Lawrence County High School - Law Co Hi Yearbook (Lawrenceburg, TN)

 - Class of 1952

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Lawrence County High School - Law Co Hi Yearbook (Lawrenceburg, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 24 of 88
Page 24 of 88

Lawrence County High School - Law Co Hi Yearbook (Lawrenceburg, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 23
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Page 24 text:

GERALDINE TUCKER NANCY NAPIER WALTZ PATRICIA ANN TIDWELL Pat A good sport plus a good dis- position equals a likable person, Tennessee5 F,H.A. Science Club 4. Gerry A cheerful friend is like a sunny day. which sheds its brightness on all around. Tennessee5 Magazine Certifi- cate 45 Football Food Com- mittee 45 Pep Club 1,2,3.45 F.H.A, 1,2,3.4fClass Secretary 15 Class Vice-President 235 D,E, Club 4. MARY KATHRYN WATERS Kackie 'Happiness is not perfected un- til it is shared. Tennessee5 Flower Committee 45 Best Looking 25 Pep Club 1, 2.3.45 F,H.A. 1,2,3,4 QClass Parliamentarian 15 Class Re- porter 25 Class Secretary 45 Queen's Attendant 335 Beta Club 45 Aunt Billie from Texas 45 Carnival Queen's Attendant 1. LENA RUTH WEBB A noble nature alone can tract the noble. Vanderbilt5 Pep Club 1.2.35 F. H.A. 1.2.3. Seniors Not Shown: Keiffer Bradbary, Patsy Law, Kathrine McFall, James Shannon, Bonnie Wallin. ELGENE THOMPSON Curly Let me be envied, not pitied. Vanderbilt5 Intramural Ba sket- ball 1.2.35 F.F,A. fSentinel 415 T. St I. Club 3. 1 is A 5 iw-H v. REBA TICE When shall we grieve, ifgrieve we must? Tomorrow, friend tomorrow. Vanderbilt5 Superlative Nom- inating Committee 45 F,H.A. 1,25 CC1ass Treasurer 15 Class Parliamentarian 21. ORON TROUP Make haste slowly. Vanderbilt5 Superlative Nom inating Committee 45 D.E Club 4. at- ' . Y ROBERT WILLINGHAM Cedric Clevermen are good. but they are not the best. Tennessee5 Pep Club 1,2.35 F. F.A, 1,2,3,4g T. 8a I, Club 3. 20 Come and trip as you go, on a light fantastic toe. Tennessee5 F,H.A. 1,2 fC1ass Parliamentarian15 Class Vice- President 25: Pep Club 1,2.3.45 Band 1,25 D. E. Club 45 Guid- ance Program 3. NETTIE JANE WATERS Pedro Sing away sorrow, cast away care. Tennessee, Magazine Certifi- cate 45 Wildcat staff 35 Var- sity Basketball 25 Intramural Basketball 15 Intramural Bas- ketballCoach 25 Pep Club 1.2, 3.45 F,H.A. 1,3 fC1ass Vice- President 15 Class Reporter3J: L Club 3.45 Marrying Mar- ion 3.

Page 23 text:

F' 5 a 6: 7 5: 'X MYRTLE SMITH '. Mert C,-Vx ' Gather ye rosebuds while ye F gayg Qld Time is still a- ying. C' Vanderbilt5 Cheerleader 3,4, QCommanding4J5 Pep Club 1,25 3.45 F,H,A, 1,3, QC1ass President 1,3J5 L Club 3,45 Science Club 35 Aunt Billie from Texas 45 Graduation Herald 3. W B SMITH 1 l .u. . H G 'Q , Smitty ,-Q 3 'Good words are worth much 2 f X 3 and cost little. 'Y 5, ., l'ennessee5 Science Club 3,4. ROBERT H. SPRINGER Bobby 'He is a man to whom you can safely stretch out your fin- gers in the dark. Tennessee5 Magazine Certifi- :ate 45 High Magazine Sales- man 45 Law-Co-Hi Staff 45 Wildcat Staff 35 Intramural Basketball 1,2,35 Pep Club 1.2, 3,49 Volunteer Boys' State 35 3eta Club 3.45 Science Club 3. 4 fPresident4J5 Guidance Pro- gram 35 All Wet 35 Dora Jean 45 Football P, A, An- iouncer 45 Nashville Banner iournalism Contest 35 D. E. Falent Contest 35 Va ledictorian 1. DOLA SPURGEON Jughead If plea sure interferes with duty, give up duty. fanderbilt5 Pep Club 45 F.H.A, ,'2,3,45 fC1ass Reporter 31. GEORGE STOTSER Sonny Dawn -- the time when men of reason go to bed. Tennessee Captain5 Magazine Certificate 45 Law-Co-Hi Staff 45 Wildcat Staff 35 Best All-Round 1,25 Football Man- ager 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 15 Varsity Basketball 3,45 In- tramural Basketball 1,25 B- Team Football 15 Beta Club 3, 45 Dora Dean' 45 L Club 3, 4. Az, A at A J. E. SUTTON Never a hurry, never a care5 He has a good time any- where, Tennessee5 Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1.2. 19 Q4 nz--se:-5 U sim 'EE' RUSSELL SMITH Smitty A feather in hand is worth more thana bird in the air. Tennessee5 Magazine Certifi- cate 45 Football Food Com- mittee45 Best All-Round 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Graduation Usher 3. KATHERINE SOUTH Kitty A husband is a plaster that cures all the ills ofgirlhood Vanderbilt, r,H,A. 1.2,3,45 fClass Secretary 25 Class Song Leader4J5 Pep Club 1, THOMAS SPRINGER Genius It is better to wear out than to rust out. Vanderbilt5F,F,A, 15 Beta Club 3.4: T. 8c. I. Club 3. DORIS STEPHENSON Dotty Who is contented with a little hath enough. Vanderbilt5 Aunt Billie from Texas 4. Transferred from Central High. Evansville. Ind- iana 45 Health Council 35 Pep Club35Future Nurses Club 152, 35D. E. Club 35 Student Coun- cil 2. L' fe-'S' u. -479' Yrs'

