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f--'M XX - 'A ff' X , .1-f' I I 5 X 0 LEMOORE HIGH SCHOOL TT e V oamoore .SJCAOUX olgmoore, Czgzzrnia 'IMW LI N U N T I U S 1960 ,f -M" LEMGORE P' vxf X be JN 4 V US! FIC 28 LC6lil0l'l 3 0 Olflfllffllfllflll I" Cll'llZClfl0Ifl5 Q I v Z 4 . ' ' ' f ' 3 ! A T I 5 1 , I 3 . -M 1 WA V' - U 'd,.f.rf . .,.-'4" WAV. .'cJ15"- , axe f ,-f f - JS' M . , 1 6 Q X! , , ,f , ',1g4,,. gif 2, fd .9 ' 1 f , X' N,'vff-K-'L' 1 ' 'Y -x Q 1' 1' : ,'2w am. : 5 gt ,QQKQQK JK E 1 - , ,, . s e .' 3- , f'A'f',- 5- W 1 P . 55: 1 7 V: -in 1' NN Q f" ,I k K. , , ,A 1 till., v XA 4 . I O l I I O d 0 Ml' g i The Class of 1960 takes pleasure in dedicating this yearbook to the many organiza- tions of the Lemoore community who have sponsored and financed activities for many students of Lemoore High School. We express our appreciation to the Kiwanians, who annually sponsor a banquet for the football squad, at which trophies are awarded to outstanding players. After-game dances during basketball and football seasons have been made possible by the chap- erons and by the rules for students made by the organization. They have also sponsored the Kiwanians Invitational Track Meet and they have sent a iunior boy to Boys' State in Sacramento. At the close of the year Kiwanians have granted an Agricultural Scholar- ship to an outstanding senior who has majored in agriculture. The seniors are apprecia- tive of the fact that the Kiwanians will again make possible the senior all-night party. At the close of the basketball season the Eagles have been hosts at a banquet honoring the players, at which the top team members for the season have received awards. To the Women's Club the senior class is grateful for their share of the responsibility in connection with the after-game dances in furnishing women chaperones. For a number of years the Women's Club has also granted a scholarship to a deserving girl interested in teaching or nursing. , A banquet for the California Scholarship Federation is given annually by the Rotary Club. The members have a delicious dinner followed by an enioyable program. The Lions Club offers students the opportunity to express themselves on designated subjects in the Lions Club speech contest. Awards are presented to those whose speeches are iudged the best A second representative to Boys State is sponsored by the American Legion The Legion also sponsors a youth group Sons of the American Legion, who for a proiect have given Saturday night dances for approximately three years They have shared their prolect with other youth groups, who have given the dances and have taken the profit for their club use We would also like to express our appreciation to the Lemoore City Police for their interest in helping the youth of our community Each year a girl from the lunlor class feels grateful that the Legion Auxiliary has given her the opportunity to attend Girls State The Auxiliary sponsors essay contests, the winners of which in the local contest may compete for higher honors The Ex Anlmo Club annually awards a scholarship to a deserving senior girl who is interested in furthering her education in teaching or nursing The Lemoore Chamber of Commerce has given financial and to the F H A and F F A organizations, and has awarded prizes to the members of the art classes for the best Christmas window decorations To these many organizations that have assisted us to enloy our teen age life and have helped make us better citizens we again express our appreciation I F1354 . , . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Q 1 2 5, 5 4, '-.. . '-17' . 'civ 4, x l . V. ' it ,.'1 V ' ' V :P ' , 1 ig f .,.' ' ' . 'f h .11 2. --- - ' ' , 'jf .AW ' - " . A ' i n, 1 " Q, ' -- ,,, -. , ,. R if - I X A K v..,, ,Y V , 5 J A.. . . k f - " G x X x X A gg -Sf:-ws-.,.Q .,,.,aq,3,5g,ms-s'e.4'-.,5.... -j . X.,f,1.m-.,-44,e,x,w-.nf,-- . y - , .fu . -' .Q Q- Q-ew'-ff-,w-:.:-f,' 1 W ,vw .gf F I fx... A 'xp--' 1 :rf 1: fl V M , ..,.. .. o "'- ,--'.f"i'J4-'1.v-'-1-'1"'f-'.l+.v'-' .- Nr- ' uf "'- '- -- ': ,. x C,-'Sz'51.12-f,lx-:nag-f..'ggiazqsig-.siej',fff'fff '.-ffff'-X . .V . - 1?-1-was " ' ' 1, g 'zgswm-.x-, .-, iv..-,mm 1'w..,.,- .. , ., , , Q ' , ,g -5-.1-J V , ,,. ' ' xv. . , . -593 ""'!H'-A YM: 67' -,--. .---s. "wrBi:m:v2. Z . . V,..-j ,,, - X fm., , y. - AL nf, Q Y, ' . A - A b ' ,-- , ranrilaorfafion ana! Communicafion Transportation and communication is the theme of this 1960 yearbook. We have chosen this theme because we are aware of the significance of the rapid means of com- munication and modern methods of transportation in bridging distances which make possible our contacts with and our better understanding of people in all parts of the world. "Networks of wire overland, Conduits under the sea, Aerial message from strand to strand By lightning that travels free, Hither in haste to hand Tidings of destiny, These tingling nerves of the world's affairs Deliver remorseless, rendering still The fall of empires, the price of shares, The record of good and ill."-John Davidson We are not only aware of the problems that arise with the close association with our world neighbors, but we are also conscious of the importance of transportation and com- munication in helping us solve the problems within our own country. Transportation and communication is a vital part of our school activity. As our school reaches out through its bus system, it is communicating knowledge and giving a greater variety of educational opportunities to an increasing number of students. L Vs. Y XX, -.gl fail 36' L Dx 'wx' QW .L m? 1 Q X C' X 5 ff - O A' MR W. O. JOHNSON, Adviser WILDA ADNEY THERESA ANN ALONZO Futures Nurses Club, Band Three Years, Christmas Pageant, Junior Year Christmas Pageant, Junior Year, Girls' League Commerce Club 'Honor Student During our four years of high school we have covered the campus daily, transporting ourselves from building to building and from class to class. We have expanded our group of friends as we have had the opportunity of communication with more and more students. ln memory we revert to Freshman Recognition Day, when for the first time we made our appearance before the entire school. We were the last class to be initiated, which showed that everyone was growing more mature. After the day was over, we were entertained at a swim- ming and dancing party, which really helped us to meet new friends. As sophomores, we entertained the freshmen at a party, which enabled them to get acquainted as it had helped us. The high point in our sophomore year was selecting and ordering our class ring, the American Beauty. lt was also in our sophomore year that our new gym- nasium was dedicated to J. F. Graham, former superintendent and principal. ln the iunior year we had prestige as we wore our new junior class rings. We really had accomplished something after the iunior year was over. Behind us were the junior play, "And Never Been Kissed," which a thousand people attended, also the interclass games which we won, and the Junior-Senior Prom, "Tropical Isle." The senior year was the real challenge. All future plans were our consideration. A Career Day was held in April, during which we all iz, . ft. ,, JUDY AVILA Commerce Club, NUNTIUS Art Staff, G. A. A. MRS. HUNEKE, Adviser CHARLES BARNES Boys' Federation, Industrial Arts JOE V. CARVALHO ' Senior Class Treasurer, Boys' Federation Secretary Basketball JULIE AREVALO Nurses Club Vice President, Girls' League, Left First Semester BERNADETTE AVILA Girls' League Officer, Senior Year, Commerce Club PAT BAILEY Commerce Club Four Years, Pep Girl, Sophomore Year Tennis Team Three Years JOHNNY BURR Industrial Arts Club Boys' Federation, NUNTIUS Art Staff 1. A 'kt talked to professional people to find out more about our possible future vocations. This was also the last year of fun in high school, starting with the senior play, "Curtain Going Up," in November. This year was also exciting when we won the interclass games again, as the Chiefs. We got away from school for a day on the traditional Sneak Day, which relieved the tension of the last few weeks before graduation. As we are about to take the final steps to graduation, we are aware that the information which our teachers and counselors have communi- cated to us will serve us to meet the problems of the future more suc- cessfully, and we appreciate the assistance they have given us. STEVE BETTENCOURT JACKIE BLAKELEY Science Club, Commissioner of Social Affairs, "L" Association, Head Cheerleader, Junior Year, R ROSS Adviser NUNTIUS Art Editor Senior in .J Q as LEON "BUTCH" CONNER Senior Play, Baseball, Band Vice President JUDY ALICE COPE Junior Play, Senior Play, Forensics Club Secretary-Treasurer CHESTER COPHER F. F. A., Boys' Federation ALBERT R. CRAIN F. F. A., Boys' Federation 'AJ las 3 'Y MI? . ,rl -:shi , A Ld! i,qf GREGORY CHINN Senior Play, Tennis Team, Christmas Pageant JOHN CONTRERAS Basketball, Boys' Federation, "L" Association JOHNNIE COTTA Basketball, Track, Boys' Federation GARY CROPPER ' Track, Band, Torch Carrier A114-Rl X 1- - lr , X1 t- ei., Q- PHILIP CHINN Science Club, Tennis Team, Lighting Technician ' Honor Student VALERIE C. CHINN Future Nurses Club, Commerce Club, Girls' League BILL CLAYTON C. S. F., Science Club, Track LANCE CRUTCHFIELD Baseball Four Years, Basketball Three Years, F. F. A. Two Years PICTURE COMMITTEE. Sharon Fabry, Ted King, Carolyn Nunes. JUDIE MAY CULP Girls' League Representative, MARY E. DAVIS Sophomore Year, Girls' League Commerce Club, Commerce Club Sneak Day Committee, Commerce Club Senior Year Program Committee .J 5.,w,,, --, I . Q X' ' l' f a g' ,, f I' . - . U 1 ' 'iff . 4 - , ca. A", ORVAL DAVIS Swim Team, Diving Team, "L" Association CORNELL DOUGLAS Boys' Federation, Graduated First Semester GENE DUDLEY Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, "L" Association NICKY ELLIOTT Senior Play, Christmas Pageant, Forensic Club I SENIOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE. Left to right: Eileen Rocha, Melvin Pereira, LIDA MAE EVANS F. H. A, Club Two Years Girls' League ! LINDA DIAS Maiorette, Pep Girl, Swim Team THOMAS V. DOOLEY " Freshman Class President, Junior Class Representative, Mathematics Contest Winner Junior Year SHARON DUTY Tennis Team, Forensic Club Vice President Senior Play MARY LOUISE FABBRI Nurses Club Committee Chairman, G. A. A., Senior Ploy Setting .Q SHARON MARIE FABRY ' Girls' League President, Maiorette Four Years, Student Body Secretary NORMAN CHARLES GAUNT F. F. A. Club, Football, Agriculture Maior CLARA MARIE GOMEZ Commerce Club, G.A.A., Rally Club MARY LOU BERNADETTE GONSALVES Commerce Club President, Junior Play, Rally Club Squad Leader fir' CURTIS FORD Industrial Arts, Boys' Federation, NUNTIUS Art Staff SENIOR SNEAK DAY COMMITTEE. Left to right: Mary Lou Corrine Kriewitz, Stanley Miguel. ' Honor Student DON Q. GRIFFIN ' Student Body Treasurer, C. S. F. Vice President, Boys' Federation PORFIDIO GUTIERREZ "L" Association, Spanish Club, Boys' Federation BILL GUNDACKER Bays' Federation, Industrial Arts Club, Baseball T17 1 Gonsalves, Stanley Ornellas, K FRANK "CHITO" GOMEZ Basketball, UL.. Association, X Industrial Arts Club . N S I I WILLIAM S. GATES ' Orchestra, Choir, Boys' Federation JOHNNY L. GOMES Tennis Team, Christmas Pageant, F. F. A. LINDA ANNE GONSALVES NUNTIUS Art Staff, Junior-Senior Prom Art Committee, Girls' League LARRY HILL Boys' Federation, Industrial Arts Club 'x Le. LEMMY AWARD WINNERS Standing Dean Robbins Buich Conner Stan Miguel Sihinga Jane? Homcln Beverly Nichols Jackie Blakeley 530.- ROBERT HUGHES Boys' Federation RONALD V. JOHNSON Foofball, "L" Association, Senior Play EDDIE D. LADENDORFF Band, L" Association, Swimming C S F. Treasurer Senior Year, Maiorette Four Years i .s 5 --,MV ' ' x . g 'I X IAS, ' 1' , -" ff - -N H- 7:-"'f' ' If .,,g,..,g ,,..A A r ,S W W., . . .-, , SENIOR PLAY TICKETS COMMITTEE. Left to right. Georgina Pires, Mary Jane Paulo, Carolyn Nunes, Sharon House, Gary Cropper. ' Honor Student MAX MANRY F. F.A,, Boys' Federation STANLEY MIGUEL ' Student Body Vice President, Senior Play, Swim Team 'x A CAROL LOPEZ Tennis Team, G. A. A., Commerce Club TERRY MACIAS ' NUNTIUS Staff, 4 ..p...sig.., Q K, fa DENNIS LOWE A Cappella Choir, Track, Orchestra BARBARA MARRISON F. H, A. President, Swimming Team, A. A, Volleyball Manager JOHN MULLINS ' Football, Boys' Federation President, Commissioner of Athletics X , x W x I . I I' 1 STERLING JONATHAN ' LAUREANO C. S. F., Science Club, Movie Committee Chairman STANLEY LOPES Basketball, Track, Wrestling CHARLENE KAY MEEKS G. A. A., Home Economics, Girls' League RONALD EUGENE MUNIZ Student Body President, Junior Class Treasurer, C. S, F. President Junior Year JOE NEAL F. F. A., Boys' Federation, Football, Completed Seven Semesters BEVERLY NICHOLS ' CAROLYN NUNES ' Cheerleader, NUNTIUS Editor, Future Teachers Club President, Cheerleader, Commissioner of Constitutional Affairs Sophomore Class President as GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE. Left to right: Ted King, Janet Rocha, Steve Semas. ' Honor Student DAVE POPE Boys' Federation, Band MELVIN PEREIRA "L" Association, Science Club, Senior Class Vice President MIKE POTTER Basketball, Track, Science Club Treasurer GEORGINA PIRES G. A. A., Senior Announcements Committee, Senior Play Program Committee LARRY PRICE F. F. A., Boys' Federation H'A,'3'N 1 SANDRA NUNES Girls' League Program Chairman, Delegate to Girls' League Convention, Future Teachers Club Treasurer JOHN ORR Football, Science Club, NUNTIUS Business Manager MARY JANE PAULO ' A Cappella Choir, NUNTIUS Staff, Swim Team STANLEY ORNELLAS Junior Play, Junior Class Vice President, Commissioner of Assemblies CHARLES PARKER F. F. A., Boys' Federation, Left First Semester ANNE PEARSON ' A Cappella Choir, Future Teachers Club, Girls' League F' .av JUDY QUATTLEBAUM orensics Club President, Junior Play, A Cappella Choir DEAN ROBBINS Senior Play, Industrial Arts Club, Christmas Pageant EILEEN MARIE ROCHA Band Drum Maiorette, Girls' League Council, Senior Play I ?'i3fl , JE RRY RED Footbal I, Track, "L" Association Treasurer LINDA LOUISE ROBERTSON Senior Play, Flower Chairman Junior Year, Red Cross Chairman Senior Year JANET ELIZABETH ROCHA ' Student Body Secretary, Girls' State Delegate, NUNTIUS Staff Two Years BARBARA REDFEARN Future Nurses Club President, Future Nurses Club Treasurer Senior Year, Rally Club CARA RIGGS ' Girls' League Secretary Senior Year, Science Club Secretary, Senior Year, Moiorette Four Years MARLENE RODRIGU ES F. H. A. Treasurer, Senior Play, Girls' League Council BILL SAXON F. F. A., Boys' Federation f D. A. R. AWARD WINNER. Sharon Fabry SUE ROGERS Band, Swimming, Honor Student Girls' League STEVE SEMAS Junior Class President, F. F. A. President, Boys' State BNVY ALVIN ANTHONY SOUZA F. F. A. Senlinel, "L" Association, Foofboll - 'va SUSAN TURNER ' Girls' Leogue Treasurer NUNTIUS Two Yeors, T A Coppello Choir 7 L SHIRLEY ANN TOSTE Senior Play, Commerce Club, G. A. A. MARLENE ANN VAZ NUNTIUS Staff Two Years, Girls' League Flower Chairman Senior Year, Sophomore Party Chairman D' ? f-- , A I I :fi , A'-WI 4 ffl - N . ,,g, I, I 3 ' N, - ,Q fm L , I' 4 lV ,Q.?,.,l, A K A .QL - ' ,,-fir: I 4 ff W,-. -..1" HOBERT WHITE F. F, A. Three Years, Boys' Federation RUDETTA WILLIAMS F. H. A., Girls' League, A Cappella Choir 2 it FRANCES vERNoN N Christmas Pageant ' Costume Committee, - Future Nurses Club Secretary, I 'S ,ff FRANK VALLE Student Body Vice President, Basketball, Association Sergeant-at-Arms , I I . 