Lake Highlands High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1981

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Lake Highlands High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 240 of 248
Page 240 of 248

Lake Highlands High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 239
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Page 240 text:

Closing 2 17, Tootin' Their Horns Band members blow their trombones during Berkner halftime. The LH band was a band noted for their outstanding sound and their complex drum and bugle formations. C.Ave Making Faces Making faces, sophomore James Clare "hams it up" in the high school auditorium. James was involved in the drama productions. J.Turner , 5' - K , fi L .sa A 44 , sf 5 -05 5,3 2 Q .. at 1 HQ ki 4 E v ty : lv I . ' me-eww, 1 ,Xxx .At P I I 5 if I I I t I t i i i Senior Grub On senior grub day, senior Chris Macone props his feet up on a table in the student center. Senior grub day was a day where seniors could "trash out" and go to classes dressed accordingly. This year grub day was on May 15, the day of prom.

Page 239 text:

Zacha, 131 Texas Stadium--5 Texas Tech University--101 , 132 Texas Women's University--87 Thammavaram, Radha--196 Theatre Lhhs--140, 141 The Bookcase--214 The Party Place--215 Thomas, Bonnie--210 Thomas, Greg--196 Thomas, Karen--79,l20, 128,210 Thomas, Michael--146, 179 Thomas, Todd--179 Thomi, Shari--196 Thompson, Betsy--69,111,l41,179 Thompson, Blair--45,179 Thompson, Cheryl--128, 146,196 Thornton, Sheri--210 Thourogood, Cathy--124,179 Thorson, Krista--128,210 Tice, Terri--179 Ticer, William--210 Tielens, Cathy--127,179 Tijerina, Felix--210 Till, Mark--77,210 Tinsley, Candace--196 Tipton, Marcus--210 Tirion, Monique--41,180 Tishlias, Michael--179,210 Tishlias, Karen--52 Tittle, Cynthia--210 Tompkins, Jennifer--210 Tolhuizen, Pete--107,155 Tonroy, Leslie--179 Tonroy, Lucky--196 Toon, Kimberly--210 Torabli, Sam--197 Track--54 Traster, Gary--46, 196 Travis, Diane--120, 128,211 Travis, George--197 Travis, Tim--179 Travolta, John--33 Traweck, Bret--197 Traylor, Kyle--64,65,21l Traylor, Rob--96,211 Trestle Painting--2,4 revino, Sandy--89,211 rieger, David--179 Trieger, Karen--130,211 ffrivits, Terry--106,107,ll9, 121,179 rombla, Robin--79,111,211 rombla, Sharon--111,116,179 1 rostel, Steve--211 Trostel, Todd--91,211 Troth, Diane--130,133,196 ifroup, John--211 '1'roup, Rachel--211 royka, Frank--107,239 , ruitt, Letha--211 Hzruitt, Rochelle--154 ruitt,Tim--17,64,198,211 Truong, Anh--131,211 Todd Tschants--61,62,63,95,96,97,196 ubbs, Kayla--179 ucker, Jennifer 1BooBoolf-5,69,119, I l22,l32,179,205,226 Tull, Oliver--143,179 ully, Matt--25,62,96,97,179 ully, Patrice--124,179 urbyfill, Michelle--196 urinsky, Katie--56,l23,l78,179 1 urnbul1,Simon--211 urner, Beverly--114,1l5,129,196 urner, Catrina--106,211 1 urner, Doni--109,131,196 Turner, John--62, 132,211 Turner, Joseph--197 Turner, Kevin--211 Turner, Patrick--210 Turner, Tracy--179 Turner, Tracy R.--90,91 ,210 Turner, Travis--210 ifurney, Devin--197 ifurney, Merissa--179 utson, Eric--196 ynes, Michelle--127,179 V yree, Carla--52,l05,146,211 yree, Martha--133,185,196 Ulmann, Andy--62,101,179 Ulteig, Greg--196 ' University Interscholastic League-- 110 Underwood, Trip--211 University of Texas--178 Urban Co wboy--189 Usry, Bill--72,211 Usry, Joan--109,117131,135,136,196 Usry, Miriam--154 Vallejo, John--197 Valley View Merchant Association--57 Vance, Alisa--114,115,196 Vandament, Monica--23 Vandament, Betsy--58,146,154 Vanderburg, Glenn--29,130,142,143, 145,147,156,l57,179,19l Vandergriff Park--66,67 Vanderpool, Karen--106,107,197 Vandeven, Laura--124,179 Vandeventer, Sean--197 Vandyke, Sonya--211 Vandy's Shoes--215 Van Winkle, Wendy--66,211 Van Winkle, Lance--77, 197 Vargas, Edward--211 Varsity Revue--2,4,12, l4,15, 16,57 Vartanian, Karen--130,136,l41,179,211 Vartanian, Steven--23,116,130 Vassaka, Laura--197 Vassaka, Nick--179 Vaughter, Vanessa--106,211 Veith, Peggy--120,141,211 Veith, Pam--127,180 Verette, John--210 Verette, Kenneth--180 Vernon, Paul--62,135,180,l83 Veros, Eric--197 Vesel, Priscilla--197 Vines High School--61 Vial, Denise--197 VICA fSee Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Victory Dances--148 Vocfltional Office Education--46,47, 1 7 Vocational Opportunities Clubs of Texas--124,125,126 Vogel, Charles--29, 180 Vogel, Jennifer--30,114,115,197 Vogeli, Chris--89,211 Vokey, Colby--89,211 Vokey, Chip--32,33,l32,133,146,156, 