Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA)

 - Class of 1968

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1968 volume:

wa, .Y 1 ., f 3 .lk V '11 , 5 M., , 5 fi WW ,wif M ' 'OUK312 Iwmdz maui ,Mm-f --.N 's....W .. -...,.,v . ., ,. .-,.. , , - ..,- -... -..N ' -49 A '.v.. .. qw K Q Q.'i v 'X KJ' 1 ...glx """' l ,N man'-4n.p ,L 4,q A 3. Q X Q3 3 !'KjK - ....,,,.L...4..-.- . -.IA , M .,. , . R J., 1-'S-N, .9 ga. In Q J. L .. .F :- 4 1.1 Q s u n . A I of "' B d ' f S-S-WH! f,f?S5'-Ji' .I ,A ., Ml 'K 2 ' A Q. WQSW-f'50wf"fwv "1 4 - .3 ""' ' XA K vfx . ' " .7 An 0 0 .. vw if 'H .J if 'wr-1-r , ,. nv'--' -"'X'W"i "" ' A . af J' , , ,. .- vw . 74, A ' K -K-'H fm fm. ??Yn,,1 A 'ff K ' 'jf ' S: ,,.fdK . ' P- Q' - '- 1-"' ""'. ' K '-Q. . iv: if " f fi 4 .. 'N'-- - V ., ,lr-s ?.aqi,,K, if P'-3.3 , ,V 7, pany ' . , - .Q x Q VQL- g:.g,+ V 13:5 .4-gf K f--I 'K - ' ,Q "tif 'at 0 , ,"' . fx " "" ' ,f . has, .'cff-, f-if K , . .. . if -. ' ff . 1+ W -9' ' - ' 'Q , -A+. L+,- - . ., w 7, gre! Q . Q- .., , g 'f LN" ' ' Q.-5.3-v-5' Q .-- ' r i 5531 .ydi ' KK ff., ... ,Q - A U 8 . - ..,.'gf. -.a4A'- , ' . K . . ' 9 IW. , , 4' . K . . K ' '- ' . 4' L Y iegg.-fu i k:..:, ravi' Q K. - Q. A N , ma. X ,QS-4'-' Elf!-fgff'-'1 'x " ' H' A 1. - P:i,g"f,gw, 14" JAX -'fA i ax" ' 2 Q Q. 5-Ag, , 'la 0' ',. -K " 'fu V . . ' " '- - a' ' ,nk-ix :v 4 it 'X hu. .sl Hb- - . . ' .. -' ':.- ' '9 ,V -' 1' l ' 5. -. -1.1. h"ix,,,k?.+ ,fti-M1A,,v - tl,,- , , . 7,, .' U , .fK A lla' X ' gn. +Q'ff S if ' "" 1-fbi ,M 4' . - '-' , , Q -. , -' "4 -'-v-"'f"" 'L '-' -'gg " ' N,'4 """ F, -5 yv"'1'3eQ"....-- 'ff .-"' ' - -. -' " Iv,-.v--W. I yy-. . ,. , S f ' " , . ' . 'A ,ph . - ji! ' 4. "'w.'f4'f9"'fi"4-:'1.1S::f I - l ' f ,fi fm- . 1 .1 . 4 af f, A ' - . , ', A ' . - K 'vw' gin f Q' K 'Kg -f'i1",fj 1 M 05' x ."ss "' 1 . V4 A.. ,aiu -A 11. Lf-1.5. A f,g"'-'C'-5.-' K ' Q,,'f's"' I - , .. - -:Lk..'fY Q, . :K hs. 1 ,. 5 an yf . K . '53 Y I . 74 1: .V x- 2' ,," .,,' ,' fwx, ' , 7 KN' , - t ,, lflmf 5 ' 1 k g,..':' a "". , - 'C - ' 13' gg -QKJXM: gyw - ,, f- ,.' W . ,xv gs S . . v , K K N I Vg? Kztfigig. ' - , " - -2, 1 .4 j 3i.L15!K'xu.g:::--Y, . H, ' ' '2 A-' f K. r . y ""f- '1 . 1' ,ff Kgfv gf, -f. .R-zpgv ., 'tw 5 , -':-my- - r X- -' -A - K1 - Q - - ,Q Vw: 4.5L in ' mn 4 "V W . ..- K, K ., KK . .K . , qw ' K Tqdw .,- V. .-nga K -,, ,nf ,rn vvfp-.-N-wwb-mu.-'Q-u.amfu'w ' -' '- " ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' 1, 'L ' . - - Q lg.. QM. , 1 ,. ,AL K 2.54, .L....un-q.,Q. A-1-Q-oi - Q .. 1. Ku... ul- K'-'Q - 0 -6-1 1 'a 'Q K 5...-yr, L -gg, 1---4'!-ii.. .iv , Iggy' X KK ,x.4,.mfKQ-ss..-+",wt' M' .- U. A ' -- .- A X' . K K -Vx fy' I. v- . rv o - ' J ' 'M "-V 'L'-1' ' Au' i W A' Q 'M ' ' 'Q ' ' "'.' ' ' ' . . .WKL,h s--Lan! 'U -'4' "-f .- nr Q.q?qt.?.QQ WW . 4 ' U .K Q' v J". 5:1 Q - nu- 934. . ...Q . .'1,', ' ,Q+,,,x: ' KK '4-f' V K, 1 , - -X -F' 4 ,M . L-H Q" ' G -4 - 1' ' ' . ,N , v 4 - r . . - n I A 5 . . A, ' A . 'V ' ,W ' g' YO' .nu -'Q g'. ' Cys "" vm- 'O . 'I -' J, 6-' " -4 . i A - ' K , , -'11 .. - 1' , . W 4 "' ' ,',d' .' "' 0 I I - I , 1 " if A in Y' - 1 K- A -. Q Q ' ,K' A ., ' 00 m ,. " X K 1.5! K ,N -. 'V -, Q. ' " ' ' 'Q . ' v A ' Cl" ' 'Wu 'n + . 5 K' 'U-'Ark ' " u' N .39 AW . 9 ,.-...vs 1... ffr. U".'.' .ff : A ,. !5f""'.:".'.ft 1' . ...vs--.1-a,..,.-., ..- -. .L ..,...s',,,... N. ,.,.h ...., , K,,,,,,,,,,,,.,., ., -, K- , . . ,A ' Q A .K .gg Q Q- , A A A -- ,., h,.M. Q Ax K, K L, Qfw WWW ,Z , in-46374 xx-N W ' ,Aw ,Q L WM fp W fm WW WI WK if W WML' JK Kfmiw WF llmef Foreword Behind every great institution are persons Whose assistance contributes to that institutions success. Such an institution is IUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL who with its teachers and students form a friendship with the community. To this community of iriends, the 1968 BRAVE salutes YOU - for you share in Iustin Hiqh's attempts to educate her students to come to terms with reality and face the impact ct lite upon the world of today. ef ,Y 'A-V i ' of s 4?- WELL! 'Kham' A ,vw- w,...,,,,..-v r v I ' il" ' A gp, , .V ww, . BTUDENTS OF ' -fi' CALIFORNIA ggi 'lil SCHTDOL Mg, 9569 ggym 25-'Swim' Qdicefho Q33 .. fi-.Ag X' 5 BROTHER JAMES BEDE VAN DUREN, F.S.C. Principal Dedication . In dedicating the first Iustin High yearbook, it is not by mere convention that We choose to honor our principal, Brother Bede. For Brother Bede represents to us what is good and human and real about the Christian Brothers. As founding principal in a new administrative venture, he has directed the organization and academic life of Justin High with dynamic leadership. Above this, though, he has gained our respect and admiration because of his concern for each student. This concern has not swayed his firm convictions, but guided them. Each of us has come to realize that this is a real man worthy of imitation. With all sincerity and gratitude, the students of Justin High dedicate this first Brave to you, Brother Bede. xc, arrival' mwnuwsrwM"xamwum:rw:w-H." '-'k -tt tfmrwvwwwtf f.,.....,.