1 I X 1 VIRGINIA GINNY WEDDERBURN Swim Team, Senior Play Student Director Archery Club 1 n 37.-, 335' , .. g Q51 'Q-. , uniom We juniors have not only communicated our desires and interests to our advisers, but we have been successful in the execution of our undertakings. Several members of our class participated in the Safety Economy Run and did well. We were well represented for the annual Home- coming game affairs. Throughout the year the three junior cheerleaders promoted school spirit by communicating their enthusiasm to others. At the beginhing of the year the iuniors were financially crippled, therefore, means were devised to raise money. With the aid of two local service stations, we had a suc- cessful car wash, which enabled us to present our iunior play and to honor the seniors with the prom in May. We are the first class to have our sweaters during our iunior year in order to wear them for the two years as upper classmen. Our year of successful activities concluded with the annual baccalaureate and commence- ment exercises. W' K..- OFFlC-ERS Secretary, grief' lcfrighr: P rf'r'Q',f'.3"-Qgllf 4 A l L 7 file pu, Uffy W N ,V , v, . ..M ,, N .. 95, vice p Olfsen pr ' Hijdx ,-1. X ' , 1"'-4 , . , . Km , emdenr. emdenr t i l e ' X'- , Glend : Jqnell . cz HU, . 9 Oqke ' Chlngsl Coun f, freqswer. cll represenfl Qrolferlee M ahve, eqdows fl, It Il tif ill ll,x thx Y, ' - jx 3 Q 1 'K l ADVISERS. Left to right: Mrs. Seely, Mr. Weiss, Mr. Holman. Back row: Doug Victoria, Leonard Oliveira, Rod Reinhardt, Sammie Carlton, Joe Machado, Lance Jason, Jeff Ford, Richard Villi. Second row: Mary Croslin Kathern Reece, Geraldine Fagundes, Ted Borges, Leland Silveira, Kenneth Neves. Front row: Janice Simas, Rosemarie Cotta, Linda Souza, Shelba Peavy, ' ' , ewry, Doris Royer, Katie Baker. Laura Oliveira Marlene Dr ia' lm E P W., L Thelma Po Bock rovr-T U05 - , ofne . M-1"'1Gef'e me , X Rosenglce Lowe ,. Berne gfxnygcrkefi 4 1 L0U's.e, Dunn' ho, N0 iw wi 1-1 Dyonenonq 10 Cosgo. . ung' w' e5 H S I. auline Keel, Juonrfo Whirehill, Rosielee Griffin, Aldine Souza YL?-ydc 'inggosi lam Sari' milh, Judy Taylor. Third row: Marlene Rocha, Sally De-Vqrgqg Hume' Manu? rm , Anna Evans, Margaret Brooks, Mary Lou Conner. Second row: Xlirginiq ,f"TAi-QXN : ,ex ff 1 fi 5 E 1 l f,?5Iw'M"5 ' ' lr. ll -. I 'N--5 r i -. wi ,,.A ,, Q-gg-git' f XF fff' ld !J,.'g" SWEATER COMMITTEE. Left to right: Loura Oliveira, Bob Clawson, Lefho Nelson, Robert Virden, Mary Vaughn, Carol Lou Conner A lg' . David GqU.n" ' ht- SONY smlll' lbocklf Ahce ee Len 'O "gdaQ Jam Blake SY MITT ' Lan ' PLAY COM de Shawn , DeBof I C1 udlfl W fford. Ollveira, Be"Y C 1' F 'S 1 If L, 1 L, Q .4.v+'5'5"'4"t 7 u- wk. pw-1 e V C I x P 1115. X! nn W 64 ni Nemo, . Le""'Oxwe" W. . ka . Fron'P2Tes, Ame L L 'L l gmc 5T,ZLL,.5cnLe N0 M19 H Sider undo WNW V' me Wn rveU Caro onde key 5poLkSrX1""' V -A MLC e9or I -' "V, Back row: David Gaunf, Larry Jones, Richard Wilson, Ronnie Maciel, Duke EVO E: King' King, Jim Blakeley, Pat Newton. Third row: Frank Fagundes, Elmer Downing, MBL Bob Gogue, Joe Van Leer, Norman Macedo, Charles Welborn, Hubert Blond. Second row: Leedy Carre-iro, Sharon Landis, Marjorie Simas, Donna Booth, A 1 i x fi. LL p I ' if , ' E Loftis, Pauline Orique, Connie "' f" I - Juvenal Gonsf""' v 1 Dios, Q hn.1Onlmenne M L V009 wks' A Arnil , Bob ..--1-' '? .af-L DLCSI 9 2 ,.u f. Q -QQ - 4- - 0 S' 'sm x A O 1 . 0 I 0 -12? ".. 5.1 'Ffh , Ar , V s..Q54nJ.'f?f:"'kdf ,,' . ','?.fX'-J-',qi Arm, . fl' 1 1. " ," -I-4+ 1 ',, Kn- - KL 34, jf: Z fl-' ' r ', .0 .yx ,NA-.A ukvpiy, . , 1 V5 Q, r . Inq., , ,. . -Q' ' ff: ' mf. -1. Q . , ., H h , ' an f .Tye 6 , .5 . 1 I l 5 5 ' o' II A F 6' Sopkomored We sophomores have attained several goals throughout the year, none of which would have been possible without the help of our teachers and the upper classmen. To them we are grateful for the knowledge they shared as a result of their experience. Besides climbing the ladder of learning, we have taken part in several social affairs at Lemoore High this year. We helped cheer our teams to victory, we looked forward to the dances, and we participated in student leadership. At the beginning of the year we welcomed the freshmen with a swimming party and a dance. We also made our ring selection for our junior year. With our sophomore year behind us we are looking forward to the challenges of the junior year. ,-X -h-...Q S.- v ' -fs ADVISERS. Mr. Echols, Miss Clawson. OFFICERS. Left to right: Janice Phillips, council representative, Willene Messer, vice president, Linda McGuire, treasurer, JoAnn Muniz, president, Nancy Esrey, secretary. Back row: David Lima, Jimmy Hurlburt, Joe Macias, Ceil Howe, Ronnie Robbins, John Whitten, Mike McCrory, Ken Harrington. Third row, Joe Cheek, Johnny Van Leer, Jerry Donnell, Roland Kreps, Lawrence Qualls, John Jones, Alfred Paulo. Second row: Linda Welborn, Judy Humphrey, Betty Ford, Betty Dias, Lenora Leffert, Judy Villa, Janice Quattlebaum. Front row: Sondra Toste, Irene Holliday, Carol Davenport, Carol Nunes, Diane Mueller, Janice Phillips, Janet Meyer. RING COMMITTEE. Left to right: John Kleinhamrner, Norman Mar- tin, Ronnie Robbins, Wanda Wiles, Linda McGuire, Janice Phillips, JoAnn Muniz. ti- it Back row John Kleinhammer Larry Pope Bill Vaz, Glen McClure, Steve Barlow Dennis Fabry Danny Newton Third row Carolyn Martin Darlene Anderson, Diane Robertson, Dana Frago Mary Therese Gundacker Betty Jean McCulley Genevieve Madruga. Second row: Gloria Toste Kathy Silveira Sharon Snyder Judy Addy Pat Callahan, Barbara Esrey, Sadie Gamble Front row Mar vin Jordon Douglas Stebbins Bill Royer Russell Pierotte, Connie McCasland, Frances Parolini nv," Back row: Henry Boyett, David Bettencourt, Exie Green, Phyllis DeBrum, Catherine Gates, John Dias, Loyd Ferrell. Second row: Jack Griffith James Patilla John White, Jerry Divine, Lester Houston, Richard Borges. Front row: Frank Freites, Danny Oliveira, Billy Gonsalves, Earl Gilbert Gary Robbins Stanley Castodio. 3 sz Y i Back row: Eugene Rogers, Jimmy Drennen, Bill Souza, Richard Costa, Jimmie Qualls, David Barnes. Third row: Donna Skaggs, Judy Mullins, Maxine Martin, Bonnie Gonzales, Sandy Harmon, Betty Taylor. Second row: Evangeline DeVorgas, Delores Silva, Nancy Gomez, Norma Orne, Janie Lourence, Glenda Balentine. Front row: Thomas Moroles, Jimmy Nail, Tommy Hayes, Woven Huff, Jerry Lopez, Vernon Poole. in l ,W i ll i l lei K up ,rf - f N llf, V V. , ,A 5 js nv, J. 'I Back row: Everett McGrew, Carl Copher, Cecil Lipe, Stanley Silva, Joe Owings. Third row: Eva Williams, Behy Roberts Olga Cano Glenda Mason, Mary Jean Zamora. Second row: Carol Sanders, Caroline Casfodio, Behy Douglas, Harold Goleman First row Danny Hayes, Jerry Jeff. fi sf , rl 'V'-,r"'-.,, Mi 11 v 1 , , , cz- S-s yl C - T552 . ,L .I ' '- rx . Q -5 8 ' : iq . ':w.'...'1 :X J Q, ., , , 'ff f . . .7 41 fe- , ' fy4-,f 'w- - -.'." . . . A ..f' ' .rf-"'5"'d '. .if-- "fb--' " ' 2'q,-,-.1- L , . . -so ' f-3' .' ' M", , f,j,'.,g:1:U2 fer ? . '-f-1-,f-nf f'E24ffc2fzL":-if-34-en., A """"" 1 'rf pb-f -gr: va sw f -w-an .....,. .. it -r pl FRESHMEN ACTIVITY. Left to righf: .lean Williams, Virginia Snmas Anioineife Pires lseafedl, Mary Ann Lopp. ADVlSERS. Mr. Wrin, Mr. Klewirz. jl'25Al'l'lQI'l When school opened in September, only l4O of us freshmen were transported to high school, though a larger number had enrolled in the spring. We are the smallest freshman class the high school has had for several years. Our freshman year has enabled us to become better acquainted with other members of the school and high school methods and procedures. Our counselors have guided us and directed us in our school subiects, and our interests have been ex- panded through club activities. At the beginning of the year the sophomores welcomed us with a dance which was fun and made us feel a part of the school. With the nomi- nation of class officers, a month after school started we were established as a freshman class. On November 17, Freshman Parents Night enabled our parents to become acquainted with the school offerings for freshmen and with our teachers and advisers. Dr. Paul Pitman spoke to our parents to help them to understand our problems. As the year advanced we participated in an in- creasing number of activities. Two of our members, Tom Smith and Dick Lee, made the Varsity basket- ball team. Many freshmen had a part in the Christmas pageant. 1 1 x s 'JL x xt, ez., OFFICERS. Left to right: Marie Wedderburn, sergeant-at-arms, Mary Jean Frank lin ifronti, secretary, Mary Ann Lapp, president, Dick Lee lbackj, council repre sentative, Carol Souza, treasurer, Antoinette Pires, vice president. .f M Q 'tif Back row: Jimmy Hite, Rickie Simas, Gary Hill, Leroy Bettencourt, James Willard, Bob Ray. Third row: Marian Starrett, Wanda Isaacs, Gloria Jones, Opal Sarratt, Abigail Ramos, Patricia Jean Harp, Gloria Jean Waymire. Second row: Marilyn Kramer, Virginia Bland, Mae Stephenson, Sylvia Gonzales, Linda Fall Lidia Morales. Front row: Steve Amaro, Leonard lBoboi Oliveira, Johnny Crapo, Phillip Mendes, Robert Snowder, Jimmy Smith. in QV, 55 .ii A I C' ,zr ll" 'S-Q' '7 wr ivfx Back row: Forrest Laureano, Rodney Vieira, Lynn Irons, John Petersen, Dale Murray, Danny Young. Third row: Sharon Hayes, Diana Cummings, Roselyn Reed, Isabelle Bezerra, Brenda Woods, Eldon Ornellas, Rod- ney Hylton. Second row: Kristan Henley, Charyl Atwell, Elnora Jordon, Carol Caldwell, Carlene Polk, Penny Howe. Front row: Jackie Ramsey, Carol Souza, Darlene Landis, Marcia Oeland, Mariorie Croslin. Back row: Larry Parker, Raymond Wilson, Tim Peters. Fourth row: Douglas Reinhardt, Loretta Webb, Mary Jean Franklin, Sue Heaton, Pauline Kimball, Antoinette Pires, Dennis Houlsby. Third row: Margarette Barker, Mary Ann Lapp, Gerry Ann Redfearn, Kathy Taylor, Dorothy Dulany, Barbara Clawson, Linda McVay. Sec- ond row: Ernest Drewry, Dale Smith, Tim Buckley, Ricky Carvalho, Louie Victorino, Frank Fraga. Front row: Ricky Red, Tommy Whitten, Frank Toste, Charles Wilson, Mike Orton, Joe Lopes. 15 A Q C , 'IQ ' - . 9 Z3 V ni . J :ir 'f .iff .3 . VI -M I I fs -, ' 4. lu if 5 'i 1' 4 Bock row: Ray Dios, Melvin Turner, Tom Smilh, Corky Hine, George Rosenberger, Pat Ehrsam, Jerry Armour. Sec- ond row: Margie Wedderburn, Jeannie Roberls, Della Tighe, Pat Orton, Patricia Fee, Mary Barnes, Sharon Roberf- l ,' , son, Carolyn Paulo. Front row: Frank Marshall, Ralph Wilson, Robert Virden, Ray Geter, Lorry Cossey, Sfonnie Dodd, Jim Wood. ' Bock row: Charles Norris, Tommy Newton, Jerry Hendrix, Dick Lee, Loyd Hughes, Jerry Garcia, Pele Mullins. Third N 1 row: Sondra Price, Virginia Simas, Jeon Williams, Marie Wedderburn, Charles Ella Weilherspoon. Second row: - ',,. ..,-,Q Ardilh Morlon, Sondra Walton, Vivian Pemberion, Pearl Perez, Cindy King. Fronf row: Jimmy Orsaba, Bobby 'i'5"""""""'4--'--......,. Pope, Larry Jones, Roberl Brewer, Tommy Ecldings, Jimmy Fox, Oscar Lucio. . ' " - la, KQ il I. ll HV " I U, lllfk K l'llll'l4?f-w25q,- -Jrrzm-' U-Q-R... -is A r 9. D- fm I ,Q-HW, .fgclminififra fion 1' A II, HQ Al 'A .1 Wm H Harrls F D Bradbury J E Yenger clerk K M Hlghtower R D House Exam! of jfuafeea The trustees of the Lemoore Hugh School have endeavored to keep the pace In edu- catlon comparable to the advances In transportatlon and communlcatlon In our own country and throughout the world They have provlded Improvement In school facIlItIes to meet the QFOWIDQ needs antIcIpated In Increased school populatlon The new com merclal bUlldIng In the process of constructIon wIll Include the modern equlpment and other facIlItIes necessary for progressIve teachIng of commercIcIl sublects By budgetlng the money olloted for school expendltures, the trustees have been able to provIde the fune facIlItIes where they are needed books, sports equIpment, scIentIfIc apparatus mechanlcal tools muslcal Instruments, cooklng utenslls vlsual GIdS, and dIV6fS other aIds The Board provldes o fIne educatIonal program, and are contInually acqualntlng themselves wIth the educatIonal program of the school In order to provIde means of evaluatIng and improvlng the school offermgs. We the Class of 1960, WISh to express our appreciation to the Board of Trustees for the opportunity of attending Lemoore High School, where we have received the educa- tion necessary to enable us to take our places successfully in the changing society. ll ..., I . ,.,.. af -ii 'E if 4, -M Ls Y ,I V . X , , ' N ' gr" - . g 45 . 7 N . Y ,, - g . . , . . , . . , 1 . . , . . . . . . . - . . . . . I I I . . . 1 W H REILLY DISTFICT SuperIntendent JlflCCl,tl0l'l 3 SGGC? 9 In generatIons past when dIstances were great and communIcatIon lImIted people understandably could CODfInE most of their concern to theIr own communIty The world OUTSIde of the local communIty seemed remote Technologlcal and scIentIfIc developments have reduced the SIZE of the world and have made It possible to span great dlstances ID a short pefIOd of tIme MOUDTGIHS oceans deserts and ATCTIC regIons are no longer barrlers Space Age developments In thIs decade will make It possible to communIcate Wlfh and travel to outer space statIons ln addition to these SCIGHTITIC advances These developments and theIr effects on our everyday lIfe wIll challenge an already complex SOCISTY BasIcally we must have an understandlng of all the people of the world we must live together peacefully and we must realIze that our fate IS Inseparably linked with the fate of others The world outsIde of the UnIted States wIll become much more Important to us than It has In the past The future IS goIng to be CXCITIDQ and arduous The ImplIcatIons for education are clear EducatIon IS essential on a world Wlde basis Advances wIll Introduce revolutIonary changes In our way of do Ing thmgs and thInkIng about things These changes wIll pose problems of adaptatIon problems of socIal organIzatIon and problems of moral values more far reachIng than anything we have ever experienced before We must learn those thlngs whlch have long term values The tools of reading pressIon and reasomng are necessary to understand the prIncIples which govern the world Therefore It IS stall bCSICGlly Important to master the 3R s for WIlh0Ul them learnlng IS If'I"lp0SSIble The future holds a real challenge for the graduates of 1960 We hope that the bGSIC education you have receIved while enrolled at the Lemoore Hlgh School has given you a foundatIon on whlch to buIld your future and that you wIll contribute your share to the development of a peaceful world HILDA TURNER DISlfICf Accountant 5 ., .f. II, fl . . '- In 4 .' n t I '-a 0 6 Ol' Q Q . . ' ' . S ' ' . 