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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1970 volume:

G£ LEN COUNTY PUBLIC LI I 3 1833 02215 7421 Gc 977.202 F77Lak 1970 Lakeside Junior High School Lance ;M70 1%M$ -mo [PRESENT AMD Administration Leads Although Mr. Jackson is part of the past, we are glad he is with us in the present. The principal has many responsibilities both difficult and pleasurable. Along with attending meetings and being our official rep- resentative in the school community, he finds time to fulfill the many duties required of him here at Lake- side. Mr. Jackson on any one day could find himself concerned with a change in the schedule, a decision on an athletic event, a school mainte- nance or cafeteria problem, or reply- ing to a personal request from a student or teacher. In addition, he still finds time to be a friend to the faculty and students. A familiar face of past years and present is Mr. Hoffman. He serves as an assistant to Mr. Jackson. Mr. Hoffman is occupied daily with stu- dent activities, and scheduling as- semblies. He is also responsible for book inventory, program hearing, and visual testing each year. During the school day Mr. Hoffman may be seen throughout the school talking with students and teachers alike. Lancers into New Year We are also happy to include among the present members of our staff, Miss Bourff, who has in the past devoted many hours helping the stu- dents at Lakeside. Miss Bourff came to Lakeside as an English teacher, and in 1967 assumed the position of full time guidance counselor. Along with the important responsi- bilities of counseling students, she is the advisor for the Future Teachers Club. In the past, Mr. Schott was listed among our fine teachers. He taught English and Latin. In the present Mr. Schott is a full time guidance coun- selor. He is involved in individual and group conferences, and plans the homeroom guidance program. Mr. Schott is also advisor to the Stu- dent Council. These Competent Ladies Do Our Secretarial Work Gratefully we have Mrs. Messer- schmidt as one of our school secre- taries. Busy with secretarial jobs, she also does little odd jobs. She has the responsibility of handling Lake- side ' s finances. Mrs. Ellingwood completes our very capable office staff. Students and teachers go to her for answers for their many questions concerning the daily activities of the school. She also makes out the payroll of the school. Great Faculty Guides Mrs. Mary Jane Blossom Mathematics Mrs. Katherine Brown Latin Mrs. Anita Buchanan Social Studies Mrs. Maria Busch Developmental Reading Mr. Jack Caster Mathematics Mrs. Carlease Chandler Social Stu Mr. Theodore Crum General Science Mrs. Brenda Doucette English Miss Oleeta French Home Economics Mrs. Susan Harroff Spanish, English Mr. Michael Hey Physical Education Mr. Kenneth Howe Biology. Science Mr. Myron Lowe Social Studies Mr. James Lubbehusen Industrial Arts Mrs. Harriett McMeeking English Mr. Orlyn Meyer English, Mathematics Mr. Thomas Duff Industrial Arts Mr. Robert Dwiggins nstrumental Music Mrs. Carol Ewing Home Economics, French Mr. Paul Feaser Science Mr. Charles Kammeyer Health, Science. Physical Ed- ucation Mrs. Jane Kimmel Algebra, General Math Mr. George Koegel Language Arts Mr. Charles Laurie Mathematics Us Through 69-70 Year Mr. Gerald Miller English Mrs. Mary Milton Art Mr. Walter Muth Vocal Music Miss Minnie Myles English Mrs. Helen Ponczek Science, Health, Physical Ed- ucation Mrs. Jill Rinne Developmental Reading Mr. Marshall Schoeff Science. Biology, Health Mrs. Emily Shearer Physical Education Mrs. Beatrice Stoeckley Librarian Mrs. Alva Sweet Science. Mathematics Mr. Philip Wahl Mathematics Mr. Lynford Weiland Social Studies Mrs. Katherine Donahue Study Hall, Attendance Staff Works Hard Cooking Cleaningand Helping Out We have our custodial staff to thank for the fact that Lakeside is the clean- est school in the city. The custodians work very hard with little recognition which they certainly deserve. . a imiMLMmi Mrs. Foos and Mrs. Geyer are our two teacher- aides this year. Mrs. Foos ' duties include super- vising the cafeteria while Mrs. Geyer works mainly in the library. We would like to thank both these women for their help in the past year. The cooks can be found busily working in the kitchen every school day. These hard-working ladies receive little praise for their serv- ices. The student body wishes to extend many thanks to the cooks for the nourishing lunches they prepare for us. Student Leaders Put Their Best Foot Forward in 69-70 President Curt Brown Vice-President Dave Knepper Treasurer Doug Biedenweg Student Council is the ruling body of Lakeside. In the past year, they ' ve done projects such as those for the Veteran ' s Hospital, and Christmas Bureau Food Drive. They ' ve worked hard on planning parties and many more useful things. We ' ve really got these gifted people to thank for an out- standing job and for giving Lakeside the name it deserves. Secretary Robin Fish Members of the 1969-1970 Student Council at Lakeside. As Freshmen, we look back DaveAckerman Brad Altevogt Bill Amstutz Chuck Armstrong Bruce Ashe Karen Augsburger 1 Janet Aumiller John Bakle Jody Barile Thea Baughman Gene Bartlett Judy Baumgardner Bard Bedwell Doug Biedenweg Tom Blackburn Vickl Bohnke Dave Borkenstein Bob Bowman To