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P ig! 4 1: 3 .1 , '-I J ,. If ' 'E' if' Q f- ,af .pq 4 -4 'Q Q 2 .1 j I fy 4. .-Ulf J-IR. f 0 .J fi F- 7 'I 1 9 72 Lariat X. ,- 4, 5 rcfad is an empty thing With breezes ruffling the grass l how could anyone but you standing alone gazing endless lengths understand how lonely the world is Fall pages 5-26 Win ter pages 27-54 Spring pages 55-88 Photos courtesy of Christen Studio Lemon Leader, and Sam 8: Delia Halverson. Dedicated to: Donald Hile and Michael Tompkins, son of Nr. 8 Mrs. Larry Tompkins All the days of my life I walk through the sunshine When I find the day is over I lay my head to rest And I dream of tomorrow. If tomorrow never comes I shall be satisfied. When I am called back to the Garden 1 shall be happy to abide For I know that the sun Still shines on those I left behind. jean Riedy -f 'FYNLL Faculty MUSIC: Gordon Mauser, Vocalg Richard Mylin, Instrumental. VOCATIONAL: Lorin Catch- pole, Agricultureg Mrs. Cheryl Elsberry, Home Economicsg Harold Sevex-son, Industrial Arts. I ADMINISTRATION: Lyle Zimmer, Principalg Fred J , Bellum, Superintendentg Y W", Robert Seeley, Acting 13 f,, 74 Principal, Speech and f " ' English. . 5 I MATH: Donald Becht, Patrick . I? Falvey. .gm MR Q AA L 41, ' ERHART gym s 5 bd oss 6 me F rf SOCIAL STUDIES: Kenneth Ashmore, William E1-hart. din . BUSINESS: Bill Kohn, Business and Physical Education, Mrs. Fran Seeley, Business and Physical Educationg Mel Maxon, Ronald Maier. LANGUAGE ARTS: Mrs. I0ne Martin, Eng1ishgM1s. Viola Aaberg, Englishg Mrs. Margaret Hanks, German, Calvin joy, English, Cecil Roth, English and Speech. fi I' 1 f gf: I t , ax' E ov! . 3.1, f V , ,h fd - X - 7 ' , FALVEY 1' , -.x Q ' 55 N 1 AAR. f' v-.ss 'fi mnfv 5656 H COUNSELORS: Larry Tompkins, Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Aurelia Riecly, Librarian. SCIENCE: Roger jesch, Biologyg Harold Teyler, Physical Science and Chemistryg Leonard Ramsdell, Physical Science. Auxiliary Staff OFFICE STAFF: May Hathaway, Pat Ekhoff and Peggy McClung. INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE: Mary I-Ianrahan. SUPERVISORY AIDES: Betty Cain, Zada Rafferty and Velma Zent. LUNCH ROOM STAFF: Bessie Fero, Ellen Hofer, June Kling and Pearl Otterberg. BUS DRIVERS: David Plocek, John Erhardt, George Kostelecky, Melvin Haugen, Art Nyberg, Chris Christman, Glenn Peterson. NOT PI CTURED: August Christman, Mark Nehl, and LaVonne Foss. CUSTODIANS: Forest Coles and John Erhardt. sa 34 School Board Kenneth Prealer, Elmer Christman, Russell Merriman, Ed Priest, Les Thom Jerry Erickson, Barbara Wanstedt. Student Council STANDING: I. Kahl, J. Benson, I. Christman, D. Bratzel, S. Spenny, P. Froelich QV.P.y, C. Schne11QSec.- treas.j, P. Froelich, S. Bootz QPres.j. KNEELINC: A. Larson, G. Thom, D. Gibbons, G. Chapin. NOT PICTURED: G. Geiger. Football 4 A Squad FIRST ROW: D. Klein, S. Jackson, J. Fero, D. Goetz, A. Gayette, H. Wiesin er M. Starke D Hen S 1 Y: ' ry' SECOND ROW: G. Tishmack, T. Sauter, B. Klein, W. Trautman, B. Parker, J. O'Donne11, P. Froe- lich, G. Jangula, K. Wilson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Ashmore, B. Dalzell, R. Stevens, D. Even, T. Anderson, R. Dix, R. Knutson, D. Bratzel, J. Benson. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Kohn, D. Bender, D. Trautman, B. Heier, K. Ham, G. Chapin, D. Gibbons, P. Dal- zell, Mr. Maxon. Lernm on Lemmon Lemmon Lemmon Lemmon Lemmon Lemmon Lemmon 6 0 34 0 14 12 12 14 B Squad SEATED: G. Chapman, D. Even, R. Stevens, D. Bratzel, Anderson, B. Scoular, J. Benson, M. Priest. KNEELING: G. Tishmack, T. Anderson, D. Trautman, R. Dix, D. Erhart, R. Goeres, K. Hertz, D. Gibbons, P. Dalzell. STANDING: M. Petersen, J. Nehl, D. Bender, R. Dalzell, S. johnson, W. Ham, D. Dix, T. Henry, Mr. Maxon. Inexperience, the number of young boys playing and the inability to make the big play was the story behind the 1971 Lemmon Cowboy Football Season. Although the Badlands Conference was probably as tough as it has ever been, we were disappointed in our final season's record of one win, seven losses and one tie. Next year should show some im- provement in our young kids. Coach Kohn Freshman Football SITTING: R. Witt, D. Starkey, D. Howard, M. Seidel, D. Olson, G. Birrenkott, E. Priest, D. johnson. KNEELING: D. Wolff, J, Parker, D. Bartholomew, P. Froelich, D. Davison, G. Seim, G. Kane, B. Benke. STANDING: R. Heil fMgr.j, D. Corcoran, K. Schopp, N. Skjoldal, 1. jangula, L. Messmer, D. Bloomquist . W 663649. f ffl? ,-. x ,. Q I is , 'S 4" 0 3 .. N , , , 41 .1 :F I gxe - f 7. fe g,, 5 f A f' . W' : I M I EZ ' 'f 'nzifb EF ' ' 'Fig I V ,4v'?S:", Zigi 'a I' " ' ' 'W Qfv , f .1 f 1 f -,iii gy- S w . 52- 1241, ' XA: 51 F3217 , W Y ,, -gf I 1 55 1? w If-if--I ,,. 