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,.. I ug if ' f . - , , 3u:211F'i'k?f."' iff ?1" "V ' S-"4ff1"'E an-f""3. 71,53-' 'A 5 rl - L 1'-J-' T 'F 1 , 'wi "GQ ,gr-'-" vf ,Q Q' .. -M wh- , . F EA , - W u vi 1FM'f'f Ln ?W3f lgg if r ""4" 'l1 -' lzsii'-qi 7f",UW-21:-.f"!4f'?.ff?L"r w'.'m.,f 1 - f QW? J' fig: 1-'Ii , lst iaga i f - Y, if A . . il? 9 ',U " ' ,L ' ' aw w A I . .Y. 1, W Aiwa, 0' .A . 5, V -- I ' 1 4 .V 4 'E ' -3 1 2, K V , y . E H . ' 1 71 2? MW fifii? E xxx x Wqiyif 323 gif A W? gf01 X .',' ,f7Gg gk .QW Yep 6 QwlMxQfsQ 9MM Q xg ,Www ' WLHLNMJ 1 MQ wakwwmq WW fwflw Bwfgg MMM QQ M if vp y 5 Wgwfijgg mf gjZfffQff fwfg W MW if W Qvgilggyii Qiggigk X y f1YjWffV,3w3 -kiwij ffliz MQW 22559 iT 5i? Mfff ,gi YYXXXXQ X O X ,,.! Q ww if Q .X N. 5 MA f If f Tf5 f-tg - 'gqjwvi 2 -- l S ll. if l ff The 1949 HIHNHH Pu6l12lced by the Stadenu of Kamal- High Sclwol Houston, Texas f ROBERT cLEMoNs f f Edt JULIA PlcToN B M 9 mu. THORNTON St d t Ph t g ph FRED DURRANCE T55 sy iii S ' 'f 1 ff .Wee Affmss Scuvi-'s My MEMORV wmceg, fzzuazy 15120006 WNW- M4'YE'Q4Cf95?5f Y ,buf -H75 ,l ffROAluER MAX? 0651253 pmgenl? 77me to Remember . . L Wme to Study FACULTY 4,... SENIORS .,.A CLASSES .... 77me to Urganqe NON-SOCIAL CLUBS ..A. SOCIAL CLU BS ...., R. O. T. C. ...e.. 77me to Compete BEAUTIES ..,e.. SPORTS .,,. SCHOOL LIFE ,.T., it x 'X ii E55 le ji Q- 3 5, gg W V41 .. -. -is mg . . ?' ,Q 1 ii Yime to Study This is the first of three divisions of the Orenda, in it are the sophomore, junior, senior, and faculty sections. We shall start with the sophomores since everyone has at one time or another gone through this grade. Every- one at Lamar will remember this first day, the odd and even room numbers, the time he got stuck with a partner at a Friday night dance, the time he had pressing and collecting wild flowers-all of these are primarily times of helplessness and frustration, and they typify the sophomore year. By the next year things become more settled, the worried look has now disappeared, as the junior will remember having memorized Mark Anthony's death oration, figured his grade averages and honor- point totals, and recited geometry theorems. But most important he can now give advice to eager-faced sopho- mores. At the end of the junior year are the many elections which serve to spotlight the senior leaders. This last year is one of logs, cosines, May fete predic- tions, Macbeth, and club formals. lt is a year of play and acceptance of responsibilities. The continual progression through Lamar changes very little from year to year. This first section Qicerns the individuals that make up the school. The following two show how these students first organize their abilities and then enter into various competitions. FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES 8 -57" 'ii . 'F -- ' fs ' ,NS Q... Q . 14 mini tr fi n ln 1937 the halls of Lamar were opened for the first time. That fall almost all of this year's seniors were just beginning their long climb toward graduation. Mr. William J. Moyes, the principal of the new school, was busy opening "the finest school building in Houston and the best equipped in the Southwest," as the Houston Chronicle had called it. Organizing the new school was no easy job, but Mr. Moyes had a record of service that readily qualified him for the position. He had taught at Allen Academy in Bryan for four years, and at Marshall Training School in San Antonio, where he had been co-principal for two years. From San Antonio Mr. Moyes came to South End High School in Houston where he taught English and Latin. From South End High School he was promoted to the principalship of Central High Cnow Sam Houstonl. There he served as principal until Lamar was opened. Mr. Moyes' sincere interest in the welfare of Lamar School and its students, his boundless enthusiasm for the success of his football teams, and his remarkable wisdom in guidance toward scholarship have made Lamar one of the outstanding schools of the Southwest. Mr. Jesse Madden, assistant principal, came to Lamar in the fall of l945. He brought with him a sense of humor, a keen interest in athletics, and a desire to help the students understand their problems and assume their responsibilities. He has aided Mr. Moyes in solving the problems of Lamar. l 9 Mr. W. E. Moreland Cseated at leftl, Superin- tendent of the Houston Public Schools, is elected by the School Board of which Mr. Ewing Werlein is president. Mr. Moreland's duties are many and va- ried. Under his leadership and farseeing vision the Houston School System has expanded rapidly and has attained an excellence in all fields of secondary education. Mr. .l. H. Wright Cstanding at leftl is Director of Personnel for the Houston Independent School Dis- trict. He is an active participant in all civic projects. He was for several years, assistant principal of La- mar High School and still has a deep interest in the welfare of the pupils themselves. Mr. J. O. Webb is the Assistant Superintendent of the Houston Schools in charge of the Senior High Schools. Mr. Webb is pictured at the left in his spaci- ous office on the first floor of the Administrative Building. Mr. W. J. Moyes Cat leftl has just placed two new football trophies on exhibit in the library. Football boys Dick Bintliff and Jack Carson ad- mire the Raymond Pearson Award which Lamar has received four times for winning the City Cham- pionship. The other trophy is the one awarded to Lamar by the lnterscholastic League, for winning second place in the State Big City Play-off. In an impressive assembly program Bill Chanslor ac- cepted these trophies on behalf of the team. Mr. Madden stands in front of sixteen hundred football fans at a "pep" rally and urges them to continue to support their team. Once a football coach himself, he gets great pleasure out of spon- soring the victorious Indians. Two of the yell leaders stand by waiting to say a word about the coveted Sportsmanship Cup which Lamar has won twice in the last four years. The Uffice Mr. Clay pulls the venetian blind cord and immediately the office is flooded with the sunlight of another day. Soon the voices of teachers are heard as they come down the hall toward the office. Thus at about eight o'clock each morning the activity begins slowly, and mounts steadily throughout the day to make the office always a place of accomplishment and confusion. A few minutes later the office will be filled with teachers who must "sign in" before beginning their day's labor, outside, the walk up to school is becoming more crowded, and soon the students will also be pouring into the office to add to the general confusion. The office staff and its assistants are constantly on the run looking for grade cards, blank admits, absentee slips, or selling football tickets, looking up where a student is that period, or carrying out any other whim a student might have. Executing their jobs with great proficiency and apparently no bothers at all, this staff is nevertheless glad to see three o'clock roll around. As the sound of the voices gets further away, the blinds again are closed, and another day in the office is complete. ans Betty Gray Sallie Smith Roaer Gilliam Pat Ev , , , . T ll Miss Ruth Taylor ln her sweet understanding woy Miss Taylor handles the job of being Mr. Moyes' secretary. Her patience in all matters has made her re- spected and loved by everyone. Besides her full-time job as secretary Miss Taylor is able to secure substitutes, supervise the cafeteria cashiers, and look after keys and supplies. Mrs. Edith Ferrell Being the school's registrar is no simple task, but with ease and a wonderful sense of humor Mrs. Ferrell handles her job with apparently no difficulties. No newcomer to Lamar's office staff, Mrs. Ferrell recalls the first day the doors of the school were opened. A list of her many duties would consist of interviewing parents and students about courses, mailing transcripts of records to colleges, and ranking the Senior class. Mrs. Alice Harrell This picture of Mrs. Harrell, Lamar's treas- urer and bookkeeper, shows her in one of her most arduous tasks, stacking, counting, and roll- ing the money from the lunch room. Mrs. Har- rell's books, in which she records the expendi- tures and all money transactions of the many school organizations, are neat, accurate, and very helpful aids to students who wish to refer to past years about financial difficulties. With her patience, willingness to help, and interest Mrs. Harrell has won the deepest ad- miration and respect of theientire student body. Mrs. Selden Leavell In the attendance office sits Mrs. Leavell, and around her continually busying themselves are her student office assistants. Because of her kindness and common sense the job of handling discipline problems has been added to the usual tasks of managing the book room, checking on absentees, taking phone calls, and delivering messages. In spite of her many duties Mrs. Leavell always has time to joke with the continual group of students that mill into her office for no reason except to have a good time. 5' cultq bifdf tory Principal-MR. W. J. MOYES Registrar-MRS. EDITH FERRELL Assistant Principal-MR. JESSE MADDEN Dean-MRS. ALICE HARRELL Secretary-MISS RUTH TAYLOR Nurse-MISS FLORA M. BURGHDORF ENGLISH HISTORY TYPING Miss Alberta Brasher Miss Margaret Buchanon Miss Sarah L. Collins Mr. Floyd Dougherty Mrs. Helen C. Earl Miss Louise Fuller Miss Ella Mae Gehring Miss Helen Greenwood Mrs. Ula Hennes Mrs. Alcenia K. Hyman Miss Mary D. Knolle Miss Hazelle McCarty Mrs. Hortense Parrish Mrs. Golda M. Rochefort Miss Drew Black Staggs Mrs. Bernice Wren MATHEMATICS Mr. S. E. Anderson Mrs. Hazel H. Brinton Mrs. Thelma Hammerling Mrs. F. V. McDaniel Miss Eleanor Mohr Mrs. Dorothy Phelps Mrs. Ella S. Porter Mrs. Maud M. Powell Miss Lel Red Mrs. Mira M. Sanders Miss Inez Bryan Miss Nina Covington Mr. F. Lee Duggan Mr. Donald B, Longcope Mr. Ernest M. Mills Mrs. Louise C. Robb Miss Helen Weinberg FRENCH Mrs. Helen C. Earl LATIN Mrs. G. M. Brumby Miss Cora Pearl Penn SPANISH Mrs. Elanor T. Huddleston Miss Helen MacMaster Miss Nell Morris Miss Julia Pleasants Miss Trudie Wilson SCIENCE Miss Laura Anderson Mr. Orris G. Bailey Mr. W. L. Burns Miss Florence Hicks Mr. B. W. Kent Mrs. Edna W. Miner Mr. Douglas D. Uzzell Mr. Fred Pepper Mrs. Thomas J. Rowzee HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. H. L. Sandel Mrs. Videlle G. Wilson INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. H.E. Butler Mr. Arthur D. Herring ART Miss Norma Henderson MUSIC Mr. Lee S. Keding R.0.T.C. Major Walter S. Lamont Sergeant John W. Parker Sergeant James G. Thornto PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. George A. Hartung Mr. Fred Pepper Mr. R. C. Schulze Mrs. May H. Bourgeois Miss Helen Ann Dvoracek Mrs. Ruth Mottley Mrs. Frances S. Rockwell ll The art and mathematics teachers join with the science teachers in displaying an interest in the Chemistry laboratory as Mr. Orris G. Bailey con- ducts an experiment. They are Mr. W. L. Burns, Mrs. Edna Miner, Mrs. Hazel Brinton, Mr. D. D. Uzzell, Mrs. Mira M. Sanders, Mrs. Ella S. Porter, Miss Lel Red, Mrs. Maud M. Powell, Mrs. Dorothy Phelps, Mr. B. W. Kent, Miss Norma Henderson, Mrs. Thelma Hammerling, Miss Laura Anderson, and Mrs. Eleanor Mohr. Gathered in Mrs. H. L. Sandel's room are Sergeant John W. Parker, Sergeant James G. Thornton, Mr. Lee S. Keding, Mr. George A. Hartung, Mrs. Frances S. Rockwell, Mrs. H. L. Sandel, Mrs. Ruth Mottley, Mr. R. C. Schulze, Mrs. Videlle Wilson, Mrs. May H. Bourgeois, and Miss Helen Ann Dvoracek, representatives of the music, home eco- nomics, and physical education departments. Waiting to check in at eight o'clock in the morning are these English, speech, and dramatics teachers, Miss Sarah L. Collins, Mr. Floyd Dougherty, Miss Helen Greenwood, Mrs. Edith Cox, Mrs. Golda M. Rochefort, Miss Margaret Buchanan, Miss Mary D. Knolle, Mrs. Mabel Orman, Miss Alberta Brasher, Miss Hazelle McCarty, Mrs. Hortense Par- rish, Mrs. Bernice Wren's arm, Miss Ella Mae Gehring, Miss Louise Fuller, and Mrs. Ula Hennes. Enjoying the comfort of the new lounge next to the lunch room, are Mr. H. E. Butler, Miss lnez Bryan, Mrs. Helen C. Earl, Mrs. Elanor Huddleston, Mrs. Louise Robb, Mr. Arthur D. Herring, and Miss Helen Weinberg, teachers in the history, language, and industrial arts departments. MAA vom There are over fifty classrooms in Lamar, each one differs a little from the others. As a new sophomore enters one of these rooms for the first time, he is immediately impressed by many new features that Junior High lacked. He is fascinated by the clean, modern look of the Lamar class- rooms, and it won't take him long to discover the loud speaker system on the front wall, or the way three sets of windows may be opened by pushing out the lower one. However, the sophomore will soon take these first impressions for granted and begin to collect memories of a typical classroom scene. After he has graduated he will look back and remember the line that formed at the pencil sharpener one minute after the tardy bell sounded, the note that was being slipped carefully from one desk to another, his neighbor's aimless doodling on class notes, and finally the rustling of notebooks and lunch bags as the close of the period drew near. There are many classrooms in Lamar that don't fall in this category of "typical." These are the special rooms such as those used for sewing, cooking, and typing classes, from these, students often collect their most vivid memories. A view of a typical classroom in the eyes nf n cfnrfnnf A room that is rarely frequented by the boys is the cooking room on the third floor. Here the more domestic girls don their aprons, turn on the stoves, and fill the halls with aromas of their handiwork. Not all their time is spent here, how- ever, often the cooking classes have helped the home economics girls prepare teas and other entertainment. Pictured at the left is Mrs. Wil- son's fifth period class, which includes Nancy McAnelly, June McCarthy, June Ashen, and Jeanette Dyer. Speaking of filling the halls with aromas of their handiwork-the chemistry students on the first floor by the mere twist of a Bunsen burner can produce some of the most awful smells imaginable. With the fumes of hydrogen sulfide on their hands, and small pieces of red and blue litmus paper sticking out of their pockets the chemistry students are easily recognizable. ln the picture on the left Mr. Bailey prepares to test a bottle of hydrogen with a burning splint while his class stands braced for the explosion. One of the most beautiful and different rooms in the school is Miss Henderson's art class. Each Thursday the class' work is placed on the board without the artist's name, and in a semicircle the class judges each others work. In the picture Miss Henderson stands to the left discussing one of her student's creations. An English classroom can be one of the most interesting in the school. Miss Buchanan, who sponsors the school's creative writing club, is pictured at the left with her fifth period class. This class of seniors including Melvin Brochstein, Barbara Fitch, Jean Donaldson, Evelyn Brady, Bobby Grainger, and Rupert Johnson are listening intently while Bill Munnerlyn and Lenore Garrard play some records of Macbeth. These records from the library are part of an audio-visual edu- cation course which is one of the many modern teaching methods Lamar students are bene- fited by. anaar-9 Claw Ufficel-A President DICK BINTLIFF Vice-president SHIRLEY LOCKWOOD Secretary MARY GEN E JOHNSON Treasurer MARTIN SCHEID Lawyer JOHN SHUDDE Poet V JULIA ORYNSKI Most Popular Girl MERLE STRIEKERT Most Popular Boy DICK BINTLIFF Most Representative Girl SHIRLEY ARMSTRONG Most Representative Boy JOEL CARROLL Senior Cabinet PHILIP BLATT, JOEL CARROLL, JIMMY LOGAN, EVERLYN MCMILLIAN, TRAVIS MILLER, MERLE STRIEKERT, DICK BINTLIFF SHIRLEY LOCKWOOD, MARTIN SCHEID, MARY GENE JOHNSON une C'laAA Ufficem President: ROBERT CLEMONS Vice-President: BILL MUNNERLYN Secretary: B EVE RLY KEMP Treasurer: BEVERLY WARD Class Poet: JEAN FAIRCHILD Class Lawyer: P H I L BAKER Most Popular Girl: CAROLYN COY Most Popular Boy: BILL CHANSLOR Most Representative Girl: JULIA PICTON Most Representative Boy: DON OLSEN Senior Cabinet: MARILYN BECK JACK CARSON CAROLYN COY FRED DURRANCE SAMMY HAMILTON HELEN HEDLEY IRWIN JORDAN J. A. MATLADGE BILL MUNNERLYN LOUIS NEFF KEENAN REINEY BOB STRAWN HENRY WILDE 5 f I If F746 A A 'IT M f"f,.,.'Af"-Z ual -aqui?-'Ig .f,n-rv' if , , fd plz'-' PA' dl 4, I , , l 5 fr 5141 ' ,V I Z 'Z 2 im' , I '1 F I -' -1 5, f I Lili' ! 'E F7 Z' iff , Ig A '7 1 " I W f ' ,WF I if i f A I I 1: , , I , I iw ' J v 'iz' Zyl I - .fi t 'V ' Q s - ' , 3" . ' - ML I8 I949 Senio ABSHIER, VERA-Uunej Belles, Corresponding secretary '48-'49, Haienonis, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. ADAMS BILL-iSummer Schoolj Hi-Y. ADDINGTON, DON-Uunej Golf Letterman, '46-'47, May Fete '46-'47, Hi-Y. AHRENS, JEAN-Uunel Ladaka, Cherokee. AITKEN, DIANE--Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor So- ciety, Niwouna, Los Habladores, Kachina, Frolics, Va- riety Show, Office Assistant, Cherokee, Y-Teen. ALEXANDER, EARLE-Uunel Ramal, Secretary, '48,Hi-Y. ALEXANDER, MARY-Uunel National Honor Society, Student Council, '47-'48, Palamar, Corresponding Sec- retory, '48-'49, Orenda Staff, '48-'49, Los Habladores, kVapika, Christian Student Union, Variety Show, Chero- ee. ALLEN, GORDON-Uunel R. 0. T. C., Staff Sergeant, Rifle Team. AMIS, CHARLOTTE LOUISE - Uunei Belles, '48 - '49, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. AMSLER, EDITH JOYCE-Uunel Tawasi, Sports' Chair- man, '48-'49, Haienonis, Kachina, Gym Class Leader, Red Cross Representative, '48-'49, Frolics, Y-Teen. ANDERSON, GELYA-iJan.J Belles, President '48-'49, May Fefe Maid, '46-'48, Los Habladores. ANDERSON, HARRY-Uunej lrari, Frolics, Variety Show. ANDERSON, NANCY-Uunel Texas Junior Academy of Science, Gym Class Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee, ARGUE, DOUGLAS-Uunel Hi-Y, Variety Show. ARMSTRONG, SHIRLEY-Uan.l Most Representative Girl '48, National Honor Society, Belles, Secretary, '48, Kachina, Frolics, Office Assistant, Chorus Accompanist, '48, Christian Student Union, Orchestra, Cherokee. ARNOLD, NANCY-iSummer School, Student Council, '48-'49, Cherokee. ARNOLD, ROBERT-Han., Ramal, R.O.T.C., Second Lieu- tenant, '48-'49, R.O.T.C. Officers' Club, Kachina, Va- riety Show, Frolics. ARNOLD, THERESE-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Niwauna, Junior Cabinet, Los Habladores, Li- brary Assistant, Y-Teen. ASHEN, JUNE-Uunei Belles, Junior Membership Chair- man, '48-'49, Haienonis, Christian Student Union, Y- Teen, Cherokee. ATTWELL, KHLEBER-Uunei Ramal, Treasurer, '48, Hi-Y. lt was way back in September when the excitement over senior pictures first began. Receiving the appointments was only the be- ginning, soon it was not uncommon to hear such announcements as "All seniors who haven't yet gone to have their Orenda pictures made are given an opportunity to go this afternoon." After unending complications such as ruined negatives, resittings, arranging a time for the football players, the section was at last completed to remain here as a permanent record of the I949 Senior class. In the picture are Beverly Ward fgiving out appointmentsl, Carl Wooley, Eleanor Wright, Larry Wrightsman, Barbara Wilson, Carolyn Wilson, Gene Wolfe, Lyle Wolfskill, Egbert Womack, Edward Wilcox, and Ann Williams. 1949 W Senio BACHEMIN, DOROTHEA-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, National Florensic League, Vice-Presi- dent, '47, President, '48, Variety Show, Y-Teen, Chero- kee. BAIRD, BEVERLY-Uunel Palamar, Los Habladores, Sec- retary, '48-'49, Haienonis, Sergeant-at-arms, '48-'49, Frolics, Office Assistant, Y-Teen. BAKER, DONALD-fsummer schoolj Hi-Y. BAKER, LOUISE--Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor So- ciety, President, '48-'49, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Student Council, '48-'49, Palamar, Publicity Chairman, '47-'48, Vice-president, '48-'49, Christian Student Union, Parliamentarian, '48, Sergeant-at-arms, '48, Red Cross Representative, '46-'47, Los Habladores, Presi- dent, '48-'49, Frolics, Gym Class Leader, Office Assist- ant. BAKER, PHIL-Uunel Lancer, Advertising Manager, '48, Assistant Editor, '48, Hi-Y, Senior Class Lawyer. BAKER, WANDA-Uunej National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, '46-'47, Chums, Haienonis, Christian Stu- dent Union, Y-Teen, President, '48-'49, Cherokee. BALL, REBECCA - Uunel Kachina, La Cinquantaine, Cherokee. BARRETT, JUNE - fsummer schooll Christian Student Union, Cherokee. BARSTOW, JANICE-Uunej Palamar, Haienonis, Chap- lain, '48, Wapika, Treasurer, '48, Frolics, Gym Class Leader, City Volleyball, All City Choir, Y-Teen, Par- liamentarian, '48-'49, Cherokee. BARTA, JOE-Uan.J R.O.T.C., First Lieutenant, '48-'49, Rifle Team, '48-'49, Sergeants' Club, Officers' Club, Vice-president, '48-'49, Band, Orchestra, Drill Team, Frolics, Variety Show, Boys' Choir, May Fete, '47. BARTHELME, DON-Uunel Sequoyha, Transferred from Saint Thomas. BARTLETT, JOY - Uunej National Honor Society, Ni- wauna, Haienonis, All City Choir, Variety Show, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. BASSETT, EDDIE - Uunej R,O.T.C., Sergeant, '47-'49, Variety Show, Rifle Team. BASTIAN, DON-Uunel R.O.T.C. Second Lieutenant, '48- '49, Sergeants' Club, Officers' Club, Rifle Team. BATCHELOR, BETTY-Uunej Y-Teen, Cherokee. BATCHELOR, JIMMY-Uunel Hi-Y. BECK, MARILYN-Uunej Senior Cabinet, Arrowhead, Na- tional Honor Society, Chums, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Cherokee. BELL, FRANCES ANN-Uunel Y-Teen, Tawosi, Christian Student Union, Los Habladores, vice-president. BELL, FRANCES RUTH--Uunel Palamar, Gift Chairman, '48-'49, Haienonis, La Cinquantaine, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Los Hobladores, Y-Teen, Cherokee. BELT, DICK-Uunel Irari, Orchestra, Band, Commander, '48-'49, R.O.T.C., Officers' Club, Frolics. N 1949 Senior BERLETH, DON-KJan.J Ramal, Student Council, '48-'49, May Fete Duke, '48, Hi-Y. BERTELSEN, BETTY-Uunel Niwauna, Haienonis, Frol- ics, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. BICKLEY, MARTHA - Uunel Belles, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union. BINTLIFF, DICK-KJan.J Senior Class President, '48, Most Popular Boy, '48, Sophomore Class Vice-president, Football, May Fete Duke, '46, Lord, '47. BITTEL, BARBARA-Uunel Chums, Library Assistant, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Clinic As- sistant, Y-Teen. BLADES, BONNIE - Uan.l Niwauna, Christian Student Union, Lancer Staff, '48, Kachina, Cherokee, BLAINE, TUCKER - Uunel Texas Junior Academy of Science, Christian Student Union, R.O.T.C., Office As- sistant, BLANKINSHIP, EDWINA-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Belles, Haienonis, Los Habladores, Ka- china, Christian Student Union, Red Cross Representa- tive, '46-'49, All City Choir, Cherokee. BLATT, PHILIP-lJan.J Senior Cabinet, Ramal, Chap- lain, '48, Sequoyha, National Forensic League, Speak- ers' Forum. BOEHM, SUE-Uan.l Tawasi, Cherokee, BOONE, BURDETTE-Uunei Bond. BORNEMAN, JANE- Uunel Tawasi, Sports' Chairman, '47-'48, Secretary, '48-'49, Gym Class Leader, Christian Student Union, Archery Club, Y-Teen Secretary, '48- '49, Cherokee. BOYD, BROOKS-lJan.J Ramal. BRADY, EVELYN-Uunej Tawasi, Office Assistant, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. BRAILAS, ALEX-QJan.J Hi-Y. BRANNEN, HERSCHEL - Uunej Pow Wow, Kachina, Frolics, Red Cross Representative, Band, '46-'47, Hi-Y. BRIMBERRY, ROBERT-fJan.J. BROCHSTEIN, MELVIN-Uunel Ramal. BRODEN, MARIANNE - Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Student Council, '47-'48, Chums, Haie- nonis, Volleyball Letter, '47, All City Choir, Los Habla- dares, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. BRODNAX, BOBBY A- Uunel "H" Association, Program Chairman, '48, Swimming Letterman, '47-'49, Foot- ball Manager, Hi-Y. "Your attention for the