Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA)

 - Class of 1987

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Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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QA 9w,A0L'd4jfr'N if W SJFXCL 1 M MQKMQK guUYY1,fw LUX t QQQIAL oo ma QMQJQJZQMQQM All bw 'MLW wM U . X ' I I Lf' iq' ,A . Q. ' kjfUfLOfUf l'fl7L- lforwd xt 4gD'Vg'f!2q x UQQGO 1400! iQ,Q- VX ,I ky? Vw QQQWOQ X369 mf Q xg M X Kd. V321 LxUX Li, Q O t XD? X -.,3 CD UKDBXXX 6 , dw x , ,OQL X LX SIIOCQX Q W 5 Q9 45 Q0 VX 4 fmw X fp Xp ef WM? x K SWEYQM L Pi? Qlxiaeemqx Qzv www, g .gwdgf 10 rwjoxiz eaovee. Q iid? if E w' H6j,'5'156 50 V00 E 5eTTEf AQQ7' M560 ya, 7'0 A' fefwwcf HUP? X90 wi!! S65 we nm- ym,e?'Kn yov aff u6f ySwee r and CUTE LIZQM4 who! HQ you GIS fwfr !30ff?d Cai! ,546 W Wvawi K+ oj-Qrfv The JOAQQ 5 5 f 41' fx 'V 1 4 , ' 'ix Vx ff' xl 435 Ronoy Junior I-hgh 4040 WesT CiTron Corono, Colifornio Volume 22 - 4987 X Qgfm, ii in cliff VJ! T C3 ei VW W' T63 imff 50f'T'7Q UP! UPTXZM. onol AWAY ove you ever woTched o pol' X Toon f sighT ond won- ered whoT hop ned 'To iT'? The poTenTiol seems iimiTIessQ.. Moybe iT Traveled over mounToinsxEZ1nd de- .oho+he' sToTe or coun y. Per- hops iT7' To seo. Or i wrnoy hove.RgoTTen in Telephone wires or poppedon Tree. Like The sooring boiloon, eoch of us follows o course filled wiTh opporTu- niTy for successes ond foiiures, ond we moy someTimes wonder opouT our fi- nol desTiny. Quo Vodis Cwhich meons "Where ore you going'?"Q records our possoge Through Roney Junior High. We inviTe you To soor wiTh us os we of oXe-lcplore The evenTs of 4987. wi IIQW 1 y J i . NIQTFQQXQFOUGP3 Poge 3 'T QT . if T T ., Eigwmxerodei PQ e 23 me QL Q- ,. 3 T S f TT 3 TL eyenTN ... Grooe Poge 32 fijzji T STQff 4 OX QD wr Aciriviiries XX Y gi N f N 11VA4 Till F' ' ja 5 T XJ X if O ,T T in f T . XQFopleT..of ConTenTs xg Ninih Danielle Mauli B Becky Bragg o if ,g Ailison Thompson ,Siacy Keveii B Cnaniei Roor X " "Sarah Bender ' by "BBronwyn Wniiiakerl i Grade Seoreiary A.S.B. Aoriviiies Commissioner I.D.S.C. Represeniarive Presideni Vice Presidenr A.S.B. Treasurer ff. V, ff, :J-1,1 fx ' 'J' , A,S.B. President ' nl G4 XX! M I sk j B X 1 I, ffwvfxf nfl is M i XX eff I , if-1 Lx! , v 1 Mya WM :,,f.,ff4f'i R fy I 1,.-f x ,ffl I . qua X, fi I, I, -1 TN x j i ,DX I F A ff i sJff r 1? AA i of V- P- i j" j lfffxl' xr Ji V , ' f 1 fv YQ f K. dl , I ht Vioxx ,ff l'XQ,- 'PIII ff 1 A1 . ,f - f as ip ' A I K 4 X I 'ff' ' i. ' , 4:35-g . , X Jeff Abke Isaac Adejunmobi Theo Adejunmobi Jose Aguilera Louann Alaniz Sandy Aloaniar Deana Alfaiher Jennifer Allen Ruben Alvarado Veronica Alvarez Eugene Anguiano Elena Araiza Sarnaniha Arellano Julio Arroyo Rachell Auld Julia Baldonado T.J. Baranowski Paul Barrera Chris Barron Mike Barrels Jennifer Bauer Salud Bedolla Tyson Beechner Sarah Bender Todd Benjamin Jorge Bernal Stephen Beshires Elisa Biggs Jon Birdsall Jonathan Bisceglia Ray Bliss Wendy Borden Gene Boyer Becky Bragg Mike Brennan A 4--f -E V ir " ' if s. fe A W Qi ,gt W. , of L, ' " 'Ns yd Z ' . l sttt Michelle Brew Tracie Briner Mike Brinker Chris Broersrna Michelle Broussard Dion Brown Kim Brown Tom Brown Venice Brumsey Carlos Bugarski James Bunten Toni Burbank Lisa Burk Scott Burkette Theresa Bush Sheri Byrnes Matt Camarillo Jermaine Campbell Armando Compos Elena Campos Kenneth Caputo Dan Carrillo Jason Cave Toni Cerra Michelle Chaparro Crysta Charles Dean Chiarito Brian Child Erik Christensen Eric Christian Matthew Cidrleglio Lisa Clark Robert Clouser Traci Cole Keith Condon 5 'l, Fahs aha foolpall players waioh The opehihg of The year's firsi pep rally, 2, Coach Day shares SGOSOD highlighls before lhlroauolhg The Team ai The foolpall rally, 3. Cheerleaders display ehihuslasrh aha skill iD Their firsl rally appearance. iriiiil ,ifz 2 3 6 Q.-qs 3: New principal greeTs sTudenTs hile sTudenTs were off enjoying vacaTion, some raTher impor- TanT changes were being STudenTs reTurned in SepTember To be greeTed by new principal, lvls. Healey, and Ten new sTaff members. There were also some new rules and regulaTions To abide by. lT Took some geTTing used To, buT afTer The firsT few days, faces and rouTines were once again familiar. STudenTs seTTled down To The business of sTudies and home- work while looking To clubs, rallies, aTh- leTics, and spiriT days for exTra-curricu- lar diversions. Timm-um... i 49 ,.M"""' 'l Ms Healey greeTs sTudenTs before sending Them on To Their firsT classes of The year 2 Amused bysTanders waiT To see which Team will win The over under re lay aT The volleyball rally. A 3. Bronwyn VVhiTTaker and Allison Thompson welcome sTudenTs To The fooTbali rally. 11. Sludenis gaTher around The circle To meeT The new principal on The firsT day of school. 41 7 Liso Conklin Mionelle Conte Holly Cook Gretchen Cordes Borboro Coriez Beolrice Corlez Joime Coriez Jose Cortez lvlorcos Coriez lbfhicio Crc Noro Cue-vos Roberi Cullice Kelly Curl Poul Curlice Kim Donl April Doncer Corolino Dowson Donold Delocruz Tim De-Longe Cnrisry Dennis lvlork Deruyler Joson Dill Ron Dobson Jennifer Donerly Jenny Dougios Joy Drewry Ruby Due-nos Brondi Dyer Steven Eorhorl Snoron Eoson Mike Eshelmon Corrie Esquer Andreo Evons Jen Everley Thereso Fobelo me 'Ca ,sh B . 42 gfww - e ,, x i 'SL 9 ji. ' mi E x 1 X we Q ,y 1 Q v Q S X s n H 1 -- is X u bac' YYY, Jennifer Fay David Fernandez Carrie Ferriera Travis Fick April Finger Tanya Finney Slacy Fisher Thomas Fiizpairick Jaylene Fleming Heaiher Fosler-Frank Jared Fougner Michelle Fox Deena Frank Doug Fraser Amy Garcia Larry Garcia Rena Gas Ryan George Michael Gibson Edward Gilland Cherie Gillard Aaron Gilmore Beih Glassick Jerry Gonzales Rob Gonzales Veronica Gonzalez Todd Gooch Chrisy Gorney Jim Graham Andrea Gremier Nickle Guerra Clarissa Guffey Erik Gunsoliey Rashmi Gupra Jason Hale 9 KnighTs sib To Third I I he Tedm's emoTions were very high before our opening gome ogoinsT Coronof' commenTed AssisTonT Cooch Jonoski. This spiriT enobied The Teom To come owoy wiTh o id-O vicfory. However, dis- obpoinTing losses To Norco ond Au- burndoie buT on end To The Teom's win- ning sbirif. The KnighTs bounced book To win Their nexT gome ogoinsT Corono. in sbiTe of This, losses To Auburndoie ond Norco broughT The Teom To o disob- boinfing Third pioce finish. 'I. Tim Deionge releoses o boss before being hiT by Auburndole defenders. 2, Jeremy Roberis finds himself sur- rounded by Auburnddie defenders ofTer cofching o long boss. 3. Morcos Corfez runs Through Norco defenders for o big goin, f , T y ref 3 F5 'KJV 5ixNvMX5?lfyil5AN.g9Jyyf5- 5 Sli. dime. -ln 5 C 966 will gil T9Jr"630flf3J ffl me Sin X09 Q29 QW ' ,Q 040 yfko 40050 pdol-nfh Al Q5 AM X Mlm fl' NF l if neo 'W Knighls 411 Falcons U O Knighls O Vikings 'l2 Knighis O Trojans 8 Knighls 7 Falcons 6 Knighis O Trojans -418 Knighls 7 Vikings 27 l Tim DeLange sweeps around Auburndale de- Tense. 