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S ie 5 V? G Z PE 3 E E '-3 ,J 4 E 5 if 5 an Q sg N 5 E E 5 5? B E F fi 5 :F lil S H ks 15 5 it s ii 5 5 s E 'Q I 5: ,. 5 xii ii! Q4 5 59 5 E 5 5 E 2 Q H! E IEEEHSLEUHU 1945 I v x . Ce ' .a .11 .fp 4- . 135-"Lf ' 153.4 1" V ' - ,I ":,': ' -H-'12 ,, . , ,-1, - ' ,f-, df- 4.5,.,-- V f qt" ' , ,N .I ' :fuk 2514- L5 ' x.- 51' I r ' .- ,af .hx .M as . K f. . ' 4 ,.- 71' " F-w" - .3,yy',,.zg,z'13h,,- - X J 1 , ' 'Q-"'."nx' -'1. 1 , - ' -3 J . x . ,Y K . Ti" V. 2 -' :'. 'ffl-"i,"f 3:4 ,A 1-' ff- . ' '1--'f'.1'v' " az- ' -M-.15t4:,,b f z. . -.x..J.'.TuaKS1mJex.q, :dit yn- , I ' G 1- 4. Wh l cal- fu.. w. sf ,:.fg sp- 4. '5, .Nr WMM y , Y X ' : '1 xL r xi . f ., ,HEEL .Rf WWC N WU Congratulations to you, the staff of the Kearslecho, for the splendid job which you and your sponsor, Mrs. Halligan, have done with this-the second edition of our year book. We are more than pleased to know that you have continued and improved the efforts of last year's Senior class in this particular field, and that your ac- complishments in journalism throughout the year have been of the highest caliber. May your part in this project be one of the outstanding memories of your high school career. I say thanks, thanks a million, for this, the most important school project of the year I9-16. GEORGE DALY, Ylflwl. Class of 1946 I am very happy to congratulate the class of '46 on their successes. In this class there are many outstanding individ- uals not in scholarship alone, but in other diversified abilities as well. The keynote of the class has been that of rugged individualism, each one de- pending for the most part upon his own efforts and ideas. This group has not been entirely content to follow the tradi- tions of the past, but has put forth ef- forts to make traditions. I am sure that the members of the senior class, as they part from us tc. take their separate ways, will go far down the road to success. I hope that they will keep in mind the fact that they are not finishing only commencing, and I know that the spirit of Kearsley will always go with them. GITURCIT XV. NICIIOIS, Prin. Page 5 Bound of Educution Firsf row, leff fo righi: Berfha Johnson, Edwin Wes+on. Second row: Lyle Walferhouse, George Kardos, Oliver Pero. Student Council Firsf row, lefi io right J. Wacker, P. Morgan, J. Gilberrson, J. Dagner, M. Goosen. Second row: R. Brancheau, D. Serrels, B. Osborne, F. Nagengasi, B. Becker, B. Geisenhaver, D. Godmar, Mr. Nichols. Page 6 Kearslecho 1 Senior Hi iz Faculty Firsf row, leff lo righl: B. Lindle, L. ScoH', J. Higgins, G. McCormick, L. Pagel, L. Jones, J. Newion, M. Halligan. Second row: M. R. Gingery, L. Hulce, C. Furney, C. K. Richards, D. Kaulifz, E. Buell, G. Nichols, A. Holifman. Elementmfy Faculty Fronf row: M. Grove,'VM. Hoyl, M. Rawson, L. Mefhews, N. Hanson. Second row:W. Bulfey, Principal: I. Heinzelman, YI Lohnes,5W. Sioley, S. Helvey,A'M. Callahan, E. Reed. Lasl' row: A. Sorgen'lrei,wE. Traynor, GA-"Clarlr, E. Connolly, T. Rose, .M. McDowell. Class of 1946 Page 7 ourmzlism Dept. First row. left 'to right: B. Rutledge, R. Turner, M. Shurier, C. Strayer, S. O'Sullivan, Mrs. Halligan. Second row: F. Lewis, B. Christensen, P. Ensminger, P. Gilchrist, M. Agan, M. Kuczman, T. Hescotf. Third row: H. Griffin, P. Diclrenson, B. lnscho, L. Doty, B. Pettingill, D. Ketchabaw, D. Ososlri. Absent-E. Carey. editor, A. Gage, P. Hansen, S. Hart, E. Schooley, D. Willres. Two of Kearsley's most important projects, the year book, the Kearslecho, and the newspaper, the Eclipse, are products of the journalism department. The Eclipse as it exists today was organized in the fall of 1943 by the first journalism class of Kearsley High School. Last fall the first printed issue replaced mimeographed copies, advertising was added and the Eclipse is now a Hnancially in- dependent publication. ECLIPSE STAFF Editor ...................... Associate Editor ................ Dorothy Ososki ........Eunice Corey Advertising Mgrs...............Pat Dickenson Beverly Inscho Sports Editor .......... ......... P at Ensminger Reporterv Mary Agan, Losi Doty, Phyl- Business Mgr .......... ........ P hyllis Hansen Circulation Mgr ................... Helen Griffin Assistants .................... Donna Ketchabaw Suzanne O'Sullivan Exchange Editors ............ Bonnie Rutledge Margaret Shurter lis Gilchrist, Shirley Hart, Frances Lewis, Betty Pettengill, Evelyn Schooley, Carol Strayer, Arlene Gage, Tom Hescott, Don Wilkes, Mary Ann Kuczman, Betty Christ- ensen and Retha Turner. The senior class of '45 undertook the year book as a class project. This year it was handed over to the journalism department. With their usual capabilities, plus plenty of hard work, the staff has accomplished this difficult task. Especial credit goes to the faculty members and sponsors who contributed much to the second edition of the Kearslecho, and a high tribute to Shirley Wheeler for the art work. Mrs. Halligan, as head of the journalism department, has helped a great deal in making the success of both the Eclipse and the Kearslecho possible. Page 8 Kearslecho E IOR CLASS PROPHECY Each of the Seniors from the class of '46 has received a formal invitation to a class reunion to be held on the 10th of June, 1956. As we come near Hill Park we see a huge gate with marble statues of Hercules, Apollo and Charles Atlas carved on the front. As we step inside we see down the tulip bordered path, a huge stage, with a microphone, seats for an orchestra and a blue and gold banner waving from the top. To the left of the stage is an enormous marble dance floor with red leather benches along the side. On one end is a line of concesl sions where different item are sold to the spectators. On the other side of the stage is an astounding bird bath with a statue of Superman posed as if to dive. Planted here and there about the park, a weeping willow tree hangs over small streams running under little wooden bridges. On the other side of the park are benches and tables where crowds gather to refresh themselves before everyone gathers to talk over old times. As we stand here watching our old classmates arriving we see Bob Estep, the Mad Mathematician, approaching the bandstand in the huge park where Thomas Hescott is about to dedicate his first book to the former class of '46 from Kearsley. Walking arm and arm come Dr. and Mrs. Richard Keyes. Dick is now the head of the Vohwinkle Sanitarium. Mrs. Keyes is the former Phyllis Hanson. Meri jean Hill had just in- formed us she had landscaped the beautiful park for the enjoyment of the old class to be used for such occasions as this reunion. Coming through the enormous gate is the Powers model, Beverly Schacher, fol- lowed by the multi-millionaire, Clarence Ferris. We hear a loud noise as Mrs. Dallas Marme, the former Betty Giertz, picks up one of the three red-headed children who had just grabbed Ina Barclay's spy glass and ripped off her F. B. I. badge. Ina was on a hot clue after Les Packard who had just stolen a 10 cent bag of peanuts from Bob Land, the peanut vendor. Royce Pearce, the photographer, hanging from a tree, had just taken a picture of the famous celebrities, Ward Powers, an actor on location from Hollywood, Dick Kardos, the famous football coach at the U. of M., Bill Mudge, the defender of the underworld, and Norman Stork, the Professor of Child Psychology. As we walk on down the orchitl-lined lane, we see Colleen O'Sullivan, the academy award winner for dramatic acting, coming to greet Ella Strayer, a literature and Eng- lish teacher, who had just been talking to Dick Stedron, the well-dressed playboy. Don Busha and his orchestra has just come up on the bandstand to play while many couples crowd the huge dance floor. Among them we see Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wilkes, Mrs. Wilkes being the former jean Griffin. Pat Cogswell, the reporter on this event, is dancing with Leo Paro, an engineer in Elmo Myers junk Yard, which had its beginning when Elmo junked his model Andy Vert, still courting Isabelle Cun- ningham, stole across the floor, stopping to chat with Chuck Smith, the famous wild elephant trainer. Bob Arneson, Commander of the U. S. Navy, is talking over a few business mat- ters with the President of the United States, none other than William Osborne. cum of me Page 9 A small helicopter just landed???!!!""""'?! Well, almost, anyway, and it is piloted by Helen Griliin, who steps out calmly and cooly while her passengers, Arlene Coole and Pat Ensminger, fall out. Coming swiftly to greet her is Donna Ketchabaw, better known as Queenie, in her brand new 1956 blue and gold striped convertible Buick. As we walk past the bird bath, who should we see diving off the arm of Superman, but Bob Vought, refreshing himself for the remainder of the day. Doris and Delores Dunham are over on one corner of the floor giving dancing lessons to Ray Burdette, who looks rather disgusted with the whole thing. Ray just informed us he is still a strong and staunch Republican. Eunice Corey and Viola Reid are a big help to the caretaker of the park, Lee Farner, who just promoted them to the positions of raking and mowing the lawns. Coming over this way is "The Jungle Queen," Betty Christenson, swinging from tree to tree trying to catch up with Phyllis Gilchrist, who is riding merrily on her three wheeled bicycle toward Ernest Boegner, who is selling balloons and lollipops to the enthusiastic spectators at a dollar apiece. QTimes have certainly changed! No OPA.j We now hear a whistle and everyone moves madly toward the stage to hear Dot Hayes, the star of the 1956 Hit Parade, sing a torch song. As she winds herself around the microphone, she slips and slides gently to the floor! Norman Paget, better known as Silver, on the Lone Ranger program, gallops madly to the phone to call an ambulance which arrives in