Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 15 of 88
Page 15 of 88

Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 14
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Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 16
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Page 15 text:

What a pleasure rt has been this year to teach rn a modern well equrpped room' We find the mov able tables and chairs make the room more cheerful and home lrke besrdes allowrng the children greater freedom The room rs well lighted even on dark days The chll dren are pleased to see therr work on display on the large bulletin hoard which rs constantly rn use They also enjoy the easels where they can express therr Ideas n drawrng and parntmg Each mornmg now we enter a room that rs swept dusted and rn perfect order thanks to the janrtors What a contrast between the tiled floors cleaned and waxed and those rough wooden floors that no amount of elbow grease or wrshful thrnkrng could keep clean I can still see those wrde cracks filled wlth dust and drrt' How wonderful to have a heatrng system that keeps the room at an even temperature' Well do I recall the struggles I had keepmg that wood hte The room would be erther too warm or so cold we would huddle shrver rng about the stove Durrng the cold weather rt was next to lmpossrble to keep the room well ventrlated Only by openrng a door or rarsrng a wrndow could thrs be accomplrshed and durrng cold weather thrs method was not practrcal Today we can get plenty of fresh arr srmply by turn mg a lever on the unrvent Today a prnt srzed srnk for lrttle people ID one corner of the room wrth a paper tow el dispenser over rt rs most convenrent for washrng therr hands just out srde the door IS a drrnkmg fountarn What a change from the unsamtary conditions when each chrld drank from a drpper Yeste day we lugged water by parls heated rt on the stove and several washed from the one basrn of water Yesterday we all gathered round to drrnk from the same drpper and greatly rncreased our chances of catchrng the other students germs Pupxls En oy Cafeteria One thrng I have noticed rn partrcular this year rs the fact that the chrldren arc not so trred and lrstless durrng the afternoon I feel sure this rs due to therr havrng hot lunches at the cafeterra at noon I also find that these hot lunches grve me more pep and energy for my afternoon s work Yes rts been a long way and not always an easy way from that day w hen I w as frrst thrrlled by the appear ance of a letter from home Yet as I look back I can only say :ts been a good way Grace Moore Knox Memorial High School Erected In 1913 CHAPTFR Frvr A PRICELESS GIFT Comlenred rom The Ezuluiron a 1 Temple o Lmrmng by W S LEIIII HESE boys fSeymour Knox and Wrlson Lew rsj hav mg grow n to manhood turned therr faces away from the Arsenal the village the Northland to seek fortune or farlure rn the great busy world Seymour had become a merchant prrnce the other a traveler rn many lands During all these years occasronal letters had passed be tw een them but never had they met face to face untrl the summer of 1911 when the traveler found hrmself rn the palatral country home of the merchant prrnce After the first greetrngs that veneer whrch success some mist before the mornrng sun and these frrends were boys agarn As they talked of brooks and the comrades of the long ago Seymour sand Let us go back to the old tow n and have a look once mor at the fields the hrlls the rivers the roads that must strll he there On a july day when the red clover bedecks the fields of the Northland and the note of the song sparrow fills the meadows and the pastures these frlends found themselxes rn the automobile of the merchant prrnce on the borderland of St Lawrence County Famrlrar scenes brrngrng back agarn the shadowy forms of the long ago melt the heart and touch the nmagrnatron with generous rmpluse Seymour sard I wish I could do somethrng for Russell that would really be of servrce to the people The follow mg morn ng found the two friends ln the company of a little group of the Cltrzens of the tow n wendlng therr way to the srte of the Old Arsenal The grave old burldrng that had defied the storm and stress ot nore than a century stood rn solrtary grandeur on the crest of the hull overlooking the vrllage From this elevated spot the hulls the brooks the fields unchanged by the years w ere rn solemn contrast to the fate of the companrons of thrrty years ago faces vorces person alrtnes that had endeared every nook of the landscape to the hearts of th returning w and rers Seymour Knox sard Besrde rt wrth the consent of the drstrrct I w ll erect a burldrng w hrch shall be devoted to the educatron of the coming generatron It shall stand for more than can b expressed rn brick and stone The 9 V - l ' . , ' V f ' , , . . , . , 1. , ' .. I ' . . . H - f' " g ' ' f f f G - . 1 . . ', , f . - - . , . . , ' 7 , . . . V Q . , , , - ' ' . . V I V ' , Y ' . I , ' - ' ' trmes burlds about personalrtres, suddenly vanrshed, lrke . ' 1 g . , Y y . 1 N Y I u - - 1. A '- V 9 I v , I - , . I -1 1. v . I 1 I ' I ,' ' , , N '. r Y . . 1 ' I I I ' , ' 3 , ' ' , . . . . . . ' I , ' ' , , v I . ' . ' 1 I ' I ' A s I y ' s 9 . 1 9 9 ' , a - V V 1 e ' 'e . Y- , - F, y " . , I . A V Yu. Q V- g . . . Q - e .' ' ' ' .