-.....s.......,,.,.t..i.M.......M.... MOST REVEREND LEO T. MAHER, D.D. Bishop of Santa Rosa Diocese The Diocese ot Santa Rosa--its clergy, religiou have this community serving the people of Napa Scenes ofthe Solemn Blessing and Dedication of Justin 8: Siena High Schools, April, I967 Education has always been a paramount value in living and creative cultures. A technical society such as ours must make particularly heavy de- mands upon its school systems, both public and private. Its survival and progress are directly de- pendent upon the cultivation of our nation's talent. Education is also a perpetually evolving process. The task of bettering and improving American edu- cation will ever be a challenge and obligation to each generation. It is currently, we are told, under- going a series of profound transformations. The first revolution has been quantitative-an un- matched effort to extend schooling to all Americans. The second phase, a revolution which has hardly begun, focuses on educational quality, and has as its goal the continuing improvement of instruction in our schools. Excellence in education has always been a hall- mark of the Brothers of the Christian Schools who have a most distinguished history in nearly every quarter of the world. ln the midst of uncertain and questioning times, the recent DECLARATION of their Thirty-Ninth Chapter H9677 emphatically re- stated the central position of the educational apostolate in their mission. "From the beginning," it proclaimed, "the brothers devoted themselves to the Christian education oi youth in various ways, but the school has always been the principal work of their apostolate, the one in which the greatest number have been involved." It is with a great comfort that we see the un- reserved confidence and pride of this community in their history and future. There is no confusion regarding the goals, values, and priorities of this body of dedicated and professional churchmen. Today, their schools will not be suppressed or abandoned: rather the brothers have declared, they will be renewed. Today the brothers' Institute is unmistakably "committed to make its contribu- tion to the rebirth of the Christian school, to help creat such a school capable of preparing men for the twenty-first century." s and laity-is genuinely honored and grateful to County. At the end of its second year, Iustin High School, carrying on the cherished traditions of its namesake, in Northern California, has already exhibited great promise of developing into the type ot institution designed for the exciting century ahead. May we extend our cornmenclation to all who have shared in the success of Iustin High School. May we take this happy occasion to congratulate the staff and faculty, the parents and the student. Faithfully yours in Christ, 'l'LEO T. MAHER Bishop of Santa Rosa tit l FW fl BROTHER T. JEROME Provincial FATHER JAMES GAFFEY Superintendent of Schools BROTHER BERTRAM COLEMAN, F.S.C. Supervisor of Christian Brothers' Schools Ninety-nine years ago the Christian Brothers arrived in the Archdiocese of San Francisco to assume the direction of Saint Mary's College on Mission Road which had been opened by the Most Reverend loseph Sadoc Alemany five years earlier and staffed by the diocesan clergy. This first contingent of eight Christian Brothers was led by an indomitable spirit, Brother lustin McMahon, after whom this school is named. lt seems completely fitting that this school, the first Catholic secondary school for boys in Napa County, be named in honor of the first Provincial of the Christian Brothers in California-Brother Iustin. His name is perpetuated in San Francisco by lustin Drive, at Saint Mary's College by Iustin Hall, and now in the city of Napa by Iustin High School. The Christian Brothers today rejoice that this great teacher and outstanding champion of the Catholic school system in the United States is commemorated by this new secondary school. The name Iustin may not have a familiar ring in the Napa valley but the Christian Brothers are no strangers in these surroundings. Since 1932, when the training school for Christian Brothers was established at Mont La Salle, the Brothers have been in- terested in the area and for a number of years have anticipated the establishment of a Catholic high school for boys. The Catholic people of Napa were also desirous of securing a high school for their children. Through the combined effort of the Christian Brothers, His Excellency, Leo T. Maher, first bishop of the Santa Rosa diocese, and the people of the community these hopes have been realized with the construction of Iustin High. WEST, F.S.C. We are grateful to all those who participated with His Excellency and the Christian Brothers in establishing Iustin High School. We wish to thank also the students of Iustin High, their parents, and the friends of the school who have so wholeheartedly supported the efforts of our operation under difficult circumstances. Our gratitude ex- tends particularly to the faculty whose untiring efforts and enthusiasm augur well for this new establishment. ln closing, we ask the good Lord to continue to bless the work of Cath- olic secondary education begun so