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■fa m Mg HH rf W fi ' wd i IV, v.f V 4 Recognition to a Dedicated Teacher It is with proud hearts that we the members of the La Chatte staff of 1963-64 dedicate our yearbook to a woman who has dedicated much of her life to us, Mrs. Gladys Gregg. Mrs. Gregg was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan where she received her high school education. From here Mrs. Gregg attended the University of Michigan. She specialized in Greek and Latin and received both her Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees. While at the University, Mrs. Gregg was elected to the Eta Sigma Phi, an honorary society. After graduation, she took a teach¬ ing position at Standish, Michigan, where she taught for 7 years. For the last 28 years, the Greggs have been residents of Lakeview . For 20 of these 28 years, Mrs. Gregg and her husband, Dr. Gregg, a local dentist, have been raising their family. They have 3 children, David who is going to be a Senior next year, Ted and Beth, who have both graduated from college . With most of her family grown now, Mrs. Gregg has turned her interest back to teaching, where she has been head of the language depart¬ ment for the last 8 years. Aside from her family and teaching interests, Mrs. Gregg participates in Women ' s Club where she serves on the Library Board, P.T.A., and the local Congregational Church. 2 m ' W ■ W ? T Foreword Table of Contents The river of passing events has swept away the excitement and anticipation of our last school year. Just as each rushing wave brought precious moments, so it took them away, leaving an oncoming current of new experiences which, too, will be enveloped by the ravage of time . These moments, once gone, can never be re¬ lived again except by memory. Memory grovfs dim as other events fill our lives. This book is a reminder of the events swept away from our memo ries but still dear to our hearts -- the year 1963-64 at L.H.S . Dedication Administration Faculty Junior High Underclassmen Seniors Athletics Activities 2 5 8 16 28 46 69 85 3 Service Personnel KNEELING: Mr. M. Kohler, Mr. C. Kill, Mr. F. Seeley, Mr. F. Smith, Mr. G. Mitchell, Mr. R. VanOcker, Mr. L. Keyt. SECOND ROW: Mr. B. Damschroder, Mr. W. Fagerlund, Mr. E. Beardslee, Mr. K. Laper, Mr. D. Jensen, Mr. C. Yankee, Mr. M. Dishong, Mr. K. Phillips, Mr. C. Laper, Mr. J. Sunderlin, Mr. P. Hyatt, Mr. G. Goulet, Mr. F. Ferris, Rev. Davis. Mr. D. Jensen, Mr. J. Ward, Mr. W. Nicholson, Mrs. W. Nicholson. Mr . R . Flynn Mrs . F. Matson Mrs . G . Kempton Mrs. E. Raglin Mrs. B. Reil Mr. R . Shipman wmm ifjPand Russia s Vfiigh understtyp It ' s ways,” 3, who rs o his ll ij to GerJ»n J? does not believe !Ck wll ever go iH other it the iH countries kncl i IS; Sj ■ ; t j m u t u a 1 problem Wffii ml we 11 -1 i kidl fesra;%)i» accepted hi iMUltho United SI fellow slue 1 St ' ; 1 9 M ' ' nu‘u history cla Ore ' e in Russia mmmm a r i mat teliii i ptiljgihiti ' dsfi; Thurs. Although ■iLsystem, Ukc the edul re, I feel thatl is lax. Russian si Constantly be on thd wed, while the edtte ■depends more on In of the personal! til ambition of each i; the adds. ssigned to give two J kite speeches on " Fj I Mrs. Virgel Dt M Ispeech class, m W ■ a! i A • ' Mdau ums chairm gjMee fiat present, |« ty[W of sc! yMthe strengtjj |f| us coiW Wljlee Wood sliHl School f!Nani gpsiBantagesI flpitie4 x P-,m the c en ||»o led me llllviduals a mt-im nnhti i nm iii.y. i m m V — iginal ideas ;he results u g, as manyl i some I i I o| : •itf mm JSfSSrOb 3»jass t ■its e 1 at i ■tons bi| luring i! I some (j Sc rent top ■y as ‘a pi l(The first ■Dent’s bi ■nethotl .J ■ rests I ■ont by I ■or Line comic inat iillH p studen ADMINISTRATION MR. O. A. KIRK High School Principal MISS MINA SMITH Secretary to Mr. Kirk 6 FIRST ROW: Mr. Max Bell (Secretary), Mr. N. H. Youngman (Treasurer), Mr. Glen Herzog (President), Mr. William Hammel (Vice-President). SECOND ROW: Mr. Fred Stewart (Trustee), Mr. Erenus Larsen (Trustee), Mr. Robert Brockway (Trustee). MR. JAMES KOS Superintendent MRS. CAROL RUTLEDGE Elementary Principal 7 MRS. CARYL TURILLE Am . Eng . Literature BA -- Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minn. MRS . AMY SLAGLE Mathematics BA -- CMU MR. RICHARD VINCENT Geometry Adv. Algebra BS -- CMU MR. ELMER COON Jr . Sr . Choir Jr . Sr . Band BcMus. -- Alma MR. ROBERT VANOCKER Counselor BS -- CMU MA -- MSU MR. JOHN ZAWADZINSKI Typing Shorthand 7th Grade Geography BS -- Ferris MRS . KATHERINE DEVOOGD 8th Grade English 8th Grade Home Economics 7th Grade Geography BS -- CMU ?? »■ MR. GEORGE GOULET Jr. High Sciences BS -- CMU MA -- CMU MR. PAT WIGHTMAN Physical Education Geography World History BS -- CMU MR. JAMES WOOD Jr. High Math Algebra I Solid Geometry Trigonometry BS -- CMU MA -- CMU MR. ROBERT CHARNLEY General Shop Mechanical Drawing Auto Mechanics BS -- CMU MR. ARLO VANDLEN Economics psychology BA -- Taylor University MRS . BETTY NELSON English Speech BA -- CMU MR. RALPH CONKLIN Library Geography BS -- CMU MR. WILLIAM FAGERLUND Bookkeeping Typing I II General Business BS -- Ferris 10 MR. JOSEPH COOK U .S . History Jr. High History BS -- EMU MA -- U of M MRS. RACHELLA MOORE Physical Education BA -- CMU MR. RUSSELL JOHNSON Ag. I, II, III, IV Farm Shop BS -- MSU MRS . GLADYS GREGG World History Language BA -- U of M MA -- U of M MRS. JANIS CHRISTENSEN English BS -- CMU MR. MAURICE MARTIN Physical Education Biology AB -- Alma MA -- MSU MRS . MYRNA WALLDORFF Home Economics BS -- MSU MR. JEFF JOHNSON Assisting in U .S . His¬ tory Shop Ford Founda¬ tion Student MR. BALLARD DAMSCHRODER Physical Science Physics Chemistry BS -- Bethany MRS . FRIEDA FERRIS 9th Grade English BS -- WMU MRS . DOROTHA KRAMPE Second Grade BA -- CMU MRS . FERN LAFOLLETTE Fourth Grade BS -- WMU MA -- WMU MRS. LILLIE STAMM Third Grade BS -- CMU MRS . PATRICIA KIRCHNER First Grade BS -- CMU Fourth Grade BA -- Wheaton MRS . LEONA KRANZ Third Grade BS -- CMU MR. PAUL CZUCHNA Speech Correctionist BS -- WMU MRS . NATALIE YOUNG Elementary Music BME -- CMU MRS . MELBA HERZOG Sixth Grade BA -- CMU 13 Fourth Grade BS -- CMU MRS . DOROTHY NEITZEL First Grade MRS . LUCILLE MOORE Kindergarten BcEdu. -- CMU MRS. MARY CHARNLEY Sixth Grade BS -- CMU MRS . CRICK BA -- CMU Fifth Grade MRS. RANKIN BA -- CMU Fifth Grade MRS . LEATHA LINDY Third Grade BS -- CMU MRS. THELMA CANTWELL Third Grade BA -- CMU MRS . MARGUERITE FELLER First Grade BS -- CMU MA -- CMU MRS . ELLEN DENNY Second Grade BS -- CMU mericair nistor and tea H tfr of I I» home-maq appeared o i ' " • is i II ■ To honor , Itudent teael sity of Missd classes ser J the f r- |i ff js Helen Hedrick, r fjom the Univer- I ' ome economies lCffee and tea to •Bag: fnm Burt, l Johnson Mr. Allen Jon V ' .TO -mrnmmmmmmmm i ft . lUimmMtttgm ■ i f i j:t ft 9 t +$ h show Mil hive: indents hi In papi Ido researclT n in the i ■i . . , .,....., 4 . -? ; lf0t Kiffcrfe requirec . S j ■ From Jealnelllilt anti ' stance SmitlM 1 Korf re perfect papeV on his ex; lion over “Principles of sumption.” _ fllfi-W - £ 4 - ‘ it i il pr-L-ib •« iJuH iUTc - J1 I Biology classes, under reel ion of Mr. William lore beginning the study life. tithhts of a possible 150, Lai ■itHSfMm ' hfSiqp! reccr CLASSES Bill Schmitz, Alternate; Tom Pann, Student Council; Kris Bennett, Student Council. Seventh Graders Start at the Bottom and Work Up Mr. Wood and Mrs. De Voogd were sponsors of the seventh grade class. Although this year was their first of six thrilling years as part of L.H.S., the seventh graders successfully plan¬ ned and supported two class parties. The first was in the fall at Ford Lincoln Park and the second was a spring roller skating party. Gary Quisenberry, President; Jim Mulholland, Vice President; Mark Pontius, Secretary; Ed Stokely, Treasurer. Anderson, William Beardslee, Darrell Behrenwald, Donna Behrenwald, Linda Bellingar, Sharon Bennett, Krisann Bernard, Reuben Boomer, Cindy Bowser, Linda Bristol, Patrick Butler, Denise Carlson, Danniel Carper, Irene Chapin, Marcy Christiansen, Connie Collard, Robert Cross, Ronnie Demorest, Connie Dishong, Terrence Drews, William Edgerly, Hugh Forgar, Dema Frank, John French, Jola Much Fun Garlick, Roger Goulet, Kathy Griswold, Frankie Cummer, Robert Kettler, Kenneth m i w h • l(|W JW§Ml - - ' ! |r -. Mg ■p r rn £ ' • 