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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1941 volume:

VU ff!! DEDICATION We, the Senior Class, affectionately dedicate this fourth issue of "The Reflector" to the citizens of Lancaster Township whose willing sacrifices have made our school the fine school it is, and have made it possible for us to complete our high school education. ZQWSSQS EDITOR - - ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER THE STAFF ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ALUMNI - - ACTIVITIES CALENDAR ATHLETICS - PHOTOGRAPHS HUMOR - CIRCULATION - ADVERTISING MANAGER EDWIN RRINDLE RICHARD BROWN ALICE FIECHTER GLEMA MAUPIN CHLOE ANDERSON - DONNA RELL MELBA HILL DORIS DIEHL - IVIAXINE WOLF VALDA MACON GEORGE MCCLAIN JACK CLAUSSEN QU yy yf Hoosier Qjachoolmailers i"'1,, - Q N...--V ,ai wma, -..ff W. ....,.,x K GEORGE H. PROUGH . H. GRIFFIN Principal A. B. DePauw Universi- ty, 19323 M. S., Indiana University, 1936. lllatheinatics, English. MARGARET A B. S., Ball State Teach- ers College, 1934: exten- sion work at Indiana I'niversity. Social Studies. Health, and Physical Education HELEN REED A. B., Ball State Teach- ers College, 1937 Colum- hia University, Sunnner Session. English C0111- inerce, History. DOROTHY P. O'DOWD B.S., Indiana University, 1938. English, Physical Education. JOHNSON A. B., Indiana Universi- ty, 1933. Home Economics, Sci- ence. . DALE DECKER A. B., DePauw Universi- ty, 19291 M. S., Indiana University, 1938. Connnerce, Social Stud- ies. English. JOHN K. MUGG B. S., Purdue Universi- ty. 1939. Agriculture, Science. and Gfchoolmarms MARIE SWISHER Oshkosh Normal Schoolg New York University: Oberlin Conservatoryg A. B., Ball State Teach- ers College, 1927. Music and Art. ARTHUR GERWIG A. B., DePauw Universi- ty, 1930. English, Phys- ical Education, Latin. Social Studies. DWIGHT SHADY Ball State Teachers Col- lege. Fifth and Sixth Grades KATHLEEN HOGG Ball State Teachers Col- lege. First, Second and Third grades at Murray NOAH WALL Huntington Collegeg ex- tension work at Ball State and Indiana Uni- versity. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grades at Craigville. ALBERT CONNOR A. B., Oakland City Col- lege, 1933: M. S., Indi- ana University, 1940 Mathematics, Physical and Biological Sciences, Physical Education. MILDRED HART- MAN COLLIER B. S., Ball State Teach- ers College, 1939 First and second grades LUCILE WARE Ball State Teachers Col- ege. Third and Fourth Grades NEIL ROE Attended Hunt i n gt on College, DePauw Univer- sity, Indiana State Teachers College. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades at Murray. RUTH ANN MARTZ Indiana State Teachers College. First, Second, and Third grades at Craigville. rw I ,Q 0 . f vw T Q '- ' T. "ft rv- -I X. A ...' far- 0 .-, fl ' 1 ' 1' 5 ai' , M, nv tw 'N 1 V? 1- QI, f . M., . , ff ' ' -T -'Ili uma, .pau Q MS T Y 1 if QW?" . 11 I' ' . ' ' " F X-1-SQ-w'f,J'5-'F' ' f' A gf, - 'W 1 " ' v -1 -- . ' X 15g I vm' K - t X Q lj: ,f I A ns Q if 4,b' 552131- 5-pi wma A I is 11 , -ii-f,g, - y J A , I , tain:-97, R . 61 ,, ' Wa. fu P 1 529' M f,1 I I I, j AA ax sffoA' 1' -P -S! 'Jfifffi , M... L, L..-, Yu ' ..' "l5,Jm-mmmwff: ' ' Snap Shots of The New Building, Now Under Construction 559 Ps V WILLIAM PRICE CHLOE ANDER- Presirlent 3-4 SON Basketball 2-3 pl-sement 1 F1355 Play 34 Vice President 3-4 County Commercial Contest 3-4 State Commercial Contest JI Class Play 3-4 Chorus 1-2-344 ALICE FIECHTER Seeretary'Treas. 3-4 County Commercial Contest 2-I3--l State Coininereial Contest :Z Eelio Staff :I-4 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1-2-23 991 CLASS HISTORY On September 19117, forty-four shy and confused Freshmen entered the assembly. They were: Chloe Anderson, Mahilda Aschliman, Donna Bell, Edwin Brindle, Richard Brown, Alyce Campbell, Madelyn Clark, Jack Claussen, Vance Couch, Naomi Crozier, Betty Deihl, Max Deihl, Merle Dick, Doris Diehl, Mary Ann Duncan, Robert Durr, Doris Elzey, Alice Fiechter, Robert Foster, Robert Freeman, Kenneth Gerber, Nina Gibson, Viv- ian Guntle, Guila Hinton, Marie Hougendobler, Waneta Kean, Alice Krummen, John Lude, Valda Macon, George McClain, Virginia Myer, Evelyn Myers, Wilma Potter, William Price, Sterling Reber, Floyd Reece, Aldulla Reinhard, Jay Ross, Raymond Sample, Louise Smith, Helen Steffen, Norma Steffen, Maxine Wolf, and Wendell Wolf. The following students joined us during the year: Glema Maupin, Bonnie Mechling, and John Schwartz. Robert Foster, Vivian Guntle, Virginia Myer, and Raymond Sample left us. One morning in January we were very shocked at the sudden death of one of our members, Jay Ross. In a meeting held on October 4, we elected the following officers: Chloe Anderson, Pres- ident: Kenneth Gerber. Vice-President: Waneta Kean, Secretary-treasurer. Miss Camp- bell was our class sponsor. On October 26, a weiner roast was held at the school tiuilding. In the second semester we had a skating party at Decatur. On March 25, .1 minstrel was given by the mixed chorus under the supervision of Miss Swisher. Twenty-two members of our class participated. On September 2, ISHS, with one new m ember, Betty Barger, we enrolled for our Sophomore year. The members that didn't enroll with us were: Mahilda Aschliman, Alyce Campbell, Vance Couch, Betty Deihl, Ma1'ie Hougendobler, Waneta Kean, Aldulla Reinhard, Maxine Wolf, and Wendell Wolf. During the year two of our former mem- bers, Alyce Campbell and Maxine Wolf, came back. Norma Steffen and Floyd Reece withdrew. The class officers were: Richard Brown, President: Edwin Brindle, Vice- President: Doris Elzey. Secretary-treasurer. Mr. Decker was our class sponsor. During this year we had two parties. On November 4, we had a party at the school building and on lNIarch lb, we had a skating party at Huntington. In the fall of 1939 with 29 members we started our Junior year. The new students ioining us that year were: Elmer Aeschliman, Edna Brown, and Ed VValsh. Alyce Camp- bell, Naomi Crozier, Kenneth Gerber, Guil '1 Hinton, Alice Krummen, John Lude, Elmer Smeltzer, and Helen Steffen didn't enroll. Elmer Aeschliman, Robert Freeman, and Page Ten 'Wk -lx-. Iw- MELBA HILL MERLE DICK EVELYN MYERS JACK CLAUSSEN VVren High School 1-2 Basketball 1-12-3-4 Fhorus 1-2-3 Basketball 1-2-3 Pleasant Mills 3 Softball 3-4 411 c'11111 1.2-:J Softball 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2 Chorus 1 C1335 Play 3-4 Class Play 3-4 Et-110 Staff 2-4 Yell Leadel' 3-4 Annual Staff -1 ChO1'l1S 1-2-3-4 L'l1Ol'LlS 1 Annual Staff 4 ' DORIS DIEHL EDWIN BRINDLE DORIS ELZEY JOHN SWARTZ Class Play 4 Softball 1-2-3-4 Secretary- Treas. 2 IYHIOII 1 Yell Leader 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 -ill Club 1-2 Aiggm-51 Come-gt 2 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 rf-11 Le1111e1- 1-2-4 E1-110 Staff 3 Chorus 1-2-4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play I-3-4 Sgftball 4 Chorus 1-3-tj-4 Drum Major 33-4 CLASS HISTORY, Continued Bonnie Mechling left us during the year. Nevin Curme and Melba Hill joined us. At a class meeting held on September 29, the following class officers were elected: William Price, President, Chloe Anderson, Vice-Presidentg Alice Fiechter, Secretary-treasurer. Our class sponsors were Mr. Decker and Miss Johnson. During this year we had a skating party at Huntington in the first semester. In the second semester we had a party at the school building and a skating party at Roanoke. The most important event for this year was the presentation of our class play, "M'liss, My Western Miss." This took place at Lancaster on the night of March 29. On August 23, 1940, every member of the class enrolled except Edna Brown and Ed Walsh. Pauline Coffield, formerly of Bluffton, joined us. Out of the forty-four mem- bers that enrolled in our freshman year, twenty are members of our graduating class. The other seven transferred to Lancaster from other schools. At a class meeting held on September 18, our class officers were chosen as follows: William Price, President: Chloe Anderson, Vice-Presidentg Alice Fiechter, Secretary-treasurer. Miss Reed and Mr. Gerwig were our class sponsors. Our party this year was held on March 7, the principal feature being a supper at Jack Claussen's home. After supper some went skating while other Went to a show. On October 18, we presented our senior class play, "Don't Darken My Door," at Lancaster. At the present we are planning to take a trip to Chicago on April 10 and 11. Page Eleven . j I-iv - I +V' V A-"V '!T"'Vi4r1 ,Him Vygjd, V'V 'J 1-4 E.-CV! 4-5.1 fam: ff Q 1 ...Q if f . V A Ji 1,--Q 4 G Q- + mf " ' 1-"' ' m"uH.f1f" P--4.2 ' ' e '7.- s . .L 3 L' . 'W E I r ' ' " 2'- -V.., 1,3-V,.,VL,f w VV V . V , V -M .11 L- Q ,fr ' .. 1 ' , .. .F V4 - . . - V ,, - A ' U -an gh . V 2 .VH . ."b - ' f ' '.-125' ., ..a. . ,. .1 -' igllg-'32, in Qrfjjdr ' 45, fi- , L L thi . 'L-iii "5-3"' - 5' ' " . -' i , ,fgfi-'., 2 lg, Mffffii .. ' ' .j"i?l4,gUJ V- U6-M -Q ' V . V V JW ' 4 V.-3. V +V ' ' '-" Eig ' , '4- h3iI!3 If .B -h 'r N' - "Mb- r T ' Us ., ,iii-Vlqi Q3 5 LJ I , ami' wr' V55 V5ZVffi?Mwh,'b 1-' V 5.5 V ' km' 'V ' V ,VV--if Xf -- , X . .- -""' fax RF-' 1 ,. 'L " ' ' '43 YF :IV - sI'V A. :Eg FJ, Lg 1 fi ' " qu A:.H,v+f,,f, Q . V - 'H A V ESI V.-ml' I- ik. m, iff' ' 'LEIT1 was P-31 f'i' . f 0-5 'fs' L ,q 9 . 1 Q' W . 'n f' 'Q ,V 40 , I V V , ,A I-'ini 1 V 6 .,IVVVl- VV. I- gs FF' .140 r 35 1. if Q " 1 'V ? T ' 'C' , za- -l c - Y-0 T '- L - V, J ' P i V '-... a j w.a,'Yif1'g NV V, f ,Va A V . , ,, , V I- ,VVV V L , gf! LV V, , V 'V V-'F Q - ....f. VV V , ff? P T Y juftilm If M I V I in V .f l . 'Q 'E g ,.' ', -Y V, ' ,T J ' , H 1 QVVH, V"4 Q: L ol lr 1 f-WA-' 1 f ? iF '1l!M fig 1 gf vm,-,Q i "M '- Q ff 1 4 ig ' 1, V L V . ,, -, -Y V ' f 1'-.Ht 1' 471 '. r' fr'-.'4.'-BP ff!-f' -v"""5k ,ga-x1"1v N PW "Hof Pdf' ro- 149, ,vp mn GLEMA MAUPIN MAXINE WOLF NEVIN CURME MADELYN CLARK Petroleuni 1 Bluffton 2 Green Township 1 Echo Staff 3-4 Blutlif-iiintius t'Out+-st Founty t'on11ue1'c'ial lla1'tt'o1'd 2 4H Fluh 1-2-3-4 2 Fontest 3 lic-ho Stzilt' il Chorus 1-2-3 tjouuty CUllllll4'l'C'lili State Coinniercial Ponte-st 4 Contest 3-1 Vlass Play 23 Vliorus 1 Vhorus 2-3 Vlass Play 3 Evlio Staff 4 lflcsho Staff R--1 Annual Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 LOUISE SMITH PAULINE COF- RICHARD BROWN BETTY BARGER t"l1Orus 1-2-2 FIELD In-I-sitleiit 2 Ossian 1 Blufftoxl 1.3.3 State Coniuierc-ial Band 1-2 phmug 4 Contest Z! t"liOrus Il-4 Basketball 1-3-22-4 Softball 1-2-il--1 Volleyball l Class Play I! Annual Stull' I SENIOR CLASS PLAY --nON'T DARKEN MY DOOR" The story is about a young girl, Rosemary Kent, who has read so many romances that Tom tlarrinlt isn't good enough for her. The maid, Poppy, is also Very romantic and will have nothing to do with Alex Stubbins. ROsemary's Uncle Roger is content to stay a bachelor until Jane Perkins comes along and changes eyeryOne's outlook. Romance is everywhere in the Kent household. Louisa and Susie Featherstone, two maiden ladies, keep an interested eye on the romantic ai't'airs and add a comical bit now and then. Page Twelve 'WI' VALDA MACON 4H Club 1-2 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Echo Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 WILMA POTTER Chorus 3 4H Club 1-2-3-4 06?- -M ROBERT DURR NINA GIBSON Basketball 1-2-3-4 f'hO1'l1S 2-3 Softball 1-2-3-4 Volleyball 1 Chorus 1 MARY ANN DUN- MAX DEIHL CAN Student Manager ' Chorus 2-3 4H Club 1-2-3 GEORGE McCLAIN Class Play 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 1 Volleyball 1 Echo Staff 4 Animal Staff 4 Chorus 1-2 DONNA BELL Echo Staff 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Orchestra 1-2 Chorus 1-2-3 SENIOR CLASS PLAY, Continued CAST Poger Kent, A dashing bachelor - Rosemary Kent, His romantic neice Tom Garrick, Rosemary's suitor - - Poppy Foster, The maid with romantic ideas Alex Stubbins, Poppy's devoted svvain - Jane Perkins, A writer of romantic novels Louisa Featherstone, a maiden lady - Susie Featherstone, a maiden lady Jack Claussen Melba Hill William Price - Doris Diehl George McClain Doris Elzey Chole Anderson Donna Bell Page Thirteen Page Fourteen SENIOR CLASS POEM A is for Anderson, our very small sizer, But what would she do without her Kizer. B is for Barger, who seems very shy, But at cracking jokes she's sure to get by. B is for Bell, mighty, though small, She stands exactly five feet tall, B is for Brindle, who has curly hair, When he is needed, he's sure to be there. B is for Brown. who knows how to sing, His greatest ambition is to stand in for Bing. C is for Clark, our school cashier, She's very efficient in her duties here. C is for Claussen, who loves a good joke, If he keeps that Chevy he'll surely go broke. C is for Coffield, whom we call Polly, We think there is no one quite so jolly. C is for Curme, our artistic lad, When it comes to drawing he's the best to be had D is for Deihl, who likes to sleep, But as student manager he's hard to beat. D is for Dick, who has a great laugh, He stands about five feet seven and a half. D is for Diehl, our political lass, We couldn't do without her in Government class. D is for Duncan, who's quite thin and tall, She does her school Work with never a flaw. D is for Durr, who loves basketball, It seems to help to be six feet tall. E is for Elzey, a yell leader true, She knows about planning budgets for two. F is for Fiechter, our bright little lass, We know she's not far from the top of the class. is for Gibson, whom we never see b1'OOCl, She has a new beau for each changing mood. H is for Hill, who loves a good lark, I'll bet she'll soon change her name to Clark. M is for Macon, so sweetly demure, An old maid she says but we're not so sure. M is for Maupin, who now is a traitor, Since her chief interest lives in Decatur. M stands for McClain, who is very tall, He's one of those who plays basketball. M is for Myers, our Craigville gal, G When it comes to chumming she's a peace of a pal. P stands for Potter, an agreeable lass, She's certainly the quietest one in the class. P stands for Price and President too, He's never on time when anytl1ing's due. S is for Smith, our only blond, Of several boys she's very fond. S is for Swartz, who's not very tall, But he's the most accurate typist of all. W is for Wolf, our editor-in-chief, The first to be married is our firm belief. SENIOR PROPHECY Affel' T911 Y6a1'S HS H1'21dl0 3l'iiSf. I have decidei to return to my country home and retire from public life. On the second day after my arrival at lily country estate, I received a letter from George MCCl3iH, W110 is teaifhing at LHIICHSUBI' High SCIIOOI- George had read of my homecoming in the Bluffton News-Banner and was sending 1119 H CODY of the Lancaster Echo. It seems that every month the Echo Dl1b1iSh9S H list Of 8- gl'3dl1HUHg C1355 of fOl'11161' years and states what each member is doing. The CODY I 1'6C9iV6d WHS feaflllillg U19 CIHSS of 1941. Upon reading the list, this is what I learned concern- ing