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, L..- ray af ff I! , , ,f in ,jx ' ,H if-QQX. P1 Nd of D4 du urmfz i"Ti fn!- l 1 ,-:QL Board of Directors WILLIAM .IEFFERIES LEANDER YODER FERD BYERS R 'Wave GLEN WHITE!-IEAD PERCY BRIDENTHRALL FRED STOOKEY County Supermtendent Incommg Trustee Outgomg Trustee Of Schools 5 f 'xxx School Buzldzng Z!-..,, Ps- GLEN LONGENECKER Prmcnpal 6 Q LAWRENCE HUDSON Schoolmg Manchester College and lndxana University ubjects Sclence English and Soclal Studies JAMES CORY Schooling State Teachers College Subjects Shop Latmn Physics Mechanical Drawxng TED FORD Schooling Western Illmoxs State Teachers College and lndxana University Health and Socml Studies MARGARET FORD Schooling Western Illmons State Teachers College and lndnana Umverslty Subjects Home Economxcs English and Physical Education CARLYLE FREDERICK Schooling Manchester College and Northwestern ubjects Musnc and Mathematics PHILIP FAWLEY Schoolxng Manchester College Subjects Englxsh and Commerce 7 S . : . D . Subjects: Physical Education, S ' : ' . ' . PAUL KEGEBEIN Schooling Manchester College Grades Fifth and Sixth GLEN LONGENECKER Schoolmg Manchester College and Columbia Umversxty Subjects Government and Occupatlons GWENDOLINE DEWART Schoolmg Manchester Colleg and Goshen College NELLIE RILEY Schoolmg Manchester College Grades Thurd and Fourth MARY RALSTON Schooling Kansas Cxty National College Grade First FLORENCE GILLIAM Schoohng Manchester College Grade Second 8 ' : e Grades: Fourth and Fifth. 3 Bus Drwers KAMMERER MECK HANDGEN JOHNSON ROBISON HERB METGE He pohshes the floors He dusts the chalrs He cleans off the marks That we make on the stairs He xsn't hard bomled He does not scold But keeps the rooms heated So we don't get cold Many odd Jobs He can do wxth ease lf only we would say "l need your help please Then at close of the day When h1s work ns through, It wxll not hurt To say, "Thank You." In apprecxatxon we would hke to say, "Thank you, Herb, ln every way. " y y Carolyn Loher 9 1 1 . ' C ,..,w '-ff' Q 5 f .1 535 1 , 4 I . I I l ' I I e r Y ll , Q ff7fl i ROBERT ALLEN Basketball Softball Track Hx Lltes Blazer Those Websters CAROLYN LOHER Girls' Chorus Mxxed Chorus Band Library Gu-l Shy Those Websters ' l-I1 Lxtes Blazer ROB Basketball Softball Track I-h Lxtes Blazer Gu rl Shy ERT ELLIS 'Those Websters RE THA LOZIE R Glrls' Chorus Mnxed Chorus Band H1 Lntes Blazer Offxce Staff Gxrl Shy ' 'Those Webs! ers ll ll ' ll .--.-- ll Sextet ---------- -- - "T-111111 I -- - --Q11'.1' l ELLIS HARTMAN Gxrl Shy Library Blazer PAMELLA MAY Glrls Chorus Mixed Chorus Hx Lxtes Blazer Girl Shv Those Websters OfflC8 Staff Library JAMES HEIERMAN Yell Leader Band Mxxed Chorus H1 Lltes Girl Shy Those Websters Softball Track Boys' Chorus Library DORCAS MCCONNELL Girls Chorus Mxxed Chorus Band Those Websters Llbrary Blazer 12 ll ' ll --....--- .--.- ' 1 H - - ' ll ll -------- ---------------1, Z, 3 Blazer ----- -----. ....... ll " - - - - - - - ' I ll gl - - - - - - - - ARTIE LONG Basketball Softball Track Girl Shy 'Those Websters Blazer PATRICIA NOEL Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Band Library H1 Lltes Blazer "G1r1 Shy 'Those Websters LOREN POUND Basketball Track 'Girl Shy Those Websters H1 Lxtes Blazer OMA S TOOKEY Girls' Chorus Mixed Chorus Band Library H1 Lntes "Girl Shy 'Those Webst Office Staff Sextet CIS 13 n ' n -..... I o Softball ---- .-... n HOWARD LURSEN Basketball Softball Track J' Gxrl Shy Those Websters Blazer 1 BARBARA WALLACE Gxrls' Chorus Mxxed Chorus Band Library Girl Shy Hx Lxtes Blazer 'Wi -i We, the Semors of"'51"w1sh to express our appreciation to Mrs. Riley for helpmg us ln the canteen at noons. fClass of 'SU 14 CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS Serum Page MOTTO Not For Ourselves But For A FLOWER Whxte Rose COLORS Chartreuse and Grey OFFICERS Presxdent Loren Pound Secretary and Treasurer Pat Noel POEM ln the fertmle mmds of happy youth l plant the word of Frxendlmness And about that vlbrant pulsxng seed Rlch soxl of Falth I gently press Water wxth refreshlng thoughts of Hope That wars of Natxons soon may cease Vxtalnze wxth Sunshlne of God s Love So frults of planting may be Peace James W Cory 5 L . ', vv Y 1111 Vice-President- -Ellis Hartman l Class H :story As che wee lnttle Frosh seated themselves m the assembly of L H S they sand 'At last we are m high school But they thought silently to themselves If only l were a Sem The mneteen Freshmen who thought thxs were Pat Noel .hm Helerman Elxzabeth Blltz Corlynn Muller Loren Pound Bob Allen Patty Randall Jumor Long Margaret Lxnn Howard Lursen Barbara Wallace Ellis Hartman Carolyn Loher Bob Ellns Pamella May Felxtz Reyna Rosemary Spencer Oma Mae Stookey and Retha Lozner But time went fast and wxth three short months of summer vacatton we found ourselves as Sophomores Fwe classmates from our Freshman Class moved away leavmg only fourteen members These were Pamella May Howard Lursen Patty Randall Ellls Hartman .hm Hexerman Oma May Stookey Bob Elhs Retha Lozxer Pat Noel Loren Pound Carolyn Loher Bob Allen Junior Long We came back the followmg year as Jumors wxth the same members of the last year except Patty Randall Patty went to Irene Byron Sanxtarmm for tubercu losms treatment That left thu-teen 1n our class Bob Allen Bob Ellxs Elhs Hartman .hm I-Ienerman Carolyn Loher Jumor Long Retha Lozler Howard Lursen Pamella May Pat Noel Loren Pound and Barbara Wallace Now 15 our fmal year at Leesburg Hugh School Our class sponsor xs Mr Longenecker We elected as our class offxcers Loren Pound Presldent Ellis Hartman Vxce Presndent and Pat Noel Secretary and Treasurer We have thxrteen members lookmg forward to graduating thts sprmg Bob Ellxs Bob Allen Ellls Hartman .hm Hexerman Carolyn Loher .Tumor Long Retha Lozzer Howard Lursen Pamella May Dorcas McConnell a new member comxng from Warsaw Pat Noel Loren Pound and Barbara Wallace Oma Mae Stookey moved to Nappanee Of our class membershnp one member has attended school at Leesburg for all twelve years He ms .hm Hexerman 16 . . ' C 0 l . , , . . .H . ' ,, .or.,, . . I ' . . , . . ' . D , ' I 1 l l I l iv I . ' I . , , . ' l . U . . . C 9 I 1 . , . . , ' , , . , ' ' , , . and Barbara Wallace. I A l ' . 