Lake Highlands High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1981

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Lake Highlands High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 238 of 248
Page 238 of 248

Lake Highlands High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 237
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Lake Highlands High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 239
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Page 238 text:

Index Reznik,David-- Rhine, Paul--195 Rhoads, Ann--175 Rhoads, Bob--176 Rich, Carl--62, 195 Richardson, Graham--154 Richardson High School--19,60,64,65, 67,68,69,72,73,85,93 Richaland College--143 Ricks, Jon--62,195 Ricks, Tracey--195 Rieck, Andrea--195 Riffe, Lisa--180 Rifle Corps--14,32,49,102,104,107 Riggs, Robert--208 Riley, Laurie--25,56,1 19,130,189, 195 Ring, Alexander--129, 145,208 Sanders, Cathy--116,176 Sanders, David--208 Sanders, Jay--176 Sanders, Lois--197 Satterfield, James--180 Robbins, Mr. Bill--62,151,154 Robbins, Karen--115,176 Robbins, Laura--130,195 Roberts, Becky--195 Roberts, David--195 Roberts, Dr. John--39 Roberts, Katy--129,195 Roberts, Katy--129,195 Roberts, Kathleen--176 Roberts, Kerri--126,199 Roberts, Renee--208 Roberts, Sandra--69,210 Roberts, Shelly--208 Roberts, Tom--176 Robertson, Jay--66,87,190,198,208 Robertson, Jeff--208 Robertson, Tamra--208 Robinson, Clint--35,129,176 Robinson, Sherilyn--87,105,195 Robinson, Timothy--62,87,132,197 Rodeo Team--54 Rodriguez, Debbie--128,195 Roe, Coach Jimmy--72,73,96,150,l54 Rogers, David--210 Rogers, Debbie--125,208 Rogers, Del--195 Rogers, John--197 Rogers, Micca--29,37,127,128,167,176 Rogers, Stacy--14,129,195 Rogers, Ronald--176 Rolston, Scott--87,116,135,174,176, 180 Roman, Randy--197 Romano, Debra--113,118,119,121,176 Rome, Italy--153 Romine, Ronald--208 Romo, Adrew--127, 176 Romo, Eddie--64,208 Romo, Stephen--195 Roper, Edward--180 Rose, Kathy--195 Rose, Ken--126,176 Rose, Mark--105,129,195 Rosen, Liz--119,140,195 Rosenberg, Patti--53,176 Ross, Kim--126,195 Ross, Patrick--208 Ross, Robin--208 Rosser, Dana--120,129,208 Rossiter, Lori--19,24,104,106,107,176 Rotello, Paul--195 Rothring, Jim--40,208 Rousch, Michelle--208 Roy, Richard--197 Ruether, Chris--54,88,89,119,176 Ruiz, Carlos--195 Ruiz, Ruth--128,176 Rumsey, Blake--197 Rush--33 Rushing, Dona--197 Russell, Larry--125,195 Russell, Lynn--208 Ruthe, Lori--116,130,135,146,176 Rutledge, Jeff,62,176 Ryals, Sandra--154 Ryan, Jack--129,208 Rynders, Kevin--195 Samadidezfouli, Mitra--180 Samsky, Greg--145,176 Samson, Marth--208 Samuel, Thomas--11,208 Sanders, Bonnie--125,195 Sauermann, Albert--142,210 Savay, Kay--155 Savell, Todd--22,25,26,27,49,117,195 Scales, Karey--22,56,59,208 Scarbrough, Jennifer--208 Schaefer, Linda--143,176 Schaefer, Susan--131,208 Schaeffer, Stacy--139,195 Schaub, Mecca--176 Schill, Terry--111,126,138,139,176 Schillaci, Sabrina--31,113,176 Schlehuber, Samuel--64,87, 122, 129 208 Schlinkmann,A1ex--131,196 Schmalzried, Charles--7, 1 16,129, 142 176 Schmidt, Mike--62, 196 Schmidt, Thomas--197 Schmoekel, Cynthia--180 Schoen, Charles--125,176 