see ourselves bewildered as 7th graders Jean Brackmann Margo Brackmann Bev Brantley Mike Bregenzer Allyn Brinker Bruce Brown Curt Brown Jerry Brown Janine Burke Jim Burlage Nancy Burnham RickByanski Joan Cameron EdCarbome Michelle Carlo GeneChaffin Casey Chrzan Kathy Cline Colleen Collins Mart Collins Bruce Conrad As 8th graders we were well adjusted . n " mm il Roxanne Converse Trish Cornelius Cheryl Correa Cheryl Cour Dan Cox GeraldineCrain Marilyn Crain Julie Culbertson Gloria Dahman Dan Dau Ginger Davidson Charles Davis Vicki DePrey Yvonne Dilling Debbie Diver Lynn Doughty Ed Downs Debbie Drake Carolyn Drew Steve Evans Joe Eykholt Dave Feldheiser and looked forward to our Freshman year, Jamie Fiscus Alyce Figel Randy Firks Robin Fish Mark Fisher Darlene Fletcher Dave Folk GregFoote Clyde Ford Rhonda Fox JeffFranke Mike Franklin Doug Godfrey Cindy Graft Bob Grant Connie Gray Pam Green o Sandra Guertin Joette Gumbert Steve Guy Jana Habegger Kerry Hall Kathy Halsey Paula Harmon Now, we are preparing for high school. Chris Hansen Phil Hatch Sue Headford Patti Hem Jenny Heiniger Pam Henr Diane Holmes Barb Hoppel Greg Huddle Patty Hull Neal Inscoe Nancy Jackson LeeAnnJacoby John Jantz PatJehl Dan Jenkins Dave Johnson Gwynne Johnson Jenny Joseph Lori Justice Mark Kast April Kerley Roberta Kipfer Steve Kipfer Patti Kipling DaveKnepper La Verna Knisley Cindy Knispel Jim Knuth Debbie Konkle Being Freshman, we have more freedoms Pam Kirkpatrick Joy Koontz Kevin Krause Linda Kruse Bob Krouse Shirley Kubina Eileen LaCross Kay Laier Steve Lake Dan Lang Paula Lang Mark Langmeyer Keith Lazoff Mike Leland Steve Luke ■MA Jji Jane Manning Denny Maxwell Mark Maxwell Mary Lou Maybee Laura McClure Laurie McDermott but with them, more responsibilities. Cindy McNutt Glenn Mead Kathy Meagher Cindy Merchant Kelly Minnick Steve Mink Jim Morkoetter Mark Morton Rick Motz Pam Mudrack Cheryl Mullins Glen Nevogt Ken Nickolson Al Nicoski Terry Nix Dave Nold Mike Nomina Peggy Nordyke Larry Olinske Cindy Palm Bev Parkins We leave behind us, Mary Patten Kent Patterson Linda Pickering Julie Pliett Mark Powe Bill Prante Blake Prentice Becky Rea Doug Reynolds Donna Rhodes Pa m Rice Ellen Rider Jim Robinson Sandi Rogers Denise Rohrs Jane Roth Sandi Rufners Vicki Sarrazm Kim Schinbeckler Rick Schneider Julie Schroeder 20 the wisdoms and the traditions, but Cyndi Shultz Kathy Shupe Bill Sibert Les Sieling Jill Slagle Sue Smith Tom Smith Kathy Snyder Gordon Stafford Nancy Steiner Don Stephenson Tom Stieglitz Janelle Strasser Kelly Stoy Roberta Sweet Paul Tanner DaleTassler Steve Till Julie Tinsley Dan Thomas Amie Thornhill Jim Thurber We take with us, the Memories . . . Jim Trimble BobVanAnda Patrice VanCuren Ina Ray Vibber t Louise Vonderhaar Bob Walker Buffy Walker Chris Walton Dale Warner Sue Warrick Judy Wass Gary Watson Cheryl Wayer Jim Wehrenberg Mike Wehrmeister Mark Whittecar Dan Wible Martin Wickliffe Karen Winzeler Diana Weeds 22 Dan Zweig Freshmen Honor These Leaders Scholars MOSt COUrteOUS MarkF.sher Jan, ne Burke SpOrtSfTien 1 MarkKast Thea Baughman Most Likely to Succeed Neal Inscoe Cheryl Wilson Most Likely to Succeed FRESHMAN HONORS Chuck Armstrong Jana Habegger Best Personality Friendliest Stan Winters Paula Lang ¥3 27 Jim Wehrenberg Becky Rea Class Clowns 3 Dave Knepper Diane Holmes Eighth Grade Students Eagerly Look Forward to Freshman Year Drew Achenbach Cindy Ackerman Kurt Ahlersmeyer Camalia Amburn Roger Annis Clinton Anthis Steve Barkley Diane Barton Bob Bastress Brenda Beard Joy Becker Debra Beggs Steve Berning Norbert Blaettner Gail Blood Linda Bloom David Bolger Linda Bolger John Bolyard Don Bossard Amy Brand Tina Brenneman Brian Brunson Judy Buesking Lynn Burdine Joanne Burke Jim Burton Lyle Butcher Jim Butz Cindy Carroll Tim Cary Roberta Chambers Debra Collar Carla Cook Dennis Cook LeeCoslow Barb Cummins Louis Curdes Denise Currie Ann Dahm Scott Danks Becky Davis Vicky Derby Barb Derr Roger Dobrovodsky Terry Dull Ted Durfey Debra Dyer Jon Edwards Sandy Edwards Susan Edwards Dave Eggleston Nancy Eloranta Mary Ely Paula Ember Linda Estep Margaret Eykholt Mike Fatzinger Maureen Felger Steve Feichter Karen Fletcher Laura Foote Kathy Ford Doug Franklin Don Fremion Sherlyn Fultz Randy Furniss Mari|o George Paige Gibson Diane Giessler John Gingrich Sandy Green Diane Gruber Karla Gruse Dave Hammons Barb Hanauer Dale Hart Blade Hauth Dave Headford Jeff Henschen Mike Hensley Cliff Hewes Keith Hoffman Heidi Hofstetter Beth Holderman Terry Holom Bob Hoover Dave Horeacek Steve Hughes John Ingney Lola Jackson Tony Jeffers Mike Jones Cindy Keesler Jim Keller Karen Kitchen Dave Kitzmiller Kathy Knisely Robin Kopfenstein Paula Koenig Mike Koorsen Bob Kowalczyk Bruce Kreamelmeyer Susan Kreamelmeyer Cheryl Lamb Dawn Latham Nan Lauer Doug Laughlin Angle Lehrman Tim Long Bret Louden Laura MacQuire Karen Madsen Scott Mahlan Tim Manes Gayle Matter Maureen Mavis Mark Mavis " " IK mm Chris McGinley Pam McLeod Elise Meitz Elaine Menges Sarah Mensch Vicki Mertz Mark Miller Randy Mock Debora Morlin Cheryl Mosher Reggie Moss Angela Moulin Bill Myers Nancy Myers Tim Myers Judy Neill Jim Neiswonger Gilbert Nelson Regina Nelson Beth Newby Richard Nichols Jennifer Nicole Tina Nix Mary Nold Shelia Nonemaker Jo Ann Oakman Jeff Oaks Mike O ' Brien Stephanie Parks Scott Parrish Deb Patrick Jacquline Pattee Jim Peregrine