0 . . ' D . I . ' . . I , . 1 . , , , , . . ' Q , ' s ' . . - . S , D . . . . . Z . , D . , . . D , . ' . i . , 1 . . . , . . Ten Years Hence As I awoke exactly at 8 00 A M on a beauttful summer day xn 1961 I re membered that thns was the day I would start on my trxp But fnrst I wanted to see my old lassmates that lnved around the area of Leesburg I Jumped mto my httle Fly O Plane and flew to M1lford I knocked on the door of one of the pretty houses and who should answer? Not a butler but two boys and a gurl One boy seven years old the lxttle gurl fxve years old and the lxttle boy trotting behtnd them was two and a half You guessed It they are the Mxshler chtldren I talked to Pat for several mlnutes then decxded I would go on My next stop was the Allen Gab Stop It IS a servxce statxon owned by Robert Allen where you gab while you want Bob saxd he had been m busmess for three years and liked It I then went on As I was flymg over some of the larger houses m Warsaw I notlced a bxg house wxth a huge lawn I must see thxs house I saxd So I landed my ltttle Fly O Plane ' m the beautiful back yard I hadn't anymore than stepped out of the plane when Mrs Bob Rhoades appeared with four boys I ask Barb ff these were her chxldren and she saxd yes Then I understood why they had such a huge lawn Barb and Bob' are looking forward to havxng their own football team After talkmg for awhtle I told Barbara that I had to hurry on because I wanted O Planes ' are the fastest thlngs a flymg So now I am on my way to Florxda As I am flymg over Greenwxch South Carolina I see the beaut1fu1 campus of Bob Jones Umversxty where I attended for four wonderful years The reason I plcked Florxda as my destination was because most of my 1951 classmates went there on vacation I landed my lxttle plane at one of the cxty airports m Mzamx I then took a taxx to the mann sectxon of the town As I was gettmg out of the taxx I notxced an en trance door on a large buxldxng On It was C O B M D O U S As my curxosmty IS always gettxng the best of me Iwent m To my surprxse Jam H terman was comtng out I asked hmm what C O B M O U S meant I-Ie saxd It was Conference Of Better Medlcal Doctors Of Umted States Jlm sand he took medxcal study rnght after he had graduated nn 1951 and saxd he fxnally had become a good medxcal doc tor and that 15 why he was there I talked wxth Jxm for a few mmutes and then I hurried on I wanted to get out to the beach before the sun went down As Iwas drnvlng out I passed a beautxful golf course On the slgn that announces who plays I saw a very famxhar name It was Bob Ellis I-Ie was playing wlth Sammy Snead today a game I very much wanted to see 17 to be in Florida in two hours. This Modern Age you know, and those little "Fly- - . 'I . 1 1 . . . After chasing Bob for three miles I caught up wxth him on the fourteenth green He was then three strokes ahead of Sammy Bob said that thls was the first S 150 000 contest he had entered and he was out to wxn I wished him lots of luck and watched the game He won" I then went back to the hotel got a bite to eat and then settled clown for a good mghts sleep The next morning I started for the beach After spending half of the mornmg domg nothing I met up with Retha Lozier and Dorcas McConnell lTalk about coincidence Retha sand she came to Florida for a short vacation before going back to North Dakota Retha is a Home Economics teacher at the N D High now only she was staying at the hotel with Retha while she was here Retha Dorcas and I spent the evening together and had a wonderful time The next morning I left Florida and headed for South America Here I found Pamella I can t say May because Pam changed her last name Pam is a nurse in South America and said she would contmue to be a nurse if she had her way And a very pretty nurse she makes Cahforma here I come Here I will visit Ellis Hartman who runs an automo bile accessory shop Junior Long who runs a clothing goods store and Loren Pound who owns a sport shop Ellis and Junior luke their busmess very much Loren said he likes his busmess as an avocation but his main business is Aero nautical Engineering Only one more classmate to see Howard Lursen He is back in Indiana and owns a dairy farm Howard is domg well for himself and likes dairy business very well Home sweet home' Back to work Here comes my first student Y s I finally became a music teacher 18 I , , I . . . . 1 U , . School in North Dakota. Dorcas said she was living in Florida the year around , , . . . i . . . I 0 , . . . . . , . . I . . . . . . . ' . e , 'dit' A-.11 4. ARTIE JUNIOR LONG CAROLYN DIANNE LOHER BARBARA GENE WALLACE ROBERT ALLEN Jlll HEIERMAN AND TOM FERVERDA PAMELLA MAY .ma I-u:u:aMAN 19 RETHA JEAN LOZIER .4.a,f..- MX' I X 1 .5 Q X1 Q' , " V .f f- .N 5 .N M64-ww ,441 . ' V 'wi f ' 1. 'M .4 I Last Wzll and Testament We the members of the Semor Class of Leesburg 1951 bemg of sound mmd and good Judgment do hereby w1l1 to the followmg named hexrs the followmg prop erty To our Alma Mater we wnll our memomes that we have recexved nn the past four years To the Faculty we will our knowledge and a peaceful frame of mxnd whxch we hope they w11l fmd after we leave To the Jumors we wxll our loyal posmtxon as Semors whxch we know they wxll be proud to hold To the Sophomores we w1ll our abxlxty to gxve successful class plays To the Freshmen we wall our ab111ty to get along wxth fellow classmates I Robert Allen w1l1 my pos1t1on as art edxtor of the H1 Lxtes to anyone who thinks he wxll like It I Robert Ellxs wxll my old Model A to Dxck Goshorn for a slxght remuner atton I Ellxs Hartman wxll the teachers of LHS to the underclassmen nn hopes that they can get along together I James Helerman wxll my abxlxty to grow a beard to Edward Handgen I Carolyn Loher wxll all my books to Nancy Godshalk who wxll be able to study out of them better than I dmd I Retha Lozxer wxll my abxhty to get some A s to anyone who wants to study for them I Howard Lursen wxll my abnlxty to hut a softball to the softball squad next year 1n hopes they can do better than I I Dorcas McConnell wxll the bass drum to "The Thmg " namely Byrd eder1ckson l Pamella May wxll my ab1l1ty to leave boys alone to Betty Bowser I Pat Noel wxll my abxlxty of not bexng ttcklxsh to Sandra Hartman I Loren Pound w1l1 my ab1l1ty to wear short haxrcuts all through my Semor year to Joe Charles Wlldman I Barbara Wallace w1l1 my seat m assembly to my sxster m hopes that she soon wxll s1t there Z0 C 1 1 1 , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , n , 0 1 1 ' 1 0 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 I I Y Y . . . .. , 1 1 1 1 1 , Q 1 1 1 Fr . 