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Xsvghl fy WK JW ! xw xxx WW W 012146 Kearsley Agricult F1ir1t,Mi ' ' IIIIII SIIIIIIIII IL I -:ZZ3 I-j.:':1 NON!!! mel KEARSLEY AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL Our school has grown from a one room school house to 1ts present s1ze The new add1t1on Wh1Ch conslsts of the cafeterla and elementary rooms was completed last year The commumty 1S Just1f1ed 1n be1ng proud of the many mm provements wh1ch have marked the schoo1's progress 2 I- LI I I I I 7 In IMI I I I I T I 17 I I I I IMI -fe- I I I I I I I Ia I I KHMCI I-If FCIIICIITIII-II IICII IIfIfInI'I IICIAICII I4I5II L7 If I II' X IIHIIIIAIIII ,-'SWNWW 3? fQ ' r"ff7 fx mmf XX To o parents cause yo ha e g v h t d uc o ar s o cat o and fut e happ n ss and asked fo lttle we ded cate th s book as a ea convey ng o r app ec at on a d s cer t Wxshes to yo o r parents ff ff W 'Mgt E f" F 3 fx in f ff 96? fs? Q' Z ' .- if I t 7w:w gli f ' ur lb- m' EV ds iltll i ronsof ' RRY, xmigx 1 1 1 1 Q 1 i -- 3 it f- K' . X f f 4 J' f -'n'a'.' ........... ..... ........ ......................... ....... . . . canoe sossanoa :unsafe an-nn-aurora. ua uenoeunnl .. .................... ............. ............. ... .. ...... ... ............. .. . .... .... .. .. ..... .. ..... .. .......... .. .. .. .. ..... .. .. . .. .. ....... .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. ... .. .. . . . .. .. . ........ . ... ... .. ... .. . .. .. ........ ....... .. ......... ... .. .. .. .. ...... ...... . ................... .. .. .............. .... ., ..... . ................... ......... ................. . ..................... .. ....... .... ... .................................... ............... ..... . ........................ . .... ........ .......... . ......................... . .. .... ........ ............ . . . . .... ......... . . lfs L . 0 Emi gt- The Sen1ors express the1r apprec1at1on to the mem bers of the Board of Educat1on who have gwen freely of therr t1me to the carefulplanzung of the Educat1onal Pro gram of the Kearsley I-hgh School Board meet1ngs are held the f1rst and fourth Mondays of each month at the H1gh School At these meet1ngs the Board decmdes on pohcxes for the school, passes an an nual budget, pays obl1gat1ons, d1scusses and approves all f1nanc1al transact1ons, selects personnel and approves or rejects recommendat1ons made bythe Supenntendent of the school 5 CARI.. UNDERHILL Trustee EDWIN WESTON Secretary BERTHA JOHNSON Treasurer OLIVER PARO Trustee I RAY ROSS Presrdent Si fl 4 .f K . H th 5 3 S S Li: 1 X ' '. A' ive . 9'2" 'S if . fe fu e W A o . pg ,. lf at " E? ? I f If ' K' " fi IRENE KLINE The Semor Class would hke to express the1r apprec1at1on to Supenntendent George Daly Pr1nc1pal George N1chols and thelr class sponsor Irene K11ne for the pat1ence and understand1ng they have g1ven us all through our four years of hlgh school W1thoutthe1r help the class rrught never have f1our1shed To Mrs Kl1ne who gulded us through four years as a sponsor our very sxncere and deepest thanks 6 3, R ll , A 'z GEORGE DALY GEORGE NICHOLS fa. 3 MR, CHARLES BOHAC Western Michigan College Shop MISS KATHRYN BOONSTRA ty Michigan State College Home Economics MISS BETTY JEAN CRUMBACH Mrchrgan State Normal Commerclal ' Rx MR GEORGE GALBREATH Greenv1lle College ,,,,. Algebra Phys1calEducat1on MR MARION GINGERY M1ch1gan State College Mathematics MRS ORDELIA GOULD Western Mlchlgan College Englrsh Laun Journahsm MISS JANET HIGGINS De Sales Ohm Hlstory CIVICS MR AIBERT HOFFMAN Alma College Science MRS LUC ILLE JONES Central Mrchtgan College Commerclal MR B I HOLCOMB MICh1g3H State U of M1ch1gan Brology Agrtculture MR WILLIAM KNUDSON Eau Clatr Teachers College Hlstory PhyS1C81 Educauon MRS IRENE NEWCOMBE Wayne Uruversrty Speech Engltsh MR C K RICHARDS Western Mlchrgan College Physlcal Education MR EDWARD Sl-IEARS Western Mrchrgan College C1v1cs Economxcs l-hstory MISS ESTHER SILVER Mtclugan Normal College Phys1calEducauon Geography MR EDWARD STEPI-ION Duluth State Teachers College Shop MR ALFRED LINDHOLM Mrchagan State College Band -,xv Fw., ' are Ov. x-n IAIIIIHY 'nhl' 1 Q' or-' in V1 X 13 46 xv CUMB IHUUIJH Hll RIICKS Bl Hlllllilll . ............ .. . . PHYLLIS ARMSTRONG BEVERLY FISCHER Phyllrs Armstrong Beverly Fischer And who says brarns don trate dates? It should be wrlled to thrs wonderful lass Phylhs Duffy If you want to laugh and smrle You should stay around me awhlle Dolores Noffsmger Peggy Lysher Thrs gal rs at home on the mound We thought we d have one less rn class A better pltcher has yet to be found But she came back determrned to pass PHYLLIS DUFFY PEGGY LYSHER DOLORES NOFF SINGER Page Sponsor STANDARD COTTON COMPANY 9 At the top of the class, this girl rates If Success wants one in our class, If HIP ll MA RCIA A SH PA T WILLIA NS Marcla Ash Pat W1ll1ams To someone we know who IS real supreme Thls gal lS muslcally zncllned XA ent the honor of Flrst Homecomlng Queen But that s not all that s on her mxnd Dale Owen A hot rod drlver he d llke to be As by h1s dnvlng you can see Melxem Danes Patrlcxa Ward ln her mg blue eyes one wxll flnd X studlous gxrl who looks so QUILI A. gal who e looks and personallty do Qlllflf. But when she s out she ll soon belle xt MELVEINA DA VIES X DALE OWEN P X TRICIA WA RD Page Sponsor DORLAND DRUG INC 535 Detro1tSt 10 6 lv l f W x , X f L ay ,xx X x , ' . " 5,5 V I xl D g f 11 X X X Sl lllll MASS IIISHIRY President . . . . Gordon Miller Vice-President . . . . . Dale Owen Secretary .... . . Beverly Fischer Treasurer .... . Dolores Noffsinger StudentCounci1 Rep. . . . . . . . . .Melvena Davies At the first meeting of their freshman year, the class elected Eddie Kozma as president, Pat Williams, vice-pres- identg Beverly Fischer, secretary, and Ray Scudder, student council representative. The first big event of the year was initiation, followed by the traditional party given by the sopho- more class for the frosh. The sophomore year was just