111111 11111 1-1111111. T1111 11l.'l'101' 1111-1111111 s11111111y 1111111' 11611-. 111'11ll with s1111111-11111ss 11111-1-111-, 11111 111111111- 1.5'11ze11 11111111111 111 11111 s1111111. 111s 1111-11 w11s 1111-1-111111 wi111 1111 11x111'11ssi1111 111 11g11111z1111 S111'f13l'111g'. A1141 11111 Q,'1'ily 1115111 111 11111-ly 112lNVll. 1-1-11111111112 1111-11111511 11111 111110 Win- 1111w. 111111141 21 Qilllllf f11l'l1l 811111111611 111-1-oss 1111' 1111111 111111 O11 1he 11001--two 1'1'111l11l1L'11 11111 flollill' hills. ALICE M1-LAFGHLIN. THE L.C.I TATLEI? 27 JERRY HOLLY fFirst Prize Junior Short Storyj Ill a Cozy tlat tlll t11e th11'11 1'1t11,l1' 111 the 111111111 1'PIlS1t1ll 111 119l'111l, 11111'- 1ll2111,V, sat 21 very 111-etty girl witl1 1111111 eyes. 11l11111le llilll' 211111 il 1111111-white K't111lll1FX111ll. S1111 w11s 1111111l111g over a large atlas 11111lqi11g' at the 1111111 1117 1he N111l1111'l11111ls. A l111'11isl1 spy she WilS,11l1l1 il very 1'1ey111-111111. 11111-11111110 we have yet 111 l11111w. Miss -1t'1'1g'1l1t1 111111'V7"-1141'1"V.u f1l1'S1lU1'1'. lt was the s111'11111l year 1:1 th11t g'1l1lS11'Y il11'il11' 11111011 t1111 XV111' 111' 19112 1'1El'111l was Very quiet at 11111 t111111, 11111 111 t11e 1l1st1-11'ts 1-11111111 it 1-1111111 11.1 Seeu 1Il11l'1l waste. Tw11 weeks 1111t'111'11 :111 1111' 111111111 111111 11111111 1111115111 just 111111111 the 1-ity. the llritish 1l2lY111g' w1111 il 11111-1111111 V11'1111'j'. Jerry sh11ul11 1121114 119011 111 The llague 1V1lU1l sl111 was 811111151111 t1111t 1-11zy flat 111 11111'1111,111l1 1111111 if she 111111 1111e11 ti11l'S111l"Y w1111111 1111t have 1111111111111111. As she was leaving 1l1e 1'e11si1111 111111 111111 1111111-11111111, 1l1'ess111l as 21 l11111s11111 YY1!1llilll with 21 11sh 1111811111 1111 11111- 2ll'1ll, she saw il 1111111 w1111 1t1t11fk'l1 at 11111' 1'11,lS1'1,V 111111 se11111111l 111 1-111-11g111z11 her. She w11ll1111l 1111 11s thuugh ll1l11l111g 112111 1lill1llt'1ltJt1. 11111 11s s11e 1-1111ti11ue1l 1111w11 the 11121111 street 11f the t'11.V she felt as 11141111111 s1111 were 111111111 sha1l11w111l. NV111111 s1111111111i111l 111-11111111 1111 11111 was 111 s1g11t,1,11lt S1ltll'11j' 311111181114 11111-11-1111 21 SIIIR111 1is11 sh1111 there 11111111-1111 the 1111111 she 111111 s111111 111 the l'1111s11L11. As she w11lli111l t11 il 11111111 211111 1:1-111-1-1111 StZ11lt'11N1l 11111 S11'11llQ4fa1' 1-1111111 1.1'111' 211111 sat wit11 11t'1'. Sl1et1'1111l 11111' 111 1111111 at 111111 11111 111s 11y1 s s111111111l 111 1P111'11 l111111s 111 her. S1111 gave 111111 11 1l1111'1f, 14111111 Q.1'1il111't'. 111 that g'12l1l1'11 she saw that 111' 111111 1111111 eyes 111111 il 1i1l'Q'P s11111' 1711 his t'1l1ll, 1111 111' NV1l11,'1l St'1'1ll1'l1 s11111111111w f2l1l1111ill' 1111! her. S1111 11111 1111t 1111111 111 111111 again, 112111111181 1It'1'111't? she left. the S11'ill1j.l'1'1' 111l1l1'11ss111l 11111' 111 Z1 1111111. 11111' y1111'1'. "Miss 111111y." S1111 st111't111l 111 11111' 111111111 111111 11111111111 N1li1l'1l1'V 111 111111. "Yes, y1111 have 211958011 1'ig'l1t." "11h. hut 1 11111 11111 have 111 guess. 1 1i11PW.u She 11111 1111t 1111111111111 the 1-1111y111'- s11t11111. hut as s11e XV1-'111 1111 pay 1111' 11111- 11sh 1111 11sk111l 11' 1111 might 1111111111 f111' it 111111 1111111 2l1'1't1ll1l1il1l'Y her h1:11111. S1111 lll11l'1C1j' 111I'1l'1'11't1 111111 1111111 1l111'1'1P11 11111: .1P1'1'j' 2l1'l'1Y641 111111111 quite 11111 111 111'eath. 111111 t11e11 she- 1-111111141111 her 1-es11111111'e t11 21 S111211181' I'1"1lN11lll fill 111111 111 the s11111 streets 111 t11e eity. 'l'w11 1111 three 1lays later 11s she was walking 111 t11e t'11y 111: 1Xl11S1t!1'11i111l. f1l'9SSli'11 as il 111111-11 girl. w1t11 111115.11 tlaxeu 111'1111ls, she 111111111 11111111 the St1'i1llg'fA1' NV1lUlll she 111111 s1-1111 111 I1111'1111. The 1111111 11111111-'11 1111 t11 l1er 111111111 51111 11111' il s11111't 1l1st11111'e. w1111 her, 111 s1l11111-11. "111111-'1'P 111-11 y11u Q'O1llg.f. 1111' pretty 11111111 girl-Miss 1111lly, 1'il111tJ1'.u This 111st was s11111 111 il halt 111111111111 NY111Sll61'. as t1lUl1g'1l 11e was 211111111 111 s11111e1Q111e 1lQ2ll'1llQ' it. "Huw 1110 y1111 1111," 2l11SYVPl'll11 Jerry, very Sll2ll1l111.Y. "If y1111 XYO1111,11l-1 11111141 telling 111e y11111- 1111111e. I 111111111 like to he as fl-1e111,lly w1tl1 you as you are with 1116. NVe seem t11 111eet 11fte11 f111' 1XYtI st1'a11g'e1-s." "My 11211116 is P1l1NVil1'11 fIi1llt11Ej'. 1111t 1g-all 11111 "Ted" for short. if you really want t11 11e f1-1'e111lly with 1116. Islll' that 1lay that was all. Jerry YYHIITP11 to, for she 1111w 1'91I1t'1111I01'1't1 where s11e 111111 seen 111111 hefore. 28 THE L. C.I. TA TLE1? '1'1-11 111111111111 11'11S 111111 411' 11111- 1-1111S111 .X111111'S lllilllj' 111111eg'11 f1'i111111S. 111111 S119 111111 S111-11 111111 111 il 1111111-11 15111111 111' M1-S. I'1111'111-. A111111'S 111111111113 111111i11g 11111- 111'S1 '111111' Q11 1-1111111:11. S1111 11'1-111 111.11111 211111 111 111-111, 11111 111,11 111 S1111-11, f111- S1111 1111111 11111111111-1113 11'11,1' 111- S11:11111 1111 111 111111111111 111 SI1l'1l il 1111121 111111 if 11111 11111111111 211 111111111 11111111' 1111111 S1111 11'11S 11131112 11'111111 S1111 11'11S S11111111S1111 111 1111 Sfl111j'1l11.L' 111-1 111 1'2l1'1S. .111111 XV1ll'1'j'11lg.L' 1'111g1' 1lll1l'1l 111'111- 11111 11111111111 S1111 1111111 111 S191-'1l. 1-1111- I11111111 111111 1111111' 1-1111111 11111 1111111 f11111111 11111 11-11111 11111 2l1'1 S111111111, 1111- 1111- 11111111111 111111111 111111111111 S1111 11'11S 111 111111111. 111 1111111111111 1-1111111 111 1111111111111 Slllil11 11111111 11111 El 11111' 1l1lll'1lS iiXVilj', S111 Mr. 111111111111 111111 1111 11'11S I1l11l1i11lQ 1'111',1' 1121111 11111. S11 111111 11'11S 1lE'1' g1111111. 11111,1'i11g 21 11111-1 411: il 111111S11111 111 11111' 1'II1l11f1'f' S1111 11'11S 111. X11-'1'j' 1111011.11111 if 11111- 111111111111 11111111' 111 11. S1111 111111111 S11111l 1111 111-111115111 111111111. 11111 1111111 111:11 1111:111111- 111111111 11111 11111111' 111111111 11.11111 f1-11111 111111 illlj'XVily. 1111'11S 11111111' fuu 11111.1'111g 11111 SIDHY, if 14111 11111111' 111111' 111 1111 it. 211111 -111111' 1'f'1'fil1l11j' 11111. '1'1111 1111x1 111111' 11S -If'1'1'.Y 11'11S 11'1111ii11g' 111111 21 S1111111 S1111'11. S1111 11v111'1111.11'11 11111111 1111111 NNY. NH111111111111111' 11.-11111111. 1111111 11111 0111 M111 111' 11111 11111 11111111- 1l1I11S1'. 111111 1111 S111111 S1111111 11111 1111111111' 11111111." -11111-5' 11'11S f1lP1'P, 1111 11111111. 1111111111g11 S11111 1lil11 11111 11111111 11111 111-1'S1111 2lS1il'11. AS S1111 lilj' w11i1111g'. f111' 11111-111111S 1l2l1f illl 1l1l111', 11111111111 11111 1l1t'11 111111111. S1111 111111111111 V91'j' 1111111. 11111211 11' 111e,1' 1'6i111.V 111e11111 111 11111 111'1-1- 111c 1111111b.11'1111111111. 1111111- S11 11111111' 111 1161' '.Yill'll1I1Q' 11111SS11gg'11S. XY1111111 1111-1111-111111111111-S 11f illl 1111111- ilffill' S1111 111111 111'1'11'1111. 1111 11111 1111311 11'111-11 11SS111111111111. T11111' 1111111111111111 111 1l1l'1i ll 1111S1111111 11111111 1111111- -IP1'1'j'.S 11111111g' 111111111. Zlll 11111 1111x. '1'1111 1111111v1', il lllilll 111 S111-111' 11111111. 111e11 11Sk1111' "IS 111'111'1'111111V 11111-11"" 'HX11 111111111 111111 1'1111f111ll1111111 111111111111' 11f 1l111'S.u "The 11111: 111111 11111 S1-111-. 11111 111111111. 111111 11111S11 1ll'Pffj' 111119 eyes?" "Yes," 1111511111-1111 11111 lllilll. S11111' Zlllll 111111' 11y11SI 11111 111111' 111111111 1111111111111 -1l11'1'j' NV01l119l'941. He 11111St 1111111 1111111111 11111111 1111111' 11111111. f111- S1111 112141 1111111-11 ll1'l11111lg' of 1111S 11L1f111'11. "N1111'. XV1lilf 111-11 11'11 Qiflillgl 111 1111 111111111 1111S 1111111111111111111111, 1l1t'11? I 11l1l11i 1111 llligllf 11S 11'1111 11-11' 11. 11,1131 11111 il f1111' 1111S 111 1111111111 11'i111 S1111111 11'111-111-111111 S1g11S 1111 11111111 111 11S, 1111y11'11y?" "'1'11 11111 11111y 111-11 1111111i11,g'." S11111 11 1111111 11'1111 il f2ll'1" 111:11 il 111111'k, "11111 111 11111 1111111 111111 21111 1111111 11111 11'111-k 11111y 111111111 il 11'1111111 11111... "XV1111. 1111 S11111l V11111 1111 11," 821141 11111 1111111111'. "All 111 1111111- 1Jf110111- 11111-1111111111 l'1l1St' 1lilll11S.u f,V1'1' 1lil1f 11111 Illtlll 11111 1.1111 11111 1112111 with 11111 l.1111'k-111111 f111'11 11'11S 11111 1ll111111g11111111. UNV1111. 1 g:1111SS 1111,1'S '1'1111 11111'11 10 1111 i1." "Ye-S. N1111' 1111111, 11'11111'11 211111 111111?" S11111 il S1111111 ugly Illilll. THE L. C,I. TA TLEI? 29 "I 11l11l1i i1 11'1111111 11'111-k 111-111111-1-1111' 11ig'111. T11111-11 is 1111 111111111, 111141 y1111 11111111' 1-114111 111111 11 is 11111 111-i11s11 11111115111-s ylill 2l1'P 111 1111 1111'11,1' 11'i111. 1 1111 4 . 1 . . . . . 11111 111lll1i 11111 1111111 111111 s11 1111111 1'X1il'1'1t'll1'0 11s 11111 111 11111111' 111111' 111 1111 11. A11111- 111111 1111 11111 1111111 1111111 1111111' 111111 .11-1-1-1' 111 11111-11 ,111111-111111111 111 11111 l11'i11s11 1111111111111111111-s. "Any 111111's, Miss I1il1'1',V?u s11i11 11111 1i11111111111111. "1'111111.1'." 1111s11'111-1111 .1111-1-'11 "'l'1111'1' il1'1' Q'1l1llQ1' 111 111111111111-11 111-111111-1-1111' 111g'111. 111111 1111 11111 1l2ll1Qill'S 111-11 g-11111g'." "11111111," s11i11 11111 1i11111111111111. "I'11 11'i1-11 1112111 11114 111'i11l1'1l1'S.u T1111 1111x1 11111111 11111 1-'111-'1ll'V 1l12ll11'N 1-11s11 111111 1111' 1111- 11s s1-1111111111111, 11111 111111' 11'111-11 111111 111' lll21ll'V 111111111 11121111-'H 211111 1l1'1'11l'1' 111111' 11'111-11 il 1111111 1'1-11111 1111111- 1111'11 1l2ll1Qi11'S 1111 11111-11 1-1-1pp11111 111- 1111 11111 gi-11111111. '11111' 1111x1 11111' -I1-1-1-'1' 111111 M1-. 111111111111 11s s1111 H1ll1'l'Q'1'11 11-11111 11111- 81111111 111-1111. "V111-1' 321111141 11'111-11. Miss 111111.12 1 11'11s 111111-11. 11111, 11111 11111 1111211 11111 111 11111 11ffi1-11." "1111, s11 11,111 111-11 il spy. 11111. 1 1'ill1.1' 11111111 1lll11'1l f1'1l1Il 11111. 11111 11'11111-11 11111 11111 111111 11111?" "Yes, 1 Zllll 21 spy, 111111 I 1111181 11111111 11 111 'Y1l11. XYU11 s11111111111 111 1111111 11121-V641 il 111g ll2l1'1 111 11111 111111111 111'111- 11111-1111. 11111. 111:11' 11111 1 111141 11111 11111 1111111 21 spy? 11111. T 11i1111'1 11111111' 1111111 ,1'11s1111-1111.13 11111 1 11111 11111111' y1111 111' 111111111 11'111111 1 111-s1 s1111' you 111 I11'1'11ll. 1 111111 il 11111 1111s1-1-111111111 111 11111 fi-11111 1111 HVUIII' 111111111 11111111-11 1 11111 1'111- 11111 C1111111111111. Y11111- 11111111111- 11l1ll1iS yl111 111-11 11111111 121' 1'illl1'1I1'P11.u "'1'11111 is 11111 111111. This is 11'11111 I 11111111111 141 1111, 1,1111 111 g111 11111-11 1 111111 11: SRU' I 111215 Q,1'UIllg' 111 1,il1'1S 111 S1l111j' A1-1." A 11111' 11'1111ks 1111111-, 11111111111 1111' 11111 sp1111111i11 11'111-11 111 'l'1111 211111 -11'l'1',V. 11'11e11 111111' 15111 11111 p11111s 111 11111 I'11i11111 F111-1-11s 111111 11'111-11 QJ,'U1llg' 111 1111111-1: 11111 1-51-111s11 1i1111s 211111 1l12llllJS 111' 1111s 211111 111111111s, 11111 11111- 111111e11. 'F11111' 111111111g1111 111 191' 11111 111-11is11 11111111' 111111111 1111s 111 1111111. XVI11111 11111 11111-1111111s 1111111 111 1111 11111 11111 gas, 111111' f1111ll11. 111 11lf'1l' 11is11-oss, 111211 11 was il 11018011 111111 11s1-1111111111 i11s1111111 111. 1111s1-1111111111. :11111 111111 11111 111111111s 11'111-11 111211111 llf IIZIIIGI' 11'i111 111-11-1-1-111-11111-s 111s11111. 'l'1111 111-i11s11 I11ill19S 1111111 s11'11p1 111111'11 11111111 1119111 111111 1111111- il 11i1y'S 111111111 f1111' 111 11111 1111111111 s11ips 11'111-11 11111. T11'11 11'e11ks 1111111- 11114 YV2-11' 112111 1111111111 111111-11 11111111111 Ill S1111111111111111111 El very Ilillllbj' 1-1111p111. 11'1111 11'11111 111111111 111 .111111-,1"s 11111111111-. "Mi-. 211111 M1-s. IIilI11119j'.u IIAZICI1 MA1"Kl-IY Everson: "How many of these sweets Fe1'g'11so11:-"Do you know the aver- do I get for a penny, please?-1 p age 11'o111a11 has a VOC31J1l13.l'IY of only U . . '00 'o1'ds." Storekeeperzw fSllI'DI'1S8d1 "Oh, six D 11 or seven." Hay:--"Yes, it's a small stock, but Everson:-"I'11 have seven, please." think of the t111'nove1'." 30 THE L. C.I TA TLER LINDSAY EXHIBITION, 1950 -A l'l'ophecy- It was in a New York daily that I til-st saw mention of this great event. As I flII'llUtI page after page of this newspaper. in seareh of sonn-thing that would hold my in- terest. I ehaneed upon this an- noum-ement: "Lindsay Central lixhibition, Second Only to the tireat Vanadian National Iixhibi tion, Five lbays, Sept. 21-25." It was lltlf a big "ad," just those few lines a11d a pieture of heyday at the fair. but it held me fast. llappy memories eame baek of days spent at Lindsay Collegiate when 011 Vitizens' Day we would flaw-k aeross the campus to the pip- ing tunes that at-eompanied the "Merry-tio-Round" llvill' the gate. Ilow we marvelled at the eurious freaks in the side-shows, how we had ell.lU,Ved the few "l'I4Il'S.N and what a thrill everything' gave us! In memory I was eating and eu- ioying again a bun with sausage. the so-ealled "Iltli'-IIUQIU The thought oeeurred to me that it might be interesting: to visit Lind say and its Exhibition. but im- mediately 1 put it aside. IVith all my engageinents and a busy season ahead! Yet the idea ref mainedg the more I thought about it, the more it appealed to me. I pushed the button and addressed the butler: "No appointments for the week end ot' the twenty-fourth, .let'l'reys. I am gtllllgiili Lindsay t'or the lixhibition there." The following week found ue gliding north in "Silver lYings," my private plane. The eager an- tieipation I felt for the trip sur- prised me and when tl1e lights ol' St. llubert stood out in the sky. feeling' no desire to delay in that metropolis, we kept steadily ou. I sensed a feeling' of pride as I looked dow11 on the Canadian l1a1- vest and that increased a hundred- fold when the plaees beeame familiar. I peered out-eould it he, yes. a Lindsay Air Port. with the word "XVeleome" Nillllillg' bright in the afternoon sun. After an easy landing I stepped from the plane and ordered it Cheeked. About to tip the young' looking meehanie who stepped up, I saw that it was none other than "Windy" NVells who had made ix hard for us i11 old IIIIQ by his prowess in matehing eoppers. I put the eoin bark, he had a good many of mine already! "Taxi! Taxi! To the grounds ten 1-ents, downtown a quarter!" So preoeeupied was I in the port that the ehap would have passed. leav- ing us along on the walk, had not .Ietfreys reminded me of the long walk tIUWllIUXVll. lVe hurried with our bags to reaeh the waiting ear "To the llenson Ilonse. down- town." I direeted. sitting' baek to enjoy the long' drive. lint it was only a few moments before we had swerved on to the highway where a signboard ex- tended "XV9It'tilll9.', "There. Jeffreys," I eried. "That is the Hospital. Isn't it a beauti- ful Iblllltilllg? And that is the Col- legiate. Ilow big' it is! I was amazed at the speed we travelled. lVe were in the down- town seetion and I hadn't seen park or Armouries! A sky-seraper towered high in the sky before us. liven as I looked, the ear stopped. a redeeoat ran forward to take our bugs. IVe were at the Benson Ilouse. As I entered this hotel that seemed bigger and more beautiful than before, I thought that it had taken unto itself some of the gran- deur of the onee-famous Royal THE L. CL TATLE1? 31 York. I signed t11e register illltl as I w11ite1l for -lettreys 111y eye fell 111111111 1111 t11e pretty girl Siillltllllg 111-1111111 tlll' 1lesk. It w11s Hliye Xvvlllllilll. lll'lll1 111111 11re1-ise as ever. Olive 111111 11111 Illilf sl1e 111111 91lj11'VPtl fP2l1'lll1l,Qf s1'ho11l 111111 that sl1e w11s 1l11w11 from her lltlllli' 1.1 t11e 1-ity for t11e Fair. Then. she t'1Ll1l1lll'i' l1e Il'ill'lllllQl any longer. llllt I llilll 1111 ti1111,- t11 ask t11e ques- tion for -leffreys lliltl SUt'lll't'1l the keys 111111 w11s 1llUVlllQ.lf tow111-11s the elevator. 1Vhen we 111111 l't'fl'PSllPll 11111'- selves I s11ggeste1l tl111t we Visit t11e g.1'l'Ollll1lN 11efore 1llll1lPl'. A little later we were 1111, i11 the open lblls that l11'11Vltll'1l Stl s11len1l11l 21 View fllilf I w11s 11l1le to point tlll' sites ont to .leltreys who, 2lll'9il1lj' agrree Zllbij' Slll'lll'lS4'tl at t11e 1111t1-11111e 111' lilll' fl'lll, YVZIS 11111st P11IllllSl2lS1ll' over wl111t l1e 1ike11 to 1'11l1 Mapl- t'ity. 1Ve lltlfll il1lllll1't'Il the e11- 111111111 with its IIPXY gates 211111 the 111-etty flower l1e1ls that were 1111 either s111e of t11e 1111ye1l w111k that 1e1l 111111111111 t11e gJjl'0lllltlS. NV1- 11asse1l t'lllll'lil.V flll'1lllg'll tilt' 111111- XVEIX. st1:1111111g ilt o11ly o11e of the Vtrllllfli-'SS il1fl'ilt'flUllS. It w11s 21 flllllllliil' y1111-e 1111111115 --C1i1111e, fel- 1ows, this lSll'1 il 51211119 of l'llElIlC0l W11t1'11 the llt1lllfP1' 211111 I'1l strike!" The "Sfl'Ullg'u 1111111 took 1111111 111111 XVllPll 11e strnek. t11e l1ell SUllll1lf111. Ile 0211116 ftll'XYill'tl then to sell tieli- ets t11 t11e lllilllj' anxioiis to try their Sil'61lg.Q'1ll. 111111 I QXl,'lilllll91lZ "1 llill'li9 Seaton lllillilllg' IIIOIIBY with 111s 11111s1'lel" Hut I 1lete1'- 111111911 to work up lllj' strength 111111 try 111s g'11111e on lllj' return. The 111-st of t11e s111en1li1l 11111111- ings we e11tere1l XYHS t11e ol1l Main Blllltlillg' 111111 there I spent an en joyahle time i11s11e1:ting the Iilli? 1111111st1-1111 exhihits. Once while I stopped to look more Closely at S1llllt'flllllg lll w1111-11 I was l12ll'1ll'll- i2l1'l'V 1ntereste1l Jeffreys ll1ll'l'l0tl t-'1 ,1 here il 1-row11 lliltl 1121111011111 hefore il 112l1'l'l1XV st:11l 21 SllUl'f 1list11n1'1- illlfliltl. "Some lllglll-lll'0SSlll't? sales- lllilll w1t11 il life-ti111e 111-11 illlll pen- 1-il for titty vents," I t11o11g'11t 11s 1 11111ve1l tlll alone. XVl1e11 l l'Pilt'll4i'll t11e spot I s,1w il Slllilll ytbllllg' lllilll 8121111111111 l1es11le 21 l11111k1'11se that 1111111 the 1iI111liS of K1111w1e1lg'e. .lef- freys, who 111111 l1een very lllll1'll in- tel-1-stezl lll his "line," lllfjil 1110, say- ing, "l111j'11ll flllllli tl1at fellow has re111l 1llt'lll?v' 1 ltllllitltl 1111 Zllltl saw t1111t it w11s lllj' 11111 f1'i1-1111. 111111 11etts. lletts 21SSlll'Qtl llltl that the l',1111111i1111 11e11I1le 1ike11 111 S9l'l1l'-'. k11ow11-1lg'e 111 t111s w11y illltl went 1:11 t11 tell 1119 il little al11111t the 110W ezlition. I l12lYl'll.i il 1lo11l1t that lliltl I 1lel11ye11 2lllllillPl' 1911 111i1111tef1 11e w111111l have s111'1-ee1le1l 111 .111111- ing' il set in lllj' h11111ef Tlll"l't' w11s one other st11111l where 1 was S1ll'lll'lS9tl to 1116141 2111 1,1111 l..t'.l. st1111e11t. It was 21 11115 sec- 111111 wit11 2111 0ll1'l11Slll'P Sllllf 1111 fi-1,111 11111- View. flyer the t'll1l'2l11t"1 XVIIS l11'llltt'Il t111s sign: "'lllllll'NItJll hlilgfiflilll illltl fi11ll'l1ll'Cl'.u 1 war te11111te1l to t11ke 21 t11-ket fi-11111 one 1:1 t11e j't11lll,L1' ili'tPlltlilIl1'S, l1nt w11en l l1P21l'1l t11e 111'i1'e was half El 11111- llll' I 1'e111e111l1e1-e1l that I 111111 1i1n1-13 seen 111s 2lt'1 11t il sehool Lit. meet- ing Zllltl too. I 111111 s11tist1e1l myself, fl'tLlll t11e l't'1l1i1l'liS of the 9111111181- astie 1111111911111 let ont, that hvill. Tlllll'S1U1l , was tltllllg' well 111 his own 1i11e. Ill t11e hvfllllilllili 1211111-lillg.: w1tl1 its l1e11nt1fn1 exhihits I was snr- 111'1se1l t11 111661 21 f11n111111r f2lt'P. It was 11t the XVUIIIHIIQS Institut-3 st11111l 111111 11 young 1111ily was show- ing' those interested 'qvllilf to park for the young 1l1il11.S lllllCl1.u It was Miss K. fireen, 1l1CIlClil1l. who was leetiiring. 111111 I 11i1,ln'?. 