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,Nf 6 - . ,, ' A Q sl" ' x al 'WJ' P' D df bw , h V r X443 4 ff, A. Qi' 'rv '59 'Mile x N in 'O S73 T 6 QW - .I ,, Qs. , I U ua- gk., 4- V VV. :ww ,M -. V V ' VVQ-WQV ' V V-QV ' V: V..-1 i- :V 3 , ' V:V':'i. V- VV.:V.,.57V . ,- : Ag 51142 ww W V ,253 f A . X 5' V, Nm: 5 ' ? fx 1' V .ug M Wx .V ,V .V , if ' .' f' ,Qi ,., 5 3 '. .. A , . ,M V :V 1. 1 'fy 1 fx V, ,, A in 'fm az if zffif GY ' . 215' f f K nba, 'S' XJVV V V 4 ky ' V V f f ff X Q "N y 5 , , V , J Vg V V. 'V 6 ? V 5 . 5 , , Z "i L t 5 . fi- ,, ' V:-5: 1 V V V V 231 ? . , V E .V V F f A 1 f KL 25f'6:'f.'H4?Vo . . S " 9 4 xg V. . 2 1 V LZLQV QI ' ,M V P ' 1 . V M rag W1 """' V.VVM..,MW,,M.WM.. Vv. ':. ,Mg , f ' i ' FV? V' ,mgi. " - .1yV " V'VM., .. , nf I .ml ,V f' ' , Q VV? V, . ., .I . , 4 V .V V ,V V- VV., . V V Vfq 4 V ' 'fs 2g.'1:3,+,f'W"?'5 ' V V . - . V V- - V V' .. V . W V 4. f. ,VV'f4v 2 A 1 ff. V ,: V ,-V f f ,. .9 ,V . V . . V' V .V, 1 V Q-'?gg,w'6V,76w-V..f'V'q2.-mg,g V' V V . 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V ' 9 V' wif. ,Vw ,fi H., 92.2 VV q7E'f,f1,1, 1 .iw fxYf5V1VV4 fn 52,iVVV,,4 ww: ,fi ,aim , . V .V ziggy V :V V. ,,g 1-ff V, .VV V ,, V ,, V V, f. , , g f 'V . yV Q, ,.,cV:.:4.V 11,1 .f,.V V.xV, .-A 7' ' fV wc ff .a'V2vV .:V V J. .VVgwi,-'f A .5-f..V-:V .. 'VH V ' " V' if ,ff V4-f:f5g,?,,,,g,VVVz.Vk'?4v .Mg fy ,'-"'QiVV1'fg V, , mygfgw MSE, " ' ,QQ-'VV W' V ,.15.ig,.y4:Qi.V -QW-V, A- Y- ., . K IV VQ. ' ' Wk ffuffiw 'Ciffff?j"fVZ'49 J .5 '5' 'i 4 " "il 'Wi' ' ,V36"',i 'iff ' ' ffl ' . 2713 MDV - AV' 5 , W , 4.1. x V15 4 fi V64 Li Y gl L, Vw Fig : M, 4 X 5,-Vg, ' X' wV v,V. . A V--V1,?7VV.gv, fi, , 1'. ' T , f' 571 Q ' ' ' " " ' - ' uri, " . ' -, V V . 1 I W '. "Ja A ' .Y 4 r , 1 xy . ', . . c . . 1 , V 'fn' ' Vu-1,, VV -1 V V V V V V V V V V V V V V '91 . -0 Q ' - sy + . - -'- ,. .. , f v .Z 1 , - ,.f, 1 152, -A , 1, ,J 5, hlzif: -s 'am-'--' .-WH, . , , K' , 'X q 'turf iw M. ing- 3-,M WAN k ,X L ,E -X.. ,t tw. 2 ,xfvwh ' ull' .M : "u . .'-.. . F , WHIIWHIUIHH ff 5? f 4. fjjetl f x x X 6 ,Zack 4, J' - ,- . 1 I- at X ifxk- K max- L 4 ' ,- gi, :Q 1 f we fl , Af . A . I, ,Q Wi 61,-Ttlur ,r , I ' 4 1 pf-' akin' Q. ' f 4 f' - fh , 1 1 Q 1 ' fi! 'fi' J!! -1 ' -Q '31 - f " 4272 fig if g gf: ,fr ,3'j',,a':..J 1, U If J! 5 ' 1-4 . .f-,Af N- ' ' ' 1 1... f If lv f' xT',ff' 11 ' ffild ff -a f, '..' I K vi? XR "'-,"" Q " -' 5" f f f 'ff' ,mf ' ,Jizz , ', 1, I '44 ' 475 fryp 2 Y -f " Pr, PM . X Jam . fi! ff .m6?J5"4. 1 5 ""A 15" 'q'7'ff'+9I ., . ,vlwfeefff ." W ITU' f?-2' - 1 A .. 7 ,, , N -- " ' 3 f -' ', . f 1, w.,1- ,-f--'-V:-9' -iigufaij gk ---2 -.-if 3 fx '-." ' 1. .. - I ' '- "', I ' Win n' 'M It 'Mf"U"" '1 Q:r?5:"i':y'f:l'5'mffZ ' V' " 7 'J T ' 'V "lf: Ilnn ' I11lI!I.f ,,- I, 1' A rt ' vliavw "v" ' Iwwmh . ,, :lmwlq J I Y' in MY- mu nHll 1ll !Ivl inrN11in:1, lv ,E , llvnnwm, .',,. 5, 4 7-lvl., , 'f' 'vs . 0,3 " . v . ,I - , -.1 . v, r 'pa-.". 3 -- '- L-rg, 'viz'-4'. W' ' ' -5 ' M1 H1,q:?2'4f'1wf' M - -- -1 WZ,s.g,K ,Y-- 5: 1- 7 . , 44' is Wh- 'riff V" gil? W 'ff lil: :L ' -. , .' lf , ' 4-1 ' .-iff,- Q gall ,hQfjv.f41,v.. -'J I , 1 ,Q "f.f.gLJy.j.-rf,-' Lat' mm . M , - r- 9 - 1, ,- '- 'Ex ,pf A ng L3 451 M fl 'N 'fi E - M1 My 1, 51 5 mmm Am -- , .J.:,H 4 1? I. . Erin., 5 W-qu, I 'z ' mhrf.,"4f,'f5f1,q,,57.f,.f3,gz:v,..7y,, f, , ,,-A! "'-j,llW,m, ml A -,..,,4.-.11 1' IE --Q. A , ,1 - I ,,. ,-'R-'g-Qflf vgk-!jA"l' :A 1071 'f'-if-,?U'flf 44096, j LL H' ll 'HU D H IV '1HlW'l1'1u4m.- U' .4.'. 1' ' - 1:--W. Y: . S-P A' ,Ly ' ' A "' l jggwi f gi 15. ?L'1-T N' .lfi-"j5.,', , ,E-15? Y L?-'fix rig -3-V YT -:A-55?-,2Yiii'l :ff ,fa-1' " 7 v1j - il... - . -,,-,S iz. VOLUME IV CLA SSO F1950 llllllllllllll The only virtue in saying goodbye to that which one loves is the pleasure of the memories one enjoys for years after the parting. With this fact in mind, we of the Kinkaidian of 1950 have set as the purpose of the book the pre- sentation of a faithful picture of our class and school lite this year. M 4 f 1 f ff' , , if ., Www my .N ., WV S. W. J. KINKA Head Mistress BOARD OF DIRECTORS MILTON UNDERWOOD ISAAC ARNOLD X JOHN S. IVY HIRAM O. CLARKE IDeceusedI 1 41, Z ,f , , I CLAUD B. HAMILL DUNBAR CHAMBERS MORGAN DAVIS Ulllilllilil wir 'fir sir iff slr We of the Kinkaidian of i950 dedicate the annual to the faculty of Kinkaid as an expres- sion of our appreciation for their patience and assistance. This faculty has helped us to develop from unsure freshmen to a state of more intelligence and maturity as seniors. With the exception of our basic personalities, we are what we have been taught to be. -.1 f"' ' f Z MRS. BUETELL MRS. DONLON fm'-, pw "" , sl 4. 2,1 NWN? MRS. CLIFFORD MRS. DOUGHTIE ., 1', 7 fy Z fy ff 4 Wy zo ' f Z 0 if M R . c o N w A Y MR. GALLIE MR. GOSSETT MRS. DOWNS gf fav M RS. OW ENS MRS. PYEATT N MRS. HENDERSON MRS. HOOKS MRS. PORTER 4 pw, ,, 4, 9 f W f M A WN. f""" 1' V . Miss PATON X.. gm . HEPHERD E MRS S px M RS. SUTTON A J K THE STUDENT COUNCIL Standing: John Ivy sa Perlitz, Dan Lakenmacher J. Ca rolhers, Chaille Cage, Jeff Dyke. 5575 f ,f b Seated: Suzanne Ehlers, Sidney Walsh, Patsy Huey, Bennie Lee Kincaid. This year, more than ever before, the Student Council, composed of student and faculty representatives, has strived to co-ordinate the aims and ideas of the persons within the high school building. Their project for this year has been the drafting ofa constitution which will be the basis for Council activities throughout the years to come. am ff KINKAIDIAN S A. J. Carothers . .. .. . . Editor Jerry Short . .. ..... Assistant Editor Sue Trammell . .. .. . Co-Business Manager Jane White . . . . Co-Business Manager A. J. CAROTHERS Burke Purdie . .. .. . Advertising Manager Chaille Cage ... ........ Art Editor Nancy Brelsford . . ,. . Writing Chairman Ann Collette .... .. . Picture Chairman Mary Ann Maley .... .... T reasurer Rita Jo Baines . . .. Chairman of Collections H-SHE.: lThis page courtesy of HERSCHEL M. DUNCANl MRS. DONLON 4 jx n M W . KI NKAID There is a side to our school other than the academic. Hundreds of letters are sent from the Kinkaid Preparatory School each yearg a multitude of files are keptg and there are over a hundred high school students to keep track of. All of this work emanates from the office, so we take this opportunity to express our appreciation to that part of the administration. I MRS. MARIE K EELER g Someone asked Mrs. Keeler for her official title and she said, "Why l haven't one. I simply fit in wherever some- If thing needs attention." That is Mrs. Keeler, our Dean. She 7? ' ' V- plans our assembly programs, oversees our coaching periods, 3 I' meets regularly with our mothers' groups, listens to our 5, problems and handles many details of the school curriculum . during the time she spends in our part of the school each I I day, Our problems are only a small portion of her duties ii i" QM as much of her time is spent working in the lower school. We are indebted to our Dean for many things, for encouragement, for sympathetic listening and for helpful planning. We take this opportunity to show our appreciation of what Mrs. Keeler does for the High School. MRS. DAVID LINDSAY The smiling lady in the business office of the High School Building is Mrs. Lindsay. Officially, she is known as the Kinkaid registrar, but to us she is the sympathetic "listener" to our troubles. To her we take our excuses for the doctor and the dentist and often she lends an understanding ear to some very special event that we are planning. Although Mrs. Lindsay spends her entire day with the details of the office, we feel that she is a very important part of our school activities. To Mrs. Lindsay we extend a sincere "thank you" for the many courtesies she performs for us. ,vig .W ,. 