Lebanon Union High School - Warrior Yearbook (Lebanon, OR)

 - Class of 1938

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Lebanon Union High School - Warrior Yearbook (Lebanon, OR) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 53 of 98
Page 53 of 98

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Page 53 text:

rnfrndcd of them 1 srcrrlrct wluch envolved drstrrbutrng therr prop rty rrnong then poor tenants In a very tOL1ChlllfD cenc they decrded Phyllrs w rs unworthy of therr aftectron Phyllrs an Arcfrdran shepherd ss and heroine of the operetta was en rcttd bv Mary Fredcrrcks A more charrnrrrg and pleasrng Phyllrs would have been hard to frnd Phyllrs was at the begrnnrng of the operetta rn love wrth Strephorr rn Arcadran shepherd Complrcatlons rnvolvrng Strtphon s ance tory soon arose and speedrly changed her mrnd Strephon whose role was frlled by Brucy Stacy was as handsome and ron rntrc a hero as the real Strephon must have been Strephon faced the peculrar plight of berng a farry down to hrs warst Hrs mother Iolrnthe portrayed bv Mlldred Saltmarsh another SGIIIOI' was more than convrncrngly wrnsome and farrly lrke She had prevrously been banrshed from farrv land by the Falry Queen for the awful crrme of marryrng a mortal Upon the earnest pleas of her farry kingdom and her three prlncrpal faures 1Celra portrayed by Joan Schenk Lerla played by Enrd Lounsbury and Fleta portrayed by Shrrley Keeblerv the Queen of Farrres Lors Bowman nnally relented and summoned Iolanthe from her brnrshment wrth the understandrng, that rf Iolanthe ever revealed the fact that she was mar rxed to a mortal she should dre Iolanthe con ented to tlns and was restored to farrly land However through the com olrcatrons 'l.X'1S1llg between the three lords and Phyllrs Iolanthe was forc d to reveal to the Lord Chancellor that she was hrs wrfe rn order that Strephon mrght marry Phyllrs The queen hearrng that Iolanthe had each of her farrres had marrred a Peer and was a Dutchess Countess or some other ess Realrzrng she could not slaughter the whole company the Queen pardoned them seekrng the love of a Sentry portrayed by Bob Crusen The operetta ended as th entrre cast happrly marrred prepared to leave for farryland The musrc for Iolanthe hasa lrngerrng lrltrng leaven whrch makes the hearer long for more Accompanrment to the operetta was played by a twenty prece orchestra of prcked players from the Unrversrty of Oregon Symphony orchestra Two pranos played by Dorothy Bohle and Mrss Lena Mtdler were used wrth the orchestra The cast for the stage choruses was Farrres Marjorre Strrnger Maxrne Calahan Theodora Peters Patrlcra Lee Mae Ellen Saxton Elf rst Skrnner Hazel McMullen B rnrce Strxckler Helen Mrchelson Edna Mre Myers Barbart Horner S na Edwards Lorelre Stewart Helen Ann Sanders Ella Mae Prtzrng and Norma Sorseth Pe rs Emmett Long Leonard Harnz Wes Grllenwater B111 Warden Lorrrs Phelps Jack Zrm brrck Jack Baker Truman Forbrs Sheldon Burghardt Jack L mons Harold Reeves Lowell Baker Vrctor Bartruff Lynn Chastarn Don Hryes and Junlor Sutter The executrve end of the operetta was handled by students and faculty members and consrsted of Busrness Manager Lowell Baker Publrcrtv Manager Marle Baughman Adv rtrsrng Manager and Pro grams Brll Warden Trckets Jack Baker Hazel McMullen Wardrobe Maxrne Calahan Barbara Horner Marian Mrchelson Harr Stylrt Ma Ellen Saxton Curtnn Jack Drllard Stagrng Mr Lawrenc Bennett Assrstants Harry Mrller Jr and Daren Plerce Posters Ruth McAll1ster Wealthy Royer Mlldred Saltmarsh Dar n Prerce Eloise Skrnner Or chestra Mr Wayne Grlfrv Stage Hands Wes Grllenwater Lorrrs Phelps Property Manager Don Haves Master Carpenter Elbert Kellv Prompter Margaret Stevenson and Electrrcran Russell Stewart Bob Vaughan The mrxed chorus accompanylng the pres ntatron rncluded all other members of the sernor and freshmen Glee Clubs 543 4,5 1 r ,' . . . lv' . . ' ,. S - - ,Z A. ' . ' A - Z 4 X 1 . . , .' , A.. , . ' , u T , ' . ' . ' 2 . ' I ' ' . - ' . ., ' . ms - Af 1 1 ' ' A . I 2 ' . - 1 , . . . A 1 1 1 '- - ' ' ' - 'L. '.. 'b. rr 2 "' . y ' V ' . ' Y . ' T N , , ' ' ' 1 2 " ' . ' f ' m .' ' 1 ' ' - . ' s t ' ' ' ' - . . - .1 1. I I 4 . . 1 A -s ' - - v ' . ' K not kept. her promise sentenced her to death. In the meantime. however, 1. I Y K S ' - Q 7 ' ' Q . . . ' l 1 - I I -I . l v :.-- , , e , , 2 a -. , 2 . T ' ' . . . . 3 - 1 ' ' V. ' v ' ' C - 7 'l v z . L . ' ' ' , ' j ' 3 e 'J' . v L . Q 1' , ' Z ' " '. . 0 U , , ' , , I' I I c , A . I I . : . ' ' , -. ' . . n if

Page 52 text:

