Kingston High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, PA)

 - Class of 1957

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Kingston High School - Kingstonian Yearbook (Kingston, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13 of 116
Page 13 of 116

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Page 13 text:

lWLLlfLL:5fI"6ZfLl!8 DLL 855 ANITA xx1LL11x1s Asszstant Prznczpal N11 s X111t'a YY llll'll'Il 12 pre Clltlt our H10 t 1'1p1l1lLDe'1110fW01ne11 111d Xs11Nt111t I'r11111pf1l She l1r111gs to both pos1t11111s 1 XKl'lltll of 1x per11111e 1nd ls exer readx to IS 1st -mx glrl seel1111g l1er IKIXICQ 'and counsel V111 XY1ll1'1111s hrst held teaclnng pos1t11111s 111 tl1e Iiitlll French 'md I'llg1llNll t'lf'D'lI'tIll0lltw xx hen she f"lIIlL to Ixlngston II1g,l1 S1hool 111 107.5 NI1ss sxlllllllh 1111 gI"llIll3t9tl from llIlllSWlNdllll State I 111x1rs1tx Nltll 1a BIKIIQIOT of Xrtb degne X11111111, H115 Wll Il"llll9 sp1ret11ne 11t1x1t1es she lncludes Qtamp 1oll11t111g readnne and xxorlt Wltll tl1e 5'1lx 'ltlOll Xrmx Xuxlllarx JANIES JON ES Isswtant Prmczpal Iamee W eslex Ioneo xxfw horn 111 Plx mouth Pennxxlx 11111 Ks 'a clnld l1e '!IIClNll'Fl Qrhoole 111 PlXlll0l1tll fu xxell 11 llor I"lIlC0f0ll '1nd Iox Olrlllfl Street H1 hools I11 1072 l11 xx IN grnl uated from I,0I'I"lllt9t0Il II11,l1 S1 hool 1nd IIICII IIILIIIIPII 1.0 Bloomshurg St'1t11 TCQCIIBTQ Lollege 'and Penn State Xfttr l11 l1'1d e'1rned lns Bnhelor of gen n1e degree 111 I'du1'1t1o11 Ur Jones returned 111 1976 'and tlllgllt 111 KlllQSt0ll II1g,h S1 l1ool Ur Iones lClfIQ '1 husx llfe for 111 11l1l1t1o11 to lns t1 11l1111g., dutlee he xx'1s tl1e P11st Nlfaster of IXlIlg,St0I1 lodge No 301 F 8. H Xl Ile IS an elder ofthe IXlIlLZStOll I'reShxter1f111 I llllrf h and IS '1 member of both tl1e IXIIILSIOII Rotfarx Club lllfl the Irem Temple WILLI ANI IVESONT Dnrector of Actwmes In 1936 Kmgeton II1gh School xxao fortunate 111 oht-nnmg, the xerx 1eeQ of Nlr Vl1ll1111n Ix eson as a t1ener11l Se1enee 111 struetor He remfuned 111 tlns pOSltlOTl u11t1l 1046 xxhen l1e was appomted Duutor of Xet1x1t1eQ In 19:1a DIFCCIOP of Ylsuwl xlflb was added to lns long het of dutlei Nlr Ixeion IS 1a gr 1d u1te of W xommg Sennn 1rx 'Ind Bucknell I n1xerx1tx xx here he ohta111ed h1 X B and lns NI A degrus III lub spare tune Ixmgstons Superxmor ol Xctlxltles an1l Y1su1al Xlds can he found readmg 'md stunp colleetmg -Xt tlns tune xxe should hke to efcpress our f1ppree11t1o11 to 'NI1' Ixeson JOHN L BENNETT Dzrector of Guzdance I' ll xtu1l111tx of Ixlngston ll1gl1 5fIl00l 1ll r1111g11171 111 Ur Ullll 1s11111r1 rlllll K tl11 l7lr11t11ro 1111 11111 It IXIIIL on lst l1o11l Nlr l111n1ttpl1xs 111 1111portant p1rt 111 tlll l1x1 1 1 1111 ucrx - llllllt fllllst 11111 1 ll llllpl 11111 11t11111 111 1111 lllf 1 SIIIL, 1r1 usta Us 1 ll 1 lXl IIN 111 1 x x 1 ' 11 1 111t1ru 11,r1111w for tl11 tlltlff' stu1111t 1111 x Uut 11 w 1 1 NIr B11111 oxs 1 1 1. r1111r1-1 1111 11111114 to ll Ll If 1 1rx It 1r S 11l1l1t 1t j,l'tIltllI to r Bennttt for l1l h1lp 111 pl llllllllj, tl111r futur1 1 O ' ' 'J A V A 4 L 1 '1 "'1 S1 s I' S -11 ' 1 l 1 1 ' " 1 ' .' I 54 "1 Y'- ', 1 z . -1 INST. 1 -1 ' A. -' R -'1 I N I ,-PQ' in . U. . 1 1. , V- 1 1" ' .12 1 1 J '13 1 ' " H2 31: ",x,.'...' R., 4, 1 1': AyA . '.1'.'1-' - ' " 1 2 '1 11 1 1 . 1 . I. ' 1 ' 11-', 1 1- .' Q' ,1,"1.' - ' ' - 1 1 1 ' 1 1' .:' - 1- , 1 ' A' 1 1 1 , ' ' 1' :1 ' 1 1 1 1 17 ' .lg ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1' 'f . -.1 .'1.1 ,'1" 11"' 1 '., 1 1: " 1: 1 .'.'..'g v . lv ,I 1 v . d 1 'Q'7ff. 'x 1 . A . K. vA K . 1. .1 I . 1 , 1 - 1- 5 ' M 1 1 :."1. , -1 ...1 .'. .' 3' 1 ' .f '1j1 ' I ' ' 's 1. . 1 .1 . V. 1 I 1 1 iq: In ' .A ' , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 3 - v 1 1 . 1 1 I,.II1'11l11-tt: -1 -f'- l.. s - '-' fti'l1 '-1 "1-t lllgl ,. .I' - aj: ' 1 1 ' -"-sof-:1'l1 1 l"'.7t l' -C1 I-l' ',t-1-l' ,'t1-"-ll-1-Q.: l1d- ' vi." 11 J 1 f- 'ffl-Slltlllyilftl in tl11-s1'h1 l. I':V'I't'YI'llt'S- N tI2l.' 1111 r11i111,:, 11ls11, during, the 01111111111-e p1-ri1 l, he pllll s ' - -Jtillu pr1 '1 .' ' ' ' .' lr l lj. f.'1'I111l, 1 . ' 1-tt 1-nj '11ll11-tin' -' lf 1 l list- ' l's l1i'l lil-lily syst-111. Hx" 1' ll'llllb' of the 1-l:1.'s of '57 owes 1 ' 1' ' 1 ' le NI . - s 1 1 ' - -.