2. Coach Day logs off The field afler revealing an imporlanl Third down play 3 Scott Janoski catches a swing pass and Turns To face Auburndale A. Front - Manager Marcie Munoa, Jason Dill, Mar- cos Cortez, Roberr Kennedy, Brad Wilhile, Kenny Hawkins, Mike Wiggs, SCOTT Janoski, Jorge Bernal, Jim Graham, Jeremy Roberls. Middle - Mike Weak- ley. Dion Brown, Mall Zeller, Brian Child, Dean Chiar- ilo, Jermaine Campbell, Tim Delange, Ryan George. Lucas Hernandez. Back A Manager Bron- wyn Whillaker, Chris Harris, Mike Shockley, Chris Broersma, Dan Bloomfield, Mark Deruyler, Mike Bren- nan, Malr Wiggs, Mike Malurino, Doug Fraser, Man- ager Larissa Perkins. A l ww Chris Harris Theresa Hari Slacie Haslings Kenny Hawkins Jamie Healon Heidi Heilweck .Kirn Henderson Carlos Hernandez Deanna Hernandez Jacob Hernandez Lucas Hernandez Rene Hernandez Rog Hernandez Veronica Hernandez Vincenl Hernandez Elizabelh Hillman Gregg Holi Anna Huang Derek Huberl Healher Hundley Eiiseo Hurlado Larry ldiensohn Babak lmani Scoll Janoskl Joey Johnson Deborah Johnson Jennifer June Bandna Kamboh Randy Kasperbauer Ken Kelley Robert Kennedy Ron Kessler Slacey Kevell Jennifer Keys Edana Kilchel K' ., - J J J.. el siiii k --1 ,V Q , 1 Q .4 5 ' J iff 4 X A krri .l an .Wx . gauze: . l- s s ., ff- " ,. ses:-,lag fi ,a Rs 2 sw Q R9 + ' fs r N Y 1' Michdel Konick Jodie Korie Joneiie Krofi Jeff Krenz Morcio Kreps Chrisiine Locey Michelle LoMogncl Kellie Lone Gino LoPiono Rickie Loichic Roberi LeBeou Chrisiie Lewis Bryon? Lisier Mike Lockrnonn Tobeiho Lofius Siephonie Long Emily Longerpone Spencer Longfellow Freddy Lopez Roberi Lopez Trocy Lopez Cheryl Love Irene Lozono JKenneih Lundy Rob Lynde Rod Mogon Richord Mohon Jose Moldoncido Gabrielle Mondig Morc Monring Heolher Morii Kuri Morx Koiherine Moson Mork Moson Kim Mosiers '13 ,cg , i vr PTA sponsors TirsT donce he P.T.A. ddnce kicked off The yeor's exTrd-curriculor dcTiyiTies. STudenTs enjoyed on ofTernoon of ddncing To music ployed by l'Hove Mu- sic, Will Trdvel" while porenTs ond Teochers choperoned or sold drinks ond cookies oT The refreshrnenTs Toble. We gredTly opprecioTe The P.T.A. for sponsoring This donce ond oTher ocTiyi- Ties which included The sporTs ponqueT, Red Ribbon Week, dnd Open I-louse. 'l. lvlrs. Wolloce checks on refreshe rnenTs soles os Mrs. Volkov pours d cup of punch for Deven Sellers, 2. A colorful posTer inyiTes sTudenTs To come enjoy The donce. 3. ScoTT Jonoski ond Jennifer June en- joy d slow donce, A. Alice Reynoso, Ddnielle Murphy, Kim Brown, ond Lisd Clork keep o lively peoT. 441 WNW 3 VL. .-ii ,,....w W, 'Y D . 11 1 T I s rd 4-...,, M. ' l Q 2-"U-dui 3 1, Spirllea dancers crowd The flaar. 2. Lynda Snelafae ana Mike Gunnell move To ine Deal of a popular Tune. 3. Danielle l?aenl ana Nainan Paine snare a fasi-paced dance, Mandy Mallhews Mike Malurino Danielle Maull lan McCloud Mike McConnell Karen McDougall Michelle McKibbon Kyle McLeod Frank Melia Kellie Melia Tony Mendez Jim Milekovich Donald Moehlman Rhonda Monlano Alma Monlejano Yvonne Monloya Ryan Moore Danny Morales Cori Mugley Marcie Munoa David Munoz Marlha Munoz Tim Munoz Marlin Murillo Danielle Murphy Scoll Murray Dan Nabrolzky Mitchell Nernelh Jennifer Nicely Derek Nino Jacqueline Noel Michael Nolln Jose Olivas Shawn O'Neil Kathleen Ordonio 16 f if 'wr ' V D f-46 fi-Y 7? 5 ! 4, ,J ,..,, Q ...,, L 3 in eff 1 Q i TEL ' X ,,, or 7 zli - ' rrll K l,c Kathryn Ordonio Kim Ordonio Socorro Ortiz Cory Osburn Heather Ottiwell Sasha Otto Kimberly Overton Tom Parker Mike Parks Victor Parra Divyani Patel Ritesn Patel Karen Patt Jim Patten Jeffrey Payne Cynthia Pendleton Magarita Perez lvlaria Perez Terecita Perez Larissa Perkins Jeff Perry Lisa Pike John Pirritano Patty Plickova Kari Pore Janette Porter Bobby Puga Danielle Raehl Danny Ramirez- April Ramsey David Ranney Kevin Reese Rochelle Reese Brant Remaley Lydia Reyes 17 Knignls Vikings Knignls Falcons Knignis Trojans Knignls Vikings Knignls l Falcons 2 Knignrs O Trojans 3 l. Grelonen Coraes follows Tnrougn on a serve To Corona. 2. Allison Thompson reiurns a Corona serve. 3. Jennifer Sisemore onallenges Cor- ona with ner uniaue ana powerful serve. 3 ,J b.fDCll Xfbbxogbf Xmcuwxb lb CVCLT yaklfxl mi 1 X,-XQDL-J XJQTXXJQCTX rod Sovanxer XQQTF Dlegxe CON CQ- --YVQOXQXQ QTGV MQR 'KT Tl oem WEST yew '5- kXQOTGirlss Take STORM we somrgfv 155 A +NNQGv5 Thlr om raigxlfxii i EPQTQQRN NT he volleyball Team openea The season wiTh a aisappoinTing loss To Norco. Two aays IaTer They rallied To aefeaT Corona wiTh a maToh score of 2-'l. DespiTe persisTenT efforT The Team was unable To win anoTher maToh ana finished Thira in The league. Player Kim Trimble observea ThaT The Team members made a sTrong efforT ana improvea Their skills during The sea- son. X by yr rl gl Tvxnirsb bbob lEmi Nj 4. Rochelle Reese seTs The ball fora punishing spike by Jennifer Sise- more. 2. FronT - Kim Trimble, Sarah Bena- er, Rhonda lVIonTano, Jenna Keys, Sheri Byrnes, Jennifer VanVoroe. Back - Manager Michelle Cha- parro, Jennifer Sisemore, Rochelle Reese, Allison Thompson, Jennifer Fay, Emily Longerbone, Grefchen Coraes. bemq wx lmeoee. so apex QQMX SKKCSE eokfxocb fr ll 4' 28 9 1 A lr Q n j ! .W 4 l T ' il -'f ff 1 ,Q ,, Y fi Q MX? K7 J Lo b,bbb 1 bb,s, y 0656? QA 'Je T io as Fred Ribeiro Jennifer Riley Alex Rivero Tony Rivero Nlorio Rivero Sherrie Roberson Jeremy Roberls Juslin Roberis Siocy Robinson Bryonl Rolcion Joseph Ronquillo Chonlel Rool Tim Rose Eric Rosenlhol Down Ro'fh Aoron Roy Lucy Rubio Woyne Runcie Audrey Sofforo Billy Sogerl Emmo Sanchez Ron Scombroy Jennifer Schmicll Ryon Schmidi Lyle Scrogins Aoron Seegroves Herbie Sellers Jose Serroio Rosorio Serroio Michoel Shockley Borboro Shoemaker Ryon Shumwoy Robert Sirko Jenny Sisemore Jon Slover 20 'ii' Wlwii' 32 4' won if H -z?.,,..w E.. 9 'V' Ly2,1Oi if Ci Ben Sly Jason Smilh Melanie Smilh Richard Smiih Stephanie Soloy Salvador Sofa Tina Spawr Srephanie Sialder Tracy Sieinrrager Tony Slelzer Traci Siemm Lani Siuckenschneider Dale Taylor Anneile Thomas Allison Thompson ,Q-Qi is Ryan Thompson Roberl Torres Kim Trimble Courlney Turberville Scoil Vacenovsky lvlaricela Valdez Amy Vanderweerd Jennifer VanVorce Sandra Varley Lelecia Velasauez Karen Vigrass Dawn Volkov Chris Voss Siephanie Walker Keilh Walkinshaw Eric Wallace Wendi Wan ,Mike Weakley Elizabeth Welch Casaundra While 21 Jeff Kevin Bronvvyn Whillaker Mall Wiggs Mike Wiggs I Q1 iii is is N x Brad Wilhile Tim Wilson Tracie Wilson Larry Willman Gloria Womble Sue Woo Adam Wrighi Jennifer Wrighi Sh n Y k aw oa um. lVla'rT Zeller Ninlh Graders noi piclured Giovanni Adrian Dan Bloomfield Dirk Bock Thomas E. Brown Sieve Bullsma Ruben Carranza Richard Cavazos lvlaria Chavez Josh Collyer Gene Corneiie Cynlhia Grover Lisa Hernandez Marcella Hernandez George Hoyl Erik Leroy ' Rene Lowy Kari lvlansinne Mike lVlcGee Mall Murphy -MEL Vbufuu , Bum QDXLCLWLL lvloo Nguyen G ' Terry O'Toole i' lvlaria Padilla f ' f C-hrislina Perez A Krisli Pischke Alice Reynoso Shawn Rizzone L T Louis Salgaclo Sam Serna Erik Thayer my X Th Uiinclil L iyiuguilk 1 frmccua i?QL1ifwii15LMriunu2 f QJLCLA 0 ' K Q QlUYlUifYYLQl.QlJbN LLL JLQL5fL4J4Qfci JLLMVC Gx www Qci,lnfowrLQf1ilf.1iqTT734f- T bmi jim Ly, JDM mimi rum , f W i fjlffkl likjll, wialouijwm ,iewoc fi D umfiwfwuw .grey Lavery ii L3 5 ' g-R, If v v YMK 'X f J O ' if, Q3 JJ LA NJ I 1 in Wy fig "fx .V fb , Kxjv -4 5 I ff 'ff' If ,,,' f-lj!! IJ, s Forresl Alban Jennifer Allher Tony Alvarado Andrew Alvarez Juan Amezcua Tony Andrade Michelle Apodaca Arlell Araiza Clay Arcelus Evangellna Arechlga Joanna Arreola Michael Ash Rebecca Ax Andrea Balandran Cryslal Bareis Jim Barlow Sean Barney Rolando Barrera Suzanne Barrell Carl Baskin Sherry Beason Danny Beckum Rosie Bedolla Vicci Bekmaz Karen Beloz Lindy Berner Elizabelh Bice Kevin Bice Becky Biggs Gabriella Bohacs Brandi Boren Michael Born Dane Bradshaw Amber Brewer Herb Brewer Kamie Briner Joshua Brinker Kalrina Brillon Don Brown Elijah Brown Sean Brown Windi Burnell Michael Burroughs Alysa Buivich James Caldarone James Callicoll Cara Cangelosi Michelle Carrisoza 241 4 ix ' 1 1 3 'Q -I-I1 5 1 X ,J s , is Y L i, rf f C M J K 1 1 Rudy Casillas Laura Casiellanos Michael Cervanies Carrie Cnaparro Krisline Cheeks James Clafion Jennifer Clark Neil Clarke Vdg Cline Travis Cocca Perry Condon Jack Conklin Sean Connolly Mike Conrad Emmeil Cook Sean Corcoran David Coriez Pedro Cortez Sean Corzo l-learner Coucn Holly Craddock Greg Crow Felicia Cruz Cnris Curiis Pam Curiice Ryan Daniel Jonn Davids Laurie Davis Roberi Davis Monica Dawson Jenny Deaiherage Mww Rigoberlo DeLaRosa Alex Delgado Shawn Delnaye Eddie Delrio Larry Delvlllar Don Dewey Andrew Dickson Sandy