Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN)

 - Class of 1949

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Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 14 of 78
Page 14 of 78

Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 13
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Page 14 text:

PROPHECY It was a rainy sloppy day in April of 1960. I, Wilma Lou Dippel, was trying to make my way down the crowded main street in Podunk, when suddenly I received a sharp jab in the stomach from my umbrella handle. Before I could lower my umbrella, l heard pretty angry words apparently coming from the person with whom I had collided. Cautiously l lowered my umbrella, and to my great surprise it was my neighbor and old school-mate Anna Louise Clark. I accepted her apologizes and also her offer to enjoy a cup oi coffee with her at Gerry's Stop-ln. Together we went across the street and into the new and modern Gerry's Stop-In, "Gerry surely has a nice place here," re- marked Annie. "I havent seen the paper yet today: I Just got one: I hope you don t mind if 1 look at it." Annie pulled a copy of the Podunk Gazette out OI ner shopping bag and started to look at it. Suddenly she gasped. "What's the matter?" I asked. il Have you seen the results of the election?" "No, I haven't". i. Well, look here, 'Pursley defeats Lone Ranger in race for sheriff! ' "l knew hed win, simply because Pursley has his car and the Lone Ranger only has Silver." "These days we need speedy crime detection because Podunk is getting bigger, and then too, Silver is getting old and he can't quite Keep up with Purs1ey's jet-propelled car: so naturally Pursley won the election? All this had made me anxious to see the paper also. "Move over, let's see what else is happening. Oh, look here! Podunk Twins win at National Twin Convention in Chicago." "Podunk Twins?" asked Annie. "That must be Jack and Jean. Why yes it is, it says 'Jack and Jean Decker, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Decker, today won top honors at the National Twin Convention in Chicago'. They were chosen to receive the top honors because of their iden- tical likeness." "Well, what do you know!" "Look here, 'Podunk farmer wins National Corn Growing Contest'." "Podunk Farmer? Read on, well here, let me, 'Walter Mankey, Podunk farmer, won the Na- tional Corn Growing Contest with a yield of one thousand bushels per acre!" "Wow! Some corn, Listen to this, "announced Annie, !'Curryville has new Superintendent of nurses! Well, I guess it's about time, wonder who it is? Why, it's Etta Gerber!" uReally?" I exclaimed, "Here's another ar- ticle 'Four Podunk Farmers Attend Annual Farmer's Convention at Purdue." "Who is that now?" '!Wait it says right here, 'Dick Hinshaw, Bill Barger, Luther Gerber and Don Reinhardl I think we have read all the news on this page. Turn to the sport's page." Annie turned to the Sport's page. There were big headlines across the page which she read. "Podunk Basket-bouncers defeat Curryville Bucket heads." "What was the score?" '208 to 5 in a double overtime. They got speed! Listen to this 'Dave Paxson 34 points. Don Yager 34, Dale Meyer 35, Lester Meyer 34, Eddie bryan 34, and Bob Worden 34 points. 'lhe way it reads here Coach Willis Prichard really got excited. 'I'hat must have been a game." "What's on at the show?" "Coming soon, Carol Thomas and Richard Kruetzman, the second "Abbott and Costello, courtesy OI Floyd Runyon, owner of the Po- dunk theater." "Golly. wc don't want to miss that, they're our old school mates." "Look down here, Wilma, Betty Heffelfin- ger's engagment is announced. About all the KICIS are married now." " 'Farmer Podunk citizen inherits Filling Station." Let me read you some thing about it. 'Bonnie l-luss, former citizen of Podunk re- ceived word that she inherited the Zoll Service Stationf ' "Well, she surely deserves it. I remember when she used to worry about getting her work done for Mable." Anna Louise started reading " 'Dwight Wolf accepts position as agriculture teacher at Po- dunk High School'. I always did wonder what happened to him." t'Oh! Look down here in the personals col- umn. 'Joyce Johnloz, who is employed in her father's grocery store in Murray, spent her four week's vacation in Floridaf " t'She must have liked it there to go back again." We turned to the classified ads to see if we could find anything else of interest. Annie found one ad that read, "Does your horse look sick? Do his eyes bulge out? Do his ribs stick out? Does he refuse to eat his hay? Does he slobber over his oats? If he has any of these symptoms. better call Podunk 334. Harold Baumgartner, horse doctor." "I found one! 'Does your car spit and cough. or do the wheels wobble, or does it have knocks and squeeks? In other words is your car a wreck? If it is come and see me, Harry Steffen at Steffen's Garage. My motto is "If I can't fix it nobody else can either." "That sounds like old 'Stub'." laughed Annie. "This one advertises Naomi Yake's photo- graphy studio which is located in the ,Grove Building. We must go down to see her.' "Here's one that will kill you," announced Annie, "Do you have the feeling you are losing your mind? Are some of your bolts slightly loose? If they are you need an appointment with me. Delores Kreig. Psychiatrist. We both were laughing pretty hard by this time, I imagine the other customers were won- dering what was tickling us. Annie found one advertising dancing lessons given by Lucille Reinhard at her studio. and I found one telling us of the twirling lessons Sarah Jane Nash was giving. Later Anna Louise remarked, "I don't know but I believe this edition of the Podunk Gazette contained something about everyone of our old classmates." "I believe it did. too."

