Lausanne Collegiate School - Lausanne Locket Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1963

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Lausanne Collegiate School - Lausanne Locket Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 126 of the 1963 volume:

The Lausanne Locket 1 963 Lausanne School for Girls Memphis, Tennesse WHEELS OF LEARINHNG if someone were To say To you The word "wheel," vvhaT would you immediaTely Think of? You mighT re- call The carTwheels you Turned as a child or The pin- wheel you held up To The wind. People of acTion would perhaps say wagon wheels, sTeering wheels, paddle wheels, or vvaTer wheels. ln addiTion To These wheels, There are more absTracT Types such as The Wheel of ForTune, The Wheels of Progress, and The Wheel of Service. AlThough all of These wheels are imporTanT, and each has iTs place, The i963 LockeT is concerned chiefly wiTh a particular seT of wheels-THE WHEELS OF LEARNlNG. W! 'lg , A,.L ,W E 1 , I ,, .v'1'w Vinny pa You have given unsparingly of your Time, energy, and good humor in order To aid looTh Teachers and sTudenTs. You have spenT long Tedious, uncomplaining hours arranging and classify- ing books. You have worked diligenTly To organize and improve The nevv lower school lilorary. Because you have done all These Things and more, We, The 1963 LockeT STafT, dedicaTe This annual To you, Mrs. DoroThy Simmons,Jr. Foreword Lausanne has been in exisTence Tor ThirTy-seven years. During This Time iT has progressed greaTly anol is sTill in The process of improvement Each year The purpose of The annual has been To shovv Lausanne's developmenT and To give a picTure oT iTs' acTiviTies. IT is The sincere hope of The annual sTaTT ThaT The i963 l.ocl4eT will fulfill all expecTaTions ancl be a source of pride To The sTuclenTs oT Lausanne. Contents Faculty and Administration Seniors e U nderelassmen Featares Organizations Activities Faculty CUZ ,,.,....f-"""V""' A V"' Aw 'Q Administration u 4 Q,-...T 1 ,L Q, vw A A ,"61'r , ,L ,. . -3.- ,4 .. 5 K, . 'Q ' , jigs 'W 'wi www ' Wldgigfd.. " f -5-VL75'.,' ' ' - 0' i' ,mt ,gf 9 .,,V ,3 wf as a. W, by ,- T ag x K ,.k. I TK, ff W W at MISS EDNA SEBRALLA, AB., B.S. Dean of The Lower School MISS HELEN NEWTON, AB. Dean of The Upper School AssisTar1T To The Headmaster W4-if H ousemothers LEFT TO RIGHT: MISS VIRGINIA MURRAY, MRS. SADIE KEHOE, MISS HELEN NEWTON. I2 4 Secretarzes MRS. J. VV. JOHNSON Secretary MISS MAE ALLEN Financial Secretary MRS. VIOLA SATTERFIELD Executive Secretary MRS. FRANCIS GREESON Director of Public Relation MRS. J. W. BAKER JR. Dancing MRS. GEORGANNE BEAUMONT MiddIe School MaThema1ics MRS. T. VV. BISLAND Second Grade MRS. THOMAS BURTON Hisfory MRS. VICTOR M. COURY Lower School French MRS. R. V. DICKINSON French MRS. JOHN S. DIGGS Arr MRS. THOMAS B. DUTCHER Kindergarten MRS. J. B. GEORGE Fourth Grade MRS. W. H. GOWEN Piano Accompanism' MRS. AL C. HENDERSON Eirsi Grade MRS. RUDOLPH E. HISKY Hisiory DR. THEODORE JOHNSON English MRS. PAUL TUDOR JONES Middle School Bible MISS ELISABETH LUNZ English and Bible MRS. WILLIAM V. ALEXANDER Third Grade MRS. L. M. MAJORS Middle School English MRS. FRANK L. MARTIN Laiin MRS. EARLY MAXWELL Music and Speech MISS MARGARET MORRISON Piano Noi Piciured iff, I .Mi 'Bur ii i, l!.Qi,, ,ii ir. I. , .... iii, .ini I. Illlil, I .iiiiwllll W ' Picfure Noi Available "T MISS ANNE NOLEN Sixth Grade MRS. F. NORTON PATTESON Fifth Grade DR. REINALDO SANCHEZ Spanish MRS. Wrn. VV. SIMMONS Librarian MRS. EDWARD H. SOPER Physical Education MRS. DONALD VVARDLAW Bible MRS. FRED R. WARNER Mathematics MRS. ZENO YEATES Science LW, as f-wif N ,sag f ,.:,3f,, ,Zin VSEV, , a T , zln 7 3, Y ae-2'-i ' I iiii , "1 ,- nw,-L,',, ,-,Q g - 1:11 gil! DIETICIAN Mrs. Willena Higlwsmitlw I5 If 2562? 1' 335525 .7 1, ., egg , h , , I I we M, uni Tw 'Www 'I we W VY: :He my f. I 5 k 153 S 1 aa I I , I ia xg, if T had I l ll I Q . A ,M Q IG w Q jg, s T X , I , , I fl' , WW M, I A t Z M, , , Jig, 5 ,E f ...W l K W , ,Q M A L m y N f"x1Q,,r f- , js ,, hw f,,L gs-'I ,554 A - I fi ,,.. In ' 'ni ,L it i 4 fa ,,., I H IIIL ,,T, L MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT Mr. W. O. Bell ASSISTANT DIETICIAN Mrs, W. O. Bell KITCHEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Lozie Coleman, Mattie Lou Dean, Gamer, Fannie Emma Wade, Ma STAFF James Ruffin, Elvina Walls, Thelma Louise Lee Eddings, rgie Williams. BUILDING AND GROUNDS STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Lawrence KeI- Iey, AIma NoIen,TLomacI4. BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ira T. MIIIQV, Mr. R, T. WaIden, Mr, WaIaace Gossetf, Mr. Herman W1IIIam Sanders. TRANSPORTATION DIRECTOR Mr. R. T. VVaIderv if N fx 5 T i TED LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Phillip McCa'l, Mrs. Richard Al'en, Jr., Mrs. L. K. Thompson. Sr, Mrs. E. L. Hufion, Jr Mrs oles Jr STANDING: Mr, Walrer Raleigh Coppedge, Mr. Roy Hendrix, Jr., Mr. Rollin Wilson, Jr., Mr, Ed Jappe, Miss He en ewton Miss Edna Sebralla, Mr. J. L. McRee, Mr, J. L. Lancaster, Mr, W. W. Goodnran, Mr. D. J. Guillory,4Mr. D. E McGuire Mr George Humphreys. Mr. Ed Jaope VlCE-PRESIDENT Harwell Allen W. Frank Aycock Norrnan Blake John E. Brown Brown Burch Eric A Cairnor Walfer Chandler John Cleghorn Edward W. Cook Wrn. Joe Denfon Joe Rice Dockery Robert Gill Wm. Goodnran Board of Directors Mr. D. J. Goi'lory PRESlDENT Board of Trustees Mr. George Humphreys CHAIRMAN ..