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-Q.,.+ "iL..-,,-, ., L, ,mi t ' Q -'Sy if A 1 . M, , v A42 ' l ' Q' :Gm ' ,.-' ' I Y . ff' Q. . , Cz' " - -A X ,Y f A " 57 L" i , A ,Q su N l,,, ig , J, -..,. any gil 3 ' ' ,1 5 .. ,. ,W , 4' rl n 4.5: Q.,- r.,:, E5 W 's 1 r ,IQ :Q- . 1' sf if , M' , Jw 'X :Wy ,591 NU. :fi QI ,Y If I , I 1 , r? 1 '1 . 2' , P 5 1 . i f F I. I iw m 5 T W L H I' ,dxf 1 'y E' ,. HM 'E w , , W Qi, W Q, 5: ww ffgvizsxw 'W' f 4 1 A ,W X, . W , . Wwwrin ' M KSWF Q w1,'w,L,w.xWX., , Nxxv N mv ,f ,V , .1 . jf' Q' V W as ff W W3 E ' Iv Mwwwv-wx , 239:-, FS M ' GX W ,,,. , ,, J 0 V, WW, Q ,gfgm ,f Q 5 5. i mms' 1, . ' ww wi.. E2 .M i i , l l i A . W -2' ii' ' -.f?1i'Q.1f.QTfiTR .. . gs? .':.45sW:1'f11giaemgglqfwgj -'-'.fL.,L.s.g.,-f 52.38 x"'LL Tififff' .- fi'gV3g.L.- .- n we H,---A R K4 'K lgkiipnlk fl. A7 W 8 Q K 72.8 -Ak K W 74 3 "sf, va- " - A , ... 5 in .- ,.. i "f"iimiti 1n. .12 .- 198535 student liie 10 organizations 30 sports 46 faculty 74 curriculum 82 classes 92 advertisements 124 Lakota High School 5186 011 13 llansas, 0hio 44841 Volume 22 l' :':' ' ,fb 3 a' 1 1 Q Q ' W-,Qi 4-H.'3f31?"4: 4. 'i?'Qf'Y'1g:' '-My 'Q is -:F 'S fr v' 'MMA' In-5,2 able WP ff' bv M.--'2 . 5-1: J-" ' W.2F?'-'Iii ' ' 1 ga: .' 1 , 4' A me -- '-v E " -1-"... t Ti . ,. - iyiaaanigeigg., .T kg Lf 5 in 517:-,, Y K-Z 4 3? nfl . ' -' -" ' 4 1: 49 - 9 ' N?" fzr- f.: 4 7ff,v 1 f wgggwg 'nfWf: 959' " ' 4' ,iss f -and f. .g,f.,.4 'ua-, 7-:Fi ' E Q 'lf " A "' ' ' .f::' Q is 2:5-E ,P ,- 3gg'?f.? " - " "K .IL , . ,.m,ww' ,M5 - ai gk , -f 0 3 iff-A I , ,Huggy 'M V Weffua. J 4? fav: fp. www' , ,. E. V -' -,gfnx afvsm W is ,,,,,a,,,, v F ga s F ,Q ,f-'ef 2,1 i - D' "' . 4- ,WWA ii " ' Vwm 1' 3-., --.. -Wim. fp' Q N2 v ' -9. ,f E x Xi? .4 ' V- ' K ag .S If ! ? W Eg N , ' E':: -..., ,,,,,,f JL f fv .1 i , 1' " Xxukfff 'XXX I. ., 1 Nxvxqxln ' XXX- '-Q-xx J ff ,,..,,,w' 2... Q' , '1 f 5 i, EL. , v L ,. ki -1 My . 1, ,gwunfw ,MJ X 'V' ' '. .". .K V -,V-. ' .5-..M'v ...W f -.- . " 1,f'1':"m Y' fl" "I 'A M W fe ' , ' . N... ,. -,M V-W ', .A-,, . N-,.u W RH 1 4. .v ,W ,W,vw.,.,5", A. , N : f,,!,'.,'.,'1-'f -jf. ww .W ...V 5 ww. ww .--. ,"- ww, ' .N .. . . N- -,ww.,.w...'m.f. W. h -'-. . - 'NM ..,. ., M.f"" - .V , .. V i fc 3' is 1 My it ' 1 ,wa . . I 1 ,,,,,,, W N A ,. ,w "-- , - 55,9 Nnqf' A. .Z as My Cf I Cooch Cline wishes Amy Gobel good luck or the invirorionol in Golion. B. A note of friendly competition is in the oir os C. D. Tino Kimble tries to sreol the ocrion from Chris Boll. Woiring poriently for rhe bell to ring is Morio Lindsrrom. Mr. Werrz enjoys giving Wendy Litton o hordrime. K e High school meons mony different things to us , . . chollenges, loughter, wonder. As students we leorn obout life, obout others, ond most of oil, obout ourselves. Q, if 2' mum- 3 z A. B. aw' ttt A Moscot Gory Holmon wotches the gome with onticipotion. Volunteer Koren Reinhort closes her eyes ond holds her breoth os o horseshoe is tossed in her direction. C. Mory Houbert helps roise the spirits of the tons ond the D. ployers. Bill Tuttle sometimes finds it hord to benefit from oc- counting closs. 5 The freshmen may wonder if it's really all it's "cracked up" to be. But the upperclassmen will tell them that it's only what they make it. For some, high school is the best time of their lives . . . spending time with friends . . . get- ting rowdy in study hall with only the pressures of Friday's upcoming test to momentarily get them downg but others see it only as a waiting period until they can get on to bigger and better things. The sophomores and juniors may be thinking that it will never end and that gradua- tion day will always bejust one step beyond their grasp. A. You may have covered up your neck and walked by fast as you saw Lorrel Mullholand in the halls on Halloween. B. Mr. Scherger presents his red-tailed hawk to a mystified group of students. C. The lack of students lends on eerie cast to the halls. D. Homecoming is filled with many fun and challenging events such as this. E. Nancy Saalman strives to improve her typing skills. F. Working with clay is not an easy task but Dave Ritter seems to have everything under control. But the seniors ore suddenly seeing the post four yeors through different eyes. They were ot the top of one lodder but ore now finding themselves ot the bottom of onother with Q whole new beginn- ing . . . new friends . . . new views on life. And sud- denly those four yeors don't seem quite so long ofteroll. But there's one thing for sure . . . This is it! There will never be onother time in our lives such os this, nor will opportunities be so plentiful. Our success in life will be determined by how we use this time. Whether we enjoy it or not, oll will ogree thot it is on experience thot will never be forgotten. Reflect upon todoy but never lose sight of the promises of tomorrow. This is it! . . . Whot does it meon to you? 4 aww ,.,, :ff , V . . , tt in pf, ,.... .V 1,14 we 8 A. B. C. Rhonda Cooley shores her time with o little friend for home economics. Woyne Turpin gets the opportunity to express some of his interests in ort. Showing interest in whot's happening on the proctice field, Cooch Devol, Cooch White, Curt Richords, ond Tim .Iomes wotch from the stonds. D. While Mr. Szobo exploins "The Scorlet Letter," Lori Bowmon listens in- tently ond gets some notes. ss... Mr. Doty supports the cross country teom with his presence ot the district meet in Tiffin. Those cold footboll gomes can be mode o little wormer when you stoy close to 0 friend Just osk Kelly Kimmet ond Alon Crouse. Rob McCochren ond Pete Gibson were the mysterious homecoming bondits. Holloween gives Sheril Aldrich the op portunity to dress o little differently ond be o little crozy. iii W , ww ',, if rf M: 'i.71gfQ ig 7' 216-W 3 ' wk 5,6 f A , . ME" ' Q ff- my N fc- ,yy i ' - .qw ,- SEQ 35 313 ww ,fm it Mn -..., SEI' LJ U Q EN L Jr 'T LJ L Ir AE' "'J "'J E New Flctivities for Homecoming Homecoming ot Lokoto is olwoys on event to look forword to in the foll. This yeor's wos no exception. During Homecoming week the students porticipoted in mony dolly octivities such os Togo Doy, Twin Doy, Col- lege T-Shirt ond Sunglosses Doy, Blue ond White ond Hot Doy, ond Dress Up Doy. There were olso events during the evenings for eoch closs to compete in. Eoch closs hod o section of the school to decorote, ond the Seniors won this event by doing on outstonding job on the upper holl. There were olso different gomes to enter eoch night. On Tuesdoy night students porticipoted in the Life Sover Poss, Chug-o-Lug contest, Ice Creom Eoting, The Spoon ond String, ond the Scovenger Hunt. On Thursdoy night, the Pushboll gome, Tug of Wor, Wheelborrow Roce ond bonfire were held. The Seniors conquered the underclossmen by winning most of the events. CMM . 1 A. Mory Houbert shows her true colors on blue ond white doy while clossmotes Randy Foirbonks ond Brod Lucious look on with interest. B. Sophomore Cheryl Smith ond Broin Kleisch ottempt to win points for their closs in the Wheelborrow Roce. C. Phil Ptocheter ond Tim Cox generously oworded Down Rogier first ploce in the ice creom eoting contest even after she dropped out of the competition. D. Mony students enjoy porticipoting on togo doy. E. The Pushboll event took o lot of teomwork os those Juniors ond Seniors prov- ed to us. W , ,nw ...mgitillw ,V 1, Ma. Q , N SK- " L 'I - ,A X , V 4iF'f5fa '15, L 1 w an-nw 1 'ff ofwvm. 1 . M J f X X ,Mn s X 1' mm: ',M?m1m , W'4pfmmLv1fA' VWMQWZILQ W J www. K ww Mswmm , ,VIMQWW 4 fr E wwf 'wi 'w -4 . gfiffa , 159 w k fag, . 1 ,Q ' lj 1 7 4 N i 3 gf, WZ MF X iii 'Fu WW 4 Y N y 'QV ' X X if XX 'Q . Z 1 ,Vx xxx 35. Let Me Entertain You Throughout the year, special assemblies are one of the highlights of a student's busy academic schedule. This year, the student council provided the student body with a trampoline demonstration, a horseshoe pitching demonstration, a guest speaker who talked about his experiences with drugs and alcohol, and the annual Christmas banquet. Student involve- ment enhanced the enjoyment of these assemblies, The horseshoe demonstration included a duel between Senior Pete Gibson and Mr. Scherger Cbetter luck next time, Petelj and at the Christmas banquet performances were made by the Mixed Ensemble, the Freeman Family Singers, and the Sound of Praise Double Quartet, all of which contain LHS students. -q'!fiY15 YY' .L.lJ'hlAx A A. Carla Shoferly does a fantastic job playing for the ensemble at the Christmas banquet. B. After eating his dinner, Tab Bickford relaxes while reading the school newspaper. C, Annette Clinger serves the students as they eagerly await their dinner. D. At the Christmas banquet, Dawn Campos looks interested as she wat- ches the assembly. , f' li ig, L C . T l . ,.. . if 1 MX D A. B. C D. E. E , ' w k ,1,, M-i.4'2' D tl . SVVVVV Q, Our guest performer did some expert maneuvers and even threw in o few good jokes during his trompoline demonstration. Chorlotte Coppier, octing as o spotter, laughs as she watches the trompoline oct. Even with his best throwing techniques, Pete Gibson, just can't win the shoe pitching contest. Obviously enjoying the show, Robin Show, Chorlene Rupp, ond Cheryl Smith offer a big hand. Mr. Kuchcinski shows the proper way to pitch a horseshoe. F. Determinotion shows on Mr. 5cherger's face os he tries to throw a ringer. Where Il:'S Flt Considering thot everyone of us spends ot leost holf of every yeor here ot school, it's no wonder thot mony students molse it their second home. Through the yeor some people tronsform their dull lockers into o ploce "where it's ot." It could be onything from o dump-off spot between closses to o lit- tle closet with your own number on it, 0 trosh con, or ct speciol ploce thot's mode to your perfection. Mony lockers ore done up with cotchy soyings, mocho men ond sexy women to cotch the eye. However they ore done up, it con't be orgued - o locker is one ploce or school rhot's "where it's ot." AQLLAVW l"'-- 18 ' W? mg-ZJULY lawn-ms-.4 Inviufb- Mmm ,pw Lv'-.11 MBIMIV iff' 1-,,..v ti A 5' I f A N71 . it 3 , X ' ' f 1 .Qi 4 f .rc QM 5 X xxx K l ve bn f i 4 J9! Wx fm? s um SW' Smlili -Hi L "fsz2'Q irwqh A 4 ' sl T-lid i fy Ltd fgfff V ,gi ibqck. i liii fl . ,W I f- N20 ., 1 1 .lf-A ,,,,,-f-ef' 41 'glen 'W' Qffhllfi ff " ti ' A l i i I , 1 l I , , ' Ge? if Q,- M fr + if .9 fr' v f fda f ' 415 62, 18 , is l Y 'I 1 R af' ' A Nh. Goodbye, Farewell and Flmen This yeor ot Lokoto, students hod their chonce to moke o speciol solute to one of the longest running shows on television. On Februory 28, the finol episode of M"A'5'H wos oired on Chonnel 13, but not before the students ond foculty soid their goodbyes by dressing up os their fovorite chorocter during the doy, Severol people porticipoted in the event throughout the doy os the countdown to show time begon, A few of the M'A"S"H chorocters thot were here ot LHS were: Clinger Ckon Groberb, Fother Mulcohy CHelen Groberl BJ. CLoren Boweb ond mony other members of the M'A'f5i'H crew. The doy wos o greot success for oll in- volved ond it proved to be on eye cotcher too, os the locol popers olso ron coveroge of this once-in-o-lifetime event. A. Working hord to keep the M'A'S'H heodquorters operoting in full swing is June Stevens. B. Trying to keep o low profile in enemy territory CSenior Mothb, Loren Bowe tries to keep movement to o null. C. The whole crew posing for their lost picture before returning home, D. In his fovorite dress, Clinger CRon Groberbjokes oround with wor buddy, Gory Holmon. E. Froncis Stohl, DeAnn Forster, ond Chorlotte Coppler woit in line - o common occurrence in the life of o soldier. 19 BZ-B3 in Review Each year, many new and different changes come about. There are new lives brought into the world, and there are lives taken out. New techniques and new treatments are experimented withg some successful, some not. Movies and television provide entertainment. And although a lot of good comes about each yeor, there are also hard times. Many people are jobless os unemployment soarsg murders talse place without justified cause. Before you know it, another year has passed and you are left with only guesses as to what will happen in the years to come. A, Prince William, the royol baby, was born on June 21, 1982, tothe Prince and Princess of Wales. B. The smoll olien, E.T., shored with millions his first adventure of life on Eorth. C. Dorothy Michaels Cployed by Dustin Hoffman? captured the hearts of Americans as a soap star who does it her way. D. Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev died November 10, 1982, at the age of 75. xxvx K N 'nxNxSx X xxxg. ffmmskss-Sm IRE each Swv N.. mf Emi iv 'Mfigw : if is ' A. The DeLorean Motor Company filed bankruptcy after the owner, John DeLorean, was arrested on a cocaine charge. B. Barney Clark received the first artificial permanent heart on December 22, 1982. He died on March 23, 1988, three months after the implant took place. C. Movie queen Grace Kelley, Princess of Monaco, lost her life in a tragic auto accident on September 14, 1962. D. "The Thorn Birds," a miniseries second in ratings only to "Roots," was a somewhat controversial love story. E, "The Winds of War," mini-series displayed an inside look at WWII. F. The disaster, known as the 'Tylenol Incident," left seven people dead after an unknown killer placed cyanide in capsules of Tylenol. 21 'UH DKLFIHDMFI! To create a setting for Oklahoma, the stage was transformed to the Indian Territory Cnow Oklahomab and the time was sent back tojust after the turn ofthe century. Fifty-three cast and crew members prepared for two months to dance and sing on stage, introducing Aunt Eller CTammy Jamesb, Curly CKen Kecklerb, and Laurey CKelly Kimmetb to full-house audiences in two performances. The leading characters were well-chosen and did a superb job of bringing their roles to life. Mr. Gary Keller, play director, and Ms. Dee Fleeman set director, made it a musical to remember! 'Z' 95' swf: 1 'file' .4 ' VA,," j Mi! 22 A. Curly CKen Kecklerb tries to wee Laurey CKelly Kimmerb with his charm and singing. B. Laurey CKelly Kimmetb casts a loathsome look at Gertie Cummings CRobin Kellerb when she shows up on the arm of Curly CKen Kecklerb. C. Aunt Eller CTammy James? tells Ali Hakim CTim James? how it's going to be. D. With Aunt Eller's blessing, Laurey and Curly finally tie the knot. E. Director Gary Keller looks on as the play progresses. R. Shooting his gun, Jud Fry CDovid Stevens? gives Curly - and the audience - a bit of ascare. G. "Dream Curly" and "Dream Laurey" CMike Below 'and Paula Copasb get awakened from their dream too soon. H. Mica Graber does an excellent song-and- dance routine as he portrays Will Parker. "OKLAHOMA" CAST AND CREW - Front Row: Dione Corlo, Brion Wolters, Volerie Keller, Micoh Grober, Bill Price, Rick Kline, Tommy Jomes, Ken Keckler, Kelly Kimmet, Tim Jomes, Robin Keller, Joe Podoch, Poulo Copos, Dono Rice, Mrs. Borboro Stevens. Row 2: Lindo Snyder, Jeff Stevenson, Down Rogier, Shelley Kiser, Desio Holcombe, Tom Boucher, Mike Below, Dove Stevens, Kerry Conrod, Donny Biddle, Molindo Null, Mrs. Goil Yount, Brenda lckes, Mr. Christopher Brookes. Row 3: Mr. Gory Keller, Michele McClure, Eric Beom, Jolene Porlss, Morio Lindstrom, Lorrel Mullholond, Troy Bruboker, Julee KoSovoge, Mrs. Sherrie Adoms, Amy Findloy, Wendy Litton, Ms. Morcio Redding, Rev. John Stevens, Mr. Tom Shook. Row 4: Mrs. Dee Fleemon, Mrs. Alberto Bobione, Mrs. Dorlene Dennis, Stefonie Dennis, Liso Roberts, Scott Boteson, Wendy Keller, Jim Schmidutz, Gory Holmon, Adom Flonogon, Dove Corlo, Jerry Kimmet, Scott Snyder, Mr. Bill Snyder. 