1 1 s Y I I I I , 1 I I I . ROBERT SHIVELY BEVERLY NEFF TOM BUSKIRK JIM WATKINS az" i 3 1 fi? Sophomores FIRST ROW Jim Hepler Sue Albert Dick Goshorn Rose Ellen Cremeans David Longenecker Arlene Koenig Jim Randall SECOND ROW: Sandra Hartman Dick May Mary McCleary Harold Kern Sharon Metge Walter Yoder Joan Spencer THIRD ROW: Tom Manges Donna Hamilton Tom Fervada Sally Rosbrugh John Lozier Betty Bowser Tom Edgar FOURTH Row: Carol wildman, Leon simon, Bob smith. CLASS OFFICERS President ---- Jim Randall Vice-President ---- Tom Fervada Secretary and Treasurer ---- Sally Rosbrugh Class Sponsor ---- Mrs. Ford Z3 1 Freshmen FIRST ROW Delores Haines Allen Glant Phylhs Patterson J1llBerlm Patricia Tusmg Davxd Clayton Patricia Heaton SECOND ROW Bonnie Kmzle Donna Randall Jerry Deeter Rosalie Hagg Gregory Smith Byrd Frederxckson Lxlhe Yarger THIRD ROW Doreen Mam Carl Carpenter Martha Stevens Sally Phillips CLASS OFFICERS Presxdent Pat Tusmg Vxce President Greg Smith Secretary and Treasurer Delores Haines Class Sponsor Mr Hudson Z4 ,.. 4 12 E :gh th Grade FIRST ROW Peggy Wallace Devon Handgen Martha Thomas Jerry Shand Dorothy Cremeens Bobby Randall Louuse Spencer SECOND ROW Howard Lehman Joan Burt Norman Hagg Beverly May Blsworth Everest Evelyn Carter Robert Harley THIRD ROW Katherme Harley George Carter Sandra Stevens .Tummy McConnell Waunxta Kern Gerald Mxller Marxlyn Sutton FOURTH ROW Lee Allen Tusmg Marilyn Galloway CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent Waumta Kern Vxce President Jerry Shand Secretary and Treasurer Marilyn Sutton Class Sponsor Mr Fredrick Z5 "Y 'D if President George Buckingham Vice Pre sxdent Gene Albert Seven th Grade Secretary and Treasurer Marcele Everest Class Sponsor Mr Fawley FIRST ROW Carolyn Manges Richard Kinzxe Barbara Koch Billie Goshorn Marcel Everest Richard Smith Barbara Cremeens SECOND ROW: George Buckingham Ann Foreman Marvin Keggeris Peggy Watkins Billy Wildman Marguerite Weldy Bobby Roberts THIRD ROW: Linda Roberts Charles Tyson Ellen Marvel Gene Albert Mary Rader Robert McCork1e Shelba Gunte r FOURTH ROW: Tommy Keel Janet Shand Beverly Rathbun Charlotte Main Anna Shoemaker Delores Vanator Lois Dausman FIFTH ROW: Betty Loy, Evelyn Detwiller, Judy Godshalk, Becky Buskirk. 26 Frrst Grade all Second Grade Z7 Fifth and Sixth Grades 29 F zrst Grade BACK ROW STANDING Karen Tusmg Ray Lee Stoup Paula Koch Bobby Flmn Peter O Connel John Abbott SECOND ROW STANDING Danny Albert Larry Galloway Allen Andres Carol Dickson Doug Metz Juanlta Rader THIRD ROW STANDING Bonme Osborn Nancy Yocum Donna Cassel Exleen Vandermark Ruth Smlth Carolyn Everest Mrs Ralston SITTING Duck Roberts Charles McK1bben Paul Lowman Davxd Shue Bobby Teeple Larry Hartman Dale Roberts .Second Grade BACK ROW STANDING Pamela Hartle Jerry Kammerer Bobby Kegerrexs Rlchard Shepler Darrel Phlllnps Sharon Vanator Carole Delsch SECOND ROW STANDING Bxlly Holcomb Paula Deeter Alxce Garee Cynthxa Smith Esther Morehouse Judlth Rohrer THIRD ROW STANDING Marxlyn Goodrxch Sharon Osborn Mmss Gxllnam SITTING Eddze McCorkle Denny Brookms Stephen Schermerhorn Larry Anglm Lee Myers D1ckSponsel1er Steve Godshalk Thzrd Grade BACK ROW STANDING Sharon Hartford Dorxs Abbott Sally Sausaman Sherry Hlte .hmmy Koemng Mxchael Foreman George Paton SECOND ROW STANDING Wanda Plank Mary Wxldman Rebecca Schermerhorn Penny Cassel Fredrlc Buckmgham Bobby Sponseller Bully Lyons Mrs Riley THIRD ROW STANDING Kathryn Zahlout Ann Sausaman Susie Shroyer Sher1Sm1th Marjorie Vandermark Rebecca Bates Charles Roberts SITTING Tommy Hartman Bud Rader Kent Wrzght Paul Yocum Kenneth Flfer Roger Baxr Tommy Smlth 30 Carole Smaltz, Linda Fifer, Nancy Roberts, Beverly Smith, Diane Huffman, I I . I Y l I Fourth and Fzfth Grades BACK ROW STANDING Linda McCorkle Barbara Ryan Anne McCorkle Brenda Deisch David Bates Billy Gaar Stephen Rosbrugh Linda McConnell Sue Main THIRD ROW STANDING Carolyn Hartle Jimmy Coon Tommy Conley Judith Andres Nancy Albert Doris Hartman Becky Fisher Carolyn McKibb1n Mrs Dewart SECOND ROW STANDING Margene Haines Helen Everest Phyllis Meyers Mary Jane McCoy Kay Roberts Lucille Robinson Patty Shepler Leona Garee Millie Wright Rosemary Yocum SITTING Arthur Frederickson Stephen Meck Terry Johnson Terry Johnson Kenneth Showalter Eddie Roberts Dean Crist Gary Tusmg Larry McConnell Kissane Joanne I-Ioffe r Fzfth and Szxth Grades BACK ROW STANDING Wilmer Loher Marjorie Yarger Brenda Gaar Marilyn Shoemaker Patsy Dunn Duke Fisher FOURTH ROW STANDING Douglas Goshorn Sue Godshalk Larry Stackhouse Phillip Kammerer Douglas Method Donald Worley Paul Kegebem THIRD ROW STANDING Joe Lozier Robert Stevens Howard Shepler Darcy Smith Carolyn Abbott Beferly Warren Patty Phillips SECOND ROW STANDING Laura Ann Smaltz June Smith Karen Method Colleen Handgen Marilyn Paton Priscxlla Stevens Peggy Dunn Geraldine Wildman SITTING Larry Worley Hohn Staup Billy Smith Nelson Sutton Larry Glant Buddy Kegerreis Charles Thomas Gerald Shoemaker 31 Absent from the picture, members of this room are: Callie Akers, Patrick H 'as 4 3 ,I 1 H1 there you httle rebel you KZ, Gads a cop' 13, It couldn t be that the fellows are late? 4 Oh yes mce mee' 5 Varsxty Row Q61 Well Mother I am so glad to see you UQ I n w pronounce you 8 Anybody know what events next? 91 Please don t Artxe we have no money for flowers U01 Anybody got a match? 