afternoon announcements!" These words have become a permanent echo in the memory of every Lamar stu- dent by the time he is a senior. The school communication system has always been a thing of awe and fascination, for by the mere flick of a button over 1500 students can listen to you, and with the same amount of ease it is possible to tune in any one particular class. lt is no wonder that by two fifty each afternoon Mr. Moyes' office is cluttered with students waiting in line to make broadcasts. Here Henry Wilde and Larry Wrightsman make final preparations for an announcement advertising the Hi-Y Midnight Show. Grete Freund, Janet Gast, and Georgia May prepare an elaborate adver- tisement of Ladaka's "Twilight Twirl" while Johnny Miller gets the record player ready. l W'!z2i3QVL2Z1H.Jl'X Ya f1El'w-K-1-!tWA'QkQSS41iZZMv..,g.,. .. X .. . WI BROOKS, BROWN, Union, BROWN, Honor 1949 Seniv TED-Uunei Transferred from Saint Thomas. JOELLEN-Uunel Wapika, Christian Student Y-Teen, Cherokee. NANCY JANE - fJan.J Arrowhead, National Society, Wapika, Ceramic Art Pieces in Philadel- phia Art Show, '48, Ceramic Art Pieces in Art Museum Show, '48, Library Assistant, Office Assistant. BRUNSON, BRYANT-Uunei Christian Student Union, Hi-Y. BRUNT, JOANNE - Uunej Tawasi, Junior Membership Chairman, '48-'49, Y-Teen, Cherokee. BUCKSTAFF, JOANN - Uunej Senior Cabinet, Arrow- head, National Honor Society, Palomar, Chaplain, '48- '49, City Swimming Letterman, '48, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. BURCH, PETE-Uunel Student Council, '48-'49. B U R G E S S, C H A R LES--Uunej R.O.T.C., Non-Commis- sioned Officers' Club, '47, Officers' Club, '48. BURK, MARY-Uunel Haienonis, Frolics, Y-Teen. BURKE, okee. BURKE, BEVERLY-Uunei Christian Student Union, Cher- HELEN-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor So- ciety, Chums, Haienonis, Frolics, Los Habladores, Red Cross Representative, '48-'49, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee, BURR, JANE-Uunej Chums, Sports' Chairman, '48-'49, City Bowling Team, '48-'49, Cherokee Bowling Secre- tary, '48-'49, Gym Class Leader, Student Council, '47- '48, Red Cross Representative, '46-'47, Los Habladores, Y-Teen. BURTON, KATHY-Uunej Belles, Cherokee, BUSE, BETTY JOELLA-Uunej Christian Student Union: Los Habladores, Y-Teen, Cherokee, BYER, MARILYN-Uunej Texas Junior Academy of Sci- ence, Christian Student Union, Los Habladores, Chero- kee. CAGLE, MARTHA-Uunej Kachina, Christian Union. CALLAHAN, WALLACE-Uunel Hi-Y. CANTRELL, BILL-Uunej Hi-Y. CARPE, JOHN-Uan.J Football, Hi-Y. CARROLL, JOEL BARTON- Uan.J Most Representative Boy, '48, National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Quill and Scroll, Lancer, Editor, '48-'49. I949 Seniv CARSEY, BOB-Uunej Cheerleader, Ramal, Kachina. CARSON, ELLER ELIZABETH- Uunel La Cinquantaine, Cherokee. CARSON, JACK-Uunel Football, Letterman, '48, "H" Association, '48, National Forensic League, Speakers' Forum, Christian Student Union, Hi-Y. CARTER, BETTY-Uuneb Kachina, Transferred from Bow- ling Green, Kentucky. CASTELLE, ROSE-Uunel Tawasi, Cherokee. CASTLE, JULIA LOU-Uunej City Volleyball, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. CHAMPENOIS, FAYE-Uunel Gym Class Leader, Chris- tian Student Union, La Cinquantaine, Cherokee. CHANSLOR, BILL-Uunel Football, Letterman, '47-'48, Baseball, Letterman, '48-'49, "H" Association, Vice- president, '48, Sequoyha, May Fete, '48, Most Popular Boy, '49, CLARK, DAVE-Uan.J Pow Wow, Social Chairman, '47, Band, R.O.T.C., Athletic Association, Non Commis- sioned Officers' Club, Orchestra, All City Orchestra, Frolics, Variety Show, May Fete, '47, Lamar Bowling Team, '46, Hi-Y. CLARK, KENNETH-Uunel lrari, R.O.T.C., Band, Lieu- tenant, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Secretary- Treasurer, '47, May Fete, '47-'48, Frolics, Orchestra. CLAYTON, JOHN-Uunel Transferred from Stephenville, Texas. CLEMONS, ROBERT-Uunel Arrowhead, President, '48, National Honor Society, Junior Cabinet, Student Coun- cil, '47-'48, Romal, President, '48, Orenda, Assistant Class Editor, '47-'48, Life Section Editor, '48, Editor, '48-'49, Tawosi Cup, Sequoyha, Assistant Anthology Editor, '47-'48, National Essay League of America, Fourth Place, '48, Quill and Scroll, Frolics, Fire Cap- tain, Hi-Y, Treasurer, '48-'49, Senior Class Presi- dent, '49. CLINE, ANN-Uunel Chums, Los Habladores, Y-Teen, Cherokee. CLINE, JANE-Uunel Cherokee, CLOUGH, KENNETH-Uunel R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, '47-'48, Hi-Y. COBB, BOBBY-tJan.J Football Letterman, '47-'48, May Fete, "H" Association. COLLINS, JOAN-Uunel Haienonis, La Cinquantaine, Frolics. CONVERSE, CAROL-fJan.J Kachina, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Cherokee. COOPER, ANN-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Chums, Recording Secretary, '48-'49, Gym Class Leader, Office Assistant, Red Cross Representa- tive, '47-'48, Y-Teen, Membership Chairman, '48-'49, Cherokee. COOPER, ANN-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Kachina, Speakers' Forum, Haienonis, Y-Teen, Cherokee. Every day at three o'clock across Westheimer Road on about the thirty-three hundred block for the past ten years there has been a temporary delay in traffic. This is due to the stream of students who make a dash for the River Oaks Drug Store at the close of school. Here, in all the confusion they can muster, students meet, order cokes or ice cream cones, call their mothers, have yo-yo contests, and cause general commotion. Although a haven for students after school, the drug store is strictly "off limits" during school hours, and to be found here unexcused is a serious offense. Seen here after school are Carol Noble, Hammy Hill, Mavis Hardy, Allen Felts, Benny Hood, Carolyn Dickerson, Wilbur Sprague, and Joe Barto. 1949 Senior COTTINGHAM, ERWIN-Uunel lrari, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Office Assistant, La Cin- quantaine. COWART, ELOISE-Uunej Kachina, La Cinquantaine, Variety Show, Y-Teen, Cherokee. COX, CHARLES-Uunej Hi-Y, Tennis. man, '48, Hi-Y. COX, SUE-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Palomar, Red Cross Representative, '46-'47, La Cin- quantaine, Y-Teen, Cherokee. COY, CAROLYN-Uunel Senior Cabinet, Arrowhead, Na- tional Honor Society, Vice-president, '48, Tawasi President, '48-'49, lrari Queen, '48, May Fete, Maid, '47, Duchess, '48, Cherokee, Vice-president, '48-'49, Office Assistant, Christian Student Union, Parliamen- 1 tarian, '48, Los Habladores, Y-Teen, Most Popular Girl, '49, May Queen, '49. CRAKE, ERIC-Uunej Basketball Team, '46-'49, CRAWFORD, JUNE-fJan.J Wupika, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. CREAGER, DORIS-Uunel Ladaka, Membership Chairman '48, Cherokee. CRISS, DICK-Uuneb Hi-Y. CROFTON, WALTER-fJan.J. 1 CROW, PEGGY-Uunel Belles, Lancer Staff, '48, Kachina, Christian Student Union, Los Habladores, Y-Teen, Cherokee. CUNNINGHAM, ANN-Uunel Tawasi, Secretary, '48-'49, Kachina, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Variety Show, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Archery Club, Cherokee. CUNNINGHAM, JANE-Uunel Haienonis, Ladaka, Chris- tian Student Union, Y-Teen. CUNYUS, PATSY-Uan.l Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Tawasi, Red Cross Representative, '48-'49, Cherokee. CURRY, CARLTON-Uan.J Class Prophet, '48, Kachina, Variety Show, Frolics, Football, Hi-Y. CUTRER, LEWIS-Uan.D Ramal, "H" Association, Treas- urer, '48, Basketball, '46-'48, Manager, '47, Football, Hi-Y. DANIELL, MARY FRANCES-Uunel Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee, DANEILL, PAT-Uunel Belles, Sports' Chairman, '48-'49, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. DARDEN, JACKIE-Uunel Chums, Christian Student Union, Library Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. , COX, FAGAN-Uunel Student Council, '48-'49, Ramal, "H" Association, Swimming Team, Swimming Letter- 1949 Senior DAVIDSON, DORIS-Uunel National Honor Society, Tawasi, Texas Junior Academy of Science! Red CIOSS Representative, '48-'49, Museum Show, '48, Waplkai Art Key Award, '46, Frolics, Art Department, Chris- tian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. DAVIDSON, J. L.-KSummer Schoolj. DAVIS, JOHN-Uunej Irari, Hi-Y. DAWSON, MARTHA-Uunel Palomar, Los Hoblodores, Christian Student Union, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. DAY, LUCIUS-Uunej. DAYVAULT, DOROTHY-Uunel Wapika, Tawasi, Chris- tian Student Union, Archery Club, Cherokee, Y-Teen. DEATS, GORDON-Uunej Hi-Y. DECHMAN, JANIS-iJan.J National Honor Society, Tawosi, Cherokee, DEDERICK, JEANNIE-Uunel Palomar, Sergeantiat- Arms, '48, Haienonis, Publicity Chairman, '48, Frolics, Variety Show, Y-Teen, Cherokee. DEHNERT, JOHN-Uunel "H" Association, Football Manager, 48, Hi-Y, DE LONG, SONNY-Uunel R.O.T.C. Second Lieutenant, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, '48. DERIVAN, ELIZABETH-Uan.J National Honor Society, Kachina, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. DICKERSON, BUSTER-Uunel Kachina, National Thespian Society, National Forensic League, Speakers' Forum, Declamation, '48, Debate, '47-'48, R.O.T.C., Irori. DICKERSON, CAROLYN-Uunel Junior Cabinet, Palamor, Los Hoblodores, Christian Student Union, Wapika, Y-Teen, Cherokee, DICKSON, DON-Uunel R.O.T.C. Second Lieutenant, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Officers' Club, Hi-Y. DICKSON, ROSANNE-Uunel National Honor Society, Palomar, Sports' Chairman, '48-'49, Kachina, Secretary, '47-'48, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Gym Class Leader, Orendo Beauty, Frolics, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. DILLIARD, JOE-Uunej. DODD, JOHN-fSummer Schoalj. DOHERTY, PAT--Uunel Palomar, Cherokee. DONALDSON, JEAN-Uunej Cherokee. It is the half-way mark in the day of these seniors. The conversa- tion at the beginning of the lunch period probably began with, "Do you really think Mr. Bailey will give us a test today?" or "l'm sure I flunked my Civics test." As the effects of the warm sun and soft comfortable gross began to get a hold, school was temporarily for- gotten and the conversation probably took a turn to, "l wonder if Jane has a date this Friday?" or "Did you hear about the special train to Fort Worth for the game?" But all too soon the bell will ring and with it will come thoughts of school and fifth period. 25 1949 Senior DORRANCE, GEORGE-Uunel Ramal, Junior Membership Chairman, '48, Frolics, Hi-Y. DOSS, NANCY-Uunel Cherokee. DOUGLAS, MARY-Uunel Haienonis, Wapika, Speakers' Forum, Cherokee. DREYER, MARY-ELDA-IJan.j Los Habladores, Cherokee. DUCKWORTH, MARINE-Uunej Transferred from La- fayette, Louisiana. DUDLEY, JOHN-Uunel. DUNCAN, BILL-Uunel Los Habladores, La Cinquantaine, Frolics, Variety Show, Hi-Y, DUNN, LARRY-lSummer Schooll. DUPRE, PATRICIA KAY-IJan.J Kachina, Wapika, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Cherokee. DURRANCE, FRED-Uunel Senior Cabinet, National Honor Society, Orenda Staff, '47-'49, Student Council, '48-'49, May Fete, '47, Frolics, Variety Show, Labora- tory Assistant. DWYER, JOAN-Uuneb Transferred from Yonkers, New York, Y-Teen, Cherokee. DYER, JEANETTE-Uunej Texas Junior Academy of Sci- ence, Orchestra, Christian Student Union. EDMUNDSON, MARY LOU-Uunel Palamar, Social Chair- man, '48-'49, Student Council, '46-'47, Kachina, Presi- dent, '48, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Red Cross Representative, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. EDWARDS, RUTH ANN-Uunel Ladaka, Sports' Chair- man, '47, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, Christian Student Union, Orchestra, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. EHLER, MARLA-Uunej Haienonis, Secretary, '48, Red Cross Representative, '48, May Fete Entertainer, '48, Frolics, Variety Show, Gym Class Leader, City Volley- ball, Cherokee. ELIZARDI, BETTY-Uunel Haienonis, Orenda Beauty, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. ELLIOTT, NICK-Uunel Kachina, Football, Hi-Y. ENDICOTT, JOHN-Uunel Transferred from Dallas, Texas. EPPS, DUDLEY-Uunel Ramal, "H" Association, Secre- tary, '48, Swimming Letterman, '47-'48, Hi-Y. ERBE, MARY ANN-Uunel Belles, Los Habladores, Chris- tian Student Union, Cherokee. 26 1949 Senior ETHRIDGE, PAT-Uunel Niwauna, Red Cross Representa tive, '48-'49, Wapika, Los Habladores, Y-Teen Cherokee. EVANS, BOB-Uunel Frolics, Band. FAGAN, LILA-Uunel Tawasi, Social Chairman, '48-'49 Frolics. FAGLEY, BOB-lJan.J lrari, R.O.T.C., Sergeants' Club, Officers' Club, Band, Orchestra, Frolics, May Fete, '46-'48, Football "B" Team, '47, Hi-Y. FAIRCHILD, JEAN-Uunel National Honor Society, Ni- wauna, Treasurer, '48, Haienonis, Treasurer, '48, Se- quoyha, Vice-President, '48, Wapika, Kachina, La Cinquantaine, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee, Senior Class Poet, '49, FECHNER, BETTY JEAN-iSummer Schaoll Senior Cabinet. FELTS, ALLEN-Uunel R.O.T.C., '46-'49, FENDLEY, SHIRLEY--lJan.J Lancer Staff, '48, Haienonis, Frolics, Cherokee. FITCH, BARBARA-Uunel Cherokee. FOLEY, JOE-lSummer Schaoll. FOOSHEE, DALE-Uunel Student Council, Vice-president, '48-'49, Junior Class Vice-president, Ramal, Alternate Cheerleader, Basketball. FORBES, Show, Team, FOSTER FOSTER I JOE ANN-Uunel Ladaka, Haienonis, Variety Frolics, Bowling Letterman, '48, City Bowling '47, May Fete Jester, All City Choir, Cherokee. COLLEEN-Uunel Cherokee. DOROTHY-Uunel National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, '48-'49, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Captain, '48-'49, Officers' Club, Rifle Team, lrari Sweetheart, '47, May Fete, '47-'48, Frolics, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. FRAME, ELOISE-Uunel Palamar, Los Habladores, R.O.T.C. Officers' Club, Secretary, '47, Treasurer, '48, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Captain, Lieutenant, Rifle Team, City R.O.T.C. Princess, '47, lrari Princess, '47, Red Cross Represen- tative, '48-'49, May Fete, '48, Frolics, Wapika, Mem- bership Chairman, '47, Publicity Chairman, '48, Haie- nonis, Social Chairman, '48, All City Choir, Christian Student Union, Art Key, '47, Y-Teen, Cherokee. FREDRICKSON, BETTY JEAN-Uunel Kachina, Y-Teen, Cherokee. FREUND, GRETE-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Los Habladores, Red Cross Representative, '48, Cherokee. FREY, JACK-Uunel Christian Student Union, Transferred from Los Angeles, California. FRUIT, NANCE-Uunej Niwauna, Historian, '48-'49, Wapika, Red Cross Representative, '46-'47, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. FULLILOVE, JEANNIE-Uunel Los Habladores, Archery Team, Cherokee. The afternoon before the Lamar-Austin football game had at last come. The football team had left school early and were home resting, and out at the High School Stadium the cheerleaders began decorating the goal posts with bright streamers of red and blue crepe paper. To these students, who have always seen that the posts were decorated, this afternoon was no different from any previous one. The empty stadium still stood massively against a blue sky, the cracked ground was still hard, and the same colored boys were pouring lime on the field to mark the yard stripes. After the posts were decorated, the streamers waved and flapped in the wind, the cheerleaders walked over to the Junior High School Stadium and watched Lanier beat Johnston for the city cham- pionship. 1949 Senio FUNK, JOHN-Uunel, GADDIS, RUTH-fJan.J Frolics, Cherokee. GARNETT, NORMA JEAN-Uunei Haienonis, Los Habla- dores, Christian Student Union, Corresponding Secre- tary, '48-'49, Frolics. GARRARD, LENORE-Uunel Tawasi, Los Habladores, Kachina, Christian Student Union, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. GARRETT, JOANNE-Uunel Wapika, Los Habladores, La Cinquantaine, Variety Show, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. GARTH, GAYLE--Uunel National Honor Society, Junior Cabinet, Student Council, '46-'47, Niwauna, Secretary, '48, Ramal Sweetheart, '48, Colonial Dames Contest Winner, '48, Christian Student Union, Frolics, City Volleyball, City Swimming Team, Gym Class Leader, Wapika, Y-Teen, Cherokee, Swimming Head, '48. GAST, JANET-Uunel Ladaka, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Office Assistant, Cherokee. GIBBONS, BARBARA-Uunel Cherokee. GILLIAM, ROGER-fJan.J "H" Association, Baseball, Let- terman, '48. GOLDSMITH, ANN-Uunel Belles, Wapika, La Cinquan- taine, Christian Student Union, Los Habladores, Cherokee. GOSS, BARBARA-Uunel Ladaka, Los Habladores, Teach- er's Assistant, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. GRAFTON, JIM-Uunel. GRAINGER, BOB-Uunej Transferred from Kinkaid. GREGG, BEVERLY-Uunel Palamar, Kachina, Variety Show. GRISAFFI, ANGELA-Uunej Kachina, Wapika, Cherokee, GUINN, RONNY-Uunel. HAIL, MARIAN-fJan.J Palomar, Kachina, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. HALL, JEANNE-Uunej Student Council, '47-'48, Pala- mar, Cherokee. HALL, SKIPPER-fJan.J. HAMILTON, SAMMY-Uunel Senior Cabinet, Student Council, '46-'47, Ramal, "H" Association, President, '48, Football Letterman, '47-'48, Basketball Letterman, '48, Track Letterman, '48, National Athletic Scholar- ship Society, '47, Chemistry Assistant, Fire Captain. 1949 Senior HAMLIN, BILL-Uunej Pow Wow, R.O.T.C., Staff Ser- geant, '46-'47, Sergeants' Club, '47, HAMMER, PEGGY-Uunej Palamar, Kachina, Wapika, Cherokee. HAMNER, ROSEMARY-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Junior Cabinet, Niwauna, Los Habla- dores, La Cinquantaine, Vice-president, '48, Kachina, Haienonis, Irari Princess, '48, Y-Teen, Cherokee. HAND, BILLY-Uunel Basketball, Hi-Y. HANSEN, LOUIS-Uunel. HARDIN, BILL-Uunel lrari, Treasurer, '48, Los Habla- doves, Treasurer, '48, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48-'49, Red Cross Representative, '46-'47, R.O.T.C., Sergeant, '47-'48. HARDY, MAVIS-Uunej Palomar, Cheerleader, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, R.O.T.C., Sponsor, Officers' Club, Rifle Team, Cherokee. HARGROVE, MARGARET-Uunel Chums, Los Habla- dores, Variety Show, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. HARPER, BILLY-Uunej R.O.T.C., Lieutenant, '48, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Officers' Club, President, '48, Office Assistant. HARPER, SAM-Uunel Ramal, Hi-Y. HARRIS, ELBERT-Uunel Transferred from Port Arthur, Texas. HART CACILIE-Uunel Niwauna, Library Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. HARTUNG, BABS-Uunel National Honor Society, Pala- mar, Junior Membership Chairman, '48-'49, Student Council, '48-49, Frolics, R.O.T.C., Captain, '47-'48, Maior, '48-'49, Rifle Team, Office Assistant. HATCH, ORIN-Uunel. HEAD, PHILIP-fJan.J Irari, Frolics, Variety Show, Hi-Y. HEDLEY, HELEN-Uunel Senior Cabinet, National Honor Society, Chums, Treasurer, '47-48, President, '48-'49, City Volleyball, '46, Gym Class Leader, Office Assistant, Red Cross Representative, '48-'49, Y-Teen, Cherokee. HEISER, RONNIE-Uan.J Student Council, '48-'49, Bowling, '46-'48. HENDERSON, B. L.-fSummer School, Hi-Y. HENDERSON, GAIL-Uunej Wapiko, Los Hubladores, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. HERBERT, WILLIAM-Uunel Pow Wow, R.O.T.C. Way back when this year's seniors were just sophomores an old Model A Ford parked in front of the school became o familiar sight. An even more familiar sight was to see this car bravely making its way down Westheimer loaded down with people. In spite of the "new look" in Fords that has since come into being, Bob Strawn's jalopy is still running smoothly, and each day has a capacity weight placed upon its small tires. This picture was obviously not taken during one of the days when it could be seen "bravely making its way down Westheimer." In the back doing absolutely nothing to help are Henry Wilde, Bill Thorn- ton, and Fred Durrance. Inside Don -Olsen registers horror, while Dale Fooshee scratches his head in complete bewilderment. lt is onlykBob Strawn who has faith, as he prepares to give it one more cron . 1949 Senior HERNDON, HUBERT-Uunel R.O.T.C., Sergeant. HEYER, CHARLES-Uunel Kachina, Frolics, Band, Chris- tian Student Union, Hi-Y. HILDRETH, AL-Uunej Student Council, President, '48-'49, Ramal, Social Chairman, '48, Cheerleader, '47-'48-'49, Head, '48-'49, May Fete Lord, '47, Fire Chief, Frolics, Lab Assistant, Hi-Y. HILL, HAMMY-Uunel Irari, '48-'49, Sports' Chairman, '48, R.O.T.C., Sergeant, Non Commissioned Officer's Club. HIRE, RONALD-Uunej R.O.T.C., Lieutenant, Non Com- missioned Officer's Club, '47-'48, Officers' Club, '48-'49, Rifle Team Letterman, '48, HODGE, MARTHA-Uunel Tawasi, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, Treasurer, '48-'49, Frolics, Office Assistant, Gym Class Leader, Swimming Team, '47-'48, Y-Teen, '48-'49, Inter Club Council, Cherokee, Secretary, '48-'49. HOFFMAN, MARIE-Uunel Y-Teen, Transferred from Milwaukee. HOFMANN, MARGIE-Uunej Chums, Treasurer, '48-'49, La Cinquantaine, '47-'49, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. HOGAN, ANNE-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor So- ciety, Palamar, Publicity Chairman, '48-'49, Haienonis, Frolics, Office Assistant. HOLLIDAY, BARBARA-Uunel Ladaka, La Cinquantaine, Lancer Staff, '48-'49, Gym Class Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee. HOOD, BENNY-Uunel Ramal, Swimming Letterman, '48-'49, Hi-Y. HOOPES JACK-Uunej Transferred from Freeport, Texas. Slide Rule Team. HORNE, ELEANOR-Uunel Chums, Kachina, Haienonis, Christian Student Union, Secretary, '48, Frolics, Cherokee. HORNE, HENRY-UunelPowWow,Lancer Staff, R.O.T.C., Lieutenant, Officers' Club. HORTON, CHARLOTTE-fJan.J Cherokee. HOWE, BARBARA-Uunej Bowling Letterman, '48, Y- Teen, Cherokee. HUBBARD, MARY IDA-Uunel National Honor Society, Tawasi, Office Assistant, Cherokee. HUBBELL, BOB-Uunej Transferred from Denver, Colo- rado, Hi-Y. HUDGINGS, JOANNE-Uan.J Texas Junior Academy of Science, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. HUDSON, JOE-Uunel R.O.T.C., Corporal. 1949 Senior HUDSON, MARTHA-Uunel Lancer Staff, Christian Stu- dent Union. HUFF, ROBERT-Uan.J lrari. HUMPHREYS, BILL-Uunel. HUNGERFORD, TEX-Uunej Kachina, Variety Show, Christian Student Union, HUNGERFORD, TY-Uunel Football "B" Team, '47-'48, Basketball "B" Team, '47-'48, Baseball "B" Team, '47-'48, Christian Student Union, Hi-Y. HUTCHENS, SUE-Uunel National Honor Society, Ni- wauna, Haienonis, Kachina, Christian Student Union, Lancer Staff, '48-'49, Red Cross Representative, '47-'48, Frolics, Variety Show, All City Choir, Y-Teen, Cherokee. HUTCHISON, MARY HARDIN-Uunel Chums, Sergeant- at-Arms, '48, Kachina, Variety Shaw, Y-Teen, Cherokee. lNGLIS, BETTY JEAN-Uunel Belles, Kachina, Haienonis, All City Choir, Variety Show, City Volleyball Team, Cherokee. INGRAM, LEE NORA-Uunel Niwauna, Lancer Staff, Haienonis, Kachina, Red Cross Representative, '48, All City Choir, Frolics, Variety Show, Y-Teen, Cherokee. lRVlN, JO ANN-Uunel Cherokee. IVY, ROBERT-Uunel Transferred from South Bend, Indiana. JAX, TOMMY-Uunel Ramal, Football Team, Letter- man, '48, Basketball Team, Lab Assistant. JENSEN, GERALD-lJuneJ Lancer Staff, '48-'49, JOHNSON, PORTER-Uunel Pow Wow, Swimming, Hi-Y. JOHNSON, JUDY-lSummer Schooll Christian Student Union. JOHNSON, MARY GENE-CJan.l Senior Class Secretary, Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Student Council, '46-'47, Palamar, Parliamentarian, '48-'49, Kachina, Red Cross Representative, Office Assistant, Cherokee, JOHNSON, RUPERT-Uunel Student Council, 48-'49. JOHNSTON, DAISY-Uunel Ladaka, Chaplain, '47, Sec- retary, '48, Lancer Staff, '48-'49, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. JONES, LAMAR-Uunel Kachina, Variety Show, Chris- tian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. JONES, MARY OWEN-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Palamar, Decorations Chairman, '48-'49, Chris- tian Student Union, Frolics, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. "Mr. Bowden from Southern Engraving Company will be out tomorrow to take orders for senior invitations." Immediately some five high senior registrations became a den of steady buzzing as everyone exchanged his opinion with that of his neighbor's as to how many and to whom invitations should be sent. These announce- ments of graduation were tucked away safely along with diplomas and other keepsakes and will later bring back memories of three years at Lamar. Oscar McCracken, Joe Lamb, Roger Gilliam, Troy Whitehurst, Everlyn McMillian, Geyla Anderson, Shirley Lockwood, Janet Rich- ardson, and Dick Bintliff stand in line waiting to give Mr. Bowden their orders. 