1 ! m i» | 9 1, W gjk A n mf mrf 431 £SL«i !fl • H 1 Z£7 % ] Hansen, Linda Hart, Stephen Harvey, Richard Hawley, Rowland Headley, Linda Helms, Susan Herzog, Kenneth Hey, Cheryl Hubbard, Jane Johnson, Cheryl Kappe, Terry Keilholtz, Linda Langdon, Richard LaPar, John Larsen, Lois Larson, Lynn Lawrence, Roger Lebeck, Beverly Lentz, Riki Lewis, April Lindsey, Daniel Lockwood, Gail Luke, Deborah Main, Jane U L ' t c : ' Kt , x » Mero, Cindy Miles, Rosalee Molitor, David Moore, Sally Morrow, Kay Moser, Martin Mulholland, James Ostrander, Linda Pann, Thomas Peasley, Philip Pontius, Mark Poulson, Susan Powell, Steven Quisenberry, Gary Radar, David Rader, Richard Rasmussen, Rhonda Rasmussen, Sue Riojas, Jerry Rossman, Susan Ruthruff, Jimmy Sc hermerhorn, Eddie Schmitz, William Schillings, Mike Eighth Graders Go Original Debbie Mason, Treasurer; Mary Ellen Sirrine, Secretary; Diane Guilfoyle, Vice President; Andrew Kazmers, President. Mr. Wightman and Mrs. Slagle were the sponsors of the eighth grade class. As other years, their first semester party was a class roller skating party. A change-of-pace gymnastic party was planned for the second semester and was very successful. Janis Mizga, Student Council; John Houghton, Student Council; Tonya Reichle, Alternate. Abbey, Diana Adair, Madeline Bacon, Trulaine Ball, Lyle Ball, Monte Bartholomew, Sadie Bates, Carolyn Bell, Susan Benjamin, Carroll Blumberg, Keith Boerma, James Bondie, Dennis Bowers, Lloyd Bucholtz, Roxy Carlson, John Chapin, Deborah Chapin, Rhonda Charnley, Jeffrey Christensen, Carol Christensen, Keith Christiansen, Pamela Cole, Alex Demorest, Carol Denslow, Ronald DeVoogd, Carol Doran, Cherryl Domine, Cinda Farrell, Susan Fitzner, Jeanne Flynn, Dennis French, Wanda Gietzen, Ronald Guilfoyle, Diane Haight, Rose Ann Herzog, Cheryl Hewitt, Ruth Houghton, John Howe, Charles Hubbard, George Jenkins, Larry Jensen, Richard Jones, Carl Jorgensen, Bruce Kazmers, Andrew l I v. V , Keller, Patricia Kill, Dianna Kinsey, Gerald Kohler, Gordon Junior High Gym Classes Work Out on Tramp. Kos, David LaBranch, Donald Larsen, Gary Larsen, Viann : .• ; Girls Learn Skills of Basketball LaShell, Lynette Lutterloh, Lois Main, James Mason, Deborah Maynard, Lewis McDaniel, Debbie Mizga, Janis Molitor, Deborah Moon, Michael Moser, David Nelson, Janice Nelson, Russell Olsen, Christine Ostrander, Judy Peasley, Fred Poyner, Janice Reichle, Tonya Schermerhorn, Edna Schmitz, Patricia Shipman, Patricia Sirrine, Mary Elle Snyder, Randy Stephens, Karen Swarts, Carol Camera Shy: Hersey, Janet Stewart, Rita Ten Eyck, Arlene Gym Girls Enjoy Varied Sports f VanVlerah, Bill Walters, Diana White, Cheryl Withey, Dixie Young, Glenn Zawadzinski, John 1 Li | t i Starting Freshmen Have Grand Tear The Freshmen started their school year with a bang as they ran Larry Bell and Judy Behrenwald as Home¬ coming candidates. Judy was crowned " Co-Queen " and brought pride to her victorious Freshman class. Mrs. Ferris and Mr. Charnley sponsored the class and helped it put on an all-school skate at Big Rapids and a Freshman picnic at School Section Lake . FT Douglas Bays, President; Duane LaPar, Vice President; Judy Behren¬ wald, Secretary; Linda Mulholland, Treasurer. Wilkinson, Dorothy Wood, Glenda Wood, Stanley Youngman, Sue Witmer, Julie Vickie Carrick, Student Council Alternate; Larry Bell, Student Council; Sue Youngman, Student Council. Gerry Allen Phillip Ball Law and a Bacon Renae Bard Doug Bays Charles Behrenwald Judy Behrenwald Ronda Behrenwald Larry Bell Mike Bennett Jim Bolan Kaylyn Bollinger Suzanne Borstler Philip Bozung Hiram Bristol Margaret Bristol Tim Brockdorf Andy Brockway Brenda Bucholtz Jean Bucholtz Laura Carper Rachael Bush Vicki Carrick Joanna Chapin Dian Christensen Jan Christiansen Maren Christiansen Dennis Cogswell Linda Collard Belinda Comden Sheila Conklin Gary Cross Sharon DeGram James Deitrick Cra ig Edgerly Fern Elliott Robert Elmer Daniel Evans Don Gietzen Marcia Greenfield Bill Gregory Barb Haenlein Jane Hamilton Robert Hammon Marcus Hansen Kathy Harken Linda Hawley Daniel Helms _ Michael Kelley Michael Keusch Shirley Kill Henry King Irene Kinsey Robert Kohler Richard Kruger Gloria Lake Duane LaPar Raymond Laper Larry Larsen Linda LaShell Gene Henrikson Lynn Herzog Marsha Houghton Edward Hubbard Brenda Huckins Judy Hulbert Bob Imhoff Candy Imhoff Evonne Johnson Jim Jones Donna Jorgensen Donna Kebler Judy Main Rose Mary Martin Donald Medler Linda Mulholland Paul Nicholson Mike Olson Thomas Olson Vicky Ostrander David Petersen Steve Poulson Sharon Proctor Connie Poynor Daryl Quisenberry Kenneth Rader David Rasmussen Peggy Rausch Ronald Rausch Janet Rentschler Stewart Rickey Martha Rossman Lynn Lemire Connie Lindsey Sandra Lutterloh Jeff Main 1 Bruce Rowland ■ Richard Royston Richard Schwandt Stephen Schwandt Dennis Sexton Douglas Sharp Joel Sherman Ruth Skeels Fred Smith Rose Mary Smith Dawn Snyder Allen Sovereign Donna Stewart Richard Stilson Kathleen Stout Bruce Swarts Shirley Trowbridge Del Rita Van Dette Kay Waite Susan Walker Noreen Wandel Dolor as Wells Phyllis White Michael Whitney Mike Jensen, Student Council Alternate; Rachelle Jourdan, Student Council, Lee Burlison, Student Council. Sophomores March On They very successfully planned and organized their first big dance -- " The Leap Year Lift-Off. " Their second semester sliding party plans were rained out or snowed out so many times that the idea was finally can¬ celled . The last, and perhaps most important, event of the Sophomores ' year was the ordering of their class rings. John Bunce, Treasurer; Tom Skinner, President; Gary Mizga, Vice President, Luann Wanink, Secretary. The tenth grade is sponsored by Mrs. Christiansen and Mr. Cook. The class got into the swing of things campaigning for Homecoming . Its candidates, LaVera Calhoun and Gary Mizga, both received the royal titles. Later in the year, the Sophomores were guests of Central Montcalm High School at Career Day. Andersen, Celeste Armock, Keith Armock, Kenneth Ball, Michael Bartholemew, Vicki Baty, Budd Blumberg, James Bondie, Julie Birstol, Claude Bristol, Linda Bristol, Lyman Brockdorf, Mike Bunce, John Burlison, Lee Calhoun, LaVera Chapin, Ronald Christensen, Tom Clingensmith, Clyde Czotkowski, Dolores Dennis, Connie Domine, Jacquelyn Doran, Ronald Eldridge, Sandra Evans, Diana Foss, Bonnie Gutherie, Donald Helms, Richard Higgins, Sue Hillman, Rick Houghton, Stevens Howe, Barbara Hutchinson, James Jensen, Dana Jensen, Gary Jensen, Michael Jorgensen, Joanne Jourdan, Rachelle Kain, Kyren Keilholtz, Marilyn Kill, Linda Sophomores Lunching at Career Day. Kohler, Charlie Kopinski, Catherine Krogman, Duane LaPar, Gaylord Wow ! What a Line Up . Large, Charles Larsen, David Larsen, Judith Lentz, Linda Liscombe, Rick Maxfield, Mike Maynard, Kathy Mizga, Gary Moore, Sheryl Morgan, John Mayses, Arthur Mumby, Clyle Olsen, Debbra Petersen, Ron Petersen, Tom Pike, Grace Pontius, Carol Porter, Darwin Rasmussen, Bonnie Reber, Rebecca Reusser, Robert Reynolds, LeRoy Sanders, Letha Schnick, Sandra Schwandt, Jim Shipman, Cassie Shipman, Fred Skinner, Thomas Smith, David Smith, Larry Smith, Rick Smith, Roger Stewart, Kay Stout, Diane Stout, Mike Stout, Pam Taylor, Joe Taylor, Robert Taylor, Sue Thompson, Connie Thompson, Bill Thornbury, Jerry Timiney, Kathleen Troll, Jacquelyn Trowbridge, Jerry Tully, Virginia Walters, Harry Wandel, Dennis Wanink, Doyle Wanink, Luann Ward, Susa n Wernette, Paul Wheeler, Dennis White, Dale Willison, Daniel Wood, Dallas Wood, Linda Zaremba, Tim Hedrick, Margaret Camera Shy Wheeler, Bruce Wood, Dallas DeWitt, Gaye xf ' ■D ' « f 1 Active Tear Had by Juniors The Junior Class sponsors are Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Vincent, and Mrs. Gregg. The Juniors officially became upperclassmen upon receiving their class rings just before the beginning of the school year . Soon after their campaigning for Dana Baird and Jim Guilfoyle as candi¬ dates for Homecoming King and Queen, they tackled plans for the Thanks¬ giving Dance. Janet Faling, Secretary; Louis Lincoln, Treasurer; Jim Guilfoyle, Vice President; Gordon Behrenwald, President. The secon d semester brought the Junior play, " The Stuck Pot. " In honor of the Seniors, the class presented the Spanish-theme prom, " Fiesta, " and marched in whole at