W Operetta Iolanthe by Grlbert and Sulhvan was the operetta cho en thls year for the Glee Club s annual pre entat on The v ry names Grlbert 1nd Sulhvan reflect over half a century of lyrlcal and ITIUQICHI dellght Therr lllbplllllg mUb1C and classlc wrt seem to become lresher and mor enlov able each trme one hears thelr performances and Iolanthe proved no exe Dll1Oll to the rule Iolanthe was one of the flnest satlres on the Hous of Lords of England ever wrrtten The people the nfelves wer amused whrle b lllg rather abusrvely satrrrzed even the Lord Chancellor of England who rs the hrghest authorlty of the land B111 Skmner portrayed thls role to perfectlon Hls characterrzatlon of the pompous sell lmportant Lord Chancellor was well recerved by the audlence Clad rn a flowlng whlt wrg and garbed ln an elaborat robe ven the laborlous recrtatlve song called merely gurgled much to the dellght of the audlence and valrantlg. con tlnued t1ll th end As the guardlan of Phyllls a ward of Chancery admlred by all th Lords the Lord Chancellor found hrmself 1l'l quite a Dl1ZZ1ll1g S1tl12if101l when he was forced to d9CldC whlch Lord would marry hls farr ward Then too he hrm elf was a prospect ve candrdat After a lone, and sleepless lllght ln whlch he argued hrs worth wlth h1 nself he flnally decrded to honor Phylhs by marrying her hlmself Phyll1s however had other rdeas on that matter Falthfully followrng rn every one of the Chancellor s footsteps came the offlclal tram bearer Elbert Kelly also a senror Elberts amusrng dCplCl10ll of the loyal lrnn be ner w ll merlted the l9COglllt1OI'l of th Lord Chancellor for hrs servrce The Earl of Mountarat and the Earl of Tolloler enacted by Don Chamb rl1n a Junlor and Davrd MacM1llan another senror were roles of tvp cally concerted lords who became heated rlvals for Phyllls hand Nerther of them however qulte lelt her worth the SQCYIHCS sh d 42 l ll ,H ' , - V S an V- K- : Q - . . A LA A . ' L . r t . f ' . .i . 4 w ' I 4 f V 1' ' Lv v9 ' - we ' . V 1- H , ' - Q . , ' . . '. - , .' 9 , 1 , ' 9 Q S ' ' N . for in the middle of Blll's role did not phase him as Lord Chancellor. He ' ' -e ' , ' ' '. ' ' e ' s , . l ' le. A lc . ' Q . ' ', 1 it - ' . I ' l b ' ' 2 ' - 2 ' 3 ' ' 9 . V 4 1 . ' 3 SQ 2'

Page 54 text:

9 Crchestra Thrs year Lebanon Hrgh School has the largest and most complete orchestra rn the hrstory of the school The deve opment of thls orchestra has been pattern d alter that of the lrrger symphony orche tras Stand ard rnstrumentatron cf the symphony orchestra of 79 or more players More cellos and vlolas are needed 1n thrs years orchestra but a def1n1t plan for overco nrng thx shox tage has b en developed The chool h rs p anned to buy the ne essary xnstrmcents and they wrll b awarded to the students desrrrng to play th m on a bas s of htness to b detcrmrned by the tudents cholar hrp musrcal abrllty character and general musrcal rnterest These rnstrum nts wlll be furnrshed free of charge with free musrc lessons on the rnstrument Ior a p 1lOd of one year wlth th understand ng that at th nr or that trme the student wrll defint ly rlan to buy hrs own lnstrument Vrola player wrll b chosen from those students who have already tak n v1ol1n and they wrll be chostn from the more aovanc d students By the us of thrs plan t IQ hop d that the present orchestra may be develop d 1nto an lllQt1UITl9l'ltI1tl0Il Wh1Ch wlll equal that of larger symphonres In the rrragonty of the hlgh schools rn the Unlted States the crch stra has erther been entrr y rorg,otten or else has been badly neglected 111 favor of the band SINCE band muslc has b en much the ea 1 r to work up The Natronal Muslc Educltors are begllllllllg to reahze that b cau of the rnterests rn band whrch ha developed all over the country th orchestra has begun to take a back seat 3CCOI'dlllfZly they are now stressrng the lmportance of orchestra muslc Thrs determmed effort to make the natron orchestra conscrous 1 belng carrred on by drnt of many orchestra contests festrvals tes and tournaments of all types arrang d by the Natronal School Orche tra Assoclatlon The orchestra ha the ad vantage of havrng not only the brass reed and percussron sectlons whxch compo e th band but of also havrng the strmg s ctron SINCE approxr mately two thlrds of the orche tra conslsts of strmgs a much more Vafled use can be mad of the orchestra than of the band Future development of the orchestra should place rt even Wllll the band 111 the muslcal regard of th Lebanon Hrgh S hool 44 ' e N ' hz X' c 1 ' .2 ' '. ' - ' e . . ' 7 'S . ' ' ' 2 . V 5 S ' S S . -' ' ' 1' . K ' A- ' if Q . Z, 1' . 3 ' - . ' e e t ' ' ' e ' 1 2 ' . s ' 3 ' . ' as they will probably he requ red to double lor both vlolrn and viola parts. :l ' i ' 0 - 1 s , . e s Q b : e ' . ep ' ' 'e. -d M' ' ' . ' ' e s': e se ' ' ' e ' K ' ' W S , 9 l S 1 ' . ' , A , 1: ,, 4 ' , e ' 5 s ' ' . s - S 2 , ' H' 4 ' ' e L' . ' '- - ' 5 ' . ' Q . e ' ' c .

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