23 Pumping gos may not be the most pleosonr-smelling job, but for Dono Rice, the poy mokes up for ir. Chuck Popenfus spends his weekends in the kitchen of Som's Fornily Resrouront woshing dishes. Working mony hours o week, John McGowan prepores buns for Hordee's sondwiches, Using her skills os o McDonoId's cook, Chris Copos gets on order of Big Mocs ready to go. 115 6 t :au-""' The Buch Is Worth the Hassle Jobs this yeor were on item thot wos on the scorce list. With more people out of work thon ever before in U.S. history, mony students found it hord to get o job. For some people, though, lody luck come through. Most high school students hod to set- tle for the work shifts in fost-food restouronts. Some students did get better jobs, such os working in department stores, gos stotions, or even creoting their own business. Working students often find their extro- octivities schedule depleted because of their job. Most weekends ore given up for work, os ore severol doys during the week. This leoves little time for onything else. When thot weekend off does come oround, however, they ot leost hove o few dollors in their pocket. I A. Jerry Vltte uses his muslcol tolents to eorn some money on weekends by giving gultor lessons. B. Working In the kitchen of the Block Cot, Gory Holmon cooks dlnner for on owoltlng customer. C. As stockperson, Greg Harmon ls kept busy stocking shelves ot K-Mon ln Fostorlo. 25 THIS DNE'5 FDR YDU The Junior-Senior Prom of 1983 wos held on Moy 7 with Dove Miller ond Sheril Aldrich reigning the event os King ond Queen. The theme of the prom wos, This One's For You. The prom wos completed with o lorge murol ond roinbow ot one end, sur- rounded with clouds, ond silver roindrops. A. The bond, Nevermore, provided the music for the evening. B. Enjoying the refreshments provided ore Brod Mur- roy ond Julee KoSovoge. C, Eorl Wyont, Louro Holmon ond Noncy Soolmon en- joy sitting this donce out ond worching the others. t 5' The Sophomores provrded servers ro help our or prom Prom King ond Queen, Dove Miller ond Sheri! Aldrich, shore rheir royol donce Robrn ond Wendy Keller shore rheir secrets of the evemng V Rob M-:Cochren ond his dore pose for pucrures in from of 0 rornbow A 71' The Future of Today Groduotion is o speciol time for eoch person in their own speciol woy. Every senior hos worked in their own woy to achieve this gool in life. Spending 4 yeors of our life together, we hove oll become the best of friends - working, ploying, ond leorning mony things. We oll hove speciol memories to toke with us from here. The closs of "BS" hos been outstonding in the oreos of ocodemics, sports, ond overoll ochievements through our four yeors here. We con only hope this obility will show through eoch one of us ofter groduo- tion - if it does we will succeed in oll we do. The highlight of every groduoting senior is when they finolly receive their diplomo. lt gives us o feeling of completion. lt olso mokes us reolize thot our yeors together os Lokoto Closs of "83" ore over. It is on emo- tionol time, one of sodness becouse of deporture. Hopefully it is olso o time of hoppiness becouse of our obility now to go into the world now ond leove our mork. lf eoch senior con do thot, working ond shoring with others in life, our yeors here ot Lokoto hove poid off. i ' '7"7-s E' 1? yxfx 5 gk 'fi 9 5' .4 ,,,, if-is i , T 1 ' ' 'a V J xx " , Z XX f N mg ? ' . K X , W Z an ' 'ssugl 3 ia '57 lf N MX X x 5 K 2 4 0 A I , v I u a ,, sa K 1 3 . I .X ' f Yff. fsck A. Pat Brickner listens closely to an ex- plonation of what will be expected of him if he is selected to office. B. Being advisor takes a lot of hard work and patienceg even more so if it is the first year you've done it. Mr. Szabo handled the position very well and had a successful student council. C. Miss Stoudinger and June Stevens seem to be enjoying the luncheon prepared for them. D. Andrea Elchert pays close attention as the topics of importance are brought up at a meeting. E. A lot of preparation goes into each event the Student Council plans. Shown Cooley prepares sandwiches for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Rai s A wt 'R+-wg... ?h.., X Q is X s St r f if il 1 r E , 1 l E 549 .- 5 . 3.4, Letting Their Leadership Shine Being on Student Council fulfills a student's role as a leader in high school and sets a basis for leadership skills throughout a person's life. Student Council offers all students a chance to actively participate in high school life through several projects and events. With homecoming, dress-up days, banquets. assemblies, and dances, every student has the opportunity to have some fun. Everything that the Student Council does, however, is not fun. Their major goal this year was to receive the Honor Council Award. With every member working together, they accomplished their goal. , Another important part of Student Council is that of role setting - in any area. This year they did numerous projects to try and improve the school. With the restrooms painted, lines an the parking lot, and cleaning the welcome mats, they have set a good role in caring for our school. Student Council is a very busy organization throughout the year and, in one way or another, it touches every student. sv 4.710 P1 z A .... M ,.,,V,,. , , , fi-1-f , l i ff' .-"""' '-""""x 4---. s hu... A. Student Council President, Gory Holmon, hos o lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but olwoys rnonoges to keep everything under control. B. STUDENT COUNCIL - Front Row: Stocey Dennis, Evo Peeler, Amy Hollinger. Row 2: Jim Slick, Notolie Below, Liso Redieck, Jolene Pork. Row 3: Amy Findloy, Becky Meyer, Angie Clinger, Tom- my Jomes, Row 4: Mr. Szobo, Shown Cooley, Jim Roder, Pot Brlckner. Row 5: Stefonie Dennis, DeeAnn Forster, Mory Houbert, Koren Reinhort. Row or Chorlotte Copple, Robin Wilson, Andreo Elchert. Row 7: Gory Holmon, Dove Miller, Loren Bowe, Morlene Hoffmon, Tonyo Peters, Row B: Ron Grober, Curt Richards, Rob McCochren, Pete Gibson. C, Homecoming Spirit Week is olwoys o big event during the yeor. After o lot of hard work, Student Council members Koren Reinhorr ond Chorlone Coppler sit down ond enjoy the gomes. D. Notolle Below ond Liso Redleck sit quietly os the minutes from the lost meeting ore reod. E. Eoch yeor o workshop is held for the people running for o new office, Becky Meyer exploins whotjobs she wos responsible for os secretory of her closs. The Notionol Honor Society consisted of 28 members this yeor. They were responsible for orgonizing ond hosting the Annuoi Honors Bonquet for oll the students who mode the honor roll for five six-weeks. The 28 NHS members hod their work cut out for them this yeor. They did everything from sending invitotions to eoch student to decoroting Ole Zim's to preporing the progrom ond orronging for o speoker. A lot of time is spent in plonning ond preporing for this event ond it is olwoys o speciol evening. Mrs. Lindo Jomes deserved some speciol recognition. Though it wos her first yeor os NHS odvisor, she did o goodjob helping the group not only with the Honors Bonquet but olso with the NHs flower sole ond the vorious other octivities they were engoged in throughout the yeor. 4 af f sei is p . ::,, A, During the NHS induction, Liso Watkins ond Michele Timmons take port in the condlellght ceremony. B. NHS Advisor, Mrs. Lindo Jomes, mokes the necessory introductions ot the Honors Bonquet C. Beth Huth ond Julie McClure find things to tolls obout during the induction ceremony v J. Nw . K 7 X , ii A. B. C. D. New NHS members Pete Gibson, Josie Garcia, Sheril Aldrich, and Loren Bowe applaud the other newcomers. Mary Schade is congratulated by Doug Nieset on her new membership. At the Honors Banquet, speaker Father Gorman keeps everyone laughing with his delightful humor. President Amy Noderer explains the basic qualities that NHS members must have. E. After her name was called as a new member, Sheril Aldrich is greeted with a handshake and a rose by F. Andy Garcia. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - On Ground: Rick Miller, Bill Whetsel, Andy Boice, Loren Bowe, Tim Wasser- man, Andy Garcia, Doug Nieset. Sitting: Gary Holman, Lynette Timmons, Marlene Hoffman, Tanya Peters, Beth Huth, Julie McClure, Josie Garcia, Angie Holman, Sheril Aldrich, Lisa Watkins, Mary Schade, Karen Reinhart, Amy Noderer, Dawn Rogier. Standing: Rick Kline, Mrs, Linda James, Dave Miller, Mark Turpin, Pete Gibson, Dorothy Corbin, Marlene Hoffman, Mary Haubert. 35 A. Taylor Yearbook Representative, Tom Keiss, conducting theme workshop. B. Brenda Rausher and Angie Clinger - Sophomore Editors. C. Jim Wertz - Annual Staff Advisor and photographer. D. Julie McClure - Editor-in-chief. E. Gary Holman - photographer, copy writer, and countless other tasks. F. Jon Otermat and Marlene Hoffman - Senior Editors. G. Kara McGough - Junior Editor, Curriculum, and Beth Huth - Curriculum. H. ANNUAL STAFF - Front Row: Kara McGough, Beth Huth, Marlene Hoffman, Carla Shaferly, Dawn Steving. Row 2: Bren- da Rausher, Angie Clinger, Julle Cessna, Diann Malone. Raw 8: Gary Holman, Julie McClure, Kelly Lahman, Mary Houbert, Rick Kline, Jon Otermat, Tanya Peters, Brian Sams. l. Gary Holman, Mary Houbert, Lorrel Mullholand, and Kara McGough brainstorm at yearbook workshop. . . . this is it! Every yeor it is done. Every doy someone is working on it. Every foil mony hove one, A yeorbook is speciol to eoch person in'their very own woy. It is thot much more speciol to those who put their time ond effort into moking it, After severol doys of broinstorming for o theme, "this is it!" wos finolly chosen. A theme should soy it oil, ond this one does. Once something is over, oil thot remoins is memories. Through this yeorbools, however, those memories con lost ond be fresh in your mind for yeors to come. This book is for you. "This is it!" ond the entire onnuol stoff hopes you enjoy it ond treosure it olwoys. ' vt' sf: :SK li'l'3f1 .X I If ,K For Your Listening Pleusur-e . . . The band engages in many memorable events throughout the year. lt all begins in July when the band membes, old and new, assemble together to get ac- quainted and begin practicing. Those hours put in during the sum- mer are only a few of the many that are spent practicing throughout the year but most band members - and those who hear them perform - will agree that the time was not wasted. The band made excellent showings at Cedar Point and in the Secret San- ta Parade this year, particularly with their new uniforms that were purchased in the fall. Lakota pride always illuminates from the band. A. Doing a routine to "The Stripper," Wen- dy Litton, Michele McClure, and Kerry Conrad demonstrate how to play while sitting on a friend's lap. B. While standing at attention, Scott Snyder gets ready to play the next song for the show. C. Marty .lakcsy and Wendy Keller demonstrate the last move to "Whip lt." D, Micah Graber and Tino Gunder illustrate the importance of horn position and standing straight while playing the trombone. E. Having balance and coordination and still being able to play is tough, but look- ing at Paula Copas, you'd think it was easy. A Sl ' E K X. c xxx , Q Q Q 1 . B 3 Ac.. X W ' Af ff s S " Q' ' ' 3 WS .wiy XX ' 5 A. On Senior Night, Michele Timmons ls shown being escorted across the field by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Timmons. B. Brad Murray contemplates which note to play next. C. BAND - Front Row: Michele Timmons, Kelli Biddle, Joanna Roberts, Desia Holcombe. Row 2: Scott Bateson, Julee KaSavage, Ray Hoffman, Mike Below, Stefanie Dennls, Jon Rosser. Row 3: Stacey Dennis, Wendy Litton, Amy Robarge, Tami Reinhart, Paula Copas, Alyce Miller. Row 4: Scott Snyder, Mark Steiner, Dawn Rogier, Mike Walker, Kerry Conrad, Dave Carlo. Row 5: Don Kelbley, Wendy Keller, Robin Keller, Valerie Keller, Marty Jakcsy. Row 6: Brian Walter, Jeff Stevenson, Joe Davis, Natalie Below, Tina Gunder, Brad Murray. Row 7: Dawn Walter, Amy Findlay, Cheryl Smith, Dawn Monroe, Sandy Cochey. Row 6: Director Tom Shook, Michele McClure, Micah Graber, Lisa Ball. 39 Dedication and Teamwork Play Important Roles Choir is often thought of as an "easy A," but members of the choir realize this is far from true. To have a good performance, there must be a lot of work put into the practices. Dedication is a very important part of this work. For a choir to perform at its best, each and every member of the choir must know what to do and when to do it. Teamwork also plays an important role. If the group isn't together, it lessens the quality ofthe sound. When these two important qualities are combined, the result is a successful choir. A. The Christmas Concert proved to be very successful this year. Kelly Kimmet and Kara McGough seem to have the Christmas spirit as they sing the songs. B. FRESHMAN CHOIR - Sitting: Lisa Redieck, Lori Wollam, Kim Plauck, Michele McClure. Standing: Scott Bateson, Lisa Roberts, Jolene Park, Mrs. Adams, Shelley Kiser, Sylvia Spittler, Bill Price. C. Being the only two guys singing in the Freshman Choir doesn't seem to affect the performance of Scott Bateson and Bill Price. D. SENIOR CHOIR - Front Row: Desia Holcombe, Deb Braun, Bobbie Ruble, Kristi Hiser, Brenda Rausher, Paula Capas, Dawn Monroe, Lorrel Mullholand, Sanda Fouts. Row 2: Angle Clinger, Sharon Daghterman, Marlene Hoffman, Charlotte Coppler, Denise Foos, Shelly McGough, Kara McGough, Angela Fairbanks, Dawn Steving, Stefanie Dennis. Row CJ. Amy Findlay, Kristi Huff- man, Lori Hammer, Rose Mary Hille, Malinda Null, Nancy Haubert, Kelly Kim- met, Karen Bloemer, Joanna Roberts, Tammy James, Sandra Wallace. Row 4: Joanna Sheffel, Carla Shaferly, Theresa Hammonds, Don Kelbley, Tim James, David Stevens, Steve Plummer, Bill Langlois, Rodney Carver, Teri Stahl, Valerie Keller, Kerry Conrad. Row 5: Dan Wiseman, Mike Below, Amy Hunt, Candy Nieset, Scott Snyder, Connie Hammonds, Tom Boucher, Micah Graber, Ken Keckler, Julee KaSavage, Robin Keller, Jim Schmidutz, Mrs. Adams. E. Watching the director ls very important. All eyes seem to be paying close .Q Y, I, ,.,,,,w.m,-M.m,,,,Wm..,,,...k. M MM...,.fMm.M' .M . wk A. Pot Gosche is shown welding pipes together for the footboll field os on FFA school project. B. Jeff Stevenson ond Rick Elchert owoit their bonquet meol. C. A big port of becoming on FFA member is the initiorion. Jolene Parks shows her spirit by dressing oppropriotely for the doy. D. Porliomentory procedure is taught in Vo-Ag. Joe Pork disploys his obilities in leoding the discussion. E. Leroy Billmon, Ohio Stote FFA President, wos the bonquet speaker. F. Surprise for Mr. ond Mrs. Adoms os they receive gifts for their boby-to-be from members of the FFA. 'HN- L' , - . X-isis Q . 2-slit 2xr ' y v . 