Schohl, Mary--196 Schoop, Kelly--89,1 17, 128,196 Schrank, Sherri--123,136,209 Schrank, Terri--116,176 Schriefer, Lisa--120, 129,209 Schriefer, Michael--196 Schroeder, John--39,88,89,122,132, 136,176 Schroeder, Patricia--111,120,209 Schulte, Mary--l07,108,109,116,176 Schulze, Carl--135,209 Schulze, Mike--176 Schutz, Randy--209 Schutzius, John--128,180 Schutzius, Margaret--210 Schwindt, Anthondy--106,197 Scoggins, Angie--209 Acott, John--66,87,142,176 Scott, Keith--176 Scott, Rebecca--180 Scottish Rite Home--138 Screptock, Lisa--56,176 Scribner, Monty--176 Sellers, Paul--43,44,51,52,53,154 Selman, Cindy--176 Senior All Night Party--37 Senior Dress Up Day--157 Senior Grub Day--37 Senior Pranks--158 Senior Prom--8,34,35, Senior Show--8,16,32,33,37,157,158 182 Senioris, Frank--196 Senn, Trey--40,143,196 Senna, Johnnie--52,109,110,111,126 138,140,177 Setliff, Lesley--177 Sewell, Carrie--112,129,196 Shaffer, Brian--196 Shaikh, Zoby--209 Shallow, Maria--196 Sharp, Lisa--120,209 Sharp, Robin--209 Shay, Kathy--107,116,119,128,147,163 177,189,194 Shay, Patrick--209 Shea, Kevin--196 Shebilsky, Shirley--131,196 Shelton, Amy--127,196 Sheppard, Derrick--7l,72,87,196 Shepperd, Wesley--209 Sherrill Park--90,91 Shewski, Karen--113,116,119,177 Shields, Brooke--30 Shirkhanloo, Tony--125,197 Shirley, Mary Jane--87,89, 100,129,135 136,184,196 Short, Mike--89,209 Shuey, Debbie--111,177 Shultz, Wesley--145,209 Shushok, Lisa--127,180 Shutty, Cindy--177 Sibley, Andrew--96,198,209 Singleton, Jeff--76,77,96,116,145,177 Singleton, Jeffrey--177 Sirls, Tracy--64,210 Six Flags--107 Skinner, Monica--209 Skrabanek, Carol--12,13,25,56,58,59, 119,196 Skyline Park--57,100,101 Skyline High School--61 Slocum, Mardie--128,130,l35,196 Slocum, Scott--33,36,111,177 Stewart, Randy--111,210 Stewart, Steve--157,178,189 Steyer, Mary--126,197 Stidom, McArthur--17,64,122,210 Stiegelmar, Shelly--21 ,124, 178 Small, Kynesse--35 Smith, Alrich--209 Smith, Becky--105,109,131,209 Smith, Cathy--89,196 Smith, Cindy--126,180 Smith, Donna-'154 Smith, Greg--128,196 Smith, John--29 Smith, Kim--129,196 Smith, Kurt--116,177 Smith, Linda--111,117,131,196 Smith, Lori--197 Smith, Lori L. 209 Smith, Melony--127,177 Smith, Mike--105,146,209 Smith, Ron--177 Smith, Sondra--56,78,79,120,209 Smith, Steven--209 Smith, Tami--120,128,209 Smith, Tommy--177 Smitherman, Shelley--140,196 Stimson, Bobby--210 Stone, Charlie--196 Stock, Anje--75,82,135,196 Stock, Blake--11,62,178 Stone, Margaret--139,143,210 Stone, Robert--210 Stone, T.J.--196 Storey, Alan--106, 130,210 Stormer, David--62,197 Stormer, Lynne--210 Stotts, Brian--22,79,178 Stout, Scott--91, 197 Sides, St Simmon Simmon Sims, Ci Sims, Jo uart--131,209 s, Al--196 s, Bobby--210 ndy--177 hn--105,146,177 Sims, Patrick--180 Sims, Stacie--209 Sing, Su rekha--209 Single Survival--51 , 174,209 Singletary, Bonnie--127,177 Smithey, Sloane--210 Smullin, Susanna--107,128,129,177 Smyth, Bob--177 Snyder, Bea--154 Snuggs, Stuart--131,196 Soccer--54,80,81,82,83 Solomon, Kevin--196 Somers Hardward--214 Somers, Scott--209 Sorensen, Melissa--86,87,119,177 Sorenson, Tiana--116,177 Sorenson, Wendy--209 