'F it is predicted that our population will double by the year 2000. . . l D s I ex- ' 'V' R? 'rl .nl ROBERT A. ANNAND, Principal randlaorfafion ana! gommunicafion Transportation and communication are so closely linked that they are difficult to separate, if either disappeared our whole way of life would crumble. Without transportation and communication our economic and political structures, as we now know them, would cease to exist. Our present world literally survives on transportation and communication. It is interesting to speculate where civilization would be today without rapid communication and transportation. With our complex societies the necessity of high degree of education becomes increasingly more important if we are even to attempt to comprehend the world about us. The skills necessary to keep our present communication and transportation systems operating can only be obtained through an educative process, and the further refinement of transportation and communication will only be developed by education. Primitive means of transportation and communication will always be available to mankind. Highly developed systems tend to expedite the exchange of ideas and understanding among nations. Perhaps in the years beyond T960 we will see world peace achieved through better developed modes of transportation and communication. 43 5' YM C- lf? ' I fq,f"u3:fi1'f!434 . fs - 'P da,-'gf if I -..1ri.x. ENQDV4 'hi-. filxx '4 .. MARIE KIMBALL VIVA REID EDITH LANDIS Bookkeeper Secretary Attendance Secretary xyaan ing orizonfi The advance of science has brought the countries of the world within hours traveling time of each other. The traveler today can leave New York City at 9:00 A.M. and be in Los Angeles for lunch at I2 noon. A team of astronauts is training and testing for flight into space. Our expanding horizons are forcing mankind to develop world understanding, for, along with developments to save time and to facilitate travel, world-circling missiles capable of carrying war heads of destruction are also being launched regularly. Our philosophy of freedom is constantly being challenged and criticized as being inefficient. As students and future citizens, are you willing to forfeit your rights to make decisions for yourselves? To preserve these rights and privileges, you must assume the responsibility to persist in carrying your selected goals to a satis- factory conclusion. -Y 'vu-19:11 LOWELL MUELLER, Vice Principal Your counselors have tried to help you understand yourselves, to recognize your strengths, and to cope with your limitations. As you are about to graduate we hope you are now better able to make those decisions that will enable you to reach your optimum potential as citizens and to achieve success and happiness. COUNSELORS. Standing: Mr. Albrecht, Mr. Mueller. Sitting: Mrs. Blakeley, Mr. Rude, Mr. Dawdy. FRANCIS ALBRECHT Business Education, Rally Club Adviser, Counselor FRANK BUCKLEY Chemistry, General Science, Physics, Science Club Adviser, Sfage Lighting Adviser RALPH DAWDY Orchestra, Choir, Girls' Glee, Future Teachers Club Adviser, Counselor f-'ff LELIN MILLER Biology General Science, Science Club Adviser, C S. F. Adviser HERB KLEWITZ lndustrial Drawing, Metal General Metal, Industrial Arts Club Adviser LUTHER WHITTEN U S History, Freshman Social Studies Football Coach I Adviser General Math Algebra Geometry Coach We, the Class of l96O, wish to express our appreciation to the teachers of Lemoore High School for communicating their knowledge to us gleaned through their years of experience and making us better citizens of the future as a result. Through the patience and guidance of our teachers we have made steady progress each year. As freshmen we became oriented to high school life, as sophomores we took more responsibility in school activities and were more assured of the goals toward which we were striving, as Juniors we began to assume more leadership as upper classmen and to make further preparation in our chosen fields of learning, as seniors we are completing our high school studies, all of which will enable us to travel our many roads of life with confidence. The help of our teachers has opened for us new horizons in the pursuit of learning. Our teachers have aided us not only in our various studies, but they have encouraged us as advisers of the many clubs and organizations. Extra curricular activities, such as dances, games, concessions, and committee work, have required much of their time. We appreciate the interest our teachers have taken in us, and their willingness to help us. We realize that we have an outstanding group of teachers, and we are grateful. BURRUSS WEISS General Math, Senior Math, Freshman Social Studies, ELISABETH SMQLDT Junior Band Advanced Band, School Nurse Junior Class Adviser, Archery Club Adviser MARY JO NISBET Sales and Law Bookkeeping General Business Commerce Club Adviser Student Body Social Affairs MAXINE RACHFORD I English, Library, C. S. F. Freshman Class Adviser Advise' ROBERT WRIN Freshman English, Freshman Class Adviser JIM RUHL Physical Education, Coach Noon Recreation Boys' Federation Adviser HELEN SEELY Home Economics, F. H A Adviser, Junior Class Adviser wx uf W. K. TAYLOR Drivers Training v'.i'5 l .u X , , l , ,nr f nf5 hgsbx-f:, --1. . f . , . if ,if 4? XENA? PHYLLIS GOOD , , MARY MARTIN MABEL BROWN VE RONICA ORNELLAS C adding CAFETERIA. Students at Lemoore High School enjoy the tasty food pre- pared and served by our capable cafeteria staff. Mabel Brown, supervisor, is assisted by Mary Martin, Veronica Ornellas, and Phyllis Good. Inex- pensive, yet well-balanced meals, were served everyday throughout the school year. TRANSPORTATION AND GROUNDS. Transportation Supervisor and chief mechanic, Ernie Costa, had charge of buses and was a regular driver. Norman Chapman and Ray Hibberd had a bus route besides keeping the ag building, shops, and girls' gym in order. .lennie Smith also drove a bus. Frank Luis, C. V. Rodgers, and Leonard Sorrick kept the grounds neat and attractive in addition to their regular bus routes. Bill Follett was a night watchman. He also did custodial duties, and he reported early when there were basketball games. BILL FOLLETT Y" ...fl C. V. RODGERS FRANK LUIS JENNIE SMITH NORMAN CHAPMAN lf' J Q.. JUANITA POINDEXTER GLENN LOGAN el"1J0l'll'le LIBRARIAN. Juanita Poindexter served as library clerk keeping a record of library books and textbooks. She assisted Mrs. Rachford in the selection and shelfing of new books, hard bound and paper backs. CUSTODIANS. John Borrecco, Vincel Kurtz, and Glenn Logan have con- tributed to the neat appearance of our school by diligently attending to their tasks. John Borrecco tended the lower floor of the administration building. Glenn Logan was in charge of cleaning the upstairs main build- ing, all lavatories and the study hall. Vincel Kurtz cared for the science wing, music building, and boys' gym. MAINTENANCE. Clarence Lewis, buildings and grounds supervisor, was responsible for all construction work and repairs. He was assisted by Willard Creelman. RAY HIBBERD ERNEST COSTA LEONARD SORRICK JOHN BORRECCO CLARENCE LEWIS WILLARD CREELMAN VINCEL KURTZ J 3 in if. 311 Y f r M 1 15 3' 3 1 ' 'K ,Q , 'x . 3 3 bg V 52 3 if 1? K -I O g,a.-gg, ,.Lqh 9 Y V' g 7 1' f it 5 1 - W 0 ,. ., K 2 4 .fdcfiuifiea CLASS REPRESENTATIVES. Glenda Hutchings, iunior class, Dick Lee freshman class, Steve Semas, senior class, Janice Phillips, sophomore class. .S?uJenf Counci The 1959-60 Student Council began its activities with the annual Leader- ship Day in September by featuring Judge Goldstein who emphasized the values and need of capable leaders. The Council, following an active program, chose three proiects to work on during the year: the organization of a student handbook to be distributed next year, a foreign exchange student program, and the filming of various school activities to be shown to the service clubs in Lemoore. Highlighting the Christmas season was a new proiect introduced by the Council-Food for Needy Families. Over one ton of food was contributed with the sophomore class donating the largest amount of food. The commissioner of publications publicized school activities extensively this year. High on her list of achievements were the displays of various clubs and departments found in the merchants' windows in town and in our trophy case in the main hall. Despite this active program, the Council found time to attend the ASC meeting and various other Associated Student Council meetings to learn not only about other schools but also to promote friendship between other schools and Lemoore High School. CLUB REPRESENTATIVES. Gary Cropper, "L" Association, Sharon Fabry, Girls' League, Nora Wilson, C.S.F., John Mullins, Boys' Federation, Patty Wolfsen, G.A.A. i Ronald Muniz, president. fi 'ttim Veosllie . . Don Gf' i' gtionS- . residenlf I . er of publc - vulle, me P mmiSS'o" . ir leY, Com ndiftg' Flank Lenora Lefterl. fiom. Jackie Blu Tory, Stan- RS. SW ' ircss . - lc ' e ELECTED Olalllcgommissionel oiollqoher of Consllwlllocilaillerz Jane' Rocha' sea Joaquln Duval Nicholif commlgslrnes head cheer e . ' a I Seolgclfiilzesdlcial 0lfFlrSlrLgfsassemblles' ' on issio issi m llas, Comm ADVISERS. Mr. Albrecht, Mrs. Nisbet My, Mueller ley Orne llll lm FLANNINU LUMMIlIt:I:. Lett to right: Terry Macias, Janet Meyer, Glenda C. S. F. OFFICERS. Left to right: Mr. Miller, adviser, Terryiacias, treas- Hutchin s L L ff rt. ' ' g , enora e e urer, Susan Turner, vice president, Glenda Hutchings, secretary, Nora Wilson, president, Mrs. Rachford, adviser. agkrnia .gzkofarflila jevferafion "Scholarship for Service," the motto of the California Scholarship Federation, aptly describes Lemoore High's Chapter 146 C. lts purpose is to foster a higher standard of scholarship and broader ideals of service on the part of Lemoore's students. The group awards two S100 scholarships. This money is raised by concessions, a dance, and a food sale. The Rotary Club honored members from both semesters at an evening meeting in March, when Dr. Irwin Addicott, vice president of Fresno State College, gave an inspiring talk. High point of the year was the educational and pleasurable field trip to Santa Barbara, the University of Cali- fornia campus there, the Mission, Botanical Gardens, and the return trip by way of Solvang, a reproduction of a Danish village. 4 A nk PhilllP Plc it kffonli' - P NW no Jane' ROC O JoAnn Munn' ekob . L urea , V X on, R nnie Stan Miguelfserlbnegwnii Pufkerlgiahgscanord l-ellfen' O Croppef, . Vidonno, l Janelle ' fy, GGYY . . I Louie 1 row- ,- rail Howe' Jimmgllhurildbllowi 'lofiCiiYl:lfl4LfSPatty Wolfsen. Fron i .T.,..l......l,.., were dressed as toys. 5 l t xx i ir 5 , eague Activities for the Girls' League began with the Big and Little Sister mixer, which was a real getting-acquainted affair. As a money-making proiect, we stuffed multi-colored monkeys. Terry Macias won the "Name the Monkey Contest" by presenting the most clever suggestion for a name, Yek-nom, monkey spelled backwards. Yek- noms went on sale at the football concession. Penny Howe showed colored slides of her trip to Europe, and Janet Rocha told about her adventures at Girls' State at the November meeting. ln December we presented a Christmas program in which the characters Mrs. Virginia Wynn, winner of the Toastmistress Contest in Hanford, spoke on manners at our January meeting. This year it was the Girls' League turn to give the annual February dance, which was a costume ball. The theme was Alice in Wonderland. The girls blossomed out in their new spring dresses in March as usual. J iiii J We chose a queen and planned a coronation to install her officially. J The year closed with the candlelight ceremony for the installation of Sharon Fabry, president. officers. OFFICERS. Left to right, Carol Ann Clawson, second sergeant-at-arms, Eileen Rocha, second vice president, Janet Homan, first vice president, Bernadette Avila, first sergeant-at-arms, Cora Riggs, secretary, Susan Turner, treasurer, Mrs. Blakeley lsectedl, adviser. sentative, Dennis Fabry sophomo e representative Bob Vaughn boys chairman Judy Domingos iunior obertson, sophomore representative, Linda Robertson, girls chairman, Jeannie Roberts, freshman representative, Carolyn Nunes, senior representative. RED CROSS COMMITTEE. Back row, Eldon Ornellas, freshman representative, Dennis Lowe, senior repre- ' I r , i l . . I . I . . R . . , . representative. Front row: Diane i1"'i' ' mt ' l1"l H l 1'1i T7 -v-v 1-i K7 GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL. Back row: Marlene Vaz, flower chairman, Linda Robertson, Red Cross chairman, Janet Meyer, sunshine chairman, Marlene Rodrigues, publicity chairman, Rose Gomes, civic activities chairman. Front row: Patty Wolfsen, big ond little sister chairman, Brenda Jacobs, assistant point recorder. 35949 Sho TREE PLANTING COMMITTEE. Back: Steve Semas, Willie Howder. Front: John Mullins, Melvin Pereira. With shovel: Rick Machado. i I Tri, X 0' Qilaf K' or if w f ! U lfi-. Tift g, S., f .ec K, r " 2 S if "af, , A n , f 5' 'sl 'Q 4, . figs EN, , lg, A 1 . J. i- .,. 'HW-rl . 5 X A .-1-if -j. f' F ., "- 1, an., -ei I. - . - .. t Q if w ' he , , 9 ur' -uf BOYS' FEDERATION CONCESSION. Back row, left to right: Nicky Elliott, Porfy Gutierrez, Chris Buckley Pat Newton. Kneeling: Corky Hine. OFFICERS. Left to right: Stan Miguel, treasurer, Joe Carvalho, secretary, Rick Machado, vice president Phillip Loftis, sergeant-at-arms. ogd i cgeclerafion Members of the Boys' Federation have enioyed many fine meetings featuring films and speakers in addition to regular business meetings. Mr. Berry Gilcreose showed his Alaskan pictures of Kodioc Island. Pictures of the T959 Indianapolis races and pictures featuring vocations in the Navy were informative. Because of all of the new subdivisions being made in the Lemoore area as the result of long-range planning for the airbase, more extensive plans were made for the Arbor Day tree-planting project started by Mr. Ward in 1936. The proiect was undertaken in coniunction with the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce. This year the Boys' Federation members were guests of the Girls' League at their February costume ball, and were also included in the Blossom Day festivities by the Girls' League in March. John Mullins, president. Mr. Miller, adviser Standing: Jimmy Hite, Dennis Houlsby, Forrest Laureano, Phillip Mendes, Melvin Simas, Steve Thatcher, Greg Chinn, Ronnie Muniz ltrontl, Don Griffin, Bill Clayton. Sitting: Glen McClure, Phillip Plank, Louie Victorino, Dale Smith, Gary Cropper. ,I Orr. I yerftl - Pefello' Melvin bum. wedde' Kentw DooleY' 1 W hi. mx LOWS' O . 