the activities of my former classmates. I found it so very interesting that I shall quote directly from the Echo. "Valda Macon is a noted hair stylist in London, She is now designing the hair styles for the Queen and Princesses of England. Valda has her own private suite in Buckingham Palace. Evelyn Myers is the hair dresser who tries out Yalda's latest brain storms. Evelyn is the exclusive hair dresser for the Royal Family. Jack Claussen is managing a Gamble Store in California. Jack's is now the largest store in the nation. In his spare time he runs a girl's dude ranch, much to the liking of the feminine movie stars. Bob Durr is playing professional basketball with the World! Champions, "The Globe Trotters." He has been with several independent ball clubs since he left school and was recently acclaimed the out- standing scorer of the Independent League. Louise Smith and Nina Gibson are starring in the new radio serial "Great Gobs of Gossip". The program is under the sponsorship of the makers of Carter's Little Liver Pills, and may be heard over the National Broadcasting Company every Monday evening. Dick Brown is singing the "Toreador Song" in the Opera "Carmen". The Metropolitan Opera Come pany hired Dick shortly after his graduation, when a talent scout heard him singing while typing out his income tax report. Dick is now on a personal appearance tour through Europe. Ed Brindle, known as "Lefty" to his baseball fans, has made quite a name for himself this past year. Ed is pitching for the Yankees and has won every game this season. XValter 'Winchell reports that Ed will probably be manager as well as pitcher next year after his marriage to the club owner's daughter, Miss Greta Lamarr. Glema Maupin is still pursuing her "Dream Man", a handsome browneyed cowboy. Glema's latest novel. "The Hidden Shelf" was recently voted "outstanding" by the Book of the Month Club. Doris Diehl was elected as the first woman president last fall. During her campaign, Doris used some of the tactics she learned as yell leader at LHS, Doris has had the Constitution changed ten times since her election, and is convinced there should be "Third terms for everything and everybody." Chloe Anderson is President Diehl's p1'ivate se retary and political adviser. Chloe, still capable of arguing, comes in very handy when a Fuller Brush salesman insists upon seeing the President. Betty Barger is the feminine star with the "Devil Drivers" this year. Her most daring stunt is to drive a car off a ten-story building. John Swartz is the manager of a circus. He got into the business when the manager of a side show caught him sneaking in under the side of a tent while the circus was showing in Kingsland a few years ago. Merle t'Glamour Boy" Dick is in Hollywood making a picture for Universal. Merle has come to be known as the Number One Box Office attraction of the yea1'. Merle started his career as a stand-in for Tyrone Power. Doris Elzey put a Mrs. before her name shortly after graduation and is still planning budgets. Doris has the honor ot having the most modern home in the community. Max Deihl was elected Mayor of Craigville. which has, under his direction. become a large and prosperous city. Ground was broken for a new airport last week. Nevin Curme is a very prominent artist in Chicago. He has a studio on the top floor of the Curme and Company Building, where he works on his modern creations of art. Nevin recently sold one of his creations for fifteen thousand dollars, Madelyn Clark is in California running a speech correction school for prospective movie stars. The Clark Conservatory has the reputation of having the best speech instructors in the world. Alice Fiechter is in VVest Virginia working as private secretary for the governor, Before she was employed by the governor, Alice was the World Champion Speed Typist. Wilma Potter is now appearing in the "Ice Follies of 1951" as a fit-,'111'9 Skafeli Wilma 1135 been acclaimed as the successor to Sonja Henie. George McClain is teaching mathematics and spelling at Lancaster. He is also the faculty sponsor of the Lancaster Echo. Melba Hill has recently returned to Hollywood from Reno, Nevada. where she has been on business. Melba won the Academy Award this year for her extraordinary acting in the current hit "Hearts Aflame' Mary Ann Duncan was recently appointed State Supervisor for the 4H Clubs. She teaches Home Economics in the winter and runs a girl's camp in the summer. Pauline Coffield is running a boarding house in Murray. She publishes a newspaper on the side. telling all the latest gossip of the community. ' . A . Maxine,Wolf is operating a bakery in Craigville, She is specializing in molasses cookies and angel food cakes. Her products are sold in all the best stores in the country. I t Bill Price is chief pilot for the TVVA. Up until two months, ago Bill was flying instructor at the Fort Wayne airport. He is flying the largest plane on the line. 1 Donna Bell has recently retired from the radio work which she has been doing for the past ten years and is going to devote her time to her family. Page Fifteen CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-one, being tfor the most partb of sound mind, and having attained unto perfect wisdom, graciously acknowledge our debt to the society and deem it not only our duty but our privilege as well to enter into this last will and testament to wit: ARTICLE I SECTION 2-We, the Senior Class do will and bequeath to the faculty the hope that of our bygone days such as: broken furniture, finger-smudged walls, second-hand gum deposits, initialed desks, and well-worn ? '? 7 books. SECTION-We. the Senior Class do will and bequeath to the faculty the hope that all future seniors will be as perfect examples of integrity, propriety, insanity, and im- becility as we have been. SECTION 3-We, the Senior Class after due consideration of the inability of the Freshmen due to their youth do not will or bequeath them anything. SECTION 4-We, the Senior Class will and bequeath our serious ways to the Sopho- mores. SECTION 5--We, the Senior Class do will and bequeath our Senior sophistication to the Juniors.. i ARTICLE II SECTION 1-Individual Provisions I, Chloe Anderson, bequeath to Bernard Walsh the right to go steady. I, Betty Barger, bequeath to Virginia Hughes the right to go with the Bynum brothers. I, Donna riell, bequeath to Eva Culp my right to be the smallest one in the class. I, Edwin Brindle. bequeath to Wayne Zimmerman my curly hair. I, Richard Brown, bequeath to Walter Kipfer my abilty to be a star singer. I, Madelyn Clark bequeath to Myrl Wasson my soft voice. I, Jack Claussen, bequeath to Halden Snider the right to own a Chevy like mine. I, Pauline Coffield, bequeath to Evelyn Clowser the right to have a boy friend to come to school to see her at least once a week. I, Nevin Curme, bequeath to Herman McCormick the right to be an artist. I, Max Deihl, bequeath to Dewey Blem the right to sleep in the assembly. I, Merle Dick, bequeath to Dorothy Schorey my ability as a milkmaid. I, Mary Ann Duncan, bequeath to Irene Noble the right to be a blonde. I, Robert Durr, bequeath to Vernon Bynum my basketball ability. I, Doris Elzey, bequeath to Betty Eichhorn my ability to make budgets for two. I, Alice Eieehter. bequeath to Maxine Byerly the right to be a teachers little helper. I. Nina Gibson, bequeath to Betty Myers my right to gossip. I, Melba Hill, bequeath to Ruth Savieo my ability to be a cheer leader. I, Valda Macon, bequeath to Betty Garton the right to talk to herself. I, Glema Maupin, bequeath to Helen Souders the right to have a boy friend in the army. I, George McClain, bequeath to William Frye the right to go with the Huntington girls. I, Evelyn Myers, bequeath to Rowena Davison my ability to be a day dreamer. I, Wilma Potter, bequeath to Jean Pursley my quiet Ways. I, William Price, bequeath to Enos Call the right to go with the Junior girls. I, Louise Smith, bequeath to Mary Clark the right to go with the Liberty Center boys. I, John Swartz, bequeath to Kimsey Anderson my ability to behave like a gentleman. I, Maxine Wolf, bequeath to Roma Decker my ability to keep cool, calm, and collected. Page Sixteen JUNIORS Bottom Row: Maxine Byerly, Halmlen Snider, Roma Decker, Bernard Walsh, Anna Louigg Berger, Second Row: Vernon Bynum, Roberta Inskeep, Virginia Hughes, Betty Myers, John Mitchell. ps.,-. ,om Third Row: Mary Jane Gilliom, Herman McCormick, Evelyn f'10WSGI'. Joseph Call, Helen Sourler, Enos Call. Fourth Row: Herbert McCorm- ick, Mary Clark, Dewey Blem, Jean Pursley, Robert Shurr, Iletty Garton. Fifth Row: Alice Gerber, Kim- sey Anderson, Virgie Elzey, Vernon Kaehr, Irene Noble, Mary Roberts. Sixth Row: William Frye, Betty l-jichborn, Eugene Smith, Doro- thy Scliorey, Roger Greene, Eva Culp. Top Row: Annabelle Milholland, Wayne Zimmerman, Ruth Savieo, Harold Moser, Myrl Wasson, Louise Miller. Absent: Rowena Davison. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "DOTTY AND DAFFY" What is the whole duty of a pair of pre tty daughters of a beautiful mother when the family funds run low? Obviously to help mamma catch a rich husband and save the family from the poorhouse. At least that is what Dotty and Daffy conceive their duty to be. So when Mamma Phyllis returns from Florida with a supposedly wealthy widow- er in tow, they gladly consent to disguise themselves as little girls, so that the suitor may be deceived into believing that mamma is eleven years younger than she is. Their fiances, however, a resourceful pair of brothers, incensed to see that Mamma Phyl- lis is jilting their absent uncle, who has long been in love with her, threaten to queer her game by dressing up as little boys and presenting themselves to the visiting suitor as her twin sons. This disguise offers the boys a fine chance to give the suitor's gold- digging son the walloping of his life: all of which so disgusts the suitor that he abruptly breaks his engagement to Mamma Phyllis. That undaunted lady, however, 4Continued on page eighteenl Page Seventeen l soPHoMoREs ' 'Wi 2. 'fs a l l an 'vs 'mn we i 4 Bottom Row: Earleen Frauliiger, William Swartz, Eileen McCune, Robert Meyer, Wendell Gerber, Deloris Wedler, Gaylord Hunt. Second Row: Howard St-horey, Alvin Fieehter, Edwin Rode-nheck, Mary Ann Steffen, James, XVolf, Mariellen XYalsh, William Rankin, Third Row: Reathel Bright, Walter Kipfer, Wannetta Maupin, Benny Schaffer, Sarah Jane Aschliinan. Donald Gerber, Esther Ginter. Fourth Row: Ricliard Ilumiltou. Glenueveer Smith, Edsel Pierce. Betty Kleiuknisht, John Pease, Martha Rose Clark, Harold Blue. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY, Continued promptly presents Dotty and Daffy as her rich younger sisters, with the idea of having them vamp father and son and thus secure money for the family. But the boys spoil this game also, and nothing but the arrival of their jilted uncle straightens out the wild tangle of lVIamnia's love affairs. CAST Hilda Johnson, the Swedish maid - Eva Culp Alfred Hopkins, the English butler Harold Moser Molly O'Mulliggan, the Irish cook ---- Roma Decker Dorothy Travers, Phyllis' older daughter, known as Dotty Roberta Inskeep Daphne Travers, Phyllis' younger daughter known as Daffy Betty Garton Jimmie Rand, a collegian, in love with Dotty - - Eugene Smith Freddie Rand, his younger, brother, who loves Daffy Robert Schurr Mrs. Phyllis Travers, an impetuous Widow - Betty Eichhorn Paxton Belmont, a rich U9 widower - - Enos Call Jack Belmont, his son - - - - Vernon Kaehr Aunt Hester Harley, who hates men - Maxine Byerly Hugh Rand, uncle of Jimmie and Freddie Roger Greene Page Eighteen FRESHMEN Bottom Row: Donald Frauhig- er, Alice Duncan, Ezra Reinhard Doris Groh, Ralph Rodenbeck, Jean Lash. Second Row: Verlin Davison, Marjorie Steffen, Harold Shaft, Glen Mankey, Berneil Smith, James Moser. Third Row: Betty Durr, Carl Kaehr, Irene Dillman, Robert Bessel-, Doris Wall, Betty Shady. Fourth Row: Wayne Hinton, Maxine Faus, Mary Alice Schor- ey, George Green, Marjorie Woodward, Clifford Davis. Fifth Row: Lela Moser, Garth Hec-kley, Melda Niblick, Vernon Gerber, Ellen Jean Kleinknlght, Gene Monticue. Sixth Row: Wayne Barger, Phyllis Barger, Dale Van Zant, Betty Frye, Edwin Call, Robert Bryan. Top Row: Celestia Clark, Max Gilliom, Jane Gerber, Hershel Freeman, Betty Houdyshell, Wendell Byerly. Absent: Howard Habegger. Page Nineteen xt 'fy ,. ' .,.. 2 , melt-if, 1" f it '.-fix" ' . fi N' X im, J J gy -. -1A. : W' KA it 5' A l ' A Q.. K has rm t V 1 .Me - , R 7 ' .,,,, P i J ,I Q ,,,, in i ,A'-. 'ffltfftl J -fs V . ,. .- , .. ., .., ,, 15, J R 1 F 9 -. 1. ,wr , :viii ,. ' 4 . QM... , Vx I , - Q- W Q - 2 t' . EIGHTH GRADE Bottom Row: Mary Louise Stahl. Harry Stralnn, Evelyn Boinan, Jack lXIcf'lain, Roberta Hunt, Dale Fiechter. Second Row: Roy Stuff, Ritzi Savieo, Robert Ger- ber, Mona Noble, Robert Ziininerinan, Joyce Smith. Third Row: Martha Masterson, George Miller, Ruth Wolf, Robert Ziiinnerinan, Barbara Ander- son, Bruce Milhollanrl. Fourth Row: Robert Johnloz, Evelyn Monkey, Robert Myers, Murslia Pursley, Richard Geutis. Fifth Row: Forest Anderson, Mary Lynn Irvin, llruue lnskeep, elvis B2llll11S'.,'Lll'Ul9l', lXIullikin. Junior Top Row: llvlilu Fl'fllllllQ,t'l', Robert Orinsby, Lncile Stetten, Johnny Barger, Joyce Lll1dQ1'IlEi.ll. Absent: Betty Perry. Qi- lg lf - ' In K J A ' . - - 'N "ff:-.ez P - !er -' . gf V ,M 1. ik , if W gr, M Q " " fa. . 1, J t , ,N J J Q'-- 1 J 3 ' ow .F if . w 1' 'J Z, v- -A 'L ' 5 ' 'J V if N i V' -f Q 4 N- , ,, it J R . :FQ . ,N . X W " w :rx 1, f - J A I- g SEVENTH GRA DE A R J J ' Q- 5-'l i 'N' " A' ' 'T g ' I Bottom Row: Robert Ilzirtiiiztil, Rose-linsl Full, 5 .. if-v x x,::1.:: . he-:r w t X. sg Rivliarcl Fiocliter, Maxim- Gibson, Vlziuclo Sheley, V1 ff' , Q xv? e ot es fic on v V V .4 A f ..e.,- W ll .ilu Second Row: Nollaiboll Holt. tltiylorfl Mounst-y. V , A llelen llet't'olti1igw-i'. Glen R+-iiiliairnl, Ihivifl QQ 5 G M D 0 ' fiillllllilll, Jimmy Ift3lllllfll'tl. A J A+ ' ' ... 4 J" N Third Row! Max FQNIS, Ilonziltl Iiyerly, Doris "' S Fiecliter, Etlezir Mounst-y, t'ii1-olyli Fans, Ken- , 11 wx if 'N lieth llzinni. A A . " Fourth Row: muy tim-ii.-11, ci.-no ie:--11, Billy Mas- g Q ' , 'T tvrson, Joan liloiiiltiiiglit, Rvrleiiv Potter, , 4 Q' ' S ' m ' , ,N 'X ..,, Q.. f'lurenc1e Mowery, 1' q v! Vi Fifth Row: Devonzi lfis-vlitt-i'. Robert lf'1ins,NVilli111n 15- V 'if 5 Nash, .Ioyc-o Moore, Vaiuolin Davison, ' ' ' ' A 1 X w -A 2 '--i , X . ,, Sixth Row! t'lizirlt-H Mzistersoii, Rust,-llu Murray. , ' ri 1 V ' f lliltla Sit-'l'I't'll, llivlizirtl Roiiiliziiwl. Dolores v-,-Wifxf . hm "' Y 55" 1 ' " :K SEQ' 7 X X' Aschlilnain. V Q , 'Kwy ' L X' ' W 1 V Page Twenty LANCASTER GRADES Q LANCASTER ROOM Ill lottom Row: Ma1'y Jane Mowery, Dale Bowman, Lucille X Gerber, Dale Reinhard, Anna Belle Gentis, Daniel i Roberts, Patty Dick, Bob Grove. viecond Row: Ruth Randall, Dick Paxson, Leota Steffen, Q Bob Pursley, Joan Walsh, William Duncan, Julia Smith. 