three minutes flat. Of course, who could drive that fast but Joyce Tappin, now in business for herself. Her side kick, Dot Ososki, who walks through the park tripping old men, knocking down small children and pushing her lingers in peoples eyes, is trying her best to make good business in their growing concern. As we walk slowly to the opposite end of the park we hear a loud screeching and as we look up we see Barbara Worley, the Metropolitan Opera Star, singing at the top of her tiny lungs. Looking on is Francis Lewis, the Trapeze artist, As she walks over to the huge tent to prepare for her first performance, she runs into Betty Pettingill and Evelyn Schooley who are going through a jitterbug routine. Walking up to give his views on the matter of which he is now an authority, is Glen Williams, who had just been talking with june White. June has just returned from a trip to Paris, France, where she had been resting up for the last couple of years. jim Dehmel, the dare-devil in the soap-box derby races, is explaining the building of the small racers to Shirley Hart, a ballet dancer at the Stork Club. Vivian Covert, the hula-hula dancer from Hawaii, is giving Reva Blossom's six children each a grass skirt to do the new rhumba she had just taught to them. As we watch the people leaving the park we have a melancholy feeling but it isn't bad because we know that all the years ahead will add a greater success and a lot of happiness to their lives. Page 10 Kearslecho Vczleclictorifzn and Sczlutcztoriczn l i PHYLLIS HANSON PATRICIA COGSWELL This year's valetlictorian is Phyllis Hanson,with Patricia Cogswell following close behinrl as salutatorian. Phyllis spent her freshman and sophomore years at the Genesee School where she was secretary of her class in her freshman year and vice-president in her sophomore year. During these two years she was active in the Glee Club and Girl Scouts. During her junior and senior years at Kears- ley High School, she participated in the Girl Reserves. A lot of credit for the success of the Eclipse goes to Phyllis who is the busi- ness manager. She was assistant make-up di- rector for the play, "Super Susy." Next year she hopes to go to college and take a five-year course in nursing. Class of 1946 Patricia Cogswell, also, spent her first two years of high school at the Genesee School and came to Kearsley for the last two years. She was treasurer of her class both years while at Genesee. Since coming to Kearsley, Pat has been a Girl Reserve. She was Lucy in the play, "Super Susy," and Louise in "Where's Grand- ma?" Pat plans on attending college next year to take a course in journalism. Other honor students are: Helen Griffin, Eunice Corey, Betty Giertz, Viola Reid, Dor- othy Hayes, Ward Powers, Donna Ketchabaw and Meri Jean Hill. Page 11 enior Class Officers Bill Osborne Andy Vert Dorothy Hayes Hugh Vohwinlrle Glen Williams The senior class of 1946 elected the following officers for the school year: Bill Osborne, president, Andy Vert, vice president, Dorothy Hayes, secretaryg Hugh Voh- winkle, treasurer and Glen Williams, student council representative. W The class was divided into ten groups which worked separately to earn money for their class trip. Some of the projects undertaken were: Selling hot dogs at home games, selling school supplies, selling everyday cards, selling personalized stationery, serving suppers, selling candy and popcorn and putting on programs. The annual Senior Prom was April the fifth. The theme was "I'm Always Chas- ing Rainbowsf' with jack Keith and his Modernaires furnishing the music. The seniors will leave June 8, 1946, on the senior trip. This year two bus loads will go through the eastern section of the United States, stopping in Virginia, Wash- ington, and at Niagara Falls. The trip will take about two weeks. Page I2 Kearslecho 1 N xg K X - x. E. , K X Y 5 -wk N, 1 '. ,'.n' ?' T R . ig if? A , -A Class of 1946 Senior Class ROBERT ARNESON Tln' flzmiliar lU'0l't'?'b Tboi ,rileofe if golrlwz Moy zrull be ,mid Ulf our jul Bob Arowo V INA BARCLAY if I declare! Sim' my imoizf in llwrv. Y REVA BLossoM Blonomly Reza: from G'w1eu'w'i.'lc. A ,rzwcll lilfle girl, my. liltyi' quill' .1 zlo-ill. ERNEST BOEGNER Cole lllllc' Eroiu, Anil Ibis' if L1 fun. Il!! 41 good lifllv r1o1i1c'r Aim' bf: oo! for lr.n'l1. RAY BURDETTE So lu'rc".f Io Roy, lbv king, 'Colne lo Clmrlvov inf: Ilvv wlvolr Ibiog. I i:,i1i'f find my Z7lff0l'.1'. DONALD BUSHA Doimldfr quita 11 fellow, Aod hir oimif'.u wry 11lL'lll21l'. 11 BETTY CHRISTENSON TZ7L'7'tf'.f iz lli.r,r io om' rlluir. Brlly Cbri.rlwi,roo by imma. U"l1ere'.r flu' lou! ood fllllillll limi? Arid' Wllfll find ju., l,H,,,., Iqtnm' PATRICIA COGSWELL Sbflr oo! 1'l'1'-'V big Bu! ,ube bor big vyrw. Sin' gel! nroiiod llnilb .ill r4ggnl.o' giiyr. ARLENE COOLE A good lillle one Ano' .rbe'.r Aflwle Coole, For .rbv bor grail fun Aocl ,rlwe dr1c',Ul'I .Skip frbool. EUNICE CGREY A good .f01'l of girl Uuilb illfvlligcilfv, loo. If lbw? are lbilljfj' Io bv door Slvdll :lo Ibem for yon. 1 ' 5 4, .2 5 Page 13 I E - Sas. , M' 3 we-qw ' x""'A ' I "" , X Q: ABQ 5 ' ,wx P ' f? 31 . ..... , 85. g L I 1 EDWIN ODLE, JR. C2fc PATRICIA ENSMINGER For a year in llJe Navy, lI"'l2ile we all lake if mlm, He'J learned io make gravy, Arid if nou' chef rn: Giiam. Patty ii a darling girl, ' We like laer quile a lot, Sbe'J Jurely helped lhir Senior flair, Sbe'll never be forgol. CUNNINGHAM ROBERT ESTEP II"l1e11 !Lfb6'd laer faiforile radio var, 0IlF.fl6ffI,f1l'0,l'lFfI, Imlrelle tIl1.l'1l'5'7'?d, "W"by by far, Not in nap, Efleji. N01 Amo.r, but Andy." JAMES DEHMEL He feared lbe u'ile.r of 7l1zIldE'lI'J' J rn il ef, He dodged zlaem all by milef, Did lbif bafbful jimmy Delamel. DOLORIS DUNHAM Sbfnf im! 1'81'jl fall But Dolorii if trim: Ermugla rzou' for ber, II"e'll talk of her lu'ir1. DORIS DUNHAM Dorir likex la fool Arid .fhe liker In laugh. And I really 7711111 ,ra y S'lae'.r lmldiflg ber half. LEE FARNER Farrzer haf a '38 Bu! really iz wwf! run, ' Arid ill!! became lQe'J jixil Illdll He jixex jun for fun. CLARENCE FERRIS S Ferrix really gen around, IFJ laard lo follow laim. N Tlrouglr lae loaf juft a ozze-frank mind He'.r really on llae him. BETTY GIERTZ Belly Gierlz 'll'E'Ill up Ike bill, IY'ore on ber fool a fallow. So who yo' think done brinzg laer down? II"ell, my goxb! It um' Dallaf. Page 14 Kearslecho XI X ,RSM 2 sf : H. at., ff? ' ' , ggi ,Q ,S V X LN X I -1- . .5I:: 1 fm.. N5 v Q, ,uf is .wg ws: xx ' 1 K E4 KA q E . A Class of 1946 ya PHYLLIS GILCHRIST Sbe'J lively, J',76'.I' 110661, Sha! 1111! emily ermzgecl. Bef! 1l'l.I'bE,I' In Pbylllr, IIHU bean' rbcfn L'l1,2JKQ:'Il. HELEN GRIFFIN 1lw'v'.n' Helen Grijflzl Ax g.:-y 111 11111 lie. Pwlly .I'l!l.H'l, mo, Her :ami 1l'.lI' llvmuf. WILLA JEAN GRIFFIN Ilmlvy .10 dlI1l'Ill9UJ7'f?d. A11d really md? IJUIILI' fmt 1111 llvlr jnrgc? 7'lml'f null 1' mn l1.1d. PHYLLIS HANSON She gow' abou! .Ill bruezily. From mom lo rmwz ,fo emily. SJAJI' Plv-ylliv, "I lnzrc Kje.f." SHIRLEY HART Be Ike 1l'L'Jll'lf'! llhlfill. Or be if fool. Shirley 1z'1111de11r 450111. B117 ,wldmll lu ,It'l70Ul, DOROTHY HAYES Dorollay H11-yer if 11exl, Armlher nm' 11'b11'.r brigbl. A11 lnouor .f111de11f, we bam' you .my Nnf wld fur 11r111'. Gund uiglvl. TOM HESCOTT Alllilllrlk .1 poet Bill ln' d11u.v11'! k11n11'il. MERI JEAN HILL Tbvreir 1101 11 .md e.vf11'e.f.fi011 011 :he fare Of our dem' lilfle Mari juni. If you 1121111 lo lwlrm' lbe I'l'1II'0lI 11111 Jul ber, "Il"bw'e if G'u11c?" RICHARD KARDOS A .fll't'll blI.I'1et'fballI j1l113er. Ifrmllmll foo, Hr'.r gona' in all .s'pr11'lr. S.1.y. thin lvllnu' will dn. DONNA KETCHABAW are red, Violet! are blue. I 11111 11 .reflinr Aufl 1711111111 if, 11111. Page 15 RICHARD KYES To a1'oid rorrzfflifaliorix And zreigbly for1.f1rllaliou,r, II"e'll faire lln' aflerrloorr off. Bobby Land haf rlaariged bis' mind :,b 2' L Arid bar defided lo worlf, gf? Q ' ,. .125 , h So uou' from 7ll07'l1il1g urllil flight 4, . . F41 9 You rreifer rec' him ublrk. .. Q A 1 Q 'L Q- f. ' ,. X Q 55,1-:.5. X, ,,.x.::sae1 1 :I FRANCES LEWIS a fiom in Jon azz ,r or F r d 1 y N IJ' a rerlairi .renior fan. Nou' we hear Frankie Leu'iJ' Sirlgirlg "He II5'a,s' Her Mari." DALLAS MARME Herefs' a guy u'bo',r on lbe ball In clan aclirily. If you fan name a beller 0119 7'lva1'r one I'd like lo .ree. pau The KL'1,l'l1E B7'0lZ76f.I' dump. Page I6 WILLIAM MUDGE 11 Bill, what if your bobby? Do you have one lo reporl? Or do you orcupy your time 111 keeping up will: .r11orl?" WILLIAM OSBORNE AJ Prefidenl of Senior flair You really did your Jlmre. Min MrCorrnick gen lhe apple But lo you we give ibe pear. DOROTHY OSOSKI fmt arzozloer liltle Do! Thai goex zo Kearxley Srl900l. Arid Dot, Jlse really dafbef round For ,rlJe'.r riobodyfr fool. COLLEEN O'SULLIVAN Onezy, lwozy IWl1o are youzy? Look at mezy I'm Colleenzy. ELMO MEYER LESLIE PACKARD Elmo u'o11'l drive II"e.r1eri1 Road 1711 1101 dumb, II"i1l1 lair poor pile of junk, Fm '10 ldggdfdf f 'Came Jomezimef be car1'l make if C4717 7014 fee I'm Lex Parkard? IMI I Kearslecho s f I I i I Q I I 5ifiEf X 1 A I E? xx Q Q Q3 P X I .K I fe NWQEH X Y E I E , A I XQA, nzl I , ,,:, A . GN . ,V X If: I , "2" , 2 j' I I9wNF,S6N?QQ III ' X R' 1 25' f- 'lfzrsl I '- . :gs -- + ' QQ .. I E . I I J V , NORMAN PAGET A 1fery fleuer Jeoior boy He'J buzzin' every day And eilher ou! zrilh Elmo Meyer Or of the I,M.A. LEO PARO joe Louix of lhe ,fezlior hoyf He .vmilex from eur lo eur. Of moo or beuft or leorherr "G'uy PJVIIU hu.: no fear. ROYCE PEARCE Here if Royce Pearce He'f no! very jferfe. I11 fuel he if Jo very mme ' ' ou VIOLA REID Viola'J eye! u-lufirzkle Look down from the .tix-foot line ' And 1ho.fe who know Viola Kzlon' lhol .rhe',r ferluiflly hoe, BEVERLY SCHACHER Beverly Sz'hather'.f fair-haired you ,ree And eyef of blue of lhey mu be. I She mower abou! ufilh gezzlle graref' Ilyhile ezfery duly rhe dow fare. EVELYN SCHOOLEY This gal ii o journalift W'ho gem her man, I gue.f.r. ' Bllf lhulff not ull, I'm telling you, No Irouble oil him mo y blume. She gen' lhe 7lldIl,.I' uddrem. BETTY PETTENGILL CHARLES SMITH The Jezzior fluff of '46 Your woful fordf muff be ull righl, Carl hoax! 4 fefxiru Dmgooelle. You .ring like Fmuk Simzlm. ' W"herz axked lo .ring at Kearxley High Bflljlll uerer been known io ,feud o regrel. WARD POWERS RICHARD STEDRON ,,Tall, dork and harzdxome, 'I Arid liked by everyone. I'll ber you 11e1'er mel a guy lI"'ho nurr ,ro darn mufh fun. Richard, we believe thu! you Will lake lhe plate of many To go Io Hollywood fo play And ,ring ufilh old fork Bemzy, Class of 1946 Page I7 W'hy lhal'5 Norman Stork. W"here doex he lhink he'n going? Probably lo New York. ELLA STRAYER And lhif if Ella, So mmll und 118111, To rrrile of lhir girl It .rure if u treat. ' JOYCE TAPPIN I Teavherr u'on'f make up Iheir mi jun where my ,real will he. , , ,,,.:. E X Some day I'll xhou' thern all Q I'll .ril jun where I jfleuxe. nf bf K Y ' ex .Q Q , , f If its egg 2 Q' f , ,nfs ' 1 - I, I 2 ANDY VERT kiwi. Tull und hnndmnle Andy V art zzz Q Il"'ho playf good hnskellmll Will .roon he in lhe major league ig? 2 I if ' .,..l 7'o nmmzge ganzar of hull. I X - . 