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AM -, ju.. •- . 3igg . j { ' : ' f | u lt,jS HR i iilllil i - ) q 1 t 4} timM •ji ' ;: j|f| , fc _ fc ' fet ' :. 4 A . 8 ,, , gA L ! jr t 1 c T 1 --. " " -■■■ 11 C V v S A 1 ■ |§J|§ff Hk t • w t v ' j - y 1 JT ' ' X k . . iU J 1 k ! ' ixj-1 _ o DEDICATION In this year of I960, we, the La Chatte staff, wish to dedicate our annual to a person who is deserving of the honor. This year we have chosen a man who has inspired us throughout our high school years. The spirit of L. H.S. was given a big boost this year with his wonderful production of the Mikado. His work in dramatics as well as in music has presented the entire com¬ munity as well as the students with many hours of enter¬ tainment. It is now with great pleasure that we dedicate the 1960 edition of the La Chatte to Mr. Elmer Coon. MR. ELMER COON SUPERINTENDENT SECRETARIES Mr. James Kos Mrs. Barbara Sirrine Mrs. Donna Van Ocker H. Youngman, Eldon Thompson, Manley Hansen, William Hammel, Glenn Herzog. PRINCIPAL Mr. O. A. Kirk Miss Mina Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kirk BOARD OF EDUCATION SECRETARY FACULTY Mrs. Mabel Rice Library English Literature Speech Mrs. Frieda Ferris 9th 10th English Mrs. Anne Martin 7th English Miss Saralee Bernth American Literature 8th English Mr. Floyd Ferris U. S. History 8th History Mr. Joseph Cook U. S. History 7th History Physical Education Miss Joyce Scott 7th Geography 8th Health Education 8th Physical Education Mr. Robert VanOcker Government Economics Counselor FACULTY Mrs. Zae Hodges 7th Math 8th Math Mrs. Gladys Gregg World History 7th History Latin I and II Mr. Maurice Martin Biology 8th Science Mr. B. W. Damschroder Physical Science Chemistry Physics Driver Education Mr. John Noud Attendance Advanced Algebra Plane Geometry Mr. John Nienhuis Algebra I General Math Plane Geometry Mrs. Nina Davis 8th Math Science Miss Ruth Peters Shorthand Commercial Math 8th English Miss Iva Dane Schaibly Home Ec I, ll 7 and III Mr. Russell Johnson Farm Shop Agriculture I, II, III, and IV Mr. Elmer Coon Band Chorus Mr. David Clark High School Art Junior High Art Physical Education FACULTY Mr. William Fagerlund Typing I and II Bookkeeping Mr. Robert Charnley Mechanical Drawing Advanced Shop 9th Grade Shop ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Mrs. R. Baker Sixth Grade Mrs. M. Herzog Sixth Grade PRINCIPAL Mrs. C. Rutledge Elementary Principal 10th Grade English Mr. G. Goulet Fifth Grade Mrs. L. Eckert Fifth Grade Mrs. F. Bissell Fourth Grade Mrs. F. LaFollette Fourth Grade ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Mrs. W. Edison Fourth Grade Mrs. E. Denny Second Grade Mrs. R. Noud Second Grade Mrs. D. Krampe Second Grade Mrs. D. Neitzel First Grade Mrs. L. Lindy Third Grade Mrs. T. Cantwell Third Grade Mrs. L. Stamm Third Grade ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Mrs. F. Kellogg First Grade Mrs. M. Feller First Grade Mrs. G. Potts Kindergarten Mrs. L. Moore Kindergarten BUS DRIVERS SCHOOL BU Mr. Damschroder, Mr. Fagerlund, Mr. Nienhuis, Mr. Charnley, Mr. C. Laper, Mr. D. Yankee, Mr. Seeley, Rev. Fetty, Mr. Dishong, Mr. Benjamen, Mr. K. Laper, Mr. Keyt, Mr. Smith, Mr. C. Yankee, Mr. Goulet, Mr. Ferris, Mr. Hyatt. Mr. W. Nicholson, Mr. C. Imhoff, Mr. H. Greenburg, Mr. H. Medford. COOKS CUSTODIANS Mrs. Kempton, Mrs. Matson, Mrs. Raglin, Mrs. Imhoff, Mr. Shipman . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Carolyn Keeney, Treasurer; Geraldine Johnson, Secretary; Micky Coon, President; Janice Knox, Vice President. As we go from high school out into the wide world we would wish to thank our sponsors and teachers who have helped us through one of life ' s steps. This school year we have had a senior play, " The Girl from Outer Space " ; a Thanksgiving dance, " Pilgrim ' s Prance " ; and also a Valentine ' s dance, " Holi¬ day for Hearts " . The Junior-Senior Prom held in our honor was wonderful and the theme, Sayonara , which means " Good Bye " , will long be remembered. I know none of us will forget the senior trip to Chicago. It was lots of fun and also very educational. We thank our sponsors for making this trip possible. Commencement exercises are now past and we must now leave L. H.S. and take that step into the wide wonderful world. SENIOR ABBEY, VICKEY: F. H.A. 1-2-3-4, Senior Play, Junior Play, Band 1-2- 3-4, Chorus 1 -2-3-4, Operetta, Per¬ fect Attendance 1-2-3-4. ALLEN, ARDATHAN: F.T.A. 3, Bible Club 2-3-4 (Pres. 4), Senior Play, Junior Play, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Student Council 4, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Perfect Atten¬ dance 5 years. Operetta (Pianist), Valedictorian. BEARDSLEE, GALE: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. BEARDSLEE, GARY: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Perfect Attendance 1. BEARDSLEE, COLLEEN: F. H.A. 1-2- 3-4, Senior Play, Junior Play, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Scholarship 3, Operetta. BENNETT, KATHERINE. BLAKELEY, CAROLE: Mecosta 1, F.T.A. 3-4, Class Sec. 2-3, Senior Play, Junior Play, Chorus 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 4 (Sec.), Scholarship 2, Operetta, Homecoming Queen Candidate 2, Minstrel Show 3. BENNETT, LAVONNE: Bible Club, 1-2, Chorus 1, 1960 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. SENIOR BONADORE, EDWARD: Edmore 1-2. BRANDOW, MARY: F.T.A. 3-4 (Sec. 4, Treas. 