Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 12 of 88
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Page 12 text:

thrs month War hoxx ever mterfered so serrously xxrth educatronal constructron and costs rose so raprdly that rt xx as an rmpossrbrhty for the dreams of the leaders of the drstrrct to be completed untrl the forces of democracy had stood strong agarnst those of drctatorshrps brrng mg a nnal vrctorv rn 1945 Thrs how ever was the same vear whlch saw the Old Arsenal burnxng on a brrght Sunda, nornrng rn March and made rt necessary tor grades to be s t up 11 the town hall and ln the local Methodrst Church In the summer ot 1950 the central chstrrct brought thc DeC1rasse school all thc facrlrtxes available xxrthrn 1 hmrted budget by adding a room modern plumbing facrlrtres and fresh sanitary drmkmg water It was xxrth great prrde that the puprls entered the new wrng IH Russell September 1951 now to be quarter ed rn one room as one grade now for the first trme to have the possrbrhtres of learnrng and exploring all the material xx hrch should be learned for one grade noxx for the frrst trme not to be faced wrth a shortage of trme inadequate facrlrtres and outside toilet rooms Jean Given Old Arsenal Used As a School CHAPIIR Two OLD ARSI:NAL DA1 S QTIIIS paper read by Mmnre A VanBuren Old Home Imght rn Russell rn 1915 tells of the Arsenal 18603 HE war ended happrly and the arsenal xx as no longer needed as a mrlltary station Select school were held lt xx hxch was attended by our fathers and mothers but It w as not untrl after the old log school house burn ed that the arsenal became a hall of learnrng The loxx er room xx as furmshed wrth wooden bench es ln the upper were tables deep gashed and carved wrth rnltlals Erght or ten puprls would srt around a table rn chairs xx hrch were the personal property of the scholars Sometrmes when a chalr became weak or broken an enterprrsrng boy would exchange rt for the safer one used by the teacher w ho unsuspecting danger xxould find hrmself on the floor amrd the turns The rooms were heated by large stoves whrch had a habrt of smokrng and there were old stove prpes lrable to come apart or fall down any txme Once upon a trme some of that stove prpe drsappeared took unto rtself as rt were xxrngs and flew away That remrnds me of an other mystery I do not refer to the sllly yarns of the ghosts amusrng themselves rolhng the cannon balls on thc thrrd Hloor I refer to a coat a lmen coat that was xxorn by one of the teachers during school hours and hung by the chimney when he left the bulldmg That coat drd serxrce durrng the fall term and at the begrn mag of the xxmter term xx as ragged and very far from clean One noon the grrls held a consultation Several suggestrons were offered and at last rt was decxded that the coat should be washed 1roned and patched That night as thc teachers hung rt rn rts accustomed place he Laxe lt one long lrngerrng lovrng look thrnkmg per haps that no nore familiar object would ever meet hrs gaze In the mornlng the hall xx as empty The coat xx as gonc and nevcr seen aagnn O1 cold days xx hen the xx 1nd xxould xx hustle through the many paned xxrndoxxs xxe xxould gathcr round the stoxc and all went merrrly tnll the teach r xxould say IH stern toncs It that xx hlsper rs not stopped you wrll all Wrtlr no fear of bacterra mlcrobes or other germs the scholar of the old days found therr supreme hap prness rn passing the water It was a pleasure that never grcxx old though of darly occurrence and happy was that chrld who had the prrxrlege of passrng the water to hrs thrrsty school mates xx ho drank trccly from a tm cup somctrmcs old and rusty In thosc days we dld not haxc professors wc had tcachcrs a man tcachcr rn thc xxrnter and woman tcacher rn the summer or a man tcacher upstarrs and a woman tcacher doxx n Each one nearly every term had us begrn