Jill Peters Aspasia Pappas Dan Phillips Janette Pine Dave Pontius Lee Popp Jim Porterfield Lisa Powe Robert Proston Pam Rarick Frank Reavis Melody Reeder Scott Redwanski Rosie Regedanz Paula Rhodes Melissa Richard Mike Ricker Dan Ritchie Rick Rivera Becky Roady Dennis Robinson Jim Rodgers Dennis Rogers Dennis Rohrs Leanne Rollins Jeanne Ross Don Rowan Angela Savio Shelly Scherer Kevin Schieferstein Albert Schmid Dale Schmidt Mark Schwyn Capi Seeger Ralph Shaffer Jonnie Shipley Mike Sieling Earlme Simmons Bob Simpson Connie Snyder Jane Snyder Tim Sorrell Will Sparks Brian Sprunger BobStellner Pat Stiles Jon Stine Julie Summers Robert Sweet Duane Thacker Tom Tharp Jeff Thomas Andrea Thornburg Laurie Thurber Karen Tomusk Anita Tracey Bob Tudor Dan Vanrich Joe Vaughn Mark Vosmeier DaveWahl Kurt Wallenstem Clyde Warnick Dean Wayer Rick Wasson Dave Waters Barb Weber Jim Weiler Cathy Weinberg Jack Weisz Bill Wermuth Mike White Dave Wichmann Mark Wiesenberg Matthew Wiesenberg Sarah Wilkes John Wise Mary Wolck Bruce Wolfe Gayle Yingst Scott Yingst Kent York Peter Albright Debbie Anderson Amy Andrews James Andrews Tambra Andrews Susan Antoine Judy Aumiller Janet Bahr Tom Barkley John Barnett Steve Bartlett Tim Bartlett Jerry Bear David Beard John Bickham Leslie Biesiada Doug Bills Dawn Bizer Terry Blair Katy Bloom Cindy Bobnke Dona Bolm James Boiler Kent Braden Janet Brady Phyllis Bragalone Cathy Brower Gerry Brower Susanne Buckley Mike Burke Patty Burke Joe Byanski Greg Carboni Teri Carroll Cathy Cary Crystal Cary Bryan Christie Beth Clark Jerry Coles Larry Coles Randy Collar Kelly Collier Danny Collins Yvonne Comer Gary Cook Teresa Cour Bill Cowell Steve Cox Vicki Culbertson Paula Cully Dick Daring Joyce Davis Bart Dellmger Jeff Dellmger Monica Delobbe Orville Dennis Mike Detraz Gary Dick William Diehm Marty Dillmg Patricia Doering Debbie Doll Jeff Desch Kevin Dothard Jennifer Dreher Barbara Drew Howard Duff Suzanne Eaton Dave Eckert Trudy Edwards David Ehler Johnnie Foster Mark Farren Cathy Faughn Renee Faulkner William Firestine James Firks Tina Fisher James Flaherty Roxy Fogle Cathy Franson Mike Foote John Foster Becky Fry Tom Fultz Julia Gearhart Jim Gebhart Mona Gennaitte Bill Gething Bruce Gilreath Steve Goldsmith Ruth Brackmann Brenda Graff Brenda Gray Don Green Paul Greene Tim Grindle Cindy Gunsenhouser Jack Guthrie Stephanie Hall Paul Haller Kevin Harris Patricia Harris Robert Hatch Robin Hays Steve Hein Tim Hendricks Ruth Hendncksen Jo Ellen Hendnckson Cathy Henschen Ralph Herring Sally Hinkle Max Hiser Lois Hoelle Robert Hoffman Dana Holom Terri Houck Deidra Huddle Denise Huddle Pam Hughes Phyllis Hunsberger David Irmscher Cedric Isom Connie Jackson Jen Jerome Bill Jones Patty Keever Rodney Kinder Steve Knispel Susan Knuth DaleKonkle Karen Kramer Mike Krouse Kevin Kruse Susan Kuckuck ■ fg ' ii Mike Kurtz Karen Lambert IP Tom Lang Steve Lauer Gene Lightle ■pp,. Dennis Luke Kyle Macy Mike Madsen Cindy Major Karen Mansfield _k esry BU-a Debbie Mauller » Bf Richard May Lynn McClure Alan McGee Linda McKnight Hartley McLeod Jean McMahon Bob Menefee Lorraine Minnick Cathy Murphy Kim Meyer Scott Miller Brent Mills Kenneth Moore John Morris Curtis Mosley Sandy Nelson George Newton Terry Nunn Vicki Nunn James Oakman James O ' Connor John Palm Matthew Pape Paul Papier Judity Parker Carolyn Parkins Carolyn Patterson Glen Patterson George Pauly Paula Pease James Peirce Kathy Phillips David Pickering Jeff Pickering Tim Pickett Cynthia Pieper Ronda Popplewell Rich Primeau Tod Ramsey Randy Ray Kathleen Reeder Lauren Reitz Vickie Rider Bruce Robertson Sandra Robothem Kenneth Rogers Rick Salyer Karen Schlickman Sharon Schmidt Kent Schnelker Rick Schrimper Tammy Schulthess Patricia Schwyn Bill Seeger Lee Seeger Jeanne Sevigny Tammy Shideler Frederick Shaheer Mark Sherman Jolinda Sibert Wayne Sims Rhonda Simpson Candace Smith Steve Smith Margaret Snyder Scott Spridgeon Wayne Steffen James Stieglitz David Stmson Charles Sweet Steven Syndram Myra Van Curen Glenn Vann Joyce Vaughn Judy Verhaegen Ned Vosmeier Melvin Walker Denis Warner Candy Warnick Gary Wasson Miles Waters David Weller Kathy Warner Donald Wetzel Linda White Helen Wiegand Karen Wiley Robert Wilkes Margaret Wi Iks Gary Winters Ronald Witte Julie Wolfe Lorna Wraley Dennis Wright Carolyn Yahn Karen Zumbrun Andy Zweig David Bennet Matt Hammons Rebecca Harmon Cathy Harness Tami Kipfer Hard Work Is Done on Insects Biology is a ninth grade elec- tive taught by both Mr. Schoeff and Mr. Howe. One of the major projects of the year is their in- sect collections. Students work hard collecting and identifying insects to the best of their ability. Science Is Found to Be Interesting Students find Sci- ence very interesting as they look at the or- gans of a human body. In a General Science class, students are able to further their knowl- edge in several aspects of science. Lancers Study Effects of Drugs Mr. Schoeff ' s Health Safety class study many areas of health during the ninth grade year. Some of these areas being men- tal health, diseases, and functions of the body. They also spend addi- tional time on Driver Education. Other teachers of this course in- clude Mrs. Ponzcek and Mr. Kammeyer. Latin Basics Are Studied by Lancers Latin is a subject found to be very interesting and educational by many students at Lakeside. Mrs. Brown comes once a day to further the vocabulary of her students. 