auspiciously in Napa County. Cordially yours in Christ, BROTHER T. IEROME WEST, F.S.C. Provincial ADMINISTRATION SOPHOIVIORES FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS SENSE 8: NONSENSE BRAVE BEGINNINGS ADVERTISEMENTS mmmsmisimmqnm A 52 I lr f V f f N mm f WM f Wu X o M! W .tty ff M, The faculty and student body of Iustin High School is to be highly complimented for their ltflflllgrfl i it I2 accomplishments over the past two years. The spirit of the school, the quality ot the activities, the traditions inaugurated, the standards set forth, all bring gratification to those of us whose fortune it has been to have had personal Contact with you. The successes you have individually and col- lectively garnered are an indication of your dedicated purpose and commit us to hope for even greater things in the future. At a time of questioning, experimentation, dialogue and con- From the Principal BROTHER JAMES BEDE VAN DUREN. F.S.C. fusion, you have demonstrated the ability to cope with challenging situations and seek mean ingful solutions. Your willingness to strive for a mature Christian existence is a source of en- couragement and inspires us with the desire for continued growth as competent educators. The foundations of Christian manhood have been adequately laid and it will be your task to perfect this initial work, not just tor the next two years, but throughout your adult lite. lus- tin's glory will be the tormation of men who view life through the eyes of Faith. From the Vice Principal J H I .rf V+ W We jf? ,W fi J 'M M , ft J' if VW" 4 ,..ff""MM, can I f 'W jf I ' 1.-7"'lv,7 If ff, fir.. W Mi, fl' ,ffftilf f' Aff , - f wt W 47 int? ,Luffy iff 9'.fl.' f JL, If :X fir" fi' , W I I IJ Jf xy ' A . A ,tw , f ,Mr A pf jet-2 ,304 ,DW by tv- ftffg ffl? M,L. ZIELL V JALA' I, , IWW, ,f A7sRorHER RICHARD CAMARA, Esc. 1,.1,rm,f,,Mj fhtm M0 AM Lf. 4 ef A I I gvfmfiftffi' 'L ,ft""'iw'22i 44MLf7,z,4,. ,IA ,Wan f- A A tw-- v ,M stef., ,A , J I ft J f fffwet' W-we ff By reflecting over the past two years, I will fied our efforts and consecrated it with enrich- leave Iustin High with many unforgettable ment and fulfilment in our common purpose. As memories. My departure imposes a backward a result, we became FRIENDS in a way we did glance, as your Vice Principal, only to recall, not predict. that at one time, we all met as complete strang- Even though time will make many changes, ers. Yet our close association together soon we will never be separated because IUSTIN has determined that each of us would identify our- meant too much to each of us. Our hands have selves as a unique group. A group called upon formed more than just the name and we have to begin a creation that soon dictated a close earned the right to show our pride in this mutual bond of friendship. True, we began to recognize endeavor. The beginning of Iustin's history is each other's personality and character, amidst still being written and there are countless more our talents and weaknesses, still working to' pages to write. You will continue to play a very gether, yet individual enough to experience important role, by actualizing her potential radical personal change in our lives. Each step through the concepts you are learning now. placed the challenge of the reality before us and I wish you every success and take leave with this was met with achievement and, at times, the conviction of knowing that we are all CHRIS- disappointment. Every change and growth uni- TIAN BROTHERS together. . .fi ft?--4?4wf,-,qfkb-t 6'-A hx cf L ,... ffwf jf ,, I I3 J If L65-, , Z ' vw' X' m!lllIllltvh'llllill X. . 4 f V l Qlllmnriam Brntlyrr Augagtiue Ming, JLBLQI. Q5 ,Z jfs, 'AMMLW pwe6w .0-I if Fxflfkbtf Faculty V ,fame 0 Waco . 6 .fDI4""L" . -1 W I E fa' 99 I ' VY BRO HER GERARD EREZ, F .C. Religion, Spanish Q50 rr-Q 1711 . Eifdkk ADRIAN OSULLIVAN, E.S.C. '- -aw 1 BROTHER RICHARD FIGUEROA, F.S.C. Religion MISS DARLENE SPANN Secrefary, R g Typing, Ari A3+ X I 3- 3 WI 4 I Sffw W A W w . YgfLWWX W M , W A QMWW, - J M Ww fgiamw :M Mxwfpcgvffjiybwjkfipfjw M J iM"1E'KWjMfffyJ MV? W Q-sh. M a+he Mc, W of . Q, bwfw, Wx H' Wmwwwgdweg BROTHER MAURICE FLYNN. F.S.C Librarian -Il MR. WALT MILLER X Healfh, Physical Educahon BROTHER STANISLAUS CAMPBELL, F.S.C. Lafin M RS. MARGARET ROGERS Nurse MR. CHRIS LOUKIDES Supcrin+enden1' of Buildings and Grounds MR. CLYDE WORKMAN Cusfodian CHAPLAINS FOR IUSTIN HIGH FATHER LIVINUS DONOHOE, O.C.D. FATHER CYPRIAN KILLICKEY, O.C.D. FATHER DENIS CONLON. O.C.D. FATHER ADRIAN LYSAGHT. O.C.D FATHER BONIFACE GEOGHEGAN. O.C.D. FATHER ALBERT BUNSIC, O.C.D. SQPGQOMQQQS REQ' VY GREG AMOSS Napa DAVID BARNES Napa RANDY BARRAGAN Napa RODNEY BERG Napa KEITH BORGES Napa JERRY BU RMIS Sonoma MICHAEL BURRELL Fairfield LEO CAVANAGH VaIIeio TROY CHUNG Napa STEVEN CROW Napa TONY DAL BEN Napa WILLIAM DEENIHAN Sonoma gi? . gy .. Nm A X R 4 f wks Agfa-X . . , N. 1 AWS? RX M ww 1 ., 1 - 1 . . :T ui .X 3 VN f . fi X ,, , Xp mn. , M ,' xfqfffu, v jfk ' ww -X . 've x 1 XWU, . X ,V 3 A9333-5 X-if il. - .M .I my k wx? K -wr ai- 'SKFQUZ' X ,,,,, , Qi W X iiff f 1' L 1 N. X afa- S X QQ' th ' W- ye X iff , f S - - ,, , ,. , 3 .X.. ,,,. , ,. " YW-5 f 1 4' x ' 'fs' Su-Ja. 3 2 ' ' Wm- ,X E5 Xia' ' Ni I SX. 1 J' is gp' A 595 1 Q w i 2. 