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e:n The muse i i 1961 Zke M se LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL CAMBRIDGE CITY, INDIANA -1- Alien County Public Ubraiy 900 Webster Street ??rtta,« ' °N 46801.2270 These buildings represent a span of al- most 100 years during which time hundreds of students walked across the thresholds, down the halls, and into the classroom. Many of those whose voices echoed thro the halls have risen to high positions, some have gone to distant places, others have re- mained and contributed much to the local community. With the passing of time, buildings be- come inadequate and crumble with age. They are replaced, as was the three -story structure to the left which housed all twelve grades. In 1922 the new high school and junior high building to the left was completed. The student body chose to call it Lincoln High School. Other factors besides time take their toll. Disaster in the guise of fire struck in the early hours of February 25, 1955. The Lincoln building soon became a memory. A new Lincoln soon replaces the charred ruins and opened its doors in the fall of 1957. Lincoln High School -2- A WALK THROUGH NEW LINCOLN As we walk through new Lincoln, we meet many students going through their daily routine of study and being guided in their education by our well-qualified teaching staff. We see the student body engaging in and enjoying the many activities offered at Lincoln High School. « AdmimstmtioH and faculty 1 y I Mr. Shipman has been interested in employing well-qualified teachers, supplying fine facilities and equipment in all the buildings, and promoting and developing the highest standards for our entire school system. His forward look has been responsi- ble for the accelerated program, begun in 1958. When we entered Lincoln four years ago to be- gin our walk through high school, Mr. Frazer as- sumed the responsibility for directing our steps. He has assisted us in planning our curricula, schedul- ing classes, and counseling with us about personal problems, future plans, and our activities. SCHOOL BOARD Raymond Swallow , Jr. Robert Doll, Harrison W. Bachmann, David Wickes, Charles R. Golay. -6 I - L i l Alfred Baker Art Catherine Kitterman Business Education ' S v l ' 1 B V i l m K Kr -: ry lb, , M ■■B Larry Shinn Business Education Mildred Cutter English David Clements English--Social Studies 7- Ronald Erickson English Virginia Martin Dean of Girls-- Spanish — Librarian Henry DeLong Larin--Social Studies Paul Lamberson Social Studies Evelyn Schuerman Home Economics I I Viola Scholar Home Economics Robert Oakerson Industrial Arts -8 William Morris Industrial Arts Dorothy Lewis Mathematics Stephen Lemley Mathematics John Ruff Instrumental Music Beatrice Thomas Vocal Music Dwight Tallman Physical Education -9 Carol Gibson Physical Education-- Drivers ' Education James Bozoarth Science William Caldwell Science f Kathrine Butt Superintendent ' s Secretary Irlene Baker School Secretary -10 yearbook Staff ♦ • Paul Schneider, Mary Ann Butt, Bob Ammerman, Sharon Bachmann THE SENIORS PUBLISH THE FIRST YEARBOOK AT (Seated) Virginia Weileman (Standing) Judy Jonas, Barbara Wiker, Linda Howard, Mary Frances Bryant Agnes Barker, Mike Butler 12- Last September, we the class of 1961, found ourselves engaged in a new exper- ience, that of sharing the responsibility of publishing the first yearbook in 37 years. Although we knew very little when we be- gan, we all learned together through much hard work. We were guided in our endeav- or by our competent sponsor, Mr. Larry Shinn. We have spent many long hours striving to reach perfection on our publi- cation. LINCOLN SINCE 1924 (Seated) Nancy Stanley, Steve Briar, Sandy Sandford (Standing) Barbara Ballard, Bill Swigart, Diane Pit- man, Janet Fisher, Joy Lynn Lilley Alan Golliher, Kathy Kegley, Tom Keller, Tom Bak- er, David Gentry, Ann Wantz Jane Foist, Anne Barnes -13- Y ev a ' to " L.., ' ' :,.e. r A 1 a M a XO ' J ?, sa v 6 ' " ,.jvV6 - ,a v4i STAFF Editor R. Ammerman Assistant Editor M. Butt Business Manager Assistant S. Bachmann, P. Schneider Publicity Chairman Assistant A. Wantz, A. Golliher Photography Editor Assistant T. Baker, D. Gentry Sectional Editors A. Barnes, A. Barker, J. Foist, M. Butler Music D. Pitman Senior Activities S. Sanford, N. Stanley Classes Faculty B. Ballard, J. Fisher, J. Lilley Sports Editors S. Briar, B. Swigart Art Editor and Assistant T. Keller, K. Kegley Typists L. Howard, V. Weilenman, B. Wiker Proofreaders ' J. Jonas, M. Bryant - 14- Seniors !■-:■■ ;.