6 ' 9 ,ZX ,W , QE SENIOR OFFICERS: Waiter Muller, Treasurer: Monte FrosY, Presidenfg Nancy Brelsford, Secreiaryg Garreit Hamill, Vice Presideni. . WN CLASS ISTORY The senior class of 1950 has now completed its four high school years. Perhaps our knowledge still needs increasing, but our memories have been so many and so pleasant that these years will always be our most treasured. Singing commercials and pinatas made "The Freshman Fiesta" our start in the school social whirl, and the "Sophomore Sock Hop" was our second hit in school dances. Then came our hustling- bustling iunior year-football games, directories, candy sales, and the Prom. Enthusiastic advertising created applause for "The Buck Rogers Romp," and a talented floor show reigned at "Springtime," And then our long-awaited senior year, full of Initiation Day, senior rings, caps and gowns, and hard work. "The Mid-Century Revue" was our senior dance of renown. But at last the time has come to say goodbye and close our book of memories that can only be opened again with the ll Il words, Remember when . . . . . Grace and poise designate one of the graduation class's most attractive members, Jane Arnold. Although she will not graduate with the class in May, Jane will complete her work this summer and enter Mt. Vernon next fall. Jane endeared herself to the student body during football season as the cheerleader with the phrase, "Aw, come on and yell!" She served on the Student Council in her iunior year and she was also vice president of her class. The dramatic, athletic and annual clubs have held her school interests, while basket- ball, baseball, and volleyball have been her athletic choices. Kinkaid loses a two-year basketball letterman at the close of school in June. Eg? f JANE ARNOLD NA lovelier lady there' was never seen Nw RITA JO BAINES hfllusic is well said to be the speech of rzngelsf' During Rita's thirteen years ai Kinkaid she has won both scholastic honors and popularity awards. Her three scholar h' pins and two French s up medals represent success in her academic interests. Her offices as treas urer of the sophomore class, secretary of the junior class, director of the dramatic club play of i950 and her chairmanship of annual collections reflect the feeling that h er class mates have for her. Rita's piano playing at our chapel service s each morning has indeed enriched our school life. We know that she will be successful in her work at Baylor where she expects to study religious education and specialize in youth direction. To many people at Kinkaid, pep, spirit, good look grand e ' s, and a p rsonalily are all synonymous to Nancy Brelsford. Nancy's Kinkaid career b ' egan six years ago when she came here in the seventh grade During tha' t' , 'f :me she has amassed a group of offices that would do credit to anyone. ln her freshman year she was vice president of her class. She has also been editor of the Falcon and a cheer leader for two years. Offices are not the only rewards she has received at Kinkaid. At honor day she h as won the Spanish cup, the Poetry award, Scholarship pin and the cup for the person who contributed most to the school. Nancy plans to attend Rice, where we know sh ' e will be as popular and as big a success as she has been here. "A cheerful look nz If NANCY BRELSFORD cz esadishafeast I X-...M .sms MW" -fm . A. J. CAROTHERS rl ce all night dress all day Oh, if to an , s rlaslfd old age away." charm'd the small por or 4 7 ff I ,f Zqyi f f 1' ,Z Z ,zz 1 4 CHAILLE CAGE "For lzcr heart was in lzer work. and the hear! gzvellz grace urilo every art." is One of the most attractive and popular girls in our class the petite Chaille. She has been at Kinkaid for six years. Since her entrance she has won many scholastic awards and also many awards given her by her fellow students. She was the president of the sophomore class and also became cheerleader, a position she held for two years. Chaille vents her enthusiasm a great deal in sports. She plays basketball, volleyball, and baseball, and was elected captain of the volleyball team in 1949. Her writing ability enabled her to win the Advertising contest at Kinkaid. One of her main ' ' which she plans to maior in at outside interests is art Wellesley or ' ' ' uch success and happiness. Rice. Heres wishing her m he senior A. J. Carothers is one ofthe outstanding persons in t class. He is a wonderful organizer. His offices as assistant editor of the Falcon and of course, as editor of our Kinkaidian of 1950, have all been executed with great success. "Agey" as some people know him, has a flair for creative writing. He plans to major in advertising during his college career. He's made a good start by winning the short story cup in 1949. l'k able personality his dancing ability, his casual A. J.'s ie , ' ' d have made him Kinkaid's man- clothes, and his many frien s about-town. ,,,,2...i , , fyg 1' Q, 3 ff X 5. A S. ss. fl 5 N A N N C O L l. E T T E l'She praclices efficiency of zz flawless kind." Ann Collette is the "gran'ma" of the senior class, her nick- name has stuck to her throughout her high school days. Ann is another of the original class. She has been here for twelve years, and in that time she has always been a Kinkaid rooter. Her deep voice could always be heard at the football games urging the Falcons on, and she has been a star of the girls' basketball team for four years, getting a letter three times. Ann has also been a leader in her class. She has worked diligently as the chairman of the picture committee this year, and has done an excellent iob. Next year will find her at the University of Texas. Nancy has been at Kinkaid for two years during which time she has made quite a scholastic record for herself. She was awarded the history, the Kinkaid scholarship pin, and the French Teachers Association Award. Nancy came to Houston from El Paso. Naturally, coming from a town that is practically south of the border, she is very interested in Mexico and that country's culture. For the last four summers she has vacalioned there. Next year will find Nancy at the University of Texas where she plans to major in biol . il w ix N . X. isisiil X .qc . ' ' S X x Mcsgc . , fwsis . S , J S . 'fe x Y N tm Q X X X xx Ig, Q ' X M S N X N X N -Mg Q --, X: v x ffl- vm 4' N N A N C Y E A R l. E 'tffhose eyes cannot disguise zhe sw shin' ' eel soul mg through Zhenzf, evf3:,,:N,,i: V f e l.lAN FRANCES FREN A daughter of the gods, diainely tall and most divinely fair." f 7 I W f ff EAN FORSYTH .l '4Remember the years and forget the tears, And youill find contentment each day." f the Jean, during her three years at Kinkaid has been one o most friendly members of our class. Her blue Plymouth con- 'n out the side is a familiar vertible with all the people hang: g ' ' ' Besides running her own bus com- . . 