32 THE L. C. I. TA TLE1? hesitate to step up and say: "Vita- mines or no vitamines. that XYUIIIQI never satisfy me." Keitha told me she had taught srhool for a while after taking a Normal eourse in Toronto. and that she was teaeh- ing diateties now. "l'ost, l'ostI Want a paper, sir?" willed a little newshoy. I took the paper and suggested to -Ietfreys that we have our supper and hurry to the grandstand lu the rush. Our inspeetion ot the huildings had tired us a little so we hurried to the tirst refresh- mewt heoth on our way. lt was -limmie Iiverson who serve tl us our "hot-dogs" and eofe fre. -iimmie was delighted to in-ing from the dish-washing roi-- ner inside, his partner. "Wilt," Thomas. I learned that this "two- manu show ealled for turn-ahout at the lnenial duties inside, that the "l'IVt'l'SlIll-'IIIIUIIIZIS Quiek I,uneh" had visited every Fall Fair and Iflxhihition, and the prosper- ous management seemed proud of their surf-ess in the hnsiness world. XYe followed two smart-looking young men to the grandstlnd. The taller 1.f the two stepped ahead of me to the tirket stand and when we waited for them at the turn stile I silw the other shake hands and ext-laim: "Tom Gaskell!" There was no mistaking the voiee. "Sandy" Peel. and whe11 I joined him I saw that his eompanion was t'harlie Sutton, two popular presir dents of the st-hool Lit. during my Vtzllegiate days, now two prom inent medieal men. "Sandy" se4'i-neil my not I'Pt'Ug'IlIZII1g' him and I said, "Perhaps if I had met you fare-to-fare." Sandy laughed and reealled the time a popular seienre teaeher had asked the Ullilli near the door who had thrown the piere of ehalk i11 and when he said he eouldn't say heeause he had had his Inu-k to him, the whole form laughed herause "Sandy" I'eel was the same haek and front. lloth I'tel and Sutton tohl me a lot ahrut the present srhool with its Yoeational Institute, its elevators. Iahs. aml the new gym and assem- Imly hall. It was good to meet these "old hoys' again and I was rerry we had to part for the re- served seats. The performanee was splendid and we enjoyed the different aets innnensely. The eomfortahle seats on the grandstand that was so wrll lighted. and the new stage made me realize how great weve tht improvements! Iluring an in- termission I thought of my paper and looked over the home town news. I saw where Messrs. ti. Iieill and -I. Maunder were repre senting The l'ost at a Toronto Newspaper Men's eonvention. and that Miss th-are Williams. Mis- sitznary in India, was experted heme on furlough soon. Theie were other familiar names through out the eolumns and I felt as if I had met the greater part of my rlass again. I was interrupted hy the loud speaker. It was Charlie MeI,ean reminding everyhotly of the rar the Kiwanians would ra f- fle the next day. Now what could t'harlie he doing for a living? The thrilling arts eontinued, the hand played. then as a fore-runner of the fireworks a heautifully- 1-olouled maple leaf lit up the sky in front. The people were stand- ing now. and what pride I felt for fllllliltltl as I joined them i11 sing- ing Ntlod Save Our King." The ertwd left the stand, we had to follow. I said to .Iettreys then as I have said many times sinre. "How I have enjoyed my visit to the Lindsay Fairl"A IC. J. B. . VJ ll r O17 C ET .LPL-,TED x-J-PEPPETUAIL INDSAY has paid a very fine tribute to lier fallen heroes by the erection of at fitting war memorial. It stands in a conspicuous place in front of the Public Library, a huge slab of gray stone, bearing the inscription, "Lest VVe Forget." On the back are engraved the names of those from town and district who fought and fell overseasg while on either end is a list of the battles in which they took part. Around the base is a small shelf where wreaths are often placed by those who C2111- not forget the sacrifice of these heroes, or the loss of a dear friend. This great gray slab is surmounted by a figure of a Canadian soldier in full trench uniform. He leans on his rifle butt, his bare head bowed, his helmet held in his folded hands resting on his rifle. His face is sombre, intenseg yet there is a trace of humble pride thereg he seems to say, "I am only one from that vast arrnv that fought and fell for home and loved ones and my country." THOMPSON. ,V n1! I .. I rl .-I 34 THE L. C.L TATLE1? Book Reviews Good books are the fadeless flowers of great minds blooming eternally in the hearts of those who read and truly understand. THE NYANDERER OF LIVER-POOL John Masefield, in his latest book, "The Viianderer of Liverpool." has sung the saga of one of the last of those great ships which in an era of steam. were built to spread white sails to the winds of heaven. Because he belonged him- self to the years which saw the re- placement of the sail with engines and the accompanying smoke and dirt, he has brought to his task 11ot only an in- timate and detailed understanding nf sailor life of the time. but something of sadness for the great days which. b ing past. may never come again. The Wanderer was launched at Liver- pool in August. 1891. and set sail on her maiden voyage October 17 of that year. In the morning she cleared the port. the slanting sun gilding her tower- ing yellow masts and sparkling as the foam that flayed about her waterline, skysails and pennants flew out at her mast heads, The following morning slic- limped into port. her masts shattered, her rigging torn, her deck littered with the debris of her smashed tip hamper, her captain lying dead in his cabin, killed by a splintered spar. Rsfitted after her disastrous first voyage The VVanderer carried many car- goes. furrowing strange seas, under her "arched white sails." The story of these voyages, told sometimes in prose, some- times in singing verse, makes the bulk of the book. Many pages are devoted to the description of the boat itself. The writer has ferreted out every detail which time has left on the ship, her con- struction, crews and sailing. He Hnally ends his story with the ramming and sinking of The Wanderer as she rode at anchor i11 the mouth of the Elbe. Yet because he is a poet and because the ship, a thing of beauty does not pass utterly but lives in the memory of man, he still sees her spirit sailing, em- blem. one may imagine, of the endur- ing quality of beauty. t'So singing, she wanders the waters with white wing on wing, Star-lighted, star-guided. the sea-gleam- ing beautiful thing." R. L. H. PORTRAIT OF A DOG. Mazo dc la Roche This is a delightful little sketch de- picting the unswerving devotion of il Scotch terrier for its mistress. The long, joyous days of its puppyhood were spent capering about with its pal. A little white XVest Highland puppy. Day after day life went on unfolding fresh joys for the puppies. Both indulged iri humorous escapades and in spite of re- provals were always ready for fresh ad- ventures. Then came the great tragedy in the Scotch terr-ier's life: he was go- ing blind and neither the efforts of ft clever veterinary or those of his mist- ress could save the d0g's sight. This little dog will win your affection as it did those with whom it came in con- tact through its display of courage in meeting life squarely and with unfai- tering spirit. Mazo de la Roche has achieved an- other great success in her "Portrait of a Dog," and an admirer of dogs will appreciate the manner i11 which she has portrayed the life of this Scotch ter- rier, and will enjoy the charming sketches that brighten the pages. A. E. H. THE L. CLI TA TLER 35 THE FOREST BARRIER Marian Keith This is a vivid description of the dauntless spirit displayed by the pion- eers who settled in Upper Canada in the early twenties. The story itself is cen- tred around a clan of persevering Scotsmen who travelled thousands of miles and, in the face of tremendous difficulties, hewed out homes from the dense forest. Alone, and separated from the nearest settlement by a "For- est Barrier" of large tracts of land owned by a government favourite, these people managed to get their living from the soil free of all landlordship. The story is enhanced by real humour and the atmosphere is invaded by the merry- makings of youth at bees, barn-raisings and dances. Political unrest reached distant set- tlements and the agitation sprcafl to the farms of the pioneers. They did not want tyranny and privilege to get their roots deep in the new soil and thus many were drawn into supporting the Mackenzie rebellion. Marian Keith has portrayed her char- acters so vividly that she makes her narrative of the courageous pioneer of Upper Canada one of intense interest. A. E. H. IUELANIIIC VERSE Professor XYatson Kin-kcomieil Lindsay Collegiate is proud to nugn- ber among its graduates Professor Wat- son Kirkconnell whose recently pub- lished book, "The North American Book of Icelandic Verse," is being well re- ceived in literary circles everywhere. This volume is the first of a series of twenty-four books of European verse to be published within the next twelve years by the same author and the ma- terial for which will cover some fifty European languages. Professor Kirkconnell has been very much interested in languages and litera- ture since his childhood and has already studied and translated from all the European languages. Therefore he is well fitted for this work of perpetuating the finest literary element of the old world, thus to enrich the life of the new world. At the first of the book is an intro- ductory history ot the progress of Ice- landic poetry which gives many new ideas about the beauty of the language and the style of the early and modern poets of that country. The book is divided into four parts: the Epic Poetry, the Court Poets, the Poetry of the Middle Ages, and Modern Poetry. The Epic poetry may be compared to that of the Homeric period in Greece. It describes many of the old traditions and superstitious of the Vikings about the gods whom they worshipped. The second part consists of selections from the Couit Poets who were similar to our Poet Laureates and who did their best writing at the courts of Norway and England. The Poetry of the Middle Ages is that which was written between 1200 and 1600 and shows steady pro'- gress in the use of rhyme. The Mod- ern Poetry consists of the poems writ- ten between 1600 and the present day by some who are still living. In all, this interesting work furnishes all that one might desire in literary azrl poetic achievement and should be of interest to all the students of literature in the school and without. A. M. PHILIPPA Anne Douglas Sedgwick "Philippa," a brilliant successor to "The Little French Girl," published in 1924, is likely to prove a greater suc- cess than that, or even "Dark Hester." Philippa is a strikingly attractive girl of the modern age, humorous, passion- ate, a little hard on the surface, yet tenderly loyal underneath and with an ardent love for her divorced father to whom we are introduced in the first chapter. Torn between the bonds that draw her to her father, and the loyal affection she bears to her dutiful mother we follow Philippa through a troubled girlhood in which she spends half-time at home with her mother and brother 36 THE LGI TATLER and the other at her fathers place try- ing to win back his affections into the home, to her happy union with the American boy whose romance dispels the shadow of doubt in which she finds herself. The plot is well worked out in thi- rich and dignified narrative which has given Mrs. Basil de Selincourt her renu- tation as one of the most eminent among among the contemporary novel- ists, and which has inspired one re- viewer to remark. "No living writer ex- cels Miss Sedgewick in the gift of ex- citing us by the clash of wills and tem- peratnents: none surpasses her in that warm sympathy for her characters. nor in masterly structure and exquisite beauty of style." E. J. B. THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL TEN Grace Zaring Stone This volume by Miss Stone is being accorded praise as the best book oi the season. This fascinating novel records the experiences of Megan Davis, the lovely daughter of an American college pro,- fessor. who comes to Shanghai to marry a medical missionary. In her effort to rescue children and workers at the mis- sion school and while trying to help an obstinate missionary, she herself is injured and cared for by her rescuer, the benevolent General Yen and his favorite concubine. Dramatic events ensue when the unscrupulous Yen is betrayed and escapes to Shanghai. The theme is the clash of two civiliza- tions, one the newest, the other a sur- vival of the remotest antiquity, in which a girl of the one meets a general of the other. tries to win him to hers and ha-s to be content at last with the hope that perhaps the two ways meet somewhere. Much is contained in this short story -"one might read a library of learned books on China and get no such re- vealing impression as from its pages." E. .I. B. Poetry TO RUPERT BROOKE fFirst Prize in Poetry Ccntestj lVhy should death have chosen you, lYhen i11 this world so many worthless Men wade its grasp? So few t'ould offer to posterity that splendid tiift that you alone could give. It might he that fate hefriended You. You who loved youth And gloried in its gay display. That tlod knew you so well, that Pitying. he carried you away Before old age could dampen All the splendid tire of youth. And tllroilggli prosaic living Teach you the dullingg' truth That all things die' -and Youth grows tired along the way And dies contentedlyflong llefore the twilight of Lifes day. ALICE BICLAUGHLIN THE L.C.L TATLER 37 A PLEA T0 SPRING To-day Spring daneed upon mn' lawn In her tiny guldeli sheen A11d beneath her inerry foutsteps IVinter's fnrtress fell to 1-nin. Then all the budding tlowers Around our garden seat, Ileard her delicious laughter And felt her little feet. 0 Spring: gay ehild uf l'USl'-lllISi dreanis, Pledged tu joy-nnk11uw11 tu surrow, A di-eain that liyes fm' lint a day. Stay-0 stay until IU-lIlUl'l'4lWZ ALICE MCLAUGHLIN THE BROOK Lovely, sparkling, shiny thing. Rushing like a lvird on wing, Flowing' fast fI'l'IIlI land to land. Made lay tiud's iI'illlSflil'lllIllQ' hand. Rippling' faster, deeper nuw, Snnliglit glowing o'e1- its ln-ow. IYhile some inystie tale it tells Down its shady haunts and dells. Little lvrmzok so swift and deep Never taking' time to sleep. XYith sneh sparkling' life and lure. Very happy, free and pure. ISOBEL MQEACHERN. T0 MY PEN 'Tis frequently said, and I lnnnlrly agree. That great is the seryiee you have rendered to ine, Wlmevei- renienilrers. in CIQISS-1'00lll or den, The kind of respeet that is dne to a pen? I hear Very plainly the reproach in your squeak. As over the foolseap, slow. langnid and weak, Yau wi-ate unt the lines, that so many einpluy, As penal reward fur a inisvhieyous lmy. JIM GROYES. WE, THE MIRAGE The desert wanderer, with feveretl ln-ain. And 1-razed. dilated eyes, Sees lmefnre him, like an enierald's gleam. A lake against the skies. lle rear-lies, strng'g'les. lights, Against the sun's eoiiteniptnmis glare. 'Fu feel the efml caress of water -XYater that is not there. And as eat-h man. who seeks the distant stars, Heaehes, striiggles, lights to win Finds at the snnnnit of l1is hopes A mirage pale and thin, And all the glory he tlionght his Is yet almye his eye. V lllnsiye emnet, a wasted dream, -A mad star flashing hy. ALICE MCLAUGHLIN 38 THE L.C.L TATLER AUTUMN There's a haze on the horizon XVhere the tree tops meet the sky, That lmigg' purple line of tree tops XYhere the low elollds lie. Over the hill is a eorn iield NVith a rustling, ineessant, low. Ileytanl is a ggarden with pumpkins Ilipening along' the row. And all around the fem-es lit-tween stray apple-trees Nuds the tll'2lllg't' of g'nl4le11rml Ilnrdened with honey bees. Over it all hangs a stillness, The smoky, sun-drenehed air, Seems tilled with patient waiting For something to happen there. HERBERTA THURSTON TO VIRGIL The hours I spe11t with thee, dear hook Ot' aneient poetry, Shall he recounted sadly I11 the years to he. I've found a preeipiee high enongli. 0 'tis the parting' time- I had to choose hetween us, so Gmulhye, my book of rhyme! ALICE MCLAUGHLIN, IV. -1.91 THE LADY OF THE FALLS The moon is a golden sm'ereig'n hriglit llathing the wild. enehanting sight Ut' tnrhid water. and steep llPlzL1'lli. In a rieh flood of mellow light. TlltJl't'.S lllilglt' in this seene that ealls To the awed Seneean to Stay And watt-h the rainbows in the spray. That's east up lay that sportiv-2 fay, The Spirit of the Falls. TllPl'tt'S treaehery i11 this wizard gnoine, Iil'tktNlll1g' alone in niirliy cave. In his cold, damp, and wind- thatehed home. XVhieh the free. foaming waters lave. lltzw his deep flllllltll-'l'l11g' voiee en- thrallsl Many are they who hent an earg Many have gazed and slipped it here, Grasped hy a phantom hovering near. The Spirit of the Falls. A wily medieine man kneels At the edge of the eataraet. Vhiding' the phantom how he deals And lieggiiig' for a peaceful paet. List! as the answer the priest ealls. "None harm I. if the fairest maid In white Canoe of hireh is laid, And sent yearly o'er the hi-ink, said The Spirit of the Falls. F1-mn year to year the ehoire is made. Iiaeh damsel tinding' in her doom No dread, hut honour duly paid To heauty, eharm and form. Dark Qltltllll Nor strangling fear her heart ap- palls, Ileadlv is she and asks no more, Ilnt meet death where the waters pour, None other than an offering for The Spirit of the Falls. VVALLACE MCALPINE XYh0 Is It? With mighty eye and imposing brow' She has held her own right up till nowg With confidence she travels through The deepest French you ever knewg And when Croft says to her "Yes Sir' , She laughs as if it were a joke And enjoys herself like honest folk! 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N J SU-g-:O GQOVER , TERA Bmcurnlg 111-1930 31 15 THE LITERARY SOCIETY INVIC the S111-1-1-ssful il1llil1gJfilIll2l111i1l 11f 11111 l,1'illl1i11il' Sl11'1l't.V 211141 the L1f91'2ll'j' S111-i11ty t111-1414 j'0ill'S ago, 11111 i11t111'11st 1111111if1-st lay tlw slu- 111e11ts i11 the "Lit," 1111411111155 111111 1111 U11lP1'2l1'11Y1f1PS 111' 11111 1111111 11118 111-1-11 Very g1'11tifyi11,g'. This year p1'11V1111 1111 1ex1-1111111111 1111111 1111- 1111te1't11i111111-11t 111-11vi111J11 by tlw S111-iety S111-p11ss1111 1111yt11i11g ever 1111f111-11 2l1fPlllll1L'11. 211141 1-ef11f1't's 1-1-1-11it 11111111 11111 v111'y 1111111 0x1-1'11tiv11, w11i1-11 is 11s follows:- IIO11Ul'il1'j' l'1-11si111-111-1112 T. A. Ki1'k1'1111111J11. H1111111-111'y Vice-I'1'esi1111111-M1-. XV. A1i1l'AI111il1l. 1,l'9S111Cll1-T11lill'1PS II. S11tt1111. Vive-l'1'11si111111t-Hele-11 14111111111 He-1-111'11i11g Se-1-1-1411lgv-NV1111111'11w l!1'1111f111111. C01-1'es11111111i11g St'l'1'91il1'j'-31211'g.L'il1141 Sf1ll10l'. Tl'Q3S1ll'Pl'--lilIIIQS fV1l'UV1'S This year the 1'ust11111 of 1111vi11g 21 1V1'1111es11113' M111'11i11g,f ..XSS9lll1D1'V was illtl-11111111-911 into the s1-1111111 by the L11l'l'ill'j' S111-ietlv 111111 it 11118 111-1111 so well 1-1-1'eive11 Ivy the St11111111l b1111y that spe1'i111 1111111111111 is 116'11lg' ll1i1410 of it ill 1111 E11it111-i111 se-1-ti1111. Literary Meetings O111'e again the 1111111 was 111111111911 of 11iVi11i11g the s1-1111111 into gx-oilps ill 111-11e1' to 110111 il 1ite1'111'y 111ee1i11g every S111-111111 T1llll'Sl1i1j'. .XllP1'0lll'12l1t' 1Jl'Cg'l'Zlllll11QS were 111-siglie-11 that 011t1i11e11 the fG'l'l11 the 11111eti11gs w1111111 take, 111111 what f111'111s would be 1'espo11sib1e fm' st11g'i11g the t'llf6li1il111lll611l. THE L.C.I. TATLER 39 40 THE L. C. I. TA TLE1? 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C.L TA TLER 43 T1111 Se11i111-41iVisi1111 f111111w1111t111- next 111'1111i11g wit11 P1-i111-ip111 M1113- 111112111 i11 the t'112l11'. The e1Ti1'i1111t j1141g'11s were Miss A1111111s, Miss 11111- 1"Vll1ll10 111111 Mr. Lee. 1111riee XVe11ster w11s 41111-111111111 t11e wi1111111- of the f1l'2lf1bl'1t'2l1 C4,111t11st wit11 21 we11-41111ive1-1141 sp11111-11 4,111 0112111214121 .xlllllllg the N11ti1111s." 111111 1Cve1y11 31i'ENVt'1l, who 11111-ite11 the I1tll1111211' piece, "T11e I1141i1111 t'11tt1e Thief" hy 1,il1111llQ .10h11s1111. NVHS 11w11r411111 the 111111111118 i11 the 151114111- fitlllill'-V event. GRADUATION DANCE T1111 f,'01111g.:i11te t11'11411111ti1111 1121llt't' 11811911111 i11 1111 entirely 1111w ft'1l1l1l'U i11 t11e s1-ht1111's 11l'0gl'2l1ll1l1t'. A1141 w11s it s11pp41rt1141 115' the st11111111tsI The f111-t t1111t it NVZIN F1'i1111,v, Fe111'11111',1' 131111. 41i41 1111t 111111 the spirits 111 even the 1111181 s11p111-stiti4111s. T1111 guests 1111te1-1141 the i'1J,"V1l1u t111-11111411 Z1 itbllg' 2ll'4'11 111' 111141 211141 whit-3 111tti1-1141 strips 114111r111141 with 11l'2ll'1N. '1'1111,v were re1'11i1'1111 by Mr. 111111 Mrs. 3i21t,'B1111ilIl. Mr. 111141 Mrs. M4-L111111, Miss H1111111 F111t4111 211111 Mr. i111il1'1l-fri Sutton. Ill t1111 g'.Vll1Il2lS111l11 the guy spirit 11f St. Y111e11ti1111 1'P1g1'llt't1 S1lI11'l'11ll'. The pretty gowns 11f the girls, 111e11411141 with the 1141141111-f111 11111-4g11'11ti1111s. 111114111 il truly t'11ill'111111g' l11t'i'111'P. 1'i2llll1t?l'S 111111 1111111-ts e11v11rt1141 g11i1,1' 1111 the w1111s 211111 j11i11e41 with S111-'i11llP1'S 111211: 11111111 fi-41111 t1111 1-eiling. At 1Il1P1'V2l1S 11111111t the 1-1111111 little Xvilltlllfillt' 111111ps gg1i111111111-1111. 111111 i111it11ti4111 11111-l112lL'9S g,f111W941 with 1'e111isti1' 1'11111s. At the 111111 41f t11e 111111 was t11e 111'1'1111st1'11 111111th. NV1lt?I'C' .111ki11s' 5 1'i111'11 f11'L'119N11'il XV111'1iPt1 1:r111-ti11111 t11 keep 1111 wit11 the Pllfllllhi' i11s111 of t11e t1ElI11't41'S. A g.1'l'0ilf 119211 411 1-1-e11it is i1111111111. 111111 Miss 1X41il1llS 211111 Miss f'111-k111'.v, wh11s11 211'f1S11'y 111111111 p11ssi11111 the filsfilliltillgr 41111-11111- ti1111s. The l11'Ug'l'2111l1llt' w11s 11tt1'1111tiV111,1' il1'1'illlQ'0t1. Nnvelty 1111111118 s11pp1ie11 1111 ex4'iti11g1'111111ge f1'Ull1 the 11811211 fox truts. 111141 even 111111111 11x1-itiug' were the I1l2lll'V 1111'1ij' spot 4111111'es with their 41e1ig11tf111 prizes. T111- 111i4111ig11t w111tz11s I11'tlVPt1 11111st 1112111111112 T1111 lights were 11i1111111141 to il light re41 glow. 111141 il sp11t-light 11f Y111-11141 1111141111-s f111sh1111 11111111114 t11e guests. RPf1'PS1l1l1Pll1S were serve41 11t te11-thirty 111111 11t twelve-tliirty the 11111si11 st41ppe11. The guests l'P111t,'1Z1l1i1y 1Yt"l14,1Qt,1 their way 1l0l116WilPC1, t16C121l'1llfJf t1111t the first Q1'2111l12l11011 4111111'e was 1111e of the 1111Q1st perfectly ill'I'klllgQt1 p111'ties t1111,v 112111 ever 11tte1141e11. 'I ALLEN CCEUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY E '. :,Ly1.U!!lLKJlLlUlLQ!-rx!-fl!-f -fb, - ,4.,-v9:A1n':jcz::A"A11"lp'f4pY1l1YAp-Y:lmaY.A A Y LQ!