5 ? T""Q221, Im ' 51 HUGH VOHWINKLE "Come on and jury up your duer, U rgef Hugh, "Can'z you .ree Ihiu year If nearly Ihrough?" NORMAN STORK JQOBERT VOUGHT W'ho'.f that mining down the hull? Thif il Bob Vought Prexenied to view. II"e like him u lot And hope you do, too. JUNE WHITE june for the rnonlh of rover W"hi1e for purity. DONALD WILKES Idf .4 Flllltery gen you nowhere Nor doef your jnunly uir, By lhe looks of your mrd You mn work prelly hard GLEN WILLIAMS Come on now, Ielfr yell. One, two, Ihree. It helpx lhe Ieum Io rheer You'll .rurely all agree. BARBARA WORLEY The end of a perfert day, The end of n perfeel year. Wfe rome to lhe end of the rlnrr With el perfert lillle deur. Page I8 Kearslecho .-H ,M - X-f L K A I s -J.-1 QQ f NM if ff x, A W W J fd, Q 0 K ' , . .' . I' I N M03 , 555 QE' - v J X . , V , . , L g - . ,Q I 'N ' . , -5,1 ff . , 1 .L 9, v I A Y 'Egg Wi.. V- , ' , - -- f . , + -A -1 ' "L -' Q , A , K 7j" QI115 if1, ' . 1 ' 5 14.4 ' 9 1 ' . I an 'H 4' 1 ii fx, 1 ' f 3 - -A .. , .V . -. ' .xg 4-5 'frF1.?, Lal, A , YW H ,f .,.' , b ' .e 1.22, 3:,.?'E,Qx Lu ty . -i'.l!' 'ji' A 4 if , j 4' VV ,Qc xl , X A - V, ' ,ku 1' ' V ' N Wy , 1 'N -' . -5 , L4 .. f. V - A , .Q A . -I ' .1 4 5 -L' , - . as , N , ' -. 51 '41 . ,' K A ' 4" ' 1' J , ,- mx . ' . ,E N ,. , - '-C'-1' 'V ' ' " 11 A' 1 ' M" ' '. 7' W ' ' L"' .' 1 inc 'A f 1 -E Q 535, ,' '- r Q X A .X H ' 5 "1 V . -, ' .1 ,,,45.,: - . .- ,.,',?Mr',,- . . x., .- f., M - , W M . . , ..-s ,Q 'Q 7: my 5. , Q - ' .4 ,. ' '-- bfgliive ,Q - s ' 'u z . 1 .. ' : E-QL ,A "K" .' , . . 7 -A41'f,f,, 39233 4. y,.g,,7'Qg3 93- 5- , - ' ' - S ,',.:-- 1 , ' I , if, 1 , ew- i nn: Senior Pla Froni' row, left lo right: Eunice Corey, Donna Ketchabaw. Helen Griffin, Patricia Cogswell. Bacl: row: Royce Pearce, Phyllis Gilchrist, Dallas Marme, Glen Williams, Belly Giertz, The senior class of 1946 presented the annual play "Where's Grandma?" with a great starring cast including Eunice Corey, Betty Giertz, Donna Ketchabaw, Helen Griffin, Dallas Marme, Royce Pearce, Phyllis Gilchrist, Pat Cogswell, and Glen Williams. The action centered around Grandma fEunice Coreyj who tried to appeal to her relatives by posing as an extremely modern old lady. She tried to capture glamour to make a good impression but, by so doing, caused a great mix-up in the Blake house- hold. Taking the suggestion of one of her relatives, she revealed her true nature and all ended well. Thanks to our able sponsor, Miss Myrtle Britton, the seniors presented a very successful play for our graduating year of 1946, Page 20 Kearslecho School Activities Ina Barclay-Track Team, Cheerleader, Girl Reserve, Glee Club, Home Economics Club? Ernest Boegner-Football, Track. ' Don Busha-Band. Betty Christenson-Glee Club, Eclipse Staff. Arlene Coole-Home Economics Club. Q . Pat Cogswell-"Super Susy", "Where's Grandma", Girl Reserve. Eunice Corey-Eclipse Staff, Student Director of "Super Susy", "Where's Grandma". Isabelle Cunningham-Basketball, Track, Secretary of Freshman Class, Girl Reserve, jim Dehmel-Track. ' Dolores Dunham-Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Eclipse, Home Economics Club. Doris Dunham-Girl Reserves, Pep Club, Glee Club, Eclipse, Home Economics Club. Bob Estep-Track, Football, Hi-Y, Business Manager of "Super Susy" Lee Famer-Cross Country, Track, Eclipse. Clarence Ferris-Baseball, Track, Glee Club, Eclipse. Betty Giertz-Basketball, Track, Softball, junior Class Secretary, Girl Reserves, Phyllis Gilchrist-Drum Majorette, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, "Where's Grandma". Helen Grithn-Basketball, Softball, Girl Reserves, Prompter of "Super Susy", jean Griliin-Girl Reserves, J-Hop Chairman. Phyllis Hanson-Girl Reserves, Business Manager of Eclipse. Shirley Hart-Glee Club. Dorothy Hayes-Band, Girl Reserves, Treasurer, Student Council, Secretary, Tom Hescott-Eclipse Staff. Meri jean Hill-Drum Majorette, Basketball, Softball, Girl Reserves, Freshman Clasf President, Student Council. Richard Kardos-Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y. Donna Ketchabaw-"Where's Grandma", Girl Reserve. Dick Kyes-Hi-Y. Bob Land-Hi-Y. Frances Lewis-Prompter of "Super Susy", Softball, Track. Dallas Marme-Band, Hi-Y, Pep Club, "Super Susy", "Where's Grandma". Bill Mudge-Football, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Band, "Super Susy". Elmo Meyer-Hi-Y, Property Manager of "Super Susy" and "Where's Grandma". Bill Osborne-Football, Class President, Student Council, Hi-Y, Baseball. Dorothy Ososki-Girl Reserves, Co-Editor of Eclipse. Colleen O'Sullivan-Basketball, Girl Reserves, "Super Susy", Cheerleader. Leslie Packard-Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y. Norman Paget-"Super Susy", Hi-Y. Leo Paro-"Super Susy", Track, Football, Hi-Y. Royce Pearce-"Super Susy", "Where's Grandma", Track, Hi-Y. Betty Pettengill-Glee Club, Band, Eclipse Staff. Ward Powers-Basketball, Football, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y. Beverly Schacher-Girl Reserves. Evelyn Schooley-Band, "Super Susy", Eclipse Staff, Glee Club, Girl Reserve. Charles Smith-Glee Club, Manager of Basketball and Football, Baseball. Norman Stork-Football, Track, Hi-Y. Ella Strayer-Girl Reserves. Joyce Tappin-Girl Reserves, Eclipse Staff, Treasurer, Manager of Basketball. Andy Vert-Track, Football, Basketball, Eclipse Staff. Hugh Vohwinkle-Treasurer, Baseball, President, Glee Club, Eclipse Staff. june White-Home Economics Club, Basketball. Glen Williams-Glee Club, Cheerleader, Track Manager, Pep Club, "Super Susy", Barbara Worley-Girl Reserves. Class of 1946 Fdge 21 , 1 2152522213 193 ' 1. 1 E E' I9 Eleventh Grade Firsi row, leff fo righf: B. Tribelhorn, B Gaifher, P. King, R. Ash, B. Perior, M Bolander. Second row: R. Mills, B. Pefkoff, D. Allen E. Pefrick, L. Thrower, E. Lince, B. Bye Mr. Gingery. Third row: R. Conroy. J. Belanger, B Hanson, B. Vohwinkle, A. Grehinger E. Moss, B. Becker, F. Norman. Fourlh row: C. Boegner, R. Lipsfraw, A Gage, R. Turner, F. Shoecraff, B. Al- ward, M. Agan, C. Sfrayer, M. A Kuczman, G. Jefferies. Firsi row, lefi io righl: B. Odle, B. Herri- man, J. Goulish, D. Greenman. Second row: P. Hifchcock, M. Shurler, B. Rufledge, J. Powers, J. Bryant, L. Mc- Neice, B. Mooney. Third row: A. Egfs, L. Dofy, J. Gilberfson, P. Welsh, J. Jenkins, S. Wheeler, F. Gierh, Mr. Gingery. Fourfh row: M. Weslon, J. Mliford, P. Dickinson, L. Ackley, D. Heidfman, E. Pennell, D. Bosfwick, l. Briody, E. King. Firsl row, lefl' 'lo righl: J. Loncarevic, H. Lowe, H. Bierie, R. Cornack, D. Hixen- baugh. Second row: C. Gregory, A. Thomas, S. Feferson, R. Rice, E. Gray, V. Prowanf, J. King. Third row: F. Raysin, W. Adams, B. Kif- son, B. Warfenberg, V. Sprague, D. Thorpe, J. Thomas, Mr. Gingery. Fourfh row: G. Lockery, J. Tompkins, S. O'Sullivan. N. Vaughan, M. Howe, R. Mil'Sl'1. B. Wage, J. Mccolley, D. Sweers. zmior Activities The junior class, active and ambitious, has chosen these leaders: Burnell Becker, presidentg Frank Norman, vice-presidentg Maxine Howe, secretaryg Joyce jenkins, treasurerg joan Gilbertson, student council representativeg Mr. Gingrey, sponsor. Getting activities off to an early start, the first junior project was a hayride held November IO, to which the seniors were invited. The party was held at Mr. Gingre-y's cabin near Argentine. Chaperones were: Mr. and Mrs. jones, Mr. and Mrs. Lyons and Miss McCormick. Three large wagons were hooked up to a tractor. After a five mile tour everyone returned to the cabin where hot dogs, cider and doughnuts were served around the fireplace. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing, listening to the radio, or just chatting. "Meet My Wivc-s," the junior class play, directed by Mr. M. R. Gingrey, was presented March 15, 1946, to the high school pupils in a matinee and to the public in an evening performance. The play was received with such enthusiasm, that it was again presented in a request performance March 27, 1946. The plot of the play centers about Prudence Wliitney fNaomi Vaughanj an old maid who is unattractive and cannot use make-up because of an allergy. Her young sister Ann Uoan Giibertsonj has promised not to marry Bill Zanders flillwood Pennellj unless Prudence gets married too. This causes Bill to get his Uncle Zeb from Idaho fFrank Normanj corresponding with Prudence. Uncle Zeb was all set to come Fast and marry Prudence until she sent him a picture of herself, and he changed his mind. Pqge 26 Kearslecllo Tenth Grade Firsf row, leff fo righi: K. Teller, J. Ecl- inger, R. Giguere, D. Serrells. J. Glea son, S. Barnes. K. Buda. Second row: Mr. Kauliiz, B. Clodfelier, L Coon, B. Snusle, L. Langford, W. Coen A. Smifh, K. Pefers. Third row: J. Cash, G. Noyce, R. Kuiava G. Noyce, D. Smifh, M. Wagner, L Alward, D. Denning, S. Burfon. Firsi row, leff fo righf: R. Ladd, D. Green- man, C. Danielson, C. Pufman, M. Marsden. Second row: M. Busha, M. Carr, N. Chrisfin, E. Fleming, A. Dehmel, J. Sherman. Third row: Mr. Kaulifz, A. Wesf, J. Har- mon, R. Clark, B. Tappin, E. French, H. Visser, D. Hahn. Fourth row: H. Dean, B. Barfles, R. Knickerbacker, L. Carpenfer, B. Hans- ford, B. Barclay, G. Sweers, B. Sweers, K. Thompson. Firsl row, Ieff io right: T. Goulish, D. Rood, A. Peiers, R. Phillips. Second row: D. Chrisfenson, C. Corner. N. Beirlein, J. Kirlayson, V. Miller. E. Schacker, E. Lawrence. Third row: Mr. Kaulih. D. Smiih, G. Lince, T. Beclr, R. Terry, J. Hinze, J. Demo, C. Nelson. Fourlh row: C. Mills, J. Dagner, W. Clapp, J. Dickenson, E. Pefriclr, O. Lucas, S. Spears, L. Rose, J. Robbins. Sophomore Activities Seated, left to right: M. Wagner, D. Christensen, F. Nagengasi, E. French, Mrs. Kennedy, Director, R. Clark, G. Noyce, R. Kuiava. Standing: L. Rose, J. Dagner. S. Barnes. R. Giguere, H. Visser, D. Rood. H. Marsden, J. Gleason V. Miller. E. Schacker. . The sophomore class, whose sponsor is Mrs. Kennedy, elected the following of- ficers for their sophomore year: President ............. ......... F red Nagengast Vice-President ........ .......... R ussel Clark Secretary .............. ............. I oyce Dagner Treasurer ................ .......... B ob Clodfelter Student Council ........ ............. ..,............. D o ug Serrells In the popularity contest Eunice Schacker and Clair Nelson took the honors for the sophomore class. At the beginning of the year the sophomores had their traditional freshman and sophomore initiation. They also put on their first play "Strictly Formal". Mrs. Kennedy directed the play. page 28 Kearslecho Ninth Grade Firsi row, leii 'io righf: J. Wrighf, M. De- Moff. P. Falk, M. Sherman, M. Berfasso M. Peevyhouse, D. Sowers. Second row: L. Hendrichs, A. Gunsell, A Nelson, C. Bivins, G. Hayes, B. Coafes J. DeLong, E. Simpson, D. Coon, S Burgess, Mrs. Kline. Third row: M. Conn, L, Williams. J. Knapp B. Owen, R. Briody, B. Allen, D. Younlr- ers, B. Martin, M. Johnson, J. Conn. First row, left io righi: D. Cool, C Hewefi, B. Russell, P. Land, E. Hanson Y. Overholf, A. Prowanf. Second row: D. Osborne, J. Deford, E McCelland, B. LaLonde, E. Norman D. Sellecl, D. Brodie, Mrs. Kline. Third row: D. Huni, D. Viau, C. Keeney C. Hunsaker, N. Price, B. Geisenhaver A. Rabineife, D. Ryan, J. Brooks. Firsr row, leff fo righiz B. Boegner, D. Greenman, D. Goodall, W. Novak, J. Marguand. Second row: D. Welsh, F. Chapman, L. Umphrey, R. Conroy, E. Magee, C. Wood, D. Broclr. Third row: H. While, J. Alcorn, R. Wick- ham, G. Card, J. Breu, V. Lewis, R. Barr, Mrs. Kline. Fourfh row: R. Price, B. Kuslry, D. Whir- comb, C. Smifhson, G. Farner, K. Her- riman, W. Bandur, R. Niles, B. Marsden. Freshman Activities Firsl' row, left to righ+: E. LaBean, R. Shurfer, R. Wheeler, R. Worley, B. Aiilien. Second row: N. Coenen, G. Grizwold, B. Lufze, S. McColley, M. Gaither, D. Schmifzer. M. Goosen. Third row: C. Gilberfson, J. Lemesier, S. Loncarevic, H. Clancy, C. Hill, R. Grizwold, K. Walker. Mrs. Kline. Fourth row: S. Simon, A. Robbins, G. Hunt, J. Wallace, C. Morton, D. Ferris, W. Dumbler, J. Smith. The freshman class, whose sponsor is Mrs. Kline, elected the following officers: president, Bob Geisenhaverg vice-president, jack Wzillaceg secretary, David Ryang treas- urer, Joyce Delongg student council representative, Mitzi Goosen. Much credit is due these ofiicers for the splendid work they have done in making the freshman class out- standing in self-control and self-discipline. They have shown unusual qualities of leadership and have much to offer their class in the future. In the popularity contest, Delores Younkers and Virgil Lewis were chosen the most popular girl and boy of the freshman class. The freshmen sponsored a hard time party, March Zl, which they enjoyed very much. Many freshmen have participated in music, in sports, and in hand. Twelve fresh- men are members of the band. Throughout the year the freshmen have shown line sportsmanship. Page 30 Kearslecho Eighth Grade Firsf row, Iefi Io righi: A. Belanger, J. Rose, B. Miller, D. Godmar, C. Ash. Second row: P. McFadden, N. Hunsaicer, C. Sylvesier, J. Nordsirom, I. Briody, L. Miller, A. Neil, Mrs. Halligan. Third row: R. Lang, W. Diehl, L. Hinze, E. Miller, K. Vance, B. Wolverion, J. Harris. Fourfh row: A. LaRose, E. Lipsfraw, B. Welsh, N. Brown, A. Visser, J. WiH, J. Bailey, P. Buda. N xx' ,KJV -R510 I 'V' C Firsf row, Iefi fox righfz B. Whife, J. Zudell, D. Rufledge, J. Dehmel, E. Muf- iord, J. Sfiles. Second row: Miss Higgins, J. Lucas, L. Marfin, B. Siahl, M. Hohn, A. Brown, D. Ward, D. Hamaker, J. Rivard, T. Mounf. Third row: M. Gierfz, B. Heiheringion, P. Morgan, C. Pefry, J. Bailey, M. Le Pard, B. Bock, I. Osborne. Fourth row: C. Giguere, L. Hegle, D. Wheeler, G. Zudell, C. Smiih, R. Bryanl. J. Layman, P. Campbell, R. Lance, M. Cook. Firsf row, lefi io righl: L. Loyer, L. Mc- Knight J. Creekbaum, L. Phillips, B. Kinnish, W. Hari. Second row: D. Geisenhaver, B. Card, G. Rose, W. Bowen, D. Prenfice, B. Shears, C. Coon, J. Dagner, I. Lewis, F. Nielson. Third row: P. Thrower, G. Maffia, J. Howard, D. Williams, R. Nagengasi, R. Gusfafson, R. Icle, D. Davis, G. Torrey, Mr. Hulce. Fourfh row: J. Gifchell, M. Ward, R. Richmond, J. Clancy, N. Richards, K. Paquefie, J. Shaw, W. Korycialz, R. Umphrey. Seeventla Grade Firsf row, leff +o righh G. Wakefield, J. Shepherd. Second row: P. Kline, J. Wacker, B. Shurfer, M. Ash, V. Wrighi, M. Cle- menfs, M. Davies. Third row: F. Hayward, J. Dumler, P. Williams, B. McMahon, L. Mi+chell,, M. Nagengasf, V. Gaifher, W. Smifh, M. Phillips, Mrs. Pagel, M. Luff. Fourih row: J. Robbins, E. Dunk, R. Wheeler, R. Lawrence, L. Ausfin, C. Mc Niece, H. Shook, L. Worfhingfon, H. Garrison, C. Howell. Firsf row, lefi +o righf: J. French, B. Shaw, G. Rockwell, J. Scudder. G. Pois- son, D. French, M. Buda, Miss Newion. Second row: P. Ward, J. Hannah, B. Shoecraft C. Reppuhn, G. Polishey, R. Land, G. Miller, L. Tucker, P. Schacker. Third row: M. Williams, E. Kozma, D. Noffsinger, H. French, Y. Palmer, R. Johnson, D. Volllarechf. Firsf row, leff +o righf: W. Tribelhorn, E. O'Callaghan, V. Keihman. Second row: N. Duke, A. Fleming, C. Crawford, R. Brancheau, C. Howell, L. Johnson, B. Culhune, Mrs. Scoif. Third row: M. Simpson, J. Thomas, J. Sfiles, D. Wallace, W. Grilwold, P. Duffy, C. Price, B. Wesi, D. Schmiizer. Fourrh row: W. Kilbreafh, G. Waddell, H. Bassham, E. Ehrharf, D. Nelson, P. Irwin, M. Michael, M. Vinceni, L. Harris. A I wi 'Elo ' RW N3 MQ? E G mf Autogragggwi K4 V M' Xrslffqw , u MQ fQ ,7 L Q Q? Q , GJ ,f MWMM gif W I , X0 QHW 2 go QW gk 5 152 5 E ,.. W awww Q 2 ,Nw gf WS? may Q 9 M gcclfwvp Music This year in September forty blue robes with gold rabots and gold stoles mono- gramed with blue K. H. S. were purchased for the Vocal Music Department. These robes help very much to make the vocalists proud of their organization. A select group of the vocal department appeared at one of the sectional meetings of the Michigan Education Association of Region Two which was held in Flint, October 19. Various groups and soloists appeared between acts of the various class plays throughout the year as well as at many of the Assembly Programs. Also at the Junior and Senior Banquet as well as at the All Awards Banquet. The vocalists participated in the Music Concert March 29 with the Kearsley Band. The Second Annual Music Festival is the major program for the Music departments. This will be held May 8 at 8:00 p.m. Miss Bernice Lindle is director of Vocal Music. Class of 1946 Page 37 This group appeared at the M.E.A. regional convention in Flint Central High School. Firsl row, lefl' fo righf: E. Gray, F. Chap- man, H. Vohwinlrle, Miss Lindle, C. Fer- ris, M. Carr, B. Pefiengill, Marlene Cook. Second row: J. Lucas, C. Hewiif, M. Busha, P. Land, D. Boslwick, J. Conn, J. Wesfphal, A. Cramer, L. Thrower, E. Cooper. S. Barnes. Third row: R. Marsh, B. Luiz, B. Gierfz, J. Gllberison, C. Gilberlson, G. Noyce, M. Howe, E. Fleming, D. Dehmel, M. Conn. Fourfh row: B. Pelihof, J. DeLong, J. Cash, D. Dunham, C. Gergory, B. Moore, D. Dunham, M. Gier'I'z, S. Hari, B. Coafes, C. Bevins. Absenh A. Smifh, G. Williams. Firsf row, lefl' fo righf: A. Smiih, S. Barnes, R. Barlow, M. Busha, L. Thrower, C. HewiH', J. DeLong. Second row: B. Luiz, M. Carr, D. Dehmel, G. Noyce, C. Gilberfson, E. Fleming, R. Marsh, Miss Lindle. Third row: B. Peflrolif, M. Goossen, J. Cash, E. Gray, R. Turner, B. Allen, N. Conn, J. Conn. Abseni: S. Fall. Firsf row, leff lo righf: B. Pelfengill, J Tompkins, S. Burgess, Miss Lindle, P Land, M. Gierh. Second row: D. Dunham, B. Gierh, H Vohwinlrle, C. Ferris, J. Gilherlson, J Lucas. Third row: D. Bosfwiclr, L. Hegel, R Card, M. Howe. Absenl: M. Cook, C. Bevins, F. Chapman B. Coafes, E. Simpson, C. Gregory, S Hari, L. Packard. Last year the Music Departments presented their Spring Concert. This was estab- lished as an annual affair. It was given May 8, 1945, at 8:00 p. m., with Conductors A. W. Lindholm, instrumental, and Miss Bernice Lindle, vocal. Soloists were Vernie Sprague, cornet and Dwayne Mount, bass clarinet. PROGRAM I-The National Anthem, Aurora Overture, Arr. Paul Yoder, Pennsylvania Polka, Lee and Manners. II-The Violet, Dvorak-Bliss, In a Little Dutch Kindergarten, L. Rosenstock, by Choral Group I: The Dancing Sunbeam, E. V. McIntyre, by Sextet. III-Lily, Clarke, Cornet-Vernie Sprague. Night Wind, Bennett, Bass Clarinet- Dwayne Mount. IV-Our Country's Flag, Trumen Woollcott. Stars and Stripes Forever, john P. Sousa by Choral Group II. V-Pavane, Morton Gould. Ida Novelty, Eddie Leonard. VI-By The Mississippi, Rosamond-Davis by Choral Group IV: Crossing The Bar, Joseph Barney. America, A. Parks by Choral Group III. VII-Oklahoma Overture, Richard. Stars and Sripes Forever, John P. Sousa. MUSIC RECITAL-INSTRUMENTAL AND VOCAL DEPARTMENTS- March 29, 1946, at 7:30 p. m. Band-Coronation QA Musical Episodej-Jas. Skornicka. Vocal-Little Choc'late Baby, Harmonized by A. Parks, Tired, Marion Moore, Bells of St. Mary's, E. F.. Adams. . Band-Dancing Shadows QClar. soloj Clar. Fred Nagengast, Piano, Roy Ladd, At The Gremlin Ball, Charles Lee Hill. Vocal-Pal O'Mine, Marion Moore, The Human Touch, Arr. Marion Moore. Band-The Student Prince fOverturej Sigmund Romberg, Andante and Tarantelle, Bennett, Bass Clarinet-Henry Visser, Piano-Roy Ladd. Vocal-Holy, Holy, Holy, Arr. by J. B. Dykes, A Prayer, Marion Moore, Last Night, Marion Moore, Lovely Night, Arr. by J. A. Parks. Band-The Red Mill fOverturej Victor Herbert. Vocal-Shortnin' Bread, Negro Folk Song, Base Ball, Unknown, Star Spangled Ban- ner-All. Class of 1946 P496 39 Firsf row, leff fo righf: G. Hayes, R. Rice, C. Sfrayer, R. Lipsfraw, B. lnscho, Miss Lindle. Second row: D. Welsh, B. Mooney, L. Defy, P. Gilchrisf, F. Gierfz, E. King, P. Hifchcoclr. Third row: A. Nelson, B. Marsden, D. Ryan, F. Raysin, W. Kerouac, C. Smifh- son, D. Yonder. Abseniz P. Welsh, D. Allen, C. Smiih. Firsf row, leff fo righl: H. Garrison, D. Godmar, A. LaRose, J. Creelrbaum, E. Miller, J. Robbins. Second row: P. Kline, D. Wallbuchf, R. Land, D. Worfhingfon, M. Ward, K. Sylvesfer, B. Jones, J. Nordsfrom, J. Wacker, R. Wheeler. Third row: J. Harris, V. Wright P. Wil- liams, B. Shears, J. Clancy, N. Richards, Y. Palmer, D. Prenlice, N. Hunsalrer, M. Ash. Miss Lindle. Fourfh row: M. Davies, G. MaHia, W. Bowen, G. Rose, M. Nagengasf, N. Shoch, E. Lips+raw, B. Card, V. Gaifher, D. Noiiisinger, M. Williams. Absenl: P. M. Fadden, J. Rose, M. Phil- lips. Leff +o righl: P. Gilchrisi, F. Shoecraff, D. Hayes, D. Sweers, M. J. Hill. emfsley Bama' l First row, left to right: L. Miller, T. Mount, C. Giguere, L. Williams, J. Tomplins, B. Pettingill, J. Brown, D. Younlrers, B. Allen. Second row: C. Hunsalter, J. Thomas, E. Yaw, J. Denno, B. Tappin, H. Visser, T. Beclr, F. Nagengast, J. Hinze, E. McClelland, H. Marsden, L. Mitchel, A. Neal, J. Torry. Third row: Mr. Lindholm, J. Brooks, D. Busha, G. Hunt, C. Smithson, L. Hinze, K. Paquette, D. Brodie, B. Osborne, D. Ryan, R. Ladd, D. Wheeler, C. Crawford. Absent: M. Busha, V. Sprague, J. Stiles, V. Miller. Under the excellent directorship of Mr. A. W. Lindholm, the Kc-arsley High School band completed a very successful year. The band performed at all the football games, offering novelty marches and college songs as well as our own school and pep songs. They added much color to the games as they entertained between halves. Witli tive strutting marjorettes and a hand in full dress uniform they welcomed the visiting team and fans. The Kearsley Band traveled to Beecher with the Football team to add their hit to the Turkey Day game in November. K. H. S. won I3-ll. Fred Nagengast with a clarinet solo and Henry Visser with a bass clarinet solo went to Fenton to take part in the regional solo Contest. Both musicians received a ll rating. This was held March 29. For the first time Kearsley's band traveled to the State Band Festival in Lansing, April IS. There they competed against other Class "B" bands of the state. An early spring concert was given through the combined eftorts ot' the vocal and instrumental department, March 29, at 7:30 p.m., 38 band members participating and llo vocalists. Kearsley's Band is growing and getting better every year. This is due to the outstanding musicianship and conducting of Mr. Lindholm. Class of 1946 Page 41 Lx -W , 47 ,..,f ' S,-'. 1 , ,-1 1.-1 V ,v , ..,' 'Z .41 fy., ,za , L. Y. ,, r .H 'WA ' fy.-6: ,fri 'u.- . -. . 9 4 Y,-,S-1f'.x 4 15. ,,g?k'f ', 1--.a.,1f', ' 'A at ' Mag, 4,5 ,A Q' A 2-,.-.9 ,inf 'H-,-'E 4 L N YL .Lf 1:2 ,. , ,. L. , .. -l-.H , X-Lyra! - V pw. ,AA ,- -4' .A S: , , ,,.'g I 1 A' 'lf' . .ici .V x ,I f , P -. L, x , 1 'L W- 4 l 1. 1, 1 '53 , -4 1 A . J-ff -A 1 ' 1 1... . f ,n 4 4, -ici r 4.34 .'. . 5 J. .Y .yr - Eff" ' .".i'y'41 : X. ' " f. x ff-3'1 fl' ?,- N' '- v .1 , gf! ...fn . - . f , 6351-.-,2'f'4 s- J J' " - M h .. ",. if , '-gif, 'fn 4- EY gc, if 'L' EQ 'ffg f L. 'lf W A ' I-'A'i.f?iF1 -,dm 41.5. .. I-.L .EXT K ,Z-al"-1 ,, -. , Jai, -M,-' ,4. ng 1- u, ,JH ' - '- 2.4.1-1'-41' .KA .gi A ...dpi-. 41' . ,N -.'- 'Q 4 what --4. 7,1.f7i34s'ri jf it .Qi :--Q-.A '- M.2f:..aLm.i,i:f.,:.: iff- :Vg-'A-:,jf7-W ffl. f 31 'Gi -+:.f:54ifg,m. ,.'. 1:',,S55 51,355 1 uv' .I iw, sf. " ,Y . :ml 1-'fa ,v X i' -4 f.-WWA ,Q Q,-2 J. ' ' T.. - ' V -1 1, ,Vs . , w ff? Q FK ' - 'z 5? A -:nj A gf ,- ',:'n,YL - ",if' l' V 1 '41 "1-' "f'?i'?P4I-it I' ' Q am, . ,i,1."'i 1 . '-Jwgx 1Lp+gEw.n-Q .. -f 1 1 M 4'a,,,g- ".g:v'- -f Lg. ,Hgh - J ,L lk ' :6l7i'i' T 'S' ie ,HIC -5 . . rin an-Nut' ,. nr, ff 4. 11:5 .v. QF? 34 H ff ff, ' avr' ' e c. 4 f 'x ,YW QJQA' ZW' diffigedw no 'I f , L 5 my Q 11x ,gf All X L "HL QQ' IU' in ahh., v" Av.. V. .fr 1 'Q 4,4-f . ,- .fy '- 5 v,N .. +21 ,.,.' ah 4. ,L :iff ,, 1 4 Q. ,ef-QQ L., L .',ig . --fr, '-ff' . 1 ., gm 1-lf 4.3- Z? v ',, we , il ,VL 5,5 ' .1 4-..f. - A 5,17--X "-wr,-!fi V, . V .Q . , Jq ne ,Q ix .I Ar-Q4 Jglffjrf uk. .Al k.1 ,m ,M K -A "---1, F- 'RL ill - . ,r 1 Q , xx. JA- 1 vw ilwgxh - ,. , , .Y , -1 -, A 3 1 FA ' ug -5 f J Q - t - - -51' '34-214.H..f:4. , - VH 3 pw 5.-1., ,, ' 1 ,f ,wg f. ' S1 ' .. ' ,?"'1r"'i ' 1"f.f -. -f'-3, 45 1' ,uh if . K, A., L lg V ,wL, , ,, -. .. ,A ew if -- fi- A fr.: Q p..-. 31' if - . . .1 r 'w I fs? fl , if -ul -Y- !,. . , E wi, , 5 ,, -5-'- 'f aj! V s-a5'i13i7' jg 1 f n,,.'Esu3irHtE'L..h::.'9::,s.l2q..L Aix wr, ' hx- ' f' 1 4, . I R F Football Firsl row, lefl' lo righl: T. Goulish, B. Herriman, R. Wiclrham, D. Heidfman, D. Greenman, L. Carpenler, T. Beck, D. Smith, G. Sweers. Second row: A. Vert, W. Powers, D. Kardos, L. Paro, B. Osborn, B. Mudge, L. Coon, B. Becker, G. Jeffries. ................ M Third row: Coach Richards, R. Griswold, H. Berie, M. Shoclr, E. French, O. Osfrander, W. Kerouac, F. Norman, R. Clark, G. Loclrery, M. Bolander, H. Finlrbeiner, Coach Hulce. Fourlh row: J. Goulish, D. Ferris, K. Harriman, E. Boegner, B. Evans, B. Vohwinlile, E. Mossy D. Bell, N. Sforlr, B. Sweers, W. Adams, C. Hill. Absent: L. Barr, V. Lewis and Mgr. L. Langford. FOOTBALL SCORES Kearsley ........................ 1 2 ' Clio .......... Kearsley .......... .,......... 1 3 Flushing ..... Kearsley .......... ....... 6 Grand Blanc Kearsley .......... ....... 1 3 Beecher ....... Kearsley .......... ....... 0 Mt. Morris . Kearsley .......... ....... 1 3 Davison ..... Kearsley .......... ....... 0 Fenton ..... Kearsley .......... ....... 1 3 Bendle ....... Kearsley ........................ 15 Flint Tech . The Hornet line-up of 1945 included: Ends-"'Richard Kardos, 'Ward Powers, Glenn Lewis, Bob Evans, Jerry Jefferies. Guards-'Leo Paro, LaVerne Coon, Duane Bell, 'Bill Osborne, 'Ernest Boegner. Tackles-Burnell Becker, Lloyd Barr, Virgil Lewis, Bryce Vohwinkle. Backs- "'Andy Vert, 'l'Norman Stork, Walter Kerouac, Don Ostrander, Frank Norman, jerry Lockery, Max Shock, Russell Clark, Elmer French. Centers--tFBill Mudge, Edsel Moss. Captain-Bill Osborne. Manager-Larry Langford. SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL SCORES Kearsley 14, Grand Blanc 0,g Kearsley 12, Clio 6, Kearsley 20, Flushing 73 Kearsley 13, Bendle Og Kearsley 6, Mt. Morris, 63 Kearsley 6, Swartz Creek 0, Kearsley 6, Swartz Creek 0' Kearsley 0, Davison 25. The second team Won six games, lost one and tied one. We call this a very successful season. The line-up included: D. Greenman, W. Adams, B. Hanson, G. Sweers, D. Heidtman, B. Her- riman, H. Finkbeiner, L. Carpenter, J. Goulish, H. Berrie, M. Bolander, B. Sweers, T. Goulish, D. Ferris, J. Hanna, T. Beck, D. Smith, G. Famer, K. Herriman, R, Griswold. 1 Class of 1946 Page 45 Basketball First row, left to right: T. Goulish, B. Sweers, D. Smith, D. Rood, D. Serrels. Second row: G. Jeffries, G. Lockery, B. Mudge, R. Kardos, W. Powers, D. Ostrander. G. Sweers. Third row: Coach Richards, V. Lewis, R. Clark, A. Vert, E. Moss, E. French, R. Mills. Coach Hulce. Absent: L. Packard, B. Geisenhaver. Kearsley ......,..........,,,.... BASKETBALL SCORES 38 1' Kearsley .,.,.... ,.......,.... 5 2 Beecher ........ Kearsley .....,., ......... 2 2 Grand Blanc Kearsley .,,,.... ......... 3 3 Flushing ...... Kearsley ........ ..,...... 5 4 Bendle ........ Kearsley ........ ..,.,.... 3 7 Davison ...... Kearsley ........ ..,,..... 3 7 Mt. Morris Kearsley ................,.,..... 28 Fenton ....,.., , C io .....,...... OUR KEARSLEY HORNETS OF 1946 The Kearsley Hornets came through this 1946 season by upsetting Five of their eight oppon- ents. The Hornets remained unbeaten by Clio, Beecher, Grand Blanc, Flushing, and Bendle, only being defeated by Davison, Fenton and Mt. Morris. Kearsley had only three returning lettermen this year but Coach C. K. Richards had the assistance of seven new top basketball stars: Forwards, Bill Mudge, Edsel Moss, and jerry Jeffriesg Guards, jerry Lockery, Les Packard, and Russell Millsg and Center Andy Vert. The returned veterans are Forward Dick Kardos, captain of the Hornets, Center Ward Powers, and Guard Don Ostrander. This is the second year that the Hornets have competed in the Class "B" league, and they stand fourth place in the '46 league. KEARSLEY RESERVE TEAM The reserve team is as follows: Forwards, Russell Clark, Bob Sweers, Elmer French, and Don Roodg Guards, Doug Serrels, Gene Sweers, Tom Goulish, and Bob Gusienhaverg Centers, Virgil Lewis and Dick Smith. ALL-COUNTY RECOGNITION The coaches of Genesee County have given two places on the All-County Basketball Team to two Kearsley Hornets. Richard Kardos and Ward Powers have been placed on second and third teams respectively, and Bill Mudge was put on All-County Honorable Mention, These boys are Seniors. Pgge 45 Kearslecho Cross Country Firsl' row: Mgr. L. Langford. Second row, left fo right: C. Smilhson, J. Smiflison, D. Walters, H. Marsden, A. Poiors, H. Alcorn. H. Lowe. Third row: N. Slrol. B. Bye. H. Visser. R. Dardos, Coach Hewlitf, W. Powers, J. Alcorn, R. Gaither, R. Ash. Absent: Bill Williams. 