9 . . Kell 'O ll 5'ondi09' wdef. me Ho neryos. . hh Sfonlevoczlbnls xowe H go 'lg d KHW9' xeoninglwsw sxwof le cience C ug Scientific advancement in means of communication is apparent today. The radio and television are media through which masses of people may be informed all over the world. Ventures into outer-space will bring our world into planetary communication. Through the stimulation of interest in science, speed in transportation has resulted, and one can travel around the world in an amazingly short time. The Lemoore High School Science Club is a member of the Science Clubs of America, organized to stimulate an interest in science among high school students. The club, which is open to students who show an interest in science, teaches students to apply scientific facts and principles to everyday living. Having met once a month, the science club gave opportunity to students to present demonstrations, to hear talks on phases of science, to plan field trips, and to conduct science contests. This year a point system provided a basis for determining the award for the most active member, which was given in the spring. Morro Bay was the destination of the annual field trip, where members toured the P. G. and E. power plant. Castle Air Force Base in Merced was the object of the field trip a year ago. ltsenf 'l env W0 Booth, P rt, Donna aefvenfou 0utYf WY Sharon Landii. Sharon t' Griffin' Donna oll1Y Dulunylwsoh- gxedf lo hh and Homon' Franl'-lln' Dol Barbdfa Cla Marv leon Blekeley I A ' l "" f ' hl: ' Lett to 'lg Clawson. NCT Urol Ann C NK, M Back row Edith Morton Jean Williams Lada Evans Charles Etta Weitherspoon Second row Miss Clawson, adviser, Gloria Jones, Betty Taylor, Mary Barnes Gloria Toste Exie Green Hattie Smith Frances Couto Mrs Seely adviser Front row Delores Silva, Patricia Harp, Darlene Har- gufblfe 0l'l'lQl'l'lCL Ql":5 Of America The Future Homemakers of America have had a very successful year. Barbara Marrison and Linda Snow ac- companied by Mrs. Seely attended the State Conference at Asilomar. They brought back many new ideas for the club. Our project this year was to give to the people in the Old Folks' Home Christmas cards which we made. These were distributed by Marlene Rodrigues, Mary Croslin, and Darlene Harmon while the choir sang. We also planted flowers that will be used at graduation. This year a mother and daughter Christmas party proved to be a great success. For our field trip, the club decided to go to Ann Fed- erico's Beauty College, and to a furniture store in Fresno. REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE. Left to right: Janie Lourence, Gloria Toste, Jean Williams, Rudetta Williams. 40" laani:iA During the basketball season we made about 560, which we spent for our activities. Back row, left to right: Mr. Smith fstandingl, adviser, Pauline Kimball Mlrna Vander Veur, Linda McGuire. Third row: Barbara Harris, Brenda Woods JoAnn Munlz Alice Oliveira, Mike McCrory, John Jones. Second row: Antoinette Pires Marlorle Croslln One activity a month was the goal of the Spanish Club this year. With the exception of September and October we were successful. During the months following we had several parties. ln No- vember we enjoyed a party at the Howe home in Stratford. We played several games, after which we were served delicious enchiladas. A Pinata party in December, a banquet in Febru- ary, and a swim party in May provided fun. A field trip in April to Soledad, where almost all the popu- lation speaks Spanish, was very interesting. After a trip through the beautiful mission, we refreshed ourselves with a picnic lunch. As did other clubs we participated in putting a display in the show case. To be in the Spanish Club one must be taking or have taken Spanish. We had approximately twenty-six members this year, a contrast to the twelve or thirteen members last year. The Archery Club, with its twenty members, included those who were interested in learning how to shoot a bow. At each monthly meeting a committee was appointed to plan the next meeting and to bring refreshments. We made some of our own equipment including arrows and quivers. A committee planned a shoot at the river and a picnic lunch. Our practice shoots were held on the high school football field. We considered having Archery Club cards and uniforms so that we would be designated as Arch- ery Club members. Penny Howe, Marjorie Simas, Judy Roll, Doug Stebbins. Front row Judy Addy Mary Ann Lapp, Betty Dias, Ceil Howe, Nancy Esrey, Irene Holiday lstandlngl .!4I'CAOI"g Back row, left to right: Charles Welborn, Mr. Weiss, adviser, Lois Barnes, Adrienne Loftis, Sue Woolever Dorlene Spaf ford, Margaret Brooks, Kay Davis, Sharon Duty, Ginny Wedderburn ibackl, Linda Dias, Naomi Smith Judy Parker Pat Orton. Front row: John Kleinhammer, Elmer Ridenour, Gerry McCray, Steve Barlow, Jimmy Hurlburt lbackl Monty Red Gary Smith, Gary Woodard, Dannie Torres. OFFICERS: Dwayne Hylton, president, Alfred Paulo, vice presi- dent, Ronnie Robbins, treasurer, Roland Kreps, secretary, lnot picturedl Jim Boatman, sergeant-at-arms. .gnclufifriaf .xgrfzi The 1959-60 school year marked the change from compulsory to voluntary attendance in school clubs. This change, as was expected, lowered the total number of members in the Industrial Arts Club, however, because of this, the club membership this year was made up of those who were interested in industrial arts activities. The reduced membership enrollment also made it possible for club members to participate in field trips that formerly have not been possible. The club activities for this year included two interesting films, "Dayton's Beach Race," and "Out- board Motor Race." New car models were exhibited at another meeting and the demonstrations were of general interest. Field trips included five different business concerns in Fresno. Auto agencies, body shops, engine rebuilding shops, and Fresno Junior College were among the places visited. A ioint social affair with the Commerce Club and the election of officers for the next year con- cluded our activities. hn Mullins, Rick M Willie Howder lbockl' 'lo fy .A . ' U ' -,ITV K X sd -w at , ,.-Q l Joe Machado, Larry Hill, Richard Villi Ron Johnson och0dO Mike P0 Left to right Ron Johnson, Fra 5 X Left lo right: David Lima, Don Robbins, Delberl Gidy, i Mr, Klewilz, adviser, Thomas Moroles. -47?-. Lefi to right: First row: Johnny Prior, Bob Gogue. Second row: Gene Ornellas, Norman Macedo. Third row: David Berfencouri, James Woods. Fourth row: Lloyd Woods, Richard Borges, Back row: Bill Morris, Robert Crapo, nk Valle, Rodney Silveira. -Y W' ,At--www.,q..f-fem: ,.,, , X f Left Kenni' Jones.: lm Bmkef, M fo fight T. elvin Sim 05, Eu gene Go, , 4y..,,,.s.V A ls. .W c' , 'fb Ror1n,eLUis , ADVISERS. Mr. Klewitz, Mr. Gill, Mr. Rude. Back row: Melba King, Marlene Drewry, Claudia DeBorde, Naoma Smith, Linda Easley. Second row: Janice Simas, Louise Levy, Mary Davis. Front row: Diane Rocha, ....,, I tary, Mary Lou Gonsalves, president. Melinda Miguel, Laura Oliveira, Eva Gregory. 0l'l'U'l'lQl"CQ The Commerce Club this year had a membership of ninety students. Most members of this organiza- tion were maiors in commercial or business, however, anyone enrolled in a business subject could ioin. The Commerce Club revised the constitution to bring it up to date with present practices. The club established interest in a point system, which it hopes to instigate in the future. The club also made plans toward the presentation of typing awards and a scholarship. Programs for the year included business speakers, business meetings, social meetings and a talent show. An annual affair, which as always was anticipated by our club, was the ioint party with the Industrial Arts Club. The two clubs take turns giving the ioint party. The Commerce Club's activities were concluded by hostessing the party. Back row: Barbara McKinney, Bernadette Avila, Linda Easley, Louise Holliday, Margie Wedderburn, Marie Wedderbuin, Cindy King, Elaine Oliveira, Phyllis DeBrum, Carol Lopez. Third row: Eva Gregory, Betty McCulley, Joyce Orique, Pat Bailey, Joyce Silva, Elaine Vargas, Dana Fraga, Betsy Vargas. Second row: Nancy Rocha, Carolyn Martin, Carol Souza, Shirley Taste, Sadie Gamble, Mary Davis, Theresa Alonzo. Front row: Carol Nunes, Darlene Anderson, Gwen Semas, Willene Messer, Melba King, Georgina Pires. ffhr' vi Bi' 7 if is :C ,A+ OFFICERS. Left to right: Rose Gomes, treasurer, Rose Marie Muniz, program chairman, Leedy Car- reiro, vice president, Brenda Jacobs lbackl, secre- ..- Q- ,, 1. .- sul- ini: g--i- mlm, Fl Q ra lll .1 3 ,.f631 hui.. l 2 ..f --W 1, PROGRAM COMMITTEE. Rose Marie Muniz, Pat Bailey, Janice Simas, Connie Poole, Mary Davis, Mary Lou Conner, Martha Hurlburt. ADVISERS. Mrs. Herrin, Mrs. Nisbet, Mr. Albrecht. COMMERCE CLUB CONCESSION. Diane Rocha, Pauline Orique, Kathy Silveira, Melinda Miguel, Anna Evans, Laura Oliveira. Selling: Alice Evangelo, Terry Macias. Back row: Claudia DeBorde, Marlene Drewry, Doris Royer, Katie Baker, Anna Evans, Eileen Rocha, Sharon House, Judie Culp, Kay Davis, Nancy Atwell. Second row: Janice Simas, Marlene Rocha, Linda Souza, Diane Rocha, Norma Orne, Laura Oliveira, Melinda Miguel, Gail Pollard, Martha Hurlburt Louise Levy. Front row: Rose Marie Cotta, Virginia Young, Kathy Silveira, Jean Roberts, Virginia Simas, Pearl Perez, Sandra Buyense. C. J 'T 5 f -ff, Back V0 ' rl Carolyn 5. v . fxx., , - ix ---, -6--,E , undihfliaeni Dolifixon' Del 0 V GlgoslSond'0 W0 Webb' jbtfbtfe 1415815 The Future Nurses Club is composed of girls who are interested in nursing. This year we spent some time learn- ing about the various types of nurses and the positions they are qualified to hold. We also studied the qualifica- tions necessary for the different educational programs in nursing. We had speakers and movies to inform us in regard to these qualifications. Miss Mildred Logan, re- tired school nurse, spoke on nursing as it was some forty years ago and how challenging and interesting it has been to witness the many changes both in medicine and nursing. Mrs. Smoldt, our adviser, has been one of our speakers also. We helped with the March of Dimes, and "adopted" an elementary school post-polio boy, who is having more surgery on his leg. We had as another proiect, the ob- taining of information on nursing positions and schools of nursing for the career file in the library. This year we enjoyed our annual field trip to the hospital. Lindd Ruben ' ef? bbins MTS - GUQlI.dc3-acllllililclisillvgll on Q R 1 H1 1 Sharon Snyxlllililtgifcillnlli -lidy Cope' Sion W. Gundocke '-N--f -xfxkk -' vs. . ine, R. A . 'N 1- , - W , - iso N . . ,V f A ine De fo : f .Udlne R- l il V-0995, Evon93 lx-o,etl0 UniLaJluAdY Villq, Virglizq, Maxine Souza W, Donna S me' imc deUY VW' won' Mary L 7 Weddefbum B 'Ido Adney c . dtex Nex,olo,WxmomsgeCond ,own ouise Fabbri, June :rbqra Redfet-,Zn gyle Young. From vwgas. Mcliobertil was Chinn' revalo, Mrs. Sffwolzibcrc Arnerson Va 9 , adygs 5gllY De ws, Belly nghe. er. son. D ennis orenziic The purpose of the Forensic Club, organized in the fall of 1958, is to help its members to acquire good speech habits. The club accomplishes this through pro- grams based on discussion and debate. The fifteen members selected programs which were both interesting and educational. These programs included speeches by a few local persons, as well as panels and debates, which covered various argumentative topics. Mrs. Thomas Sippel spoke in regard to her life in Europe and her escape from the Russians. Reverend Hugh Miller told about the schools in Alaska. This year we have outlined and developed five-minute extemporaneous speeches. We have made impromptu speeches, and we have engaged in two panel discussions, one on "Preiudice" and the other on "Campus Problems." One meeting was devoted to student interpretive read- ing of poetry, prose, or a play. Members of the club were invited to Fresno State Col- lege to see the production of OTHELLO and to College of the Sequoias to see OKLAHOMA. Therese Front r0"'i Mow phil Chinn' iebqumi dy Quail Parlwff 'lu Eli Q li: " ' Alene neuron, Ca......, .1 . 1 Garcia UBVCYIY mcnw., ..- ...v,- ' les Cl"B"Yl Chmn' D Mueller Caro I . FabfY Bonme Gonzo ' Front row: lane I Back row. Sharon I ' lsabelle Bezerra. S san Turner Janet Rocha, -lUdY Dommgos' lyefzanrujudy Humphrey, Carol Davenport. The purpose of the Future Teachers Club is to promote student interest in the field of education and to acquaint students with every aspect of teaching. To be a member one must be taking a college preparatory course. This year there were 37 members. During the year we have had movies and speakers to inform us of the problems and re- wards of the teaching profession. We have also had discussion periods, when we were able to have our own questions answered on such topics as college requirements, and the personal quali- fications and obligations of a teacher. We planned observation periods at the local grammar schools, where any member interested was able to observe teaching techniques in action. Many of the seniors were allowed to conduct a classroom themselves. It was also planned to establish a fund to be used in the future for field trips to nearby col- leges and possibly a scholarship to be awarded to a member planning to enter the teaching field. T . i ,,,, . ow: Redfearn, Wofford, Diane Cummings row Sue Heaton, James Costa. Front row: Mickey Sparks, Janet Meyer, Janelle Oakes 4 LI"Q QGC 8125 ADVISERS AND OFFICERS. Left to right: Mr. Whitten, adviser, Janice Phillips, secretary, Groverlee Meadows, vice president, Nora Wilson, president, San- dra Nunes, treasurer, Mr. Dawdy, ad- viser. 