---1 Charles D. Rhodes John A. Sroun' Mrs. L. K. Thompson Ellis Woolfollc Rollin V. Wflson, Jr. Mrs. L. K. Thonnpson LIFE-MEMBER D. J. Guillory Dr. Donald Henning Hugh Humphreys Dr. Henry G. Hollenberg Ed Jappe Jarnes Lancaster Col. Ross Lynn M. P. Moore Fred Mclnrosh Robert McCallum Harold Ohlendorf Dr. Henry Russell Dr. Peylon Rhodes Founders of Lausanne School for Girls I :. ' xi., . , - ,A s .. ss ' MRS. EMMA DESAUSSURE JETT MISS BESSIE STATLER Lausanne School for Girls was founded in T926 by Mrs. W. S. Jett, Miss Bessie Statler, Mrs. Sophie Alexander Gardner, and Miss Florence Goyner Taylor. The last two resigned in I928, and Miss Statler and Mrs. Jett continued to operate the school , until 1954. In T954 Mrs. Mary Butler became principal, she was succeeded in l956 by Mrs. Myrtle Cobb. In T960 Walter R. Coppedge became Lausanne's first headmaster. Mlotherys Club SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. J. G. Enos, Vice-President of Internal Affairs, Mrs. E. L. Hutton, Jr., President. STAND- ING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Wylie T. Jones, Treasurer, Mrs. Joseph Bradley, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Milton Angel, Corresponding Secretary. Chem Lausanne Chere Lausanne, be thy name ever blest through the years For the love that thy daughters bear thee ls the tlovver thou didst plant with thy tenderest care, In the garden of hearts loaned to thee. Oh, Home of our dreams and inspirer ot truth, May vve ever thy memory revere, As we Wander afar in life's pilgrimage long, We in glorious acclaim to thee sing. And with hopes ever high and with purposes true, Thy children are loyal in thought, For the freedom to think and the patience to bear All the truths that lite doth unfold Were taught in thy halls and revealed to our hearts With loving devotion so high That the right ever bravely to live is the due Which we owe to our own Chere Lausanne. Jef? QI' J' 1 2 3 my E Q T fi ' 41 'G'?fV"m"f"' 325 . . ,M-Aw 4 H A A hw ,,.,.W af : .Jn W ' ' "ff .W . ,'vm1:f1 4 2, . T"3:"?:' W'A'Wf'W Mwsf4- ,, -M , -ff ---' : as Us ., , dwxwm mm MW 4 ,, . W MM-,W QMWX is u - W""""""'W'l' Mzzmvwz ,M - V -W, A :H ' ' ' ,.-,E ' I ---- iff g ' ,. H" ' 1' - ' " 5 U " Qing, ,, TL' , iriiviiilkrf grew-3' H, N f I, V - my ,,,,. . 'AW' 'Q' , - , 2 7' ,J 1' :H-5 ,S H21 ir 1+ Q, ,.,, L 2 4 'fr ' H13 ' : 5' ' , V x ' H." 'LILL5E4g35i'?57T2YS5S5ii5,i4'5fi3LM ' "ff K Hens- -GTM 'wg f f ayiff M faint: -3556 - f . . Q NX' , ff ,ai wx . rg ' A We f f .f , 5 i .5 f . u " 5 J 1 K iff' sf J M.. W U7 2 Q' Cx V . w . A Q, V . ff N I ' 3 " K' 14 A QQ ew' LL A4 , , fi, f i ,f ff Wu 1' W ,K N ww ,RJR 'Qi if MARIAN LYNNE BLACKBURN The surest Way not To fail is To determine To succeed. --SHERIDAN BARBARA JANE BLUM Happiness is as a butterfly. HAWTHORNE CATHLEEN REYNOLDS CARADHXIE The silence often of pure innocence Persuades when speaking fails. -SHAKESPEARE JEAN MARGARET COLVIN The most natural beauty in the world is honesty and moral truth. -SHAFTESBURY JAN ET EATON Speech is The index of The mind. SENECA MARILYNN GATES Wnaf wisdom can you find Thaf is greater Than kindness? ROUSSEAU LAVONNE BENTRUP JETER The responsibiIiTy oT Tolerance Ties wiTh Those who have The wider vision. ELIOT PATRICIA ANN JONES A good book is The besf of friends, The same Today and forever. TUPPER LYNDA LEE LATI-IAM I Iive The Iife I Ioveg I love The Iife I Iive. UNKNOWN TRACIE LEE MEADOW You are like a flower, So sweet and pure and fair. HEINE NORA DANCY NOE Live as Though life was earnest, and life will be so. MEREDITH MARY LOYANNE ROBERTSON When love and ski!! work TogeTher expect a masTerpiece. RUSKIN DOROTHEA LYNN SCHIRO BUT if if be a sin To covef honour, I am The most offending soul ahve. -SHAKESPEARE SQ? 1 IMMONS ANNE MORTON S orfh one A laugh is W hundred groans in any marke'r. -LAMB SUSAN STEPHANY SPRAGG This above all: To Thine own self be True SHAKESPEARE INDIA SYKES THROOP Good acfions ennoble us, and we are The sons of our own deeds. CERVANTES SUSAN TUCKER We can read poetry, and recite poetry, but to live poetry is the symphony ot lite. -Foote CHRISTINE EQUEN WARD Friendship is The highest degree. HEINE CHERYL ANNE WHITAKER All The world's a stage . . . SHAKESPEARE LARANE ELEANOR WILSON Genius is The gold in The wine, Tale-nf is The miner who works and brings iT OUT. -LADY BLESSINGTON CLARA YERGER There's nothing either good or bad bm' Thinking makes if so. -SHAKESPEARE lu at mi 'lf LYNNE BLACKBURN Amarillo, Texas Stephen F. Austin Junior High School, Amarillo, Texas l Hockaday School, Amarillo, Texas 2 Tascoona High School, Amarillo, Texas 3 Annual Staff 4 French Club 4 History Club Secretary 4 European Seminar 4 BARBARA JANE BLUM Wichita, Kansas Robinson Intermediate School l Wichita High School, Wichita, Kansas 2, 3, 4 History Club 4 Sci-Mat Club 4 Art Club 4 Annual Statt 4 l CATHY CARADINE Class Secretary 4 Annual Statt 4 