'Third Row: Audrey Gerber, VValter Ward, Lorella Ander- I son, Peggy Dick, Russel Diehl, Janis Bynum, Chaddy 1 Huyette. !:'op Row: Joan Wiebke, Robert Duncan, Carolyn Henry. ' Charles Springer, Lauretta Anderson, Earl Dishong, Joan ' Houdyshell. Xbsent: Mary Ann Payne, Billy Huston. I 5 l I LANCASTER ROOM Il Bottom Row: Paul Kahn, Dorothy Dishong. James Troyer, Ivan Pursley. Marilyn Wasson, Davie Milholland, Joy Stahl. Second Row: Rex Pursley, Harry Steffen. David Paxson. Sarah Jane Nash, Bill Kahn, Patty Messick. Third Row: Geraldine Walsh, Glen Miller, Bonnie Lou Gibson, Victor Gerber. Kenneth Hamilton, Kenneth Brickley. Top Row: Richard Beeler, Mae Modena Mowery, Carol Thomas, Anna Mae Roberts, Kenneth Reinhard, Betty Heffelfinger. Absent: Joan Payne. LANCASTER ROOM I , Bottom Row: Rodney Mayer, Richard Shedd, Evelyn Kaul'- l man, Tommy Kahn, Bobby Troyer, Betty Bowman, James Duncan. Second Row: James Geisel, Betty Reinhard, Maurice McGee, Arlene Anderson, Verlos Houdyshell, Tommy ' VViebke. Third Row: Ray Hartman, Max Hamilton, Evelyn Green. Johnny Pursley, Barbara Bowernian, Johnny Hanni. Top Row: Bobby VVard, Joyce Burkhead, Kenneth Bowman, Phyllis Dishong, Joe Mowery, Larry Wittwer. ll i i Page twenty-one -I 7 m4""'f T':- ' " 2:13 1' 1 v-95 -4 li Final :F4.4" er' ,, g J 'f ' .V .. f nw ' ' 1' ' - 1 ' V 1 ' I' 113' ' , . " 'Y W' ' .. Qs ' H 'Q 2 Y" Q x ' an IV U K U ' ,' I V. -A. ' - 'Q . Ai U ,.,, ' ' ' L A , T -xl V L I ,lf . l l -4 ,L-rj T D 1 ,wr ". 1 .ll 51 HST? fi II Y ?fqgf hi i"+'-2fm,I"4?1+'1 wifffsiwgg Mg Ti: ' , U I Viv I: if 1 D. I 6 U ,si-,wg ilgq ' if - ' I + ' fig? ' M J t tl' l G ob iS.I4EL3 it li. Q I. Ogg. ' ' 3j?'7LmFQt3.5gi?+ifE1-2 V '41 L 'I Q24 F, . ,,- fm 1 +C' Mini! 1 4 - frtrf-L B-I +3 I 4 'sr 7' f ,ILP ws - L 4 -fir -' 'fihm I 4354- l Q tl iv+! If 6 1 1,-.4 Y- L 1:2194 K -i- 1 I --.vt , ..... . . ,.,, is 1 . -A 1 , ...,. . . A , ' l '5"f2z1f. -"L .4 V ' 'J' lg, .. V 1 1 1 V .1 -3 K .. , V a-5 - ' 1 r i I l - " ' 5- -if V U 2. ' Q v A. Q f za. :.- -ff V 1 .z It ,, 1 A f , 5 , - --1 ' .L f ,V ' " , . - E .-- V cg Z. -- ' ' " ' i V ki. f 'f 16' F 'V ot, 1 1 ,,f. .Ay ,' P ,f 1. ,, , a f 'gg Relay? w 5 , . 1 ' 5- 1 .f' 111112 ,glitz lf., V. .pi 1 . 1 :L 'f .- , . IV -ff l V ' ,, ' ., b..,Qiw1gV. . -M ,, " V' ' if W ' ' il 1 A V. il ' " ' '. " fl 15" f F ,- ."1 A .1 , NJ t 'Z' -l f . ,Y ,Q Viz-1.1 N 1 A , sr Y V . V . - A A 25 -K l Vfgf .' V- f ' 1. , " -A 6 ,, ,f si- . 71? A V - 7 A L V- If f 'Fifi -A ' '!?'29"'5 if 14 . .Maxis ff. 11 1f .- : wi M, M1 E 5,1 . 1 A - ,. ' 'vga ' ' W A - -f 'I ' " ' ' ' Q , ' - ,,,,, .Q A: Kg ' I, .f .1 If 1 fe 1 .Q x ,..-Vw, ave- . f' ',,, A V V -1' 1 . 1- V H if " . ww 11' ' 1 as 1',' Sf' 'W' iv? . 'W . ff f' " Q1 Q V' if-. 255 'fi -" ,Fifi . x.,, ,-,Tp ta QV G ' t ' , sen V ' , Y 1 ' t .Q-.. . 4 ,K A a n ' ' ' X -, ' W ' 'L' 21 A ' f' 1 I " ' -N r Vi ' 42 ie Q. 4 5- V A -ff new 1 X 1 p Vaal . 1 Q. + 2 , , -.. .ff ,Q M .J , .A .5 J 4 V A , .. -at t , :Y W , W Y if ,, is , ww 1 1 xg? -3 V - . A- 1 , --VV V . . - - V V. 2 . , A .Q 1 f Q.: 1 1 '1 , V, 'fig , . K I ir 'Zi ft " . . A 7 Q V w 1 " " ' 4, ,gg -, : ' . "f gf: ' ' . N -A V .Q K. . ' ' A ' ' I ts, ' - E V 1 . Y. .fy-1 . V v V , M ,,,, .-:ku ii fi -. 5-,. t. f -S - I - ' , H. ' ii " 'Ji ' ' g -,ri ' ' A' " ' -, Vi N iff' - 1 ff . T it Q ,. I xviral. M.. vu I YL: .. ,, Ql d: x .5 H , X ...ff .X . - A V -5 'K giv.. wg 'I i f .,,'Q X1 Q H 5 , .. my -Q, . Aixkiqi t . -I . V3 . qi: ,... I . A X , g 1 . for we Ari: wk. , . . , R 1 ,Q 1 E . V K ,x X , 1 ' Q - W-, ' , ie- 5 V ,gr e N ,gt . 3 - .R ., "' V. -M , K gf? - N ' ,E ., 44 V ,I 'Q ' QU .HM ., , 'f - .55 , ':, 3 " ' W 'mfm 'iff -Q ' ff' if 1 A X 1--of . ' 3 5' ki fi 1 RV W 'Z "L A A .LQ - , Ll- 5-4, .4 F. ' 52:5 l MURRAY ROOM ll Bottom Row: A111111 Louise Schorey. Lloyd Stern. Ronnie 'i'l'lliit'lllit4l', l'tic-liard Hiiisliaw, Carolyn Bickel, Robert Gillioin, Virginia Clark, James Kleinknight, .loan 'Fil0lll1lSOll, Second Row: llezni llrirkley. Joan Lanning, Char- les Sheley, Anna Loiiise f'iill'k, Dwight XVolt', Bet- ty Fans, IJo11:1ld Pl'it'il2ll'ti, Hlizalwtli .lOlllll0Z, Jean l'1oc:ke1', Too Row: Volleeii llnss, VVillis Pricl1a1'd,Joyce Johnloz, Albert lmvis, Grave Rivlizircls, Harold HitlllllQZll'lllt4l', Iioniiie llnss, Jack Decker, Vehnn Iluvison. Absent: .lozin Perry, lh'yc-11 Rrickley. CRAIGVILLE ROOM II Bottom Row: Walter llartnian, Etta Gerber, Wayne dlC'f'llllf1, llelen Burger, Jack Callaway. ltuby Moser, Lorn Mrt"nne, Mildred Rarger. Second Row: Bt'l'llPll'P Moser, Rit'l1ard Kl'llC-'tZ1l1Zl!l, Phyllis Strzxlnn, lh1l11l1 Anderson, Bonnie Lobsiger, llilly Barat-r, Lllt'lit' Zlll1lll0l'1ll31l, Robert Gerber, Third Row: Don fivlltt Reiiilnird, Lillian Fiechter, 'l'r11111z111 liurger, Wznida Ryerly, Ralph Fiec-hter, .Iusline lfiec-111+-1', Lnther Gerber, Evelyn Asclilinian Top Row: liobby XY0l'liE'll. Martha Liby, D011 Allen Yuger, Lnrile lteinliard, Phil Moore, Francis Huston, Lester Myer. Absent: Walter Monkey, Billy Huston. Page Twenty-two MURRAY ROOM I Bottom Row: Donald Hinshaw, Marilyn Gross, Joan Brickley, XVal1lo Wolf. Elizabeth Brickley. Doyle Stern. Second Row: Kenneth Schorey, Ruth Fans, Ken- neth ix1L'f'Ol'I1llt'k, Alice Slnith, Robert Clark, Rex Van Zant. Top Row: Ric-liaril Privliard, XVil1ian1 Bricfkley. Alice B1'ic-kley,.la1c'kie Eversole, Janet Fans, Dean Decker. Absent: Gloriadell Perry. CRAIGVILLE ROOM I Bottom Row: Ellen Fiec-liter, Leon Byerly, Bar- bara Bracht, .lohn Liby, John Doyle Fiechter, ROS9lllZll'y Lnde, Glen Aschlinian, Joyce MCCune. Second Row: Ronald Mankey, Grace Call, Jack Wysong, Dnwayne Stralnn, Richard Barger. Albert Huston, Carol Barger. Third Row: Wayne Yager, Marilyn Gerber, Bar- bara Garton, Dale Heckley, Carolyn Harris. Gerald Fiec-hier, Frank Anderson. Top Row: David Lee Gerber, Joyce Ann Bell, lticliard Gerber ,Vernon Crozier, Lester Crozier, Christine Dubach, James Potter. Absent: Artl111r Lee Moser, Virgil Strahln, ACTIVITIES I-I ii' 32. , . . T H E 5,E,N 1,0 P-I ,CLP-E5 I3f--J,94'I . Page Twenty-three Page Twenty-four BASKETBALL SUMMARY Slulod IU10.L 1211011095 .I91S9lIQ IIOUII1 DUUIH-UH UOJJJUIH 9pI.11aN uosyloef 1J.IOJ1.IBH 51.191111 SIIEN 1UB599Id Aau.1noLL '03 .1a1saq3 uegssg 11111910.1185 uo1uI1 y1aa.1o51ooH DUEIH-HH QIISXHJIPYI HGH 11391911903 K1-19fl!'I IIBISSO .l91S9lIQ 11111910.1194-I I v-4 I 2, v-4 L' I I fr v-4 O1 rs RD v-1 I v-4 Im I v-1 'IIT lx- v-4 - Qi If-I: I IH II I CI I I I I I I I v-I om-rr ICM v-42 v-I ,-4: I-I CC Iv-4 II +I III v-I IHI QII 1-4 HI PI I 'II III III III II I :E 5 C'- CQ rin: III mv-I DT ocoomol cm I ww I I II-II I CHIHIIII' v-49 ot A- - I I I I I I I III I IENIHII I ISIS: I IIIIIII IIIINIHIIIIS-59 I I I I I I I I I Im:f:1o1II III IIIII 'I'-3I':':IIII3f-fi: I I III I SLDTDTSIOXQZEF I I I I I I I I I5:"IIIEiEg IIIIIIII ISNICIIISSE IMIII I ':lf'T'TC!III?I- 441511 II I - II I -.lL.lIIIgg3-I I IIIII I lCIf?IOlOlIIII?g?-:E I I II II IIII I - I - II I VJPHI IIIo1o':E- I ,II I I ,IIIIII A' II ':2I'7'III25p I I I IIII II OIMTCCTIIIILCCIQ I :amz I -::::-:IIIo::E '1'C'If HIII I I MMTICIIISWL IIII I Ib-f-4o1IIIv,. Iv-II :':o:IHq N I I 1-ICDlRCICCIl'OTI I III :tmp I IIJYICIC III ISS: I Io'v':III'IS3fI: I I I:-If:-Iv.:cIIIfq:Q IIIIIIIII angle? :::::I:I Im. lIIIlIIlII IS: ... .I ' CU :: 'ai "'v-4 IEHIZ 75311. g5.i.5'5cI.v.T. 5421 :a-4C3,-,:l:,-- i'I-EUSSKEIQSIEN ::Im23cL.IrcIAoE. VARSITY BASKETBALL ig . ,.:, B M 'K V 'k"k . ' A A .M .A ' ' , R: f iz,-U: ,. ..f' I 1 ,Inf 1 ' ' A If f' . Q 1, , 'xr 41 - Z- "" M Q U , ' ,, A L, 1 , ' fs:-' . .Q -'O' T, . . ,, . ..,,V. V , ,E , V vA:,.A AV, ,,., , W. ,K .ml X . ' rv- -'MM J" ' ...-... I 3 LH x K W -,Q .' :V,, ..,,. . si ,ga --f A' ff ' -? "-', S, 5 :g x ig a g .f " ' ' Q ,.. a .VA A - .. '. - Ei? -.L A , ' ' ' ' ' 'Vex z 1' I - ' I , -- N. I -1- H , .vr-4-61512. - ,-"M . ,,I 1:3331 '-ZEEIQ'-, , 'Q , 1 4 , .,.,. v .,.,,,:-4.-5'2?m:5'T,l',,g3 1 "'4 ' -5 df- 3. 'li " , ' QP .iff:f'i5f"f'-f,.iQ Z1 riff , A - I ' -MW . .. 4 A ' A M l B A " ' ' V A A "Aff Weaver?" , ,2- . Q . 43 1 . X, ,W X - A ., 3 , Q I ' 'M-S .:':,'.1 " 1' If ' ' - , M I 1 . Q r.,,Qw-W 'Biff-.. .',,V9ai.1 . un 3 A 1 A Brindle, Robert Durr, Bernard Walsh. right-Roger Greene, Walter Kipfer Edwin to Left 7 3 O as 2 O ef E+ O on Page Twenty-five I'0WIl dB 31' ch in, Ri Ia MCC ge Geor Dick, Merle n Bynum, I'1O Gerber, Ver ROW-Wendell Cr-4 O H - - M. 3' V A. , ,M t i f i at I " ENK4 .,,., Y 5? L..L,, r, Page Twenty.six VARSITY Bottom Row: Wendell Gerber Vernon Bynum, Roger Greene. Merle Dick. Second Row: George Mc'Clain Edwin Brindle, Max Deihl tstudent mgr.l Robert Dm-r, Bernard XValsh. Top Row: Richard Browrnf Mr. Connor li'02lC'IlP Walter Kipfer RESERVES Bottom Row: Benny Shaffer Garth Heckley Robe1't Meyer Vernon Gerber Second Row: Wendell Byerly Edwin Call .lohn Pease Carl Kaehr Richard Hamilton Top Row: Mr. Connor lcoachb Enos Call JUNIOR HIGH Bottom Row: Robert Gerber Bruce Inskeep Gene Bell fstudent mgixl Donald Byerly Billy Worden Second Row: Robert Jolinloz Robert Ormsby Mr. Prough fcoachr George Miller. Claude Sheley Top Row: Robert Hartman Richard Gentis BOYS CHORUS Bottom Row: Glen Mankey Howard Scliorey Robert Besser George Greene Vernon Gerber Max Gillioni Harold Shaft Clifford Davis Second Row: Carl Kaehr Donald Frauhiger Harold Blue John Pease XVayne Barger Garth Heckley Ezra Reinhard Top Row: Howard Habegger Hershel EFreeinan Eugene Smith Vernon Kaehr XVilliam Rankin Edwin Call XVendell Byerly James Moser YELL LEADERS MELBA HILL DORIS DIEHL DORIS ELZEY BOY SCOUTS Bottom Row: Robert Hartman Glen Mankey Junior Mullikin Second Row: Joe Call Gene Monticue Herbert M CCorni- ick Richard Gentis Top Row: Vernon Kaehr Harold Moser William Price Herman McCorm- ick Page Twenty-seven GHHB CHORUS Bottom Row: Doris Xvllll. Doris Groh, Mae Hill, Marjorie Steffen, Betty Durr, Mary Roberts, Evelyn C1owser,A1ice Duncan, Mary A1111 Steffen, Mariellen Walsh, Ellen Jean Kl9ll1kIll,2l1t, Betty Frye. Second Row: Mary Clark, Louise Miller, Esther Ginter, Mary Ja11e Gilliotn, Berneil Smith, Jane Gerber. Doris Diehl, Pauline Coi'1'ieltl, Betty Barger, Chloe Antlerson, Dorotliy Schorey Third Row: Sarah June ASl'll1llll2l1l, Lela Moser. Earleen Fl'lll1l1l3Jf6l', Roberta lnskeep, Ruth Snvieo, Rachel Johnson, Doris Elzt-y, Eva Pulp, Virginia Hughes, Jean Lash, Betty Shady Top Flow: Anna Louise Burger, Mellra llill,Glennevee1' Smith, Reathel Bright, Myrl Wasson, Betty Garton, Deloris Wetller, Itoiuzi Devker, Valda Macon, Betty Eit-hhorn, Meltla Nilrlick, Betty Houtlyshell BAND Bottom Row: Me-ltla Nilulivlt, lflvelyn Monkey, Mary Lyllll Irvin, Helen Ileffelt'inge1',EvaPulp, Doris Wall, Virginia Hughes, Helen Soutler, Mary Jane Gillioiu, Betty Garton. Second Flow: Esther Ginter, Berneil Smith, Myrl Wasson, William Rankin, Evelyn Bowman, Mary Louise Stahl, Ravhel Johnson, Gurtli Het-kley, Betty Eiehliorn, Betty Durr. Top Row: Ruth Savieo, Howurtl 'HEIIHIE-Z'24'l', Russel Diehl, lVIilo Fields, 1Dll'6Ct0l'l, Dave Paxson, Doris Elzey, Jean Lash, Robert Hlllflllilll, Iteathel Bright, Eugene Smith. Ric-liard Gentis, John Pease, Harold Blue, Roberta Ilisltt-ep, Page Twenty-eight GIRLS 4-H Bottom Row: Joan Wielmke, Carolyn Henry, Annabelle Gentis, Nellahell Wolf, Doris Wall, Joan Klein- knight, Carolyn Fans, Sarah Jane Nash, Janis Bynum Second Row: Avis Baumgartner, Ruth Wolf, Evelyn Mankey, Helen Heffelfinger, Maxine Byerly, Miss Johnson tleaderl. Evelyn Clowser, Mary Louise Stahl, Rita Savieo, Roberta Hunt, Mary Lynn Irvin Third Row: Marjorie Woodward, Berneil Smith, Mary Jane Gilliom, Roberta Inskeep, Madelyn Clark, Virginia Hughes, Betty Shady, Celestia Clark, Dolores Macon, Jean Lash Top Row: Melda Nihlick, Martha Rose Clark, Glenneveer Smith, Betty Eichhorn, Eva Culp, Wilma Potter, Rachel Johnson, Helen Souder, Reathel Bright, Myrl Wasson, Berlene Potter, Betty Garton BOYS 4-H Bottom Row: Charles Springer, Max Gilliom, Robert Grove, Carolyn Henry, Ruth Randall, David Mll- holland, Kimsey Anderson, Bruce Inskeep Serond Row: Joseph Call, Bruce Milholland, Robert Johnloz, Jean Lash, Johnny Barger, Robert Meyer, Richard Gentis Third Row: Edwin Call, Herbert McCormick, Herman McCormick, Dale Van Zant, James Wolf, Carl Kaehr, Vernon Bynum, Eugene Smith Top Row: Mr ,Mugg tleaderl, Enos Call, I-lalden Snider, Richard Hamilton, Wendell Byerly, Bernard Walsh Page Twenty-nlne It 18 l31'O1.1f11111- that this list of alumni l'4'l11t2l11'1S many inistaltes but it 1't:1'Jl'E'SE'11tS our best efforts in se- '-'UVUILL' the n111l1'ess 111111 111'1111p:11io11 of eau-11 11e1's1111 who has g1'u11uate11 from La.11c-aster Central High School. CLASS OF 1923 AV1-ly, IX1:111e1 1'z1tL1-rs1111, l111l124t'XV1141', 23111 V1 Kinnaird, 11'11rt VVz1y111-. A' Hell, 11111121 1':1xs1111, 111v11sewil'e, 1'1'z1iarill1Q, 11111, 1511111 Brill, Ivilvllilly, l'ly111H1lIl1, 11111iz111:1. l"11V11lH1l1 LUIZL l'i2ll'w'l', l11111s1-wife, 11e11ut11r, lndiana. .11'x'e3', Henry, f2ll'1l11l1LZ, 11. 11. 1, Lzllllhftull, I1111. H'111x'er, lliilpli, 111111111111 1Clk'4't1'1L', 1lssi:111, 11111. Jenlzsel, Elsie Zvliner, 11m1S11wi1'L-, 114 1-1' 1, Fun Wayne, 11111. .I11l111s1111, l1L1l'llllt'1', llllllllvl' l111si111-ss, Findlay, Uhio. 1 Ill M1-yer, .X1t1111, 11l1ysi1:iz111, I111'tlk111f1, 111411 H1'llW2l1'1Z. f..'1:liu, 6l't'l'Pl1ll'y, F111-1 11215-111-, C21 Y. M. C. A. Slimly, 1 ll1lllt'S. 11.11111 111111, 11111'tf111'11 I ity, 11111. Smith. 111r1'11tl15' 1"z1xs1111, se1'1-1-tziry. 13l11l4ft1111, 11111. XY:1sso11, lcflllil, 1'll111l11'lt'1', l111usewi1'e. 171113 '1'ge1i111a St., F1-1't XVz1y111-, 11111, XY11111i11p,11111, .11111. Kleinlcuiulit, 11-1v11l11111e 11111-rat111', 23741 1':1,l1L'Il1+' St., L:1Lqu11:1 lje-111111, 1'11lif. ULASS OF 192-I 1111111-1'1y, .111l111. 111e1'l1u1111-, Pziyiie, 1111i11. 17l11'l', L1-1111, 11111-1't1'i1-11111, Flint, 3111-11. H1111111, NYz1lte1', st-11111 111l1il'1'Y, XYz1l1:1s11, 11111. 11111l11wz15', 112111111 First, l11111s1-wife, 11. ll. 5, Nobles- ville, 11111. .1ol111111z, 1-111-, 1'1'11111'11:1111' 1,11'4l1jk31'Y Stfii-1-, ll. Ii. -1, l!1uf1't11n, 11111. .1111111s1111, I'Ll11l, fz11'111i11g', 1.. 1., .., 1,luII11111, 11111. Ke.-1'sl1111-1', Huzvl 11l1Sl1'li, l1U1lSL'XY1l'l', XY11ite 1'ig,1-1111, Mi1.'11. BlL'Yf'I', Alvie, poslzil 1111'1'li, 413 E. XY1l-ny AV1-., Bluff- ton, 11111. Mills, 1l:1lpl1. I11s111':1n1-e1'11., 1211'111111111ul1111, 11111. . 1.1 - -- 1"1"111gl1, Mary Lluise 1ley1111111s, 111111s1-wife, N1-w l.'11stl1-, 11111. i 1111111112 l1111'l11l1y l1C11111'1', 111111seu'if11, 2117 121'11u'11 , , ., , . bt., 111111 11113111-, 11111, 111"1,'ll, K1111111-111, 1'I'l1'1l1111p1, C1'z1iu'x'i1l1-, 11111. SU1'11Ul1, 1Xlz111g1' XY11it1--, 111111s1-wife, 5122 S. -19111, Phil- :1111fl1111iz1. 1':i. XV11ss1111, 1la11111, 1'2'l111111l!, Vriiigxillf-, I'11rt1:1111l, 11111. NYl1i1'1i111', I'1Hl1'11 Sliauly, l11111s11wil'1-, l7'11l'1l21l111, 11111. CLASS OF 1925 l,'l15l111lll'l', Y1J1':1 11111-u1.-r,'1-. Furl XVz1y11e, 11111. 11illi11111, l:UlH'1'lll 111-wty, l11111s1-wit'-1, 1Z111t'1't11n, Ind. l1l4:'1l11, Huzel Lesh, l11v11s1-wil?-, 1:11 1V11111111111l, Fort Xvilyllv, 11111. 