■» ;fv3ffe3L .f, r ' - ' i-- " - " S ■- Sandra Sanford, Secretary; Tom Keller, Student Council; Steve Briar, President; Barbara Ballard, Student Council; Paul Schneider, Vice President; Diana Gathers, Treasurer. SENIORS - LAST WALK TOGETHER SPIRITED, SAGACIOUS, SENTIMENTAL Senior Play The last walk together climaxes twelve years of studying and learning spent in grade schools, Parkway, and Lincoln High School. Before taking the last step, let ' s reminisce a bit. The highlights of our high schooldays have been belong- ing to Y-Teens, G.A.A., Hi-Y, the junior play -- " Class Ring, " the prom — " Blue Hawaii, " homecoming dance, wearing yellow cords, sitting in the front rowat assembly pro- grams, senior pictures, yearbook staff meetings, the senior play — " More Room for Love, " and the ultimate climax, graduation. Yearbook Sales 16 Robert Ammerman Editor oto -17- Mary Ann Butt Assistant Editor ■ ■KTIi H f " L H B JhT M Ipufl m yflr 1 ? s, ' IVjJ ! WM mBf jRW! i X J " m KKK L Tom Keller Student Council HERE ARE ... SENIORS AT LAST Tom Baker Barbara Ballard Student Council Brand a Fox 18 Nancy Stanley Bill Blair WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER Jane Foist Phil Newhouse Joy Lynn Lilley 19 Linda Howard Steven Hays WE TOOK OUR FIRST STEPS AS CONFUSED FROSH Mark York Janet Fisher Barbara Mullenix 20- Betsy Cook Ann Wantz Alan Golliher WE GAINED CONFIDENCE AND WALKED MORE BOLDLY AS SOPHS Terry Jarvis Judy Jonas -21 - Charray Cox Don Healton AS JUNIORS OUR PATHS LED TO MANY NEW ACTIVITIES . . . Ronald DeWeese Diane Pitman Mary Frances Bryant 22 Gleela Fisher Kathy Kegley Mike Butler GETTING OUR CLASS RINGS, SELLING CONCESSIONS Bill Swigart Judy Gray 23- Virginia Weilenman Ralph Werner REHEARSING FOR " CLASS RING, " DECORATING FOR " BLUE HAWAII " David Gentry Agnes Barker Judy Petty 24 Jackie Hoover Barbara Wiker Jerry Thompson AS SENIORS WE SET THE PACE WITH Ted Oliger 25 Anne Barnes Bill Buckland YELLOW CORDS, HOMECOMING, " MORE ROOM FOR LOVE " . . . John Eblen Sarah Miller Sharon Bachmann 26 Karen Verpooten Georgette Jefferies Don Kuhn " THE MUSE, " AND SITTING ON THE FIRST ROW OF ASSEMBLIES. Fred Kellam Sharon Lundy 27 Gerald Longnecker Bill Ayers OUR LAST WALK TOGETHER GRADUATION Bob Brattain Robert Hadley Larry Watson 28 SENIOR ACTIVITIES I; Yearbook Staff; G.A.A. 3; Prom Attendant. Jarvis, Terry Madrigal 3; Chorus 4; Student Manager of Bas- ketball; Hi-Y 2. Jefferies, Georgette Chorus 2; Glee Club 3; Y-Teens 4; Booster Club 4; G.A.A. I; Senior Ensemble. Jonas, Judy Band 3 (President I); Pep-Band 2; Chorus 3; Y- Teens 4; Junior Play; Dance Band I ; Booster Club 3; G.A.A. I; Yearbook Staff; Junior En- semble; Senior Ensemble. Kegley, Kathy Y-Teens 4 (Publicity Chairman I); Booster Club 4(President i); G.A.A. 3; Yearbook Staff; Cho- rus 2 (Secretary-Treasurer); Glee Club 2; Junior Ensemble; Senior Ensemble. Kellam, Fred Basketball I; Track 2. Keller, Tom Track 3; Student Council 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff. Kuhn, Donald Track 3; Hi-Y 3; Baseball. Lilley, Joy Lynn Glee Club i; Y-Teens 2; Booster Club 2; 4-H; Student Librarian; Yearbook Staff. Longnecker, Gerald Lundy, Sharon Y-Teens I. Mantock, Barbara Chorus 3; Y-Teens 4; Booster Club 4; B-Team Cheerleader; Freshman Cheerleader; G.A.A. I; Glee Club 4. Miller, Sarah Ann 4-H 2; Y-Teens 4; Glee Club 2; Chorus I; Boost- er Club 3. Mullenix, Barbara Y-Teens 2; G.A.A. i; Booster Club 2 (Secretary 0- Newhouse, Phil Track 2; Basketball 4; Baseball I; Chorus 3; F.F.A. 2; Student Council i. Oliger, Ted Senior Play. Petty, Judy Glee Club i; Y-Teens 3 (Publicity Co-Chairman I, Vice-President I); National Honor Society 3; Exchange Student to Germany. Pitman, Diane Chorus 3; Glee Club 4; Junior Ensemble; Senior Ensemble; Y-Teens 4 (Worship Co-Chairman); Booster Club 4; Student Librarian 2; Senior Play; Junior Play; 4-H 8; Yearbook Staff. Sanford, Sandra Chorus3; Glee Club4; Y-Teens 4 (Historian Co- Chairman); G.A.A. 3 (Secretary; Junior Class Secretar y; Junior Play; Yearbook Staff; Booster Club 4; Senior Play (Student Director); Senior En- semble. Schneider . Paul Football 3; Basketball 3; Track 3; Chorus i; Hi- Y 4 (Advisory Board, Secretary); National Honor Society 3 (President); Student Council 3 (Vice- President); Class President 3; Yearbook Staff; Senior Play; Junior Play; Senior Class Vice-Presi- dent. Stanley, Nancy Chorus 3; Glee Club 4; Madrigal 3; Y-Teens 4 (Music Chairman, Social Chairman); Booster Club 4 (Vice-President); Junior Play; Cheer Leading (Freshman, B-Team); Yearbook Staff; G.A.A. 2; Senior Ensemble. Swigart Bill Baseball 4; Football 4; Track 4; Basketball 4; Chorus 4; Madrigal 3; Hi-Y 3; Junior Play; Year- book Staff; Hi-Y Chaplain. Thompson, Jerry Football 4; Track 4; Basketball 4; Hi-Y 4 (Pres- ident); 4-H; F.F.A. 2. Verpooten, Karen Y-Teens 4; Booster Club 3. Wantz, Ann Band 4; Majorette 2; Drum Majorette I; Orches- tra 2; Y-Teens 4 (President, Co-Social Chair- man); Booster Club 4; Junior Play; G.A.A. 2; Yearbook Staff; D.A.R. Good Citizen. Watson, Larry Weilenman, Virginia Student Librarian i; Yearbook Staff; Junior Play. Werner, Ralph Football I; Baseball i; F.F.A. 2. Wiker, Barbara Student Librarian 2; Y-Teens 4 (Historian); Boost- er Club 5; Yearbook Staff. York, Mark Junior Play; Hi-Y 4; Football i. 29 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Ammerman, Robert W. Madrigal 4; Chorus 4; Hi-Y 3; 4-H 9; Glee Club Accompanist; Senior Play; Junior Play; Honor So- ciety 3 (Vice President); Yearbook Staff; B-Team Cheerleader; Freshman Class Vice-President; Solo Work. Ayers, Bill Football I . Bachmann, Sharon Glee Club I; Y-Teens 4; Junior Play (Student Director); Junior Class Treasurer; Yearbook Staff; Booster Club I; Honor Society (Treasurer). Baker, Tom