Art Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2 History Club 4 ' Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 I Standards Committee President 4 JEAN coLviN f A S r Springfield, Illinois Lawrence Junior High School, Springfield, Illinois T Springfield High School, Springfield, illinois 2, 3 Senior Class President 4 House Council 4 Annual Staff 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Art Club 4 History Club 4 MARILYNN GATES Art Club 3 History Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Glee Club T, -2 JANET EATON Junior Honor Society 1 , zgxl Ezl E History Club 1, 2, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4 Latin Club l, 2 35 French Club 3, 4 ,ff Quill and Scroll President 4 v Paper Staff 2, 3, Editor 4 PATSY JONES Tiptonville, Tennessee Tiptonville High School, Tipton- ville, Tennessee l, 2, 3 Honor Society 4 Day Honor Council 4 Ski-Mat Club 4 History Club 4 LAVONNE JETER Little Rock, Arkansas Forest Heights Junior High School, Little Rock, Arkansas l Mt. St. Mary's Academy, Little Rock, Arkansas 3 Newcomers Club 2 Latin Club 2 Glee Club 2 French Club 4 History Club 4 Annual Staff 4 LYNDA LATHAM East High School, Memphis, Tennessee l Glee Club 2, 3 Latin Club 2 Newcomers Club 2 Speech Club 2 History Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Red Cross President 4 Annual Staff 3, Editor 4 TRACIE MEADOW Jinks Junior High School, Panama City, Florida i Bay High, Panama City, Florida 2 Spanish Club 3, 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 History Club 3 Class Officer Treasurer 3 Math Club 4 Art Club 4 March of Dimes Chairman 4 European Seminar 4 LOYANNE ROBERTSON Ridgely, Tennessee Ridgely High School, Ridgely, Tennessee l, 2 Annual Staff 4 French Club 3 Student Council Secretary 3, Vice- President 4 House Council 3, 4 Sci-Mat Club 4 History Club 4 National Honor Society 3, 4 Q .Ba avril? NORA NOE Jackson, Tennessee Jackson High School, Jackson, Tennessee i, 2, 3 Standards Committee Vice-President 4 History Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Student Council 4 Annual Staff 4 European Seminar 4 LYNN SCHIRO Latin Club T, Aedile 2 French Club Treasurer 3, 4 History Club T, Secretary 3, 4 Speech Club 1, 2 Student Council T, President 4 National Junior Honor Society T ANNE SIMMONS Latin Club T, 2 History Club T, 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Sci-Mat Vice-President 4 Annual Staff 3, Editor 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Latin Tournament l, 2 Math Tournament T, 2, 3, 4 W www, , .sm W 48 National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 Annual 2, 3, 4 Best Freshman l Class Officer President 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 3 Latin Tournament T, 2 Math Tournament 2, 3 SUZI SPRAGG Columbus, Ohio Upper Arlington High School, Columbus, Ohio l History Club 4 Newcomers Club 2 Annual Staff 4 Class Officer Treasurer 4 INDIA THROOP Water Valley, Mississippi Water Valley High School, Water Valley, Mississippi T, 2 History Club 3, Treasurer 4 Latin Club 3, 11 Paper Statt 4 House Council 3 House Committee 3, 4 Honor Council 4 National Honor Society 3, President 4 CHRISTINE WARD Minter City, Mississippi Latin Club T History Club l, 3, 4 French Club 2 Spanish Club Secretary 3, 4 Newcomers Club l Speech Club T Honor Council Vice-Presiclent 3 House Council Vice-President 3, Presidentzi Student Council 3 Annual Statt 4 Science Fair Second Place 2 European Seminar 3,4 SUSAN TUCKER Latin Club l French Club 2, 3 History Club l, 4 Sci-Mat 4 Red Cross Treasurer l Student Council Treasurer 3 Paper Staff 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 2, Vice-President 3, 4 National Junior Honor Society Treasurer l Best Athlete T, 3 European Seminar 3 c , ' ' -' " -Mi-Qic W, . 1, , f' A I - lj ga, rg ' 'Ii' :mf .SEL-WE ' , mmf, ww I 1, .- 1 :wi im T., A it T tt cctts . T C ,. I , E ffl 15, 9 E, 's CHERYL WHITAKER Savannah, Tennessee Latin Club if 2 History Club lg 4 French Club 25 Secretary 3j 4 Art Club 4 Newcomers Club l Paper Staff 3, Make-Up Editor 4 Class Officer Treasurer if Student Council 2 National Junior Honor Society l European Seminar 3 ,K .Q 'R I ,fag I i ah ' g i. 5 1 . 5 A V r 5:15 'gr r F LARANE vviisorxi ' S History Club lg 4 il 3 French Club 3: 4 lb Latin Club lg 2, Secretary 3, me Aedile 4 Q ' iftlff' Paper Statt 3g Editor 4 A i Honor Council Secretary 3, i F7 , lr President 4 National Junior Honor Society i 3 Quill and Scroll Vice-President 4 - Class Secretary 3 European Seminar 3 CLARA YERGER Latin Club lg 2 French Club 2, 3g 4 Art Club 4 Annual Statt Photography Editor 4 Class Otticer Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Vice-President 3j 4 President 35 Sergeant-at-Arms 4 Long Ago P' F .2 ik Wk is .I f 4: K' , by an . , .A V,Ai iA. l y A I 'M we 1 .wi my Qi Q, l , 1 f I .,mau2?Z!:if'2?,' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynne, Barbara, Cafny, Lynda. SECOND ROW: Cheryl, Lynn, Christine, LaVonne. THIRD ROW: Loyanne, Patsy, Maffynn, India. FOURTH ROW: Nora, Tracie, Susan, Suzi, FIFTH ROW: Jean, Anne, Janet. p I' ii'-i"""',,,,,,.'I-' 1 ,gun wan ,,,n ii 1 2535- S!