411t'1l11, K1-1111-1tl'1, S2'1l1'S11ll1l1, 131 1Y111111lg11111, 1"1v1't XVz1y11e, 11111, Hzirris, lIUl1Ibl' K11-inliniulit, l11111s1'wil'1-, 1'11i11111l111e, 11111. H1f1111es, 111z111ys, 111-1-111111111111 111111 :11l1l1'1-ss u111c11ow11. Juy, Esther Sulislmury, 11-'2l1'11l112, 2211 S. M111 St., 1'1Ll11ll111l1If, 111-1. I Kleiiiliiiight, li11v.111, z111t1f11111l1il1- r1l11'S111ll11, 11ss1z111, 11111. 11111dt'l11llI1, 1lz1l1111, l11l4'1'l111fl411111l 1111111-ste1-, 'I'111-sin, 11111. 31.45-1-1', 1111-ne S111-l11'ue1'. 11'111s1-wif.-, P111'1lz1n11, 11111. N1-y1-1-, 111iv1-r, t1-111-hiiig, Ifnrt XV1lY111', 11111. fllllllll. 1911-yfl. Mgr. 111' w111'1.-l11v11s1-. 11131 N. 1111u1'l1111'11, 1'l1i1':1p411, lll. 1'1'11-1-, -12l1l11'S, s1111's111:111, 111-1-1'11l1111'g, 1':1. I 1L11111'iu11t, Minnie lfllzey, l11111sew1l1-, T111-sin, 11111. Ilupriglit, 11.1111-1-1. 1-111111 1-1111s11'111-111111, Hssizin. 11111. Sll4'l1l'l, .Xl'111ll1', 811111111 1111s 1l1'1x'1'1', 1111111-11111, 11111. Sills, Allll. XY111'Il1111g111, l111ll:s1'XX'l1'1-, 214111 XY, 111-1111 SI., Fvrl XXv21y11t', 11111. Sora, 11111-1-iw S111-111-uer. 111i11s1-willl, 1l11s11H11, 11111. S1lXY2lI'1lS, ll1Ll'Yll1, l'11i1v11 1111 1'11., Los .X11'41'l1'H. Vlllilf XYil11, 1.1l1N'e l'l1l1Cl', l11v11s1'1x'i1'1'. lllllfflffll. 11111. CLASS 014' 19211 1:11XX'l11211l, H:11'1vl1l. 11111111112 11111-y111'1ip., XY:1l111s11, 11111. llritght, Martin, 1-11-1-tri1'1z'111, XV1-si Mi11111es1-X, 1111. 1'z1st11e1', l11':11:e lZ:11'xvi11-1'. l11v11s1-wife, 11u11t111y.'t11l1, 11111, .1Ul111S'bll, I:l1l'l'lH, I'i11i11u' st:1li1111, '1'111-si11, 11111. 1A'KYf1.lI1, 1111z1-l Hllllt, 1l4111S1'XVlf4", 1"11t1"'ii, M1141-A 1,1111kw1u11l, ,x'll11l'l'l1 M11111111x, 111111sewil'1-, l'll1.'i111111v CzL1i1'. A 11vll1-, tIl:l1lYS, 111111s11wi1'1f, 'l'11l1-1l11,1111111, 11115111-11. 11111-1.-y, 1111-. 7. .Q 111.1 s1111-11, .11111. 1111111 M11se1'. F1'e11e1'i1'li, fL11'111i11u. 11, ll. -1, 1!luf1't1v11, 11111. Mintz, 1:1-:11'g1-, u1'111-1-ry 1-1111i11, 1011 N. A121111 St., Elk- lmrl, I1111. suliqlm-v, 1:1-1-11-111111 ll,-ll, lioiisewife. .X1ln111:1. 11111. SilllS11ll1'3', Mzirtlui li., Att. 13111111 1'11ix'1-rsity, H. 11. 2, P'1111'llll11ll11, 11111. V I s1.1111-l, 11111-is Wliiw. 11-liiseu-11'1-, 1118 l'r11n:1- Drive, Fort 1Y1'1y111-, 11111. A S111-1-ts, lC1'111-st, 1-11-1'11'i1-111 i11s111-1't111', 11. 11. Z2 Faur- mount, 11111. Page Thlrty Spelwger, Benjainin, Pl1ysi1'ia11, Bedford, Ind. StHl1f3f',' Lillian Fieehtei-, l11111se-Wife, Yun Wert, 11110. Taylor, Nina Schwartz, l11111s1-wife, 2043 S. Hanna St., P11111 XVay11e, Ind. Zwll, Martlnt Masta-1's1.111, 11111.1se1x'ife, N. 1-1111111 St., Bluffton. CLASS OF' 1927 Belverstiiie, May M111-k, General Electrie, Fort N1 ayne. 111-ving't1111, Artliur, State Hl,g,'11XX'ELy' lilnployee, X'X'11te1'l1m, 11111. llriglit. VVallaee, Apex Eleetric 1'11., Sanduskey, Ohio. l'z1,llow, 13111111 Druin, liuusewife, .li76'1'21f1l1', Ind. 11e1:1ie1'. D111-othy 41i11i11n1, lwtlsexvife, 1-11uffton, Ind. lmwty, Kenneth. druguist, Fort NVayne, 11111. 1f1ll11g,1lIl1, Miriain, home, Hssiau, R. H. 2. lllurlgfilit, 11111311111 Mi1l11111a1111, liousewife, Bl1.1fft1j111, lll . 1'111I'f1111111, Russell, 1,1t:'11c'l'Lll lileetrie, l-1lufft11n, Ind. JlU'kS1J1l, 11wig,'l1t, C11-111-1'z11 Ele1'tri1', Fort YVe1yne, 11111. Lusk. J111111-s, r:lt'l'f1'1L'21.l U11M1l1t't'l', M1v11ti1'eIl11, Ind. I'lll'1.t'1', Harold, farniing, 1.'raig.ville, Ind, Sl'11U1'4:'Y. l':X'Hlyl1 R1vl,1211't, 1111usewi1'-:, New Haven, 11111., ll. 151. 1. Sluuly, BI21.l'Sl12ll1, 11111111-, 17111.11-fl'rIl, 11111. XRVHSSUI1, Paul, lflrie Stone Quarry, Bluffton, Ind. VVie?kT, Pallas Kleinknight, housewife, Ossian, 111. XVils1111, S11l'l'1112l1l, 1-11:11'l1, Zll1ll1'l'SN 1ll1lC11HNY11. CLASS 0 F 192S 1'I11.1'wile1', Al1l1'5fil1'C1l, ste11op41'apl11-11', Bluffton, 11111. lllume, Arthur, 11e1'1el'z11 15le1't1'11', Fort XVz1yne, Ind. lfloester, Merea Bright, llousewlfe, 2505 Hay St., Fort Wayne, 11111. 11111111-11, Alive Lydy, l11111s1fwife, Bluffton, 11111. 1.111111T-lnii-ly, Doniizl, General 1G1e1-tri1', Lvllllilltlillt, 111 . lmvis, 111t'I1ll1Il'2L Lesh, Mgr, of Beauty S-111111, War- saw, I11d. Fl'6'll1,'l1, Kenneth, Lieiieral 1111111-tl-i1-, I'l111fft1111, In1l. 11Zll'1QUll, Anna. Dulrbs, l1l'l11SUXV1fl', Hlufftfvn, 11111. HLLl't111lIl1, Kenneth, City Light M xxvlittl' Vo., Bluff- ton, 11111. Kuwa, Ruth Curry, l'lU1lSt'NV1f9, Elgin, 111. Iiltillklllgllll., R1111111, Erie Stone 1'11111111111y, Blufftfwn, 1n11. Meyer, Susaixine Kiefer, l11111sew1fe, 11. 11. 2, Bluff- ton. Ind. 1"11Xs1in, Lloyd, L'lPl'k1l1E.', Fort YVay111-, 11111. 1'1L:is1w11, 11wend11lyn Nil.1li1'-lc. seeretary, Fulton a11art111e11ts, .'X1Jll1't. 15, Fort VVa1y111-, Ind. Price, Rfvhert, Sl'llt'Sl112l1l, 1,'11i1:ug11, 111. 111-i11h:1rt, 11ev1111z1, heuuty 11per:111v1', Hssiztn, 1n1l. Spelieuer, Walter, A. A. A. 'Dl'UgL1'11111, Bluffton, Ind. XVileoxs1'111, f'il1'l, KI'1lLZUl' wz11'e111r1.1se, H, H. 1, Fort 1Vz1yne, Ind. CLA SS OF 1929 1iLl11111k'. Jessie, Detroit XYire K Dye Co., 172, Henry 1'!111e1nke1', 11. R. 3, D111-ntilr, 11111. Harris, Mary Bowman, liutisewife, Tilufftoii, Incl. 1'utler, Eliner, Inca 1:11-t111'y, Fort Wayne, Ind, I1uws1111, Yivyian H1-rrielc, l11111sew1l'e, 2310 Eby Ave.. F111-1 1Vayn1-. 11111. 11il1i1vn1, XYz1yn1-, General 151111-t1'11A, Fort 1V:1y11e. Hofflnztn, Esther Kiefer, l11111sewife, ISIHQ Hale Ave., Fort XY11yy111-, 11111, . Ifllllflllilll, Mary, noizsework, 1'1'aigx'i1le, Illd. Krtufinun, Island, General lGle11t1'i1', 1'1'aig,x'i1le, 11111. Kipfer, Erna, L. F1'Hll1115A6l', liuusewife, R. R. 4, 1-Ilufft-ln, Ind. Mahler, N1-llie xXYHl't1ll11Z111, 11o11s1.-wi1'e, 1100 Dodge St., Fort Vfayne, 11111. Meyer. C11r1'in11, Setfiw-t111'y. l'l1i1-a,a:'1'1, 111. Munson, Max, Firestoiie fill., 312 S. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio. Pen11i111:to11, Dwight, fav-t111'y t'111D1l1y1E'E', Bluffton, Ind. Prougli, Eunice Shady, l11111s1-wife, Fart Vvayne, 11111. Reed, Harold, booklieeper, 211115 Eel River Avenue. Lo1:a11sport, Ind. 111'll111Z1l't, Norman, Seeretziry, Ossizin, Ind. Shady, Josepli, f.111-tory einployee, Bluffton, Ind. C L A UF 1930 Dell, Brooks, tez11:11in,:'. H11l.1a1't, Incl. Tievington, 1.'lu.111le, State 1-inployee, NVaterloo, Ind. Durr, Garth, l11te1'1mti1i111al Harvester, Craigville, Incl. Durr, Raylnond, lnternational Harvester, Tocsin, Ind. Gallivan, Dwight, court reporter, Craigville, Ind. Gerber, Amos, banker, Bluffton, Ind. Gibson, Graydon, International Harvester, Bluff- ton, Ind. Myers, Charles, fEll'1l1lllg', Craigville, Ind. Souder, Robert, Mgr. Country Club, ll. R. -i, Bluff- ton, Ind. Souder, Margaret Eyersole, housewife, 11. B. 4, Bluffton, lnd. Sprunger, Harriet Luaenbill, housewife, R. Ii. 4. Bluffton, Ind. Wedler, Harold, public work, B. I-L 2, Ussian, Ind. Wilcoxson, Ralph, deceased. CLASS OF 1931 Call, Edward, Mercer Lumber Co., Bluffton, Ind. Clark, Frances Speheger, housewife, H. lt. -1, Bluffton, Ind. Cupp, VVillard, Pop factory, Bluffton, Ind. Diehl, Millard, factory employee, Huffman Street, Fort XVayne, Ind. Dowty, Hubert, Kelly Monument XVorks, trssian, Ind. Eiehhorn, Robert, farming, Bluffton, Ind. Elzey, Olene Daugherty, housewife, I-t. H. 4, Bluff- ton, Ind. Eversole, Xvoodrow, bus driver, Huntington, Ind. Gibson, Avis XVoodward, housewife, Bluffton, Ind. Haifley, Irene, Ass't. to Dentist, llO E. Congress St., Sturgis, Michigan. Heckley, Morris, clerking, Alilwaukee, XVis., ',U Sears, Roebuck M Co. Higgins, Garnet Curry, housewife, Bluffton, Ind. Hunt, Berniece, waitress, li. B. 4, Bluffton. Ind. Kaehr, Mahilda Gerber, housewife, Decatur, lnd. Kaufman, Marguerite, home, Craigville, Ind. Kiefer, Herman, Dunbar employee, Berne, Ind. Koons, Regime Dowty, livusewife, Lightsville, Ind. Myers, .Iohn, farming, Craigville, Ind, Pease, Paul, minister, Maxwell, Calif. Price, Harvey, scout executive, Dallas, Texas. Speheger, Lloyd, farming, Bluffton, Ind. YVhite, David, Warner Hear, Auburn, Ind., nos lil 9th. Zirkle, George, truck driver, Bluffton, Ind. CLASS OF 1932 Andrew, Dean, St. House emp., Indianapolis, Ind. Call, Mary Belle NVilson, housewife, Bluffton, Ind. Curry! Harold, farming, Liberty Center, Ind. Elzey, Earl, General Electric, Craieyille, Ind. French, Betty, Secretary, Bluffton, Ind. Ginter, Irvin, barber, Yoden, Ind. Groh, Robert, State Forest, Craiuville, Ind. Johnloz, VVilliam, grocer, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Ind. Johnloz, Fay Jackson, housewife, B. B. 4, Bluffton. Ind. Kelsey, Lowell, unknown, Fort VVayne, Ind. Maupin, Edna, home, Bluffton, Ind. Messick, Harold, Horton XVashing Machine Co., T24 High St., Fort 1Yayne, Ind. Myers, Russell, Dunbar Furniture Co., B. R. 1.. Berne, Ind. Plumer, Frances Davis, housewife, Elgin, Ill. Reed, Josephine Studebaker, housewife, 3155 Eel River Avenue, Logansport, Ind. Shady, Weiidell, Public XVork, Bluffton, Ind. VVilc-oxson, Harold, Kroger warehouse, B. Tl. 1, Fort Wayne, Ind. CLASS OF 1933 Aker, Josephine Roussey, housewife, Bluffton, Ind. Bracht. Inez Myers, housewife, beauty operator. Craigville, Incl. Cochran, Laura Meyer, housewife, 306 WV. Frank- lin, Berne, Ind. Collier, Kenneth, teaching, Bluffton, Ind. Collier, Mildred Hartman, Lancaster teacher, Bluff- ton, Ind. n K Edington, Robert, farming, Geneva, Ind., I Elliot, Veta R. Coleman, housewife, Philadelphia. Pa. Farrar, Gerald, farming, Address unknown.. ' Frauhiger, Sylvia Gerber, housewife, Craigville, Ind. Gahman, Robert, mechanic, Union City, Ind. Graham, Martha Plank, housewife, Craigville, Ind. Grove, Herschel. prop. filling station, YY. South St., Bluffton, Ind. Harris, Robert, Ossian stoekyards, Craigville, Ind. Huffman, Violet Mankey, housewife, Decatur, Ind. Hunt, Loren, employee Gas Co., Bluffton, Ind. Kleinknight, Gretchen, home, Bluffton. Ind. Lesh, Richard, beauty operator, NVarsaw, Ind. Manley, Maxine, beauty operator, Bluffton, Ind. Martin, Ruby, beauty operator, Lewiston., Idaho. Miller, Eileen Bowman, bookkeeper, Bluffton, Ind. Miller, Beryl, Construction work, Fort VVHYUE, Illd- Pfiefer, Justine Haifley, clerk, Bluffton, Ind. Porter, Helen Bay, housewife, Craigville, Ind. Prough, Lois Meade, housewife, Fort XVRYH9. Ind- Reed, Helen, Lancaster teacher, Craigville, Ind. Roop, Pauline Heckley, housewife, Cralgville, Ind. Shady, Dwight, Lancaster teacher, Bluffton, Ind. Shimer, lluth Kersliner, housewife, Bluffton, Ind. Snider, Ethel, office work, Bluffton, Ind. Stout, Pauline Andrew, housewife, XVarren, Ohio. Troxel, lialph, Jeweler, Bluffton, Indiana. Vifarner, Yerena Smith, housewife, Condit, Ohio. NN asson, Mary Margaret, clerking, 2715 S. Anthony, 'I Fort 1Yayne, Indiana. Vllllel, JOSeph, prop, skating rink, Bluffton, Ind. Zirkle, Maiy, clerlting, Bluffton, Ind. CLASS OF 1934 Borror, Everett, piano factory, Bluffton, Indiana. Cihak, ltuth, bookkeeper and head clerk, Knox, Indiana. Collier, Eileen, nurse, State School, Fort VVayne, Indiana. Dailey, Ilobert, Cline Lumber Co., Ossian, Ind. Eiehhwrn, Elco, farming, Bluffton, Indiana. Falk, viva Elzey, housewife, Il. R. 1, Bluffton Ind. Frauhiger, Gladys, deceased. ' Garton, Donovan, McMillen Feed Mill, Deeatur, Indiana. Hathoway, Josephine Blume, housewife, Address unknown, Hllllfl M2152 telephone operator, Tocsin, Indiana. tieisman, flwyneath Iileinknight, housewife, Bluff- ton, Indiana. Kaufman, George, painter, Craigville, Indiana. Lydy, XYalter, Erie Material Co., Columbia City, Indiana. Markley, Nellie Herrick, housewife, H. R. 1, Bluff- ton, Indiana. Mast, licorge Moore, housewife, Goslien, Indiana. Maupin, Ernestine, home, Bluffton, Indiana, Miller. Lleorge, floral employee, Bluffton, Indiana. .M-oore, Norma, lixvme, Bluffton, Indiana. Munson, Charles, farming, Craigville, Indiana. Murray, l'aul, construction work, cnssian, Indiana. Myers, Marjorie tlinter, housewife, C1'aig,ville, Ind. Myers, llay, Mt-Millen Feed Mill, Craigville, Ind. Nivlllrflfflll, Pauline Daugherty, housewife, Yoder. Indiana. Park, l,ieol'g,e, farming, ljniondale, Ind. Paxson, Rodney. Superintendent of Indiana Ma- , terials Cooperation, Loeansport, Ind. Schwartz, John, Construction Co., Detroit, Mich. Sprunger, Alta Ilaber, housewife, Berne, Ind. Turner, Arnold, mechanic, 37455 S. tlay St., Fort XYayne, Ind. X1'Edft'l', Lester, Brickley Bakery, Hartford City, nd. Williams, Francie Hinshaw, housewife, Bluffton, Ind. CLASS OF 1935 Blein, Laura, housework, Detroit, Michigan. Brubaker, Alta Byerly, Columbia St., Indianapolis, Indiana. Carder, Burdine, elevator operator, 1223 Elm St., Fort 1Vayne, Ind. Cossairt, Crystal, telephone operator, Fort YVayne, Ind. clahmau, Arthur, farming, Craigville, Ind. Haifley, XVliliam, Mgr., custom Cannery, Bluffton, Ind. Harris, Paul, interior decorator, Bluffton, Ind. Hinshaw, Edgar, farming, Bluffton, Ind., R. R. 4. Hunt, Beulah Jane Snider, housewife, Bluffton, Ind, H. H. 4. Kaufniffn, Josephine Pease, housewife, Craigville, nc. Mankey, Mabel, waitress, Bluffton, Ind. Millir, Pyrlin, floral employee, Bluffton, Ind., R. Mills, 1Yayne, L'. S. Army, Address unknown. Alock, 1Villard, home, Bluffton, Ind. Myers, Earl, farming, Craigville, Ind. Niblick, Ilnth Paxson, housewife, Bluffton, Ind. lisborn, Dale, llecatur Laundry, Decatur, Ind. Paxsou, Lois, teaching, Columbia City, Ind. lloos, Donald, occupation and address unknown. Schneider, Berniece XVilcoxson, housewife, S15 East Wayne St., lfan-t NVayne, Ind. Shady, Katherine Wasson, housewife, R. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana. Troxel, Marjorie, home, R. B. 4, Decatur, Indiana. Yan limon, Audrey, nurse, Bluffton, Indiana. XValsh, John, carpenter, Fort 1Vayne, Indiana. XVheeler, Clara XVasson, housewife, ll. Ii. 2, Bluff- ton, Indiana. 