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RING CNE 3 K 'S .Q , 5:93 W 1-Z f f f - Q-1 'J lj , 3 . f"'W , TX 5- f Q - ' X' X KF I -7- X COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Wayne Lee started his duties as County Superintendent in 1941. He is now finishing his second term. He graduated from Marion col- lege and Indiana Univeristy. with B, S. and M. S. Degrees. Before taking duties as superintendent he taught at Liberty, Chester and Jackson Schools. '-,-.f a 4. -,,.,.1g,g,e w sf "2 ' .-W.-+x'zm:'g."4f wr y... h V ,gr XQM L5-11,515-A - .ffllr i ff, ,Gd agiw, OUR PRINCIPAL Mr. Charles H. Johnson came to our school in 1943. He has done a lot for our school to make it a better place to attend during the five and one-half years he has been here. Mr. Johnson did under gradu- ate work at Hanover College: graduate work at Cincinnati Uni- versity: special work at Indiana University. Central Normal and Butler University, , ff1r'N in-any -3... OUR TRUSTEE Mr. Homer Souder took office in January 1947. He was elected November. 19-16. Mr. Souder was a Lancaster School bus driver for twenty years, before he was elected trustee. He is a farmer in Lancas- ter Twp. also. X 5rEEEQE55ffif5i aff- ov t' 'ff' V ' if ix if ., V, it . t,,, 5 ss,. ,J dx .:gkQ.::l:g.:-exktziz., A 151. 'W -Il sk I-'f fN :ZffNiQi'-I Q- . :- X " """'d . ' H- If O. X-xi-.1-.xx .. .- Nts.-Qs.e::vrsN., , , 1 : . '-21.2.:,.1i.4..:::r::::, ,. N xxx el li, 'L -0 AUDREY BEERBOWER GAISER B.S., Ball State. Commercial HELEN TROYER A.B., Franklin College. Purdue University. English. WILLIAM BRYAN A.B., Manchester, Wittenburg, Extension at Indiana University, Extension at Ball State. History, Physical Education. Coach. ROSE ELLEN LYNCH ROLFE B.S., Ball State. Home Economics, History. aw, ,HS vh--r .J ESTHER MCKEEFER Graduate Work at Ball State, A. B., Earlham, Indiana University Extension. English, Latin, Biology. LEROY HEDGES Ball State. Mathematics. JOHN MUGG B.S., Purdue University. Agriculture. Science. DOROTHA D. SELLERS B.S., Manchester College. Special work at University of Colorado. Music and Art. -9- YT? I DOROTHY SHADY B.S., Ball State. Physical Education. LEONORA BYRD X , X NAOMI YAGER Indiana University, Extension Work at Ball State. Third Grade. University of Illinois, Northwestern Univer- sity, Extension at Chicago University, Teachers College. Ball State. Extension at Indiana University. First Grade PHYLLIS CASS Ball State Teachers College. First Grade. BETTY MEYER RUTH FRENCH Butler University, State. Fourth Grade. Extension Work at Ball ALMA BENNETT Ball State. Butler University. Fifth Grade. DWIGHT SHADY B.S. Manchester College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Indiana University. Second Grade. Ball State. Sixth Grade. I JAMES TURNER Q : 5 Bs., Ball state. A fxsyfs ' Band Director. . ...ff ,10.. 1 RING TWO x-qs 5 :,x , JL ,12.:gm1 - Q Y U 5111- -': Qi E v .-,,.131'Ax "I, ' L xi X , fj- N -' I -X in ll 4 ' T " 1 ' , A471311 .. . 4 fa. 'Q ' 'Q T N J ' '75 ' ff' 'N' ' .-" Rx, ,, 1 N . - r fl 1' 1 ,+A Miss, xg . T- is , X -" .I V F-. '. f p x ., .- x ' : jx' ' K ' N 1 -'Q -'A Y Y 'i+" I - .. A 'T-'7f"'-5 - ' -E,-N, ' '-V 0 -I 'X f -.::iiw S ' 5- Ag ....-.. ' 'Zi Ts- N . V va ' , :Y "bf- ff! .iv A QA' ' ,Mfg - . T11-. William Barger 4-H l, 2, 4: Track 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 3, 4: Basketball 1: Annual staff 4. Harold Baumgartner Ossian 1: Track 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2. 3: Annual Staff 4. Edwin Bryan Class Play 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3. 4: Echo Staff 4: Annual Staff 4. Anna Louise Clark Class Play 3, 4: Min- Sirel 3. 4: Operetta 1, 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball 43 Distrlct Chorus 3, 4: Echo Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: County Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 4. I ,wr , , lv vig? f , ll , sz S 2 A 4. , Q A 'ea . qv:-il .ve- 'bs Q-S 'lx I Jfilisiw. J -i f i as '64 fi? ,gears f, N. Sf L.,-,AMW ,, , A - -H ti--. -. 5,- is' Jack Decker Hi-Y 3, 4: Softball 3, 4: Basketball 3: Student Council 4: 4-H 1: Intra- mural l, 2, 4: Annual Staff 4. Jean Decker 4-H Club l: Chorus 4: Minstrel 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: An- nual Staff 4. Wilma Lou Dippel Class Play 4: Operetta 2, 3, 41 Minstrel 4: Glee Club 2. 3, 4: Volley Ball 4: Echo l, 2, 3, 4: Annual 4: Mixed Chorus 4: G.A. A. 5: Music Festival 3. Etta Gerber Class Play 4: Annual Staff 4: Glee Club 2: Volley Ball 4: G.A.A. 4. Luther Gerber Class Play 4: Operetta 3: Minstrel 3, 4: 4-H Club 1. 2: Boys Chorus 3. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Echo Staff 1, 41 Ed.to1' Chalf yearl: AS- sistant Sec. 84 Trea. 31 Student Council 4: Track 2. 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Studtnt Manager 1: County Music Festival. Elizabeth Ann He felfinger Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 3. 4: G.A.A. 4: Annual 42 Echo Staff 4: Music Fes- tival 3: Mixed Chorus 23 4-H Club 1: Volley Ball 4: Minstrel 4. Richard K. Hinshaw Boys Chorus 4: Annual Staff 4: Intramural Bas- ketball 1. 2, 3, 4. Bonnie Lou Huss Pres. 1: Treas. 2: Stu- dent Council 1: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Minstrel 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Echo Staff 3. 4: County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: District Chorus 4: Volley Ball 4: Twirler 1: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: G. A.A. 4: Annual Staff, Editor: Girls 4-H Club 2,3,4: Oratorical Contest. .fa Q , Q 3 Q l 7 li N u l' 'str 1 Fl ., 'is f-Q pas, 've ..,.,, 'ISF' -13- 'Tb ,., .f Y iv if . V' as 5 -' 116 ' , ,! ,J 1 Ks. . 'jf 1 , V ,X .JG P, 4'- Joyce Johnloz Class Play 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Volley Ball 4: Echo Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4: Minstrel 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 4: G.A.A. 4. Delores Krieg Glee Club 2, 3: Volley Ball 4: Echo Staff 4: An- nual Staff 4: Operetta 2. 3: Minstrel 3: Music Fes- t.val 2: Mixed Chorus 2, Pt G.A.A. 4: Spelling Contest 4, Richard Kruetzman 4-H Club 1, 2. 3, 41 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Basket- Lall 2: Minstrel 2: Chor- us 2: Annual Staff 4. Walter Mankey Basketball 1 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3,3 Track 1, 2, 3: Minstrel 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Student Council 3: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 4: Annual Staff 4. Dale Meyer Class President 45 Vice President 2, 33 Sec. lg Student Council 2, 3, 64 Pres.l3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Echo Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 41 Stoftball 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4g Hi- Y 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 43 Mixed Chorus 4: County Music Festi- val 4: District Chorus 4, Minstrel 4: Operetta 43 Senior Quartet 4: 4-H Jr. Leader 2, 3, 4. Lester Meyer 4-H Jr. Leader 1, 2, 3. 43 Class Play 3, 41 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3 4: Stu- dent Council 4g Hi-Y 3, 4: Ass't Sec. 4: Operetta 3, 45 Minstrel 3, 43 Echo 2, 41 Annual 43 District Chorus 4: Music Festival 3, 43 Senior Quartet 4: Boys' Chorus 3, 4. Sarah Jane Nash Sarah Jane quit at Christmas. Dave Paxson Softball 1, 2, 33 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2: Hi-Y 3, 43 Minstrel 3, 4: Student Council 13 Boys' Chorus 3, 43 Annual 4. Willis U. Prichard Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3 41 Echo Staff 1 2, 3, 4: 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4: 4-H Pres. 1, 2: Student Coun- cil 1, 2, 31 Boys' Chorus 3, 41 Minstrel 3, 4: Oper- etta 3, 41 Hi-Y 3, 4: Hi-Y Vice -Pres. 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Pres. 39 Class Sec-Treas 4g Coun- ty Music Festival 3, 4: 4-H Jr. Leader 1, 2, 32 Mixed Chorus 3,4. Rex Pursley Annual Staff 4. Don Reinhard Annual Staff 4. Lucile Reinhard Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 42 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 42 Minstrel 3, 42 Operetta 2, 13, 4 Pianistll Class Play 3, 41 Secretary 22 Band 2, 3, 4: County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 43 Cpian- istbg District Chorus 41 Echo Staff 2, 3, 4: An- nual 4: Volley Ball 43 Spelling Contestant lg G.A.-A. 4. Floyd A. Runyon Class Play 3: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Vice- President 4: Hi-Y 3 42 Student Manager 1, 2, 31 Softball 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Minstrel 3, 42 Operetta 2 3. 4: Chorus 2. 3, 4: Echo Staff 4: An- nual Staff 4: County Music Festival 2, 3, 4: District Chorus 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4: Senior Quartet 4: 4-H Reporter 4. Harry L. Steffen Class Play 3, 41 Hi-Y 3, 4: 4-H 4: Secretary-Trea- surer 3: Operetta 2. 3, 42 Minstrel 3, 4: District Chorus 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 2: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Echo Staff 3, 41 Music Festival 3. 4: Boys' Chor- us 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4: Senior Quartet 4: Secretary of Hi-Y 4: Music Leader of 4-H 3: Music Leader of Hi-Y 3. Carol O. Thomas 4-H 1 2: Hi-Y 3: ln- tramural Basketball 1,2, 3. Geraldine Walsh Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Twirler 1, 2 3 4: Class Play 3: 4-H Club 2: Echo Staff 4: Volley Ball 4: Annual Staff 4: Operetta 1 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Minstrel 3, 4: G.A. A. 4. 'ug' -tr, '55, if 'T 'Ms 43 Dwight L. Wolf Boys' Chorus 3, 4: Hi- Y 3, 4: Echo 4: Annual 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: County Music Festival 3 4: Minstrel 3, 4: Operetta 3 4: Mixed Chorus 3: County Chor- us 4. Robert Worden Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Softball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3. 4: 4-H 1: Presi- dent 2: Class Play 3. 41 Class President 2: Stu- dent Council l, 2: Vice- President 3: Echo Staff 4: Annual 4: Class Trea- surer l: Hi-Y 3, 4. Don Yager 4-H Club 1, 2, 4: Vice- Pres. 3: Class Play 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Echo Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres. 1: An- nual Staff 4: Scholarship Contest 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. Naomi Yake Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 41 Echo Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: Edi- tor 4: Chalf-year? Class Play 3. 4: Volleyball 4: Annual Staff 42 Student Council 3, 4: Minstrel 3, 4: District Chorus 41 Mixed Chorus 2, 4: G. A. A. 4. Our Senior Officers Bottom Row Seated Left to Rignt. Lester LVICQEI' 'ass't. Sec.-Treasw Floyd Runyon ivice-Pres' Top Row Left to Right: Dale Meyer iPres.i, Jack Decker 'Student Councili, Willis Prichard 1Sec,-Treasn was Closs Histor ln the fall of 1945, thirty-seven shy and be- wildered freshmen started one or the busiest and most joyful years of their lives. They were Bill Barger, Kenneth Brickley. Edwin Bryan, Anna L. Clark, Ann Conn, Velma Davison, Jack Decker. Jean Decker. Wilma Dippel, Etta Gerber, Luther Gerber. Betty Heffelfinger. Richard Hinshaw, Bonnie Huss, Joyce Johnloz, Robert Kahn, Delores Krieg, Richard Kruetzf man. Walter Mankey. Loren McCune, Dale Meyer, Lester Meyer, Sarah Jane Nash, Dave Paxson. Willis Prichard, Rex Pursley, Don Reinhard, Lucille Reinhard. Grace Richards. Floyd Runyon. Harry Steffen. Carol Thomas. Geraldine Walsh. Dwight Wolf, Robert Worden. Don Yager and Naomi Yake. Ted Abbott joined us later in the year, which gave us a total of 38 members. We had two parties this year. both at the school. Our class officers were: Bonnie Huss-President, Don Yaeer-Vice-President, Dale Meyer-Sec- retary, Bob Worden-Treasurer, Dave Paxson -Student Council. Our class sponsor was Mrs. McKeefer. In our sophomore year new students who en- rolled were Marv Dishone. Harold Baumeart- ner, and Ellen France. Those who didn't re- turn were Kenneth Brickley. Ann Conn, Robert Kahn. and Loren McCune. We had two parties at the school building. Our class officers were: Bob Worden-Presi- dent. Dale Meyer-Vice-President. Lucille Reinhard-Secretary. Bonnie Huss-Treasurer, Willis Prichard-Student Council. Our spon- sor was Mrs. McKeefer. At the beginning of our iunior year we had 32 members. with Doris Noonan joining us during the year. Those who failed to return were: 'Ted Abbott. Velma Davison. Mary Dis- hone. Ellen France. and Grace Richards. Our first party was at the school and the last one was a hay ride. aurenl Our class officers were: Willis Prichard- President. Dale Meyer-Vice-President, Harry Steffen-Secretary-Treasurer, Luther Gerber, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Walter Mankey -Student Council. Our Class sponsors were Miss Sellers and Mr. Bryan. At the beginning of our senior year we lost one student, Doris Noonan. which left us a total of 32 members. We didn't have any class parties. Our class officers were: Dale Meyer-Presi- dent. Floyd Runyon-Vice-President, Willis Prichard-Secretary-Treasurer, Lester Meyer -Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. Jack Decker- Student Council. Our class sponsors were Miss Sellers and Mr. Bryan. -44 NL Q0 fr' PROPHECY It was a rainy sloppy day in April of 1960. I, Wilma Lou Dippel, was trying to make my way down the crowded main street in Podunk, when suddenly I received a sharp jab in the stomach