Lebanon High School - Souvenir Yearbook (Lebanon, TN)

 - Class of 1935

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Lebanon High School - Souvenir Yearbook (Lebanon, TN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 38 of 44
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Lebanon High School - Souvenir Yearbook (Lebanon, TN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 37
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Page 38 text:

Thirty-six CEDARS 1935 Now This is What We Like fNovember 19, 1934---A1 Wynkoop-After the Win' gate Gamej There were mistakes galore but for an opening tilt, the work of the Tigers made a favorable impression on their followers, and the 1934-1935 club gives promise of making a creditable record. fNovember 23, 1934-Stranahan of "Nookassel" who put it this way-Q From the looks of things, Butch Neuman has an- other of those blaze-away fire-department ball clubs over at Lebanon. The Tigers beat Wingate 43-36 in one of the state,s best scoring encounters. fDecember 7, 1923-Al Wyiikoop-Before the Anderf son Camel Down through the years Anderson and Lebanon have fought some "meery" battles. Tonight's tilt shall prove no exception! fDecember 8, 1934-Al Wyiikoop-After the Ander- son Game, It was no slough of a ball club Lebanon knocked off last night. Those Tigers can handle the old spheriod. The Tigers really played bang-up ball! QDecember 21, 1934 -Carl DeBard, Assistant C. H. S. Coachf-After the Frankfort Game, O. Merriott, backguard, and Lusk, center, of Lebf anon, have shown more improvement in a single year than any players I have ever seen. I was amazed at Lebanon's progress when it defeated Frankfort last weekfend. A1 Vxfynkoop, of the Lebanon Reporter, and "Butch" Neuman, Tiger coach, were two of the hapf piest men in the world after the game! QA! Wyimkoop-Before the Muncie Game, In five games the Tigers have tied their victory rec- ord for the entire season of 1933-34. There are plenty of tough foes yet to be met but Lebanon has shown flashes of greatness. Neuman's charges will have ample opportunity tonight to prove that their "flash in the past" against Flora was just an old Badger game And they are ready to place heads up to win whenever the occasion demands. f,Appeared March 4, 19351 SECTIONAL CRCUWN GOES TO LEBANON fBc!'ore the Regional -Al Vsfynkoopl Lebanon took the second tourney ever held in 1912 and again in 1917 and 1918 after Lafayette had copped it in 1910. Frankfort, as you know, came in 19Z5f19'l9. fChick hopes it's Frankfort but thinks it will be Anderf son this year! fMarch 11, 1935-After Regional--Al Wynkoopj It was nebody's ball game right up to the last few seconds and it was Lebanon who was chosen to be on the short end when the gun was fired. For a team that almost has the score doubled on them a few days