3), Library Club 4, Junior Play, Chorus 1-2-3, Scholarship 1-2-3. BUCHOLTZ, KEITH: Senior Play, Junior Play. CHRISTENSEN, SHARON: Bible Club 4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Art Club 2, Scholarship 3. CLINGENSMITH, PAULINE: Class Sec. 1. COON, CHARLES M.: Varsity Club 3-4, (Treas. 4), Class Pres. 4, Senior Play, Junior Play, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Student Council 1, J.V. Foot¬ ball 1-2, V. Track 2-3-4, Operetta, Minstrel Show 2-3. ELLAFRITS, KAY: Perfect Attendance 1-2, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta. ELLAFRITS, SHARON: F.H.A. 1-2- 3-4, F.T.A. 3-4, Annual Staff 3-4 (Editor 4), Junior Play, Senior Play, F.N.A. 3-4, Operetta. SENIORS FAUNG, GALE: Band 1-2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Senior Play 4. FOSS, LINDA: F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-4, Scholarship 2-3, Minstrel Show 2-3, Library Club 3-4 (Pres. 4), Junior Play, Senior Play, Homecoming Oueen Candidate 4, F.T.A. 3-4. HADDER, JAMES: F.F.A. 1-3, Junior Play, Senior Play. HANSEN, JANE: F.N.A. 3-4, Perfect Attendance 1 . HANSEN, JOANNE: F.N.A. 3-4, Junior Play, Scholarship 3, Senior Play. HANSEN, SHARON: Senior Play. HERZOG, NOREEN: F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play. HOUGHTON, ELDON: Football 1.2-3-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Varsity Club 3-4, Track 4. SENIORS HOUGHTON, MARIANNE: F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Bible Club 3-4, Perfect Attendance 1. JENSEN, JUNE JOHNSON, TED: Band 1-2-3-4. JOHNSON, VONNIE: Junior Play JOHNSON, FLORENCE JOHNSON, GARY: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, (Farm Mechanics Award 3, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, State Farmer Degree 4), Football 1 -2-3-4 (Co-Captain 4, Wood¬ land All-Star Team 3), Baseball 1-2-3, Class President 2-3, Varsity Club 3-4, (Vice Pres. 4), Junior Play, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 4. JOHNSON, GERALDINE: F.T.A. 3, Queen Candidate 3, Class Secretary 4. JOHNSON, JOAN: F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, F.T.A. 3, F.N.A. 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Scholarship 3, Chorus 4, Annual Staff 4, Operetta SENIORS KEENEY, CAROLYN: Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Art Club 2, Scholar¬ ship 1-2-3-4, Minstrel Show 2, Bible Club 3-4, F.T.A. 3-4 (Sec. 3), Junior Play, Class Treasurer 4, Operetta, Senior Play, Annual Staff 4. KNOX, JANICE: Homecoming Queen Candidate 1, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Class President 1, Vice President 4, Minstrel Show 3-4, F.H.A., 2-3-4 (Hist. 2, Parli. 3, Sec. 4), F.N.A. 3-4, Annual Staff 3-4 (Ass ' t. Ed. 4), Student Coun¬ cil 4, Operetta, Junior Play, Senior Play. KOHLER, SHARON: F.H.A. 1-2-3-4 (Vice Pres. 4), Chorus 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3, Scholarship 1-2-3-4, Minstrel Show 2-3, Junior Play, Operetta 4, Perfect Attendance 4, F.T.A. 4, Annual Staff 4. LAKE, JERRY: Band 1-2, Football J.V. 2, Junior Play, Senior Play. LARGE, MICHAEL: Football J.V. and Varsity 1, Basketball J.V. 1, Band 1, Junior Play, Senior Play, Student Council 4. LINT, TERRY: Junior Play, Student Council 3, Football Manager 4, Operetta 4. MASON, EDWARD: Ellsworth 1, Track 2, Junior Play. McAllister, sally: Hasiett High School 1-2-3. SENIORS MESSACAR, JAMES: Chorus 1, Greenville 1-2. MOORE, JANICE: Chorus 1, Perfect - Attendance 1. MOYSES, VALERIE: Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-4, Bible Club 1-3, Per¬ fect Attendance 2, Scholarship 2-3-4, F.T.A. 3-4 (Pres. 4). MURRAY, KAREN: Chorus 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Class Vice Pres. 1, Class Treas. 2, Minstrel Show 1-2-3, Perfect Attendance 2, Scholarship 2, Art Club 2, F.H.A. 2-3-4, (Pianist 2, Song Leader 3, Parli, 4), Cheer¬ leader 3-4, (Captain 4), Council 3-4, (Treas. 