1531626 Parlez-vous Francais? Say These Students Taught by Mrs. Ew- ing, French is one of the three foreign languages offered at Lakeside. Many of the lessons are taught through movies and filmstrips. pr MM ■?r A sspnKQfi ■ i 42v- " ■ " ■ 1 1 w M 2J; " j " " " l II j m m I ; Two Spanish Students Present a Skit to Their Classmates Students of Mrs. Harroff ' s Spanish class present a skit, one of many ways Spanish students have of learning their daily les- sons. Spanish is the most popu- lar of the foreign languages at Lakeside. Students Busily Solve Problems Mr. Laurie assists the students in his third period Algebra class. He and Mrs. Kimmel are the teachers ot this ninth grade elective. Freshmen may also select General Math. Geometry Occupies Mr. Caster ' s Math Class The students of Mr. Caster ' s Math class busy themselves with geometrical figures. Students enjoy working at the board as a break in the usual routine. Freshmen Finish Up Their Homework Mrs. Donahue super- vises as freshmen study. So runs study hall, with an occasional minor in- terruption. It provides freshmen with an oppor- tunity to finish homework in school, leaving their after-school hours free. Girls Enjoy Using Wands Wands are but one type of apparatus used by Mrs. Shearer ' s girls in the rhythm section of their Physical Education class. Girls enjoy many varied activities; including soc- cer, basketball, tumbling, and track. This class is also taught by Mrs. Ponz- cek. Wrestling Is a Favorite of Lancers Brian Sebastian and John Jantz dem- onstrate wrestling techniques learned in Mr. Hey ' s Physical Education class. The boys engage in many other fun and healthful sports. This is a class that many Lakeside boys look forward to. Mr. Dwiggins Directs Winds Mr. Dwiggens directs the three instrumental music groups at Lake- side. These are the Con- cert Orchestra, Concert Band, and Cadet Band. They perform at various school functions such as concerts and games. Students Experiment with Different Forms of Art The students in Mrs. Milton ' s Art class work with some of the many different mediums that they sample during the year. All seventh graders take nine weeks of Art, an elective for eighth and ninth graders. Lancers Study Their Country Citizenship, taught by Mr. Howe, is a ninth grade elective. Here Roberta Sweet helps conduct a class discus- sion. In this class, Lan- cers learn more about their responsibilities as a citizen. Shop Classes Set Up Their Own Assembly Line The big project of the Indus- trial Arts classes this year was the mass production of the lamps pictured here. The lamps were constructed by the boys through an assembly line process. These handsome lamps are an achieve- ment we can all be proud of. English Classes Work Diligently Mark Fisher reads a poem, one of the many activities of Mr. Mil- ler ' s Language Arts class. Lan- guage Arts is required in all three grades and involves many facets of English such as grammar, spelling, and literature. Reading Is Improved Mrs. Busch and her seventh grade Develop- mental Reading class study the elements of the newspaper. This is one of the ways that seventh grade Lancers learn to improve their reading skills. Develop- mental Reading is also taught by Mrs. Rinne. Home-Ec Students Prepare to Eat Miss French observes as her students prepare to eat one of the delicious meals they have cooked. Cooking and sewing are the major areas of eight grade Home Ec. Home Ec is required in seventh and eighth grades and is a freshman elective. Mrs. Ewing also teaches Home Ec. Lancers Receive Musical Facts Mr. Muth instructs Lanc- ers about one of the many interesting areas of music. In General Music, students learn about the different aspects of music, including its history, jazz, and fa- mous musicians and com- posers. Mr. Weiland Teaches About the World Mr. Weiland ' s Geography class has ready answers for his question. Geog- raphy teaches Lakesiders not only about the world but also about the people who inhabit it. It is required for all seventh graders. Exciting Events Are Studied History meets in the li- brary for a day as stu- dents do research for this interesting class. The his- tory of our country is studied by all eighth graders. Varsity has successful football season 1969 Varsity Football Team, FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Weh- renberg, Brian Sebastian, Bill Amstutz, Mark Powe, Tom Scheele, Mike Franklin, Charles Davis. SECOND ROW: Mike Fry, Dave Borkenstein, Bruce Conrad, Jerry Brown, Mike Wehrmeister, Bob Givens, Neal Inscoe. THIRD ROW: Tom Blackburn, Bruce Ashe, Steve Mink, Mark Morton, Doug Biedenweg, Steve Mock, Mark Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Coach Howe, Blake Prentice, Mike Nomina, Greg Huddle, Dave Nold, Mike Lauer, Dave Ackerman, Chuck Armstrong, Mr. Duff Kekionga Lakeside 6 Memorial 6 Lakeside 20 Jefferson 20 Lakeside 14 Franklin 12 Lakeside 22 Northwood Lakeside 2 Lane 6 Lakeside Coach Howe led the Varsity Football Team through a well fought season. The team won four out of six games. The boys proved they had bettered themselves over the year. Reserve Team has a 3 and 3 season 1969 8th Grade Football Team, FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger nnis, Clint Anthls, Dave Headford, Randy Furniss, Scott Par- ish, Tim Manes, Roger