Page 14 text:

Last Class To Graduate From Old Arsenal Thls ASSOCIHIIOH now presents a prxze of 35 an nually to a Hrgh School student who wrrtes the best essay on local history m connectlon wnth commence ment ZCIIVIIICS Thus prlze was awarded last june to joan Thurstm OITICCIS are President Tyrus McK1mm FlrstV1ce Presxdent Foster Moore Secretary Dorls Gates and Treasurer Bert Shaw Dorls Gates CHAPIFR FOUR I REME lIBl:R ES well do I remember that s1zzl1ng day rn the summer of 1908 when I recexved a letter from my mother Informing me that Albert Hughes trustee rn the Hughes Drstrxct wanted to h1re me to teach h1s school' I was attending summer school 1n Chnton at the t1me and hke any young prospectlve school marm I was perfectly thrilled to receive such news He would pay exght dollars a week why that was money rxght out of this world' You can well lmagxne that I wasted no t1me m w rltmg home Ot course I would be glad to teach the school' For eu ht dollars a week seemed lxke a fortune to me just thnnk my entzre salary tor the year would be 3256 as there w ere only 57 weeks of school As was the custom then our school opened IH Aug ust The early opening was caused by the fact that usuallv we had a long enforced vacatlon In February and March when the weather and roads were bad The schnol was loacted about two and one halt mules from the village As I walked I had to leave home around 15 IH the mormng to arrrve there at 9 O0 oclock The darly sesslon lasted from nme unt1l four but I usually stayed after school to sweep and txdy up the room The room ltself was heated by a box stove Into whose yaw nmg mouth the cluldren or I It seemed were forever te dmg the blg chunks whlch were pxled across one corner of the room smce there was no woodshed The sn double seats and desks for the puplls faced the back ot the room while my desk was on a ra1sed plat form I still retarn vlvrd plctures ot that crude wooden desk Its cover llfted up and many tlmes when I hur rledly raxsed lt all my books would be toppled to the floor wlth a resoundlng bang In nrce weather we enjoyed the playground out of doors The favorlte games were Steal Wedges Hrde and Seek and Tag Of course hfe was not w lthout nts mental or phys1 cal hazards whrch rn retrospect seem amusmg but at the moment were extremely real and equally terrlfymg One such lncxdent occurred one mornmg when I had just arrlved and was decrdedly upset to hear a pecullar scratchlng nolse commg from one of the outsnde base ments Not belng sure whether the cause might be man or beast I stood for a moment undecided whether to run msrde and lock the door aaglnst any Intruder or to brave the unknown drsturber of the mornings peace Fxnally I summoned all fny courage stepped warlly to the llttle burldlng and poked a reluctant nose through the door At last the culprit to my extreme amusement I saw a large brown porcupme There were slx chxldren enrolled Eunlce Morrow the eldest was m the fifth grade the others lncluded the three Sullxvan chxldren Florence Guy and Ruth Leon Howland and Mamie Fenton Late ln the fall Mr Fenton moved hrs famlly to the vxllage where he and hrs wlfe operated the store which IS now the IGA store This left me only live puplls Later In the year Goldre Curtis entered Wlth so tew puplls there was no competltron and lnterest lagged Before the year was half done I had made up my mxnd that thus would be my first and last year of teachmg' Yes I sand as much to Mr Grbbons our School Commxssxoner when he was vrsntmg my school one day He advlsed that I get Into a larger school Teacher and Pupils In Front of Hughes School For several years I taught rn rural schools whlch usually had all erght grades In 1919 I came to K M H S and taught hrst second thlrd and fourth grades untxl the hrst sn grades were moved to the Old Arsenal after the dxstrxct w as centralized Wlmen the Arsenal burned I moved to the Methodrst Church wrth 51 puplls m three grades Because the room at tne church was not large enough to accommodate so many another teacher was lured for thxrd and fourth grades I contmued to teach the first and second grades here unt1l we moved mto the annex th1s fall 10 7 T a . , ' ' V v . 9 r 1 x 1 V s . . , . - Y 1 1 n v . - . . V V V v - . . . Y. Y ' . , , ... . . ' V r ' . ' . 1 Q . s n ' n a . . . . . r y y v s . . . . 1 V , . . . V - . . . V I V . , . , , . . ... 1 V a x V 9 V - - - 1. VV a V - V - V ,V V 1 V . , - , V . ' 0 , ... . ,V . x - y . , . 7. . . . . , ' . . . . . . , , V V ' s y n ' V V ' V v 'c V V V - s s - Q. . , '.N V . . W Y e - 1 - Q -V V V V , v . , - .