Sorrell, Tina--209 Soto, Laura--14-0,209 Southern Fat Band--35 Southern Methodist University--57 Soutter,Kelly--14,33,111,125,140,178 Sowell, Shirley--155 Spanish Club--128,129 Sparkman, lvan--l0,80,178 Spearman, Betty--124,155 Speer, Joni--180 Speer, Matt--126,209 Spencer, Sally--209 Spencer, Tracy--125,180 Spillman, Tommy-'26, 141 ,142, 196 Spoonts, Jennifer--119,128,l89,196 Spring Show--16,114 Spurlock, Kerri--209 Spurlock, Margaret--154 St. Marks High School--67 St. Claire, Richard--196 Stafford, David--180 Stafford, Bill--178 Stage Band--14 Stahl, Shirley--154 Stallings, Drew--111,198,209 Stallings, Jackie--114,196 Stanford, University--153 Stanisich, Amy--209 Stapp, Greg--196 Stapp, Rusty--209 Starr, Leah--132,202,209 Starrett, Angela--1oe,12s,129,136,141 tvs Starrett, Bob--106,136,210 Staton, Steven--130,l35,l42,145,146 158,178 Staton, Susan--124,196 Stedman, Jeff--178,183 Steele, Charles--196 Steen, Mark--210 Stegeman, Carla--135,210 Steger, Melissa--105,196 Stendig, Martha--154 Stepcick, Tina--136,210 Stephens, Erin--178 Stephens, Jay-,210 Stephens, Wehdy--29,178 Sternat, Kevin--125,196 Stevens, Diane--115,197 Stevens, Stacy--120,210 Stevenson, Mike--74,155 Stewart, Greg--210 Stewart, Jerry--68,69,154 Stewart, Kendal--81,105,107,116,178 Stovall, Courtney--178 Stover, Amy--210 Stover, Ellen--52,116,119,178 Stover, Paul--70,72,73,96,2lO Strange, Stacey--197 Stratton, Gary--180 Stratton, Shelly--210 Stricklin, Cliff--132,133,187,191,196 Stroud, Scott--178 Stryhal, Dianna--178 Student Council--12,103, 122,123,148 Student Senate--7, 102,122,123 Studley, Patricia--125,210 Sturgeon, Stormy--196 Sudderth, Bret--180 Sulaica, Jeff--210 Sullivan, Rita--180 Sullivan, Rosemary--109,117,196 Sullivan, Terri--106,210 Summer Nights--32,33 Surles, Wade--125,210 Susie 's Dying--37 Sutherland, Todd--133,196 Sutphen, Sandra--34,132,178 Sutphen, Sheryl--111,140,210 Swaim, Diane--210 Swaim, Linda--130,196 Swank, Lloyd--89,140,210 Swan Lake--161 Swick, Laroi--210 Swimming--54,88,89 Swindle, Jeff--196 Sylvia, Antone--96, 178,237 Symphonic Band--107 Taafe, Robert--196 Tabell, Wendy--42,105,180 Tabor, Kara--129,141,210 Tacker, Jon--196 Takamatsu, Yoichi--130, 145,196 Takeyama, Tolao--197 Talbott, Suzanne--125,196 Talking Heads--167 Talkington, Judy--129,196 Tandy Leather--46 Tanner, Edie--196 Tarazewich, Lisa--1 19,135, 178,205 Tarrillion, Victoria--179 Tasby, Tony--64,210 Tasby, Christopher--62, 179 Tate, Valerie--210 Tatum, Mark--32,33,171,179 Taylor, Cedric--210 Taylor, James--150,151,154 Taylor, Jay--210 Taylor, Jennifer--179 Taylor, John--210 Taylor, Keith--196 Taylor, Mary--130,131,134,135,140 196 Taylor, Stephanie--179 Taylor, Stephen--77,210 Teague, Technic Amy--24,106,132,147,179 al Theatre--48,49 Telson, Jeff--196 Tennis--54,92,93 Terrell, Cherlyn--124,196 Terrell, Tyrone--196 Terry, Brigette--210 Terwege, Eric--131,179 Teter, W. Douglas--77,197 Texas A8zM--164 Texas Association of German Students

Page 237 text:

Miller, Julie--117,129,132,194 Miller, Kevin--207 Miller, Mary--119,173 Milliron, Mike--125,207 Mills, Corey--194 Mills, Kathy--107 Mills, Tim--96, 194 Millsap, Sheri--194 Milton, Miles--87,129,194 Mina, Chuck--76,77,173 Miss LHHS--23 Mistrot, Mason--194 Mitchell, Acie--227 Mitchell, Jane--153 Mitchell, Kathy--173 Mitchell, Kelly--173 Mitchell, Michael--194 Mitchell, Regina--210 Mitchell, Pleas--37,171,l73,182 Mittledorf, Shawn--194 vloehler, Robert--92,93,l94 Monk, David--109,194 Monroe, Gayla--25,66,1 l6,119,123,173 Monroe, Jennifer--41,130,134,l35,173 Monroe, Mary--120,123,142,207 Montalvo, Christine--207 Montgomery, Betty--128, 153 Montgomery, Clay--180 Montgomery, Ruth--153 Monty, Garry--62,65,155 Moody Coliseum--37,38,39 Moon, Kelley--207 Moon, Steve--36,173 Mooney, Laura--173 Moore, Allison--l05,109,142,210 Moore, Cindy--89,173 Moore, Debbie--207 Moore, J. Dwight--210 Moore, John--44,123,153 Moore, Kathy--111,129,194 Moore, Marena--121,123, 173 Moore, Melissa--128, 173 Moore, Michael--145,197,240 Moore, Missy--127 Moore, Paul--207 Moore, Shannon--78,79,120,123,207 Moore, Sonny--89,207 Morales, Henry--194 Moredock, Diane--207 Morgan, Jeff--42,91,173,192 Morgan, Kathy--120,207 Morris, Don--173 Morris, Lisa--194 Morris, Michael--197 Morris, Richard--89,207 Morrison, Dawn--131,207 Morrison, Jim--194 Morrison, Teresa--207 Morriss, Brent--62,207 Morrow, Glenn--210 Morton, Karen--207 lr10ser,Ju1ie--126,139,173 Mosier, Keren--173 Mosley, Keith--207 Mosman, Rhonda--120,129,207 Mott, Darla--124 Mr. LHHS--23 Mountain Haus--226 Mueller, Priscilla--173 Mulford, Debi--120,128,131 ,207 Mullin, Melissa--111,128,207 Murphy, John--60,64,207 Murphy, John Scott--92,131,194 Murphy, Kelly--75,131,194 Murr, Scott--64 Murray, Rex--173 Muse, John--174, 193 Muse, Mark--207 Music Man-16,26,27,48,49,108,140,237 Myers, Angela--197 Slacogdoches, Texas--53,239 Slajera, Guadalupe--194 Nakayama, Phyllis--194 Niall, Chris--194 Nlash, Lawrence--128,133, 141 , 174 Qational Cheerleader Association--57 Qational French Exam--128 Slational Honor Society--39,1 16,117, 184 National Spanish Exam--128 Navarro, Roland--207 Neal, Wendi--113,194 Neely, Mark--180 Nelson, Betsy--154 Nelson, Chuck--1 1 ,29,62,63,174 Nelson, Damon--135,174 Nelson, Delaney--79, 120,207 Nelson, Eddie--180 Nelson, Lee--197 Nelson, Samuel--207 Newenhouse, Wendy--56,194 Newman, Marc--180 Newman-Smith--12,61,63,68,69,86,93 Newton, Allyson--174 Newton-John, Olivia--33 Newton, Kevin--96, 174 New Wave--167 Nichol, Melinda--194 Nichols, Andy--29,174 Nichols, Lucy--111,207 Nichols, Raymond--174 Nicholson, Jeff--72,73,96,194 Nicholson, Joan--126,194 Nicholson, Mary Jane--124, 126,174 Nicholson, Michael--174 Nicholson, Monica--194 Nichter, Amy--208 Nickell, Robert--79,145,180 Niemann, Andy--106,117,l31,135,194 Nierman, Mike--208 Nine to Five--31 Nitsche, James--126 Noble, Bryan--89,194 North Texas Judging Association--201 North Garland High School--61 Norton, Julie--194 Noxon, Peter--111,180 Nutting, John--108,109,194 Oakes, Dana--112 Oberfeld, Keith--197 O'Brien, Mary--174 O'Brien, Shelley--197 Ochterbeck, Linda--208 O'Conne1l, Jennifer--129 O'Dell, Brian--64,208 Odenheimer, Tanya--195 Odum, Donna--46,127,174 Office Education Association--127 Ogden, Angie--208 Ogden, Ann--88,89,119,121,l34,135, 174,178 Ogden, Jim--146,174 