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Lausanne Collegiate School - Lausanne Locket Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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EHERE 4925-LJL,.Tf5gAEdH2E?H:fJ CHERE LAHSANNE BETHY NANE EVER BLEST THROUGH THE YEARS, fN 'v2JlEf1EffFnFHgTJTgfEYE' ? Ev V H FOR THE LOVE THAT THY DAUGHTERS BEAR TI-IEE W ,f"s v A QF-J J 3 L, L., IS THE FL0lrlERTH0ll DlDST PLANT ITH THY TENDEREST CARE, KN V fi Ib 'E L H' Eff? H T T S-I IN THE GARDEP OUR HEARTS LOANED TO THEE. Q62 ,J on, Honeof oun o sms ANETNSIPIRER os mum-1, H wa, F:EFE'i-FEQEHLEFFEE NPN WE EVER TH7 MEMORY REVERE - AS we WANDER AFAR IN uFe's PILGRINAGE LONG, T N 1 LAUEANNE WE IN GLORIOLLS ACCLAIPI TO THEE SING. mf? Ehqcllgggfff AND WITH HOPES EVER HIGH AND WITH PILRPOSES TRILE, Y b Y 1"N - SI M - -iii TI-I7 CHILDREN ARE LOYAL IN THOLLGHT 7: IX T B by ALL THE TRIi?5:.'IJITIg'I' LLN FOL D D fffgfffffsqf IfErELEHfFFFEF WERE TAILGHT IN TI-IY HALL AND REVEALED IN OILR HEARTS JWIIifw1mImQQ3mI is M v , . ,N 1 AM- 5 sf , , T? - f g 'vii . X 3 ,2553 6 . -'AI ' 7453 . u 9,3 I ,L , f -ffjil 'Q' ,. Q f +.1.1a r H . ' 5' 'f rg ' 'hw T 01 Lf ' .Jie V-15 f -2 ,555 K 4 'L f gi: QWREG. 'fins f, ff 515.3 A , f 4 1 YL I -if 1 1 V . 'w 77112 Zmwanne V X' . -ff gi-fx, , f 1 Qtsj Q locket S ll . Mxdf-1. . -3? . I Q - 1 f , 3 , as , " A 1 . '. 9.4, ' rx k z I 6, v R M ,iff x pg XM K A f M 1 . Ji. -LW' rm L1 H f , r- fx M GURXHEARTS ' ., 7 rs , v . ,L x Y 4 gw 'P .X . f x r '-XFN, .Fw 4 1: . . . , ' r, I i an-I H f R' 37 X' an . f 1 Q 'W .cv y Q A tg ,N, . A i'.. 1 ' Qu v 1 M. W, x 5 9,5 1 1 1 .. , A , si ,I .,,:"- . K P . . , .. ff'-'Z , fn if N' +1 , - mr fv .A Jug, P Q :viii - 115' .LZ '44, I jfs, fi , 4 Q3 , an A: A1 5 ,515 - U ' .A VH iz W fm-,H H . 1 in M eff-f . I - Ka . A . 'nj' .MS ' ,Q , - v- "1 ' x "JV" Y- 1 '4 '- , 'Lf 'gg A- 5: ""',- ggi 1- F1 N 1 1' 3815? 'ffiiin I gk we-N wg., 1 ,a . -55?-Q Q ..J7,.k K 5' - Q . I ' , ,lg 'N , , J. - - bw -' xznff: fSf'as'g Vfwjigrd ?"?Wiw? V if 5 4 HF ff Lf-i ,1 my 5' 1- ' iv 1 A JL K ' A' H? ' fifff: 1' ri.-, ,.4 . xii I xl k . " wie ,E fd: A3 .- J X5 A ,,-, 5 ,X W M. H, ,- gmwswnw. '-if vw. g a, f lm, .wwe ' N My 42 J A .,,' -gk gf!-Q' ,, gf, 'Hi f V Q 1 1 'W . M. Q-rf NE, .Q if sg , 'Rx 'gan' 9 3 Page 1:01 TO HER WE DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL Cl .ADYS STEVENS CANS Xvillm simvrc- nHr'c'Iion. ilu' sz-niors of IOS! cle-clirni llmis annual lo Ulmlys Sli-vwls Cans. who lmy In-r com plc-lv llrmclvrslalmlirlgg. rnnsiunl ctmcollrugm-rm-Ill. um! un failing lnyully. 'ms 1-nclvanrml Iwrsvlf lo us fore-vvr. 1- fd . , .. A , . . , I. mf.: fam.. .I - n J ,.,:.1f. I 1 : "" :.L z .- ,' I..L::.' M11 4 A "Q . ' N' ..L. 1 1 ,I v 1 , ..g,:,' ' , , 'G W 'T 'l "rigs "' ' W pf 5 .' "f " fx:-A"'A I , - my " TT ' .Aff-,-,',I, Q37 .2-73, I' fr-'Q ws , .1 4 . 'ry' 1 jx' .Q .FY 4- - 52 .hu A -,- , A - - Q, ,fi , 1 ,Q I I ,.q. . , V, :,.v , ,, .M , . ,,, ., . ,,1,.,., ' - :, ,gl ,,.:,. A .. ,V N A I Y I -my . ' -Nw im . A-f. I 'R' A - "A WE, THE SENIORS OF 1951, ARE VDEEPLY ORATEPUL TO THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS OF LAUSANNE SCHOOL FOR THEIR SPLENDID HELP AND ASSISTANCE WITH THE "LOCRET."WE ESPECIALLY WANT TO THANK MRS. JETT, MISS STATLER, AND MRS. BUTLER, OUR FAC- ULTY ADVISORS, POR THEIR PATIENCE AND COOPER- ATION WITH THE ANNUAL. WE ARE ALSO INDEBTED TO MR. EDMUND BELOTE OE' LINOTYPE PRINTING COM- PANY, AND MR. GEORGE BELOTE AIQID MR. FRANK MOREHOUSE OF HANSON ENGRAVING QOMPANY. TO THESE PEOPLE WE WANT TO EXPRESS OUR GENUINE APPRECIATION. -If f ANN NEILSON -Editor ' ' .JI I-E: :Q T "5 4 '1 ii' ' . lg' ffm 3 is -5 fi 'I E "Qi Page Five C0-PRINCIPALS OF LAUSANNE RS. EMMA DQSAUSSURE .IETF P S MISS BFSSIL STAT! 74056 Zala duel 26.5 - - - M x ,L FOR HELP AND ADVICE, WE LOOK TO Page Eight OUR SENIOR SPONSOR MARY LUCAS BUTLER The Seniors of 1051 wish to llmanlc Nlrs. Butler for all lllaf slim- Ima dom' lfzrouglroul llmc' yvar lo make Kiwis issuc of ilu- annual possible. W R THE GIRL IN THE LOCKET ,5. WMU E www DONNA Jo LAMIVIEY MISS LAUSANNE Page' Ten I I l X-0 213,45 Q 2 :,s'Lg':,Z' '- K krykg J f E Lg' 7 K L! ' 'Q . ALICE KEMP BELL UTD win that wonder of the world A smile from her bright eyes." -La Rochefaucaulol 'XG ll V31 14 E!! 412 Q MARY ELIZABETH DEAN "There is sweet music here." Tennyson Page Eleven PQM Q A-Q-W ,-,, f,-.3-,. .VV . N ,'JV,mm'i'Ima:Q 5 7 s lf ' 1 A., V A f A ji.-i f , 3' 'V 1 -Y' e sexe I ML Af 1 e -eff f' ,, a , lf , W ngtklw, as f ll .bu FRANCES MITCHENER DuPRE "Sweet and gracious, even in common speech." -Thomas Fields Y Page Twelve " 5 ga R ga' if 5 fi 'QQ V gf Y, 'Y' t 'Hz 6 e XG ab 19 Q, l 'A JAN WILBOURN EXBY She doeth little kindnesses Which most leave undone or despise" -Lowell 'QN Page Thirteen W gray,-ni-w.3-,' -K - 5-W W M-W5 V ,I Q4 , g :af Qlirii? 1' 5. - T V F 5f- ' QWJ3 5' 'J f Page Fourteen fix x '39 s x VV E K J N0 mg ff DONNA JO LAMMEY "The fairest garden in her looks." f-'Cowley " g . 