one more step toward a goal-graduation. The class chose as their leaders: RayScud- der, president, JerryRobbins, vice-president, BeverlyFis- cher, secretary, Pat Williams, treasurer, and Melvena Davies, representative. Members of the class participated in their first play, "You're Only Young Once," which was a huge success. In their junior year, the class chose Pat Williams as president, Gloria Waddell, vice-president, Beverly Fischer, secretary, Dale Owen, treasurer, and Ray Scudder, rep- resentative. They presented their annual play, 'A Howling Success," which proved worthy of its name. For the first time, the juniors and seniors combined their Proms and the results were a just reward. In addition, the juniors treated the seniors to the annual banquet in May. In their last, but most eventful year, the seniors com- pleted various projects, which enabled them to take the long awaited trip to Washington. After the presentation of the annual play, 'Prince Mi- chaels," more three act plays, as well as one act plays were on their way. The juniors and seniors again combined their proms into one big eventful night- In May they were guests of the juniors at the traditional banquet. They would like to thank Mrs. Kline, who has been their friend and sponsor since the freshman year, for making graduation complete. CLASS MOTTO 'Climb though the rocks be rugged' CLASS COLORS Pink and Grey C LASS FLOWER Pink Rose 13 LAWRENCE BAKER Here is a guy who is somewhat shy But known to all as a real gone guy. BOB BATES Not that l'm tired or sleepy I just don't like to strain my eyes. MARY LOU BUDA "Silence is golden" is what they say "Silver is speech" for every day. BEVERLY CARPENTER Here 's a new and quiet lass Who recently joined the senior class. MARILYN CLEMENTS Dont' be taken by a silent one Everyone has to have some fun. CHARLES CRAWFORD With this carrot top we crown thee "Red" with no hard reason why to see. BETTY LOU CULHANE 'She's nobody's fool, this gal She knows an enemy from a pal. DCN DAVIS A great sport in many ways He will always be known for his football days NORMAN DUKE A real sharpie in this school Who earns the expression real "cool". CLARENCE FUNSCH He tells the kids that he 's a farmer, But the girls know he 's quite a charmer. VIRGINIA GAITHER An all around gal was this one Always ready and full of fun. WILLIAM GARRISON "I'm from Missouri, You've got to show me. " DANIEL GLOMSON One of the nicest guys in the class He has yet the blushing stage to pass. ROSEMARY GRAVES To fall in love is very keen She fell for a guy named Charles Green. CHARLES GREEN Love 'em and leave 'em is not his motto. WILLADEAN GRISWOLD Only once was she in a rage, When her mother lost one year of her age JUANITA HARDY Another newcomer to Kearsley High, When she walks by, the boys all sigh. FRANK HASTEDT Frank is the brainy boy in school, What's more, "Caesar" is nobody 's fool FRANCINE HAYWARD Francine is an all around girl, In every club she's had a whirl. HAROLD HILLAKER Things he likes he'll never shirk, The only thing he'll dodge is work. 3. HARRY HOUSE Y If he's really at his best, You never have a moment's rest CLIVE HOWELL This fellow is constantly on the beam, He 's also half of the Howell twin team. CLYDE HOWELL The only thing for him on this planet, 'MV Is a little blonde girl whose name is Janet. 1 1 1" ' RONNY HUNTOON Here is Ronny Huntoon, just watch Marion swoon. PHILLIP KETTERER If he works it's something to see, When he does, "Catastrophel " VICTOR KIETZMAN If in the future you have the flu, Let Vic, the pharmacist, take care of you. EARL KING If he ever expects to get on the ball, He'll have to quit sleeping in study hall. JOANN KIPPE Joan is known as the class song bird, For never a note by her is slurred. PHYLLIS KLINE Just because she's the teacher's daughter, Is no sign she does just what she 'oughteri BETTY KOVACS One who is everybody's friend, Remains the same until the end. EDDIE KOZMA When describing Eddie, he seems shy, But underneath, he 's quite a guy. RONALD LAWRENCE Football is Ronnie's best game, He left many opposing teams lame. MARY LOVETT Mickey's our girls' star athlete, She can accomplish most any feat. RUBY LAND To worry about tomorrow is To be unhappy today. 5' Q 'Ns if 'x "Sr 2' EW vm:-r 'bl gn-'vm - ':. DAVID MANNOR David never makes much noise, But that's in school- -not with the boys. IRIS MARSA Iris is a quiet gal, All around she's one swell pal. CHARLEN PRICE MARTIN Now she has a cottage small, No longer playing basketball. ERNEST MATTINGLY At his work, he never takes a stab- But he likes to mess in Physic's Lab. MAX MICHAEL Max is a student of Journalism, As you can tell by his cynicism. GORDON MILLER Here's to the president of our class, You should see him throw a pass. LUELLA MITCHELL This girl is really top notch For her salesmanship, she won a watch. MARY NAGENGAST This kid can really play basketball, One reason of many is that she's so tall DONAL NELSON Look wherever you may and lo, You'1l find this reckless "Romeo". YVONNE PALMER This gal has charm galore, Are you sure we haven't met before? GENE POLISKEY In basketball he's never weak, While on the floor he's just a streak. JERRY ROBBINS Jerry 's a very popular guy, If you know him, you realize why. NORMAIEAN RUSSELL She came to us from Genesee She loves to talk as you can see. DONALD SCHMITZER This boy always seems at play, But Pat holds the girls at bay. RAY SCUDDER Just look at him and see him blush, I-le is forever in a rush. WILLIAM SELVIDGE When fun and duty crash, Let duty go to smash. BARBARA SHOECRAFT Barb is a one in a mlllion kid, So, boys, you'd better get ln your bid. BARBARA SHURTER. For a person so temperamental, Barbara, at times, is also gentle. JACK SMITH. His sense of humor's far from dry, All around he's one swell guy. RUTH SYLVESTER. And then here's Ruth so nice and sweet, To know this girl is quite a treat. WILLIAM TRIBELHORN. I-Iere's what the girls at Kearsley like, The cute and bold, yet