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was . xy, mm LLQQTQQ v KILGORE HIGH SCHQO WM5 7 CCDNTENTS THE SCHOOL ' THE FEATURES THE CLASSES STUDENT LIFE THE ATHLETICS STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS THE ADS an TML RCDLCDQUIQ ln a secluded place you go with the new book in your hands, open it carefully, relish the crisp, clean-smelling pages. lt is your high school year, neatly cap- tured and bound between the coverslot a single volume. Turn slowly, for a hurried interview would break the charm of the book. lt is a book you will treas- ure, either ireshman or graduate, And because it has so completely captured the spell of youth's golden hour, every alumnus finds it poignant with memories. ll QDIC ln appreciation tor his untirina efforts in atternptina to rnake our high school years pleasant as Well as educational y tor his coop- eration in student actiyitiesp and above all else because he is our friend, We, the statt, repre- sentatives ot the student body, ' do hereby dedicate the l937 REFLECTCDR to MR. C. L. NEWsoME our principal QTICDU 4 , 'Ili l 5 E00 M Qs 4 1 X.. 5 w 3? Wx? 'N wg, mx fa K Sf' as W .. . . . .. . .. .,A. . M... -uf w..m...' Aw. ws... Qffww f"f1-:J--ffzzfef-sf , wwf. ... .. .,.. . . ..,. f Q , K K ., .yf X -.W-. 7 - .. .QM W. ' hm-NW....fs--Wv.,1f5-Mffgfigs M N Ka,gsg'L" 5.2 ' 'feS2sQ"7:'f.F 3.52532 7 Xgsfgff- .,,..,9..vf 3-.. ix ., 'm wzf . ..k3,g..,f3.x, Hagar.. V .gr K I .9 K K . ., in sg.. A i. ,V ff.-1... 5 -- V, sf-V -Q ' . .gf - 1- .f . I- . .Q 1- 7,..fg- g f - -fliil ii L. Q-f -5.7 .. . . . . t - ,. - . I 5 .Main Gfluwforium Where Fun and frolic Abide Che Schoof The Way. io Worldly Wisdom 'F' ' i, Ch f VCKIJE This Arcade Our Quest of Knowledge Has Swcryed More Clam 3-4 of a Gelzfury If It Could Only Speak Che Gorrigor Where Shadows Cast Their Glow 3a1zJ gfouse ang Shop jazifwrzq Where Carpenters cmd Musicians Linqer NIR. VV. L. DODSON Suporiulondont of Kilgore Public Schools SCM GGL MR. l. T. CRIM President of School Board CDLLQIMLS MR. C. L. NEWSOME Principal cf Kilqore High School MR. O. G. CHANDLER Secretory of the School Board ARCHIBALD, FRANK Camera Club Sponsor Reflector Sponsor A. B., La. State Normal College Science ARMSTRONG, IAMES H. Tennis Club B. S., Stephen F. Austin Mathematics and Civics ASHWORTI-I, ROBERT B. A., N. T. S. T. C. Post Graduate, S. M. U. Athletic 'Club Mathematics ATKINSON, EVELYN Home Economics Club B. S., C. I. A. Home Economics BAGWELL, CHRISTINE B. A., BaylOr'COlleqe B. A., Baylor University Music BEAN, HENRIETTA Lon Morris College C. I. A. B. A. Degree English Faculty BROOKS, MRS. VV. E. St. Paul Hospital School Nurse BUMGARNER, MRS. WOODY Head Sponsor Freshman Class Social Service Club A. B., Durant Teachers College English DENBY, DOROTHY Sponsor, "Los Amigos" B. A., T. C. U. Spanish DEVEREUX, WM. MILLER Debating Club g B. M. Public Speaking and Dramatic Arts EAKENS, ROBERT Senior Sponsor CO-Sponsor Chamber of Commerce B, A., University of Texas Commercial Subjects ERISMAN, MRS. FRED Knitting Club B. A., Ohio State University Texas Christian University Dean of Girls 5 .. .tw ,, FOSTER, CLYDENE Co-Sponsor Chamber of Commerce B. A., Baylor University, and University Of Texas Typing GALAVIN, I. F. Sponsor, Athletic Club B. A. Mathematics HART, ERA The Daubers Club Sponsor B. A., N. T. S. T. C. M. A., University of Texas English IETER, LOUISE Sponsor G. S. A. Folk Dancing Club Student Government Baylor and Texas University Physical Education LANGFORD, FLORENCE Camp Fire Girls B. S., Texas State Colleqe tor Women Home Economics LEATH, FRANCES Mirror and Quill and Scroll B. A., University of Arkansas Iournalism, English II n Faculty B. LENOIR, JAMES Archery Club A., Commerce State Teachers College Shop LAWLER, NANCY NELL Library Club B. A. Degree, C. I. A. Library Science Degree Librarian MATTHEWS, HAROLD F B. A., Simmons University Athletic Director Algebra I PARIS, QTTO R. A., N. T. S. T. C. Banclmaster PARKS, IIMMIE Co-Sponsor Tennis Club Assistant Football Coach Basketball Coach B. B. A., Baylor University junior Business Training READ, N. B. Future Craftsmen of America Club B. S., Texas A. 6. M. College Shop, Mechanical Drawing Q . ' Faculty A r ROBINSON, FRANCES B. A., University of Texas , History ROLLINS, NORMA 'Folk Dancing Club and Student Government Association Baylor College B. A., University of Texas Mathematics RUSSELL, MILDRED R. Indoor Games Club and National Honor Society B. A., Huron College Latin SCALES, IRENE Camp Fire Girls B. s., s. F. A. s. T. c. Biology and Home Economics SMITH, INEZ B. A., E. T. S T. C. English STRENGTH, WINIFRED Etiquette Club B. A., N. T. s. T. c. English ll, English III TAYLOR, REAGAN B. A., Southwestern University Science THOMAS, MRS. CARL A. Radio Club B. A. and M. A. Degrees E. T. S. T. C., Austin College University of Souihern California English IV WATERS, BOB Cenienary College Football Coach WETZEL, MARJIE ' Graduate of C. l. College Coiieyville, Kansas Secretary to Superiniendenl fTho Student Government Assooigiion of Kilgore High School f v 'v REGINALD ROBINSON President of the Student Body ctnd. The5Presidtnq Officer of the Sendte STUDENT SENATE ETHAN ROBBINS VicefPresident ot Student Body CLEO IOHNSON Secretary ot Student Body ZERA ROsE COHEN Treasurer Ot Student Body SHIRLEY IENKINS President Ot G. S. A. CHARLES HUBBARD Councilman at Large MARGARET HOLMES Councilman at Large IOE CARROLL LAND Editor ot Reflector HENRY LEE CULVER Editor of Mirror RICHARD ROBERTSON President ot Senior Class MYRICK LAND President Ot funior Class ADA HAWTHORNE President Ot Sophomore Class IOHN HILL, IR. President ot Freshman Class STULENT First Row: Doris Allen, Weldon Bauske, Marqie Collins, Roy Lee Cray, Iames Hall Griffin, Ioseph Griffin. Second Row: Emily Bess Hamilton, Evelyn Laird, Lenoir Mae Norwood, Thomas Murphy, Gwendolyn Parr, I. W. Rainey. Third Row: Willie Mae Stewart. Vernon Smith, Dell Taylor, Norma Warrick, Dorothy Brumbelow, Ezra Bobo. Fourth Row: Virginia Butler, Ora Mae Gamble, Louise Heyroth, Eugene Hensley, Effie Dae Horn, Clay Kennedy. Fifth Row: Bobbie Lacy, Stanford Mclfarlin, Ozella McRae, Lucie Ohlin, Mildred W'atson, Ruth Weeks. CQUNClL First Row: George Stephens, Arrahwanna Kale, Wylie Oliver, lacqueline Burton, Roger Elleson, Iohn Purvis Second Row: Kenneth Bailes, Dennon Holmes, Billy Russell, Elmo Caznrnack, Dorothy Gallrnan, Robert Sims. Third Row: Ierry Bolt, lack Ieter, Helen Springer, Edna Davis, I. V. Kirksey, Lottye Faye Stokes. Fourth Row: Carl Clay Cooper, Glenna lane Green, Marianna Whittington, E. W. Day, Lois Laird, Norma Thurman Fifth Row: Louise Crow, Iustine Moore, lames Watson, Florence Ellison, Pauline Meeks, Norman Wherli. SERVICE COMMITTEES THE HALL COMMITTEE First Row: Charlotte Russell, Cecil White, Eileen Sperlick, Constance Wolfe, Floretta Paulk, Dorothy Gallman. Second Row: Evelyn Laird, Peggy Majors, La Verne Andinq, Louise Crow, Fay Fishero. Third Row: Iane Dickson, Syble Honea, Cloverdale Rachel, Lois Fryer, Bobby Lacy. Fourth Row: Gladys Greer, Edwin Guidry, Dama Ivy, Fifth Row: Mozelle I-Iammon, Lucille Iudy, Dorothy Troutman, Izelle Smith, Alaverne Wilson, Earld Watson. Sixth Row: Dorothy Bess Greer, Tressie Langham, Mamie Ruth Sherron, lack Osteen, Abroqale McGrady, Cecil I-Iarqraves, Albert Iohnson, Ethan Robbins, Morton Willoughby. THE OTHER SERVICE COMMITTEES First ROW: Dorothy Scarbrouqh, Cetrue Lee, Marqaret Dales, Opal Cobert. Second Row: Mildred Harp, Pauline Choice, Dorothy Wyche, Winfred Wren, A. I. Tatum. Third Row: Emily Bess Hamilton, Margaret Holmes, Zera Rose Cohen, Shirley Ienkins, Elizabeth Robinson. Fourth Row: Lorene Mefford, Margie Clancy, Ethan Robbins, Thomas Murphy, Marjorie Warman. Fifth Row: Lucie Ohlin, lane Barham, Beulah Adams, Lorene Taylor, Evelyn Sizemore, Lamoine Kirnbel. Sixth Row: Bradley Knox, Charles Hubbard, Leo lohnson, Doyle Bailey. STUDENT GQVERNMENT SPQNSQRS M N R S C S MIL I CS +2 QM Q JM wr U6 J .sczfwzaa ww 3 5 Q, um xg KN s 3 H z 5 Q 3 3 Z E E 2 Q 5 5 gi Q Q, Z 2 A G s w 1 sm 3 ,V 'X Wi ' iigggkfif :www M5 fm iw, A -1,,fg-,gg ., --iwe-qelfgfy w We 'I-fr-an Mew-I me -I - .1 V- 1 - -7 .:. ,w,,.fu + f . - 1 . . .N ---LS, , .. .. -:- -. . , ,, V N -W fgigm' Y :pgs wssi - www, nffzsigxsvi- k gf gif. . -gg: 'f pigggg.-,Ey. f-f - , , mfg: gi- .-. 1359 , EMM Q EEQEQQQ- ,- sis? ,. ,i,,gs?,,, Vwggigz, Hs i Lwjgglgl ,aff 1 klmqgggy . ,fgwf HALL GF FAME SHIRLEY IENKINS ZERA ROSE COHEN DELORIES HUNTSMAN CLEO IOHNSON I IM . .uw ii: 1 3-N 3 HALL QF FAME REGINALD ROBINSON MYRICK LAND JOE CARROLL LAND IOSEPH GRIFFIN vw I Q. A . If 9515.2 If Yi I .-'Iv X K ,iii li-f sins Q .5 7 -F, ,V N, :sr- ff 'III is: M ' .ITIL ' If Q' -aff W 'z 2 iw' Nazi r ,lin .Miss .Beffy Tue .760 ' :'2?fzK'iEE?Si?gi,ggm1 .Miss Cgvefylz .EQZVJ ,fmss Josie! grifjq .Miss .Ea Kveme Gfllzgirzq QUEEN GE THE REELECTOR S iz, 'Q- Gcmziffe Usfrom If, Queen of the Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-seven Reflector LL- M KING CDF THE REFLECTGR Q 0 6 dl, 6 Slz Jy QD gl .B If King of the Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-seven Reflector DQDUL SHIRLEY IENKINS Mos! Popular Girl IOE CARROLL LAND Mos! Likely Tr, Succeed ETHAN ROBBINS Most Popular Boy ARRAHWANNA KALE Best Girl Aililele MRS. WOODY DUMGARNER Most Popular Teacher DELL TAYLOR Best Boy Aflilele AVQQTY TJIARGIE COLLINS Most Diqnified Senior MARY LANGFORD Campus Flczpper K GEORGE STEVENS Luzie-sl Boy RALPH MATTHEWS Campus Shiek BERNICE LEVY Laziesl Girl Lois LAIRD Freshest Freshman EEST CITIZENS CLEO IOHNSON Best Girl Citizen REGINALD ROBINSON Best Boy Citizen SEN1o12 SILI-ICDUETTES Kilgore l-liqh's own Clarlc Gable Beauty, Brains and Personality. Millions oi years may Give him a football-f pass. A female audience But there shall never be And watch him strut his another quite like she. stult. NAMES OF THE SENIOR SILHOUETTES WILL BE An unique Comhinationf Know him by his services Which he so joyed to render. ll you don't believe it, ask Robert. FOUND IN AD SECTION ,,,. ,Mx 3 A 552: if?-QQ U6 ZICLQILS5, . RN Q . 3, A 3 Q ,E f v f MMM 'gg Www rp ' U if 41 W mga qw 5' 1 -,fiffsi-2' iW ' :f' W : YQ- ff i f- - . - --N ...f . ..,. . f , few- f:s+:i.::s1' fs-uas'w'eg.- "s5x.-fgt-,,::- :.':"::'. he 'V ', - 1 ' - , V ff , sk si W' 5 2 X -' -: :g-:J . -Egg: . .,..,:.,..,: : 'fW:"' wh:-i5s:,'1y . Mm.. ... .4355-,-sf:-Jia' . qw ,gg K .a P 'J 6 SEN1012 QA if CLASS X QFFICERS w f ' is RICHARD ROBERTSON, REGINALD ROBINSON SHIRLEY IENKINS i A 'President Vice-President Secretary ,f L ADAMS, BEULAH Service Club '35, '36, '37, Home Economics '36, '37, Volley Ball Team '34, '35, "She has shown herself cz true and loyal student." ALLEN, DORIS "Pretty is as pretty does." ANDREWS, FRANCES Band '34, '35, Home Econom- ics Club '35, Dramatic Club '36. "A studious and dignified person. 'Not how much but how well' is her motto." BALLARD, C. I. "Why waste thought thinking" BARHAM, IANE Stunt Night '36, Student Coun- cil '35, 36, Student Council Reporter '35, Student Council Treasurer '36, Chamber of Commerce '36, '37, Sec. Latin Club '35, G. S. A. '34, Tennis Club '35, Choral Club '35, '36. "Sweet, dignified and loyal." BARRY, WILLIE PEARL Chamber of Commerce '37, Spanish Club '35, Service Club '34, "The Love Bug" '34, Pep Squad '34, '35, Stunt Night '36. "Precise, apt, and Willing, One can't find fault with het." BAUSKE, WELDON Student Council '37, Choral Club '36. "He's a jolly, good fel1ow." BEALL, GERALD "He says little but thinks much." BEATY, KATHLENE Baseball '34,- '35, "Skyhiqh" '34, Library Club '36, "The Love Bug" '34, Tumbling Club '35. "An excellent sport, undcr- stood, And in all her classes, just as good." BEWLEY, EDITH Pep Squad, "The Love Bug" '34, Chamber of Commerce, Etiquette Club. "Back Stage Up Starls" "A girl to all her classmates dear." ' t , -Y - -ff-1. 'f D v 'r X. S F' ls BISHOP, ELIZABETH ANN Etiquette Club, President '36, Choral Club '36, '37, Cham- ber oi Commerce '37, Spanish Club '35. "Her charm works magic spells On those among whom she dwells." BLACKMAN, BILLY IEAN Radio Club '37, Pep Squad '34, '35, Secretary of Glee Club, "Her idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with her." BLANKENSHIP, TOMMYE Spanish Cub '33, Choral Club '36, '37, Folk Dancing Club '37. "She says little but ihinlis much." ' BOLT, MAURINE "The Love Bug" '34, "The W'ho'e Town's Talking" '36, Service Club '35, Pep Squad '35, Library Club '35, Cham, ber of Commerce '37, "Tho Melting Pot" '35. "Talking she knew not why not cared." - BOURG, EARL Radio Club '37. ' . "li he cannot find a way he will make one." ' ' fy N BQWDEN, CLIFF Athletic Club '37. "A salesman is known by his products," BRAME, DEWARD Football '34, Track Team, Mgr. '35, '36, Football, Mgr. '36, Basketball, Mgr. '36, '37, Annual Staff, Assistant Sports Editor '37, Business Mgr. of Senior Class '37, Major Dever- eux's Amateur Club '37. "He would rather be than seem to be." BRINKLEY, WILLIAM Tennis Club. 1, Our bright and lively and jolly Bill, Finds a way where there's a Will." CBHOWN, GARLAND Yell Leader '36, Boys' Glee Club '36, Radio Club '37, Re- porter for School Paper '37. "The more you know him the better you like him." BURNETT, CLAUDIA Pep Squad '34, Choral Club '34: Spanish Club '35, Folk Dancing Club '37. "lt's good to live and learn." wards never sorrow." CHAEL, DOROTHY liiiq Club '37, smile for all, a welcome qlafl, ci jovial Coaxirzq way she has," CARTER, A. l. Arfhery Club '37, llwwlf hall '35. 