1 ' , 7 J K, M .9 W 4h,kf3x Q- if A MARJORIE ANN NELSON "My heart is warm with the friends I malzef' -Edna St. Vincent Millay Page Fifteen Page Sixteen ,L :f'N'Qz, kv lr f 1 in - -in t, t, lf X0 that G.. ?l 'A BRIGITA VIJA NERINGS Hsfte is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant, too, to think on." f-'Sir Iofin suckling mx 9 'iv ' M ! , XO 45,15 Q- :II BARBARA LEE TERRELL "Her smile is the sweetest that ever was seenf, , -Ryan WW' ,IFS Page Seventeen 5 xi- , ,gr A 4 Q. if ,"":if1 Q7 " ' 4 : k , -f ive-g It- " .3 KF- t L , A , - in '47 27' 02 ' , Q - - gf' by L ll 2:2 is lf if + X0 Q1-off' Q ,Q 9. KG :, V '51 Q ,-5 . A " .Q :- .,'. 'r rf L, L aZ'H,a A vi P' Y ' I5 f. 4 pf-2. , . m A 51-b W Q . x' ' 'W . ' ,rv ' , .4 9 A ,v -1 Wy.-Y 'lk x. ,- SOPHIE MIGNON WOODSON "A daughter of the gods divinely tall, And most divinely fair." . .-Tennyson 7 , ' 3.5 f ' ' . - Qlgviia, 55.4, Page Eillvtffm , "fi F- ' q,,q. . , , . , v ,. Q . W H Al, ' '. '- A-N 4. ,ff ,Q , 2 IF YOU CALL WE MAY BE ' ' Nous-:na JW XX BARBA ff Z' .0 ,.- .,... 'SKA RA if jf.-6255 'I----..p.--"""" Q09 Q 'wqsi ANN 'ff PN if! ...-all' ANNUAL STAFF Ifflilgr --,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,............,,,,,,,, A NN NHLSCJN CFiY'f'IIIl1fi0ll ...............,,,.,..,...,.... S IUUPRI' C0 Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,..,....,.........,, A 'JCE BIQIJ. Pllutogruplry ..............,,...,....,... BARBARA Fl RRP' I Business Nlqnugpr ,A,,,,, ,,,,.A,.,....,...........,,.,,..... I AN IZXIBY l.ih'rury lfrlilor .........,..,,......... A IQ! ffl, Ari Ifflilor ...,,...,...,..,,................,,,.,..,.,..... SOPI llli XVOUDSON Page Twvnty-two SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Prvsidvnt ..4...........,.............,.....,,..,,,,,,,,.,.. DONNA .IO LAMMHY Svcrvlary um! ,,.,,.,,.....,. ......,..,,,... I SITITY DEAN ,rfK'!lSlll'K'l' Svrgemn1-al-Arms ............... ,........ I BARBARA TPRRISU. R011 Cross Rvprvsvniulivv... .,........... GITA NIAQRINCES GRADUATING CLASS OF 1950 Ton' Row: i.uc'ia Chandler, Ninhei Stott, ifieanor ifzeii. ixiariene Butter, ixiary Kiricpatricic, Jan Newhurn, .ianet Nitcianahan, Elinor Coihert, iviiriain Clary, Eiizaheth Carter. Second Row: Virginia Bates, Shirley Xvurzhurg, Niartha Nioshy, Dorothy Taylor, ijreitia Clark, Virginia tiacicson, Yvonne Harris. CHERE LAUSANNE Chere Lausanne he thy name ever hiest through the years. For the iove that thy daughters hear thee is the iiower thou didst piant with thy tenderest care. in the garden of hearts loaned to thee. Oh, home ot our dreams and inspirer of truth, May we ever thy memory revere. As we wander afar in iiieis pilgrimage iong, Vve in giorious acciaim to thee sing. And with hopes ever high and with purposes true, Thy children are ioyat in thought. For the freedom to think and the patience to hear. Ati the truths that iiie doth untold. Vvere taught in thy haiis and reveaied to our hearts. Vvith ioving devotion so high That the right ever hraveiy to tive is the due, Vvhich we owe to our own chere Lausanne. pug 1' Twenlyelhree ,I if T-Q-1-14 A - W 4938x319 LL? X fi C5 X X X ff f X x X . X X1 v X W x sf A" X u X- Q, U - " ...J 111111-1 fa 3 'B wc. My ,A " Q Lv "' 3 lfvx-fx..-.. X S-Z :......,..2 X KWXH -11 QSSQT NX N 1. if fy 9 V s RZ S A xg '52 ve AWN BNI Sovuxt IT'S ENGLISH FOR THE EIGHTH GRADE l 5 2 P Numliny. fvfl lo riyllf: Nliliuknl foul, Nlsim- fvrmrlmml, furolyn :Wills-r, Nlury Lynn Nlyvrs, lxruim 'um xlnrgurvl Suki, l'run44's Fnrlwr, Louisc- Lnml. Svulwl, lvfl In riglllz xinry fzmullllull, Nlnrwlmll, Durnifuy Snuwmlvll, l.illll2lf Hr-.nrmlsls-y, Nlilflllil cxfillltfl'K', fjlnnulvllc- ffruwiurml. Pugv Vlilnirly una l xx 1 11 X - , 1 S . 7 L cl IN At QI gg 19, fg,,,m.,-A fx 1 0-1.'w . W., WAM g un 1 , v x . ' X 7' P Q ,AQ 121413159 new , ' 1 'fn A' , 1, ,X W M A X 1 ' Ll 2 1 2 ff, 1 I X ff, gs! '- gg' gy mm. 5 X MMWII IT'S MATH FOR THE SEVENTH GRADE Burk Row, fvff in riglul: Kay Bc-urnmn, lfcldir- .Ivan Sloan, Palsy Vfllillvn, Carol Ann flxlvy, IXILIXTIIK' Xxooh-n. fron! Row, Ivff In rigylzlz Nlnrinn H1-H4-rnnn, Linn Rmnsvy, Guylc' Nlillvr, Bvvvrly Ibulsun Ann l'I!Hl0fIl. Pago Tlzirly-fllrev M LDWER SCHOOL NW J X , f i I A U-V--I-'. ' 4 ,X L' Y .if I if 1 ' 9 lj, E - I X f . VZZHMAJ X' ,V ,.I ' gg! .42 xqh! X ,425 W,-Qogfw "1 f' -:Lg :': - " f iiaw 1 ,Z ' W V 9, E27 - ' 4 , 'V A 1 V W. A-MAXAJXNJXQWVF X IT,S HISTORY FOR THE SIXTH GRADE Buch Row, Ivff lu riglll: Pnlririn Ann Robvris, Cullly Tlmmpson, Barry Hawkins, Nlnry I.:-1' Ayrm Lury Canary, ,loan Nlarlvy. Mirlcllrf Row, lofi to rigllt: .lucly Laird, Pnhirin Hullow, Susan Cnlmur, .lam Nlurplly. Frou! Row, fvff lo rigllf: Allison KilllI'7l'll, Nimry Kinnrll, Diilrlc- QTOOLIIIIEIII. Slcuuling: Sum' Slum Page Thirty-five IT,S GEOGRAPHY FOR THE FIFTH GRADE Firsl Row, Buck lo Front: Clmrlolic 5100114-y, Limlzx Cnrh-r, Gui! Nlillvr. Svroncl Row, Buck lo Frunl: Icy Lylv, Louisa- Xvvimlr, fum' L1-1' Slllilll. Amlr-H0 Arringflun. ,Hlirrl Row, Burl-z In frunl: Ann Auxrigjluf. Nanny .Ivan Rulwrks: Sluncling: Louisv NAIOUIICY. age Thirty six IT'S SPELLING FOR THE FOURTH GRA DE Buck Row, Left Io Riglil: Claim Svclluindcr, Kay Harwood, Maury Ann Vvmxvvr, Mzxry Ann Dolcv, Vir- ginia Nlcfullurn, Linda Singer, Nlarlim Ann Powvll, Palsy Cimnrilr-r, Patti Gill, Cmnillf- isvnlvcrg. Front Row, Left to Right: Emily Vviggs, Bette Cami Tiionms, Mary Ann Gordon, Palsy Loch. Judy Gurm-r, Boiwyc Goodman, Nlary