4.3: fp 3 'llfxx 7,235 1 - is X. Ki Ea- ' - :- -R- I T Q aw Cheerleaders VARSITY: B. Hoff, V. Keller, M. Bootz, B. Larson Qcptn. j,J. Christman, H. Maxon, S. Raney, B. Christman, J. Ham. B. SQUAD: B. Durick, J. Johnson, N C. Schnell, J. johnson. FRESHMAN: M. Mizera, J. Christman, S. Spenny, , T. Texley, B. Maxon, L. Schnell. 1 M A .. ..-. , 15 Pep Club FIRST ROW: BL Christman qv-presj, A. Trautman fsg. at armsj, Mrs Jodie Qadvj, S. Baumeister fsecj, S. Raney fpresj. SECOND ROW: M Mizera, C. Brisco, D. Wiesinger, R. Fuerstenau, J. Christman, K. Kressley, D. Henry, S. Spenny, T. Texley, V. Rieger, L. Hess, M. Hess, J. Sackman, D. Krebs, J. Christman, B. Larson, N. Moen, D. Ham. THIRD ROW: H. Maxon, M. Bootz, J. Ham, B. Maxon, D. Kling, L. Schopp, B. Durick, R. Roe, C. Schopp, L. Kane, J. johnson, B. I-less, N. Skjoldal, K. Wagner, D. Christman, J. Kahl. FOURTH ROW: S. Tidball, T. Otterberg, C. Winters, P. Even, A. Molitor, P. Schliesman, P. Trogstad, J. johnson, C. Schnell, M. O'Donne11, B. Ginther, D. Ham, S. Schnell, V. Keller, L. Knutson, J. Wiest, R. Zent. FIFTH ROW: M. Ploog, M. Langehough, K. Schnell, R. Ladd, M. Trogstad, C. Colgrove, G. Gieger, S. Lyman J. Davison, M. Sittner, J. Dauwen, I. Voigt, T. Lensegrav, K. Gieger, L. Birrenkott, M. Catchpole, P. White, D. Wiesinger, B. Hoff. SIXTH ROW: S. Bootz, S. jackson, P. Froelich, D. Goetz, C. Anderson. i v N K' Q X V5.4 Q i'SfF?f2L,, R? ,, 'ffmsswfswv v f .W K mx Dances Pom Poms FRONT ROW: D. Wiesinger, K. Schopp, C. Schopp, B. Corcoran, C. Briscoe. SECOND ROW: A. Trautman L. Schopp, D. I-Iam, D. Krebs, K. Kressly. THIRD ROW: A. Trautman, K. Ternes. FOURTH ROW: johnson, D. Cornelius. FIFTH ROW: M. Trogstad, J. johnson. SIXTH ROW: 1. Dauwen, S. Kolb, Qco- capt. I. SEVENTH ROW: D. Sittner, P. Qualley. LAST ROW: M. Sittner, fcapt. I. ADVISOR: Mrs. Fran Seeley. A IIII Homecoming i ,sk .fy Atta Homecoming came as usual this year with the commotion of getting the floats assembled on time. Then there was the anxious an- ticipation as the candidates walked to their places, and finally, the celebration of our first victory. Barb Larson and Chuck Anderson were crowned queen and marshal. Candidates were J. Christman, B. Christman, B. Hoff, M. Sittner, B. Larson, C. Anderson, P. Froe- lich, S. Seim, J. Fero, P. Priest. Commercials set the theme for the parade. Science Club 's float, "Cowboys Can the Bantams", took first place. Second place went to the juniors, and Sophomores took third. The Senior entry was titled "Knock 'em Dead". Class of '75 The freshmen had a blast f'?j in the new world of high school. They lived through initiation and the embarrass- ment of getting lost, being late, and adjusting to the new ways. The class officers were: N. Skjoldal fSec. Q, S. Spenny QPres. j, K. Schopp fTreas. I. Christman QV.-PreS.j, A. Larson qs.c. 5. Shelly Ahlness Steven Ballenger Ruth Barnes Willard Barnes Debra Barons David Bartholomew Jason Baumeister Ron Cain Meda Catchpole jane Christman Rebecca Christman Charlotte Colgrove Betty Corcoran Danny Corcoran William Corcoran David Davison Charles Erhart Ronald Even Roxanne Fuerstenau Karla Geiger Beth Ginther Kim Gleason Anton Goeres Darlene Ham Debra Henry Lori Hess Tim Hess Debra I-Iilsendager June I-Iintz Tim Holdahl Michael Howard Janice Huber Sandra Iahnel John jangula Wayne Kling Lori Krausz J, -nf FD.- fs Q Y m- 3' Terry Zent Gary Zimmer Robert Krebs Tim Kvale Sherry Ladd Donald Landis Alan Larson Luella Larson Sharon Lillehaug Wayne Malloy Brenda Maxon Gerald Meidinger Connie Miller Marilyn Mizera Michael Mizera Greg Nicksic Rita O'Donne11 Douglas Olson Deanne Paul jim Petik Mike Riedy Carolyn Rieger Vicky Rieger Brad Rogers Marvin Roso Paulette Schliesman Leigh Ann Schnell Kenneth Schopp Mike Seidel Gregg Seim Bob Senn Nancy Skjoldal Nathan Skjoldal Richard Smith Susan Spenny Kelly Temes Toni Texley joe Treib Kim Wagner Russ Witt Don Wolff l Librarians C. Sittner, J. Riedy, J. Kahl, C. Hess, K. Tate, Mrs. Riedy, D. Wiesinger, D. Skjoldal, 1. Davison. Declam SEATED: D. Wiesingerffirst, dramaticj, K. Glea- son fsecond, poetryj, S. Roso fsecond, dramaticj. STANDING: J. Riedy ffirst, oratoryl, D. Weisinger ffirst, humorousj, Mrs. Martin fadvisorj, V. Rie- ger ffirst, poetry, and excellent, districtJ. Drama KNEELING: A. Molitor, K. Gleason, P. White, G. Olson, R. Even. STANDING: C. Rieger, C. Col- grove, J. Meade, J. Ricdy, V. Rieger, D. Wie- singer, J. Hintz, C. Erhart, Mrs. Martin, R. Reeves, D. Henry. V V, NU, klii Members of the plamiing staff this year were: SEATED: J. Kahl, I. Sackmann, M. Bootz, M. O'Donnell. STANDING: R. Goeres, D. Wiesinger, I. Riedy, M. Raney. Not pictured: M. Wenner. SEATED: 1. Sackman fasst. editorj, Mrs. Delia Halverson Qadvisorj, J. Riedy Qeditorj. SECOND ROW: R. Roe, L. Hess, D. Wiesinger. THIRD ROW: B. Hess, J. Kahl, M. Raney, L. Johnson, D. Cornelius, M. Bootz, C. Rieger. FOURTH ROW: C. Winter, G. Geiger, T. Otterberg, J. Lillehaug, R. Zent, L. Knutson, K. Geiger, J. Hintz. FIFTH ROW: A. Molitor, M. O'Donne1l, C. Erhart, R. Goeres fcartoonistj, M. Wenner, M. Gupman, S. Baumeister, V. Keller. 