-1Ll!JLl.L A, fX.lllX!JLKJlLlJ-ILKJJLKLLKAL 1 Q .2 1 7 s- 1 v ww'-f 3 1833 01254 8092 L'O4LCi .1 A QQ ' ' " L 51 ' 3 W sl ' S IllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIllIlIllIIlIIIIHIIIlllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllllllllIllIllIlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllln lr Q4 E E W .22 E- 5 L 51 E E 'G ' ri E 2 I' Q: E 3 E il E 5 'Y S' E E 1' , if E 5 E 5' 5 2 ' 2 5 E Lf e 5 ' 5 5 5 ' ' QI " ,r ' L' F 2 1 T 4, 5 1 5 E if W Z 5 gl F 2 Ll .,, .- Sq Q ' 3' . Z I 'A 2 5 25 E E 5 S' i 5 1: 5' E : Q af 2 E Q 5 2 Q 2.1 E 5 'G S' E 5' fi Se' E E 'S 3 E 'S 51 5 , 5 L' E: ' ' E ,gfff 2 L :b : 1.4 V F3 : '- Qi 3 as ' vm -41 5 Q Q 5 if 1, . 2 5 Ig gf - . . - . , 5 r , gl. 5 his in 5 if Z E W1 . .. . 'vi E ' 51 5 L ' YQQQLQL , 5 L' i 2 fb! . XS.'f 4' 5 'Q 5 E Q IATE E E w 2 - ' E 1 2- 5 Lmosnv : '- if E I wt id 5 2 I ir 2 E af E: E' E 4 5 5 E 1' 51 E 5 L -X I E Q E E I ' rr E E Q2 3 YEAR BOOK 1930 - 31 5 Q S' E . E 1' id 5 E ' 5 E 5 1 -5 1 - if 5 E ' 2 2 E ' Q 5 2 51 E E 2 if TillllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllllIlllllllllIIlllllllllllllllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllill WP W JI 5' 6 5- , slr i T?K1fEf1fTT72N'1T6N1f0N1f3X1ffdN1fflN1TKX'Ii'6N1f EWG iYli751f6N1f I'6N1ffM1ffB1mN1l T6X1FfM1P6N1ffh1ffA1T6X1f6N1 " ffifl ' f A TfD1DiTl v v v vg f l lraifle 6.25.-.f " ' H 'Jb.w. ,Q ' . ' 1+ 1 1 1. V -khan L K 4' 44 THE L,C. I. TATLER THE GLEE CLUB This year Zlllltlllg' uthei' llllltlYil- ti4:11s il IIUW sveietlv. tl1eHleet'l11lv. was i11t1-mliieeil into tl1e selmwl. Sliiitllv a1t'te1' its c11'g1111iz11tin11 it Villlltl ln-'f411'e the selinul :lt the NV04l- iieselaiy Bltlhlllllgj .xSSt'lllilly zintl lay its sple111li4l et'l'o1't ill' these meet- ings wun tm' itselt great lbtllllllillu ity. llesiiles lezuliiig' i11 the Vtllll- 1111111ity singing nt the Selnml. the 4'l11l1 Ill't'St'llit'ti ll Vt'l'.V sin-ec-ssflll lIlllSlt'Zll t'tZlllt'ti.Y, "SlllliNlllllL'f Sue" i11 t'tlllll'?t'fltlll witl1 the selmul play' "'l'l1e llll2lg.L'lll2ll',V l11V11li1l." This elevei- 1ll'tltlllt'llH1l wzis enthusiaist- ivzllly l'e1'eiVe4l lay the svlltml illltl l'tlfll't'iH t'l't'4ilt lllrtlll the lill't't'ftl4l' ainil lllt'lllilt'l'S uf the tilee t'l11l1. The ftllitlllillg are tl1e lllt'lllil0l'S tat tl1is ,1'ez11"s s'l11l1: lsuhel iVil- liz1111s, 111-1-ive Vs'el1ste1'. litlnn Allen Alive AItfIAlllQ.:'illlll, Iil't'lltlZl lflieh. ?vI2Il'Qill't'f Sipiier, lilvzi BItIXYili'iL, Ire-ne M111-Milh111. -lnily Ciithbert, Olive Xvttlllllilll. llc-len MeM11llen. Ruth I,z111g4I1111, Isabel Yziiuie, 3lill'g'ill'l'f M1-lliimyle, F1'il1lt't'S Me- 1llIl4P'Vlt', Ilihlzl Smith, -lnek Till- euek. liil. Tziiigiiey, X0l'lllilll Maitl- ens, iil'llttC F1-1-:lei-ivlc, lil'lll't? Tre- lIlPt'l', t'l1a11'lie 3Iill'I.l'illl z1111l l'hilip Fl'2lSUl'. The tilee t'l11l1 joins witl1 the selimrl i11 exteinliiig' its llt'ill't.V thanks tn thi- lbi1'e1-tm-, Mr. tfmilqe, :intl tu Miss .lean Scott. tl1e pian- ist. nsiitc THE SCHOOL ORCHESTRAS This year tllll' selmnl has been very ftilfllllilflt i11 hiiving illl exeel- lent tZl'L'iltJStl'il leaiilei' i11 the pei'- sun ut' M1'. -I. ll. Fiiiilce. lv11tl6l' his ltt2ltlPl'Nllllb the o1'el1est1'a1 has ex- velleil itself ill' the 1lit't'e1'e11t sm-iiil t'1111etio11s i11 the si-lnml. It has Nllllllt-l'iPli the Litei-airy Sueiety ut sevei-:il uf its ineetings, as well als on the iwezisiniis Uflbtlfll1ilil,YS.illlti 'lll'l.lllS.u On ilt'l'Ullllf of St'YQl'ili arthei' things t'tlI1filt'illlg' with the st-1111111 4lz1111-e, tl1e 1111-111l1e1's ut Olll' 1111-l1est1-11 were able tu Ulljuy them- selves there while -lzikins' 01-A l'llttSfl'Zl snppliesl the 11111sie. The llltillllbt-'l'S, llriiee Tl'9lllPt'l'. pianist, Lluytl Fhieli :intl "Kink" lltzwers. szixziplnnies. t'litf Staples, Vinlin, Iil'llt't' 1'wl'L'til'l'lt'k. l'tll'lll"i'. litlllil Allen, traps, illltl M1'. tfmilce tlesei-ve ai g.l'l't'ilf alezll uf l'l'l'tilt. M1-. fiitilliitt hiis also tll'Q,'illllZt'tl il clzlssieall 4Il't'llt1Sfl'El with ztliollt iNYt'lli'V-HV? lllt'lllilHl'S. Altlimigli it has nut enine llll tu the 111:11-k of the lmin-e 1il't'llPSfl'il, it is well un' 4le1- wily, with the followiiig llltylll heis: Yiulins-ll. ti1'z1l111111, ll. Me Liihain. H. H1-iel, li. Kennealy, C. Staples, F. Daly, J. Ibunk, J. Make' pieee, lei. 'l'elf411'4l, -l. llzikerg Qntl. Vi1:li11s+A11g'11s Smith, Vie. Mt'- fiilllttyjfl't'1IlllNlllQ,1i. Ilusseyg SLIXZI- plnznee-L. Flziekg t'lill'lllE'fS, Iintli- 1'4:tt, Sliitvh, BICIQUPQ alto, l'ittS1 lniss, M. Seottg t'0l'llt'fS-fi. Peters, ll. lf'1'e4le1-ickg pianu. Isabel Wil liauns: traps. Iiilini Allen. VIC. Mt-GAIIIG Y. lnezfn llPj.1'lH'ff'4l in nur svlmul this Ytlill' :mal tho l4lf0l'ill"V Sm-iely is fu luv l'llIl,Lfl'iltlll2ltk'4l fm- its lll't'St'll' Tilfltlll of two plays, tlw lirst, "'l'ln- l111:1g'i11z11'y lllvzllislf' lay Mulierv. the swmul il Sllzllwslwzllw-1111 play. "'l'lw AI4'l'1'll2lllf uf Velnil-al." Ilutlm uf tlwsv plays lmw lwvu il 4-1-edit' Tn tiw soviefy :lull to tlw svlmul. THE L. C, I. TA TLER 45 ' l Nl lFl'illll2lfll'S lmvv l'l"l'l2llllly nm Tlw "IIllilgL'lll2ll"V IllVilllll was il 'lvliglltflll and willy 1'Ullll'4l,V, vlev- c'V'0uEY rl-ly lll'PSPllfl-'ll. lf was 4.lll'K'l'fWl by Bliss1'ul'li91'.Yz1l11l Miss A1l2lIIlS mul !Ttl1 illlil 2Ntln. fllflll' uutiriugg 0I'I'm'ts maule- it zu- 1,11 tlw szmw 0Vt'Illl1g,Q'S svlvvtiml 1-epfulnlv to tlw lzlrgre Elll4llf3lll'PS frlzm ilu- musivnl l'l'llli'Il,V "Suu that we-rv present 011 Nuvcllllrel' lnzlnwt Suv" www vc-1-y ws-ll l'Pll THE CASTQUTHE IMAGINARY INVALID" THE L. L TATLER THE C-xsTA1'S1'NB0NNET SUE" 111-1111 111' B11-. 111311119 111111 his 1111111 11111 1'1l1i11'1" 111 1h11 N1,'1ll1ll1 f1l1' 111 111111. '11111' S1-111111 11'11s 21 111111111i1111 S1lZ11i1'41k1'll11'1lll 1111131 1his 111111-. .411 gm-111111 11'h111-11 11111 1l11'lll1I111,'S Thiw 11'11s 11x11-111111111 11'1111 111-11s111111'111 11111-11 11ss111111111111 111111 1111- 11 112111. 1111111-'I' 11111 11i1-111,-111111 111 Miss F1111-11-1 1111111- 111111' 1l111igh11111 11111 il111111'11l'1' 211111 M1-. 111111-. 1:11 M111-1-11 12111 211111 111111 11111111-111i11i11g s1111g's. 115111. I1 is 1111111111 111111 this 1'1111'111- '1'h11 N111l1f'1l1N 11'1111 1111111 11111-1 in 111-1s11111111i1,11 11'i11 111-111'11 111111111i1-i111 is 111'1111i11g's 11111111-111i1111111111 211.11 111 11111 1-111111i1111111s 111 11111 I':11g.L'11S1l T11 I111 1-1111g'1-1111111111111 1111 11111i1- 811111111 1-111ss11s this j'1'il1'. 11111 111I1'i1'i1'V211 111 11111 11111-1s. S11i1- '111111 1111111-111-1' S111-11111' 11'i,1l111s 111 1111111-1:s11111111s 11'111-11 S111-111-1111 111 1111l'1 11l,l1l1i 11111 s1111111111s 211141 11111 g'1111- 11111 1l1'i'l'SNil1',V 1'1:1'L14'1 111 1111 1111111-11- 111-111 1111111i1- 1111- 11111i1- 1111111 111111-1111- 111i11111 s111g11 N111-1i11g' 211111 1'1l1'S1' 1l1'l1 11g11, 11'11i1-h 1111s S11 111-1111111' 111111111 111' 11111 1111111111111 111-1111111-11' 111' 11111 111141 11111-1.111-11g'1111 11111111 1111-1111g'h 11111 N1 1111111. 11'11i111 21 111-11111 11111ig111,1' 11111- 111111-. 111111 11111 1111111111111-s 11111111 s1111'1' 1.11-s 11'11s 1111111-11 111 11111 11'1'1lS111',V. 11'1111 1-111111-1111111111 111: 81112111 11111-1 tl "'l'1111 h1P1'1'1lil1l1 lit. xY1'll11'1'u 11'11s 11111 s111-1-11ss 111' 11111 11111,1's 111-11s111111111. li.,-.- 11 has 14l1lQ,' 11111111 11111 1'11S1'11lIl 111 11111 I,1'Il1ll11til' 1'11111 111 111-11s11111 11i11s 111 11111 111111111-s 111111 1111i1-111-s xvllll 11 11'11 11111-111111 11111 11111 1111i111s ll1'1'6S- 1 11-1' 111 s111-111-11 111111. Ill S111llt1 1'-uses 11111111 ,g'1'111111111i11g' s1111111111s h111'11 111 s111'1111 111- 11ig'h1 1l1,I11l1S 11111'111-11 11111111 11i11s 211111 will 11111 he 1-111111-11- ing 11,1 11111 S1-1111111 1111 1111111-1 is 111111111 111 h111'11 11111 111-11s11111111i11n 111111111. This 1'11.11- 1111 111-11 111-111111 tlil 2111- 111111111-11 111111 111111- 111 11111 S111111111111 11'i11 1111 1111'111-111111 1111-'il' 11i11s. C011- g'11111111111i1111s 111 1111111-ge H111111. NV111:111-1111' l':1'2111f1I1'11, 11161111 M111- 311112111 211111 C. B. S11111111. 0111111-s i11 11111 S1-1111111 who 1111111 1111i111s 111 11111i1- 1-1-e11i1 111-ez Melba THE L.C.I. TATLER 47 1181111011 1, -111111111016 2, l1io11el'o11- 1Vilson 1, Isolwl 1Vilson 5, Iszilwl iieylneare 1, H1'l1L'91'0l1P1illl41 1, An- NV11112llllS 5, Gm-111111 Mal-Kay 4, dris lfilylllilll 1, Jenn llz1y111z111 1, Mm-Ivy Finley 2, 3I2l4'P119l'SOIl 2. Luiiuey live-1-s:.111 2, Lloyd Fluvk 1, Keele 11l'tJg,flIl'y 1, llert Heslup 1, He-11111 Fulton 4, -lurk 111111111111 1, Ga-1:1'ge 1I011QS0ll l, Huy Mark 1. Robert 11l'9g'Kll'j' 1, Jznnes Groves 5, Yin- M1-Galley 1, X1Ell'g'2ll'P1 S4l1114'1' Edythe llohnes 1, l'31'1n-e -Iohilston 2. I'Il1NV2ll'l1 1f1ill1l'1l2l1'41 35, M111-imi 31, Amlrey Kent 1, Nlll'1llilll Maid- 1'e-el 2, Rotlm .lol111sto11 4, M111-Iv ons li, -IQIIIIPS 3199112111 1, N. MC- T1l1llll11SU1l 1, 1Yz1lla1vv T1ll1l'S11'lll 1, 12111111 1, Chas. M114-hell 1, EIV11 Alun I:1i1llt'1l2ll'11 1, John 1Vi1-lu-it Mowzlff, -lark 111111118 1, I'ollm'k 1, 1, lmrire 1Ve11ster 1, Isobel V111-1-oe -lurk Ross 1, Angus Smith 1, 1, -11111111111 S1-wtf 1, .lzunes C1-oft 5, M111-slnlll Stephens 1, Talngney 2, -l4.l111 S4-uit 1, A11411-is Wiiivlieste-r Morris 'l'l111rsto11 J., Tillemi-li 1, C. 1, 1,211 118111011111 1, Lloyd 11ill'l1j' 1. f-- THE CAST-"THE MERCHANT OF VENICE" Mr. Hale, G. Hodgson, W. Bradford, M. Finley, F. Mitchell, J. Groves, R. Mark, Miss Clarke. M. MacPherson, G. McKay. M. Thurston, K. Neil, R. Langdon, I. MacMillan, W. McAlpine, B. Heslop, K. Gregory. 48 THE L. C.L TA TLER - . 0 0' --l... 040 Lorna Curneii Hea d Girl Morgan Peel Head Boy 1 343 THE HEAD GIRL NYhen the Vale Sl'llHlEll'Slllll for tl1e year 1929-39 was presented to LU1-na fltifllttll at the filllllllllt'lll'9lIlPlll Exereises tl1is year, the st.-lmol showed that it heartily 2l1bpI'4lVt'1l the teachers' elmive uf Head Girl, Sinee her Pl1fl'illl1'0 into til-st f111'111 i11 1925, L0l'1lil showed herself illl l11llllSll'lt1llN student, a gmail spurt, ready at all times to do what she euuld tm' her seluxul. Pei-lnaps must lll'UllllIlt'I1l i11 athletie activities. hesides lillilllg' a lll'UlIllllPlll part i11 tl1e spurt of the -Iunior S1'llflUl, i11 the Field liay events, the liaskethall a11d Yolley teams: Lorna was twiee I'resident of the Senior Girls' l'lXl"4.'llllVP and twiee a lllvllllwl' uf the fl6lll'l'2ll Execu- tive. Tllgtllllttl' witl1 tl1is l't'lllill'liillJl0 l'Pl'0l'tl, lAll'l1il played a leading rule i11 tl1e St'lllNil.N play. "NVhat livery hvlllllilll Iill0WS,u illltl was a memher of the hVl'llt'l'S' Vluh as l'lXl'llZlllgJf9 liditur of "The 'l'alter." Always a tavmirite i11 her fUl'lIl. lA'l1'llil is l'4il1g,1'l'illlllill0tl lay the fellow members of her elass i11 attaining tl1is enviable 1msitio11. llead Girl of the ll. C. l. for l929'Il0. .lAil'll1l is illltllltllllg' f2llPl'll.S IvlllVQl'Slfj' this year illlll the statt uf "The 'l'atle1-" is glad ut this tllblbtllflllllfy nf expressiiig' tu her tl1e good wishes uf the sa-1141111 i11 her quest for higher education. THE HEAD BOY The A. 'l'. t'laxtm1 S4'll45lZll'SllI1b tm- tl1e llead Huy ut tl1e year 1929-30 was awarded tu hlUl'Q'illl Peel a11d l'Pl'ltlll1l,V the lllllltilll' was due l1i111. Few lmys have wnrked as "Sandy" l1as dune fur the seluml. lhllllllill' l'reside11l uf tl1e Literary Sm-iety i11 1928, his ulltiring efforts lll lPl'tIYl4lll1g' suitahle t'lll'Ql'lilllllll6Ill' at the "l,it." meetings, i11 attraeting the interest ef tl1e st-lmul tn them. illltl i11 assisting' tl1e dramaties, made him l't'SllUllSlllll' fur the s11c-eessful illllillgillllillltill uf tl1e Literary Society and the lll'illIlillll' Sm-iety. Always a keen NlllllNll'li'l' uf athletics. illfllllllgll unable to take an aetive part. Bltlljlilll has shown himself illl illl-2ll'0llllll sport. Anxious to he a part ul' the Cadet t'1'11'11s, l1e has ereditahly discharged the duties of lll6SSL'llg.l'l'l' a11d flag-lnearer. THE L.C.I. TATLER 49 "Sandy" has played lllillly rules i11 selioul plays, and even nmre "be- lllllll tl1e seenesf' so that he may boast 21 f,l1'illllilflC pi11 well deserved. M01-gz111 is il part-tinie stude11t here tl1is year and we wish l1i111 success with the subjects he carries, us well as sueeess i11 his later life. THE HARSTONE AWARD The IIQ11-stone BIk'lllUl'l2ll Award for tl1e highest Sfillllllllgl' i11 Mathe- ll12lllL'S i11 the tlt'lPilI'lIllK'l1l2llS was closely f'u11tested ilglillll this year. The 4l61l2ll'l'llll-'Ill linully Zl11110lll1l'Pll that -Iilllti 1'lill'lU, new i11 attend- ance at Yietoria I'11ive1-sity, was the winner. -Iune 4-anne tb tl1e L. V. I. fi-ein the QTIIIPIIIQ-'K' fllllltlllllklllilll Selmol and CCl1lllIIll01,l her high selmlustie 1-ef-111-il as 2111 exeellent student, nut Ulllj' i11 lll2ltll9lllillll'S b11t i11 every subjeet Sllfl 0ill'l'lPll. NVe eu11g'1'11t11lz1te June 011 her sin.-eess and express the wish that sl1e euntinue to take lnnilours i11 l1er lvl1lVt'l'Slfj' L'Ulll'S9. WRITERS' CLUB PRIZES This yenr tl1e XVI'll'Pl'Sl t'lub uttered il prize uf 555.10311 for tl1e best shbrt story written by anyone i11 the Middle ur Vpper Svlltltlll il prize ut' 553.00 tor the best essay i11 the sznne elzisses, and for tl1e best poem written by ill1.V4Fll9 i11 the selnml il Sllllllill' prize, 35100. A prize ut 355.00 was 4,111-1-eil by the t'lub fur the best essay by any student i11 tl1e Junior si-libel. T11 the sunie elzlss il prize of 2525.00 was uttered fur tl1e best short story. Result of Competition Senior Short Stury- -Alive 1T4'LilllQ'llll11, "'l'wu T011 Imllurs Hills." Senior Essay-N11 award nmde. Poetry f'f:11test-Alive'MeI1a1ug'l1li11, "Tn Rupert I'Il'UlllU'.u Junifzr S-lnzrt Storye-Hazel Murkey. "Jerry Holly." -Tlllllfll' Iissay-No Entries The judges were Ihr. lill'lCl'011llf'll. Miss f.'b1'ke1'y and Miss Gerrish. The Club expresses its Q,'l'21llTIlll9 to llllllll for their valuable serviees. The hffurty thanks of the Club go to the Iii1NV2ll'l'llil f'hapter, I.0.lD.I'I., and tb the F01-t11ig'htly Flub of town for their lillltll10SS i11 do11z1ti11g the prizes fer two' uf tl1e divisions. The stan' of "The T11tler" ilplDl't?f'lilf4-'S their in- terest i11 its 9l1flPilV0ll1' to e11c-1.1111-age literary talent i11 the sf-html and only hopes that the result of tl1e contest will show lllfxlll that it was worth while. 50 THE L, C. I. TA TLER I 4' AND NOW WE SEE: 'gf 1-11141111 .41.s4111 1111111 high .yi :1s11i1-111i4111sI 1'14111'i11' is 14'2l1'1111l1L' 111111114111 111 412111111 II4111414111. 1,11141s11,1' 4'111111gi11141 11'4111 114111141- S41l11l41 111 4j11414111's. 1,411lNA 4'41H- N1C111. MAH41. 41114lY111S, MAH- Q ' 41A1f111I'l' SANIPIC1-ISHN, HARRY 1Il1IA'1'Y, ICIPWARID 1111AN4'11- ,fu A1111 211141 "l!l1,1," 411Z111414111Y ll1'41 K 414 1111111111111 1114111- s11141i41s 111111-41. .IAMICS N1A4'K1CY, 411' 411111111141+1. 14f2l1411111g' 11141 111S111'il1l1'4' 1111si1141ss with 11141 114111414111 111141 111 141w11. 111 11141 111-S1 y41111- 111 1'. 411 T.- .IANIG 11IA1l1.1C, 114lWA1!11 BAK- li-' 1C1-1, 1141Y ISAKISR. "K1N41" FFL- CWMLY '1'41N. ALIGN. 41A111.41WAY, HAS- 111 M4'1CN1'111Y, 41HAN11 M114-1b41N- A1111. l1'1iAN4'1S MVN1141, 'FOR11 '1'1111Ml'SON, FRANK 11AMl1.- 'l'4?N, 11A1i411,11 NV411111A4'O'1"1' 211111 .141S1'I1'11 XVALSII. XVI LLIAM A LS4 11' 1111411141i11g 11111 4l.A.4'. 111 11114J11l11. 1,l'I41NA 41'1,1GA11Y 211141 M111- 11l11'1l1 NVILSUN l11'1'l12l1'111Q 14111 1111si1141ss 11141111 11141 111111411' lI11s111e1ss 4'411141g41. 1111111 1l1'11411S 111141 LLUY11 1111111IV11IS 11-41 l1l1'111"' 1.4l1' 1'1lil1'1l1- . .1 I Q P. Q 2l4'V. 13111 ls 11'411111111g' 111 il '1'411'4111141 '11'11g' s1411'41, 11111141 "114141" is 41111- lilflyvfil 111' f11'1'g'4ll'A'.S 111 141W1l. 1 A 1i11'Qj,'1' 1l111l1111'1' 411' 11111 1.12141 g,1'1'1l4111i111'S 111'4'l1il1'1llg' 141 111114-11 A'41l11lg' 4'1111114111: 4116411141141 1114'K, 41111112 HAY, 1111111-11-IN 410liH11,1.. ,IUIIN 11A11'l'. 4'A1141111Nli 1111111.- SUN. .IICSSIIC B14-111M11Y1.1G, DON M114-I11C41l1, l+IVl'1111'I'l"1' 1'4l11'l'E11 111141 -11GAN STINSON 111-41 111 1110 1'411c11-11411141 N4Dl'lllil1 S4'1lO411. while 111"1'11 S'1'A1'1.1CS is i1111'1l41111g.f 11141 '1'4z1-4111111 S1'1l4l411. 114J111S N14'114111 111141 NORMA 11H1'4'l'I 4-41111111411i11g.: 111l'1l' 1115111 S4'1l411i1 4141114'111i4111 111 '1'411'4111141 H4'114::11s 111141 1V1NNl1"1111I11 P11111- HIN 1111411141i11g 314111114111 Avllllflgllx 11141111. A 111111111411' 411: g'i1-1-g1-114111111115 111'41 11111's11s-111-11-11i11i11g: 3111111111511 1"1'I11411'S4JN i11 11141 1111111111 411111- 4-1-.11 114:s11i1111, MAH-l4l11Y '1'R11'1' 211141 -IIGAN '1'l141MAS 111 11111 NY11s4- 1'l'1l 114:sl1111l1. '1'41l'41l11411 YIRA 41111C1'IN i11 11141 AY411l1l'11.S 4'411111Q'41 114.s1111111. 211141 MAH-IUHY 1N4'1- HAM 111141 A1.14'1'I IIALI1 111'e11111-- ing 111' 411l14'1' 11111 1Y411141s141y 111141 11'111'1-is111111g' 1141s11i1111s, 1'41s11411'1iV41- 111' 111 11111 11f'll1' f111111'11. A 111111111411- 411 11141 1lilA'S i111'Qil41A' 4111111111.1'1111. 1'1'IR4'Y XVINIIRIM is 11'ill'1l11lg' S4-1141411. .1A4'K XVICLLS is with 111-i1111111111's 111 14111'11, XVAL- 11A4'111 1l1'T4'1-IINSON is NV01'K1I1g I. TA TLER 51 THE L. C. 111 T411-4111141, REG. MUYNICS 1s 111 Ile-111011, MALFOLM M41UOLL is wit11 1711111118 F111'11i1u1'41 S1411-41, 111141 FRANK CUNNVAY is XVll1'1i11lglf 111 B41114'11yg'414111. .TAVK MAUNIJICH, 111st1 yt'ilI"S 1114111411 411 T1141 T11t1411', 414111t11111i11g 111s 4'111'41411' 11s 21 1141ws1111p411' lllilll. .I114-14 is 1111sy 11s il 1'4111411't411' ou the st1111 41f 11141 1l11i1y 1'41st. A 11111141 111111111411- 411 11141 21111111- 11t41s I'E't'l111Q1'i111llg' 11t'1411' 21 h4111vy YEEII' 111 f1lP1l' 1'es11414-tiy41 1lUll1l?N. MA1'Rlf'Ii IELAVK. 3IA4'K11INZl1G HRUNVN, 11'IA1H1'INt'1C IIARRI1 SON. MUHLICY JOHNSON, RYT11 til11MSTON. 11AH1'1A11A M114-ICAKTIIIGHN. XYINNIFRIQID TVRNER, FIIHISTINIC AND .IEANETTE M4'A11T111'R, ALMA SL1'Gl11TT 111141 EMILY MITVII- ELL 111-41 P11'141y11115 11141 s414-1111 111,11 411 the k'llll11Il111111j'. FLOR1'IN4'1i GLICNNY S111t1'V1IlQ' lll11S11' 111 1'41t411'11411-41 111141 -IAUK STAPLES l'll111Vil1111g' his 111101111 w1111 11141 y1411111 111 his 114111141 111 114111- 4'11yg44111. 11111411111111y41114-4111 ll1l'V01ll1SS1H1lS 111 1111s 11st,11141414111411-411'I'411's S11lf't'l'8 11p4114:gi41s. hut 141 1111 1:1-114l1111t41s 411 1515111 111141 141 1h4'1s41 w1141 1411'1 11141 s4-1141411 111111 -Vi?ill' NVQ' wis11 41y411'y S11t'l'tJNS 111141 1111111111141ss Ill 11ll'11' 0111181411 1it41 work. IN PRAISE OF EXAMINATION MARKS I1's 11141 111111 411 41v411'y S111t101l11 111-41 41114111 1141114111 111'ilNVS uigh, To try 111141 1111 11141 11i11411y ll1il1'k, Hutt yet. 11141s1 just squ4111k 11y. It's g'1'4111t to get 411141 111111411-4141 1Yith 21 41-1141 111141 two 1111 41's, But if 411111 11ot11i11g"s 1111s4111tff Oh, how s411-1'41wf111 41111' w4141s! A1141 1114111 11141 1l1lJilS1j' tweuty I1111I'1i- Th11t 111'st 4115111 se41111s s41 SIIIZI11 It iu41i4'11t41s 41is11s1411'- :XII11 11 111111'ks El 11ilS1j' 11111. .-A1111 III 11141 s4'1'41we41 1111 thirty g1'11410 T11111 11111191 is 11411 1ll11t'11 111g'g'411'. It 11111tt411's 11411 if it's 11111414141 111st If the 111'st's 21 h111141s4111141 11g111'l', I-A1111 1114111 11141 11111141 forty 111111'k, So 1'1011111HI' 1111 s41ho41-1, Has oft 4-1111se41 C0llll11PSS sighs- Niue follows 11s il I'1l1l-'1 :X1111 1114111 11111 st411'11 111141 g'I'011l'1Iy tive, Like a cop 1111011 the g'1-ass, 'tI'11 let you off this 111119, I guess I see you have your pass." 9 A1141 1114111 11141 1'1-14111411y sixty, T1141 t4?114f11411' w4111'1 l'l11l11.I12l11l. It 1111 111s pupils 1111 111111 1ll111'1I 1'I41'41 414111111 111s YPQII' il g'il1ll. 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BAKER, PRINCIPAL XV e Specialize in SI-IORTI-IAND TYPEWRITING BOOKKEEPING Speed and Accuracy Our Mo-ttcL Positions secured for fully qualified students. Students may enter any time. Collegiate students, avail yourselves of this 1'6lllllI191'3i'1Y6 course, as so many others have done before you. A TEMPLE BUILDING - A- - LINDSAY lllllllllIlllllIIlllllIlHllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIIllllIIlllllllIlllllIlllllIllilllIllllllllllllllllllltlll PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 54 THE L.C.L TATLER Atllilletiies GIRLS' ATHLETICS The Girls' Athletie Ass111-i11ti1111 was 111'g1111ize1l k'i11'1y i11 Sl'l11CIl11bC1' i11 HI'41P1' that 21 1-111111111e exeeutive llI1Q'1!1 111- 1'1l1lS1'll to 111I'01'1 11th1eti1: 111-tivities i11 the s1-1111111. The elec- ti1111 was 1iU1'll1,V 1'4lll1'PS11'l1. 111111 the 1-1e1'1i1111 0f1l1'1Llt'l11'S was als f111111ws2 1'1'esi11e11tee1'I1e111111r 11111111es. lst Vive-l'res."1C111e1 M111'g1111. 