bashful type. LORETTA TUCKER Now here's a girl who is quiet in school, But don't be misled, she's nobody's fooll DELORES VOLLBRECHT For personality this gal is swell, And in her work she does excel. JOAN WACKER As far as being active goes, Just ask Joan, She certainly knows. GLORIA WADDELL. This girl is known as our class poet, By reading these jingles, I guess you know WALTER WAGNER Walter Wagner's one swell guy, With Phyllis Duffy he rates real high. GEORGE WAKEFIELD. The strong and silent type by heckl For he's a second Gregory Peck. RICHARD WALKER To one who's new at Kearsley High, We think you are a darn nice guy. DOLORES WALLACE l-lere's to Dolores, a red-headed lass, She's one of the nicest kids in the class. EPPS WELKER Here comes Epps, the c1ass's clown, On his face there's never a frown. BETTY WEST This gal's got lots of pep and vim, She fell for a guy whose name is Jim. BERNADINE WOOD Although the smallest in our class, Under her feet there grows no grass. BERNARD WOOD This fel1ow's known as Smokey Wood, He always does just what he should?? 3 x9 09,0 '4 1 K iq. X f B X M- O ' ti 553 X l ' Qva. N, X O fs ,CQ f O QXQ 9 sfg 1 w 1 ,jig :QQ X 1 . 5, 0 O 1' , In ""1'exe , X Y X e.6SQ 1' 'W '7 s' 00 0 St4.rQr 00: x 6 s X ,saw IQX 'T-0 44, 5 77 W '36, 8 3? .1 'Q Xe s fxx.'X s 4 gfsf . t ve-'av' eA.sS, pxv 34,6 X .zr1,,,,,- .QQ Og Q fe . 0 1 903.1 I i 4 is ,Q a A 1 - -n ogvwf 'X 1 E 9'.x'!q I' X.:-' 1, s K f -, g V , - 7 xg 0 is ff sx 'QQ.?f,s Og" ,f . L9-'T 99 -'bv o V-9 .0 . hu.. q!! -V lm? AY, Q. f .-F'- D - M 9 ,Ig gg .. A 5.5 "7 fl' . 'ff ' 4 .HV 5.1. ' 1 ', Q .QM- "' 209 A-n ' xf ' ' , -,I ....-,.. fy i R4 ii 'X ' :Q 0 ' 1 . ,QQ FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Wieble, B. Proffer, 1. Peterson, J. Wright, M Luft, B. Putt, S. Rutledge, E. Viola, R. Stageburg, M. McGraw, P. Jones, B. Hudson D. Burton. SECOND ROW: L. Beecher, C. Kionka, S. Wagner, J. Freeze, V. Hahn B. Barlow, 1. Baker, M. Stoddard,J. Muschiana, P. Ososki, B. Gustafson, J.Mel1berg, Mrs. L. Jones. THIRD ROW: R. Drudge, L. G. Penoyer, T. Lewis, D. Walterhouse K. Walterhouse, G. Underhill, D. Fischer, A. Kingman, J. Wager, A. Gould. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT J Kotsko W Burgess P Beck J Alcorn F Land G Corless D Greenman R Gibson H Woodbeck C Scott E LaBean SECOND ROW D Serrels D Vanwagoner B Grant L Woodbeck B Hazard G Brock H Lake C Reppuhn Eldon Price R Burbank B Nyman S Lucas Mrs L Jones THIRD ROW J R Carson P Miller H Lucia C Lucia H Keeney D Chrrstran B Whitney B Ehrhart R Ecker D Thomas G McClellan L Lenzr L Hrcks J nf-Qnczn- ' I ' I U I ' I ' O , . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . . . , - 1 - , - , . , . . , . , . , . , . . 4 m q L 1 I '-'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.-.'.-.'.'.'. .'.-.-.'.'.'.'.'.-.'.'.:.:.:.-.'.:.:.:-'.:-:.'.:.-.'.'.'.'.' : 1 , QQ Q1 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Reeser, D. Simmonds, N. J. Livingston, B. Pettingill, J. Poling, M. Casteel, D. Glomson, F. Poisson, J. Gustafson, J. LaLonde, W. Peevy- house, C. Bowman. SECOND ROW: L. Johnson, J. Pete, D. Russell, J. Radke, I. L. McKnight, G. Miller, A. Walterhouse, P. Stryzinski, J. Strayer, B. McQueen, P. J U I 0 R S Wallace, P. Clapp, Mrs. L. Jones. THIRD ROW: B. Simmonds, P. King,J. Bigelow, D. Veit, R. Johnson, J. Herring, G. Ankney, J. Visser, G. Boyer, A. Remington, B. Koryciak , L. Burbank. H SUPHIINIIIIHS FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT E Jeter J Mattingly R Winkler S Bisaha S Webster N Hull E McCann D Van Wormer J A Harris O Shock N Ash B Roach R Card SECOND ROW P Wyatt W Krueger I Marsa R Brtody D Burgett L Albrant R Greuling T Love G Cole B Gourdie B Billings Miss B J Crum back THIRD ROW L Polirg S Raysrn H Ecker C Theolet W Clark B Ward K Deering D Parks H Sylvester H Hitsman 1 : . , . ' , . ' , . ' , , 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 I, - , . , 1 - - :. . . ,. , . ' , . ' I - r 1 - 1 1 1 ' A1 1 'A 1 ' -'. ' I ' '11 - A1 1 1 - , 1 , . ' I ' g 1 , Q D s , V.. .W I Q' ' 'Ill . 5 1. I I 3 if ,,s. Z 2 I I if ' ' ? FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Burgess, B. Bennett, R. Hritz, H. Kribs, B. Alex- ander, W. Campbell, R. A. Richardson, I. Porter, D. Lemster, P. Sammon, S. Madore, J. Clare. SECOND ROW: P. Wilson, D. Hazard, P. Teuber, E. Pickron, C. Zudell, D. S 0 p II 0 M 0 R I S Stephens, D. Marsh, H. Agan, P. Matthews, D. Miller, M. E. Goulish, Mr. E. Shears. THIRD ROW: D. Bostwick, M. Spinney, E. Drake, T. Faulkner, T. Turton, C. Walter- house, M. Carsten, E. Uptegraff, G. McMahon, B. Bisaha. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT B Garrlson E Smlth R M Thlck M Luce M A Kusky I Tebo S Poltskey J Alcorn P Bandur I Drckrnson E McQueen SECOND ROW B Conroy D I Ketterer R Carr A Mxller L Remmgton D Robbins Ir W Spnngsteen S Buda J Worden S Gagnon J Whlle Mr C Bohac THIRD ROW M House B Wheeler F Marun D Vrsser W Pearce D Evans D McClellan B Hadley E Isaacson F Hartley , 1 . , . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . . , . , . , . , , I 'I ' I ' D ' I ' I ' I ' l . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . 5 ,-. . -: K . -1 'u . f I '. af , I n. u 1' 1. I. , 1. -I 'Z . - . 's 2' .0 0' 1. 'a in .Q 'Q -. -: FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT M Kennedy B Kusky M Rohman C Allen I Llp straw S Warren A Wesson M Glomson J Cook S Clayton B Stlles S Young T Olson SECOND ROWI Moore P Henderson A Stebbrns T Vohwlnkle D Angus J Srrnth S Gustafson 1 Taylor D Wrlson D Blossom Mrs O Gould THIRD ROW E Prerce D Mrller K Jacobs R Brown A Kretzman B Freeman J Qurnlan B Gourdre A Vancecarr HIESHME FIRST ROW T Petteng1ll,S June, L Woodworth, N Carson, P Welsh, L Upton HHSHME G Evans, P Mrtchell, I Coon, S McClellan, D Sacadarrs, T Wallace, P Wrtt SECOND ROW J Swrtzer, T Purdy, D Grddrngs, C Hallstrand, F Brodle, A West L Ol1ver,G Albrant,J Kotsko, R Daly, L Holcomb, Mr M Gmgery THIRD ROW N Dunlap, N McKnrght, C Sharmon N N1elson,J Blanchard, G Smrth, A Lam bert, R Anderson, P Vrsse, D Kogut, D Ketterer. 