25 The Lariat Staff wishes to thank the many students and teachers who made this book possible. Notice the several changes this year. These we believe you will be truthful in calling improvements. The annual serves as an official record of the school year. We hope it will bring back memories fgood and badj to all of you. We realize that many social gatherings cannot be pictured, but most fo these will remain with us anyway. 5 zggll f V neared R' ' TKW15 sg . Al 056 Lariat Staff i X U J , , M . , 4..... Q X RMEMB WS :, .,, X ,f'. km f, , Y A 2, X .A fi' 'Y ., . . . , 3 ,il ,..L, .. if .3 F. X A ff -il M WM: A--X Jw .- K V I ,1- X X fm f ky, N2 x Nigkxiw Q 1 , lu, 1 " ' Wk 5 5 F 4 . L. I ,A .eg-.2 TSI ff "x.15YifQ, f ' - - .., 1 L' 'K ' A X- X T X 1 . ., wi V A" ""' Ng MY' W Ali K Vfyfgagsgcffim- 3 Going away forever just going away searching for tomorrow don't look back on yesterday memories can bring such cruel pain W., Basketball This was a very tough year. The teams on this year's schedule were all very strong, and we were a very young and inexperienced team at most pos- itions. The future looks real good with a very strong crop of sophomores and freshmen. Coach Maxon if 7-'-4"'F"""' Varsity DDDD l FRONT ROW: W. Trautman, G. jangula, R. Dalzell, M. Starkey, D. Bratzel, D. Bender. SECOND ROW: D. Hoff Qmgry, R. Knutson, D. Gibbons, R. Heier, D. Trautman, G. Chapin, D. Even, Mr. Maxon. 28 A5 ANY? . ., , Q ky? wg 1 ,Q .. A Q , . 3, . -v .V 'rf' "', W. , W ' i wx: , 1 m m, Qi 1 f A 'va ,E Q?" Q5 1 S V .. ,M K: X w Nj , A 31 -A ' -X EU 3 X :N .fs Q f x 1 H QQ Vik X' sf xg H X A A MAN 4 fa K QB ag galil Aa? if wk i f' M' E EE ' E4 Q i. 3 M R aa 2,,Y:2- -'ff' 15 f K 53 f H 5 f 2 kid! ., QW. Freshmen FRONT ROW: B. Senn, R. Cain, T. Hess, D. Bartholomew, M. Howard, M. Mizera. BACK ROW D. Davison, D, Wolff, K. Schopp, W. Barnes, M. Seidel, M. Riedv, Coach Tompkins. y l L Club FRONT ROW: K. Wilson, S. Jackson, J. Fero, D. Hoff, J. Baumeister. SECOND ROW: R. Witt, R. Dalzell, G. Jzmgula, A. Gayette, D. Goetz, B. Scoular. THIRD ROW: R. Knutson, K. Ham, W. Truutman, D. Gibbons, D. Even, D. Bender. - FOURTH ROW: R. Cain, R. Parker, D. Wright, G. Chapin, D. Trautmzm, J. O'Donne11, P. Dalzel. BACK ROW: M. Starkey, B. Heier, K. Hess, K. Hertz, P. Froelich, Mr. Mazoniadvisorj. K m Dave Osborn of the Vikings was the speaker for the annual Ath- R letic Banquet. Those pictured who received awards are: SEATED B. Klein M. Starkey Mr. Os- born, L.'Bmenkorr. STTANDING: L W. Trautman, D. Gibbons, R. Dalzell, J. O'Donne11, R. Heier, M. Boynton. Wrestling During the 1971-72 season fourteen boys lettered in wrestling. After a "long" season the final tally was two wins and nine losses. Individuals who received recognition for their accomplishments during the year were: BADLANDS CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Mark Boynton Ken Tomac Mark Boynton Rodney Haag Steve jackson Bruce Klein Jerry Fero 119 lbs. 126 lbs. 132 lbs. 155 lbs. 167 lbs 185 lbs REGION 4 T OURNA MENT Ken Tomac Mark Boynton 119 lbs 126 lbs STATE TOURNAMENT 126 lbs 2nd place champion 4th place 4th place 4th place 4th place 2nd place 2nd place 3rd place With a large number of the squad being underclassmen, we are looking for a better season next year. Coach Ashmore Varsity SEATED: J. Baumeister, R. Witt, R. Dix, K. Tomac, M. Boynton, R. Haag. KNEELING: C. Anderson, D. Dix, B. Klein, J. Fero, D. Klein. STANDING: Mr. Ashmore, S. jackson, J. Benson, K. Hess Qmgxzy 32 " 5 . - v e - --Fm f w a3-ft1fwwQ?Kt.faf- -' e ...fa as 'P A is NX N QS? in f.,,,X,,,. sasafwislaswf 42 M Q tiM20:u?f'5f-eQe.sZafit .A v A' Q 5103 X X iii snag 25,5 -1. 45 1 A . -M X ,, X AL I . K, in 2 IQ' gh , -A X5s,,.w.a..1:,f,.w. ft' " 'ii't?W"f-a v ..s..e--' -- e. .. X 1 57" '1 Hs Y -l .Q Q a , .. X N ,, ,, t W N. l ., . . N ig . K. AL .Q is -rw t sl 35:-x X an 5 , Q Q- 1 N ,Q X as if X H 4 , 'W em. f ' Q ' W PM ,., M ,S t .. a .- .mei ff-is 1 Ti M. ,sae 'r f f -A i .bg-aitnasirsgvg, 1 -.. . 9571 fxwgbs asa' . s i. V ... . .., rn, Q y V 1. Q A ll QQ e Q ga Wea. . - W . ,... M Vwss 'kg x ,tangy ggimwafaaa Ami? fx as gi , A fi? .'Wi'iw.-e ...M Baca 'K 555. +8 li "'?gZ Q-5-fgflfe QQ 'E 'M .N M1521 W' sims? 1 A sang.-aft ee MA 62" em .wt 1 J, 4- 5:-1:15 3 an -4" ' Y ,,.. X sb 1 so if s, jg. as fx .. . sevftvf s 2. .ts K , 1 153 ss N , ,. aw- . , :-U isa , iw- -ff,'5r-QQ ---V, :ew es 3. . .. A '72 ...., 'K " in w . ,E N sl: ea asa. nf .. r. , . kigvxal . . .. I ,Q ?l 'S L : 5- Mali ? 5' ":' . lx:3 '.