Niargarcl Drcppnrd, Gram Kinnult, Ina Van Clcoff, Susiz' Lniz. Page Tliirly-seven IT'S READING FOR THE THIRD GRADE Lvfi lo Rig!!! Around lim Tuma: Nlolly czlllllllilll, :wary Knllmrinf' .Ic'nning1s, Numy fflivvr, SIIZHIIHK' Bouslm, Anne' Xvcil, Libby Kinm-H. Nlury xllllliilllllll, .Ivan twinks, Binh- ,lcnnrw Buxh-r, lflisr- Rouinn, Slamling: Virki .lo Ola-nick. Page Thirty-vigil! IT'S WRITING FOR THE SECOND GRADE Ilvfl to Right: Rc-va .lo Alpcrin, Parry Riley, luxury Lynn Shapiro, Anne Frank, Mary Sorrc-Ho Xvoodson, Harriet Nyc-, Nlary Ann Lewis, Page Thirty-nme THE FIRST GRADE LEARN THEIR ABC'S Page Forty Burk Row, lvfl 10 riglllz Barham Sully Gfmoclllxnli, Pr-Qgy Hnuvr. Fronl Row, 'ffl lo Riglll: Bnrlmru llunl, Bvlsy flmnrllllun, Lnynr' Bvullnmni. Slarlrliny: Bolwlwiv Blnkv. Nui piriurvnlz Anne' Ivlnrlcy. PLAYMATES BEGIN IN KINDERGARTEN Buck Center, Right to Left: Elizullctll Ann Jcnnings, Caroline Dixon. Sun Davis. Helen Neal, Penny lX!lI'ClHH8llHU, lxlarianne Birgo, Flon-nctc Pclrs-cr, Carolyn Moss. Barlunm l.i-vi, Nancy lvlarlis, Nlclissa Allcn, Penny Anclcrson, Janet Putnam, Estllcr Snow, Louise Crammcr, Slmcrryc Holloway, Joy Lcnti, Nlartlia NlcKcllnr, Elsa Trcxlcr, Not Pictured: Harriet Brown, Cllcrilyn Tllomas. Page Forty-one W ACTIVITIES Isl ,X Z' - VL fQ li! 1955 ,ajfsbfgf MWITH A SUNG IN MY HEART" GLEE CLUB Bollom Row, Ilvft lo Riglllz Sylvian Harris, Alia' Boll, Patsy Pnlion, Lynn Guns, fflnim- Crurllvorcl, Slwrryv Puiion. Svronrl Row, Imff fo Riglll: Sum!! Rigflvlor, Kuh- Blumn, ,luun Rngvrs, Iflisv Rulwris, Ann Nclson. Conniv Nlillcr, Gita Nvrings. Tllirzf Row: Lvfl lo Riglll: Burbzuru Tvrrvll, Donna l.illlllllf'y, Lois Bvinrlx, Dm- Twitly, ljrnrn'-'S Dupri-, Supllir- XNYOOIISUII, Nlnrgfnrs-t Ann Rm-LI, livin Taylor, Bvtly Dum, ,lanc CUHUOVI, Lynx-Ihr I-IIfIIillIl. Top Row, Imfl lo 'eigllll Jan Exlmy, Pnlly ISlilkI'IllUl'f', Hnrricl Pvrson, Kay Carrick, Carolyn Nlurslx, Guyls- Flm-ming, Kullmrim- Tallcy. Page Forly illree HCURTAIN CALL" DRAMATICS page Forlyrfour Burl.: Row, Lal! lo Riglll: Sylvia Harris, Lynn Gillis, lflninr- Cffillllvllffl, Gila Nvrings, flzuylv l"lr-nlingf ylnry Ann Lcc, Pi-ally Gooclnmn, Alife Bell, Carolyn lxlursll, Ann N1-lson. Fronl Row, ,ffl lo Riglll lvlrs. Nlarslv, Lyncllc Lurllam, Iilisv Rulxcrls, Soplmir' VVnoclson, Franu-s Duljrc. WDANCE, BALLERINA DANCEW DANCING ,ffl fo Rigillz Palsy xNiiliii1'll, Gzlyic- iviiiivr, Linn Rilnlsvy, ixizlxim' xxi0Ut0ll, Cami Ann fjxivy. Tiw ciancing civparlmvnt at Lausanne, iwacivd imy Nirs. Baicer. is composed of classes from time icinciergartcn iiirougil line senior Ciass. Baiivl, acroimatics, vstiwiics and ciiarartvr dancing arv strvsscci. and grace and rimyiiim arc cicwciopc-ci in eafir giri. Time annuai spring rvcilai Wilifii is iwici lin- iirsl wvvic in iviay on fiw SCil00i iawn is aiways an iwauliiui and inspiring sigiil. Page Forty film WFRIENDS WITH THE WORLDM RED CROSS COUNCIL 1 Page Forty-sir uulingz Gila Nvringfs, Pnliy Goorlnmn, Nlmy Annv Irv, Siwrrys' Pullon. Seufvcl: Sroli Riglllor gh Pmvaxrnlun, Bliss Slzmion, Lnnmr Bvzsrrlslvy. HWH0'S GOT WINNERS?" PING PONG TOURNAMENT Playing: Ann Nm-lson, .lnnc Conn-ri, Hnrrif-I Pvrson, Gayle Flvlnirlgg. Vvrufctlxinqz Putty Blnkmnorv, Alin- vll, Nlnrgzxrc-I Ann Rvcd, Giia Nvringfs. Page Forty-svvvn "Take me out to left io ffgiaf CAROLYN MARSH CONNIE MILLER PATTV GOODMAN KATHERINE TALLEY HAY CARRIER. X, X ww M af f 7:-QQ ww-Q PATSY PATTON, snsrzsave PATTON, CAROLYN MARSH, 'HARFUET PERSON, KAY CARRICK, 1 suse ROBERTS! LYNETTE Luxzmm, Boitofwrow'-JANE oonssrznj, comms mmsk, scmnemme TALLQY, f-'ff",g:iz'f Rscsrfron, m2s.Tun2Kf,'215ff.q0f0aJ smvm HARRISQ, LYNN sms, PATTY eooowm :eff 7 the ball game" , Q, 5ZgL2f'!L1,iffL,f " ' KAY CARFMCK LYNETTE LUDLAM CONNiE MILLER SOPHIE WOODSON PATTY GOODMAN HFLPQEIIET PERSON FRANCES DUPRE dAN P COLBPKT fikfeeffiayf - ANN NELSON ALICE BELL KATHERINE TALLEY ELESE KOBEFIVS SHERRYE PATTON 50 war- LAMAR BEARDSLEY MaLLxcsNT FORD, Lowsa LAND, ooaofmf snowman LOUISE Jones MARGARET sAro, oLAuoETTs CRAWFORD, mm RAMSEY. Mfddfe rw-MARY LYNN MvsRs,sus1s GOODMAN, FRANCES SARBER, MARY caooomzm, GAYLE MILLER, MAYINE WOOTEN cAsaoLYN MLLLEQ, MARION sus HEFFERNAN. aozeaucrow- MARTHA CRABTREE, LHLL MARSHALL, PATSY wmrrzn ANNE ULHORN , CAROL ANN OXLEY, sums .JEAN SLOAN,KAY BEARMAN FEATURES QS ,lfgfc-J X 'ik ik ikili' ...Q QR Qi A Qf ii-111-gl-1 NAME Alice Betty Frances .lan ' Donna Gita All Il Barhara Sophie USUALLY FOUND giggling ' on the phone dreaming ol Alabama at 'the luanlc with Howarcl clown on the farm 1 cruising ahout town tallcing aloout a certain Army private Out- SENIOR CHART FAME RESTS ON long eyelashes smile personality home coolcing TIHIICTS accent hloncl hair ancl hrown eyes climplecl cheeks goocl loolcs GGWH FAVORITE SONG AMBITION YOU'RE JUST to travel IN LOVE l'LL SEE YOU to get IN MY DREAMS some sleep MY DREAM IS to get that YOURS cliploma GIVE ME A KISS to marry a FOR TOMORROVV rich man MY FOOLTSH to own that HEART little house on Anclerson St. HOVV DEEP IS to raise THE OCEAN cattle YOU WONDERFUL to marry you YOU know who ALL MY LOVE to marry and have 4 laoys DANCINO IN to he a moclel THE DARK L AT HAPPENED" 1955 AD. ' PET EXPRESSIQN p B001 U wen, I'Il vowl