Dobrovodsky, Don Fremion, Bill Wer- nuth, Dave Wahl, Tom Tharp, SECOND ROW: Bob Stellner, Ted Durfey, Kurt Ahlersmeyer, Jim Keller, Bob Bastress, Lee Popp. Dave Kitzmiller, Brian Sprunger, Tony Jeffers, Jon Stine, Kevin Schieferstein. THIRD ROW: Tim Cary, Ralph Shaffer, Brian Mah- lan, Bob Tudor, Randy Mock, Scott Redwanski, Jim Rodgers, Tim Myers, Coach Schoeff 7th Grade Football Team gains experience 1969 7th Grade Football Team. FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Green, Curtis Mosley, Doug Oakman, Dale Konkle, Steve Beneke, Pat VanAmen, Mike Burke, Gary Cook, Bill Jones, Steve Cox, David Eller. SECOND ROW: Jon Palm, Matt Pape, Mike Krouse, Bill Seeger, Rich Primean, Scott Miller, Bruce Gilreath, Bill Cowell, Jeff Desch. Jeff Dellinger, Mark Sherman, Bob Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Rod Kinder, John Bickham, Tom Arnold, John Foster, Dan Collins, Kent Braden, Dave Bennett, Peter Albright, Jim Tracey, Tom Barkley. Bill Gething, Cedric Isom, Jim Andrews, Dean Wilkes, John Morris, Alan McGee. Coach Duff. FOURTH ROW: Steve Lauer, Jim Gebhart __. ' . . ■_ -mi,. Brown •fl B t--.;:IW w Lauer fa m 2i Borkenstein Davis 46 Feldheiser Wehrenberg Armstrong Biedenweg Ackerman 8th Grade takes city title This year we ' re very proud of our reserve team. They were very successful in taking the city title. Pictured above KNEELING, left to right: Drew Achenback, Don Fremion. Tim Manes. Tom Tharp, John Stine. Bill Wer- muth. STANDING: Manager. Bob Stellner. Coach Hey. Brian Sprunger, Randy Mock, Bob Tudor, Tim Meyers. Mike Koorsen, Scott Redwanski, Dave Kitzmiller. Not pic- tured, Manager Kevin Schieferstein, Statistician Kyle Macy, and Clint Anthis. We thank Coach Hey and his team for the sportsmanship and effort displayed throughout the season. 7th Grade captures runner-up trophy Our 7th Grade completed their season very victoriously. They took the runner-up title and successfully had a 6 and 1 season. Pictured above KNEELING, left to right: Manager, Jim Flaherty. Bruce Gilreath, Gary Dick. Bill Seeger, Bill Jones. Dale Konkle, Kent Braden, Jim Boiler and Manager Dick Daring. STANDING: Coach Hey, Cedric Ison, John Bickham. Jim Firks. Steve Lauer, Bill Gething, Alan McGee. Kyle Macy. and Manager Jim Gebhart. Varsity Cross-Country runs with the wind The Varsity Cross- country team really worked hard this season and put forth quite an effort. Although they didn ' t come in first in city, Mark Maxwell came in third. These boys did their best, and all Lancers should be very proud of them. Pictured Left-Right (FIRST ROW) Tom Smith. Bill Sibert. Tom Schevtchuk, Roger Miracle (SECOND ROW) Brad Altevogt. Mark Maxwell, Dan Jenkins, Mark Davis, Coach Kammeyer Varsity Track Team works hard this season Here is the hard working Varsity Track Team. The Lancers witnessed the joys and disappointments of this really great team with interest. Track is a bit different from other sports; as it is just one person working for the good of the whole team. Best of luck in the future goes to all these boys. Good luck! A A -- f — - M Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW). Dave Knepper, Dave Borkenstein, Mark Powe, Gordon Stafford, Dan Dau, Dan Jenkins, Roger Miracle. Dave Feldheiser, Tom Smith, Bob Steellner (SECOND ROW) Jim Wehrenberg. Bob Givens. Mark Davis, Tom Blackburn, Reserve Cross Country has potential Although these boys didn ' t have a very success- ful season, they still have potential for their Fresh- man year. These boys really put forth a lot of ef- fort, but, unfortunately, they didn ' t run away with all the honors. Good Luck next year, future Fresh- men! Eighth Grade Track Team works out for a win The reserve track team put in a lot of work this season preparing for their meets. Long, hard hours of practice proved useful as the boys realized the satisfaction of a job well done. k Is fte v I Seventh Grade Track season is eventfu Many trying but rewarding moments marked this group ' s first year of Lancer competition. The boys gained experience for later track activity. Good luckto them in future Lakeside sports. The varsity cheerleaders led the school in backing our team, not only by cheering at the games, but by organizing pep sessions and many of the P. A. skits. Mrs. Rinne, their advisor, instructs them on the techniques of cheerleading. The cheerleaders spend much of their time on cheerleading, practicing on Mondays until 4:30 and attending all of the games of all grades. Our energetic 1969-70 are: alternate Michelle Carto, Janine Burke, Cheryl Wilson, Sue Head- ford. Linda Kruse, and Kim Schmbeckler. Cheerleaders Lead Lancer Spirit The tall squad (above) consists of: Lee Coslow, Mary Nold, Becky Davis, Terri Holom, and Joy Becker. The members of the short squad (right) are: Melissa Richard, Barb Cummins, Pam MacLeod, Karen Kitchen, and Joanne Burke. The reserve cheerleaders are divided into two squads, tall and short. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Rinne, these girls backed the reserve team to victory by putting forth much effort in their cheering and in the many posters they made for the reserve team. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Robin Fish, Janine Burke, Allyn Brinker, Sheri Shearer, Michelle Carto (SECOND ROW) Gerald H. Miller. Judy Neill, Angie Lehrman, Susie Warrick, Dan Ritchie, John Jantz, Tom Schevtchuk, Mark Maxwell Dramatics Is Fun Mr. Miller directs these talented students in plays and skits for our enjoyment. He is new to Lakeside this year and has done an excellent job with this club. Mrs. Milton Assists Art Students These students in Art Club produce many interesting and original items includingdrawings, pottery, and prints. Mrs. Milton assists these students in creating the best work possible. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Cindy Pieper, Cary, Mrs. Milton, Leslie Shultz, Judy Aumiller (SECOND ROW) Kathy Werner, Monica Delobbe, Tammy Schultess. Dawn Lathom, Beth Newby, Dione Gruber, Nancy Eloranta, Mike Detraz, Steve Goldsmith, Rick May Mrs. McMeeking Sponsor Creative Writers The members of this club write plays, short stories, poems, and vari- ous other literary works. They also hold discus- sions of their work, being led under the direction of Mrs. McMeeking. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Margie Wilks, Mrs. McMeeking, Connie Snyder (SECOND ROW) Kate Bloom, Linda Bloom, Judy Neill, Dale Schmidt, John Morris, Don Bossard, Cathy Cary. Sara Wilks, Diane Gerber Sewing Talent Is Used by These Lakeside Girls Mrs. Ewing and her club members worked at developing sewing skills and knowledge. They created many group and individual projects dur- ing the year. Pictured left-right Carolyn Drew, Nancy Burnham, Diane Woods. Jean Brack- mann. Sandra Guertln. Louise Vanderhaar, Mrs. Carol Ewing Grooming Hints Are Shared In this club, Mrs. Blos- som, the sponsor, teaches proper methods of grooming. The mem- bers have fun comparing notes on what they have learned. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Gloria Tuttle, Tina Fisher, Debbie Beggs (SECOND ROW) Phyllis Bragolone. Judy Parker. Patty Harris, Rhonda Simpson Knitting Needles Are Put to Work The girls in knitting Club learned the mechanics and methods of knitting from their sponsor Miss French. Their time was spent in making useful knitted articles of all kinds. Pictured left-right Margaret Eykholt, Sandy Edwards, Linda Bowman, Rhonda Simpson, Laurie Reitz, Carolyn Yahn, Mary Wolk, Susan Edwards, Miss French Science Club Performs Experiments These Science Club stu- dents perform various experiments under the di- rection of their sponsor, Mrs. Sweet. A working knowledge of basic science is gained upon membership of this club. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Kevin Schieferstein (SECOND ROW) Mrs. Sweet, Gil- bert Nelson. Jeff Thomas, Bob Tudor, John Stein, Bill Wermuth, Richard Nichols, Tom Tharp The Rocketry Club members are active each week in furthering their knowledge of rockets and rocket construc- tion. Many rockets are built and exhibited. Mr. Lubbehusen helps the boys with their hobby. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) John Gingrich, Dave Pickering, Mr. Lubbehusen, Robert Lari- more, Gilbert Nelson (SECOND ROW) Jeff Wec- kiser, Dave Grant, Jeff Desch, Doug Laughlin, Steve Hughes, Bob Menefee, Tod Ramsey, Sandy Green. Steve Smith, Max Hiser. Joe Byansky, Larry Smola, Dean Duff (THIRD ROW) Terry Blair, George Pauly. Paul Papier, Kevin Kruse. Bob Hoffman, Joe Eykholt, Rick Nichols, Tim Cole (FOURTH ROW) Mike Koorsen, Jim O ' Connor, Bruce Wolfe Tricks with Numbers Enjoyed by Lancers Members of the Rec- reational Math Club learn basic fundamen- tals and also tricks to work with numbers. These students are also interested in improving their ability in Math class. The club, is under the direction of Mr. Meyer. 54 Pictured Left-right (FIRST ROW) Clint Anthis, Mike Ricker, Mr. Meyer, Lee P opp, Jack Weisz (SECOND ROW) Matt Wiesenberg, Bruce Kreamelmeyer, Kurt Wallenstein, Kurt Ahlers- meyer, Brian Brunson, Jim Keller, John Wise, Keith Hoffman Lancers Enjoy Stamps and Coins Mr. Keogel sponsors the Stamp and Coin Club as they all enjoy this interesting hobby. Varied arti- cles are exhibited and discussed, and some rare stamps and coins are turned up. Pictured left-right Jim Steiglitz, Mr. Keogel. Bruce Robinson Mr. (William Tell) Lowe Instructs in Archery Mr. Lowe shows the members of his Archery Club the techniques used in this sport. Contests were held throughout the year, and most members improved greatly. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Mike Kurtz. Greg Carboni, Gerry Brower. Howard Arnold, Pat Van Aman (SECOND ROW) Matt Pape, Steve Cox, Bill Prantee. Gene Chaffin, Steve Lauer, Robert Sweet, Steve Barkley. Bill Cowell (THIRD ROW) Peter Albright, Mike Foote, Cindy Gunsenhauser. Beth Newby, Shelly Scherer, Cammie Amburn Students Discover Fun in Math " Math " can be fun, as these students have discovered. There are many varied and in- teresting things to do with numbers. The members of this club will profit greatly from their " Math " experience. Babysitting Ski Learned by Lakesiders Is FIRST ROW: Left to right: Tern Houck, Brenda Graff, Peggy Snyder Kramer, Suzi Eaton, Patty Doering, Laurie Thurber SECOND ROW lis Bragalone, Gena Lightle, Cathy Henschen, Carolyn Parkins, Judy Parke Lancers Learn About Teaching Future Teachers, spon- sored by Miss Bourff, is a very worthwhile club open to 8th and 9th graders. Students learn more about the teaching profes- sion and its many and varied opportunities. Trudy Edwards, Karen Mrs. Buchanan, Phyl- This club provided Lakeside girls with an opportunity to