Lebanon High School - Souvenir Yearbook (Lebanon, TN)

 - Class of 1935

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Lebanon High School - Souvenir Yearbook (Lebanon, TN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 32 of 44
Page 32 of 44

Lebanon High School - Souvenir Yearbook (Lebanon, TN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 31
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Lebanon High School - Souvenir Yearbook (Lebanon, TN) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 33
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Page 32 text:

Th l rly CEDARS l'935 EIGHTH Fiftrl Rau' Ruth M. McCann Margaret Lant: Kathleen Kouns Ruth Neptune Betty Nlontgomery Betty Merriot Barbara Martin Mary Layton Mary jean Kelley .S'FL'UIld Rau' Lola Lofland Elizabeth Long Firrt Rau' Norma Wild Virginia Van Blair Ruth Wilhoite Katherine Ragsdalc ,luanita Quigley Wilma Stewart Mae Witt Mary rl, Quick SVKKHIIJ Razz' Ann Ransdall Helen Witt Ruth Sehwinf Flrrl Rau' Daisy Brock Mary Artman Anna L. Armstrong Kathleen Batlgley Barbara Burke lVlary Christie Geraldine Campbell .Svt'L'07lL! Rllll' Robert Campbell Victor Brown Russell Chambers LITTLE BUT MIGHTY Some wise guy said "Valuable articles come wrapped in small packages," This lits the class of 1939 to the proverbial There were only one hundred in the class, but, me, oh my, what those one hundred did dol To start the hall afrollin', they threw a, party in the after' noon and entertained themselves right well, I'd say off' hand. They danced, dined, and were diverted by a program, and who, I ask you, could want more? The hoys ol, the class did themselves proud in hasketf hall and softball. ln fact, when the softball season was lane Martin Robert Morris Charles Lusk ,lohn Mouat Wendell Meenach Robert Long Ralph Martin Tfrirrl Rau' Byron Mclntyre Wilbur lscnhour Walter Mclntyre james jones Richard Norris Eugene Miller Dick Miller Russell Scott Eugene Stowers Bob Routh james Turner Alvin Taylor Thiril Rau' Charles Vanarsdall Quentin Vtfhite Bill Ransdall Moncil Swope loe Somers Robert Singleton Anna Booth Lemuel Ca mpbell Richard Biles Ritchie Coons Mziry Crewe Virginia Bowman Tfdrtf Ru 14' Otis Boyland Paul Cox Paul Breedlove Everett Agan Charles Beck Marvin Cody over, they ranked high in the junior High division. and in basketball, they finished up second. The gals learned during the year that the quickest way to a manis heart is through his stomach, sn, with Miss Maples help, they became practically perfect cooks -f-I said practically. In the May Fest. the femmes of the class went back to Nature or somethin' and did an aesthetic dance with varicolored balloons. Taken all in all, this class hasnt done had this year, has it?

Page 31 text:

C EDARS 193 5 Twenty-nine Firrt Row Rose Misenheimer Joanna Kern Lucille Jackson Anna Pearl Ludlow Catherine Immel Violet Howson Martha Huffman Frances Hine .Sirzand Raw Margaret Martin Esther Martin Mildred Long Mary jane Mace Maxine McCoy Fin! Row Virginia Spray N. Thompson Donna Siess Lois Todd Violet Swift, Lois Saulmon Ieanette Shoemaker Helen Saulmon Alberta McKinsey Robert McKenzie Clarence Laflin Albert Mclntyre Third RUM' Kenneth Meenach Robert Mefford 1. W. McKinsey Milburn Hogan Marvin Hicks Kenneth Hawkin james H. Mcliityre -lean Jeffries Forrest johnson .Ymmd Rau' Catherine Shepherd Martlia Sicks Mary E. Schultz Bill Taylor William Shirley Lloyd Sallee Russell Sipe Paul Terrill Lawrence Swails GREEN PASTURES "The time has come," ye editor said, "to speak of many things. Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax, of cabbages andvfso I took freshmen. And what a sub' ject! It is with the greatest pleasure that I take my typewriter in hand, and write a eulogy or biography or something about these youngies. They started olf the year with the proverbial bang. 'Twas the twelfth of October, when all through the gym, not a creature was stirring, except all the freshies fand any upperclassmen who could sneak inll. Frank Adney, the honorable president, acted as host, and was ably asf sisted by "Cappy" Sutphin, vicefpresident, and Mary Louise Witt, secretary. The wee ones danced, etc., and cavorted from 7:30 until7?7 f1O:3Oj, Of course, after the ball was brawled out, some of the braver male sex escorted some of the weaker sex home. And, speaking of athletes, the class of '38 really had 'em. The softball team managed to ooze the sophof mores from third place in the final standing to take that place themselves. And then, in interclass basketball, they ended up in third place again. Take the advice of your correspondent, folks, and watch for these boys in another year or two. lt's my humble opinion that johnny Watson is goin' places. While the boys were covering themselves with athf letic glory, the girls were out for bigger game. -lust between me and Winchell, a few of our more prominent senior boys were nearly worried to a frazzle by the efforts of these dames. When occupied by this more important work the femmes used their time cooking, playing basketball, and learning their hic, haec, hoe's. Well, this just about completes this biography of the class of YS, so I think I'll take a much needed rest from the typewriter. Pourquoi Club - - Continued Fourth Row: john Darnall, Lewis Miller, Dorla Lucas, Phyllis Lowe, Miss Brookshire, sponsor: Cecelia Zissis. Lorraine Wolhngton, Dorothy lVlcDaniel. Third Row: George Scott, Mildred Tribbett, Lilly Scott, Lora Dodd, Bertha Beck, Lucille Thompson, Wanda Nlurphy, Dorothy Edens, Mary Frances Smith. ,loan Wimborough, -lean McCord, Betty Armstrong, Mary Olive Powell. Second Row: Theodore Gullion, james MeVey, XVilf liam Lewis, Charles Forbes, Byron Cunningham, Winford Groover, Junior Clemcnson. First Row: Morris Ritchie, Maurice Bradley, Uphia Ferguson, Nina Neese, Russell French.