1- A Q .An ..a.....-...........--........................... ...-.-........-......-..............e--....-... FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Poisson, M. Kusky, A. Hall, S. Koos, B. Freese, L. Kenmore, B. Bushland. SECOND ROW: D. White, J. Main, L. Mount, J. Trevarrow, I: R I S H M E Kleeman, M. Spohn, M. Banduer, D. Curry, C. Krueger,S. Smeltzley, R. Patton, P. H. Miller, M. Wallace, C. Swenson, B. Comer, K. Alpin, J. Cook, R. Jacot, P.. Sperrow, D. VanTifflin, Mr. W. Knutson. THIRD ROW: J. Dewitt, C. Keeney, G. Godmar, R. Bradherry, R. Rose, G. Waugh, D. Wiltse, L. Agle, J. Latoz. FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT D Famer I Bowen J Rogers R Layman D Casteel V Veil R Hicks J Smith G Shock V Allen R Sheafsky E Mathews L Ash Winkler SECOND ROW Miss EstherSiIver J Britt R Stoddard E Martin D Clapp Overmeyer J Griffin H LaBeau D Clapp E Evans P Trobaugh D Chapman E I G III Farnsworth Mr Richards THIRD ROW R Jacot W Roush H Severn L Penoy r Crittenden G Lockhart R Lundberg B Pettingill G Brow B Miller B May ville and H Carson 1 3 - 1 ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ' 1 ' 1' ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 B. . : , . , . . 1 , 1 , B. , . , 1 , . , . , . , . , R ' ' 'G' . , . . . . , . , 1 , . .. , D. , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , 1 1 fgsgv ' F . i'?9g'?1 1 1, J . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 .......... . . , , 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1-... 1 1.1.1 1.1.1 1.1.-.1.1.-.-.-.-.---.-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-. ..... . . . . . . . . . .'1'1'1'1'.'.'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1'1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1'1'1'1'c' . 1 1.1 1 1-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1-1 1.1 1 1 1 1 .-. 1 1 1...1...1.1 ....1.....1'.-1.1-1 1 1 1 1 - -nDn..- FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT S I-iudak, L Coon, S Groulx, R A Hollcnback, R Davrs, S V3I1T1ff1lD, E M Wakefreld,J Lumm, M Van Wagoner, S Sargent, S Cole, K Luce SECOND ROW B Chambers, A Money, S Isaacson, E Boegner, M Upton, B Bennett,J Johnson, N Robb1ns, P Messenger, A Davrs, B Flnkberner THIRD ROW M Bennett,1-I Trobaugh, C l-Iam11ton,P Denn1s,L Ingham,J Wage C Therssen, P. H1tchcock,D Torrey, M S1ezak,S McMahon,J A Porter ABSENT Mxssj Hrggrns IIGHIH GRADE mm,mm HGHIH GRADE FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT D Vlola M I Kenny S Marsh S Walrath I Agan D Johnson A Alcorn M Kopm D Vert S Bostwrck S Krngman M Waugh SECOND ROW R M Mezaros B Rxngle I Stevenson R Rlchards K Erbaugh C Lambert V Gunsell I Shrfflet B Carr Mr G Galbreath THIRD ROW L Wreble C Hrtsman G Mrller J Mroks R Crosby R Wrlcox D Wesley D Puryna B , . Q , . . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . . - . f . , . , . , . , . , . , . I - . ,, up A ,so - '.'.'.'.'.'.',',',',','.'.'.'.'.'.',',',',',',',',',-,-.-.-.-.u.o.-.- u.. - . - . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . - 1 . f,-,-.-'o'-....'... . si...-n...-O..-.......-.-.........- . . Q . . .'. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.',',',',-,f,-,-.-,-.u.o...- . ... - . . . . . . , , , , ,-,-, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .-.-.-.o.o.o.o.-.......-I. . . . - . . . . Q . . - - - . .'.'. .'-'n . . - . ,- - - - SEV IH FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT D Lenzr P Kusky R Kovacs R Gordon K Kozma W Hartley L Johnson SECOND ROW R Battles D Hawes A Fargo R Cook E Wnght L Ingham C Fyke J Jacobs D Money W Coutur1er.L Morse D Hughes R Alexander R Gorney THIRD ROW R Gersenhaver R Isaacson, R Hanson G Hammond L McGraw D Sherwrn B Inman R Muschlana R Damon L Guyer D Marme J Hazard FOURTH ROW L Faulkner R Guffrn D MacK1nnon D Ward I Maunder E Krppe J Marsh V Rodabaugh C Lasley J Nrchols L Clodfelter H Grubbe M Thoune ABSENT Mrs N Alden FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT J. Spohn, A. Hall, P Smrth, V. MacDonald, M. Lucas P DeVoe, K Owen SECOND ROW K Overmyer, D. Fulkerson, L. Vaughan, M Marun, D Upper, B Hrckmoth, S Frscher, K Artken, E Moore, I Ward, F Bertaso J Sharon, J. Younker, S Hallwood THIRD ROW C. Parker, L. L1eII, C. Whrtmey, P. Porter, M Grow, J. Ecker, A Schmrdt, N. Cunnrngham, J. French, C Belanger, Mr B Holcomb FOURTH ROW A Vallear, S. Carley, H Severn, E Bentley, M F Battles, L. Dahlke, W. McN1ece, J. Greuhng, L. A1p1n, B. I. Thompson, J. Lockard, B Hallstrand, J. Pudvay, J Bnody, M Inman SEVE IH GRADE uni '.'.' ' ' ' ' '.' ' ' ' ' '.'.' ' ' ' ' ' '-'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . .'-'.'.'-'f -'.'.'.'.'. . .'.'.'.'.'.'. . .'. -.. ...i ................ - . ... . . . .inr4pn. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .'- - . - . . Q - glp ,.. Ill. AL 4. All FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT. G. Miller, D. Julliet, S. Puterbaugh, C. Des Ormeau, N. Schuck, J. Siedel, J. Piaza, J. C. Proffer, G. Osborne, J. Wacker. SECOND ROW. C. Wesley, D. Taylor, I. Hurry, K. Curry, G. Nolley, E. Hall, D. Conklin, G. Over- myer, J. Dagner, J. lcke, B. Hadley, F. Breecher,,F. Yauch, V. Roper. THLRD ROW: Mrs. l. Newcombe, R. Visser, F. Woodworth, W. Gillian, L. Schmidt, D. Sperow, D. Phelps, H. Wood, W. Wittkopp, D. Uren, R. Uptegraff, L. Walton, A. Williams. FOURTH A Il ROW: N. Campbell, Keith Opdyke, G. Benway, D. Overfield, P. Perro, R. Treverrow, L. Stevenson, J. Neil, G. Loyer, L. Ross, M. Cheney, L. Varren, B. Oeven, F. Mel- berg -I R A I N I N G LEFT TO RIGHT Rita Card Donna Ketterer Mr Albert Hoffman instructor I y p ' 0 ' ik! L -11 , .. .5 If K 2 "" " ' fi ,, . I I-. , 'W 5 V . Y, Q-g.'.'.' -.-.'.-.'.- -.-.-.'.'. "-' -'.:.'.:.'.'.'.'.-.'.A.e '.-.- - - '.-.-.-.- '.'.'.'.-.' '.-- . "" .'.'.'.s.-.'.'.'.'.'.' -.... ....-- .. -- .... .. . . .. .. ... - ......-..... . - -.- . . . . . . .. . .-.-. --if. . . ... I. .... . .l .... . . . . . - . . . . . . . - . . Q - .' '. .'