Orchestra 2; Pep Band 2; Hi-Y 4; Dance Band I; Yearbook Staff; Track I; Band 2. Ballard, Barbara Y-Teens 4; Booster Club 4; Student Council 3; Junior Play; Yearbook Staff; Junior Homecom- ing Queen Candidate; Varsity Cheerleader. Barker, Agnes Y-Teens 4; 4-H 5; Student Librarian I; G.A.A. I; Yearbook Staff; Booster Club. Barnes, Anne Band i; Y-Teens 4; 4-H 5; Student Librarian i; Junior Play; Yearbook Staff; Booster Club; Sen- ior Play. Brattain, Bob Baseball I; Football 2; Basketball 2; Orchestra I; Band 2; Pepband 2; Chorus 2; Hi-Y 4; F.F.A. Blair, Bill Hi-Y; Junior Play. Briar, Steve Football 3; Track 4; Basketball 2; National Honor Society; Hi-Y 2 (Advisory Board); Junior Class Vice-President; Senior Class President; Student Council President; Yearbook Staff; Junior Play; Hoosier Boys ' State. Bryant, Mary Frances Sophomore Ensemble; Junior Ensemble; Senior Ensemble; Student Librarian I; Y-Teens 4; Boost- er Club 4; Glee Club; Chorus; G.A.A. I ; Year- book Staff. Buckland, Billy Hi-Y I; 4-H 7; F.F.A. 2; Basketball I; Football I; Track 3; Baseball i. Butler. Mike 4-H I; F.F.A. 2; Basketball i; Yearbook Staff. Butt, Mary Ann Y-Teens 4 (Secretary, Worship Co-Chairman); Booster Club 4; National Honor Society 3 (Sec- retary); Girls ' State Representative; Student Council I ; Yearbook Staff. Cook, Betsy Chorus 3; Glee Club 4; Junior Ensemble; Senior Ensemble; Y-Teens 4 (Service Chairman); Boost- er Club 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; G.A.A. 2 (Treasurer). Cox, Charray Y-Teens 2; Student Librarian 3; 4-H 2 (Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer); G. A. A. i; Glee Club I . DeWeese, Ronnie Basketball I; Track I; Football 3; Hi-Y (Secre- tary). Eblen, John Fisher, Gleela Glee Club 3; Booster Club 3; Y-Teens 3 (Wor- ship Co-chairman, Worship Chairman); Junior Ensemble; Student Librarian I; Chorus I; Senior Ensemble. Fisher, Janet Y-Teens 4; Booster Club 3; Student Librarian 3; Yearbook Staff; G. A. A. I . Foist, Jane Chorus 3 (President); Glee Club 4; Y-Teens 4 (Co-Social Chairman) (Treasurer); Booster Club 4; G. A. A. 2; Junior Play; Junior Ensemble I; Senior Ensemble; Yearbook Staff; Freshman Cheerleader; Prom Attendant; SeniorPlay; Home- coming Queen. Fox, Brenda Y-Teens 4; Booster Club I. Gentry, David Junior Play; Yearbook Staff. Gethers, Diana Junior Ensemble; Chorus 3; Glee Club 4; Y-Teens 4 (Song Leader); Booster Club 4; G.A.A. 3; Class Treasurer 3; Senior Ensemble; Madrigal I. Golliher, Alan Football 2; Basketball 4; 4-H President; Yearbook Staff. Gray, Judy Y-Teens I; Booster Club I; G.A.A. I. Hadley, Robert Vocational Club. Hays, Stephen R. Healton, Don Football 4; Track I; Hi-Y 2; Junior Play. Hoover, Jackie Y-Teens 4; Booster Club 4. Howard, Linda Orchestra I; Band 4; Maj orette 4; Chorus 3; Jun- ior Ensemble; Senior Ensemble; Booster Club 2; Cheer Leading 4; Y-Teens 4 (Historian I); 4-H -30 LiKCo Most Popular Linda Howard - Steve Briar 1 1 Mi ? ' : m i ir 1 Most Athletic Joy Lynn Lilley - Jerry Thompson Craziest Brenda Fox - Tom Baker 4 3 w. TaBSii ■ -■ " -.-;■! Most Likely to Succeed Ann Wantz - Paul Schneidej Prettiest Smile Judy Jonas - Alan Gollihet Best Sports Mary Ann Butt - Ted Oliger Quietest Jackie Hoover - Don Healton Best Built Most Talkative Barbara Mantock - Phil Anne Barnes - Bobby Newhouse Brattain 31 Biggest Hin Betsy Cook - David Gentry Prettiest Hair Gleela Fisher - Tom Keller Hardest Vv ' orkers Judy Petty - Robert Ammerman Best Looking Jane Foist - Bill Blair Maddest Drivers Karen Verpooten - Don Kuhn Best Personality Sandy Sanford - Bill Swigart Best Diessed Nancy Stanley - Mark York Biggest Clown Kaihy Kegley - Ronnie DeWeese Always Late Barbara MuUenix - Harvey Brandon 32- Underclassmen K v 1 Jim Eckart, Student Council; Karen Close, Student Council; Martha Doll, Treasurer; Kathy Pet- ty, Secretary; Warren Fields, President; DeWayne Montgomery, Vice-President. i JUNIORS - JOURNEY THROUGH LINCOLN PROM, PLAY, PROFITS, PRACTICE The journey through Lincoln High School becomes compli- cated in the junior year with the prom, concessions at all sports events, endless practice for the play, athletics, band, and chor- al groups. Chemistry, advanced algebra, American literature, and shorthand demand longer hours of study. There is still a little time for fun and friendships. JUNIOR CONCESSIONS JUNIOR CONCESSIONS 34- f-. r. ' i O II JUNIORS ROW 1. Joyce Baker, Gene Broglin, Sandra Brown, Kar- en Bryant, Lester Bryant. ROW 2. Nancy Bryant, Lin- da Burns, Ruth Ann Claw- son, Karen Close, Martha Doll. ROW 3. John Dooley, Da- vid Dunavent, Doug Eck- art, Jim Eckart, David Er- vin. ROW 4. Warren Fields, Gay Fisher, Darlene Frazer, Lin- da Frost, Naomi Green. ROW 5. Ronnie Harris, Ed- die Hauk, Larry Hughes, Charles Irvin, Ronnie Jack- son. ORDERING CLASS RINGS 35 ROW 1. Larry Judd, Judy Mendenhall, Ray Mohler, Ronnie Moistner, De- Wayne Montgomery. ROW 2. Carol Muck- ridge, Glen Ohmit, Arch- ie Pass, KathyPaul, Kath- y Petty. ROW 3. Frank Schweg- man, Tommy Stom- baugh, Mike Stomm, Ronnie Stott, Donna Thorn. ROW 4. Tommy Thom- as, Kenny Thompson, Garry Watson, Danny Wicker, Judy Stoehr. ROW 5. Beverly Wilson, Sharon Wilson, Kathy