21111 h'1l'1"iA11141l'1-'11 1y1A'i11"V. SH'1'1'12ll"V'h1211'Q2l1'l11 Squier. T1'Pi1S111'1'1'Y11211111 Xews11111e. This Sl'ilNUll'S 111'tivi1ies 111 11111- 1e1'11's have 11e111 the 1ll1l'1'l'S1' of 1111 the girls llll 111'1-1111111 111' t11e splen- 11i11 w11y the s1-11111111 t1111k ll2ll'1 i11 the s111,1-ts that were 111-11vi1le1l. C1111- g1'il11112l11HIlS to t11e 1,1'l'S111t'I11" who 1111s S111't'1'SS1:1111,V f1111il11-11 her l1I'0lll- ises i11 the 1lli11l,V events that have 111111111 111111'e. GIRLS ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE C. Newsom, M. Squier, M. O'L92l1'f-'. E. Morgan, E. Holmes Field Day Keen 1-1111111etiti1111 w11s 11isp111ye11 1111 Fie111 llay this year. especially illlltillg' the -11111i11rs. Ftllll' t'01011I' se1-ti1111s were l'1l0SP1l, t'ill112111164,1 hy Irene h12ll'h1l11illl, Ethel 3101112111- 1101011 F1l11llll 111111 31il1'g.L'2l1'l'1' C111111- lltill. The 0111 1111111 section e11r1-ie11 1111 tl1e 11111111111-s wit11 137 1111i11ts 111111 its e1111t11i11, Irene M111-311111111 was 1311189111611 wit11 21 silver C1111 at the 1'1ll'1S1'1l121S 1111Il1l11l'111,'9lllPll1'. The 11911 S1"4'1111Il, l,'i1Il121111041 hy Ethel B1H1'g'ilIl, w11s 21 1'11g1se 1-1,111test1111t i11 se1-1:1111 ll1i11'l' wit11 57 1111i11ts. Tliere were 1ll2l1l,V 1'1,111test1111ts for the .l1111i111' 111111 Seninr 1ll9111l1S, which were w1111 hiv ,Kitty 1111111 211111 E1- 1'21I1Ul' 11U1lIl1'S. respeetivellv. Aileen Lees, NV1llIlUl' of t11e Te1111is Tour- llillllllllt. re1-eive11 21 1111111111 for her 1i11e 11l11,vi11g'. Volley Ball The 4'1l11F111' v1 111ey-111111 Sl'11P411I16S were 1l1'11w11 llll 111111 the same 611- t1111si11s111 NVHS 111SP12lj'4'41 i11 it as i11 tl1e Field Day. The g'11111es were Il12lj'Pt1 i11 F01ll'I121l'y, 0111 110111 be- ing' vi1't11ri1111s over the other see- 1'i1111s 11111-e 111111111 111111 He1l i11 see111111 place. Our Basket Ball Team 132lS1i911l2111 pr11ve11 to he the lvriglit sput i11 Girls' Athleties t11is year. T111'1111g111111t the fall 111111 winter 1111111ths S1I'Pll1l011S pr111:tises were he111 i11 the g'j'll11lZlS1lllll 111111er the s11pe1-visi1111 of Miss G111'h111't 111111 Miss 11il1l'j'll11119. The vacan- 1-ies of l11st yeai-'s 1021111 were kee11- llv eo11teste1l 211111 as it was very 1liffi1-11lt to 1-lioose il 1921111 of six, 11111- Tllglllill' 1911111 1-11111111-ise11 eight players, 111-1111e1y: FiUI'NV21l'41S - Irene M111-Millau U'11pt..l: -102111119 Fee, 1I2ll'g'ill'C1' l'111111111'111. Jlllllllillg' 4f'e11t1'e-Rlieta Mark, E1921l1l'lI' II111111es. Side fXPll1'l'P-ISi11NE'1 1Vi1s011. GlI2ll'11SkEV91j'l1 Staitoi-11, Ethel BIOFQZIII. THE L.C.L TATLER 55 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM J. Fee. BI. Channon, R. Mark, E. Stafford. E. Holmes. A Lees, I. XR'i1son. Miss Garbutt, I. MacMillan, Miss Dalrymple. E. Morgan. Basketball So far this season the L.C.I. Girls' Ilaskethall team has only played two games. hut it is look- ing forward to the pleasure ot' meeting some other Collegiate teams before the season closes. The iirst game of the season was played against Port Perry in the Vollegiate gymnasium. The game was rather one-sided Zllltl the LF. I. girls emerged with the large Qllll of the sf-ore. 90-4. The Port Perry team was playing its tirst game outside the sehool. hut put up a mueh better game tllilll the seore indicates. P. P. fi I. vs L. C. I. -I-24. Lindsay played a return game in Port Perry a11d the L.C.I. girls were onre more victorious. The Port Perry girls worked hard and although they displayed aeeurate passing. lacked the skill at shoot- ing, which our team showed. Tennis Tennis is becoming very popu- lar at the L.C.I. and last fall many of the girls entered the iiiter-form tournament with enthusiasm. Ex- eitement ran high as one hy one they were defeated, and after Rl hard fought game it ended with Aileen Lees the winner and Carol Keleher a elose seeond. Senior Girls' Corn Roast The annual eorn roast of the Senior Girls was held at the Pleas- ant Point Inn ill the early part of Oetoher. A large nmnher attended this enjoyahle tunetion and re- ported an excellent time, with even the school orrhestra on the pro- gi-amme. The Junior Weiner Roast The Juniors enjoyed their ath- leties this year as well as their big sisters. Their Field Day seemed to he a sneeession of sueeessful ey- ents and brought out many prom- ising young athletes. The Junior lYeiner Roast was held in the Assemhly Hall this year and from the hilarious noise and laughter we think they en- joyed an Unproarious time." 56 THE L. GI. TA TLER CENTRAL ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Standing: R. Hnye, E. Morgan. J. Groves. Seated: E. Holmes, M. Squier, J. Meehan XVINNERS L.C.I. CURLING TROPHY G. Be-all, F. XYilliams, J. Meehan. V. Smith 1skipi. THE L.C.I. TATLER 57 BOYS' ATHLETIC EXECVTIVE Standing: J. 116911311, J. Tripp. Seated: J. Groves, D, Marley. R. Haye BOYS' ATHLETICS S11111-111' i1f11'1' S1'1l11111 S1111-11111 111 S111111111111111'. t111- A11111'111' S111'1111f1' was l11'g'illliZfL1I 11111-111's: President ....... ..... 1 loss Haye lst Vive-Pres. . . .... D1111 Marley' 2nd Vive-Pies. .. .... Ja1-11 Tripp Se111etz11'y ....... ..... J i111 3199112111 Treasilfer ...... ......,. ...... J i ni Groves T1111 L. 11 1. has again 1'i11'1'1l'1! 11111 El 1111'Q'1' 111'111g'1'i11ll1llP 111 SIll11'1?4 this -VPEII' 211111 111t111111g,511 1111 11111111- 11i1111s11i11s W1-1-11 111111, big' 1111111114 lllilj' 111' 1111111-11 1'l11' l11'Xf y11111'. District Meet A 11-111-11 t1-11111 f1'11111 11111 S1-1111111 1-1:111111111'11 111 11111 11is11-11,-1 11111111111- 1111141 1111111 this yvzll' 111 0S1l21XV21. The 11111111 111111111 2111 1'x1-111111111 show- ing, 11:1vi11g' f1111l' 111-sts 111111 tive sm-- 111111s 111 their 1:1-e-1111. C. 311'Ll"il1l 111111 12. 1119111 set s111n11111'11s 111:11 en- 11111911 11111111 111 go 1expenSes 11111111 with 11111 1'111111XY11lQ' 111 11111 11:111111t1111 11111111. M. 14111111111 1'1'1'1'1V1'11 21 g1'1111i11g' NV1111'11 :11s11 1111- :11111-11 111111 1111-11111111111-111 11:11111111,111. l-11v1'11ts XY1111 by l1i1111sz1y 1111. S1l11D P111 ......,.......,, 13. 1111111 11st1 1111, H11111111-11 yards .... J, Gr1,1v1Js 1211611 1111. 2211 yards ..... .... . 1. G1'11v11s 1211111 1111. 4411 yards .. 1'. 1101491111 11St1 1111. 111211 j11I11D ..., 1'. A11'1.A9i11l 11s11 Sen. 11111 yards .... .... B 1. 1511111111 11st1 Sen. 11111 yaids .. .......... H Huye 1211111 S1-11. Mile .......,...,,... G. 111111gs1111 1111111 Sen, Javelin ...,....,. M, F11111111 1211111 '1'1111 11'211'1i t11a1111s 1111s .Y1'2l1'I .11111i1'11'---J. 1Vi1'11e-tt, A. S111i111.J, 11111111 211111 J, 141111111 I11T.t?1111Pf112l1Pff'. B1t'LHLl11. .1. G1'1'1Vee, B. Reid 111111 N. Mz11de11s. Se11i1111f-M, F11111111, 11. Haye, G. H1lC1gS1111 211161 E. Alsop. C'11a1111f Mr. l1E11'11111i111. T121i1111-D1111x'. B11111111111. Hamilton Meet 11111- 11. 1'. I. was 1-1-111-es111111111 111 1111' 11a1111i1t1111 Meet 1111111 111 1"1111- j11111-ti1z11 with 1111? Ilritish l':I11I1i1'H 111111111s, 115' 11. 111411, 1'. 110141-'211l 111111 M. F111111ll. They were 1111z11i11e11 111 1'll1Pl' as il result 111 the high S11111- 1 I J X THE L. GL TA TLER 59 dards which they obtained at the district meet. As athletes from all over On- tario competed in tl1is meet, we were indeed fortunate in being so well represented. Fulton came sect-nd in the Senior Shot tbeaten by Maundrell of NVhitbyi. McLean came 2nd in the 140, qbeaten by Smith of 1Vindsori. He was also entered in the Int. High Jump. but dropped out at 5' tj." Reid was un- fortunate in not placing in the lnt. Shot Put. McLean and Fulton received sil- ver medals. Field Day This year with the sun shining brightly all afternoon. Field lbay proved a great success. four new records being established. As usual. the boys were divided into four colors section, Blue, Old Gold, Red and Green, captained respect- ively by J. Lamb, D. Marley, -l. Tripp and N. Maidens. At the close of the events the colors ranked: Old Gold, 109. Green, 65. Blue, 10 Red, QS. The following are medal win- l19l'SI Senior-C. McLean CJ. Groves, run- ner-upl. Intermediate-N. Maidens QD. Mar- ley, runner-upl. Junior-J. Wickett, tG. Lawson. runner-up.i Charles McLean set a new record in the hop, step and jump of 39 B." He also made a new mark in the high jump of 5' Q." R. Haye raised the record in the running broad jump to 18' S." Fred. Mitchell in tl1e senior pole vault cleared the bar as 9' 10," also set- ting a new record. I TENNIS The tennis tournament was a decided success. all matches being held punctually under the able guidance of Ilan Marley. XVilliam iYhite and Fred. iVilliams emerg- ed from the closely contested doubles tournament, the cham- pions for 1930. They defeated Rill Reid and llruce Johnston to gain the laurels. To XYilliam lVhite also went the singles champion- ship. when he put .lack Cain out ot' the running in the tinals. SENIOR RUGBY This has bee11 a losing year for our senior rugby squad. The team was very light. compared with the heavy experienced teams of Osh- awa. t'obourg and Peterboro. Al- though they came out at the small end of all the scores, they never- theless played some good rugby. Next year with the Juniors mov- ing up to Senior ranks. the L.C.l. will be able to tield a team which ought to stand a real chance of carrying ott the group honors. The iirst game of the season was played against Cobourg and the Red, Blue and Old Gold re- ceived a bad beating. The heavy artillery of the Uobourg team was largely responsible for this, as they broke through the light Lind- say line many times for large gains, On the return game i11 Co- bourg. the team did somewhat bet- ter, holding the lead llllfll near the e11d of the tirst half. when Cobourg by an unexpected forward pass. went through for a touch. Ifnder the severe attacks of the Cobourg team. Lindsay's defence weakened and Cobourg won their second game by a score of 14 to 1. Peterborough, the group win- ners. proved much too good for the Lindsay team. being a heavier, 60 THE L. C. 1'2lS19l' 211111 Slll0Oi1l111' NY41l'1i111g s11111111. 111 11111- 111-st g'11111e, 1'111e1-- 11111-15. wit11 the s111-1-11ssf111 use 111 11111 1111-w111-11 1111ss 211141 111s1 61111 l'11l1S 41111l'1i1y 1111111 11111 191111 211111 w1111 the g'11111e 1111' 27 111 11. Un 11111 1-111111111 g'1111111 111 141111182112 1,111E'l'1111l'111lg'1l 1'1lil11g1'l1 their 1111.-111-s. Their line- 1111111g:i11g 211141 1J1'2l1llj' lI121l1ilg.f01ll8111 111' 11111 11111111 1111' 11111 1l1121l'it'1' 1-11n1- 1111111115' 111111-111ss1111 11111 111111111 11111111. T111- w111-st Qklllld-' 111 11111 s1111s1111 w11s 1111111111 111 US1l21W2l. The 1111111- Nilj' s11n1111 s11e111e11 111 h11V11 lost 11l1J11' 111111 211111 11111 Qillllf? w11s 21 NYi111i-EIWZIIY 1111' 11114 0.1'.1. l111ys. 111:w11v111- i11 11111 l'1J1l1l'll 1111 1111141- s11y 1I12l.V1'I1 111111 111 11111 l1es1 g111111-s 111 11111 N1'.lS1111. The 1I1ilj' w11s fil11'- ly even 1111 i1ll'O11g.1'1l. w1111 11811211111 getting- the 111-1111l1s. '111111 1111111 w11ist111 111PXY wi111 1411l41Sl1j' 1111 11111 US1li1W2l 111111 IV111-11 11111' fl',V1llg,L' 1111- Z1 Illiljlll' 1-1111111. 11811211111 w1111 the Qilllltl 1111' il s1-111-e 111 12 to l. Ill 1111 11x11i1111i11n 111111111 with 01-11- 1111 11111 1111141S21'V 11111111 was 111111te11. it s11111111111 115' 111115, 1111-11. 1111 01-11- 1i11 11111-11 1111-111111 111s 11wn 11111111111 111- 111 il 111111-11. NV1ll1l1llg.f 11111 111111111 1111- 1111111111 1111' li 111 1. '1'h11 11111111 wishes 111 1111111 this 1111111.1-tlinity 111 11x111-11ssi11g' their 11l2l111iS 111 M1-. 111-1111s11 1111- 11is 1111' 11l'1IlQ' 1-11111-ts i11 t'11i11'1l11lQ' i1l1'1 11-1111111111 11111111. , . f1h11 111111-1111: Sllillli-31C'K69, Campbell. I11sidesfJol1nston 1C11ptain1, Scott, lI11Iln1oyle, Hodgson. Middles-Betts, Sutton, Beall. Otltsicles-Groves. Arnold, Reid. Flying XVing--Marley. Q11a1'te1'-Lamb. Bac-ks-Thomas. Smith, McLean and Campbell. JUNIOR RUGBY The -111ll1111' 1'l1g'11y 11111111 1111s y11111- 21221111 111-11v1111 i'1lP111SlJ1VPi 1-11111111 11i1111s of 11111 11is11-11-t. Hy 1111111- S1'l'1llg' 1.11 XV1llS they s11111ew11111 I. TATLER 111111111 1111- 111e se11i111- 1111fe11ts 111111 lllilllj' 111 11111 lJ1Hj'1JI'S S111l11111 l1e 111 gi-11111 1111V1111111g'11 111 11111 s1111i1.11- 11111111 next j'Pi1l". Ill 11111 111-st g11111e of 11111 89118011 f1lP.V were 1111fe1111111 111 11111 112111418 111 11111 V111111111-g' -111111111-s 115' il 5 111 1 s1-111-11. Ill 11114 next ,Q1111111 111 1'111e1-- 111.1-11 they 1111111-11111 il T 111 I1 411-'ft-'ili 1111 11111 1'11t111-11111-11 11111111. Ill f111'1l' s111-1:1111 tilt w1111 1'11l11-1111-11 111111' 11v1111g111l t1111i1- f111-111111' 111ss hy 21 43 111 2 V11-1111-y. The 1-111111-11 Q1111111 with 1'111111-111.1-o 1111111111 111 il 28 111 61 w111 1111- Li1111s11y. They also 1-1111- 11111111111 11111111-11111 14121118 115' il QS 111 ti XY11l. The 11421111 w1-111111 like 11 f1lil1l1i M1-. 111-11 1111- 11111 1111111 1111 s1111111 211111 the 1111111-11st 1V1l1l'1l 1111 1111111 111 1-1111111111115 11111111. The 111111-1111: Snap-Jack Tillcoc-k. Insides-Ross Abbott, J. Dl1Hk. Middle-s-R. Mcllmoyle, XV. Betts. O11tsidessT. Gaskell. J. Cole. HalvesfT. Quibell, J. Tripp, C. Staples. Flying Wing4J. Lamb. Q1lHItGI'-- J. Stephens. .-X1t6I'HHt9SfN. Begley, T. G1-ozelle. B, Kennedy, B. Hodgson, H. Fitzsiru- IHOIIS. HOCKEY 1111111-est in CHIl2ll1i1'S 1111111111111 s1111-1 1li1S 111111111 1111611 1-11vive1l 111 11111 L.1'.1. Ilne 111 the 1111111-est 111111 in111111111'11 111: M1-. 121-1111s11. 11111- 11111-111-11' 1-1,-111-11, 11111 Sl'1l1'lU1 111111 the 1189 111 11111 UHY11 rink fm- 2111 1111111- evei-'Y 'l'1111s1l11y 111111 Tl1111-s1111y niglits. A 11111111 111 1-11111'es11111 11111 L.1,.'.1. 111 11111 1'.11.S.S.A. LP21,2'1lt' was 1111-111e1l. 11111 11119 111 11114 1111-1 111111 11o11C11y- ,Q111111 111111 11t'1'E'l'1JI1l'1l 111-o1111e11 out 1It1flll'P any 111111108 were 11111ye11. 1.in11s11y w11s left wi1h111111 0011111611- ti1111. N11v111-1l111l11ss, 21 f11s1 1e11111 was 1111-1111111 111111 11111011 n1111e1-i111 1111v1111111e11 1111- next ye111-. S1ll1'9 the s1-1111111 was 11111 entei-efl in 21 16llg'11l-', i1 was 11e1-111e11 to fO1'll1 THE L. C. I. an intra-niural schedule. Accord- ingly tive teams were formed and a single schedule drawn up. XVhen it was completed. after 1na11y hard fUllQ'ilt games, team "A" and team "Ii" were tied for iirst place. To decide the issue a sudden death game was played. "E" won the game ti to 1 and with it the cham- pionship of the school. Line-up of the winning team: G0a1-N. Begley. Defence+G, Hodgson R3 XV. Betts, L. XYingsfJ. Lamb, R3 L. Eyeuiss, L, Centre-J. Campbell, Subs-A. Campbell, R. Rodman. CURLING For the iifth consecutive year the Junior f'lll'lll1g' Vluh was or' ganized in the L. V. l. This season saw six rinks go to the mark in search of the Lindsay Vollegiate Institute Vurling' Trophy and prizes donated hy Mr. IC. ti. Lytle. Mr. Lytle started this generous an-t in 1923 and ever since has shown his interest hy keeping in toueh with the hoys each season. Skips were chosen hy last yeai-'s memhers of the t'luh, as follows: XY. Ilradford, lb. lietts, Y. Smith. ll. -lohnston. E. Tangney and L. Flack. AIIIOIIQQ other rules it was decided that the rinks in second and third place at the tinish would play a sudden death game to de- cide who would play the rink in first place in a series of three games for the trophy. The schedule saw a numher of close games and the iinalists were not decided until the tinal g.L'illllt'1 had hee11 played. L. Flack's rink found themselves in tirst place af- ter a successful season. Second and third pusitions were tied hy rinks skipped hy Betts and Smith. In the play-uit game hetween the last named pair the latter won out and qualiiied to meet Flack in the TA TLER 61 tinal series. On March 14th the tirst meeting' of these two rinks took place on keen ice and a great striig'g'le resulted. Smith went in- to a lead and stayed there until the tenth e11d. when the score was tied. The eleventh end saw Flack two down. hut on the last end he tied it up again, forcing' the ganie into an extra end. The thirteenth proved unlucky for l"laek's quarta t and Smith won out hy one shot. the tinal score heing il-S. lee con' ditions were not so good for the seeond and what turned out to he the last game. on March ltith. Smith had little trouble in win- ning' the tinal game illltl the Vluh honours. The personnel of the rinks:- J. Meehan J. Tillcock F. XVilliams J. Lamb G. Beall G, Hodgson Y. Smith, skip L. Flack, skip Once again the L.t'.l. played a series with the l'eterhoro t'. I. and again the locals lost out. hut not until after a hard fougglit Sil'llQ1'g'lP. Two rinks from the I'eterhoro Vluh played here on the same day as the haskethall gxnne a11d the heal rinks came through in grand style with a three point lead. The following' Saturday the locals went to the Lift Lock Pity for the re- turn gganie a11d came home eight points down. leaving' the l'eter- horo t'luh winners hy iiVe shots. CRESTS This year the Athletic lixeeu- tiye decided till a new manner ol' awarding' crests to the athletes and hope to standardize it. A memher of any team which repre- sents the school in any I11ter- Scholastic sport. and who plays half of the regular schedule re- ceives a small diamond-shaped crest representing' that particular sport. lVhen he has received THE L.C.L TATLER 'Sow BOYS' TRACK TEAM B. Reid, C. MQ-Lean. F. Mitchell. .I. Groves, R. Haye, J. XVickett, J. Lamb. BASKETBALL TEAM D. Marley, W. White. J. Connell, B. Johnston, V. Smith, Mr. Hale, J. Groves C. McLean, F. Mitchell, J. Meehan, C. Sutton. THE L. C. L TA TLER 63 111199 111' more of these crests 119 will 119 given 11 larger 91'9st, i11- s191111 111 1119 l91t91' as i11 fUl'lllt'1' years. This 1-rest, seven 1l1l,'1lC'S high, is 911111911 fl'Illll the 111111-i111 s1-1111111 91111119111 211111 has 1111 it. 2114 w91l as 1119 Gr99k 111111111, 1119 w111'11 "A1h19ti9s" 111111 1119 111119 of 1119 year i11 11'1l1l'1l it is won. T119 1111- lowing will l'1"1'P1V14 11119 of these 1211116 91'9sts i11' 1119 11211191 1111111111911 V, h1t'IA'i1ll. V. Smith, -1. 111-11v9s, XV. 119111, V. Sutton, B. -l111111st1111 211111 11. Marley. Tl1i1-ty-six 111 1119 Slllil111'l' 91-ests will also 1,111 11w111-11- 911, 91111119911 111 1119 lllPll11IPl'S 111' 1119 l'11g'11j' t911111. 1011 t11th11s1-1111119 l111sk9tl11111 1911111 211111 11115111 111 tl111s12 111 the 1l'21l'1i t911111. BOYS' BASKETBALL Vrilf' L.l'.I. 9111911911 21 1911111 ill 1119 f'.0.S.S.A. Boys' S1-11i11r B11sk9tl11111 Lvllgjllti this year 211111 w91'9 1.511111111- 911 wi1l1 I,P1Hl'1Nll'll 111111 1'xl11-i11g19. A sin1,1'19 s1-119111119 was 1,11'i1NVll 1111. 9111-11 1911111 l1111'i11g 11119 11111119 15111119 111111 11119 15111119 away. Tl1is was 111'1f1111ge11 i11 oi-1l91' to l111v9 1119 gi-1111111 winner 1199l11r911 hy F911- 1'l1i1l'y 1119 13111 1111- 1119 111111'-1111s. as 11ist111199s w91'9 11111 1419111 111 allow two ,g111119s il w99k to 119 11l11y91l. Lindsay vs. Uxbridge On Si111ll'41ilY, -Tilllllillj' 17111. 1119 R1-11, H1119 111111 0141 1111111 011911911 its season 111 1vX11l'l411.ft'. This was Ux- 11l'l11g'9.S 111-st y9111- i11 111-g'1111iz911 1111sk9111111l 111111 they 1ElL'1it1t1 tJX1N?l'i- 9111-9. A1t1111ng1h t119i1' 1911111 11111 1111 Stiff o111111siti11n, they 11111111 the 1'9- verse 91111 111 21 44-113 S1't'll'1'. Vx- 1'1ri11g9, wl1il9 11111yi11g 21 passing game superior to 1119 locals, l111?k91l iinish 2l1'011ll11 1119 9ages. For Lin11- say. Sutton, Smith and McLean sl1ow911 11111 well, Smith scoring twenty points. Lindsay vs. Peterborough T119 f11ll11wi11gg' S2l111l'111ly 1119 L. V. I. 1911111 were l111s1s 111 their 11111 rivals fl'0lll l,f1t91'1bUl'U1lg:ll L1111- 1H1Lf1il11'. Ill 1119 11111119 1119 1'isit111's 111-111'911 tl19111s9lv9s 111 119 1191191- tl11111 the l1 1911ls 111111 1111111 11111119 il 24-12 vi91111'y. 1'9t91-1l1111'1111gl1, 111111'- ing' 21 1111ssi11g gg111119, 1111911911 1111 1119 Sf't.l'1llQ' il few 111i111119s 11ft91- 1119 1l1ily l'4llllllltl1l1'Pt1. Li1111s11,1' 111 1111 1111111 8110111141 1119 s1191-11 tl191' w91'1- t'll1l1l1l1l' 111. 211111 111iss911 lllilllj' 11111- 1'11111Iti1'111ll1111lS 111 s1'111'i11g'. F111' L1l111N2lj', Smith 111111 M1-L91111 1111 1119 1111'w111'11 11110 111111 -1ll1lllN111ll 1111 1119 119191199 S11llYV1't1 1111 w9ll. lntll' 1119 visitors, .X1'lllS1l'llllQ' 211141 M119- ll1z1111111 1-111111911 l1ig119st. A111-1' 1111' 11111119 il S11ll1111114111S 111111111191 was 111-11vi11911 by 1119 girls. 11ssist911 1111' 11111 111 1119 111111' 19111-1191's. gXf11'1'- NVill'41S all Gll'1U'V0l1 21 11l911s11111 1111111- 111 1111111-i11g'. Inter-Colour Basketball T11is j'P21l' -11lll141l' 211111 Senior 1ll1l'l'-1'l110111' I111sk91l111ll was run 1111 t'i1l'1,V i11 N11V9111l191'. Ill the -11111- i1:1' s91-ies, H1119 t'1l1l11ll'1?11 tirst 1112110 111111 0141 1111111 s91-111111. 111 the S911- ior series, 0111 1111111 9111119 11111 1111 11111. wi111 G1-9911 i11 s9911n11 11121112 Many fast 11111111-s w91'9 11111y911 119- 11.19 1119 wi111191's Wt-'Pt' l11111l1y 111-- l'1ill'4'11. Val. Smith 111111 Mr. 111119 119191-9911 the g'111119s. The Basketball Team Personnel 111111111-s Sutton- Centre and Captain "C.B." was tl1e popular choice for cap- tain this year and also held dow11 tho position of centre. Here Charlie work- ed well and did l1is share i11 supporting tl1e L.C.I. xv2l'lllUl'0 Smith-Forwarcl. Charlie, as he is called, continued in the form l1e displayed last year and was o11e of the best players, as well as a high scorer. Charles McLean- Forward: The third of the team's forward line of "Cl1ar1ies." Teaming up well with the other boys, Charlie worked hard in the interests of the game. K.. THE L.C.L TATLER ,yu ' -r G ei. ' 5 S471 A f I 'H 5 if 'A Lx I' X C XX X ff. Y... n a U!! If' ! 