'SZ F---,-. .E ix fb' fivv wg 5? sigma ii? ,I Q9 I L W Q ' W As K . gggglh L Qfk? X fi E 3 sg I 5:3 3 W an xv Sl R Q5Qg1 I ' I', fl fr-g,i.,. my ., 1 X xo-X xt F N, X. X X Q .K QM. gy' 5 Q s 1, . . .. 1 Q Q Q A , ,XJ ., x sf? . ,M W-wx J 'vw ,' as if , fu , Q, 2. 9 w Q ff s 2 'M z an ., 'T T 'fy X. ' 3 o x 7 -Xl lr -V WQEVWQW F W W ff I x X3 4 .M gf fwil- , A " fav 8 3 ,V ,WI if '? , 'T :2 ' K. GX M mmf , ,wx Hwxsff . Ms. wwf f . X A we M Y Vue 1 X ww ' fi .fixisipisf ' J my M MN MA N was ,f Mfr ,ff , Q 5 wig Ya 2' paws? Q , 6 N K Q xg , W- 'Q .,,, x ,..,,.. , 'Y 51:1 9, .,, avi .lwmhk V .1 .mr - 'eff 5: S S ..,, ,ir up Q an s nf if a fw'v XI. ww ' Ui- q, saw' if K X. NX wry. fgi "Q X 'Q e -' .F 5 9 'Sf Saga www V Lia' ' X ,, B N , fo 4,.,.,, I ' ff 3 wi bm 1 xy' K f V QQ 6 yi S ' YQVWM '1 3, I ' k I6 . :3giS'A,,.?Esf" -W E ' .-F M - H-RY fl I xm as: A W N . L 1 X X N X X x , qw iii W X S.-'naw' ,J f Z, v,,.,,,,,,,.Z WM .Jw pg ,H x fwg Y V .5 sim ZEEEIYIKIIZQHMQ 1 ..:4 , f .Q4f -. ' if-fx if 'vffsfes' MQ? my J X'2fsxWENi 4,3 S -mm? ,mkw vga' 'Q A ' ,lm W, ,1 , . 3'i""" ,F Q 5 h, g.,-:,5,.:,.-.:,:E,1,.. S 1 K .. F-11f:::2E 'Eli 3: . 5 ' 'Rf A 7' - 'ff',':.,'f:"f' 1 sv ,W 'N 'Iii P 4 ' Q pix ACQTUV Q N Q 1 A NN Q, x 3' 2 3 ., " 5' X 'I X E iw ff ...Z X- Q: BT xx x xx x Ki A Q ia , r . We N - 'Si " f ":""52:- L '-92 "' 1 I U . 1 , ' - " ' 1 dw, AJ gl 4-R R 5 n-Q 5. " -Q S Q if 5 6 1 71 A bc K J f,.- 'si' 4 l . ,.4.-nan Student Council 1967-'68 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS llefl lo righflz Ed Rossi, Treasurer, Randy Yim, Secrelaryg Ken Dickson, Presidenig Mike Sullivan, Vice President, Bill Jobe, Sergeant-af,Arms. CLASS PRESIDENTS llefl lo righll: Randy King, Sophomore Class, Mike Shifflelf, Freshman Class. HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS lleff fo righll: BACK ROW: Doug Roberls, Sophomores IS-Sly Joe Rossi, Sophornores KS-4l. FRONT ROW: Bill Rossi, Freshmen IF-llg Jock Hamillon, Fresh- men CF-313 Mike Hardy, Freshmen IF-21, lMike Deenihan, Freshmen IF-Il and Mike Doyle, Freshmen lF-21 elecled for second semesler are nol picluredl. in STANDING: Ray While lBlock "J" Presidenrl, Darius Heskelf lSopho- more Class Vice Presi- denfl, Bill Jobe iSer- geanl al Armsl, Randy Yim lSecrelaryl, Mike Sullivan lSluden1 Body Vice Presidenlj, Ken Dickson lSludenl Body Presidenll, Edward Ros- si lTreasurerl, Randy King lSophomore Class Presidenll, Doug Rob- erts lHomeroom Presi- dentl, Joe Rossi lHome- room Presidenll, Rod Berg llnlra-Mural Man- agerl. SITTING: Mike Doyle lHorrleroom Pres- idenll, 'Mike Hardy lHomeroom Presidenll, Sieve Silva lFreshmen Class Vice Presidenfl, Mike Shifflell lFreshmen Class Presidenil, Jock Hamillon ll-lomeroom Presidenll, Bill Rossi lHomeroorn Presidenfl, Mike Deenihan lHome- room Presidenll Brian Crow lGlee Club Pres- idenll. ca, ,- L - Honor Society Brolher Richard Fig ueroa BACK ROW llefl lo righll: Mark Townsend, Richard Gonzales, Mike Hamillon, Paul DeLong, John Smilh, Charles Dickenson, Paul Landeros, Edward Rossi, James Frediani, Ray While, John Hellen, Raymond Loomis, Mike Sullivan, Ronald Menegon. FRONT ROW: Mike McBride, Dave Sleele, Edward Farrell, Patrick Farrell, Sleven Silveslri, Leo Cavanaqh lPresidenll, Mike Shifflell, Randy Yim, Leonard Defilippis, Mike Walsh, Roberl Villegas. Block "J" Society M o d e r a l o r gi-555 cf, ' 'i-W . ,eg-s:wg.msfi,if. 3 .- 1,1 - Q - ra Mr. Dan Clark Moderalor BACK ROW llell lo righll: James Frediani, John Hellen, Ken Maffei, Bill Jobe, Randy Yim, Ruben Perez, Mike W. Sullivan, Leonard Delilippis, Darius Heskell, Ken Dickson, Carl Lynch, Rodney Glaze, Edward Rossi, Bob Rola, Rod Berg, Bill Thompson, Mike Hamillon, Craig Moreno, Sieve Siegrisl, Bob Villegas. MIDDLE ROW: Mike McBride, Mike Hardy, Charles Dickenson, Peler While, Sleve Silva, Wall Ealon, Mark Pelerson, Dan Orona, Mike Saraiva, Pal Farrell, Bob Wills, Sleve Silveslri, Mike Shifflell, Richard Chesi, Dave Trzesniewski, Randy Berg, Jake Ruygl, Carl Hagen, Ed Farrell, Dan Duda, Mr. Dan Clark, FRONT ROW: Slephen Gianelli, Frank Anderton, Bill Rossi, Greg Slreblow, Larry Luz, Mike McBelh, Dan Villanueva, Dave Redmond, Joe Rossi, Ray While lPresidenll, Kevin Towey, Mike Meagher, Tom Lewis, David Taray, Jim Haines, Denis Kuehl, Mike G, Sullivan, Mike Walsh. E is +V A Zgfi 33555552534 x A . mmggm 5 hm .12 if I - Q .A N? W ,ML Www . A v...f 3 Q3 H gun ' - kkvtfasegg . W, if +3 ww E qw ' ., A 'll Vaal A A AAL' 5113 EES 5-1' wav' 1 Q , gg, 8 I-4 ,-WF" 'A In 3 Q F L , ,QE ? W 'fan W , R' 1? sw 5 . 4 Y .A ff3Q,f V, 1 ' 12 ! ff' 'G 215 - -W ,fE?'1rfgA, g M 3 1 uf N W , FV , gf z Q l J -..M ff" ,ff A xx 6 XWW' ' x "' a 4 ' V lg ...K , H .... 