Baccalaureate . Dana Baird, Student Council; Dan Stokely, Student Council; Sue King, Student Council Alternate . Abbey, Jimmy Allen, Janis Allen, Sharilyn Baird, Dana Barry, Robert Bates, Larry Beardslee, Diane Behrenwald, Bob Behrenwald, Gordon Bennett, Linda Blumberg, Beverly Bush, Hazel Calhoun, Sherry Carlson, Darleen Carrick, Larry Cole, Rose Mary Comden, Elspeth Comden, Jim Cook, Gary Coon, Ju lie Culey, Bob Ellafrits, John Elliot, Carol Dietrick, John x, ■ I I Esch, Shirley Faling, Janet Frandsen, Doris Frank, Connie Frost, Joe Frost, John Gregg, David Gregory, Bob Griffes, Sally Guilfoyle, James Guthrie, Judy Gustavsen, James Haenlein, Thomas Hansen, John Hansen, Stephen Hatch, Mike r - jT X 1 tr 1 Vg A; i r i X N i OH! I ' M SOOO SCARED Helmer, Dennis Herzog, Debbie Hossler, Dorothy Houghton, Danny Ingraham, Billy Iverson, Daun Jalacki, Michael Jensen, Bernadette Johnson, Carol Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Richard Jourdan, Renee Keilholtz, Lynn Kellogg, Jerry Kerns, Sally King, Sue Knapp, Emily Kopinski, Wanda Krogman, Stanley Larsen, Bonnie Larsen, Dean Lawrence, Jack Layle, Noreen Lincoln, Louis •y .o ?c % : I Linscott, Juanita Liscombe, Betty Lucas, Jane Lutterloh, Linda Main, Judy Martin, Ed Mclntire, Marcia Medler, Sandra Miles, Mike Millard, Rodney Murray, Dewey Nielsen, Bruce Nielsen, Ronald Olsen, Joann Ostrander, Roger Peasley, James Petersen, Larry A. Petersen, Larry R. Plews, Terry Rader, Diana Rasmussen, Dale Rasmussen, Jean Rasmussen, Joyce Rasmussen, Mike Reil, Gary Schwandt, Penny Shaw, Linda Skutt, David Skutt, Diane Smith, Michael Smith, William Stokely, Dan Tompkins, Marie Tompsett, Sandra Townley, Suzanne Tuttle, Marilyn Vandlen, Douglas Wanink, Orland Warner, Leatrice Wheeler, Brian Wheeler, Carol White, Gary White, Keith Wilkinson, Linda Wilson, Carol Wilson, James Zawadzinski, Cheryl jfr ' Camera Shy: DePue, Jenny Keusch, Douglas LaClear, John BEST PHYSIQUE — Jim Stewart BEST DRESSED -- Cindy Miller and Doug Waldo. CUTEST DIMPLES -- Cathy Krebs Now let ' s see . . . 1 1 V . ■■ » 4 . : J H - 5: gfnnnn ' ; ijK,i| fPlilW ffm iililSl r .Ut, ' u’ ilmmmygnnd SENIORS Ml; limutfifH [ll’rtli’lnl Uij!.-:-; ' " i ; .? (■ ti: ' CH r,j ■i : " ■ rgTt -SS-g; ' M a n cotWHWT] i ometry, a foreig scien ce -mH nL. and l! Ad world and bust n el arts, and gy elective sub, sji Robert (JrBnscoe, prJn j Boarcfof Education M before tR rteal was bei lueen Sits at Head TabJ §e retiring queen, »BaJ lHi nd her atten J f as ffktaABBa jfficers J :ed at the head tabWW M lesigned by Miss IWltevAM plaques behind therim featured scenes from d icon life, Also Kjrrying theme were thc rogi 2 rs, drawn by Barba?!NK n the banquet tables fl quets of flowers along I te and silver tapers and A »s of the United States. !■ 3 of the Board of Educfl i wives, school officials! ;r guests were seated afl ter table, 3g Sophomores Serve ■ erved by the .sophomnr® W the direction of Miss H wrick, the meal consist® In led pineapple coektail W Tkey, sage dressing, ■nr, whipped potatoes. hiHp Pa rkir fj 0 or a til ■edj Englil bus] math !?tpp rrtkrttid Vhiifi VfUW- flrBOTl Ppjt’IIJf! iswi life -ifFi ' MHti fh ( escoffed Carla knelt the crown lit Barbara l Judy Line, %id ] iors. have b«i • scholarships. Ward, who minster College } receive a $285 r tuition for his fre ranks in the up pi of the senior clas A Curators ' Sch $170 toward tuitic; was awarded Bil plans to attend] School of Mines a] Judy received! to Lindenwood Cl miIIm lliiiill Slagfe!! ■ mm un i! Kumr : straw f ; £ : , t!j HJV H t li - - . iJ {‘Hr jt.m ' Mi ' i Kin ■ ’ r ||t.ffif 11 li • if i iifiyipi imm uit fe-fiviun • dmmev’ .t ' r4i • }? ,:. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES John Bale, Bruce Peasley, Margie Jeppesen. Class of ’64 Bids Farewell Amid the usual fury of Senior studies were a few scattered extra¬ curricular activities. To start the year, Senior pictures were taken. Then came Home¬ coming, with the Class of ' 64 running Margie Jeppesen and Greg Brockdorf. In November, they were hosts of County Senior Govern¬ ment Day and in December they sponsored the traditional Christmas dance. With January came the ordering of caps and gowns and announce¬ ments. The next social event was the " Senior Turn-About, " the Spring dance. Both the boys and the girls were honored at teas and dinners. And, of course, there were the regular number of Senior parties. In the beginning of May was the Senior Skip Day at the Jack and Jill Ranch at Rothbury, Michigan. Settling down to more serious things, they chose the class colors, blue and white, the class motto, " Tonight we launch. Where shall we anchor? " and the class song, " The Halls of Ivy. " Ending the year, were the three traditional events: Junior-Senior Prom, Baccalaureate, and Class Night. Finally, came the last time the Seniors were to appear together as a class -- Commencement 1964. Ann Stewart, Vice President; Mick Baird, Treasurer; Jim Stewart, Presi¬ dent; Karen Burlison, Secretary. GEORGE ALLEN: Football 1, Track 3-4, Gun Safety Club 1. CECIL ANDERSEN: F.F. A. 1-2-3-4. DAVID ARMOCK: F.F. A. 1-2-3-4, F. F. A. Aw ard 2. MICK BAIRD: Basketball 1-2, Foot¬ ball 1-2-3, Track 1-2-3-4, Perfect Attendance 2-3, Class Treasurer 4, Student Council 2, King Candidate 2 JOHN BALE: Football 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, Senior Play, Scholarship 1, Student Council 3-4. LORI BATES: Women ' s Glee Club 3, Perfect Attendance 1. KATHY BLUMBERG: F.H.A. 3-4, Scholarship 4. MARY ELLEN BLUMBERG: Paper Staff 2- 3-4 (Editor 3-4), French Club 3-4, Annual Staff 3-4, Junior Play, F.T.A. 3- 4, Choir 1, Library Club 2, Scholarship 1-2-3-4. I Are you from English Lit, Doug? CLASS FLIRT AND GREAT LOVER Margie Jeppesen and Randy Chapin JODY BOLAN: Paper Staff 3, Senior Play, F.T.A. 4, Band 3-4, F.N.A. 4, Operetta 3-4, Student Council 1. JUDY BRAYMAN: GREG BROCKDORF: Baseball 2, Paper Staff 2-3, French Club 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Perfect Attendance 3, Class President 1-2, Class Vice President 3, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, King Candidate 4. KAREN BURLISON: French Club 3-4, Annual Staff 3-4 (Editor 4) Junior Play, Senior Play, Band 1, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, F.N.A. 3, Choir 4, Per¬ fect Attendance 1-2-4, Class Secre¬ tary 3-4, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Operetta 3-4. DIANE CANNON: Paper Staff 3, Choir 1-2, Library Club 2-3-4 (Vice Presi¬ dent 3, President 4), Perfect Attend¬ ance 4, Scholarship 4. TOM CORNELL: Basketball 1, Foot¬ ball 1, Junior Play, Senior Play, Per¬ fect Attendance 1, Scholarship 1. KEN CROSS: Greenville 1-2, Bible Club 3-4, Perfect Attendance 3. MOST POPULAR -- Jim Stewart and Gloria Sirrine. GORDON CANNON: Football 1-2-3, Baseball 1-2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2. BOB CULEY: F.F.A. 1-2, Perfect Attendance 1-2. Pretty interesting letter, right Jody? RANDY CHAPIN: Basketball 1-2-4, Football 1-2, Track 1-2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 (President 4), Junior Play, Senior Play, Perfect Attendance 1-2-3-4, Student Council 3-4 (Presi¬ dent 4), F.F.A. Award 1-2-3-4. BOB DELORIA: F.F.A. 1, Camera Club 1 (Treasurer 1), Perfect Attendance 1-3. FURAINE DREWS: Paper Staff 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, F.T.A. 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Scholarship 3, Perfect Attendance 3, Operetta 3. VICKIE DURST: Paper Staff 2-3-4, French Club 3, Bible Club 1-2, Women ' s Glee Club 4, F.N.A. 3-4, Library Club 3. 1ARY EDGERLY: Foot¬ ball 1, F.F. A. 1-2-3-4, tudent Council 2. MICKEY EDISON: Football 1-2-3-4, Track 1, French Club 3-4, Senior Play, Scholarship 1-2. KAREN FISHER: Paper Staff 3-4, Bible Club 1-2-3-4, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, F.N.A. 3-4, F.H.A. 3-4, Perfect Attendance 1. RON GISHPERT: Paper Staff 4, Choir 2. BARBARA GAFFIELD: Paper Staff 3-4, F.N.A. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer), F.H. A. 1-2-3-4 (Stu¬ dent Council 4), Class Treasurer 1, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Homemaking Award 1. flirt Our at it is again JOAN FRENCH: Cheerleader 1-2-3-4, Perfect Attendance 1-2-3-4, Student Council 1, Queen Candidate 2. DAVE HADDER: F.F. A. 1. CARLA HALL: Bible Club 1, Women ' s Glee Club 3, Choir 1-2-3-4, F.H. A. 3-4, Perfect Attendance 2 . JOHN HAMMEL: Football 1, F.F. A. 1-2-3-4 (Secretary 4), Junior Play, Senior Play, Band 1-2, Men ' s Glee Club 3-4, Choir 4, Perfect Attendance 1-2-4, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Operetta 3-4, F.F.A. Award 3-4. I DICK HART: Football 1-2-3, Track 1- 2-3-4, Senior Play, F.T.A. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Men ' s Glee Club 4, Choir 4, Perfect Attendance 4, Oper¬ etta 3-4, Student Council 4. HOWARD HENRICKSON: Band 1-2-3-4, Men ' s Glee Club 2-3-4, Camera Club 2- 3, Perfect Attendance 2, Operetta 3. RICHARD HEWITT: Wayland 1-2. GENE HOGLE: Football 1-4. JACKIE HONDORP: Women ' s Glee Club 4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Library Club 4, Operetta 2-3-4. RANDY HUCKINS: Ski Team 4, F.F.A. 1, Senior Play 4, Camera Club 3, Perfect Attendance 1-3-4. SUSAN HUMPHREYS: Paper Staff 3, French Club 3-4, F.T.A. 4, Band 1-2, Women ' s Glee Club 4, Choir 4, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Operetta 3-4. DIANA HUTSON: Scholarship 1-2. SHIRLEY JAQUAYS: Paper Staff 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, Choir 4, Perfect Attendance 1-2, Operetta 3-4. DARWIN JENSEN: Baseball 4, F.F.A 2-3-4, Perfect Attendance 1-3-4. BECKY JENSEN: Junior Play, Senior Play, Women ' s Glee Club 4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Operetta 2-3-4. MARGIE JEPPESEN: Paper Staff 3-4, French Club 3-4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4), Junior Play, Senior Play, Band 1, KAY JOHNSON: Band 1-2 -3-4 MAX JOHNSON: Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2, Perfect Attendance 1-3-4, Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 2. LORETTA JONES: Paper Staff 3-4, Bible Club 3-4, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, Choir 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2-3-4 (Historian 3, ) Library Club 4, Per¬ fect Attendance 2-3, Operetta 2-3-4 RONNIE JONES: Track 3, Perfect Attendance 1-2-3, Scholarship 3. T MOST STUDIOUS -- Susie Humphreys and John Hammel. JANET KAPPE: Women ' s Glee Club 3, Choir 1-2-3-4, Library Club 3, Scholarship 2-3-4, Operetta 3-4, Student Council 3. MORRIS KAZMERS: Basketball 1-2-3-4, Football l-2-3-4(co-captain 4), French Club 4, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Class Vice President 1, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Operetta 1-4, Student Council 3-4 (Vice President 3). JEANINE KEENEY: Junior Play, Senior Play, F.T.A. 3-4, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Perfect Attendance 3, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Operetta 2-3-4. LINDA KERNS: Senior Play, Women ' s Glee Club 4, Choir 1-2-3, Operetta JIM KOS: Basketball 1-2-3-4, Foot¬ ball 1-2-3-4, French Club 3-4, (President 4), Senior Play, Perfect Attendance 2-3, Scholarship 1-2-3-4 CATHY KREBS: Paper Staff 2-3, French Club 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Choir 1-3-4, Library Club 1, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Operetta 3-4, BOB LANGDON: Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3, Track 1-2, French Club 2-3-4, Men ' s Glee Club 2, Choir 1, Operetta 1. MARY LEE: Paper Staff 4, Senior Play Perfect Attendance 1-2, Scholarship 2 PAT LEHNERT: Library Club 3-4 (President 4), Scholarship 1-3, Home making Award 4. You tell ' em Darwin GARY LINDSEY: Men ' s Glee Club 2, Choir 2-3 Camera Club 1-2, Operetta 2-3. JUDY OUTMAN: Annual Staff 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Band 1-2, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, Choir 2-3-4, F.H.A. 1- 2-3-4, Attendance 2-3-4, Operetta 2- 3-4, Student Council 4. JUDITH OSTRANDER GARY LOCKWOOD: Basketball 2, Foot¬ ball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Paper Staff 4, Junior Play, Men ' s Glee Club 4. BOB MATSON: Football 2, Track 2-4, Junior Play, Band 1-2, Camera Club 3 (Secretary 3), Operetta 1. CINDY MILLER: Annual Staff 2-3-4 (Business Manager 3-4), Junior Play, Senior Play, F.T.A. 4 (President 4), Women ' s Glee Club 3-4 (President 4), Choir 1-2-3, F.H.A. 2-3-4 (Regional Office 3, Piano Player 3, Song Leader 4), Perfect Attendance 2, Scholar¬ ship 2, Operetta 2-3, Homemaking Award 2, Queen Candidate 3. PURL MAIN: F.F.A. 2-3, Junior Play, Senior Play. BRUCE PEASLEY: Basketball 1-2-3, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 (J. Secretary 3, Representative 4), Senior Play, Men ' s Glee Club 2-3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Per¬ fect Attendance 3-4, Operetta 2-3-4, F.F.A. Awards 3-4. CHARLENE NIELSEN: French Club 3-4, Senior Play, Band 1-2, F.N.A. 3-4. BILL PETERSON: Football 1, Track 4, Camera Club 2-3 (Vice President 3). MARY JO PRINGLE: Junior Play. DARWIN ROOT: Football 1-2-3, Base¬ ball 2, Paper Staff 2-3-4, Annual Staff 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Men ' s Glee Club 3-4 (President 4), Choir 2-3-4 (Vice President 4), Camera Club 1-2 (President 2), Operetta 2-3-4. DAVID ROSSMAN: Track 4, Ski Team 4, Band 1-2, Camera Club 2-3 (President 3), Perfect Attendance 2, Operetta 1. ALLEN SEXTON: Baseball 1-2-3. BILL ROSE: Baseball 1, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, (Jr. Treasurer 3, Treasurer 4), Junior Play, Senior Play, Perfect Attendance 3. JOHN RASMUSSEN: F.F. Perfect Attendance 3-4. CHARLES RIGGS: Senior feet Attendance 2, Gun 5 p MARY SHILLING: Choir 1, F.H.A. 3-4, Library 3-4. GLORIA SIRRINE: Paper Staff 2, Junior Play, Senior Play, Bible Club 3-4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4), F.T.A. 3, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, F. H.A. 1- 2-3-4 (Secretary 2, Parliamen¬ tarian 3, President 4), Cheerleader 2- 3-4, Scholarship 3, Operetta 2-4, Student Council 2-3, Queen Candi¬ date 1. ' LARRY SMITH: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. CUTEST GIRL AND BOY -- Cindy Miller and Max Johnson SHARI SKEELS: Library Club 4, Per¬ fect Attendance 1. DAVID SMITH: F.F.A. 1-2-3, Band 1, Perfect Attendance 2. LATE FOR EVERYTHING — John Bale JAN STEELE: F.H.A. 2-3-4, Paper Staff 3, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, Operetta 3, ANN STEWART: French Club 4 (Vice President 4), Junior Play, Senior Play, Band 1-2-3, Class Vice President 4, Scholarship 1-3, Operetta 2-3-4, Stu¬ dent Council 2. JIM STEWART: Basketball 1-2-3-4, Football 1-2-3-4 (Co-Captain 4), Track 1-2-3-4 (Captain 2-3), Junior Play 3, Men ' s Glee Club 2-3, Choir 2-3, Class Vice President 2, Class President 3-4, Operetta 2-3, Student Council 1-2-3 (Treasurer 2), King Candidate 4. RUTH ELLEN STOUT: Paper Staff 2, French Club 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, F.N.A. 4, Scholarship 2-3-4. LINDY SWAN: Choir 1-2-3-4, Library Club 1-2-3-4, Operetta 2-3-4. LLOYD SWITZER: Football 1-3, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2. CARL THOMPSON: Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1, Junior Play, Senior Play, Band 1-2, Scholarship 3. JO ANN TOWNLEY: Bible Club 2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4, Library Club 3-4, Operetta 2-3-4. LOIS VAN DETTE: Senior Play, Women ' s Glee Club 3-4, F.T.A. 4, F.H.A. 3-4, Operetta 3-4. DOUG WALDO: Football 1-2-3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Band 1, Class Treasurer 2, King Candidate 1. NITA WANDEL: Junior Play, Women ' s Glee Club 3, F.H.A. 2-3-4, Library 3, Perfect Attendance 1, Operetta 3. Are you sure that this is the library? LARRY WHEELER: Baseball 2, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Band 3-4, Men ' s Glee Club 3-4 (Secretary 3-4), Choir 2-3, Operetta 2-3. RICHARD WHITE: Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 4, Track 2-3, Band 1-2, Perfect attendance 1. DAWN WILKINSON: F.H. A. 1-2-3-4 (Historian 2, Secretary 3). FRED WILLISON: Football 1, Baseball 1, F.F.A. 1, Band 1-2, Camera Club 3, Student Council 3. GERALD WILSON: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. LARRY WOOD: Cedar Springs 1-2-3. Who ' s the letter from Tom? MOST ATHLETIC -- Jim Stewart and Luraine Drews. PRETTIEST GIRL -- Diana Hutson CLASS CUT-UP -- Gary Edgerly JOLLIEST -- Ron Gishpert MOST HANDSOME Greg Brockdorf GETM CHEWER -- Karen Fisher CLASS ORATOR -- Randy Chapin BEST DANCERS Ann and Jim Stewart - J ackie Hondorp INSEPARABLES — Max Johnson and Bill Rose CLASS PEST — Dave Hadder SCHOOL SKIPPER - Is that your government? You show him Darwin MOST BASHFUL -- Barbara Gaffield and Ken Cross. PRETTIEST HAIR -- Diana Hutson 5 . Tom ■. V Mi jJI It v CLASS COUPLE Mick Baird and Ruth Ellen Stout. Cornell and Cathy Krebs. Who ' s that Margie? ATHLETICS rzivTm ! n.