beforehand in the same goal house, the Tigers' showing Saturday earned the plaudits of Lebanon fans as well as the hundreds of other bleacherites who packed the How- ard Hall to capacity. Harold Havens played the game of his career Sat- urday afternoon. Charles Carr scrapped for all his life. Wayne Williams also put on the light. The other mem- bers will be called upon to carry on for the Gold and Black in 1935-36. AND THIS IS WHAT WE DON'T LIKE! fDecember 14, 1934fChick Yarbough of the Frankfort Times-Before the Frankfort Gamej The Lebanon Reporter was quiet, regarding the Fri' day night goal roasting in the Lebanon gym, but a friend brings in the report that they're betting eight to five on Lebanon. There's a hunch coming on that if anyone makes a bet like that that they're out eight dollars but we're not the ones to make 'em lose. fThe Winter Wonder Land from the Crawfordsville Journal, CONSOLATION-ET CETERA Lebanon turned in a torrid 33-31 victory over Ander- son Friday and is beginning to make some of the other teams in the N. C. Conference from which it was evicted last year, sit up and wonder. QAnd directly following that---Stranahan in "Nookassel" Timesfj Lebanon's iireffight Tigers edged out Anderson 3361 and mebbe we shoulda kept 'em in the League. fSour grapes, I'd say., QI-Iere's some more of Yarboroughs Yowls after the Hot Dog Battle-Q The crime that in our mind is the rankest officiating we've been forced to see in years! Blah! Blah! And A1's answer is NUTS! fChick continues yowling-J Nc. doubt there would be several officials upon whom Frankfort might agree but Lebanon wouldn't. It all boils down to the right of every man to his own opinion. Shall we go down to Selby's for a whiskeyfsoda now, Alvin? fLove thy neighborlj Cnntinued on Page 37

Page 37 text:

OO OO OO rbes Fo hades C and Dale BHly I'S Leade heer C it's up to you You can turn the book or twist your neck - c fd J: .2 -F 5 lc V7 +-3 S-1 O C. U3 CJ .Q 4-9 .Q an : c .Q .2 N 5. Ao I3 C. QJ 'J x CJ 3 CI C QJ GJ .C rn rd .C s.. fd w D. 2 J: E' .C E 'J .C a.: 51 Pd 5 S- 'LJ 'U C Z5 '17 4.1 GJ 'SL C O '17 N5 GJ vn .-. F5 .L 4-J GJ .X fn rd .CJ w .C 4-3 an 5: '-L' 'LJ .L 2 'J 5. .C 'J :1 I-1-I sr: ,Q w -25 J-3 5g"'CJ L-.U up 23 wif is 'E 'E w .r w P' .E E w 25 Om 45: Q Le Bw 275 - m .WL V7 Ex E3 1 7 E JE fdf' US :N H N-4 5: Q w 45.0 E.. x E Eff? U . C Eco CIU ,Q'Z tg .2 NL' 'v-14-3 if m cn, M J vi 22 : QC 3: T715 .QL EE 'J f"U E : .24-J 5-U7 Lu J: F64-3 A4-3 55' CL, H5 Cx.. .mf- Z1 : C .: U 'ii' 'U.E O 'J U7 the 'Cm 'Jun .13 H f Ji L .Q C1 CJ UI .S CI 41 l-1 4-J L-4 CJ .13 C Q: L, .O E CJ U3 m. S-1 LJ E s. CJ 3 is K 5-4 m football I' fo UCI' GJ .-4 DL CI -.-. 'J .L C1 U .9 CJ rn -U. L.. 11 C .L fl: .CI 4.1 G O UD B-4 GJ .Q C LJ E C 'LJ U 4-I L4 3 C 'fo- 'LJ 3- "':' GJ 3- 'LJ .C E- C L. 4.1 C C CJ '-a- .