1 31 I949 Senior JONES, PATSY-Uunel Ladaka, Cherokee. JOPLIN, BILLY-Uunel. JORDAN, IRWIN-Uunel Senior Cabinet, Arrowhead, Vice-president, '48, National Honor Society, Ramal, Student Council, '46-'47, Orchestra, Band, R.O,T.C., Second Lieutenant, Frolics. KELLETT, JOHN-Uunel. KELLY, BENTON-Uan.J. KELLY, CURTIS-Uunei Hi-Y. KEMP, BEVERLY-Uunej National Honor Society, Student Council, '47-'48, Junior Cabinet Member, Niwauna, Corresponding Secretary, Haienonis, All City Choir, Orenda Staff, '48-'49, Quill and Scroll, Frolics, Variety Shows, Gvm Class Leader, Orenda Beauty, Los Habla- dores, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee, Senior Class Secretary, '49. KENDRICK, PEGGY-Uunej Tawasi, La Cinquantaine, Christian Student Union, Red Cross Representative, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. KENNEDY, DEAN-Uunej Band, Hi-Y. KENT, BERNARD-Uunej. KEVAN, NOREEN-Uunel Haienonis, All City Choir, Variety Show, Frolics, City Volleyball Team, Gym Class Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee. KING, CHESTER-Uunel National Honor Society, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Office Assistant, Variety Shows. KIRKHAM, BOBBY-Uan.J Pow Wow, May Fete, '48. KNIGHT, JEAN-Uunel Niwauna, Haienonis, Red Cross Representative, Y-Teen, Cherokee. KOOMEY, CALVIN-Uunej Hi-Y. KOUMONDUROS, KATHERINE-Uunel Cherokee. KROUPA, MARJORY-Uunej Wapika, Art Prize, '48, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Frolics, Christian Student Union, Cherokee, National Honor Society. KURTH, MELVIN-Uunel Pow Wow, Vice-president, '49. LABAT, DORIS-Uunel Belles, Haienonis, Frolics, Cherokee. LADD, GEORGE-CSummer School, Kachina. 1949 Senior LA GREW, BARBARA-CJan.l. ' LA MACK, BILLY-Uunel. LAMB, JOE-Uan.l. LANGLEY, JO ANN-Uunel Haienonis, Los Habladores, Cherokee. LAWSON, JANET-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Belles, Student Council, '46-'47, Los Habla- dores, Christian Student Union, All City Choir, Y-Teen, Cherokee. LAY, JOAN-Uan.l Wapika, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Cherokee. LEACH, VIRGINIA-Uunel Belles, Los Habladores, Red Cross Representative, '48, Christian Sudent Union, Cherokee. LEATH, REVA-Uunel Belles, Wapika, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. LEE, NANCYE-Uunel Kachina, Los Habladores, Chris- tian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. LE FEVRE, LAURA-Uunel Wapika, Kachina, Frolics, Variety Show, Library Assistant, Cherokee. LEGER, ELIZABETH-Uunel Palomar, Los Habladores, Cherokee. LEHDE, DONALD-Uunej lrari. LESLIE, HUBERT-Uunel "H" Association, Football Man- ager, '47-'48, Variety Show, Hi-Y. LEWIS, EUGENE-Uunel Student Council, '48-'49, Golf Letterman, '48. LINGENFELTER, ANN-Uunel Niwauna, La Cinquan- taine, Wapika, Art Key Award, '47, Red Cross Rep- resentative, '48, Frolics, LINNEY, ORION-Uan.J Hi-Y. LISTI, DOROTHY-Uan.l. LITTLE, JACK-Uunej Frolics. LLOYD, LOGAN-Uunel. LOCKWOOD, SHIRLEY-fJan.l Senior Class, Vice-presi- dent, '48, Chums, Kachina, May Fete Maid,'46-'47-'48, Red Cross Representative, '48, Y-Teen, Cherokee. Y , ,,,,, Y As one leaves the cafeteria, there is a small room to the right that was once used for selling football tickets. This year the home economics department, under the guidance of Mrs. Sondel, has con- verted this room into one of the most interesting and badly needed places in the school. Now carpeted and furnished in green, this room has become a place where her students can feel free to came, have meetings, play games, und get away from the usual classroom. The girls in this picture are getting the table set for a P.T.A. coffee. They are Wanda Baker, Ann Williams, Carolyn Woodruff, Miggie Rickles, Betty Silvus, and Peggy Hammer. After straighten- ing the flowers, placing the napkins, and lighting the candles, the girls have the table prepared for the meeting. 1949 Senio LOGAN, JIMMY-Uan.l National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Pow Wow, Student Council, Kachina, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Frolics, R.0.T.C. Band, Crack Drill Team, Non Commissioned Officers' Club. LOVERDE, BARTHELENE-Uunej Haienonis, All City Choir, La Cinquantaine, Texas Junior Academy of Science, May Fete Entertainer, '48, Cherokee. LOVETTE, JEANNINE-fSummer Schooll Red Cross Rep- resentative, '48-'49, Transferred from Mary Burnett School. MacALLlSTAR, CHARLES-Uunel Orchestra, Office Assistant. MacDONALD, JOHN-Uunel Boxing Letterman, Trans- ferred from Antioch, California. McANELLY, NANCY-Uuneb Chums, Los Habladores, Haienonis, All City Choir, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Cherokee. McCARTHY, JUNE-Uunej Chums, Los Habladores, Haie- nonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. MCCONNELL, JOHN-Uunel Irari, Junior Membership Chairman, '48, Lancer Staff, '48-'49, Hi-Y. McCRACKEN, OSCAR-iJan.J Pow Wow, National Thes- pians, Vice-president, '48, Kachina, Vice-president, '48, Frolics, Assistant Student Director, '48, Variety Show, Student Council, '48, One Act Play, '48, May Fete Stage Manager. McELREATH, ROSS-Uunej Hi-Y. McELROY, ANN-Uunel Tawasi, Los Habladores, Chris- tian Student Union, Office Assistant, Variety Show, Y-Teen, Cherokee. McGEE, MILTON-Uunei R.0.T.C. Technical Sergeant, Band, Frolics, Hi-Y. MCGHEE, MARTHA LEE-Uunel Kachina, Haienonis, All City Choir, La Cinquantaine, Christian Student Union, Variety Show, Frolics, Red Cross Representative, Cherokee. McGUIRT, HOLLAND-Uunel R.O.T.C., Sergeant, Rifle Team, '46-'47, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Hi-Y. MCLELLAND, SAMMIE-Uunel National Honor Society, Lancer Staff Feature Editor, '48, Interscholastic League Speller, '48, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Chris- tian Student Union, Cherokee. MCMAHAN, GWINN-Uan.J National Honor Society, Chums, Los Habladores, Kachina, May Fete, '48, Frolics, Office Assistant, Cherokee. McMlLLlAN, EVERLYN-Uan.J Senior Cabinet' Palamar, Kachina, Wapika, Haienonis, Frolics, Gym Class Leader' Cherokee. 1 McMULLEN, ROSWALD-fJuneJ Pow Wow. MARKS, JOAN-Uuneb Transferred from Pasadena, Texas. MARTIN, LQIS' JEAN-Uunel Lancer Staff, '48-'49, Belles, Christian Student Union, Los Habladores, Haie- nonis, All City Choir, Variety Show, Frolics, Cherokee 1949 Senio MASTERSON, CLARE-Uunel Student Council, '47-'48, Niwauna, Junior Membership Chairman, '47, Sport's Chairman, '48, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Captain, '45-'49, Band Sweetheart, Rifle Team, '48-'49, Frolics, Library Assistant, Red Cross Representative, '46-'47, La Clin- quantaine, Haienonis, All City Choir, Girls' Swimming Team, '47-'48, Cherokee. MATHES, MARGIE-Uunej Niwauna, Best Pledge, '47, Publicity Chairman, '48, Haienonis, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. MATLAGE, J. A.-Uunej National Honor Society, Senior Cabinet, Junior Cabinet, Irari, Los Habladores, La Cinquantaine, Office Assistant. MATTHEWS, GERRY-Uunej Kachina, R.O.T.C. Sergeant, '47-'48, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, MATTHEWS, MAXINE-Uunej Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. MATTOCKS, CHARLES-Uunel. MAURICE, GAIL-Uunel Tawasi, Los Habladores, Chris- tian Student Union, Variety Show, Y-Teen, Cherokee. MAY, GEORGIA-Uunej Ladaka, President, '48-'49, Ka- china, Y-Teen, Cherokee. MERONEY, ELMO-Uunel. MERRITT, ROSWELL-Uunel Arrowhead, Student Coun- cil, '47-'48, Hi-Y, Secretary, '47. MESSI NA, MARGARET-Uunel. MILLER, JOHNNY-Uanuaryj Irari, Sports' Chairman, '47, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, President, '48-'49, "H" Association, Swiming Letterman, '48, Frolics, Variety Show, May Fete, Light Crew, Christian Student Union, Office Assistant. MILLER, OAKLEY-Uunej Band. MILLER, TRAVIS-Uanuaryl, MILLIS, CHARLOTTE-Uunej Belles, Chaplain, '49, Se- quoyha, Secretary, '49, Kachina, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Office Assistant, Honorable Mention in National High School Poetry Contest. MILSTEAD, BOB-Uunel Lancer Photographer, '46, Orenda Photographer, '46, Texas Junior Academy of Science, R.O.T.C., Band, Orchestra. MINNS, LAURENCE-Uanuaryl Irari, Hi-Y, MINIER, ARTHUR-Uunel Texas Junior Academy of Science, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, R.O.T.C. Band, Frolics, MITCHELL, ORLO-Uanuaryl Frolics, Track, '48. MONCRIEF ARTHUR- June lrari Vice- resident '49 , l 7 , P , J R.O.T.C., Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Officers' Club, Library Assistant. By the time a student has reached the rank of senior, the home- room period each morning has become an accepted evil. lf seniors have learned nothing else in their three years, they have learned exactly how for they can stray from their registration in order to come shooting into homeroom just as the tardy bell rings. Then there is usually a wrangle with the registrar about getting an admit-u wrangle which probably will be interrupted by the loud speaker . . . "Good morning, this morning's devotional will be lead by " ln this scene of Mrs. Hyman's homeroom Janet Gost and Bobby Grainger stand in line getting admits signed, while Ronny Guinn dictates the six weeks' test schedule to Nance Fruit. Peggy Hammer on the first seat looks as if she's doing a little homework in sewing. 35 I949 Senio MONCURE, JOHN-Uanuaryj Ramal, Hi-Y. MONTGOMERY, MARTHA-Uunej Wapika, Haienonis. MONTGOMERY, MARY-Uunej Haienonis. MOORE, LOGAN-Uunel Office Assistant. MOORE, LYTTLETON-Uunej. MOORE, MARTHA-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Student Council, '47, Palomar, Chaplain, '47, Secretary, '48-'49, Red Cross Representative, Secretory, '47, President, '48, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Gym Class Leader. MORGAN, MARTHA-Uuneb Transferred from Stephen F. Austin. MORRIS, NED-CSummer Schnoli. MORROW, JEAN-Uunel Tawasi, Los Habladores, Chris- tian Student Union, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. MOSCRIP, DIANE-Uunel Los Habladores, Cherokee, Transferred from Wichita, Kansas. MUGG, JARRELL-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Junior Cabinet, Second Place in Colonial Dames Essay Contest, '48, R.O.T.C., Sergeant, '48, Band, Fire Captain, '48-'49, MUNNERLYN, BILL-Uunel Ramal, Junior Cabinet, May Fete, '48, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Baseball, '48-'49, Basketball, '47-'49, Hi-Y, President, '48-'49, Senior Class Vice-President, '49, Arrowhead. MURRAY, PATSY-Uunej Belles, Student Council, Sopho- more Cabinet, Christian Student Union, Los Habladores, Office Assistant, Irari Princess, '48-'49, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. NEFF, LOUIS-Uunel Senior Cabinet, R.O.T.C., Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Hi-Y. NELSON, BILL-Uunel R.O.T.C., Lieutenant, Officers' Club, Rifle Team, Hi-Y. NINEDORF, VIRGINIA-Uanuaryj Student Council, '48, Lancer Staff, '48, Red Cross Representative, '46, Wapika, Kachina, Los Habladores, City Volleyball, '48, Cherokee. NOBLE, CAROL-Uunej Palomar, Gym Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee. NOVAK, GLORIA-Uunel Tawasi, Gym Class Leader, Bowling, '47-'48, Cherokee. NUNEZ, LUPE-fSummer Schooll. NYE, NANCY-Uunel Student Council, '46-'47, Niwauna, Parliamentorian, '48-'49, Hoienonis, All City Choir, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. 1949 Seniv 0'DANlEL, PATSY-Uuneb Speakers' Forum, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Christian Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. OLSEN, DON--Uuneb Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Treasurer, '47-'48, Harvard Book Award, '48, Ramal, Sport's Chairman, '48-'49, Football Letter- man, '48, Basketball, '46-'47, Fire Captain, '48, Most Representative Boy, '49, 0'NElLL, NAN-Uunel Belles, Christian Student Union. ORYNSKI, JULIA-Uanuaryl Senior Class Poet, Palomar, Wapika, Secretary, '48, Kachina, Honorable Mention National Scholastic Art Show, '48, Gym Class Leader, Red Cross Representative, '47, Frolics, OTTO, SHIRLEY-Uunel Christian Student Union, Y-Teen. OWNBY, ELLEN-Uunel Niwauna, Kachina, Los Habla- dores, Christian Student Union, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. PADGETT, MORGAN-Uanuaryb Ramal, Student Coun- cil, '48, Bowling, '46-'48, Hi-Y. PARIS, VIRGINIA-Uanuaryj Lancer Staff, '48, Kachina, Los Habladores, Cherokee. PAVEY, ALBERT--Uunel National Thespian, National Forensic League, Student Council, '48-'49, Speakers' Forum, One Act Play, All Star State Cast, '48, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Officers' Club, Treasurer, '48-'49, Lieutenant Colonel, Battalion Commander, Office Assistant, Frolics. PAVLU, DOROTHY-Uunej Los Habladores, Orchestra, Cherokee. PAYNE, SUE-Uunel Ladaka, Haienonis, Christian Stu- dent Union, City Volleyball Team, '48, Cherokee. PELATARI, VERA-Uunej Belles, Haienonis, All City Choir, Y-Teen, Cherokee. PELTY, LARRY-UuneJTransferred from Sulfur, Louisiana. PERRY, JOHN E.-Uunel Ramal, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Orchestra, Frolics, Office Assistant, Band, R.O.T.C., Lieutenant, '48-'49, Officers' Club. PETERSON, PETE-Uunel Football, '47-'48, May Fete,'48, Hi-Y. PICTON, JULIA-Uunei Arrowhead, National Honor So- ciety, Junior Class Vice-president, Ramal Cup, '48, Niwauna, Sport's Chairman, '47, President, '48, Orenda, Typist, '46-'47, Assistant Club Editor, '47-'48, Assistant Editor, '48-'49, Student Council, Secretary, '47-'48, May Fete Duchess, '47, Maid, '48, Gym Class Leader, Y-Teen, interscholastic Representative, Pow-Wow Pin- Up, '47-'48, Cherokee, Badminton Head, '48-'49, Quill and Scroll, City Volleyball, '46-'48, Letterman, '47, Frolics, Haienonis, Most Representative Girl, '49, D.A.R. Award, '49, PINTO, MARCELINE-Uunej Haienonis, Cherokee. PIRTLE, CHARLES-Uuneb PLAYTER, ANN-Uunej Palomar, Los Habladores, Red Cross Representative, '47, Gym Class Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee. POLLARD, TANY-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor So- ciety, Lancer, Feature Editor, '48, Niwauna, Historian, '48-'49, Sophomore Cabinet, Student Council, '47-'48, Y-Teen, Cherokee. "Oh, not mashed potatoes again!" or "Why don't they ever have fried chicken?" Either of these remarks is likely to be heard as students move along in the lunch line, looking from one hot dish to another. ln spite of their disparagements and appraisals, the stu- dents of Lamar can always count on a well-balanced hot lunch. After three years of visiting the lunch room once every day the seniors found a new addition last fall, a juke box. Much to the disgust of a few, but to the delight of most, the lunch period can now be spent in listening to one's favorite records. Ann Cooper, Ann Cline, Dorothea Bachemin, Pete Burch, Martha Dawson, and Beverly Ward are buying their lunches. 1949 Senio PONTIKES, GEORGE-Uunej "H" Association, Football Letterman, '48-'49, Basketball l.etterman,'48-'49, Base- ball Letterman, '47-'49, Hi-Y. POOL, HOWARD--Uunej Band. POST, VIC-Uunel. POTTS, DIXIE-CJuneJTawasi, Charity Chairman, '48-'49, Haienonis, All City Choir, Christian Student Union, Red Cross Representative, '47-'49, Cherokee. POU ND, TH EO-Uunel. POWELL, MOLLIE JANE-Uunej Tawasi, Kachina, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Christian Union, Gym Class Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee. POWELL, TOMMY-Uunel Transferred from Jefferson Davis. PRESTON, KERRY-Uunej Irari, Sequoyha, Second Place in National Essay League of America Contest, Fourth Place State Poetry Contest, '48, National Anthology of High School Poetry, '48, Second Place Southwestern Literature Contest, Lancer, '48, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Christian Student Union, Band, Variety Show, Frolics, Hi-Y. PRICE, STEVE-Uunel La Cinquantaine, President, '48-'49, Texas Junior Academy of Science. PRINCE, SIBYL-Uunej Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Archery Letterman, '48, Y-Teen, Cherokee. PRINE, JUNE ANN-Uunej Christian Student Union ln- terscholastic Art Contest, '48, Y-Teen, Cherokee. PUTNEY, JANE-Uunel Palamar, Haienonis, Los Habla- dores, Christian Student Union, Irari Princess, '48, May Fete, '48, Most Beautiful Girl, '47, Frolics, Office Assistant, Y-Teen. RAMSEY, CAMILLE-Uunel Tawasi, Publicity Chairman, '48, Christian Student Union, Bowling Letterman, '48, Y-Teen, Cherokee, RASNICK, JACK-Uunei. RAWLINS, HUBERT-Uunel Swimming Team, '47-'49, Football Squad, '48-'49, Los Habladares, Christian Stu- dent Union, Kachina, Hi-Y. REINEY, KEENAN-Uunel Senior Cabinet, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Office Assistant, Hi-Y. REYNAUD, JEANNE-Uunel Kachina, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Variety Show, City Volleyball, '47-'48, Y-Teen, Cherokee, Basketball Head, '48, President, '48. REYNOLDS, DULCIA-Uunei Texas Junior Academy of Science, Kachina, Christian Student Union. REYNOLDS, GEORGE-Uunel. RHINE, MARY ANN-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Student Council, '46-'47, Haienonis, Sergeant- at-Arms, '48, All City Choir, Los Hablodores, Frolics, Variety Show, Christian Student Union, Gym Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee. 38 1949 Seniv RICHARDSON, JANET-Uanuaryj Niwauna, Haienonis, Kachina, Frolics, Cherokee. RICHTER, BETTY-Uunei Christian Student Union, Cherokee. RICKLES, MIGGIE-Uunej Haienonis, Kachina, Frolics, Variety Show, Y-Teen. RIVIERE, BERNARD-Uunel National Athletic Scholar- ship Society, Kachina, Ramal, "H" Association, Chap- lain, '49, Golf Letterman, '47-'48, Football Squad, '48, Office Assistant. ROBERSON, BETTY-Uunel Kachina, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Variety Show, Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. ROBERTSON, JOHN-Uunei National Thespians Society, Kachina, La Cinquantaine, Frolics, May Fete, '48-'49, Variety Shows. ROGERS, CHARLOTTE-Uunej Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. ROHLOFF, HERBERT-Uunej "H" Association, Swimming, '48. ROPER, CHARLES-Uunel Red Cross Representative, '46. ROSE, JERRIE-Uunei Tawasi, Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. ROSNER, FANNIE MARIE-Uunej. SALMON, SARAH--Uuneb Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics. SANQERS, GAY-Uunej Kachina, Lancer Staff, '48-'49, Quill and Scroll, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. SANDERSON, SANDY-Uunei Irari, Football Letterman, '47-'49, Baseball Letterman, '48, Kachina, Chairman, '48-'49, Hi-Y. SAWYER, MARGARET-Uunej Los Habladores, Christian Student Union. SCHEID, MARTIN-Uanuaryl Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Cabinet, lrari, Secretary, '47, Social Chairman, 'H" Association, Baseball Letterman, '47-'48, I- . SCHILLER, DOROTHY-Uuneb Haienonis, All City Choir, Frolics, Cherokee. SCHNEIDER, TED-Uunej. SCHULTE, GERHART-KS u rn m e r S c h oo IJ Track, '48, Football, '48, scoff, WAYNE-uunep. One day last November the whole nation went into a state of complete confusion for a presidential election, Lamar was no excep- tion. All day long study halls and civics classes listened intently as the roll-call of the states was read "every hour on the hour." During second period the classes heard the first decisive news--Dewey had lost his lead in California. By fourth period the school was listening to him concede the election, and was waiting to hear Mr. Truman's acceptance speech. Here in Miss Weinberg's Civics class two weeks later, seniors Melvin Brochstein, Norma Garnett, June Ahrens, and Tommy Jax study a chart on how to vote and compare it with a map showing how each state had voted in the past election. 1949 Senior' SELIGMAN, JOHN-Uunej Ramal, Student Council, '48-'49, Junior Cabinet. SHANNON, ANN-Uunel Palomar, Haienonis, All City Choir, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. SHAW, JOAN-Uunel Haienonis, Frolics, All-City Choir, Kachina, Christian Student Union, Cherokee, Y-Teen. SHEFFIELD, JAKE-fSummer School, Kachina, Football "B" Team, '47-'48, Frolics, Hi-Y. SHEPHERD, MARJORIE-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Student Council, '47-'48, Palamar, Treasurer, '48-'49, Haienonis, President, '48, All City Choir, Los Habladores, Red Cross Representative, '48-'49, Frolics, Christian Student Union, Gym Leader, Cherokee. SHEPPARD, JO ELLEN-Uunej Palomar, Sequoyha, Y- Teen, Cherokee. SHUDDE, JOHN-Uanuaryl Class Lawyer, Ramal, Foot- ball, '46-'48, Track, '47-'48, Hi-Y. SILVUS, BETTY--Uunej Chums, Publicity Chairman, '48, Vice-president, 48-'49, Office Assistant, Gym Leader, Y-Teen, Cherokee. SIMMONS, ANDREA-Uunej National Honor Society, Student Council, '46-'48, Sophomore Cabinet, Junior Cabinet, Palomar, President, '48, Kachina, Los Habla- dores, R.O.T.C., Sponsor, Captain, Frolics, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Cherokee. SIMONS, ELWYN-Uonuaryl Texas Junior Academy of Science, President, '48-'49, Orenda Staff, '48-'49, R.O.T.C., Corporal, '48. SKOGLAND, HERBERT-Uonuaryj. SMITH, CHARLES--Uanuaryj R.O.T.C., Officers' Club, Hi-Y. SMITH, HARVEY-Uunej Ramal, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, Football, '46-'48, Letterman, '47-'48, Basketball, '46, Track, '48, "H" Association, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, Hi-Y, President, '47. SMITH, NANCY-Uunej Cherokee. SMITH, SALLY-Uanuaryj Ladaka, Junior Membership Chairman, '47, Sergeant-at-Arms, '47, Vice-president, '48, Lancer Staff, '48, Office Assistant, City Archery Team, '48, Gym Leader, Cherokee. SMITH, VIRGINIA LEE-Uunel Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Lancer Staff, '48, Quill and Scroll, Los Habladores, Christian Student Union, Library Assist- ant, Cherokee. SPRAGU E, WILBUR-Uunej Hi-Y. SPRONG, CORDELIA-Uunel National Honor Society, Chums, Social Chairman, '48-'49, Sequoyha, City Vol- leyball, '47, Gym Leader, Office Assistant, Y-Teen, Cherokee, Basketball Head, '48. STAACKE, FRED-Uunej lrari, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48, Frolics, Variety Show, R.O.T.C., Non Commissioned Officers' Club, STGNCIL, LOWERY-Uunei Football, '46, Track, '48, I- . 