1Vriglit, Gerald, restaurant business, Uniondale, Indiana. CLASS OF 1936 Anderson, Donna, home, Craigxville, Indiana. Anderson, Madge XYasson, housewife, Hiaynedale, Indiana. Baumgardner, Maurice, Red Cross Company, Bluff- ton, Indiana. Bell. Harry, Jr., farming, Craigyille, Indiana. Booker, Maxine Smith, housewife, B. R. 4, Bluffton, Indiana. Page Thirty-one Clowser, Paul, home, Craigville, Indiana. Collier, Doyle, Att. Ball State, Bluffton, Indiana. Decker, Bruce, Att. I. l'., Ii. R. 1, Bluffton, Indiana. Dowty, VVendell, Itupright Trucking Company, Bluffton, Indiana. Gallman, Alice, Indiana Central College, Craigville, Indiana. Hamilton, Edwin, McMillen Feed Company, Ussian, Indiana. Hedges, Louise VVisner, housewife, R. H. 4, Bluff- ton, Indiana. Iletrick, Donald, clerking, East XVayne St., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Johnson, Helen Diehl, housewife, It. Il. 4, Bluffton, Indiana. Lydy, Max, home, Ussian, Indiana. Martin, XXVIIIIIB. Miller, housewife, Fort Wayne, Ind. Munson, June NVilliams, housewife, Craigville, Inu. Murray, Dwight, construction work, Ussian, Ind. Paxson, Roger, farming, t'raigville, Indiana. lieber, Wayne, Sergeant LT. S. Army, Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Schwartz, Martha, secretary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Shady, Nina, home, Lissian, Indiana. Souder, I"i'anklin, McMillen Feed Company, Craig,- ville, Indiana. Walsh, Elizabeth, secretary, Ussian, Indiana. Class OF 1937 Tugsburger, Erma, General Electric, Bluffton, Ind. Collins, Dorothy .M-iller, housewife, liecatur, ind. Dale, Doris Hinshaw, housewife, Ijlutiton, indiana. Daugherty, Harold, XVayne Pump, Fort XVayne, Ind. Dental, Maxine Elzey, housewife, IZZV2 North Street, Logansport, Indiana. Dorman, Arvilla Scott, housewife, Iledkey, Indiana. llurr, Marvin, Inca Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Gallivan, Yictor, office work, Craigville, Indiana. Gerber, Glen, clerk, Craigville, Indiana. Groh, Clara Belle Duncan, housewife, Bluiffton, Indiana. llainilton, Mary Jane, clerk, Hssian, Indiana. Henry, Margaret, Caylor's Clinic, Bluffton, Indiana. Ixizer, Iialph, Att. Washington College, Gi'eenacI'6S. NVashington, C2 J. M. Kirby. Kleinknight, Marvin, farming, Bluffton, indiana. Melching, Max, elevator employee, Craig,ville, Ind. Messick, Morris, International Harvester, Liberty Center, Indiana. Milholland, Martha, Clerking, Bluffton, Indiana. Mills, Robert, farming Ussian, Indiana. Murray, Doris Heckley, housewife, Ussian, Ind. Myers, Iiichard, farming, Bluffton, Indiana. Niblick, Dwight, farming, Bluffton, Indiana. Payson, Doris Byerly, housewife, Craig,'ville, Ind. Potter, Doris, telephone operator, Craigville, Ind. Price, Daniel, farming, Ossian, Indiana. llaber, Brooks, farming, Bluffton, Indiana. , Itoussey, Raymond, carpenter, Box 390, Payne, Ohio. Sonnenbury, Mabel Shady, housewife, Fort NVaynv. Indiana. , Stogdill, Robert, office work, Bluffton, Indiana. NX'oodwardt Geraldine Johnloz, housewife, Ussian, Indiana. CLASS OF 1938 Ilarger, Yirgine, housework, Cr:ii,L4ville, Indiana. liiclcel, Leah, beauty operator, Bluffton, Indiana. Booth, Jane Alilholland, housewife, Illufftoll, lllfl- Diehl, N'l'endell, farming, Bluffton, Indiana. Deilil, lletty Miller, housewife, llctroit, BllL'illPg'illl. Foster, Leonard, grocery clerk, Illuffton, Indiana. Garton, NVilborne, General Electric, Criiigvillv. 51111. Green, Iiobcrt, home, Ii. ll. 2, Ussian, Indiana. Groli, Florence, waitress, Defiance, Uhio. llunt, Leon, service station employee, ll. ll. 4, Bluffton, Indiana. Marshall, Ruth Kiefer, housewife, llluffton, Ind. Mayer, Iloger, Morris t'oinpany, ll. ll. 4, Bluffton, Indiana. JO Max Deihl: "My history teacher is the meanest man I know." Father: "How is that?" Max: "He borrows my penknife to sharpen his pencil to give me bad marks." Chloe Anderson: "Whenever I'1n in the dumps, I get myself a new hat." Pauline Coffield: "I was wondering where you got them." Ruth Savieo: "He's so romantic. Every time Page Thirty-two K Mock, Max, U. S. Army, Philippine Islands. Noble. Helen, home, R. R. 2, Ossian, Indiana. Haber, Ruth, housework, Brown St., Fort VVayne, Indiana. Simon, Rosanna Myers, housewife, Berne, Indiana. Smuts, Ray, C. C. C., Bluffton, Indiana. Tschannen, Donald, Mechanic, iiraigville, Indiana. Tschannen, Marie Bender, housewife, Craigville, Indiana. VVasson, Irene -Smith, housewife, Craigville, Ind. VVasson, Nei' XVilliam, farming, Craigville, Indiana. YH-kv. Allilfllll- Zirkle, housewife, Craigville, Ind. , cnxss OF 11139 Bickel, Harold, Jr., Erie Stone Quarry, Bluffton, Indiana. Bleni, Evert, Country Club employee, Bluffton, Indiana. Booker, Quentin, truck driver, Bluffton, Indiana. Booker, Pauline Duncan, housewife, Bluifton, Ind. Bright, Gerald, International Harvester, Craigville, Indiana. Clark, Emery, home, Bluffton, Indiana, H. R. 4. Decker, Wendell, Att. I. U., R. R. 1, Bluifton, Ind. Fiechter, Marie, bookkeeper, Craigville, Indiana. Fuller, Geraldine, General Electric, 3025 Uliver Street, Fort VVayne, Indiana. Gahman, Vera, clerkinpf, Craigville, Indiana. Glass, Helen Magner, housewife, Ussian, Indiana. Haifley, June, office work, Bluffton, Indiana. Herrick, Ned, U. S. Navy, Address unknown. Howard, Catherine, waitress, Bluffton, Indiana. Johnloz, Lillian, General Electric, Craigville, Ind. Kizer, James E., home, Craigville, Indiana. Linn, YVe-Ildell, Att. Purdue, Craigville, Indiana. Lugenbill, Betty, home, Bluffton, Indiana. Macon, Donald, clerking, Bluffton, Indiana. Marshall, Pauline, home, Craigville, Indiana. Miller, William, Floral employee, Bluffton, indiana. Pursley, Halbert, home, B. B. 25, Ossian, Indiana. Schwartz, Lloyd, farming, Craigyille, Indiana. Sheets, Doris XVolf, R. H. 6, Fort VVayne, Indiana. Sheley, Alfred, stenograplicr, Dayton, Indiana. Smeltzer, Edwin, ,grocery clerk, Bluffton, Indiana. Smith, Richard, ,NI.agnavox, 3025 Oliver Street, Fort NVayne, Indiana. Stuff, John, Jr., Paris Cleaners, Attica, Indiana. VValsh, Ruth, home, R. H. ZZ, Ussian, Indiana. NVeaver, Floyd, Occupation and address unknown. CLASS OF 1940 Bickel, Harriet, stenographer, Fort Wayne, Ind. Bynum, Gilbert, home, Craigville, Indiana. Crago, John, LT. S. army, Fort Knox. Ky. Deihl, Louise, student in beauty culture, Bluffton, Indiana.. Double, Richard, home, II. I-L -l, Bluffton, Indiana. Greene, Marjorie. home, Il. H. 2, Hssian, Indiana. Hughes, Gloria, home, B. Il. 1, Bluffton, Indiana. Hunt, NVayne, Morris Vonipany, Bluffton, Indiana. Irvin, Toni, Jr., farniini.L', ll. H. 4, Bluffton, Indiana, Lash, Betty, Att. Indiana University, Vraigville, Indiana. Kehrn, Dwight, fnrniintf, 1'raig.gville, Indiana. Sie-viillllg, llllville, liEI'll'I'lli l':i4'1'll'i4', IIUT Swinngy Avenue, Fort NVayne, Indiana. Mills, I-ioscoe, farining, Il. I-l. 2, tissian, Indiana. Milhylland, Betty, office work, Kokomo, Indiana. Moser, Glen, restaurant employee, Y. M. V. A., Fort Wayne, linliana. Noble, I'logel', home, Ii. ll. 2, Ussian, Indiana. Snider, Annabel, Att. Taylor University, Bluffton. Indiana, Ii. H. 4. Sclilageiiliauf, ltalph, home, Il, Ii. 3, Bluffton, Ind. Stuff, Leonard, factory employee, lil lt. 1, Bluffton, Indiana. XVilr-oxson, Mary Jane, clerking, N15 East VVayne street, Fort XVayne, Indiana, ES he speaks to me he says, 'Fair ladyl' " Roberta Inskeep: "There-'s nothing romantic in that. It's just a habit. He used to be a street car conductor." Professor: "I forgot my umbrella this morning, dear." Wife: "How did you remember that you had forgotten it?" Professor: "Well, I missed it when I raised my hand to close it after the rain stopped." 0:0101 1:11111 1 f1o1nqp 1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 1 -1 1:1::1:1a:1:v14:1::1:m:1:r1o11-11: 1 CORON ADO E RADIOS, REFRIGERATORS AND WASHERS a I The Place To Buy Quality Merchandise H At Lowest Price i Your Business Highly Appreciated 5 ASSOCIATE GAMBLE STORE Q Q BLUFFTON U Judge: "Do you mean to say that when yin were arrested you were working' at an honest trade?" Prisoner: "I leave it, your honorg I am a lor-ksmith, and when they piiivliesl me I was making a holt for the door," ,. 'nuioinioi-11 noqsnen 111-xoxnzoz -gi-4-,nz 11-V 41101:-1h1n1u1n1nqpn1-11 1-11,101 11:1-10 INDIANA Q ! Walter Kipfer: "Dad, you remember you said you would give me a dollar if I passed my arith- ll1QIIC'?U Had: "Yes, that was the bargain." Walter: "We-Il, is it worth anything to you to hi- l'l'llPYl-'ll of that expense?" E -- - 1-1 ego U ' pp U RADIO SERVICE LAB. U ll Q HERFFJONES COMPANY Phone 56 218 W. Market 3 II Designers and Manufacturers of BLUFFTON li SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS U MEDALS. CUPS and TROPHIES II 3 Indianapolis, Indiana U Jewelers to Lancaster H Central High School U l I L. L. BENDER sz oo. 5, Natural Gas for Gooking and Heating DEEPFREEZE, the "Barrel of Cold" ii BLUFFTON INDIANA li poioioirif 1:nqpn1o1u1fr1-,1 -11101 '14 1::14:1u1:1 1 11 1n1o1cv1o1o1o1o1o1cr1 fioiffo Page Thirty-three Q..- - -.- .--. ,.. I ll Q D E I H L' S LUNCH ROQIVI H Ellld ll I I I MEAT MARKET H CANDY SOFT DRINKS I AND ICE CREAM il CRAIGVILLE INDIANA U QC ' I ouooooooxi- 5,nnzl.1o1-og-114:-I:-Iguxncn.IQQUSOQO1--14:34:14 2010: ri 11101 14 it 1 -in 1 Ia: nit-it 1 1:-1 ,' .0 5 COMPLIMEN TS of I Dr. C. 0. Petry Q VETERINARIAN OSSIAN INDIANA ,:..:.:.,:.:.:Aziz :Oz - :..-:l.:..:t-g Mahnensmith Brothers Q Quality COAL and FEEDS PHONE 95M 2 OSSIAN INDIANA o I1-I1-mini:rio:-IiogoiuitI3-I1-'11+1411 -1 1303105 4 Q Mr. Proughz "I am going to lee-ture today on the psyvhology Ot' lying, How Inany of you seniors have read Chapter 25 of the text?" Nearly every Student raised his hand. Mr. Pronghz "flood, You are the group to whom I wish to let-ture, There is no Chapter 25." Stranger Ito IIIHII who had fallen down a flight Of Stepsrz "Did yon Iniss a Step, old man?" o'mqn--:-.qn-Iqn- '111111:itit-14-init-ini--iuiuiu , , ! SUMMERS MOTOR SALES : Ossian - Indiana i I Q o U poguiuioznif zo: -3 ninioqvini IL- 21-Zo.: g ANDREWS CAFE I A Good Place To Eat l I ALL STEAK I HAMIIURGERS I I OSSIAN INDIANA i 5 of yogi-1 ,gil--1-1 o-I1-I1-lit 1 zniugniuioitx Page Thirty-four Unfortunate one tsarcasticallylz "Well, I miss ed the first One, but I hit all the rest." One afternoon a boy was about to purchase a Seat for a Inovie. The boxoffice man asked, "Son, why aren't you in School?" " Oh, it'S all right." said the youngster earn estly, "I've got the measles." 111101011-it.14I1u1uqpn14.i-.z- . ,Quitting its ' I I PARLOR CITY CREAMERY Q BUYERS OF Q ! Cream, Eggs and Poultry COSTELLO and SONS 5 PHONE 564 Q BLUFFTON INDIANA 5 S ' I 20101 14 ioini- 1-1:3 1 ini 3 fini- 303:05 2079849 fauna: I-9-I1.,qpo1nq:-I cron:--epnqp. nap.-4g.,1.g.-1 va-9-,414-qpoqn-10105..ap-I-9010101-Ian 10154-xoxoxq 1 '-0:0 I 2 U HELLER BARBER SHOP Q C. 8a C. OIL CO. i Bluffton, Ind. 2 Carl Hel.ler Earl Turner , : : 2 NEXT T0 BLISS HOTEL RETAIL AND WHOLESALE Q 5 E PREMIUM PRODUCTS g H BLUFFTON INDIANA Q EoR LESS U U li mio: 1241411-2 -do wus -uv--if -It-:Shui--1010: Quin:-vi 111-1 -1,1 v1nl::l:pqri:loio1ciw:4 ll U U U U U Sumer 81 Lockwood, Inc. I L Z. E. MALCOLM, D. C. GENERAL INSURANCE I 27th YEAR D J. i PHONE 11 5 IN BLUFFTON BLUFFTON INDIANA l i 1 i 0. Qoiuzoi-010245142 'Emi Q:-,ai9o.:o:,f:l-nings-I:oi12II:uiu1u1-1i-vlw1nifI1-vi-ri--1wi-I1oiu14Q Herman llICCO1'l1llCliZ "TlIat'S a queer pair of Nevin Curme: "Well, it all depends-are you Socks yoII are wearing. One'S red and the other'S il H1811 or a mouse?" green. Are they all you own?" Y - , , H Dewey Elem: I-Oh' HO' 1 have another Dim. at -'WXIIIII are you YVk1lIlllgIO1'? askefl the telephone home just like these-H , 3.1ll'l, v"DIIl you 'tome-I the l1llll1lJ8l'. "XM-ll, rephecl John Swartz, nervously, "I'In Edwin Brindlez "Do you Suppose it is had luf-k not Sure whether 4607 is Iny auto license, social to have a cat follow you?" SWt'lll'ly tag. draft 1lll1lll7Ql', or llly girl's house," ?"'l'5"i' 33' 5' if il i' illiivivil'ilvillii'iUiI'iUiU14'i"i"3' 3''i"i"i"i0l"iUC0010101011-P11Izl F SOUDER'S RADIATOR SHOP I , Q QUALITY COAL WE BUY BEEF HIDES 3 BLUFFTON Phone 202 INDIANA 5 f'l"":':'l:"'l:":':L: "l'l:TSAZ3Q2QIEL?fQ"''A'W"'l'l"'Al""3 I I ' II Q UNIONDALE GRAIN Co. lj i UNIONDALE Phone 40 INDIANA i inj4li4pj4glIy1ulnini 1Illuiuluiuirliuilnli 11123 ri I1-Ii hill?-linriuiwlxbilri-Pi4PivPi0l ll I H - I Q CENTRAL DRUG STORE ll i WALGREEN AGENCY i FRIENDLY RELATIONS and COURTEOUS SERVICE ARE OUR ll i GREATEST ASSETS g "We Value the Opportunity of Serving You" Q BLUFFTON INDIANA 5 I Page Thirty-five oz.-1031.111 -1 E , ' I U l I CEMENT -- PAINT -- FENCING - PLASTER Q g "Everything to Build Anything" Q as U E Phone 57 Q 1Vr 96- Q !! U ll E i ERC ER ! P 2 LUMBER COMPANY FRED JOE GEORGE l l 2 DLIIFFTON INDIANA I u D li nfooox-Irwin:-I: goings.-it-1 willi:riniuiulIxln:1in The tear-he-r had In-en reading stories of boys who had Qrowu t their inventions. "Now tell me," he asked one boy, "What would you like to IIIVQIIIAIH "I'd like to invent EI 1Il1l1'lIllI4-' so that simply I pressing' a button all my lessons would he finished vzofiozl-1-tina: :mini-1:1 xoxoxo1.11-I1-IL:111.1-11-Iiuiuza vorre1'tly." came the prompt reply. "And you?" rontinued the teacher, calling O11 another boy. With illl effort Max Deihl rose to his feet and 'eplied in a drowsy voice: "Something to press the button!" o mzmhood amd achieved fame by I lmmmm':":::":mmET:::: mmU:T:'T ! ll l l :Q FARLING FOOD MARKET l MEATS GROCERIES Q Buyers of Livestock I U RLIIFFTON INDIANA l l -----1'----I-+--'"'-'"'""""'-""'-""'-"' '-"-"-"-"2-'-'A-"2"I'-I't:":-':-l:"-":4-:U-ll 3 MASTERSON SERVICE STATION- - GENERAL STORE 5 GROCERIES MEATS ,I 5 UNIVERSAL AND NATIONAL BATTERIES j Q MIIRRAY. IND. TOCSIN PHONE 10 on 2 Q u -.,-.....,.-,,-.,-..-.,-..-,,...,-..-,-.,-.,-.,-.........-..-.,:.,.,.,:.,:.,-.,-.,2.,:.,:,-,::,,:,,..::,-.,. lg H ARCHEOLD BOWLING ALLEY l E HA FINE RECREATION FOR EVERYONE" RLIIFFTON INDIANA ozapnxogoxvxozn-reno:-I1 I1-Ianni:-4:-wir 1:14 xo: vi: 3 3 nz 11 1 '14 1- 2 uzoiuxoioioi 'xox 'b Page Thirty-six 0:01103-1 Ig, 211:11 viva: -cm -any I :nl fzp-Iazffmlixuiuia ini 1 in 1.-1,1 ri 1:1 -sm-am-1.-141: I1 among, Q nz' 2 Q TOCSIN LUMRERR GRAIN g FRITZ ELECTRIC CO- Q Q CQ., INC. j ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Q , and EQUIPMENT D - ! : A E PHONES Soo-S01 Q g RLUEETON INDIANA I Dealer in I g HAY, GRAIN. FEEDS, 2""""""""""""'""""""""""""'A"""":' Q LUMBER and COAL i MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT U I i I - A ll Q I+ HLOPEENSTINEAS I A I I I CICAR STORE H 5 PHONE 17 i ll . : LUNCHES-CANDIES-TOBACCO j Q TOCSIN INDIANA ! 205 W. Ivlai-Ret Street 5 Oiiillllliflilllliiilli'ViUi1lZD1fi51lllli'lililli-D'llllilliililliilil2201111Y14'1"2"3"i".z"1303liuiwg A SCOICIIIHEIII, learning that a certain doctor er ww-li, Illell-IWU dollars, please." cliargecl 5155 for the first visit and only S2 for the- Ser-Ond, walked into the flOctOr'S Office One day Mr. f'0Il1lOl'CIl2lSl3lI the train but missed it. AS and said: "Well, doctor, here I am again." - A he Slowly walked back, au interested Onlookel "I CI01l'I reiueiiilmer yOu," -replied the doctor. "Ai fmy rate how are Vou feelinolw, Ylllllllll-'l-'l'li'lII "Miss the train?" 5 I , .1-3. -Not at all Well, doctor, not at all weuj- "Ulu, uOt lllllCIl," he replied. "You See, I nevei "Just COIIIIIIIIQ your last prescription for anoth- Sol U1 IUIHW il YHVY wvllf' 3:4-1II1lIq.I,... qgng.,qp.,g.,.p..1..1,..p4,1..g,.10 Z ..:4,7.,1-uzn .1 011- :I-1-Ixlfz'-21111-I1-R10--uno-fibulrifdlv-limi. ' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 5 JOHN HELMRICH STORE I FROM 5 5 I I MEATS GROCERIES 5 THE INEZ SHOPPE 5 g VEGETABLES g Make Your Hair More Beautiful i BUYERS OF PQULTRY AND EGGS Permaiients .... fOr foundation i ' SlIampOOS .......... for health i Phone Craigvme 19 on 10 I F1IIg'eI'waveS .. 101' beauty g MAGLEY INDIANA CRAIGVILLE PHONE 72 Pd!!ULUirPi-'i0iU3"i"54'i"34'3"5"'1".E"'3"i"3"o : i 'U-""""'."-U-'Q''nK'D!'-"'A"""'mK'-' ' B. A. JOHNSON SHELL SERVICE STATION H TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES AND GROCERIES I U. S. HWY. 224 H I PHONE 2 on 1 TOCSIN, INDIANA iculnivirllvivill101UIUiH1l'il'1"1"i"?"'l' 'WQU1''3''1"3"3"3"2"i"3"3''1"3"""'1''SHCQ I GENERAL INSURANCE 81 BONDS 55 5 LUCKY - SORRY OR INSURED ' W. W. CPI-:tel Archbold I OSSIAN U , ill iii it il i D i l ll' Il i4 ill lillilrilllliiililll lnlilwiflinlllulliIbiUi1l1ui1li1l1l0.O Page Thirty-seven A -7195, -:ff A1':f5f:EfE::., .2555 VQ..,,55552325225532.3..21g.5zge,''siigsifsii , fi- -2?f5':I'i5ri" Q- 'lf '-225: 'j5'Ei5,l5. 