- X .iw -1 93-3 w P .E me x W w Eb 3 Q tl 3 :ei - IA.. ,E U 3 '-'E .2 If 'O 52 E rn: M -ic U .J fi. 5 J Q .J E G Eg C EJ: 2 TI gf : in r-' x.f "' . QQ . m - '60 A 'v-QUJ J-3 cw '- w .. w w E .C C fJ: UU M O , ACTJ in as E E5 5 'dl-1 In L O c C .4 M O.. .2 o TQ Pj -C .G 'UL CCE CCUJAC Ti B T3'E E Z 3 5 5E.gu: .L U Uiii .C P' E5 L' 9 'Jw-.gf g C :J DSC 'gcjfig 'C cf E5 72 +1 x '3 I 5159! 73'C J: T :1 5-J ,,J: J. rnlj .U 3 .eu ...dw-3 cw-- --JL 5 C Jef -pgjf-.J -iii- : E 'f QL-:w..C: V 2.232 U7 rn 'U 5K TZ W 5.1132 1 f- ...EU 5,0 :2225 , 5' V 'E' H -i'2'E"- -J 0721 ff! A'J Q: M TE E O L5 "' LJ.-w Qigw Q V' W .C J: C C E .i L. ' Q J: J: U "ff "".fz "1 U7 if ...C Fa an U7 .E H5 :LC tic' 39. mm: :UU Ill .C f-'Z' -2:1 .C -323 'gm Eff: 4-3.12 'Ulf Q fa APO QT QW 5-rf. 'N 31. U7 'E Q ,.C .OU 'E'-... ,Q UT: 'EC w 34-1 Cu .-C. Q.-1 w 4-3 Eff U E E as 4-5 C 'C an Q. D U1 L. Q Q C we 'E f: F' .-. E U S-1 u 2 3 .55 "Inf, 5 M- Bo N15 'J .EE Us Ef- lj.. NE Qu -..C f- gc 31. E2 'J U 'J 'U LJ 'x.. J.. 'D F' E 'LJ fi .CI 'U Y-0 m .C u cd C H U 5 5. 'LJ .-C-' P' .C 2 'J 'LJ .C 4-A A I5 'U U 4-3 A-U 'Q 'U IC LJ L-4 9' 5 V2 W CJ C 5 .L 'J w x. fs I" CI Cv 'L C 5 E 1 - C. 'J C 4 .- 3-4 C.. C2 H D mn .-. Mr. Thomas Chr' L. C U 'D 'U C G' H E: E 5 , uf S- U 'SL C cd E m -.-. 'U C FU .C U C GJ L. LI-4 'LJ rn cn 5 C6 A5 L-. ,O C 'U Ln .J ..v C I C E C 11 'LJ 'U .-. an O'-I ... 45 D. .1 2 athlctlc director: an, I PJcL1n ul cf s.l E i. LJ :L 1: : 1 - ,- OFC. phom liams, so XKIH CJ C 5. fd fx 5 .C 'J J-J SLI w 'J fu' 1-. . . ul KID UD E 'O C Ci". L C 4-D 'J LJ bs. '23 'J ll Q .C 4-J rc .i..'7 s. J.. 'JL K CD E rs. lic BA of girls: A-3f'4llI - l: .- .-U3 ZW? nu: : O -- 'Qui U TD M 'DUO 'E Q2 Q. tf . LJ.-. .Log J-imc 4:22550 59. .uw lrzlglll 5 3 m i-Qs-.bb UD Uni 5-U71-3 Q. N qi '3 ws w : fi N .F C.Jg,,.J 75 w E 24: Ln-KO E10 F2 'JE N' .f ,J C FCUJ fu? 4-I'..CCd .Jug .w'...CQ C c s.. .J mu-.. EE-'5 5 E155 ocf QJU -C.-C: A-JJ-J U.' .CQ LJ,-4 ri , 'E 3 , EE E Cf-' :L42 - .:.. 4-3 2: vim , , E2 'zz QL .16 f" P fi 2: Q2 O .. -0 'G 13 EE c QU E3 ..:'n ami! 55.2 F' 4-I 'E :L.E c..C 2 L, - if : 2 - , gif. wa, 2 ?-'13 mega. ,-f -Cf v: a.a I ff. c Gi E .: LU 'LJ 5-1 I-I-4 Q Q -E .. .E 'll U7 '12 'J 'J : V7 'LJ 5-4 C E 'LJ .Q c J-1 -'E -F 9 J 1 c ' L.. 9 Q. LJ .. :: mn: .Q -E to -1 if mn 'WE .Q iff fd-.-U f" CCI: : wx. 55 .E F" Qi fi L U . ,-'LJ 53-4 .,C. V-U YQ.. C: 'ug cf U Eg rx.-C .'.T"J : clv 3 P gs .E E 3- L'-'E SL' ga: ESE 5- 1273 'JL-. LD Sw ., C gn: uf 353 .., :N .32 :S-4 1 fi ..'g ii 53 U :L M : CL n L -E , -Z PCO .-. fd .L UJTC fu alid IH '36 Frcshic tea w .CI 4-J 'Z '-4-. rn CJ C.. O CE c C rn fd GJ rn .J mn fd C. -2 .C 6-3 rd .C X CJ x.. C. U s. '17 FJ V7 4-J 'J 515 .id nn D v-1 ,.. 'L' ra' -... .-. .-. -... : 4: Ci 'C C UZ U7 u 5 w -C 5 u -L' i-3 - C 9 - NA-4 rn L P - 4-0 m ... C LJ vf '32 1 Q 75 ff" 5,34-2 J: on x..','2' C, - .E FG ...U :Q 1 L1-1 mu -Q 33: . TZ ,J .Q 5 r" :rc 9. ,q C -D'-4-1 373 EE Q0 .C Q' U7 Q G . I P .1 5.. :: TE .36 .