'Lot every man mind his awn business." CARTER, Crarrgm, Radio Clulu 'f57. "S11U'o::f: iri everylliimy slie does." CAsaN, IOMA Pep Squad '34, '35y Service Clulu '34g "'l'lie Love Bug" '34g Tennis Cluli '34, Etiqueile Clulv '36, Baseball '357 Valley Ball '37g Basketball '37g G. S. A. '34g Camera Club '3'7. "A friendly heart with room for many friends." 5 Basketball Laurie" '36, "Back Jp Slarlsf' Dramaiic ,lub '36, Maier Dever- Amaleur Club '37, Knit- SENIORS L-'WT' CLANQY, BILLY "VVliy waffle iliaufflil llii1ilcinq?" CLEAHY, Dams ANNE: G. S. A., Siualciit Ceuficil 357 Teriiiis Clulwg Cliaiiiber cl Commerce Pep Squad. 'Alif Vlfliy slroulgl life all labor be?" Ci reign, l'JAUl.lN 5 lfflp Sryiiafl wi, llall 'lfwiriixzif N H , tee .wig C. D. A. 14. liiilaor Carries 'fil, A perfsazi wlza is lime ta '1 lrieirl mir! In zicimoll. Caiiigiv, ZLZHA RasE 'Hlllie lscfve Burg" '34, Slullmil Cauzicil '35, G. S. A., llis- lfzriari '56, G. S. A., Eligibili- iy Chairman '37, Sarvirfe Clul: Presideiii '35, "Tl'iC lNhc.l'f rl'CYVJl'l'5 'l'allqimq" 'Hey Sluill Nialil 'llfig Naliuiial llciriar Si- vieiy, S011 '37, Folk ll'1IlClll"l Clxilr 'lily Seiiatcw, Tieas. '37. "And :clill lhey fyazedrmd slill Ilieiz waiialez cgrew tliat one small head ftowlfl wrirry all slie lciiewf' COLLlNS, MAHGIE Siufieril Cauiicil '34, '55, '37, Quill G Scroll, Seat and Treas, T355 G. S, A. '34, '35, Servicio Club, Aiiriual Slall '37, Seriiizr Riiiq Committee '37, "Her fyuiel fliqnity eiiflearfi lie: is lie! irieiiflsf' v , s COLLUM, IACK "l don't know, but l'm ag'in it." CosT, LULA LEE Home Economics Club '36. "Worth the acquaintance ol anyone." CRAY, RoY LEE Yell Leader '37, Mirror, Sports Editor '37, Quill 6. Scroll So' ciety '37, Student Council '37. "The U. S. has produced some great men, for example: Georae Washinafon, Abra- ,harn Lincoln and myself." CULVER, HENRY LEE Mirror, Editor '37, Student Senate '37, Student Council '34, '36. "They say he does a number ol things well." DALES, MARGARET Tennis Club '36, Chamber ffl Commerce '36, Pep Squad '34, Choral Club '34, Home Economics '34. "Precious things come in small packages." i "A quiet wise DICKENS, lr Choral Club '35, '36, Club '37, Lions' Ministrel Penitent Pirates '36. "Work is her hobby, and cess is a common reward. x DicKsoN, IANE Student Council '34, Choral Club '36, Chamber ot' Corn- merce, Treas, '37, Etiquette Club, Vice-Pres. '36, G. S. A. '34, '35, Service Club '34, '36, '37, Annual Staff '37. "Ah! Why should lite all labor be?" DoRMAN, ESTELLE Etiquette Club '35, Hall Corn- mittee '36, Knitting Club '36. "X-l friend that one enjoys having." DossEY, ARLENE "A sweet nature and a well- balanced mind." EDGMON, MAGGIE Chamber of Commerce '37, Service Committee '37, Har- monica Club '36, Basketball '36, '37: Volley Ball '36, '37, Baseball '36, '37, Stunt Night '36. "When duty calls, she is ready and dependable." EVANS, I. B. "A lanky, good-naiured youth." FARRAR, THOMAS Future Craftsmen of America '37, Football '7. "A man's a man for a ' that." FLOETER, IEANNE Radio Club '37, La.tin Club '36, Tennis Club '36. "Ii pays to wear a smiling face, and laugh each trouble down." FORRESTER, LENARD Future Craftsmen of America '37. "True to work, word, and friends." GANDY, PAUL Chamber of Commerce '36, Boys' Choral Club '35, Track '36, "His mind to him a kingdom is." PITNER, GLENORA Hall Committee, Latin Club, Etiquette Club '36, Major Dev- ereux's Amateur Club '37, "Gentle in manner, firm in reality." GEORGEPUL, IOHNNY Chemistry Club '36, Mirror Staff '37. "As brimiul of wisdom and wit and glee -As ever a human frame could be." GOODMAN, RUTH "Worth the acquaintance of anyone." GOODWIN, AOUIDA Pep' Squad '35, '36, Service Club '35, '36, "The Love Bug" '34, "The Whole Town's Talk- ing" '36, Home Economics Club '37, 'Her lace betolcens all things good and clear." 55'l,2?'- fi 1-.1 " ' GREEK, GLADYS Hall Committee '37, Figure Drawing Club '37. "Charm-in her ready smile, Steady purpose-in her character." GRIFFIN, IAMES HALL Student Council '37, Dramatic Club '35, Quill 6- Scroll '37, Spanish Club '35. "A little studying now and then has been the policy ot all great men." GRIFFIN, IOSEPH Student Council '34, '35, '36, '37, Annual Staff '37, Future Craftsmen of America '37, Business Mgr. of Junior Class '36, Tennis Club '36, Stunt Night '36, Spanish Club '35, "For every question he has an opinion, For every opinion he has a reason." GRIFFIN, MILLS Tennis Club '36, Archery Club '37, Football '36, '37. "He is like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow." GRIGSBY, ELIZABETH "The Love Bug" '34, Archery Club '36, Knitting Club '37. "She is a rare combination oi personality, ability, and character." GRIGSBY, LURINE "No, she never- lets her studies interfere with her education." HALE, CHARLES Band '34, '35, '36, '37, Tennis Club '36, Radio Club '37. "His words are lew But his thoughts are many." HAMILTON, EMILY Brass Service Club '34, '35, '37, Student Council '37, Choral Club '37, "The Love Bug" '34, Major Devereux's Amateur Club '37, Tennis Club '37, Spanish Club '35, "The girl you can't forget! Her ways are paths of pleasantness and peace." HAMMONS, MOIZELLE Knitting Club '37, Hall Com- mittee '36, Etiquette Club '36, "Nothing so much prevents our being natural as the desire ot appearing so." HARRIS, HERMAN Radio Club '37, "The Love Bug" '34. "He is a splendid student who is quiet and trustworthy." HAYS, VERNON Athletic Club '37y Latin Club '34: Boys' Choral Club '35. "His high crested thoughts are seated in a heart of courtesy." HEDGES, CARI. Archery Club, Pres. '36g Chamber ot Commerce, Vice- President '37. "And thou art long, lank and brown, one of the clever- est boys we've found." HOBBS, MARTHA ALICE "Precise, apt, and willing. One can't iind fault with her." HOLCOMBE, DOROTHY Service Club '36y Chamber ot Commerce '37g Hall t Committee '35. "None know thee but to love thee, None name thee but to praise thee." HOLCOMBE, WEBB Football '36g Chamber of Commerce '37. H The force of his own merit makes his way." ""' I "1 HOLLOWAY, VIRGINIA Knitting Club, Vice Pres. '37. "A smile that greets all in the same way, And'wins every heart she meets every day." HOLMES, MARGARET G. S. A. '34, '35, '36, '37: Vice Pres. G. S. A. '35, '36: "The Love Bug" '34g "Mail Order Brides" '357 "The Whole Town's Talking" '36p National Honor Society, Pres. '37g Folk Dancing Club '37g Student Council '36: Student Senate '37g Latin Club '35p Best Citizen Soph. Class '35g Stunt Night '36.' "True worth is in being not seeming, For she who is honest, is noble." ' HONEA, SYBIL Service Club '37p Nature Study Club '36g Knitting Club '37p Choral Club '37. "Friend to truth! Oh soul sincere In action faithful, and in honor clear." HOLT, EUGENE Hall Committee '34, '35p "Mail Order Brides" '35g Tennis Club '36g Athletic Club '37. "He comes to his task as to a sport." HOWARD, FRED "l'm not as tough as my name." dt. Vik WK' '7'f:'vf't I iz, E. Q ff, 1 'S R1 it E.. r . s iw Q" ist,- .' . t ...' .-f the H' e?1.:.Jx.t . . , - K., L.. . ft 4. 1, 'j"v4""wfw1r,'.- , -f W '1,"', Jia," jf HUBBARD, CHARLES Student Council '34, "The Love Bug" '34, "The Whole Town's Talking" '36, "Mail Order Brides" '35, "Smilin' Through" '37, Yell Leader '37, Football '36, Dramatic Club '36, Folk Dancing Club '37, Annual Staff, Sports Editor ' '37, National Honor Society '37. "Men may come, men may go, but l stay on ' forever." HUGHES, ATRCHIE "Home was not built in a day." HUNTSMAN, DELORES Spanish Club, Sec. '35, "The Love Bug" '34, Service Club '36, Chamber of Commerce '37, Stunt Night '36, Home Economics Club '35, G. S. A. '34, '35, '36, '37, Pep Squad '35, National Honor Society- Reporter '37. "Her ways are ways of pleasantnessf' HURST, GERTRUDE "She is distinction without cz difference." INGRAM, SIDNEY Football '36, '37, "Mail Order Brides" '35, Archery Club '36, Chamber of Commerce '37, Latin Club '35, Hall Committee '34. "Ii.sorneone doesn't kill me, I'll live until I die." IVEY, HAZEL lo Pep Squad '34, "Mail Order Brides" '35, Baseball '35, Archery Club '36, Reporter for Mirror '36, Quill and Scroll '37, Latin Club '35, Home Economics Club '35, Major Devereux's Amateur Club '37. "She is pretty as she is fweel, As an artist she can't be beat." IACKSON, LYNDON Football '36. "Our reward is in the race we run, not in the prize." IAMES, PLUG Pep Squad '35, Chamber of Commerce '36, '37, Spanish Club '35, G. S. A. '34. "If l can keep one heart from brealcingefl shall not live in vain." IENKINS, SHIRLEY President of Freshman Class '34, "The Love Bug" '34, Yell Leader '35, '37, Vice Pres. of G. S. A. '35, Pres. of G. S. A. '36, '37, "The Whole ToWn's Talking" '36, Best Girl Athlete '36, Student Senate '37, Na- tional Honor Society '36, '37, Most Popular Girl '37, Folk Dancing Club '37, l-lall of Fame '36, Delegate to S. G. A. Convention '37, Reflector Stall '37. "A good student, a good worker, and a faithful friend." IOHNSON, OLEN Football '36, Track '36, Chern- istry Club '36, Radio Club '37. "Won't somebody help him bear the burden of the World?" t - 'E' ,.,.g-C4 l IOHNSON, WAYNE "Unique sort ot a fellow." IOHNSTON, MILDRED Fclk Dancing Club '37. "Her modesty is a candle to her merit." IUDY, LUCILLE Latin Club '35, 365 Chamber of Commerce '37g Service Committee '37. "True lriendships are eternal ." KESTERSON, EMERY "Love lifted him." KENNEDY, CLAY "Amare by faith, lriend by l l choice." KIMMEL, LAMOINE Chamber of Commerce '37: Archery Club '36g Stunt Night '36g Service Committee '37. "Determination is the master key to success." KING, HELEN Library Club '36, '37g Cham- ber of Commerce '377 Choral Club '34, '36g Pep Squad '35, '36p Latin Club '35g "The Love Bug" '34g "The Whole Town's Talking" '36. "How she can sing a song." KOONE, BETTY RUE G. S. A. '34, '35, '36, '37g Student Council '35: "The Love Bug" '34g Vice Pres. of Fresh. Class '347 Treasurer of Soph. Class '35g Best All- Around Athlete '36y Tumbling Club, Sqt.-at-Arms '36p Band Sweetheart '37. "Worth the acquaintance ol anyone." IAcoBs, REO "Good nature is indeed a lortunaie, gilt." KRENEK, I. B. Harmonica Club '36p Athletic Club '36. "Ot all the joys I recall, love is by tar the best ol all." f 3, . 4. .r i v .tl 59 E ,lil .1 rf J 1 -l t -.3 .At Sai ,fl ,Q AJ . t .- Q1 -is +1 .4 4 4 .l l -1 Z .,V KRUEMCKE, ZADA Tennis Club '37, G. S. A. '34, '35, '36, '37p Senior Athletic Manager '37, "Her deeds are nobler than words, Het actions miqhtier than boasting." LAIRD, DICK Archery Club '37, Tennis Club '36, "Faint heart n'er won fair lady." LAIRD, EVELYN Quill G Scroll, Pres. '37, An- nual Stafi, Literary Editor '37p Latin Club, Pres. '36, '37, Student Council '34, '36, '37g "The Love Bug" '34y Service Committee '36g Mirror '34, '35, Annual Staff, Soph. Editor '35g Archery Club '36g Spanish Queen '35g Pep Squad '34, "She is lots oi fun and has eyes that shine as bright as the sun." LANGLEY, LILLIAN "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." LAMKE, CECIL Mirror Staff '37g Athletic Club '37. "Lite's too short to squander." wp- ff- LAND, IOE CARROLL Board of Disciplineg Annual Staff, Editor '37, Annual Staff, Business Manager '36, Mirror '36, Delegate to S, S. G. A. '37, Senate '37g Student Coun- cil '35, '36, National Honor Society '377 Quill and Scroll '37, Chamber of Commerce '36, Hall of Fame '36g Vice Pres. of Student Body '36, Pep Squad '34. "Efficiency with a capital LANGHAM, IOHN Chemistry Club '36g Folk Dancing Club '37. "He makes many friends but no enemies." LANGHAM, TRESSIE Etiquette Club '36, Service Committee '37, "D e a c on Dubbs" "36g Tennis Club '36p Basketball '36, "The secret ol success is constancy of purpose." LA SEUR, IOYCE Etiquette Club '36p Baseball '34, '35, Dramatic Club '35, '36, Latin Club '36g Volley Ball '35g Pep Squad '35, '36. "You may search this land just anywhere, and none you'll find who's halt so fair." LEATH, MARY Etiquette Club '36, Home Eco- nomics Club '36p Basketball '34g Volley Ball '34. "A bashiul, modest, young lady is she." LEE, Buss!