Dickson Rachel Dislon Dawn Donohue Eva Duenas Torn Duff Enrique Duran Mali Eldred Charline Elslad Mark Esparza 25 Sleyen Esoarzd Lisa Espinoza Sleonen Espiriiu Guy Felix Sydney Ferrigno Heainer Finger Fred Flores Micnelle Foden Brian Frisbie Enrique Furerle Greg Gaddes Peler Garcia Rick Gaugnen Jeff Gibbons Tracy Gilland lan Gillis Brdnl Glazer Sleven Glenn Agusiln Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Mallnew Gonzalez Rachelle Gonzalez Vasnon Gonzalez Veronica Gonzalez Violeia Gonzalez Valerie Grady James Granarn Pairiok Greany Ryan Groorndn Misiy Grubbs Angie Guerrero Mike Gunnell Aronana Guoia Snirlsn Gupla Trelo Gurrola Brandee Gulierrez Micnelle Guzman Ricky Haines Mall Hallsirorn Jennifer Harnilion Melissa Harisougn Tracey Hawes Brandon Hedges Julianna Hedges Ed Henderson Arluro Hernandez Melissa Hernandez Norma Hernandez 26 Wu... xxx x, V s AH 451 ggi Rocio Hernandez Jesse Herrera Brandon Heiland Dan Hill Tara Hollingdrake Danielle l-lobwood M Belly Huang Maiinew Hudock Ryan Hunier Norma Huriado Ross Hymas Melissa Jacobsen Summer Jaeniscn Siacey Jakway Daniel Jauregui Ted Jennings Cnrisline Jonnson Denise Johnson Mario Johnson Scoli Jupp Paula Kadleiz Sudhir Kamboh Terry Keelen Jimmy Kerby Paul Key David King Douglas Knapp Debbie Knox Mindy Konoui Roy Kyle Daniel Lacaius Cnrisli Lamb Cnrisly Landreln Melissa LaPiana Jodie Lee Daniel Lines Sean Logan Cnris Long Tereasa Lougnridge Bern Love Gina Lovell Micnelle Lowry Gloria Loza Snavvn Lucas Sonja Luenr Hugo Lujan Kaihy Malinowski 27 Mara Manlove Keilh Manring Jim Mares Kennelh Marlinel Chrisiina Marlinez Irene Marllnez Rosalie Martinez Sheila Marllnez Sylvia Marlinez Colby Mallsson Eddie McAfee Josh McBride Becky McClay Shannon McCormick Missy McGranahan Frank Melia Joanne Mejia Richard Melendez Lorenzo Mendez Sandra Mendoza Sherrie Mikolajski Dorealha Millard Paul Millard Alan Miller Ginger Miller Jared Miller Aurora Miranda Brian Milchell Jamie Moller Rosie Monlejano Ada Mora Jesse Mora Morgan Moranda Jennifer Moseley George Mala Carolyn Munoz Guillermo Munoz Milzi Munoz Trina Murillo Leyla Muro Jyofi Nando Chip Narbelh Philemon Navarro Heide Neimeyer Manuel Nielo Kevin Noonchesler Tiffany Nyiri Kirslin Oales 28 J. T , gf, K Y, X' W. I an . -- 2 - , ,-. 3 if Trisha O'Farrell Michael Oh Julie Omelich Vanessa O'Neill Jeff Opsahl Vic Oriiz Nick Oiienbacher Nalhan Paine Robby Parker Joy Pavez Beih Penier Debbie Penier Angelina Perea Laura Peierson Diane Pezina Dean Phillips Sunni Piauel Wendy Ploung Greg Price Roberio Ramirez Jennifer Redman Philip Reeder Paul Reese Chad Reiche Krisien Reuvers " Fred Rice Tim Riley Dan Rineman Angela Rivera Lori Rivera Alina Rodriguez Beairice Rodriguez Eddie Rodriguez l-leriberio Rodriguez Jennifer Rogers lvlisiy Rojo Shelby Romain Jacob Romero Jerry Romero Ray Rosa Gina Rose Jerry Rolz Tracy Runyon Carlo Sais Erasmo Salgado Isabel Salgado Carlos Sanchez Dena Sanchez 29 Luz Maria Sanchez Paul Sanchez Viclor Sandoval Charles Sariuche Sean Schuylen Eddie Sedillo Kaiharine Seidman Deven Sellers Andy Serfozo Alvaro Serralo Andres Serraro Michael Shearer Lynda Shelafoe Kim Shelley Kris Shelley Sherry Shepherd ' s Jason Sigala Tony Simpson Camisha Singleion Niki Sirko Nalhan Skulnik E Denise Snow Lisa Sparks Leah Slarr Laura Slemm Jeff Sievenson Amy Steward Ryan Siewarl Roberi Siralron Valerie Sullivan Dawn Surinck Mark Topp Andrea Torgerson Monlserrar Torresluna Joey Trayaglia Maggie Trebbien Deanne Treusclell Roy Tripi Guillermo Trujillo Adrienne Umslead Melinda Underwood Kimberley Urrea Elena Valdez Luis Vargas Shawn Vargas Rosa Velasauez 30 , : is 1,6 4 s' A is X H A L W x ,sl 1: . 49"- 5 SQ l 'S ,rn 6 -so H is n.. 5 ww " .f . 3 Q 95 S QQ is 1' ,Q ss Mike Wood Nicole Wrlghl Shaun Vigil Angela Vigrass Douglas Volaw Eric Wallace Adam Walkinshaw John Waliers Shaun Walkins Crysial Walson Jamie Webb Michael Webb Michael Weisman Diane Welch Ryan Wesl Heidi Wheeler Kalhleen Whildin Brad Whilehead Healher Wickhorsl Jason Wiebe Shelly Wilhelm Tammy Williams Craig Wilson Fredrick Wilson Kalhy Winlers Jamie Whiriman Eighlh Graders noi biciured Michael Bean Mario Berrios Shawnae Bolloms Darrick Bunn Janelle Cullum Johnny Dubose Antonio Espera lliana Gonzalez Sarah Green Healher Hahn Rebecca Hernandez Jessie Locke Tracy McMahan Jennifer Morales David Navarro Paul Pacheco Slacey Rivera David Saldana Scoll Shiffer Crislian Tolosa George Yogues 31 2--E?-E,-1 Soleda Caudilla Clarissa Celaya Jeff Cervanles Sonia Cervanles Brandon Charles Jennifer Chavez Richard Cheeks Sandra Cheeks Tepnillan Chi Ryan Cnrisiensen April Ciaramiiaro Bobby Clark John Clarke Rebecca Clingan Tim Cole Mark Coleman Bianca Colgin Cassie Collis Danyelle Connolly Jacduelyn Consenz Chris'ropl'ier-Qome- Todd Copper Kris Cordell James Corgan Vicloria Corral Luis Coriez Marcella Corlez Marina Coriez Madeline Corzo Jeremy C95 Jusiin Crane Timolny Cruicnfieid Kris Cusick Breil Dani ,Aaron Dak Adina Dancer Amy Darimoni Clarissa Davie Aaron Davis Melinda Davis Teri Decker Marv Derrick Deleen Devin Andrea Diaz Mary Dickson Palrick Dinkfeld Marc Dixon Edward Doble 311 Rachel Donohew James Do'ry,, Aileen Doughlyi. Larry DeBose Dan Duenas John Edwards Wade Eggeri Lance Eiche Bryan Ellis Mark Eshelman Wendy Evans Erin Ewing Joseph Falon Lisa Fernandez David Ferris Allysen Fichlel Mail Fields l-lealher Finney Cindy Fiizpairick Dyon Flesher 5 Juan Flores Jesus Flores . Kendra Forney Denise Fosier Carrie Fox Jeff Freeland Buffy Gaekel Renee Garcia Paul Garcia Fred Garrell Awais Gauhar Wendy German Chris Gelller Kgsiy Gibson A Jill Gleason Chris Glenn Mandy Goad Dominique Goddard Jason Gogolin Reber? Gomez Carrie Gonzales Ryan Gonzales Mike Gonzalez Brenda Gores Conrad Gozzo Carrie Graber Chrisry Grasso John Green 35 Paul Griffin John Griffing Maffhew Grover reoriir euprc Kelly Gufierrez Chris Hall Michael Hall James Hansen Tracy Hansen Cynthia Hansfad Michael Hardcasfle Melissa Harp Lynn Harper William Harfsell Kerry Hawkins Sferling Hayden Rebecca Heffley Tricia Hendrickson David Hernandez Juan Hernandez Julie Hernandez Priscilla Hernandez Gerar Higareda Kimberlee Hill Krisfin Holland Jennifer Holmes Mary Huang Thea Hubbard Alicia Hurfado Sohrab lmani Jason Ishmael Brandy Jacobson Timofhy James Dave Janoski Richardo Jimenez Donald Johnson Julie Johnson Ronnie Kasperbauer Andrea King Ryan Kissinger Mark Knez Georgia Knick John Kreiser Debbi Lane Eric Lane Gerardo Larios Susan Lavelle Deaunka LeBeauf 36 4-ni' cy ..f A N. ' .Y ,NS Leylo Lelevier H BR. Leroux Keiih Lewis Slephdnie Lewis Vincenl Lines - Misly Livingslon Angelo Lopez Ricky Lopez Sdnjudnd Lopez Michelle Love Trdcy Lowmdn Esmereldo Lozd Pdlricid Mddrid e Lee Modsen Mdrid MOQOD V Corlos Moldonddo Wendy Monzo Joson Morshdll Brion Mdrlin Thomos Morx Nick Mdson Jon Moilhews Colhy Mollocks Beih Mdxson Amber McCorTy Debbie McCldy Mdrk McConnell Kevin McCormick Jim MCG-locklin Colleen MCG-urn Juslin Mclnlosh Mike Meredith Bryon Miller Connie Mirdndd Peler Milchell Mdrk Molocznik Chris Monrreol Michelle Moro Hedlher Muncy Roberlo Munoz Bree Murphy Michoel Murphy Ddvid Nobroizky Jonny Nobrolzky Jose Negreile Krislin Neil Dednnd Newmcin Ndncy Nicely 37 Diane Niediek Craig Norihcuii Chrisiina Nunez Tim Oaies Carlo Oben Kim Offield Jorge Olivas Jenny Olyera Kaiie Piano Carlos Palomares Theresa Parks Sajal Paiel Kris Peck Alma Perez Monica Perez Ziniia Perez Jared Phillips Thadeus Phillips Noe Pina Roberi Pirriiano Jason Pope Marc Porier Clarke Poiier Krisien Polls Clay Pryor Jeudiel Puenie Irma Quiniero Loreli Quiniero Lelicia Ramirez Marilyn Ramirez Nancy Ramirez Shannon Ramirez Vicior Ramirez Krisii Reierson Yveiie Reiamoza Jennifer Reveles Kim Reynolds Fernando Reynoso Paul Reynoso Darcy Richardson Danny Rivera Naihan Rivera Giloeri Rivero Debrah Roberrs Jesse