You den't mean it! lym confused . . . That just lcnoclis me out. Real-ly Oh, yall! You het your hootl My hobby! VVe, the class ol '52, having tlecirlecl to renew acquaintances with our preflessors, the seniors ol four years ago, went en masse' to talte a peelc into their private lives. , Donna Io Larnmey, class presiclent, and Miss Lausanne, has given up the life of, . a young executive'anil socialite, and is quietly lceeping house for Howard. - 'fit ' 1:3 t Betty Dean, now a famous pianist was found in Carnegie Hall, and as we hoiight V our ticlcets, our eager ears caught the strains ol our olcl favorite UShanty Townf' the ' song that macle her famous. Alice Bell, loreezecl through college, and when last hearcl from she was talcing a 4 post-graduate course in the difficult science of ulaegihle VVriting.H i l 1 1 Farm gal Gila Nerings was founcl surrounded loy blue rihhons ancl hulls at the Mid-South Fair, ancl lan Exhy has just loeen promotecl to the heacl guarcl of the first 1 golcl-hloclc at Fort Knox. VVe cliscoverecl to our surprise that Ann Nels-on has given up her Chrysler con- vertilale lor a Model T, which she tolcl us is usecl exclusively lor the transporting ol her six chilclren to and fro. However, she still has the little bell on her car, ancl is still rec- ognizecl hy the familiar "cling cling." Barbara Terrell our "Home Girl" is leacling a housewifely life and as we ap- - proachecl her ahocle the familiar worcls "You are the ruclest chilcl l ever clicl seeln floated out to greet us, and we lmew Barhara was home. I A 3 1 t 1 Tirecl out from our nstrenousu clay, we clecitlecl to go to the theater where, much g to our surprise the comedy ol HVVooclson S' Dupreeu were putting on a hilarious show. l After congratulating them on their great success in realizing their amhition. we re- ' turnecl to our respective homes, mission 'accomplishecll Regretlully, The Juniors Page Fifty-one Ogtefdfy THE REAL CHRISTMAS Are lights and tinsei aii we see On our joiiy Christmas tree? Is old St. Nick the biggest one In our happy Christmas fun? Do hoiiy wreaths upon the door Give us Yuietide joy and more? Do parties day and night come thru To make each Christmas bright and new? Or do we really know the reason We celebrate this Christmas season? SHERRYE PATTON Junior MARCH Ah, passing few are those who speak, Vviid, stormy month, in praise of thee: Yet though the winds are ioud and bleak. You're aiways a welcome month to me. Today the wind has a milder range, And seems to hint of a secret change: For the gossipy breezes bring to me The delicate odor of buds to be. The peach trees brighten the river's brink, Vvith their dainty blossoms of, white and pink, And over the orchard there comes to me The fragrance of tasty fruit to be. ELISE ROBERTS Ninth Grade SPRING HAPPENINGS Oh beautiful tree entangled with vineg I gaze at your leaves, see how they shine. Striving to reach the ciouds so high, If you could teii of joys that are past, Vvhat a wonderiui, magic speii you would cast. Littie children iove to piay in your shade: And iove the beauty that God has made. Littie yeiiow flower that grows on the hill: I wonder who named you the daffodii. You grow in the viiiage and in the city square. Both ioveiy piaces in the spring of the year. Your beautiful coiors oi yeiiow and goid: Vvave in the iight and stand out bold. Boys like basebaii because they have fun. Qnce in a whiie they make a home run. nBatters Upf, is the crv that they caiig Everytime that they piay basebaii. Oh how swiftly they must race If they want to reach that tricky first base. BEVERLY DOTSON Seventh Grade Page Fifty-two WOODS IN SPRING Have you ever been to the woods in Spring, Vvhen Mother Natures children sing, Vvhen aii the iittie-wood ioik piay Down by the river, aii the day. Vveii, come with me into the wood, Now very quietly, for you should Not scare the fairy foik away, Here, take my hand, this is the way. The first of ali the things you see, is brook and stream and wiiiow tree, Come now with me, ietys linger here, And watch the play of fawn and deer, Now walk on moss, a carpet green, Vvith diamond dew drops hardiy seen, And there before your eyes you see, Wood-nymphs and fairies dance in giee. So now I shaii suggest to you, One day when the Aprii's sky is biue, A waik in the woods. where the biuebeiis ring, Never was there such a season as Spring. KAY BEARMAN Seventh Grade AUTUMN'S HERE The trees are tinged with red and gold And frost is in the air, The winds become increasing bold The harvest field is bare. The geese are flying farther south In search of a warmer ciime, Eiuding the huntsmen on their way They pass an anxious time. The winds flutter the coiorfui ieaves A palette of artist's paints, Scarlet and orange swish in the breeze Colors of stained giass saints. The crisp and biting northern wind Vvhines down with a frightful sound, Howling and moaning and out to bend The powerfui trees to the ground. The pumpkin is ripe and meiiow, The farmers have stacked the hay, The goiden rod's Haunting yeiiow, And Autumn is here to stay. MARY GOODMAN Eighth Grade A POEM OF CHRISTMAS IF THERE WERE At Uchristmas Tide" good cheer shaII ring, For Christ the Lord and