2 2,55 2 ig 31x ,ff Xa at 0 90 X QQ-Xf9v1" X X N Z .... u 'U b .. fu u - O E U1 .Ac O O .O f: as .1: .H w 4 'U E 65 1 ,x of 'fa bkg xx HF Sr Y X A If lvl I ii ix ,. 7, f A. ,Sung 5 , EM O FM af,-" X4 64 THE L. C. L TA TLER Bruce Jol1nstonAG1.ard:: 'When it came to breaking up plays at the de- fense, Bruee was right i11 011 them. Al- though this was his first year i11 tl1e game, he displayed the skill of a 'vet- eran. Will White-Guard: The other half of the defenee. Altl1o11gl1 VVill is small ill size, tl1e opposing players flllllld that it was easier said than clone to get around this hard-checking guard. .lim Meehan-Ceiitre : Another play- e1' o11t for his first year ill tl1e game. Jim is a hard worker, has the height a11d ability and should develop illt0 a Iine player next season. Dan Marley-Forward: Although he does 11ot display the same speed on the hardwood floor as he does 011 tl1e eani- pus, "Red" has turned out to be a mighty strong alte1'nate. Joe 0't'onnell-Forward. A speedy foiward whose shooting ability is sec'- ond to none. I11 the game he played Joe seored enough points to give l1i1n set-ond place i11 scoring h011Olll'S. .lim fil'UYl'S--Gllillidf Another Jim who will bear watching when the next season rolls around. Feeding them with passes. Jim works well with tl1e for- ward li11e. Fred. Mit:-hell4G11ard: Still a11- other tirst yearer in basketball, and playing his tirst game ill tl1e Peterboro contest, Fred. made his presence by the visitors. felt To Mr. Il. li. llale tl1e tea111 ex- tenfls its sineere thanks for l1is tine work ill eo11el1i11g' them. 'l'l1r:'11gl1 his t'i.i'tIl'i'S lllilllj' new an-l Sllt't't'SSi'lli plays were perfeeteal aml these oeenpieel a ftll't'llltlSi' plaee i11 the team's Ui'i't1llSiVP. The ft'illIl also takes this opportunity of tl1a11lqi11g' the girls and lady teaeliers XX'iltI served and assistetl at the iilllltllltli when l'.t'.l. visited L.t'.l. CADETS Tl1e Vatlet i'tll'liS of filll L.t'.l. has always heen a erellit to the sehool and last year's inspeetion on tl1e sehoul t'illllllllS ill May was a viyiel titJlIltIllSil'ilfitl1l of what an effieient and well trained eorps 1-an tlo. llefore a large gath- ering ot' parents and friennls the boys went thro' their nioyenients 45711111 wa, 0 F. 1 nl lt ul metla s .1111 ill a way that i,lI'tlllQ'ilt l1 i g 11 11-aise from tl1e new y 1p11o111tul Illklltttllll' 0 1 Is 11s te Xttei the 1 s 1 liltlll ilhilfflli l1.111qutt was s11yul111tl11 lt l1 11o11 4 s tie Nillllllllg Illlftltll' t 1 is o tht s ty l i l R 'ly -z ' f '19 . .,. J .- 1- ,- .11- tfer. Vapt. sl r. .Y ' 1' il - X A, ,'1'e' ' a ile- ,I Q . . 1 k o - 1 "M 2 - . - , ' X 1 L ' , 'rw' ' '-J Q'ylllllilSllllll, at f - w 1 f- wl1 ' the - , ,V an-.' w 1' ex- tel I1 to the " ' ' 2 ., the -ls - l 'l1.' t 1 sue- eessful 1Il2ll'kSlllGl1 of the Rifle t'lul1, tl1e eongratulations and best wishes of tl1e guests to tl1e retir- ing l,l'illl'llJili, to tl1e school. and to l1is sueeessor. A partieulai-ly llTt'ilSill:L:' 1111111111-1' o11 tl1e prograni was the p1'ese11tatio11 of a gold- heatleal eane to tl1e Pallet IllSfI'llt'- tor, Mr. Blillglliiilll, hy one of the ettieers, till behalf of tl1e t'Ul'1lS, i11 illllhl'Pt'i2li'iUll of tl1e time and effort he had spent till iilt'lll. Mr. Mae- Millan thanketl tl1e boys iltll' tl1eir gift. anal witl1 the Nlllglllg' of the National .Xl1iilt'lll there terniinat- eil one of the lllUSi' Sllt'L't'SSfllT in- 'spet-tio11s ill tl1e 'history of the sehool eorps. Tl1e ottieers of the Corps were: Officer Commandiiig-Briiee Cope- land, Captain. Seeond in COI11Il1H11di-BYIICQ John- ston. Captain. Platoon Coinmaiiders-Edgar Alsop. Lieutenantg James Meehan, Lieutenant: Norman McEwen, Lieutenantg Basil Mc-Enery, Lieutenant: Joseph Walsh. Lieutenant. Qiiartermaster Sergt.e4Morgan Peel. B21lldI11E'lSi9I'f1iI2lCk6llZi9 Fulton. IllSil'llCtOI'fixIl'. l 'repara tions XV. MacMillan. are now being made for the f01'lll2lil01l of this yeai-'s eorps, and soo11 after this hook t"0lllGS from tl1e press the il'2lilllllQ' will have heguii in QHPII- est. THE L.C. I. TA TLER 65 CENTRAL ATHLETIC EXECUTIVE Organization l'IllXG the latter part of Sep- tember the lloys' and Girls' Athletic lixecutives held a joint meeting for the purpose of select- ing' the Central Athletic Execu- tive. I'nder Mr. Maw-Millan's direction the followino' were elect- ed to offieei- H President ....... ...... J ames J. Meehan Ethel T. Morgan 1st Vice-Pres. ....... . 2nd Vice-Pres. ..........,. J. Ross Haye Eleanor Holmes R. James Groves Margaret Squier Secretary ................ Assist. Secretary .... Treasurer ................ The Central Executive has f'llal'U'e of Field lbav 'llolmU'f"i1l1 P1 g l i . ' . FND Party. il2ll'llIVtll, Skating' Party and 'Gymf Concert. Field Day This year Field llay was held o11 Friday, October ltlth. lt was de- cided to have a full day this year instead of the customary halt'-day. However, owing to the visit of the IIovernor-General to Lindsay on October 21-al. NVllPll we had two days holiday, it was impossible to have the full day. The medal winners were: Boys' Senior, Charles McLean 10.11.31 Intermediate, Norman Maidens 1G.b 1 Junior, Jack IVit-kett Girls. Senior. Eleanor Holmes tR.yg -Iunior, Kitty Ilatt 1O.G.'b. Some new records were establish- ed, notably the Boys' Senior Pole Vault, by Fred. Mitchell. Fred. broke the former record by live inches when he pole-vaulted Sl feet, 10 inches. fiU11gl'tlllllZlllt'lllS, Fred. Toboggan Party O11 Friday evening, January Sth, the Toboggan Party was held. A large number of students met at the school and then proceeded to the Golf Links. where they spent an enjoyable two hours in tobog- ,Q'2lllll1g.L'. Returning' to the school at nine-thirty, they found a de- lightful supper awaiting them. After enjoying' the beans the tolnooeaiiists danced for an hour hh to music provided by Miss Muriel Silver and Lloyd Flack. Shortly after eleven o'clock, the party broke up, everybody declaring' they had had an enjoyable t"Yttl1lllg2,'. Carnival The annual il2ll'l1lYill took place on Friday evening, January 22nd, at the Lindsay Street Arena. A large crowd of students and towns- people were present, although only the small minority braved coming' in costume. The judgiiig' of the costumes occupied the Iirst half hour. Finally the jlulges, Misses F. Vorkery and ll. Clark, and Mr. li. ly. McLean picked the followin-1' PH as the best in costume:-Girls' fancy dress. Miss Vera Cliit-kg lloys' fancy dress, Girls' comic dress, XYinchesterg Boys' "Miss" .lim Groves. Jack Heesorg Miss Audi-is eomic dress, XVith Mr. H. Groves as announ- cer, Mr. NV. lh-eese as starter and Messrs. H. L. Ilale and Il. Fulton as judges the following races were run otit- tll 'Girls under 15 .... Miss E. Hodgson till Boys under 16 .......,........ Jack Tripp till Girls 15 and over Miss VV. Brennan 141 Boys 16 and over ...... Buddy Lamb t5b Girls' Keg Race .... Miss R. Langdon C6 3 t7J Tandem Race ...... Miss VV. Brennan and Arthur Menaul. Lucky Spot Race..Miss R. Langdon Boys' Keg Race .....,........ Jack Per-l 18? After the races skating' was en- joyed by all until 10.30. the band being in attendance. 66 THE L.C.L TATLER Skating Party After numerous delays the Skate ing' Party to Oakwood was held on Friday, February 27th. Instead of going out to Oakwood in a truek as in former years the Peterhoro hus was chartered. So large was the numher of skaters that the bus made two trips, some of the boys even then riding on the roof. After two and a half hours skating the ice was tinally 1-leared of skaters for the return trip, hy Sandy Peel assisted hy a large cow-hell, and much yellillg. After reaching Lind- say many of the skaters visited the Various tea rooms for refresh- ments. This was the most suceess- ful skating party held for many years. 'Gym' Concert At the time of going to press the Gym Concert has 11ot been held. It is expected that it will take place on two evenings this year, Thurs-A day and Friday. April 16th and 1Tth. From advance notices alld preparations of the P. T. teachers this yeai-'s concert promises to he the hest yet. The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. J. H. Couke. are planning to stage a short lllllli- her on the same nights. XVith the conclusion of the Gym ill0llt'El'i the Athletic Year draws to a close and the ill-'l1i1'21l Athletic Exec-iltive takes this opportunity to thank all those who have helped them carry out their enterprises Slli't'E'SSflllly. J.-IM. , Fl E LD - " ' SN! J. YVICKETT DAY CHAMPIONS lx. BATT r 'TQ' 4 'G' ' QQ'-11" t 'li '94 N. MAIDENS 0 0 O40 E. HOLMES C. MCLEAN THE L. CL TATLEI? 67 1F1re1me1111 Department UN PEU DE RECREATION Un Grand Secret Es-tu capable 1le g211'41Ql' 1111 secret? Assu1'6111e11t 1 E11 111e11, j'11i 1111s11l111111111t 11eso111 1le quiuze 1'Pll1S f1'11111's. ff'11111pte sur 1111115 l"CSf 1'0111111e si je 11'11v111s 1'ie11 tff0ll111l. Point de Vue de Commercant L11 petit -1e1111, fils 11.1111 l'1L'11E 1-11111111111-Q1111t, feuillette 1111 11i1'tio11- 11211114 il 111111111111le 11 sou pe1'11: Q11'11st-C11 que Q11 veut 1li1'e: "Yie- tor 1l11g11. 1802-SS?" Le pei-e 1'etl151'l1it 1111 111o111e11t C1 1lit: f"11st lI1'll1Ji11J161ll011i sou 1111111131-11 1111 1616111111116 Jugement Severe Mais, 11111 1'1l61'8 11111i11, v11us 11v11z tort. C'est 1111 l11i1111111e fort 1111111111l11, q11i vous 111l111'e, et 11111 fOl'il 1111 111111-1 l1i11'f2ll1. lit 111118 il 111681 pals si veux que 1-el11. 1111 111111111111 1l'91ge llflyell. lfiige 11111ye11! 11113111141 vous voulez 11i1'e 2111 11111ve11 ige I Bonsoir ou Bonjour Tres 1'7l'l'1111l3, le g'1'u111l S1lVil1l12 t1'11v11il1e 2111 l1111111'11t1Q1ire, 3111113 le 11i11e1'. Tout 5 001111, t111--toe leger. et ses 11611K e11f1111ts 911il'G111. Il les l'9gil1il1Q avec q11elq11e severite. Je 1112111116 p11s, 1li1l-11 C1116 l'1111 ue C16'I'il1lg'Q. Q11'est-ee que vous vou- lez? Nous veuious vous 11i1'e 11ousoi1', papa, 1611011116111 les petits. 131111 . Bon, je 11'111 pas le temps .. . .vous 1119 11irez eel11 111111111111 11131111 I Devinette 17211111111 1191111111 1111111g111- 1111 11111- 111111 E1 Villltllll' ? Q11a111l il 111-l111ue, test l'1l011i1. Dans Un Salon 11119 111111111, 41111 1'l11111t111t une 1111- 11111111'11 41illlS 111111 s11i1'1111, poussoit 1111s 1-1-is t1111111111-11t uigus qu'il etziit i111p1:ssi11111 2l11X2l11fl'PS iuvites 1111 s'1111t1111111'11. 11111 111111-i 1111 111 1-l11111- 1u11s11, 1'11llVil1lll'11 s11 f1111111111 13t11it.1 1111111111 41.1111 t11l1111t 11Xt1'11111-11i1111i1'e s11 1191101121 v111-s S1111 v11isi11. 1111 C1111- Siltlll' g1111v11 et 11111-1-e1't. N'11st-1111 p11s, 1111111sieu1-, que lllil. f11111111e il 111111 11111111 v11ix? i1t le 1Ilil1'1. LP1llt111S1l-'l11' 11111111 111 11111111 51 s1111 111-1111111 1111 guise 1111 p111't11-v11ix: XYUUN 11it11s, 1111111s111u1'? "Ne t1-11uv11z-v1111s pus que Illil ftlllllllfl il 111111 11111111 v11ix?" 1'13p11t11 111 111111-i sur 1111 t1111 plus e117v11. Mais le vieux 1111111si11u1-, 11v111' 1111 geste 1111 1111111u11g3,'111111111t, 1'13p11111lit. "11l112lS1 1111111si11111', 111s 1'1-is que 1111'11SHl' 1111111 1l1111111, 1ll.Q1ll11C'1,'1lE1if l1.l"111P11111'0 1-11 que v11us 11111 1lit11s." L'Homme A Toujours Tort M1111s111u1' et 3111111111111 il1'l'1V611f 11ss1:uItles 51 111 g'111'11: le f1'il111 v1e11t 1111 1l2l1'111'. M1:11si11111': "Tu v1Q1is, si tu 11'11v11is pus ete si 1l11lg'l1C 11 t.11111P11' 1111, 111111s 11.i1l11'1U11S p11s 1111111111116 1.314 t1'11i11-111. M111l1111111: "Et si tu 116 nous ilVil1S p11s 111111 fait 1111111-i1-, 111,1us 1l.2l111'1U11S p11s 11 11tte111l1'e si long- teiups 111 p1'111'l111i11 Z" A La Diete .Le 1111111111311-' 1'GQ,'ill'112l sou 1JOXQ11l' C1111 vr11i1111111t 116111112111 trop gros. S'il CO11111l11i111 11i11s1, il l143VQ11l11i?l1K 58 THE L. C.I. TA TLER 1110111111 111Q1i11s i4,11l1'11. I1 filiiilif faire 111101111111 111111s0 111111 1111 suite. "A 11111'1i1- 1111 111111111i11, 1111111 gur- g1111." 111 111'11v1111i1'-11, "Tu vas sur- 1'11i11111' 111 ll1'l111'11l1l't-1. 011111111-is?" 110111, 1l2lfl'11l1.u i'112l1l'i11111'S 1'11u11111s 11e s11111110 s1111s 11ss11is1111111111111111, 111 1111 V6l'l'1' 1111 jus 41'1l1'2l1lg'i'. 1111111 111 1111111 1111 l1i1111. "1"11s1 111111?" "1"11st 111111." "l!1111 . . . 111111 . . l1i111s 11o111:. f"11st 11 111-1111111-11 ilvillli 1111 11111'es 10 l'111111S ?" Explication L0 1,11-'lllitll' V11y11g'11111'-.111 11113 suis s11111'1111t 1191112111116 111111r111111i 111s 11'1'1111g111s 0111111111 1Pl1VP1ll'S 1111 01110. 1111 1Y1lXi11ll1l-' xYUj'il1J,'9111'+,X1l 1 111111, ,111 suis 1111u1'11u111! -V111 1111 1111 111111' 111111 Bon Coeur lfilllllllilll, si je 1111111111 11111 vieille 11111111611 11 111114 111111111 11111: 112111V1'l', es111-11 111111 N11131 111'1111 11111111111111 une 11u11'11? 311118 11111, 11111 1-11111'i0. N11111 1-010-11111- 111111s11 1011.10111'S 11114 1111111111s 111-1i1111s. Tu 1-11111111is 111111 111111111 11110 111111V1'11'? N1111-e11111is '111 v11is 1111 1111111-1'11111' 111111 111111 1111 sui111. Une Colle 1'o111'1-iez-v1111s 11111 1-it111' 1-11111 '1111l1'S 1111 111 s1111111i1111 suns lllblllllllll' 11111111, 111111'11i, 111111'1-111111, j9ll111, V011- 111'0111, s111111111i 7 1C1111111e11111111 g15ll61'1l1. Sile110e 11t'11f111111. A1111-sl 130115011116 llqfl 11'o11V0 ? 1 A1111's j11 1'011111111s 111111-111011111, Gi je 11is: L'2l11'1Ul1l't1 '1l111, 111011, 11v11111- hier, 11011111111, 11111'0s-111111111111" Ce ll'l'S1 1111s 111l1S 111111111 11110 Q11 I Beethoven et le Nouveau Riche 1J1111s it'Sf'il1lf11' 11111 1110110 21 111 s111l11 1111 1-111111011 1121118 111111111110 1113 1111, 111 11111si111111 s11 fait 911181111116 Ivll 1111111si11111' 111111 0161111111 110- 111'111-1111 11 s11 fl-'llllllli Sll1'Cilil1'glfC 11e 11111-111s, 111-' s'01r11 1111111'110e 1121118 les soins 11e s11 111i111110. Tu 11.68 j1111111is 1ll'Gtf'. Nous 111-1'1v1111s 1111111 111111. C'es1 116.111 011111- IllG'lll'6. 1111 2111 111111111111' 11111 se 1101111 11 111 11111-111 11111111-00 i1 11011111111111: 011 1111 11st-1111? V111111 1'13111111s11 1011111111111 111 fill'- Qlll' 1111 1111111si11ur, t'1ll1L'l'1Q 11 S11 i'1111111111.1 T11 91110114157 011 il 1111111 joue 11111111111 sy11111111111i11s. A iil H511 Sy11111111111i11" 110 130111111- 11v1111, M1111si0u1'. Anecdote Ivll lll4lllSi611l' 111111111111111i1 il 111111 11111111 111111111 111111 111 110111 110 son 1IE'1'i'. "1111 11111 sais 1-1011" 1101111111111-e110. "Un 1'111111111111 1111 1111110 1111111ie1'0s." "1'1111111111111 1-11111?" "L111-S111111 nous s1111111111s seu1s. 311111121111 111 11111111110 l'1e1'1'0. "S'11 ,V il 1111 1111111110. 111111 11i1. M1111 lll2ll'i. 1'M1111 11111-0 1'111111111111: M1111 illll1. "Mu 11111111 11111: M1111 1111011 110111. "111-111111'1111f-11-11: M1111 Qllfilllf. "1111 111118111 -1111'111111s: Mon Vieux. "Nos Visiteul-s 11is11111: BI0l1S19ll1' 110 1'1-11s111s. "Les s111-v1111111-sz Monsieur 1.1 1uV2l1'41l11S. "Moi, j11 111s s11111111111111n1: Pillliliu The D0t11ils Of A Tale About Tails Mr. Paterson on returning LO the Physics P00111 where E1 First Forrn class was ussembliiig noticed an amused yet Q1l11J3l'?lSSEd look on some of the faces. Finally 111e whole class broke out in 1,-oisterous laughter. Mr. Patterson was disturbed at not being able to discover the reason but whe11 he turned to the board he saw the inscription there "The Structure of a Horse-Tail" under a. 1lrawi11g of the Fifth Form Botany Class! THE L. C.L TATLER 69 THE EXCHANGE The Tatler acknowledges with thanks the following niagazines that it has had the pleasure of placing 011 its exchange shelf this year. IVe greatly enjoyed reading these publications and wish to con- gratulate the respective editors on their successful hooks. The school appreciates the generous praise accorded previous issues of The Tatlcr and invites your UUIIIIIIQIIIS on this vear's magazine. I11 reviewing' The I'IXl'llill1Q.l'0 we find that some of the departments in the inagazines show marked iniproveinent over other years. The Literary section with its poetry coluinns is coininendalrle. with a large amount of surprisingly good work. The school activities are well writ- ten and the increases in the nuinlner of pictures shows to advantage in lllzlllj' hooks froin the larger schools. Most ot these hooks niav boast an admirable French Ilepartinent illlll have inspired us to introduce a few pages of French humour into our own inagazine this vear. Never before. in our opinion, have the Ililarity colunins equalled those of this veal- and we congratulate those schools that had a splendid section of original jokes H1111 classroom fun. IYe hope that this iniprovenient and develope inent will continue and spread to other departnients to raise the standards of scholastic journalism. IYe are pleased to add several newcomers to our exchange. It is always a pleasure to nieet 11ew friends. To you and to our older meni- liers we say "Colne Again." VOX L3'C'Pi"CCH'f1'a1 C. I-, HHIHUIOII Torpedo-Central High School of Specula Gaitonia-Galt C. I. 8: V. S. The Screech 0wlgBowrnanville H. S. Lalupatlion-Delta C. I., Hamilton Analecta-Central C. I., Calgary, Alta Actra Nostra-Guelph C. I. 8: V. S. The 0raclefSouth London C. I. The Times4Kingston C. I. The Elevator-Belleville C. I. 8: V. S. The Grumbler-Kitchener 8: Waterloo C. I. Northland Echo-North Bay C. I. The The Review-Trinity College, University Toronto. Vulcan-Central Technical School, Vox Collegiensis-St. Catharines C. 1. Toronto. 32 V- S' The Collegiate-Sarnia C. I. 8: V. S. Harhord Review-Harbord C.I. Toronto The CoIle,f:,ian-Stratford C. I. QQ V. S. The Muse-Malvern C. I., Toronto The Reveille-Riverdale C. I., Toronto The H0WW'l9l"-N0Ft11 T0!'O11t0 C. I. The Parkdalian-Parkdale C. I. Toronto The Blilgllixt-J31'ViS C. I-. Toronto XYindsor-XYalkerville Technical School Oakwood Oracle-Oakwood C. I. Toronto. The Twig-University Toronto Schools Conning TOXVCI'-'XVQSIOII C. I. 8: V. S. The The Magazine-IVindsor. Lantern-Bedford Road C. I., Sas- katoon. Sask. New Era-Brandon C. I. 8: V. S. The He1'r110S-Humberside C- I. The XVolf Howlgsuabury C. I. .sg V. s. Lux Glcbana-Glebe C. I.. Ottawa The ReporterfVVellington Girls' Coi- Allaboutus-Stamford C. I. and V. S., Niagara Falls. lege, IVellington, N. Z. The Peptimist-Mimico High School. RfhVif'W'L0Hd0H Central C. I. Arghsy XVeekly-Mt. Allison, N. B. Acta Llldi-Oshawa C- I- The Monocle-Simcoe High School The Echoes-Peterboro C- I. The Year Book-Paris High School The Lantern-Sir Adam Beck C. I., London. Eastern Echo-Eastern High School of Commerce, Toronto. Albert Alibi-Albert College, Belleville The Collegian-St. Thomas C. I. Sz V. S. The Commerce, Toronto. Acta, Yictoriauna- Victoria Toronto. The Year Book-Scarboro Collegiate. Acta Xepeana-Nepean High School, Vlfestboro, Out. College, 70 THE L.C.L TATLER Annie L. C. I. February 7th, 1931. Dear Annie Laurie:-- You have been recommended to nie, as a very good person to go to with any trouble, and so in despair I ask your advice. I am a recent comer, and do not like girls, no matter how beautiful or clever they may be. But as soon as I arrived, I was beseiged on all sides, in class, out of class, everywhere. These girls, whose intentions may be good, seem to think that it is time l have chosen one of them as a favorite. I cannot, it seems, look at one but what she catches the glance and the next time I see her, on the street perhaps, I get the most delicious smile and "-Oh hello." It seems to me now that I have a li11e like that which would reach from here to San Francisco! They do every- thing to attract my attention and if I do take notice the fortunate lady flashes -a triumphant smile at the others and acknowledges my kindness with an in- vitation to a tobogganing party or other function at which she knows I'll have a wonderful time! And if perchance I am tempted to accept and attend with her, I find that in shorter time than I could have imagined that fact has been broadcast and I am expected to con- tinue. I have no time nor desire to be- come friendly with any of them and to have a number on my trail, like some of my comrades, is distressing. I hope that you will be able to tell me how to escape as my future peace of mind rests upon it. You are a lady yourself, and therefore should under- standg and you have the honor of being the only lady I have ever consulted. Trustfully, INNA FIX. L. C. I. February 10th, 1931. Dear Inna Fix:- Your position is certainly a trying one and though I -should be very SOl'l'y to tell you to be rude, yet I feel your case is hopeless, unless you pay no at- tention whatever to these frivolous girls. Never smile, when they look -at you, but appear to be far 1no1'e interest- ed in your book, your latin grammar for instance. And if you find your mind wandering back to the fair one, follow the advice of the illustrious Dr. Barker and shout to it 'Tome back! Come back!" lf at tirst this is little effective you may be alarmed when you look up and meet her pretty smile again but immediately grin, as if your mouth autriie were in contact with a green sour apple, lower the angle of elevation of your head and retreat into the mystery of your book. If they speak to you "dis- guise fair nature with hard-favoured rage and lend the eye a terrible aspect." Follow this advice and I am sure that they will leave you in peace