-:Y Basketball '34, Baseball '34, "Red Head Step Child" '34, "Friendliness wins the race Bussey takes first place." LEE, MILDRED "A soul full ot worth, and as void ot pride, who nothing seeks to show or needs to hide." LEE, RUSSELL Basketball '36, Boys' Choral Club '36, Radio Club '37. "Earnest and sincere in all he undertakes." LOCK, LORING Radio Club '37, Football 36, Basketball '36, Harmonica Club '36, Stunt Night '36, Boys' Choral Club '36, Pep Squad '34. "Good nature and good sense are his companions." LONG, Dortis Etiquette Club '36, Girls' Sott Ball '33. "She likes to work, she likes to play, She accomplishes both ---' day by day." MADISON, IACK "The Love Bug" '34, Service Committee '35, Football '36, '37, Archery Club '36, Folk Dancing Club '37. "My strength is as the strength ot ten, Because my heart is pure." MAGEE, IUNE G. S. A. '36, Tumbling Club 36, "The Love Bug" '34, Vol- ley Ball '36, Tennis Club '37. "A smile tor all, a greeting glad An amiable jolly Way she had." MATTHEWS, RALPH Basketball '35, '36, Mgr. ol Football Team '36, Chemistry Club '36, Radio Club '37. "He comes to his task as to a sport." MCCUNE, PATRICIA Gymnastic Club '35, Radio Club '37. "One of the most lovable girls in K. H. S." TMCLEOD, BEss1E Knitting Club '37, S e r vi c e Club '36, Major Devereux's Amateur Club '37. "She is distinction without ditterencef' M1-:Lcx-non, IUANITA Radio Club '37, Chamber of Commerce '36, President of Freshman and Sophomore English Class '34, '35 "Love me little, love me long." MILLER, EDITH Basketball '34, Spanish Club Reporter '35, Service Club '37, Chamber ot Commerce '37. "She is. herself ot the best things, the collection." MITCHELL, WESLEY Band '36, '37, Harmonica Club '36. "He knows nothing ialse, tears nothing known." MUcHowIcH, RAYMONL Football at ' College, Vice- President of Public Speaking Class. I "Rome was not built in u day." MURPHY, ALLENE "Like the violet, which alone prospers in some happy shade." -- MURPHY, LENA DEE Knitting Club '37, Major Dever- eux's Amateur Club '37, G. S. A. '34, "Annie Laurie" '36, Pep Squad '34, Service Club '3b. "True to the old proverb-a generous size is a true sign ot a good nature." MURPHY, THOMAS Tennis Club '36, '37, Band '36, '37, Student Council '37. "Everyone is son of his works." NORWOOD, LENOIR MAE Home Economics Club, Presi- dent '34, Etiquette Club, Sec- retary '36, Latin Club, Treas- urer, '35, Latin Club, Vice-Pres- ident, '36, Knitting Club, Sec- retary and Treasurer, '37, "The Whole Town's Talking" '36, Student Council '37. "A pretty qirl with dainty ways, And a charming personality that always pays." NEWMAN, EMMA Lou G. S. A. '34, '35, Service Club '35, '36, '37, Figure Drawing Club, Secretary '37. "She is a sweet little blond, Ol whom we all are very fond." OGDEN, GLENN Folk Dancing Club '37, Foot- ball '34, Service Club. "Always his own attairs he tends." QGILVIE, MACK Service Club '34, Stunt Night '36. "Come trip as we go, On the light, fantastic toe." OLIVER, GERTRUDE Chamber of Commerce '36, "The Whole Town's Talking" '36, "The Love Bug" '34, Re porter of Freshmen '34, Glee Club '34. "Many questions won't till a bushel." PARR, GWENDOLYN Social Service Club '37, Arch- ery Club '36, Student Coun- cil '37, Chamber of Commerce '36. "Gentle in manner, firm in reality." PAULK, FLORETTA Pep Squad '35, Service Club '36, "Make merry though the day be gray, Forget the clouds, let's be gays, PHILLIPS, LORENE Spanish Club '35, "The Love Bug" '34, Service Club '36, Stunt Night '36, Chamber of Commerce '37, Pep Squad '35, Home Economics Club '33, "Ot all the girls that e'er was seen, There is none so fine as Lorene-." PILLOW, HOPE Major Devereux's Amateur Club '37, Sewing Club '35, Chamber of Commerce. "She makes 'A' while the sun shines." PONDER, BUDDY "Go to war, pray, to sea, pray twice, marry, pray forever." PooL, MAURICE Band '35, '36, '37, Boys' Choral Club '36, Chamber of Commerce '37, Spanish Club '35. "lnlorrnationiethat's his side- line." RAINEY, I. W. Band '35, '36, '37, Tennis Club '35, '37, Tennis Doubles at Country Meet '36. Silence is oiten an accom- plishmentf' RAINS, ERMA Baseball '34, Volley Ball '34 '35, '36, Service Club, Camera Club, Secretary and Treasurer '37. "l have a heart with room lor every joy." 'r ' Wi l 4 1 nfl ,1 bl -I .,, 1 t mit. RAINS, NORMA Volley Ball '34, '35, '36, Base- ball '34, Freshmen Class Re- porter '34, Service Club, Camera Club '37. "Good humor only teaches charm to last." HANDLES, NAN G. S. A. '34, '35, Pep Squad '34, '35, '36, Home Economics Club '35, '36, Figure Drawing Club '37, Chamber of Corn- merce '36, Volley Ball '34, Service Club '37, Latin Club '34, '35. "Earth's noblest thing-a woman perfected." READ, DELMAR "A boy with no enemies." RENWICK, LUCILLFZ Pep Squad '34, Latin Club, President '35, Service Com- mittee '36, '37, Archery Club, Reporter '35, '37, Annual Staff '37. Gracious as sunshine, sweet as dew." RIDDLE, CHARLES Chemistry Club, Reporter '36, "The Love Bug" '34, Radio Club '37. "A wee bit shyer." - ----lr ROBBINS, ETHAN Vice-President ot Student Body '37, Student Senate '37, Band '35, '36, '37, "The Whole TOwn's Talking" '36, "Smilin' Through" '37, Chairman of Service Committee '37, Major Devereux's Amateurs '37, Stunt Night '36, Boys' Choral Club '36, Stage Band '36. "He is a good music maker." ROBERTSON, RICHARD Track '34, '35, '36, Football '37, Folk Dancing Club '37, President of Senior Class '37, Student Senate '37. "Thoughtful of others, ready to work, Always ready no duty to shirk." ROBINSON, REGINALD President Ot Student Body '37, Football '36, President of Sophomore Class '35, Vice- President Senior Class '37, Vice-President Iuntor Class '36, Student Council '35, '36, Chamber of Commerce, Presi- dent '37, Spanish Club, Prest' dent '35, "The Love Bug"' '34, Stunt Night '36, Annual Staff '35, '36, Tennis Club '36, "Courtly and staunch, un- daunted in a task His hobby is to do his best." ROSE, WAYNE LEE Tennis Club. "Six toot tour and every inch a man." RUSSELL, DWANE Boys' Choral Club '36. "They love, they hate, but they cannot do without him." RUSSELL, HELEN GAY G. S. A. '34, '35, '36, Dra- matic Club '36, "The Love Bug" '34, Tennis Club '37. "Still and quiet, but deeper than you think." SADLER, LAvoN Archery Club, Secretary '36, Latin Club, Treasurer '35, Annual Staff '37. "Common sense is an uncom- mon thing." SANDERS, BILLY Athletic Club '36, Basketball '37, Spanish Club '35. "Happy am I, from care l'm tree, Why aren't they all content- ed like me?" SCALES, MARIE Tennis Club '36, Tumbling Club '35, Hall Committee '37. "lt's the smile you wear, that makes the sun shine everywhere." SHELDON, IACK "An honest man has a happy heart." SHEPHERD, W. B. Football '37, Boys' Choral Club '36, Folk Dancing Club '37. "An excellent student, and a friend to all." SHIPP, EDNA BESS Camp Fire Girls '37. "She lives most who thinks most, teels noble, acts best." SHORT, IEAN Choral Club '35, '36, "The Love Bug" '34, G. S. A. '34, Student Council '34, Service Club '35, '36, "Smilin' Through" '37, Latin Tourna- ment '36, Stunt Night '36, Tennis Club '37, Latin Club, Vice'Presiclent '36, Spanish Club, Secretary '35. "We do not doubt that for one so true, there must be noble work to do." SIZEMORE, EVELYN Spanish Club '35, Nature Study Club, Secretary and Treasurer '36, Etiquette Club '37, Basketball '36, Service Committee '37. "A friend to all she knows." SMITH, E. H. Future Craftsmen of America, Vice-President '37. "His actions spell his character." SMITH, VERNON Iunior Class President '36, Football '36, Student Council '37, Service Club '36, Athletic Club, Vice-President '37, Iunior Pin Committee '36, "The Love Bug" '34, "Whats the use of worrying? lt never was worthwhile." SPERLICH, EILEEN G. S. A. '34, '35, Pep Squad '34, Archery Club, Secretary '36, Chamber of Commerce '37, "The Love Bug" '31, Spanish Club '35, Service Committee '35, '36, '37, Stunt Night '36. "One who is never we ry-- Always bright, always cheery." STANLEY, EDWIN Student Council '34, "Every man is the architect of his own destiny." STANLEY, WILLIAM Home Room President '35. "An aiiable and courteous gentleman." STEWART, WILLIE MAE Spanish Club '35, Chamber of Commerce '36, Service Committee '37, Office Assist- ant '37, Mirror Staff '37, Library Club '37. "True worth is in being not seeming, - For she who is honest, is noble." SUMMY, IMOGENE Camp Fire Girls, Secretary '37 "Graceiully gracious and con siderate to all." TATUM, A. I. National Honor Society, Band '35, '36, '37, Quill and Scroll '37, Annual Staff '37, Secre- tary of Sophomore Class '35, "The Love Bug" '34, Student Council '36, Service Commit- tee '34, Treasurer of Senior Class '37, Office Assistant '35, '36, '37. "A large mind in a small head." TAYLOR, DELL Football '34, '35, '36, '37: Track '34, '35, '36. "Football is his specialty! Women are his sidelines!" TAYLOR, LORENE Volley Ball '35, '36, '37, Base- ltall '35, Tennis Club '37, Service Club '36, '37, Basket- ball '35, '36, '37. "True worth and dependa- bility." THOMAS, EDNA Chamber of Commerce '37. "Our choice in more than one way." THoMAsoN, BEN Folk Dancing Club, Vice- President '37, Vice-President ot Dramatic Art Class. "Activities, lame, and his courteous manner have made him cz favorite with all." THOMPSON, BOBBIE Volley Ball '34, '35, '36, '37, Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37, Etiquette Club, Reporter '36, Office Assistant '36, "l seek one man. Which one?" TORIAN, FERN Etiquette Club '36, Service Club '36, Home Economics Club '37. "A sweet and lovable girl whom we all admire." TROBOY, GARLAND Boys' Choral Club '36. "A man ol mark." WALLACE, DORETHA Dramatic Club '36, Radio Club '37, Service Club. "Pleasing, friendly, and ready to do her part." WARNER, IEANNETTE Choral Club '35, '36, G. S. A. '34, "The Love Bug" '34, "The Whole Town's Talking" '36, Student Council '34, Stunt Night '36, Office Assistant '34, '35, Service Club '34, '35, '36, Spanish Club, Reporter '36, Home Economics Club '34, Volley Ball Tournament '35. Hleannette is a born optimist. Her outlook on life is a re- sult of cheerfulnessf' WEIST, GERALD Band, Aeronautics Club, President '37. "Ambition has no rest." WHITWORTH, G. C. Student Council '35, Band '35, '36, '37, "Annie Laurie" '36, "The Whole Town's Talking" '36, Hall Committee '34, Radio Club '37, Major Devere-ux's Amateurs '37, Boys' Choral Club '36. "There is a man in tlze world who is never turned down,- He is greeted with pleasure wherever he goes." WARRICK, NOEMA Student Council '37, G. S. A. '35, Mirror Staff '37, Pep Squad '34, '35, f36, Baseball '34, '35, '36, Volley Ball '34, '35, '36, Basketball '34, '35, '33, Archery Club '36, Span' ish Club '35, Tennis Club '37. "Good nature and good sense must ever join as have yours." WEAST, FRANCES Band '34, '35, Latin Club, Secretary '35, '36, Tumbling Club '36, Archery Club '37, "The Love Bug" '34, Service Committee '35. "The more you know her the better you like her." WHITE, IACK Radio Club '37. if 1 Can't you see I'm bashful?' WILSON, lOHN Tennis Club '36, Archery Club '37. "A little learning is a danger' ous thing." WOLEE, CONSTANCE F. Etiquette Club '36, Service Club '36. "Her air hath a meaning Her movement a grace." WITHERINGTON, OUITA Tennis Club '36, Knitting Club '37. "Always faithful to that sho undertakes." WOMACK, LORRAINE Band '35, '36, '37, Tumbling Club '36, Folk Dancing Club '37, Secretary of Band '37. "Dark hair, dark eyes All smiles, no sighs." WOODMANSEE, GLENN Athletic Club '37, "Smilin' Through" '37, Boys' Choral Club '36, President of Home Room '37. "A rare combination, good humor, hard worker, always agreeable." A WYATT, HARRY Vice-President Home Room '36, Boys' Choral Club '36, Folk Dancing Club '37, Major Devereux's Amateurs '37. "What a piece of work is a man-the beauty of this world." WYCHE, DOROTHY Folk Dancing Club '37, Stu- dent Council '36, Etiquette Club '36, Office Assistant 37, Latin Club, Secretary '35. "Friendship for many, love lor one." YAREROUGH, CHAUNCIE Service Club, Reporter '36, Etiquette Club '37. "She is a sweet charming girl and'a good student and true pal." ZIGLER, BARBARA G. S. A., Vice-President '37, Yell Leader '37, Service Com- mittee '34, '35, Annual Staff, Assistant Business Manager '37, "The Love Bug" '34, Quill and Scroll, Vice-President '37, Tennis Club, Vice-President '36, Office Assistant '37. "She is a thorough student iilled with the spirit that makes K. H. S. what it is today." 133 gn .Memoriam ln memory of our beloved student cmd cldssmote A. l. CARTER we, the leochers cmd students ol Kilgore I-liqh School, dedicate this pdqe. Q JUNIQR L -7 Q '7 f K CLASS i QFFICERS 5 MYRICK LAND DAIL WELLS CLEO IOHNSON President Vice President ' Secreiczty Iuniors ANDREWS, BURR Chamber of Commerce '37 AARON, MARY Latin Club '36 Knitting Club '37 BOBO, EZRA Athletic Club, Secretary '37 BOLT, IOE Radio Club '37 Archery Club '36 Student Council '35 BRITTIAN, SHIRLEY BROWN, ROUDINE Pep Squad '36 Home Economics Club '36 Figure Drawing Club '37 BRUMBELOW, DOROTHY G. S. A. '35 ' Student Council '34, '35 Tumbling Club, Reporter '36 Folk Dancing Club '37 Iuniors BURNETT, MARSHALL Football '37 Tennis Club '37 Basketball '37 Track '37 BUTLER, VIRGINIA Quill and Scroll '37 G. S. A. '35 Etiquette Club '36 CARNATHAN, WILLIAM Latin Club, Vice-President '35 Student Council '36 Treasurer of Iunior Class '37 Service Club '37 Camera Club '36 CARTER, VELMA Choral Club '36, '37 "Smilin' Thru" '36 Camp Fire Girls '35, '37 Spanish Club '34 CLANCY, MARGIE G. S. A. '35, '36, '37 Tennis Club '36 Social Service Club '36 CLEMMONS, GERALD COKER, MOULTRIE Athletic ciub 'av Iuniors COOK, HAMPTON V Harmonica Club. '36 Tennis Club: '37 COOPER, WINSTON Daubers Club '37 COUCI-I, PAUL Tennis Club '36 Band '34, '35, '36, '37 Stamp and Coin Club '36 CUNNINGHAM, RAY LEWIS Figure Drawing Club '37 Basketball '37 Track '37 DAVIS, DOROTHY ANNE Harmonica Club '36 DAVIS, WILEY EWEL Athletic ciub 'sv DAWSON, MARY Spanish Club '37 Iuniors DEATON, NEILAN Spanish '37 Aeronautics '36 DENHAM, MARY LOU G. S. A. '34 Basketball '34, '35 Service Club '35 Spanish Club '35 Lions Club Minstrel '37 Radio Club '36 Library Assistant '34 Volley Ball '34, '35 Tennis Club '35 Baseball '34, '35 DENNIS, JIM Band '35, '36, '37 Radio Club '37 DUE, HELEN Basketball '36 Glee Club '36 Camp Fire Girls '37 DUFI-', BENNIE Athletic Club '37 DICKERSONL BUSTER Chamber of Commerce '37 Spanish Club '35 Service Club '36 DODSON, NELWYN "Smilin' Thru" '36 Pep Squad '35 Spanish