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H CLOTIEIING AND SHOES U FOR i 2 DAD AND LAD U I3I.UFF'l'0N INDIANA .5 .1..qp..1.r1..1.vq n'1.1.1.,1.g.--9--cv--1-1'1"' CRAIGVILLE ELEVATOR COMPANY Q U A GOOD TOWN IN A GOOD COMMUNITY Q 2 'FRY OUR SERVICE l Q PURINA FEEDS MASTER MIX FEEDS vioauxnz v1..:..1..4: Page Thirty-eight .g..- - - - - Q.-.--..-I-..-.-. - ,- - i i g OOMPLIMENTS OF g ! l A artman On I ll 9 n ! ii ! ig SUPER SERVICE I ii GOODYEAR TIRES SINCLAIR GASOLINE Q I MOTOR OILS and GREASE ll . u U 5 "CALL OUR SERVICE CAR" II 5 U I PHONE 304 BLUFFTON. INDIANA l A i U .:.-......-.,-..-.,.,-.,-. -..-.,.. -.-..- ....,-..-.,-., College Student twriting homer: "Say, how do you Spell fi1Iancially'?" Roommate: UF-I-ll-H-Il-C-I-H'1-1-Y, and there are two r'S in 811'lb?ll'l'k1SSGd.H ' "And what," Doris Diehl, asked, "Should a little lmoy Say to the lady who has given him a penny for c-arryiiig her lJlllldlQS?" 2. :. -.::.::..:.,:..:.,:. -I.:..-.,-.,-.....I.., ,-.,-.,!. . "l'd hate tO tell yOu," he replied. Boll Dnrr was applying for a job: "And if I take the job, am I to get a raise in Salary every year?" hhnployerz "Yes, if your work is SatiSfactOry." BOI1' "Ah I thtu 'ht tl " va -'t'h 'Il it ?a.asn1..qnn1npwgI-1- 42--1-I:--10:I-zuzniuznznzn 2 ORAIGVILLE HOW., OO. I Dealers in 2 LIGHT HARDWARE ' ELECTRIC MOTORS T i PAINT FENCE i Phone 40 T CRAIGVILLE INDIANA i',0aUQ0i0l"l0a0Q1'l5'lD,j4yiuQ0i4lQ0QC?Q g BLUFFTON PRINTERY ' COMMERCIAL PRINTING I Q SCHOOL PRINTING l l -"O- L. E. FAIR, Prop. BLUFFTON PHONE 617 50:02-riuinzoi 9 if in 1 1-1111211203-riuifn 3 -- 3 .10-,.,1.,.! O -I1 C4-3 3 E 'D rf em 5 UU n 2. P EU: 2 O ' FT mg: gf- 2 UH. E ee? 5 l C Q51-I' Dk O g gl 5 we UQ - 3 933 9 5 :P Q93 Dk Q rr .. SP' U' S ' z Paws' W S U1 U Zac UQ DP i Q Z gm 5 G - ' 3' rm Q.. Q H ,-, -- - ,-- U Page Thirty-nine E .g. . U , I F 2 f f fi- i KM I T i 9 l I I I Q 1 Q. j COMPLIMENTS Q ! ! OF 1 ., . W I I l E g COLLINS TEXAOO ll 3 I "U-missin-..-Q,h,4 E H i X i f H STATION N . . ,, i I U "Dude the Wllllljy' Way Q lj U 2 I 0 BLUFFTON INDIANA 56 l 2 I H AT THE RITZ E 1111 E EE511? MAT S N. MAIN STREET H i li ii lllanlrlell Sllliflvlii "I ITS YQU1' l12'1'4IU11- 11111 Why 110 girls llaw- all failed in their examination." al 1 le-sv gn' s s uw :1 lllflfu XX'uit1'Oss: "I'1l1 um suppnsell 11, tvll you sir, but -luvk f'li111SS1'112 lP11T6'l'il1f9f SIOVQJ: "Well, Dad ww gm smue ul' Olll' Ikaml l'1'Om llw svllool Of cook- I .ll1HY 12111 llll T0 SHY 119110-H ery uull home- pvuxlnnnivsv 11+-xt 1lOO1'g and if yfm M11 IIIZIIISSUIII "TOO lalv, my boy. Your mothel gel! siuk fl'Ul1l that mulvt yOu've- just vate-xl, tlwsv 11111 111' 111 SHS' 119110 211111 201 2111 111Y Cllilllifef' 2 BLUFFTON PURE ICE OO. 5 Q DRINK PEPSI-COLA Q ! PHONE 78 ! BIAUFFTON INDIANA g qnguzllzux--1w-zv-usvgO-1v-1-'1-'4:z- en- ca--CD 'ell'--1 DUI11'I'11111-11-111111-1111-'11-:Q'crux'-1411.-qU l 1 ll 5 GERBERT5 4 5 Portable Hammermill LINN 85 SAURER Mixer EXCLUSIVE V i HOME FURNISHERS ll l HAX and GRAIN : Q phone 44 STOVES, RUGS J I FURNITURE U I CRAIGYILLIC INDIANA I g CL1FFO1m OERBER 5 'HJUFFTON INDIANA g SUN RIPE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET i VUNGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS PAUL DICCKER. I,l'0lll'I9IOI' EAST MARKET STREET I 5 . ,101-111.1-his lg 3. 1. 1,,. ., 4, I1 1 f 1 as 4:-aiu: 1 211sz-11a:n:O3uiu3Oiu2-'Qui-:3niui1vi"1o1:o:s Page Forty ."f-nbwcnnvqpl-1: 3 -1-as an- Lim ,.mf1.lz.1 1 lg' ling:-zu: -3 -1--1 fine:-1 Qu:-Q -1 -1 11020-inililQl'O r v 3013010101: 101 vi I1 sin: I:-po1n2o1o14v1o1v14vio1o1--1 1-I1 -if-14-goin3o21 20102014-qo'o . armers SL Merchants Q Q ll . k I 5 311 I 2 I lj - Safety . Service I !! Q! GENERAL BANKING ll AND ii INSURANCE Q! li !! i DEPOSITS UP TO 35000.00 ll I INSURED BY F. D. I. C. U gg BLUFFTON INDIANA .Limit-12111-Cnr:1Df:14ri1:z I2 was-vioioioioi 1o1o:ozo1o:o:o11r14v2 11 1-111511411-1I1.i,,g "IS your boy going hack to college?" ever Seen." "Yes," replied the farmer. "It'll cost Something Ed Brinclle: "Why." to Send him, but it'l1 be worth a good deal to Merle: "She wanted to know how many quarterg keep him from lHtQl'f9l'lH', with practical work in a baseball game." afoulld the Place-Y' Ed: "Thats nothing. My girl wanted to know Merle Dick: "My girl is the dullest girl I've if a football coach has wheels." ?o:cr1o1o1o14rio14r?011 if 1111011'1111fiviviviif'11'11v10i010i4liog.,g4.g...i.,g,,3,,3,,1,.i. I ., i JOHNLOZ STORE I Q U Q Meats Vegetables Groceries Q I Q BUYERS OF POULTRY AND EGGS I .. 5 Phone TOCSIN 6 on 2 I ' ll I MURRAY INDIANA Q !! i iffiibllillili1!l4Vi4Vi0l0l0i0l0ilPi0i4lil'1 ivldllI1'FlIPl0l0l1Yl0ll0l4il0ilIi111KQMS i METTLER'S STANDARD SERVICE Q ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES I Phone 31 BLUFFTON INDIANA i 1--1113113.14I1ozoiII1o301u1o11n:o:oz4r:o1 .:o3o1o3ogo1o:1p11n1o:-lining. vqpnzwzozn- MODERN LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING CO. I LAUNDRY-DRY CLEANING-TOWEL SERVICE-RUG CLEANING BLUFFTON INDIANA I 6 1 . " D1bZ03v1u1o1o:ooz4x1o:-3If3+r:o3o:03o:og4r:4m:1v:o:-v10:o:4vg1Iz4-go14I1-,103-bg-,101 Q.. Page Forty-one 9 -I 7 m4""'f T':- ' " 2:13 1' 1 v-95 -4 li Final :F4.4" er' ,, g J 'f ' .V .. f nw ' ' 1' ' - 1 ' V 1 ' I' 113' ' , . " 'Y W' ' .. Qs ' H 'Q 2 Y" Q x ' an IV U K U ' ,' I V. -A. ' - 'Q . Ai U ,.,, ' ' ' L A , T -xl V L I ,lf . l l -4 ,L-rj T D 1 ,wr ". 1 .ll 51 HST? fi II Y ?fqgf hi i"+'-2fm,I"4?1+'1 wifffsiwgg Mg Ti: ' , U I Viv I: if 1 D. I 6 U ,si-,wg ilgq ' if - ' I + ' fig? ' M J t tl' l G ob iS.I4EL3 it li. Q I. Ogg. ' ' 3j?'7LmFQt3.5gi?+ifE1-2 V '41 L 'I Q24 F, . ,,- fm 1 +C' Mini! 1 4 - frtrf-L B-I +3 I 4 'sr 7' f ,ILP ws - L 4 -fir -' 'fihm I 4354- l Q tl iv+! If 6 1 1,-.4 Y- L 1:2194 K -i- 1 I o'oI1u1Iig I1 I1 1 an :ox -Qi-11,11 11 1 -gnu-pogo 4 . ! I I CONGRATULATIONS i TO THE CLASS OF '41 I I I I I ! 2 SET YOUR GOAL HIGH I PLAY THE GAME SQUARE E YOU ARE ROUND TO WIN H I O u g MONTGOMERY WARD I RLUFFTON I ll "Stop rezivliiiig across the- table, .Iuuior. Have- 1I't you 2'LIO1lH,lIt'?v' "Yes, Sir, but my arm is longer." The Collt-Riaii drove in good-looking' l'0fHISIl-'l'. and tht- co-ed know it. "I love cars," Doris Elzoy Said Soulfully. "I lvurn :Ill I vain about them," i.....i.. Q CAROL KING .IUNIORS Q RUTH'S DRESS SHOP Q BLUFFTON INDIANA I ! ! 2 5 A. P. KELLY GO. I Distributors of 2 Quality Goal and Building Materials III Wells County Since 1899 g A. L. KELLY, Mzmagel' !316 N. Oak St. Bluffton Q 8090303411-IIQIIQIQI it 1 Ii 31:211xinioiuiuiixioiuiri in 3 Ii 3- Z ni ix 3 rin io? 10101493 Page Forty-two 301-11-Iiogngi.11-giigoqzndg -1 is -qu nn-.I ma. 11111130 . mixing-I1-rioioc-p ninznioioi Izoioiui :ini O11 in 1 1 io: icq Ii: :oil mini 1 Iii-1 rua. CRON STUDIO - I ! ! PHOTOGRAPHS OF Q DISTINCTION AT I POPULAR PRICES I Phone A-6431 ! 132 E. Washington Blvd. Q FORT WAYNE INDIANA 5 I I I 'tFiue," he Said. "Just for fun, tell me how to I-ool an eiigiiiof' She thought H mouieut. "Oh, hy Stripping the gears, ot course," She Said. Madelyu Clark: "Can I get H room for three?" Clerk: "Do you have H reServation?" Mudelyu: "What do you think I am, an Indian?" -pii1i.104.i-1-ighgiigi.-pi-1...-.,um.q,. 1 ...iam Q.. . ,v, U S I OSSIAN STATE BANK I OSSIAN. INDIANA g A I I GENERAL BANKING i AND INSURANCE g ! MILLER - JONES SHOES THE LATEST STYLES ALWAYS ORA L. BAKER, Mgr. l I I 2021101 1411312 up wi rin: 1 11210111 1149 1,113 2 1 111 1 xvzumiui 1 11114. Q ! ! SHERMAN WILLIAMS PAINTS JOHN MANSVILLE ROOFING ' Q Q g LUMRER S BUILDING SUPPLIES ll Q Cline Lumber CO. WELLS COUNTY'S COMPLETE LUMBER YARD 5 u S I 1 Phone 58 Q O U H BLUFFTON INDIANA ll Q : ll 9 I II i "Oh, I know a few things," Said the lxaugllty for eight days without winding." Senior' Enos' Fall,-QI1StoII1e1': "Man alive! How 10112 "Well, you haven't anything Ou me," I'etO1'ted WPH1'1 11 mn It you Wound lt? the freslnuau, 'AI guess I know as few things as t -10361111 CPE1113 UW115' iS H 511113 always 1'+3fQ1'1'611 ., O IIS Ie"." anybody' Roger Gl'li'E'llI A'BecauSe it costs So much to Clock Salesman: "Yes, Sir, this Clock will Tun 110611 0116 111 P31111 H1111 D0WC191'-" 3:0231-zu:-I an 49: 1-limi -is-zuzfpu10:1-:nzI-in:Ozu:ncmvqr--ifreumfzvcbnzwzr-ins: 2-'gig -am-14-4 gg. Q FOSTER EROS. BAKERY 5 g Say "POSTERS" at Your GI'OCe1'S i PHONE 30 i BLUFFTON INDIANA ll - 5-Iqvuzu:nz-nxnzuzuzuz an- z-:xoxoxo-.1-O:Oz-mn-mn--q:Oz--1-1aam:- an. 1.Ia:-nm:11,01--1494-ans-Ich'-:HC . ,. j Chrysler - Plymouth 2 E MAGNETO REPAIRS - ALL MAKES - BODY FENDER and PAINT SHOP H g GROVE S BAXTER 5 i PHONE 29 B,2P3fZF21L,--.,-I : ennzoiolw1O:nzuznzoiuzuz-1110:1-esawiwivfr"""'3"3"3"1''3"?"3"3' 5 ! COMPLIMENTS OF ,, 3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Q CLASS OF 1941 5 ! j HOOSIER GRAIN Sz YOUNG'S MEAT SUPPLY OO. 1 5 MARKET g 5 i BLUFFTON INDIANA l ,W,L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-,,-.,- -..-,,...,-.,-.,-,-.,-..g Page Forty-th ree 451:01 2 2 I: .1 -111111 -1 .1 11: :I in zuqgl-11-1 in-111111:-111 11 1 5 I1 11101 vinzoioauzo ! , Q Always Q g QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT REASONABLE PRICE ' I Q JIM KRILL 5 i MENS WEAR I I Jim George g B1,UFpT0N INDIANA I-1..1I..1I-11-.-1-r-1-1I-11-11-I-I-I-I-I-IW-1-11-.11-4e-41-I-In-I--I-A1-A-MH-11- I E F. VANANDA A. F. VACHON Q ZS ARKET . i MOT M - . KELLEY MONUMENT 5 IE MEMS g Z 2 Q E . : I ROC R Q i GRANITE AND MARBLE Phone 26 Q MONUMENTS 1 R I i "Go To Church Somewhere Sunday" l i 119 East Market Street I i Bluffton, Indiana HIAIIFFTON INDIANA i Office Phone 2515 Ossian Phone 161 Q . Miss Swishf,-I-5 "I Aupposf- you enjoy he-ing m'u'- wha! the things were intended for." 0 Ned?" , , , , II -. I' A-1 A-W1 I'I , ' -14.- MVS' F"l11'Jl': Oh' YW' It S gwm Um. I "H kmm at the aI:ItecIIcI,lI:IfldII rIIIgt3IIS3felI?loII my IIIISIHIIIII is an artist. Yesterday we had ll your pxuminutiolms D2lDE'l'?n 1A1l1'SSil12 23111134 IIL' INIIIIYWI H IJi4fUll'+? 11l1'I I POHIP Rivlunrd Brown: "I wus quoting from the fellow I-nl SUlII4'IIIIIIf:', for lIIIIIl+'l""1IIIfI we both mu-seed in fmut of me." 5 c'oIIIPLIIvIENTs or I S U B W A Y ' U I H EATS -- DRINKS -- BILLIARDS Q VERNE GILLIOM, P1-Opl-ietor. j I M.1-r-r-I-or-IM-I---I-1011-In-11.-W ,M11-11-1I-.1-,1-r- -.-I,-.I-.1- -I-.-- ' 5 CONGRATULATIONS I I SENIORS OF 1941 ii Q RALPH M. JAHN FUNERAL HOME Phone 109 Q "To Serve As We Should Re Served" 3 IILUFFTON INDIANA 2 PHONE 721 KRUMMEN AUTO SERVICE i I 7 BATTERIES EXIDE IGNITION 2 203 N. IIIIIIII Street BLUFFTON, INDIANA ,:,puqnu1-ms' 1-12 D I-5-'us-111 un-mum qnvaxuzuz- 1 1:1-11.-1-11: 1 14121I2-I2Iinguzni-:ini-I1 -10140. Page Forty-four 0 0.011 11:51 :mining 2 11.1--1 11 111.1 -14 2 ,up 1 11,1 1 1 1 11115 1 1 1,1-111 ings 4:4511 o ev STAR HATCI-IERY CO. Q STAR QUALITY CHICKS ARE BETTER DR. SALSBURYS REMEDIES ! CONKEY. STATE PILOT AND FUL-O-PEP FEEDS : .IAMESWAY BROODER HOUSES and BROODER STOVES ALSO KOZY BROODER HOUSES WE BUY POULTRY, CREAM AND EGGS ' PHONE 600 - Dennis Lantz, Mgr. E ! ! l ! Bluffton, Indiana 1n1ogn1-'gp Q -1-ig.-2 .1-1-11-wus--gm11113030101--1.11o1vi.-iniucsioiuxnz- inin1n'iuiw!0 M11 Gerwig, Aspiring Author: "At last I'v0 lxmly, written Something tl1at's been aCc-epted by ai magazine." Mr. Mugg: "What was it?" in 10311113 1 lin: 3-1111311 1:11101-1311101111400 0 Mr. Gerwig: "A Check for 11 YGZIIES Subscrip- lion." ! Q IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL I g GINTER'S I i BARBER SHOP I I CRAIGVILLE INDIANA i Qjlvllvl 1 lllilliliinilllllillllr1ill ililiilll ! Q EVE'S PLACE g Drop in at Eve'S if i yOu'1'e hungry or not- i Cause She'll Serve you Some- i thing to hit the Spot. i I OSSIAN INDIANA I I Mr. 4'O11nm-: Ge-Orgr-, name an Organ of the Gvurge- Mt-C'1z1i11: "Teeth," A111 l'OIllI0l'1 "Te-viii? XVhat kind of an Organ would te,-etli lie?" 1:4-O1-RP: "Grind Org-in." """ "" """"" """""" """"""' ! ! GERBER'S STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE I l BUYERS OF POULTRY AND EGGS g I GERBERS COLD STORAGE Q LOCKER PLANT 5 Lockers Available At All Times ' l CUSTOM RUTCHERING Q 5 PHONE 43 CRAIGVILLE INDIANA l Page Forty-five go- .- .:......, .,..,.q.-- .Q .p--..-.-..q--:- Q .1-D.-...,.-U..-.Q--.p--1..q 4 Q--1.1--Q--Q--qt, ! ! ' I I 2 I I . f ' . We sold Lancaster Central High I , . , , i ' their Commencement Announcements : i and Name Cards for 'Three Years i 5 Straight, 1939 - 1939 - 1940, to their ! entire satisfaction. 1 1 I ' Cooos ' 2 I I ff I I 1027 Calhoun. Street I F RT WAYNE INDIANA I ' i 0 A ' A A "Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot?" I Q 2 I Bill Les if Q V Hazzard Lofran e I t R I - I I CRECENTIWUNTHNlC0,g I WYOMING. IOWA i I . Exclusive Manufacturers I I I I I g I I i Fa-ther: "Well, son, how 'Ire your Inurks this sul'-Ilyv won't you?" lIlOI1Ill?" Pilot: "Have no fear, Marltun. I've never left Jn-Ak t'lIII1ss-JII: t'TlIey're un-l--r waiter," niiyone up there yet." .lu--k: "Below C lo Y Farther: 'wvlllll Ilo you Illlfilll-lllltltfl' wute1"?" rel. .Y The s-'ieutist who said that the lesser cannot --ontttin the greater never worked iII a woII1an's Miss .Johnson -to l'ilotl: "You'l1 luring' me hawk shoe store. I U. S. App-0-'ed BABY CHICKS U. S. Pullorum Tested I I COMPLETE LINE OF POULTRY SUPPLIES and CUSTOM HATCHING I Serene' BAUMGARTNERS HATCHERY 5 i Bluffton Craigville Phone Vera Cruz : D"41"1"?""'""'3"3"5'""'3"3"""3"1t"" cD"""""'3' 45' Thi' 101''S''Q''C"'i"?''inifiifvil-io:D : nm I ' KRILL GRILL I j Coon Foon AT ITS BEST I Q PROMPT SERVICE I ! DU?-Ii'-filiit 2 1 Iitll-IllIlllilIi:vjtlllrlltllrillifviuilIillilli-rilli-li-114 Iwi! lllitti lillilli I : QUALITY, SERVICE, DEPENDAEILITY I New Plant. and Office I 2 o. K. CLEANERS I I PHONE 189 I I no-II2 w. Elm SI---get Bluffton. Indiana j I I or.:-I1 qv p--an Page Forty-six --qn-q,.-1..q.-1--1-1-an-1--1--1-1-1-1-1 1-1-go: 1-1--1-1-1-cr-1:1-I1-ozq qv.. -..: I i I 6th ANNIVERSARY : 1935 ---- 1941 1 ALL- ! : J O E , S "Homade" i Ice Cream I I "It's Made its way by the way it's made' I Q See us for Special low price for Q Ice Cream Socials - Threshing Rings. g Reunions and Banquets Q PHONE 616 Q BLUFFTON INDIANA i .g.-..-.,- I- - Two girls were talking over the wire. Both were discussing what they should wear at the coining party. III the niidst ot this iinportant t'OIlYt3l'SHIlOIl, a niasculine voipe interrupted, ask- ing' humbly for a nnniher. One of the girls Iw- I-alne indigant Hlld scornfully asked: "XVhat line do you think your are on, anyhow?" . E 10:1-Q: -1 fc: -1 -:ui 1: 2 fxf-1 1 1 C5111 2-ine .3 :uni 4 eco CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES I WE SALUTE YoU: ! DSSIAN DRUG STORE ! OSSIAN INDIANA Q -1- 1nqnv-3..1--i-.1- 1:-.png 91111 up-13111-'inc : HINKLE'S DRUG SToRE Phone 32 I DRUGS - WALLPAPER - PAINTS BEST FOUNTAIN SERVICE BLUFFTON INDIANA .,.,.,.,-..-.,-..-..-0-4. "Well," said the man, "I am not sure, hut lllltlglllyl troin what I have heard, I should Say I nn on the clothes line." 1, Auntie: "And what will you do, my little darling, when you grow up to he ti great big girl?" Child: "Reduce," v , , o 0411.