and with Dr. Barker's conviction you may antici- pate a higher percentage! Kindly let me know the result of this advice, Your friend, ANNIE LAURIE. L. C. I. February 12th, 1931. Dear Annie Laurie:- A great problem confronts rne and the thought that it concerns four-hun- dred and ninety-nine others in the school gives me courage to ask the question in your columns in The Tat- ler. You know how it was this year, last year it was the same, and now with the Juniors coming along I feel a 'crisis is at hand! The time has come when I must have some experienced person's judgment on this very important ques- tion, the contemplation of which has caused me many nights of restlessness and corresponding days of anxiety. Dear Annie Laurie, this matter is of vital importance. By it many 'homes have been upset, so you see I am not alone concerned and the whole school is in- terested. I know I am asking a great deal of you, Annie Laurie, that it will cause deep thinking while deciding. Please lay aside all personal feelings and tell me from the bottom of your heart, will the senior rugby team ever amount to anything? Yours hopefully, RUG. B. FAN. L. C. I., February 13th, 1931. Dear Rug. B. Fan:- I found your letter most interesting because I had not known such interest was manifest in the rugby team. Take hope, Rug, this year's Juniors will be next year's Seniors, do not despair be- cause they appear to take off the mantle of good rugby when they put on that of Upper School students! Join the rest of the interested students in cheer- ing the boys along next season. But take my advice and spend your leisure moments thinking about your home- work instead of such trifles. Yours truly, ANNIE LAURIE. THE L. C.L TA TLER 71 L. C. I., February 10th, 1931. Dear Annie Laurie:- What are rabbies and what would you do for them? W-here should a lady be when walking with a gentleman on a walk. Yours, HARD LUCK Dear Hard Luck:- They are Jewish Priests and I am afraid I wouldn't do anything for them. The lady should be inside -the gentle- man. Yours, ANNIE LAURIE. Dear Annie Laurie:- I am a student in the Senior Com- mercial with the sole ambition to "knock the world dead" in the sten- ography line. Study my shorthand and gramalogues as I will, till my head actually reels, my beloved teacher insists that I don't know any short hand and I'll never be a stenographer! Can that 'be possible, Annie Laurie? Isn't it just possible that he doesn't really appreciate a gen- ius when he sees -one? Alas, it makes me quite disheartened, for I ask you. Annie, how can one make a success as a "stenog." with such opposition? I had seriously considered being a bookkeeper-as I am quite proficient- but I am told the world tat the present time of depressionl is practically over- run with bookkeepersl And again my hopes were crashed when Mr. Lee, our instructive mathematician, kindly tat least he meant it kindlyl informed me that I'd never be any use in a brokers otfice. I implore you, dear Annie Laurie, what shall I do? I'm afraid I ani a total failure. I thought I might get married or some- thing desperate like that. But as a cook I'm a "flop" and too, no one has asked me yet! Rack my brains as I will, I cannot think of any way out of this my sorry plight. I iniplore you, Annie Laurie, think of something as I am desperate and I have no desire to end my young life in the waters of the Scugog. Yours in trouble, CALANIITY JANE. L. C. I.. February 13th, 1931. Dear Calamity Jane:- Truly your troubles are many! How- ever do not let the teachers' discourag- ing words dishearten you. Maybe if you appear inditferent to their harsh critic-ism, apply yourself diligently, and do your homework ev- ery night, they will begin praising you, or if not they must -at least stop criticis- ing your work. Then your success in commercial life will 'be assured and you will again seek the spotlight. Busi- ness depression is bound to right itself. There must 'certainly be an opening for you in bookkeeping. By all means con- tinue your studies for fby your letter I would judge you to be a very clever person. Hoping that this advice proves help- ful, I remain, ANNIE LAURIE. Study Room, L. C. I., February 27th, 1931. Dear Annie Laurie:- Like most of those who write to you, I am a student in the L. C. I., and like everyone else who is such, I am in trouble. You must know, dear Annie Laurie. what our feelings are when we walk in the girls' door of a classroom and ap- proach a fair OIIGVS seat only to meet the interested look of one of the staff passing out the other. I am told by the fellows that I personally turn a deep crimson, blushing to the roots of my carrot-topped hair, that I lose my nerve, that I stammer and stutter an invitation to the girl and altogether appear so ridiculous that it is little wonder this modern maid turns me clown in favour of another. You must know my chagrin. People flatter me that I have an attractive personality and Oh Annie, she is gorgeous! Even to look at her makes my heart throb in eager anticipation. Her eyes, oh so round, are a dark brown, her pretty hair falling in icurls at her SIIOIIICIQFS makes a picture few artists could do credit to, I know. Must I continue to be a worshipper from afar? All my ef- forts to arrange a date are futile! I have hurried at breakneck speed along the upstairs hall to meet her at the study room door, tthere is only one en- trance therel but I must always stop in my tracks at the sight of some mem- ber of the staff. Once perchance, I drew near enough to touch her gently, it was at noon and I knew we had little time, but I could not resist detaining her and how thrilled I was when she said she would see about it, but, Oh Annie, the bell rang and it made her late. Need I tell you that she wouldn't go with me to The Kent, and I cannot arrange another date, through trying to avoid the principal only to meet o11e who causes me even more embarrass- ment. 72 THE L. C. L TATLER IVhat am I to do- If I do not regain her favour I think it will brefik my heart. Please help me, Annie Laurie. Yours, UNO HOWE. L. C. I., March 2. 1931. Dear Uno Howe:- Your lot is hard but I do not see any reason why you find it so difficult to convey an invitation to a girl. My own experience has taught me that all the girls are ready to receive them and al- low many opportunities! Then if time presses you in school hours and you are not able to approach your fair one there, why not write to her? You could have it delivered by a friend in her class. But I would advise your making a big effort to retain your composure at all timesg no doubt 'her refusal was prompt- ed because she was mortified at the ex- hibitions you have made in approaching her. Wishing you all kinds of success in your new endeavour, I remain, Sincerely yours, ANNIE LAURIE. L, C. I., March 3rd, 1931. Dear Annie Laurie:- Here I am-another one seeking ad- vice from one who understands the plights of others. Everyone seems to think that I'm a good-looking man and I am continually having to discourage girls because they all seem to have a decided preference for my company. That is, all but one -the girl of my choice. Annie, she says that she detests thin men and will not even consider a date with me at the present time. And what is worst of all, she says that unless I can gain forty pounds in three weeks she will not even consider me one of her admirers! Now Annie, you can understand how hard it is for me to gain that weight in the specified time. I, who can only eat four meals a day on account of my weak stomach. I used to be able to assimilate six good healthy meals but now my tendency towards biliousness makes that course impossible. As it is I only weigh a mere 240 pounds and I know how unpleasant it must be for "her" to be seen with such a skinny, underfed man. Please help me with my problem. How can I gain that necessary 40 pounds? Yours, BILL YDS. Dear Bill Yust- Indeed yours is a real problem and even I hesitate to offer a suggestion lest it fail to bring you up to the required mark. Now, Bill Yus, I have the sure road tossuccess is to make your girl-friend jealous. Make her fear that or do some- decided that she is going to lose you thing that will make her feel sorry for you. Perhaps it would be adviseable to transfer your attentions to the pretty young lady who sits across from you second period in the morning. If I'm not mistaken, your desired one is -al- ready a little jealous of her and I'n1 sure, when she finds your glances are no longer in her direction, she will try to win you back. If this fails, just leave out two of your precious four meals a day, and when she sees you dwindling to a shadow she will relent her harsh decision and take you back into her good graces. I hope that this will solve the prob- lem that confronts you, Bill Yus, for yours is one of the I11OSt baffling that I have yet encountered. ' Your friend, ANNIE LAURIE. L. C. I., February 13, 1931. Dear Annie Laurie:- In the direst of all my trouble, I turn to you for help, I say my direst trouble because I ani in danger of los- ing 1ny dearly beloved Romeo. You can have no idea how wonderful he is, ia great, big "he-man", a hero of the "grid and cinder track". It would break my heart to lose him, but that is what will happen if you cannot come to my aid! He admires a girl who can cook: but he also admires a girl who can be gay and frivolous. When he asked me to our Collegiate dance I was delighted, but he said if I failed him he would never take me to another, and requested that he dine that night at my house and eat a dinner made entirely by me! Now dear Annie Laurie you can understand my quandary, I who can scarcely boil water! If I refuse to cook the dinner he will refuse to take me to the dance. Then again, if I let him eat a dinner I prepared, he will likely be too ill to take me, and his dear life might be en- dangered! Oh, whatever will I do? Yours, KANT KOOK. L. C. I., February 14, 1931 Dear Kant Kookz- You certainly are in a very unpleas- ant situation. The fact that your "hero" had a double ideal in the girl he admires makes it very hard for you. However you can easily overcome your THE L.C.L TA TLER 73 great deficiency. When your "grid and cinder" man comes to dine with you just keep him at a safe distance from the kitchen and with the aid of a Can- ned Cooked Dinner everything will be O.K. Follow the directions on the out- side of the can and the dinner will be such ta difference from the usual ones, that your Romeo cannot help but feel impressed. If the dinner is not up to your expectations, chloroform is avail- able at any drugstore and if adminis- tered in small quantities your admirer will not feel like eating, but by the time you are ready for the dance the effects should be sufficiently worn off for him to take you. Hoping this advice proves valuable to you, I am as ever, ANNIE LAURIE How many of us remember Georgina Walker of last year's Commercial Class? Mr. Lucas reports that out of a class of 250 in Detroit. Georgina came nrst, winning a gold medal for her pains. Keep it up, Georgie! Commercial wishes to congratulate Mr. Lucas on his splendid performance at the curling rink this winter, and hopes he may do even better another season. Good luck, sir! "A MODERN CONVERSATION" Walking home from school one even- ing, I met "My Ideal". "Hello Beautiful," I said, "Would you like to take a walk?" "Oh Kay," she said, so we strolled through the "Blue Pacino Moonlight" along the "Magic Highway". "Under the spell of a kiss," I waxed eloquent and told her a "Cheerful Little Earful" including many "Little W'hite Lies." I said, "You're My Secret Passion," "My Love For You" will not la-st "Over- night" but "Always" even "When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver." I will not regard you as having been "Just a Gigilo". but as "My Blue Heaven" I will always think of you as the "Sweet- heart of My Student Days." But she replied, "You're Driving Me Crazy," with all your love talk, "I Ani Only Passing Time With You." So "Walking My Baby Back Home" I was "Blue Again." W.B. L. C. I., 12!2!31. Dear Annie Laurie:- Unlike many that I have heard talk- ing about the perfect girl they know, I have never met a perfect girl. My birth- day is Feiiruary the 29th. How many years will I have to wait until I shall meet Her? Yours in expectation, LEE P. YEAR. Dear Lee P Year:- How can I answer your query when you don't even tell me how many birth- days you have already had? Why worry about your age when your happiness is at stake? However, I suggest that you celebrate your birthday one day later, and then I leave the time that you must wait to your own judgment. From girls I have heard that the perfect girl can only appear before a perfect boy! Your friend, e ANNIE LAURIE. THE FROST When hills and fields are powdered white, And bitterly cold the northwind blows, Upon the window in the night A fairy garden grows. Here lilies that no hand hath sown, Bloom white as foam upon the seag One little breath their beauty's gone- Oh may they not be marred by me. MARION PEEL IV. A BAISYS SMILE A tear Is wiped awayg and soft A sigh escapes a motl1er's lips: Her child, Sweet in it-3 cradle, little knows The pangs within the lllOtl16l"S heart That tear has -caused. A smile- And little dimples g10W3 The mother, strangely stirred, clasps close Her child. She seeks to fully understand What holy beauty of love is in A baby's smile. ALICE E. HALL. Johnston:--"That swell looking girl is dead from the neck up!" McLean:-"Well, she can bury her head in my arms any time!" THE L. C.L TA TLER I I I1I1'I11I I l'l1lll1E1l'llll Illl l'll l1llwl1lll"ll'l"ll Standards of Quality City Dairy Ice Crea m Serverl in lllilllj' 1liii'e1-ent Ways z1t lltlllllllll' prices. Smiles 'n Chuckles Chocolates 60c Lb., All Sizes Brysonis Tea Room Lunches - Sandwiches We Special iize - - - - - In Fitting Y, :'f' Q Ewmlwwnnnv at, lVlclVIULI..EN'S Ivlll-'l'0 the Styles come from 147 KENT ST.lLINDSAY 11I11I"l11ll1l11l11l1'l11I11l11ll1 1l'4lHl11l11l1'l11l11ll1l11ll1lt1l:1l1ll 1. lltllllllllll' IllI1'IllI11IllIllIllllliwl11IllI'1Iill11Illll1lllI'lIllI'll' I 'I The Biggest Selling Wrist and Strap Watch in the World 'Bulova Watchesv' XVIIPII you think of getting or giviiig il wi-ist watvli re- 111e111l1e1' that the IIIIICPPID is no llltll'l" on il gg-oo1l ti111e-piece than ll'lSHllil 1r11m'11ne,z1111l that the IilllI1V2l is the NVz1t1'l1 that will give you the 1-oi-ret-t time for years to 1-nine a1111l you will Ive 111'1:111l to show it to your frienmls. XVe t'2ll'l'j' il large range at all times. iitlllltl ill a1l11l look ali fIlt'lll. Britton Bros. Ltd. Reg. Bacon. Manager 1l'lll lul 1l1lI 'I1ll 1!1ll'1l'lU 1Il1l,lIlllllIllllKll' 1'l1l11l ll1l ll Il, ll I itil? I l1I1l"ll'll Spring-Time Means OUTDOOR SPORTS TENNIS RACKETS BASEBALL EQUIPMENT GOLF BALLS also EVERYTHING IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES The Little Book Shoppe Opposite Post Office '1ll1Il11l1hl11IHII1II1II1II1IHlllllllllllllllllrllrl11lHll1lI1II1lllII1l11 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 74 THE L. C.L TA TLER orm Notes The Study Room Hour "I111w-1111-you, 1111, 1'1VQl'yb011j'. T11is is Station S.1'.A.R. 1J1'02lt11'HS1- ing' f1'o111 its st1111io 111 t11e Col- legiate l1uil11i11g, 141111182132 This 111'o11111'11st is SIDUIISOFQ11 by T11e T211lP1' w11i1'11 1'111111es to X011 ea1'l1 yt-'ill' 11t t11is time with sehool stories. l111'1111't'S, 111-tivities 111111 fun. . 11t'11lt'1l111P1' it is yo11r1111ok, written 11y L. U. 1. S1l111P1l1S ahout t11e s1'1111111, for t11e s1-11111111. Tllttll 11lll1'f 111iss getting yo11r l'01ly 11011, titty 1'e11ts to-1111y. il prieeless 1116111- 911111 of ytllll' t'1111eg'i11te 112lj'S some years 11Pll1'6. "We IIUNV take p1e11sure in pre- Stlllilllg' t11e Study R1111111 Hour, 21 pr11g1'11111111e of 1ll10l'0S11llg' 111-ts 211111 IIPNVS flashes, 11i1-eet f1'1'D1l1 the Study 11111111 1111 t11e St't'tl1l11 floor of tl1e 1411l11SilY f'1l1lPQ'l211t' Iusti- t11te. 1,lPi1St' st111111 11y for ytllll' 11111111 21l11l1l11llL'G1', 11110 11101119111 please." "til-eeti11gs from the Study R1111111. 1Ye 21114 1110118011 t11 ll1'1'S0l112 11s the 111101111111 ll111ll1N"1' 'Hill 111111 T11111' our f01'1lI t'ti1lltt11121llS. XVl1t'1l t11e s1-e11e 11119118 it is 2111111181 o11e- thirty hy the 1511511 S1'11o111-ti111e. 12111 is i11 il 11111111 sent ll1'21l' tl1e 1111111- NY1l1t'1l 111111118 1111w t11 1111111it T11111, fl11Sl1011 211111 1111t of 11l't'il11l. Ile stops 211' the se11t 11esi11e 11111, 11e' 1l12l1l11N t11e U1'f'111l2lll1 t11 V2l1'211P, tl1e11 w11i1e tl111t l1l11lVl11l1il1 IIIOVQN 1't1l111'12l1l11.V to tl1e trout, f11l1s 110YV11 witl1 21 t111111. The 11e1l rings, 111 t11e Silllltl 111411119111 t11e 19ilC11P1' 111- g'i11s, 211141 11s it tl111t were their sig'- 11211 t11e 1111ys l1eg'i11 the POIIVPPSQ1- tio11 to XVll11'11 we 111'e 11111011 i11: "I 111111 11111011 11t tl1e 0ly111pi11 to- 1111y. Hill." g'E1ljU'V it?" G'Ril1llPl', 9V91'j'1l1l1lg' was grealt. 7111101112111 1'11 have lllj' favorite des- sert, too, so when t11e waitress 1'11111e for Illy 0l'119l' 1 politely 11ske11 'Will X011 serve il piece of cheese witl1 111i11ee pie?' 111111 what 110 you think s11e s11i11?" UI111111111, Tom." t'1Ve serve 2ll1j'1D011y witl1 21111- tl1i11g'," "A 15111111 0116 011 y01lu-21110111 to 12111211 1,1111 11oti1'es the iP211'1lG1' "Give 1119 il 11211111 witl1 this Physics T1z111. Xvllill' is S1Q2l1ll?u hxvilttgl' gone l"1'21Z,V witl1 the 1lP211.u H.-xlltiflltll' wo1-11 f1'll111 either of you 111141-N A1111 s11 folks we le11ve 11111 111111 Ttllll 111 go 1111 witl1 t11eir stu1lies 11ll11l'l' t11e eye of t11e te111'11er. XVQ 1'1111ti11ue our 111'OgI1'illll1l10 11y bring- ing' you il short perio11 of news flushes: T11e lirst 11isp11t1-11 is t1-11111 the first pei-11111 11111111 1"l11ss. F1-11111 11is persiste11t questions 11s t11 wl1y it is tl111t 1'11se, wl1y 11oes it 1'1lilllQ.l'0, 111111 wl1y NV011l11l1'f this 1111, the S1l14lPll1S NV0l11101' if BIPLQIID thinks Miss 11t'1'1'1S1l t11e lllllilltll' of "11111111 .lust 1Yl1y Stories." A111:t11er 11isp11t1'11 1'11111es from Z1 112159112111 f1111 of tl1e Study Room who 41H1'1ill'9S it t11 11e il "w11w." 3111111111111 1'11111e 211111 "wo1v. wow. wow" 211111 still 1111otl1e1' "wow" fi-11111 t11e 111111y. "F1l111'1J21NYlS 111111 1 w111k." ,2'1'02l110t1 t11e 1111se1111ll play- er 11111111y 11s 11e s1i11 1111t of 111911. :x1101'1ll"1' 11esp11te11 requests tl111t we 11l'02lt1t'21S11 c-1111g'r11tul11tio11s to tl1e lixeeutive of t11e L1f9l'i1l'j' So- eiety for the sple1111i1l 111'0gl'i111111lQS tl111t were provi11e11 for our enter- THE L. C. L TA TLER 75 taininent this year. Congratula- tions! That is all for the newscast. The concluding number on our programme has its scene in a local boarding-house. It is the tirst eve- ning after the Christmas vacation, three of our members are in the living room, one is reading the evening paper while the others listen: First Boarder: "So we're on the last lap. According to the Post. 