5 sight to all Klnkaidlans. pany she has been a member of the girls athletics, dramatic , music appreciation, and annual clubs. .lean likes anything to do with California and the High Sierras. Her interests are in such fields as modern architecture, sailing, and traveling. Her ' ' E lish. Next year Jean will favorite subiects are clvics and ng h will maior in political science. be at S. M. U. where s e :I ' 4 ix? Z CH The tall, graceful young lady who has add ' Lillian French. Lillian's soft, kindergarten is l't of poise. Her class since ' her the treasured qua I y spoken manner gives major scholastic interests are home economics and history and for extra-curricular activities, she loves the hills and mountains of West Texas. Next year she plans to attend the ' M ico, where she will maior in home d University of New ex I to success for she has alrea y economics. She needs no hep ' h' and genuine thoughtfulness QQ ined it by true friends IP ed so much to her i 1 s W' y . 7 e ' 1. W MIME' MONTE FROST "There's a moral to euerythingg If only you can find iff, Mo o the senior class of '50 in the ninth grade. Since that time he has been one of the leaders of our group-as president this year and also as assistant editor of the Falcon. He has always been interested in science, but his activities have taken him into many fields. He has been an active member of the iournalism, dramatic, and annual clubs. Monte is known for his automobiles, since he has attended Kinkaid, his collection of new cars has amazed everyone. Monte is also known for his humor, his pleasant manner, and willingness to help. His academic work rates among the high- est in our class and he has always been in the "A" bracket. Monte plans to attend an Eastern school next year w will moior in science. nte ioined the ranks f here he he science laboratory has become the second h Gregory, th ' ' ome of Tomm e senior class s offi ' I Y clo scientist. Ever since Kinder- garten at Kinkaid he has enioyed this work in the science field. In 1950 he served as vice president of the science club. Outside of school, hunting has occupied T ' ' he spends ' ommys time, and many of his week d en s at Eagle Lake keeping his marksmanship up to par. The quiet witticisms are usually Tommy's and they have made him o good schoolmate. At Rice he plans to continue his scholastic interet ' ' world of el ' ' s in physics. The ectrncal englneerin ' g will have an outsta d' ber in Tommy G n ing mem- regory. 2 " gif! W TOMMY GRE GORY 'tAsl ' ' arge as life and twzce as natural f if? - if NANCY LOU HUNT "Honor lies in honesl Zoilf, GARRETT HAMILL 4'Life is not so short but that there' is always time enough for courtesy," The Mustangs of Southern Methodist University have claimed our senior class vice president for his coming years at college work in geology. During his thirteen years at Kinkoid from kindergarten through high school, Garrett has always been a leader, serving as president of the freshman class and participating in the music appreciation, science, and athletic clubs. His work on the advertising staff of the Kinkaidian proved invaluable, as did his entering into the school activities with genuine enthusiasm. li' will indeed seem strange not to see Garrett piloting his new cars down the street when the doors of Kinkaid are opened once more. Nancy Lou has been at Kinkaid for three years. She has gained a reputation as one of the more diligent seniors, being interested in anything to do with art or science. She has added much to the science classes she has attended during her years at Kinkaid. Nancy is also interested in sports, she played on the girls' basketball team when a sophomore. Out- side of class Nancy is interested in people, books of all kinds, and odd hats. Next year she will be at Stanford where she will maior in chemistry. Q 4 927' 'fsfstffwf VVv'v 1 If - X XX , S si. ies 1 v ea t" " Q Y ' X 4, xxx I 4, .1 i f if Q .S .Q ,. ., 'AX 5 . xc ff, :1:s-5-sas:-.wt ,:r.5s::: 's wp:-. QXQXQX ids 5. HECTOR JANSE Q90-B L'Time has fallen asleep in the lazy afternoon sunshine." Handsome, happy-go-lucky, Hector entered Kinkaid in the third grade and has gained a reputation as an athlete, having played football, baseball, and basketball. Hector is also known for his captivating smile and unique, but winning personality. Among his likes are girls, sports, and parties. His dislikes include homework and loud people. His demands of life are not great, he doesn't care whether people under- stand him if they clon't try to change him, and no one would. Hector has been interested in the athletic and music apprecia- MSW I tion clubs during his high school years, a further example of his well-rounded personality. .:,,, Clara came to Kinkaid four years ago and since then has added much to the record of her class. She was president the last hall of her freshman year and the first half of her soph- omore year, and she won a scholarship pin during her junior year for scholastic achievement. This year, she has spent her time working in the music appreciation club, and s for college boards. tudying CLARA JUDGE "Oh ' , to be ln love, I am none the less human R A N D A K E R R "Happy am I, from care I'm free. Why aren'Z they all contented like me?" , f 2: MILDRED KATER tthe bay is worth a rnonlh in town." "One clay a kaid's Mildred Kater, or Kat, as her nickname goes, is Kin contribution to the music world. Her beautiful voice has been the talk of the school since such performances as those on Talent Night and the senior dance. Mildred, however, is interested in other things as well. She is an avid boat en- thusiast and spends most of her summer vacation at the bay. She is known around Kinkaid for these interests and for her sincerity and pleasing personality. Next year Mildred will ' td voice. attend Baylor where she will s u y CGI' Three years ago a young lady entered Kinkaid to end herself to everyone with a charming smile and an infectuous ' uessed, Ronda Kerr was that gigglep and, as you might have g ' the past three years Randa has been a d young lady. During ' I and art clubs, and has serve member of the dramatic, chora , I tter in 1948. Ronda has entertained her as president of the a h r famous questions which meet English classes always by e ' nse. Because she loves people, Randa IS with uproarlous respo ' l ork, where she is certain of planning a career of socua w the personal magnetism which attracts success, for she has people to her. :fs ' , X . N R Y K l R B Y "Corn shall make' young men cheerfulf' Carefree, indirect, and interested in the arts, Henry Kirby fills a place in the senior class that no one else could qualify lor. He appeared as Charlie McCarthy at his initiation three years ago and has been entertaining his classmates ever since. He has carried lead roles in two productions of the dramatic club and created a minor sensation as Dorothy Shay at a iunior dance last year. Henry has other interests too, such as English, journalism, and medicine, he plans to study the latter while attending Yale. 1 ki ln September, 1944, Joan Lander entered Kinkaid and has since that time been a stalwart in our girls' athletics. During the 1948 season, Joan was elected captain of the basketball team, a sport in which she has lettered for four years. In 1948 and 1949 the girls' track cup was awarded to .loan on Honor Day, and in 1947 she served as president of the girls athletic club. Horsemanship is another phase of Joan's intere ests, and iumping in horse shows has claimed the number one spot on her list of sports. Houston will lose one of her native daughters to Washington, D. C., where .loan will enter Mt. Vernon College, and continue her love for riding. 