Ogden, Johnna--111,140,195 Ogden, Sara--75, 195 O'Kane, Paul--208 Oldham, Lauri--115,174 Oliver, Debbie--120, 129,208 Oliver, Mona--126,208 Olla Podrida--143 Olson, Kimberly--128,195 Omlor, Karol--128,195 Ondich, David--7,72,143,174 Ondich, Nancy--208 O'Nea1, Todd--72,73,208 O'Nea1, Ty--174 Orchestra--49,108,109 Ormberget, Jorn--106,208 Ormes, Carita--154 O'Rourke, Lisa--208 Orphey, Revee--126,197 Orr, John--174 O'Shea, Sheila--195 O'Shea, Stuart--91,208 Oster, Stephen--145 ,208 Ouachita Baptist University--5, 132 Ovard, Wendi--56,208 Owen, Lisa--208 Owens, Ron--195 Owens, Trent--208 Oxford, England--153 Pace, Linda--129,141,195 Pajouh, Benham--180 Palmer, Julie--113,119,174 Panhams, Connie--51 Pannek, Mark--62,122,13l,195 Pannek, Mitch--62,131,147, 175 Pannel, Shelli--124,175 Pantusa, Matthew--197 Parade of Champions--49, 104 Parish, Debbie--125,175 Parker, Anna--154 Parker, Dianne--154 Parkerson, David--208 Parkerson, Schelley--124,195 Parks, Mildred--154 Parks, Paul--145,180 Parks, Rhonda--208 Parma, David--175 Parnell, Janis--180 Parnell, Pam--195 Parr, Lon--143,195 Passaro, Theresa--140,195 Passmore, Sue--154 Pastoor, Sara--208 Pate, Karen--175 Paternostro, Terri--195 Patterson, Billy--9,16,l22,128,195 Patterson, John--14,36,105,129,175 Patterson, Nancy--120,208 Patterson, Susan--131,195 Patteson, Brenda--125,141,195 Patton, Beverly--124,125,155 Patton, David-42,43,1 17,154 Patton, Donny--208 Patton, Neil--125, 154 Paul, Jenna--129,195 Payne, Susan--195 Pearce, Donnie--l9,62,175 Pearce, J.J. High School--57,59,61,63, 65,68,69,71,72,75,168 Pearce, Kenneth--16,17,151,154,159 Pearce, Ritchie--208 Peart, Neal--33 Peck, Steve--195 Peet, Sharon--89, 197 PELE--124,127 Pelt, Brian--129,208 Penn State University--201 Pennington, Clay--96,131,195 Perkins, Carrie--127,175 Perkins, Matt--66,87,208 Perrin, Sarah--120, 130,208 Perry, Melissa--125,195 Perry, Ricky--66,208 Peters, Brian--197 Peters, J ulie--1 11,208 Peterson, J ay--143,208 Pettit, Brett--46,90,91,126 Pettitt, John--180 Phan, Huan--130,210 Pharr, Barry--125,180 Phillips, Gwendolyn--124,195 Phillips, Jamie--109,140,195 Phillips , Jeff--195 Phillips, John--175 Phillips, Richard--105,197 Phillips, Sara--180 Philp, Tommy--195 Phipps, Bryan--210 Pickel, Hans--210 Pierce, Eric--125 Pierce, J ohn--208 Pierce, Vance--125,210 Pierson, Ginny--68,69,l29,195 Pinnell, Jackie--126,175 Pinson, Mike--195 Piper, Melissa--34,119,132,175,191 Pippal, Joseph--180 Pippal, Margaret--208 Pittman, Joyce--138,154 Pittman, Wesley--131,175 Pitzer, Dan--175 Plannells, Debra--195 Planey, Annette--31,113,114,1l9,121, 136,175 Plano--4,18,19,54,61,63,65,71,73,77, 239 Police--167 Pool, Debra--127,195 Pope, Evelyn--154 Pope John Paul II--237 Porter, David--72,73,195 Porter, Rosemary--119,175,219 Porterfield, Beth--47, 158 Potrykus, Steve--21 ,66,158, 175 Potter, Lori--120,130,208 Potts, Jennifer--124,143,175 Potts, Julie--112,128,195 Pounds, Steve--130,146,195 T o'-vell, Cari--132,195 Powell, Christi--175 Powell, Harold--180 Powell, Priscilla--155,180 Powers, Ted--87,208 Poynter, Nancy--140,154 Poynter, Marilyn--197 PSAT--172 Rrefontaine, Steve--206 ,'reng, Kathy--18,92,93, 120,208 Presentations, Kathy--1 19, 121 Presley, Rick--4,9,16 Presley, Elvis--16 Price, Lisa--208 Price-Waterhouse--51 Prigmore, Julie--175 Primeaus, Shannon--127,195 Pritchett, Elizabeth--154 Pruitt, Linda--210 Prusha, David--208 Pub, Senior--146,147 Publicover, Sarah--154 Punk Rock--163, 167 Purdy, E. Gary--66,67,87,l95 Pursell, Cindy--175 Pyles, Olen--12,25,37,43,l5O,l51,l54, 227 Quigg, Carolyn--180 RAetzman, Stuart--40,195 Ragan, Laura--208 Ragsdale, Susan--195 Raj agopal, Asha--175 Raley, Benjamin--175 Raley, Jennifer--129,195 Ralph, Laura--105,195 Ramachandran, Raghu--109,129,208 Ramirez, Brian--197 Raymond's Bar B-Q--212 Ramsey, Cindie--115,119,l26,136,l75 Randall, Clark--175 Randall, Lisa--120,208 Randolph, Karen--11l,l16,128,175 Randuk, Susan--92,1 19,129,195 Ransom, Michael-f141,l75 Ratliff, Paula--208 Rausch, Michelle--210 Ravera, Cristina--129,195 Ravera, Stefano--129,208 Rawlins, Miss Patricia--128,129,154 Ray, Kelly--120,208 Reagon, Ronald--6,237 Reagor, Tommy--208 Reaves, John--208 Red and White Day--12 Redican, Lisa--210 Redican, Lisa--210 Reduzzi, Paola--130,135,136,146,175 Reed, Kelli--124,197 Reed, Natalie--175 Reese, Carol--154 Reese, David--208 Reeves, Robin--124,195 Regan, Pete--208 Reid, Bonnie--124,175 Reidling, David--62,195 Reil ry, John--208 Riem, Timothy--210 Reinecke, Michael--195 Reiter, Gregg--124197 Remschel, Laura--111,175 ".epp, Van--175 Rettig, Alvin--86,87,197 Reunion Tower--178 "fRDevolution of Women"--31 Reynolds, James--197 Index

Page 239 text:

Zacha, 131 Texas Stadium--5 Texas Tech University--101 , 132 Texas Women's University--87 Thammavaram, Radha--196 Theatre Lhhs--140, 141 The Bookcase--214 The Party Place--215 Thomas, Bonnie--210 Thomas, Greg--196 Thomas, Karen--79,l20, 128,210 Thomas, Michael--146, 179 Thomas, Todd--179 Thomi, Shari--196 Thompson, Betsy--69,111,l41,179 Thompson, Blair--45,179 Thompson, Cheryl--128, 146,196 Thornton, Sheri--210 Thourogood, Cathy--124,179 Thorson, Krista--128,210 Tice, Terri--179 Ticer, William--210 Tielens, Cathy--127,179 Tijerina, Felix--210 Till, Mark--77,210 Tinsley, Candace--196 Tipton, Marcus--210 Tirion, Monique--41,180 Tishlias, Michael--179,210 Tishlias, Karen--52 Tittle, Cynthia--210 Tompkins, Jennifer--210 Tolhuizen, Pete--107,155 Tonroy, Leslie--179 Tonroy, Lucky--196 Toon, Kimberly--210 Torabli, Sam--197 Track--54 Traster, Gary--46, 196 Travis, Diane--120, 128,211 Travis, George--197 Travis, Tim--179 Travolta, John--33 Traweck, Bret--197 Traylor, Kyle--64,65,21l Traylor, Rob--96,211 Trestle Painting--2,4 revino, Sandy--89,211 rieger, David--179 Trieger, Karen--130,211 ffrivits, Terry--106,107,ll9, 121,179 rombla, Robin--79,111,211 rombla, Sharon--111,116,179 1 rostel, Steve--211 Trostel, Todd--91,211 Troth, Diane--130,133,196 ifroup, John--211 '1'roup, Rachel--211 royka, Frank--107,239 , ruitt, Letha--211 Hzruitt, Rochelle--154 ruitt,Tim--17,64,198,211 Truong, Anh--131,211 Todd Tschants--61,62,63,95,96,97,196 ubbs, Kayla--179 ucker, Jennifer 1BooBoolf-5,69,119, I l22,l32,179,205,226 Tull, Oliver--143,179 ully, Matt--25,62,96,97,179 ully, Patrice--124,179 urbyfill, Michelle--196 urinsky, Katie--56,l23,l78,179 1 urnbul1,Simon--211 urner, Beverly--114,1l5,129,196 urner, Catrina--106,211 1 urner, Doni--109,131,196 Turner, John--62, 132,211 Turner, Joseph--197 Turner, Kevin--211 Turner, Patrick--210 Turner, Tracy--179 Turner, Tracy R.