Club '36, '37 Chamber of Commerce '37 Choral Club '36 G, S. A. '34, '35 Student Council '35 l l . ,I A . l. ,, ,,,, ,, l., Iuniors DUNKLIN, NELL Radio Club '37 G. S. A. '37 DYKES, NEVA MAE Etiquette Club, Secretary '37 HARDWICK, HAROLD Future Craftsmen oi America HORN, EEEIE DAE Quill and Scroll Student Council Service Committee HORN, MELBA KEEN Knitting Club Choral Club Tennis Club G. S. A. HUCKABEE, EVELYN Folk Dancing Club Basketball "Srnilin' Thru" '36 Service Club lunior Pen Committee HOSEY, BETTY Mirror Staff Quill and Scroll Choral Club Iuniors INGRAM, GENE Daubers Club '37 IASPEB, IANELLA "Smilin' Thru" '36 Radio Club '37 Service Committee Student Council '35 IETER, IOHN T. Band '34, '35, '36, '37 Archery Club '36, '37 IERNIGAN, DOYLE Aeronautics Club, Vice-President '37 Band '36, '37 IOHNSON, CLEO Annual Staff '37 G. S. A., Secretary '37 Student Council Secretary '37 Camera Club, Vice-President '37 Tumbling Club, Secretary '36 IOHNSON, LEO Service Club ' Aeronautics Club, Reporter '37 IOHNSON, VIVIENNE Quill and Scroll '37 Iuniors IORDAN, NANCY Folk Dancing Club '37 Service Committee G. S. A. '35 KENNEDY, ERNEST LEE Spanish Club, President '36 KESTERSON, O. L. Athletic Ciub 'av KNOX, BRADLEY Aeronautic Club '37 Service Club LACY, MARY BOB Student Council '37 Hall Committee '36, '37 Spanish Club LACEY, PERSHING Camera Club '37 LAIRD, IAMES EVERETTR Iuniors LAND, MYRICK E. President of Iunior Class '37 Senate '37 Parliamentarian of Library Science Club Band '36 Student Council '36 LANGFORD, MARY The Daubers Club, President '37 "Smilin' Thru" '36 Student Council '36 Latin Club '36 Tennis Club '36 LANGHAM, ARVERN Camera 'Club '37 LANSFORD, MARGIE LEE Library '36, '37 LAMKIN, VAN The Daubers Club '37 LAWRENCE, ELMC Figure Drawing Club '37 LEE, CETRUE Home Economics Club, Secretary '37 Service Committee Iuniors LEVY, BERNIOE Radio Club '37 Band '37 Choral Club '36, '37 "Smilin' Thru" '35 LEACH, HENRY REA G. S. A. Spanish Club Choral Club '36, '37 LIEBRIUM, CLYDE Chamber Ol Commerce LONG, MILDRED Quill and Scroll '37 Service Committee LYON, TRUMAN Band '36, '37 Aeronautics Club MAHAN, CURTIS MAIORS, PEGGY IOYCE G. S. A. Chamber of Commerce Service Committee Choml Club '37 Iuniors MARTIN, DELENA Spanish Club G. S. A. MARTIN, IAMES Future Craftsmen of America '37 PYLE, IACK Camera Club MAY, HELEN Radio cub 'sv G. S. A. "Smilin' Thru" '36 MEFFERD, LORENE G. s. A. Camp Fire Girls Service Club MONROE, L. A. Radio Club '37 Basketball '36, '37 Track '37 MORE, HELEN I u n i o r s MOORE, WESTON Chamber of Commerce '37 Band '36, '37 Latin Club '36 MOSTEIT, TOM Football MURPHREE, LUCILLE Service Club Social Service Club MUssER, IOHNNIE Chamber of Commerce MYERS, WILLIE Figure Drawing Club 1 MOFARLIN, STANFORD MCGRADY, ABIGAIL G. S. A. Camp Fire Girls Service Club Choral Club G, Iuniors MCRAE, OZELLA Student Council '35 Choral Club '35, '36 Radio Club '37 G. S. A. '35, '36 Pep Squad '36 Latin Club, Secretary '36 "Penitent Pirates" '35 "Annie Laurie" '36 NICHOLS, EULA PAYE' OHLIN, LUCIE Student Council '37 Chamber of Commerce '36 Choral Club '35, '36, '37 Service Club Tennis Club Pep Squad Latin Club '36 O'DEA, EFPIE MAE Folk Dancing Club '37 Service Club ODOM, SYBLE S. A., General Athletic Manager G. S. C., Treasurer The Daubers Club '37 OLIVER, DOROTHY The Daubers Club '37 Service Club OSTEEN, HERMAN Aeronautics Club I u n i o r s OSTROM, CAMILLE . "Smilin' Thru" '36 Choral Club G. S. A. Radio Club '37 Dramatic Club '36 Band PARK, DELBERT Radio Club '37 Archery Club '36 PASSMORE, IOYCE Chamber of Commerce G. S. A. Pep Squad Home Economics Club Service Club PH1Li.1Ps, ELDON Athletic ciub '37 POOL, ELIZABETH Folk Dancing Club '37 Band Spanish Club POSTON, HERSHEL RAINEY, LORINE Home Economics Club '35 Etiquette Club '36 Indoor Games Club '37 Iuniors RICHARDSON, POLLY ANN Social Service Club '37 ROACH, NEAL Athletic Ciub 'sv ROSE, GLADYS Knitting Club '37 Etiquette Club '36 G. S. A. '35 SCOTT, I. W. SHERRON, MAMIE RUTH Library Club '35, '36 Spanish Club '34 WARMAN, MARJORIE Student Council '36 Fiqure Drawing Club '37 Service Committee DUDLEY, NANCY PAY I Q 1 i ...'. 1 x X. '1- .J I u n i o r s DUNCAN, PAULINE Tennis Club DUNAWAY, MATTIE DYER, RAY Tennis Club '37 ELLISON, RAYMOND Aeronautic Club '37 FAMBROUGH, NOMA EARL Home Economics Club '37 FAMBROUGH, IDA IEWEL Home Economics Club '37 FORRESTER, EMMA IEAN Spanish Club Service Club Iuniors FORRESTER, IAMES FLOYD Radio Club '37 GAMBLE, ORA MAE Quill and Scroll '37 Student Council '36 Band Choral Club Spanish Club GARNER, BILLIE Knitting Club '37 GEE, R. C. IR. Tennis Club '37 GOINS, MARIE Spanish Club A GORDON, IOY Mirror Staff Figure Drawing Club GREENE, FRANCES Knittinq Club Iuniors GREENLEE, DONALD Athletic Club '36 GREER, DOROTHY Tennis Club "Smilin' Thru" '36 HARGROVES, CECIL Athletic Club '37 Service Club HARPER, GERALDINE Knitting Club HAYS, HARVEY IR. Tennis Club Football HEDGE, LAVERNE Knitting Club I-IENSLEY, GENE Student Council Iuniors HEYROTH, LOUISE Student Council Service Club Quill and Scroll Latin Club Mirror Reporter HIGGINBOTHAM, F. F Radio Club HOLLOWAY, L. O. Tennis Club Mirror Staff Band SHIRLEY, CHARLES SHORT, PEGGY LOU SKEELS, MARGARET SMITH, CLAUDE I u n i o r s SMITH, GEORGE SMITH, MARIE SOLLEY, EARL SPECKMAN, ROBERT SPENCER, MURDA SPERLICK, FRANK STANSEL, WILMA I u n i o r s STEPHEN, GEORGE STEVENS, GEORGE TEETERS, C. I. TOUPS, PHILLIP TRIMBLE, JAMES TROUTMAN, DOROTHY TUTT, JAMES Iuniors VAN METER, INEZ WALDO, ESTELLE WARREN, CHARLES WARREN, IUNIOR WATVSON, EARELD WATSON, MILDRED WEEKS, RUTH WELLS, DAIL Iuniors WHITE, CECILE WICKMAN, GERALD WILLIAMS, ALDA WILLIAMS, FLORA WILSON, ALICE WILSON, ALVARENE WOODYARD, L. H. YOUNG, MARTHA n I-25- E ii I I I fa. If Sophomores ABERCROMBIE, IOHN, IR. ADAMSON, ALOIE BIRD, ETHI-:L BLACK, ANNA IEAN ADDIE, I. C. ANDERSON, CHARLES BLANE, Z. D. BOLT, IERRY ANDERSON, ALANDRA ARNOLD, DON BOYD, CHARLES BROWN, ELBERT ANDING, LA VERNE AVERY, CHARLES BRUMLEY, LORENE BRYMER, HAROLD BAILES, KENNETH BAILEY, DOYLE BUCHANAN, MARY MARGARET CALAWAY, FLOYD BAKER, MILDRED BALLARD, LOUIS CAMP, ANNIE MERLE COLVERT, OPAL BARKER, CURTIS BARNES, MARSH Cox, HAROLD H. CRAWFORD, LOUISE BATON, SAM BAUSKE, TERRY CHANDLER, HELEN CHAPMAN, LEOLA BAYLISS, HORACE BEATTY, BETTY CHOICE, CARRIE GUS CLACK, NEVA Io Sophomores CoLvIN, MARIE COOPER, CARL CLAY EVANS, FLOYD FARRAR, MELBA CROW, LOUISE CURRY, AUBREY FASON, WILLIS FEARN, NEVA JEAN CURRY, IAMES DANIELS, ET1-IELLE FISI-IERO, PAYE FLOURNOY, EMON DAVIDSON, IOI-INIE MAE DAVIS, ELIZABETH FORD, EARL FRYAR, Lois DICKERSON, MYRTLE DICKSON, BILLIJENE FORD, WILLIA MAE HANNA, MINTON DOLLAR, MARY ELLEN DORIS, BETTY Io HAMMONS, BARBARA HARP, MILDRED DOYLE, BARBARA DOZIER, IUANITA HAWTHORNE, ADA HERRING, EMMA DUDLEY, DUANE DUVALL, DIXIE HEARRELL, EDNA HERRING, IOI-IN DYKES, LOTTIE MAE ELSE, JEAN HOLLAND, ALLEN HOLLAND, AUGUSTA J . . ,,, ., f'3 L. 1 4 'L T' .IE Y I 1 I 4 ,A 1 H 1 1 1 4 Y 4.1 M gre pn 5: 'if E f., 'S Erg- Qi, I c I , , Sophomores HOLLINGSWORTI-I, VIRGINIA HOLLY, DAVID GREEN, GLENA JANE GREEK, LAWRENCE HOLMES, DENNAN GABY, BIRDINE GRESI-IAM, DAVE GRIFFIN, DORIS GABY, EARLINE GALLMAN, DOROTHY GRIFFIN, DOROTHY GRIFFIN, IOSIBEL GANGWERE, ROBERT GARNER, CARLENE GRIFFIN, WAYNE HULL, LESTER GARNER, RAY GENTRY, DORIS WARREN, NORMAN HUCI-IINS, CHARLES GIFFORD, SALLY GILLILAND, BILLIE MAE HYATT, LEOVICE IRWIN, JOHN GILPIN, SHIRLEY GLADDEN, TROY IVY, DAMA JAMES, WILL GREEN, GOLDIE GOODWIN, THAD JAMES, ZARA JENKINS, RUTH GARICPY, BILL GOWER, ALEENE , JETER, JACK JOI-INSON, ALBERT Sophornores IOHNSON, DALE IOHNSON, LOVETA LEVY, TALMA LONSBURY, LOUIS IOHNSON, MATA JONES, FRANCES LYNN, CLIVE LEE, GENEVA IONES, I. L. KAHLE, ARRAI-IWANNA MARION, TI-IELMA MARLETT, EVERETT KENNEDY, AMANDA KENNEDY, BRYCE MARSHALL, EARL MARTIN, RUBIE KERNS, RETTA KIREY, THOMAS MARTIN, WILSON MARTINSON, LUCILE KIRKSEY, ELEANOR KRENEK, LOUISE MAYES, JACK MCIILTON, BROWNIE KNARR, VINCENT MASTERS, LOUISE MCMULLEN, GEORGE MCNEESE, JAMES LATTEMORE, MARY MARGARET LONG, MARGARET METHVIN, LOUISE METI-IVIN, GEORGIA LONG, LA VERNE LEFLORE, WILLIAM WINDHAM, LAFERNE MITCHELL, VERNIE I Q I I 4 S I 4 E4 Y: I 4 1 . Sophomores MOCK, O. D. MOMAN, LLOYD PROPES, DONALD PURIFOY, I. B. MOORE, IUSTINE MOUSER, CHESTER REEVES, GEORGE RHODES, VIRGIE OLA MURPHY, HORACE, IR. MURRY, CECIL MAE ROBERTSON, MARY ROBINSON, ELIZABETH NATION, FRANCES NEHLS, PEGGY RODGERS, WELDON ROWLAND, RUTH NUSKO, PAULINE OLIVER, WYLIE ROSE, DARLYNE RUSSELL, BILLY OSTROM, IACK PARKER, LUTHER RUSELL, GLEN RUSSELL, IAMES BURR PARRISI-I, GUY MORRIS PI-IILLIPS, ROLLIE RUSSELL, GLADYS SANFORD, ARDIS POOLE, IEANNETTE PORTER, GLORIA SCOTT, IOE DELL SEAGO, H. WILLIM POTTS, TRELMA POWELL, WOODROW SEWELL, EWART SHEPHERD, WANDA Sophomores SHORES, WILBURN SMITH, DORMAN TAYLOR, MAXINE THORNTOM, MYREL SMITH, ESTELL IONA SMITH, IZELL TOWNSEND, WYNELLE THOXEL, RALPH SOWDERS, ELLA FAB SPARKS, CECIL VAUOI-IAN, FRANCIS VAUGI-IAN, WILMA SPEER, T. F. SPERLICI-I, DOLORES LAVERNE VAUGI-IAN, GAYLORD WALDING, IUANITA SPRINGER, HELEN STALLMAN, GUY RUE WALDO, MARION WALKER, EVELYN STAPP, DALE STAPLES, I. W. WARD, LENA WARREN, ALBERT STILL, BEATRICE STEWART. DALTON WATERS, COREAIN WNVATSON, IAMES STILL, LAGRAND STILLWELL, VIRGLE WEAVER, MAGDALENE WEBB, CHARLES LEE SWORD, IRIS TAFT, TI-IELMA WELLS, I-IUGI-I WENDELL, IOHNETTE Sophomores WESTBROOK, DRUESCILLA W WHITE, WARREN x WHITTINGTON, MARIANNA WILLIAMS, LAVERNE . WILLIAMSON, GLADYS WILLIS, LEONARD a . 1 4 L WILLOUGHBY, MORTON b 4 Sophomores WINDHAM, LAFERNE WOMACK, MARGARET WREN, PAUL Yocum, LORA FRANCES TAYLOR, MAXINE YOUNG, BETTY SMITH N ZAHN, HENRY : Freshmen ABERCROMBIE, ELLA BETH ADAMSON, LOIS BROWN, MARY MARTIN BURNS, MAVERION ALLEN, FRANCES ALLEN, I. G. BURTON, IACQUELYN BUTLER, DOROTHY ARNOLD, PHILIP BAGGETT, LORENE CAMMACK, ELMORE CARTER, GENEVA BAILEY, DAPHINE BASSIT, I. S. CHAFIN, BOB CHAPMAN, MASON BLAINE, SYLVIA BLANTON, CURTIS CHERRY, SILAS CHESHIRE, WALTER BARR, IAMES HOLLIS BARR, RUTH MARIE CHOICE, EARLINE CLARK, MARTIN BLISS, MARY ALICE BOBO, BESSIE CLARK, ROY LEE CLINE, OMEGA BO'EO, VERNON BOWERMAN, IAUNITA CLINE, ORPHA COBB, TORNNSEND BRASHER, BILL BROWN, LAURA COBES, DELMA COKER, NONA RAY Freshmen COHEN, DEVORAH COLLINS, ALBERT DAVENPORT, MARIORIE DAVIS, BILLY COLLINS, L. B. COLLUM, NEAL DAVIS, EDNA LAURA DAVIS, MARY NAN COLWELL, ARC!-IIE COMES, NINA MARIE DAY, E. W. DE BUSK, MARY FRANCES COMMINS, EARL COMMINS, PEARL DICKEY, EARNEST DILLAHUNTY, PERRIIAYNE COOK, MURRAY COOK, NEDRA DIVERS, HERBERT DUNCAN, IACK COOPER, ELDRIDGE Cox, I. C. DUNKLIN, EDWARD DUNN, I. C. CRAY, RAYMOND CRAWFORD, LOUISE DUNWAY, LOIS HALE, HOLI- CRIM, CAMIE DELL CRIM, IOI-IN T., IR. HAMILTON, ELMER HARDIN, WELDON CUNDIFF, RAYMOND DARR, MARY FRANCES HARDWICK, OPAL HEDGES, CONNIE Freshmen VHERTZOG, HAROLD HEYROTH, BILLY ELMER, ELSIE FARROW, LORETTA HIGGINBOTHAM, NORMA HILL, IOHN FORDHAM, QUINTEN FORD, RAY HILL, LAVERNE HOISINGTON, GEORGE FORRESTER, CLYTIS FORRESTER, FAUNUS HOLDER, ERNESTINE HOOD, MACK FOSTER, TALMADGE FREEMAN, DOYLE HORN, ARTHUR HORN, LEWIS TYNE FORTH, LUCILLE FULLER, BOB HOWARD, CLEO HOWARD, PAUL GARNER, MARY BLANCI-IE GEESLIN, ALIBENE HUDSON, BETTY HUNTSMAN, BILLY GILLILAND, DOROTHY GREENE, IOHN PHILLIP HYDE, IO LAVERNE ELKINS, EDGAR GREEK, JAMES GREER, NELLIE GENE ELLIS, ROGER ELLISON, FLORENCE GRESHAM, IESSE GRIGSBY, BILLY Freshmen GUIDRY, EDWIN GUTTRY, C. B. LANGLEY, HAROLD LAW, VIRGINIA INGRAM, LAMAR JACKSON, BOBBIE LEWIS, IACK LICON, CURTIS IAMES, IEANETTE IOHNSTON, CLIFFORD LIGON, VIRGINIA LINDSEY, JACK IOHNSON, EUGENE IOHNSON, IAMES LORD, EARNEST LYON, LAVENA IOHNSON, LARVIS IORDON, IESS MARONAY, MARTHA MARTIN, TI-IELMA KANCAID, LEON KIRBY, LILA MCFARLIN, MARY MEEICS, PAULINE KIRKSEY, I. V. KLYER, IESSIE MARIE MELTON, DEBBIE MERCER, DORIS LAIRD, KATHLEEN LAIRD, LOIS MEYER, BOB MEYER, FRANCES 1 LAIRD, MACK LANGHAM, JACK MILES, LOUISE MITCHELL, DORTHY Freshmen MONROE, IRYL MORIARTY, HAROLD POOL, HERMAN POWELL, JAMES MORRIS, J. E., JR. MOUNT, BILLIE LOUISE PRIBBLE, JEAN PRICE, ELSIE PAULINE MURRY, MARGUERITE NUSKO, SHIRLEY PRICHETT, BOBBIE S. PRUETT, HELEN OGDEN, MYRA JANE OGILVIE, MARTHA HELEN PURVIS, JOHN VERNON SCARBOROUGH, DOROTHY OLIVER, SMOKY OSBORN, EDITH JEANNE SCHOOLEY, CECIL SHEEEIELD, ZELMA OSTEEN, JACK PAGE, JACK SHEPPARD, J. D. SHEPHERD, OUIDA PATRICK, EULETA PERRY, CECIL SHERRON, BENNIE SHERRON, FRANCES PETERS, EDDIE POTTER, EDGAR W. SHERRON, HELEN SHORT, JIMMY PILLOW, RAY PITCOCK, JAKE SIMPSON, LILLIE SIMS, ROBERT Freshmen SMITH, BASSIL SMITH, LENNIE MAE TAYLOR, TOMMIE TEETERS, CHARLES SMITH, LOIS SOUTHWICK, DEAN TERRY, IACK TERRY, LUTHER SPARKS, IO PRUITT SPARKS, THELMA THORNE, BILLY THURMAN, NORMA IEAN SPECK, PAUL STANSEL, HARRY TRIMBLE, HARRY VANCE, HELEN STAEK, EVELYN STEPHEN, ELIZABETH VAUGHAN, BOB VOGEL, RUTH L. STEPHEN, ROSIABETH STOKES, LOTTYE PAYE WADE, IRENE WALDRON, ELOISE STORY, BILLY SUTHERLAND, MARGARET WARREN, NORMAN WARRICK, MERLE TACKETT, GLORIA TADLOCK, HELEN WAXLER, LELA WEATHEHFORD, MARY FRANCES TAFT, FLOSSIE TAYLOR, HELEN WEHRLI, NORMAN WESTMORELAND, AUDREY Freshmen WHEELER, WILLIS WIIITAKER, A. W. ROBINS, ALONZO WICKI-IAM, JIMMY WILSON, MADIE ROGERS, VALERA WILSON, MARY LOUISE WOOD, MAXINE ROSE, MARIE WOOD, PAULINE WOOETER, BLAND ROSE, VERA LEE WREN, WINIFRED RACHEL, CLOVER DALE ROTRAMEL, FRANK RATCLII-TE, MARINE RAY, BETTA LOU RUDD, GERALDINE REDFERN, LYNNE IRAN RENO, HAZEL RUSSELL, CHARLOTTE YARBOUGH, FRANCES ...