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'H R+ 1 5, ws ' tw in W1 -. W , E155 gas. N ' 'Que' Rv ,ff 4' , V, fa W .,f-5,-435. Vx ' W Q xg tl Aa -..uo.w- 1 W' A ix L as X, I Q A .W 'wr ,Ng 'Q ., 1. M ,Hx , f mwlfbvifwri' Q- alum- -W - t , I ,L . , 3 Alva K , xdid Y v . , Q O wg V ,uv , dw V v f .. ' as P. L ' 'L ' M f " A f . ,Ks .Q M , I , N -.Qs f I ,, ' QW . ' T9 Q' Mm ,, A W J ' JA ,K we Ib V go-.. K Jlffwf I "N" W A ' nf fi! ?'.:ff' 1" -ip f ' an .1 ' -' , , N 4, .rm ,SG Y if H N ww? if 2 ini" HW, WU 5 ww if 'w gm. . . as ' 1. , K ww ' 'fp' , A .gm- ' 'A 5 My ,- . , , Mg Pifrff' Wifi' -af ,, ,. vi "hs 0 , .9 A . ", . ws ,. to ' ' 'V ' "" A' N , fi ' 'ig' " ' L ' 0,3 A 1 ,. 5' ' n g ' fl-" Q 4 a , . fi .1 3 4' ,V '+ ' -so 'QQ- ,4 xi, Q ku ,. ,Idsf - K 'ff ' of - 4? , vs .531 g Qs:-3 , 4 "'?-f'4,+ 5 ' Q.-as .2 L s W". k P- if ,T ol Af A s . ,JK .WQIH ' ii' A., ww' M xt N' M f EQ lay. K.. " E +5 ,wr . HH' x 55 -. ? .y .n,e:s'Sfs92sza ' a 1 l 63 Mm, 4 , , , Fin w ,L Q F1 X QQ 3 1? 1 , S . I ,A -.fl - , -. -f ' , , Vkg, fxgwf' mg . Q, , A W , Y K. W ,A "gk . fi gs A 75 ,3::.4Yf'vw,x A . J! iff 6 . 6' .16 4 w, 1' ' -13 H ff X H ' 1 ' Je".-l mt li f L .N , . 4, : . '51 i F , , , .Tw " xi . .,w- . . ' ' I l l 1 -uf -'I 'Q 's 1 I ' ,4 V , 'I-. 1 . -, I I, w kg ' A .ilx'i.C1 -'tiff . V 5 ..' - ,L A :A A -' .rf ' W . ' ,Hf:'- " r ANPW -' ul? Y-,K -M sk V1.1 . Y. H: 5' n4:?f'Qff-- 1: M ,"3-:fi- ., A f"13i"fif' .,,,g. .!yE,. 1 1 -uf' - -. xi. I A f nf ' ici- QA -a-, - '. ' -LS: V - -54 -15134 ya, .."1 w '. . .- 'fag fi . ---Q1 - if. 54 , ' 7 -. :Q -53 31 V, I ,. . . '1 i , , il' L i 1 Q1 1. I :J Q ,. 5? .1 , 'J Jruk Y . i' . 3' . , , .Y , . .Q " . -i f 3 5 -'L -".9"- - V 4 , 1 " 'e4, ,f, .I 1 Z- , ' In af , .1 L ' WL, . Q '- if. Q f ' 'EL x 'v . 1 'N - ' -, -a , f vr".1f. i f ' AJS' I y' 'Q 'xr X v Y f - : ,lip ,n . AV .Jn A. ij: -E . if ,e.v.1rf I Ja- . Q X K . Q Y , , 1 , f ff -5 r,,1...... '11 fx-Tw - JA ' ff 17:1-' 33 SW Q 'f flff Wk . . -V55 W i ' ' PWWE Q .v,,. xWMl vf W Rose Leaves Qgyfify I' F J , 3.1 va 8 HR an m , Q In 1 ' s , P Q ll 1 , . 'Va lf' S W S f 0 A - : f.' I 4 E. 'if 'rr 'gi 3 1 , I A U' 1 A Li. ,3 Q 'F u... 4 .4 9 I. Y.. N I. 1 fun .iz X: ,f kv' , A V3 ' i .k ,A I . 'W ,I in -, s 2.5 K. "5 fn :ld 41 . ,.-3 ,- 1 - u-:QSs."b.e.,xg,,Ng,suAwsos3'eqAQmX,5'lDh3.Xx ,Avi-be Surge:-vin-"3 GH" A' cXkc"k-'QN3' -in C'l"L 'X' 'QWQQS f-F-an i Bxlxgx XQNHQ., esmkxxi- Mylan gxgm. U-'QW 4-GH-sh QR LN 'fn VAR -L gym' -taxi - ' Rose'l.eaves Q' 5' h M W Mya... 5-S55 has Q. execs s.g,,.-LC-.gngbsx Y. g p. M, x, presentecllby "M QNX. . c-esp Yig. EN. Xxvws- , E-was.. The Senlor Class ' 'N 'R K Q'NW'-'Lg' 'Xbox XD 'Exim 'Vag- ONN xxlgx. of ?F"QG'N"X XR XQQQABNN The Knox School Q A - St. James New York Index Page Foreword ..... ..... 5 Dedication . . . . . . 6 Faculty ..... .... 8 Seniors . . .... 13 Classes .... .... 4 1 Organizati .... 45 Athletics .. .... 57 3 5 G 5 .Q V 4 an -Us I I ,, M 0 : , lv-v by-Jiri' ADD 5 Q i 4 f 2 4 3 RFQ 'inf-"-:Wig L - A .LJ 5 W' ,if . 5 , - Siva 7 2 f I 4 . 'Q ' f ,f A mf . -iggrigaly 5 Foreword Our years at Knox have now come to a close and we must part from the friends we have made and the faculty who have endowed us with wisdom and understanding. In our parting we would like to leave behind us the echoing theme of our Rose Leaves, "Knox is hlled with passing peoplef' We feel we have captured in these pages a tide of joy which has swept its wave upon us and passed on, leaving behind memories of our fruitful days at Knox. E To Miss Wood! BECAUSE OF HER UNDERSTANDING OF US... HER READY WILLINGNESS TO HELP. . . HER UN- DTING PA TIENCE. . . HER WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR SHOWN IN THE ELF THAT CON- STANTLT TWINKLES IN THE CORNER OF HER EYE... WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFT2'-NINE PROUDLTDEDICA TE THIS, OUR Rose Leaves. f Dear Seniors, What better can I wish for you than a happy life. This pursuit of happiness is a common quest - sought by all people everywhere in their own fashion. But what is happiness and how do we achieve it? Many wise men and philosophers have written about it and I End the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson those which I wish to leave with you. "A happy life is to laugh often and to love much, to win the respect of in- telligent persons and the affection of children, - to appreciate beauty, to find the best in everything, to give onels self, to leave the world a little better, - to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and to have sung with exultation, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived." May the blessing of our Heavenly Father go with you through your life. Affectionately yours, ali r L 5 , . w Miss LAURA L. wooD Mrs' MARY Lv BANCROFT Mrs. ETHEL v. KNIFE Principal PHINNEY Bursar President of the Board of Trustee.: Mrs- HENRIETTA L' Mrs. HILDA CANNAN Mrs. JEAN CHILLE BURDILK Secretary to the Principal Ayyijtant Burgar Secretary to the Bursar 1 Miss ANNE E. CULE Mrs. MURIEL B. DAWKINS Mrs. PHYLLIS K. DAY Pianoforte, English llixtory English School Secretary 8 Mr. HARRY de LEYER Frau URSULA FEHLER Mr. CLAUDE GONVIERRE Riding Instructor German, Modern History Pianoforte Miss MABLE T. HACKETT Miss DOROTHY E. JOHNSON Mrs. MARGARET LEFEAN Voice French Housemother Mrs. VIRGINIA LINDSEY Miss ALLENA LUCE Miss CECILE LYNCH Houxemotlier Spanish Librarian 9 gals'-kf.' 'ks Miss ANNE MVCDLUE Miss MARIJXN MMDLUE Miss U. M,-XRIAN NORTON Plzyxifrzl liiflllfllflflll A1t,Dr1m1atif.x Alllflffllll llfxlmy,1fu11,x4'H1u!1lc'V H S Mrs. IDOROTIIY NOEL IXUS, MARCIAIUYI' C, ROGERS Bliss LESLIE SNOW' lI01lX1'NIOfhf'7 1,r1ff7l,A1gc'b11l Aladvrrz Dunn' 'M '. A 1 K K ' 1 ' , 151, p, jj. s. r rl I ,, N1l'S,.I.XNl'1 H'l'.XNSI5l'RY IXTADAKIE Kf1'.El'UFNl". V'RRNH'1R lan lnl1,'f'1'fll11g, .'17Ifl'l'llf llixfmy MQXRI.-X 'I'.fX'l'IS'l'SC1HI2l7l" ,U11ll11'rm1liu. S'v1'f'11u' l"n'rzz'l1. llnzzwzfmtlzwr I0 .' 4 nv ? ? -"IFE ,R .M if fax 4 1 'sk . - "' , . 1. -J 4, 1 . N w f 'L . . ui . 1: 49 , 1, fb e ' Y Q In Y ' mf ' 151, 1223 ,wgym xmig Q .n Ao- -wf yxifglx, 'P-, My Q , ,LL:,, ,QQ 1, 'ff"'ff . T - :wx -. !' J, fa, t i fa , M .ff iw . W? gfffff, A M' p x? ii E Y P . X 21 SR Q-mf ,flu 4 Senior Officers l f Win Bloom School Prexident Senior Pledge Carla Wright Senior Clair President I, now as a student, later as an alumna, solemnly swear faith- fully to maintain and uphold the honor and principles of Knox, and to the best of my ability set a good example to the rest of the school, and herewith I give you my hand. 12 Senior Poem Current The bubbling, babbling, ever Howing water Echoes in the brooks and eddies of life, Pressing and carrying in her rushing body The minute sands of humanity. A melodious tune of life, she carries, Of hope, of despair, of torment, of happiness, Pressed to her bosom by the muddy shores. Sands of indecision glide downstream, Swerving and swaying through verdant glistening reeds, Rapping and grasping viscous stones To be again thrown into the continual current. On these pulsating particles How, Washed and swept by time, Never stopping, always whirling downstream, Always followed by perpetual tides of humanity. - Martha Elisabeth Lawler eniord Our Mrs, Dawkins: with love and gratitude for her unceasing help and interest in us Alma Mater Our Alma Mater, In years to come Thee do we cherishg Our love ne'er shall perish: As time goes by Knox will remain And friends must part. Ever dear to my heart g Knox, we are true, True to you. Knox ls Filled with Passing People Knox is filled with passing people, Though they stay for such a few years Girls who come and learn and go, Passing onward with their class, They make fast the old traditions Still their love makes a foundation And the love of Knox to grow. For the next ones when they pass. So we want to leave behind us Some small sign that we have gone, Taking up the Senior Promise In our turn to pass it on. l 14 tt.. as - .id-an, . l i Our beloved friends, Mrs. Knipe and Mrs. Phinney Senior Marching Song When the Senior Class comes marching You'll know that it's the end Though we treasured every moment that we spent with you And we made a million friends. Therels a loneliness comes cre As the evening .shadows fall, As the golden hush of evening Lingers gently over all, That makes the Spring-time not a gladtime, Makes the Spring-time almost sadtime. There's loneliness comes creeping As the evening shadows fall. Now we're almost through with marching When weire gone we'll all feel blue But wejre thankful for the fact that we're seniors now And we promise lasting loyalty to you. Senior Song eping There's a longing ills your spirit As the dusk creeps down the hill Echoed in the crying cricket And the sobbing Whippoorwill. It makes the Spring-time not a gladtime Makes the Spring-time almost sadtirne. There's a longing fills your spirit As the dusk creeps down the hill. Itls as beauty fills your soul When the evening shadows fall That the lonely, longing feeling Creeps into the heart of all. Yes, the Spring-time is a sadtime Yet the Spring-time is a gladtime For 'tis beauty fills your soul As the evening shadows fall. - Linda Mosher Blum '44 I5 e is riiitliiltfhetl t.QUyi,5 ,sw if Q we of Allwina Keller Bloom - ,Q at 4 UWM ,fe rg V Easton, Pennsylvania L y N Entered Knox September 1957, School Presi- 'X gf' "l',' L , . dent, Junior Class Treasurer, D.C. Committee, Rose Leaves, Ghost, Drama Club, Spanish Club, Riding Club, Racquet Club, Varsity Basketball, Rose Team Cheerleader. "Quiet pleaseg I can't stand it," usually found in Miss Woodls office, aspires to flower, watcrloo - problems, can't wait til Knox is coed! "born to serve she seems with grace to win, ana' heart to hold" Beatrice Carla Wright 'KG.B.,' "Charlie" Binghamton, N. Y. Entered Knox September 1956, Senior Class President, Junior Class Secretary, Sophomore Class President, D.C. Committee, Drama Club Vice President, Glee Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Rose Leaves, Ghost, Racquet Club, Var- sity Hockey and Softball. "Hey you kids, hon- estly,', usually found at the diet table, aspires to be a pilot, Waterloo - dear johns and gum chewers, can't wait til I can wear my lenses all day. "ordinary saints grow faint to posterity, whilst quite ordinary .sinners pass vividly down through the ages" 16 54 f7 5 VN QR - 4' , ijxojzqz-U' by-'CQ' can '91 1 A fri Benita Mae Browarsky E W rrBeeJJ Youngstown, Ohio Entered Knox September 1955, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Rose Leaves, Riding Club, Rac- quet Club, White Team. 