-"5 fan F - s . +',,f R A-NPO-m ZEPUOSX ZOPP Zom rO5PZZ m -Nomm-:moz QZZ MOI-no sPZZm M-SSSSOZM MCE mv-NPQQ -ZU-59 HI-Noon' MCQPZ .EG-Am-N OI-N-wjzm SFP-NU DI-m-NIP EI-I-Ib-Am-N -'bmbzm S2502 QLPFP Km-Mmm-N SZGQ T2 Q06 UCEQC TQ OSw35Q5Q -086101 T2 mjmmsg-m Tm.. gsm-awww M65 4050 T2 MOS-JOE Q35- O-035 O-0 2:3 L do mg-:K 3 :im-Jima -lm OODMWEWIMB do Ummm G-Jmgm-QQ Q. mn -A. 3:96 QUOS 'homxm ga-J 0236 T2 Tm: 24 3 U0 N Sa: 0550! 32 40 :SQ OS E3 :+C IMO 40 U-OSX CU E0 S:-Q gOCmQ WO 318 D do OJ m :DCMNI 40 U0 my aging +0 no 2:2 WO Q2 la 0+ T2 E-OU2 U-U3 Q0 5-Z0 wa3NO-am 6 S5 3 N E-dm om lox 8 Ia OS 2:2 al? 7203032- 3 bgmaamg 6 Um D156 3203-JN 8 S:-53 1. mg-A-OK -O40 -263 T2 20-Swgw gamma Ivismmz wc-:mm U93 A- A 1 lwgmgmzmzos MT-QQ OO? -U5 806 P3020 OMS-1 :Uma-w Gala 32:1-Q 15 Ewimg-O2 5 NSOQ2-J M0052 Bm-A50 NBJOCDQWBQ-im Sgrlm E:-J T2 M:-O MT-OSSQ 5 16 M212 -OCDQW 62:50 O33-in 356 ngmlgm 305 gm:-J 3:26 D605 mC-X200 0:2530 T2 :Q-ig 2:7 I2-'K Qammammsm 5 -.ih- mi-SQ 23:05 W -0:2 2 :JG N00 5 -H527 KU mEO-Kim 3:96 UUOS Em QS- E:-JOS hgh? 22 E:-JOE T2 Q1-1233 U:-W gCm-56 T2 327 5236 mu Gmini :DQ 2 W ZPPQU 39236 2 5 Zmgm n l -I4ZZm mw-LPG-A-WC-NZ mx?-NWRNP W-ICXS OPI-'IK OPFPU-Zm 'EPZ OO-KC-Z 'SZ-md TPHOZ EEN--IKZZ QP.-Im TP 407-Zm Lmjw vbqmlx LOZ-mm QZUP -LPHIPZ, mmgm mga O3 i i 31:03 0+ 123 gg mo-36 Low T2 2012 T902 T2 nommgm mg-:K :ESQ D DQS ggi OTQBEQ W2 ms-C3-www -ugzmm Q NS M212 P32103 Q I 3 UQ 15 E01-qw 10792 203g WO ja T2 SQ 133 3 UQ ga- LOG M327 +0 qw WJOWTQ 253 T-Q1 +0 OU320 2353 DC-Ea 3 UQ W logoqw E20 40 BQQ MOBQODQ lg +33 16 Tu 3 E: mg Img-3? 40 3: 5 -Og 5:7 D 02630 Eg :W bg F20 . 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Gigi Belser Margie Britt Pam Bumgardner Maggie C0lberT J'DHUQT1fGl' of Afumna Jane l'l0lclCll:e'fr Carol , vw l-loocf Ry! .li-gtpy Susan Koohce Marianne Lancaster Cl-2 Ch' L'-,fauclals Blanche Mann Ginger Nloufon June Ohlendorf Jo Gvyln Shelby Dorothy Slmoh Sunde Smith Val Sfrauch Peggy Sulflyan Gall Taylor Susan Tome Sahde Wade Ahh Wagers Sally Wesley Kay West f TA CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: Randy Hlnclnwan, President STANDING: Sfevle Sadler, Secrelaryg Anna Pleaza, Treasurer, Carol Lipman, Sergean?-al-Arms, Mary Ann Mc- Kenzie, Vlce-Presldenf. oplwmore Class Jane Allen Melissa Bell Cecelia Block Beth Coppage Yvonne Fisher Ann Gilllson Gay Graeber Charlotte Hays Randy Hindman Vkkf In-fn Ann Jagendorf DQWQ K"k::a'r'clc Cys' l.'::Man Lynn Love ffary 'MK-enzfe Peggy Max,-.fell Susan Owens Arffa Picaze Gayle Richardson Judy Rcckkoif Stevie SadNer Murray Smnn Gfgi Sfewarf Carde Svraucn Gay Synwngfon Synxfe Tuner Penn! Ufncfn ,'.'a'fVa 'Heesner Q ' WD' W Alrrre ..Js CLASS OFFICERS SEATED, FIRST ROVV: Debbie HaII, President STANDING: Mary Ann Baldwin, Vice-Presidenfp CeIia McRee, Secreiaryg Kathi Matthews, Sergeant ai-Arms. Freshman Class EmiIy AngeI Jacqueline Armstrong EIizabeiI'i Arnold Mary Ann Baldwin Kay Barfon Margie Bateman Judy Blum Teresa Bratfon 62 Amelia Hildebrand Martha Huffman May Humphreys Susan Lamb Nancy Lightman Celia McRee Floy McPherson Laurie Malone Betty Mann Kathie Matthews Ann Mills Kaihy Myar Linda Bumgardner Anita Coooer Debbie Hall Linda Qualls Sandy Spellings Evelyn Tate CLASS CFFICE SEATED LEFT TO RWGHT: E'izebeTH Mawr, Troasqrerg Pam Cox, Vice-Presldervfp Parry Rurwarw, Red Cross Represervferrvo. STANDNNG, LEFT TO RIGHT Rod Cross Reprcserrrafve Jarre' Bcgvv- Debbie Sadicr Presidcmp Dianne Levv Ss-creYarv:Ar'r1e Schwartz, Sergearv ar Arms. Eighth rude 'Ut ffmw Patty Runyan Debbie Sad5cr Anne Sdwwarrz Marilyn Yefvingform 'Daughter of As'u.'wrwa Mary BNOCLQ Janet BogNe Pamda Cox Lomas Fair Kafry F'eeT Salhf Gocdmarv MOUV Kirby-Smith Duane Levy' Ehabefh Mann Laura Prue-TTS S, Vw , att, L 2. CLASS OFFICERS SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Gibson, Red Cross Representative, Ellen Dowling, Secretary, Kay Guillory, President. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Beverly McGuire, Vice-President, Maria Webb, Treasurer, Carla Carrier, Red Cross Representative. ,,' F x Helen Allen' Suzanne Alperin Marcia Burngarclner Carla Carrier Ellen Dowling Mary Dutcber Frances Foy Debbie Gibson i'Daugnter of Alurnna 65 Anne Jones Beverly McGuire Bradley Muller Jill Schaeffer 66 Marsha Goedecke Kay Gulllory Carol Ann Heelws Karen Henrlch Sandra James Debbie Jenkins Joy Spelllngs Pam Strauclw Kitty Surnmerall Helen Tullyi Maria Webb Lynn Wllllarns 'Daughter of Alumna Kin flergarten, FIRST ROW, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Donelson, Debbie RIcI1arcIson, MIssy SuIIIvan. SECOND ROW, SEATED: Herberfe SadIer, Terri JaIenaIc, Nancy ScIrnoIcIer, Sarah Graff, Mary Ann Goodwin, Mimi HaII, Usa Hanover. THIRD ROW, STANDING: Marys-Iinor Gordon, Nancy Eastham, Dome Berry, De-Ivo Dan7eIs, CoI'ccn Bowden, Graco Sandusky, Rebeca Sanchez, DenIse I-IIII. NOT PICTURED: Sherce Hoffman, Jenny Proctor. 70 LEFT TO RIGHT: Miriam Fulmer, Susan Dufcher. Girl Scouts t T ' rf P 'f8"j, ., yy yt A45 AQ 'Adv' Y' Q-ana 4 , ""' lf: A E V M -B .2 TV ' I- A T' , TA Q X 5 5 x Q, 5" A55 ,M M f 4 W g i Zi? Af! . T kv X ,Wifi , ' ww L, ff x W, 5 H , W, A .T ,, Q E wi A gr -4 Q -- A X sff'i+fHwiQ4 f Q my 'M Mm. K ,, E. ff EW: . W4 ' if? , 5 3711 "LEA 7 I T f"' , ,X -k I,--Q.