- I T -4 -V I I I 1 3 I -I A ,A -. , , , .jx .tf A hz, 1 1 K, f E, V, , W Riff fu' 7 f"1 5 'YH Q" 'A'-'12 I'1f:"1' - L5 5 2 f- s ..1-"" ' K "W ' -A -m V - -Q ,A ' 4,.1f',':Q'.'35,4. a ,. I 1 j A 1. , ,, vw li "1 "' , ff' ,H ' ' ' -vf Q, . ' Qgym. V55 A 2 '-'el 1 Q '5 , ,x . z 1 H , ., , A :I . --1. 1 K, fu- , ' r 1, a P-,4f"' rf L Vypix ak-+ 'Tig-Si':",jf'-fi f ,.,fv, 1 fyftgk 'ni' ' x 213' A . X, . 9 ,V V . 4 .. . 'fn , "L, " - 'A fx f -MIAA M, - "aj: , - K -f +2 f ,Lufm ., ,fp . , ' . V X- - N ' H.: Qgfvr-52 J' -' -' 'F -53 11 '- ,. -: gf! -X, 4 - V . -1 ' , , , J ,M , ,L 1 -.1 :rv 2.-.L ,-Y.31'.'.,f K. 15 lj xg .4-' ,f1..:::-,I V vw., my 4. W' ABL W HA WWMQWEM' A Q? ,, ',- ww-ivf wamQff1wf:wf+Qf'Q-sv ,, - ,v,,,.,.:,.,1.,, , LMA, V . , ,H L . ,. ,gi V fc, , . .zfyq 'W ,E f fx ,. - . , V fgf. 3592 'ELI' T2 --21 . 'ff r '25 S 6: ' Amlmf Aff K IQEQCDQ 1. BILLY SANDERS 2. GWENDOLYN PARR 3. ZERA Rosy: COIII-:N 4. I. B. KRENEK 5. EMMA LOU NEWMAN 6. PATRICIA MCCUNE 7. ERMA AND NORMA RAINS 8. CLAUDIA BURNETTI: 9. HAZ:-:L Io IVY 10. EDNA THOMAS 11. EVELYN SIZEMORE 12. IUNE MAGEE 13. GLADYS GRI-:ER 14. IANE BARHAM 5. IEAN SHORT 16. GLENN OGDEN SMCDTS l. Come on, Mr. Arch- ibald: just a little smile. 2. Are these guys working or posing? 3. An action shot. 4. An oitice workers nightmare. ' 5. Boys Will be boys. 6. A street scene in '31, 7. The winners oi stunt night. 8. The faculty "Stunt" 9. The Freshmen "stunt," IO. The Iunior "stunt" gli Gqfgfafiaa 'X es., ' .X if 4 fx Rink S4 3? T-'34 x f 6 Q- N22 xg 34 Fm if ...K 1 i ,.,,fQ- + "vw.... I slugs, . , f ' - V . ,gf ,L - X . - L. , K ,desi--F 1 , Jiffififfl A ... t' ' --':2'lff'f-.K S -3,31 xlib?-i 7 12:2 fav: f ,gi--Y. - f . L- . if YV ' f- V BULL Yea tectm tlqhtt Yea team Yea team Fight! Fight' Flq BOB WATERS I'COGCh"fH9CId Couch-former Centenary oll-star Noted as one of the best line Coaches in this section-liked for his hxqh ideals cmd square shootinq character-teacher of moth-A regular fellow. EGGS Yeah Bulldogs! Sic Em! DELL TAYLOR Co-Captain This is De-l1's last year, Au C111 district bczckfield man cmd our star cmd triple threoi. He will be missed greatly next year. Woonnow Powsu. Woodrow will be with us next year. He showed rn u c h promise on the BRUCE Divzns This is Bruce's second year. Bruce is a real backfield man with nat- ural ability and he uses it to a great advantage, we welcome Bruce back next year. LYNDON JACKSON A leg injury kept Lyri- don on the bench the first part of the season but he came back in the last part with great promise. We say good- bye to Lyndon. REGINALD ROBINSON Reginald is a consistent football player and al- ways on his toes ready for anything, The Bull- dogs will miss him greatly next year. line and stopped many a ball carrier. London-September 18, 1936 The Bulldogs met and conquered their first game of the season with London High Tigers to the tune of 21 to U, at the Bulldogs' home grounds. The first score was made when Houge, a London man, was downed behind his goal. Divers intercepted a pass and raced 92 yards for a marker. Hayes took a pass from Taylor and went across into paydirt. After several drives which ended on the 15-yard line, Taylor bucked the line for a touchdown. Henderson-September 25, 1936 The Bulldogs partly avenged a last year's hurt by tying the Henderson Lions 6 to 6 at the Bulldog Stadium. The game was purely a defensive game except for the work of strong lines. Several scoring drives were ended when passes were intercepted. Henderson scored first, but in the final period Harvey Hays blocked a punt on Hendersorfs three-yard line and Taylor plunged the line for the touchdown. The try for an extra point was wild. WAYNE IOHNSON This is Wayne's first year to letter and he saved our goal line from being crossed many times. GEORGE SMITH George will be back next year. He played an important part in our l'n and uld l 1 e co a ways be depended on. EMERY KESTERSON This is Emery's second year for the Red and White and we regret to say good-bye for he h l ' th 1' e leaves a oe in e 1n that will be hard to fill. HARVEY HAYS This is Iunior's first year to letter and he showed a remarkable ability to snag passes. He ac- counted tor many scores. Nacogdoches-October 2, l936 The fighting Bulldogs Whipped the Nacogdoches Dragons 38 to 9 at the Bulldog Sta- ' dium. Harvey Hays turned in the most spectacular performance of the night. He snagged passes and raced to touchdowns, going 60 yards for one and 65 yards for the other. Taylor was the power: he plowed the line for long and frequent gains. Hays, Taylor, Marlin, Div- ers, and Smith carried the ball into paydirt for the Bulldogs. Texarkana-October 9, l936 The Bulldogs dropped their first conference game when they journeyed to Texarkana. The final score was 27 to O. There was no special train but at least 200 fans saw the Bull- dogs lose this game. Taylor, our backfield ace, left the game late in the final period with a jaw injury which developed into nothing more serious than a sprain. Again Taylor starred: his passing, punting, and plunging brought the fans to their feet many times during the game. This loss was heart-breaking for all the boys. ' i 34 l 1 I , we " . XXI Y, ., Kroon. hffgprs, J gi., jNJ8'1"' J f 1.1 I f Eirtjf if 'i Ty l6'Y"7 "" I DEWARD BRAME - 7 M e ore - O G HAROLD BRYMER Cmcq Y Q LP We'1l welconlile Harold bacli m W ' G Marshall ' 15 -Hfll Hors, '17 gf, F1 if-SRTIWXS' D ' . Longview-Gctober 16, 1936 h'1' l Q-We ' I 7 1 O The Bulldogs suffered a crushing defeat at their annual game with the Longview Lobos Qdg Wat eniere at the Bulldog Stadium. The season's largest crowd saw the contest. The Lobos clawed S - , -f - the Bulldogs 41 to O. The Lobos, a heavier and more experienced team, completely demor K", aye. 'If-alized the fighting Bulldogs. Skipper was the sparkplug oi the Longview team, making prac- tically all the markers and tirst downs while in the game. 1 Texarlima-o Marshall-October 26, 1936 With new-found enthusiasm and power, the Kilgore High School Bulldogs fought their way to a 7-2 victory over the Marshall High Mavericks. This game raised the Bulldogs con- ference standing some. The game was played on a slippery gridiron which was made soggy from several days of rain. A chilling wind added to the hazards. Taylor was the head of the Bulldogs power and got his share of the tackles. The score came when Taylor blocked a punt, picked it up, and ran 18 yards to a touchdown. Hays kicked the goal. A .L ?1 i i 2 CLAY KENNEDY This is Clay's first year for the Red and White and will be with us next year. He was small but made up for his size in ability. SIDNEY INGRAM We regret to say good-bye to Sidney. He kept our goal line from being crossed more times than it was, and was the downfall of many backfield men. t RALPH MATTHEWS Manager Sulphur Springs-November 4, l936 After many postponements, the Bulldogs played the Sulphur Springs Wildcats and beat them 24 to 6, also, they assured themselves of a 500 per cent season. Taylor starred again and continued to lay claims to all conference honors. Divers and Hays contributed to the offensive punch, and Morris Shepherd scored the final touchdown. The Wildcats never made a first down after their opening drive. Gladewater-November ll, l936 The strong Gladewater Bears calmed the Bulldogs fighting temper when the Bulldogs and the Bruins met for their annual gridiron battle on Armistice Day. Taylor was the star: al- though the Bulldogs lost. He kicked l0 times for an average of 40 yards each time-once for 55 yards. The Bulldogs were playing against a team that hadn't been defeated since the season opened. Tyler-November 21, 1936 The 1936-37 Bulldogs closed their season by dropping their last game to the Tyler Lions by a top-heavy score of 32 to 6. The Bulldogs finished with a 500 per cent season. The only spectacular run of the game came just before the gun sounded in the final period. The Lions kicked off to Taylor, who lateraled to Divers, who ran 78 yards for a touchdown. The only other Bulldog threat came when Kilgore marched to a first on the Lions one-yard line. Taylor missed the goal by inches on the fourth down. The following seniors played their last game for old K. H. S.: Iohnson, Ingram, Taylor, Robinson, Iackson, and Robertson., , - 1 , 2 t t I l i . -1 . 4 , 3 "" '- ,wc HULL TOM DRENNAN I-Ie trains the Pups to be better Bulldogs THE BULLPUPS By Head Coach Thomas Drennan The Bullpups started practice with their first game only five days away. After five days of work, they marched through the London Iunior High 19 to U. This was the only game of the season the Bullpups played at full strengthp C. T. Wise, veteran halfback, was forced to leave the London game with a broken leg and was a loss the remainder of the season. The next Week the loss of Iohn Hill, Ir., halfbackp Vernie McCullough, quarterback, and Ioe Gunn, guard, left the Bullpups more crippled than ever with two of the hardest games of the season, Tyler and Longview, to be played in four days. Oct. 20 a crippled, but fighting Bullpup eleven went down 14 tol2 before a powerful Tyler team. Oct. 23 again spelled defeat for the Bullpups, with Longview the victor 13 to 6. This game was played without the services of another regular, Harold Hutchens, center. He had not recovered from injuries received in the Tyler game. Backfield: Ligon, Iohnson, Lewis, Cherry. Line: Clark, Moore, Chatin, Hutchens, Lee, Shepherd, Iorden. PUD? IOHNSON, LEWIS, CANTER IORDEN, CHERRY, POTTER, The next week found the Bullpups eleven at home where they played Henderson Iunior Hi to a 6 to 6 tie. Nov. 6 Longview again defeated the Bullpups 6 to O. This was the only game in which the Bullpups failed to score. In this contest the Bullpups began to come to life and even though the score was 6 to U, they outplayed and outfought the Longview boys and scored two touchdowns only to have them called back due to penalties. With the remaining three games of the season to be played in eight days, the boys began to recover from their loss of six regulars. On Nov. l3 they defeated Henderson 20 to O. Nov. 17 the Bullpups played a strong London B team to a 7 to 7 tie. Nov. 21 the Bull- pups closed their season on a field of glory by defeating Tyler 32 to 6. This game gave them a season average of .500 with three wins, three losses, and two ties. The Bullpups scored 102 points to 52 for the opponents. Of the 16 lettermen this season, seven will be Bulldogs next season where really great things are expected of them. The other nine and five new recruits will be back to wear the Bullpups' colors next year. First row: Iohnson, Ligon, Iorden, Hutchens, Pot- ter, Cherry, Harden, Moore, Canter, Martin, Manager. Second row: D r e n n an, Coach, Shepherd, Lewis, C h a ti n, Terry, Lord, Story, Elkins, Clark, Lee. QASKET IIMMIE PARKS Coach Opponent Kilgore Hallsville . . 1 1 31 Browrisboro . . 3 1 19 Glennwood . . 23 27 Gilmer . . . 40 32 Danville . . 22 30 Carlisle . . 29 23 Austin . . . . 42 18 Brownsboro . . 23 17 London . . . 17 28 Brownsboro . . 18 2 1 Tyler . . . 21 15 L. A. MONROE Forward Overton . Carlisle . 'lMarsl'iall . Gilmer . . Carlisle . 'kG1adeWater ilonqview . Tyler .U . Overton . X Marshall . 24 lncomplete Conference qames HARVEY HAYS CLAY KENNED Forward Guard-Captcr Opponent Kilgore 20 27 25 24 31 27 9 27 20 31 26 Kilgore vs. Long- view. Kilqore's ball and Clay about to toss it. That number 17 i s o u r o W n George Stephen. BALL ORGE STEPHEN EARL SOLLEY Center Guard L. A. Monroe . Clay Kennedy George Stephen Bruce Divers . Harvey Hays . Earl Solley . Robert Speckrnan BRUCE DIVERS ROBERT SPECKMAN Forward Guard Field Goals Free Points 56 29 . 38 34 , 35 11 . 30 19 . 14 7 . 16 1 . . . . . 1 3 Complete through Marshall game Total Poinis 141 1 10 81 79 35 33 5 l. Coach Parks and his traveling squad. 2. W e W o n 1 h i s game with Mar- s h all a s th e start indicated. TQA Coach Matthews and his squad. Bruce Divers and Billy Clancy in the try- outs tor the dash. Dell Taylor in the tryouts for the broad jump. A perfect start. We only hope they do as well in meet. All prctur es are of try outs an CK S WGI9 Phillips clears the stick by a Wide margin. Some high hurdle attempts. One of these boys will likely break the tape for Kilgore High in the mile event. He floats through the air With the greatest ot ease. Nice poise, Bruce. I P 'taken before the track meet. 'K QHQLS Best all around girl athlete for '35 and '36 and a few of those coveted awards. The cream of the crop. The Seniors. A favorite corner with ping-pong. SDCDVQTS l. Looks like it might have been a good match from the expressions on the players faces. CChamps, do they look it?l Well anyway they won both volleyball and basketball trophies. 2. The fish prepare for the soph's kick- off in simplified soccer. 