'SI don't know,'l usu- ally found helping out, aspires to be size 7, waterloo - espannol? canlt wait till that Youngstown Robin comes bob-bob-bobin' along. fthe web of our life is of a mingled yarn: good and ill together' H Tr 1 5 ti ,- Q f 0 x plnsfqiisv-. A gg, if E l 1- . 4 - .. ,.,,-fp., rf QW Donna Atwill "Donnavitch" Buffalo, New York Entered Knox September 1957, White Team Treasurer, Varsity Hockey Captain, Drama Club, French Club, Rose Leaves, Racquet Club, Riding Club, Varsity Basketball and Tennis, White Basketball and Hockey. 'fWe'll see ya!" Usually found out of uniform, aspires to be a Switzerland ski bummer, waterloo - saving money, can't wait til my Deb party. are smiles with an intent to do mischief all Susan Barnes Carhart frSul,J1 El Paso, Texas Entered Knox February 1958, Spanish Club, Rose Leaves, Rose Team. "I sure wish I'd get some mail," usually found in the shower, aspires to speak romantic German, waterloo - dieting, can't wait till the bathrooms are inside. 'she found life a pattern' PN I .lo Colonna ,fiom Norfolk, Va. Entered Knox September 1958, Rose Leaves, VVhite Team. "Hey Hot Diggityf' usually found drinking coffee. aspires Home sweet Home, waterloo - History of Art, can't wait til gradu- ation. 'bf silent and be sa ff silence nvzfr'r betrays you ' . ' N so l JJ S355 ev R gl! A3 fa Sandra Cox "Sandi" Oyster Bay, L.I., New York Entered Knox September 1957, Rose Leaves, Racquet Club, Riding Club, Varsity Hockey and Basketball, Rose Hockey and Basketball Teams. "Sign me out," usually found trying to understand people, aspires to be indepen- dent, waterloo - men fnot boysj, can't wait til I find the right guy. 'it ir better to have .romething to remember than nothing to regret' fx, Bonnie Jean Cornelius "Bonnie" Buffalo, New York Entered Knox September 1956, Riding Club Treasurer, French Club Secretary, Glee Club, Rose Leaves, Rose Team. "Geesl It's really greatln usually found looking for food, aspires to take a trip around the world in a trailer, Waterloo - work, canit wait till I find someone to solve my problems for me. 'it mag: not how long you live, but how well' kgyx A Jim jhgftew 0 NQL S -'Kea Q9 vets 0909 itieQfo eros we Y dsl' I' ,fb M' dl? , 'i Cynthia Jane Cummins rfSuJJ Manhasset, LI., New York Entered Knox September 1957, French Club, Clee Club, Sextet, Rose Leaves, Riding Club, Racquet Club, Rose Team. 'Tm so hungry, you bet," usually found in a hula-hoop, aspires to have cheese souffie on Friday, waterloo - litterbugs, ean't wait til I can take a HOT shower. 'how .wad and bad and mad it was! but then, how sweet, fl yyaiekfl M? X x Catherine Dalton I l , i ly if 1 ll jf' C "CandyJ' Bethesda, Maryland Entered Knox September 1958, Senior Class reasurer, Glee Club, French Club, Spanish 'll , Knoxtette. Rose Leaves, Ghort, Riding ilub, Rose Team. "Hi, Chiekf, shoot zee bunny," usually found composing dear john letters, aspires to be the love of his life, water- loo - falling out of upper bunks, can't wait til we two are one. 'personality lourlzed with humor, mpable of laugliier, yet firm and decided' Barbara Hathaway Daugherty r'Barb" El Paso, Texas Entered Knox September 1957, Spanish Club Secretary, Rose Leaves, Ghost, Racquet Club, Riding Club, White Team. "There must be something we can do,', usually found in front of a mirror, aspires to be an international play- girl, waterloo - HQO2. canit wait til our little southerner developes laryngitis. 'such girls as this are hard to find: she knows her place and speaks her mind' s 1 e t ' s ., sa i e p gif- iz -1 K ' g i f r . : Q Q' v if ' 2 U ' v Y ' g f i ' Qgif ,M- , '-1 .- 5 5 -' N as .1 Dorothy Esser rfD0tu Smithtown, Long Island, New York Entered Knox September 1954, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Drama Club Secretary, French Club, Rosa Leaves, Ghost, Riding Club, Var- sity Basketball, Hockey and Softballi Teams. "When in doubt . . . ?!?,' usually found . . you know where, name itl, aspires to be 5'3", Waterloo - 5'2", canit wait til the weekends. 'he knows most who speaks least' Margo Luise Essick "Little Alon Cleveland, Ohio Entered Knox September l955, Spanish Club Treasurer, Rose Team Cheerleader Captain, French Club, Glce Club, Ron' Leaves, Ghost, Racquet Club. "da-da-da, ash-ash-ash," usually found eating clams with Captain Knowlton, aspires to be the cha-cha queen in Rio Pieclras, waterloo --- Denny, can't wait til Fm Gidget. 'they .vin who lfll us lore fan die' , ,QU ill ill! - A ' 'w ,I 'M - u if 1 l lllxfvll , ,X X K l x X . ly , . ff! lv l illhr W . P l 'ill 1 .lyhl 4 ,,,l f: gi .ie-'1.':4s-a t ' .riztziiii-fiigzzris 536 - - .i.. Jayne Flynn "'P00psie" Pasedena, California Entered Knox September 1956, Spanish Club President, Senior House President, Rose Leaves, French Club, Tattlwr, Glee Club, Ad Luzicm, Drama Club, Varsity Hockey and Basketball, Racquet Club, Rose Team. g'Oh Creep: Cali- fornia here I come." usually found bragging of my "Golden State," aspires . , . lVinnie the Pooh, Waterloo M French teachers, can't wait til vacation comes. 'I haw' been faithful to tlzwe . . . in my favlzion' , 5,9 2134217 efgggrkjyvfx -if Grd? CSX L Mia Marie Louise Fonssagrives X? , X "Fonrie" New York City Entered Knox September 1955, Rose Team Captain, French Club President, Rose Team Cheerleader Captain, Junior Class Vice Presi- dent, Scribblers Club, K.A.A., Ad Lucem, Glee Club, Drama Club, Rose Leaves, Ghost, Spanish Club, Riding Club, Racquet Club, Varsity Hockey, Rose Hockey, Basketball and Softball Teams. "Score, chalk one up!,' usually found walking through walls, aspires to play con a drums in the village, waterloo - tor- S t tonies, Latin, and Swedish men, can't wait til June 16, 1959, at 11 :30 A.M. 'happiness is speecltlers' Jbyyvf I 0 V W G 0 ' '-7 5 1 'hi v:ilf?'i,1f?5"v Dora Patricia Graber QU ' - Q "Dora" 1 - p - 1 Smithtown, L.I., New York C 1 ,C M if Entered Knox September 1956, Ghost Business ,f W i i Manager, Drama Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Riding Club, Racquet Club, White Team. "That's attractive," usually found buried under a book, aspires . . . red M.G.A. converti- ble, waterloo - crewcuts, can't wait til college. 'in quietness and in confidence shall bf your strength' K, ., Jael" ,WWW 23 F1 rf, Betsey Boswick Jones "Bets" Saddle River, New Jersey Entered Knox September 1957, Senior Class Secretary, Rove' Leaves Business Manager, Sen- ior House President, French Club, Ghost, White Team Cheerleader Captain, Racquet Club, Riding Club, Varsity Hockey, White Hockey and Basketball Teams, "Iss sat sooo! Now really! Stay well, Msimanguw usually found fashionably late, aspires to play a barefooted game of Frisby in Washington Square, Waterloo - Dobbs poetry, can't wait til my perspective ceases being hazy. 'when thu devil drops his lim' I can't help but nibble at it' is W Nr-9 ' QLN , ex Joan Lilli Kessel "Kms" Smithtown, L.I., New York Entered Knox September 1954, K.A.A. Presi- dent, French Club, Roxf Lrazwxf, Glee Club, Ad Lucem, Ghost, Drama Club, Varsity Hoc- key and Basketball teams, Rose Team. "Let's try that entrance again," usually found in the middle, aspires to get up last one morning, Waterloo - Penny's speediness, can't wait til everything goes right. 'nothing great was ever acliiezfrd without en- thusiam' Martha Elisabeth Lawler "Dobbs" North Tarrytown, New York Entered Knox September 1957, Scribblers Club President and Vice President, Rose Leaves Li- terary Editor, Glee Club, Sextet, Ghost, French Club, Spanish Club, Varsity Hockey, Rose Hockey, Basketball, and Softball Teams, "Hey, Chicken Littleg go well, Urnfundisif, usually found playing the role, aspires to be re-incar- natecl as a Greenwich Village 4'Peanuts,5' waterloo - kitchens, tortonies, and principles, can't wait til I become a profound philosopher of Existentialism. 