32 Cheerleaders BETTY BOWSER NANCY GODSHALK SUE ALBERT LEON RATHBUN Leo ' Leon Rathbun better known as Leo was the county's fastest m11er last year In the County Track and Field Meet held at county record for the male by covermg the distance m 4 56 Leon also ran the half mxle and entered the hxgh jump 34 1 ll I Columbia City, Leo set a new Syracuse P1erceton Silver Lake Sldney Mxllersburg Mentone Warsaw Beaver Dam North Webster Mxlford Atwood Cromwell Lady Of The Lake New Pans North Webster Burket Etna Green Fzrst Team Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg COUNTY TOURNEY Leesburg 5 Sdver Lake Leesburg Etna Green -------------------75 ' ------------------ 54 ' ---------------- 65 ' ------------------- --55 ' ---------------- 48 -------------------51 ------------'------ 39 --------------- 42 ------------- 58 ' -------------------. vo C1ayp00l ------------------- 45 Leesburg --------------------so ------------------Sl ---------- 42 ' ----------------- 58 ----'-----'---92 -------------------- 55 --------------N 47 ----------------,, 1 ' SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT ------------------42 5 LOREN POUND Loren' Loren is a Senior this year and has played four years of varsity basketball for Leesburg Loren was a great asset to the team by being an aggressive guard hand Loren although only five feet eleven inches tall tipped in many shots and stole more than his share of the defensive rebounds Loren lead the team this year in the scorlng columns and was one of the leading scorers in the county Loren was voted Captain of the team this year JOE WILDMAN Joe JOHN LOZIER 'Little John' Joe Wildman a Junior this year played a lot of ball including first five once in awhile Joe who is another one of our tall boys this year was not one of our smart guard and a hard fighting rebounder at all times With this year experience Joe should go places next year with his height and playing ability Joe often added his share of the points to the Leesburg scoreboard with his one handed shots from in front of the basket 36 John Lozier was a Sophomore this year and a great help to the team He often set up plays in the pivot with his crafty passing from the back line John was one of our always be counted upon to score his share of the points with his fast breaks and long one handed shots John or Little John as he was better known has great prospects for the next two years John also ran track and played softball and a dead shot with either high scorers but was a best play makers and could . Q , 1 . . Q 'S . . BOB ALLEN BOB ELLIS Big Bob JUNIOR LONG Artxe Bob Allen xs a Senior thus year Bob has played two years of varslty ball and ns one of our roughest boys Better known as Al he xs a left hander and has racked up many poxnts for old LHS Al played for ward and was always on the Job whether xt was offense or defense Al was not a regular but he played ln every game we had wlth a hard fxghttng spxrxt l has taken part tn every sport Leesburg offers m cludmg softball and track Bob Ellxs known as Bug Bob xs a Semor Bug Bob our tallest man stands sux feet two mches and played center for three years on the varsxty team Bob was the second leadmg scorer on the team and became well known for h1s crafty handlmg of the ball at the plvot post and for h1s deadly jump shots wxth elther hand He upped shots from all angles on the backboard and was a sharpshooter wuth hrs two handed overhead shot H also was on the track and softball teams 37 Junxor Long IS a Senior Artxe as he IS known has played two years of basket ball It was always Artie who could put the old fxght back mto the team when tlungs were rough He dld not play fxrst flve ball but played m hrs share of the games and was one of the better ball handlers Artxe was one of our best track men tn that we could always dep nd on htm for points He also played softball HAI!! YI ' ll ll ' ll 9 I - I ' 4 I ' I ' D . . . . . I . in . ' ' ' ' . A e ' ' . ' . . e ' MW: ,, ' ' . W f 7 . rw V, 1 F X' nl . V 'gn I w 'lt 1 Y 1 JIM RANDALL BOB SHIVELY .hm .hm Randall a Sophomore thus year ns another one of our tall backboard men Jxm always bounds and then some Jxm had a lot of trouble wxth a weak ankle ln the later part of the season but was stxll one of our most valuable men Jim s abxlxty to score came wxth hrs accurate txppxng on the back boards .hm has a good future xn hxs two years of school that are left Bob Bob Shxvely was a Jumor thls year and played forward po sxtnon on the ftrst ftve Bob handlers and scored a great many of the teams pomts on h1s one handed shots from the corners He was a good guard ln every respect and could al ways be depended on to hold hns man and to score hns share of the pomts from the fneld Bob has another year of bas ketball ahead of hum yet and should be a real threat Bob also played softball II ' ll ll ll hauled down his part of the re- was one of our sharpest ball . , . 38 - ind" ,,,, 1 f ... iff, , , 54:2 - , Y V w Syracuse Pxerceton Silver Lake Sidney Mlllersburg Mentone Warsaw Beaver Dam Milford Claypool Atwood Cromwell Lady Of The Lake New Paras North Webster Burket Etna Green Second Team Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg L . ------------------ 44 ' ------------------ Z1 ' ---------------- 38 ' --------------------- 29 ' ---------------- 33 -------------------33 ------------------ 36 ----------------33 North Webster ------------- -Z7 Leesburg ' -------------------- 38 -------------------Z3 --------------------Z9 ------------------19 ---------- ZZ ' ----------------- 32 ------------- 38 ---------------------10 ---------------- 24 39 if ' Q XII ar' W ng' 69 BIRD S EYE VIEW U TOM BUSKIRK TED FORD Student Manager Coach 40 Softball STANDING Tom Bulhrk QManagerj Bob Shxvely Greg Smxth Carl Carpenter .hm Watkml Howard Lursen Ted Ford QCoachj SECOND ROW Slttlng Tom Edgar Bob Allen Bob Elhs .hm Randall Loren Pound FIRST ROW Sitting Tom Fervada Walter Yoder John Lozxer Dave Longenecker Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg Leesburg SOFTBALL RECORD FOR l950 lost lost won lost North Webster Milford Sxdney Syracuse 41 WOR won lost won ------------won Pierceton------------U--- lost Track STANDING Ted Fo d QCoa hj Wal! Yod r John L0 e T F d Tom Edge KNEELING J mor Long Bob Allen Bob Ellx Lo en Pound Syracuse Leesburg Silver Lake Beaver Dam Mxllersburg RECORD FOR l950 l Leesbu rg Z Mentone 42 Milford Leesburg Mentone Leesburg Larwxll 1 r c , er e , zi r, om erva a, 1. 