from my umbrella handle. Before I could lower my umbrella, l heard pretty angry words apparently coming from the person with whom I had collided. Cautiously l lowered my umbrella, and to my great surprise it was my neighbor and old school-mate Anna Louise Clark. I accepted her apologizes and also her offer to enjoy a cup oi coffee with her at Gerry's Stop-ln. Together we went across the street and into the new and modern Gerry's Stop-In, "Gerry surely has a nice place here," re- marked Annie. "I havent seen the paper yet today: I Just got one: I hope you don t mind if 1 look at it." Annie pulled a copy of the Podunk Gazette out OI ner shopping bag and started to look at it. Suddenly she gasped. "What's the matter?" I asked. il Have you seen the results of the election?" "No, I haven't". i. Well, look here, 'Pursley defeats Lone Ranger in race for sheriff! ' "l knew hed win, simply because Pursley has his car and the Lone Ranger only has Silver." "These days we need speedy crime detection because Podunk is getting bigger, and then too, Silver is getting old and he can't quite Keep up with Purs1ey's jet-propelled car: so naturally Pursley won the election? All this had made me anxious to see the paper also. "Move over, let's see what else is happening. Oh, look here! Podunk Twins win at National Twin Convention in Chicago." "Podunk Twins?" asked Annie. "That must be Jack and Jean. Why yes it is, it says 'Jack and Jean Decker, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Decker, today won top honors at the National Twin Convention in Chicago'. They were chosen to receive the top honors because of their iden- tical likeness." "Well, what do you know!" "Look here, 'Podunk farmer wins National Corn Growing Contest'." "Podunk Farmer? Read on, well here, let me, 'Walter Mankey, Podunk farmer, won the Na- tional Corn Growing Contest with a yield of one thousand bushels per acre!" "Wow! Some corn, Listen to this, "announced Annie, !'Curryville has new Superintendent of nurses! Well, I guess it's about time, wonder who it is? Why, it's Etta Gerber!" uReally?" I exclaimed, "Here's another ar- ticle 'Four Podunk Farmers Attend Annual Farmer's Convention at Purdue." "Who is that now?" '!Wait it says right here, 'Dick Hinshaw, Bill Barger, Luther Gerber and Don Reinhardl I think we have read all the news on this page. Turn to the sport's page." Annie turned to the Sport's page. There were big headlines across the page which she read. "Podunk Basket-bouncers defeat Curryville Bucket heads." "What was the score?" '208 to 5 in a double overtime. They got speed! Listen to this 'Dave Paxson 34 points. Don Yager 34, Dale Meyer 35, Lester Meyer 34, Eddie bryan 34, and Bob Worden 34 points. 'lhe way it reads here Coach Willis Prichard really got excited. 'I'hat must have been a game." "What's on at the show?" "Coming soon, Carol Thomas and Richard Kruetzman, the second "Abbott and Costello, courtesy OI Floyd Runyon, owner of the Po- dunk theater." "Golly. wc don't want to miss that, they're our old school mates." "Look down here, Wilma, Betty Heffelfin- ger's engagment is announced. About all the KICIS are married now." " 'Farmer Podunk citizen inherits Filling Station." Let me read you some thing about it. 'Bonnie l-luss, former citizen of Podunk re- ceived word that she inherited the Zoll Service Stationf ' "Well, she surely deserves it. I remember when she used to worry about getting her work done for Mable." Anna Louise started reading " 'Dwight Wolf accepts position as agriculture teacher at Po- dunk High School'. I always did wonder what happened to him." t'Oh! Look down here in the personals col- umn. 'Joyce Johnloz, who is employed in her father's grocery store in Murray, spent her four week's vacation in Floridaf " t'She must have liked it there to go back again." We turned to the classified ads to see if we could find anything else of interest. Annie found one ad that read, "Does your horse look sick? Do his eyes bulge out? Do his ribs stick out? Does he refuse to eat his hay? Does he slobber over his oats? If he has any of these symptoms. better call Podunk 334. Harold Baumgartner, horse doctor." "I found one! 'Does your car spit and cough. or do the wheels wobble, or does it have knocks and squeeks? In other words is your car a wreck? If it is come and see me, Harry Steffen at Steffen's Garage. My motto is "If I can't fix it nobody else can either." "That sounds like old 'Stub'." laughed Annie. "This one advertises Naomi Yake's photo- graphy studio which is located in the ,Grove Building. We must go down to see her.' "Here's one that will kill you," announced Annie, "Do you have the feeling you are losing your mind? Are some of your bolts slightly loose? If they are you need an appointment with me. Delores Kreig. Psychiatrist. We both were laughing pretty hard by this time, I imagine the other customers were won- dering what was tickling us. Annie found one advertising dancing lessons given by Lucille Reinhard at her studio. and I found one telling us of the twirling lessons Sarah Jane Nash was giving. Later Anna Louise remarked, "I don't know but I believe this edition of the Podunk Gazette contained something about everyone of our old classmates." "I believe it did. too." CLASS WILL We. the class of '49, realizing that our days in old L.. Hr S. are switfly drawing to a close. feel our indebtednesslto distribute-a portion of our cherished possessions and characteristics to certain underclassmen and others. who, after receiving them. are expected to treat them as such Having been pronounced sane and ex- tremely intelligent persons, we declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, in which we do hereby will and bequeath as follows: Article I Section I: We. the Senior Class. after due consideration do bet queath to the faculty all our old books and the tests that go with them. Section II: We. the Senior Class, do bequeath to the Junior Class our ability to get the school paper out on time. Section III: We, the Senior Class, do bequeath to the Sophomore Class our ability to get in class and seated before the last bell rings. Section IV: We, the Senior Class, after deep and serious medi- tation refuse to will anything to the Freshman Class because oi their inability to undertake any responsibility, which we hope they will acquire later on. Article II Section I: Individual Provisions I, Bill Barger, do bequeath my calmness to Wayne Yager. I. Harold Baumgartner. do bequeath my book '101 Ways to Cook a Guy's Goose" to Vernon Crozier I. Eddie Bryan, do bequeath my height and ability to get around to Arthur Moser. I. Anna Louise Clark. do bequeath my ability to roll my eyes to Marilyn Wasson. I. Jack Decker. do bequeth my right to skip school to go fow hunting to Don Hinshaw. I, Jack Decker. do bequeath my right to skip school to go fox Rex Van Zant I, Wilma Lou Dippel, do bequeath my monthly job of drawing Echo covers to Carol Barger. I, Etta Gerber. do bequeath all my old Latin books and papers to Mrs. McKeefer, I, Luther Gerber, do bequeath my short hair cuts to Joy Stahl. GI, Betty Heffelfinger, do bequeath my twirling ability to Evelyn reen. I, Richard Hinshaw, do bequeath all my bookkeeping books to Dean McCormick I, Bonnie Huss, do bequeath my ability to be cheerleader three years to Carol Barger. I. Joyce Johnloz. do bequeath my honor grades to Ivan Pursley. I. Delores Krieg. do bequeath a lock of my hair to Mr. Bryan. I, Richard Kruetzman. do bequeath my curly hair to Bob Clark. I, Walter Mankey. do bequeath my ability to stay out of trouble to Ivan Pursley. I. Dale Meyer. do bequeath my ability to run the mile in track to Jack Eversole, and may he break the school record. I. Lester Meyer. do bequeath my position of assistant coach of the Zollner Pistons to Jim Troyer Good luck to him and the team. I. Sarah Jane Nash. do bequeath the right to have the first diamond in the Senior Class to Alice Smith. h b I, Dave Paxson, do bequeath my success in going with certain Ossian girls to Bob Clark and Roy Maier, and anybody else who wants to. A I. Willis Pichard, do bequeath my between class chats with a certain Sophomore girl to that grey haired old man. LeRoy Hedges. who I know will always have something nice to say. I, Rex Pursley, do bequeath my ways and means of getting good grades in government to the future Senior Classes. I. Don Reinhard, do bequeath my ten easy lessons "How to Keep out of Trouble in geography class" to John Bright. I, Lucile Reinhard, do bequeath my ability to play a trumpet to Ervin Bradburn. I, Floyd Runyon, do bequeath my being the biggest senior to 'Shorty Fiechterf' I, Harry Steffen, do bequeath the right to be called "Stub" to anyone who is fool enough to cut off their thumb in shop. I. Carol Thomas, do bequeath my ability for straight A's in physics to Charles Myers. I.bGerry Walsh, do bequeath my natural curley hair to Marilyn Ger er. I, Bob Worden, do bequeath my ability to pitch softball to Charles Myers. I. Dwight Wolf, do bequeath my good looks and also my curly hair to Dean McCormick. I, Don Yager. do bequeath my privilege of playing the ball games, writing them for the Echo. and then trying them on the stencil to Doyle Stern. I. Naomi Yake. do bequeath my right to have parties for the senior girls to Joan Meyer 'When she is a senior.i Article III We, Luther Gerber, Bob Worden. and Don Yager. do bequeath our jobs, as Mrs. Gaiser's private secretaries, to anyone who is fool enough to take the job. We, Bill Barger and Willis Prichard. do bequeath the honor of raising the G, O. P. elephant on the flag pole next election time to Joan Meyer and Marilyn Gerber. We, Anna Louise Clark. Naomi Yake. Sarah Nash. Gerry Walsh. and Joyce Johnloz. do bequeath our quiet lady like manners to anyone who needs them. We. Walter Mankey, Jack Decker. Bill Barger. Willis Prichard, and Dave Paxson do bequeath our title of "The Gang" and our infamous deeds of making a pyramid of books in the assembly. dousing the lights at Senior play practice. plastering the cars at the teachers party with soap and tomatoes. our frequent ses- sions in the office, and other such acts too numerous to mention to the sophomore boys. and may luck be with them. We, Eddie and Lester, do bequeath our front seats in govern- ment to the unlucky persons who may get them. VVITNESSED: Mr. Lancaster Central School Dale Meyer -18- ' mqi Q A Juv- V 'ie' 'fi nw- f XX X sw s J 4' X 1 X J 5 Yi' X if K s..- ifiglv I 1 . i Ai .,. QQ .Qi-.Q3N,'.. K "Q Mn' 1 XSS 'Q JI S. Q ke '. gi' 3- X ,JF SQ- ,V ' A v 1 Q, X. ,,f:f, . Flew , 1 " ,Z p nw ....r"gxSs SN. L '- ' f E i. 1 ' ,af 2 if For if I 149' uf-f at . . ,if . A Qi' 15 " " - . 'F ' - . A f,,,m! A -Bn - J . -4, N 'I .L A M' it 'CVT' 9'-fr: . f f ' ' ' " " MY Q ,gg A , ' . I 1 ' -1 X rf I ' . . - . . , , X f..3'? XD DX Xi ,X . T , v ,g " R1 i :Yr aw cage . ,xx 'lj' f W ii an l t .L K shi. . fl for . 'A WEN X r - V x. I . ,.. " 1 Q .f I we '.' A ' , We X X .. " , ' " ' ' 'N A C' . N ' N ' 4: , -ny ,gr . . . , Q Ly -F., 1 4 X ' , X uk ' Y 2 1' X in Xxx X . is V xi 7 ' f lk C Ein Q A V aw-' L ' 1.3 : 5' 1 r- L - Q Juniors Officers Bottom Row seated Left to Right: Bonnie Gibson iPres.5, Joyce Neuensch- wander CSec.7. Top Row Left to Right: Jim Troyer CTreas.J, Arthur Moser CVice-Pres.J Doyle Stern CStudent Councill. Reading from Left to Right: Richard E. Beeler, Robert T. Clark, Grace A. Conn Vernon K. Crozier. Row Two: Jack W. Eversole, Janet R. Faus, Victor E. Gerber, Bonnie L, Gibson. Row Three: Marilyn J. Gross, Bill E. Kahn, Roy E. Maier, Arthur L. Moser. Row Four: Kenneth D. McCormick, Charles J. Myers, Jr., Joyce Neuenschwancler John A. Osborne, Ivan M. Pursley, Jean Rix. Betty J. Shipley. Row Five: Alice E. Smith. Joy C. Stahl, Doyle Stern, Jim H. Troyer, Marilyn K. Wasson. -19- ,i ' 13213-.if.ii,,g:f e" .ki N., -'1 J rr .l -lm 1 rm A I Q -,K UT F i 'lt i filltiefti ffiiwm-till ,- ' . , i' A 5 - -is aa .4 i: 1:-' 1:9 -- f' "7 -r 'Car I vii : A V V ' -N 1 g 1 .-1 'f A I I-Pxx Y if N. Sophomores Officers Standing Left to Right: Leon Byerly tPres.J, Richard Elzey tVice-Pres.J, Kenneth Hamilton fStudent Councill. Seated: C ' ' ' aiolyn Wi1l1,amQ fSec Tina J. . .- 'vs Row One Left to Right Arlene Anderson, George Bailey. Carol Barger, Jack Bowen. Row Two: John Bright, Marjorie Brown, Leon Byerly. Anthony Chrystler. Row Three: Richard Close. Dean Decker, Christine Dubach. Richard Elzey, Ellen Feichter. Row Four: Gerald Gerber, Richard Gerber. Marilyn Gerber, Kenneth Hamilton, Dale Heckley, John Meeks, Vivian Runyon. Row Five: Larry Shallenbarger, Virginia Stotlar. Tom Weibke, Carolyn Williams. Patty Wolf, Waldo Wolf, Eddie Zirkle. i2O.- . in x 'ff :Ii ezf L 1 e . . . ,fgEF. H 1, is ff? fx 45 'Y l X X J - -K 5 , Nr f Qi f-'-Sp' A Al -- JA n L ni Fx 'if Ai ,-Q1 ' . if-' 1. Ei l 3 7,1 H ' g 1" "' 'T it J? if ' M 1, 1. Q 'K ' . C XVI, ll' i 5 :Q G ,B lv r 3 GX 'J J' Y V A , N In wmv' 3 y I' X,-v lf' -X l ,, b X N juni if JA ings,,: is new Freshman Closs Bottom Row Seated Left to Right: Jackie Harris CVice-Pres.J. 