-- 5 .QQ w Nb 1 5 D. a Q egg o . XESSSMZ Ask xx tx Ki R D 33525 Z 7515 fat Q A fl '45" X -:s r-. -..g '.e. .Q - if-. . . , .J ag . 'V ta is B A . fl pt 4 a n if f . vt..-N e a... a,a,. fm..,.,. Qf Nqr.. ..,.. i sawsq a- ,X , N .. . e e s . f'SN:.. H . -.QM I 1 .-- '- 'Q . 'fiaxwf-1 S fag . . e ,,,f A-1. , N Q X W ai aging! J .2 25 " -!..- i K l 2 I: iii'-5 ' 25 , 4, X E se N Q X Lllkfr 5-it . . . Q A 0 . gf s 4 s 5 Q 5 1 Eiga, r eugy f f till' i is 22 11 53 1 ' 2 m 1 alu m a ig 5 15 ,.. Q ' ,:- .Q - ,ze M as :i f f X 1. ,ft 3 lf. ' F. if, L Q B Squad B SQUAD: A. Laxson, B. Krebs, M. Froelich, W. Ham, P. Froelich, T. Anderson. KNEELING: J. jangula, J. Petik, D. Erhart, T. Holdahl, L. Messmer, G. Nicksic, G. Tishmack. STANDING Mr. Erhart, M. Ginther, R. Ham, D. Even, B. Johnson. Two of our wrestlers placed in Regional, qualifying them for State. Ken Tomac placed second in 119 lb. weight class. Mark Boynton placed second in 126 lb. class. Mark also placed third in state com- petition. .ia me ':3f1fNsseMs:,... M vii V351 at ' ' V5 wif w::fvf" ,e gf ff ' i ,- a Q W- X' . f1'?2evie ' g,, wr. 1 ve Q3 "hkh .f 9.25-az2- Natsfi . f ---if mir' iff gem, , .giwfwei-ia f Y, fRfiRaa Q.e.e Q-:fm M fx, -c'- if 2- ef. ab ff: - V ' rg s -- f - 2 - f me 225 , i R WK 'A Q K ef,-Q: . .,-. ..2,, f f -we -. ve.. .. f .14 ... f ,, . W Q , , :dj - L15 z u y f - , t ' 1 . l f J W1 25.142, -W ., 3-fag g : fe f j :r1gggg,.g2', .555 ge ,L 5 X.. Q 5 if -Wx, of , -3 ' t ff ' "" 1 F , K t ' H . . -3 ' L L at . M ' .e H 1 ' alex. ge in .. '-' fa-A - ae .. ff - 4. 5 2:g11'.'.xaz of -fg -, A . ' ' f W X in I 5--f??Q'5-' 1-, TRY ii::ff'3'l ' 25,i'f5?'v51'Z"f:T541-.iiii 'S.'aiT:f'Vi: Q ggi ' 4? lkiklfii . 'Fifi I 7 S515-55.1. -.57113,5X.. A A' 515, 3 -i 5.-fl?" , If- gffi 31:12. sfzffv-.image 1 .- we 239 'ff H- ef-N ew -i t rr. "f . 'W.iiSEwy':'wfHf,aaxv1f, A l w e'ee f i f t , ' "" I .L ' 'M A f f L . A--t " - ' - ' 79-'FM-fix g-' .J rv 5. Mi-,Mx WS H ? Ii7f1f51,'i,gQg1g1V3'f1 u"g Ai,gX,giE1f'5'f',5i.Qj2sfv34:ff" . . ' . + 12 -female M-:view ?1:f:..- lgfehfefif--5.exL fe 2 -- A4 my - it W W3 --,T ,,aw'L..w.a,-,Za..t.t Q ,M W. , Www, ' ' A I .ggirfrac X Q -1:,VSf?.'fa5f-f it-. H,,g..Q,1,.g:eQ'Q W. , 11 xixlif- 1,31 fi" 7, :gil 'sz ir ,N Q1sij.1y.1 ga: My , . , ..., ,.A., , A L Q ,gf X1,,..H Rifle Club Our Scholastic Team took first in sectional competition. Mem- bers were: K. Hertz, J. Fero, T. Drieske, and P. Trogstad. P. Trogstad also attained first in girls' aggregate and second in girls' overal1.Mr. Ramsdell was advisor for the group. Rifle Club Members are: SEATED: M. O'Donnel1, Sec.5 J. Fero, V.- Pres.g T. Drieske, Pres., G. Jangula, Treas. SECOND ROW: S. Ahlness, P. Trogstad, M. Bootz, K. Wagner, R. Ahlness, A. Trautman, J. Hintz. THIRD ROW: M. Petersen, P. Priest, C. Even, D. Daley, K. Geiger, M. Ploog, C. Schnell, R. Barnes, C. Colgrove, M. Catchpole, A. Gayette, A. Larson. FOURTH ROW: D. Barthomolew, D. Dix, B. C111-istman, D. Nelson, K. Wilson, K. Hertz, D. Erhart, I. Petik, J. jangula, J. Benson. I 1 I. "I'l.1.i -' 4u1- - V LU'Ql'-lli-fi 1 U4 ll. ns 1 U4 ll' lx 1 U4 ll 5 as av X gg 5. E QQ, 5 3 QP 5 Q fi . , Q wi , .ww K fag qi A 3 if ' L 'Q J.. as in 155, Pi' - . 'ff .si ,, if sn. W 1 Y' 1 Hes Q 5 52 .Q S2 A if I I ,G fn if W : -f U Vx X .L 9 'ww is A VS Yi Y. S. Q f Q Y ,vat A 'nf H' Eg f 3 Q Q. v .1 1 5 if ,Sv 2' 9' I , Glee L R Jahnel, B Chrrstnman, L . Ladd, B. Scoular, R. Fuerstcnau. ROW: M. Mizera, I. Sackman, S. Lillehaug, N. Moen, J. Kahl, L. Schopp, K. Schopp, M. Spenny, L. Hess, LL "johnson, Vp f - S , . . h . Melchnger. D. Cornelius, R. Ahlness, T. C. Schopp, D. Skjol- dal, W. J. Wiest, J. . johnson, J. B. Durick, R. Zent, 1. Lqrnkg, A Ham. FOURTH R-OW: C. Swinter, S. Jnahnel, D. Zinfnmer, D.f1-Iam, P. C. Schnell, L. Larsen. LQ Even,j K. Wagner. N. ' Smebakken, D. Gleason, S. Roso, L. Ladd, M, Catchpohle, V. Simon, Tx-ogstg1d,.D. Sittner, J. Dauwen, Sitt- ner, I. Voigt, S. Kmolb, L., Oliver, T. Lens- grav,' C. LOrius,?P.mSch1iesman, 1. Kolb, V M. Langehough, J. Hintz, Mr. Mauser.. ROW:.K.fKx-essly, D. Henry, T. Tex- xEf.: Ex -XE -- QQ 2125755 i Adi KN wt-:ax Lf? Class of '74 The sophomore class began a busy year with the annual maga- zine drive. The winter brought a flurry of work on the Sweetheart Hop. The officers guiding the class through the year were: K. Schopp fTreas. 1, D. Anderson QV.