1. ' ...... 2. 2. ----- 3. ' 3. ------ 1. Leesburg --------- 51 l. North Webster 2. ------ Z4 2. -.--- 3. ' -.---- 23 3. ' -----.. . ---------- 53 . ---.------- Z7 i F17 si ll Ha Ha to you too What s so darn funny? IZ Aw gxve xt here stupxd I3 Darn the draft anyway U42 Smg xt sweet Sara I5 What a chance to escape jump quick kxds I6 Drag along Allen 17, Gee what purty pxcturesl U8 Boy am I POOPCG' 19 Peek Q20 Darn thxng never did run rxght 121, Downslde up ZZ Oh' Darn Burket scored agaxn 43 J I V K be , v , 1 ' .4 . 4 I . ' . l I ' ' '. I D . . . ' . 4 , , . . . . Q , , - C . ' - I - I D - D . . . 0 . . 1 D . , . ' BARBARA WALLACE Twlrlers PEGGY WALLACE CAROL WILDMAN NANCY GODSHALK DONNA HAMILTON 45 Drum Majorette Concert Band March mg Band 46 -, 'F' fir lvfyl i V' I "-, 1' . f 5 f f rf ' - Y z 1 g 1 s j f . K, K ' I : Z I I Offzce Staff Lzbrarzans 48 I 4 5. '1' ' ..', f xg 4 I xc: , Mx. - X f' X 1 , . u o n 41 a. L 5 fs . 'I 45- - .M-,, ' Nj,-J' ' N..Q:f W4- Blazer Staff 49 H i-Lifes Staff Hot Lunch S-5 Hot Lunch Staff 50 ., , - " f.-da aw, . Ji' - ,yt--. W A I ' A QQ. .. ,V I H -. " .5 -rm? , I fr: , ,ik Y l Wwym 1 95""" 1 qzn Jusf cw Jump mah Tom 1241 c-1-own 1253 Th'C""'c""'m't'm" my fflf18ewh.1-moufh' after week day special chocolate xce cream bar Z8 Omn and Pat 1 Q30 Way back when? 'P 'P 131, Rock A Bye Baby 51 0 - A. I? Q' V , nyq , .9 1 .QW V ' . 1 7 1 I fl V f 2 ik f 5 W- X 1 vw Q if X e I x ' - '- ' ' . 1 D - ' I y . . . - - . 7- Septe mbe r October November December Calendar for L H S for 49 50 Enrollment we are back teachers " Labor Day No school First vacatxon First day of sentence Tryouts for yell leaders Sue Betty Nancy elected Group pxctures Comb your haxr kxds lndxvxdual p1ctures Llghts are brxght aren t they Group of chorus kxds went to hear Jubxlee Smgers Seventh and elghth grades play Mllford Second Immumzatxon shot Take'er easy Mllford gnves Concert Get back group plctures Semors pxck class colors flowers and motto Columbus Day Frxday 13th Superst1txous'P 'P 'P 'P Couple bathmg beautles go swxmmmg Cold? 'P 'P 'P Senior g1rls go see Webster class play Semor dress rehearsal for play lt s here Those Websters" Wasn't xt wonderful? Week end Fxrst day we don t have to worry about not getting our part in the play It was a success State Trooper Wmebrenner assembly speaker State Teachers Conventxon Vacatxon F1rst yell session Assembly program on 'Pomts of Votmg Play Syracuse Lost Cheerleaders fxnally get suxts Play Pxerceton Lost Come on boys F1rst snow Band dldn t go to Manchester Week end Semors' mock electxon Gave concert at Mnlford Mr Fredenck forgot our musxc H took extra for pxamst nn case she forgot hers Amerxcan Education Week Program Play Snlver Lake Lost fxrst game home Lxons' Club Turkey Carmval at schoolhouse College Day No' No' Yes we dnd Beat Sxdney Week end Take donatxon for Bull Gross Boy' Really takmg off We won over Mxllersburg Thanksgxvmg Vacation Week end No school Too much snow Semors puck baccalaureate speaker Let's get the pxnfeathers out of the clncken kxds Play Mentone Jumors get rmgs Week end Dental mspectxon Open up 53 n 1 1- , .. 4- . . ' ' . 5- ' . 24- . , . . 27- ' . ' ' . Z- . . . 0 . . , . 5- ' ' ' . 6- ' ' . 9- ' ' . . 10- ' ' . ' . ll- ' ' , . 12- . l3- ' . ' ' . . . . 17- ' ' ' ' . . . . . 18- ' ' . 19- ' . 20- ' ---- " ----- ' . Z1-Z3- . 23- . , . . 25- ' . 26-Z7- ' ' -- ' . 28-29- Week end. 30- ' ' . 31- ' ' ' ." 1- -- --. 2- ' ' . 3- ' -- -- . 4- ' . ' ' . 4-5- . 6- ' ' . 7- ' . . ' ' . e 8- ' ' . 10- ' -- ' . 15- ' ' . . 17- . . ' -- ' . l8-l9- . 21- ' ' . 22- . ' . ' . 23-24- ' ' ' . 25-26- . 27- . . 29- ' ' . 30- ' ' , ' . l- . ' ' . 2-3- . 4- ' ' . . December January February March Aprnl May Played Warsaw It was close anyway Played Beaver Dam Jumors had a Pxe Raffle Week end Played North Webster Semors get back plctures Aren't they wonderfu1'P 'P 'P Movte Sun Valley Serenade Vacatxon starts today Santa Claus New Year's Day Everyone IS one year older Draw for County Tourney Leesburg vs Sllver Lake Orgamzatxon pxctures taken Band Chorus Basketball etc Retha Lozler came to school today and left beans cookmg I thought she took Home Ec Played Atwood We won Semors have Cake Raffle Week end Was someone smokmg nn Speech class? 'P Revxew Revnew Revnew Honestly' ' ' Same thmg over Played Sxlver Lake Lost Sxlver Lake wms the tourney We don't feel too bad now Week end Play Cromwell Sophomores have Cake Raffle Exams Play Lady Of The Lake We won Week end Seniors record flrst speeches Snazzy" Play New Pans Lost Week end March of Dimes Campaxgn Play North Webster Lost Semors have Cake Raffle Lions' Club sells for Semors Week end Movie Waves Of Green Pat Noel and Retha Lozler play Teacher Movie on Bankmg Lynn Alan Frederick makes self known Play Burket This 15 the last straw Week end Lincoln s Birthday No school ln afternoon too bad' Contest contestants perform for assembly Draw Etna Green m tourney We beat them once Week end Start tourney Leesburg IS out Warsaw wms tourney Semor Flsh Fry Junior Class Play County Dramatic and Speech Festwal Baccalaureate. Commencement. 54 6- -- ----. 8- --- ' ' . 9-1O- . lZ- l3- ' ' -- ... ZZ- ' " - " ---- ' . 25- ' . - l- ---- ' . 2- -- . ' . 3- ' ' ' -- , , , . 4- . . -- 5- . ---- ' . 6-7- . 9- ' ' ,.?? 10- ' -- ' -- ' --- 11- ' -- ' -- . l2-l3- ' ' . -- . l4-15- . 16- -- l7- . 18- Exams--It's terrible! ! ! !! 