-..1 fw fm 1, , Features J' , L Y ' v- .. .rf J' A 1 , t W. ........J. lil:-nun rv- ' ' X, Vi, A keg . , A .6 ae f -, g .. I Q f I nf ja, 1 A 5 xi f f 5, ,rx UR' vs is -N .W Q, g e WHS 3 a . . ...H fn: fa:w.,,.,h. ,. 'M a wif arf -ww5,,gggyy,, , if Q . M., W. 73 . -S3f"72f1ff5V Wivififii'-i', Y -ai'Sw:':f- H m?ff:'f" yggzvspiqx- -12-iwl 'ms Q ,, ,, H Q L- ,Mr :Q ,wg - ' f - ' ' 1-fy j- 1-lah , A' -1'::',aiS' A , Y? -3.145151-' sax' -1 ,xg gg L, ,viw:zgu..'ULsQ L A 'fir -- '3i:72..,, . '15 Aix. 'gfg-H. fgf,-,zPhf5QTsgQ2.5zif U--im , 5 Z:.':'j 14 Q32 ., NC., ,, VV wk! .L K ,. K V, HTH im -gfL,,: L ' 1555, 1 -if '-1sv?f,1w,f.y iifwliz- N K gpzsafvifzzgr.,-mg. .I ' . jwffg--1: .L-gLjLf' H f ' ' 1 . ,win lfkigfffk . fgii: , S -1,-iEflii 1-g1s?fb:W "vii 1, WH: ' 2 3' fn-25f?i:v . if E. W. -E K , is M. - w K V . g Mzss Lausanne f-h- -I K gf , -9 if X F L fm A ., . -L ' - - 3 L Y xg S N if 934. Wm if I 1' L f Q' " f f I wssfzysyfl Q 15gm1Ei,:iMi'1'Eiqgyyw g mf' K zgfii 2 f,4g,EE3,1 A if gg. X Q xl L xi K. 35- 1-V . 1.4 , ,L,, 1 QP if ,qw , L , '- P ' L " 5, 313 7i V Y S esi ent a A tten 5","f y K , n amz:-' 9jf .L -, K f , . L. ' . ifif 32' Q ' W L' L ' ' J I ' My TT ' , , E 75 L' Llgf . V ffm. ' F 'L" V VHLHUL Wm' Q 'L -. ' f 5 Big Wheels Best All Around Most Likely te Succeed CTNPLSDTN E. u3OvL.c:4 Most Athletic ep Most Talented Most Attractive t ' L. Best Dressed ffziffmf iest W WW Wittiest if Urganizations 86 1 -.swap-4.-1 , H, 51' ln Locket LYNDA LATHAM MRS. JOHN DIGGS ANNE SIMMONS Editor Sponsor Editor TOP TO BOTTOM: Sally Wesley, Literary Editor, Lynn Schiro, Christine Wardy Jean Colving Nora Noeg Ginger Mouton, Art Editorg Val Strauchg Mary Fredricg Clara Yerger, Photography Editorg Parn Burngardnerg LaVonne Jeterg Suzi Spraggy Carole Strauchg Loyanne Robertson: Ruth Jappe, Make-Up Editorg Lynne Blackburng Mariiynn Gates, Circulation Editorg Cathy Caradineg ChiChi Livaudais, Barbara Blum. 88 Columns i ' X 1 -L TIT' LEV I ,, I ' ' A f l ll JANET EATON MISS NEWTON LARANE WILSON Editor Sponsor Editor 'Wh 1 li-wiv ' BACK, RIGHT TO LEFT: Melissa Allen, Emily Angel, Celia McRee, Carol Lipman, Louise Cromer, Ellen Collins, Sunde Smith, Susan Toma, Carol Cooper, Gigi Belser, Carolyn Hood, India Throop, Tracie Meadow, Susan Tucker, Margie Britt, Kay West, Fourth Page Editor, Jane Heidelberg, Headline Editor, Cheryl Whitaker, Make-Up Editor. 89 -Me 3-I 09? rw u-. L SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Loyanne Robertson, Vice-President, Mrs. Fred Warner, Sponsor, Lynr Sclniro, Presdent. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rwh Jappe, Treasbrer, Ggi Evelser, Secretary. The purpose ot the Student Council is to en- courage leadership, scholarship, and citizenship within the school, It is a representative body ot the students ot Lausanne. The Council tries to create a close working relationship between the students and the faculty and between Lausanne School and other schools. tuclent ouncil FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Turner, Ellen Collins, Carol Cooper. SECOND ROW: Judy Blum, Anne Simmons, Nora Noe, Emily Angel Beth Coppagc. 90 The purpose of the Honor Council is to insure that no lying, cheating, or stealing may occur. The Honor Council Pledge is signed on all home- work and test papers. All suspected offenders are investigated thoroughly, and the accused is given a fair chance to defend herself. The entire proceedings are kept secret, and a full report of each case is kept on file. The defendant may appeal to the Headmaster if she feels that the decision was un- fair. Y . it I 4 ? 3 I T S 19' 'ESV 'Nr' LEFT TO RIGHT: Sally Wesley, Vice-President, Ginger Mouton, Secretary, Larane Wilson, President, Honor Council SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Ginger Mouton, Larane Wilson, Sally Wesley. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: India Throop, Patsy Jones, Penny Uhlhorn. 9I t lr' - ,- is A 4 A' ' 4 ,,:' The Quill and Scroll was formed at Lausanne to further the interest of the students in iournalism come a member. SE!-TED LEFT TO RlGl-lT: Larane Wilson, Vice-President, Dr. Theo. Johnson, Sponsor, Janet Eaton, President. SECOND ROW: Kay West, Sozretarp Margie Britt Histofanp Sunde Smith, Treasurer. uill and Scroll FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Suncle Smith, Larane Wilson, Janet Eaton. SECOND ROW: Margie Britt, Kay West. 92 and publication. Only qualified high school stu- dents approved by the faculty advisors can be- The Narionai Honor Socieiy is an organizaiion To recognize siudenis for oufsranding schoiarship, leadership, characrer, and service. Members are seiecred by a sfudenr-facoiry corhnnirree and must have a "B" average To quaiiry. , sw-WWW v-1f.-H-,m,,,W,.mq,?.,.-...,. 5 x. I .L S 'Q 5 n 4.1 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. R. V. Dickinson, Sponsor, India Throop, President STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Suiiivan, Secretary, Louise Cromer, Treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Susan Tucker, Vice-President. ational Honor Society FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay West, Merge Brit, Susan Tacker, Loyanne Robertson, Saily Wesfiey, India Throop. SECOND ROW: Peggy Suiiivan Roth Jappe, Lynn Schiro, Louise Cromer, Sunde Srnrh, Patsy Jones. 