1949 Senio STARNES, RICHARD-Uunel Baseball, '48-'49, R.O.T.C., Sergeant, '48-'49, Rifle Team, '48, Hi-Y. STEINHAUSER, ERVIN-Uunel. STELTER, JOY-Uunel Tawasi, Cherokee. STEPCHINSKI, BILL-CSummer Schooll. STERRETT, BETTY-Uunel Haienonis, All City Choir, Y-Teen. STEVENS, CORINNE-Uunel Ladaka, Wapika, All City Choir, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Gym Leader, Cherokee. STICKLER, GEORGIANA-Uunej Niwauna, Los Habla- dores, Christian Student Union. STILLWAGON, JO ANN-Uunej Kachina, City Volleyball Manager, '48-'49, City Bowling, '48, Frolics, Y-Teen. STONE, SPENCER-Uunei Football, '47-'48, Track, '47-'48, Frolics, Hi-Y. STOTTS, HELEN RUTH-iSummer Schooli. STRAWN, BOB-UunelArrowhead, Orenda Staff, '48-'49, Student Council, '48, Senior Cabinet, Ramal, Basket- ball, '46-'48, Track, '46-'48, Fire Captain, '48, Hi-Y. STRIEKERT, MERLE--Uanuaryl Senior Class, Most Popu- lar girl, '48, Senior Cabinet, Belles, Social Chair- man, '48, Student Council, '48, Wapika, Los Habla- dares, May Fete Maid, '47-'48, Cherokee. STROUD, BETTY JEAN-Uunel City Volleyball, '48, Christian Student Union. SUTTLES, JOE-Uunej Frolics, Variety Show, R.O.T.C., Sergeant, Rifle Team, '46, SWEENEY, PAT-Uanuaryl Hi-Y, SWEETLAND, DICK-iSummer Schoolj National Forensic League, Vice-president, '48, Lamar Debate Team, Christian Student Union, Publicity Chairman, '48. TAYLOR, DAVID-Uunei Debate Team, '48, Hi-Y. TAYLOR, SHIRLEY RAY-Uunel Gym Class Leader, Cherokee. THACKER, DARIS-Uunel Cherokee. THOMAS, DICK-Uunel R.O.T.C., Band, Frolics. At the Arrowhead installation each year the senior "brains" take temporary time-out from their studying to have a banquet. This year the banquet was held in the Varsity Room of Ye Old College Inn on the thirtieth of November. After dinner the parents were invited to watch Mr. Moyes install the new members and to have coffee. At the right Larry Wrightsman and Louise Baker study the Arrow- head Cup which is awarded each year on class night to the most outstanding member. To their left Mr. Moyes explains to Mrs. Moyes and Robert Clemons the history of the cup. I949 Senior THOMPSON, JO ANN-Uanuaryl Ladaka, Social Chair- man, '48, La Cinquantaine, Museum Scholarship, '46-'43, THORNTON, BILL-Uuneb Student Council, '46-'47, Ramal, Vice-president, '48, Orenda, Business Manager, '48-'49, Library Assistant. THORNTON, TOM-Uunel R.0.T.C., Transferred from Ponca City, Oklahoma. TIMMERMAN, DOROTHY-Uunej Cherokee. TOLAND, PEGGY-Uunel Wapika, Christian Student Union, Library Assistant, Cherokee. TROTT, BOBBIE ANN--Uunej Tawasi, Kachina, Chris- tian Student Union, Haienonis, All City Choir, Y-Teen. URQUHART, ED-Uanuaryl Sophomore Cabinet, Junior Cabinet, Senior Cabinet, Student Council, '47-'48, "B" Team Basketball. VAJA, BILLY-Uunel Frolics, R.O.T.C. Band, May Fete Orchestra. VREUGDE, MARILYN-Uunel Belles, Treasurer, '48, Wapika, Library Assistant, Cherokee. WAINWRIGHT, REVILL-UunelBelles,Treasurer, '48-'49, Wapika, Library Assistant, Cherokee, WALKER, JEAN-Uanuaryl Gym Class Leader, Christian Student Union, City Volleyball, '46-'49, Cherokee. WALKUP, EDWARD-Uunej Hi-Y. WALTER, BETTY LYNN-Uunej Christian Student Union, Los Habladores, Cherokee. WARD, BEVERLY-Uuneh National Honor Society, Ta- wasi, Vice-President, '47-'48, Student Council, '48-'49, Gym Class Leader, May Fete, '48, Christian Student Union, Secretary, '47, Vice-President, '48, President, '48, Cherokee Volleyball Head, '48, Red Cross Repre- sentative, '47-'48, Kachina, La Cinquantaine, Senior Class Treasurer, '49. WASHBURN, MARILYN-Uunel Christian Student Union, Cherokee. WATTS, MARY ANNE-Uuneb Orenda Staff, '48-'49, Gym Class Leader,La Cinquantaine,Christian Student Union, Variety Show, Office Assistant, Cherokee. WEST, CHARLIE-Uunel Lancer Staff, '47-'49, WHARTON, JEANNIE-Uunej Chums, Publicity Chair- man, '48-'49, Wapiko, Los Hobladores, Office Assist- ant, Y-Teen, Cherokee, WHEAT, BUCK-Uunel Pow Wow, Director, '48-'49, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Kachina, Band, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Variety Show. WHEELER, JACKIE-iSummer Schooll Haienonis, All City Choir, Los Habladores. i 1949 Senio WHITAKER, CHARLES-Uunej Christian Student Union. WHITE, ANN-Uanuaryl Lancer Staff, '48-'49, Haie- nonis, Cherokee. WHITE, FLORENCE-Uunel Red Cross Representative, '48, Cherokee. WHITE, PATSY-Uunel Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee, Transferred from Bay City, Texas. WHITE, ROBERT-Uunej. WHITEHEAD, GLORIA-Uanuaryj Belles, Sergeant-at- Arms, '47, Charity Chairman, '48, Cherokee. WHITEHURST, TROY-Uanuaryb Pow Wow, R.O.T.C., Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Officers' Club. WIEDEMAN, EDYTHE--Uunel Wapika, La Cinquantaine, City Volleyball, '48, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. WILCOX, EDWARD-Uunel R.0.T.C., Non Commissioned Officers' Club. WILDE, HENRY-Uunej Arrowhead, National Honor So- ciety, Secretary, '48, Senior Cabinet, Orenda staff, Life Editor, '48-'49, Quill and Scroll, National Poetry Anthology, Terry Cup, Ramal, Sequoyha, Anthology Editor, '47-'48, President, '48-'49, Los Habladores, Vice-president, '47, Christian Student Union, Office Asistant, Fire Captain, '48, Hi-Y, Secretary-Treasurer, WILLIAMS, ANN-Uunej Niwauna, Chaplain, '48, Haie- nonis, All City Choir, Texas Junior Academy of Science, Christian Student Union, Tennis Squad, '48, Archery Club, '47-'48, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee. WILLIAMS, CAROLYN-Uunej Haienonis, All City Choir, Christian Student Union, Pianist, '47-'48, Frolics, May Fete Entertainers, '48, Variety Show, Y-Teen. WILLIAMS, CLARE-Uunej Cheerleader, '48-'49, Ni- wauna, Junior Membership Chairman, '48, Vice-presi- dent, '48, Student Council, Secretary, '48-'49, Haie- nonis, All City Choir, Christian Student Union, La Cinquantaine, Gym Class Leader, Frolics, Office Assist- ant, Y-Teen, Cherokee. WILLIAMS, HOWARD-Uunel Irari, WILSON, BARBARA-Uunej Chums, Student Council, '46-'47, May Fete, '46, Office Assistant, Gym Class Leader, City Volleyball '45-'48, Letterman, '47-'48, Cherokee Softball Head. WILSON, CAROLYN-Uunel Tawasi, Wapika, Christian Student Union, Cherokee. ANDERS, DOROTHY BERRY, BOB BERTRON, JIMMY BLACKHALL, BILL Seniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear BREEDING, BOB BURNS, JIMMY BURGE, BOB BUSSA, FRED FRIEDMAN, EILEEN GAINES DOLPH GIANUKOS JOHN GIBSON JODIE ANN GRIFFIN JAMES Seniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear MILWEE, VIVIAN SMITH, RUSSELL KITTLE MINNIE GRACE ROBERTS, BOB STOTTS, HELEN ROBISON, MATT STRINGER, HENRY MCSTRAVICK PHYLLIS SING, JEU BUCK WILSON, CONRAD SMITH, FOY 1949 Senio WILSON, HELEN-Uunel Lancer, '48-'49, City Volleyball, '48, Cherokee. WOFFORD, NORMA LEE-Uanuaryl National Honor So- ciety, Student Council, '48-'49, Red Cross Representa- tive, '47-'48, Los Habladores, Kachina, Office Assist- ant, Cherokee. WOLF, JANE-Uanuaryj Chums, Haienonis, Los Habla- dores, Christian Student Union, Frolics, Cherokee. WOLFE, GENE-Uunel Pow Wow, R.O.T.C., Sergeant, Non Commissioned Officers' Club. WOLFSKILL, LYLE-Uunel Kachina, R.0.T.C., Lieuten- ant, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, Officers' Club, Rifle Team, '47-'48, Hi-Y. WOMACK, BERT-Uunel Pow Wow, Kachina, Cliquo- donis, Frolics, Football, '48, Hi-Y. WOOD, JIMMY-Uunel Orenda, '47-'48, R.O.T.C., Major, '48-'49, Non Commissioned Officers' Club, President, '47-'48, Officers' Club, Secretary-Treasurer, '48-'49. WOODHAM, JO ANN-Uunel Tawasi, Sergeant-at-Arms, '48-'49, All City Choir, Irari Princess, '47-'49, Gym Clgss gender, Frolics, Y-Teen, Cherokee Bowling Head, '4 -'4 . WOODRUFF, CAROLYN-Uunel Towasi, Parliamentarian, '48-'49, Wapika, Christian Student Union, Orenda Beauty, '48, Library Assistant. WOODS, MARY-Uunej Christian Student Union, Y-Teen, Cherokee. WOOLEY, CARL--Uunel Christian Student Union, Bowl- ing Club, '47, Hi-Y. WRIGHT, ELEANOR-Uunel Belles, '48, Vice-president, '48, President, '49, National Forensic League, Lancer Assistant, Frolics, Cherokee, WRIGHTSMAN, LARRY-Uunel Sophomore, Junior Cab- inets,- Arrowhead, National Honor Society, Irari, Christian Student Union, R.O.T.C., '46-'48, Sergeants' Club, Hi-Y, Chaplain, '48-'49, Library Assistant. YAFRBERRY, JIMMY-Uunel Christian Student Union, i-Y. YOUNG, SARA ANNE-Uunel Niwauna, Kachina, Los Habladores, Wapika, Cherokee. ZIVLEY, WALTER-Uunel Hi-Y, unior C1444 Ufficer-A President KENT BEN DALL Vice-president CLAUDE HOOTON Secretary DIANE LEHMAN Treasurer SHARI COLLINS John Abbott Anne Acker Alex Adams John Alcorn Sue Aldrich Nancy Alexander William Allen Adrienne Anderson Shirley Andrew Roy Andrews Peggy Anthony Barbara Archer Shirley Axline John Bagalay Diana Baker Norma Jean Bammel Carl Banks Julia Beall Diane Bechtel James Begnaud Sally Belt Alafair Benbow Kent Bendall Barbara Bennett Bette Benson Frances Berryman Betty Bess Patsy Beyer Charles Bidgood Jean Biggers Jack Bills Beverly Bintliff Richard Black Annice Blatt Marion Boone Lamar Bordelon Sidney Bordelon Francis Bostick Jeanne Boudreaux Sondra Bourgoin Kinta Bousquet Karlee Bown Betty Boyce Charles Boyd Jimmy Boyd Mary Jane Breaker Betty Brewster Helen Bright ,- J ' vii fff S 57' ' -V ,. L If X JR If F ,XX J 7, I Xcxx l Nl " e I xx I y 2 fi ,Vx il i J l fi 4 c 1 J f X ' Xe r X sf l uniel-A . held elau election . Kent Zend A Joan Brinaolf Ann Brockmeier Sammv Brooks Barbara Lee Brown Curtis Brown La Nell Browne Georae Buckstaff Pedllv Bull Willie Bullen Pat Burke Barbara Byaraeon Anrlela Caldwell Barbara Camden Robert Cameron Sharon CamD Erlend Carlton Jim Carlton Janice Carnes Sally Ann Carroll Ralnh Carson Bobbie Carter Jimmv Cavitt Joan Childerhose Maraaret Clark Melvin Clarke Jim Clearv Bertv Jean Clemens Kenneth Clinton Marv Jane Clough Bill Clovd Barbara Cole Jack Cole Helen Collier Billve Jean Collins Shari Collins Stevhen Collins Marv Comfort Bill Connor Paul Coronis Earl Cortes Herbert Coursey Pat Cranor Charles Crocker Elsie Crossman Suzanne Cubberlv Carolyn Culver Barbara Jean Cundall Don CutIiD Jimmy Daniel Stanley Daniels David Dean Helen Dickson Jov Lvnne Diainas Jo Anne Dillehav Donald Dinawall Jaclluie Dobskv Jack Doran Bill Drake Noelie Duggan Dorothy Ann Dunford Jimmy Eby Lois Elias Bill Elkins 47 clam . . . gi I take ?irAt Mid banda ing . . . Paul Engelbrecht Nancy Erbe Louise Estill Ann Eubank Patricia Evans Ann Everts Richard Ewing Shirley Fair Sallie Falkenbury Frances Farquharson Patsy Farquharson Carolyn Farrell Marilyn Fisher Gerald Fitzgerald Betty Flack Marvin Ford Martha Francis Emma Jean Franklin Richard Fullerton Judy Garland Jean Garmany Patsy Garrett Pat Gaston Ann Gaushell Frances Gee Harvey Gilliam Marilyn Graves Betty Gray Patsy Sue Green Ed Grubbs Gordon Gudger Jane Gunter Frances Guthrie K. Hall Barbara Hamaker Jane Hardy Cynthia Hargrave Nance Hargrave Lynn Harris Dittman Harrison Barbara Hart Elinor Harvey Sue Hastings Jo Ann Heaney Sue Heathcott Noel Hedge Libby Herndon Ed Heyne Julie Hinckley Henry Hobbs Larry Hogue Outstanding Juniors, Sue Hastings, Alafair Ben- bow, Sue Aldrich, Mari- lyn Graves, Kenneth East- ridge, Cla u d e Hooton, Bill Lee, and Beach Mott gather together for some last minute cram- ming. 48 univr-A . W ite on Coloni lbamesf Sway . . Juniors participating in a panel discussion in Mr. Duggan's American History classroom are Jackie Speece, Tommy Swartz, Rosalie York, Billy' Snow, and Nancy Erbe. Nancy Hallowell Hal Hope Jack Hausworth N. C. Hoyt Marion Hutnall Norma Hughes Alton Hunt Nancy Hunt Fred Huppertz Peggy Ives Joanie Jacks Janna Jackson Jean Jackson Peggy James Paula Janke Henry Jisha James Jobe Phyllis Johnson Peggie Jo Jones Wayne Jones Bob Kemp Judy Kennelly Jim Kilpatrick Lu Ann King Ina Claire Kirkpatrick Jean Kleine Jimmy Klipple Tammy Kloves Val Jean Kluppel Billy Knobelsdort George Knower Ginger Knower Jeannine Kohli Ben Kostial Johnny Koumonduros Ann Krachy Kenneth Kuhn Jody La Grew Victor Landig Kathy Lawrence Stuart Lawrence David Leach Mike Ledford Bill Lee Diane Lehman Patricia Leigh Laddie Lesikar Lynda Lesikar Larry Leva Jack Lewi Elynor Lewis 49 r qliogue malzujaqcee 1411-Tournament Te m David Littlefield Larry Loessin Joanne Lomax Barbara Long Monte Lord Bill Loverdi Pati Lyons Charlotte McCall Mary Margaret McCarthy Barbara McCrory Mary Ellen McDade Jean McElreath Barbara McGinty James McMutry Lolita McNeill Martha McRae Marilyn McVey Gayle MacKie Barbara Madden Claude Matthews Shirley Meisner George Meriwether Gloria Meyer Beverly Miller Bob Miller Charla Molinare Carolyn Moore La Verne Moore Lena Moscarelli Gerald Moses Dianne Moss Manuel Moss Beach Mott Carol Mottley Russell Mount Kendall Mower Mary Myslivec Alta Naylor Marian Nichols Jan Nisbet I. L. Nix Barbara 0'Meara Pat 0'Rear Liligene Pace Maurice Patterson Robert Payne Betty Pearson Wanda Louise Perkins Keith Pevey Phylliss Phillips Jimmy Pickett Junior girls practicing First Aid bandaging on Cissy Prell are Sally Stuebing, Gladys Ver- non,Hildene Senter, Sue Shively, Miss Dvoracek, and Beth Smyth. uniol-A . . . fu, en te national fvlvn I' Society . . "Pay for your Orenda!" says Carol Smith to Shari Collins, Warren Sexton, Maurice Patter- son, and Tammy Swartz, Mary Jane Pike Portia Pirtle Sarah Pitschmann Alice Plumb Sally Polk Wanda Polk Ronnie Poole Hermon Pope Marjorie Potenzo Mary Pound Eltriede Prell Margaret Purcell Tommy Rabson Joan Rasmussen Estelle Rawls Dixie Rawlings Edwin Redman Stephanie Reilly Kaye Reiter Nancy Restivo Dolores Rice Billy Richards Ann Riddick Pot Riggs Sally Ringer E. B. Roberts Dolores Rogers Nancy Rogers Bob Rowland Lorena Ruland Edna Rusko Jack Russell Beverly Sain Whitney Sampson w Carolyn Savage Lewis Scherer Sandro Schmidt June Schneider Rosemary Schott Sonny Scoggins Bill Scott Woodrow Scrivener Joel Selber Valerie Sellors Hildene Senter Carol Settegast Jack Sewell Warren Sexton Randy Showell Jane Sheppard Sue Shively acuity :Iota an Rama and Ta a icup inner-A Jamey Skelton Carol Smith Janey Smith Kenneth Smith Peggy Lee Smith Beth Smyth Billy Snow Robert Sparks Jackie Speece Dan Spoor Kathie Staats Barbara Stanley Jenny Stevenson Mac Stevenson Wendell Steward Robert Stewart Jim Street Nancy Streetman Sally Stuebing' Tommy Swartz Jerrie Nan Swinford Jack Tait Charles Tapley Bill Teas Gene Teas Marilyn Terry Walter Timmerman Mary Tolman Mary Alice Underwood Sylvia Van Valkenburgh Gladys Vernon Harriette Wade Doris Wagner Carol Walker Edwin Walker Gerry Walker Barbara Wall Paul Wallin Jack Washburn Aleah Watson Sarah West Rudy Weyel Marianne White Bobby Whiting Pat Whitworth Joan Wier Shirley Williams Virginia Wills Everett Wilson James Wilson Patsy Wilson Charles Wimberly Agnes Wingate Wanda Wolfe Patricia Womack Betty Womeldorf George Woodward Margaret Wright Jeannie Yonkers Jane York Rosalie York Phil Zimmerman Sophomore Clam Ufficer-A TOM BIGGS Vice-President: RICHARD WEBB Secretary: MARY COY Treasurer: SALLY SCHMUCKER Nancy Jean Ackley Floyd Addington Marge Ann Adickes Arthur Ahlstone Richard Albitz George Alcorn Pat Allen Walter Allen Sharon Alpha Marsha Anderson Marshall Anderson Eugene Andrews Martha Andrews Norleen Anthony Thomas Armstrong Robert Arrington John Ruth Ashen Marilyn Bailey Eleanor Bale Mary Banik Doris Banowsky Virginia Barkley Carolyn Barr Sarah Barrow Donald Bartay Joan Barthelme Dorothy Bayer Jayne Beale Don Beeth Barbara Beggs Bryan Bell Betty Belsher Jem Bentz Althea Bernhard Bonnie Bertrand Tom Biggs Betty Black Rosalie Black Patsy Blumberg Beverley Bohn Martha Deane Bond Betty Bouknight Barbara Bouldin Janice Bourdon Paul Bower Robert Bowers June Bowser Sheria Lin Boyd z S , -5 ,X Ig X Q X X 1 J NJ 5 if "7 1 S , i 4 X B1 ii .Mi FN ,f f f I A . 2' if 'fiZ554?Yd?J'f'Xi f I2 135 'f x' 'IT u Sophomore flock to fu-At p qofancu Nancy Brace Edward Brawner Ben Brewer Jimmy Brill Raymond Brochstein Joan Brooks Lewis Brooks Norma Brooks Ann Brown John Bullington John Burns Judy Burrell Barbara Burton Sally Burton Edwin Busch Ann Byargeon Mary Elizabeth Bynum Nancy Calnon Virgil Cammack Gloria Carpenter Gregory Catlow Leslie Center Betty Chapman Wornoll Chetham-Strode Karl Choate Nelda Clawsan Gloria Colley W. J. Collier Barbara Jean Cook Joan Cooley Floyd Cosby Mary Coy Agnes Craig Daniel Creedon John Crowe Cynthia Crutcher Colleen Culloton Jean Cummins Anne Cunningham Beverly Curry Ann Curtner Bobby Dalton Jody Dalton Tommy Davies Sam Davidson Doris Davis Donald Demming Jim Dickson Bobby Doty Patricia Dressel B. B. Drury Fred Duckett Nancy Dudley Joan Dunn Sue Eckhardt Betty Edwards Ellen Edwards James Ehman Ellen Elizardi Joan Ellis Kathy Eresch Lynn Evans Tommy Evans Shirley Everitt Fran Farrell Marilyn Feigle Jim Felts Pat Fenoalio Garland Fielder Jo Ann Fielder Laurens Fish Jimmie Flanagan m ddle doom wart club dl-awzng . . . Tom Fletcher Frances Floyd David Foard Jackie Ford Jimmy Fawlkes Mary Jo France Linda Friedrichs Billy Fullerton Dolores Funk Jo Ann Gaido Ira Nell Gaither Franklin Gajewsky Kathrine Galbreath Jeaneane Gardiner James Garrett Jay Garth Betty Gaskins Harry Gayden Joan Geiler Richard Gemmer Jo Ann Gemoets -' Jeff George Mary Ann Geraghty Bob German Joyce Gibson Mary Ann Gifford Gaylord Gillespie Jack Glidden Marlene Godke Mary Louise Goerner David Goff Marilyn Goldy Eva Jo Graham Shirley Ann Graves Marion Frances Greensides Mary Katharine Greensides Rita Grisaffi Mary Anne Guthrie Charlton Hadden Beverly Ann Haley Margery Hall Otis Halliday Jann Hamann Mona Lee Hancock Lew Harpold Bruce Hartman Jo Haskell Ernest Haynes Lisa Hearn Roy Heath Nancy Heinen Mary Henderson Barbara Henrich Larry Hensarling Joan Herb John Herbert Connie Herring Charles Herron Adele Hestwood Arnold Hicks A group of young biol- ogists peer intently at the animals in the dis- play case. Svplwmv . . . d Ur, I7 L and No ton lette Nancy Higginbotham Allan Hill Charles Hill June Hill Tommy Hill Sue Hillbolt Betty Jean Hilliard Bobby Hines Lillian Hobbs Sandy Hobbs Betty Hogue Elsa Jean Holland Kathryn Hollar Mary Hooton Clare Horning Kenneth Horton Margaret Ann Horton Fort Howard Betty Anne Howell Emma Jean Hudgings Layton Hughens Charles Hughes Pat Hughes Beverly June Hull Davis Hunt Tamara Hurdle Dick Hurley Barron Iiams Burt lson Don Jackson Jennette Jackson Dana James Mary Beth James Margaret Jameson Jim Jax Gay Jay Leroy Jobe George Johnson Jo Johnson John Joiner Brian Jones Carolyn Jones Ghita Jones H. M, Jones Joy Lynn Jones Mary Beth Jordan Maurice Keathley Sarah Anne Keller Patricia Kemp Henry Kendrick Ann Kennerly Gordon King Paul King Kent Kiser Carolyn Kongabel Bill Krupke Laddie Kubena Jane Lawhan Tommy Lawhon Marion Lawler Laura Jean Le Blanc Carl Lee Elise Lightfoot Barbara Link Mary Val Lipscomb Bruce Littell Dick Little Lynn Lloyd Jasper Lomax Earl Arnold Evetge Sarah Luger Bill Luttrell 5 ei F 9' 5 fl 1 H l Q A F ii E t l z I if L claam wmlaqe te m... Q I take Safety Sli t John Lullrell Glenna McCarthy Charles McClain Nancy McClain Dolores McClellan Jack McComb Pat McCormick Bobbie McDaniel Guy McDaniels Tommy McGarrah Helen McKay Amy McKenzie Thad McMillan Hal Machaf Bernice Magruder John Maness Yeager Markins Everett Marley Richard Marmion Earle Martin Harold Mason Sandor Maury Wade Melton Lois Meyer Tom Miessher Brad Miles Alice Miller Dave Miller Annot Millwee Mack Milner Nancy Milton Hank Moore Marlene Moore Mary Ann Moore George More Rosemary Moreland Nell Jeanne Morm Jean Mosher Jane Mossberger Myrna Mugford Ruth Mugg Josephine Muller Steve Muller Joan Neely Joan Nelson W. B. Neumann Elaine Newton Carol Nichols Joy Nicolai Jack Novak Eddie Nix Betty-Nell Oppenheimer Helen Owen Julia Owen Clifford Ownby Barbara Pannell Bill Parker Waller Parker Sarah Frances Patrick Julie Peddie Sophomores are always easy prey lor Senior salesmen. Here we find Bill Wilde, Ann Ken- nerly, Tom Flelcher, George Wilson, Kafha- rine Snow, Julie Peddie, and Mary Settegast. Sophomore . . . 61vlog1A tA p epare he 64 aww . Horace Perry Patricia Pettitt Bradley Phair Beverly Phillips Mary Alice Phillips Jeanne Poole Miller Porter Ronald Prescott Kenneth Prine Dorothy Nell Raney Dennis Raymer Newton Rayzor Emily Reaves Daniel Redmond Jimmie Reese Carolyn Renfrow Jimmy Rhodes Bennett Roberts Bob Robertson Robert Robertson Brooks Robinson Noble Robinson Jim Robinson Earnest Rogers Don Roy Haskel Ruhm Celestia Ruska Joe Russo Mary Ann Russell Richard Russell Mary Ann Sakwitz Peggy Sandertord John Sanders Margaret Sanger Jerry Sans Donald Sauer Merle Sauermilch Gus Schill Sally Schmucker Ronnie Schneider John Schroder Charles Schultz Erna Schwarz Bryant Seay Leo Sellars Joan Semaan Mary Settegast Joe Shaffer Jed Shaw Pat Sheppard Patty Shields Larry Shumway Charlene Simmons Jerry Sivley Lucia Small Joan Smith Pamella Smith Katharine Snow Ann Snowdon Florine Sowar Mary Elizabeth Spaulding Wanda Spruce Fred Stancliff Suzannah Steele Peter Steigerwald Nancy Steinert Marian Stone Ernest Stone Estelle Stone Ben Strickland Louis Strickland Bryon Strode ""'m f 7 f. 2' QS. I L S 63 1 I ,5 r,r: , f"W3 ff' f , Q N ngggvf 1 A9 if 1 I ww jf, Kg' . ' 5 f - rw IJ! l ,wg W fiafl I 1 , ,,,. M y .Y Vs K, ,, 1' ,gf ' an f' lm'-4: f ' 1' .f A A,.,, , sg ., if 1 me gg fix W I QQMYQ' J an 5 43.5 Svplwmo Top Row: Richard Fox, Carl Davis, Ed- mund Duggan, Ronnie Curtis, Charles Croley, Tom DeWhitt Middle Row: Barbara Clements, Gloria Gillespie, Robbie Lou Graham, Doreen Griscom, Carol Creed, Mary Bess Faris, Shirley Ford, Dewuse Guyton, Carleton Grusendorf Front Row: Georgia Collins, Harriet Davis, Joan Delaney, Dolores Gillard, Joy Dun- ford, Judith Ehman, Mary Diamond, Pat Cline, Carolyn Green Top Row: Frank Bonner, George Bolin, David Allred, Tom Anderson, Tom Brooks, Wilmer Anderson, Virginia Cammack, Mary Frances Burke Middle Row: John Brunson, George Buc- hanan, John Brokaw, Henry Adams, Kenneth Carsey, Nelson Cartwright, Barbara Alfie, Johnny Alban, Bonnie Faye Bailey Front Row: Howard Andrew, Fred Brouil- lette, Norman Brady, Polly Benoit, Joan Britton, Jane Carlisle, Sydney Billings- ley, Katherine Burge, Mary Alice Brassil Top Row: Don Hobbs, Jack Hall, Bobby Heap, Richard Koch, Bobby McCleary, Hal Hurlbert, Philip Kidd, Norval John- son, Alfred Kohli Middle Row: Carol McKissick, Janet Jones, Robert Harrison, Myrtle McPhail, Ver- non Lamb, Barbara Heallen, Jimmy Lane, Noel Kuester, Gerald Hord Front Row: Betty Ann McVey, Sara Ha- worth, Julio Laguortd, Fred Lange, Davia Hawes, June Lakenmacher, lrene Krachy, Bob Holliday, Rolf Jansen Xkgi- Top Row: Alfred Matladge, Ward Nel- son, Betty Sue Myers, Jimmy Powell, Barry Moss Middle Row: Carl O'Connor, Ed Mainous, Page Rogers, John Montgomery, Eugene Politt, Bing Rogers, Robert Osborn Front Row: Anne Oexman, Fred Marett, Eugene Reamer, Mary Robb, Vera Mae Ottinger, Yvonne Rodgers, Cynthia Poole Top Row: Charles Wallace, Bill Ueckert, Bill White, William Willis, Charles Vesey, David Wyckoff, Betty Heck, Bruce Willis Middle Row: Willis Upchurch, Don White, Dick Wilson, Edith More, Mar Te Whit- sitt, Janet Rothrock, Janet Norwood, Wanda Willhoite, Patricia Mudd Front Row: Cynthia Wheeler, Pam Riley, Frances Hall, Shirley Vaughn, Alta Verheul, Jolene Wisehart, Anne Wise, Martha Wainwright, Elizabeth Volke, Patricia Waugh - vw Soplwmo Top Row: Elise Sanders, Walt Silvus, George Tolle, Don Hobbs, Bruce Thomp- son, Robert Sweeney, Norval Johnson, Don Thompson, Wilton Trahan Middle Row: Ann Trweman, Fred Sim- mons, Owen Savage, John Stieneker, Carl Schumacher, Francis Teas, Tommy il Tomlinson, Bobby Lou Turrentine, Diane Stone, Betty Templeton Front Row: Nancy Sweeton, Lane Schultz, Patsy Sangel, Peggy Simpson, Loquana Simmons, Alice Todd, Alyce Lou Smith, Sanni Smith, Carolyn Skogland Not in Picture: Ann Spears, Ann Steven, Thomas Swartz, Sally Smith, Don Sellers Without u society, and a society to our taste, men are never contented -Thomas Jefferson. Yime to 0 ani e 63 "There will be an important student council meeting this afternoon in Room 305 . . ." or "The C. S. U. will hold an important meeting . . ." Practically everyone at Lamar belongs to at least one of the school's numerous organizations and attends the always "important" meet- ings. These are the three divisions of organization at Lamar: the non-social clubs, the social clubs, and the R.O.T.C. S The most colorful and widely discussed of these is Lamar's ten social clubs. With the opening of Lamar in I937 the students were given a choice of having these clubs or a girls' pep squad like the other high schools in Houston. Since the choice was made, these clubs have done much to improve the school. The majority of the students are lucky enough to be drawn into a club when they are sophomores. The first two weeks of initiation are ones which are never for- gotten. lt is then that a sophomore meets many new friends and at last gains a feeling of being a part of the school. ln the next two years he will learn how to work with his fellow club members to put on dances, to promote candy sales, and to give formals. With their contributions of spirit and leadership, the organizations of Lamar have done much to make the school a place of continual activity. NON SOCIAL CLUBS SOCIAL CLUBS R.O.T.C. aww gag If you've ever entered or even passed room 306 between two and three o'clock you are probably aware of the chaos caused by a year- book staff. Here amidst the stifling aroma of glue, the snipping of scissors, and the pecking of a typewriter, Cno reflection on Beverly Kemp's procedurel, the Orenda Staff works to produce an annual that will please the ever- EDITOR-ROBERT CLEMONS critical student body. The Orenda has been selected seven times as being a First-Class Honor Book, this honor recognizes the book as one of the best high school yearbooks in America. Upon entering 306 one might see Henry Wilde and Bob Strawn back in the corner talking over pictures each would like to have in his section. Henry's