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x f ,,x . v 1 a gig- ,R ,1 , .V-.14 Q x t 1 ' i I X ., ., ,a vi TN Tl. "W, .ai " , ,JF fm ,, M A "H Q L. A : MK I" 4 , ,W I 1, , Y ,, 'A '-+f,,f ,J-v, -4511 "ii 1' 3,-,L , .A .. -7--1 ,...5 V L J L Q K if N E ff N Q f X ..f.L VOLUME9 NO.3 X li! ' ff x A MQW ya Y ff 2 a f We , h u 54 f t l of fy ,,4 1 , r f, ,,,,. g,f,ff N I fa r?i5.7.f2 12' X ',.' 'f 4 1 ,4 , H-f . , 2 ff' T' , ff X 1 ' K AM Q! i155..+'- -if I' f f ' X I Atv K V 'f xx! ' A 1, 1 f . at a .x'AjZiZ5fi'2,g if 1 I' Q ' !:,a', ,N ' 2 f f '4 V A I If H mm. , 4 f e 4 - X, 3 1 'fire X , ' A' il f 7 mx Q h y y , 5 'N wwf Xu - Sb X f 1' f N ,, 1 4 g -X ,df !"f alK N -E S 1 'Q j'ix ff f N M1 x Tb 5 Q 1 ' fix Q1 Xb , 1 9 x x X' ' of fi, ' ' "X f , t 1 , ,rx ,J fi , Q, 552 ,f Nj K, X if QL- " J: ' ff as X JV ' in!" ' ' A LJ X . xg.-' ff? 1' - I f X . ffi x O' he DED ICATI ON The Lickingana Staff deems it a great honor to dedicate the 1944 issue of the Lickingana to the graduates, faculty members, and former students of the Licking County Schools who are now in the armed services of the United States. Wherever they may be, our hopes, our prayers, our future is with them. This page sponsored by a friend Contents Brontispiece Dedication All County Section Homer Hanover Toboso Summit Jacksontown Hebron Union Kirkersville Johnstown Utica Etna Granville Hartford Alexandria Pataskala 5 This page sponsored by Horner's Newark Paint Company ff lffikllfllfkx Editor Asst. Editor Bus. Mgr. Adv. Mgr. Baseball Honor Society Citizenship Spring Festival Assemblies Basketball Student Council 11-Man Football Social 6-Man Football Art Editor Asst. Art Editor Adviser Donald Beaver Dorothy Williams Lucille Henderlick Harold Shaw Paul Weekley Ruth Lees Mary Lou McCormick Robert Poling Patti Hits Louise Kuhn Bill Johnson Gordon Booher Marian Carroll Ralph Jones Kathleen White Doris Pickering Virginia Berry This page sponsored by Denison University 4 Homer Hanover-Toboso Summit Jacksontown Hebron Union Harrison Johnstown Utica Etna Granville Hartford Alexandria Pataskala Hartford Hartford Homer 5.1 ... Juckfxontown ' MADDOX Kirk-:ruv 1.1 11: BLACK Licking Cou.ut,y F ' Q -ilu: G fl' 1 'n'l'lHSTl1IR Joh :gztowzx ' IHXIIGHR P'xl,:. fxkn In umm. l X. KkAl1I'U'ZH U.xZ.u., 1- .V Q E SHI PMAN E1ZDG'INfJ'I'OTl Fltmx Huzrov 'A I'-Tollcmo if b E: I, ,Ry A , p +5 f 4' '3 if , Q ' ., A . .3 Q. mf' . Donn .4 m y - , Clayton -. ' PEAHTI N WIGGINS Gr-:mvlllw Iiifnrou if 1, N. .C 4 in I, gfkgzi. -Y H w iw ' f qgf' . ' . A X ,I - KING A Snmrvzirz , Z l"'I SURF!! Hu: vi' This page sponsored by Henry Deming 5 i .0 LIL ."l' DIZ T ' ' This Alexandria Etna Hanover-Toboso Marian Carroll Junior Ehnie Don McKee Lillian Powell William Wrighi Paul Smith Kirkersville Hartford Hebron Bill Jack Sheets Philip Clark Robert Wells Donald Fown Mary Lou McCormick Norma Lee Swartz Jacksontown Johnstown Summit James Cormican Lila Egan Leo Fravel Charles Walters, Jr. Robert Poling Robert Shaffer Pataskala Union Utica Harold Davis Dale Hickman Ralph Jones Jack Donaldson Robert Weekley Lois James Granville Kendrith Roland Tommy Freas Darrell Sutton Homer Jean McLees Helen Harris Donald Beaver Advisers - Mrs. Emily Smith - Stanley E. Martin - Lester Black page sponsored by The Roe Emerson Store 6 'TUDIE T COUIIICIL M This page sponsored by John J. Carroll 7 .- - - : - .A - -" T3"7?" '7'5"" '3 ' - ' 1- 1 S- 1 , - X, F"- L" A347 1 Q, 1 2' 'Y " v "' 'Y fra' -N ,ff E "' --" F .-'ex ,A -15? 'fi .fi -Q , Q . G 4' 1' U U '-'?f-gf 3 f'ffA.': , N ffl' Za, V. ,-,172 1,,,2 4 J V 1 f :QJIQ 's. Z JR- ' I, f -f 41.1 1 ff f 'S -X -1 , My M., 5 ' --f - ' -f eg ',':3-Ee ,1 1 J. f . ,.-...q . ,, 4 -i , -5 we ,-:N J , , L 31, 1 A ,ij f . . -.J -25. -A ,- - E fl?-: Y 4 V, xnxx. ,f 52? .gf 5- ii fi . I-.AS 5 H 6 .51 5 W 4.1 I 3 P AQ -9 2Lf?g,a-Zig, Q f ' --uf! 3- 1-2? 7274 ,, it Q .1 1 . ig -J .ef B 6-E1 la ' - ' ' f- ' .,x . , .. . ' -- "' ' --' ' Y f ic fgx Homer Helen Harris Vivian Niebel Shirley Allbaugh Alexandria Marilyn White Shirley Phenegar Marian Carroll Hanover-Toboso Eleogeanne Morgan Eileen Galbraith Pauline Lake Dorothy Williams Granville Suzanne Cline Bonnie Jeanne Davis Ruth Anne Rolt-Wheeler Grace Ann Bradford Nettie Lou Jenkins Hebron Cecile Frost Betty Holtsberry Donna Fisher Paula Smith Hartford Doris Pickering Waneta Potter Kathleen White Summit Mary Jane Erdy Lucille Henderlick Marcella Rhodeback Johnstown Irene Smith Shirley Warner Margaret June Sanford Marian Strider June Bash Union Lila Egan Lois James Ruth Lees This page sponsored by Ray Hull 8 Etna Helen Betz Betty Tam Louise Kuhn Kirkersville Willa Budnicx Norma Lee Swartz Mary Lou McCormick Jacksontown Margery Orr Pataskala Virginia Phillips Shirley Hellas Utica Dorothy Curtis Maryann Ogg Aileen Hays Grace Beever Hanella Hawkins Patti Hite if as RP j 2 gs' is Q5 - 4 X f.c"'55ax?vv"-7'4'v-" 1 ,s , X, ' .Lx S ff gli, 57 5 ff H- .55 ' 5 ' 15, H, 51' , 5,2 x ,N-Z-fri? - -ay f 'ffififf , Q' ' L1 f 8 ,. .' f'?f DL ,swf Q- 5 fy.,-Qs. , .:f' , -' 1.--f, . 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Coffman, County Treasurer 9 l943 :','.'-' '- '-'-'-ggi.-JgHg.':4'g3,f .55 1 .I-.,-f..',-H: gf 'cr HeW?fM -'-: a 5 -': V J sr ND ff: rlh XX! x,+veq L ,- 1:!.-p.'z5'1:i::ii:: Verna Day Hartford 3 nib 5 Robert Petty Betty Lott Hebron Pataskala 1 Martha Jane Burrell John s town E: Vt Wayne Keckley Homer George Houck Herbert Sadnders Summit Uniont This page sponsored by Crane-Kreig-Flory Hardware Co. 1.0 Marjorie Fisher Ruth Redman Alexandria Jacksontown IS43 5 1 ii J Lee Esworthy Margaret Minshell Henry Sutton Hanover-Toboso Etna Granville Rosa Lee hmerson Jean Miller Kirkersville Utica This page sponsored by Kings at Newark ll 1. J , J, ra e v X0 'a 9 X x s 5, gixgwx Ta .,,. 'W sfigi fx F34 X 1 X Ja xgx X3 1 I K X X AQX ' s f F l Q A .-:.-----:.--.---.,.-4 IIH IXL liL' lil 'il' IIU IIN If V ll In -w 1L.4 .,-1. -f--a I Hartford Joan Porschet Granville James Toy Gertrude Sook John Brown Jerry Phelps Alice Covell Margaret Titus Robert Smith Barbara Taylor Byron Ratliff IR Pataskala A Sara Folk Dave Beeson Bob Frankenber Dick'Parker Bob Mauger II X Jacksontown Ruth Bringardner This page sponsored by the C and B News Stand 12 Homer Lois Boner Dorothy Dixon Lois Wagner Hebron Rebecca Smedley Joann Cass Paul Cass Cecile Frost Sue Ann Holtsberry Bill Jack Sheets Bill Smith Jerry Frischen Summit Marcella Rhodeback Alfred Allen Leo Fravel Johnstown Irene Smith Otto Smith IIPX IIL IILP IIE 'H 1' IXU IIN If 'Y Granville Robert Smith Dave Ott Barbara Taylor Ketty Kier James Gordon Don Young Kendrith Roland Dave Eyerhart William Bowman Margaret Titus Johnstown Ceeta Gorsuoh Marian Strider Shirley Foster Marice Stith Shirley Warner William Groves Robert Poling Jackie Webster Margaret Sanford Alexandria Emma Price Marian Carroll Margaret Richards Hebron Cecile Frost Ellen Oldaker Nancy Voorhees Sue Ann Holtsberry Bill Snyder Bill Jack Sheets Bill Smith Mary Ann Bounds Jerry Frishen Julia Hanby Pataskala Bob Frankenberg Martha Woolard Dick Parker Bob Needham Bob Mauger Harry Mauger Bob Parkinson Ralph Jones This page sponsored 15 Homer Lois Boner Dorothy Dixon Hartford Kathleen White Waneta Potter Doris Pickering Summit Patricia Frame Lucille Henderlick Lynne Geiger Jacksontown Richard Beard James Cormican Ellen Gorley Marjorie Jones Utica Naomi Jean Rine Bill Herchline Dorothy Curtis Kenneth Cooksey Bill MoMil1en by the Newark College of Commerce IlPx IIL IIL Q IE-01' IIII IXN FIIV V Alexandria Hanover-Toboso Jacksontown Lillian Powell Marcia Brooks Jo Ann Hannahs Shirlee Jones Etna Marjorie Williams Helen Betz Erma Mauger Maxine Betz Ann Twig Mildred Watkins Betty Tam Granville Yvonne Engwall Joy Leach Bonnie Davis Nancy Heft Florence Conrad Evelyn Lamb Union Nancy Reid Vera Van Meter Theresa Rumele Rose Ann Reid Lois James Homer Mary Bone Shirley Allbaugh Jean Myersf Jonquill Hibler Eileen Romine Kirkersville Marilyn Ketner Norma Lee Swartz Antionette Zollinger Mary Lou McCormick Lila Oyler Maxine Martin Hartford Kathleen White Waneta Potter Ruth Porschet Doris Pickering Hebron Paula Smith Wanda Worth Doris Dishong Cecile Frost Mary Shumaker Summit Marcella Rhodeback Marian Carpenter Patricia Frame Lucille Henderlick Marjorie Ginbey Loretta Camden Mildred Monroe This page sponsored by Hermann, The Clothler 14 Helen Lane Margery Orr Irene Pendleton Goldie Black Marjorie Jones Vivien George Johnstown Lila Egan Betty Foster Freda Tippet Shirley Longwell Lee Nora Phalen Mary Morgan Pataskala Joy Selbert Betty Wilson Willadeane Voorhees Barbara Collins Eleanor Moritz Shirley Hallas Bonadell Smoke Utica Mary Esther Ball Norma Bovard Marjorie Debevoise Patti Hlte Mary Ann Ogg Naomi Jean Rine Louann Spillman IIH IIL Ill. 2 lil 1' " IIU IIV V Alexandria