'Iop Row Seated Left to Right: Don Lidy CTreas.J, Wayne Yager CPres.D, Larry Wittwer CSec.D Officers: Bottom Row Seated Left to Right: Jacque Harris fVice-Pres.J. Top Row Left to Right: Don Lydy CTreas.J, Wayne Yager CPres.J, Larry Wittwer CSec.J. Row One: Glenn Aschliman, Evelyn Barrick, Barbara Blount, Virginia Byrd. Row Two: Lester Crozier, Rolland Dippel, Phyllis Dishong, Jim Duncan. Row Three: Jim Easley, Ruth Faus, Gerald Feichter, Tom Frauhiger. Row Four: Evelyn Green, Jacque Harris, Don Hinshaw, Barbara Lash, Don Lydy, Virgil McIntosh, Joan Meyer. Row Five: Richard Prichard. John Pursley, Byron Reber, Betty Reinhard, Larry Wittwer, Wayne Yager. -21- GRADE EIGHT First Row. Left to Right: Virgil Brown, Billy Shallenberger. La Reith Hapner. Edith Frye, Elizabeth Stahl. Janet Mc- Intosh. Loretta Reinhard. Warner Hunt, Donovan Wolf. Second Row, Left to Right: Mrs. McKeefer iSponsorJ. Gordon Reed. Billy Zirkle. Tillman Gerber. Max Hamilton, Wayne Sprowl. Lester Mankey. Rodney Gerber. Third Row, Left to Right: David Gerber, Don Decker. Bob Troyer. Maurice Shady. Richard Barger. Dennis Lobsi- ger. George Blount. Dean Reber.. Absent: Donna Ruth Shipley. Wendell Meeks. Walter Klefeker. GRADE SEVEN Row One. Left to Right: Jerry Elzey. Larry Baumgartner. Wayne Meeks. Rose- mary James. Nancy Bright. Colleen Decker. Lorraine Harris. Lawrence Gra- ham. Jerry Bowen. Charles Chrystler. Max Tarr. Row Two: Bonnie Herrick. Shirley Falk. Lucille Reed. Jeanine Krauter. Carolyn Girod. Peggy Frauhiger. Marilyn Gear- hart. Kay Newman. Marilyn Runyon. Rose Marie Moser. Vera Stotlar, Sue Green. Row Three: Betty Meeks. Ervin Bradburn, Rex Van Zant. DeuWayne Strahm David Beeler. Larry Gerber. Robert Myers. Ted Hanni. Tom Kahn. Ron Decker. Wanetta Crozier. Mr. Hedges. Teacher. GRADE SIX Bottom Row: Left to Right: Edna Rein- hard. Carolyn Richards. Wilma Mounsey, Dixie Mclntosh. Carolyn Wolf, Eva Bailey. Joan Smith, Diane Scott. Ger- aldine Gerber, Marilyn Tarr. Middle Row: Tommy Moser. Joe Mann, Merlin Barrick. Bob Nash. Frieda Brickley, Natividad Torres. Betty Jines. Ann Reber. Back Row: Mr. Shady. Dean Faus, Kenny Steffen. Keith Zirkle. Janette Kruetz- man, Donald Jines. Jack Kahn. GRADE FIVE Left to Right First Row: Harold Wolf, Danny Jines, Donald Steffen, Richard Duncan, Marcia Williams, Elizabeth Halter, Esther Perkins, Suzanne Was- son, Wayne Paxson, John Finan, Gene Simon, Ted Wiebke. Left to Right Second Row: Charles Myers, Melvin Crozier, David Johnloz, Joyce Lockwood, Dixie Elzey, Marilyn Wli- son, Wayne Fiechter, Jimmie Eichhorn, Keith Grove, Mrs. Bennett Cteacherb. Left to Rgiht Third Row: Clyde Shady, Wayne LaVoncher, John Herrick, Ann Lee Hunt, Millard Davis, George Kauf- man, Galen Harnish. Diane Faus Cabsentb. GRADE FOUR Top Row: Roger Falk, Herbert Gerber, William Hartman, Herman Schroeder, James Masterson, Pablo Torrez, James Markley, James Julian, Eugene Faus, James Diehl, Jay Crozier, Mrs. French. Second Row: Charles Booker, Dean Van- over, Roberta Berstch, Janice Ann Johnson, Irene Berstch, Dixie Kahn, Diane Stern, Dorothy Rose Myer, Ruth Ann Green, Carol Strahm, Joyce Books, Lois Reed. Bottom Row: James Decker, Rex Decker, Daniel Reinhard, Shirley Noack, Janet Wasson, Marcia Kay Shewalter, Carol Baumgartner. Ellen Rose Yager. Ida Ellen Borne, Rollin Paxson, Charles Thompson and Earl VanEmon. GRADE THREE First Row Left to Right: David Rever. Arthur Miller, Linda Mankey, Franklin Steffen, Jeanette Mounsey, Ronald Wolf. Linus Gerber, Rolland Meyers. Barbara Diehl, Wyndetta Graham, Arno Sonnenberg, Nancy Simon, Jimmie Glasgow. Second Row Left to Right: Alan Baum- gartner, Robert Neuschwander, Louise Bertsch, Jolena Hunt, Geraldin Spring- er, Vaughn Huss, Floyd Lobsiger, John Reed, Carol Fisher, Judith Reed, Patsy Mankey. Patrick Mann. Third Row Left to Right: Charles Johnloz, Heather Haifley, Zandra France, Shar- on Strahm, Nancy Shady, Frances Torrez, Marcia James, Connie Kahn, Roger Krummen, Virginia Payne, Pat- ricia Frauhiger, David Trullender. Mrs. Yager, Teacher. GRADE TWO First Row: Galen Gerber, John Hartman, Dickie Johnloz. David Young, Charles Booker, David France. David Habegger, Keith Honegger, David riartman. Second Row: Arlene Frauhiger. Patty Lockwood. Dennis Johnson. Clifford Gerber, Arlen Gerber, Donald Brindle, David Booker. Larry Easley. Marcia Sharp, Shirley Decker, Irene Krum- men, Rinda Decker. Third Row: Timothy Kaehr. Bertha Faus, Sandra Perkins. Marjorie Diehl. Bobby Busick, Teddy Fiechter, Patrick Finan, Claudia Clowser. Larry Tschannen, Jim Borne, Anita Larmore. Sally Shady. Fourth Row: Dickie Morris. Ronnie Stern, Adell Shady. Rebecca Niblick. Sally Kahn, Bette Rose Elzey. Carolyn Mc- Intosh. Sharon Myers, Stephanie Al- bertson. Loretta Blount. Jerry Moun- sey, Patrick Vanover. Ms Meyer. Teacher. GRADE ONE Left to Right Front Row: Mary Lou Richards. Nancy Strahm, Mary F. Ger- ber. Lauanne Druckemiller. Marvin Steffen. Marcia Books. Billy Price. Kay L.YC1y. Phyllis Wolf. Helen Graft. Janice Julian, Frankie Morris. Mary Lois Masterson, Left to Right: Second Row: Betty Lee Halter, Judy Kahn. Norman Thompson, Kathryn Rupel, Dale Frauhiger, Janet Sue Hedgcs. John Isch, Elaine Gerber, Paul Frauhiger, Faylee Byerly. Larry Mankey tAbsentJ. Teacher, Phyllis Cass. GRADE ONE Left to Right Front Row: Sandra Walker, Janet Reed, Donnie Faus. Maxine Ger- ber. Donald Lakc. Diana Fraul'iigei'. David Thompson. Gloria Reber, Ronald Kaehr. Robert Hartman. Gary Shady. Dean Williams. Kay Grove. Left to Right Second Row: Wanda Crozi- er. June Jines. Sharon Garton. Lila Hitzficld. LaMoinc Springer. SYOVGH Macon. Gilbert lNlechlin,Q, Peggy Booth, Janice Mycrs. Allcn Kruetzman, Laura Mankcy, tAbsent? Freddie Yake, Wer- dcn Sonnenberg, Teacher Mrs. Leonora Byrd. RING THREE 1. . 1 "k' n f bbb' ii., --.v. - X 'l,,' , , ,. I ir 5.3, -Yiv L lfw q xy f. iii W ei? i if 1 - ' "X- ' ' f 'F 1 1 4" u g : ' ' 55' A ,Q - . --.. .iff ,- x . , Y, , 4- -X55 ,"' maui N '4" ' X -'A- R ' '- N gf' ff- ' ..f" " K I O 125L Bosketboll "49" VARSITY SETS OUTSTANDING RECORD The Lancaster Bobcats. playing superb ball and win- ning sixteen straight games including the County Champ- ionship. shattered all records in L. H. S. in scoring and in number of games won, The Bobcats were fighting for first place position in the States Undefeated column till in January when the Chester Center Indians defeated them by a one-point margin. After this defeat the Bobcats had a small slump. but snapped out of it and were fresh and ready for the sectional. Because of a back injury. Dale Meyer was unable to see full action this season. The Bobcats ended the season at the top of the county standings. Opponent Lancaster Opponent Montpelier 66 26 Union 53 37 Liberty 55 24 Ossian 46 26 Rockcreek 62 -ll Petroleum 37 30 Wapakoneta 82 37 Andrews 60 25 Ossian 31 13 Berne 35 26 Decatur Catholic 4-L 31 Huntington Township -L2 28 Monmouth 32 29 Chester 35 36 Petroleum 35 42 Union 61 30 Huntington Catholic -15 48 Rockcreck 61 27 Total 882 556 COUNTY TOURNEY SCORES Lancaster -13 Jackson 32 Lancaster 39 Liberty 38 Larlvastel' 45 Petroleum 30 l l -26- 'A T "1 ew. 525525, s-mama mam if ,ff Cheer Leoders We again had a fine trio of cheer leaders this year. Two of the girls. Bonnie Huss and Bonnie Gibson, were refelected this year. Since this has been their third year of experience in the art of yelling. they have each received a sweat- er with a letter for their splendid work. Carol Barger was our new cheer leader this year. Although she was just a sophomore, she made an excellent yell leader. The girls' costumes were very attractive. They were planned to represent little "kittens" in boots. Bonnie Huss. the eldest of the girls. will graduate this spring: so we wish Bonnie and Carol the best of luck in cheer leading in the future. Left to right: Bonnie Huss, Carol Barger, Bonnie Gibson. Left to Righti Leon Bycrly, Dt-an Decker, Mgrg William Bryan, Coach: Eddie Zirklc, Mgr. Cooch ond Mgr's Each vear there are some boys who put forth a greatvdeal of effort in behalf of our team. These boys play almost as important a part in our basketball programs as the ball players. Yes, these are our student managers. This year they were Eddie Zirkle, Leon Byerly, and Dean k three veiy fine lads who deserve more Dec er. " . praise than managers actually receive. The work of the managers includes such various duties as keeping the dressing room and supplies in order, attending all practices. . t- keeping an accurate shooting chart, and assis ing the team at all games. Mr. Bryan, again has completed another fine vear of coaching, and we are very grateful to him for doing such a swell job. He has raised the standards and skills of our team even high- er this year. and he has given the team not only a way but a will to fight and win. We admire Mr. Bryan very much indeed for his patience and ability in contributing so much to our team and school. May he always remain the fine coach that he is today. ,. gr BOTTOM ROW CLeft to Rightlz Bob Worden, Don Yager, Doyle Stern, William C t Bryan, coachg Art Moser, Dave Paxson, Vernon Crozier. Y SECOND Row CLeft to Righty: Leon Byeriy, Manager, Willis Prichard, Dale and Meyer, Lester Meyer, Victor Gerber. Luther Gerber, Eddie Bryan, Eddie Sectional Champs Zerkle, manager. Before a capacity crowd the fighting Bobcats played their best game of the County tourney and swept on to a hard earned victory over the mighty Petroleum Panthers, with a score of 45 to 30. The score at the first quarter was 12-5 in favor of the green and white. Petro- leum put up a hard fight during the first half to hold the score to 23-13. Lancaster. During the second half the Bobcat's defense loosened up and the quarter ended 31-26 in favor of Lancaster. At the start of the last quarter the Bobcat's offense began to tighten so that their margin was 14-1 making the final score 45-30. The scrap and teamwork of the entire squad brought our team a well-earned victory. Lancaster won the right to play in the finals by winning over Jackson 43-321 this gave them their second defeat of the season. In the semi-finals Lancaster edged out the Liberty Center Lions by only one point, 39-38. Following the final game Lancaster was given the trophy and crowned the H1949 Wells County Basketball Champions" by Superintendent Lee. Lancaster also had the honor of having four boys placed on the "all-Coimty team" and two on "Honorable Mention." T2 QL Boby Bobcots Bottom Row: fLeft to Right? Billy Zirkle, Max Hamilton Tillman Gel bei Tom Kahn, Dwight Shady. fcoachl, Don Decker. Maurice Shady Bob Tiox ei Lestei Mankey. Second Row: fLeft to Right? Wayne Sprowl. Larrx Baumgaitnei Ron D ckei Dennis Lolzsiger. Ted Hanni, Lawrence Graham. Rex VanZant David B elei JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The Junior High haslietlzall team enjoyed a successful season from the standpoint af ex- perience a culurrin. T itits ul' za L'lll'llL', Below Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster nd made a nice showing in the win his team slimrs talent and possibil- good high school team in years to is a record of the seasons schedule. 18 17 19 20 Coverlimeb 25 21 23 25 15 23 11 Chester 16 Rockcreek 15 Ossian 23 Union 21 Chester 16 Decatur Catholic 24 Rockcreek 13 Union 23 Yoder 2-1 Petroleum 22 Ossian 25 OUR TWIRLERS Reading from left to right: Sarah Jane Nash. Evelyn Green, Gerry Walsh. i30T Seated Left to Right: Johnny Bright, Tom Wiebke, Joy Stahl, Luther Gerber, Gerald S d Gerber, Dean Decker, Wayne Yager. Standing Left to Right: Leon Byerly, Victor Gerber, Richard Gerber, Jim Troyer. Richard Elzey, Richard Hamilton. Eddie Zirkle. RESERVES HAVE UNDEFEATED SEASON Our Reserves started off the season by throwing their slick and snappy team into high gear and never letting up until the final game was over. The small but powerful Bobcats met plenty of tough competition in their schedule but none was able to overcome the unbeatable Bobcats. With co-operation and good team play the Reserve squad Went on to Win 18 straight games. Opponent Lancaster Opponent Montpelier 34 21 Union 41 17 Liberty 30 19 Ossian 42 19 Rockcreek 38 25 Petroleum 30 24 Wapakoneta 40 25 Andrews 30 15 Ossian 28 10 Berne 23 22 Decatur Catholic 35 20 Huntington Township 26 14 Monmouth 32 21 Chester 31 20 Petroleum 25 23 Union 40 25 Huntington Catholic 36 20 Rockcreek 52 16 Totals 613 356 .13 11 Trcick Team Lancaster opened their first full-scheduled track season on April 5 by having a dual meet with Jackson on the Bobcat's oval. Results: Lancaster 71, Jackson 10. Due to bad weather the Bobcats were unable to get back onto the track until April 16, when a triangular meet was held between Lancaster, Berne. and Ossian at the Bluffton runway. Final score: Lancaster 4lV2, Berne 39. and Os- sian 3612. In our second triangular meet the Bobcats were host to Union and Rockcreek. Again the Bobcats emerged victorious with the following score: Lancaster 60, Union 20. and Kneeling left to righti R ic h Ll rd Gerber Floyd Bunyon. Willis Prichard. Joh n n y Bright. Arthur Mos- er, Don Yager, Victor Gerber, Lester Mey- er, Bob Worden. Standing left to right: Mr. Bryan KCoziehl Joy Stahl. Luther Gerber, Walter Man- key, Eddie Bryan, Richard Krcutzinan Doyle Stern, Jim Troyer, Dale Meyer Vernon Crozier, Heir- o l cl Ba umgurtncr, Bob Clark, Leon - f Rockcreek 10. On April 30 the Bobcats beat Petroleum Panthers 8695 to 4814. Lancaster closed their 1948 track season with a victory over Hoagland by a score of 59 2-3 to 311-3. This completed a successful season for the Bobcats with a record of five wins against one defeat. The following boys received ribbons at the County track meet: D. Meyer. J. Bright, F. Runyon, L. Gerber, D. Yager, E. Bryan, A. Moser, W. Prichard, R. Kruetzman, V. Crozier. and H. Baumgartner. W he SQ 'vii 5 s s . U I ' Bverlv and Dean W, - - ,gift--",'.4 .,- ,vyl-V . an -1 M ' '- wnfgzf.