1 I Kearsley's Cross Country team which last year walked olf with the State Cham- pionship had a good season. Coach Maurice Hewlett handled the team. Harry Alcorn again copped the championship in Cross Country in the state meet held at Ypsilanti October 27. In the invitational meet held at Dort Field Nov. 2 Alcorn out-distanced runners from Flint Central, Northern and Royal Oak. In the two meets held with Grand Blanc, Harry made two Iirsts. This year the Cross Country team felt the gaps left by graduation and the calls to service, but is coming back next year bigger and better. Class of 1946 Page 47 Track l l I The Spring of 1945 found Kearsley High to be the Track Capital of the Genesee County Conference. In the annual championship meet held at Dort Field, june 4, Coach Varnard Gay's boys registered 742, points to runner up Fenton with 62. In the boys' division Kearsley scored in every event. 120 Yard High Hurdles, time 17.5-Jack Suess first, Andy Vert fourth, Ernest Boegner hfth. 100 Yard Dash, time 10.6-Mert Wallace second. Mile Run, time 4.40--Harry Alcorn second, Richard Haggerty fourth. 440 Yard Dash, time 56.1-Carlyle Hansford second. 440 Yard Dash, time 56.5-Bill Williams, second. 200 Yard Low Hurdles, time 24.4-Jack Suess first, Andy Vert fifth. 880 Yard, time 2115.3-Edwin Odle first. 880 Yard, time 2:14.6-Richard Kardos first. ' 880 Relay, time 1140.5-Mert Wallace, Glenn Lewis, Bob Langford first, jack Suess. Pole Vault, distance 9 feet 9 inches-Glenn Lewis second, Leo Paro third, Bill Reid fourth. Shot Put, distance 41 feet M5 inches-Leo Paro first, jack Suess third. High jump, distance 5 feet 4 inches-Glenn Lewis Hfth. Broad Jump, distance 19 feet 31A inches-Carlyle Hansford second. 1946 TRACK SCHEDULE Dale Kaulitz, track coach of the Kearsley Hornets, is now getting his new boys and his re- turned veterans from the County Championship Team last year into trim for the season of 1946. The track season ofhcially started Monday, March 11, 1946. Their first track meet, the River Rouge Invitational Meet, was held at Yost Field House, April 18, at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The schedule also includes relay meets at Albion College, Hastings, Central College relays at Mt. Pleasant, at least one triangular meet, several dual meets, county meet, and State meet at Michigan State College, East Lansing. Page 48 Kearslecho Baseball Front row, left to right: J. Suess. D. Sweers, M. Wallace. D. Ostrander, W. Kerouac. Back row: E. Moss, E. French. Coach Richards, E. Prine, G. Lockery, B. Langford. BASEBALL-1945 Again, it was true of Baseball as of every sport in the year 1944-1945, it was Kearsley's hrst year in Class "B" competition. But the Kearsley Hornets ended their Baseball season with a good record. THE TEAM Catchers: Spike Sweers and Chuck Smith. Infielders: Elmer French, Don Ostrander, Walter Kerouac, jack Suess, Mickey Bolander, and Edsel Moss. Outfielders: Bob Langford, Mert Wallace, Fuzzy Prine and Less Packard. Pitchers: Clarence Ferris and Hugh Vohwinkle. 31 BASEBALL SCHEDULE-1945 May 1 Kearsley ............ 8 Clio .......... 4 Kearsley ............ Beecher .... 1 1 Kearsley Davison ...... 15 Kearsley Fenton ,....... 18 Kearsley Flushing ...... 22 Kearsley ............ 5 Mt. Morris 25 Kearsley ......,..... 4 Grand Blanc Kearsley Bend Ie ..,..... 3 Mert Wallace of the Class of '45 received the Athletic Award for the boys. BASEBALL-1946 After the basketball season comes the spring and the ball and bat. Yep! It's baseball season. Coach Richards had his catchers and pitchers working out in the gym but warm weather took them outside for some infield and hitting practice. The team includes: G. Sweers, H. Vohwinkle, C. Ferris, E. French, D. Ostrander, R. Clark, W. Kerouac, C. Boegner, M. Bolander, B. Osborne, C. Smith, J. Lockery, J. Jeffries, L. Packard, E. Moss and B. Hanson. BASEBALL-SECOND TEAM While our Hornets on our hrst team for baseball get in trim for the season ahead, the second team boys keep Coach E. Hulce on the jump with their baseball pratice. The second team includes: H. Clancy, D. Smith, D. Osborne, B. Kusky, V. Lewis, T. Goulish, H. Dean, B. Sweers, H. Finkbeiner, B. Clodfelter, B. Geisenhaver, D. Rood, D. Serrals, L. Coon, B. Nagengast, R. Wickham, R. Griswold, B. Harriman, A. Robbin, and C. Morton. Class of 1946 Page 49 Left to right: G. Williams, M. Agan, B. Ducap, R. Giguere, I. Barclay, M. Kuczman, C. O'Sullivan, J. Gleason, D. Marme. First row, left to right: C. Strayer, D. Dunham, S. Wheeler, R. Giguere, J. Gleason. Second row: J. Stiles, D. Heidtman, D. Marme, B. Barclay, D. Serrels, Miss Lindle. Absent: D. Christensen. Page 50 Cheer Leaders This year ten Cheerleaders were chos- en from a group of thirty-three. This group of ten was divided into smaller sections and asked to cheer at the various games. Kearsley was especially proud of their two senior boy cheerleaders. At the various games the opposing schools would remark about Kearsley's boy cheerleaders. The girls deserve credit and praise for their efforts at the Pep Meetings and at the games. Miss Newton was the sponsor and should be commended upon the line work which she accom- plished with this enthusiastic group. Pep Club The Pep Club is now two years old. Pep Club representatives are elected for a two year term. It consists of twelve members. These members are elected by the student body six of which must be girls and the other six boys. The Kearsley Pep Club is an active organization which encourages school sportsmanship, promotes cheerleading, puts on pep meetings both during the school day and at night, and promotes school spirit which has proved a great benefit to the school. This year they were instrumental in collecting over one hundred dollars toward Kearsley's lighted football field: The members of the Pep Club guaranteed the first two lights. Also the Pep Club representa- tives have made and taken care of the advance ticket sale for all football and basketball games. Any Kearsley student may be a mem- ber of the Kearsley Pep Club. But he must apply for a membership card in person. A real Kearsley Pep Club booster participates in school activities, attends as many games as possible, shows leadership ability and good sportsmanship at all times. A true Hornet Booster always up- holds the Blue and Gold. Kearslecllo Uur Champ HARRY ALCORN Cross Country Champ Class of 1946 Page 51 Sport Snaps 54 Qwifezla .3 PY- ,. 1 if 7.4, I ' J. 1, 'L9: 1ki,Q'1 "-1 x i' w .ly , 4, f., , . " .1',w.. 'L I s. I :vi " ,KV - ' 4.1 . , 1 .,,. 9" , , V21 1' .'n, N 1 x E ' ff .. GI RLS TRACK- 1 945 At the County Track Meet held june 4, Dort Field Kearsley High was a double champion. Elfrieda Meida's girls had 28112 points to runner up Grand Blanc's 21. 50-Yard Dash, time 6.5-Joyce jen- kins, tirst. Standing Broad jump, distance 7 ft. IOM, in.-Joyce jenkins, Vivian Miller tie, first, Doris McAllister, fourth. Hop, Step and junmp, distance, 28 tt. -4 in.vjoyce jenkins, tifth. Baskethall Throw, distance 75 ft. 6 in. leg Xlifelsh, thirdg -leannc Gleason, fourth. Shot Put, distance 30 ft. 7V3 in.- Vivian Miller, second, Betty Giertz, titith. J GIRLS TRACK-1946 The girls are very anxious to keep their County Track crown of 1945. This spring an enthusiastic group under the coaching of C. K. Richards will try for a second county track championship. This is the second year for our girls in tlass "B" competition. GIRLS SOFT BALI.-I9-15 The Kearsley Girls tied the Beecher girls for tirst place in the County championship in the spring of 1945. THE TEAM Bette Barclay, Beverly Inscho, Meri jean Hill, Eleanor Hansen, Margaret Shurter, Mary Ann Kuczman, Polly Thompson, Fern Horton, Betty Giertz, Gretchen Noyce, Dorothy Hayes, Bon- nie Rutledge, Peggy Welsh, Lois Doty, Helen Griffen, Dorothy Christenson. Miss Meida coached the girls team and they had a very successful season. Betty Barclay of the class of 1945 re- ceived the Athletic Award for the girls. Girls Athletics Front row, left to right: D. McAllister, B. Barclay J Nelson J Jenluns l Barclay Baclt row: D. Hayes, E. Bigelow, Miss Meida coach Mr Kuczman and B Giertz Front row, left to right: M. Shurter, B. Barclay B lnscho M Kuczman Baclt row: D. Hayes, B. Rutledge, B. Gierti, P Thompson Miss Meida coach SOFTBALL-1946 0'Sullivan, V. Clark, N. Coenen M DcMillc M Goostn The Kwrsley gi,-is are now practicing for their Spring G. Hayes, G. Noyce, P. Welsli, B lnscho D Christcnson games in softball under the coaching of Mr. Buell. R- Glguefcv M' Hill. M- Slmlfm' l G11 Wm B CHUU M The following girls are participating in softball for the lfufzmfms .l- Jenkins- V- Miller l Wll'tL l' CHUV W season of '46: J. Powers, D. Hayes, B. Rutledge, S. Bur- UHPP and M- Allan- Milmlgef- ton, P. Dickinson, D. Smith, R. Turner, D. Bostwiclc, C. Class of 1946 Girfs Basketball First row, lefi' lo right: J. Clepp, C. O'Sullivan, F. Gierh. Second row: L. Thrower, R. Giguere, B. Giertz, M. A. Kuczman, P. Welsh, I. Cunningham, J. Gleason, M. J. Hill, D. Hayes. Third row: M. Agan, J. Powers, E. King, J. Jenkins, Coach Richards, D. Christenson, J. White, B. Rutledge, Miss Newton. Absent: B. lnscho, M. Shurler, C. Strayer. BASKETBALL SCORES Kearsley .......... ............ 3 6 Beecher ...... ......... 2 3 Kearsley .......... ......... 2 3 Bendle ,.... ......... 2 3 Kearsley .......... ......... 1 7 Davison ...... ......... 1 2 Kearsley ......... ......... 2 3 Mt. Morris ....... ..10 Kearsley ..........................., 9 Grand Blanc ..... ......... 