Lige Davison Joe Crim Earnest Burton Dwight Lewis Homer Don Beever John Taylor Granville Robert Dudrow William Johnson Lowell Johnson William Norman Robert Hoover Roger McPherson Tom Freas Loren Poff . Dirck Brown Kirkersville Harry Clark Hanover-Toboso Ralph Leslie Woodrow Holbert Hebron Bill Jack Sheets Bob Frost Arthur Goehring Bill Smith Don Riggs Phil Clark Herb Ingram Russell Yontz Johnstown Marice Stith Robert Koon Darold Priest Tom Denman Robert Poling Otto Smith William Wyckoff Jaoksontown '-1 Harold Hubbard Charles Walters Summit J Alfred Allen William Cady Joseph Camden William Foster William Crone Clytus Hewitt Pataskala Vaughan Hanlon Alvin Hallas Jack Donaldson Robert Needham Don Lott I Union Glenard Phillips, Utica . Tom Cooperrider Dale Hickman This page sponsored by Carlile Furniture and Rug Co 15 ll MA , , 1 nn, x -4 - , 'J' .Q 5 5 JOHNSTOWN UTICA HEBRON This page sponsored by the Ohio Fuel Gas Company MAN CHAN ETNA First row Cleft to rightj - Tom Biffle, Wayne Shaner, Bob Shackelford, Junior Ehnie, Jim Shackelford, Norman Carrington. Second row Cleft to rightl - E. K. Shipman KCoachJ, Dick Parkinson, Charles Dunlap, Jim Sands, Bob Snider, Dick White, Frank Ford, Buddy Castle CManagerD. Etna - 27 Jacksontown - 6 Etna - 57 Alexandria - 12 Etna - 56 Hanover-Toboso - 12 Etna - 61 Homer - 14 Etna - 55 Summit - 6 This page sponsored by H. L. Art, Your Jeweler 17 A.SEiET M.U. EH NFS '12, sp, W' , i ', fi ff we S lst Row Cleft to right! - Wayne Curtis, Cecil Good, Dale Hickman, Bill Herchline, Dick Davis. 2nd Row Cleft to rightj - Laurence Yarman, Coach, Burt Frye, Harold Davis, B111 McMil1en, Dave Troyer, Dale Evans, Dean Hampshire, Manager. Etna Pataskala Utica Summit Johnstown Hebron Hanover-Toboso Hartford Granville Homer TOURNAMENT Kirkersville 53 36 Pataskala Jacksontown 26 Utica 49 Alexandria JohnstownlScar1et Fever! Hanover-Toboso 42 Granville 50 Pataskala 20 Utica 54 Utica, 52 Alexandria 33 Granville 28 Granville 42 Consolation game Pataskala 55 Alexandria 29 This page eponeored by Borden'e Dairy and Ice Cream Co. 18 Utica Walters 0272! Gaunfy 6a1fZan. Beach Summit Jacksontown Davison A Alexandria -ff McKee A nu , Shackelford FL J Etna lbw' I S N ' Carrington Hanover-Toboso Etna This page sponsored by Sheriff McElroy 19 Clar Hebron N Coamfy llcfffazn Brown Granville -.1 11 Denman J ohms town This page sponsored by the Newark Wallpaper Store Troyer Utica . D, McKee f Hanover-Toboso QQYZZY? V u I Fates ala Y: H Qui l:::J Frye Utica . N Y X 'E ff' P "' will wan XA. '. -'f Ag-1 5 fc, n , T I 3 ia P H M' , I Ullman Granville Q , J xg F V I J Q This page sponsored by Sears Roebuck and Co 21 A I I f J ,QB - 1 71 f bg -""- ,fjql -- i Q s , 5 1 ' -- I ,1', - '5 as . 13 Q 7 . . w I V y I' . ' gi 5 Q , nf it A '-1' . ' 6 -11, ' 4 1' W 3 , O f 4 f : , - I ' .' x g ,- - , -, ,r , x . V I-uh. if 4931 ,f,,, Af ,V ,I ' an '- 1 . K 0 Q " ,1-' 'v "' P7 1' .-- , -- - - - ,,- ' " Q , ' f Ez .H ,' 1 : af' N I' 'F , r f N ,f -, - 7'-.5 I I .1 5 " 1' , 1 I 11 f". . N . v 9 G I A ' ' 5 I ' , ' p ' f' , ' ' 1 ' ' I I -4 ,. I , ' f I I . ' f " I I 1 1 ' .'x X I L DJ ' 4 1 1 , 1 f 1 : I '-:---Q I I ' I n Rr-Q ,QV 6:3 ..j1u45 If 1. I ,f : aa: 1 ,n --- 4 'EJ lv . 8 A s , 1 1 , , In a 1 , 1 I ' R mf . . xv " j I 1 ' '. ' 1 ' ' I , 1 6'f 'AJ I A ' I ll .K ,I .. : 2 2 I I , l , V- ,,-1 ..f ' f ----f -... - nL.-.: X 1 ,' lf' ,,.-5. ' 1 ' , . -5 ,fx If--.' 'S 4 ---"X 2. Q If If Mya .ff -' fffr I 5 -f: ' f 1 , ' '-1, Q. A 'A .' 1, 1 ' a - " ' 1 '...f 1"-. arf! 'K .' I ' D 'ng x ' 4" ' Ld 1 iff 7 I 1.1 ' ,V .,, -, f' , ,X m -Cjx.. 'W Ewfdpk 6 Q7 ei 0 WN.-,,,,w we ff' "' aw G'-170 M WWW, This P359 Sponsored by the Ohio Power Col 22 x UCKINGAN P Qc 5 new 59 g' 'N Q' wg Q0 'Z' 3' g 1? Q Q, X 3' c' so Am I x XX ,, ,A K uv 255 a " at Q E14 my 00 ' 4 UU:-. K-' 4 Q 0, , wfwff 3, an X on s 'W ,, x tx 4w'Z'f5?23l2fffi::' K of by K-'gl n -4 .f Qs 0. 9 ,v 5,4 QL nv 5'1,4!.N' 1.7 QV' ff 5 WAQJ Wes if A A X4 , , www '5 1 J 0 5 W X ad KL ez' Q Nxi' 'wq WEQQ? U 1164, VV! H g n arfwm. 0,0 ed Qu H ' P dt' ' ' f ' JJ RSM' 1 I N: 9 ,N Q 1 f."?":?"',.:? , qv I I IEIZMQ. to I 5562 511 1' 4' h -f X Q. ' !!'n!g4:,g2' 0 n 6 0 w n ' A K Mn xI,1'f.1,g1fjQg7'v , , . , , ,N 0 IT! C Y' Qx U0 ,. WJ Q Elm ' all YQ? .-'f s . 1.20 N K1 Vw ' 31' wi f.. 'ffm '4 .4 -' L. , I , X . - ' ' V'CHN 'R I ,M ' -g , n , of X. SI' ' , We! W ld W" 01 Pg Il 's X3 X E hi" FZLIQQZE' K3 :,'3'?ir'4 ' Q . f"2ff:.'-'T' ,' 4' ' 3 ! X X ul e.4,'y.- J.. .fhitq Xa X A IN, n w .N un g "sS'fren9'Hl W in 'Un ion" 1 This page sponsored by the Licking County Board of Education 25 'J '04 Aofm 5- Yi P5 5' A w,L"n ER " OY 'AL .,, 1,6-:tp " Mann 1 Q X. , . L H xy , ' 'f xx q , y . X , A 4, 1 1' Xx 4 1 f 1. N ., ff vm' . 'Dwi' W X E Lg. ,,r 251:95 4 ,lu WW' ' 1 rl f',"'13' get Hua ' X J ' fr . , H 'AN NUM -' 'tml h xxx ,V A. A , I ,L ,X '. '1 1' Y v fffiff K I- ,MV N , 1+ , 4. , ,A S , , ' x 1 ,-HW cf I :L -tkyiflsik. V my I , , 1 ,M ', '- AW' 'yawn 121: 'hx V' . '12 ,ag I I I -gb. V Qaiyivffgg - 4v,,?k.i, 8 , 5, -W . Y , A A :ak If , ' ff 4 , -' ' Qw 4 , f 'ei ,J ,f 1 kc " 'M , I gn" Mun' H" us, "A ,L g AJ 'D W.. v-'VL Xwfff Me.a"'ex ly 1-lilvli FMS'-IES May l, 1954 Dear B. J., I've been sitting here reminiscing about the good old times we had around Homer's Halls. Now let me see.......the Senior Class officers that year were: Don Beever, president, Norma Jean Butcher, vice presi- dent, and Vivian Niebel, secre- tary. If my memory serves me right the first great event of that year was the trip that we Seniors made to Columbus to get our pictures taken. we thought we were 'hot stuff' visiting Mrs. Bricker at the Governor's Mansion and then dinner and dancing at the Deshler in the evening. It was in December that our choral group ably presented Hande1's UMess1ah' to a very appreciative audience. On January 20, we Seniors presented that super duper thriller 'Murder Manslonu under the direction of Mrs. Board. Oh! What fun! And say, B. J., do you remember how many times you hit your fingers in constructing our stage scenery? Wonder if they've still got lt? It was on St. Valent1ne's Day that those enterprising Student Council members, Jean McLees, Helen Harris and Don Beever entertained the Licking County Student Council. Our auditorium looked like a bit of old Erin when everyone met to congratulate the athletic boys at their annual dance on March 18. Remember rationing and how by siphonlng and other processes we secured gas to attend the Mr. and Sr. Banquet in Columbus? Our caps and gowns arrived in due time and we wore them to Baccalaureate. A true friend of the school, Ivan J. Howland delivered the address. On May 25, I believe we had Class Day. what a program! It was May 24, that we Seniors displayed our cooking ability at the Senior breakfast. The final great event of twelve years work was Commence- ment, held May 25. Raymond J. Jefferies, the noted traveler and lecturer, delivered an excellent address and twenty Seniors received their diplomas. Our class colors were silver and blue, and our flower was the American Beauty Rose. The motto went something like this: 'Before us lies the timber, let us buildn. Yes, those were the days. Well, B. J., my secretary just came in and I have some letters to dictate. I know you are also busy with your duties at Harvard. Adios, A Former L. D. g KLittle Darling! Joe r 4.44 4 'gm-' EAC ugv k '5w2'+'L. ,. 'V W I 'Z fo x J I -3 21,-f lwblg ae,,,i - 7 U W ,, ' A 'A CUB REHNUERQ 5 c 2 . B o -7' ,V fs' L 17 . . ,,l fe-"E if RESERVES 5' h' A ' , P 135 ,df -1 ., Q b. 3-:il- 1 , I 445' :1, x ' , ' .fl Qfi. ,di 1, X . w 1 , .7 .H O IIIIQIIV' 'V Lv 11 N ,Ann G? V Y I 4 1 B Q L N E s W .al SEXTETTE l , .-...ig--11.1 v f 'V 7 If ' '54-'44 A f i ns fx 37 fr l X F WZ 2 LEGS INC, ' ' Egg' fmrzl' , 775'-7 TEAM! A qq" V 4 l A Z Q H fy- 'fuk " "fi aw . ,bd 1 7, I 'gyf V sr A ' n M L' "' 1 TYQNGI 3 i dF'QI1,LBE CHE.Ml5T'S 1 " V-4 - In I L4 , ' PIAYWKTES ' i . , ,, i W! i 1 lar 5 cnnmrune srunawrsm ' HANQVEK-TGBQSO SENIQKS 19-4 4 Don McKee Dorothy Williams Eileen Gelbreith Marjorie Seessere Elogeane Morgan Fred Johnson Nadine Haught Mabel Levingston Mary E' eeeern Viola DeFord Catherine Wright Raymond Rector This page is sponsored by H. C. McKnight of Hanover?