4), Operetta 4. NELSEN, GARY: NEWHALL, BARBARA: F.N.A. 3-4. NIELSEN, LARRY: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Sentinel 3, Reporter 4, Football 1-3, Basketball 1-2. NIELSON, RICHARD: Varsity Club 4, Football 4, J.V. Baseball 2, Track 4. SENIORS OLSEN, CHARLENE: Bible Club 1- 2-3, Art Club 2 , Junior Play, Senior Play, Chorus 4, Operetta. OUTMAN, GERALD: Scholarship 1-2, F.F.A. 1-2, Band 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play. PARKER, RICHARD: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 (Vice Pres. 4, State Farmer 4, Dairy Award 3), Basketball 1, Football Man¬ ager, 3-4, Operetta. OUTMAN, LONNIE: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4, Junior Play. PETERSEN, BARBARA: Minstrel Show 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Greenville 1 . RASMUSSEN, SUSAN: Student Council 1-2, Scholarship 1-2-3, Perfect Atten¬ dance 2-3, Cheerleader 2-3-4, F.T.A. 3, Junior Play, Chorus 3-4, Minstrel Show 3, Senior Play, Operetta. RUSSELL, JAMES: F.F.A. 1-2. RUTLEDGE, TONY: Class Treas. 1, Band 1-2, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Student Council 1, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Base¬ ball 1-2, Scholarship 1-2, Football 2-3-4, Minstrel Show 2-3, Varsity Club 3-4 (Pres. 4), Exchange Student in Europe 3, Track 3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta. SENIORS SANDERS, GUYLYN: Bible Club 3, Library Club 3, F.T.A. 3-4. SCHNICKE, SANDRA: F.H.A. 1, Junior Play, Senior Play. SIAS, BEVERLY SHERWOOD, CAROL: Library Club 3, Chorus 4, Operetta 4. SMITH, SHARON STEVENS, PAT: Band 1-3-4. STOKELY, JOHN T.: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 (Sec. 4), J.V. Basketball 1-2, Base¬ ball 1-2-3-4, Football 1 -2-3-4 (Capt. 4), Class Vice Pres. 2-3, Varsity Club 3-4 (Sec. 4), Junior Play. SWITZER, WILMA: Band 1-2-3-4, Scholarship 1 -2-3-4 F.T.A. 3, F.N.A. 3, Junior Play, Student Council 3-4 (Pres. 4). SENIORS TAYLOR, JUDY: F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Operetta. VAN DETTE, RALPH: F.F.A. 1, Band 1, Football J.V. 1, Basketball 2 . VANDER MYDE, HENRY: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 (Dele, to State Conv.), Basketball J.V. 1-2, Varsity 3-4, Football 3, Varsity Club 3-4, Senior Play, Chorus. VANDER MYDE, KAROL: Art Club 1, Bible Club 1-2-3-4 (Vice Pres. 3), F.T.A. 3, Chorus 3-4, Operetta. WARD, THOMAS L.: Football 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Band 1-2-3-4, Class Treas. 1-3, Varsity Club 3, Baseball 2-3, Junior Play, Student Council 4. WHEELER, DOUGLAS: F.F.A. 2-3- 4, Baseball 2, Junior Play. WICKWARE, MICHELE: Minstrel Show 2-3, Chorus 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2-3-4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Annual Staff. WILKINSON, BARBARA: Chorus 1-2-3, Scholarship 1-2-4, F.T.A. 3-4, Library Club 3-4, Junior Play. SENIORS YOUNG, DEAN: F.F.A. 1 -2-3-4. WILKINSON, JANICE: Junior Play, Scholarship 3, F.T.A. 3-4 (Treas. 4), Perfect Attendance 3-4. WILLISON, BOB: F.F.A. 1, J.V. Baseball 2, Band 1-2-3-4, Junior Play, Chorus 3-4, Perfect Attendance 3, Minstrel Show 3, Senior Play, Annual Staff 4, Operetta. WILSON, LLOYD: F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 (Sentinel 4). WILSON, ROBERT: F.F.A. 1 -2-3-4. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Arlene Hommel, Vice President; Julie Petersen, Treasurer; Gary Sirrine, President; Elaine Amon, Secretary. The Junior Class was proud to start their third year of high school with 115 members. Our first thrill of the year was the receiving of our class rings. This was one more step in the pathway of achievement. We successfully sponsored the Christmas Dance, " Silver Sleigh Swing " , and the junior play, " Bolts and Nuts " . They were exciting and rewarding activities. The theme for our Junior-Senior Prom was " Sayonara " . An evening in an Oriental Garden of Splendor was held in honor of the Seniors. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Ferris, Mrs. Gregg, and Miss Bernth for assisting and guiding us this year. As we marched at Baccalaureate with the Seniors, we eagerly looked for¬ ward to the joys of next year as Seniors. JUNIOR CLASS Almy, John Amon, Elaine Andersen, Wayne Andrews, Lynn Barnes, Jacquelyne Behrenwald, Jerry Bennett, Joan Bigler, Floyd Boerma, Tom Bolan, Ninah Bondy, Linda Brown, Betty Bunker, Garth Bush, Carol Butler, Diana Caswell, Edward Cole, Wanda Comden, Monta Rae Comden, Nancy Cook, Mike Crawford, Ardith Crawford, Dick Croff, Patricia Damschroder, Jane Durst, Sue Eastman, Earl Edgar, Diann Edison, John - JUNIORS Edwards, Claudia Fetty, Judy Forgar, Peter Frank, Tom Guilfoyle, Judy Gyger, Lynn Hall, Michael Hammel, Arlene Hansen, Patricia Hansen, Sharon Helmer, Marvin Hey, Joyce Hill, Susie Hogle, Betty Hondorp, Mike Houghton, Connie Houghton, Sharon Hubbard, David Hubbard, Gloria Humphreys, Marilyn Hutchinson, Anna Ingraham, Gary Johnson, Jill Jones, Cecil JUNIORS Krogman, Beverly