-C.-1-5 CDCUJ .J C .-C.'+.,,g ECE 5525 U' E .G AFI Q2 E 'J UD .Q 2 CJ 1.1 LJ .c 4-3 '-4-. 9 4-J : '.J 73 'JJ GJ EL ll! 7.7 'U : fc , 'v'E fre Do TL UI ,-'SJ QE .AEC Q - px - Q 3 - rl! 'C T2 "'..a '.."3 ., Q "RI .5 xc CC EE bf' 'Ilsl : c if Q '-'GJ UW Eu U .c U F fC 'Elw- c L4 ,O :L 4- c T3 E w : 15 ':y 35' g..C. Q Q .65 J -:J ,J FC Mm: u? J: .J 'JU 5 Q J,,J G , .-.J 3-1 EP ,d 5 mu: E c N . U E 4,34-3 2' w . L-1 : CJ c .Cx .-.U Cc Cl: ,LJ 'JC 104- cr Q .EE ll ll li "! I 'U C A .J :- C rd 6 'J .C A-J C ,- :IJ 51' iii Ill C rl. U ,- ... 5-I M. an .C 'J A-J - .. C. LJ ..C'. ..a 'J-. A -.J C - O I3 C.. w 'J 94 LJ U .G 4-J .C 4-3 ' :-' 5 15 c fd 'n T3 5 1 'J 4-3 'J f- .- ... 'J .J f- J 'D 'J E. - 4-J ': 1 . , .., 'J .C .J rn '-C T C .C 'J iff .C EE C E Ji 'J -J C 'J ,- .... 5 'j 'U .J F1 1.2 C 3- U. 1. E. fn s.. C . ,J 1 - I U E f'N JZ f-' Q. ...a 7 U 'J 73 L-4 'J f- .-.. .J if. .Q C 5 C' '-4-4 'D L-. If ZJ f- -5: 5 'n 1. - .Z .J V. d C.. U .C dd L4 C '4- B- 'J 'U r: 'J s.. Q U .C 'J L-4 CJ CI ei LD R! 'TJ 'LJ b x.. LJ fn rn rd .C A -F 5 uf u .C fl' Lf U7 w T. m J: CJ 'xg L.. U CI f- 5 d by the JYIUC H Lib 73 n '.... ,- .J :-: 'J is LJ .CI 4-J 'U 'J P LA 'J ,- C 'ly .fx ,- .. .L U 1, 'J f-' ..- ... '.... 'J C .1- .C -E .J ff Jr 3-4 C 5 in c c EL LJ .c 4-F : c :. 1-1 L- fb' 'J C .-w U n C3 Z' if U7 w if r: an .-. .ff B- n' an D. an 'J S- .IZ A-3 -E D F' U F .. - 'IJ I1 : Q Z E J. C 'J 'J .C- fl. T1 .C JL : 'J -mn .: 4-l LJ f : '13 4-J .L .. U 'J C rn vi L- LJ 4-w .J U A.. 'ff .-C Q.- uv 'Z .5 'JI CI 'U 52' 'U '4- Q L. O f- C ll! L.. rs' U If. LJ LJ x.. .C 6-J Z. 'J 3-1 n I5 X-1 C l-4-1 . C' -H 55 .J n rn L2 n C3 .J ff U r LJ 1- C.. 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Page 39 text:

CEDARS I935 Thirty-seven SENIUR CLASS WILL Betty Adney: My gracious ways to Fern Cleaver. Mildred Allen: My quiet manner to George Palmer. Betty Armstrong: My inferiority complex to jim Good' win. Mary Ann Ashley: My tactfulness to Johnny Miller. Mildred Badgely: My voice to radio. Marie Beck: My unruly curls to Anna Louise Arm- strong. Frances Beck: My gentle friendliness to jean Stewart. Margaret Beck: My meek ways to some rowdy junior. Bob Bextel: My hillfbilly singing to Swiss yodeler. Annabelle Bishop: My bangs to a gangsters gun. Emogene Blubaugh: My public to a future acrobatic star. Mary Bowman: My love of the Baptist church to Janice Hines. Lester Bradley: My rotundity to anyone who knows what it means. Mary Lou Bradshaw: My basketball stars to Ann Cusf ICF. George Burgess: I'll take my "ball and chain" with me. Cletus Campbell: My last name to quiet the nerves of those jittery juniors. Delores Campbell: My typing ability to Dorothy Daull. Mary C. Carter: My sweet disposition to Marjorie Cos' nell. Betty D. Coombs: My conspicuous, continuous, comical capers to Suzanne Ulen. Virginia Copper: My popularity to a wallfllower. Buren Crane: My driving ability to the 1935 Speedway champ. Byron Cunningham: My bachelor tendencies to Billy Dale. Patria Daily: My dramatic ability to the needy sophof- mores. Maxine Daugherty: All my Thorntown girl friends to Joe Pauley. Mary K. Demaree: My "Much sought after blush" to Johnny Darnall. Lora May Dodd: My quiet personality to jean Coombs Greta East: Ah couldn't give up mah "suthfan accent." Dorothy Edens: Myself to Kenneth. Mary Edens: I'll take my "manager" with me. Betty Edwards: My dancing ability to Janie Kersey. Charles Endres: My black eyes to Don Peterman. Ophia Ferguson: I'll keep my diamond, thanks. Grace Field: My dates to the Christmas Pudding. Mildred Finch: My sewing ability to Ruth Miller. Charles Forbes: I'd leave my hat to Lenox, but l'm afraid it would be too big. Merritt Ford: My ideal girl to the angels. john Fulwider: My strictly business outlook in school to jim Tribhett. Clark Garrett: My musical ability to Gurney Neufiian Pauline Gill: My executive tendencies to Mussolini. Cdllfilllltd ou Page 38 TIGERS - - Continued the Tiger's points were gained in this fashion of playing. This pivet shot was usually true and, with the system of guarding, the spheriod was worked to the pivet man with rapid speed. Delayed fast break style practiced a longer shot from one of the two men placed on either side of the bucket. The other three men fusually two guards and one for- wardj formed a block at the back to work the ball to the two others under the bucket and block the attack of the opponents. BUT WE CAN'T DECIDE ABOUT THIS! fDecember 27, 1934-Silverburg Press, Muncie-Before Crawfordsville Gamej Lebanon has not lost a game on their home floor and hasn't been able to snatch a victory away from home. Evidently the boys need the inspiration of those bright- eyed coeds up in the bleachers. fDeeember 28, 1934fAl Vlynkoop Before the Craw- fordsville Game, Two weeks ago this department would have predict' ed a walk-away for Lebanon against Crawfordsville. A lot of carbonated water has passed under the bridge' work since that time. Suddenly the Tigers went blooeyl Uanuary 9, 1935-After the Frankfort Loss-Al Wyn- koopj The Tigers are in the worst kind of a slump and they know it. There are two or three things they can do to get out of it, and they know the ways. It ought to be worth something to them to know that Lebanon backs a losing as well as a winning club-so long as that team put out its best. And the "best" is approximately the over-due stage. Team, for HAVENS' sakes, put on those WHITE suits and get "RED" hoti Forget your FRENCH for the present and put that old BEAN where it will DING a couple for our side!

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