45 L, -Wwafiggf x Glee Club ,.f.i-4uk..l- . Af -vv,m,.x. -,... H... M r,-V ff ,wut .,. e .Y .M T. ea. 0 ,. naw. .H - a.. . Brofher Thomas Dodd BACK ROW Cleft to rightl: Robert Griffin, Mike Sullivan, Brian Crow lPresidentl, Richard Gonzales, Tim Moderator O'Sullivan, Rodney Glaze, Brother Thomas Dodd, Ray White, Bill Jobe, Mike Hamilton, James Frediani, Randy King. FRONT ROW: Dennis O'Neil, Walt Eaton, Steve Silva, Kevin Towey, Randy Yim, Mark Petersen, Frank Anderton, Jock Hamilton, Tim Murphy. Coin Club B,-o+her Maurice Flynn BACK ROW lleff lo righljz James Frediani, Bill Jobe, Walt Eaton, Joseph Nichols, Mark Petersen. Moderator FRONT ROW: Frank Anderton lPresidentl, Frank Brown, Robert Johnson, Mike Rogers. Art Club -Eel 3 lg M555 fjarlene Spann BACK ROW llefl lo righfl: James Rodgers, Sieve Siegrisl, Bill Deenihan, John Hellen, Troy Chung, Mark M d mio Van Woerkom, Larry Poglianich, Leonard Deflllppis, Keith Borges, Charles Tolberf, Miss Darlene Spann. 0 e ' FRONT Row: Bob wheelan, Pal MCCBFFOH, Bruce Abrunini, Pas Farrell, John Fmipoldi, Bob wins, Forensics , , , ,7 ,, , l Brofher Gerard Perez BACK ROW lleff fo rlqhfl: Mike Hamillon, Randy Yim, Edward.Farrell, Paul DeLong, Brolher Gerard Moderaior Perez. FRONT ROW: Mike McBride, Make Doyle. ZQXTGUZLETUGS ' ' , .J ' .Jiri ., .-' ' .g:::r!SaF' N 3 fgff:355fI:- X Q .,.,:... ks: 5: :,. .-gg.. :::: . 3 W '- .v.-.-I-C- ''I-I-Z-5.1.3112-2'-g.g.gZ:!g.-'ff-5.5 In u...g. -,.,-, I. 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KNEELING: Dan Duda iManagerJ, Dan Wheelan, Robert Rupp, Jock Hamilton, Richard Chesi, Edward Huiion, Pai McCarran. SITTING: Mika McBride, Greg Sfreblow, Jim Catching, Peier Whiie, Gary Kinq. FRONT: Bill Rossi, Jim Haines. COACH: Mr. Jim Grobl. SCORES Iustin U Ridqeview i iusiin i Silverado U Iusiin O Ridgeview 3 iusiiri 2 Redwood 3 Iustin U Redwood 1 Iustin i Siiverodo 2 Won 1--Lost 5 Zi , f -I my , , x n We A 1 X-F gf . , 'E ,N ., '- Ml .l"f., YQ ww? Q if 95 f,w. 'Q'-7.9K , . wmv W..-. 7 fa? www in H Q RMX, 3 A AW- 5 t :'- :,. I . :WA-:iw A . f wx N55 .. f xg Q 3"' .A W f f- . .:a.,- .-u::.- - , KLM' M 2 J? 1 fx Vw v 1 ,. Q Wg? K X haw I QA f Qu X 4 - v fi A-F . X if F Y 5 x Q33 kwa, ,XJ Frosh Basketball BACK ROW fleff io righrl: Andy Aqard, Gary King, Mike Hardy, Carl Hagen, Randy Berg, Richard Ch T L M Wall Miller. FRONT ROW: Pai' McCarran lManaqerl, Mike Shirfleff, Sfeve Sl 1 B C S7 S ll i Jock Hamilton, Dennis O'Neil lManagerl, Wal? Eafon iManagerJ. COACP-i:vb3Isr.rliVaiiiliiPacrl3 M SCORES Iusiin 46 Salesian 20 Iusiin Ridgewood Iusiin 46 Mt. La Salle 34 Iusiin Cardinal IAMBOREE Newman Iusiin l l Ridgeview l Iustin Cardinal iusiin l2 Silverado l4 Newman Iustin 20 Redwood 8 lustin Silverado Iustin 49 Salesian 25 Iustin Redwood lustin 65 Arrnijo 42 Iustin Ridgeview lustin Sl Mi. La Salle 26 Iusiin Redwood lusiin 69 Arrnijo 27 Iusiin Silverado Won 13--Lost 5 Mama Wg.. M.. . M, V , qu.. ..,. ,A M Track Y RACK ROW Ilefi to rlqhfl: Mr. Wall Miller, 5' Mark Pefersen lMan- Ax' K QM- - earl Ad A d if 9 - fl Y 9'3" . Chris Rosselli, Ken Dick- son, Kevin Towey, Tim O'Sullivan, Craiq Mo- reno, Joseph Nichols, Keith Borges, Mike Hamilfon, John Fifli- Id IM l. MID po I anager - DLE ROW: Richard Al- coff, Mike Rogers, Gary Dimicelli, Dennis O'NeiI, Tom Lewis, Don Cameron, Bill Jobe, Randy Barragan. FRONT ROW: John Olivieri, Pai McCarran, Frank Anderion, Mike Mc- Bride, Tim Murphy, John Smilh, Wall Eaion, Dan Orona. COACH: Mr. Wall "Packy" Miller. SCORES SOPHS FROSH San Rafael Military ............ 57 Silverado Ir. High .l,v.,, ., 93 lustin High .....,............ ..,.. 5 1 lustin High .............,,. .. 30 Calistoga High .,,.... ,.... 4 4 Pinole lr. High ....,.. .. 14 lusiin High ......,.......,.,, ,,,.. 4 7 Redwood Ir. High ,...,. .a.,. 1 03 San Rafael Military ..,.r..... 45 Carquirrez Ir. Highv, a, ,.,, a. Z8 luslin High ..,...,,.....,.......... 25 Cardinal Newman High .,,. 45 lustin High ........................., 37 Cardinal Newman High.. 51 lusiin High ,...........,.......,.,. 29 BACK ROW flefi' To riqhfl: Mike Hamilton, Brian Crow, Jake Ruyqi, Joseph Nichols, Richard Chesi, Mr. Dan Clark. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Shiffleii, Donald Cam- eron, Sieve Silvesfri, Jock Hamilion, Keifh Borqes, Wal? Eafcn fManagerJ. FRONT ROW: Mark Peiersen, Duane Adkins, Sieve Silva, Dave Trzesniew- ski, Frank Anderfon, Dan Orona. COACH: Mr. Dan Clark, Afhlefic Diredor. Cross Country SCORES Iustiu 22 Silverodo 27 u Iusim 50 Redwood Iustin 30 Silverado 25 Iustm 24 R1dQ9V19W Iustin 22 Ridqeview 33 Iustm 30 Redwood Wotl 3f Lost 3 -in Soph Baseball SCORES BACK ROW lleff fo righll: Larry Poglianich fManagerl, Mike Walsh, Rod Berg, .Bob Rofa, Ray While, Mike Meagher, Mr. Don Townsend. FRONT ROW: Bill Thompson, Jim Rodgers, Sieve Sieqrisi, Sieve Marceau, Dan Villanu- eva, Darius Haskell, Randy King. COACH: Mr. Don Townsend. Iusiin r,r,rrr ,,,. 5 San Rafael Military ,,,,,, 4 Iustin ,,,,,,,,, ,, 3 Cardinal Newman ,...A, , Iustin ,,,,.,. ,,,, 2 St, Vincent's CPD .,,.,....,,.,. 5 Iusiin ,.,..,..a .. 8 Cardinal Newman .,..., . Iustin Calistoqa ...................,.... 7 Iustin ........, .. 3 Calisioqa .................. .. lustin l3 Si. Vincent's CI.V.'sl ..,... 6 lustin ..,..,,,, ..... l 8 Hanna Center .,..... ,. lustin ....... .... 5 Hanna Center ,l..,........... 