- wx .A ...K M N A X wx i 5 Decker tMana2erl. kilt- Tf1V3S2':-.0 -"M ,J "'-1 v Ty' 3'-fi""'i7' " 'i':T?'aL"'ui3f" M' - -J We swift 'ff A 1 1 1 A 8 L-as t vm ..:.., , 2-33"-liz.-,,,e..-, .kr n-K fe-'-f--'-3g,:.'. .U .. 5,17 as 'yfpzrtfl . '. r"' ' 11 -fSaalvQ.ff- 188:-fmt'-M 1'--"1 'N -'-.1 ar-. , 'fs -- .uf . f- , r- ' H Tir ... -..i ' 1'LL5.""' --A .eff p ' . Q ..... .fhfixff fffei-.:.Ls-.. ,32- Kneeling left to right: Victor Gerber. Doyle Stern, Bob Worden. Don Yager. Jack S Decker. G a Standing left to right: Eddie Bryan, Dean Decker, Luther Gerber, Dale Meyer, Vernon Crozier, Lester Meyer, Willis Prichard. Joy Stahl. The Bobcats won the County Softball League by winning over Petroleum 8-0 in the final play-off. Lancaster won the North League by winning six straight league games with the following scores: Ossian 6-0 12-0 Union 5-0 3-2 Rockcreek 9-0 12-2 In their first game of the season the Bobcats beat Jackson 10 to 5 in a non- league contest. This game gave the Bobcats a total of 8 straight wins, five of which were shutouts. The play-off between Lancaster and Petroleum was held at Wilson Field at Bluffton. Immediately following the game the Championship Trophy was presented to our team by Wayne Lee, County Superintendent of Schools. -331 Sport Snaps Evq-rx'fwnu takes part and enjmys various forms ul' activity. Stzrrtirig at the top luft tw right are the frcshman amd suDho- mcvrc girls pl'1x's1Cal uclucziticwn class. and thc clivcrleaders. Junior and senior girls phvsical cd.. Junior and senior boys Dlivsical od.. and Cnacli Bryan present- ing Mr. Jmhnsori with the clwmpionsliip truphy. Thc senifir and junior girls building a pyramid, ciglith grade physical ed.. and a game of volley ball. The seninr and junior boys doing cxcrcises. and thc junior and se-niwr girls opening the iwwsv. 2079851 Seated Left to Right: Betty Heffelfinger, Bonnie Huss, Gerry Walsh, Naomi Yake, I Wilma Dippel. Standing: Mrs. Shady fgirl's athletic directorb, Delores Krieg, Sarah Jane Nash, Joyce Johnloz, Anna L. Clark, Lucile Reinhard, Etta Gerber CManagerb. Our Girls' volley ball team this year consisted of ten healthy, vigorous, and am- bitious girls. They worked very hard in trying to achieve better tactics in playing the game of volley ball. One outstanding feature of the game was their spiking method. Several of the girls were very efficient at this art, and they were indeed a great help to the team. Altogether, the team played four outside games: two with Bluffton, and two also with Petroleum. The girls were very successful in victory, and the girls' fine traits of sportsmanship, teamwork, courtesy and hospitality, which were supported by their coach, Mrs. Shady, had a great deal to do with their getting victories. Etta Gerber was the assistant for the team and, she also proved to be a great help throughout the year. Bus Drivers - Cooks - Custodions Pictures going from left to right: Pep session: Dhysics class: Fort Wayne group: Raymond, the janitor: bus drivers: county nurse: boys cleaning up gym: Mr. Lee: bus drivers: Mr. and Mrs. John- son: Jack Decker selling during a ball game: Wilma Dippel, working on the rnimeoscope: senior girls cleaning the gym after a ball game: boys' shop class: Mr. Turner, directing the band: Raney the janitor: cooks: first grade having a candy sale: senior and junior home economics class: bus drivers, le"fwl Lx If .A v if " cts fl gf 'Q '- L' 5-'H xr i ' X If -Y fl '. rv' .:,,,.A,,,,x7 1- ev YI' -3 , I-.. JY'-e . .ff 5 ,Lb ' --is r -36- 9 r"'r1 RING FCJHR Z E' W : X 6 h, ?k x S Y V. . N J , .334 Q .UI 'Q x 1' 5x':2' Elii :fi ' if-4' g, 13 ,If . Ax 'Lui' Y ' if ix 4 6 , . . X ' ' .W f? QQ 0 :jf gxix V K 1, h A90 mg , f I ff X ' 4 N5 Z ' f D 15+ g -is lqii sy 5 W lxwv fu M L' ,Z f-CI .,,, Y X ' 'ga-4 .X . Q- J mmm 37- Annual Staff Seated Left to Right: Mr Bryan, Miss Sellers, Mrs. McKeefer, Bonnie Huss, Floyd Runyon, Mrs. Troyer. Mrs. Gaiser. Second Row Left to Right: Etta Gerber, Betty Heffel- finger, Lucile Reinhard, Geraldine Walsh, Anna L. Clark, Sarah J. Nash, Naomi Yake, Wilma Dippel, Joyce Johnloz. Delores Kreig. Dave Paxson. Jean Decker. Richard Hinshaw, Don Reinhard. Third Row Left to Right: Bill Barger. Carol Thomas, Lester Meyer, Eddie Bryan, Richard Kruetzman, Rex Pursley. Don Yager. Harry Steffen, Dwight Wolf, Bob Worden, Jack Decker, Dale Meyer. Luther Gerber, Willis Prichard. 138- Editor Bonnie Huss Assistant Editor Floyd Runyon Business Managers Bob Worden, Dale Meyer Alumni Jean Decker, Richard Kreutzman, Richard Hinshaw, Delores Kreig Activities Anna L. Clark, Don Yager, Willis Prichard, Betty Heffelfinger. Joyce Johnloz Athletics Eddie Bryan. Lucille Reinhard Photographs Naomi Yake, Gerry Walsh. Walter Mankey, Harry Steffen Cartoons Wilma Dippel. Sarah Jane Nash. Etta Gerber Humor Rex Pursley, Jack Decker Circulation Harold Baumgartner, Don Reinhard, Dwight Wolf, Carol Thomas Advertising Lester Meyer, Luther Gerber. Dave Paxson. Bill Barger We, the members of the annual staff. wish to thank the people who have co-operated so greatly in the publishing of the Reflector. Echo Stott Seated Left to Right: Mrs. Troyer, Naomi Yake, Luther Gerber, Mrs. Gaiser, Don Yager. First Row Left to Right: Floyd Runyon, Marilyn Gerber, Betty Heffelfinger, Gerry Walsh, Bonnie Huss, Wilma Dippel. Delores Krieg, Anna L, Clark, Bonnie Gibson, Alice Smith, Bob Worden, Dwight Wolf. Second Row Left to Right: Eddie Bryan, Willis Prichard, Lester Meyer, Vivian Runyon, Virginia Byrd, Charles Myers, Harry Steffen, Dale Meyer, Wayne Yager, Joyce Johnloz, Lucile Reinhard. Editors Naomi Yake, Luther Gerber Printers Charles Myers, Dale Meyer Reporters Lester Meyer, Floyd Runyon, Bob TYDiS'fS Typing H W 'd . Al' S 'th, B ' G'b- . oi en. ice mi n uonnie 1 Stencil Cutters Typing H son, Dwight Wolf, Vivian Runyon, Marilyn Gerber, Virginia Byrd, Editing Sponsol' Helen T1-Oyey Wayne Yager. Printing Sponsor Audrey Gaiser Sports Editors Anna Louise Clark, Don Yager Joke Editor Eddie B1-yan The Echo was printed each month of the Poetry Editor Delores Krieg school year by the English and Commercial de- Alt Edltol' Wilnla Divpel partments. Stories and poems. written by Feature Editors Willis Prichard, Bonnie Huss, Lucille Reinhard various students were published and other in- Business Manager Harry Steffen teresting features. ,39- Student Council The student council, which was organized in 19-15, is still operating sui'cesst'ully. The pur- pose of the council is to have government by the students. Some of the more important things done by the council are planning period- ical assembly programs and distributing the sellina of refreshments at home ball games among different organizations. At the present time they are trying to put through a system hy which students can save money during their freshman and sophomore years to meet their expenses during their junior and senior years, such as buying class rings. senior pictures, etc. Officers of the council this year were as fol- lows: president, Dale Meyer: vice-president. Lester Meyer: secretary and treasurer, Bonnie Gibson. The council is made un of the president of each class, a representative from each of the upper six grades. one from the girls' 4-H club. the boys' 4-H club, girls' chorus. boys' chorus. eirls' athletics, boys' athletics. Hi-Y club, and the band. Punt Rong Reazin-1 'fern' Levr YQ R gr' Egg. beth Statl Sarah Jane Nash Bonnie Gb- son, Naomi Yake, Dale Meyer, Lester Meyer, Luther Gerber. BQ vi'f Pow Remains Leif to Rigrf My HEJQE: NfVi'n-2' Hui DD. J Bee'-2' Don Dei-e' Leon Bwefi. Kenner' Har' 'on Dade Bern Jn-:L Declfff, Vefnon Cn:-z ef VUE 'Tewief Wane race- R 73 i 1' I'1-TJ' Boy's H i-Y The Lancaster chapter of Hi-Y was organized during last year's school term with a member- ship of forty-one. This year the club member- ship has increased to forty-six. At the first meeting this year Victor Gerber was elected president: Willis Prichard. vice- president: Dale Meyer, secretary: Harry Stef- fen, treasurer: Lester Meyer, Sergeant-at-arms: Victor Gerber, our club president, also serves as student council member. On December 13 the girls in the high school chorus were guests of the Hi-Y. The Annual Hi-Y Best Girl Banquet was held in the spring. 55AlE9 UP' 0 can" +39-sin Fi,--M F111 Runnin Xgnjf Q9-ref Hjnx 5,57 'H' Dei 5'e'n Die M-2,62 Lever Meyer Lira- ,3p,K.E,, W! L' pmindrdl S' in: Rfw le" ,JM Bug 5, ,yung 'V' Herve Jrt Swm Egg wcqm 56, '1'3P'li'P' Leon Bxerly Jail Bowen Ken- wr,-" HAH- mn Dean D.3.-tw Jim 5,3,. VX wwe Mme' D3 e H04 Q, Qs.:-38 EH P. Dilphit K'ii.'e', D-3-n Ltgp Rtgmyj -F' i af Q, ' '1 Fit-. th" t 'Jf't- Li", Muse Erie Swan Rox Ma-ei Rani 1 5,-ripe' E 1 1 e I fl e J 'iv Duncan Cha' P M.e': J' Tttr- Dov Wave' Dm qs' Wgl Dye Vi-wi-V B Brief Jean Decief, texte' Currie' Bet- Claw Anthony Ctvrystwr, Seated: Dean Reber, Lawrence Graham. First Row, Lett to riqnt. Rose Mary Jarnes, Sniriey Falk, Lucille Reed, Jeanine Kramer, Colleen Decker, Marlvn Runyon, Joan Smith, Eva Mae Bailey, Marsha Wiliarns, Suzanne Wasson, Diane Scott, Ann Reber, Second Row, Lett to right: Mrs. Rolfe, Peggy Fraunioer, Nancy Bright, Sue Green, Mar:- lyn Gearharv, Marilyn Gross, Alice Smith lizabetn Starl, Marilyn Wasson, Janete lfreiirzrnan, Dixie E-zev, Joyce Lockwood, Elrzabetn Halter. Ihirg Row, Lett to riqnv' Carolyn Wjliarns, Marilyn Gerber, Carol Baroer, Vivian Runyon, Evelyn Barrick, Vmqiriia Byrd, Eve- lyn Green, Jaclie Harris, Joan Meyer, Bonnie Hass, Joyce Joliriloz, Naomi Yale, Bonnie Gibson, Ann Lee Hunt, Carolyn Wol', Boys' 4-l-l The Lancaster Hustlers 4-H Club was direct- ed most successfully during the past year by Mr. John Mugg, The club had seventy-two members enrolled, sixty-six of whom com- pleted. This was the highest enrollment and percentage of completion in Wells County this year. On June 7-10 Lancaster was represented at Camp Limberlost by 16 members of the club. Four members. Don Yager, Leon Byerly, Ric- hard Prichard, and Bob Troyer attended 4-H Round-up at Purdue University on June 15, 16 and 17. Lancaster was honored by having seven members awarded as county champions, two of whom were repeaters from last year. These members were awarded a trip to the Interna- tional Livestock Exposition in Chicago. They were: Douglas Krauter, showmanshipl Ron Decker, champion litter: Galen Harnish, cham- pion Ayrshire: Virginia Byrd. champion poul- try: and Eddie Bryan, Grand Champion beef steer. The repeaters were: Arthur Moser, cham- pion tomatoes, and Carolyn Henry, champion dairy calf. Achievement pins were given to the com- pleting members by the Farm Bureau on De- cember 6. Girls' 4-H The Lancaster Girls' -1-H Club elected as their presldent Carolyn Henry. "Class of '-i8": Joyce Johnloz, vice-president: Bonnie Gibson, sec- retaryg Virginia Byrd, reporter: Bonnie Huss. song leader: and Naomi Yake and Jacquelyn Harris. game leaders. Carolyn Henry. Joyce Johnloz. and Naomi Yake were our Jr. Leaders and Mrs. Rolfe was our Adult Leader. This summer we worked hard and received many fine ribbons and awards. Five girls who earned a trip to Purdue Roundup were Joyce Johnloz, Naomi Yake, Betty Shipley, Donna Shipley, and Marilyn Gross. Most of us went to camp early in June. It was located near La- Grange. Indiana, at Lake Oliver. Gene Strat- ton Porters summer home. lt was a little Cool but we enjoyed it. Several of our girls entered and won prizes at the state fair also. We had two first prizes at the county dress revue. We had one winner in canning at the state fair. At the street fair we had a fine showing and won sixty-three prizes. Cnrystier Daw: Jocnlor, Mr. Mn-1 Free' Pit-. Pen' 1 Lf" ' P Pcrali Lleclw- qi". EE." ii"'f" Nu' We' ' Bi ' Z- Jag- lf' Jr- W3 K-2 " Z" 9 Nz- HIV ' ' -W-"' 33 1' F-1 :rf-. S-r 2' Pi--. Tai 'wN'f:"-1' r-ln' Life' if i' ' Diller Pjir. Efiw' Dae lf . " 'S'm'f-n Vit ii Emi, Fo.: l?.r. n 5'1" L.."-,-' Serta' Lefe' Mr- A . ion Res: R ri in Bane' FLA Trree Pit-n Firma' Ar 1' 9 4 n- Da. 1 Bef le: Hier' 77" X- ,l-jrn B' imrv A Hr-r l.' -'ri-. fir-w ' 5 gig-V Lagn B.r"'. Ezie rn" l-Mi" tor. 'vNw,"- 1111:-r D:-1 L. iv .f 'vie Dil. 1 151 rrer Sur" F iirorn M lljirii Dirt Q. Don Str-"nn Wa P3-son Tfi W Ellie Vcw Fix .lg'r Ref-: Des' FV: 1--' Rerer Bon lrcoe' Torre-, lxirw M., P 'Sha i., Don Dr-'L-ff" Lsrrt W 'Nw-Q F 1' kfevgr- gf Ar'r...r Moser, Dcn 'ge' 5 Border Eire Bryan R crari iff George Ba let Douglas Kramer An" Band : 1 3 1 . 