'Wild - X Down on the Farm Leorning to do, doing to leorn, eor- ning to live, ond living to serve is the FFA motto which eoch member uses os o foundotion. Yeor round they show this by porticipoting in octivities throughout the community such os fixing the footboll field ond pointing Risingsun's bollpork concession stond, They support their octivities by fund roising projects such os the Citrus Fruit Sole ond the Chicken BBQ. FFA members compete in vorious contests throughout the stote ond hove won severol owords in district competition. One ospect of FFA is the individuol student project which ollows members to expond their knowledge obout ci speciolized oreo in ogriculture. A. Mory Houbert shows her joy for just be- ing crowned the198I3 Chopter Queen. B. Joe Pork receives his Outstanding Senior Aword from donor Dovid Ross of the Fre- mont Savings Bonk. C. FFA - Front Row: Rob Cox, Tim Wosser- mon, Mork Burmeister, Jerry Hoffmon, Row 2: Mr. Adoms, Kristi Hiser, Joe Pork, Lynette Timmons, Mory Houbert, Row 3: Fronk Pisoni, Misty Durst, Heidi Holmon, Jolene Pork, Chris Cholfin, Tony Hoor, Michele Roush, Evo Peeler. Row 4: Rondy Vonhoose, Bert Wyont, Mork Gooch, Rick Elchert, Dove Bingle, Jon Corr, Ken Soom. Steve Hovis, Jeff Stevenson. Row 5: Sondro Wolloce, Wes Ritter, Mork Griffith, Phil Holmon, Kevin Meyer, Dono Rice, Kurt Tim- mons, Don Yoshimoto, Victor Durst, Mork Cox. Row 6: Chod Hollinger, Tony Slomo, Kurt Brewer, Gory Smith, Troy Hoot, Pot Bolen, Tim Below, Mike Kimmet, Tom Boucher, Todd Cholfin. D. Kristi Hiser listens intently to the bonquet speoker. E. Gory Smith holds his Stor Greenhond Aword which is presented to the outston- ding freshmon. Musical Notes , .Af Pep Band A. B. C. D. E. Lisa Ball concentrates on doing her pan In the concert band. JAZZ BAND - Front Row: Marty Jakcsy, Aron Zender, Kerry Conrad. Row 2: Amy Findlay, Stefanie Dennis, Mike Below. Row 3: Don Kelbley, Alan Crouse, Mr. Tom Shook, Scott Snyder. PEP BAND - Front Row: Mike Below, Chris Copas, Brad Murray. Row 2: Ray Hoffman, Julee KaSavage, Stefanie Dennis. Raw 3: Alyce Mlller, Dawn Walter, Amy Robarge, Stacey Dennis. Row 4: Amy Findlay, Don Kelbley. Row 5: Steve Eversole, Micah Graber, Lisa Ball, Scott Bateson, Kerry Conrad, Michele McClure, Tami Relnhart, Paula Copas, Brian Kerr. Row 6: Joe Davis, Tina Gunder, Dawn Rogler, Mark Steiner, Scott Snyder, Aron Zender, Jeff Stevenson, Mr. Tom Shook. Practice pays off for Dana Rice as he performs with the band at the Christmas concert. CONCERT BAND - Front Row: Paula Copas, Alyce Miller, Lisa Ball, Scott Snyder, Valerie Keller, Dawn Walter, Chris Copas, Stacey Den- nis, Amy Robarge. Row 2: Mark Steiner, Amy Findlay, Tami Reinhart, Julee KaSavage, Michele McClure, Don Kelbley, Marty Jakcsy, Stefanie Dennis. Row 3. Kerry Conrad, Dave Carlo, Jeff Stevenson, Brad Murray, Scott Bateson, Joe Davis, Micah Graber. Row 4: Mr. Tom Shook, Jon Prosser, Ray Hoffman, Mike Below, Brian Kerr. Office Help A. B. C. D. E. OFFICE HELP - Front Row: Brenda Bader, An- nette Sleek, Marlene Hoffman. Row 2: Pat Stahl, Bobbie Ruble, Tonya Peters, Karen Reinhart, Kelly Lohman, June Stevens. Row 3: Tim Wasserman, Lorrel Mullholond, Amy Noderer, Beth Markel, Duane Decker, Beth Huth. Office workers like Tonya Peters have o woy of brightening up the doy. Duane Decker and Curt Timmons help out in the Varsity L concession stand. FHA - Front Row: Charlotte Copler, Sherrie Saba. Row 2: Julee KaSavage, Amy Cllne, Con- nie Hammonds, Vera Zender, Korrle Fllnner, Sonda Fouts. Row 3: Theresa Hammonds, Greg Harmon, Mrs. Krol, Mrs. James, Rhonda Cooley. VARSITY L - Front Row: Michelle Timmons, Pere Gibson, Randy Fairbanks, Curt Richards, Tlm James, Ron Graber, Mary Scherger. Row 2: Gary Holman, Josie Garcia, Dee Forster, Kim Shull, Tim Huff, Dove Ritter, Rob McCachren, Mark Turpin, Rick Kline, Rob Cox, Ken Keckler, Jerry Hoffman, Tom Rouser, Kelly Kimmet, Kar- rie Flinner, Candy Nieset. On Bus: Andy Boice, Bill Whetsel, Earl Wyanr, Mary Haubert, Charlotte Coppler, Duane Decker, Tonya Peters, Amy Noderer, Jerry Long, Doug Nleset, Mark Burmeister, Rick Miller, Dave Mlller, Kelly Lohman, Sheri! Aldrich, Andy Garclo, Amy Gabel, Lynette Timmons, Angie Holman. Left Dvlrs Q, i E l Q E J .rr n 11ml-xx: SPQRFLWS ,NW ,J h X,.A 14 Spirit of Lakota A very importont osset to high school sports ore the cheerleaders. As o cheerleoder, there ore mony responsibilities thot go olong with being port of the squod. This yeor the girls ot- tended notionwide comp ot Bluffton College. They spent four doys working on chonts, floor cheers, pom-pom routines, ond get- ting new ideos to use during the yeor. Along with supporting girl's ond boy's sports, they mode spirit TOQS, decoroted the locker room ond gym, ond had the tee-pee reody for every home gome. A cheerleoder knows she hos done well by the response of the crowd. ,. sPiRiT .li 4 ,... Q . N, , f S IJMLK , ' ,S 'I ' i lf" , 1g.. , . - :. 1, ew: , is ., J. , if 'E I ,EM ll L i P if L AY l ,-5 l V K 'Ls' Fi A. ln hope of lifting the crowd's spirit, Becky Meyer never gives up. B.J.V. Cheerleoder Down Rogier shows her pride ond spirit os she cheers the teom on to o firsr down. C. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS - Top: Lorrel Mullholond. Stonding: Down Steving, Brendo Bootmon. Middle: Becky Meyer, Kneeling: Shelly McGough, Down Rogier. D. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - Left to Right: Sheril Aldrich, Mory Koy Houbert, Angie Clinger, Corlo Shoferly, Josie Gorcio, Mory Ann Houbert. E. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS - Top: Shelly Kiser. Middle: Stocey Dennis, Kim Plouck, Amy Roborge. Bottom: Liso Reidick. F. "Walk oll over you" is the cheer given by Mory Houbert ond Sheril Aldrich. G. Excitement is shown on the foce of Mory Ann Houbert ofter 0 foul shot hos been mode. H. As o time out is colled, Down Steving ond Shelly McGough spork up the crowd with "two-bits." I. Lorrel Mullholond ond Gory Holmon ore being escorted on parents' night. Keeping the Tradition A successful crass country team is the one that works hard and is willing to make the commitment to be a great team. This year, the boys' and girls' teams definitely fit that description. The boys' team, led by Doug Nieset, Duane Decker, Pete Gibson, Andy Garcia, and Jerry Long, completed an undefeated season with a record of 8-O. Their season was highlighted with a victory in the SLL. They also had excellent performances in the Lakota and Findlay lnvitationals and the Sectionals, placing second in all three. They ended the season with a sixth place finish in Districts. The girls' team had more than their share of injury and illness throughout the season but never gave up. ln the latter part of the season, they showed their potential with a third place finish in a tough SLL race, and a fourth place in Sectionals. They came back to finish fifth in Districts. Although senior captain Amy Noderer will be missed next year, the team hos a pro- mising year to look forward to in 1983 with Amy Gabel, Karry Flinner, Cheryl Smith, and Amy Hollinger returning from the tap five. A. With the flnlsh llne nearing, Amy Noderer glves It all she's got. C.Senlors Andy Garcia, Jerry Long, Pete Gibson, and Duane Decker enjoy their race as they easily defeat their opponent, B. After the district meet, Duane Decker walts to see his flnlshlng place. E. Coach Cllne consoles Cheryl Smlth after a tough race at Sectlonols. D. Rob McCachren displays the perfect form needed ro make a good runner. F. Hard work and dedlcatlon pay off for Doug Nleset wlth a flfth place dlstrlct flnlsh and a chance to run In the State meet. Doug ended his career with a 21st place finish and a new school record at State. H. THE GIRLS' CROSS COUNTRY TEAM - Front Row: Amy Noderer. Kelly Klmmet, Amy Gabel, Karry Flinner, Dawn Rogler, Row 2: Sonda Fouts, Brenda Boatman, Cheryl Smlth, Jenny Gibson, Coadw Myron Cline, Row 3: Lorl Wallam, Stacey Dennis, Amy Hollinger, Laurie Murray, G. Mark Turpin discusses some pre-race strategy with Coach Cllne, I. Amy Hollinger leads the way, as was the cme throughout the season. J. Concentration and good pace judgment are lmponant to Amy Gabel as she passes another runner. K. THE MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY TEAM - Front Row: Chrls Ball, Pete Gibson, Rob McCachren, Andy Garcia, Duane Decker, Jerry Long, Doug Nleset. Raw 2: Blll Hit- chcock, Girls Bablone, Joe Garcia, Coach Myron Cline, Gary Smlrh, Mark Turpin. Row 31 Marry Jakcsy, Jeff Stevenson, Tom Dussel, Dave Carlo, Blll Price, Mads Nelson, Scott Snyder. L. The girls' team gets off to a good stan at Sectlanals to lead them ta a 4th place flnlsh, M 5 , Iss ,,, - 'fi Aa l H- M.-? I KWH Winn, l 1. -W-www ---,, -6 Af.. A I hw T. X J! , , .f 1-.Ms .L-1' . , i Azxhh g ,nk,.:.. 5. ,yt fzi, f t ... '41 f"'m so 5 A ! FX ' 3 . E if 'WQQSQ-lg A. Tom Rouser seems pleosed os he mokes onother putt. B. GOLF TEAM - Front Row: Tom Rouser, Seon Connors, Tim Krupp, Ron Mendozo. Second Row: Cooch, Tom Tucker, Mike Zipfel, Tim Feosel, Jerry Vitre, Don Kelbley. Golf Team Looks Promising The 1982 golf teom finished the seoson competitively, toking sixtl' ploce in the SLL. They storted slow but orrived ot o duol meet record ot 8-12. The teom took fourth ot the Ol Fort lnvitotionol ond ninth ot th North Boltimore lnvitotionol. Th teom is young ond looks for o prom- ising seoson next yeor. X A. Watching the action with much concern are Coach Tucker and some members of the golf team . . .Tim Krupp, Sean Sonnors, Ran Mendoza, and Tam Rouser. B. While sinking another putt, Jerry Vitte shows the importance of concentration. C. Determination is the key as Ron Mendoza makes his putt. D. Tim Krupp watches another of his fine drives. E. Aimming towards the flag is Freshman Sean Connors. 53 ,Alt-A :M-ffa mwjm 'S' 'ifgggskal .M f Q ,S qw Cl Q ' a Service With cl Smile The 1982-83 volleyboll seoson showed definite improvements over the previous seosons. The entirety of the leogue wos very competitive ond strong. As o whole, the team worked better together, verify- ing "responsible leodershipf' Of the owords thot were given, Mory Scherger received Most Voluoble ployer for Lokoto ond First Teom SLL, which is quite on oc- complishment. Two other senior girls were recipients of owords: Sheril Aldrich received Best Offensive Ployer ond Kelly Lohmon received the Cooch's Aword. Junior Mory Schode took the Best Defensive Ployer Aword. A. Listening os well os ploying is port of the gome os Cooch Stoudinger instructs the girls. B. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL - Row 1: Sheril Aldrich, Kelly Lohmon. Row 2: Leso Wotkins, Mory Scherger, DeAnn Forster. Row 3: Cooch Beoston, Mory Schode, Kim Shull, Michele Timmons, ond Monoger Vero Zender. C. Fons cheered on the volleyboll teom for their best seoson. D. Morlene Hoftmon's constont serving helped the J.V.'s through o winning seoson. E. Don't chicken out, Kim Shull, go for the spike! F. Socrificing your body is port of the gome os Rhondo Slick finds out. G. Frustroted Cooch Beoston tells her girls to "think, tolk, ond move." H. Jenny Gosche hos the ball well under her control, o good top would do it. I. Wow, those knee pods reolly do come in hondy os Leso Watkins trys them out. J. Eogerly owoiting the next serve, Sheril Aldrich con- centrotes in cctse it heods toword her. K, Teamwork gets the job done right, os Michele Tim- mons ond Sheril Aldrichjoin forces. L. RESERVE VOLLEYBALL - Row 1: Jolene Pork, Jenny Huth, Robin Show, Shelly Kiser. Row 2: Monoger Vero Zender, Lori Hommer, Down Steving, Jenny Gosche, Cooch Stoudinger. Row 3: Teri Stohl, Mory Houbert. Row 4: Noncy Houbert, Sandy Cochey, Rhondo Slick. 55 6 I J x '--W 1 ix XE , Q2 R .Af 5 15 Q N Q ,J X ' 4-4479+ pug. ws . f, X Dirty Laundry The 1982 Varsity Football Team's season was not all they expected it to be. The team was predicted to be a very strong contender in the SLL at pre-season meetings but actually finished in the lower half. Although the team finished with a 2-8 record with victories over Hopewell-Loudon and Eostwood, they were strong op- position agoinst Clyde and Otsego who were very strong teams. Coach Livoti may look forword to a promis- ing ond successful seoson next yeor if the team members follow their cur- rent philosophy of the three D's: dedication, desire, and determina- tion. lt's a combination with beneficial results in many areas of life. A. THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM - Front Row: Rob Cox, Tim Cox, Rick Miller, Ken Keckler, Tim James, Ran Graber, Jerry Hoff- man, Phll Racheter, Dave Ritter, Cun Richards. Row 2: Dave Watkins, Earl Wyanr, Bill Whetsel, Andy Boice, Frank Pisani, Butch Klser, John McGowan, Adam Flanagan, Rick Kline. Raw 3: Phil Rickard, Chod Hollinger, Kirk Mintz, Mike Miller, Brian Klelsh, Kevin Murphy, Mark Burmelster, Chris Chalfln. Bow 4: Bob lckes, Chuck Yambert, Bill McGowan, Kun Brewer, Pat Brlckner, Nick Meter, Randy Fairbanks. Row 5: Aaron Zener, Shawn Cooley, Guy Graber, Ron Roth, Jim Rader, Manager Gary Conley. Row 6: Coach Bill Devol, Coach Steve Livoti, Coach Bob Wright. CNot Pictured: Coach Gary White? B. The tension builds In the locker room as Earl Wyant, Cun Richards, Frank Pisani, Kevin Murphy, Rick Kline, and Tim Cox listen to a few last wards before returning to the field for kickoff. C. Coach Livotl sends Adam Flanagan In for the game-deciding play as Coaches White and Devol are concerned with the time. A T? X Y 3' x 5 fi. is gals .5 3. xx 2 . tiff if 1 , 4 J N"" . WT' Q i X . I, l c gg, ill' 3 :F i ii1SS'F C .xi E l X N A. Dove Miller breolcs through the tee-pee os the teom comes out for their wormups. B. The teom listens corefully, os Cooch Gnepper gives his holf-time instructions. C. VARSITY BASKETBALL - Front Row: Monoger Tim Krupp, Cooch Gnepper, Monoger Mork Steiner. Row Two: Chris Choflin, Mork Turpin, Tim Tiell, Dove Miller, Jon Rosser, Mox Bickley, Don Boker, Tom Rouser, Todd Choflin. D. Up goes Mox Bickley for the opening tip-off. E. Cooch Gnepper looks concerned os the teom opplouds o fine shot. F. Boll control is disployed here by Todd Choflin. G. From the free throw line Don Boker hopes to sink his shot, H. The crowd hos mixed emotions os to how the Roiders ore doing. I. Rebounding the boil for two points is Jon Rosser os the crowd ond op- ponents Iook on with owe. 1 VL ,,,f ,f f ., M if mv? ,ZW ,r 4, 45512-2' , 4 'T ' I- Fl Little Bit Lute This yeor proved to be one of mony mixed feelings for the Roiders. Throughout the seoson, eoch gome ended with Lokoto suffering the cosuolties. lt oiwoys seemed thot the Roiders would give it oll they hod but it wos olwoysjust o little bit Iote. Ending their seoson under Cooch Gnepper with Q O-20 record, the Roiders entered tourno- ment oction with merely hopes for o win. After their first victory over Genoo, the Roiders foced Ook Horbor in the Sectionol finols. ln o well-plonned gome, the Roiders gove Ook Horbor o very strong test of competition. Ploying the best gome of the yeor they ended the seoson to Ook Hor- bor 23-16 for 1-21 overoll. 59 N Es A. B. C. D, E. On the opening tip-off, Kurt Brewer seems to hove things under control. The team looks on os the tension begins to mount. Eyeing the basket for onother two points is Mike Zipfel. RBERVE BASKETBALL - Front Row: Mork Turpin, Chod Hollinger, Perry Hortley, Mike Miller, Kerry Conrod. Row Two: Jerry Kim- met, Dove Corlo, Mike Zipfel, Steve Wosser- mon, Kurt Brewer, Bill Hitchcock. During o time-out, Cooch Heller gives instruc- tions to his reom. my Dnly Time Will Tell ln o yeor of sports where things seemed to be oll switched oround, the J.V. Roiders found their spot ond stood ground. This teom hod the mokings of o fine boll club: height, speed, ond shooting obility. Under the cooching of Mr. Heller, they ended their seoson 17-8 overoll ond ploced lst in the S.L.L. With o seoson like thot it seems next yeor some of the J.V. ployers moy be ploying o vorsity position or ot leost see some vorsity oction. All it will toke is some hord work, potience ond dedicotion. However, os the soying goes, "Only time will tell." A. Hustling for the boll is Chod Hollinger ond Steve Wossermon. B. Going up to block o shot is Dove Corlo, C. Chris Sporks dribbles down the court in hope for onother fost breok. A. Coming to a sudden stop, Laurie Murray B. C. D. E. F. looks for the pass to a fellow player. ln an all-out effort, Tammy James strug- gles to pass the ball. GIRLS' RESERVE BASKETBALL - Front Row: Michele Roush, Amy Hollinger, Laurie Murray, Tina Biddle. Row 2: Tam- my James, Kay Burmeisrer, Amy Findlay. Row 3: Coach Morgon, Nancy Saolman, Lori Hammer, Lori Smith, Cheryl Smith, Lisa Ball. Using her dribbling ability, Tina Biddle takes the ball down the court. Part of being a good athlete is having good sportsmanship as Jenny Gosche knows, Doing her specialty, Lori Hammer goes for the layup. 