-Pres.l, D. Gibbons fPres.j, K. Kress1yQSec.j, and I. Kahl QS . C . J. Robin Ahlness Dan Anderson Richard Barone Dale Bender Lunette Birrenkott Darrel Bonner Ronald Briscoe Gordon Chapin Debra Cornelius Dianne Daley Pat Dalzell Jeannette Deans Darryl Dix Bonnie Durick David Erhart janet Ericsson Colleen Even Barbara Fiest Robert Fossen John Froelich Audrey Gaaskjolen David Gibbons Ross Goeres Steve Goetz Mark Gupman Rodney Haag Steve Hagen Wayne Ham Tim Henry Kent Hertz Y 1 i jf n - '1 Linda Hess Marietta Hess Linda I-loffland Roxann Johnel Gerald Johnson Janet johnson Judy Johnson Linda Johnson Scott johnson Janine Kahl Ladene Kane Jerry Kling Boyd Knutson Vicky Kostelecky Karen Kressly jean Lemke Joleen Lillenhaug james Lockert Charleen Lorius Charlotte Lorius Barry Main Beverly Martin Byron Mattis Janice Meade Joe Nehl Dennis Nelson Diane Nelson Georgia Olsen Terri Otterberg Martin Paul Michael Petersen Sandra Petersen Lowell Peterson Keith Ploog Mike Priest Rick Reeves 1+ 1-Q21 1 Dorothy Rennich Sandy Rieker Sherry Roso Kathy Schneider Cynthia Schnell Karen Schnell Connie Schopp Karen Schopp Brian Scoular Valerie Simon Diane Sittner Bonnie Smebakken Dennis Smebakken james Swartz Lola Steven Karen Tate Kevin Ternes Randy Texley Bonnie Thom Shari Tidball Gorden Tishmack A lic e Tr autm an Alton Trieb Merna Trogstad Delretta Wiesinger Donna Wiesinger Janet Wiest Cheryl Windmueller Renee Zent :ff 12.9561 is a Q Sf? 5 'Q Q! V' ev , -..-., 4' Eb X L. A :rj-X S : QM as 5 Q Q5 ,..2 9' F' ,GSS .ff ' X A321 i.-Ei M fifyisx 'Qi'- h h A, sw K Q, j an m X . A Band FRONT ROW: P. Trogstad, J. Kolb, T. Otterberg, M. Langehough, H. Maxon, R. Gupman, M. Catchpole, L. Krausz, M. Petersen, I. Voight. SECOND ROW: B. Christman, J. Kahl, P. Mizera, M. Bootz, A. Molitor, S. Langehough, S. Tidball, M. Mizera, L. Birrenkott, D Henry, P. Sackmann, M. Raney, P. White, K. Skjoldal, T. Sauter. THIRD ROW: M. Starkey, K. Hertz, A. Kostelecky, S. Sitmer, B. Beals, D. Wolff, D. Henry, L Keller, J. Parker, T. Henry, R. Ladd, D. Bratzel, F. Gossman, J. O'Donne1l, J. Sackmann, S. Rieker, J. Kahl, D. Zimmer, B. Hoff, R. Parker. FOURTH ROW: B. Hess, M. O'Donnel1, L. Rogers, K. Zent, S. Seeley, M. Hess, M. Mizera, B. Rogers, M. Gupman, J. Wiest, L. Hess. STANDING: S. Baumeister, T. Holdal, G. Zimmer, D. Hintz, G. Birrenkott, S. Lyman, N. Skjoldal, and Mr. Mylin. TWIRLERS: B. Corcoran, D. Ham, B. Maxon. 44 N .1 L 5 ' I A 5 Q' X QE if 91? ai Q? ,Tx L xx A, f W FV I A ' ' - ff li ' 1 ,Q 3 'f ,f -5 f 0 ' ,f f?"E Ai x -- f 4" e -.HR 3 f .3 , A LJVQA, fi , , F' My K M Q Q a gm f 5 - wg: 5 uv o 'V ' X- Si S Band Ensembles The Pep Band contributed much to the year's spirit. The cheerleaders expressed the schoo1's appreciation with presentation of an award. SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE: S. Tidball, L. Birrenkott, D. Skjoldal, T. Sauter. SOLOISTS: D. Bratzel, R. Parker, J. Kolb P. Trogstad, I. Voigt, G. Zimmer. FLUTE ENSEMBLE: P. Trogstad, I. Kolb, T. Otterberg. CORONET ENSEMBLE: R. Parker, D. Zimmer, J. Kahl. DRUIM ENSEMBLE: S. Baumeister, B. O'Don.ne11, G. Zimmer, D. Hintz. :Q Q W , w.. f ...,. . ..x. ...M gg. 5 4 N ...S . L. w Q.. an 'wg H Sk 3 wr in ' K fe 2 g, u ww A L ' A N ,K - ' H " ' Y ' 514 f 1 ff " T' ,Q A 1 ix .? .Q Y k ' -f Q , ' ' b , " w . 7 . S 5' ,. . Q 5 :N H fi . - 'ir , Q1 ..5.,u -' ' ' C 2 ."g'A Q.. : N k 1 y Y J QW? ' . V .L gi . E 155' 51 ' Q 1. 5 5 5 gf. .M mx 1 Q .Asa ... Class of '7 The Juniors' concession selling benefitted from everyone 's hunger pangs. They finished the year off by doing a great job on the Spring Formal and the Junior - Senior Banquet. Officers were: D. Bratzel fv.-pres.1, P. Froelich fs. c.j. STANDING: R. Knutson Qtreas.j, M. O'Dc.me11 fsec.j, and J. Benson Qpres. j. Tim Anderson Shari Baumeister jeff Benson Mary Kay Bootz Mark Boynton Dave Braizel Keith Brumley Terry Chapin Donna Christman Scot Clark Michael Clausen Robert Da1ze11 Jane Dauwen Jane Davison Terry Dietterle Roger Dix Dennis Even Peggy Even Ierw Fossen Cheryl Frisvold Peter Froelich Keith Gebhart Gretchen Geiger Debra Ham Janice Ham Karoll I-Iam Robert Heier David Henry Bonita Hess Michael Hillius 3L"7'f 4 ffl- xy , ge 'sb ' f Deborah Skjolda Rosemary Smith Gary Snow David Sonn Reed Stevens Ken Tomac Doug Trautman Pam Trogstad I1a Voight Pam Mfhige Sara Williams Cindy Winter X' David Witt Wendy Wolff Diane Zimmer Not Pictured: Monte Olson .-xx r'e""N-Q ,, X w. A ,ef gc we ,, . 1955 3 1 if il fi -1. gf, 3. 5, 1, 11235 Biff Q. ,,, 1 4? K M, Hllnnnl' Q -n 1 65 ' ' W s i , 3 I' 5 E in X ' ,, X I A 'Q 4 'V f Q 5.5, ..,. 5 x..fE..-15 44 Q: i A my ,M - 45 ua. ,, . . 6 ,sp A sy: ' w. .ax 'W . I 5 : if ,- NSE 4 " S Ja B sf .A .. . .. 3 lg gf' S Z Ti" 1 nys ' 4 1. 4 ,X Ou Q ' 4 gif: 1 A' dh lug .sf Y J x QU and E X vm A. as Lauri? .az - x as fs AEI? L.,, K 9 X Q in , K :1..L:Ti,m55 .'