Robinson Todd Robinson Joe Rodriguez Noel Rodriguez 38 L, ' i '51, ' Vw.. ff' I 4 -Hi gf.y,mi V .,,,, M 53 ffl .. ,if 11, , . ,, Q f 1, 5 ,,,:. ik AQ' H aaa, as s . .,n. ... - 1 ,"s R1-.4 4 l 51" 23 ' gif -41 Z .1 -- 1 Hi 1- puffs 1 T Q. ,. V, JJ., , V V as L ' , ff .,,,,,. , fm, 1 Disa Rosenbauer Shelly Rotz Heather Ruiz David Ruiz Pedro Ruiz Scott Saginaro Mario Saldivar Nichole Salle Bertha Sanchez Jorge Sanchez Leticia Sanchez Garrett Schmidt Scott Seawright Bree Selby Becky Selcer Gary Sellers lvlarni Sellers Fernando Serrato r Julie Shaw Lisa Shoemaker Bernadette Smith Deanna Smith Shiloh Smith Tracey Smith Shawn Solbergs, Rogelio Sotelo Scott Spencer Tim Standen Tara Stanbra Lisa Starbuck Kristin Steintrciger Gabi Stelzer - Betty Stepien Nicole Streand Jeff Sung Kellie Suwyn Rayelin Taylor Troy Taylor David Thomas Wendy Thomas Mac Thompson ' Christy Thompson Matt Thornton -Susan Tino Shawn Tolar Veronica Torrez Tara Turner 39 Monica Urbano Eric Vanderweerd Sara Vanderwork Jon Velie Jason Vergilio Charles Vice lnfira Viriyawongse Brian Viveros Jeremy Voorhees Michael Waladis John Wallace Mike Wallace Susan Waller George Ward Jon Ward E John Waffs Tevia Wellman Amber Wesf Qreg Wesfon Carl Whiffaker Jennifer Wilcox Lisa Williams Sharon Winnen Jennifer Wong Amy Yafes Jeanefle Zamarripa Roland Zambrano, XE, 41l'eX'x' Sevenih Graders noi piclured: Roberl Barnes Sfacy Bidwell Jared Bunn Rickie Caldwell Sandra Carranza Jeffrey Crawford Gloria Dominguez Pefer Enriauez Nichole Jenkins Alicia Kealing 'Sfeve Kerby Jennifer Kil Kori Liffle Palricia Marsac Brandy lVlcKniQhT Gabriella lVlola Jaime Quiroga Veronica Spicer Ryan Sfarks W3 .1 Mrs. Benl - Cafeieria Mr. Berger - Malh, Pre-Algebra Mr. Berokoff - U.S. Hislory l Mrs. Born - Aide Mrs. Boyle - Language Aris, Liiera- lure Ms. Buchanan - D.L.l., Reading Ms. Builer - Reading, Language Aris Mrs. Carnrnarola - Language Arls, Social Sludies, Maih, Science Mr. Cervanles - Cuslodian Ms. Clark - Physical Educaiion, Sci- ence Mrs. Crooks - Assisianl Principal Mrs. Denick - Cafeleria L B Mrs. Eppinger - Reading Mrs. Esparza - Recepiionisl Mr. Fay - Geography, Communica- iion Skills, Malh 412 Mr. Berger reTires hen Mr. Berger began Teach- ing aT Raney 20 years ago, much of The ground was un- paved and orange groves surrounded The campus. Since Then, Mr, Berger has seen many changes Take place. Now, Mr. Berger is making a change of his own. He has decided To reTire from Teaching and is looking forward To Traveling and To geTTing up in The morn- ing wiThouT an alarm. He also would like To subsTiTuTe occasionally. Mr. Berger leaves Raney wiTh many fond and fun memories like The Times he chased sTu- denTs across campus. l-le deparTs wiTh These words of wisdom for us, "Never TrusT simple answers in life." 'l l 2 'l. STacy KeveTT Takes Mr. Berger's or- der aT The sTaff appreciaTion breakfasT. 2. Mrs. Ng. Mrs. Hubler, and Mr. Berger engage in lively conversaTion aT The 49841 sTaff appreciaTion breakfasT. 3. Tracy Sopher, Angie Homme, Mr. Berger, and Shannon Porsley Take a break from The acTion aT The 4985 ChrisTmas Dance. 3 'QQ-'mm SOF V Mr. Galloway - MeTal Shop Mrs. Gallups - STudenT Adv: Miss Geiger - Physical Educa Tion, Yearbook, Leadership Mrs. Hayashipara - Liieralure, Lan- guage Aris Ms. Healey - Principal Mrs. Helheringlon - Cornpulers, Communicaiion Skills, Typing Mrs. I-lilailch - Alienclance Mi Howell e Language Aris, Liiera- iure, Malh, Social Siuclies Mrs. Hubler - Biology, Science fMrs. Hughey - Cusloclian Mrs. Hunler - Aiae ziMrs. Jaarich - Choir, G-uilar Mrs. Jupp - Nooniime Supervisor Mr. Klein - Pre-Algebra, Malh, Alge- bra Mrs. Kreilz - Physical Eaucaiion Ms. Linville - Hisiory Mrs. Marshall - French, Geography Mrs. Morgan - Language Arls, Geog- raphy 114 X? Ten new faces join crowd en new Teachers greeTed us when school opened in SepTember. They were: Mr. AlbrechT, Ms. BuTler, Eppinger, Mrs. KreiTz, Mrs. Morgan, Scherzer, Miss SuTTon, Ms. Tarini, Mrs. Wilkins and Ms. Zook. They had To learn all of Their sTudenTs' names and become familiar wiTh a new campus and iTs procedures. They also found Time To geT acquainTed wiTh oTher sTaff members. "I really like The faculTy be- cause They are all so supporTive of each oTher," sTaTed Spanish Teacher Miss SuTTon. These Ten auickly blended in Taking over sponsorship of exisTing acTiviTies, opening up new clubs, geT- Ting involved in The new FaculTy Choir, and, of course, Teaching Their classes. They proved To be a greaT addiTion To The l'FaculTy crowd." Mrs. Mrs. 4. Ms. Healey and Mr. Jack hold a serious discussion during The sTaff appreciaTion breakfasT. 2. Ms. Zook has breakfasT wiTh The sTaff. 3. Ms. Morris admires The gifT Mrs. HunTer received from her secreT pal. Mrs. Moser - CafeTeria Mrs. Mullins - CafeTeria Mrs. Muro - CusTodian 45 Mr. Nelson - Typing, Reading Mrs. Ng - Science Ms. Oosfen - Reading, Spanish Mrs. Orfiz - Cafeferia Mr. Osburn - Woodsnop Mrs. Osko - Language Arfs, Liferafure Wir. Parks - Mafh, Band Mrs. Rangel - Aide Q? A- Mrs. Reed - Office Sfaff if fm? Aldxf .LW iff sf ef M. .v Nwli' YQ lf' Q' flliiflrs. Reid - Algebra, Main Lv A Q . . xi Q' - Mrs. Reid - Office Sfaff If I Ms. Rninenarf - Langauge Arfs, Lif- erafure Wir. Richardson - Science Ms. Scnerzer - Special Educafion Ms. Srnallman - Language Arfs, do Main, Social Sfudies, Science l 'wi I sf 1 FaculTy carolers make depuT I I e Three Kings", "Joy To The World", "The Twelve Days ATTer ChrisTmas". "O ChrisTmas Tree", and 'iVVhaT Child is This?", were The songs The Taculiy car- olers performed aT The WinTer ConcerT. ln Ociober, Mrs. Eppinger, Mr. l-lowell, Mr. and Mrs. Jadrich, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Osko, Mrs. Reid, and Ms. Tarini decided To form our firsT-ever sTaff choir. When inTerviewed, several Teachers said They really enjoyed iT. Mrs. Reid even admiTTed ThaT she would be happy To do iT again. Their audiences agreed ThaT This would be a delighTful TradiTion. Encore! Encore! fl. Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Osko carol aT The VVinTer ConcerT. 2. The FaculTy Carolers make Their on- campus debui during inTermission aT The VVinTer ConcerT. 2 Mrs. STrizzi - Librarian Ms. SuTTon - Spanish Skills Ms. Tarini - Drama, CommunicaTion Ms. Topo - Foods, Ciorhirig Mr. Towns - Pre-Algebrd, Algebro, MCITH Gooch Treischel - Physicol Eduooiion Mrs. Verdusoo - Aide Mr.4bVukosovich - Hisrory, Geogrophy Woiie - Longudge Arrs, Geog- rwhy, Redding Mrs. Wriire - Clorhirig, Foods ivff. Wilkins - Ari, Crofrs irfirs. Vilillioms - Office Sioff Qooch Xonrhokis - Physicdl Educd- tion Ms. Zook - Hisrory, Liierdrure Sroff nor iorured: M Mr. Albreohr i'Mrs. Coler vMr. Jock J K A Mr. Perez Mr. Alcolo Mrs. Coliiris f?Mrs. Morris .iff ' Mr. Soriridgo fMrs. Behney Mrs. Cyrirhio Mr. Neely Mr. Worreli Mrs. Gdverre Dr. Holperiri ,Mrs Orriwell is i N 5 This TreoT wos no Trick n Holloween morning o colorful colloge of cosTumes covered The compus. These cosTumed chor- ociers were noT ouT Trick or TreoTing, They 5' were spiriTed sTudenTs enjoying The TredT of our firsT mdjor dress-up doy, compleTe T wiTh spiriT rolly ond noonTime compeTi- Tions. The only Trick wos winning in The cos- Tume judging, The ghosT-o-Thon rdce, The 2 greosed pumpkin Toss or The opple cider chugolug, sponsored by The leodership cldss during ooTh lunches. Leodership sTu- . denT Emily Longerbone commenTed, i'The porTicipoTion wos The besi ever." 4 3 i. Snow While ond six of her dworfs Toke on o new imoge when porTroyed by SkeeTer Vorley, Jennifer June, Kim Brown, Liso Clork, Shelby Romdin, Gino LoPiono, ond lylelonie SmiTh. 