'MQ Simply Flwesome lf someone was to ask, "What's in a name?" when speaking of the Lady Raiders, the answer could only be - "simply AWESOME." With only one loss early in the season, the Lady Raiders came back to win the re- maining 18 games for a record of 19-1 in the regular season. The team effort paid off when they were seeded number one for the sectional crown and went into the district semifinals facing off with Evergreen. In a turn-a-round game, the Lady Raiders won and came up against 2nd-ranked Swanton. In a hard fought and well played game the Lady Raiders ended their season by a 50-46 score to Swanton. With o 21-2 record overall, they made Lakota history and brought back a renew- ed school spirit and pride. However, a great team can't wln alone, it takes an equally deserving and talented coach to make a team "simply AWESOME." The coach behind the Lady Raiders was Dave Worstein. The J.V. Girls also had a good season by placing Grd in the S.L.L. with a 14-6 record overall. A. Amy Gabel is giving it her all as she tries for thejump ball. B. Hustling is a major part of being on an awesome team as Michele Timmons finds out. C. ln deep thought, Angie Holman prepares for a foul shot. D. Amy Fairbanks is caught in a sudden surprise. E. Rhonda Slick prepares to shoot a foul shot for the Lady Raiders. F. Mary Scherger worms up to get ready for another victory. G. LADY RAIDERS - Front Row: Michele Timmons, Amy Fairbanks, Row 2: Con- nie Hammonds, Coach Worstein, Rhorr da Slick, Sandra Wallace. Row 6. Amy Gabel, Angie Holman, Mary Scherger, Lynette Timmons, Tonya Peters. Going for the Pin Wrestling is o sport in which eoch of two opponents try to throw or force the other to the mot. This yeor the wrestlers put the definition of the sport into proctice with style. With only two senior wrestlers, the teom ended with o good seoson. Although they hod to forfeit severol motches in the heovy weight oreos, the teom still monoged to molse it through the meets scoring foirly well. Ending their seoson with o fifth ploce in the leogue, both the vorsity ond the JV teoms con look forword to improving their morls next yeor since most of the wrestlers will be returning. A. The cheerleaders give some encourogement tothe wrestlers. B. Victorious ogoin is Phil Rocheter. C. Giving it oll he's got, Jim Roder goes for onother pin. D. Working his opponent to the mot is Rondy Foirbonlss. 'W qw. ' . fm, X was 3x vk M ?M?fKg J A. Toking rhe leod inthe highs is Jon Rosser. B. Amy Noderer finds herself in deep concenrrorion during her roce. C. Don Wiseman is "just o little bir lore" for his voulr. D. Finishing her leg up strong, Teri Srohl honds rhe boron ro Korry Flinner. M T if .N N. -- w f .6 Q ERR 55 X K H ' W -Jiffy E S? WX S.. -f, . , f ,gxr -s s A . L if l 1 ssil s .tx ,L.- a1 's 3 L'..i5f.. ii uw 3 k,f, f ..., , , I , '.,,, 'Q M ',g,7 . . ,V ey K, ff-an V wg.,1,l, V it vu, ,. , j, ,, A, g ' 'tr' -f r V: A , S u isiit , - I wi. J ,T . 3 E C'L S , my -we is Winning Tradition When it comes to having a winning tradition, Lakota's track team can claim it. The mens' track team finished the year 6-1 with their only loss going to a AAA school, Sandusky High School. They also held strong to their SLL title by taking first place once again. The girls' team also proved to be a strong one as they finished their year 4-O. They placed third at the SLL meet but gave the top two teams a good fight. Their team is growing and will definitely be a contender for the title next year. Together both teams stand as one and assure others that they are not and will not be defeated without giving it their very best. GIRLS' TRACK TEAM - Front Row: Coach Myron Cline, Candy Nleset, Amy Naderer, Angle Holman, Kelly Lohman, Sherll Aldrich, Maria Lindstrom, Wendy Litton, Michele McClure, Coach Yolanda Cline. Row 2: Laura Holman Vero Zender, Nicole Omlor, Sandy Cochey, Nancy Haubert, Karry Fllnner, Jody Rlrter, Telr Stahl, Coach Steve Llvotl. Row CJ: Patti Hardin, Shelly McGough, Cheryl Smith, Jenny Gibson, Kim Shull, Charlone Coppler, Mary Haubert, Amy Gabel, Rhonda Slick, Down Rogier. Row 4: Lorl Wollam, Amy Hollinger, Stacey Dennis, Natalie Below, Lori Smith, Sonda Fouts. Kelly Biddle, Denise Jay, Lori Hammer. Row 5: Becky Slama, Lori Murray, Becky Snyder, Robin Shaw, Cheryl Smith, Shelley Kiser, Jenny Huth, Kay Burmeister, Tlna Plneda, Tommy James, Nancy Saalman. MENS' TRACK TEAM - Front Row: Tim Below, Troy Haar, Tim Huff, Gary Holman, Rick Mlller, Jerry Hoffman, Loren Bowe, Rob McCachren, Pere Glbosn, Doug Nleset. Row 2: Joe Dowdy, Adam Flanagan, Eric Zender, Mark Burmeister, Mark Turpin, Jon Rosser, Rick Kline, Dan Wiseman, Dave Ritter, Chris Ball, Alan Crouse. Row 3: Jlm Roder, Jerry Klmmet, George Turner, Mike Huff, Bob White, Mark Nelson, Earl Wyant, Andy Dolce, Chris Babiane, Matt Hushour. Row 4: Jim Schmldutz, DIII Hansen, Aron Zender, Bob lckes, Ray Hoffman, Dave Carlo, Phil Rickard, Scott Dateson, Jim Slick, Bryan Sparks, Bert Wyant. Row 51 Coach Wlndom, Coach Scherger, Tom Dussel, Brent Hughes, Steve Eversale, Mike Ramerlz, Bill Price, Gary Smlrh, Chris Wyant, Len Arbogost. . - A A .. Hil: and Hun The 1983 Varsity Baseball team had a fine season with 10 wins and 8 losses. Under the leadership of Coach Phil Boze, they won the first sectional game against Fostoria but lost to Genoa in the sectional finals. In the SLL, they went 6-7. The team consisted of seven seniors this year and finished fourth in the SLL. Three players got league honors: Dan Baker, second team SLL, and Tab Bickford and Kirk Mintz with honorable mentions. 5. , 'V ,H 'E 7 'W ' ' -1 ' s "1 L' Z, 68 A. Chris Chalfin tries to go for the base and the ball at the some time. B. in the dust of confusion, Jim Swoisgood stands his ground. C, Waiting for the catch is Dan Baker. D. VARSITY BASEBALL - Front Row: Amy Fair- banks, Tim Tiell, Chad Hollinger, Chris Chalfin, Mike Miller, Kirk Mintz. Row 2: Tom Psouser, Jerry Long, Tim Krupp, Dan Baker, Kurt Timmons, Tim Feasel, Jim Swaisgood. Row 3: Rob Cox, Tim Cox, Dave Miller, Brion Sams, Ron Graber, Tab Bickford, Coach Boze. Wm Ai ,iii f f' .W .1 ' 'S' s -1-4 . Q - v ::'zf1wg V yfw' L... 1 is .-h' .5 ii? Q.. ga- .ki W , su Qffii f ' 1:1 my f. W 1 wif. +4 M m i as 1... A is ft sstt 545 .- ' f, ...., h,-- kk,,. - , K ek X lg , f .VVV E. ' B ,if 'P it in exif' if 2.454-i : A w s gt 4-W - . ,M .. A'rC . Q A . , 1 r l W, rw W W N' . . A. Rob Cox goes for the bose. B. Hoping for some ocrion to come his woy, Chod Hollinger gets into C. D. position. With o slight miss ofthe boil, Dove Miller will hove to try ogoin. RESERVE BASEBALL - Front Row: Jeff Yount, Mike Goodmon, Morty Jokcsy, Jeff Bickford, Nick Gobel, Lowell Litton. Row 2: Corol Litton, Don Smith, Glenn Kidd, Kirt Moyle, Kevin Durbin, Bill McGowan, Honk Dolin. Row 3: Cooch Brinkmon, Kurt Brewer, Dove Wotkins, Steve Hovis, Wes Ritter, Ken Soom. Key to the Future lt's not every yeor thot o high school gets o freshmon closs thot hos the obility to be winners in the gome of bosketboll. This yeor, however, Lokoto hod o freshmon teom thot totolly dominoted the court during their regulor seoson. Ending the seoson with on 11-O mork, the freshmon Roiders turned in on S.L.L. chompionship with Andrew Foirbonks os their cooch. With some more development in skills ond hord work, the freshmon teom moy just turn out to be o J.V. teom thot is just os dominoting. A. A time out brings 0 well-deserved rest for the freshmon bosketboll teom. B.Boll movement is importont os Gory Smith demonstrates here. C. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL - Sitting: Bill Price, Tomi Reinhort, Perry Hortley, Jim Slick, Rick Elchert, Mott Hushour. Stond- ing: Scott Boteson, Cooch Foirbonks, Nick Gobel, Bryon Sporks, Roy Hoffmon, Kirt Moyle, Steve Eversole, Gory Smith, Bill Honsen. D. The freshmon cheerleoders do their thing ot the breok. E. Showing the zone defense is Jim Slick. F. Gory Smith goes up for the tip-off. Power Packed Freshmen This year, as the freshman football season began, many of the guys were ready to get rough and tough on the field. Their ambitions were held to a minimum because of the lack of freshman teams in the league. With only four teams to play, it limited their action to a bare minimum. Coach Worstein, however, put together a team that played well on the field this year. With a 4-1 seasonal record, the freshmen took second place in the SLL. A. The Raiders head downfield as Mike Ramirez punts the ball. B. Nick Gabel sends a fine pass to Scott Bateson. C. Coaches Dorr and Worstein talk about what they need for a first dawn. D. Watching the game on the sidelines is Davld Kelbley and Pat Luclus. E. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL - Kneeling: Bert Wyant, Pat Lucius, Jeff Burkin, Jeff Yount, Steve Eversole, Mike Ramirez, David Kelbley. Standing: Coach Worsteln, Matt Hushour, Chris Wyant, Len Arbogast, Jim Slick, Bill Hansen, Kitt Mayle, Nick Gobel, Greg Richards, Scott Bateson, Jeff Bickford, Coach Dorr. 71 Sports Records E s 1 Q12 gs Q Es SEQ S 72 73 f I MP bp af 1 .7: gk z f f -fff K xy I J L,.,, W. V.- ,W WM I1 -. .Q X - : X 1 ,L ,-S . . - ,f ' ,Q ,KM k X35 ws? Yi "H:-zffzi-iw: QS-53,4-K X Q 24 .1 5 . fkgg L1 . 3 N ME ,,,, ,. 5 x , 5 W rg 1 N5 75 FIDMINISTFIHTIDN Gary Keller, B.S,, M.A., Superintendent. Nicholas Ezzone, Jr., B.S., M.Ed., Specialist in Education, LHS Principal. The 1962-83 school year began with a running start. Following state funding cuts and the need to trim costs, the extracurricular programs' future was seriously injeopardy. To ""' L insure that these fine programs which S serve well over halfofthe students Q 1 t' T' would go on during the 1982-83 school year, students and parents organized to raise some money. The result was people from all over the district working together throughout 3 the summer to sell popcorn, repair driveways, gather fireflies and organize and hold the first Lakota Festival including the first Lakota 1K and 5K runs. Once again, the wonderful people of Lakota came h through to show how much they care. Although the money came ' 'h'OU9h fron Convemiono' 5OU'Ce5f V LAkorA nomo or EDUCATION -James I-laubert, William neasian, Nancy Houtz, Ned Fairbanks the funds raised were used to benefit - President, Maurice Carlo - Vice President. every activity serving Lakota High School students. - Gary Keller Jeff Adoms, Assoc. l3.S., Vo. Ag. l, ll, lll, IV, FFA, ond Young Former Advisor. Sherry Adoms, B.A., Freshmon Choir, Mixed Choir, Mixed Ensemble Advisor. Ginni Beoston, l3.S., M.A., Heolfh ond Phys. Ed., Vorsity Volleyboll Cooch. Phil Boze, l3.S,, Phys. Ed., Heolth, Driver's Ed., Vorslty Boseboll Cooch. Rick Brinkmon, l3.S., Eorth Science, Freshmon Advisor. Jeff Copell, l3.A., Americon Government, Americon History. Myron Cline, l3.S., M.A., Guidonce Counselor, Boys' ond Girls' Cross Country Cooch, Boys' ond Girls' Trocls Cooch, Horold Corbin, B.A., M. Ed., Guidonce Counselor. Williom Devol, l3.S., Freshmon English, Journolism, "Lolsoro Times" Advisor, Vorsity Assistont Footboll Cooch, Jr. High Trock Cooch. H Career With Variety When oslsed why she chose teoching os o coreer, Mrs. Beoston sold thot she tools quite o long time orriving ot thot decision. "After trying severol thot turned out to be less thon perfect, including eight yeors ot Whirlpool Corporotion in Clyde, I decided l wonted o coreer thot offered more voriety." Mrs. Beoston hos olwoys enjoyed being both o spectotor ond o porticipont in mony sports ond octivities, so physicol educotion wos o logicol choice for her. She odded heolth to her mojor, but only becouse the opportunities for employment were much greoter with both fields. However, Mrs. Beoston hos grown to olmost prefer heolth over physicol educotion becouse of "oil the positive chonges thot hove token ploce in the field." 77 SI-mills for cl Lifetime Why do you teach? "I teach because I enjoy working with young people. It gives me a good and satisfying feeling to be able to teach skills that can be useful for a lifetime," replied Mr. Gasteier. "If I hadn't become a teacher, I probably would have become a landscape architect, as this is a career which I very seriously contemplated before selecting Industrial Education." Mr. Gasteier still enjoys working outside. He has a small landscape and lawn maintenance business during the summer months. The biggest reward in teaching for Mrs. Krol is when a student takes the time to let her know that they learned something new in her class. "I am a teacher because of the positive influence I have onthe development of young persons." If Mrs. Krol had to choose a career other than teaching, she would like to supervise a day-care center or go into interior decorating. Steven Doty, l3.S., English I, ll, Speech, Senior Class Advisor. Robert Gasteier, I3.S., Industrial Arts I, ll, Ill, IV. Linda James, BS., Single Survival, Family Living, Future Homemokers of America Advisor, National Honor Society Advisor. Pamela Krebs, l3.S., M.Ed., Librarian, Junior Class Advisor. Linda Krol, B.S., Home Economics I, ll, Advanced Home Economics, Future Homemokers of America Advisor, Junior Class Advisor. Karen Netzel, B.S., General Business, Consumer Economics, World History, Sociology. mi iszfig ic , C vs. Sm., ,,.. g iiwwf., few 3 at I . . , ,Q-"H Deb Oberhouse, BS., Art I, ll, III, Advanced Art, Senior Class Advisor. Marcia Redding, I3.S., Ed., English ll, Spanish l, ll, Freshman Cheerleading Advisor. Gary Scherger, I3.A., M. Ed., Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Boys' Track Coach. Thomas Shook, B.A., Marching Band, Concert Bond, Pep Band, Jazz Band. Jan Stoudinger, BS., Algebra ll, Geometry, Senior Math, J.V. Volleyball Coach. Jeff Szabo, I3.S., MA., M. Ed., English IV, Student Council Advisor, Administrative Assistant. Fl Little Bit Of Drneriness Dead cats, chemistry experiments and biology lab. "What do I like in students? l like intelligence, cooperation, some fire, happiness -I like to see them smile - curiosity, and even alittle bit of ornerinessf' Mr. Scherger relaxed and responded to the questions enthusiastically. He even took the question a little further by adding, "What Idon 't like in students is a lack of determination, failure to follow directions, pouring and cry babies." 