1 Z The Kearsley Girls' Basketball Team remained unbeaten in their season games until their last league game with the Grand Blanc six. Our girls tripped Beecher, Bendle, Davison and Mt. Morris, and kept their winning streak in many non-league games until they met Grand Blanc. Forwards-Mary Ann Kuczman, Beverly Inscho, Peggy Welsli, 'Ieanne Gleason, Rose Giguere, Joycelyn Powers, Joyce jenkins, "'D0rothy Hayes, Carol Strayer, Dorothy Christenson, Juanita Clapp, Lois Doty. Guards-"'Betty Giertz, "'Meri jean Hill, 'klsabelle Cunningham, Florence Giertz, "'Colleen O'Sullivan, tkjune White, Bonnie Rutledge, Elaine King, Lorna Thrower, Margaret Shurter. Captain-Betty Giertz, Manager--Mary Agang Girls' Chaperon, Miss jane Newton. Page 56 Kearslecllo Q. . fxgk 1 v,L'ff:. ' YI 'Y . -A W iv w ,ian . X n "ff,-' I , 2-4 4. , 1 1 ig-.A . Y ' XX g 1274. 5 11. fy" A 2' 4, Y, ,gg . 1 ,-Alf ,,,..I . vb fi-'..q,'5' 7 , l' bfi 1 X 'i' "" f .'l""nQ --'4. ..-L" .-, ,, :fc Q X--gg' - I 'JJ 'X 1' 1 f -N, u,A. :. '. fff - is '35 Y' f - 'V vi. gi if , gg gm 1 - 1ga,.,,.f. - in I 7, fy 1-, av..-1 -, Q 5-, .-df ' - . .4,. V . '- - A :..g 1 jggiqgilis 57' 2 .1 N .5 3..1,. ,mffgi g ,Ld 5 .xg f is-f f -. "Q5,u':'. f -,fl rf ' Vi'-':f: "f D.:-b -- ' ' fl :-,r- -rf. '+'1h.'- - .- na-fvf A. -5.- ' X e :HL -'1 f f 4- 55- A' ' ' - - 1 "' , -- '1wg.- f my ,- .-Init , ' . J- '1.- Y I' vt , V ,f': :2:..: utah., . ,,,, .,-, 5 . 4- , ., 41 1 : 'L ' .51 -Q55 144 ff? f f 51 '1 ,.' '- yt -kg,-ff, f--, I A ' V if T W ' yy , Q 1.7 .,, . ,--, .V . V W -133 R wi, ' '. 1. ' -, , f,f,..u, - v ' ' 'L , ' f .QS I, , K 5131, A ,V,!' - ,, ,- A wr-- " ' 4 A. ' 'ji ,xx - I. .3 -f , ,r 'flu A-,q4' .wf we rj? 0, .511 ' VA 'gi -,N A HEX- 1 - 1 N. 1.,L"E'4,g , '- --'F ': -. 'V -if V. 'i :L.... W . . , --:ul .- lv VZ, IQ- '.. 'I b f: "'-in ' f 1 fi ,-Qi-J: ff' . . , .-. 5" , 'X:':-If.." "pf 17. -I- ,.4,:a! . ,, H 4,, - .A . 1- , - 1,3 . 1 an .I . V 1,,. ,, . 1,,, , . X ' x - -' ' - 'x .L.'.f.. . ., x L ' ' .. nw, ,.' l . My 'P' L--f"rv ., ' Q ,6,f'n .wax 1-.J -br V 14- A ., I, gn, 4 if in 'pf' 'yi' ,il 5, ,s 'T wa' 'Q 35231 if-' -Q3--,2fh'l.-.X"'M"f - . 1 1-' J wf'.",.- 'K K bm, A 4 -...N M ,-1, . '--"'f34" F- " Azfw 1 -. V P!-. I1 ' 12. ' 1p4Lf"1- -V I., V. 1: - ' ' NJ ',Q.-JIU' , - ' 'w" u. ' I -.,.f -.r. ' - ', '-.V - .!,.,, .I A. , ff-.Q ,, an 'wg-"' V f, 1-'Z . x'-ii Af?-.-lv f '?LJ:1'ieff 5 1 Fa':'2J, . 51.15 ' + an -my . QL! 2 ' .,jJ,.,J ,.,,. .2 .. MRT W..-3 2' 15- - -. - aw .,: rf . '- " ,-A, V ' 1. A ' 1- gf..:5- ,M , + H -- . A ,. Q? .. -1 . Q- Lv, aww- -- ww 4 mi 1, - M, 225, ,' :,C'.,,' 5, , N . :4 ., A U .-, uf m, .rg , 'H' 1 v, ,X 1 i. . .15 ,, . . K 4-.' . -"'. ..-,, . 1 .f' , 'V reg, , gm, -1,5 -Q M it . .- ..". 1.-, ,Ju -f ' 1 x Aux r1:.-1f'4 ': if em L4 , Q::n1,f1.:w..w'z:r ' . 1 I l . , . M, X . , Jfmihgbm-ISC .V."' , X. - ,A A 'x .,, . Q V ig .1 H vi A 'Q ' ' 511 1 ' N-u . A x -' 4 -V gk Lili' r ., .1 5. Girl Reserves Firsf row, Iefi fo righh H. GriFIin, D. Keichabaw, D. Ososki, I. Barclay, D. Dunham, F. Shoecraff, M. Howe, F. Gierh, Mrs. Halligan. Second row: C. Sirayer, L. Dofy. B. Du- cap, J. Gilberfson, P. Gilchrist J. Jen- kins, C. O'SuIIivan, B. Gierh, A. Egfs, S. O'SuIIivan. Third row: E. Sfrayer, D. Sweers, R. Rice, B. Inscho, D. Dunham, J. Bryani, J. Powers, D. Bos+wicIr, B. Mooney. FirsI row, Ieff Io righi: L. Johnson, M. Simpson, Miss Higgins, D. Wallace, J. Sfiles, D. Vallbrechi. Second row: J. Thomas, D. Simpson, D. Geisenhaver, L. Mariin, M. Hohn, I. Lewis. Third row: M. Ciemenis, F. Hayward. V. Wrighi, L. Tucher, N. Hunsaker, B. Wesf. Firsi row, Ieff Io righi: B. Shoecraff, W Griswold, P. Duffy, J. Wacker, P. Wil- liams, J. Dumler, I. Osborne. Second row: W. Bowen, B. Shears, M Ward, J. Clancy, N. Richards, P. Mor gan, Y. Palmer, L. Mifchell, Miss Hig gins. Third row: B. Jones, M. Davies, A. Brown L. A. Hegle, D. Noffsinger, M. Williams G. Waddell, N. L. Shock. M. Nagen gasf. l Home Economics Club First row. leff 'fo right: B. Worley. M. Carr, E. Fleming, D. Dehmel, l. Barclay, E. Schacher, E. Laurence E. Lince, S. Peterson, Mrs. Kennedy. Second row: A. Thomas. K. Buda, J. White, J. McColley, F. Gierfz, C. Corner. D. Smith, R. Giguere, J. McColley, G. Gleason, B. Mooney. Third row: V. Miller, O. Lucas. S. Spears, J. Clapp, K. Peters, S. Burton, R. Rice, B. Pefcoff, B. Bosfwiclr, L. Rose, J. Kirbyson. Girl Reserves The Senior Girl Reserves were organized four years ago by Miss Powell. There were fifteen active members. The club grew to twenty members during the second year. When Miss Powell left Kearsley at the second semester, Miss Lindle ancl Mrs. Halligan fthen Miss Thomasj were our new sponsors. When we began our fourth year in September of 1945, Mrs. I-Ialligan was our sponsor. Miss Higgins now sponsors the Junior Girl Reserves, which Mrs. Halligan had organized and sponsored the year before. There are thirty active members in the Senior Reserves and forty-three active members in the Junior Reserves. The officers of the Senior Reserves are Betty Giertz, presidentg Donna Ketchabaw, vice-president, Isabelle Cunningham, secretary, Beverly Schacher, treasurer, joan Gil- bertson, student council representative, Colleen O'Sullivan, program chairman, Maxine Howe, worship chairman and Ella Strayer, Interclub Council representative. The officers of the Junior Reserves are Irene Lewis, president, Delores Noffsinger, vice-president, Patricia Williams, treasurer, Barbara Shears, secretaryg Barbara Shoecraft, student council representative, jane Clancy, program chairman, Melvena Davies, wor- ship chairman and Nancy Richards, music chairman. Page 60 Kearslecho Scouts Girl Scout meetings are held every Thursday evening in the Kearsley gym. The Scout Troop is made up of ele- mentary students with Mrs. Carle Vapul as their leader. They have been very successful at making toys for St. joseph hospital, taking lirst aid lessons and doing other valuable things. The big event of the year was the Mother and Daughter Banquet which was held in May, Front row, left to right: P. Sperrow, J. McNiece, B. Conroy, R. Stageburg, G. Miller, B. Rose, F. Poisson, J. Wright. Second row: B. Pettengill, B. Roach, H. Kribs, M. Shepherd. P. Clapp, J. Radlie, A. Walterhouse, P. Sammon, L. Wood. Third row: J. La Loude, W. Peevyhouse. J. Muschiana, B. Olson, Mrs. Vaupel, scout leader, S. LePard, B. Barlow, L. Johnson. The Boy Scouts are really going places this year with the help of their leader, Larry Lauderbough, who has done a wonderful iob of getting them organized in their troops. Scout meetings are held every Thurs- day evening. Two of the biggest events for the hoys were parents night and a pancake supper which they held before a basket- ball game for the benetit of the boys and girls who had to stay at the school. Mr. Westmrn is chairman of the Boy Scout Committee. Bottom row, left to right: W. Hart, J. Zu- dell, E. Mufford, H. Shooli, H. Garrison, R. Korcyiali, G. Paisson. Back row: K. Vance, K. Paquette, A. Cramer, Mr. Lauderbaclx, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Weston, C. Smith, W. Korsyialr. Left to right: Bill Mudge and Dick Heidt- man. Hi-Y Club Firsl' row, leff fo righf: G. Lockery, D. Heidfman, D. Greenman, N. Slorl, E. Pennell, E. Meyer, M. Bolander, F. Ray- sln. Second row: B. Vohwinile, F. Norman, D. Marme, R. Kardos, H. Vohwinlrle. E. Mess. B. Mudge. B. Becker, G. Williams. Third row: W. Adams, L. Parc. B. Osborne, Mr. Hoffman, N. Pagef, D. Smilh. Swing Band Firsf row, leff lo rlglml: H. Marsden, V. Sprague, F. Nagengasl, D. Ryan. Second row: C. Smifhson, R. Ladd, J. Hinze. King and Queen Firsl row, leff lo righl: B. Stzvhl, G. Sob- bins, D. Noffsinger, C. P r y. Second row: Norman, . Henson, H Volayinlrle. Missing Alfendanls: Eunice Schacler Clair Nelson, Joan McColley. Hi- Y Club Boys of the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are eligible for membership in the Hi-Y Club. This Hi-Y Club is organized, "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." Hi-Y activities consist of basketball and swimming at the Y.M.C.A., joint meetings with Girl Reserves of other schools as well as our own and weekend camp trips. This year our club took part in the Hi-Y Youth Legislature at Lansing on April 12-15, representatives being Burnell Becker and Bill Osborne. Officers are: Dallas Marme, president, Dick Heidtman, vice-president, Glen Wil- liams, secretary, Don Greenman, treasurer, Hugh Vohwinkle, chaplain, Norman Stork, assistant chaplain. Mr. Hoffman is Hi-Y sponsor. Swing Band Last year the students around Kearsley kept asking, "Why doesn't somebody do something to pep up the basketball games?" We already had a pep band of twenty pieces but what the students wanted was something with a little more pep. They selected seven players whom they called the swing band. This pep band was different from the others, it didn't play all marches, it threw in a few popular pieces to break the monot- ony. These seven members played at all the games, home and away, and were compli- mented by other schools and band directors. After requests for all popular music they were called the "Swingsters." It is the best pep band Kearsley ever had. King and Queen Kearsley Carnival was held December the 8th, The highlight was the crowning of the most popular boy and girl. They were attended by eight other classmen selected from grades 7-12 by popular vote. The voting went on one week preceding the Carn- ival. The Coronation took place at the amateur show sponsored by Miss Lindle and Miss Newton. The winners of this contest were kept a secret until announced by Mr. Daly, who placed a golden crown on each of their heads. Dolores Noffsinger, 13, of 5100 Davison Road, who is in the 7th grade, was selected the most popular girl. She came to Kearsley in the 5th grade. When she finishes school she desires to take a business course. Her hobbies are swimming and baseball. jerry