Woods, Larry Worl, Lau- ra Faber. JUNIORS -36- Ronnie Ellsbury, Vice President; Patty Brunner, President; Tammy Harold, Secretary; Dick Craig, Treasurer; Dian Russell, Student Council; Gary Smith, Student Council. SOPHOMORES STROLLING THROUGH LINCOLN COUNSELING After a year of adjustment, the sophomores settle down to take life at Lincoln more calmly. Geometry, Latin II, Spanish II, biology II are a few of the subjects crossing their path this year. Ordering class rings in the spring is one of the high points of the year. TESTING -37 V .P ' ROW 1. Richard Agee, James Bachmann, Judy Bachmann, Jackie Bish, Becky Bowing. ROW 2. Barbara Brock- man, Patty Brunner. Jerry Colvin, Anna Cox, Dick Craig. ROW 3. James Davidson, James DeWeese, Patty Downs, Wendell Eblen, Ronald Ellsbury. ROW 4. Larry Fink, Car- olyn Fox, Ronald Frazer, David Gethers, Pam Ginn. ROW 5. Doris Golliher, Lora Green, Tammy Har- old, Wayne Harris, Julia Haskett. ROW 6. Joyce Hellard, Mary Hicks, Linda Hol- bert, Carol Hormel, Vic- tor Hunt. ROW 7. Dennis Hubbard, Jack Jarvis, Gary Jordan. SOPHOMORES 38 ROW 1. Dennis Keihn, Jan- ice Keller, Dennis Lakes, Freida Lakes, Sonja Lam- ott. ROW 2. Barbara Lowe, Ma- ry Kathleen Lower, Judy Matney, Brenda Monde, Di- anne Moore. ROW 3. Robert Moore, Eil- een Moschel, Debbie Mey- ers, Ronnie Patterson, Gene Raby. ROW 4. Jan Roberts, Dian Russell, Cheryl Smiley, Ga- ry Smith, Robert Stapleton. ROW 5. Shirley Steelman, Robert Stewart, Margaret Stocke, Joyce Stuart, Linda Suveges. ROW 6. Sharon Tague, Sam Tanner, Marjorie Turner, James Ulerick, Wanda Vick- ers. ROW 7. Larry Walters, Jan- ice Wassom, Vicki Webster. SOPHOMORES -39 Kathy Kuster, President; Sandra Green, Secretary; Wanda Fennell, Treasurer; Susan Wantz, Stu- dent Council; Roger Blair, Student Council; Brent Smith, Vice-President. FRESHMEN FIRST STEPS THROUGH LINCOLN TROUBLES?? Frightened, friendly, and forgetful Freshmen found their first steps in Lincoln some times hur- ried to arrive in class on time, and other times, hesitant, not knowing which direction togo. New subjects such as algebra, biology, and foreign language brought challenge and study. Parti - cipation in many new activities added to their busy schedule. COUNSELING 40- ROW 1. Patty Ballard, Gary Banks, Susie Blgler, Roger Blair, Janet Blank. ROW 2. Glen Bogue. John- nie Brattain, J. W. Breed - en, Joan Bryant, Donna By- ROW 3. Rosemary Calla- han, Merita Cardwell, Mary Kay Carlin, Judith Clawson, Janet Col v in. ROW 4. Neal Cramer, Lor- an Davis, Nicki Sue Dix, Jo- an Dunn, Connie Sue Elwood. ROW 5. Roger Faber, James Farley, Wanda Fennell, George Fisher, Teddy Frost. ROW 6. Billy Gabbard, Pat- sy Gentry, Jerry Gray, Mike Gray, Earl Green. ROW 7. Sandra Green, Car- olyn Guthrie, Billy Hall. FRESHMEN 41 - , ROW 1. James Harris, Ann Harrod, Wayne Harry, Vir- ginia Healton, Clarence Hicks. ROW 2. Hugh Hicks, Larry Hicks, Ledford Hicks, Ern- est Hisle, Ramona House- worth, ROW 3. Chuck Hubbard, Mary Huddleston, Susan Huff, Audree Hurlburt, ■■Vl , Mike Ingalls. ROW 4. Neal Johnson, Wan- da Jones, Marilyn Keihn, Kathy Kuster, Ralph Lakes. ROW 5. Carolyn Lawrence, Ricki Lawrence, Diane Leh- man, George Longnecker, Richard Longnecker. ROW 6. Bruce Lund, Sandra Lundy, Mike McCarrell, Billy McClurg, Carol Mc- Daniel. Ilf " A ROW- 7. Jerry Maple, Earl Miller. FRESHMEN 42- - I n c f ROW 1. Connie Mohler, John Moistner, Kirby Moore, Sandra Moore, Colman Morton. ROW 2. Harry Moschel, Don Mullenix, Gary New- ton, Tim Parker, Doug Parkhurst. ROW 3. Ted Parkhurst, Jackie Patterson, Howard Pierce, Andy Pitcher, Mar- cia Quesenberry. ROW 4. Eddie Paul Rog- ers, Billy Sue Rudisell, Kathy Scott, Brent Smith, Ralph Smith. ROW 5. David Souther- land, Joyce Sublett, Bil- lie Jane Taylor, Becky Thomas, Terry Todd. ROW 6. David Vail, Jim Vallandingham, Susie Wantz, Eugene Werner, Ernie White. ROW 7. Stanley Wicker, Diane Worl, Vona V ' orl. FRESHMEN 43 ROW 1. Betty Sue Ogborn, Mary Jo Grigsby. Suzanne Stombaugh, Vicki Patterson. Vickie Allen, Kay Clark, De- anna Wissler, Donna Wissler, Donna Clinger. ROW 2. Robert Donaldson, Keith Wilson, Rodney Lunsford, Dennis Morris, Fred Parker, Robert Wonsettler, Jody Johnson, Eddie Foust, Gordon Butt. ACCELERATED STUDENTS Before Sputnik the Cambridge City-Jackson Township Schools initiated a program for the " academically talented " at one grade level. Throughout the school year of 1957-1958, a thorough study was made of eighty-four students in the seventh grade. It was decided to offer the high school subjects, algebra and latin 1, to talented eighth grade students as a challenge to their ability and toenrich their academic growth. In the fall of 1958, sixteen eighth graders enrolled in algebra and Latin 1 with tlie high school students. They took all other eighth grade subjects except arithmetic and Knglish. Six students were enrolled in the program during the year 1959-1960. The reduced num- ber was due in part to closer screening and to the fact that the class did not have students with high potential. 1 wo recommended students did not enroll and one moved away. It is evident from the studies made the past two years that the original belief that these ac- celerates can excel was justified. Ihe program will cover a period of five years. 