79 Sandra Tiffany, B.S., Special Education, Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities Resource Room. Tom Tucker, Faculty Manager. Elizabeth Wairman, B.S., Shorthand l, Typing l, General Business. James Wertz, B.A., M. Ed., Accounting l, ll, Typing ll, Annual Staff Advisor, Audio-Visual Director. Gary White, B.S., Math, Physics, Jr. High Track Coach, Varsity Football Coach. Donald Windom, B.S., High School Special Education, Sophomore Class Advisor, Track Coach. Dave Worstein, B.S., Contemporary Affairs, World Geography, Freshman Football Coach, Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach. Clair Yount, B.S., Psychology, American Government, Varsity L Advisor, Athletic Director. View From the DI-iver's Seal: During the summer months, Mr. Wertz has plenty of hobbies to oc- cupy his time. He takes wedding pic- tures and does other small photography jobs. He often spends the summer months taking trips to various places around the country. "One summer, my wife and I took a camping trip across the western states for six weeks." This summer, Mr. Wertz has plans to visit Washington, D.C. When he's not traveling across the country, he en- 80 joys woodworking, fishing, and gardening at home. r 2 Kgs? X fr 1 f i r sa-i tl its: gi, ig f , ,t QE S 5 S E I I E 15. X S l in 1 ., -g ,. gi. Y i g ::,,,. if T T l is 5 2. i f iii E Q Q S f Pat Stahl, Secretary June Stevens, Secretary Howard Gump, Janitor Art Galbraith, Janitor Frankie Houtz, Cook Laura Zimmerman, Cook Ann Loomis, Cook Helen Graber, Study Hall Monitor, J,V. and Varsity Cheerleading Advisor. 'MT A very unfortunate experience befell one of aurrfinest teachers this year Mr go Steen a business and soc: 1 studies feacher suffered a stroke rhaf temporarily halted his reaching prefessl n Mr Steen was also the J V Baseball coach and National Honor Seclety Advisor We only hope the best for Mr Steen on his toe to rec very and will be anxiously awaiting has return After 80 years an the teaching profession, Mrs Elizabeth Waiimarr plans to retire this year She is looking forward Je trnrveirn fresumrng her hobbres and spending time with her gran aughter When asked ro rsumnnarize her years here or LHS she simply replied interesting 81 .. K I -.Mx IDX? X1 ,-:f Ez, -A .w Qg "QW GURREGULUM Class-y Countries Senior government class is one that everyone seems to look forward to. Perhaps that is because it doesn't quite follow the traditional guidelines that most other classes do. Each government class has the opportunity to form their own country and govern it in the way they choose. This is to provide students with some knowledge and experience as to how the American government is run. Some classes were aggressive and QOT things accomplished in their countries while others merely let them run their course. At any rote, the criminal element seemed to abound in all countries this year which kept all thejudges busy and thejails occupied quite frequently. Micro community is a year-long simulation tha gles you the opportunity to be a sheriff, a congressman, or even President. 3 . Judges Duane Decker and Rick Miller are kept busy throughout the course of Micro Community with numerous clvil and criminal cases. A. B. Rob Cox and Marlene Hoffman try to plan their next move In the Presidential Primary Convention. C. After much planning and scheming on his part, Jamie Biddle is happy wlth the results of the Primary Convention. D. Jerry Hoffman rallies up the votes for his candidate. E. Government class is not oll play. Troy Haar shows that it often takes a lot of work and research to be prepared for the various activities. T V . --qyxvurv-xg .,tgys.,vs-v.y+-X 1 L W. iw 'X Lf' 314' .T iff f' Lt S. tl twin t lui 'num Maw... .. jf M,,,,WwW omg. -4 Delights Bag ladies to traffic jams. Schools to grocery stores. At first glance, Washington, D.C. may seem to be a blueprint of any other American city, but eight seniors had the opportunity to spend four days there this year and discovered that it isn't so commonplace afterall. It abounds with a constant stream of tourists, numerous foreign embassies, and many prominent people. Though the group didn't get to catch a glimpse of President Reagan, they did tour the White House and had a personal meeting with Ohio Senator John Glenn. The Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian Museum were a few of their many stops. Though they probably had as much fun in their hotel rooms and riding the Metro CWashington, D.C.'s mass-transit system? as they did everything else, the group came back with a better understanding of how the national government is run andthe people behind it. A. The Capitol Building. B.ln Arlington Cemetery, Pete Gibson and Dave Miller seem to have a little problem. C. The whole group together: Wendy Keller, Robin Keller, Candy Nleset, Rick Kline, Lynette Timmons, Gary Holman, Pete Gib- son and Dave Miller. D. The Lincoln Memorial. E. Pat Stahl, Clair Younr, and Dave Worsteln were chaperones for the D.C. trip, F. Would you believe Rick Kline ever saw a camera before? f ,-'Wifi Communi- cations Our longuoge deportment consists of mony closses, Since English is port of every- doy life, it is importont to spend time out- side of the classroom os well os ing such os the librory. English is o required course for three yeors of high school, so the teochers try to odd o little excitement. Moking speeches, helping to oct out ports of 0 Shokespeoreon ploy, ond working together in Journolism to creote o school newspoper is o breok from the regulor spelling ond grommor. A. Spending time in the librory helps in- creose Shoron Newmon's vocobulory. B. Who wiil go first is the question in Mr. Steve Doty's Speech closs. C. Dovid Stevens mokes sure he hos his eyes on the oudience insteod of his speech poper. D. lt is not thot eosy to stoll on o speech, os Ruben Mortinez finds out, E. Mr. Jeff Szobo hos to check for occurocy when he is groding the Senior English closs' homework. F, Spending time in the librory is port of leorning obout different types of sources. Andy Gorcio tries out the comics while Jerry Long ond Dove Miller get down to serious business. .aid E k " we ss Mm' 4' in in ii: i 5 ,. ,N A, Siisakf ev. ll: Flll Hdds Up Mathematics is o very important port of everyday life, for many people. Almost any career that you may choose concerns math. Whether you choose to be a doctor, teacher, businessperson orjust plan to get married, you will use skills in math to achieve many goals. Because of this, a background in math is very important. The Mathematics department here at Lakota teaches students the many bosic skills needed for later life. As a Freshman entering high school, you have the choice of Intermediate Moth, General, or Algebra I, After the first year, if the student wishes to continue their study of math, there is Geometry, Algebra II, and Senior Moth to choose from. The teachers of these courses are Miss Stoudinger and Mr. White. The courses offered help students to prepare themselves for the future, whether or not it contains college. V16 A. Kelly Kimmet proves that deep thought and con- centration are needed to complete her Senior Math homework. B. Geometric figures have many different parts to them. Miss Stoudinger exploins this to a closs. C. Listening to an explanation from another clossmate is often helpful. Don Ginnever seems to be trying to figure outjust what is being explained. D. Computers are very useful to someone in the Mathematics field. Tim Wasserman uses his skills on the computers shown to students at the school. E. Many times, Mathematics can be helpful in other classes. Lisa Strawman uses math to figure out a problem. F. Dan Baker listens closely so he doesn't miss a thing being explained. 87 Discovery Science is o unique word describing one OOTUFG of life ond everything thot goes olong with it. Mr. Rick Brinkmon introduces freshmen to the world of science. For the upperclossmen who ore more interested in Science, Mr. Gory Scherger offers four different, more detoiled courses. Biology is the study of living orgonisms. Foro detoiled study of the body there is Anotomy. Deoling with the chemicol moke-up of our world, is Chemistry. Physics, offered to the seniors only, is o course which studies the how ond why of the lows of noture. The course thot you choose to toke will help you to better understond the world oround you. ,rl A. Shown Cooley oppeors to be very interested in the orgonism thot is preserved in the bottle he is studying. B. There ore mony formulos thot hove to be memorized in chemistry. As Mr. Gory Scherger puts o few on the boord, Andreo Elchert storts roking notes. C. Every yeor in onotomy, cots ore used to show the different orgons ond how they relote to eoch other. Dorothy Corbin looks like she reolly enjoys cutting her cot up. D. Koren Reinhort uses o microscope so she con get o close-up look ot the slides she is exomining. Gil'-I 5l:uff?? Anymore it is sociolly occeptoble for guys to toke o Home Economics course os well os girls. Since morrioge ond roising o fomily require both mole ond femole roles, it helps to goin understonding in closs of poten- tiol problems ond conflicts. Fomily Living provides, through the course of the school yeor, o chonce for students to "get morried, hove bobies, ond get o divorce." These pretend experiences ollow op- portunities for students, under the guidonce of Mrs. Lindo Jomes, to leorn obout some of the mojor occur- rences in life. The Home Economics closses, with Mrs. Lindo Krol, speciolize more in such oreos os child development, consumerism, household interior decoroting, ond sewing. The students olso spend o greot deol of the yeor developing very procticol to ex- tremely creotive skills in culinory ort. Both courses enlighten students on some of the expectotions ond responsibilities they moy encounter in life. A. In Home Economics, Peggy Wolters tries to help o little girl overcome her shyness. B. Guys olwoys seem to understond boys bet- ter. Jeff Bickford wotches o little one woter color. C. On Bock-to-School Doy, Ned Sleek took the ploce of his doughter, Annette. Anito Allen ond Lynette Timmons do their best to help him out in the kitchen. D. Since olmost everyone plons o future thot will include morrioge ond o fomily, for Beth Nye it moy come in hondy to be o good cook. E. Pot Brickner patiently works to improve his sewing skills. F. Korry Flinner is cutting vegetobles up in preporotion to moke stew. VVC Prepares for Future Careers Vonguord Vocotionol Center enrolls o totol of Q2 students. Mony different courses ore offered ond these students ore toking odvontoge of the coreer knowledge ond experience they con receive while still in high school. They know where they ore heoded ond this enobles them to enter the work force directly out of high school. VVC offers 21 different progroms thot ore open to ony LHS student with junior stotus: Ac- counting Doto Processing, Agriculture Mechonics, Auto Body, Auto Mechonics, Corpentry, Corn- munity Core Speciolists, Cosmetology, Diver- sified Cooperotive Troining, Distributive Educo- tion, Diversified Heolth Occupotions, Drofting, Ex- ecutive Secretoriol, Food Service, Generol Office Specialist, Grophic Cornmunicotions, Horticulture, lndustriol Electricity, Mochine Trodes, Morine Mointenonce, Occupotionol Work Experience, ond Welding. 90 anew: A. Evan Shultz prepares a three-dlmenslonal drawlng ln junior Drafting. B. Green thumbs Tressie Dolan and Jim St. Clair examine one of the many plants they grow in Horticulture. C. Bob Gosche engages in one of the favorite pastimes at VVC. D. Penny Kreais enjoys working with the morning nursery children in senior Child Care. E. Senior Cosmetology gives Becky Mullholond the chance to learn and also experience. F. Sofety masks are an Important part of senior Welding, as shown by Destery Jones. G. Using her typing skills in junior Graphics, Ella Everetts designs a layout. H. Working on lawn mowers is one of the many tasks Jim Kelly performs injunior Machine Trades. l. Thad Little examines the car engine ln junior Auto Mechanics as he prepares to fix it. 91 3, I. img: H A k K wi, .. 0 ---qw' --Q, wi 5 if 0.,,,f ,P 3 5, 13,5 , X, le if V5 Wwmmau GL A 4'-X 'ss S Politics Come to LHS One of the highlights of the yeor for the senior closs wos the oppeoronce of two condidotes for the Store House of Representatives. All the seniors congregoted in the cofeterio while the condidcites delivered their speeches ond onswered questions from the oudience. John Myers of Bellevue ond Dwight Wise, Jr. of Fremont presented their plotforms with the hope of influencing those seniors who were czble to vote. This wos 0 fontostic opportunity for the seniors to see politics ot work. V S Lori Adotns Sheril Aldrich Brendo Boder Sheryl Boker Chris Boll Pot Boxter Rodney Beor Tim Below Too Bickford Mox Buckley , l A. John Myers speoks to the senior closs o week before elections. B. Dwight Wise, Jr., tries to get voluoble votes in o close election for representative. C. Mr. Jeff Copell ond Lorrel Mullholond listen intently during the condidores' speeches, D. Don Otermot, Rick Kline, ond Rob McCochren try to decide which condidore is worthy of their vote. f ,rf- flifw ':e'w- 7 .- f- - , .. I -, ,r , 9,2 iff eniord C. ...V ,, . , . ,. .... 2..o...,,.. . ., ,,,gg, - ,- ,, .f ., . .K .,,,...,,,...,,.f,,..,,,,,, . f .,..,..' Ac.. ., ,. , , , gi HERO, 1 ii,ss ,i 434. L MOM. llii.ii. 1 f -if X 1'3QY'5 ifil59f19U09err , ,,. W: ,,,,,a, --.. ,,,. ,,,. , . , ,. K. V . .QV i, fwsrrm- , -1, -- - - . s 1 ,ss fCLABAUGHi fisfllfufet- 59??f?9l'. Qi-4 Jornie Biddle Kevin Bloemer Clork Bootmon Pot Bolen Loren Bowe Lori Bowmon Todd Cholfin Tereso Clobough Rob Cox Tim Cox Duone Decker Joe Dowdy 1 42 i 1if if s4,r:'1r' if '-Y.i si: iiif '."1 Jrf K 4. l., 3: snrs J ' fvffv isis T 1.,f,,fri,,,s,x,.,Wmrs,-,few, , , M.. . , , k 3' ,r.i 1 5-,ffuvfifwf'f!i1",.:ff ,.-inn-"af:--sy .:'x,: iw 5.3: fy :-.J '3gs4fK,,'!"pCf.'.v, A--is:,5w.c,, . .- . H f ' r . . , MASH wzgffge, . H f ,. - ,- Q,-i y , f X . ' n1.fwi, f ,f-M1,fu,game,ffwgfgfffg,-51:rm ,, , I K :,, .,,., .. M . ..,, . . , . M-.ii,,,,:f.m-MM . i . V. f , . 1. , . , - -4:55, y'f::'ig' ,sur 1:'A?'P:5,-.lefmisif' :V K .i'i,ggi,3.L 251 .1 '- ,, I ijfTG0Chef'SeeiAidai4e1ENT- M0Chf filC4GSS' HS 4: l HERO Ch0Pf?riii53f 4: RON5 'AHSYUGEOY iiie 1 Cdmimefdfriiiivod Service xi,-C1655 i FAFRBANKSQEFAMY2 FHA K GiiGi FREEMAN-1559121 iiei 30565041 GE iiGei f 2. GAKCIMANDXQ , BOY: iiei Q, 41 FFA TYOCK l 'HAMMONDSJfCQNN lEr: CHOYUS1 f323345 4: NHS niie 1 , 4: lGifl'S B0SkGfi5?il?l1ii21 , C 0: iiiiii n C0Ui0C5if25f 105152 1 iiii G Ensemble 41 42 NH5 if4iii1iiii10U 1' 2: 4: 535333590096 eVOrSifYi -131i 1171 f51'S5KlNi BlLUn7iBf?Y?S!Tf0Ck 3' 41 H0FfH,, lfif1iQfQ5 iii 31NH5Y3- WYGSYIMQ 1- Gl55Qfi2LiiPETE:f50Y'So 1, 2, 3 . 4? f3g1243,4:B0Y'SoCfQSS5flQUDfTve1, 2Q ieeei f 2' 31 42 0055 Offifef 1h 32 Q42 V0rsiryQ Sf 224: G Vofsifvi Li HOFFMAN? M1X?4LENEf efi Gf'4'CKf ? ? :l75? i34 G42 C0fG'fefi0 ' ,, .i .,,, , f .. . i 3..'fzq,,f5f,,i,g-gf.,1 :isp ,i ,- .Qf.1wemywif:-fsfmie auf,-u - , ,, , , ,, K . ,:., , ,..., .. i 1 , f -, ,,,.. i-,,,wA3 ,k., iv ,--,. i i f ff ,- H f f. - 1 ,--. ,-:.W.,--:.,,i,-im, ff., N, ,, . i .. - - V . f . .Q,,1w:,Qif,:-:.2:ii,iii::.y.-Q,: i 14 if ' iioine flfi We , , . tf,--. ., .mf ,- , . ,,., Sf, ,,k. 5 k,,k .. ,V .V H , V.,. i ,,,, ,TW ,K ., f fi - f ' 'V ,..'Y1r,-,.-"ifff:,fiY2,:,:'1f:2K'?S121wmy-':1ii:,'-1, -- .: i, ', ' H . gi Cindy Dussel Sheilo Enrsminger Amy Foirboniss Ted Freernon Andy Gorcio Josie Gorcio Bill Goskin Pere Gibson Steve Gillilond Rick Ginnever Rosolindo Gonzolez Ron Grober Troy Hoof Connie Hommonds Greg Hormon Fldults in School The third onnuol Bock-to-School Doy wos held ot LHS on November 17. Every student could hove on odult relotive or guordion ottend closses in their ploce. There wos confusion over locl-:er combinotions ond schedules ond loughter during lunch. At o reception ofter school, porents ond teochers compored notes with new oppreciotion for "o doy in the life of o student." Another chonce for odults to por- ticipote in the life of LHS come the doy Woyne Keller, Iocol store owner, gove o presentotion to Mr. Yount's government closs. Mr. Keller brought in vorious trops ond guns in on effort to illustrote how the Indions in this oreo survived. The students hod the opportunity to see how the trops ond muzzlelooders octuolly worked. All the items were replicos of the ones used by indions in this oreo. A. Mr. Woyne Keller speoks to students obout the different kinds of trops ond guns. B. Jon Rosser exomines the indion beods thot were o port of Mr. KeIler's presentotion. C. On Bock-to-School Doy, Lynette Timmons gives Mr. Ned Sleek o helping hond in Single Survivol. Jeff Hortmon Allon Heckmon Jerry Hoffmon Morlene Hoffmon Albert Hollond Angie Holmon Dottie Holmon Gory Holmon Sherry Hoschor Angie Hosmon Tum Huff Korl Hummel Llso Jocquor Tim Jomes Amy Hunt Beth Ann Hurh Noncy Hyorf Desrery Jones Julee KoSovoge Ken Keclaler Hurr, TIM: Boy's rfock1..2, 3. 