LaFollette, Richard Lake, Donald Langdon, Jean Larsen, Michael Lee, Dean Martin, William Maurer, Carolyn Mclntire, John Moore, Owen Newhall, Robert Olsen, Karla Paepke, Pat Petersen, Carol Petersen, Janet Petersen, Julie Petersen, Sally Potts, Stephen Raglin, David Raglin, Diane Reil, Fred Robinson, Pete Rossman, Catherine Rowland, Nancy Rundberg, Ronald Sanches, Lupe Sanders, Delores Satterlee, Janet l 3L _ JUNIORS Scholz, Arvilla Seat - , Carol Sebald, Donna Shelly, Susan Sherwood, Allen Sirrine, Gary Skinner, Larry Sorensen, Joyce Spence, William Stephens, Wesley Stewart, Hugh Stokely, Donald Stout, Joyce Switzer, Dennis ■ Switzer, Patsy I Therkildsen, Larry | VanderMyde, Joanne VanNatter, Christine Wandel, Douglas u Warner, Joyce Wheeler, Dave Wickware, Maxine Wilkinson, Lila Willison, Bill Wilson, Jerry Wrench, Robert Zaremba, Madeline SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS James French, President; Dick Ellafrits, Vice President; Sheila Almy, Secretary; Frank Jaquays, Treasurer. We 103 Sophomores of 1960 feel that we have had a very memorable year. Among our many activities we successful I y sponsored our first dance, " The Spring Swing " and an all school skate. We had an inspiring day at Stanton on April 28th, when a cooperative Career Day was held with Lakeview, Edmore, Howard City, Vestaburg and Stanton participating. We were pleased to be the first class to order our class rings and to receive them before our junior year. We wish to thank our sponsors. Miss Peters and Mr. Fagerlund without their help we could not have accomplished so much. Our hopes are high for the following year and the new goals we will reach. We hope it to be as enjoyable as this one has been. SOPHOMORE CLASS Allen, Audrey Allen, Larry Almy, Kent Almy, Sheila Badge, Ruthan n Baird, Kay Bannen, Shirley Bozung, Susan Brown, Joyce Bucholtz, Sheila Bunker, Marcelynn Cahill, Vicki Cannon, Velma Cogswell, Charlotte Cole, Janet Conklin, Larry Coxon, Ilia Czostkowski, Alice Eckert, Lloyd Edgar, Rickey Ellafrits, Richard Fisher, Dorothy Forgar, Chuck Fowler, Karen French, James Frost, James Gyger, Kay Hammel, Carol ❖ ' V V V, 1 e i SOPHOMORES Hansen, Gloria Hansen, Phillip Harding, Marilyn Hatch, Mi11 icent Hock, Virginia Hogle, Donald Hutson, Norma Jaquays, Frank Jenkins, Beverly Jensen, Dean Jensen, Eloise Jones, Carolyn Jones, Ruth Jones, Shannon Jorgensen, Evelyn King, John King, Mary Knapp, Jimmie Knapp, Karl Kranz, Kay Large, Diane Large, Jerry Larson, David Lebeck, Linda Love, Julian Lucas, Charles Lutterloh, Judy Male, Vernon SOPHOMORES McClure, James Merlington, Randy Moore, Sonny Mulholland, Charles Mumby, David Nelsen, Keith Newhall, Carl Nichols, Karla Nielsen, Jerry Ostrander, Richard Petersen, Dianne Petersen, Lana Raglin, Sandra Rasmussen, Sharon Reed, Glen Rein, Gail Rowland, James Rundberg, Kathy Saxton, Jane Sexton, Bill Sexton, Susan Sherman, Arlene Shinabarger, Gary Sias, Judy Skutt, Sharon Smalley, Jay Smith, Douglas Stephens, Gary r SOPHOMORES Stevens, Don Switzer, Dick Tiffany, Karen Timiney, Bonnie VanderMyde, Elaine Wandel, Valanna Wanink, Gayla Warner, Lois Warner, Sandra Wernetti, Max Wheeler, Gary Wheeler, Gordon Williams, Joyce Williamson, Joanne Wilson, Elma Jean Wilson, Merrellyn ! Wolfe, Mil la Wright, Leland . ■ I FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Robert Larsen, President; Maureen Mizga, Secretary; Phyllis Edison, Vice President; Nan VanOrman, Treasurer. In the fall of 1959, the Freshmen class numbered 116. We were very ex¬ cited on starting our first year of high school. We sponsored one roller skating party and a class picnic. Both were well attended and a lot of fun. We are very grateful to our class officers and to our sponsors, Mrs. Ferris and Mr. Nienhuis. They have helped us make our year a successful one and we Thank them very much for it. Not pictured in the Freshmen class are: Ray Burton, Richard Carlson, Mark Moore, Judy Anderson, Nancy Prater, Dave Holtzlander, James Jeffery, Don King. FRESHMAN CLASS Armock, Danny Sharp, Duane Barnes, David Batey, Bob Beardslee, Larry Bellinger, Terry Benjamin, Carolyn Bennett, Roger Big ' er, Anna Bigler, Judy Bigler, Phillip Bomgaars, Dorothy Bristol, Floyd Burhance, Mary Bannen, Phillip Cantwell, Susan Carpenter, Cheeri Castle, Connie Chambers, Jerry Clark, Duane Cole, Don Christensen, Michael Craig, Carol DeLoach, Marsha DeMott, James Edison, Phyllis Evans, Bonnie Finkbeiner, Barbara FRESHMEN Flynn, Mike Hansen, Karen Harken, Joyce Harris, Danny Hartlep, Carole Harvey, Gary Heimbecker, Robert Heimbecker, Ruth Helmer, Edward Hey, Dale Houghton, David Hutchinson, Dan Imhoff, Donnie Ingraham, Louise Jaquays, Marvin Johnson, Walter Johnson, Richard Johnson, Virginia Johnston, Robert Jorgensen, Deanna