responsibility is the School Life Section, and Bob's is the Sports Section. They are not bothered by Elwyn Simons as he patiently moves them aside in order to get some glue out of the cabinet. At his side is Kenneth Eastridge, a new comer to the staff, together Kenneth and Elwyn are largely re- sponsible for mounting and drawing panels. Julia Picton and Henry Wilde read over some copy as Beverly Kemp Bob Strawn, Fred Durrance, Beth Smyth, and Margaret Wright are prepares to type, . busy mounting one of the club pages. Orenda Staff Julia Picton, assistant editor, is check- ing lists of seniors to be sure each name , identifies the correct picture. Margaret Wright's job, the Club section, and Beth Smyth's, the sophomore and junior classes, - are both difficult. Margaret and Beth manage to look up from their work for a s minute to hear the conversation between Bm THORNTCNI BUSWESS MANAGER Fred Durrance, staff photographer, and Robert Clemons, editor. Turning through his dummy Robert is explaining to Fred the picture assignments for the next day. As confusion mounts, Miss Weinberg and her business staff enter. They bring samples of red leather for the cover. Bill Thornton, business manager, carries a large yellow envelope of samples. Mary Alexander, Anne Watts, and Carol Smith have left their receipt writing long enough to help decide on a suitable color. This energetic group has worked patiently and hard to produce this year's Orenda. The staff, the sponsors, Miss Drew Black Staggs and Miss Helen Weinberg, sincerely hope the book pleases all Lamarites. While Buddy Clemons and Julia Picton check for misspelled names, Kenneth Eastridge and Bill Thornton survey some club mountings. Members of the business staff, Anne Watts, Mary Alexander, and Not in picture: Elwyn Simons, who graduated in January, Carol Smith, write receipts for subscribers, SPRING EDITOR-TANY POLLARD The Z ar iancer Just how they do it we don't know, but the Lancer Staff manages to publish the school newspaper every two weeks. In order to meet their frequent deadlines they must continually gather news, write and edit copy and take pictures. Here are the Staff positions for the year: EDITORIAL STAFF KFALLJ Editor-in-Chief ....................,.,.,......, JOEL CARROLL Associate Editor ..... ,.,,,.... P HIL BAKER Editorial Assistant ..,.. ...,.............. E RLEND CARLTON News Editors .....,.. .... V IRGINIA LEE SMITH, GAY SANDERS Feature Editors .... .... S AMMY McLELLAND, TANY POLLARD Exchange Editor ,..., ...............,..,. M ARTHA HUDSON Sports Editors .... ,.... J ERRY JENSEN, BARBARA HOLLIDAY Columnist ...... ,.......,..,,..,.,... H ENRY HORNE Photographer .,..,,...... ............,..,.... C HARLIE WEST Artists .......,.... CHARLA MOLINARE, VIRGINIA STEVENSON 'rypisr ...,.. .....,,....,.....,.., B ARBARA LEE BROWN Reporters. ,.,. ,... P EGGY CROW, SHIRLEY FENDLEY, MARTHA HUDSON, VIRGINIA PARIS, HELEN WILSON BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..,... ...,. J OHN McCONNELL Advertising Manager .,.. .... B ARBARA MADDEN Circulation Manager ..... .... . .SALLY SMITH Faculty Sponsor ...... ...MISS LOUISE FULLER Members of the Business Staff Peggy James, Barbara Madden, John McConnell, Peggy Bull, and Patsy Byer, pictured at the left, work on the Lancer budget. Pictured below them are: Gay Sanders, Virginia Lee Smith, Sammy McLeIland, Erlend Carlton, and Phil Baker, In the picture below Jean Fairchild, Lee Nora Ingram, Charles Tapley, Frances Gee, Sue Hutchens, Lois Jean Martin, and Larry Wrightsman stop their proof reading for a minute and pose for a picture. The Zamar lance EDITORIAL STAFF KSPRINGI Editor-in-Chief ........ Associate Editor .... Managing Editor .... Editorial Assistants News Editor ..,. Feature Editor .,., Copy Editor ..... , .....,....,,......... TANY POLLARD . , SAMMY MCLELLAND ....,..PHIL BAKER ....ERLEND CARLTON, VIRGINIA LEE SMITH, GAY SANDERS . ....... CHARLES TAPLEY ... ,..,..,, JEAN FAIRCHILD ......,.......LARRY WRIGHTSMAN Assistants.. .. ...FRANCES GEE, LEE NORA INGRAM, FALL EDITOR-JOEL CARROLL SUE HUTCHENS, LOIS JEAN MARTIN Sports Editors .... ...JERRY JENSEN, BARBARA HOLLIDAY Assistants ..... .... C HARLES WHITAKER, BILL HAMLIN, BETTY GRAY, LYTTLETON MOORE Exchange Editor .. ..,.,...,....,.... MARTHA HUDSON Cartoonist .,..... .... J ENNY STEVENSON Photographer ..,. .,........ C HARLIE WEST BUSINESS STAFF Typist """' "4' """4""A ' ' BARBARA LEE BROWN Business Manager ................. ....,... J OHN McCONNELL Reporters .... ELEANOR WRIGHT, Busrek DICKERSON, Advemsing Manage, .H-...BARBARA MADDEN HENRY HORNE, HAMMY HILL, PEGGY . CROW' DOROTHY TIMMERMANIBARBARA Assistant ....,..,...... .......,...... P EGGY JAMES COLE, LIBBY HERNDON, GERRY MAT, Circulation Manager .... PATSY BYER, PEGGY BULL THEWS, ALTA NAYLOR, HELEN WILSON Faculty Sponsor. , . .. ...... MISS LOUISE FULLER Staff members Charlie West, Buster Dickerson, Dorothy Timmer- man, Helen Wilson, Peggy Crow, Martha Hudson, and Gerry Matthews stand around typewriter white Barbara Lee Brown Barbara Halliday, Jerry Jensen, Lyttletan Maare, Bill Hamlin. and prepares to type. Charlie Whitaker look over the Iatest issue of the Lancer. 68 141' owlne d "To be elected to membership in this organization is the highest honor a senior can attain," concluded Mr. Moyes. These were the principal's words to the students as he prepared to name the members whose pictures appear on this page. The Arrowheads have been called "the cream of the senior crop," and the senior "brains.f' They are the students who have maintained a 4.6 average or better throughout high school, who have maintained high character qualities, and have attained a record of service and leadership. Aitken Arnold Bachemin Baker Beck Blankenship Braden Brown Buckstatf Burke Carroll Clemons Cooper Cox Coy Cunyas Freund Hamner Hogan Johnson Jones Jordan Lawson Merritt Moore Mugg Picton Pollard Rhine Shepherd Smith Strawn Wilde Wrightsman I At the club's first meeting, which was held late in Octo- ber, Robert Clemons was elected president for the year, Irwin Jordan, vice-pres- ident, Bob Strawn, treasurer, Larry Wrightsman, attend- ance clerk, and before the boys got complete executive control Martha Moore was elected secretary. The members had a very busy year. The installation and dinner was held on No- vember thirtieth at Ye Ole College lnn. Besides main- taining an exhibit case in the library and selling decals and pencils, the Arrowheads have sold bright red and blue cel- lophane book covers. As the year drew to a close the mem- bers looked forward to Class Night at which time the Ar- rowhead Cup is presented to the club's most valuable member. Paula Meredith was winner last year. The spon- sors of Arrowhead are Miss Nell Morris and Miss Drew Black Staggs. NATIONAL wwmiwf 5' f , fu fix I , 'ggNQ5:1ig,Qc.L 59? ,ff ,,,,, , AVAV 'ZEQI II mf, , Q 14.44 Z . A National lelonor Socie ty O Since 1922, when the National Honor Society was first founded, it has grown into an organization of over 2000 chapters, whose total membership includes 250,000 students. The object of the Lamar chapter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character. Under the direc- tion of Mr. W. J. Moyes, the club was led during the fall semester by Louise Baker, president, Carolyn Coy, vice-president, Don Olsen, secretary, and Henry Wilde, treasurer. MEMBERS OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MIRABEAU B. LAMAR HIGH SCHOOL, 1948-1949 Vera Abshire Diane Aitken Mary Alexander Shirley Armstrong Therese Arnold Dorothea Bachemin John Bagalay Louise Baker Joy Bartlett Julia Beall Marilyn Beck Kent Bendall Marjorie Jean Biggers Beverly Bintliff Edwina Blankinship Annice Blatt Karlee Ruth Bown Marianne Broden Barbara Lee Brown Nancy Brown Joann Buckstaff Peggy Bull Helen Burke Pat Burke William Burns Joel Carroll Robert Clemons Ann Cline Ann Cooper Erwin Cottingham Barbara Sue Cox Carolyn Coy Patsy Cunyus Doris Davidson Janis Dechman Elizabeth Derivan Rosanne Dickson Fred Durrance Ken Eastridge John Endicott Jean Fairchild Dorothy Jean Foster Eileen Freidman Grete Freund Judy Garland Gayle Garth Janet Gast Patricia Gaston Jeanne Hall Sammy Hamilton Rosemary Hamner Bobs Hartung Helen Hedley Ann Hogan Barbara Howe Mary Ida Hubbard Bob Hubbell Sue Hutchens Peggy Jean Ives Mary Gene Johnson Phyllis Sue Johnson Mary Owen Jones Erwin Jordan Beverly Kemp Peggy Kendrick Noreen Kevan Chester King Ann Krachy Marjory Kroupa Doris Labat Janet Lawson Diane Lehman Eugene Lewis Lewis Logan Ann McElroy Sammy McLeIland Gwinn McMahon James McMurtry Barbara Madden Joan Marks J. A. Matlage Roswell Merritt Martha Moore Jean Marie Morrow Jarrell Mugg Bill Munnerlyn Patsy Murray Don Olsen Julia Picton Sally Polk Tany Pollard Herman Pope Thomas Rabson Keenan Reiney Mary Ann Rhine Sarah Ringer Lorena Mae Ruland Valerie Sellors Carol Settegast Marjorie Shepherd Betty Silvus Andrea Simmons Carol Smith Virginia Smith Beth Smyth Cordelia Sprong Bob Strawn Tommy Swartz Dick Thomas Bill Thornton Marilyn Vreugde Beverly Ward Bobby Whiting Henry Wilde Helen Frances Wilson Norma Wolford Margaret Wright Larry Wrightsman Officers of the National Honor Society are seated left to right: Carolyn Coy, vice-presidentf Henry Wilde, treas- urerf Don Olsen, Secretary, and Louise Baker, president. if 1 Q r I . kv...-. , M-qw-vp, I, t x . , fl ES T 5 2 ,V.,:. 1, . QS 'M A ax f f ,fi Ti .,w,..133 f " an 'sifkf I 1 H mn A W 5, 1 f 4 f JI, W,- f ?? I EI ,,: I ,if ,L JF' Q5 TJ ,ns ' ai 1'e Qi 5 X 1 ,-gp - ii? 13 2, Q .qi 1 QM, Wx gk 6' 'L 1 atx ff' if' fl!! 4, GULF The Speaker lf ?orum The speech department of Lamar, which is under the direction of Mr. Floyd Dougherty, has gained recognition for the school in various tournaments throughout the state. Several years ago this department formed the Speaker's Forum. This organization is a member of the National Forensic League. This year the club elected the following officers: Dorothea Bachemin, president, Dick Sweetland, vice-presi- dent, Florine Sowar, secretary. Throughout this year the members attended speech tournaments in Dallas, Waco, and Arlington. The two most important events are the National Forensic League District meet held in Arlington and the state lnterscholastic League competition. Although both of these events are held in the spring it is safe to predict that Lamar's speech students will again bring home many new trophies. This year Lamar won first place in Boys' Declamation at the University of Houston, and Second Place Boys' debate at the University of Houston. Beside the many activities this club has sponsored, the members still found time to give two successful pay dances. The first, "Flight 49," had the distinction of being the first pay dance in I949. It was highlighted by a boys' style show. The second pay dance which was held in the spring, was an April Fool's Dance. The Speaker's Forum and Mr. Floyd Dougherty are to be congratulated on their high accomplishments in the field of speech. BACHEMIN, BEALL, BENDALL, BLATT BLATT, BULLEN, CARSON, COOPER DICKERSON, DOUGHERTY, LEWI, MOUNT, 0'DANlEL, PAVEY Officers-President, DOROTHEA BACHEMIN, Vice.. E PR STON, SELBER, SOWAR, SWEETLAND, TAYLOR, WRIGHT President, DICK SWEETLANDQ Secretary, FLORINE Not in picture-MYERS, MANCUSO, DOUGLAS SOWAR, 72 The Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS-Standing are AL HILDRETH, president, and DALE FOOSHEE, vice-president, seated are CAROLYN COY, treasurer, and CLARE WILLIAMS, secretary. The Student Council was established at Lamar in 1937. It is u representative body which helps form the policies of the school, and which promotes school spirit. The club is under the guidance of its vivacious sponsor, Miss Helen Wein- berg. The members of the Council are elected one from each homeroom. In order to be eligible for membership a student must have a B average and an H in conduct. The long list of the activities of this club is staggering. This year members compiled the directory, sponsored the Red Cross, the Community Chest, and the Lamar Library Drives, conducted the Orenda subscription drive and supervised all school elections. They also found time to furnish the school with scholarship merit awards which Mr. Moyes presents twice a year to students with all A averages. In the picture on the left, members of the Charter Committee, Rupert Johnson, Dorothy Foster, and Babs Hartung submit to Mr. Moyes the tentative plan for a new organization. Below, the CounciI's Election Committee, Bob Strawn, Barbara Lee Brown, and Patsy Murray tabulate the returns of the senior class officer election. The Student Council has three major standing committees. The Election Committee helps conduct and tabulate school elections. The Charter Committee reads, amends and submits new clubs' charters to the Council for ap- proval. The Bulletin Board Committee keeps constant watch on the size and quality of the poster placed on the bulletin boards throughout the building. At the head of the club this year was Al Hildreth, president, Dale Fooshee, vice-president, Clare Williams, secre- tary, and Carolyn Coy, treasurer. These officers found I949 a busy year. SENIOR MEMBERS Kneeling-Beverly Jean Miller, Bob Strawn, Barbara Lee Brown, Beverly Ward, Ina Claire Kirkpatrick, John Seligman, Albert Pavey. Sitting-Patsy Murray, Rupert Johnson, Babs Hartung, Dorothy Foster, Fred Durrance, Louise Baker, Fagan Cox, Pete Burch. JUNIOR MEMBERS Kneeling-Gregory Catlow, Joyce Gibson, George Woodward, Tommy Swartz, Warren Sexton, Lorena Ruland, Maurice Patterson. Sitting-Jimmy McMurtry, Marvin Ford, Jean Jackson,BiII Drake, Shari Collins, Ricky Black. SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Kneeling-Bobby Lou Turrentine, Kenneth Car- sey, Pat Cline, Pete Steigerwald, Jimmy Wright, Katherine Snow, Peggy Sanderford. Sitting-Kenneth Prine, Mary Ann Moore, Ann Kennerly, Mary Hoaton, Garland Fielder, Barbara Bouldin, Carolyn Barr. ON THE POSTER COMMITTEE ARE Gregory Catlow, Shari Collins, Miss Henderson, Louise Baker. The Zamar Zi6rar 'i' Over ten thousand books fill the shelves of the Lamar library. But much more than books are found in this long, interesting room. One can find many interesting displays and exhibits as well as numerous shelves and drawers of periodicals. Here every student comes to write themes, check out books, read, and to get a little peace and quiet, and always ready to help are Mrs. Edith Cox and Mrs. Mabel Orman, our librarians. MRS. EDITH COX- MRS. MABEL ORMAN Zo IJ 6140 Officers-Sallie Falkenbury, secretary, Frances Bell, vice-president, Louise Baker, president, and Beverly Baird, treasurer, 2 Habla usted Espanol? If you do, you probably already know about Lamar's Spanish club, Los Habladores. This club was organized to promote an interest in the language and in the customs of the Latin-American countries. These are the officers of the club: Louise Baker, president, Frances Bell, vice-president, Sallie Falkenbury, secretary, Beverly Baird, treasurer, and Andrea Simmons, council member at large. Each year at Christmas the members of Los Habladores make many colorful pinatas for the needy children at Rusk settlement school. The breaking of the pinata is the climax of the Christmas cele- bration of the Spanish speaking people. Back row-Ann Cunningham, June McCarthy, Nancy Ann McAnelly, BIII Duncan, Erwin Cottingham, Ken Eastridge, Chester King, Sue Payne, Rosemary Hamner, Diane Aitken, Middle row-Virginia Smith, Mary Ann Rhine, Elizabeth Leger, Mary Alexander, Ann Playter, Frances Bell, Charla Molinare, Nancy Hollo- well, Mary Pound, Marianne White. Front row-Andrea Simmons, Carolyn Dickerson, Marjorie Shepherd, Rosanne Dickson, Eloise Frame, Anne Hogan, Gail Henderson, Janet Gust, Dorothy Pavlu, Georgianna Stickler. f Standing-Josephine Muller, Joan Young, Shirley Williams, Gail Maurice, Marianne Broden, Betty Lynn Walters, Val Jean Kluppel, Martha Dawson Kneeling-Jean Morrow, Barbara Hamaker, Jeanne Hall, Pat Gaston, Martha Bickley, Jeannie Wharton, Suzanne Cubberly, Helen Burke, Sue Hutchens, Lois Jean Martin Sitting-Lenore Garrard, Ann Goldsmith, Carolyn Moore, Pat Burke, Betty Jo Buse, Ann McElroy, Janet Lawson, June Clark, Joan Ras- lo llabladore This year the many unusual and colorful pinatas were on display in the library before the club took them to Rusk settlement. Members of Los Habladores will remember their Christmas meeting in the auditorium. At this meeting Reverend Bello, pastor of the Mexican Presbyterian Church of Houston, related the story of Christmas in Spanish. After the speech the members presented him with a pinata for the children of his church. Later in the year at the February meeting the members saw two movies on Latin America. Miss Helen MacMoster and Miss Julia Pleasants are the sponsors of this large and popular mussen, Virginia Leach club. Stamgng-Liligene Pace, Margaret Clark, Julia Beall, Frances Berryman, Joan Weir, Betty Ann Wood, Ann Cline, Ann Krachy, Lorena uland Kneeling-Par Garrett, Valerie Sellors, Patsy Byer, Noelle Duggan, Gloria Meyer, Norma Garnett, Sylvia Van Valkenburgh, Jane Burr, Carolyn Savage, Angela Caldwell Sitting-Hildene Senter, Carolyn Farrell, Sarah Luger, Gayle MacKie, Carol Smith, Sibyl Prince, Nance Hargrave, Joanne Heaney, Beverly Sain, Jeannie Yonkers A Sequoyha Sequoyha is Lomar's creative writing club. At bi-weekly meetings its members read examples of their work, which are criticized by the other members and by Miss Margaret Buchanan, Sequoyha's sponsor. Then the best work is compiled in an anthology which is presented each year to the library. During the past five years, Sequoyha has made a name for itself. Its members' work has been published in Scholastic Magazine, in the National High School Poetry Anthology, and in the Saturday Review of Literature. Last year, members won the lnterscholastic League Ready Writer's Cup, the Terry Cup, the Trinity College Poetry Contest, and first places in the essay, short story, and patriotic writing divisions of the twenty-four state National Essay League Contest. In the top picture are the officers of Sequoyha, Jean Fairchild, vice-presi- dent, Henry Wilde, president, Kenneth Eastridge, treasurer, and Charlotte Millis, secretary. Looking over the anthologies of past years are Herbert Coursey, Frances Gee, Henry Wilde, Julia Beall, and Don Barthelme. Placing cups won by members of Sequoyha last year are Jo Ellen Shep- pard, Philip Blatt, Beth Smyth, and Robert Clemons. Kerry Preston has just finished read- ing his manuscript in a meeting. Cullen Mancuso, Phil Baker, and Wayne Wiggins look as if they might have a comment. Holding up a magnolia tree are Sequoyha's football playing members, Claude Hooton and Bill Chanslor. Texu unior Ncademq of Sczence ln l937 along with the opening of La- mar a new club was organized for those students interested in science. Mrs. Edna W. Miner, who has sponsored this club since that time has watched many bud- ding biologists develop into potential scientists of the future. Each year mem- bers of the club represent Lamar at the various state conventions. With the motto, "Science for service, safety, and pleasure," in mind, the mem- bers alternate weekly program meetings with outings and field trips to Houston's outstanding places of scientific interest. Pictured in the circle at the top of the page are the officers l948-l949. They are Jimmy McMurtry, treasurer, Elwyn Simons, president, Lorena Ruland, historian, and Ed Heyne, secretary. The chart that Erlend Carlton, Fred Stancliff, Tucker Blaine, Doris Davidson, Helen Collier, and Dan Redmond inspect, shows birds common to this state. An unidenti- fied object is observed by Marilyn Byer, Nancy Anderson, Mrs. Miner, Joseph Bloxsom, and Angela Caldwell. All smiles, these members, Betty Pearson, Betty Jean Clemens, June Thompson, and Sally Ringer as they set out upon an outing. Posing for the camera are Elwyn Simons, club president, and Henry Jisha, vice-president. was John Bagalay Diana Baker Rebecca Ball Doris Banowsky Sarah Barrow Frances Bell Barbara Bennett Beverly Bintliff Francis Bostick Barbara Camden Erlend Carlton Eller Carson Betty Carter Joan Collins Shari Collins Mary Jane Comfort Erwin Cottingham Za Cinq an taine Officers-STEVE PRICE, president, ROSEMARY HAMNER, vice-president, ANN LINGENFELTER, secretary, and JOHN BAGALAY, treasurer. "Rice, cranberry, canned goods, oatmeal, cocoa . . . " - these were just a few of the items listed on the side black board in room 300 during the weeks preceding Christmas. This list was the work of La Cinquantaine, Lamar's French Club, whose members earned money this year selling corsages to the football games in order to send packages of food to France. La Cinquantaine was founded two years ago for those students interested in the French language and in Franco-American relations. The motto of the club is "Avance," which means to go forward. The officers for this year are to be congratulated on their splendid job in seeing that this motto is lived up to, they are Steve Price, president, Rosemary Hamner, vice-president, Ann Lingenfelter, secretary, John Bagalay, treas- urer, Sue Cox and Beverly Ward, program chairmen, and Beverly Bintliff, sergeant-at- arms. The club had a new and very capable sponsor this year, Mrs. Helen C. Earl. Herbie Coursey Sue Cox Suzanne Cubberly Joanne Dillehay Jean Fairchild Ann Goldsmith Rosemary Hamner Margie Hofmann Peggy Kendrick Elise Lightfoot Ann Lingenfelter Barbara Long Barthelene Loverde Glenna McCarthy Jean McElreath Martha Lee McGee Amy McKensie Clare Masterson Kendall Mower Bunny Perkins Julia Picton Sarah Pitschmann Tany Pollard Elfriede Prell Steve Price Peggy Smith Jerrie Nan Swintord Mary Tolman Harriette Wade Beverly Ward Anne Watts Edythe Wiedman Clare Williams l . l Waprlza Wapika is Lamar's art club, its name comes from an Indian word meaning skill. Wapika's officers, seen in the top picture, are president, Ken Eastridge, vice-president, Jamey Skelton, secretary, Julia Orynski, and treasurer, Janice Barstow. Discussing some of their own handiwork are La Verne Moore, Marjory Kroupa, Peggy Toland, Carolyn Wilson, Marilyn Byer, Ann Lingenfelter, and Laura LeFevre. ln Wapika's list of mem- bers are some of Lamar's most skilled students. Proof of their ability is seen in the puppets displayed by club members Lolita McNeill, Gail Henderson, Mary Douglas, Joanne Garrett, Suzanne Cub- berly, Marilyn McVey, and Diane Bechtel. Miss Norma Henderson, sponsor of Wapika, chooses during the year out- standing exhibits for the club to attend. Seen on their way to the Houston Art Museum are La Verne Moore, June Crawford, Barbara Camden, Charlu Mol- inare, Mary Alexander, Jenny Stevenson, Carol Mottley, and Gerald Fitzgerald. Demonstrations of Wapika's artistic pro- ficiency are shown about the school and in many art contests. Martha Montgom- ery, Jim McMurtry, Ed Heyne, Dorothy Dayvault, Doris Davidson, Nance Fruit, Edythe Wiedeman, Gerald Fitzgerald, Jeannie Wharton, Peggy Hammer, Caro- lyn Dickerson, and Frances Berryman are seen viewing with admiration an exhibit of clay work by fellow members. K . 72 . Uffcem 'Club Lamar's only military club was organized by the officers of the school's Reserve Officers Training Corps several years ago. The club has a two-fold purpose-first, to have an organized military group for the officersg second, to have an organized social group. A large portion of the military phase of the club is devoted to the inspections and parades that the battalion takes part in each year. The social phase is devoted to outings and dances. Each year the members look forward to the Offi- cers' Ball. All R.O.T.C. officers in the city take part in this event. This year it was held in the South American Room of the Rice Hotel on Febru- ary eleventh. The club has regular meetings once a month. The sponsor for the club is the comandant of Lamar's R.O.T.C., Major Walter S. Lamont. Arnold Barta Bastian Bell' Clark DeLong Dickson Fagley Foster Frame Gordon Hardy Harper Hartung Hire Jordan Lamont Masterson Moncrief Moore Nelson Povey Perry Simmons Smith Wolfskill Wood Standing left to right-Bill Thornton, Sammy McLelland, Fred Durrance, Tany Pollard, Beverly Kemp, Phil Baker, Anne Watts, Mary Alexan- der, Charles Tapley, Erlend Carlton, Charlie West, Martha Hudson, and Miss Louise Fuller. Seated left to right-Robert Clemons, Julia Picton, Beth Smyth, Carol Smith, Margaret Wright, Gay Sanders, and Virginia Lee Smith. Not in the picture-Bob Strawn and Henry Wilde. 