Robbins, 13, of 2401 Stockbridge, who is in the 7th grade, was selected the most popular boy. He has attended Kearsley since the third grade. His ambition is to be on the varsity basketball team. Jerry's hobby is swimming. When he was 11 years old' he won a swimming meet at I.aCross, Wisconsin. cfm of 1946 Page 63 s fo T ationczl Honor Society The Kearsley chapter of the National Honor Society was established in April 1945. Candidates are chosen from the Sophomore, junior and Senior classes. All eligible students must have a consecutive "B" average every six weeks and they must also have a semester average of "B" The Honor Society is a reward not only for high scholarship but also for leadership, character and service as well. The Kearsley chapter is registered with the National Society as No. 2977. A very impressive installation ceremony was presented before a special High School Assembly. The following students were charter members. John Boggs, Ouida Hartsoe, Mary L. Ladd, Bob Langford, Robert McColley, jack Suess, Clarence Visser, Katheryn Ash, Ronald Frosh, Christine jones, Marjorie Reid, jean Revoldt, Eunice Corey, Bill Mudge, Ward Powers, Betty Giertz, Donald Owen and Bonnie Rutledge. Gold pins were presented to the five highest ranking seniors, namely Ouida Hartsoe, Bob Langford, Christine jones, Katheryn Ash and Dorothy Heidtman. Other seniors receiving national honors were: john Boggs, jack Hewitt, Mary L. Ladd, Joyce Nelson, jack Suess, Clarence Visser, Carol Brant, Mary Dunn, Marjorie Reid, and Jean Revoldt. At graduation these seniors were permitted to keep their pins. For the second semester of 1945 the following students were members of the Kearsley Honor Society. joan McColley, joycelyn Powers, Shirley Wheeler, Naomi Vaughn, Elwood Pennell, Eunice Corey, Betty Giertz, Helen Griffin, Meri jean Hill, Donna Ketchabaw, Bill Mudge, Ward Powers and Viola Reid. For the first semester of 1945-1946: Phyllis Hanson, Rose Giguere, Jeanne Gleason, Helen Griffin, Marion Wagner, joan McColley, Elvira Petrick, Henry Visser, Beth Ducap, Maxine Howe, jean Eckinger, Shirley Wlmeeler, Dallas Marme, Eleanor Petrick, Katherine Peters, Eunice Corey, Viola Reid, Pat Cogswell, Fred Nagengast, Gretchen Noyce, Naomi Vaughn, Bob Odle, Wartl Powers and Lorna Thrower. Each member of this society is entitled to wear the emblem pin, the torch of knowledge as adopted by the National Society. Supt. G. E, Daly, Mrs. Halligan and Miss Lindle are the faculty advisors of the Kearsley Chapter of the National Honor Society. Page 64 Kearslecho Top leff is a view of our School Shop. Top righi are 'lhe +wo office girls af Kearsley, Phyllis Noice and Connie Coolr. Cenier are fhe bus drivers reading from lefl' fo right O. Glover, J. Crewes, R. Murrish, C. Lince, E. Busha, H. French, A. Prenfice, C. Aubin, F. Murphy. Lower lefi' are fhe coolrs ai Kearsley's Dining Room, reading from lefi fo righf: Mrs. Showcraff, Mrs. Lam- berf, Mrs. LaLonde, Mrs. Aubin, and lower righf is a view of our Dining Room. ...A-A Candid Snaps ff? Best wishes to the Senior Class of 1946 and congratulations to the staff of the Kearslecho. Your Board of Education OLIVER H. PARO, President EDWIN R. WESTON, Secretary BERTHA JOHNSON, Treasurer GEORGE KARDOS, Trustee LYLE WALTERHOUSE, Trustee El BEST VVISHES TO THE CLASS OF '46 and to the people of this community IZ! UNITED CLEANERS Phone 3-1531 4001 Davison Road Best Wishes to the 1946 Graduates Q VAN DYKE STUDIO 554 S. Saginaw St. Over WoolWorth's 5 6: 10 Phone 9-1616 Flint, Mich. PLUMBING FIXTURES We now have a varied selection of bathroom and kitchen fixtures from which to select. Come in and inspect our stock. KITCHEN AND BATHROOM STOOLS and TANKS-One- and Two-Piece LAVATORIES-Several Styles BUILT-IN TUBS-Cast Iron on Priority SHOWER ATTACHMENTS-Individual or With Tubs MEDICINE CABINETS-Plate Glass Mirror IV? carry ll mmplcle line of .milpipe and fittingfg alto gtzlzwzized pipe and vomzerlmnx, Come Ill and ree uf for przorzty anzmmce 011 uuyfhiug in the plumbing or building yield, Upon your req ef! we am furuirla the mmzef of reliable .Dlll7IlbEf.f. CUPBOARDS-Recli-Bilt, Sectional, Prefinishecl in White -Trimmed with Chrome Hardware DOUBLE COMPARTMENT SINKS-Vitreous China GAS HEATERS and HOT WATER TANKS FAUCETS--Single or Double CHROME SINK RIMS ACORN LUMBER COMPANY Court St. at Dort Highway Phone 9-5738 Tompkins Depar'rmen+ Sfores Established 1922 Wishes the Class of '46 Best of Luck Hardware Dupont Paints Ready to Wear I 5048 Richfield Rd. Phone 3-7076 Flini' Recreaiion Home of Hospitality and High Scores IZ! T. I. Hczlligan. Prop. T. F. Halligan. Mgr. We Are Proud To Salute the Students and Faculty of Kearsley School We Are Also Proud That We Can Furnish Healthful, Comfortable Warmth Through the Medium of Our High-Quality Coals WE WELCOME YOUR INQUIRIES EI COAL SERVICE Inc. 2520 N. Dort Highway Phone 2-4133 Compliments of SPRA+GUE'S DAIRY l 1926 N. Franklin Ave. Phone 2-7104 Compliments of GQRDEN J. Woon lHeating Contractor Steam and Vapor Deming Pumps and Petro Oil Burners! I Phone 4-2029 -: :- 5237 Fenton Road Congratulations to the Class of ' 4 6 IZ! Giguere's Feed Stores 3402 Richfield Rd. 3917 Corunncz Rd. Phone 9-1670 Phone 4-9421 James Lumber Co. LUMBER. SASH. DOORS.. and BUILDING MATERIAL - 2 Yards - 902 N. Dort Highway 2452 Fenton Road Phone 2-5126 Phone 9-5719 Compliments of Kuehmann Potato Chips w. E. Elder msf. 630 East Dayton St. Phone 3-7491 Compliment: of DCVER 86 CO. Fuel-Mason Supplies Building Materials of All Kinds O 651 Hall - - Phone 2-0185 C om plinzents of f LEMIRE ELECTRIC Announcing Your New Kearsley Dairy Bar Located Right in Front of Your School Door Cor. Richfield and Comer Dr. The Building Will Be All for You The Dairy Will Be Trimmed in Your School Colors fBlue G Goldl The Lunch Room Will Be of Rustic Design I hope it will meet with your approval, and that the class of 1946 will be the first picture to start our class wall history of Kearsley. I hope to have everything in fine shape and complete before your school starts this fall. Iim Comer. Owner C om plimentf of HALE 86 LAMBERT ilnsurance Servicej Phone 2-0163 507 Harrison Clllalharp Presbyterian Cliburrh Now Worshiping at Kearsley High School Q Rev. Walter L. Taylor. Minister Sunday School 10 mm. 6262 Richfield Rd. Morning Worship 11:15 a.m Phone 7-1475 Nursery for Tiny Tots Everyone Welcome A Program of Christian Training for Christian Living for All C onzplimentf of Knoblock Hardware O CFlint's East Side Hardware G Supply Companyl O Phone 2-281 1 2118 Lewis St. COMMERCIAL SOUND Public Address Systems Office lntercommunica- tion and Paging Systems Representing K-L-A Detroit ' Commercial Photography ' Modern Talking Picture Service ' Victor 16 mm. Sound Proiectors Sales, Rental. and Service ' 16 mm. Sound Film Library Fulkersin 86 Jensen Hotel Durant Bldg. Phones 9-3171, 9-3172 C om plimenlf 0 McKIN NON 86 MOON EY lComplete Insurancel 1506 Union Industrial Bank Building Phone 2-4162 Franklin Upholstering Restyling and Repairing o 3431 Richfield Rd. Phone 2-3711 Compliments of Siegels General Store Y 3302 Davison Road Phone 2-8051 C. F. Leazenby and Son Groceries and Meats 0 Genesee, Mich. Richfield Park Grocery Freezer Fresh Ice Cream Quarts Gallons Cones O Corner Gale and Coldwater Roads Martin M. Conaton GENERAL INSURANCE LIFE FIRE AUTO BONDS 306 W. Court St. Phone 3-7861 Fountain Service COOK'S Drugstore Richfield Rd. near Western Rd Phone 4-3031 Reliable Prescriptions BOBB'S General Store General Merchandise National Fire Insurance Co. oi Hartford. Connecticut We collect your Gas and Elect Light Bills Hunting and Fishing License We Serve You Well Phone Mt. Morris 5794 Genesee, Mich. Compliments of LIN 'S MARKET Grocery and Meat V 4008 Richfield Phone 9-4052 g .g:,, Lv " " 22-"' "Q- . '7"f"1,Ur'7"-1.-QR-Si , 'f - -f-V1 - ' iw. ' gi ,'5'5'? ,' ' .vW'fF'T 43 ' " " '?"i'Lh .: " 515i:- - . V- W 'if' ma v N ,Rag ,. 2-'fr ' Wg f af-fp, giknkv - :Gp -f A 2 , .ag A -4 f . ,AAI ,iV, ,, - V. .. - V ,, V. . Q: ., V Q Ed i. Y ' Y 4 .,., . .,,sM, ,- ' ' Q,--1. -'- . 39352 ,A Fig' ,Wa Q.. - :- '4 1' T 4 .4:- -J s ,-J. , N gd,-iff'--5? ' -. ,"' TE? " if A417 , , , H i - " .- f- - . - - Q.- 1-e g . I . 1 H , 'f f-3--H -1 .- 1 ar. Q.-wif' , - , V - 1 -wg. B , , ?5'u- sz, , 11. sh. sf Q qwffg .59 ,Q , . ,- 53,-'wg-A,., ,'3hf,g,M..rQ-,-Jnigii, kk ,, K , 58 ,Ip--dwg. - WA M , . 54.452, . fa . - 'WI-ii' 'gf-'3 Z' 46 1 5331354 'fa xhfi- .- 12,4 ga Q4 . f . :ag . sz -- 5 ' E nf. VL- -2 LH vw: 1- X . -':,.- -Q. '59,-,, Vp 5, ,i .Q ,,' -- -V W, ,.:- f -S+. . 3. V -Y ,,?B:-. 'kb-. 17 --,ew v 8 9 A 'WL' 'U' 'Tl - - . awk. - 'H-1, k -.gN"r- ,- .1 L , -- - 41, if-. ' 1 4, ., . . , , ,V -- V. 4 P , -HSL H-i' ,Q -gn' , 1 ' fl' -Lf.-. -1 ,f-2' :jg , ,Y' - Vx 1 '1' -- , j. gi , 1 - ' q,..r1:-Q-Fig.. gg . , "L'i1.."SfL- V V . , -, : , 1- -V . ,i i-w. Q. . rqigi ,, , 4 -- .- 5 'if ' f F lik.. 3 SX iz.-f'?z " fl, -.,' - lf if '5 11? 1,1 1 qs- - -'-Jw, ,.. - 2 :,455g ,,-, - - 1-2: r ,+,,- .eg-43Q'if -Q .J .l va 1 -B N:-1. 2-1" ' ' 'if Q 1 k s Pg -gk v n as -gk 1' Q N . .m... -1 me .' . ' '...4'?m W, . We D - ::'A.. 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Suggestions in the Kearsley High School - Echo Yearbook (Flint, MI) collection:

Kearsley High School - Echo Yearbook (Flint, MI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Kearsley High School - Echo Yearbook (Flint, MI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Kearsley High School - Echo Yearbook (Flint, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Kearsley High School - Echo Yearbook (Flint, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Kearsley High School - Echo Yearbook (Flint, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Kearsley High School - Echo Yearbook (Flint, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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