157,180 Volker, Melinda--105, 198,211 Volleyball--54 Vonkalow, Dana--126,180 211 Ward, David--180 Ward, Ivy--119,197 Ward, Scott--129,197 Warren, Eric--85,87,180 Warren, Melissa--180 Warren, Suellen--1 1 1,197 Waters, Doug--92,197 Wilson, Kelly--128,197 Wilson, Ken--181 Wilson, Laura--1 19,123,129, 197 Wilson, Leanna--129,197 Wilson, Leslie-1o5,1m,117,129,1s4,197 Wilson, Pamela--211 Wilson, Paul--197 Wilson, Stephanie--197 Watkeys, Lynn--105,109, 142,197 Watkins, Robin--197 Watson, Dessa--126,134,l34,l38,146, 180 Watson, Jackie--125,181 Watson, Kelly--36 Watson, Merna--124,197 Watson, Tim--105,211 Watts, Joseph--197 Watts, Kris--197 Weaver, Karen--197 Weber, Katherina--134,154 Weddington, David--180 Wehe, Carl--181 Wehe, Daise--155 Weigand, Jimmy--17,62,116,117,181 Weigand, John--211 Weis, Mrs. Kristin--118,154 Welchel, Dale--197 Wells, Michele--119,121,181 Welton, Coach Steve--78,79,154 Westbrook, G Scott--125,210 Westbrook, Kim--120,211 Westmoreland, Adam--96,211 Wetsel, Diane--92,93,181 Whaley, Lori--50,1 12,1 19,129,181 Wilson, Wendi--181 Wimberly, Lane--lO5,l06,129,135,146, 197 Wind Ensemble--107 Winfrey, Kervis--210 Winstead, William--40,42,43,154 Winters, Cheryl--181 Wisakowsky, Lauri--119,135,181 Wisakowsky, Lynda--211 Wisdom, Dean--181 Wiseman, Phyllis--105,211 Wisner, Greg--44 Withrow, Keith--181 Wolbrecht, George--128,181 Wolf, Bryant--37,38,154,155 Wolf, Florence--154 Wolford, James--211 Wonder, Patti-22,26,27,33,49,l1l,l4l, 181 Wong Emma--129,211 Wood: David--92,93,154 Wood, Jed--111,181 Wood, Matt--197 Wood, Melinda--181 Wood, Mindy--127 Woodard, Glenn--81,130,197 Wheeler, Brett--130,132,211 Wheeler, Laurie--180 Wheeler, Murray--211 Wheeler, Sean--106,145,211 Wheeler, Sean--106, 145,211 Wheeler, Susan--127,181 Whetstone, Mary--210 Whitaker, Julie--119,197 White, Bobby, 211 White, John--211 White, Kim--3O,35,113,181 White, Marilee--126,211 White, Patricia--197 White Rock Bank--219 White, Scott--92,117,130,197 VW1ite, Teresa--197 Whitehurst, Susan--197 White Rock Lake--183 Whitmire, Keith--129,142,211 Whitted, Erik--64,65,210 Whitted, Myschelle--197 Whitten, Carolyn--120,136,211 Whitworth, Kim--25,29,112,1l5,181 Wilburn, Melinda--112,181 Wild, Anthony--197 Wild, Claudia--127,181 Wild, Sandra--211 "Wildcat"--44,l32, 133,202 Wilder, Jackie--154 Wilerson, Joanna--187,197 Wilkes, Kimberly--211 Williams High School--61 Wachowik, Jeffrey-210 Waco, Texas--5 Wade, Mr. Tommy--62, 145,154 Waggoner, Kristin--197 Wagner, Teresa--197 Walker, Andrea--29,116,133,136,147, 156,157,180 Walker, James--210 Walker, Joni--197 -Walker, Leatricef-180 Walker, Lisa--82,83,21l Walker, Shannon--211 Walker, Kevin--197 Wall, Michelle--197 Wallace, Sharon--180 Walls, Darrick--62,135,180 Walsh, Kim--124,180 Walters , Bryan--197 Walters, Mr. 8: Mrs. L.E.--215 Walters, Michelle-180 Walters, Phyllis--120,211 Walters, Sharon Wamble, Lisa--197 Ward, Beverly--21,111,120,140,187, Williams, Beth--21,58,59,79,86,87, 120,123,211 Williams, Beverly--105,136,211 , Williams, Brandon--211 Williams, Brenda--211 Williams, Williams Williams Brett--181 Carol--14, 107,181 Cary--197 Williams Emily--116,119,12l,128,l81 Williams Jackie--120,211 Williams, Jerome--180 Williams, Mr. John--117,154 Williams Kathy--154 Williams Kevin--117,130,197 Williams Lisa--115,135,181 Williams Parn--197 Williams Paula--197 Williams Rhonda--210 Williams Sara--211 Williams Shannon--69,211 Williams, Tom--211 Willman, Ken--96,211 Wilson, Brad--197 Wilson, Cecilia--210 Wilson, Charles--210 Wilson, Cyndi--142,211 Wilson, David--129, 181 Wilson, Edward--210 Wilson, Gayla--154 Wilson, Karen--115,181 Wooldridge, David--181 Wren, Patti--66,74,75,211 Wrestling--54 Wrestling Cheerleaders--56,57 Wright, Joseph--197 Wright, Lori--109,197 W.T. White--55,60,61,63,136,137,205 Wubbena, Christine--86,87,211 Wylie, Texas--20,21 Xanadu--31 Yancy, Windell--10,85,87,197 Yardley, Kyle--80,181 Yates, Danny--124,132,211 Yaws, Dorisie--211 Yaws, Jeanette--181 Yeager, Charles--197 Yeaager, Lisa--211 Yearbook--215 York, Christy--20,112,110,121,181,221 Young, Bret--91,211 Young 181 , Deidre--35,51,101,ll6,119,l33, Young, Lisa--126,138,181 Young, Ronda--197 Young Young blood, Sheila--197 Life--3 Younker, Terrie--210 Younker, Richard--197,210 Younker, Tony--106,211 Zaeske, Andy--87 Sinda--197 Zachary, Ed--90,91,154 Zeiler, Charles--197 Zeke House--168 Ziegler, David--21,105, 109, 129,197 Ziegler, Bill--131,181 Zikos,John--62,128,135,l97 Zimmerman, Mae--41 , 154 Index

