Lebanon High School - Lodestone Yearbook (Lebanon, PA)

 - Class of 1954

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Lebanon High School - Lodestone Yearbook (Lebanon, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 13 of 104
Page 13 of 104

Lebanon High School - Lodestone Yearbook (Lebanon, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 12
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Page 13 text:

WVSA44 P3 " ' .W .0 ,X O.: 0 fQs,x' . fr t V ' 1 4 P-' I tv' J A 1, ll J' ff ,yyfx Mr. D. High Charles Ciask PRINCIPAIQS MESSAGE Best wishes to you as you face the promise of the future. The traditions of this school and its achievements are richer because of the ideals, hopes, and ambitions which you have brought to it. It has been a privilege to share with you the joy in your attainnients in scholarship and in the activities of our school. We have been proud of you when you have received distinctive honors in the state and in the nation, as well as in your own community. We pay tribute to you at this time for your constant faith. for your clarity of vision. for your integrity in thought. word, and deed: but above all. for your loyal friendship to your school. -5,- , -ur Kauffman. Nlr. Marino lntreiri. Nlr. Samuel Xngle. ins. prim ipul. VICE-PRINCIPAIIS Nl EZSSAGE Y l h i nt will bt th spirit that is Lebanon High School. our accomp is n c d th ns irition for thost th it will follo springboard of your success an e 1 Ip vou. You have expanded the prestige that is their inheritance lt has been mv privilege to know manv of vou throughout your tom plete school life. lt will be mv pleasure to continue to follow you Congratulations! You have contributed ably and willingly to t e ' ' e ' 1 ye z " W 1 1 endeavors and mv desire to be permitted to share the thrill of you success. And success comes to those that not only improve their Cir cumstances but themselves. You have mv best wishes for a happy. strong. and vxell-poised life Nlr. Norman Hemperly. ll-ti-flflllltlfltll lamcs Seltler. student.

Page 12 text:

06ll" SACD! 4mLl"QCt0l".'5 Dr Harvey S BOIHH Supeflmendem Mr Robert A N1chols 3rd secretarv Mr Walter A Swanger Pfffsldfnf Reverend E H Chrlstlanson vzce preszdent Mf Leel Cartel' Mr Joseph Shankroff Mr Robertlr Mlller Mr Samuel E Sorensen Mr Theodore F HlCklHg Chmtef R Schaak fff'0YllffV Attorney Samuel G WCISS solzcztor Z? J 0 Mr. Clarence L. Yocum Mr' Donald SI Lesher Mr. ' , , A U - - - ' O ' co Y

Page 14 text:

MR J Ross A1 BI RT I VI11111 VIR b SAMLEL ANOLE B S -Nlbr1ghtColle2e Hmorx MR ALVIN C BERGER JR A B Lebinon Nallex College N1 A Columbla Lmxersltx b11,el1rl1 Mrss ALTA B BORTZ A B Lebanon N allex Collese Sfldllllll MR HAROLD E BRFSSI IR Pcnnsxlx mu State C Olleee I 111 11111111111 I l11lr111lx MR NORMAN B Bt CHLR A B Lebanon Nalley Colleee 'VI A Columbla Unlwerslty Mallzemaltcr Mlss BARBARA CHRISTIATVSON A B lebanon Nallew College F111,l1.vl1 MR J ALBERT CURZI B S Lnlverslty of Pltlsburbh M Ed Unrversrtx of Prttsburszh Health I' 11fD Hrsmrx MRS ETHELH DARKES A B Lebanon Nalley Collebe Hrallh 011111111 'l4u1l1111111l11s MR RALPH DICLIR BS NIIIILTSVIIIL Strte Te rehers College N'Ia1l11'11111111s MRS HELEN M DEITIR B S East Stroudsburg Strte Teaehers College I-'ht 311 al Edurallnrl Mrss ETHEL L DONOUGH A B Lebanon Nallex Colleue N1 Ed Temple Lnnersttx Lalux kllglllh MRs HENRIETTA EsHLEN1AN B S Trenton State Teaehers College M Ed Lnlversttx Of 'Next Htmpshlre Phx YICJ Related SLILIICK MR LLw1sM FOLLLIT B S Calrfornra State Teaehers College N1 Ed Pennsxlxama State Colleee Drullmg MR KENNETH E HEBERLING B S Vlrllersulle State Teachers College IWHlf16'l71llIlt 5 MR ROBERTE HESS B S Lebanon N allex Colleee N1 A West N1rQ1n1a Lnncrsnx 5011111 SIIHJIFI Miss MARY G HOEE1 R B S Ellzabethtovun College W A New York Lmxersrtx Slenoeraphx I alll N11ss Rt TH N H01-FNIAN I lr1111l1 C11r11n111 VIR MARt1N E HOPPLE Pennsxlxama Smtc Colleen' I1 1111111111117 MR MARINO C INTRIERI B S Loxola Collefc B S Nhllerswrlle State Tcftehers College P of D MR BYRON R KADIL B S Gettssbure C Olleee Bmlorzx MRS GRACE E KAsE A B Lebinon N allcx C ollege I 11 D MR D HICH KAUEFVIAN B S lxutztoxwn St tte -Ielel1el'N C ul eLe NIA Temple Lmxemty l111,l11l1 Crfame 111111111 MR J HAROLD ICINWTELL B S Susquehanna Lmxersltw B1111lel111p111L BIHIPIFSJ MHIIIFPIIUIICI MR EDWINI LARSOIN B S Lmxersrtx of Prttshur h V111u111m11l Dllellllf MR EDM ARD P LALTHER B S lndtanr St Ile Te relrers Colle l111x1111 xx MR W-NITIR A Lu XIN S le tehers C11 e forma Penmylx Illll N1 Id Lnlxersxtx of Prttsbureh 'VIe111l Shop MRS HILDA H LONGINECKER A B Lebanon Nallex Colle-1 Nfl A Lnrxcrsrtx Of Pennsxlwantx lnglzrh Mtss R EILEEN IVICCONINELL A B Irxmg College B S Lnnersltw Of Pennsxlxama N1 A Lmxersm Of Pennsxlxanra l'l1QI1sl1 P11bl1C SIPPHAIIIL Mrss STELLA METZOLR B S BIIIIEISNIIIC State 'I reher C Olleee I thmrx M1ssJOAN L NICHOLS A B Collcve of Nlrserreordra N1 A Lmxersttx Of Pennsxlx 1n 1 h11,fl1rh Vlrss LENORE F NIKON BS Drexel lnstttute of Teehnologx N1 A New Yorle Lmxersrtx Clothmg N1R JOHN PACZAK B S Slrpperx Roelt State Teaeher Collefre N1-N Lnnersnx OI N11ssOur 011111111111 C 11111151 lf r N1R WARR1 N K R-NDCIIFFI B S Pennsxlxantx State Teaehers tolleee Alllll 5111111 N11ss NIARIIIA H Ross NON tt L lIlLllNll N1R R LISLII SALNDIRS B S lebanon N Tllex Cullen N1 S 'New Norlt l nnersxtx l11r1r111111111al Vusrf 'VIR RALPH H SAN AGE B S lndrana State Teachers Colleve N1 -N l,l"IlNCI'SllN of Prttsburvh B1111111 rs S11b1e11s VIR ALBERrJ SINCANAGI B S Lebanon N tllet Colleee 11111111 HIKIIIFN lllllflllllltllllll R1l11l11111x MR NNARRIN VN SPANGLIR SN B NIH-l1lLlr1 LIIINLTSIIN Ihr 111 al l1l11111111111 MR CARL A SPR1cH1 R Pennsxlx xnrr State Culleee 'VI111 llllll 5111111 MRS ARLOAB STICREL BS Pennsxlxamr State Lntwersltx HtII7IEl7lHlxll1,L foods 'VIR LLTHER STONE B S 'vitllcrsvllle State Teachers College World H1510n Dfllllllll NIR .IAVIESR TODD B S Nfirllersulle State Teachers Dr1x1 r Iru111111L 'VIR DANID W TRAIC IR B S VNLNI Chester St xte T teherN College N1 Ed Temple Lnxxemtw Bmlou Mrss SARA K WAGNI R B S Bloomsbure State Teacher College B11r111er5 Suhjemr IVIR ARTHLR Ie NNAKIQL B S C Temple Lmxersrtx fllllllllg MR WILLIAM P WAROO N B Serxnton Lnnersrtx N1I:d Temple Lnnemtx 411111111111 Hltl111x 'VIR EZRA WENOER A B Lllzlbethtoxxn Colleee N1 A Lmxersrtx ot Pennsxlx l'IlLlIllI 'VIISS JLLIA A W1ERN1AN B S Ind ana State Te tehers Ce lef'e Art NIR NVILLIAN1 P XINCJST A B Lebanon Nallex Colle C lzerno 1rx C X I ee- II I. I . 1I 1 .I . I . .Ie - ' - - .-N B. Iebgrnun Nalley CI rlluge NB. WTI C' lI'ge' B S., l.eb.1n11n Nllilef CI vllege 1 V ', V' 1 . . . V V V f f K ' L ,V V , V . ' . T . '. , , 1 . .. 1 f , , 1, , , . .. 1 . L ,, .. . - VV V, V e VV,VV VVV V V - . V, ' L V. V V. . " 1 . - . ,' ' 5 V ,V V . VVV . , . . 1 , , 'V , - U, V' . V VV s , ' U. , V . V V' L V V . I 1 I I I I , 'a 'zfz - I '1- I . - .. f ' li I 1 . S J ., I' ' I' I ' ' - A - I. ' ' . ,V , V . . - ' I I ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 2 .... " I' - ' -1- ,.I , ,Ia 1 ' I l':- - V V 'Z 'L . ' .,. . ' V. I V .I V V .V . V I V . V. I . . '-,v ,V" I1 '11 'I 'V ' 'j ' . e , . - . v , - . V , ,, V,V V- V V' 1 - . .. I I ' I ,' v I . .I . I - 4. . I 'I ' ' ' x I . VV V' e ' '-1- , V , V Iemlllc Unlwmll N1.Ed.. Pennsylxznna State College College ' A 3'3 ' '. '. I, ' 'I.I'I ., 1 . 1 , 795 V . V ' . -V . .V . . B.S., .ILIIC 'L' ' ll'ge of C alt- ,V . V V .V V V V ' ,1 IA. ' L IL I II I I II I , . . VV I f V VV . V ., . V . . J , VV V VV . '. V .CC - -V V V V . ,V . V .V . ,, VV , N I 'I ' I, I I - . - -- ' I' I 1 Il I I . . ' I I . I , I I- I II II , I .'I, I' I . 'I- I 'II1 ' . . S I I 1 I IIS , VVVVV.VV 1 V VVV . V V V .CVV V5 V VV , V 1 , 'V V VV ',' ', 2 ,.. .V ' .VV1 - VV' VV V VV , V , - ,,, A - -- ' ,I I ' ' ' j' - - -. 3 - IA' I I . .. ., .I " V ' V atnazr , ,A ' ' - ,I A 1 ll V' I V . ,, ' y I I .I I I I I. I . , I ' ,I' I

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