-1.19.1491 any 'gg' az. it 11,1121 mm 1411.111 1.IinqgngoxnztIininivqrogog 1 11-3-1111114 141 pi. MAXINE'S BEAUTY SHOP i ! EXPERT HAIR STYLIST i g PERMANENT WAYING A SPECIALTY Q i Bluffton, Indiana Phone 201 I Q .Ulu1,,l4,l,,i,,l,,l,,i4,lU?i-4,101.51ulttjtyjtljuinftnjvlluriilidilifl1llIVi"1D4'l'7i"i' ' g I INSIST Q j THAT YoUR GRADUATION WATCH BE BOUGHT I AT THE i n I g GEELS JEWELRY STORE Q i BLUFFTON ! i Hamilton Bulova i Elgin Westfield : ia.,,:u:,,:,,:014,-,Mini,,Z,,:,,:4,:,,,,,.ZI.-,011,G-.,.,..g,.1101111411111-wztfcn-1:1it-I-11-fi-1101-turf : S I ! DAY'S STANDARD SERVICE Q g Main and Wabash 2 BLUFFTON INDIANA g g ATLAS TIRES 1 BATTERIES g b i fo,--.poem -qwxoanupng -1-I1 1: ,qpo1nqmf:--:--:-w1- If 1 . a1n1--1n1ng-I3ng- 3-rg-I1-131-11119113111111-0:0 Page Forty-seven Q 091191111 :mn-111111:-111-1121:-11111111111 1 141311111 1: 11 1 .1 .111 111 1411111111 11410 E 5 l I I I 9 0 0 1 g II 2 O ' I an l O ' l U II - I 5 Bluffton . . . . . . .... Indlana 2 U 0 U U 1 6 O G Q g II U F' 5 HARRY DURACH 3 GASOLINE 8: OIL SERVICE 5 l I U Q Phone 4 on 1 Cralgvllle, Ind. Q g I . l Al1s+111l-111i111le1l f'11stc1111r-1': "llz1i1'1'11T, ple-use." AIP, Muggg A'lGve1'yo11e must learn by llGglIH1iIlg l3111'l11-1': "f't'1'l2lllllY, lllll w1111I1l you llllllll tr1l1i112 Ulllllf' l""'f'm' Th"V9 Ulf' UU exveptlons fo this K t A U.. .. is ,,,, l'll +A. yolllllllllt-11ll11fl1l1ltI1"11s111111+-1': lNotici11g girl 111 H'jVl'Sl'l M'nf'01'HMf A-Num? at SHT' nvxt 1'l1z1i1'1 "Oh, +-xwuse 11111. I 1li1l11't know the-1'e MV' 3111395 'KNOW was fl l111ly 1ll'9S6'lll.H H1-1'l1e1't: "How lllllllll swi111111i11g?" A ilVla1nle Motor Sales" 2 CHARLES RoUsH Q Y 2 i I Studebaker Sz Hudson 5 i BUYERS OF CREAM, POULTRY : EGGS, AND LIVESTOCK ' g New and Used Carsg i Phone 3327.1 Bluffton . - I i North of Brldge ! i g STATE ROAD 1 . i D 11111--11111 31111111451-4131114111111.qp..qp1-1113071.111111141111211111112113-111-c vwioilriviwlivi JOHN DEERE Q This Store is Everybody's Store i QU.-XLITY TRACTOR K Illll'LEllIENTS for i A DRY GOODS i IIARIJWARIC STOVES COATS, DRESSES 9 i FLOOR COVERINGS Q 5 ELECTRIC APPLIANCES alld Q i SHOES ' g STEFFEN HARDWARE THE PEOPLE'S STORE Q i RLUFFTON INDIANA I 4.501.111.1-Q1-1p1...1-auq11-11,-,.-an-111111111111 Page Forty-eight fox: Q ! E E B 5 3 F 3 ! E-.. Richard Hamilton at the theatre was annoyed by C Excuse HIE," he Said, turning around, "But we can't hear a word," ' "IS that SO?" retorted the woman behind, "XVell, what we're talking' about iSn't any of your busi- ness! " of'-cp E ! ! ! so 3 9.4 so O1 34113112 1 1121 1 :ritz 3 :ming :Zvi 1111190111-111 :acute E 3 H. THOMA Sz SON . E Rugs - - - Furniture 3 Q HCONTINUOUSLY FAITHFUL SERVICE SINCE 1853" ! U BLUFFTON INDIANA Q U 354,11matfirtaltiwiblvilill 1 1111111 110391111 4121-irtivi ii:iivivuiuininiryini 111.313 g MCCORMICK-DEERING Q FARM MACHINERY Q ! and Q CRAIGVILLE STOCKYARD INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS : DAILY MARKETS Q Phone 45 Craigville g l WARE BAKER Q 1 i Ian: 1:-fini. :ding I:-up I1-rio:-iq: Fegozwzo Donna Bell, to editor: "You Said that lily Story was both good and Original and yet you refuse to print it. How do you explain that?" Editor: "Well, the part that was good waSn't original and the part that was Original wasn't Hood. onversation in the row behind. a'o Oc:,1011-znxto--it : 1 zogult-im . ! DAVIS ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 5 PHONE 178 RLUFFTON i .....q.,-UQ..-.,....q.--N-q-,-.,-..--.Qt-.:,-Qf.-.:.,:.,-..:..:N-t.-,.1:.,:-I4-I.:-.Quz-,:.,:.,:..:.,.i GERBEITS SERVICE STATION CIGARS - CICARETTES -- CANDY - SOFT DRINKS i GAS 1 OIL i MACLEY INDIANA i 1.,goiuiuiozuiuxtrin1010.101-1:-rzwiwiuidiot-Iilfiwifvivi' CD-'inf'-'4 'i"?"i"ZH10i- f ! MOSER IMPLEMENT CO. Dealers in ALLIS-CHALMERS AND NEW IDEA FARM MACHINERY j I PHONE 203 ! 123 N. Main St. BLUFFTON, INDIANA Q l 10:0 Page Forty-nine ozmiuznzvin-it-inSuziIi:-iniiiI11-ioinioiuim121202021111110101 Ii ri 103 sq ini:-I vi vinci, ' 0 i I ' Q PUBLIC SERVICE STATION Q JOHN F. KREIGH 8z CO. l ! . . . 2 2 555311 Q l I , . I Q CITIES SERVICE GAS and OIL I. G. A. STORE : Phone 153 i OSSIAN INDIANA OSSIAN INDIANA 5 a 2 A-t-H-H-r-tr-t-'-i-+- I-I--+I"----r-":+f-i'-U-+--f'------I'-i'-I---II-I'-I-1'-H-I I 3 Q : : 5 GROCERY Q i OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Q g ' i T 2 - i 0 Q ,I g I l I g IBLUFFTON INDIANA I OSSIAN INDIANA i I ! . Mr. Gerwig': "How would you Dunctuate this S6'lllL'IIl'l:'? 'The wiiul blew u ten dollar bill a- Miss .lolnisonrz "Rabbits do not bark." Jane: "This biology hook is wrong then, It rouurl the L'0l'l1E'l".H says that rabbits eat Cabbage and bark." Vernon llynumi "I wounl IIIZIIIP a flash after the , . . , , hill." The question III the physiology examination read: "How may one obtain a good posture?" .Ia1IeGeI'lwr: "Miss Johnson, Ilicl you ever hear Ricliard Brown wrote: "Keep the Cows off it a rabbit bark?" uml let it grow up awhile." 'g0'i1-inqnbgnliugning 31. 1,..,3,.3. in-mg..g.,1ngDgo14:xmas-ini vii-ini 14-141:14 101- 'Q ! F R Y B A C K ' S ! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ! ICE CREAM BUTTER i I FASH BUYERS OF - BLUFFTON CREAM EGGS INDIANA U Q Q Elzey Standard Service f'0NGRATULA'11I31IIIS, SENIORS of 2 2 RYRL ELZEY, Prop. i Q Q i U CICARS - CICARETTES i MARKLEY BROS' I g GROCERY ig CANDY - SOFT DRINKS i i C ' 7 ' U MURRAI INDIANA 5 BLUFFTON INDIANA ' 2 Q 1-'CD-'Ir -1 1111-1 1 ii -it-11-1011-ifii:-iniuinigbiuiogiyq -:Diaz 1 1 in livin:-11014020 i g COMPLIMENTS OF i GERBER,S RESTAURANT i g 24 HOUR SERVICE A GOOD PLACE TO EAT fc Q--1-.101-uxoztp,,,1-149011111- 11 1 111- it1-11.Izuxuxoguxozoz-1-1141101014103-neg o e Page Fifty v rms: 11 -up up-V111 imcyviviviliiu-113141111311riniiqn-liuirvzvi 1 ,cp -anal.: an am-ina: -14-uf. I I U 2 U COMPLIMENTS U ' 9 g Royal Typewrsters 2 Q ! i -- O - O L- O '- f I 5 R.E.HEHHHCH I Agent I , Q - O - O - O - U I 2 818 S. CLINTON STREET FORT WAYNE, IND. i Q 5 I i 2 ,:, p-Inbox-I1-.14-1.111 ni :uni-cn'-va-n..4:.Iemw-wamizoxuqzr 1-Iinqpnqm-.ui-ami augur iiiqpiigi :png -.nqz,..1.qp I It was the old larly's first rifle in a taxi. She watched with growing alarm the driver as he continually put his hand outside the Car as Il signal to the traffic followingi. At lust she said: "Young Inan, you look where you are going and gaze it starts to ruin." Nevin Vurine at I-Ollege wrote to his father. "NO mon, no fun, your son," The futher answered, "How sad, too bad, your keep both hands Oll the wheel. I'll tell you if fluilf' H VEREAE BEAUTY SALON 2 U PERMANENTS i 3 REMADE BY CONTROL OR MAOHINELESS i E PREBLE Phone 3-zs INDIANA Q 1 """"""""""'""""""""""'A"'""""""""" 'Q 'I' "M" Karim 'M 'Q 'M """'m"""I""""-M I I 5 Q WASSON'S GENERAL STORE I E GROCERIES MEATS HARDWARE g H H TOCSIN - - - E 2 WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT 5 WALLPAPER AND PAINT H U 1 0 - 2 You think of THE PROGRESS J. E. Reynolds Bluffton fI1.n-U.:-V1-Y.-O-,.p,.q,.,-.I-,..1.,q. ew lpn.-i.1...p.i xox ' LOWE BROS. PAINT ' RED WING SHOES INDIANA g "fm-f'-I'-I-I--I--II-''--I-A'--f----I---I--I-H-I Q LARIVIORE STUDIO Q PHOTOGRAPHY ! SPEOIALISTS HODAKS Q ! HLUFFTON INDIANA S nqnqnqpi....,.-Agn.-..:. 2413: Q ..u-I-.,,.,..,..Q.,-..1. Page Fifty-one . j I-iv - I +V' V A-"V '!T"'Vi4r1 ,Him Vygjd, V'V 'J 1-4 E.-CV! 4-5.1 fam: ff Q 1 ...Q if f . V A Ji 1,--Q 4 G Q- + mf " ' 1-"' ' m"uH.f1f" P--4.2 ' ' e '7.- s . .L 3 L' . 'W E I r ' ' " 2'- -V.., 1,3-V,.,VL,f w VV V . V , V -M .11 L- Q ,fr ' .. 1 ' , .. .F V4 - . . - V ,, - A ' U -an gh . V 2 .VH . ."b - ' f ' '.-125' ., ..a. . ,. .1 -' igllg-'32, in Qrfjjdr ' 45, fi- , L L thi . 'L-iii "5-3"' - 5' ' " . -' i , ,fgfi-'., 2 lg, Mffffii .. ' ' .j"i?l4,gUJ V- U6-M -Q ' V . V V JW ' 4 V.-3. V +V ' ' '-" Eig ' , '4- h3iI!3 If .B -h 'r N' - "Mb- r T ' Us ., ,iii-Vlqi Q3 5 LJ I , ami' wr' V55 V5ZVffi?Mwh,'b 1-' V 5.5 V ' km' 'V ' V ,VV--if Xf -- , X . .- -""' fax RF-' 1 ,. 'L " ' ' '43 YF :IV - sI'V A. :Eg FJ, Lg 1 fi ' " qu A:.H,v+f,,f, Q . V - 'H A V ESI V.-ml' I- ik. m, iff' ' 'LEIT1 was P-31 f'i' . f 0-5 'fs' L ,q 9 . 1 Q' W . 'n f' 'Q ,V 40 , I V V , ,A I-'ini 1 V 6 .,IVVVl- VV. I- gs FF' .140 r 35 1. if Q " 1 'V ? T ' 'C' , za- -l c - Y-0 T '- L - V, J ' P i V '-... a j w.a,'Yif1'g NV V, f ,Va A V . , ,, , V I- ,VVV V L , gf! LV V, , V 'V V-'F Q - ....f. VV V , ff? P T Y juftilm If M I V I in V .f l . 'Q 'E g ,.' ', -Y V, ' ,T J ' , H 1 QVVH, V"4 Q: L ol lr 1 f-WA-' 1 f ? iF '1l!M fig 1 gf vm,-,Q i "M '- Q ff 1 4 ig ' 1, V L V . ,, -, -Y V ' f 1'-.Ht 1' 471 '. r' fr'-.'4.'-BP ff!-f' Q o..-1111-1-1.-1.11-1 1 -1 up -1 1 1-1.1-1-4.1111 -1--p-1-A111 1-1--up .111--11-1---p -1 -1--1.1.0 ld- ir t ational Bank i A MEMBER i COMPLETE FEDERAL DEPOSIT i BANKING SERVICE INSURANCE CORPORATION g - O - O - O - : CAPITAL 3100.000 SURPLUS 3100.000 2 i - O - O - O - Q i I E IILIIFFTON INDIANA Q llimk AEI-Iit Ito MI: Griffiiinz "You ought to lligiiiiy: "HOw'S that?" hiiy llll -Jiii'y1'lOp+-Ilia, now that your lioy is going XY:il1vI': "I 4lOII't give a hoot." IO St'Il1lUI.H A ,, , I ' H - . F Mix Griffiiig "Not On your life! Let him walk, vigil''IXfglfxzfllmj51l13l,ilg?0lXg3l mmm' Mymg Bene HW WHIP as I md' livtty RaI'gvi': "Well, the hook Says that after lfviiiiy S1-lizit't'eI': "Why SO 1lOwIIiII the- lIllll1DS?U his A-xilv, lw Spent the rest of his life in abase- . Walter liipfeit 'A feel like zi Ilumh Owl." Iiiielitf' Q Q : THE TAV ERN I i FOR GOOD FOOD i RLUFFTON INDIANA Q...-.,-.,-.........-..-..-,.-..-..-.,-..- ,- ,-..-.,... -.,-. ... -.,...-.,-. -.,-. -. -.,...,-.........,- -.-g I ' E I WASSON'S F I Q SERVICE STATION CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I :i: :Ie I Dealers in U GROCERIES - MEATS - CANDY 3 HYERLVS CITY BAKERY I 5 TOBACCOS i Q OASOLINE - OIL - TIRES i QSSIAN INDIANA 3 CRAIGVILLE INDIANA i A i II 1411 4:91 um ifiiuxuinii111,11-31111131-11-111411111-ii-1.iii-11111114111-11-asliguing ,.,-,Jap .3 303, I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1941 ! ZOLL'S LOG CABIN SERVICE 2 SHELL GAS AND OIL 5 STATE ROAD 124 ,:,Dn2O1-111 2 CD0 CD 3- 2 2115111'mDii1O1OiO24IiOil1102112iii2 1 I1 2111 Z4 2 will? 311 i its Page Fifty-two o 5111413411 111111111 1111411111 1111111111 12111111114 11.1111141111-m11111I1:4m114 1 111114111 1:11114 o ! I I PURINA CHOW 81 EMRRYO-FED CHICKS i FOR LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY i I i I BLUFFTON IVIILLING CO. I i Feed - Equipment - Remedies and Supplies I i Q RLUFFTON Phone 97 INDIANA I ! i : 1-13113-1:1-1-110341111111--Z' 29--S1014 1 101-ICD-11-11 'us -1 -in-11 11-3111113.13111 13.1301 gm.. M A U Q KROGER STORES ELZEY'S 3 j Good Will Grocery I ! QUALITY MERCHANDISE I I IT YOUR PURSE HOME OF MUKOH ' I T0 SU IIEATS GROCERIES Q T. F. Wiggins Ed. Smeltzer VEGETABLES I W' Market S' Mem 112 N. Main SI. Phone 115 Q i I 4...--.,...--.1:11: 1.1-.,:.,:.,:f-:11:.-:H:.1:.1-.1- - - First lady lat the Operar: "Why does she always shut hei' eyes when She si11PqS'?" Second lady: uSl1E'S SO1l,kllllI-IIE-2il'i9lI She hates to see people suffei '." Bernard Walsh was in the war. At every ex- 11 .:1:4:11:.1 11 11.11.111 11-Ui, 31 1 1 3 11 1 1 1 1qo 1413.05 10 Il Sion lie strove for the rear line. His colonel Iullwal to him about it. "You sl1O1Il1l11'I he 11t'1'zIiIl, Be1'Iia1'd. 'Why, what 11 you do SIO11 ll Shell? Heaven is your home." NYIAS, I know," replied Be-1'IIaI'd. "But I aln't limiiesiiln. o 1 .. , 1 , 4 , , slmiuainzoz-1111111115421.2111011110-.1141g11z11-11-I 11111,1411411411--11111p11:o::1:411-1111:ning I SWIGERT'S BARBER SHOP U PLEASE GIVE US A CALL FOR EXPERIENCED BARBER WORK "Two Barbers" 115 W. Washington Bluffton I I--1---------1-I--I-A----A-A-I---1- I 2 AYRES MODERN SHOE REPAIRING I i i BLUFFTON INDIANA l 03000201 I1 rioiboic 519111 I 3:31 111 11103 11111 1-111 213- 11 1113-11111-11111-11 111-131 VOGUE SHOP 115 S. Johnson VISIT US FOR YOUR NEW SPRING OUTFIT BLUFFTON Wells County Farm Bureau Co.-Op. AsS'n. BLUFFTON INDIANA 1111141111 1 ini 213 2112 ioiuioioioi Page Fifty-thr 1. U ! ! I 10:1 88 59 4 he o ohm 10.lllll1lll0?lll lllllllll CUKUCUQUI4l-0i01llC0lllll -UQ 5 I 2? QQ' F! 1 I W ri' I I I 2 mr W-o-11 5 w 193 f ' F QQ Ez. : : is- I 3 :img SS I 5, ii 35:15 eg EU H I4 I U9 cn' O :O I I FJ U7 I Z Cn I 2 O I Q Us -I ' OQIL 1 9- 'UCDWHT 2 I-4 . Z 1 Z 2 QMS r-g Z fm I U :S I 4 F15 5 I 2 Ego I- : CU ab cm :p I Z ggi WU I 2: S 23 51, U -P I P I 5' U1 U2 1 u Sith! :am I ' ww' OH ll 'HI 'P 2 -1 rm WEE' f U1 H 1 I I :s no fb: I C""'OI W ' Q. :PO er- sa- 2 : fn -4 H -4. I- t 2-ww! wc: I S' 3 E I '- CI H I :D i-.If-.,-.,-.-..-.....,-.,-..-,-i EPOC! E20 5 :nDHi F' 1 2 g rm: m g n gmgi 2 2 I A O I UPEI EH 9 55' I 2 I I QCD P1 FU I ms! C I Em E aff-'Q I ZW! O I ?:'5' o I I W 1 -112-6 C2 - OH- I 21 oo I CD . Him C I-QS! "' I eo Oc: Q 'J H I E Z i Q 2' :U U I 53 g CJ . Zm TZ - O : 9 "' A 9 ra :ra I 2, FCI Zo i N, If-1 . MO , 00 I"I 1 I I--I S CN G . I I - I g Q uiuniojozojoicvioic '2 oza rug-vivvi-13-,:O21p.1.71..:.,1u:n3OgO1-11u1- 1-114 Wlwu the 1-lock Struck the luiduight hour Me-lha Hill'S fatlwr came to the head of the Stairs. ani u I '1 a rather loud toue of voice Said, "Young, :U S 'U E. 111 2 ca CL ... : 'T s 47 UQ FD E3 - :L ... H an :L Ph rn .-. .. fn :L FF' o 'ca nr Z vt-- :N fn: 2... IFE UQC 'DS E4 -25 .. H :ci 1: :: DDJ A.. Q... 59. H.. EA. '-'Z 52 U2 IL OE :: "cm gm- ,Do ME 53 2:1 ...H zzz:- UQFD 102024 2- 1:--101.-1--1-11 .qu I1 Ig,-:Sanz mam, is your Self-Starter Out of Order tonight'?" "It doe-Su't matter," returned the young man. as long as therefs 21 1-rank i11 the house." Cr-v me m.. E53 WE VIL' E: .. - ... cz "U,... 1- fc?" Fifi fo fi -SE B. .. ITS' me -fo .,-. 1: rn H.: ::' T: :DI 'fm O4 "'m D' 35? 25 ,... -:Q rn Q-I-r ..O "Faiths-r prepared. Prepare yourself." i4l11-11--w1--4pu1- 1 fx. pnguiuiu-Qu JOHN DON JIM JOHN W. CARNALL sl SONS OFFICE PHONE 82 BLUFFTON, IND. ABSTRACTS - INSURANCE I REAL ESTATE - LOANS 201-2-3 Utility Bldg-. I 114f1O2u2n:n::I1O11.,.-1,1-ffzafz-:I3IIz:u::x1Oi4-iuiozoieninqiognguguiuir vinioioioxnzo THE ECONOMY STORE WHERE IT'S SMART TO DRESS FOR LESS BLUFFTON, INDIANA 14:3 1111: -in-1: 1 '11-1411111viuifioiniuivio-:O11 1-11111111 if 10101111115 gf KREIGH TEXACO STATION Gxjjffes Repairs TOCSIN- INDIANA Ice Cream I 1 s:Q.I1-.xO1.I1--i4ou1-11 1- gl 141113. 1.Izmirlxniuinxnzniui I 101- 1 rgnpnj-114-14:1-11014 P age Fifty-four' 0:0 0 L.- , 1 , 1 1 1 , ?"-'-- "'- - - - 1- - - '1 '2 2 2 I 11-'21-Ivzvz -v-cs :-unionics-1-2.-an4-qwan.--mai-4p...,:, - I 4 I 5 i STEURY BOTTLING CO. 5 Q I BLUFFTON, INDIANA 5 ! W. E. HARDIN, M. D. Q I OSSIAN INDIANA Q 5 - I : Q i Heart Club Beverages g D1-. Wells 5 E 'mini 'ini' 1 3 if if T 'li 14 1U1-filriiriiviiivinluluiuluimining-1103-nl irviniw iirqnl I ! 5 CONGRATULATIONS g TO THE CLASS OF 1941 OF j Q LANCASTER HIGH SCHOOL I I ! I 4 I THE MYERS FLORAL CO. 4 i "The Home of Fresh Flowers" i BLUFFTON INDIANA Q M-----Wmmmm-w-m--m-----------m--- 3 Mi: Gerwig: "Listen, waiter, the bill for my A-I SW'-' Sam Foggl .ANQWS in a nutshellbn party comes to 3513, not SH." lvaitelf HSOVVY- Sil- I thought P91'haDS YO-1 Mix Proughz "Really, 'Wi1lia1n, your hand writ- Illiglll D6 H llli Sl1D91'St1fl0US-" ing is teI'1'ible. You must learn to write better." --Yes' -Lsaid the newspaper l.epOl,tel.' --I alwayg William Price: "XYe1l, if I clifl, yOu'd be finding C?ll'I'Y my notes in my hat." fault with my Spelling." Eg.,:..:..: .:..:.,:..:..:.,:. ,. Q. .