19- ---- ---- . Z0-Zl- . ZZ- ' ' . . 26- ' -- . Z7-28- . 30- A ' . Z- H U . U . 3-4- . 5- ' " ." 7- ' . 8- . . 0 . B 9- -- A ' --. l0-ll- . 12- ' ' ' . 13- ' -- . 14- . 15- ' . . 17-l8- . Zl- . ZZ- ' . 24- ' . Z- R ' . ' 6- . 16- ' ' . ZO- ZZ- Handsome Tom Arsdale and h1s lady kmller of graduatlon from college Tom has a terrnfnc wlshes he could stop bemg g1rl shy and meet Sanford' Hms roommate Oke IS a tremendous Gzrl Shy roommate Oke are on the verge reputation as a woman hater mce girls hke well take Babs contrast to Tom Oke loves gxrls He adores them And he s faxthful to two and three at a txme Thxnkmg that Tom has a hate on women Babs Sanford decldes she'l1 do somethmg about It She manages to change places wxth the gxrl who cleans up Tom's and Oke s room Thls should gwe her a chance to work girl shy Tom and It certaxnly does The xmpresslon Babs makes on Tom when he fxrst sees her IS about as unnotxceable as two planets crashlng m mxd air Then just as somethmg beautxful starts to develop between Tom and Babs ln comes Tom s father wxth a girl from home Tom s father thanks the g1r1 from home IS Just the gxrl for Tom Babs ms put on the spot when the glrl she changed places with returns The mxx up grows and poor Tom wxshes he could just evaporate out of xt all Tom Arsdale Oke Stlmson Anthony Arsdale Sylvxa Webster Dean Marlow Peaches Carter Asma B1rd1e Laverne Barbara Sanford Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd Chuck Mayo CAS T DIRECTOR Phxl Fawley ASSISTANT DIREC TOR Robert Allen CURTAIN BOY Michael Marcowskr 55 Loren Pound Robe rt Elhs Ellxs Hartman Barbara Wallace James I-lexerman Pat Noel Pamella May Carolyn Loher Retha Lozler Jumor Long Howard Lursen cs ' 9' . 'I I I ' . ' ' - . He . . ,,. H . . . U . . ' . 9 I I 1 . , . . , . , , . . , - . . ,. . '. , . . I , . . . . I . 0 ' n .. . lil 150010 . Caroline......... ...Oma Mae Stookey ... .... . I llolilillli U Oslo Ill I lot!!! . Those Webs ters LIZ says B111 s 1n love all r1ght Whenever he goes around s1ng1ng that song about June and 'The Moon' 1t's a sure s1gn B111 s got 1t bad th1s t1me an older woman" Kxtty h1s father's secretary He even buys a na11 f11e and some shoe polxsh out of h1s own money and tr1es to ra1se a mustache w1th the help of some ha1r dye to 1mpress her Kltty however was only be1ng n1ce when she accepts h1s 1nv1tat1on to the homecomxng dance She doesn't rea11ze that Bel1nda expects B111 to ask her and IS brokenhearted when he passes her up However all 1sn't sweetness and 11ght w1th B111 for he has flunked h1s make up exam 1n hxstory and that means he doesn t have a chance to play lh the homecommg foot ball game Meanwh1le Dad IS strutt1ng about proudly 1n h1s old h1gh school football sweater fwh1ch L1z cla1ms he must have got on w1th a shoe horn boast 1ng that B111 lS gomg to carry on the Webster trad1t1on Can you blame B111 for not tel11ng h1s Dad he flunked'P Then Mr Watt hears of Bel1nda s phght and puts a bug 1n K1tty s ear He tells her that Be11nda's heart 15 Just ch1pped to the core yes s1r chxpped to the core' So K1tty trxes to d1scourage B111 by ta1k1ng about her fallen arches her gray ha1r and what fun they ll have do1ng the Charleston B111 15 speechless' He can t go to the h1gh school dance w1th someone who IS pract1cal1y a broken down wreck and dances the Charleston He s got to get back 1n Be11nda's good graces quxck' But Bel1nda has taken up w1th a guy 1n a con vert1ble she'11 show B111' and B111 15 desperate unt1l Jeep tells h1m the only way to get back w1th Bel1nda 15 to make her Jealous f11rt openly w1th some other g1r1 Jeep suggests Sh1rley Mae Str1nger a devastatmg Southern babe from Charleston B111 goes 1nto h1s act but he hasn't reckoned w1th the South Sh1rley Mae takes B111 l1ke Grant took R1chmond and before he IS aware of lt she IS announcmg the1r engagement' But as the say1ng goes All's well that ends well B111 Webster George Webster Jane Webster LIZ Bel1nda Boyd Jeep Stanley D lores Mason K1tty Mr Watt Sh1rley Mae Strmger Em1l Coach CAST DIRECTOR Ph1l Fawley ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Barbara Wallace STAGE MANAGER Ell1S Hartman 56 Robert El11s James He1erman Retha Loz1er Dorcas McConnell Pat Noel Jumor Long Carolyn Loher Oma Mae Stookey Loren Pound Pamella May Robert Allen Howard Lursen ss , U ll ll I l' ' 'I ' ' ' -- . ,, -- . . . . , . 1 4 , . I I . I 0 I . , - . , . . , - ' I 1. - . . . , . . . , . . . . . -- I , . , . I I 0 . . , . . . ' - l . -- . . . . I '- 0 I I ' ' ll ll . , . I 0000 lllll ' Ill 000 . lilo 00000 I . l0lI0l00l0l 000 ' 0000 l0IO0000 10000 000000 . ff .... .-...- I l0l00l00ll00 ill . .... . ...... .. ..... . V hill 000 .l00Dl!0l00l00D0l 00000 .... . ........... .. Alumm of Leesburg Hzgh School CLASS OF 1950 Martha Brubaker B111 Dausman Ruth Klopenstem Marvxn Hummel Bob Hall Barbara Hamman Max Noel Catherine Marvel Leon Rathbun Ruth Lursen Dewey Dye Gene Rosbrugh Marllyn Loher Doyne Wxldman Anna Lou Shxvely Jumor Method Kent Brown B111 Vanator Bob Ferverda Sandy Dexhl CLASS OF 1949 Maxxne Randall Fred Lursen June Gomar Wayne Wnley Robert Staddon Jackle Surguy Mary Abbott Peggy Kammerer Vlorls Noel Mary Davls Kexth Sutton Joan Vanator Dean Wxldman Patty Middleton Leroy Lehman CLASS OF 1948 Rxchard Allen Carol Edgar Wnlllam Gross Rlchard Klopenstem Barbara Longenecker Joe Longenecker Donald Lozter Jams Metz Jaumta Mxller Norma Noggle Lawrence Sanderson Robert Stookey Rxchard Vanator Melba Vandermark CLASS OF 1947 James Hartman Donna Gearhart Derald Dausman Don Klopenstexn Lena Mae Pollock Robert Long Sue Robison Phyllns Sutton CLASS OF 1946 Betty Montel Donna Murphy Helen Rowe Gene Baxr Gerald Deatsman Paul Gross John Longenecker Robert Lozxer Richard McC1eary Frank Rader Pat Rodgers Dale Rosbrugh Don Watkins Ellxs J Vanato r CLASS OF 1945 Annabelle Byrer Martha Davxs Darlene Ferverda Martin Stookey Elaine Huffman Lorene Lehman Dorothy Watkms Helen Lozxer Beverly Klopenstem Mildred Long Dorothy Roberts Lester Vandermark Joan Heaton CLASS OF 1944 