'unless you havr chaos within you, you cannot give birth to a dancing star' Katherine Penelope Knowlton c!Ad771l7'Hf Pvn-Pvnj' West Islip, L.I., New York Entered Knox September 1956, Glee Club, Drama Club, Rose Lravrs, Varsity Hockey and Basketball, White Hockey, Basketball, and Soft- ball Teams. "Listen ta meg mcrci buckets," usually found in a mask, aspires to model for Donovin and Co., waterloo - uniforms in gen- eral, can't wait til I join the Coast Guard. 'this above all: to thine own self be true' ..x1"X ,N ye N FJ!-iffiii xifio ., f I N . . -fi y t.. +u.. 7 QJXX 9 lg. IJ' 0 -N My f A C AQ Layman' f f 9242557-fSazzy,9jZ. 7, Zvi-ham n B' dr, ,I., York e n 195 1 'or lass President, Q ' ' Prine of W,l . Student Coun- , c Gee Club, Rare ,f1..r, White Team. zx I'ms ed," s . in t e last place - terl - "it's rdia " nt wait til P 1. and yC ' . ' .v is 'vii tie 11 isli it, 1 Q .I uv u f I k, ires c me . b ss Hdle player, I ia f ff!! ky 5 f I ll ..,,r ,,, ,., Georgea McPherson ss, ' ,rg - Georgea Huntington Bay, L.I., New York Entered Knox February 1956, Scribbler's Club Secretary, Spanish Club, French Club, Rose C Leaves, Riding Club, Rose Team, 'LI wish I could board," usually found away on week- V' ends, aspires to be Nature Girl II, waterloo - that silver Austin Healy, can't wait til Charlie pilots my private plane. 'with gentle yet prevailing force, intent upon her distant course' 26 l Donnaieane Merten if D. 1. Whitestone, New York Entered Knox September 1956, White Cheer leader Captain, Spanish Club, Riding Club Glee Club, Rose Leaves, White Team Varsity Hockey, Racquet Club. "Yacka-puck Leb anouief' usually found counting bottles aspires to be a world traveler, waterloo - group ratings canlt wait til June, 1960. 'I live for those who love me, for those who know me true' ,mtl lex Gale Elena Mitton "Mme Setauket, L.I., New York Entered Knox September 1957, Student Con- gress, Rose Leaves, French Club, Glee Club, Ghost, Racquet Club, Rose Team Cheerleader. "Where's my ciggy?,' usually found under the weather, aspires to go to England, waterloo - Englishmen, can't wait til Jeepy is well. 'a man has his will, but a woman has her way' Joan Elizabeth Nixon "Nicki', Wabash, Indiana Entered Knox September 1957, Rose Leaves Editor-in-Chief, Riding Club Secretary, Senior Cottage President, Scribbler's Club, Ghost, Spanish Club, Glee Club, Rose Team. 'Tm sorry I'm late, Sir, but I had a meeting, Hark!" usually found wondering where I'm going but on the way, aspires to meet that deadline, wa- terloo - humorous? remarks about Indiana, can't wait til my Blue Moon turns to gold again. 'therels nothing worth the wear of winning but laughter and the love of friends' W 'M tl L lL,,l F QQW X ls, , - ,M Sw Geraldyn Obletz fflenyu Eggertsville, New York Entered Knox September 1957, Spanish Club, Rose Leaves, Riding Club, Rose Team. "Cha- cha-chaf, usually found in the saddle, aspires to understand Bubbles, Waterloo - Joan's pas- sion for open window shades at night, canlt wait til I can calmly climb into my upper bunk. 'a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse' -i it NE , fl Al 7 vvff, Nj! Mfr MW f was WM Pamela Elizabeth Penny "Pom Paineyn Manhasset, L.I., New York Entered Knox September 1956, Racquet Club President, Rose Team Secretary-treasurer, Rose Leaves, Drama Club, Ghost, Spanish Club, Glee Club, Riding Club, Sailing Team, Var- sity Hockey and Basketball. "Treats, GIGIFV, usually found setting a bad example, aspires to hunt Cicero Sundays, Waterloo - the May Pole, can't wait til there is pressure in the shower. 'good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul' ' sex f Q 963 XOQX sex VV! Anastasia Palaologos "Stacy" Youngstown, Ohio Entered Knox September 1957, Glee Club Presi- dent, Sextet, Knoxtette, French Club, Rose Leaves, Ghost, Rose Team. 'LYou want me to be in a bad mood?" usually found laughing and eating, aspires to hold my fizzi, waterloo - Greek men, canlt wait til Candy shoots the yfv' bunny! 'as merry as the day is long' Estella Quintana "'Stella', San Juan, Puerto Rico Entered Knox September 1956, Spanish Club Librarian, French Club, Rose Leaves, Racquet Club, Riding Club, Varsity Hockey. "Ayi Dios miolw usually found behind a hearty laugh, aspires . . . cheaper by the dozen, Waterloo - history teachers, can't wait til the bills are outdated. 'a merry heart goes on all day' il- ,r gl 'x 1 N0 iff E we llfffy 1 Lf Barbara Ann Rose "Barbie" Oakland, New Jersey Entered Knox September 1957, White Team Captain, K.A.A., Spanish Club, Rose Leaves, Racquet Club, Riding Club, Varsity Hockey and Basketball. "Gotta go on a diet," usually found writing D SL E, aspires to teach espanol, waterloo - Bisque Tortoni and singing, can't wait for whom the bells toll. 'without persistence nothing great was ever achieved, Sara Louise Taggaro rfsalii Jackson, Michigan Entered Knox September 1956, Social Chair- man, Drama Club Secretary, Scribblers Club, Glee Club, Rose Leaves, Ghost, French Club, Riding Club, Racquet Club, Rose Hockey and Softball, Rose Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader. "Really! No kiddingfi' usually found gorging herself, aspires 36B , waterloo - tortonies and diets, canlt wait til this thing's over. 'sentimentally I'm disposed to harmony, but or- ganically I'm incapable ofa tune' Katherine Schneider n'Kateu Oyster Bay, L. I., New York Entered Knox September 1955, Student Con- gress, French Club, Rose Leaves, Riding Club, Rose Team. "Yes, I know, but . . f' usually found confused, aspires to be independent, waterloo - certain blue-eyed men, can't wait til I reach the ivy halls. 'if music be the food of love - play on' 1, 1- sl ' 1 'z ,X f I 5 1 . f 3 Q. 5 Wy 7 laffiifw ,lf ,ffl Marjorie Toors "Margie,' Bay Shore, L.I., New York Entered Knox September 1958, Rose Leaves, Riding Club, Rose Team. "Let's try Prellj' usu- ally found writing to Burt, aspires to have a telephone credit card, Waterloo - Lady Grey's dirty tail, can't wait til my roommates all be- come fresh air fiends. 'here is wisdom manifested in silence' f' 3 'fab Q A' ,fre ffl aww! M Enter Pre i L isa Teresa Villegas ' "Luisal' ffaracas, Venezuela nox September 1956, Riding Club nt, Spanish Club Vice-President, Rose Le ves, Ghost, Aa' Lucem, K.A.A., French tee Glee Cl b, Racquet Club, D.C. Commit- T am Cheerleader. "What a riot," d under the suds, aspires to relax, them dry bones, can't wait til the zn beauty like the night' Natika Waterman rfTikaJJ Setauket, L. I., New York Entered Knox September 1955, Ghost Editor, Glee Club, Knoxtette, Scribblers Club, Rose Leaves, French Club, White Team. 'LI can,t seem to find my booksf' usually found moan- ing and gnashing her teeth, aspires to be editor of Time Magazine and get it out twice a. day, waterloo - getting home in the afternoon, can't wait til she has long hair. 'she dwelt among the untrodden ways' 5 r Candy Dalton, Stacy Palaologos, jerry Obletz, Benita Browarsky, Mrs. Margaret Lafean, Margie Toors, Chris Thayer, joan Kessel, Sue Carhnrt, Joan Nixon, Carla Wright, Margo Essick, Donna Atwill, Penny Knowlton, Barbara A. Rose. The Senior Cottage "'+'l 4 ', M 34 The Senior House Sall Layman Barbara Daugherty, Bonnie Cornelius, Su Cummins, Jo Colonna, Luisa Vil- Y , le-gas, Mia Fonssagrives. Win Bloom, Pam Penny, Betsey Jones, Sally Taggard, Estela Quin- tana, Jayne Flynn, Lisa Lawler. ABSENT 7 D. Merton. www giggle? vga? wagamgg w fe fm i E555 K 'lfwpwlilg dgiiiifelf if fwzmwwtwew L ' . ' , SN-.415 -".f'Q-23.--iff' 77' 5iiffYx if .5iJ,5fiV'ff?l's-75, '::Y??if!E5ilx fi 3 fxikkez' "4fr""'N'C"'l'u'E?fQ,f A M WWW mmiwm nl-Nwrlgfanll : . . ' , .FFL E4:,i,,SfiQ:5iqg,,7e,im5,g, :wa 4, 1 wmv' 1, nw , Qi. , i ii, A , V -, . - V ' ' . 'ov"""""" " f . , wr' X 1: N - .qua 1 ? .gf ea w 1 ,W s v I 1 'Q 4' i H 'fi I Nl V lm W 35 -Ei . ' Q I fel ru I 356151 will . We, the immortal Senior Class of 1959, leave behind to our fellow classmates the many "treats" that we have had in our last year. Firstly, we would like to leave behind our wonderful nocturnal journeys down the hill in wintertime and our meals to future fortunates. Secondly, we would like to leave behind our transmission of daily assignments through the air vents. Next we wish to leave our marvelous heat- ing systems and barometers which have gotten us through the winter. Our ever pre- vailing starvation is another thing we must part with for we feel it would be a shame to walk out of here suffering from malnutrition. Our fourth john is something we fear wc can't take with us also, although it has endeared itself to us, consequently, we bequeath it to the Juniors who will find out, from experience, that it never fails to be broken. Although there have been no serious accidents with the new double decker bunks we feel that we should leave them all and may we add as a small re- minder - BRING BANDAGES .