?'f?V - f ' -Q.: 3 fm '-we-an sg iw ' 3 ' -L 1 g Og U-1, f , . .X.. .. ,gs .. . O' 'R su, Winter Plays Three one- act plays were presented this season under the direction of Mr. Robert Seeley with the help of student directors, P. Froelich and T. Sauter. P. Torgstad directed the makeup with a crew of L. Birrenkott, G. Geiger, K. Geiger, J. johnson, J. Kolb, S. Kolb, T. Otterberg, D. Zimmer. THE LAST LEAF D Sue Arends . . Wiesinger Joanna Price . . Langehough Phil Thorpe . . Erhart Lenda Thorpe . Schnell Dr. Mallory . . Ternes Mr. Behrman . Langehough A LICKPENNY LOVER M Masie Doyle . . Sittner Lulu Hartman . Kahl Vincent Veecher Henry Lady Customer . . . . Even Irving Carter . Boom Ephrosene Carter .... White jack Blaine ...... Starkey Mickey Bonnstead Zimmer Zelda Zeiss ...... Petersen THE BRIEF DEBUT OF TILDY A Ti1dyPe112 . . . . . . Molitor Karl Seeders ..... Starkey Olga Bogle . Raney Bogle .... Jackson Aileen Harris . . . . Sclcman Elvetta Rankor . . . Trogstad Mrs. Dambleton . Schnell Mrs. Rye . . . ,. . . Johnson Terry O'Dwyer . . Sauter PL f 71. 5 A Gol Lemmon had a golf team this spring that could compete with any team in the state. Lead by Frank Gossman and Mike Priest, Lemmon finished second to Mobridge at Mobridgeg third behind Sturgis and Spearfish at Spearfishg second again at Mobridge and wound up by winning our own invi- tational by defeating Mobridge, Hettinger, Mc- Laughlin and Dickinson Trinity. We have a good future, as only one golfer gradu ates this year. Coach Mike Elsberry FRONT ROW: M. Howard, G. Birrenkott, M. Langehough, B. Maxon, I. Ham. BACK ROW: T. Zent, S. Hagen, D. Howard, M. Priest, Mr. Els- berry. NOT PICTURED: F. Gossman. If I fr rf, , 1' I 3 klfff 1 ! I 1 ,W nf "H V -f 5 jig! ' I ,f , 1 7' gm 11. .. 5 ee R '.-' - T X" ' V gm S3155 was ,EN G21 .GFX cw Sag just walking along feelin' free and happy Hang on tight - loneliness is never far with the road so empty I'm afraid so take my hand then I'11 know you're really there Science Club This year's main events included the float, dance, science fairs, highway cleanup project and field trip to Crystal Cave. The float took grand prize with the theme, "Cowboys Can the Bantams. " The dance featured a mystic theme including several gypsy fortune tellers and a live band. SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS: SEATED: L. Birrenkott, IL. Hoffland, D. Zimmer QV.P.y, Mr. Jesch lAdvisorj, P. Trogstad fPz-es. 1. SECOND ROW: K. Tate, M. Trogstad, S. Kolb QP.R.j, J. Kah1,j. Kolb QSec.l, D. Wiesinger, G. Zimmer. THIRD ROW: M. Clausen, R. Goeres, K. Hertz, D. Braizel, T. Henry, D. Skjoldal, S. Johnson, M. Petersen, D. Sonn. 56 2352 Z, , -Q ," 11. -3 '51 o ' Q2 'W 'f.f6f' f X si '79 I - s an ,f, Q? f 1- ' i if-E' , n , - 4 or Q ' -' 5 2 2 A 1 ji 11351 --.ff,,q- 7 OSS ' Ji f f I" 7 7 , ., . .f,. ,y '44 'll - l M V-fY+,N..'1ns, , HANSEFQ i"":A SCWJCE Qi'-'IA-j' - 'g,,3. PROJECT -.3 Science Fair First place in Senior Biological Division went to D. Wiesinger and G. Olsen. First place in Senior Physical Division went to D. Brauel. The Senior Biological Division first place winner received the Grand Prize. D. Bratzel placed Fourth in his division in t.he science fair at Rapid City. 'tux '2i?hW'!'lI new guggfp l mw'lmuA f, 5 Z 4 'WW cl Other winners were: Sr. Biological Zn R. Geores and K. Hertz, 3rd, K. Tate, Sr. Physical 2nd, P. Trogstadg 3rd, D. Dix and R. Reevesg jr. Biological lst, G. Kling and E. Schnellg 2nd, K. Mizera and S. Seeley, 3rd, D. Smebak- ken and N. Keller, Ir. Physical lst, B. Merriman, 2nd, L. Rogers and L. Senng 3rd, D. Even, jr. - Jr. lst, G. Moen, G. Rub, C. Friez, R. Huber, 2nd, L. DeKrey5 3rd, B. Kile. FFA The Lemmon FFA Chapter held its annual banquet on a crisp autumn night. Diane Nelson was crowned as the new queen by the former queen, Janice Ham. Other candidates were Connie Miller, Marlys Meidinger and Judy Christman. Several of the members participated in jud ing events. Winners of ma'or S J awards as pictured below are: Seated, R. Dix, T. Dreiske, C. Anderson, H Wiesinger and R. Zielke. Standing, J. Maier, K. Ham, Mr. Catchpole, T. Anderson and L. Miller. The Chapter also held slave auctions and invited FHA members to a rap session . FIRST ROW: R. Knutson f1'6P.,, K. Ham fsecq, C. Anderson, Qpresq, D. Sonn ftreasj, T. Dreiske Qvice-pres.j, Mr. Catch- pole fadvisorj. SECOND ROW: D. Smebakken, D. Harris, K. Brum- ley, L. Kling, S. Siem, L. Miller, B. Dalzell, R. Krebs. THIRD ROW: R. Cain, R. Heil, R. Smith, D. Corcoran, N. Skjoldal, M. Roso, J. Treib, W. Kling, A. Goeres, A. Larson, R. Witt, G. Nicksic. FOURTH ROW: J. Baumeister, D. Davison, D. Landis, L. Peterson, M. Paul, M. Gupman, R. Texley, W. Ham, J. Lockert, G. Johnson, D. Anderson, D. Witt, K. Tomac, M. Boynton. FIFTH ROW: B. Christman, J. Froelich, B. Main, D. Dix, K. Ploog, B. Mattis, J. Petik, T. Anderson, D. Nelson, K. Gebhart, W. Hina, D. Nelson, S. Ballenger, M. Riedy. SIXTH ROW: 1. Maier, D. Smebakken, J. Benson, R. Dix, S. Nelson, R. Zielke, I. O'De11, S. Clark, M. Froelich, E. Wiesinger, A. Trieb, T. Leno, D. Even, J. Fossen, R. Stevens. 5 ...hr 14 ,W ,ff A ' B 3 YYY QW LL' . 4 MTiiQX!"f" 4.