3. A few displaced feet. 4. A nice pyramid, eh? 5. Nice pose, girls. F ' ' : Q V 55? A ff 'L 9 S-'I A 7 --1113 UE 'zgcuzizafioiu 5+ ig A L X 2 Ion CARROLL LAND Editor in Chief A. I. TATUM FRANK ARCHIEBALD IOSEPH GRIFFIN Assistant Editor Sponsor Typist CHARLES HUBBARD D1-:WARD BRAME MARGIE COLLINS EVELYN LAIRD ' NELWYN Donsor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Typist Literary Editor Feature Editor: mtg VQEELEC me smm SHIRLEY IENKINS Business Manager BARBARA ZIGLER LUCILLE RENWICK IANE BARHAM Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Organizations Editor DOYLE BAILEY I. V. KIRKSEY IoHN T. CRIM IANE D1cicsoN ' CLEO IOHNSON General Assistant General Assistant General Assistant Assistant Club Editor Assistant Literary Editor MIRRQR STAFF HENRY LEE CULVER IVIISS FRANCES .LEATH CLAUDE SMITH Editor Sponsor Business Manager MEMBERS OF THE MIRROR STAFF HENRY LEE CULVER CLAUDE SMITH IOHNNIE GEORGEPUL VIRGINIA BUTLER ROY LEE CRAY BETTY HOSEY MARGARET SKEELS NORMA WARRICK Miss FRANCES LEATH, Sponsor I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MR. C. L. NEWSOME MARGARET HOLMES MRS. S. L. RUSSELL Sponsor President Sponsor The National Honor Society, formed for the betterment Ot high School students was organized in February, 1921. Charter NO. I was granted to the Fifth Avenue High School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the first president was Dr. Edward Rynearson, principal OI that school. There are now 1653 charters of the senior organization in the United States, nine in the Phillippine Islands, four in the Hawaiian Islands, two in Porto Rico, and one in the American School in Shanghai, China. The above charters of the senior organization along with 206 charters of the National Junior Honor Society in the high schools Ot the United States, brings the grand total to 1875 charters. The members of the National Honor Society are chosen from the Junior and Senior Classes in high school, the students being selected by the high School faculty, upon the basis oi Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Serv- ice. Membership is limited to I5 per cent of the members in the class. OFFICERS FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS FOR THE SECOND SEMESTER President ,.... MARGARET HOLMES President ..... MARGARET HOLMES Vice-President . . JOE CARROLL LAND Vice-President ..... JANE BAR!-IAM Secretary . . . ZERA ROSE COI-IEN Secretary . . ZERA ROSE Col-IEN Reporter .... DELORES HUNTSMAN Reporter ...... ET1-IAN ROBBINS JANE BARHAM ELIZABETH BISHOP ZERA ROSE COHEN MARGIE COLLINS HENRY LEE CULVER EMILY BESS HAMILTON MARGARET HOLMES MEMBERS CHARLES HUBBARD DELORES HUNTSMAN SHIRLEY JENKINS HELEN KING EVELYN LAIRD JOE CARROLL LAND GWENDOLYN PARR ETHAN ROBBINS RICHARD ROBERTSON REGINALD ROBINSON A. J. TATUM Q I DOROTHY WYCHE GIRLS CI-ICRAL CLUB MISS CHRISTINE BAGWELL Sponsor ELIZABETH BISHOP TOMMYE BLANKENSHIP LORENE BRUMLEY CLAUDIA BURNETT DOROTHY CARMICHAEL IOSIBEL GRIFFXN ELEANOR KIRKSEY HENRY RAE LEACH BERNIOE LEVY HELEN MAY PATRICIA MCCUNE OZELLA MORAE CAMILLE OSTROM LUCIE OHLIN ELIZABETH ROBINSON GIRLS CHORAL CLUB' MEMBERS DARLYNE ROSE IEAN SHORT PEGGY SHORT MARY' ELLEN DOLLAR CAMIE DELL CRIM LOUISE KRENEK BOBBIE SUE PRITCHETT MAXINE YOCUM BILLIE GARNI-:R GERALDINE HARPER CARLENE GARNER OVESA MOOREHEAD MARY FRANCES DEBUSK VIRGINIA HOLLINGSWORTH DORIS MERCER LOUISE CROW ALANDRA ANDERSON BETTY IO DORIS AUGUSTA HOLLAND OUITA VVITHERINGTON ABIGAIL MCGRADY SIBYL HONEA NEDRA COOK IO DELL SCOTT IEANNETTE WARNER HELEN SHERRON EMILY BESS HAMILTON FRANCES SI-IERRON LOIS LAIRD MARY ROBERTSON NELWYN DODSON VELENA CARTER LILLIAN LANGLEY EMMA LOU NEWMAN VIRGINIA BUTLER BETTY HOSEY LEOVICE HYATT PEGGY MAIORS ETHEL BIRD SHIRLEY NUSKO MELBA HORN PAULINE WARD FOLK DANCING CLUB MISS NORNIA ROLLINS SHIRLEY IENKINS DOROTHY WYCHE MISS LOUISE II-:TER Sponsor President Secretary Sponsor DOROTHY BRUMELOW ZERA ROSE COHEN OPAL COLVARY LOTTIE MAE DYKES GWENDOLYN GRIFFITH MADELINE GIBSON EDNA HEARALL MARGARET HOLMES CHARLES HUBBARD SHIRLEY IENKINS MILDRED IOHNSON CLYDE LYNN IACK MADISON LAFERNE MITCHELL CHESTER MOUSER EEEIE MAE OIDAY GLENN OGDEN ELIZABETH POOL ETHAN ROBBINS RICHARD ROBERTSON DELL TAYLOR BEN THOMASON LORRAINE WOMACK HARRY WYATT DOROTHY WYCHE GENE INGRAM DALTON STEWART MISS LOUISE IETER AND MISS NORMA ROLLINS, Sponsors RADIG CLUB G. C. WHITWORTH MRS. CARL THOMAS OZELLA MCRAE Production Manager Sponsor Secretary The Radio Club was introduced tO the Students Of Kilgore for the year 1936-37 and has been enthusiastically welcomed. The sChoO1's equipment for public address has been used to advantage. E Radio asia fielcfor professii hasbecome a major industry. its angles are numerous and varied and any student who develops a spark of talent may find himself facing a Splen- did Opportunity in Cl hiqhly attractive and remunerative profession. It is to this end that We Work. MEMBERS OF RADIO CLUB BILLIE IEAN BLACKMAN IUANITA DICKERSON ALLEN HOLLAND LOUISE METHVIN IO DELL SCOTT JERRY BOLT BETTY IO DAVIS ARCHIE HUGHES DORIS MERCER ESTELLE SMITH IOE BOLT NELL DUNKLIN IANELLA HUGHES DORIS MOMAN GEORGE SMITH EARL BOURG GARLAND BROWN LORENE BRUMLEY CLOETEAL CARTER FLOYD CALAWAY NINA MARIE COMBS HELEN CHANDLER RAYMOND CRAY ROY LEE CLARK MARGIE DAPEE MARY Lou DENHAM IIM DENNIS IEANNE FLOETER QUINTON FORDHAM HARLEY FORTE IAMES FLOYD FORRESTER ROBERT FULLER GOLDIE GREEN N ELLIE IEAN GREER IOSIBEL GRIFFIN CHARLES HALE HERMAN HARRIS F. F. HIGGINBOTHAM IOHN HILL ALBERT IOHNSON OLEN IOHNSON LILLIAN LANGLEY VIRGINIA FRAY LEE BUSSEY LEE RUSSELL LEE LORING LOCK RALPH MATTHEWS HELEN MAY PATRICIA MCCUNE BROWNIE MCIILTON IUANITA MELCHIOR MRS. CARL THOMAS, Sponsor L. A. MONROE OZELLA MCRAE SHIRLEY NUSKO HERSHEL POSTON DELBERT PARK BOBBIE SUE PRITCHETT RUTH RICHARDSON CHARLES RIDDLE ELIZABETH ROBINSON DARLYNE ROSE VERA LEE ROSE CECIL SCHOOLY LOIS SMITH ZELMA SHEEPIELD IACK SHELDON CECIL SPARK HELEN SPRINGER FRANCES SHERRON GEORGE STEPHEN RALPH TROXAL DORETHA WALLACE IACK WHITE G. C. WHITWORTI-I GLADYS WILLIAMSON MAXINE YOCUM KNITTING CLUB DORIS ALLEN MRS. FRED ERISMAN LENOIR MAE NORWOOD President Sponsor Secretary The Knitting Club was Orqanized this year at the request Ot many qirls Who were knit tinq Or wanted to learn to knit. The purpose Oi the Club is social with a desire for Wholesome entertainment. The Club has a membership of fifty qirls. DORIS ALLEN ALANDRA ANDERSON DOROTHY BUTLER GENEVA CARTER MOZELLE CHISUM LOUISE CROW NEVA IOE CLACK LEOLA CHAPMAN DOROTHY CARMICHAEL BILLY IEAN DICKSON MYRTLE DICKERSON MARY ELLEN DOLLAR ESTELLE DORMAN FREDA FRISK BILLY GARNER FRANCES GREEN CARLENE GARNER ELIZABETH GRIGSBY GERALDINE HARPER LAVERNE HEDGE EMMA HERRINC SHIRLEY GILPIN VIRGINIA HOLLINGSWORTH MELBA HORN ERNESTINE HOLDEN CONNIE HEDGE MOZELLE HAMMONS VIRGINIA HOLLOWAY SYBIL HONEA REBECCA JAMES MARTHA MARONEY MARGUERITE MURRY MARY I. MCFARLIN BLESSIE MCLEOD LENA DEE MURPHY LENOIR MAE NORWOOD AUDREY NEELY PEGGY NEHLS IEAN PRIBBLE MRS. FRED ERISMAN, Instructor GERALDINE RUDD IEANETTE POOLE BESSIE RICHARDSON ELLA IANE SOWDERS LOIS SMITH LEONA STRICKLAND ILA MAE SWORD IRIS SWORD FLOSSIE TAET WINIFRED WREN LENA WARD VIRGINIA LIGON GLADYS ROSE LATIN CLUB l EVELYN LAIRD MRS. S. L. RUSSELL LENOIR MAE NORWOOD Presideni ' Sponsor Secretary F I W I I N N , I I V I N N N ALOIE ADAMSON LOIS ADAMSON MARY AARON I LAVERNE ANDING 1 RUTH MARIE BARR E MARY IVIARGARET BUCHANAN MARY MARLIN BROWN ' NONA RAY COKER NEVA JOE CLACK WILLIAM CARNATHAN FLOYD CALOWAY ANNIE MERLE CAMP VIRGINIA CONLEY MARIORIE DAVENPORT I EDNA LAURA DAVIS I NELL DUNKLIN MEMBERS OF SOCIETAS LATINA IEAN ELSE WILLA MAE FORD GOLDIE GREEN FRANCES GREENE EMMA HERRING VIRGINIA HOLLINGSWORTH ADA HAWTHORNE LOUISE HEYROTI-I DAMA IVY RUTH IENKINS IESSIE MARIE KI-:EER ARRAHWANNA KAHLE IOHN LANGHAM EVELYN LAIRD MARY ELAINE MCFARLIN OZELLA MCRAE LENOIR MAE NORWOOD PEGGY NEI-ILS WILEY OLIVER THELMA POTTS IEANETTE POOLE LUCYLLE RENWICK MARY ROBERTSON GEORGE REEVES MARIE ROSE ALICE RATCLIPEE DARLYN ROSE VERA LEE ROSE MAXINE RATCLIFFE HAZEL RENO THELMA SPARKS HELEN SPRINGER MRS. S. L. RUSSELL, Sponsor MARGARET SUTHERLAND CHARLES SHIRLEY IEAN SHORT DOROTHY TROUTMAN WILMA VAUGHN ESTELLE WALDO EVI-:LYN WALKER IOHNETTE WENDELL IIMMIE WICKHAM ALVARENE WILSON MAXINE WOODS COREAIN WATERS MARIANNA WI-IITTINGTON BETTY RUTH YOUNG MARTHA FRANCES YOUNG ETIQUETTE CLUB MARGARLENE WEAVER MISS WINI1-'RED STRENGTH NEVA MAE DYKES I President Sponsor Secretary EDITH BEWLEY NEVA MAE DYKES BARBARA HAMMONS IOYCE LASEUR DORIS LONG LAVERNE LONG ETIQUETTE CLUB MEMBERS THELMA MARION GVESSA MOREHEAD TIIELMA POTTS L HELEN PRUITT EVIE REED EVELYN SIZEMORE MISS WINIERED STRENGTH, ELOISE WALDRON MAGDOLINE WEAVER ALVERNE WILSON CHAUNCIE YARBROUGH TRESSIE LANGHAM Sponsor THE DAUBEES NIARY LANGFORD MISS ERA HART EMMA LOU NEWMAN President Sponsor Secretary ROUDINE BROWN Z. D. BLAINE CARRIE GUS CHOICE WINSTON COOPER I.EwIS CUNNINGHAM TALMAGE FOSTER DOROTHY GALLMAN GLADYS GRI-:ER DORIS GRIFFIN LESTER HALL MEMBERS OF THE DAUBEPIS BETTY HUDSON VAN LAMPKIN MARY LANGFORD ELMO LAWRENCE RUBY MARTIN WILLIE MYERS EMMA LOU NEWMAN SYBLE ODOM DOROTHY OLIVER NAN RANDLES MISS ERA HART, Sponsor DELMAR READ IzEI.L SMITH WILMA STANSEL I. D. SREPPARD T. F. SPEAR DOROTHY TROUTMAN MILDRED WATSON MAIORIE WARMAN FLORA MARY WILLIAMS MERLE WARRICK COLLECTION CLUB v 4 PHILIP ToUPs MR. C. L. NEWSOME HORACE BAYLISS - President Sponsor Secretary I COLLECTION CLUB MEMBERS HORACE BAYLISS EMON FLOWRNEY PHILLIP TOUPS DUANE DUDLEY GEORGE HOISINGTON IACK TERRY I. C. DUNN C WELDON HARDIN IVIERRILL NIOKLAS ROGERS ELLIS HAROLD LANGLEY WILLIS FASON HAROLD MORIORTY MR. C. L. NEWSOME, Sponsor , 1- fu' -'I' ' SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB I GEORGE REEVES MRS. BUMGARNER CHARLOTTE RUSSELL President Sponsor Secretary The Social Service Club was organized for the first time this year with the following aims: I. To aid underprivileqed Students. 2. To Visit the Sick and bereaved. 3. To teach Social Service Work as a career. SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB MEMBERS ALOVE ADAMSON PAULINE MEEKS CHARLOTTE RUSSELL AUDREY WESTMORELAND I- G. ALLEN LOUISE MILES BASSIL SMITH WILLIS WHEELER MARTIN CLARK LURETTA MOODY LENNIE MAE SMITH PAULINE WOOD 53313534 251233-Q LUVILLE MURPHY DEAN SOUTHWICK MAXINE WOOD DOROTHY GILLILAND PAULINE NUSKO IOE PRUETT SPARKS JINNIE WICKHAM DENNON HOLMES MYRA IANE ODGEN RUTH VOGEL FRANCES YARBROUGI-I DAMA IVY JAKE PITCOCK IUANITA WALDING JEAN ELSE IESSU: MARIE KIFFER GLORIA PORTER ESTELLE WALDO HELEN TADLOCK LILA LEE KIRBY GEORGE REEVES EVELYN WALKER MARTHA MARONEY LOUISE MASTERS BOBBIE RENWICK MARY FRANCES WEATHERFORD ' MILDRED HARP HOME ECONOMICS CLUB CONSTANCE WOLEE MRS. WELLS CETHUE LEE President Sponsor Secretary BEULAH ADAMS MARY ALICE BLISS ANNIE MERLE CAMP LULA LEE COST PERRIIAYNE DILLOI-IUNTY IDA IEWEL FAMBROUGH NOMA EARL FAMBROIJGH HOME ECONOMICS CLUB . XIIOLET RUTH GARNER OUIDA GOODWIN IEANETTE IONES MATA JOHNSON MARY LEATH MILDRED LEE CETEUE LEE MRS. WELLS , Sponsor THELMA MARTIN LUCILLE MARTINSON CECIL MAE MURRY BETTY LOU RAY RUTH ROWLAND PERN TORIAN CONSTANCE WOLEE FUTURE CRAFTSMEN QF AMERICA MR. N. B. READ E. H. SMITH JOSEPH GRIFFIN Sponsor President Secretary RAY ANDERSON TERRY BAUSKE ARCI-IIE CALDWELL DICK CASON TOWNSEND COBB ERVIN DAVIS BILLY DORIS I. B. EVANS THOMAS FARRAR GARNET FIELDS LEONARD FORRESTER THE FUTURE CRAFTSMEN OF AMERICA IOSEPI-I GRIFFIN HAROLD HARDWICK DAVID HOLLY PAUL HOWARD SILAS HOWARD NORMAN HURST XIVAYNE IOHNSON VINCENT KNARR IAMES MARTIN HERBERT MAXEY GEORGE ALLEN MR. N. B. READ, Sponsor MACK OGILVIE IAMES SCHULTZE E, H. SMITH FRANK SPERLICK EDWIN STANLEY WILLIAM STANLEY IUNIOR WARREN DAIL WELLS WILSON MARTIN LIBRARY CLUB LURINE GRIGSBY MIss NANCY NELL LAWLER KATHLEEN BEATY President Sponsor Secretary Knowledge is power-that has been said a great rrrany times and knowledge now-aedays is not only the ac- cumulation of facts, not only an education of a formal sort, such as one obtains by working hard at school and col- lege, but is also an ability to find the information one needs in order to get more knowledge and power. A library is one of the treasure houses of knowledge, and to know the keys to its chambers and to fit them into its locks easily and quickly, is to be equipped to gain knowledge and turn it into power. This is the purpose for teaching Library Science in our High School. The class is composed of the twenty- three student librarians and is required only for these students. This course counts one-half credit towards graduation. lt is offered during the club period once a week. The course includes lessons on the following subjects: Good citizen- ship in the library, Dewey Decimal classification system, charging system, types of literature, filing, proper shelving, care of books and equipment, parts of a book, card catalog, dictionaries and reference books and book mending. During the year five hundred new books have been accessioned and catalogued. Four new sets of reference books have been added. Newspaper clippings, pictures and pamphlets are arranged in a new steel filing cabinet. Over one hundred books have been repaired and returned to the shelves. The average daily circulation has been four hundred and fifty with fiction heading the list and biography, prose, poetry, drama, and vocational, literature following consecutively. - LIBRARY CLUB KATHLEEN BEATY HELEN KING VVILLIE MAE STEWART MAURINE BOLT MYRICK LAND IEANNETTE WARNER CHARLES BOYD MARGIE LEE LANSFORD CECIL WHITE MARIORIE BRITT IACK MADISON 1 LURINE GRIGSBY MAMIE RUTH SHERON Miss NANCY NELL LAWLER, Sponsor 7, ' 21' , E- ----- --- - A - --H -Y CHAMBER OF COMMERCE REGINALD ROBINSON Miss CLYDENE FOSTER JANE BAR!