199 JOAN L ANDER "Iii s good to lengthen Zo the last a sunny mood Z, , , ,ffm vu, f Al " ,.,, K Q 4 S: .Si fsyefr Q kg s x PAT McCALL "It's no matter what you do If your heart be only truef, Z V ,.s,,,:fz:s1 ff ' f f 1. sf , 7 as X s X sgf S x 'ff W Q W M f MARY ANN MALEY "Sim licity of character is no hindrance P to subtlety of zntellectf' ' l new member of our classy she Mary Ann is a comparativey has attended Kinkaid for only two years. She came to Houston from Corpus Christi and she still has that town on her mind. Every once in a while she will tell you how they did some- thing "down in Corpus." Mary Ann has been a grand help on the annual this year-rescuing it from the financial rocks and helping to organize the advertising section. She has been an energetic rooter of all Kinkaid activities, and when one needs help on a iob, he knows that Mary Ann is the girl to ask. Next year she will go to Texas, where we know she will make as many friends as she has here. h attended Kinkaid five years, and during these l' and music Pat as 't sted in the iournalsm years has become in ere ' ' clubs. This year she was a member of the annual " ' t e. She appreciation d't'on to the writing commit e club, and an excellent ad II ' teresting summers traveling to Mexico, Canada I to spent many in ' ' d States. ln college, Pat pans d 'n touring the Unite ' b'ects in high an 1 ' ' En lish, her favorite su I major in history or g Sh lans to attend Randolph-Macon or Rice, but her b bl keep school. e p interest in sailing and Rice football games will pro a y her close to home. JULIA MORTON t'ThaZ her steps are of light, That her home is Zhe air.'7 To the sophomore class of 1948 cam J Worth e ulia Morton from Ft. , on opening day. At fi t ' h rs , Judy, as she is now k ad that new student I nown, g ow, but now she is 'u t needed pers ' I s about the most on In every school activity. Her spirit, enthusiasm, and vitality have brought her many honors. She was a cheer- leader in her iunior year, president of the art club in 19495 captain of the purple volleyball team in 1949, for which she won a cup on Honor Day. That mischevious twinkle in her eye has made Judy famous at Kinkaid, as her wit and char will do at Sarah Lawrence d ' m urmg her college da . YS Walter rnkaid for thirteen years, is one of the original members of our class. He has constantly made admirable grades and held offices of importance. This year he is treasurer of the senior class and editor of the Falcon. Walter is also known for his travels, which have taken him to all parts of the U.S.A. Because of the musical shows there, the favorite place in his travels is New York. Next year will find Walter near New York in either Harvard or Yale, where he will maior in law and business. Muller, having attended K' bl-r WALTER MULLER "Ease with dignity." f" CHARLES PAGAN let noi the several b ath the su rfaceg theef' "Look ene 1 . qualities of a lhzng nor zts worth escape A. .M LEE NEUMAN "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." she left Le first attended Kinkaid in the Kindergarten, but t come back again five e our class in the second grade only o ' n Lee has been one of the most ears later Since her retur ll team as well as of her y . valuable members of the basketba class, She has been awarded three letters in basketball and in 1948 she won the poetry cup for her poem, "Clouds," lee has been a member of the journalism and annual clubs where she has done much amusing and interesting writing. Her main activity outside of school is riding and her interest in horse shows have taken her to all parts of the state. Next year Lee will be attending either Beloit or the University of Colorado where she will major in journalism. ' He has attended Kinkald Charlie is one of our newer seniors. b t in that time he has won the respect ' f for only four years, u ' tes. He held the office d admiration of his classma ved on the student an treasurer in his freshman year and he ser ' ' ' Charlie has been interested council in his junior year. ' d athletics during his years at Klnkald. H k when science, math an ' ' '49 and won the Harvard Boo lettered in basketball In l' has been very active in the "K" Association R' and a junior. Charie ' He plans to attend Ice 'n his high school years. ' h him all the luck dur: g major in architecture. ln that field we was in the world. ' r X if., N X cs X ' V 54 1 as B U R K E P U R D l E "A faullless body and a blanzeless minrlf' Burke is one of our outstanding athletic seniors. He has gone to Kinkaid for thirteen years and has always had an interest in sports. From the eighth grade up he has played on the varsity team in basketball and in football. He has lettered three times in football. With all this ability it is very natural that his favorite subiect is physical educa- tion. But Burke has a much more serious goal in mind for his life work. He plans to attend Baylor and maior in medicine. Burke is known for other qualities, too. He has been a tireless worker on the annual this year and has always contributed all his efforts to whatever task he undertakes. His personality has also won him many friends. He is very easy-going and accepts everything as it is. We know that in whatever Burke decides to do he will be a great success. Ift econd Robert Benchley in the world, Jerry Short has our vote llk I here is to be a s as the person most e y to succeed him . Jerry's refresh' been evid ' ' ing wit has ent since his entr ance to the class seven years ago. As an example of his sk'll short t I he won the sary contest sev I era years ago. Readers of the school paper will recall w'th ' Mr S ' I glee the genial horts accounts of C hristrnas, Valentine's Day, and the ever present spring fever. Jerry wishes to become an architect in later years, b ' satility ' ut his ver- pops up again in th e form of piano play- ing Mr. Benchley, look to your I ' heard aurels, we never you play the piano. W V , .fm . 16, zf ?i,Q W K m.,,,,d?gi -sf . I -1 'MM ,. S .3 -Q .iff .M cc ' ft f is .2 . .WW in J E R R Y S H O R T 'cOne ounce ' ' of wrt zs worth a pound of sorrow KJ f us have known Carol only Tax GRETCHEN THANHOUSER "Well, little old noisyville-on-the-subway is good enough for me." ,f 1 4 42 , 45 CAROL SMITH "She is so wondrous sweet and fairf, A good sport who is iust naturally friendly, Carol . . . S entered Kinkaid's doors for the first time last ep- I won over her classmates tember and immediatey with her delightful imitation of Soroh Bernhardt on Initiation Day. She was elected cheerleader ond h th has been o true sports supporter all throug e year. Although most o a little while, we shall miss her just as much os our other classmates next year when she will enter . . f onother new door, probably that of Rice lnstitu e. Gretchen, known to her friends as Gretch, came to ' ' ' h us from New York State full of vim and vugoi. S e ioined the choral club ond contributed much to it. Sh Grelch has an interesting hobby-silver craft. e this work as o jewelry designer. hopes to continue Although she will moior in occupational theropy, n of her classmates should Gretchen, in the opinio enter diplomatic relotions for our Southern orotions have been politely received by the closs 'Yankee. We know she will succeed ot college with her many capable qualities. GEORGE TOOLEY ull is a condition that confronts us-not a theoryf' George Tooley is one of the better scientists in Kinkaid. Its a member of the science club this year, and the president of the same club last year, George has shown his interest