1 he current year finds eighteen eighth graders enrolled in the project. 44 fmi n, o, n fi rj f?, I 1 Y-TEEN ORGANIGATION ROW 1. K. Close. B. Cook, N. Stanley, S. Sanford, d. Gethers, J. Foist, A. Wantz, J. Petty, M. Butt, G. Fisher, D. Pitman. ROW 2. K. Kegley, D. Russell, C. Muckridge, T. Harold, P. Brunner, Mrs. K. Kitterman, D. Golliher, K. Woods, B. Wilson, S. Tague, C. Cox. ROW 3. B. Wiker, J. Fisher. A. Barnes, B. Fox. S. Bachmann. F. Jonas, B. MuUinex, K. Verpooten. L. Howard. B. Ballard. F. Bryant. B. Mantock. G. Jefferies. ROW 4. C. Elwood. K. Petty, D. Frazer, J. Mendenhall, M. Doll. R. Clawson, G. Fisher, J. Stoehr, S. Wilson, S. Miller, J. Hoover, A. Barker, J. Lilley, K. Scott. ROW 5. B. Monde, P. Downes, M. Turner, B. Brock- man, J. Matney. J. Bish. M. Stoke, D. Myers, V. Webster, C. Fox, J. Bachmann, J. Haskett, P. Ginn, B. Bowing, W. Fennell. S. Wantz. ROW 6. J. Bryant, D. Lehman, M. Keihn, J. Col- vin, J. Wassom, J. Stuart, S. Lamott, P. Gentry, C. Molher. S. Huff, P. Ballard, B. Taylor, B. Thomas, R. Callahan, J. Blank. ROW 7. J. Clawson, V. Worl, K. Kuster, S. Green. S. Moore, B. Radical, D. Byers, R. Houseworth, V. Healton, M. Huddleston, N. Dix, S. Lundy, M. Carl- in, A. Harrod, S. Bigler, D. Worl. Lincoln ' s Y-Teen Club, under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Catherine Kitterman and af- filiated with the National YWCA, is open to all girls of the high school. New friends, new experiences, and new opportunities are the rewards of Y-Teen membership through participation in events such as Big and Little Sister Party; Mothers ' tea and recognition ceremony for new members; Thanksgiving Chapel; World Fellowship Week; Clothing Drive; Hanging of the Greens; " Winter Wonderland " Christmas Dance; Dad and Daughter dessert hour; Easter Chapel; FAD; Mother-Daughter ban- quet, re Y-TEEN CABINET ROW 1. T. Baker, B. Blair, M. York. S. Briar, R. DeWeese, J. Thompson, B. Swigart, P. Schneid- er, D. Healton, D. Kuhn, B. Brattain, R. Ammerman, R. Stott, D. Montgomery, G. Ohmit. ROW 2. D. Dunavent, C. Irvin, L. Bryant, W. Fields, R. Jackson, F. Schwegman, R. Mohler, D. Eckart, T. Thomas, J. Deaton, K. Thompson, J. Eckart, L. Worl, D. Wicker, J. Bachmann, J. Jarvis. ROW 3. D. Irvin. W. Harris, V. Hunt, J. DeWeese, G. Smith, J. Colvin. J. Ulerich. G. Jordan. R. Ellsbury. D. Keihn, D. Gethers, D. Craig, R. Frazer. L. Fink, E. Rogers. ROW 4. Mr. Lemley, B. Lund, N. Cramer, J. Harris. E. White, J. Vallandingham, L. Davis. D. Mullenix. E. Hisle, A. Pitcher, C. Morton, E. Miller, and R. Blair. HI-Y ORGANIZATION The club ' s common objectives are - - SERVICE TO MEMBERS by develop- ing Christian character through daily acts toward one another and through daily nurture of wholesomeness in personality; SERVICE TO SCHOOL - - by striving for academic excellence and by participating in extra-curricular activities; SERVICE TO COMMUNITY - - by studying how community problems are re- lated to the daily life of club members and by studying community conditions that can be improved through the club ' s program; SERVICE TO NATION - - by developing an attitude of genuine patriotism and practicing good citizenship; SERVICE TO GOD - - by sincere concern for the religious development of the members and by practicing the ideals and teachings of Jesus. Our officers for the year are President, Jerry Thompson; Vice President. Doug Eckart; Secretary. Ronnie DeWeese; Treasurer. Jim Eckart; and adviser, Mr. Lemley. -47- mmmmmm k ;4 ' ' v ' ' f ' ' LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL BAND MAJORETTES -48- wx ANN WANTZ HEAD MAJORETTE LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA 4 b ROW 1. J. Davidson, J. Baker. R. Doll. M. J. Grigsby, V. Allen, P. Frazer, J. Skates. ROW 2. K. Clark, D. Wissler. D. Wlssler, M. Huddleston. K. Clugston. P. Boyer. C. Bertsch. ROW 3. D. Morris, K. Thompson, R. Frazer, V. Haskett,. N. Johnson, E. Fouse, J. Whirley, B. Moore. ROW 4. A. Wantz. L. Brown. T. Baker, L. Sturges, L. Denny, S. Lamott, Mr, Ruff. -49- SENIOR ENSEMBLE Judy Jonas, Jane Foist, Diane Pitman, Georgette Jefferies, Diana Gethers, Sandra Sanford, Nancy Stanley, Kathy Kegley, Gleela Fisher, Betsy Cook, Frances Bryant, Linda Howard. JUNIOR ENSEMBLE Darlene Frazer, Martha Doll, Beverly Wilson. Gay Fisher, Karen Bryant, Ruth Ann Clawson, Kathy Woods. SOPHOMORE ENSEMBLE Pam Ginn, Jackie Bish, Tammy Harold, Margaret Stocke, Lora Greene, Barbara Brockman, Dian Rus- sel. Becky Bowing, Brenda Monde, Patty Brunner , Doris Golliher, Sharon Tague, Vicki Webster, Pat Downs, Carolyn Fox, Julia Haskett. -50 FRESHMAN ENSEMBLE Diane Worl, Sandra Green, Ramona Houseworth, Connie Mohler, Susan Wantz, Kathy Scott, Su- san Bigler, Donna Byers, Connie Elwood, Judy Clawson, Marilyn Keihn, Rosemary Callahan, Janet Colvin, Susan Huff. CHORUS ROW 1. K. Woods, B. Mantock, L. Davis, C. Bertsch, T. Jarvis, B. Swigart, ' I. Thomas, P. Newhouse, B. Cook, S. Miller, L. Howard, J. Jonas. ROW 2. J. Foist, T. Harold, D. Gethers, R. Ammerman, J. Jarvis, L. Fink. K. Scott, P. Brunner, D. Golliher, C. Elwood, L. Suveges, L. Frost, B. Wilson, K. Kegley. ROW 