learn some helpful techniques in caring for children. The girls are given Red Cross training and sug- gestions on how to han- dle emergencies. Mrs. Buchanan is the sponsor of this club. FIRST ROW: Left to right: Amie Thomhill, Patty Delobbe, Pam Rice. Lee Ann Jacoby, Miss Bourff, Pam Kirkpatrick, Sue Cline, Melody Reeder. Shelley Matter, Dale Schmidt, SECOND ROW: Dan Zwelg, Jane Manning, April Kerley, Rhonda Fox, Cyndi Shultz, Debbie Drake, Vicki Bohnk, Julie Schroeder, Laurie Gilberg, Julie Pliett, Jane Roth, Angelea Savio. Les Sielmg THIRD ROW: Tern Coe, Deborah Morlin, Paula Koenig, Pam Ranck, Paula Harmon, Shelley Shearer, Angie Lehrman. Pam Greeno, Lon Justice, Paula Lang, Cindy Merchant, Blade Hauth, Rick Motz FIRST ROW: Left to right: Karen Kramer, Ruthy Henricksen, Debbie Doll, Andrea Thornburg, Maureen Mavis, Nancy Steiner SECOND ROW: Lynn Burdme, Johnnie Shipley, Gail Blood, Kathy Meagher, Mrs. Buchanan, Phyllis Bragalone, Barbara Drew It ' s Nursing for These Girls Future Nurses Club is sponsored by Mrs. Bu- chanan. The girls in this club learn more about the fine profession of nursing. It is a very worthwhile club for any- one contemplating a nursingcareer. Teacher Aids Provide Services The Teacher Aids, with Mrs. Doucette as their sponsor, provide many useful services for the teachers of Lakeside. It offers Lancers an opportunity to learn more about a teacher ' s job. FIRST ROW: Left to right: Nan Lauer. Elaine Menges, Lisa Powe. Sherlyn Fultz. Cheryl Moser SECOND ROW: Mary Ely. Jill Peters, Aspacia Pappis, Joanne Oak- man. Jane Snyder. THIRD ROW: Rick Motz, Chris McGinley, Mrs. Doucette -IRST ROW: Left to right: Greg Foote. Dave Ehler. rerry Blair, Jon Palm, Joe Eykholt. Rick Nic- ioIs, Paul Papier, Dave Pickering, Tod Ramsey. 5ECOND ROW: John Jan tz, Bill Cowell, Steve Hughes, Dan Ritchie, Mark Hoover, Gatle Yingst. Jeff Pickering THIRD ROW: Cape Seeger, Doug Franklin. Les Selling, Dan Zweig, Mr. Feaser FOURTH ROW: Jeff Weckesser, Steve Knispel, Andrew Zweig. Tom Schevtchuk A. V. Club Works Hard The A. V. Club takes care of the audio-visual equipment of Lakeside. They operate equipment in addition to distributing it to teachers. Mr. Feaser is the sponsor of A. V. Club. Library Workers Aid Mrs. Stoeckley The Library Workers are a great aid to Mrs. Stoeckley helping her with the many important jobs in the library. We all owe these people a big thank you for helpingto make our library run smoothly. FIRST ROW: Left to right: Beverly Brantley Gayle Shelley Matter, Trish Cornelius, Jill Sla gle, Connie Gray, Paula Harmon, Deborah Pat rick, Carla Cook, Nancy Steiner, Melody Reeder Cindy Palm, Connie Jackson. LaDonna French Barbara Hanauer SECOND ROW: Diane Gruber Paula Ember, Jonnie Shipley. Pamela Rice, Julie Culbertson. Cindy McNutt, Clinton Anthis, Mar garet Eykholt. Richard Nichols, Joseph Eykholt Linda Bloom, Mary Wolck, Gayle Yingst, Kathy Shupe, Janet Aumiller, Dan Ritchie, Mrs. Stoeck- ley, Mrs. Geyer. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Parks, Ellen Rider, Suzanne Warrick, Elise Meitz, Paula Koenig, Sue Kreamelmeyer, Jean Brackmann, Vicky Derby, Rhonda Fox, Yvonne Dilling, Dan Zweig, Leslie Sieling, Cindy Knispel, Pam Kirk- patrick, Capi Seeger, Kathy Knisely, Beth Newby, Tim Cary. 57 Students Discuss Current Events Students in Mrs. Harroff ' s World Affairs Club further their knowledge of their world through lively discussions of current affairs. This club is valuable to the student who wants to keep up with the fast moving events of the day. SEATED, left to right: Matt Wiesenberg. Heidi Hofstetter, Mrs. Susan Harroff, Dan Ritchie, Bill Firestine. STANDING: Jeff Weckesser. Duane Thacher, John Morris, Mark Wiesenberg, Jim Porterfield Lancers Improve Their Chess Skills Chess Club is sponsored by Mr. Crum and Mr. Cas- ter, and is highlighted by many exciting tourna- ments. The sponsors pro- vide helpful hints on how a student may better his game. SEATED left to right: Mike Jones, Mike Krouse. Sandy Green, Curtis Mosley, Mike Kurtz FIRST ROW: Mr. Crum, Bob Krouse, Larry Smola, Kelly Collier, Maureen Mavis, Aspasia Pappas, Alyce McMinn, Dave Irmscher, Bob Bastress. Roger Dobrovodsky, Mike Koorsen, Tim Cary SECOND ROW: Don Stephenson, Rick Motz, Dave Johnson, Gene Chaffin, Bob Grant, Bruce Robertson, Rusty Newton, Bill Seeger. Lakeside Typists Sharpen Their Skills This club is open to anyone who would like to learn to type or would like to further his typing skills. With fin- gers flying and type- writers clicking, Mrs. Busch teaches the im- portant points of typing. SEATED at typewriter: Kathy Meager STANDING, left to right: Louis Curdes, Mark Wiesen- berg, Capi Seeger, Melissa Richard, Mary Nold, Aspasia Pappas, Tina Brenneman, Mrs. Busch IRST ROW, left to right: Mike Jones, Doug Laughlin. Brian Sprunger, David Headford, Curtis losley, Mike Krause. Randy Mock, Tony Jeffers, Steve Mink. Steve Mock, Bruce Gilreath. ECOND ROW: Mr. Howe, Cindy Piper, Larry Coles, Jerry Coles, David Stinson, Chris Cary, od Rinder, Alan McGee, Jean McMahon, Laurie Reitz, Peter Albright, Tom Barkley, Mr. aurie. THIRD ROW: Ronda Papplewell, Cathy Faughn, Sally Hinkle, Elise Meitz, Gayle ingst, Debbie Collar, Roger Annis. Lee Popp. Jim Wehrenberg, Tom Scheele, Bruce Conrad, om Blackburn, Bill Amstutz Card Players Sharpened Strategy Recreational Cards was sponsored by