- as falling from high altitudes is positively NO fun. Lastly, we would like to leave our cutting through the smoke barrier to anybody who feels that pyromaniacs are useful people. Gail Mitton leaves her wild jeepster to the Spanish girls so they too can be day-hops. Her faux-pas, Dora Graber leaves to Sassy Kambhu. To Janis White, Tika Waterman leaves her superior organizing ability. In hopes that her growing pills will work better for Darolyn Dibble, Dot Esser re- luctantly leaves them behind. Sally Layman wills to Melanie Campbell ALL of her "Trouble.,' To Margaret F laccus, Bonnie Cornelius leaves her gym suit in hopes that she won't wear it out. Her "oh, so southern" accent Jo Colonna leaves to Julie Crane. Estella Quintana leaves her beautiful English dialect to Miss Morton. To Francis Holden, Sally Taggard leaves all of her hidden treasures. As ever Su Cummins leaves hungry. In her C. Sandals, Betsey Jones leaves trotting down the hall. At 33.85 per pack, Barbara Daugherty leaves her gum chewing to anyone who can afford that price. Win Bloom leaves her ability to crash through walls to Louise Gilliam and Cindy Dennis. Her long black stockings and Bohemian boots Lisa Lawler leaves to Mrs. Rogers so that she might endure another winter at Knox. Pam Penny leaves Miss McGlue to Find another right hand man. Margo Essick leaves the 18th floor to Bowes and Corky. Her prominent love of horses, Penny Knowlton leaves to "Vindy." Barbara Ann Rose leaves her middle name to Barbara Walker Rose. To Betsey Bach and Mary Ellen Puglio, Stacy leaves her ability to sing on key? Charlie Wright leaves to Rosemary Baruch her lens cleaner. To Sue Scott, Chris Thayer leaves her bottle of sunshine and to Janet Morrow her love of dissecting animals. Margie Toors leaves her ability to dream to Timmy Morrow. Kathy Harding is the proud possessor of Donna Atwill's week-end excursions. To Stephanie Wittenbel, Kate Schneider leaves her short hair. Joan Kessel regretfully leaves behind her jokes to anyone willing to adopt them. To Bella Halfon. Jerry Obletz leaves her ability to solve problems. Her extreme plumpness, Luisa Villegas leaves to Penny Heck. To Mary Riley, Sue Carhart leaves her ability to keep quiet. Candy Dalton proudly leaves her curly hair to jackie Landry. 36 Witnessed by: emh 2511611112111 Mia Fonssagrives leaves to Linda Shepard her tee shirt and the presidency of the Voodoo Club. The Scotch hat of Joan Nixon is being left to Lollypop in hopes that she may develop a Scottish burr. Benita Browarsky leaves to Mariluz Quintana her wonderful ability to translate es- panol papers, and her organizing ability to Gale Speir. Georgea McPherson leaves incognito. Donnajean Merten leaves her affinity for royalty to Joan Zabski. To Carolyn Uhl, Sandi Cox leaves snowy roads, and to Missy Brownback she leaves her energy. Due to the rapidity of her departure, we never found out what Jayne Flynn left. Our mascot, Lady, regrets that she must leave with us, but her barking has told us that she leaves behind the growing shrubbery for any other dog that might roam on the campus. Although we fear we must leave Mrs. Dawkins behind, we want to express our deep gratitude and thanks for all that she has done for our class this year, we couldn't have found a better advisor. Signed, sealed and delivered on this 5th day of June, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-eight in our presence: The Class of 1959 44441 Wadifkffeb QM!! 37 QQ 99 Senior Celebrities or The Awful Truth DONE THE MOST FOR KNOX MOST EXOTIC Win Bloom Penny Knowlton MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BIGGEST DEVIL Carla Wright Lisa Lawler MOST TACTLESS BIGGEST SADDLE POLISHER Donna Atwill Sally Layman MOST HELPFUL MOST SOPHISTIGATED Bemta Browarsky Georgea McPherson SLBBPIBST GLOBE TROTTER Sue Carhart Donnajeane Merten TiTIIgI2ia1?li:'ST SAYS MOST MOST FOGBOUND Gale Mitton LAZTBST U MOST ERUDITE Bonnie Cornelius Joan Nixon MOST CONSCIBNTIOUS BIGGEST APPLE POLISHER Sandi Cox Jerry Obletz CLASS BABB MOST AMUSING Su Cummins Stacy Palaologos CLASS BABY MOST EXPLOSIVE Candy Dalton Pam Penny MOST LIKELY TO COME TO A VIOLENT LEAST DRAG WITH THE FACULTY BND Estela Quintana Barbara Daugherty MOST GENEROUS FIRST TO GET MARRIED Barbara Ann Rose Dot Esser BAREFOOT CONTESSA Mis? ZPQBBTLB Margo Essick a e C nel er BIGGEST HACKER MOST BOUNCE-TO-THE-OUNCE Jayng Flynn Taggafd MOST CHIC MOST COMPLICATED LOVE LIFE Mia Fonssagrives Chris TPIHYCY BIGGEST WORRIER MOST EQUINE Dora Graber Margie T00rS FASHIONABLY LATE PERFECT KNOX GIRL Betsey jones Luisa Villegas MOST DRAG WITH THE FACULTY MOST MYSTERIOUS Joan Kessel Tika Waterman Dnnp Knox fnr the Most - Senior Cl3SS January 21, 1969 My dear Barbara Hathaway, I must apologize for my extreme tardiness in writing this, but I have been kept busy with my latest book, The Truth Behind Private Schools, a sequel to Your Teacher Can Be Your Friend. As you can see, my spare moments have been few. I just saw in Newsweek that Pam Penny had been nominated to take over Martha Graham's position as the president of the Martha Graham School of Dance, and that Miss Penny's protege, Estela Quintana, will be presented in a jazz ballet in the Spring. And, My Dear, I guess you've heard that Penny Knowlton is model- ing the latest Bohemian clothes in Providence, R.I. It was wonderful hearing the news of Donnajeane, of course, and your recent trip to Lebanon. It's a shame that that cute couple hadn't gotten together sooner. But c'es la vie! By the way when you get back to the States, be sure to go to the "Apportez Nous Vos Cheveux Nous Les Friserons" operated by the former Barbara A. Rose. One of her best hair stylists is Anastasia Palaologos. Speaking of the Beautician busi- ness, while I was there last Friday I ran into Win who was having her face redone for the starring role of "Apegirl,'l and Donna Atwill, who has just returned from scaling the Alps. They told me about quite a few of the girls with whom I had lost contact these past few years. To begin with, Jerry Obletz and Benita Brow- arsky had participated in the Olympics last year, and Benita came out with best horse of the year. I believe her horse was called "Iceman.'l Furthermore, I leamed that Carla Wright and Chris Thayer had joined the United States Air Force, and their first flight will take them to the base on Mars. Oh! My Dear, the other night Bill and I went to the Village Vanguard where the Queenston Trio was playing, and you will be amazed to hear that it was com- posed of Mia, playing the "gut-bucket,', Betsey playing the "ass-jaw," and Sally Taggard on the guitar. It was most interesting to say the least, and Bill and I had a very charming evening. Oh, you'll die when you hear this - last week a friend returned from a Yale weekend with a long story about one of the housemothers knowing me. Well, it turned out to be none other than Georgea McPherson: she always was fond of that place! She also told me that Natika is still trying for the Ph.D. in psychology. This morning I read in the newspaper that Sue Carhart, Candy Dalton, Sandy Cox, and Margie Toors have been making extensive surveys of the Buffalo Wal- lows in Walla Walla, Washington. I also saw that Sally Layman, Bonnie Cornel- ius, Su Cummins, Kate Schneider, and Gail Mitten have returned from abroad. In the same column was the announcement that jo Colonna had married a Brazilian coffee planter so now I guess she'll have all the coffee she can drink! Tell me, have you heard anything from Jayne and Winnie? Remember how she used to talk about him to make us jealous? What's this I heard about Margo? Has she really been nominated as cha-cha queen of the Rio Piedras? Remember her roommate, Joan Kessel? She is now head of the Savage School working with Miss Anne McGlue. Her Knox friendship's proved lasting. I hear that Luisa Villegas and joan Nixon are working for the Barnum and Bailey Circus, Luisa as the Fat Lady and Joan as a bareback rider. Miss Wood wrote to me recently to tell me how pleased she was that Dora and Dot have ap- plied for admission to the Knox Post Graduate School. That's the news for now, do write and tell me what you and the Count have been doing. ' Much affection, Martha Elisabeth 39 f X it X Z I f X X XXX-X f K Senior Essay As the school year nears its terminus and we look forward with trembling eagerness to a promising future, we fondly recall all the wonderful memories which we shall carry with us from Knox. These are many and varied recollec- tions that will come to mind in the days and years to come of the time we passed in our "alma mater." The cherished friendships and the conhdences we've exchanged with an understanding companion . . . the overwhelming problems which threatened to engulf us . . . the fun of everyday dormitory life . . . all forever pass into the realm of memory. NVe take with us the learning we have gained - more than just that brought with long sleepless nights and midnight oil - a clearer un- derstanding of ourselves and a character partially molded by this time of preparation. What sadness was felt or tears shed here we'll but dimly remember - only enough to heighten the memories of past pleasures. Remember the thrill you felt, Seniors, the first time you wore that cherished white blazer after the lantern parade last year? Remember the new sense of maturity you felt when you ceased to sneer at those customs labeled "tradi- tions"? Remember the tons of homework you did and the knowledge that sometimes had to be forced into your head? Remember the envious glances as you preceded the underclassmen into the dining room . . . the problems you had setting that "good example" . . . the sshh, sshh as you half-walked, half-ran down the hill early in the morning for initiation . . . the dread and last-minute cramming before exams? Remember looking forward to college . . . making your choice . . . those awful College Boards . . . those mental blanks? Remember the aches and pains after gym class . . . the stinging cold on those winter hunts . . . the supreme fatigue as you fell into bed? Remember the ex- citement and anticipation before vacation . . . yelping for joy when the phone rang just for you and you knew "he" was on the other end? Remember May Day, the Spring Horse Show, Senior Day, the Senior Ship, Class Day, and hnally Commencement when you graduated in that long white gown and sang the "Alma Mater" for the last time? . . . remember? Remember when you hrst started to think more deeply on, "who am I? from whence have I come? whither am I going and to what purpose?" You never came to a definite conclusion, did you? Does anyone? How many of our predecessors have felt the same sensations and recalled the same memories? VVe are an essential part of a long procession. Yes, Knox is full of passing people, and now it is our turn to pass on into a bright and promising future. - Joan Nixon f Q 1 X 474, if . 