3 Won 5 Lost 4 N . Frosh Baseball BACK ROW lleff fo riqhfl: Bob DiRienzo lManaqerl, Mike Shifl- leff, Sieve Silvesfri, Bob Robauqh, Mike Hardy, Randy Berg, Richard Chesi, Sieve Sullivan, Mr. Don Townsend. FRONT ROW: Ron Menegon, Mike Norris, Ed Huiion, Jim Chand- ler, Bruce Abrunini, Bill Rossi, Sieve Silva. COACH: Mr. Don Townsend. 1 SCORES M A I- Iusiiri ........,. 4 Redwood ,... 10 E QEFF' " lustiri ,,.,,..,,, 2 Ridgeview .... .... 3 il lustin .......,.. 9 Silverado ,... Y 1 . I . ga Iustin ...,.,.... 4 Silverado .... ., 3 H- ' Iusiiri ....,..... lU Redwood .,.. 4 S, Iustin ........... 4 Ridgeview ..,.,,,,,,..,,,, ., 5 1 f 3, lusiiri .....,,,. . 15 Cardinal Newman .,,, ,. 4 . d',, is Won 3 Lost 4 'L eer 144- u .,.."h , .l-fm' ,i :. 5 '-gf.,-I-, rg 11", Q 'iffy ' . 'lf:g1inTfi11T'.i5f -'-1322 ' ,gif "Q", ,.,a,.mevg, , 3Ii,7,iJ,2 , ff-1 QV., 3. . ,L-,sv-4.4-W. . -.15 typ- - ,F N 23:55, ,- - If 'J:,:-rag-01 -:Pr 44.4.4 fl:-1-s22fi."" 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SEWSEAAMQ NCUNSENSE ' Hp 95- . Cf I ...,. . QW up .... M Vf1 gL!4gi X N sfmfif' 'iw SL. V M 'Xa QR if Tix .5 Q' .531 gkfixr .A 9 A 9 dj Q Wg f, A - fgiwwm 5 if H Vs: ww , ""3'9'Y'SWM:fwf ug W ' I A " 4. sg-34 , w X Q fs mx , - tj, 'Y MTN,- P gas ' , , JG! L! z ffiff 5 'QW f .4 -Q-039' I .1 Q' 5, HL Y 'WS' xr V, t My ,E EV 'iz wg' '33 fl 52, , 3 al k uw. wt m .. 1 lr- A 9 A 2 ,. ,,.a.'l' 5 Y 9' if Q P5 5 K N KV-g, ,E 'fm 1 Q Mx sf ,A , - w 3 1 fgw 1. ,A fhzuauqu .., .. ,. .W A 41,5 .EJSAE my 'iz Qkif' . Q . '3 , w Q A W in 'Q A MN X ,5 . X 't X 1 W ' 'YJ " ff r " kTZf.f-ZQ ' Y 0 ' A mlm? ' S. fl k -3,5 Qx-14 5. 9 .x x. if A P 'flu ' ' 4, 'giggff '4 Y V -L, ms . ,565 V ,fx , L .-v. , - ,N , f q 1 L - H ' ixygssw g 4 .4 115 ,. Q-gh f. N .36 -in Y , ' Fixx 5'-I. XX WV 5 ' . W 3-f, - V x ' Vw, QQ , ,3'5"w.r . X h . h k ,hbl h , , N ,H . Y- if 50.35 X X ,P P .x .5 ff ' - 1 4 X X .,.. 1 Y X5 ,Q-mg i fy 1 .hrbw lfviwf' nf wx , I' 1 WXRKQZQ ' -1, f ww ffxgygl' Nm, aww, ' Mef,ffRf"S?'+i:?g. 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If 'Awww' mwm ossuwg ,. if 5"'ff -'I 1 vi f 'QQ , :gp:55-gugfazfgxg555gfs5:5::f:::sI5:"f5g::gss:g:.... :gr . 5 ,,.. -2-.vw -X X f N' I ......... 'hifi'- Lt J U S T I N Ixos aclvvb nnrmrn MM l 68 l lincoln avenue traqlgifofair -1".' .'. . . lm. ' 1 4" - , cz . ' '.TT.7'f-'L' 'l' 'wr 1 A..-... Q, nN zf 1-l "-"- l 'Q ma " -' 'Q - , - 1 .1 . l..' 'd -': Y --' ,i',E?riiF,lK'-' 'I-L-, --I--3 welll! illlltl - ,J-'A' -5 -H w - af. "M Do Your Shopping 26Dl!f6fCl1l Departments - All Uufcr One Roof HARRY E. HAMBER Psidcnt FARM FRESH PRODUCTS Dirort l"rnn1 fjlll' Herd to Processed Daily ljusl for youl Quality at Ll Savings ROCKINAH DIURY FARM ,lust North of Napa 5330 St. Helena Hwy. Napa, Calif. You MITCHELUS BARBER SHOP 152 l Tllircl St. Special Appointments for Justin Students Phone 255-0314 for illlllljilltlllflllt llnircuts the way you like them 3' , 334-I :"7-VY: VJ. y Iwwlfikkx H-Lyn, . 1, , rn?-4".'1i"" 4 1' - 537 I A' . gjhwx : 4 v Q . I f . 'IF 'av X jf -.ki .lm A nil .nl-, llllllll --,1 M ,.J'L., 1' I H ' 15114 if WO G'S HOUSE or CHGP sufy 3728 Bclairc Plaza, Napa, California Call 224-8507 Wong, Uwlpwnq, jim BlUE llIIll0lU 642 SANDWICHES 0 SALADS o ROAST BEEF HAM o CORNED BEEF 0 MEAT LOAF BROILED BURGERS BEER Breakfast 0 Lunch 0 Dinner o PATIO 0 PRIVATE BANQUET ROOM 3207 Jefferson Call 255-9743 YATES 81 GOCHRANE Hunting and' F Ilshing Information and Licenses sk Johnson Boats and Motors Fishing Tackle Bait Guns and Ammunition BOATS Glasspar 0 Century v Arena Craft Wilson Athletic Goods Head Skis Trophies 0 Engraving 'CI 1517 Third Street NAPA, CALIFORNIA Phone: 226-8494 PAYLESS LUMBER CU. 3657 Broadway Vallejo Open 7 Days a Week No Money Down Up to 5 Years to Pay Fencing Aluminum Windows , Roofing Plumbing Supplies Hardware Electrical Supplies Paint Fiber Class Plywood Doors BankAmericard - Master Charge Phone 643-4-736 Free Delivery Free Estimates PONTIAC BIG CHIEF PONTIAC CO. 3rd 81 Soscol Napa, California Phone 226-5545 A. L. KASTNER Owner Compliments of CARROLL'S PHARMACY 1006 First St. Phone 224-5405 FREE DELI VERIES Cosmetics Film Service lVIAURlCE'S EL REAL Open Daily 11:30-2:30 for HOF-BRAU LUNCHEON Dinners 3:00-10:00 p.m. Daily 12:00 - 10:00 p.m. Sundays Fiesta Room Available For Banquets to 180, Package Liquors Telephone 963-4433 Rutherford, Calif. ulfiverything for SOUND Entertainment" "lub . damn Music Center NAPA 906 Coombs St. Phone 224-7907 Compliments of ALLEN E. BENEDICT FINE HOME FURNISHINGS Telephone 226-5577 Crown-Coombs-Clay Sts. Napa, California T O Y S for ALL ages... NAPA TOY SHOP GIL BAPTIST Manager Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Phone No's cor. lst sI Randolph sts. 224-2398 Blili gfffglffggd H210 DAllLGBEN'S Hugh J. Jones, Sr. TRAILERS 81 CAMPERS Third 81 Silverado Trail, Napa, California TRAVEL TRAILERS CAMPER PARTS .lonesy's Steak 81 Chicken House Sales, Rentals, Repairs Accessories 8r Equipt. Q9 ALUMINUM SI CANVAS AWNINGS Phone 707 224-2945 Napa County Airport Ray Dahlgren Area Code 707 325 Third sheet Phone 226-1941 Napa' Cahfoma Nelson Bettencourt 124-1 Brown St. Napa, California Phone 226-7394 420 Marin St. Vallejo, California Phone 64-2-0302 Harley Davidson Motorcycles SCHWINN BICYCLES SALES 81 SERVICE SHORTS