‘ Co jfl theiH ” lo six, { ' yj crept if final ' -contes here, p r ktfie Aid 1 fi.-iiftid I was ,| MMlM |iuw? alter iuKHil Ui j v sh jmcici-; Tints j from I • “n :! fin i t L vnm. mm! •ft fri if » i V tuu fM ;jjgggg2gj5» Aiwmm. T; tm mim % ■anti 1 I • ■ j • .j I C: u£ ; j ii ; ' ’ mu »r t! f. ii;- j FIRST ROW: Gary White, Rick Liscombe, Morris Kazmers, Jim Kos, Jim Guilfoyle, Steve Houghton, John Bale, Gordon Behrenwald, John Ellafrits, Carl Thompson, SECOND ROW: Larry Bates, Rodney Millard, Gary Lockwood, Dan Stokely, Jim Stewart, Gary Mizga, Richard White, Dale Rasmussen, Mike Jalacki, Dave Gregg, Jim Peasley, and manager Ed Martin. Greenville Edmore Spring Lake Belding Big Rapids Meridian Cedar Springs St. Louis Co-Captains Morris Kazmers and Jim Stewart All State Honorable Mention Jim Stewart Fights For Yardage Against Big Rapids. ’Cats Take Five, Drop Three The Wildcats, coached by Bud Martin and Dave Clark, came through once again with a winning season. Coach Martin expressed disappointment in the team ' s five-wins, three-loss record, for he felt the boys had great potential but failed to develop it to its fullest extent. Jim Kos and Company Put Pressure on Big Rapids ' Passer - i, 4 : : FIRST ROW: Mr. Goulet, Henry King, Don Medler, Philip Bozung, Larry Larsen, David Petersen, Tim Zaremba, Richard Kruger, Doug Bays, Mike Bennett, Mike Jensen, Bob Imhoff and Mr. Wightman. SECOND ROW: Ed Hubbard, Jim Dietrick, Jim Schwandt, Larry Bell, Tom Skinner, Clyde Clingensmith, Harry Walters, Dave Larson, Duane LaPar, Mike Kelley, and Bill Gregory. THIRD ROW: Jeff Main, Ron Chapin, Rick Hillman, Jerry Thornberry, Dennis Wheeler, Hiram Bristol, Mike Stout, Charlie Kohler, Daryl Quisenberry, and Lynn Herzog. 3-4 Record for Kittens Our Kittens, coached by Mr. Goulet and Mr. Wightman, fought their way through a losing season. Like other years, the J. V. ' s were hindered by a loss of several key players to the Varsity team. J. V. ' s Drill on Plays } 1 , My j.1 1 mT ' wk I f W ; t t FIRST ROW: Max Johnson, Larry Carrick, Randy Chapin, Jim Stewart, John Ellafrits, Jim Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mike Jalacki, Bob Langdon, Morris Kazmers, Jim Kos, Jim Comden, Gordon Behrenwald, Dan Stokely, Ed Martin, Coach Clark. ’Cats Fight Their Way to State Finals Wildcats Proudly Display 1964 Basketball Trophies Fight The W ay State to ats ir District Tournament L.H.S. 69 L.H.S. 79 Big Rapids Reed City Team Receives District Trophy Wildcats, Winners of Regional Trophy L.H.S. Opponents 67 Alma 43 75 Mecosta-Remus 47 73 Rockford 54 72 Cedar Spring 49 65 Mecosta-Remus 38 85 Edmore 65 60 Reed City 55 93 Reed City 67 60 Cedar Springs 56 50 W. M. Christian 55 45 Greenville 48 77 Fremont 39 68 Edmore 64 59 Big Rapids 50 73 Big Rapids 48 80 Sparta 69 After a fine season of fourteen wins and two losses, the Wildcats stormed into tournament play. The ' Cats thrilled capacity crowds as they surpassed team after team, taking with them the District Championship and the Regional Trophy. Along with its precise teamwork, the alternating Lakeview Five excelled in both defense and offense. They championed more exceptional teams in the quarter and semi-finals, earning their way to State to challenge the ever-strong River Rouge team. Jim Kos using one of his spectacular hook- shots. Jim was mentioned on the All-State team this year. State Finals L.H.S. 65 Rudyard 56 L.H.S. 65 Fenton 53 L.H.S. 67 River Rouge 86 FIRST ROW: David Molitor, Philip Peasley, Dick Rader, Lynn Larsen, Steve Hart, Bob Gummer, Gary Towne, Darrell Beardslee, and Terry Dishong. SECOND ROW: Mr. Vincent, Gail Lockwood, Mark Pontius, Rich Lang- don, Bill Schmitz, Dan Lindsey, Ed Stokely, Jim Mulholland, and Tom Pann. Junior High Teams Fare Well FIRST ROW: Lewis Maynard, Randy Snyder, Jeff Charnley, Fred Peasley, Ron Gietzen, Charlie Howe, Mike Moon, John Zawadzinski, and Dick Jensen. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wood, Andrew Kazmers, John Houghton, Ron Denslow, George Hubbard, Gary Larson, Jim Main, David Kos, and Gordon Kohler. i FIRST ROW: Ron Petersen, Marcus Hansen, Doug Bays, Rick Stilson, and Ron Chapin. SECOND ROW: Dave Larson, Larry Larson, Mike Jensen, Mike Kelley, Mike Stout and Tom Skinner. THIRD ROW: Mr. Wightman, Larry Bell, Rick Liscombe, Clyde Clingensmith, Paul Nicholson, Duane Krogman, Gary Mizga. Kittens Have Winning Season The Kittens finished their winning season with a fine record of 12 wins and 4 losses. Along with this, Coach Wightman and the boys set new school records, in¬ cluding highest average points per game, highest total scores, and highest total field goals. Besides these, individuals on the team broke several records. The Kittens ' good showing this year points to future skilled varsity teams. L.H. S. 56 Alma Opponents 27 68 Mecosta-Remus 36 65 Rockford 35 62 Cedar Springs 78 57 Mecosta-Remus 36 73 Edmore 56 54 Reed City 44 73 Reed City 44 55 Cedar Springs 37 64 W. Michigan Christian 80 75 Greenville 56 59 Fremont 68 62 Edmore 45 55 Big Rapids 58 55 Big Rapids 49 57 Sparta 40 FIRST ROW: Mick Baird, Dick Hart, John Bale, Bruce Neilsen, Larry Bell, Bob Matson. SECOND ROW: Gordon Behrenwald, Randy Chapin, Jim Kos, Dan Stokely, Jim Stewart, Duane Korgman. THIRD ROW: Stanley Krog- man, Bill Petersen, Dale Rasmussen, Doug Keusch, Gary White, Dave Rossman, Ron Jones, Dave Gregg, Craig Edgerly, Mr. Martin. Track Team Has Sensational Season Jim Stewart Breaks School Record With 13 ' 1 2 " The track team, which is trained and coached by Mr. Martin, had a finer season than it has had in many years. It placed high in several meets and shattered many of the previous L.H.S. track records. Dan Stokely Goes Over High Hurdles Gordy Behrenwald, No. 1 Shot-Putter One of the Several Successful Relay Teams Dale Rasmussen, Record Setting High Jumper FIRST ROW: Max Johnson, Larry Petersen, Richard White, Gary Lockwood, Dennis Wheeler, Mikejalacki, Dave Skutt. SECOND ROW: Coach Clark, Mike Stout, Gary Mizga, Rick Liscombe, Clyde Clingensmith, Jim Guilfoyle, Gordon Cannon, Tom Skinner. Lakeview Baseball Teams Gained Experience FIRST ROW: Bill Thompson, Steve Paulson, Dick Kruger, Rick Stilson, Steve Schwandt, Jeff Main, Dennis Cogswell. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wightman, Tim Brockdorf, Rick Hillman, Dan Helms, James Blumberg, Jim Dietrick, Mike Kelley, Robert Elmer. Varsity 1964 L.H.S. Opponents 0 Morley 10 0 Central Montcalm 1 4 Greenville 17 1 Edmore 5 5 Big Rapids 6 0 Belding 5 0 Morley 13 0 Edmore 5 4 Greenville 9 8 Big Rapids 14 10 Central Montcalm 6 Varsity Has 1-10 Season • ; Captain Gordy Cannon Junior Varsity 1964 Opponents 8 Edmore Greenville Morley Morley Big Rapids Greenville Edmore Big Rapids Coach Clark and the Varsity baseball team had played a dis¬ couraging season of ten losses and no wins when the nine fieldmen struck a long awaited and hard worked for victory at their final game against Central Montcalm. At Least Practice Was Fun Our two new teams at Lake- view High School are golf and skiing. The golf team played two matches with Big Rapids, losing the first and winning the second. The ski team participated in a meet at Manistee and are look¬ ing forward to next year. FIRST ROW: Douglas Vandlen, Ron Neilsen. SECOND ROW: Jim Abbey, Morris Kazmers, Jim Wilson, Mick Edison, Mr. Cook. FIRST ROW: Fred Smith, Steve Paulson, Dick Kruger, Dave Rossman, Dave Gregg. SECOND ROW: Craig Edgerly, Lee Burlison, Randy Huckins, Jim Abbey, Larry Petersen, Mr. Charnley. Two New Teams at L.H.S. mmm H Mary Jq ■ 1 1 d 1 ®g party prd pt of terror f who attended iv Harrison at®m wmm 7! ' ■ ' eating I I S a case j Jt 3 o ' ckl 18. decide] •ories. Ond f light eacj 1 1 ten the J I ' 1 of horrJ penly Car,! " t. Do yfl f light?” ■ he girls nfl ieioime .