93 tvs The History Club is the medium through which ' we increase not only our knowledge of past his- tory, but also our knowledge ot current events. By maintaining a current events bulletin board, hearing interesting speakers, giving individual re- ports, participating in stimulating debates, and taking educational field trips, we learn more about today's changing world. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clara Yerger, President, Mrs. Thomas Burton, Sponsor, Gail Taylor, Vice-President. STANDING: India Throop, Treasurer, Lynne Blackburn, Secretary. H istory Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Blanche Mann, Sunde Smith, Suzi Spragg, Lynda Latham, Peggy Maxwell, Susan Tama, Randy Hindman, Stevie Sadler, Nancy Lighlrnan, Marcia Hamm SECOND ROW: Peggy Sullivan, Kathy Myar, Anita Cooper, Sandy Spellrngs, Marilynn Gates, Cathy Carcdine, Linda Bumgardner, Laurie Malone, Betty Mann, Loyanne Robertson, Lib Arnold, Ann Mills, Jackie Armstrong, June Ohlendort, Dorothy Simon. THIRD ROW: Nora Noe, India Throop, Margie Bateman, La Vonne Jeter, lane Allen, Gay Symington, Clara Yerger, Margie Britt, Kay Barton, Ann Gillison, Gay Graeber, Pam Bumgardner, Larane Wilson, Sylvia Turner, Carolyn Hood. FOURTH ROW: Marianne Lancaster, Emily Angel, Cclia McRee, Lynn Schiro, May Humphreys, Patsy Jones, Portrs Cross, Lynn Love, Barbara Blum, Mary Ann Baldwin, Carol Lipman, Debbie Hall, Charlotte Hays, Janet Eaton, Mary Ann Fedric, Gail Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Kay Wesgt, Anne Simmons, Lynne Blackburn, Cheryl Whitaker, Christine Ward, Ruth Jappe, Arnelc Hldearand, Qcanne Colvin, Sande Wade, Louise Cromer, Gigi Stewart, Gayle Richardson, Beth Coppage, Penny Ulhorn, Mernrie Wells, Ginger Goyer, Melissa Allen, Susan Tucker, Ginger Mouton. 94 The Latin Club meets one Monday a month at Activity Period. ln order to ioin, a student must be interested in Latin culture and history and have a reasonable knowledge ot the language. Each spring the club holds a banquet at which authentic Roman food is served. Several members ot the club put on a skit tor the rest of the "revelers." The motto of the Latin Club is Crescat scientia- "May knowledge increase." SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larane Wilson, Aedfle, Louise Cromer, Con I Ellen Collins, President STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jo O.'.,n She , Sergeant-at-A'ms, Mrs, Frank Marrn, Sponsor, Cel'a f.'l:Cree, Osaef Latin Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lib Arnold, Cecelia Block, Carol Lipman, Carol Strauch, Mary Ann McKenzie, Jo Gwin Shelby, Laurie Malone, fl' r Ann Baldwin, Betty Mann, Linda Bumgardney Larane Wllson, Melissa Allen, SECOND ROW: Fancy I-Ilndman, Ann Jagendort, Peggy r'.'a1.'.'e I, J r Allen, Gay Symlngton, Ellen Collins, Ann Glllison, Sandy Spehings, Katy i'.'.,'ar, Debby Hal, ,Ania Cooper, India Throop, THIRD PCN: Ter s Bratton, Amelia I-Iilderbrand, Martha I-laifman, Jane t-leIde,ourg, Louise Comer, Rutn Jappe, Sa ly Lhestley, Charlotte Hays, Melissa Bell, Celia NLR e Emily Angel. NOT PICTURED: Jackie Armstrong, May Humphreys, Kathi Maftlwens, 'Floy McPherson, Evelyn Tate. 95 4. 4, The French Club holds its meetings every third Monday during Activity Period. The purpose of this club is to teach the students more about the French people and their culture. Every Spring the French Club has a banquet at Justine's where fine French cuisine is served. - SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Collins, Vice-President, Mrs, Ruth Dickinson, Sponsor, Sally Wesley, President. SECOND ROW: Kay West, Secretary, Mary Fredric, Sergeant at Arms, Gigi Belser, Treasurer. French Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay West, Margie Britt, Cecelia Block, Carol Strauch, Mary Ann McKenzie, Jo Gwin Shelby, Lynn Schiro, Anne Simmons, Larane Wilson, Susan Toma, Marianne Lancaster, La Vonne Jeter, Cheryl Whitaker, Lynne Blackburn, Clara Yerger, Randy Hinclman, Peggy Maxwell, Ellen Collins, Sally Wesley, Gay Symington, Sunde Smith, Ginger Goyer, Val Strauch, THIRD ROW: Martha Weesner, Gigi Belser, Jane Heiclelburg, Janet Eaton, Louise Cromer, Ruth Jappe, Sande Wade, Melissa Allen, Mary Ann Fedric, Charlotte Hays, Carol Cooper, Peggy Sullivan. I 96 6 .,,,., ,. , I if nr . The purpose ot "Sci-Mat" is to show interested Q. I ' students the vast potentials of mathematics and science. In addition to learning about their sub- jects, the members also conduct a tutoring pro- gram for those who need extra help. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne Simmons, Vice-President, Peggy Sullivan, President, STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Cooper, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Mrs. Fred Warner and Mrs. Zeno Yeates, Sponsors. Sci-Mat lub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Blum, Val Strauch, Loyanne Robertson, Anne Simmons, Gigi Be-lser, Sunde Smith, Ginger Goyer, SECOND ROW: Peggy Sullivan, Carol Cooper, Margie Britt, Susan Koonce, Susan Toma, Ellen Collins, Sally We-stley, Mary Ann Fedric. THIRD ROW: Susan Tucker, Tracie Meadow, Patsy Jones, Ruth Jappe, Melissa Allen, Portis Cross, Ginger Mouton. 