Quality - Courtesy Dependable for Over 50 Years Permanent Flowers Creative A rrangemen ts Custom Designed for All Occasions BONDED MEMBER F.T.D.A. AND FLORAFAX Call 226-24-37 1210 lst Napa Napa Valley Dod Toyota Q45 333 Soscol Avenue NAPA QQ Serving The Entire Napa Valley gf? Franc0's Market 2827 Kilburn Ave. NA PA Fresh Meats and Groceries Phone 226-2910 Ford Quality Parts and Service WILCOX TRACTOR COMPANY FARM4INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT P. 0, Box 328 Rutherford, Calif. Phone 963-2768 JACK R. WILCOX, Vice President Dean York Lane-St. Helena, Calif. Phone 963-2705 SQUABS -4 RABBITS - LOCAL FRYERS USDA CHOICE BEEF - LAMB - PORK SILVERADO MEAT MARKET "Our Steaks Are Aged to Perfection" Fresh Produce Merit Sl Max Steele 1558 Silverado Trail Napa, California 226-3690 7 Auto, Truck 81 Industrial S Compliments Engine P3115 Blcycles Water and Air Cooled 1031 B West Salvador of NAPA ,lACK'S BERT CENTER Checkerboard Bldg. 255-4289 ' MARKET 81 SQNS 1833 Lincoln 81 H"""f1255'7565 U 831 First Sn-get p Freeway All Makes and Models 1017 Coomsvlue Rd' Napa Napa, California Sales and Service NAPA ' Telephone 226-9311 1901 Waverly Street Napa, California Fagan M. Kellebrew General Contractor I H Waverly and Solano I Napa, California Res. Phone 4--5078 Best Wishes The Wiiielnasters Inn Highway 128 at Rutherford in the V Napa Valley Phone C7077 963-7255 GEORGE AND MARILYN McCOUL Phone 226-8206 HENRY DANIELI Canvas Sr Aluminum Awni ngs Patio Covers -- 'l' ' '1 Swim 1129 Solano Avenue ran er Awnings ming Pool Covers Napa, Californian MALDO'S BREWSTERS SILVERADO C0"'Pli""'m3 RESTAURANT Army 81 Navy Store GROCERY OPEN Groceries Sz of 11 A.M T0 9 1'.M. Closed Sun. 8 Mon. Mexican 3: American Food Ph. 255-5441 1151 MAIN ST. NAPA, CALIF. 2199 Soscol Avenue Napa, California The Travele1"s Pancake "lf we rIon'l have it, forget it, you 1101111 need it anyway" 1146 Main St. Napa, Calif. Phone 226-9066 House Open 6-12 Weekdays 6-3 u.m. Friday-Saturlluy Delicatessen 1556 Silverado Trail Phone 255-1425 NAPA, CAL117. Fran 81 A1 1,unley GUNNER'S Barber Shop 818 'l'hir11 St. Napa Phone 226-569-1 BEST'S TEXACO SERVICE Folllplete A . ulumulive Service T ' ' une up Brake Service ' Aulonzuiit' Transmission ' l"ro E ' nt ml Alignment Air f.iUll!Ifff0lIiI1g JU DD BEST Res. : 224-9330 2008 Redwood Rd Napa, Calif Unfinished F ' Phone: BA 6-5211 SINCE 1936 . I CoUHTNEYrs W 1 , COIIUIICIIU1 PKI less Drugs JAQJKSONS Business Equipment i y Z' Glidden Paint Center LAXVLILRS Paints 0 Varnishes DE1,1CA'1'ESSEN ADLER 9 PRESCRIPTION Lacquers I Enamels ZH HMB Portable 8: Standard 9 DRUGS I Wallpaper ii, ffypewrhm . CosME'1'1f:s F Adding Machines Cash Registers 800 School St., Napa 255-1080 Free Delivery Phone 224-8309 1029 Solano Ave. Napa urnilure 'ree Decorating Advice .1lr. Kc illrs. Larrie faelfsun N 971 Freeway Drive apa Valley Shopping Center Napa, California Free Delivery 2232 .1eHerson St. Napa, California Mike Lawler Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Fountain RED HEN RESTAURANT . 7 Compliments and Cocktail Lounge F1Sl1Cl' S C , LOSED MONDAYS Fine Food of The Downtown S Luncheon 11:30-4:30 Daily E tin Place Dinner 4:30 - 9:30 Daily a g Laundry Banquet Room Available WhiQie?L::i Fgzmds 81 BOD 81 Alice SICBFHS Phone 255-9774 Cleaners 5091 St. Helena Hwy. Napa, California Telephone 255-9801 916 Franklin St. Napa, California AVE MARIA Congratulations Tailoring Sl Marjorie Alden SHOP to Alterations Smith Books Missals .lustin High School Uniforms and Many Gm Items Griff's Cleaners Accessories Larry 81 Leona Bennett Dorothy Workman Compliments of Bonnie Furnish, Manager Call Collect 17071 255-5177 Partners The Handy Store 111714 Brown Sr. H 3824 Bel Aire Plaza Rutherford Napa, Calit. 94558 114-7 First Sf. Napa Napg, California Phone 255-2121 Phone 255-3466 H l fl l . arogwilrspau DUNLOP PARKSIDE VHSCOHI Pharmacy REALTY Don Marcell, Owner It's always a pleasure to .,The Wonderful Drug serve you! Mafceuls Tire SUPPIY JACEllelF5:l0RE Store since 1880" Harold L. Levin Paul C. Silveira 921 Tennessee Street Vallejo, California 707-642-7614 "New and Recaps" 2102 Soscol Avenue Napa, California Tel. 707 255-2856 A World Organization Res. 226-1218 1235 Third St., Napa, Calif. Bus. 255-2482 1381 Main SI. St. Helena Exercise -- Steam 80 Swim NAPA HEALTH STUDIO 2414 Jefferson 224-9533 Ernie 80 Bolfs Keller's Market Meats - Produce - Groceries 1320 Main St. 963-2114 St. Helena Phone 226-3747 Napa Milling 31 Warehouse Co. Hay - Grain - Poultry 8: Stock Foods - Sulphur Spray Material ck Insecticides Main 8: Fifth Streets Napa, California e S3 is Q an. The Christian Brothers of California Vintners since 1882 "Wine is constant proof that Cod loves us, and loves to see us happyf, -Benjamin Franklin Fine Wines, Champagnes, Vermouths, 81 Brandy Napa, St. Helena, Reodley California CLAFFEY and ROTA FUNERAL HOME Compliments of 1975 Main Street, Napa, California LEONARD F, DUCGAN Derlicatezl to Faithful Service' Ernest Rota, Funeral Director Telephone 224-5210 In SOHENIIUA-:Io Minutea ZELLERQS V'Ajx"I1Lfg'Q DUGGAN'S MISSION CHAPEL HARDWARE CYCLE CENTER CENTER M d l l 525 W. Napa Street, Sonoma, Calif. . liiiini 0 e S to moose FREE PARKING 0 All assembled-ready WEbStel. 