57 ohn"Y Gem jufw of America, The FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA is a national organization that reminds the pub- lic that thousands of boys studying voca- tional agriculture in high school are the agriculture leaders of tomorrow. To be a Future Farmer member, one must be enrolled in Ag Science and Ag Mechanics. The boys must also carry on a successful supervised farming program. There are four degrees that are avail- able to the members. The Green Hand is for the boys in their first year of Ag. The Chapter Farmer degree is for boys in their second to fourth year and is the highest degree offered by the local chapter. The third degree comes from the state organi- zation and is called the State Farmer degree. This is awarded to the top two per cent of all the boys in the state organiza- tion on the bases of project success, lead- ership, and scholarship ability. The last degree comes from the national organiza- tion and is rightly called the American Farmer degree. . Coho - Johnnie 951 Back row Richard Costa Tommy Hays Waven Huff Second row Frank Freites Lester Houston James Nail Jerry Lopez Front row Dennis 6ll'l'l'l QF5 Ckblpfel' 56 The F. F. A. boys have had many extra- curricular activities to keep them busy. First came the King's County Fair last Au- gust 26-3l. Then they had several live- stock, dairy, cotton iudging contests. A group of sophomores got off to a fine start at Bakersfield by taking fourth place for the livestock group. This was their first contest, and much is expected from these boys and others before the year is out: Don Skaggs, Marvin Jordan, and Henry Goleman. We had a team in the cotton-iudging contest at Fresno State this year for the first time. Jim Blakeley, Winston Turner, and Jim Orsaba competed as an alternate team from the freshman class. This year's co-op quiz winners were first, Milton Jones, and tying for second and filling positions through fifth place were Duke King, Norman Macedo, Lance Jason, and Juvenal Gonsalves. . k , Mr Fra n lm, adviser. Al D vm Souza Jo Left to right Oscar Goldman Stanley Costa Marvin Jordon, Alvin Oliveira, Garland Dodd Mr Franklin adviser Danny Oliveira Gary Robbins. Front row: Danny Toste Norman Martin. Uqvln D l:l'lEllHULE'l- Janet Rocha, F. F. A. Sweetheart. Doug V. : Rfllph Z . iq - 0 Ricky AUQCTU' Marsllzzra' Mr, Bm CHO. rf,-, Ford. 5 nes, ad - ltf row. L econd r Vlier Ivo Q. el,-,nd , Ow, E ftdfr, s'lveira, Jlilyeih Ford 4 Od Reinho, Nt OIG nsovmyMQr' CM .-..y mccias, R055 L . 'i STAGE TECHNICIANS. Forres? Laureano, Steve Thaicher, Philip Chinn. STUDENT BODY MOTION PICTURE COMMITTEE. Sharon Fabry, Sterling Laureano, Cara Riggs, Margie Simas. e uI5f Shdfon lfn -i ECONOMY RUN WINNERS. Patty Wolfsen, Nadine Riso, Sharon Duty. 5 45, uv ! 'Q .xdcfiuified PEP BAND. Back row: Tom Dooley, Gary Cropper, Ricky Anacleto, Ernest Drewry, Frank Freites. Second row: Steve Thatcher, Sharon Landis, Janet Meyer, Pat Orton, Nora Wilson, Loretta Webb. Front row: John Jones, James Wells, Penny Howe, Margie Simas, Eddie Ladendorff, Louie Victorino, Charles Wel- born, Ceil Howe, Frankie Bautista, Warren Rhea. G. A. A. MAKING CHRYSANTHEMUMS. Genevieve Madruga, Elaine Oliveira, Diana Cummings, Darlene Landis, Kathy Taylor. I, fm -1-Silas TEBAC: Jcllfay Huff-Plmlle Itlltljayvli rfon' 'OW SWG" SCHOOL' oc Turner, Gfove' W, Qusdft igbcifydllaonice Phillipi- SCIENCE CLUB, BUILDING A RADIO. Albert Silva, Greg Chinn, Philip Chinn, Larry Taylor. I mi '53 SEXTETTE. Dennis Lowe, accompanist, Lenora Leffert, Susan Huffman, Diane Mueller, Pauline Kimball, Susan Turner, Marie Wedderburn lnot picturedl. at My", Qs EDITIN G Jcne PQUISTAFF- Len Io ' rlghf, ,needy C Urreiro J , Chef Roc hq M , GPH-,Q Hur lb UH' MQry s. ADVISERS. Left to right: Mrs. Herrin, business sioff adviser, Miss Clowson, ar? staff adviser, Miss Groff, editing staff cdviser. ART STAFF. Leff fo right Koihern Reece, Johnny Burr, Janice Quchlebcum, Mickey Miguel. f- EDIT! edirwfv? STAFF' Le Usqn Tw ff fo ri h "wt-Q-i ner. 9 f: Te r"Y Macics M ' crlene Voz ' Carol Yn NU hes A ,f------. 4253 . dx.. .Nuxu If --',,.f 'i',,-,.,.,- elf' '4w-- . f-"'!'-a fb 'i 5 Y , ff' I-Y E . HLRZ.. i A i .b le, f Y 4- fi 2 .hi--'fl ' Lx ,--- im., xx . , f' .-n',Q ig Ng X f' -, ,415 wwf' ' - X K... .. ,, , s 3 n ,...'f- L r XX I -:' X iw? "J j ' """ f 'Q T V ff?-5 A ' ,Af-.r.Q,Q,g1-" , """"'- -' : ,,.. V. . .. V ,U , '.: L.'!e-vi, . 1 rib .' ' r - . -vw- 1.w,f,,.,q'V Q s nv 'A-,.. 1 -riff, i 51 4 , 1 r Fab STAFF J ry Bevefly Nlchohn on bUSln ll L 5 "'s ess manager Wu 'u rl!! 5, As the year rolled by, the NUNTIUS staff was always aware of time, for its members were in a constant rush to take pictures, to collect copy, and to meet deadlines. The editing staff, including eight members, planned the T960 NUNTIUS, which necessitated scheduling and taking pictures, identifying people in the pictures, making layouts and composing copy, as well as proofing. The business staff of five members had the responsibility of meeting the cost of the book by selling ads to businessmen and the yearbook to students. The art staff of eight members added to the beauty of the book by por- traying the theme pictorially throughout the book. The cover was designed by Janice Quattlebaum and Steve Bettencourt. ln order to exchange ideas on common problems of yearbook produc- tion, the staff members attended the annual fall conference at the College of the Sequoias, and again in May, the spring conference at Fresno State College. The Press Banquet in June was the highlight of the year. The unveiling of the completed book, the revealing of the dedication, and the announce- ment of the new editors were among the interesting activities of the evening, as was the expression of our appreciation to the many merchants who gave financial support in order that we publish the book. We wish to express our appreciation also to Mr. Frigulti of Fresno for meeting our picture schedule and for taking the excellent pictures of our book. We are indebted to Kingskraft Covers of Tennessee for their assist- ance in the designing and production of our covers, and to Mr. Maury Forslind of Thomas Lithograph and Printing Company of Fresno for print- ing this yearbook. RT X- . ,f Ys 4 T f 51 Q --- ,,,..,-,.A ' . L , Y K: --P: x jgi' N V .. f 1 1 5 :jf-'ffrv"""t' gkssfhtv H I3 F 'ii 'Ji 'fSizi3i'1qJw.,,.g:.zs1'g"- "' ' A ' C , . ,-M.,-.. lf U .,...,o.-at-v5IIldy'r'Mu . J - - Y - ..j:-:J """'.. -'H .Lf-'tc--"'-Qozr.vrn...3.h .wt-cg.-5" ' 1 x -awe-4.6M-,A1,:' ' ' ,, "'- ' 'T"l- -- .----:-1'.j.1,-p..s,k -- -""' . mfr 'n 1' if ft I Q 3 XXI' 27515 9 3 ,U ' , X? ,s f ,gy-S H 9 Q ii! J 'E v v f ' -1 y . 5 .N . 'qw' '1. 2 3 A,l f 3 I M X LM-Q JY Ly 1 QR ,i K 'V 49 J' 'w W 4, , if ' V ff 'Tf , gg12. !E3?ggl,f ex: 5 ,Y . E liz ,Q Bock row iron Torn DooXey. Second row Dovks. Front ro-N1 Leedy Correkro .x9"00RsA n Gory Sfnkkh, Rkcky P-nodeko, Ernest Drewry, y Howe, Xomes Webs, Thereso Monzo. GXorro Jones, Rosie Gornes, Xudy Dornkngos, Nancy V- Yrekkes, Robert 'frrde , Morgre Skmos, Penn Lnok pkduredy John Third row, Nora Wdson, Wknsion Turner, Lorerlo W ebb, Skeve Bodow, ' Toske, Drone Nrueber. BN Vo-L, loe Roberson, Por Onon, Koi Esrey, Undo XNeXborn, Sharon kondks, Bone! Meyer MA-,O RET-l-E S BO . ck row : Lindo MCG . ulre, Mlckey S Parks T I erry Mdcig s. Front row- C . ora Ri 995 Sh , or-on Fa bfy 56 can A DRUY"'9 fl M MARE: Bcrbar sms, Eifegqsson D och.-I o'0'hy D A many anal Sf lad "gf J Fab, - s mph Y' - e re Blqfrele Lowe Vicsnq '0w, 5' Mofciq O ,Q c .. :laik my I1 .5 'N F31 ali 3' , . S -I-shite ,Q . .X XJ.. g S- . xg'-exgli -. qfldi endmff Wy Hu 7, oflno ohh elo ' F'0nr Klelflh nd' Th' row' Be am"'er ,rd '0w. ' My For ' ffm H 'Cor d, D- urlb Y C"Op :one Roggy'sBurg-1, gf: Sieve Th On' cle 'Ter' D A Ufcher ndo Hu Ovid P ' Donn fchin obe, B., Y Tor, gs' War I I Raye es' Ge r f, M . 'WM GU Rhgc' Frsflfydo Migcrqy, Car ' arle, nfs' Augi e"7ham,.n efbo,,, "' Mach ef' Edd' ' Ceil Hado' De fe Owe Jo 'THIS ' Clrie The Lemoore High School band began the year appropriately by aiding in promoting school spirit at all the home football games and rallies. A pep band, organized by members of the larger band, played at football and basketball home games. In order to raise money for their band pins and party, the band held dances at noon. The band performed for the Armistice Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Open House and Horn Toad Day Parades. For the first time in several years the band made a very successful overnight trip to Berkeley to participate in the annual Band Day. The Public Schools Week concert in March was one of the outstanding per- formances of the year. Members of the band enjoyed their annual party toward the close of the year, As their final activity the band furnished music for the commencement exercises. -ey i v BAND OFFICERS. Back row: Eileen Rocha, drum maiorette, Rose Gomes, librarian, Moriorie Simas, treasurer, Terry Macias, second head maioretteg Mr. Weiss, director. Sharon Fabry, head maiorette. Seated: Tom Dooley, vice president, Me- 5. D. CI 5. C 'L 'U -1 0 E. Q. 0 3 If Q 0 I O. Ct I C -o n I 3 ID Nv- v- fb n -1 0 -Q D 9 O5 Nl 51- 1 zz' Q. gs , is J' . ?Tu. tiff ,au , ZA '35 3. fl . 5 ' "And they followed the star seeking Him who was born King of N533 gi the Jews." Why do l deserve "Am l not King of the Jews?' this glory-that the mother of my Lord should come to me?" Stanley Miguel, narrator. f ' Ofla ,gn gxcegiio eo The Christmas pageant depicts the story of the Nativity. The prophet foretold the coming of the Redeemer. The angel an- nounced to Mary that she was to become the mother of the Savior. A decree came from Caesar Augustus that the whole world was to be taxed. Joseph and Mary, who was with child, went into Bethlehem. Tidings were brought unto the shepherds by a heavenly host of angels when the child was born. Shepherds, kings, and wise men brought gifts to the new born king. Each year the high school presents a religious pageant to the public, the elementary schools, and the high school. This is their way of keeping the true spirit of Christmas. Therefore, the Lord Himself shall give you Q sign H .1 'N Q .fo Phillip Plank, nurrofor. 1 es Y 4 2 8 Q i ell V! if 3 M r f T 1 Hx - "Today in lhe fown of David o Savior has been born To you." l And rheY K 1, een down C "And the glory of Yhe Lord shall be revealed for the moufh of fhe Lord hcih spoken if." mm. nd worsl'1lPP ed Him". Come lfffl X, or if A, S shepherd- 3 7- .,-K " I 4 1, l1.J55f,, if 'A ,E Take YOur - xfm -- . ,,w.,, -V ffm e 'A " if .l,, .,-. iff, Y lamb ,O fh e Child in e manger QI l ,df .1 f :QA gre ' 47 1. F Q3 for If a 29, .lj pg X JK -x 45 ' 'S' ggi vb ff. 1' .-,gf z W. 2 I 'VT 'Q , ful? in I Q 5 X6 Hlff i A U!! S xg 1' K. '. Ao J Cgurfain oing I0 CURTAIN GOING UP was the name ofa three-act comedy presented this year by the senior class. The setting was the Riverview High School auditorium, where a young teacher had her troubles trying to produce the senior play. From disheartening enemies to laryngitis and stolen play books, her troubles seemed only to mount higher. The home economics teacher refused to provide cos- tumes forthe play, because she was iealous of the only bachelor in the school, a young teacher. The ianitor threatened the production because of a few hasty remarks. The first day of practice was dis- turbed by missing play books. Jealousy crept into the play, also making things more difficult. Andy was iealous because his girl had the lead and opposite her was the ladies' man of the school. Although the young teacher was completely dis- couraged, she came through with the best production ever given in the school. She also made friends with all her enemies and cleared all misunderstandings. THE BRAINS. Forrest Laureano, light man, Ginny Wedderburn, student director, Shirley Taste, prompterg Steve Semas, stage manager. "You ain't got high blood pressure, have ya?" Nb- "l got it' I got a souven' 1-sr' , 'L,-?i X fxi lm' il f "l'm Nancy's father you know 1 N 43- 'W Wil .- Ar :- 1. Zig'-E' ff' 1 f ,, nv'4" 73' 'Eivi- flk' V.. Fi'-'P T4 .Y':-'F s 9 X NIO! wi I 'A V7 xh koofhp Hildegarde, , , Mr. Dolson. . Mrs, Dalson, Sally- , - Bob. , . , Jimmy ,,,, Paige ,,,, Woshlng CAST , , , , , , , Groverlee Meadows Phillip Plank , , , , Carol Ann Clawson - , , ,Mirna Vander Veur ,,,,,,,,,Pal Newton . , . -Elmer Downing , , , ,Carol Garcia '11 I suddenly looked into the Tub and there if was a big black fish. Elly May ,,,.. Jill ,.,,AA,.... Freddie Shermer- - Mr. Shermer, , , Mrs, Shermer, , Girls ,,,,, U , Sludenl Director Prampfers , , , , - , ,Linda Snow , , .Adrienne Lofiis , , . ,Chris Buckley ,, ,,,,,,,, Dennis Parker , , , , , , , , , ,Glenda Hutchings Janelle Oakes, Patty Walfsen Pahy Wolfsen Janelle Oakes, Sue Woolever Il .pl . "Gel down on your hands and knees, and pick up Those worms." "I think you're mean and narrow-minded, and you ought to be ashamed N., ' r " "' K 2 1 ' T1 1 V f , t " 1' ' Fla". l if "' . :hx ', e AOUL Ae amz g ree +- AS . 3 J' 4 . W , , ' 4' "g':"" J t 1 If ' ilk" I . Hildegarde intended to make a noticeable but harmless speech - '- 3' 3 , ff' ,Q at school so that some boy would notice her and ask her to the A V, 1 ' " -t all-important prom. However, the topic was prohibition of liquor, Q. gp' ,S I and somehow it got around to the townspeople that her father i' 1 ' ' 3 was a drunkard. This obviously led to more trouble. Her troubles 5?-iz l Q l lx SQ mounted, her father's iob at the bank was in danger, and she ,,-- E ' '. had to go to the prom with a boy who wore knickers! All in all 3' - I V, the matter began to clear up. The tight situations and schemed A X solutions proved to be hilarious throughout this three-act comedy. 1 i-' 4-Pt' -Vw ha I 4 lg Ap' .ififif 'gs '?"0s'f. 15,4 Wi" Get off of me, you idiot. I Il sue. I ll take this to court. :Ll 3 4 l- Qc.: .ff 4-5 its .lr "Hildegard has such a pretty formal!" Gee, Hildegarde, that mud sure did do wonders! 34 ...ff , 74 v 'Y an Q -v rv. N-.e.. :, ff , 'Jin x --....i. - 9 T'-1... " Au-r ,gy 1' .F as f ....f..N. ,,,- ' ....., 15. 'A-, ,v..-.... A .4-0. ,Q ,.',- V ,Y ,., . ,.... .. M. 7 n ' M -Q """'2 x-18!l'!v,x. . " - ., -A ,, " . .,, awk, .-, ,M f. Y M -W a,-qafwh-wwf-'V I-fu.. 4- ioq - w A --A' --.fl an mx' 2 , ' - Lv- v -,o ' gpg-W.-4-.-4 .1--ii -+9-1' H- ,.... -- V - V -0' K -haf - A V ,..,.W I ucv. V r i ' U ..-wax, M, - .2 fT?"" ' I Q wr " ' , , . ,-rind.. A -1- .W funk , ,.-,-M . i W -4 avi- ' A '. ' ng.. ' .pam 02:49 ...- v 4 ,.. , - , - f an- ' -1 -""' ff- .-sf-x ' A " 3 ,, Q -. f- Q .-,M L ,Www---ni-fn lm - W - g : V Aww .HJ4 aku' -lg' ' ,,,, , , , , W. , 0' , X -1 , ,Amr 45 M . ff ff1.,. v-'L W- ,1"' M - A' M, L ' 'f fy A L ' ' V' .gun , --. war- "far -0 i ,lv -W M .MK f .5-gg, . '- 1 ' 'if , N' 2 A'L .' A if hs , 1 . ,Q , ' ' s 5 ' I . I V I 1' K Sr' 5' I 4 , ,-,. ,. fr lj 'f ,- f' fx I XX W f ,. f-,1 'xr-A,-, ,f ,,- ,NEA 1-V- ..,. f I-VA ,ff-A fff-- 'ff iV',f'f-ff ,.,c' A -- A 1' ,A,1f'f'-,ff ""f-,Q 'r,. ,-,- ,. f-,K ff-,.V, fy, M - f.-. .. ...-..-1-..,. w..,.. W .- v,X4"' I " -. -A . -1 V A V V,-. "f"j,l Q VM- , , "" , .V -' WA - .. - ' Vive-Fa.. "1 .. A a j - A :ws ' fb, --f-lm V "F A. E -V44 .-w",f15 ' K 4 - V ,uVM,'jf" k " x . V ,V-,, Ag V V V V VM, . - 2. W.. ,Hw.,,, ,, L , , Www? VV ,di . In VV k - M 1. V ' 0 'Q' ' ..Q,,py:p,':-f .S W, if V ,T ' ' A 4-Viz ,WV V I V 'B' - 'gg-. 