- 28 HANGVEK- 'IQBQSQ WAR ACTIVITIES Stamp Egg Bond Sale ne of our school projects is the sale of war stamps and bonds. During the first five months of this term the sales have totaled 669335. This is a continuation of a project that was initiated last year. Round-U Special Tss'5bun -Up, our school pa- per, is a project of all pupils of the upper six grades who wish to participate. The November issue was a pa- triotic one dedicated to the boys and girls now in the service of our country who at some time at- tended either Hanover or Toboso school. The names and addresses of these boys and girls were pub- lished so that anyone who might wish to write to them could do so. A complimentary copy was sent to each one whose address we had. Dedication We wIsE to dedicate our four pages to all our sons and daugh- ters who are now in the service of our country, and especially to Oliver Gambill who has paid the supreme sacrifice and to Robert McFarland who is reported missing somewhere in Africa. SPORT ACTIVITIES Football Fbot5all created a keener interest at Hanover-Toboso than ever last fall. During the sea- son victories were scored over Summit Station, Alexandria, and Homer. Defeat was suffered at the hands of Jacksontown and Etna, Our Pirates finished the season in third place. During the game with Alexandria Don McKee suf- fered a serious face injury. But he felt well compensated when he was named All County End. Basketball . Our basketball team has had the loyal support of both commu- nities this season. Our surpris- ing Pirates won contests with Hartford, Homer, Summit Station, Etna, Jacksontown, Granville, Alexandria, and Hebron, but they went down in defeat at Kirkers- ville and Utica. Standing in second place at the end of the pre-tournament season, they are now anxiously awaiting the final outcome of the county tournament. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Freshmen Initiation As Is the custom at Hanover- Toboso, shortly after the be- ginning of school last fall, all freshmen were initiated into full membership in our school by the Student Council. During assembly the victims had to hurdle many abstacles. The plc- ture taken that day and shown on another page will testify to the fact that they were good sports. That night they were the guests of honor at a party in the school auditorium. Senior Hayride Members of the senior class held a hayride party and wiener roast at Flint Ridge Park last November. Since no team was available our wagon was pulled by a modern horse - a tractor. Chaperone were Miss Farquhar and Mr. Morris. Junior Wiener Roast In September the juniors en- joyed a wiener roast. After an evening of playing, joking, eat- ing, and laughing they returned home ready for more serious school activities. Mr. Morris was the faculty chaperon. Junior Pla Our Junior Play, Galahad Jones by Boyce Loving, was presented at Toboso building, January ll, 1944 and at Hanover, building, January 12. The play was well received. The leading part was very well done by Roy Crawmer. This page is sponsored by Jennie Evans of Hanover. 29 --- -- V HANGVEK- ICDE3050 k . I ' x ,.-,v1.3mu,1 s, STUDENT COUNCIL COUNTY COUNCIL MEMBERS HONOR SOCIETY ROCND-UP STAFF .. ... I I FOOTBALL TEAM ALL-COUNTY BASKETBALL RESERVES BASKETBALL VARSITY This page is sponsored by lr. and Mrs. Kyle and Edwards' Grocery of Hlnover. 50 HANQVEK- TCJE3050 Wil? .runwns mzsrnvuxw INITIATION mv ' H1 oxrru ummm sxvuwm ummm This page ie sponsored by G. A. Ketner of Toboeo and Aoord's Service Stntidn of Hanover. 51 1 f, - ,,fgp,,, - . ' - 4 , 4,.wvn-.mawwnnamu ' r--...M-ani" I ' A r .Uv ' , . I f A . , is Q A V -9' U R xx ' A f f an ' fn 'W " ' S. f' , "S A , ' ' ' ' ' 5- , ! , N L x '- S' J , fy L 1' ' 9 f Y V , 'H , . Q' A ,T : ' ,"' I f l'l'3' .- jrgfzy ff , , f, - f" - Q N r 51 " V ii- Qu , f L :if f i Q ikev we faff, k,l ,fm I ' X Q 1 ' f. Ku ww as-' gg' " T f -, I 4 , 'xgif-fNLrfk VxYt'qWM" A' ' " N '- A """' ' fL"'m" .'7"' A A KTA f'x'rcr41"?"L 1 V 1 , .. sf! ,rf " . J, if lim' ':Efg:"i' 4, , pf W' G"5f"uQAr-4 'W L f ff- f 1 Y . ' Jpfixf--V Lf' ' -1' ,w Y! Z-. ' ' f 1 I . UU- 1 . . N 26,2 Q :I :,"g,,:. i , . .4w,. 9 .11 - Qvagm, g A r -Mvfw. ,, fa. - T 1 5 K N, r. x '36- ' QAM X 52 an , I ' A K If THIS YEAR We have six new high school and four new grade school teachers this year. Our new teachers in- clude Mr. Robert King,our superin tendentg Miss Smoke,our principah Miss Eswine,our commercial h chm Miss Fenner, our music teacherg Miss Pifer, our Home Ec. teacherg and Mr. Pitt,our science teacher. - With the coming of our new teachers, several new practices were inaugurated. One ofthe nicest of these is the Chapel progrmn We have Chapel about once a mondm Sometimes we havea.guest speaker, but always we have music presented by the choir, the orchestra,the glee clubs,and other musical gems At our six-man football game with Etna, we had our homecoming. Loretta Camden was our queen,w1th Virginia Gieseck,Wanda Brown, and Mildred Cole as her court. We were honored by having one man on the All-County Six-man Rnt ball team, Rolla Beach, and one received honorable mention, John Morrison. The Summit Basketball mam did not do go well this year. We won only two of our games5however,the boys played good games, so we are proud of them. The Junior Class will present their play, nln the Light of the Moon,n on March 25, 1944. The Senior play will be pre- sented on April 29, 1944. The County Spring Festival is an event which Summit participams in whole-heartedly. The Festival is being held on April l4,l944.We will be represented by the fohow- ing: All- ounty Orchestra: Patty Frame, Leo Fravel, Alfred Allen, and Marcella Rhodeback5All-bounty Band: Lynne Geiger, Patty Frame, and Lucille Henderlick3All-County Chorus: Marian Carpenter,Marcella I r .1 4 4 1 .' 4 r , r ' 1 Rhodeback, Lucille Henderlick , Patty Frame, Joe Camden, Alfred Allen,William Cady,William Fosten Clytus Hewitt, and William Crone. Not to be outdone by ihe County we will present a Music Festival of our own. It will be given some time in April. All members of tm music department will participate The Junior-Senior Banquet wul be given May 12. The following Sunday, May 14, we will have our Baccalaureatefbr vice. Friday, May 19, will be our Commencement. Our two representatives on the County Student Council are leo Fravel and Robert Shaffer. The Senior members cf ihe Honor Society are: Marcella Rhodeback, Lucille Henderlick, Lynne Geiger, and Mary Jane Erdygthe Junior meme ber is William foster. We have our High School paper organized this year. We put outan edition about once a month.We have had very good cooperation with dm work this year. We have co-edhnrg Lucille Henderliok,and Lynw Geig We are very proud of on'swh1g band this year. We have played Rr dances both at night and at noon. We have ten members including the instrumentalists and the vocalist The adult farmers class has taken over the farm shop for re- pairing machinery. The F. F. A.entered the Sears R Roebuck contest and placed in the B Class. The F. H. A. has become more active the second semester, spon- soring several parties and other social functions. The Orchestra F. H. A. 7 I I The Choir . "Saving Band" h 1 I Seventh Grade Geography Class I"i"'m Home Economics Class Cheerleaders: Betty Knowlton, Janice Kredel Catherine Pool Margaret Merrill, Lucille Henderlick All-County Football: Rolla Beach, John Morrison Farm Shop VAHSITY CHEnhLEADEhS Margaret Merrill Lucille Henderliok "The Squad" The Chemistry Class JAGKSONTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1944 Left to right: Margery Orr, Vivian George, Laura Rigglemum Clarence Soward, Jbhn Steadman, and James Cormican. Left to right: Mr. Sebold, Miss Sheets, Miss Cooperrider, Miss Kirkland, Mrs. Sebold, and Mr. Balo. 56 UN S 'S ang JACKSONTOWN REMINISCING In the fall of 1959, we were a class of 17. As time went by the war and other things caused our fellow-members to drop out. This was the year that Vivian George who hailed from Thcrnville entered our class. when we were sophomoresvur class welcomed Laura Rigglemum who came from Etna. Our main event this year was a Victory Dance in the latter part of May. This dance caused quite a romance for Vivian George with little UFritzien. Although our Junior class was small we prepared a first-class banquet for the Seniors . Three of our members were on a Bond Drive and we entertained Hebron, and Thornville Union Station, with the music of the nRythmFourW and the trio. are the USuper And now we Seniorsu, with four happy years of high school practically passai James Cormican, Our president, once quoted: HAfter I graduate,I am going' to buy a big farm and find a wife, if possible, and settle down. What will become of Clarence Seward and his little nDutchn girl? nOhl the boy in khakiu, says Laura Rigglemum, 'He's minen. And Vivian George says, UA ski trooper is my ideal We are worried about what will happen to Margery Orr and the Trailblazers since she has mov- ed to Hebron. Last but not least we have John Steadman whom Uncle Sam is taking into the Air Corps And now we close our reminiscence with our motto: Ad astra per aspera. Assemblies were held every, two weeks during the year. Rev. Hughes was our guest minister. Our com encement speaker was Dr. J. Ruskin Howe. SCHOOL EVENTS Sett. Oct. School opened. Mother-Daughter Banquet Oct. 22 Junior Party Oct. 29 Nov. 10 Nov. 29 O.S.U. Tests 5 Group pictures 16 20 Hallowe'en Party Skating Party Dec. Dec. 25 Xmas Party CDismissedJ 4 Jan. Resumed classes Jan. 26 Senior skating party Feb. 22 No School Feb. 23 HbneEc. Demonstration Mar. 15 Honor Society Banquet Mar. 51 Junior Play Apr. 21 Grade Operetta May 5 Senior Play May Jr. 5 Sr. Banquet 12 May 21 Baccalaureate 25 Commencement FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 24 Etna- We lost! Oct. 7 May Homer- We won. Alexandria- We won. Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Summit- We won. 28 Hanover-Toboso- We won. BASKETBALL SCH DULE Nov. 19 Hopewell- Too Bad! Dec. 5 Dec. 10 Dec. 17 Hebron- They won. 19 7 Oct. Pataskalaw We lost. Kirkersville- Lost again St. Francis- We lost. Utica- They won. Dec. Jan. Jan. 14 Alexandria- We won. 21 Jan. Hanover-Toboso- They won Jan. 28Summit- We won. Jan. 29 Thornville- They won. Feb. 1 Grannville- We won. Feb. 4 Hebronn They won. Feb. ll Johnstown- They won. WE HUMBLY DEDICATE! The class of 1944 humbly dedi- cates this space in our section of the Lickingana to the boys of our school who are now in service and to those who will soon be serving. We are very proud to make this dedication to our boys because we know that if it weren't for them doing their job we wguldnlthave the Lickingana. Jack- sontown school is represented by seventy-two boys in service. We salute them! This page Sponsored by McK1bben's sonic Station 57 r , L. to R: R 1, F Hendren, B.Deck, E. Gorley, E. N Dodson, I. Rut- ledle R lion, B. Prince, Ho Shaw,V.Druum, Miss Sheets. R 5, J. Ryan, K. Dusthimer, D. Beard. g . 2, B. Vermil- L. to R: R 1, J. Murphy, I. Pen- dleton , Miss Stuart, H. Lane, M. Rine, L. Hos- kinson, G.B1ack, R 2, D. Kirk, A. Wainright, B. Morton,J. Morri- son, D. Wise, K. Machk,H. Trenten R 3, Po CI"iSt,C. Walters, H. Hub- bard,L. Cummings 'KY L. to R3 R 1, J. Grist, N. Irvin, M. Fu1k,M. Jones, W. Boring, B. Brown. R 2, H. Eagle,J. Sforza,E.Kreager, C. Newman, J. Pendleton, L. Scoles, Miss Sheets. This page sponsored by Stotler's Restaurant Lo to R3 R 1, Do Wince, D. Beard, C. George, K. Seymour, M. Orr, B. Davis, I. Rut- ledge, E. Gorley, R 2, Jo Ryan, Jn Cormican, J. Lon- dot, C. Colville, Misa Sheets, C. Boring, W. Boring, N. Irvin,M.Jones, V. George, J. Clark, C. Waiterm J. Woucht . M- Fulk. V5 L. to R3 R 1, C. Walters, E. Kree- ger, J. Cormican, J. Morrison, C. Sowaru, P. Crist, R 2, K. Dusthimer B. Morton, B., Prince, Ho Shlivl, J. Sforza, L. Cummings, Coacm Sebold. R 5, H. Eagle, J. Steadman, H.Hub- bard, D. Beard, B. Vermillion In to R:R1, Co Walters, D.Wise, J. Morrison, B. Prince, K. Dus- thimer. R 2, Coach Se- bold, J. Ryan, H. Hubbard, E. Kreager, J.Sfor- za, P. Cr1st,J. Cormican. This page sponsored by Da1eHill's Garage H 4,.,-- ..,. W i S' -::::, 'N-' .. x vf -- --.. . .N .,., ....-.... -"'i-...,Mkyi-- 9 ,fi "Fug C Q NN"""""""'1b N C' ...fwiumg I .Q ! ,-,. . .fd-'Z 5 . 4.41 IQDQ, I, I. A ' , U ,K 2 ,Lrg ?,. . ..,.,,, L.. . , -:fd 5Zf1'Tf.- ' V Xxx ffjjjlb-,,,,. .1:':f W , 'X C A f N fm'-537' . ' K ,z , - ,X IQ-. S .I K - .xziw H fi ,S - fs- ' 1 Mi, L ..- fa' 4 " .3 'ffl '.rgZf3 1' L 1Y"F.: . - - Q 1 1 ' 'i . A i 'Nqr' gJ?'9??" ,QL ,. S Q' 3 , f: " 5, X, . :fy - j X8 ' , g , , 3 a k ,' z'5 J V "u.,,,L..-"' +.QaH, FTQ-"X X. ' f . fvvws 'ff' ' ngwglvr- 4. . Y 'I Ing? X 9.4 at ,W - 1 fu- f' C- fe... ul C' 1,z""'.L ...f ,M , X - -L... M.,- ,,, A.,, , 'U ,ff N--.NX , 1 . 3 g 'Q L K 5 . ,,.. If X i C .I sk ow' ' - "Hn e.-'dh 'X 34 N M' ' PA9 .A ,f ns I , z.,gwgg,:A ,M .4 KJ' ' -1' ls F, 5 . , x mv.. un , Q a- ,,,,. -X ,' v W , R" '. V A , M V . . P. u : . ,S .X Q , 4 ' -" Nam-" ,.,.. ...V . - 7 ' ' ., nu- 'A . KL 'ul r M'- ol' 1' 2 U 1 X ,.,,. .QQ f J' is .,,, .V N N qr' M NNN 31 A - A vans : f 1' f f Q f1f 14:1 ' 1 W . " ff . , ' ' ' I ,111-, , - fiim ' ' V . fg F MM' M .Pa wi- - fa J H . Kenai: K' , ...A - A ' ' ,gh - . Q, 3 51- .. -.,. Q. HM. WA .L , Surf ..-5, V, 6- Ju- wa ,X V, -43 rg., - s H f A - . wg ' 'W ,M ' -1, ,I . Q "1 7" 14' .. 4. "H-SJ N " Y ' f 5451 "E", fe 3 ' . P, age +2 --ff ' . - x " -' . , W- ,ig 'Cf 46 ., of 1 - ,, ' 5 , , -Q ., vi ga J- .,.s.ggy1 Q ., . , Q ' rf "' ., . . xx . A " L, 1,0146 X' J 'L N --T, ' - ' Mba' 5 K X'-., ying pl. , "N, .NR XZ NK M' ,A N 44 5. F . ff . X 39' V 0 J' I ,v"'5x 'rv L.-Q., . G, 6 955 Joni fr J' I 'vo , ,wo-"' 0 ',.,f-- ws Z ,X J..nW:,7-,7 , RAY ,ff - XX ' Q J j lgmf + V' : .sf . '- I M ' x If 'ff Xxxiqg ghwxv vf . w., Mr' -.NM - ' LH: -fx " THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY HEBRON ICE AND COAL COMPANY 40 , I 4 s If J. nnU"',,f' 1 f September School opened--oh me! Hebron vs. Kirk--closed Visited Granville--oooh, we stubbed our toe! iIIIIIIIIIIII HEBRON DIARY January 7 14 15 7 10 Teachers Meeting at New- ton Township School 17 Football at H1lliards-- photo finish! 24 Practice game with Gran- ville High 50 Croton game-- Storzewall . Clark, also, Teachers' Meeting--two steaks per! October 8 Played Johnstown--H Mur- der,N he says. 15 Utica, here--strength in unity! 22 21-14 victory over Gran- ville--Dark Horse Bralgl 29 Night game,Pat--Ingram to Voorhees tipped scales! November 5 Football Banquet at Van- dergriff's Restaurant 4 Lion's Club entertained football team 5 Teachers' Meeting--whee, no school! 19 Invaded Millersport--new basketball season opened! 25 Johnstown, here--we 50, they 27 Qno Denman! December 5 Lost to Etna--what's the matter, boys? 4 Played Glenford--yes, we lost again! , 9 Junior play, H Scarecrow Creepsn 10 Granville, here--back in old groove! 17 Game with Jacksontown-- n0ur team is red hot.n 22 Christmas program--Silent Night, Holy Night! B4 Christmas vacation--this is the life. Glenford came here--too little. too late! 21 Etna at Hebron--Etna 's hoodoo works again! 28 Kirk game--Kirk better, but not best! 29 Millersport once more! February 1 Victory over Alexandria! 4 Played Jacksontown--yes, we dood it again! 7 Girls' Intramurals--bring on the bandages! 8 Smallpox vaccination--oh, ouch! ll Lost to Ranover-Toboso-- too many Mckees! 14 Hebron and St. Francis-- give us strength! 15 Community lnstitute--this is always nice! 17 Tournament--please, cross your fingers! 25 The Nutrition and Cooking School--vitamins! ration points! March 51 Senior Play--masters of the art! April 14 Spring Festival--meet us at Hebron! May 8 Mother and Daughter Ban- quet--ULike mother, like daughter!n 19 Final exams--misery loves company! 21 Baccalaureate Services 22 Ckiss Day--Seniors reign! 23 Commencement--Goodbye! THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY HEBRON FURNITURE COMPANY V"L"Vi' ,WH 'JK'-1'1" THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY FITCH BROTHERS' GROCEHY 42 ?, ' F .Zu S . ,xg ! L . ' I H1 fe. ,' ! Sf -fn - 1 L F1 1 4:1551 5 QSM! 22 THIS PAGE SPONSORED BY HEBROH MILLING COMPANY 45 W UNION HIGH SCHOOL CLASS or I7"I H HEf'Ihaf1EK8ubel' Esther-MLJ05if FFIH. Fagu marvjlisacl-:ell Anna M.Tlwom,D5'0H Fic. Fic.. Thar-7 L.VVhilE. Rvlh l. Lees Sponsored L7 Pfnelge I-folgleirv 7-arm 44 UNION SCHOOL CALENDAR September 7 School opened 17 Freshman Party Beginning of Bond Drive October 22 End of Bond Drive 29 Halloween Party November 7 Prince of Peace Declamations 12 Fall Festival December 9 Junior High Play: 'Wildcat Willie' Senior High Play: 'Let Me Come Back' 22 Christmas Cantata 25 Christmas Party January 19 Beginning of Paper Drive February 14 Valentine Party 29 P.T.A. Party March 17 End of Paper Drive April 21 Junior-Senior Play May 12 Junior-Senior Banquet 21 Baccalaureate 22 Commencement 25 Class Day and School Picnic 27 Alumni Banquet THE UNISONIAN The Union High School puts out a monthly paper which is called the Unisonian. The arti- cles in this paper are written by the high school students about various activities in the school and community. There is also an editorial of general interest. The paper is typed on stencils by the second year typing class. The cover is different each month and made suitable for various happenings in the month. The picture is made by students of the high school. OUR WAR BOND DRIVE Last September the Student Council sponsored a War Bond Drive. It was conducted in the form of a contest which began September 17, and ended October 22. As previously planned, the losing team, the Bombardiers, arranged a Halloween Party for the victors, the Commandoes, on October 29. During the contest we sold 32,100 in bonds and stamps. Continued sales were made until December 7, on which date the schools were asked to submit a statement to the U. S. Treasury Department as to the amount of bonds sold. Union School had sold 54,700 worth of bonds with which it purchased two land Jeeps and one amphibian jeep. we now have a citation from the United States Treasury Department stat- ing the successful results of our drive. SCRAP PAPER DRIVE The Juniors and Seniors at Union were discussion hit on the drive. The timid group to put the cipal. He having an informal one afternoon. Bob idea of a scrap paper next morning a very went into the office idea before our Prin- readily agreed. From January 19 to March 17, everyone scoured all nooks and crooks from basement to attic in search of paper. We had 5,000 pounds, an average of 85 pounds per person. Each home room was a team in this contest. We found the percentage basis worked the best because of the unequal distribution of pupils in the home rooms. The contest ended with a Saint Pat- r1ck's Day party, March 17. A plaque was given as prize to the home room with the most pounds of paper per pupil. Sponsored by Newark Approved Hatchery F I i . i f . 