Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 10 of 88
Page 10 of 88

Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9
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Knox Memorial High School - Seymour Yearbook (Russell, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

f 1 Knox M i c-morial Central School organized July 1, 1942 fr om 23 districts, the 24th being added in 1943. Gro broken in August 1950 for the new wing whose dedication IQ planned for May 3. 1952. .gnfroclucfion for flw mmf frlfl. Knox ,xIl'77l0I'jn'l Cwlfmf Sfkllllf zzlnzlkwif fznloflg iff fflwnl fmpnffzfifni the flvwwnffzzzfj of jvinzzww zz lw wfffm' 111 ffw fnnfl'fH.f nf llnf x11f11'of2df1z'kf. our funn! on flu' jlozz lnzmffv am! ilu' ffffwr O71 Iluf VIKING uf If 431121. lmmlml df ue me 011 flu, efftqe of ffvc .fhfzzfnzdflfi Stare limi. uv ' Y j2rn1z'i,'n1f .fm lw lvlfwimf nfwig fz ,rlwrf Inf In wlvoof. Nfzfianzflg. zz u flame l7ll71fjII1Q and v6,Yl7lfIKQ ,mule of our film flri1'er.f tell nf Inzifirlg 41 hole ml 14170 ffflreu' ,rfiffk za we only mffflfy f1rr'p1'i.m! 111,51 jul! ffm! tl Jew' 471111011 mf nm' rife'- fm lvrfffffim. Nina' mm' fbt'7l fl-fnffyfv Ilwil jnznlrrv fum ml! fm :fflfnzfrcr fin fig! . W? .fhzml my mf! for fnmaft nzfzyzfw ulw Jem! fmt 1111 L'lI1t'7'1UE1Il'1 flvrw 211 lfn' llvmlfry Izomh. O11 awry mfr. in L'I'f'7j wnwnz. flvwv ix ffmnlx H1 Ilwfw Il umlx. I11 llw frlff llw nmjvlw' ffrlfllt' rl'QdfIIXf flw lmzzilj Il ffmh fl ffujuau. um! ffnfu 11 zzlvlv ffffzzlhff ff! wmzz mffww IM 7!!QU1Lfl7l71fflllIl uf th fvllu. Sffllfllg' fzrzzfgx mgm- IHAUH. zrlvwz f7zl7'l'7Il1 zlfirf flvifdrwl Uzzmfa !f'n' zz muff to zmzh' lllalffft' xnwlfjv. fwfr' Ifvz' Zlfvif 111412121 um t'fAll7lfI"1 Ltffjfrlyl' mm' IH: is flnf wffznlq nj um' l'L'71I7'1If wlifwf. zz bfnmu Jhlwrlgzf jvfrpifv mflv May 111 1110 nzlmrfuf of llw mn IllII.Q. ,Hmij 11 ffffby mzzfw lo Knox 1Wlw1m1'i11f Ctfllffllf Srlwwl uvllv ,fezwvzf flllflb of farm :uni fzlfzffzlfy June, .HAIYIQ fl 'Ulf fnw lfw'jmf lvw' 7710I'l"l'I' 11 ill? l7fIll.VfIl'0l'g nflw' fiwizzy mzffj. flflft' imide' the ,wlwwl 111' Mo not jwf 'fwfr um' -ffzrilitifar am! l'l!77'fl'.'lIll77l In nw fzfnlzl frvnzi 10711111 1H'UzI1'. llffw IN Ike' .vfmry uf fmrupff H170 lun! L1 ziviurl of lwu' fl .l!'l7fH1l A-'lmlffff 'ymzz In Niro! ww- Hlllllflj 7lL'f'tf.f. Haw iw 11 wlftrllll zz lufff 171111: I1f'n' Ilvwffxqf' -lzllfii. ffmfrmmmffffg ,zmf Immzz wi. Rum! 1261146641 IXTL' limzf frm! jun ffm! A1 mzzznzffzzfljy xpifil - fffyzf. ,fbfafzdfuy mmf fmfvzlizllgw- v'Qrl,'f7ltQlIl'7,f lqmfcjlff juz' ff1'0qw,u. ,Hay lluf flu! fljfllfml In 'yon' 111111 111115 wwf! ffm! 11 Ifwlff 11: nmf.'11y "U"r'f7 ,Un my v' Rwmfzll- bw." und was

Page 9 text:

REVIEWERS 7 5' -0" ADMINISTRATIOIN AND FACLLTY Top Rovs Wrllram G H Wrese Supervrsrng Prmclpal St Lavx r acc lnlverslty Canton Ix Y Wxltzj Tlel Vlce Prlnclpal and Socxal Studles St Laurence LYIIVCISIIY Cm on Nl Y Exght Grade Advrsor Arthur Schrader Elementary Supervrsor Buffalo State Teachers College Buffalo N Y ,lean Given Secretary toPr1nc1pal Knvc BI6IUOI'l21lI'IIgl1 School Russell N Y Kathryn F1tz gerald Enghsh St Laurence Umversuty Canton N Y Earl Colhson Mathematrcs St Laurence Unlverslty Canton N Y Semor Advrsor Hollrs Schvsartz Scren e St Lawrence Lmverslty Canton N Y SECOND ROW Harrxett Armstrong Foreign Lan uages St Lawrence UUIVCISIYY Canton N Y Seymour Advxsor Anne Broun Lrbrarlan St Elrzabeths Collge Madlson N j Seventh Grade Advisor Gerald smtratxoa joseph Morse Music Potsdam State Teach rs College Potsdam N Y junlor Advrsor Treasurer Russell Teachers Assocratlon Ircel Wrlcox School Ixlrse and Attendance Supervxsor Plattsburgh State Teach ers College Plattsburg N Y Iva Ruth Clark Puolrc Speaking and Remedral St Lavsrence Unrversrty Canton 'Nl Y Advisor Know Knevxs Earl Bavstrnhlmer Phys1calEducat1on Unlversrty of Buffalo Buf falo NI 't Sophomore Advisor THIRD ROW Inez Butterfield Home Economrcs Kansas Statc College Manhattan Kansas Freshman Ad wsor Irene Beaulreu Seventh Grade Potsdam State Teachers College Potsdam N Y Kenneth Harmer Srxth Crade Potsdam State Teachers College Potsdam N Y Vaughn Grlbert Flfth Grade Potsdam State Teach ers College Potsdam N Y Dons Gates Fourth Grade Potsdam State Teachers College Potsdam N Y Ethel Cameron Thlrd Grade Potsdam State Teachers College Potsdam IN Y Secretary Russell Teachers Assocratxon Mayvrs Royce Second Grade Potsdam T achers College Potsdam N Y BOTTOM ROW Grace Paro Moore First Grade Potsdam State Teachers College Potsdam N Y Eloise McKee Klndergarten State Teachers College Potsdam N Y Ray Loop Fxfth and Srxth Grades DeGrasse Potsdam State Teachers College Potsdam NI Y Zelda Thomas Thxrd and Fourth Grades DeGrasse Pots dam State Teachers College Potsdam N Y Darsy Th Jmas Kmdergarten Fxrst and Second Grade DeGrasse St Lawrence Imversrty Hazel Fulton West Plerrepont School Potsdam State Teachers College Potsdam X Y Vnte President Russell Teachers Association 'fs I . Sz. l X '1 'fx' L W' 5 M I ' , T , . V. . . . , . of . . . . '- . . v 1 . - . . I . . I . A , . - , . l . ,. I T , I . ., 'Q , , , Y , , - -Z ' , , - ' ' f , - - ' Y ' Y - I . I U . v . l I , - -, Z ' , T , - ' f , , - - ' 'I . ' ' , ' ' T 1 ' , , - '3 ' , . - -, ' I Armstrong, Commerce, Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, N, Y., President of Russell Teachers As- 5 P - 3 , , H? ' , , - -. . , , . . A . Y' . I A - 4 ' . , - -Z , 'l ' , - ' , 4 , I . .. . ' 5 ' Q , , - w A ' ,'1 I . I . 7 4 - 3 K ' i ' , 5 5 ! G ' Q , , ' , , . - , 1 , , , - -1 , , ' Y ' l ' T . ' ' Z , , 55 - . , - - 5 , , ' y , - -1 . A ' T , ' ' . Y s 1 9 A ' " 3 ' I 1 1 ! X ' ' y Y 1 - , , - 'Z ' . , , V ' f 1 , , , , A Y. ., I ' , I .