8,4773 FREE DELIVERY o ifcgesfories and parts in stock 0 Repairs on all brands Back of 2nd St. Post Office D Adult Tricycles All Bank Cards Honored 224-0204 9385365 819 Randolph St. Napa 205 W. Napa St. Sonoma "For Most Everything" Compliments 0 THE LAMBERT FAMILY 66 Soscol Avenue Na the CARRI GE TRADE .i ff OPEN DAILY I 9 u.n1. to 6 p.m. We vlean, your -ilar inside' unrl F, X, 4,7 -K N 5 J outs: e. K ' -'7 A Q1 -. ., Qi M ' Igglillhlin , A wg? N -E "--W - ---' A ' - . ..., f ' few' ,v"f'a. - .-in ' 'iz' gm.,":xgpQ, '-'57i4"V my FIRST STREET OVERPASS 0 NAPA, CALIF. -lf - State Farm Insurance Companies H . onu OfIic'eABlomningt0n, Illinois TOM SZXIJSMAN Compliments from 11 1110-Fi regl I om cowl: vrs We To" CHARLES KRUG WINERY 1745 TRANCAS STREET I Avross from Montgomery NAPA, CALIFORNIA Wards Pllone- 224-4323 RAMBLER SALES AND SERVICE Rambler - Jeep ':,:iIi9Ie,1'.BIFlV?F A Wim-ry upon to Xl IIUYQ ml- ' ' Phone 224-3191 . .nly 10:00 u.m. In Al-:30 p.m. pu, California Compliments Compliments of of GRANDE? SHOES GIOVANNONPS MARKET 504 Brown St. Fil'St St. Napa Napa Ph: Ph: 224-2100 TIP TUP CAFE K HARMONY INN 2762 Old LOC NEB Sonoma Road STUDIO 2774 Jefferson St. Napa, Calif. 94558 Westinghouse dl: Motorola Appliances :fc T.V. Hamburgers Lunches Coors Beer on Tap Open 8:30 to 6:00 Closed Sunday 1101 Main Street Napa, California Telephone BA1e1wie 6-2329 Compliments of SERVEND, INC. 2575 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, Calif. 845-8516 Complete Vending and Food Service of all Types Be st Wishes Compliments Craig of Williamson Silverado Golf Shop Complete Line of Sportswear and Golfing Needs Larry's A 8. W Root Beer Snack Shop 3742 Bel Aire Plaza Bel Aire Shopping Center Phone: 255-2288 A 8. W Root Beer Drive-In 891 Silverado Trail Phone: 224-6721 Napa City Bakery Over 50 Years in the Same Family Specializing in WEDDING CAKES BIRTHDAY CAKES FINE PASTRY 226-7776 Quality Bread M Do-nuts Rolls-Pies-Cookies OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 1147 Main St., Napa Stahlecker TV Sales 81 Service 1531 Solano Avenue Napa, California 94558 Phone: 224-7429 We Use RCA Tubes - We specialize in take home orders - Featuring Epmmmy V IN CE'S ,,.I.h . ,, DRUG e Burger Family SMORGASBORD . . 897 Freeway a size for every appetite 84 a price for every purse Congratulations to the Class of 1970 Napa, Calif. Phone 224-8178 Open Monday through Sunday Free Delivery PIZZA ROOM 1023 Solano Avo. Napa 224-5925 Dinners 81.75 DRUGS The Rexall Store Free Prescription Delivery Service-Save Time Have Your Physician Call Us For Your Prescription Needs Personalized Service 2, LEVINSON'S Owl Rexall Drugs SILVERADO TENNIS SHOP Lessons Private-Group Tom Stow Bob Skinner Tennis Professionals Most Complete Shop in Northern Calif. We, the Associated Students of Justin High School . . . take this oppoltunity to THANK and pay special tribute to all the merchants who have generously advertised in our first annual yearbook. Your generous contribution and support deserves the respect and patronage of ourselves, and the many friends of Justin High School. HTHANK YOU" x Kx N .- w W wg! bwfjo .Lv Ofggl U. 1 lx x ,1 S, k xJkXqX3f,w. x ,V A XHNX1 'J X V AXJXWK 'ug A , 47 l1Ni"if"N K K H X, - X , . ,,1'4,Nf X3 V! lm xjx: U7 , . ,flLf'wL'0M ' KJMK7 whetx ffmflu JBLKZWJM jlyovkiw Us -A -X03 xv U 5 xyfgv Q.fAffJML. oft NX? yy U51 wjlif Fw Wi Q3 ff if QRS ,QP X JZLMXMMJ S 'YN WO! 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Mr. Noel Goursolletand his staff at Coronet Portraits are worthy of special Commendation for their timely and valuable con- tribution of photography which continually displays their interest in Iustin High, School. In addition, the talented photographic assistance of Mike Hamilton, Mark Petersen, Mrs. Alston Lewis and Mr. Al Snook are to be specially recognizeid. We appreciate the Napa Register for the use of several pictures and thank Stan- ford. University for permitting us to reprint certain art sketches- from their 1951 Quad. Credit goes to Mr. Bill Kay for his artistic drawings which represent his talented response to our request. Not to be overlooked is Mr. Bob Ozias of Lederer, Street 61 Zeus Company whose contribution cannot be expressed in words but only defined with deep appreciation on our part. 7 - ., Q . ... ., .,,,.,,.,... mm. V.. ...-,, k- '-- - -- . 'A"....w V ,,v.,t.Wus-,N ' I , ' ' ' A V kNwg'lT'w' L H ' ft-zf'e""k. ' it - ,, ,555 ' . 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Suggestions in the Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA) collection:

Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 86

1968, pg 86

Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 63

1968, pg 63

Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 31

1968, pg 31

Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 16

1968, pg 16

Justin High School - Brave Yearbook (Napa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 21

1968, pg 21

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