97 R, The aim of the Spanish Club is to learn more about the Spanish-speaking people and their cus- day. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marcia l-lanwn Vice-President, Dr. Reinaldo Sanchez, Stzonsoff X-X'wi'a Plcazli, President SECOND ROW: Anne Wagors, Secretary, Gai? Taylor, Treasurer. punish lub FlRST ROW, LEFT TO RlGl-lT: Lynda Latham, Tracie Meadow, Marilynn Gates, Susan Koonce, Ann Wagers, Beth Ulhorn. SECOND ROW: Portis Cross, Kay West, Cathy Caradine, Blanche Mann, Nancy Lightman, Marcia Hamm, Slyyia Turner. Tl-llRD ROW: Gala Coogler, Gay Graber, Anita Picazza, Vicki Irwin, Nora Noe, Christine Ward, Barton, Chi Chi Livaudais. FOURTH ROW: .Jeanne Colvin, Dorothy Simon, Margie Bateman, Carolyn Hood, Susan Lynn Love, Dotti Kirkpatrick. NOT PLCTURED: Ellen Collins. 98 ,W ,Qi . toms. For the first time last year, the club held a Spanish fiesta and celebrated a Spanish saint's A Q? xnxx Coppage, Gayle Richardson, Penny June Ohlendorf, Ginger Mouton, Judy Rockholt, Murry Smith, Kay Owens, Stevie Sadler, Gail Taylor, The Art Club has sponsored field trips to the Memphis Academy of Arts and to Brooks Me- morial Gallery. In the spring it sponsors an exhibit, where some ot the art is tor sale. Proiects have been entered in national contests, and several Lausanne girls have won awards. The club encourages appreciation of the tiner arts. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maggie Colbert, President, Mary Anne Fredric, Secretary. STANDING: Mrs. John Diggs ,Sponsor. Art Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gigi Belser, Val Strauch, Chi Chi Livaudais, Martha Weesner, Barbara Blum, Amelia Hilderbrand. SECOND ROW: Tracie Meadow, Cathy Caradine, Jeanne Colvin, Clara Yerger, Mary Ann Feclric, Maggie Colbert, Cheryl Whitaker, Pam Bumgardner. 99 The Glee Club was formed for all music-minded students. Under the di- rection ot Mrs. Early Maxwell the Glee Club puts on several programs during the year and participates in the musical programs of the school. lee lub FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: lndia.Throop, Peggy Maxwell, Ann Wagers, Jo Gwin Shelby, Mrs. Maxwell, Sponsor, Chi Chi Livauclais, Gay Syming- ton, Ellen Collins, Lynn Love, Suzi Spragg. SECOND ROW: Gigi Stewart, Susan Koonce, Susan Owens, Memrie Wells, Val Sfrauch, Glgl Belseff PEQQY Sullivan, Marianne Lancaster, Stevie Sadler. THIRD ROW: Pam Bumgardner, Ginger Mouton, Randy Hindman, Jane Heidelburg, June Ohlendorf, Ruth Jappe, Louise Cromer, Sande Wade, Portis Cross, Gail Taylor, Yvonne Fisher. I00 The Red Cross is composed ot tvvo representa- tives from each high school grade. The function of this organization is to help underprivileged tarnilies in other lands. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Hood, Vice-President, Lynda Latham, President. ST!-XNDlNG: Sylvia Turner, Secretaryg Miss Murray, Spon- sor, Susan Owens, Treasurer. Red Cross FIRST ROW, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Turner, Carolyn Hood, Lynda Latham, Susan Owens. SECOND ROW: Ann Wagers, Linda Bumgarclner, Laurie Malone, Anne Simmons. lOl The House Committee has the same func- tion as the Standards Committee but in the Dorm. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nora Noe, ViceAPresidentg Gala Coogler, Sec- retary-Treasurerg India Throop, President. House Commzttee FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Blum, Ginger Mouton, Beth Coppage, SECOND ROW: India Throop, Nora Noe, Gala Coogler I02 To assure The vvell-groomed appearance of The Standards Comminee was organized all siudenis at all limes. This Committee will ,, also supervise areas ol sludenis conduct. as-1 , SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Calhy Caradine, Presldenig Chi Chi Ll- vaudais, Vice-President STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Owens, Secretary, Sylvia Turner, Treasurer. tcmdards Committee FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Turner, Chi Chi Livaudais, Anita Cooper, Sandy Spellings. SECOND ROW: Dorofhy Simon, Susan Owens, Marilynn Gales, Cathy Caradine. IO3 . I The House Council has the same iurisclic- tion as the Honor Council except it functions solely in the Boarding Department. LEFT TO RIGHT: Christine Ward, Presidentg Portis Cross, Vice- Presiclentg Key Barton, Secretary-Treasurer. House Council r 2 14 sgf T ,. , FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ann Baldwin, Jo Gwin Shelby, Ann Wagers, Loyanne Robertson. SECOND ROW: Dottie Kirkpatrick, Portis Cross Christine Ward, Jeanne Colvin, Kay Barton. I 04 FIRST FLOOR FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Sullivan, Martlrta Weesner, Ellen Collins, Loyanne Robertson, Jo Gwln Shelby, Ann Wagers, Blanche Mann, lndla Tlwroop. SECOND ROW: Clweryl Wlwltalcer, Jeanne Colvin, Maggie Colbert, Carolyn Hood, June Onlenclorf, Mary Ann Fedrlc, La Vonne Jeter, Barbara Blum. THIRD ROW: Gala Coogler, Charlotte Hays, Sally Wesfley, Glnger Mouton, Portis Cross, Patsy Jones, Nora Noe, Clrtrtstlne Ward, Lynne Blackburn. Boarding Department