'wh W 1-M' . V, f--.N ,,,., 'A Q' - ..a,L,,,..P ' - Q ' VV- Q... ,..,,qV, W Q... -'W , -.....A N . ' 1 f f , ' " I ""' 4 'W ' 4+ -as k-.V uw K ,T , V W ,F I ,MLW 4.-,Q fm-:4"f f' A- A -Am, V - ,W - 'W - Maw'- , ,V , , . U . J. S . mm , I , V I IV, ,, W -....., A 5 W,,,,.A,wV, V . 'V .. W4 4-a-11,94-.v A -N if Q V V . ,X W .V --. .. ,M V . . r VA Vs V. ,. 4, tb QQ. .""""" fm , . A'-0' ug' wa-5,-VV f- ... , iw - . 'ww .iq ,, "1 QQ K L -j "V ' ' -N. "-'musk - Q'-in V ' ':,g Www 4 , .0 if A g , I'-' 4 V .gm V, ...qw , . A . . , , W.. W ,N M - X ' ,- V VH My ' ' ' ,inf-1 , ...M rv . V, , , '..uT"-A .- 'uii -nl - .. - ..v,.n.1.M - M N laorffs Ogd Football queen, Wlllene Messer, IS escorted to the throne by Jerry Red and Ted Kung Wlllene IS glven a bouquet of roses as runners up Kathy Srl velra, Sharon Fabry Jackie Blakeley Melinda Miguel watch in 4, gs-Q --f union- W, wtf- an-91:--vs ww.. ,S wmwm rwfagf Hmii my AW, lj 'EBU UQ! fa "'l's-2:45 "N, mf- 51, N' :mv-rl Q1 wm- I in tfdmn The final klss comes from Ted Kung and Jerry Red Cara Riggs student body track queen .', ln 1 1 ' C- 1 I l A ' ' ' l s gf . , X f V I I I ' 1 tl I. Q I I N H7 . "' fs. -X 4 f-. ' - -- . . .4 , . , , , - M Q" ---V - . - X QQ . 1445-'rfj-If-:!f... wg -H -. " f , ,.-, f. . ' .-' . it f :kv ., .,f.,.zf ' ,.,....,-.-.,,.,,,..Ah:Ni,':y al ' f ,,?h'UfTZ'l1fv ."""4c-K+' J: W V. , ,u,, "L' 101091, U, 14,4 ,-N . . L VI V. ,, , ' f, rv- ff i"l 55,47 ' g,'.--i1u,:?"-- W' "- I I 'NiQ3si3:f. ' K f ft , fig, L . " I.g 'f2c,Q.z V 9 t. ' ' - -, ,V V .,i itfgfii f J V 2 , yea' ?.5Qi'.2",g ' " B ', ',,' 4,48 l,'.?' Ll' 'gl - , 4,21 3 Y V K ,fgw,.7,-'--.m.? - " - -w . - ' .f M, qA,.sav Q . 4 ,, A N.E'?,. .:,,-.,,. 1 . h V K :.0,.,,,,.x... X W . ' ' .. ' ,ff'1f5.,-.,f's-:1?fsa,- .-.1-.. , , -ff ,Q , , ,Y-.A wx. ' "'f1-'- '. 1 - - iz: N' '.:v:- :zz 4.3-. ' ,ff"q,. '-- A , , , ?a'1:4j:Tt,QQ.,f- ' , , ft' 1, " f . .- ' f .4 ' T"7e.x:ILa'-.imexlv ' I :Y h, ,, ,. . ,gnu A, .. Jr- M l . ,C t -1 Y '-.1 if-"f.7J5-5" ' Q ' . r,.,-,,9,.,. f -A Q , -12" 'Sv-if Aga I ,, , 7 . gun.: .. , . 4 ,',t, .. Lt ,Q ,. L, , gg: . y' v A R. , aw. L In V Q ff s ' i . , . F F A Queen runners up Sharon Duty and Marlene Rodrigues F F A Queen Janet Rocha "'iW-Wi "QQ Girls League kung and queen Nor man Marhn and Linda Welborn 'gy' 'Q Our Girls League Sweehe Rick Machado - l 'Nr F F F F F l M- f' L - 1 F D r - or , ' . ' Q , Vi Y Q m A hi W x 5. ig 1, L LQIIPPORT f , ' VLH' THIS ITIINY ,fi ii as L L ii 2 ,, r f X 1 . 'N LP6 Welcoming of the freshmen by a water show given by the seventh period swimming class was the first activity of the Girls' Athletic Association Our first sports were volleyball and volley tennis, which cul- minated in a volleyball volley tennis playday in Coalinga, at which Lemoore was well represented. 1' if L 1 if I ' , l 1 4 M "I , SF' . Q 0 l ,xdfkifw ,fgfizioccafzon if L X . -Q rig Georgina Pires, president. ln October, nine G. A. A. members attended the convention in Visalia. lgloos and scenes of Eskimos and snow decorated the gym for "Alaskan Holiday," the theme forthe G. A. A. Backward Dance. Yellow chrysanthemums with purple ribbon and glitter were sold at the first league football game, as a fund-raising proiect. For our Christmas party, G. A. A. members went bowling. The theme of the Lemoore Sportsday in March was "Winter Olympics," at which we played basketball. ln the spring we went to a Baseball Playday in Corcoran. Each year we girls wait for the annual slumber party, this year, as usual, we had fun. The G. A. A. activities terminated with a banquet in honor of the senior girls, at which the officers for the next year were in- stalled. As a service to the school we presented a banner to be used at games. Back row: Linda Welborn, Genevieve Madruga, Elaine Oliveira, Donna Skaggs, Willene Messer, Kathy Silveira, Gwen Semas. Fourth row: Darlene Landis, Antoinette Fires, Dora Gomez, Judy Mullins, Mary Therese Gundacker, Judy Villa, Norma Orne, Darlene Anderson, Shirley Lopez, Janet Meyer. Third row: Carol Souza, Pd Callahan, Caroline Castodio, Margie Wedderburn, Cynthia King, Jeannine Roberts. Pat Orton fbackl, Sandra Price, Marian Starrett, lrene Holliday, Diane Cummings. Second row: Sadie Mae Gamble, Betty Taylor, Pauline Kimball, Loretta Webb, Virginia Simas, Kathy Taylor, Judy Humphrey, Sandra Buyense. Front row: Nancy Gomez, Linda Fall, Marcia Oeland, Mary Jean Franklin, Mariorie Croslin, Shirley Walton, Carolyn Paulo, Pearl Perez, Barbara Clawson. Back row: Brenda Jacobs, Betty Watford, Sally Smith Connie Poole Third row Janice Chapman Rosie Luis Sharon Duty Melba King Shelba Peavy Letha Nelson, Linda Easley, Linda Souza, Sandra Nunes Gayle Young Second row Laura Oliveira Melinda Miguel Janelle Oakes Jackie Blakeley Susan Huffman, Gail Underhill, Donna Booth, Glenda Hutchings Linda Dias Kay Davis Front row Pauline Orique Betsy Bettencourt Gail Pollard Patty Wolfsen, Corrine Kriewitz, Janie Pires, Lois Barnes, Adrienne Loftus Marlene Rodrigues Katie Baker OFFICERS. Standing: Joyce Silva, vice president, Barbara Marrison, volleyball chairman, Doris Royer, spring sports chairman, Alice Oliveira, point recorder, Louise Holliday, basketball chairman, Anna Evans, assistant point recorder. Sitting: Mickey Sparks, social affairs, Rose Gomes, secre- tary, Carol Ann Clawson, treasurer, Margie Simos, council representative. w is l 4. Mr. Burton, adviser. FOOTBALL AWARD WINNERS. Back row: John Mvllins, Willie Howder, Frank Valle, Phil Loffis. Front row: Mickey Miguel, Kenny Neves. -...K .ff n Mgcedo, Gary 4 N0fmo . ond . - i, Kenny News' ld RobbinS, ROW' B k row. Glen McClTfeedLg:2k:a,dl:n?:l:?ff. Fglh FOJLYSESQTV Warrencihiikolggxsg CC ' ' ue I b rn ene - nnem G' l er' Stan MIQ Charles Wel 0 I h wi hm Dre - . Toneg, Ellililggn, Wins!grBT33negJephen Benenaogri-ggrlrhofjel jerry Divine, Dannne l N O ' V fl U I . ' Gar U Hu , WS' Mow REa?,:ii?T"Y F David D' 9 z r ' i as-six g , G?-V4 fig OFFICERS. Left to righl: Dennis Lowe, secretary, Gary Crapper lstandingl, president, Jerry Red, treasurer, Jerry Thayer, vice president, Ernie Ladendorff, sergeant- al-arms lnof picfuredl. T l-once Jasan e Cfufchfield . , Ch I Fw if . Virden, Phil Loffigrgk Gamble, Frql:,kli,BSUl'5'U, Sam Carlton Gonsalves Phim , P ene Dudley Tom MQ e, Frank Freifes S , Rod Reinhardt hird row. I-cnc Oliveira, Iii k P laflk. Front flo , , Ufflnez, Duke K' ' 'fCQhd row: Rob i C Machado, Mike PMEVBHI Vaz, Geny MCEQ, Willie Howder, Bgirl , COY Cross, Lloyd Wilgdlfichard Villi, Dag .- - Viv' W CC 7324 OZ rifiociafion All boys having earned a block letter in any sport are eligible for membership in the "L" Association. At present, there are over 120 members. Some of the purposes of the Association are to create a spirit of clean sportsmanship in all interscholastic competition, to purchase and make certain honor awards to its members, and to assist in the control of athletic events. The membership at present is one ofthe largest in the history of Lemoore and with the finish ofa fine basketball season, sev- eral more new members will be added. Frank Valle dribbles down for a basket. N E2 Joe Cheek blocks as Duke King carries the ball for touchdown, Booth adviser O 2 I 2 b Third 4 h mmer, 50 row: J n Manuel Dios' Tgmg l:iTlnR3Ye" Rolond Holman GOji1lillig:y.7'i1Alvln SOUZU, Joe Ca james Nail, Sonzlsgllls liitth row: Joe Nliocikzrinie Model' Ver-roci.,rl, lagfeetley' iwelvin Peretir:soxz,'liF0nard OIivel::lli3o"L:r'7 Tflylor Dwqyn H I krow: Q I ' Bcqrnu, . Gmei, no, - . A f IIEH 1 ap Z ' e yf szcughn, Larry Joint' gil-lard Wilson,J-lilfsgood Reinhardt, Qglfe :ruce Lowe. Ted King, Jsxllegrloyflno, Kent Annzzgeag John Mullinjlzilf-E5'econd row: Jcirrlr Boro 1 ,Lance 0 ' -gh Dan ' I om Do I I - 'Ont row, D ', Sradq 5, . Kfeps, Steve ' Founh row. ds, Gary Sm! I 0 ey, Alvm OI. , - enms Lo ' erling Poole, Bib sjauzulierrel, -ldmes Woo "e"0, Norman Msfrfglnsliflf gamut Contrera , ' ee V . C' Y1' 1: .vs 'Q , A ' I A ' . J -2 Lbykl , J X Q 1-,J H I ' 1 'R .. 1 STEVE BETTENCOURT JIM BOATMAN I SAMMIE CARLTON RICHARD COSTA ' ROBERT CRAPO 'I It I 1 H I 'I -I K I W 'I '-I ' , 5 - Q I E- , .5 1'-f , c... I N ly X - FRANK FRAGA NORMAN GAUNT WILLIE HOWDER DWAYNE HYLTON 1 I " . ' r1 an A -n I .I -l 'JM x" 'l 2? cf , 2i.k The varsity football team of 1959 had an overall I record of 5 wins and 4 losses. COACH RUHL TED KING Willie Howder, who gained 969 yards in 164 carries for a 5,909 yard carry average, again was awarded the most outstanding back award. John Mullins, who made 63 tackles and 53 assists during the season, also repeated as the outstanding offensive lineman. Frank Valle was selected by his teammates as honorary captain, LEAGUE GAME SCORES Lemoore- - - ...... l 2 Kerman- - - Lemoore--- ---33 Fowler ---- -- Lemoore--- ---20 Redwood ---- ---- Lemoore- - - - - 0 Mt. Whitney Lemoore- - - - - 0 Garces ----- - - - - - Lemoore- - - - - - 26 Corcoran- - - - - Lemoore- - - - - - 7 Shatter - - - Lemoore--- ---I4 CoaIinga--- ---- Lemoore--- ---I4 Wasco --- A 0l'l'L00l"Q .+A A- 22 'J - . lift , , . rf., ROLAND KREPS, Manager ' f L LJ is-I 4 i K 32 Q ' ..-ap 5' , TOMMY MARTINEZ I-JOHN MULLINS JOE NEAL aul'.lfAil"l,xl'1l'5 ' Q , 'fl' f -' 1--" .. - A rr A . . ' fs? I Q 'W In I ' PHIL LOFTIS rw.,-f' 77776 ,mug LEONARD OLIVEIRA .45 'vi' DAVID DIAS . ? E..-if . 4 1 I ' JOHN DIAS tl 41 3 '17 KEN HARRINGTON R 1 1 5-J TOM KLEINHAMMER STERLING LAUREANO 'Y f DICK LEE i 1 PHILLIP PLANK df' LANCE JASON COACH JOHNSON L QP5 4 BILL ROYER Manager B 'R i DENNIS LOWE I-I JERRY RED K MANUEL DIAS ."ll.l Iq E q l Invi- ,Eff ea f if? Q L? ,,E , MQ W A any Aw., - A ' V " Yfgv i i pf, E. Psy RONALD JOHNSON LARRY JQNES 1 ll k '1 I-i Lemoore puns Wesco 1 JAMES PATILLA Q M-4 FRANK VALLE 'Q -1 l MELVIN PEREIRA wg KEN WEDDERBURN RALPH ZAMORA J xo W Q ,Ax Q A 1 . . Y , s' ' 1 , 5 .I f E I , v2l 1 . ' A ia - my vf ' may I, 4 X A 0 A 4- g , fe f - " Q I I Y Lemoore Tiger downs Wasco man I E . - I If , nb- , I I O' IQ fs. I . t Ip ' ni ' Q 'L I 1 , r pl 1. ' , .V K.. L Qt-:+L , 5 A 5 J Lx YN 'R -, f S ' 8 ' th: F, I I- l Q I GARLAND DODD 4 ' GENE DUDLEY ' I A I -Q 9- f F COACH ROSS f J6ffen4 ,,,. as The Kittens had a very successful season this year resulting ,P ,, in a 7-2 record and a tie for championship with Wasco. 9 7 The team played good football throughout the season, stopping the opposition whenever it was necessary to preserve - our lead. Mickey Miguel was chosen honorary captain and Kenry Neves was chosen outstanding player. They were honored at the annual Kiwanis banquet held in December. COACH WHITTEN ?"S K l. KENT ANNAND 1.-1 N J 11 JOE CHEEK l BILLY GONSALVES '1 1 ...Q A - 1 -rf kk MICKEY MIGUEL - 1 .V 1 As. , 1, -.1 fi v jx, 1 gut' , 1 ,b V, wx vt ' N I AQRL A A. f" "f, 5' . , ' ,- - i ii"',2-x JIM BLAKELEY 'T U! 1- - 4, . -:IV , ' 4- s- E .411 CHARLES GAMBLE JOAQUIN DUTRA cov creoss , l JIM DRENNEN L 1 : gr: g , p gg l DUKE KING NORMAN MACEDO GENE MARSHALL . 44. i 4 l Back row: Gary Smith, John Kleinhammer, Lloyd Woods, Ronnie Maciel, Steve Barlow, Robert Virden, Bill Souza. Second row: Winston Turner, Monty Red, Alfred Borges, James Nail, Ernest Drewry, Bruce Lowe. Front row: Ray Dias, Lynn Irons, Mike Orton, George Rosenberger, Joe Macias. I Q , ' v H L 5. ,, D L 'A ,XV F K . I c. , N I I , 'Q 1 I 9 I Q., . :xnxx -EN, 51 V , I I -I , e 2 I r - fix V eg 4- I K TT , DALE MURRAY r A 1 g, Q 4 F helped along by a fine defense that usually succeeded in I Lemoore Lemoore Lemoore Lemoore Lemoore Q fn KENNY NEVES SEASON S SCORES Garces Corcoran Shafter Coalinga Wa sco N-'af XX 'I I 5' ALVIN OLIVEIRA 3 -Q N x fe-I l GARY ROBBINS RONNIE ROBBINS RODNEY SILVEIRA 1 af l f Q Q Mari I JERRY DIVINE m nager 2 FRANK FREITES manager ii i ff 3g :K J GLEN MCCLURE V 4 GERRY MECRAY llI PN l DANNY OLIVEIRA EUGENE ORNELLAS I' - H 1 WARREN RHEA 'nl' A PJQ JOE VAN LEER ...nl 41 Bac o Ver Poo F a k e Ba isfa Doug R ha dt D d Bette c rt Pete Mull ns T y Newion Bob Gogue e ond y u r1 on s e T er Ke y Jones y O saba Ro n y e Lo e t no Fr f o neil s o str Roy Gefe L 9 R O 4 4 'J I 'XX ' A I BILL vnizn L? Ulf lg I f , Q ,F 4 ! iff' Q T1 7"- fx fx A 9 HSLES EELS Cr " pg ,,. ,L 1 1.2 E 5 L Sf 7 1 P3 g QQ ffsxi f I ,Q PJ' Y di X 6 o S "'i "' - , o -jf, f E ---v-----,,--19 ,------,,----,l4 A A A ii A 20 J ii,iiifffww,X LL Q. . wckiiw R "fi L , LLL N fi ' V ' 'NX Siu LLL L iii ILL !i!5LLLiLi'Ni.rL1Lky113Y5?ffiiNfI' E Lf' U L: ir N L .L-:Nl "TLS QE fi "I INXS...-"' ' , . N-if I U 15, J..-"V P. , ,gf N ' ', Vi HQ!-'-X sf- - I 1QQv.f 213 . YL ii? ' E' 'Eli E Q ' -H- 'fvfaf-. U ' L x -, 1 ., 'F " 'L ,E - ,f 'E' L -ff ' -5,1 f X i 1 - A A ? L L 5 P' -A . I ll rfeee , 4' 1 4 L ,, A '24 L4 J- 'L' . -J ,-4 f ' I . 1 K 14, '.: L f A N - W1 K wr ' ' x L fi ' 1 -E.. I 5 K' f' i 'V E kr w: non le, r ni ui , ein r , avi n ou , i , omm , . S c row: Jimm H rlbu , Raym d Wil on, M lvin urn , nn , Jimm r , d e Vi ira, ui Vic- ori , on row: LarryJ nes, Eldon Or a ,J e E ada, Jim Davis, r. an ul , T is K' , P b or JE is LL33 M Eiiim TED KING COACH BURTON arfiifg Zgafilfefdaf JOHN MULLINS TOMMY SMITH SEASON'S SCORES Lemoore - - - ...... Wasco - - Lemoore- - - - - - Corcoran Lemoore- - - - - - Shafter - Lemoore- - - - - - Garces - Lemoore--- - -- Coalinga Lemoore - - - - - - Wasco- - Lemoore - - - - - - Corcoran Lemoore--- - -- Lemoore-- - - -- Lemoore-- - - -- Shafter - Garces - Coalinga Starting slowly in their practice games, the Varsity basket- ball team developed into a really fine team. The final tally in league play was eight wins and two losses for the Co- Championship with Coalinga. Ted King, Rick Machado, Johnny Mullins, Frank Valle, Phillip Loftis, Mike Potter, and Butch Conner, all seniors, will long be remembered for their outstanding play. Tommy Smith as a freshman stood out also with his fine play. The boys back again next year will be Tommy Martinez, Bob Wlaschin, Tom Kleinhammer, Dick Lee and Jim Boat- man. They will form a fine nucleus for what could be an- other successful season. JIM DAVIS, manager ERNEST DREWRY, manager RICK MACHADO FRANK VALLE JIM BOATMAN ix' X . 