--90,91 ,210 Turner, Travis--210 ifurney, Devin--197 ifurney, Merissa--179 utson, Eric--196 ynes, Michelle--127,179 V yree, Carla--52,l05,146,211 yree, Martha--133,185,196 Ulmann, Andy--62,101,179 Ulteig, Greg--196 ' University Interscholastic League-- 110 Underwood, Trip--211 University of Texas--178 Urban Co wboy--189 Usry, Bill--72,211 Usry, Joan--109,117131,135,136,196 Usry, Miriam--154 Vallejo, John--197 Valley View Merchant Association--57 Vance, Alisa--114,115,196 Vandament, Monica--23 Vandament, Betsy--58,146,154 Vanderburg, Glenn--29,130,142,143, 145,147,156,l57,179,19l Vandergriff Park--66,67 Vanderpool, Karen--106,107,197 Vandeven, Laura--124,179 Vandeventer, Sean--197 Vandyke, Sonya--211 Vandy's Shoes--215 Van Winkle, Wendy--66,211 Van Winkle, Lance--77, 197 Vargas, Edward--211 Varsity Revue--2,4,12, l4,15, 16,57 Vartanian, Karen--130,136,l41,179,211 Vartanian, Steven--23,116,130 Vassaka, Laura--197 Vassaka, Nick--179 Vaughter, Vanessa--106,211 Veith, Peggy--120,141,211 Veith, Pam--127,180 Verette, John--210 Verette, Kenneth--180 Vernon, Paul--62,135,180,l83 Veros, Eric--197 Vesel, Priscilla--197 Vines High School--61 Vial, Denise--197 VICA fSee Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Victory Dances--148 Vocfltional Office Education--46,47, 1 7 Vocational Opportunities Clubs of Texas--124,125,126 Vogel, Charles--29, 180 Vogel, Jennifer--30,114,115,197 Vogeli, Chris--89,211 Vokey, Colby--89,211 Vokey, Chip--32,33,l32,133,146,156, 157,180 Volker, Melinda--105, 198,211 Volleyball--54 Vonkalow, Dana--126,180 211 Ward, David--180 Ward, Ivy--119,197 Ward, Scott--129,197 Warren, Eric--85,87,180 Warren, Melissa--180 Warren, Suellen--1 1 1,197 Waters, Doug--92,197 Wilson, Kelly--128,197 Wilson, Ken--181 Wilson, Laura--1 19,123,129, 197 Wilson, Leanna--129,197 Wilson, Leslie-1o5,1m,117,129,1s4,197 Wilson, Pamela--211 Wilson, Paul--197 Wilson, Stephanie--197 Watkeys, Lynn--105,109, 142,197 Watkins, Robin--197 Watson, Dessa--126,134,l34,l38,146, 180 Watson, Jackie--125,181 Watson, Kelly--36 Watson, Merna--124,197 Watson, Tim--105,211 Watts, Joseph--197 Watts, Kris--197 Weaver, Karen--197 Weber, Katherina--134,154 Weddington, David--180 Wehe, Carl--181 Wehe, Daise--155 Weigand, Jimmy--17,62,116,117,181 Weigand, John--211 Weis, Mrs. Kristin--118,154 Welchel, Dale--197 Wells, Michele--119,121,181 Welton, Coach Steve--78,79,154 Westbrook, G Scott--125,210 Westbrook, Kim--120,211 Westmoreland, Adam--96,211 Wetsel, Diane--92,93,181 Whaley, Lori--50,1 12,1 19,129,181 Wilson, Wendi--181 Wimberly, Lane--lO5,l06,129,135,146, 197 Wind Ensemble--107 Winfrey, Kervis--210 Winstead, William--40,42,43,154 Winters, Cheryl--181 Wisakowsky, Lauri--119,135,181 Wisakowsky, Lynda--211 Wisdom, Dean--181 Wiseman, Phyllis--105,211 Wisner, Greg--44 Withrow, Keith--181 Wolbrecht, George--128,181 Wolf, Bryant--37,38,154,155 