2. PorTiciponTs line up for cosiume judging oT lunch A. 3. Disguised porTiciponTs compeTe in The 'Greosed Pumpkin Toss." A. Seon Tolor ond Jomes Honsen com- peTe in The "GhosT-o-Thon" roce. 2 50 l - ,f"',,l ""in,,Yr y' M... as 'T' 11- x. ll by 17 ,A 1 - . Mxx --' 2 4. Mark CoTemah aha Kevih lVIorTah balance a baTlooh behfveeh Them ih The "G-hosT-a-Thoh" race, 2. Coswmed cheerleaders make spir- TTs come To life aT The Hatloweeh pep raliy. 3, BeTh PehTer aha Shahhoh McCor- mick chugalug apple cider, 3 51 CJSF recognizes scholars alifornia Junior Scholarship Fed- eraTion was open To sTudenTs who earned a C5.P.A. of 3.5 or higher on Their semesTer reporT cards. CJSF was sponsored by Mrs. Ng and Mrs. Osko. in keeping wiTh Their moTTo, l'Scholarship for Service," members made corsages for The ChrisTmas Dance and Corona CommuniTy Hospi- Tal, aTTended a spring conference aT HunningTon Beach High School, and sponsored The annual TalenT Show. Each semesTer members were iniTiaT- ed inTo The organizaTion. ln OcTober, TwenTy-five sTudenTs Took The CJSF oaTh. GuesT speaker, Dr. WhiTTaker challenged Then wiTh The ThoughTs, i'There's more To life Than making an AIU 4. FirsTsemes1erC.J S F members: FronT - Maggie Trebbien, KaTrina BriTTon, Emily Longerbone, Tanya Finney, Jennifer Fay, MiTzi Munoz, Viccl Bekmaz, Mid- dle - Jennifer Moseley, Kellie Lane, Karen McDou- gall, Shannon McCormick, Back - l2iTesh Paiel, Julie Omelich, Sean Brown, John Bisceglia, Lucas Hernan- dez, Jorge Bernal, Tim Delange, Marcos Coriez, An- drew Dickson, Shirish Gupra, Hearher Hahn Noi pic- Tured Eighih v Lindy Berner, Kamie Briner, Michelle Guzman, Tara Hollingdrake, Mindy Kohoul, Becky McClay, Diane Pezina, Sean Schuylen, Ninth - Sarah Bender, Greichen Cordes, Elisa Biggs, HeaTher Hundley, Chris Harris, KenneTh Lundy, Diyyani PaTel, Larissa Perkins, John Pirriiano, Allison Thompson, Bron- wyn Whliiaker 2 Mr VVhilTaker shares his insighis on The emphasis Teenagers somelimes pui on academic grades. 3 Tanya Finney signs her name in The membershlp book at The firsT semesTer iniliahon, 52 X , X., gi? 'JUS , 1 'fav' 1, ,, 1, ji' 'I. Jorge Bernal, Tim DeLange, Bronwyn Whiiiaker and Lucas Hernandez, ac- cepi Their duties as C.J,S.F. officers. 2, Members reciie The C.J.S.F, coin ai The Ociober iniiiarion. 53 WinTer Wonderldnd ddzzles doncers sing red ond silver sTreorners The leodership closs Turned The mulTipurpose room inTo ci Win- Ter Wonderlond. Three hundred ond TwenTy-one sTudenTs donced To Their fovoriTe Tunes ployed by T'Hove Music Will Trovel." Those who wonT- ed This To be o ChrisTmos To remem- ber woiTed in line To hove lVlr. Nino phoTogroph Them in fronT of o ChrisT- mos Tree. When The music ended he wos sTill oT work phoTogrdphing The losT of sixTy-five groups. 1. lVlr. Nino helps l-leoTher FosTer ond lvlorcio Kreps pose for Their picTure. 2. STudenTs crowd oround os Rob Le- Beou puTs on o show of his own. '4 T 3. KoThleen Whildon, Aileen DoughTy, Vonesso O'Neil, Tiffony Nyiri, Jomie WhiTTmcin, ond HeoTher WickhorsT pose for lvlr. Nino To phoTogroph Them. " """"""""""" '3 in '11, i X-1 . if sr lo fl. Roberl Kennedy and Shelby Romain sway To a slow rhyihm. 2. Siacy Hasiings checks iickeis from Jamie lylolier and Jennifer i-Iamillon. 3. Thirsiy dancers crowd around The refreshments lable where Suzanne La- yelle serves punch. Ll. Rod lylagan and Deena Frank enjoy dancing To a slow song. 2 l- Leaders improve enyironmenT he Leadership Class was deTer- mined To creaTe a peTTer school environmenT for sTudenTs and Teachers. The class consisTing of T3 offi- cers, o cheerleaders and 'll leadership represenaTives spenT The firsT Two weeks of school scheduling monThly pep rallies, spiriT days and sTaff appre- ciaTion acTiviTies. They also sponsored The VVinTer and Cinco de Mayo dances, decoraTed for The KnighT and Lady dance, recognized sTudenTs' pirThdays, and parTicipaTed in The Riv- erside CounTy Secondary YouTh Con- ference. ul admired The way we could pull TogeTher To compleTe a projecT," noTed ASB. PresidenT, Bronwyn VVhiT- Taker. pq N3 'Sm Kem , ZW S ..., J' Wa, fa ,-f'i 1' 1 ' """'W 'l Bronwyn Whillaker, Danielle Maulf and Becky McClay bag cookies for sTaff apprecialion week 2 Andrea G-remler, Joy Payez, and Jennifer June scramble eggs for The slaff preakfasf 3 Fronl - Bronwyn Wnillaker, Danielle Maull, Sfacy Keveff, ChanTel Wool, Sarah Bender, Allison Thomp- son, Becky Bragg, Middle - Kellie Lane, Karen McDougall. Chrissy Lacey, Emily Longerpone, Larissa Perkins. Felicia Cruz, Joy Payez, Jennifer Hamillon. Debbie PenTer, Wendi Wan. Suzanne LaVelle, Jenni- fer Brandl, Andrea Gremler. Michelle L.aMagna, Jen- nifer June, GreTchen Cordes, Back - Carl WhiTTa- ker, Disa Rosenpauer, Mac Thompson, KrlsTin Slein- lrager, Kelli Brew Noi pzcTured STacie Haslrngs, Becky McClay A Michelle LaMagna and Depple Penler prepare plrlhday cards for disTriDuTlon 56 -va-.Q 'ff F. fgflxl 1 2 L 'I 4 .SQ M www' v 1. Chrissy Lacey, Felicia Cruz, and Jen! hifer Fay aecoraTe The sTaQe for The VVihTer Dahce. 2 Sarah Behaer plahs The menu far The sTaff apprecrahah breakfasT. 3. Wehai Wah aha Disa Rosehbauer hang Tihsel sTrearhers for The WTDTGY Dance. 'l, Borboro Coriez finishes giuing ioce To her Ciwrisimos ormomeni, 21-l9D.,QUM1QQ.Qm D.QP 'jiqgig Eyes" while Melissa Jacobson siirs The chocolate. H X ' 58 E 'if' s i A, f id Sludenis profil from norne eoonornios dve you ever wonled To oreoie o lemon meringue pie, bul didn'T know now lo begin? Or, rndybe you've nod To CHODQG on enlire oulfii beoouse you oouldn'l sew o bulion book on. Home economics olosses nod o solulion for you. ln cooking olosses, sludenls ledrned oboul good nulrilion ond now To follow d recipe. ln cloining ond sliionery, sludenls ledrned now io use o sewing rnoonine, pul d gormeni logeiner, dnd now lo do differenl sliiones like onicken sordion ond em- broidery. ulvlosl sludenis ore willing To ledrn," sidied Miss VVhiTe. Tnese slu- denls benefiled ine rnosl os They goined knowledge inol snould prove useful Tnrougnoui Tneir lives. 2 l. Nikki Slroo, Kris Snelley, ond Nikki Wrigni 'roke Turns dipping pednul bui- 'rer boils inlo o onoooloie cooling. 2. April Finger guides moieridl Tnrougn ine mdonine To rnoke d sniri. 3. Roberl Lopez ond lviorio Podilld dip peonui builer boils inio rnelied cnooo- Iole 'ro rnoke l'Block Eyes." 3 Honor Choir, GuiTor expond music inTeresTs onor Choir wos on eIiTe group of singers who were seiecTed by oudiTion. They meT every Thurs- ddy ofTer school ond procTiced o wide yorieTy of odvonced music. Honor Choir nod one moior compeTiTion oT PiocenTio High School, Their June con- cerT feoTured on iiOId Time Rock 'n' Roll" Theme. Beginning G-uiTor cioss offered Twen- Ty-Two sTudenTs The chonce To ieorn how To pioy noTes, reod music, finger pick ond sTrum chords. They used These skills To perform for sTudenTs, porenTs ond friends oT The winTer ond spring concerTs. 2 T. Honor Choir members woTch for Mrs, Jodrich's cue, 2, Mr. Howeli ond Mr. Jodrich sing oiong wifh choir members, 3. Honor Choir: FronT f Trocy Low- mon, Kendro Forney, Sheilo iVIorTinez, Ryon ChrisTensen, Kevin Noonche-sTer, GOTY Sellers Middie - Lindy Berner, Amy Vonderweehd, BeTh Glossick, STephonie Woiker, Troc ch yon Doniel Bock - HeoTher Flohn, Summer JoenTsch, So- snggggrp, Shiloh smifiv iVIory Dickson, Iviichoel McGee NoT pic- Tured - Mich ennifer4 CDQLLQZK, xx Li. Honor Choir members join The come pined choirs oT The onnuoi VVinTer Con- cerT. 60 ,,,,,,,.,..,....,.,.,,,,.,. ,,sm ,,,WWs...,..,..,.,,,.,,..,,,.,,,m ,i,., ,,,m..,,.,,.,,...,....,,,...,,,,i, If -if 'I fl. Guilar: Fronl - Kenny Cabulo, Gregg l-loll, Shawn O'Neal, Jeannie Morales, Richard lvlelenaez, Jeff Sulli- van. Back 4 Deena Frank, Michelle Guzman, Vicki Chavez, James Claflon, Daniel Lacalus, Carlos Bugarskl, Robby Davis, Paul Key, Siephanle Socoy, Sieve Bulisma, Jason Brusi, Noi bic- lurea - Michael Barlels, Nora Cuevas, Dan Hill, Brian lvlilchell, Tony Sielzer. 