new horn king Has come to set men Free. To aid the humhte, mend the wrong With Iight of Iight to urge the strong With Iove and honor caII. They ask ot young, they asked ot oId, How couId one child he ere so hotd, To name himsetf as King? But then they saw that star so hright And journeyed far on uI'IoIy Nightf' Their answer they woutd know. For Godis own grace was surety near When Christ was horn of Mary dear. And .Iesus came as UKingI" CHRISTMAS If there were no Christmas There'd he no IoeIIs to ring. And all the IoveIy Christmas songs Vvoutd have no voice to sing. If there were no Christmas There,cI he no stars to shine And all the joy of Christmas Day Never wouId he mine. If there were no Christmas There,d he no I'IoIy Night And then, to me, o'er all the worIcI Things wouId not he quite right. But since there is a Christmas All IoveIy and aII hright And since there is-ahove all eIse Une gIorious I'IoIy Night, Then aII my thanks to God on high For this most joyous day. And my thanks that I can keep it In my own and chosen way. GAYLE FLEMING KATE BLQQM .Tunior Junior THE LIFE OF THE FOURTH GRADE AT LAUSANNE SCHOOL When we had the SHOW St0fm, and Cveryhody had to stay at home, we all reatized how much we were missing, hy not heing at school, We have fun doing our Iessons and ptaying together in recess and Other tilTl6S- We aIso Iike to decorate our rooms on hoiidays. Iike Christmas or Easter. Sometimes we may have an "Gps-n I-Iousef, When the first IoeII rings we go to chapet. We aIways have hymnats given out hy the Fifth Grade. After chapeI. which is the nicest time hecause the whote schooI can get together, we go to read- ing. Our reading cIass is divided into two parts hecause our cIass is so Iarge we can not go together. Next comes dancing, when everybody rushes upstairs to put on dancing costumes so that they can he first in Iine. Friday in dancing is a speciaI day for the Fourth Grade he- cause it is arcohatic day and sometimes Mrs. Hopper Iets us stay up a IittIe whiIe Ionger. Then we go to speIIing and Engtish as soon as we get down from dancing. We speII in Iine just Iike an L. Then we go to the hoard and write our speIIing words. On Fridays Mrs. Jett has our poems. Kate Harwood keeps the grades down for the poem Iist. Nohody can wait till Mrs. .Iett says who wins the poetry prize. This just adds up to show how much fun the Fourth Grade has Iearning, pIaying together with other friends and kindness aII around you. BGBYE GOODMAN THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON I MET THIS SUMMER The most interesting person I met this summer is my nextdoor neighIJor's cook, Hattie. I can certainty see how she was nicknamed Hattie for she aIways wears a hig, straw, fishing hat upon a head of extremeIy short, tJIack, kinky hair. She Iives in a one room hungatow which was made from haII of her empIoyer's garage. This smaII hungaiow hardty fits her enormous size. Hattie Ioves gardening, as most negroes do, and tiIIs her front porch with petunias and her hack yard with a heautifuIIy hoed vegetahIe garden. Hattie Iives aIone and spends most of her time teaching hersetf to pIay the piano. She, typicaIIy, has inhorn rhythm and is aIJIe to make aImost anything sound good. It is Wonder- IuI to see an ignorant person Iike her express the wiII and aI:JiIity to make something worth white out of a little knowtedge. I Ioegan to notice Hattie especiaIIy this summer hecause I am teaching mysetf to pIay the piano aIso. She, in her sweet iIIiterate way, is Very inter- ested in my music and I in hers. We often exchange our music and heIp each other. JAN EXBY Senior Page Ffty ch MY HOME PERMANENT Being a woman is sometimes a dangerous thing. I discovered this not Iong ago when I unsuspectingly started out on a seemingly harmless errand, the choice of a home permanent. What has that to do with womanhood's being dangerous? Just Iisten, my innocent Iittie chip- monk, and you shall see. First, I set about choosing the favored preparation. Brand names such as UFIuff,n the permanent for a Ioveiy, frizzy wave, to usieekn, the permanent for the career woman, passed before my eyes. Not wanting a frizzy wave and not being a career woman, I finaIIy decided on a ungiamorous IittIe brew, and took it home. when I unwrapped it, such a myriad of Iittie botties and such an encyciopedia of directions fell out that I was appalled, but un- daunted, I bravely set about unscrambiing them. The directions read as foIIows: "First, part your head into squaresn tl don't know about your head, but my head is round and I am totally unable to part it into squares., "Next, take box out of carton UB" and unwrap sections "GZ and Then proceed to take the curiers out of these sections tkeeping them in neat Iittle piIes,. Vvatch it, you arengt being neatI Now get a clean bowi to put the wave solution in tThis meant washing the dishes which delayed the operation sowewhat,g take a wad of cotton tthere was no cotton in the house, so I had to go to the drugstore, more delay, and take wave solution and pour it into your ciean bowl fthe cork in the wave solution promptiy feII into bottIe and it took ten minutes to fish it out,. Now, take a piece of your hair and