011.11 and Scroll The W. J. Moyes chapter of Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was organized in the spring of 1947. The purpose of this organization is to endeavor to promote good journalism and to give recognition to those students who have done outstanding work in this field. ln order to be eligible for membership a student must be a junior or a senior and must be a member of one of the publication staffs in the school. Besides maintaining a scholastic average which places him in the upper third of his class, he must have done superior work in writing, editing, or busi- ness management and have been recommended by the school principal or publication advisor. The officers for this year were: Beverly Kemp, president, Bob Strawn, vice-president, Tony Pollard, secretary, Anne Watts, treasurer, and Henry Wilde, parliamentarian. Miss Louise Fuller is sponsor. .i--11-Y - .Q-f 'I'-H I' r -rp . 1, Iv I I 5 If 6 lu A fy L' fi' f ,, ,, N 4 'f' ,nn lx! -... .. ,, Af- '2"'.. wail ,,f3g, n- ll IIIIIIIIIIII, I I 7 . - 137 f'F'.f: 'ii... ::::: f -gig? ... ..... 14 If m Il I lllll fy 1' , ll! ..... vo 1 'THB' :" sg ,R .J-we ,4 .:: '::::: V 'fl 'i"""'52E:i I ge ii: .....:. '.' f1""f5:5 515555555555 g , pi J.. --... -, , ,u :::'5 ::::: If 42 ::: ... "::g 5 A fp :::. "::- lllllllllllll: -zines! 1:99 EEUU : 1-I ,. ..... .. 5..f5-.fa-9:52. 14773527 ..::::::'.'.....:- :r L ,,,,, ......... L ..... . ::-:--":::::::::: ..::::::::' ..... ...... I I ll lllllllll' Z H ...:W :. ..:..:5.:-- 'UUT4 ' t' At the annual Orenda banquet, "O's" are awarded to not more than seven senior staff members whose co-workers have voted them the most worthy of this honor. 1938 ELIZABETH KNAPP ELIZABETH DENNIS FENWICK WHITE I939 Eight members due to tie. HESTER STEWART RALPH ANDERSON ANN TUCK MARTHA RAY ALEXANDER MARGIE MCENNIS TEX BAYLESS GRACE PICTON OSCAR CADWALLADER I 940 BOB GAY CAROLYN KNAPP EDWIN LANSFORD WAYNE BOWMAN I94I ALICE PICTON ELIZABETH STERLING MARSHALL BLACK CAROLYN WILSON MARY JO MCGINNIS DOW HAMM OLIVE LOCKHART MEMBERS I 942 WILLIAM FOX MARGARET PETERSON JIMMIE BAYLESS BILLY FERGUSON MELANIE LEVY ELLEN PICTON MARGARET ELLIOTT I 944 MARY MARGARET WILSON Rov MooRE HALLIE BETH WALKER MARY suE rox CHARLOTTE wooo LETTALou ' GARTH RALPH ATMAR I 945 Eight members due to tie. BETTIE EBAUGH BEN HAMMOND BILL GARDNER MARK ROBINSON ANN STEVENSON TEMPE HOWZE MARILYN ODEN HELEN ALLEN I 946 ANN POYNER MARJORIE MONTAGUE BOBBY NORRIS I 947 WALTER CLEMONS BOB GREGG WILMA HOKE MARY LOUISE THOMPSON I948 Eight members due to tie PAULA MEREDITH DAVID KNOX EMILY PETERSEN MARGARET BLAU BEVERLY SMYTH JOAN ECKHARDT ANN COE SHIRLEY SNOW I 949 ROBERT CLEMONS JULIA PICTON FRED DURRANCE BILL THORNTON The 71a'ti nal 7 up ku The National Thespian Society is devoted to the advancement of Dramatic Arts in secondary schools. 4 The National Thespian troupe at Lamar is composed of students who have done outstanding work in Dramatic Arts and who have received a required number of service points. Eileen Friedman, the former president ofthe National Thespian Club at Lamar is the only star Thespian who has graduated. Eileen earned four stars. This year the National Thespians have helped present the National Honor Society Installations, One-Act Plays, P.T.A. performances, and various other types of entertainment. This organization, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Ula Hennes, is a great service to the school. Standing in back are Albert Povey, Mary Lou Edmundson, Mrs, Hennes, Laura Le Fevre, Sandra Schmidt, Bill Elkins, Johnny Miller, and Buster Dickerson. Seated at table ore John Robertson and Anne Acker. Seated at the front are Rosanne Dickson, Eileen Friedman, and Oscar McCracken. univr Red C'1-ou Lamarites will remember the announcement, "Will everyone please bring to school tomorrow any old comic books that he might have and give them to his Junior Red Cross representative?" This comic book drive, which was carried on during January, was just one of the numerous helpful activities this organization sponsors, these books, along with many attractive menu covers and tray favors, were sent to the Naval Hospital and to Jefferson Davis Hospital. The Lamar chapter of the Junior Red Cross was established in 1943 to aid the war effort. Now that the war is over, this aid is given to the service men's hospitals and to the needy people of Houston. The members of this organization are elected representatives from each homeroom, their sponsor is Mrs. Elanor Huddleston. At the club's first meeting of the year, the following officers were elected: Martha Moore, president, Helen Hedley, vice-president, and Frances Berryman, secretary and treasurer. Top row left to right: Gloria Meyer, Carol Mottley, Barbara West, Annice Blatt, Dittman Harrison, Kenneth Eastridge, Gerald Fitzgerald, Margaret Wright, Florence White, Eloise Frame, Mariorie Shepherd. Second row: Jacquelyn Speece, Mary Settegast, Martha Moore, Ruth Tonn, Jeannine Lovette, Barbara Beggs, Joyce Amsler, Doris Davidson, Marla Ehler, Peggy Kendrick, Shirley Williams, Mary Henderson, Helen Burke. Front row: Helen McKay, Dixie Potts, Jo Ann Heaney, Helen Collier, Helen Shamber, Elsa Holland, Sandra White, Mrs. Elanor T. Huddleston, Nancy Restivo, Carolyn Culver, Peggy Ives, Betty Silvus, Ann Lingenfelter, Brooks Robinson, Sarah Luger. - , ,en c KH'-'G . QM As all 1 Left, learning to work the spotlight, are Eloise Cowart, June Ashen, George Ladd. In one of the Kachina variety shows Sandy Sanderson, Carlton Curry, Beverly Gregg, Connie Herring, Tex Hungerford, and Buster Dickerson entertain with a skit. Bert Womack, Barbara Gibbons, Nan 0'Neill, Rebecca Ball, Norma Jean Bammel, Gerry Matthews, Patricia Womack, Bobby Carsey, and Mary Lou Edmundson listen carefully as Lyle Wolfskill explains the use of a stage brace. ANNE ACKER, reporter, and ROSANNE DICKSON, secretary. 1 1 i Those who attended the Kachina pay dance, January Jamboree, saw for the first time-and the last time-professional talent in a Lamar floor show. Betty Lou Spenser and Harry Lahie demonstrated six popular dance routines. The climax of the year's activities was the Spring Frolics which was held on March eighteenth and nineteenth. The theme was "Holidays." Betsy Inglis did a fine job of student directing. Mrs. Ula Hennes, the club sponsor, was director. The officers for the year were: Mary Lou Edmundson, president, Oscar McCracken, vice-president, Rosanne Dickson, secretary, Eileen Friedman, treasurer, and Anne Acker, reporter. 90 The Clari tian Staden t Zlnion T OFFICERS-fstandingl Beverly Ward, Jack Car-- son, Carolyn Williams, fseafedl Cordelia Sprong, Carol Smith, Sandra Bourgoin. The Christian Student Union was organized last year. lt is composed of those students who are interested in showing appreciation and tolerance of all religions, in acquiring a mutual love of God, and in encouraging good citizenship among Lamar students. Students may become members of this club by attending two consecutive meetings. This year the Christian Student Union has presented many interesting speakers, among them was Reverend Durwood Fleming. The business meetings are alternated with those which offer visiting speakers. Standing-Barbara Pannell, Lenore Garrard, Joan Young, Pat Gaston, Ann Cline, Don Addington, Spencer Stone, Betty Fechner, Cynthia Hargrove, Jean Gar- many, Shirley Otto, Carolyn Wilson, Shirley Williams. Kneeling-Carolyn Morris, Betty Ann Wood, Virginia Leach, Barbara Hamaker, Jean Morrow, Virginia Lee Smith, Nan O'Neill, Mary Pound, Marilyn McVey, Gail Maurice, Sally Stuebing. Sitting-Martha Francis, Marian Stone, Marilyn Graves, Pat Evans, Barbara McGinty, June Clark, Ann McElroy, Marilyn Washburn, Jo Ann Heaney, Sandra Schmidt, Beth Smyth. Standing-Gerald Fitzgerald, Dorothy Bayer, Marilyn Byer, Carolyn Barr, Beverly Sain, Shirley Fair, Erlend Carlton, Chester King, Sallie Falkenbury, Mary Ann Erbe, Jane Cunningham, Norma Jean Garnett, Marion Boone, Patsy Daniell, Rickey Black Kneeling-Carolyn Coy, Wanda Baker, Shari Collins, Ann Cunningham, Dorothy Dayvault, Nancy Erbe, Marianne Broden, Angelo Caldwell, Mary Frances Daniell, Doris Davidson Sitting-Barbara Jean Cook, Eloise Cowart, Peggy Bull, Helen Burke, Martha Bickley, Vera Abshier, Frances Bell, Betty Jo Buse, Diane Bechtel, Barbara Cole The officers for the fall semester were Beverly Ward, president, Carol Smith, vice-president, Sandra Bourgoin, secretary, Helen Wisdom, treasurer, Louise Baker, sergeant-at-arms, Barbara Hamaker, chaplain, Carolyn Coy, parliamentarian, Dick Sweetland, publicity chairman, Dorothy Foster, reporter. The spring officers were Jack Carson, president, Carolyn Williams, vice-president, Cordelia Sprong, recording secretary, Carolyn Coy, corresponding secretary, Sandra Bourgoin, treasurer, Marion Boone, chaplain, Sylvia Van Valkenberg, sergeant-at-arms, Margaret Wright, parliamentarian, Sally Ringer, musical director, Sarah West, reporter. Mr. Douglas Uzzell is the sponsor of the club. Standing-Brad Thomson, Helen Hedley, Peggy James, Jeanne Gardner, Ina Clair Kirkpatrick, Sarah Pitschmann, Marian Nichols, Wanda Spruce, Janeth Westmoreland, Kerry Preston, Barbara Sutton, Betty Roberson, Ann Shannon, Joan Shaw, Calvin Koomey Kneeling-Ruth Ann Mugg, Beverly Haley, Mariory Kroupa, Dixie Rawlins, Harriette Wade, Katharine Snow, Phyllis McStravick, Marianne White, Reva Michels, Corinne Stephens, Sally Polk, Jeannie Yonkers. Sitting-Jim Wildman, Gail Henderson, Sammy McLelIand, Peggy Smith, Carolyn Moore, Nancy Brown, Karlee Brown, Sally Ringer, Charla Molinare, Nancy Hollowell, Lorena Ruland, Sylvia Van Valkenburgh, Sue Shively , . as J L. Hi- if CLUB OFFICERS-Bill Munnerlyn, president, Beach Mott, vice-president, Robert Clem- ons, treasurerg Bill Lee, secretary, Larry Wrightsman, chaplain. CHAPTER OFFICERS- River Oaks-Don Olsen, president, Bill Thornton, vice-president, Henry Wilde, secretary-treasurer. West University-Bob Strawn, president, Dittman Harrison, vice-president, Benny Hood, secretary-treasurer. Montrose-Morgan Padgett, president lPorter Johnson at mid-termlg Porter Johnson, vice-president, l. L, Nix, sec-- retary-treasurer, Phil Baker, chaplain. CLUB SPONSOR-Mr. B. W. Kent. CLUB ADVISORS-Mr. Jesse Madden, Mr. Dick Bunker, Mr. H. J. Nicols. One Sunday afternoon last October a group of boys met at the West University Branch Office of the Y.M.C.A. Under the supervision of Mr. Harold Nicols,Mr. Dick Bunker, and Mr. Jesse Madden, this group set as its goal the reorganization of the Lamar Hi-Y. They made tentative plans for the year. The following officers were elected: Bill Munnerlyn, president, Beach Mott, vice-president, Bill Lee, secretary, Robert Clemons, treasurer. ln December in a very impressive ceremony at the Y.M.C.A., fifty boys were formally installed. They stated as their purpose, the maintaining and extending through- out the school, high standards of Christian character. The first project of these boys was to sponsor a Hi-Y Midnight Show on November 24th. In a second project, the Hi-Y boys sold red and blue pencils, and belts bearing the Lamar emblem. Standing-Sam Harper, Bill Munnerlyn, John McConnell, Keenan, Reiney, Lyle Wolt- skill, Robert Clemons, Don Dickson, Kneeling-Khleber Attwell, Dick Criss, Dick Holsinger, Bob Grainger, Everett Wilson, Ar- thur Moncrief. Sitting-Larry Wrightsman, Dale Fooshee, Buzzy Ken- drick, George Buckstaff, Bill Wilde, Newton Rayzor. Standing-George Johnson, Jimmy Batchelor, Bill Lee, Herschel Brannen, Jack Tait, Jimmy Yarberry, Harvey Gil- liam, Don Addington, Pete Peterson, Sandy Sanderson, Al Hildreth. Kneeling-Ross McEIreath, Pat Whitworth, Bert Womack, Beach Mott, Johnny Koumon- duros, George Knawer, Kerry Preston, Curtis Brown, Bob Hubbell, Neil Thruston, Armando Porras, George Woodward. Sitting-Curtis Kelly, Floyd Ad- dington, Jim Whitson, Teddy Wieg-hard, Donald Baker, Claude Matthews, Tommy Kloves, Ben Kostial, Ricky Black, With part of the money earned in these projects the club sent a delegation to the annual Youth in Government Conventions in Waco and in Austin. They also made donations to the World Youth Fund and to the Athletic Department. The Hi-Y of Lamar works in three neighborhood groups. The West University Place, the River Oaks, and the Montrose. The different chapters gave baskets of food to needy families at Christmas, they sponsored a hayride, they participated in the Easter Sunrise Service, they looked forward to a pay dance in the Spring. The boys will remember the mornings they tumbled out of bed earlier than usual in order to attend the Thursday morning meetings, they will remember the interesting speakers, especially Bill Henry. Above all, under the sponsorship of Mr. B. W. Kent, they will remember the friendships they have made through this outstanding Christian organization. Standing-Tex Hungerford, Nick Spillios, Jack Carson, Ty Hungerford, Carl Wooley, Lewis Scherer, Charlton Had- den, Jack Lewi. Kneeling-J a c k F r ey, Gerald Fitzgerald, Bob Kemp, Doug- las Argue, Phil Baker, Dean Kennedy, Tom Swartz, Sitting-Nick Elliot, Bryant Brunson, E, B. Roberts, Ed- ward Walkup, Herman Pope, LarryLeva, Maurice Patterson. Yf- Teen l Officers: FRANCIS BERRYMAN, WANDA BAKER, ANN MAN, ANN COOPER A new club was organized at Lamar this fall. The Lamar chapter of Y-Teen has set as its purpose to promote strong fellowship among the Lamar girls and among the members of Y-Teen chapters all over the world. The membership of this club is open to any girl interested in furthering the club's purposes. Although this club was only chartered in October, the membership is the largest of its kind in Houston. Since the enrollment is so large, the club was divided into three chapters: the River Oaks, chairman, Annice Blatt, the Montrose, chairman, Joan Shaw, and the West University, chairman, Bobbie Anne Trott. Top raw: Lee, Carter, Wall, Hamaker, Harris, Maurice, Horg, Shannon, Hofmann, Hallowell, Molinare, Bull Middle row: Stone, Wiedeman, Collins, Hargrave, Ruska, Senter, Farrell, Shively, Bachemin, Prell, Stuebing, Garrett, Nichols, Bechtel, Morrow Bottom row: Rogers, Smith, McRae, Daniell, Sellors, Vernon, Masin, Wood, Gardiner, Sakwitz, Evans, Francis, McElroy, Gray KRACHY, JANE BORNE- Top row: Ruland, Byargeon, Amsler, Cox, Dayvault, Ownby, Roberson, Madden, King, Terry. Second row: Wright, Bown, Coy, Anderson, Collins, Gee, Wingate, Cunningham, McDade, Lyons Third row: Davidson, Rawlings, Wade, Staats, Cline, Cubberly, Rhine, Culver, Bourgoin, Childerhose Front row: Cowart, Bittle, Broden, Ives, Savage, Bayer, Smith, Castle ff- Teen The activities of this year include contributions to Christian and charity organizations, partici- pation in the Easter Sunrise Service in Hermann Park, and the promotion ofa sports program with other high schools in the city. Interest is stimulated by two monthly meetings. One of these is the Inter-Club Council at the Y.W.C.A. Here girls from each Y-Teen club in the city meet, the president and two of the council members are from Lamar. The officers and organizers of this club are Wanda Baker, president, Ann Krachy, vice-presi- dent, Jane Borneman, secretary, and Frances Berryman, treasurer. The sponsor is Miss McCarty. Top row: Daniels, James, McVey, Smith, Lewis, Meyer, Schwarz, Kluppel, Blatt, Rogers Second row: Horne, Otto, Rasmussen, Hubbard, Smith, Clough, Hart, McNeil, Snyder Third row: Prince, Millwee, Bynum, Wilson, West, Van Valkenburgh, MacKie, Wharton, Cooper Front row: Batchelor, Hodge, McCarthy, Duggan, Stillwagon, Shaw, Trott, Belt Acker Alexander Allen Baird Barkley Barstow Bell Bennett Bentz Beyer Buckstaff Collins Cox Crossman Dawson Dederick Dickerson Dickson Doherty Edmundson Frame Francis Gee Graves Gregg Gunter Hail alamar Palomar is one of Lamar's ten social clubs. Each of these organizations has its standards, traditions, and distinguish- ing characteristics. lf you should ask a Lamarite to tell you what he is reminded of by the name Palomar, he would have little trouble, for this club has many va- ried and interesting activities. This club is responsible for the many red slogan slips that showered the school before each football game. What student hasn't been approached by one of the vivacious Palamars with an envelope with "just one more slip to sell." These brightly colored slogan slips have done much to promote school spirit. This year Palomar had their annual Christmas formal at the Houston Coun- try Club. The officers who worked hard on the formal are: Andrea Simmons, president, Louise Baker, vice-president, Martha Moore, recording secretary, Mary Alexander, corresponding secre- tary, Marjorie Shepherd, treasurer, Mary Gene Johnson, parliamentorian, Jeannie Dederick, sergeant-at-arms, Anne Hogan, publicity chairman, Missy Edmundson, social chairman, Mary PRESIDENT-ANDREA SIMMONS Palamar Owen Jones, decoration chairman, Ros- anne Dickson, sports chairman, Frances Bell, gift chairman, Babs Hartung, jun- ior membership chairman, and Joann Buckstaff, chaplain. The sponsor is Miss Sarah Collins. Soon after the new semester began Palamar had their traditional Darktown Strutter's Ball. Students will not forget Jem Bentz's rendition of "St. Louis Blues" nor will they forget the lively can-can line. At Easter time Palamar gives an Easter egg hunt for the children of a negro nursery. They also make donations dur- ing the year to the Red Cross and to the Lamar Library. The following new mem- bers were drawn at mid-term: Beverly Bohn, Joan Brooks, Helen Collier, Sue Eckhardt, Fran Farrell, Pat Fenoglio, Linda Friedricks, Jean Garmany, Sandy Hobbs, Dana James, Pa- tricia iKemp, Ann Kennerly, Carolyn Kongabel, Jane Lawhon, Lynn Lloyd, Mary Ann Moore, Rosemary Moreland, Wanda Polk, Carolyn Renfro, Katharine Snow, Ann Snowdon, Mary Lynn Taylor, Janet Westmoreland, and Linda Wiggs. VICE-PRESIDENT-LOUISE BAKER Hall, J, Hall, M. Hammer Hardy, J. Hardy, M. Hargrave, Hargrave, Hartung Heaney Hogan Hunt Jacks Jones, M. Jones, P. Johnson Leger McMiIlian Moore Nichols Noble Orynski Playter Putney Rawlins Shannon Shepherd Sheppard York Bachemin Baker Beck Berryman Bittel Broden Brown Burke, H. Burke, P. Burr Carnes Cline Cooper Darden Gehring Guthrie Hargrove Heathcott Hofmann Horne Hutchison ClcumA Probably the most talked about and most successful of all the club spring pay dances is the Chums' Country Car- nival. Each year this club, which was formed back in 1937, turns the gym and first floor into a series of sideshows, cotton candy and pink lemonade stands, freak shows, and balloon stands. Besides this the club has many other projects throughout the year. There is the an- nual Chums' Style Show and the annual visit to the Crippled Children's Hospital at Christmas. The officers of the club for this year are Helen Hedley, President, Betty Silvus, Vice-President, Ann Cooper, Recording Secretary, Elynor Lewis, Cor- responding Secretary, Margie Hofmann, Treasurer, Ann Krachy, Junior Mem- PRESI DENT-HELEN HEDLEY C'lu1mA bership Chairman, Jeannie Wharton, Publicity Chairman, Jane Burr, Sports Chairman, Gloria Meyers, Charity Chairman, Barbara Madden, Chaplin, and Miss Ella Mae Gehring, Sponsor. As the year drew to a close the Chums Club contributed some new Heritage books to the library, and the members were looking forward to their annual club formal to be held at Houston Country Club. The following new members were drawn into the club at mid-term: Nancy Ackley, Doris Banowsky, Dorothy Boyer, Peggy Bull, Sally Burton, Ann Brown, Ira Nell Gaither, Marilyn Terry, Kathie Staats, Jane Toffelmire, Peggy Ives. King Kirkpatrick Krachy Lewis Lockwood McCarthy, J. McCarthy, M, McMahon Madden Meyer Pound Savage Skelton Sprong Van Valkenburg Wharton White Wier Willetts Wilson Wolf VICE-PRESI DENT-BETTY SILVUS mw was s1.wq,fwawmmu. Amsler Anthony Bell Belt Biggers Boehm Boone Borneman Brady Brunt Carlton Carter Castile Cline Cole Culver Cunningham Cunyas Davidson Dayvault Dechman Digings Everts Fagan Falkenbury Fechner Friedman Tama i The three o'clock bell rings. You stumble to your locker, deposit your books and hurry down the stairs and outside. Then you stop and sit on one of the benches, catch your breath, finish that last piece of fudge from the candy sale, and then board your bus. These cement benches are pre- sented to the school each year by the Tawasi Club. This is just one of the many worthwhile activities this club does during the year. At Christmas and Thanksgiving each year the Tawasis fill a bushel bucket with food and cloth- ing for two families. The Tawasi Club has pre- sented the library with a subscription to the Book of the Month Club. Sometime look at one of these library books and see if it doesn't have a maroon and white label saying "Presented to the Lamar Library by the Tawasi Club." At Tawasi's "Pigskin Prom," the football teams of Lamar and Army of West Point clashed and on Saturday morning the Lamar eleven was still undefeated. The Tawasi girls will certainly re- member how they had to borrow the "B" team's equipment. The only hitch was that the "B" team played a game that afternoon. The Tawasi girls had to scrub the dirty jerseys before the game. This certainly was the only football game Lamar's "B" team ever won in wringing wet jerseys. Tawasi's spring dance was quite a change. At the "Sweetheart Swing" the Tawasi Club cele- brated St. Valentine's Day. One of Tawasi's money-making projects is their sale of red and blue crepe paper pom-poms for VICE-PRESIDENT-BEVERLY WARD Tawani the cheering section. Tawasis will remember the day a group got together at Martha Hodge's house to manufacture these pom-poms. Wire, scissors, thumbs and patience were worn out that day. The following list of new members will re- member that during pledging they had to have all the football players autograph an egg: Nor- leen Anthony, Pat Baldwin, Betty Bess, Barbara Biggs, Mary Coy, Joyce Gibson, Nancy Heinen, Sue Hillbolt, Betty Hilliard, Margie Jourde, Lolita McNeil, Marlene Moore, Joan Neely, Barbara Pannell, Sarah Pitchmann, Dolores Rogers, San- dra Schmidt, Jackie Speece, Harriet Wade, and Barbara Wall. Tawasi's formal in April and the presentation of the Tawasi Cup highlighted the club's spring activities. The Tawasi Cup is presented each year to the most outstanding boy in the Junior Class. Last year's recipient was Robert Clemons. The officers of the club for I948-'49 were: president, Carolyn Coy, vice-president, Beverly Ward, recording secretary, Ann Cunningham, corresponding secretary, Jane Borneman, treas- urer, Martha Hodge, social chairman, Lila Fagan, junior membership chairman, Joanne Brunt, sergeant-at-arms, Jo Ann Woodham, sports chairman, Joyce Amsler, parliamentarian, Caro- lyn Woodruff, charity chairman, Dixie Potts, and publicity chairman, Camille Ramsey. The sponsor of Tawasi is Mrs. Louise Robb. Garrard Hodge Hubbard Kendrick Lyons Mackie Maurice McCrory McElroy Morrow Novak Potts Powell Ramsay Rawls Mrs. Robb Rose Smith Smith Stelter Trott Wilson Wingate Woodham .. Woodruxr Yonkers PRESI DENT-CAROLYN COY Abshier Alexander Amis Armstrong Ashen Axline Bickley Blankenship Burton Bouknight Calnon Camp Crow Curry Daniel Erbe Goldsmith Miss Greenwood Howell Hughes Inglis Jackson Kleine - 7 Kel e l Loyalty, sportsmanship, wholesome social activity,l and lasting friendships are the goals of the members of the Belles Club. The motto, "One for all and all for one," must be lived up to by each of its members. These girls feel that in order to be a good club mem- ber they must cooperate fully in any charitable or practical service sponsored by the school. ln the fall the following officers were elected:l Gelya Anderson, president, Eleanor Wright, vice-l president, Shirley Armstrong, recording