'Students Entered Upon Last Lap To-day!" Second Boarder texcited 9 : ct ' 'P XX hat- lYe're only started, not till Easter or -Tune-" Third Boarder: HI wouldn't get excited. A typograpliical error, I presume. It should have read 'Students on Last 'Napf they'll wake up after Easter." And so we bring to a close the Study Room Hour which is brought to you through the cour- tesy of The Tatler, the year book now 011 sale by the XVriter's Club. May we conclude by wishing you all a successful year? Your an- nouncer is Morris Thurston. "Back again in the studio of S.P.A.R. lVe hope that you have enjoyed the programme of the Study Room. If so, why not con- gratulate the form representatives or the lVriters' Club, better still tell your friends they will enjoy reading The Tatler. which they can secure at the local book shops. "lVe are signing olt now. Good luck. everybody." CLICK. The Beginners' Broadcast "How-do-you-do, Everybody, this is first forms in the Lindsay 'Collegiate Institute about to broadcast a short period of news flashes over the stations F-0-R-M I, S-C-R tScience Roonii and Station L-C-I-G tLindsay 'Collegiate Gymnasiuml, over Red, Blue and Old Gold Network. The programme this morning opens with a popular school yell that brings back memories of the rugby campus with first forms cheering the Junior Team to victory. It is led by Miss McKay and her La Tin Songsters- "Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mars, ' Have you seen our Collegiate stars? Sing it softly, sing it low, One, two, three, now let her go! Whiskey wee wee, whiskey wa wa, Holy Mackinaw! L. C. I.! Eat 'em raw!" There, but that first class cannot have finished its time before our mike! Listen to their Latin! "Razzle, dazzle! Hobble gobble, Ziz, boom, baa! L.C.I.! L.C.I.! Raa! Raa! Raa! Nine forty-tive a.m., Miss Stewart and her Al Zebra Orchestra with its first number, "A Cheerful Little Earfulf' the marks of a short test. No one failed -with the exception of twenty. There, do not worry, the orchestra is playing "The Little Things of Life" are many. "Ding-do-doda" tThe musical gong.7 Our period with the Al Zebra Orches- tra is over. - XVe continue our programme with our regular feature, "Interesting Talks on the Different Countries," by Miss Dal- rymple. The country to be visited to- day is Switzerland. "As we soar over the country of Swit- 76 THE L. C. I TA TLER zerland we see that it is the most moun- tainous country i11 Europe. The lofty Alps rise to very great. heights here. and, nestled between them, are small valleys and lakes. Situated on a prom- ontory is the capital, Berne, a pictur- esque city with its buildings, promen- ades and monuments .... " That pleasant View of Switzerland will be continued to-morrow at this same hour, until then the geography books are closed. You are tuned in on the Literature Class, Miss Corkery speaking: "We come to bury Caesar, not to praise him." "All right, class, who is the speaker?" "The undertakers" fSuppressed laughterl. That class must leave us now to go on with its study of Shakespeare, we leave the air at this time to return at one-thirty o'clock, Fast school time." "Good morning, you are listening to Station S-C-R about to broadcast a scientific address by Mr. Patterson. The subject of his topic to-day is "How to get rid of the Colorado Potato Beetle." Mr. Patterson: "The Colorado Potato Beetle, Potato Bore, or potato bug, you don't need to copy this down, emerges from its hiber- nation in the spring and lays messes of orange eggs on the under side of the leaf. The larvae are known as 'slugs' or 'soft-shells' and cause most injury to the vines. Now, since they disease the vines, it is necessary to get some way to prevent the crop from ruin. What would you suggest, Gor- rill? VVhat. you don't know? Any- one should know! Miss Johnston, how do you escape the disease caused by biting insects?" The musical note has sounded, the interesting talk is over, but did you hear the answer? "Don't bite them." VVe withdraw from Station S-C-R at this time and the next voice you will hear will come from Station L-C-I-G Where setting-up exercises are given. "Now, everyone stand up straight like the figure number 2, rise up on your toes, raise your arms high over your head and take long deep breaths! Now, that was easy, let's try number six, then ten, a little more strenuous, and if we have time after we take a run around the gym you can practise a little basketball!" Back again in the studio of Form IA a11d for our regular period with Mr. Breese and his British History talks. As Mr. Breese enters he hears a faint noise at the back and begins: "What is wrong back there?" "Nothing, sir!" "Much ado about nothing," is his timely remark and the class is still. "Well, to-day we are to take up the social times of Queen Elizabeth fthe boys sit up but in a few moments lapse back, the subject of his rant is not a little deceivinglj Perhaps the finest in- troduction I can make is to ask a few questions on what goes before, and what your general knowledge on the period is. tThe class looks as if it does not agree and before many moments Mr. Breese knows too that he should have started at the beginning and dis- pensed with the questions.l "VVell, take this short note and to-morrow be pre- pared to study this interesting period." Three-thirty-this hour ushers in another period with Miss Garbutt and her French Songsters. The first num- ber on our programme is a song, "Frere Jacques," by the ensemble. The second is a recitation, the best understood in the language, "Un, deux, trois. . . " "Ding-daaa-a." When you hear the next musical note, in exactly tive min- utes time, it will be exactly four o'clock. Are you all ready, get your books up. Ding--" -Click. "Please?" HND... Oh please let me!" Absolutely no." Please, dear, just this once." "No, If Mother ever saw you-" "Well this is the last time I'll come to a place where I can't smoke." "OW-OW! Ow-OW!" it .1 THE L.C.L TATLER 77 The Second Form Gazette NO. I APRIL I. 1931 ONCE EVERY BLUE MOON THE EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-VVilliam Nugent. Assistants-Cassie Kitson Myrtle Webster. Scribe-Hazel Eakins. EDITORIAL Last year's juniors entered the second forms in September and at the same time entered with "gusto" into tl1e dif- ferent activities of our L.C.I.. The three forms, IIA, IIB and IIC, have handled the Junior events of the year in splendid manner. The Hallowe'en for the Juniors was in every way as pleasing an event as that of tl1e Seniors. The Literary programmes in which our forms had the pleasure of participating were considered highly entertaining. The Junior Rugby Team proved to be grid artists of the year and were more successful than their older brothers in their games. Our showing thus far has been a creditable one and we take pleasure in presenting to The Tatler this review of Second Form Classes, 1930-1931: FORM NEWS AND COMMENT VVhat would it be like if Mr. Couke said, "Go on. play with the taps"g if R. D. Kennedy ever knew a theorem, if "Sliv." Taverner was at school a whole day, if Blakely didn't "pull the gag" about having a sprained arm? J. Begley was going in the 100 yard dash on Field Day, but decided that it was better to go in the two mile race, as it takes him a mile and a half to get started. IVIT AND HUMOUR 'Brisbin fgoing into Lab.5:"You're late to-day, Gregory." Gregory: "Yes, I fell downstairs." Brisbin: "That didn't take long, did iv" One of the great problems in park- ing is to get your car outofalinelikethis. A TEAR SHED IN A SPARE XVhen a student is reviewing, In this age it is so rare, Most of us think we know it all And fail to give a care. 'Twas in my science note book, At velocity in air, That I shed a little tear-drop And outlined it all with carey O what a sweet memorial, A memory planted there, As I lightly scrawled below it 'Tis a tear-drop in despairg VVe had to hand our notebooks in. Mine was somewhat later there, As I explained to my teacher 'We1l, you know I had a spare.. When I got back my treasured note- book I examined it with care, And I found written 'neath that tear stain "You must work more in the spare!" UNO HOWE. II-B BEATITUDES lRevised Latin. 300, Ex. 4991 Blessed is IIB when they are quiet in Latin period: for they shall escape detention. Blessed are certain boys when they use their own door, for Miss Adams guards the girls' door. Blessed are they that pass in Arith- metic, for their homework will not be examined. Blessed is Pitts when Miss Adams does not answer his questions, for he will become sensible. Blessed is the boy who "toes the n1ark" for Mr. Coukeg for the corner is very uninteresting. Blessed is our worst speaker, for his lectures are pleasant substitutes for the French. Blessed are the XVriters' Club Repre- sentatives, for their brains are "well- racked." Blessed are they that study Lating for they could translate this passage better. Blessed am I for this feeble attemptg for I never could translate Latin. 78 THE L.C. L TA TLER VVanted-Pysiography notes. Urgent. Apply deplorable pupil, north-east cor- ner. Phone 2B ring L,C.I. TEN COMMANDMENTS OF II-B TEAUI-IERS Thou shalt not chew gum or eat candy during periods. Thou shalt not throw chalk between periods. Thou shalt honour thy teachers. that thy days in detention may be few. Thou shalt not lounge in school but thou shalt look a little industrious. Thou shalt not skip periods, lest Miss Arksey phone home. Thou shalt remember all thy vocab- ularies and keep them in sight. Thou shalt not talk with thy neighbor at all. Thou shalt keep thy feet out of the aisle, for if thou dost not, thy teacher may fall. Thou shalt do homework every day. Thou shalt honour the staff that thy days in second form may be few. G. J. The Third Form From the Reporters Note Book THE FORM III-A, FOR THE MOST PART WOMEN How often do we hear-7 "The author of this book says it is absolutely essential to commit it to 1ne1nory." "So much for that. now." "Close your books and pay attention to the board." "You better pay attention now, you're responsible for this." "Is Green away to-day?" "Well have some board work to- day." "No talking on the stairs or you'll "Girls, there's too much talking down there." XVIT AND Hl'M0l'R IN III-A. Mr. Patterson-"VVl1y are the days getting longer, Miss Kay? Miss Neil, rather?" Kay Neilf"Because the nights are getting shorter." Mr. Hale-"Are you getting those notes from the back of the book?" stay after twelve." Verna-"No sir, the front." THE FORM IILB, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN INTEIiES'1'lNG FAUTS ABOUT Father-"You were late coming home 'l NTERESTING PEOPLE Fred Burke certainly believes in plenty of physical exercise. He's wind- ing a dollar watch now! lllyrle Mitchell can hardly imagine that a poor worm provided the silk for her dress. I'll wager her mother would be shocked to hear her talk so dis- respectfully of her father! Mildred O'Leaiy thinks a writer ought to avoid the use of long words. Unquestionably. he is likely to waste too much time looking in the dictionary tn, see how to spell them. -I heard the clock strike two." IIIB Fast One-"It was going to strike eleven, but I stopped it in case it dis- turbed you!" Miss Garbutt-"Whats the French for Mississippi?" G1'66111"BI?ld?lI'l1ESlDDl!H Miss Stewart-"What is disturbing you, Rodman, to make you wave your hand i11 that fashion?" Rodman-"I was describing a circle to Wickettf' THE L.C'.L TATLER 79 FORM III-C, MEN WITHOUT WOMEN Robert Gregory is III-C's brightest student, being red-headed. Frequent visitors appear throughout the periods, especially in the morning when Val. Smith and Jack Ross talk over the "business" of the night be- fort. Wib. Thomas parks in III-C when the teachers elsewhere can't be bothered with him. Advice to the Form from Dr. T.A.K.- "You boys must study, as it will be your duty to provide for a home some day. We'll not bother about the ladies. they'll have a home of their own!" Mr. Couke-"Have you that home- work finished and here, Stoate?" The People Helen Allen History is her great care and worry, And to this class she does not hurry. George Beall "Tl1o' vanquished he can argue still." Vera Brown There is pleasure in knowing one's sensible. Helen Bruce She keeps her counsel, does her duty, Cleaves to her friends and loveth beauty. Edna Campbell Happy am I, from care I am free, Why aren't they all as happy as me. Grace Campbell Grace is our demure flirt But does not her duties shirk. Judy Cuthbert "To do my best and let that stand The record of my brain and hand." Leone Dawe "A quiet maid of rural breeding, By nature first and then by reading." Gordon Endicott "I dare do all that may become a man." Il Stoate-"Yes, sir." Mr. Couke-"Show it to me." Stoate-"lt's in the form, sir." Miss Adams tto Collison, playing with rulerl-"You can't annoy me with that, Collisonf' Collison-"Oh, I wasn't trying to." Mr. MacMillan tat morning assembly speaking about good musiclz "You all know 'You're driving me crazy'!" III-C joins with the rest of the school ill regrets. M. BENNETT, III-B N. BEGLEY, Ill-C I. ERE, Ill-A Reporters. Form Four Jeanne Fee In sport Jeanne has a record made, Yet she's a most industrious maid! Giant Ferguson "You look wise. Pray correct that error." Archie Fisher "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men." Lloyd Flack "I am Sir Oracle, XVhen I ope my lips let no dog bark." Philip Fraser A light heart lives long. Alphonsus Garvey He never burns the midnight oil In search of useless knowledge. Thomas Gaskell "Let me play the fool." Olive Graham ' "It little profits that we idle be." Jim Groves I like fun and I like jokes 'Bout as much as most of folks. Gordon Hall In athletics Hall does shine And in tl1e absent-ticket line. eo THE L. C. Ross Hay Hay. the sprinting ace. we own The finest president in athletics known! Florrie Hiekson "Her voice ever sweet. gentle and low An excellent thing in women." Mirrizun Hirsh Mirriam in Miss Adams' gown Did put away the darkest frown! BI2llll'iC9 Holmes Silent in two of the languages. Clarence Hooey "Much study is wearisome to the flesh." Helen Ingram As constant as a star And yet a modest maiden. XYilda Irvine The love-lorn maiden. Carl James He seems quiet, Yet one never knows. Ruth Langdon Ruth did a fair Portia make But not for her own Bassanio's sake! John McNab "Never do to-day 'What can be done to-morrow." Isabel MacEachern She hath a smile That is worth while. Evelyn McEwen Evelyn with her quiet ways Reminds one of the olden days. Frances Mcllnloyle Margaret Mcllmoyle When the teacher looks at one, ad- dresses the other, 'We can't help but wonder if they know each other! Gordon Mackay Laugh clown laugh! Alice McLaughlin Our fair Co-ed. Leonard McNeil - "He thinks too much, such men are L TA TLER That I dinna ken ma book. But mind ye I'n1 tellin' ye l'm no as simple as I look. Dan Marley A regler feller. Jim Meehan "Jim is known by his curly hair, To keep it neat is his greatest care." Fred Mitchell A chap we welcome back! Joseph 0'Connell He is a man of capacious appetite. Austin O'Leary "Never trouble trouble Till trouble troubles you." Marjorie Parkin Prefers the company of girls. Jack Peel He shines best in spares. Marion Peel Her eyes are like the heaven's blue, Her hair is of a golden hue. Bill Reid A well-accomplished youth. Brenda Rich She sits high in all the people's hearts. Kathleen Riches. Innocent maid! Lawrence Staples XVOIIIQII wise! Jack Ross My only books are won1en's looks. Edith Seaton Like Sutton she has grown so tall She raises the roof of the Assembly Hall. :xIl2ll.S Smith Just a real good fellow. Hilda Smith A street angel. Edward Tangney A man of affairs. Bruce Tremeer The jazz artist. Jean Treleaven The Joy Girl. Isabel Varcoe "My Best Girl." Fred xvilli2llllS dangel-Ousg' Very fond of the company of ladies. yyemlfql Mcyevin Oscar Hagar, Lorne Sanley, Marion ewny should life an labour be?". Skit-011 Ray Ma,-k Members of the niob. Ye all think I'm crazy By YOU AND ME. THE L.C.L TATLER 81 The Flying Fifth FLYING ADVICE TO THE FIFTH To you of the flying fifth, who are about to leave the comfortable stereo- typed ways of our school, we send our greetings! To you who are about to go for the tirst time high up into the air for your first solo flight! VVill you be one of the lucky ones to break world records and have your name emblazoned in the pages of his- tory? Or will you be one of the pilots of the steady mail planes. weathering all storms and bringing in your plane safely amid rain or sleet? Maybe many of you will sink down into the quiet state of oblivion but although unheard of, you will be doing your duty quietly a11d well. No doubt many times you will make forced landings, hazardous flights to land upon unknown countries. Some may crash, your success and ambitions shattered. your hope gone. But in spite of it all, above every- thing else, may you keep your ideals! Do 11ot alter your course because of ad- verse conditions but make straight for the goal upon which you are set. Greet- ings! Success to you all, the aviators of Fifth! IT HAPPENED IN COURT! This year Fifth Form had two very interesting Mock Trials enacted before them. In the first, the charge was made against Staples of chicken steal- ing. After the preliminaries fthe Judge could not believe that a person with a head like Staples' could very success- fuly engage in chicken stealingl the procedure of the court was carried and in spite of the brilliant argument of the defendant on the part of his lawyer. Wallace McAlpine, the accused was found guilty and elected to serve one week in the chicken-coop, perching on the top-most roost. The appeal must have been favourably considered by His Honour Edward Blanchard, K.C. ta knockoutb as the sentence was not en- forced. SPEAKING OF AVIATION- Helen-"Did you hurt. yourself when you fell?" Brenda twho fell downstairs and knocked both heels offb: "No I made a perfect three point landing!" Cockney Pilot-"XVhat's the matter you you, Arrison, 'ave you not took to the hair this marnin'?" Friend Harrison-"I'm feeling hue, but my nan1e's not 'Arrisonf' Cockney Pilot-"Well! If a hatch, a hay, two liars, an hye. two hesses, a ho and a hen don't make Arrison, what does?" AND HAVE YOI' HEARD THESE ON Ol'R FLYING FIELD? Mr. Hale tdiscussing storyl: 'tAnd what do you do after the toboggan party, Staples?" Staples+"Eat." Mr. Hale-"And what do you do after that?" Staples-"Eat again." Mr. Hale: "What is a dappled horse?" McAlpine: "That would be o11e with a white body and a white tail!" Mr. Hale: "VVe1l, er-" COMMENT Did you hear the remark that we only resembled the Flying Fifth at 8.59 and 1.29 on Kent Street? Pray have that error corrected. The Fifth soars high above all the school. HIIMOUR "What is the other form of Olym- pus?" "Olympia" "How would you address the chap- lain of the fleet?" "Your warship, I suppose!" BY A. HODGSON, Pilot. B2 THE L. GL TA TLER Closing Quotations on the Commercial Market JUNIOR COMMERCIAL As student of the L.C.I. A few verses now I'll try To tell you of the Rugby game That brought the L.C.I. such fame. Clarke Seaton is the lanky coach, To him we owe success XI'e're rough and ready from the start And try to win before we part, And when the game is ended, Then to the class we go. To rattle on tl1e typing keys Our budgets, row on row. Our arithmetic teacher is Mr. Lee. As fine a man as you'd like to see. He gets us rattled before we start, But, boy, we know it when we part! XYhen composition is on the go Miss Garbutt is the one, you know, XVho picks you out for a. debate And says "Now go and meet your fate." INTERMEDIATE Mr. Lucas. Scotch is he, And that tits him to a T. Curling is his great delight And he does it every night. Elizabeth IVebster: "As shy as light- ning." Stella Jones: "Silence in a woman is like speech in a manf' When this mighty grind is done Then into the cadets we go- To handle a ten-pound gun you know, And at the setting of the sun Exams ended, the school is done. L. RIVERS. Rivers: "Still more fool I shall appear by the time I linger here." A. Winchester: "The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a sum- mer's day." I. Hooper: "XVilt thou have music? Hark, Apollo plays!" Brasier: "Out! Out! Ink spot!" Hadly: "Why hast thou been detained?" Rosalie Munt: "A bad excuse is better than none at all." Alice Lodge: Dainty and fair as a folded rose. S. lllakepiecez Slowly as a man in doubt. COMMERCIAL she overgua1'ds." Lois Mills: "I chatter, chatter as I go." Marjorie XV: "How now, by head-strong, where have you been gadding?" XValton: "To idle, yet get results is a gift." Fitzsimmons: "By my troth, my little body is aweary of this great school." Kitty Batt: "Better chew gum than be Evelyn Stafford: "When she guards superstitious." SENIOR COMMERCIAL Miss Garbutt teaches spelling once a Zoe Gemmill: "She laughs until she week, cries." And that's enough, you say: But get her out tobogganing And you'll want her all the day! Lorraine Hutchinson: "A very gentle 'beast' and of good conscience." Jean Lake: "What is the population of Oakwood, Jean?" May Woodley: "Shy she was, and I thought her cold." Edythe Taylor: "She's little, she's wise, She's a terror for her size." Doreen Pogue: "She hears many tales and smiles not." Laura Saunders: "Casey at the bat." Carol Newsome: "As sober as a judge." Marg. Mitchell: "Let me play the fool." Isabelle Way: "A peace above all earthly dignities, A still and quiet conscience." By ALICE LODGE, H. MacFADYEN, K. BATT, IVIILDRED GREENE. TA TLER 83 TH E L. C. I fl! MN r Ufif .sg Q? IL ll. ,f-iff- 1 f ,1',1 as -fi! ' A W1 X1 :YJ 1 1 N yi S1 2 T A -r 1lI0l'l'1S Tll11TSi011Z "l've il'ilt,'0:1 lllj' illlCPSil'Y to the Celebralieal 11111:- e1't 13111-11s." lleallz "Tllili'S easy. XVh11t Cllilllltt? has il 4102141 1111111 to 11efe1111 l1lIllN6lf?u Identification-Card of Brilliant Fourth-Former. Nauuee- lszlae lllauk 1xESt'1111l'9 when you write 1116.1 Atlt1l'E'SS1ili llome. Plltllle' No.-See tele1111o11e 41ll'0tfi'- ory. Ill ease of aeai-i41e11t llOilfj'-llf1S- pital 111111 .XIlllbl1l2111t,'0. Mothe1-'s Nilllltt-BIHYV. Fz1tl1e1"s IQQIIIIPTPOI1 o1- GUV01'llOl'. lleig'l1teFiVe foot eight in the shafle. t1Vill tit with ease i11 21 six-foot Vtifflll. 1 1Yeig'l1t-M 1. By sealle i11 1Voolwo1'tl1s 1515 lbs. 2. By scale at OILS. ...... 182 lbs. 3. By scale at freight yzuwl 171 lbs. 4. Hy Gl'QQ'01'j' pay-scale .. 111 lbs. Avei-age weight .......... 155 lbs. Auto No.