Page 33 text:

CEDARS I935 Tl1ir+y-one BABES IN THE VYUIIIIS 'lkh Story on Page 38 SEVENTH lVl2l!'Il1ll.lQlCliSUI1 Nzmnn Drclwrwn N1lLlllllHllII1l'lC Wlzlry Dudwvn MllI'llll'lL' DQQMUIL EVill1l1ll HIIIL' -Itbillllll' liwsyllxu Xllllifllllil Huy lVlllLll'CLlclUAI1L'll MllKll'KlKl lrlllvll f,llUl1l'llbL' Uuycr EIl1Cl lDlClit'I'NUl1 EIIIUQCHL' Urulmm l'ra1ncis-Inlunwn Ulzlclvi Nlll'lllk'llll Nur1nuMcvlCV lnlugcnc lVllllL'l' Bunnw l,nwc Mnry Mxllcr NurnmlN4urrl1.lnI l.llX'k'I1l2l Lung Ern111Nccsc llllllllI1C Nnrllmuut' Ruby lmtcr Elvzl Lxxuvy Mary Martin ljluyQlNcwli1:li Llnyd NL-wlurla NYzlnLlu Huglws All1mnz1Ura1l1aun K1lIl1CI'll1C Hulllnaln -lcznn Horn Mary Hanna Snrnlm Ql2llVlH Dnrutlmy Hmtl Marry Unvc Lcllm Cllvnnlcnnln Mildrul clElyt'l lIlu11nla1Han'nf XIlI'glI1I1lH-lI'l ljillll Hallclrmgg Kzlllmlccn Stvplwnx .lllCLIllL'll!1L' Vfllcnx flllllrlllllfk' Qjlllfli lVlilI'lUIlC ljflfk' .'XI1l1.lAlC.lHxxlCNl fxlilllil Vyxtl M2ll'l1l1'lC Smnvri lfrznmuf Slncx jenn Small fllllllt' R4slw1tN lX4Q1ry Slllli Maury Tripps lVlilXll1K' Sannlcrf. Nnrlnal Mcrrlmni 'lnlICl!I1llSlHllL'Y Ucucl Slgxallc Rulwrt XX'nlllnglun Xycxnnlrnxx' Stcvvxw l,2lI5V fllXllIlllCil V Szrrzxlw Altliunx .'3U'Ylllkl lh-ck livtiy Cluftcr Hulcn l'wyl.1nLl .'XlctlmCm1l1nl' -lk'.lIl f.lvnwn- ljx'clynCfl1l'Lnn l'crn Burk lVl1lI'Y fll'QlVVl.lll Ll llulwrl B.llLlXX'1l1 Byrfxn lzmwcn llr1wflffz1111plwll lVlill'V flillll E11,ugcm'ff.n: -llIll1l,lUl1Cf In-Ll lQlClYll'k'lll lllllllp Hurxlmlwrgcr .'Xrtl1l1rlIl0lN Cllmrlcx Htlllllll-lll l.k'NlL'l'xl.llIllNUl1 Uvnu Hl!XK'.lI'Ll Ruvcll Hnlv fll.m'nvr H111 Riclmrxl l5vl.nng Rllyillwlltl lhrnrll lvlcrlu HM-ivmn rluln' H.lIIIlllll llll-ll'lL'N Hlllllllll' Max l,.nnt: Pwlw lVluI'I'lN l7nxmlLlMitcl1cll fllmrlw lic-:lvy R115-ullNv.1w lVlVI'i'kllllH Mmnrm' ll-lI1lN'l.lIIlIl :Mum Xnlnnd lllnlrp Mulntyrc Nornmn lvlcffuy Floyd Lowdcr Buell Mcrrlll Ruhr-rt Mclntyrc Dnnald Gnsncll Ruynmnd Daily Curl lrcllcrs llnnnlnl Hcath Charles Hymng llrlamt lfdwzxrdf XX'-XVHL' l'luuss'r xxlllllillll Hxnslmw 'I11ninrHl1glws ,lalnwf l,lfl'iL'I'NYH Xxlllllkllll Dmlxnn -Inc Dcun Frank Dunallnlsnn Enlwurrl Rczxgznn llHIl1llLl Vslxltts Uvn1'gx' Zissis lannc-V Wlwlcln-I M1ll1llrnVv'utt5 john Xyllllllfiklllll Bull Stcwalrt Rnlwrt Tzlngcnmn Rnlwrt Sxwllnul Blll RlIfl1l0 Blll XX'4rlkL-r Tuwnwnal Taylm' DnnxmldVs'l11I.nkur Ucnc NX'l1clylwcl RKllWt'lll,1ltlN fflmx RlCl11ll'KlNHH Xxlllhlll SlII.lll,,ll', lam- ffrnwl llvtty l'nn1x1v-- l'11lCCI1 Brnxlwr' Mxlnlrvnl B.llLlXN'lI1 llun Clmxlnly llrmn l7Jl'llNl1L'l -lack .'Xll'X.lI1klL'I' Vernon Cfnlylwcll ,ll1ckf'l1.nllc Cllcn Compu! Clillnrnl llrncla Donaldffr.awln1Ll 4I.um'f fflvnwnx 1 l .ml Pun nvlt

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