40 TO THE UNDERCLASSMEN : As we now commence our new journey, we would like to leave with the juniors and the remainder of the school our best wishes, admiration, and love, hoping that their years at Knox will be as happy and rewarding as ours have been. azided l"IlIS'l' ROW Cindy Dvnnis, joan Zzihski. Lawrie Gulf- Spf-ir, Mary Ellvn Pnglio. Bvllu Hzxlfon, Sue Srott, Huw:-s, 4I.inr-t Morrow, Ilgirolyn Uiiilmlcy Kathy Harding, Mzlriliiz Quintxinzi. Nlissy Brownlmvk. THIRD ROI!" -! Sqwirm- Kgnnlihn. B1-lsr-y Hzivh, Lmiisc- Cilliznn, Frnnrcs Timiniv Morrow. Bnrbzirsi W. Rosv. Pc-nny Hc-Ck. W'f'ndy Ilnldvn. SICCUND ROW - jnliv Crginc, Mgirggn-ct Plumb. Mc-lnnic Cznnphc-ll, Rosvniziry Baruch, Carolyn l"lm'r'iiQ. Iiillliil Slivpqinl, Bfury Rilvy, Jzinivf' YVhitc-, Liili,Slvllililliil'vviHI1I'iJl'i.cih1ll'll'l1C'IIIIZIS. Kxithy Iidfiiillg.PV'f'XiI1P71f Prmidfrii .................... Kathy Harding Viff Prrviflvnt 117111 Sf'1'r'1'Iary .. Sxwiix-v Kznnblni 7'l'lY1X'1lTt'T ..........,...... .... K Ioan Zzilmski RC 4 wx, y I N -g 'ii 'i.', '.,,1Y,jXCf3 S-x?i'Cy 'xx y L i' Xi' ii -kv 6 1, .c ' 1. . Rl- xr., r'f"'f"'y1 5 X-H' A 4' 'x-1 i .J1.j.h, .Q 1 f A?-STG I 6101 ii r, 'HD iw .' f f' ,, X ,ni H17 '11 17.1-i'f" 42 fl' i' ' i' ' L14-7 ' Q-'A V ,f , J Jaxx v fx A,4,' gq, Of!! -o 1 f Ginny Robinson, Preiident J' ' ' ' J ' I I . v QA L. iff' ' ' 'J f' I- ': ' ,W . . , , Li O, - I I ,fr M L ffl -- fl .lf X' Second Form Jeff, President .,................. Ginny Robinsori X glifffiidflgi fifmafl. .'f.5ifi ,Ifiiflnbifii - I ' 4 - 1 f ! it lf ,M y 1 H, y Ql'l,USv1flQ!0jf0!V0f akyjfjwwj y fl M lp J f ' pa 0 1 'Ll' XJ I , XO jx! A! fxlf Cf Jifwie W , f FIRST ROW: chris Meyer, Mary Ann Smith, Beth Hil- lenbrand, Betsy Moore, Lucy Faile, Jill Kollmar, Hilda Foyo. SECOND ROW: Pam Dixon, Laura Lee Allison, Kit Libman, Sally Bellman, Marty Spring, Gedy Angela- kova, Joan White. THIRD ROW.' Phyllis Wynn, Ginny Robinson, Lynn Murrah, Joanne Burt. Sandy Grant, Joan Buday. FOURTH ROPV: Julie Foster. Aura Siso, Janet Wright, Barrie Rawalc. Linda Uris, Hazel Heaney, Andy Ward. ABSENT: Pat McPherson, ni l,iglithoui'n, Prvsiclrnt First Form PTf'.S'idl'7Zt ...., . . Vice Prrsiflmzt Sfcrftary ..., . Tnfasurvr . . . Toni Lightbourn Candy Urquhart . Anita Villcgas . . Mzirgciy Ha-ld I"l1fS'1' NUIV: Susan Lzihr, Susan lvfott. Toni Iiighthollrn, Lilian Ssipvnv, SECOND ROIVI lfrain Nr-llc-r, Mgirilnz Rhoclv, Sully Phillips, Lynn Plzitt, Sully Kxniflinxin, Dorothy Kovnig, TIIIRD HUIVJ Alison lN'itlm'lnvl, Szincly do Clzlirvillc, Candy Urqiihalrt, Anita Villvgns, M4irgc'ry Ili-ld, 44 la IA Iq Xnef 'H'li7lQ 2" N' , I -:XSL O 6"'9z M Q G9 Q-5651? XSL 8 W 0 Q QQ' 096 43 99 'N Lg, Q SQ, - 4, " ix!-'EX ' 1:21 x 4' I f 3 I ,fl s Qafwef - YOMS 'ffdhsodgufg . , cf C0Yno vf' San -ge? de 05 Alas gaosfdsg mx W5 mom f63ff ww f o e,. . Q Q, My I - . I X Vifl-re Q PC9777 6 f 0,6-o J' 357 ff ,. lv af Ura Jeff you 50 ANL? .Sfezje Ja. de 2 PL 44602 i 5? lf? J ff? Q fr' be" . - ,Q c, 7-mf? 5 Xi' M gt f 3 6,2 F 2 SX has fo be fig? Tifgggl Al 5 V Q LN Y 564, Q fi XXV o I W 1 x I, ,J Rocge-f your CPAN! pa ,A I ,C D AVVV A 0 to E 3 1VX rganzza cond . . K 'ET SFATED: Win Bloom. Miss Lziurzx Wood, Cnrlzi Wright. STANDING: Kathy Harding, Ginny Robinson. Toni Lighthourn. Win Bloom. Chaiirlnzm Student Council The Student Council is thc- studcnt govcrnmcnt of the school. and is Composcd of thc Principal. the School Prcsidcnt, and thc Prcsidcnts of each Form. At our wcckly rncctings wc discuss ideas for dcvcloping and improving thc stud:-nt body and school. XV1- talk ovcr matters which may arise affccling school lifc. 46 Discipline Committee The Discipline Committee is composed of the Principal, the School President, two members of the faculty, and two members of the third and fourth forms respectively. When a special disciplinary problem arises, it is the duty of the committee to evaluate the problem and find the most beneficial solution. Miss Laura L. Wood Principal SEATED: Miss Anne Cule, Miss Laura Wood. and Mrs. Muriel Dawkins. STANDING: Frances Holden. Win Bloom, and Luisa Villcgas. ET K ,V I I l ,K 1 47 The Student Congress Establixhed 1958 The Student Congress is a representative organization which meets each Moriclay. lt is eoinposecl of the School President, each form president, and two representzttives from eaeh form. Our :tim is to huilcl ideas which are hrought before tts into eonstrttetive plans which will hetter our school. l"IIf.S'T ROW: Beth Hillenbrand, Kathy Harding, Win Bloom, Carla Wright, Toni Light- lmourn. SECOND ROW: Dzxrolyn Dihhle, Lztwrie Bowes, Hazel Heaney, Mia Fonssngrives Sully Kauffman, Gail Mitton, Lynn Platt. NOT PRESENT: Ginny Robinson. 48 7 SEATED: Sally Taggarcl, Lisa Lawler, Mrs. Muriel B. Dawkins, Georgea McPherson. STANDING: Linda Shepard, Tika Yvaterman, Mia Fonssagrives, Mary Riley, Frances Holden, Joan Nixon. 'Fi . CT? Scrlbblers Club ln l922 the Literary Club, Seribblers, was established. Its sole purpose was to write and criticize poetry. During the years of its existence Seribblers has been known for its excellence in writing and preeision ot literary Criticism. lN'e would like to thank lX1rs. Phinney, our honored guest, for her patience with us and interest in our individual writing abilities. And to lN'Irs. Dawkins, our advisor, we give our thanks for her con- stant help and understanding of us. lN'ithout the two of them we would never have had sueh a prosperous and enjoyable year. 49 Extal1IivhPrll!l22 Lisa Lawler, President I"llf.S"l' RUIV: I11v111- FIV1111, xxvill B1oo111. .Ivrry KNBIQWI. 1.1511 Gail Ivliltcm, Nntikzx xVllfl'l'lIlQlll, Sandi Cox Qlllx lg .ZlXVl!'l'. .Illllll Nixon. Mris. Sl:111sl1111'y, :1clx'iso141 l'wtsc'y llonvs, Qillil. Dot Essvr. Kallf' SCllIlCiill'l', TIIIICD RU 1 111 111.111 Kvssvl, l:Lll'l1l VV1'iql1l, I1lliSil Yillvgns, SECOND C:1rl1z11'l, P11111 PUIIIIY, Bfxxrgic' 'l'uo1's, Pv1111y KIIKWWIIKWII 1'Ull': Cfxxmly IJLIIIUII. S11 CI11111111i11s. Eslvlzx clllillfftllil, l1111'11 Rosa: D0111111 Atwill. Mi.1 FOIl1iSLlf.ll'iX'C'S, 130111111 Cm lS.11l1.11.1 IJ.lllL1Illl'l'y, C1111 is TllLly'i'l'. .lo CIUIOIIIILI. Sully Lay- 11f'li11s. Do1'11 Gl'1llll'I'. 1111111. Stzwy I'.1l11ol11Qos. Margo Iissick. 17111111111 Bmwzxrsky, : SR KNQ4- L E O U-I E' rn J W I Co 7 9 6 -IUZIII Nixnn .. -lflllll Nixon, liclitm'-111 l'llll'f CI 1 xv Ln, 1... 1 .9 aux' QX. JMS XN'i11 BI1111111 . Jzlylu- Flynn .. livlsy -Irmvs . . Lisa I,:1wl1'1' . . . ESt1'l:1 Q-111111111111 .. P11111 Pvnny . . . IXUS. Stz111sl1111'y . 1 r 50 Rose Leaves ,. Eclilo1'-111-c'l1im'f . . ,'xSSiSli!l1l lidilm' . 1-Xssis11111l Ilclitm' PDllSiIll'SY Bl2lllZlQl'I' . . I.iIl'l'11l'f' Editor ...... Art Editor PllUl0Ql'IllJlly Eclilm .. . . , . . . . AdX'iSOl The Ghost ,im Q I 1 p Natika Vvatcrman . t l . I t . I I ' Editor N:1tik:1 WVIUCYITILIII. Editor Janis Vlhite ..... .... A ssistant editor Dora Graber . . . . . Business hlanagci' FIRST ROI1' - v Gvorgrai lVIvPhcrson, Gulf' Spoir. XVin sick. Stzwy Pnlnologos. Sully TllQLI1lI'll, THIRD HOU' Bloom. Dot Essc-r, Tikn W'11tf'rrnz1n. lWrs. Stnnsbury W- Ad- Lisa Lawler. Stophzxnir' XVitnc-lmrl. Phyllis YN'ynn. Lindgx visor. Janis Whitc, Dora fil'Lil7f'I'. Gail Milton, Mzxrgurct Shepard. Frzinccs llolclcn. BIll'lDill'1l D2ll1Qllf'liIQ'. QIl1g11'lm-lu Flzwflls. Pvnny llvrk. SECOND RUN' -- Pam Pvnny. Haus. lNIin F0nss1lg1'iVf's, Bz11'lx11'z1 YV. Rust: Bvtsvy .lonvs Joan Kvsscl, Cody Angclnkovn. Carla Wiight. .Ioan Nixon, Luisa Villcgns, Bctsvy Bach, Jill Kollmxlr. Szisirvc Kambhu, Dnrolyn Dihblc. Margo Es- 51 S vw l"Ii'0N'l' ROW: Marty Spring, Lynn Platt, jackie Landry, Betsey jones, Sally Bt-llman, Lynn lvlurrah, Bella Halfon, liintla Shepard. SICCUND ROW: Beth Hillenbrand, Betsy Moore, Missy Brownlmaek, Chris Meyer, Ancly Ward, Sally Phillips, Mary Riley, Staey Palaologos, Cindy Dennis, Bar- bara W. Rose, -Iill Kollinar, Mia Fonssagrives, Kit Lib- nian. THIRD ICUW: Sandy Grant, Aura Siso, Luey Failc, Betsey Barh, Ililrla Foyo. Laura Lee Allison, Joan White, Mademoiselle johnson, Mariluz Quintana, Madame Tat- istseheff, Sasiree Kamhhu, Cale Speir, Hazel Heaney, Chris Thayer, Cancly Dalton. FOURTH ROIV: Gayle Niitton, Lawrie Bowes, Pain Dixon, Sally Taggard, Mziry Ellen Puglio, Dora Graber, Carolyn Uhl, Joan Buclay, Louise Gil- liam, Lisa Lawler, Toni Lighthourn, Su Cummins, Donna Atwill, Janet Morrow, Bonnie Cornelius, Margaret Flac- eus, Tixnxnie Morrow, Penny Heek, Sandy cle Clairville, Luisa Villegas, Barrie Rawak, Wfencly Plumb, Rosemary Baruch. Franees Holden. e Cercle Frangais Ifxtzzblixlted 1924 'ian :Qs of"'i S91 Marilux Quintana, President L0 hut cle notre eerele franqais est cle renclre nos etucles cle frangais plus interessantes et zunusantes a la fois. Notre intention est aussi cle connaitre aussi hien que possible quelques aspets cle la NJ, V' vie cle faniille en France. Nous avons des reunions niensuelles. Les jeunes filles preparent Ullt'S-111611105 les prograinnies pour ees re- unions pour leur propre instrnetion et aniusenient. in .. 