comb the waveset through it. Take a curier from section "Fu tthere, I toId you to keep them separate, and roII up the curII AII this worked fine except when I tried to roII up the curI I Ieft out a Iittie strand of hair and had to do it over again. ucontinue around your heady, thave you ever tried to continue around your head? Try it some time., So for the next hour I took a piece, combed the waveset and rolled the curl. Take, comb, roII, take, comb, roIIg rather boring, don't you think? My hair roIIed, I sat down with a good book and was deep in the throes of a good mys- tery when the door-bell rang. Forgetting what a sight I was, I ran downstairs and flung open the door. There on the steps was the pastor of my church with a cheery smile on his Iips that changed quickly to surprise and then embarrassment. Vvhat a sight I must have been standing there in my curIersI VVeII, he Ieft as soon as he courteously couid and Ieft me giggling on the sofa. About an hour and a haif Iater, after numerous splashing and rinsings in aII sorts of odoriferous soiutions, I set about taking down my supposediy curIy Iocks. Ch, were they curIyI I resembled the Medusa with aII my wet. wriggiy snakes of hair. I was tired and sick of the permanent, the directions, the smell and the bottIes. Automaticaiiy I thumbed through the directions, trying to find my pIace. There was a page missing. Frantic- aIIy, I searched in the ice-box, the wastepaper-basket, the stove and the filing cabinet. but it wasn,t anywhere to be foundt In despair I sat down on the bed and practicaily Ieaped with joy when I spied a smaII piece of paper Iying at my feet. the directions. Suddeniy I re- membered that I had Ient aII my hair pins to a friend who hadn't returned them. There was nothing to do but make another trip to the store tby this time ifl had had a beauty-shop permanent I would have been happiiy doing the marketing,. At Iast, my hair was roIIed up and I cotlapsed on the bed and slid off in to dreamland. When I awoke, my hair was dry and when I took it down it Iooked practically decent. At eight o'cIock that evening, as I sat in the Iivingroom waiting and being my most radiant seif, my date phoned suddenIy and said that his boss had told him to fly immediately to Outer Mongolia and so regrettabiy he couIdn't see me that evening. With great will-power I kept my voice down to just below high 'C' and quietiy hung up the phone. Then I walked sIowIy to the window. closed it gentiy, and Iet out the most piercing scream th at anyone in my neighborhood had ever heard. Then I quietly undressed and went to bed. CAROLYN MARSH Tenth Grade Page Frfty-four THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON I MET THIS SUMMER PracticaIIy the first thing my aunt said when I went to visit her this summer, was that Imust meet Mrs. Burnham. Mrs. Burnham, a cIose friend of my aunt's, is the author of MAround the VVorId on a Penny." Driving to her home the next day I couId hardIy IJeIieve my eyes when right in the midst of Winnetka, a suherIo of Chicago, stood a IittIe Iog cahin, the home of the Burnhams. We taIIced with Mrs. Burnham aII afternoon and she toId us that the Iog cabin was a 100 years oId when it was Iimought in 1917. It all began when Mrs. Burnham and her four chiIdren tooIc a stroll one spring afternoon. After rounding a corner of the goIf course, there it was-an oId appIe orchard in fuII IJIoom and a Iog cahin resting under the Ioranches of a gnarIecI oId appIe tree. QuicI4Iy she sketched the picture and then an impuIse came to her not mereIy to paint this romantic oIcI picture Iout to own it. The next thing she did was to have it moved to their new Iot in Vvinnetka. About three years Iater they decided to make a trip around the worId and to taIce their chiIdren with them. In order to reaIize every penny possiIoIe the cabin was rented for eight- een doIIars a month'-'what a penny in a haystack for a trip around the worIdI But IVIrs. Burnham painted pictures of the countryside wherever they visited and had amazing suc- cess in seIIing her handiwork. That way the trip didnt cost them very much. As IVIrs. Burnham toId us about each foreign pIace, she showed us the pictures she had painted there. I certainIy think that she was the most interesting person I met that summer. ANN NELSON Senior -vv LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the CIass of ,Sl do hereby dedicate our most prized possession to the CIass of '52, fI'IaI HaII Barbara TerreII Ieaves her reserved and seemingIy manner to Sherrye Patton. Donna Lammey Ieaves her Iooisterous and unIadyIiIce way to .Ioan Rogers. Ann NeIson Ieaves her promptness to schooI, her nights at home, and her many days at schooI to GayIe FIeming. Frances DuPre Iwith a Iove for quiet shut in pIacesJ Ieaves her ambition to he a Iihrarian to Eva TayIor. In Sophie Vvoodson Ieaves her desire for dating onIy one Iooy to IVIiIIie IVIcCIana- an. Gita Nerings Ieaves her demure and unfIirtatious eyes to Patty BIaIcemore. AIice BeII Ieaves her quiet Iaugh to Margaret Ann Reed. Jan Exhy Ieaves her disIiIce for coIIecting hoy's jeweIry to Scott Rightor. Betty Dean Ieaves her dance styIe music in the wrong Icey to Kate BIoom. IPS. "PinIcy" Ieaves her few inhabitants to everybody in the CIass of '52, Page Fifty fwe BA BY DAY S 1. LL 2. 