Page 11 text:

Wt ILIL Altwwws llklEMlEMIBlER CHAPTER ONL FRO 11 LOG SCHOOL T0 CENTRAIIZED SCH001' USSELL srtuated rn St Lawrence County anclent huntrng ground of the Iroquors was funded rn 1805 by Russell Attwater who looked at the vrrgrn territory rlch rn fish and game and considered rt well worth the petty sum he pard Soon people largely from Massachu setts and Vermont came by ox cart to settle the new land Wrthrn four years a small log school was built upon one of the high hrlls north of the village over lookrng the pleasant valley below through which the Grasse rrver wmds from east to west Thrs rs the rrve known to the Indians as NI KENT SIA KI ffull of big hshesj The building was heated by two fire places and was furnrshed wrth a pulpit for use rn rellgrous services as the first church was not buxlt untrl 1845 From the openmg of this first school under the dlrectlon of Rollin Smith tn 1808 to the dedlcatlon of the new wing of Knox Memorial Central School rn 1957 any observer of education rs rmpressed wlth the steady progressive sprrrt evidenced by the people rn therr efforts to provide for the children the very best avarlable at any partrcular trme From a budget of 3250 rn 1809 to a budget of 3160 000 ln the present day hnancnl sacrxhce has be n necessary One hundred thirty eight puprls were enrolled for five months a year rn seven schools rn 1820 Four hundred eighty seven pupils are now enrolled rn three schools rn the central In 1860 after the log school burned the Arsenal was obtarned for use for the first trme as a pubhc school At that time the length of the school term w as declded by the state of the farm work and the SIZC of the winter woodprle and students furnished their own rharrs Teac iers were paid from S150 to S2 00 per week and were boarded around Everyone wanted to board the teacher after sprmg housecleanrng and before ha mg In 1905 the pubhc and school hbrary was estab hshed wrth 2100 volumes and today there are some ten thousand books for reference purposes as well as for lersure time readmg In 1860 however the only refer ence book was Websters Unabridged Drctronary and for lelsure txme the students attended evenrng spelling schools hrrngrng their own lanterns or candles In 1875 country schools marntamed two terms a veir There w as an extra ten weeks nn the ullage school and there were two departments maintained ln the vrl lage school prrmary and advanced The followmg year found the law bemg changed concerning the hcensrng of teachers and they could not thereafter obtain a hcense until they were sixteen years of age Prevlously they had been Issued at the age of fourteen Common practice found teachers or head teachers younger than students rn school but so eager were the people for education that thrs lack of maturity on the part of the teacher drd not seem to hamper the educatron process By 1888 the primary department rn the vrllage had grown to approximately forty students and three terms now bemg held one of twelve weeks and two of ten weeks each With hundreds of dollars today bemg spent for maps globes charts microscopes film strip machines and other teachmg aids rt rs interesting to note that charts for readmg and models for physiology were only coming rnto use at this trme The year 1890 found the first Regents examrnatrons bemg grven rn Russell and the first Arbor Day bemg observed By 1893 attempts were bemg made to enforce the attendance law and wlth the establishment of the pubhc and school hbrary ln 1901 the stage was set for the chartering of the Unron School and its academrc department opened in September 1905 for the first trme The return of Seymour H Knox and Bishop Lewis to Russell and their decrsron to do somethrng for the drstrrct wrll be adequately covered elsewhere but rt rs rnterestlng to note that eleven years after the dedrcatron of the Knox Memorral I-hgh School a few women form er Arsenal students held a prcnlc and plans were made for 1 larger group PICUIC the followrng year This prcnlc developed lnto the Old Arsenal Teachers and Students Assocratron whrch was organized rn 1921 and which down through the years to the present time has found people returning each june from all sectrons of the country to attend the meetrng to enloy the prcnxc lunch and to remlnrsce of youthful days spent rn the Arsenal A strong force for educatron thrs organrzatlon was quick to note the advantages of centralization and many of the workers for centrahzatron came fom the Old Arsenal Teachers and Students Assoclatron XVork on ccntrahzatnon began late rn the thrrtres and was brought to a completion rn October 1911 when wrth nearly four hundred votes cast only svcteen opposrtron votes were registered Wxtli one of the greatest mayorrtres rn favor this second centrahzatron rn St Lawrence County open ed on the first of july 1912 with twenty three dlstrrcts The twenty fourth district was added ln 1913 Centrahzatron brought new problems not the least of w hrch w as room for the greater enrollment and school authorrtr s were forced to operate eighteen schools the first year and to again bring the Old Arsenal into use for grades 16 rn the village Thirty one persons made up the faculty and plans were rmmedrately made for the burldmg of the wrng whrch rs bemg dedrcated A 4 4 , , - f . , . D . . , ' 1 Y Y 9 ,y . y ' ' . r -, . 4 ' S U - . . - I ' - A . . ' ' ' , 'Y - I. . . . . . - . . L 7 . Y ' v 1 drstrrct today. W- - Y - Y - . Y - 7 3 , ' . v f . , . . ' 7 . ' , - I Y 7- 1 ' . . . ' ' ' - , v 1' . , , , - , . , , ,. , . r . . v , 1 ' '

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