4, ,vorsr mm - f ty L 1. HUMMEL, KARL:rl30sebC1ll 1..f.2: Chorus 2: FFA 1 2- Mixed Ensemble 24 1LdnguQge-1, HElXC5 cmpfef ca, 4. fFFAl31i. 1.,.12g5ggrfffg.volleyball 1: Marching 14:.P0fli0mef1f0fv Pro Bono. , . KIMBLE,+ TINA. mlmmm QFOFUS m m 1.. 2?-3' 4: AMY: Chews 1. 2, S. 4, moss Offrcer1 CO.uf1frv,2g-6.1 FHMi7C5ffl'oSfTfOCl1 412: 15fUdeflf COUf1Cll4-1 HUT mm .34 451 7?5iflf1i5Ql:5?0ff 4: NHS aLQ0QuQQe1e,C1ob. .122 mm m mm i4lNEfiPilCK: 3I?dFi5i4EffbQll m m1 5 frlfifflfilfiiflllifl-345 .1,.H il4z,.. BQ?1Cf-TQ. m m m 143 Q23 ll5fUdE'f1f 'Covflfili 71? i 39 22415 vWf6Sffl0Qn.11, V2. CJONESL DE5TER1Yfillir5OY?5i r42igLAHMAN,. aTfQCl5 2: 1VfCA.ChOPf9Il 3Q1224i..We1di?1Qi m mm 3 i2i1i4i11.FHA111:1GIrl?s Club 3.14. 14AsAv.AGE,e ,1uLsE:fAmu::rf' mmmmmlmammmmmm 2, ls. 1Sroff,4.. Chorus 2. 4.1Concerr 4.2 Drorno mlmm -i m m L1 Ag 'ALINDQ .c:1ubo1, 2, 3. 4, FHA 4, casrrf, rmpk145g 1 111111 11111 C5TP.QMz1iM5mrA:Anquolfsroff45 chorus Homecoming Arrenr. 25 Lib.fHelp13g LITTON, WENDYS Marching Bond 4g Pep Bond-4. 'Trocls AnnuQl'gr-Srqff'4:fChorus 1. 2, 3. Concert Squow 1. 2. KECKLER, KEN: Bosebolllt. . .Bo1no.gjQ'5.2 .o.o Sgojozz Bond 1, 2, 31 Dromo Bcy's Track C31 Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4p1Dromo '.Clubf3,iQ4p iCi'irl'5'Trocl1-4, Morching Bond Club 1, 3. 4. Foorborl 1, 2. 3. 4. Mixed 1pe2,v3L,4z1..1OffiCe Helo 8: Pep Bond 1. 2,1 Ensemble 1, 2. 3, 4. Longucge 1, 21, 1.1 1'n FJERRVY: Bqseboll 1, 4, Vorsiry l. 4. KELLER, ROBIN: Chorus, 2, fBQsl1eff:5gllf1.,QQ2g l3oy's Cross Country 1, 3, 45 Concert Bond 1. 2. 3. Jazz Bond--1, 12, z34ffiT4g1ljboyfS"Track 2, . 31 Longuoge 2, 8g FFA 1. 25 Girls Volleyboll 15 Mor- ClubfiigQQ5fiQ1dent.fCOuncil.1,'Varsity L 2. 3. chEngBond 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Ensemble Zigi ..i.1 ,1.11 :Jazz J Bond, V 85 4, Porlrqmemqfy Proceduref Qfo Pep. . ' e ...o 1 1.or1 2.,MArucEr., BETH: Bond 1, 2. cs, CKELLER. wsuovrfcrwoms Heap.. 3. 14.1 22 Conten-Bond 1. 2, 35 Jozz Bonc3.f1.1e2g1 .1 1 1 Robin Keller Wendy Keller Tino Kimble Kelly Kimmet Rick Kline Penny Kreois Kelly Lohmon Morio Lindstrom Wendy Litton Jerry Long Brod Lucius Beth Morkel Party Win Mr. Copell's two government closses stoged o politicol convention in the schools cofeterio. The two presidentiol condidotes, Lynette Timmons ond Tim Wossermon, gove their speeches os they tried to convince the Junior Closs to vote for them. The Juniors ployed the port of the Americon people, the two government closses symbolized the two mojor politicol porties. The octivity went over well with Tim Wossermon winning by 0 two-to-one morgin. A. Tim Wossermon expresses his views on con- troversiol topics to the Junior closs. B. Lynette Timmons tries to convince the juniors thot her views ore the best, C. Amy Foirbonks listens to the condidotes speok. I it Swedish Import Halmsund, Sweden, and Kansas, Ohio, are several thousand miles apart but they are now connected through the heart and mind of Lakota's YFU exchange student, Maria Lindstrom, Holmsund is a town of about 6,000 in the northern part of Sweden, Maria's hometown is about as far north as Fairbanks, Alaska, but she says Holmsund isn't as cold, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Maria left the hospitality of the Dennis family July 14, 1983 to return to one more year of prep school in Sweden. She plans to then enroll in the University of Umea and study broadcasting. Maria said that before she begins actually working in broadcasting, she plans to do much more traveling. While Maria attended LHS, she became on enthusiastic participant in school ac- tivities. Cast members of Oklahoma found Maria invaluable as she acted and sang, designed sets, and worked on props, One cast member said, "You name ity Maria helped with it." We hope that someday during a cold Swedish winter Grandma Maria will be tell- ing stories to her grandchildren and saying nice things about us. You can be sure that we will say nice things about Maria, WWW, .. my it ttg, ,,, V js N5 Rob McCachren Julie McClure Fay McCoy Mike McGough John McGowan Kim McLaughlin Dave Miller Jon Miller Rick Miller Todd Morel .. ., .,,. , ..f, .if L... ,,,,,,,. ..,. ,,,,. ,,,, . f . 1 . -- -,1 if f. 1 Bond 1: Gir!'s ','B -b1h iQ'2g5g:sg'QAcHBEN,'Ron: Annual sroffsgya, ,Foorbou D, B , , , B B 3Q9Y'?3B7fQCkB,1, 2, 3, 4:BoY'S Cross Coim-' 'MOREI-f T091 .A BCIUOS, GW' 5 Tmck 1' 2' 3' 4? MQ'9h'091'B90Fi1?, 1irr5fF'i,1y-2, s,,4, Class Officer s, 4, concert, fa, MuLLHQLANu:'Q2,1BEc1m sesy officer NHS Pres- 4: NHS 3' 4: PSP BQ'7d17BY9'f fL1,ji2g Jozz Bond 1, 2, Marching 4: Girls'Boskefkibll'gQ',q1flig'ffi241 A. O: .Girl'S my L 2' 3' 47 Gwdonce 'Hem 3' 4? Bond 1, 2: Language 3,,4: Atnpuol .SfOff an gg:1ubg1,'2,1sfudem council 3, 4, vofsny scomeffga ", agys ," Q,gc1n.u,rs+io, 4, Cf'?fU51f2'3'4fG"'5 Tfofk 4' 214: B',L'3,'s'4.yMc CLURE,JULIE:NHS4gAr1nuol MULLHOLAND, , ,' gg-',LQRBR,ELg,B Cafeteria GMS VO"eYb0" 2' 32 V0f5"Y 2,45 :5fQff1421-Drcimo caub 2, Gi,rl's Trock1, 2, Heap 3,,,cheer1e'Qsder,1,1 ", 4, Closs' NHSET' DOUG' B0?kefb0U 12' BOYS, ,21:,pMc',BcoY, FAY: chorus 2, 3. Mc Boffacerf1,'5'2sBscboreuw ','. ,4::EHA,2:,OfficeB THICK 1. 2 01 41 B0XSCf0SSC0Uf1ffv'2f BGQUGH, MIKE. Mc GOWAN, Joan: Help4,15rqdenr,'sCQiGQtiI ,,,,1 jg2.MURRAY, 3, 41 NH50' 41 V0fS'fY L2 3' 4' NULL' 'foofbrmg B1, 3, 4. BMILLEP., DAVE: anADLBEYB:"Anlnggirs,5roff,Q4,','BoysTrack1, UESSE- NULL' MAUNDA1 Chorussii. 41 :BQSQQQII-'1,'B2, :s,4,,aQ5kefb0ux1, 2,3,21:7 2, ,csqsgyfseosmfs5gggggs5gggf'rfQ'Hanan, Q, 3, Dfomo Clvb 4, NYE' BETH- UTEP-MAT' 1QQyfs,cpos5 Country 2, class officer og 41fJozz ,", Bowes, 2, 3, JON' AWG' 5'0f" 3' 4' B0F'fefbQU'1r 31f5'FQQfbo1l',1:,Homecoming4, NHSS, 43' FCOM" 12 FFA1- 2,31 PQH'Qm?nTQ'Y i3i!3?3?f1fiC?iUf1Cil 3g 4: V0rSify La, A1 Pfofeduf? 123- PA9'K'3Q51'B95eb9U' J0N2 WCA, , Chvprefs 3, ,dw 1-B 21 BQY S TIM12,FO0'b0's1,i1+1'2afFFA-'1i' 4. Musk. mcxs ". 21 34 42 Pf1f"0mem?fY ' 2, ,s,1 , , ', ' ' "i53Z,'LQN'f W1 BOYSBBWB "' Q" .X-+ -45 W sf Becky Mullholond Lorrel Mullholond Brod Murroy Kelly Myers Troy Myers Amy Noderer Candy Nieser Doug Nieser Bessie Null Molindo Null Beth Nye Jon Orermor Joe Pork Joy Poxton John Poyne Suson Peters Tonyo Peters Steve Plummer Phil Rocheter Curt Richords Dove Ritter Dove Rivenborls Jon Rosser Bobbie Ruble Sherrie Sobo Senior Personolities BEST LOOKING . . . . . .Annette Sleek Doug Nieset BEST PERSONALITY . . . .... Tonyo Peters Ron Grober CLASS FAVORITES ...... Lynette Timmons Tim Wossermon CLASS CLOWNS ......... Julee I4oSovoge Jerry Hoffmon NEATEST ..... ..... B eth Huth Rick Kline MOST ATHLETIC . . . ..... Mory Scherger Pete Gibson MOST COURTEOUS ..... Morlene Hoffmon Rick Miller MOST STUDIOUS ........... Amy Noderer Adom Flonogon A, Rick Miller ond Morlene Hoffmon were voted as "Most Courteous" by their fellow clossmotes. B. Ron Grober ond Tonyo Peters ore sold to hove the best personalities in the senior closs. C. As Most Athletic, Pete Gibson ond Mory Scherger hove oided In mony victories for LHS. D. Jerry Hoffmon ond Julee KoSovoge ore well-suited for their role os closs clowns, Brion goms Mory Scherger Don Shoferly Shelley Shiley Annette Sleek Ting Smith Dove Stevens Roger Stiger Todd Striff Colvin Stron Jomi Strong Lynette Timmons Michele Timmons Jonice Turpin Ken Turpin V V V- r .- -rl - - -- lfwmifsrrmfztgi 1 . , , . f- ,gg Q.. , ff'1"1-1:'.r-2115521'1wllQ1ljT f. - ''i171?'-',4SH.?Z1szf:fi5:, i'iSlYff-wil'-'owlsf 'ff , . ,,fy,-W w ".m,eggf5g,,:QggggfggfffgQ,,g,,..nk- . , f -, gf ' JY' 1lf?f5?315fli:'Hli-Vi''ii if , I V '-fifif-.YY.'315l5'l-i5Wfi1i'i Wisf'ljEQf'F' f - - i I ELT fr - u 1 T: -ff.:ii.'1i-Wiiiiitii'iii,ll'gii'51i'Q'Q1'i 7 ,II T FIEEW2,:97:i757Qi':i'iL1HV - ' TV' ''i'T'fi'55l?'55'o:"i-'fffmifi' 'I-Hiiw: f'3ii"'7.'-' .. -' I z'.T-'71 J H ' ' , " ' .STKEl77l9iff5,'i53i51ia5il!kf'i?i'!?,.:fH215 in 1 ' f T"2P'ri.- ' - i E Football OCR C0fefefi0iHe1Plli3gf4fsCl0SS S114GirFS5l3GiSfF2fb0'l if 2' 3' 421 f1p NHS 3,3115 fglHSfE5ec, 4: Office. 3, '45 FFArrAgf1ll'Qg5,Guidonce 2, 31 4: MfX'?5tE4?S9mble 2: RTACHETER- PH5L:fBQY'S TFOCK 4. 4? 9555 iei Dr'-W0 Club if 2: 8. ESC0ff?l14'35il5fvde0f Council 1: BOY? 3, 4: TB'-md AU'wiff?f?3!ffti4?539tSerb9'l 14 2: SMQrQh1QQ4eBeQndll1, 0. 4: ieeSHELLE?ff11lftSi5EEK' AN- LGOQUQQQ f?5a2af5MlTHf ieil 4 1 COnCeffTBQm1g22: 3.022 1' 114- Bond 1. 3' 42 V0fSlfYi2415l55AQUee0 32 etii Glfl'S 2eli 31i4?iM5iQffffee021 12 tie QQEA 'GGG'fi-.TUHEi?if:16N'CE' ttei efre S Sirt if S liiti ielelrei leereletrr illl , . . . ,.., ,.,., . ,, .. ,..,.. ..,,A., l r,,. , .,,. , . .,,. , , ., . .,,. , ,. tn.. f- . .. V ,, - - f m,swg:fll1 '- .. - fr .,-Q K , ,,,, , K ,rfl?,,,i:w:5::1TWgfg: -. , , , I .S A , . -- -gg-gg, fg:'f"z:,gg5gifsgzg1 f, ggyf, ,- fx - - 1- 2'isagPm,?2?s?iff2lsffsiigfigi-fs ---- g 3 g-g'1f1,1,t,'E,'. I . I . --ff1:va-'gfsezi2ffyazggq5f.7g2'ss,g5r,,L . zz-1 K ,.: q , -V 12- 3 -. '-fs!! , xg: . 1115115595375-,l3..V,,if ,. f V. , Class of 1583 Class Motto: lt's better to have trle something and failed, than to have tried nothing and succeeded Class Flower: Flecl Silk Class Colors: Maroon and SUMMA CUM LAUDE 3.9-4.0 Amy Noderer Adom Flonogon Ken Keckler Ierry Long Rick Kline Condy Nieser Rick Miller Doug Nieser Gory Holmon MAGNA CUM LAUDE 3.60-3.89 Loren Bowe Dove Miller Brod Murroy Morlene Hoffmon BEST CITIZEN Sheril Aldrich ART: Holmon DEKALB AG. ACCOMPLISHMENT: 71 CUM LAUDE 3.70-3.79 Julie McClure Michele Timmons HONORS LIST 3.50-3.69 Pot Bolen Joel Pork Gory Von Horn Molindo Null Tim Wossermon Kelly Kimmet Rob McCochren PRINCIPAL'S LIST 3.0 Kin oll subjectsb Sheril Aldrich Morlene Hoffmon Kelly Kimmel Beth Morkel Julie McClure W SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR Pere Gibson ENGLISH: Rick Kline MATH: Doug Nieser Amy Noderer Condy Nieser Molindo Null Tonyo Peters Michele Timmons Por Bolen Loren Bowe Adom Flonogon Andy Gorcio Gory Holmon Ken Keckler Rick Kline Jerry Long Rob McCochren Dove Miller Rick Miller Doug Nleser Joel Pork Tim Wossermon SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR Amy Noderer SOCIAL STUDIES: Pere Gibson VO. AG.: Joel Pork Lynerre Timmons SCIENCE: Amy Noderer MUSIC: Ken Keckler COMMUNITY CARE: Penny Kreois ACCOUNTING DATA PROCESSING: Michele Timmons WELDING: Kennerh Turpin JUNIDFIS The Juniors are eagerly looking forward to our last year of school, but with regret that next year will be our last at L.H.S. We look back on our past eleven years with both happy and sad memories, both helped us to grow up. During those years, sometimes we've succeeded and sometimes we've failed but that's all part of learning. We have gained pride in ourselves and in our school. Anita Allen Chuck Anders Jim Andrezejewskl Dan Baker Andy Boice Deb Braum Tina Bucher Rosie Burks Mark Burmiester Mike Busach John Butler Colleen Carter Amy Cline Sandy Cochey Rhonda Cooley Chris Copos Charlotte Coppler Dorothy Corbin Alan Crouse Stefanie Dennis Terry Dohanos Tressie Dolin Andrea Elchen Jerry Elter Wayne Essex Randy Fairbonlo DeAnn Farter Tim Feosel A. B. C. D. The use of the librory is very importont. Len Foos finds time to do some reseorch. A quiet time during study holl proves to be very helpful for Don Mohler. Jim Schmidutz, eoger to finish his homework, works until the bell rings. The use of woter colors is just one of mony importont techniques the OIT closses leorn. Terry Dohonos is working hord to complete his. E. A little help from your friends con never hurt. l Shown here, Andy Boice and Bill Whetsel try to complete their project together. Korry Flinner Len Foos Ron Foos Jodi Foster Amy Gobel Annette Gobel Pot Gobel Lori Gorcio Rick Gilbert Dove Ginnever Mott Goduto Mary Lou Gonzolez Mork Gooch Greg Goodmon Sue Goon Bob Gosche Pot Goshe Micoh Grober Chris Groves John Grim Fronkie Gunder Mory Houbert Noncy Houbert Eloine Hoffmon Morlene Hoffmon Phil Holmon Rodney Hook Kristi Huffmon Butch Klser Kelly Kreais David Lehman Forest Lee Sandy Long Christina Lucius Don Mohler Regina Malone Ruben Martinez Kara McGough Ron Merkle Vicki Metzger Kevin Meyer Gina Mil-slovic Colle I Plans Grow Tomorrow, what does it hold in store? This is a very popular ques- tion for the Class of '84 With only one year left, future plans become an important part of life. College is in the minds of many. Where to go, what to major in, how long to go, these are just a few decisions to be made. What do you want to be when you grow up? This seemed like such an easy question. But now when the time has come to choose a career, many answer this question with the words, "I'm not sure." To help us make the choices, the guidance counselors invite many colleges to come in to speak. This proves to be very helpful to many. The college representatives try to give an idea of what the college is like. These meetings and advice from the guidance counselors usually help ease the pressure of the decisions that have to be faced for the future. A. As Earl Wyant starts to think about the future, he takes some time to get the advice of Mr. Cline. B,Thls representative of Ohio University was just one of the many speakers that helped to explain and answer questions for college-bound students. gf-x l.l.EGE CASH! if l HOW Wasw svofximaz Dan Miller Denise Minich Kevin Murphy Sharyn Newman Nicole Omlor Laurie Palmerton Chuck Papenfus Tim Pate Dawn Riedel Frank Pisani Don Podach Larry Reed Karen Reinhart Dana Rice 0 lllilm GWEYOU if ia 5 N foliifl. """"4"""MM-M NVVN .. ,,,,, .. , MZEIEVVMW' !Z'f""f'ftffttf .Frank Pisani and Lesa Watkins discuss the many different possibilities for a college. A bulletin board is used to help the students gather information about the various colleges. Classroom work is also an important part of the future. Alan Crouse, Ruben Martinez, and Len Foos listen closely as the theme to a story is explained. .Many college prep courses are offered at L.H.S. Algebra ll is one that Pat Gabel and Kristi Huffman have chosen to help prepare them. A. Decoroting is the most important port of the prom, Sandro Wolloce volunteers her help to get the job done. B. John Grim concentrates on getting the wires hung so the celllng con be constructed. C. Teri Stohl works quietly trying to get her part finished. ls the Prom Really Worth lt! Every yeor, o lot of time ond ef- fort is put into the creation of prom. From the beginning of the freshman yeor, the moin goal is to raise enough money to hove a super prom, but money isn't everything. There are mony things thot oren't even considered until the lost minute orrives. There are broinstorming meetings to decide the ideos. Committees are mode, things ore ordered, and decora- tions are put together. Prom tokes o lot of hord work, but the final result makes the whole thing worthwhile. Jody Ritter Rex Roblnett Down Rogier Tom Rouser Chorlene Rupp Mory Schade Jim Schmidutz Corlo Shoferly Jeff Sheets Kim Shull Evon Shultz Chris Sparks Frances Stahl Teri Stahl Down Steving Rhondo Slick Jenio Smith John Sorg James St. Clolr Jim Swolsgood Tim Tiell Micah Graber displays his onisric talent by helping draw