2 Deena Frank plays her Qullar during The Vvinler Concerl. 3. Carlos Bugarski performs wiih The guilar ensemble. Choirs sing ond shouT he Treble ond concerT choirs song ond shouTed Their woy Through o series of performonces which in- cluded The Bock To School nighT, The DisTricT SongfesT ond The winTer ond spring concerTs. The vocdlisTs in The Treble choir were dll girls, while concerT choir combined boTh boys ond girls. BoTh choirs meT doi- ly in cldsses where They prepored for upcoming evenTs. ul Try To moke iT d fomily Type dTmosphere where every- one enjoys working TogeTher," cldimed Mrs. Jodrich. This fdmily spiriT wos refIecTed To Their mdny oudiences. 1. Becky Selcer seorches her memory for The opening line during The Treble choir's performonce GT The WinTer ConcerT. 2. Treble Choir: FronT - lvirs. Jddrich, Kendrd Forney, lvlelisscr Horp, Becky Selcer, G-eorgid Knick, Julie Hernondez, Veronicd Torres, Lynn l-idrper, JeoneTTe Royole, Sheilo lVloirTinez. Middle -- STdcy Bidwe-Lglvlichelle ConTe, Lorel c5uinT6F6fWcky Corol, Michelle Moro. 6Ddwn RoTh, Lisd STorbuck, ,XQG Cho- Qg, iso Clork. Bock - Niki Sirko, lvldry Dicksoanffk-nEiTeo Lorgerson, Qino Lov- ll risTin Holldnd, Jenny Chdvez, ip-L Hernon ez, risTi'f 7Deonne Treusdell. NOT picTured: Trdcy Honsen, Ado Moro, Shonnon Rdmirez, Shiloh SmiTh, Jennifer CosTellono. 62 ni ii, 5- 'gii iiii ...A 'l. Conceri Choir: Froni - Mike Weak- ley, Michael Weisman, Mark Topo, Ryan Daniel, Sieve Sides, Ryan Chris- Tensen, Kevin Noonchesier, Presidenl - Lyle Scrogins, Michael McGee, Gary Sellars, Tony Espera. Middle - Sandy Dickson, Deanna Ward, Kim Offeila, Ni- chole Jenkins, Tracey Hawes, Kimberly Urrea, Stephanie Walker, Kim Trimble, Trisha O'Farrell. Back - Tracy Lawman, Amy Vanderweerd, Adrienne Um- siead, Janelle Cullum, Healher Marii, Deanna Hernandez, Ceri Mugley, Tra- cie Briner, I-leaiher Hahn, Secrelary - Belh Glassick, Summer Jaenlsch, Vice Presidenl - Sasha Oiio. 2. Faculiy carolers join The siuaenl choirs and band in performing HO Chrislmas Tree." 3. Gina Lovell sings and smiles as some- ihing funny caiches her eye during The Winier Concerl. 63 NOur spiriT's on fire" rom AugusT 8m To AugusT lim The six-member cheerleading squad aTTended a CADAXNCA SpiriT Camp. During camp They learned new cheers To raise our spiriT aT games and pep rallies. Their enThusiasm enabled Them To leave camp wiTh a spiriT sTiok and leadership plaaue. The friendship ThaT They share presenTed a posiTive image of Raney while They were aT camp, and whenever They cheered in The communiTy. 3 4. STacie likes spending her free-Time shopping, singing and ice-skaTing. 2. Cheerleaders build a Tower of pow- er, 3. Snow skiing, going places wiTh her friends and going To The peach are some of Andee's favoriTe pasTimes. 41, The cheerleaders perform Their firsT skiT l'VVe like To cheer" during The fooT- pall pep rally. A - .. Y? 2 T. Jennifer's hobbies include dancing, Talking on The phone, and IisTening To music. 2. VilaTer skiing, swimming and eaTing junk food are among KeiIie's favoriTe Things To do. 3. The squad buiids The schooi's firsT "Monkey Ladder." 41. Besides eaTing ice cream, Karen en- joys swimming and boogie boarding aT The beach. 5, Chrissy likes To waTer ski, ice-skaTe and Talk on The phone. Final game O fN foQf fulfills dreamo Q DX X ne ooy's baskefpall season sfarfed wifn a fnrllling overfime vicfory over cnampionsnip-bound Norco. "We came info fne game wifn a beffer affifude and we ouf-nusfled Norco," commenfed sfarfing forward Dan Na- profzky. Tne excifemenf and joy of fnaf firsf vicfory ended abrupfly as fne feam losf fneir nexf seven games. Tne feam wenf info fne final game wifn a deferminafion fo end fne season wifn a vicfory. Tnis goal looked impossi- ble af nalffime wnen Corona was lead- ing py 48 poinfs, buf fne dream was sfill alive. Wifn adrenaline flowing, fne feam cuf fne deficif fo eignf poinfs by fne end of fne fnird auarfer. lVlomen- fum was on fneir side as fney confinued fo pressure Corona unfil fney passed fnem L12-All From fnere, fne Knignfs never looked back as fney defeafed Corona 53-117, "Alfnougn our season was unsuccessful, we feel good naving won our lasf game," commenfed sfarfing cenfer Derek Huberf. Knignfs Vikings Knignfs Falcons Knignfs Trojans Knlgnfs Vikings Knignfs Trojans Knignfs Falcons Knignfs Vikings Knignfs Trojans Knlgnfs Falcons l. Ron Scampray looks up courf for a leammafe To pass fo. 2, Fronf - Brian Cnild, Todd Benjamin, Marcos Corlez, Ron Scambray, and Tom Fifzpalrlck, Back - Bryanf Lisfer, Tim Delange, Rob LeBeau, Derek Hu- perf, Maff Ciarleglio, Dan Nabrofsky. oo ,,:,m:N,,,,,,g,,,.:.: ..,.,.. ,, A ' F5 vw .ii 'M , LE .. 3 'l, Roo LeBeo ' m shot over Qororwo oeferwderg 2 Dorm Noororzky oonoemrores on o free Throw 3. Tom Frrzoorruok Iookirmgugh Cor- ono defenders or on ooerw Teommore, Girls Tooole To Third he girls opened Their ooskeTboll seoson wiTh o disdppoinTing loss To Auourndole. During Their second gdme They mode on impressive come book beoTing Norco 44-22. The resT of The seoson wos up ond down, ending wiTh Three wins, six losses ond Third ploce in The leogue. Codch KreiTz ond The girls celebroTed The cornoleTion of d difficulT seoson wiTh d oizzo bdsh. or l, FronT -A Soroh Bender, Michelle Brew, Jennifer VVrighT, Rochell Auld, ond lvlonoger Rhondo lVlonTono. Bock - Jennifer Sisernore, Liso Conklin, Renee Escobor, ond Jennifer Foy. 2. Soroh Bender ond Rochell Auld keep Corond's Teen McVeigh frorn shooTing. 3. GreTchen Cordes ond Rochell Auld block C1 Norco ooponenT. A. Jennifer "Size" Sisernore driboles down The courT To Try To score. 1 2 Q ' rrri ,W W.. WW' .W ., ,., .,,,,,,.,.,,,,, ,, , - W., 'Z f ,,f-2-'Sw 5-'J """"ff I -.i,,..W,M,,fe-W -, ,,,..V ., W..,,,1f1w-Q. w zwrwf, , 1 4 In , V .M I ,ww W , I ,..,-.MW Mwfimff - . ,L ' - "W'fw'n1fsrZ'5"f7,g2 ,,, 'fx , I . M m f 1 fffif' 2: tf?.:5'?"f52'f'fYWMx ' .V xv 24, 4' f 'A 136 i1,,,,,,-Ima -f ,. if -,,, 'L ' - ipJ1'i11,?' '- V W7 1 If XXX Knignis 48 Trojans AO Knignfs A3 Falcons 55 Knighis 31 Trojans 35 Knighis 33 Vikings 2'l Knignfs 29 Falcons 55 Knignfs 20 Trojans 22 Knignfs 27 Falcons L14 Knignfs 42 Vikings 22 Knights 37 Vikings 35 i 3 'l. Racnell Auld aifemois a fasi break from Coronas defense. 2. Heavily guarded by Corona's de- fense, Grelcnen Cordes looks for an open Tearnrnafe. 3, A Corona defender affernpls To block Racnell Auld's lay-up. 69 foundry projecT. 2 Jorge Bernol gos vvelds The frome of his porpecue, Shops develop indusiriol skills ndusTriol ArTs offered sTudenTs The opporTuniTy To ledrn ond improve Their skills for working vviTh meTol or wood. STudenTs ledrned how To weld ond operoTe mochinery such ds hori- zonTol ond veriicdl pondsovvs, loThes, Tople sovvs, ond drill presses. WiTh This knowledge, They consTrucTed projecTs like desks, moiorcycle sTonds, school house clocks, ond borpecues. STudenTs hod The opporTuniTy To enTer Their pro- jecTs in The Indio DdTe FesTivdl ond The Tyler lvloll Expo To compeTe ogdinsT proiecTs from oTher schools. VViTh proTiTs from The VVorld's FinesT ChocoloTe sole, The lndusTriol ArTs De- porTmenT purchdsed d new video cdmero To expond The video room progrom, which wds esToblished losT yeor. The video room gdve sTudenTs d peTTer undersTonding of SGfGTY, hond Tool dnd mochine use, ond proiecT os- semply. Tony STelzer corefully grinds o 2 70 A1 ,pf Tm A 4. JeffAokeoirQrihdsThe horse he cosT in brass, 2. Chris Broersmo checks The fiT of his oooihel shelf. 3, Spencer Longfellow uses The hori- zohTol boring moohihe To drill o dowel hole ih The ouTer frorhe of his projecT. 