Page 25 text:

Jul 1 , 1967 Newcast And now a word for the sponsors. Norma Blasingim, man- ager of Kuhn's. invites you to come in and look at their mer- chandise. Does your back hurttrni Look for Baxter's Back Rub, made famous by Peggy Baxter. Don't worry about dying Send your 'burial dues to Etna Berryhill. P. O. Box 482638. Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Do you like nice juicy meatlrl Call 8-0564 Verna D. Bishop's rabbitt farm today. Oron Troup, Manager of Troup's Drug Store, invites'you to come in and have Richard Beckham jerk you a soda. Good moming. friends, this is Cecilia Evers bringing you the news of the day. Last night Ray Gallian, a city police- man, caught Bobby Springer, our famous sports announcer. breaking into Tommy Downey's jewelry store. Springer's lawyer, Nettie Jane Waters. explained to Johnny Gibbs, the District Attorney, and his assistant, Reba Tice, that he only wanted some time. The complete story will be told in today's Guess What . edited by Jane Remke, B. T. Harris. a new taxi driver, called Dr. Norman Jones to examine his passen- gets, Frances and Jimmy Harris, after speeding into the rear of Russell Smith's car last night. Because of complications arising from the accident, Mr. James Frisbie, the Harrises' lawyer. will sue the taxi company's ovmer, Mr. W. B. Smith. Kiefer Bradbary, Fearless James Shannon's wrestling man- ager, has announced that Shannon will meet Gorgeous George Lanning at Jackson Bishop's Wrestling Arena. Exactly one month ago J. B. Perry, the first interplanetary guide, left earth for a tour of the universe. His passengers were Doctor Roger l.eB8: Virgil McCafferty, Perry's apprentice: W. T. McCluggage. a manufacturer of space suits: Marlene Aaron. a registered nurse: Bemadine Granger. an interplane- tary botanist: and Oralee and Evadale Freeman, lawyers. They are scheduled to return this afternoon. The quarterly all night singing held at New Prospect will be conducted by Jim Bentley on Friday night. Kenneth Hub- bard willgive the devotional, while Joe Douglass and Kathryn McFallgive usa special number. Dola Spurgeon, the popular crooner, accompanied by Gene Hayes at the piano, will sing Who Pulled the Plug from the Universe? Tuning forks can be bought from Janice Gresham any time before the program. The P.M.A. officers this year are Charles Boyd. president: John David Cross. vice-president: Aaron McDonald, secretary: and Billy C. Newton. treasurer. The office would like to an- nounce that farmers will be given government aid on all seed bought from the Eliza beth Jackson Seed Company. Sarah Whitstein. a noted journalist, remembered as Sarah Franks. is visiting here this week with her millionaire husband. On Tuesday night July 16, the famous Public Players under the direction of Macie Harris will present The Horror Show at the O1d Fashioned Sky Rocket Theatre owned by Irene Haygood and managed by Elgene Thompson. Stella Hardy and Floyd Bonner have the leading parts. Some of the other members ofthe cast are Ed Hendrix and Lena Ruth Webb. Billy Joe Graves plays the part of a Doctor of Mortuary Sci- ence and Lou Ann Gobbell portrays his wife. The Poag Sisters' Circus will be in town tommorrow. It is managed by the world renowned trumpet player Frankie Gray. Charlene Hall and Novella Holt are the bareback riders. A dog which specializes in singing will be put through his paces by Betty Hardiman. Bonnie Kemper and Billy Michael are the lion tamers of the circus. The New Prospect H. D. Club met last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Helen Keeter Sawyer. The president, Mrs. Annie Lou Minor Finn. called the meeting to order and read the names of the officers for Hoover. on July 10. The minutes were read by Patsy Law. the secretary. Three new members, Miss Vigie Norwood, Gloria Kimble, and Sylvia Murdock, were initiated at the meeting. Dr. Calvin Jones. a Lavvrenceburg veterinarian is pleased to announce that Miss Bertha Lee Osborn will be his assistant. starting Monday. Dale Belew. Attorney, states that she will defend Dorothy Crews in the Crews versus Clifton case. Wilda Clifton stated that Dorothy Crews was disturbing the peace by making too much noise with her drums: Crews retorted that Clifton was only jealous because she couldn't make as much noise on her clarinet. Judges Mary Nelle Busby, Joyce Davis. and Char- lene Durham will decided the case two weeks from today. Theodore Mattox is holding a revival next week in Eth- ridge. He will be assisted by Doctor Fire. husband of the for- mer Lou Nelle Bamett. Mable Roberson and Jerry Lou Smith have opened a dancing academy at 5111 North Military Ave- nue. Everyoneisinvited to come and learn the latest dances: only 54.00 per person for one lesson. Martha Marston. the noted congresswoman, will speak here on July 21. This mom- ing Josephine Owens was married to J.E. Rhine and Mary Pat- terson was married to Phil Sheridan. The floral decorations were arranged by Doris Holland. Dr. Martha Scoggin has an- nounced that her baby clinic will open tommorrow aftemoon at one o'c1ock. Mr. Kenneth Pettus was today judged as the most handsome man of Antartica. Jane Childress' manager, Winnie Brewer, announced today that Jane will give a con- cert this Friday night here in Lawrenceburg. J.E. Sutton. Klyne Rochelle. and Norman Pennington each won S1000 for sending inthe three best names for this station's newest Planoplanet Spaceship. Mr. Sonny Stotser, the President of U. L. fthe University of Lawrenceburgj. announced today that Mr. Bobby Brewer will be the head football coach this year and Mr. Coy Cole will be the line coach. He also announced the following appointments: The head of the Medical Department is Doc- tor Leo Clayton: Charles McCrory is the head of the Drug Department: the new Dean of Students is Billy Hodge: Doctor of Dental Surgery is Tyson Robertson: and Mary Frances Prince is the professor of ancient history. , Since so many more pupils will be ir1 school this fall. we are glad to announce that some new teachers have been se- cured for L. C, H. S.: Jane Alford. physical education direc- tor: George Brian. music director: Eloise Crews, head of the science department: Irene Frazier. French teacher: Patricia Tidwell. psychologist: Inez Sandusky. head of the social sci- ence department: Hazel Sharpton and Gail Denson. home economics teachers, The officers elected by the P. T. A. for this year are Mrs. Joyce McGee Aaron. president: Mary Kathryn Waters Brown, vice-president: Nancy Napier Waltz, secretary: Betty Ron Holt Osborne, treasurer: Elizabeth Rawdon Stephens, reporter. Some of the active club members are Mrs. Geraldine Messer Burt, Mrs. Wanda Osbome Kaddlehopper, Mrs. Jacqueline Owens Thingamajig. Mrs. Carol Jaco Whatchamacallit. Mrs. Loice Kerstein Fulano. and Mrs. Willie Jean McGuire Runner. At the meeting a musical program was presented by Jane Long's quartet, which is composed of Barbara Mote Parman. Bonnie Wallin. Doris Stephenson. and Jane Long. It has been announced that Gene Rayfield will run for President: Joyce Nelson may become the first lady of the nation. Thomas Springer will run for Vice- President on the same ticket. A new method next year. They are Margaret Ann Rohling is being used to show the campaign platform. Dabney. Dl'CSiCl6r1!: Wilma Shaffer Cox. vice- Commercial artist Cubby Belew will manage president: Sybil Skinkner Massey, secretagf: 1 this campaign. Geraldine TUCRCI' Jo IISOII. treasurer. T e Now we have today's weather forecast. re- I-lome Life Leader, Mrs. Peggy Mobbs Huxley, W ported by Roberta Rainey: Today, tonight, and introduced Misses Wilda Markus and Myrtle 0 tomorrow will be clear or cloudy with possible Smith, who read some of their original poetry -N 4 . j rain or snow. appropriate for the program. Miss Katherine .'jj,.Q.2f,, A: lift This isstation W.K,A,T,, 2222 on your dial, South, the County Home Demonstration Agent, ull ll owned and operated by Mr. Jimmy Copeland. introduced the noted dress designers, Kathryn -' ,- r Stay tuned in for the next program, Songs by Hubbard and Sarah Pierce, who gave a very Janice Morris , which follows immediately interesting talk entitled Dresses for All Oc- over most of these stations. casions. Joyce Lay gavea talk about chicken x raising. X 1 Q The lagnual melettilrig of tahe Learn to be 6' uiet C u met wit e presi ent. Miss Joyce 'i Q

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