(I r. much ■ ' ■gfhi; ’te annu ? March ic tnflil-i is ' h tt si aiiMsteSBBg rip umbers pioal pr gi Hand Plays W Dill in J fe, ’§ marc , i iinlaj ' srli. left ( urrVi |ar Tiling It ' 1 i % I 1 fled by B 1 Other m ' (program ■tehy in - - ;: fffgfa ferry •PPifUi ' - i • ; - ■wzWtfM ACTIVITIES t Underclassmen Seniors Marge Jeppesen and Greg Brockdorf Co-Queens LaVera Calhoun and Judy Behrenwald School spirit surged throughout the weeks preceding Homecoming. There were hundreds of posters, jam sessions and parades in the halls as each class vigorously campaigned in support of its candidates. The Seniors sponsored their class favorites, Margie Jeppesen and Greg Brockdorf. Sophomores Vera Calhoun and Gary Mizga Prevail Juniors Dana Baird and Jim Guil- foyle King Gary Mizga Varsity cheerleader Dana Baird and football player Jim Guilfoyle were sponsored by the Juniors. The Sophomores ' candidates were cheerleader Vera Calhoun and football player Gary Mizga. Sponsored by the Freshmen were J. V. cheerleader Judy Behrenwald and J. V. football player Larry Bell. 87 Freshmen Judy Behrenwald and Larry Bell We Came, We Saw, We Lost For the first time in many years, the Homecoming victory did not belong to the Lakeview Wildcats. Despite high anticipa¬ tion of an upset against the strong Big Rapids Cardinals, the Wild¬ cats suffered a seemingly one¬ sided 32-7 loss. During the half-time ceremony, Judy Behrenwald and Vera Cal¬ houn were crowned " Co-Queens of 1963- ' 64. " It is the first time in history that the student body of L.H.S. elected TWO lovely candidates to reign over the Classes Prepare Cars for Parade Girls Leading Crowds of Cheerers at Homecoming Game V Let ' s Dance Homecoming festivities. This double-crowning was re-enacted at the Homecoming Dance, where chosen King Gary Mizga was crowned. Action-Packed Game Thrills Crowds. Varsity Band Performs at Half-Time t Pep Rousers Cheer On! Left to right: Dana Baird, Gloria Sirrine, Sherry Calhoun, Judy Outman, Joan French. These five peppy girls kept our cheering crowds on their toes all year. Besides leading cheers, the girls performed skits, led pep rallies, sold school ribbons, and postered the school from top to bottom. We salute this well organ¬ ized group for a job well done. For a second year in a row, theJ.V. teams have been spurred on to victory by the J.V. Cheerleaders. The girls worked closely with the Varsity squad in many activities, including Homecoming preparations, pep rallies, and in spon¬ soring a sock hop. Left to right: Kathy Maynard, Luann Wanink, Judy Behrenwald, Vera Cal¬ houn, Kay Stewart. V Girls Cheer Through Successful Seasons Left to right: Mary Ellen Sirrine, Diana Abbey, Tonya Reichle, Pat Schmitz, Janis Mizga The Junior High Cheerleaders have worked hard to make their squads two of the liveliest ever. Both put in hours of time attending weekly practices and cheering at their games, most of which were on week nights. Bennett, Patty Schnick, Lois Larsen, Cindy Mero, Left to right: Kris Barb Schwandt. Pianists: Julie Coon, Pat Schmitz. FIRST ROW: Dennis Flynn, Lyle Ball, David Moser, Jerry Riojas, Rick Harvey, Steve Schwandt, Bob Imhoff, Bob Elmer, Fred Peasley, Danny Evans. SECOND ROW: Monte Ball, Ron Doran, John Frost, Larry Wheeler, Jim Peasley, Mike Brockdorf, Rick Royston, Steve Paulson, Bob Barry, Charlie Kohler, Doug Vandlen. THIRD ROW: Neil Young, Darwin Root, Dewey Murrey, Art Moyses, Ed Martin, John Hammel, Howard Hendrickson, Dick Hart, Gary Lockwood, Bruce Peasley. Men and Women’s Glee Clubs Pianist: Judi Larsen. FIRST ROW: Debby Chapin, Lois Lutterloh, Rhonda Rasmussen, Marsha Skutt, Vicki Durst, Diana Abbey, Cheryl Zawadzinski, Janet Faling, LaVera Calhoun, Julie Coon, Joan Olsen, Sherry Calhoun, Marsha Greenfield, Patty Keller, Barb Schwandt, Kris Bennett, April Lewis. SECOND ROW: Diana Swan, Carol Warner, Terry Plews, Cheryl Herzog, Karen Stevens, Viann Larsen, Kristine Ols en, Margie Bristol, Wanda Kopinski, Sandra Medler, Linda Mulholland, Vicki Carrick, Carol Wheeler, LuannWanink, Linda Kerns, Diane Evans, Susan Bell, Cheryl Doran, Denise Butler, La Wanda Bacon, Marcy Chapin. THIRD ROW: Judy Outman, Donna Behrenwald, Diane Skutt, Becky Jensen, Debby Molitor, Patty Schnick, Sally Youngman, Joanne Jorgensen, Martha Rossman, Pat Schmitz, Brenda Bucholtz, Cheryl Moore, Cindy Mero, Rita Stewart, Diane Guilfoyle, Dian Christem sen, Joanna Chapin, Maren Christiansen, Kaylynn Morrow. FOURTH ROW: Loretta Jones, Marcia Mclntire, Sue Youngman, Rachelle Jourdan, Linda Lutterloh, Connie Frank, Debbie Olson, Kathy Kopinski, Barb Haelein, Jackie Troll, Jeanine Keeney, Shirley Jaquays, Diana Rader, Karen Burlison, Cindy Miller, Kaylynn Bollinger, Gloria Sirrine, Renee Jourdan, Doris Frandsen. Staff Assembles Best Yearbook Ever FIRST ROW: Vickie Durst, Ruth Ellen Stout, Cindy Miller, Karen Burlison, Mary Ellen Blumberg, Judy Main, Terry Plews. SECOND ROW: Mike Bennett, Pam Johnson, Lee Burlison, Morris Kazmers, Darwin Root, Diana Rader, Mr. VanOcker. The annual staff is sponsored by Mr. Van Ocker. It is an organization of high school students who work from the first few weeks of school until commencement pre¬ paring the yearbook for printing. The annuals are always sold to the students at a price actually lower than their value. Because of this, the staff must earn supplementary funds. This year it sold toothbrushes and sponsored a sock-hop in the new gym. The staff enjoyed its many hours of hard work preparing this pictorial history of events of this school year, a year to remember. 93 Majorettes: Julie Coon, Diana Rader, Judy Main FIRST ROW: Sharilyn Allen, Luraine Drews, Jackie Domine, Bonnie Larsen, Howard Hendrickson. SECOND ROW: Debby Herzog, Sue Taylor, Sue Higgins, Barb Howe, Kay Stewart, Louis Lincoln, Linda Wilkinson, Emily Knapp. THIRD ROW: Ron Reusser, Marcia Greenfield, Dan Willison, Donna Kebler, Brenda Huckins, Danny Evans, Richard Kruger, Steve Paulson, Mike Brockdorf, Art Moyses, Rick Stilson, Cheryl Zawadzinski. FOURTH ROW: Bob Imhoff, Rick Royston, John Frost, Charlie Kohler. Senior The Senior Band, under the direction of Mr. Coon, was invited for the first time to partake in a half¬ time performance at a CMU football game. The Senior Marching Band played for our home football games. A smaller pep band was Left to right: J anet F aling, Judy Behrenwald, Judy Main, Diana Rader, Diane Skutt, Julie Coon. Ifc- jiV ' i Majorettes: Judy Behrenwald, Janet Paling, Diane Skutt. FIRST ROW: Leatrice Warner, Mike Kelley, Linda Wood, Diane Evans, Sandry Lutterloh. SECOND ROW: Gloria Sirrine, Beth Brown, Philip ' Bozung, Linda Mulholland, Dana Jensen, Sandy Schnick, LuannWanink, Darleen Carl¬ son. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Foss, Jeff Main, Sherry Calhoun, Dick Hart, Jody Bolan, Linda Lentz, Gary Jensen, Ronnie Doran, Jean Bucholtz, Belinda Comden. FOURTH ROW: Steve Schwandt, Larry Wheeler, Dewey Murray. Band $ ' ■ • " =• -C m ‘ ' - ' ' -resasid Senior Band Playing at Home Football Game organized during basket¬ ball season and it did a fine job of rousing en¬ thusiasm. The entire band played at Langston Memorial Day services and also at several local cemetery services. Bible Club Reverend Davis sponsored the growing Bible Club. It held meet¬ ings once each week where they had " singspirations, " prayer meetings, Bible verse readings and inspirational talks by several area ministers, including Rev. Pann, Rev. Frank, and Rev. Camill. FIRST ROW: Kay Waite, Gloria Sirrine, Lynn Keilholtz, LaWanda Bacon, Jane Lucas. SECOND ROW: James Boerma, Marie Tompkins, Loretta Jones, Martha Rossman, Karen Fisher, Connie Frank, Jo¬ anne Jorgensen, Debbie McDaniel. Les Jeunes Bourgeois The French Club consists of students who have had or who are taking French. Its purpose is to provide an in¬ formal atmosphere where the students can learn about France and the French and en¬ joy themselves at the same time. After a humorous initia¬ tion of new members to " Les Jeunes Bourgeois, " the club sponsored a record dance and later had a French ban¬ quet where the first, second, and third year pins were pre¬ sented. Mrs. Gregg, advisor of the club, held a wonderful French- style Christmas party at her house. Finally, the club bought colored French films for use both this year and in the future. FIRST ROW: Connie Dennis, Diane Stout, Midge Hedrick, Kathy Maynard, Marge Jeppesen, Ann Stewart, Mrs. Gregg, Renee Jourdan, LaVera Calhoun, Sandy Tompsett, Carol Wilson. SECOND ROW: Janet Faling, Marcia Mc- Intire, Penny Schwandt, Mike Maxfield, Ruth Ellen Stout, Pam Johnson, Linda Lutterloh, Kathy