-10 1Aet11ally tl1e tenth Henry t111-ned o11t.J Make-NVill make about 9 111iles at times. lloseg-tlootlyear' l1ilWll llose. H111 size-About four sizes too big Shoe size-Take te11s lilli eleveus 111-e so 1'tIlllf01'i'2llDlQ I wear twelves. - N9l'liSX'011 bet. lmte-A111'i1 lst, 1931. Tl1e ones who think our jokes are lltltll' lvtrllltl Sil'2llg'1liXVilj' ehzuige their views 13111111 they 1-o11111111'e the jokes we l1l'll1i 1Yith those that we refuse. The 'lli1ilt'l"S il g'1'e11t lI1Vl'll1l0ll, The sehoul gets all the fame. The llflllittl' gets the llltllll'y, -xlltl the st11I'1' gets :111 the 1112111112 These jokes are flenliealtetl. with 4:1111 t'tl1l111lllllt'lliSI Miss STt'XN'ill'i lil' tfO11ke 111: 1ill'lil'0l1llt'll Miss t1zl1"llUft Miss 1.'lz1Rk MF. Bl21t'BllL1illl Mr. L11C11s Miss ii1'l'lISll M1-. PiliTt'l'S011 Mr. LeE Miss MeKAy Miss CUl'lil'l'y M1'. Hale Mr. 1I1'eEse Miss ll21lR.'Yllllb1Q Miss -Xtlilllls L11111b: "So Ross will be MA when l1e comes b11ek?" Evei-sou 1i1ll1ilZ0tllZ "llow's illiiiirl Lamb: "Minus appemlix, I 1111- f1E'I'Siilllt1.', BTP. Hale: "1Vl1o was the hero of "Julius tfaesaif' after Caesar died?" Lamb V: "Caesa1-'s ghost, sir." THE L.C.L TA TLER IlllillllllllllllllllIlIIllIlwI'lI'lIHIl4IllIl'IllIllIUIHI I I I I' YOUR TEACHER No Doubt Uses a PARKER PEN and would highly recommend it to any scholar contemplat- ing the purchase of a Pen. Made in Canada, sold in Canada and in 70 Foreign Countries. Selection can be made from a wide range of colors from 52.75 to 310.00 Pencils to match 353.25 to 555.00 L. C. I. EQ? lVlcCarty's RINGS 953-25 .IEWELLERS and 33-75 93 Kent St. Ilrllllllimlml HIM! Il I' ll lv! ll' I ll I I I I I I lllluBHlwl 'I l1lll'E"l BUICK PONTIA G GARAGE GASOLINE OIL GREASE ACCESSORIES T. ARNOLD IHIHlillrllwIllillllrwlullllllll'LllllllllulvllwullI-lnl.l11lmlHs MII! 1 ll' :VI Mlm I5- , i jilhxzf- "him .1Ef4ekif.' - "HSA 1 '-" - -5, f--I X 'N 5 .gi SEER . , ' we Rl 1' r S . ,255 S- 51 A G 'f r Ui' Kindly lEl'Illi'llllll'illlt'i' for :my nova ion and om that only you can give. Your Pho fog P01317 Fulton C. Stewart IE'll'l1lIlllll!lI'lllllBll lil III llll Quality Groceries School Supplies ConfeCz'z'one1'y Ice Cream Can be had at Your Store ROBSOINVS Kent St. W. William St. N. "The Stores of Heal Service" IllIllIilIllIllIllIllIllIlllllIllIIlI"Il'llVllllllllllrllwrlllllllullll PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 84 THE L.C.L TATLER Hirtnria Glullvgv UNIVERSITY OF TORG TO FOundedbyROyc1f Charter in 1836 'for tlzegenenczl ecz7ucatz'on of youth in the various branches of Litencztune and Science on Ci?7'Z'SfZ'G7Z Principles. " As 111111 uf' Ihv I"v1l111'a111-al 1'ull41g'11s i11 The Fzlvlllfy of Arts uf the lvI1iY1'l'Siff' ui' 'l'01-ulltu, Xvil't1.ll'iil Cmrllvgv 0111-ulls st111lv11ts 111 all t'lilIl'Sl'S ltlilllillg' tu the 4'l0gl't'PS of llzlvlwlarl- mf Arts illlil lzilvllvllll' uf 011111111-1'1'11 211111 1Pl'Cl12ll'iltUI',V fu :11l111issin11 frm the sm-howls uf G1-11111111111 Stclulies. VI,iVillif'V. ,lC41111':1tin11, Law 111141 AI91H1'ill0. Sfll1ll'llfS uf XYi1'f1Il'i2l l1'11lIeg'11 2ll'l' eligible fur all llltldllli prizes 111111 s1'l1ul111'sl1ips zxwzll-11911 ill the F111-11lty of A1-ts by 11111 lvlliVt1l'Sif.V uf '1'u1-011111. ill 2111111111111 to 1111- 1111111111-1111s 2lYYill'11S 1-111111111-11 to st111le11Ts 11111-11111111 ill Yivtul-ia. i111-l1111i11g' 11111-1111411 1111111-i1'11la1tiu11 sm-11011112 ships. Rev. E. W Waflace, MA.,D.D., CI111111-ellul-. prof C. E. Auger, BA., Regist1'111'. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IMI11I11l11I1'I11l11l11l1:l11I1l'1I1l1l1I1l1.l1'I1l1fl1l1l1IHl1.IHIIIilI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE L. GL TA TLER 85 Long-winded Lecturer: "If l have talked too- long it's because I haven't 1ny watch and there's no clock in this hall." Voice in Audience: "Theres a calendar behind you." Traffic Officer lreproachfullyj 1 "Young lady, do you k11ow any- thing' about tl1e traffic laws of this eity?" Fair Motorist: "A little. Can I l1elp you?" Mr. Uouke: "Give a test for ame- monium salt." Gregory: "XY21l'lIl until the odor of ammonia becomes visible." Third Former lstudying Yirgilg -"IYhat does li11e 3913 mean?" Fourth Former: "It means 'scale the huge horse'." Third Former: "Ye gods, youll think those has-beens would at least have known the difference between a horse and a fish." Betts qto big brother going outl 'tlf I'm studying when you come home, wake me up.'l Miss Adams: "Have you written it vet?" McEwen: WSOP Miss Adams: "No what?" McEwen: "No pen." Teacher lanswering questionl: An anonymous person is one who does not, wish to make himself known. tlnterruptionj IVho is that laughing?" Voice at back: 'An anonymous person, sir." K6 4 He: "Do you believe kissing is unhealthy?" She: 'tl couldn't I have never-" He: "You've never been kissed?" She: "I have never been un- healthy." Alberta: "XVas it Henry VIII. that had all the wives?" Keitha: "No, he had only six." Maidens: "I was late because my watch was slow. l'll put no more faith i11 it." lleall: "It isn't faith it needs. it's works." Miss Holmes: "XVhat does that paragraph mean, sir?" lletts lto neighbour! :"Appar- ently someone has been following the story." Mr. llale: "You spelled this word with two 't's.' You musle omit one." Thurston: "Yes, sir. IYhich one?" An icy spot on Kent St. sidewall-1 had caused Sutton a nasty fall. llradtord tldllllllllg' upj: "How did you fall?" Sutton: "X4xtwithstanding'." lflradford laug.g'hed. He was still liillglllllg when he reached the school. "XYhat's amusing you ?" asked a friend. Bradford: "Oh, Sutton's a clever fellow. I asked him what made him fall and quick as a flash he came back with 'Xevertheless'." Mr. Patterson: "If you are real- ly anxious to see a cell, just Cook an apple a11d bring' meg" Miss Hodgson: "Apple sauce." To conjugate the verb t'to laugh" je smile tu giggle il laugh nous roarons vous splitz ils bustent. Now Everybody Laugh! 86 THE L. CL TATLER Collegzore Students 2 Take Advantage of the l'p-t0-th0- E Minute Service at O,Neill and Pattersolfs -TONSORIAL PARLOIVRS- KENT ST. - - - LINDSAY STUDENTS E XVill do well to give us a trial when in need of anything in DRUGS. SUNDRIES TOOTH PASTES, 2 TOILET ARTICLES. ETC. XVS handle only the best in every line. lVIERCER'S DRUG STORE Morris' Cigar Store MAGAZINES AND PAPERS i'iEiQQQ1igX.i"15glLQQ1'Q.Q' Evvi-ytliiiig for tlw Hit-ycle Fine Mavliiiiv lVo1'k G. W. Shepherd . 'C fg- .. ' '- E'-U'-Zi.. 53. 'V-353255. 3 4 f A . xf-My lf 'Say It Wz't12 Ffowevsn front the Lz'ncz'say Flower Shop Note- our Now A4l4h'eSS NVEIITTPI' Otfiw. Adams lllovk Alt-'lllllt'l'S F.T.ll.A. W. W. I-lick 8: Sons Plionvs: Stow ITG Hl't'P11ll0llS6' 102 'I'Illtl'il'l'! I l'l'll llll I I IMI 'Il I IVIHIT l'll'lIilE lllilllllllllllllllllllhlllll Illlllll-llll Boxall Sc Matthie Ltd. Yah- Hzu'du'zu'e, Lowvi Bros. Paints, Brantford Roofing, Happy Thought Stoves, Sunshine Fllrnm-vs. Gurney Electric- Ranges, ,lifeary Punips, Port Hope Plumbing Fix- tures, Electric XVasIu-rs, l'I3l'dH'2'l1'l', 2 Phone 1197 - - Lindsay Plmnbing, Heating, Metal XYol'k91's. F - 112 KENT ST. - - LINDSAY - I il ll I I I ll 'llillll ltlllllilIlilllllilllllllllllllllllNINEI !'Plillllillilllllllllllllllllillillilllllllll llllllilllllllllllllillliIHI I PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE L. C. One: "l'111 lost." "Is there any 1'QWil1'tl AV2llltlE'1'lllg' M1-Alpine: out for you?' AV2lI14lt'l'Il1gl' One: "Xo." M1-Alpine: lost." "Then j'tlll.1'G still Mr. 'Lucas lto student 1-u1111i11Q at 1.30 i11 11111112 "What do you tl1i11k tl1is is, il 11106 L'0lll'S0?N f't1ll1ll191'Clill Student: "No, sir. il eo111111e1'ei:1l eourse." Smith lin l'9Sl'2llll'2IllIlf "My Con-oa1's Cold." XYa1it1'ess: "Put U11 your hut then." MeAlpine: "Are you tl1e fellow who rut lllj' hnir last time?" l'iill'll9l'Z "I tlGl1't think so. I've only been here four Il10lllllS.u First FU1'll191'I "Give IIIC 2111 ex- illlllllk' of an i111z1g'i11a11'y SlPll91'0l1l.u Peel Y.: "A l'0USIPI'YS Mr. I,Htflt1'S0llZ 'qvllilf is the inatter, tltllllf Yull know the ques- tio11?" liverson: "Yessuh, but I tltlllll know the i1W11Silll.N t'ute young thing' tpointing to signyz "Fine for lDill'lilllg'.N Said Jar-k Ross: "I'l1 say it is." Ulll' Ililarity Iiditors were very 111u1'h afraid some one might sugg- gest L'll2'lllg'lI1,2' our lieuding to "Maybe Adznn I.1111ghed at These." Gregory: "Seems to 1119 thi,-: football and llly head have quite an uitinity for each other." Reid: "Yes, they're both f11ll ot' wind." Mr. Patterson tKVOl'lil1lg' at C0111- plieated drawing on lnoardlz 'tXYe will llllllllJ91' tl1is side with fig'- uresf' L TA TLER 87 XY111-1-ied Student: "IIow did he l1llll1llt'l' tl1e other?" First Girl: "I think he's siinply wonderful." Second Girl: "I tlllllli he's won- derfully simple." L11111b: "XYl1z1t ure ytlll XYl'lflllg?u Thurston: "A joke." Lilllllil "Give her lllj' love." Teacher: "Are you the teacher i11 tl1is f01'lll?u Pupil: "No, sir." Te111-l1er: "Then dont he sueh .1 silly t,lllfft'l'.N Tl1is is just about tl1e height ot politeness: KINIJLY KIGICI' YOVR HANDS OFF TIIIS XVIHI-I IT CARRIICS 20,0110 VOL'1'S. THANK YOIY Yisitor tat rugby gamer: "Suv who are you 1bllSlllllg2j?u Fresh hYGllllg'Sil'l'I "Wh:1t's your nz1111e?" Now I lily 1119 1lHW11 to sleep. The leetul-e's dry, tl1e subjects deep. If l1e should stop before I wake Give 111e 21 poke for goodness sake. Miss Adams 1di1-t11ti11g' se11- te11ees1: 'qvllilf is tl1e grealtest river in F1'ill1L'P?N Stephens tzlsidebx "Seine," Miss Adams: "If yo11 yvere. you wouldn't talk so lIllIt,'l1.u Miss Clarke: "tQ'1111 you tell lllt' where Cl9V9lillltl is?" lfhikerz "Yes, they'1-e lllilylllg' I'ittsl1u1-g this ilfI6l'll0O1l.N Marley: "So you're lllllllljtfl' 13 on tl1e rugby fPilll1. Jim?" Groves: "Yes" Marley: "How odd!" as TH L. C. I. TA TLER Ilarrietield Cadet tto L.C.I. Ca- det shaving outsidel: "Do you al- ways shave outside?" Our Soldier Boy: "Of course, what do you tl1i11k I am. fur- lined?" lsohel lYarren: "XVhat makes the tower of Pisa lean?" Mirriam Hirsh: "I don't know or I'd try it myself." Mr. Hale: "lVhere is the climax of a story?" Mary S.: "Just where it says 'To he 1-ontinued'." Romeo: i.Speak, oh speak just those words that will mean heaven for me." Juliet: "Aw, go out and shoot yourself." Miss Adams: "Really, Croft, your handwriting is something terrihle. You must leam to write better." Croft ltliouglitfullylz "If I did that, you'd he linding' fault with my spelling." llortor lto Seaton who is feign- ingg' sit-lil 2 "There is nothing wrong with you, young man. Your pulse is as regular as clock-work!" Plarke: "XVell, what do you ex- pert? You've got hold of my wrist watch I" Driver: "I wasn't going forty miles an twenty I" Jutlggez "Steady now, or you'll be i11to something!" the llilarity of our Ex- change:- hour, nor thirty, nor even ha lliilllg' From Uassin: "Gotta chew?" Hit-ks: "Xaw, I do it of my own accord." Student Boarder: "The-re's a hair i11 1ny apple pie." Landlady: "TIl2If'S funnyg the grocer told me distinctly they were Iialdwinsf' -Sarnia "Collegiate" lYhen the donkey saw the zebra, lle hegan to switch his tail, "YVell. I never," was the C0lllll1G11iA, "Saw a mule that's heen i11 jail." -Tillsonburg "Tatler" Mr. Rigshy:-"Maple syrup, where are you gtellllgqu Jode: "lYhy the sweet name?" Mr. Rigshy: "Oh, just a kind ol' sap." Mr. Gore: "This soup isn't so had." lbr. Mackey: "No, but they say it's eoffeef' -tfentral Tech "Vulcan" 'Say, this match won't light." "Whatsmattei-?" 'I dunno: it lighted all right a minute ago." L L "Il'ere's one of a Scotsman who perfumed all his paper money and so added a st-ent to every dollar." -"Speeula Galtonia" A lvlotter is tl1e thing' you look for while the ink-hlot is drying. tlbefinition i11 an exehangej. I Some Practical Uses for Text Books. To put under the leg' of a lop-sided tahle. A nerktie press 4Modern History preferredl To throw at juniors when other? weapons' are not in reach. To carry mail in when it rains. To provide several clean sheet for cartooning teachers, etc. To screen you while you take a manicure in class. THE L. GL TA TLER B9 To give to small brother to sit on while playing at piano. inlay be occasionally used for purposes of study.j It was suggested that if we were to repeat the jokes thrown on the slide at some of our morning assemblies, our Seottish students would be able to laugh. ll'IIO'S IVIIO Jfr. JIneMillan our lender true. Thro',thii-If and thin will see us through! In .-llgehrn and problems too, Dr. Kirkennlzell h'lI0'l1'N ivhat tn do: In the History of our lnncl. Fair Miss Corkery takes her stumlj Sometimes Mr. Luens spotters ink, But 'every night he's ut the rink! For reasons that are obvious, Miss Adams teaehes French to us: Our English eonzes from Mr. Hale .-infl with his help we shouldnt failg Jlixs Gerrish. fair as fair ran lie. Dues 'l1'IlII!Ifl'N with Latin poetry: Through Mr. Vonke we learned to sing- You ought to hear the rafters ringrg lVhiIe aiding you in Junior JIuth's Miss Stezvurt adds ll fra' yoorl luughsj Miss Garhntt teuelms German hrre. Nor do we flare to talk for fffll'-J' lI'e have to learn hefore we die The Lutin taught by Miss MeKuy,' Mr. Patterson eun't he beat For lending you through sound and heatj 1. ll'e must he careful with Jliss Clarke For fear we- mteh an ignition .wprzrkq Geography and knowledge sound, Miss Dulryznple imparts around.: C'onunon Sense and his-tory Does Mr. Hreese divulge freely: Lust hut not least eornex fair Jlr. Lee, Small and young though he may he,- Onr busy secretary knows Who each one to the office goes: lVith care and patience all sincere Eurh one does his duties here. M'. IV. T. When macaroni grows on appletrees, And Sahara sands are muddy, When cats and dogs wear overshoes, Thats when I like to study. Miss Dalrymplez "Now have we mis- sed any important places?" Jean Lake:-tfrom Oakwoodl "Yes, Oakwood." If you don't like these little jokes And- their dryness makes you groan, Just eall around oeeasionally WVith some good ones of your own: But XVe hope that you've enjoyed them As we tried real hard to please. Next year there'll be a Tatler XVith more bright ones like these. TITHONUS IN THE PALACE OF THE DAWN ln the beautiful. gliininering halls of lios, with their sparkling and embellished sheens, roams a silent and gloomy figure. Hob- bling' listlessly about. with stooped shoulders, from one gorgeous room to another, he presents a morbid pie-ture of misery. Vomplete de- spair is depia-ted on the old faee, with its myriads of wrinkles, hol- low eheeks. and long' white hairs. Suddenly a faint perfume comes to his sensitive nostrils, bringing with it a far-away look, into the eyes now su11ke11 Hllli dimmed with age. and beautiful memories of another time long ago, when Aur- ora and ne were young' lovers on Earth. He was beautiful then, but IIUXV he is ugly, and as Aurora passes by with her impatient team, a happy smile lights up her beau- tiful faee, while Tithonus is left alone. with eyes iilled with tears. IIONV more unhappy and l01lQly than before. F. XVEIR, V. Marg.:-"Well, what shall we do to- night?" Val.:-"Oh! Let's think hard--" Marg.:-"No, let'-s do something you can do too." Dr. T. A. K.:-"If you subtract 14 from 116 whats the difference?" Betts:-"Yes, I think it's a lot of foolishness too." CLOTHING AND 90 THE L. CI, TA TLER "The people who have ac-hieved, who have become large. strong. vig- : orous people, who have reduced their infant moltalitv, who have the best 5 trades in the world, who have an ElDDI'E'f'I2ltIOI1 of art, literature and music , and who are progressive in science and in every at-tivitv of the human in- it tellect. are the people who have used milk and its products 1ilJei'ally."!D1'. 2 Mt-Collum of Johns Hopkins I'nive1'sitv. DRI ORE MI BE S URE IT IS PASTE URIZED Lindsay Creamery Limited PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM llll 5 I I SERVICE I p A. J. MCBRIDE T p A v I We Specialize in The Hcoffefgen Shoe See the new "College" Shoes for E 1 young ladies. Smart. snappy styles - fill' SIFQGI XYl:'21l'. The new Step-in pninps are very 5 dlessv for afternoon and evening Q wear. 3 l'I-iced from - 353.75 TO 554.50 R. NEILL Ltd. FURNISHINGS FOR YOUNG MEN Vlnll Sweaters, -Ielsevs, Crests, vtv., nuule to orller. any style or color. A. J. MQBRIDE ll I I'I.1I'.Il:Il IlIl.Inll1Il,Iimlrm:InI:lIlilllIllIl1I:lIl:Il-Iuulzlzi 1If:l.Il4I..I lIllIllInIllIllIllInIllIl Ilrll I I I I I I I Ill I lllllllll PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE L.C.L TATLER FORM V. Abbott, Ross Bagshaxv, Walter Beer, Wilma 1iBetts, Donald i'Blackwood, Edith Blanchard, Allin Blanchard, Edward rBradford, Woodrow Broom, Roy Cameron, James Campbell, Donald Card, Clayton Channon, Margaret Connell, Christina Crosgrey, Charles Dayman, Audris Doble, Helen Driver, Doris 'tEverson, James Frederick, Gordon Fulton, Helen Gordon, Margaret Green, Keitha Greenan, James 'tHall, Alice Harrison, Edgar Heslop, Bert Heslop. Ruth rHodgson, Alberta Hodgson, George Holmes, Edythe Holmes, Eleanor Hopkins, Myrtle Johnston, Bruce Jolmston, Rotha Jones. Ruth Kerr, Ruby Lamb, Donald Lapp, Velva i'McAlpine, Wallace MacMillan, Irene McColl, Leo McEwen, Norman McGahey, Victoria McLean, Charles Marshall, Roy Menzies, Minnie Morgan. Ethel Myers, Aldra Parliament, Cameron Peel, Morgan Porteous, Eric Rennie, Ruth Rowan, Richard Scott, Jeanne Scott, John L. C. I. STUDENTS 1930-1931 Stacey, Norma Stinson, Howard Sutton, Charles Thayer, Harold Thomas, Wilbur Thompson, Merle Thurston, Herberta rThurston. Morris Tillcock, Jack Vance, Robert Vvallace, Grace XVebber, Shirley XVeir, Fred 1Vellman, Olive W'hite, 'William Williams, Grace VVillianis, Isobel XVilson, Isobel Zealand, Garnet FORM IV. Allen, Hele11 tBeall, George Brown, Vera Bruce, Helen Bryson, Stanley Campbell, Edna Campbell, Grace Cuthbert, Margaret Dawe, Leone Endicott, Gordon Fee, Jeanne Ferguson, Grant Fisher, Archie Flack, Lloyd Fraser, Philip Garvey, Alphonsus Gaskell, Thomas Graham, Olive Groves, Jim Hall, Gordon Hay, Ross Hickson, Florrie Hirsh, Mirriam Holmes, Maurice Hooey, Clarence Ingram, Helen Irvine, VVilda James, Carl Langdon, Ruth McFarquhar, Orpha McNab, John McEachern, Isobel McEwen, Evelyn Mcllmoyle, Frances Mcllmolye. Margaret McKay, Gordon Seaton, Clark rivicmugiilin, Alice 3111912113 Murray McNeil, Leonard Smitheram, Gertrude McNevin, Wendell Sproule, Mary Mark, Ray Squier, Margaret Marley, Dan rMeehan. Jim Mitchell. Fred O'Connell, Joseph O'Leary, Austin Parkin, Marjorie Peel, Jack Peel, Marion Reid, Bill Rich, Brenda Riches, Kathleen Ross, Jack Seaton. Edith Skitch, Marion Smith, Angus Smith, Hilda Sonley, Lorne Staples, Lawrence Stephens. Marshall Tangney, Edward Tremeer. Bruce Treleaven, Jean Varcoe, Isabel Wagar, Oscar NVi1liams, Fred FORM IIIA. Ashton, Doris Bailey, Edna Baker, Jack Brown, 1YI2ll'jOl'l9 Carroll, Florence Crerar, Helen Croft, Hyla Currins, Doris Dayman, Jean Everson, Luiley Fairlield, Dorothy Fairfield, Mary Ferguson, Virna rFleming, Gordon Fleming, Marjorie Gordon, Kathleen Griffin, Marguerite Handley, Marion Horner, Annie Irvine, Gladys Jarmyn, Kathleen Kennedy, Annie Kenny, Helen Le Craw, Jean Porteous, Clara McNevin, HGICII McNish, Beulah Mark, Ethel Masters, Eunice Mastion, Marion Mills, Jane Neill, Kathleen Reid, Dorothy Scully, John Sinclair, Ruby tUre, Isabel 92 THE L.C.L TATLER VVebster, Doris XVeldon, Dorothy FORM IIIB. Bennett, Melba ' Botting, Marguerite Burke, Fred Chalmers, Margaret Cochrane, Mary Everson, Daisy Fallis, Margaret Green, Kitchener Johnston, Grace Kent. Audrey Lamb, Jack Maclnnis, Gordon McColl, Roderick McMullen, Helen McNeil, Arnold Maidens, Norman Mark, Rheta Mitchell, Myrle Morrison, Stewart Mowat, Elva O'Leary, Mildred Owens, Jack Pollock, Donald Quibell, Ralph Richards, Pearl Rodman, Ralph Scott, Melville Silver, Muriel Sinclair, Grace Taverner, May Thurston, Wallace Tripp, Jack Warren, Isobel VVebster, Muriel VVhite, Aileen VVickett, John VVilliams, Gwillyin NVilliams, Mildred FORM IIIC. ttBegley, Norbert Betts, Wallace Cain, Jack Campbell, Jack Cole, John Collison, Giles Corneil, Arthur Curtin, Geraldine Endicott, Ross Frederick, Bruce Gamble, Laverne Graham, Harvey Gregory, Robert Hinton, Goldworth Hodgson, Frank Holmes, Charles Lake, Jarvis L.C. I. STUDENTS 1930-1931 Lawson, Lloyd McPherson, Murray McKee, Bruce Mitchell, Charles Perrin, Melville Skitch, Harold Sleep, Milford Smith, Helen Smith, Valmore Stinson, Norwood Stoate, Robert Thurston, 'Carman VVilson, Carl Wilson, Coleman Wilson, Vernon FORM IIA. Allen, Paul Black, John Brown, 'Margaret Burke, Margaret Dobbin, Viola Edminson, Ralph Ellis, Gertrude Fielder, Pretta Gee, Dorothea Gorrill, Roy Graham, Jack Gray, Gwen Johnston, Ian rKitson, Cassie McCorvie, Peter MacEachern, Elizabeth Mc Eden, Dorothy MacMillan, Margaret O'Leary, Gordon O'Leary, Marcel Owens, Sidney Parkin, Jack Perrin, Isabel Pilsworth, Alda Pilsworth, Ruth Sedgwick, Beatrice Sharpe, Grace Tillcock, Shirley -Webster, Myrtle XVillock. Ina Wilson, Vance ak FORM II B Baker, Ross Betts. Stewart Brisbin, Melville Bryson. Maurice Cain, Cecil Campbell, Alex. Cook, Thomas Crosgrey, Findlay Davidson, Anna iEakins, Hazel Eveniss Gassien Gilchrist, Janet Gregory, Keele Groomes, William Grozelle, Edgar Hancock, Orville Hussey, Carl Lees, Aileen Mcllmoyle, Robert McLuhan, Harold Mitchell, Gordon ctNugent, William Peters, Eileen Peters, George Pitts, Earl Ross, Wallace Rowan, Arthur Ryan, John Sharpe, George Spark, Jack Squier, Jack Sutton, Gordon Turner, Hilton Waldon, Grace VVhymark, Arthur Wood, Helen FORNI II C. Akister, George Begley, Joseph Blakely, VVawson Brown, VVe Willett Bryson, Ronald Coneybeare, Dione Copeland, Douglas Day, Ivan Dunk, Jack Heeley, Charles Hurlburt, Harold Kennedy, Earl Kennedy, Russell Mahood, Donald O'Leary, Leo Staples, Clifford Taverner, Jack 'kTelford, Bertram ifTelford, Clarence Vvaite, William FORM I A Ainsworth, Mary Aldred, Margaret Burrows, Kathleen Cameron, Kathleen Cummiskey, Myra Deacon, Olive Ferguson, Ruby Gist, Mildred 'iGorrill, Samuel Graham, Eva Graham, 'Mildred

Suggestions in the Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute - Tatler Yearbook (Lindsay, Ontario Canada) collection:

Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute - Tatler Yearbook (Lindsay, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute - Tatler Yearbook (Lindsay, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 21

1931, pg 21

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