. . . ' . -- l... . . .. . . . . '.' '. '.' . '. ' ' ' '.' '.'.'. ' fW fmfff XXX '- 'his :M ' x r 0 A Q 'V' zz' , fx Q S' A ' 7 'X t if ' 72' ' ,pf FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:M. Nagengast, B. West, G. Waddell, J. Wacker, M. Ash, D. Noffsinger, P. Williams, M. Lovett SECOND ROW: P. Duffey, B. Wood, B. Culhane, M. Davies, C. Howell, E. Welker, D. Glomson, E. Mattingly, B. Triblehorn Mrs. O. Gould, R. Graves. THIRD ROW: C. Green, C. Howell, R. Burbank, P. Ketterer, M. Michael, D. Mannor, J. Scudder, H Hillaker. Jllllll MISM MASS Nm C-PL' 15 'J I Q i l' 1 v 1 " N fi 1. N.l""!lll7 a , Q I ' I.x',f-zz' Q igvkgi. 1 V ' we Q I x .28 IIIIIU H FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT D L Taylor K Owen A Gould B Bilhngs D Chnsuan N Ash G Mxller M Dav1es D V1o1a N Robbins STANDING Mr G Student Councll has once aga1n spon sored noon hour movles and on spec1a1 occaslons, fee assembhes The1r purpose has beento promote bet ter re1at1onsh1ps cond1t1ons 1n the school The fo11ow1ng offlcers were elected for the year, Preszdent Norma Ash V1ce Presmdent Gordon M111er Secretary Melvena Davxes Treasurer Duane Chrxstlan Sergeant at arms Bernard B1111ngs LEFT TO RIGHT G Mxller B Bnllmgs Mr G N1ChO1S Nichols, J. Britt, J. Smith, R. Rose, L. Guyer, S. June. I AT DRUMS: V. Martin, B. Grant. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Wesley, D. Taylor J. Dagner, L. Tucker, P. Kline, M. Waugh, L. Mitchell, A. Gould, P. Mitchell, D. Conklin, G. Evans, B. Buckland, T. Poisson, S. Cole. SECOND ROW: J lcke D. Wesley, J. Mohrs, L. Mount, B. Comer, C. Crawford, J. Trevarrow, G. Cole G Ankney, B. Nyman, B. Smith, F. Poisson, Mr. A. Lindholm. THIRD ROW: D Jurllet, G. Waugh, R. Crosby, N. Neilson, G. Giertz, E. Peirce, R. Wilcox, J. BlEgl0W B. Billings, G. Loyer, G. Miller, G. Miller. Brill The first band, under the direction of Mr. Alfred Lindholm, is made up of 40 members. They attended the State Fair, September 3, 1950, and received a trophy. Also they have performed during the halves at all the football games. They played at a concert at Central High on March 17. Officers of the band areg President ...... . Charles Chrawford Vice President . . .Luella Mitchell Secretary . . . , Phyllis Kline Treasurer . . . .Loretta Tucker Librarian . . . . Jack Bigelow Student Director. . . Guy Cole LEFT TO RIGHT:N. Livingston, S. Young, B. Pettengill, E. Hall, J. Poling R. Stageburg, B. Mitchell. 30 8 -.f F fi LJJ L OT FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Wiltse, E. Rodabaugh, E. Ganier, R. Peasia, I. Corey. SECOND ROW W. Nimcheski, W. Bryan, M. Dennis, J. Tucker, J. Wright, A. Smith, F. Le Bold, B. Sh.iff1et,J. Grueling, J. Sharen, R. Daly, I. Latoz, B. Oost, J. Mrohs. THIRD ROW: B. Tucker, M. Troubough, G. Ridley, J. Cashin, P. Dennis, E. Kippe, J. Wage, L. Ingham, C. Wiecorek, A. Stickrick, A. Holcomb, N. Fischer, and Mr. A. Lindholm. BACK ROW:J. Rutledge, K. McNeil, B. Bowen, J. Joliet, G. Bell, B. McMahan, L. Garret, V. Greenman, J. Younker, B. Newcomb, P. Remore, B. Perkins, and B. Kusky. 31 VOCAl GRUUP A 4 J W r ,X . FIRSIA U SECU D YEARVUCAI FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Putt, B. Wood, E. Smith, D. Ketterer, S. Gagnon, R. Card, B. Culhane, J. Kippe, D. Hazard, B. West, G. Wad- dell, N. Hull, E. McCann. SECOND ROW: D. Ketterer, T. Purdy, K. Al- pine, H. Miller. ABSENT: Miss B. Lindle, instructor. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Thoue, K. Overmeyer, G. Nolley, J. Hurry, R. Bertasso, L. Alpine, V. McDonald, M. Grove, L. Liell, S. Hallwood, B. Thompson, I. Greullng, M. J. Battles, A. Fargo. SECOND ROW: R. Owen, W. Courrier. I. Younker, B. Hadley, J. French, S. Carly, L. Dahlke, A. Smith, C. Whitney, J. Ecker, P. Porter, P. DeVoe, A. Williams, I. Seidel, R. Cook. THIRD ROW: C. Parker, W. McNiece, I. Briody, R. Battles, D. Marmey, E. Kippe, R. Trevanow, D. Brow, F. Breecher, P. Smith, K. Owen, P. Ward. 32 " " 1 , .j 1' ' E llBRAIIY sim L53 Many new things have been added to the school library this year. There are six new study tables, made of 1ightwood,for the students' use. Miss Britton has a new book vice to help in the re-binding of books. Also a new shipment of 400 fiction books have arrived. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Hamilton, M. Kusky, P. Duffy, B. Fischer, J. Stevenson, G. Cook, R. Land P Messenger P Tueber R Sylvester. SECOND ROW: Miss M. Britton, P. Bandur, O. Schock, J. Harris, R. Hritz, C. Lambert V Hahn M Spohn M Bandur, I. Porter, J. Switzer, B. Culhane, B. Alexander. in A 4--.- . I B , R I , 't, Ej:': ' 1, f. 3 x A. X , Ili FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Duffy, J. Wright, G. Waddell, Miss K. Boonstra, R. Stageburg, 'M. E. Goulish, E. Viola. SECOND ROW:G. Miller, R. Hritz, P. Matthews, W. Griswold, B. West, S. McCllelan, l. Coon, C. Martin. THIRD ROW: B. Alexander, J. Harris, I. Jeter, M. Baridur, P. Bandur, D. Lemster. Officers for the year are: President ....... Gloria Waddell Vice-President . . . . Joann Wright Secretary ..... Mary Ellen Goulish Treasurer ....... Ruth Stageburg IU-BLHUMIMAKIRS UF MHIICA ZW! ? sk.. T37 -ey V 1 The purpose of the Future I-Iomernakers of America is to make better citizens and create good fellowship among the many people who goto make up this world of ours. Some of the projects for this year were a cider and doughnut sale and making a quilt for the Home Economics room. 13 P? is N A. .XE FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Ash, D . Williams, Miss B. Crum- Culhane, A. Gould, P back, sponsor, I. Marsa. SECOND ROW: H. H rd B. Fischer. Kribs, L. Tucker,J. Tebo,J. a y, B. S FRONT Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. copm, H. N Robbins B Chambers Trobaugh, J. Lumm, . , . , ' W: A. Wil- K. Aitkin, D. Viola. SECOND RO liams, S. Bostwick, S. Walrath, R. Richards R. M D. Johnson, C. Maclfarland, J. Agan, Mezaros, J. Pudvay, N. Alden, sponsor. 