on the hrst page trll the front pages of the book were xxorn out then of necessrty we had to be promoted We had no need of a gymnasrum We xxere resourceful rn Hndrng pleasure and exercrse In the summer xxe xxould play kc p house over rn the Knox pasture under the heautrtul trees by the srde of the brook The shelves rn the rocks held the broken drshcs and the parlor furnrture xx as upholstered by the softest 'Xt recess xxe xx ould play pom pom pull 1xx ay and hoxx xxc could run never stopprng to puff or xx heeze In the fall there xx as alw ays an abundant supply of from which the chrldren would make artrstrc baskets and ornaments In the wrnter there were snow forts coastrng skatmg and slrdrng on the Boyd Hull on jumpers Then there were the snow burrals A child would be hurled rn snow the other chrldren per formrng the funeral servrce whrch was followed by the rescrrectron If the servrces were too long a vorce would come from the snoxx grave Hurry up Im smotherrng or the resurrectron would be premature greenest moss burdock burrs Now dont thlnk for one mrnute that rt was all play and no work rn those good old days Wlmat did xxe study? Well exery boy and grrl brg or httle read and spelled a httle every dav and how we would make the , , , . c, ' Q ' - 'K ' ' ' Y Y f Y ' ' . .y , ' ' ' , ' , ' ' V ' y n 1 ,. , , , , , , 4 , ' . , , . . V , A , , , I c. ' , ' . ' 1' ' V 1 - . w . - . . 7 ' A ' . Qc ' , 'x 'S ' , ' , 1 ' ' I A L A x . ,. - , N a . 1 . , . c A A , xv ia- ,gy by have to get to your seats. I . A 7 S 3 - 7 , . , 1 - ' 7 ' V , , , 5 1 v . ra qs va , , . . -' - ' , V , , I A A V - ' , .' . A- Y D 1 V , ' . I ' ' ' ' , 'Z - ' ' " ' , ' ' 7 1 v 1 ' . ' 1 Y - V Y l ' Q 2 Q m v rn ' ' . , ' W ' v ' ' v ' . , . . . . A ' I Y I 1 1 ' ' V ' v ' ' , ' , . , 11 I - sv In l s , n . 7 I . r . - v V , ' 1' , - ' , . . ' ' , , . . - . . . . , I

Page 11 text:

Wt ILIL Altwwws llklEMlEMIBlER CHAPTER ONL FRO 11 LOG SCHOOL T0 CENTRAIIZED SCH001' USSELL srtuated rn St Lawrence County anclent huntrng ground of the Iroquors was funded rn 1805 by Russell Attwater who looked at the vrrgrn territory rlch rn fish and game and considered rt well worth the petty sum he pard Soon people largely from Massachu setts and Vermont came by ox cart to settle the new land Wrthrn four years a small log school was built upon one of the high hrlls north of the village over lookrng the pleasant valley below through which the Grasse rrver wmds from east to west Thrs rs the rrve known to the Indians as NI KENT SIA KI ffull of big hshesj The building was heated by two fire places and was furnrshed wrth a pulpit for use rn rellgrous services as the first church was not buxlt untrl 1845 From the openmg of this first school under the dlrectlon of Rollin Smith tn 1808 to the dedlcatlon of the new wing of Knox Memorial Central School rn 1957 any observer of education rs rmpressed wlth the steady progressive sprrrt evidenced by the people rn therr efforts to provide for the children the very best avarlable at any partrcular trme From a budget of 3250 rn 1809 to a budget of 3160 000 ln the present day hnancnl sacrxhce has be n necessary One hundred thirty eight puprls were enrolled for five months a year rn seven schools rn 1820 Four hundred eighty seven pupils are now enrolled rn three schools rn the central In 1860 after the log school burned the Arsenal was obtarned for use for the first trme as a pubhc school At that time the length of the school term w as declded by the state of the farm work and the SIZC of the winter woodprle and students furnished their own rharrs Teac iers were paid from S150 to S2 00 per week and were boarded around Everyone wanted to board the teacher after sprmg housecleanrng and before ha mg In 1905 the pubhc and school hbrary was estab hshed wrth 2100 volumes and today there are some ten thousand books for reference purposes as