and paint a mural. A ceiling was constructed to make the gym seem smaller. Len Foos seems to have everything under control. Kurt Timmons Doug Trumbull Mark Turpin Kyle Wagner Dawn Walter Sandra Wallace Kevin Wasserman Lesa Watkins Blll Whersel Mark Willoughby Robin Wllson Dan Wiseman Early Wyant Don Yoshlmoro Vera Zender Fasten Your Seutbelts As o sophomore, turning sixteen br- ings one mojor event leorning how to drive. Mony sophomores onxiously owoit the doy thot they con stort Driver's Educotion. Some students ore confi- dent ond reody to begin the closs, while others moy be o bit nervous or even scored. The first port of the course is spent in the clossroom reoding monuols, wotching films, ond becoming fomilior with the lows of the rood. After completing the clossroom port, the next stoge is in the seot behind the wheel. Through oll the screeching stops, the sudden occelerotions, forgetting to check ot roilrood crossings, ond driving o bit too fost, the finol gool is reoched . . . onother licensed driver is sent out into the world. Wo, '71 '70 '90 1 Steve Andrzejewski Chris Bobione Melody Boder Llso Boll Chris Boxrer Glenn Beor Mory Below Mike Below John Bickers Kelli Biddle Dove Bingle Koren Bloemer Brendo Bootmon Tom Boucher Donny Boyce Tony Broke Kurt Brewer Por Brickner Dove Corlo Jon Corr Rodney Corver Julie Cessno Chris Cholfin Rhondo Choncey Angie Cllnger Mork Collins Kerry Conrod Shown Cooley i 112 A. One sure way of learning is through books, as many sophomores found out during drlver's education. B. Laura Holman is one of the many students trying to learn how to drive a car from a book. C. Sophomores become experienced drivers during the in-car pomon of driver's training. Paula Copas Gene Courtney Mark Cox Sharon Dauterman Lowell Dolln Kevln Durst Vlctor Durst Shelly Dussel Don Edlnger Klm Entsmlnger Elaine Everetts Angela Fairbanks Laura Feehan Ron Fell Amy Flndlay Pat Flsh Bo Flanagan Denlse Foos Dlone Foos Sondo Fouts Joseph Garcla Karen Garcla Jenny Glbson Dan Glnnever Jenny Gosche Guy Graber Steve Graham Blll Groves Mork Griffith Tino Gunder Tony Hoor Lori Hommer Thereso Hommonds Potti Hordin Tereso Harmon Mory Ann Houbert Leo Hoyes Tresso Heckmon Wendy Hensley Rose Mory Hille Julie Hinkle Kristi Hiser Bill Hitchcock Desio Holcombe Chod Hollinger Louro Holmon Donno Hook Potty Hoschor Doug Hossler Steve Hovis Brent Hughes Rob Hull Joseph Hunt Ruby Hyott Bob ickes Tommy Jomes Speed ond occurocy is demonstrated by Jonell Miller while toking o timed writing in Typing ll. To complete her ossignment, Mory Houbert listens intently to the directions in Biolo QY4 ,SE Denise Joy Bill Kogy Mike Keesbury Don Kelbley Volerie Keller Jerome Kimmet Liso King Becky Kiser Brion Kleisch Tim Krupp Bill Longlois Lori Lonning Corol Litton Liso Loomis B A 1 In 'S onveylng of moterlol to the students os Mr Shelly Low Dionn Molone Lorry Morklns Joe Mortinez Shelly McGough Bill McGowon Ron Mendoza Nick Meter Becky Meyer Jonell Miller Lowrence Mlller Michoel Miller Kirk Mintz Down Monroe Ron Mullholand Lance Myers Mark Nelson Kathy Nick Gayleen Phillips Nancy Saalman Jeff Saam Ken Saam Jim Rader Brenda Rausher Phll Rickard Sandy Ritter Wes Ritter Joanna Roberts Andrea Roth Ron Roth Terl St. Clair Lisa Schmitz Joanna Sheffel Becky Sloma Bobby Small Sophomored The class of '85 gained much during their second year at Lakota: knowledge of subjects, of themselves, and of others. They learned to work together as a whole, as shown by their many outstanding achievements. Their abilities were rewarded with a second place finish during homecoming week. Last spring, as freshmen, they chose their class rings. They re- ceived them this fall. Plans for the future were made through scheduling of further courses at Lakota or Vanguard. The whole year was a learning experience, between faculty and student, and among students themselves. Extracurricular ac- tivities enabled them to meet new people and develop socially. This year at Lakota was a good one, one to be cherished and remembered always. The class of '85 has a great future to look for- ward to. With two more years re- maining at Lakota, the sophomores have time to prepare, plan, and execute their plans. A. While taking a General Business test, Blll Kagy takes a llttle time out to rest. B. Rose Mary Hllle shows class splrlt while attending a pep rally. L I . fl l is wN'l0N!4' f! Cheryl Smith Donald Smith Lori Smith Becky Snyder Scott Snyder Matt Sorg Mike Strabele Llsa Strawman Alan Stump Randy Vanhoose Peggy Walters Phllllp Walter Steve Wasserman Dave Watkins Terry Weber Kyle Welty Fred Wheatley Bob White Gail Wise Chuck Yambert Aron Zender Mike Zipfel Pictures Not Avaliable Teresa Brooks Barb Wllllams A. Becky Meyer finds that Biology ls an essential class for her future COFEET. B. Art proves to be a rewarding class lf given a chance as Steve Graham finds out while doing a project. Mori Sue Abel Steve Apple Len Arbogosr Scorr Boreson Norolie Below Noe Benevidez Dione Bickelhoupt Morrhew Bickelhoupt Jeff Bickford Tino Biddle Down Bock Bob Bordner Phil Bordner Angie Bowman Jeff Burkin Suson Burks Koy Burmelsrer Down Campos Juon Cosrillo Mory Ann Cochron Seon Connors Jarrod Cooper Joe Dovis Srocey Dennis 118 c ...... Freshmen Strive to Meet Goals The newcomers to the high school were the class of "8o." The freshmen chose Jim Slick, president, Amy Hollinger, vice president, Stacy Dennis, secretary and Lisa Redieck, treasurer, as their class officers. The officers did a fantastic job of leading the freshmen through their first and most trying year at LHS. Homecoming week brought many new ac- tivities to the freshmen. The entire class chose Heidi Holman os their attendant, The freshmen received fourth place overall in the weekly activities. This year wouldn't have been such a great experience if it hadn't been for the helpful ad- vice from their class advisors, Mr. Brinkman and Mr. Devol. This year was enriching in many ways for the class of "Bo," They will always remember these new experiences os they look forward to their remaining years at LHS. A, Earth Science can be an involving class as the freshmen show. B. Bryan Sparks finds time to listen to his radio during his spore time. C, Deep concentration is put into a difficult Algebra problem as Pom Stahl ponders in the transaction. D. Elected as freshman homecoming attendant was Heidi Holman and her escort Nick Gabel. E. Concentration and understanding ploy important roles in English I as Bert Wyant finishes his homework. Kevin Durbin Misty Durst Tom Dussel Rick Elchert Steve Eversole Shelly Fell Mike Fillhart Joe Freeman Nick Gabel Pamela Gabel Poula Gabel Methel Gooch Mike Goodman Teresa Grim Bill Hansen Perry Hartley Paula Hemminger Nathan Hill Lucy Hoffman Roy Hoffman Helen Holland 119 5 ' ' - IW fx ff? f Gm X ,H My ,,,- Enjoying the ossembly, Scott Boteson ond Tom Dussel express their enthusiosm. Cindy Ickes works on the pottern for her Home EC project. During free time in closs, Notolie Below ond Tomi Relnhort get o chonce to tolk with one onother. In shop closs, Kevin Durbin chonges o router bit. Perry Hortley demonstrotes the importance of closs porticipotion. F.Chod McGough sonds his cross-bow in In- dustriol Arts. Occosionolly the opportunity orises for Renee Wogner to do some pleosure reoding. Proctice mokes perfect is proven by Evo Peeler os she concentrotes during Typing I closs. Tammy Pope Bill Price Mike Ramirez Liso Redieck Tomi Reinhort Greg Richards Amy Roborge Lisa Roberts Michele Roush Ardis Schwochow Robin Shaw Randy Shultz Jim Slick Tony Sloma Cheryl Smith Gary Smith Bryon Sparks Sylvia Spittler Pom Stahl Mark Steiner Jeff Stevenson Peggy Tiell George Turner Tammy Tyson Renee Wagner Q Pima I 9 gwmf E. Pictures Not Available Lucy Benevidez Dale Greenwald Keith O'Connel Kevin Reinbolt Freshmen Just Beginning Being at the bottom of the totem pole is rough, but having classes tool? The Freshmen seem to be able to handle it Helping each other and having fun are part of their routine of getting through each day. A. Just clownlng around is Bill Price s fovorite pastime B. Tami Reinhart seems boggled by Mr White s theories on Math. C. Helping each other is the Freshmen s philosophy D. With his hat keeping hlm company Jeff Yount works hard at his typing E, Seemingly in a trance Michele McClure does her English. Mike Walker Patti Weaver Ron Weaver Danielle Wilkins Darlene Wilkins Lori Wollam Jami Woodruff Bert Wyant Chris Wyant Dan Younkin Jeff Yount Open 7 Days a Week 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. BRADNER RESTAURANT AND TO suur voun TASTE Servmg Breakfast Lunch and Dmners Hand Dipped Ice Cream Pnzza lGame Room! Brmg the kuds nt s lunl f ,X crm 6" C' I 8 00 A M to 9 00 P M Open Regular Hours on Holidays BRADNER SUPER VALU Blggest Llttle Store In the Area tor the Finest In Fresh Meats Produce and Grocenes Freezer Beet Processed Frult Baskets Party Trays . D , --. 1 ' L C ' ' -" ,ix Q, Best of Luck Class of '83 THE BRADNER FIRE Thanks to everyone who has helped support the Bradner Flre Department and Its many fund ralslng actlvltles Your support IS greatly appreclatedll P 0 Box 575 Bradner, Ohlo 43406 Phone 288 3461 Best Wishes Class of '83 BRADNER FIREBELLS AUXILIARY AMOS MOTOR 81 R V Sales and Servlce Bradner 288 2700 I I ll SMIWMH ie, Mm W 1 fl , ff f if gown 4 We W7 wwflw ff ,Ml ps up ,ijt rgmlfwlvw ,, rj I ZW J, ww in Yu Wgw wfff yff f y I jg :imUaw!nlUilm fi' am., ffW! lff f IL 4,f Jw u-fy? N fl Jw My , mf L SS. gh lp f A fl ww f 1 Wm QHQIIII 'I ' his SST fy, m,HEl3Ill!WI""II' Q it 1 f fl gg 5, aegis fl ,m5"Wvl,Z"m5Wl,l W wif Q1 S' ' ' " mfflwl rf A 1 HM- S5 f!!flA,1l5,,Sfl5,,1Ldl f M7 0 J , QW rmjgygiglgiwi YM iff xiii Z 1 ZZ fwfr wt psig I II I IQ EAW 'Ig f' I i 132543 IV! I ww Hmm nfl f w IW L ZFQQH I I 1 , jiilf'4WW,Wjvggjifjgfff, l fu gf S I rr Lv gi Q w.,,fwl1l,f,y W f 1 yf we r 81.3492 , M ei a t 'Q M y ,M W f I ff W I W 1 4 ml I L, 1' I fm ,V J I 1 N ww f M MW ,mr l ,1ll?l?ie,aQ ,l'mf, Best Wishes Class of '83 BRADNER INDUSTRIES Bradner, Ohlo HARDWARE 81 HOBBIES Plumbing Electrical Palnt Wood Supplies Fenton Fonley's Mlsc Hobby Supplies 113 S. Maln St. Bradner, Ohlo 288-2102 THE COMMERCIAL BANK AND SAVINGS COMPANY A HOME OWNED BANK FOSYOFIIAI BASCOM I NEW RIEGEL ' MEMBER FDIC 'I I--in-"1 'Wifi' 'J " M, IW 1-' H' " Q M ' Nw'.l'l,u ml 2 ,,,. A U wf w w, w ww wu:lw! M ' lf ws.. My Q, ft- . , ,V -,-. f ll, f .4 f 1-"' M jf ,lf l-41.14-m-ww-'vm 'tbywsm f H-If ,f,., fm ,- .1 01 I , f -.- ,rl fffvftlt-ff,1N,,,,.w,,W'I,It"'fQ 'M t M Af H - f I ,W 1 , -,I Ml, ,n f f f n- ,f , nl tjyfffffww--,. ,mf 'L www, ww 4. wi f W 3 , ,WMV W 1' ,l ' -,,, ,,f ,, ,, ,, W 4 ,M wwf ., Q u1.3,w.,,,,3g 1' ymww lf ln mu, W' W ' It J ww 1 3 W H wwe ,T W " ,th I' Www my u WM" FQ, 1-,S-1'1'L ,Ii-ll,1Efm'L:' X fix ,lwwig ,Ur ,1"'HUfgf'u!, W, , Wy fi "W HMI7 ' W 'yw':'v ' -fv - 'W ' ,m v t m l! 1 n mm 6 N , N J , 1 I-4 ,4 " W, W lf rf M J' 1 ' , M ,' Wm , Walwfvw. M M H lf :M w4f' ,f, vW"+f' 73:2 11' tml. M W, M, j ,X -. M W ,ww I -ww rf -Y.-me -f., .,,, W, . ffvasw l F" i w ' f I W! 'H HW v"'ZI'Wf . . . . . . F' fg '?" ' w, FW, l,Ww,C fb,,l'f,.W ' wwf' 1"r!"" ' Jw w . 'I N ' ff I MI ' 'J' W' ! 'f"f" f ? If WFW1 ' ' lf M l l: w WMM H. 5 ll w LM mf ll Z' v 1 ' ww " 'M +-M L, ,rl ui .5'ffQ?i'-l.f.'.:l . . : . I 11: . i - 1 - l lun- i I I Heist Mlnshesglass or '83 THE ANK NIGHT CLUB Ji WW wrmmr, ohm mae ff! fi ff THE BRADNER YOUTH CLUB Open to Klds Advrsor Ages 10 17 Jeannle Markel orklng Together to Have Fun Together ALEXANDER MEATS 10560 Wayne Road Wayne Ohio : ,lu l l,l Custom Slaughterlng 4 ' ' and Processing , Q v X ' 4 Phone: zsa 2840 fm ,S , Commercial Resldentlal Industrial 125 S Bell Bradner Ohlo 288 2885 Day and Nlght 24 Hour AAA Road Phone 288 3144 and Towing Service Hours Monday Thru Saturday 7 A M to 6 P M ADAMS MARATHON SERVICE State Route 281 and W Crocker St Bradner Ohlo43406 Major and Mlnor Repairs Electronrc Tune Complete Brake Service Spun Balance Phone 287 3238 Drug Store Pembervrlle Ohro Emergency Prescrlptlon Servlce Honor of Blue Cross Aetna, D C S Pald Medlment Open Dally 9 6 Closed Sunday Phone 287-3238 MIDWAY MARATHON AND CARRYOUT The One Stop Shop Complete Auto Repair Certltled Mechanics 24 Hour AAA Wrecker Servlce MARATHON St Rt 281 Wayne Ohlo Phone 288 2724 - Convenience Foods - Auto Parts ., "" f " ' ' ' ' Fflswf'WW'W2?5s?1J:aE-famv-Lb', , , 1, '-iii' 1 " ' , Y wwfwr,imwzifmemvwwp" wc5,'wwfv" :Qi J, . 8 - - ' ' 5 ' ' at ,, - 35'wifYV??5f1'EffgigifiW4'WH'WYWMJMWZM:,wm!W'2W:'nvGWWW,hv"mlV',i'ffwlfuivfefii-1,,-W--"':'s. ---- -' L uf'PIM'Hwllwymvd-lzsffw'HL'LWlifwghwkfhkflllwwiwilese1. 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A 11- , 1 t . .A D-1 'F . l in Qi., f .I I ' 'l 5Ei 'fM Jm,wWMWWV bu J 811 1818 X' BARNDTFUNERAL 1 HOME 8 11QU?lFI5!i5f8hn"c9'?n'1Pm" 5 1551 or 5151 Wayne,0hio w iioh- 5 .'-'. 5 1gg"11"-- "V - aynet' lo ' W W ' Charlie and Barbara Barndt , 1 'r 1 11h P Phone 288-2857 compliments of Barndt Funeral Home GILLILAND Choice Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb For Home Freezers Q -J AGENCY Y 11sE Mam Street Wgfd 4, 7Ze4,f4, 74,4 wayne, 0hI0 M: BLTC HFR oun ovm LUSTOM BUTCHERING PRocE551Nc, Llfe Home Car Crop Hall Phmmgy Farm Owners 665 228 1465 sum Rom 590 855 2600 GlBb0NBURC OHIO 43431 Phone 288 3762 BUHROW s IMPLEMENT NC s'rAHL olL co , Nothmg Runs Like a Deern Marathon Dlstrlbutors Graytown, Ohlo Phone 898 8461 Wayne, 0hI0 288 2814 Glbsonburg, Ohlo 40" 'Will MARATHON Phone 637 2167 HERMAN s IGA ff MARKET WAYNE MARATH 8 SN 113 E Mann S1 f Wayne, Ohio Phone1-- 288 3459 ,MW 14 f 121 West Madison Ave I M M Glbsonburg Ohlo 43431 M W' ' I . , ' .. 1 1 . 1 .1 ,- 7 ' -. - I I u A . . 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JAMES HAUBERT FAMILY QW as Y , ll - Regular Hampshire Boars and Gilts Cross Bred Gllts Call Greg 14191 638 3585 Helena Ohio 1983 Our 101st Year ESTABLISHED 1882 Linoleum Custom Draperies Complete Home Furnishings Decorating Service Carpeting Rugs 132-134 West Madison Street Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431 Phone 637-3292 OLE ZIM S WAGON SHED 1375 St Rte 590 Phone 665 2577 Compliments of Good Luck to the Class of 83 01110 State llmm Sawinqs anklng Your Home Owned Full Service Bank 1071 East Madison St Glbsonburg Ohio 43431 Phone 637 2111 New and Used ca" Complete Service Facilities tor Your Chevrolet Body Shop M h I cnsvnmfr ec anlca Guardian Maintenance Wrecker Service alignment and Balancing easing AAA Authorized Service 100 N Webster St Gibsonburg Ohio 43431 Phone 637 2171 , Y L KELLER CHEVROLET, I . n MADISON GARAGE FORD SALES 62' FORD Your Ford Dealer Smce 1918 637 2191 116 S Mann Glbsonburg J Kent Sheffer KURLEE Q For the best In Q refreshments!! fi K Across From White Star Park Snacks Meals Cones and Shakes 637 9916 HELENA LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY Everything lor the Bullder 5 9--' P 0 Box 137 638 2371 Helena OH HELENA PENNZOIL Tlres Batteries Accessories Darl Burdette Helena OH 43435 638 4101 130 WONDERLY COLLISON Complete Front End Repair and Auto Body Repair 3875 SR 6 Helena OH 43435 638 3311 T J S CARRYOUT 938S Maln Glbsonburg OH Beer Ice Pop Phone 637 2526 DIELS INSURANCE AGENCY P 0 Box 115 Helena Ohlo 43435 Bus 14191 638 2172 Mark Dlels Res 14191334 2080 Complete Llne of Bulldlng Products SHADE S BUILDERS SUPPLY Phone 638 2842 P O Box 135 Call Dan or Steve Helena OH I I - I '- 1 I I l . 