4 5 3 . Q S y i if , r 5, Seated Left to Right: Naomi Ytike. Betty Heffelfinger. Jacqiielyn Harris. Bose Mary James. Virginia Byrd. Marilyn Geurhart. Elizabeth Stahl. Liieile Reinhard, Ervin Brzidbiirn. Standing: Mr. Turner tInstri1etorJ. Bob Troyer, Juek Eversole, Byron Heber, Roy Maier, Richard Kreiitzinun. Larry Wittwer. Warner Hunt. Richard Prichard. Our Lainczister Blind is endeuvoring to do mzinv things to improve and better itself for the honor and pride of the school and ull those who are interested in it. We ure requiring the ability to reiid music better. to have better team work in the entire band. and to gain better zipprecizition ot' what musie really is. We have some new members this yezir Lind they :ire proving themselves quite worthy ol' being in the Senior Band. We have baind every Wednesday morning und Friday afternoon. The band- niiister is Mr. James Turner. ...QT Junior Ploy Seated: Lucille Reinhard, Mrs. Troyer tDirectorb, Gerry Walsh. Lester Meyer. Standing: Naomi Yake, Harry Steffen, Bonnie Huss, Don Yager, Anna L. Clark, Bob Worden. Joyce Johnloz, Eddie Bryan, Willis Prichard. Floyd Runyon. I 3 f Lf, 1. Jr- Virginia Hunter, Editor-in-Chief of the Hollydale Herald ....,.,.,...,. Bonnie Huss Rhoda Ives, Virginia's Secretary ....,.......,..............,.... Lucille Reinhard Perry Whiting, star reporter .,...... Harry Steffen Adell Dunklee, reporter ........,..,.,.,.. Naomi Yake Charlie Hixon, cub reporter .......... Eddie Bryan Calvin Bradbury, author of the novel "Hot News" .,........w......,.w...,..........,..,.. Don Yager Hal Spence, editor-in-chief of Hollydale News ..............,,...,..,....i...,.....w,......... Bob Worden Mrs. Van Tome, a local society woman ........................................ Anna L. Clark Rebecca Van Tome, her daughter ....,......,......,......,,..,........ Joyce Johnloz Eli Sevrens, an influential politician ..,..,..,,...........,.............. Willis Prichard Betty Hunter, Virginia's sister .... Gerry Walsh Nels Swenson, a ski-jumping champion .................,....,............... Lester Meyer Ray Sawyer, a police inspector .... Floyd Runyon l"l'il its '? i . ' ' I , i , .,, I 'li m I N. i" ' L - 15" In our junior year we presented a newspaper play entitled "Headlines" The play took place in the City Room of the Hollydale Herald. The editor, Virginia Hunter, who started a cam- paign to have certain disease breeding tene- ment buildings torn down, had plenty of trouble with Eli Sevrens. the man who owned the tenements. She managed to get Hal Spen- cer, editor of the Hollydale News. who was also in love with her, help her with the campaign. Between the kidnapping of her sister, Betty. by Sevren's men, Mrs. Van Tome, a local soci- ety woman who didn't want an interview with her daughter printed because it would ruin her husband's chances of becoming elected, Calvin Bradbury. author of the novel "Hot News," who wants an apology for what the Herald said about his book. and Nels Swenson, a ski-jump- ing champion, Virginia had quite a time getting things straightened out. With the help of her reporters. Perry Whit- ing, Adell Dunklee, Charlie Hixon, and her secretary, Rhoda lves, and the police inspector Ray Sawyer. Virginia managed to get the tene- ments torn down, new buildings in their place and became the wife of the editor of the Holly- dale News. ,,.,4 Senior Ploy Seated Left to Right: Eddie Bryan, Lucille Reinhard, Luther Gerber, Naomi Yake, Harry Steffen. Bonnie Huss. Dale Meyer. Standing: Anna Louise Clark, Don Yager, Wilma Dippel, Etta Gerber, Mrs. Troyer CDirectorJ, Lester Meyer, Bob Worden. r. Ll il xii ,ii it i tsl, I nk! .41 Bentita Bolt. Rebecca's niece .......i Bonnie Huss Lutie Sprinks, the maid who winks .. .. Anna L. Clark Rebecca Bolt. Manager of the Bolt Sanitarium ,......,, ..,. , ,,,,,,,, Naomi Yake Martha Grubb, the Cook, a Melancholic H ....... ,....,, . .,., ,,.....,,,,... E t ta Gerber Twink Starr, Benita's fiance with delusions of grandeur , ,,,,,,,,,,, Harry Steffen Dr, Hippocrates Joy, a Physchiatrist Dale Meyer NUTS AND BOLTS When the masterful Miss Rebecca Bolt. whose hobby is psychoanalysis, inherits a spooky old mansion from an eccentric brother, she turns it into a sanitarium for patients with phobias and nervous diseases, much to the dis- may of her niece. Benita, Whereupon, the nuts start to pour in, and the fun begins in earnest. Lutie Spinks, the man-hating maid. has a nerv- ous habit of winking that gets her into trouble with il'rta.ious men patients. Gertie Glossop has a contagion-phobia and all but asphyxiates everybody else with her Various spraying machines. Caclwalleder Clippy has a cat- phobia and is frightened nearly out of his wits by the pct 'cat of malicious little Wilbur. a problem child. Prunella Figg suffers from claustrophibia. Martha Grubb. the cook, fairly wallows in melancholy, and Plunkett, thc foxy Henry Goober, the porter afraid of lunatics .,,, .. ,,,,,..............,.i,,.,..,,...,.... Don Yager Phineas Plunkett, a Lawyer .,..,,,. Lester Meyer Miss Prunella Figg, a patient with claustrophobia ,,,,,,,. .............,.,,.. W ilma Dippel Cadwalleder Clippey, a patient afraid of cats ...........,,................,, ..,,..., L uther Gerber Mrs. Gertie Glossop. a patient who fears contamination ............,.......,.,. Lucille Reinhard Wilbur. Her darling child .........,.... Eddie Bryan Jack Gordon, A young interne .... Bob Worden family lawyer, develops a persecution complex while Henry. the Negro porter, harbors a na- tural fear of lunatics and all their works. Even Twink Starr, Benita's young man, Whose suit is tabooed by Rebecca, joins the company of nuts in disguise, parading an acute case of delusions of grandeur, in hope of finding ai chance to soften the hard heart of Rebecca. Hilarious situations develop with the arrival of Dr. Hippocrates Joy. a synthetic psychiatrist. who undertakes to cure the patients. Compli- cations multiply as Rebecca searches for her deceased brothers money. which he left hid- den about the house. providing in a freak will that a portion of it is to go to anyone who hap- pens to find it. It soon becomes apparent that most of the patients are faking their various phobias in order to search for it. It's finaly dis- coverv. through the ingenuity of Twink Starr. forms a fitting climax for this speed-crazy farce of many laughs. -44- 1 L fi' J. i I I Boys Chorus We are quite proud of our boys' chorus as they have given many fine performances the past year. This year twelve boys joined the boys' chorus, to make a total of twenty-six. The boys' chorus took the major role in the minstrel which was given January 19. Victor Gerber. Lester Meyer, Dale Meyer, harry Stef- fen, Arthur Moser. Tom Wiebke, Floyd Run- yon. and Joy Stahl represented Lancaster in the District Chorus at Ft. Wayne during teachers' association. Also this year, Miss Sellers, our director. started a boys' quartet, composed of Dale Meyer, Harry Steffen, Lester Meyer. and Floyd Runyon. They sang for many local and school occasions. Seated Left to Right: Bonnie Gibson. Lucille Reinhard. 4PianistJ, Front Row Left to Right: Joy Stahl, Floyd Runyon. Willis Prichard, Lester Meyer. Vic- tor Gerber, Harry Steffen, Dale Meyer, Luther Gerber, Larry Shellenberger. Dean Decker. John Bright, Richard Hinshaw. Waldo Wolf. Dortha Sellers tlnstructorb. Back Row Left to Right: William Kahn. Dwight Wolf. Dave Paxson. Jean Decker. Roy Maier. Arthur Moser. Jim Troyer. Doyle Stern. Richard Gerber, Richard Beeler. Tom Wiebke, Bob Clark. Girls Chorus The girls' chorus has rendered many per- formances at several occasions during the school year. Due to conflicts in different sub- jects, we had to divide our Chorus into two different classes. Two of our outstanding events were the minstrel and participating in the All District Chorus. The following were the girls that represented Lancaster in the Dis- trict Chorus at the Ft. Wayne Division of the Teachers' association: Alice Smith. Lucille Reinhard, Anna Louise Clark, Arlene Ander- son, Naomi Yake. Bonnie Huss, and Bonnie Gibson. Again this year we presented an operetta. which was well-received. Seated: Bonnie Gibson. Lucille Reinhard, CPian- istsl. Miss Sellers KDirectorl. Roxy l: Marilyn Gerber. Carol Barger. Carolyn Williams. Betty Shipley. Arlene Anderson. Eyelyn Barrick, Virginia Byrd, Naomi Yake. Alice Smith, Phyllis Dishong. Joyce Johnloz. Bonnie Huss. Gerry Walsh. Patty Wolf. Mari- lyn Wasson. Joyce Neucnschwander, Betty Heffelfinger. Roxy 2: Betty Reinhard. Barbara Blount. Ellen Fiechter. Vivian Runyon, Marilyn Gross, Wilma DlDDCl. Anna L. Clark. Evelyn Green. Sarah Jane Nash. Jean Rix, Jacquelyn Har- ris, Joan Meyer. Barbara Lash, Ruth Faus. ,451 1949 REFLECTOR rzk A MF, l IX! V ,gn . . 1 Wm, . - -'-. --. , - -.rt .,-.'J ,-:il-gg' 0 r,. --s--- ,, .9 -w . --4.-. ""UW':9Q:-'IXFQ 'riff' ' -'GE ' ! ' ca-aff'-M10 , v 'Q S, A- -ff - A . , - ,Zi f. .-r, 'K A- X ff-, 5 , l 'I k g lx.:-c . ,I vt X. 119:-L f - A. xr 91,6 I-5 Q.-2 ' I - " . S .J ' - .f . ' ' ' 1 ,FTSE rf' - Q E Z ' '- E ' F3 Q - . '- 'Y'l ' '- A' ' 'L' 7219" 1.,j2jif'Ef335vu. .. I 1 A . .W Ehl :M . Q. ,. I l ' fjsg E ,..:- A ' Qs sz: J 'S - il. , .cr H4 .S-S' ' -C- LETS G0 TO THE CIRCUS LANCASTER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Editor ..,.,,A, ..,,A ,.,,.,... ..... B o n nie Huss Assistant Editor ,, ,AA.,.A,,A,..,..,.,,,,... Floyd Runyon Sponsors ..A...,..,.,....A.,.,,, ...,.,. ,,,,,..,.... M r s. Gaiser Mrs. Troyer. Mrs. McKeefer, Miss Sellers and Mr. Bryan -1- Top left is the high school girls glee club. They have made several successful ap- pearanees. Top right: A bunch of John Muggs hard working shop class. Second from top left is the bovs chorus in action. Second from top right. The seniors are selling re- freshments at a basket ball flame. Looks as if they're eatine up the refreshments. Wonder who it can be? Third from top left is the seventh period typing class. Third from bottom left. Here is another picture of the high school girl's glee club. Third from bottom right is Bill Barger laboring at a task in shop. Second from bottom left is the third period typing class, Second from bottom right is Mrs. McKeefer's biology class. Bottom left: Part of the boys and girls chorus that went to Fort Wayne. Bottom right. As usual Mr. Mugg and Roy Maier clownine, around in shop. Here are some of the pic- tures taken during the past year at L. H. S. At the top left you se" our faithful bus drivers who made sure we arrived .it School everyday. You also see a picture of the faculty "loafing" in the office. Second from too left is Mrs. Tro'e1"s oublic :Deak- ing class taking Darts for a one-act play. Second from top right are the first graders having a candy sale. Third from top left is the sophomore home economics class. Third from top right is the seventh and eighth grade music class. Third from bottom right is a very strenuous debator CLester Meyer? of the senior English class. Next is the junior and senior home economics class. Then you see two pictures of a Very hard Working geometry class or are they just posing like Mr. Hedg- es? And last of all is the cast of the Minstrel "Way Down South," Alumni Directory It is probable that this list of alumni contains many mistakes, but it represents our best efforts in securing the address of each person who has graduated from Lancaster Central High School. CLASS OF 1928 Avery, Mable Patterson. 23516 Kinnaird, Ft. Wayne. Indiana Bell, Wilda Paxson, Ossian, In- diana Blue, Beth. Berne, Indiana Ehrman, Lola Barger, Decatur, Indiana Harvey, Henry. R. R. 4. Bluffton. Indiana Hoover, Ralph. R. R. 2. Ossian, Indiana Johnson, Larimer, Findlay, Ohio Meyer, Alton, South Bend. In- diana Schwartz, Celia, Chillicothe, Ohio Shady. Charles, Hartford City. Indiana Smith. Dorothy Paxson, 707 W. Cherry St., Bluffton, Indiana Wasson. Edna Plummer, 4706 Tacoma Street, Fort Wayne. Indiana Wilminton, Alta Kleinknight, P. .O. Box 9454, Lagoona Beach. California CLASS OF 1924 Durr, Leon, Flint, Michigan Gleim, Walter. R. R. 2. Bluffton. Indiana Halloway, Edna First, R. R. 5. Noblesville, Indiana Johnloz, Hie, R. R. 4, Bluffton. Indiana Johnson. Paul. R. R. 3. Bluffton. Indiana Kershner. Hazel Busick. White Pigeon. Mich. Meyer, Alvie, 415 E. Wiley. Bluff- ton. Indiana Mills, Ralph, Bloomington, In- diana Prough. Mary L. Reynolds. 13600 Wilmington Avenue. Compton. California Raber. Dorothy Bender, 2033 Taylor St.. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Reed. Kenneth. R. R. 1, Craig- ville. Indiana Sorden. Madge VVhite. 922 S. -19th St.. Philadelphia. Penn. Wasson. Ralph, R. R. 1. Craig- ville, Indiana Whiddcr. Helen Shady, R. R. 4. Portland. Indiana CLASS OF 1925 Chandler. Vera Barger. Fort Wayne. Indiana Gilliom. Roberta Dowty, 216 E. Central. Bluffton, Ind. Gleim, Hazel Lesh, LaPorte, In- diana Gleim. Kenneth, LaPorte, Ind. Harris. Honor Kleinknight, R. R. 2, Ossian. Indiana Jay, Esther Salisbury, Fairmount Indiana Kleinknight, Edwin, Ossian. In- diana Lincleman, Ralph, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Meyer, Irene Speheger Meyer, Oliver, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Oman, Floyd. Chicago, Illinois Price. James. Greensburgh, Pa. Rupright, Robert, Tocsin. Indiana Rupright. Minnie Elzey, Tocsin. Indiana Shedd, Arthur. R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Sills. Alta Worthman, 309 West Leith St., Fort Wayne. Indiana Sorg. Lorene Speheger, Goshen. Indiana Sowards, Marvin, Los Angeles. Calif. Wile. Olive Ulmer. 314 N. Wil- liams, Bluffton, Indiana CLASS OF 1926 Bowman. Harold. 517 W. Miller. Bluffton, Indiana Bright. Martin, West Middlesex, Penn. Castner. Grace Barwiler, Hunt- ington, Ind. Johnson, Burris. Tocsin, Ind. Lewton. Hazel Hunt. Detroit. Michigan Lockwood, Mildred Maddux. Yu- caipa. Calif. Lvtle. Gladys. Toledo, Ohio Messick, Harley. Ada. Ohio Moser. Frederick. R. R. 4, Bluff- ton. Indiana Motz. George. -109 N. Main St.. Elkhart. Ind. Salisbury. Gretchen Bell. Dun- kirk. Ind. Siedel. Doris Vi5hite, 918 Prange Drive. Fort Wayne. Indiana Sheets. Ernest, R. R. Fairmount. Ind. SDCl1Gf'iCl'. Dr. Benjamin. Bed- ford. Ind. Steller. Lillian Fiechter. Van Wert. Ohio -43- Taylor, Mina Schwartz, 2943 S. Hanna St., Fort Wayne, Ind. Zoll, Martha Masterson, 1028 Washington St., Bluffton. Ind. CLASS OF 1927 Ballow. Edna Drum, Decatur, In- diana Beberstine. May Mock. Fort Wayne, Indiana Bevington, Arthur, Waterloo. In- diana Bright, Wallace, Sandusky. Ohio Decker, Dorothy Gilliom. 