well as for lersure time readmg In 1860 however the only refer ence book was Websters Unabridged Drctronary and for lelsure txme the students attended evenrng spelling schools hrrngrng their own lanterns or candles In 1875 country schools marntamed two terms a veir There w as an extra ten weeks nn the ullage school and there were two departments maintained ln the vrl lage school prrmary and advanced The followmg year found the law bemg changed concerning the hcensrng of teachers and they could not thereafter obtain a hcense until they were sixteen years of age Prevlously they had been Issued at the age of fourteen Common practice found teachers or head teachers younger than students rn school but so eager were the people for education that thrs lack of maturity on the part of the teacher drd not seem to hamper the educatron process By 1888 the primary department rn the vrllage had grown to approximately forty students and three terms now bemg held one of twelve weeks and two of ten weeks each With hundreds of dollars today bemg spent for maps globes charts microscopes film strip machines and other teachmg aids rt rs interesting to note that charts for readmg and models for physiology were only coming rnto use at this trme The year 1890 found the first Regents examrnatrons bemg grven rn Russell and the first Arbor Day bemg observed By 1893 attempts were bemg made to enforce the attendance law and wlth the establishment of the pubhc and school hbrary ln 1901 the stage was set for the chartering of the Unron School and its academrc department opened in September 1905 for the first trme The return of Seymour H Knox and Bishop Lewis to Russell and their decrsron to do somethrng for the drstrrct wrll be adequately covered elsewhere but rt rs rnterestlng to note that eleven years after the dedrcatron of the Knox Memorral I-hgh School a few women form er Arsenal students held a prcnlc and plans were made for 1 larger group PICUIC the followrng year This prcnlc developed lnto the Old Arsenal Teachers and Students Assocratron whrch was organized rn 1921 and which down through the years to the present time has found people returning each june from all sectrons of the country to attend the meetrng to enloy the prcnxc lunch and to remlnrsce of youthful days spent rn the Arsenal A strong force for educatron thrs organrzatlon was quick to note the advantages of centralization and many of the workers for centrahzatron came fom the Old Arsenal Teachers and Students Assoclatron XVork on ccntrahzatnon began late rn the thrrtres and was brought to a completion rn October 1911 when wrth nearly four hundred votes cast only svcteen opposrtron votes were registered Wxtli one of the greatest mayorrtres rn favor this second centrahzatron rn St Lawrence County open ed on the first of july 1912 with twenty three dlstrrcts The twenty fourth district was added ln 1913 Centrahzatron brought new problems not the least of w hrch w as room for the greater enrollment and school authorrtr s were forced to operate eighteen schools the first year and to again bring the Old Arsenal into use for grades 16 rn the village Thirty one persons made up the faculty and plans were rmmedrately made for the burldmg of the wrng whrch rs bemg dedrcated A 4 4 , , - f . , . D . . , ' 1 Y Y 9 ,y . y ' ' . r -, . 4 ' S U - . . - I ' - A . . ' ' ' , 'Y - I. . . . . . - . . L 7 . Y ' v 1 drstrrct today. W- - Y - Y - . Y - 7 3 , ' . v f . , . . ' 7 . ' , - I Y 7- 1 ' . . . ' ' ' - , v 1' . , , , - , . , , ,. , . r . . v , 1 ' '

Page 13 text:

Old Arsenal Today OLD ARSENAL Brave ghost on top of w1nd swept lull Your guns long mute your sold1ers st1ll Ru1ned by fire your strong walls stand Each stone placed there by careful hand More than a century has fled jet planes now thunder overhead Pay tr1bute that IS st1ll your due rafters r1ng when we read 1n concert Str1ke t1ll the last armed foe CXPIICS No scholar w as ever too b1g or too far advanced to drop ar1thmet1c grammar geog raphy al erbra rhetor1c or phys1cs We were not al ways sat1sn1 d wlth th t1me sp nt 11 3I'1fll11'1Ct1C gram mar or spelllng school IH the evenlng The scholars l1V mg nearest m1ght brmg candles and IH th1s way lrghted the room not br1ll1antly but we were contented and happv and spent many profitable even1ngs th1s way Parsmg was a necessary study The grammar class would chose srdes as for a spell1ng match and a con test wculd last a week All d1sputes were settled by Wells and Quackenbus Grammar McNally s Geog raphy was the joy of the scholars but the teacher al ways susprcrous when we were h1dden beh1nd IIS large covers How well we remember the sent1mental verses wl lch were wr1tten on those covers Forget me not For vet m never T1ll yonder sun shall set forever was a favorlte verse Yes those were 'happy days A cal1co or home spun dress took us 1nto the best SOCICIY We wer all r1ch then r1ch IU copper toed boots and shoes for wmtcr r1ch 1n health r1ch 1n frrends I'lCl'l 1n hope for we each had our Castle 1n Spa1n where everyth1ng grand and beaut1ful aw arted our com1ng Pranc1ng ste eds l1ver1ed servants costly jewels r1ch apparel honor tam were ours 1n our Castle 1n Spam And unfor tunate IS that man or woman who has lost s1ght of those posses xons MIDHIC VanBuren WHEN THL ARSENAL BURNED I cr1ed when the Old Arsenal burned What a host of memorles came rushmg back to me that Sunday mormng 1n March when the flames l1cked the solrd old walls I stood 1n a crowd of onlookers helpless to do anythmg and heard fragments of conversatron bu1lt 1n 1809 redcoats were com1ng th1s way sold at auc non 1n 1850 a school IH 1861 A school' Who could forget the long rows of seats the pot bellred stove on cold morn1ngs the smell of hard maple burn1ng the llIlClx rough Hoors creaky sta1rs o1l lamps and long pcnods of rec1t.1t1ons 1n front nf the room? Who could forget Forrest G1bbons Page Cole Carr1e GlbbOUS Myrtl Leach Lamb Helena Kelly Florence Shaw Hugh Kelly Ella Curt1s Maude W1lcox Harvey Pr1ce9 and A cry went up Ther goes the roof' I cr1ed when the Ol Arsenal burned because trad1t1on went up 1n flames CHAPTFR THRF13 OLD ARSBNAL 4SSOCIATION FEW women former Arsenal students spenclrng a day tog ther 1n an mformal reun1on at Russell had the 1nsp1rat1on to urge the organ1zat1on of all who had t u ht or attended school 1n the old bu1ld1ng Th1s group organ1zed 1n june 1921 IS known as the Old Arsenal Teachers and Students ASSOCIHTIOU A con st1tut1on was drawn up and forty became act1ve charter FIT mbers w h1l tl11I'ICCfl were HSSOCIZIC members bemg lusbands w1ves or ch1ldren of those who taught or attended school rn the Arsenal The follow1ng year saw attendance membershlp and 1nterest 1ncrease rap ndly Annual m et1ngs have been held regularly 01d Arsenal Assoclation Meets A 20 by 30 1nch bronze tablet was placed by th1s ASSOCIZIIOH on the corner of the Arsenal at the cost of S119 66 and UHYCllCd June 28 1929 w1th Rlchard Ellsworth of Canton as speaker The tablet reads The Old Arsenal Bunlt by the State of New York 1809 Arsenal unt1l 1851 Russell Vrllage School 1861 1913 Teachers and Students ASSOCIZIIOH an The State of New York 1929 Peace hath her v1ctor1es no less renowned tum KX ar ,- 2. - I y ' . , - ' r , -- ' i r U . Y , - X , ' , . '. 1 E 1 ' . ' x . . fv . . . 5 Q . ' v 9 , , , 'S 1 7 b ' 7 N' ' 1 A . . , . ly. - , ,' U 1 I 1 e ' , . a jg 1 . V . . 3 I S 3 3 ' I Y 7 ' V 7 ' Q V 'Q ' 1 ' ' v . - - , I. . 1 w , , , x . ' 4 , , V A 1 A Y 0 I Yet we who pause to gaze at you in , 7 7 - , g , 1 . ' - ' ' me 1' e ' e '. A ', - C . - D - . . , . I I 1 , v ' I I v 7 V I . ' v 7 V I vi' r v I - F A I , . . . . 7 7 K 2 , , ' - 1 , 4 . , ' . ' ' ' . 1 e . . . . a , L , V V-' V A ' ! 9 1 .5 . l ' 1

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