Crebs, Susie Humphreys, Bill Thompson, John Frost, Lynn Keilholtz, THIRD ROW: Mary Ellen Blumberg, David Gregg, Bob Barry, David Larsen, Morris Kazmers, Louis Lincoln, Greg Brockdorf, Gary Mizga, Mick Edison, Karen Burlison. Juniors Present “Stuck Pot” FIRST ROW: Marcia Mclntire, Julie Coon, Dave Gregg, Jim Abbey. Doug Vandlen, Linda Lutterloh, Penny Schwandt, Dave Skutt. SECOND ROW: Pam Johnson, Gary White, Jim Guilfoyle, John LaClear, John Ell afrits, Judy Main, Mary Cole, Diana Rader, Mrs. Nelson. THIRD ROW: Sherry Calhoun, Joan Olsen, Cheryl Zawadzinski, Connie Frank, Terry Plews, Jane Lucas, Dana Baird, Janet Faling. Mrs. Nelson directed the Juniors ' pro¬ duction of " The Stuck Pot, " a comical play which was enhanced by the good casting. The girls find out that the boys from another school have a pot of money which is given to the boy that gets stuck with the worst girl as a date for a certain dance. For fun and adventure the girls plot the same thing. HumouminTf i FIRST ROW: Donna Stewart, Joan Olsen, Connie Dennis, Diane Stout, Pam Johnson, Cindy Miller, Janet Faling, Gloria Sirrine, Linda Lutterloh, Cheryl Zawadzinski, Joanne Jorgensen, Judy Outman, Mrs. Walldorff. SECOND ROW: Gloria Lake, Elsbeth Comden, Daun Iverson, Hazel Bush, Jean Bucholtz, Judy Main, Carol Pontius, Bonnie Rasmussen, Betty Liscombe, Rosemary Martin, Carol Wheeler, Barb Gaffield, Diane Beardslee, Rachael Bush, Janet Rentschler, Sheila Conklin, Gerry Allen, Sherry Skeels, Donna Kebler. THIRD ROW: Dana Jensen, Janis Allen, Shirley Kill, Noreen Wandel, Penny Schwandt, Ruth Skeels, Linda Hawley, Letha Sanders, Sharon Proctor, Connie Frank, Loretta Jones, Connie Poyner, Brenda Bucholtz, Mary Cole, Barb Howe, Mary Shilling. FOURTH ROW: Glenda Wood, Jan Steele, Nita Wandel, Jackie Domine, Carla Hall, Sandy Schnick, Barb Haenlein, Kathy Kopinski, Jean Rasmussen, Belinda Comden, Debbie Olsen, Lois VanDette, Sue Taylor, Del- Rita VanDette. Students, Homemakers of Tomorrow These Future Homemakers of America are led by Mrs. Walldorff. Each girl chooses her own goals and works to achieve these goals. At the end of the year, degrees of honor are presented to those improving both them¬ selves and the community. As a group, the F.H. A. ' ers sponsored the Homecoming Dance and sold cookbooks. With their profits they were able to arrange for a movie on early marriages which was seen at an assembly. They also sent a package to CARE, made a mitten tree at Christmas time for needy children, informally initiated new members at a pajama party in the fall, and finally, had a spring swimming party. Degree Receivers F.H. A. Officers FIRST ROW: Jeanine Keeney, Darwin Root, Dick Hart, Cathy Krebs, Tom Cornell, Mick Edison, Randy Chapin, Bruce Peasley, Bill Rose. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nelson, Mary Lee, Mike Kain, Carl Thompson, Lois VanDette, Morris Kazmers, John Hammel, Randy Huckins, Ann Stewart, Greg Brock- dorf, Purl Main, Gloria Sirrine, Vickie Durst. THIRD ROW: Linda Kerns, Becky Jensen, Charlie Riggs, Charlene Neilsen, Ruth Ellen Stout, Jody Bolan, Margie Jeppesen, John Bale, Shirley Jaquays, Karen Burlison, Cindy Miller, Luraine Drews, Judy Outman. Seniors Present “The Mouse That Roared The Seniors ' successful presentation of " The Mouse That Roared " was on December 5 and 6. This play is a challenge to both the stage crew and to the actors, who re¬ enacted the scenes in a most entertaining way with no scenery and very few pr ops. Grand Fenwick, a postage stamp country in the Alps on the verge of bankruptcy, decides that its only solution is to declare war on the United States, be defeated, and then live on the aid the U. S. would give them as a conquered country. Serious Scene From " The Mouse That Roared " M ' r m • ■ ' t m y Sv® ,| I ■ng i . jUlMJ AT1.1 u M fa A 4 i 1 $ 1] aha y 1 , 1b V-m ] m V ' Wrsk , 4 FIRST ROW: Mike Smith, Richard Helms, Gerald Wilson, Darwin Jensen, John Hammel, Gorden Behrenwald, Randy Chapin. SECOND ROW: Jerry Trowbridge, Leroy Reynolds, Joe Taylor, Eddie Hubbard, Danny Evans, Dennis Helmer, Lynn Keilholtz, Mike Miles, Lynn Herzog. THIRD ROW: Bruce Rowland, Charlie Large, Jim Peasley, Stanley Krogman, Rick Hillman, David Rasmussen, Rick Royston, Larry Larsen, Robert Hammon. FOURTH ROW: Marcus Hansen, Mike Jalacki, Orland Wanink, Roger Ostrander, Danny Helms, Daryl Quisenberry, James Jones, Darwin Porter, Larry Petersen. FIFTH ROW: Bob Behrenwald, Larry Smith, Gary White, Don Guthrie, Larry Petersen, Lloyd Switzer, Dan Stokely. Dan Stokely and Gordon Behrenwald pre¬ sent demonstration to school audience. Mr. Johnson leads the Future Farmers of America. This organization is the lar gest and the biggest profit-making club in the school. Each year it takes as its main money making project the selling of Farm Bureau garden seeds. This year it also held a record dance along with the F.H. A. x The F,F. A. held an honorary banquet in the spring where it paid tribute to its most active members. Flere also many of the boys received awards for their outstanding achieve¬ ments. F.F.A. Leads in Members and Profit FIRST ROW: Bruce Peasley, Billy Rose, Larry Wheeler, John Rasmussen, Kenneth Rader, Mike Kain, Jerry Kellogg. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Doran, Philip Bozung, Clyle Mumby, Bruce Swarts, Gene Henrickson, Dan Hutchinson, Kyren Kain, Doyle Wanink, Mr. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Jan Christiansen, Bill Smith, Craig Edgerly, Richard Kruger, Ronald Rausch, Kenneth Armock, Tom Petersen, Dennis Cogswell. FOURTH ROW: Dale Rasmussen, Keith Armock, Joe Sherman, Jim Gustavsen, James Dietrick, Gary Jensen, Bruce Smith, Ronnie Chapin, Philip Ball. FIFTH ROW: Cecil Anderson, Larry Bates, David Armock, John Dietrick, Gary Edgerly, Dave Larson, Bill Culey. FIRST ROW: Marcy Chapin, Denise Butler, Gary Towne, Ed Stokely, Cheryl Johnson. SECOND ROW: Bill Schmitz, Christina Olsen, Rita Stewart, Kris Bennett, Cheryl Hey, Darrel Beardlee, Bill Drews, Steve Hart. THIRD ROW: Joyce Wilkinson, Marcia Skutt, Jim Main, Patty Keller, Phil Peasley, Ron Hawley, David Moser, Jeff Charnley, Cindy Mero, FOURTH ROW: Jim Wright, Dan Lindsey, Steve Powell, Dennis Flynn. FIFTH ROW: Dave Kos, Gordon Kohler, Gene Henrickson, Rick Harvey, Dick Rader, Gail Lockwood. To the right: " Billis " sings to " Stewpot. " This is one of the many group scenes from this year ' s " South Pacific. " 102 FIRST ROW: Debbie Molitor, Jerry Riojas, Roxy Bucholtz, Viann Larsen. SECOND ROW: Bob Cummer, Barb Schwandt, Donna Behrenwald, Rhonda Rasmussen, Monte Ball, Tom Pann, Cheryl Doran. THIRD ROW: Sally Youngman, Diane Abbey, Fred Peasley, Rick Lentz, Susan Poulson, Jim Mulholland, Jane Main, Patty Schmitz, Charles Howe, Lynn Herzog. FOURTH ROW: Dan DeWitt, April Lewis. LIFTH ROW: Elmer Coon, Director, Patty Schnick, Bob Hammon. Junior Band Is First Step to Higher Music Learning This years Junior Band is one of the largest Junior Bands Lakeview has known with 68 mem¬ bers. In band, they learn all the basic training and they practice til they have it down pat. The result is that all the members serve as excellent substitutes for the Senior Band. 103 Y’ ' jr ■ Tu L W . yf JCJA - | ■ " A r Tajik ' 4 » - mf jM FIRST ROW: Dana Baird, Judy Main, Barb Gaffield, Vickie Durst, Gloria Sirrine, Ruth Ellen Stout, Janis Allen. SECOND ROW: Diana Rader, Emily Knapp, Jody Bolan, Karen Fisher, Joyce Rasmussen, Charlene Neilsen, Linda Lutterloh, Debbie Herzog. F.N.A. Moves Forward This year the Future Nurses Association was a very worthwhile organization. These Junior and Senior girls spend much time learning the fundamentals of being nurses ' aides. They went to the hospital each Wednesday noon for instructions from their advisors, Mrs. Rose and Pat Switzer. FIRST ROW: Jeanine Keeney, Rose Mary Cole, Cindy Miller, Dick Hart, Sharilyn Allen. SECOND ROW: Mr. 1 ± 77 1 i s ' st VanOcker, Renee Jourdan, Pam Johnson, Jody Bolan, Lois jdCLCZS JfdXTX JZjXJJCTX cTlCC VanDette, Mary Ellen Blumberg, Susie Humphreys, Sandra Tompsett, Elsbeth Comden. The Future Teachers Association is led by Mr. VanOcker. This year nearly every member of the club was able to cadet teach. Mainly because of this, each of the group concentrated on his own particu¬ lar teaching post, working hard to observe and learn as much as