52 ' 1 fL'- v . 'vc 'Lflll V' 1' JP l is ifpyny Qfy, MW! W f LE . - LJ ,ylvw olrculo Espanol ,,,,lll,, V70 'ftlflf ll llllli' yr lf? Q M Lilgcmmivbqic I Establixhed 1926 hlucliisinizls grncius 21 todas las 2llllI11IlLlS clcl Club do Espanol por - un lmuvn uno. Las rounionr-S cstuvicron muy huvnns y clivcrticlas. ' idvlfi I: fill -llllll 'I or , I - nfl l I L11 hihliotc-cn cstzi nuis grande y nigis varicla. Muchas gracins a la X "' hihliotc-Carin por su gran ayucln. El intvrtis clvl Club csti Contrnclo Jayne Flynn. L21 Prcsiclcntc on linlilnr lu longun y nprviiclcr las Costunibrvs do la America, Latina, y Espana. Esto tonclnos, y Con cllo cstoy muy Contvntn. llVluChft ft-liviclncl para vl club on cl aio quo vie-nc. fIl1Sl2l pronto! FIRST ROl1': Bgxrbxxm Duuglitcry, Frances Holdvn. Jerry Olilctz. Julio Fostvr. Janet lN'right, Jam-t hlorrow, hlargo Essifk, S1fCOND 1fOll'.' Anita Villcgzxs. Luisa Vil- lcgns. Hilclu Foyo. Aural Siso, Sc-norita Allcnzi Lucc, Juyuc Flynn. Muriluz Quintana, Lilian Supcnc, Mziriluz Rhode, Este-ln Quintana. THIRD ROW: Gcorgcai McPherson, YN'in Bloom, Joan Nixon, Janis XVhitc, Barrio Ruwnk, Kathy Harding. ltlury Ann Smith, Dnrolyn Dihhlc, Bcnitzt Browzlrsky, Blissy Brownlmfk. Sue Stott, Roscinury BLll'llC'll, Julio Crane, Suc Czirhurt. FOURTH ROW: Pvnny Hcrk, Lisa Lawlor, Pzun Penny, Carla Wright, Bxirlmrzi A, Rosc, Linda Shc-purd, Cody Angclukovzi, Put Mc'Pht-rson. Tinunic Morrow. 1 l"1l1lS'l' IHJI1' S11s1111 Mcmlt. Sully Phillips. Sully Tug- THIRD RON" W- Jxxym' Flynn. W'i11 Bloom. .loin Ixcsscl u411'1l. Hull- Sywir. Sully Bf'll111:111. l.1lXVI'lC' Bowvs. Bz1rh:1r:1 XV. Mia F011ss11qrix'1's. Sllllflfll dr- Cl11i1'x'ill1-. P1-1111y Ixnowlton Rusf-, .S'lz'I,'H.YIJ HHH' .Iuliv clIA1lllC. Jzinivc YVhit0, DO1'il Gl'lllll'l'. Carla xvl'lQ,llt. Dilllllll Atwill, Jill lxol 11111 l'll.llll'lQ ll11l1l1-11. l,111rlz1 Sl1r-pnrrl. Miss lNI111'i11n lX'lf'GlllP -- Nillikfl Will0l'lI1I1l1-MllfyANU Smith- .AllXlSlll'. llrrrfmllly lissvr. lNlz1ril11z Qlllllllilllil, lN'Iz1r'y Rilvy. 'T Established l906 1,51 Drama Club Thi- ljffllllil Club is an o1'gz1nimtion for girls who lilac to ad and display lhvir tulcnls for thc- cnjoyliimit and vn- tc-1'1:1ir1111c11t of others. O111' z1i111 is to pl1':1sc- pvoplv :md l1:1w- f1111 in thc- p1'oc'0ss, and with thi' hvlp of Olll' dctcr- lniuvcl Bliss lN1CGl110, wc- lmvv achivvvcl this with great s11c'c'1-ss. I,i11cl:1 Sl"lI'lJ1ll'Cl, Prvsids-nt 54 Glee Club Established 1905 The Glee Club is one of the many extra curricular activities offered at Knox. It is a combination of beautiful voices. bringing joy to those who hear it and pleasure to those who take part in it. Stacy Palaologos. President XVC are especially fortunate to have had such a wonderful director as Bliss hiabel Tyler Hackett who has helped us to enjoy a very successful year. We hope that those who have sung in the Glee Club this year. and those who have not. will join us next year. FIRST ROW - - Beth Hillenbrand. Sasiree Kambhu. Law- rie Bowes. Stacy Palaologos. Miss Hackett. Advisor. Mary Ann Smith. Lilian Sapene, Margo Essiek. Betsy Moore. SECOND ROW f joan Nixon. Benita Browarsky, Lucy Faile. Barry Rawak. Gale Mitton. Joan XN'hite. Laura Lee Allison. Betsey Bach, Janis Wihite. Chris Thayer. Fran- cine Netter. Ginny Robinson. Sally Belllnan, Lynn Platt, Mary Riley. THIRD ROW 7 Frances Holden. Sandy dt Clairville. Cedy Angelakova. Sally Phillips, jill Kolltnar. Candy Dalton, Gale Spier. Toni Lightlmourn. Marty Spring Sally Kauffman. FOURTH ROW - 'loan Kessel. Bonnit Cornelius. Nfary Ellen Puglio. Lisa Lawler. Andy Wlartl Hazel Heaney. Lynn Murrah, Penny Knowlton. I f ' A Rx .' I N N ' x f' f J ' If X Q' X X Y 1" Q1 5" 2 'Q x I ,i YY ' 42 SS.-sf f -S dr- " xl J -xo -E- X f KM 1 l , A f 2 f f N W Nl ,W , ff ,, x L, 1 4, I L 0 1 4 . .fl 1 , QV! 4 nm ' ' V --5 ' 4-1 ft CA Nfl If fx ?' IH W gg H M Wm, . ' l,g N rfb J M H WN. l ff ., :X K -z I " -if:-:Je 1 ' ' I K I X f fr N 5 ,ix IV 15 5' Y Yw ci f x ' . ' L' N f f , ,X I if ff ff .f4fA!efic5 joan Kessel, President Luisa Villegas, Mia Fonssagrives, Joan Kessel, Barbara Ann Rose, Pam Penny. Joan Kessel . .. Pam Penny .... Mia Fonssagrives Barbara Ann Rose Luisa Villegas . . 58 . . , . . . K.A.A. President Racquet Club President K.A.A. Secretary-treasurer .. Rose Team Captain White Team Captain . Riding Club President FIRST ROW - Sassie Kambhu, Laura Lee Allison, Margo Essick. SECOND ROW Lawrie Bowes, Mary Ann Smith. ABSENT - Kit Libmzm. s x V J I ,Q J' X X I I 1 4 ' 5 1 NN , 4 4 59 v 'I s ' ' Nu 1 I ,x 'a s I s m s NJ x I t 5 O I X K I I J 4 0 I xx s x' 4 ss' if FRONT ROW: Jayne Flynn, Lynn Murrah, Lynne Platt, Stacy Palaologos, Mia Fonssagrives, Hilda Foyo, Betsy Moore, Lisa Lawler, Joan Kessel. SECOND ROW: Margo Essivk, Sally Taggurd, Andy Ward, Betsey Bach, Kathy Harding, Gail Mitton, Linda Shepard, Louise Gilliam, Laura Lee Allison, Anita Villegas, Joan Nixon. THIRD ROW: joan Zahski, Sasiree Kambhu, Janis White, Sandy r-t v 4 s if 1 X Q x 1 'll s Min Fonssagrievcs, Captain Cox, Charlene Hass, Carla Wright, Sally Kauffman, Sandy Grant, Sally Phillips, Janet Morrow. FOURTH ROW: Pam Penny, Su Cummins, Win Bloom, Margie Toors, Chris Thayer, Aura Siso, Jerry Obletz, Candy Dalton, Kate Svhneider, Toni Lightbourn, Linda Uris, Wendy Plumb, Bonnie Cornelius, Joan White. Rose Team We are the Rose Team Fighting for fame, Three cheers for Roses, They'll win the game. Staunch and proud our bulldog stands, Guarding our standards ever true. Come on you Whites And show us some fight, The elephant stands for spirit and might, But the Roses never yieldg So here's to our victory! 60 rllllmi at FIRST ROIV: Marty Spring, MaryAnn Smith, Kit Lib- man, Gcdy Angelakova, Barbara A. Rose, Lawrie Bowes, Mary Riley, Dot Esser, Betsey jones.. SECOND ROW.' Jill Kollmar, Joan Buday, Julie Foster, Lucy Faile, Barrie Rawak, Mariluz Quintana, Darolyn Dibble, Benita Bro- warsky, Sue Lahr, Sue Mott, Tika Waterman. THIRD ROW: Barbara Daugherty, Penny Knowlton, Donna Atwill, White Team March, March to victory White team weill win for thee With pep and sportsmanship Rose team we defy With our spirit then Our honor to defend Let the Roses ight to the end But we will win. 61 Frances Holden, Hazel Heaney, Sandy de Clairville, Sue Scott, Lilian Sapene, Mariluz Rhode, julie Crane, Missy Brownback. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Wynn, Bella Hal- fon, Cindy Dennis, Gale Speir, Timmy Morrow, Margery Held, Candy Urquhart, Fran Netter, Barbara W. Rose, Penny Heck, Margaret Flaecus, Sally Layman, Luisa Vil- legas, Sally Bellman, Joanne Burt. l Barbara Ann Rose, Captain Luisa Villcgas. President FIRST ROW: Margie Held. Aura Siso. Sally Phillips, julie Crane. Missy Brownback. Joanne Burt. Luisa Vil- legas, Lucy lfaile, Gale Speir. Sassy Khamluu, Chris Thayer, .Ioan Zaliski. Cindy Dennis. SECOND ROW: Kathy llarding. Janet Morrow. Linda Uris. Sally Bcllman, Margie Toors, Win Bloom, Timmy Morrow. Candy Urqu- , is-it mr.. ' f- . . . Knox Riding Club Established 1920 The Knox Riding Club, through the guidance and instruction of Mr. Harry de Leyer. is a very active club. Its purpose is not only to teach the art of equi- tation but to instill in the girls sportsmanship and responsibility. Some of the most enjoyed events during the year, looked forward to by the entire school. are the Fall and the Spring Horse Show and for the most ad- vanced riders -f weekly hunts. hart. Sandy Grant. Francine Netter. Tony Lightbourn. Bar barn W. Rose, Bella Hztlfon. THIRD ROW: joan Nixon, Wendy Plumb. Candy Dalton. Bonnie Cornelius, Phillis Winorsky. Kate Schneider. Penny Heck. Sally Layman. Margaret Flaccus. ABSENT: Melanie Campbell. x:1'l J H .-'e, in W .' i L' ' . ul: . , ., .t in N4 s 1 xx f A wrsxw. ,,.f""""y 'si' , 1 PN .4 ' 1 Q liz ffy s. 1 4 ?mYX,h 'S QHAMPMN 1958 sNnwM1N Racquet Club 0 Established 1951 The Racquet Club consists of those girls interested in tennis, Pam Pmny.PH,s1dCm ping-pong, and hzidxuinton. During the course of the year, Fall and Spring tournaments ure held, and Z1 trophy is awarded to the girl who, by elemination, has won. In the Wlinter we also hold 21 ping-pong tournament. Our purpose is to develop sportsmanship among the competitors, as well as promote interest in the racquet sports. FIRST ROW: Bzwliuru Dxuzghvrty, Donna Atwill, Pam Joan Kessel. Barbara Ann Rose. THIRD ROW: Hazel Penny, Mziry Ann Smith, Margo Essirk. SECOND ROW: Heaney, Burhzirn vvi1lliCI' Rose. Min Fonssztgrives. Penny Su Cummins, Luey Fziile, Linda Shepard, Kit Libmun, Knowlton, Betsey Jones, Kathy Harding, Barrie Rzxwak. 