6. I. Shifflet. ABSENT: Mrs. -IH S Sl Illll Y JU Illll Y-IH S J-""? F, fa 5 . Qmon VARSIIY FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT R Ecker H Lucta C Walterhouse H Keeney D Owen G Polrskey F Hastedt N Duke C Crawford D Serrels SECOND ROW I Bye I Smlth D Walker K Walterhouse C Lucra T Lewrs D Chrrstran R Lawrence W Burgess Mr E Shears THIRD ROW H Ecker G M1l ler R Grbson L Baker, G Boyer E Prlce W Clark S Raysm M Sprnney D Va Wagoner Il ONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT B West F FR Krppe C Prlce W Peevyhouse M Lovett M Nagengast D Noffsrnger W Grrswold J Wacker M Ash B Shoecraft, N J Russell SECOND ROW I Alcorn W Campbell F Poisson B Gustafson I Radke B Barlow J Baker H Agan S Putt M1ssE Srlver THIRD ROW M E Goul lrsh I Harris D Mrller M Luft C P Wallace D Lemster N Ash Madore S Rutledge B Bowman 1 'i' WHS qt I - , . , I o , - . 9 Q l 1 , I I I . 1 I ' 1 I l Q 3 . I , . , . , . , . , - I p - r f . . : . , . ' , , . , . - - - . , . , . ' , . : . . . . - h , . ' I , . , . , ' 1 - 1 - 0 ' r - . . . Z . , . ' ' , - , 4 1 ' 1 ' , . ' , . . , . ' , , ' . ' . : . . ' - u f 0 ' l ' . , . , . A , . . . ' . , 1 , Q f g L' , L f. ,-4' . 9 4 O A 1 I , 5 C, , . ff - V1 1 ' O 4 -. V 1 - E ' A ,NA , . f -v I A ' 1 L X , . Y A - , V A A. F ' x I , 1 4 ' .K I I N IA' XF . nf , V , 1 1 f 2- ,af - F I ' J' "ZW" ,w ' , .' , 71' ' ' 'J' : ws IJEBAH Clllli 'fs .- GP K ONT ROW 2 M. K Wtombe B U-sky. R. La ' ' Alexander nd' A- Go 1 1 In R' Carso u dl S. Cla n' A- Remfn yum' C- Price lg , Martin 8 n. M. M1chae1, T. Fa:uP. Duffy' P. Arm kfler. L. Remin shone- sscoND R gton' B SCIV M . edge N - rs ' - Ash, f this ear were Alan Rem- The active debators or y ington, Charlene Martin, Sallie Clayton, J. R. Carson, Ruby Land, and Tommy Faulkner. The team won three and lost five out of the eight contests. The remaining members helped withthe debates and also particiapated in orations,dec1amations, and dram- atizations. 37 .QR L. Q63 fi A Qi FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Hall, I. Fairweather, B. McMahon, M. Powers, S. Campbell, E. Simpson, F. Yauch, S. Parks, D. Perro, M. Wright. SECOND ROW: G. Nolly, C. Hamilton, A. Money, L. Hosma, M. Kopin, Mrs. Stockfish, S. Clodfelter, J. Farrier, M. Kovacs, J. Weible, B. Chambers, E. Bently, J. Yonder, L. Garrit. THIRD ROW: C. Davis, D. Upper, D. Mid- dleton, S. Cole, R. Hollenback, I. Shiffelt, C. McFar- BUY SCUUIS FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Uren, W. Wittkopp, P. Perro, P. Dennis, J. Bowan, I. Osborn, D. Money, C. Fight, T. Witt, J. Bair, L. Petro, L. Ross, V. Allen, J. Allen. SECOND ROW: C. DesOrmeau, B. Barabora, T. Welch, Unknown, N. Schuch, L. Cole, T. Hanson, I. C. Crawford, L. Clodfelter, B. Hardly, J. Piazza, R. Piazza, B. Alexandrru, E. Baldwin. THIRD ROW: D. Ferrior, C. Hicks, F. Hardly, D. Brow, G. Lawyer, B. land,J. Johnson, P. Davis, G. Kozma, S. Ross, B. Hills, Muschiana, K. Alpine, R. Brown,J. Cook, B. Freeman, B. Ross, C. Farrier. FOURTH ROW: T. Keener, F. Mance, T. Purdy, D. Willsey. S. Marsh, M. Kenney, J. Hury, S. Issacson, E. Hall,P. Smith, V. Greenman, I. Trevarrow, I. McFall. J. Breecher, M. Arnold, L. Ovise. 38 GIRl SCUUIS SCHUUI CAl September S eptemb e r September September September October October October October October October October November November November November November December December December January January January January January F eb rua ry February February February February March March March March April May June June June I HARl950-51 School starts Football season-Flint Tech Davison-football-here Girls hockey-Fenton-there Fenton-football-here Girls hockey-Utley-here Flushing-football-here Mt. Morris-football-there Girls hockey-Beecher-here Grand Blanc-football-here Girls hockey-Mandeville-here Bendle-football-there Carnival Clip-football-there Homecoming Eve fBond Fire, Homecoming fBeecher game and Crowning of Queen., Football bust at Frankenmuth Senior Play Basketball season-Davison-here' Beecher -ba sketball-here Davison-basketball-here Flint Tech-basketball-there Fenton-basketbal1.there Flushing-basketball-there Mt. Morris-basketball-here Grand Blanc -basketball-there Bendle -ba sketball-here C lip-ba sketball-he re Beecher -basketball-the re Girls' basketball banquet Basketball tournament Jr. Play All sports Banquet Jr. and Sr. Prom Sophomore Play Jr. and Sr. Banquet Baccalaurette C las s N ight Graduation Night 39 'wx :ax Il J uf ,PX 'Yftf U tak 'll 5 ie J, xg. 'Q , 'Nl 14" Q' Q J f 'gy I . ,Q 3 if 1 'fm 1' ails ,f Q A V- Q, -45 P 1 M4 'A M4 - ' av D . ,,z '-'km v 1-new fs I Va. 'WG gm ' I ,g l i f 1 A 'H -- '95 Alg THE FRUITS OF VICTORY LIE IN THE TEAM S SPIRIT 5 L l gk v 6' ,v,'A' . - mi- 1 1 '- .A r -1 . X 1 31154 D - vi: xx , s .LL 0 , ,ef - 11 ,-yxzlslh I x I ,- -QXAQ 1 . 1' 6. - lo '-Q is .,, - 5 'f I , N :Iln , E , .... : EQ, - 172. +I :8l ,lui .' .T ' 113 L-I , -QQ,-D ilfxff 'l:':Ap :..:'s: f.R 115721 ' '.tfr'X,' - 3' 4-X1 . - -2' ':' ' - - ' 5:3:Q:f: 22223132122- s : l "' ' ' "- :s:s:s' -s:s:s:1:2:. ' r . I-I'Z-I -Z-I-I-Z-I-i' :3:3:f 5:-:-:-z 1 ' 'Z-Z'2 Z'Z'Z-I-2 -. ' 3: ' 2:f:f: ::Q:2:2 5' . . . ' 1.0.0. u ,-:-:-:- ','.' '.'.' .'s'a'a'a'-'- , . . . . , . . .-:-:-:-:-:-'- O N I H FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Burgett, E. Kozma, G. Underhill, J Robbins, D. Davis, L. G. Penoyer, L. Baker, L. Albrant, J. Rivard, D. Robbins SECOND ROW: Coach C. K. Richards, D. Waker, T. Turton, J. Boyer, D. Fischer, J. Smith, D. Johnson, H. Lucia, G. Miller, coach E. Stephons. THIRD ROW: W. Burgess, P. Beck, C. Lucia, D. Schmitzer, R. Lawrence, T. Lewis B. Koryciak, B. Erhart. VARSIIY HllHllAll The varsity football team, coached by C. K. Richards, ended the 1950 season in a three way tie for third place in the Genesee County stand- ings. The team had a record of five wins,two losses, and one tie. The captain for this year's team was Don Davis. senior who played left end. ALL COUNTY MEN 140, ,la ALA FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Robbins, D. Serrels, W. Burgess, H. Lucia, G. Boyer, J. Bobbins, T. Lewis, L. Baker, I. Rivard, K. Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Coach, W. Knudson, B. Ehrhart, J. R. Carson, B. Whitney, L. G. Penoyer, R. Ecker, D. Christian, M. Wallace, coach C. Richards. THIRD ROW: R. Hartley, H. Keeney, C. Lucia, B. Bates, R. Huntoon, R. Lawrence, B. Selvidge, H. House. BASEBAH Another year of basketball is finished and with the coming of spring, baseball is being played throughout the nation. Some of the boys that will be throwing the old apple for Kearsleywillbe Whitney, Selvidge, Baker, Lawrence, Rivard, and Walker. On first base you will see Bates and Keeney tossingthe ballto either House, Christian, or Serrels on second for that double play. On third you will watch LJ. Lucia and Ehrhart reaching for those hot grounders, with Jerry andDe1l Robbins, as shortstop, backing them up. Those never-die outfielder-s Wh0 Will always be on the go willbe Huntoon, Wag- ner, Lewis, Penoyer, Ecker, Boyer, and H. Lucia. FIRST ROW: M. Wallace, B. Gourdie, D. McClelland, W. Pierce, Co- captains W. Clark, and C. Theolet, H. Ecker, D. Bostwick, C. Zudell, G. Albrant, G. Waugh. SECOND ROW: Coach, W. Knudson, I. Trivaro, A. R I S E R West, M. Carsten, R. Brown, K. Jacobs, L. Remington, T. Love, coach, G. Galbreath. THIRD ROW:D. Wiltse, E. Neilson, L. Coon, N. McKnight, B. Gourdie, B. Freeman, W. Springsteen, H. Sylvester, I-I. Histman. as ,un I00lBAll '1' CLASS B CHAMPIONS R I R FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wesley Clark, Lyle Albrant, BASKIIBAII Dell Robbins Jon Rivard Davis Stevens BACK ROW Carl Theolet, Kenny Jacobs, Buddy Keitzman, David Angus, Shearl Raysin, coach, Edward Stephon. 45 xx L rdf f 81 - It 4' C 'X Z1 1 x.,,.f BT- Bm Harney, X6-Nrn. SECON ond. 9 Crxarxes D O YAG . don Ba Hamm LFX1 'Y Cook, EX rd, Gary A EYLONT ROW, LEFT 'YO RXGB11 Ray Sounder, Gordon ESLONT Y-OW, Mmer, Crrarxes Green, Kerry Robbrns, L. G. Yenorjer, Bonac, Sorrn NreX, Ronny ins, Howard Lucia. SECOND ROW1 Coach, ROW19-oben Mexander, Gerardbocka an Tneorer, David Srevens, Xnjxe Keg Chrk, coach, George mer, Lawrence Deh Robb Edward Sreonon, C Mbranr, Dongxas Bnrgeu, W es Gaxbrearn. TBXRD now Oonakk Sdnrnr Baker, Srreark Ragsrn. JU Inn HI-y S o , g X 4 y , il W 2 or if if wsiigrfi -i vi ' .gfjizyw ' ' Ziff? ' ' 7f"f W fm ' fi" vm 'D -fs nf riff 4- T . ' E' E ', 1.2 K, -'f .1 1 4 ,s -1 ' bn 0 ., I K , E it , '34 ' Bt 3 . Aw. K F ,, K KA ,gy , K K K , 4- ,X M- 4 ' AN Ffh-,E gg ' X if' E .N E V . M. 7 'Ee , ' M. 5-'L 1 - :Humax kv x 'f I L K 1 x - . I X X Q 4, 4 Q A E, 4 'K ,K 2 l 14 I YIEEREYL Lfwsf A I -VA K kk 3, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fred Hartley, Eldon Price, Richard Ecker, Bob Ehrhart, Deyo Serrels, Duane Christian, Stanley Lucas. BACK ROW: Jim Worden, Melvin Spinney, Lester Remington, Wayne Burgess, Leroy Poling. VAIESIEY l 'ff' Sqn- -:wr FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Glenn Albrant Alston West joe Kotsko I I: 0 ll Y Drck Anderson Jerry Qumlan BACK ROW Marvrn Wallace Terry Von RESERVES wlnkle ,hm Latos Alvm Lambert Coach George Galbreath 47 is IZHHRHAIIHIS Kearsley s cheerleaders for the past season are Betty West .Tuamta Hardy Betty Lou Culhane seniors Helen Knbs and Joyce Alcorn sophomores To them t n for we wish to express our apprecm 10 their pep and school spirit at all games. These girls and Miss Lindle, their spon- sor, worked hard to help belng victones to our school. F' ent on Utley Beecher Utley Fenton Beecher FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT B Putt M. E. Goulish, 1. Radkle, J. smger C Marun I Wacker M Lovett.SECOND ROW: P. Bandur, J. Mgr N Russell H Agar: B Shoecraft W. Campbell, S. Rutledge, N Ash, mgr. C. Bowman, X .N Qu, ,R . ee A This page through X the courtesy of 7 cAsE.'s GROCERY Flint ,4 Kippe, Co-captainsg M. Nagesgast, and M. Ash, D. Noff- Harris, J. Alcorn, W. Peevyhouse, P- Wallafle, B. Barlow, Coach, Miss Esther Silver. THIRD ROW: S. Poliskey, D. M. Luft, D. Miller, W. Griswold, S. Madore. Za RECORD Davtson Fenton Mt Morrts Grand Blanc Bendle Beecher r fm 1. 1- ana i "ww ff'4sxfiix YY IC hh 'ot ' H' 27: 'fb L, 8 wwf, rrrafr FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT D Mlller D Noffstnger 1 Wacker M Nagengast Co captarns M Lovett andC Martrn S Rutledge M Ash W Gnswold D Lemster SECOND ROW N Ash W Peevyhouse I Hams, M E Goultsh N Hull B Barlow J Baker S Madore F Potsson B Putt coach Mrss Esther Sllver ABSENT Mgr F Hayward Thrs page through courtesy of BRADY TRACTOR SALES 50 K 3 7 3 3 ' K 3 7 14 K 3 1 1 0 . ' K 3 5 3 1 - 1 .... -ii-1 K 38 23 K 29 5 5 X , V727 Q , 3-3j?..l , V " ' Vi ,DMV-f1V-ftie V,.-flak yt f 5 J ,jr-ig, f . -eff '-.z,,-.,., i lim. r V .vp ,,f ,, . ' . 212 B' " 'G Q 5 Mofifi- 'yd' Z, an T ji? 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' : . ' . . , . ' . I . l . , : ' . ' n 0 1 ' 1 a , ., ' ' . elf' M . Q - ,. -, . W ,- aT ,ft 2 ' fi f.i f ' ff 'a , 1 3x . K , . .xi s gg, 6 9255111 33 Wav.- n i Yearbook Editor . . . . . Marcia Ash Book-Keeper .... . . Gloria Waddell Advertising Manager . . . Pat Williams Picture Editor . . . . . Marcia Ash Typist . ............ Iris Marsa Ad Salesman .......... Mickey Lovett Mary Nagengast, Dolores Noffsinger, Dan Glom- son, Epps Walker, Bill Triblehorn, Max Michael, Ernest Mattingly, Francine Hayward, Melvena Davies. This page through courtesy of NELSON ELECTRIC. 52 Q 'xuusl ron rum" gl -' 1 ' 5 I A51 5 X LI BENJAMIN " TAKE IT EASY 'ig 21 691, " HOLCOMB ' 'V 36 il 'M ll W WILD BILL KNUDSON MRS PRUDENCE KLINE SAM SPAD ?l E GINGERY GE ORGE THE. VILLAIN NICHOLS k X J mini a'W0:'5lg:i-.7 IH Wm Qi! N Q 'X ' -:ID V7 vi JOE. CASUAL sp " ' 'QF ' k , vii-f 5 ' I I fi l ' M N ' a f . ' ' ' 'PFS 1 Y .P XR Q' we 3 Q I 2 - Q- , , - MR. " " SHEARS 53 LX MASS IIHIIIHIS P,esl d Vlce pint Secrets esxdem Treasure? Gordo 0 tudeflz Bev D H Mule as Anne Coua my F a 6 ow ' Gail! U View 010, N absent me Off m WZ, Pena-get Melvena Dsin er Ptesgixesxclenl Duane Chnsum 3 V1 Ss V10 Serlfeww T ,easutet an ge? SIU den! Conn SOPHOMORB Presxdem Bemard Billings Vice President Dell Robbins Secrexary Mary Ann Kusky Treasure: Don Bouwlck Student Council Rep Norma Ash Page Sponsor--Compliments of REX LAWSON 54 wif . V X Q u . Gems 1. sumo , . - nlefhill Cilliep ' - .D Hehe, en n . , . n ' . . i es 2 . . - ' - - - 8 ,. 