Keilholtz, Frances Keilholtz, Jim Kennedy, Floyd Kluge, Leonhard Kohler, Larry Larsen, Connie Larsen, Robert Lawless, Aileen FRESHMEN Lawless, Helen Lee, Verne Llscombe, Kitty Love, Niki Lucas, John Luna, Mary Main, James Malik, Anna Marcella, Terry Mclntire, David Minahan, Max Mizga, Maureen Moody, Sharon Morrill, Virginia Newell, Ann Nielsen, Jim Nielsen, Louise Olson, Mitchel Ostrander, Gloria Outman, Diane Outman, Sandra Paulson, Richard Pike, LaVern Price, Patricia Rader, Robert Rentschler, Dan Reusser, Patricia Robinson, Laura r 5 ? FRESHMEN Roose, Julia Royston, Janet Rutledge, Douglas Sanchez, Chris Schnicke, Gloria Schultz, Sharlene Shaw, Richard Sherwood, Wanda Skutt, Sandy Stanton, Mary Stanton, May Surrey, Jerry Switzer, Gary Thompson, Janet Tiffany, Marilyn Tompkins, Ernest Topolski, Ronald VanOrman, Nan Wandel, Lillian Ward, Sally EIGHTH GRADE ROW 1: Connie Skutt, Joan French, Diane Gannon, Patricia Lehnert, Kathleen Fountain, Cathy Edwards, Luraine Drews, Cecelia Cunningham, Dawn Wilkinson, Florence Fitzgerald, Judy Brayman, Kathryn Blumberg, Suzanne Moyses, Janet Lebeck, Barbara Gaffield, Donna Burton, Judy Ostrander, Judy Edwards. ROW 2: Charles Riggs, Sharon Skeels, Gloria Sirrine, Judy Outman, Carla Hall, Connie Miller, Linda Swan, Mary Lynn Shilling, Janice Steele, Loretta Jones, Lois VanDette, Jeanine Keeney, Jackie Hondorp, JoAnn Townley, Bonnie Petersen, Janet Kappe, Nita Wandel, Cynthia Miller, Diana Hutson, Sherry Jensen, Mary Lee, Mrs. Hodges (Sponsor). ROW 3: Mr. Clark (Sponsor), Ronald London, Robert Matson, Fred Willison, Stephen Hansen, David Miles, John Bondy, Lee Larsen, Randall Chapin, Gary Lockwood, Robert Deloria, Rodney Johnson, Gene Hogle, Gary Edgerly, Mickey Edison, Carl Moore, Darwin Jensen, Cecil Anderson, James Taylor, Robert Stevens, Michael Shinabarger, Aldeane Cogswell, Randy Huckins, David Hadder. ROW 4: David Smith, David Rossman, Mick Baird, Richard Hart, Marjorie Jeppesen, Dixie Warner, Douglas Waldo, John Bale, Ann Stewart, John Hammel, James Stewart, Morris Kazmers, Robert Langdon, Jim Kos, Carl Thompson, Glenna Herzog, Charlene Nielson, Lloyd Switzer, Greg Brockdorf, Karen Burlison, Susan Humphreys, Richard White, Gary Lindsey, Max Johnson, Kenny Young. EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Connie Skutt, Judy Outman, Karen Burlison, Ann Stewart, Gloria Sirrine, Joan French. SEVENTH GRADE ML i ‘faj. T r-m Frjl Lv ji OW J : . 1L 0 , rland ? nink ' Bil| y graham, Michael Miles, Michael Rasmussen, Joe Main, Lynn Keilholtz, Mickey Bellinger, Jimmy Abbey, Keith White, Claude Bristol. Larry Peterson, Roger Ostrander, Larry Carrick, Dale Rasmussen, ROW 2: Calhoun, Michael Jalacki, Julie Coon, Dana Janis Alien Dean Larsen, Judy Main, Sharilyn Allen, Bobbie Miller, Richard Johnson, John Baird, Beverly Blumberg, Sue King, Diane Beardslee, Juanita Linscott, David Gregg, Danny Hansen, Rose Mary Cole, Houghton, John Frost. Sherry ROW 3: Miss Scott, Dennis Helmer, Don Badge, Lois Carroll, David Sias, Carl Connie Frank, Penny Schwandt, Diane Skutt, Elizabeth Liscombe, Noreen Layle, Staffen, Thomas Haenlein, Lee Yankee, Carol Elliott, James Guilfoyle Carol Johnson, Jane Lucas, Joe Frost, Mr. Charnley. ROW Mike 4: Keith White, Susan Sherman, Grace Hatch, Gerald Benton, Ed Deloria, Lynn LaBranch, Ada Olsen, Larsen, Richard Helms, John Jeffery, Paul Roose, Jim Fetty, Carlene Jones, Dan Stokely, Gordon Behrenwald, James Gustavsen, Dawn Iverson, David Skutt. ROW 5: Lincoln, Warner, Jerry Kellogg Ronald Nielsen, Janet Faling, Diana Rader, Joanne Olsen, Darleen Leroy Iteen John Ellafrits, Pomelo Johnson, Carol Moser, Nancy Staffen, Hazel Bush Linda Lutterloh, Elspeth Comden. Carlson, Bob Behrenwald, Gary White, Jim Comden , Suzanne Townley, Linda Wilkinson, Bonnie Larsen Louis Leatrice Pamela Johnson Darleen Carlson Judy Main Julie Coon Dana Baird Janet Faling SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 1: Sally Ward, Midge Zaremba, Monta Rae Comden, Pam Johnson, Ardathan Allen, Carole Blakeley. ROW 2: Larry Carrick, Carol Seat, Karen Murray, Ilia Coxon, Marilyn Harding, Jan Youngman, Ann Stewart. S AlV=. V S°tXSwo,7‘ J ° niC ’ K " ° X ' Ctek FO,0 ° " Bi " Johnson, P „. r STANDING: President Wilma Switzer. YEARBOOK STAFF SITTING: Jonio, Kno«, Cnroly. K,.n„, Shoron Ellofrils, Sh.rri. Kohl.., joyc. S.oh,., Corol. Blak.l.,. ST 6 80t Mi ' h,le Wi ' = k “™ ' G " ' T Johnson, BorWo, Mr. VonOok.r (Advisor), BIBLE CLUB ROW 1: Ardathan Allen, JoAnn VanderMyde, Miss Schiably, (Advisor), Joyce Hey, Lila Wilkinson. ROW 2: Beverly Krogman, Mary Burhance, Marianne Houghton, Sue Durst, Delores Sanders, Mary Stanton, Donna Sebald. ROW 3: Nancy Prater, Dale Hey, Karol VanderMyde, Carolyn Keeney, Elaine VanderMyde, Sharon Hansen, Joan Bennett, Cecil Jones. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ROW 1: Linda Foss, Barbara Wilkinson, Valerie Moyses, Carole Blakeley, Mary Brandow. ROW 2: Monta Rae Comden, Patti Keyt, Jackie Barnes, Janice Wilkinson, Sue Durst, Elaine Amon, Carol Petersen, Wanda Cole. ROW 3: Guylyn Sanders, Sherrie Kohler, Betty Hogle,. Sharon Ellafrits, Christine VanNatter, Carolyn Keeney, Joyce Hey, Catherine Rossman. F. H. A. ROW 1: Jeanie Langdon, Janice Knox, Judy Lutterloh, Janie Damschroder, Hammet, Miss Schiably (Advisor), Joan Johnson, Carol Seat, Karen Murray. ROW 2: Kay Baird, Dianne Outman, Francis Keitholtz, Marianne Houghton, Finkbeiner, Janet Satterlee, Sandra Outman, Nancy Wood, Sharon Rasmussen, Sherrie Kohler, Elaine Amon, Arlene Marilyn Humphreys, Vicky Abbey, Barbara Bonnie Evans, Gloria Schnicke. ROW 3: Marsha Deloach, Noreen Herzog, Vicki Cahill, Linda Foss, Sharon Ellafrits, Colleen Beardslee, Judith Watson, Judy Taylor, Audrey Allen, Jan Youngman, Connie Houghton, Michele Wickware, Janet Royston, Susan Cantwell. LIBRARY CLUB ROW ROW Carol 1: Alice Czostkowski, Mary Brandow, Barbara Wilkinson, Linda Foss, 2: Norma Jutson, Janet Satterlee, Sharon Hansen, Cheeri Carpenter, Dianne Petersen, Sheila Almy. Mrs. Rice (Advisor), Marilyn Harding, ROW 1: Phillip Hansen, Don Cole, Mike Christensen, Jim Knapp, Richard Parker, Eldon Houghton, Larry Nielsen, Gary Johnson, John Stokely, Lloyd Wilson, Mr. Johnson - Advisor, Dale Hey, Mitchell Olson, Dean Young, Dan Rentschler. ROW 2: Leonard Kluge, Larry Kohler, Richard Shaw, Richard Ostrander, Charles Lucas, Dean Lee, Duane Clark, Kent Almy, Vernon Male, Larry Conklin, Bob Johnston, Carl Newhall, Jay Smalley, David Mumby, Ernest Tompkins, LaVerne Pike, Vern Lee, Phillip Bigler, Bob Wilson, Ed Helmer. ROW 3: Bob Wilson, Randy Merlington, Gary Wheeler, Don Stokely, Harry Bigler, Gary Switzer, Dan Armock, Owen Moore, Ricky Edgar, Garth Bunker, David Hubbard, Bob Baty, Marvin Jaquays, Jerry Behrenwald, Ricky Paulson, Terry Bellinger, Frank Jaquays, Bob Wrench, Gale Faling, Bob Heimbecker, Jerry Wilson, David Houghton. ROW 4: Marvin Helmer, Charles Mulholland, Duane Sharp, David Larsen, Pete Robinson, Karl Knapp, Tom Kain, Wesley Stephens, Walter Johnson, Bob Newhall, Jim McClure, Mike Flynn, Dick Switzer, Larry Therkildsen, Henry VanderMyde, Mark Moore, Jim Nielsen, Jack Johnson, Dick Crawford, Roger Bennett. LEFT: Harry Bigler FFA Public Speaker RIGHT: Bob Wilson and Mike Flynn, FFA Farm Demon¬ stration Team SECOND YEAR FUTURE NURSES Jane Hansen, Sharon Ellafrits, Joan Johnson, Brenda Hansen, Barbara Newhall, Janice Knox, JoAnne Hansen. FIRST YEAR FUTURE NURSES Lila Wilkinson, Midge Zaremba, Janet Petersen, Patty Keyt. JoAnne VanderMyde, Diane Raglin, Judy Guilfoyle, Karla Olsen, VARSITY CLUB ROW 1: Don Stokely, Kent Almy, Richard Nielsen, Gary Johnson, Tony Rutledge, Mickey Coon, John Stokely, Gary Sirrine, Hugh Stewart. ROW 2: Eldon Houghton, Henry VanderMyde, Harry Bigler, David Hubbard, Dick Ellafrits, Chuck Forgar, Bill Spence, Dave Wheeler, Pete Robinson, Wayne Anderson, Fred Reil, John Edison, Mr. Clark (Advisor). VARSITY CHEERLEADERS TOP TO BOTTOM: Nina Bolan Susie Hill Monta Rae Comden Susan Rasmussen Karen Murray Midge Zaremba SENIOR PL A Y SITTING: Vicky Abbey, Mickey Wickware, Barbara Petersen, Kay Ellafrits, Carole Blakeley, Susan Rasmussen, Joan Johnson. STANDING: Noreen Herzog, Sandra Schnicke, Charlene Olsen, Linda Foss, Carolyn Keeney, Bob Willison, Mr. Coon (Director) Tony Rutledge, Mickey Coon, Keith Bucholtz, Judy Taylor, Janice Knox. ' ‘ " The Girl From Outer Space” Queen. Zelda. Debbie. Mother. Gerry . Judy. Marilyn . Randy . Joe. Herbie (the Hepcat). Father . JUNIOR PLAY •£J » m 5 « « ' ROW 1: Linda Bondy, Diane Raglin, Marilyn Humphreys, Jackie Barnes, Jean Kohler, Pat Croft, Nina Bolan, Elaine Amon, Monte Rae Comden, Midge Zaremba. ROW 2: Lila Wilkinson, Catherine Rossman, Jane Damschroder, Sue Durst, Joan Bennett, Diane Edgar, Janet Satterlee, Jill Johnson, Maxine Wickware, Joyce Stout. ROW 3: Susie Shelly, Janet Petersen, Karla Olsen, Julie Petersen, Sharon Hansen, Anna Hutchinson, Arlene Hammel, Jeanie Langdon, Patti Keyt, Diana Butler, Betty Hogle, Carol Petersen. ROW 4: Mike Cook, Tom Frank, Dick Crawford, John Edison, John Mclntire, Bill Spence, Mike Hondorp, Fred Reil, Don Lake, Hugh Stewart, Douglas Wandel, Mr. Coon - Director. " BOLTS AND NUTS” CAST Benita Bolt Lutie Spinks Rebecca Bolt Martha Grubb Twink Starr Dr. Hippocrates Joy Henry Goober Phineas Plunkett Miss Prunella Figg Cadwalleder Clippy Mrs. Gertie Glossop Wilbur Glossop Jack Gordon Thursday Night Midge Zaremba Diana Butler Janet Petersen Maxine Wickware Mike Hondorp John Mclntire Don Lake Ned Jorgensen Jill Johnson Tom Frank Ninah Bolan Mike Cook Fred Reil