Page 16 text:

Basketball Champlons 1935 Student Body Under Mr Gibbons Prmcxpalshlp lnsplratron of lt IS the lalth ot xxomanhood put 1r'to the dearhless language ot mothcrl ood and so linked to eternal thrngs as to exer express the goodness ot God rn the common xxeal And to this meditation the merchant prmce named thls solemn contract to the traveler Remember I shall pay the bxlls but you must do the talklng And hrs xxorcls were made true For 11 mld summer 1915 there stood on the lull besld the old arsenal overlookxng the llttlc xxllage a modern archltecturally superb temple ot learnmg A xnlndoxx taces the mam corrldor ot the building on the first landlng ot the staircase exqulsxte In clCSlg1'l rrch IH decoration and so blended ln color as to 1 tlv ex press the sentrment xt bears THIS BUILDING ERECTED BY SEYMOL R H KNOX IN MEMORY OF HIS MOTHER JAINE E KNOX The task of the merchant prmce was completed To the noble gltt ol the Temple ot Learning vs as added adequate endowment to supplement the mcome from State and LllSfI'lCPtl1.1lf the chxldren born ln thls sterlle pxcturesque country mlght haxe the very best And 1n order that a constant lnsplratlon to l'llgllCI' thlngs rn the held ot learnnng might be before thelr eyes the local college was provlded 'mth adequate fund to maxntaln scholarshrps cover1ng the probable needs ot those who should clxmb trom the local school to the higher flelds ot lezrnlng CHAPTER Six FROM BLl EPRINT TO Rl:ALIT1 USTLING actlxrty tiresome tr1ps long drawn out meetlngs best descrxbes the plannxng and burldmg ot the new sung I can recall as a nevs teacher IU the central dlstrnct belng shoxxn the excellent plans tor buxldxng by Prof Gibbons and his statement that xxe xx ere at the top ot the lxst tor ald xn post var bulldlng I doubt that anV flner building would have exlsted IH the north country had those orlglnal plans been possible But mcreaslng costs s mon torced the abancltnment ot those plans and the drawung ot nexx ones atter the xx ar Early IU 19-48 some dlscusslon ot bulldxng xx as ne eessary because ot oxercroxxeled conditions and the lack ot a real central school program On the Board ol Edu eatxmn at that tlme xxere Theron Clark Charles Ford h m Harold C urtls George Burt and Ray French Temporary exp dlcnts were discussed and eventually lt N s decided to learn hows the dlstrlct telt about bulld mg a garage to be used for a tnme as a school An over tloxx erovv d ln the old study hall soon expressed rtself and so back to work vent the Board Blllldlllg Lsed As Gym 1944 1951 Auditorium Gymnasium In New Bulldmg Once again the long trall of d1scuss1on trxps bud gets plannlng cutting adding took place At one step just before the people voted on the b md xssue the archltects vtarned of a sharp mcrease ln costs Th problem should the Board ask the people for more money or cut costs Cost were cut The votnng ofthe bond nssue brought congratulatory telegrams trom the State Department and wrth the , . , .. .. , 1' . , ,' , - f ' - 1 l c . , , , , , . , . ' .. t ' " ,' ', , ' I1 1' I X 4 W .., . , . S. . , .. . . ,, .. ,A - V ., , n J - , , . ' 55 - 1 -3 - , . ,A , 2 , e 'I Y Y 7 , I . Y. , , , ' V 7 9 1 - . , , , - 9 x 1 U Y . V. . . A Q V . . J ,

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