1 4- Vws . ll0MH'0Ml Marcxa Ash was chosen as Kearsleys hrst homecommg queen November I7 1950 Her court conslsred of semors Mic ey Lovett Me venaDav1es Jumors Anne Gould FayLockwood sophomores Norma Ash and Dora Lemster 1nf IRY STORES' F I DA I-EIR KETZ nS0r Page SP0 55 King, Hollis Carson and Queen, Nancy Robbins, eight graders presided over this year's Carnival. They were attended by Don Bostwick, 10th gradeg Mary Jane Battles, 7th gradeg PatStrysinsky, Duane Christian, llth gradeg Don Davis, lZth gradeg Bob Rose, 8th gradeg Jo Ann Harris, 10th gradeg Marie Kusky, 9th gradeg and Joe Piaza, 7th grade. KINGA Illlllll UF CAR IVM N, A DART THROWING BOXING 5 . Compliments of HAI.. YOUNG, Genesee, Michigan 56 I.. M I IIISPE .6 MIC KIE DUM LER INA SC HEZMPF '-Tv CAFETERIA STAFF Th1s page made possxble by HUBBARD S 32.7 S Sag1naw St 57 SABHS BUS DRIVERS S Q' , 1 ' - -3- I 'ff-f f-, A A :A-4 - , 1 S ' . Wai N. I 1 S' f H ' 2 f ' . , A 1 f'-1" 1 V t ' W r N , .x A v g A I A 2 xx - x A S 4 5 ' K. K A 1 5 , ,l I A A 4: . Q: . . , . , Q . fu' yx, 7 UCAN vnu :MMM li EIN IN THIS DOC HOF PREDICAME NT? 40 X: r Xs -. Q W FMAN RUNNI NG AROUND I X MRS. ALD X 263 RIC H WIT H A BAG PI PE? MR DA I' X sr LY NOT IN A N CIRC LES 9 HURRY '7 N A KA WD' X, , W N ,. -f " Y- , Ay' M- - at' ,IX u n I X - J xx if 1 F ,- X N ,E , I 1 . Ex 5' ' f I QV- PLUMBING FIXTURES KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CUPBOARDS Redx B1lt Sectxonal Prefuushed 1I'1 Whlte Trxmmed w1th Chrome Hardware DOUBLE COMPARTMENT SINKS Cast Iron and Steel GAS HEATERS AND FAUCETS Sumgle or Double Lumber Plywood Mlllwork ACORN I UMBER COMPANY Court St at Dort I-Ilghway Phone 9 5738 A LEE BROWN CO lmt Fmest Jewelers and Opt1c1ans Slnce 1900 323 S Sagznaw Street Fllnt IVIICITIUBH Congratulahons Suucere W1shes P rom 3506 N Dorf hwy Across from CommerC1alCarr1ers The Best of Foods Includlnv Steaks and Chops and Horne Made Pastry C ompllments BURN S MARKET Corrwplmments of a FRIEND Good Luck and Prosper-lty To the Class of 1951 LOVECIROVES WHOLESALE INC N If - YS - . . HOT WATER TANKS ' I I B ' INN of HUGGLER BROTHERS Televlsxon Radlo Sales and Servlce Genesee M1Ch1gaH Phone Mt MOITIS 9721 Home Apphances 'Y oungstown K1tchens HOME DAIRY CO. 116 E, Kearsley St. Phone 8 8104 Grocerles, Meats Vegetables Baked Goods We cater to partles and banquets MAX DAVIS .TEWELERS D1amonds Watches, Jewelry 545 S Saglnaw St Fhnt M1ch1gan Phone 3 5162 Compllments of a Frlend to CLASS OF 51 C omphrnents KING S CLOTHING Fhnt M1Ch1gaH C ongratulatl ons MORRISON S Watches Jewelers and S11versm1ths Wearxng apparel for Women 344 5 Sdglrlaw Sf Mlsses, and .Tumors S Saglnaw at F1rst St Fhnt M1ch1gan F hnt 3 Mlchlgan . . of ' 335 S. Saginaw St. Compllm nts IHIGHIS SHIIIIU 634 HARRISON bT FLINT IVIICHIGAIN . C K of , . Ba Dgluhted Cl n Umted Czty Wrde Delwery Wzth Bonded Dnvers Davlson and Center Road BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 51 AND THE PEOPLE OF THIS COMMUNITY HERBERT MARY AND CAROLE HARRISON A Nl U H RICHARDSON DRUGS Rexall Agency FLEMING S MARKET Grocemes and Meats Prescrlptlons Accurately Compounded FHM ln Seaqon Cosmetu s Baby Needs Soda Bar 34o4 Rlflhfleld Road Telephone 5 0522 Phone 3 9343 Open UH Z A M Congratulatlons to the Class of 51 Comphments of FLINT PAINTER S SUPPLY of Complete Llne of Sherwmn W1ll1ams Products TOMPKINS DEPARTMENT STORE Rxchfxeld Road Flxnt M1ch1gan 3347 Rlchfxeld Road Flxnt, M1ch1gan I S 'H Ns--- ' -- Corner of Atherton and Dort. Hwy. HOWELL, S FLOWERS C ompllments 3745 Davxson Road Say xt wlth flowers frown Howell S KEARSLEY PLUMBING AND Flowers For A11Occas1ons HARDWARE SUPPLY We Dehver Phone 4 1135 C ongratulatlons C lass of 51 GRA Slll HAH 8: IIIIMPA InduStr1a1Supp11es Walnut Sz Poplar Sts Flxnt 1 M1Ch1gaH I of . - 4433 Richfield Road Congratulatlons to the Senlors From Corner Covert and Rlchheld Roads G 3351 Rlchheld Rd Complete Llne of Meats and G ocerle Complete Lane of Meats and Grocerxes Your trade Appreclated Open 7 days a week 8A M to lO 00 P M 1000A M tolOOOP M C omphments of WIYHI IIBIHIS MHS C0 C lass Rxngs Plns Commencement Announcement Personal Cards Trophxes Medals Caps and Gowns 304 Davls Broderlck Tower 3040 Gratlot Ave Detrolt 26 Mlchxgan Holidays ' O Q I Compllments KETZLER BROS DAIRY STORES 4004 Davlson Road C ongratulatlons C las s of 51 W E HULL COMPANY Rxchheld at Western For Home Delivery of Delicious Dairy Products Call PURE SEAL PRODUCTS 1926 N Frankhn Phone 2 7104 JAMES LUMBER COMPANY Lumber Sash Doors and Bu11d1ng Materxal Two Yards 902 N Dort Hwy 2452 Fenton Road CAMERON S SERVICE Sunoco Gas and O11 Washlng and Greasxng Accessorles and Txre Repaxr Coznphments of BROWN FUNERAL HOME 5538 Rlchflem Road Phone 9 8310 1616 Dawson Road of Phone 2-5126 Phone 9-5719 WOOI-,LEY BROS HEATING Congratulatxons to the Class of 51 Gas O11 Coal MARTINS 81 HOWARD S SERVICE MARATHON PRODUCTS A1r condltxomng and gravxty Best 1n the long run B111 Woolley 3155 Davxson Road Wlth courteous Servlce Manager Fhnt M1Chlgdn Phone 4 1721 Fhnt Mlchxgan NITE OWL CONEY ISLAND RICHFIELD IRON WORKS Corner Dort and Davlson Roads Smoke Stacks Bo11ers Weldlng Fhnt Mlchlgan Steel Erectors Heavy Mach1nery Movmg G 3313 R1chf1e1d Road Fhnt M1ch1gan CASHIN BROS. MEAT MARKET Phone 3 3292 Ome 1 ed Meats H K 11 4270 Rlchfxeld Road Phone 9 0177 ' G-3301 Richfield Rd. X N, ,- XX X Q6 N x 6 fin xR1soOK5 ,ff XIX ld lU"'Q'7' SKA KANSAS Mvcns Ano c0 'NC Top , N K, Oo v ' 0 4 ' - Q.".:. 'A ',. g Q X w .- n 'n Y N, X ,lv , 'o 0 - ,N Xi ,mf is 0 ' It gv,1At'K N Q, .. ., ?'n og, 0 f' "o:.. 1 Q o,..0og. ' Un..'9 . ....l , A UO., I

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