in experimental science. His favorite subiects have been biology, chemistry, and physics, while he has been in Kinkaid. George plans to attend Rice after graduation, where he will maior in either science or engineering. He has the ambition of being an engineer or research chemist, and we are sure that his interest in radio and chemistry will help him on the path of accomplishment. Sue Trammell has been in Kinkaid since the first grade and has proved her able scholarship by winning scholarship pins in '48 and '49. Sue has been a member of the basketball team, but designing clothes and riding horseback claim most of her attention outside of school. Sue's favorite subiect is math which has helped her as manager of the annual this year, a iob she handled capably. Sue plans to attend S.M.U. and maior in science, and she has been cheering for the Mustangs for several years. Sue's inexhaustible supply of smiles and good cheer have made her a well liked person and a wonderful member of the senior class. ,N ,Q SUE TRAMMELL "She thinks all she speaks, But does not speak all she lhinksf, ri 1. f f 2 f MARILYN WlLHEl.M lz rt is likeasinging bird." "My ea JANE WHITE I she doesit not, "If it is not seem y, . If it is nal lrue, She says it notf' Jane White is our only red-headed senior. But her calm temper is in a direct contrast to her hair. Through her six years at Kinkaid she has well deserved her many honors with her disposition and willingness to work. During Jane's freshman year she served as a member of the Student Council and in her sophomore year she was president of the art club and editor of the Falcon. Both years she received athletic cups for being captain of the purple team and for outstanding athletic ability. Jane has also lettered in basketball for three years. ln her junior year Jane headed her class as president, and, as co-business manager of the Kinkaidian this year, she has brought the annual through its financial difficulties. Next year Jane plans to go to Bennett Junior College in Millbrook, New York, where she plans to major in child care or dancing. One of the gayest and most vivacious girls in our class is Marilyn Wilhelm and because of this spirit she has been a real joy to her fellow students. She was a wonderful addition to the dramatic club in its productions because of her expe- rience in the Houston Little Theatre. Marilyn's main school interests lie in history and literature and also in gym. Her ability in baseball enabled her to make the varsity team in this sport last year. We hope she has a marvelous time at ' b't'on to become a S.M.U. and that she succeeds in her am in Broadway star. With her talent she cannot fail! JUNIOR OFFICERS: Caiherine Cage, Susan Smith, Almeria Thompson. .wb' ,W TEX fig 5, if ' I 7 W f x W 1, Q, ,4 in f. ff 42 1 Q ,WX qi X gf ,W xx 3 N , f fx x w Z 1 J 'WW Eg ANN HANSON NANCY JACKSON DAN LAKENMACHER J, f ' ffgf , Z H , - f CATHERINE CAGE , SANDRA CUTBIRTH ROBERT HERRIN ,i3:w,, sw-M .. wW.9.., ,,x- Q ' X E JON OWENS SHIRLEY BART SUSAN SMITH , ,, , Z, Wvrzvzz lf X fly -lf? , ff x.:i:::. . z X QXW,, , f X bf! 5 71 2 f 2? 9 ' 1 ' gf ,, ,S ww Wy QQ ff-waxy? Q wg- , wx gait, X AT' if ,Q Y N. SX ww.. " N34 f S- X -Q Sm , . , L,:,..,,.. H - af fx S S 1 f Qi Q y ' :v1,s-wir' f f 7 Z f 1 J ff X zffw fa , ,, V f ? rw f , ..... X , ,, Q , Q ELLEN SKISLEWICZ 5 Lake Q24 Q -Q ,. ' f Lf" , W ,f 6 ' if ALMERIA THOMPSON SIDNEY WALSH 1 Q' 1 XF- ,5 X M24 fu SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Allan Bloxsom, Suzanne Ehlers, Potty Bonner S vw S. VELMA BARTLEY ALLAN BLOXSOM PATTY BONNER Z NANCY BRACE EILEEN BUCKLEY . A ' ff T Z PATSY HUEY ROBIN HUNT HERMON LLOYD .' fy W7 I ' A ,ww -, -.-, I ,W ff , ,, 7,1 BETH CONNELLY SUZANNE EHLERS 5 W BICKY GLASS GEORGE GREEN BETTY GREENWOOD W eb 1. ffkvlk uv QL w , ,f ,, JQTWXM ' 4 ' liz X , X 'N N 4 Q CHERRY LOWMAN KARL MALEY 1 NELSON MCCARTER W ' A lil' ',,, 4 f K , fi, 1 'UV "ff-+R.. '. , ., 'N f ! 470 A X f D ff .ly Ross ANN MCLELLAN ELSA PERLITZ LOUISA SHADE NOEL SHANNON ANN STAACKE -- 421 ,AQ f f 5? STAR A I "" mv fm WALTER SUTTON V W X QA Z f AILEEN TOWNES BRUCE WILEY JACK WILKERSON w FRESHMEN OFFICERS: Morrison Crigler, Neal Wilkerson, Helen Thompson, Dineen Schuhmocher, Belsy Founlleroy, Cathy O'Donnell, Kay Kennurd, Holman Gregory. rn If za f- m UU m .- I' DUNBAR CHAMBERS MORRISON CRIGLER V .f ,, X K N S I R N QR XNNNN A LYNN CUMMING5 JIM DAVIS JEFF DYKE f iw. . M 7,1 ,j,4A4,,1.,. f X' rx 4 4 F ,, W 4, W V. Lifes! MVN 5L,4.!'hf- fd,-Vvk 1 , 1 ,. .M., , ,Z WW 1 JERRY DYER BETSY FAUNTLEROY A. J. FLEET ' W 1 ,UNC Www QM af M J "fl ,,,,, . K X -'M .1 YJI,.J 1 ,f ll: ,4,,,jQ Z f f ,Mm f ' ff ,M Y X , 7 X 1 A f f if f I X f ! Z -Z J , ' J ,. .,., 1 H V .... f as V , A :Y is L, . W -: El. CAROL GILL ANN GOAR HQLMAN GREGQRY JOHN IVY MARY IVY JOAN JACKSON BENNE JOHNSON Z W4 V Y , , f ,w ALLIE KELLEY KAY KENNARD DAPHNE KERR f QW? BENNIE LEE KINCAID Aff .IO EMILY KURTH FANELLE LOGUE fiA M ' V v , 6 f f' ,, , ff , WWW ?WffmIwmV,fwWW 'K V67 W MARY HALE LOVETT MARY LUSK . ,,,, 4 Z, ,, ,,,,., W' ,A f Z, . N if E'lI f 1 f CATHY O'DONNELL TONI PEW 11:51.29 f . , X , , f, W Z X 1 Z MX RITA ROBERDEAU MARY ANN SCHLOSSER DINEEN SCHUHMACHER , S A A A . T JULIA Bess sMm-1 V N MIM: sMm-I A EMMA STARK twxvw., . A XNW 'Y KV f 9 4,2 MYNA STEVENS FENNELLA TEPLOW HELEN THOMPSON A , M,,,,EiE QW ,fi V BRYAN TRAMMELL X SARAH WEST WINIFRED WHEELER 1 Lf, - f NEAL WILKERSON U I I Back row: Susie Moore, Page Thomson, Minifred Boyles, Jeannie Zimmerman. Front raw: Mary Laura Leach, Patricia Murphy, Zanetta Boone, Elizabeth Hanson, Deidre Teplow. Q Back row: John McAshan, Jeffrey Hill, Charles Townes, Dick Janse, Whipple Newell, Pete Gerner. Front row: Raybourne Thompson, Gordon Bartley, Jimmy Greenwood, Gilbert Gaedcke, Tommy Cronin, John Vennard, Walter Fondren. l STUDENT COUNCIL-Bock row: Walter Fondren, Mike Schuhmocher, Whipple Newell, John Vennord, Neol Rogers. Front row: June Heyck, Potricio Murphy, Page Thompson, Minifred Boyles, w F 0, 4 A nv, Back row: Neal Rogers, Eddie Owens, Mike Schuhmocher, Harry Cullen. Front row: Jcme Heyck, Adelaide de Menil. lnot pictured, Mott Rimmerl CHEERLEADERS CAROL SMITH JANE ARNOLD CATHERINE CAGE A school's spirit is as admirable as its cheerleaders, and Kinkaid's spirit in 1949- l95O had little room for improvement. The trio of girls who were responsible for this great amount of spirit and who now wear small silver megaphones as tokens of appreciation from the school, are Catherine Cage, Jane Arnold, and Carol Smith. They will be remembered as three of the peppiest and most attractive cheer- leaders in the sports history of Kinkaid. ll" ASSOCIATION The "K" Association is made up of the boys who have earned letters for athletic accomplishment. Its purpose is the promotion of interest in athletics, the encourage- ment of school spirit and good sportsmanship. The members of the association are Burke Purdie, Hector Janse, Charles Pagan, Allan Bloxsom, Don Stark, Dan Laken- macher, Noel Shannon, Nelson McCarter, Karl Maley, John Ivy and Morrison Crigler M ' 2+ ' W K 4 Q V9 7 y fe 1 f ' f X f If y Q X f W Q fx 1 1 -,ff uw-' 12 f , , W, :S X Z , T, f li , , If f,,V ,V , , V W V, -1 , f V W ' V Q' -Z W f' '-'rx' .,,,,,. 