916 S. Morgan, Bluffton, Indiana Dowty, Kenneth, Fort Wayne, Indiana Earhart, Lucille Milholland. 419 E. Cherry, St., Bluffton, Ind. Huffman, Russel, 1010 W. Wa- bash. Bluffton, Indiana Jackson, Dwight, 615 W. Wash- ington St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Lusk, James, Monticello. Indiana Porter, Harold, Craigville, Ind. Schorey, Evelyn Robart, R. R. 1, New Haven, Indiana Shady. Marshall. 615 S. Morgan. Bluffton. Indiana Wasson. Paul. 224 E Wiley. Bluff- ton, Indiana Wiebke. Pallas Kleinknight. R. R. 2, Ossian. Indiana Wilhelm, Miriam Edington, R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana CLASS OF 1928 Barwiler. Margaret. Bluffton. In- diana Blume, Arthur, Fort Wayne, In- diana Boester. Merea Bright, 2515 Westbrook Dr.. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Braden. Alice Lydy. New Wayg0. Mich. Daugherty. Donna. Uniondale. Indiana Davis. Glendora Lesh, Warsaw. Indiana French. Kenneth. Fort VVayne. Indiana Garton. Anna Dubbs. 827 So. Oak St.. Bluffton, Indiana Garton. Vtiendell. 827 S. Oak St.. Bluffton, Indiana Hartman. Kenneth. R. R. 1. Craig- ville, Ind. Kawa. Ruth Currv. Elgin, Illinois Kleinknight. Ralph. R. R. 4, Bluffton. Ind. Meyer, Susanne Kiefer, R. R. 2, Bluffton, Indiana Paxson, Lloyd, R. R. l, Craig- ville, Indiana Price, Robert, Chicago, Illinois Reinhart. DeVonna, Ossian, Ind. Speheger, Walter, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Wampler, Gwendolyn Niblickf' Wilcoxson, Carl, R. R. 1, Fort Wayne, Indiana CLASS OF 1929 Blume, Jessie, Chicago, Illinois Cutler, Elmer, Fort Wayne, Ind. Dawson, Vivian Herrick, 2310 Eby Ave., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Gilliom, Wayne. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Harris, Mary Bowman, R. R. C0- lumbia City, Indiana Hoffman, Esther Kiefer, 18314: Hale Avenue, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Kaufman, Mary, R. R. l, Craig- ville, Indiana Kipfer. Erna L. Frauhiger, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Lusk, Robert, Bluffton, Indiana Mahler, Nellie Wo1'thman, Fort Wayne, Indiana Meyer, Corrine, Guam Pennington, Dwight, Bluffton, Indiana Prough. Eunice Shady, Fort Wayne, Indiana Reed Harold, 3116 Eel River Ave., Logansport, Indiana Reinhart, Norma, Ossian, Indiana Shady, Joseph, R. R. 1. Craig- ville, Indiana Thompson, Maud Kaufman, R. R. l, Craigville, Indiana CLASS OF 1930 Bell, Brooks, Andia, Indiana Bevington. Claude, Waterloo, In- diana Durr, Garth, Craigville, Indiana Durr, Raymond, Tocsin, Indiana Gallivan. Dwight, 416 W. Wash- ington St., Bluffton, Indiana Gerber, Amos, 428 E. South St., Bluffton, Indiana Gibson, Graydon, 312 N, Morgan, Bluffton, Indiana Myers, Charles, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Souder, Margaret Eversole, 808 S. Jersey, Bluffton, Indiana Souder, Robert, 808 S. Jersey St., Bluffton, Ind. Sprunger, Harriet Lugenbill, Ft. Myers, Russell, Decatur, Ind. Alumni Directory Wedler. Harold, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana CLASS OF 1931 Call, Edward, 815 S. Johnson, Bluffton, Indiana Cinninger, Irene Haifley, 513 S. Main Street, Bluffton. Indiana Clark, Frances Speheger, Bluff- ton, Indiana Cupp, Willard. 1003 S. Mulberry, Bluffton, Indiana Diehl, Millard, R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Dowty, Hubert, Ossian, Indiana Eichhorn, Robert, R. R. 1, Bluff- ton. Indiana Elzey, Olene Daugherty. R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Eversole, Vlfoodrow, Huntington, Indiana Frantz. Berniece Hunt, Liberty Center, Indiana Gibson, Avis Woodward, 312 N. Morgan. Bluffton, Indiana Heckley, Morris, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Higgins, Garnet Curry, 628 W. South, Bluffton, Indiana Kaehr. Mahilda Gerber, Decatur, Indiana Kaufman. Marguerite, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Kiefer, Herman, Berne, Indiana Koons. Regine Dowty, CClaudeD, Decatur. Indiana Mvers, John, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Pease, Paul, California Price, Harvey, Texas Speheger. Lloyd, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana White, David, 608 E. 9th St., Au- burn, Indiana Zirkle, George, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana CLASS OF 1932 Andrew. Dean. Indianapolis, Ind. Call, Mary Belle Wilson, 815 S. Johnson. Bluffton, Indiana Curry, Harold, Michigan Elzey, Earl, R. R. 4, Bluffton, In- diana French, Betty, Fort Wayne, Ind. Ginter, Irvin, Yoder, Indiana Johnloz. Fay Jackson, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Johnloz, William, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Kelsey, Lowell, Fort Wayne, Ind. Maupin, Edna Messick, Harold, Bluffton, Ind. Wayne, Indiana .-4Q.. Plumer, Frances Davis. Elgin, Ill. Reed. Josephine Studebaker, 31112 Eel River Ave.. Logausport, Indiana Shady, Wendell, Waynedale, Ind. Wilcoxsin, Harold, R. R. 1. Fort Wayne, Indiana CLASS OF 1933 Aker, Josephine Roussey, R. R. l, Bluffton, Indiana Bracht, Inex Myers, R. R. 2. Bluffton, Indiana Cockran, Laura Meyer Collier, Kenneth, Muncie, Ind. Collier, Mildred Hartman, Mun- cie, Indiana Edington, Robert, Geneva, Ind. Elliott, Veta R. Voleman, Phila- delphia, Pa. Farrar, Gerald, Grand RapidS. Michigan. Frauhiger, Sylvia Gerber, Craig- ville, Indiana Gahman, Robert. 1418 Eagle St.. Fort Wayne, Indiana Graham, Martha Plank, R. R. 4. Bluffton, Indiana Grove, Herschel, R. R. 4. Bluff- ton, Indiana Habeggar. Margaret Wasson, 122 S. 8th St.. Decatur, Indiana Harris. Robert, Poneto, Indiana Hunt, Loren, S. Morgan Street. Bluffton, Indiana Kleinknight, Gretchen, Decatur, Indiana Lest, Richard Lindsey. Ethel Snider, CMaXl- 315 E. Spring St., Bluffton. Indiana Little, Maxine Manley. 2204 S. Hanna, Fort Wayne, 11161211121 Martin, Ruby Miller. Eileen Bowman, 415 E. Arnold, Bluffton. Indiana Pennington. Helen Reed, Rensse- laer, Indiana Pfiefer, Justine Haifley. 513 S. Main, Bluffton, Indiana Porter, Helen Bay, Craigville. Indiana Prough. Lois Meade, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Roop, Pauline Heckley, R. R. 1. Craigville. Indiana Shady, Dwight, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Shimer. Ruth Kershner, Fort Wayne, Indiana f Stout, Pauline Andrew, 238 N. Park Avenue, Warren, Ohio Troxel, Ralph, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Warner, Verena Smith, Condit, Ohio Vfibel, Joseph, Quincy, Michigan Zirkle, Mary, R. R, 2, Ossian, In- diana CLASS OF 1934 Borror. Everett, 824 West Mar- ket Street, Bluffton, Indiana Cihak, Ruth, Knox, Indiana Collier, Eileen, Muncie, Indiana Dailey, Robert, Bluffton, Indiana Eichorn, Elco. R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Falk, Viva Elzey, R. R. 2, Bluff- ton, Indiana Garton, Donavon, Tocsin, Ind. Hathaway. Josephine Blume Hunt, May, Tocsin, Indiana Geisman, Gwyneath Kleinknight, 525 S. Jersey, Bluffton, Ind. Kaufman, George, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Lydy, Walter, R, R. 3, Ft. Wayne. Indiana Markley, Nellie Herrick, R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Mast, Georgia Moore, Goshen. Indiana Maupin, Ernestine Miller, George, Bluffton, Indiana Moore, Norma, Elkhart, Indiana Munson, Charles, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Murray, Paul, Ossian, Indiana Myers, Marjorie Ginter, Craig- ville, Indiana Myers, Ray. Craigville, Indiana Nickolson, Pauline, Yoder, Ind. Park, George. Uniondale, Indiana Paxson. Rodney, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Schwartz, John, 519 S, Oak, Bluffton. Indiana Sprunger. Alta Raber. Nuttman Ave., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Turner, Arnold, Ft. Wayne, Ind. WCdl9I', Lester, R. R, 2, Ossian, Indiana Williams, Francis Hinshaw, Pe- troleum, Indiana Class of 1935 Brubaker, Alta Bverly, 2229 N. New Jersey, Indianapolis, Ind. Carder, Burdine Cossiart, Crystal, Ft. Wayne, In- diana Alumni Directory Johnson, Helen Diehl, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Dennis, Mabel Mankey, Fort Wayne, Indiana Dougherty, Lois Paxson, 1947 Winfield Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana Gahman, Arthur, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Garr, Laura Blem, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton. Indiana Haifley, Wlilliam, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Harris, Paul, R. R. 2, Ossian, In- diana Hinshaw, Edgar, Gary, Indiana Hunt, Beulah J. Snider, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Kaufman, Josephine Pease, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Miller, Byrlin, R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Mills, Wayne, R. R. 2, Ossian, In- diana Mock, Willard, Rural Route Myers, Earl, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Niblick, Ruth Paxson, R. R, 4, Bluffton, Indiana Osborn, Dale, Wren, Ohio Roos, Donald Schneider. Berniece Wilcoxson. 815 E. Wayne St., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Shadv, Katherine Wasson, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Stuart. Audrey Van Emon, 11716 S. Main St., Bluffton, Indiana Troxel, Marjorie, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Walsh, John. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Wheeler, Clara Wasson, Berne. Indiana Wright, Gerald, Uniondale, Ind. Class of 1936 Baumgartner. Maurice, R. R .2. Ossian, Indiana Bell. Harry. Jr., R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Booker. Ma:-:ine Smith, R, R. 2. Ossian, Indiana Clowser. Paul, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Collier. Doyle. Decatur, Indiana Decker, Bruce. Bluffton, Indiana Dowtv. Wendell Gahlnan, Alice. Ft. Wayne. Ind. Hamilton, Edwin. Tocsin, Ind, Hedges. Louise Wisner, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Hctrick. Donald. Craigville. Ind, Hetrick, Madge Wasson, Craig- ville. Indiana Johnholz, Elizabeth Walsh, Fort Wayne, Indiana Lydy, Max, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Martin, Vfilrna Miller, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Munson, June Williams, 326 W. Silver, Bluffton. Indiana Murray, Dwight, Ossian, Indiana Paxson. Roger, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Reber, Wayne. Bluffton, Indiana Schwartz, Martha, Fort Wayne, Indiana Shady, Nina, R. R. 2, Ossian, Ind. Souder, Franklin, Decatur, Ind. Yokum, Donna Anderson, Rock- ford, Ohio Class of 1937 Augsburger, Erma, Fort Wayne, Indiana Ayers, Margaret Henry, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Castilow, Doris Potter, P. O. Box 158, McMechen, West Va. Collins, Dorothy Miller, Fort Wayne, Indiana Dale, Doris Hinshaw. Haggers- town, Indiana Daugherty, Harold, Craigville, Indiana Dental, Maxine Elzey, 318 E. Washington. Bluffton. Indiana Durr, Marvin, Craigville. Ind. Elzey. Eileen Bleni, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Gallivan, Victor, R, R, 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Groh, Clara Belle Duncan. R.R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Hamilton. Mary Jane, R. R. 1. Craigville, Indiana Kleinknight, Marvin, R. R. 2, Os- sian, Indiana Melching, Max Messick, Morris, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Mills, Robert. R. R. 2, Ossian, In- diana Murray. Doris Heckley. Ossian, Indiana Myers, Richard, R, R. 4, Bluffton. Indiana Niblick. Dwight, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Paxson, Doris Byerly. R. R, 1, Craigville, Indiana Price, Daniel, R. R. 2, Ossian, In- diana Raber, Brooks, R. R. 4, Bluffton Roussey, Ramond, Payne, Ohio Smuts, Martha Milholland. R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Sonnenvury, Mable Shady, Fort Wayne, Indiana Stogdill, Robert Strahm, Arvilla Scott, Bluffton, Indiana Woodward. Geraldine Johnloz. R. R. 2, Ossian. Indiana Class of 1938 Booth, Jane Milholland CEmeryJ, Bluffton, Indiana Bowers, Virginia Barger, Decat- ur, Indiana Diehl, Wendell, Markle, Indiana Diehl, Betty Miller, Detroit, Michigan Drow, Florence Groh, R. R. 4. Bluffton, Indiana Foster, Leonard, Decatur, Ind. Garton, Wilbourne, 527 W. Ohio, Bluffton, Indiana Green, Robert, 920 W. Cherry, Bluffton, Indiana Hardin, Helen Noble, Ft. Wayne. Indiana Hunt, Leon, R. R. 2, Bluffton, In- diana Marshall, Ruth Kiefer, CKennethJ Rome City, Indiana Mayer, Roger, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Mock, Max. 518 W. Market St., Bluffton, Indiana Raber, Ruth, 2143 Oakley Street. Fort Wayne, Indiana Shadle, Leah Bickel. 