5' ,I I 1 l 3 n I , I ii ' ' H ,.,:2'::L:x:41f" I . . .,,,, ,gi bm. , - 3 - , - l - I I I HARRISQN S TAVERN Besl Wlshes and Good Luck FUN Bhd GUIDES Wednesday Special 25c Hotdog 25c Beer THE OLD FORT X Ft fjay d .1 SJ fwf -if ygio BANKING CO Offices In Beltsville Old Fort gl J r ers Complete Banklng Servuces W' if U' Available 855 Phone 992 4227 986 5101 97-sf' 4,,.,f- Cold Beer Carry Oul Soup and Sandwiches Best Wishes to the Class of 83 From the Employees of BASIC Basic Refrocforles ul 'WIT' E XX MAPLEGROVE WORKQ P O Box 600 Bettsvllle Ohio 44815 Bettsvllle Ohlo 986 5111 5 f , l ' , TM .ff 'V I , ra l f V61 W ' , ' A lg 1' f , 19? f X 3- Ter' f f 5. e - - - - - - .few ,. , -:xl :Q "J f. be fle T17 ' ' - ,T 4 4 ,nz I 92- "gg I A 5 no Q 'Ll fi L 'If ,' 2,4 y 3 rf .1 31 I - 3 - X f.- i 'Q l l - 'Qffim' xsf'3'3':1 7 I'f - 1'-'f l1lllllfMllllllr'l v - J' ,.l.1.'4,,1, L.: 1 ..,-- -1: 4 ""':5 ' 1 .Q - .-' l J' -17 I-LX 's f 1 ll 1 , ,,, 4 ,'f4f,j1u,a. ff A -,qw jyul H . , X11-xq ghg , 5 .ag X :f35l'f'f:.. 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Box 538 Bettsville, OH l CROP 81 SOIL SERVICE INC. 986 5154 Bettsville OH Anhydrous Custom Application Plants Consulting Service Fertilizers Farm Chemicals Fremont Fostoria Glbsonburg Ottovllle MEYER S SOHIO f X State Street 986 5383 Bettsville OH Compliments of 218 State Street 986 5306 Bettsville OH 1419! 986-5751 Bill and Fleta Gerwin THE VILLAGE BRIDALS Famous Names in Bridal Gowns Maids and Mothers Complete Lune of Accessories Mon and Thurs 10 9 214 State St Tues Wed Frl Sat 10 5 Bettsville Ohio 44815 as if? qgilcoibi' WEJROU-79 Gifts Quilting Supplies Callco Fabric Antiques 201 Union Street Hours Bettsville OH Mon Tues Wed 986 5667 Fri Sat 10 5 Thurs 10 8 Compliments ot the MARKET Bettsville Ohio 986 5581 Q 0 , cfm ' 0 SKIP'S cAFE 5 I I ISETTSVILLEIGAAA PIE HOUSE RESTAURANT Pies, Homemade Bread, Donuts, Plzza Mark and Grace Barnhart Mon Through Beltsville OH Sat Evenlngs 986 5622 108 Maln Sl Fhslngsun 14191457 7111 S09 XX ff? N15 the Owner LOUAN HOLCOMB 1-til CHQ' F., Llff STORE Groceries Meats Rlslngsun OH 457 2333 MILLIGAN S STORE Beer Wme Carryout 457 2435 Maln Street Rlslngsun OH Office: Maple Grove, Phone Plants: Tiffin Maple Grove I Bellevue Bloomville Q t M818 ASPHALT COQQ ATMTXT NC A Paving Contractors Asphalt Products P 0 Box 456 Tlffm Ohio 44883 R M Chesebro HughS Bell SUN GRAIN ASSOCIATION Dealer In Gram Feed Chemicals Fences Fertlllzer and Bulldmg Supplies Rlslngsun 457 2111 Wayne 288 2084 SOHIGRO SERVICE COMPANY P 0 Box 7 Rlsmgsun Ohio Fertrlnzed farm chemacals, custom mixed and standard blend, Prescription mixtures for individual field and crops Custom applied tertllnzers and anhydrous Phone 457 3871 YOUR TIOUILES QM? vulsn XP tt QK,-Pki CHILCOTE S SERVICE Complete Lubrlcatlon West Mlllgrove ,Q L 1 K? ,gt H GREEN'S GENERAL , Mg I -11 111 111111111 1111111 1" ' mb 2 ii as iSRXs Q fiii, H ' E gg! l M111 Www 1515313255313 Nays 1 1 11 fi 1sfh1,,,P3?5t X Riff 11 11 111111 M1 115 31-z Jw 1 171 1 1115111 1 Jia Bemis Prototypes ffl Tool Diss 1 1 1. 1 71-41 ,45 ll f l11'F 111. 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BIWh dL THE OLD FORT BANKING I Old k 992-4227 Old F I OH 986 5101 SHETZER HOBART INSURANCE 412C ogh St THE PEOPLE S MERCANTILE AND ELEVATOR CO Old F I OH 44861 992-4223 FURNITURE REPAIRING AND REFINISHING Ch G H 5740W SR635 NATURE TRAILS GOLF COURSE I M k ll! 9 S B I B Po 9865229 I OH 43420 332 5101 WIISh I J h Sh I 9 es is es and Goo uck From or , CO. Off' in Bsttsvile- F t C pl t B ' gS ' A 'I bl -Also air Caning arold ammsr . . . 986-5400 Kansas, OH 44841 Open or eals, Brea fast, Banquets, and Receptions Opena eart III! ' 2M'Ies outh t I t 'II r an . . . ox 885 F amon , ' - i s z I o n RURAL SERV NC LANDMARK 986 5717 Box 151 Kansas Ohlo FREMONT COLLISION Q Bpecullzlnglmblutchee, Bl'lllSh0Q,DI!CPlHl mwneummwipm, IIIIYIIIIOPLBIIYNIS, wllllpillllf, Fulll-'lullllt,U Joints IQIIIIIDIMUIINI WILHELM AUTO PARTS Lmmwmaew Ffllndlt,0ll06m I 'Hilti 13841 Pllfilll BHJACW mIm.II:I??w 9!'fUNI Costumes and Novelties SERVICE COSTUME HOLIDAY Complete Auto Body Servlce H O U 24 Hr Wrecker Service Fremont Ohlo 43420 3038 Hayes Avenue Fremont Ohlo 43420 419 334 3236 2710 W Hayes Avenue Phone 14191 334-9704 NITED SE voun ndependenf SERVES YOU FIRST SERVICE INC han St I' O Box 629 8131 rog t I- RBMON I. OHIO 43420 Tom Stannard CULLIGAN Water Condltlonmg Filters Water Sotteners Iron and Sulfer tlcatlon Softener Salt Water Purl - Rental Purchase Plan Available t Brands of Water Repair Servlce on Mos Sotteners Water Bottled Drlnklng 332 7329 507 Tlfflll Fremont 136 200 E State Zenlth 332 8364 Appliances 332 6494 MEYER S Maytag General Electrlc H over Phllco Maglc Chef o Stereo T.V.'S 5 Q SWR y - E URANCE I . . Hfufvnf C IAGENT .., th ' : -':"':: A AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE ROD E I-IOTZ, . CO S EC -S S ,T 1 32-6 ' EC E SER O RE T. 1 ' Q-ji-D3 The Home MQMYQ 2114 w. Hayes Ave. Ph. I419I332-7545 Fremont Ohio 43420 '40 a.Lz J 5 LLL lwfzm tjuzlzpcfeg . ' PRAIRIE Bunmzns suPPLv, mc. N v Paestmgrw IN RPORA ED 9, 3 P IA , 2 5 O Ave: 5 wa K CE o o O O E G D O E R BURNS IRON 81 METAL New and Used Structural Steel Scrap Iron and Metal 911 N Front Street 332 2653 Fremont Ohlo SANDUSKY COUNTY AUTOMOBILE CLUB 1134 W State St P 0 Box 69 Fremont Ohlo 43420 332 2602 K TU BELUNG The Emblem of Service ' stabllshed m 1854 TSCHUMY S Fme Furniture and Sleep Shop Front at Garrison St Downtown Fremont 9 .wgxn ,I-I-,C ca, . "fJ'l"l: - 1 7 THE GOTTRON BROS 100 S Stone Street 332 6363 Fremont Ohlo 332 5281 Luke a Good Neighbor State Farm Is There Auto Lute Flre Health PHIL HAVENS CLU Agent 1024 W State St Fremont Ohlo 43420 Bus 334 3831 Res 334 3248 SWINT REINECK CO Gifts Hardware Appliances Lawn and Garden Serving Fremont and Sandusky County Slnce 1850 1201 Oak Harbor Rd Phone 332 7347 CO. I .. ' 2' T 1:5 .-.-- - : - 5 I , - CO. 1 - I ' . - , - ' suv: num , E . . e s s 1 . . . . ,, - 1 - r ' I 1 rr ' H ' - I at f E A ' '- I uf,.rnl3xw1l143g ' - - - . Compllments of BOND FURNITURE 219 S Front Street Fremont Ohlo Phone 1419! 332 7421 BUCKEYE AUTO PARTS The Auto Parts and Auto Pam! Expert Hours Fostorla Weekday 7 45 6 30 Fremont Learn to Fly!! FREMONT AIRPORT Charter Instructlon Rental Gene Damschroder Courtesy of Fremont Today Prompt Dellvery Farm Home lndustry BECK SUPPLIERS I II C. 1000N Front Fremont Ohlo POLY CLEAN CENTER Pillows Cleaned Flufted Sanltlzed and New TICKIIIQ Corn Operated Dryclaan and Laundry Hours 7AM 11PM Drop Ott Dry Cleaning Service 1011 Tlftln St Fremont Ohlo Automotive Resldentlal Marme lndustrlal Commercial Llghtlng NICKEL PAINT AND SUPPLY CO A Full Servlce Palnt Store 503 E State St Fremont 14191332 5583 SUN MART REALTY INC Congratulations to the Class of 1983! 318 W State St Fremont Ohlo 5 may 332 1581 E? Brokers Blll Govlt Jack Rlch Compliments of FREMONT FUNERAL DIRECTORS Karlovlty KeIler8!Son Ochs Koch Weller Wonderly .tug-day 1g45:4Q00 Tiffin eos ZIMMERMAN, Owner SKYLANE RESTAURANT Gabel sCorners e Flne Foods Full Servlce Bar 8: CIGAR C 0 DNV' UP w"'d"" 216 N Watson St Fremont Ohm 1837 c n 41 334 9254 Phone 332452, Fremont Ohlo savnncss , rg A SOCIETY CORPORATION BANK MEMBER FD C Louls F Smlth 1538 C R 100 Fremont Ohlo 43420 Phone 14191 332 8031 P 'BQNNSEDE R ASSOCIATED BUYERS NC Quality Wlth Savings Slnce 1949 115 119 S Stone St 332 2621 Fremont Ohlo FREMONT ATHLETIC SUPPLY Sporting Goods for All Teams Team and School Guthts 611 W State St Fremont Ohio 332-8961 THE C8mW AUTO SUPPLY CO 900 Llme Street 404 E State Street 4191332 7337 4191332 5434 Fremont Ohlo 43420 -I y I I I . t I SMITHERSFARMS GARVIN AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GMC Trucks Sales Servlce and Parts 800 W State St 332 2441 Fremont Ohlo NICKEL S 'RM BAKERY ix, , UQ lk I-'-Q Bakers of Toastmaster Bread 721 White Rd Fremont Ohro Frame Stralghtenlng Tlre Trulng Alignment Balancing LINKE S WHEEL ALIGNMENT FARM SERVICE FOR CARS 81 TRUCKS 2289 W. State St. Fremont, Ohlo 332-2459 14191435 1600 ALL YOUR SPORTING NEEDS SHOP RITE 129 Bidwell Ave Fremont Ohlo Phone 334-8853 Hours Monday Saturday 9 A M 9 P M Closed Sunday ' Sandusky Countyts Only Top Value Grocery Store HEINZ U S A DIVISION of H J Helnz Co Fremont Ohlo Uhr News mzssmger For Home Dellvery Call 332-5511 1700 Cedar St. Fremont, OH Business Hours 516 Sprlngvllle Ave Mon Frl 10 6 South U S 23 N :55555'r:. ?a.4tazz2z Spvzta Camzectzbw X 755325: .::lor' t. 1 , Sa 0 5 Fostorra Ohlo 44830 ' ",'5If5f 'Inf-s",1 VII w ' Y ' ' Q I " 7 - - ' 1 'R ' M5131 v A off, A I I 3 ' 'I ' . . . V K 4 ' ' ' ' I if II I I I , , Y I FRUTH HARDWARE THE S'::F::K'-'NG The Old Fash oned Hardware Des 9 W t N ld a C I Ha ae Toos Hu wa ov Hgsh IF' Need 216222SM n 110E N0lhSI 4357777 I 3 to 4357112 EAsco ALUMINUM Uheobald Buckeye Alu u xt so D ' B fwgheglqlhg P I lwh8lY H8 BWUIKINNG CI 33 gf 83 THEOBALD INSURANCE 9305 dllsky Si 322N M Sl F aio Ohg F 810 8 0h0 435-6604 EHELPING PEOPLE Bullcl a sollcl financlal plan With help from your credit union fa Foslorla Area Federal Gredll Unions Qsos N 8513 ' L ,, i at i ner f ih ew e 8,, Htl. Flowers d 'L raf s rdw r - I - o se res- . 'X Gifts-Paints F our I h c oo ower s - . ai - - Fos ori , OH F ' OH - min mE ru i n ivision ff gg i ro ec ou v i a ! I! an . . ain . o ria, i 0 fi , ' 0- 'O I 1. 4 . ' I O O mlly - I - 'Q I u - I , Unign Sf, "A Community Credil Union" - 0' -O ATLAS CRANK SHAFT CORPORATION of Northwest Ohfo .0. Box 846 OSIOYI8, Ohio Phone: 435-8531 M OHIO SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 33 West Tiffin StreetlFostoria Shopping PIazalFostoria, Ohio 44830 WHITE FRONT FREEMAWS SUPERMARKET SOHIO S E C E "Where Fosxnmiuys the Best Brakes Relined Guaranteed Mufflers , This Is Our Business Not a Sldellne Plenty of free parking' 125 W South Street Store Hrs Elm and Countyllne Street Fostona ohm 7 A M 9 P M Mon Thru S t Fostoria Ohlo 44830 a Closed Sundays O 820 Sandusky Street Fostoria Ohio 44830 Phone 419f435 2685 Open 7 days a week! HOLLINGER INSURANCE AGENCY INC Wmd Flre Auto Hal Llte Cancer Llablllty Hospltallzatlon Inland Marlne Recreational Vehicles Home Owners Farm Owners Agents AI Evelyn Buzz Roberta Randy 249W South St Secretary Marlene Bruckner Fostoria Ohlo 44830 I ti 1 - LQ t ""fBlack Can 44 A E STALEY MFG CO Fos'romA Au1'o DEALERS ASSOCIATION Soybean Processors 608 Fmdlay Box 110 Fostorla Ohlo 435 2615 -4' 4' Quality and Servlce BALLREICH Slnce1899 Remeke Ford lncor rated B R 0 T H E R S Mm And John P0 'Halter Motor Sales Incorporated Holman Pontiac Cadillac GMC Incorporated Kreais Import Sales and Servlce Nye Incorporated Paul Cole Motors Incorporated Ballrelch F U R N I T U R E 4- ,ga ,Q 1441 N Countylme St Ph 435 4212 Fostoria Ohlo Over a Mllllon Satlsfled Customers Open Tlll 9 P M Mon and Frl Tues Thurs Sat Tull 5 30 Closed Wed Good Luck Class of 83ll Western Southern Llfe Llfe Property and Casualty Sales Representatives Rlck Klstler Dennis Below Track Lockmlller Jerry Nelson 304 N Mann St Fostoria Ph 435 3548 MOBIL FosTonlA CONCRETE HOLMAN'S GARAGE PRQDUCTS' 'NC- 354 West South St. FOSt0fla, ohlo Congratulations Class ot Gas F e Oh 435-3655 Auto Repair Transmlsslon Speclallst os Ona' lo lx , , - 1 I ' Terry Chevy-BuicletlldsIncorporated y ,,,:,,,,W,,,,,, . V I N my A l-Acre-sl-:-m:.e:A ' , V - ' j f , ,N A V I 1 I V f ' M N ss ' ' ' ' as I . ' . . . ..' ., ., , ' I I ' . ' : - . 5 RALPH S SHOES Connles Florshelm Buster Browns Hush Pupples Arr Steps Band Shoes Levls for Men Cobbles Brooks Fred Perry Tennls Shoes 122 S Maln St Fostorla Ohlo Phone 435 2288 Sml1'hS I' HALLMARK AND 116 N Mann St Fostoria Ohlo 435 2356 SAUBER S MEAT We speclallze ln freezer beef front sldes hlnds 578 Columbus Ave Fostorla Ohlo 44830 EDWARD D JONES 8: CO SWG Established 1871 Members New York Stock Exchange Inc Ned E Wollam Bus 14191435 0463 307 N Maln St Res 14191435 1000 Fostoria OH 44830 FOSTORIA LAUNDRYMAT 81 DRY CLEANING Carl and Marllyn Podach 1601 N Countylme St Fostoria OH Compliments of Fostorla Funeral Directors HARROLD BAKER FUNERAL HOME FUNERAL HOME J B BASEHORE 8zCOMPANY Coal Bullder s Supplies Sackrete Sand and Concrete Mixes In Bags All Types of Magestlc and Heatllater Fireplaces 313 Hugh St Fostoria Ohlo 435 6667 GOOD SHEPHERD HOME Where Love and Ouallty Nursmg Go Hand In Hand 725 Columbus Ave Fostoria 435 1801 I' "' o ' - ' : ,fl - 'i"""" oFFlcE suPPuEs MAN N'HARE rv- '. A 161 Greenfield Street Tiffin Ohio National 447 5211 achineryi .. ..., 'Q 'Ax c v e A M -:cm ,i 419-M8-1926 Compliments of Ai- A of IMI Illf 'r-Q1-.5 -3 Ill T seo MORGAN AVENUE OTIFFIN omo 44883 QHEJVEZIISEQ TRBUNE Electric Motor Repair Service New and Used Motors 7 Days e Week 24 Hour Service Good IuckIII SENECA COUNTY IMPLEMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION PM 103.1 ATTICA OLIVER STORE Attlca CREEGER S JOHN DEERE Tlfflh HARTZEL S ALLIS CHALMERS Ropubllc SHEERE G STOLDT JOHN DEERE Attica STREAKER FORD TRACTORS Tlfflh STROMAN OLIVER Fostoria ZEITER INTERNATIONAL Tlffln WTTF ' The Voice of Seneca Conn Let Us Be a Part of Your Future AM 1600 , I . 0 ' ' r ' '-1 - .' 1 TIF r ,' 141 -447-4455 , . , . I , . , . , u 1 ,- , n 1 I 1 llill Ilti A nnin Jn, xnnr I nJn I he vitiiiisfafion If f iiii ff' I - Ai n TIFFIN FARMER C0-OPERATIVE INC The Only Authorized Dealer for Seneca and Wyandot Counties CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING 16 E Perry St - Rear f 6 A 447-8410 -- fniifwmg .Q Q I I X -2--. -P S . X 1 TiffiII,0hi044883QA19,447-3902 .-5 -HW or Maple Gr... is A f ee. sae-5252 Q' I TIFFIN AIRE INC. o Corbin Indusmm P 0 Box 794 Tltfln OH Distributors Seneca County Alrport Sales Flights and GQJLPQQQQLPQQGUCQLQ Southland Park 1419, 447 0414 Tlffln Ohro 44883 447 3902 X. Tl I 5lQ' JW? Xwdfy Store 441-451 5 Castalla Ohlo WEST MARKET AT JACKSON TIFFIN OHIO 44883 JAY PHOTOGRAPHY 152 fx Q., wxms f' f I 'X KI Dan Longnecker Your Senlor Photographer Dave Henman . ' ' I N 3, I X 1 I. A -.M if A Q -we I, VNm'WH.,, ,ff 1 -, . X Ivy-, l ' f 1:1 hows N u, , . x " I 4 - , 1 I A ' .L ' 1 'j k ' , . , A - - - If! if , It , ff - X7 . 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Cal and Bcity Lnnkey of and Bo Duane'sf:Barber Shop 6 Wai rm anffftelenyggraber and Sons rm and Joyce Smuth and Family :slim f w wfe Q Wm QM 5 CHEM Bfwnd Fam y M fewff 'W qfwyff: gy A lf , , f W, Sherm and 54 M K ffm Y ff fl 4 rckrord anrif A ,::,, 2 rllage Insurance f ervrce Wayne, f ffi Z X f f :W Beryl Stewar N 1 Q56 v f V Gibson? as :N xg A f5af7iiS5"Kaw ef JW, ore :W JW if f ffvwwfgf 4 1 KVM WWW , u X Qfjif W QW f ff? Hzfw f Z , w Y M Wwe: me sf 1 ywf fffi fo f M: f, 1 f My W f as we WWW , f fa Qc: M, ? :X 293 7 ftfq g5?fwmf 7j5uf an 2 M f yn A X ,ww ,SZWH4 ff, X ,W gay fe: Clea ,Inc ww uf, pg',,:1ga:rifseuroder,w D Grufner MWHMMW 4 My f ig: ffggwf X Party Shop a Helen iff :W My Ben's Helena Helena Marke Paul and Shrrl Tornow fff f .2 ff W 456 ,M 7 f f ff Bettswlle Sun Day's Dnve In Basconff f W Q jj , Kam! 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Suggestions in the Lakota High School - Lakhian Yearbook (Kansas, OH) collection:

Lakota High School - Lakhian Yearbook (Kansas, OH) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Lakota High School - Lakhian Yearbook (Kansas, OH) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Lakota High School - Lakhian Yearbook (Kansas, OH) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 101

1983, pg 101

Lakota High School - Lakhian Yearbook (Kansas, OH) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 19

1983, pg 19

Lakota High School - Lakhian Yearbook (Kansas, OH) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 154

1983, pg 154

Lakota High School - Lakhian Yearbook (Kansas, OH) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 109

1983, pg 109

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