41. Rochell Auld uses The ldThe To ooh- sTruoT o oisloh, Band seTs busy pace r. Parks conducfed beginning, inTermediaTe, and advanced levels of band. The band classes parTicipaTed in six concerTs which included The WinTer Concerf, The Corona-Norco Unified School DisTricT Concerf, performances for Grade Schools, The Honor Band Fesfival, Spring ConcerT, and Graduafion Ceremonies. "The band members can be ouTsTand- ing performers, buT iT depends on The efforT They puT inTo iT," commenTed lvlr. Parks. 'l. Debra Benjesforf pauses during The WinTer Concerf performance of l'l-ioli- dav in Paris." 2. Advanced band members Mike Wiggs, Theresa Parks, and Jennifer Bauer, perform aT The WinTer Concerf. 72 I fl. Clarineisz Froni - Deana Alfaiher, Danielle Raehl, Gloria Vllomble, Back - Palricia Madrid, Joseph Aguirre, Mi- chael Konick. Noi piclured - Debra Benjesrorf. 2. Drummers: Donald DeLaCruz, Jacob Romero, Michael Vervurg. 3. Brass seclion: Froni - Arman Hazzi- bon, Seah Brown, Ruben Alvarado. Back - Scorl Murray, Dean Phillips, Todd Coober. 11, Saxobhones: Jesse Herrera, James Doly, Jerry Gonzales. 5, Flules: Fronr - Debbie Roberrs, Beih Maxson, Julie Johnson. Back - Jennifer Bauer, Theresa Parks. Noi piciured - Wendy Ploung, Audrey Safford. 7653 L1r""'7 ' 55 es uf' 6 Q.- aff ' 1 5 , , 4 s Q - 9 3 . -, Q 4 V ,S ., ' ' 1 f r' ,gr 3.3: .J , ,i rx gf ' V P 7 iw' nf Q' .ff , 7 ArTisTs shore TolehTs he ArT Club wos ooeh To oll sTu- dehTs who wohTeo o chohce To develop Their TolehTs ohcl op- precioiioh for orT. They meT ofTer school for 30 rhihuTes every oTher Tuesooy of The mohTh. Their occom- olishmehTs ihclucled silk-screehihg ArT Club T-shirTs, CIOC mokihg o woll hohgihg for The prihcipols office. "I om hooihg ThoT The kicls will hove o oeTTer opprecioTioh for orT," sToTecl orT Teocher, lvlrs. Wilkins. Q niriin WS? l. Jehhy Douglos cohcehTroTes oh skeTchihQ her porTher, 2 Archoho G-upTo produces o orowf ihg of Roso Velosquez, 711 mf 'AQEAX' QW-f:"' 4. Eric ChrisTic1n and Kuff Marx skeTch corfrour drawings of eoch oTher, 2. Le-ylo Muro studies her pormer for 0 contour drawing, 3. Ross Hymos poses for Sfephcm Espir- iTu To skefch his porTrc1iT, 75 'l, Brian Child and Elisa Biggs blow fran- Tically To keep a bubble in The air. 2. Paul Millard, Ryan WesT,PaTGreOr1y, Alan Miller, and Jerry RoTz compare The difference in weighf of gum before and affer iT was chewed. 76 2 Experience proves educaTional he science sTaff consTanTly soughf new mefhods To make iTs subjecf more inTeresTing and meaningful. For insfance, Ms. Hubler devised ingen- ious rewards in The form of special labs for her well-behaved classes. She earned her Tifle as The Ububble Teach- er" for one of These labs in which her sTudenTs compefed To see who could make The biggesf bubbles using defer- genf and wafer. Realizing ThaT sTudenTs learn more from experience, she chose labs as a successful Teaching meThod. These Teachers also sponsored The Science Club. IT was formed solely To raise money for an educaTional field Trip To Sea World, which Took place on February 27. 5 -1 i J . 11, ,Mx A f 'Wi ' , "'5P:.i 'iifm Lu. 1. ,. ' . Q ,,,-,.......- ,L 6--nd 'I, Ms. Hubler demonsiroies The bubble making Technique. 2. Ms. Hubler goihers siudenis' shoes for 0 iob on clossificoiion. 3. Wendi Won is surprised by The unusu- oi sighi of Tim Demnge hoiding C1 bub- ble. 1. Johh Moihews ond Jeff Suhg hoid o serious discussion os They rhuhch oh Chips, 2. Diso Rosehoouer oho Feiicio Cruz coich up OD The Ioiesi hews. 78 his O .,, ,.,, I ip... Lunch-Time offers change of pace s lunch-Tirne approached, eyes were drawn To classroom clocks. The one period in The school day ThaT allowed sTudenTs To eaT, visiT freely, and selecT Their own acTiviTy never seemed To come auickly enough, Food was generally The firsT concern. AfTer The pell, rnany rushed To Their lockers To exchange books for lunches packed aT horne, while oThers lined up To puy food aT The canTeen or caTeTeria, AfTer food, came socializing and recreaTion. FooTpall, soccer, bas- keTpall and naTions drew The energeTic and aThleTic, while groups of less ampi- Tious sTudenTs clusTered around pench- es or courTs To chaT wiTh friends and caTch up on The laTesT news. SpiriT Days offered The opTion To parTicipaTe in compeTiTions held on The Tennis courTs. 2 1. Tim Delange leaps To score a pasf l4eT as Terry KeeTen anTicipaTes The re- pound. 2, A large crowd gaThers To observe B- lunch acTiyiTies on ValenTine's SpiriT Day. 3 Mrs. Jupp checks ouT pasl4eTpalls To sTudenTs aT Afiunch. PE emphasizes fiTness I I aney has The besT physical educaTion program in The dis- TricT," commenTed Coach XanThakis. He ciTed a beTTer sTaff, beT- Ter faciliTies, more acTiviTies offered To The sTudenTs, The besT condiTioning program, and a loT of Time and efforT being puT inTo The program, in supporT of This opinion. Physical exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, siT-ups, and cross counTry running were emphasized To condiTion sTudenTs for sTaTe reauire- menTs. lnTramurals gave sTudenTs a chance To parTicipaTe in baskeTbaIi, over-The- line, weighT lifTing, a free Throw conTesT, and paddle Tennis. ln paskeTbaII, six- Teen Teams of sevenTh and eighTh graders compeTed in a double elimina- Tion round-robin TournamenT which was won by The RockeTs. The baskeTpall All- STars were: Sean Bean, Kevin Bice, Ed- die Henderson, David Janoski, Terry KeeTen, Chris Long, Jared Miller, Sean SchuyTen, Shaun Vargas, and Gregg WesTern. 2 1. Marc Manring soars Through The air during Ms. Clark's Track uniT, 2. Coach XanThakis has his period five class line up for a cross-counTry run. 3. Mike Shockley, Dan Ramirez, Marc Manring, and Tim DeLange demon- sTraTe mililary push-ups in lvls. Clark's sixTh period class. 80 TW wi T-'sf .rw xxx , gb , I , F C g ' qs' , .". T. :Q K Lk W ,"s' All ,, r + ' '!""""f iii f .4 - ,gal 4 4. George Word demonsirdies d dive roll for Mrs. Pdggerfs fourrh period cioss. 2, Mrs, Poggeri expidims The rules for o corner kick in soccer To her fifih period oloss. 84 fi T h Try T Q. apxy T NJ 43 GTD EJ T1 I I Q. if-4 u M L r NL! 'TN' TT w UU V A SQ S Q New clubs suiT voried inTeresTs hree new clubs were sTorTed To give sTudenTs on opporTuniTy To develop some of Their speciol in- TeresTs. They were The lnTernoTionol Club, sponsored by Miss Buchdnon, The PhoTogrdphy Club, sponsored by Ms. Zook, ond The Chess Club sponsored by Mrs. Behney. The forTy-five members of The inTer- noTionol Club explored The differenT counTries ond noTionoliTies ThoT ore porT of Americo, ond how Americd is porT of The world socieTy in generol. Money roised by The club endbled sTu- denTs To go on field Trips To colleges ond Iocol businesses. Every oTher Wednesdoy, T2 To T5 sTudenTs oTTended PhoTogrdphy Club meeTings where They leorned how To work wiTh comeros ond how To cledn o comerd correcTIy. The club wos open To ony one inTeresTed, os long os They moinToined d 2.0 Grode PoinT Aver- oge. SevenTeen sTudenTs who were inTer- esTed in improving Their chess skills formed The Chess Club. They meT ev- ery oTher Mondoy To discuss sTroTegies, ond defenses. They ended Their meeT- ings by pldying chess, ond using The sTroTegies They hod leorned. 82 U2 'l 1. Sree Selby conTempIoTes moving her bishop. 2. Ms, Zook discusses phoTogrophy wiTh club members. 3. PhoTogrophy Club: FronT f Rebec- K cd AJ Ryon Doniel, Ms. Zook, Brod VVhiTheod. Bock f Chod Reiche, JyoTi Nondd, Michelle Chdpdrro, Morcio Kreps, HeoTher l-lohn. 4 5 19 'i. George Yogues studies tne Cness board planning a strategic attack. 2. International Ciub: Front - Vice President - Tony Fiores, Evangelina Precniga, Beatriz Rodriguez, Patty Sai- gado, Maria Sol Magan, President - Salvador Soto, Leticia Ramirez, Martna Munoz, Tepnilian Cni, Marina Banena, Secretary - Rod Magan. Middie - Mif cnael On, Cnuy Fiares, Juan Cortez, Jorge Olivas, Jose Oiivas, G-irarda Hi- gareda. Back f Guiiierrna Munoz, Jose Andrade, Sornao Irnani, Roberto Munoz, Carios Castiilo, Jose Negrete. 