5 l i N i , i N 1 I J 3 4 TYPING II M, ! 5 I I L HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS SPonsored by Dr. J. N. Cross HIGH SCHOOL FIELD TRIP IN BIOLOGY S U , D E N T G Q 5453? O IN SEARCH OF KNOWLEDGE 5 ' U f ,, N C TL. L , 33. n d HONOR SOCIETY HOMEWARD BOUND WEEKLEY TWINS GRADES 7 and 8 A HHOME ECONOMICS SPO!1801'6d by Farm Bureau II.lSU.1'8!100 47 ' , H '55 Q' "fQ.yEj, I 'f T alf a i f Y' . fWWHkW -5, J' xx S, DATE' 1 J P- h- -' -L.. pl, OL-.':::x , si' Iv finfu V ,rl I ., .' ' FY , , ' 'W A 4 ,EAI an J. Q I I 1 l , ... ' 15 Ve- 2 f .4 5 T, ,A ' 'J fu N 1 x uf V .. 4 V fl' 'Pl f., 927 A. ' 1 , .A ' Mu 51: ' ffi f M W X2 ,tl x ,. r -1,5 ,v-'W GARLT 'a an wi L 1 'BF' 1' .Q 4'- ,Rh N X rp tg CNA Wwbx 5 PHOTO STUDIOQ gf KUIIZQK SENIOR CLASS: President: Willa Budnick Vice-President: Harry Clark Seo.-Treas.: Mary Lou McCormick Flower: Gardenia Motto: 'Not to the top, but climb1ng.' WAR BOND NEWS: At the beginning of K1rk's school year we sold magazine subscriptions. With our share of the profits we are planning to buy football uniforms. FARMER'S INSTITUTE NEWS: Our poster winners for the Farmer's Institute this year were: Wayne Tresemer, grand- ohampiong Joe Robinson, first prize, Norma Lee Swartz, second prize, Lewis Hoskinson, third prize. KIRK HI SPORTS: We opened the school year playing softball. Our basket- ball practice was started earl- ier than usual in hopes of hav- ing a good team. The squad op- ened the season with two glor- ious wins. Dick Swetnam broke his collar bone in practice and set the team back somewhat. HOME ECONOMICS: This year the Home Economics class is having an enjoyable and profitable time. We have 'completed units on food preservation, interior dec- oration, the dinner, and con- struction of pajamas, blouses, and jumpers. We pool our pennies, then prepare, and serve, lunches that are healthful and economical. Under the supervision of Miss Niederhauser, our Home Economics teacher, we have accompbished HUGH THE JUNIOR PLAY: 'The Campbells Are Coming', a three-act farce-comedy with hill-billy trimming was present- ed the twenty-second of November by the Junior Class. MUSIC: This year we have had a very large high school chorus, and have been singing four-part mu- sic. The chorus sang for the Farmer's Institute program. A triple-trio was chosen by our music teacher, Mrs. Macy, and sang between acts of the Junior and Senior plays. SENIOR PLAY: nRide 'em Cowboyn, a three- act comedy with western songs and background was presented the twenty-fourth of March, by the Seniors. The cast includedg two cowboys, one English gentleman, two desperadoes, a maiden aunt, two pretty young maidens, and a Mexican Senorita. F.F.A. NEWS: y A few weeks after school started the freshman greenhand initiation was held. They were rather roughly introduced into the F.F.A. Refreshments were served afterwar The F.F.A. per drive. The and hauled to N A large f has been in p shop time has been spent in the farm machinery HONOR SOCIETY: Kirk finds they had two Honor Society: mick, chosen to ds. held a waste pa- paper was bailed ewark. arm shop program regress. Most of repair. that this year members to go to Mary Lou McCor- go last year, so a great deal. For enjoyment, we have plan- ned one activity for each month, a taffy pull, a tea 'for high school girls, and teachers, a- skating party, and a Valentine party. This 49 our new members are Willa Bud- nick, Senior member, and Norma Lee Swartz, Junior member. STUDENT COUNCIL: Kirk is represented this year by Mary Lou McCormick, and Norma Lee Swartz. page sponsored by H. Lee Emerson ' ,J Fiffrq 5 ,M 'f rf "ful ' x C' K. 5 2 5 QP 3: ,,. ww ,... , M, WW . ...,,'. 1-NV, Nm- ,,,,.,,,,...., A. , its .ur .M .. X.,w'd, uu- ., -Tit . . -3"' ri " . lc' A. -L 51:1 . ,- ... A Q - ...- --f mx , 1 ,I .,: .pm ,f ' ' . ,aw . 'y Q. ,Ag Ak .f A ,, rn ,ww '.,4 .U.., L: 'fp' rf, 7 145. ,, C ' 5 . l..-'ai-41 '99-gf , nf" 'FV This page sponsored by A11en's Grocery. 50 X, jx, FRESHMEN! President-Joel Taylor Vice-Pres.-Betty Keller Sec.-Trees.-John Welsh -5 if- W YF " 1 if M GF SORHOMORESS President-Dick Bruckman Vice-Pres.-Mary Lee JUNIOR CLASS: President-Wayne Tresemer Vice-Pres.-Norma L. Swartz Sec.-Trans.-Lewis Hoskin- -son n : vw 4' This page sponsoreu by Harry clark B8'l.lI!'lBI'l '. 3557455 ,.... Q "xr-'Q , xxx- 1ZA,,4u 51 sQWHk James R. Steed Virginia Jones Faculty X. Faculty as aw, 4. Jmms70wN1QQux SCMUQL me 5 l Benjamin Morris Janice Merrill Faculty if Indus Barcus Faculty -J ay 9 June Bash Willis Adams Rolla Webster Principal Superintendent Y, ,F azyww? fsn , My ffl , ' George Brake Joe Denman V5 Eula Green Margaret Hardsock Jean Johnson , pw y Q ' wg .. , . MM 1 y f' 22 V s f ,bf QQ? Virginia Peterman William Siegel Irene Smith -sf. This page . In ' sponsored -, f ,ww..5 by Z 1? . 7? -, Lloyd l s W gs, ,gf Drug Store X ' , , I1 I J Marvin Willison Eloise Sweeney Shirley Warner 52 Helen Hall Faculty Gerald Balser Faculty ii R is 4. -54.2 If . V Q' - ,f,'QgW , . ml? v, z W 'Pl 1 H 6 A William Poole Faculty Lila Egan Ray King Donna Miller Waysi- lfy I 5 iv' Q -u 9 'S fe- Pauline Kreager Faculty Charlotte Smoots Faculty V f like iff AA Janice Gleason Bill Montgomery Clarence Smith John Sponaugle Marice Stith William Wyckoff Fred Wyman QM Y,-3 g.l-W-at - xv pp ppppp 1 ,ff 4 Sess- iiirg . r se . Y. E95 -T111-1 1 . l' L D6 ' Ea ck ONLY September-- 7 Doors of Johnny H1 open- ed to greet 460 pupils. 10 School was dismissed to allow people to go to the Hartford Fair. 17 Johnstown bowed to Ga- hanna in a night game held at Gahanna. 20 Class elections were held in the upper six grades. 22 Journalism class had a meeting to talk over the possibilities of a Beacon. 24 Johnstown defeated Cent- erburg by a score of 25 - O. 26 First high school assem- bly. Several interest- ing impersonations were given. October-- l Johnstown bowed to Utica 4 Boys busy preparing for the big game with Pat- askala. 6 Journalism class busy working on the nBeaconn. 7 Six week's tests are now in full progress. 8 - Johnstown walloped Heb- ron 26 - 7. 12 - A Faculty Party was held at the high school. 1B - Johnstown walloped askala 31 - O. Pat- l9 - Seniors sponsored a high school party. 22 - Johnstown defeated Cro- ton 63-O at Homecoming. 25 - Juniors presented an . interesting assembly. 26 27 29 Football pictures were taken at practice. Rehearsel for P. T. A. program after school. Johnstown defeated Gran- ville 14 - 12. November-- ' 1- 2- 4- P.T.A. was held tonight. First basketball prac- tice was held after school. Johnstown defeated Sun- bury 27 - O. P'-3'-S." 10 - A school assembly was held pertaining to Arm- istice Day. ll - School dismissed be- cause of Armistice Day. 15 - Sophomores started their paper drive. 16 - The Sophomore Class pre- sented an interesting assembly for the high school. 17 - Mr. Steed gave a chicken dinner for the football boys. 18 - A practice game was held with Summit, Johnstown . won 57 - 17. 19 - Johnstown defeated Ga- hanna 59-35 in a prac- tice game. 25 - Johnstown was defeated by Hebron 30 - 26. SO - Sophomores gave a high school party in honor of the football team. December-- 5 - Johnstown defeated Alex- andria at Johnstown. 15 - Senior G1r1's Glee Club presented the Christmas Cantata. 16 - The Junior Prom was held at the high school February-- 4 - Sales started for the Beacon. 17 - Johnstown played Hebron A in the county tournament 18 - Junior Class busy at work on their class play nO1d DooW March-- lO - Junior Play was pre- sented. H0ld Doon was the name of the play. 15 - Honor Society had a meeting at Alexandria. April-- l4 - Spring Festival was held at Hebron. 