-IAM MR. ROBERT EAKINS President , Sponsor Secretary Sponsor A new project sponsored by the High School Chamber of Commerce is a commercial book exchange which also handles supplies for all commercial subjects. All books used in commercial courses were bought from the students at the close of school last year and have been resold to the students this year. This is a convenience and saving tO boys and girls in the commercial department. The profit made is deposited in the treasury of the organization and used for the benefit of all mem- bers. 5. In CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERS LA VERNE ANDING JANE BARI-IAM V WILLIE PEARL BARRY ELIZABETH BISHOP MAURINE BOLT DORIS ANNE CLEARY JACK COLLUM MARGARET DALEs BUSTER DICKERSON N ELWYN DODSON NANCY PAY DUDLEY MAGGIE EDGMOND EARL FORD PAUL GANDY CARL HEDGES DOROTHY HOLCOME WEBB HOLCOME DELORES HUNTSMAN GERTRUDE HURST SYDNEY INGRAM LAMOINE KIMBLE ' PLUG JAMES ARMANDA KENNEDY HELEN KING THOMAS KIRBY ELEANOR KIRKSEY LOUISE KRENEK TALMA LEVY CLYDE LIEBRUM PEGGY MAJORS JACK MAYS EDITH MILLER JUSTINE MOORE JOI-INNIE MUssER LUCIE OHLIN GERTRUDE OLIVER WYLIE OLIVER GUY PARRIsI-I JOYCE PASSMORE Miss CLYDENE FOSTER, Sponsor MR. ROBERT EAKINS, Sponsor HOPE PILLOW LORENE PHILLIPS MAURICE POOL REGINALD ROBINSON JAMES POWELL EILEEN SPERLICK BILLY THORNE ALBERT WARREN MARIANNA WHITTINGTON CECIL PERRY QU-ILL AND SCRCDLL EVELYN LAIRD MISS FRANCES LEATH MARGIE COLLINS President Sponsor Secretary The International Honorary Society tor High School journalists was founded at the University of Iowa, April 10, 1926, as a non-secret honorary high school society. lt was organized with the end in view of recognizing and re' wording ability and achievement in writing and other phases of journalistic work in the high school. Quill and Scroll numbers over one thousand chapters. These are located in every state of the Union, in Hawaii, England, China, British Hondvras and Alaska. Fifteen thousand young journalists from schools which are outstand- ing in the quality of their publication work, wear the badge of the society. The purpose of Quill and Scroll is to instill in students the ideal of scholarshipy to advance the standards of the profession of journalism by developing better journalists and by inculcatinq a higher code of ethics: to promote exact and dispassionate thinking, clear and forceful writing. VIRGINIA BUTLER MARGIE COLLINS ROY LEE CRAY HENRY LEE CULVER ORA lJlAE GAMBLE IOHNNY GEORGEPUL IAMES HALL GRIFFIN MEMBERS OF THE QUILL AND SCROLL LOUISE HEYROTH EFEIE DAE HORN BETTY HOSEY HAZEL IO lvv VIVIENNE IOHNSON EVELYN, LAIRD IOE CARROLL LAND MISS FRANCES LEA T1-I, Sponsor MILDRED LONG MARGARET SKEELS CLAUDE SMITH A. I. TATUM BARBARA ZIGLER CAMERA CLUB DOYLE BAILEY MR. FRANK ARCHIBALD CLEO IOHNSON President Sponsor Secretary LORENE BAGGETT DOYLB BAILEY MARY MARTIN BROWN IOMA CASON NEDRA COOK ELMORE COMMACK CAMMIE DELL CRIM IOI-IN T. CRIM BILLY DAVIS CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS MARY DI-:BUSKE ROBERT GANGWERE IAMES GREER ADA HAWTHORNE MINTON HANNAH CHARLES HUTCHINS LEAVICE HYATT CLEO IOI-INSON PERSI-IING LACY MR. FRANK ARCHIBALD, Sponsor AVERNE LANGHAM STANFORD MCFARLAND IACK PYLE A. W. PRICE THELMA SPARKS LEONARD WILLIS MARY L. WILSON IEAN WILSON LOLA FRANCES YOCUM TENNIS CLUB MR. IIMMIE PARKS THOMAS MURPHY I. W. RAINEY MR. HERMAN Sponsor President Secretary ARMSTRONG Sponsor BESSIE BOEO 'WILLIAM BRINKLEY MARSHALL BURNETT BILLY CLANOY HAMPTON COOK PAUL COUCH MARY FRANCES DARR ELIZABETH DAVIS DIXIE DUVALL RAY DYER R. C. GEE BILLIE GILLAND RUTH GORDMAN THAD GOODWIN GLENNA IANE GREEN DOROTHY BESS GREER EMILY BESS HAMILTON MEMBERS OF THE TENNIS CLUB HARVEY HAYS IR. L. O. HOLLOWAY LEWIS TYNE HORN BETTY RUE KOONE ZADA KRUEMCKE BETTY LEE LANGSTON KATHLEEN LAIRD MARGARET LONG LAVERA LYON IUNE MAGEE FRANCES MYER VERNIE MITCHELL THOMAS MURPHY I. W. RAINEY WOLIOA ROGERS WAYNE ROSE BILLY RUSSELL 7:4 HELEN GAY RUSSELL MARIE SCALES DOROTHY SCARBOROUGI-I WILLIAM SEAGO IEAN SHORT , IIMMY SHORT PEGGY SHORT GEORGE STEVENS THELMA TAFT ,N V , LORENE TAYLOR BOBBIE NELL THOMPSON NORMA WARRICK CECIL WHITE OUIDA WHITHERINGTON GERALD WICKMAN BETTY RUTH YOUNG MR. IIMMIE PARKS AND MR. HERMAN ARMSTRONG, Sponsors GIRLS' SPORTS ASSCCIATION G. S. A. COUNCIL First ROW: Shirley Ienkins, Zodcx Krumke, Zero Rose Cohen, Borburcx Ziqler, Sybil Odom. Second Row: Eorline Choice, Morqie Clcmcy, Betty Rue Koone, Dorothy Brunt- below. Third Row: Cleo Iohnson, Helen Pruitt, Le-voice Hyatt. MISS LOUISE IETER. Sponsor SENIORS ZERA ROSE COHEN MARGIE COLLINS MARGARET HOLMES DELORES HUNTSMAN SHIRLEY IENKINS ZADA KRUEMCKE BETTY RUE KOONE HELEN GVAY RUSSELL IEANETTE WARNER BARBARA ZIGLER I UNIORS DOROTHY BRUMRELOW MARGIE CLANCY NELL DUNKLIN CLEO JOHNSON MEMBERS OF THE G. S. A. HENRY RAE LEACI-I LORENE MEEEORD DELENA MARTIN ABIGAIL MCGRADY PEGGY MAIORS VVILMA STANSEL SYBLE ODOM SOPHOMORES LEOLA CHAPMAN CARRIE GUS CHOICE IOI-INNIE MAE DAVIDSON DOROTHY GALLMAN ADA HAWTHORNE LEOVICE HYATT ARRAHWANNA KAHLE VIRGIE OLA RHODES IOE DELL SCOTT THELMA TAFT MARION WALDO GLADYS WILLIAMSON FRESHMEN DAPHINE BAILEY RUTH MARIE BARR BESSIE BOBO EARLINE CHOICE DEVORAH COHEN NONA RAY COKER EDNA LAURA DAVIS PERRIJAYNE DILLAHUNTY ELSIE ELMER ALLENE GEESLIN ERNESTINE HOLDER IESSIE MARIE KIFER LAVENA LYON TOMMIE IEAN LAWRENCE DOROTHY MITCHELL FRANCES MEYER PAULINE MEEKS BILLIE MOUNT GLORIA PORTER HELEN PRUETT DOROTHY SCARBROUGH HELEN TADLOCK FLOSSIE TAPT WINI-'RED WREN VOCATIONAL SHOP GARNET FIELDS MR. N. B. READ LYNDON IACKSON President Sponsor PfGSid91'lf First Semester Second Semester TERRY BAUSKE LOREN BEEBE GARLAND BROWN DICK CASON MOULTRIE COKER ERWIN DAVIS BRUCE DIVERS THOMAS FARRAR GARNETT FIELDS VOCATIONAL SHOP LEONARD FORRESTER TROY GLADDEN HAROLD HARDWICK LYNDON JACKSON WAYNE JOHNSON ERNEST LEE KENNEDY EMORY KESTERSON IAMES MARTIN HERBET MAXEY MR. N. B. READ, Instructor NEAL ROACI-I IAMES SCRULTE BILLIE SHEPPARD E. H. SMITH EARL SOLLEY MELVIN STAPLES LEGRAND STILL CARL TAYLOR GARLAND TROBOY BAND DAIL WELLS ETHAN ROBBINS LORRAINE WOMACK MR. OTTO PARIS Drum M crior President Secretary Director CLARINETS: JAMES HARRIS MURRAY LINTON IUANITA WOMACK KENNETH BAILES MAURICE POOL CLIVE LYNN LA FERN WINDHAM GLORIA MARY WILLIAMS ELIZABETH POOL ORA MAE GAMBLE BILL GARIEPY SAXAPHONES: ETHAN ROBBINS BOE KELLY J. W. RAINEY BASS CLARINET: DOYLE JERNIGAN OTTO PARIS, Director FLUTES: MARY MARTIN BROWN OZELLA MCRAE OBOES: HORACE BAYLISS LEOLA CHAPMAN BASSOONS: THOMAS MURPHY JEAN SHORT HORNS: CLAUDE SMITH ROLLIE PHILLIPS BERNICE LEVY VIVIENNE JOHNSON TROMBONES: CECIL WOMACK CLIFTON HONEA PAUL COUCH CHARLES HALE EUGENE JOHNSON VERNIE MITCHELL BARITONES: GLENN RUSSELL LORRAINE WOMACK DALE JOHNSON BELLS: CAMILLE OSTROM LA VERNE ANDING DRUMS: FLOYD DOLLAR ROBERT GANGWERE L. O. I-IOLLAWAY A. W. PRICE NORMAN WARREN JAMES POWELL HERMAN POOLE CORNETS: FRED LEE FREDICKSON LAVON SADLER G. C. WHITWORTH JOHN T. JETER A. J. TATUM WESLEY MITCHELL BURR ANDREWS GERALD WEIST JIM DENNIS DRUM MAJORS: GEORGE STEVENS DAIL WELLS GWENDOLYN GRIEEITI-I DELBERT PARKS BASSES: RAY GARNER BLAZE GANGWERE EDSEL LYON DERATING CLUB IAMES TRIMBLE MR, MILLER DEVERI-:Ux CHARLES SHIRLEY Pres1dent Sponsor Secretary DEBATING CLUB MEMBERS COOPER, CARL CLAY TEETERS, CHARLES CARNATHAN, WILLIAM TEETEAS, C. I. MOORE, WESLEY TRIMBLE, HARRY SHIRLEY, CHARLES TRIMBLE, IAMES MR. MILLER DEVEREUX, Sponsor ATHLETIC CLUB MR. GALAVIN MR. ASHWORTH Sponsor Sponsor I. C. ADDZE CURTIS BAKER CURTIS BLANTON EzRA BOBO BILL BRASHER RALPH BROWN IIMMY BURNETT CHESTER CANTER SILAS CHERRY BOB CHAFIN MASON CHAPMAN WALTER CHESHWIRE NEAL COLLUM MURRY COOK WINSTON COOPER L. B. COLLINS EARL CUMMINS RAYMOND CUNDIEE E. W. DAY TACK DAVIS MEMBERS OF THE ATHLETIC CLUB EUILL DAVIS ERNEST DICKEY HERBERT DIVERS BENNIE DUFF JACK DUNCAN EDGAR ELKINS FAUNIS FORRESTER RAY FORD LAMBERT FRYAR BILLY GARREPY TROY GLADDEN DONALD GREENLEE DOYLE GREEMAN IESS GRESHAM WAYNE GRIFFIN EDWIN GUIDRY VERNON HAYS CECIL HARGROVES IOHN HERRING BILLY HEYROTH MACK HOOD EUGENE HOLT ARTHUR HORN BILLY HUNTSMAN WILL IAMES IAMES IOHNSON CLIFFORD JOHNSTON I. L. IONES IESS IORDON CLAY KENNEDY BRYCE KENNEDY EMORY KESTERSON O. L. KESTERSON LEON KINCAID I. V. KIRKSEY I. B. KRENEK MAC LAIRD CECIL LAMPEY JACK LANGSTON CARL MARION HERMAN MELTON GEORGE MCMULLEN O. Df MOCK LLOYD MORAN HORACE MURPHY IACK OSTEEN I ACK OSTRUM TACK PAGE EDDIE PETERS ELDON PHILLIPS ARNOLD PHILLIPS REX PHILLIPS ROLLIE PHILLIPS DAN POTTER EDGAR POTTER DONALD PROPES IOI-IN PURVIS NEAL ROACH WELDON ROGERS LCS AMIGCS ERNEST LEE KENNEDY MISS DOROTHY DENBY EMMA IEAN FORRESTER President Sponsor Secretary "LOS AmiqOS" Spanish Club, is a member Ot the National Spanish Club having been affiliated with the "Instituto de los Espanas en Los Estados Unidosf' Each year the club awards two medals to honor students, one to a Spanish I student and one to a Spanish II student. Christmas celebrations, typical Ot those held in Spanish-speaking countries tOOK place in each Spanish class and club preceeding Christmas holidays. The principal social event sponsored by the club, the Fiesta, Was staged On April 14 Pan-American Union Day. MEMBERS OF LOS AMIGOS DAPI-IINE BAILEY ANNA IEAN BLACK MARERION BURNS DELMA CODES AUBREY CURRY IAMES CURRY MARY DAWSON NEILAN DEATON BARBARA DOYLE IUANITA DOZIER PAYE FISHERO SALLY GIEEORD MARIE GOINS ALEENE GOWER FRANCES IONES BOBBIE LACY LOUISE LANEORD HENRY REA LEACH DELENA MARTIN DOROTHY MITcI-IELL MISS DOROTHY DENBY, Sponsor BILLIE LOUISE MOUNT BUDDY PONDER LENA BELL ROSSER BEATRICE STILL MAXINE TAYLOR LELA WAXLER MADIE WILSON DRUSCILLA WESTBROOK MORTON WILLOUGHBY ARCHERY CLUB IOHN T. IETER President MR. I. V. LENOIR LAVON SADLER Sponsor Secretory ARCHERY CLUB MEMBERS IAMES BARR FLOYD EVANS DOROTHY GALMAN MILLS GRIFFIN HOLT HALI: LAMAR INGRAM IACK IETER IOHN T. IETER DICK LAIRD MR. IAMES MCNEESI: LUCILLE RENWICK LAVON SADLER LAVERNE SPERLICK CORIAN WATERS FRANCIS WEIST IOHNETTE WENDELL IOI-IN WILSON IAMES V. Ls NOIR, Sponsor HODGE PCDDGE CLUB MARION WALDO MISS BEAN MARY FRANCES ROBINSON President S ponsot Secretary MILDRED BAKER MARIE CALVIN EARLINE CHOICE VIRGINIA CONLEY ALLENE GEESLIN EUGENIA HAWKINS LAVERNE HILL AUGUSTA HOLLAND JOY JACOBS RUTH JENKINS HODGE-PODGE CLUB MEMBERS LAURIS JOHNSON TONIMIE JEAN LAWRENCE GENEVA LEE IRYL MONROE EULETA PATRICK CLOVERDALE RACHEL ALICE RATCLIFF MAXINE RATCLIFF LYNNE J. REDFERN VIRGINIA OLA RHODES MARY ROBERTSON GLADYS RUSSELL GLORIA TACKETI HELEN TAYLOR MYRLE THORNTON NORMA JEAN THURMAN IRENE WADE MARION WALDO JOE LAVERNE HYDE CAMP FIRE GIRLS UPPER CLASSMEN FRESHMEN LOTTIE FAE STOKES Miss LANGFORD EDNA LAURA DAVIS Miss SCALES President Sponsor President Sponsor CAMP FIRE GIRLS-PRESHMAN GROUP EDNA, LAURA DAVIS, President ELSIE ELMER, Vice-President MARGIE DAVENPORT, Secretory DEVQRAH COHEN, Treasurer NONA RAY COKER, Reporter Miss IRENE SCALES, Sponsor UPPER CLASSMAN GROUP LOTTIE PAY STOKES, President MELBA FARRAR, Vice-President INOGENE SUMMY, Secretory VELMA CARTER, Treasurer Mrss FLORENCE LANGFORD, Sponsor ggiagiigkl r f . 51 "ku . The Department ill X..- i 'Ill ji. v ,.-------- e 'ahh r , ll' ' if i-gulf" T ' S9 Z qi- ...A A u , -'xi :hen 59 A ge 0 n I + " F e . e - +-+-, ,X I . CL , Q qx m - 2 DM gd, 'v 1 ggi? 1 X' " I N , y W A ra e l ig. PUBLIC SPEAKING 1' 1 r ,911 QW "MQ '41-wwf., Wg' j'ldfy1C7 Students: we, the statt have exerted the best of our ability in an effort to produce a book Worthy of our school and We sincerely hope that it Will bring you as many happy hours in the future as it has us in the past. We, like all mankind, are not perfect. This, we hope, will adequately explain any mistakes in spelling ot names that might occur within this book. IOE CARROLL LAND Editor Without the support ot the business establishments and per- sons who advertised in our book we could not have made the financial success We did and in appreciation for their co-opera- tion we take this means ot expressing our gratitude. SHIRLEY IENKINS Business Manager SHIPP'S MARKET The Best Meats In Town Staple and Fancy Groceries A Good Place To Trade M. L. SECHRIST S h o e Re - Builder, Harness, Saddlery KILGORE, TEXAS Texan Theatre Building SMITH LUMBER CO. "The Home Buildersa' Our Motto: Bc Square, Be Fair South Commerce Street Phone 136 Compliments of JEWEL S. J ONES Insurance Company P lmfmdmamg ,.... ADW2 Musa me KILGORE HIGH GR DUATE : --1-K. WULENS wishes You Godspeed on your journey to success and gives you the following thought from I the famous Chinese Philosopher, Confucius C551-478 B.C.j f'What I do not wish men to do to me, I also wish not to do y to men. . . For a blemish may be taken out of a diamond by carefully polishing it. but, if your words have the least blem- ish, there is noiway to efface that. . . If I am building a moun- tain and stop before the last basketful of earth is placed ow the summit, I have failed of my work. But if I have placed . but one basketful on the plain, and go on, I am really build- ing a mountain. . . Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues. . . The essence of knowledge is, having it to apply it: not having it, to confess your ignorance. . . some proceed blindly to action, without knowledge, I hear much, and select the best course. . . Daily I ask myself, in my transactions with .'. -.g.,-. Q: -. u'-f':.'!-PI 'yr-is -.311 f.'ff'.f4'-.-.':.'.,'. ..'.,f. . l'if'.'-1'h.'o1.'o.',f'.".'o.'o1'."."i' ,,,.,,. .1-:..'1'v.t4m :"I.'0"ff'i'!l 'I' . ' ' -. rmffi.