3. J. Colvin, M. Stocke, B. Brockman, B. Bowing, J. Bish, D. Pitman, G. Fisher. B. Monde, S. Green, S. Wantz, C. Mohler, P. Downes, D. Frazer, D. Worl. ROW 4. G. Jeffries, N. Green, J. Harris, E. Miller, J. Colvin, D. Keihn, Mrs. Jhomas. G. Jordan, N. Stanley, S. Sanford, M. Bryant, P. Ginn, J. Haskett. Wf ' »»i • « fl : 7 ViS T» ' E III -51 - MADRIGAL ROW 1. D. Worl, M. Stocke, D. Gethers, N. Stanley, M. Doll, K. Woods, D. Frazer, J. Haskett. ROW 2. D. Gethers, D. Keihn, R. Ammerman, B. Swigart, J. Colvin, T. Jarvis, L. Davis. GLEE CLUB ROW 1. K. Lower, J. Foist, L. Suveges, S. Tague, N. Greene, B. Mantock, L. Greene, G. Jeffer- ies, Mrs. Robert Thomas, R. Ammerman, B. Monde, K. Kegley, R. Houseworth, D. Worl, F. Bry- ant, J. Wassom, S. Hiff. ROW 2. C. McDaniels, M. Cardwell, R. Callahan, J. Colvin, M. Keihn, M. Doll. R. Clawson, V. Webster. S. Bigler, S. Wantz. C. Mohler, J. Clawson, C. Elwood. C. Fox. S. Green. ROW 3. S. Lundy. P. Gentry, K. Woods, D. Gethers, D. Pitman. S. Sanford, N. Stanley, G. Fisher, D. Byers, K. Scott, L. Frost, J. Dunn, B. Cook, P. Downs. S. Millen. t!tHt - , • V ,j ,1 ■ i 1 m n " » IfT , . u U J||Mfl|9 lai iiiiiBii) ' ' ■■ ' -»■«■ Jr ' Jl If ■■■■■iii f i SHJ HI ■ -52- ROW 1. Marilyn Keihn, Janet Colvin, Kathy Paul, Judy Mendenhall, Nancy Bryant, Mrs. Gibson, Dar- lene Frazer, Karen Bryant, Becky Bowing, Janet Blank, Jan Roberts. ROW 2. Judy Matney, Kathy Pet- ty, Diane Lehman, Marita Caldwell, Becky T homas, BiUie Taylor, Patty Ballard, Joan Bryant, Shirley Steelman, Carol Hormel, Linda l-rost. GA. A. The G.A. A. , sponsored by Carol Gibson, is an organization for girls interested in sports. By foster- ing an interest in leisure time activities the G.A. A. fulfills the purpose of promoting good fellowship as well as good sportsmanship throug!i particiption in swimming, bowling, basketball, volleyball, soft- ball, tumbling, and many other activities such as attending Leadership Camp, sponsoring car washes, and sponsoring a District Volleyball Clinic in which we were runner-up. I USHERS FOR DAD ' S NIGHT 53- Im. ? f i f» o.i: BOOSTER CLUB ROW 1. L. Howard, K. Stanley, S. Sanford, D. Gettiers, B. Cook, J. I ' oist, A. Wantz, B. Mullincx, K. Verpooten, D. Pitman, J. Jonas, K. Kegley, B. Ballard. ROW 2. B. Wiker, J. l -isher, S. Miller, J. Hoover, G. I ' ishcr, M. Butt, B. l-ox, M. Bryant, B. Mantock, G. Jefferies. ROW 3. K. Scott, I.. Frost, S. Wilson, J. Stoehr, 1 . t. ' lawson, G. Fisher, B. Wilson, K. Woods, M. Doll, K. Close. ROW 4. B. laylor, C. Mohler, M. I timer, K. l,f-wer, J. Roberts, J. Baker, N. Bryant, K. Bryant, E. Paul, D. Frazer. ROW 5. B. 1 lionias, B. Brockman, V. Webster, C. I ' ox, P. Ginn, I. Harold, I). Russell, J. Matney, S. I ague. B. Monde. ROW 6. M. Keihn. J. Colvin. A. Cox, J. Haskett, B. Bowing, M. Stoke, J. Bish, P. Brunner, I). Golliher, I). Myers. ROW 7. S. Bigler, D. Worl, S. Wantz. V. Worl, I). Lehman, J. ( lawson, V. Healton, R. Houseworth, D. Byers, W. Fennel!. ROWS. C. Muckridge, 5. Green, K. Kuster. R. Callahan. B. I udicel, S. Huff, P. Ballard. N, Dix. C. McDaniels, S. Moore, J. Bryant, J. Mendenhall. We are all very proud of our Booster Club for the support they have given our teams this year. These girls have shown very good sportsmanship and are an example of the interests the students take in our games. 1 lieir spirited yells and cheers did much to lift our team to victory. Judy Mendenhall, Linda Howard, Barbara Ballard, Carol Muckridge -54- Dian Russell Pam Glnn Carolyn Fox Tammy Harold B TEAM CHEERLEADERS Carol McDaniel Patty Ballard Joan Bryant FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS BIG " L " Joan Bryant, Patty Ballard, Carol McDaniel, Pam Ginn, Carolyn Fox, Dian Russell, Tammy Harold, Judy Mendenhall, Linda Howard, Barbara Ballard, Carol Muckridge. 55 Sitting: Mary Ann Butt, Judy Petty, Sharon Bachmann, Darlene Frazer, Kathy Paul. Standing Paul Schneider, Steve Briar, Robert Ammerman. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is a national organization emphasizing scholarship, leadership, character, and serv- ice. It is an educational organization and, as such, suggests that its members should plan to attend educational institu- tions beyond the high school level. This planning leads to proper scheduling in the high school; that is five or six classes per day, four of which will be solids. Students who actively participate in class, have assignments completed promptly, and seek additional work are the most promising candidates. The students who handle responsible positions in school activities, who can work well with teachers and sponsors, and who merit the respect of classmates are especially worthy of consideration. The qualification of scholarship is fixed and the easiest to determine; therefore, all sophomore, junior, and senior students are automatically considered for membership when they are eligible for the semester " A " or " B " honor roll. USHERS -- COLLEGE NIGHT -56 BBUP TWr f w »Mir.«ii.»JJiajiwicu-»»WMJ«MMw mki M I Seated: Miss Martin, Patty Brunner, Tom Keller, Steve Briar, Gary Smith, Mr. Lemley. Standing: Karen Close, Warren Fields, Dian Russell. Barbara Ballard, Jim Eckart, Susan Wantz, Kathy Kuster, Roger Blair. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of Lincoln High School was founded in 1945. The purpose of the Student Council is to give its members experience in democratic living. It doesn ' t seek to direct or to control the school; instead it is intended as an in- strument of expression for the student body. The Student Council is representative of all of the pupils in the high school. The membership consists of the class presidents and one boy and one girl from each class. Officers elected by the council are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Activities of the council have been printing the student handbook, sponsoring the Homecoming parade, selecting as- sembly programs and ushering at special events. REVISING HANDBOOK 57- FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Lincoln high school boys are members of the Milton FFA Chapter as a re- sult of their taking the vocational agriculture course at Milton school through a cooperative arrangement started 1 959- 1 960. Lincoln high school provides driver education instruction to Milton students. Lincoln FFA members have participated in the State FFA Convention at Purdue University, the FFA Polio Corn Lift in which $316.95 was raised for the Polio Fund. They have helped in the operation of the 62 acre FFA farm which provides the major portion of the income for carrying on the chapter ' s activities. F. F. A. MEMBERS Standing: Chuck Hubbard, Eugene Werner, Ralph Smith, Lester Bryant, Larry Hughes, David Vail, Gary Watson, Gene Broglin, Mr. Vaught. Front Row: David Ervin, Bobby Brattain, Ralph Werner, Phil New- house, Jerry Thompson, Gerald Longnecker, Bill Buckland, Mike Butler, Alan GoUiher. 58 J Activities . ' n $k S - ,s.i ' j ■-iw.i; " - ' " 14 r ' ue dt iiHi A Judy Harold was crowned queen of the 1959 - 60 Junior - Senior Prom by Paul Schneider, President of the Junior Class. The members of the queen ' s court from left to right are Linda Howard, Judy Otterbach, Mary Alice Doll, and Jane Foist. Mawaii « j JUNIOR PLAY CAST Fiist SOW: Batbaia Ballaid. Nancy Sianlej. Diaoe Pitman, Ann Wantz. Second low: Sbazon Badunana. Amie Banies. Betsy Cook, Jady Jonas, Jane Foist. Thiid row: Mark Toik, David Gentry, Don HealtcM, Bill Swigart, Tom Keller, Roben Annnerman. BiU Blair. CLASS RING In the junior year the class produced the play. Class Rii , in November, It was a rollicking com- edy, centering about an attractive pair of teen- agers who exchanged class rings and decided to ' go steady. " Daring die play many problems arose %«faen Mother was called out of town, and Father took over with his labor-saving sdiedule. Tobey received the leadii role in the school play tihicfa complicated her romance, but with undetstandii the aiofaor broi t die play to a fictii climax. 62- MORE ROOM FOR LOVE The senior class presented the three act comedy, More Room for Love, on November 3 and 4 in the Parkway Auditorium. The theme of the play was the application of home therapy to give the parents in the Murlock family sublimated outlets for their suppressed hostilities. It all began with the older daughter Dale ' s using her family as guinea pigs for a college paper. A young professor in whom she was romantically interested further complicated the situ- ation when he published some of the findings from the study. With the help of her younger sister Kitty and her ex-boyfriend who had become interested in Kitty, the plot evolved itself into a happy and purposeful conclusion. JANE FOIST CROWNED QUEEN AT ANNUAL HOMECOMING 64- From left to right: the queen; Carol Muckridge, Junior; Susan W antz , Freshman ; Pam Ginn, Sophomore. THE QUEEN ' S COURT . . . Parade, Victory Oi er Winchester, CrowH ' mg, Md Dance Mdt ' k Zke ' Day, -65- ANN WANTZ, PRESIDENT y- Zeen Christ -66 MRS. KITTERMAN, SPONSOR mas Dance 67- TRIP In February the junior and senior classes visited the 1 96 1 - 1962 Indiana General Assembly. During the trip they also toured the Allison Powerama and the Scottish Rite Cathedral. JUNIOR AND SENIOR-INDIANAPOLIS TRIP PAGE Lincoln was fortunate to have nine students serve as pages at the General Assembly this year. This was an edu- cational and memorable experience for each of them. PAGES FROM LINCOLN AT THE INDIANA GENERAL 68 Sports IN FOOTBALL ALL-CONFERENCE END Jerry Thompson grabs a pass and leaves Hagers- town defenders behind. Row I: T. Davis and D. Ervin (managers), D. Healton, A. Golliher, J. Thompson, B. Swigart, P. Schneider, R. DeWeese, S. Briar, E. Hauk, and J. Bachmann (manager). Row 2: Coach Buzz Duff, L. Bryant, L. Worl, R. Scott, R. Mohler, J. Eckart, D. Montgomery, F. Schwegman, P. Irvin, W. Fields, D. Dunavent, D. Eck- art, R. Frazer, and Assistant Coach Steve Lemley. Row 3: Assistant Coach Dwight Tallman, D. Mullenix, T. Parker, L. Hicks, B. Smith, R. Ellsbury, L. Fink, J. Jarvis, G. Raby, J. Colvin, D. Craig, D. Keihn, R. Lam- mott, E. Rogers, C. Bertsch, B. Moore (manager), and Assistant Coach Ron Erickson. 1 THE SPIRITED WAMPUS CATS FACED TOUGH COMPETITION. SPEEDSTER DICK CRAIG, top Wampus Cat ground gainer in 1959 and i960, sweeps end as Eddie Hauk throws a key block into Hagerstown defenders. 