possible. With the change of semesters, the cadets switched rooms and many went to different age groups, thus enabling them to experience a variety of activity and study. As a group, the F. T. A. ' ers spent a Saturday in October at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant where they attended lecture sessions on the teaching profession and on Central itself. Near the end of the year, the club honored the teachers at an after-school tea. FIRST ROW: Mr. Ferris, Dana Baird, Judy Outman, Gordon Behrenwald, Dan Stokely, Margie Jeppesen, Julie Coon, Barb Gaffield, Joan Olson. SECOND ROW: Tonya Reichle, Sue King, Penny Schwandt, Wanda Kopinski, Dick Flart, Lee Burlison, Morris Kazmers, John Bale, Larry Bell, Mike Jensen, Sue Youngman, Rachelle Jourdan, Vicki Carrick, Janis Mizga. S.C. Aims for Varied Activities The Student Council, sponsored by Mr. Ferris and Mr. Kirk with repre¬ sentatives from each class and club, was once again a leader of student affairs. To raise funds to support its ideas and to pay for its yearly expenses, it sponsored two record dances and sold Wildcat stickers. Its largest annual affair is the planning and financing of all the activities of Homecoming. It donated money to the CARE fund and presented Julie Coon with a check, contributing to her fund for her summer exchange student trip to W. Ger¬ many. The Council, under the leadership of President Randy Chapin, arranged for many of this year ' s activity periods and planned several functions for next year, including a " Student Day " where the students replace the teachers. Provisions have also been made for honor cards which would allow honor roll students to attend the basketball games free of charge. Randy Chapin, S.C. President 105 FIRST ROW: Jane Lucas, Trulaine Bacon, Rose Mary Martin, Judy Main, Sherry Calhoun, Vera Calhoun, Joan Olson, Julie Coon, Terry Plews. SECOND ROW: Irene Kinsey, Candy Imhoff, Becky Reber, Virginia Tulley, Susan Sherman, Linda Hawley, Connie Dennis, Diane Skutt, Carol Wheeler, Noreen Wandel. THIRD ROW: Betty Liscombe, Lynn Lemire, Sally Griffes, Bonnie Larsen, Judy Outman, Susie Humphreys, Renee Jourdan, Marcia Mclntire, Sue Youngman, Martha Rossman, Dorothy Hossler, Janet Kappe. FOURTH ROW: Linda Bennett, Renae Bard, Jane Hamilton, Evonne Johnson, Linda LaShell, Sue Walker, Daun Iverson, Kaylynn Bollinger, Letha Sanders, Cathy Krebs. FIFTH ROW: Jeanine Keeney, Lindy Swan, Carla Hall, Connie Frank, Wanda Kopinski, Karen Burlison, Del Rita VanDette, Delores Czostkowski, Jackie Troll, Kathy Kopinski, Barb Haenlein. Sailor Scene From " South Pacific " Twismfa Hand ifSZ ' WtfXArs cnEG Choruses Work Each year creates more and more interest and activity in the chorus and choirs directed by Mr. Coon. For many years there has been at L.H. S. a mixed chorus. Three years ago the Men ' s Glee Club came into existence and recently a smaller Concert Choir was created from the three large choirs. Nearly all of the functions of these separate organizations were of combined efforts. To raise funds they sponsored many noon candy sales. Pianist: Judi Larsen FIRST ROW: Marie Tompkins, Joanna Chapin, Becky Jensen, Joanne Jorgensen, Maren Christiansen, Vicki Carrick, Celeste Andersen, Marge Bristol, Peggy Rausch, Sally Kerns, Dian Christensen, Marilyn Tuttle. SECOND ROW: Shirley Jaquays, Darlene Carlson, Loretta Jones, Rachelle Jourdan, Mike Bennett, Rick Schwandt, Bob Elmer, Mike Keusch, Ron Geitzen, Bob Barry. THIRD ROW: Linda Lutterloh, Linda Collard, Glenda Wood, Gloria Lake, Dick Hart, Jim Peasley, Ron Doran, Doug Vandlen, Bruce Peasley. FOURTH ROW: Jean Rasmussen, Gay DeWitt, Deborah Olson, Jackie Hondorp, Bruce Neilsen, Keith White, Ed Martin, Darwin Root, Neil Young. As Unit Among their many performances were a Christmas Concert for the student body and an informal Christmas caroling session for the town ' s people. The Concert Choir alone presented a pro¬ gram at a Grand Rapids Lions ' Club meeting and sang at various church services. Along with other members of the student body and faculty, the choruses and Mr. Coon concentrated many weeks of study, practice and preparation to present " South Pacific. " I ! ! I Happiness expressed when Emile returns Rodgers ' and Hammerstein ' s " South Pacific " was the fifth major production to be presented by our music department under the di¬ rection of Mr. Elmer Coon. This spectacular casted approximately 150 students and involved multitudes of others, including many teachers, who were responsible for the scenery, lighting, choreography, properties, equipment, stage work, costumes, make-up, ushering, and advertising. Captain Brackett shows authority “South Pacific” Billis receives friendly gesture V Seamen give Billis a rough time Starring in this beautiful tale of love and adventure were Judy Outman as Ensign Nellie Forbush, the American nurse, and Darwin Root as the handsome, middle-aged French planter. The two were soon to fall in love, but were concerned about their differences of nationality and background. Through their mutual love of freedom and the basic human rights, they were able to overcome their feelings of difference. Entwined was the story of an American Marine Fieutenant, Joseph Cable, played by Bruce Peasley, who fell in love with a native girl, Liat, played by Diane Skutt, only to meet his death in defense of his country. jfi ' • M t ML a l |Q. I JL • i i (K t JL ' ir ' rfl 1 A M 1 am F % W ”»j 1 ■ H l mm i V » 1 Nfl [r jS-; ife, k - ' 4 " i-m Mr MjM . A HI UT t’VikLJF FIRST ROW: Darwin Root, Morris Kazmers, Gary Lockwood, Lee Burlison, Mary Ellen Blumberg, Jim Guilfoyle, Sandy Tompsett, Judy Behrenwald, Marjorie Jeppesen. SECOND ROW: Mr. Zawadzinski, Mary Lee, Barb Gaffield, Joanne Jorgensen, Maren Christiansen, Luraine Drews, Cheryl Zawadzinski, Tonya Reichle, Diana Abbey, Vickie Durst, Linda Mullholland, Sue Youngman, Shirley Jaquays, John Bunce, Loretta Jones, Bonnie Larsen, Penny Schwandt. Staff Prints Weekly Paper The " Chronicle " staff, sponsored by Mr. Zawadzinski, is one of the most active organizations of our school. After two years of publishing a monthly issue, it switched to a very successful weekly paper. With this change, it also began mimeographing the papers and by the end of the year was able to get its own mimeograph machine. The twenty-six dedicated members were on their toes all through the year, working to meet one deadline and then another. Besides putting out the regular weekly, the staff created a " Senior Review " booklet. During the year, they sponsored a record dance, attended a Newspaper Workshop at Michigan State, and had a staff banquet supper. Library Club The 18 librarians, under Librarian Ralph Conklin, keep our library in tip¬ top shape. As their project for the year, they sold paper back books and pencils so that they might purchase a worthwhile item for the school as a memorandum of the club ' s hard work. FIRST ROW: Carol Elliot, Janet Faling, Pat Lehnert, Jackie Flondorp, Diane Cannon, Janis Allen. SECOND ROW: Judy Mackey, Loretta Jones, Pam John¬ son, Mr. Conklin, Joann Olsen, Mary Shilling, Shari Skeels, Carol Johnson, Leatrice Warner, Vicki Bartholomew, Lindy Swan. Class Night Presentations Kathy Krebs and Barb Gaifield Give Class History Dana Baird and Gordon Behrenwald Report Mock Election Marge Jeppesen and Mary Ellen Blumberg give Class Will Mrs. Gregg Accepts Yearbook Presentation Randy Chapin and M orris Kazmers Present Giftatory 111 Juniors Honor Seniors at “Fiesta” Pink Magnolia Tree Is Main Attraction “Fiesta” H The Burgundy Trio " Performs During Intermission As a tribute to the graduating Seniors, the Junior class created the May prom, " Fiesta. " Around the walls of the gymnasium beautiful pink flowers dripped down onto white pillars. In the center was a Mexican sleeping under a branching gardenia tree. Pink spotlights, focused on centers of attraction, tinted the entire Spanish wonder¬ land a gorgeous pink. The very popular " Renegades " provided music for the many dancers. During an intermission, " The Burgundy Trio " performed several vocal numbers. Following this, the Seniors received i dentical emblem charms. These prom gifts from the Juniors will long be precious remembrances of every Senior. I hi Iw fri rll

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