Mr. Laurie and Mr. Howe. The members of this club sharpened their card skills and enjoyed participating in the tournaments and other special activities of the club. Lance Staff Met Final Deadline The staff of the Lance worked hard this year in producing the year- book. They had some last minute trouble with deadlines, but all was well in the end. Miss Myles was the sponsor of this group. Students Gathered Info — Wrote Articles These people, with Miss Myles as their ad- visor, were responsible for the school newspa- per, the Lakesider. These students gathered the information and wrote the articles that appeared in your paper. They all worked hard and deserve the appreciation of the stu- dent body. Ping Pong Is Enjoyed by Many Lakesiders The members of table tennis club had fun challenging each other as well as teachers in thrilling games of ping pong. They improved with each game and participated in many con- tests and tournaments. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Kathy Snyder, Steve Mock, Doug Biedenweg. Mr. Kammeyer, Mark Davis, Tom Shell (SECOND ROW) Tom Scheele, Bill Sibert (THIRD ROW) Mark Fisher, Mark Morton, Glen Nevogt Mark Maxwell (FOURTH ROW) Dave Feldheiser, Mark Weisenberg, Will Schaefer Glee Club Prepares to Be Singing Lancers Mr. Muth directs the members of Glee Club to enjoy the art of singing. These seventh graders look forward to being Singing Lancers in their future years at Lake- side. Pictured left-right (FIRST ROW) Chuck Sweet, Becky Harmon, Jolinda Sibert, Sara Bloomfield, Karen Mansfield. Debbie Doll, Patty Burke, Patty Schwyn, Carolyn Snyder, Dana Holom, Tammy Andrews, Kim Meyer, Karen Schlickman, Kathy Reeder, Patty Keever, Debbie Mauler. Gene Gunthrie (SECOND ROW) Bill Gething, Tamie Kipfer, Cindy Gunsenhauser, Jen Jerome. Janet Brady, Becky Fry. Margie Wilks, Denise Huddle. Diedre Huddle, Karen Lambert, Paula Cully, Vicki Culbertson, Sally Hinkle, Dawn Bizer lake Lancers f Beautiful Music Underthe direction of Mr. Muth, the Singing Lancers did well in NISBOVA contests this year. They also performed at many school functions. The halls were alive with music as the Lancers rehearsed for these events. Cadet Band Trains for Concert Band Cadet Band, directed by Mr. Dwiggins, is comprised of students training to be members of Concert Band. This group does not go to the NISBOVA contest, but does perform in Lakeside ' s concerts. Orchestra I L Goes to NISBOVA Concert Orchestra is another of the musical organizations directed by Mr. Dwiggins. It is made up of 7th, 8th, and 9th grade strings and freshmen winds. Orchestra attends the NISBOVA contest in addition to performing at school concerts. LJ Band Plays at Events Concert Band, made up of 8th and 9th grade Lancers, is the third musical group directed by Mr. Dwiggins. The band plays at basketball games, performs at concerts, and participates in the NISBOVA contest. Lancer Gymnasts Perform Feats The Gymnastics Club, sponsored by Mr. Hey, is an activity that is enjoyed by many Lancers. The members of this club improve their skills on the mats and apparatus, in addition to participating in gymnastics meets and other special activities. Boys Engage in Many Sports Boys ' Intramurals was again conducted on a homeroom basis, with boys participating in many exciting sports. This method gives more boys an opportunity to join the intramural program. Mr. Schoeff is the sponsor of this club. Girls Enjoy Extra Time with Sports Many girls take the opportunity to spend extra time on favorite parts of Physical Educa- tion by joining Girls ' Intramurals. Mrs. Shear- er sponsors this fine activity. Pep Club Backs Teams Pep Club members did a fine job of backingour teams this year. In addition to cheering at the games, they were responsible for many posters and skits. Many thanks to this club and its sponsors. Mrs. Kimmel and Mrs. Blossom. Left to right. Pam Rice, Kim Schinbeckler, Thea Baughman, Lynn Doughty, Laurie McClure, Linda Kruse Office Workers Are Busy Young Ladies Busy indeed are the hard-working office girls. In place of a study hall, these girls work in the office each day, doing everything from running errands to answering the telephone. G.A.A. Girls Enjoy Athletic Activities G.A.A., sponsored by Mrs. Shearer, is an activity for ath- letically-minded 8th and 9th grade girls. These girls help Mrs. Shearer in organizing in- tramurals and interschool competitions, in addition to participating in them them- selves. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barb Hoppel. Jana Habegger, Allyn Brmker, Robin Fish. SECOND ROW: Karen McDonald. Patrice VanCuren, Laura Foote. Tina Nix, Cindy Ackerman, Sue Kreamelmeyer. Kathy Snyder, Sheri Shearer. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Shearer. Nancy Burnham, Shiela Nonemaker, Becky Roady, Cammie Amburn, Sher- lyn Fultz, Vicky DePrey We, the editors of the 1969-70 Lance, hope that this yearbook has captured in its pages the spirit and attitude of the students enrolled here. We hope to display the cheerfulness, pep, and determination of the Lancers. Our lives have been shaped by these happy and sometimes painful years spent at Lakeside, and years later, we h ope you can look back and see the happy, sad, growing days at Lakeside Junior High School. ™=? HECKMAN BINDERY INC. A JUL 93

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