720 S. Mor- gan, Bluffton, Indiana Simon, Rosanna Myers, Berne. Indiana Smuts. Ray. 420 E. Townley St.. Bluffton, Indiaan Tschannen, Donald, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Wasson. Irene Smith, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Wasson, Ner William, R. R. 1, Craigville. Indiana Yake. Martha Zirkle, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Class of 1939 Bickel, Harold Jr., Bloomington, Indiana Blem, Everett, Bluffton, Indiana Booker. Quentin, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Alumni Directory Bright, Gerald Brown, Lillian Johnloz, Monroe, Indiana Byerly, Dale, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Clark, Emery, 50195 E. Taber St.. Fort VVayne, Indiana Decker, Wendell. Bluffton, Ind. Fichter. Marie, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Gahrnan, Vera, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Glass. Helen Magner, Ossian, In- diana Herrick, Ned Kehrn, Pauline Marshall, R. R. 1. Craigville. Indiana Kizer, James, R. R .l, Craigville, Indiana Linn, Wendell, Lafayette, Ind. Lugenbille. Betty, Fort Wayne, Indiana Macon, Donald, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Miller, William, Bluffton, Ind. Pursley, Halbert, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana Schwartz, Catherine Howard, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Schwartz, Lloyd, R. R. 1. Craig- ville, Indiana Sheets, Doris Wolf. 409 W. Cen- tral. Bluffton, Indiana Sheley, Alfred Smeltzer. Edwin, Liberty Center. Indiana Smith, Geraldine Fuller, Bluff- ton, Indiana Smith, Richard. Bluffton, Ind. Stuff, John Jr.. 928 W. Market St.. Bluffton. Indiana Stuff. June Haifley, 928 West Market St., Bluffton. Indiana VValsh. Ruth. R. R. 2. Ossian, Ind. Weaver. Flovd, R. R., Hunting- ton, Indiana Class of 1940 Bynum. Gilbert. 204 E. Central, Bluffton, Indiana Crago, John, Huntington, Indiana Double, Richard, Markle, Ind. Froebe. Betty Lash. Fort Wayne. Indiana Grothous, Mariorie Green, fEd- wardl. Lafavette St., Fort Wayne. Indiana Hunt. Wayne. Craigville, Ind. Irvin, Tom Jr.. Ft. Wayne. Ind. Irvin. Gloria Hughes, Ft. Wayne. Indiana Kehrn. Dwight, R. R. 1, Craig- ville. Indiana -51- Melching, Lucille Milholland-Early. Betty, Indian- apolis, Indiana Moser, Glen, Bluffton, Indiana Noble. Roger Schlagenhauf. Harriet Bickel, 928 W. Washington, Bluffton, Ind. Schagenhauf, Ralph, 928 West Washington, Bluffton, Indiana Snider, Annabel, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Stuff. Leonard, 219 N. Marion, Bluffton. Indiana Wilcoxsin, Mary Jane Class of 1941 Affholder, Doris Diehl, Berne, Indiana. Anderson. Madelyn Clark, Bluff- ton, Indiana Bailey, Wilma Potter, tDan7, R. R. 1, Yoder. Indiana Barger. Betty, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Brindle, Edwin Butler, Valda Macon CJohnD, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Claussen, Jack, California Coffield, Pauline, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Curme. Nevin Diehl, Max, 129 E. Arnold. Bluff- ton, Indiana Duncan. Mary Ann, R. R. 4, Bluf- fton, Indiana. Durr. Robert, R. R. l, Craigville, Indiana Faus, Louise Smith, R. R. 4. Bluffton, Indiana Fiechter. Alice, R. R. 1. Craig- ville. Indiana. Hamilton, Donna Bell, Decatur. Indiana Johnson. Nina Gibson, CPau1J R. R. 5, Huntington, Indiana Kizer. Chloe Anderson, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Lude. Maxine Wolf, R. R. 3, Hu- guenard. Rd., Ft. Wayne, Ind. Macwell. Melba Hill, Ft. Wayne. Indiaan Mauoin, Glema McClain, George. Dunkirk, Ind. Morris, Evelvn Myers, Craig- ville, Indiana Price. William, R. R. 2, Ossian. Indiana Echwartz. Doris Elzev. 417 E. South. Bluffton, Indiana Schwartz, John, Ft. Wayne. Ind. Class of 1942 Baker. Helen Souder, Bluffton. Indiana Gentis, Richard, Huntington, Ind. Bynum, Vernon, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton. Indiana Call, Enos, Decatur, Indiana Decker, Roma Frye, Willliam, Decatur, Indiana Garton, Betty, Bluffton, Indiana Gerber, Alice Greene, Roger, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Grubb, Robert Kaehr. Vernon, 734 S. Oak St., Bluffton, Ind. Kipfer. Myrl Wasson, CWalterJ Ft. Wayne, Indiana Kunkel, Betty Eichhorn. Indian- apolis, Indiana Markley, Mary Jane Gilliom. R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana McAlpin, Mary Clark. R. R. 2, Elkhart, Indiana McCormick, Herbert, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana McCormick, Herman, 118 West Central, Bluffton, Indiana Mettler, Virginia Hughes, 92914 S. Main. Bluffton, Indiana Mitchell, John, Huntington. Ind. Moser, Harold, Craigville, Ind. Mounsey, Rachel Johnson. Lib- erty Center, Indiana Myers, Betty. R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Newhart, Evelyn Clowser, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Noble, Helen, Wabash. Indiana Price. Roberta Inskeep, Bluffton. Indiana Pursley, Jean, Iowa Roberts, Mary. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Schurr. Robert Shady, Anna L. Barger, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Smith, Eugene Smith, Maxine Byerly, 1609 Vir- ginia Street, Lafayette, Ind. Snider, Halden, U. S. Army. Camp Breckenridge, Ky. Walsh, Bernard, 371514 Clinton, Fort Wayne, Indiana Walsh, Ruth Savieo. 3715112 Clin- ton. Fort Wayne, Indiana Young. Annabelle Milholland, 119 S. Morgan, Bluffton, Ind. Zimmerman, Wayne, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Class of 1943 Blue, Harold, Fort Wayne, Ind. Blue. Reathel Bright, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Clark, Martha Rose, R. R. 2, Os- sian, Indiana Gerber, Don, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Alumni Directory Gerber. Wendell, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Grim, Glenneveer Smith, 329 Jefferson, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Hamilton, Richard, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Hunt, Gaylord. R. R. 1, Fremont. Indiana Kaehr, Mary A. Steffen, 734 S. Oak, Bluffton, Indiana Kapp, Vera, R. R. 2, Ossian, Ind. Keister, Betty Kleinknight, Os- sian, Indiana Meyer. Sarah Jane Aeschliman. R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Meyer, Bob, R. R, 4, Blufftoin. Indiana Moore, Don, Berne, Indiana Pease, Ester L. Ginter, Craig- ville, Indiana Penrod, Wannetta Maupin, Bluff- ton, Indiana Pierce, Edsel Rodenbeck. Edwin. R. R. 3, Bluff- ton. Indiana Steffen, Earleen Frauhiger, De- catur, Indiana Wedler, Delores, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana Wolf. James, R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Class of 1944 Barger, Phyllis, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Barger, Wayne, R. R. 1. Craig- ville, Indiana Bryan, Robert, Craigville, Ind. Byerly, Wendell, R. R. 2, Ossian. Indiana Call, Edwin Davis, Edwin Ferguson, Roger Green, George, R. R. 2. Ossian. Indiana Gilliom. Max, R. R. 4, Bluffton. Indiana Hinton. Vlfayne, R. R, 2, Ossian. Indiana Heckley. Garth, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Kleinknight. Ellen Jean, R, R. 2. Ossian, Indiana Lash. Jean, R. R. 1. Craigville, Indiana Mankey. Glenn, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Monticue, Melda Niblick, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Monticue. Gene, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Moser, James, Craigville, Ind. I -52- Osborn, Alice Duncan, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Pace, Marjorie Woodward, 510 E. Cherry, Bluffton, Indiana Rodenbeck, Ralph, R. R. 1. Uniondale, Indiana Shady, Betty, R. R. 1. Craigville, Indiana Shaft, Harold, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Troyer. Celestia Clark, 515 High St., Fort Wayne, Indiana Van Zant, Betty Durr. Ft Wayne, Indiana Welch, Doris Groh, R. R. 4. Bluff- ton, Indiana Class of 1945 Anderson. Forrest, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Barger, John, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Borror, Lucille Steffen, 721 S. Oak Street, Bluffton, Ind. Brickley, Della Frauhiger, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Garrett, Barbara Baker Gerber, Robert, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Harris, Patricia, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana Hulvey, Avis Baumgartner. R. R. 1, Ossian, Indiana Hunt, Roberta, 119 Lewis Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana Inskeep, Bruce CDeceasedl Jarrett. Evelyn Bowman, Mun- cie. Indiana Johnloz. Robert. R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Kunkel, Luster, R. R. 1. Craig- ville, Indiana Lautzenheiser, George, Jr., R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Lautzenheiser, Marv L. Irvin. R. R. 4, Bluffton, Inldiana Mullikin. Edward Faus, Jr., R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Myers. Robert. Craigville, Ind. Nestle, Joyce Lindemann. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Pursley. Marsha, R. R. 2, Ossian. Indiana Risser, Ruth Wolf. 118 W. Cen- tral, Bluffton, Indiana Savieo. Rita, 422 Fairmount St., Fort Wayne, Indiana Scott. Bill, Hartford City, Ind. Smith. Jayce, R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Strahm. Harry' Class of 1947 Zimmerman, Robert, R. R. 1, Craigville, Indiana Class of 1946 Byerly, Donald, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Call, Roselind, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Conn, Wilbur, 912 N. 10th Street. W. Lafayette, Indiana Deininger, Berlene Potter, 14 W. Creighton, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Gearhart, Doris, R. R. 1, Bluff- ton, Indiana Gehring, Helen Heffelfinger. R. R, 1, Craigville, Indiana Gould, Mary Mankey, Monroe, Indiana Habegger. Chester, R.R. 1, Bluff- ton, Indiana Harnish, Carolyn Faus, R. R, 1. Bluffton, Indiana Harshman, Nellabelle Wolf, R. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana Hartman, David, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton. Indiana Johnson, Joan Kleinknight, Mar- kle, Indiana Jump. Betty Krieg, 827 W. Cher- ry Street. Bluffton, Indiana Macon, Delores, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Masterson. Charles, R, R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Mounsey, Edgar, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Nash. William, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana Neuenschwander. Doris Fiechter, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Worden, Bill, Craigville, Indiana Worden, Maxine Meyer. Craig- Alumni Directory Barger, Helen, R. R. 1, Craigville Indiana Barger, Mildred, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Barger, Truman, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Bowen, Don, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Bryan, Marilyn, R. R. 2, Decatur, Indiana Easley, Bob, Craigville, Indiana Diehl, Russell, R. R. 4, Bluffton Indiana Elzey, Joyce. R. R. 1, Uniondale Indiana Gilliom, Bob, R. R. 4, Bluffton Indiana Grove, Bob, R. R. 4, Bluffton Indiana Johnloz, Elizabeth. R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Kleinknight, Jim, R. R. 2, Ossian Indiana Morgan, Phyllis Scott, R. R. I Ossian, Indiana Moser, Ruby, R. R. 1, Bluffton Indiana Mounsey, Patricia Scott, R. R. 1 Poneto, Indiana Paxson. Audrey Gerber, 2045 E Central, Bluffton, Indiana Paxson. Dick, 2041742 E. Central Bluffton, Indiana Prichard. Anna Belle Gentis, R R. 2, Ossian, Indiana Prichard, Don, R. R. 2, Ossian Indiana Pursley., Bob, R. R. 2, Ossian, In- diana Sheley. Charles. U. S. Marines Seattle, Washington. Shelev, Claude, R. R. 4, Bluffton Indiana Walsh. John. R. R. 2, Ossian, Ind ville, Indiana ...53-. Class of 1948 Borror, Lauretta Anderson, 215 E. Horton, Bluffton, Indiana Bowman, Dale, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Byerly, Wanda, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Bynum, Janis, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Duncan, Robert, R. R. 4. Bluff- ton. Indiana, Faus. Betty, R. R. 4. Bluffton. Indiana Fiechter, Lillian, R. R. 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Fiechter. Ralph, R. R. 1, Craig- Ville, Indiana Gerber, Lucille, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana Harris, Richard, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana Hartman, Walter, R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana Henry, Carolyn. R. R. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiaan Mellinger. Barbara Bright, Nap- panee, Indiana Moser, Berniece. Craigville, Ind. Pearson, Colleen Huss. R. R. 1. Bluffton, Indiana Randall. Ruth Ann, R. R, 1, Craig- ville, Indiana Schocke. Virginia Clark, R. R. 4. Bluffton, Indiana Stern. Lloyd, R. R. 1. Bluffton. Indiana Tarr. Priscilla, R. R. 4. Bluffton, Indiana Trullender. Bonnie, R. R. 1, Bluff- ton Indiana Wiebke, Joan, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana Zimmerman, Lucille, R. R. 1, Craigville Indiana fDeceased EAT AT 3.:'s-,nw --- .,.fr,, 1, ,... , M a- -5: f :, . .. - - 1 ,fe-. 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A Just North of Bluffton Bridge A GOOD VARIETY OF GOOD FOOD We Wisli to Thank the Advertisers for Their Patronage GEHBEH BHUIHEHS Cold Storage Locker Plant ISUH HARDWARE , , Custom Slaughterers Bluffton Indiana Phone 41-8 Craigville. Indiana H T homa Son IVUNICRAL DIRECTORS -- BUGS -- FURNITURE "Continuously Faithful Service Since 1853" BLUFFTI IN ' INDIANA -54- Ware Baker Company BLUFFTUN, INDIANA Cadillac llUl0m0llllBS llllB'll3ll0lllll l'lllCltS MCIl0llIllClt Fiillll Implements Employer: I Want a responsible per Tom Wiebke: You have your shoes 01' thls Job' , the Wrong feet. Joyce Johnloz: Thats me! ln ev V , U ther place I worked something W t Dick El-ZQY HOW CHU YOU SHN' T1 I wrong, and I was responsible. These are the only feet I have. Congratulations to the Class of I9-L9, Lancaster High School Bluffton Florists Cjohn P. Schumacherl FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION Wabash Avenue, Phone 81 Bluffton. Indiana SHELL SlfllVlClf SlllllllN Murray, Indiana GASOLINE - OIL - TIRES Shellane Distributor Of Wells County Bottled Cas and Stoves KHUMMEN llUTll SERVICE Batteries and Ignition Case Sales and Servive Phone T21 Villa North. Bluffton. Incl TTJE BIG'TOP ., A Wil Wmll PW R m x X f 2'-..