Page 241 text:

f. V, l W ,,,k,.,,,,,,. 5 ' -vw ,q, 2. iw is 9 ' 1 ooking Good Was Easy Even with the attempted assasinations of a pope and a president, Americans had a lot to be proud of in the space shuttle. History was made during the 1980-81 school year, as assasination attempts on President Reagan and Pope John Paul II left the country feeling indignant and in a state of disbelief. Fortunately, both recovered. Although there were a few tragic events, great news also swept the country. America's Space Shuttle Columbia successfully took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida and landed safely at Edwards Air Force base in California. The NASA accomplishment had very few complications, and helped pave the way for future aerospace progress as well as boosting the morale of Americans. The student body of LH was affected by the national. A get-well card was sent by the students to wish President Reagan a speedy recovery. It was a year of history, it was a year of fun, but most of all, in whatever we participated or followed up on ..... We made Looking Good Easy. S. Davis "sr ' ,Q ' ff' - "5 Q .. . W ff. , 57 ' iWf"'-:IREM-x, if K. ,A x. -f K if . . ff . A CU.. 'tt 'A Sliding In Sliding into third base, senior Antone Sylvia makes it into the base safely. The baseball team had an outstanding season advancing to bi-district. D.Jester Musical Music Man was the musical performed by the drama department and the choir. Music Man was shown two nights and during second period for a preview. I 237 5

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