Jeanne Muller Kenneth Sutton Allen Shlvely Earl Montel Eldon Harper 57 B111 Brubaker Betty Rose Sausaman Betty Vanator Joan Yates Vzola Noggle Juna Dunnuck Joan D1ehl Audrey Murphy CLASS OF 1943 Raymond Hartman Clarlce Waldman Thelma Wallace Wxldon Scholl Clela Van Dme Max Gross Patrxcla McConnell Joyce Sanderson B111 Flxnn Frances Ulrey Marllyn McCann Emogene Marvel Dorothy Hamman Edna Lehman Albert Helerman CLASS OF 1942 Dorothy Boone Clifford Scholl Harley Roblson Douglas Metz Wayne lrvme Gene Goshorn Dale Goon Gorden Edgar Mary Dxehl Charles Dye John Anglm Dorothy Wallace Neva Stackhouse Edlth Randall Helen Nxne Loxs McDame1 Helen Kyle Alice Hummel CLASS OF 1941 Mae Louxse Davxson Dorothy Dmehl Martha Hamman Helen Lehman Pat Shively Earl Yeiter Wayne Teeple Ruby Noggle Sara Ellen Orr Charlotte Robmson Bonnie Rule Maxme Weldy Dean Burns James Exler W11l1am Glant James Goshorn Jack Longenecker Joe Redmger Rex Sausaman John Stookey Robert Teeple Rex Wxldman CLASS OF 1940 Exleen Bradley Myrtle Byrer Loxs Conn Glor1a De Ford Kathleen Dye VIVIBH Harter Betty L Klntzel Marte Llppxncott Mxldred Stookey Roberta Starner Betty Ellen Yates Max Danner Morrxs Huffman Guy Reese J Ralph F Sanderson Jr John Jr Shaffer Max Shwely Charles Zxmmerman CLASS OF 1939 Phllhp Flmn Jack Harley Donald McC1eary Max McM1llan Wxlllam Orr Mack Sxlveus Jack Smith Norman Teeple Harold Wallace Opal Armentrout Francis Bricker Wllma Brunson Betty Lou Goshorn Mlldred Gross Phylhs Longenecker Evelyn Pound Frances Rowe Barbara Roblson Eve'yn Smith Dorothy Stackhouse Helen MCC1eary CLASS OF 1938 Constance Blame Wxllodean Brookxns Donna Belle Hlmes Inez Nlchols Jamce Parson Iva Vanator Donna Jean Weldy Roy Harter Donavaon Kalser Leshe Kmtzel Charles McK1bben Jack O Brxan Gene Ryan Ira Shue CLASS OF 1937 Robert Blshop Wlllxam Brxdenthrall Helen Conn Lucllle Fredrxckson Don Grove James Kesterson Helen L1pp1ncott Donavon Longenecker Roy Mathews Gene Stoneburner John Teeple Clarence Teghtmeyer Donnabelle Thomas Helen Zxmmerman Jeanette Watkms CLASS OF 1936 Lawrence Farber Jack Watkms Arnea1Wer tler Robert Wallace Mary Vanator Edna Tom Cllfford Smlth Paul Shermerhorn Josephme Roberts 58 Floyd Murray Helen Kehler Esther Irvine Jack Hutchinson Wallace Huffman Erla Jane Hawkms Dorothy Ham Claren e Gross Samuel Glant CLASS OF 1935 Thelma Ulrey llah Sxlveus Erma Stackhouse Maxxne Shue Cyrll Rathbun Thelma McK1bben Kathryn McDan1e1 Olga Longenecker Marjorle Kxntzel Robert Harter Betty Jane Harley Marxan Coon Kenneth Cole Wxnton Blxler I-le r man Anglln CLASS OF 1934 Loumse Watkms John Vanator Stanton Thomas Martha Templm Earl Teghtmeyer Raymond Summey Iva Stookey Loyd Stackhouse Donald Shxvely George Shaw Vera Scott Earl Robnson Betty Pound Mary Plank Ruth Orn Martha Jeffrles Eunlce lrvme Edward Gunter Ruth Dobbxns Harold Curry John Baldwm Marshall Anglm . , . Betty O'Brian Elizabeth Ann Anglin Donald Bixler , r. CLASS OF 1933 Edlth Austm Ward Bareham Wallace Bxttxkoffer Raymond Brxcker Dale Fawley Harold Irvme Mxldred Kxntzel Earl Meek Forrest Metz Noble Oyler Kenneth Prxser Wreathel Rookstool Carl Ryan Richard Sllveus Robert Smaltz Mary Hathaway CLASS OF 1932 Carl Anglxn Helen Beatty Laurabel Bxxler Warren Black Mxldred Conn Wxllard Conn Ruth Dawson Exleen Dobbms Marshall Gay Edward Good Clarence Gunter Charles Harter Roberta Hartman Walter Hartman Helen Hunt Albert Kammerer Lenore McDamel Vlrglma Murphy Charles Rmgenberg Al1ce Shaffer Betty Jane Spear Fern Stahly Emra Stookey Mary Wallace CLASS OF 1931 Sarah Bxshop Guy Bxxler Joe Blodgett Robert Gxllnam Avery Lee Hall Maydean Haney Clell Devon lrvme Harold Murphy Robert Plotner Davxd Rathbun Hazel Roberts Therma Maxme Scott Tuby Stookey Zona Stackhouse Charles Summey Wxllard Templm Evelyn Wallace CLASS OF 1930 Delta Fawley Arthur Anglm Robert Smmth Merrxt Rookstool Gerald Harter Wxlbur Haney Vida Brlcker Harvey Anglxn Charles McDame1 Elsle Kmtzel Glen Hunt Hlram Ferverda Nina Bareham Carl Blxler Charles Wxdne Everett Rookstool Robert Robxson Robert Kyle Frances Thomas Howard Black CLASS OF 1929 Loman Doty Mary Austin Carl Kilmer Wayne Deckard Mae Stookey Harold Hartman Margaret Gay Maurlce Bareham Esther Jane McK1bben Merle Deckard Leanms Valentlne Wayne McCann M1lla Kxrkendall Mtllard Wallace Perl Pendergrass Ralph Church Prlncess Rathbun John Chapman 59 Isabell Stahly Ray Shue Perl Funk CLASS OF 1928 Roland Fe rverda Joy Dausman Alva Kloperstem Edan Bllghton Ernest Parks Ruth Brldenthrall Fred Hxmes Marjory Meek Earl Stevens CLASS OF 1927 Helen Arnold Mary Boggs Marlon Clark Dean Ferverda Marguerlte Glant Ned Hamman Opal I-lepler Forrest Lyons Noble Mlner Dallas Popenfoose Pauline Starner Ruth Temphn Kenneth Parks Mable Stookey Florence Gxllxam CLASS OF 1926 Charles Shue Gladys Dausman Wmton Thomas Ellzabeth Blame Russell Rupple LaVe re Stackhouse Kathe rn Funk Lewxs Noel Cecll Hartman Lela Mahoney Carl Stookey Ruby Boon Roy Vanator Value Valentine CLASS OF 1925 Everette Hartman Lucxle Ayers Cathern Harley Hubert Brxdenthrall Rugh Yeager Harold Glant Wxllodene Hartman Domer Murphy Marie Mclilbben Warren NcCann Edna Noel Harold Orn Bertha Replogle Lawrence Randall Hazel Starner Wayne Clark Ruth Van Curen Nancy Ulery CLASS OF 1924 Erma Hearn Robert Holderman Edna Klopenstem Bernice Curry Florence Ruple Harold Stackhouse Harold Brxcker Oscar Groves CLASS OF 1923 Dale Stookey Lols Summy Myra Ferverda Warren Rosbrugh Cleo Bricker Herber McCann Mary Harley Thelma Shwely Ellen Funk Ruth Mmckey CLASS OF 1922 Marjorxe Bxshop Glen Stookey Helen Yeager Earl Sutton Rllla Starner CLASS OF 1921 Leora Martm Gerald Rosbrugh Earl Stookey CLASS OF 1920 Gladys Harley Cec11Starner Margaret Ferverda Elsxe Lyons Jeanette Weaver Roy Eyer Maurice Becknell Emory Klopenstexn Mary Holderman Lons Gunter CLASS OF 1919 Agnes Ruple Dale Jordan Floyd Glant George Funk Starz Grau Marlon Goshorn CLASS OF 1918 Pauline Harley Edythe Meek Lola Wluteleather Charles Armxngton Ralph Brubaker Chester Glant Lester Glant Helen Price Dewey Lyons Ruth Parks CLASS OF 1917 Lewxs Edgar Donald Ferverda CLASS OF 1915 N0 Graduates CLASS OF 1914 Garland Robxson Nellie Sutton Lennie Summy CLASS OF 1913 George Ferverda Lloye Harley John Watklns Joy Boggs CLASS OF 1912 Esther Kinsey 60 E sthe r Hunte r CLASS OF 1911 Leon Summy Ira Sutton Sara Belle Brubaker Chester Hunter Wallace Goshorn CLASS OF 1910 Reba Geyer CLASS OF 1909 Ruth Ervme Deta Goshorn Hazel Thomas Nelhe Beatty CLASS OF 1908 Clarence Young Josephme Carey CLASS OF 1907 Jessie Rosbrough Flossxe Scholes Gewn Cans Verle Mlller Donald Goshorn Har ry Beatty Hazel S mlth CLASS OF 1906 Claude Ervxne Era Armxngton Dale Tumbleson Aldme Thomas Harold Pound CLASS OF 1905 Ercle Oplxnger Martha Bxshop Nelson Hall Blanche Mlller Carl Tumbleson Merl Estep Curtxs Estep Permelxa Gawthrop Era Rlngenberg Mary Thomas Mildren Stookey Willodean Stage Audrey Kinsey f' 1' , '7fnfKvL!"IAl1 14 ...