--x,,.g "-s-J" ! A ZZ' Q-W V .iz : ' i "f'3".'f'f P.- '-- f new f E ge V, , rp' f sf - -f--af V if . E 'Y 53' Mk-- asv, ..-h Aim- -A I : h vm- X . -, A. X 5... 1.5 "W '- W-. 1, H, M Ar M " - Q f 2 E57' Q 1 " 2 xl- ,,., b ., , V W 4 I i T,-f.5,:,4. 1,1 f-: .1 45.5 I lg.. , ,,.,.:. - 1 L, - f1gQ,1..1:-: i-Vw WW Y' nw - y 1 EQ- ge- b , If A-j--' gh NV 4 - fe 'rf' 7' -: fa ,, --1 ff ir" - . W T5 - iq,.wwsws Mi W 4 :xiii mil.. ,Sem ,w ut .gb r To Q '.. t A i Y i. , rms-5. RL . 1152-' 1 4 -Ref-W' . fs ' '- . N f- n i "W" , -. ---- - I -- -A 'W .gjjffzifj -n.. . ...Q A W '-. .I :. 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Rome W t b It d tl t I-I d It Foreman: Maybe no I t I t f B11 Y but take It easy. Just man on that job. NATIONAL OIL and A IJISIIIIIUIUI FIJI , INC. WHITE RIISE GIISIILINE EN-IIH-CII MIITUH IIIL HIGH GHIIIJE IJISTIIIIITE HIGH GHIIIIE FUEL IIIL For Tank Wagon Service Phone 53 BIUIIIUII, IIIIIIHII8 --gg-. HAHTER UAH SM-Es IIIERI. "KII1IIIE" SHUP Lovely Wearables Finest In Psed Cars ' f o r Complete Garage Service Small Adorables Phone 52 Tots -- Teens -- Pigtail Crowd Bluffton Indiana 115 E. Market Bluffton Phone 1099 - Authorized Sales and Service G E II U I II E TRACTUR PA RTS 1103 S. Main Street Phone 433 D Tx B 1 H d d j make out Marilyn G b H f th t h 1 thousand doll h h I g th JON Stahl. Oh just 1lI'iG Napoleon. I Teiffvian Runyonr And to think th t 11 t down i h t ry. he'11 get is a quarterback! AERPLA E STAT IO UOITTDIBIE IIITB-STUD SBIVIC8 WHITE RUSE BATTERY SERVICE EN-AR-GU GIISIILINE TIRE SERVICE MIITUR UIL GREIISING WASHING LBI Us Check TUUT Tires And Battery Regularly Phone ELI GERBER and SUNS T5 FHYBAUWS ICE CREAM Wholesale Retail Phone 681 Bluffton, Indiana Buy Your Ice Cream From Compliments of Your Favorite Dealer Moser Implement Company YOIR ALLIS CHALMERS DEALER Phone ZU5 Bluffton, Infllana Mrs. Troyer: Why are you going out Jack Deckeri What do you mean by the door with your purse open? wearing my raincoat? Mrs. Gaiser: Because the paper says ' , there is going to be some Change in the Jean Decker: You wouldnt want your weather. best suit to get wet, would you? SIBIIBII HHIIIWHIB gb IIIIDIBIIIBIII UU. GLEN U. MARSH JOHN DEERE Bluffton. Indiana FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 61 Pllllllf' 44 Bluffton Indiana MASTERSON - TYNDALL CO. CLOTHING AND SHOES for DAD AND LAD Bluffton MTLK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS TIIIIIIE II I VITAMIN "J" HIIMUGENIZEIT PIISTEJHIZED MILK GHIJIIJLIITE MIIK BU'TEIIMIIK IIUEFEE GIIEIIM IIIITTIIGE CHEESE IIRANGE DRINK BUTTER ANTI UREIIMEIJ CHEESE TELEPHONE 1 TELEPHONE NIGHT TELEPHONE 4uQ-w CENTRAL DAIRY 227 W tW lnut Bluii I I 159, "DECK" "SPEED" Moser Super Service Complete One-Stop Service Phone 300 Bluffton. Indiana PURINA FEEDS STATE PILOT FEED Craigville Elevator Company A Good Place to Buy and Sell Servive with a Smile Phone 35 Craigville. Indiana EVERYTHING FUR THE DAIRY t o c u 8 ' - Surge Dairy Equipment Store C . . 'I ' Corvin BFIIICI' Jil Q Bluffton. Indiana Phone 954 T Star Hatchery Co. STAR QIALITY CHICKS ARE BETTER Dr. Salisln1ry's Remedies Conkefs and State Pilot Feeds and Poultry Supplies BI,I'lr'F'l'UN Phone 600 INDIANA-X siinnnnn mt cn. GRAY gb FWZ Phmw 23 ml 42 Plumbing Y Electrical YN ater Systems Craigville. Indiana Wiring and Service H, N. Wulf. Agent Iltl N. .lohnson St. Phone 386 Phone 1601 Firearms, Ammunitions Accessories, Custom 'Rifles Authorized Repair Service MYERS GUN SHUP North Wabash Ave. Phone 753 Bluffton Indiana Records, Albums, Instruments TOP House ot Music 129 East Washington Bluffton Indiana House 0 Harter Indiana's Largest Wholesale Sporting Goods Distributors GOSIIBII IIIUIHIIG Don Lydy: Why did you just spank me, Don Yager: Why did the baseball player Mother? EO to jail? Mrs. Lydy: You'1l be getting your re Bob Worden: Because he stole second port card tomorrow, but I'll be away. base, SUUUEIH AUIU WHEUKING UU. New and Used Automotive Parts The House or a Million Paris Phone I2 P. U. Box 66 Bluffton. Indiana PURINA CHOWVS For Livestock and Poultry BLUFFTUN MILLING GU. AND HATCHERY FEED EQUIPMENT REMEDIES SUPPLIES CHICKS Bluffton. Ind. Phone 97 BUSTUN STUHE CLOTHING AND SHOES FUR ALL AGES PM m oowuoo otmto Bluffton Iniliana Courtesy Of The Bluffton Cement Vault Co. Phone 1171-1 Bluffton. Indiana SEPTIC TANKS Joy C. Stahl Harry J. Stahl In a country store a customer walked Customer: Smart dog you have there, to find the storekeeper playing Cheek- Storekeeper: Not too smart. I beat him ers with his dog. three out of four Eames. SUUUEWS 31011103 SHUP Hoosier Condensed Milk Ilomoany Cnnplcte Hacliatoi ersne Always Leads In PHC? We Clean All Makes For Quality Hill: Phone 2202 Bluffton Indiana Bluffton Indiana Cline Lumber Supply Co. Dealers In LUNIBEH. BUILDERS' HARDWARE, BUILDING SUPPLIES AND PAINT Bluffton. lniliana Telephone 58 -52- LINTZ PUULTRY GU. UIITTERER 81. SUNS POULTRY, EGGS FEEDS, SEEDS, AND COAL AND FEEDS Phone 353 213 N. Scott St. Phone 297 Bluffton Indiana 0 0 Rose H1llDa1ry, Inc. Insist On ROSEHILL DAIRY PRODUCTS? Bluffton Phone 564 Indiana Said the city girl to the cowboy at the 4 dude ranch: "None of your tricks now! I've never been on a horse before, so I want a horse that's never been ridden before." HERMAN'S MARKET Qualityg Servieeg Economy U D E E R W O O D TWO STORES No. 1 No. 2 215 Bond 229 W. Market To Serve You Better Send Us Your Dry Cleaning Fur Storage and Cleaning Modern laundry 8t Ury Cleaning Co. W. Theron Christman, Prop. 915 So. Johnson St. Phone 694 Bluffton, Ind. Quality Food I' Yours For lflwds Satisfaction THE BLUFFTUN GHUUEHY UU. Bluffton Indiana LINN 81, SAUHERU Exclusive Home Furnishers am FURNITURE Th I4 dl ca i - ,S " ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 'i "en I me Bluffton Indiana Bluffton Indiana CONGRATULATIONS SENIURS OF 1949 Ralph M. Jahn Funeral Home Phone 109 "To Serve As We Would Be Served" Bluffton Indiana Walter Mankey: I don't think I should h b g' th' A ave een Wen H Zero on IS examma- Why are the medieval centuries called tionl the 'LDark Agesu? Mr. Johnson: Neither do I, but it's the lowest mark there is. Anrs Bum at FENDER SHUP I-AMSUN HM SHUP WHIZZER MOTORS Body and Fender Repairg Auto Refinishingg Wheel Balancing Because it was the knight time. Beautiful Spring Hats . , . . both I' rame btraightening Y From Fml Mi,,uiu,, Matrons and 1 outhful J A r- r' llL14 E. Perry St. Phone IUIT Bluffton. Indiana Bluffton Indiana Gerber's Store MEATS - GHUGERIES Buyers ot Poultry and Eggs PIIUIIB 43 UIHIQVIIIB, llllllalla -64- WA L M E H ,S HEHFF JUNES UU. Designers and Manufacturers of e w School and College Jewelry PEOPLEb SFORE Graduation Anliolilncements .The Place to G0 For Medals,-Cups and Trophies Indianapolis, Ind. Names You Know" J9u.ele,.5 TU H d p , p- Lancaster Central High School ea quarters for all the Family M. C. George, Representative L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attlehoro. Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins CUIHIIIGIICEIHCIII Invitations Diplomas -- Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques Representative: Mr. Gerald Powell, L. G. Balfour Co., Sherrill Building, Peru. Indiana Willis Prichard: Do you serve crabs here? Waiter: Yes. We serve anyone - please sit down. Hoosier Grain And Supply Company Grain. Feed, Coal. Fertilizer Custom Grinding and Mixing Phone 46 Bluffton, Indiana GEELS JEWELRY STGRE Gift Headquarters Bluffton Indiana Compliments Of SWISHER LUMBER COMPANY, INC. LUMBER AND BUILDER sUPPL1Es Phone I3 I3 Bluffton Indiana Believe it or not we do work - sometimes. 'lil ' LIFE U DER Tl-IE BIG TOP 2079851 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is a typical scene of our life under the big top. Y 4131 Enjoy i . Ice Cream 3558 Q 9 FORT WAYNE. INDIANA .iv ' A3 ., Wil - -ff V Marilyn Wasson: Today I saw a baby Gfimdpa' Why' dont YOU get Yourself that gained ten pounds in two weeks by one of those hearing devices? drinking elephants milk. Don't need it. Son. Hearing more now bagblcliafrgfwthz You donyt Say! whose than I can understand. .1 n ,fh el h nt, any : e ep a s. F armer's nd Merchant's Bank Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Bluffton Indiana 166- Compliments of SERVICE FINANCE KITCHEN CABINETS Wholesale - Retail Custom Built and Standard Models Designed, Built and Installed FREE ESTIMATES WORK GUARANTEED CALL 406 IIVEHHULT CABINET CU. R. D. lRayI Overholt M Mile North on State Road No. 1 Bluffton, Indiana Il. E. NIBIICK GENERAL EXCAVATING AND BULLDOZING Bluffton, Indiana Craigville Phone I3 on 27 Mrs. Yake: How are you getting along in art class? Naomi: Fine, but I wish I had a smart- er teacher. Today I drew a horse and she didn't even know what it was. I . Custom built furniture O ld furniture 3. Re-upholstering of 5. Radios 6. Bedroom 4-. Custom built IUl'UIUU'f' 2. Floor Covering kitchen Cabinets 7. Venetian Iilinfls Gerber Furniture E? Upholstery One Mile North Bluffton, Indiana, B. B. No. I Open Tuesday and Saturday Evenings Phone 524 JOHNLOZ HOME STORE Meat. Yegetahles. Groceries Buyers of Poultry and Phones: rllocsin 6 on 23 Bluffton 1192-3 Murray. Ind. Earling's Food Market MBHIS BUYBIS nt LlVBSl0Cll lil0CBllBS Blullllln llllllallil Chrysler and Plym0ulh Grove 81 Baxter Complete Front End Alignment And Wheel Balancing Magneto Repairing lI"recl.'er Service Day and Night VENIS UFFIIIE SUPPLY GU. Bluffton, Indiana OFFICE SUPPLIES Furniture 81 Business Nlachines Royal Portable Typewriters Phone 29 Bluffton. Ind. Mr. Barger: How do you like your gov- MI, B31-gel-3 Why, Son? HIT1mQDf 1950119127 Bill: Because he told me to sit- up front Bill: 1 clon't like him at au. Igfjsigfth- and then he dldnt gwe VUGUE SHUP 103 South Nlain See lis For The NEW LOOK IN JUNIOR STYLES THE HILL TUP SHUP IVAN HABEGGER The Best In Upllolstering and Draperies State Road 1 North Phone I I 76-4 Bluffton Indiana SUNIEH 81, LUUKWUUU, lIlC. "Your Service .4gerz1'y" GENERAL INSURANCE Phone I1 Hlllfflllll Indiana "Vl'l1cre Insurance Is Not A Sideline" THE LESH AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate 202 South Main Street Bluffton Indiana Phone 281 MARKLEY BHUTHEHS Staple and Fancy Grocerie Phones 84 - 85 222 West Market Street Bluffton Indiana THE BLUFFTUN PRINTEHY COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Phone 617 Bluffton Indiana 121 S. Johnson St. Compliments of GRAND AND HUXY THEATRES Showing Latest And Best Pictures WASSllN'S GRUGERY cRoCI3RIRs: IIIRAT5 COLD DRINKS CAROLINE -- OIL Bluffton Indiana Craigville Indiana Mr. Bryan: Where is the owner of this City Slicker: How do you get water into l'9St3L11'3I1t? watermelons? Waiter: He is out to lunch. Bob Clark: I plant them in the spring. SllHUTT'S MEAT MARKET QUALITY MEATS CUSTOM CURING Phone 200 Bluffton Indiana We are happy to serve anyone. anytime. anywhere. We will meet the needs of aIIy emergency AMERICAN REU GRUSS Wells UUUITIY UITHDIBT for service call SBTh W. SIIMBT Bluffton R. R. No. -I Telephone Craigville 3 on 27 The Binding and Covers for this book were furnished by The Heckmall Billdefy North Manchester Indiana This Book Was Printed By HERALD PRESS Wabash Indiana The Engraving For This Book Was Done By The Fort Wayne Engraving Go. Fort Wayne Indiana The Pictures For This Book Were Taken By R. and Photos 10715 Wi. Market Bluffton Indiana Moronz Io like ten cents worth of bird seed. Storekeeper: What kind of a bird do you have? Moron: Oh. I don't have ll bird - I want to grow some! Mr. Shady: Is that man who just passed angry at you? I noticed he didn't return your greeting. Mr. Johnson: Oh, he's just my neighbor. He never returns anything. 1 Uralgvnle Garage , , 7 ,V A " QR Y H Fanny W to .g F is Q M ouriia suns T gn X rgfgalf-PEn 1 Een7.n -I JW ,md sriarlcii lflxi-.V W - 5 ti ' gl, 2 'Y L E ' Fiicfgx Phone 66 0 it En : 2 E ' ii if - A D H in J ,y wr, l r iii liraigyiile. 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PJ' V if wx xXX frmgwkv f-ii 2 3?yi,XX:Cf,:X,:fXXX.XXX 1, pf .1 , -,xx xi XU,XQwkxQX,,:r X lN7fQ12q'QH51 XX'XxvX+'-'W-fip'ff .X.-.::.s.--w- -- -f-Qfff-Xi' N' .X ' . - - - T sm- -' '-vrfv X f"" A X-X f ,NN ' X ' u ..:a.N4" X 3' 1 3m"fgfQXQ:,l ' xx X. ,- Q X . , ,. 1 W ,,. 4 .V in QA A Q , ,ml xbmx, Vwwyc v.qX,,gxQX ' - S- X X' Y. 1' ' - X X-'Xi Qu" 'K-E2 ..,,5'-h,,,VT::-Q' Vw, V . h dx 1l.f:-- Q X.- fX,'N4 Egg, .Kgs-.X X. A - ,Q as ff' Q: N-N X X XX :3X..'-wg, X Eh QW f IX X WX' apwffff Z if frfv-Xf , X-X X X f 1 ,kg QQ? fig2i:S2iQf:fiSSQEwQN1 ,f"'2"4-"- 1 '- ix I f .1 r . f'xW-MQQQS .Vg .X N -al iq- S XX Mwwfwwwywwwifzsii W " V l jf' fix X X X1 X45 W KX, I 'f 'I' X V 'X 'H 'XqYCT"5YfX','f'!2 H ' In '.- -- I X . fWWw'fQQNNYVQiMMHWwMMHWwwwwwzwwwzgwmwwwi X A fry 'ff feaSXi.?Xy 3 fl X X 1 ,Nb4SfNfxQ ik,--X 'HX Xwkik' XX' X JXXXXXS1 ff W6 Qp'rfNrfX11Xf6S'ygdff723,53 LX+3W'!' 71- '- X 'M ' 1 . 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Classes offer an equal opport- unity to learn for everyone. They serve the purpose of making friends, acquiring an education, and storing up memories for years to come. During the four years they spend in classes at L.H.S. students are given educa- tion that will be put to good use after graduation. lqi

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