'x X g"3 BUTCH CONNER TOM KLEINHAMMER Two points for Tommy Smith. PHILLIP LOFTIS MIKE POTTER 'FN V . xx vw 14 x Machado breaks a tie. DICK LEE 3' ' f TOMMY MARTIN EZ ROBERT WLASHIN K After losing all five practice games, the Lemoore B's won nine straight league contests before dropping the last game of the season to Coalinga in a close, high-scoring game. Outstanding players on this aggressive squad were Lance Crutchfield, Joe Carvalho, Jim Blakeley, Charles Gamble, Dan Oliveira, Frank Bau- tista, and Jerry Divine. SEASON 'S SCORES Lemoore Wasco- - Lemoore Corcoran Lemoore Shatter - Lemoore Garces - Lemoore Coalinga Lemoore Wasco- - Lemoore Corcoran Lemoore Shatter - Lemoore Garces - Lemoore Coalinga JERRY 'DIVINE 'YW U Ll I JERRY GARCIA Ulf DUKE KING RONNIE LEWIS STEVE AMARO i ps S. RICKY cARvAu-io Q 1 RAY D IAS 1 lOE MACIAS STANLEY COSTA C Roy Geler was the high scorer for the year with 68 points. Rick Cor- valho did a fine job as play maker. Vernon Poole was a sfrong rebounder and scored 52 points. Dale Murray and Raymond Wilson rounded out the team and played well on defense and pulled down many rebounds. Bobo Oliveira was used as a sparkplug for the team on many occasions. Lemoore - - - Lemoore- - - Lemoore- - - Lemoore - - - Lemoore- - - Lemoore- - - Lemoore - - - Lemoore- - - SEASON'S SCORES -----24 Wasco----- - -- -45 Corcoran- - - - - - -42 Shaffer -- -- -38 Garces -- ---3l Wasco--- Corcoran-- - ---26 Shaffer -- -- -40 Garces -- ---38 ---12 ----10 ----35 ----25 --lb --15 ----32 ----24 ROY GETER ROD HYLTON ROLAND KREPS LYNN IRONS i 9 DAN NEWTON LEONARD OLIVEIRA ALFRED PAULO '55 ws gy ! DALE MURRAY Qs A RAY WILSON VERNON POOLE L J JOE SOUZA A X ROBERT VIRDEN ROD VIEIRA Q 3 .5 -32 Back row: Mary Jane Paulo, Sharon Landis, Mary Lou Conner, Barbara Morrison, Diane Robertson, Linda McGuire, Mickey Sparks, Lois Barnes, Jackie Blakeley, Linda Robertson, Patty Wolfsen, Carol Ann Clawson. Front row: Jean Roberts, Cindy King, Mary Ann Lapp, Betty Vix, Judy Humphrey, Mary Jean Franklin, Darlene Landis, Barbara Clawson, Margie Wedderburn. fl-, , Coaches Johnson and Huneke. Girls' Relay: Patty Wolfsen, Carol Ann Clawson, Jackie Blakeley, Mickey Sparks. Managers: Betsy Bettencourt, Linda Dias. 19- rflf M y' Diver Jimmy Fox wimming ,""" AC V --avi' -r-"T" 4 ,',.,.4n All year the Lemoore High swimming team members antici- pated the coming of spring and the beginning of the swimming season. We began our training in the latter part of February with land exercises and running. lt was not until March 21 that we actu- ally began swimming. L,-Aw, .4 fs., -.1 Z MQ.: 2 . -2 '- 1. 1 .... fn, - , g 3. .w .- Some returning "A" Class let- termen who were an asset to the team this year were Steve Betten- court, Larry Jones, Melvin Pereira, Charles Welborn, Steve Thatcher, and Stanley Miguel. They afford- ed strong competition for our opponents. The swimimng schedule was somewhat shorter than in the past years. April 19 .............. Hanford--here April 22 ............... Wasco-there April 26 .... Lindsay and Coalinga-here April 30 .......... Sanger Relays-there May 7 .... - --League at Lindsay-there May 14- - - ...... Divisional-Wasco May 21- - - -- -Central Section Finals- Divers: Mary Jean Jean Roberts, Mary Mg, Whigney Lou Conner, Linda McGuire. 'f'fiE',.f'?f'7"f....., " -32' -- ' s, wc Y, """""'F'H ' 1 5 un w E J., 2' ,, , ., . -3... , Q., y, 1' ...-.Anza Y r 'lui w5gg,.L-LQ ' +L.. I ,,-. -. Wu- -r 4151 hr fllxsi- ' ' J""c+-775.3-1.-,Few ww f -us' 'f"f:f!.l+:QIL L- -334.1 ef?--f . M , 4'---f -in ou- , ' -s-,,q 1 -'wg Y ' 5 . 1 S , . , 5151. g - ,J-fm.,-. .. t . f' .i'i5'5-KJ" . . ae- X ' ' Diver: Linda McGuire. Boys' 100 yard free style: Jim Blakeley, Larry Jones, Gary ,,V,vc,,,e, 1 , t .M , ,,,,...,,sw . V in -- Lfi..2-f.4"..1A.,,-,-t4r,du-'-' FL .,, fr' T1 Back row: Doug Stebbins, Jimmy Fox, David Bettencourt, Melvin Pereira, Stan Miguel, Steve Bettencourt, David Dias, Chris Buckley, Forrest Laureano, Melvin Turner, Cecil Lipe, Eldon Ornellas, Larry Jones, Kent Annand. Front row: Gary Hill, Richard Villi, Kenny Neves, Mickey Miguel, Bruce Lowe, Billy Gonsalves, Eugene Ornellas, Norman Macedo, Rodney Silveira, Bob Gogue. 7-. " -2 4 -win .f-33? ,,.,.,.-5 . ' ' A. K l 143: ., ,,, . Sterling LaureanO, . V , , H lton. Front 'OW' A Carlton Tom Kleinhflmmer' Dougilllgloncl Dwayne Y , m , - Q . k Ralph Zamorfl, Burch Connefr GenT,e?D:i.Jl'3YbTi?42ralY Frank Bautista, Frank Freites, m Bgq row: -I m Martinez, Vaughn, om 7' Lance Jason, Bob Lemoore's '59-'60 baseball had a slow begin- ning, for the Varsity dropped three practice and two league games. But we roared like tigers after winning two league games in a row, for it seemed as though we had a good chance to make up for our slow start. Our infield was composed of three Varsity letter- men and two Junior Varsity lettermen from last year. The catching position was the toughest job on the field. We had two iuniors at this position who did fine. The men in the outfield were the ones that had to be on their toes. We had two returning Varsity lettermen and two men from the Junior Varsity. Our pitching staff was made up of three iuniors who improved with each game. The Lemoore Tiger baseball team may not have been best, but we had players who wanted to win in the South Sequoia League. The J.V.'s was an inexperienced squad made up mostly of freshmen, with a few sophomores. Lack of experience hurt the won-loss record, but the opportunity for building ball players for future years was with us this year. Good spirit, fine Mr. Ruhl, coach. sportsmanship prevailed. Doug Reinhardt, Pete , 1. Mr. Ross, coach. Mullins, and Rodne Vieira were the most outstand- I Y mg freshmen prospects. af Back row: Pete Mullins Dick Lee Rodn ' ' ' , ' I Vieira Cell Howe D . row: Gary Robb I L J ey ' . , ' C'nnY Newton, Jerry Garcia, D R ' h d 4 ' 4 . manager. Ins arry ones, John Peterson, David Dias, Roland Kreps, Jimmy Davis, Rob:iJt9Vi::lrenmBabdegliv2libnel:oTilL 5195? 'Jimmy Hlfrlbun' From uc ornno, Augie Machado, .4-. X 7' . 'i' l Rosie Luis, Nadine Riso, Pat Bailey, Doris Royer, Pauline Kimball, Marie Wedde Miguel, Gwen Simas, Janie Pires. ennifi As the spring season approached, many tennis team hopefuls invaded the tennis courts. Mr. Franklin, the ten- nis coach, with the help of his managers, Rosie Luis and Janie Pires, got them into ladder formation. Pat Bailey, on top of the girls' team ladder, lettered the three previous years. Sharon Duty, Nadine Riso, Carol Lopez, and Laura Oliveira have also lettered. At this writing, the girls' team has won l, lost l. The boys' team, although only five members returned from last year, has a very promising future. Larry Taylor and Gregg Chinn are the only lettermen on the team. Although the match scores have not been in our favor, the team is willing to work hard to finish the season brilliantly. SOUTH SEQUOIA TENNIS SCHEDULE March IO-Coalinga ....,,..........A,,.......,,, at Coalinga March l7-Shafter .... .... a t Shaffer March 31-Corcoran- - - ..., at Corcoran April 7-Wasco ....... - - -at Lemoore April 30-League Meet--- .... at Coalinga May 7-Divisional .... ,,..,. a t Fresno May l4 ...,,.,.. - - -Valley Finals ' l if - .se ,ei ,- FFT . . A " 3 is 4 ii' E 255 M ' ' A +3 l 1- se! T ' JS i.. 1 H f 1 rburn, Georgina Pires, Laura Oliveira, Melinda Mr' Fmnklm' Couch' I I . . , ,, . , -N 1 - v. , 'vw ,A " uf' X ' V 1 P "' I L :ll 1 'I ' 1 ' f V l D331 'C 'A l "IW Y ' +4 v - . U I I fmt +L wwf 'L I ' i Lenora Leffert, Carolyn Paulo, Ginny Wedderburn, Pat Orton, Marge Simas Penny Howe. Ricky Red, Dale Smith, George Rosenberger, Dennis Houlsby, Larry Taylor, Johnny Gomes, Phil Chinn, Greg Chinn, Robert Wlaschin. L..- Pat Bailey, Larry Taylor. 1 ' 'X 'K ef: qi -nc W lk, .ig- IX ' r '25 'I' . t , ."Th,,, in- s IX he h Waffen R X Ol CWC 4. XcV-Y v - ,- - -' se atsws' R f A-'15 i ow The -,-'gl if is rr . 4, .slefffr-V yhf . . es KO e fofm ,ls 55-"?"9!"'5'f?', . ,,.-, ,. Teva' WQYCYJ lh me Mania?-beak 0 , Sou-L I :x-.- Gary Cropper, Dennis Lowe, Steve Semas, and Don Griffin start out on their run. 5 ' .ew : sic" X' . -vw . E JTC 5 ,.,..-F... B' " ' lb l -l .n-LV Joaquin Dutra, Coy Cross, Bill Souza, Montye Red run ol NW .7 . the low hurdles. M., -,,, . V. . . . jug The track team this year was one of the best-balanced teams at Lemoore High in sev- eral years. To date the Tigers have won three different triangular meets. On March lO they won over Kingsburg and Mt. Whitney, on March 25 they defeated Avenal and Coalinga, and on April l they again scored wins in all three classes over Shafter and Coalinga. In the Varsity class Tommy Smith, Ted King, Rick Machado, Dennis Lowe, Steve Semas, Jerry Red, Jerry Thayer, Kenny Wedderburn, Mike Potter and Eddie Ladendorff were strong point winners. Class B was led by Richard Wilson, Charles Gamble, Jim Drennen, Joe Carvalho, Duke King, Gene Marshall, Coy Cross, Joaquin Dutra, Alfred Johnson, Bill Souza, James Woods, Lloyd Woods, Frank Valle, Lance . "rc Crutchfield, and Warren Rhea. 3 E f ,. ss. if In Class C the strongest competitors were rl F F Raymond Wilson, Roy Geter, Dale Murray, Vernon Poole, Joe Macias, Steve Barlow, Rick King, and Rick Machado. 14. rgso--4 ,. .- ..af-e - s fe Going over the high hurdles are Jerry Thayer, Jerry Red, Ted ,L ...M . A TW , ,,.-1 K- -.. J J' 9.12. , 'ts T X 1, '- 's ' 'S Lance Crutchfield goes over the bar - -ggi mai. Carvalho, and Montye Red. Emi it . X Lloyd Woods demonstrates shot-put to Ronnie Robbins, Glenn McClure and James Woods. James Drennen, Richard Wilson, Charles Gamble, Alfred Johnson start "" the 440. KCC.-Dhunnplrhruurw n una-.Lag F' mann-,wand Q' fi VT' V Duke King, Vic Marshall, and Joe Carvalho lump the g high hurdles Mr. Burton, coach. e es , iz! J-.1 Mr. Booth, coach. 1-r 55 f """1I'g. 5' it 4 i Bill Clayton demonstrates a broad iump. 1 fr ' . . 1. ' ffl-. I Q H Kenny Wedderburn heaves the shot-put as Alvin Souza, Phil Loftis, Eddie Ladendorff, Frank Fraga watch. nl, ,A 5 Ken Harrington, Stonie Dodd, Frank Valle, Kenny Mc- Cray, Tommy Whitten discuss pole vaulting. Gwen Semas Mr. Albrecht, adviser 4 Laura Oliveira elo ir :S SQUAD LEADERS. Back row: Judie Culp, Stanley Ornellas, Adrienne Loftis, Mary Lou Gon- salves, Leedy Carreiro, Jane? Meyer, Cara Riggs. Fran! row: Mary Jean Franklin, Jackie Blakeley, Margie Simas, Beverly Nichols, Barbara Clawson. X Melinda Miguel ll MQW- Willene Messer OFFICERS. Left to right: Carolyn Nunes, secretary- treasurer, Susan Huffman, president, Stanley Miguel, vice president. fer, 64.4 , The goal of the Rally Club is to develop a group of young people devoted to service to the school with responsibility and interest in initiating and completing any required or helpful service program. The Rally Club volunteer membership has furnished students to handle ticket sales and collection at all athletic activities during the year. Squads organized by the president and activated by squad leaders have arranged and worked on all decorations for the ath- letic contests. The close cooperation of the Rally Club with the cheerleaders and pep girls has produced the rallies so necessary for building interest in school activities, school spirit, and sportsmanship. The Rally Club managed one football concession and sold football programs for one game to obtain money that is being deposited for use in the future to purchase a means of identifying its members. The homecoming game, with the selection of the football queen and attendants and arrangements for the mid-game activities fol- lowed by the after-game dance, was one of their main proiects for the year. CAQQI' Olga eff! Y-1 C7 , -- K. Lois Barnes, head cheerleader. The interclass games were a new experience for the freshmen. They called themselves the Celtics and chose Louie Victorino as their manager and Ernest Drewry for their coach. Although they didn't win, they put up a good fight. The most appropriate way to end the basketball season is by participation in the most exciting games of the year-the interclass basketball games. The main pur- pose ofthe games is to promote school spirit and loyalty in each ofthe classes. There is mounting rivalry and competition from each team, since each team hopes to be the champion. The games offer an opportunity for complete participation of stu- dents as cheerleaders, players, managers, and coaches. The ob- jective of each class is to gather the best ideas, costumes, and other necessary material in their last-minute rush before the games. The 1960 champs were the mighty Senior Chiefs followed by the Junior Pahoos People, the Sophomore Mavericks, and the Freshman Celtics, respectively. The Pahoos People had Carol Ann Clawson as their manager and Phillip Losey as their coach. The iuniors came in second. Y' ' IEFUVW- """, I DU""' " - 'OR CWEFS Wucl:lQlho,1ohn MuiiiaZd?dG:i DudleYf Edd'e gli:'ll?iZ!Bl?diT:aric?f Phil Loftis, Rick MCC ' ,gil ielfffadif QITIQJ Beverly leads the Chiefs on fhe warpafh. Joaquin Dufra serves as manager and Willie Howder as coach for the Senior Chiefs at The lnler- class Games. They trained the winning team. Dressed as Indian maidens and a warrior were the senior cheerleaders: Jackie Blakeley Sfanley Ornellas and Beverly Nichols. .144 - K Q?-Rl J" M. 'LA -1- , 1 ,egzzarf O Jackie Blakeley leads the Chiefs in a pow wow. 2 Cara Riggs, Terry Macias, and Sharon Fabry keep The spirit alive. eerie' i Sgvlel Butch Conners hits a double ti'RH7 P' exif' ' , fir use , A ,M 5 'me-,"a-if if 5 4 w -4 L x 4 as 4 -a I 7 Raymond Wilson Roy Geter, Dale Murray Steve Barlow and Vernon Poole compete for top honors Jdffivfffed QGEQ5 Jim Blakeley makes a basket. Q , Y A 5 3 ' 1 , ' v . V 4 . rv vt ...Z L 'Wax' N XV A pf s ' A :psf . ore High School cheer- section. Carol Clawson in starting position. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS. Back row: JoAnn Muniz, Janice Phillips Irene Holliday, Betty Ford, Front row: Norma Orne, Judy Villa Mary Therese Gundacker, and Sadie Gamble. Gloria Herriage, Mrs. Huneke, and Brenda Woods playing shuffleboord at noon. 3 fi xx L V , 1+. .M Qs.. .xgcluerfiriing Our Thank The firms and persons whose advertisements appear in the following pages have generously given their support toward the publication of this year s NUNTIUS. We the NUNTIUS staff extend our thanks to these advertisers for the good will shown us lt is our hope that they will feel repaid by the patronage of those whose yearbook they made possible C G Follett Raymond Nlday Insurance H Pt Dr George D Guernsey Dr R A Bailey Advance Style Shop Dr H M Atkinson Fruend Service Dr Benlamun H Pratt Dr Allen B Short Dr Celsa M Dockstader Souza s Flymg A J E Huggins lumber Art Print Shop LEMOORE Dr J P Young Dr F E lees8- Dr L Davoli Bob 8- Vic s Shoe Store Floyd Service Mehaffey s Fine Food Alice s Wonderland Lovoma s Beauty Shop Dr R W Burgoyne Dr B .I Wu son Dr D Zlemer Lemoore Bottle Shop Fresno Hanford l I W. ."a"Hill " ' 'i I ,,,. 