- 1.-5 WALSWORTH uma, ,I-.4 If -1 v lnulorru ufnwnu numb... me U A A 6 Rf' 1 2.35, xg I .r k 7 CREIGHTON BROTHERS BREEDERS OF WHITE LEGHORNS FOUR MILES FROM WARSAW ON ROAD 30 ROUTE 5 WARSAW INDIANA PHONE WARSAW 153-J MENZIE MOTOR SALES CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH WARSAW INDIAN A PHONE 1275 - 782 JAKE MENZIE Leesburg Lumber Co U ptown Hardware 8x Robinsons Grocery FRESH 8z FROZEN FOODS SELF SERVICE BUY THE BEST AT ROBINSONS SUPER MARKET Shlvely Farm Implements DEALERS IN MASSEY HARRIS EQUIPMENT LEESBUPG INDIANA COMPLIMEN TS OF L Beechmgs D X Service WILLARD BATTERIES PENNSYLVANIA TIRES GAS O L PHONE 73 or 50J LEESBURG IND KELLOGG S ALWAYS TRY THE CORNER STORE FIRST CANDY SICK SUPPLIES CIGARS COSMETICS STATIONERY GIFTS CAMERAS GREETING CARDS 8z GIFT WRAPPING YOU ARE ALWAYS WVELCOME KELLOGGS NEW 85 COMPLETELY MODERN SODA FOUNTAIN I GENERAL AUTO REPAIR - RADIATORS FLUSHED l Leesburg Uplwolsternng Co VENETIAN BLINDS STEEL Sz WOOD CURTAIN 81 DRAPERY MATERIAL REMODELING 8z UPHOLSTERING PICK UP 8a DELIVERY FREE ESTIMATES PHONE 136 LEESBURG IND MOBILGAS MOBILOIL Randall! Garage WRECKING SERVICE DAY Sz INIGHT BEAR DY NAM IS WFEEL BALANCING GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS WELDING EXIDE BATTERIES GOODRICH TIRES MOBIL TIRES 85 BATTERIES PHONE 56J LEESBURG IND CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE H O Kring Motors WARSAW IND PHONE 688 Tippecanoe Boat Co ON TIPPECANOE LAKE MOTOR 8z BOAT SALES 85 SERVICE COMPLETE LINE OF MARINE ACCESSORIES LEESBURG, INDIANA DE SOTO -:- PLYMOUTH A COUNTRY BANKER S PHILOSOPHY If W can help to conserve the so1l to make the farmlands yxeld rlch harvests and to help our r1e1ghbors and the1r fam1l1es to prosper all of us at the bank W1ll go home each mght feehng a l1ttle happ1er ourselves IS THERE SOMETHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU? Peoples State Bank of Leesburg THE FRIENDLY BANK Kammerer s Super Service LUBRICATION WASHING TIRES 8z TUBES ACCESSORIES ZENITH RADIOS BATTERIES PHONE 21.1 LEESBURG, IND. Y LL D ' ' C , . - - as , ' I Homer Murphy Legion Post 320 Ladies Auxiliary LEESBURG INDIANA Ray O Red Keiarber TRUCKING SMALL CONTRACT JOBS LOTS FILLED TIMBER CLEARED GENERAL COIN STRL CTION 'WORK PRICES REASONABLE PHONE 110 or 17 LEESBLRG IIXD I I I I SEMI-TRAILER ay BULLDOZER WORK T Y OUR COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 Home Fu rnlture Mart THAMES MAULY MAC MCCLELLAN PHONE 029 WARSAW IND Landis Funeral Service WARSAW INDIANA 188 CORNER FT. VVAYNE ST. 8x FT. WAYNE AVE. North Webster Dr: Gas, Inc HOME APPLIANCES RADIOS THE APPLIANCE CENTER OF LA KE REGION PHONE 64J NORTH WEBSTER IND GILLIAM FELKNER CO John Deere Dealer for KOSC1USk0 County Warsaw Phone 613 Comphments of SEARS 8a ROEBUCK Warsaw Indlana PLUMBING - HEATING - PAINTS Anglln St Armstrong A t 1E 8 Lawman Avlator 81 Tractor 8 P Fltch Jewelry Store Diamonds Jewelry Watches hone 781 W I d Fred J. Anglin, gen A11 Kinds of Insurance - - Life - Health 8z Accide t P 1 Rea state Leesbur , Indiana D Leesbur , Indiana Compl ments of TLFF1 S BAPBER SHOP Leesburg Inchana ROV LANDS FUOD MARKET Fresh Vegetables Home K1Hed Meats Grocerles Phone 76 Leesburg Lnd Comphments of RAY S MARKET Osxn ego Ind1ana Comphments DE MUTH Sz SGIN Leesburg, Indxana K i Q 7 Y, 1 L I Y Locker Storage - Custom Slaughtering - Frozen Foods 3 9 Y 7 . ' of HOWARD S CAFE Steaks 8a Chops Baked Ham Our Spemalty If Sellmg Eggs 8. LIVE Poultry See Leesburg Indmna AMOS MAY Phone 59 Leesburg Ind Gram Coal Feed Grmdmg Sz M1X1Hg Our Spec1a1ty Phone 14J Comphments of WESTERN INDIANA GRAVEL CO. LEESBURG GRAIN 8: MILLING CO. ANIDERSONI GREENIHOUSES State Road lo Phone 81 Warsaw Ihchana FORD S AUTO SUPPLY Wholesale 8: Retall 113 N Indlana Street Phone 43 Warsaw Ind Comphmehts of LAKE THEATRF Northern Indlanas Flnest Warsaw Ind1ana HARM AN S PRODUCE STORE 122 W Mam Street Warsaw Ind - - A 1 ' 1 7 3 U. S. Tires - Revapping Sz Vulcanizing 1 V A 1 - , . J . , . 7 3 . , . CROWNOVERS JEWELERS Warsaw Ind1ana Best Wlshes From THE BIBLER FUNERAL HOME Warsaw Ind1ana Comphments of CRYSTAL DAIPY BAR C1VlC Orgamzatmns Servlce Clubs Soror1t1es or Pfltle Part1e Warsaw Indlana Comphments to Class of 51 CRYSTAL ROLLER RINK Roller Skate Just for Fun y v V . 5 7 N 3 - 3 Cornphments of CANADA DRY BOTTLING C0 OF WARSAW INC Phone 21 Warsaw Ind L1censee of Canada Dry G1nger Ale Incorporated STANDARD OIL CO Good Luck Senlors MSTIOD Goshorn Agent LAKELAND CLEANERS Gasohne Fuel O11 Lubr1cants Leesburg Ind GARILL OIL C0 Gasohne Fuel O11 Lubrlcants FRED S WARD Warsaw Ind RALPH MEYERS GIFTS 118 W Market St Warsaw Ind GFOCGFIGS Meat Frozen 8a Fresh Vegetables FRED S MARKET Phone 20 Leesburg Ind Russ Ruple, Agent Jeweler JARRETTS RADIO SERVICE Leesburg Ind FIRST NATIONAL BANK 'Warsaw Ind Comphments of A FRIEND Comphments of GUS TATTER JR Warsaw Monument Works 633 S Buffalo Street Warsaw Ind BOOSTERS HAWKINS MACHINE SHOP WARSAW COAL 85 LIMESTONE CO WARSAW DRY CLEANERS COX PHOTO SHOP WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE l G. E. Radio 8z Television ' OF WARSAW

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