64 ..,i i:',L.,a Linda Shepard, Mia Fonssagrives, Lisa Lawler, Joan Kessel, Kathy Harding, Barbara A. Rose, Donna Atwill, Pam Penny, Penny Knowlton, Kit Libman, Hazel Heany, Mary Riley, Marty Spring, Lucy Faile, Dot Esser, Varsity Pam Penny, Win Bloom, Joan Kessel, Su Cummins, Barbara A. Rose, Mia Fonssagrives Penny Knowlton, Donna Atwill, Linda Shepard, Kathy Harding, Miss Ann McGlue, Coach 65 a an. N ' " ff? 'af X .. wffiii 1? i -a f'3?'l:g:ei'f'f 'Nr - i M lil' 'SX AQ K W .- Egg . I .. .. . ... . .Q A..k. .K .,,k3,. H O C K E Y RIGHT TO LEFT 7 Barbara A. Rose H- Captain. Penny Knowlton. Donna Atwill. Gcdy Anqf-lakova. Hazel Hvanvy. Kit Libman. Mary Riley, Barbara WV. Rose, Marty Spring. Bar- rie Rawak. Lufy Fails, Dot Esscr. Mary Ann Smith. hite Team BOTTOA1 ROW - f Mariluz Quintana. tlulir- Cranv. Barbara A. Rose -- Clzlpiain. Kit Lilnnan. Lucy Failc. TOP RUN' -- Marty Spring. Donna Atwill. Pr-nny Knowlton. Barbara W. Rose. Mary Rilvy. B A S K E T 66 B 2 T 0 1 M l ,y V gawtsgg Xfgwglsw 5,,, i,, ....., V, W., M ,MAMA ,, , . .. awe, ,53wt,t,,,k,t. ,Wx - ,, ' ' f "-- . X T' , -- , Q , g e I . A .fi M RIGHT TO LEFT: Mia Fonssagrives - Captain, Carla Wright, Joan Kessel, Linda Shepard. Lisa Lawler, Pam Penny, Kathy Harding, Laura Lee Allison, Sandy Grant, Betsey Bach, Lynn Platt, Sally Taggard, Jayne Flynn, Louise Gilliam. Rose Team BOTTOM ROW - Linda Snepard, Joan White, Mia Fonssagrives - Captain, Kathy Harding, joan Kessel. TOP ROW - Win Bloom, Lou ise Gilliam, Pam Penny, Lisa Lawler, Su Cummins. 67 Q2 - i Q -75:35 ..,.. . rl Q JI '. J- J N 4 , 1, 4. 1-14, 'Zi !... Q :WJ - Q , - 1 ' Y ' a " ,L 1 ." A M U i I ,E v gf' . .X '- . - ,f Y 3' 1. , -,J 0' -J' N vigil- fi ' ., Q 1 an X ' 'bg 5' kr :X 1 ' V-X, . K 4 - ,p sy I' 21 A - ' I K- - V A IAQW6 tg W ,Q A Q F LY A I ., 5 .,,. . , 5' W ---V 3' Vx- ..,:. ,, .,, Zq., 1 -1.5 , f Y L in',f:- - 1- L t , Y A ' 1' r , . Z5 ', y ' 5 ' i S . .-f'i jig, ",. Q sl -VL x, E 'W "HlU""' 5 Q. f Q I K 1 . ,, Q, X , , , xg . ig 5? 3 , .Y x 'A Y "3 .r Q 5 1.4 U . W V. - ' I 1 MLM :fir k f X qw Q Q I' t Asa. M... ,, . T'-Q4 ., ., " ii:-1, mm. ,.. Mu.. N in -V"f!.g'+ alfa L ff-Q . V' ""' '51 '-QQ: X, 315. Aw. '- 'j .W 5 Q ,L V i A - .nf f ,, 1.4. V ., ,vm . . ' ' ., " f 11?f- fi Di Q if Q I t 5 I 'fi Calendar '58 - '59 September 24 - Boarders Retum 25 - Classes Begin 26 - School Picnic Team Choosing 27 - Old Girl-New Girl Party 28 - Open House at Senior House October 4 - Movie, "Mrs. Miniver" 7 - Spanish Club 10 - Initiation 12 - Senior Pledge 15 - Scribbler's Club 18 - Trip to West Point 19 - Senior Ring Ceremony 23 - French Club 24 - 26 - Free Weekend November 1 - Halloween Party 2 - Open House at Senior Cottage 11 - Spanish Club 14 - Drama Club Plays "God Save The Kingi' "Overtones" 15 - "A Touch of the Poet" 16 - Junior Class Vespers 19 - Scribbler's Club Hockey Game with Hulett 1 7-01 20 - French Club 22 -- Fall Horse Show 26 - 29 - Thanksgiving Vacation December 12 - Fashion Show - Mr. Dalton Film - Captain Carlsen 14 - Christmas Vespers - Glee Club 16 - Revels 18 - Christmas Vacation January 5 - Boarders Return 6 - Senior Vespers 9 - Movie, 1'Tale of Two Cities" 10 - Scholastic Aptitude Tests Hofstra College Players "Riders to the Sea" "Helen of Troy" 11 - Raymond Serenbetz Concert 17 - "Look Homeward, Angel" 18 - Student Piano Recital 24 - "Near East" - Mr. Bowes 25 - Senior Vespers 28 - 30 - Mid-term Exams 31 - "Ages of Man" February 1 - Rossini Opera Singers 6 - 9 - Mid-term Weekend 14 - Gym Night 20 - New Girl-Old Girl Party 21 - Movie, "Silk Stockingsv 22 - Sophomore Vespers 25 - Museum of Modern Art 28- March 5 - 5 - 7 1 14 - 15 - 19 - April 4 - 11- 12- 18- 19- 25- May 1- gm 14- 22- 26- 29- 31- June 3 .. 4 .. 51 Senior Stunt Night Basketball Game with Seton Hall Opera, "La Boheme" Movie, "Home in Indiana" junior Stunt Night Travelogue by Miss McGlue Spring Vacation Begins Boarders Return Spring Annual Invitation Ho Freshman Stunt Night Greek Singer, Andre Zannis Sophomore Stunt Night Spring Concert Play, "Little Women" Senior Day Parents' Day Knox Horse Show Alumnae Day Mrs. Phinney's Birthday Quad Day Gary Towlen Concert 2 - Final Exams Baccalaureate Candlelight Vespers KAA Luncheon Class Day Glee Club Concert Lantern Parade Commencement rse Show C I F NCRMAN F. PENNY AGENCY, INC. Qiyivbxgimgdgjf ASSY Wifi? Qqgjbfliijqy Q eff 545' + Xi 7' 159 329 Qjlg! 5 CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY PALAOLOGOS THE KNOX SCHOOL ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Wishes You The Class of 1959 Our New Alumnae Health, Wealth and the Successful Pursuit of Happiness! We'll always look forward to hearing from you. If you don't hear from us thru the years, it will be because we don't have your address, so please keep us informed on where you live! THE. CLN5 OF .bl if Misconception i ,a, AN'MAL'ST'C 'fl am blind," said me child, "yer, I see: The beauty of the woods and dales, Best wlsHEs E , , 4' The mountains and the sleeping vales FROM Q That hover in the 'darkness' of this earth mm" The birds that sing their Iullabies, Piglet" Jones "Eeyore" Lawler A b0bY'5 me09e" Ple0dIn9 Cfles- So soft yet gently heard. And I can see before my face The good and noble human race." And as I stood and watched her talk My very heart began to stalk The lonely pastures of my soul MERCY AND ARCY And I cried out so loud and bold, "Oh God! If only I were bIind." Martha Elisabeth Lawler Compliments of l"'H.J"' 's' I I 1 1' lnifzirrnlvluzrwr llflhl iv: 111.1 A'A I'l'll'1'L'1l'1"l'l1 W. 'les 5 rf. 1 J JP ' 1, I uuggu ' ,ut yf AW' Gigs J. R A wx , "9 X 1. if ,Q K L V . 1 sf .f N4 2 T 2 ., Q f 3 P -L bw s"'?-.Z J 3 ffl'-' av f 4 5' L U' .Q - ' ',.-f x '15 5 .af ' ' 5? 5 Q V wk V A .fs E K K M' ff ' b - fffff' -v H . , x Compliments of ii VIVA MRS. EMILIE K. lu-lobes LATINO AMERICAN RINEK CORDAGE coMPANY :Nc . . Rope Makers Since 1840 Moi OH' 8. PI t E 1 P yi u SA THREE CHEERS AND A BOOM-DEAY FOR THE GRADUATES OF 1959 BLUE POINT LAUNDRY - SERVING ALL OF SUFFOLK - Champion Service Since T921 Member: American Institute of Laundering National Institute of Drycleaning Winter Meditation This space reserved for I walk Along a winter beach Where blackened driftwood WHITE Beyond reach of crawling sea Sprawls on cushions Of unwashed snow. ELEPHANTS Empty bottles Phlegmatically lie Staring vacantly At the impersonal sky. N- Smoky clouds ff On mewing gulls Q Etched in white. l3UL9iXQNQg Cggggho W: 9 Patchquilt patterns S Of shore and sea . . . l CH How small man is Q6-5? TO ln the tide of humanity. - Dora Graber WG KQOXII Ho QL, le Cfbvmhwlvilyiwvcxml Aexm V l in MARSH 81 MQLENNAN Insurance Brokers CONSULTING ACTUARIES AVERAGE ADLIUSTERS 70 Pine Street - New York Chicago New Yorl San Franrivev Minnenpolix ' Delroil Lax Angeles Bruton Pillsburgh Seallle SI. Louis Indianapolis SI. Paul Porllaml Bnjaln Dululh Aflanla Neu'Orlm11x Tulm Milwauiee Phoenix Clerfrlaml .Mlrgfirll Washington Mmllrenl Toronto Vancouver Calgrnjv Havana Caramx Landon L 0 N ' G H I A T A C 0 N H N p gpg? :ff Congratulations Q,,iTmP'ij"g'f5 QUE QQ MCR SQ ll T th O 8 Eqgnd Ck Ok Class of '59 QQ MR. 84 MRS. PETER J. SCHMITT COMPANY JOHN W. THAYER QWHOLESALE GROCERSQ Buff I 25 N Y rk A iAdiOS! 0 fum . MN , .-'N ff M Y A QL! PEP BHD DR. JOSEPH HALEY GILDO Continental Cuisine Port woshingfon, Ne k THE CLASS OF F mthe Westover Congress 1959 tothe Knox Rose Leaves W B W I E I SEND T S S H T H E YouR S To THE DAUGHTERS C O L F A TO S '5 S 9 . PRINCETON! from a friend ik- QLLPF WE DELIVER 45 Phone Monhossei 7-4556 BRAND A. 8. F. GROCERY COMPLIMENTS OF FROZEN FOODS 8. FRESH VEGETABLES Andrew 8. Florence 370 Plondome Road Donaldson Monhosset, N. Y. ELDICO CONGRATULATIONS ELECTRONICS TO THE CLASS OF '59 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Obleiz WABASH PLAIN DEALER And TIMES STAR WERNER MACHINE CO Compliments of ARAGON FARM Light Silver sprays of mild mist haze Sift silken through the classesp By the water shining willows glisten, Make it hard to listen. Peace breaks through the noisy, navy daze In quiet ways. Shafts of sunshine in the Spring Light our wistful waysp Listen what each passing senior says. These are truthful days Love for Knox is mirrored here In eyes that sparkle, Eyes that glaze. - Natika Waterman Compliments of a friend Faculty Addresses Miss Laura L. Wood, The Knox School, St. James, Long Island, N. Y. Mrs. Alexander Stewart Phinney, The Knox School, St. James, Long Island, N. Y. Miss Lillian Bemis, 138 East 38th Street, New York, N. Y. Mrs. Henrietta L. Burdick, Walnut Avenue, Stony Brook, N. Y. Mrs. Robert L. Cannan, Wardoncliff Road, Shoreham, N. Y. Mrs. Jean Chille, cfo Marge Calia, 408 King Court, West Babylon, N. Y. Miss Anne E. Cule, cfo Mrs. W. Pickert, 723 N. Bromley Ave., Scranton 4, Pa. Mrs. Muriel B. Dawkins, 210 Myrtle Ave., Port Jefferson, Long Island, N. Y. Mrs. Phyllis King Day, Terrell Lane, Stony Brook, N. Y. Mr. Harry de Leyer, Edgewood Avenue, St. James, Long Island, N. Y. Mrs. Ursula Fehler, Pilgrim Hospital, Brentwood, N. Y. Mr. Claude Gonvierre, The Clock Tower, Oakdale, N. Y. Miss Mabel Tyler Hackett, 495 Park Avenue, Huntington, Long Island, N. Y. Miss Dorothy E. Johnson, 21 Academy Street, Hallowell, Maine Mrs. Margaret Lafean, 89 Wood Street, Lewistown, Maine Mrs. Robert Lindsey, 1203 Fourth Avenue, Laurel, Mississippi Miss Allena Luce. 85 Shawmut Ave., Boston 16, Mass. Miss Cecile Lynch, Wells Lane, Stony Brook, Long Island, N. Y. Miss Anne McG1ue, Miller Place, N. Y. Miss Marian McG1ue, Miller Place, N. Y. Miss G. Marian Morton, 5415 Browning Road, Merchantville 8, N. Mrs. Dorothy Noel, East Andover, New Hampshire Mrs. Margaret C. Rogers, 1 1 Rutledge Avenue, Northport, N. Y. Miss Leslie Snow, 49 University Court, South Orange, N. J. Mrs. James C. Stansbury, Carll Court, Northport, N. Y. Madame Maria Tatistscheff, 22 Roton Avenue, Rowayton, Connecticut Mr. Eugene Wermer, 1080 Midland Drive, East Meadow, N. Y. Complete Insurance and Real Estate Service Compliments of JOHN R. PUGLIO COMPANY MR. AND MRS. People's Bank Building 502 Bleecher Street H, M, Utica 3, New York Student Addresses Allison, Laura Lee Angelakova, Gedy .. Atwill, Donna ..... Bach, Betsey ........ Bellman, Sally . . . . . . . Bloom, Allwina . . . Bowes, Lawrie Irving Browarsky, Benita . .. 26 Stratford Place, Binghamton, N. Y. 240 East 76th Street, N. Y., N. Y. 7 Audley End, Eggertsville 21, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . . Ridgeway Center, Stamford, Conn. 72 Wall Street, N. Y., N. Y. Baruch, Rosemary ............ Stonleigh Apartments, Alger Court, Bronxville, N. Y. Brownback, Mary Elizabeth Buday, Joan ............... Burt, Joanne ............. . . Campbell, Melanie . . Carhart, Susan .... Colonna, Jo ..... Cornelius, Bonnie .. Cox, Sandra ..... Crane, Julia ....... Cummins, Cynthia .... Dalton, Candy, ...... Daugherty, Barbara de Clairville, Sandra Dennis, Cynthia .... Dibble, Darolyn .... Dixon, Pamela .... Esser, Dorothy Essick, Margo .... Faile, Lucy ......... Flaccus, Margaret . . . F onssagrives, Mia . . . Flynn, Jayne ....... Foster, Julia ...... Foyo, Hilda ......... Habana, Cuba Gilliam, Louise . . Graber, Dora . . . Grant, Sandra . . . Hass, Charlene .... I-Ialfon, Bella ....... Harding, Katherine .. Heaney, Hazel ...... Heck, Penelope .... Calle 32 Held, Margery ......... . . . Hillenbrand, Elizabeth Holden, Frances .... Howell, Virginia .... Kollmar, Jill ........ Lahr, Susan ....... . . . . . . . . 530 Mixsell Street, Easton, Penna. 1420 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago 10, Ill. i H 1530 Fifth Avenue, Youngstown 4, Ohio . . 1007 West Water Street, Elmira, N. Y. Box 171, Seauket, N. Y. . . 220 Marshall Street, Newport, Delaware 10 Lenox Drive, Greenwich, Conn. . . . . . . 1031 East River Street, El Paso, Texas . . 1338 Graydon Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 321 Depew Avenue, Buffalo 14, N. Y. Cove Neck Road, Oyster Bay, New York ............. Route .-lil, Richland, Mich. . . . . . . . . 5 Rockcrest Road, Manhasset, N. Y. 4848 Broadbrook Drive, Bethesda, Md. 226 Pennsylvania Avenue, El Paso, Texas . . .e .. P. O. Box 450, Huntington, N. Y. 274 North Main Street, Herkimer, N. Y. 19 Lynwood Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. 12 Inwood Terrace, Upper Montclair, N. Ingellore Court, Smithtown Hills, N. Y. 304 Corning Drive, Cleveland 8, Ohio .. . 33 Waterville Road, Farmington, Conn. . . . . . . Husted Lane, Greenwich, Conn. . . . 1 West 68th Street, New York . .. ......... Aragon Farms, Bainbridge, Ga. Sagaponack,N. Y. No. 103 ent. la y 3a, Maramar, Marianao, . . Cedar Point Farm, Westover, Maryland 15 Cambridge Drive, Smithtown, N. Y. . .. 434 Colonial Terrace, Hackensack, N. . . . . Old Westbury Road, Old Westbury, N. Y. . Ave Americas 32009, Cali, Columbia, S. A. 84 Brookside Drive, Plandome, N. Y. .. Box 511, Route 3, Huntington, N. Y. .. 2146 Union Street, Schenectady, N. Y. 1549 Sterling Place, Brooklyn 13, N. Y. Beechocote, Mitchell Road, Batesville, Indiana 11M East 76th Street, New York, N. Y. .. Horse Race Lane, St. James, L. I., N. Y. . . . . . . . 45 East 68th Street, New York, N. Y. . Old Field Road, Old Field, New York Lawler, Lisa ..... 54 Hemlock Drive, Sleepy Hollow Manor, No. Tarrytown, N. Y. Landry, Jacqueline .............. Layman, Sally ...... I .ibman, Kit ..... Lightboum, Toni ..... McPherson, Georgea McPherson, Patricia . . . . . . . . . . . Burr Road, Commock, New York . . . . Smallhill, Westhampton Beach, New York Elizabeth Street, Hartsdale, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stanmore, Pembroke, Bermuda . . . Harbor Hill Road, Huntington, N. Y. . . Harbor Hill Road, Huntington, N. Y. Student Addresses Merten, Donnajeane .... ........ . . . 166-56 23rd Avenue, Whitestone 57, N. Y. Meyer, Christine .... ...... 9 Gwen Lane, Greenlawn, N. Y. Mitton, Gale ...... .................................. S etauket, N. Y. Morrow, Janet .... ..................... 3 35 Broadway, Lawrence, N. Y. Morrow, Thirza 1022 Yorkshire Road, Grosse Pointe Park 30, Mich. Mott, Susan ..... ................... M ain Street, Stony Brook, New York Netter, Francine . . . ........... Folly Farm, East Norwich, N. Y. Nixon, Joan ....... . . . 180 North Miami Street, Wabash, Indiana Obletz, Geraldyn .... ....... 1 63 Le Brun Circle, Eggertsville, N. Y. Palaologos, Stacy .. 1829 Coronado Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio Penny, Pamela .... ............ 6 Knolls Lane, Manhasset, N. Y. Phillips, Sally .. 60 Old Orchard Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. Platt, Lynn .... ....... L oantaka Way, Madison, N. Plumb, Wendy ...... ...................... S yosset, N. Y. Puglio, Mary Ellen .... 502 Bleecker Street, Utica, N. Y. Quintana, Estela Apartado 97, San Juan, Puerto Rico Quintana, Mariluz .................. Apartado 97, San Juan, Puerto Rico Rawak, Barrie ........................ Woodside Drive, Greenwich, Conn. Rhode, Mariluz .... Av. Las Acacias 23, Villa Marisol-La Florida, Caracas, Venezuela Riley, Mary ........................... Town Hill Road, New Hartford, Conn. Robinson, Virginia .. 340 East Eighth Street, Hinsdale, Illinois Rose, Barbara Ann .......... Valley Road, Oakland, N. J. Rose, Barbara Walker .................. Wheatley Road, Glen Head, N. Y. Schneider, Kate ................ ....................... O yster Bay, N. Y. Siso, Aura Maria .... Quinta So Lariega, Calle Oriente, Country Club, Caracas, Venezuela Sapene, Lilian ............ Esquinade la Marron-Edificio, Genoral Paez. of 3.15, Caracas, Venezuela Scott, Susan ......... .. 230 East 48th Street, New York, N. Y. Shepard, Linda ..... .... 1 2 East 62nd Street, New York, N. Y. Smith, Mary Ann .. 205 West 39th Street, New York, N. Y. Speir, Gale ........ ............... W esthampton Beach, N. Y. Spring, Mignonne .... ............... 2 00 Bidwell Parkway, Buffalo, N. Y. Taggard, Sally ......... 415 S. Thompson Street, Jackson, Mich. Thayer, Christine .... .... E cho Manor, 1031 National Road, Wheeling, West Virginia , Toors, Marjorie ........ 34 Mowbray Avenue, Bay Shore, N. Y. Uhl, Carolyn ............................... The Rise, Woodbury, N., Y. Urquhart, Candace ........ Petersville Farm, Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, N. Y. Villegas, Ana Elenor, Avenida Los Cortijos, No. 17, Urb. Campo Alegre-Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela Villegas, Luisa, Avenida Los Cortijos No. 17, Urb. Campo Alegre-Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela Ward, Andrea ..... . . . . 18 Deepwood Lane, West Hartford, Conn. Waterman, Natika ........................ 32 Southgate Road, Setauket, N. Y. White, Janice .............................. 36 Sutton Place, Lawrence, N. Y. White, Joan .......... Morris White Fashions, 362 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Winorsky, Phyllis . . . ................. 20 Brooklyn Avenue, Massapequa, N. Y. Wittnebel, Alison . . . . . . 101 Laurel Lane, Port Jefferson, N. Y. Wittnebel, Stephanie . . . . 101 Laurel Lane, Port Jefferson, N. Y. Wright, Carla ...... ....... 3 Brevity Court, Binghamton, N. Y. Wright, Janet .... ......... , . . Shadow Lane, Woodbury, N. Y. Zabaki, Joan . . . .... R. D. if:2, Eaton's Neck, Northport, N. Y. 'I .- ,,s FN 9 ,L I SM? M it Q 2? 3 tif!! X ,r J .VQ5 Aff :ig 2 3 in S? .1 xk X,-fmfi X ,. , ' ' ' QS- is' . iM . as digg- f IZ if 13 HMG 1' Kr 1. Y ' . , . L I, v. , , . 'Q -5 .- 1 -5 1 4 nf' I f' .e A I-...ff I 1- , , .,, M f , R .. 4, 1 .. 3, M4-um ' - , V V, .1 if V vl' N- K my Q VA xv l, I ,L 5 A 'i' T A ins '.. ...wa M' '..x .1 Q M M' in ,- kibfitss H- 4 ' I 'y 1 ,..l K ""'--M -- ml WRX 'E : , 4 E A 4 X- 1 X X R X. Swnior Slzip Song Tln' rlazvn ix brralfing 0'f'r a .wa of niglzt. Tha' .mn is waking to a world of light, A .vlzip gmfv forth 011 llzat wa, Sm .mil fm' Por! 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Suggestions in the Knox School - Rose Leaves Yearbook (Nissequogue, NY) collection:

Knox School - Rose Leaves Yearbook (Nissequogue, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Knox School - Rose Leaves Yearbook (Nissequogue, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Knox School - Rose Leaves Yearbook (Nissequogue, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Knox School - Rose Leaves Yearbook (Nissequogue, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Knox School - Rose Leaves Yearbook (Nissequogue, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 74

1959, pg 74

Knox School - Rose Leaves Yearbook (Nissequogue, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 67

1959, pg 67

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