-- -Ara Boys' Track 9 FRONT ROW: P. Froelich, P. Priest, D. Bender, M. Petexson, B. Scoular. SECOND ROW: K. Hess, mgm D. Trautman, D. Erhart, K. Ham, K. Hertz, R. Bm-one, G. Chapin, G. Jangula, mgr. BACK ROW: Mr. K Kohnfasst. coachj, D. Gibbons, J. O'Donne11, D. Bratzel, D. Even, D. Wright, W. Trautman, Mr. Erhart Ccoachl. Z 4 21333 av M,,.W.w -ff, M f""' ff J kdwwx, .W 4 HA,,,.-w 'M Y I le Nadia lP'P?X:y i we X 2 in -'f , fi? I fir, N -.awk-.4 -M .wg SW 4 Q , M S W VM., W - -' r' U ,4- WW A H fm' W A df,-"Am MK.. ""' M 1 ,M ,M A X. .. . .vw , ,-ww' N ,W ' V W-W' V1 is ,w W MA :M +"' has K!! I Egg, Mi jf kM,,Mf ,rf My-f M, wh ,,,4 3 -if nl .df ,.,..w"""' 'mw- F.H.A. Besides the annual fashion show, FHA held candy apple and bake sales this year. They also enjoyed a hay- ride in the fall. H. Maxon and M. O'Donnell created the winning poster in the regional competition. FRONT ROW: H. Maxon QI-list. 1, M. O'Donne11lPub. J, C. Hess QV.-Pres. Q, S. Lyman QRec. J, Mrs. Elsberry LAdvisorJ, M. Sittner QPres. J, B. D1u'ickfParl. J, D. Sit:tnerfSec Treas. J, C. Winter fRep. J. SECOND ROW: D. Wiesinger, R. Fuerstenau, D. Paul, J. Christman, K. Kressley, D. Nelson, T. Texley, S. Spenny, K. Schopp, V. Rieger, I. Sackrnan, D. Krebs, L. Hess. THIRD ROW: J. Ham, M. Bootz, D. Ham, M. Raney, C. Miller, R. Roe,L. Kane, L. Hess, B. Maxon, N. Moen, J. Lillehaug, S. Rieker, M. Hess. FOURTH ROW: S. Lillehau V. Erickson S. Tidball D. Christman N g . Skholdal, R. O'Donne1l, A. Trautmaxi, R. Ahlness,, D. Corneliixs, R. Zent, T., Otter- berg, C. Schopp, J. Kahl, C. Lorius, D. Kling. FLFTH ROW: P. Even, J. Deans, I.. Knutson, V. Keller, A. Molitor, C. Schnell, K. Gleason, P. White, K. Schnell, B. Ginther, D. Ham, L. Schnell, P. Schliesman, K. Wagner, W. Wolff, D. Skoldal. SIXTH ROW: B. Hess, C. Lorius, L. Keller, M. Ploog, B. Hoff, P. Seim, J. Dauwen, J. Davidson, S. Baumeister, A. Thingvold, I. Voight, L. Oliver, M. Trogsted, L. Bin-enkott, M. Catchpole, J. Meade, L. Stevens, M. Langehough. 62 if win ,X ,,, 1 'iii A ' x U .iv E X five. fx lx, :J , - - - gg: was ls 5. am Girls' Track FRONT ROW: S. Pazie fmgr. J, Mrs. Fran Seeley Qcoachj, G. Gieger Qmgr., not picturedj. SECOND ROW: B. Larson, A. Trautman, M. Raney. TI-HRD ROW: S. Baumeister, M. O'Donnell, P, Trogstad, R. Krausz, B. Hess, D. Ham. FOURTH ROW: L. Birrenkott, A. Trautman, K. Tate, L. Stevens, C. Lorius, V. Simon. FIFTH ROW: B. Corcoran, K. Cieger, D. I-Iam, C. Colgrove. The Lemmonettes track practice began on March 20th with 62 girls in grades 7-12. Approximately 45 girls finished up the season. Fourteen girls lettered in track for the 1972 season. The 880 relay team, S. Baumeister, L. Birren- kott, B. Corcoran and M. O'Donnell, placed in every track meet that they participated. K. Tate is the only girl who took on the challenge of rtmning the 880 yd. run. She placed first in the Little Mareau Conference Meet. The Lemmonettes participated in five 13-ack meets during the year. We are losing three seniors from the squad, S. Raney, B. Larson and A. Trautman. I'm looking forward to a good strong year in 1973. Coach Fran Seeley - - A I 64 1 ,gs-K in '- x..NM XML 4 N wma.. W Wm as .,..,,,. -uw if K g A? . .Q F-iM4pN..m.k xv' Awww -M V Q ., . E A K ,Y W ,MVN QF l W as ff nf Aw A E E .H 'H ,W P V nf 1' as my ff ,A 'Rf . ' ky' S .Alf A as-'lv A K ..,,, ' mn N A W my ix: 5.. . ,Q.,v,,w. my k,,,fj1. Q, zu L. ,Q Adi' I h. A.xK,Y. iki ,,, A k11 'ss3Q,Q""'5 ' g 'A K .. W m if, A JVM' Jai - , in gf, ww - l f'-- ai F px 4' .Mg 4. 'f'fS'1 Mm ,SW K x P 435 is ,wN...,,.. fl. wffg C urtczin Going p .' CAST Tony Peterson . . Ternes Elsie Hunter . Colgrove Janet Young . . Christman Buck O'I-Iara . . . Goeres Nancy Levridge . Raney Milt Sanders . . . Tishmack Jacko Guthrie . . Starkey Loretta Fuller . . Riedy Andy Fullbright . Benson Mis Irene Burgess . Christman Sylvia Moore . . Molitor Ioan White .... Birrenkott Mis Carolyn Moran Ericsson Mr. Norman Carter Fero Miss Henrietta Rivers Geiger Kyle Roberts . . . Skjoldal Prop boys . . . Dalzell . . . . . Scoular First Woman . . . Meade Mr. Richard Leveridge . . . Jackson Second Woman . . Gleason Girls ....... Boot: . Ham . . . . . . . Lyman PRODUCTION STAFF M. Gupman, D. E1-hart, S. Johnson, D. Even, J. Fossen, D. Wiesinger, J. Meade, G. Olson, J. Weist, J. Hintz, J. johnson, L. Kane, T. Otterberg, S. Petersen, J. Sackman, D. Sittner, G. Geiger, I. Kahl, 1. Riedy, R. Goeres, V. Kostelecky, M. Trogstad, H. Maxon, N. Moen S i I 3 66 R I r 67 Wiz Q53 G5- 5 S' 3 Aixam , A We X ,L X Q 4 xr X 521 ggi Xi!- if '13 f. ff N Fi., . 1 get ? ,NA kk if , ,Z N' 2? 'fm fs , 1-'K QHAS5 as ff? Y' i' if 55' v. wi- -- 'Z' X -'.,'u,.f."'fL ww ' v., Y f 1:85 1'-.a Q . 1g9Q"W:1 Y Wyw' F . 