1 -'Q' V- "7 f"'f 2' f , f 1 " fyga 'f VVVV f " , ,, K- vi ,' W - .,,, f W W f ' X , li, Ganga? if if IE Standing: Herman Lloyd, John Ivy, Don Stark, Nelson McCarter, Bruce Wiley, Dan Lakenmacher. Kneeling: Karl Maley, Jack Wilkerson, Noel Shannon, Burke Purclie, Mike Schuhmacher, Allan Bloxsom, Whip Newell. lf you were to ask a Kinkaid student his or her favorite season of the year, the answer would probably not be Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, but Football season. Yes, football season is an all-round favorite at Kinkaid. Having lost over three-fourths of our last year's squad with the graduating senior class, our team consisted almost completely of boys that were playing for the first time. Friendswood came out on top the opening game with the score of 30 to T35 the game was hard fought by both teams. Our next two games were also defeats by Garwood and Tarkington. Next on the schedule was the game with Danbury, Danbury won with a score of 31-27. The following game was played against Garwood and ended with our defeat, 20 to l3. The last and most exciting game of the season was played against Sheridan, the game ended in a 24-24 tie with Kinkaid on Sheridan's two-foot line. Though we had a season of defeats, all the games were hard fought and exciting. The whole school appreciates fully the work the team put into football this year. OPPOSITE PAGE NOEL SHANNON ALLAN BLOXSOM NELSON MCCARTER BURKE PURDIE DON STARK JACK WILKERSON f ,fn X ' ' l Sianding: John Ivy, Don Stark, A. J. Carolhers, Hector Janse, Charles Pagan, Karl Maley Kneeling: Morrison Crigler, Jack Wilkerson, Allan Bloxsom, John Vennard DON STARK JOHN VENNARD Z HECTOR JANSE CHARLIE PAGAN A. J. CAROTHERS ls that our basketball team? This question echoed through the gym on the day ot our first game. The frightened looking group of boys, of which only three had as much as a year's previous experience, hurried out on the court, and, to the surprise of the spectators, played a good game of basketball. In fact, they played good basketball all season. The team won half of the games played. Credit is certainly due the determined squad and Mr. Watson, the patient coach. MORRISON CRIGLER ALAN BLOXSOM A E 1 L 'MQ Q Standing: Bicky Glass, Shirley Bart, Ann Collette, Jane White, Judy Morton. Kneeling: Patty Bonner, .loan Lander, Suzanne Ehlers, Catherine Cage. The 1949-1950 girls' basketball team has given the school one of the most impressive records ever made by any previous team. Winning nine out of thirteen games, the team had a seventy percent average of games won. They entered three tournaments: Klien, Conroe, and Angleton. At the former the girls brought home a second place trophy, and at the latter Joan Lander and Patty Bonner made the All-Tournament team. The season started with a 33-14 win over Lamar and ended with an ex- citing 34-3'1 win over Conroe-by far the most pleasing and thrilling game of the year. The practice, experience, and teamwork of each of the girls made this year's team such a successful one, plus the fact that they were coached by Dorenda Doughtie and led by Suzanne Ehlers as captain. 4 .loan Lander was high-point girl for the year with 188 points, followed by Suzanne Ehlers with 120, Bicky Glass with 86, Julia Bess Smith with 64, Jane White with 49, Shirley Bart with 45, Betsy Fauntleroy with 12, and Chaille Cage with 9. The girls have also gained the reputation of being good sports wherever they play. Whether they won or lost, the team demonstrated this valuable quality at all times. Combine sportsmanship with ability and one has an un- beatable team, such as Kinkaid was fortunate in having this year. BICKY GLASS JANE WHTTE Kneeling: VELMA BARTLEY JULIA BESS SMITH CHAILLE CAGE LEONA NEUMAN ww-wwfwww' s f ,,, 5' , 7 Standing: PATSY HUEY KAY KENNARD ALMERIA THOMPSON LOUISA SHADE Q 5 ,, 2 V' IW' P-NN COLLETTE SUZANNE EHLERS JOAN L A' I, s f f 7 -Q ij 3 " ANDER Basketball Banquet As is the custom at the end of the season, the girls' basketball team was entertained at a banquet on March 4. The banquet was high- lighted by the presentation of gifts to Mrs. Sheppard and Mrs. Dough- tie and an award to Suzanne Ehlers as captain of the team. Speeches, gossip, and good food marked the event and all of the girls agreed the banquet was a huge success. The girls felt especially indebted to Mrs. Collette and Mrs. Ehlers who sponsored the dinner. :AWWZ ifw f M , we .W I . vwgf., 32462 4 ' Q 3 ,iw ,W , .m.m Wg .ci A Sinus WAN ' Q 'flfffifffm sv' 3-QQ, Q W, ,,,.. JOURNALISM CLUB-Back table: Elsa Perlitz, Cherry Lowman, Fanelle Logue, Betty Greenwood, Cathy O'DonnelI, Front table: Sandra Cutbirth, .lerry Short, Almeria Thompson, Sidney Walsh, Shirley Bart, Catherine Cage, Patsy Huey, Standing: Bennie Lee Kincaid, Henry Kirby, Walter Muller. ,,fwgH T hi-i Zgi.'fw 355-M 352555 S .guqy W f , L f 5 ART CLUB- Sitting: Rose Ann Mclelland, Winifred Wheeler, Nancy Lou Hunt, Standing: Velma Bartley, .lo Emily Kurth, Emma Stark, Fenella Teplow. 1 l DRAMATIC CLUB-Standing: Ann Staake, Alley Kelly, Nancy Brace, Beth Connelly, Sara West, Susan Smith, Rita Roberdeau, Ann Goar, Rita Jo Baines, Sitting: Mary Lusk, A. J. Fleet, Toni Pew, V nw f ., ,,,, 7. i C C l x 3 if Q ? 13. I I ' w 4, ,M ,.,,,, J 'ff ' gf V a 9 WV V X9 'fa A 1 4 " MUSIC APPRECIATION-Standing: Burke Purdie, Hector Janse, Garrett Hamill, Lillian French, Jean Forsyth, Pat McCall, Clara Judge, Leona Neuman, Sitting: Carol Smith. ATHLETIC CLUB-Top row, left to right: Herman Lloyd, .lack Wilkerson, Eddie Owens, Nelson McCarter, Don Stark, John Ivy, Morrison Crigler, Bruce Wiley, Middle raw, left to right: Harry Cullen, John Vennard, Charles Townes, Neal Rogers, Jeff Dyke, Pete Gerner, Dick Janse, Bottom row, left to right: Holman Gregory, Jemmie Greenwood, Bert Layne, Allan Bloxsom, Walter Fondren, Gilbert Gaedcke, Mike Schuhmacher. I Q'3"'5'9"5'6'5 E ,,, , ?o'6'?b'o'o'o"o"o"o'i ?o'o'o'4'o'o'v'o'Q'o'J 1?.0!Qfo!+!o!sfo!o'Zo!424: it .gl 1' f1..,, i'l 1 I ,,, W w GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB-Top row: Daphne Kerr, Mary Ivy, Carol Gill, Lynn Cummings, Ann Collette, Adelaide de Menil. Middle row: Betsy Fauntleroy, Gerry Dyer, Kay Kennard, Mary Hale Lovett, Suzanne Ehlers, Myna Stevens. Bottom row: Jaan Jackson, Louisa Shade, Jane Arnold Patty Bonner, Julia Bess Smith. f, Z Bryan Trammell, Jonathan Aulrey. M.. .W W, ,,,.....,-W , .ig 'ai ,no ,,.,,. Q., w.v..,nvw wwf..-vw ,..fv- .....w.-fv,- - Q P Z m z JP iq .- C lu U c : U' Q -1 fi 5' Q 3 D' 0 -1 vi Z 0 2 07 :r Q 3 :x 0 :1 U U :I 1- Q nr tb 3 5 U f5 :r W 5 W1 3 U Q 4 G. T 0 U' I 0 -I I. :i ummm -r ,- yy-.4.......f-y.-v - W' , - , aw? 1 X - -7 X CHORAL CLUB-Eillen Buckley, Neal Wilkerson, Nancy Jackson, Randa Kerr, Sue Trammell, Marilyn Wilhelm, Jane While, Joan Lander, Mildred Kaler, Nancy Earle, Mary Ann Maley, Judy Morlon Chaille Cage. 3 I If f. f V19 ' G U , W' 2 7 7 I 1' f., ff y ZW , . , SCIENCE CLUB-Walter Sutton, Bennie Johnson, Charles Pagan, Tom Gregory, George Green, Jon Owens, George Tooley. 4, ,A W,.1,..,4,,...,,-A ,,..,. ,,,,,,,,..--- V. J, -gs X f, 4 W':"'7'f Q , ,, ,M W G .,..,..-1-f..,,,,., WW. Z 7 -Wyww f f ,, ., 'f .- .f ' ,f 'i,'Qi" x ' ,fftyrl ,JV , ,M WM, ' W 7 f' J f l 2 .rg , W X ,W , f , A-ww Wy-fn ,,.......M-M X "N -:. MA........,,....i. ZW.. 5--: -,. MQW 5: SPANISH CLUB-Standing: Aillen Townes, Mimi Smith, Helen Thompson, Nancy Brelsford, Robin Hunt, Bicky Glass, Karl Mcxleyg Sitting: Dineen Schuhmacher, Ann Hanson, Ellen Skislewicz. NU LUB " --e-f- -.