Page 13 text:

Our Senior Officers Bottom Row Seated Left to Rignt. Lester LVICQEI' 'ass't. Sec.-Treasw Floyd Runyon ivice-Pres' Top Row Left to Right: Dale Meyer iPres.i, Jack Decker 'Student Councili, Willis Prichard 1Sec,-Treasn was Closs Histor ln the fall of 1945, thirty-seven shy and be- wildered freshmen started one or the busiest and most joyful years of their lives. They were Bill Barger, Kenneth Brickley. Edwin Bryan, Anna L. Clark, Ann Conn, Velma Davison, Jack Decker. Jean Decker. Wilma Dippel, Etta Gerber, Luther Gerber. Betty Heffelfinger. Richard Hinshaw, Bonnie Huss, Joyce Johnloz, Robert Kahn, Delores Krieg, Richard Kruetzf man. Walter Mankey. Loren McCune, Dale Meyer, Lester Meyer, Sarah Jane Nash, Dave Paxson. Willis Prichard, Rex Pursley, Don Reinhard, Lucille Reinhard. Grace Richards. Floyd Runyon. Harry Steffen. Carol Thomas. Geraldine Walsh. Dwight Wolf, Robert Worden. Don Yager and Naomi Yake. Ted Abbott joined us later in the year, which gave us a total of 38 members. We had two parties this year. both at the school. Our class officers were: Bonnie Huss-President, Don Yaeer-Vice-President, Dale Meyer-Sec- retary, Bob Worden-Treasurer, Dave Paxson -Student Council. Our class sponsor was Mrs. McKeefer. In our sophomore year new students who en- rolled were Marv Dishone. Harold Baumeart- ner, and Ellen France. Those who didn't re- turn were Kenneth Brickley. Ann Conn, Robert Kahn. and Loren McCune. We had two parties at the school building. Our class officers were: Bob Worden-Presi- dent. Dale Meyer-Vice-President. Lucille Reinhard-Secretary. Bonnie Huss-Treasurer, Willis Prichard-Student Council. Our spon- sor was Mrs. McKeefer. At the beginning of our iunior year we had 32 members. with Doris Noonan joining us during the year. Those who failed to return were: 'Ted Abbott. Velma Davison. Mary Dis- hone. Ellen France. and Grace Richards. Our first party was at the school and the last one was a hay ride. aurenl Our class officers were: Willis Prichard- President. Dale Meyer-Vice-President, Harry Steffen-Secretary-Treasurer, Luther Gerber, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Walter Mankey -Student Council. Our Class sponsors were Miss Sellers and Mr. Bryan. At the beginning of our senior year we lost one student, Doris Noonan. which left us a total of 32 members. We didn't have any class parties. Our class officers were: Dale Meyer-Presi- dent. Floyd Runyon-Vice-President, Willis Prichard-Secretary-Treasurer, Lester Meyer -Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. Jack Decker- Student Council. Our class sponsors were Miss Sellers and Mr. Bryan. -44 NL Q0 fr'

Page 15 text:

CLASS WILL We. the class of '49, realizing that our days in old L.. Hr S. are switfly drawing to a close. feel our indebtednesslto distribute-a portion of our cherished possessions and characteristics to certain underclassmen and others. who, after receiving them. are expected to treat them as such Having been pronounced sane and ex- tremely intelligent persons, we declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, in which we do hereby will and bequeath as follows: Article I Section I: We. the Senior Class. after due consideration do bet queath to the faculty all our old books and the tests that go with them. Section II: We. the Senior Class, do bequeath to the Junior Class our ability to get the school paper out on time. Section III: We, the Senior Class, do bequeath to the Sophomore Class our ability to get in class and seated before the last bell rings. Section IV: We, the Senior Class, after deep and serious medi- tation refuse to will anything to the Freshman Class because oi their inability to undertake any responsibility, which we hope they will acquire later on. Article II Section I: Individual Provisions I, Bill Barger, do bequeath my calmness to Wayne Yager. I. Harold Baumgartner. do bequeath my book '101 Ways to Cook a Guy's Goose" to Vernon Crozier I. Eddie Bryan, do bequeath my height and ability to get around to Arthur Moser. I. Anna Louise Clark. do bequeath my ability to roll my eyes to Marilyn Wasson. I. Jack Decker. do bequeth my right to skip school to go fow hunting to Don Hinshaw. I, Jack Decker. do bequeath my right to skip school to go fox Rex Van Zant I, Wilma Lou Dippel, do bequeath my monthly job of drawing Echo covers to Carol Barger. I, Etta Gerber. do bequeath all my old Latin books and papers to Mrs. McKeefer, I, Luther Gerber, do bequeath my short hair cuts to Joy Stahl. GI, Betty Heffelfinger, do bequeath my twirling ability to Evelyn reen. I, Richard Hinshaw, do bequeath all my bookkeeping books to Dean McCormick I, Bonnie Huss, do bequeath my ability to be cheerleader three years to Carol Barger. I. Joyce Johnloz. do bequeath my honor grades to Ivan Pursley. I. Delores Krieg. do bequeath a lock of my hair to Mr. Bryan. I, Richard Kruetzman. do bequeath my curly hair to Bob Clark. I, Walter Mankey. do bequeath my ability to stay out of trouble to Ivan Pursley. I. Dale Meyer. do bequeath my ability to run the mile in track to Jack Eversole, and may he break the school record. I. Lester Meyer. do bequeath my position of assistant coach of the Zollner Pistons to Jim Troyer Good luck to him and the team. I. Sarah Jane Nash. do bequeath the right to have the first diamond in the Senior Class to Alice Smith. h b I, Dave Paxson, do bequeath my success in going with certain Ossian girls to Bob Clark and Roy Maier, and anybody else who wants to. A I. Willis Pichard, do bequeath my between class chats with a certain Sophomore girl to that grey haired old man. LeRoy Hedges. who I know will always have something nice to say. I, Rex Pursley, do bequeath my ways and means of getting good grades in government to the future Senior Classes. I. Don Reinhard, do bequeath my ten easy lessons "How to Keep out of Trouble in geography class" to John Bright. I, Lucile Reinhard, do bequeath my ability to play a trumpet to Ervin Bradburn. I, Floyd Runyon, do bequeath my being the biggest senior to 'Shorty Fiechterf' I, Harry Steffen, do bequeath the right to be called "Stub" to anyone who is fool enough to cut off their thumb in shop. I. Carol Thomas, do bequeath my ability for straight A's in physics to Charles Myers. I.bGerry Walsh, do bequeath my natural curley hair to Marilyn Ger er. I, Bob Worden, do bequeath my ability to pitch softball to Charles Myers. I. Dwight Wolf, do bequeath my good looks and also my curly hair to Dean McCormick. I, Don Yager. do bequeath my privilege of playing the ball games, writing them for the Echo. and then trying them on the stencil to Doyle Stern. I. Naomi Yake. do bequeath my right to have parties for the senior girls to Joan Meyer 'When she is a senior.i Article III We, Luther Gerber, Bob Worden. and Don Yager. do bequeath our jobs, as Mrs. Gaiser's private secretaries, to anyone who is fool enough to take the job. We, Bill Barger and Willis Prichard. do bequeath the honor of raising the G, O. P. elephant on the flag pole next election time to Joan Meyer and Marilyn Gerber. We, Anna Louise Clark. Naomi Yake. Sarah Nash. Gerry Walsh. and Joyce Johnloz. do bequeath our quiet lady like manners to anyone who needs them. We. Walter Mankey, Jack Decker. Bill Barger. Willis Prichard, and Dave Paxson do bequeath our title of "The Gang" and our infamous deeds of making a pyramid of books in the assembly. dousing the lights at Senior play practice. plastering the cars at the teachers party with soap and tomatoes. our frequent ses- sions in the office, and other such acts too numerous to mention to the sophomore boys. and may luck be with them. We, Eddie and Lester, do bequeath our front seats in govern- ment to the unlucky persons who may get them. VVITNESSED: Mr. Lancaster Central School Dale Meyer -18- '

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