5 P e T Q-'Sew gif J Q C jg 5 -3 . "1 -aff? . ff ' igfais L' ' I QT, J i Class of '72 If I had a chance to be anything or anybody for just today I think I'd be a senior. If I had a chance to be anything or anybody for all my tomorrows I think I'd be myself. Jean Riedy i N 1 I W Charles Anderson I I I 1 4 Steven Bootz I N G. Thom, S.C.5 B. Hoff, Sec.-Treas.g 1st sem., F. Gossmzm, V.-P1-es.5 and P. Froelich, Pres. Not Pictured: A. Trautman, Sec.-Treas.5 2nd sem. M ary Bre kke F E S 1? I 9 i a 5 Duane Han-is Carolyn Hess Keith Hess ff' 2 .ee iff- J I unuwwn.-un is , - Xi' Barbara Wolff Hoff Douglas Hoff Duane Huber Steven Jackson Eugene jangula jackie Kahl Lee Ann Keller Bruce Klein S s- Don Klein 52 i 3 E 1 I 4 Monte Starkey Arleen Thingvold Glenn Thom ,W Arlys Trautman Wayne Trautman Gary Wells 'ig i NE? I A 5 , , 1 Myron Wenner Q 5 3 , mp- I e K ,. J ' y 'S Tix iwxemk. '1' H x ,f .wifg v J wr N . .- 5 "IFES ' MS S90 , W - 'E , it E RY w Q 4' Y 7""' .EE 1 Q 1 J 2 4.- U x .A '? ' 1 T ' 1 xx f f N qqi f x S34 'YN W x 1 ' i f' A SWE' 55 H .fsiffsfg X 5 -wf f V 4 K 63.5 Q.-4' W- ' 'iii' I ,HH oi I if J 1 ,al h gy M , N8 ra, e N 2 i S2 ' up if Az .. wx is N X M N , X N QM R U if X x 'Q r ' . L ,e ' H 'af-"' f .... Q1 Q. N5 '53 J , A Q, is x , ,. L F Q. 5 , 'Y' K X Q' iwixw -. i, f W. :Civ 5 X :xv '- m5f:.,.vg W5 , Q , . , ggsr' 1 12,1112 f 1 Q A5 i S' fi- gi. A . um: 4 iw '11,.i51Tfffg:E:?'f 'Fi 'Rf 1" Fwfiwgiggxazaf ' . -, wi A . K. awe ,Q S Q 2 S Q 1 f X. Y my 1 . 1 , I 4 'I J ,EW if ,sf ' 1 QQ 1 Q: Q r mi? .K .. 9 1 . Ni ,A ilkfifff . -5 ,W fp' gf' ,, W vw- - S Q 'mmA 5 " , df' s Mai: , . .fd W- , is-v-K-3-wg--Q-,A..w.-.f...w H. 1? 3- , X X 1, A' La, ,mm Q- 3 V-arf? EB . , ,,,, '- . - ,ff--M ' ' - M .af xgx m 3 af- 'X ' ff V. - ' ffgwa . T ., , Q 4 . 7? Sk iw xiii AE., i :i f " L , wha .-,X J x P MQ . ww ifxf A 45. K 5735 Q-E , ' - 4.14 C lczssniglat A warm spring evening set the stage for Class Night. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of those receiving scholarships Qimmediate rightj. FRONT ROW: C. Hess QLemmon Ed. Assoc. , Earl Papke Fundl, I. Kahl1l.e:mmonJaycees, Hospital Aux. J. SECOND ROW: H. Zent QA .H. Bratzel Mem- orialj, A. Trautman QMarch of Dimesl. THIRD ROW: K. Wilson Uiarl Papke Fundj, P. Froelich fBratvett- Green Post No. 66, Legion Aux. J, D. Goetz Uohn B. Summers Mem. J. I. Fero and M. Raney were given the Danforth Award as outstanding in the senior class Qlower leftj. The Twentieth Centtu-y Wo:-nen's Club Award for outstanding student in English went to I. Riedy Qlower rightj. It was also announced that D. Bratzel was elected president of the Student Council for the coming year. The John Phillip Sousa Award for the senior outstanding in band dLu'ing his four years in high school went to R. Parker fupper leftl. Receiving home economics awards lupper rightj were: B. Larson, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrowg and L. Schnell, Crisco Award for outstanding student in home economics. B. Larson also received the DAR Award as most outstanding girl in the senior class. Science awards flower leftl were: Outstanding Science Student in all areas, D. Bratzel Qnot picturedl, Outstanding Biology Student, R. Goeresg Outstanding Chemistry Student, D. Zimmer. T. Drieske received the State Chapter Farmer Award and C. Ander- son the Dekalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award for most outstand- ing agricultural student Qlower rightl. 83 Honor Students HOWARD ZENT, highest honors and JUDY CHRISTMAN, honors 84 , , , wx. ga fs? QQBFE V . nav 15 .1 . 'Q 0 V 1 Q ,S 5 , 5 if 3 2 ' Y , ' e 012' uh, E? X1 . NRS, if L TQSTT . . .4 A, ww H 1 ,Mya sw, , Ve, -si k ' 513. ww 'E -3? . f 5 , .,.L F I '-35225 Q s N-wk ' 'WLS 5 W M .M -A' . iw . M ,WA Jr Graduation Graduation day began with rehearsal at 8:30 a.m. Although not everyone made it, we were all prepared for the big event, which began at 8:00 p.m. May 23rd. Speakers were Jerry Fero, Michele Ploog and Jean Riedy. Madrigal singers presented two selections. Kenneth Preszler fpres. of School Boardj, awarded diplomas. Invocation and bene- diction were given by Rev. Robert Duryee. W 2 ,..hI 3. . j f .' I ' A f 4 8 . . x 'Q 6" . Q A . K F ,, S, , - ' 1 593 1 ya ' 9:3451 H, , Y, 5 Q , f. ' .A X 8 54' ,'-w- :Q 1 W? . uw,-,,i -" '. G ' ' 24- ' 4 5" - :slap X M f H , i if -' -g,Es,Q-Msg a mms - J , A ff V ' J . N A Q - ig? mm-'nw if , 'Z' ,mmf ' , x X, , 7' 1:9 S 1 ' w 1 H0453 JSA, Wsiri, , 1 Z - gff.3 ii . - - QA 6 'J 4. 5? af? 4 I. x M-J , V ,a . ,gh . -QF! S. ,Q im R 3 3 if , ,,. . x --1 Standing together Able to look back memories haunt your mind turn around and find tomorrow just out of reach brace youxself there 's not always room for all please touch my hand until we 're sure. Published by Josfen's!Nafional School Services Lid Winnipeg, Manifoba, Canada. WN X .Aff W" Q 1 ,wWq xx-fx JH AW 3 33iffaij2 Gila Wm xNWQf?g fm mfr ww wwf W -M Wxwm

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