-.M s,,. Standing: A. J. Carrothers, Carol Smith, Rita Jo Baines, Nancy Earle, Lillian Frances French, Jane Arnold, Nancy Lou Hunt, Jean Forsyth, Jerry Short, Garrett Hamill, Chaille Cage, Judy Morton, Sue Trammell, Marilyn Wilhelm. Sitting, far row: Nancy Brelsford, Leona Neuman, Clara Judge, Charles Pagan. Middle row: Burke Purdie, Mary Ann Maley, Pat McCall, Monte Frost. First row: Joan Lander, Jane White, Ann Collette. A busy buzz always emanated from Room 4 on Wednesdays at club period, for it was there that the various committees of the Annual Club met to plan writing, assign advertising collections, or select photographs for the book. There was more than enough to do at every meeting and there could not have been a busier club any where in the building, in fact if Mrs. Donlon had not always been present, sheer bedlam would probably have resulted. All in all, much was accomplished by the Annual Club, and its members can be proud of their labor. 1 1 1446144 ZZ. In i D 1 I ,.,. I ? 2 . wg? . 14:1 ,F 2 X' K ,Y ,SA . X ' , g 3, WW 1 4 I ! f ff , , S J JZ A' ' at -. , , f' , MZ 52 ' A I f ,.,,, I U , k'f'kf Vi, X ,, "" V if , fy, 2 Wg . ,f ,gy ,f 729 M ,, nf ,uf f V , ,i M , M fp ,, 4 ww" 137' , I My , if' 'ff':,2Q ' W7 me , ,, 1 SEPTEMBER Seniors At last Long Time No See The Victims m il if-'5EgPl'EFf1BEB' - 1 1 ' 'I .giving ,I-I X5 Get That Ball f Sew' ' .. f' . . QL, " .1 l 12 4, v 1,7 M -r vi :' iii- -Q s. Aa :QT i 1, F '- , 1 E 'if A ' 4- Seniors Be Praised M I In , x g, . I K V, 4, 64 , - 5 f W Q f mil' ff Y ' ,622 jf f ff 25:4 'm Q 2 SQ M, 2 5Mm M fwgh, I if 'A leave Me Some 'Q My . .4 ' 7 V, , W., ,- 4. 1-"' . VV 7 6 , E f, - L ,. ' ji. 'vw M 1, n AJ' 2, lx, U' hs-1.2-ns M gy , , i eil! I , Gigglin' Gals OCTOBER X fsa.L4-he Rah! Rah! and Rah! Where Did It Go? -,,v -if ,Q .M I ivviwi' Party Time Dancing In The Dark Opening Night 5 33'-A ff, ls It That Bod? 1 ' F qw g A . .599 5' . A .. T Q1 -1 Q Qi, 1, ' y I :VI-' " ' ' ' -a Atv D ,I K Q P? fx I 1 K .v f Have Some! Cuttin' Up Well, Shut My Mouth! NOVEMBER HL vena A56 - ..-W on All Final Trimmings . A. UNDER 'mm EMPIIUQ- ,-,.,, ,-,. ,QL " 5 gl Ready For Inspection Who' Hop'pon? ' 'l i n a' .E4T-lisa, -.QL -iq: H - gflcgl iii L A ,, . H A i f - 7.1, 5fg55' X Wap Z ,, E. . Es wx 3 , Y X pf -... .f xsgx2sx ,. : gk ' 'fn Q o f-Q? .-- X... .0 'K ........ S. 1 .- Old Faithful Just Having Fun Tuesday Bridge Club B! ? Z Room 4 Ll. DECEMBER ...N ?n,,,,. I., A 4 The Night Before Christmas ve .X Happy Times N A i N' N " 'wi-X ww, 4 9W,.ev...N E 51- ' . fs' few., Tgvi :X X-Q., 'A N, - A ' Y ..- . U 4 x ww-S-e+v Y.: i N ,. ' - , ' in ,i N MWNX ' N' - if-Nik ix E 213. 4 Q 15. 4 ,K h NJ. ,Q Nmgf :Sis-.-5 . - -, X "Pi Q ' ,"u"'-My-9 , ' - V. -' ' , x. 1 , N , - ?.veg.v af5-f-fi 2.541 in -10,.,,,, , . More Pageantry - E-as . . ',, . .oo 'Vi' Lui A T Cramming? - ITh"S6x Ten Pretty Girls And The Angels Sing MQ- ,Q Che-eeze Takes Prachce , .4 'TW-f"" f 021 .,,. W , ,m.'- H " , ' 4 Canasta - love It 30 Belle Of The Ball H 3 O'CIock In The Morning At It Again 1 JANUARY Strategy Dixie's Chillun Time Out Xa, In There Fighting Pals They're Over .THNUH V r." ,l A 4 .mil i -sv- V '1x, fx g3""5'3c, ' x ,ui Mgt? gl 4 I ' wr p--.-, NS 6 1 ' -2-4 0 -. 1 J Wd 40' g A i gg ug of Q ' eb sa "F" N U' r A xx 1 cf"'-+- X ! 5 3 Q ' -.Yx, "'gtg ' f? ' 1? 'gk I ,ND if , l w New Arrivals , 1 A 4' , , 2' , I ' ' TM!! YW,A,,,,,,f., A ww, V H5 7 Q ,.,. ,,,, Q24 E Q ki' 1 . 42- 22: 1 f fav Couples 4 3' in K FEBRUARY The Anvil Chorus The Play's The Thing gas- FELBRUHRQ - .., 4. mx in Progress Rings On Their Fingers Saturday Poker Club Cupid's Capers Off To The Bay MARCH 5 Ridin' High ""'-v iii i!2k Lunch Time . WPA f 1 i wi: lt, ali X .V 1, 7 .1..,y' , 1 ' K 3 A 1 5 5' ,Q I Z Z Zihw'-fA Cutie ii! Totem Pole Cheese Cake Who Hit Henry? Just Plain June zzz 4225 e f'lHBCH 2 i W ' g' sf 'N' Qi " X ., c K fi , v' P. px 'K ,xri 1 Ixgw 1 ' : wk, 'X u -1- l 1 -. , 45' , RMQQWXXJSWKQW T'ain'f Funny McGee " - ff '- --V- . f ' . I r-v , - ' fe we I , 1 "':-fry, .,ffg:2fQ . Mww-M-W - - ,, , 'eww-fe, ....A,e:gN...y,.Q,4,,ig,,M.' f ' Q. ' : . fm' gn,-f3,, ,LX-' X , ,,fq,H,v,., H I .,,f , - My . , f - :af ' 'M 'i'f21eW4izw3f3Z,.mgN,-, ' Is Thclf So? Wifi 7 V ,. One Alone Corner Stone Senior Floor Show Practice APRIL ff Here's A Good One! The Old Hangout Boxes ff! f ,f MW Cornered r, 'ZZ' fi? Pretty Kitten , " ?"v V ' , I S K W ,I ,. V ' . ,V 'H . : ui " V ii "5 ' . K g What A Frown! ,, o 8 5 N xxxxx me 5 .5 wxx x W Xfw x Rv' ' M -- S- 1 - ei' ,J bue,,. 4 'L- ' -1 '34,-K ' Tx-L2 ' "M 3 h9'Xb,..x. i I Y , ," ' iz .,'WTig' L Q" ' N N ' ' 1' -'ii .J . T : .1 ILM ftf3fNI ,L - s"'- ' Qfek' ji , rl li .elk J h X X N - gf! X -. ' W xl ' N ' Aw' 1 X X N f 1 '. X qv- -I r ,f t Smiles V pf ,ff ' ..,., .V,..-- in Nice View AH - 3:15 Union Members? Posing? W -.,,, A 1.03. ,.." - -..L 'F ' ' ' V' .v.,. ,I 1. ' , 1 Vt 5 Q A-,-' - "1 9' N , V.' ,.' ' ,gl 13, 'AK , cf' . -' ,. - ' 4 P 3 ,I Ivwmwrwfy N I. nm , .45-,v,, . , 1? -f ., 297 r " Q A , -0 r gi! Conover Girls 'wr MW 1? iz . , 2- - ' 63.3.1 , My : , 3 yy , f f ZW! . - M , ' I 0 4 I if 4 ffm ' I , f" ff I ,. M, ,,,,,, , , ,aff -'Gia 5 fif Jfiriik' fg . Camera Bug wg., r f VL" 1 gg' 'A', ,rx . V 3 Will You Remember? ' gf' ' ,z W A , Y Mouthful f ., FLL4-4 V. ,,.A , mn QQ .,., T 1' A , FM Something Funny? . ,, V -vVla'iqji:k.'! 4' A Vanity 2' Now Is The Hour The End Of The Rainbow Compliments ol B A R B 0 U R ' S Professional Opticians CAREEUI ANALYSIS ACCURATE INTERPRETATION INDIVIDUAI. ATTENTION 136 Mellie Esperson Bldg. AT-3468 Houston 2, Texas P Compliments of Esioblished 1896 D. B. McDaniel ORWAL RUSS Cadillac Company LINENS TROUSSEAUX 1 T320 Milam CH-6451 woilings as say E d shop 3510 main Wh 9 I b ol-fe the c mera. E 'Q in FOR YOUR HOME ' BUTE COLORIZER PAINTS 0 PICTURE FRAMING 0 FINE WALLPAPERS 0 ARTIST SUPPLIES 0 MASURY 0 PRINTS PAINTS ate JAMES BUTE COMPANY Caroline at McKinney River Oaks Shopping Center i Dow Cf-we Coinpnisiv FINE HOME FURNISHINGS I953 West Gray River Oaks Progressive Banking Service Since 1886 SUUTH TEXAS NATIDNAL BANK DF HIJUSTIJN E os s CE CO O JACKSON MOTORS Texas Oldest Dodge-Plymouth Distributors The Humble Company its 19,000 employees, and the 8,000 driveway salesmen who supply you with Humble products, extend to the Class their hearty congratulations and best Wishes. So goes life. Compliments of Chy Nahonal Bank Stewart Title, Guaranty Co. lnsures Guaranlys, Titles, Leins CH 768'l 'vi blew inn Beauty . . Olclrin Tradition of T Quality and Dependable Service E W E S XZ 7 50 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE FANNIN AT WA AVENU Compliments of Soulhhampton Pharmacy i739 Bissonnet LY-6129 We Deliver 2 815 MAIN STREET Compliments of BELL CONSTRUCTION CO. M A l S O N L E E Coiffeur Moderne Ll 1212 WESTHEIMER AND WAUGH DRIVE HOUSTON, TEXAS Greetings from the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS The sir mid-termers CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS 0F 1950 and best wishes to the faculty and student body of KINKAIIJ Compliments of THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF HOUSTON Member F.D.I.C. Compliments of 0 0 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ I E 5 I BROOKSHIRE, TEXAS Where one of the best herds of Registered Brahman Cattle in America is located C. M. FROST 8 SON, P. M. FROST, Owners 25th Floor, Esperson Building Wid ows Cl b AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. SOUTH TEXAS LUMBER CO. Building Materials HOUSTCN YARD 2801 McKinney FA-TT9T GENERAL OFFICE Sterling Building FA-332i PASADENA YARD 209 Soulh Talar TDD Pasadena 7272 Phone CH-7221 Best Wishes A. I. Wray ra GENERAL INSURANCE The Senior Class 315 Rusk Bldg. Houston 2, Texas DEPENDABLE TERMITE PROTECTION Conhd Www' , 1v"""moNs me-1353 eel 'wad' Guomnt ' Monthly INSPECTIONS P0Y"1e"f' HAL HOUSEMAN 81 COMPANY Insurance - Bonds Tlph FAf 3338 CtyNt IB k FA f 9274 HOUSTON 2 TEXAS Compliments of BEN WOLFMAN, inc Tll Complimenls of UNDERWOOD, NEUHAUS 81 CO. Stocks and Bonds CITY NATIONAL BANK BLDG. HOUSTON 2, TEXAS BE czcon 8841 . ,...,..,., , ..,,.,,:,. ,..., .,.A.,.,,,4 ,...A, ...,., ..,,. ,..,,,.,.,. ,.,.4. -....,,,,, ,A..,. . . ..,..