Wolf, Florence--154 Wolford, James--211 Wonder, Patti-22,26,27,33,49,l1l,l4l, 181 Wong Emma--129,211 Wood: David--92,93,154 Wood, Jed--111,181 Wood, Matt--197 Wood, Melinda--181 Wood, Mindy--127 Woodard, Glenn--81,130,197 Wheeler, Brett--130,132,211 Wheeler, Laurie--180 Wheeler, Murray--211 Wheeler, Sean--106,145,211 Wheeler, Sean--106, 145,211 Wheeler, Susan--127,181 Whetstone, Mary--210 Whitaker, Julie--119,197 White, Bobby, 211 White, John--211 White, Kim--3O,35,113,181 White, Marilee--126,211 White, Patricia--197 White Rock Bank--219 White, Scott--92,117,130,197 VW1ite, Teresa--197 Whitehurst, Susan--197 White Rock Lake--183 Whitmire, Keith--129,142,211 Whitted, Erik--64,65,210 Whitted, Myschelle--197 Whitten, Carolyn--120,136,211 Whitworth, Kim--25,29,112,1l5,181 Wilburn, Melinda--112,181 Wild, Anthony--197 Wild, Claudia--127,181 Wild, Sandra--211 "Wildcat"--44,l32, 133,202 Wilder, Jackie--154 Wilerson, Joanna--187,197 Wilkes, Kimberly--211 Williams High School--61 Wachowik, Jeffrey-210 Waco, Texas--5 Wade, Mr. Tommy--62, 145,154 Waggoner, Kristin--197 Wagner, Teresa--197 Walker, Andrea--29,116,133,136,147, 156,157,180 Walker, James--210 Walker, Joni--197 -Walker, Leatricef-180 Walker, Lisa--82,83,21l Walker, Shannon--211 Walker, Kevin--197 Wall, Michelle--197 Wallace, Sharon--180 Walls, Darrick--62,135,180 Walsh, Kim--124,180 Walters , Bryan--197 Walters, Mr. 8: Mrs. L.E.--215 Walters, Michelle-180 Walters, Phyllis--120,211 Walters, Sharon Wamble, Lisa--197 Ward, Beverly--21,111,120,140,187, Williams, Beth--21,58,59,79,86,87, 120,123,211 Williams, Beverly--105,136,211 , Williams, Brandon--211 Williams, Brenda--211 Williams, Williams Williams Brett--181 Carol--14, 107,181 Cary--197 Williams Emily--116,119,12l,128,l81 Williams Jackie--120,211 Williams, Jerome--180 Williams, Mr. John--117,154 Williams Kathy--154 Williams Kevin--117,130,197 Williams Lisa--115,135,181 Williams Parn--197 Williams Paula--197 Williams Rhonda--210 Williams Sara--211 Williams Shannon--69,211 Williams, Tom--211 Willman, Ken--96,211 Wilson, Brad--197 Wilson, Cecilia--210 Wilson, Charles--210 Wilson, Cyndi--142,211 Wilson, David--129, 181 Wilson, Edward--210 Wilson, Gayla--154 Wilson, Karen--115,181 Wooldridge, David--181 Wren, Patti--66,74,75,211 Wrestling--54 Wrestling Cheerleaders--56,57 Wright, Joseph--197 Wright, Lori--109,197 W.T. White--55,60,61,63,136,137,205 Wubbena, Christine--86,87,211 Wylie, Texas--20,21 Xanadu--31 Yancy, Windell--10,85,87,197 Yardley, Kyle--80,181 Yates, Danny--124,132,211 Yaws, Dorisie--211 Yaws, Jeanette--181 Yeager, Charles--197 Yeaager, Lisa--211 Yearbook--215 York, Christy--20,112,110,121,181,221 Young, Bret--91,211 Young 181 , Deidre--35,51,101,ll6,119,l33, Young, Lisa--126,138,181 Young, Ronda--197 Young Young blood, Sheila--197 Life--3 Younker, Terrie--210 Younker, Richard--197,210 Younker, Tony--106,211 Zaeske, Andy--87 Sinda--197 Zachary, Ed--90,91,154 Zeiler, Charles--197 Zeke House--168 Ziegler, David--21,105, 109, 129,197 Ziegler, Bill--131,181 Zikos,John--62,128,135,l97 Zimmerman, Mae--41 , 154 Index

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