21 - Senior Class play was presented. May-- 21 - Baccalaureate Services were held. 24 - Commencement for the Seniors. This page sponsored by Pol1ng'e Food Market Basketball Team Girl Reserve This page sponsored by Armstrong's H1-Y Beacon Staff Co-Championship Football Team ,fPP' Future Farmers of America This page sponsored by R1nker's Drug Store an '33 'R j , 5 , M , vw- W Rf-'f' 1 9 4' 4 ' A - T ' W -X I' Sfmtr LU I A Z K UI A 1 5 AILEEN HAYES Nan. cuvsp. D LE sums ,L U, 1 SPRAY I . Z 0,5 I - ' Q G. .E ,w 'LH' "viii va un-re BOB D ETTA TH cuR'r" mm we mu-LE as P HA uauxms 4 "-3 .Q .L 2 Y sk A MQ - F I N' . -I ' ,T- .X n V h 7 A , .avg fm qu If ' R f Q 54? A if X MN A NX wx Mamas omorwm oem HAMPSHIRE Jumum Hwr mace steven xspgmg .JONES gm F051-EQ may QED 7 Q1 in A 4 ,5 U f ,,, v' -I A 3 -2 832' :EZ :Q 4. FS my 955 noaomv sec s 5- WAY E How , : uns1'rA LL Ls-r um K ,Q A Ii- ', 7 ' A I ll. I' -6 , ,X . - ' 3 ' f aa ' Q 4, N. ga' must Pnesron max maven 3" mm may smmfy Gwen mcunao .sr-woman Hnnomo onws 4 NELSON vnnma 56 Dear Joe: Well, we've really been buying bonds at school this year! We bought three Wjeepsn for Uncle Sam at Christmas time--and if you think that's good, during the Fourth War Loan we raised 89,l73.5O. We feel that we really should help our brothers and fathers who are out Wtheren for us--also, 'F1tzyn, fighting Mr. Law and Mr. Troendly, who left our facultyg and Don Foster who left the Senior class not long ago. The Student Council of Utica High sponsored dances after all the basketball games. This helped to create Wgood willn among the schools, and it seemed to draw them closer to each other by the friendships that were formed at the Wshin-d1gs.n The Library Staff went all out this year, and it really sup- plied the school with good liter- ature. They mended books as they were torn and helped students with reference work. Spirits of students all over the school were pepped up as our basketball team kept making his- tory. Over forty league victor- ies in a row is a record to be It is certainly with proud of. in our eyes that we watch tears Frye, Evans and Davis leave the ranks this year. Of course, with the snappy Redskin Reserves we've fine prospects for an even better fir 1t's possiblej team next year. The Builder this year proved we've had for a to be tHe Best long time. With art work through- out and a stiff leather cover, it really looks great! I suppose someone has written to you telling you all about the Glee Clubs and Band. They hit some pretty solid notes and struck some mellow chords. They always were on hand, ready to perform if needed. We all held our breath while we wondered whether we would be able to get the scoreboard we wanted. Because of the war, we found it impossible to obtain a metal one, but we did get a pretty Wsnazzyn score-keeper in spite of the odds against us. 'Slew said that one of the best plays that she ever saw was Adam's Evening. I wish you could Have Been ere. It was really a riot, and having been directed by Mrs. Gold--well, you can imagine! The graduating class this year is the smallest since 1929. Of course, I'm proud to be gradu- ating in it though because qual- ity makes up for quantity. This year trigonometry was taught for the first time. The Wtrign and physics classes were unusually large, which, of course meant more broken test tubes and escaping gas. Last sum er, our building was painted inside. The auditorium was polished up, and a thorough going over took place. The sociology class visited The School for the Blind, The School for the Deaf, The Ohio Penitentiary, and The Feeble- Minded Instltution in Columbus last fall. It has become a tra- dition for the seniors to do this. We tried out some new hall traffic--down the west steps only and up the east steps only. It worked wonders! Now there are fewer accidents and there is bet- ter order on the stalrways. Although there is plenty more to tell, I know the bell is going to ring for assembly. This year the chapel programs have really been entertaining. We have vari- ety ln types of everything from Wlow-brow' to 'high-brow.' Hope Uncle Sam lets you off so that you can be here for Com- mencement the Twenty-third. All the best, Utica High School Utica, Ohio LIBRARY STAFF Mrs. Gold---Faculty Advisor. Hanolla Hawkins and Lucille Allen ------ Presidents. STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Ball--Fhculty Advisor. Harold Davis ---- - President. BUILDER STAFF Miss Campbe11---- Fhculty Advisor. Patti Hite-Editor. Qiaicrgeafvc g di t1Ca E S A hnsi0j'm in av FE.: giscgveii-if Qgxgx 2 a W6 0,0 'bs D 5? , S - 9606 Ofc? fi ASD .g 0090 E ' 'Q C Og. E U99 er 5 B 66 '41- Qfm Q. MQ 236,56 0' 'IQ I 04504 0 gc, Utica Trips Granville Aces we have 6 www' O D www 'So 111 Di Sfribf Pi 5' 2 '0 96549 5' W5 waking N' zen . Xeoffmea aerlckmwyifs 6956 jggxggiaaaav Nm Q ere I T fG,,od4uflf?p5A Utica X Qffdfw HANG 457 Q 944 f 2, A 1 YK K. gw f QUBINSOB ' qUNNlNff ,. 4RKms0 2-L MRGIL 96' ,f"' XZ5? rwff 4 K s .f X ' 3 . .X l',lN 415 ' ,5hy f N W , 5 5 fo . by S. f! ,' kr! , -1 if ' 596. ' - QS," V Q-Q, 6 'fum' '.iEiia 53' frhw "'M ' 0uf"L J f' eq, 6' V, AIVNE SHP?--X W This page sponsored by Harr1son's Restaurant, Etna 60 'M King Football really reigned in the Etna High School this year The six-man football team set the defeating all won the County Varsity squad the following: world on fire by opponents and thus Championship. The was composed of Robert Shackelford,fullbackgJames Shackelford, half-back, Norman Carrington,quarter- back 3 Edward Ehnie and Tom Riffle ends, and Wayne Shaner, center. Substitutes were Frank Ford, Charles Dunlop, Richard Wh1te,Dav1d Palmer,Robert Snider,R1chard Parkinson, William Parkinson,James Sand, Gene Castle and Louis Clark. Etna also boasts champion manager,Roger Pickering Etna gridders, Norman Carrington and Robert Shackelford were placed on the all-County six-man football team. Wayne Shaner received honorable mention. A gala homecoming celebration was held. October 14, 1945. The homecoming queen and her attend- ants were presented in an auditorium meeting preceding the game between Homer and Etna. Jeanette Lines, a senior, reigned as queen. Her attendants were Maxine Betz, senior, Betty Lou Parkinson, JuniorgJean Barker, sophomore3Margaret Hizey,freshman School life has been made enjoyable with numerous social activities including hayrides , parties, and dances, which have been sponsored by the various classes,groups,and organizations. The Junior Class presented a mystery-comedy, Hob-Goblin House, the fifteenth of Decem5er. The cast included Betty Tam, Helen Betz, Marilyn Gierhart, Marjorie Williams, Irma Lee Roberts, June Cain,Diok White, Jim Shackelford, William Castle, David Palmer, Norman Carrington, and Charles Dunlop. It was directed by Miss Lois M. Robinson . According to the point system of tabulating basketball w1ns,and loses the 'Greeniesn tied Hanover Toboso for second place in the Licking CountyLeague.Cheerleaders who were always on the job, were M ww Jeam Parkinson, senior, Eleanor Manger, junior,Mildred Watkins, sophomoregMargaret Hizey,freshman When a spring music festival was held at Hebron in April, several musicians took part.Part- icipating in the all-county band were Charles Dunlop and Deanie Emswiler, trumpets, David Palmer and Dorothy Snider,clarinets. The choristers were Ann Twigg, Betty Tam,Eleanor Mauger, Maxine Betz, sopranosg Helen Betz, Mildred Watkins,and Margie Will1ams,alto. The Etna Chapter of Future Farmers of America had an active nservingn organization this year. The officers of the chapter were Charles Dunlop,presidentg Deanie Emswiler, vice -president, Lee Heimberger, secretary, Glenn Heimberger,treasurerg Fred Roley news reporterg Robert Snider, sentinal.The twelve boys enrolled are doing their part in the prod- uction of Food for Victor by completing 25 productive progects Not to be outdone, the Girl Athletic Association took a lead in the school activities. The officers were Jeanette Lines, president, .Louise Kuhn, vice- presidentg Betty Tam, secretaryg Marjorie Williams, treasurer. Representatives to Licking County student council were William Wright,jun1or and Edward Ehnie,senior.Licking County honor society members were Louise Kuhn and Wayne Shaner,seniorsg Helen Betz and Betty Tam Juniors. Louise Kuhn was Lickingana staff member. Her able assistants were Jeanette Lines, James Shackelford, and Richard White. The senior class play was presented March 50, and 31. The entire senior class participated in this production. Miss Sarah E Morris directed the play. The social highlight of the school year was the annual Junior Senior Banquet sponsored by the members of the Junior Class. Commencement exercises were performed on May nineteenth This terminated the school year. This page sponsored by Harry Smoke's Garage, Etna. 61 Uzunuovs W N . ' " - ,, ' k., ,. f Sopkomores HB, .f ' s f' 1 -V 'Y' .s . l....3f....,. ' A, - V's six-QQ., Fresh meh This page sponsored by Bartlett and Son Garage ,Wagram. 