3 Kawwnj Uuuoqig S6UQJ3w nlqgyj' UDQQ Ugg I 7 8. 5 5 Y 6, 5? izl ..c.,. ,., 5 b .V... 1-,E "V' 5 .2--,-L il. . -11" "U ' '1g:Q :J , . Qggegggfyg UOSIQN uuvg C1943 UDI g HQJJQL v.1Uqmca:g uosfoom agnfdoq 1, QJJHQSQJUUHV Z JOKES OF '51 . . . Teacher: Vvho was Robert E. Lee? Sixth Grader: He was the Southern generai in the Silver Vvar. Fourth Grader: Dear Mother, Our ciass is now in Egipped. We are staying in a Ierge hotel. Todaye we are going to see the world large-est pyramiddies. I muss you and Daddy verry much. Your ioving dauter, S. T. V. Teacher: Vvhy did you spell the word, sandwich, sand? Fourth Grader: Weil, that's the way Mrs. Gans always spells it in the cafeteria. Miss Statier,s joke: Girls, thereis been a slight change in the schedule. Mrs. Butter: Vvhen did the Battle of Saratoga take piace? Daydreaming History Student: During the lst Vvorid War. Mrs. Dickinson, picking up an English test, learned to her amazement that iamhic pentameter means a verse five feet long. Teacher: Everybody, today is George VVashington's birthday. First Grader: Goody. are we invited to the party? 5 2 E . AND CLASS AUTOGRAPHS. Page Fifty ' ' if - - X - J ,5:tif'Q'.f,.., . 1215, 6,4 F. Scenes Thru NQLC UP, SQCBPYPPEQJS? A V Farm Chr! 0161951 Brrrr-r-nr-r I CF p 2 Mr Qual ,768 Harem ee 9 m ' MW- 30 Uwey come wiuz Une car- , ,, 1 , - ,Z . W 5 xii? ev A Q5 N .f X A 2 'fi X U W4 Q l Af- 'Yam in 1 f N 1 awww X .,n...n..M ' Hobos on Parade , A I if great fo Ee crazy! I ee Lime Emkgranfsn 'Ann yfoucfreaminrlgotllyfnnz -4 HC1P6rSZ?2Z Olwlgabel M The Seasons table discussion GIQTUOUF Gals- Ain't life GATQHJ! w who ...,.,. me? A -sn... wdnnd See -' Saw 2 1:1238 CL mous ifsfiiff ' Kihcltr en HQHOWCCILI "C H 9 ,1 X rowc nlnons r, ,.,.,. X :Zh-Jim A v E :.,,, Z , ::,,,. . ., ,, .Q:,, W K .,,., ig, 7" ffgfffv ww g ww A'-' ' mWFfQTM, grin ia 'hu g 3 "" .Q , A W , fggj ,..,. ,., ,. A '- 4: A wi. -if .- Mg 1. MM, A U ,Ii , 4, kr g,,.552-5i 5- A if :Z .Q ., v . Qt' ,,gV?m,Ji5Qi2,gafE:ff 1 Au D If do r In WM, gfnz, Nm ' ips? 31. .k . e U, M f 'Q' .gp wr ,E H " sim., ML," wlvalg COQIYHW2 ' AWWWWV-VV! W ' mn-mmm mix GNWKTOM QW' My QW Q71-Q323 'N OQQLWQPQZZZU Zfxmm 75041 -f,J3.8,..k-A-ev Lg, LUJAQU p ' lnnnnnnuuunuuuunumnunnnnunmannnnnnnnnlunnnnunuu ununnununnnnnnnmunlannuunnununnxznnnnnlnnmnulnn COMPLIMENTS OF CHANDLER S1 CHANDLER REAL ESTATE Builders Developers Con'rrac+ors P + Bldg 88980 M ph T B sf W HOME SERVICE Co., INC. , as Q Licensed 8: Bonded Confracfor WD ik O76 2oa9 Madison Phone 2-7040 E -----,--------------.- -K--,--K -------.--.----------- E ' OAKVILLE WADLINGTON TRAILER DRUG STORE PARK E! El EI Ill El EI finofmlfre fzinfing 0. EP El -mu-mn mmm.-.E E-m-mm. E Hawkins Equipment JOHN P. R0B1L10 Company n 85 C0' Vance and Easi' Cafe'reria 1475 Thgmag Fine Groceries .............. .............. ............... ...... E. El ----------------- --------------------- EI --mmm.. Sixty-tw GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL 207 UNION AT HERNANDO, 5-5511 5-0426 HIGHWAY TOURS .N ....... l I N I 5 E El El COMPLIMENTS OF AN DERSON-TULLY . Memphis .Phone 5-4405 El El E El COMPLIMENTS off BIG STAR GROCERY Whifehaven, Tenn. Phone 9- I 542 El EI nnnxnnn E U Ennnlnnnn uannnn D CONTINENTAL SOUTHERN C I' nt A TRAILWAYS of : Q Dockery S1 Donelson Always gomg Your way CQ, f f Charfereci Busses 3rd and Union Phone 5-5826 E. EI E El El EI Frank H. Lee and Co. Building Con'rrac'rors Compliments of 2I7 Bond S+. JOHN A. DUPRE Wesi' Memphis, Ark. : Commercial and Indus+rial Cons'I'ruc+ion I3 ------- ------ ------ is I: ra P S four CO PLIMENTS OF TURNER LUMBER CO. LeMoyen, La. AN SANTE RIVER HARDWOOD C0 S+. Sfephen, S. C. Q' lllllnluun lnulullulullulg Qulllulllllll l Compliments Compliments of of All b E. C. Blackstone Co. ' en mag Cotton Company Machine and Supply lo4 S. Fron+ Company E, ............. ............... ............. . El '------------ ------------------------------ - - EI BEST WISHES TO LAUSANNE FROM GILL REALTY CO., INC. Morfgage Loans-Insurance Q, ............. - E Sixtyfsix E Compliments Arthur Seelbinder : of , C. D. Askew Realty Home Furmsher ' Company El ------------ E1 El ------- El Best Wishes l5I4 Union of Memphis, Tenn. A r: ------------ ------ --------.--- lil LWZZZZZMWJ E1 ------------------------'----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------.--.-..-.--.-.-... 5 Page S E1 El Greetings to all my friends AT LAUSANNE F R o M HPINKYM El El E1 E E E mmm mmnuug Qnnnmm ,,,,, Wooowvafvaeoofa EQUITABLE LIFE Pierce Hardware Co. INSURANCE CO. : of Iowa "The Compleie Hardware S+ore" MEMPHIS BRANCH B. D. HUGHES, JR., Manager E mmm mnmmE Ellllmuuul nnlnln ulnnulm gillllllnllu Inllllul, Compliments E : of Compliments LACLEDE'S of I494 Union 7-2 I 6l A Memphis, Tenn. g nnnun El lil E' lil U -------------'-----' -----'----- el WILLIA-MS : Ada's Beauty Salon ' TEXAC0 STATION Air Concliiioned Oakville, Tenn. - I63I Union 7436! El --------'- ----------- ------.-..-..