- .- Q. E. 3 EURY,S-SERVICE 5 DISTRIBUTOR H BRONZE H EAGLE I I GAS 1- O -- OIL U A QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR LESS U State Roal No. 1 Tank Truck Service Phone Tocsin 18-2 3 . ll -.,:..p.,4.0p..:i10101.I-MQ.i...,q.-pil.-..-,.,q.,4...q. .q.,q..Qw.D.,-:.,, Im ...,,..i,-p.,qU...Iq. Quqi.- H INDIANA ROAD IMPROVMENT Co. 3 Builders of Q BITUMINOUS ROADS Distributors of 5 TAR ASPHALT ROAD OIL Q Edgar Hartman Bluffton, Ind.. R. R. 4 . I Page Fifty-five Q gwmnv qua L1 Axon: in I .zocmoz 1: 1 1 I1 it as vczm-in-as I1 vi 4-:fotos -1:1 cp 11. fiozoioi 111,11-1: oz: E ! a ! - Q NATIONAL GULF GAS, INC. Q I Q , . . 2 3 White Rose Gasoline Q I INSTANT STARTING I Q En-Ar-Co Motor Oil . . g PROPER LUBRICATION ! High Grade Distillate g FOR TRACTORS Q High Grade Fuel Oil i FOR BROODER STOVES i Q AIRPLANE STATION A Q PHONE 53 OFFICE PHONE 53 Q FOR TRUCK SERVICE I I I sgo "l""?"i"1"? "'3"1"'3"'3 """"'m"'lm"'3"I"1' E' i"i"1"3"1"1' 1"3"i"?"?""' 1 '-9 'iuiuiw-in! Alzulf-lyii f'l:11'k ll'l1SlOlllvl'l1 "Waiter, the1'e's zu le-nst'." 11+-wllv iu my soup." Woman drivvrz "XVell, you are way off. It'S Wziitvrr ''Typogmpliim-11l Ul'l'lll', Madam. I1 this hut that inukos me look so old." sl 41 ltl lw 2 C ll+?." 'I U I HW l'llllf3l'fiIlit'l'i "Are you one of the lI1011l'1191'S? 'i'1'u1'1ic' 01'l'iv+-1': "As won as I saw you coim- N1-viu f'lIl'1ll+'2 "I um, sir. The corpse owed me 'll'1lllll4l thc 1-urvv l Said to myself. 'Forty-five all I+-xx ll0ll2l1'S," 5 it A I it it it it tt""t'14E3E't't it it 'A 'A I C C 'C 'C it 4' 5 g MOIIILGAS MOBILOIL Q MIDLAND SERVICE STATION Q ! Main at South Bluffton, Indiana UWG9' 5" 439"5"i"i"1"CD' f3"iHl4li 301 'diilfiliil' 'Zi' YC-K9 'il'l"i"?"1"i''5"?-'i"l"E"'l"1 'i"3"?! 2 GOODIN BROS., INC. Buick - Olds F- Pontiac 2 G. M. C. Trucks Q . ! 2 BLUFFTON INDIANA Q L n -"-inA-H-1--'A-'f-"---'A--'-A-1-----A'-A-'------N'--'---'------------'- --"- ----------f-D - Q CoNGRATULAT1oNs, SENIORS OF Q 1941 SNUG RESTAURANT i BLUFFTON INDIANA Page Fifty,slx ia 1: azircmiiap 11 -an va-oi: 'api-1113 ig -1 -11-11 -11:11-11:11:11 1111 -1911111-1 11: tant 1 :Hunt ,likes -3 ins.-1 -quam 1111-13111.11113-111111111111-1--11111-1--11111iznqriig-141111.-31.1111-1.1 1,3 111115. I I MOSER SUPER SERVICE 3 l CAR WASHING 8: GREASING I I BATTERY. BRAKES 81 IGNITION SERVICE ! William Moser Bluffton, Indiana , I Q ,..-. -. -. ...,... ...,-..-..-....,.-.,-.... ,-.., ,.., .1 .,1,...,-.,-...,.,-..-,.-1,-.,,,,-,,,,-,,-,,,,, ,Q ,L ' WE WANT ONE MORE CUSTOMER AND THAT'S YOU HOGG'S GENERAL STORE g UNIONDALE INDIANA DEALERS IN MASSEY HARRIS FARM EQUIPMENT AND TILE WALTER SCHOLL l ACROSS FROM UNION STOCKYARDS BLUFFTON Two girls, in Ll rziilway 1'z11' zirgiiefl zihuiii the uliirefl at eat-l1 otlieiz iiidow, and at last Called the 1w1't1-1' as 1'efe1'1-1-, 'Elie l'Hl'ltfl' was at loss, hut lie w+-li-111111-il th.- "lf this window is ODt'll," suiml Estliifi' tliiiter. wirils ut' 11 1111111 with il wil muse who sait 11+1111-. shall catch cold and will p1'olrz1lvlyilie." Stihl llt'I "First open the wiiiflow. That will kill 'lf the window is shut." 2lIlIlOllllI't'll XYZIIIPTIQI tilltl. Ni-xt, shut it. That will kill the Ullll'l'. Hlllllll, "I shall ce-1'tai11ly s11ft'm'z1te-." Thi' two 'lVll+'ll wt- 11311 liave 11ea1'e." I 3 3 Co1v1PL11v1ENTS of Grand and Roxy l Theaters Q "Wells County Amusement CQDIQIN BLUFFTON INDIANA I ! I I 0:11341-13---3415 .111 111111 as-1111 1 2111- 31111111 if 1 3111-111-11.1-tiitgttauz .1 tg-glaze Page Fifty-seven Q Q4 o 021111111111 it 1 1.11 -in: 2 ,gt 11111 1 111311101 limi- io: '11 init: vi is ini vgnzniueno 2 5 I 5 I COMPLIMENTS Q 5 ' I i of 1 Sv :P 5 2 Q5 Q 7 P: .. 5 ,, 5 55 f H l 7 3 -11 O 9 S E' W E is Z H O w P1 F E E' 2 'CS :J C: ' E ET Ei ' U1 E' Q 5' at 5 5 2 Q mi ,Q ,. g...,...,-.,...,-,-.,.. I F- . F. w G Z at - - C1 O E 2 2 as 2 - U Q Z Z ! E E. -4 I E11 ' P' i 5 Q I E a Q gg Q Q F w I 9 P1 Q s - 5 x 2 z m 9 U 5 M 2 ! S 3 I 2 O I 3' 'U i :L 1010:-4 1 : .g.-..... .....-..- -. E iff! E? ?l F3 it :E sl Q 5 JI P1 fr -I ZF-T --- - 1 i! 2 , , k gl :Q er- 0 : 'D I V3 'T 5 "I O 3 P! 1 5 i! - F Ei! Li E E! H 5 E! f- 57' 6 it p------ 1 If I 5522! 5 E522 I E?-EF E':Z'i 1 E17 W Q3-2 63 'P e:'4 3 'mv 2 O":. : U Eg? I E :lm , rl: 5' 526 2 9- v 2 223 9 1 WU 3-2, I 3 an -cor: H W x :T : 5 2 I 'av 4 4 1 2-1 2 ! SE E S I -:wi S 1 O -fs ! Z 5 I 'i ofeui-111110101011 2 I I E 8z SONS Q OFFICIAL JEWELER'S FOR George: "To serve my country, sirAn0t to eat U1'l'ic-+fr: "So, you roluplaiu of finding sand in it." . Q swznzux..14,4-01.-1.-qv.-np.--NIqpuqpt-11.11r1u1t-1o1u1-I1.-1-1--1011lntlx--101,101-I1 10101011-qos' g Phone 40 Craigville. Ind. i AUCTIONEER . . j ! HERM AN V. STRAHM 9 Grove SOFVICB Statlon 5 g Eleven Years Experience MOBILGAS-GROCERIES-MEATS Z of 2 g Real Estate or Personal Property South at Bond Street i B f Ci? 0lr.SeeYMe S I Bluffton, Indiana C e ore roo'mg our ae 2 : I will appreciate your correspondence ivllibllil'ilIlilillilliliii'il'ilIillllilllilllllillill gllillil 1 i li llvllli lui ll l li Ill lui: 1 I g THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS YEARBOOK WERE MADE BY i i SUPERIOR-PHOTO SERVICE Q PHOTOGRAPHERS I Index and Group Work for Schools and Colleges I H6 North Tenth Street PHILADELPHIA, PA ! Oiopugug-,rf an..-vp -qw:-r1u1w.--:I-4:4 1 1: ,Quan 1-111014 3010490901031r:-vQuQuQu:u1 -101102 Page Forty-eight ,010 1 I ! II . U n :I 54111-:K-2 :1-212 21-2ID'--'-2"2"21-20:1-toil'- - 11: IH-wcw:O-:I-uwcm-no-:annampoqpf-qppgf-g...,g, l CRAIGVILLE GARAGE : OLIVER SALES AND SERVICE D Phone 66 Q CRAIGVILLE INDIANA I -.,:U2,.:,.:.,:.,-..,.....,:.,-.,z.,:. ,.....,-..-.,..?.....,- -.-.- -.-, -.,- -..-,,.,..-.,-I,.,.. -,-. U Public Liability, Property Damage, H Collision. Fire, Theft, Cyclone HQQVER BARBER SHQP 5 STATE AUTOMOBILE i 3 INSURANCE i OPEN EVERYDAY EXCEPT J 5 S NDAY I Bill HARTMAN Bob 5 U and MONDAY n - Q RIDE SAFE WITH STATE IRA HOOVER 1 BARBER U PHONE 164 5 I i .g. .A-..-.,-4,:.--.,:...,:.,:.-..,,-.,:.,-,,...,:..:..-.,-.,-..-..-.,-..-U-.,..,I,.,.,:.,...,-..:., Ardent Suitor: "Sir, I want your daughter for nIy wife." Irate Father: "Young Inan, you go home and tell your wife that She can't, have my daughter." First Student: "I wonder how Old MISS Jones iso, ozoviugnioz--101-1:1 COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF i BLUFFTON UNION STOCKYARDS a ! I 'O'- I ! ! ! I BLUFFTON INDIANA S 1.11 1.1-p -1 1 1 1 lingo I I I U l I ! ! ! as nz. 1I-goin? Sec,-OIIII Student: "Quite old, I nna ine. They Say She uSed to teach Caesar." "Did you Say the 111311 was Shot in the Woods, Docto1"?" UNO. I Said he was Shot in the lumbar region." an 114 1031-11 Ii. .1--if ,gf Iiucpu var-1 011114.11-1:-1 ISCH HDWE. FOR QUALITY HARDWARE AT LOWEST PRICES SKELGAS APPLIANCES BLUFFTON PHONE 107 'fpniuiui 21124911 2 21211 3:13 1 1111021114112 212 3 311 1:1 1 csc Q U U ll r. w1u1uqsu:O1u2w:o Page Fifty-nin C AUG 221 Ill SIC P -r 18 25 OCT -A N S ll! 11 IS -VT ...I -H, .i-i -vi UST- ldnrolled-We welcome three new members to the faculty, Mr. Connor, our new coach and mathematics teacher, Mrs. Ware, third and fourtlifggrade at Lancaster, and Miss Martz, teacher of first, st-cond, and third grades at Craigville. -1-ll Club members spent the day at Indiana Stale Fair. TICMBER- , - Mr. Decke-r's home has been quarantineed for two weeks, due to a case of infantile paralysis in his home. Mr. Decker's brother, Bruce, is substituting as teacher. tflass organization and election of officers. XVe had a larae attendance from Lancaster at the Bluffton Street Fair. The Sophoinores had tht- best attendaiice, with the Seniors coming in second. OBER- Mr. James A. Cory, a poet, gave an interesting talk on "Hobbies" Seniors looked at sample photographs from t'ron's Studio. First P, T. A. meeting held at Lancaster High School. Ice!! Snow!! We enjoyed a movie about the South Pole. Junior class selected class rings. Big night for the Seniors!! Senior Class play "lJon't Darken My Door" given tonight. Ilitl you say a party? Yes, the Junior Class is having a party at Riverview Skating Rink to- night. . Whal's all the noise? Melba Hill, Doris Elzey and lloris Diehl were elected yell leaders. Sophomore Class Party, N UVE lll BE R- 1 T N N ll 12 15 259 First basketball game. First victory. Played Petroleum there, defeating them 34-30. The Little Bobcats were also victorious. Seniors clioose caps and gowns. Had a movie and a talk on safety. Another victory. Defeated Chester Center by a score of 25-20. Good work, boys. Wonder where all the senior boys are today? Could the first day of the hunting season have anything to do with it? Parents and teachers got together for another l'. T. A. Meeting. Ussian defeated us 35-22 Basketball game with Liberty Center. We were tlt-featt-d by a score of 53-37. IllCt'lt1lXl lllilt- li 11 12 IS Pag We won from ltockcreek 36-31. Basketball game with Roll. Lancaster lost by a small niargin of two points, 22-20. Nine ol' the basketball players went to Indianp- olis :ind saw Butler 1'niversity play Indiana Viiiversity. Indiana won. Played Lafayette at Union Center, defeating them -li!-320. Good work boys. e Sixty SCHOOL CALENDAR 18-19 Exams. Everybody anxious for Christmas 20 vacation. Played Kirkland at Lancaster and won 35-28. 20 Christmas vacation started. 30 Back to school again, everyone talking about Christmas gifts and parties. JANUARY- 1 New Years! The students have all resolved to make better grades this semester, Do you think they will break this resolution? 2 Played Rockcreek there and won 38-37. T P. T. A. meeting. X Another basketball game. Played Union there and were defeated by a score of 30-28. 10 Played Petroleum at Lancaster. We were de- feated 30-24. 10 Seniors ordered their invitations and name cards. 14 Played Ossian at Ossian and lost 42-32. 10 The photographer is here taking pictures of the various groups, 24 Played Pleasant Mills there-won by one point. 20 Played Liberty Center here. Won by a large score. 31 Played Hartford Twp. here. Won by a large score. FEBRUARY- 5 P. T. A. 10 Mr. Boggs gave us an interesting movie on the Ohio State Prison. 11 Played Bluffton-were defeated. 14 Played Kirkland. We won by a score of 35-40. IT Varsity players were invited by the Baptist Church of Bluffton to attend a banquet and movie. lil Seniors had class meeting. Chose their class motto, flowers and colors. 21 Basketball game with Union here. Defeated them 52-36. 21 Seniors started their subscription campaign for the School Annual. 27 Sectional tourney started. 28 Lancaster lost the first game to Chester. MARCH- 3 Seniors of Wells County attend Vocational Guidance Conference at Bluffton. rn Members of the County Band attend Concert given by Indiana University Concert Band at the Community Building. 21 Sweaters were awarded to the senior Basket- ball players and the yell leaders. 22 Wells County Commercial Contest at Bluffton. Lancaster scored 21 points, Liberty 11, Bluffton 0, Chester 9, Petroleum 3, and Union 1. Ossian Jackson and Rockcreek did not score, 28 Junior class play. APRIL- 10-11 Seniors take a two-day trip to Chirago. 13 Baccalaureate. 18 Commencement. Z A ! X .ui ., r ,x , M v . .' ."', -'4 ' " , ",-Nf "'f -gy' YL-533119, +P M' 09. '. Wm, H ?Q'l'4Lf ' g1 'i,jyr4:'..,.A L xx Q-'ff-f6f'f i:.r+234 ' "' fwe ' 1 ' x ' lg -..M'uQ,',"4,',j-L.14L'Hj'Q5 2- x ,aww wg -xn Jw -M: ,' A 9' ."' uw , ," f 'ip 1"!.1 N " 'A x ' ,I V , ,I , xx fo -' 1 J r a 10.1" ,fz Y ' " ' ' ' xx . "P x , I x L., is H I , gb M Q , , N , M K ' x 1 .6 X , , H 1 . 4 1 . A , I A ,Ki n .Q ., . '11 1" K I N - . I 1 X . A , ,Y-I Y , Xu! v is ,,:f' ,I .whit ,,,,..' I ' 5,1 2 I 'Wg w .y I P5 I n wi, B! .1- ' I v 1 4 I ' v The 1941 Reflector '11, 1 1' bi: V.,.'.'.?-Q-'I , . 3 . 1 fx. ii, . . ' " s "K - f 1.1 I I 1 -vw Ir 1- W 1 . 5 L . I .V .. .! -,e"1.YfF?p.i'1" Y Q Q S 'ana . F PL E. Ig U .' lf- . , .f A 11 1'-view..-.i' A G: x I ,V 55 an ' 1- I .- ' 1 " - -5' :ri -1-..1.. :S 4121- ,. . ...fav ',I v- w Q P ,l'n', lr- - - ," . A n 1.. x., 1 P 1 -,-515' -' X4 fi Y Q. -Q K 4 . a 1 I I . It U:- r vs . . 1 .5- ,, -8: ' Q . 1 I if 1 5 PIA' 1 ' 3' ,,,.f 01 ., ta 1' J a , . . 1- I. 1 , U g "I 1 1 ,- . 3. 71.953141 1. "QL Q 1' ' - ' f- . .4 V 1 ' . 1.'l:f , A ,,s. . , .I a 'Is ',. . s -- ' 'pi ,'.-- ein: .1 4' A I ...n .'f.a'.g,' 'v 5 'P.' A 1,1 . 5 ' , , 1 ,- .. ,'.'-'-' Y. 1'..'. 1,1 ?- '. -'J' 1 ' -. . . ,- V ,L , A . 1 -:ff-311. 5 - -11"-if "mr,- ' ' . 1 1 ' 4551?-'G' . ,. V-,-ws? 4- , ' "-4 H," 1 f -. Q , I' vs, ' !:': ' 4" .' '.-Vt 49 . ' . '. CMJ I ' ,',. rr- I a , A ,.' "xg'JjE,'4 lm'-...."' . . , , U l, .'J .l. J G .. Ly, rg. , 6 A ,349 .. 'ff' - 1 X -.,' , .Il 1 -. ZUNAJJ. ,-, - 4 '. . - .... . -.,..: .T ? ' " .Y -I A L Ii' '.w ..g--. -4 . V' H 1- . ' ' .1 - - .aj A .1 :H .' ' T. -'L X 'I-an-,. kj 1,5 1 vi. ', 1' -:r, . .A -. , fm .. . . J s . ,.." . v' , 3 4 1 "Q, I -Vo D .r , . se . . F' . I X , 'M' ' v u 1 t . r s .1 . 1 bv .5 " .1 I Ji' I: 1 I g 1 . ' . f 1 1 -. ,X ' 1 .1-' I 1- fm 'a s 2,1 pq. 5 A ,K ,S 1 c'.. ' r v ' 1 . 2. 'S 1 7 . f' 1. . . n 5. . 1 - a v 3 t 4 Y I. r 1 Q ...I . .Y s ' - I ': ff" R' C 'D of - '31 f, , ,, ' " I . 'f .f,.. - ' 1 ..- , 1 .1., . ., , 1, A - ,. .., 1 V - , , ' 1 ' -af 1--.H "'ll' A 1 1 1. . 1 I - 1 1 1 xx 1.- , 1 AA. 1 1 . ."5- 4 ' I I 'f .- , z-L 9- .Ar, ..... ' 1- 1 1, " If .JA 4, A.-,VV5 3 1' 5 -'., rl If 1 ' V , , ..,1.-3,1 , 1'. - -,' -.4 V I F4 J' Q 1 Vi '1 ' ' M J. 425 1" 1 'fe ull' ,,y,.. f. ? ' -.L . . 1. H ., l I K' ,- ' 4 - 1 .Y 401 ff. 'ii va ' E 1 J--' 1' -' azz' .I , . 'gg-' Wx... Ol' Q " - , Jn. 2' A' 'QS' N ' hw for 1. 'Q -,5- L 8 , 1 , 15-41. . I Qi. wi ai 4,2 f 1 ' ,fx - 1 F 1, . 1' 'Q' - - -Lf ' ' "' - S f . 'N " gl v- L .f ,na , U- bf Lu 1,1 'Jug 15 ,Y , ,dp . H, -z I v N . H11 . M 'A ,N A M.. lg. .V 1 1 8 5. u ni A 1' Q... . V- -' 'fx f' ' 'W' ' ll 'J' glen:-hui. , .4 Fifi... 'V ' ' ' ... .fl In hw. 1' 'S ,,v. .m 3 a 4J.., 4: gi ,T wi ' ' ,-1' h ..- r' 'L ri ,, I ,ll "' V - - vw YI ,1-' If W- ,- L 1 n I '-if :fu fx' U t l ' J ' 4. 'U Q I 1 F' + ' f Air V4 U 5 9 Lf ,L f + ' ., We n er' l Z 'Y' H ,' 5' I ' - I . W 'll c 'l"h Qi: .sl H?-ff' 1 'F 1' W 'IW "' we- uf- i f' -"' M fr , " . '43 9 9 11' 1 L LLM V1 l'n PL 'lifqi 23:3 J L 'S 1,1 3 It ' F'- 'I I Q A Vv 'i IT, - 3 'T - V i I 1 il ju i ,V Qlii TL -I 1 I V' I+ L4 I ' ' I ' f'f4i' I 4 I ,gm , ' Ti I- I 4 I V4 'V V Q, ' qlf i il - '. -' , ' xii ' 8 Gijilrlsi I - i F-ha It WW" if V t e ., Iq rsj, 'ii :Q I I L .. ,J In L 3.5.5 "" 1- , I I, H . 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Suggestions in the Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) collection:

Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Lancaster Central High School - Reflector Yearbook (Bluffton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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