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,s,,,A,,,,,,s,,s,,s,,,..,..,,,, Q s,.,.ss,...,,s S trotford Q Scottze vnu Kings County s Most Experienced Recapper cf: Af I J1928 .Sfff .Sf QUALITY RECAPPING IS our most Important function PREMIUM In every way except PRICE only S8 88 puts a 15000 mule cap on your present smooth tures ISIZG 670 x ISI For only 200 more you get a 20 000 mule lob Loaners If you wish and CREDIT OF COURSE. EVERY owe YOU SPEND WITH US GETS YOU AN J l GREEN STAMP Q 14552 , - T? Ii' X 51:14 IQ iv? ' I9 l g 2 9 I' J? .I L N , n C C ' I - II rr I4 u I4 le - Ji going V, ron? 5 - , ' - H If - - i ffm vc: ORTCN S EQUIPMENT CC 20280 Mom Street Sirofford Colnfornla Telephone Windsor 7 3301 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT I I In I I , A J - :IH ' 'I' IIVIUIAYIOIAI. , I 4 ld ' - I I . I C ongrafulahons Class of 1960 SCHWARTZ FARMS, INC Bun F Phone Windsor 7 3250 Stratford, California 'Vx HEALTH WEALTH AND WISDOM We hope that the futule holds all thi ee fo1 you' You can stalt planning you1 futule now and a good banking connectlon can be vely helpful. Save leglllally with C10Ckel Anglo and call on us whenever you need financial service and advice. You'll like the way Crocker Anglo does business. LEMOORE OFFICE D and Helnlen Streets Memes reosnxu osvosn msunmcs CORPORATION 3' 4,3 QIHSX-K!5j ' 'yi'f'2w igj'fQTf,,iY y Q N 1 kjflfnj , ' . - W ff - V ,A , . A j X . n- W x' 4 sh, ... . . . . . . . . , . . , , . . . . . .- Jn.,-at XB MIRVISS Where you can always fund the NEWEST STYLES In coats suuts hats dresses lungerne slurts sweaters foundation garments blouses bathing suits hosiery belts and costume lewelry Hanford Bring this coupon and get a free pruze l l 25 West 7th Street LU 2 0256 California - 1l01.,W,,. N b , 'ls ll 4 ? , I . ' s L I I 1 If ,Q sv f I , 'M . 1 fk.. a Q., .M f gf ff, 1 - , L ' I s 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I ' -1.-.....11--....-' n n I . l KINGS DRIVE-IN THEATRE 3 Miles West of Hanford on Highway 198 Near Armona 5 Miles Easf of Lemoore GEORGE E. PETERSEN Hanford, California Res. Ph. LUdlow 4 6421 P. O. Box 655 Phone LUdlow 4-5425 T John and Steve look small compared with LIONEL SEMAS earth movers ?'-:ray wtf! 'V 4' ,Q ,,, fgw 5 Sharon and Dorlene push Beverly us mode by WEDDERBURN BROTHERS y X excuted and Steve ns ready for take off un thus fancy go kart who do any type of machine work 'B 1 4 4 ll , .1 K ' ',,. ' , ' XA 5 is QQVIA I ' ' If pa -,wa H, ' . N nv 'fl I f K A ' ' ,K Q " .. Q :E k A , 'M 4 I-if if' ,Ei LR Q ,.,.,,,,-.1 3 v ix. X I N xi.- t r e e A Vx L ' ' v 't -'N 4 g V. K 6 -. nf' I, b ,fx-71 N ' ' - ' . .',,f" D 6 1 .t . ' :fi ' T 0 Y V -o r - 3- fi X " ' ' - -- f A ' ' H eff- .f ' "'V , f, ' ' , 1' . 5 . pp. f tffx v ' A ' X H WS' gif' '- W' ' ' . . A A f .- . X1 t- x 1 1: J' "' ' 5 g .,, I L - X. X ' - - - .. H - - .- H I I , . 4 1 1 5' 'AL "'.-IIIIIZIFIII' lll'u'1ln.-an ' xx:-g.,, . ,. :EAYu'u'n'x 1 4 u I l . J 1j.f.-.w. . .. . gms:-.Q.,.V.-. . . J Janet shows Steve and Carolyn gust one of the many lovelnes available at NATEVA S 'W-A I Dorlene snthng among the plants and beautiful landscopnng dlspalys at SPONSLERS NURSERY al' 10965 l8th Avenue Lemoore X 2 Q x X ' .f I l , , . . . , I 4 . ' Q x . X I J s - 4 V jf f will s ' ll l Q e A 1 Y 1 . 5 K X ln fji ' . -.N A - 'X X 5 I l l l ' I 'Q . ffl , , X , , V ' A V 'sl V, i.s - 4 , M v : ' . K - ' - 3- QI Z , , , ,V WHL, f . .X flfffr M I F , , , 1 Q, L , , , . A W A if M . - . . . , I , . Poodles Puppnes Basset Hounds Stud Service ORTON S RAFTER 0 KENNEL JIM ROSS ORTON Phone Stratford WI 7 3305 l8587 Kung Avenue Lemoore Calnforma Champnon St Aubrey Emmrell Nuck Nack lEngllsh Importl Nicky 'i .J f A Y' Beverly IS showing John one of the many crlsp fresh vegetables always available at LINCOLN MARKET In Lemoore IDX ' 7 CC 79 ' . I . . "W 41 X4 ff' - . ' - 1 . W - Y -- 1 . K it ul xg vc -: Q I. f- A rj f ' Q' ' .l L be f N. b- - . ' .fy r- ' C . P L ' L : L . ' 'Pi . "jr 4, 15 riff! L I N . , N 'N 'Q L V ' I - ' , s use ci ,U 54 I -rg k E54-NJA. N iq-i..,.1q 1 -: . , ' f- . - ,ff i I ld' 'P CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES ANH UF IVIEHIE!-I NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP LEMOORE BRANCH 4 4 D STREET LEMOORE CALIFORNIA 'Loi 'vm EIB Drstmctuve Furnnture Draperies Carpetlng Fme Clothes for Men and Boys at Reasonable Prrces 9 Featuring Hart Schaffner 8. Marx Clothing S I Wrlham VanAndeI, Owner HOME FURNISHINGS DECORATING SERVICE 210 West Seventh St Hanford, Caluf Phone LUdIow 4 3819 P'10"e IU 2 0080 319 North Douty St Hanford, Caluforma . ' - I . ll-u . E .. A 5' -il, on . . , . , 'II.u. ' .Q.,.21-1,IIl,"I""' .Uff ' - I I 1 . f' fj A vv ,I If - ,.,,..,--.,-.. ,-. t,-.....,. .,............-...,....W.... - . -.--...- ...,.. . , ..--............,...,.....,, ,.,,, ,..,.r, N .,, 1 . 1 ll 1, I - t,,, b ,Wd M bfrf S, H . FTE ' ' A -' -X I Il ' .... E , 6 . V. ' x 1. u ' .-.--I ,--L -0 W.-, fi,-A 5 W M A ,. -- -Qi - Steve, Jerry, Ginny, and John peer af the gallons and gallons of milk in the cooling vats at KINGS E COUNTY CREAMERY Lemoore. STRATFORD AUTOMCTIVE SERVICE Congratulates the Class of 1960 Janet and Terry admire the many lovely gift :tems available at MCDONALD S ' , . Q . . . - 1 YL i -9-L. 5 .4 I-I.: Need any new faucets or towel racks? Ronme Beverly ond Ted admire the tremendous selection at LEMOORE HARDWARE ll'inl' M. the fact that LEMOORE LUMBER has everything Martha Gary and Leedy are trying to DRILL you on for the skilled carpenter or do it yourself man i' ,5-Ulf x.. 5'P'l' 'SKY ww BUG BOMB 1 sg., ture Department keys to a beautiful new Chevrolet pickup. "1"h--.A ' A --vw A L U? ' Mr. Ted Armstrong, from A 8. L CHEVROLET, Lemoore, presents Mr. Barnes and boys from the Agricul- 1-qv Susan her Thunderbird at BURKE and STEVENS of course 1 Yi Mary Jane ahs af the beauty of merchandlse available at POINDEXTER and SKOEGARDS Marlene smnles approval ai Q 1461 TNJQQI 11111 itil .-Z Melvm rs helplng John decude on a graduahon sunt from TUBBY AND FRANK S f Q . CONTINENTAL GRAIN COMPANY Gram Merchants 311 ESI eer P 0 Bo 606 Pho WaInuf4 5631 Le oo Cal fo nIa REAL ESTATE BROKER A A ITonyI Laureano Salesman VVA 4 5674 325 Fox Street Lemoore X f FRIENDSHIP IS OUR BUSINESS MURPHY S IFWEI II RS LEMOORE, CALIFORNIA ex o r 0 Post ICS " r , . . x I I X I HV- I - ne - m re, i r' G. B. CHINN PFI I I X III I 1 91 4 w w L Q J J J L N IDOI Off' DON'T SPEND YOUR LIFE 2 FEET FROM HAPPINESS SI L5 Happy Feet for All the Famnly W Seventh St Hanford Calrf MGUEQZYVIEZIZS KPc:h:otuon FROM COACH CORPORATION Manufacturers of the Crown Supercoach the Natlons Safest and Finest School Transportation 2500 E 12TH STREET LOS ANGELES 21 CALIF MARTIN MUTURS Lemoore s Motoring Cen er P QPLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE Qi-Z The most modern equipment to servlce every make of car 129 D Street Phone WA 4 2298 . I I f ff , . 121 I. . , I I . 22 35 Y T' ll 1 ' '11 . "kb ,A X fr' .. I f -'rw V W BLRRUWS Dlsfrlbufor of STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Extends Congrofuloflons ond Best Wishes To the Class of 1960 Il JNI , URI! SIURI -' Prescruphons Sfchonery Cosmehcs Candy Helnlen 8- D Phone WA A 2092 Lemoore Colnformo -- Congratulohons to We Closs of 1960 from THF PHIPPQ LVIORTUNRY Lemoore Coluformu 42ODS1reef v T v 1 . . ' L, ---.Q 1 ' 1 ' ' ,Q , J A . I ' 1 wr N AW - - l K. L J - If ' W L, ' 1 fur uwwum. ij I 1 Y J L L yi' I SI'IIUIfSIf-H EITZ V A R I ICTY STI IR ICS A Western Organization Cooperating and Working for the Welfare of the Community Lemoore California IDEAL CLEANERS QUALITY ALWAYS LEMOORE RLBALI AI A RILSTAL RANT FINE MEXICAN FOOD HANFORD CALIFORNIA Pho e LU 4 8567 P li T w 7 1 'N T I, I V7 Miles East of Hanford on the Visalia Road n - Ted and Mary Leon Pro riefors DQRAAD WAREHOUSE Gram Hay Seeds Sulphur Feeds Ferflllzer 400 E Street Phone WA 4 5643 Lemoore Callfornla WOLFSEN GRAIN ELEVATQR CO anmg T l x W d 7 3055 LENTR AL LUMBER COMPANY Build with Central At your service since 1896 S. H. Ross, Manager Hanford Lemoore jA0l'l'la5 6 732 FULTON STREET FRESNO CALIFORNIA IELEPHONE AM 4 3593 LETTERHEADS 0 INVOICES 0 ENVELOPES 0 BUSINESS CARDS LABELS 0 WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS I HOUSE ORGANS YEARBOOKS 0 CATALOGUES RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS HORLOCK CLOW HOUSEWARE GIFTWARE LEMOORE BAKERY HARDWARE Lemoore Collforma M a dMrs E B Woel LU 4 5478 222 West Seventh Hanford Callforma I-EMU URE 5 Envucf ,mu mu sw hp. LEMUURE AUTO SUPPLY INC 4l E Street Lemoore Calnfornua , Commun -JJ GOLDEN STATE C0 DIVISION of Foremost Dames, Inc DAIRY PRODUCTS 'FOREMOSI' ,ff V' JOHN GERALD ,IM 3 wi! ti, 91'-a-qc' cos'rA Hom.: DAIRY Stetson Hats Work Clothes 'I7739 Grangevllle Blvd 313 D Street Phone WA 4 2056 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Milk bottled every day Home Delivery Class of 1960 Coll LU 4 5747 John H Pereira Gerald J Bendele Tony and Agnes Costa Owners A I Peterson Oldsmobile, Buick, Inc. 313 W. 7th Street Hanford, California OLDSMOBILE 'N BUICK DAY OR NIGHT 1 SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS HAY BALING SALES AND SERVICE Gmc and OPEL Harland l'leI'l'll'1 lUd'0w 2 0391 HAY BALER REPAIR FIELD SERVICE 8- OVERHAULS 5 POWELL AVENUE PHONE WALNUT 4 2174 LEMOORE CALIFORNIA DON PETERSON SEARS BEST H P Is Your Best Buy Kings County s most complete D partment Store 8 Satlsfactlon guaranteed or Your Money Back 8-I8 B F If 312 W 7th St Hanford LU 4 6621 roadway resno CG I Orme' Lemoore Call Toll Free Enterprise 1 0200 K Your Smart Lnvrng Store BILLINGSLEY HANFORD TIRE SERVICE FURNITURE C0 Fox and E Streets S Ludmw Zdogl lf Phone WA 4 2689 even an OU Y Hanford Callfornra Lemoore Davies MACHINERY C0 Egbe- CATERPILLAR John Deere Tractors Mk and Farm Implements GOMEZ GROCERY Hanford Bakersfreld Corcoran WGSCO Delano Plenty of Parkmg Space Whrle Shopping , U I - I . . l .I - I n . ' 0 I , L 5 1 N P7 .. .Mes . , lfl.U.l.'l'.UYf. , 'rnuzx-rvps vnuzfulls nemo MAcauNzav I . - 4 1, x"',tkY flu +C' ,..., ,. 1 ,xc .Z ' -, ,N u . ' - n Tai'-S RED BECK 8z PARKER S General Bulldung Contractors S b D d and u lvl ers Selected no D sneer Lemoore Callfornua Used Cars WA 4 5381 ul I a KWQEL i V BOB S SUPER SERVIL F bk H MOBIL PRODUCTS Van Ness at Merced Sts Fresno Callfornra Telephone AMherst 6 0705 COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE 5 D Street Lemoore Complrments of SUPERIOR DAIRY 325 N Douty Hanford Servung the Lemoore area with the best of Dairy Products Compliments to the CLASS OF l96O LEO B. CLAWSON GENERAL TRUCKING Laurel Ave Phone 52 Stratford KEN'S SPORTS CENTER THE COMPLETE SPORTS STORE Phone LU 4 7058 214 N lrwm Hanford BILL'S DELUXE BARBER SHOP BILL, RICHARD AND RUDY Adults Sl 25 Chuldren Sl OO OPEN ON MONDAY M Av ,W win I I ,,,.. : W: -- -- ,i VJ V . 1 V if X 1 W 1 9 ' , 1 ' 4 - Y COSTA BROTHERS 'S GROL ERY Sfrofford ORSABA S GROCERY F WA I4 2614 BRANCH AND CHAMBERS 1 r N lx? Genhllnl s General Merchandising VUL OVIL H SERIL F RADIO TELEVISION AND ELECTRONICS No th I n SI eef Ha fo d Cal fo n Pho e LU 4 7527 CLARAS BEAUTY SHOPPE I4I East C Le oore Cul forn cz LEMOORE RADIATOR AND BODY SHOP SHELL XN W' 3I4 So th Le oo e A e ue A and Lemoo e Col fo n BUTO wArn I4 2997 B X 257 3323 STRATFORD CALIFORNIA BOGGESS BEACON SERVICE BUTANE SERVICE PARTS Pho e WA 4 2367 Lemoo e Col f LARMEN S DEPARTMENT STORE Cong cfuloho s o d Best W shes For the Clcl s of I96O Le oore LEMOORE FLOWER SHOP Lemoore California iw MIGUEL S APPLIANCE Le oo e Calf 1 IJ 1 545 ox Street L moore, Californi N 1 'M , Phon , Inu - 1 T 1 I 1: 5 . . ., 5' a "Yo Ir liilllf-0 II SLLILIOIIPTS, 200 . '. Irwin Phom' I,I'. A I-'15-Z S' 'I d C H K ik. w w W , J I , 22I r rwi r n r , i r io m , I I n - I l 5, ' ,ml lyr. I I, ..L , U m r V n mm-me-of UUUWEKTS r i r ia DISTRI RS AND FUEL ou. JOBBERS ' K-M WEED KILLERAZO U P, o. o PHONE wmnson 7- , I 1 9 .-T ,' A'C::f'f:E,1 "- , .I..,:.,M ---' Q, r n n I n - s f, I. I ff--7' m ,je 1, . '59 4 E I 1 ' m r , i. I U 4 V I OLIVER'S PHARMACY Lemoore W. G. CLAYTON INSURANCE BROKER REAL ESTATE Lemoore, California JOHNSON'S CHUCK WAGON CAFE A, y. IONES .' RAY w. HANSEN D CONTINUOUS SERVICE EVERY DAY QQJNES JfE1E,3NSI3N,' i I NORTH IRWIN STREET -- PHONE LUdlow tJS36 O I l1OO A.M. to 8:30 P.M. LUNCHES E, ,, ,,,, ,,E..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,. . ,, ,, SI.OO DINNERS ,E...,.,r,,,,,,E,,,,,,,A, ,,,,tSl,25 We Cater to Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. 2l5 W. 7th Street Hanford 1-mNronn,c1u.n'onmA I o o o I o SPORTING GOODS BOATS ..MZHCURY OUTBOARDS - Sales and Service . FURNITURE AND AUTO UPI-IOISTERY BERNARD MILLER JEWELER Phone LU 4 82I5 W 7th Street Hanford California J C PENNEY CO INC 8th and Irwin Streets Hanford California GONSALVES FLOWERS 603 E Grangevulle Blvd LUdlow 2 0317 Brmg The Family KINGS STATIONERS Bob Williams Bull Bamster 2I2 N Irwin Hanford California J- BLOSSER S -V0 ,E 54444641508 00 M24 FUL N if- .CLSLIQSSIS Athletic Equipment Specialists W ENGRAVERS CORPORATION d Dpi T h b l044 South Hope Street Los Angeles I5 California COELHO S DAIRY 8. ICE DELIVERY Telephone WA 4 2504 249 D Street Lemoore Calif NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY Corner of Bush Lemoore California s . .I . I3I . , I - Best ishes " from v Gro nation Announcements Q i amos Personal Cards Q Medals, rap ' M Clu Pins up ., , . . - Jostens Famous Class Rings . . . . , QU.-K I -E u, I I 'A v b - 2- Q , A Us ' v . ln Q ' . . , , QE? ' . I I f ' - - E14-' X . I , -, . , I I E a I ' 3 ' . ' , ' w-M.,,-,,,,...,.-.-- - HARDlN's GROCERY z " 20358 Main , Stratford NOV:- g',,..,.,...-1 Compliments to the CLASS OF T960 AVlLA'S ELECTRIC Lemoore, California LEMOORE REFRIGERATION SERVICE .Strand i ,g'I'Ul'I'l' COMMERCIAL 8. DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION 8. APPLIANCES TELEVISION AND ELECTRIC MOTORS 352 "D" STREET LEMOORE CALIFORNIA YOUR BEAUTY SHOP Lemoore, California VALLEY ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS LEMOORE L M BLAKELEY Buy a Home FIRST Community Developer Real Estate Insurance 46 D Street Phone WA 4 2633 SCHAFERS PUMP 8. MOTOR Fairbanks Morse Products Ames Sprmkllng Systems Armco Water Well Casing Well Developing Electric Motor Winding 8. 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SUPPLY BERTRAM MOTOR SALES 121 East Seventh Street Hanford Calaforma PLOMOUTH DE SOTO VALIENT STUDEBAKER WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 322 W D Street WA 4 2 GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION LIQUID CARBONIC DIVISION 2771 soum MAPLE AVENUE P o sox 446 Fresno Callforma LEONARD S MEN S WEAR 212 North lrwln St Hanford Callf HOUSE OF MAPLE E' Fi Complete Home Furmshmgs The bitterness of poor qualaty remauns long after the sweetness of cheap prlce IS forgotten 210 North Irwln Street Hanford California 6 REIS DRESS SHOP 212 D Street Lemoore CONGRATULATIONS PYITSBURG PLATE GLASS CO. 1251 Van Ness Avenue Fresno, Calufornua 9 I . . . , .. .. e ' I . ' 511 - J-A IIHPL I f N X , , .1 . ,. M D Sffeef Le-nmorv. Lallf. ' I' L I I - 621 , , U . . C . , u l ' I DRINK IN BOTTLES Coc:,x-COLA BoTT1,lNu COMP,-xxx OF FRESNO 905 R STREET FRESNO I CALIFORNIA Congratulations fo the Class of 1960 H. P. 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Suggestions in the Lemoore High School - Nuntius Yearbook (Lemoore, CA) collection:

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