- ...,,..,.,,,,,, Q, E' E' """"""' """ El Phone 32-2782 Caroline Jenlrins 3 E - Nadia Price ' : - Best Wishes Photography by NADIA of "Lei Us Come To You" A I87 So. Cooper Memphis 4, Tenn. , """"'""""""""""' "''"'"''"'"''"""""""""""'5 lihllllllllllll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,E S lllulanuulllnlnnq glllulnlu Comp,imm CONTINENTAL 0, SOUTHERN TRAILWAYS LEE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Q Always going your way charfered busses ik 3rd and Union Phone 38-I303 Phone 5-5826 nnnlnlnb Emu mmmunnnna ?nunn-in umummu Estelle's Millinery Mrs. Louise Richards - E E - Best Wishes from Sam Maury Third Floor-Messick Bldg. Construction Phone 3-7850 Memphis El El E1 Eg EIEI Compliments Compliments f of U GARNER'S NORTH MEMPHIS PHARMACY TRANSFER CO. 668 N' Main 942 S. Cooper Phone MI42 Phone 7-0178 E1 El E EI El GMC Truck 8: Coach Division CONGRATULATIONS to the H LAUSANNE SENIORS from GENERAL MOTORS REED BROS. CORPORATION DAIRY 660 S. Third E1 ..................................... lg , Seven ,. 3.11 ' " ' V v' 4 . -A ' 'T- Gwkwm - , 5,1-W ED. ,M . 'H ""'"""""""""""' ---"-----'-" E3 Q1 ------------ ------'--'------ '----- ----------------- E gif, E Phone a.oosz Home 7-4577 E GUY RUTLEGE CRUMP Sz COOPER Fire and Aufomobile Insurance 431 Q1 2462 Cenfral Ave. "What Grandfather Dreamed Of, 4I 8 Falls Building MEMPHIS From Helen of Memphis The Southlandfv Loveliest Specialty Store FAMED FOR QUALITY WEARING APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES reefingd fo aj our Zfien 5 AT 6LlfL56Ll'LIfL8 1808 UNION AVE. PHONE 7-0367 MEMPHIS, TENN. El ............l4llgl.l.l..l.. : lllllllllllllllllllllliln nm nllullnllllllllll unluul Illlllllllllllxlllllllllllllllllllllllzlnznlnn un E ty-iw EI I3 YELLOW CARS 8-2I2I El EI --'H'-'---'--'--H----I-----"'-'-m I3 I? Compliments E of FULLER BROS. LUMBER CO. Oakville, Tenn. - 48-0I25 E 5 Best Wishes : : of A FRIEND ......................... E gl Compliments of DALRYMPLE COTTON Co. EI EI nll :mul Phone 7-I834 Road Servic OLIVER H. PERRY'S SUPER SERVICE Complefe Service For Your Car I855 Union Ave. Memphis REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES PURDY-J E STER DRUG CO., INC. Thomas Jesfer - J. O. Purdy THE REXALL STORE Serving Memphians More Than A Quarfer Cenfury Phone 7-004I Cooper al' Madison Memph Compliments Of C. W. HUSSEY COTTON COMPANY Compliments of Hohenberg Bros. Co. Pes la Seven! El.......................................... ..............E1 El E1 unnu 'K 4 FRANCES Ross Compliments of MEADOWBROOK DAIRY SHOPS styles that are smartly different 'ikilf TOWN SHOP 83 Union MID-TOWN SHOP Overfon Park and Cleveland SALON 4 4 I648 Union -----I--I-I--H """"""'? lEl""""""" """" El MAGIC HOME LAUNDRY We know our qualify is righl' - because some of i'l1e riches? I people iracle wH'l1 us. We know our price is righf be- Congrafulaflohs cause some of fhe pooresf I Seniors people frade here foo. Compliments of E CLARIDGE HOTEL 2594 Jackson Avenue El- ---------------- ----------- ---------------- -------- El El an EJ E1 l E ' Compliments Q d 2 QROBERTCLCROUCH CARRICK FOOD CONSTRUCTION COW. STIQRE smack slag. 5-83l I oAKvnLLe A EI E1 El El Members Principal Exchange and Trade Organizalions PATTON BROS. 92 S. FRONT Cotton Merchants Dallas Rome Fresno Gasfonia P S f E E E nnunnlunuulun E G. W. HUMPHREYS Sr CO. KELLY'S BAKERY 81 DELICATESSAN I 6 I 9 Union Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND MATTIE Memphis I708 Unio Beg W ashes of WEIL BROTHERS COTTON, INC. I Memphis Q --------------- ----'---'--- Q Q ---'----------' ---"--"'--- Q Evergreen 5 5 B twish s Grocery and Market es of e l693 Jackson Ave. Free Delivery A 5 "The Besf Meal in Town" Buluunnun nluunlnm Enlnlnluunl nnlnunui Qullllnnnnll nlnnlullm Eluluununu nrulnllll - . El Compliments Compliments of of Minor Frances, Inc. MURPHY TRUCK i592 union 7-2363 : : - LINES illlllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllli Ellllllllllllllll llllllllllllg Quunlnlnun uulnnng Eullnlllulnu lunlnlluQ RESTHAVEN g A. E. Pipkin 81 sons NURSING HOME Insurance of All Kinds Goodwyn Inst Bldg. I I43 Poplar Ave. E 32-I277 E E Ph. 8-223 l-2 E Eurail lllll llll l n lllllulnn 5 Emu lnlllll unnun ulxlun 5 5 LEO NEMETZ W. J. SPENCER E E 'ummm E NORMAL JEWELRY Headqumers COMPANY for - Credll Jewelers College and High School 2 529 S. Highland Ave. , , . 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E ..-..-.------------ ------------------------------------ E1 E' ----------- -------------- I3 E1 .-.-.-.------ ------------ ------------- E1 in ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -El - 2 Phone 2-3103 wAN- NW- 1 FOR YOUR DRUG NEEDS I WE DELIVER PRDMPTLY z ULIPHANT DRUG STURE Compliments 1603 UNION AVENUE PHONE 2-3103 of """""""" "''"'""'""""""""""""""' """"""" E' ---------------- -------'-'-----------'------- '--"-'----""--- ----'-"-'---- E A FRIEND - Compliments of WWW GOULD'S BEAUTY NINWN SALON . Kimbrough Towers I3 -------------- I5 El ---- ----------------------------------------------'----- '--'-""""" El Seventy-eight E nlnununnnunuununuullunulunnununululullnnuanlulululuulununnullllllm Enuunnnu luunulnn For the best buys in Real Estate and all E 2 types of businesses, see card or write E Compliments E of Lu: o. GARNER REAL :sms MCCOOUS FOODS 536 Goodwyn Inst. 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