SECOND FLOOR FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gay Graeber, Lynn Loye, Cecella Block, Mary Ann McKenzie, Dottle Krlrpatrlclc, Gay Synnlngton, Mellssa Bell, Linda Qualls, Judy Blum. SECOND ROW: Floy McPlterson, Mary Ann Baldwin, Kay Barton, Jaclcle Armstrong, Ann Mills, Teresa Bratton, Sylyls Turner, Murry Smith, LIb.Arr1old, Martlwa Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Ann Glllison, Susan Owens, Gay'Q Richardson, Penny Ulltorn, Beth Coppage, Mcntrle Wells, Glgl Steward, Jane Allen, Judy Roclclwolt. I05 WILLIAM L. SHIRER ALDOUS HUXLEY MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE DR. MARGARET MEAD IO6 Lecture Series Each oT us is proud To be a parT of a school vvhich gives us The opporTuniTy each monTh To hear such noTable speakers on The world crises as General Sir John Glubb, William Shirer, and Congressman WalTer H. Judd. Their ideas are invaluable To our educaTion, noT only because They make us alerT To currenT evenTs, buT also because They challenge us To Think. This year Lausanne is privileged To have Malcolm Muggeridge, Aldous l-luxley, Dr. MargareT Mead, and Dr. Ralph Lapp as lecTurers. 1 Q 5 1962 European Seminar leaving for New York. This group of Junior and Senior girls were chaperonecl by Miss Helen Newton and Mrs. Fred Warner. Christine and Cheryl study abou? The Renaissance. IOS FIRST ROW, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sally Wesiley, India Throop, Chi Chi Livaudais, Carolyn Hood, Melissa Allen, June Ohlendorf, Loyanne RoberT son. SECOND ROW, STANDING: ChrisTine Ward, Lynne Blackburn, Nora Noe, RuTh Jappe, Ginger. European Seminar Along wiTh The iniTiaTion of The IecTure series came The firsT European seminar. This seminar is unique among American secondary schools. The group consisTs of abouT eighTeen sTudenTs and Three or Tour chaperons. The chaperons are Teachers, adminisTraTion, or former sTucIenTs. The Trip lasTs for six weeks, and in This Time, Three or Tour counTries are visiTed and sTudied. The purpose of The program is To increase inTeresT in arT, archiTecTure, and world affairs. IO9 ,, 'V The National Junior Honor Society is an organi- .,, Q ,fVi" zation based upon the same principles as the Na- n tional Honor Society. Members become qualitied ,A,' 5" ',: s f tor its honors in the eighth grade. 2 Candidates tor membership are recommended by the faculty and finally selected by a faculty committee. A pupil must have at least a "B" average and rate high in character, service, and leadership to qualify for membership. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bettye Mann, Secretary, Mrs. Maiors, Sponsor, May Humphreys, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: Anita Coop- er, Secretary, Cecila McRee, Treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Amelia Hildebrand, President, ationoil Junior Honor ooiety FIRST ROW, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anita' Cooper, Betty Mann, Amelia Hilderbrand. SECOND ROW: Celia McRee, May Humphreys. I I0 8 Q Q hlu Field T nfs A new asset added to Lausanne is its field trips. These trips are sponsored by the History Department. This year students travelled to Washington, D.C., Virginia and New York. Activities nz '5 inf-W, HE said WBT we had to - - .H Another one of THOSE math quizzes "But, Mrs. Dickinson, you told us to listen IN the booths." HCHERYL, PLEASE!" THE OFF-KEY THREE. X..,,,v lm 5 l N5 ,,f Whaf am l going To do Wifh Those girls? Well, I see that the f f g slumber pany made Penny Jr. I gk 3 Q 'Al' 5 if A Q OUCH! She pinched me! "HANK" or "HARRY?" 'FE "STUDY HALL?" ff ":"' 5 3515 gggp - J: Z W, .Y 6, A 1 iiwgil, J, iii, , , ' ' ' 42,4 M fl ,-l'l f 4 f l r Q a H a M, L,,- ' , -a ' J Sp 'k,-,2' ,'-' 5 3 "W" ' 2' Q A ailing! rw ly --V y -Y ,.,, , ' h A 1 , ,A,, Q- . -. National Honor Sociefy lnlliafion. 4 f nf I Typical Lausanne Girl? aa M ef "Why can'T we go ln, Mrs. Burfon?' wa ,eww .. . ,Ma "See, Kenny . . . No caviflesu fa' L l 4- f'He's probably at the Veinte-Cua1ro." "For the last time, YOU can'f have a lock of my hair " Il6 I I - ,limp ' I rm HQMAN womin THIS was The "Roaring Twenfiesf' ,A ,UM "Bu1,Mrs. Hisky, THIS is MODERN SOCIETY dass!" The answer book must be . . .WRONG?" an my Ti "SHE IS ALWAYS TALKING . . ." "Mikie, HELP!" II7 if f ,gr WE Oh good, Someone to give DETENTION To!" Q 'A "This is such a BORIS!" i i s kg .gig ' Q W 1- mr f K F NQLQVA 15 if K 53 ' : . L: --Q, Ir, ,- My V Mfg? I :ju g 5.52 5 ff-. . fs h ' f 515 -- ' if A. 1 k,,kk ,ggi H, , ,, me H my SPEAK ENGUSH! "SATURDAY SCHOOL is better Than DETENTION ws LONGERV' "Pre?Ty GOOD lunch TODAY, Girls?" The Senior Class Dinner with Dr. Margaret Mead. 5 Assembly sure is CROWDED today!" "THE BATTLE for STATUS." . f V we iw m -f I' W H K, .,.. 1-if 1 4 "Well, I guess l'm ready for classes." "WE are going to be like ELVIS!" f M- II9 ,fm W.. A 'E I , A .,-, . gf fi x f Ki: - 15325 Q . .K Ve? V- -' ?-if! 1' f ff' 'iff 'ash f . 1 una-nuuw R W r ,+.- Mwwm- JN ,.-X

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Lausanne Collegiate School - Lausanne Locket Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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