-ii'Zi'Z!'.: ,,,,,,,,,,,, men, if I am upright. . . Formerly, in hearing men, I heard u y their words, and gave them Credit for their conductg now I hear their words and observe their conduct." I X l 2, I I I ,I Q 7 I l . V' p g 4 0 Q STI. e , , - , ,Q A EP TMENT o n I Compliments Of B. C. WATSON orner N. Kilgore and Railroad Crossi Kilgore Metal Works Phone 650-W All Little Jobs A ppreciated MITCHELL SERVICE STATION FRIENDLY COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE C om plimvnts Of Wei11berg's Mans Shop Compliments of BLACICS DRUG STORE Phone 575 Mayfield-Alford Bldg. Compliments Of SHAMROCK DRUG COMPANY IMMIE KEMP VERGIL P PHONE 642 K. P. SERVICE STATION East Texas and Loreeo Gas WASHING-LUBRICATION "fill Standard Brand Oils" KILGORE, TEXAS ng Compliments of PAUL ELDER Compliments Of GENE ELDER Compliments Of J. MALCOLM CRIM , , ,, , , ,W , Y V 65412 YUZWQE our QL Headr ZALE5 QQ SERVICE Phone 122 Kilgore, Texas Compliments Of SAM W. RUSS Compliments Of KILG ORE NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT IN SL RANLE CORPORATION Compliments Of MAN SF IELD HARDWOOD LUMBER CO. PhoneIl2 KILGORE HOTEL PHARMACY Service--Quality Free Delivery Phone 80 Kilgore MARK RODDEN MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER-PLYMOUT H Sales and Service Kilgore, Texas Phone 478 Brown Drug Co. Inc. The Rexall Store Pioneer Building Phone 5 and 855 Compliments Of KAPLAN'S DEPT. STORE LEE BARTON Gulf Service Station On Main Street At Railroad Crossing Phone 434 WASHING LIIBRICATION TIRES and BATTERIES GULF PRODUCTS TIRE REPAIR ROAD SERVICE -we Complimenry OF THE HIGH SCHOUL Parent-Teacher Association CONGRESS PRAYER Our Father, Giver of all life's holy responsibilities: Consecrate unto us, we pray Thee, the highest purpose for which we are organized. Give us more than wisdom, give us devotion, loyalty, sober stead- fastness and eager exhaltation of faith in a superb mission, that we may each have triumphs of progress, winning for the world an accumulating glory of manhood and womanhood from the growing generation of children now charged upon our care. Help us to learn self-confidence and self-control, in thought, and word and deed. Help us to let go the desires for the unreal and to strive only for the real, which leads to eternal life. Thine shall he the praise. Amen. ROY H. LAIRD INSURANCE AGENCY GENE RAL INSURANCE and BONDS KILGORE, TEXAS ' Building Teleph Compliments Of THE KILGORE RADIO IN EVERY ROOM Fire Proof and Modern LOUIS DAICHES Ki1cgore's Exclusive Ieweler EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED Main Stre t Phone 740 THE VOGUE SHOP C Um 0 of ?fgg??E BLACKSTONE QERVICE CAFE THE IQILGORE DAILY NEWS E Texas' No. I N eufs p THE BIG GROCERY NO. 6 M Kilgore T 7 CXHS QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT LOW GUST We Appreciate Your Busine ' HALL T11-:L Co. MCWLLLLAMS EAST TEXAS, MOST COMPLETE TIRE STORE FURNITURE CO. . Compliments 'SServing I of Em ENLUES GULF Texas" Phone 299 '01 F MAIN Cf"""li"'e"tS Longview Coca-Cola of BEN LAIRD EL DORADO DRUG STORE Friendly Service Phone 132 Bottling Company ...DRINK... i IN BOTTLES Delicious and Refreshing Phone54 LONGVIEVV KILGORE, TEXAS Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of ' C ""' 'Ji' "" "'S"f S. S. LAIRD A FRIEND BROWN DERBY CLEANERS Une-Half Milcf On Cladewater Highway 504- Cash anal Carry Phone 216-,I THE HUB MENS-BOYS' WEAR Congratulations KILGORE HIGH SCHOOL Dieksolfs Garage EVERYTHING FOR THE AUTOMOBILE PHONE 186 NACOGDOCHES ICE CREAM C0. i. DAIRYLAND PRODUCTS KIICORF B 185 Phone N Day or Night Ha11ey's Funeral Home Service of Distinction PHONE I-2-3 PHONE Our Phone Never Sleeps SENIOR SII HOUEVIFS El H ll -ll. Burga I l D I W I .m. N. B.B R y I L 6. .lane Barh Compliment o f JAC IKE THIAC Compliments Qf J. MALCOLM CRIM . .LAMBIE CO. illlllllllllflllfs E in E :DJ lwlllllri 'QTHE WORLD9 BE Tv' PHoNE 6-0114 Compliments RIEGEL BINDERY of 1 BOOKS , MAGAZINES e The Kllgore Hotel NEWSPAPERS Coffee Shop 920 W. Jefferson Quality Food Always Service Wfith a Smile o L. R. RIEGEL DALLAS ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DEALER FOR NEW CARS AND TRUCKS , Parts Accessories Washing Greasing Motor Overhauling Body Re-Building Wrecker Service Phone 450 and 30 CARTER MOTOR COMPANY Compliments H Lompllments of Of J J JENKINS AMERICAN ' ' A' FURNITURE CO. Sanitary Barber Shop C V and omp Lments Kilgore Beauty Shop of HERMAN LEATH. Prop. MERRITT TQQL C0 Ph 6 3 BUICK, CADILLAC AND LA SALLE AUTHORIZED SERVICE OLDEST DEALERSHIP IN TYLER Established 1913 Phone 180 for Complete Service W. H. 46Fat" Greer Electrical Contractor Oil Field Motor Work On Any Car Home Wiring No Job Too Small-No Wreck Too Bad 215 Kay Street THANK YoU Phone 446 KILCORE, TEXAS CASTON BUICK CO. 321- West Erwin St. Tyler, Texas. Flowers By Wire We Do Landscaping Say It With Flowers In Life's Colden Hours Wehrli's Flowers, Inc. KILCORE, TEXAS Cut Flowers . . . Funeral Designs Pot and Bedding Plants . . . Seeds Insecticides Day or Night Phone 371 P. O. Box 716 Compliments of the PALACE FOOD STORE Crim and Searcy Clothes Customs Tailored By J. L. Taylor St Co. Bose gl Co. Leeds Tailors Compliments . Of Biviere Bottling and Manufacturing Co. TYLER, TEXAS For Better Cleaning See or Call B. 81 M. CLEANERS T. E. BAYLESS, Prop. HQuality Cleaning Is Our Compliments Mottov A Phone 102 of 113 Railroad Avenue KILGORE, TEXAS HOTEL HEARD THE MODEL Sr POPULAR PRICES BEN DAVIS COFFEE SHOP Phones 290-291 MRS. W. J. PASSMORE, Mgr. Old Longview Highway Kilg0re's F inest Men's Store Better Clothes For Men and Students Oil Belt Motor Co. PHONE 459 L. L. 4ShakieJ HAGOOD, Manage N E. North Street KILGORE, TEXAS Southern Hardware Seed Co. 114 Commerce St. Home O w n e d And Operated Phone 895 Sr DIXIE BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of Phone 370 JOHN W. RUSSELL Dixie Mercantile Bldg. Contractor FRANCIS LAWRANCE Phone 735-W Ford-Green Music and Compliments Furniture Co. of Bassett Furniture of Quality Zenith and RCA-Victor Radios EASY TERMS Star Furniture Co. 'GW here Quality and Price Meet" Phone 281-Next Door to Postoffice Compliments of There Is Oceans Of POWER in B. E. OSBORNE OCEAN 1 JEWELER WATCHES, DIAMI INDS, JEWELRY IS OX 1088 Pioneer Drug Company K1LeoRE, TEXAS GASOLINE OCEAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION Longview Highway 4 i 1, . Q GREGG STEAM LAUNDRY SZ DRY CLEANERS, INC. Phone 255 A JOHN T. CRIM, President J. B. PRICE, Secretary and Treasurer A progressive institution, owned and operated by Kilgore capital, who at- tribute their growth to quality work, efficient service, and a reasonable price. Clover-Crim Building, Longview, Texas . . . Home of GREGG SCHDOL OF BUSINESS H. G. GLOVER, Treasurer C. T. JONES, President LONGVIEW, TEXAS ' A Character building school of the First Class preparing young men and young women for Life Careers affording commercial institutions Efficiently Trained office help. BUSINESS NEEDS TRAINED WORKERS The Commercial World needs more dependable, well trained workers. The upward trend of Commerce throughout the nation presents unparalled need for young men and women of sterling character, positive personalities and technical preparation to handle its several tasks. Attend School This Summer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Henry L. Foster, Chairman .losh Moore John T. Crim, Vice President 0. H. Grissom Miss Cora Macky, Vice President H. Whitehurst W. L. Dodson, Vice President Leo Butter H. G. Glover, Treasurer O. L. Norton James R. Curtis Oliver Daniel Compliments Mrs. Lou Della Crim Uf Has the Best Interest of Kilgore Schools CO. Heart Compliments Compliments of of Kilgore High School Cafeteria MRS. FRANK HOLMES. AManager Kilgore .lunior College Paper BROWN IE BROWN'S Service Station Congratulates the Students of KILGORE HIGH SCHOOL on the UREFLECTOPC' May lt Always Be Il Sourve of Happy Memories PHONE 767 Kilgore :mtl Kay Street Compliments Of L. N. CRIM THEATRES. INC Compliments of DIXIE DISINFECTING COMPANY ManufacturersfDistributors 923-25 S. Harwood St. Dallas, Texas SOAPS WAXES POLISHES CLEANERS DEODORANTS DISINFECTANTS INSE-CTICIDES Sanitary Supplies for HOSPITALS SCHOOLS PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS --- PAPER GOODS Guaranteed Quality B. M. I. "The School of Individual Teaching Bish Mathis Institute has con- tinuously merited the distinc- tion achieved by its careful training of students, as being far above the average commer- cial school. No matter what vocation or calling any boy or girl of today is going to follow he should have a course in an institution of this character. Future success depends on the education an d specialized training you receive now. Bish Mathis Institute LONGVIEW, TEXAS Every Graduate Employed Compliments Of A F R I E N D MOODY'S SHOE I SHOP DROP IN AND SEE US We Appreciate You-r Business ELECTRICITY IS CHEAP 'A' SOUTHWESTERN Cas and Electric C0 IN DAYS TO COME You're finishing, dear friends, we know, Your schoolingg and we hope you go Out in the world and capture fame, And add success unto your name. We trust this year book you will read And in it find something you need, And that it helps, in after lite Ease toil and heartache, storm and strife. The years and days you've lingered here We hope you always shall hold dear, And in the many days to come- When life's long race shall have begun?- We'd like to think you look with joy O'er memories when, as girl, or boy, 'Twas here you filled your old "think-tank"g Results-for you-cash in the bank. And when you're pondering on the past, Recalling memories that will last Fore'er, We hope, dear friends, that we, The Shreveport Iournal boys, will be Remembered as the ones who worked, And never once their duty shirked. Our best, dear friends, We've tried to do: We wish the best oi LUCK to you! CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES CDF THE KILGORE l-lie-H SCHooL We congratulate you graduates of the Kilgore High School of the class of 1937. You have finished the task assigned to you by your faculty. Now that you have completed your high school work, like all ambitious youngsters you will be looking for college courses. Let Kilgore College, with its equipment equal to that of any Iunior College in Texas, now give you- two years of advanced training. We offer courses in Liberal Arts, Teachers Certificates, Pre-Medical, Pre- Dental, Pre-Law, Engineering and Business Administration. All the above courses are fully affiliated: Our graduates enter the lunior class of Senior Colleges and Universities. Remember that those who desire business training may get a two-year course after which they may either go to Work, or attend the University. They may also take with us a complete course of office training, bookkeeping and other kindred courses in one year or less. This one year course includes Shorthand, Typing, Office Training, Bookkeeping, use of Calculating Machines, Business Law, Spelling, Business English and other courses which will train the student to enter the business world after one year. You may have in this institution all the activities which can be found in the older colleges and universities, such as Athletics, Dramatics, Debating Choral Club, Scholarship Club, Band and Orchestra. The Kilgore College football team won the Championship in the Statewide lunior College Conference last fall. Other teams in Track, Baseball, Basketball, will be found in this college next year. Many of you graduates will be ready to enter college for business courses, or other types of courses, in the Summer Session. The Summer School begins on the first day of Iune and continues for two six-week periods. I Let us show you what we have, for further information phone or write- BESSIE WATERS, REGISTRAR KILGORE COLLEGE The Fastest Growing lunior College in Texas LA MODE K.ILGORE'S STYLE STORE Congratulates The Graduating Class of 1 9 3 7 Compliments Of LONGHORN DRUG Meet Me At COLLEGE PHARMACY 1000--l'I.t'xll1if'I'SOIl Blvd. FREE DELIVERY 899-Phones-828 East Texas Paint 81 Class Co. PAINTS RRUSHES We- Do Painting and Pape-ring Auto, Wimlow, Plant- und Florentine Glass . 0. Box 21-7 Phono 2,12 SHO N. Kilgore St D. C. MEYER'S PLUMBING COMPANY Contractors and Dealers HWQ Lead-Uthers Folloug' Phone 31 Lvl Meyer Do It ANYTIHNG IN PLUMBING J. D. NOVELL GROCERY AND MARKET Across Street From High Srfhool lfomplinivnts of FRANK ARCHIBALD WE WISH TO CONGRATULATE THE PEOPLE OE THE KILGORE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT ON THEIR FINE SCHOOL AND ARE GLAD TO SAY THAT WE ARE HAVING A PART IN THE FURNISI-IING OE THE KILGORE IUNIOR COLLEGE. - KI G FURNITURE CO. "TI-IE FRIENDLY HOUSE" 205207 West Columerce Street SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS WATCH REPAIRING GRADUATE OPTOMETRIS1' PHELPS SK DEW EES ARCHITECTS ir O Use Your Credit for Your Graduation Gifts Vyl8lIllN'I'S of rhf- :xlllCI'I1'illl Instituto of Arvhitevls ul' 0 STEVENS? JEWELRY STORE ' . ' w KilgllTl"S Lwulirzg Ivrrvlm' ban Autumn. Ivxas , , lflfl t4UlllIllf"l'l'1' bl. Plltbllt' 631 L w,f1.M..ww m.,wg.A.1Q.qmamanifW,.v,,:1AnwA:f,rfv,H-.Ay,,M2f,1f14wwwwm.4wmf:vww.w.mum' ,wmv f , -HM w ,,,, A . M M w V. H4 A ff H A x- N - iw . NM V, 1 ww., -1 M . U f W Y

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