Friday Night Julie Petersen Susie Shelly Jeanie Langdon Lila Wilkinson John Edison John Mclntire Bill Spence Ned Jorgensen Sue Durst Tom Frank Patti Keyt Mike Cook Dick Crawford SENIOR BAND ROW 1: Marilyn Humphreys, Evelyn Jorgensen, Wilma Switzer, Christine VanNatter, Donald Lake, Michael Coon, Bob Willison, Jane Saxton, Larry Skinner. ROW 2: Sonny Moore, Jane Damschroder, James Frost, Joyce Hey, Niki Love, Jerry Large, Janice Knox, Jerry Wilson, Ted Johnson. ROW 3: Dick Ellafrits, Joyce Stout, Elma Jean Wilson, Kay Baird, Gale Faling, Diana Butler, Patsy Switzer, Catherine Rossman, Mike Hondorp. ROW 4: Tom Frank, Wanda Cole, Karen Tiffany, Judy Lutterloh, Linda Lebeck, Sheila Bucholtz, Jeanne Langdon, Wesley Stephens, Steve Potts. ROW 5: Sharon Houghton, Valerie Moyses, Carol Hammel, Vicky Cahill, Nancy Comden, Larry Conklin, Jill Johnson, Pat Stevens, Sharon Rasmussen. ROW 6: Vicky Abbey, Gayla Wanink, Douglas Smith, Lois Warner, Susan Bozung, Karen Murray, Bill Willison, Robert Wrench, Virginia Hock. ROW 7: Joan Johnson, Carolyn Keeney, Mike Cook, Ardathan Allen, Donnie Imhoff, Kay Ellafrits, Judy Taylor, Shirley Bannen, Beverly Jenkins. NOT PICTURED: Dick Switzer, Tom Ward. i , jfy f lUPJjEi - L rfMfi- cPt fjspL. ftSrlJi ig. yK.M ' Wi kkmk ' l JUNIOR MUSIC ROW 1: Janet Thompson, David Smith, Robert Wilson, Penny Schwandt, Judy Main, Pamela Johnson, Janet Faling, Julie Coon, Judy Outman. ROW 2: Gary Switzer, Larry Kohler, Susan Cantwell, Carolyn Benjamin, John Bale, Lynn Keiholtz, Jan Youngman, Diana Jorgensen, Susan Ward, Darlene Carlson, Linda Wilkinson, Susan Humphreys, Douglas Rutledge, Jim Stewart, Gloria Sirrine, Douglas Waldo. ROW 3: Glenna Herzog, Karen Burlison, Charlene Nielsen, Marjorie Jepson, Luraine Drews, Sharilyn Allen, Bob Rader, Bob Langdon, Diana Rader, Bonnie Evans, Lloyd Switzer, Morris Kazmers, Mickey Baird, Carl Thompson, Jim Kos, Dick Hart, Dixie Warner, Jim Comden, David Gregg, Danny Houghton, Larry Carrick, Leatrice Warner. ROW 4: Diana Skutt, Linda Lutterloh, Bonnie Larsen, Joan Olsen, Dana Baird, Carol Moser, Mr. Coon, Director; Donnie Imhoff, David Rossman, Lee Yankee, Bob Behrenwald, Gary White, Dale Hey, Ann Stewart, Fred Willison, John Frost, Bob Matson, Dale Rasmussen, Sherrie Calhoun, Joe Frost, John Ellafrits, Ronnie Nielsen, Jim Abbey, David Skutt, Richard White, Louis Lincoln, John Hammel, Floyd Kennedy. CHORUS ROW 1: Valanna Wandel, Nancy Wood, Phillip Hansen, Connie Castle, Judy Outman. ROW 2: Arlene Sherman, Kitty Liscombe, Frances Keilholtz, Judy Andersen, Marsha DeLoach, Julie Roose. ROW 3: Janet Royston, Patti Keyt, Karla Olsen, Sharlene Schultz, Diane Outman, Cheeri Carpenter. ROW 4: Mr. Coon, Director; Jan Youngman, Judith Watson, Dorothy Bomgaars, Joyce Harkens, Charlene Olsen, Joan Johnson. I SENIOR CHORUS ROW 1: Carole Blakeley, Kay Ellafrits, Vickv Abbey, Monta Rae Comden, Karen Murray, Sheila Bucholtz, Midge Zaremba, Carol Bush, Claudia Edwards, Beverly Krogman, Carol Hammel, Judy Lutterloh, Ilia Coxon, Ardathan Allen. ROW 2: Carol Sherwood, Donna Sebald, Diane Raglin, Carole Hartlep, Carolyn Maurer, Lila Wilkinson, Maxine Wickware, Sharon Kohler, Sharon Christensen, Valerie Moyses, Catherine Rossman, Susan Rasmussen, Kay Baird. ROW 3: Mr. Coon, Director; Ruth Ann Jones, Karol VanderMyde, Linda Foss, Joan Bennett, Joanne VanderMyde, Dorothy Fisher, Jane Damschroder, Marilyn Humphreys, Connie Houghton, Jeanie Langdon, Karla Nichols, Sue Durst, Michele Wickware, Virginia Hock, Janice Knox. ROW 4; Carolyn Keeney, Michael Coon, Steve Potts, Susan Bozung, Bob Willison, Judy Taylor, Tony Rutledge, Alice Czostkowski, Bill Spence, John Mclntire, Velma Cannon, Dave Wheeler, Wayne Andersen, Vicki Cahill, Henry VanderMyde, Colleen Beardslee, Tom Frank, Douglas Wandel. Linda Foss Senior Candidate HOMECOMING QUEEN Julie Petersen Junior Queen Sheila Almy Sophomore Candidate Sally Ward Freshman Candidate OPERETTA MIKADO CAST Yum-Yum The Mikado of Japan Nanki -Po Ko-Ko Pooh-Bah Pitti-Sing Pish-Tush Peep-Bo Katisha Go-To Karen Murray Wayne Andersen Micky Coon Tony Rutledge Dave Wheeler Monta Rae Comden Bob Willison Jan Youngman Carolyn Keeney Steve Potts CHORUS OF WOMEN Nancy Wood Janice Knox Karla Nichols Carol Bush Susan Rasmussen Beverly Krogman Jane Damschroder Sharon Kohler Vicky Abbey Judy Taylor Sheila Bucholtz Colleen Beardslee Charlene Olsen Joan Johnson Connie Houghton Carole Blakeley Catherine Rossman Kay Baird Marilyn Humphreys Valerie Moyses Matthew Martin, Ko-Ko ' s Attendant CHORUS OF MEN Terry Lint Dave Mclntire John Mclntire Richard Parker Douglas Wandel Mike Flynn Tom Frank JUNIOR - SENIOR PROM WHO’S WHO PRETTIEST GIRL. HANDSOMEST BOY. BEST DRESSED GIRL. BEST DRESSED BOY . BEST GIRL DANCER. BEST BOY DANCER . GIRL ATHLETE . BOY ATHLETE. CUTEST GIRL. CUTEST BOY . GIRL SINGER. BOY SINGER. CLASS CUT-UP . CLASS GUM CHEWER. CLASS ACTOR . CLASS ACTRESS . MOST STUDIOUS BOY .... MOST STUDIOUS GIRL ..., TEACHERS ' PET. INSEPARABLES. SCHOOL SKIPPER . CLASS PEST . MOST POPULAR BOY . MOST POPULAR GIRL. BASHFUL BOY . BASHFUL GIRL. WITTIEST GIRL. CLASS COUPLE . THE GREAT LOVER (BOY) . THE FLIRTATIOUS (GIRL) .. CLASS MUSICIAN. CLASS ORATOR . JOLLIEST. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED LATE FOR EVERYTHING ... CUTEST DIMPLES ... PRETTIEST HAIR . BEST PHYSIQUE (BOY) . SUSAN RASMUSSEN .GARY JOHNSON KAY ELLAFRITS .TONY RUTLEDGE BARB PETERSEN .TONY RUTLEDGE .JANICE KNOX TONY RUTLEDGE .JANICE KNOX TERRY LINT KAREN MURRAY MICKEY COON JIM HADDER FLORENCE JOHNSON TONY RUTLEDGE CHARLENE OLSEN MICKEY COON ARDATHAN ALLEN SHARON KOHLER SUSAN RASMUSSEN CAROLE BLAKELEY JIM HADDER JIM RUSSELL GARY JOHNSON - JANICE KNOX RICHARD PARKER WILMA SWITZER JANICE KNOX JANICE KNOX GARY JOHNSON TONY RUTLEDGE LINDA FOSS MICKEY COON GARY JOHNSON BOB WILLISON ARDATHAN ALLEN JIM HADDER JOAN JOHNSON KAREN MURRAY GARY JOHNSON 1 u-sPu» T s- T nl ' " v uKvie ' r,B VARSITY FOOTBALL Opponents Ravenna 7 Ithaca 19 Edmore 12 Howard City 7 Big Rapids 7 Stanton 0 Sheridan 14 Barryton 0 Coach Clark Lakeview 12 6 32 21 25 41 31 20 Coach Martin Rutledge F ° r9er ' Rei ' ' S!rrine ' J ° hns0n ' John Stokel y ' J°hn Almy, Eldon Houghton, Tony ROW 2: Kent Almy, Harry Bigler, Dave Hubbard, Dick Ellafrits, Dennis Switzer, Mike Hondrop, Earl Eastman, John taison, Don btokely. r ROW 3: Hugh Stewart, Tom Frank Ned Jorgensen, Bill Martin, Owen Moore, Richard Nielsen, Wes Stephens, Pete Kobinson, hrank Jacquays, Mike Hall. r Co-Captains John Stokely and Gary Johnson Wildcats in Action VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW 1: Coach Cook, Ricky Edgar, Wayne Andersen, John Edison, Randy Merlington, Pete Robinson. ROW 2: Garth Bunker - Manager, Henry VanderMyde, Tony Rutledge, Bill Spence, Dave Wheeler, Owen Moore, Gary Sirrine, Dennis Switzer - Manager. WILDCATS Lakeview Opponents Lakeview Opponents 74 Remus 61 69 Reed City 45 73 Ravenna 61 58 Stanton 64 59 Mt. Pleasant 63 55 Howard City 53 45 Howard City 60 64 Edmore 61 51 Greenvil le 50 66 Remus 57 60 Rockford 70 65 Muskegon Christian 67 83 Ravenna 61 71 Big Rapids 63 73 Big Rapids 62 Tournaments 53 Edmore 52 55 Big Rapids 56 JUNIOR VARSITY ROW 1: Larry Kohler, Frank Jaquays, Dick Ellafrits, Chuck Forgar, Donny Imhoff, Coach Noud. ROW 2: Dick Switzer, Bob Batey, Marvin Jaquays, Dan Armock, Don Hogle, David Larsen, Leonard Kluge - Manager. KITTENS Lakeview 58 Remus 66 Ravenna 60 Mt. Pleasant 56 Howard City 57 Greenvil le 59 Rockford 56 Ravenna 60 Edmore Opponents Lakeview 32 47 35 72 43 53 48 56 40 55 33 87 37 47 34 63 Big Rapids Opponents 37 Reed City 38 Stanton 20 Howard City 43 Edmore 30 Remus 63 Muskegon Christian 60 Big Rapids 45 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ROW 1: Kenny Youngs, Max Johnson, Randy Chapin, Mick Edison, Carl Moore, Mick Baird, Coach Dave Clark. ROW 2: Manager - Bill Rose, Lee Larsen, Jim Kos, Bob Langdon, Morris Kazmers, Gary Lockwood, Jim Stewart, Manager - John Lockwood. ROW 1: Dave Skutt, Jerry Kellogg. ROW 2: Manager - Michael Jalacki, Bob Rasmussen, Dean Larsen, Len Larsen, Larry Carrick, Jim Abbey, Larry Petersen - Manager. ROW 3: John Ellafrits, Dan Stokely, Gorden Behrenwald, Jim Comden, Louis Lincoln, Coach Dave Clark. BASEBALL ROW 1: Coach Noud, Larry Therkildsen, John Stokoly, Hugh Stewart, Mike Larson, Dave Wheeler, John Edison. ROW 2: Randy Merlington, Tom Kain, Chuck Forgar, Marvin Jaquays, Frank Jaquays, Gary Wheeler, Don Imhoff. . SCORE OPPONENTS OPPONENT’S SCORE 3 Cedar Springs 2 4 Edmore 10 13 Kent City 6 15 Remus 1 14 Morley-S tanwo od 4 23 Mecosta 0 7 Edmore 6 4 Greenvil le 5 4 Cedar Springs 7 2 Morley-S tanwood 6 4 Greenville 5 6 Tournament - Belding 9 TRACK Coach Martin, Don Hogle, Dave Hubbard, Fred Reil, Tony Rutledge, Bill Spence, Wesley Stephens, Wayne Anderson, Mickey Coon, Leland Wright, Doug Rutledge. LAKEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL TRACK RECORDS 100 yd. dash - Jack Houghton 1948, Dave Hondorp 1958 Tied 10.6 220 yd. dash - Jerry Almy 1950 23.6 440 yd. dash - Gary Peterson 1950 55.7 880 Relay - Tom Vestergaard 1958 2:12.3 Mile - Mike Stewart 1958 4:57.2 120 yd. High Hurdles - Gerald Hendrickson 1955 16.3 180 yd. Low Hurdles - Larry Behrenwald, John Stout 1952-59 22.3 Shot Put - George Edgar 1956 46 ' 1 2 " Broad Jump - Larry Behrenwald 1953 19 ' 11 1 2 " Pole Vault - Bill Bush 1941 9 ' 6 " High Jump - Clare Johnston 1957, Dave Rentz 1958 Tied 5 ' 7 " Medley Relay (3 4 mile) - Mick Coon, John Stout, Dick Hansen, Fred Reil 1959 2:44 INTRAM URALS

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