62 CHEERLEA DERS wa , vi V 3 ' 'ff' WQSUIFJIDPJZU t"U"5f'CU'3b'3P4C0h-U1 BASKETBALL This page sponsored by Dr. R.V.Runk1o,Etrm 65 GH S m mms cS""Z' ': 3 3333 ANMQJQQQQ September saw the students of Granville High come trooping back to begin an industrious year. This year we have seen seven of our senior boys as well as several teachers go off to war, but we've been backing them up. During the Third War Loan Drive, Granville High far exceeded her goal, reaching the amazing total of S15 l28.15. KBesides the War Loan Drive, the Student Council has sponsored weekly sales of Defense Stamps, which have brought the total to approxi- mately Sl9,000.J We climaxed the week by electing a War Bond Queen, Flora Lee Jenkins, who presided at the Student Council Dance. Music was supplied by records and Dave Ott and his band. The highlight of the foot- ball season was, of course, Home- coming. A colorful parade hav- ing as its theme 'America the Beautiful' preceded the game. During the half the awards were presented by the Homecoming Queen Jean Kaiser, and her attendants, Nettie Lou Jenkins Engwall. We were proud to learn that two of our sophomore boys, Dinck Brown and Harold Morrow, had been elected to the all-county foot- ball team, and that one sopho- more, one Junior, and one senior had been placed on the second teams During the football season we achieved another triumph when we sold magazines to finance the and Yvonne purchase of new football uniforms and equipment, to say nothing of new basketball uniforms, which have already been placed in use. the Girl at their On November 12, Reserves were hosts annual dance, held in the school properly cafeteria, which was decorated for the occasion. The Junior Play, 'What a Life,n a Henry Aldrich comedy, was a great success with an out- standing performance turned in by the cast under the fine direction of Mrs. Marian Baker. Contributions have been obtained from the student body for the purpose of purchasing an honor roll for those teachers and students who are now serving in the Armed Forces of our Country. Of these people to be honored, seven are members of our present senior class: Leonard Strickler, Lewis Dixon, Wilbert Martin, Vastine Hammond, Have bovell, Jim Mitchell, and Lowell Dunlap. During the basketball season, although the won-and-lost record has not been too impressive, the team has progressed and several members of the reserve team have shown enough promise that they have been advanced to the varsity squad. At the time this goes to press, we look forward resignedly to the last few weeks of school, optimistically to the forthcom- ing baseball season, and with pleasure to the whirl of social life that spring brings with it. This page sponsored by the Horner Hardware Co. V aww Y CHORUS S-' GRANVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL BAND This page sponsored by The University Store for Town and Gown 66 1, 11 J 1 1 ' .,,, i 5 W bf I, -.X ,K.. 5 fn? , gf: ..., 0- I , - v s i .. C '11 11" 1L 11 Y 1 1 '11 "H 1 F 'lf n , V A,-4 I J F1 1 X "ff D-" if .1 1 1 I1 .'g' - , i' 11 '1 w- 1 A 1 ,' I' , .J 1 M 51" n qi f I '11 5 1 ' fQ', 1 1h 1 1 R Q 'y aj. glfl-1 ,I "II T"lkl59'g 'Oh' "eq 4 W3 IP . 1 1' 1 ' , J 4 1 gl .1 1 fifzslskj 1 W 1 i'1'f'w J if 3 '11' .1 . ' m.,. I ' ' 'E 11: , I "fx ' , I' --'gg 'XP -X l,.i.'c,fr' 3 Q ' 1 1, 51 ,i b'1 1 ' ' 111121 fl ' If 1 if 1 f 'P 7 - 445 1 'I ff f, ,,, I 1 5' .1 ,51 I1,'i1E 15 Q I 'rg ' X' U11 W W 1.':Fb!Yr1.u.s.4' P 41 ' , 1, X ,.f,T 0.""""s'??9f I gl 'if 11311 '1 1 1. is wx: 'Q ' H - ' F li . . M . M I rj 1 L M:m.L Qi NX 55 ik? w- 56 IF yu 1, A 1 L. I1 .vw 1, - -Nrnylyps 4 'omvipvfif .1 .3 E' '5 'X E1 f 1 1, P f ' 551511 ' 119' 11 I' 1 1, 1' .1 bt , 4 Q ,I 1 1 1 1 111 I9 4411 " 111 1 I 5 xx v ' 'N il h 19 ' H III Iii , 1 I , ,1 r 1, L- 1 Q1 11 , PQ, ' -I i E1 5,9-'sq A V Ajqi f' I I-lj, 1 1 11,1 ' 4 .11 1 1 11 , EMI 1 Q" my 1 I1 fi 1 1151 -" , 1 ' 1 1 '1 ' ' ' ' X 'E- 1 '1 V! 31 kb '. ,. 5.4! V - S k ' up 'Wi .5 1 225 ji" yi 161 1-1' 1 1 ., ,V 1 44" C08lM,xj' 4 J, AV? II , ,1 N Q1 Q xi! l I I W V R1 l ' 11 M 1+ l ,1 1 ,U il, I 'FH This page Sponsored by P. E. Grubb, DeKalb Hybrids 4 ea OUR 5 lE N HOWS Gordon Booher--'Porky' Basketball--1,2,5,43Footbal1-- 3,43 Junior PlBy--3: Band--1, 235,43 Lickingana Staff-- 43 Boys' Glee Club--5,4. Ann Cornwell--nCornyn Chorus--l,2,5,43 Junior Play-- 53 Girls' Glee Club--3,43 Ralph Clayton--nTarzN Chorus--2,5,43 Junior Play--53 Basketball--l,2,3,43 Football- 3,4. Irma Jean Gillis--nlrmn Chorus--l,2,5,43 Junior Play-- 53 Girls' Glee Club--5,4. Louise Moreland--'weezn Chorus--l,2,5,43 Girls' Glee Club'-5,43 Junior Play--5. Sybil Myers--'Sib' Centerburgg F. H. A.--l,2,33 Girl Reserve--l,2,53 Girls' Athletic ABS'De--1,2,5j Dram- atics Club-'23 Hartford: --43 Girls' Glee Club3 Chorus. Doris Pickering--'Dory' Johnstown: Band--13 CHOTUB--13 Girls' Glee Club--13 Reed Sex- tet--13 Hartfordg Band--2,3,4j Ch0PuS--2,5,43 Junior Play-05: Pres. Latin Club-- 23 Girls' Glee C1Ub-'2,5,4Q All- county Band-- 43 Class Secretary--43 Licklngana Staff-43 All-county Chorus--5,43 Honor Society--43 Cheer LSBQBP--43 'SnoopN--4. Waneta Potter--'Skeeter' Band-1,2,5,43 Girls' Glee Club -5,43 School Pianist--l,2,5,43 All-county Chorus--235,43 All- county Band--43 Reed Ensemble- 13 Secretary of Class--23 Vice President--5,43 Honor Society- 5,43 Junior Play--3. Clyde Spearman--'Speedien B8nd'1,2,5,4g Chorus--l,2,5,43 F.F.A.-132,33 Boys' Glee Club- 5,4f Football Student Manager- 53 Football Squad--4. Helen Weaver--uweavern Sunbury--1,23 Hartford-- 5,43 Chorus--1,2,3,43 President of Class--l,2,43 Homecoming Queen -43 F.H.A.--1,23 Junior Play-- 53 Girls' Glee Club'-5,44 Robert Wells--uScreeohn Boys' Glee Clbu-'3,43 Basket- ball--1,2,3,43 Band--1,2,3,43 Chorus--5,43 Football--2,3,43 All-county Football--43 Junior Play--33 Sec.-Treas.-33 heflec tor and Loudspeaker Operator-- 3,43 Honor Society--43 Treas. of Class--43 Student Council-4 William Warner--uWee-Bitn Johnstown--123 Chorus-- 1,23 F. F. A.--23 Crotong-5,43 Vice President F. F. A.--43 Chorus 3,43 Boys' Glee Club--3,4. Kathleen White--nKatu Band--l,2,3,43 Chorus--132,53 43 Girls' Glee Club--3,45 Reed Ensemble--l3All-county Band-l, 2,3,43A1l-county Chorus-13233, 43 Class V1ce-Pres1dent-- 23 Honor Soc1ety-- 5, 43 Junior Play--Sf Lickingana Staff-- 43 Toast Mistress Jr.-Sr.Banquet- 53 nScoopn--5,4. suwswswwwwwwww Our Boys .in the Service During this past year, rapid changes have taken place through out the nation. One outstanding change is that of education and the sacrifices of public schools as many of their outstanding cit- izens have left the cares and re- sponsibilities of high school to take over another and greater re- sponsibility--that of fighting to defend our nation. Those from the Senior class are as follows: Frederick Needles, Robert Dietzel, Gerald Canaday , James Parks. Others areg Robert Bischoff, Raymond Bean,Ralph Hin- ton, Lloyd Jones and Kendle Pos- e. Hartford is truly proud of these boys. This page sponsored by Charles Perfect, Ohio Certified Hybrids. Band Ist row, 1. to r.: E. Spearman,C. Cook, K. Curry, J. Buel, K. White W. Potter, G. Porschet, Miss Dick- son. 2nd row: J. Clem,W. Davidson, B. Wells, h. Porschet, O. Grubb,N. Higgins, M. Cook, J. Higgins. 5rd row: J. Wells, D. Shoemaker, J. R. Graham, G. Booher, J. Porschet, M. Parks, D. Pickering. Future Farmers A Ist row: W. Davidson, E. White, D. Fown, W. Warner, W. Dietzel, Mr. Morris. 2nd row: D. Gilliland, R. Peterman, F. Rose, A. Sexton, J. Mitchell, Srd. row: D. Canaday, H. Gooch. J. Butt. W. Parks. Freshman Class lst row, 1. to r.: N. Higgins, K. Curry,J. Buel, J. Porschet,M. Hin- ton, I. Sillins, E. Needles. 2nd rowg J. Mitchell, L. Shoemaker, F. Rose,W. Davidson,R. Peterman, Mrs. W. Debolt. 5rd row: G. Duncan, Parks, J. Butt, D. Gilliland, R. Gooch, J. Clayton. Sophomore Class lst row: N. Higgins, S. Clayton, M. Needles, V. Weaver,R. Porschet, M. Parks. 2nd row: Miss Dickson, A. Sexton, J. Graham, R. Hinton, Mrs. Debolt, Mrs. Ashcraft. 3rd rowg D. Canaday, E. Cochran, L. Needles, J. Wells, R. Hunter. This page sponsored by Croton Hardware '70 3 5 ,X ff TI?' 1 1 N ,' VY 162 3 X Q! 32,06 XX rm A ET Lg'T:K?El71 Wg. mmfhr ' cxnaw o Tw, Q FINE foous Q x ZVEEUY f 9 ' l Q If I I H .4044 V' VVZ v- - ,. "V S H ' If , ' ...gifi .. '-'-I -'-' -1 Homecoming Queen and Attendants Ist. row: 1. to r. Norma Higgins, Queen Helen Weaver, Naomi Higgins, 2nd. row:Joan Weaver, Clarice Cook Football Squad lst. row: 1. to r. Bob Wells, Sr. All-county End, Ralph Clayton , Donald Fown Gordon Booher, Clyde Spearman. 