Page 12 text:

JOHN B. KENNEDY Superiniendenl llr. John B. Kennedy, Superintendent of Kingston Schools, plays a very important part in the lives of every school girl and boy. For years this ambitious man has had the job of improving school condi- tions to fit the students' needs. Their attitudes, actions, and activities are all included in his title as superintendent. Let us now concern our- selves with his past attitudes, actions, and activities. llr. Kennedy was born in Landesburg, Pennsylvania, where he attended the Spring Township one-room schoolhouse for twelve years. There he also at- tended four extra summer sessions. He attended such colleges as Dickinson, Bucknell, and lfillersville State Teachers College, receiv- ing his Ph.B. and his AAI. from Millersville and Dickinson. Before assuming his present position, Blr. Kennedy was engaged at the Palmyra Grammar School. He has been Superintendent of Schools, ever since he first came to Kingston in ISHQ. As for activities, when given the opportunity, Blr. Kennedy busies himself with hunting, fishing, and gardening. These are the highlights of a man's life spent trying to better ours. To John B. Kennedy, we owe many thanks. SCHOOL BOARD-Louis Ledger. Corey Patton, A. A. Fairchild Dr X W K roytr Lundy B W right YVillits Coleman. .-lbsmt-T. E. Lehman. NIR. BI RTON YN. HANKPX Principal Burton YY. Hankey, born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, attended Wilkes-Barre schools, Nlain Street School, and Loveland Street School before entering Dorranceton High School. There he especially enjoyed the subjects of history and literature. Although hc wished to become an engineer, he later turned to teaching and now holds the title of the Principal of Kingston Iligh School and Co-ordinator of Furriculum and Instruction for the Kingston School District. ltr. Hankey says of the students of Kingston High School: "The students of Kingston High School are of excellent caliber: intelligent, ambitious, and for the most part responsible citizens in the commun- ity. I think the majority of our students appreciate their high school and the effort the community is making to provide them with the best facilities and education which it can afford." Klr. Hankey really deserves our appreciation and admiration, and we sincerely thank him for his untiring efforts and wish him luck and success in the years to come.

Page 14 text:

Miss Anita lYillian1s lNIr. Gordon Schlier Miss Hannah Jayne Mr. David Jones gmcfcuface --7 8lO6LI"flflfL8lfLt M N11 Iohn Bennett From enrollment i11 September, 19542, to graduation i11 June, 1957, the Guidance Department has assisted the llll'I1llJCI'S of the class of '57, Not Olllj' l1as it helped our class, hut all tl1c students of Kingston Iligh School as well The guidance Department is 111ade llp of the following: Bliss Anita Xvlllllllll Miss Katherine Cronin, Bliss Hannah Jayne, Mr. David Jones, Mr. Gordon Sf'llllCI , and Mr. Anthony Hoch. Ably headed by ltr. John Bennett, the Guidance Depart ment's individual interest in each student has proven to be invaluable. By giving us their guiding hands, its members have helped us over 1nany of the obstacles which constantly appear. At this time, we, the Seniors, would like to express o11r sincere gratitude to all of the counselors of each grade, who are always ready with intelligent advice to 0111 many questions. These teachers and tl1e guidance counselors have spent much of their ow11 time advising the students at Kingston lligh School and listening l their varied IJl'0l'JlCll1S. Their fine relationship with the students will long he rt IllCIlllJOI'0ll. From each meinber of the class of '57 comes a hearty "Thanks " to the Guid ance Department. Ivnder its watchful eyes, the class of '57 has finally reached it goal-graduation. Miss Katherine fronin MF. Alltll'-PID' H0011 10

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