71 THOMPSON - END SWIGART - END Coach Buzz Duff ' s i960 gridders were spirited but much smaller than almost every one of their opponents. There were bright spots throughout the season as the Cats fought a- gainst defeating odds. A victory over a tough Lawrenceburg team proved to be the high point of the gridiron season. CATS ' DEFENSE MOVES IN ON A HAGERSTOWN SWEEP. CO-CAPTAINS AND COACH HEALTON - TACKLE 72 SCHNEIDER - HALFBACK BRIAR - HALFBACK FOOTBALL Team LHS OPP Anderson Highland 12 Brookville 7 38 Batesville 6 2 Hamilton Catholic, Ohio ' 4 38 Greensburg 14 20 Winchester 13 12 Lawrenceburg 7 Aurora 26 Hagerstown 14 14 DEWEESE -HALFBACK GOLLIHER - GUARD -73 ; iry " • ■ j,- " y fA P IN BASKETBAL SENIOR CENTER, SWIGART pulls down a rebound de- spite the heavy cast on his broken wrist. p. Newhouse, D Dunavent, T. Thompson, L. Hughes, L. Bryant, B. Swigart, D. Montgomery, R. Moh- ler, E. Hauk, W. Fields, T. Jarvis (manager), Dwight Tallman (coach). F. Schwegman (manager). TALENTED SENIORS LEAD THE WAY TO A SUCCESSFUL SEASON. WAMPUS CAT ROOTERS OFFER strong support for their team in the Lincoln- Centerville game of the Holiday Tourney. -75 MOHLER - FORWARD HUGHES- CENTER HAUK - FORWARD TEN AGAINST THOMPSON- TOWARD MONTGOMERY - GUARD -76- FIELDS GUARD DUNAVENT - GUARD BRYANT - CENTER TOUGH COMPETITION NEWHOUSE- GUARD SWIGART - CENTER Row I: G. Raby, J. Ulerich, D. Gethers, G. Smith, D. Craig. Row 2: R. Stott (manager), R. Ellsbury, R Moore, S. Tanner, G. Jordon, D. Keihn, J. Jarvis (manager), Ronald Erickson, Coach. BASKETBALL BASKETBALL (B Team) (A Team) Team LHS OPP Team LHS OPP Milton 37 38 Milton 47 36 Fountain City 38 37 Fountain City 63 56 Union City 43 38 Union City 43 48 Aurora 59 48 Aurora 51 65 Greensburg 44 47 Greensburg 72 6i Centerville 53 54 Centerville 70 58 Spiceland 48 38 Spiceland 76 64 Hagerstown 31 40 Hagerstown 45 41 Straughn 56 12 Straughn 81 52 B Team Tourney Holiday Tourney Brookville 40 53 Centerville 57 69 Lewisville 64 29 Lewisville 71 66 Knightstown 46 47 Knightstown 76 66 Brookville 59 49 Brookville 48 58 Batesville 44 38 Batesville 76 60 Liberty 47 42 Liberty 55 49 Williamsburg 42 31 Williamsburg 47 42 Middletown 43 46 Middletown 81 68 Lawrenceburg 35 44 Lawrenceburg 63 31 Winchester 39 49 Winchester 64 45 -78 t 5 f t « ' ■ t T ' I f - i ti ■V -1 : ! ! S ' S :N LHS BOOSTER CLUB 79 -rf N. : 1961 SECTIONAL CHAMPS!! 80 THE COACHES GET SET FOR THE FINAL GAME. ALL TOURNEY FORWARD, JERRY THOMPSON, CUTS THE NET. (PALLADIUM-ITEM) THOMPSON PARTIALLY DEFLECTS SHOT BY A CENTERVILLE GUARD. HANDS OFF ! ! 82 ' " " - ' t STEPS TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP Wampus Cats - Williamsburg 57 - 47 Wampus Cats - Hagerstown 57 - 47 Wampus Cats - Centerville 60 - 56 Lincoln repeated its 1 951 performance by win- ning the 1961 sectional championship. An unex- pected snowstorm postponed the championship game until Monday night. After the game a caravan of cars accompanied the champs home. An enthusi- astic crowd and a huge bonfire greeted them at the gym. REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS The battle of the Cats - the Wampus Cats and the Muncie Central Bearcats. The Wampus Cats fought courageously but didn ' t make as many bas- kets as the Bearcats. The final score was 56-33. r- Team TRACK Winner Hoosier Relays At Williamsburg (Milton) At Hagerstown (Connersville) Brookville and Williamsburg Hagerstown Relays Lawrenceburg Relays Hagerstown E.I.A.C. at Hagerstown Sectional at Richmond (LHS) mile relay team (first) Lincoln Connersville Lincoln Lincoln Lawrenceburg Lincoln Lincoln (LHS) Carlson and Thompson qualified for regional meet. i960 Records Broken 440 - Charles Carlson Low Hurdles - Jerry Thompson Mile-Relay - Bill Swigart Steve Briar Larry Stanley Charles Carlson old 55 ' 20. 50. new 53.0 20.0 44.0 Row I: D. Worl, S. Fisher, B. Bundy, J. Raby, L. Stanley, C. Carlson, P. Close. Row 2: T. Thompson, F. Kellam, P. Newhouse, B. Buckland, P. Schneider, B. Swigart, S. Briar, T. Baker, T. Keller. Row 3: C. Irvin, D. Dunavent, D. Craig, W. Fields, D. Keihn, A. Pass, R. Mohler, R. Stott, G. Smith. Row 4: Jack Ccpeland (coach), L. Fink, D. Eckart, S. Tanner, R. Jackson, R. Frazer, D. Gethers, F. Schwegman, J. Eck- art. BASEBALL Team LHS Op Aurora I 8 Hagerstown 8 2 Brookville 3 4 Greenfield 2 4 Richmond I 5 Lawrenceburg 2 5 Brookville 4 3 Batesville 3 12 Row 1: G. Moore, J. Raby, C. Carlson, B. Bundy, L. Stanley, S. Carroll, P. Close. Row 2; G. Raby, B. Buckland, C. Collins, R. Stott, B. Swigart, D. Montgomery, J. Eckart, W. Fields, Thur- man Wright (coach). -86- AUTOGRAPHS -87 Through Lincoln ' s cherished halls and classrooms, we have walked and talked, laughed and sighed, and studied and learned. The doors will soon close behind us, but the memories of friendships and pleasant associations will linger. Fortified by knowledge and words of wisdom and advice, we go forth to meet the challenge of tomorrow. • ■ " % - ' And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time; (Longfellow)

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