2nd. row: Elmer Cochran, Wendell Davidson, Edward White , Donald Roland County Doran. Wells, Duncan. Shoemaker, Wm. Dietzel , Peterman, Freshman, All- End, Second Team, and Coach 5rd. row: Jack Clayton, Joe Doyle G1lliland,and Gilbert Varsity Basketball Team Ist. row: l. to r. D. Shoemaker, D. Fown, R. Clayton, G. Booher, B. Wells 2nd row D Pickerin K Curry, W. Davidson, E. wh1f6, W. Dietzel, J. Buel, Coach Doran. Reserve Basketball Team Ist row: J. Wells, E. Cochran, R. Peterman, R. Hinton, W. Davidson, J. Clayton, R. Hunter. 2nd row z Coach Doran, J. Mitchell, W. Diet- zel, L. Needles, J. Butt, G. Dun- can. Srd rowi K. Curry, J. Buel,D. Pickering. 71 g:ZI2jiTXXljffE3::tb ,QQ assi: rn X x K . I 'X I ,., ' 159 Qlrvjnvf ami. T' 1 ,L X I as 1 jf J' if, TT 2 ' N 6 ff 1 fWf1,f ff, Af AYAW 'ww '15 2 M ' C ? , if ,Z 4, Af,ff ""' rx ny 15 R 0 L AND Pirfawfnv ALL-cowv TY END, sfcofvo TEAM FNESHMAN This page sponsored by the Groton Bank ,.,.""7 ,W,.7 -f- '9 1 :"Jm9 Y? 'ff 0 1, .4 'Anson-lo I PAL . 1 5 I ' U N Mlggglft K -' " v "1 ,f 52 -r - JC U51 1 Y 4 - , " I XI, ' N ., Rl Z, Ln. 'W ff ' , 2 , -' A , ' 1 - -f , .1 V e .Af 4 , .- . 0 'Qs rua", i A ' ' f 564. .n.0'L I xx 414 C' ' fj ,X '4N cAF"'n I ' M x vngppggi , X A 4 T, , .' ' - ,If X df ' -p 1. , ' 'fri' D ,m,xgQrjQH ' I fig .A ,v 'MA' v A s 'W , '-'Wg ' ., li, I , 'wg 9 lx l X l 5 ' A h 1 V 6 9 ' 4 I. 'I gl 1. ,V Y, NFT JAVA I ,QM 'U I x V Qsre JA 064 f' -'Q-N ' 'Nm o' , '- W Msn? Q ,QNX Mes 0- .L 'qw N ' ' . 'B 9 X X hm. X"r n J 1 fl X ,,-- we "v Mun- --"""'- ,rf X N 9 ' f if . Fxlfus- I ' - -l , W, n r 1 ' ' wa! 'f T1 ! A' 1 V" , p K, of-if . 'UXX 1 4 r . M q of ,qu ,'X 5' -Hg I 4. 5' 5Qfk QA , :wry - ' 4 V o,cK Mocv-9 0 be -.'5--fir' I 4 J. , f . "WIA PU-'Aff B Q ' ' ,A I W I X wud ' I V ni . CF' ' f- or . Q' Q! .. qc X eq L Q , xr'Y Roqlf xgorhv m'c'f' f This page sponsored by Scott Carroll Feed az Supply 72 ' LEXANDHIA FOFOAO FIHOAI Under the leadership of Mr. Hance, the F. F. A. has been very active. To help Uncle Sam and in- cidentally its own treasury, the organization conducted a scrap drive. These industrious boys presented their par- planned and ents with a fine dinner and pro- gram at the annual Parent and Son anquet. We are all very proud of Lester Henthorn, Jim Elder, and Dick Moore who were chosen as State Farmers during their Junior year. Not to be outdone by the F.F.A., Mrs. Beam and her F.H.A. girls have been equally active. c help finance the decorating of the girls dressing room, the fut- ure homemakers sold pop and sand- wiches at games. One of the high- lights of the year was the ' ox Social' to which the F.F.A. boys were invited. It proved to be a great success and much to our surprise, no one suffered from acute lndlgestion. IH MEMORIAM The entire school was shocked and grieved by the sudden death of n ommy' Fisher. He had served the school as Janitor for over twenty years and was much loved by all. He will long be remem- bered as a friend who was inter- ested ln all school act1v1t1es.A special funeral service was held in order that the student body might attend. PARTIES Salute! Bow! 0urtsey3 These are the commands which you would have heard had you been ln the halls of Alex B1 during Freshmen Initiation Week. After the sen- iors had done all the 'nice' things they could think of to the freshmen, they invited them to a party at which they welcomed them into the high school. , It's leap year at last!!! The girls at A. H. S. are taking all the advantages that it brings. These gals decided that lt was their turn to hitch up the buggy and take the fellows. So to the high school and the 'Sadie Hawk- ins' Party they went. After much work and planning the sophomores entertained the high school at the annual Sports Banquet. After a fine dinner, letters were awarded to the play- ers, the managers, and the cheer- leaders. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing. ATHLETICS Although our football team had a rather unsuccessful season, we take pride in the fact that Llge Davison, our center, was chosen a member of the all-county six-man football team. The Alex basketball squad did remarkably well ln the light of the fact that several varsity men were lost by graduation. We won five games and suffered ten de- feats. HONOR COMES TO A.H.S. We are very proud of Junior Mowery, a member of the 1943 graduating class who was the first to receive the new rotating cup for his school. This cup le awarded to the outstanding schol- ar-athlete of the county. 'Pud' received more honors than any o- ther graduate cf our school. He was president of his class, vale- dictorlan, and a star baseball, basketball, and football playen In addition to these local honors, he received many from the county. He was elected president of the County Honor Society, and was chosen a member of the all-county basketball team, and the County Student Council. 'THE!'RE IN THE ARMY NOW' On February 16, the Juniors and seniors were invited to the home of Mrs. Johnston to say, 'Farswell', to Bob Crist and Dick Moore, who will soon be .called into the service. Others xlready serving from our school are: Bob Hiohman, Lynn Shockley, and Don Emblem. Every boy in the class of 1943 ls now in some branch of the armed forces. Mildred Hammond, a member of the faculty, has en- listed in the HAYES. This page sponsored by Ha1n's Food Shop, Alexandria SOPHOMORES Top row:B.Powel1gH.Gallant J.MeroergE.Flagg:J.Peebles G.Beaver3 D.Lewis. Row two D. Holmang M. Rlchardsg J. Hannahsg B.Lauterbauchg E. Burton3Mlss Oyer. Row one: M.Brooksg P.Hooverg B.Met- calf: J.Shafferg B. Holman M.Coakley: M.Wh1teheadg R. Pletcherg D.Gallant. CHEERLEADERS Shirlee Jones Marian Carroll Emma Price Betty Metcalf Martha Price T1'11B page sponsored by Durne11'a Drug Store JUNIORS Top row: G.MooregF.Koontz3 T.K1ntz5D.N1cho1e3L.WycofC F.Downlng3B.McCulough3Mrs. Johnston.Row one:G.Beaver3 G.H1te3M.Peeb1ee5L. Boehmg L.Powe1LgE.Fa1rley3E.Glenn FRESHMEN Top row:R.Geer:U.Garrabrant B.Pheneger5 H.Revercombg T. Stevensg H.Glenn3 J. Clark: Row two:J.Byrd3V.McCulough3 A.Temp1e:J.Shook1eyg D.Hen- thorng S.Beaver3M.Linesg B. Wi111ams3M.Mooreg Miss Ham- mond. Row one: K.Coakley:J. Mercerg A.Hopk1ns5E.Bagent: G.Johnson3S.Jonesg M.Pr1ce. 7 . - 1 .H A. BASKETBALL This page sponsored by The Alexandria Bank Co. DDTBALI. .4,, Q, I., B. N4 , HJIA. ,, ...,. ig R, 3.41, f. 1 ai f ' aw f e m . uf I. "U-ul rw.. -xx J xx af , Y '- . ' .EPI YQ- ' 'Q-. ws, l Q.. , A 459' 40gu' S 0 lcv. 'W A FAC' ,, fl MO' Glllnwao W 4' N 10' With Sept octe Nov. Dec. Febe Mar. May- MUTASMAMY --7 17- EM- -29 -29 -1 -5 -10 23- 24- -3- -22 -23- -2- -3- -17.. 31- -22. 11- CALENDAR School Opened Moron Jamboree Jr.-Sr. Hay Ride Freshman Initiation F. H. A. Initiation Football season opened County teachers meeting Chile Supper and Dance Student Council Meeting Square Dance Thanksgiving Vacation Basketball season opened Christmas Program Christmas Vacation bgggn Junior Square Dance Lincoln Day Program Senior Chicken Supper Jr.-Sr. Trip to Columbus Junior Class Play 'Her First Flame Senior Play Jr.-Sr. Banquet Senior Banquet Baccalaureate Commencement H THIS 77 THE CLASS OF 'nu' Another year-Another Graduat- ing class. It always seems to the Seniors that Graduation is one of the saddest activities in H gh School. When we are Freshman we go through the year mumbling, and not always under our breathe, about all the unnecessary and un- intelligible literature we are forced by our mean old teachers to stumble through. Then as Soph- mores we spend all of our time envylng the Juniors at their prominent place in the esteem of the younger set. But--as Juniors we can hardly wait to enjoy all the important and very special privileges of the Seniors-such as having their pictures taken and placed before the world as educa- ted persons, and ordering name cards and graduation announce- ments, fighting over parts for the Senior Play, in a refined way of course, dressing up in those weird caps and gowns, and getting so much attention from every one in general. Seniors at last! Cruel world, how could those three years have slipped by so quickly. The Freeh- man parties, Sophmore grief over lack of fame, the Junior play high school parties and events of all sorts, Now comes the ways. Some of us contact with each perhaps for life, never see or hear the class. Or ma those of parting of the will keep in other for years and others will of the rest of be there ar y e us who are elated for fame and will be known only thru the eyes of the newspapers and radio to their former classmates. all the memories of PHS tucked away in our minds we bid a bon farewell and wish the on-com- ing classes the best of luck. PAGE IS SPONSORED BY S. C. HEWITT SOPHMORE CLASS FHESHMAN CLASS JUNIOR CLASS THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY VINTON D. MORROW BASKETBALL TEAM PATASKALA HIGH BAND FOOTBALL TEAM THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE PATASKALA RESTAURANT.

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