83 Drama requires dedicaTion iss Tarini made a lasTing impres- sion on The drama sTudenTs and club members as she TaughT Them To use Their pasT exper- iences in The characTers They por- Trayed. MosT of her sTudenTs were de- vofed and willing To work, especially when iT came To a producTion. They combined efforTs wiTh The Drama Club To produce 'David and Lisa" in The spring. AudiTions were open To all sTu- denTs who were willing To devoTe Their Time To The play. Miss Tarini noTed ThaT l'The valuable sTudenTs aren'T always The Talenied ones, buT The sTudenTs ThaT are willing To work." l. AT a bus sTop, KaTherine Seidman, Cara Cangelosi and Brad McAdams observe a Typical childhood dilemma porTrayed by Alysa Bufvich as she Tries To convince her grandmoTher Qlulie Omelichj ThaT iT is more imporTanT To find a resTroom Than To waiT for The bus To Disneyland. 2. FronT - Michael Webb, Jennifer AlTher, Toni Burbank, NaThan Skullnick, Lisa Pike, Jackie Noel, Lydia Reyes, lrene Lozano, HeaTher WickhorsT, Tammy Williams. Mid- dle - Kevin NoonchesTer, Mike Burroughs, Sean Ward, Brian Frisbie, Rena Gas, Kim Overfon, Jamie WiTTman, Jennifer Nicely, Melanie Smifh, Cassi WhiTe, Michelle La- Magna, Mandy MaTThews, Michelle Bar- reTT. Back - Dion Brown, Deena Frank, Tracy Wilson, Kayla Kline, Theo Adejun- mobi, Aaron Seegraves, Rebecca Ax, Ju- lie Omelich, KaTherine Seidman, Cara Cangelosi, Alysa BuTvich, Brad McAdams, and lsaac Adejunmobi. 8A ov? ,J Xfx 3 'l. Tammy Williams and Rebecca Ax per- form a scene from a Ray Bradbury play, 2, Jennifer Nicely, Melanie Smifn, l-learner Wicknorsf and Lisa Pike sei up fo perform an original skif. 3. Sislers oorfrayed by Rena Gas and Tra- cy Wilson are enough To drive a mofner crazy, Kayla Kline porfrays ine unlucky mofner and Deena Frank plays an an- noyed onlooker, C9 85 Siuaenis learn BASIC skills s fingers punonea ine keys slu- aenis gainea oompelenoe io survive in ine age of compul- olup begun in 4984 gave slu- clenis a onanoe io work wiin compul- ers ouisicle of class. During olup meer- ings siuclenls playea porn fun ana eoluoaiional games, priniea signs ana banners, ana naa ine opporluniiy io oreaie ineir own programs. ln ine oompuier informaiion syslem class, ninin graaers learnea now com- puiers work, now io process clara, ana To vvriie original ana oreaiive pro- grams. The eignin graae classes learnecl where oompuiers came from ana now iney are usea. Tney learnecl wora pro- cessing ana BASIC, ana usea ine prinl snop program io oreaie personal signs ana messages. GFS. A 2 l. Toaa Benjamin piis nis skills againsi ine oompuier, 2. Lisa Espinoza vvaiis for ine compuier io prini oui ner aesign. 3. Davia King plays "Moon Pairolf' 86 A I 'N ' ix so X ma -I-mpc, ,,,, rly, .,Vgg gr f M944 4 1 l 2 i Q" I:-,fb K 'I 'sl 1 ig, l , m,:5f .we t . L - 2 if V , an :- ii:-f .-A ' , , xx X f X. 1' ...M :sf-W 2 f i ,,,A, ,kg ""' o 1. Kennein Lundy reviews nis originol groonios design os John Pirriiono iooks on. 2. Aoron Seegroves Types cornrnonos iniorne cornouierfor"VVinTerGomes." 3. Brion Frisioie reoos ine screen in o oonnpuier Gloss ociiviiy. 11. Joey Jonnson observes The begin- ning of ine "Conan" progrorn. ' f issss Audrey ond lVldrcos edrn TiTle midsT fIuTTering bdlloons ond sTreomers ond o crowd of ener- geTic sbecToTors, 4986 KniQhT ond Lody, Billy Lewis ond Allison SmiTh, Tronsferred Their TiTle To lvlorcos CorTez ond Audrey Sofford. 2412 sTudenTs oT- Tended The ddnce which honored 'I2 couples who roised 32,407.38 in Their duesT for d bosiTion on The courT. All brofiTs from The conTesT were used To burchose or reboir eduipn'ienT ond fo- ciliTies used by The bhysicol educoTion closses ond oThleTic ond recreoTion progroms. For The firsT Time The conTesT included sevenTh ond eighTh grode boirs who cornbeTed To represenT Their cldss on The courT. Five ninTh grode couples soughT The TiTle, while one eiQhTh grode, ond six sevenTh grode porTners vied for o bloce on The courT. FirsT run- ners-up for The TiTle were lvlorc lvlcinring ond Gino l.oPiono. Donold DeLoCruz ond lrene Lozono were second run- ners-up. SeyenTh groders Moc Thornb- son ond Kelly Suwyn, ond Dominique Sellers ond Ncincy Romirez were nomed To The courT. 'l. Audrey Sofford ond Morcos CorTez begin Their reign os KnighT ond Lody, 2. Gino LoPiono ond lvlorc lvlonring ore FirsT Runners-up. 3. Second Runners-up ore lrene Lo- zono ond Donold DeLoCruz. 88 .ii 3 I i i 5 , , 'I, The CourT is joined by Billy Lewis ond Allison SmiTh. FronT - Ivlorcos CorTez ond Audrey Sdfford, Bock M Moo Thompson, Kelly Suwyn, lrene Lozono, Donold DeLoCruz, Moro lylonring, G-ind Ldliiono, Dominique Sellers, Ndncy Ro- mirez. 2. Mdrcos ond Audrey ooproooh The sioge To cloim Their TiTIe, 3, Allison SmiTh pldoes The l4niQhT's sosh over Moroos CorTez's shoulder. A. Gino I.oPiond ond Moro Monring shore o speciol donoe for members of The couri, A W 89 7 1. Leyla Muro draws a ninin grade mug snoi iayour for ine firsi deadline, 2. Lucas Hernandez, Sean Scnuyien, and Jorge Bernal discuss wnicn piciures io use in ineir Honor Choir iayoui. 3. Froni - Missy LaPiana, Sean Scnuy- Ten, Debbie Knox. Middie i Jennifer Fay, Mirzi Munoz, Sue Viloo, Leyla Muro, Lisa Conklin, Back f Ediior - Tim Def Lange, Kairina Briiion, Lucas Hernan- dez, Jennifer Moseiey, Ediior f Marcos Coriez, Noi piciured f Ari Direcior - Jorge Bernal, Tyoisi - Chris Harris, Pauf Ia Kadieiz. Yearbook sTaTf dedicaTes Time Q Q earbook gave me The ex- periehce of working wiTh oThers," commehTed Missy LaPiaha. She and The '15 oTher sTaff members dedicaTed couhTIess hours To produce The yearbook. Besides The Time spehT in class, They worked afTer school and eveh oh SaTurdays, To meeT each of Their Three deadlines. Groups of Two or Three sTudehTs were assigned To each IayouT. They were re- spohsibie for wriTihg copy and capTiohs ahd for deTermihihg The size, shape and posiTioh of each picTure. The year- book class did OD exceIIehT job of pull- ihg ToQeTher To compIeTe This book," sTaTed TypisT, Chris Harris. 'I. Chris Harris Types capTiohs for sev- ehTh grade mug shoTs. 2. Jehhifer Moseiey and KaTriha BriTToh posiTioh picTures for The choir IayouT. 3, Lisa Cohkiih ahd Jehhifer Fay coh- TempiaTe The design for Their C.J.S.F. IayouT. 11. Marcos CorTez ahd Sue Woo discuss capTiohs for The Home Ecohomics lay- ouT during a SaTurday workday. f NX X ,, xxx I 7 ,', N ' Wdiwdaf afzjzg 47? GJ I 3 f CEO, QQ 2 55 I' , a ,ag , J a-,fb f , ' N X f, Q cf 5,17 Z Z! ,I I X V ' X 4' X 0 ' I' , ' ,r- Q 1 W La Z Qnyffv Q lf" xi 1 1' nm 6 - 1 a 7 1" .1 . A dj af g ff ff fx - ' 4 I, 7, ' ' 'grf fx A Y v E ,A xv fl 6, 1 J ,- is QQJQMV f L U, L , AL GA, 7 ' 4 0 fk 94 f X Y PQSgf OffUfQf 1 , Si ""2 E-lm' -J f , 5 e a I AJ Dill f I , , . a QL vf W f1ii2 OJM 1 5 E ' X, ha - K we ' X r i2 Di ' M 1 ge a T ffmf?-Egg, a HSM Gm 343321231 S2 Q QJLQ ' 2 e Yah Q01 smokin Tree branches aur- r ff f I I X ' ' U la faafball game ar a parhelarly - Qt N Q X 1 lfKuITTesT.OraiaiT bar urlnga '- m jf- f ,- X- xl T ' I Lab? Na ma'rTer your Dal- Q f , ' ya has lifT uo s capfures my wh N N K I 1 The :Ev gf- n. school year. 4 Im N17 Xe f !1l nu mazimlEsnueam' mu 'm a1! xv ' ML , V H., V. 92 41 VMAQJL a NW 9 MTSW W NMWWBQ WGVMWNX 50 'fx 1 WV? mi? 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Suggestions in the Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) collection:

Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 48

1987, pg 48

Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 52

1987, pg 52

Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 72

1987, pg 72

Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 15

1987, pg 15

Letha Raney Intermediate School - Yearbook (Corona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 90

1987, pg 90

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