secretary, Vera Abshier, corresponding secretary, Marilyn Vreugde, treasurer, Merle Striekert, social chair- man, Martha Bickley, sales chairman, Reville Wain- wright, publicity chairman, Nancy Restivo, sergeant- at-arms, Betty Womeldorf, parliamentarian, Char- lotte Millis, chaplain, Patsy Daniel, sports chair- man, June Ashen, junior membership chairman, Gloria Whitehead, charity chairman, and Janet Lawson, telephone committee chairman. The biggest occasion of the year for this club is their annual spring pay dance, the Friendship Festi- l val. In an election held in every registration the week, preceding this dance, the student body elects the friendliest boy and girl in the school. The five boys and five girls who have received the top number of votes are then announced. At the dance a silver cup FALL PRESIDENT-GEYLA ANDERSON Kellu is awarded to the two persons elected the most friendly. The Belles have in this way shown appreciation for students possessing the highly respected quality of friendliness. Last year the winners were Earl Bel- lamy and Carolyn Douglas. Throughout the year Belles has many social func- tions, including a luncheon for the graduating members and an annual formal. ln the spring the following officers were elected: Eleanor Wright, president, Janet Lawson, vice-president, Betty Inglis, recording secretary, Vera Abshier, corre- sponding secretary, Marilyn Vreudge, treasurer, Shirley Axline, social chairman, Nancy Calnon, co- social chairman, Martha Bickley, sales chairman, Helen McKay, publicity chairman, Nancy Restivo, sergeant-at-arms, Betty Womeldorf, parliamen- tarian, Charlotte Millis, chaplain, Patsy Daniel, sports chairman, June Ashen, junior membership chairman, and Kathy Burton, charity chairman. The sponsor is Miss Helen Greenwood. The following new members were drawn at mid- term: .lohn Ruth Ashen, Judy Burrell, Cynthia Crutcher, Kathyrn Galbreath, Lillian Hobbs, Joan Nelson, Jerrie Nan Swinford, and June Thompson. Labat Lawson Leach Leath Lesikar Lesikar Lipscomb Martin McKay Millis Morris Mosher Murray O'Neill Parrell Pelatari Restivo Striekerl' Vruegde Wainwright Whitehead Womeldorf Young SPRING PRESIDENT-ELEANOR WRIGHT Abshier Aitken Amsler Ashen Baird Baker Barstow Bartlett Blankinship Broden Burke Cunningham Dederick Douglas Edmundson Ehler Elizardi Farrell Fairchild Forbes Frame Garnett Gibson Hamner Hardy Hogan Horne Hutchens Ingram Inglis Kemp Kevan Knight Labat Langley Loverde lJaienvniA The Haienonis club differs in many respects from Lamar's other social clubs. Under the sponsorship of Lee S. Keding this club started out pri- marily as the Girls' Chorus. Now the members of Haienonis have formed a social club. Every morning at lst pe- riod these girls meet, practice new songs, and listen to Mr. Keding's jokes. The officers are: Marjorie Shep- herd, president, Jo Ann Woodham, vice-president, Marla Ehler, secre- tary, Jean Fairchild, treasurer, Eloise Frame, social chairman, Jeannie Ded- erick, publicity chairman, Beverly Baird and Mary Ann Rhine, sergeants- at-arms, Janice Barstow, chaplain, Phyllis Johnson, pianist, and Patsy O'Daniel, decoration chairman. This year these girls have presented programs for P.T.A. meetings, the Dads' Club and for the student body. PRESIDENT-MARJORIE SHEPHERD Haienoni Last fall the club gave a very impres- sive assembly periodg students were highly pleased by the varied program. Probably the most generally liked piece was their rendition of "Make Mine Country Style." The members of Haienonis will re- member the Sunday they sang for the senior Baccalaureate Service at Saint John the Divine Episcopal Churchg the fall pay dance, the Christmas carol- ling fshown belowl, and the problem they had acquiring a date for their annual formal which they were forced to postpone because of the Arlington Heights game. As the spring drew near plans were being made for the next pay dance, a program at the Shriners' Crippled Children's Ball, program for the Ki- wanis Club, and of course the annual Frolics. r Martin Masterson Mathis Matthews Millis Montgomery Montgomery McAnelly McCarthy McGhee McMillIan Naylor Nichols Nye 0'Doniel Payne Pelatari Picton Pike Pinto Potts Putney Rhine Richardson Rickles Robertson Rose Salmon Schiller Shannon Shaw Sterrett Trott Williams, A. Williams, C. Williams, C. Wolf VICE PRESIDENT-JO ANN WOODHAM Aitken Aldrich Archer Arnold Bartlett Beall Benbow Bertelson Bintliff Blades Blatt Bourgoin Bright Brooks Byargeon Collins Duggan Ethridge Estiil Evans Fairchild Farrell Foster Fruit Garland Garrett Gaston Hamner Hart, B. Hart, C. Hastings Herndon Hallowell iwauna Remember Valentine's Day? Most students will always associ- ate this day with the Niwaunas and their highly successful sing- ing valentines. Each year on Feb- ruary 14, this large group of girls takes over the school for one day. Students who have placed their orders wait eagerly to have their long suppressed desires fulfilled. And most English teachers are re- signed to the fate of receiving at least one valentine from Beowulf or Squire Cass, while Latin and Spanish teachers will undoubtedly get several from Julius Caesar or Serafin and Matilde. This year the Niwaunas had a very successful fall pay dance, the Totem Tepee. The members spent weeks drawing and painting huge Indian rain birds, symbols, and wig- wams with which to decorate the gym. One of the most interesting and wonderful times in the year of a Niwauna girl is her visit to Haw- thorne School. Here, a big Christ- mas party is given to the under- privileged children. ln the picture below Julia Picton is presenting a little girl with a gift while in the background others busily open their packages. Also during the Christmas holi- days the club gave its annual for- mal at Houston Country Club. The president for the fall semester was FALL PRESIDENT-JULIA PICTON i l i I iwauna Julia Picton, Clare Williams, vice- president, Gayle Garth, recording isecretary, Jean Fairchild, treas- lurer, Beverly Kemp, correspond- ing secretary, Nancy Nye, parlia- mentarian, Dorothy Foster, ser- geant-at-arms, Ann Williams, chaplain, Margie Mathes, pub- licity chairman, Clare Masterson, sports chairman, Libby Herndon, junior membership chairman, 'Tany Pollard and Nance Fruit, historians. ln the spring Gayle Garth was elected president, Beverly Kemp, vice-president, Jean Fairchild, re- cording secretary, Tany Pollard, treasurer, Dorothy Foster, corre- sponding secretary, Therese Ar- nold, parliamentarian, Alafair Benbow, sergeant-at-arms, San- dra Bourgoin, chaplain, Judy Gar- lland, publicity chairman, Sue Hastings, junior membership chair- man, Valerie Sellors, sports chair- man. The new members are Ruth Mugg, Mary Settegast, Mary Hooton, Carolyn Jones, Karlee Bown, Betty Ann Wood, Martha Andrews, Sally Schmucker, Adele Hestwood, Jean Rasmussen, Merle !Sauermilch, Elsa Holland, Ellen Edwards, Glenna McCarthy, Do- lores Rice, Ellen Elizardi, Myrna Mugford, Adrienne Anderson, Sarah West, Byna Taylor, Mary Beth James, Joan Barthelme, Florine Sowar. Hutchens Ingram Kemp Knight Lehman Lingenfelter Mastersun Mathes Mattley Nye Nicolai Ownby Pace Pollard Mrs. Powell Richardson Riddick Ringer Rulund Sellors Settegast Shiveley Smith Smyth Stickler Stuebing Vernon Williams Williams Wills Wright York Young SPRING PRESIDENT-GAYLE GARTH ii Baker Coldwell Cameron Crisp Cunningham Creager Dillehay Edwards Forbes Freund Gast Goss Holliday Zadalea Ladaka is Lamar's newest social club. This club, whose name is derived from the "L" for Lamar and "Adaku," an Indian word meaning "to serve," was founded three years ago. Since that time this club under the guidance of Miss Hazelle McCarty has maintained their motto "She is noble who does noble deeds," and has become one of Lamar's leading social clubs. Last year the club began by presenting a hundred and fifty dollar scholarship to Lou- ello Kendrick, a Lamar graduate of last spring. Each year Ladaka plans to leave one of these scholarships to a worthy girl. Below, Mr. Moyes receives a check from the club. Another activ- ity for last fall was the "Twilight Twirl," Ladaka's successful pay dance. Ladakas will remember practicing for their ballet, and also finding out at the last minute that the cokes had not yet been ordered. One of the new projects of Ladaka this year was to form a welcoming committee for the Sophomores. Each Ladaka wore o red and blue "L" and after a "pep" rally in the auditorium the new students were led through the strange halls. Because of the success of this project Ladaka plans to make this a permanent aid to the school. VICE-PRESIDENT-BETTY GRAY Zadaka The busy officers for this fall were: Georgia May, president, Sally Smith, vice-president, Daisy Johnston, secretary, Betty Gray, treas- urer, Sue Payne, sports chairman, Jo Ann Thompson, social chairman, Doris Creager, junior membership chairman, and Ruth Ann Edwards, sergeant-at-arms. In the spring the members re-elected Geor- gia May, president, Betty Gray, vice-president, Barbara Holliday, secretary, Carol Walker, treasurer, Pat Leigh, chaplain, Grete Freund, junior membership chairman, Jo Ann Forbes, social chairman, Sue Payne, charity chairman, Janet Gast, sports chairman, Angela Cald- well, sergeant-at-arms, Doris Creager, public- ity, and Diana Baker, corresponding secretary. The climax of the year for the Ladakas was their formal which was held at River Oaks Country Club on May l4. They also looked forward to the Frolics where each year the Ladaka Club has the concessions for cold drinks. The following new members were drawn at mid-term: Betty Batchelor, Mary Jo France, Betty Jean Fredrickson, Lisa Hearn, Gail Hen- derson, Marion Hufnall, Phyllis Johnson, Jean McElreath, Sibyl Prince, Charlotte Rogers, and Sarah Salmon. Johnston Jones Konli Leigh McCarty Payne Rogers Sain Stevens Thompson Tonn Walker Wilson PRESIDENT-GEORGIA MAY Black Bostick Brannon Brill Clark Eby Hamlin Harrison Herbert Mr. Herring Horne Huppertz Johnson Pow- Wow On October 30, I948, many Lamarites at- tended the Pow Wow's Bag O' Bones Ball. No one will soon forget the Weird Spook House, which had been made out of Mr. Uzzell's physics "lab." lt was ebon black, and the strains of one of Stan Kenton's more lurid creations were creeping out of a phonograph. Sure! Everyone knows now that those were just brushes on the floor to scratch the legs of the frightened guests and that it was a little Pow Wow who kept his hands in ice water all evening so that his fingers would be cold when he tried to strangle everyone. Sure, it's plain now, but that evening it was a different story. Pow Wow dug deep and came up with a different type of installation this year. Each member took a date. Following the installa- tion the Pow Wows and their dates danced the rest of the evening. At mid-term Mr. Orris G. Bailey, the spon- sor of Pow Wow, left Lamar to become a supervisor of chemistry. The club presented him with a beautiful VICE-PRESIDENT-MELVIN KURTH Pow- Wow new gold watch. The new sponsor of Pow Wow is Mr. Arthur Herring. When one thinks of spring at Lamar, he always remembers the May Fete. Each year after the May Fete, Pow Wow gives their big- gest dance of the year. Everyone goes to the dance hoping for a closer glimpse of, or even a dance with, some of Lamar's royalty. The officers for this year were Ben Kostial, president, Melvin Kurth, fall vice-president, Bill Lee, spring vice-president, Pat Whitworth, secretary, Teddy Wiegard, treasurer, E. B. Roberts, sergeant-at-arms, and Richard Black and Buck Wheat, directors. At the club's formal at the River Oaks Country Club, Ben Kostial presented a bouquet of roses to the Pow Wow Pin-Up, Jem Bentz. The following new members were drawn: Walter Allen, Bob Arrington, Paul Bowers, Tommy Davies, Dick Fullerton, Harry Gayden, Gaylord Gillispie, Ronald Hall, John Henry Herbert, Fort Howard, George Johnson, Jack Lewi, Claude Matthews, Armando Porras, Jack Tait, Buddy Williams, George Woodward. Kirkham Lee Loessin Logan McMullen Mower Pope Roberts Steward Wheat Whitehurst Whitworth Womack PRESIDENT-BEN KOSTIAL Alcorn Alexander Allen Anderson Archer Arnold Attwell Berleth Blatt Boyd Brockstein Buckstaff Carsey Carson Catlow Cox Cutrer Dorrance Eastridge Epps Fooshee Ford Hamilton Harper Ramal What does the name Ramal remind you of? A small gold English "R," Lamar Stationery, Spring Track Meet, Ramal Cup . . . all of these are characteristics of Lamar's largest boys' social club. Under the guidance of Mr. Lee S. Keding this club plays a leading role in many social and charitable activities. This year was one of the most eventful in the club's history. An energetic group of offi- cers were elected last spring. Robert Clemons was the fall president, Bill Thornton, vice- president, Earle Alexander, secretary, Khle- ber Attwell, treasurer, Al Hildreth, social chairman, Don Olsen, sports chairman, George Dorrance, junior membership chairman, Har- vey Smith, sergeant-at-arms, and Philip Blatt, chaplain. Before the school doors opened in Septem- ber this group was making plans for the com- ing year. The first thing the club did when school opened was to elect their fall sweet- heart. The honor of being Ramal Sweetheart entitled Gayle Garth to participate in all the club activities and to attend its meetings. Ramal introduced something new to students this year with their colorful Lamar stationery. Gayle and the Ramals will remember the aft- ernoon they all got together and packed three hundred boxes. The club's fall pay dance, the "Redskin Wardance," was held the night be- fore Lamar played Thomas Jefferson. ln the floor show, which would be hard to forget, Ramals gave a take-off of the Jeffer- FALL PRESIDENT-ROBERT CLEMONS dal son dressing rooms, the Lamar dressing room, and the Lamar cheerleaders. A little more on the serious side was the club's annual formal lshown belowl which was held at the Houston Country Club. Ramals will not forget the week preceding this occa- sion which was spent gathering and silvering a trailer-full of magnolia leaves, writing pro- grams, and filling two hundred green and white balloons with helium. At the formal, Gayle Garth was presented a bouquet of roses and a silver bracelet. The following officers for the spring term were announced: Bill Munnerlyn, president, Tommy Jax, vice- president, Benny Hood, secretary, Lewis Cut- rer, treasurer, Bill Thornton, social chairman, Khleber Attwell, sports chairman, Fagan Cox, junior membership chairman, Claude Hooton, sergeant-at-arms, and Don Olsen, chaplain. In the spring the members elected Anne Watts club sweetheart. They looked forward to their annual track meet and the presenta- tion of the Ramal Cup. This cup is presented each year to the most outstanding junior girl. Last year Julia Picton received the cup. The following new members were drawn: Richard Webb, Bill Wilde, Fred Duckett, George Wil- son, Kenneth Horton, Tommy Hill, Yeager Markins, George More, Jim Wildman, Newton Rayzor, Tom Biggs, Bill Bullen, Murphy Scurry, Maurice Keathely, Charlton Hadden, Carl Lee, Bill Word, Jack McComb, Larry Hensarling, Mack Milner, Joe Shaffer, and Jim Dickson. Hildreth Hood Hooton Hope Jax, J. Jax, T. Joiner Jordan Keding McCann Moncure Mott Olsen Padgett Perry Riviere Seligman Sexton Shudde Smith Strawn Swartz Thornton Wilde SPRING PRESIDENT-BILL MUNNERLYN Anderson Austin Belt Burns Mr. Burns Clark Cottingham Cutlip Daniels Davis Dickerson Doran Fagley Fish Hardin Heyne Hill Huff Iiams Jones Leach Lehde I l'dl'l lmi lrari-This Indian word meaning "brothers always" is the motto of Lamar's oldest boys' club. Under the sponsorship of W. L. Burns, the lraris promote friendship and good feeling among their members. The fall officers of Irari did much to gain prestige for the club throughout school. Johnny Miller was club president, Arthur Mon- crief, vice-president, Jimmy Burns, secretary, Billy Hardin, treasurer, Fred Staacke, ser- geant-at-armsg Martin Scheid, social chair- man, John McConnell, junior membership chairman, Charles Tapley, publicity chair- man, and Hammy Hill, sports chairman. Soon after the opening of school the club elected the members of the annual Irari Court. Carolyn Coy was elected queen, Barbara Lee Brown, princess from Chumsj Shari Collins, princess from Niwauna, Rosemary Hamner, princess from Hainonis, George May, princess from Ladaka, Jane Putney, princess from Palomar, and Jo Ann Woodham, princess from Tawasi. These girls were honored with an open house held at the home of Fred Staacke. Probably the biggest event of the year for the lraris was their fall pay dance. Remember the "S.S.S." - this announcement began to arouse the curiosity of the student body at least a month before the dance. Finally as the week of their dance arrived, the club used every advertising stunt conceivable to prepare for the dance. Not many of us will forget the morning before school when a group of lraris solemnly FALL PRSIDENT-JOHNNY MILLER ral-i paraded a cow across the campus carrying a sign "This ain't no bull-the Sing Sing Swing's the best dance ofthe year", or the next morn- ing when an ambulance came screaming up to a stop in front of the school-five boys jumped out and chased Johnny Miller across the campus until, with the aid ofa straight jacket, he was hauled back into the ambulance and it went screaming off. The lrari boys will remem- ber soliciting door prizes and collecting red lanterns to light the walk up to the gym, they will also remember the football games with Ramal and Pow-Wow. The following officers were elected for the spring semester: Arthur Moncrief, president, Fred Staacke, vice-president, Maurice Patter- son, secretary, Billy Hardin, treasurer, John Davis, sergeant-at-arms, Dick Belt, social chairman, George Meriwether, junior mem- bership chairman, Jack Doran and Ed Heyne, publicity chairmen, Bill Van Wart, sports chairman, Kerry Preston, chaplain, and Dan Turner, commissioner of communications. ln the spring the members looked forward to their annual formal, which was held on May 7, at the River Oaks Country Club. The following new members were drawn: Bryan Bell, Ben Brewer, Rodney Charlton, Bill Drake, B. B. Drury, David Goff, Bill Hamblin, Robert Hermance, Charles Hill, Bob Kemp, Tommy Kloves, Russell Mount, Steve Muller, Horace Perry, Jimmy Pickett, Kaye Reiter, Tommy Rabson, Sidney Smith, Pete Stigerwald, Orman Taylor, Richard Thompson, John Victery, Allen Weymouth, Earl Williams, and Jimmy Wyatt. McConnell McDaniel McMurtry Matlage Meriwether Minns Nevil Patterson Preston Sanderson Scheid Shumway Staacke Stone Tapley Templeton Turner Van Wart Williams Wohn Woods Wrightsman SPRING PRESIDENT-ARTHUR MONCRIEF r . ,. ylr1mi The The two top R.O.T.C. officers and their sponsors are: first row, Cadet Major james .H. Wood, and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Albert Pavey. Second row, Cadet Mayor Eloise Frame and Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Babs Hartung. lt has been said that R.O.T.C. is nothing but an excuse for a study hall. This is far from a true statement. The Reserve Officers Training Corps offers a boy instruction that will be of value to him throughout a civilian or a mili- tary career. R.O.T.C. is comparable to a course in physical education in that stress and attention is placed on strengthening and developing the body. lt is comparable to a solid subject in that the mind is developed in the field of citizenship and discipline. There is a twofold purpose in the R.O.T.C. On November ll, the Lamar regiment of the R.0.T.C, paraded down Main Street led by our R.O.T.C. band. Last fall a party was held at the armory on the day promotions were announced. From left to right are Captain Sonny DeLong, Captain Joe Barta, Major James Wood, Lieutenant Colonel Albert Pavey, Captain Lyle Wolfskill, Captain Arthur Moncrief, and Captain James Griffin, 'E 'l4ElA - and itA Zeade The first objective is to teach a student the fundamentals of good citi- zenship and how to practice them. The second is to acquaint the student with military discipline and the basic ideals of militarism itself. ln addition to being an organization in which all participants gain knowl- edge, the R.O.T.C. offers an opportunity for social development. The corps sponsors picnics, dances, and bay shore parties. ln a word, the Reserve Officers Training Corps is a laboratory in which good American citizens may be trained. ln marching formation is the R.O.T.C. band, directed by Mr, Lee S. Keding, This year Cadet Captain Dick Belt was Band Commander. Band Commander for the year 1948-1949 was Cadet Captain Dick Belt and the Band Sweetheart was Clare Masterson, ll7 First row: Cadet Captain Lyle Wolfskill and R.O.T.C. Commandant Major Walter S. Lamont. Second row: Instructors, First sergeant James G. Thornton and First sergeant John W. Parker. -.. 4 'A ,N ,sg 9 Km Q mas ,Ja-gg. sw rw Hs.. MJ , 64 klgqbflv -...Y EWS ,- wa . e . A ai 'S xiii WP -Q ,fp 'H' ., .gfmmas sv - x-Q 1 Qi- E I M K wrzqrl, 43 A , . v , xv q:3,,,5,,LQ ' - A -' ' ' 3 nw?- ' ' 4 Q 'Q Q ,, -w ' 'fx' . ",'fl,Q?',9y K . N x ,, H' v ' Q-,,ffwM.w: -,fn W Y .,. M +Qv, - Q. , 'Q ' - , . 5- X ',',2gi:h5Q ,Ref U 4.1" sq' , K -Q "1 1 A 4 Em' . ,-,5 1 gi' AC, 1, fxg gf..-V xx ,1 1.11 ' ' " K . f 'im w:"""' .flmg . y f ,.?H wf:f,1.Qfwz-ze-w-vw -fff:.fwk'fM. A mmf, .AN ,. RL , .v A wuk. .dm MJ f,w,g, QM' .Mfr ' M g'f"fL,+w-4 g,':2Q:.3ial f.,-., my MM , A .P sw ,:, 1 . 'fx 'f',,,"'? ' , Hi V 'X ,QQ vim. 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L , lg, ff 32:21-Q, If ,yn 2 J' 54 f -W-' -, L , ,F Z' .- My-K 4 .X.,T3X , N . 4 fi, . 5 4551- . 1-3, mm 1, ,fr N . Q, 'fm MM iw . .N T ' f? . 'ff k, - . 1 ' , W . " , ' - f- M - -N -P ,Qi Y . ,A , V.,.s ','Ag,,. ' 'g W it - - x x ' RW J'-Vcff-w W" ,. Q- - '5 F ,ar A 3 L af X K f ' 5 ' ,nf . mp' ' gp-5, ,W . my v 1 , D 41 , , I ixfvmgmgpg , 1 I new W ., , 7. ,, , My A ,f?w" .vi V . - - A 5, ' ey' V ,gg 7 A mffjwrfs F f ' ' ,A V, "W Q 'Nuff wg ,5!W- g fy fig - Lf,,g,Q3:b 'yi' t 'f 4, I-fmwva, -.-A 4 ,. YV, N .ff , ,V ww? 1 Q , , , xA',w .K X! f y W V, i f 5' W' N. ., Q-,,gf" 'N' W fig na - ff I , A p- U W I F , wg, , ,- A Y L ' T11 , Mmilci,i' 'W ' '95 Y X V- M' F' ' . : Q' ,ffm K iw Q 'Q' A.. A M 'J ' A, 'M I ' ' -' , 9 ' ' "?",gf'if 'fa , , 'X . U Q ' ' wwf ' ff if K2 . mfg ' . N Sian-mg, , ,wwf. , JE' sm tb V , ,Al ' 7 .. .M fa' 8 v v ' ki - ' ' n 'R' " ' fy f :LW " M N . 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A 53-a'v 5 K nm 'fp 5j",,j,'L, ba 1 . rf 5' S xx ,I , , I my xx xc .AY-Q N' 'x H Ms ' V 'f it 1 1 mx .-, f -, ' JF: as wfhg, 'U Q, y,',lv. ,, 1 ,sf '-:wa pb 455' 1 'mi' wv'u ' J? I"5'A1 5' fi' ASIS' Yime to Compete The competition at Lamar runs high in every field. In this section are this year's beauties, the school sports, and school life. The competition among girls in the field of beauty is best displayed by looking at the following pages. Each year the pictures of the school's most beautiful girls are sent off to a well-known judge of beauty. He in turn selects the Orenda beauties. The entire student body at Lamar centers around the school's participation in the various fields of sports. Each year Lamar brings home new trophies and sets new records. Athletes will remember this year especially. They remember the new coaches, the hours of practice after school, and the out-of-town trips. They will remember reading the sports section of the Houston papers to see what Dan Cook had to say. The last section is the school life. ln it are pictures summarizing the events of this year. This book is a record of l948-I949 and of its Times to Remember. BEAUTIES SPORTS LIFE lll TQ r ,,. X sail W" W E T o R E -rar. uousl or ,fy P INC- fr 4 M.,,,u5w new vena - uonrazn. - nouvvoeo X ' rncvzs-:neu ruin wssrnon. l can ...l..... e.u,...,l 1. mrs. 1.l.,.,.. an m Febfuury ZS, l949 Mr. Robert E. Clemons 3224 Locke Dane Houston, Texas Dear Robert Clemons: lt has indeed been a pleasure to eot as judge of the most beautiful girls for the l949 Ox-ende- Here are the names in the order of preferences 1. Virginia Berkley, because of her completely natural beauty and the ' ' ' ersonality reflected in her photogrlph. Cine intelligence and winning 9 2, Carolyn Ferrell, for piquent features and charming femininity. 