-..,.,.,...A,,. , I L E Y 'S Compliments of I Dutch Mill Gardens Flowers lamail Bros. Food Market 21 IO South Shepherd KE-253'I Babyland Sho Infants' 8- Children's Wear, Accessorie p 3607 S. Moin Ll-3101 s 8- Gifls RIVER OAKS SHOPPING CENTER JA-5 Youthful Shocs MURIEL LEE B. V. 8 River Oaks Shopping Center G I F T B O X Investment Bankers 3707 MAIN STREET ' HOUSTON 4 TEXAS ALICE BRITTON ELLEN MOORE Compliments ot Emile's Beauty Salon River Oaks Sho in Center 2040 W. Gray pp 9 JU-6067 " BEAUTY SALON Richwood Food Market Telephone JA-4500 Groceries, Meats, and Vegetables . KE 6684 1810 R, h d 2927 Main Street Houston, Texas 2436 Bissonnet KE-4444 Congratulations and Best Wishes to GRADUATES and STUDENTS CLEANERS 8: LAUNDERERS Over 60 Years of Service 2420 Louisiana Llnden 2191 SOUTH IVIAIN STATE BANK MA I N AT A N I TA HOUSTON, TEXAS O F F I C E R S JOEL H. BERRY President L. W. MATTESON F. C. WILLARD JOEL H. BERRY, Jr. First Vice-President Vice-Presidenl Vice-President and Cashier GRADY CHEATHAM J. T. KIZER J. D. MCGILVRAY Executive Vice-President Vice-President Assistani Vice-President C. H. LEONARD R. B. LOVELL, Jr. Assisfant Cashier Assisiani Cashier D I R E C T 0 R S A. M. ASKEW J. BROWN CUTBIRTH L. W. MATTESON JOEL H. BERRY GEO. I. FETZER P. L. MCCLENNY JOEL H. BERRY, Jr. J. T. KIZER A. E. RIEDEL E. A. BLACKBURN OTIS MASSEY C. D, WELTY GRADY CHEATHAM F. C. WILLARD MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Cinchy isn'f if. John? - just being Coy mff' f gm! may I l0W 00ST ELEGTRI-0 SERVICE llouslon .lighting al1diP6wer , A MODUCIIS or Low-cos! ILICTIIIC szlvlczb-'-'-' TH Departments if Night Depository iff' Bank by Mail if Bulk Storage gk Safe Deposit if Safekeeping ik Commercial gk Collection fy Exchange if Savings ALL THESE FACILITIES ARE yy Credit AT YOUR DISPOSAL, Banks ,JL B CONVENIENT, EFFICIENT, A ond Tl' I-W" ECONOMICAL, SAFE. Our Trust Department acts in all fiduciary matters - as executor, administrator, trustee. Individuals and corporations find many services that are profitable to them. WE WANT TO SERVE YOU - PLEASE USE US Parking Service - Travis and Congress - Free to Customers Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation EUNIONNATIONALBANK PZIPY-frpllf a penny in the pot bm 'J Compliments of HOME OF GOOD MUSIC IN HOUSTON 1430 ON YOUR DIAL M 8 M Building HOUSTON Egad. a test! Compliments of QQ M EQ R Q 2 C ll slMoNroN, TEXAS Vernon W. Frost Owner OFFICE: ESPERSON BUILDING Our Second Year in Houston . . . Our Seventy-Seventh Yecur in Texas Compliments of +5 s ,r "The Buick Block" I ' ' I FAirfax 6131 2215 Milam , 0 5 e s pf 0ll.S'f0lZ Creampuff and Toodles Swin Stitrlz Seamsters l2LGLlll'S Avalon Meds Shop, Inc. VlVlAN'S FLOWER SHOP :'Flowers to Rememberll Clothes for Men and Boys :mo ALMEDA M4690 BOB RICHARDSON 26lO WESTHEIMER Youn TEXACO DEALER zoso w. GRAY Lroaae JIMMY WILCOXON, Manager C I. t f omp Imen s o Warren Laundry and Cleaners Save 2070 Cash and Carry Phone Ll-2525 Also Prompt Delivery Service I525 Richm d MAIN AT WALKER RIVER OAKS CENTER - s r C I, f f l omp :ments o -M575 0 SADYE HARRIS or ' 2034 WEST GRAY JA-4566 In Houston since I875 Complimenls of FLORENCE ROACH, INC. RIVER OAKS SHOPPING CENTER JU-6845 A wccncy Iewc-:Ivy CORONET CLEANERS D. A. MYERS '7 700 MAIN STREET CORNER CAPITOL 4' 22II WESTHEIMER KE-I972 Compliments of W. B. GLASS J. N. TAUB AND SONS Wee Modern Shop Tots to Teens 1005 WESTHEIMER KE-1953 Compliments ot Joe lett's Grocery Compliments of Havermann's Service Station Almeda and Calumet PEREEC10 CLEANERS Compliments of Signa's Beauty Shop EMILY JANE FLOWER SHOP 1715 BISSONNET Compliments of LI-4444 Ll-'1123 BILL CLARK We Grow o o orchids HUMBLE SERVICE Speer v P F S d Almeda and Calumet gms Mrkrnrvs ROEBUCKANDCOI River Oaks Shopping Center if Where You Buy For Less MAIN AT RICHMOND 1963 WEST GRAY LI-7969 WAYSIDE AT HARRISBURG Compliments of IAMAIL BROS. FOOD MARKET 2110 South Shepherd KE-2531-2-3 LEONARD I. NEUMAN Consultant REGISTERED PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER GEOLOGIC AND SEISMIC SURVEYS PETROLEUM ENGINEERING REPORTS 943 Mellie Esperson Building Houston,Texos Telephone FA-7086 The feeling is VHUTLIIII-Kflf,S Korner Compliments of JESSE H. JONES INTERESTS Best Wishes For Continued Success io Our Friends At Kinkaid School FARNSWORTH AND CHAMBERS COMPANY, INC. Contractors Houston, Texas O U d f AF h NCh I Compliments of Wilhelm-Laughlin-Wilson and Associates ADVERTISING for The fines? ' STEAKS ' SEAFOODS AND SALADS IT'S . . . KELLEY'S KELLEY'S 0 910 TEXAS THE ORIGINAL KELLEYS 0 3512 MAIN Niels Esperson KELLEYS STEAK HOUSE HEMPSTEAD TEXAS Frank's Cleaners I 5513 Almedo Linden 2250 ! YOULL CHOOSE ASTAIRE . . Red Astaice DANCE STU DIOS 4500-D MONTROSE BOULEVARD KE ysfone 8651 I WADEMAN'S I "Flowers for the Living" 3I06 Main LI-3111 I .L I fl? ' ' 440i MAIN KE y One 2564 Sabeii eI'I'TaI'I glean: Harris Masterson INTERIORS 'T 96l West Gray Compliments of Compliments of a Friend Richmond Service Station Richmond and Montrose LI4234 A B B kl y Kellogg's Beauty Salon 604 W. Alabama T l JU 2677 La nder-Men king Compliments of . The Southern Industrial and ioio Drmievy JA-2690 Murine Supply C0mP0'nY J. Lewis Thompson Jr. Ben F. Thompso K. C. MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS ' VEGETABLES The OUALITY MARKET steve BUCSANYT, Prop. LI nden 8131 3020 TRAVIS ST. Please Ask For-STEVE BUCSANYI Bissonnet Food Shop FINER FOODS T735 Bissonnet Houston, Texu KE 8775 T I ph S Palace Riding Stables 3708 Almeda Road LY-9303 111111129 --Knows How" Brakes Springs Front End Alignment FA-4lTT T813 Fannin Em HIEHIHHY GMM, TIIIIBIVILLE awww MQTQRS fQW'f'fWg,'L - . , '7'7f3,if'.4 . ' ' I Congratulations to Kinkaid CLAUD B. HAMILL Congratulations to the Class ot '50 FRANK C. GUTHRIE SUNSET FOOD MARKET Choice Meats Fancy Groceries F D I y LY 9101 Complnments of MILES ABELL Westheimer Dry Goods Co. I66I Westheimer LI 5684 YARD GOODS AND NOTIONS THE GIBSON GIRL I82I West Alabama JA-7757 WETMORE AND co. IOIS SOUTH SHEPHERD DR. - LY-9126 n HOUSTON CREATIVE PRINTING ' LITHOGRAPHING 0 SILK SCREENING Sid Holdredge Co., Inc. A LV I N DeSoto - Plymouth Compliments of Herzog Galleries Compliments ot HARRY BRELSFORD SCHEER 81 COMPANY, INC. Compliments of KELLY MANUFACTURING COMPANY OOOOS Blalock-IvIcCaII Lumber Company Best Wishes 'ro the We pm YOUR' sfnron cnrss 32I9 Leelond I006 Evergreen FA-7368 WO-2633 MORE AND MORE . . . T H E r R E N D . Eddie Dyer 'S To Insurance Agency FOR HOME, BUSINESS, INDUSTRY KE-448I 3704 Montrose Blvd USTON lvalfufzaf Qu SYSTEM General Insurance Compliments of a Friend fflffmfh ALJTGGRAPHS x 1-oi kv FT ., w V V1 5.',5 :,Zk - f4Y'3.?fZffT1EfM , , 5, 1.1 .Nfl-, , Q ,,.,r5, , ' 1, fn -JS Q ,,n-fb ,1 ' 1 4 , J - . .A ' gf 9-.I'1U54' Qc.-'9 Nfl: QM L: V mi'?1fag'1e 535 1 'L K-Q:,2EQk1'1 u Y . z,- 'Q wf fn. ' s Ip. 1" ,' K. f"f'r,if J M .pm ,K A 'xx r., - v, :V 1. 0

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