25. June llcilarthy, for the arresting quality oi' youthful beauty, her lovely eyes and eyebrows, end magnificent heir. 4. Barbara X-ledden, for her cameo-lilce features and outward expression of inherent breeding. 5. Barbara Pannell, for evenness of feetures M15 GX9I'eS5i0Yl of Slleec sincerity. ' 6. Janice Barstow, for her beautiful eyes and their refle Chien of fine sincerity. 7, Elranges Beryymiin, for her sparkling good looks and vivecity. 3, ggnftha. Moore, for garmin attractiveness. 9. Diane Lehman. who reminds me of e younger Talluleh Benkheed, enr3.v'h0S0 greet beauty lie ' t l e ebrows, and her hair. s in the wide-set eyes, ne. ure y 10, giargie liethes, for her quiet good looks and the shyness of intro- spe etion . ll. Gayle Garth. for her exquisite features and depth of character. my X. say that of the many contests I have judged this has proved one oi' the most dii'Qicult'l 1 have never seen so me-ny lovely young, girls in any one group, and making any sort of e choiee has not been easy. The photographs as a whole not only refle ot the beauty and qualities associated with young American womb-ohood, but the unspoiled neturalness of make-up and hair is a most pleasing revelation. 1 hope that the student body as a whole will agree with my choice. May I think you ones again for granting me this privilege: lf' 1 ff----,,,,s , -,--- ff" ' If smeeisiiff Q if ,f ..,f' ,ff EDlT0R'5 NOTE- . lll Jann ' The pictu In fu UW Over '95 fhat the fgcmige ::fl'0wegnde0::nire:pundafrirfftz gaeflge 'following pug . Irs sub ES were Cho chosen b 1 e various I Proxlmatel . m.t . l y Pere W c ass offlcers Y thlrly bl' 0 grol ted p'ClU"eS fo thiaetzjr this WGY: make-up m eSl'm0 a fe. fa f and orh UP c - V Carolyn nbos Lum0r'5 mo mous Cfedlor of er oulsmndin onslshng of gey enda- Thege election Clare zz was electedStMbeauSfuI Qifl Higous: of Weitlfaudenfs. Virgilgbalsmeanbers of Th Gsterso FY uee ' of er Ch - fe cogm t- UI' ley mem e Mos' Popula n 'Wd Elonse Fmmn by U V0fe gf owes 9PDeur 0 e 'CS and Hall was bers of their I f Girl and B 9 Were elect d flle entire t n the followi yW00d sen' The Most Reljrzss Ufter being rtl:m9f the Jqnuaiy pnncesseg 5 uden' b0dy. In lla Pages' I0 - 5 - . I a ' e r cabinet membein::::iVehGnrI and Egsleifby the Sens: 'tae classes were some l en elected by thfhe Senior Cla, mel- elecfed by the e fncultli ses were first nom' lnqfed b Mui QW, Z,l!l'fp-1, Y The 'WHQT VIRGINIA BARKLEY Selected by Perc Westmore: Lamar's Most Beautiful Girl Carolyn Farrell June McCarthy Barbara Pannell Diane Lehman N Frances Berryman Ke ut? h Gayle Garth Martha Moore Margie Mathes 1 1 Her Majesty Queen CAROLYN COY may jd Princess Clare Masterson Princess Eloise Frame ,,, 0 t tancfng Seniv D I C K Dick Bintliff, Most Popular Boy of the January graduating class, was first string center for this year's mighty football team. Dick's good looks, easy going attitude, and fine sense of humor made him a likely choice for this high honor. MERLE Merle Striekert, Most Popular Girl of the January graduating class, has always been an outstanding figure in her class. By combining friendliness and sincerity this cute brown-eyed beauty won the ap- proval of her class which elected her. . . anua ly Cla JOEL SHIRLEY Joel Carroll, Most Representative Boy of the Janu- ary graduating class, leads a busy life-editing the Lancer and working on the Sports Staff of the Houston Chronicle. Besides being successful in these extra-curricular activities Joel has maintained an A average all through high school. Shirley Armstrong, Most Representative Girl of the lanuary graduating class, is a combination of beauty and brains. Among other things she has served as Secretary of Belles and as Student Assistant to Mrs. Sandel in the guidance department. ISEEEIQI- -. 4' Q. x'F:' ,QAQWW W F J ff Q X . VAS ' . :,. 6,-f ..,, I H .,,., E 4, 'iff -59 2 " '1":':f- f ' :QU 31 , ' Kg 4, K 1 J . 'f if ,Mk SYM. Q Q' l .4 H,-,A,, :Eg w xsgsfyglkvgg rfhr . x . iw Wi-4 U: ga., W Q I spans:-.5 ., f A 'vw ' 33 Thx 'I-,32'25 .? f-aka-2 , , -Q18 1Q"'N'W2'. :I':::'.,:. sv w U ff is X - if tifkiiii .MFT f K ,kplgsziih-mzga,1 :igh- ' ms-gg aging., we Aff? W :,,-jg, i,--gggw WTWAFQPQ ,FL A -1RRf1iLsft,Q:.bffwws , --if:5:':2:"E 32225 ' " f?-f w ,Z :fs fsfgsfsl 4 X, . 123: Wkzfgiw- - Ali' af f iz? , ii' 'H' v W x aw E li " 11, Q ,lm wx q Y, d,4 , SV 'M A , Q i ' 'gi W A 5 May: 73 :-,Sw-4 swf? .514 4 N. I .1 if ff N W-5 une Cl AA JULIA DON Most Representative Girl fits Julio Picton per- fectly. Julia's marked intelligence, poise, and sin- cerity have won her innumerable friends and honors at Lamar. President of Niwauna, Sophomore Duchess in the May Fete, Ramal cup winner, member of Arrowhead, and Assistant Editor of the Orenda are a few of her honors. Most Representative Boy, Don Olsen, also fits this title Perfectly. Don's versatility is shown in that he is a letterman in football and basketball and also a member of National Honor Society. Don's sincerity, smile, and deep interest in everyone have qualified him for this honor, Among his many honors Don has served as President of his sopho- more and junior class, and as Treasurer of the Student Council. r gf H F 5 an-' 5' i . , PHS' 1 wmv 2 , .g my 5, .. f W' N., WW fi V14 .Von Q f , 3 Y Wrxggyyf? .Q 4 fl wif, FW! ,Q 1 , w,Xf fkv?g Sjpgwbfwvx EV - wx www ggzmf' If Sf? A S 'E' Z' X ff 1 li: x x . s - 1 I ,. .A,,., I I '1 1? ,. ' K, ws fa-ev' i P 1 v 5 wx w r Q K .::'-:F , Q ,, x s. . 5 1 I F I 28 v Y. ,, 37-I JN-Wi M A 3 0 Q . fy, . X 5 g ' ww A v Q QR if 5 x Q 4 . 5 V may gms ' , .,.,. 3 '71 .. x Q 5' ,wk tl Z ne mg if f Q Qvfzw wi 4 , ggi ,gwsg 'Q iw ' ' , .. ag! 1 J I ye :II-eff: 4 E , Zkfwff w'12i:'4f'g V fl 6.2 Q . xg, ' 4 , tp' was -Y Qrmiejr - 1 'igzgf-Qivfwliaw, ' wg-f9!f5ES,Ea.- 4- ML ,gui 4, Afwx. ,mggyf , lgwhf fsmwf Jijiif hgf'5kf"?F4 ' Q iii Q. ,gfff N y, N Q fiff2?ffi" R . 133 The Spvrw Yfear Although at the time the Orenda goes to press our sports parade is not yet completed, Lamar is continuing to bring prestige in every athletic division. Lamar's State Finalist football team, won the City Crown for the third successive year, making Lamar the first school to accomplish this feat. The highly polished Indians battled through eleven games with only a tie marring their record. They met their only defeat in the Big City Finals. Lamar placed four boys on the All-City team. The Indians made a defensive record unequaled this year by any other Houston squad. The offensive prowess and speed will be long remembered by their opponents and fans. At the banquet All-City Bill Chanslor and All-State George Pontikes were elected co-captains of the '48 eleven. The speedy Lamar cagers finished the regular basketball season deadlocked in second place with San Jacinto. They missed the opportunity to represent Houston in the Big City Championship games by losing the play-off series with the Bears. Hardly a game was decided by more than five points. Each was a thriller from the initial jump to the final gun. The highlight of the season was the Jaycees Tournament, which won for Lamar two large trophies. The interesting style demonstrated by the Redskins brought many crowds to the Public School "Gym." George Pontikes and Don Olsen were elected co-captains of the '48-'49 season. Managers Charles Heyer and Porter Johnson were great helpers and an inspiration to the team. Since Spring Sports have just started it will be hard to predict the outcome. The Lamar track team, braced by lettermen Gerhardt Schulte and Sam Hamilton, captains of the '49 squad, will try to make it the third district crown in as many years. Bobby Brodnax, Claude Hooton, Dudley Epps, Benny Hood, George Buckstaff, Richard Black, and other lettermen will attempt to pace the swimming team to the third State Championship. The golfers, stalwarted by Don Addington, Bernard Riviere, Floyd Addington, and Bob Moncrief, are hoping to get past the winner-up spot in state-a spot they reached last year. This season both the tennis team and the baseball team are looking forward to the prospect of adding many laurels to those already won by the Lamar Indians. This hard-working trio spent many afternoons during the fall These are the men who coached the Lamar teams to issuing equipment, washing jerseys, and taking care of the their many victories. Standing left to right are Bob football team. They are football managers Hubert Leslie, Ben Schulze, George Hartung, Fred Pepper, and Donald Kostial, and Bobby Brodnax. Longcope. This year the Lamar Redskins added another feather to their football helmet. Operating under their new coaches for the first time, Lamar became the first Houston school to win the City Title three years in a row. Coaches Bob Schulze, George Hartung, and Fred Pepper were the brains behind the Indian attack. Besides taking the city crown, Lamar advanced to the first Big City Conference finals before bowing to Arlington Heights of Fort Worth for the state championship. When the new coaches arrived, they brought with them a new offensive formation. This was the "Y" formation as used by S.M.U. This "Y" enabled the team to make a large variety of speed and power plays. "ls everybody happy . . .?" Cheerleaders Sue Hastings, Bobby Carsey, Mavis Hardy, Al Hildreth, Clare Williams, and Dale Fooshee get ready for the locomotive yell. Not in picture is Beech Mott who was injured at the beginning of the year and was unable to lead yells until later in the season. "A" TEAM FOOTBALL Front row: Kostial, Brodnax, Olsen, Sanderson, Bullen, Hamilton, Peterson, Leslie Second row: Teas, Porter, Horton, Lomax, Cole, Stone, Carson, Chanslor, Cobb, Grubbs Third row: Coach Schulze, Shudde, Schulte, Smith, Garth, Jax J., Pontikes, Carpe, Graham, Grafton, Curry, Coach Hartung Back row: Davidson, Bintliff, Paul, Paine, Ford, Rawlins, Gwin, Riviere, Jax T., Cutrer, Swartz Lamar's line should be commended for their fine work during the season. They were hard and vicious blockers, hustling on both offense and defense. Their defensive record for the past season is especially good. Lamar started working out during the third week in August. The Dad's Club put up lights so that the team might work out after the heat of day had gone. The first week after school started, Lamar got into its regular season. The season was an unusually good one as far as the weather was concerned. The Reagan game was the only game played on a muddy field. The coaches, the managers, the cheerleaders, and the student body may find just cause for pride in the accomplishments of the 1948 footbaal team. FOOTBALL "B" TEAM Front row: Clinton, Dingwall, Bullen, Alcorn, Woodman, Beggs, Hooton, Canall, Scherer, Begnaud Second row: Lee, Barton, Charlton, Selber, Brown, Russo, Howard, Evans, Dickson, Ruhm, Ownby Third row: Coach Pepper Glidden, Rice, Perry, Barnett, Boyd, Biggs, Collins, Stephens, Heath, Duckett, Brewer, Coach Bussa Fourth row: A. Brown, Tomlinson, Spillios, Houseworth, Landig, Nix, McMenemy, Porros, Moore, Street, Daniels, Hall game rollmg up a total of l70 gunned All Lumanres gam until the fourth quarter'4l4-l4J. Gerhari' Schulte broke the deadlock Bill Forrester in the end zone. that penod the lndmns broke loose for an other tally. Although this was plenty . f. . blasted across another closmg minutes DICK BINTLIFF C613 JACK CARSON C441 mu. BULLEN 4573 BILL cHANsLoR 4379 JOHN CARPE 4523 sosBY coss 4601 LAMAR ROB ERT E. LE The hustlmg Redskms surprised a favored Gander squad by holding them to cr sax to sux deadlock The Ganders boast mg a much heovrer roster were paced by Tom Stolhandslu one of the best backs on the state. The lndians, spdrked by an alert llneeand Baytown fumbles, showed flashes of theform the reachedin mid- SGGSOI1. CARTER Lamar fielded a devastating ground was only ten more fhan the punchless Carter Team Lamar penolhes The rn this game allowing V Lamar and Wilson played ,ban even game speedy lndmns were not mashed. They JACK COLE C363 LEWIS CUTRER C533 NICK ELLIOTT l54J l , fs I J 2' ,,-r ,,yg:gxg:,.:.::.g yx ' LETTERMEN LAMAR vs, PASADENA Lamar started the ball rolling with a touchdown on their first possession at the ball. Lamar fans got theirthrills from this game when Bill Frazier, Pasadena scat- bock, raced 35 yards on the second play of the game, Lamar did not play too im- pressively' throughout the game. Sandy Sanderson and Don Olsen were offensive and defensive sfandouts of the game. AMAR vs. SAN JACINTO Lomar took advantage ol' every break 'to smash San Jacinto. Playing one of his best gamesol the year. Tommy Jax sparked the attack. George Pontikes, all state end, led the - defensive. Herb Eubanks J scored the lone San'Jacinto touchdown on a gallop at 65 yards. Bill Chanslor's run of 94 yards without scoring will long be remembered by Lamar fans. LAMAR vs. SAM HOUSTON Lamar had little trouble in drubbing the aerial-minded Bengals. The game was filled with thrills because of the many' passes by Joe Fuentes, passing star. Sandy Sanderson accounted for all the Lamar! touchdowns. Sammy Hamilton, injured in the Robert E. Lee game, came back into form to inspire theilledskins' drives. JAY GARTH KSU JIM GRAFTON C495 BILL GWIN C345 w""Wk SAMMY HAMILTON C301 KENNY HORTON C381 TOMMY JAX C401 LETTERMEN 3230 vs. JEFF DAVIS The Redskins were terrific in the famous Davis aerial game Lamar gumpd to on early lead and scored every period but the second The lndran line shined as they got the jump on Davis line at every snap Spencer Stone turned in the gem of the game with a 90 yard touchdown gallop. LAMAR vs. REAGAN Bull Chanslor paced the lndlans to their seventh straight victory by tallying both touchdowns. The Lamar lme played DON OLSEN C3l1 KEN PAUL C581 GEORGE PONTIKES C351 ball In most parts allowing the Bulldogs to reach only the 29 yard line. Lamarrtes will remember the foul weather as this was the only game played under such conditions. X90 LAMAR vs. AUSTIN Lamar in downing Austin made the Milby game the all important game. Austin as a whole was very unimpressive, Once they drove to the 4 yard line but again the regu- lars took hold and stopped them. Sammy Hamilton with his iorring tackles shined in the Redskin defense. BERNARD RIVIERE C505 SANDY sANosRsoN assi GERHART SCHULTE C465 LAMAR vs. MILBY ln this game, the final of the Houston Conferencefthe Indians released a fine offensivegame the first half and a stalwart defense in the second. Lamar scored both touchdowns in the 'second period, then turned the ball over to Milby.VJack Carson ond Bobby Cobb were defensive standouts in the second half. Milby ace, Don Carpen- ter, was held in check the entire evening. .f,,,Aw W LAMAR vs. THOMAS JEFFERSON Lamar barely slipped ,by the Thomas Jefferson Mustangs to advance to the'Big City Finals. Hamilton on a 'brilliantlyexef cugted lateral ploy from Pontikes scoredithe first Lamar touchdown. Lewis Cutrer took a pass for the second after the Ponies had knotted the count. A 73 yard iaunt by S. M. Meeks gave the Mustangs their second touchdown. The important. try for extra point was blocked by Tommy Jax, - LAMAR vs. ARLINGTON HElGHTS Dropping the only game of the season to the powerful Yellow Jackets, Lamar failed to bring home the State Championship. Hiindered by injuries received in the Jeffer- son game, Lamar's offensive was subnor- mal. The Redskin line played great ball, but breaks gave Arlington a two touch- down lead. A terrific wind making it diffi- cult to pass and punt, put the lndians in serious trouble more than once that after- noon. A ' , JOHN SHUDDE C475 HARVEY SMITH C455 SPENCER STONE C425 HOGUE ADDINGTON MUNNERLYN STRAWN JAX GARTH Ka lzetball Lamar fielded another fast interesting ball club. Coach Don Longcope lived up to his title of "Fire Chief" and led his cagers in their fire wagon attack. The team started practicing soon after school opened. With the beginning of the Christmas Holidays the Lamar cagers journeyed to Conroe to play in the Shrine Tournament. They dropped their second game of the tournament to Milby. The first weekend in January Lamar won the Houston Jaycee Tournament by beating Sam Houston in the finals. Lamar made fine showing in all their Tournament games and placed two boys on the All-Tournament five. George Pontikes and Larry Hogue were the sparks and All-Tournament selections of the Redskins. ln the middle of January, Lamar played in the Huntsville Tournament without the services of the ex-footballers. The Indians advanced to the quarter finals before being ousted by a finalist club. At the end of the season, Lamar found itself in a tie with San Jacinto for second place. There was a play-off series to determine who would represent Houston in the Big City play-offs. Lamar lost in successive games to the hustling, straight- shooting Bears. George Pontikes and Don Olsen were elected co-captains of the basketball team. Pontikes was also the city's top scorer and Lamar's only member of the All-City cage team. "A" TEAM Standing: Mr. Pepper George Pontikes Don Addington Jay Garth Billy Richards Porter Johnson Mr. Longcope Kneeling: Charlie Heyer Dick Criss Dale Fooshee Lewis Cutrer Eric Crake Bob Strawn Sitting: Tommy Jax Larry Hogue Bill Munnerlyn Don Olsen FOOSHEE La ma r-56 .... Lamar-36 ..., Lamar-53 Lamar--47 Lamar--30 Lamar-40 Lamar-37 Lamar-48 La ma r-53 Lamar-64 Lamar-41 Lama r-36 Lamar-32 Lamar-32 OLSEN SCORES . .San Jacinto-41 Sam Houston-48 , . . . , A Austin-48 . , .Reagan-44 , . . Milby-33 .,.....Davis-38 . ,San Jacinto-41 Sam Houston--Sl ,.....Reagan-48 . . . . Austin-38 , , . Milby-35 ...,...Davis-32 , .San Jacinto-36 , .San Jacinto-40 PONTIKES CUTRER CRISS RICHARDS CRAKE "B" TEAM Standing: Bill Giles Sidney Smith Jack Cole Fred Lange Harvey Gilliam Laddie Kubena George Wilson Page Rogers Charles McClain Jimmy Jax Kneeling: Jack Glidden Charles Hill Bill Bullen Garland Fielder Tommy Hill Billy Wohn Sitting: Billy Word Louis Casimir .lim Whitson Bill Scott Tommy Swartz Bobby Whiting mg ,swf -1 vw? 4 , if Qu W E K, .Q 2? - 4' ' If 'if A ., ffm N 'g3Ygf3"S2v, N 'vs +- 'N ' x W A wg fig. pw w M M f VICE-PRESIDENT-CAROLYN COY PRESIDENT-JEAN REYNAUD SECRETARY-MARTHA HODGE Clue olzee The Cherokee Club is a sports club whose membership is open to any girl in Lamar who partici- pates in Cherokee sports tournaments. The club elects one girl each year to head each sport and to supervise the tournament of that sport. At the end of each year, bracelets are awarded to the three girls who hold the highest score records. Below: Barbara Wilson, softball, Julia Picton, badminton. Below: Gayle Garth, swimming, Libby Herndon, archery, Above: Beverly Ward, volleyball, Jo Ann Woodham, bowlIng. Above: Betty Gray, tennis, Cordelia Sprong, basketball. W W an M., I , 1' l 1 E g X Q11-'J 'ii lil' P111 Y --Q-S --'-S msn ---ii! Y I I ,. 2 5 v 521 as if fair . 'V , gm x . " f f 47 x J .2 5 Q , .Qi Af ,,-Q ' 7 5 5 5 , .. A . A , . A M Y . ' 4 9 fg jj! ,Www A Q., W, T' , if M-'A' ,A 1 'il , ,.,,. , .,.,,,,.. . X Nb fe Q M W-'iz.,32i'Lg?"i1ff:wWm W,,,Ww V bww Sp ing TRACK This year's track team will be defending the city crown they have held the past two years. Sammy Hamilton, captain of the l949 team, Gerhart Schulte, Nick Spillios, and Paul Hoeffler are returning lettermen who are expected to pace the Indians on the cinders. Hoeffler placed second in the mile last year in the first Big City Meet. Spillios won the city shot put and discus events. Hamilton and Schulte are sprinters and relay men. BASEBALL Lamar will field another hustling ball club. The Redskin nine did not take first place last year, but they are expected to do much better this year. Fred Pepper, an ex-pro ball player, is doing a fine job as the coach of the Lamar team. Sprinters: Front: Porras, Hamilton, Biggs, Schulte. Back: Anderson, Hall, Stone, Heath, Drake, Word, Hooton. Tennis: Front: A. Moncrief, Scott, Wilde, Whiting. Back: Lawrence, Joplin, Sut- tles, Alcorn, Poole. Golf: F. Addington, Riviere, B. Moncrief, D. Addington. Weight Men: Smith, Rowland, Spillios, Stuncliff. Distance: Front: O'Conner, Stephens, Russo, Dingwall, Hoeffler. Back: Daniel, Grubbs, Brown, Evans, Carlton, Griffin, Luttrell, Adams, Charlton, Attwell, Mott, Kelly. Spa:-M SWIMMING The swimmers of Lamar have had a glorious record. They have won the State Championship for the past two years. Such stars as Bobby Brodnax, Claude Hooton, and Dudley Epps will be pushing Lamar toward another champion- ship when the season gets under way. GOLF The Lamar golfers, who were runners-up in the state last year, will be shooting for a higher berth this year. Don Addington, winner of the National Caddy Meet of 1948, his brother, Floyd, Bernard Riviere, and Bob Moncrief will be the backbone of the Lamar link team. TENNIS Mr. Longcope, true to fashion, will field a fast moving, hard hustling team. His tennis team is expected to go further than last year's team with the help of Bill Scott, Henry Wilde, Bob Whiting, and Arthur Moncrief. Baseball: Chanslor, Horton, Pepper, Pon- tikes. Divers: Hardin, Drury, Brodnax, Austin, Brown, and Shepley. Scott is diving. Jumpers: Front, Alexander, Fullerton, Hildreth, Back, Harper, Carson, Frey. Swimmers: Standing, Demming, Gajewsky. Sitting, Black, Anderson, Beggs. In Pool: Ledford, Feely, Foard. Swimmers: Wilde, Cox, Wallen, Hooton, Hadden, McComb, Endicott, Epps. I Jefferson melee, Dr. Ed Smlth bandages one of the many mgurecl anklesf Mr. Chanslar watches as he tapes has son Balls Brodnax is learning Fooshee looks amazed. , Arthur Moncriel, Richard Fullerton, Bobby Whifing, 1 and other members of fhe championship R.O.T.C. saff- waif their Yurn to lgaf. . V lv ' .-:f- e : ..,.. 5 ,:-, ,-1.-.- , ,.,' :EJ announces a pep rally of the year during the annual Cheerleadefs Ball. Dale 5 ff 5x 'S xv-1 'rkx 5 x Q. 3 aiu ra I Zi S ,,: Qi 3 I 5 .. ....,... N YA Nl. .Wad Al fi 242' is .: o 5 awww P on Burtheime, win Contest of Texas. He L+- ,,,, , ., , , ws I un 5. vi ls Q xxk A MFE A ,M ji A ' gil?" . 'aim We 333' 9 W4 q 1 F" mmf, Y f .,.,. ww,M.N MW 1, Aw M, ' 75 M253 f H may wggw wah ' """ , if 3. ' -- ff MW ,,.,.. , bv . -..,A V, ,.., ..,,.,. : f .,.. , In ., , M' -.--- 1, , - .,...,.,, .2 -137 iiwsz, I ,.: ,.,, 3- ..., X fd, xl L ! 'fn - ' ,W ly if M1 k I7 M5 A ,S W7 5, I gym A M A 'Q k V 642 fn n fn f F DAR gcrl nominees, Juho Picton, Jean Farrchald Baker my 1' ' ' i M 5, If 'fi' , ,M .A ggi - , g DorntlQy.Foster, Gayle Garth, Carolyn Coy and Louisg f,5i'fgN3' 'g V533 X' 3 , 1 ! sk + 1 4 B 1 I if I J yi Q 9 5 Yi, 1 r f 'Qt l Q Yi S 'Rig ra ui qgw g 15 5 3 U 5 Maxam VA Xl YN 1 ,, n -4 A WORD OF THANKS . . . to the many who have helped us make this 1949 'Orenda a reality. We feel that special recognition should be given to the student photographers whose many pictures fill the book. Fred Durrance, Henry Wilde, and Charlie West have all contributed. The club pictures were taken by Roulande Studio, the class pictures by Lawless and Son, and the "H" Association and R.O.T.C. Officers Club pictures by Bernard Studio. The following individuals helped us in numerous ways: Marjory Kroupa did much of the typing, Miss Margaret Buchanan gave us much help in literary guidance, Mrs. Edith Ferrell provided many valuable lists, Jo Ann Woodhom contributed to the art work, June Crawford helped us mount the seniors pictures, and Sue Aldrich, Ann Cooper, and Bill Munnerlyn helped us with identifications. Finally, gratitude is due Mr. Henry Hartman of Parke Engraving, Mr. Ralph Pelton of Gulf Publishing Company, and the many teachers and students who cooperated willingly to make this book possible. THE STAFF x 9 w 1 w '32 'i fi. 14 K? 45.1, ' ly, 1 . .45 , .193 iii' 114, ml: , 'dv ' xi 2 42' fd y ,wwf- f y f . Q, fr? ' 'IX N , X . ." ff 1 J." mi . , I . I ..,'1gef': A 4 H ' 1 1 'W' Q u ni? 'I J ,. .g1'-ri g lpn if ' , , f , ,H21 rg, ' v .riff 'L lx .791 ll 's' " 5' f ' Q . 4 X. -,nf 5 1 n , .44 -L25 -11 A sf' 254 M .qu mi f,1.5 A . x L4- A . I 2 ' PM ' ,117 1 y .. - 5 , .5 . 134

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